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The Prospector Feb 12, 1910

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Array ;;Vv      FEB 1!
LP.re.tj ot L«|. Am.
s+ #
vol. w.
CRANBROOK,   E. C,   SATURDAY,   FEBRUARY   VJ,   1910.      J
Of the Conservative Party
of Canada.
OTTAWA, JlNf 15 AND 16
Successful Session of the
Committee on General
Ottawa, Feb. 9,—Groat interest
mark*! thc meeting on January 24th
of tbe committee of preliminary ar-
ranwmonts for the National Conservative Convention. Of the !10 noli
parliamentary members no tower than
by thc Conservative    associations in
tbe various provinces.
1    It wan resolved.  "Thnt     the Pr«a
throughout   Canada   is   particularly
and earnestly invited lo     attend the
I convention.
A spccinl meeting ot the    Fire lll'i-
;i;ade was held in thc    Fire    Hnll on,
Wednesday evening.   The object ol the
; meeting, was to receive a committee. ,
consulting ol  Aldermen Campbell and |
' Green, appointed by the city council.
asking the officers nnd     members ol,
I Ihe Fire Brigade to reconsider tlie re-
cent election ol thc following officers:
I   Chief,      Frnnk     De-all;    Assistant
I Chief,  Ira Manning;   Captain,  VV. G. |
iHayward;      Foreman, VV. M. Harris, |
Hee. and Trent),, A. 0. Shankland,
The mutter was brought to the nt- .
I telltion of the council,  by a commit- j
mention    from the     secretary uf the
j brigade, giving a list     of the newly
elected officers, and    requesting that I
■ they be confirmed by the council.
The Honrd of Trade, also sent n|
I communication to the council, stot-
'■ inpj that it was the opinion of tlie:
I Hoard, that   Bx-Ohief     Fink   should I
lie retained as chief, and desired thnt'
I the council should take some action
j in the matter.
A special meeting   of the     council
waa held on     Friday evening of Inst
week, und thc matter discussed, and
Aldermen Campbell and     Green wcrej|)nl an„olmcoment
appointed  a  committee  to  interview
the members of the Fire Brigade.
At the     meeting of the Brigade on
Railway Companies Will
be Held to Terms.
Future Charters Will be
Granted on That Un
2C were present, and the proceeding I Wwi,Hfm;(ay nil-ht,   the     matter   was
es*t. it is unite true tlmt Mr. Ht>r
don 1ms not the iiualitics of a "Imii
fellow well met," which some regard
ns essential in a leader, hut he has
honesty of purpose and hrondened
views, lie is an exceedingly able debater, and a wise, if not spectacular
Toronto, Fob. 'J. The Telegrams
Ottawa correspondent wires as fid-
The naval issue newly created by
the Dreadnought policy of the oppo
sltlon mny yet bring about the dissolution of parliament, and an appeal tn the country hy the Uauriei
s-overnnicnt. There Is debate enough
in B.'ght io last a month. Th • hual
ness ni (hi1 government must be carried .-ii ju tin- meantime that means
supplies, Tlie opposition, it is said,
wlll refuse to votn supplies, mul force
un appeal to the country, us was
done by the l.iheruls In 1896. Nol
one dollar is available for civil gov
ornmrnt. If parliament were not in
sessii'ii the government, might rr^rl
to raising money hy governor goner
ni's warrants, hut tlmt is now im
poflfdhle, It is doubtful if Premier
I-atirlw  can hold  h\x tjuehee  follow
Jetm and the restive western Liberals.
[ The     situation   Is   said to be much
.  | more critical la     government circles
'than has been believed or been credited,      Premier   Laurier* a support is
Victoria,  Feb.  9.   Before thc house not nt)M\y so solid   as it     looka oh
proceeded to    the   orders of thc day,r|)(, .surface
the premier rose to make an Import-     Montreal, Feb. 9.   Sir Wilfrid Lau-
After the present | r[0r camt, ,*own from   Ottawa today
and conferred with a number of lead-
lug Liberals in regard to   the   senn
were exceptionally businesslike,
Mr. G. H. Perley, M. P., wasolec*
ted chairman of the committee, and
Mr. C. Jameson, M. P., secretary
Ior tho first meeting.
Mr. A. K. Mount wns chosen a«
peromneut secretary of the committee.
Mr. Borden first addressed the
meeting and expressed Ins great ap
preeiatlon of thc large attenrtance
from every province,
the reason for calling the meeting
of the     committee, and said he felt
fully discussed, by the committee and
■ he members of the Brigade, The
members declining to reconsider the
January election, and to emphasize
that fact, passed the following resolution:
"Moved by Harris, seeonded by
Hhankland, that, the members of thc
Fire Hrigad* sustnin the .January
election of ofllccrs, and grant to ex-
chief Kink, full power to act for the
eur** that with such    an ent bust astir
He explatueu nri[,R(lei Rt the cominB convention of
 """'""  --.--re chiefs, to be held in Oranbrook
this fall.    No other rights or author
ity be granted.'
session of tin* legislature, when ap
plications were made for renewal ol
rail wny charters unless
and s it (Helen t reason is shown, thi
government will intervene and refuse
the renewals. It appeared that it
had become the custom with certain
corporations to come back to thc
legislature for renewal of charters,
though thc original bill In its pro
visions had practically stipulate.1
that the company, In event of failure to carry on the work it undertook, phould forfeit its rights. The
practice had led to abuse, to the renewed enactment of private bjlls,
such as had caused alarm to portion:)
of the province     Interested.
very goodjtorlnl vacancy caused by the death
of Sir Oeorge Drummond. It is generally believed that Louis Lavergne,
M. P.. for Drummond and Athabasca, will be appointed to Till the vacancy.
gathering to  make the arrangements i    Tne H*)OVC   ,notion
the convention would he a great sue- '■ unnn-moUi.iy
It was resolved that nine members
should constitute a quorum of the
The place and date of the meeting
of tbe convention    were then conSid
was     carried
Fire Brigade,
The members of the
which  is a volunteer
claim that thoy   havi
select     their officers, and   if the list
of officers, aa elected at the January
meeting,     is not    confirmed   by tho
cred.   Ottawa aud Winnipeg were the cottneH   they will resign
places most    favored,   and     after aj    This'condition of affairs is a most
lengthy discussion it was resolved:     KeriouH matter in which every prop-
•'To hold the convention in tttta-l erty owner in lhe city is vitally In-
"wa on Wednesday and    Thursday, t<,re8tfid.    Cranbrook has a FireBri-
"June 15th and ltith, and that each .      *e tlmt [ti ^cowi to   none in this
"Dominion   constituency     shall be wyinfie. 'Bvery    member   has   had
"represented     by the Conservative (rom one to   four yeara    experience,
"members of Parliament represent-  ani- the quewtioii arises, can the city
"ing the same, by the ConservativeUffoird to    lose thc services of    this
"candidotes    defeated in     the last, moitt emcient  brigade of 'tire fighters'
"ulectiou held therein,   and  not hy ;    -*hp mntter     win conw    before the
"more than twenty delegates to be n   t [tfi nert meetlng.
"appointed     by the     Conservative 	
"Association of the  constituency "
come to his ears that frequently poo
pie had been tod to believe thnt u
road was going to be built when
. such was not the case. It had led
ik. Si« t0 tht' Pi'acttee of building paper rail-
uie n„nL toiWRy8i He brought up this matter to
give notice that in future such renewals would be refused,
Mr. Hawthornthwaite, as leader of
the opposition, congratulated the
premier on the announcement,
Third readings were givon to tbe
Schools Medical Inspection bill and
the bill to amend the Factory act by
exempting the Inspector from giving
evidence in law suits.
The committee of the whole passed
the Assessment act amendment bill,
and the Juvenile Courts bill
Crew Rttscucd.
Halifax, Feb. 8.-The crow of tho
Philadelphia bark Calcium, rescued
by the British steamer Servian ott
Hatter as was brought into Halifax
this morning by the Servian which at
once proceeded on her voyage from
Tt had j Port Arthur, Texas, for  Manchester.
The Calcium was sinking when the
Servian came to the rescue and when
tho men were takm oil, Uu .bark wa**
tired and sank, A heavy sea was
With great difficulty u lifeboat .was
lowered and seven of the Calcium's
crew climbed dowu a rope and into
the lifeboat. On the second trip Cap-
taio Zwickor and the remainder of
the crew got safely in and were taken aboard the oil tank steamer- The
crew wil, be forwarded to their homes
by thc American consul.
Second readings were given to the l*.ers
In Chorus Tbis Time.
Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 9.~Tox
Jack   Glcason,
Jeffries-Johuson '
Many of the members expressed the
view that all Conservative members
ol the Local legislatures and defeated candidates at the last local elections should attend the convention,
and also the editors of the Conservative newspapers. After some discussion it was decided not to make
any official recommendation, but the
hope wis expressed that in selecting
the delegates the various Conservative Associations would include them.
The quostlon was also brought  up
Another Dividend.
The old nnd reliable North Star In
ngnln In the list of dividend paying
mines.     Last   week cheques    to tho i vineinj university.
bill to amend the Kxtra Municipal
Trade Licenst- act, the bill respecting crown costs, the bill exempting
the Dominion government old age
annuities from seizure or garnishment
Also to the bill appointing a commission to select a site for the pro-
amount of several thousand dollars,
were received at Cranbrook. Kimberley and Marysville by shareholder*!.
The amount received was at the rate
of two cents per share,
Recent advices from the mine are
to the effect, that conditions at the
mine   are more favorable     than has]
respecting the selection  of delegates! heen for several years,   thnt a large.
Mr. Hawthornthwalte's amendment
increasing the exemption of incomes
to $2,001) was not accepted hy tbe finance minister, w|jo stated (.hat after fully considering the matter, he
found himself unable to recommend
any present increase in thin exemption.
joined in tbo following statement lost
night: "The location of the battle
ground for the Jeffries-Johnson eon-
test in still unsettled. We will meet
in conference at Han Francisco next
week and positive announcement of
the locatian will be made not later
than February 20. It is purely a
matter of business. We both know
now what Salt Lak? has to offer,
and we will meet in San Francisco
to look over the different sites there.
.from thc various Conservative clubs,  body of
and the   hope was expressed that in | has heen
the   selection     of delegates     by the
Conservativ:-   Associations   representation would be given to the clubs.
Authority was given   to Mr. R. L.
Borden,   as leader, to   invite to the
convention all   Conservative     Minis
ters of    the Crown   In     the various mine,   said
provinces and such other   prominent  |»ore like
men as he might think best.
tt was resolved that an Executive
Committee consisting of Messrs: 0.
Beaublen, M. Uurrell, H, Corby, 0,
fl. Crocket, Col. Sam. Hughes, A.M.
Kemp, 1). 0, Lesperenco, Hon. ,J. A.
Loughced, J. A. Mathieson,
Nantel, Q. H. Perley, J. W
Dt. J. D. Rcid, Hon. H. Rogers .and
I*. D. Ross ho appointed to car'v
out in details, and among other
fiend proper notices to the Conservatives associations iu nil the constituencies, to tho Conservative mem
ibarN of parliament, and to tbe Conservative candidates defeated at the
last election
high grade     silver-lead ore
struck, and shipments for
thc past, amounting   to   294     tons,
would seem to indicate the truth of
this report.
