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The Prospector Jul 30, 1910

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 t T$t0$pt£Ut
AUG ,; • 1010        J     .
Stringent Measure Effective August I.
Number of Licenses Lawful -Sunday
Closing   No Liquor in Prohibited Hours.
As the new liquor law of British
Columbia taken effect August 1st ami
is to be strictly enforced thereafter,
the following is a com urehen Hive abstract of the law.
The new act governing the sale of
anil traffic in intoxicating liquors in
this province, passed at thc last sew
slon of tbe legislature, and declared
by legal experts to be the most stringent, drastic and at the same time
practical piece of liquor legislation
on any statute book of a British Dominion, comes into force and eflect
throughout British Columbia on the
first of August, and will be strictly
end Impartially enforced from that
date. It passed the local parliament
(which must be recognized as representing undeniably the will of the
people of the province which had Just
elected its members) by unanimous
vote, and therefore crystallizes the
well-considered views of British Columbia today on the subject of liquor
law. To attempt to introduce any
other prohibitory or regulation system until tbis new law of the land,
enacted with unanimity by a legislature fresh from the people, has been
fairly tested in practice, would be
not only irrational but a gratuitous
Insult to constituted authority, and
to the people by which tbat authority is created.
Not only are the fees for almost
every form of license increased under
under the new act, but the penalties
prescribed for infringements are made
much more severe than of yore; and
the number of licenses which may be
held in any one district is limited in
a way not even hinted at in past
legislation. Tbe first part of the new
act applies to the granting of the
various licenses, and holds good
only in the unorganized districts,
cities and other municipalities being,
of course, governed in this respect by
the provisions of the Municipal
Clauses Act, or, as in the case of
Vancouver, a private charter. The remainder of the act applies to the
whole of the province.
The first new provision af the act
is one empowering the government to
appoint an inspector of licenses for
British Columbia. His jurisdiction
will extend alike over organized and
unorganised districts and chartered
cities, and his deputies, ex-officio
will be tbe chiefs of police in tbe po.
lice districts. It will be his duty to
inspect all licensed premises, to report upon all applications for licences
and generally to see that the law is
honestly and strictly enforced
throughout the entire province.
In cities and organized districts tbc
fixing of the license lees is to a certain extent necessarily at tlie discretion of the local authorities, but in
the unorganized districts, which come
under direct control of the local
Province, license fees are advanced
from S20G to |300 per annum, Tbe
Dumber of hotol licenses for the re-
tall sale of liquor in each district is
limited, and the standard of accoin
modation demands of all    such llcen
thirds petition of tbe interested residents.
| Part III of the new Act, which
[deals with tba taking of orders tor
liquor by commercial travellers and
with the licensing of steamships and
; railway oars for the sule of liquor,
I is little changed from tbe old Act,
I tbe principal exception being tbat
Ithe fee for license on steamships Is
Increased trom |l<Ji) to •IM). It Is
further enacted that special licenses
which might under the old Act occasionally be granted to steamships
for excursions or similar special occasions, shall hereafter under no
circumstances be issued.
Part IV of the Act, which deals
with Sunday closing and prohibited
hours, enacts only that all bars and
places for the sale of liquor must be
securely locked from II o'clock each
Saturday night until 5 o'clock Monday morning, this regulation •{ plying to cities, municipalities, organ*
Ized or unorganized districts, and
preemptorily placing a stoppage
upon the trade heretofore constituting the most Important factor of the
madhouses. No mention is made of
week day hours of opening or closing, the understanding being that
regulations in tbis respect are to be
made by the local authorities or to
conform therewith. Under the old
Act it was possible for thirsty souls
to secure drinks during prohibited
hours by merely registering at a
hotel abd thereby posing as a bona
tide guest. Under the new act this 1b
impossible. It is stipulated that
bona-fide travellers may have liquor
with their meals, such liquor to be
consumed only in the dining room.
Just what constitutes a bona-tlde
traveller ls spectflclally defined so
us to exclude the toper who registers merely for the sake of getting a
drink; and it Is specifically enacted
that excursionists shall not be considered as travellers. The list of
those to whom hotel keepers are forbidden to sell liquor is
infinitely more comprehensive under
the new Act then under tbe old. Not
only are bartenders forbidden to
supply liquor to recognized dipsomaniacs, but it is also made an offence to provide with liquor, either
by sale, gift or barter, "persons
notoriously of drunken habits,"
"persons addicted to drunken debauches or sprees," and "persons
who openly and notoriously waste
their money in liquor and riotous
living to the detriment of their families or those dependent upon them".
