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The Prospector Nov 25, 1911

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Array .— au*. -***m    "•"'
The Leading Newspaper
in the
$1,50 Yearly
For Your XMAS
VOL   17
No 47
Aeroplanes Destroy Camp
Hugh Air Machines strike terror among
the Turks—Escape rifle fire
Tripoli, Nov. 22.—A complete Turkish camp tins boon destroyed by the
Italian airship fleet nml many were
killed. This shows what the aeroplane can do under real wartaro conditions and Illustrates the doadllucss
of modern Implements.
Rarly yeBterday the Turks crept up
on the Itnllnn lines In an al.tempt to
surprise the garrison but were discovered. In the shnrp ili-lit which
followed five airships wore launched
Bach carried several bombs.
Aa the Italian soldiers held the
outposts the lust volleying drowned
the noise ol thc air crnlt ouglnos and
the aeroplanes like huge wnr eagles,
soared up from the rear antl wheeled
over the,heads ol the lighting troops
The Turks were terror stricken.
Many ol them had never seen an air
ship. In the contusion the Italians
charged, driving the Turks back. The
aeroplanes meanwhile circled over >thc
partly deserted camp ol the Turks
three miles away.
Suddenly a bomb was seen to tall
trom the leading airship. Immediately the headquarter section ol the
camp was torn to pieces by an immense explosion, wreckage waa
thrown high and the attendants were
Explosions followed ln quirk succession as each airship discharged Its
bomb and before tho rotroating
Turka reached the vicinity, all ol
their stores, horses and equipment
were destroyed. Tho airships lu reluming to the Italian camp were !
given a desultory volley from the
Turks,  wlthoutcffcct,  however.
Iu their retreat the Tirks carried
oil 2'1 dead. It Is believed as muny
more wero killed in the destruction
nl the Turkish camp.
The Italians report that the Turks
were repulsed In three outpost attacks yesterday with a total ol 29
killed. Five aeroplanes returning, to
camp, reported there had heen no
change in the Turkish position. The
aviators succeeded ln dropping bombs
inside the Turkish camp, which was
At the same time the Italian cruiser Carlo Alberto bombarded the
village al Amrus and the tort ol
Hennl, a lew miles Irom Tripoli.
A lively combat also occurred at
Uerna, which the Turks attacked under cover ol log but were driven
hack. There is no change at Ben-
Commissioner Roes Comming
Such a triumph is not so soon obtained as Captain Stride ol the Sal
union Army apparently lias Just
completed lu so short a time. To
havo even suggested it was possible
to get a man of the high standing
in tlio army's affairs to visit them
would by many, have been laughed
at. This is exactly what has occured. The uonimissloner will stay
oil and pay a visit to Cranbrook on
Friday, December lat on his wny
home alter attending the annual eon
gross hold recently in Vancouver.
Commissioner Rces, will bo ao.com*
i panled by Major Flndley anil Major
| Morris. J. ['. Fink has kindly consented to take the chair, and Mayor
Bowling League Scores
Results of the Weeks' Contests
| Hunt     wlll present   an   address   ol
| welcome.
j It Is Just bh woll to note that.
j Commissioner Hoes is second only to
] the old venerable General Booth,
; who la bo dear to the hearts ot every
thinking man.
Cancels Coal Duty
Winnipeg, Nov. 22.—An extra Can
ada Gazette issued today, contains
nn order in council declaring tho or
der passed on July 21 by the late
government, providing lor a retund
ol duty on coal Imported Irom the
United States lor use ln eastern British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, shall become inoperative on and alter December 6.
The action ls taken because ol the
resumption ol work by the local
minors ol eastern British Columbia
and Alberta.
I.O.O.F. at Home
Friday, Nov. 17.
Baker Street South versus Sharks.
Baker Street South
J. Milne  151 177 166
J. Jones  182 149 166
F. Pyi  130 99 106
W. L. Johnston  176 140 141
ft. F. Johnston  122 118 121
761 673 7C0
Team average—428 4-5.
C. McCowan     97 95 85
1). HodBon    128 149 136
J. McCallum    108 161 105
R. Kfflmcre..    146 145 239
W. Harris    121 136 121
600   686   686
Team average—394 2-5.
Roy KofHmere made highest single
score ol 239 and highest 3 string
score ol   53C.
Baker Street South won 2-1, win
nlng tlrst and last strings.
2-1, winning
highest   single,
Monday, Nov. 20.
Ramblers versus C.P.R. Office.
W. H, Adair  114 88 97
J. Mlchle  126 145 117
J. S. Teet  149 147 145
E. Turnley  US 104 157
R. Crooks  12' 181 180
632   616   696
Team average—888 3-5.
C.P.R. Offices
T. C. Phillips  105
W. B. Cline  145
Wat.  Hall  133
J. Bonrgolne  105
Woodland , 118
606  723   (92
Team average—3841-6.
Ramblers   won
and last strings.
J. Bourgolne   had
J. S. Teet bad highest throe strings
C.P.R. Shops versus Professionals.
J.  Bathie    130   126 135
A. Bhankland    140  151 159
A. Sinclair    155   134 134
R. Brown    155   167 147
C. Tyler    147   114 104
727   682 679
Team average—417 3*8.
Rev. Main    IU   138 102
W.  McKenzle    137   133 126
W,  Watson    133   120 121
W. E. Dunham    124   132 116
Grace    104   137 118
622   660   583
Team average—373.
Shops won—3*0.
The members ol Koy City Lodge I.O.
O. F., will entertain in splendid
style on Monday, Nov. 27th In the
lodge room.
Invitations have been sent to Fornie and Moyie lodges and the local
Rebekah Lodge, and a large attendance Is looked Ior.
Work In the Initiatory will be exemplified ond the regular election of
officers for the next, form held. -The
meeting being open to the Rebokahfl
niter 9.30.
The committee tn charge have nr-
ranged lor a good programme, Including music, song, recitations,
reading, and speeches.
Sniper wlll be served during the
evening by the lodge members.
Baptist Church Banquet
The banquet by the ladies of tho
Baptist Chvrch on Wednesday evening was succosstul, was—much as thc
end ar'lved at was tally accomplished, and n» a result, hy the end ol
another year this church will enter
upon the honor roll ol "Out ot
Dobta." With Pastor Spollar In the
chair the short programme moved
along smoothly and cheerily, and
when treasurer Brechen and his stall
ol help were through, ho was able to
announce In accord with tho above
Miss N. Lcaman favored the au
dlniee with a very pleasing recitation, nnd Mr. B. H. Short gave n
praotlcal address on "the church at
work among Its young people." Mr.
Teet, who wns delayed until a late
hour responded to a very hearty
call, by promising on some luture
ocenslon to give a talk on "Thc
man anil Ills hody," Much to Mr.
Spoilers' surprise tho gathering took
this opportunity ol expressing to
him byia vory henrty vote ol thanks
their appreciation ol his groat Interest in everything that ent to
aid tho church, making special mention ol his efforts in getting church
and parsonage repainted, and ginrr-
ally Improved. Kind 'otemncos
were mode to Mr. O. K. Kendell, the
Incoming pastor, and the meeting
broke Blnglng tho national imt lum.
Raps British Admiralty
London, November 22.—Lord Charles Beresford, in a public speech to-1 """"""
uight with relereace to thc Moroccan |              (Hy Norman Rankin)
situation, said bo had avoided men-;    _      ,
tinning tho naval crisis recently be- , (m*i**°* no headlines iu counec
cause under the conditions that then.tlon wUh Uer tforlous victory in
prevailed all sbould forget party and "'""" anJ »ot*lu<"< ** the American
Canada's   Great   Victory
Premier McBride in Wreck
Victoria, B.C.—Premier and Mrs.
McBrldo returned home Wednesday
Irom their eaatcra and Bouther.n trip,
the flrst minister having curtailed
hiB trip to be present at thc ananal
convention of the provincial Conservatives to he held at Now Westminister this week end.
The homeward Journoy was dramatically interrupted by an accident to
the train upon which the party wore
passengers, while passing through
the CarollnaB, the engineer being
killed almost instantly and members
of the train crew as well as Beveral
of the passengeri sustaining more or
less Inijiirics. The enr lu which Hon.
Richard and MM* MoBrlda and party
wore escaped scatUless.
support the government. He felt
this ao strongly that lie had refrained Irom publishing his book setting
forth the real state ol nflalrs. The
crisis had beon a blosslug in disguise
because It would result iu placing
the service on a right looting said
Lord Charles.
At the time of the crisis, continued
Lord CharleB, lhe British (leet was
divided. It had no-reserve of coul
or oil fuel; there were no guards
over the mugazincs or dockyards or
on those parts ol the railways that
might have destroyed In a lew min
utcB nnd in ninny other ways the
navy lacked efficiency. "All might
lie remedied," continued Lord Charles, "by having n war slntl at the
admirality. Kvery other nation
lind one and they must all be untaxed
Hint we, who owe our national existence to the sea, hnve none."
Jeanne Russell Company
This popular Company will play a
Iwo nights engagement at the Audi
totlum Theatre, commencing Monday
November 27th.
The plays to he presented arc the
I'lmanuelln, Mondny night, and thc
"Mon  from  Home" Tuesday night.
Tllis season Miss Russell has with
her a company of eighteen People,
and Judging Irom the prefiB notices
every one is an artist. The popular
manager of ttie company Ray 'F.
Brandon is reaping Iresh laurels In
every town.
Tlio company is playing a weokB
engagement in Nelson scoring a big
Land and Irrigation exposition. n„w
going ou in tho Madison Square Harden here. indeed, until the judges
made the awards and gave to Cans-
da the world championship for the
best samples ot hard red spring or
winter wheat, and to British Colum
bla the world's, championship lor the
best variety ol potatoes, no meutlon
was made In tbe loial press v. hate*
er that Canada even bad any exhibits in this exposition
Now, however, things are changed,
und tbe news is being heralded freely, Thore were sixLo.n entries [01
the Shaii^hnessy
-Minn. Considerable credit is due
to these two commissioners Ior the
attractive manner is which their exhibit  was  displayed.
While Uritlsh Columbia also had
a most excellent «nd attractive display ol apples, the pruc went to
Mrs. hi, V. Rowland, of Toppernlah,
Wash , jn the Yakima Valley. Thla
lady won over Mr. Robert Johnson
of the same valley with 9X2 6-6
polite as against   977 7-11).
Cauu in was represented by exhibits from the Alberta Development
League, Bdmonton, the government
ol Urltish Cohi:il,la, the traffic department ol the O.P.R, and tbe Canadian Pacific irrigation und Colonization company. This latter company bad a notable dis lay, the main
♦l.uOO gold prUe--1 attraction  being the I.uge map     ol
lour from Canada,  twelve trom  tbafthe Irrigation block   and   two small
Saskatchewan   came | flolds ol Alberta soll-a wheat   and
Balfour Returns
London, Nov. 22.—The Marquie of
Londonderry, ex-vleoroy ol Ireland,
who has boen strongly opposed to
TriBh Home rule. In a speech at Hey-
wood, Lancashire, tonight, said Mr.
Balfour had informed him that It
was his Intention after resting for a
time to return to tho house ol commons and right home rule.
AttiUdge  ."Hi 1115  135.
Davjs   108 121   116
Peek-  109 104   1*8
Bell    130 113
E.   Stevenn   138 116
607 612
Team average—376. 2-5
H.   Stevens   165 133
Fulton 132 131
Barber  126 121
Roasister    137 199
Kelly   141 129
701   713   669
Team average—414. 3-8
Building Notes
Tbe new Campbell & Manning bull-
ding on Hanson avemu, is rapidly
being completed. Tho lower floor
will be used for business stores, tbo
back part being a warehouse lor tbe
The tipper floor will be divldod Into soventeen rooms with a large
hallway, and occupied as an annex
to the Cranbrook hotel. The rooms
will be fitted with all modern improvements, Including hot und cold
water, qath rooms, lavatories, etc.,
and heated hy hot water. Tbe
rooms will be splendidly furnished.
Tbe Fink Mercantile Company having
the contract Inr tho furniture. These
rooms aro being specially fitted up
for the accommodation ot commercial men.
Thc new post office building ls beginning to assume proportions, and
will be an ornament to the city vrlicn
The new Hanson building ls going
ahead rapidly, the main Btore to be
occupied by the Royal Bank, nnothcr
by Beale & Elwell, and the rooms to
be occupied by tbc Cranbrook Club
are expected to be ready early in
Durbar Decorations Stolen
Lyons, France.—Eighteen mall bags
containing packages worth £1,000
were stolen from the Paris-Marseilles
train today. Included in tbe plunder were Jewels and decorations to be
worn by Lord Crewe, tbe Earls ol
Durham and Sliaftshury and the
Duke of Devonshire, all'members ot
the King's stall at the Durbar ln
Foresters Meet
The regular meeting ol the Anciont
Order ol Foresters was held in the
Carmen's Hall on Thursday night,
Nov, 23. Thin meeting proved to be
the most sticceBstiil of the year. Thc
reason bolng the fact, thnt arrang
menta were to bo made lor the holding of the 8th annual social and
dance during thc forthcoming Christmas season. As n result ot the extraordinary enthusiasm shown the
Court decided to hold nn extra special meet this year, and Instructed Its
executive to go abend and arrange
for a concert, whist drive, and dance
to bo held in the Auditorium on the
evening of December 28th. Friends
nnd sympathisers of Robin Hood will
as on former occasions be heartily
Most Popular Young Lady
Miss Van Slylie
Miss Dulla Uiuiiiiiiond
Miss Lulu Atkinson
Miss Mary Palmer
Names of Contestants
Miss Gladia Gastrin
Miss Maud Hiekenbothatn
Mrs. Patrick
Miss Uren
Miss Sadie Mornn
Miss Grace liogurt
Mrs. Thompson
Miss Bridges
Miss Birdie MacDonald
Miss Jessie Cortes
Names will be added lo tins list at the Auditorium Theatre und the standi ug
given every night. Also next Saturday you can see a full synopsis of the weeks
work.   Bee,   on another page, Advertisement containing full particulars,
United States.
lirst, Alberta second and Manitoba
third, which ls conclusive evidence
that the three prairie provinces can
grow better wheat than any state in
the Union. To the lucky winner,
Scager Wheeler, ol Uoathem, Saska
tchewan, goes the 11,000, ana to Mr.
W. A. Glass ol Macleod, Alberta, and
Mr. Thomas Maynard, of Deloralne,
Manitoba, fall second end third honors. Between Mr. Wheeler's and Mr.
Glass's wheat there was only a dil-
ference of one point, and the Alberta
wheat weighed one pound heavier to
the busbel tban the Saskatchewan.
This wheat tipped the scales at 66)
pounds as 651 for the Saskatchewan
sample. Tbe Saskatchewan grower,
however, won out on uniformity and
ln the potato coutest, ln charge ot
Messrs. Asahel Smith and Wade, ol
New Westminster and Victoria, who
were the government's commissioners
In this connection to this exhibition
British Columbia easily carried ofl
the prize, winning out in shape, col-
quallty and commercial variety
over A. B. Hostetter, of St.  Louis,
a hay Held—under actual Irrigation.
This has attracted thousands of peo
pie. and all capital has been made
Ior tho west out ol tho lact ol winning the world'B wheat championship
contest. ThousundB ol samples ol
wheat in Binall bottleB, with statistics in nut shell lorm retarding Alberta's resources, have been given
away to viBitorB.
TowardB the latter part ol tlds
month the winner ot thc Hhaur<hnos-
sy $1,000 gold prize will be invited
to Calgary, and public presentation
made to him ol the gold by one ol
tho officials ol the Alberta government.
I might mention In closing that
all sorts of difficulties were encountered ln getting our exhibit through
tbe customs here, and though bonds
were offered or such other security
as the government might stipulate,
our entry was not permitted to enter tiie country free, although it vas
for exhibition purposes only and la
to bo taken hack to Canada at tbe
close of the exhibition. Full duty
was paid on the exhibit.
Banquet to World's Best Weat Grower
Anglo-phobia Press
Berlin, Nov. 23.—The statements
made In the house of commons by
Capt. Walter V. Faber, M. P., and
others concerning the narrow escape
which was made from war between
Germany and England over the Moroccan situation, and the outbreak ol
the English press regarding the matter, has stirred public feeling deeply
While the German newspapers print
the news of it prominently but few
of the most responsible journals have
thus far commented on thc matter;
their silence Is in marked contrast to
tho angry outbreak ol the Pan-German organs, which loudly voice the
Indignation of that part of the public which is easily swayed by jingoism.
Tbo antt-Brltlsh feeling of those
sections of the populace has been
feverishly Increased by the publication of tho statement tbnt when the
crisis was acute orders was issue.1 to
the British cruleere to be prepared to
seek and sink the German torpedo
boat destroyers.
The expressions ol opinion nt Oreat
Britain arc mixed with denunciations
ol thc    German government     itsell.
Tt wns obvious," sayB the Taeg-
llBche Rundflchnn, "that Grcnt Britain was preparing for war while our
government was flinging pnulmn
of peace."
Apart Irom the lury of tlie extremists, it is ntnvely feared tbnt the
spirit of Anirlopholiln hns received a
great stimulus from the recent, revelations.
Trades and Labor Council
The candidate (having quoted the
words of an eminent statesman in
support of nn argument). 'And mind
you, these nre not my words. This
Is not merely my opinion. These
are words of n man who knows what
he's talking about."
An attempt will be made this next
week to revive the Trades and Labor Trout Lake, B.C.
Council which has in the pnBt done
some very good work in one direction or another.
Whilst   everyone     may not agree
wltb this organization In many things | October   28th, which I attach
it strongly advocates, owing to con-1 Bav tnat ln „ certain verse In
dieting Interests becoming   involved,
yet at the same time, all must realize that many ot     these various organs are based upou a definite ground
and ultimately must work tor     tho
betterment of     their fellowmen.    tit
Is to be boped that many wlll rally
to the assistance ol those wbo have
this work on hand     and glvo wbat|Anyon,
help they cnn. Bible,
Editor Cranbrook Prospector,
Craubrouk, B.C.
Dear Sir,—
ln the clipping ol your paper oi
liiblo wo will tind every letter In the
alphabet. I think 11 the Editor will
just dust olf bis own Bible and look
In tho 7th Chapter ol Ezra and the
21st verse, not the 22nd be will Hnd
what Iiu states in this clipping.
Being onco a Oranbrook resident l
did not like It   to lie thought thai
there    did    not    know  tbeir
RoBthcrn, ,BaBk., Nov. 22.—An
enlnently nttlng celebration to mark
the remarkable achievement was the
banquet tendered to Segar Wheeler
here last night, winner ol the thoin-
inid dollar prize given by Sir Thomas
-ihauglinensy, president of the Canadian Paciflc railway, at the New York
Land show. Tbe variety shown was
the Marquis, a varloty which Wheeler
started to raise last year. Efforts
were made to have Sir Thomas
Shaiighnessy at the RoBthern banquet, but thc railway magnate wired
his regrets and Included a congratu
latory message to Mr. Wheeler.
Letters and wires were read from
Premier Scott, of Saskatchewan; Premier Rohlln, ol Manitoba; Premier
Silton, ol Alberta; F. W. Ci. Haul-
tain, K. J. Chamberlain, and members of the Saskatchewan legislature,
Duncan Marshal, minister ol agriculture of Alberta; ex-mayor Hopkins,
Hnskatoon; Mayor McArn, Regina;
Mayor Fleming, Btandon.
Mercbsrd Ens, member ot the legislature for Rosthern made a capital
chairman. Lieut. Governor Brown,
ol Saskatchewan, graced the proceedings hy his presence, and, with
Segar Wheeler, had a Boat alongside
of the chairman. Among others
present wero: Hon. Turgeon, attorney general; Mr. Motherwell, minister of agriculture; Hon. O. P. McNabb, municipal commissioner of
Saskatchewan; Dean Rutherford, ol
the University ot Saskatchewan;
Mayor Holmes, Prince Albert; Thomas McKay, ex-M. L. A., Prince Albert, and others.
