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The Prospector Jan 29, 1910

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Array i
UMMI •" L,« A-'
Vol. IO.
CRANBROOK,   B.  C,   SATURDAY,   JANUARY   99.   1910.
tho evening so pleasant, a uid lang
syne. terminnteit the proceedings
which will long he remembered,
An Enthusiastic and Sue
cessful Celebration.
The Program of the Evening Carried out in True
Scottish Style.
A most enthusiastic and successful
celebration ol' the anniversary of thc
birthday ot Hohort Burns took place
Tuesday evening iu thc Auditorium.
by a "Sooper", a concert, toasts nnd
a ball. Tables were set for over 301)
guests. The Urge hall was well tilled
and every detail was carried out in
excellent order. The call to supper
was announced by the iiabering in oi,
the "Chieftain oj the pudden rnce,"
led by Mr. A. McCuwan playing h
march on the pipes. Mr. John Mc
Donald then gave Burn's address to
"tho Haggis" in true dramatic style.
Mrs. A. Wilson superintended the
preparation of the dish and it was
pronounced by eonnoiseurs to-be excellent and worthy of     the occasion.
After full justice had heen done to
the various viands, Mr. James Finlay took charge of the tonst list,and
Mr. McOowun the programme of th*
The tirst and loyal toast was "Tb*
King". The audience standing sane
"Clod wave the King."
Mrs. K. Patterson then snng "Mary
of Argyle", and in response to n
very emphatic encore unrig "Ye Danks
and Braes."
Then followed- "The Immortal
memory of Rohcrt Burns,, responded
to by Mr. John Flngal .Smith. After
giving a short description of the
birth and life of thc poet, the wide
range of his genius, in giving expression to the Inmost feelings of his
fellow men. His love of liberty, his
patriotism nnd his profound love nnd
sympathy with oven the animal crfa-
tion, as was exhibited in so ninny of
his songs. The Owl, Thc Mouse, the
Hare were all samples. What a
depth of feeling wns expressed in
"Man wns made to mourn," what n
picture or the peasant in "The Cot-
tens' Saturday Night," what exquisite tenderness in "Mary in Heaven."
What lyric hns ever matched, foi
sterling independence, "A Man's a
Man for a' that." Then the grandest
patriotic song to be found in any
Lay the proud usurpers low,
Tyrants, Ta In every foe;
Liberty in every blow;
Let. do or die.
This song, Carlyle said, should be
flung with tbe throat of the whirlwind. The versatile side of Burns
wns shown also in his prose
eplstolatory correspondence. It it
nnt then verv -strnin-e thnt n rr,°*'
who produced so much and yet lived
.struggling against poverty and dyim
at tbe age of thirty-seven, shoulil
have his name aud memory perpetuated after the long period of one
hundred and fifty-one years.
Mrs. Ahernothey then sang "Robin
Adair" and in response to an encore
Hang "Gin a body."
Mr. M. A. Macdonald responded in
eloquent and forcible terms to the
"Land wo live In". He gave much
credit to the prosperity and stability
of Canada to the Scots, who although never losing the love for the
"Land of his birth" by his Industry,
intelligence and character helped so
much to the development or this Canada of ours. Mr. Macdonald llll mot'
OUK-Iy alluded to the reputed wander
ing character of the Sent, that If tim
North Pole wns discovered, it would
l«t hy a Scotsman, and he wns likely
to lind another Srolsman ahead of
him when he got there.
Master Charier* McCownn danced
thc "Sword nance" which was very
highly appreciated, nnd in response
to an encore darned a Highland
Mrs. A. B. Mncdnnald then snug,
"Plana," and gave as nu encore
•"Plorcne" which was much appreciated,
Mr. Doano of tho Crnnhrook Herald
responded to the Press. He refer
red in kindly terms to the subject of
the day's celebration.
Miss Maggie Kennedy   then sang
"Mnxwelton's  Braes are  Bonnie"   in
A very sweet voice befitting the song.
Mayor J. P. Fink responded to
"The City of Cranbrook." He refer
red to the prosperity of the city and
the splendid schools we possess, with
evory ref-uironifiiit up-to-date.
Mr. Brymner nnd Mr. Stevens played tho accompaniments. Mr. Hurstoti
gave a comic song entitled "Foe the
Noo," and Mr. Campbell recited n
number of Scotch stories.
The iteMiH or thc programme being
ended the tahlos were cleared away
for the dance.
The Steven's orchestra furnished
the music and the plnylng was without fault. Nn Cotillion Brent, New
free France, hornpipes, jigs, strath-
spoys and reels put life and mettle
In their heels. Dancing wns carried
on till 4 o'clock. No morn sucetss.
ful Burns' Nii-lit could he found nny
where. The singing of the ladies
was beyond praise. Every piece
went to the heart. EJnch pleefl has
Its own peculinr excellence in choice
and rendering. Tlinnks ore due to
tho committee and the young men
Who were so indefatigable in making
Next to Last Member Woes Over to
the Socialists.
Victoria,  Jan. L'I.   The liberal  par
ty is represented In tho     provincial i
legislature     hy one lone menthol', 11.
C.   Brewster of  Alberni.    Today  was j
marked hy the formal announcement
by John  Jnriline nf his    retirement I
from    thc     ranks of   the liberals to
those of     the socialists,    The latter
now have throe    representatives, led
by J. H. Hawtliorutliwaite,     and as I
it result     Mr.  Brewster, the solitary |
stalwart, rose and requested  premier
McBride,    through   the     speaker   to
plnce him on severul  other standing [
committees,  iu  order  that the luteal interests  might In* as thoroughly
conserved as his unaided oitortfl could I
Parker William's address in the debate on the    speech from the throne
occupied nil    the afternoon session, i
He  likened  the lieutenant   governor's
forecast of legislation to a lobster
it  traveled  backward  instead  of lor .
ward.    Almost its entire contents do-
scribed gifts promised to     the Canadian   Northern  uml   Kettle  river   v:il
ley charter holders; in fact, it was ii i
case  of    give,  give,   give.      (Inly  one'
feature   pleased him, the     announcement that it. was intended to reduce
taxation.    He said it is time some!
thing of this kind wns done.
An attack on the capitalistic class
marked the remainder of his diatribe
He spoke of railway corporations as
inveterate enemies nf laborers and
declared tlie name of Lord Strath-
cona, spoken nf so highly in tlie
speech from the throne, would be forgotten ii few months niter he had
passed away.
Attorney Ooncral Bowser gave notice ol the government's Intention of
introducing a hill providing for the
establishment of juvenile courts in
British Columbia.
How the Laurier Government is
Trifling with the Issue.
Ottawa,  Jan, 2».   Mr.  It.   S.   Lake,
Qu'Appelle, in the course of the budget debate protested strongly against
the delay in constructing the Hudson
Bay Railway.    In  February.  I'.)07,tlie
premier declared that     the time had
come to  build the line,    lu  September, 1908, be again snid that the time
had come.    The Liberal party  waged
tbe greater part of its election cam '\
palgn in     the Northwest     upon that i
declaration;   it was represented as a
specific promise.   Yet In 1910 no pro-,
vision whatever lias been made in the
estimates for the turning of a single i
sod on     that railway up to the ,11st
of   Mnreh,      1911.       Meanwhile    the!
Northwest has already paid over the
cost of the line.   There has been sold,
up to October Inst, pre-emptions and
purchased     homesteads to the extent
of -l,l"J0,00(i acres;   the money received on account of these sales amount-1
ed to $12,391,200, nearly the     whole j
amount of the sum which the railway)
is estimated to   cost.    The    railway;
was to be    charged to these     lands;
the lands have been sold, the money
Is being    spent    elsewhere,    and  the
railway is in the future.
See Halley's Comet in Spokane.
Although Halley's comet is not
scheduled to appear for several weeks
what looked like it could be plainly
seen a few nights ago iu the western
sky, close to the horizon. Several
persons reported seeing the Comet,
or what appeared to be it, and although none of those known to have
seen the phenomenon was an author
Ity on astromony, it is generally
thought thnt. Halley's comet lias
made its appearance.
The comet threw off a glare which
could be seen plainly. The main part
seemed to be in a haze and did not
look brilliant enough to throw off
the long stream of light which could
be seen.
Father Adams, instructor iu astro
uomy at Gomtnga col lego, said*
"I don't believe that what, these
I people saw was the celebrated comet,
i for the simple reason thnt. it is too
j far away at present. According to
| calculat ions or the master natron-
; omers this comet is now outside ol
| the orbit or Mars. If this is right if
can not he visible to the linked eye.
The comet wlll come into view, thoy
[say. about April 10th, und will be
I visible for severul days before it dis-
I appears in the rays of the sun, to reappear about May I. It will tie near
jest to this planet about  May 'it*.
States Helping Canada.
On thr Government Naval
Service Bill.
Must be True to Herself-
Will Not Fail in the
Hour of Trial.
London,  Jan.
ithe   reported   refusal of ihe    United
States to grant a   minimum    tariff,
j Sir Thomas  Bliaughncssy,  interview
«d, said     thnt the MeKinley    tariff!!
I advanced   Canada industrially     and
.agriculturally  twenty  years ago. Ap-
: parcntly     our neighbors wanted    to
i give us another     advantage of    the
same character.    "I look lor n similar result in     the case    of this new
tariff.    It should   provide     an addf
tionnl impetus to our manufacturers,
to the policy of milking the most of
our natural rrnources nnd material,"
Snowslide in Pass-
f'Vniie, Jan. 27,- Rain and mild
weather has had the usual effect of
causing snowslidcfl throughout the
Pass but fortunately these have hoi
interfered with traffic on the railways
to any great extent, Tbe Gnnndlnu
Pacific railway tins not Buffered at all
as yet but the Great Northern line
has been blocked nt. Swinton. The
passenger train which should arrive
in Fernie from Spokane at 7 o'clock
Sundny did not reach the city until
11:110 Mondny and the conl trains
were also Unable to leave here until
after the passenger train wns in.
There iu every prospect of the weather improving within the next few
dnys and the danger of further se
riouu slides will be past.
Ottawa, Jan, 21), The feature ol
tho dehiiLe oa Ihe lirst reading ol tho
government Naval Service Hill was
Mr. It. L. Honlen's great speech. Sir
Wilfrid Laurier introduced the bill
that duty having been imposed upon
him somewhat unexpectedly by the
sudden illness of Mr, Brodeur. Tbe
premier gave the merest outline of
the policy {if the government, his
speech containing nothing in the way
of exposition or defence of his plan.