It is further forbidden to sell liquor
to minors, vagrants or tramps,
prostitutes, Indians and chauffeurs
operating any vehicles plying for
public hire."
Tbe facilities for blacklisting any
person to whom it may appear desirable that liquor should not be
sold, are infinitely extended; hereafter it is to he within the power of
the Superintendent of Provincial Police, the License Inspector, or any
Chief of Police, upon confidential
communication in such premises made
to blm, to interdict the sale of liquor
to "any person resident or sojourning witnin the Province of British
Columbia who by excessive drinking
of liquor, misspends, wastes or lessens his estate, or injures his health,
or endangers or interrupts the peace
or happiness of his family." The
penalty tor infringement of the act ie
a tine of not less than $100 and not
more than $300, or in default imprisonment for not more than n.ne
months. Under the old act the penalty for infringement oi the regulations was cumulative, running for
the first offense from $50, to ?t50; for
the second offense from $200 to $300.
nnd for the third from $500 to $1000;
It was lound that under tbe old regulations the cumulative nature of the
tines seldom came into play beyond
the second offence, the licensing authorities usually refusing to renew
the license of the holders who had
been twice convicted of infringements
of the regulation. For this reason
the equally heavy penalty for ull
offenses whether lirst, second or subsequent, bas now been adopted.
There arc also Included in the new
license law the following essential
new features:
The  Super.ntuidtnt     of Police hns
the right nt nny time    to cancel or
suspend any license in the Province.
Kvery botei  must have a bur-room
Shareholders Visit Property   Express Satisfaction. of Develop
niunt Work
At the Falls of Bull River, just above the canyon the
Bull River Power Company have constructed a
flume a mile and a quarter in length and
will harness the power of the falls, installing a power plant capable of
developing 10,000 horse power.
Where Blind Pigs Operate
Although it ia practically.awtf-ed
that the advocates of Local Option
in the ad-ministration of liquor matters Intend to test the feeling ot
Prince Rupert citizens as to the Introduction of the "Canada Temper- . un MBttat *„_,„ 101rt
ance Act" better known. as tbe" Scott d^"^ JS^i?0
that city,     it Is a victual
A large number of Cranbrook
share holders ol the Aurora mine
visited tbe property on Sunday last.
The party consisted of Arnold Ua
worth, lico. Legale, ti. Corey, John
Heed, E. Brown, W. B. MoFnrlane,
F. Dunn, J. Stevens, A. 0. Bowness,
Ci. Anderson, J. C. Mackay, and wev-
eral others.
The inspecting party had quite an
experience while crossing the lake,
the waves showing white caps and
quite rough, though to many tbe
trip was very pleasant.
upon i caching the mine the party
woic met by the genial manager Mr.
Harry Dinuuock, who kinuly escorted the party through the worKings of
the mine. Everything was found in
excellent condition, a large amount,
| of ore in sight, a ledge from four to
j six feet in width, and over 3,000 tons
'of ore on thi' dump. The party returned late in thu evening, tired, but
i well pleawed with tbe conditions ex-
! istlng at the mine.
I The Aurora mine is located on tbe
west side of Lane Moyie opposite the
town of Moyie, and the turnouts St.
I Kugene mine, approximately iu the
line of the stride ui the St. Kugenc
and Lake Shore veins, and which is
popularly considered to be an "extension", and which has been demonstrated to be true, by the develop
i meat work performed on the Cambrian mine.
The property is located close to tbe
shore of the lake, and cuts up the
hill with a strike similar to the St.
