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The Prospector Jan 22, 1910

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Array W&gptttat.
— m ■'O^
"" 27 ,S7C
HUnt; ul t,
•I  All.
Vol.  Id.
CRANBROOK,   U. C,   SATURDAY,   JANUARY   :?!?.   1910.
No. 4
Monday Afternoon.
Special Meeting Held on
Wednesday to Consider By-Laws.
Johnson, leave wns granted to Introduce by-law Nu. tilt lor its third road-1
ing.      Having  received   the    assent
ol tli>' council,     by-law    No. 00 was
icitd a third time.
Tho committee ol health and relict,
reported thai they had interviewed
Qovernment agent Armstrong, in the
mutter or the government roliovlng
poor und Indigent persona, who came
into the city, and who were not reel
dents,     who applied to the
nee. Mr. Armstrong nam
he would take the matter up witb
the proper government authorities,
mid would ascertain what the government would do in regard to re
llevelng these people.
On motion of Aldermen Johnson
nnd Patmore the council adjourned.
Held its   First   Meetiiif |i3^~MnSra JMI Twelfth Legislature Ready
The first  meeting ol   tbo   now city
council was lielii   on     Monday afternoon, in tho council chamber.   There I |on«t 1G8 not Kains
were present Mayor Fink, anil Alder-j liberal majority In
The Fourth I)»y of Polling lliilus
the Government. I
London, Jan. 19. HU tho returns
ol today's elections which nre likely
to lie received tonight show that tho
unionists gained live seats ami the
liberals one. leaving the present po-
iltion of the parties as fallows: Unionists, li'.i; Liberals, 110; Labor-
Ites, 22;   MntlonallHts, -I'l.
Thus the unionists havo n net gain
of 45 seats.   They   must     obtain at
to wipe out the
the last   parlin
for Business.
Wm.  R. Ross of Fernie
Will be Chief
Victoria,  .lan. 20,
Brit isl) Columbia's
ment,  which takes
noon, prom Inch
The opening uf
twelfth purlin
place this after
be exceptionally
men Hunt,  Johnson, Campbell, Pat-1 ment. How* closely the unionists nre
more nnd Jackson. lighting their opponents is shown iiy
In   opening   tho   council    Mayor  the following figures of the aggregate
Fink, said: "Thnt he wan glad lo hoc   polling to date
ho many of the old council, nnd that j    Unionist vote, 1,300,598,
be was sure ttie new members, as well      Liberal  vote,  1,224,878.
as thc old members, would be united:    Labor it,- vote, 268,463,
in carrying on the work of the city      Socialist vote   l(i,27l.
in the best possible way. and to con-1    (>f the elections for 81 members of
nerve the interests of the city to the | the new     parliament     held in Great
entire satisfaction of the people
The Mayor then appointed the following committees:
Finance- Aldermen Hunt. Jnekson
and Patmoie,
Board oi Works-Aldermen Green,
Campbell and Johnson.
Health and   Relief-Aldermen Oreen I and one
and Johnson. I went over
Fire and Poliee--Aldermen Hunt
and Johnson.
Legislation-^ Aldermen Campbell
and Patmore.
He requested the various committees to select their chairman.
It was moved by Aldermen Hunt
and Campbell tbat the regular meetings ol the council he held on the
tlrat Wednesday ol eacti month at H
p. ni., local time
Britain today, the result of less than
half was announced tonight, tho
othors being in widely scattered dis
tricts, where it takes considerable
time to collect the ballot hoxes. lu
London, where lour boroughs polled,
two remained true tu the liberals,
to lnbor, while the lourtb
from the libera) side tn
the unionist, ln northern England
the liberals genernllv hold the seats
won in 1906. This also is true in
Scotland, but the Midlands continue
to go over to the party of tariff reform .
Tbe London sent which the government lost was Hackney Nortli, where
Raymond B. Greene, the unionist
candidate, defeated T. Hurt. Davits.
c. W. Bowerman, laborite retains his
In regard to the enforcement of the I Dcptford seat and Sir A. Spicer,
Pound by-law, the city clerk was in-j president of the London chamber of
at meted to post notices, in the Post commerce, and H. Bottomley were
Office, and at tho government build- re-elected for Central and South
lag of all cattle and horses that were | Hackney respectively
placed in pound.
It was    moved by   Aldermen Johnson and Campbell,     thnt a Court of
brilliant, curiosity being keenly stimulated through this being the llrst
appearance of lieutenant governor
Paterson, through tho government
having returned from the recent gen
oral elections with a preponderance
of support unprecedented in Canadian
political history, through the circumstance that tho opposition is equally
divided between liberals nnd socialists with but two seats each, the liberals, recognized as the natural opposition factor, liavjng chosen no
leader, and beiug challenged by so
einlist chieftain Haw thorn thwai to for
command Of the parties on the left,
and through the circumstances that
the speech from the throne forecasts
legislation in railway building pre
saging unparalleled activity and progress during the next four years. Upwards of 7»0 invitations have per
force been refused, the accommodation of the chamber being more than
exhausted by the official list.
Lieutenant governor Paterson will
bo attended by a stalT of officers, representative of both ilritish and Canadian navies, as well as the regular
and militia armies of the land forces
of Canada, while the 5th regiment
Canadian artillery supplies the guard
of honor and bands.
It was agreed on Wednesday night
at the lirst caucus of the government
Revision for thi City of Oranbrook,
for the revision ot tho property tax,
be held in the Council Chamber on
the 7th day of March, 1910, nt 10-30
a, m., local time, and that notice of
the same be published in the B. 0,
Gazette, Herald and The Prospector.
It was moved by Aldermen Hunt
nnd Jackson, that, Mayor Fink, Aldermen Campbell, Johnson, Patmore
and Hunt, bo appointed as a Court
of Revision.
Aldorman Hunt, gave notice, that,
at the next meeting of the council,
he would introduce a motion for a
change iu tbe Procedure by-law.
Aldormen Jackson and Hunt, moved that a telephone be installed in
the workshop of the acting superintendent of water works.
All complaints in regard to the
water service, must lie tiled in the
city clerk's oltice.
Council adjourned on motion of
Aldermen Patmore and Johnson,
The City Council held a special
meeting on Wednesday evening, there
were present Mayor Fink, and Aldermen, Hunt, Johnson and Patmore.
A delegation from the Hoard of
Trade, consisting of Messrs. Benle,
Arnold and Ward being present, On
motion of Aldermen Hunt and John
son,   were   allowed to
The liberals     also lost one of the forces that Hon. I). M   Bberts will be
boroughs of Glasgow,  that of Cam- re-choson speaker, and     \\. R. Ross,
iachie   where   A.   Grosse,   who   was K. C, of Pernio will be chief whip
elected     a« a     unionist in 1900, but The speech irom the throne wit! be
went over     to the government     side characteristic in its businesslike qua}-
soon after he was returned,  suffered Ity     and     comparative brevity.    Its
defeat through the intervention of a most significant     paragraphs arc ex-
Xhe Central  dlvis- pected to ho those relating     to the
labor candidate
ion of Glasgow reelected Rt. Hon
C. Scott Dickson, unionist. The
Blackfriar division of Glasgow is
again represented in the labor col
umn, G. N, Barnes winning with a
good majority. Glasgow Tradeston,
goes over to the laborltes, A. Cameron Corbett who was elected ns a
unionist      in  IM6, but left them
the completion of the contracts respectively wit htbo Canadian Northern and Kettle River Valley railways
the terms having been elaborated
during the late campaign. Pleasant
references may also be made to the
summer visit of Karl Grey and Lord
Strathcona, with a passing tribute
to the record of the retiring occupant
account of opposition to the license of the government house and that
bill, being elected as a ministerialist, heroic pioneer, Simon Fraser, the
The  other divisions of  Glasgow,   in-    *""
semi-centennial anniversny of whose
discoveries was last year commemorated. Financial conditions may be
noted as so prosperous as to justify
general tax reductions, without impairment of the necessary expenditure
of thc province, while congratulations should he extended to the prov-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ince upon the success attending the
and A. Richardson, laborite, losing re-organization of tbe agricultural
in the fight to represent cast and department and thc splendid showing
sotttn divisions respevtlvely, although Hritish Columbia lruits have recently
they had substantial majorities In made in English exhibitions. Alia
190U, Sir J. H. Yoxtill, however re sion will doubtless be made to the
talncd the west division seat for the important work of the forestry com
government with a decreased majorfc-     *--•---   -■■-• »••-     •»> >-' i—t»i«
eluding St. Rollex which was represented by T. McKlnnon Wood, under
secretary for foreign affairs gave increased majorities lor the government .
Nottingham, like nil Midland towns
shows a strong partiality for tariff
reform,  Sir H. H. Cotton',     liberal
, „ u„u    ty.    The liberals were defeated tn the
address the I Denbigh borough by eight votes.
The   Yorkshire,     Lancashire     and
Beale stated that there were ft'Scottish divisions    from     which rc-
1 turns have been received, are contin-
large   number of     men     coming to
Cranbrook, who were selling rcnl estate,  grossly  representing the eondi-1 •.,   ■
tlons   of the    same, and   asked the allHt
ulng their     allegiance to the liberal
| party.    Kildarc returned two nation-
unopposed    and   Newry sent ment
back  a  prominent young nationalist
the person of J.  J.
John  A.     Redmond*
John     Nicholson
Mooncy, otic
i lieutenants.
Rarran   was
missions, and the intended legisla
tion based upon their reports, also
the contemplated creation of a commission to select the site nnd arrange
working plans of the new provincial
university, as well as the commission
to revise the provincial'statutes. At
the request of the imperial govern
it is understood, and with fl
view to facilitating uniform laws
through tbe empire relating to companies, the legislature will be asked
to simplify and consolidate the several statutes of this nature, while
action will be reported in the direction of securing determination of all
questions of jurisdiction, rights, etc.
possessed hy British Columbia In
fisheries, water rights in the dominion railway belt and as to titles in
Indian reserves.