Conference of Premiers Likely
Ottawa.—II presont
materialize, a con.erencc of provlnri
al premiers will he held in Ottawa
about the boginning of the year. Thc
prime object of the conlerence will bo
a discussion of tho question of provincial representation In the federal
Hon, J. K. Fleming, premier of
Now Hrunswicli, who is now ln conlerence with tho govornment regarding tho construction ol the Valley
rnilwny, said today that with tho
materialize, a conloeence ol provincial executive had signified their willingness to get together for tho discussion of tho question as woll as
sovcral other Important matters. Mr.
Floming is uncompromising in bis
conviction that the representation ol
the maritime provinces should not,
be ctit down.
She, "What joy It will be for me
to share all your grlels anj troubles ?" He, "But, darling, '. t.nve
none." She. "Yes, but when we aro
married you will have."
Verse   22, Chapter   7, ol Ezra, baa
[all tho letters ol thc alphabet except
negotiations! "J"     Just brush the dust ofl youi
Ililili" and see It this Is not true.
Many Miners go to Coal Cieek
Fornie, !).(!.—Snveral hundred men
lolt hero by tlio morning train for
Coal ('reck to apply for work who,,
lliu mines open. Tho mines wnl lie
11 eniu Monday, but vcry few men
r'.n be employed until c'e-atiHn Is
d nr nnd things put into iuV;o afler
III".   •• ng   close does.        It   Will        1.01
'nke long to tind places d i  all mo
si vim thousand former BU'tkoij,
The coke ovens have boe.l prepare'!
Ior lighting and wlll be mtHrnn'ly
heated by the time tba tlrst rlaek
tomes dowu Irom tho nines.
Business renditions have already
begun to show marked in.: ruvomrnt
and everything points to i prosperous winter. The special lollce force
has been reduced, but Ibere ne,. allll
about twenty-four men returned.
These will probably ne dWehargod
within the next few days.
The town hall was gorgeously de*
corated with flags, bunting and
wheat. A quantity ol tbe wheat
which won the prize and many other
varieties of wheat arranged in tbe
hall created a great deal ol Interest.
Lieut. Gov. Brown, who bnd been
tendered a civic reception at Rosthern at noon today, and who later
visited the Wheeler farm, five mllea
east of town, thanked the citizens of
RoBthern Ior their cordial reception.
The record ol Rosthern was one of
progress and advancement. Perae-
verence nnd laith of Rosthern settlers had boen an incentive to other
settlements. They had met tbat
night to do honor to one of tbeir
settlers. Agriculture being the leading industry ol tbe province, it was
not wise to allow the remarkable
achievement of Segar Wheeler to go
prize at New York with Marquis,, a
new variety ol wheat. In competition
with older varieties. Though Wheeler's enterprise proved that Rosthern
Saskatchewan, raised the best wheat
In the world. Wheeler had tbe
courage to raise this wheat and exhibit It at New York In fnce of tbe
strongest competition. Many others
might raise excellent wheat, and,
know lacking Wheeler's courage, never vnow It was the best wheat tn tbe
world. In tbe south part of the
province wc are as proud ot Wheeler's success aB you are. It means
toilers to every farmer tn the Province. Saskatchewan today produces
two-thirds ol the wheat raised in all
Canada. Canada is eighth in tbe
list ol wheat-producing countries In
tbe world.
Items of Interest
That as   usual,
One this week.
the    weather was
That the public are still waiting
for some announcement from candidates for municipal honors.
That the hockey inns are at lust
awake to the importance ol a hockey
tenm lor Oranbrook,
That tbe llrst move of Mr. Borden
rather discounts tho suggestion of
thc Cranbrook Herald tbat he ib in
tho bunds of tbe Nationalists.
Tlmt the finishing touches to mun
iclpnl Improvements about.! be a recreation  park  for Cranlirook.
That as a mining district Crnn
brook is second to none In British
Oolumbla, Many prospects have
nny ore In sight and on dump.
Tlmt lb" elty lathers should take
especial care of the sidewalks on
Oranbrook street. The rails on the
bridge should he repaired, and the
walks tree ol mow. Protect the
pupils ol the public school.
That lumbermen nre wearing the
big smile since sleighing has arrived.
".Mary," said thn Blck man to his
wife, after the doctor had pronounced It a case ol smallpox, "If any of
my creditors call tell them that I
am at last In a condition to give
them something."
Wm. H. West's Big Minstrels
In West's Big Minstrels, wblcb
Woolfolk A Cranston bring to Western Canada, will be found many new
and amusing novelties of the year's
The jolly afterpiece entitled "Tbe
Battle of Cinder Hill" ls a screamingly lunuy burlesque on one ol tbe
popular war dramas. II was written by that English master of comic
opera, Percy E. Correy, lor a big
London production of musical comedy, and has never been presented
until this season In America. Tbe
character creations are harmless,
happy and certain to get the laughter. The perfection of satire on military discipline is reached in "The
Hattle of Cinder Hill," where Mr.
Itlco's wonderful comedy-creative
powers Hre given tree scope as Major
Mull, and in the other characters In
thin rolllcklm* lane ol pathetic (7)
sentiment and jollity all aro thrown
Into amusing situations, so make all
arrangements to see this great big
minstrel company at the npi'ia house
Friday, December   1st.
An Englishman was awakened at
midnight in a Vienna hotel by a porter knocking at bis door, and tolling
him the place was ln flames. "How
lar bave the flnmcfl got along this
corridor?" asked the Englishman,
wltbout moving. "As far as No. 20,
Bir," was tbc roply, "And wbat
number Is my room ?" Inquired tke
Englishman. "No. 100, air," answered tbe porter. "Then wako me again
when the tire reaches 97." cried the
West's Big Minstrels at The Auditorium, Friday, December lst
Debate in House Arouses
Great Oratorical Combat
Ottawa.- When  the house  met,
A. Lancaster, M.P., for Lmcolu
troduced three ot nis bills, one
amen.!    thf.   marriage   act,    une
amen 1    the  Dominion    elections
E. so fast, that tl'
in- la alter the figures were taken, tL.au
to gbttrj.     He believed that iuture re-
to turns   would   not   be disappointing
act Canada had passed the wont  point
and the third to amend the railway Mr.  Bennett   devoted  -.he remainder
act. of bis speech to tarlfl matter*!.     The
The first bill. .Mr.  Lancaster     tx-lwurt wna willing to bear Its
plained, was intended to provide that of the burden of the tariff.
se might have come know that not much trade can he ub
tained in that direction. The minister of customs knows it. 1 Uo uot
say this to disparage tht* work ol
my honorable friends. On the other
hand 1 approve of any attempt whe
ther iu British countries or others to
Bbars  gpd a market for    Canada's surplus
whenever a marriage took pi
Canada officiated by any clergyman,
or othera authorised by the Canadian law to officiate thereat that marriage could not be declared Illegal by
any association church or tribunal.
A certain legal decision had been
given, Mr, Lancaster said, which
scorned to render this matter, which
never should hnve been in doubt
doubtful for tbe moment. 1-Uuce, It
was well that Canada's attitude in
the matter should be defined to the
Tbe election bill  provides that for
Dominion elections no voter can vote
except in his home constituency and
tbat   no voter   can have
one vote.
Thc railway bill Is a duplicate    of
the one regarding the revision of the
payment for railway crossings, which
tha senate threw out last year.
R. B. Bennett, of Calgary, then
arose to reply to the' speech from
tho throne.
Mr. Bennett mnde an effective
apeech which was listened to with
great attention He began by saying that bis selection for the important duty which he wna now fulfilling
was a recognition of the fact that
his constituency was the third largest In Canada west of the great lakes. He aUo recalled the fact that
this was the first parliament of the
British empire opened by a governor
general    who
royal family. The Duke of Con
naught was welcome to Canada not
only because he was of tho blood
royul but because of his fine record
on the. burning plains of Egypt and
in Mnlta, an well aB In Ireland and
England, and in every other place in
which he had labored for the empire.
The speaker nlso referred to the fact
that an additional welcome to the
duke wns extended on account of his
near relation to tho late Queou Victoria.
Tho Canadian people bad made it
clear that they would never have
anything  to  do   with  anything  that
He also believed that tho government should provide some means to
limit the issue of securities by tho
corporations. (Mr. McLean—Hear,
hear), (A voice—"lt is the C.P.R
Mr. Bennett 3aid he was glad tbis Sp»jak. frankly, I
accusation came early. Ho had voters of Can&d-
been C.P.R. solicitor, and gave this
company his best. When he became
a member of parliament be resigned
all connections with railways, and
was now prepared to give Canada
his best services. (Cheers.)
In conclusion he thought that Canada should tirst seek her market with
in the British empire and so strea-
more than j ^then communities. He congratulated the present government on having already taken steps in this d.r-
Albert 9evel=ny of Dorchester seconded the address with a briel
speech  iu French.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier arose to speak
at-4.30. Thc fnct that today marked his seventieth birthday was made
an occasion for a special demonstration by both si les of the house. His
desk was covered    with an enormous
bouquet of roses, a gift from his fellow members.
Sir Wilfrid    began by  congiatulat-
products. The present admlnistra
tlon rejected a recent trade agree*
ment on the grounds of sentiment
but I fear tbat there is more sentiment than anything else In the pres
ent proposal.
"As regards reciprocity,  1 wish to j
frankly  think      the
have made a  great I
mistake.       Nevertheless,    we   accept!
their    decision    loyally    and uncom
plainlngly.    what is the situation?
Wo    negotiated    a    treaty    with the
United States to remove all obstacles, so far as    tbey  bore on  natural
products, iu order    that these might ,
Bo i   Freely from one country to   another.      Such arrangements are   not
new.    Arrangements oi such chara*t-
er have been made a part of negotiations  of  every   nation.      When     Sir •
John A.  Macdonald advised  the Ca- |
naiian people to place a high tarlfl
wall between Canada and the United
States, he did so with the Idea      of
making    way    for    some negotiation |
such as that we recently entered into I
"Canada is an agricultural country |
Sixty per cent, of the Canadian peo
pie get their    living   by agriculture
EaCfa year more and more land is
being devoted to that industry. Each
year more is produced than Canada
can possibly consume.     We had this
lng the mover nnd seconder of the ■ condition fu view when wu entered
address for their eloquence. He con-;)nto the British preference arrange-
gratalated the seconder of the reply j ment. The result of our policy was
for hla speech today, und contrasted!a great increase of trade between
it with speeches delivered by the | Canada and Britain. Then the Jap-
a member of the \ Rnme gentlemen before September 2-Ljaneae treaty, the French treaty and
II the electors of Dorchester had been other treaties were entered into with
present today they would have said:
"Can this be the candidate we elected two months ago ?" Sir Wilfrid
thanked Mr. Bennett for his birthday
congratulations, in fact he wished to
thank all tbo members of the house,
nnd especially those on the opposite from an economic
side for their kindness in this respect.     The member    from    Calgary
I had wished him to remain long    Ifi
his present position to Judge       and
j criticise the government ot the    day.
| Well, by the wny tbe government bad
j begun the tusk, he feared, would   be
i too great tor a tnau ol bin advancing
j yean..
i    Hir Wilfrid paid a high tribute to
would run tho risk of changing    thej^g WBy \n whlch tho Duke of   Con-
Dominion's  relations with  the great | naUght bad already endeared himself
to Canadian!-.     He was taking     up
empire of which she formed u part,
or render more difficult of accomplish
ment the hope, that was in the
breast nnd heart of all, that same
day there would be a commercial and
organic union of that empire.
Mr. Bennett congratulated Sir Wilfrid on tbe fact of reaching his 7<i
birthday, and expressed the hope
that ho would be long spared to
lead the opposition. (Laughter.)
In discussing the dofcat of reciprocity, Mr. Bennett snld thnt from the
western viewpoint such a defeat was
extremely  fortunate,    The   west   was
tlie melting poi Into which all      the
nation*.    won1 poured and thousands
of settl'TH bad come from thc i'nited
States.     All those American settlers
had started out  to support reciprocity but, wlun tbey realised the gen
lus or the Oan i lian people was    a-
gnin3t reclpro'ity  they too,  to theii
credit, turned snd voted as Canadians would bave tbem vote.
Mr. Bennett und" a plwi *"r ***W
expenditures   In   the   west,     Road
were needed i n which wheat could be j
carried    to the   elevators. The continued fertility of the soil had to be |
provided for.     He bored to s*>e a ,]("
partmrn* oi public health in Canada..
Thc government should turn its    at-,
tention to human preservation,
Tho speaker wae plessul wltb the
policy of tbe government in connection with the terminal elevators at
the head oi the lakes. No mistake
dther, regarding the
ininal elevators.
should get hold
le ro ite. Blevaton
Vancouver and at
al 0       E 'ii  nt pres
the work with the name zeal and enthusiasm shown by his predecessor.
His gracious consort had already
won nil hearts by the simplicity of
her manner,   her dignity   of bearing
and tbo kindness   of her disposition, j tQe united States, which make*
These qualities were appreciated     in
when   found
the    highest
\ rank.
| There was not much, the ex-premier
continued, In the speech from the
throne to invite great discussion   at
; the present time.     The speech    had
! promised Improved roads, aid to agriculture and the establishment of   a
[ tariff commission.     It was Imposslb-
i le   to   estimate    the value of these
! things until tbe character of thc
measures  providing  for  them       was
'known      They could mean much,   ot
tbey could mean little.
There was,  bowaver,  in the apeech
I from tho throne words placed ther"
by the honorable gentlemen In powei at which the members of the op
position bave every reason to congratulate themselves.     It spoke     of
j the spread of continued prosperity,
ud the Increasing revenues, revenue:
better than anything In tbe past,
and they hoped such a stale of af
fairs would continue. Fifteen years
ago such a compliment could not   be
the idea of getting a market for our
surplus product. While the demand
for an American market came chiefly
from tho west It did not find any
favor with the party now in power.
It did not meet with objection
standpoint, but
solely on sentimental grounds, During tbe late election campaign tbe
nearest to aay economic argument
was a speech from Hon. CliiTord Sifton, which I read because the remarks from that source arc usually
worth some attention. '
Sir Wilfrid read a paragraph from
Mr. Sifton's speech telling how the
United States was now confronted
with an unemployed problem, with a
problem of exhausted resources aud
with monopolistic tendencies characteristic of the country.
"What." asked Sir Wilfrid, "aro
the chief causes of those tendencies.
It is the high tariff, aow ;n force in
from outside countries inipcneuuble
on any fair terms. That high tariff
has now arrested her development,
made her fields deserted, congested In
thc cities a larger population than
ever before. It has put the United
States at the mercy of the mon *po-
lists. This is thc cause of the United States' problem and tbo dlfllculty
is now how to get rid if wieeo causes which lead to the present condition. Now compare onr own conditions to the conditions in the United States. Do we see mue'i dlfle.en-
CS? Are we free from monopolistic
control? Do not trusts and mergers
llourlsh n« luxuriously In the Dominion as in the i'nited States? Mr. S,f-
ton, In saying we would involve ourselves In the problems of tho United
Statev, is singularly mistaken. If
tt Ib true that the meat trade puckers in Cnnndn are organizing to
raise prices to the consumer, wo
have already the first proof of Canada's mistaken declBion on September 21. It Is not yet two months
past nnd th" Cnn^dlan people nre
already about to suffer for listening
that the last election wae carried under falao pretension". Thoro ure
men on tbe other side who truly believed that the rejection ot reciprocity waa a great service to Britain
and tho British empire. With respect to their views we will not
quarrel; tholr eyes nro blind; there
ia no uso to try to opui them at the
preseut time. We aro as yet too
near September -l; but *•<■ tar as
helping Brlt&ln Is concerned, 1 be
Heve the defeat ol reciprocity baa
done au injury to Britain aud tbe
British empire.
Tho old civilisation is go lug—the
new civilisation is now tully estab
lished. Tho old empire la aggran
disement ami power ol conquest Is
passing away today. We have so
far advanced that there is no general
conflagration over the conflict ol
Italy and Turkey, or of Prance and
Germany in Morocco. The new civ
Ulsatlon is so (ar advanced that bhe
volco of the peoplo is heard, thai
there is no general war. In vlom o
the situation in Europe, the trleud
-hip ol the United States would be
a lug thing tor Britain.
"Mr. Borden ayi Hal d the re
ejection ol rei IprooLtj there was no
hostility to the ' nil  I Bl *t< I
do not bell ive that any Can 11 an
was Influenced Sj bo itllltj to thc
American people b t I regi '• thai
the Lang ;i ■ oi cei ta n m .
and public men d ti b tb i campalgu
was not such as to promote the
friendliest relations with the United
states. The American people can
find no tault with us if we too'.; the
attitude ol r< [ecttn . Lhe reciprocltj
pact it was our right uud privl
lege. Nevertheless, i think we have
lost a groat onportunitj ol trade
lend ot Increasing friendship between
th ■ Canadian and
Sir Wilfrid wi
•n which it \\ii
' cause c! tlu- Ce
ent Taft's arhil
England and th
be defeated.
Hon. Mr. Foster—Does tho hon.
gentleman support  that sentiment ?
Sir Wilfrid—My hon. friends well
know that thc passing of reciprocity
would have helped the passing of the
reciprocity treaty. 1 still maintain
that the Canadian people have done
nothing at which the United States
can take umbrage. Nevertheless my
hon. friend knows that human nature
is human nuturo.
"He knows that this treaty would
bave been made coaler and the friend
ship between the two people made
closer had reciprocity passed,
"There are some in Canada who
feared annexation; tbere are Some
who dread it. I have, however, sufficient confidence that the manhood
of a proud people will not be cajoled or coerced Into a step contrary
to all desire or expectation. There
are members on this side not afraid
to do their best for their country
without fear of the consequences else
where. In the recent election tha
Liberals lost ground in ©very part
of the country, and especially in the
eastern provinces.
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H*>* > I'H H "W«H- I -H .H* H-M I it 11 H I i I HI |||| -H *
Sir Wilfrid continued that it was
plain at present that there were echoes in the western press to the effect that thn present government po
The November Rod and Gun
For the big game huntiig month
Rod and Gun in Canada, published
by W. J. Taylor, Woodstock, Ont.,
still keeps big game stories well to
tho front in the November issue-
Hunters on their annual vacation
bent, thono lu camp and thoae re*
turning, ufter line experiences      aad
with many pleasant recollections of
The men of the. recent and former outings, will all
west heard the call and responded to welcome tho wealth of' good stories
contained in the latest issue. Mr.
Bonnacastlo Dale opens .he mimber
with one of his British Columbia
studies, whlcb he makes -,o fe.-.cinar-
ing to all lovers or tbB outdoors.
More is heard about the woiv.is und
licy sacrificed western interests to!8tlU moro -*b°ut ^ *™°s°. K largo
eastern necessities. This feeling was head hftvln« oeen sacuMd by Mr.
more to be dreaded than any fear oi"Rankin* A Vttrif,fcy ««"» «* '■-*
annexation, a great danger more to,''ame storlea i9 introduced by oneie-
bo drended tban outside danger wasilatm& the adventures oi a duck
a Cnaadian cleaverage of east and shooting expedition in Saskatchewan
west. The speaker said ho would lami a combined fishing and himli, g
some day enquire as to what the | trlP !n Nova Scotia. Angling read-
present government Intended to     do
to compensate the west for thnt
which it lost In the defeat of reciprocity.
