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The Prospector Dec 16, 1911

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 Kor Your XMAS
llll   JKWKI.KK
%l)t !$?a§pt£t0t.
Tlir  Leading Nrw»paper
iii the
$1.50 Yearly
VOL.  17
A Trip to Toyland
Aud how do you get to Toy-land?
To all little people the Joy-land?
Just follow your nose
And go on tip-toes,
It's only a minute to Toy-land.
And oh! but it's guy In Toy-land,
This bright, merry, girl-and-boy-land
Aud woolly dons white
That never will bite
You'll meet on the highways In Toy-
Society's Uae, in Toy-land,
Tho dollies all think it a joy-land
And folks In the ark
Stay out after dark
And tin soldiers regulate Toy-land.
Thore's fun all the year, In Toy-land,
To sorrow 'twas ever a coy-land,
And steamers are run.
And steam cars, for (un,
They're wound up with keys, down iu
Hold   jiimntng-Jacks thrive in    Toy-
land ;
Fine castles adorn this Joy-land;
And bright are the dreams
And suuny the beams
That gladden the Iucch In Toy-land.
How long do you live la Toy-laud ?
This bright,  merry, glrl-andboy-land
A tew days, at bost,
Wo stay as a guoat,
Then good-bye, forevor, to Toy-lani
Be Not Forgetful*^
Some folks believe in angels   '-   -—■
A-prowllug around on
Experience tenches me botl
You   may   take   it   for
Las' night a dreamy-eyed
Crop' up in the darkness*
"Please gimme a quarur, mltrta
Ter pay for a supper and bed."
1 looked at him sharp aud I thought
I saw a strange light In his eyes,
An' „ sudden thought came upon me
'Twas an angel chap iu disguise I
Ho I reached dowu In my breeches,
And gin him my last stray dime,
An' he crept back Into the darkness,
A-blessln'  lue all the time.
A calm like peace came on me,
An' them blessin's rung ln my ear,
Till later that night I run across
That thai- angel a-guwilln' beer.
Alter all. It done mc more good,
To give to thnt thirsty moke.
Than if he'd 'a' been an angel.
A-playln' a practical Joke.
The Madonna
(By Adelbert Clark)
Sbe breathed „ prayer Bs he ulumber
ed ■
"God make my little boy
To grow to a man of courage
And fill sad souls wltb Joy."
He Iny on her breast a rose-bud -
An opening flower of youth—
And she smiled and kissed him f, nd-
"Make him a mau of truth."
The ycarB with their joys    :-nd sorrows
Passed as thc fleet yeurs do
With many ft storm and tempest
And sunshine sifting through,
With eyes oft veiled with shadows.,
And spirits weary, too,
And amid the storms and ihe    sunshine,
The babe to manhood grew.
The mother bad tilled tier mission,
Aud early sought her rest,
He tolded the wasted lingers
Upon her pulseless breast.
He bowed and he kissed her forehead
And then he turned away,
But the sunlight fell upon him—
Heaven was near that day.
In the mountains the railroad bridges
Had all been swept away,
But a torcli ln the inky blackness
Had held thc train at bay.
From under the wheels, all bleeding,
They brought him to the light.
he BBved live hundred
,~a wrack thnt night.
ft   J?
laKOtlght, and the peo-
'I'ent pray r.
lng tempest.
'midnight air.
ouds wero riven
tnins wild,
midst ol heaven,
r Child.
So Lonely
Come,   tender   babe,   and
Thy silken, golden ringlets rest :
Shut   up    thine   eyes, those limpid
As blue, as sunny as the skies;
Hush,   bust),    thy   sobbing,   go   to
While angels o'er thee vigils keep.
He sleeps, my darling baby boy,
My Hie, my hope, my sweetest Joy;
How like a budding, blushing rose
His tiny mouth, now in repose!
How white, his chubby, dimpled lists
How plump and creased his dimpled
wrists !
His little neck, how soft and sleek,
His chubby legs, how childish weak!
How sweet to gaze on baby's face
And dream of future manhood dnys.
How sweet to gaze on baby's face
And dream of future manhood days !
There's something In the good man's
It Is very rare to see,
On   Ills   brow   Is   throned ,, certain
That tells us he Is lree.
Why these smiles and all this smirking,
Whoro onco there was a frown ?
oh, what strange Influence is   working ?
All. his wife Is out of town !
Ho was ne'er disposed to cavil,
And was limited In wealth,
And whon he bade her travel
To the seashore lor hor health,
Sho said, "Won't you be lonely?"
Then he mournfully looked down,
"I shall miss you dearest, only,"
And his wife went out ot town !
Foolish woman, pray tako warning,
From these lines so sadly true;
Though ho writes you ovory morning
And swears he pines lor you,
He's a giddy, giddy mnshor,
And he's doing things up brown,
In a (riskier way and rasher,
Since bis wife Is out ol town
The Christmas Spirit
See the Christmas Spirit !
Ah, what a beautiful sight. "Tell
mo, U Suge, what Is u Christmas
I Spirit?"
|    "It all depends on  the point      ol
j   "That is n  trite remark. Can you
not be more specific ?"
"1 can. A Christmas Spirit when
i viewed by the tradesman, Ih to sell
a groat iiunntlty ol stull nt top-
notch prices In order that tt will not
have to be sacrificed in January."
1 "Thnt Is perhaps a bit unkind, but
what othor point of view do you
think of ?"
"To the children, the Christmas
spirit is the right to have much
mole than tbey nee.I anil much more
thnn Is good for them."
"That may bo true. What else?"
"To thc shopgirl the Christina!
Spirit Is but little more than a tremendously trying period of over
"Tell me no more. You aro too
"Not infrequently does the truth
sound cynical "
Last Year's Doll
I'm only a laBt year's doll !
I thought 1 was lovely ami fair
Hut   ains  for  the  cheeks   that      wer
Alas, for tbe onco [lowing hair
I'm sure that my back is broken!
For it hurts me when 1 rise
Oh. Fit cry for very sorrow,
Hut I've lost out both my eyes.
In comes my pretty mistress,
With my rival in her anus.
A line younu; miss, most surely, «r*—
Arrayed in ber borrowed chat/is !
My dress and my slippers, too,
Uut sadder, oh, sadder  than
She's won the dear luve I have
For Cm only a last year's doll
Oh, pity me, hearts that ure tcn<|gg
I'm lonely nnd battered nn.l bi'BE
ed, (&;_{
I'm tucked out of sight in the eloipt','
Forgotten, despised  and abused !
I'm only a last year's doll.
Alone with my troubled heart,
Sweet mistress, still I love thee,
Inconstant though thou art.
The Christmas Treasures
t coimt my treasures o'er with eare-
A little sock of faded hue—
A little toy thnt baby know—
A little lock of golden hair.
Long years ago this Christmuw-
My little one—my all to me JV
Bat robed in white upon my\l
And   heard   thc     mofry    Oh™
chime.        /■', i
"Tell me, my litflft'.^olVeji fiead^
If Santa	
What   shall
bright -■ (fi r..
What treasure fee >ny, "bfiSv' r.-ii^ti^
And then he n^^W^S^^*
While in bis r^i^-indHi^
There came n?J5w^^N
Tbat   spoke   ti
And ftH be lisped Am
He asked thc mjf
And .toddling kftli
He hung bis lit/Uoi
That night   as
I   saw    the   j
come,     j
Witb music tJ
Aud kiss my da
AWfljttAl Wish   fffc
i. sJS-'-Sfci        ' IA
d itoMd't fyxduior tt feWt"
iitiltf girjti
ft dou-ii Uj]^
JBv er, J,hjiVW>,w
•0&»$ *«y ,<to*lii >
■irt&"*f*ftfc; ft 'ti«*AHacK*>k »11e.
>1$&l*6*Ki'iJ " " '
...  *ey.eWt*V «$"#
^ff^oatt'.ftBk-fof a eh inn
-  WtUi^frhua Hiyt.f-	
ij-$mk -stove
Some would wish for u. story book,
And some for a set of blocks;
Home would be wild with happiness
Over a uew tool-box.
The Christmas Secret
was   u   bright, crlap morning, I
before    Christmas    hi the year'
. Mrs.  Santa Glaus was a tan J i
before ber chovat iceberg mirror,
', Id the unpretentious but cosy apartment occupied by  tbe Santa Clauses.
trying on   a   now   ttir robe thnt her
husband has   just   presented to her.
Always, about this time of the year. (
be gave her something nice all    for
herself, and hitherto she had accept-,
ed it with unfeigned pleasure.    itut|
recently  Mrs.    Santa  Clans bad been
reading in    tbe    Nortb    Pole Yellow!
Boreal is   {ami    other   reprehensible
journals that the hired help took) of,
the great    number   of    divorces and J
martial  troubles    which  wero taking J
! place, most, of tbem apparently   due j
to   the   men.     The women,   indeed, i
were all beautiful, and  all wronged,
and  somehow  the atmosphere of  thle
troublous condition had been getting
■ on  Mrs.   Santa Olaus's  nerves.     So
; it  happened that when ber husband
I came  bouncing in,  in his usual jolly
manner, she turned around,  with    a
j couple of hairpins in her mouth, and
i said :
"Well, 1 suppose you are up to the
1 same old game this year ?"
.    UiWhat ,game,  dear heart '>''
a Cla us'ehouid jgume /t>™8»j
shall m br.ii&jmyM baths-
*ght" 7/;V-»   fl'7
ffi*i*ng] prawfe.
• li\)S$ ange^f
fiunjhle home
fas lie slept.
And   some   would    rather   have   little
And othcr things warm to wear;
For many children arc very poor
And the winter ts hard to bear ;
V'd buy soft tl^aiTJjJs (oi \idXU ff'ocks,
And H ti^UKftn|?4toPJtjing'»ror .Rf,/    C "Wj-ll.   I   notice  you   usually  begin
Aod,   the? joUhWf   little    Coiita/ind';! nlpfl-t the tlrst of November to shut
*"   cloaKh^ /:'7 ' ',;'  |   .*"''    jfv    '/?';yourself up in your workshop,     and
j'thi&Aahout    this  time    you always
! ma-wline a nice present—Just to keep
I ttfe "yMd-nnturtd,  I suppose.    Rut -"
tft^Korand  like to know  what
S^ke^p out tljMr&sti aud
't^,l^l^i-\y*gi^.iw^ caramelj*.
^^iwly'pt «*wy (lind
suspicions,       But   it's   always       tlmt
way. No man Is ever appreciated   In
lus own home. I have only this to
say, madam: You think as you please
i thusl  go out and to my work."
'*Hnld nil !  Wall ii  moment,"
Mrs. Ban in Clans turned on h!m
almost savagely,
"Wbut nre ynu uuitig to do '.'"
"I'm getting ready for my evening
off,  ns usual,"
"Vou nre not going."
"Not going I Uml  1 guess l am."
"No, you are nol at loa*it u it as
long as 1 nui running this hou.se. Vou
must n member, my dear boy, that
this is the age of woman, and if you
think I am going to sit calmly by
nny longer and let. you do ub you
please, you are very much mistaken.'
"But," stammered Santa Clans,
"those boys ami glrlsl i simply ean
not disappoint them ! lt would be
a terrible thing."
"Vou needn't worry. Thoy won't
lie disappointed that is, if vbat >ou
say is true if you haven't been do-
ceivlng inc. And I sball soon know.
You cnn bitch up tbose reindeer and
I will go myself !"
"Wbnt ! Tnkc my place ? Climb
down chimneys, slide over roofs?"
"That's all right There Isn't anything n nutn can do that a woman
can't.     What's your route?"
She grabbed out of his upper po. k
et a Paper and nourished it over him
"I'll lind out whether you are tell
nn me the truth or not !" she ex
•lalmed. JtUll   go ^Mhthme pla<
>o :u
I et polar t»i*itt. "■ a tit oi some subtle. Innate animal sympathy, came up
aud rubbed bis nost- against thc old
mail's stomach that famous utonv
ach—the herald of all the ages.
Tin u Santa ciaus. bracing up
stolidly, and throwing out his chest,
tlie old twinkle resumed, for you
con'l keep a good Santa ClaUs down
[or long, said tho bear
-Si. the ..i i lady thinks I am deceived ' Well, I am—by nine-tenths
ul then,. Uul here and there in the
vast crowd is « rare bouI who still
itb me, who knows that
iy reality nt all I am,
mds nie, enters into my
horn 1 would not dis-
worlds. That is my re-
• being such a Joke     to
keeps faith \
if there Is u
who undent
spirit and v
, appoint for
: componso fo
all the rest of them. And she and
I she- she will never know-being a
j woman !"
Same Old
W itfi-
thjp .Vgliftd
/Hght,4^tha:.wfl|jr) (••
""        rt .a.r.»t,iJ.|.i£ tfa^.la'i
■^T^'^'-r-farorl.fii'n nml HtRv over nlKlit."
I -iL.»iitf*i'-4---^an'ii v-lftllN s'lll'l'ft*!  tim luinil
Wl ■&*****    ,-hin  tl-flli.      Alt,.,- nil  thntr ycain
flllH   tM
Altur nil their
ntlilrnci1 Uiln Boemcd ti
oke he Imii ever heard,
eternally trapped I" he cx-
"Yoll    don't    mean to suy
nuspeet   mu—alter all tlllfl
Tw Ik ^ 'Vv^'rtvtM^-SIr1*   nnspeec    ino^auei   an  will
aimi'f 'Hv-'l-t*! Trim'" knmv i,er,oott>' wo" wh»
...'• \>'ij''i.A^'K^reSsP ' Htay out "v''' lllght'"
luV^r^*j^Jt^^S3Stt what yon sny yon do, hir
the era.
'e'll driltjtaway
WhotlierSifei^arly '///r wll
p'oi u tlioLiyatiij
I'l'lll W-ffA «
1 Jf**'!'!!-'
They    mimt   have
Kor in thc mffl*^a|
Ho toddled to the
And lound the'little tret
came   ai;ain
That aii^el host so lair and whlte-
Anil,   singini;   all    the   Christmas
night, v
They lured my dat'llne. from my side.
A little Hock, a little toy- ***sj
A little lock of golden hair- r^^'1
The Christmas music on tlm-^air rfn
A watchini: lor my ^J^'Vv^**-   > j
But if again that aiira^-trallO
And golden head nnui>'Vhek lo\j
To hear me to etornltAi
My watching will iint^iie/ui,vi
(in a cool night that was Unusual
ly starry nineteen hundred ten years
ago,    an    angel    said to  "shepherds
abiding in the Held, keeping watch"
over their (locks.     'POtti' nut; for be
hold    1    bring    you    good tidings of
great joy, which shall be to all peo
pie."    Then the llrst Christmas Jubilation was begun.     Heaven's   hosts'
were congregating   about   the Tower I
of the Mocks with Joy in their hearts
and in their mouths tt song; "Glory
to (iod iu the highest, and on   earth
peace, good will toward men."    And
ever   since   the angelic   howl's with  i
drnwnl, earth echoes "Glory to God I
in the highest."     Thus wo keep    in
lively remembrance,  the greatest event of history.
ike the/sL
»y.   ****
but In at
Otheri^-1 fear, are long over
■Don'c let thiB Jiappcn, my il(
Let im steer for the coast where hap
py drenms wait,
Khcthrr we're early or whether5y,'c're
f A A, Furtffy attle' Bo/f ■;»
3.Vf)W t.o I know it's the truth
Sfyiita Clans didn't know tbat his
| wife had been reading the yeliov
jffournuls and had therefore had im
the idea that every woman was
bade atlgcl and every man n
Unal, and so lie was at a loss to
^sjland her suspicions.