It has been decided     to follow the
council to formulate a by -law taxing I
all brokers, real     estate agents, and
curbstone brokers, not     permanently j „.
located In the city, the sum of $100. |air,      .   .   , . .   .... ,  ,
Mr. J. A. Arnold fully endorsed the ft*Bi" cle1c.tt'd ,to reP'™™1 Wcksburg
statements of Mr. Beale. and said \[°J th(; hh;™U> with almost double
that, the merchants of the city wen I*6 XotSJ? *h« "Position candidate.
protected, ami that the real estate <\ P- Trevelyian. parliamentary sec-
dealers, who paid to do business,and f!.tftry of. ed»Cft,tion' ,la another of
were permanently located, should I the prominent laborltes retaining his
also be protected. I ?°at.   He was    success til In the Bl-
.,     «   „   ur-   i     ........    'and division of Yorkshire.
Mr   C   II   Ward, stated that facts      Tho uberftlfl    contlnmi t0     lo8fl hl
relative to town lots, and real estate   thm, corncriM| flgntB)    the labor can- business practice of late     years and
in some portions of the .country.were Uldlltes invariably receiving just suffl- proceed to the    consideration of his
misrepresented,  and  that local deal-, pient aUpp0rt   to ftn„w the   unionist honor's speech this    afternoon,  Bar-
era, and the public generally, should  t0 aucceed. Already this has occurred nest Miller moving and Mr.  Mncken-
Ji    a .' i.      m,                .         ,    iin Ave constituencies and there arc 24 Nc seconding the reply.    Mr. McPhll-
Lity Solicitor Thompson,  m reply,  moro tnutl threatened.   The unionists HpB, as the chairman of the Connor-
said that unfortunately there wns no  fflce the rtflme dtfUoultv in Canterbury vative caucus, will move    tbe ro-ap-
law ut present that covered the mat-  j   Hennikcr Henton being    opposed pointment    ol   Mr,   filberts to    the
by an    independent   conservative be- speakership.
| sides a liberal.   -
Death of John Slater ■-_.,..............................................._,_,,,,_
The Dundns,    Out.,   Danner,   gives   , ^T'lesdny evTuiiig the Fernie Con-
.. *     ., ' .--,..        fi        aervatlvo    Association held their nn-
the following account of the untimc- nual meeting for the election of .duly tlcath of John 0. Slater, a former curs, which was followed by a most
resident of Cranbrook.
A great gloom was cast over our
village (Watertown) on Monday
morning last (Jan. 10) when It he-
came known that Mr. Johu 0, Slater
had been almost instantly killed hy
being cut with a circular saw In thc
ilu- country,
same latltud
tlons oi Brit
ly cold ill tl
dustry is sti
oi sheep are
by men from
most of tho
many Tho flocks
tnirty and fifty tl
requiring a large
The i ttry
in  the     soul
di Columbia,
winter    Tbc
k raising     V
nised   tn  men     mo:
the British Is lauds,
I is shlppod to (
nngo from two
usnml iu n mn I
imbor >>f    men
hlef In-
: flocks
look after them. The skill mid ngll
ty tin- shearers display would seetn
ncrodulous to one who has ind seen
Australian nt work manipulating
lleece. Some ol thoso shearers
so expert Ilmt as ninny as three
a dny puss Lh rough then
Among tho many interest Ing
in, a waterfall Into the sen
vors aro very *wlfl and grpal
experienced in crossing them,
are t-
risk ^t,—.
the wilii animal
agoiiin. The western
hy Chill und the ensl
republic u| Argentine,
sive trade \h carried on
Britain. Mi. Bdmond's
very much appreciated,
young people purpose ti
Iur nne» DIWC a iii'inil
winter, Mr. Ifldmoiulri,
extensive traveller bus
use of  Ills eyes and   lus e;
peculiar io rat
by  thO
nml     ibe
have stmi
during ihe
undo good
Nineteen Hundred Ten.
While we are not a phrophot or (lie
on of u phrophot, hut it is becoming
a popular fad to give weather fore
casts, so here. Is our predictions for
I'Yhruury. During th© lii.sl half there
will he some cold brisk winds from
the north, but tlie sun will rise every
day, and often there will be gloomy
kies. Some days, however, may be
fair, with Chinook winds and mellow
air,     These  things   will  happen sure
we know, because thay always
pen so. This mouth's moon,
that of January will full, and
seekers work their "pull "
Some   lucky one     will
prize,  while othor     men
e  will fall   in  all  Uu
and find    they've made
take,  for charlatans   io
while modest worth  Is t
These  things  will  happei
because  they've  always
In this good month ' f
aud  girls will have tii
go to parties,    dunce
they'll  kiss each     otliG
they'll marry nnd  bagl
will  0
happy hopeful]
sometime they
like their dads and
Those things happen, i
because   they've  nlwayt
tort une  ride
tbrttsl   aside.
-ii.  we   know,
happened  sn
1910,  Ilie boys
•ir fun.    They
and     spark,
■ in the dark,
i their life, n
ud  wile,
n  n kid
ire.   We km
The department of mines is sending
out to nil interested persons a notice
directing attention lit the Mineral
Act, which comes, into force on
April 1st: "The owner or agent of
the owner of n mineral claim for
which tho mining recorder's cortlti
rate, under form 1 of tho schedule of
this act, has been grunted, shall
within three months from the date!
of such certificate, make application
to the gold commissioner for a cor- j
tificate of improvement, and In de
fault of such application being made
within such time, such mining recorder's certificate under form 1 shnllj
lapse and become absolutely void.
The National Convention
Ottawa, .lan. L9. Prospect is being!
rapidly made iu the arrangements for
the meeting in Ottawa on the 24th ol I
January of the committee ol preliminary arrangements for the National
Conservative Association which is to
meet early next Autumn. The process of appointing delegates is going
ahead, the list for Saskatchewan
having been completed, who, with
Mr. U. 8. Lake, M. P., nre to represent that province wilt he .James
McKay, K. C, Prince Albert; E. F.
Embury, Regina; and A. B. Glllls,
M. L. A., Whitewood.
Fisheries Date Postponed.
Ottawa, Jan. 19.-—The govornment
has been notified hy British Ambassador Brice at Washington that the
Hague tribunal will take up the fisheries question between Canada and
the United States on June 1. instead
of April I as it was announced some
time ago. The delay was due to the
request of the American authorities.
This Radical street ditty, after
Harry Lauder, is very popular in
London nt the present lime,
"I love a Qerinan sausage,
A bonnlo German sausage,
I put it in the oven for my tea;
I  went down in the cellar
To fetch my umbrella,
And the sausage came n-harklng utter me,"
Turkish Parliament Hums.
ter, aud that an amendment to the
Municipal Act would have to be passed lu tbe Provincial Legislature before these matters could he acted
upon by Municipal corporations.
It was moved by Aldermen Hunt
and Patmore, tbat by-law No. (18 being an amendment to the Procedure
by-law, be now read a first time.
On motion, the said by-law was
read a second time.
Tbe council then resolved into a
committee of tho whole, with thc
Mayor in the chair, to consider bylaw No. 1,8, clause by clause.
On rising thc committee reported,
progress, that by-law No. G8 had been
considered clause by clause.
Mover by Aldermen Hunt nnd Patmore, that leave be granted to introduce by-law No. 68 for Its third
reading.    Carried.
It was then moved by Aldermen
Hunt and Patmore, that by-law No.
68 bo read a third time.
It was moved by Aldermen Hunt
and Johnson, that by-law No. r,9, being cited as the Water Works by-law
amendment by-law, be now read a
first time. On motion tho said bylaw was read a second time.
The council then resolved Into a
committee of the whole to consider
by-law No. 69,
The committee,
Fernie Conservatives Elect
basket factory here.    It appears that C; president
enjoyable and successful smoker
which was well attended, though a
great many of the prominent members of the association were in Cranbrook tatting in the Lumbermen's
hall, The following officers were
elected for the ensuing year: Hon.
president. Hon. Richard McBride;
Hon. vice-president,    W.  R, Ross, K.
Mr. Slater, In company with a young I
man by the name of Socord, wns
busily engaged sawing out stuff for
the manufacture of baskets and crates. A steel dog, which is used for
throwing the lumber from the saw,
became displaced and Mr. Slater on
loaning over   the saw     to adjust it,
was ah
A     B.    Tritcfl,     vl.
I,  Marshall;  secretary,
executive id    20 mcmbi
Leoturo on Fatagoiiia
An   interesting and   instructive  lec
ture was given on     Tuesday evening
was     caught by the rapidly moving under     the auspices of Knox Church
saw ami almost cut lu two.   So firm Young People's Guild,  hy W.  K.  Ed
ly .wedged was his     clothing In    the, mauds.    The lecture   was  Illustrated
table that the saw was stopped.    He by the aid   of Inntcrn     slides am
was tenderly lifted off by Mr. Becord graphic description     was given of u
who also gave the     signal, nnd had country little known to many beyond
[the   machinery    stopped.    Dr. J. 0. the name.    Mr. Edmonds spent near
rising,  reported  Mcdregor was Immediately sumniom- [V ten years in Pntugonia and had n
progress. ed- but before    he arrived     life was most  varied nnd exciting  experience,
On motion of Aldermen  Hunt and'extinct. La travelling    many miles    over thc
meat buildings wor
stroyed by a fire of
that started shortly
day. The chamber i
burned out and the
so badly damaged that
lit.   The parlla-
praetii-ally   de
accidental origin
before noon to-
f deputies was
.senate  linll   was
Kitvorwl Nations.
Washington, I). C, Jan. 19.—Tho
president this alternoon issues his
proclamation iu which it is declared
that under the new In rift tlie countries of Ureal Britain, itnly, Russia,
Spain, Turkey aud Switzerland unentitled to the minimiin rules imposed hv that act.
Renfrew Beats Monti
^^^^^^^^^^^   0IL1
Renfrew, Jan.     10.   Los Cnnudlrins
of Montreal met dofoal iu their Na
tlonnl league fixturo ngnlnsl Renfrew
at, the local rink tonight, the final
score reading 9-1 in favor of the millionaires after u very fast name, and
at   times very oxcltltlg
Minefields,   .lan      19    (ten    Seledon, :
with 1,000 men, left  Itoro tonight for
Rama, to   reinforce    Qenornls Mean
nml Chamorro,    \n attack nn Acoy
npa by the provisional troups is ox \
pected any day.