The programme to which the Government has committed itself is
rhis; (li  It   will      procure  eleven
ships, none of them large as warships go, hut all of them of the
most expensive of their sort. Four
of them will be fust cruisers of about
■1,800 tons displacement, of a type
commonly known as the "Bristol,"
tlmt being the mime of the lirst ship
of tbis class to be designed lor thr
British navy. One will be a smaller
fast cruiser, oi about 3,300 tons nf
Hie "Boadicea" type. Six will be
what are called "torpedo boat de
stroyors", of what is called the improved "river" class, a torpedo boat
destroyor is a very fast vessel designed to tigbl with torpedoes ami
given a very light armament of guns
a Inrgc number or these vessels recently built for the British navy
havo hcea named ulter rivers in the
British Isles, nnd so arc enlled the
"river'' class. If we were to buy
these ' ships in England they would
cost about $11,000,000; if we build
thorn iu Canada the cost will b*. at
least $15,000,000 and in addition nn
one can tell when they will be ready
for before we can build the ships we
must construct and equip the dock
yards, nnd that will be aa enormous
and tedious labor, Thus all thnt we
ure sure about in these ships is that
they will cost a lot of money; we
don't know when we shall get them.
(2)    There is to be a naval  force.
Pan    of ii- is to    be   n     permanent
force, part    is     to be   a     volunteer
force.       Service     in the   permanent
fqree is to be for three years.     The
officers for it   are to be   trained   in
the naval college.    Now, in the Roy
al navy the term is much longer, and
British     naval officers hold   that it
takes six years to make seamen gun
ners, of the efficiency     demanded in
the British nnvy.   Thus our terms of
service are to be different from those
I nf the British navy;   thoy are to be
i shorter than those which the British
: navy find  necessary; and our otllcors
' are to be kept apart     from   British
I naval officers,    ft is provided that il
I war breaks out    the    Onuadinn Government  mny  if it chooses turn our
} naval service over to the Admirality
| for general   service in    the     British
I navy.    If it does so it must summon
| parliament, if   that     body is proro-
! gued, within tlfteen days.    If it does
i not     feel  like   helping   the     Mother
country it need not nnd if it refuses
uid to Great     Britain it is under no
obligation  to   summon    parliament.
The     fact that    the terms of service
• ure so unlike     those of     the    Royal
navy will  greatly lessen  the value of
the Canadian naval service if handed
; over  to  tbe  Admirality.    If wc had
officers  trained  under    the same traditions     as British officers, and men
enlisted on the snme terms nnd train
ed in the     same manner,     the fleets
, would be Interchangeable.
Bui the government refuses to do
tlmt,   so that   our ships if    turned
over will be of the loust possible
sorvico.       In any     event,  it   will  be
: years before we have them. Compare with these halting proposals, at
once slow, expensive and ineffirienl
Mr. Borden's words. At tbe end ol
his speech, niter a powerful declination  of the duty  resting upon Oaun
I 'In <>f playing ber own pari in the
hour of trial, lie went  on to say:
"So, if Canada be true to hersoli
she will not "nil iu the day of trial
to the empire, but stan proud, pow
erl'iil and resolute iu the very fore
front of the sister nations. But. she
must stand unprepared. "I say to
my right Hon. friend the Prime Mill
later, so fur as my words Imve any
weight, with him: Go on with your
naval service. Proceed cautiously
and surely.
"Lay your proposals before the
people, and give them if necessary opportunity to be hoard, but do not
forgot that we are confronted with
an emergency which mny rend th:
empire asunder before the propose
service is worthy of the     name.     In
ithe faca of such a situation inini
dlate, vigorous, earnest action is
necessnry. We have no Dreadnoughts
ready, we have no licet unit at hand
Bill we have the resources and I
trust the patriotism to provide n
(loot unit or at least a dreadnought
witboui one moment's deiayr Or, In
my opinion this would be u better
course, we can place the equivalent
in cash at the disposal of the Admirality to be used tor naval defence
under such conditions as we may
prescribe, In taking this course wc
will fulfill not only to the letter, but
in the spirit as well, tlie resolution
of lasl. March, uml wliot is Infinitely
more  important  we  will  discharge n
, great  patriotic duty  to our country
[and to the whole empire."
May Subside lutk its Catacombs
Submerged Area Wider-
Paris. Jan- -'- Another day has,
passed, but the inexorable yellow
tide still creeps BlOWly higher, each
Inch Ol water widely extending tho
area of destruction, desolation ami
Tlie sun is shining in Paris today.
The rain ceased throughout the al
dieted districts before noon, and as
the waters of the Seine appeared tu
subside the Iniiientati >ns of tlie populace gave wny to rejoicings. It was t
hoped that tbe worst wns over, nut
the wish  was father io the thought.
At  12 o'clock     the   water     gunge ■
showed a drop in  the  waters of the
Seine at   Pont      Royulc    The nuhsi
donee      continued     fir    30  minutes,
amounting to three-quarters    of an.
inch.    Cries of joy from    the watch
ers wore taken up by thousands along
Lbe quays,    Later it      was said thai
the fall was due to     tbe rapid over
tlow    into     the   Bercy quarter from
points   where  tbe    Seme  had   broken
its barriers.   Tbe     experts said thai
the river was still rising this nftor
noon, imt that the    maximum Hood i
should   be  reached  at   3 o'clock,
In the afternoon the fluvial depart
ment predicted a further rise of eight
Inches before the rrest of the river
Seine is reached. The flurry of joy
at noon was followed by pessimism
as tlie waters continued to rise.
At ;t o'clock tlie river bad risen
two inches since the subsidence at
noon. The Red Cross society today
established kitchens for the destitute
at a hundred points.
It. is rumored this evening that tb;'
dike protecting Gennevllllors, six
miles from Paris, hns broken an I
that the entire town had been inun
dnted. The population of the town
is 7,000
Paris today resembles a beleaguered city. The military commander in
ach of the live sections into which
tbc metropolis has been divided holds
his soldiers In constant readiness for
Uspatcb to points of dnugor. Thei
government of the municipality hns,
placed the military barracks nnd the
public School ' building at the
disposition of tho refugees, who nl
ready n urn her, i t is estimated, more
than 100,000. Fifteen thousand laborers or the city are also out of
work, and although subscriptions
are pouring in, $200,000 having been
raised last night, the govornment
i his morning decided to ask parliament far an additional credit, to be
used in  relief work.
Every point today brought a new
tale of disaster. At s o'clock the
vault of tbe Orleans railway tunnel
gave way nt the Rue Git Lecoour;
another bad cave-in occurred in the
Hue Lile, flooding the < unrtcis of tho
German embassy, which was surrounded by water this morning and abandoned.
The main drain under the Champs
de Mars broke during the forenoon
and tbe blanket of water extended
hack to the Invnlides, where reposes
thc body of Napoleon.
The wnlln of the Invalided station
are crumbling and both that structure nml the wing of the foreign
office opposiitc are in danger of collapse. Nevertheless Mine. PInchon,
wife of tlie foreign minister, hold hot
regular reception this evening, oil
lamps and grate tires being employed in the absence oi stenm bent and
electricity. The streets surrounding
the St. Lnzare station hnve sunk
three feet, and the situation there is
regarded ns desperate.
The gunge of the water this morning exceeded nil records back to 1007
nnd up to 12 o'clock the river continued to riso at the rate of throe-
quartors of an inch an pour. I
New Comet Beats Halley's
New York, Jan. 27.-The new conwt
discovered Inst week in western Canada, In England and in South Africa
close to the sun in tho evening and
morning sky and now visible from
the northern hemisphere and emerging from the solar rays in the even
ing sky, is one or the strange interlopers from space, whose coming astonishes astronomers as much as
anybody else. Moreover it is evidently a comet of the lirst magnitude
It la nil the mure remarkable that
this great stranger should have made
its dramatic appearance at the time
when Halley's comet is Hearing the
still and preparing for its perihelion
swing. But the two comets are pur
suing an entirely different puss and
the new one is likely to he n fur
grander object thnn its well known
rival. Not enough is yet known oi
its orbit to nimble us to say jusl
what its ful ure course will be hut it
.is so brilliant that most surprising
things tuny confidently ox pec tod of it.
To Gross Atlantic
Berlin, Jan, 20, It has now beon
arranged tlmt tbe dirigible balloon to
cross the Atlantic, winch is project
ed by Joseph Blocker, will start
from here for Ton01 iffo ou Mav lo,
1910. Tbe enlerprlse will be undertaken by Schwartz, n New York pro
motor, and the Gams company ol
Mannheim. I'he balloon, which will
have Vancouver, B. ('., as its ob.iee
five point, is being constructed at
Hamburg, It will he soml-clrculnr,
will be of 5,000 cubic feet dlmen
sions, and will have two 50-horse*
power motors. It. wilt carry six per
sons, all of them engineers The
lirst stage (lf the pnssagc is expected
to take four days. The balloon will
have the benefit ol the trnde winds
most of the way. Two stoainshlps
will accompany the balloon, but they
will sail two days abend of ihe air
To Probe li. 0. ^lsuranueJ
Victnrin, Jan. I'l. An insurance
commission, consisting of R. S. Leu
ie of Nelson, B. II. McDowell of Vic
torla, nnd A. 13. Krskino of Vnncou
ver, wus appointed by tho provincial
government, today to investigate tire
insurance matters in British Columbia, including the' operations ol
American companies in the provinco.
The commission will report upon the
advisability of legislation Tor the
regulation of foreign fire insurance
Ono Liberal
You wail for youi change after making a purchase, don'l you?   Would
il In- lliuli il you did not; even ill" the  ; juiu   be   small.'     We  i„ni
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amount nui) l'i' small, Inn it is the saving ol small amounts thai places
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many last-s below cost.
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d-fs^-Sri^^-'xN   beautiful machine.    You may say   I
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case should you be winner on the 16th day
of March and do not want the machine we
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&lj«* |>t*o»va*ti*a*.
i-.sc.\ni.isMi.M   IM
7K. B. Grace,
Lnurler will he alnrmed at ibe po
liticnl news from the coast. There is
I disruption  in  the  ranks  of  the oppo-
the bouse.
i     brand new   comet visible in the southwestern  sky just nf
ter    sunset.      U is   said   ti
bright as tbe planet  Venus.
he us
The spectacle ol
online tin1 upostlf,
•d Sifton be-
There nre only i\\u members in the!
opposition!  so  that    the    news thai
has  been   received,   thut   tbe   party   It*:
divided is not so serious as n sounds
when you hear it first.