' is a strange  thing," he ex*
fnfj&i.   "Here for years and years
" '.been going out every Christ
ii* wasavejp pursuing my favorite hobby
tn must have some recreation
w   of giving away toys, pud
thout the slightest warning,
ise me of deceiving you. Now,
really a gambler or a dipso
or in the habit of sneaking
ut your knowledge, it would
be different; hut to accuse me of   deceiving you—this ts too much."
"That's all right," said Mrs. Santa Clans, in a hard, cold, yellow
journal voice, "I've heurd that kind
before—I mean I've read a-
j,and I don't take any stock
Vou are altogether too cheer-
lone    about    the   lirst of l)e-
A-funny' little _nose,
fc a ffmhy^ttie gLin,; Ul £jj£$ft^
">,-Tptt.funAy i.ittfc 1£>$,    4\
r?* 'i'wo •funny littfe eyes,      J^-
^    A^rfWnny little hands.*4K,
;\ d\*m. mnny he t^r^es   |
(V v*To give hlti wee eolrtmrinj^lsv•--'
A fnnoy'litt*! chit
Wtthlfuilttr little
' mjy t'^dnlnbd
1  ' y lt)t'.e ft rels,
A iupi(ynaur*f kt joy
May neavwrevor hi
My funny llttl
A funny little sigh,
A funny little bond,
That funnily will  try
To miss the time for bed.
A funny little peep
From funny eyes that gleam
A funny little sleep,
A funny little dream.
of talk
c&H.yJwr   you   are   fooling   too good. | Vou don't know, do you,
jntot-hing is hound to happen   whon   hody believes in you'.'"
ftrnlflteels that way.     And I notice]    "Nobody believes in me I"
tupld   man
Late on Christmas morning he
Was disconsolately sitting in front
if the garage, shaking out some ice-
Ian t moss, when a familiar tinkle ln
tho distance caused him to look hurriedly up. Mrs. Santa Glaus got
out of an empty sleigh and, coming
over, kissed him gingerly on his
(lowing check.
"Well,    my    dear,"    be said,   "you
see that I am not the villain     that |
>ou thought.       Didn't    I tell     you
the  truth ?     And  how did  you   get i
Same  old  Christmas!
Same old jokes.
Same old slippers,
Same old smokes,
Same old swaying
Same old kisses—
Sume old  "Oh!"
Same old picture**.
Same old verse,
Same old pipe racks-
Only worse !
Same old neckties.
Same  old  dolls,
Same old candy,
Bnmo old balls.
old shoppers,
Id  rush,
.Id egg-nogg,
old lush,
old stockings,
jroumC old tree,
Shme old Santa,
_       Same old  glee.
Samo old dinner,
Same nld cards,
Same old gifts from
Same old pards—
Merry Christmas I
(lind!  Aren't you ?
It's tbe same thing,
Old, yet new I
The Angel's Visit
on ?      Everything    gone ?      Everybody satisfied '."
Mrs. Santa Clans pulled out ft sil
ver cigarette ease and nonchalantly
lighted a cigarette.
"1 suppose I might nH well tell you
tbe truth," she said.
"Now, I wns not the one who was
deceived, but you were—you are !"
"What do you mean f"
"It's really amusing and in a man
of your years, too ! And you thin.-:
that you are doing some good! Well,
it didn't take a woman of my discernment long to lind out the truth
that     no-
' ijvhan JoY eome home tho dny    nfter
) X£hristiwtft ytfu nro nil tired out. Ob,
youjenn/t."-tool me."
Hitnt'a Claim, as was natural under
tmV-!h   try inn   circumstances,   almost
•.vent to pieces    at   tbis sudden  attl-
,dp on   bis  wife's part.      NVt  only
•(llll tho injustice of it hurt hlin, but
thought    of   so    much at stake
le him lose for n moment his self
M        llipdi-  til ■ ij
"No ouoh thii
"Vou don't kuow
I don't like ti
had tbe remotest
K I" he   exclaimed,
anything about it.
boast,   1 ut   if you
conception of    my
fame, If you knew that I wns tbe
best known character in tho whole
wifte world, Hnd nil done without the
hli ght est attempt at advertising,
done, indeed, because I love my fellow mnn or, rather, boy- you
wouldn't he so heartless with     your
I     "Ves!   Bpini?  a   stupid   man,       you
I have come to thin'; you are a    kind
of saint,  and   that you  are  malting
folks happy.     Nonsense !     Why, under tiieir bIoovcs tbey  laugh nt  you.
The children tolerate thr idea ol you
good-nnturrdly   and   smile discreetly
when you J(re mentioned,    Why, most
of the chlmuoy-plecos were decorated
before  1 enme,     Think  of it '    And
they caricature you In the street by
Imitating your make up I Dear, dear!
You  are only  a  huge Joke.      I  bate
| to see a mon making a fool ol himself,  but, 1  suppose yotl  Will  ^o      on
doing it ns long ns you live.     And
, now I must go In and **et a bite to
I ont."   she disappeared through   the
I tossolatfd    Igaloo   and   for   ft long
time Saula  Olaus sat   wateliinj-   the
Nor thorti    Lights    playing   hlde-nnd-
senk    on   thc   distant horizon.     His
Do I believe in Angels '.' Ves,
And lu their prowllngs to and fro-
I entertained one long ago,
In guise of age and sore distress.
He clambered up the narrow stairs,
And by his heavenly Binlle 1 knew
He wns n truant angel who
Had come to  visit unawares.
"Uest thee, old man," I gayly cried,
"And share my humble couch     and
Thou    shnlt   not want for comfort
My home and heart are open wide."
Relieved of temporary cares.
The old man laid bim down     and
And in my thankfulness I wept—
I'd entertained him unawares !
1 never shall forget that night.
My   happy   drenms,   my   slumbers
Aud when I  woke ot noon 1 found
My timed vanished out of sight.
Perhaps In years that Bre to he,
That angel will return, and yet
I sometimes feur be may forget
To bring my overcoat to me.
Whnt a wonderful medicine U lau
i*hter I Eyes light, hearts soften,
spirits rise, lives brighten, and tbe
world grows friendly within the circle of the merr) echo. Educate
your laugh if you can rin<; often and
sweet, that you may he able to radiate widely your pleasure and health.
From Our Correspondents
Upper Columbia Valley   NQteS     FrOttl     Elko
Mr. P. McGinn was ,
to Athalmer.
recent visltoi
Davis   of the .VngU'au
on a  rocent  visit       to
Rev,    Mr.
church, was
Mr. Allen Moore of Winner, has opened up a wood yard (or tho benefit
of the public.
Mr. John Uarber. formerly a tail*
dent ot Wilmer, was in town on
Monday the   4th
The Peterborough Trading Compnny hnvo a large and varied supply
of Christmas goods on their shelves.
Mr. Joseph Lake has just revived
•*. boyB consignment of goods r.r night
In by his son Percy from CloUen iust
Recent guests at tlie Windsor
hotel Include M. K, Jones of Cran*
Cranbrook, and Mrs. Harper, pinrh-
er Creek.
Magistrate Htalker has moved into
the residence formerly occupied by
Geo. Starke, Esq.. manager of the
Invermere hotel.
Mr. B. G. Hamilton, acting man
ager of the C.V.I. Co. here, is at
presenting sojourning in Manitoba.
Ho is not expected back until the
15th instant.
design and B decided acquisition to
this well-known hostelry. It was
purchased of the well-known jeweler
Mr. H. Wilson of Cranbrook
U-Y  J,M.T.I
Mr. Q.
to Toxas
Mr. J. White, employed at McC.iu-
uis Camp met with a serious acci-
dent last week, Whilst felling a1
tree it swerved striking him fairly
on the head and rendering him unconscious for a time His injuries
wero attonled to by Dr   Hannlngton
Mr. "Brny" Tennant   has
as police constable to accept a posl
tion ou the telephone service Hla
place is being taken by Clans Holly
of Windermere, Mr. Tennant >« an
efficient and alert " * '■•■' • '::'
ous to duty but never over ffli o
The people generally regret his de
Millett is going on a visit |    An   opposition    skating   rink   has
beon started.     Opposition is the lite
of  trade.
Venison ts the chiei  food  in    Blko
nt present.
Mr. N   B, 9uddaby, Kernie, was lu
Klko   week end.
Mrs. Roo, R ■
Klko at present
b ataytag   in
Mrs, and Miss Telfei    Lsited Hli   J
McKee on Sunday
D     Collier   left   (ur his home     in
Spokane Bftturdaj
Mr.  ihru visited Galloway on hu
siness on Thursday last
Mr. and Mrs  Ayre and tan -h *ers
J&fira\  visitors on Bunday
A noat and up-to-date barber t-hop
has been opened in connection with
thc Coronation hotel where *,*a expert tonsorial artist i.s prepared to
wait on the public.
Mr. 0. 8. Madeline, formerly of the
C.V.I, here, is employed by the same
company in their automobile repair
shop in Oalgary. He will likeiy return here in the spring.
There are several good stick handlers and speedy skaters in the local
hockey team, notably, Mr, Olelland,
who displays marked efficiency both
as a stick handler and skater.
The Wilmer Waterworks Compnny
are making extensive repairs to thc
tank house. Mr. Vigne is in charge
or acting superintendent of the waterworks system during the winter
Mr. and Mrs. EBrlCkson of North
Dakota, arrived In Wilmer on Monday the   4th instnnt,  on q vHft to
The thirsty .souls who "officiated"
at the opening of the new hotel at
which the hospitality ol Ml Hender- Mrfl
son was demonstrated pei ■ i teas' shopped In town on Saturday
the opinion that on all such ocea-
Blons thoy will cheerfully lend Iheir
assistance and that, too, without
much soliciting. It was a great c1Ry
for the "spearers."
ll     McGuineea,   Rock Creek,
Jack  St-aigb and Dug  McKee  were
Cranbrook visitors lost week
a   i Jorrie i I  Westen   Canada,
doing business here on Mondaj
Mrs     Todhunter   and
were Fernie visitors on
v:,;   McKee
3al irday.
The stock of the Columbia Valley
Supply Company Is now very complete and the atore presents H very
mercantile appearance A photo
graph of the building has been taken
which we are reproducing in this issue and which will be seen to compare favorably with anything seen In
more pretentious towns.
A large rink   130 by   75 fent Is to j
be erected at once at Athalmer.     Iti    $tl\i loading for variety  In Christ-
will    cost   in   the vicinity of   $3,000 j mas goods      Beattie,  Murphy    Drug
and will be used for curling, skating, store.
and hockey.     The go-ahead-ttivenesa
Prentice     *:' A   McDonald
:: Blko   .■:. business Satur*
R -> and friends trom Wai
-: ip] ng  In   town  on  Pri
their daughter,
of   Mountain
Will remain for
Mrs. Thos. Btarblrd
Vnlley Ranch. They
somo tlmo.
vorslght with respect
if the stage for Cran-
boforo last tho local
connect. We make
i for the benefit of
led to In-
Owing to an
to the starting
brook the week
copy failed to
this explnimt.it
our readers who might bo
fer something olso.
The Delphino hotel have recently
Installed » large and handsome eight
day clock.     It  is very beautiful      In
of the townspeople is shown from the
fact that on tbo flrst day tho sub-
criptlon lists wore open over $1700
was subscribed. Athalmer is evidently building for the future.
Mr. H. Munson, the livery and
draymnn, is kept busy waiting on the
needs of tho public. Mr. Munson's
increasing business necessitated his
building a now stable, this fall, I
which be has tltted out so as to be
conduslvo to warmth and comfort.
He is reliable and trustworthy and
his ever Increasing trade shows the
confidence tho public repose in him.
The Windsor Hotel, Athalmer, under the management of Mr. Header-;
son, formally opened its doors to
the public on Friday morning last.
Tho hotel has been thoroughly renovated and repaired and is comfortable und homo like In all respects.
Mr. Henderson is an experienced
hotel mun of more than usual affability and guests are assured of being
well treated whilst at his hostelry.
Athalmor can now boast of two first
class hotels and tho future of thc
town would seem to be of the
Young returned
the   coast   city
from      a
Mrs Bergmnu nnd her son uud dau
ghter wero guests of Mrs it Fred
ricks inst week.
,\ii i McMahon ol Eureka, Mont.,
was in town shaking band! with old
(i lends   last   week
Mi Frank Woi tb n [ton ol Oran
brook, was the guosi ol Mrs Tod
hunter last   weak.
Mi John Johnson ol Nelson, bas
been visiting ins brother's family for
the laat two weeks.
i ■ iv specimen ol doei heads
were shipped to Cranbrook by the
Core)  Dow party last week
The Proapector lor Klko uew- J,
M Tayloi. spi clal -■< ■ respondent,
Send .n notes they will be welcomed
What is wrong with ISIko Almost
two mouths and uu dance, The
funds (or the mission church must be
falling behind
It you arc inclined to send a Xmas
present ta your friend visit tho Boat-
tie, Murphy Drug Store. You are
sure  to  get  satisfaction.
Mr. Percy Robertson paid a visit
to Mr. R lake and left for Fernio
on Monday morning to accopt n position at McLean Drug Stores.
Smokeless powder was In great demand at  Southforks last week.     Uy
what  1 have    beard    smokeless    fuel
would also have been appreciated.
O'er Elko's townsite fair p.nd bright
May Joys abound forever,
And    trade   and     commerce   h toady
\'i steamlOtS make  the river.
Miss Bessie pye. teachor, and Miss
lue?. Holhrook, visited Fernie ou
Saturday last, The children all
kuow then errand Happy hearts and
merry tueej at Christmas tlmo.
Local talent  la strong Iq Blko   nt
present, both vocal and instrumental
yet a local conceit Is never thought
about Why BO " This is tl matter
for our leading )i\,iiu.< ami gentlemen
to take up
In English gentleman passing
through Klko tho other day was asked what he thought ol tho country,
Good gracious,   ho replied, l cannot
see ttie Country for them dorn'd
Christmas troi •■ '
By  EBlko'a stream he nat and wept
A well known  Klko man
For others had got lots of Jeor
Rut ho. poor man. had none.
Tou shot nt one buck ond he ts still
olive, bad powder, Tom.
We soil for cosh
We sell  uo trash,
To trust is vory risky,
For he who trusts
And never bursts
Puts water in his whiskey
Good Motto, Jamie.
Unite a novel way of shopping was
shown in Blko the other day when a
woll known gentleman rode right Into a storo on horseback and node a
few purchases. The animal also
scorned to enjoy watching a game of
pool in the Klk pool room.
1 HI Hil frM 1 * 111 I1II I H IIMIIIimi IIHI Ull
rder ta Turkey! I
at the
;: ■:■■■■*
Central   Meat   Market   ji
Our Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, and
Chickens are all Fresh Killed,
and the Best that money can buy.
Fresh Killed Meats, of all kinds,
is our Specialty. Average monthly output is 60 head of beef cattle.
AH kinds of Fresh and Smoked
Fish in Stock.
A consignment of Fresh Shrewsbury Oysters will arrive next
week, with weekly shipments
until the end of the year.
Mince Meat in any quantity.
Ring Up Phone 175
Central   Meat   Market   ■
A.  JOLIFFE, Proprietor
■ t,,l..ti.t..l, t..t   *--*   *        rlsslssliilnli.l.ili
On the Track of the Deer
Hunting and Packing at South-forks
(By   .Tamos   M.  Taylor)     -
Marysville Items
J. A. McDonald and K. li. Jones
wero down Irom Kimberly on Monday
Dr. Rutledge, of ('rnnbrook, was
here on Tuesday on a professional
Paul Handley, proprietor of Lhe
Central hotel, visited Cranbrook on
Friday last.