We have just received our annual shipment of Floor Oil Cloth and
Linoleums, direct from the English manufacturers. Patterns bright and
new in Block and Floral designs. In 12 foot Linoleum we have set aside
400 square yards to be sold at special prices during our STOCK TAKING
SALE.   Seven different patterns to choose from
Price   per
Square yd
Free Sewing
Are you in the contest to secure this
beautiful machine. You may say -1 have
one now. This will not interfere with you
turning your Cash Register Tickets over to
some of the young ladies of Cranbrook, who
are striving to win the machine. In any
case should you be winner on the 16th day
of March and do not want the machine we
will give you for your chance $20.00 in cash.
We are agents for
Pen Angle
Penman Heavy Ribbed
Underwear, per suit
Saturday only, from 2 to 6,
Flannelette, per yard
Men's Leather Shoes—Job
lot, ranging in price from $3.50
to $4.50, per paii
Spring will soon be here and
you will need good shoes.
Buy now while the price is
less than half.    Per pair
Cranbrook Cooper=
ative Stores, Ltd. Till'.  I'ltUSl'KCTOU,    ,'liANIIKllUK,      II.    (!.,
iiii.i   ll .tnv.isvr ,a\iiii.ij.\s
I******************** m l,w0v^tov.
Oranbrook f      J!L,«..ZZ
A. B. Grace,
I'l lU.ISUKU    AMI    KlU'lOK.
Wf ask you to call and try
QUI new Consignment ol new
■ud Up to date rlgu fm
VVmifi   mul   Summer.    Jusl
received Topplv and Itell&ble
HorseK ni your disposal
Qiv« them h trial njid be
■ uN'OAl^kijiL
il'KMMl   ul-' THH    t.KCISI.ATl'UK
Thursday ass bled In Vlctuita the
' twelfth legbjlature uf the province ul
British Columbia, and as a result ol
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦,''"' policy that  tlio governmenl  will
lay uoloro the    hnueo, Legislation la
to be expected     that     will mark hii
H^p.                   /-^    cf        e| ii hi tin- history ,,( the province,
Ot    lea   Or   LOttee  and that will ' Htltute    ono ol the
Iniosi    coitspIciuHiti milestones in it*
..I progress    The railway leg.
i thai     the protnlei   wlll sun*
the house    will be in ui re
probnhl)   thr  st   Important
lakes, which, togethei with tributary COAI
streams, coutaln nu abundance of tho ,«    —- „
Kumii'si mul iiuiyt tipllrl.ui>. llsh. nn.l      SoTK'li i,    bcroby     glvu, ilu.I   :iu  *     Pl»of0&S1011&1
the forests nhounil with Kami   from  tlaya alter    dute,  i intend to upply
u business polnl "I vlow, with mines 1(l the  Hon. Onlef Commissioner  ol
springing Into existence an nil sides,  Lands uml Works  lot u    licence t"
I Immense 1,'icst^ ol the choicest tim   prospect for coal uud   potroloum on
'i„i I,, in- manufactured into lumbor, tho   following lunds    situate in tim
i.iif ..I ilu- largest agricultural areas  District   of     [southeast     Kootonay,
in tin. province,    what do   we lack?  Urltish Columbia, In Ulock 4S93:
even ii   ii should prove   true  which    Oommenolng nt    a posl plauted al
is ti,,i probable thai om mercantile or near throe i'l) ratios    due eust of i
establlshmente    are unable I" retain the 21 mile post on 0, P. It., survey J
u foothold in ovory mining and lum ;lil"' which is tlip   Weatoru boundary —
boring rump in   ilu- district,   In the °I lllock wa, und being the North-  v\
llorce competlon ol the futuro,   Om  west oornor post „i Wnitei  J, Abbs,
future Is Indeed moat promising.        cluim,   thonoo    south    ciRhty   (Hop
— '■  chains; thenco oasl eights (80) ohalns
it la bolleved ihui 1910 will be tho chains;     novth olghty t«0)    clinlns;'
moBt prosperous yoar In mlnlng.luiU'  ihence west eight) (sti) eliuins to the
berlng and fruit growing over expei'   point of Commoncomont, making 610 ]
,1 iu the Cranbrook district, ueres, more or h
y   rruiessionBi    •;•
ll:uTi->li-r* und Siilirilors,
CllANBROOK,  lie
I'lslor,  Solicitor, i'
and Fresh Home
Made Biscuits
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
Prank Dezall
Wi lODW'l lUKKI'
Itllhlier Tires  Applied
'I',, lluggy  Wheel.
it  Spei i
Brix   213.
A cup of BOVRIL
will drive away that
feeling of lassitude so
common in warm
weather. BOVRIL
wives vigour and tone to
the entire svstem.
We Dcil
-i N'l'fil
in I•;\i•
,  in ,1
•ylliino I'n
J Hi HlHil l\ i
Joseph H. McLean
I'K U.l-'.li   IN
All kinds of Sue I Hiiml (luinls
Furniture ii  SPRCMAIjTY
BUYKK  Ol'   I'l IKS
Haygt-'s Old   Stand, tliinsdii Avi
Plum 'IM
W. Cline !
1)1 Ilir olll   Mr) nil-tim   Itiii'lirt
SliO|>Ckll now '<e roini(i in Ilie
I-MmI CIum  Work   in
all   liriin.'hi'-   nf   Hit-
; Tonsorlal   Art
■ curccr
; iHlRtli
mil ti
that Iim ovei beuti bruughl to tin
at ton tion <>i the legiktlature, Thfl
formril RKrwmenl between the rov-
. inn. i-ii!     ami   Metwrn     Mckeiwio   -ft
Mann le untlcntt I to have been »-\
evuted and t< be now reads foi nub
.illusion i,, in,- letctalature, -" that
the in-' fruit-* ul thc noverntucnt'e
railway polU*> maj be tocured foi
the counti \ «11 li Rf hit le delay as
Tl ■■ agree mi nl  between the
mem  and  Me-wr*   McKeuiUfl St   Maun
1 will provide foi 'in- almost limns
dlate commencement ul the count rut
tion ol anothei tram*eoni Lnental
railway through UritUh Columbia,
That will ii>' the first direci .. , ■ m i
of tho government's  policy    and  will
. have    indoubtedly   an  em ifn      i eflect
j upon the     settlement      pros ret*   a
I prosperity ol the pro\ lace fhe In
direct results ol the tailijaj egisla
tion wlll be hardly less impi rtant
i ince the Canadian .\< irtbern
tabllshed in the province ■■
remain content with a mai I uni
line but wlll throw out feedei into
the rl h ten Itoriee that now only
require   adequate    transportation la
ell it lea to ensure the *peed> develop
inrnt ol their latent wealth. The
government's agreemi nt * -tii the
Canadian Northern will alsi    tervi   ■■
stimulate rival railway compai u s l
unwonted activity, so that there ■■'.
be speedily Inaugurated an era oi
railway construction throughout the
province that will In evei v dii • cl b n
develop new territory, that will
bring railway competition with all
it.i Important advantages to districts
that are at present insufficiently
served, and thai A*ill create for
British Columbia a net work ol lines
•ucb as Manitoba already enjoys,
and such as Alberta and Saskatche
wnii nre straining every eflort to secure. The people ol British Colum
Win have good reason to await the
opening ol the legislature with pleas
1 arable nnl Icipntlons.
Premier McBride will meet thc leg
islature with a majority almost unprecedented in the history of provin
cial parliaments, and facing an op
position thnt has dwindled almost to
the vanishing point. A situation
such as this would in many cases be
i regarded with uneasiness, bul in tho
present case tho electors will observe
thc clrcumstnni c with complacency,
confident thai premier McBride will
justlty the confidence thai has been
reposed In lum Thr premier and his
colleagues arc no strangers to the
country. Thoy have beon t rlod and
tested, and have n record Unit in
spires confidence and a feeling of se
curity. Tin' promler has also dis
played the utmost frankness in out
lining to tho people thc main lines
ot tlir polley tbat he Intends to pursue and the electors have ovory rea
son for nsstirnnee that tho govern
incut's course will continue to he
marked by that foresight ami saga
clous realization id the needs of the
province which in the past have seemed su unusual a tribute ol respect
ami  conlidonce.   Nelson   Daily   News.
"OtlH diiK   HOT THKUK."
Bth day ol November ■
\| \CMIM*.K>
There    Is every indication    ol In Located tii
tense activity In tho mining Industry*; i'JOU
and therefore a   vast   am.unit of the Charles v., Wehh,  Agont Tor
very essence ol prosperity  Is likely to Wnlter J, Abbs, Locator.
be disseminated among the people Witness    K   u.   Hints,             K0-8
Development   work  will  be prosecu -                     ■  —   -
ted with Incroased vigor, ami the at a   »**   M^
tentlon ol capital i>    gradually but ("w8LiB«■i^^L *
slow|>   attrai'ti-d,   ami   e uitidem-e  nud ' "^\tv5^s^#-»:*. Aj*
hope     Instilloil into the minds ol all '
classes     People on the outside gon    HXAMINATIONB POH INBPBOTOns
erally    tn  to reallne tnai   this dis uk MTUJLM Hull.Kits   \nh
trlel    It     ou   tho vei ite   >. a mighty
mluInn development     and thai     the
■•■''   1910 will iu.uk thf gmatMl ore     hlxaminatioui    fot  tha position ol   l'
producing w* thnt    the distriel has  laspeetoi ol Steam Boilers and M&ah
|V,M k""VM: in.-iy. utukM  the    Steam BoHws lu
uectlon   V' I    IMI,'   will  bfl held at
'n"' i Pl« ol  auiitheast   Kootenaj   the Parliunumt     Buildings, Victoria,
are nol in doubt how (ai they aro I commencing Novembei Mb. IV09 Ap
'" '',k•■ leriousl) ihe bul Id m n ol the plication and instruction torina can
Kootenaj Centra! railway Thi al „■ had on ippllcotlon tn the undsc
r|,:,lr ol ll'«u ! everj esidenl ol [gncd, to whom the lorwmi must bo I
1 welcome to ratunud, correctly Oiled lu, not Inter
kins nn .-ii than Novoinnei 1st, inns Balnry,
Uppor   SlUi 00 pei month
« lui'i  iiihpi-.i,.i ni Machinery,   Phono *,s.t.