********************** i
Hot Tea or Coffee ^VT S,y
and Fresh Home
Made Biscuits
NOTICE is hereby given tbat 30
riftya atter date, I Intend tn apply
tn tin- linn. utile! Commissioner ni;
UuiriH uuii Works f,,r a licence to
prospect lor coal anil petroleum on
iliir lollowtnii Innils situate in iln-1
liistrn-L ,,i Si.ui lu-.isi Kootenay,
Ilritish Columbia, in Ulock 4598:
Commencing at    a pout planted ;ii
m- near tbroo i.n miles    due i-nst ol
Un- -'I mill' poBt mi 0. P. V... survey
lini' which is  Un-    Western bounduiy
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    oi   Ulock   4.-,!lii,  M   hiini;  tbo   .Will
— I wost corner pnsi ,,t Walter .1. Abbs
. I   Tin- twelfth     lliiliuul convention of  claim,    tinmen     south     eighty    (81)
liilnni Mil,ni in'   tnc AsaoeiRt(>d  Hoards ,,i     Trade of chains; thence nisi eighty (80) chain
• I    the conserve    |,;asterii   lliiiish    Columbia wns held chains;     north oightj   tsii)     cbains
mn oi natural resources .md divest   (l|   kelson   «'odnesday.   Ii     »ns tin.  thence wesl oightj  (80) chuins to thr
ng himself ol political considerations hargesr convention in tin- history of point of commencement, mnking mi
tho purpose lun-    clemonts ol hu |[|u, fissociatoil boards, and tin- reso- acres, more nc less.
Intions covored a   wide Hold nl sub-     Loeuted this Mb dny ni November,
jects vital tn tin- Interests of eastern*  1900.
Charles E,  ft'obb,  Agont tor
Waller .1   ,\blis, Locator.
K assumes the oflico of watch dog I   During the   building ol     tho Crow I Wltnoss;   E. W.   Hutu. 10-3
1 H'1' '"lu Ilm,. iln Dagoes killed every bird,  no ■
mutter how -mall or large, even tbi'| — *-a   w**   ■'■&-
"black chick"  loll belorc the nuns of ' .ji*h.?B,0_. ?
Iicuptc      Now     iin- ilm.lu>. nre pur ' 'V»5i-Hb^E*i(i:-«A
chasing enn-.    mul u this matter is
imi  looked alter,  end .u  onco,  there   EXAMINATIONS FOR* INSPECTORS
will In- nothing loll In the country t" OF STEAM BOILERS   Wl1
!;   Professional
Bitrnstnis ami Solicitors,
CRANHKOOK,   ll.e.
has elements of lui-
t which arc not to be denied.
i  may bo iiermltteil to those
tleeecd    to tauRIl iu -I M^isirridi.mtua.
lent lug     when the \
tbe oltice oi   watch do
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
•; uteri is Ith ■ he i iii ii : ration ol nu
. ■ ural reso rees nil boi ivi en t his nn
■ ietit ~i\v. and moileru Instance
At one time Mr SUl< n .van a re
ipotislble mini *tec ill- department
was Hint in which the cousei vat ion
"f mn ural resoun < - sthi iuli! lui ■ ■■ been
the pi I tne i nsUiei al ion - i.. .1
■ ■! be got lii-lil ■■;. .vere co - ■ ■>
psei ■■ ed preserved and possiblj li
. red by himself and Ins 11 itioi
GENRHAL BLACKSMITH   it tnaj be that the leopard im
The policy of conserving natural
resources lias been Intrusted to a
eominissioa and tbe eoniiiv«-siou has
been entrusted to the directive sen
tus oi Mr. Sifton This is r eondi
tion ol atl.'iirs which luevitably gill*
gcstH the ancient proverb ol ■-< I .1
Lblel ;.i catch 11 thief." Not that nny
body  would  miicgetit   that   Hon   L'lifl
■ml   SiH.'ii   ■   ».-■<■..   a   thin      ■   ll
1  Bietaphurtcal  sense there is an  ii       [jeUeville lnteltlKenccr    Don't gram-
.table connectionJnJ^Mnj en    iU a, tho ,,. k, ,„ „i;r,    [U, gm you
ilou't nave to    buy 0 itrlch     bkjch .ii
I. Gl KL),
Burns! er,   Solicitor,  otc.,
ii   1 i-ioMPSON.
Iturrisicr, Solictor, uud
Notary Public
Otllee    lie-id  llniWInps,
CH vMtiv'tniK   I! C
II    W.   DREW,   Proprietor.
Mlllllin     I'ltinlln'i'l-    llllll
fl.U   I iiitul Survoyor,
Ini  the position ol   ''"   °"s m' rl""
\ Found!
nc. i
l„.|   .l.'.-.'ii
Frank Dezall
Kx.uiMii.il n.us ^^^^^^^^^^^^
I aspect ui oi strutu Uotlers and Mi 11
.ini>, uudei 1 lit Steam Uullorw III
ipci tion A,ct, 1101, will be hold nt
tiir' Parliament Uu Odiums, VlctorUi
.1.11.1 in ini* Sovi inbdi SI a, LVOQ \\-
: Hi .ii: 1. aad in-ii .. . >u lot uw mtu
in- had i'n application to thi undet
signed, to whom the loitb«r must ho
ie! timed, col n 1 tl) U li il lu, uot latei
isuy-   Salary,
P. 1:. C'Trison
Victoria Colonist \ correspondent
ants to know the best way ,.: In
easing the populntlon ol British
olumbia    Marrj  aud raise a family,   than      November   irft
e suggest Mir mi ■ uu-utb 	
Chlel  lospeitot  oi  Machinery,    Phone 153
Band MiiHttir City Burnt.
TeacUer of String and Standard Instruments Choir
trainer.   Orebtititiu Furnished
call   ip    ni" iui the tele
Rulilifr  'I'ilns   Applild
To lliistv Wheels
ASI'I   MOTOR   I'n'S   Hli Vi'l.KS
is spotn anil  the  Ethiopia
hut     the   Uauadiiiiis   will
- ::.'   uKainsI
;i   predal
r    so   '111:.'.. -
assertii il * II
..-i.,„l bet  (lui'.    tl
tiello i»lrl on the
real .t .lirli-ii'iitiv
I'iiiciuv HernU
tisht on    A Ride
.  ii
ni,', ono,
.-.  double
IJ   11   la  a
n.l iuli re
Ni-h Wetitiulnatui', 11  0.
lii.sti Let ul Kootenu)
cirga Wltaon   ol
Fhnna  JO      •   •
a specialty.
•      P. 11.   Boi   813
BOVRIL renovates
the liloocl and builds up
muscle and nerve. It is
good for children,
athletes and invalids-
good for all.
■ i.:..-     1        -       Ml
liia sl atement thai ,
hvesi hnusel
> shin  -.  an . liRht ■
n the   :.-■ :■■-■ ■        ■ :>-■; .-a
estern   Canada   contrived -
Siiton ..: a : 1 deal   ' .
[cnl actlvitj     S'or do the actions
statements ol r.lu> newspaper ol
I wns and controls, show  anj
ol such 11 hiiihly desirable anil
salt.   Winnipeg Telegram
■ .
ai j  li sl
eks' mi
.Many Strang,
have iniii.' out
ol ilir nddosl
things   111   iraudeville
■ i r v' -
V.   I nil .       .,    I   :..;    ,.;     11 3lll!
ind 11 '• ,■ Classe    al tl n
Leag ie  ■ ra.      service at 7 ia
ening    service at T:3i Sub;
C   ■:'.-,:... lbs lit
,n   entranci Kii    '
' ■ -   ■. ■        .
rati in  meet   g     at s       tddresi
Hi   Oievett
Wednesday     Ladies A,.; ineetini
Thursday     I" lye
Friday     Choli  pi
♦ Dr. i:. W. Connolly *
Tuke notice that Oeorge iVilaon   ol *      Physician  ind Suroeon      *
In tho lecture last  Clai-eshulm,     \n.i .   occupation    \. * *
a thc Watei Wm:   counuint,     intends to applj  loi per ♦        Oflice; AnnBtmug Ave        ♦
could ia\,   had a mission     i,,     purchuse the lollowlne J  *
■ : ;,       .,;   : lies,, described    lands    Commencing at    a T
th.' .^outh west corner T
,.i Lot 5370,   thence    running   Bouth T
nits     cbuin   to timbei  licence *
N,.   21SS2,    tneuct   east  forty chains, *
north to lot 5U7U, tbence west in tho
place ni beginning.                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
GEOROB WILSON -.  .....  .
Dated November ... 1,00. 48-9 (    ^,    K[JTL,iDGE
On Baker sttect, one door west
ot Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
£. H. SMALL,   Manager.
a  Posl pi
lllll ♦
* * \
B to 11 u.til
Phone Ollii
l 11.111. 10 li  |I.1U
C.   Roeldone
We Uc.il in Everything I'lmn
■4 Net-rllc In it  I .niiiliiiilivr
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds nl' Ski'.iiiiiI HiiiiiI limul.-
Kiirniliii'i'  il  SI'KCIAI.TY
l.gt's illil   Suinl.   Han-
Phutia !IBI
hi A vi
W. cline :
I Tonsorial   Art ♦
At ihe ulit  MaintQlin  llHrlifi
SlWfil-kll   im« Ue f I in Hi.-
MANITOBA  lln'l'Kl.
HMral OIivm  Work   in
nil  hrani'litt*  of  Mm
i-ciiLlons in tlmi line has just been ■ "» 1
pronounced a Biiccesa ConsiderinR] \Irs-..H
it.-, imture, the new feature might
cnwily have originated in Boston It
is a desirable elTori to administer
instniction to the public under the
;ii1hc i«t  amuseiaents
Tin' vaudeville stunt i.s simply n
■'talk" usually Illustrated und last
Ini*. uu minutes, on public health,
civic Improvements, campaigns ol re
lorm, pure milk, the story of thi
various stagea In tbc production ol
some familnr commodity and sim
liar topics. Tin' "talkors" are col
lege professors, loaders in uplifl
movements, etc., who are glad to
gel a chance tn reach the peoplo In
thla wny.