Nothing had been heard recently of
the naval question in Bpito of the
fact that three months ago the
house unanimously passed a resolution which Sir Wilfrid read. He
also read Mr. Horden's amendment
to the late governmont's   proposals
Continued on page seven.
ers should not mlBS thi syn.voMum
by past masters in tho art on some
interesting lishing quern..;-.. The articles on the Wild PdlS-mtpr PigK-n and
the surveying of a nuv rMpluo oIb-
trlct by Mr. A. O. Wheeler should
by no means be overlooked. As usual there is so much good material
running through the whole of the
pages thnt tt ls impossible to mention more than a few of tho most
conspicuous good things In store for
all roadot'S.
raid t.i an oat-going administration.110 t|)f, Vo-c8 ,,* reason. Ooponrnts of
must be '. i'
Hudson ba '
profit con   ai
th.s  great     I
were n sflded
Prince Uni ert
ent wheat could be shipped frmn Cal
gary around thfl Horn to Liverpool
as cheaply as by the oastera route,
The opening ol tbe Panama -mm!
would make ihe need of tho elevator
on the Pacific coast more kornly telt.
The tarlll commissi) n which thc
government wan to appoint would hr
of great assistance to tho west ami
Ihn cam alike. Hfl hoped that thin
body would tukc up tbe question of
the increased cost of living nnd do
Tho census results were disappointing, and certainly Oalgary had 6,tno
or 7,000 morn r.itl/.cnB than the census gave lt, although Calgary   grew
Fifteen   years   ago   agriculture was
discouraged and ennnnerco was    dis
turbed.    Today, how different th.n.->
were.     Today, agriculture flourished
No | and industry never was more active.
of, Fifteen years ago Canada was In    a
jr. [position of a poor colony,  now      it
hnd' reached the dignity of a nation
and upon lf, was fixed the gaze <•' the
"Never did an administration
come to ohVe as wo did, nnd fifteen
years later go off as wo did with fo
much accomplished, tn fact, the op
position havo told thn peoplo that
thoy had better epitaph of tin- ad
ministration that tho nn" given by
the present advisors of his excellency
mid when they go out ol oflice they
wlll bo fortunate Indeed if their successors wlll Hpenk ho well of them.
"In the speech from tho throne It
is announced thai nn effort ih being
made to develop trade between Canada, Urltish Guiana and the West
ladies.     My honorable friends   must
reciprocity Hny bhe established con
nections would have boen endnngored
(.hereby. There Is a largo rlnsu In
riritnfn. a ciftss of British Imperialists who hope to lut'ld up a united
empire, not by removing tho present
shackles but by creating new oneu,
This class hailed tbe defeat. a» n
great victory nnd oxprossod the hope
that the iinffiish manufacturer would
he admitted to Cnnndi, to competo
freely with thfl Oanadtftd mmiufnetur-
"Tbe Idea of British Imporlnlletfl In
to have British roods compete freely
with Ofl nad tail goods. There are nt
thfl present time on thfl sea certain
British Imperialists nnd tbey will
learn on their arrival tlmt there Is
no more hone for British competition
in Oanada than there Is for thfl United States Competition, They will
leafn that If they are to reach the
goal of their ambition thoy will bnve
to come back to the Liberals.
"To my tileudtt ln Calgary, 1 say
your Parcels to
J. Manning
to be Parcelled, Ready for Mailing.   You    $
may not have a box or paper or twine.
During the Holiday Season, bring all I
your parcels to J. Manning's Store. We J
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Ray F. Brandon, in "The Man Prom Home."
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Box 195  ;:
I aft! 1111 w*.*-H „, „, „,.,,,,., 4 ,H 4*H4 ,|4.ft| ..*, |. | ■■*, M * 11.111111. THE ELK RIVER TIMES, F.J.KO.  BRITISH COLUMBIA
Notes From Elko
(BY J.M.T.)
Support your own local pnper it
will support you.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Gates of Pernie,
were the guests ot Mr. uml Mrs. Joe
Austin for tlie week end.
Miss Allen ot Kernie, paid tier usual week ond visit to Mr. and MI'S.
Thomson, Columbia hotel, Klko.
Question ? Ih tho mission churoh
scheme or the skating rink tho tn >st
Important nuestion in Klko ut p cs-
Christmas   ls
- If
want to dlspoBo
goods try au ail
Billy Murdoch: tho fighting champ-
Ion was In Klko Snturduy of last
week and pnld a friendly visit to
your local odltor. Hilly is looking
welt and Ht.
Christmas is being freely spoken of
and goods suitable for tho festive
season   aro   being    displayed in the
windows.     Look out for ads. in the
Klk River Times.
Headquarters tor winter goods,
Men's Lined ShoeB, Caps and Lumber
men's Shirts. Tbe best In East
Kootenay. Klko Department Store.
Hlrtz's Store.
Headquarters for winter goods,
Men's Lined Shoes, CapB nnd Lumbermen's Shirts. Tho best in Kast
Kootcnay. Elko Department Store.
Hlrtz's Store.
Headquatera for winter goods,
Men's Linod Shoes, Cape and Lumbermen's Shirts. The best lu East
Kootenay. Elko Department Store.
Hlrta's SUre.
Mr. A. McCualg paid a visit to
Klko on Saturday last. Mr. McUuaig
1 understand ls an Klko pioneer, «nd
can woll remember wheu a few shacks
were all tbat adorned the townsite.
Deer seem to be plentiful at South
Forks as Mr. Burnle of the livery
stables, Elko, has bis pack horsoo
busily    engaged    hauling    tbem    in.
Some parties having no less than
tine fat deer.
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evening Reveries—A Column Dedicated
to Tired Mothers as They  Join  the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
Mrs. Tom Duncan, proprietress of
the   PasBburg   hotel,    Alberta,    has'
been paying u   visit to her parents, j    If you think a house should    bave
Mr. and    Mrs.    Thomson,   Columbia only ono head,    nnd   that bo yours,
hotel, Klko, returning home on Sat- postpone your wedding Indefinitely.
urday   Nov.   18th. I   mi ~
There is nn old saying to the    ef-
! feet   that   an    untidy    mother   hns
Sleighing    seems    to be    the chief; disobedient children, nnd,  while nel-
pastlme   bere   at   present.     Almost: ti„,r parents or children mny realize
every   resident   is   enjoying a sleiRh | lue w|,y ar wherefore of it, yet there
in Hi-inn nui m nmiii 1-1 inn in 1111 i-i-»
ride today (Sunday). Mr. and Mrs.
Hut nii-, Mrs. Joo llurmo, Mrs. Taylor
and family, enjoyed a splendid outing.
Now that tho storm tins somewhat,
abated, operations In conneetlon
with the skntlng rlnk wlll bo resumed, Season tickets ought to be In
demand. Rvcn those who do not
slide, will lind much pleasure in
watching the youth and beauty of
Klko sporting gracefully on the keen
Ice. Lot us hope thnt no serious
falls will follow, as there is no cottage hospital yet ln Klko.
Golden Treasures
We may commit to memory without committing to heart.
Men show their character in nothing more clearly than by what they
think laughable.
How can a man learn to know
himsolf? By observation, never; but
by action. Endeavor to do thy
duty and thou Bhalt know what ls
within thee.
where there is infinite wisdom thero
is nothing left to chance at all.
Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, lt will flow back and soften
and purify the heart.
Never forget the power of love; by
tenderness, forgiveness, aud self-sacrifice we win our noblest victories.
Sorrow is a kind of rust of
soul, when every new idea contributes ln tts passage to scour away. It
is the petrification of staguant life,
and Is remedied by exorcise and motion.—Johnson.
Depend not ou another, rather lean
upon thyself; trust to thine own exertions,   subjection   to   another's will
the give pain; trio happiness consists in
We are either raised or lowered by
our associations. Manners, temper,
Intellect, and morals are all directly influenced by our surroundings,
and thoae who choose for themselves
(rlends of an inferior taste—whether
of mind or of manners, of morals or;
ot conduct—fall to the levol of their j
We lose trust ln each other not
through the faults of our neighbours.
but because ot our own exactions.
We expect too much from others, too
little from ourselves, always viewing
our friends from our standpoint, forgetful of the Buffering, the worry,
and the toil which demand attention
on our riglit and left.
To God nothing Is new or unexpected. Nothing cnn come to pass
that He haB not foreseen; and His
flrst thoughts aro so wise, that they
admit no second ones tbat can be
supposed wiser, Uod has brought
and continues to bring all things a-
bout, according to that most perfect
pattern subsisting In HIb eternal
councils; and these things that we
call casual, arc nil unalterably flxod
and determined to Him. "Where
there is most wisdom, there is least
chance,"     and,     therefore,     surely,
In matrimony to retain hnppinoou
and make it last to the end lt Is
not a question tor a woman to remain beautiful; it ls a question for
her to remain Interesting.
An open mind is the key to all
power. We cut off a great many of
the good things that we ought to
enjoy because we set such narrow
limits to everything by our strangling thought.
The way to obtain happiness Ib to
make those around us happy. He
who sends joy dowa to tbe roots of
society, shall find that joy reproducing Itself ln the solaces and comforts
of his own life.
If every one who professes to care
about the poor would make himself
the friend of one poor person there
would Boon be no tnsolublo problem
of "the masses."
Most people need all the strength
which a high-toned opinion can give
to tbem to keep them true to their
conscience and their Creator; and
that opinion is partly formed by
what wo do and what we are< Strive
earnestly then to order your life
with a wise simplicity. Be frugal in
the shows and generouB ln tho Btib-
stances ot life. Set the example ao
greatly needed of wholesome modera
tlon. Show that you care for character above all else.
Wit and Humor
"Mary," said the sick man to hla
wife, after thc doctor bad pronounced lt a case of smallpox, "If any ot
my creditors call tell thorn thnt I
am at last lu a condition to glvo
tbem something."
"Hore," said the proof-reador,
"this doesn't read right. You aay
tbs man wna 'looking disconsolately
at tbe last shilling In bis pocket.'
He couldn't be looking at it It It
was in hiB pocket." "That's so,"
replied the dlsnster editor. "Make lt
read this way, 'Wns looking disconsolately-through the hole iu hiB pocket at the last shilling therein."
A foreman who was aomewhat of a
hustler came across two ot his men
who were not. "Now then, where are
you going 7" he asked sharply.
"Please sir," replied one ot the men.
"we're taking this 'ere plank up to
the saw mill." "Plank I What plank?
I don't see any plank 1" The man
looked at Mb hands, then over his
shoulder, and, turning blandly to his
mats, exclaimed, "Why, hlesB me,
Bill, If we ain't been an' forgot thc
An Englishman wnB awakened at
midnight In a Vienna hotel by a porter knocking at bis door, and tolling
him the place wns In flames. "How
far have the flnmen got nlong this
corridor?" asked thc Englishman,
without moving. "As lar as No. 20,
sir," was the reply.     "And     what
Chief Whip
A communication from nttaws
states that A. S. Good-v.-o '..as boen
i.ll'cinted assistant chid Willi) ol
tha Conservative party.
Fatal Accident
'asa, Nov. 19.—A man named
Peter Pearson was kilted in a runaway today. The deceased was an
employee at a ranch on. Tracy Creek,
owned by Mrs. Donauoe, nnd was
driving to Wasa. For some unaccountable cauBO the hoises bolted
aud dashed down tho grade anl turning into the road at Wain st'-nck n
telegraph polo, throwing .h? deceased
against the pole, breaking his ne:*
and fracturiug IiIb skull. Death was
instantaneous. Mrs. llonuboc. who
wan with tne deceased in the tloigh
was badly shaken up, uut received no
serious injuries.
Universal Holy War
is always n lack ol respect and un
Indifference   to the -authority of a
mother who takes no pride  in her
personal appearance.
Tlio meanest men in tho world are
tbose who hnvo allowed themselves
lo drift nway from their mothers and
forget all nbout Ihem. The host a-.nl
bravest men in tlio world are those
wbo have uever been so proud ns
when doing something pleasaut Ior
the kind old mother.
Who does not feel more cheerful
and contented for receiving a polite
bow, a genial "good moinlng," a
hearty shake of the hnnd ? Who does
,t make himself the happier by
these little expressions of fellow-
feeling nnd good will? Silence and a
stiff, unbending reserve are especially
Bcllish nnd essentially vulgar.
There is a certain species ot reptile
found in all parts of the known
world; its home is not so much in
the jungles and wilderness, as one
might suppose. This Berpcnt frequents thc haunts of men, showing by
this that it is of a sociable charact-
clties, villages, and the sparsely
populated neighborhood, each and all
claim its attention. The name of
this serpent is slander. We hope
it has no abiding place in the home
of any of our readers. The Home
Circlo department ts the best anti-
doto yet discovered for tbis vile reptile, nnd seldom fulls to drivo tt
from the homo it weekly vlaits.
The woman whoso lifo-tfOok has
love written on evory page; who
makes a home for a mau, a home In
a house and in a heart, a homo that
he is sure of, a homo that is full of
lovepreBlded over by ono whoso prico
is above rubies. She is the model
Speaking with a personal friend a-
bout tbe Turko-Italfan war before
leaving Paris, King George of Greece
Bald :
I am afraid tho world generally
does not appreciate the gravity ot
the conditions which confront it.
While the aspect of the present situation in Turkey and Italy seems a
simple International dispute on the
surface yet to me it augurs a world
danger bo grave that the consequences could not even be speculated up-
To me, if the situation is allowed to progress, it looks like tho beginning of a universal holy war
when thc Islam world will rise up en
masse with the one purpose of ox-
terminating the Christians. It will
be a war uot controlled by interests
of commercialism. Commerce and
other factors influencing wars will
have no place. Fanaticism will rise
and Europe wlll be facod wltb the
condition of being compelled .to unite
Its forces for self-preservation.
"There alwayB is, to my mind, a
question of thc right of colonial
conquest!',* yet there is some territory
which it seems ought to belong by
right to my country. I havo always
thought this land of Crete should
bave been ceded to ub somo time
ago. It should be ours by tho right
of position, blbod and the will ot the
Liberal Losses in the Provinces
Englishman. "No. 100, sir," answer
ed the porter. "Then wake me again
when tbe Are reaches 97." cried the
voice trom the hod.
He was editor of a go-ahead little
Journal which was published somewhere In the hack of Arkansas, and,
being new to tbe business aud to the
district, his personal pars had been
received with warmth, but not exactly the type of warmth he had expected. Anyhow, be took tho lesson to
heart. "No moro rinks for me; no,
sir!" he remarked, as he edited the
report of tho new revivalist's oration
and altered, "Cai», tho murderer of
Abel," to "Mr. Cain, the alleged
cause of the late Mr. Abel's demise."
The candidate (having quoted the
words ot an eminent statesman in
support of an argument). "And mind
you, these are not my words. This
Is not merely my opinion. These
are words of a man who knows what
he's talking about."
Sho, "What joy it will be for me
to share all your griefs and troubles ?" He, "Uut, darling, I have
none." Sbe, "Yes, but when we arc
married you will have."
Any reader having a funny story
to tell might Bend It in to the editor
It will amuse others. Contributions
of all kinds will be welcomed. Ad
dress Editor Elk River Times, Elko
young men wo know of none i.iu. j
blighting in its moral effects thai:
tlie tendency to speak Bllgntingly oi
the virtue of women. Nor is thBre
anything in which young men are so
thoroughly mistaken as the h v <ti-
mnte they form of the Integrity u
women—not of their own mothers
and sisters, thank God, hut of others, who, thoy forget, nre somebo ly
else's mothers and Bisters.
There is no question tbat a < mid
can seriously and 'airly it -ic '.Imt
cannot he as seriously and fairly an
BWOrod, To tell a child or to l-> ' i
it. to inter that it is "loo lit'ie" i i
know anything more on any jnnject I
about which it already knows >.n • .:. h
to fratue a question. Is to deny its
capacity for further growth. Ii s
to thrust the child's mind in i a
dungeon, Instead of opening it to the
We do not kuow why anyone Bhould
object to a wile calling her hnssAn I
hy his llrst name when in long
frlcndB, hut it is seldom regarded
as good form to do so excepting in
tho presence of relatives. No one,
however, cau object to Mr. Smith or
Mr. White. And don't say "Slii.tu'1
for Mr. Smith. It you want to call
your husband "Darling" or "Loco"
pray do so as often as you like, but
always in tbo privacy and seclusion
of your own homes. The peoplo wh'
"Love" and "Dovo" and "Darling"
each other in company aro often the
vory ones who call each ithir by
strangely different names when at
Parents make their groat mistakes
in their training ot children, by not
recognizing their individuality. Each
child has peculiarities in mind, temperament, disposition and character | before you
which makes it an individual pro-1 a beautiful
blem.     Mothers   In   lamenting   the tender   her   heart, and   how dearly
Success Is never obtained in a
country like this without effort. If
you fall once, try again. If you toll
down, get up. If it is dark, strike
a light. If you are In the shade
move around lf there Ib Bhade on one
side thero is sure to be sunshine on
tho other. It takes longer to skin
an elephant than a mouse, tint thon
the skin iB worth something. Never
be content witli doing whnt another
has done—excel him.
Don't, wait till someone Ib gone
from you to tell their virtues. Dou't
wait until your sister Ib tar away in
another lnnd to tell her how helpful,
how pretty or how courteous Bhe Ib;
and don't wait until thc weary hands
are crossed and the long sleep comos
lake mother know what
blue are hor   eyes, how
failure ot home discipline sometimes
say, "I am sure I cannot understand
it; I have always tried to do my
duty by them, and have always
treated my children exactly alike."
Therein lies the very secret of her
failure; she bas not realized her individuality; she has made the mistake of UBing the same formula   for
you love her. Tell it nil now—now,
when the walk through life is hard,
and tho sunshine of praise is yearned tor to brighten it, and to warm
and encourage the pilprlm by tho
Lot tbe sunshine into tho gloomy
rooms, have a couch to He on, a
piano to play on; in fact, a home to
different problems; she has sought to live in; one wherein a Bensc ot hos
move distinctly different locks by tho pltolity nnd good choor exudes trom
same key. The same sun melts wux i thc very tableB nnd chairs, Instead of
and hardens clay. la    mausoleum    of    gloomy elegance,
  wherein everything Is for show   and
Of all tho evils   prevailing among nothing to he used.
Winter in Elko
A   Comparison
with   the   Scottish
James Taylor
Highlands   by
number is my room ?" Inquired   the B.C.
Fivo provinces out of tho nine In
tho Dominion havo Liberal administrations. Two of tho flvo ministers
arc llkoly to be overthrown within a
few days.
By-cloctlone on Wednesday leave
the Prlnco Edward iBlnnd Govern
ment without a premier and with
only fourteen supporters In a chamber of thirty members. When the
Legislature moots the ministry will
he defeated.
Tho Sifton ministry in Albert, waa
condemned In by-clectloiiB three weeks
ngo and though thc Conservative
party in the Legislature is yet small
the Premier cannot count on tho
support of a majority of the members.
While Nova Scotia will remain for
some time under Liberal control it
is certain tbat tbe Murray Govern
ment could not stand if an election
wero now held. Two by-olectlone on
Wednesday resulted In the Conservative capture of both seats. But
Mr. Murray was prudent enough to
get his general elections over before
the Federal contest and he still bas
nearly two-thirds majority In tbe
Premier Gouin of Quebec sorloitsly
thought of dissolving tho Legislature before tbe Fedoral elections.
Had ho done bo he would have had
a far bettor chance of succoss thnn
he wlll have next year, Mr. Bour
asna in giving bis attontlon to provincial affairs and the Conservatives
hnve gained courage and hope from
the Into party struggle.
As against these party Iobscs and
prospects of defeat tho Liberals have
an opportunity lo capture the administration of the Province of On
"When      chill
Made llelds nnd forests hare."
There are two things you nover
hear the residents ot Blko bragging
about and that is their church and
water supply. True the former is
on tho way, hut the latter, well,-
somc day. To say the leaBt of lt, it
is a disgrace to a townslto like Elko
to havo to drain its water in the
old antiquated manner of a barrel
and a wagon, nnd tho poor teamster
drljiplng wot and Bhivering with cold
ThiB is not my subject lor thn week
however, and 1 muet hasten on.