To a representative of     Tho Prospector, a mining man, in close touch
with the     present conditions at the
"The Star is     looking
. mine than ever before in
its history.    You c.in expect another
dividend inside of     six months, nnd
the famous old     mine will he paying
dividends for many yenrs to come."
A carload of ore, shipped to Trail
Smelter,,.   last     week   averaged    TO
W. B. i ounces In    silver, and BO per cent in
Regan,  lead,
Fire Alarms Nakusp.
Nelson Bonspiel.
I The bonspiel at Nelson came to a
j close on Saturday last, it was very
: successful from a curling point of
j view,
I    Several rinks from (Jranbrook par*
Nakusp, Feb, 9. -A disastrous    lire I ticipated,   and    won     first   iu     two
started   here    at 11:30 a.   m. in the events,
block of buildings next to the Lclaudl Wilson's rink, in ths finals for the
hotel, owned hy Ogllvle & McKltrlck, Tuokott cup, heat Forin's rink of
and occupied by the Canadian Bank'Nelson.
of Commerce,      Llndscy Bros' office,     McSweyn's   rink     boat     Whalley's
W. J. Wagstatt's tin   shop and J. Shrink in the finals, and the Baton Cup
Crow ell, carpenter.      The block was enme to Cranbrook.
entirely     wiped   out   by    the   quick     The next bonspiel, in 1911, will be
spreading of the flames,   and it wns [held at Cranbrook.
>ttly by the bard, incessant and splen
Funeral of Geirge Munroe.
did work of a large volunteer bucket
hrigade that the large hostelry, thc
Leland, was saved.
The origin of tbe tire is uncertain,
hut it Is said to have started from
cither Lindsey Bros' office or   Grow-
London, Feb. 9. -The flrst unit of
tbe Australian navy was launched at
Oovan, Scotland, this afternoon,
Mrs. Asquith doing   the honors.    In
The funeral of the late Oeorge Sinclair Monroe was held with Masonic
honors yesterday, Monday, afternoon
About, u hundred of the brother Masons held an impressive funeral service in the lodge room and in com-
Ipany with   the Knight    Templars of
ell's shop from stove pipes,     Smoke christening the   ship,  the     premier s
wns seed on   the     hill and whistles  *■■*■' Bald:    First born   of the   Com*
from   the     shipyard,   engines     and  monwealth of     Australia s  navy,    1
steamer quickly gave the a|arm, and.Ranw   ..>*ou » arramatta
100 volunteers Immediately responded
aud set to     work to save the   town.
Kflorts were   made to   save the bank
Arrange for all matters of trans Crnnbrook, of which Mr. Munroe was I
portatlon. 'also a .member, marched iu procession!
ftlake all arrangements (0r the from there to the residence on Bar-
IVems and for reports of proceedings,  oness Road.
Make any necessary arrangements' The brotherhood of Locomotive Kn-
regnrding  printing and  literature.     i glnocrs in company with the Masonic;
A lengthy discussion took place as lodges accompanied the body to the
to the best means of getting as many   .-rave.
constituencies as possilde to send the
full number of delegates, and this
wtis tlimllv decided as follows:
British Columbia Through the
Central organisation of the province.
Alberta Through the members of
this committee, Messrs. Bennett,
Hyndmnn,    Lougbeed  and    Magrath,
who would be responsible for seeingI    James Wallwork, O, F. James,   J.
that It wis done. ' M. Stark, II. B, Oraham, H. B. Mnl
Saskatchewan  Trouugh the    mom- thy and James Perry.
\bers of this committee, Messrs. Km-     fhe funeral arrangements were un*
tonry, Oillis,  Lake     and    Whltmore,  dor tbe direction of T. H. Ketterly
■«%o would be responsible for seeing  Lethhrldge Herald,
that it was done.    y
Manitoba-Through thc Central or- n-t-i. n:m qujqi.
■Kanlzatlon of thc province. u*b0U aim ,*ulUEl
Ontarto---Through thc     members of;   Tho .,do    poisoner     has been very
this committee, who arc to work out
The funeral service at the resldeneo
was conducted hy Rev. W. W. Bry-
den. The Inst honors were given at
the grave by Worshipful Brother II.
Scott and Oeorge Whelen. ,Tnc Canadian Bank of Commerce im-
The following engineers who wore modlftt<lly oponoi1 lip mlfSitum mm
also brother members or the Masonic th Btre£ jn t,](, flftori|0on> Tho Um
lodge noted ns pall-bearers:
building, to no avail. All the contents, books, etc., were, saved. He
nuc work* wns performed on the hotel, and although it actually caught
tire, a continuous stream of water
quenched tbe flames. The hotel fur
niture was thrown out, tand some
damage done,
Kxcltemcnt wns nt a high pitch for
over an hour until the town's safety
was assured. Thank's are especially
due the officers and men of the steamer Kootenay, then at the dock, for
their   assistance   before    pulling out.
Ood Mess
you. May you uphold tbe glorious
traditions of the British navy in tbe
dominion over-seas." The Parrametta is a torpedo-boat destroyer of
the improved river class and registers 700 tons.
about   $3,000
partly   covered   by
Create Glacier Park.
Washington, Feb, 9, The bill pro
vldlng for the establishment of the
Glacier National park In northern
Montana was passed today by the
senate. If created the park will bo
just south ol the line between the
United States and Canada and will
adjoins a similar reservation on the
Canadian government on the northern side of the boundary.
Creston Gets a Court.
 m  Victoria, Feb.   8.--Petitions     from
u. vv   Dituaui* Creston for the establishment of both
MANY   KUHUKo county and small debts courts there,
; have reached the attorney     general.
! It is understood that the request for
Will The  Conservatives   Hold Up  a small debts court will he granted
J.  K.  Johnson,
I creston Review,
proprietor of     the
beiug named  judge.
    _   -A special  Otttt*
*. nlan under which the secretary of lVlrty tb'r w<*\ in °JftnJr?ok- W.10*- w» dispatch says there Is a well
th? l^SKKi a«««mI*i n^md.rim itna,! ft ,l',Mn *°Q> ,lfi,ld ,rom ',olHon loiuided rumor about the corridors
a&.fi?tae£i ,h        work wL>VC beon     Imll,d by the h0B,th 0l?-  to*iy  that the dehale on the nnval;
4ertake to see that   this     work was:cor8( ft||(! onc bfl(-,y mirUlftt0fl bv the bU, f^y \Pml ,,„ ft (.ri,icu| situation,
Jr'-.     -«.      t. „,    r.  ^   , ,knUc' . . i Hnd possibly    to the    dltwolutlon of
Quebec—Through Mr. u. O. Lospor*; in many cases the dogs poisoned I parliament. The government Is un-
ence iu the Quebec district; tbroURbluro valuable bunting dogs, and j mTKt0nd to ho in need of tho supple
Messrs. Charles Beaublen, nnd J. v< j household favorites, Tho matter Is -nentary estimates to carry on tho
Bmard In the Montreal district; bolttg Investigated by the police, and ahminlstration of departments for
through Mr. M. F.  Hnckott and tho  \1 the guilty parties are taught, they  rni, current  vear. and the opposition
"" 'In / '. ,,i.>., rL>.. t I ,>,.     ,, j.       .1. .,..1,1    I...    ■%><•. i..l.,..l     I ..     at...    r.. I I....I     Aw . ...     . *    .     . ' *
Bostern Township     Conservative as-  should be punished t
soclatlon in the Bostern    Townships  tent or the law.
New Brunswick-Through   tbe New struck* Lead Ure.
Brunswick   Conservative   association |
And Hon. J. Woods, Its ehnirmnn.
Nova Scot In - Through the Nova
ftcotta Conservative association and
Mr. W. H. A. lUtthic, Its chairman
the milesl oi- (,. Hkoty to ' take advantage'of this
circumstance to press Its views on
the naval question, Jn short, it Is
Stated thnt they will refuse t,,, allow
those supplementary ostlmAtes to go1
through unless the government, mod ,
ifies Its policy in the way of provld
Ing for an emergent contrlhtttlon,
Montreal. Feb, 9. An Ottawa Bpo
clal says there are persistent rumors
tbat U, L. Borden has lu contempln
tlon the  resignation of    tho loader*
Tho following appointments buve
been gazettctl Mayor J. P. Fink,
Alderman Joseph Jackson, nnd O.
II. Onslnke, ns license commission'
ers. And Mayor Fink, Alderman I)
J. Johnson an police commissioners,
Thursday was payday at thn St.
Bugono mine, at. Moyle, and the sum
ot $31,t>00 was illsbiuseil. This is au
Increase oi about ♦win over the
amount paid out by tlie company
last month.
A report from Perry Greek Is to the
effect that a three foot, ledge oi silver-lead ore had been struck.
It. II. Durant,     w'ho has    been en
rlnce     Rdward     Island   Through (-aged In   developing    a gold quart*
the Central association. proposition,     while    cross-cutting n
It waa resolved that the Bxeeutlve ledge, passed through, and encounter-
♦Committee and the permanent secro-  ed, first a putty seam of decomposed  ship of  the  Conservative  party. Wis
tnrv co-oneratn     in every     possible mntter, then three feet of silvcr-hmd or men   among the   members   depre .
way In this work, and iti such man- ore.   The strike was made at the end  eatfl this, aa they hellevo It would he | JlJjj™-^™^!™    " "' '*' ,l,y t,ui1
A petition wns being circulated
this week bv the Ronnl nf Trad*-, ■■•>
pealing to the property owners for
authority t<» be given to the eity
council to sell the city's luten-sl i
in the proscnt Joint government and
municipal building,  using  the mone
Towels   Given   Away
Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
This is a Towel Special and it will
be   to   your interest   to   read   it.
with every purchase of towels amounting
to fifty cents or  more,  for the  four  days
mentioned, we will give you  one pair plain  white
towels, size 22x14.
See the Towels in Window
Our price on regular stock for the alloted time is
as follows:
No. i    White, red stripe border, lionev comb, 24x15, pei pair 10c
No. 2    Glass Finish, red cheek, n>\ 16 per p;tir 18c
No. ;,    Light color, red stripe and fringe end,  ;OxiS, per pair  30c
No. 4    Brown, stripe bonier, Turkish, 46x16 per pair 40c
No. 5    Turkish, good weight, fringe cud. brown, 40x15. per pair 50c
No. 0    Light Color, striped, Turkish, 40X..'.;, per pair 60c
No, 7    Light Color, striped, good bath towel. 40x20. per pair 60c
No. 8    Huc.k, no dressing, our best seller. 44x24. per pair 65c
No. ()    Pure White Turkish, 48x24, per pair 75c
No. 10    Light Brown, heavy bath towel, 50x25, per pair 75c
Remember if you invest 50 cents or more you get one pair for nothing.
Sectional Book
Spring is the usual time to add a few section to
your library. Sectional cases are dust proof, convenient, require little space and look better than the old
time swing door book cases.