As the experiment is being tried In
the cheapest class of variety then
lies, ilie people reached are working
men nnd ilieir tn mil it's, mostly ol
foreign birth. It is interesting ti
learn I bat Hie audiences seem to en
|oy ibe educational lectures as mucl>
is anything else mi tlie progrnniH,
paying close at lent ion ami applaud
ing vigorously. The Interpolation oi
,i seiioiiH uddrcss between a caiiliu
circus ami a blackface act dm*< not
appear lo strike t lie patrons of the
10-eeiil shows ns Incongruous,
Tlie person who suggested tins new
feature in vaudeville is doslrvlllg ol
ureal praise. Man j prominent Ohi
'■ago people, including some "f the
■ iiy's leading educators, have given
ii.   tlieh    hearty    npprovnl.   liar    t
ontlnuc successful, the original hid
l.aadanl of ••talkers" must be kept
up.   Ii     would    spoil    everything    to
havo a crowd Dl  unitai
.eld, presenting theii
tbfliirb   and    icnsntlon.
•lie yellow  press.
And tin- men who ha
Uurfr HerviceK as lectin
•reseat tune are likeiv
ntlnuiasm  rooling aft
V      OILED
soid §r iisr
       mauii [mrrwm
bni Camwm, Oitn Cikhk Cs oi bono Ua
• ■n.l linn
lOHlllB    lln'
II.,i-l    ,.|
k ..: nreei
Il-H   IIIVllili-   III,
ulijects in th
I    Fashion   ,'i
.■ Rlnilly Klvcn
•i. up tn the
x. niul theii
■i- i. spell, loi
renuo :, while
insl appear in
li   should
-T'ciri'i- would   nol
,'  :..i Kiich work
In     llif junior    scries.     tlii- Never
iwciits, Captain    Cryrlermnn,  won ii
: 1 finite   from     tlie Comets, Cap-
nin Cyril Pntmore, lust Mondny
light nt the conclusion ol tin.' Boys
Irlgnilc drill. The senior teams rep-
oscntlng the city churches are untitle, in shape fur thr content which
fill tie niinoiinceil shortly.
MM.V..   VS.,
CRANBROOK LAM) DISTRICT Gradual!;     uf      Olilitfiit     Vi'H'l'ilier.v
",".                 District of Kootenuy. Collogu, Toronto, in IK08.
Take notice thai     IS. Golden filer Graduate und Medalist of ilcKllllpVel-
ol   Munistee,   Mich.,   occupation   lum- "flimry Collogu, Chicago, III., in 1900
,,.    .'i 111:111, Intends tu upply fur permis- Heglstoru.il     inembut'      ol      British
hv sion tu purchase the    lollowing des- Columbia   Association.
iMliiii Lands : Commencing at a post	
.,[  planted li.n chaius i-ast and 40 cnains *tt CAits night . nay promptly attbnoeoto
nt north ui J7 mile pust uu tlie eastorn 	
jboundnn      ol Lot 45112  ami running OFFICE at mcKinstrv s  livery barn
uorth lu chains, thenco eust mi cbuins CRANBROOK, B.C.
tbence  south  40 chains,   thence west
j sn chains tu tbe place'of commence1 -^^~  --^ -"    i==s-—
of ment, containing 320 ncros, moro   or
a°,,h 1, COLD,'. 1,,.RK. W.      CRAIG
u\ | llat.'ii Nov. 0, 1'JO'J. 47-1)
Steam  Boilers and Kui'mtee Work a
Cosi and Slock Estimates
Furnisliod Upon Applica*
P.O. Box 834.
A.  Mi Kowan      the I
lie Methodist    t?h .i.i.    will
At Motile- ^^^Amam.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.
■ipcclal musical numbers will be -z,w I  	
■a. nml     ilalnty refreshments will be ""       "
ervetl       Admission 23     cents.    The       C1UNBHOOK LAND mSTRIOT
lew  niul  populnr look  Monk  ivccntlvi ,_. .     .     ...
nihlisbcd by the   Indies     will bo on! Dlstvkt ot Koutenay.
-nii-.    a large attendance is expected,     T.'ike notice    that Anion U.  Pierce
BASKET BALL. |of Manistee, Mich., occupation Cigar
The Rev. .1. W, Williamson, of Vnn-
ouver, tleht secretary ot the B. C,
v S. Association will preach nt the
ll a, ni. service. A spreiril invitation
o all Bund ay ^elinnl workers ntui
uireuts. The pastor <'. W. King will
ollow up his series of sermons on
'Jacob the self uinml man", taking
or his subject: "Mis ups ami downs"
Bible school nl. 2 p,  m.
Senior elnsses for young men niul
vomen. A cordial from the Phlle-
henns nnd Bnrnsniis.
There will be a parlor soclnl at the
inrsonngc. Norbury avonue, Mondny
t S p. ui.. under auspices uf the
Young Peoples Union, nssisted ity the
■imii \ good programme witb re-
reshments, Rverybody invited, bring
i friciui.
Thf   mid-week   meeting    for   prnise
Mid prayer Wednosdny at h p. in.
All workers uud friends of the Run-
'ay school nre invited to a Bound
Tnblc conference, on methods of work
iiis Sunday nt l:lfi p. m.. in tho
<m,\ School linll. The Row J. W.
''Hlinmson, will conduct the eon
Maker, intends to apply fur permis
■■ion to purcnasc the following des
crlbed lands : Oo'mmoncing at a post
planted :MU chains oast aud GO chains
north of 67 mile post oa Ihe eastern1
houndary of Lot 4592 and running
north '-'(l ehuins. thenee oust 80
chnins, Uience south till chains, thonco
ivest 40 chains, thenee north 4U
chuins, thenee west 4(1 chains to the
[dace of   commcncomoiit,    containing |
220 acres,   mote or  less.
Dated N'ov. (;. 19011, 47-91
| Phone 56
Putioi'til Dlruetor,
District.—A court of revision ami
appeal unilei* tin- "Assessment Act,
I'.iiiil." for flic Port Steele Assush-
incut district, will hn liolil mi Vodnea-
ilny,   the I'Jth dny uf January, llllll,           _.
nt  10  o'clock in tin* forenoon ut the! ~   '
1. iiiirt House at Ivrmi and un Mon i ^■Via'aiMa'iWi'HalniMnkniraVMa^ilMi'inMil^
■ lay, the 24th dnv of Juiiuurv, I'Jlu,! g 0 . «, . ■ ,.. , :
ut 10 o'clock in ti.e forenoon at the 1 Kocky Mountain Llmpter s
urt House at Cranlirook. |^ .,„       %, f
Dated ut   Crnnbrook  this 29th day
>i December. I90S.
Court o| ltevisiun and Appeal.
Visit Dr. Kelly's
Great Museum
'(■ Ninhts Starting
Puesday. February
'I'm- daj   i. i an i!,»' aim I
ersai      f tin     ■■■       !:■■'" rl  u irn
In    -,■'',..   . . ■     \ | ■    : a    lioi ■.
\ . i   Ilii ■       || | lial     ■■•'■   nil Seol
'llM'lU'llt • ;    I   .'...'   :       lo III'
■' ' ho   'nil* ol |      ;
I."nl  ('loir!-'     Bere tim    hem
n   :     "■■-■■•■'      ;     -    ti   And the Jean Russell Companyi/-'
lion   two   ool uti he I   froi \*
;  .--i'l ( hnrlcs ia .-. man ol the people)
The Lnnient Anatomical
Museum in Ilie Went.    I
Ur. Kelly—DiHenseH of Mon. Twenty
yenr's experience in Mu- trontmont oi
wonknesH, norvoim I rouhlon or any
eontraotod nilmoittfl. A punitlv«
ini'' in eeery enno iiiu'erlnlo'ii. Con-
m 11 tat I on freo atul Btrlotly private.
Trontment porfionnlly nr i»>   lottor.
t NO. 125.  11. A. M.
,g      RoffUlfvr mt'iitirijrH:—2nd Tuos S
|  day  in  each  mouth   ut eijfht r'
J  o'uioek. J
!     .Sojourning Companiona   ate S
coi'iliallv IllVitQU. 2
■t        W. P. PRKRKK,        Seribe R, J
■fi W:
\\       Mux L'l'.L'       ORANI1ROOK, R.C, 1
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees
the home if you use only
Makes Best Bread
Eastern  Canada
-i" Howard St., Bpoknno Wmli. Low Round Trip Ratoe to
Ontario, Quebec and
Maritime Provinces
! nnd :"'-i Mi'- i-   n
!:■■■■.     ei
i ;r .
■    ui exl Ihil    llttl
liiiiL'f, alLhoiiL'ii ad ri' preparation
■ tin i omini ■■■ ■■■ • i iniii- im- not
I in iiumeroi
I mi Loire mm i c-m-v,
< »l»ritinr4 lJJay
Polly Primrose
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
m\ if if RiHiKim
Lslat lire conslatu i il i A'o hi
■i. liberal and nocinli«t,
ne wfthoul ■   ■ e-
i t-Jtti' ■
n:.-,or.fl   ond   fo
.eidny    'j
t   new   Fnner
' Op'i'i
<-,q   RebeKih*
■ lr.v.t--d
Ml.is   1,
M. Tannhnu
Mae Chapinn
COURT illAM'.itniiK, »'.Ui
Matt, iu (Jormat'i Hall 2nd nnd Illil
'Itui.il.i nl e.idi month at I p.m
a. M,'•..>».,., obtar Hoi"-
r   A   Abbott, HiHitft.ry.
tatUM Btukm oaA. wtlcoo*.
Xltvfo,    iiiii'iui    and     aocinllat,     h'.ii,
* Field Mai iliall  Lord lloliorl   ..: the
* ; Uni, ill  armj   i rlcbrntitrl     lil    :•. Idtu
* ivnilrliiiu  :,uiii\,',i in ■   in i   ui"iii i,
RDITOHI tl,  S'i i'l F.
Tin- wn,   i,.    in,  i.hl       counti .
I'l   thf OttOltl I         In to pill   ::.'.:   .   ;'..
vi i>.     I',,,,1,',I,.    al,-i I        ii,,]   llotlP '
•11   Hi   ..illil..I   ..I    :	
Must beautiful  romantic
I 0111(1(1}      '111,I,111     ul       iln-
( nil \\';n period,
I'.lllliiil.llK   ,i I'lirl v.    Sllllii-ll-
Iiinii,     |ii(n!iii iiiiii,      special
mn-ii al |init;iiiiii In lh'' |i';iinir
■ K', -. , II IVerless < in licstra,
i I'he) lasl a lifetime and cosl
: vn \ liiilr uuiii' ih.in thrown
| iiiw'iln-r,   ciitclipeiiny,  cheap
ITIcltots un wild Dec, 1 In Dec, ill, In
rlimlvu,  gooil  to nrtiiiii  wit Inn  three
t'ii'kt't-s Ismit'd iu  cniini'i-l Irin   Al.lunlii-
I dtaamalilp  liutuucs'i  will   Im on sitlo
.. from    Nov,  :'l   tind liinitcl   t,,     livn
y monllia from dute ui laauo.