The ideal charactoriBtlco of wiut.r
are for the most part, monotonous
and uninviting, and some of tho
most prominent of thorn harsh nnd 1
repulsive. The painter ptatiires a|
loan and bearded old man, rhlvorlui'
before the smouldering embers of on
Inelle'tliul Ore; and tho sculptor has,
witu similar appliances of bis nrt,
sought to personify it hy ono struggling to retain the gsrm Mt • inch
Ita ci U' blasts aro tearing from hlin
In tbe bleak and frozen pji'tb '.here
the light, ol the sun dlsappiai'S nud
animal nnd vegetable life alike sio.nj
to vitiish, ns If extinguished in    lhe!
stormy | sterile, and bleak,    when    compared
■ with the previous seasons but to the
, | observant and studloUB   eye   lt also
bas its more genial phases, and its
necming monotony glveB place to
varieties not greatly less striking
than those which have attracted our
attention In the brilliant raonthB of
summer, or the fruitful maturity of
the harvest tide.
Spenser, In the personification     of
the Beasons, puts lt thus—
"Lastly came winter, clothed all   in
Chattering his teeth for cold that
did him chill:
Whilst on his hoary heard his breath
did freeze
And tho dull drops thut from    his
purple bill
As from a limbec did ndown distil."
1 never look on thc winter Bern™
of   Klko but   1 am   reminded of thn
Highlands of    Scotland.     Tho snow
capped  nionntalns, only capped      at
llrst, but    gradually creeping nearer
and nearer to the valley.    Then tho
enveloping    mist    the   low moaning
wind,    nnd    the hurricane.     Deep In
tho valleys lies tho snow,  while   the
peaks   nro   almost bare.     The footprints of the door ns they come   and
long night of Its winter, scw.-Iy ""y|eo trom tholr   watering    places, aro
picture cnn exaggerate tho droaclntsB L-. f,im|llnr sights nnd sounds to the
of t.ie season, not wlthsVi i.ilng   tbo Scotsman who has pnssed a winter In
brilliant   meteorological    phenomena tn„ Highlands,
will i'i light   up Ihe skies.      Incur     }   )nv(]   lhoM   „c.nc, „ml exclaim,
own temperate cllmato of B.C., tb',8V
assumes    no   such   1'orr.hle |
Monotonous It in, linw.ln.ale 0. Lord
vo   those
wondoiful arc all Thy works,
Geo. W.Wilson
a.*..*.   .♦„t,1l1.l..t.rt.,t illl|lltll|.1f..l..t*-*   *-'    '    *   I -*■-**-
"i**t™ ^ i"irn Tii "|"|"|"|mi ,i**!"fr,i"fpi,T
I Auditorium^
| MONDAY Nov. 27th.,
Jeanne Russell
The Jeanne Russell Co.
"The Man from Home"
Every    production    complete.      High   Class
"   Orpheum Vaudeville between Acts.    Including the   ■;
Charming Sandow Sisters.
;;   Seats on Sale at Beattie-Murphy's Drug Store   ','.
Note the Prices: 75c. and 50c. i
Children 25c.
-.■.4.+.|..H-*-W-l-H-l-t-l*l-l"-l-M+++M-l + l-4
tarlo.     Mr. nowoll's chances of <lo- not appointed tho provincial prcnilo
foatlng tho   Whitney Administration to   olllco   the   ministry mlKlit hav.
do not appear to bs vory good, but|held
Uo hos jet some    weeks to Improv
It Is a warning to Mr. Borden
tbnt Ihe situation In Prince Edward
Island is the    result of Federal pat-
Thin appointment vacated
tho seal whloh the Into premier hil,
ond tho new premier vacated his
own by accenting olllre. ('no hor!
has boen captured by the Ot-nsrrvn-
tlvcs and tbo other by an Inlepinl-
ronage.     If Hir Wilfrid Laurier bad .nt.
Conserative Meeting
A merilni: of the Crnnbrook Conservative Association was held on
Monday evening in the parlors of tho
Hoyal Hotel. There wbb a lnra*n attendance.
President J. D. Mcllridc occupied
lho chair, A. B, llrnce, secretary.
Records of last regular meeting
were read and on motion of Messrs.
Thompson nnd Martin, adopted as
President Mcllridc briefly stated
why tho meeting was called which
was for the purpose of electing an
executive committee to represent tho
lornl association In tbe district As
It was moved by Messrs. O. H
I Thompson and Ira Manning that sev
en delegates be elected.
The following gentlemen were then
Messrs. W. A. Ilollius, J. O. Mcllridc, a. J. Belmont, Dr. Rutledge,
f). .1. Johnson, Ira Manning and H.
On motion of Messrs. Fink and McFarlane, tho following were elected
nn li-legatcs to tbo provincial Conservative convention to bo held ln
New Westminster:
I). .1. ICliner, A. IS. Watts, W. B.
McFarlanc, II. H, Htewart, A. J.
Martin. Otis Staples, J. hi. Wade, W.
A. Rollins and Thos. Cnven, M.P.P.
Messrs. Mcllridc, Rollins and Johnson wero appointed a committee to
secure a permanent hall for ths use
of thc association.
Other matters of importance were
discussed, anil then the meeting adjourned subject to tbe call of ths
An Important Label Infringement Case
Decided in Favor of die
By the Supreme Court of Alberta,
LASALLB 9uii oino
St. Louis. Mo.. March  11. 1911,
St. Louis, Mo.
Herewith I hand you a true and exact copy, made from a certified copy, of thc final
decree or judgment of the Supreme Court of Alberta. Judicial District of Edmonton, Canada*
which was entered in your favor by that court on February 24, 1911* in thc suit in which you
were  complainant and the Edmonton Brewing & Malting Company was the defendant.
At the foot of the copy of this judgment or decree I have  attached copies of  the defendant's infringing body label  and of your own Budweiser body label.
Yours very truly,
Saturday, the llth day of February, 1911.
Anheuser-Buach Brewing Association,
Edmonton Brewing & Malting Co., Limited,
"This action having come on for trial before this Court Bitting without a
jury, on the 14th and loth daya of November, 1910, in presence of counsel for
ail parties, upon hearing read tha pleadings and proceedings had and taken herein,
and upon hearing tho evidence adduced at the trial as well for the plaintiff as
for the defendant, and upon hearing what was alleged by counsel aforesaid and
judgment having been reserved until this day, and the same coming on this day
for judgment,
"THIS COURT DOTH ORDER AND ADJUDGE that the defendant, its officers,
attorneys, agents, servants and workmen, be perpetually enjoined and restrained,
from miking, using, selling or offering for sale, or causing to be made, used,
sold or offered for sale, beer (not being beer manufactured for or by the plaintiff)
in booties bearing on the same or anywhere in connection therewith body labels or
any body label of the form of any of the body labels marked as exhibits 18 to 25
inclusive at tha trial hereof, or body labels or any body label in any form in
simulation of or only colorably differing from the body label of the plaintiff
marked aa exhibits 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 on the trial hereof and described in the
statement of claim herein, or body labels or any body label bearing upon the
aama or any of them the characteristics of the eaid body label of the plaintiff,
or any body label in any form calculated or intended to pass off or enable others
to pans off such beer as or for the beer of the plaintiff.
"AND THIS COURT DOTH FURTHER ORDER AND DIRECT that the defendant do deliver
up to the plaintiff to be cancelled and destroyed all labels, whether affixed to
bottloa or otherwise, in the possession of or under the control of the defendant,
its oorvants, agents or workmen, in simulation of or only colorably different from
tna body label of the plaintiff as hereinbefore described, which said body labels
of tho defendant are complained of in this action, together with all dies, plates,
tools or instruments intended for use in the making or reproduction of further
quantities of the said body label of the defendant so complained of,
"AND THIS COURT DOTH FURTHER ORDER that the defendant do pay to the plaintiff
the costs of this action to be taxed.
Entered February 24, 1911.
Alex. Taylor,
C. S. C. "
Here Is reproduced, except as to colors. Defendant's Infringing body
label like BxhlblU IS to 2S referred to in the above judgment:
Here Is reproduced, except as to colors. Complainant's body label
like Exhibits I to 6 referred to In the above Judgment:
West's Big Jubilee Minstrels
For an evening ol reflutsll mirth ohd
merriment and thorough enjoyment,
Friday, Decemher lat, at the Opera
House, ls the evening when Wm. H.
West's big white minatrcls will he
seen. This organization which la In
its thirty-seventh BUQCQBStul season,
will appear in this city iu its entirety and for this trlr* to Western Q**x**
ailti Is under the tlireotlou of the
well known amusement purveyors
Boyle Woollolk and William Cranston
ThiH premier minstrel organisation
was only secured hy the local management hy oiioiing Bpeetal guarantees covering tho very large dally
expeueoa of this coim-uny.
in tlie magnificent tlrst part all
the latest Bongs will ho rendered by
a well balanced vocal oorps. In tbe
folio following will ho Been several
acts aud specialties entirely now.
For the closing afterpiece "The Bat-
tlo of Qlnder uui," positively the
funniest burlesque on war ever Quen
on any stage.
Was Not Bill Miner
Mistaken for tlio notorlotia train
robber, "BUI" Miner, followed by
amateur sleuths for days, .mentioned
by regular detectives, and finally Introduced hy his friend* aa the train
robber, hut. heen tbe fate WUIiam
Noble, government road inspector of
Nelson, B.C., who lt'is heen ln tbe
city for some days pant, says the
Calgary NewH-T«legram.
Mr. Noble was In the city before
the Htory of tbe arrest of Miner ln
Georgia was published, and for aev-
eral daya waa pointed to as the desperado for whom a reward waa out,
and it waa not until the atory of
Miner's arroat became public that
many who had   met  Mr. Noble were
convinced that he waB not the rob- [
her wanted by the polic* of Canada
and the United Htates.
The road Inapector is Miner's double and during the time that the train
robber waa operating around Kamloops, was several tlmea held up and
questioned by policemen wlio were
not aware of hla Identity until be
had  produced  his credentials.
Hia appearance In the city follow
ing the atory to tint effect that Miner was beading In this direction, and
was siippoaed to be ln Oalgary, caused many to believe tlmt Mr. Noble
waa the old train robber and aeelng
thla Impression was f-alnlni* ground,
many of his friends Introduced blm
as Miner, swearing tbe people they
Introduced bim to Into keeping tbe
matter quiet.
It was not until Mr. Noble left.
town and the story of Miner's arrest
In Georgia was publiahed that many
of those whom he met here awoke to
the fact that they had been duped,
the resmnblence between the two mon
being no pronounced. Mr. Noble derived ft lot of amusement from being
taken for the old train robber, but
w»» glad when tbo arrest of the real
"Bill" Miner waa chronicled.
Wm. H. West's Ble Minstrels
lloyln Wuolfnlk, who Iihh lately
produced through this country mich
well known sit-ci-soes un "Tlio Winning Mips," nnd "Thn Hunny 8We ol
Broadway," will In connection wltb
tlio well known manager, William
Cranston,   uSer   to   the   amusement
lovers ol tills city a company that
Ib under tholr direction on its tour
to the Coast, a novelty In amuse-
mente In thla section, Wm. H. WoHt'ii
Iitg Wblte Minstrels,
Thla company which lor the pant
thirty seven semmns Imn blood at the
bond of all mlmitrel ruiniuinlrii, wlll
positively appear In ita entirety In
thla city at tho Opera limine, on
Friday, December   lat.
Thla la the one blR amusement ol
Ilm season, and was only secured hy
a largo guarantee offered them hy tbe
local management.
Better buy your seats early aa
there wlll be the largest houae ol tho
season to greet the Monarcbs ol
Russia anil l.ritiiii. to
Invade Persia
London.—Aflalrt   lo    Porala   have
rem'iu'ii . hUki' which promises tur-
tti.tr oum'ucliiiients upon the kingdom'*! Independence hy Russia ami
Qraat Britain. since their sgree-
mant dividing the country Into sph-
ei-es ,'( Influence, theso t.vo uatious
apiu'tir to Imve worked In harmony
in tho directum ol gradual absorption, if HusHia enforces her ultimatum by occupying a part nt the north
Ureal Britain Is likely to tuke a corresponding stop in tbo south. Russia's ultimatum, which was presented to the Persian government moro
than a week ago, declared that unless apology wero made for alleged
Insult to M. Petrol, the Russian vice
consul, on tho occasion of tbo seizure
of tho property of Hkua-es-SUitnneh,
the premier, and Persia made othor
reparation, Russia would occupy two
of the provinces In the nortb.
Arrested at Cranbrook
Chief of police Corey Dow received a telegram [rom R. B. Dean superintendent ol N.W.M.P., ot High
River, Alta., stating that two men,
brothers, Johu and Frank Laudkam-
mon were wanted on a charge ol
obtaining goods under false pretence.
Chic! Dow aoooi-tKinetl that the two
men wanted arrived in Cranbrook on
Thursday night, with ten horses, en-
route tor Pomeroy, Wash. Word was
sent on Friday morning informing
Bupt. Dean of the arrest ol the men.
A return wire stated that a constable had left High River Friday morning with a warrant, and to take them
Meanwhile the horses are in Cranbrook awaiting tho arrival ol tbe
High River Constable.
Creston Fair
With having so much reading matter at hand lost week it resulted in
a full report ot the Creston Fruit
Fair being crowded oik. The lair
was a big success and the display of
Irult shown spoke volumes for the en*
ergy and enterprise of the local Irult
growers. There were ninety-nine boxes ot apples on show alone and also
143 plates of apples. Never has
there been such rich fruit at any one
time ot any one kind ln the Kootenays before.
Premier Roblln ot Manitoba stayed
over with his friends on tholr way
home from Vancouver and wore full
of praise for tho fruit. They carried
away with them several snmpics ot
the White Banana .\pii'e g- «n ty
0. T. Rogem.
Died at Fort Steele
On Friday the 10th during the
tuneral rites of the late J union Clark
held at tbe Church of England, at
Fort Steele, an old timer, William
Donll fell down. He was taken out
and attended to by Dr. Watt Immediately, but death had been instantaneous. The sad occurrence was
totally unexpected, although Mr.
Doull haa not been ln the best of
health lately, yet his early demise
was not anticipated. He was about
seventy years of age, well liked and
respected as a man of his word by
all with whom he came tn contact.
Wm. H. Wast's Big Minstrels
On Friday, December lst, Wm. H.
West's Big Jubilee Minstrels will
appear at tbe Opera House, This
lu tbe thirty-seventh season ot this
premier minstrel organisation, and
Its llrst tour to the Coast over tho
Cnnadian lines, ls by far the best-
not only in individual merit of tbe
various comedians, vocal corps, singers and dancers, that ban ever ap-
poarod with thin well known compuny, but tho entire production is
new throughout—tbo magnificent
scenic first part, wardrobo anil electrical investiture being especially
mado lor tills tour. For an evening
of unalloyed pleasure and genuine
fun, lnturspornnil wltb high-clans
Hinging nnd dancing, nothing that
has appenrod hero or will appear
here llun season oltern as much to
Ilie amuHiuncnt gour as this woll
known minstrel company.
Thero are two little words, simple
enough In themselves, that Introduce
untold trouble In the world nnd responsible for moro gossip, scandal
and harm tlinn any two words In tho
English language Theno two words
aro nothing moro than, "Thoy ray."
Tbey have done inoro to ruin tbo reputations than all othor things. II
you novor quote what "tbey say"
you may he quite certain you are not
a gossip.
Funeral Dlreutor,
Barrister, Solictor, and
Notary Public
Ottioe—Reid Butlolngs,
Mrs. W. Etlmondson
(Jriuiiiule.   ol
London College of   Music
Receives Pupils for '< >
Organ and Vocal    ;;
Holy Names Academy
and Normal School
For Young Women
Under the direction ol the Slaters
ol the Holy Namea ot Jesus and
Mary. First class boarding and day
school primary and grammar grades.
State accredited high school. Advanced normal course of two years accredited by the state of Washington.
Stuto diplomas conferred. Music
and art studio.
Write to Sister Superior for Year
Book, Spokano, Wash,
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tina Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone 10     •   •   •     P. O. Bos 111
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
all kinds of Second Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand. Hanson Ave
Phone 151.
!',   Steam Boiler,   Furnace,   , ,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and itock estimates
' |   furnished on application.    )
i>     '
i ~ '
i     Alidraii : P. 0. Bo. Mt, Cranbrook     I >
V. M. MacFhcrson
Norbtirjr Avenue Next to City Hall
Open Day and Night Plione 233
entury Restaurant
K. Y. Uyemntau, Prop.
Opposite 0. F. R. Depot.
Phone 119   P. 0. Box 104
P.L.S. & CE.
Barrister,   Solicitor, etc.,
B. C.
and   M A DONALD,
Barristers and Solicitors,
Oranbrook Lodge No H   A.F.» A.M.
(tegular meetings on
the third Thursday
of every month.
Visiting brethren
A. 0.  BHANKLAND,   W. M.
J. S. PUCK, Acting Secretary.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter
NO.  126.  11. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tues
day lu each month at eight
Sojourning Companions are
cordially Invited.
eW. F. Attridge, Scribe B.
Knights of Pythias
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   33
Meets   every   Tuesday
at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
T. G. Jones, 0. 0.
J. M. Boyce,
k. of r. a a.
Visiting brethren cordially invited te attend.
M.M.V., V.»..
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto In 1818. Gradate and medalist ot McKllllp
Veterinary collage, Chicago, 111.
tn 1900. Registered member ot
British Oolumbla association.
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
I'.O  Box 238. Pbona 233,
B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
Olllce at Residence, Armstrong Ays.
Forenoons * - - - 9.00 to 10.M
Afternoana - - - - 1.00 to 4.01
Bvenlngs • - - -   T.IO to   Ml
Sundays 1.10 to   4.11
For   Sale or Rent at Reasonable
Lumsden and Lewis St.
Phons No. Ul.
Tenders Wanted
Tenders addressed to the nnder-
Blgncd, wlll bo received up to
December ICth, 1911, for stumping and ploughing Lot KUO, G.
1, Bast Kootenay, containing
184.B acres, moro or less, tbo
said lot adjoins tbo ilritish Columbia Railway nnd His midway
between Mayook and Wnrdner
and hns been slashed and burued.
Tbo lowost or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
A. 11. WRllSTItll,
Land and Timber Agent.
British Columbia Land Dept., C.
P.R., Oranbrook, B.C.
7 Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally Located
Three minutes from Government
Terms  to   suit   buyer,  no
reasonable offer refused
For further particulars apply at the
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance iu all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Mineri all go to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
A. G. Bowness
Wine and  Spirit Merchant
Manufacturer of all kinds
o(       Aertatetl       waters
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
Melcher's Red Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
Importer of all kinds of Foreign and Domestic
Wines and Spirits
Baker St.
Cranbrook, B. C.
H., W.   DRBW,   Proprietor.
*********************** *************
■H*M I "I"H't-M-t-M ".■ 1*t I I I ■>' 11 HI I It Illllll I I'l IIIH
St.   Mary's   Lake,   B. C.
P, Handley, Prop.
1;    The most attractive Outing Resort In East Kootenay    ',,
Good Hunting, Fishing, and Hunting
Boats to Let, Horses for Hire
For further information apply te
P. Handley, Central  Hotel
Marysville,  B. C.
WW III "111 Mill iiiiiii iiiiiii 11 hi i
On Baker stieet, one door west
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Wardner   Notes Baynes Lake
Fk.hi oui  special correspondent.
Mr. F. Stearns has - been ill tliiM
last week and on Monday decided to
go to Cranbrook hospital for treat
meat. He expects to be abs'iut
about two weeks.
Mr. C. M. Pennock
waj on Friday.
visited Hallo
Miss Kdlth Lund gave a very en
joyable party to bor young friends
oa Tuesday evening, as a farewull
before leaving for Bpokane, wbere
she wlll enter college with her sister
Miss Hazell. Needless to say everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly,
and were well pleased wltb the even
ings' entertainment. Mr. I,uml and
Mies Kdlth left on the noon train on
Wednesday for Spokane.