Our price per section, that will accommodate all ordinary books
Cranbrook Cooper=
ative Stores, Ltd.
might *»    Uiought aiivlattbla, ol it forty lout drift.
I a wrlous blow to    tb* party', later- < din" Marat Urn MDtre ul bueiuaatu. I'XGK 3
IIII-: l'U08t'KCTOn,   0RAK1IKOOK.     11,   0,
©lie yvQapectov.
fr.Vi AKLI-.HI.I.     :-....
A. B. Grace,
IM r.i.lslli.K    AMI    KDITOK.
Canadians as a class know Paris so
well tbat the cabled reports of the
Setae llouds cume home to them with
cruel realism. To those who have
visited the Krench capital the picture
presented hy tin- invading vater.
made an appalling spectacle Hut
merely to say that on the right bank
the lower Champs Klysees nnd the
place de In Concorde were overflowed,
that tbe section about Notre Uanu
was also flooded, and that on thi
left hank the esplanade in front ■
the rnvalides, the Champs de Mar*
and the Beaux Arts districts wor
under water, must make uthors a|
predate how threatening was tne sli
nation. It i> with such landmark*
as them In French history, romanci
and prescnt*day life that school chil
iji-i. arc made familiar by picture am
To any     one who has     ridden tii-
length ol tho Helm* through tho lieart
oi I'aris in one ol     the t-mall {team
boats tt would have seemed impossi
bit- m ,'f.v   weeks ago that     the rlvei
could ever become so swollen b> win
ter nuns as to overleap the massi'vi
embankments   that line     both side*
Then- ejlstt-d   records  of  devastating
floods in I61fi and In 1802,    But thn
wa;- before the   science of     englneui
made the Seini* a close prisonei with
in high walls of mason-work     If ev
er a city looked *afe     against flooit?
u was Paris,    Thc embankments ap
peered   a.<    Indestructible as     man's
work can     be.    The     waters   of the
Seine flowed ia:- .town nui .■■■ u.i
a busy thoroughfare nnd a channel i
incessant  tratBc.     The     wide apace
graceful  bridges,    ono after   anothei
from Atltucll to    Ucrey, left     amp
room for thtr steady stream of bar,;*
and passenger boats.    From the deel
of u river steamboat  the quays wit
their wide     aven es,     flanked   ■■: tl
Louvre and  the  Institute ol   France
wero high overhead.    A few daj   ■■-
all were a raging torrent,  leve    wll
the parapets on each hank, and ,vh«l
quarters of   the    city   were     turhi
Now that the waters have subsided
the damage i.' v ■■■ un icd
$.100,1100,000. The subways, the sev,
ers, the underground conduits, whirl
are necessary parts of a moderi
city's structure, have prove'! i-i till
emergency sources of weakness nn
dcstniet.ilin. Collapsed tunnels, bn<
ken mains, sinking streets, only hint
at the extent, of the repairs to In
done now that the worst is ovei
Uut the disappearance of a stngh
one of the historic monument!- o
Paris, tho collapse of Notre Dame1
towers or the Salnte Chapello wouh
he an Irreparable disaster, The clean
Ing of the city and Its sanitatloi
will lie a fearful task. And when al
is counted then: will remain tlu
frightful losses suffered hy the pool
not only of Pans nnd its environ;
but of the entiie Hooded ilitstrle
throughout France.
The proposal of the .Melinite gov
eminent to grunt timber license* vli
tiinlly in pet pet ulty Ir nn excellent
measure uud one which hould 1"
put into effect nt the earliest possible moment. Under tho former sys
tern of grant ini: licenses for one year,
the holder of ihe most valuable I tin
l*ei limits could not borrow money
on them tor operating lliem, ns tin
bankers snld tlie ten ure wan toi
short. ■ The leases wen' extended ti
20 years and still the hankers rafw
ed to accept them as security foi
loans, (let the licenses in purpntult;.
or until the limits nre logged oil am
then we will ba willing lo loan mon
ey to you for carrying on your log
gillg, sawing and plunllig opeinllons
The matter wss referred to the gov
ornment nnd Premiei Mcllridc prom
[soil to investigate anil then to d(i
termine on a plan which would hrsi
conserve private and public Interests
In order that Ihe task mlglll be per
formed in a thorough manner tin
forestry commission was appointed
and aftei a painstaking ami thoi
ough investigation it reported to Hn
government, nrnong other things, i
IftVor of giving the timhei IJeent*
holders the privilege of holding Lh
licenses until the limits weir denial
ed of thrlr trees, which is the same
as in perperulty, as nil the licenses
an held foi b to cut and market the
timber. There are L-ortaln restnr
tlons as to the laud thai i* tit foi
agriculture, which will he thrashed
out on tin floor of the buns-' when
the lull comes up for passage, As
soon h.s the proposed measure i
crystnllzed Into law it will give nd
ditlonal stability to thc lumberinc
business, which is aomethlng that It
has long needed h will prevent
limits from being logged off in n liur
i > and thus cii. ck wasteful and i uie
ous over production    Rosslnnd  Minet
Now again the time ir com Inn when
tin' prospector, like the bird take
hie ftlgbl to the monntainH The
prospeetoi ol today is much 111 •■ the
prospectoi ol yea\ pa I and gone
lair he know,-; more, and the result
oi his bettei work h shown In the
continuous striken made in the 41-
trlct, vet fm all that he ih doing he
receives but lltth credit Capital
comes in nnd heips mn, with a irrub
stake. winch enable- him to _■ on
wandering like tho "Wandering Jew"
and the repitnlisl cues to rlu. ;.-;.',-
I at ure as an m   p
That British i nlnmbln race   n  net
ini.- ■ menace in the   ijulet    but   wide
pp-ad tflkini* up ,,f f Iiolils   In    all
parts of the province I., Inpancse
fljrrlcultiirlfftN, to thr extern that
drastic prcvenl <■ mimHitre on tho
pari of the national governmenl
have become neie ...n> h the sub
Rtenco nl n tntcment made to pni
(lament I Vh Hnywnrd, of Cowl
chan. * hu implements   his   present«
ti"   Hie i n i  hj nip.Mm- ,i resoln
tion a,miii' Hi. govnriHii' gnnernl tn
thc Can mJlun pnrllntnent., and ihnl
bmiy to pn :   dlreel    loglslntlnn    pro ,
bltiilnrv ol  ihe i inrlng   m    In.blunt
ol land In < . mdn bv Japanese oi '
Chloew ii h itnted li) Mi Ilny
mu I tl -<i nii through Urltish Co
lire 'In .1 nanese are monopolizing by
pn> 'hni ■ ii.e be i fruit and mnrknl
gsi 'en lnnds, underselling whlteti ns
tin are nble to Lllrough living on a
plivw beneath the white olvlll'/ntlon
ste daid, while Incidentally thoy
tb' aten to wield the reputntion now
bv the nrovlnre for Uh fruit through
their  utter   dlme-jard of grading and
modern methods the provincial  trull to tne   who helps    to get     n or by
has  won its enviable     reputation in whom it is    secured so long as it is
the world's     markets,    tt is also ur- secured.    I wonder if tlie Postmaster
god that the presence    ot so laruc u General   (.Mr   Lpimouxj  bus the  Idea
Japanese population   the major por that unless ho puts such a paragraph
tion ol winch is composed of reserve in hi-, letters, 1 will go Into my con
soldiers of  Japan   constitutes an ap atitueuc)   and say   to the people:  "*l
prcciablc dangei   io national security have got thc Widow  Jones this post
should any crisis arise, , 0tlicc at  the munificent  sum of $10 a
 o—„—. year? ' so thai they will think I am
We believe it would be   to   the   ab a    wonderful     individual,   or that  I
vautagc ol    British    Columbia   cities will try to impress     the man who Is
and municipalities to have their   ac keeping a stopping   place at    which
counts annually  audited  by    the    au the  mail   service  pa#0S   once  a   week
I ioi   general's   department   of    tbe I that  I am a wonderful individual be-
. loviin *.      Such    a    plan     would    do jcftUSO   I   have s.creeded      tu  getting  a
away ■•uh the iusinuatious too often service     twice a week, whereby he Is
made   that    loenl   audits   are unreli able to sell double    tho     amount 0l
nble; and would     Inspire thc    conti oats for the mail   driver's horses, if
dencc   of the   public,    investors   and thnt is his   conception of    thc Post-
umnclal institutions in   the   municl- master Genera, ns to th' duties ol a
.ral  administration.   Indeed  iu  main public man In     this country,  l may
arts oi the Urltish Empire it is tin soy that    I do not    sec eye     to eye
system that has been   adopted   after with him."
ixperience has
i  not  its nece
shown  iu
We believe that the coming of the
outcuti) Central railway »ilt be the
dost potent stimulus tu the mining
md industrial growth ot the Cran
rook district, and ti will ->o far to
arda placing Cranbtook m tho front
ank as the principal mining city oi
iiithcasi   Kootenaj
AtUoked With an Axe
Ferine, Feb. S, A serious iracas
occurred on rfaturdftj? night In the
tussian     scttk-nienl ou the lull noar
'he coke OVeua,   le   .Win h  «  man  nam
d ilikv Kosek waa so badly  Injurod
lhat bo now lies In the liospltal in a
ireenrlouB coartH i n.   h appears tbat
-■-*-- i*c wounded     ui u'u brother, Martin
Hallways     bring     population.     li  Kosek, won abusini*; an    elderlj roan
"outhcast   Kootenay   Is  to     prospei   in ouo of   the shacks and when     bis
and become    Important as a minio*   brother urged b       to detdst     h<*i at
I .nd  lumbering  centre,     dis     result
mly  be accomplished b?  tho
mediate construction of     t Le  Koote
.\.--.. HtnKes are aiwuys u source ol
mgratulatlon aijd .mportaat to the
strict     The recent  itrlke on  Petrj    !tftolo   XnU
■'.. and thc N ■ 11    -itm: .     are n-
xception,  and  tbc  present couditlui
it the North Star, also tbe Sullivai
■   ;ratit)iug
Lacked blm with .. double etlged nse,
' (Jictibj*    ter-ibl"    UQUrles Man in
ICosel was this morniui> ai i nlngi I
before VI agist re . vie-itind-i and waa
omtrdtted to jnil (oi i-tght day.-> to
.wait tin- i'es it ot tbe wounds tie
ti dieted on bis 'mother Chief Con
tnp on of the local
rovinciat poi ce pn aw itod tho ■■■! ■■
i\d  9herwoo.l  Herehmer defended the
' The Pastor, r U King, at both
services, ii a. in., subject' Jesus
Tempted by a Subtile Question." JT:30
p. m., subject: "Jacob Hitched to ti
Sim." \n astronomical sermon in
summing up his life
Ulblc School at a p. ui Phitethea
class ior young women, tbuaca class
for young men. Strangers welcome.
On Monday a musical and social
: evening wilt be held at the parsonage
under the auspices ol the Young
People's Union. \ good programme
aud enjoyable social time Is arrang
Wednesday, a p. m     tbc mid weok
meet iny for Prayei  anil  Praise
(Februarj   lath.)