I'lni'itr t''|i,ii'iiif'iil. S( ,-iii.lr.r.l l''ii:,l
i'Iii.is .-uu! 'I'litiri;,!. Slri-i'iii:' t'urii uud
ninlim i'ii'h mi iill through tra!n«
rJoinpurlini'iil Mhrui) Olwen-iitliiii
,'ni;- nu "Imperlnl Minltal" uml
"Atlantic RxproaK."
The Whole
Day Long
A     lln
\. M.1,1 ..in
<ill   Si-nli
nil Till':
I I'lllVn
not ii w
machines,     Sold   mi    sm;
iiiniilliU p.is minis liv
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Three Through Express Trains
v,..i   Ui
.in, limit
llllli-l,    I'ulllllllllll     I till'       |||',V
lll.nv,'   nil      iillii'l,    in        Ilir    II.,lllll
Wlilcll   I ■   llttllli'lill!'   till-   jltti-lltl'ill
proHpcrtive omlitrante    Irom the
country aa well u. lAVastota.
, Prices 75c.50cand.J5c
ig at Beattie
Phone I
Al'lllHll'lllll'    AvtlUII.'
'V. I'l iiiiIii
nil,  ll.C. ITI
.i.i _
Sp.itH now
lllpui! dully nl.
ill'., I ,.   ,il   Tun,I
i'i...I nml wi'nl tlii'i-eof
nperlul l.lmili'd" leuvca Wiiml
|„'i: (li.ilV .il I.S I,, nml Ilii' " Ulnntlc
ISsprmB" nl. 8.IHI 'Inilj, innliinit con
ni'i-iiunii at Montreal lor nil polnttt
nml thoroof.
Apply to the minri'iit C. P  R, agent
far full information
Rubber  Dollar   Store
C W. VanWORMER, Proprietor
We Buy Everything
WE SELL what we have in stock at prices that
will surprise you.. A visit to the Dollar store will convince you that wc have the goods, and can save you
titty per cent on any goods purchased.
We Buy and Sell For Cash
♦ PEACE and CONTENTMENT wlll surely reign
♦ Staple and Fancy Grocers
The goodness of ANCHOR BRAND
FLOUR is proverbial; it gives "every
man's wife" the opportunity to make
good bread. This, of course, mean*
larger consumption, but you don't
mind that, and your children will not
be running Across the Way for "a
piece"; they will stay right at homt
Mnnftl. by
Leitch Brothers r^lour Mills
■ ■■  . TII I'l  PRO8PBCTOR1    CIlANUU'HiK,      "-.J-; ■_
McBride Outlines Policy
Pledges with the Canadian Northern will be Carried out.
Extend Free Text Book System.   Amend Timber Laws.
Victoria. Jan. 2B.—Tho feature ol
toilay'K Hitting of the legislature waa
the formal announcement in the house
by Premier McBrldo ol the government's timber policy. The premier's
announcement was made in the course
of a speech of an hour ami a hull in
length, in the debute on the address,
following thc presentation of the interim report Of the forestry commission.
This report which was presented to
the house by Hon. 11. B, Voting at
the opening of the sitting, recommended that all special timber licenses bo mado renewable from year
to year until such time as the land
Is logged ot!, subject to whatever
conditions the government may sea
tit to impose. one of these is that
when it found thut any laud held under special license Is found to be required for sattlomoiit, the holder
mast remove ail timber within a certain given time, at the end of which
the laud will be thrown open for settlement hy the government.
Just what wlll ho the exact terms
of the government's legislation, the
premier did not announce, but he intimated that it would follow the line
of tho interim report of tbc forestry
commission and said ho hoped it
would be introduced shortly.
Another important announcement
mado hy the premier was to the effect that the government had decided upon the extension of the system
of free text book distribution at
piesent iu force, which means that iu
addition to the books now supplied
to public school pupils, others will
be given.
In connection with tho Canadian
Northern railway deal, Mr McBride
pledged himself that all thc promises
which he made during the election
campaign in reference to it, would bo
givon cflect in tho ratifying legislation.
In addition to these matters the
premier dealt at length with the record of his government and also replied to the attacks of the three opposition members, who had preceded
him in tho debate. He dwelt upon
tho responsibility which now rests
Upon the     government  by reason of
its strength in the bouse and warned
I his supporters of tho necessity for
I bringing tbeir best endeavors to bear
upon the legislation which is to come
before the house in order that ihc interests of the province might be nm
ply and fully protected.
A feature of the premier's speech
wns his reply to Parker William's
attack upon Karl (ircy ami Lord
strnthcona, but particularly ihe lui.
ter yesterday. Mr, McBride said that
even Mr. William's socialist follow
©re would not approve bis remarks
about Lord Strathcona, The pre
micr took high ground throughout
his aridivss which was listened to
with great., attention.
The other spoakers nf the nl'tci-
noon wore II. C, Brewster ol Alberni
nnd John Jnrriine of Esquimau,
both of whom preceded the premier
Both attacked the governmenl for its
alleged sins of omission nnd commission. The former relinked Parker
Williams for his remarks regarding
Karl (Ircy and Lord Btrnthconu.
Outside of  the    three     speeches  no
business was done, except tbe presentation of a few petitions. .1. II.
Hawthoruthwaite moved the adjournment ol the debate.
Tho following notices of Inquiry
of the ministers hnve been glvon:
By Johu Jardlne, BJsqulmalt, of
Hon. H. R. Young, provincial secretary.
ls it the intention of the depart
meut hereafter to observe the follow
ing rule nt thc high school exmniim
tlons: "That all the quostlous shall
bo within the scope of the text books
and upon the subject mirier examlna
Will it   be     necessary   for   public
school pupils hereafter to present the
drawing work done iu their books at
school  to  the  presiding examiner nt. I
the entrance examinations?
Did the superintendent of oducatton
explain to the provincial school trustees convention at Revelstoke that
the governor general's bronze medals
were given to the places that sent up
thc most pupils at the high school
entrance examinations?
If so, what explanation did he
I Is it the Intention ol tho depart
meut t<» procure governor general's
medals for the following pupils:
David MeNalr ol Armstrong, Lena
Leaiy of Lad nor, Mary I Bigger of
Kelowna, Dorothy C. James ol Qol
don,     lillolso     atreol    ol   tJhiiiwack,
Pearl   V.   Lovertngti i   Armstrong,
Marjorie McQUUvary of ChilUwack,
Mary Palmer of Crnnbrook, Olive
Young of Poachland, Viva It. Fulton
of Suinmorlnnd, ('has. Lawrence ol
Nnrth Vancouver, ami (Jcclle Boyd ■>[
Is it the Intention of the department horoaftor t<> examine tho pupils
of any city school oil tho rural sei
ot quest Ions nt any high school
Wore any marks deducted from tho
pupils' answer to questions on tho
Bpclllng paper at the last entrance
examinations on account of misplaced capitals, ot misplaced punctuation
What are the requisites In ordei
tlmt a place may have the honor oi
receiving n governor gonernl's medal
this year?
Is it the Intention «-i tho depart
meut hereafter to publish in the an
mini school reports, calling attention tn i.lif unreliability ol the m
spec tors' detailed reports as published in former reports?
is ii the Intention oi the department hereafter to publish in the "annual public school report" the do
tailed reports of their visit to each
Wns David Blair, the drawing master, paid anything for attending tho
teachers' con veil tion held In New
Wesl in luster,  in   January   IfKMJ?
If yes,what amount?
By John Jardlne of the premier:
Is it the Intention of the government at an early date to remove the
tolls for passenger and vehicular
traffic from the New Westminster
Hy Mr. Brewster of the minister of
Is it the Intention of the governmenl to complete the Albcrni-Comox
wagon road this .vear, and what
amount hns heen spent upon this
rond up to date?
An Empty Title
Liberal Leader is Without Solitary!;"
Follower in the Provincial Legislature
Victoria, Jan. 24.—There ia at last
unanimity in the liberal ranks in the
legislature over the question ol leadership of the party. H. 0. Drewstcr
is the leader, but bo is without a tol-
lowluc;, the other member elecctetl na
a liberal, John Jnrdine, having eaat
in his lot with tbe socialists so far
as tho proceedings of the house unconcerned, accepting the leadership
ol J. H. Hnwtbornthwalte.
The matter enme up in the legislature rather unexpectedly today. When
the time arrived for the striking ol
the standing committees Mr. Brewster arose ou a question of privilege
nnd stnted that he had asked premier Mcllridc to place his name on
the municipal affairs, private bills
and railway committee.
Premier Mcflrlde then nrose to move
thu appointment ol committees and
in doing so said he would ask thc
member for Nanaimo, Mr. Haw-
thorhtliwaite, to give him the mimes
ot the members from his side of the
bouse ho desired appointed on various commutes. This Mr. Hawthorn-
thwalte did, naming himself, Mr.
Williams and Mr. Jardlne for dlffer-
imt committees. As the premier read
tlio slate already prepared, these
were added anil Mr. Ilrewster's name
was included in the list of the various
commutes on which lie desired to
There wore a ndmbot- (,r petitions
presented and leave asked to Intro
duei' several bills in addition to other routine proceedings.
Most ol tbe time of the sitting wns
tnken up with the speech of I'arker
Williams, member for Newcastle, nn
thu address in reply to tbe speech
Irom the throne. Mr. Williams found
fault with the speech, with the government and with Its policy. A feature ol his speech wns an Attack on
Loi'il Stratlicrina ns a "doddering
.old man," who in yonra pust. used
his abnormal energies to secure things
which the peoplo of this country
would rcqulro in years to enme. lie
also attacked Knruest Miller and
frank A. Mnckon/ie, the mover and
aeconder respectively of the address
lo the throne. He wim particularly
vindictive towards Mr. Miller, who,
It may be remembered defeated one
ut Ilm socialist menthol's of the Inst
tioiisu, Johu Mclunes.
H. 0, Brewster moved the adjournment ol the debate and will spunk
tomorrow alternoon.
