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The Prospector Dec 11, 1909

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tlbrirr «l Li| aii.
Vol. 15.
<o w*JH\mm\\k beT>
CRANBROOK,   B. C,   SATURDAY,   DECEMBER   11,   1909.
No. SO
Door Was  Fastened  on
Mother and Three  Child
ren Rescued in Nick
of Time at Rosslaad
RoBBland, Oct:. 8.—Fastened iu a
burning house, the knob tn tbo only
available door having pulled out,
Mrs. Contour and her three children
wero in groat danger ot bolng burned
to death early Tuesday inoruine;.
They were rescued by Alfred Bradon.
Tho tire broke out in a two-storey
hoiiBe on St. Paul street, occupied
by by two families—Joseph Ooutour,
his wife and three children, and T.
Buell, his wife and two children, A
tiro in the heating stove in the front
room In some manner caused the
wall to break into flames. These
spread rapidly. Mrs. OoUtour tried
to make her escape with her children,
but pulled the knob off the only
available door and bo found herself
a prisoner.
W, a. Braden, the    newly    elected ;
member of the provincial parliament
for Rosslaad, anil bis Bon Alfred, be-'
hind whose     dwelling the     burning i
house    was situated,     rushed to tbo,
rescue and     Alfred Braden   tried to
force the door open, but it would not [
budge. He thereupon smashed a small !
window and through this Mrs. Oou> j
tour     threw the     children.    By this
time Mrs.  Contour's shoes had been
burned from her feet and she sustained other   injuries,     but none    of a!
serious    character,   All   thc   rooms;
occupied by the Colours were gutted
and two of    those inhabited by the
Buells, who bad no trouble iu escaping from their port inn of the house.
The building was jointly owned by
Cotour nnd Buell and the damage to
this and to furniture is estimated at
$800, not insured.
ped, but continued,' especially in regard to seeing thut uvcry qualified
elector has his name placed on the
voting lints. That entertainments,
such us smokers, should be frequently given, and that the same organ-
lantion he continued, as beforo the
olcfltion, until another election was
called, which would result in another victory for the party. He also
u Bested that a vote of thanks be
given, through their representative,
Mr, l'\ .1. Smyth, to tbe Moyle Con-
B6 vat ive Association,
Mr. Smyth, in reply said: "Thnt it
wi a with great pleasure, that he
would carry the thanks of the Cran-
br >ok Association to tho Moyie Association. That it was a good clean
in hi and the best man had won. He
alio Bald that Moyie gave Mr. Caven IM votes, that Mr. Fitch, received 71) votes in Moyle, and 104 In tho
| entire riding, that Mr. Cavcn'a vote
in Moyie was more than the entire
v< to received by tho Socialist can
di lato in tho whole district. That
the Conservatives in   Moyle did not
I hesitate, but. went in to win, and
d! i win; that he was sure that Mr.
C ivon in return,  would make good,
' t<> the entire district.
Report „of Committee on
See Great Future for Sunset Prov
inod of Dominion.
The following recently appeared in
a New York paper:
"Wall street, has paid .little attention to news of extreme Importance
from British Columbia. The Grand
Trunk Pacific has this week let a
$10,000,000 contract lor a third section of 140 miles of rullroiul in Hritish Columbia. The company is
building east Irom Prince llupert
and west from Yellow-head Puss. It
will have trains running from Prince
Rupert to Yellowbcud Pass in two
years, and will 0pcn some of the
most magnificent timber, [arming
and mining country in tlie world.
Although the region is far north, it
is within the iniluence of the Japan
current and the chiuook winds. The
region is destined to become one of
the richest in America.
"Wall street may marvel at a railway outlay of $50,000,000 in a Binglo
year lor the province of British Columbia, but it forgets that Ilritish
Columbia has seven times the urea
of the state of New York; that it
has double the urea of Prance, and
mineral and agricultural wealth surpassing that of the German empire,
and a climate of unBUrpassing salubrity. Moreover, Ub fisheries are thfl
richest on the continent, and Us islands, its hikes, its rivers mid mountain scenery outrivals that of the
"British Columbia, of nil purls of
the North American continent should
bo watched by commercial men. The
energy of 20,000,0011 horses can he
harnessed from its rivers, and its
coal, Iron, gold, silver, copper, lead
antimony, nnd zinc mines will yet ri
val tho greatest ol the world. Mole
ovor, it Is a whiteman's country,
with tho lowest taxation und tlie
best popular government on tho
Tiring this Mouth Great Hailley
Comet May be Seen.
During December thc groat Hailley
comot, which ls now seen only by
means of camora and larger tele-
s 'opes, will be visible to the naked
e /e. So far tlie assurances is re-
r lived with anticipations of delight
I v thc inquisitive nature planted
v ithlo. the human brain, but what is
1 redlcted will follow is calculated to
create- dismay if aot serious appre-
1 ensions ol disaster from the wonderful visitant.
It is predicted—and the predictions
.f astronomical science are a verity
-that it will nightly increase ln
I ulk anil length, until at Its most
brilliant development, the comet will
1 robably stretch across one-third of
I lie sky.   It is estimated to bo 100,-
000 miles In diameter, four times
ltlnt of the enrth. Its elipse ls at
is perihelion 36,000,000 from that
rentral luminary, and 500,000,000 farther than Neptune, the most distant
iiatlct in our system.
It is ihis comet which In 146G
drove Europe wild with excitement
: nil fear. It has reappeared with
regular pace ut intervals of 75 years,
and always with serious apprehension of some atmospheric or material
disturbance that would result in disaster to mundane life. Older people
.an remember that as children they
heard accounts of the "shooting
:ltar" period in 18115, when tho same
comet gave rise to such comment
irom  the nebulous appearance of Its
1 lutll or ttlll an ll la lOiliimni.j nail-
id. As it is assumed that its nearest approach to the Earth next year
will be about 0,1)00,000 miles
Hold Monday to Select Delegates
to Kamloops Convention.
A meeting ol thc Cranbrook District Conservative Association was
held in Mighton's Hall on Monday
T. T. McVlttle, president of the
association occupied the chair, G. T.
Rogers, secretary.
The chairman stated that the meeting was called for the purpose of
electing delegntes to attend the Provincial Conservative convention to
be held in Kamloops on December
The following delegates wore elected:
A. E. Watts, ol Wattsburg, W, D.
Hill, B. G. Balmont, V. Hyde linker,
George I.loys, and It. Garrett, of
Cranbrook, F. J. Nmyth, of Moyie;
H. W. Drew, of Kimberlcy; P. Lund,
of Wnrdner, and George Tisdnle ol
(In motion, the association extended hearty congratulations to Mr.
Thnmas Caven, M. P. P., lor thi
hard, clean and well won light, which
resulted In his election.
Mr. Caven, in n very appropriate
speech, thanked ttie Oonservai Ives,
and included everybody, thnt assisted In thc light: and wished to give
credit to nil thc people who kindly
gave him such a handsome majority.
He said: "That. It was due to thc
perfect organization of the pnrty in
this district, and would suggest that
th. good work should   n0t   be stop-
Seven New Railroad Projects in
British Columbia.
That the early session of the local
house, convened for the 20th January
proximo, will not be without its new
railway policy und its lobby, despite
tho fact that the Canadian Northern
and tlie Kettle Itlvcr Valley railway
legislation have premier places promised ou tlie order paper, is apparent
fr0m the appearance in the Gazette
already no fewer than nine notices of
special railway bills, seven of which
are with respect to new projects.
A bill is also promised for the revival of the Vancouver and Nicola
Valley Hai.wny company charter of
t'JDS, and another to oxtend the time
for the commencement of operations
on the enterprise of the Graham Is-
Valley Railway company charte of
ertsoii havo charge of a bill for a
rival Graham Island railway project
and others preliminary to the formation of companies and the construction of railroads from Vancouver to
Upper Liliooet lake and from Lytton
to thc northern boundary ol the province. Abbott & Hart-McHarg will
seek incorporation, with the usual
powers for a company to build a
new short line railroad from Vancouver t(> tho neighbor city of New
Westminster; Frank Higgles has the
interests of still another Graham Island road committed to his keeping;
Taylor, Ultimo a Jniics are looking
after the tbc llobson Right and West
Coast. Vancouver Island railway bill;
and Wilson & Dloomtield tho projected road Irom Minzies Bay to the
junction ol the Salmon and Memekay
Provincial Revenues for Past Year
Show Gains.