Morning    service al      H      Sunday
School and Bible Classen nl  three
I    Epworth Lenguo Prayei   meeting at
7,   in the  inner  VC tl'J
Evening     set vice    ni . 30    nihject
I "David and tloliath
A  beany   wi h oi io ■ .' pu led  to
: all who may be passing through tho
city on Sunday to   attend these ner
vices, and rspoclnll) to those who am
not connected with an)  othei church
Tuesdaj.    Epworth League n i
arv sleigh ride It there is sulllclent '
mow foi this outing, lho coimnlttei
will make arrangements Slolghs will
lei '■•■ al - 10 luup \ small ihnrgo
will U* made just to cover thc i ut*l
of i ha couvttj aucos
Wednesday    Maple   Cugnr   enru   al
: ni I L'otn ert      iee    inei  u< tlce
Thuradaj     Prayei   si rvlce .it eight
Friday,    Chult   praetlc    al   s
t Professional
y  ................  *
Uni risifi> and Solicitors,
\\.   I'   GURD,
Bnrristter,  Soliolior, etc .
CUANBROOK,  lt.t1.
ii,   II    I HOMl'SON,
B'uri iHior, Solictor, unit
Notm \   IMihlii!
i ),i.,,    Hold llulldliigs,
|    I.i UDLAW,
Mining  Kn^uioor ituil
B.C   I iiiiul Surv/uyor,
■>♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦♦♦♦■* ♦
NORTH     STAR    HOTEL       X
H.QW.   DREW,   Proprietor.
I'.o   llo\ ■.•:»,
Phono m,
When the     Kootenaj  Central   rail
ny opvi-atK.i       in  ■..   len
he   mam     line ol    tbe C.  P   [;
■anI ro« k, and south bj  the way ol
ie   Soo-Spokane,  Cranbrook   .* li   u
iy  a  long  period oi  business activi
Most  ■< n   nate  .-  the   boj     i   .:.:■.
,,;i       .■  yo   •..'   lad)   n ho    '
i-iven   Lbe  opportunity     ol attending
ichool  in     our city.    Its educati
■ ant tges   - ., p« »s    an>   city or tiki
•■•' iu thc pi ov n< ••
Think   ol   a  c     it *    :■ in.   n ....
Ij - ness rt'Itl .i ' ridge c uupan-
nd not even know Ing  vhat n
was dealing with! Vet that -
imi Hon. Mr. Oraham say.-. Canada
id in the Quebec bridge case
SKW  I'l I'l.HWTl
:..:  ...     i uj
.ur   -old   tu
Ll I     -    edll
di rabia  km ••-    Ptfrcj
u The Portland
cached tins oOlce,
: eeli me as an
iviueial pi *ss If
n-ttri n C, and
en . Percj Gotten
publishei A" .!:
tybodj ii.
f—: 7"""^
Siiiii'er Sewing'
Machines  do
the Best Work
F. \z. Garrison
Baud MuhUi City Baud.
T* i uc ho r oi St iiuu and Standard Instruments Choir
trainer.   Ou-hestis turnished
Phone .\s,*. CRANBROOK, B.C.
X Dr. t:. W. Connolly ||
On Baker stieet, one door west
ol Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
UIK     MIll'.Ml'Yl'S
Ore  -■..!■:•.'
an I      I
il i ni  ■
n :..■-     tn the
'   :    til.    .':.' I    Wl '■''
.-.     ....
'. tal     . 251
IX ;! ihr loili ral revi
13,000,000 a year Ih,
I'unabty lliiim^
lilli.ins'     aollars
:o increasing ;
government i
have   three
V.:   u*   brtdgP '
,  in thfl  botton
il  ii  feela like
of   in.
li i,- our opinion
■ ,t  havo ttu> only
il ivliiil.up in th
mian of commonn.
i lint ilabn.'l wlll
nirnpet at thc !i
naval bill tn tb.
Then'     will be n
government  members who
iipnii  tooting their own ho
There ain't   much talk now a ilay.-,
boul   the iiinii  with the hoe. but   it
lilin,.mi lime to hear from  tbe man
.ith the Bpndlng fork.
II tin
ilt'MCtPAL    '
Nr.TH't: ia
.l..ndii>    Marcl
vill be llei.l
*rs, nt 10 30 ,
he purpose i
nent Roll ol t
Those bavin
beii assessm
iovo their prol
be  City   I'leil.
llll   sitting   Ol
ireb)  given   that,   on
rth;  ly 10   the Court
i   ' Htj  ■-: Cranbrook
a the    Council I'hain
in    i local uun i for
revising   the    Assess-
ie Cltj ol Craubrook.
: complaints    against
Ms   are  required    to
en-   .a tlie   hands ol
ten .lay-  previous to
■ie Court ol  Revision.
people     siekiim lauds   only
the   resources    ol thn Crnn
rook district, thoy would he Hocking I    port
Date-1 at  Cranbrook   this llth day
if January, 1910,
T. M. nobcrts,
5-8 I'ily I'lerk.
, iu\   last .1 lilclMur .uut cosl
erv  little iiinii' th.in thrown
;i■: i11-i.   catchpenny.   i heap
nucliines.     Sold    on    small
iiiiiiulilv pat mi'iits bv
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avunue.
I'b.ine 157. Crnnbrook, R.C.
KilR  siAl.K    CHEAP AND TO
Hot Tea or Coffee
and Fresh Home
Made Biscuits
♦        OlHt't*: Armstt'ona  Are        ♦ i
: -     i\
> It ii ui     : 10 l imii        to ft b in      4 '
■n, ni,■ Olllcii 105.   Koaldonco »«'
M.M.V.,   V.9.,
Gmduate    of    Ontario    Veterinery
t;olle<"-.-, Toronto, In 1»U8.
Graduatoand Medalist of MeKllllpVet*
urinary College, Chicago, 111., In 11W0
MeglsteroU     inombei'     of     British
fuli; ni bin   Association.
fastur tlitin
It is liu-li Lime tli.it. tln> people "I
'rnnhrook sliunl.l bcKln to think
iBlily oi the mineral resource.* trlli
tiny   Lu  this city.
.IiuIkIiir frniii   thn reports
I'nthiu  prophets,     tho comliiB sum-
nu  will he   warmer ihnu     the pnst
With pbbh ut their preeeut lli^uit
ii) mnn wim would wiiutot.ly kill fi
cn Is Btiilty uf uuiiil.'i- lu tho llrsl
eg roe
Literal". note: Mr, Dooley recoiu
nentls "The Junglft" ns u partlcu
illy  llnu hook  '" rend  ilurlnB  Lent.
Ami nil this time Lliu baseball bud
; rlglit under tho soil, ready to pop
ut  after a few more warm dnys.
According to the man who h»> hau ,
IscnurnKlnK eipcrlenced    this iH not
he time to plnnt tho garden.
Tlu1 North Stur Mining Company.
is*t  week,  pnid dividends amounting
I* tw nts per Blinre.
Notice is hereby given, in
rcordanrc with the Htntutes, that
'rovincfnl Itevontie Tax and nil us'
eased taxes, assessed nnd levied un-
lor thf "Assessment Act" and tlio
'Public HcIiooIh Acts" and nruend-
f tho i 'uents, nre now  due and  payable foi
Ins year 1010.
All taxes collectable for thc Port
irei'lo Assesumeui District nre now
bit- uud pnynhlr at my otllce, nt the
lovernment HuiloTng in the City nf
'rnnbrook, IV ''.
This notice, In terms of law, is
'(piivnlent to a personal demand by
ue upon all persoija liable for taxes.
Dated at Cranprook, It. C, this
>\\h ilav nl .liinuarv, 1910.
A, <\  NELSON.
t'olleetor for
Kurt  Steele Assessment  District,
io competition in patriot
hut  t):«-i
howling,  hut   there is in compel*!     tfjuifli'
ve railway service, \\ yj
There wore many more births thsn    f -
nth   in:-t  rem  In Cranbrook,   This
the wny to grow.
'You  cnll  belt   .in open
club,   but whnd are     y
wld a fool friend?"
enemy wld
swine to
mny   hi
aboi I   thi
tnNeii   nil
Sharjj Condemn ttion if thfl Mean
ness of Miinagemeiit
ittn ..I    Kcli     I     Mi      «        \      Mn
rath    Uodlrin** Hal       In the cmirw
the budgi i  debate   made some *•%
.■mer,   pei • itiPi t  rnti nn ni     ip n the
i nt   "■  thi   i' i i   Otllce   mon
■ ipoeiali)   in   the  W«l      "I   believe*
,,■    -.iid,     "thai     Iih ni     pooh bnhi
... ;t.; nol   he iipp iinfe I an      li pen
■I,, r  ■■ Rrf l:  thi   people
(ink fm  n  post  "iln •■ mn!   wleet   v. i p
,-.   but  nol     according tu     the Hon
rtmtleman  upposlti    then   there  b   n
■i nil' man  in  thc  west  Holccted  ns a
'■.nii bah, ns puiveyoi  nl post oltice
>   have evidence nf thin   anj   ijuantl
tj "i it       And I   laj   that     thb  li
,i rong     li  Is Immnteri il to me whal
".ivi-i nmi'iii      adopts  thai      policy,   I
;.\   thai  tin- 'imii -r  it is changed the
1 .'it. i   it   h ill be fot  ii young rounti \
like ' nnn In     l  •> I like in nee tin
I'ohImiir-tri Oenornl place more pom
nlllce InspeetorH nl work In the wosl
\nil when n petltlnn for n p • nl
en Ih bnnrlril lu, II the Im ppi' >i ov
inklnu ovei i he >i nd, d.nti thnl
i pn i ortlei" .li" ild he c tab i hcil
mil thm -lohn Smith -roulil he n
toad mnn in appoint n po tmn itor
hnl abniihl snLtle Hie    mattei rlnni
(   polll IclHIls Tlmt      N     wlwit   Hip
I   ri
• Ic
What Our
Means to You
IT means thai tin* Hour contained in bajjs and barrels
sn trude-nimktttl i** decidedly
whiter, o k .at deal stronger
uud more nutritious than
other Hour.*..
It mean-- ihnl Hie (lour has been
•■i.»|vih   at-.-,
to   iiiuhiie   its
'■in!     hi  t
nit   iii   which   li' i li   me   Hint
IiiiiI done eertnln  things, nnd ml
-l  a   pnrngrnph tn     the elTecl  thnt
liiui done  io at     the requmt nl a
ni Nu uun  in  the cnimtll nenrv   whom
evidently  coiiHtltuted n dlnpensei
po t    offices    I il" not   object to
v one nBdlfitlng In securing n poat | ^
lee;    it la u iinAUtei  of   indl0fr«utc I ^
\o[\ sirenglh
It means
"More bread
and better Bread"
uud better paltry, too,
Is meuns elimination of un*
certainh "yotir mone) back"
il Purity tails to give entire
t ostrimore than theothei kind,
Imi worth (lit* dillcii-h.e.