The committee,; ns struck In the
manner already described, were as
Private bills ami standing orders—
Messrs. rioss, Mackay, Shut ford,
Thompson, MeOulro. Brewster and
Mining-Messrs. Scholield, Braden,
Callahan, Wright, Manson, (Comoit)
Caven, Hunter, Mnckny, McDonald
and Wllllnms.
Hallways-Messrs. Mncgnwau, Caw-
ley, Fraser, Cnven, Braden, Clifford,
Drewstor, Jardlne, Wllllnms and
Public accounts— Messrs. fluvey,
TiBdalo, Fraser, Manson, (Skeona,)
Clifford, Dnvuy, llohnsoii, Mackenzie,
Cawluy, Miller, Wntsoi), Schoflold,
Wright, Brewster and Jardlno,
Printing- -Messrs. McPhllllpB, Parlous, Manson (Dewdnoy,) Watson and
Mr. Bowser gave notice tbat on
Wednusilny ho would ask lenve to introduce tbo following ineusures:
A bill enf.illed nn act tn amend the
Notaries Appointment net.
A bill entitled nn act. to nmond thu
Coroners act.
A bill cntitlod nn net. to Provide
foi tho Kstabllshmunt ol Juvenile
The recount, on local option will lie
completed tomorrow, the ballot boxes from Skeena having arrived. Local
option as been defeated, but It requires tbe figures Irom Bkcena to provide the correct standing of tlie vote.
New Steamer For Upper Columbia
New Westminster, Jan. ID. Cap-
tnin F. 11. Armstrong, ol the Upper
Columbia Traasportatlon    Company,
: is in thu city tbis wook superintend
I ing the   construction ol    the   frnmo-
work of tl unpany's new hunt  In
I the yards of thu Fraser River Lumber Company at Hillside. This now
Iship will he built to accommodate
1100 passengers and will have a capac-
hnndling ilu tons of freight.
II be lilted up very luxuriously in; tourist trafllc, with parlor,
lo'.iugu, nnd dining rooms.
The addition "I this boat will
bring the Columbia River survlue up
to three passenger steamers, two of
which arc uirohdy In commission on
thc river. Thu new hunt will run between Golden and Windermere, and
the trip is made through constantly
changing panorama.
A unique method is bolng employed in the construction of thu new
bout. When the frame ls completed
liure it will be shipped on to the Co-
lumhiit river country, whore the bont
will lie linishod on the ice. The Ice
is pretty thick during the winter on
most nf    the lakes and rivers lu tho
A Greater Reduction in Prices
To be Made Saturday, Jan. 29
We will place for your inspection and examination
a line of the following goods and we defy competition.
Even Old Tim might wonder where we got them.
We have a line of Ladies' Whitewear consisting of
everything peculiar to ;i Lady's wardrobe. A few prices
of which we herewith quote.
Ladies' Nigh I Dresses, regular $1.25 for fine
Ladies' Night Dresses, regular ti.75 for $1.0(5
A Special I .iiie.. regular 52.25 for    1.115
Ladies' Drawers, regular price juc for     25c
Ladies' Drawers, regular ijm for     RSc
Ladies' Drawers, special, regular $1.50 for     !M)c
A line of Under Skirts lo clear at practically your
own price.
Ladies' mul Children's Shoes, complete in all sizes
as we have just received a consignment of $1,500.00
bought at 75c on the si.ou.    Ask particularly to be
shown these.
A line of Black Gloves in   |osephine   and   other
makes, regularly sold at $1.25 to si.50 for 75c
All other lines in proportion.
A real nice line of Ladies' Tweed Skirls to be sold
at $1,35.    Regularly sold from $2.25 to $4,00.
We intend if prices stand for anything, to, unload
our stock.
Kootenay,  aad  Captain    Armtitroag, ol   beginning,     cu
,,,,,1  iater  ither  boat   bailtfers  in  mora oi  less,     i„
thnt  part  ol  the  provinco,  hit   upon loomed by Prank
tlie     ingenious   device ol     building her 5,  1905 foi  wl
blocks and  platform on  thc   Icai and   was Issued t" him.
constructing     the     hoal    thereupon. I I'AUL tt    UH1LDEKS,  Locatoi
uIhui ihe     boat  is    completed,    the Alfred  Uraun,   Agent
Bquaro .'I ico upon which     the  boat Located    tins 87th daj "I November
aad its     support rests,  is cut   away  19*9. 52 I
Irom     the rest     ol thc   Ico aad tho —	
weight  nt     the vessel gradually   de    COAL   ANB  I'KTkul.Ki'U  NOTICE
presses     the    Ice, the     boat gliding 	
smoothly Into thc wnter. '    NOTICE Is   hereby     given thai .-.
— " I duys niter     clute,   1 Intend t,. appl
Toronto  News   Thai    London,  0n-jto the   Hun. Chiel 0 nissionei   ,.
tarlo, correspondent  who spoke of "al Lands aad Works   [0r u     liceace i,
snake in the grass hurllug stones"
has been outdono hy u writer in tho
Barrhead News, who, according to
Punch, doclares thnt : The Insidious
Bnako oi Free Trade should nm wag
the cloven hoof of Protoction In tin-
Diatrict. Notiee is hereby given, iii
uccordanco with tho Statutes, thai
Provincial Uevonuo Tux and all as
sossed taxes, assossod and levied un
dor the "Assessment \et" anil the
"Public Schools Aits' and amendments, are now due niul payable for
the vear 1010,
All laws collectable for tho Fort
Stoolo Assessment District aro now
due nml payable at my oflico, at tho
Government Bnildlno In the City ol
Cranbrook, U. C.
This notlco, In    ton I   law,   is
ei|uivaletit to n personal    demand hj
mo upon all poisons llnhlo for taxes.
Dated     at    Cranbrook,  ll.  C .  lln
34th dnv ..I January, enn.
Collector for
Poll  Steele Assessment  District.
sSHriiE 62^c per acre cash and 62Jc
lllch   licence  No. ,';,::
once each year thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia niul
Kootenay and Western Railway Company's Laud
<o.nits. Ihese lands are eminently suited tor the
raising of
and may be purchased on these EASY TERMS
prospect for coal and potroloum ou
ilu- following luinls situate In the
District nt Southeast Kootenuy,
Hritish Columbia, in Ulock  l.'iM.
Commencing ut a post   plunted at
or near   three i;ij miles   duo easl ot
the -I mile pnst ol thfl C. I'. It, sui
vey line which Is    tho westoin boun
ilat-y ol     lilmfc ir.tei. and    being the
Northeast corner     post ,,i M. Wayne
Twill-hull's claim,   ihenee west oighty
imii  ehuins;  thenee south  utgh
ehuins; theuce east eighty
tiienee north    oightj  chains   to ihe
iHiiui  of commoncemont,  mnkinu  i.tu
Hires, more ,,r less.
Located tins Mb dnv ,,i  November,
Charles  13,   Wehh,   Vgcnl   l,,i
ill,  Unviie Twitchell, Locator.
Wilness.    15.  VV.    Butts, Mi ;i
JSI Canadian   Pacific   Railway
wim ,iit- looking Im settlers Iur this part
^^^^aiaBBjjf"— . ^■aBjjajajBBBBa^
Timber Lands "I ilu- highest character, situated in
tlir-sr Grants, an- ottered loi sale in blocks ui irum
0-iu a ns upward,
NOTICE is   horoby given thai  i;iiu
llii'll   'lays     niter dato  I   intend    Ii,
npplj  in ilie II iilile Commission
.-!■ nt I,nuils ami Works Im ilu- Ills
tun nl Easl Kooteuay, for n licence
tn prospect fur conl and petroleum
nn lln- |,,11,,wing described lands, minute ut forks nl Kishcnehun Creek
ami Akimina Creek, near the Smith
Kootenny Pass trail, lllock 1593,
NOTICE is   horoby     glvon that  mi   Southeasl   portion nl  Hritish Coluin
lays after    date,   i Intend tn apply  bin; C moncing nt n     posl  plunted
tn the Hon. Chief Commissioner oi near the Snutb Kootonny 1'nss trail
Lnnds und Wnrks f,,r n licence toINorth ol uud adjoining Content KI-
prospoct tnr coal nnd potroloum on ton's claim being the Initial post nf
the   lollowing lands     situate in tho  Anna It   Pentland's clnim uml murk
District    ni'     Southenst      Kootenuy,
Brltlali Columbln, in lllock 4593:
Commencing at n post plnnteil nt
nr nonr thm' (3) miles due Kast of
ilu: 21 mill' pnst (in Hi.' C, 1'. It,,
survey line which is the Western
boundary of Block 4593, .-md hoing
the Southwost corner post oi Chnrles
lv Webb's clnlm, thonce east olghty
(80) chain!-; thenee north eighty <x<)i
chnlns; t hence west ulghty tan*
chains; thonco south eighty (80)
chains to the point oi commencement
mnking C40 acres, more nr less,
Located this Sth day of November,
A. I). J'JOO.
Charles lv Webb,    Locator.
Witness:   10. W.   Butts. 50:!
NOTICE is hereby givon that. ISO)
thirty days after date I intend to
npplv to tlie Honorable Commission
it of Lnnds ami Works for tin: Ms-
trict of Kast Kootonny, for a lieoncu
i.n prospect for conl and petroleum
on thc following described bonis, sii-
Ufttc ou Akimina Orecknear the Soutli
Kootonay Pass trail, lllock '15.13,
Southeast portion ot British Colum
Ida: Commencing nt a post planted
near the South Kootenny Pass trail
about, two miles from the bead of
Akiminfl ('reek east of and adjoining
'}. A. Walther's conl and potroloum
claim, said point bolng marked Paul
W. (Mulder's Northwest cornor post.
tlionco Enst 80 chains; thence South
SU chains; tbence Wesl K0 chains nml
thence North   SU chains   to the placo
cit Anna It. Pentland's Southwest
corner post; thence nortli su chains,
thence Easl SU chains; thence South
nu cbains, thenee West Nn chains to
Hie piace ol beginning, containing
till) neres more or less and being tbe
same claim located by Nathan
Whoaldon on September r., PJ05 ior
which mineral licence No. 752 was
Issued to him.
ANNA  It,  Pentland, Locator.
Allied  Braun, Agent.
Located  this MTth   dav of Novemli
Apply to tlie :nlilifss ;is shown on ilu* attached] coupon
tor Maps, Application Korms, Kej<ulations and Literature
Desk [3
A^t. tn jiicI Vice President.
Calgary, Albertai
'lease send me all facts pertaining to your lands in B. C.