lltii'i'isli'i', Siilii'iiir I
Notary Public
i.lll.v    lln,I  llnlldlllltt,
PWWW www
H.   W.   DRKW,   Proprlstor.
llll lUlrtlU      Alll.il     ,  .
trance to thr Konteim) tin,I
i 'ulumbla vnllej ■- mil i u sevsra)
previous occasions vv>. Iiavc pointed
nui iiuu Irom a mere business itoiul
point there seems tn be no reason
»hj this one ol thc most nninl
railways lu British Columbia ihould
nol !>»■ untlci ,',>!i^t i ucl ion tlui \ne the
conilne summer
New  W, -tiiiin -tit.  II   1'
ll 'i
Mining  I'jllgmooi' niul
Hi'   I .uml 8urvoyoi'i
ii.iv M I'h 113,
F. I;. Corrison
Ilm.i Mimti'i Oily Hnii,I
Tii.irli.il of String ami Stiiml
mil livatrumantt Ohotr
trnluor    Orohsstrn furnished
Dlstrlot oi Kootenay
Tako uotlcu that Usorge Wilson   ol
Ulunsholm,     Altn.,   occupation   Ac j
...iiiitniit.     intiiuils tn upply lor per-'
mission     to     purchaso the lullowing \
described    lauds: Cotniiieucing nt    a
posl planted at the south weal corner
tlieuiY    running   south
about ilfty     chains to timber licence
No. -15S1',    theuce   cilsi forty chuius,
nnrth to Inl Wll, tlicncc west to the
.place ol beginning,
\- ,i (arming district there are lew    Dated November 19, VMV 48-9
•.■an- ol  British Columbia that offor ,
bettei   returns [or laboi  and cashei
pended   than that part  ol   Southeast      ORANBROOK LAND DISTRIOT
Kooteuaj  that will be served by thv DUi rlct ol Kootenav
tonstructlon ol    the Kootenay    Cen-     .„ ,       lj'"'"« ol kootenay.
tral rallwai.  especially   land that  Is     ''J, ' "otice thm     K. Oolden Filer
tnii,itan   to the    growing     city   of ?'   M«nistec,   Mich.,   occupation lum-
Cranbrook icrmnn, Intends to apply for permis-
"■. ■•   tl    probabl]   be   .. feral ap.
gointuients, brought  to the notlci ,.l
: -iivative     assoctalioti    in a
-ii.'i't time, and tiic^i- matters should
he discussed by h lull meeting ol the
•      ard  and that association ul Lol ■,l'i*'i
im- a right   iu ii*k:tic every   person
>i,     tment      that he
-hall  present  tu.-     claim,    and then
abide bj   the   tecision rendered
L. \\. Connolly
I'llYSll'l \\    IMI  -.t'ltlllll'N
oniuo i Araistroiifi  Ave
'1 to l |i I
ion,■ Olll.v I lift
in ll, s |, 1,1
Rositlonco 1IW <
and they Keep you
dry while you are
wearing them
Tu*» Cmuim OniicGoiniw, Co ui Toiot-to Cm
"(Mir -loi'," wo mean Mr. Joseph
Martin, formerly ol Hhii-li Columbta
not the gentleman ol Birmingham,
did not receive the majority he expected, but for one of Ills over-san
giilne temperament, he got enough
vntrs to anawer. We haaten to con
gratulate him on his election to h
seat in tho Imperial parliament. We
hope from his present exalted position he will not look down upon ns
too savoroly, but will forgive shortcomings in us that prevented us iu
in times pust from perceiving in him
the statesman thnt hi- Ims proved
himself, as n result i»f the contest In
St.  Pancraa Mum
Aud while rejoicing In Mr. Martin's
victory let. ns express beforehand our
sympathy with the lords; let us express sympnthy even wlth the party
Mr. Martin Is supporting; with Premier Asquttii and Sir Edward Grey,
nnd we may my even with Mr.Uoyd-
George and Mr Winston Churchill.
Those gentlemen do not realize what!
kind of ii colleague they have acqulr ] Toronto News An Illinois man
ed in the person ol Mr Joseph Mar j:,fL''1' living without work for .13
tin They will (Uncover now that years started laboring in a factory
whethRi Hi.mi strength In the hotisi ant] u'ft-- Wiled within a week. This
i^  great  01   mai:,   they   will   have  to   iB " solemn  warning to  ns nil
do things.    II they do ,-,■ *   they  will 	
mbject   themselves tn     Mi    Martin's; J^lesherton     Review;    The     proper
I ,
ion to purchase the following deS'
New strike.- are always a source of crlbed lunds Commencing ut a post
congratulation. The North star gt planted iti" i hiiius east and 40 cnalua
Kimberley, and the Aurora mine* at north of ■" mile pust on the eastern
Moyic, were the scene of important boUndar*, ol Lot 4,r*92 and running
strikes last week, ami thi-* Is most north 4u chains, thenee east 80 chaius
gratifying to those interested in thence south 4U chuius, thenco west
mining 80 chains to the place of commence'
ment, containing B20 acres, more   or
a matter of Importance, one which less,
the citizens must    not  lose sight of, i E. GOLDEN FILER.
and  requires  prompt   and     vigorous Dated Nov. t;, 1909. 47-9
action;   1.-   the financial condition of
the city and its   Influence     upon thej —  "*"" '	
futnn  of this growing
M.M.V..   V.S.,
Gi'tttluato    nl'     Uiiiui'lu    Veterinary
Collogo, Toronto, In 1898.
Ci'adualounil Medalist of MoKllllpVot-
el'lnary College, Chicago, 111., in 1900
Registered     member     of     FlrlitHli
■ Columbia   Association.
A couple
•i society   young men in
arrangements    lor
evenings entertainment on the ice,
one complained to the other thnt his
girl could not skate. "Then let her
slide." replied the other.
There nre men of leas than ordinary ability who, it they ivore as high
UP in the iierinl region ns they think
they aro in the daily walks of life,
their noses would bleed nnd they
would  lie asphyxiated,
Somo clearing ol sidewnlks around
town might he done now with ad-
vantage, especially on Cranbrook
street. Tho Hoard ol Works should
innk over the situation nnd see that
it iti improved.
The sidewnlks of Cranbrook street
nre in n had condition. Some attention sould lie givon to the comfort
of thc 250 school children that pans
these, walks four times daily.
The formation on which rests the
prosperity of Cranbrook is the development of the vast mineral, lumbering and agricultural resources tributary to this eity.
The new city council niicht light
the city choaply, by sivinR. and in-
stalling porch or veranda lights on
buildings now lighted by electricity.
Xow thnt the smoke ol civic poli,
tical strife hns cleared away let us
all get busy and boost for Oranbrook
The   new electric   lights on     main
street nre a source of delight to i
District ol Kootenay.
'l'uke notico thnt Anton K. Pierce
„[ Manistee, Mich., occupation Cigar
Maker, intends to apply lor permission to purcnase thc following dee-
cribed lands : Commencing at a post
plaated 240 chains cast and CO chains
north nl 57 mile post oa the eastern
hoiindnry ol Lot 4592 aud running
north 20 chains, thence eaat 80
chains, ihenee south (10 chains, thence
wast 40 chains, thence north 40
chains, thenco west 40 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
i'ill acres, moro or less.
Haled Nov. C, 1909. 47-9
Steam Boilers and Furnace Work a
Cosl and Stock Kstiinutcs
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.
It Is ii pit)     there is no   separate
ichool   ■, ostl n oi  .  tion o(   rnil
way competition in England  tn give
Mi    Martin nn     npportunil.     I gel
tinn   lib   hnnd  in  mperial  affairs
easily  and   understanding!)     „t  the
rtart    in i although It ma)   ml;,, him   ,
some da)    to gel on to    the hong ol   '"' lm" ""' "Wll plnnt in the Drit-
thlngs"   in   Westmlnstei       we .hall  '■' r'"l""'- "'"' ""■ second largest In
r,-e| glad and happy now   in  thi
thing Is for tho parents to administer a   thorough spanking to the kid
(lint  Hunks il  smnrl      to go   urniuiil
puffing ii clgrfrettc
T ni" News    Nol     many people
know    that    a   Coppei  Mining    and
Smelting company iu Ilritish Colum-
selouHues. thai with Om ,foe" ni
rhe helm we hall ha' n foi the lu
lure :i better ordered ronilition nl
thing*  in     the     empire    Vancouver
why   „,,
Sim You enn train
n can't create them, that's
winy people ought to stop
uuii   X
Mctl.  .j.
Hall    r.o(,
dlnlly Intfl
Vli.  Mi-:
Sec     \
. M.
ly   iu  mnl.t.r
fectine thc »
I ..-i    cvci v
Ihui   Ihc   hoi
abiding plan
Ol     III,'
thc people
nitedly nnd
- pertninlni
ellnro r,| thc cit.
Cranbrooklte     assume
hi and reputat Ion ol his
.li   his   keeping,   uml
he   i irkles     wlghl  whn
■ Oi pnraging       remark
ii 'in- climate   the limn
"i      li islnes    nrnnpootH
, Montreal Herald Marjorle writes
i.-ked, why to ask. 'How long cows nre to be
Cranbrook milked?" Woll, Mnrjorio, dear, the
trmnnlnus- same time an -.hurt cows Come
", and af   again
District.—A court ol revision and
appeal under thc "Assessment Act,
1903," for thc Port Steele Assessment district, will he held on Wednesday, thc 19th day of January, 1910,
nt 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the
Court House at Fernie, and on Mondny, the 24th day of January, 1910,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the
Court House at Cranlirook.
Dnted at. Cranbrook tbis 29th dny
of Dccomber, 1909.