Mr. Chas. Martin, visited with bis
parents here on Sunday-
Mr. SwanBon, the new assistant C.
P. It., agent has moved    his family
to the station bouse.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wisner, old
timers of Wardner, have returned to
town, and Mr. WiBner has taken the
position of superintendent of the
planing mill ln placo of Mr. H. Pearson wbo has resigned.
Bert Furlong, formerly of the C. N.
P. L. Co'a boarding house, has been
renewing old acquaintances in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Menyies, of Bull
River Falls, have been visiting Wardner, the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
The young ladles of the Wardner
Sunday School are busily engaged In
preparing tor a Christmas tree for
the children, and are working strenuously to make it a success. Quite
a sum ot money has been collected,
and the children are getting enthusiastic over an Interesting programme
which is to be prepared. Everyone
ia asked to help the young folks in
their endeavor to make Christmas
pleasant for the little ones.
Mrs. Stearns entertained a number
of lady friends on Friday afternoon
in honor of Mrs. Plerson and Mrs.
Ream who are leaving shortly. A
very pleasant afternoon was spent.
Mr. Roy Anderson came up on Sunday from Hanbury to assist with the
Sunday school work.
Mr. C. Janueson who is working on
the new school house now under construction, has moved his wife and
family to town trom Fernie.
Mr. Robt. Plerson was in tho hospital at Cranbrook for a few days
laat week, as he had been quite ill
with an attack of qulnsey.
Mrs. I.. Kmbree lett last week for
Los Angeles. Sho was accompanied
part of the way by her brother-in-
law, Mr. W. Kmbree.
Mr. and Mrs. Ream, left on Monday for a visit to their friends in the
eastern and southern states. They
expect to be absent till about the
arst of uext June.
Mr. Downoy was in Qalloway on
businesson Saturday and Sunday.
Will Anderson has boon in tho
Cranbrook hospital for over a week
suffering from blood poisoning In his
hand. The injury was caused from
a simple cut, and kept getting worse
but fortunately was taken ln time,
and he is now almost well again.
Frank Cunuinghamwho has been
employed In the Crows Nest Pass
company's storo, loft on Thursday
for Culgary.
Mrs. Stearns, Mrs. Murray, Mrs.
Lovlck and Miss Hazell Stearns were
Cranbrook visitors on Wednesday
Mr. H. C. 0. Adney paid a farewell visit to his friends in Wardner
ou Sunday.
Miss J. Mangan, who formerly
taught school In this place, was the
guest of Mrs. J. 8. Martin for a tew
days this week,
Mrs. Lovlck left on Monday for
Cranbrook hospital, where it is necessary for her to undergo an operation. Her many friends hope she
will come through the ordeal safely.
Mr. Nels Anderson
brook on Sunday.
wont to Cran-
R. Stone and Mrs. J. A. Stone ol
Revelstoke, were in tho city Wednos-
day attending the funeral of the late
Peter Pearson, who was killed at
Wasa Sunday. Mrs. Stone ia a
niece of the deceased.
Knocked Out in the First
Mc Leod No Match For The  Local   Man
The boxing contest wblch took
place at the Auditorium on Wednesday night between Young Streeter of
Cranbrook and Wm. McLeod of Flagstone, was a short but fair exhibition ot the manly art.
The fight was somewhat disappointing to a large number in attendance
from the fact that It was short and
the end came too soon. The result
showed that Young Streeter has improved to a large extent since bis
fight with Bid Ryan, also that he
has a punch, like the kick of a mule,
and when he lands some one goes to
sleep. McLeod might have been a
good man, in the ring at one time,
but that time has passed, and his
action In the contest Wednesday
night Indicated tbat be stood no
show of winning from his youthful
and stronger opponent.
The preliminary was a ftve round
contest between Eddie McLeod oi
Flagstone, and Curly Smith of Cranbrook. By agreement the rounds
were of two minutes duration.
"Camp" Lindsay retereed this contest, and Introduced the boxers.
When time was called they broke
for the centre of the ring, and McLeod' landed a right Bwing to Smiths
head, Smith retaliated with a Jolt In
the ribs, both clinched; lt looked as
If Smith was laying low evidently
taking tbe measure ot his opponent,
honors were easy when the bell rang.
In the second round, Smith having
sized up his man, got down to business. McLeod sent a hot one to
Smith's head, and then another to
the shoulder. Smith got In a loft
to McLeod'e head, and tben a right
Jolt on McLeod's Jaw sent him down
and out.
Tbere was some clinching in the
light, but clean breaks were made.
It was plainly evident tbat Smith
was too good a ring general for bis
opponent, and a much better boxer.
Immediately after the preliminary
Streeter followed by his seconds entered the ring, and received an ovation from bis many admirers. He
looked to be In perfect condition,
and well able to put up a stiff fight.
A few minutes later McLeod entered.
He also appeared in good form, but
did not have tbat freshness, nor et-
Central Meat Market
Dealer in Fresh and Cured Meats
;    All Kinds of Game and Fish in Season    \;
!    cAp   Cain   Young Pigs. Fresh Killed    ;;
;    rUlOQIO   Beef and Pork.
hibit that confidence which plainly
was observed on tbe features ol
At tbo Bound of the bell the boxers
met in tho centre of the ring, some
sparing, und McLeod got In a stifi
one to Streeter's neck, it carried but
little weight, Streotor sent in a right
which was sbort, then came a mixup
at close quarters, Streeter Bent ln a
right to McLeod's ribs. McLeod got
In a right awing on Streeter's Jaw
that staggered him; Streeter in sidestepping fell over McLeod'e knee and
went to the floor; he took the count
of eight, jumped up, went for McLeod, handing a heavy right jolt on
the jaw, McLeod swung round, dazed
worked to the ropes, whlcb he clutched, evidently ln distress, Streeter
thon sent in a left to the breast, followed by a right which .caught McLeod behind the lett ear, falling on
his face. He was counted out. He
was carried to his corner, and it was
a couple of minutes before he realized that he was down and out.
Streeter's seconds and friends lift-
ed him on their shoulders, and tho
audience cheered him to the echo
It took Streeter just one minute
and thirty seconds to put McLeod to
Curly Smith Is a game lighter as
well as an excellent trainer.    Young
Streeter's condition showed thiB    to
be a fact.
Pugilistic fans from Elko and
Flagstone dropped a long bunch of
cash on McLeod.
Oranbrook sports took all the long
green tbat was in Bight, and there
waa an Immense amount of rejoicing
I was the most surprisod man in
the hall at the result of the contest.
It waB a sorrowful crowd tbat
took the local for Elko Thursday
That was easy money for tho Bporta
of Oranbrook.
Over (3,000 changed bands on Wednesday night, but none of lt left
t.uur, Sth**i..iit*y is buck again m his
old  quarters.
Mr. Fred Adolph left un Monday
on a trip to the prairie.
A rapid thaw has set in and the
snow looks like   disappearing,  fust,
A uew engine is being tixed up lu
the Adolph Lumber Co.'a planing.
Andy Dunn lias bought Qeorge Tanner's house aud land and will move
in at nn early date.
Jim Russell has decided to commence building operations on bis
ranch across the KooU-nay.
George and Mrs. Tanner left for a
Visit to the old couutry on Thursday
Quite a few friends will miss thau. ■
We bope to see all three back again
In the spring.
Another new arrival last Thursday
morning in Baynes and he has come
to settle for good. Hearty congratulations to Don and Mrs. Shlrllng,
young Don Included.
Who waa it tbat wanted to know
the other day how often the runners
had to be greased on the sleighs. He
was Informed that they were polish
ed with emery paper every morning.
A meeting was held in the school
room on Wednesday evening which
was well attended to try and form a
skating club in Baynes. It was decided to purchaso a boso with which
to flood tho rlnk from the boiler
room, also lighting material. Bach
member will be,asked to pay one dollar and a half entrance fee, anil
twenty-five cents per month Ior three
monthB, this alludes to men only.
Ladies free. Quite a fsw members
have already Joined, and we hope all
who are intorested in skating will
kindly hand in their subscription to
any of the committee as they wish
to purchase the hose, etc.
Creston Notes
(From Review)
Kd. ana Mrs. Mallandaino sail tor
England on the   17th on one of the
Empress boats.
Messrs. K. H. Chudlelgh and A. H.
Hanson of Saskatoon, were visitors
to Creston this week.
The Beavers will meet at their dam
on Saturday night at eight o'clock.
Tbere wlll be soveral initiations.
Tbere was not a quorum for the
regular meeting of the Board ol
Trade on Tuesday last, and no business was transacted.
J. T. Black, chief of provincial police, Nelson, waB In town two dayB
this week on ofllcial business. Provincial Constable Gunn has been at Ferule during the recent rioting.
This is the time ot the year when
the local hunters tell Btorles of their
prowess. Deer, caribou and birds
aro bere In millions did we but believe thorn.
The C.P.R. cruisers are now going
over tho timber area at Duck Creek
that has been negotiated for Mr. J.
B. Winlaw. Mr. Winlaw has had Mb
own cruisers out for the past month,
also a survey party,
J. H. Schoffleld, M.P.P., and
Messrs. Jas. Williamson and Jack
Craig, of Trail, and Frank Arm-
atrong, RoBBland, have returned from
a very successful hunting trip ln the
neighborhood. The party bave been
out for a week, and so successful was
the trip that tho hunting party will
be an annual event. The families of
the hunters will dine exclusively on
duck, geese and deer for the next few
For Rent
A ranch 160 acrea being 8.D. 4 ot
Lot 340, 8 miles from Cranbrook on
St. Mury's Prairie, containing 130
acres ot good farm land, balance
contains good timber. Will rent for
a term of five years^for cash, rent to
be paid overy year in advance. Apply
Mrs. Mary Martel, High River, Alta.
Trade Mari
That means
Success in
The dependable
The Fink Mercantile Company
HW-H+H+M-H- • +++-r-H -i I +1 I -i I -H -111 «H *M M +++++
Auditorium li
!i FRIDAY December lst j!
The Elixir Fun Show   -   Wm. Wests Big
Twenty * Seven years of Success
ii 25
Musicians, Singers,
Dancers and Comedians
25 ii
Gorgeously Costumed, Electric Surprises
All Special Scenery
Opera, Drama, Vaudeville and Farce Comedy
All in One Show
Watch  For   The   Big   Band
:: prices
$1.50,   $1.00,   75c,   50c   '.',
Witt's Big Minstrels
For thc flret time In Western Oanada we nre to have a real minstrel
show. The announcement is mado
by managers Ouerard A DeRolmer,
that Wm. H. WcBt's famous organisation will be the attraction at thc
Opem House on Friday, Uccembor   1.
Much Interest Is evinced by all
classes of people who like good, clean
amutieinent as presented In tho original comedy way, over this engage-
ment, and evory one Ib at a nigh
pitch of expectancy nnd pleasurable
anticipation, for It Is a well known
fact tbat Wm. H. Wcnt'B mlnBtrelB
bave held tho championship fun-mak
ing record for tho paBt thirty-seven
ft Ik only by offering Hpeclnl Inducements In the way of a largo guarantee that Managers (luornrd ft De
lleimer arc enabled to announco this
attraction and It ls sincerely hoped
that their efforta to provide good
amusementH for this city will be appreciated by generous patronage.
The company Is under the direction
of Doyle Woolfolk.and William Cranston for tlie tour between Winnipeg
snd Vancouver. Doth of theso man
agors are well and favorably known
for their association with many high
class attractions that have boen seen
in tbe west.
WINTER - A Scene.
Tbe birds havo ceased ito sing,   tbs
flowers to bloom,
The wltherod leaveB He mouldering In
the tomb
Deneath   the   snow   sweet blossoms
blasted He,
And sullen clouds obscure the wintry
The   monarchs   ot   the wood stand
bleak and bare,
No pleasant eong, no caroling voices
Tbe feathered throng reluctant leave
the scene,
Where there parental loys and cares
have been.
The Icebound rlvor Howb towards tbe
Tearing its chains and struggling to
be free,
Tho mighty ocean furious with     the
Seeks for   revenge on   some Ill-fated
On    llelds   wbcro   stood   tho yellow
waving grain,
Dlack    furrows   be   encased   in   Icy
Winter   wo   dread   thy   devastatlvo
And long for summer's eweet refreshing shower.
J. M, T.
:: Seat Sale Thursday, Nov. 30th j
At Beattie - Murphy's Drug Store
With West's Minstrels
t-l-l I 111 I I I HI 11 I 11 I 111 H IH I, I 11 I H .■■■. 11 »i**> THE PROSPECTOR, CRANHROOK. IUUT1S g COI.IMH IA
©he |T*co0|jecto*c, ©rcmbrooh, §. OT.
Published Every Saturday   Morning at Oranbrook, B.O.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
A. B. Grace1_Bdltor.
Subscription rate, lf paid ia advance,   11.60.
Subscription rate, lf charged on books,   $2.01).
Postage to American, European and othor foreign countries,   50 cento   H
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising ratos furnished on application.    No
advertisements but those oi a reputable character will be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to tbe contrary
is given to local manager advertisements aud subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
1    When he sottly sighs, "how dear to j
me is   tbis   glorious light !"   I Confound it, bring   rne my cheque .hook,
Every man is rt miserable sinner ln
j church, but outside tho building    lt!
| la unsafe to aay much about tt, ex*
. cept to a very amall mau.
I   The woman   who divides her aflec- j
, tlons Invariably substracts from bor j
sum of happiness, multiplies ber car-
I es and adds to her sorrows, as most
people of tbis calibre generally    find'
out to their cost—WHEN IT IS TOO ;   J
•H-H-H-H-+H-1 ! I i I 1 1 I-H«M
Who is the Most Popular Young !!
Lady of Cranbrook?
CIUNBROOK. B.C  .,   NOVEMBER 27,   1911. No. 47
So lar ua tbe Canadian navy is
concerned it ia a case of nothing doing at Ottawa—Vancouver World.
Let tbe World "Bide it wee" and we
shall see a muuerti navy learning up
on the horizon.
On November 30th Sir Wilfrid
Laurier celebrated bis 70th birthday
He received congratulations Irom
His Majesty King Oeorge, president
Taft and (ruin the Premiers of the
*    a     *     a
It is expected ihat the attendance
at the convention of the British Columbia .Conservative Association to
be held in New Westminster on Friday will be the largest lu the history of the Association. Cranbrook
will be represented by ten delegates.
The British Columbia millsmen
have secured from the government
the announcement of a decision to
improve duties on lumber coming into Canada from the United States.
This will exclude from tbe Dominion
a large amount,   if   not   all, rough
lumber sawn In the l'uited Btates.
•   «   •   •
Mr. Borden In calling a meeting ol
all the provincial premiers without
respect to party to discuss iho affairs of the country has done a greater thing than tbe Liberal party ever dreamed. Mr. Borden shows
himself to he a statesman of tbe
flrst water, nu\ the blde-bound, parochial wall-eyed Liberal press is apparently upset.
»   a   a   a
The coal strike is settled nt .ast,
aad though hardship during the
coming winter cannot be prevented
it is well to know that lurther hardship will be avoided, The llflereoce
between the two governments in
handling the strike was simply tins:
For six months thi Liberal *' >vera-
meut did nothing. Withlu a month
after the Con3*.r.'aL..e government
took office it bdi & cabinet ir.-Luur
on the job, and wl*1 In two ni iitha
the strike is Bottled, i: results
count, tbe honors belong to the Con.
servatlve government.
It does not signify that because a
pretty woman is busily engaged     in '_
buying furniture at an auction   that
her countenance should assume a f°r*
bidding aspect.
Cf you are somewhat squeamish
and don't like to say that « man
was hanged, you might very appropriately refer to him as having 'died
during a tight rope performance."
"Horn and hounds are chiming glftd-
Man and borse are vising madly."
Apropos of the toi hunting season
—The premier British winter sport—
a recent accident  in  which a      very-
popular lady  (nu excellent horsewoman   and   a   true  sportswoman)    sustained   a   compound fracture ol cbe
skull ami a broken shoulder, illustrates the folly of riding u strange anl
vicious horso to hounds.     As     hei
own mount    was    undergoing  treat >
ment at a veterinary surgeon':!     es
tablishment; she waa persuaded     to ;
accept the loan ol a vary handsome
and splendidly action   ! animal trom
a friend: wbo shared her Intense en-;
thuslasm tor fox hunting,    a daring
and   experienced    ruler    who always \
went "straight,"   she    unfortunately ■
ascribed to mettlsBomeness what    tn
reality    was    nothing  more    or less
--    - A*.-^mW*\
l:-&-J>^£Z^**i~7--' \
A Fine Cabinet Grand Piano
The Fink Mercantile Co j;
Men's Complete Outfitters.   Groceries, Furn-    '< >
iture, and House Furnishings
"The Prospector"
Subscriptions, Advertising, Job Work
Chatter and Chaff
Earnest and Facetious
As nations die out one by one,
Languages diminish,
'Tis plain to see
The last will he
No other but tbo FinniBh.
Yes, it is uui thnt a cat has nine
lives, and occasionally a kit-ten. We
trust our readers will not be feline
annoyed at this statement, which we
are prepared to back at any cost.
Never buy what you do not need
because it is cheap. A Mrs. Robin-
eon, whom wo Know, had unfortunately acquired the regrettable habit
of accumulating all kinds of junk;
and recently purchased n brass plate
with the immo "Brown" engraved
thereon. [Interrogated ns to her
reason for securing same, she explained that her little daughter—
(wbo, by tho way, was just, ten years
old) would probably wed aud might
possibly marry a mnn called llrown,
In which case she proposed making
them a presont.
Home would be poets aro very un-
scrupulous in Uie mutter of their
rhymes. Tbe "gin'." who composed
tho following, which wc recently saw
In a country churchyard, is a case
ln point :
Beneath these monumental stones
Lies all that's left of Busnn Jones,
Her    name   was llrown, but we call
her Jones,
Because this happens to rhyme with
November ib upon us -very much
so, Tbe month generally described
as the most drear, damp, dark, dis
mai, dull, depressing—^wo could add
another "cl" to the list, but for the
sake nf propriety refrain—-month ot
the whole year. It is a month of
"No's." „
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no rest,
no ease ;
No comforting feel in any member,
No sun, no Bhlne, no butterflies,   no
bees ;
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves,   no
buds, N(» "'■ EMBER.
A habit, of inaccuracy seriously
limits a man's personal enloymcnt.
it, for Instance, you say anything Inaccurate about a hot-tempered nnd
athVtic fellow of six feet t,hreo your
bodily comfort stands a «ood cUance
of being permanent.lv Impaired.
They were seated in a haninvj.k,
And were planning to eiope,
Tbey had mapped   out   ail tbe program,
When—her brother cut the n-pe.
For sheer stupidity and contemptible brutality commend us to "hoi-
ing." Although this crasy and wantonly cruel mode of procedure obtains
in some of the British and American
collcgot., wo had hoped that oar Canadian institutions ol learning wtrc
exempt from BUCh deplorable folly. A
recent, despatch from London, Ont.,
however, conaluslvcly proves that
our surmise is incorrect, because it
appears that tho annual Initiatory
sxerclsos conducted by the sophomores tor thc benefit nt the freshles
were characterised by unseemly conduct of the asinine horse—pUy calibre. The se'-nnd yrar students of
the Western Medical Bchool amused
themselves-by giving the freshmen a
Rhnrmion with black molaBBSB and
shearing them bald with horso-cllpp-
ers. Subsequently, after having been
covered with shoe-blacking, they were
compelled to run over a cinder track
hare-footed. As sportsmen, we are
not adverse to a Uttlo good natured
"scrap" now and again among thc
different school tactions, provided
that the contending parties are numerically the same, and approximately on a par as regards age and weight
We take strong exceptions, however,
to a cowaedly one-sided contest, like
tbe foregoing, in which thc frcshmon
Wore outnumbered two to one by
their opponents. Tho school faculty
should tako drastic steps to prevent
a repltltlon of such disgraceful proceedings.