E. T. Crowley proprietor of tho
Falls View hotel, visited Cranbrook
on Friday last.
Qeorge Hawkes is leaving for Mnyook, where he has secure,! fl position
with Frank Leclere.
Chief Constable Mmdy of Fernie
motored in on Wednesday on the annual  license  Inspection
of Calgary
nd Mrs.  Ben
A mooting of the Conservative As
sociation will be held at the Committee rooms on Saturday, December The path is slippery and sloping,,but
Mr. nnd Mrs. O'Brlei
are the guest tj of Mr. ,
Keer at the Marysville
Wm. Waterman, the banjolat , ;*■■
In on Wednf'Hday and in bhe fn--Bt i
his brother Charlie of guitar fame
A. R, Kilby, piano tuner, of Nei'
son, waa in town on Thursday doing
business,  registering  at the Royal
ok, una
■n burl
I.L.   &
Mr. H. Darling, of Cranhri
hero a few days this week
ness  In  connection   with   i' e
D. Co.
Miss    Nellie   Handley  returned
Tuesday nftor spending a few
as the guest of Mrs.  H    Clark,
Mr.  L, Williame, of Wycllflo,
In on Tuesday and registered   «.
Central   whoro he Intends   upo
Dick Fraser, representing
BownohH, wholeHolo liquor n
of Crnnbrook, wun doing
bera on Tueaday.
rV.     C
Illlly Kvana, Goldie Hodson nnd
party wont to the Ink.! ,'lintrlct thin
wook on a deer bunting trip and are
bavlnK splendid sport, bagging live
deer in one day*
23, fnr the purpose of electing officers
for  the  yoar    1912,
Mrs. 11- L. Sawyer visited Cranbrook on Monday to undergo the
painful operation of having the stitches taken from her hand, which she
recently had the misfortune to have
a needle break off therein.
Wm. Meachin, of Bt. Mary'a Lake,
waa a gueat at the Falls View lot el
on Friday and Saturday last, Mr.
Moac! -; bas a prfvileec t-iat few fan
boast of, that is uny time his ntigh-
bi : ie blm annoyance '■■* can got
the gun an !  (boot them.
The children's Christmas concert
bids fair to boat anything before attempted   here,     thankfl     tO   thfl   never
tiring efforts of Principal H Wobb,
each child from the smnlleot. to the
largest takes pari In the aongn dialogues, recitations, etc. The tai
march whlcb la ol b patriotic nature
our correspondent had the pleasure
of witnessing a lew day-; ago la de
serving nr great credit both to tbe
principal and the children in addition
to the children the adults of this
much talented eity are giving a   few
Hunting and Packing at Southforks--1 eounidly and rise refreshed. One of
; It is a busy morning at the Blko the party is chopping wood, another
livery stables. An order has ' Just packing water. It is their turn for
arrived  for  twelve pack  horses      to fatigue  duty,  the rest are on      the
mountains Crack, crack, crack, the
rifles blaze forth, a doer is wounded
a lorge buck he runs on, however,
leaving a Btreak of blood behind
him. The hunter pursues, for he
knows thut ho will overtake him, as
he becomes exhausted from loss of
blood. He reels and falls, another
well placed bullet and the monarch
of the wood is dead. He is a far
ilistan.ee from the camp, and the hunter sets to work to bring him in.
A rope is fixed to the horns an4 on
sleigh ways he is hauled a long: ;'rii-m tiling ftn:l tumbling o'er hill and dell.
He is a prize, however, and well
worth tho trouble, the horns measuring twenty-seven inches from tip to
tip. From crag to crag the deer are
hunted by expert huntsmen and finally brought to lay. Numbers are
on the track dead nnd many more
are heing brought in. **   "
Surfcly this is "the happy hunting
grounds" the Indian hope to acquire
when they give Up all that is mortal
take a party of hunters to South-
forks. It Is a double trip, many
doer have already fallen to the rjfles
of tho various hunting parties and
they have to be shipped at Blko.
Pack saddles are fixed, ropes adjusted. A leading horse is chosen to
ride upon, and the packing commences. Carefully the baggage is weighed, and placed In proportionate
weight on each side of the pack saddle. For let me soy here the balancing of the packs is tho groat secret
in successful loading. One bv*.;«ue
they are adjusted and with a.fnol
survey to see that all is secure tho
horses are tied to each other's tails
in single file and strike alon,< the
narrow winding path or trail. Here
they pass through the thick' bueh.
There ou the open by the river side.
thc animals feel their way cautiously and seldom fall.
Oh!    there    has     something    gone
wrong.     I can here the shout of tho
packers. Tho leading horse Is drawn : The merry laugh nnd pleasing jest
up and the rider dismounts. It Is ' of tho hunter, certainly makes It
nothing serious, only one of the hor- j n welcome abode, but tho sun is al-
ses has broke away.     A few minutes ! ready on  the descending  plane,   and
Our Funny Column
Don't keep all the laughs to yourselves, readers, send your jokos to
local correspondent Prospector, Elko,
Physician—-"Have you any-aches or
pains this morning?" Patient—"Yes
doctor. It hurts mo to breathe. In
fact, the only trouble now seems to
be with my breath." Physician—"AU
right. I'll give you something that
will soon stop that."
A young lawyer who had been taken into partnership with his father,
soon got the idea that he was the
whole firm, and fell into a habit of
saying at the conclusion of every sue- J Sullivan ....
cessful case, "Well, father, I won .St. Eugene .
that case all right;" Finally, the; Society Girl
old man, becoming irritated, protested. "Qeorge, It seems to me that
whenever this firm does anything you
might give mo half of the credit of
it. Don't put on so many airs."
The youth took the advice to heart,
and a few days later rushed into the
offlce and ma-de ' ■this announcement—
"Father, I—I mean we—have been
sued for breach of promise !"
Ore Shipments
Following are the ore shipments
from mines in the Crnnbrook district
for the past week and year to date :
41 Mn
25 to 35 Acres of Land
"If this    place   should   catch fire,
what would you do ?" asked the giraffe of the elephant. "I'd pick up my I with respect to the Dardanelles, Rus
trunk aud run for the entrance. What | sta has expressed a desire to discuss
Dardanelles Worries
In view of posalhle   Italian action
would you do ?" "I'd go to that
window and slide down my neck to
the pavement," said the giraffe, with
a wink Qt the monkoys.
on thc west* side ot road, a portion
of the well-known Fruitlands Farm.
Sheltered on the northeast by
Rocky Mountain range. Free from
summer frost. Tomatoes, Melons,
and Cucumbers grow in open garden.
A beautiful spot for a residence.
Good shooting and fishing.
Price $150 per acre, will easily sell
for   twice   the   price   in   the   early
the whole question   ot opening    the
straits to Russian warship*.   Russia I spring.
suggests that   her ships   might    bei    Apply to J. A. Harvey
allowed to pass through thfl Pardon   couvor, B.C., or to
ellos singly after    notification     had!        MICHAEL   PHILLIPS
"Little boy,", asks the well-meaning reformer, "is that your mamma
over thero with the beautiful set of
furs ?" "Yes, sir," answers the
bright lud. "Well, do you know
what poor animal It ls that had, to
suitor in order that your mamma
might have the furs with which Bhe
adorns herself- so proudly 1" "Yes,
'Every   mnn   can   lind work it he
uses his brains," assorted n man who
had travelled a good   deal.     "That
is If he has thc ability to adapt himself like the plnno-tuner I onco met
out West in America.   'Why,' I naid
to him, for wo woro in a wild,    un-
and tho shout "nil right"  Is heard, ! wo must puck nnd hasten home. Ono   settled  country,  'surely  piano-tuning
and the Journey  is  resumed.     With j by one tlio animals are slung to the 'enn't   bo   vcry   lucrative   bore.      I
a few minor casualties such ns   de-;saddle,  tho   horses groan under tho j shouldn't imagine that pianos   were
very plentiful In this region.'      'No,
sir, thoy'ro not,' said tho piono-tun-
'but I make a pretty fair income
Bcrlbed  the destination  is reached,    j weight of tho heavy bucks.
There is no mistaking the hunting As soon ns tbey are packed they
grounds. Deer hang nil around lhe are headed along tho trail nnd make
log enbins and tents, while thin putts .for homo,   and    with   a few adjust
turns, there will be quartettes
the Msrysv.'ie quartette pnrt.s
dancss by Jack Horman the
heated Kngllsh dancer musical
tions hy Jack Little, selection)
Miss N. Handley, plcolo solos
Horman, accordions and drums,
man,  .fames.  Little, songs by
sorgo .Inmes, sohi
inpnniinont by    (
iisiral selections,
tar nhtohnrp anil
niul ,Tamos We ,
a few 'mugs from
whose  voice  Ik nho
with guitar tie
arles Waterman,
harmonicas, gui
triangle,   Little
o also exje-etlar
Mr   II     Martin
ihe finest     we
hnve yet henrrl Mr. H L. .lawyer,
genial linst of the Royal hotel,
wlll be chairman, and altogether «e.
anticipate a rousing good time    at
the net I hoilsn on Friday,  Deoemn-
22, at oight  p in. Come early   to
avoid  the rush.
of smoke ascend skyward. Tllis is a
cheerio sight tor the packer who is
cold and wet Willi the snow foiling
from thc bush un the trail.
A warm cup of coffee with a little
bread nn.l venison exluliarates and
warms the hody and the pucker feels
t;t lo start ln earnest.
Before we begin our homeward journey, however, we will pans,, to sec
now the hunters have been faring.
First we will inspect, their quarters.
A small tin stove sits in the centre
of the tent, or hut as tbo case may
he. The frying pan is frizzling on
the top, as funking goes on most of
the day, and the wayfarer is welcome
to a meal.
In the enrner is piled up a number
of Llilck blankets, they have boon
carelessly tliinwn aside an tho lumt-
ers rose to track tho deer. Tbo bed
Is composed of brush, no downs or
teatli.m   bill   the  tired hunters sleep
Special Mid-Week Service
at Klko.
The usual Wednesday nlgbt. service
conducted i.y the llev Mr. Btoplien,
Oranbrook, was well attended r
special feature being tlie nddresB by
Rov, Mr. Wilson, M.A., superintendent of home missions for the province ol British Columbia.     Mr   Wilson
inents of the pack    t,n the wny, the
destination Is reached in snfety,
Thero is no dillleiilty in koopiug tho
track, so wise nro the horseo, that
thoy will not leave It, even though
you attempt to pull them oi!.
Tho   writer   on   one   occasion wos j
coming along on a vcry dnrk  night
loading ono of the horses ahead.    At i
ii certain point Iwo trolls moot, onB
of them   nn    Indian   trail,     ln tlie
darkness I took tlie wrong trail, but j
tlie horso stupped   dead and refused j
to go.     1 relaxed my hold, the animal snuffed around, nnd to whnt aP |
peni'od to tno in my confusion to    go j
directly hnck.     But uut so, familiar
ibjccts   began    to   appear   and thc j
igbts of Blko lay in tlio distance.
The horses were unpacked, tbo deor
hipped, and the hunters woll ploasod '
hade  farewell   to
nnti,In for nnoth- | ,
tightening up barhed-wlro fonces I'
been given to Turkey, as agreed in
cose ot ships of .volunteer fleets.
Turkey's officials appear disinclined
to agree with this suggestion.
larni, Blko, P.O.
K.C... Van-
on      tllO;
Cranbrook Land District, District of
Southern Division,  East Kootenay.
TAKK NOTICE that Wlnslow Kay.
of Wasa, occupation rancher, Intends
to npply for permission to purchase
the tollowing described lands :—
Commencing at a post planted at
the North East Cornor ot I,. SIM,
thenco South 15M chnlns, thenco
EaBt 20 clinlns, thenco North 20
chains, west to Kootonny Uiver,
down stream to point of commencement,
Dnted   21at November,   1911.     S0-9t
Canadian Pacific
Christmas and
New Year's Holidays
Between all    Stations Port Arthur
to Vancouver and Branches.
Going dates December  21,
January   1,   1912.
Wll, to
return    limit January   5th,
For further particulars apply      to
nearest agent, or to
District Passenger Agent,
Calgary, Alta.
•H4fH44+W.fr+++'H+f •»++-H-H-i-M I-I-l-H-H-H-i-H-
Water Freezes and Bursts Pipes
the best thing to do then is to
for the
Plumber, Tinsmith, Steam or Hot Water Expert
Prompt Attention Given
with their harvest
forest, glen and m
or year.
based Ins remmkii on the text "Ho
shall have dominion from son to
Canada, he said, seemed to he the
meeting plnce „f all tho different, tongues anl nation. Therefore tho
church hnd n groat work to perforin.
The address was greatly appreciated.
A meeting in connection with tho
mission church wbb held at the close.
Only First-Class Union Men Employed
Skates   Ground   and   Repaiied
Plumbing Tinsmithing & Heating Oo. li
Phone 340
fr+-l-H*-H-H-H-H-H-M- 11 11 -i-l'-t III' I I-!-t-l-l -I-1-: -t-1 -HUM- J   Hi. HI HI 111 s s j-Fi ■M+f
For Quality, Price and Prompt cutters.      sleighs.
Service wagons,    buggies,    harness
East Kootenay Produce & Provision House
Remember our 15 per cent Gash Discount off Furniture until Dec. 23rd.
■ ■■■■ a .a .* .»..■
•H-H'I'HI IIIII ll-l Mill I ++->
,t,*t,*>,.|.1,,H*»*'ll I llllllllll-t- lllll II llllllllllllll
II Long  Winter  Months il
arc now upon us, economise by using 8.INW.AM
COST.    Supplied in any sites
At The
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
** H !!■ t II II H H ■!■ miltlllll HH H I M I 11 Ml I
*H-++-M-»+'H"."l'W'i-H'l'l''H'^ *
Silverware -
1-847 Rogers
Carving Sets
Pocket Knives
Safety Razors
A large variety to
pick  frotn
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C.
;;    Phone 5 Box 195   f
j| 11 ******* III 1111 Ml 11 HI 11IHIHUHIHH
i*r»H*H'*H"M«H*H"M«<*M*H"H ■M'l''H"M'*H»«"M"H"M''H'i'<''l»•
Cigar   Store
S. A. REID, Proprietor
will open a New Store in the
Hanson Block
with a Full Line of
Cigars and Tobaccos
A General News Stand  will  also  be
run in connection
Opens Early Part of Christmas Week
•H'l"I"I M I»111'*^**i************^'*^*****
Selected   Bargains Offered
this week by local
HOLLY at Campbell A Mannings.
Xmas conies but once a year.   0.0.8.
Keep a smiling face and eat    Jolifles Sausages.
Libby's Cut Glass at the Fink, Mercantile Company.
Drop ia the Beale & Elwell stand for bargains iv Toys, etc.
Coal !   Coal !   Leave your orders   at the Kast Kootenay Produce aod Provision House.
Cadbury's Ungllsh Chocolates   at   fink's   Pure Food Grocery.
See window.
For a nice Xmas present you   should see W.  H.  Wilson's display of Diamonds.
Send the kiddies around and get a school ruler, which are being given away at the Kast Kootenay Produce and Provision
Don't forget the public school entertainment      at   the   Opera
House on December   20 and   21.
Wicker and Rattan Chairs make appropriate Xmas gifts.     Our
price   13.50 to   $13.00.     CCS.
Unloaded tbis week a car No.   1    Hard    Coal    for    the    Bast
Kootenay Produce and Provision House.
New season's Nuts and Cluster   Raisins,    the    finest   ever, at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
We carry everything ln Xmas novelties for Ladies. Model Variety Store.