.Kugene. At an elevation of some
200 feet, a tunnel has been driven in
'along the strike of the vein for a
distance of 480 feet. A stupe has
been raised above tbe level, having a
! maximum height, above the level, of
'some 85 feet, and a maximum length
jof 125 feet; between this large stope
! and the mouth ol tbc tunnel the tunnel has been run through two smaller ore bodies of ore, tbe exact dimensions of which have nut been ascertained.     Tbe face of     tbe tunnel   is
       approximately 276 feet vertically be-
 low    the   surface.      About     ibO feet
RegulationsjtewttW* Killing ggfs-jg jga %j&$g£
01 dame for 1 all) on tnat level, a shait has bemi sunk
 ■ to u depth of 75 feet, from which   a
Following are the regulations made drift haB been run     to the   west lor
under the Game Act for the open and 1» '«*.   'n     which a    conuiderable
amount ol ore waa encountered,
Only Danger is Inside City Limits
Which is Under Control of
Chief of Fire Brigade
Grouee of all
Act" in     tbat city      it is a victual —— ■» —    klndfJ. '" the Ferni8 "g^°      , exJ"Jctat'on   that the ore
~.rt«in?. »h«* i? th« Z »h. «Z3lei <"»i Cranbrook electoral districts may "> ">• 'na,1" "tope may   continue up
,Smtay.«rthtai hu/encoSLrZ to "•<*<*■   <">**    "ur.ng the month   ol to that    level.   Some 60    feet rati-
will be anything but encouraging to Q    .                         6 cally beiow the main    tunnel ^a a
Party ^rrwV-kn^TSS P""r"> ch"^» may be shot I7 feet above the lake level, sum-
S? the G T P at nrZnt vWtiw throughout the Province during the cient only for a dump, another tun-
Pi, i». 1. r. at present visiung October nol ha" been driven for a distance of
ness ''Prince RnpeS has haSa Cek8°ge.» and snipe may be shot 385 feet, lollowing a vein varying
S3, ot hoXoSdbTHlB SW throughout the mainland between 1st g^™* ££* £ £*>J*
veot or control   illicit Honor selling ^■^^t^4"'  "' &2ta?»J^^c5SS
Game of all kinds are   reserved in ore.
under tbe "no license    system"
tbe Elk River reserve, ln the Bouth-
The ore is galena, witb some lead
carbonates, carrying silver very similar in character to the Ht. Eugene
ore, the ratio ol lead units to ounces
of silver     being about as 1 is to 2,
gentleman     continued,     "conditions
there were approximately     th* same ,, ... ,
before the incorporation ol the city ettst Kootenay district
as    they would be    under the Scott, „„„.. „,,,, ,,...,, .„_
Act rule-but tor the important tact I FR0M THE CiAMB ACT
that the police power was available , .. ,   . .       l"L/t'.™i ■ """iful"Ti" ""> 1* '."     .1.
and active in enileavorlmr to nrevent    No minor under the age of suteen   and carries a little zinc blende;   thc
the sale of l?q™r "ors. »»*•«" accompanied by his par-  gangue ls quartz.     The better grade
"Yet we have definite
that upwards of seventy "Mind pigs'
were operated at one time, and   tbe eVer
proprietors   maintained    a     regular
years, unless accompanied by his par's allowed to carry
fire arms for any   purpose     whatso-
Arrangements of Train Craws
k..ni»l<.ii.rB ent,""or guardian is'allowed" to carry  of ore    will run about 28    per cent
snomreuge a = ,__ __     „„„„„.     .h.i„.  lead and 10 ounces in silver, but the
mass of the ore will require concentration. Tbe vein is quite regular
and varies in width from 2 foot to li
feet, with the face of the tunnel now
  carrying a fullbreast of clean ore.
It is tbe intention ot thc Company
passenger engines on  t0 in8tai,    „ 60 ton concentrator as
order tor the
^^_^^^^^^^—^ nands of the
manufacturers. The building will be
constructed so as to admit of a large
extension of the concentration plant.
At present the compnny employs
men, but    this force
and promises is very materially rais
ed, the license fee being at the same Lntlriiy separate and apart Irom any
time Increased,   Under   the   p'.d   act othw roum     a,HU a Mpal.Bte Mtiw
the hotel license toe   n 11 district   of room   a„u wp„ate d,nln(! room.
upwards ol 200 inhabitants   was   set 1   K „ot(., mUht have (lt     talst
''fL'r*1 a !.llfr'ct,.of   *? inhabitants !,,,,,„„ t rooma      w)tn nvimmum
',»«'! I' .".'1    ." *.'".«     ."' "."      ." 11001,    "Pa™ ol m """am leet,    and
100 inhabitants at $75,   According to 'comfortably furnished.