A shrewd man, doesn't marry until
he ls forty, when he stands a hotter
chance of not being sbrew'd afterwards. Hope you will understand us
readers ? We won't put it plainer
for fear of offending the ladles.
Auntie, mamma bought me a pair
of gloves today."
Did she, Tommy ? What are they
—kids 7"
Not much !     They're men3 I"
Do ships have eyes when they go to
Aro tbere sheets in the ocean's BED?
Does a  "jolly    TAR" ooze    from
Can a river lose its HEAD ?
Some sophistical people acquire
such a morbid craving for work, and
derive such gratification in thinking
they are working desperately hard,
that they regard doing absolutely
nothing as a crime. In some cases
tbis may be true. For instance, if
a man is habitually neglecting bis
duty by tailing his ease, he Is undoubtedly breaking a moral law, bu:
on the othcr hand, he may have
earned bis leisure by lung hours of
labor. "Work well and rest well," is
an old and oft-repeated adage, and
a strictly true one, although apparently tho very busy Individuals do
t know how or have not the Inclination to adopt it. They thoroughly appreciate tlle first part, but
the "rest" is a privilege they have
not yet learned to value. My readers may remark, that, a change of
work Is rest ;—'there is the appearance ot truth in this statement; tht.
brain may be active when tbe hands
are still, or vice versa. But Is this
real rest ? The giving up of doing
altogether. Decidedly not! The average person devotes a fair amoit.it
of time to recreation. During the
summer months excursion trains are
daily running and occupied by all
classes. The question at once arises, "Why do not moro people avail
themselves of the manifold opportunities which are constantly heing held
out to tbem for putting their leisure
hours to good use, Instead of denying themselves tbe pleasures and
benefits whlrh nre tho outcome of
moderate rational enjoyment?" They
Hcem to think that by unceasing labor they nre Having money. Alas,
I fear It Seldom strikes them that
tbey are hoarding tho filthy lucre to
tbo detriment of bodv and mind, the
inevitable consequence of whlcb pre
noflterous Hue of conduct Ib thnt tho
leisure which is given by our omnipotent, Creator ns n boot) and n
blessing ti turned into a source ot
nntfety and  toll,
When Is the electric light consumer
liko the poet?
; than viciousnoss in Its worst    form.
| At the very rJrst obstacle encounter- '
led her hone repeatedly bucked    and
; I tnged,       Beconang    annoyed,   she
J prodded hla aides sharply with    her'
Bpurs which merely Infuriated      the I
brute all the more.     Noted for   ber'
bold heart and steady nerve m    the j
Held, the lady felt piqued and morti-1
fied at being unable to control    the !
animal.      DUdainiu'ly  scorning     the j
assistance of two gentlemen who gal-
lantly   proffered   aid, and discarding;
her crop to permit    her bauds being j
free: sbe gave her unruly mount another good taste of ber spurred-heels (
Maddened   by   the   torturing   steel, ;
squealing loudly, wild-eyed and teeth
bare-footed.     As among tbe different
lashed out  its hind legs and threw
the lady over the fence.     Discretion
ia tbe better part ot valor and     a
super-abundance   o'    pride    and self-
Bufflclency are not infrequently associated with a "fall."     Had the lady
in question recognized the wisdom of
the   foregoing   sho   would probably
have spent a merry Christmas scampering over the grass at the tall   of
the bounds singing :
"Let us join tho glad throng
That goes laughing along
For we'll all go a-hunting today."
instead of languishing in a hospital
Votes .vlll bo for 200 tor $1 oo redeemable In ivbove atore good to January U8rd, 1912
Tho Ptanu wi I be exhibited m the above Store before the close of the contest.
Contest wil   cl >se ten hour*, aftei  1,000 obeoka aro sold.
rhe Dol i   - > ul  ivlth your bowo merchant not only slays In Cranbrook and iu part is yours, but pays for the street you walk on, tho chur-     .,
chas yuu wo *hi •      and mauy other things >ou, yoursolt require,   This taken away—you must, do more and be less.
Remember yo i ara not out a oenl by buying votes •>( any of the young ladies in this contest, you get your money back in Merchandise J j
at ..I* ■' store.   Name ol oontestantB and standing, In tbe stove windows and at tbe Auditorium. •£
Uu' piano is accompanied with a ten year guarantee to reptaeo It with a new ono of tho same make free lf there Ib any fault iu material or *■
Curiosity is rife as to whom tho contestants will be.   The public is waiting for favorites to support.   Friends of yours will help you *o win
this grin.d prize if you will do a little hustling to see tbem.   The ohum.es for a eontRstants buooqsb were never better with Cranbrook abounding     ',,
iu prosperity and the people anxious for tho excitement it will produce.
Judges will be selected by the contestants aud the best to be said is everyone wtll have a even chance. Any respectable young ludy, married { \
or single, ,m i enter this contest and will be given evory possible asslsla nee, con sistant with fairness. The opportunity is bore. Get busy. No ■ ►
oue in above store alllowed to enter this contest.
Votes cannot be thrown from one to another in the contest.   Cheeks must correspond with receipts or be thrown out.
Ke member you are not out one cent by buying votes.   So select your favorite unci boost for her.
f    for   lurther information  leave  name  at  above   Store and Contest Manager will call on you   ',',
■**44MH»|»H'»H'* ^W^H-M**** *W,*^»I"W'^^ Mllll HIT *********** 11 ************ * III! hi I ■
It Is certainly appropriate to call
the average plumber a "Warhorse."
He Is generally a heavy charger.
A mon is very like a gun,
(That fact please try to fix)
For tf he finds he's CHARGED
Ho very often KICKS,
But still men differ much from guns,
As our experience teaches,
For   men   kick   always   with their
While guns kick with their breeches.
West's Jubilee Minstrels
Ottawa Letter
Tlie Reunion which huH just opened
wlll necessarily be a comparatively
short one. A nrjw government just
taking hold cannot he expected to
at once prepare Important conatruc'
tive legislation, Tbo reciprocity la
ime decided I y the laat election will
die a natural deatli without nny, action bolng required hy the govornment. Tbe tariff resolutions profl-
cntod hy Mr. folding nml which
were att.Ml pending at the dissolution
ilied with the session nnd tlioy will
not araln of cotireo he presented to
parliament, Oanada hat „ standing
offer of reciprocity upon her statute
booh tor eighteen yeara which the
United HtateH OongrosB nnd govern
ment simply Ignored. Tho United
States may or may not permit their
ofler of reciprocity to atnnd hut the
fact thnt it remains open doeB not
call for any action by the Dominion
Government.    Since  1909 thc United
States has had a standing offer of
reciprocity on agricultural implements open alike to Oanada and all
the world. Great Britain automatically took advantage of the offer
becauBe she levied no duties upou
agricultural implements. Canada
took no action nor was any action,
Even apart from the recent speech
delivered by tho minister of finance
there ia every reason to doubt whether any tariff legislation will bo
proposed iu the near future. Possibly a bill may he introduced at tho
coming session to establish a tarift
commission, but until the commission
has been created and hns had time
and opportunity to investigate the
fiscal question there is no likelihood
ol any Important tariff changes being Inaugurated. Indeed during the
last campaign it was quite evident
that tbe existing tariff was in tlie
main working well although there
may be Industries which Btand in
need of more protection. The farmers, for example have long been complaining that the United States duties upon agricultural products were
much higher than tho Canadian duties upon the same and similar products.
The prime minister's recent trip to
Halifax will not be without benelit
from a party standpoint. Some of
the ministers who accompanied him
were not well known in the Maritime
Provinces and it is not beyond the
mark to say that they, nil of them
made a most favorable impression.
Hon. F. U. Monk made a notable
speech ln which he declared tbat tbe
opposition to the Laurier navy in
Quebec had never uttered a word ot
dlBloyalty to the British crown or
to tho will of tho Canadian people.
He and his friends had Bimply demanded thnt tbo voters ho consulted
on the naval question aa thoy were
bolng consulted upon tlio reciprocity
question. Hon. Frank Cochrane
who, ns minister of inilwnys, will
have much to do with lho Maritime
Provinces received mnny deputations
along the lino of tbo l.C.lt. as well
as at Halifax and got into close
touch with a great number of people. He certainly made a good impression as a practical business man.
Hon. Mr. Pellcticr, thc new postmaster general, made a most eloquent speech at the Borden bnnquot.
He io a mti'h younger man than thc
newspaper photographs show him to
be and be Is an orator of tho high-
cat type found ,n Quebec whoro oratory ia most practised and most appreciated.
Halifax has a magnificent harbour
but a cramped waterfront. Tho
navy yard wblch belongs to the Imperial government takes up n vast,
amount of valuable front which
could bo usefully devoted to railway
terminal and Bhipplng facilities, Tho
1.(1.R. Is already embarrassed for
room and when tho three great trans
continental linos enter Halifax the
terminal problem wlll be most perplexing. The elty nnd Its twin town
Dartmouth, nn the opposite side   of
the harbour are deeply Interested In
tho foundation nnd development ot
Ihe steel ship building Industry. This
concerns them n good deal more than
the navy whlrh ns represented so far
at Halifax by tho Nlobo Is looked
upon somewhat as a Joke. The Laur
ier navy bill was bitterly opposed by
the Conservative party as ft separatist measure. There will be a general disposition to repeal thc bill entirely rather than to attempt to
patch it up. It Is believed that tho
Borden government can build better
from the ground up than by resting
its policy upon the present naval act
The project of a Maritime union
has not been in practical politics
since it gave way to tbe larger idea
of Canadian Federation at Charlotte-
town in 18M. Nevertheless since j
Confederation there Imve been many J
who believed that the three provinces!
down Iiy tbe sea could better themselves by amalgamating into oue
large province. Hon. O. D. Hazeu,:
minister of marine aud ex-premier of
New Brunswick, announced himself
strongly in favor of sucb a union at
the Halifax, banquet. So far aB
could be judged from the comments
among those who heard him it will
require much argument to bring a-
botit what seems to an outsider to
be so desirable a result.
Hon. Mr. Nantel, minister of iu-
laud revenue, ia au optimist; he
looks forward to prorogation at tho
end of January. One thing is certain that tho session will not be
unduly prolonged unless by tbe opposition. There are many of course
who will run away with the notion
that the government must disclose a
rent deal of Its policy when tbe estimates ot 1912-13 are laid cn tho
table. They expect, tnese to include appropriations for the Georgian
Ilay canal and the new Welland canal nnd for tho expropriation ol terminal elevators at Fort William and
Port Arthur, lt Is moro than like,
ly however that any estimates Involving high matters of policy will
not bo brought down until the next
session. Ono mutter which will
soon ongage tho attention of tho
Government will he tho encouragement of better highwayH throughout
the country. This plank iu the
Conservative platform has proved to
bo a most popular one and the Borden government will implement Ito
pledges upon this subject un soon as
Christ Church
Rector,  Rev.  B. P.  Flewellon.
21st Sunday After Trinity
Mntlns at  11 o'clock.
Children's service,   3 o'clock.
Evensong,   7,30 o'clock.
There will he no celebration of
Holy Communion on Sunday next.
Services will be conducted by Rov.
Mr. Oolquhoim, B.A. (late vicar of
Offerings for "Tho Diocesan Pension
Salvation Army
Sunday     service*—Capt.   Fred   A.
Stride In charge.
Holiness Meeting at   11 a.m.
Hiinday School at   2 p.m.
Free and Hasy nt   *. p.m.
Hnlvatlon Meeting at   8 p.m.
Tuesday nnd  Thursday-
Salvation Mooting at  8 p.m.
Everybody welcome.
The Family Horald and Weekly Star of Montreal, acknowledged to be tbo greatest and best family and farm paper on
the Continent has on many occasions given its readers most
delightful premium pictures but thiB season they have secured
wbat is beyond any question ot doubt the best picture ever offered newapaper readers. It ls entitled "Home Again" and
describes a touching but Joyful Incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winner of many prizes at dog shows, the pride of tho
family and neighborhood, has been stolen, and after many
days absence he escapes one night from his captor and returns
home on a snowy wlnter'B morning with the ropo whlcb he
broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
HIb familiar 1 ark brings his little mistress, Majorto, to
the door and she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries ot Joy which bring her mother and brother to tho door. "Laddlo" ls equally delighted to be "Home
Again" and answers her welcome by putting his paws ou hor
shoulder and resting bis head against her breast with R little
whine, which, iu his dog language means—"Where I love is
Tbe sweet faced young moth er, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes and parted lips—the two glad eyed children—an eager
boy with hair liko hlo motber's and tbe quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warmhearted girl with rippling locks, her
affectionate arms around the shnggy neck of tho beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favoured placo on
the walls of any home.
The picture Ib by the celebrated artist Arthur J. Elsley,
famotiB for his skilful and sympathetic painting of children
and animals.
Tho beautiful picturo "Homo Again" on henvy plate paper
22x29 imhe» all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to
every combination  subscriber for   l'.H2.
The small sum of 12.25 will secure that best ol all weekly
papers for a full yenr Including a copy ol thnt charming picture "Homo Again" which alone Is easily worth a two dollar
bill, ln fact it could not be bought at tbat price.
Knox Presbyterian Church
Morning servlco at  11 o'clock,
Bunday School and Bible Class at  3
Evening service at   7.30 o'clock.
Prayer mooting on Ttosday at 8 p.m.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Klson Dunham, Pastor
Sunday services—The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and at  7.30 p.m.
Itev. C. H. Huestls, Field Secretary of the Lord's Day- Alliance, will
be the speaker,
Morning 8ubJect-"A World Without God,"
Evening Subject—"Tho Christian
At tho morning service some of
tho members of the Williams' Jubilee
Singers will ho present nnd wlll slug
At tho evening service the. choir wlll
render special music.
All are cordially invited to the a*
bove services.
Baptist Church
Rov. H. O. Spellor-Paator.
Residence Norbury Ave.
Morning subject:
Evening subject:
At   the evening service the    choir
will render the anthems:   "The Land
ovor thoro"   "Ao the heart panteth
after righteousness."
Catholic Church
Parlih PMest—Father Plamondon.
Sundays—Low Mass at 8.30 a. tm.
High    Mass,   10.30   a. in.      Sunday
school trom 2 to 3 p. in.   Rosary ul
Benediction at 7.30 p. m.
Mondays nnd holy days ol obligation-Mass at 8 a, m.
Week days—Maw at I a. ni. at tbo
hospital. il/
I, William Thomas Levy, ot Galloway, B.C., tij occupation a iM'inei.
give notice that i intend, on the sth
day ot December uext, at 2 o'clock
in tbe afternoon, to apply to tho
Water Commiaaloner at bis ottlce,
Oranbrook, B.C., for a liceusu to
take and use one-quarter cubic foot
ot water per second from Spring rising noar centre of Sub-lot 7 of lot
4390. Group 1, Kootenay District,
and which sinks oa same Lot.
The water will be used on part of
Sub-lot 4 of Sub-lot 7, of lot
4590, Group 1, Kootenay District being five (5) acrea owuod by the applicant, and tbo point ot diversion is
where said Spring rises.
Dated this 20th day of October,
1911. 43-5t
LIQUOR  ACT,  1910.
(Section  431
NOTICK Is hereby given thai, un
the arst day of Decembei next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of ihe hotel llcenae to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as   tba   Royal   Hotel,    situate   at
District of Soutb East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB that J. Edwards
Leckio of Cobalt, Ontario, Intends to
apply for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum ou ihu following
described lands, Coiumenclug at a
post planted on tbe Soutb East oor
ner of lot 728C on tbe dividing lino
of lot 7286 and 7287 close to a witness post marked W.P. 11.50, thence
south 30 chnins, thonce west 30
chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 cbains to Point ot
Datod August   30th,   1911.
43-St Locator.
District of Soutb Eaat Kootonay
TAKE NOTICE that Margaret GIV
lies, of Vancouver, intends to apply
for a licenso to prospect for coal and
potroleum on tbe following described
lands, Commencing at a post planted
on the south east corner ot lot 72S7
thonco east 80 chains; thence routh
30 chains, thence wost 80 chains,
thonco north 80 chains, to point of
Dated August   30th,   1911.
43-St Locator.
Diatrict of South East Kootenay
TAKB NOTIOE that B. D. Gillies,
of Vancouver, B.C., intends to aPPly
for a license to prospect for coal and
potroleum on tho following described
lands, Commencing at. a Post planted
on the north east corner ot lot 7287
thence east 80 cbains, thence soutb
80 chains, thenco wost 80 chains,
thonce nortb 80 chains to point of
Datod August  30th,  1911.
43-5t Locator
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
tbo undersigned and endorsed "Teuder for alterations and additions to
Post Ottlce fittings at Nelson, B.C."
will be received until 4.00 P.M., on
Wednesday, November 22, 1911, for
.„ ,, tbe work mentioned.
Marysville, In tbe province of British   Tenders will not be considered un-
this    28tb   day of October
H. L.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section 42)
NOTICE le hereby given that, 01
tbe flrst day of December next, ap
pllcatiou wlll bo mude to the Super
Intendeut of Provincial Police for renewal of tho hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
liquor by retail in thc hotel known
as the Waaa Hotel, situato at Wasa,
iu the province of British Columbia.
Dated   this    28tb   day of October,
1911. N. HANSON.
4!*4t Applicant.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section 42)
NOTICE ls heroby given that on
tho first day ot December next, ap-
plication will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to Eell
liquor by retail In tho hotel known
as the International hotel, situate
at Kingsgate, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day of Octobor,
43-lt Applicant.
LIQUOR  AOT,  1910.
(Section 42)
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the first day of December next, application will be mado to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail ln the hotel known
as the Yahk Hotel, Bituate at Yahk,
in tho Provinco of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day ot October,
4»-4t Applicant.
District of South East Kootonay
' TAKE NOTICE thnt David Jenkins
of Vancouver, B.C., intends to apply
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
lands, Commencing at a Post plantod
on south east corner of lot 7284,
thence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, tbence west 80 chains,
thence couth 80 chains to point of
Datod August   30th,   1911.
48-8t Locator.
LIQUOR  ACT,  1910.
(Section 42)
NOTIOE ls hereby given that, on
the first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Tolice for renewal of tho hotel license to sell
liquor by retail ln the hotel known
as the Nortb Star Hotel, situato at
Klmborloy, in the Province ot British Columbia,
Datod this 28th day of October,
43-4t Applicant.
LIQUOR   AOT,  1910.
(Section 42)
NOTIOB la hereby given that, on
'he arst day of December next, application win ne made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tbe hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in tho hotel known
as tho International botel, situate at
Moyle, in the Provinco of BritU'j
Dated this 38th day uf Octobor,
43-4t Applicant.
LIQUOR  AOT,   1910.
(Section 42)
NOTIOE Is heroby given that, on
the first day of December next, application wlll be mnde to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the bote) license to sell
liquor by retail .In the hotel known
as tho Central Hotel, situato at
Marysville, In the Provinco of British Columbia.
Datsd this 28th dny of Octobor,
48-4t Applicant.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section 42)
NOTIOE Is hereby given that, on
tho first day of December noxt, application will he mnde to the Superintendent of Provincial Police tor renewal of the hotel llconso to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
at tbe Wyclule Hotel, situate at
Wycllfle, In thc Province of British
Dated this 28th day of October,
48-4t Applicant.
(Section   19)
NOTIOE ls heroby given that on
tho first dny of Dccombcr noxt, application wlll be made to tbe superintendent of Provincial Police for the
renewal of the llconso to soil liquor
by wholesale In nnd lOon the premises known nB the Moyle Brewery,
situated at Moylo ln the Province of
Britlah Columhln.
Dated October  18th,   1911.
48-4t applicant*
LIQUOR   AOT,  1910.