The statement of provincial revenue
[ for tho pnst fiscal year has just been
completed at thc     Treasury   Depart-
1 ment and, whilo precedent forbids the
, giving oat of nny detail information
until the return In     Its entirety has
I been     laid    before parliament,   this
i much   may   be disclosed—that    the
i showing is hy far the most sattsfac-
: tory in tho entire history of tho Pro-
' vincc.     With a credit at     the bank
i ol upward of live and a hall million
dollars,     nnd thc healthy conditions
ol revenue exhibited by tho just completed statement,   there can    bo no
question as to    the eminently satisfactory condition of provincial money
Paradoxical as it may seem, the
statement for tho just past fiscal
year ls in reality a statement Ior but
nine months, the amended provincial
revenue act ol 1908 having gone into
force and effect, und the fiscal year
being theroby re-defined, In the past
the custom bus been to divide the
fiscal year ol Ilritish Columbia at
the end ot Juno. Experience haB
shown it. more practicable, however,
to end the provincial business year
wit.li the month of March, and thit
will henceforward be tho rule. Th"
fiscal year will extend from April let
to March 31st, the new order being
initiated with the present Bet of pub
lie accounts.
Recommend Appointmen
of Committee-Conser
vative Organizations
Ottawa, Dec. 7.—The report of the
special committee appointed by It. I..
Borden at the request ot the Conservative caucus for the purpose of taking into consideration matters connected with tho approaching convention ot the party was presented us
"That a committoo of 50, of whom
not more than 20 shall be members
ot parliament, to be known as the
committee on preliminary arrange
ments for the Dominion convention
of the Liberal Conservative party be
appointed by our leader.
"That said committee be called together    at  Ottawa for    their    first
meeting on some day    in the month
of January,   1910,   to decide on tho
best   way   of    getting    the    party J
throughout     the   Dominion to   join
heartily in the convention to nrrangc
a system of    obtaining delegates lor
the convention,    which, it is suggested,   should be held In     the city otj
Winnipeg two or three days previous
to the    Winnipeg exhibition,     which
will bo held    early ln July, the final,
decision as to    the place of   holding
It, however, to be left until tho llrst
meeting ot the committee 0n preliminary arrangements, and thut in the
meantime     our leader     he asked to I
communicate   with the Conservative |
provincial prime ministers, with the;
Conservative leaders    of thc opposition in provinces which have a Liberal government,    and also with tho |
provincial Conservative     Association;
executives ln     those provinces where
such exists, and    request their opinion as to the time and place of hold-;
ing   the   convention, in    order that
their views   may be    luld before the!
committee    on    the preliminary ur- i
rangements at its meeting in  Janu-
Your committee further rccom-.
mends that each member of parliament and defeated Conservative can-|
didiitc be requested to consult the
executive of the association of his!
electoral division with the object of:
obtaining their views and thnt the
whips of the respective provinces be
requested to transmit immediately to
each defeated conservative candidate'
a copy of this recommendation when
concurred in by caucus, and to invite an expression of the views and
opinions of said executive thereon."
The above report wub ununitnously
concurred in and adopted.
This Board, it is perfectly plain, de-
;cidcd that the G. T. P., charges
; wore justified, and that there had
been frauds in constructing the line.
Thereupon the Transcontinental Commission tr)ok stops to suppress the
reports. It was successful in this,
though the report had not been made
{'.ll Mr. i.umsden at once resigned.
In his letter of resignation he stated
thnt "Neither the general specifications nor any instructions had been
adhered to, but jyn the contary large
I amounts of material have heen returned as solid rock, which should
only have been clussllled as loose
' rook or common excavation, and ma-
l terfal bad boon returued as loose
ruck which could huvc boon handled
hy ploughing 0r scraping and should
have been returned as common excavation. In other words the National Transcontinental^ own flngi-
! necr deliberately says that there ha.
' been cheating on nn enormous scale.
ID The Transcontinental Commission appointed a Chief Engineer more
to its taste—the same Mr. Gordon
Grant who sided with the contractors against Major Hodglns ln the
controversy over thc same district P,
which had caused Mr. I.umsden's retirement—nnd then fought hard and
successfully to hnve tho new Board
of Arbitration restricted ln Its investigations.
That is tlie situation. Mr. Lumsden hns given up a splendid position
because he says that there ls stealing going on along tho line of railway. The G. T. P., engineers make
the same assertion and give nearly
200 instances of bad work. The
Transcontinental Commission has
suppressed tho report of one arbitration and is doing its bost to limit
the scope of the second arbitration.
Great Rivers; Fertile Valleys
In the columns of the first issue of
John Houston's Fort George Tribune
William Blakemore, a pioneer, describes the vicinity of that hundred-
year-old metropolis, but as yet only
containing twenty white people Mr.
Blakemore had Just returned fr0m a
trip to the source ol the Bear Itiver.
He found the valley of the Bear teeming with moose. On his way ho discovered coal bedB with thirty feet of
coal in an exposure of 150 feet. On
arriving at the Fraser River he took
to a canoe and floated down stream.
It was the 28th of October, and fine
summer weather prevailed. He was
overtaken in his trip by the Btcamor
Nechaco, which was returning from
a voyage up tho Fruser above Gis-
combe Rapids, 205 miles farther up
stream than Fort George. Ho could
have gone 110 miles farther to Tete
Jaune Cache, within sixty miles of
the Yellowhead Pass. The country
from there to Fort George is a low,
flat and fertile valley, whore railway
construction will be ns easy, Mr.
Blakemore thinks, ns the prairies.
Captain Bonaer of the Nechaco has
navigated his steamer up thc river
of that name to Fraser Lake, 120
miles from Fort George. Thc conclusion Is that there arc 500 miles ol
steamboat Waterways within 125
miles ot Fort George, and probably
10,000,000 acres suitable for mixed
farming ln the soino area. Two or
three Portages on the Fraser would
establish moderately easy communication with Lytton, on tho line ol
tho Canadian Poclllc Railway. These
factB are a revelation of tho new
empire being opened up by thc Gmnd
Trunk Pacific In British Columbia.
Wint r i-por s
Hockey players of Cranbrook met
in the committee room of the Cranbrook Hotel, on Wednesday even'ng,
with J. G. Sutherland in the chair,
when it was decided to form a city
league of three or four teams.
The following officers were elected:
Hon. President— M. A. Macdonald.
President— J. G. Sutherland.
Vice-President— D.  J. McSweyn
Secretary— James Miller.
Treasurer— W. A. Schwartz.
An executive committee, to consist
of tw0 members from the city teams,
to he nppointed when organized, was
A committee was appointed to Interview tho Arena Rink Company,
and to arrange for hours of playing.
The Curling club, also met on the
same evening und in the same place
with R. 13. Beattie in the chair, and
elected the following officers:
President— A. McCowan
Vice President—E. H. Patmore.
?fffite= ff. ErnSur1-
Executive committee— D. J." Johnson, E. H. Small and J. F. M.
Ice committee— G. Hoggarth, P.
E. Wilson and J. A. McCallum.
Official Umpire— John Cholditch.
P. E. Wilson was appointed a del-
gate to attend the B. C. Curling
Association convention, which will
meet nt Rosslnnd on December 16,
To Stop Railway Discriminations
o'ttawa, Nov. 9.-A bill which Mr.
Claude McDonald is promoting will
if allowed to pass remove a form of
discrimination which has caused a
good deal of annoyance ln some part*
Ontario. Under section 77 of the
railway Act no discrimination is allowed a railway company, and another section, No. 341 gives Companies
thc right to issue family, commutation, and other cheap rate tickets.
No provision, however, has been inserted in the law to prevent railway
companies from discriminating
against whole communities; as when
two towns are equally distant from
a centre and one gets suburban rates
and the other ls denied them. Mr.
Macdonald is seeking to rectify this.