the new art the fee in the districts of Ventilation and tacilities lor egress
upwards of 1000 inhabitants is set gt ln tuo cvcn|. oI „,.„ mltKt b„ provl(]ea
1800; in districts   from 500    to   1000 to th(!    satistaction of the inspector;
population at »200; and   in   districts aiSo accommodation lor the licensee's
ol less than 60C population   at   1126. [amil    kttchen, and    stabling lor at
The securing ol a hotel license under least b1x horses
the new act tne lee in the districts of No one may hold a license who has
much harder matter than   under   the UjBt that privilege within three prev-
old regulations,    In the   first   place loua yearB| or wno has been convic-
betore any license can be granted, a ted o( a criminal offense.
petition muBt be   presented   to    the |   A„     bar.roomB (n     the    Province
licensing     guthoritles   in     favor   of (elt„er in cltleB| town8| or   „norgan-
grantlng of such license, which petl- lzed dlBtrtt;t«) must close on   8atur-
tion must be signed by two-thirds ol dayB at u p   m, and remain cloBe(1
the householders living   within   three and „ as t0 aflord gn open vlew ^
miles ot the spot where it is proposed tta     bllc   ulltll 5 a  m   Monday.
to establish the licensed  hotel,     no
foreigners being permitted to appear No liquor may be ndultcrated,   re-
as petitioners, and  wives and child- bottled, or rnfilled,   and officers may
ren being counted in the total popu- »t any time take samples   tor analy-
latlon Irom which a two-thirds   ma- 3's-
Jorlty; petition is required.   It is Iur- No   sale   ol   liquors may     at any
tber enacted that until a locality has time he made    to "Joy riders," that
an adult white   population   of   more Is pleasure-riders, motoring or driv-
tliun 1000, not more than three hotel ing, and not bona tide travellers.
staR ol spotters, paying wages ot *3 I
a day to keep eyes     upon the police |
and advise of    their proximity.     It >
certainly     was enough too, to     de- The 0. P. R   .         _       ^_^^__
stroy the health     of the patrons   ot the Crow now run from     Cninbrook  Boon M possible, the
these   dives-the     awful stufl     they to Lethbridge    und back, instead ot 8alIle |B    now in   tne
served as liquor by stealth.     Paying running to Crows Nest and return.
no license lees und constantly taking By thus doubling    these two   sub-
their chances ol being heavily fined, divisions,   the    railway company ac-
vended some ot the most awful con- complisbes the same object that was     ^_     __	
Mictions thut a depraved palate ever aimed at by the recent contemplgted  about'a dozen
endured. change by which the passenger   and  wil| he |ncreaaed as soon as the con
I   "It may be fairly    said that when engine crews were to run from Medi- centrator is Installed.
the proposition   was put up    to the cine Hat to Macleod and from Mac-     .rne Aurora, like the St. Eugene is
(Province ot    British Columbia as to leod to Cranbrook.     No train crews dest|ned to be one ot the lurgest sll-
whether or not local administration have to move     irom Cranbrook, as ver |ead mines in Canada.
:ol the   liquor traffic    should be ini- tbey would have to, if the latter pro-
Itinted provinclally, our distiict vot- posed arrangements had been carried                   ■                —
Iniean'T'siigges't    that the  "resident* "uy doubling up theBe divisions the  Corbett has mill to Fight Johnson
lavored any such     law as the Scott saving In engines    is made, hut  the ,                           	
Act.     lt so happens that hy the In- hbiiic   number ot crews    arc still on
corporation ol     the city, Prince Ru- the run, four lielng unsigned to Cran-
>pert obtained the same   opportunity brook and tour to Lethbridge.