Court of Revision and Appeal.
Visit Dr. Kelly's
Great Museum
Funeral Director,
Rooky Mountain Chapter
NO.  126.   It. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tiles
day in each month ut eight
Sojourning Companions nre
cordially invited.
\V. !'. Ki:i:kzk.       Scribe R,
Box 202       CRANUUOOK, 11. 0,
9     I lie Largest Anatomical	
, Museum in the West.
Dr. Kelly-Diseases ol Men, Twenty
year's experience in the treatment of
wenkness, nervous troubles or nny
contracted nilments. A positive
cure in every case undertaken. Con
sulfation tree and strictly private.
Treatment  personally or by  letter.
21(1 Howard SI,,  Spokane Wash.
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
M..1. In rJarinM'i Hall 2nd mad III ,,,,.,  ,„ „,„,„,, rj0|umbl| „, whirll
Thursday ol each month at I p.m.     nature holds such    pressing     Invltn-
•h»ip tlons to the sons    nnd dntiKhtors ol
A. McCoWai, Ohiel   Ra«l«r,  „„,, ,,, ,,„,„.    fnrln ,  ,,nj,,v ,|u.m
C. A   Abbott, Swrsttry.      j selves and share in the prosperity ol
  the capital city ol the Kootenay,
TIMUM Br«Urs« mass Wilco»».     '   Our neighborhood is   dotted   with
Chicago Her,,ni Herald Thc young
man who Isn't afraid to skate nut
where the lea in tlnngorotisly thin
would  ho rncklng ihe honl   if wcntli
.  I- hiuuis permlttot!  ii
Toronto Mows: I'uulhuin, the
French aviator, hns down to n height
"I 1,000 loci Some day liV.'nds nnd
nei,unlntnncoH will ho invited to nc
cepl  tlui. iniitiinlion
HIV ,,l her ol  tho sll|
' Inhabitant     nl on
in- idea mn.:'. .-.iiiii
loratnuding,   that   v,,-
havo the climate which assures us a    Hamilton   Spectator.   Thai   mlsho
largo   population     Thm   there  Is  no|gotton word which they call "gotten'
always sounds to me ns exceedingly
Toronto Telegram: And now thei
"man with the hoe" is lie who j
shouts to the inner guard: "What
hn!   Bring forth ths snow shovel."
I'licy last ;i lifetime and cost
very little more than thrown
together, catqhpenny, cheap
machines. Sold mi small
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avenue
Phono 157. Oranbrook, lie.
Eastern  Canada
Low Round Trip Rates to
Ontario, Quebec and
Maritime Provinces
Tickets on sale Dec. 1 to Dec, 31, inclusive, good to return within throe
Tickets issued in connection  Atlantic
Btenmship  Duuinoss  will  be ou sale
from    Nov.  21 and limited to    five
months from date of issue.
l''inest equipment. Standard First
Class and Tourist Sleeping Care and
Dining Cam un all through trains.
Compartment Library - Observation
Cars nn "Imperial Limited" and
"Atlantic hlxpress."
On  Baker Mtieet, one door west
ul Messrs. Hill & Co,, the only
' place   in   town   that   can   make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Rubber Dollar   Store
0 W, V^nWORMKR, Propriktou
HANSON AVENUE      •      •      CRANBROOK, B.C.
We Buy Everything
WE SELL what we have In stock at prices that
will surprise you. A visit to the Dollar store will convince you that we have the goods, and can save you
fifty per cent on any goods purchased.
We Buy and Sell For Cash
; *********+*********+***
I Phone 56 _
1 muUTV ggg
ii THE
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees
> PEACE and CONTENTMENT wlll surely reign
1! in the home if you use only
Makes Best Bread
Staple and Fancy Orocers
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦••••♦♦♦eeee **********************
Three Through Express Trains
leuvoa Winnipeg dully at 2a. 10, making uonnootiona ut Toronto for all
Pulnia onst und wiwt thereof,
The "Imperial United" leavea Winui-
IH'K dully at 18.10 and the "Atlantic
R»pre«n" at 8.110 dully, making con-
mictluiw ut Montreal (or all points
oast tliareof.
Apply lo the ueareet O, P R  agent
for full information
There's a remedy—no necessity of being
content with •  deed, tasteless   loaf, or
even ordinarily   good; you   should   have
beautiful bread, end
Anchor Brand
will produce the results so much desired
—always and all ways
Good Bread
MmmU by
Leitch Brothers Flour Mills,
Oak Lake, Manitoba.
SOU AMNTfl. THK fHUdl'liiU'l'Ol..    iJllANIil"""'-
S 11 TKII.W      ,1 \.\r M;y   JJ
Mining in the Kootenays
Development Work is Progressing-New Strikes are
Showing up in Good Advantage.
Considerable attention is now being devoted towards the mineral development of Southeast Kootenay.
This district produced enormous
wealth from Its mines ln the past,
and it Is very certain that there arc
great undeveloped resources at the
present time. This district has vast
areas of cnal, and coke is manufactured in quantities sufficient to supply a large number ol smelters aad
renuerlcu than at present In operation In Ilritish Columbia. It ls altogether Mkely that these resources,
Including the big sli ver-lead mines,
the copper mines ol the St. Mary's
district, and thc iron deposits ol
Dull river, will, as soon as the necessary transportation is afforded by
the construction ot tho Kootenay
Central railway, continue to attract
the attention of the promoter, and
It Is likely that Rngllsh and American capital wlll Und It convenient
and profitable to come Into this nearby mining district.
The North Star mine has been
worked extensively in years past, and
at one time was the largest silver-
lead producing mine, also the largest
dividend paying mine in British Columbia.
The faith in the intrinsic worth of
the property and tbe tenacity displayed byi Mr. N. McLeod Curran, its
manager, has been about all that
tbe stockholders have had to sustain
them in working thc property. It
looks now as if the owners are to
have (heir reward.
A new strike of ore has been encountered, up the hill, between the
"old Kellogg shaft" and the wagon
road. The management has drifted
In about 900 feet, and a body of excellent ore reached, and the new discovery wlll be cross-cut to ascertain
Its extent.
The owners of the Stemwlnder have
not done much work during the post
year, being satisfied with the amount
ot ore known to exist at the present
time. The extent of the ore body oa
revealed hy the diamond drill Is
about 60 feet wide and has a depth
of nearly 100 feet, the ore is similar
to that found in the Sullivan Oroup
of mines, and as soon as a cheap
method of treating the ore is known,
the Stemwlnder will be placed among
tbe producing mines of the district.
The discovery was made near the
water level of Mark creek, and has a
trend northeast, and from Indications
seem to extend in a northerly direction under Sullivan mountain, and
In a southerly direction under Huckleberry bill.
As the openings, in the shape of
diamond drill holes, and drifts, are
located several thousand leet below
the two big silver-lead mines, it is
sipeeted that future development wlll
reveal the most extensive as well as
the most wonderful ore body In the
That the Kimberley district wlll
become ono of tho richest and most
productive silver-lead sections nl
Urltish Columbia Is the opinion of
mining men who own property in
this vicinity. The taking over or the
Sullivan (Iroup hy the CoiiHoliilatod
Mining and Smelting Co., and thc
conditions of the lease, is a sort ot
guarantee that something will be doing in the near future, and that the
Sullivan will once again he placed In
the list ot producing mines. Previous development shows that a large
amount of ore has been blocked nut.
The tramway has been recently Improved and a new   cable    installed.
Prom recent repotts received from
Kimberley, are to tho effect, that all
In all the Sullivan ls In splendid
condition for Immediate work.
No mining region, embraced in the
Rocky mountains is possessed of
more interest, historical or otherwise, than the placer fields nf Wild
Horse Creek, and Perry Creek.   Hold
was discovered in the early sixties
on Wild Horse creek, and for nearly
50 years the historic old creek lias
poured forth its quota of gold to enrich tho world.
Placer mining on Perry creek has
also been a paying investment, It
was on this creek that a huge steam
shovel »as at work. This niachiiie,
though au experimental une, while in
operation proved successful. The
lnutnlatinn of the immense hydraulic
plant nl thc Perry (,'reck Hydraulic
Cninpany, and its success of the past
live years has demonstrated that the
placer gold nf this portion of the
district ls derived from the gold-
bearing rooks ol the Selkirk mountains.
It. B. Ourant, is now engaged in
doing the annual assessment work on
a gold quartz property which has all
the car marks of a valuable mine.
Some eastern capitalists have secured title to placer ground near Old
Town, and are now engaged in sink-
a shaft to bedrock, some 80 feet.
Machinery will he Installed, and
there is no doubt but that succesB
will crown their efforts,
the establishment "i n serai-ate Oa
nndinn nnvy is really a slop towards
Beperatlon from Clrc&i Orltsii nnd
the Empire, So far as ti„ i ouser-
vntivr party is concerned il must be
firmly and positively understood ttint
it hns neither pnrt oi lot with any
such proposal, and with any sm-li
reading of Imperial rolatious. King
Edward is our   King and Canada is
destined  to close relations
Empire, not to Boporatlou.
villi   till
Laurier's Extraordinary Utterances at Toronto
A Covert Suggestion of Secession.
Ottawa, Jan. 19.—Sir Wilfrid Lnurler In his speech in Toronto of the
Sth ol January gave utterance to an
extraordinary view or the relations
between Canada, our King, and the
rest of the Empire. According to
thc report of thc Globe he said under
the suzerainty of the King of England. We arc his loyal subjects. We
bow thc knee to him; but the King
ol England has no more rights over
us than are allowed him by our own
Canadian Parliament.
The statement that King Edward
is merely our suzerain is either grent
loosement of statement or a declaration of something like secession
from tho British Empire. King Edward is our King, not our suzerlan.