P.l.tion favorites
Ottawa, Dec. 8.—The Quebec Bridge
Company was a wonderful affair. It
could not build the bridge, the structure fell down and killed about 60
workmen. But the members of the
Compuny have managed to mane
their connection witb it pay them
despite the utter failure of their worn
'lho shareholders got their money
bnck plus live per cent interest and a
ten cent bonus. It has been brought
out In Parliament that S. N. Parent
received interest $2,000, and a uonus
of 10 per cent on (7,000 capital stock
owned by him, and Mr. M. P. Davis
received Interest, $8,411, and a bonus
of 10 per cent on $94,900 capital
stock owned by him.
8trong Evidenoe That Something
is Seriously Wrong.
Ottnwa, Dec. 8.—The Govornment
has mado public the papers relative
to the resignation ol Mr. H. I).
Lumsden, thc Chief Engineer of tlie
National Transcontinental Railway,
These disclose a most serious state
affairs.   In brief, the facts uro:-
(1 The Grand Trunk Pacific, which
Is tho Government's partner in the
enterprise, Btntcd over and over
again that the grossest dishonesty
was prevailing on tho National
transcontinental, that, thc over-classification was willnlly excessive, and
that there was enormous (muds In
regard to thc over-break. It may he
explained that when a cutting Is
blasted out 0f r0ck there is hound
to be a little excess matter removed,
and this ls thc over break.
(2) A Board of Arbitration was
constituted consisting of the Chlel
Engineer of the Grand Trunk Pacific
and Mr. Collinwood Schrieber, the
consulting engineer for the Govern
ment  with regard to   the   G. T. P.
W..at Britian Spent
Ottawa, Dec. 8.—Dr. Schaffher,
(Sunns, Mnn.) by a question in the
House of Commons has brought out
the fact that during thc South African war tho Imperial Government
spent over ten million dollars ln Canada. The department of agriculture, acting us the agont ol tho Imperial Government, disbursed for it
thc sum of $8,142,928 for hay, oats,
Hour, etc. Thu department of Militia
spent on bchiill ol the Imperial Government approximately 3,500,000 for
horses, equipment etc., aud $600,000
lor clothing and saddlery.
Court of P.evision
A Court of Revision, to revise the
Municipal voting list was held In the
Council Chamber on Friday at 11
a. m.
The court consisted of His Worship
Mayor Fink, and Aldermen Hunt and
1 leinlerson.
There being no objections, theliBts,
as prepared hy the City Clerk, wns
certified to he correct.
Ure Shipments
Following ure the ore shipments
from mines In tho Cranbrook district for tbc pust week and year to
H.     Eugene    314  20,698
North Star   12  1,871
Total 341
Santa Glaus
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Where it Pays to Deal PAGE 3-
illli  PROSl'ECTOR,    CIIAMtKi't'K.
SATURDAY,   DECEMBER   li,   I'm:'
Toronto  Stat    England a- a cruooi   w . wont work
cyuntrj     Women In jail will not eat  to Ucep them
r cut. or split wood  •M'*,X"""X'
iims oetabliflh-1 •$•
* itrlt,. It.. «... . ,i ... ,.unlii n i.nn n a. Jail will M Ml lo keep tluiii warn), Hms catolillsli
/"^•*«r» v» K-w^k/-\l7- ♦ WHI* aVVOeV*lWv. md are fed by mean, of hand putnpa, Ing the literal meaning ol the ini
OrclIlUlUUJi   ♦                                                                  .hi   not   ii, i.m    cannol t:et  tlala of tholr order; "1 Wont Work.'
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■Wt CuiDUH Oll(0*ClOTHIKG Co ,itd TOMHffl CaH '
On thf question of taxutiuQ with I
out representation tbe war ol tiu-j
American revolution was [ought and
tho question Bottled, as far aa the
Anglo-Saxon race is concorned, (or !
ever, Tho British bouse ol commons
however, is now Introducing a money
bill, called m this country an ap \
propriatlon bill, in the old country,
the year's budget, which bafl two]
peculiar features, the one being tlmt
it tacks onto the method of raising
appropriations certain new echemee
which wlB upset the whole social
system in a revolutionary way, and
i the other tie taxing of tl
j specially. At the name time, th ■
commons lay thai the lords must
i not reject the budge). ina ■■
is for the commons to aaj whut
money shall be raised and h
To this the lords retort   tl
this assertion     is true      jret  it   - i
true ol a   time when
did most of   the    pa) tu     N   ■
lords are asked to do thi
fore should have  i volci    n i
ter—no taxation   without reprts*nte
tion.    Apart fr©m this pei ■■-
alderation, the lords  saj.
oud chamber,  they  bavi
a right '.,, refer to
legislation     to which    thej
agree, that     Legtslat   a        at
money  bill.    But  the  pres< nl
bill boun.l up with     U   revo'
acts and methods,  and  to I
lords     cannot,   agree and
wish to leave th. iti to  I  i
pronounce upon.   Thu"
Ls connected   tberewil
they regret, but theii  duty  m
less, is tn   let the   ■
the  proposed   revoluti
What the  resuli
be Is differently  pre li   ite I
declare that    it
tlon of the veti   powei
of lords.    That  is to tie fi
of commons   ',vil.    econ
This happened ,,iv-
lory -The Long  paxllami at ing
in 1640, was     forcibly
Cmmwell 13 years later.    9
revolution as this I ■ bardlj
he accomplished  unless     the  liberals
were returned to power with   i gn
nr majority than thej   w »
This   they     do not     look  I ■■•     Thi
chances are     really in     tavoi    ' tl
lords as far as the forego im
But the lords and pr0bablj a ■■ i
jority of English voters are in favor
of a protective policy, on a straight
issue this polcy will win, bill li Ci
plicated with the budget question It
may not. Hence, the real Importance
of the whole matter to Americans.
A British protective policy will play
havoc with a heavy percentage of the
export, trade of this country. The
Inland  Observer,   Spokane, ITash
The municipal pot Is beginning to
simmer and it. may noli over hofore
next,  week.
Mayor, and up to (he time oi writ
Ing, is the onlv candidate in ilull eld.
Those who seek for Aldermanlc
honors, are slow m coming to the
front, but before the end 0f next
week, tlie crop will bo large enough
to make your selection from.
In the school board there can he
hut one vacancy, wil h no candidate
in sight.
One thing is practically     certain
there will  be candidates galore,  and
a contest, for every seat in sight.
 o - —
IBarly buying at Christmas is a
good thing. All over ihe district
there is a campaign in its favor. It
Is best for nil concerned, uf course
thoro are some people In whom
Christmns Svo shopping Is a delight
Just because they love the crowds
and tbo atmosphere of happiness.
Bur this can be enjoyed all the better if the heavy purchases are made
as  long  before hand  as  possible.
Hard of feature and grim of mien
this Hailtey'sicomet must be. Look
at tho woathor it Is bringing In it-
train. Tt is a matter for sincere con
gratnlatioii thnt the celestial one
only comes earthward once in seventy years or so. There would be no
mourning in tbis part of the universe
should the comet, tail and all, in de-
dance of all natural laws, lose Itself
perpetually in Bpace,
There were list flghta at the polls
in the recent local option election in
Alabama. We are Indeed fallen upi n
effete times when Alabama gentlemen
tnke to their list- Where .verc Iheu
Tho New York Heiald . ■ ut in the
adv0cacy of free trade between the
United   State,    and  i lanade Will
you- walk  into mv   pai, I tl
spider to the fly,
A  ■- Isltoi  to     Britl h i     ■    ■
marks  that   th*'     funn i
li- has   wen outside opera
ie a province witl    I <
miles out at   io i
Mfftt tvnry Itcond (Jr.d fourth
W«dne»dfly at n«w fraternity
Moll 5o|ourlno Rtbeknh-, r.or
dlally Invltfld
NO. Mlin  I,.  M   'I'lilinliHiliii'l
■l«.     Miss Mm. Chapman,
Uni . in Carmen's Mull ind uni) Hti
Twi r.A.J Of «.<'h iiii'iifli nt 8 p.in
•lu p.
A. McCowhu, Ohlflf   Ranger
0. A. Abbot!., Hocretary.
VlsittM Urtihun mule weli'ome.