Wnaiem CanailH Pluur Mills Co.,
Mills*. Sr, II.imii.^., i,,„„.i,ti, llttAHPdf..
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
Stiwm Bailor, und Furnace Work ■
Cost and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.
Rubber Dollar   Store
C W. V^NWORMEH, Propbietok
We Buy Everything
WE SELL what we have in stock at prices tbat
will surprise you. A visit to the Dollar store will convince you that we have the goods, and can save you
iifty per cent on any goods purchased.
We Buy and Sell For Cash
\ Phone 56
Frank Dezall
Uuliliiii' Tiivs Applied
To tiuKu.v Wheels
RejKiiiing ;i Specinlty.
I'llnuo   i.ll       •   •   •       I'. O.   HuJ   81S.
W'p Deal in Everything Erom
a Needle to ;i Locomotive
Joseph li. McLean
ill kiiuis nl Second-Hand Goodi-
iMirniiiii  SPKCIALTY
BUYEI* ()!•   I'lkS
Kiiiu'i-al Director,
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees
I Rocky Mountain Chapter |
1 NO. l'J». it. a. M.
lto(!niul- lueFtlu^n:— imi Tuii.
liuy in euiih iiioutli at. ul^til
■     Sojourning Companions  aro
3  uorillally luvltert,
•       W. P. Preksk,       Sorlbo 13,
;       Box 202       0KANDROOK, 11.0.
-utfii's Old   Sluiiil.   Ihilisnli Avi
I'l a 11(11
X    m\ M NEBEKAH H    I
+ Meat', every lecond and fou>ti>
4} WeclneailfiV   nl   new   pratfirnlty
♦ Mf'H     Sojourlng   FEebeKdht  cor-
♦ dinliy Invit-jd,'
I N.ti. Miss i,, M, Tonnhnuser
♦ Her.     Miss Man GUfiprnun,
0 DR.     KELL\
M™ H|II'|'||||I|:.|         iii        ,,,.-,,-,
'|H*%       'Iii .'ii".      Hi'nil    'I    nml.
<'<#'''\ l'"''l»i''   Inr rri'0 lini.kli-l.
i^fk Hi'     KBI.MOV'H
"I 7 Mimoiini, iin   11,.wim! hi,
*> * Spnki     WiirIi.
rill'IIT I'll \NII||| Iuli. H'lCl
Mi'iiln  in i'. un II.,11 I'uil nuil  Ilii
Tlnii.fliiv nl i'iii li in. lilli nt. 8 |i.111.
A.  MctlnWuP, iiiiul   Runner.
O, A. Abbott, Secretary,
TlUtiag Brttkrn maAt welcome.
Eastern  Canada
Low Round Trip Itatoa to
Ontario, Quebec and
Maritime Provinces
I'lQkctR on solo Dec, 1 to Due. 81, In-
iiiHlvo, good to return within throe
I'lukotH Imiiud in connection Atlantic
-l.yninslilp  UuBluew*  wilt  ho un null*
in 111    Nov, L'i iniii llmlto.1 to    liv.'
ititiiilliK from Units uf 'maoe.
li'lnUHl     <,(|l]i|)llli'llL.       Stiilldurd    Kil'rtt.
'iini.i niul Tourist Sleeping Guru ami
'uuiii', Guru mi till through U-aintt,
iiiiipnri ni'-'iit. I'lbrnry Obaitrvutlon
'urn on "liiipiMinl Mm I toil" mul
"Atlantic I'hpiflUH."
PEACE and CONTENTMENT will surely reign
in the home if you use only
Makes Best Bread
Staple and Fancy Grocers
ihree Through Express Trains
Inivi'.: W.uuiii!-!; ilnily ul. ^2.^11, mnk
,111'   nililliTllulln   nl,   'I'iii,ililn   Inr      nil
'iiillllii DIlKl   llllll  Wniil   llll'l'rnl.
Thi' "Impi'l'lnl Inlliili'il" li'itvi'ii Wilinl
|..-i- ilnily ill.  IS.II. iiiiiI Ihr "Atlantic
l*;-. i«i ,'hm" at k.iiii dally, making con-
nnrl inllll    III     Miintl'I'Hl   Inl' ull   polntl
mul. thereof.
Apply tu Hid martial. 0. P R  agent
fox full infunutiom
"Always The Same"
Milled from the very best wheat,
with every advantage given by intelligent use of modern equipment,
Brand Flour
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Atlantic Ocean The Stage
Tempest the Villain---Wireless Telegraphy the  Hero and
the Civilized World Occupies the Seats.
New York, Veh. 7. Salt' and sound
ou board the Mallory liner Alamo,
Ittti captain und crew ol IT. men of
-the iinutcd Ktcunifi Kentucky are
speeding today lor Key West, The
Kentucky lied on the sea bottom 00
Capo Huttern.s, wrecked bofore slit-
was (airly under vvaj on her projec
tc4 voyuKe to the 1'aeilie count. The
Kentucky .struggled loi over n day
lu the waves oft Hutterns, her seams
partiun, and the InruahlllK water lust
galulng on the pumps. The rescue ol
the crow was eflccted a lew hours lie-
tore the Kentuck) dropped Into the
maw ol the sea.
Last year a great passenger llnor,
the ftepublic, went down in tbe At
lentlc, but bar precUuis human freight
wu saved* hy the wireless. Ou Pri*
day a great luerchautman yielding
Up It:* spirit tu the storm, (trill trrtll-
■lerred Its crew to safety—hy wireiws
A few years ago human Imagination
had never winged such flights, but
now they ure uccomplistied fact, and
soon will be commonplace -again, by
A simple   recital ol   the   events of
Friday,    without any    trimmings or
comment. Is enough to tilt any individual with nwo and    wonder, at the .
wlrelcw*.    The Kentucky, in a waste .
of buffeting seas, her seams opening, :
sputtered  nut the call of doom from i
the   crackling tips   of  the  wireless.
Thu* wa«    the   forenoon.   The latl-
tude and  longitude glveu show that |
tbe slaking steamship was about 200
tnlle-s     from     the nearest land,    the
coast of North Carolina.
Follow lirst the sequence of events
on the sea. The liner Alamo, bound
for Newport News, Va.,was soine-
wuere within the sphere of influence
of the wireless, and turning on her
beet she headed tor the point Ind lea
ted on the Atlantic chart, her engine* driving at full speed. She also
intimated to the iir, her destination,
by, tho wireless. The wireless station
at Charleston, S. C, Intercepted
both messages, which wore "almost
simultaneous," and as one result
the navy department caused orders
to be committed to the air to invisible ships. Two revenue cutters and
the battleship Louisiana, presumably
the three nearest craft to the scene.
dropped whatever business they had
io band and tore through the sens
from various points of the compass
towards the unseen Kentucky. The
race to give assistance was won hy
the lAlumo, and nt 3:30 o'clock in the
afternoon, some three or four hours
after sending the distress signni, she
stood by thc foundering steamer and
took off her crew. Had she not been
there, without doubt one of thc three
other craft would have heen there n
little later to perform the same officers. A few hours later the Kentucky
waa beneath the waves.
Outside of the zone of action thc
sequence of events is almost equally
interesting to follow, and hardly less
spectacular. Within a few minutes of
tbe Kentucky's call for help being
communicated the news bureaus had
knowledge of the fact, nnd the word
went round the world, hy telegraph
and by cable, thnt n hie steamer,
full lineage given, was fighting a
losing battle with thc storm of n
couple of hundred miles oft Cape Hut-
teres, and that a liner was speeding
towards her to take oft her crew, if
mayhap Providence wns merciful.
Bulletins were "flashed" over the
wires, that is to say, they took precedence over ordinary news dispatches, and probably in little over an
hour nearly every daily newspaper ia
tbe world had the news, lu the
great centers no doubt "extra" editions were produced by thc cord, and
tbe man on the street was able to
follow tho spectacular race to the
disabled leviathan wallowing In the
billows. Apart from the extra editions, the regular evening papers all
over the eistera half of the continent
were in the bauds of their renders a
considerable time before the Alamo
actually reached the Kentucky. In
Oreat ilrtti.tn the lirst bulletin must
have caught the regular evening papers, and the news that the Alamo
bad succeeded in her mission was no
doubt announced in the late editions.
Under varying conditions, the news
was disseminated more or less to the
Whole world while the drama was
still lu progress. Mankind wus en
rapport with the situation while it
was still at its cruix; turned the
leaves of the llrst acts before the cur
tain bad rung down on finale on the
ocean's stage. It is nothing new for
a distant battle or other great ov
cuts to Imi efficiently reported to the
world while it Ih still in progress,
but In this cose there were no spectn*
U>i*s, no correspondents, only the no-
torn, and the wireless,
"Little ether wave, carry my nies
sags," says, man; the coils hark and
spark, and It Is done. If the message
be big enough, the world hear-i II.
•ud If it be human enough, the
world's heart Is wrung with sympa
lly way of giving a glimpse into
the way the world's news Is gathered
for a dally newspaper, the various
bulletins and dispatches received, are
given below.
The hour ut which the Kentucky
sent out the distress cnll was not
communicated in Friday's dispatches,
but It was probably before noon. At
all aveot the first Intimation was re
ceived at a little ufter 11 o'clock thai
morning, in tho shape, of a bulletin
from tbe Associated Press, and read
as fol Iowa:
"Charleston, H, 0., Fob, 4, The
wireless station here today |ntcreep
ted a message turn the steamship
Kentucky of the Alaska Pueitir line,
on ber maiden voyage from New York
to the Partite ports, saying lhat Hie
steamer is sinking in latitude 112:18,
longitude 76MS, The Mnllory llnor
Alamo Is proceeding with all haste
to Us assistance."
A short time later the lollowing
"Now York, Feb. 4. -The atonmor
Kentucky of the Alaska-Pacific steamship company Is sinking while st.rug-
gMng through heavy seas 10 miles
south of Cane ilattorofl today, hor
captain aud the 4i; men of her crew
meanwhile struggling hy every possible means to keep the vessel afloat
until aid can reach her. News ol the
Kentucky's plight waa received here
In a dispatch from the United Wire
less Telegraph company's station nt
0*9* Hatttras."
I After a couple mon- sheets ol
"fllmsey"had come in there arrived
| the following dispatch:
' "New York, Fob. I. (Add Ken
tucky stnkitng) The llrst distress call
from the Kentucky wus received
h> the Mallory lino steamer Mnmo,
which Immediately proceeded to the
icsciie, holding for I ititnde 32:18,
longitude 70:43, where tho Kentucky
reported hor position. The message
was the new Intemntlou.'il distress
signul, "S. O, S.," ihe most urgent
call thnt can he sent, for aid to a
disabled craft.
"The Kentucky was recently hoHghi
by the Alaska Steamship compsiij
for ttie passenger trade between Kan
Francisco, Seattle and Alaskan ports
she wus Titled out hen- for her trip
to tho Pacific, and |nsl before sailing
a complete wireless     app out usi was
Installed  in  hor.    To this  p ant ion
the Kentucky uwos her nbllllj to
unit Hon speedy aid today
; "The Kentucky Is n stoamei some
whut over 200 net in lengLu, is com
imiiudctl Iiy Captain .Moore, and ior
I the trip around the Horn shipped a
(crew of IU men. She sailed from
New York for Seattle Jan. 22. six
buiirs after she passed Sandy Hook
a wireless dispatch was received here;
saying she was leaking badly, Before she reached Newport News,where
she put in for repairs, she nearly
tinned turtle during .i heavy storm.!