A foreign power or monarch who has
rights of control over an alien and
subject country, is a suzerain, An
instance which is recent and which
will remain iu tho minds ol all is
that of thc Transvaal. British contention before the so called African
war was that the Transvaal republic
was under the   suzerainty of   fireat
Britain. Under that arralngcment
the Transvaal was Independent and
was subject under the British interpretation to a certain degree of control of Its foreign relations. There
was nn idea that Great Britain's
enemies would be thc enemies of the
Transvaal. There was no Idea 11
Great Britain went to war the Transvaal also would he in war. There
was no idea that If Great Britain
became involved in war the Transvaal would send a single man to
help her light her battles. The Transvaal had a seperate flag. Its citizens were not English. That is what
suzerain meant, and it is understood
in Ottawa that the Premier has been
commending his suzerainty Is the
term which Sir Wilfrid Laurier has
seen fit to apply to our relations
with our King, with the Mother
country and with the remainder of
thc Empire.
It Is understood iu Ottawa that the
Premier has been commending his
navy proposals to certain of his followers by representing to them that
Stock Reducing Sale
We Are Much Too Heavily Stocked
Never before in the history of Cranbrook have prices been cjuoted to you so low
as they will be quoted to you for the next week beginning Saturday. There is not a
single article in our store which we will not take wholesale cost for and in many lines
even the wholesale cost will be lost sight of.
20th Century Clothing and Walk-Over Shoes will figure largely in this sale and
everyone knows the value of these lines.
20th Century Clothing
joth Century Suits, regular $35.00, will be sold at $22.00
aoth Century Suits, regular $30.00, will be sold at    19.00
20th Century Suits, regular f 20.00, will be sold at    12.00
Suits Made by the Average Clothing House
118.00 Suits for $9.50   I   H2.50 Suits for $6.95   |   »10.00 Suits for $5.50
A bunch to clear at $4.95.   Ask to see them.
A bunch of Men's Pants to be sold at 95c and up.   This is a strong line with us.
.  2.25
. 1.95
Ask to
will  be
A bunch to clear at $1.75.
be shown this line.
Everything in Underwear
carved in the same manner.
Sold regularly at t.j.00 for.
Sold regularly at   1.50 for.
-   90c
Sold regularly at   1.00 for.
..   65c
Linen Collars
The very latest in Men's L
nen Col
lars, regularly 25c each to c
lose   out
at 12 for	
. .811 <1H
Wa keep nothing in reserve but space will not permit us to quote more prices.
We will convince you that we mean business. No goods once taken from the store
will be exchanged.   Nothing Charged at These Prices
This sale commences Saturday, January
22nd and will last until further notice
In the course of Ids speech at tho
Ontnrio (dub in Toronto. .Sir Wilfrid Laurier is understood tn imve
caused great amusement among tho
diners by the following mock-lament
over the obBtlnato Tories of Toronto.
"Oh! Toronto, thou that klllest
the prophets! thou that stonest
those that are sent to thee! How
often would 1 have gathered tliy
ctiildren together nn 11 hen nnthers
her chickens under her wings; but,
all my efforts have been In vain."
It will bo seen thnt tills is n parody ol perhaps the most deeply uf
fecting utterance in the history ol
the world the lament of tho Snv
lour of man over the eity of Jerusalem as he entered that wicked ami
rebellious elty to conimenee his Pas
slon. Today we see that utterance
parodied to make a Jest loi a politl
cal dinner. Then from his expres
slon of sublime sorrow, to express
serlo-cotule lament ol a politician
who is sorry because a eerlnln rlty
does nut. vote for his candidates, it
is an expression of Irroverance that
In early and moro revernnt ages
would have been rogardoil ns blasphemy.
,,i  beginning,     containing   64(1 acres
more "i loss,     being thc huh.- claim
located by Prank Menel  Beptera
bei  .,,  1305 lor which licence No, ;:.;i
was issued t., him.
I'AUL n    filll.KKHS. Locator,
Alfred   Mrnim.   Agent
I atcd    this L'Tib day of November,
I San. .-,•> 1
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date, ! intend to upplj
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum ou
the following lands situate in the
District of Southeust Kootenny,
British Columbln. in III,irk  15011:
Commencing nt a post plnnteil at
or near throe (3) miles due Must ol
the 21 mile post on the ('. r. il.,
survey lino which is tho Western
Boundary of Block 4593, and being
the Southwest corner post of Charles
E. Webb's clnlm, thence enst eighty
(80) chnins; thenee north eighty (SO)
chains; thenee west eighty (SO)
chains; thence south eighty (80)
chains to tho point oi commencement
mnking imii neres, more or less.
Loeuted this 8th liny of November,
A. I). 1909.
Charles B, Webb,    Locator,
Witness:   E, IV.   Hulls. 50 :i
NOTICE is horeby given that 130)
thirty days after date I intend to
apply to tho Honorable Commissioner of Lands and Works for the District of East Kootenay, for a lii-ence
to prospect for coal and petroleum
on thc following described lands, situate on Akimina Creeknenr the South
Kootenay Pass trail, Block 1593,
Southeast portion of Hritish Oolum-
bia:-L'ommcucing at a post planted
near the South Kootenay Pass trail
about two miles from the head of
Akimina Creek east of and adjoining
G. A. Wnlther's coal and petroleum
claim, said point being marked Paul
W, Childor's Northwest corner post,
thenco Bast 80 chains; thence South
80 cbains; thence West 80 chains and
thenco North   80 chains   to the piaco
NOTICE Is hereby given that 80
dnys after dnte. 1 intend to apply
to tho Hon. Ohiel Commissioner ol
Lnnds .-md Works i,,r 11 licence t,,
prospect lor coal and potroloum on
ilm lollowing lunds situate in the
Dlstrlcl oi Southeasl Kootenay,
British Columbia, In Block 1593:
Commouolng nl a posi planted al
or nenr three (8) miles duo east ol
the 31 mile post 0| tho O. !'. R, sur
vey line which Is the western boundary oi Block 4508, and being the
Northeast cornor in.si ,,f m. Wayne
Twiielu'ii's claim, thence wesl eight;
(80) chaias; thence sooth olght; ,sni
chains; theuce enst oighty (80) chains
thonco north etghtj chains to thr
point ,,i commencement, making r.tn
neres, moro or less.
Locntcd ibis sth day ol Novombor
Charles K.  Webb, Agenl tor
M, Wiiyni' Twiti-hi'li, Locator,
W is     K.  W.    Putts. 50 3
NOTICE is hereby given Unit (BO)
thirty dnys niter dote I Intond to
applj io Hu- II irnble Commissioner "i Lands nnd Works for the Ills-
iiii-i ol Must Kootenay, tor s licence
to prospect for conl and petroleum
on tlio lollowing doaorlbed latin's, nit-
unto nt forks ol Kislu'iiehiin Creek
and Aliiiuiin, Creek, near lho South
Kootonay I'iihs trail, Block 4593,
Southeasl portion of British Columbia: Cominonoing at u posi planted
near tho South Kootonay 1'nss trail
North of nnd adjoining Content Kl-
lon's elultii lining tho initial post of
Anna It. Pentland's olalm nnd marked Anna li. Pent laud's Southwest
corner post; ihenee nortli 80 chnlns,
Uience Must 8ll eliuins; thence South
80 eliuins, thenee West. 80 chains to
tho plnce ol beginning, containing,
(Mil ncres more or less nip! being the
sniue claim located by Nathan
Whoaldon on September ."•, 11105 for
which mineral licence No. 753 was
issued lo Iiiin.
ANNA ll. Pentland, Locator.
Alfred Braun, Agent.
Located I Ills 37th   dav of November,
591)9. 52.4
62^c per acre cash and 62^c
once each year thereafter
secures to you a Bl'lTlSH COLUMBIA I AKM
m tlie British Columbia Southern; Columbia and
Kootenay and Western Railway Company's Land
Grants. I lie.se lands are eminently suited for .the
raising of
and ma) be purchased on these EASY l"ERMS
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who in. looking for settlers for this pan
~^m^mmmBmmr- u ..^—
I itiilii-i Lands ol the highest character, situated in
these Grants, are oflered foi -al,- in blocks of from
640 acres upward,
AppK in the address ,n> shown on the attached! coupon
for Maps, Application Forms, Regulations and Literature
Desk 13 Assl. to 2nd Vice President.
Calgary, Alberta.
Please send mc all fads pertaining to your lands in B. C.
NOTIOH is horeby given thnt HO
days niter dute, 1 intend to appl
to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands nnd Works f0r 11 licence to
prospect, for conl nnd petroleum on
tlio lollowing lands situute In the
Distriel of Southeast Kootenny,
Ilritish Columbln, in Block 459,1:
Commencing at a post plunted nt
or near three (.'!) miles due enst of
the 21 miles post on 0. P. li., aur-
vey line which Is the Western Uoun-
dury of Block 459.1, nnd being the
Southenst. corner post ol Anna K.
Webb's clnim: thonce west olghty
(8O1 clinlns; (hence north eighty (80)
chains: thence enst eighty (80) chuins
theuce south eighty (8O1 ehulns to
the point of commencement, mnking
f,40 neres, more or less.
Locntod this st I, dnv of November
churles R,   Webb, Agent for
Anna K. Wehh, Locator.
Witness:    I'l.  W.    II11M.S. 50-11
H Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling In Connection Hi
Nearest in railroad depot.    Has accommodations   for   Ilie   public   unequalled   in
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors       M
What is a I
visible typewriter? I
Writing in sight is part of it.    Keyboard in sight is the H
other part.    It is as important that you see what you do H
as to see what you have clone.   The key-for-every-character H
keyboard of the easy action, light running MODEL 10 I
Complete, Sltiight Line KrvLutrd
Removable andlnteuriangeai.Ir'Plitefii
Hall Hearing Caniage
makes  it  the  only truly  visible writing   machine.
\\ rile lot information lo
Ilir Smiili Premier typewriter Compnny, Inc.
Syracuse, N. Y.   Rrancbea everywhere
Re.er.ible tabulator Re.l
Simple Stencil Cutting De.ic,
Ui„|. Forged Type Ilm
IVii-a I ... l.o,k
Visible  Writing
Complete  Control  from
A Key lor Every Character
Rlcliiome Ribbon
Unifoim  Uml,
11.11 Raring Type Her
( olumn ! imin mid Paragrapher
Decimal  Pohulalol
Perfect Eratlni Faciliiiei
Interchangeable Carnage,
H,v.| I Led Carriage R,|,„e
Swinging \1"im„i l*i 1
i' I Idl.l	
C.mi Driven Cattiegej
l(,l.»  Controlled Irom keyboard
Variable and Uroveiul Line Heart!