The snug  sum ol   15,1    le    to
the credit ol the provlnci nl the
Bnnk of i Commerce In Viol il lu. Thi.
i.s u line surplus, hut there nre plenty
■ .: l'i.o'I usee r,, pui  u  to
Current Comment
Toronto   Telegram   ro-morrow
the lirst day ol winter, which, so fai
resembles the cold in the ....  t in I
"yuu <lr,n't  feel it
Toronto Star; A man bat  beon sentenced for stealing .. p u ■<   i   t. in :
The   stewards bad
lofikfHl il     when they     I    ■..   -i..
I,nril Strathcons says thai Cans
•lian fruit lu jiiHt. an good ., ani In
the worl.l Tin., i. an,,ih,.i tribute
tn  ilir fliicceHH ni  Canadian  grafting
ini't In ul..
President Taft'e flrsl mei inge to
Congress does not breathe uh murli
brlrnstono »h those o( hi. predecessor
imi ii wills like ii ' iiiiriiiv useful
At Uu' Conservative ronvcntlon
Which ll lu proposed to hold in Win
'lip's iinU summer It is suggested to
have ull *Ju Conservative members
present an well as dsfoatod candl
datoK li junks an though thore was
I going t* he a migliiy hie crowd.
lulte williin.-, to  : feed without assls-!    IC.    dtnplra,   .1.    Mackay,   and M
inure. !Chambers, ol   Wyollfte     were ia the
hi Spokane    membeis ol the I. W. city Monday.
mmmVa .T. .ov.,r j. .^lM-u'^r«^ ■y**iJL»rTti«5aiW'*sc^-
ALDITORIUiM    111111     Wl>     «
tKANHKOOK.il   C I L'll g     - j
frida) and Saturday JlJjUi II   J
r<. *fst iw"
* tl 41
Professional   §
Barristers anil Soliuitors,
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.,
su,r, Solictor, ami
y fublic
Ollloo—Hold lllllldluga,
I.   1
Milling biiigiuoer ami
li i'. I,mul Hurveyor,
lli.\ 838. liione !!2S.
Dr. E. W. Connolly ;;
Physician anh sukukon
Ohico; Armstrong Ave-
V to , l> in.
to H 1. U1
Phono tiillfi. 106.   Residence 109
M.M.V..    V.S.,
liraduato    ol    Ontario    Voiorlnary
Cullego, Toronto, in 1»IW.
i,..;iiiuutuiiiui Mutlallstot .\lcl\il.   Vev
urinary Collego, Uhluago, 111., i   1900
liugigtered     member     of     n  iIbIi
I'lillltnliia    Assiiriulioli.
Reserved Seats 75c and SI 00     General admission 50c
Sale open   at Beatie & Atchison's Drug; Store Monday morning, Dec.  13th   L
all people were not learned in reading, RUT NOW
it is quite different, wc ALL READ—and advertisements are common, but this one is worthy of your
attention because it brings to your notice
Anchor Brand Flour
Ihe kind thai will (rive you the results in baking so
much desired Iiy all housewives. If you are slili
doubtful and want
JUSl buy ::
cart   In
of it. Tlie price may be a trifle more
or the ordinary kinds, but, you don't
1   even  loe—do you? and you'll lie
■ 1 that
Siuaiu  Uuilurs and furnace Work a
Cost aud Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.
FUncral Director,
lis superiority
to fit
over 1
.111  where the tpiality is.
r 1 Hours i-, as clear as
Of course you arc up-to-date, you have a Telephone?
Well, to put il lo lbe very best use—just "riiie; up"
ynnr dcali 1 and order a bag of
Anchor Brand Flour
Leitch Brothers Flour Mills, Oak Lake, Manitoba.
: Rock) Mountain Cliaptei .
: ,\u    lib    II   ,\   .\i :
2      llegulai uiuetiiiuB;—'imi luu.-    :
;    .Iiiv    it)     'url'    III..nil      1,1   ,'lulll
5   u'uluek
i .        , i
;      sojourning   t'uiii|iaiuoiis   are   ,
[    .u.liiillj ur.uun :
j s
i       \V. P. Freeze,       aeritw K.   '.
•       llux 2112       OKANBRHOK, U. U.   ;
Francis Edward
iliiniliiiitsti'r (Jralibl k < il,v  Kunil
Olioitinasler Kn. .x Pruhbyturinn
l.:ti,i. Bandmaster Iii* Malc-Hy'i, Hum
W, I ii,ili.r-
Violin, Banjo, Guitar, . undnili
and     Standard     lui uu.
Orchestra    Furnished
Phone J.«3. CRANBROOK, B.C.
H.   W.   DREW,   Proprietor.
On Baker tteet, one door west
oi Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Rubber  Dollar   Store
C W. VanWORMER, Proprietor
HANSON AVENUE      -     -      CLANBROOK. B.C
We Buy Everything
WE SELL what we have in stock at prices thai
will surprise you. A visit to the Dollar store will con
vince you that we have the goods, and can save you
fifty per cent on any goods purchased.
We Buy and Sell For Cash
Phone 5 6
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees
PEACE and CONTENTMENT will surely nign
In the home if you use only
Makes Best Bread
Staple and Fancy Grocers
Steel j
The oven door
of the Kootenay
drops down and
•provides a shelf
upon which to
rest the pans
drawn from the
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
They Inst a lifetime and cost
v i'y little more than thrown
together, catchpenny, cheap
machines. Sold on small
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Annus.
Phono 157, Cranbrook, B.O.
SATURDAY,   DECEMBEiR   11,    1909
Big Fairy Extravaganza at Aud.
tui'iuni uc.i uit'e. 17 uud ib
constantly, and fifteen men nre on the
payroll. Thu men are paid on the
15th nf each month, and receive approximately 11,500, or an average of
$100 to a man.
A new hiacnijmith shop has been
built lately, and also u hunkhouso,
ao that the men will he comfortably
housed during the winter.—Moyle
On Friday anl Hat unlay nights,
December 1/ and in, the stage of the
auditorium will look like a aeries
of pictures from a fairy stnry book,
Mr. W. A. Milne's well known fairy
spectacle, "The Pixies" will bo presented with a gigantic cast nf one
hundred ami nay ol Oranbrook's
brightest young people, all grotesquely and beautifully costumed to represent all the best loved elves nl
fairyland, brownies, pixies, goblins,
insects, fairies, butterflies, etc. Ue
Hides the one hundred children who
take part, about fifty young ladies
will take the principal parts, Prince
Klorinel, Queen Titania, Angollcn,
Cholly Chrysanthemum, tho dude, an
Amazon march and military drill in
"wild west costume" and a Japanese
specialty In Oriental make up. Tlie
young people have beer, loarnlng
tholr choruses for the lust toil days
under the direction nf Miss Gertrude
Jones, rehearsals being held in thc
Gymnasium, for thc benefit of which
the opera Is to be Riven. Mr. Milne,
thc author and director, presents ii
in Fernie on Wednesday nnd Thursday nights, and will reach hero 0n
Friday of this week to take charge
of the Inst week's rehearsals, thu*
incuring a finished presentation ol
unique entertainment.
Pixies, Brownies, and Goblins were
little men not much larger than a
man's thumb, who lived in caves under tho mountains of Norway, Sweden, Germany and Scotland—so our
forefathers believed. They had very
stout bodies, large goggle eyes, fat
cheeks and wide grinning mouths.
They worked all day around their anvils, for they were little smiths. But
at night while weary mortals slept,
they flocked all over tho world'bent
upon missions of good or mischief to
mankind. They weeded the gardens,
kneaded the good wife's dough, crept
In through keyholes and whispered
sweet dreams to good children; they
brought peace to the weary, health
to the sick, and all good things to
the worthy. Until 1894, they lived
only in the imagination of our forefathers and between the covers of
fairy story books. Then Mr. Milne
gave them real flesh and blood and
presented them for the entertainment
of the public in his operetta, "The
Pixies." It was first produced in
New York City, with a cast of nearly one thousand people, and instantly sprang into such favor tbat calls
for It came from every part of the
Notices from British Columbia
cities where it has recently been given speak in terms of the highest
praise of It, hence a rare trout may
be expected here on December 1.7 and
The Two Properties at Moyie Have
Best of Indication.