(Section 42)
NOTIOB ts heroby givon that, on
tbe first day of December noxt, application will bo made to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the botel license lo sell
liquor by retail in tbe botel known
as the Moyie Hotel, situate at Moyle
In the Province of British Oolimbla.
Dated this 28th day of October,
43-4t Applicant.
LIQUOR  ACT,  1910.
(Section 42)
NOTICE ls hereby given that, on
tbe first day of December next, application will bo mado to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police lor renewal ot the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in tbe hotel known
as tbe Wardner Hotel, situate at
Wardnor, in the Province of British
Dated thle 28th day of October,
48-4t Applicant.
LIQUOR  ACT,  1910.
(Section 43)
NOTIOB io hereby glvon that, on
the Arst day ot December next, application will be mado to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tho hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as tho Perry Creek Hotel, situate at
Perry Crook, ln tho Provinco ot British Oolumbla.
Datsd this 38th day ol October,
48*4t Applicant.
LIQUOR   AOT,  1910.
(Section 42)
NOTIOB Is heroby given tbat, on
the Bret day of December next, application will be mado to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police lor renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the botel known
aa the Kootenay Hotel, situate at
tho Town of Moyie, In the Province
ot British Oolumbla.
Datod this 28th day of October,
43*4t Applicant.
LIQUOR  AOT,  1910.
(Section 42)
NOTIOB Is horoby given that, on
tho first day of December noxt, application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to soil
liquor by retail in the hotel known
ns tho Control Hotel, sltunte at
Moyle, B.C., in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated thla 28th day of October,
48-4t Applicant.
less made upon, aud iu accordance
wltii conditions contained in iorms
furnished by Department.
Plans and apecllicatious to be seeu
ou application to Mr. Win. Lyucii,
Caretaker, Public Building. NelBon,
Mr. Wm. Henderson, resident architect, Victoria, B.C., aud at tbe Department of Public Works, Ottawa
Eacb tonder must be accompanied
by an accepted cheijue on a chartered bank, payahlo to tbe order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to t»a per cout. (lOp.c.)
of the amount of tho tender.
By oruei,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, November   3,   Wll.
Debate in  House Arouse*;
Great Oratorical Combat.
LIQUOR   AOT,   1910.
(Section  42)
NOTIOH is hereby given that, un
the ilrst day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
Hquor by retail in the hotel known
aa the Imperial Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, in the province of British Columbia.
Dated thia 28th day of October,
43-lt Applicant.
I, Frank Henry Pearson, of Fort
Steele, B.C., by occupation a contractor, give notice that I intend on
the 20th day of December next, at
two o'clock in the afternoon, to apply to the Water Commissioner at
hiB office at Cranhrook, for a license
to take and use two cubic feet of
water per second from Big Sand
Creek, a tributary of Kootenay River
The water will he used on Lot
6344, Qroup 1, Kootenay District for
Irrigation purposes.
Dated this 7th day of November.
1911. 45-9t.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section 42)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the first day ot December next, application will be made to the Superintendent ot Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the FalU View Hotel, situate at
Marysville, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day of October,
43-4t Applicant.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section  42)
NPTICE le hereby given that, on
the first day of December next, application will he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Windsor Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day of October,
43-4t Applicant.
Continued fiuin page two.
to the effect that t in.* Canadian navy
Bhould be part of the British navj
and thut unity of command and e!
I fort wore essential. sir Wllfrl I
continuing, said :
"In tliis amendment waa laid flown
thi» policy of the present administration. He found fault with our proposal because there was lu the bill
Introduced by the government of
that tiny too much autonomy anil
, too little Imperialism. Upon the
present: occasion oue would have ex-
pected seeing thut the government
: are now meeting parliament tor the
lirst time and exposing their policy,
to hear an announcement^hat ol
course tbey Intend to follow upon
audi au Important question ns tlmt,
Vet, they nre silent, not a word
have we beard about it. What la
tho reason ?"
Premier Borden who rose to reply
ut   5.40 o'clock, got an u. at ion from
the Conservative members. He Join
eil in extending   his congratulations
to    Sir    Wilfrid    I mirier   on having
reached his .seventieth birthday   and
expressed  the ho.ye  thut tbe ex-pre-
■ mler would be spared for many years
of usefulness and happiness.       After
j congratulating   the   mover and sec-
| ondcr of the address he paid n X\i-
bute to thc Duke and Duchess      of
Connaught.     A distinguished feature
of the lives of the duke and duchess,
he said, was   the high   and earnest
sense of their duty and responsibility.
Regarding Sir Wilfrid, Mr. Borden
lirst touched on the former's references to the prosperity of the Dominion. He seemed to be possessed
with the idea, he said, that he had
created all thc prosperity of Canada.
Ab a matter of fact the prosperity
of Canada was not due either to Sir
Wilfrid Laurier or to any measure
introduced by his administration but
to the splendid resources of the
country and to the capacity of Its
After the verdict of September 21
Sir Wilfrid should have realized that,
tho development of the coin try was
not due to himself. His remarks
afforded an apt illustration of his
self-appreciation. Sir Wilfrid has
solaced himself with the observation
that he desired no better epitaph
than that which has been given to
him by tho new government. He
was glad to see it recognized that
the verdict given on September 21
was a suitable epitapb.
Dealing with the opposition leaders
references to tbe reciprocity agreement Premier Borden said he had
taken vigorous opposition when it
wns Intimated tbat the people had no
right to reject the pact with tho
United States and that they could j
not give a proper verdict on this question. For twenty years Canada!
had a standing oiler of reciprocity j
on its statute books. It was there
until changed by the Liberal govern-
ment, and during all that time the■
American people hnd not hern denied
their right to decline that offer.
Surely the Canadian had the samel
Tho leader of the opposition when
bo   appealed   to   the   country, had j
made tbe boast that he would sweep:
Eastern Canada
Low Round Trip Rates to
Ontario, Quebec & Maritime
tho country from the Atlnntlc to
tho Paciflc. He had advised the
young men of tho country to follow
his white plumes, and had intimated
to the young men that they would
do well to place their money on the
"old cock." Many who had taken
bis advice were today sadder but
wiser men. Premier Borden vigorously disputed the contention that
the Conservatives had not combatted
reciprocity on economic grounds, He
quoted from a manifesto which he
had issued during tho progress of
the campaign to show that he     had
dealt at Ungth with tiie ocuUutulc i
speet ur the question, and d eel at.
that the verdict given by thu uea
wus the result ol a well reason
consideration from a national stun
Sir Wiltrid Laurier had doelared I.
the course ot his speech iii.it lho
trusts were flourishing in Canada, If
ihat was su whnt had he and bis ad
ministration done to prevent it'.'
Surely they had not co nc into ex
istonce cn September ..'. !f there
were trusts in Canada it wan n to
(lection on his own administration,
nml he proposed to put a to ■ to ii
not by legislation bot by op an- up
tlio markets of thc Do.nlnU n t.t lh
depredation of the trusts ... ihe i'nited States.
if thero existed in We^tuiu Can i in
nny such sentiment as had been al
luded tu by Sir Wilfrid Laurier it
was there, said Mr. Uorden, because
of the teachings of the Lil eral lead
er anil his supporters.
"I hope that friendly relations with
the United States will always in
maintained, and thnt the approaching
anniversary of one hundred years of
peace will be celebrated in Canada
well as in the United States in
manner worthy of the occasion.
"Canada would lose neither the
friendship nor the respect of the Un
ited States by a determination to
retain the control of her own affairs'
Premier Borden declared, proceeding
to criticize the references to the cab
inet, Mr. Borden said :
"Tho right honorable gentleman
dealt with the construction of the
cabinet and expressed very great dis
satisfaction with it. Indeed, in thc
closing port of his resolution he
adopted the most extraordinary
course, one of which I have never
known to be followed in the house
before of submitting to his royal
highness (he governor general that
the construction of the cabinet ought
to receive the disapproval of this
house. I never heard that it was
tbe duty of the king's representative
to concern himself with what should
or sbould not receive the npproval of
parliament. My honorable friend
has launched an unconstitutional idea
In asking his royal highness to pronounce upon such a question.
"I have always understood that
under modern systems of constitution
nl government these were matters
which had been secured to the representatives ot the people in parliament
free from interference.
"My right honorable friend, in thc
course of his speech, supposed him
self to be what In days gone hy was
described as a scrap book. It certainly was refreshing to And that he
has not only gone back fifteen or
twenty years for the purpose of bringing matters to the attention of this
house wblch are more or less irrelevant, but he hns gone back about
two hundred and fifty years for his
ideas of constitutional government.
I would like to explain to my right,
honorable friend in the flrst instance
lest there should be any misunderstanding on the subject, that this
cabinet was not concluded with the
idea of satisfying him.
"Before we proceed perhaps il
would not be out ot place, and con
ducive to a better understanding of
the present situation, if we ask our
selves what Is the character of thi>
administration. If I am to judge of
the character ot the present administration by the resolution I have
judged wrong. From the speeches
made before the election and the sol
emn declarations by party leaders I
would judge that the pres-nt administration is a true blue Tory admin
Istration, tinctured nn:l saturated
wltb sound imperialism aB they und
erstand imperialism."
Precautions for the Safety
of Royalty
Tickets on mile December Ut to
December 31st, Inclusive, koocI to
return within three months.
Tlcketu Issued in connection «ith
Atlantic steamships, will he on sale
Irom November 10th to Uetuimher
31st, inclusive, and limited to live
months [rom dato of issue.
Finest equipment, Rtawi'trd IT'rst
Class and Tourist Sleeping Cars,
Dining Oars on all through trains.
Compartment, Library, UbMWatlon I
car on "Imperial Limited."
Apply to nearest O.P.1*. Agent [ r|
full Information, or
District Passcnuer Agent   ,
Calgary, Alia. |
At our ostabllHuinont
iH (lonqi'lglitivnc. prices
suit nil pockets,
Every Frame made is
O.K. Barber Shop. Armstrong Ave
llox 802      -      * IV-no..77
Thc safety of Royal personages is
guarded with a watchfulness tbat
would render their lives a burden to
them were it not for the fact that
they are accustomed to being guarded from their very earliest yeara, so
that later on in life the knowledge
that tbey are practically never out
of the sight of thoso whoso duty it
is to watch over thoir safety does
not specially trouble them.
A detective who is charged with
the duty of guarding the safety of a
cr.owned head must, however, take
care to cause his Roynl charge aB
little inconvenience ns possible, and
tho various plans and arrangements
that u Hoyal detective may tind it
necessary to make In the course of
hlfl work must be as Unobstruslve lu
character as they aro oltectlvo in attending tholr object.
King George, for eiamplo, is nt all
times guarded with tbo greatest caro
It is doubtful, Indeed, if lus Majesty,
except when ho ifl actually in his bed,
is over out of night of at leaBt one
of tbo personal detective stall at
Buckingham Palace, yet so secretly
and nnohstnmlvely In tbo work „f bhe
detective department carried out Mint
nobody, oven in tho Immediate encourage of Royalty, would have the
slightest renson to suspect that any
apodal arrangements for safeguarding thc King existed, did they     not
know that such was thc case.
When King George dines at the
house of a personal friend, a member
of the .Buckingham Palace detective
staff is present in the house from the
moment the King enters it until his
Majesty leaves; but he is never observed. Frequently be in disguised
in tbo livery of one of the Royul hit
van tit, two oi whom ure usually lu
attendance in any private house at
which thu King may dine.
Whon thc King stays at the house
Of a friend, the chief of the detective
«l ii IT, with one of Inn assistants, ac
companies his Majesty, and always
occupies a room immediately adjoin,
ing the Roynl apartments; but
throughout the visit the presence of
the detective Is no more noticeable
than is the presence of any othor
member of tho Royal suite, and It
would hn impossible for anyone pre
sent getting to know, uiiIohh lie were
told, that there were two detective:)
In tho bouse on gaged nlgbt nnd day
in watching over tho personal safety
of the Royal guest.
Ho secretly nnd imobstruslvely do
detectives on the BtnfT of Buckingham
Palaco perform t.bplr work thnt, wltb
tlie exception of the chief detective,
most of thom are unknown even to
King fieorge.
The chief detective hns interviews
from time to time with th«' King
when tt mny be necessary to make
special arrangements for safeguard*
his Majesty; but normally tbe chief
Margarat Marion with "The Jeanne Russell Co."
detective's plana are known only to
the King's private secretary.
A detective who has charge of the
safety of an important Royal personage has to receive n special training
He must be thoroughly woll verso,
in tho ways, doings, and methods ot
those innumerable secret societies
with which Kurope is honeycombed,
the members of which nre eternally
plotting against the lives of Roya
personages. The detective wbo
guards the Bafety of tbe German Emperor was for two years a member
of one of the most dangerous societies in Europe, known as the Third
Union, and be acquired during tbat
period a most intimate knowledge of
the methods of the clasa of criminal
which men in hiB position bavo to
keep a watchful eye on—greater, perhaps, than any other Royal detective living.
During thnae two years the detective lived with bis life in bis hands.
Had the faintest suspicion been a-
roused among the members of tbe
Third Union that the detective was
a spy, he would, without the slightest doubt, have paid for bis daring
with hia life.
A Royal detective must also be a
good linguist, tor he is constantly
brought into contact with foreigners.
The chief of the detective department at Buckingham Palace In n
good linguist, and cnn speak French
and German quite as fluently a" Eng
ltshl; hut in this respect the detectlv
es at foreign Courts are distinctly
ahead of their brethren at the Eng
liHh Court.
The chief detective at the court of
the Tsar is probably one of the most
remarkable linguists living. He can
actually speak nine languages as
fluently and easily as bis own.
No lady detectives are attached to
the detective stuff at the English
Court, but there are several at the
Luuru ut li.ietQii .nonnrchs.
In the entourage oi tbe Queen o(
Spam is frequently Been a nu.'.
dressed lady whose name, however,
never appears in the papers or in the
Court circular. She is supposed by
some to be a wealthy American, who
Ib a maid of her Majesty; but in reality bhe is the chlel of the lady de
tectlve stafl at tbe Spanish Court,
and iB always lu attendance when her
Majesty travels.
The German Empress, the Tsarina,
and the Queen of the Hellenes are
also continually guarded by lady detectives.
A Royal detective's life is one of
ceaseless care and anxiety. He Is
always fighting what might be termed an unseen foe. ft is true he Is
able, as a rule, to keep himself well
informed as to the enemy's doings,
and as long as his information ts
trustworthy and reliable, he can out
manoeuvre him; but he never cnn be
quite certain that hiB information
it; reliable. In making his plans, he
has to use his own judgment as to
how far he can rely on the truth of
tho information gleaned from bund-
reds of different quarters. If hi
makes a mistake, the chances are,
especially In the case of a foreign
monarch, that nn attempt will be
made on tho monarch's life, and even
it it completely falls, the detective's
reputation is mined.
A Royal detective seldom COpUnu
mi to hold bin position after fifty;
and, If he hns fulfilled his duties sue
cosflftilly, ho cnn retire comfortably
A detective engaged In guarding n
monarch Is not paid un especially
high salary, not more thnn five hun
dred n year, certainly, but his "per
qulHitas" nro considerable. Royalties
always are very generous in their re
wards to the chief of tbe detective
Staff at the Courts they visit, nnd It
is quite a commpn thing after n
Royal visit for n detective to be se
vera]  hundred pounds the richer.
It Is safe to S«y tbnt. the chief de
tectlve at the Court of nny importnnt monarch makes at least £1,000
per annum in this way, and, of
course, is well pensioned on retiring.
The Progress of Transportation
In point  o(    importance,  the pro-
- n of th.ngs come brat.
Secoiiu n 'mportanco comes their
Man makes thincs, tbi-u he transports them.
Also, he transports himBell.
Robert    Fulton    sent    thc    "Clermont" on her trial trip up the Hudson in Eighteen Hundred Seven.
Tbe tlrst steamship to cross the
Atlantic was the "Savannah." This
wus in Eighteen Hundred Nineteen.
Aud while an hon. gent, in the
House of Commons wae making a
apeech to the eflect tbat no ship
would carry enough fuel to feed ber
boilers on a trans-atlantic trip, the
whistle of tho "Savannah" wm
heard in tho oiling. She was answering his logic.
Later, tbe argument was put forth
that the currying of this awful mass
ot lire In tbe hold of a boat was
flying in tho face of Providence, and
disaster was sure to come to every
ship that, incurred the riBk.
But tbc ship hnu come to stay and
still plows the waters.
About Seventeen Hundred Ninety
caine the discovery that a wagon
moving ou a rail, instead of on the
dirt, could carry double tbe load.
The discovery by Watt of the expansive quality of wnter when subjected to heat gave the cue for tbe
locomotive, which John Ruskin prophesied would ruin England. He declared that people would quit work
to go tapcslng up and down the land
in search of thrills, And personally, Ruskin moved to ConiBton, a
plnce where the "screech of the iron
horse would never be heard."
But the railroad bad come to stay.
Morse with his dot and dash came
in Eighteen Hundred Forty-Nine aa
an added security—a necessity—In
tho running of trains In opposite
directions on a single track.
In Eighteen Hundred Seventy-aU,
Graham Roll, a canny Scot, gave us
tho telephone, in response to the universal desire for a quiet means of
saying things to people out of sight.
It wns only a coup d'etat that
gave Broadway a horse-railroad and
banished the 'bus.
Then came the cable-car, as an attempt to sidestep thc Society for
the Prevention of Criolty to Animals. Our hearts bled for the poor
old street-car horse, galled, limping,
panting, that wc might fly through
space at the rate of six miles an
As a lover of the horse and a
breeder of horses, I hail the automobile with glad acclaim. Horses never commanded so big a price as they
do today: and all the time the demand is for a higher grade horse.
Thus does the farmer thrive.
The electric car arrived as a matter of course, for when people want
a thing they get it. We reach up
in the air or dig down in the ground
and lo ! we find it, for everything is
Natural gas was discovered and
piped for light, heat and fuel when
it was needed, and thus are the
lorda of electricity kept civil.
In nn attempt to render kerosene
oil non explosive—so many servant
girls going to thc Other Side hy the
Kerosene Route—gasoline was removed from illuminating-oil by chemical process. Many good people
preferred candles, and called kerosene n fad, ond dangerous. Kerosene was worth twenty cents a gallon, and gasoline two cents. Gasoline
was a glut on the market.
To utilise th s dangerous by-product, the explosive engine was Invented.
From a plaything of one to five
horBO power, thc gns engine grew in
The horseless carriage Is in one
sense a scheme for utilizing a byproduct just as art is love's by-product.
And behold ! Kerosene Is now
cheaper, and better quality, than It •
has ever hern in tbc history of commerce Kerosene is now the by-pro-
duet, and thus does tbe proletariat
wax clnd nnd the farmer rejoice. If
(jam-line over soars as it haa in
Prance, we will use denaturedaleohol
made from mangel roots and turnips
KILBY frames pictures.
R. Turner of Yahk, was in the city
J, Graham of Toronto, was in tbe
city Wednesday.
H. B. Hicka, of Victoria, was    in
town Wednesday.
of   Calgary,  was in
J.  M. Griffin,
town Thursday.
J. L. Turnbull, of   Vancouver
in the city Thursday.
E.  W. Ogden, of Calzary,  'vas
the Cranbrook Thursday.
W. Haywood of Moose Jaw,
the city Monday.
J. F. Browning of Moyie,
town Monday.
H. Epstein ot Vancouver,
the Cranbrook Monday.
J. E.  Miller of Vancouver, was
guest at the Cranbrook Monday.
Libby's eyeless,      coreless Pine-apples at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Quality first,  then   Price, rules in
our new Furniture Dept. (
East Kootenay Produce and
Provision House
F. M. Christian was in Fernie    on
Monday on business,
Dave Griffith of Wild Horse Creek,
was in town thia week.
J. L. Williams, of Wycllfle, was at
the Cosmopolitan Tuesday.
E.    Empson
town Tuesday.