All fresh killed Meats and Poultry. Central Meat Market.
, A Christmas gift of a good comfortable Chair will testify to
the good will of the giver. We have them in all styles and price.
East Kootenay Produce and Provision House.
See the "wee pickanninnles"   at the  Auditorium December   20
and   21.
W. H. Wilson, thc jeweler, is this year showing a very attractive line ol Ladles' Watches.
If you want real good Coal at the right price the people who
can supply you are East Kootenay Produce and Provision House.
Boost your public schools by   being present at the Xmas concert to be given by the scholars on December  20 and   21.
The Model Variety Store Ib now   open.     Call   in   and   see if
there Is anything you want for   Xmas.
Fruits, Chocolates, Nuts, Candies, Biscuits of all kinds at the
East Kootenay Produce and Provision House.
The most exquisite collection   of   China   ever shown in Cranbrook ts on displny in Fink's China aad Glass Department.
We have installed up-to-date machinery tor Sausage making,
and are now prepared to fill all orders. One quality and one
price.   Central Meat Market
De Jong's Chocolate Apples at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
A useful gilt is the most appproprlate of all; a Rocker, Chair
—Morris Chair—Bed—Dinner Sot—Tea Sot—any piece ol crockery
or China ware ls always useful—Then you can buy—Ties, Neck
ScnrfB—Mufflers—Braces—Arm Hands—Handkerchiefs. We bave them
all done up—ln special boieB for Christmas gifts. CCS.
Dining Room Furniture, New Tables, New Dining Chairs aad
New Buffets, all prices and somewhat better tban usual for the
price at East Kootenay Produce and Provision House.
There is no dilliculty in making your purchases for Christmas
when you do your shopping at Fink's Pure Food Grocery. Everything Is classified facilitate selection.
Facts and Figures. The average coBt of a single delivery we
have estimated to he over 10c. Consider how much you wtll save
if you get your month's supply at once wc will give you the benefit of this eitra cost. On quantity cash orders we will guarantee
to meet competition of any grocery house In or out of the city.
5 per cent, discount on all cash sales of 11.00 or over, weekly
accounts nald every Monday.       Campbell & Manning.
Sweet Briar Breakfast Bacon   at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Remember 15 per cent discount for cash In our Furniture Department until Dec. 23rd. East Kootenny Produce and Provision
HOLLY at Campbell ft Manning's.
Neit Wednesday and Thursday the
children from the public schools will
give, what hns to them become their
annual concert. The object this
year to which they are going to devote their receipts ls the installing
in the school a well equipped library.
It is earnestly hoped that all who
can will make an eflort to be there.
Electric Restorer for Men
MM you .uraimi. Pries Ms biVpi;}wp loi
B. lifallSKl to anr addnsil. «• •«•**•.. »r.ii
C.., St. Oasharlau, OM.
Rev. O. E. Kendall late Baptist
minister at Antrim, New Hampshire,
arrived in Cranbrook last Saturday
to take charge of the ministerial
work In our city recently vacated by
Rev. H. E. Speller. Mr. Kendall
was assured ol a hearty welcome
Irom the people, and got It too.
HOLLY at Campbell A Manning's.
The very name of Christmas seems
laden with good things. There is a
ring ol joy In Its tone nnd ono can
only associate it with pleasant thoughts and fond remembrances.
Christmas to Ihe child is the brightest star In the year's firmament. It
Is the beacon light on which their
little eyes nnd thoughts nre ever fastened.
Hot hiiiiHo lettuce, celery, radishes,
cauliflower, riicuinbers, and tomatoes,
Campbell A Manning.
Thu one great nnd essentia! fact
about Christinas Is this: that It Is
the celebration ot a birthday. Hence,
we wlll do well 'to have In remembrance Him lor Whom tho dny Is
nanind and In Whose honor It is appointed to he kept. And, having In
mind the shepherds and the stable,
we wlll remember how His life,    tie-
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Elson miiii.ttin, Pastor
Sunday   services—The   Pastor will
preach at   U a.m. and  7.30 p.m.
Morning subject-"Ri'Jolclng Chris
Evening    subject—"The Harrowing
ot Hell."
Music for Sunday evening—Anthem. I
"Christian the Mom Breaks Sweetly!
O'er Thee." Soloists, Mr. und Mrs. j
Oeorge Stephenson. quartette,
"Tho Home Land." Mrs. Stephen-1
son, Mrs. Wlesbrod, Mr. Loubsch,
Mr. George Stephenson,
Visitors Jo the City
T. N. Lasho, Moyie.
G. W. Gonyan, Spokatw.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Malcolm, Cal.
Samuel Potter, Moyle.
E. W. Dunham, Spokane.
F. J. Smyth.
A. R. Nolan, Kalispel!.
O. W. Workman.
J. C Cochrane, Missoula.
T. Campbell, Fernie.
J. E. Burke, Kalispell.
D. J. Vaughan.
GUBt Theis, Perry Creek.
D. M. Ely, Macleod.
Harry Hesse, Moyie.
A. Champaigne, Spokane,
A. T. Peterson.
C. M. Short, Vancouver.
E. Pope, Calgary.
J. Ij. Johnson, Spokane.
O. O. Mayer, Ottawa.
H. S. Cruickshanks, Kimberley.
Mrs. A. E. Castor.
G. Dougherty, Fort Steelo.
F. Dodson, Cal.
E. W. Schotz, Macleod.
A. Currle, High River.
D. N. O'Bryne, Cal.
C. Reid, Vancouver.
O. J. Johnson, Moyle.
A. Graham, St. Mary's.
W, E-. Brodsur, St. Mary's,
A. Taylor.
H. Kohn, Wardner.
W. W. Douglas, Tabor.
R. M. Turner, Kimberley.
S. O. O'Brien, Strathcona.
L. Lambert, Edmonton.
J. A. Dubois. Montreal.
H. McLartz. Spokane,
C. 8. Wilson, Vancouver.
V. H. Graham, Vancouver.
W. W. Douglas, Tabor.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Newbery, Vancouver.
J, J. Woods, Kernie.
D. Evans, Moyie.
Mr. and   Mrs. chas.   Terry, Chatham.
Mrs. J. H. Clark, Gateway.
D. V. Mott, Fornie.
C. Lawregtz, Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. O'Brien, Cut.
J, Verlskey, Spokane.
G. M. Gray, Ottawa.
A. R. Rose, Montreal.
. L. R. Peacock, Winnipeg.
J. Paul, Vancouver.
G. B. Langdon, Stillwater, Mich.
J. H. Wilson, Spokane.
Mrs. P. R. Benyon, Thunder Hill.
T. H. Lavington.
F. E. Clement, Victoria.
O. W. Connolly, Calgary.
R. 0, Woods.
C Mayer, Ottawa.
J. Halgh, Calgary.
R. Shields, Winnipeg.
H. C Wendell, Spokane.
J. H. Duggin, Toronto.
Q. P. Shaw.
W. A. Montgomery, Vancouver.
J. A. Logan, Winnipeg.
gun in simplicity,  was lived to the j
end of it in accordsnee with this beginning.
A few potted plnnts in stock.--;
Ferns, Prlturoflos, Clnnrlns, and'
Mums.     Campbell A Manning.
We have received several enquiries
at the "Prospector" oflice re the
possibility of arranging successfully
a poultry and dog show In Cranbrook
with scopo sufficient to take in the
whole district. There will he a
meeting in the Y.M.C.A. building on
Monday night at 8 l'.m. to try and
see what arrangements can he made.
Tho intercut that the citizens ot
Crnnbrook and district have boon t«k
Ing during thc past year nnd tho wuy
a good many have born obtaining
thoroughbred Poultry especially should be productive of Rood In this dlr
ectlon and a well attended mooting is
looked for.
Fruits, Chocolates, Nuts, Candles,
Biscuits of nil kinds nt the Ka-it
Kootonny Produce mul Provision
Mnrlo H. lllrnle, practical ilrosBinak
cr. All kinds of fitting nml sowing
done at parties own home. Satisfaction giinrantcod. Terms on application. Address, care Mrs. Holhrook, Elko, B.C.
Wr have some i imn- thai we «ill sell for i ash for ihe
nexl sixts (lays :tl nisi prii e $45.50 lliw ' ulter ls
well wm ih illy in. \n\ person who plans buying a
cutter this season will make money b) looking this
simk over before buying elsewhere. This stock is limited in ;i few cutters oi11\.
The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
CltANIUtOOK,   li.   C.
'I-'II'I-I'I'II'I'I-I'H I I'l l"l l"ll»H"ll'l'll"l"l'H'
ICoal!    Coal! !
' *    We are prepared to offer to the public—Coal    ;;
In car lots from $4.76 per    ton    to   416.00.     Single
ton lots   $6.00   per ton (1ntl upwards to   $16.50.
WHY  burn dusty coal when you can get Briquette
at  $9.25 per ton.
We take pleasure in thanking our many customer!)
for past favors and wish onu and all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And at the saint- time
not forgetting we are ulways found at the old stand
ready to attend to your wants in the cartage line.
Truly yours,
ij City Transfer  Company
W. E, Worden, Manager
Practical Sign Writing
Painting   and  Decorating
BEGINNING DECEMBER llth, 1911. We will
allow 5 per cent Discount on all Cash Sales and on all
Weekly Accounts paid on the Monday followiiiK. A
Discount of 3 per cent will be allowed on all Monthly
Accounts paid in full ou or before the 20th of the
month following.
These Discounts will not apply on accounts for which
Special 1'rices have been made. Till. PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
She ycc-o-uectou, ©vcmbvooh, "0. (&,
Published Every Saturday    Muiniui at Cranbrook, B.O.
F. M. Christian. Manager.
A   B. orace,   Editor.
Subscription rate, if paid in advance,   J1.5W.
Subscrtiiticn rate, if charged on bonks,   |2.00.
Postage to American. Kuropean uu-1  other foreign countries,   50 cnu   u
year  extra.
advertisements- Advertising rates furnished on application,    No
advertisements but  those of a reputable character will be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS ANU SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
ls given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will he kept
running nnd charged up against their account.
17th Year
"The Prospector's" Message
Dear Reader
Thf* Prospector, dear reader, in wishing you the compliments of the
season, has attempted in this Issue ol its Christina-* number to carry Into eflect the .."lief that at this season of thr year "The Bwt la none too
irood for those we think the most of."
As you cnn very well see "The prospector" this week [fl clothed In
new colors entirely symbolical of the time of the year we are celebrating
We recognise the fact thnt we are departing somewhat from the usual
routine of Journaliam in jiving over the front page oi tins Issue to euch
reading an we Imve Inserted, but we remain cnntMrnt our readers will appreciate this change. There are lots of good poems that you can -;li at
your ease nnd rend to the children, tbey will he delighted to hear them.
This is essentially the children's season, as such, Christmas is truly
identified nnd so we have provided something for their entertainment,
There have been many changes in. the Prospector since last Christmas, w% have tried successfully—as our increasing numher of subscribers
will clearly prove—to produce a paper worthy in the truest and highest
sense of the word to entering any home, giving to vou in main all the local news as it transpires; and many times even its predictions ol the future has been Verified by the events taking place. We believe before another such season as the present ts af?nin with us "The Prospector" will
be ln every home, and read not only hy Mother and Father but be eagerly Bought after by every son and daughter In Cranbrook nnd district.
We are looking forward into another year confident of your support
and encouragement,
Truly yours,
brighten nml  to  bless,
The life of thnt child Ih peculiarly
pathetic and incomplete which has
nut been illumined with an unques*
tinning, unfaltering belief m Santa
Claus, without the mysterious joys
ol anticipation on Christmas eve.
the richest child hns lost one ol tbe
most exquisite phases ol earthly haP
plneBS. Woe he to him wh,} wilfully
destroys the beautiful ideal peisonld-
lod in good old Santa Otaus
Dangerous to Property
Whether nr not H fire permit      has
ever heen obtained by the people    In
I charge of the Bewerage work that   is
! going on is no excuse for the disregard that is being paid  to the safety
I of Valuable property.     LaBt night as
'our representative  was  passing     the
lane back of the    O.C.S, store large
'sparks thrown up by the wind    were
'dying   about   ui   all directions and
lighting upon   the   roofs of diflerenl
buildings in the neighborhood,     Tbc
man who was looking altei the    fire
had hlfl attention drawn to the   (act
also several workmen  in -the employ ;
. ,  the C C.8.
When the mon reach the other side
ol  Armstrong  Vvenue and dose     in
to  where so  nuuiy   stables nre  situat
ed there will exist nn even RWftte.
danger than at present. Why is
auch a menace to public property al
lowed to go on unchecked? Surely
if it ts absolutely necessavj to go
on with the work some other means
than lire could  be employed  ot       s
mUCh   less   dangerous   character.
lill'H-H 11111 HHI lit! 11 IM
■*■ ■   ■ .*..* -■- a .*. *   -|-rt-r|1,|1,t,.|,ri.-t1||1,|*i|it   ft ,t ,liili.I .Iuli I, I, J
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital  Paid Up
Total  Assets, over
$   6,200,000
A   General   DuiikiiiK    Business   transacted
Issued payable without charge in all parts of the World
Through enterprise, up-to-date methods and
perseverance "The Prospector" can now lay
claim to having the LARGEST City Circulation
of any Local Paper--and still increasing
Kor the benefit   ol  oui    .-ivi>r
•  terfl  rhe Prospoctor wishes to
make this formal announcement
that next  week's  paper  will  be
u   Priday  morning   and
■ -1 that all the advertisers
who w Isb .. reach the people
with the r go - ts and help us
wtll send in their copy early
Savings Department:
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received.   Interest
paid at highest current rates.
Special   attention   given to Out-of-Town business.
Deposits by Mail receive prompt attention.
Few changes in Voting Ust
A few changes wero made lu tho \
municipal voting Ust at the court of i
revision on Monday.
There ia a total of COfi voters on
the list, bb compared with 620 on
the Hat of last year.
Nominations will ho hold on January 8th, for candidates for Mayor
and nix aldermen, and for two school
Court of Revision
A court of revision was held in the
council chamber on Monday at LL
a.m. There wore presont Mayor
Hunt, and Aldermen Jackson and
Moved by Aldermen Jackson and
Bowness, that the voting llBt as prepared by the city clerk with tbe corrections as noted therein he approved.—Carried.
Court adjourned.
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evening Reveries—A Column Dedicated
to Tired Mothers as They  Join  the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
Let them tear Santa's white heard
ofl at the Sunday School festival and
growl in hlfl bearskin coat, These ate
only his disurtlscs. The steps of the
real Santa Claua you ean trace all
through the world and when you
stand in the laat of his tracks you
will find thc Mewed Babe of Bothle
hem smiling ft welcome to yon.
Christmas should mean Infinitely
more to us than can bo expressed by
gift or language. It Is not to he
a season of tears, but of joy. It
should fill every home with gladness
and the noise of happy children and
parents. Let the children come
home, let thp parents throw open
their homes to them; let the yule
log, a log of wood he laid in Lhe
fireplace and lighted mil with songs,
watch the merry crackling log and
shadows of the dames dancing jocund
ly upon the wall, Say, come friends
come strangers, "If it he but a cup
of cold water that's given.'" nnd a
kindly smile it will do something to
show, that
God's In His  Heaven
All's well with the world."
that the forests with their feathered
songsters declare His goodness,  that
the cattle on a thousand hills      an*
grazing nt His feet,  that the crows
pick food  from    His hands and that
man is redeemed from sin. end
"This ls the marvel of marvels     revealed ,
When the silvery trumpets of Christ-
mas have pealed,
That humankind are thfl children    o(
We /tre glud it. is mint once more to
greet the readers ol thle department
with n bright merry Christmas. It.
seems but yesterday that we sent a
like message to you, and yet a ym'
haa flown hy. May your homes he
bright, the dear children of your
household happy and the groat wIhIi
nnd hope of yuur hearts in abundant
(measure be realized    this Christmas
Do You
Believe in
Claus ?