Word was brought down from the
Society Girl mine yesterday that
when the last round was broke there
wsb a sprinkling of oro and every
indication that the ore body has-
been reached. The work of the nest
day or two will bo anxiously awaited, for a big ore body is expected.
The tunnel is in 1,000 feet. Local
stockholders are feeling jubilant.
A man who has a varied experience
in most of the prominent mining
camps in the west, went across the
lake the other day and was shown
through the property of the Aurora
Mining & Milling Co. Aftor making
a thorough inspection of all the
workings he came away fully convinced that In a very short time
there will be another big shipping
mine to aid the famous St. Eugene
in the building up of Moyie.
The Aurora mine has over 1,500
feet of tunnel driven. The lower
tunnel is now In 350 feet, with only
300 feet yet to go, or about 30 days'
work, when they will tap tho ledge.
This is the ledge which shows such a
fine quality of ore in the upper workings.
In the upper tunnel they have in
sight about 50,000 tons of first class
milling ore. At present all that is
required is a concentrator when the
mine will at onco bo on tho list of
shippers. Not long since a carload
of ore was shipped from tbis property to the smelter at Trail to he
treated, and tho returns wore most
satisfactory to the owners.
Two     machine drills    are running
Eastern Canada
Low Bound Trip Rates to
Ontario, Quebec and
Maritime Provinces
Tickets on sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, inclusive, good to return within three
Tickets Issued in connection Atlantic
Steamship Business will be on sale
from    Nov.  21 and limited to    five
months from date of issue.
Finest equipment. Standard First
Class and Tourist Sleeping Cars and
Dining Gars on all through trains.
Compartment - Library - Observation
Oars on "Imperial Limited" and
"Atlantic Express."
Three Through Express Trains
leaves Winnipeg dally at 22.40, making connections at Toronto for all
points east and wost thereof.
The "Imperial Limited" loaves Winnipeg dally at 18.15 and the "Atlantic
Express" at 8.00 dally, making connections at Montreal for all points
east thereof.
Apply to the nearest 0. F, R. a-rmit
for full information
(December 12th.)
Morning service at 11, Fellowship
meeting at 12.
Sunday Bchool and Uible Clussos
/ in lbe inner vestry.
Epworth League prayer mooting at
it 3,
Qvoning service at 7. Subject: Tho
rates nf Cod.
Tuesday Holiday letters will be
.Tad, mulct the auspices of tbe liter
ti y depart mem of tbe Kp worth
•eague. An enjoyable evening nnti-
1 pa ted.   All are welcome.
Wednosdny. Parsonage open from
i till iu for young mon who care cn
uuii' in lor a social hour.
Thursday.   Prayer service at 8.
Friday,   choir practice at 8.
Next Sunday, December 19th Rev,
\. 13, Hetherlugton, B. A..of Coluoi-
lian Oo liege will preach on behalf of
chat institution both morning and
Tbe elusive pigskin twirled merrily
n tbe Gym last Friday evening when
be Juniors mot under the titles 01
Clover Leaves and Shooting Stars.
After n well played game, the Ulo-
.rr Leaves, having tho heaviest team
jcored three to one, nnd thiw became
ixnlted. The Shooting Stars arc gong to pay moro attention to shoot
ng for goals next time they play.
1'he tennis were Captained by Messrs
Thompson and Cbisliolm. Mr. Clark
f/ho is nn excellent boxer will be
.jlnd to assist the Gym boys in this
art; those wishing to learn to han
1I0 their lives well should come along
.ind try the gloves with Mr. C. The
dlmhing rope has been put in poai-
,ion, aud thc horizontal bar is much
At tlie Methodist Parsonage on the
evening of the 6th; by the Rev. R.
Hughes, Michael Glenn and Miss
Lillian Wehnig wore united in Matrimony. Miss Wennlg arrived ou the
"flyer" from tbo east tbo same day,
and the happy pair left fur Bull
river where they will make their
future home.
Logs Will be purchased, on skid
ways, on banks of tbe Kootenay und
St. Mary's rivers above Wardner, ti.
O. For particulars apply to the
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co., Llm
ited, Wardner, B. C.
D. Breckenrldge
Logging   Snpi
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
lays after dato, I intend to apply
„o the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
jands and Works for a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
,ho following lands situate ln the
district of Southeast Kootenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near three (3| miles due east of
-he 21 miles post on C. P. R., survey line which is thc Western Boun-
Jary of Block 4593, and being the
Southeast corner post of Anna K.
Webb's clnim: thence west eighty
,80) chains; thence north eighty (80)
ihains; thence east eighty (80) chains
thence south eighty (80) chains to
tho point of commencement, making
i40 acres, more or less.
Located this 8th dav of November,
Charles E.  Webb,  Agent for
Anna K. Wobb, Locator.
Witness:   E. W.   Butts. 50-3
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date, I intend to apply
to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
tbe following lands situate in the
District of Southenst Kootenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near three (3) miles due east of
the 21 mile post on C. P. R., survey
line which is the Western boundary
of Block 4593, and being the Northwest corner post of Walter J. Abbs,
claim, thence south eighty (80)
mains; thence east eighty (80) chains
chains; north eighty (80) chains;
'hence west eighty (80) chains to the
point of commencement, making B40
acres, more or less.
Located this 8th dny of November,
Charles E. Webb, Agent for
Walter J. Abbs, Locator.
Witness:   E, W.   Butts. 50-3
What Our
Means to You
IT means that the flour col*
tallied in bags and barrels
so trade-marked is decidedly
whiter, a great deal stronger
and more nutritious than
other flours.
It means that the flour has been
properly a(;ed to mature its
lull strength.
It means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too.
It means elimination of uncertainty—"your money back"
if Purity fails to give entire
Costs more than thc other kind,
but worth Hie difference.
Western Canada Flour Mills Co.,
t Limited,
im>', Wiiiiii'uK. Manitoba
notick is hereby given that 30
days utter date, I Intend to upply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands anil Works for u licence to
prospect for coul and potroleum on
the following lunds situate iu the
District of SouthoaBt Kootenuy,
British Columbia, in Ulock 4693:
Oommenolng at a post plunted ut
or neur three {!) miles due Blast of
tho 21 mile post on tlie ('. V. n.,
survey line which is tho Western
Hoiindnry of Ulock 4593, and being
the Southwest coiner post of Chnrles
K. Webb's clnim, tbence eust eighty
(80) chnlns; thonce north olghty mo)
chuins; thonce west eighty (80)
chains; thenco south eighty (80)
chains to the point of commencement
milking M0 ncres, more or less.
Loeuted this 8th day of November,
A.  I). 190(1.
Charles K.  Wehh,    Locator,
Witness:   15, W.   Butts, 50-3
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
dayH alter dute, t intend to npply
to tbo Hon. Ohiel Commissioner of
Lands and Works for u licence to
prospect for conl nnd petroleum on
tho lollowing lands situute in tho
District of Southeast Kootenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near three (3) miles due east of
tho 21 milo post of the 0. P. H. survoy line which ls the western boundary ol Block 4593, and bolng the
Northeast corner post of M. Wayna
Twltchell's claim, thence west eighty
(80) chains; thenco south eighty ,80)
chains; thonco east eighty (80) chains
thenco north eighty chains to the
point ol commoncemont, making 640
acres, more or less.
Located this 8th dny ot November,
Charles E. Webb, Agent lor
M. Wayne Twitchell, Locator.
Witness:   E. W.   Butts. 50-3
TAKE NOTICE that I William M.
Frost, of Eureka, Montana, reat estate agent, intend to apply to thc
Wator Commissioner at Cranbrook,
B. C, on the 10th day ol January,
1910, for a licence to divert flvo cubic leet ol water per second from
Burton creek, above Burton Canyon,
at the first falls for irrigation purposes for that part of sub-divisions
12, 13, 14, ol Lot 321, Group 1, East
Kootenay, south of the B. 0. S.
railway; also for a licence to storo
100 acres foot to bo used in connection with the ubove licence in a reservoir described us u lake, on Lot
4590, about one mile south ol the
point ol diversion, and comprising
approximately 15 acres, to bo acquired by purchaso or expropriation
from tho owners thereof
At the lowest water in said reservoir there will be 15 acros and one-
tenth ol one foot additional lor each
aero above that to increased height
ol ten leet.