as It would   had the     Local Option
Jas. J. Corbett has an "unknown"
under cover who he hopes will show
Jeffries lost to Juck Johnson at lleno
Hugh Mcintosh, tbe Australian promoter, who staged the tight between
Johnson and Tommy Burns, has been
~~~' 1 sufficiently impressed to put   out   a
Mallory was Invincible on Tuesday 'challenge in behalf of thc   unknown,
evening,   while Cranbrook hit    Brug- backed by a $6,000 forfeit to lie used
later as a side bet.   If  Johnson de
Movie Shut Out
plebiscite carried- -that ot locally deciding aa     to   the   most     practical
method ol liquor administration. And
with an experience     ol "no license"
I very fresh in mind,     the citizens gt
the first opportunity afforded by the aw f^iy and won the game 8 to 0.                        j^^^^^^^^^_™
I Initial civic election,    proclaimed for Moyle's hits went to wast;, for not jdincs the otter is open to any other
the entire ticket    committed to high a single man readied the   third bag  man worthy to be considered a can
!n~,™    .„j     rfri^t    ™.„i.M„n-n.. ourlnR the game, and    only two sin- :dldato (or heavyweight honors.   Cor
license    and     strict    regulatlon-the g,ea werc recorded        Hta,- ba|| wnN   bett reluses to mnke known thc lilen
principle embodied in the     new pro- p|ayed, but    the visitors    werc out-   tlty     of   his   protege,   mul   there is
'vincial liquor traffic net which comes classed.                                                    «"ni« doubt In sporting circles   that
Into torce next month." Cranlirook  played  professional ball,   he has anything more spcclilc in mind
 ' and scored 8 runs, had six base hits,        " "   '—'-- *    '-'■-  "■■'"'■
_ „   ,         , and a home run to their credit.   Not
Mr. and Mrs. W. ,1. DeBeck, of Van- on(,e dur|n|?    the game did    Mallory
couver, are expected to urrive today Rive tne   Miners a show    to make a
lor a   short visit     with their   many nln.     The fielding was snappy,   and
Iriends In this city. the big crowd was lull ot enthusiasm
^^—^ This was the gnme of thc season.
_                 ..   -     - fl feature of the game occurred in
Fire Warden Benson states that the
fires surrounding the city ure all under control, and that the only damage done so lar Is to tbe timber, The
tire south ot the town is now practically out und the ranches in that direction are safe. The tire out near
the "JapB" sawmill is under control
and unless some unforeseen accident
tultes place will do no further damage. Tbo fire in the Canyon east of
the prairie is not spreading and citizens need feel no alarm from this
lire. Outside the city limits, Warden
Bensen has a large crew of men engaged in watching these tires and la
giving them no chance to get the upper hand.
Sunday afternoon, just alter 214
had passed through, the freight shed
at Moyic was discovered to be on
Ore, and in quick time was reduced
to ashes. Owing to the tact that
that many members of tbc Fire Brigade were at Aldrich, witnessing a
ball game, the home guard had about
all they could do to bundle tbe Are,
and prevent its spreading bo the
station. A spark trom a passing
locomotive ignited the platform ol
thc station but was extinguished.
licenses may in any event be granted,
Once the locality has attained a population ol 10000. a fourth license may
be added; end ufter that, an additional license lor overy new thousand
No women mny be served with
liquor In any public bar-room.
No piiming may be permitted on
my licensed premises, nor nny nlck-
el-ln-the-Blot device.
No officer or member ot    tbe crew
served with drinks at the bar ol such the 7th when McWha was put out at
steamship. first by Lundherg who sllpiwii to the
Such in abstract 1s the new license haHe.  while     McWha wns     i-tiuiJing
.law ol British Columbia, coming into force and operation with the
j month of August.
"TWb law Is made lor enforcement"
{says the    Attorney-General,     and it
  will be    enforced     impartially    and
of   population,     always upon u two of       any      stegnwhlp      may      be thoroughly.
nlone     side   of,
good old hear.'
and     wiitcliint,'   the
than a desire to see Johnson licked
Mcintosh, who is now ,n S'ew York
says in Ills challenge: "The unknown
will be named by .lames J. Corbott,
and will also he trained hy him, the
fight to take plnce in the United
States, England or Australia, anil I
agree to oiler a purse the amount nf
which to exceed that ottered by nny
"As an evidence of good faith I am
willing to deposit tbe sum of iri.lKH1
an a guarantee with Timothy    Sulll
Another feature was Matlory's home | van or any other responsible person,
run In the 6th. ithe same deposit to go uh a side bet
Following Is the    score by Innings;   if   desired.    The   only stipulation I
Moyle       OOOO0OA0O    0   make is that the contest   he   twenty
Crnnbrook   40021100      81 rounds or over.
No Danger from Bush
Millions For Coal
Victoria, B. C, July 19.—The entire lioldiriKs of tbe Pacific Coal Mine
Co., Ltd., on Vancouver Island have
been purchased by the C. P. R. for
44,000,000,000. Jului Arbutbnot, pres-
dent of the company, is now enroute
to Montreal to complete the deal.
The option upon the cprnpany's
holdings was taken some few months
ago shortly after the announcement
of purchase of Dunsmuir interests by
tbe C. N. U.