Repairs were effected at the Virginia
seaport, and she sailed on Feb. 1
from Newport News in continuation
of her long voyage.
"Since her departure from Newport
News the Kentucky found herself engaged in buffeting seas,     which hat i
Itcreit her sides and* opened her seams,
According to wireless reports T. M.
IWcLaviney, the wireless operator who
manipulated the key ou the Kentucky
between hire aad Newport News, de-
dined to continue with the steamer,
and his place was taken by»\V. li.
MeGlnnos, who sent out the distress
call when the steamer began to sink-
today. On board the ship when she
leu hero was the superintending engineer of tho Al.iska-l'acitie company,
Mr. I'alnakette, of Seattle, who sup-
lorintemled tho refitting uf the steamer al this port. The Kentucky was
In ilt in 1897 at Until, Maine."
! rhe above dispatch arrived at noon.
i The ui-xi was the following correc
11 n ns tit distance, nandwhtohed
ni ioug other dispatches:
-lot- l-iditors: In nulletiu precede
1 Charleston, about 2a words down,
please rend 'while struggling through,
heavy seas 210 miles,' etc. A. P."
"New York. (Add Kentucky sink
ii i Tbe Kentucky carried ao pas
i'he second sheet of the night As
si idled Press recorded the success
of the Alamo, as follows:
"Savannah, (la., Feb. 4. At 3:110
o'clock the steamship Alamo reached
tlii> scene ol the sinking steamer Ken
tucky, latitude 32:40, longitude 7«:42
una began taking off her crew. The
sea is going down."
Key West. Fin., Feb. C, The Alamo
wit iitlie crew of the steamship Ken-
lucky, which foundered off tho coast
of South Carolina Friday, arrived at
midnight tonight. Captain Moore
and rhe 4(3 members of the crew of
tho Kentucky     will he landed tomor
Yours faithfully
"t Signed i   R,   L.   Burden."
•When will the national contention
be held?"  Mr. Green was asked.
"On the 15th and  Itltb of Jcne. at
•When will the delegates be-selected?"
"Not  Inter than   March  15th."
"That  is thc dute dxed at Ottawa,
"I have just received a letter from
Mr. Blount, the dominion secretary,
who expressed the hope thnt the
Hritish Col umbia central organisation will be able to let lum have a
complete list of the delegates as sooa
as possible after that dntc.
"How will the delegates be chosen?
"It wns decided that every Conservative member of thc dominion parliament and every defeated Conserve*
tive candidate in the    last     election |
should be   ex -*itiicio    delegates;
that 20 delegates be elected (ruin
constituency     Willi q  view ol  hu
the convention as     representativi
possible    defeated candidates for th
local  legislatures  and  delegates
Conservative  clubs   will  _. .   __ «,„
sen.   For Hritish Columbia the moth
od und menus ol selecting these dele
gates will he left in thc hand
ceutral orgtt
Page i
also  be chi
organization of the provj
The   provincial    executive
treal and
Of   Llit
•ace to begin the work."
Green  visited     Toronto,   Mon
 »ther    centres while in the
east. Everywhere he found the great
est interest excited in the extension
of the C, N R., to the Pacific with
the consequent development of Brit
ish Columbia. The sweeping victory
of Hon. Mr. Mcllridc hns alfi
ly   delighted   Conservatives..
62^c per acre cash, and 6£^c
once each year thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA KAKM
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia and
Kuotenas ami Western Kailwa) Company's Land
(Irants. These lands are eminent!) .-.uiieii for.the
raising ol
and ma) be purchased  on  the«c  l-.ASY   TERMS
********************** **********************
George R.  Leask & Co.! Canadian   Pacific   Railway
,1 . BLJIUOBRS     ♦ J
Contractor!)    ♦
Plans, Spkcificationm
ano Estimates
I'HflNR IH P, i>. HOX ii,.'  ♦
\\ Im an- looking for settlers for this pan
~~~~m^ammm*r~ > ^ajjij1jial—■^_
Timlin Lands ol the lnnln-.-i character, situated in
these (Irants, are ottered loi nalc in blocks ol Hum
640 icres upward,
tin- address ns -~ 1 n<w 11 on the attached] coupon
X   lor Maps, Application Korms, .'emulations and Literature
********************** **********************
Bill Is Approved
Change Will be a Benefit Says Factory Inspector—National  Convention.
Victnrin. Feb. 7.—Replying to
questions from Earnest Miller .the
following statement wns mode hy
; Hon, W, J, Bowser.
^ "In June L903 the Crow's Nest
i'liss Cnal Compnny, Limited, laid Informations against John i\ Tonkin,
who hnd been manager of the company, for certain nllcged olTencos in
connection with bis management of
tho company's affairs. Warrants
were issued ou these, informations,
but were not executed, owing to the
absence of Tonkin from Canada. The
compnny afterwards in 1909, advised
the attorney gonoral that an injus
tlce bad been done by the compnnj
to Mr, Tonkin in laying the abovi
information nnd that It desired tc
have the informations, Including thc
proceedings ami warrants Issued then
on, withdrawn and annul led. In
qulry Into this matter was theii in
stituted and it was found that tin
said information nnd warrants had
been tunned in the tire nt Kernie nt
Aug. 1, 1908. Nn further proceeding)
in the matter were therefore suhse
qttentlj  taken,"
This means that Mr. Tonkin can
come back without fear of prosed!
Lit tie business was done in the
house today. The bills providing for
medical Inspection of schools nnd ex
emptlng the factory inspector from
being called upon to give evlilttr
iu suits for damages were each ad
vnnecd a stage.
hidden tally Mr. UowHor showed
thnt in bis opposition to the lathi
Mr. Hnwthornthwnlto wns going eon
trary to thc wish or the inspectoi
who hnd been nominated by the
trades and labor council of Vancpu
ver, and also to the opinion of tli<
trades aud labor representatives now
In this city, also that the coursi
which Mr, Huwthnrinliwnite ndVu
rat-d would be Injurious to working
Mr. Ilawthnrnlhwnite then called
on Mr. MoPhllllpH, the author ur tin
factory act, to give his opinion. Mr
Mot'hillips t hereupon snld that tin
(.(Tout *d (he bill would be Hie oppo
site to what Mr. HaWithoi'iithwall
said  it  would  be.
The trades and labor delegates pre
seated the usual petitions to (In
government asking for public owner
uhlp of public utilities. They alsu
asked lor the abolition of (he poll
tax and the protection nl worKing
men lu (be c. N. ll., contract. 'Vh,
premier said thnt the poll tax eon Id
not he removed this yoar hut when
the c. N. R.. contend was brought
down  it   would  lie found   th it   Ilie  in
torosts of the worlilngmnn hnd been
Victoria, Fob, 7. it. I*\ a iron bus
returned (mm Ottawa where he tonlf
part iu the conforenco of Consorvn
live loaders from all parts of the do
minion to arrange for a great nn
tinnal convention.    Mr.  (Ireen n.ild:
"This is the llrst time, In the bis
tory of the Conservative party li
Canada thnt such a convention has
been called. Delegates will be chosen
from every constituency In the dominion and will come together lu a soi'l
of parliament ol tlie Conservative
party, to decide in whut way ll, sim I)
be organized and upon what platform
it shall appeal to the people at (he
nexl general elect inn.
"This is a thoroughly democratic
method of procedure, each dologntc
will li? free to bring up the issue
that be thinks ought lo he ruined,
the plunk:; that he thinks otighl lu
go into the platform, the forwnrd,
progressive stops thai he thinks the
government of Canada otighl in nn
dertalic. The represent itive;; nf till!
Conservative electors of Canada will
havo tho framing of tho pnrty policy
in their own hands.
"Though In opposition In the <|i>
million llOUHO, tlie Conservative parly
ol Cannda is a mighty national
force, Conservative governments aro
iu power In live out of the nine provinces and those live provinces Include
Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia, thfl three grontost; provinces
of Canada   with   tho    exception   of
Quebec. Even in Quebec the Consor
vntlves were in but n small minority
ot the popular vote at the last dominion (dee tion. The policy that
such a party decides upon will have
a far-reaching effect on the future
legislation of the country.    And when
n gin
its loins to 'the light nnd
tho conflict, well prepared aud
[•gnnized its chances of victory
• better than they have ever
nee   the   liberal     accession to
oflice. ^
"The country is ripe for a change
and tho Conservative party is full of
(inlideaee. That is the feeding, not
only on the   part of   tho     delegates
rom Hritish Columbia but the delegates from every other province.
K very where the feeling i.s the snmo
as reflected in our reports from all
parts ol tbe dominion
"Mr, Borden himself has been
.M'ently eiieoiiriiged by the success of
the conference as the following letter
"My Dear Mr, Green 1 appreciate
most sincerely your attendance nt the
recent, meeting of delegates charged
with the duty of making preliminary
arrangements for the approaching
convention, i was never present nt a
ihore businesslike gathering, and I
hope Hint the future work iu preparation for the convention wlll he car-
rled out with equal thoroughness and
(IRcIoncy. The fnct thnt 20 parlia-
'iientary delegates selected from every
irovlnco throughout the dominion no
less than 2t; were present is ample
■videnee of the strong interest nnd
inthtislnsm evinced by the Conserva*
tive party  In (ids movement."
"With renewed thanks and all good
wishes for the new yenr,  believe me.
Bank of
PUBLIC .NOTICK is hereby given
thnt a mooting of the Subscribers of
the Capital Stock of the Hank or
Vancouver will be held at the Bonril
if Trade rooms, Molson's Bank
Building, r.-bt Hastings St., W,, Vim-
■ouver, It, c,, ou Tuesday, the llrst
day oi March, 1910, at HI o'clock |
'i.  in,
Tbe business of the meeting will hu
in determine the dny on which tho
iiiniuil general meeting of the Bank
ivlll be held:
To elect such member of the Directors, duly qualified under the Bank
Vet, as the Subscribers mny think
H'l-cssury, who shall hold office until
lie annual gonoral mooting of the
enr nexl succeeding their election.
To fix the qualification of the Directors subject lo the provisions of
tho Bank Act,
To lix the method or tilling varan
cies In the Board of Directors when
•tvnr tlio same may occur each year.
Tu lix tlie titne and proceedings
lor ihe election ol the Directors in
enso of any fnilure of any election on
Ihe day Appointed for it:
'I'n proscribe the record to be kept
kept nf proxies and the time not ex-
C ling iin days within which proxies
must be produced and recorded tu
any BllllSflllUOnt meeting, iu order to
enable the hubler tu vote thereat;
And In regulate utich matters ashy
hj law lbe Shareholders    may regu
late pursuant  tu terms or Sec.  IN of
lbe  Hank   Act, li
A. L.  DlflWAH,
Secretary of the
Provisional  Board of Directors
i\i,.s. & arc.