I'nl.'.t Dint Guard
Hail Space Levei
Carriage Helurdei
Improved Marginal Slopi
I •mj.einpiil, Speedieil Kvet Deviled
These are (calures which
make ihe Smith Premiei the
choice of the man who
investigates comparative
advantages. t»ag« )
nil. I'liiisi'iorriiii.   UftANBUUOK,    Ll,   c,„
Better    Buying
cannot be bad at any time. Come and make
your dollar last like two, when you buy any of
the lines put before you in tbis ad. Be wise
and grasp the given opportunity.
tl,.- l.iKK.-st Ni«lll Shin* >..!• -vel <\X)()
SIIW.        I   I'll f  r 'I  il      '
CARHART OVERALLS.     Fli i  ,.v.-r.ill tiiadc,      I'n
i  Stlil   llllll  i        I'l li '• tJ2l     'ie*\
|" 1    „.il lllelll	
SARGENT GLOVES.    \\Y ;uv sol,   ,...■;,n     s^|   7 Z
i", ■ .«u,.s.   iv,,.,. Jpl./n
*:.  ii. iuimatter vvli:it tin i' : un i in .■.-■■'.i i' k'
MEN'S FIT-REFORM SUITS ft        $15.00 Up
MEN'S HIGH TOP TAN BOOTS    Strom-.        £ J**   ^J )
lllll. ibl.- md »    liitii ,.     \ *P'   "
Burns    Bros.
The Store of Fashion
Oanbrook, B  C
li   June* ,,i   Mum
ity Thursday
.1     Veii.-rul.lrs,   o(   VpllCOHV
town Thuisilitv
|    W, T   Curaon, «»f     OUawa, wns nt
tho ciiniiiiui.k Thursday.
in thai the BAtertaibmont, ami the band
, painted picture-* oi tbo lift ol i hrist
wove much appreciated. Hev. t; ll
■van in Hamiltnii, who is lining good work
' upon this circuit. accompanied Mr
liimln's >ui tbo trip, nnd vory cousld
i-ialily naalated in making tho It inor
my ;i Bitcceaa,    Thoro seems to bo a
. , , ...-.,    Mi   uml Mra. .1   M. Akiiow Oik,,  '"'  "' »°lk "» )V7ucim°: ,,ml l"'r" "H
wpi-o Craiibrooli vlsitora Thursday.     ln """'' l""'" "' ""' ''i'-""'1 "' "
.1   .1   (ira.lv   of Crouton was in the   look is ray promising.
pity Monday. ''   Woods & Co., received three car BAPTISED
  loads of Alberta cattli  Wednesday
Harry  Bradford "I Wyclilfc was In u   Maryavlll i     Tnosday    Inst,
town Tuesday MeClary'a onamel waro bomg mado Kthcl Elijahoth, daughtor ol Mi  and
Rood, makes good.     Wo     aro   your Mrs   .1   8   Mulr, al  tl»' larally rosl ,
neighbor mul must     tii'iit  you right,  donre, by  llev   it   Hughm
and wt- mil    patmore Bros
Danoe Mr Tenderfoot
\  tncottng "i  tho Oranbrook   Agrl
cultural association was holdonWod      Now  York, Jnu   is    "I'm Irom tho
nosdny evontng in tho city nml,Inn',     wild   and     wooly     wost,"   yollod a
■liiiiu'.i'i iii iiii  uptown     linll'l curly I
T,   \rnistrong, ol  Winnipeg,   II   r   lodny, ns ho drow  a Blx-shootei  uml
Llndsoy, ol Spokane,   0   !■:   Vyro, ,.i polntod ll nl  il"' now  patent lonlhors
Rlk,,. mi,i K   u   Burko, ol Toronto, ol n mild ninnnored man
»  guests in  ill.- Oranbrook Krlday'      Dmico, you tondorloot, dance!"
Tho lorrtllod    young mnn     did In-'
A meeting "i tho Ornnlirook Board boat, but    tho    itrangci     demnndod
,,i Trndo was hold nn Tuesday oven    'Pinter." you dude, (aster   "
Iur ni tin-   committee    room ol tin     The young man could go no Instor,
Cranbrook hotol, al which mattoi's ol  and tin-   man with     the gun sonl ii j
Impiirtniiri  iven  ill ous I hnllel  llirougli his nnklc and escaped
ml,, tin-     sited     Tho victim it. In ti }
i dim,. ..i    '...,:,.,  m.i.   iilaycd nt  liospltnl ivltli n pormunoiitlj rrlpplod
tho   irono rink ou Thursdaj evening loot, and the    police arc Booking Inr;
with thi  (.'It)  team lined up against j""- man with lho rovolvet
till'  ('    I'    II      sttopi        l!        .i'l.  ll   111  I
D      niul    rosulted In    a     draw, nn
mndi   li)   ■ '       dido
Choice hot house lettuce uml celery
tu Stewarts.
A     I     Sclicll,   "1     lllllllilll y.    wns   In
tho city Manilas
(1   A    Mi im vr>-. "t  Vancouver wns
in tho city Tuesdaj
s   i!   Evans, "t Letlitirtdge, was ut
the   ('llllll,took   Molnlni
Wm   stn|i|cs, "I Wycllffe >wis In thc
.in   Monda)   on  business
.1   Cooper,  "t  Saginaw,   Mich . was
nt the Cranl k  Mot laj
i    Mi     .," ■:
mis in 11,,' oil v   I     ilaj
\    Hyde itnkei   on    !ati rdaj  In I
ett   fol    tbc      IS   t   nil   I
Ml     u    ',    Uttti i.n.    . ;   Vloj io w i
:i  ('unit,i   .1.        ■      Wodnesdaj
Mi    mn!      Mrs    l,oasb)    "I    Sir,Ini
were   i i nnhrook   visit rs   Monday
!■:   .1    Smith,   "i    Milwaukee   W
un-  n  i'innlii".'k   ,i iltoi   \|.m.im
\    H   Penwick,  drove     over   from
Knit  Steele  Weduesdaj   nn  li
In politics     n idacii t      cheek and
;. -■   an   nftoii  mistaken  tot   abtllt>
M     aud  Mis       \   .     li iwucss,  left
on Saturday on n visit d   thi  coast
I    Mackaj    and  l<   I1   Macdon
aid nl  v      fli    ft-er.   In     town Mnn
.    meeting ol     the lude
pendent tlrdei ol     V      ■■■   -   n-iu be
hold   "ll   We,hie ..!.,,    , velum:   .intuitu \
i    r   \i [hton1   hall      \n  Kiu-o del -
arc   le.tneste.t   1,.   Ill      | ion! The
i adli      fill     011.      . 1IT00 nnd light
\\ Im'     .i.tv       ivi in.i'       w am ■     I .
Itoors   ((-ashless dishes, end
less incomes, poundless  aenks, bako
less   Inilles,   ilmtlless   SOCks       innkeless
ipankloss children,     stainless
il less  lineivs   ami  surely etc
they  cease   t"   net,    they'll   buy   n
' S VSK   W.T.V   tame,   mn  bet      Km
.  tu   t'ai more Urns
METHODIST riirui'll
i.lamuui    J..ti! '
WomliiK Bcrvlcr al   it      Fellowship
■ eeting nt  li
Sunday   School and  Bible classes al
in the Inner
Ml \ I I   III     ,\    I'N KM' |y
IM. S   ,V   (' K
F. O. E.
Met ovory l''i'iilu,v ul S p.m
Visiiine   Uroiiiei's (Jordlnll)    Invited
W   !■'   .Iniui.   acting president.
W. F. (». Carter, noting Sec.
Acne  Physician,    1'.   II.    Box 28.
I st:
(    Evenins service
  The   subject   lo
bani    -■:: ou the ftasl bound course will be ' 1
■ laj  nighl        '  the "Old j The relation <d
; crisis  in   England
*W§i ilfefl^U '■•S'"'S?i^i li
Bakini!   triumphs   arc   every-
fs\y   occurrences   with  Purity
^j        *^\     ^J Highest   grade   in   the  world
.a* /-^J
 ,        Home-nude bread
"■^"k)     awarded lirst prize
'PM at   the   National
a ......h iaid     i   /     Exhibition, Toronio.  was
made  from   Purity   (lour.
Western C^nmia Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
.1    G.   Mct'alliun.  left  on
unlay   alght  foi     Spokane
ir the coast
of Vam
, and J.  J, Thompson,
were rexiatercd at thc
the evening dis
; of the Poople"
present social
Well known hymns will be sung;
all who are not regular attendant
•it other churches are invited to bo
present, The ushers will provide
seats and hymn books. Come early
to get good seat.
Tuesday. League social nt s.
Wednesday. Parsonago open from
8 till in for young mon to spend social hour, All invited. Visitors tin-
town     welcomed,    Introductions  un-
----- i necessary.
j    W, G.  Murray of Winnipeg, and  J.     Tuesday.
I Heck ol   Montreal,  were registered at j eight.
Church prayer sorvice at
an   sold ..nl)  In
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441   Hastings Street,
Vancouver,  B.C.
Hi,uuii Store   413 Josephine Strre    Nelaon   B.i
Georre   Welch    Selling   Agent, Cranbrook   H.l
H.    II.   STANTON,
Manager   for   all    Eastern    B.C.   Business
I the t rnnbrook Mondny.
People ol Good Taste appreciate
i Sec Patmore Bros.
.1 V. Carlson, Chas. Boss, and F.
Carlson, of Spokane, were guests nt
thc Cranbrook Tuesday.
Ice, twenty Inches thick, is now
being cut by W, 13, Worden. The ice
harvest will bo a big one this year.
The famous "Sunktst" brand of
navel oranges and lemons, choice ami
juicy, nt Stewarts.
Mr. and  Mrs.  Kred.  Dlnmoro,  Mrs
i A. B. Fenwiek. and A. Doyle <.. /ort
I Steele,     were Cranbrook visitors on
Co ti> Stewart's [or .lap 1 Manges,
they are very choice.