Do ?OU believe in Santa Olaus, the
gray-haired saint   of universal child
hood? Now do say that you do, for
all the little golden-haired Tinker
Bells who bring Hashes of light and
the sound of melody in our homes are
juat eager to know the truth.
The silvery locks of Sautft Claus do
not signify old age or senility, although tbere is no biography which
tolls of tbe time nnd place of his
He is just ns active, virile aiid
buoyant in this wonderful twentieth
century as he was wben the children
of long ago generations awaited his
coming on Christmas eve. He finds
his wny round this great world of
ours at tho Christmas tide in his
marvelous sled just as readily as if
steel mils an I electric wires did not
form an almost Impossible network
ver hill and dale, through forest and
glen. Of course, flunta flans does
not need spectacles—and he does not
wear a monocle—for he lives In the
sweet and tender light of children's
smiles His <,ueer little ears- always tied up in a crimson muffler, for
rtan'a Claus is the very embodiment
i of the spirit id winter—are ever open
,ever alert to the sound ol children's
'happy laughter.
Ho long as these sweet, alluring
I things shall be, so long wlll good
! Santa Claus reign without a rival In
i the affections of children who ******
I their prayers at mother's knees anl
'in those of either children, who at
I the blessed Christmas time, catch
j the echoes of the merry prattle of
' thoir own little ones who have grown
into man's and  woman's estate
Hanta Claus' reindeer with their
spreading antlers, may have walked
"two and two" out of the ark, when
it roeted on Ararat's crest, alter the
flood subsided, hut who cares? The
gift of eternal youth is theirs and
they are too Dirty to bother with
family records or chronological tab
les, Kneii year the rhythmic patter
of their tiny hoofs will he heard on
your mof on Christmas eve if your
heart kee\m young and true and your
oars aro still attuned to the faintost
whlepor of God's own messengers
Santa Glaus flndfl his way Into the
bomes of tho rich nnd the poor alike;
Into the palace and Into the cottage
wherever children bnve heen sent    to
Miss Livingstone at Cranbrook
Tuesday evening terminated the
work which sbe was sent to Cran-1
brook to perform on behalf of thej
Women's Institute, but the results
of ber work in the midst of Cran- j
brook branch will long be remembered.
The lectures and demonstrations
which Miss Livingstone rendered
were really of high class merit and
well repaid the attendants who by
their presence showed they were In
sympathy with the motive the institute is so admirably supporting—
Home nnd Country.
Tbe series of meetings that hnd
been arranged began on Monday
morning nnd was to take the form
of a lecture but it rather developed
into the more familiar direction of
a talk on general household topics
and n general outline ns to wbat
lines the future meetings would take
Evidently there was a quantity believed more in "home" in the morning because of the larger attendance
ut the afternoons meeting. This
wns very largely representative of
the interest that has been recently
shown at thc Women's Institute regular meetings.
Miss Livingstone made her nfter-
noon gatherings proper demonstrative meetings, the local ladies having had a cooking range and all necessary apparatus arranged for beforehand, Miss Livingstone gave
some very practical illustrations of
the principals sbe was endeavoring to
show governing most any kind of
cooking, afterwards handing out tasters to her attentive audtence.
At her closing lecture to which the
Farmer's Institute hnd been so generously invited, the lecturer took for
her address the cutting, curing, and
cooking tbe different parts of beef,
explaining just which were tbe dear
and which were the cheapest purts of
meat to buy, also the why and tlu
wherefor. Another point thnt wns
strongly recommended to her listen
ers was that they were ns far ns possible to smoke their own meats, illustrating this With a sketch roughly drawn on pnper; also drawing notice to a smoking apparatus that n
.Mr. Johnson of Nelson, had very Ingeniously mnde for himself in thc
side of n bill
Miss Livingstone strongly advocated the women of Crnnbrook starting
out n crusude against tbo way ment
was nt present brought, into our city;
and also showed to her listeners the
advantage Incldently of having a cn-
operatlvo inundry in tbc city illustrating this with an instance wbere
in one plnce in tbe east, not In the
west, that she had stayed nt, all It
cost, thc household for their washing
per month was $1.0.., the system used simplifying the expense nnd convenience therewith.
Kor a change and just tn make the
ovenfng more interesting n small
program was arranged; Mr, O. Ingram giving a pianoforte, solo aud
Mlsa H. Palmer a recitation. Mr. H.
Macdonald gave an amusing reply to
a vote of thanks by the president of
tho institute Mra. ll. Palmor. Mrs.
echoing the sontlmonts
g  in     a   row   well  choneil
ii- theii appreciation to
nt fm Rending out, such
work as Miss
were perform-
Cranbrook   Branch
T. B. O'Connell
Palmar i.l v.
.,i the mod
words, shoi
tlio itoverni
women upon Biich nn
Livingstone fiti'i otho
lng among Uio women
Thi'  lnlli I  ll	
thank all thono who
ugh to holp to mnln-
meotlngs  snrli   n  hiicci
ol lliltliili Ool
iiltiiii' desire tn
worn kind ono-
thin Bcrlos nt
MB.      My       tlio
wny, Io'Iioh. tim Kiii'iniM-H particularly want tn tliiink you (or giving
tlmin Um invitation nml for providing no excellent a repast ut thc clone
Office Hours—10 a.m. to 3 p.m.:   Saturdays 10 a.m. to 12 noon
"H*-H*H*M«H4*H'«H-1«H'*H*M'>W^ |,|i ii |
Our NeW Post Office
Now that the. brick work of tho
new post oflice is higher than the
guard surrounding it and consequently more in public view tbere has been
many remarks passed as to why a
good pressed brick was not uBed in
its construction. Fernie and other
post offices were constructed of the
best pressed bricks and even buildings owned by private people or corporations use the better brick.
Standing as it does on the opposite
corner to the new Hanson Block the
comparison becomes nil tbe more objectionable.
Crnnhrook has waited long for a
post office worthy of its standing a-
mong the other cities of British Columbia and deserves ft FIRST-CLASS
and this matter should be taken up
at once hy the proper authorities before it is too late.
Christmas Interests
Cranbrook is celebrating or rather
beginning to celebrate the Christmas
season na she has so often done before.
The interest that is bo often observed upon tbo faces of the children
at this time Is usually traceahle to
the window settings that have been
arranged in the various stores of
the city.
Tbe mysterious outings "be" or
"she" makes and for the tlrst time
in thc year wants to go alone because "he" 0r "ahe" wants, to go to
some place that wouldn't interest
you or see someone about something
"I'll tell you nfter sort of air" all
of which strongly Indicates that
there Is something unusual on thc
Its Ohrlstmafl season, have you not
noticed It, tho way your children's
eyes sparkle us so-and-so's store la
mentioned or a parcel is brought into the house ami you are reluctant
to open It tbe unusual interest it
arouses? This is a time of good cheer
a time to laugh, to be charitable and
a time when man is compelled oven
against bis will to exorcise Faltb,
Hope and Charity to his (ellowman.
ThiB is tho time when everyone is
watching the papers for tho specialties tbe various stores are arranging
for tbeir patrons nnd we want to
take this opportunity of drawing
your attention to those who are supporting the Prospector the whole year
round. Tbose advertisements that
are appearing in this and next weeks
issues are all worthy of your consideration.
Delhi breaking up
Cllhraltnr.- The captain nl tlio Dol-
ih Iimh Hont ii wireless dispatch stnt-
Ing tlmt a bulkhead lum glvon away
nml Unit ho lonrH ho wlll hnvo to
abandon Um ship. Ho nslui thnt a
strong guard he Rent, Tbo ship carries bullion totalling   11,500,000.
•H^-H-WiHI ll-H-H-M^ *H»H*KM
The Quality Store f!
"Where Christmas Delicacies abound"
PHONE   56
Wo have not spared either time or labor to help you make this Xmas
dinner tbe best yet. It is impossible to name all tho good things, but
among some ot them you will And in our grocery department:—IMPORTED FRENCH PEAS, BEANS, MUSHR00M8, and ASPARAGUS in glaas
In sweet goods don't (orget HUNTLEY & PALMER'S ALASKA
Malaga Raisins ln 1 tb. cartons, 3 It), and 22 Ib. boxes, Irom three
to nine crown.
Prince Arthur may be Viceroy  -J*::
London.—A report was current in
London Thursday alternoon that
Prince Arthur ol Connaught, son ol
thc governor gonoral ol Oanada, tho
Duke ol Connaught, will succeed
llaron Hardlni; no viceroy ol India.
Japanese Oranges and Red Cheeked Apples
Confectionery —
GANONO'S O, B. CHOCOLATES aro always top notchors. PEANUT
Butter-Scotch, Gum Drops, Molasses Kisses, Jelly Beans,
Maple Creams
China is wbere we shine. "What a difference "whon tho table is laid
out with dainty dishes," and they aro always appreciated lor presents.
White and Gold and Baby Roso Limoges In stock patterns, Bavarian,
Wodgowood, and Austrian, in complete dinner and tea sotB.
mon, ana Austrian, in complete dinner and tea sots.
Japanese Tea Sets, Nipon Hand-painted China in
nice for presents
odd pieces
Hand Painted Bon Bon, Celery,    Fruit Dishes and  Cako Plates,
nnoso Cups and Saucers, Horry and C hocolate Sots.
All tiho old world patterns aro represented.
Wo guarantee everything both as   to prlco and quality.
Five por cent, discount nn nil cash sales ol ono dollar or over.
The Up-to-date Grocers
|.*H*M*H*t*H*M«MH*H*H«H«H nun n "iii-i i->mh^i^ w-h-^m-h-s-m^ <•
We Know and You Know The Old  Saying—
"Comparisons are  Odious"
HUT ON THR SQUARE to bo lair
with you end with ourselves we must
ask you to compare the quality ami
prices on our doll stock and those offered by all others.
KVRRY DAY we receive flattering
comment on them by discriminating
people.     The whole    secret Is bound
up in years of eipertenee in knowing
whon, where and how to buy. Wc
have the experience and we know
you, our customers, reap the benefit.
We want to clear our toy business
up early. Call and select your goods
and  we will deliver when required.
Don't (orget the Dig Doll Day    at
the Dig Store.
wtth us.     The   wny the   great array
of toilet nnd    manicure sets receive
attention conOrms it.
We clmtlriine comparison  and  com*
petition of all kinds on thla Due.
It is the biggest ever offered in the
interior of the wost.
VER, LAQUKRRD and in fact every
good and serviceable kind of toilet
and manicure set manufactured,
There is do use  trying to enumer
ate all our lines. We Invito you
and your friend*, and children to
come often nnd .it any time to tin*
Rig Store with the Dig Klcctnc Sign.
We offer you the best service pos
sible nnd the selection uf tbe biggest
'and best bought stock . n the Crow.
Mr.    Murphy    and    Mr.    Noble are
working overtime in the prescription
department. Every prescription tur-
1101 out bears the veal of quality,
carefulness and reliability, only acquired by expert knowledge and long
Mail orders for all kind.*! of Xmas
goods receive  very  careful attention..
"The Rexall Store" "Where it Pays to Deal"
The   Beattie-Murphy   Company   Limited
Cranbrook,   B. C.
.■■■■»■■■■■.-.»*.■■■■■■■ *..* .*>..*
i i 1 111 ■ I I I I 1 I T I ™ I 1 I * T * I • n
rTT TlTT*l,,",*l**ll*i'*l,*l,,lllll I1 l"|*"*l''f*1'f*v*T*T!,|' 't'*f"T**f**T"f"F'l**l*"f"T*f**t-*r•*lHp*T*l**f*•fr "fr *fr       T'l^,T^H*^l^*1''I^*,lrfl"l^,'l"l',l''»^fci,s-I
:| What a Pleasure there will;;
be in Eating
Some of that Good
v.   MEAT and  POULTRY  ii
that they have on Display
P. BURNS & Co's
We Invite you  to come
in and see Our Stock of
Government Inspected
before   choosing elsewhere
P. Burns & Co.
Cranbrook, B. C.
V *f i)|i*|*>|i*|<'|'*|>'|"|*^|''|i*|''|''|l*|*"*|,'|"|*
| Model Variety
Opened lor business this morning in Benle & Blwells
old stand, with a complete line of Ladies and Gents
HARDWARE, in fact everything in the   5,   10,   15,   25,
nnd  35 cent bargains.
Piircluun at thle stoic and save money.
i R. P. Moffatt f
(.ranbrook,   I). (1.
*|..H-*HM"M'-M-H--t"MH'-H'.''.''H *■<*>■>
I ******************
Kilby frames pictures.
Blmore and   Cheater   Staples,     ot
Wycllfle, was in town Friday.
Constable J. Walsh of Port Steele,
was in town Tuesday,
A. B, Fenwiek and A. Doyle,     ot
Fort Steele, were in town Tuesday.
Don't forget the public school entertainment at the Opera House on
December   20 and   21.
M. McCarty of Creston, was in
Crnnbrook Tuesday on business.
H. W, Davis, of Wycliffe, was a
guest at the Cranbrook Thursday.
Royal Violet Cluster Raisins, guaranteed to be the best, in one pound
packages, and three pound boxes.
Camphell & Manning.
Mrs. H. L. Sawyer of Marysville,
was a Cranbrook visitor Monday.
James Finlny returned Saturday
last from a business trip to Spokane
A useful gift ls the most appropriate of all, a rocker, chair—Morris
chair—Bed—Dinner set-Ten set—any
piece of crockery or chinaware is always useful—Then you can buy—ties,
neck scarfs—mufflers—braceB—arm
bands—handkerchiefs. We have them
all done up—in special lioxeB for
Xmas gifts. C.O.H.
M. Martin of Moyie, spent Sunday
last in Cranlirook.
Simon Taylor was at Kimberley on
Tuesday on business.
All kinds of confectionery, chocolates, bon-bons, etc. Campbell A Manning.
R. A. Fraser was at Marysville, on
Tuesday on business.
R. H, Bohart, of Wardner, was In
town Thursday.
D. McFarlane, of Kimberley, was
in town Thursday on business.
Leave your orders early for cut
(lowers, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and violets. Campbell &
Hort Campbell was hunting at
Yahk Monday of this week. He succeeded in killing two deer.
G. W. Donahoe, postmaster at Wardner, wns In town Tuesday on business.
Christmas Crackers, tinsel, and
cumllee, nnd ornaments for Xmas
tree decorations. Stockings, teddy
bears, etc. Camphell A Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Morrow, Mrs.
T. T. McVittie, Miss Galbraith, and
Miss M. Jordan were Cranhrook visitors Tuesday.
Anyone wishing Christmas trees
can secure them by calling up tbe
City Transfer Co., Phone 66, free of
A right round merry Christmas.
Joy he with you, peace and good
A happy home, health nnd happi.
ness he thine.
Wedgowood cups and saucers, from
12.56 fo M.50 each. Camphell A
The Kootenay Lodge No. 173, B.R.
C. of A. are making arrangements
for a grand social, which will take
the form of a whist drive, and dance,
aud will lie held in the Carmen's
Hall about the middle of January.
Anyone wishing ''tirlstmas trees
can secure them by Cftlliitg -in the
City Transfer Co., Phone 66, free „.
BlrthB nt tho Home Hospital—To
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Palmer, Saturday, December 9th, a daughter. Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. McFadden, Thursday,
December Uth, n *nn. Mr. nnd
Mm. J. 0. Abbott, of Jaflray, Thursday, December   14th, a son.