NOTIOB In hereby given thnt 30
(lays after ilate, I Intend to nppl
in tho Mnn. I'hici Commissioner ol
Lands und Works for a licence lo
prospect for coal mid petroleum on
till following lnnds situate In Ilm
District nl Southeast Kootenny,
Urltish Columbia, in Ulock WM:
Commencing nt. n post planted nl.
ur nenr three (3) miles elite enst ni
Hie il miles posl i.n c. I', ll.. sin
vey lun' which is lln* Weslein Itniin
.inly ,,l    Ulock 45113, nnd     being the
SuiitheaBl   'ner posl   of     Anna lv.
Webb's clnlm: thence west eighty
(8(11 clinlns; thenee iini'lli eighty (Ml)
chains; thence eust oighty (801 chuins
thence south eighty- (Ktli cbuins tu
iln- point uf commencement, innlrlne.
040 acres, more or less.
Locntcd tins sth dny uf Novcmbor
chillies K.  Webb. Agent  tor
Anna K. Webb, Locator.
Wilness;   B. W.    Butts. 50-3
$ Guesls Comfort a Specially   Good Stabling in Connection M
8 — 11
Nearest tn rail rond dupot.   Has accommodations   lor   tin-   public   unequalled   iu
Hot nnd Cold Baths Proprietors
Ask the man with whom you talk typewriters
if he has a machine with a Combination
Column Finder and Paragrapher
Ho may tell you that he lias nol, hut he will not tell
you that a typewriter without it is jusl as yood.
The Combination Column Kinder and Paragrapher is
n feature so essential to successful typewriter operation that
it will eventually be incorporated in all typewriters.
The typewriter offering this feature today is the
(mAM -''■^ m
The Smith Premier Typewriter, Model 10, has four-
Icon exclusive features—all of vital importance in producing
the besl work.
Let us scud you complete descriptions of them.
SyraCUSC,   N.   Y.    HuUiliM owiywliwe. Paja «
Tin-: I'linsi'KiTiiii,   oruNunooK,   n. o.,    Saturday, January m, isio.
Better   Buying
av t   '
cannot be had at any time. Come and make
your dollar last like two, when you buy any ot
the lines put before you in this ad. Be wise
and grasp the ^iven opportunity.
garment '
the biggest Night Shirts you ever ${,()()
^,i\\.    I i'n e each  '
CARHART OVERALLS.    The  best overall nwiile.       I'n
n suit and he convinced.    Price each   U^ i   'i**,
l»-i  garment k'
SARGENT GLOVES.    We are sole agents     vi: J   - r
i..». these gloves.     I'ei pii         ^l* l "
FANCY KNITTED VESTS.    Ml all $4 00
each, iloinattel what tin former prices were""'      *
MEN'S FIT-REFORM SUITS fi m    C }■%.()() up
durable and good fitting,    A  iiair... .•P*7"   y'
Burns    Bros.
The Store of Fashion Cranbrook, H  C.
I     Mil.'..
city Fi iilu
•iiy Mi'iiilny
1Inii)   Hi-
• . . ..
iu the
A    MiK.'iinii, ul  Winnipet
•irv Monday.
l-'iiiluy   IV
u   Kcllog, "i
■tty Thursday
u innipeg ivus in
Polly  I'lniii.'.i.   ;, benutlliil roinnntle home team m evory point, and nt n
plnj  "i iln- south, which is consider-  stage was thi  gnme in doubt.
••■I i" in- Uie greatest  production ever
ollered,  ibe .'un.,,,  iul   pim  r.KITISH   KLKCTIO.N.S.
Ing tbut awful struggh in iln- Stales
th.' groat civil war, uml ilu- Bccnes
living laid nenr H,e cupitol, Wasning-
ti'ii. must Indeed call loi nn intereHl
mn play ' ■. nu. iii-.l mill ih,. slime
Is tin- most  beautiful mi.I     charming
love ri nice e\ -i   cnai ii !. nnd  Mis
Jeanne Itllssell ns I'ollj I'rlmrose
displays liei excellenl tallent, loi
which sli,. has alroady ondoured her
sell Into ilir hoarts ol nil who havo
hoard and seen her, to perfect smis-
fuction, nml ,.. bowitchlugly charm
Ing. Mi. Huy K Brandon .1 .,
northern  olllcor,  surrounded     on nil  MUNICIPAL cnl'K'l' OP I11SVI810N
sides witb ilu-    southern  utmosph       Nn'l'ict: Is herebj  given   thnt,   mi
niul  fooling, although among  Irlends    Uoiidny    March  ."Hi   nl"   ilm dniri
has  Indeed a  perplexing  i'l,- to  poi    ,.1 llevlsion i"i the I'll)  ut Ornnl I.
tray,  l";i      with  ilu- sum.'   old time  will ho hohl     In ilu-   Council Ohnin
Urnndou spirit nml  tho worth of in    luu  , nl   I" ;i" n   111.. (locnl tlmoi  i,n
runs,', coupled ns In- 1- in iln- loading   tin' purpose   ol revls  the    Vssoss
role nml ilu- natural climax, n» with   mnn  Hull "i thc City •" Ornnbroult
'I'!,..    1 andiitg ol  the parties at  the
present   tinn' is as 11.Iluw -
Unionists     --'.'.s
Liberals      281
l.nh,.111.'.   Ml
Nationalists  711
Tho Unionists added     two i" tholr
gaiu, mn1.uu 98
11  is likely   ihui ihc Liberal Labor
coalition     will     havo u majority of
iii nil   in in the new house.
nil hen
i.n In.
Killoil nt Coal Cr.vk.
Stevens,   "i  Van
nu  Thursday
l-'i'iiu.'.   ,1m.    ",■      V   mini      accldolll
occurred nl   10 1,   lock . n  M, 11
No   1     inn,,.. Coal    i'i,. 1,   i"  wuieh
11    All nun     Im,      I,    I       ';'.'.',,''"'.., K."!.""'
l-'i h1h\   .in   '•!. tilif
llO    tU      -t.   -V.r  . '      I in      , 1|
.1'   Mini coniei I ionw >
\\       1     ■
.'uh   a the
Mi    ami   M
■  .   1 ■■ 'ri'
1   ■■ ...i .
- life     While nt
■■   ■ 1111 [11 the mine ,1 i',,i
tion "i    : he . m    ivnj    but) in .
tin- ■ in 1     ,1 ii .inn.
to death      \n liuimwl   ai Ul
■>■   the   .-■ '.'■■. ■■!,■. Win
1 ■       Scott   yenUnlA) .   I   ■ ■
viewti ,      f rnw wrw ail
nl   Sum 1 ' '' VI   u"k      "''   loavw
Mondfti "  "'i'   and  U ui  - hihln n   the  ^ >uii*-
"-!   '"ii:   onlj    'in   yetw  old
Imi   111
Mi    and    Mi
Mi>    II    I.
I'HK    mask   OK   \ VNCOUVRH
I hi   D m turn »| the  Hunk ul  Van
|:   Ton  ivei   would thnnk the good clttton-i
thi' city T 11 sdaj        - |:   '  il   i     umbia toi i nt«   phutuM,
>i   ei ■ ■ ■■ lei    ■ ': "■■ ■   llln -
Marysville jtratins  the natural  retiource-j,  inihm
an shopping ;ii   l'ran brook  Monday
K   s   Home, ol the Baal  Kootenay
mbei   t*i      ivaa In town Wednesday
'■.  • \ ■       in Inl'-. ■  tei
. -'.:-   i<' c IRTS?   oui   1910 Ful    appro* iateil
ti :   ,v   Wagnei   carts are bettei   than
and . ui    iL: ices arc still lowei Si ■ retw <
. .t  s    an ' •>:'1 ' I '     my n Go
CAHT   fithi  it   lirsl   -■- ...■■ [to >ds
mpa ■■-     We  bis direct ,,      .,
■■   ■ .  thi   lad   ; •        ^TMORE  BROS WmClI
The  Minister
R    M   ■     ai .    K    Shepherd ol  appointed the
•        ■ 1      ■■-:- at  the   Cran   ..;'   -■
•   v-  ' ■ ■-'• I ponm
nommereial tiff ul thin [Tu
thi purpose ol ;i tectinn the
hotii 1 last and vai iet> obtainable for
ciiKtavini' on the various denomina
tions ol ilie bills ul the batik An
immediate r
Tlio ie lin\ nn' - iiinpliilnts nKulnat
theii ;i 1 n moiil .1111 remiiieil in
have theii protc ■!■ in the Imnda ol
ihe i'n\ t'l.'ik ten iluj prevlmm to
tlui sitthiK «'t the ('Oiirl oi  UevlHlon
Dnti il 'ii I'rntihrook ilu IHlli dny
nl  Januai \    i 'in
T   \i   lioheri .
- n i'ii\ i'i.'ik.
\li \ I I I II   l\  I'AKKICH
P.US. A  \' K.
F. O. E.
Meet overy I'ridaj ui 8 ij.m
ill    ho   i
l'KU \li
P   John,
W   P
is CoiHllally   liivitctl
acting president.
I. Garter, acting Soc.
P,   0.   Box 2H.
It  O,
ion Board
Baling   triumphs    are   every *
day   occurrences   with  Purity
Highest   grade   in  the  world.
Home-made bread
awarded first prize
at   the   Nations
Exhibition. Toronto,  was
nade  from   Purity   flour.
Mi   and Mrs iutli dge   ol Port
age la Prairii i bi  ok  i Isl
■   ■•  Ch  rsduj
Dr. w F Green, and Mrs Green
rel ■ ned '.':. rsd 13 from a visit to
3    thei n     a  foi nio
Rev. Mr Wile- u ■ .:■■ I Intendent of
Presbyterian     Missions spent  Thurs
day afternoon in Cranl rci It
Mrs J. Tanhauser, ami Miss I.il
liai Tanhausi r, of Fort Steele wen
CYnnhrook  visitors Thursdaj
clill, of  Spokane
Vancouver were
brook Thursday
Hamilton, <;. Rat-
and K Uowncss of
uests    f\\ tnc Cran-
il Labor King has
allowing as a hoard
and conciliation in
:tion with the dispute between
the British Columbia Copper company of Green wi od and Its employ
ees: J 11 Senkler, Vancouver.chair-
'inin. J, a. Mara, Victoria, and
John Mclnuis, Phoenix. The dispute
is understood to relate to the recognition ol  ihc union
Ottawa Wins Again
; Montreal, Jan. 20. Ottawa deleated
the Canadians here tonight at the
Jubilee rink iu one ol the fastest
i Karnes ol hockey played here this
! season. The game was clean and
' LeStieur in goal for Ottawa played
the star game of the season. The
j score, at half time whs: Ottawa '..