Tho water will be diverted, carried
and stored by dams, flumes, ditches,
pipes, rams, pumping plants, reservoirs, gates and other works, to be
constructed on and crossing Lots
4590, and 7011, Group 1, Kootenay
District, and the British Columbia
Southoru Railway's right of way.
It is proposed to lower tbe wator
in said lake five feet and to refill by
damming tho out-let, such dum to
be 60 leot long; the dam to contain
a gate 6 feet wide by 10 feet high,
which may be raised or lowered at
will to discharge or pen back the
No Crown Lands to be occupied by
the proposed works.
The names and adresscs of riparian
proprietors and licensees whose lands
are likely to bo affected are British
Columbia Southern Railway Co.,
and Louis Lnchanco, respectfully of
Cranbrook nnd Elko, British Columbia.
This notice was posted on the 2nd
day ol Decombor, A. D., 1909.
W. F. Gurd.
Solicitor for Applicant
Crnnbrook, B. O.
Examinations for the position of
Inspector ot Steam Boilers and Machinery, under tho "Steam Boilers Inspection Act, 1901," will be held at
tbe Parliament Buildings, Victoria,
commencing November 8th, 1909. Application and Instruction forms can
be had on application to tho undersigned, to whom the former must be
returned, correctly tilled in, not later
then November 1st, 1909- Salary,
1110.00 per month.
Chief Inspector ol Machinery,
New Westminster, B. C,
District of Kootenay.
Take notice mat Robert Muthei
Clute ol Wllmer, B. 0., occupation
Rancher, intend to apply for permission to purchase tho lollowing des
crlbed lands commencing at a post
planted at the south east corner ol
Lot 7,664, Group ono, (1), Soutb
Eust Kootenay ; thenco west 40
chains; thence south 60 chains; thence
east 40 chains more or less to the
Kootenay river; thenco north 80
chains lollowing the shoro ol the
Kootenay River to point ol commencement and containing 320 acres
moro or loss.
Robert Mather Chile.
Dated October 9, 1909. 13-9
District ol Bast Kootenuy.
Take notico that I, Thomas Cud-
walleder, of Oranbrook, B. 0., occupation Carpenter, Intend to apply Ior
permission to purchaso tho lollowing
described lands : Commencing at a
post planted on tbe west bank ol the
Moyle River, near the S. E. cornor of
Cooper's purchase, thence west 10
chains, thence south 20 chains, thenco
east to the west bank ol the Moylo
River, thenco lollowing the river up
stream to place of commencement, 15
acres moro or less.
Thomas Cadwallader.
Dated  Sept. 23rd, 1909. 42-9
District of Bast Kootenay.
Tako notico that I, Sarah Ann Cadwallader, of Cranbrook, B. C, occupation married woman, intend to apply for permission to purchaso the
following described lands : Commencing at a post planted at the south
east corner of Thomas Cadwalladcr's
pre-emption, thence west 30 chains,
tbence south 15 chains, thence oast
30 chains, thence north 15 cbains   to
plnce ol cnnimem'einent.
Sarah Ann Cadwallader.
T    CudwulUder.   Locator.
Dated   Sept.   23rd,   1909. 42-9
containing 320 uori's more or Lees,
Edward Kreutter.
Per Robert Mather Chile, Agent
Dated October 9, Mi'J. 43-9
District ol East Kootenay.
Take notice tnui I, William Wente,
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works at
Victoria, B, 0„ for permission to
purchase the lollowing deeoribed
■ands in East Kootenuy : Commencing nt a post planted at the aorih
east corner ol timber licence No.
20000 und running south hu chains,
thenco eust 20 chains, thenco north
80 chains, thence west 20 chuius tc
tbe piace of commencement, contain
ing 160 ucies more or less.
William Wente
Dated Oct. 9th, 1909. 42-9
District of East Kootenuy.
Take notice     that     1,  Ollflord M.
Pennock, Intend to apply to the Ohiel
Commissioner of Lnnds and Works at
Victoria, H. 0.. for permission to purchuse the following described lands
in East Kootenay : Commencing ut
u post plunted 20 chains west of the
north east corner of timber licence
No. 9133 aud running north 20 chains,
thence west 80 chains, tllunco soutb
20 chains, thonco eust 80 chains     to
tho placo of commencement) contain*
ing 160 acres more or less.
Clifford M, l'onnock.
Dated Oct. 9,  1909. 42-9
District ol Kootenay.
Tnkc notlco that Edward Krouttor,
of Wllmer, B.C., occupation Rnncber,
Intond to apply for permission to
purchase tho following described
lands : Commencing at a post planted 80 cbains south of the south east
corner of Lot 7,664, Group one, (1),
in South Enst Kootenuy ; tnence
west 40 chains; thenco south 80 chains
more or less; thenco cast 80 cbains
more or less to tlio Kootenay river;
thenco north 80 chains more or less,
following the shoro of tho Kootenay
river, to point of commencement and
ilfe Guests Com'ort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad depot,    Hits accommodations   for   the   public   unequalled   in
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors
District ot Kootenay.
Tnke notice that I, Sadie J. Mc-
ParUne, ot Cranbrook, B. C., occupation married woman, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands i Commencing at a po<jt planted at the north
east corner of Cooper's purchase,
tbence west 30 chains, thence north
*1 chains, theuce east 30 chains,
tbence south 4 chains, to the place
of commencement.
riadic J. McFarlane.
T. Cadwallader.
Dated  Sept.   17th,  Vm, 42-9
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that thc Crothers Lumber Company, Limited, of Cranbrook,
D. C, occupation a lumber company,
intends to apply for permission     to
'purchase the following described
lands : Commencing at a post piant-
! ed at the Northwest corner of T. Lie
. ense 36554, tbence West 40 cbains ,
j tbence South 25 Chains, thence fa&tt
f 40 chains, thence North 25 chains to
the point of commencement.
Crothers  Lumber  Co.. Ltd.
Per J. F. Bridges.
Dated October   21, 1909. 43-9
District of Eaat Kootenay.
Take notice tbat I, Francis Wente,
intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria, B. C, for permission to purchase the following described lands
in East Kootenay : Commencing at
a post planted at the North Eaat
corner of timber licence No. 9133 and
and running nortb 20 chains, thence
west 20 chains-, thence south 20 chains
tbence east 20 chains to tbe piace of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less.
Francis Wente.
Dated Oct. 9th, 1909. 42 9
62-Jc per acre cash and 62^0
once each year thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM
in the British Columbia Southern: Columbia and
Koutenay and Western Railway Company's Land
Grants. These lands are eminently suited for the
raising of
and may be purchased on these EASY TERMS
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking for settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character, situated in
these Grants, are offered for sale in blocks of from
640 acres upward.
Apply to the address as shown on ihe attached  coupon
for Maps, Application Forms, Regulations and Literature
Desk 13 Asst. to 2nd Vice President.
Calgary, Alberta.
Please send me all facts pertaining to your lands in B. C.
Ask the man with whom you talk typewriters
if he has a machine with a Combination
Column Finder and Paragrapher 0
Diatrict at East Kootenay.
Taka notice that I, Rolf Nlelson,
Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C., tor permission to purchase
ollowlng described ,ands in Hast Kuotenay: Commencing at a post plunted
ay : Commencing at a post plunted
at tbe soutb west corner of timber
licence No. 20000 nnd running north
iO cbains, thenco wost in chains,
thenco south 80 clininH, thenee enst
iO chains to the place of commencement, containing 160 acres more    or
Boll Nlelson.
Dated Oct. 9th, 1909 42-9
He may tell you that he has not, but he will not tell
you that a typewriter without it is jusl as good.
The Combination Column Finder and Paragrapher is
a feature so essential to successful typewriter operation that
it will eventually be incorporated in all typewriters.
The typewriter offering this feature today is the
District of Hast Kootenny.
Take notice that I, William J.