W. B. McFarlane was at Wnrdner
Tuesday on business.
Beginning Monday, thc lstb Dec,
we will do "Family Flat" work at
45c. per do?.. Phone 55. Craubrook
Steam Laundry.
H. B. Stevens, of Wardner, was in
town on business Friday.
lt is expected that the municipal
authorities will move Into the new
city hall today.
Kilby frames pictures. If you
have any pictures to frame before
Christmas let us have them at once
to avoid disappointment.
Born at Cranhrook, Thursday, Dec.
14th, to Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Abbott,
a daughter.
Fink, Mercantile Company have a
pretty display In their store windows
this week.
The old fashioned lire place Is the
subject of the Window display at McCreery Bros, this week.
Marasquine and Cream de Minthe
Cherries. Campbell A Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Dnvls of Wycliffe, were Cranbrook visitors on
Mrs. 0. T. Davis will receive at
her home on Garden Avenue the 3rd
Thursday of each month.
We have Installed up-to-date machinery for Sausage making and nre
now prepared to fill all orders. One
quality, one price. Central Meat
Thomas Hoskin, agent of the sleeping, dining and news service, C.P.R.,
returned from Calgary on Wednesday.
A. B. McDonald was at Spokane
this week on legal business. He returned Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. 0, Smith, of St.
Mary's Prairie, were Cranbrook visitors Sunday last.
Washed Figs put up in one nnd
two pound glass Jars nnd one pound
cartoons. Camphell & Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Broley of Vancouver, spent Sunday laat ln Cranbrook.
R. L. T. Galbraith, Indian Agent
at Fort Steele, was in town Tuesday.
Wicker and rattan chairs make appropriate Xmas gifts. Our price
13.50 to   113.00. CCS.
Gus Smith ot Corbin, was transacting business at Cranbrook Tuesday.
l*stor Clapp and P. Worthlngton
were hunting on the South Fork of
Elk River this week.
New railways in this province will
provide transportation for thousands
of new settlers.
Gold Medal Lemon, Orange, citron
peel, also Rolla cut mixed peel.
Camphell A Manning.
It is expected that the sewer pipes
will be laid on North and South
Baker street hy Christmas.
Beginning Monday, the 18th Dec,
we will do "Family Flat" work at
45c. per doz. Phone 55, Crnnbrook
Steam Laundry.
WagataRe's plum puddings and
nj'nce ment Bave time ond worry.
Camphell A Manning.
Nelson merchants have paBsed a
resolution asking the postmaster gen
eral for a Sunday distribution of
mail  lo box-holders.
It is reported that the Canadian
Pacific Railway west ol the Great
Lakes will be provided with a telephone train dispatching system.
Kilby (mines pictures.
LeBter Clapp and F. Worthlngton
returned Friday from a hunting trip
up the South Fork at Blk rlvor They
brought home five deer.
Next Friday. December 22nd will
he the shortest day In the year, on
the 23rd the sun will start on Its
journey north, and the dnys wlll begin to lengthen.
Wicker nml rattan chairs make appropriate Xmas gifts. Onr price
13.50 to   113.110.     O.C.B.
A. Spears, of Newark, Ohio, was in
town Friday.
If you want real good coal at thu
right price the people who can supply you are Bast Kootenny Produce
and Provision House.
J. M. Agnew, of Blko, was transacting business at Cranbrook Friday
R. L. T. Galbraith, R. Barber, and
B. Barnard, of Fort Steele, wore in
town Friday.
Coalt coal! Leave your orders at
the Bast Kootenny Produce nnd Provision House.
R. Gordon, of Revelstoke, and F.
Smith, of Kamloops, were in ('rnnbrook Friday on business.
A. C. Mlnty, Chief Provincial Constable, of Fernie, waB in the City
Friday on official business.
Keep a smiling face and eat
Jollfle's Sausages.
i , ,
A. Burton, of Spokane, was at the
Cranbrook Friday.
A useful gift Is the most appropriate of all, a rocket- chair—Morris
chair—bed—dinner set—tea set—nny
piece of crockery or chinaware Ib always useful—Then you can buy—ties,
neck scarfs—mutHers—braces—arnt
bands—handkerchiefs. We have them
all done up—in special boxes for
Xmas gifts. C.O.8.
Hnrry Mather of Fort Steele, was
In town Friday. He was at the St.
Bugene hospital to see his daughter,
Miss Ruby Mather, who Is now recovering from A serious illness.
Pure Russian Cnviar, guaranteed to
be the heat.     Campbell A Manning.
M. Malt: of Kernie, chief provincial
conatable was in town Tuesday. He
left on Wednesday on an Inspection
trip of hotels in Wycliffe, Marysville
and Kimberley.
T. A. Reid will open a cigar ond
tobacco store in the new Hanson
block In the near future. He will
nl.-o carry a line of stationery, in
combination with a newspaper and
periodical agency.
Wicker and rattan choirs make appropriate Xmas gifts. Our price
f.3.50 to    113.00. O.O.S.
A special emergent convocation of
Rocky Mountain Chapter R.A.M. was
held in the Masonic Temple on Friday night, the occasion being the
annual visit of the Grand Superintendent of Kootenny District.
Christmas and Santa Claus go
hand in hand. They are links in one
chain. Without Snntn Claus there
could be no Christmas and certainly
at no otber time of the year would
old Santa be allowed admittance by
way ol tho chimney instead of the
Pascalls Venltlan mixture nnd
Barley Sugar Candy put up tn glass
bottles.     Campbell A Manning.
Christmas is the same this year,
last year, nnd all the years before.
It Ib old, yet 'tis new. It Is u
thing of thc past, of the present and
will be of the future until time Immemorial. Who is there among us
too old tn remember the Christmas,
of his childhood? ts there one who
does not look buck upon it as the
happiest day of his lue ?
Boost your public schools by being
present at the Xmas concert to be
given by the scholars on December
20 and   21.
Christmas is eminently the child
ren's day. From the gray ol early
dawn—It is the only day In winter
when tholr oyes open ut that hour
ot tlie essence of love in his breast,
to the latest hour nt, nlnbt., lit ev
erything give way to the little autocrats whose tyranny is courted by
every man and woman who has any
Romp und tumble nnd shunt with
them. When another Ohristmas comes
some of them will not lie here, nud
those thnt nre will by one year be
that, much further from the royalty
that doth so fittingly becomo tbem.
Christinas is for the children let everything bend to their enjoyment.
Miss Dorothy Barton, who recently
underwent on operation (it the Home
hospital returned to her home mi
Tliuraday. Her pui'ints express
themselves ns being llollghto-.l witb
the treatment that was given to Iheir
daughter during Iier stay.
M-M ++++M ++++++
10 c
20 c
45 c
A Few
Christmas    Suggestions
j j and every item priced below their '
regular   value
Aluminum Salts and Peppers
in Holly Boxes 35 c pair   ;
',',   Glass Salts and Peppers
Glass Measuring Cups
!',   Glass Cuspidors
'•   Lanterns with Colored Globes
'.   Alarm Clocks, 18 different kinds
Prices range from    $125 to $4.00
;   Japanese Dinner Gongs
from 75c to $2.00
:;   Leather Bag Tags 20 c
"   Toy Sad Irons 20 c
F. Parks & Go. i
Hardware, Stoves,
House  Furnishing Goods
CHANBKOOK,        •        British Columbia   $
"T ***** TTTTT Tf"?
4-l-*H-..|-H"HS-*--*--*~H-l"H-H-I- +++++-W+++-W
Chapman's L
On Monday morning at 9   o'clock,   we
will place on the market
Cranbrook  Sub-division
This property conBlsta ol fifty lota anil Uea between
the site ol the new 0. P. H. shops and ralgary Junction.
It is in the very heart of Calgary's great industrial
Section, and the price to tlrst comers will he $100.00 per
(in the very ea») terms of $10.00 cash and $10.00
per month.
This price is from $T.O to WOO lower than any property north, south, eaat, or vest of it.
Kvery lot will be Hold in and around Cranhrook.
Reservations mar he made at onr otlice, Saturday
and Saturday evening.
Office open every evening   until   9   o'clock     ■'
Chapman's   Agency  ij
Norbury Avenue    neur Auditorium Theatre
to lool. after all the necessary       ar
All  fresh killed meats and  poultry,
Central Meal Market, rangemente,      	
The Knight* o(   Pytbla. aro going     K"'' th« ""** Plckannlnnle." at the
to r.r.lel.ratc-  their nnnlvrraary       hy   Auditorium l)ewnber_ 20 anil   21.
holding n hall nn February   icth lor
which they havo secured the Auditor*: •'"I"'"""" '''a »<•*», Nipoa hnn.1
lum. Bros. E. Hill, H. (Irlfflth una Minted rhlna In ochl plecea, nice lor
J. lloyee are appointed a committee   prem-utn.     Campbell A Manning. 111'. PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  BRITISH COLUMBIA
-M"H"."i' | ,|..|■■|-^■^-|■^^-^■^.-^H^•^^■•H*^^^^•^^■H^^^•H•^^^•^^^•^•^l■^^■^l■^l ****\
G   DOWNING. Manager
Under New Management
For the
Christmas Cake
Meeting of City Council
Wise Councilmen turn down Electric
Light Co's Proposition
',',     Figs are both Healthy and Pleasant to the     |
Carr's Family Biscuits
H-W-++++++-l-l-l-I-+++++++ +++++
J. P. Boyd, Prop.
PHONE    277
Jimmy Boyd, better known as tlio
"Coffee Kinr*," han arranged in hta
restaurant a auction fan to keep the
smoke out ol the place and a «rand
show case display In front Unit Ih
very appettalng and carries n full
Une of everything that Is on tho
market. Also has two of tho best
Chefs in Canada. Day Chef, Walter
Walters of Pasco, Wash., who is vory
pleasing to patrons, and Albeit Lant-
(fan, of Bpokane. who cooked at
Davinports and the German Bakery,
who is aluo an expert at his profession. Specialties for the winter,
Oyster Loafs, Olubhouso Sandwiches,
Chilli Con Carne. Clam Chowder,
Flah, Shell PIbIi, Oysters, Fowls,
Meats, and homo made pastry. The
beauty of Jimmy's place you can seo
everything cooked on his now French
range furnished by McBrldo's Hardware store. He also servOB a merchant's lunch every day lie Huro
and have your Christmas dinner at
Little Davenport The best of everything will bo served In proper
but, which had created Bitch a stir
in London musical circles, "Stella*'
has retired to vent in the country to
recover from her excitement.
I have talked with Miss Amy Sher
win about her protegee. Naturally
she is enthusiastic, and disdains to
use any but superlatives in speaking
of little "Stella."
"Although abe is not yet sixteen,
she ih a finished singer," she said to
me. "There fs absolutely no trace of
unusual musical talent in her family
Her father Is of French extraction ;
her mother is a charwoman. They
are hoth very ordinary, so that -Stella's natural talent and Intelligence
are all the more wonderful. Her
voice is a pure, natural soprano of
remarkable strength nnd sweetness,
nnd has range up to F in alt. Also
f might add, she has lots of temperament, and what one might he excused for calling a devil of a temper. 1
believe by the time she is eighteen
she will be universally recognized as
one of the world's greatest singers."
In appearance "Stella" Is tall and
well made for bor age She haa a
good stage presence. She iH fair
with blue eyes, and has charmingly
natural manners.
HOLLY at  Oampbell & Manning's.
Slums Child Electrifies Musical
London.—Less than n year ago
"Stella Carol," a girl of If", born of
poor parents, was singing for alms
in the streets of London—today she
is one of the most sought-after child
prodigies in London, Following her
first public concert ftt Quaen'B Hall,
the London musical critics have run
out of superlatives In trying to do
justice to her voice. Who has been
hooked for a aeries id concerts at
$500 a piece, nnd Oswald Stoll,
shrewdest of English vaudeville managers, has offered ber in vain Q long
engagement at $500 a week, one
critic has gone so fnr an to declare
that nothing like her has been heard
since the early days of Jenny Lind
and Patti.
"Stella's" short career is one of
those real life romances that put to .
blush even tho best tales of the fiction writers. Like s„ many London
children with good voices, "Stella"
and her sister wero sent into the
•streets at night to sing for almB. It
was lust before last Christmas at
a time of the year when people are
supposed to be charitably inclined
and the takings of the street singers
are large.
By mere chance "Stella" and her
sister, dressed in rags, paused in
front of the home of a former concert singer, Miss Amy Hhorwin, one
time known a*. tbe "Tnsmaman
nightingale." The clear notes of
"Stella's" voice penetrated the walls
and brought Miss Hherwin out in
great haste to see its possessor. In
a few moments the two little Btreet
singers wore inside Miss Shorwln's
home, answering questions.
Tbo result won Miss Buerwin ar
ranged with "Stella's" parents to
adopt thn child and train her for a
earner oj t* singoi Miss Sborwin
was mado tbo legal guardian of the
child flnd by the Lord Chancellor.
and gave hor a year of personal Instruction In Hinging as well hm In foreign languages.
About a week ago "Stella Carol"
made her llrst appearance at ijueon's
Hall, where so many of tlui famous
singers of tho past have soon tholr
gTeot  triumphs.      Following  her  de-
A special mooting of the city COUD
eil was held on Wednesday evening lu
the Council Chamber. Thorn woro
present Mayor- Hunt, and Aldermen
Bowness, Jackson, McNabb, Taylor,
Johnson aud Campbell.
Tho object ol the mooting waa the
discussion of rates foi tbe lighting of
tbe city.
President Dr J. H. King, u. B
Beattie, B. McWim, V, Hyde Bnker,
and Bleotrictan Aikins of thc Cran
brook Slectrlc Light Company, werc
lo attendance.
permission was given ths repreien
tatlvei .-I tba (Sleotrlc Light Oo . to
address tho council.
nit    KINO
Dr King thanked the Mayoi and
council for the privilege given, whlcb
enabled the company to iIIbcubs the
question of the electric lighting of
the city, the enst of same and ita
maintenance, saving that the origin*
al agreement between the cltj and
company was tha supplying ol a i ei
tain number ol arc Lights at *■ BO
por month, and R number ol local
descent tights ol LG and 32 candle
powor nt Ji 10, loss 25 poi cent, per
Thai since thta agreement hnd boon
entered Into between the citj una tbo
Electric Light Company, a number ol
changes In Btreel ■ gating bad boon
made The ... light bad been re
placed with Tungsteu tamps, also thc
old style of Incandescent lan pa chan
ged to Tungsten lamps, these changes brought on Increased expenditures,
especially fn maintenance, and that
the company could nol afford to supply tight, tinder the n- - system, at
the   ild rates      That        tl tl
■•;.■ ■■■■ en --''■■• the
not expect to have the company give
them Increased lights, and a bettei
distribution of the same, at a figure
that caused the company to lose
money. That it was Bimply a diversity of opinion, and sbould be ro
ferrod to an expert electrician. That
the now Tungsten lamps would not
stand as long, and would break much
easier thau the old style lamps, and
that the cost of maintenance was
much larger.
Dr. King wont on to say that his
company had no desire to hold up
thc city, and he did not believe that
the city expected the Electric Light
Company to furnish lights at less
than cost.