Canadians 3; final, Ottawa 8., Ca-
■ nadians -1.
K. !■:. Jackson, of   Calgary;   A. J.
Bates of   Vancouver,    R.   Orubb,  of
■ Nelson, were registered at the Cranbrook  Mondny.
W   Moore, of    Penile;   P.  K.    Cle-
■ meats, ol Victoria; and K, Richards,
of Rdmonton, were registered at the
Cranbrook  Tuesday,
Geo. T. .McGregor, of Moyie spent
severul days .this week in Crauhrook.
: Mr. McGregor left on Tuesday on a
I visit to Fergus, Ontnrio.
WANTKI)   First   class  planer  man,
■ charge of two   machines,   commence
■ middle of March, apply stating wag
Oatiauiui Uan l'aken.
London, Jan. 27. The Rank of
Montreal dosed today its list for thr
Canadian government loan of $20,-
000,000. The issue was closed by
public subscriptions, and the result
is regarded favorably in view of the
fact that hall' of the new Indian loan
at %£ was left with tho underwriters; also seeing that Germany ia
about to float a four per cent loan at
OH, where the Canadian loan was 09.
Wanderers Trounce UoUlt.
Cobalt, Jan. 25. The Wanderers decisively defeated Cobalt here tonight
in the second game of their northern
PETER McLARKN trip hy 11—6. The half-time score
Blairmore | was 6—0 in favor of the Wanderers.
The game belonged to the visitors
from the start..    Thoy outplayed the
For   Rale or Rent at Reasonable
OiTice& Workshop—Lewis St.
^hone No. as.
We have the experienced staff
and complete stock to give you a
high class job. Let us have your
specifications. We only want a
chance to quote.1]
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook. B. C.
The Leading: Fruit Store.
Heating   and   Plumbing
Engineers       ■     ■     ■     .
OUR AIM-Is to Kivn the corofort*8eeker the fuUcHt sense
of comfort with the leint, sense, of apparatus—tho InoBtsatisfying results at the least expense of fuel und of labor, with
freeiloui from repairs, and u durability equal to tlie life of the
buildings    in    which    the    heating  systems are   installed
Our Systems of Heating- meet these requirements exactly.
They arc thectlieieni. silent, reliable servant of the house owner
—an adjunct which does more for tho cheer and healthfulness of
homc-lifeth an any other material feature or decoration of home
fire *"M only I))
The Montelius Piano House
4.W-441  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,   B.C.
Branch St    413 Josephine Sti    Nelson, B.I
Gcj'k'-   WHcli,   Sellius   Affenl   Cranbrook. Hi
li    If   STANTON,
Manager   for   .ill    Eastern    B.C.   Business.
—    *
ili-eat Britain has not. lorpotten the
days ot protection. The plausible
argument ol those who would innke
the people rich hv taxation do not
It. I'. Hell, of Lothbrldgg, 0. P.
field, ol Creaton; K. Kcennn, of Spokane, ami II. Kpstein, ot Vancouver
were tmesis ut the Cranbrook Tucs
Mothers An unusually interostine.
011,1 original folder illustrating what
is the Intest in Chlldrens OO-CARTS
cheerfully sent, to any one asking for
11. by postal or otherwise. Patmore
A lust game of hockey wns played
Thursday evening between the (' I'.
1: Shops and the City team ut tbo
Anna Kink. The score was :, 11 In
favor oi ihc Shops.
Mi White, missionary student,who
hns been loi a few weeks confined lo
Si Kugenc hospital, Is now fully ro
covered and lelt Cranbrook Friday
to take up his work ni  Coal crock,
Mi-,1.   I-'I  Baldwin   uill sing to
iiiei.i in the Kdi-on Theatre. The
little   lady's    slutting    is always a
n " 1  in ch     pleasure to the pa
11.n >,i thi Killson, Now nlnis nml
-■' tl h : I -■iii-s will I,,- plncod on the
' 1,,:. tin-- evening.
Mi .1 11 1-:.in;.'ii.i- gavo his pop
"im lecture .-on! nlcturo travel tales
nl  Patagunln   uml ilu-     Patlgnnlans
'-   tin   Vounc 1 p!.". union nml theii
friends iii Hie Baptist church on
Mondnj      evening,    All   were deepK-
■ii" '■ 1  pionsod     wm, ibe line
picture   nml iiiieresimc remarks.
Choice Hot Housj
Jap Oranges
"Sunkist" Lemons
Naval Oranges
Stewart's fine Chocolates
Aniisirmiu Ave. t'llOIll) T.'i
To get the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
Aids Nature
The great siu-ecss ol Dr. INerce's Golden Medicnl His-
covery in ct:riu>> wcftl-: sinmuiMis, misted bodies, weak
Unit's. Hiid onsiimiU- und injiering coughs, is hjsed on
the reL-u--ni'.ioi) uf the fitndiiirental truth that "'(iolden
Medical Discovery" supplies* Nature wiih hody-huild-
iujir tiss»uc*repuirni|4. niU3cle*makinit iimteriuls, in condensed und concentrated form. Willi this help Nature
supplies the necessary strength to the stomach to digest
food, huild up the body uud thereby throw off lingering
obstintite coughs. The "Discovery" re-establishes the
digestive und nutritive organs in sound health, purifies
Mini enriches (he blood, uni nourishes the nerves—in
short establishes sound vigorous health.
II your dealer offers something "lust as food,'*
It is oroltalily lietter l-OR HIM...it pays better*
Hut vuu aro 'hitiUina of the cure not the nrotlt, sm
there'r. nothing "lust as <jood" tor you.    Say so.
Or, Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, lu Plain English; or, Mcd«
iclne Simplified, HUM pages, over 700 illustrations, newly revised up-t.wlute
Edition, paper-hound sent for .'U one-cent stumps, to cover cost of mailing
•nh.   Cloth-hound, W0 stumps.   Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. V.
Dried Blood  Fertilizer
Try Our   Blood and Bone Mixture
I'll.me 10
P. O. Box 3.
<e-*<s*s># .>.-„.,«,; s-sx^^-m^'**^*^**^**^^^)*^*!^^^^^^!^^)^
iHam and Bacon
Our smoked .noats are always fresh stock. We
are mire that if you try them once you will agree
with us that they are the best flavored and most
wholesome smoked meals you have ever eaton.
jP. Woods & Co.
P. 0. BOX 164
George   R.   Leask   & Co. X
■ Inn
im<.l X
Contractors    X
Pi, \   .. Situ iin Ai'iiiNs
I Xli   K n im a'I Km
I'IU iXK III I' 11  im\ «,,,
l-e    li'.ill
Hint   H
All.   KINIXS  OF   Iti ll.lilN*.   VIAIIKIAI,
ens Citninei'.-,
lln |,nni year
iccesHlnl Uml we Imve
tronuci thnn ever IliiK
Kiek .,( run Ponimhii-
iiinl On 1'nil.s will
ami we    nu- proud Lo
'lie   lie.I   line ever em
||'!   iii      Llllll . erlli,li,   mill   i,n,   prll Cl
iill   lie   . llll   liellel   IImim   llllll    .I'll'..,I,
['ATMOItl! IllldS
Thu PavoriteB Kotiirn.     ~
vi,.    i'.-i,ni'- itiiHsell nnd Hn- uronI
'.■ iiiirnriileil   .lellline Hn,. >l   collipmiV
.i.n'  In  nrmilirnnk,  when-  ihey  will
■i.i  onl>     Ilir  IidhI  .,1     the liii:lieiii
in   iHipiilnr luiccH.
i.-ell     i-i,in|imiv  nre
non   Hn-    -;ii"i.i:i'-:i  iiiiiI     niOHl  llioi
 Iilj  '''iiu|i|'."l     nt nny     comlutny
I'llr. ni:- I'litifiillini i'itie„. mul wl til the
■ !n , tune mul style ul their ever
I'i'iniliir proiluctlonH lire eiiiiHhlereil
Jsernti'l tn ii'im- iii the entire lininiii
I    Then i/iunu    ovcuiUK lull     will be
Ia it not auro that Soda Biaculta made und packed and shipped as
Foley's arc, will be the moat aatiafylnn for yon to use?
Tho materials used pnsuro pureat
form nf soda-biscuit, sweet, beautifully flavored, frosh aa from tlie factory.
No factory In Canada iii a?, new nnd
complete In equipment ns tho factory
whoro Foley's Sodas am made. Every
m jdoni device- for the making of biii-
cuitn imii beon Installed.
Every Foley Boda 13 ALL GOOD
FOOD Nothing is put mio ii that ia
in.l nourlshinp;, and hoaltlvful, and easily digested.
Tim richnosn ol flavor, tho FRE8H-
KKS9 of Foley's Sodas are not
ot'iialled, WIipii you buy Foley's,
in to ilii air-proofi duflt>prool mul
molature-pvoof conatruction of tlio
bo: Th :i reinomber also tlmt
Hi-:;'! biscuits w-'M made tho day
Mi "v wore shipped and you will
roallftu w11v Foloy's fiodas hnve. nwoetor flavor and crlsper freshness
iliati other sodas.
Foley Bros.  Larson & Co.
In Foley's Wddorn.
m.i ill: Soil.i t you i.:«t
purtist m.i toi-l.t lit, por.
toctly   iiinp.u ml.
Midi; in tho »-}<,!-
I Equipped Factory in
Oitnadn "A Woo torn
Fnctory,"   umi   iiiwitvw
hhiMiHd   lhi)    'nunc    (I.i/
mudc t»cv(ir from Old
tihippoil m tip dally
pro pa rod, molaiuro, air
ami dunl*proo' onrtoiin.
Th.-y i\rt> thu avVOOt*
eit-llnvorod, tri.iihi.ui,
orlepont, must   -mtlt»fy.
inr    Bod'l    UlRCUll    HO il.
& 3- -Binning
O. R. WARD, Miiuaiftir 0. J. UTILE, Secretary
°The Oranbrook Agency Co.
PHONE 280 P, 0. BOX 19
Cranbrook. - -        B. C.
' vV^/^^^»>»>^>>>%><4»>»>»>»Vi>*«»'*^>^l|(»V>^V»^»yVVVVVMvVV>yii


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