The signs of the tunes certainly indicate that Cranbrook is one of the
most progressive cities in the interior, und our business men realize
this und are prepared to meet every
contingency. The most recent addition to our business houses Is the
Qunin Klectrical Supply Co. This
linn handles all kinds of electrical
commodities such as lamps, shades,
irons, fans, toasters, coffee percolators, hot water heaters, warming
pans, chaiing dishes, sewmg machine
motors, in fact all sizes of motors
up to 25 horse power. Tbe very latest electrical commodity is the
washing machine and wringer com-
uined, and it is not only a labor
saver, but also a money saver, heing
able to do all the family washing in
a very short time for a few cents.
The Quain Electrical Supply Co., are
prepared to do all kinds of wiring,
and installing at short notice, having a competent staff for all kinds of
work. A visit to this emporium is
very interesting and Mr. Quain is
only too willing to show and demonstrate any or all of the very latest
electrical devices tbat are handled by
liis firm.
Mead what Mrs. H. Lawrence, 158
W. 17th street, Holland, Mich., writes
ahout the marvelous results obtained
from thc use of Parisian Sage, the
delightful hair tunic, which is now on
sale all over Canada.
"For several months my hair had
heen falling out, and dandruff also
appeared, I used some su culled hair
tonics and renewers, hut never received any relief from the scalp dii*-
case until I procured Parisian Sag*,
nnd used It for ahout two weeks.
Parision Sage made the hair stop
falling mil, and caused it to grow in
jtiite heavily, stopped the dandruff,
and made the scalp cool, dean and
comfortable, It also leaven the hair
silky, nnd does mot make It sllfl or
sticky. I endorse tho use of Parisian
Sage. It Is ull right." OcftolJCT 80,
Boftttlo Murphy Co., are thfl agents
for Parisian Sage In Oranbrook, anil
thoy think so well of It that tbey
guarantee It to r.iirc dandruff, stop
Tailing or Splitting I111I1 or Itching of
scalp, In tWO weeks, or money hack.
It will make any woman's hair writ
and luxuriant in a few days. Price
50 cents a large bottle at Hcattie-
Murphy or direct, all charges prepaid
from the Canadlam makers, the
Oirom Mfg. Co., Fort Krle, Qot. 5«fc,i     .   n*                         ■               I"    ""'"'   ""    iiiimni'si.     miliiii
(S4H?  3l'£001U*'.* TOt*.   ''"" ! """sl1 Columbia, »
'        V T "* can.j   uul   ,,,   ,.,j(Hl   -,i^  ,,,   iinv  Q
NOTICE ol''  lUSSDI.IiTliiN'
Advertising rate*  mud
BUulii in. .1.,
within   the TH
mul lo ]
ii iii,-
objects ol iln' Company in whifli in,'I
.i      ,,i lv.   autboi Itj  ui uif    Legisla I
p . .      iuiv ol Urttish r,iiiiiiiluii extends
Llllior     ,;„. u.-.i.i   olllec ol Un' Ui .any is     Tin, adalrs „[ lln' Company having
       -   gluiato iii  the i'iiy  ol  Montreal,   In been hilly wound up and the llijulda
•3 nn p»i vear ''"' :'"'"""' "' Uurtwo, tor having mado an accounl showing
Ilie lioail olllcc ol iii.' Company  In the manner In which tho said winding
-   iln:. I'lmiii'i is   .i ate al Cranbrook  up »,,„ conducted, which   accounil  In
tl;,.un  i.n and «   r    ■ ..ii.1. BniTiatcr-ai law   ol  attached horoto, and the proporty ol
i i.uii.i.i.'k  ,ii„ii'..a.ii,    whose  address    ho Company   having   been   disputed
is L'.iuiLiiji.ii, aforesaid, is the attor   of, notice la  herebj    given    that a
_  ne) lor thi Company, .gonoral meeting ol   llic   ebarohoWor*
ilu' um,,mn ,,i   nu. capital ol   the  ol tho Company will be bibl ul tii
W.   K
I'llIK'l 111    I Ml,,'1,1,,
The suggestion tlmt  Mi    Uorden In
his i 'niiii." speed e i     tloulil     I   •
some topic oi hei  t lian     , lie  . ovorn
meut's in.l:,, ■    .