■ Cl, 0. Henderson, manager of thc
jlliill Uiver Power aud Light Co.,
1 was transacting business at Cran-
, brook Tuesday.
F,  B,  Halstead,   of   Winnipeg,    K.
Leslie,     of Vancouver; S.   I.ourie, of
'Seattle,  and  .1.   Joyce   of    Mayook.
were   registered   at   the   Cranbrook
The Palace restaurant, on Armstrong avenue is open to the public.
Home cooking a specialty. Lumberjacks, prospectors, miners nnd
millionaires all cat at the Palace
Wm. Stanley, editor of the Fernie
District Ledger for the past few
years, has resigned bis position and
will in the near future open a job
printing oflice in Fernie. His sue
cessor hns nol  yet  hern appointed.
Mi a McBride, and Miss Mcllridc
nl Calgarj and J. I). Mcllridc, of
tins city, left on Sunday night for
Spokane, where they will join tho
Spokane Chamber ol Commorce ex
rurslon tn points in California,
WANTED   Fust  class planor man,
(barge ol two   machines,   commence j
middle -ri  March, applv .-luting wages 1
ti Blairmore
When  are     the  Cranbrook  skatcra
going t.. have a carnival?   This is a
'inesti<in  that   many  are askiim,  Tlie
managers "f   tho rink slunild attend
to tin- before the lee   is a   11niitr of
Friday,    Choir practice at  eight.
Mr. Hughes visited the Kimberley
circuit this week, visiting Kimberley
on Monday, and holding n lantern
service in the Methodist (.'butch.
Considerable activity is noticeable
in this neighborhood, some good
logs are being got out by Taylor
Bros, and the outlook fur the mines
seem very much brighter. A large
turnout was secured at Marysville
for llie lantern entertainment on
Tuesday, the schoolhouse being tilled.
Tbe Crows Nest camp are employing
about 70 men neai' this placo, and
the spirit of optimism prevails, Mr,
Weld) has been appointed to tbe
Marysville school from Chtllwack,
and is filling tho position well. Mr.
15. J. Clayton returned home yesterday. The children of Mr. and Mrs.
Sawyer nre in the hospital suffering
from pneumonia; it is hoped that
they will both be able to return
home soon.
On Wednesday night the school-
house at  Wycllffe was woll  filled for
Fat   Snip nr Rout «t. HcasonaMe
OITice& Workshop—Lewis St.
v:lione No. 9S.
Here are two very staple lines in Safety
Ua/(»rs The Gillette, price $5.00 ami Ever
Ready, price $1.25, Young or old shavers
can net excellent: service out of either one.
Our Stock is Complete
Our shipper remarked this afternoon
that fashions do change, and that old timers
miss Wade & Hutcher Razors.
J. D. McBride
Craubrook. IJ. C
The Leading Fruit Store.
Olioico Hoi Hoiiso
.lap Oranges
"Sunkist" Lemons
Naval Oranges
Stewart's flue Chocolates
Armstrong Ave Phono "•>
I    PATMORE   BROS    j
Heating   and   Plumbing
Engineers       ■     ,     .     ■
OUR ATM—Is to give the com fort- seeker the fullest sense
of comfort with the lenst sense of apparatus—the most satis*
tying results at the least expense of fuel and of labor( with
freedom from repairs, ami a durability equal to tho life of tho
buildings    in    which    the    heating  systems nre  Installed
Our Systoma of  Heating: meet these  requirements  exactly.
They are the efficient, silent, rollablo sernuit <>f tho house owner
an adjunot which does moro for thu cheer and healthfuluoBa of
hoinoliipth an any othor material foatura or decoration of homo
To get the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
Trv Our
Dried Blood Fertilizer
Blood and Bone Mixture
Wfien You Think
Of the i)iiin whiie ninny women experience with every
iiiunili it iniikfh tne ^eutltjiicss uml kindness ulwtiys nssoci-
iited with wuitiitntiuud seem to he til must u mirui le.
While in (ji'iK'i. 1 ■ ii WO limn rebels against wind she re-
ijiirds as ti nahinil necessity there is tin wuimiti who would
runt trjludly In* free from this recurring period of mill).
Dr. PJereo's t'avorlte Prescription makes
weak   women   strong  and  sick   women        *
well, .tn,4 </■ lis them freedom from imin.
It entitbltitin.j i'uitiiiiirity, subdues tullum*
matlotr,  hettta   ulceration and cures telltale weaknv ;■'.
Sick women nre invited to consult Dr. Pierce hy letter,
frre.    All   ci-nv ; .n.Lienee   strictly   private   uml   mutuIIv
eonlideiiliid.     \\ .'■ ■■ without fenr and willnml  lee lo World's JJispensary Medical As ociulum, K. V. Pierce, M. I)., President, lltill'ulo, \. *i .
(f you »mii u I' i'l. (IkiI tells ,\\ uhotll wo mnn's diseases, and how to curt?
them in lionie, send ^\ one-cent stumps lu Dr, Pierce to pn> cosl id mailing
t»w/v, ami lie will se ml ymi a free eop> uf his great IhuiiHimd-pngc illosi rated
(lommi.ii >. , . . leJieiil Vdvihcr revised, up*lu<dnle edition, in paper covers,
lu Immlsi,:.    '.;   hind lag, 5U stumps,
t'lmna 10
P. 0. Box 3.
! Ham and Bacon
* •-»—
Our smoked meats are always fresh stock. Wc
aro sure that If you try Uiein once you will agree
with us thnt they are tho host flavored and most
wholesome smoked meats you have ever eaten.
,,  •*•*-	
IP. Woods & Co.
P.O. BOX 164
George   R.   Leask  & Co.!
anil X
ContractorH ♦
-  - ♦
I'll Sl'Ki    I'Ml'ATIil ♦
INI)    Ksl'IMATI'l.s X
W     I!     ItOKH,   i.l
Icctcrl lo I'll Hn'
pftrty whip Mi
culled  upon very
Pernio linn beon sn
Important poBt nt
llnss ivlll not hi'
ilten to secure pnr
mi Importnnl iiiich
The NriIIci Aid, ol the Metliodlsl
bureh, wlll be "Al Home," nl. Ihe
■ I'lenie ,,1 Mr II A. Mi'K.iwnn on
'imIiiv .Iiiiiiiiiiv 28tli Iiinii :i till 11.
bnh ii.'v. nml populni' (look linnh,
blcli l,n. iiinl til-en piilillnlieil ulll he
II    .nl.        I'nee   Ml  eentl..
ii   I'lluM    III
All.   KINDS   Ol    |(( ||.|)|\(i   MATIKIAI, X
\   Hli'.k.-l    Hull   llMlll'll       brill    llll'
Metlioillnl nml llaptlHl clinrclioii Is lie
'in'  mn toil,  nml   Hie    I'leshvlel'inn
linyi will he niikeil to piny the will
11' 'I'he .Iiinii,is will piny tholr re
turn mntr-h ncxl weeK lloyn llrlgmlo
■li'l'lny mul concorl will nlno lake
plnce In tlie nonr future.
W    II    Kinliiv.      .I1.I111   I! I.     .Iniui
l-Ioimtnn, W Couiina, Mr, nml Mm.
V. M.l.emi. Ml liiiil Mis. .1. lleflei.
MIhi I'niisins nml .1. .1. Howott, nil
oi i,ei 1,1,1 iiici'. stnppeii over in Ornn*
brook Hiiiulny IiihI, mil took the
"Klyei" iinririK tho evonlns lor Spo-
knlie, where they Jolneil Hie I,ns
Angelec cicuiiiiuniiiU.
Is it not fjuro Ihnl Sod
Foley's are, will be thc 1110:
In Foloy'H Woatorn-
made SoiLis you f>c(
purest materials, pnr-
tactly proparad,
M.ulc: 1.1 the Dos
fr«tui|)|>v<i Pnotory in
Canada "A Wuatorn
Factory," ;inil .!••. i; U
Hhi|i|iod tho an ma tiuv
mado never < rom Old
Shlppotl In up al.illy
prom«rod, inoisturr, n
nnd dttiii.pruot a irtoni
Thuy ,i Hi s iuoi'
ott.tttivornd, *<•<•■ t, «t,
orldpuuti moil - >>• • ■
ini>  8odn   i' iH   • u rl
roullKi why Fol > '■ "<■> In 1 1
thnn nili 'i iod:i3.
.'■' din made mid packed and shipped as
liatisT 'in ; for yon to usoV
"■ ■■ !i.nteria.s ubi d ensure, purest
lonii 1 uoda-bincMil swent heauti-
ii'llv fin\i»rcd frcahii'i from tho factory,
No ; :tory in ..'iini.da is a:, nnw and
■ miinii 1 in enuipmorit as tho tactory
\.!i re :'. I'y\ Renin 1 :ue iund'\ Every
mod »rn (U-vic'j for lho making of bls-
-  .!    in.    »)-. n iustnUod
:■■  ry  Foley  Soda  io ALL GOOD
POO )     !.''i!': it ' Is p. I mt" 1!  Hint is
"' ilimiti and healthful, aiidoaiu-
y ii  ■   it.iid
rlchnc'.s o( llavor, the FRKSH-
' •    ii.    '''.ley'.1.    Sodas    am    not
(|tn / >d      v hon   v"i  huy  Foley's,
noti   ih'i   air-proof,   cUtst-proof   and
.,. '        trool   nbnstritotioii   of    the
|.(]        i>m    ri in mber    aJuo    that
Hn      hi it ..!;  v/nic   mado   tho   day
ii y   w    ■   1 hipped     und   you   will
iv    u/e-'lei llavoi nnd crisper freBhneBfl
S. 3- -Binning
Foley  Bros. Larson & Co.
envtriNT- Wl  "VlPE'"' Vancouver
C. it. WARD, Manager
0. J. LITTLE, Seuretiiry
' The Oranbrook Asenoy Co.
PHONE 880 P   0. BOX 10
Cranbrook. -        - B. C.


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