A^st. tn 2nd Vice President.
Calgary, Alberta.
Please send mc all facts pertaining to youi lands in B, C,
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Foley's are, will be the most satisr'yinir for you to use?
The materials used ensure purest
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Canada " A western
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Hot and Cold Maths Proprietors
Ask the man with whom you talk typewriters
if he has a machine with a Combination
Column Finder and Paragrapher €^
He may tell you that he has not, but he will not tell
you that a typewriter without il is just as good.
The Combination Column Finder and Paragrapher is
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SyraiUSC.   N.   Y.    Uttu-lut evr-iywlitlt. Page (
TIIK l-KOSPKOTUIt,    OIUNUnOOK,     ll.   I'.,   SATltntlAV,   FEBltUARY  Vi.  I'lln.
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BURNS BROS. SALE is one of those events.
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ls lh :    Tho Kernie   curlers     were given  a  nr more al  o rder.
^^^^^^^ splendtd greeting nt  the bonsplol this      So bottles nre in be refilled and no
,,,   ,,   ., '  .week.    And even  om hem were   wi'oik  labels placed on bottles
W. K   Hodges    nn.l  I     t.ray,   oil lolld ■„, ,.,,„,..,„.,„,.  ,,„.,,   .,,,, .;„;„„,      N„ ,„.,,„  ,h,n     „„ ,„  ,.,v„ „
Vaneouvei   wen   ... tbo cltj  Monday.    „  nonrtcsies extenileil  in ,,,„„   to nny person apparently under
,. .... ,,,. thi'    iiiiliicnci'   of 11.111.11. ttii*i    tut nol',
Horry oidl,„„!s. ..I    klko,    will     N. i   Hnn ,.„,„.     in,,,,,,, Mho I „„v  In.llnii, nny pel-son who hns ac-
the elty Monday,                                   Thr ICIectili      Light mul      I'clephone Luired   the     reputation ol     being a
., ,,   , .   ,    , roinpaiiies,   wl ns  : n  visiting  In   ilrnnkiird, or     who is known to per
a Cranbrook visitor Tuewlay turned to Crnnbrook Satiiulny Insl bltuall)    drink to   exeoss,     or   any!
.,,,,, , ,,,, ,, cbaidlmii     vagrants     ami     tramps,
MlJ    ''   Ayr*, olhlko   ivnsinthe     ,•   „   Smith ol   I'oi  ,   ,     I'hoin  Iltutesi linns
city Wi,iin'..iiii ,,,  v„i,K   ,,.    lutchic "i  Vancouver,      No Ibiuoi   ihall be Hold oi glvon to
,,    ,,    ,, "   „ ll   s   Rood ni     Spokane; K   llosi ,n miy   lyniiinii In n bai  room
H    11    Ulmui.ick   ■•   Moyie,   >a  lo ■,'„  ,■   ,,     .,       .,  ,.,., .,,,„    ,,„,
the city Thuivdn) .1   WaL-ii I  ■ i     Ji,,.|,. ■ I ■	
J   J    0rf>      :      V'   '   ■     vo    '"    MAPI K      Sl'lLUI     ,'IIIMVM,
A'nvln,   Inmtlng     thnl  iiinkes ii    the      \ men's concerl will be given iu tbo
I'etei   ll   Chen)  Creek,  was   :,•,.„,,..,,  n.,..  ,,„ „ ,,,,.   Hl,    Methodist     ehnrch next     Wodnosdtty|
lho em   I'l' n     ij prim        m., :.,. .      „    ,,,, „ ,,,,,.,.   nghl  previous i" the     Sugur   mnn
ike    t .sup, mn    ini make    ,''1 which  will be     hold in tho (lyni
Al    Mil.   il   Kernie   <pem      icveru        ,       ,   n,,,. niterwards       Uroady,     n good pio
dnys tins week  in t'ran! rninnie has boon   promlsod by some
Mrs   I'   K   « I .'ii     em "t'lni.i.l ,n   oi  the bcsl   tulonl     n, the city.     A
W   1    H-      'i   Pernle     wnf In tin     :,   ■, , .,  llllft       ,,,.„., ,,     iprcinl  leuttire will be thc niinrtettos
'•ny finlny \     ■    ■■ I,, vi,     i   ;|    bj  tho Un;   Pom     Tho   concert will
. il       \ \..,, ....   \(,'.    lie well worth tho    pi ii 1 tho tick-
S   C   McK    .try   returnod     Kridns   n    ,   |i .,       \,,      ,   ,,,   <.,,.,!,    y|r    .is. all     cents, nnd the sugar   ivblch
-- trip i" the lai  easl     , •,;.      u... ,.,,„..     „,   ' j',,^    !i„s been speciully ordered Irom Cjuo-I
ive. mid which will be boiled by ex
:   Ui all   ol     itnvelj   Aim   speul ports and served on snow with doush
.•■i,".,   -im    :'u- w.s'k in cranbrook       \-i,  n.Howtng   hunch     ,,i    Curler'    "uts "'"' Plehlcs   will lie worth twin' I
■ ''iim.  down Irom  (eernie Thursdftv  i     ;llllt  amount, ns pure maple sugar is
\   LimLsei      I  Qresl        ,vas  trans       ,.  ...      ,,   . .,,  ,-,.,,,ii, ,,,h    dIHlcull     to got    in tbo west.     Two
actinc business at Cranbrook Thurs ■    \,    \   i^.. t,     ,.   ,,   ,t,-,,,,,^, ;..,," j    hundred tickets have beon issued niul
lai i. Woods, olsen, W   Jeffries    "  's expected that nl,   those will he
'I   Cates    Iti'i      tirant    \    C   ten    laken up, as lust     year there wns n
■-'■'■'   «■'** culled  :     Marys   ,„ir     |.:   Wrlgglf-worth' M   Mellaril   Broal doninnd lor tho sugar, nnd the,
."ilie Wednewaj   on professional husl    n   F   Bolton, nml li. Cirennell. 'Gym  wns crowded.    One hundred cir '
nesa cultir letters havo already  been sent)
POR   sai.k    in,,, new  i,.n roomed   out ,l'   luall-v ot the patrons   of Inst
tt   Benneti     Brill on    March 1st   iwelline,  house,  all   modern   improve   year, and tbo management are expec
tat.e charge   I     toe   Pernie     Distric   arms    Pom  lots     fenced, wood uiiil ■'''"-' •' 1-'1""' response.   Tickets should I
'r'..'': larriage shed, horse anil cow stnliie ' "ul>   '"' shown at     the church door, j
and     hen bouse    Situated i and then given up nt thc door ol the;
liyin after tlie concert is ovor.
Montreal, Feb. 10. Rumors ol
changes in officers on wostcrn linos
is without foundation, says Willinm
Whyte, second vico-prosltlent of tho
O. P.  II.. hero today.
Toronto, Peb. 10. Tne Ontnrio.
govornment has taken thc Hist step
iu the organization ol u Pasteur in-
.mute in Ontario, plnclng in the es-j
timates xi.ouo for serum in cornice-;
lion witb the treatment of rallies,
Peterboro,   Peb.   10. -The    printers'
strike  is over,   the newspapers hav-
ing agreed to grant     the increase of'
(i per week to    the     strikers.    The.
.Morning   Times    celsed    publication
ponding reorganization.
ttri'elver's No.
Time riled
O C IVI n "" *a>lu,a l"ll mesaage alibied lu the trrnia un
OCIvU featk haraul. whl.h are hereby ..aiee.1 tu.
Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 9-10
Parks & Brown, Ltd. ,
» J. D. McBride,
Cranbrook, B.C.
All outstanding accounts must be
got in by the 2Bth inst.
J. D. McERIDfc.:
Mr. a:,.-. Mrs 1; I 3 arllng, icar thc governmenl htiilding. \pply
Vanci .."!    irere    Cranbrook   vlsitoi-s to    .1   1).     llridges, P. n.   Hox siii.
s      .       J     ..|s' .   i      ...,,,];.    (I     {-
Mrs. S Ae '•>■;■ ol San Francisco, The superintendent ol thc Himl ol
was visiting friends al Cranbrook Hope, Mrs. ,1, P, Smith, Mrs. w. \.
tins week chisholm, secretary;      Mrs. G.trrotl
  Mra.    McDougall;    Mrs.  King;     Miss
.1 s li'-N'.y. of Ferine, auditor for Jienie, Miss McDonald; nml Mrs. live
tbe P Bums t Co »a- .:: the rity kman, will entertain the children ol
Wednesday. the Band of Hope, at     'i neiiiini so
, -iul iliis afternoon from :'. to fi.
II. H. Ross, ol Saskatoon, n prom ___
incnt lumber num.  wns     in the city     ,\n emergent     assembly ni Selkirk
Thursday Preceptory wus held     In the Mnsonir
—— Temple uu   Sunday afternoon,   when
Mr   and      Mr,   W    II       Uinour. nl | ;,      was    decidld      tlmt ns iiiiiny  Sir
Spokane were     Crnabrook     visitors  KnlRhtu ns cnulil,     would attend thr
Friday. 'imernl ol thc     lute Sir Knight Ceo.
! Munroe, held nl   Lcthhrldge on Mon-
T   Prentice ol   Fernie,    ond T. E.  day.
Harris, ol   Moose  Jaw,   were at  the ~ ._
Craobrook Monday. j   WANTED.   Ladles  and   Gentlemen,
— -— Iniui     children's     clothing   to inoiiil'
K.  Mcl'hersgn of Winnipeg, und C. i„|s„ table     linen, bod linen nnd hos
.i.  Johnson, ol SpoMne were at'the  icry.
Cranbrook Tuesday. Mrs. lsnbelln Butler,
l'e..i.i,.„ri.     V      "  i"    '.rcct, north
f bridge    P. n.llnx   S4I.
In. .1. II. King, niul J. Brownloe
superintendent of the Crow division
left on Sunday last for Montreal.
J. VV. Bennett, ui Pernio, reprcsen
tine the Bcrojiton coi-respondenc
school, was in the city Wednesday.
Tlie iiniiiversniv uf Frnncls Willnrd
'he crett iiiorul niul     teniperonen ro
rormor,  will  ho cclobrntcd on Thursday the ITIli nt 8 P. in.. In the Bap
j t.ist church.    Tlie Women's Cbrisliiin
, „■      Tempercnce    Union nt   the     city   ire
j, M. Nic,Ml. ni Montreal and »'»• I .,rov|ding „n cxcollont     concert ur
WliW.e. of Spnknne.  were nl the Crni
brook Thursday.
Mei Inry's ranges are in a class lis
themselves. First Class, for sale by
Patmore Bios.
II. .1. linden, and R, W. Bownes
of Vancouver were guests nt the
Crnnhlook Friday.
,1. II. Henderson and family loft on
Monday for ll.,y»l View, Altn., whore
I hey will res'ldc .
j. F. Armstrong, govornmoni
ngeiii, yvns nt wardner Thursday on
niilc.inl  hilslness.