P.   W.   Siegel of   Calgary,
guest at the Cosmopolitan
R.   Pearson
town Tuesday.
of    Creston,    wus in
was a
of    Calgary,    was in
C.   A. Pyne, of   Calgary,    was at
the Cranbrook Thursday.
E. Ismay, and R. B. Hammond of
Fernie were in town Thursday.
H. E. Stroma, of Wardner was   in
town Thursday.
Piano contest will close ten selling
hours after 4,000 checks are sold.
Williams Jubilee
Auditorium    -    Saturday
November 25th
C. Lawrence, of Vancouver was In
I town Thursday.
I    H.  I).  Stewart,  of    Medicine Hat,
I was in town Thursday.
B.   Demi-ion.  of Kdmoutou,    mis at
tbe Craubrook Thursday.
|    K.  ButterAeld of Creston.   was    in
■ tbe city Wednesday.
Mens meeting at the Y.M.C.A, on
Sunday at   -1-15.
And Let Us Make
Suggestions For Your
We have been thinking for you for
nine months and have now a conp'.ete
stock of all the latest designs. Don't
..nly look in Jour windows but walk
right in. Should you be out of town
and cannot manage to see our stock
write for our catalogue, the prices,
quality, and design will compare favorably with any catalogue you might
have received.
Miss Jenuiu Russell will be at the
Auditorium Monday and Tuesday of
next week.
Mrs. T. H. Christian went dowu to
Kitchener tor a short stay with Mrs.
Andeen, this week.
No complaint te
measure where
made about short
have a peck      of
Standing of piano contestants at
the Auditorium every night, also a
free vote to every show, either mov-
' lug pictures or travelling  troupes.
I Mrs. ii. Lane and baby, who has
I been at the Home Hospital for some
j time returned home to Moyie    last
I Wednesday.
I    I).  Ritchie Of  Montreal,   J,  0.  Mo
Oormack,   of   Chicago,   nud   W   B,
l Hates of Oalgary, were guests nt tie
S Oraabrook Tuesday.
In any city where the majority ot
its citizens tin* home owners, one
will tind pretty homes and happy, | J
satisfied people. They are always
ou the alert for the best interest of
tbe town and Its moral welfare
Where tbis is not so such uu interest is not displayed.
Thc Farmers Institute hela a
meeting on Wednesdny In the Y. M.
i'. A. rooms and passed several resolutions that will be discussed and
passed by the Provincial Institute at
Victoria when the convention is held
in January next, s, Macdonald will
go as a deiegato and represent the
local Institute
* M"t"M I'M 111 "M"! I UttH HIIIIIHI II I ItlHIHI
KILBY frames pictures,
For the henrtU
printer's ink ns i
the   advancement
we    would    statu
il th.',i.i who iibhor
prime factor to
ot their interests,
that  Samson—the
Rev. C.   W.   Speller of  the  Baptist
Church will give the address
Mr. F. De Relmer will be the soloist.
Au orchestra    will be  present    to
help with the music.
KILBY frames pictures.
Born—At Cranbrook on  November.
12tb, to    Mr. and Mrs.    E.   H
more, a sou.
Dry Cleaning Oo.    Thoae   LB?,
Miss Jeanne Russell nt tho Auditorium Theatre un Monday and Tuesday.
Note tho bargain prices for the
Jeanne Russell Company ou Monday
and Tuesday.
Cuilibniers m O.ik and  Bird s Eye
Maple     To See thorn ib to   Uuy. [
bluet Koot'-uu-. Produce and
Provision House
It is nothing more than a favor so |
be sure and help your friend in the'
piano contest.
Wmjd jvas received   at   Oranbrook
Mondny  that mails would be carried j „mfl
on the west-bound local which arrives iu Cranbrook at   11,1.0 p.m.
The great toe to home, peace and
happiness is worry. Tbe habit o(
worry keeps us crossing bridges be*
fore wo reach them. The evils that
fret us most are those which threaten ub but bave not yet arrived. BtoP
worrying about the bread that you
are afraid will not rise, the new
dross you are sure tho dressmaker
will spoil, mid the next month's rent
lt you will firmly resolve to worry
ouly about the evil or special bard*
ship this hour or minute and can't
be avoided, ninety-nine cases out of
one hundred you will find there is no
such evil or hardship,
trom*.  party—Waa the lirst man     to
advertise      lln  took   two solid  colu-
to   demonstrate   his strength,
thousand people "tumbled" to tin-
scheme. Me -brought down tho
Vegetables- Remember your Winter Btook. Wc* hnve this week un*
loaded a car And the keeping quality is perfect, and the Prices art* so
low that people wonder how we can
possibly live nfter paying expenses.
Bust Kootenuy Produce and
Provision Rouse
One of the most generous and con
I ventent otters ever given to Cran-
! brook citizens is that  given by      J,
Johu Fabert.  J,
Pat- : Mam    of    Wasa,
0. Fabert, and T.
were    lu    the city
Manning—Head  bis advertisement.
KILBY frames pictures.
R. C. Turner of Winnipeg,  .ras
the city Tuesday.
H. R. Hazelwood of Moyie, was in
the city Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Ayer of Moyle,
were Cranbrook visitors Sunday last
R.   S.   Carter   of   Calgary, spent
Sunday last in Oranbrook.
R. H. Turnbull of London, was    a
guest at the Cranbrook  Wednesday.
McEntosb Red Apples, No. 1 grade,
at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Ladies we want you to attend
! our Chinaware Opening this Saturday afternoon and evening. Vocal
and Instrumental Music. All are
The Fink Mercantile Co.
Thos. Hoskin of the C.P.R. Diuing
Car Department, is in Medicine Hat
on  business-..
Your suit made to look like new
ut Cranbrook Steam and Dry Cleaning Company.     Phone   157.
Ladiea1 Dresses cleaned to suit tbe
most exacting.  Cranbrook  Steam &
Bom—At the Home Hospital on
Thursday November 16th to Mr. Bnd
Mrs. J. M. Barton, a son.
Mrs. Amos Potter and baby returned home to Moyie after heing
under the care of Mrs. Bent at the
Home Hospital,
Full and Complete
ii Stock.      Also  Hockey ij
Sticks, Pucks and
F. Parks & Co. I
Hardware, Stoves,
House Furnishing Goods
CRANHROOK,        -        British Columbia
Our Cutters and Sleighs
Get one Now
The Season has just begun
The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
B.   C.
E. A. Washburn,
ol Regina, were gi;-.'Sts
brook Thursday.
No. 1 grade Bellflow.
licioin* for eating—at
Food Grocery.
Parlor   Set   at $28 00 is
many   bargains   to   be
5   piece
\. ,). Preach; one of th.
:it the ('run- i found ut the Furniture  Department
| of
East Kootonay Produce and
Provision House
The Crnnhrook Steam Laundry
have in the interest of their patrons added to tbeir working' force a
tttght watchman, so that the inila-
niuble materials so often handled by
the laundry meu he under eoiv-
stant uatch and care lu case of fire
both nlgbt and day.
An exchange remarks that a mau
can start out any day, and Inside of
an bour and thirty minutes he can
! engage a woman to work for blm for
life at nothing a week, while it will
take two weeks of solid search to get
one to work for him at twenty-five
dollars per month and hoard.
r apples—de-1
Kink's Pure j
Born—At tbe Home Hospital on
Thursday November lfith to Ur. aad
Mrs. S. L. Coop, a son.
D. Gibb, and V. Lovertng, of To
ronto, were registered at the Cran
brook Thursday.
A. R. Collins, of Vancouver, was
registered at the Cranbrook Thursday.
B. Western, and O. Morrison of
Calgary, were guests at the Cranbrook Thursday.
Williams Jubilee
Auditorium    -    Saturday
November 25th.
0. O. Jewel, ot Jaflray, a prominent lumbermen ot the diatrict, was
in thc city Thursday.
Any woman or girl, married oi
single haa a '•gat to enter this con
W. 8. Young and H. MacLarty ot
Edmonton, were guests at the Cranhrook Monday.
A boy who calls his mother the
"old woman," or his father "the
governor," iB building upon the sand
Do you want to be a power among
men, to be a leader ? Learn to control your temper, to master yourself
A boy who does not control his tongue and his temper will never become
a master of men Do not imitate
the vices of fast young men, thinking it will make you manly.
Mrs. T. T. McVittie and Miss Galbraith of Fort Steele, were Cran
brook visitors Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Young of Fort
Steele, were Cranbrook visitors Mon
Born—At the Home Hospital on
Thursday November 16th to Mr. and
Mrs. Ceo. Lane, a son.
8t,,ve», Ranger,. We hava sold
dozens and not a complaint. We
Guarantee the finish, quality and
East Kootonay Produce and
Provision House.
T. Potter and B. Law, of Moyie,
were registered at the Cranbrook on
Mr. and Mra C. A. Klingensmith,
of Elko, werc Cranbrook visitors on
J. H. Brooks and H. J. Pye, of
Wasa, were at the Crnnbrook Wednesday.
The man who never makos mistakes
misses ». good many splendid chances
tr, learn something.
It. coHtH more for n dull merchant
to brush the dust ofl IiIn goods tban
It would to advertise and hcII thorn.
If you have made up your mind to
live in a town, then stand up [or It,
nnd If you know positively no good
then silence Is golden. Do all you
can to help along every inun who Is
engaged In legitimate business. Do
not send nway Ior everything nice
you want and still expoct the home
men to keep a stock to suit the whim
of one or two customers. The success of your fellow townsmen wlll be
your sincese.
After the close of lodge the Knights
of Pythias held nn informal supper
on Tuesday evening, when happiness
reigned supreme.
Opportuuity knocks in musical
tones at Fink's nud the Prospector-
Boost for your favorite In the piano
The poorest policy and the worst
economy Ib to keep the children out
of school. Every day lost has Its
manifold effort; the knowledge gained on that day is mimed, pupil ls
thrown behind, becomes discouraged,
has a bad effect on the class and the
very habit Ib to be avoided.
Every young man should remember
that lf his income Ib Juat a little a-
bove expenses every day he will eventually become well ofl. It his receipts dally lack a little of meeting
his expenditures he wlll in time become a candidate for public favors
at the poor house. Honest work at
any calling, and such economy as
the case requires, is honorable; while
idleness or spendthrift habits are a
disgrace to anyone, young or old.
To make our schools eminently
successful thero should be co-operation of teachers, scholars and p-ir-
ents. The first two we havs. Will
the parents now do thoir I1 ty.
J. J. Woods of Fernie, who has the
contract for the building of the Industrial school ut St. Eugeno Mission was nt the Cranbrook Wednesday.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol restores every nerve in the body
r""l"™°™ '- Ita proper tension; rcatorel
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual
weakness averted at once. Phoaphooo. will
make you ■ new man.  Price IBs box. or two fol
tt. Mailed to any address. TluSoobell Drug
le., It. Oetharlnea, Oal.
To obtain paper, string, and a
box FREE in which to Bend your
parcels away is something that
should not ho overlooked:— Read J.
Manning's advertisement.
KILBY frames pictures.
During the cold man of last week
devotees of the "roaring" game have
been husy with their "stanes" and
"brooms," Cranbrook wtll send bjv*
oral teams to honsplels all over thc
province this year.
The omission ot ten or even five
per cent, of the people in a city like
Cranbrook would seem to be impossible, without the enumerators wero
grossly careless, or extremely ignorant of their duties.
This is the nge of womeu. We find
all the avocations, professions and
trades of life opening their doors to
admit the enterprising woman. Some
are going into tbeir own, and somo
are going into other people's business
In our admiration for tho new woman there is danger of forgetting the
wife and mother and woman's true
sphere as a home maker.
The many friends of Rev. H. I'.
Spellar, who, has, during the summer been ministering to the spiritual
needs of the Baptist church, will bo
very sorry to realize that his departure is now to take place. Mr.
Spellar leaves tills week for Calgary
ou his way home to Mooso Jaw,
where his family resides. Mr. Speller will go away from Cranbrook
carrying the well wishes and prayers
of bis numerous friends.
Miss Jeannic Russell scorod n
triumph on Thursday night in the
company's clever three act farce
"Emanuella". This will bo tho
opening play at thc Auditorium Monday night. If the repeated curtain
call that Miss Russell was compelled
to respond to ln Nelson is anything
to go upon crowded houses may be
expected in Cranbrook and It will
be just as well If everyone obtained
their seats early.
We are now ready to do all kinds of
Laundry work quickly and by  the
most approved and sanitary methods
Free Mending
For all Gentlemen's apparel
Laundry promptly Called
for and Delivered
i   Watch for the Announcement   ::
of our Formal Opening Day
to the Ladies of Cranbrook
Inspection by the General public invited
at any time.
GENTLEMEN!      Don't   Forget   we   sew
your buttons on FREE
We have added a Night Watchman to our force     +
to protect our Customers from damage or loss by fire     .'.
Give us a trial       Phone 55
J*.A.A.J. UJJJ, |,.>M1„InTt I.Ji.tt.tnl.ilaatsits    *****% lisfaJjLtjltlitiLll t-.t.tlt.
tttT WT IT rn'T 1*r rTrTTT r  TTtT•*****j***0**-***"**p j-*"j •■■»•
*************************** ************
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffee
Our whole time is devoted to your wants in the
Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every
article that leaves our store.
We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
time goods are received that are not No. i quality.
Gordon Davis, after an absence of
several months has decided to return
to the stage. For the past two
months he has beon associated with
his father, (,'. T. Davis, ol the newly
established Cranbrook Steam Laundry. Mr. Davis haB accepted an
offer from the Jessie Shirley Stork
Co, which will open at the Auditorium theatre, in Spokane, December
3rd, with "The Lion and the Mouse.'
Almost everyone haB at some time
or another expressed a desire to witness a battle, well, on Friday, Dec.
lat, at tho Opera House, a famous
battle will be fought—The Battle ol
Cinder Hill, this excruciatingly tunny
afterpiece was especially written tor
the Wm. H. West's Big Minstrels and
is a long, loud continuous laugh
Kilby Invites you to Inspect     his  ,rom «tBrt to ftniHh   am, ,„ ,„ every
new stock of mouWlnga-50 samples I W|ly 0.lUr«ly different from anything
to choose from.     Kilby frames plc-l,ver sc8n i„ m|„strelsey.
ture" |   The entire strength ol the     com-
R. P, Moflatt, will open a variety j J"1"." wi" ■'* "een ln Wa never     to
store,   about the 8th of    December,:be •°r&<>"6n ""earning burlesque   of
and will carry n full line ol Clitlst-, w"r ,ttnd   '*■ norror8'     Yo» can,10t
afford to miss tt,
Williams Jubilee
Auditorium    -    Saturday
November  25th.
The Edison orchestra gave their
second dance of tho season on Friday last the 17th Inst. The programme given wns undoubtedly of
tlie best and the time perfect. Several of those present expressed them-
BOlves ns highly sntlsllcd nnd stated
thnt it was without doubt tho best
dunce given in this city. As before
the catering was In tlio hands of
Messrs. Atchison ft Utile nnd wns
carried oiit to perfection. The orchestra whlcb consisted of violin,
cornet, pinno mul drums, Is a first
class combination.
Advertising seems to be nn nrt yet
Staple and Fancy Grocers
We Are Waiting
For You
to make your hist meat purchase at
this market. The longer you keep
from making it, the more pleasure ot
eating prime meats you will miss.
How about some chops or a steak
for tomorrow's breakfast ' Just come
and see how tempting they ate. Aad
they'll taste even better then they
P.   BURNS  6fc  CO.
Phone U
P. O. Boi I
large Bro, while a few buckets of
watcr, dashed on here and there,
have little or no effect. The modern
fire department is practical, and has
outgrown the bucket system; aad so
with modern advertising—plenty., ol
it, used in a practical common sense
and Judicious manner pays.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never falls. Thess
fulls ara exceedingly powerlul in regulating tha
generative portion of the female system. Reluss
— ' " *'— Dr.de Tea's ara aolri al
' Iresa.
alt cheap Imitations.  —      — 	
KB boi, or three tor 110.  Hailed to any address,
■ hsMDrsi Co., It, CUharlnn, ~ -
goods.     Dun notice of    bis opening
Wtll be made later in the Prospector. I
Mrs. W. 11. McFarlane aud Mrs. J.i
R. McNabb will entertain on'Wednes-
day, Nov. until at the home of Mrs. j
McNabb In aid of the Methodist)
Ladles Alii, from 3 p. tu. until C p. ]
m., nnd
to 10 p.
In tlio evening from 8 p. m.
"Turn tlmt wrapping paper the
other side out." snld a lndy In a dry
goods store this morning as tho
clerk was putting in her purchase in
a printed wrapping paper. "I drn'-t
want to bo a wnlklng advertisement
to your store. I read the papers nH
all Intelligent people ought lo do,
ami I think in thorn Is tlio plnce to
advertise your business.  "
Thc Cranlirook Poultry Association
bas given to the Provincial Association in Vancouver a silver medal to
be competed for at tho .fnniinry ex-1 to ho   dtsrovercd    by   somo people,
hlhltlon.    The medal must be    won  That Is, the practical part of It. A
twice In snccpsslon or three times In
all when it wlll become tho property
of the winner.
constant stream of water from one
or more fire engines will Boon extinguish or get under control a     very
We have just received a letter from
9. Woods, late east, sec, of the local
Y.M.C.A. Frank le now Qen. Sec.
of ihe hiast Deering Y.M.C.A., Maine,
and making good in his work thore.
Upon his arrival ln Maine the Portland newspapers must bave had a
rare tax upon their geographical
knowledge when they described Cranbrook as being away up among
the Rockies of "Northern Ontario"
and apparently the Impression they
have of the inhabitants ol B.C. is
significant when they describe this
province aa being overrun with Indians. It is now up to Frank to
remove theBe ancient ideas from
their minds and educate them up to
the fact that we really have in Bri
tish Columbia the finest race of manhood on the continent.
The purpose ot store advertising ls
not merely to sell goods, but to sell
more goods—to make friends, build
up a patronage that wlll not only
stick but grow. Newspapers reach
the greatest number ot peoplo in the
Immediate vicinity In tho most natural way, at tbe least expense, and
they are therefore the best of all
mediums for stores. In a newspaper
you follow the lines of least resistance—ytui follow with the stream—
you talk to an audience already assembled, to the peoplo who want to
read—tholr mental cosmos Ib Tight
—they are on your wire, and thoy
won't ring oft it you hold their Interest. Attraction iu tbe basin of
all advertising—the store i< the suit,
tho customers tho plnnets that revolve around lt.
There is too little brightness In the
lives of women In the country. Thoy
have too little help In their domestic occupations. The "nurse" in a
house where there Is a baby to care
for ought to bo Bet dowa as one   of ly happy!
Coal!   Coal!
C. H. Trites
General Coal Merchant
Orders taken for Coal
and delivered promptly
Phone 139   P. O-Box 86
Best Cigars in
O. K. Barber Shop
Scobell'5 Liquor, Tobacco
ft1* DruK Cure »«■&*
Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs. It counteracts tho
affects almost instantly-remnvcs all cravings.
After taking- the treatment there will never be any
£seu toMri&k Intoxlcanta or uso drugs ngain. Can
l given secretly. We h»va yet to hear ol ono
lellura. Mailed under lacerate cover to any ail-
SEHi.f'Jil'5-?? hoa, or} boaoa tor 110 00. The
■mb»U Drag Co,, St. C-.tha.rlr,.-, Oal,
the regular eipensos aB much as tbe
potatoes for tho family. A mothers
health, both of hody and mind, Ib
worth more than additional acres of
land, or fine.- llvo stock. The heart
should not be allowed to grow old.
Life sliould not have lost Its charm,
the heart Its spirit, and the body Its
elasticity at forty yoars. And yet
bow many women aro faded and wan
and shattered in mind and health,
long before thoy are forty. All tho
Joy ot life is not In youth's morning.
If we bo will lt, we can, to the last
moment of life, be at least negative-


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