Mayor Hunt, asked whnt was the
difference between the cnndle powor
of the arc lights, and tho Tungsten
Dr. King stated that n required
500 watts to supply the arc light,
und 850 watts for the Tungsten
Mayor Hunt in reply, said that
Supt. Quain, suggested tbo changing
of tbo lamps, and hud told blm that
the Tungsten lamps would be no
more expensive to the city aa thoy
required loss juice
Dr. King said that the company
bad received no knowledge of the
change nud no agroomeni or author
Ity from the company to make the
Mayor   limit  suit,  tbat   was (V  mat
tor of lerlous consideration od the
part of the council, as it refei n I tu
the future expansion and progress ol
the city, and the cost 0| lighting
Alderman Bownesa aald, "i am
here to repreaeut tbe city and you
the Electric Light Company It an
arc tight requires 500 watts, and a
Tungsten 850 watts, two Tungstens
equal one aro light, therefore tbe
i oal  would be the sumo "
Mi Seattle said, "tbat no city
that was up-to-date used other than
Tungsten tamps, that tbey gave a
better service and more equal distribution "
Vlderman Campbell moved that the
fi,alter he laid over foi tho now coUn
ci| to decldo on, and make what ar
rangetm nte they saw nt
Alderman .lackson thought u was
Letter for all concerned to have the
matter settled and not to leave it
to tho now   council.
Mr Aikeus said that two Tungsten lamps equalled ono are. and
that it cost $5.20 for power, and
¥2.05 extra for its maintenance.
It was suggested that the council
appoint a competent man to estimate
the cost of lighting the city, and report to the council.
Alderman Bowness said that he did
not thoroughly understand the mntter. that he would not vote on the
question until he had received the necessary information.
City Clerk Roberts said that under
the agreement, the cost ot maintenance was up to the Electric Light
Alderman Campbell said that he
could not ^see why the city was
charged double price, that it did not
look right, that they had better go
back to thc arc light nnd the old
It was then moved by Aldermen
Jackson and Taylor, that the council ofTcr tho Cranhrook Electric Light
Company,    the    sum    of   16.50    per
the ques*
month tor Tungsten lights, Bud other Minalloi Tungsten lights in proportion, excepting six lights on Baker
Street,    wbieb    will    remain    as  per
Qgreemont tor arc lights,
Tbo  vote,
Aldormen    Howncss    and
moved an amendment tbnt
tion of rates   for   lighting tho city
t<e adjourned to n mooting on Monday next, Tho amendment waa lost
by  a  vote ol    I  to   t.
Mayor Hunt thou put the original
Tbo   motion   was  lost.
It was moved by Aldormen Camp-
boll and Bowness, that tho city pay
the Qlectrlo Light Company for two
months sorvico on the Bamo basis as
the agreement bot worn the company
and council
Oounell adjourned to moot on Friday night.
Tbo question of light for tbe city
is a most important oue aud should
Ito settled for once aud all, so that
in the future thoro can he no discussion as to cost of same.
Whon the lay reader, gets mixed up
with juico, watts, amperles, candle
powor. voltage, and other electrical
terms be gets lost and is unable to
pass judgment, fair and equitable on
a matter of such importance to the
city. He must enquire Into and get
the desired information. Tho opinion of a practical electrician should
bo secured, on estimate made, followed by a binding agreement between the city and the Electric Light
The company has secured from tbe
city a valuable franchise. In return the city is well lighted, and at
a fair cost, and there Is no reason
why the matter should not be settled
with equity to all concerned.
At the meeting on Friday night,
lighting of the city was discussed
wltb but slight variation and practically the same motion to give the
Electric Light Co. $6.50 per light for
Tungsten lamps was again defeated.
District Mining News
Louis Johnson, wbo has charge of
the McKensle-Mann properties at
Klmberly, recently shipped two tons
of oro from the Stemwlnder mine to
the New Jersey metallurgical workB
to ascertain tbe best method of
treatment with a view of ro-oponing
the property, Tho oro carries HO
per cent in load and runs high In
The Eatella mine, located on Tracy
Creek, is credited with a variety of
minerals-gold, bismuth, molybdenite
tungsten and tollurldes. There Is a I
large amount of silver lead ore i
blocked out, and over two thousand
tons are on the dumps. John Sullivan of Cranbrook, holds the property under lease.
The Aurora mine at Moyie, is a
promising property, it has a large
amount ot ore in sight, but the ore
bo Tar runs strongly to zinc.
Perry Creek has undoubtedly some
vory strong ledges, easily traceable
for some miles, all carrying gold in
more or less quantities. Taken in
all, 1'orry Creek is receiving considerable attention nnd a number of
strong companies will operate on
Perry Creek next spring.
The Society Olrl has sent several
carloads of ore to the Trail Smelter
during the pnst two months. No. 2
tunnel is In about 1200 feet, giving a
depth of 300 feet. Tbe east drift
was in milling ore, while the west
drift has a shoot of shipping ore.
c. H. Poller, haa n group of claims
on Whiteflsh Creek, which have heen
surveyed. A trial shipment to Uie
smelter gava values to the amount of
IU in gold and copper
A. 0. F. Meeting
The regular meeting was held in
the Carmen's Hall on Thursday night
December Uth, Tho program for
the evening being unusually interesting, there was in consequence a crowded attendance.
The executive reported that, all arrangements were well in hand for the
festive gat boring in the Auditorium
on  December   88,
During the evening officers were elected for the ensuing term, and nro
as follows
c.R.-Wm. Henderson
S.C.n. -J, Slmw
Soc.—A,  (Mark
Trcns.-H.  (Jedriea.
S.W -F. Wood
J.W.-J, Bud.
S.B.- K. Tosouzzo.
J.B.-F. Btockwell.
Bt«ward--A. [J   Tooth.
Audltor.'t w. p, Macdonald, L.
TrtiBtecs-J Laurie, A. Hood, R,
British Royalty in Icy Waters
Gibraltar.—PrinceBs Louise Victoria
princess royal of Jreat Britain and
Ireland, and sister of King Ceorgo
V. and ber daughters, bad a thrilling experience today when the peninsula and oriental steamer Delhi, on
which they were voyaging to Egypt,
struck the reefs 0ff Cape Spnrtcl, the
northwest, extremity of Africa.
While being taken ashore by the
longboat of the British armored
cruiser Duke of Edinburgh, they wore
thrown lntu thc water by tbe capsizing of the boat and Princess Alexandra, one of the daughters, bad a
narrow escape from drowning. She
was rescued by a sailor and catr'td
to land wtth the others, all snffn.'iug
severely from the bitter cold.
The Delhi struck at one o'clock In
tho morning in a thick fog. Immediately nil passengers hurried from
their staterooms half dressed and
put on life preservers. Water poured steadily into the cabins, while
enormous sraB. sometimes mast high,
broke over the vessel. Signals of
distress were sent out hy wireless,
and the tirst warship to arrive vas
the French cruiser Friant.
It was long past daylight before
the Friaut's steam launch was nble
to come alongside the Delhi. In tho
meantime preparations were made ft-
board the stranded steamer to st iul
the women and children ashore.
(mo of the boats of the Delhi was
lowered and filled with passtngei'B.
The launch finally succeeded in getting this in tow and steamed to the
British cruiser Duke of Edinburgh,
where tbe frightened Women and children wero safely taken aboard.
Tho Duke of Edinburgh with thirty-
eight rescued passengers, arrived here
tonight. It was expected the royal
Party would roach Gibraltar aboard
the battleship London, but the latest
reports an that they have decided
to remain for tho night at Tangier,
wbere they are housed in the British
Ono of tho women passengers In
describing tho wreck said that tbere
was not the slightest panic after the
vessel struck. Tho passengers wore
summoned to dresB and go on deck,
but were assurml then, wan little
Arriving on deck thoy found the fog
dense and tbo sen heating heavily n-
galnst tho ship. There was little
confusion.    They romatnotl nflsomblod
on deek until tin o'clock in tbe
morning, when tho ETrlnnt'fl boats,
aftor considerable exertion, succeeded In convoying some of thorn aboard
the British cruiser.
Send the kiddies around and get a
school ruler which nro being given
away at the East Kootcnay Produco
and Provision House.
Bowling League
i    Shop-
■Sbnnklnnd   220 14G 173
Bathie   168 146 170
j Tyler     156 106 124
Brown     146 148 200
Sinclair   121 150 141
810 696 808
Stephen     15Y 138 HO
Randall   187 130 123
Thompson   130 159 14$
Benedict    146 139 110
Barber    121 152 149
High scores iHftt week
lows :
e as
3 Strings-
Thin weuk Myers lends tint
with   5r>.r>.
J. Cash, high single 	
Standing City Bowling l,e
December   Uth :
Baker    Street   South
o str
Von I
O. P. R. Shops 	
Block   S8 	
c. p. n. (mice	
Thursday. December  7
Myers     200 191 135
Jones      96 123 207
699 737 869
Rev. Dunham     140 111 92
McKenzle      156 130 160
J. Cush     128 117 159
Denlstan       117 138 109
Donaldson      158 127 113
C98 623 619
Kilby     143 166 147
McCallum      117 108 135
Kelly      126 106 103
KofrJnore     118 178 166
Hodson     138 146 109
643 708 650
East Kootenay Butcher Co
At this season of the year
we thank our patrons one
nil for their patronage during thc past year, and solicit a renewal of the same for
the coining yenr.
Wo have in stock tho llu-
cst Assortment of beef, veal,
Pork, and fresh killed Turkeys, Chickens, Ocese and
Ducks in town.
Fire Threatens Royal Quarters
London.—King Oeorge and Queen
Mary were alarmed today during the
investiture of the king-emperor whon
thc large tent adjacent to tho royal
camp, was gutted by lire. The royal quarters were In considerable dan-
gor for a time and great excitement
602 (183 572
Priday, Decomhor  8th.
I'hllllPH       157 181 123
''linn        138 161 llll
Taylor      108 87 Ki8
Hull        137 116 148
Topham      144 170 177
C84 704 667
linker St. Sollth-
Pyc     116 110 194
Johnston      143 164 178
Milne      145 159 167
At Bull River
There arc lively times at tbe new
O.P.R. town ol Bull River, some
eight or ten new buildings are under
construction. A new hotel will be
commenced in the near future, and a
lumber mill is being installed.
Carnations, Roses, Lily of the Valley
Hyacinths, Pnper White Narcissus,
Orders must roach ue not later than
the   20th Instant.
Cranbrook   Floral   Co.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 p. o. Box 845
^"Make,s more
I       bread
attdlietter bread"
The Fink Mercantile Company
HOTEL grKbrook'
la a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine ol superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  go  to
The   Wentworth
J, McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ********************
A. C. Bowness
Wine  and  Spirit  Merchant
Munufacumif of all kinds
of        Aeriatcd        waters
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
Melcher's  Red Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
Baker St.
Importer of all kinds of Foreign and  Domestic
Wines aud Spirits
B.   W.    DRKW,    Proprietor,
St.   Mary's   Lake,    B. C.
I', Handley, Prop.
' Tho most attractive Outing Resort in East Kootenay
Uood Hunting, Wishing, and Hunting
boats to Let, Horses for Hire
Kor further information apply lo
P.  Handley, Central   Hotel
Marysville,   B. C.
•t-H-H "H-l M-H"t"H-t-H-s-H-H'l ■< H III llll ********
******************* *********************
On Baker stieet, one door west
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel'
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
************************** THK MtOSl'KCTOR, CRANBROOK,  HRITISH COLUMBIA
l. William Thomaa Levy, pl Oallo*
way, B.C., by occupation 11 fnrmov.
give notice that 1 intend, un thc Sth
day ot December next, at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon, to apply to the
Watei Commitmionci* at. bir. otlice,
Oraabrook, B.O,, tor a license to
take an«l imp one-quarter cubic foot
of Water per himhii.I from Spring rising near centre of Bub lot 7 ot lot
4590, Oroup I, Kootcnay District,
and which ui tilts on name Lot.
The water will be used on part ol
Hub-lot 4 ot Hub-lot 7, of lot
4690. Qroup 1, Kootenny District being Ave (5) acreu owned by tbe applicant, and tbe point uf diversion ia
where aaid Spring linen.
Dated thla Nth day of October,
»U. 41 St
Tenders Wanted
Tendon addressed to the under
Blgntd, will he received up to
December tilth, 1911, for stump
lng and ploughing Lot Slio. 0.
1, Kmhi. Kootenny, containing
I84.!i acres, more or less, tbe
snid lot adjoins the Hritiah Columbln H.ulwny and lies midway
between Mayook and Wardner
and has been slashed aud burned.
Tbe lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
Land and Timber Agent.
British Columbia Land Dept., Cl
P.R., Cranbrook, B.C.
People Who Still Believe
In Witch-Craft   —
District of South mast Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOB tlial J. Edward*
Leokls of Cobalt, Ontario, Intends to
apply for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum on the following
described lands, Commencing at a
Pout planted on the South Kast cor
nei of lot 7286 on the dividing line
of lot 7216 anil 7287 close to a witness post marked Wl'. 11.511. thence
aouth 811 chains, thence west 80
chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to point of
Dated August   SUtli,   1911.
**•** Locator.
District of South East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that Margaret Oil
Has, of Vancouver, Intends to apply
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on thc following described
lands, Commencing at a post planted
on the south east corner ot lot 7287
thence east 80 chains; thence south
•0 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, to point of
Dated August   30th,   1911.
-l-5t Locator.
District of South Kast Kooteuay
TAKK NOTICK tbat 11. II. Gillies,
of Vancouver, B.C., Intends to aPPly
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleuni on the following described
lands, Commencing at a I'ost planted
on the north east corner ot lot 7287
thence east 80 chains, thence south
SO chains, thence went 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to point of
Dated August  30th.   1911.
48-5t Locator
District of South East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that David Jeaiius
of Vancouver, B.C., Intends to apply
for a license to prospect tor coal aad
petroleum on the following described
lands, Commencing at a Post plantod
on south eaBt corner ot lot 7284,
thence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chainB, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to point of
Dated August   SOth,   1911.
iS-St Locator.
I, Frank Henry Pearson, of Fort
Steele, B.C., by occupation a contractor, give notice that 1 Intend on
the 20th day of December next, at
two o'clock In the afternoon, to apply to the Water Commissioner at
hie olllce at Cranbrook, for a license
to take and use two cubic feet of
water per second from Big Sand
Creek, a tributary of Kootenay River
The water will be used on Lot
6844, Qroup 1, Kootenay District for
Irrigation purposes.
Dated this 7th day of November,
llll. 45-»t.
Wo, William Whyte, and Frederick
Thomas Griffin, of Winnipeg, Man.,
railway officials, give notice that on
the 3rd January, 1912, we intend to
apply to the Water Oommlssioner at
his office In Cranbrook, tor a license
to take and use li cubic feet of
water por second from Little Sand
Creek In Cranbrook Wator District.
The water ls to he takes from the
stream about 1800 feet north-east of
the north-east corner of Lot 3543, to
be used on lot 3543, for domestic
Per W. F. Ourd, Cranhrook, B.C.
We, William Whyte, and Frederick
Thomas Grlflin, of Winnipeg, Man.,
railway officials, give notice that on
the 3rd January, 1912, wo Intend
to apply to the Water Commissioner
at his oflice in Cranbrook, for a
license to tako and use U cubic
leet of water por second from Little
Snnd Creek in Cranhrook Wator District. Tho. wnter iH to be taken
from the Htrcam about 1800 teet
north-oast of the north-oast corner of
Lot 3543, to ho used on Lot 3543,
for Irrigation purposes.
Per W. F. Uurd, Cranbrook, B.C,
For Rent
A ranch 100 acres being S.D. 4 of
Lot 340, K miles from Cranbrook on
St. Mary's Prairie, containing 130
acres of good farm laud, balance
contains good timber, Will rrnt tor
a term of live years for ensh. rent to
bo paid every year In advance. Apply
Mrs. Mary Martel, High River, Alta.