Gregory, Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lnnds and Works at
Victoria, D. 0., for permission to
purchase the following ilescrlhcd
landa In' Hast Kootenny : Cotnmcnc-
log at a post planted at the north
west corner of timber licence No.
20000 and running south 80 chaina,
tbence west 20 cbuins, thonce north
80 chains, tbence enst. 20 cbains to
the place of commencement, containing 160 acres, more or less.
William J. Gregory.
Dattd Oct. 9th, 1009. 42-9
The Smith Premier Typewriter, Model 10, has fourteen exclusive features—all of vital importance in producing
the besl work.
Let us send you complete descriptions of them.
Syracuse, N. Y.   Brinehw everywhere. I'age  t
Till'.  I'llllSl'I'KITOIl,    CUANUKOOK,      II.    0.
IATUKDAY,   uEOBMUHw   11,   1909,
■       c   j   Bouth, ol Vi
•   ih,- city Friday.
tuver, wns ui
are priced at
Try a
,»;     Logging in  tin. Cranbrook district
',;,, ia being pushed.
• •>
(fc     Several hold-ups have been report's!' ; ed during tho past week.
■ • • • » • « • «• •*«'*•*!    Invitations    nre Issued by Mrs. W.
\F. llurd, [or an "at  homo" ,,n Sul
Lund, ol Wardner was In town „rday afternoon from I to 0,
•il. mul     then
'. 1).  McNabb, of   Waldo,
in Friday.
J. Irvine, ,>i   Nelson, wa
■!ly  Wc,lues,lay
w. Hull, of Vancouver,
citj  Wednesday.
;   ii   Jewell,
si   Mondas
Ity Tuosda
lit   Ureeu
i e candidate
tor  Mav.,1
II   ii   Henderson, ol  Bull rlvei
a inivii Sunday last
The Popular Store Cranbrook, !>  ('.
r   Mi v Ittie, ■ ■  B »vi   Steels
iu cits  Mondflj
Mr     Bai I   ul     M05 le wan ,1 Cran
■   m     ,'lsltoi   Sundnj     1 '
.: \      shippei       more
fttchea the choices!   bargain*)
op n  to ber     Sand)    .vas hi ard
Ink  thu  week
■   was at   Jaffraj   Tuca
■ ifeesional   business
u    ,\   Kr ■■ Mi   vaukei
the Cranbi
-■'  .
\     : man.
        ■   the  sea
Tu ■ ■ ning
1    v    M '       ', 9idney,  V   3
A. K. Watts, is ai Kamloops today
attending a couventiou of tho Provln
ftal   Conservative  Assoclatton
Herb. Moore, slipped on an ley
.sidewalk, oa Wednesday, and had the
misfortune to break an arm
A meeting was held al Poriilo on
Friday night and a hockey league
farmed. All teams between Moyle
anh Lethbrldge was represented
Mrs, H. Fi'aeoi and Miss Lillian
Tannbauser ion on the "Flyer"
Thursday evening, for Spokane, lu
response to a telegram stating tlmt
Otto Tannhauser, theii brothel was
seriously ill
Old Bill Minei 1- n bard proposi
tion to get ahead 'I When he holds
ic ,1 railway train thnl' 1 Ruing Borne
He escapes froni tho penitent Inrj aud
nuccessfull) bi u * escaped pret 1 y
good  Work,  too "ul   whin  ho sue
ceeds In doing .1 Bi Iti ill Oolumbln
lawyei oui dI his (eos, 01 ei * one
muni   take .ill hi • hat  to William
Kings Paralysis
K, It  11     reported
thai tho paralj aia in the right arm
ol King Leopold Is extending aud
thai he can write 1 nlj with ditllcnlty
He ipends much j| bis 1 ime lu an
fiasj  chair
Was Baseballioized
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that Q, Goldeu Filer
oi Manistee, Mich., occupation lumberman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following de»-
cribed lands : Commencing at a poat
planted L60 i-haim* east and 40 cnalna
north of B7 milo post on tho eastern
boundary of Lot 4592 and running
north 40 chains, thence onst 80 chains
1 hence Bouth 40 chains, tbence west
80 chuins to the place of commence*
ment. containing 880 acres, moro or
li.it.'d Nov. ii, 1909,
District of Kootenay
Take notice that George Wilson of
Olarosholtn, Alta., occupation Ac-
countant, intends to apply for permission to pumhOBO the following
descried lands ; ('omiuunvlug at a
post plan tod at the south west cornor
ol Lot 6970| theuce running Mouth
about fifty chains to timber licence
No, 81588) thenco eaat forty chains,
uorth to lot B970, theuce wost to the
place of beginning,
Datinl November 19. 1908, 48-9
Has delivered an excep-
lonallar^e stock ol   ideal
presents at our store ami now
wails for names and addresses
to deliver.   Call  early to ensure
the best of selections.
Uborl "snld thr- edltui of tin-
Bugle (.. tlir Baseball Keportor, "1
see thai the Reverend Van rusi-ii
married .1 ml Htcka to Susie Phil
brlcK thla morning Write up a con
pie ol lines aboul It."
fifteen minutes latel the Baseball
Reporter, red-faced aud perspiring,
turned in the following
"\ tit' samf was put up this a. tit.
bythe  Reverend  Van Dusen   who as
■   Elk     .i.i- trans-   slsted     a double   play—Philbrlck to
-   Pridaj   Hicks.   The game   was called at 10:
  1 n and none of the decisions was dU-
shortly   be  puted.    Mr.  Hicke'  batting average,
ts   - .      :,-■   -    n Baker  which has been tolerably high In the
-••■■■■ past, will doubtless be lowered con
siderably,     though from reliable re-
B left  on Tuesday  p0rts tlie   young   couple     expect to
ill  '    triendsat  make a home run In the near future.
Mr   and Mrs.  D.   D    Winter   ol Win
nipi :    Cranbrook  visitors  Mon
F A Bell, of Toronto; and K. L.
McFarlnnd. of Nelson were in town
Our prices
compare with any cata
logues.   Try us and he convinced.
C. P. R. Watch Inspectors
Revolver Spares the Life of Frank
The Kelson News c)f Friday has the
purchased this week 1 following account     of an attempted
•■,,.   tii ,   department    is certainly murder which took     place in Kelson
a fine one I Thursday.
  Because two     cartridges in Bucces-
Hi.in -Al Oranbrook, Saturday "Ion missed lire, Frank Phillips is
December Itli. to Mr. anil Mrs. C. O. alive to day to feel thankful that
Main, a .-on.
.1. Joyce, of Mayook, a mill man,
was transacting business at Oan-
brook Wednesday.
A. Mnt/, president of the Fernie-
Fnt't riteelc Brewing Company was in
the city Monday.
w, .1. Ooepel,Inspector of government offices, was in town this week
on official business.
;ir<- snld only by
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441   Hastings Street,
Vancouver,   B.C.
Branch Store   413 Josephine Street. Nelson, B C.
George   Welch,   Selling   Agent,  Cranbtook.  B.C
H.    H.    STANTON,
Manager    for   all    Eastern    B.C.    Business.
Horn-At St. Bugene
Monday December Oth.
Mrs. Joseph Bird, a son
Hospital on
to    Mr. and
George   R.   Leask   & Co. X
P. Lund, of Wardner; president of
the < row's Nest Pass Lumber Co.,
waa in the city Tuesday.
Tho range in temperature in Oranbrook for the pnst few days, was between zero and 12 degrees below.
Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Simpson, left
mi Monday for Oallifornla, whero
they will remain during tho winter.
K. .1. Roberts, J. W. Robertson,
and L A. Rainsforth of Spokane,
wore guests nt the Cranbrook Tuesday.
C. Kelly. J. Cannon, W. McKelvey,
M, J, Bonner, and     Cl. McKelvey, of
I Moyic, were   Cranbrook     visitors on
, Wednesday.
i .1. F. Sullivan, of Vancouver. W.
in Smith, of Kaslo, and H, Edwards
pi Wycliffe, were registered at thc
I Cranbrook  Wednesday.
The City Council is     anxious that
: everyone qualified should ^et on tbe
list of voters.    The court of revision
.v..   held on Friday.