♦ ♦
♦ '■"   ' ♦
♦ ♦
\ THE   CELEBRATED                X
* *
x  '  !
♦ The Moiitelius Piano House      ♦
■•      Mi. nnd Mih.J. Postor. who hnve
been  virfitirn   in Ontnrio aud  otlic,
p>m enstern points, i-oturnpii home on
The Montelius Piano House
I irntted
439   441  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,  B.C.
9inii li Sture   ii: Jo** iliine Str#et, NrMvin, H.'"
Gvorg;-*:   Well      Selliiif-   Agrni, Cranbrook   B.C
Manager   for   All    Eastern    H.(,.   Business.
Catholic ami episcopal churches o(
Oranbrook have, prepared for tho Ijcn
ten season which opened on Ash Weil
Allan IViusun was up before Ju<1ro
Cyan Tburvliu f'>i ubIhr scamlolout!
languaee on the street. He wot. 2\
nays In jail
Thc in>\v MfwooTc Temple Is rnpldl;
approaching complotlou. The Mason*-
oxpect to oi n|iv the bitlldlnK uoim
time In March
\i-w Mondny is St Valentino'*
huy \\> hope (hnt ovory Intjille niu'
in...-.i ■ ni Crnnbrook net the valontinc
thai will pi-M-ji- them most,
\ K .•'iU'"-'t*»'fl. of CftlRnry, J. I'
Whitney, of Tncomft. ond Oco, Dob*
-ii ol Htratford, wen- roRtstoroll nt
the Cranbrook Thursday.
Colin ' Urown, of Vancouver. 0,
Hamilton, n\ FJrantfonl, nml W, 15.
HodRcH ol Vnucouvor, were Ruests at
the Crnnbrook  Sunday Inst.
. t. .
\ (! Low ol Calgary; W, I.. Hull
ol I'Vtnii'. k A. McDonald nf Hosmt.
nml \ ii. Ann-lie ui Cnlpary were
Rueitti  nt  tlio Oranbrook Tuesday.
Om  viIucm in Children's nro uusui
pnaseil by (iny,   Oui eollapslhle curl •
in- very it'ai and HtrniiR.fnldlnR very
' iinpnel uud tjulckly,     I'at.iuore Ili'tiH
D .T.JOHNSON ********************** „
: w. cline :
Mi , Wordnu cntertnlned n uumlioi
ii i'-imI lri .ilny iilh'i iiuon in honor
Mi .'   Mii*iit"N. -vbn it. ntioul
lake up Inr     ('(•sldent'O in Vnneoii
CAKI'ltN I \U<   V'.h
CUN'I ItAITH .'iil.H'i'i Hi
C',,1'   «»la ni   lli'lil   "I   ll'""	
rrnmmo fur the cvcnlnp. City lilin-
'sters are invited to tnkc imrt in
'iricf reviews ol Mis. Willnrd. The
nubile nro cordially Invited.
Engineers Set lijnrk Bigl
Heating   and   Plumbing z
Engineers       ■     ■     ■     » t
OUR AIM -Is to [rive tho wim tort-sooker Ilu- fu'llnst sense
nf ■■onilori with the lt.»ast tenuu ol uppuruius—thtjmostrsatis-
t'yinjr results nt tbo least pxpaiwo of fuol und of labor, with
frcouum from ropulrs, and n UurablUiy etjual to the lift) ot tho
buildings    in    wlitcn    the    hoatltiK  syatema art*  installed,
Our SyBtoms of Heating moot these requirements b.xuetly.
Thoy an; the efficient, silent, reliable servant of tho liousti'owtuir
—an adjunct which does more for thu oheor and Itealthfulneai of
home-lifoth an any othor mntorltil foatttro nr decoration of home
F. O. E.
Meet ovory Friday at 8 p.m
VisUlrur   Hrotuors Cordially   Invited
W   K. .lohn,   acting prosldent.
VV. K. O. Carter, acting Sec.
Aerie Physician,   P.   t).   Uox 2H.
To -*et thc best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
On behalf ol    the   Brotherhood ol
Locomotive  Bngineors,  Monsiti,  TIiohia
ft'nrdman, nml C.  Yenndlo, culled ut X
-.lie II. r ild olllco tn   (ilnce bcto-   '■     -
! Cranbrook \
Trv Our
|    Livery
the ll< i- ild olllco lo   nlnco before '...-j* Wi
iiihllc n contradiction   oi tho state   •
nctit by Roadmastcr lljork reejardinff • °111'
tho plnclng ol the locomotive in thcJY and
e ask you to call and try-
new (.'outdifwnent of new
Up-to date    rigs     for
Winter   and   Bummer.    J usi.
received Topptr and   Ucllable
Horses    at    your    disposal.
Give   them   a   trial .md he
Plions 47 Oranbronk, 11.0,
Dried Hlood Fertilizer
Blood and Bone Mixture
Phone ID
P. O. Box 8.
<jA$, a><a\.'.y 'v$/».ij<i:,Q*!f:<i•'*.
|        The Leading Fruit Store, ,
'V *
•■   Oliohte Hoi Houso •
I      Celory .
•         ,lu|i Oi-angoft I
.*,            "SmiUisi" LotnoiiB •
J;               Naval Oi-iiuguM **
Dult's '•'
Stt-wiirt's fliHiChocohttOH ...
place where it was in the train nl
'he time of the Whoop-Up wreck, Mr,
Itjork ntated that "ho h'ul given in
■itrtictlons to Imve tho engine placed
ii the centre of tbo train ns that
.vas the handiest urrnngctuont in
-vbicb tho train could have been
undo," and went on to say that "it
was arranged According to n rule of
•he Urothorbood of Locomotive Kn-
Tho onginnoei's say that there is no
tuch rule and no agreement whatev
er with the company In this matter.
Uthbridgo Herald.
Liquor Lioonso Law
Victoria,    Koh.   I"    The    attorney
general to dny     Introduced a drastic
iquor license bill.   Some of thochlol
'-rovlHloiiH npplylng     to  unorgnnlxed 1$
territory aro: ' f>
l.imitatlim ol the number of li , *'
ruses in three for n populntlon id;'*'
i,unn within a rndlns of three miles ,;,
rom Hie llrst licensed bouse, One'.,,
iddiiiunni license mny be glvon for *
-nrh nddltlonnl 1,000 ol population. •
Population moans ihe numhor ol •
ulult male ('uiicasiHiis, Thoso clai S •-'
ik do not apply Lo existing licenses, jjr
Onl> Cnucflslnns on tbo voters'list *f.
■uu jn i llconses, a ______      - i
Nn ono whose license bus been i-nn- .•> "-«^******——«■*■*<-■ ,,
.elled enn gol another license for ® rilTriM .„„nil, ,,,,* 'V
throe yenrs. jf       HlJliH    O i I. W A M 1       |
To got ii license there must  be po*  $    . . ,„ ..,.,«    1
Lltlon    signed by two-thlrds    of tho |   A""""™**™ ,,,",",, '"   |
i Jnucaslan hotisoltoldors within n  ro    4! S
dins of three miles. .•,.«ir^*-'*»^'* *<*■*■* * * * * *■ • •■*-•
Ham and Bacon
* Our smolitiil moats uie always frosli s.tohkl    Wk.
X   aro bum) tliul. if you Iry them onco you will ilgt'QQ./
X    with  us thut. thoy an- thn host  flavored   nml   mosl
wliiili'Siuni' ismnki'il  mi'iits ynu   hnvi1 evor oaton,
P.Woods & Co.
P. 0. BOX 164
A Clean Man
Outildc olesnllneiui l« less thnn huh tlw but ilr. A nsn tniy
■ortih Iii nine 11 .1 do/en times n dnv, nml **iill br inulcatn. (iutul
ht nlili hum ns r Im nl Mies', nol 1111I v mi I side, Imt 'nstdtt. li tjieuiib
n okfMI iforimrli, rlriiu hnweU, ilr.in HI mid, h vlcun liver, und
mt*, vlcini, liCHlllty tissues, I lie imin wiin it Irnn in itiis wny 9
will lank  it mid uel  it.    He will wtirk  with -itrrny und   think    ■
ulemi, cle«r, boultli) ilimnthlii,
He will never he trnubled with liver, I until ituniNeh ur lilmiii
♦ M[   I,
1 :,:
 i i ,
M'I'iiH \ I ll i'l KI,
I'li-i i in..  Work   li
nil   IimiiiiIi.'-  ul   il.,
:* '   Tim winilnw i.t tlio l''inli  Mi'iciinlllr 1 dlsurilora.   Dvapupalii mid Intllilcalliiii urlillmile ill unclean slum*        Wti^
'":ii|iui,v     wiH n luiyi'     wIiiiht tbini *l'lia.   Illin.il ibsi-nsrs iirc fniiml wlioru llior* .. unula.ii hluual.        *
'.I.     :...[   li-Ki tbini Iwi'iitv iu]'', mill ! *'.uii» iilinn nml brinu'liili'i mi'itn iiiirlriin liniilv
':;,|'!''•'''' 2    '  t)r. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
Mi       W     II.   Wilson   hml   "thimble" prevent* (Itt'.e (Iheuneii,    li   ttiukes h mun's iniiilca uIcnu
Wednofldny nftcrnoon in honor | mi(i |, ohm by.   It cleans tin- dltfesllve orifdaa, aiukai pure,
elt-il ll    blood*  iiiiiI  fleiltt,  luiilltiv  tlesb.
l\. y Binning
"I   lii'l     I'li'l ill lliw.      Mil     I'lili;.'!,   ,,|
rnll'iiiv     Mill.   I'biu'i'i'n iiiiiny  ll'lriuli     ________^_^^___________^_____________—_________________
Uvi'i '  ili'lirlil.iil   In  In,vi<  Ibis oppnrtll-1 ll   rrsintcs   Initr. fn III!* norvoua n)-.Ii.'III, nml filrcs iiitviiiu rxbuii.linn unit
xiM'i'i-i. iii'iii'iiiiiii tn iiiivc ibis oppnrin |        li  reamrea  lime tn Mil- norvuua mmiih, mul cures iiitvi.iu
J|nlty '■'   i'i'iiii; bi'i  nimiii.   Hllo_wnn u |     prujlriiiinn,   h .'oiilniin nu ul nbol or liubi|.[nrnilit|| drutja.
Office & WorltHhop-   Lewis Sl,   ♦ TonSOrlal     Apt*!1"1111"     iwtitoUt ol   Crniil>roo*r, nnil I     '' Canulitullmi I   Ilu mm   iiii'lemi iiiii li'iinliiim.,   Dr. I'ieroc'a Hleoiunl Pel-
* . ♦ I'""' "'   '
"bliua   Nu    .'
nf tlii1 iiiiiii   pupula.1   liuvL.-tim*. ul |      ler. cur.; i
|tb»t tUM. I	
.■ii|iv.   i'.iiiy ... bike n*. uuntly.
O. K   WARD, Uuu*lfer
C. J. LITTLE, Secretary
The Oranbrook Agency Oo.
PHONE »80 P   O. BOX 18
Cranbrook. -        -        B. C.


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