The Kootenay Central Railway Co.
will apply to tbe Parliament of Canada at Its next session (or an Act
authorizing it to construct a branch
from a 'point on tbe Crow's Nest
branch of the Canadian Paciiic railway at or near Calloway in a southerly direction to the International
Boundary, and extending the time
within which it may construct tbo
railways heretofore authorized, and
for other purposes.
Dated at Montreal, this 3rd day
of November,   1911.
H. C. OSWALD, Sec.
Pringle, Thompson & BurgesB,
Ottawa Agents.
Charles Dudley Warner has said
that everybody ought to be born In
a little red farm bouse with a stone
wall around It. Now we don't believe it makes any difference whether
or not tbat farmhouse bas a stone
wall around lt, or whother ita color
be red or white or green, but we do
say-that tbe boy born on the farm
In the realm of opportunity. Josiab
Strong also Bald tbat "Were be to
be born again, and were Providence
to permit him the choice of a place
of birth, he would say, By all means,
lst It be on a farm.
More opportunities offer themselves
to the young people on the farm than
to nny other class of young people.
Our city cousins may laugh at us,
but let them laugh; it is only he-
causo they don't know a 'good thing
when they see it.' "
(letting killed in an automobile ac- j
ctdent is rather common. A most
up-to-date method is hy falling out
of an airship. '
Burning old women Ht the slake aS
j witches is a pleasantry no longer indulged in, even in Salem, but belief
In witebcrait is not altogether dead,
only a few months ago n woman in
Jersey City hnd a neighbor cnlled to
court on the chnrge of protending to
possess powers of evil and threatening to use them unless paid to desist
As the complainant bad buffered a
streak of bad luck, in spite of paying to ward it off, her belief in her
friend, whom she railed tl witch, was
cruelly shattered.
More recently a woman living uenr
Butler, Penn., was accused of being a
witch. Mrs. l,aupaule Other was the
victim of tills ancient superstition.
Sbe was charged by Mrs. Julia Kroner, a (urmcr's wife, with having gone
to the Kroner barn and "casting a
spell" over a cow so an to prevent
her giving milk, Mrs, Kroner opculy
made thc charge of witchcraft In thv
court, but tbc judge refused to consider it other thnn one of disorderly
conduct. On tbis ground Mrs. Orber
was found guilty and lined   -jr.
Other tales equally absurd could be
told of the rural districts, but none
possess the elements ot a witch story
so much as that of Abel Splva and
his brother William, who lived until
a few years ago In McDonough bounty, Illinois. The events with which it
deals are u matter of court record at
Macomb, the county seat.
Abel Spiva's forefathers came from
the Carolina:* at a time when belief
in witchcraft was strong, and tbey
brought their superstitious with them
into what waB then the Western Wilderness. Thus Abel honestly inherited his belief in witches, us did his
brother William, who as a witch doctor had quite as extensive a practice
as a regular country physician of
tbose days. Whenever tbe simple
folk of the neighborhood "felt a
spell"—to which they attributed all
their sickness and 111-luck—they called
ln William Splva, and he drove out
the witches; at least he convinced his
patients that he did.
One day Abel Splva told his brother that he was bewitched. Kvery
night, said Abel, a witch took him
from his bed, transformed bim into a
horse and rode him wildly about the
country to attend the meetings of the
Devil and hiB host of Imps. As a
result Abel was so tired in the morning that he found it hard to do the
work of his farm. William didn't
suggest that Abel's complaint was
probably sheer laziness, for tbey
were agreed that the only wny to
break the spell was to Hnd tbe witch
and kill ber. Ho they began to
cast about for a likely woman they
could accuse.
It so happened that at tbat time
Mary Friend, wife ot Charles Friend,
a farmer living near tho Spiva's, was
dangerously ill with n (ever which
had battled the local doctor. Not
believing in witches the Friends had
refused to call in William Splva, so
when Abel opined that Mary Friend
was probably the witch that found
so much enjoyment In changing him
into a horso, he hnd a ready and
willing listener In Willinm. The two
brothers decided, after scant reflection, that Mrs. Friend was the witch
and tbat ber illness was only shammed in order to give her an opportunity to -lie in bed and. rost after
her nightly tides in the Dovil's
camps- ;
At llrst William Splva;)was puzzled
as to how to rid his brother of the
witch's spell, but after consulting his
"witch's book" he hit upon a novel
plan. Abel must go into tbe woods,
carve the outlines ol a woman's figure in the bark of a tree, give it the
name of "Mary Friend, the Witch,"
mold a silver bullet and at sunrise
tlie following morning shoot the image. Thus, reasoned William Spiva,
would tbe spell be broken, for it would mean nothing else than Mary
Friend's death.
Abel Splva did as his brother suggested and returned to his work with
a feeling of renewed vigor. Shortly
before noon he was chopping wood
when a passing neighbor called out:
"Heard the news, Abel ? Mary
Friend is dead."
"Oh, I knew that," remarked Abel
indifferently. "I killed her. She
was a witch and I shot her with a
silver bullet." And he told the
story of hiB bewitchment and how,
as he thought, he had killed Mary
The news of Abel Spiva's confession
spread quickly, and from all sections
of the countryside farmers came to
ask htm about it. His story sounded incredulous, but he told it with
bo much seriousness that it proved
convincing, especially as she hnd died
on the very morning Abel tired at lur
carved Image on the tree.
While the majority of Abel Spiva's
neighbors believed that Mary Friend
had met hor just deserts tbere was
one who was convinced tbat a crime
had been committed. Having no
faith fn witches he filed a complaint
before Justice of the Peace Tr Id well,
charging Splva with murder. .Vbel
was arrested, and upon being arraigned in court pleaded guilty.
Sqiuire Tridwell himself was a believer in witches, hut he admonished
the prisoner tbat his confession mads
| him liable to a death sentence. Abel
insisted on his guilt, however, nnd
, the Justice reluctantly sentenced him
to be executed forthwith, "the same
; M he shot the woman"—so reads the
j old court record—by being stood
against a tree and shot by tbe con
1 stable. Because of Spivn's plea no
1 evidence was produced to show that
| Mrs. Friend had not died as thc result of n bullet wound.
From the courtroom to tbe   woods
at the edge of the  village went   the
constable and  his prisoner, folio.ved
.by a crowd.      Agnlbst a tree     they
placed Abel Splva, and the constable
raising bis    long barreled  "squirrel
rifle to his shoulder, was about      to
! tire when tbere came a shout    dom
j the road. It was tbo warning cry of
| Samuel Wilson, then a young 'nwyer
and later Col. Wilson of tbe Sixteenth   Illinois   Infantry,   riding   home
from court    in an adjoining county.
] He demanded to know what the pro-
I ceedlngs meant, nnd  when tbey were
! explained    to    him    he   ordered the
shooting stopped,
|    "It's   against    the   law," he told
I Justice Tridwell. "You have no right
to send this man to bis denth.    You
can only bind him over to tbo court"
"It is the law, and it Is here," the
Squire retorted, taking from bis carpet-hag tbe    Illinois   statutes     nnd
pointing to that section which     imposed the death penalty for murder
Wilson tried fi new tack.
"If you must shoot this mnn," be
argued,    "surely   you   will give him
sufficient time to prepare to meet bis
This appealed to the stubborn
Judge, and he consented to give the
prisoner a week in which to settle his
worldly affairs and prepare to die.
Bptva was thereupon turned over to
Sheriff Francis D. Lips, but he refused to act, and Splva was released,
never to be tried on that charge
Some months later, however, he
felt himself again "under a spell,"
and his brother William told him
that his wife was the guilty witch.
William advised Abel to wait until
Mrs. Spiva was asleep, and then
with a knife draw a single drop of
blood from ber forehead "without
letting ber know it." This treatment, William said, would "break
the spell."
According to instructions Abel
sharpened his long hunting knife, and
that night pricked bis wife's forehead
Startled from tl sound sleep, she sud.
denly sat up in bed nnd the knife
cut a deep gash down ber cheek.
Abel SplVa was arrested and In-.
dieted for assault witb intent to kill
but for some renson the cnNe was
not pressed, and he never was brought to trial. But to her dying day
his wife carried the scar as a ghastly emblem of Abel Spiva's belief In
Coal!   Coal!
C. H. Trites
General Coal Merchant
i Irdeis taken foi Cnal
and delivered prompth
Phone 139    P O. Box 80
G.  II    I lh IMPSON,
Rt.iTi-.lei-, Sul:, i,,r. and
Notary Public
.Wi™   llfld 'i illaluge,
CKANBKOOK,       li 0,
Mi \ I'l I IK & I'AKKHI,
P.LS ,. C.B
RANBROOK,       B. C
I . (.1 RD,
Barrister,  Solicitor, ele
li. C.
HA1<\ \.\     McCARTER,
.nn    M AUONALD,
Barrister* und Solicitors,
B  C
W,   it   Iiii . I I Y
Kd ul Dlruulor,
Oranbrook l.uJfe No it   k,F.as AM
Ubi'ultti mealing! uu
■\ Um   third   lliur.da)
'\.'   i';- \ f    "' ''v,'''v ""Jl'"'
71. j-»*| X VUltlnj brMnran
'     \ N       «.•! ii,-
A   0.  Bfy.NKl.AND,   W. U.
.1.  H.   I'KI'K,   Acting Secretary.
•H-*H-+*J-H-H-H"H-"1~H"M -l-l-l -1-   &AM,n,«Auinti<,M,,,<,MM,t,,'tlnt,'*n ,
5Mrs. W. fdmondson! iUock>'Muu,uain Cha',ter
No    llld    H,  A   M
Ituitulur nienlluire:   2ml Tv
t- I -J Ituifulur inufitluirii:   2ml Tui
< t   day   ui   each   i ill,   at  eight
l.mulun  College  of   Music +! j "'"'■""'■■
                        -r   j* Sojourning   Com nan lutis   tu*<
Receives Pupils for  j-
I.,!    lts.1.   Ilii   .1    -*--*-*--*--*■-*--*-    *      *■    *       *    ■**- ■■      ■■   I    ■**■**■■■     ■     *     'lllllllltllflll.jIsl.ll.l.lf.lllllLltllt.ltl.l.lfsttsitssLlI.lf.ll     ~
■ I I I Tt rlTTTTTTin TTTT1   I I I I 1 II IP • II *r II TTT ™™ TTT^TT™
t ■l..t..t.il..t..lss<i.iirlil|l.lsiJ..JMli.t>rt»ri.slwlwl*.1*J.
(TxnTiTriTTTVi rrr ttt t*tt
I.ifs.l. Js"■ * ■*-- li lull ■*■ * * *■ *
The  Best  Christmas   Gift
you    can    make    to   your
friends at home or abroad is
A  Year's   Subscription   to
"The   Prospector"
A Combination Offer with the Family Herald and
Weekly Star for $2.50
Organ and  Vocal
(. .h-m-i-i-m-i-i-iii-i-h-i I ll-I
Holy Names Academy
and Normal School
For Young Women
Under tlie direction of thi* Slaters |
of   the    (Inly    Names of   Jesus a in
Mary.    First class boarding anl day
school primary and grammar grades, ■
Btate accredited li.^*- Bchool, Advan
ced normal course ol two years   ac
credited by the ntiUe ol Washington.
Btate   (UidoniflB   conferred,       Music
and art studio,
Write to Siater    BUperior [ur Year
Book,   HpnlUilie,   WaHil.
Frank Dezall
Rubber  Tins  Applied
To  Hue-try   Wheels
Repairing a Specialty,
Pbune (0      •••      p. u.   Boi  III
illallv Itivlluil.
|W. t\  Attridge, Scilbe bl *
1 ORANBROOK, ll.C. |
Knights of  Pythias
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   jj
Meats    every   Tuesday
at 8  p.m.  at
Fraternity  Hall
T. O. Jonea, C. O.
J. M. Boyce,
K of R. & a.
Visiting    brethren cordially    invited    to attend.
We Deal in Everything Krom
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All liimls nf Second Hum! (iuuils
h'uruitura u SPECIALTY
:S,ig«'s Old   Stand,  Hansim Av«>
I'hone 251.
A.  WALLER   ;
M.M.V.. V.8.
Graduate uf Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto In 1S98. Orao
ate and medaliat of McKllllp
Veterinary college, Chicago, 111.
tn ISOi) Registered member ol
Britlah Columbia association
Milling Engineer and
B.C,  Lund  Surveyor,
I'.O  Bon 2M.
I'lione 221
B   C.
Physicians and Surgeons
Orllce at Residence,    Armstrong A*e.
Forenoons  - * - -   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoans - - - ■ a.00 to   4.04
Evenings  ■ - . .    7.30 to   1.10
Sundays S.IO to   4.10
Steam  Boiler,   Purnaca,
and Septic Tank work
a specially
Cost and stock estimates
furnished un application
Addrsss: P. O. Bo. 246, Crtnbrook
For   Bale or Rent at Reasonable
Lumsden and Lewis St.
Phone No. 338.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avmiu* Nr.l to City Hull
U|,-i> !):>> ...i.l NinliI Hlioite 133
"j**l       *V*/t+++*+*+++++*+++++»\
Century Restaurant
K,  Y. Uyematau, Prop.
|11|irli.lisiliilisls1ls.l..li.l..li1li.ll.l. it   Iniui
•*t-H-l-M"<-M-l"l"l"l"l"l"l'l"l"l"l"l- -H"H"M"hl-M-H^"H-+-H-++-M-
!-+++* ■Hls"H"HlilH"l"H"l"H"l"rH"H'
THE    CITY    FOR    A
limili    Ml. A!..
Opposite 0. P, H. Depot.
phone  119    P. O. Boi  104
7 Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally located
direr minutes from (iovcrnment
Tonus   in   snil   Imyor,   no
rciiMiiiulili' offer refused
Pin' further particulars apply ni the
to   attend  a  Grand Reception   in  commemoration ol   our   Fifth  Anniversary,   Monday
evening.   Decembei   Eighteenth,   Nineteen Hundred and Eleven,  al Twenty o'clock.
The Directors and Employees ol tins store have come tu regard this Anniversary
Day almost as much as a National Holiday and yuu will accordusa great favor by responding to this imitation in person. Whethei vou patronize this store or not makes no
difference, we extend tu yuu the same cordial invitation and will be greatly disappointed
if you do not attend. The attendance at oui Anniversary Celebration one year ago
surpassed any former une- and we hope this will surpass them all. We have secured
Guerard's Orchestra loi the occasion. Fink's lamous Hiawatha Tea and Fink's
Special High tirade Coffee and McVitties & Prices Biscuits, for which this store has a
most enviable reputation, will be served in the carpet section of the Furniture Department
on the secund floor. Special arrangements have been made so that prompt and careful service will be assured to every one. Our lull stall will be on hand and at your
command to show you through the big store and explain the many modern conveniences.
No goods will be sold alter Eighteen o'clock on the above date, as we wanl each member
of the staff to be entirely free to assist you in the enjoyment ul the evening.
Monday Evening December 18th, at 20 o'clock
Overture. "The Golden Sceptre"       Sclil
Guerard's Orchestra
e  Peg reil
Valse, Selected
Guerard's Orchestra
Serenade "Angel's  Kisses."
Guerard's Orchestra
Overture, "Hits from Broadway,"
Guerard's Orchestra
— — —
Two Step. "Ringgold"
Guerard's Orchestra
"Homeland Waltzes"
Guerard's Orchestra
Violin Solo
William Guerard
Gavotte, Selected "Forget-me-not"
Guerard's Orchestra
Selected, "Dance of the Harlequins"
"Put your arms around me, honey"
Guerard's Orchestra
Guerard's Orchestra


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