: A regular monthly assembly of
Selkirk Preceptory was held in thc
chapter room of the Masonic Temple
on Mondny evening.
The Curling Rink Is now being put
ii condition loi ice making. Ah Hoon
ua it is cold enough to make Ice, the
roarinw game will commence.
Vt '. ticntt, of Winnipeg, H. II.
Dimmock, ol   M,,yie,    O.   Galbraith,
and v\ A Essie, ni Fort Steele,wero
1 registered  ul   the  Crnnbrook  Sunday
.i I
Joseph Wason is in the police cells
awaiting his preliminary trial for
attempted murder, instead of the
gravest crime in tho catalogue. Wason held a gun to Phillips bead and
pulled thc trigger twice, ineffectual
clicks being the result. Next moment
Philips had his man on the ground
while (J. .Johnson, Phillips companion, wrested the revolver from Was-
on's grasp. The red lights Hushed
the police call and in live minute's
time tbe would be assassin was in
the cells. This near-tragody was enacted on Baker street in front of the
O. P. II. ticket oflice at 4:45 yesterday afternoon, the busy hour, when
the city's' main thoroughfare was
thronged  with pedestrians.
Frank Phillips is the well known
socialist, being chairman 0f the socialist party in Nelson, gnd owner of
a ranch at Ueasley. Joseph Wason
is a miner and mine worker. Wason
claimed that Phillips owed him money and would not pay it. Arriving
from Cranbrook, where ne was employed at the Nctherby mine, Tuesday afternoon, Wason yesterday afternoon, went to the Miner's union
ball, where he found Phillips and
asked him to make a settlement,
Phillips, who denies that Wason has
any claim on him, turned the man
The preliminary hearing of the
prisoner, on thc charge of attempted
murder took place on Friday morn
ing before W. H. Bullock-Webster
stipendiary  magistrate.
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that Anton It. Pierce
t Manistee, Mich,, occupation Cigar
Maker, Intends to apply tor pmnus
Ion to purcuftBfl the following Av*
rlbodj land« Oonimonolng at a post
planted 840 chains east and (10 chains
north of 67 mile post ou the eastern
boundary ol Lot 4592 aui running
north 20 chatnH, thence east SO
chains, thence south GO chains, theme
west 40 chains, thence north 40
chains, thenco west 40 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
320 acres,  more or less.
Hated  Nov.  ti,  1909, 47-9
P.us. & O.E,
Fr   Oi   IS*
Moot every Friday at » p.ia
Visiting   Brotnem Cordially   Invited
F.   W.   Reves,   W. President
Wm.   Anderson,    Secretary.
Aerie Physician,   P.   O.   Box 28.
For   Sale or Rent at Reasonable
Office& Workshop—Lewis St.
^hone No. 98.
J>       The Leading Fruit Store.
Preserving peauhes.
Plums, Peaks, Obab-
apples, Tokay Grapes,
Melons,   Tomatoes,
A nu strong A vfl. Phono 75
Fads for Weak Women
['Kims   i
I the new school bull-
W-H-    .,(■'■!
pled on Tuesday. The
in   expressing   their
■ al.  :.
etion as
t(,   tho    liceninnmdif-
lurrougliB, nl Toronto;    S.
„[ Wardnor;   T. Under, ot
and .1   w. Ucnnott, ol For
registered ni     tho   Crnn*
lilgo;    .1
nml   .1    !
I'lillli', F. I).
IS    Markn ol
ii. ul Meitlrine
• .I Lethbrldga,
in'   Cranbrook
Pi,ANH, Sl'Li'li H Al I
PHONE 111 I'o. It< > X -i,;   ♦
_jr_    — ■■■    I     llll  Willi *
$♦«*#♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+!
There will he n "Hnn Bong Her
vice" Sunday evening m tho Ornn*
brooli Uaptlfll Church (Everybody
welcnmo \ Hpcclnl Invitation extendi d ti, nii fmm M»iiiiiii wa or
oceiin Bhorc
Mi .i l> McDride entertained a
numbei ol kuobIh Thursday afternoon
with tin popular game of 600. Provision was mado ror fnur tables.
MisH Mlln Leitch wm; suCCOSfliu) In
winning the first prize, u pretty cut
glass carnflo ami tumblers, Dainty
iefrenlnneutH were served ut the conclusion ol the name.
Nine-tenths o{ till ihe slcknesa »f women is due to some derangement or dii-
cuse "f the orpins distinctly fend nine Such sicklies*, cun he cured—is cured
every duy hy
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
It Makes Weak Women Strong,
Sick Women Well.
It acts directly on Ihc organs affected nnd is at the same time a general restorative tonic for the "hole system. It can * female complaint right in the privacy
of home. It makes unnecessary ihc d.si^rccuhlc questioning, examinations end
local treatment su universally Insisted upon hy doctors, and so abhorrent to
every modes! woman.
We shall not particularize here uh to die symptoms of
those peculiar affections Incident to women, hut those
wanting full information ns to ilu ir symptoms and
means of positive cure ure referred I" the People's Com*
mon Sense Mcdicnl Adviser—1008 puftcs, newly revised
and up-to'duie lidiflon, sent /nr on reaeipt of 31 one-
cent stamps to rover coil of mailing i«/.v,-or, in cloth
hiiidinii for SO  .' imi'*1
Audi ■    Ir  I!. V. Piece, Buffalo, N.Y.
' Uuiii- nml liuil iim'iI In nny soil ty lie yood, l>ul lli"l in nol nil
i   wanted in n ■Hllafyliig liteuil  -It In mil nil (Imi Fnlay'i Smlim
In i
Ilm ini|»irln
Jdnml llnviii- i, m;
wodiw »'n r Kiiiiin
Wc iniii' nn iihiu h Willi
inukiTH nl li's< nml, Imi wi' ilo imi
Hnn vi'11-.i. wo mil lln' tlollghlful
Inn «.
I'lllini! Ilm kooiI flavor of I'nli'y's
I-.- nl ft pi'i'li'dlv-opi'i'iilinn yciisl.
il, Wi' could buy u from outBldo
lu sn -nil Ilie yi'ns't uhi'iI in I'olny'H
mul Iiy Hr-curlng porfocl working of
lluvor for wliieli Poloy'fl SoiIiih rim
ill" wny Lhrmigh.
ncvi'r llni or pniily -nlwnyn
ci, crisp nnd good
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
Form No. OO".
Wireless Message
The North Pole Aerial Telegraph Company
Oltk'o in Kvmyboily'H Cliiiiiiiuy     Holiday Heuagai to «U th* World
A POLAR BEAR. PruBident and General Manager
Rocuivur'B No.
Time Filed
OCIMU lu the n-rmn on buik  ht-ivol,     I
whlih *te hereby attrccU lo. i
To   J- D. McBride,
Dec. 8, 09
,   B.   C.
in your Wi
ndow via
Air Ship
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook. U. C.
***************   ******
Heating   and   Plumbing
Engineers        ■     ■     ■     ■
OUR ATM- Is iu give the comfort*seeker the fullent Benne
of comfort with tho least sense of app latua—the mist nHtln*
fylng results in the leant expense of fuel and of labor, wtt
freedom from repairs, a- d a durability equal to tht- I fi til ilie
building's    in     which    the    heating  rtystemti  are   inntalled
Our Systoms of Heating meet these requirements exactly
They nre tho efficient, silent, reliable servant ot the huttheowner
—an adjunct which does more for the cheer and healthfulnew-of
hoiue-lifeth an any other material feature o> decoration of home
4>«**><$W$><^« i^*^?
To get the best results from
your fruit trees \ou must put
nourishment  into   he nnurn.
Dried  Blood   Firtilizu
Try Our    Blood and l<om. Mix.i.re
Phone 10 P. O. Boi I
Ham and Bact.i.
Our Minokud meuts uie always fresh stuck      V\
are sure that if you  Iry thorn once yt,u will agife
with us that they aro the best  flavored   and   must
wholesome smoked  meats you have ever eaten.
P.Woods ek Co.
P. 0. I0X-I84
21. 3- Winning
0. R. WARD, Manager
0. J. LITTLE, 8. cl ir rj
The Cranbrook Agency Co.
Cranbrook. - - B. C.


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