larlj Irom thi   l.ibi a!     ■
oila.   The [act luis 11 I'he
: ' oil    ll •'   ,
my   where  It   tei   i 11     , unci
'' I'm.,  i    five Hutiutou Thousand Company's office at Oranbrooli, lint     .,
dollars divided    into Five   thouauuu iab Columbia,   al   the  hour   ol   Bve
ba ■ o'clock Ir Uie    nftoi noou   ,n tlio 8th
LiiVEN   iniksi  my  hand and  s.'.u day ol August, 1910, (or the purpose
ol i inn I- al  Victorm, Province ,.1 considering ihe    antd aocounl  nml
Bi     ill Columbia ilu    ,Mb any  explanation  thai   mny  bo given
, ii.-    in , .. ,i by  ilir Llqldatot
j, ,i .in i ..ii Dated thi   fitli day ,<l  lulj   I ltd
■ .i   i'   iii i ,i'.nii \   i   ii \ um sun.
Ki i ii     Hi [I ii.,i   ol Liquidator
vi  i.' nuiiD,
: in
nr i.i,nn.int,a
,' . h this
II \K\ I V,    Met' \U' I KU,
im.   M \( Hi IN \l I),
lltvi' sUn - ."i'l SollcllnvH,
i; VNHUOOK, !'•  i'
(,l KD,
I'istei',  Solicitor,
U. r
llai rUter, Solictor, unci
N'ottvry Public
Office   Hold UnllilliigH,
ll.  0.
McYTl     I'  >V PARKER
.m . ;,,, [,
■    ii       and
ealu  ,
Tbc  Laurlei   ■. ■  '     ' '   ""	
to give the opposii ire,    lamp good
issues     it the •   I ■ ;    >
remove Irom   th. ■■ ' "    ""'  *—•
those immlgral   ■ ■ therwu* ncimr,   any   land ,  ma
sec "   hard working    n ind        '  !"»»«"*>  thai  m.i,
insult and   browbee l"    ""    >'J|" *'   "'   ""'
turning to the.i  I e compauj
call dated     I      make   man)      conl        '      "'  "'"'   ""      ll d'*K*
minded men uaebtnery lj     connectloi
Frederlcl es o   the compauj v|,,,.   ,
, i. , lut.-t   ,,:   olhcrwisi     acquire   ' I, A .> iMti hm
and ni
- atore
Thf members ol   tl*' Laurier
ernment wbi patent     patent   rights,
opposition ha urtnoHti,
record as an Movent on which
Ing    jpen Ith    I ■,,■,.
With an excess revenui et or da    CRANRROOK
millions ovet     thai    n works, tradi
predecesa re In offlce, they   ad ■ -      patents
have the     a idaclt) "   V-  i" ■'"'   ol
years to increase the   natl
by nearly 158,000,      M .   .      ■ old a i , , wu shares and secur
and imperial reasons es   - such mpaniei   arrying   ou i'.I.S. &  CE
a political     combination     h any     .   :, -■       a like i it in    and to
turned  out   ol   office    Tor nto   Sews    * ....       ,   ,, to the Bame;
 „.    - ,,ii se   CRANBROOK,
FOR HONEST GOVERNMEVT        cuntj :  kind,  real oi	
" ""'   ' ■ Labilities oi   on
.,   nj        n red or    1.   T.   1 .Al 1 )1 .AW .
The     success   ol   Leader   Bordei respect    ! the pur*
tour ol Ontario, the convin I ind      iecti  ol  tbe company. Miullltr EniTUieei' and
ol his searching criticism    I   .-. ■■   .        l'i   do   any  and all     matters   anil 	
ment  methods,  lus scathing arrs ti fit  ot proper In and
rncnt uf the misdeeds ol the       tders   ih i    ; irchase,     sale, Lmrpurta
of the New Liberalism, the "horrible"   tion and mai   Facture ol goods, wares     ,rl    ......
examples   ol   administrative    wasti handise, and   generally to  CRANBrtOUK,
negligence   and  grail he co Id  bring carry on the business ol     wholesale
forward  as proven by parliamentary  and   retail    dealers in all    kinds ol
records and InvostigationH,   and   the earthenware,    crockery, china, glass.
patriotic nature   of   his  appeal    f.-i   ware,  silverware,     lamp goods, cm
honest  government, clean  methods of  lery nn.l fancy i;iiod.i generally;
administration and   n   statesmanlike     lo entei Into    partnership or into
appreciation of Canada's problems In nny arrangement for shuiinj. proivU,
relation to tho   Umpire,   caughl   t li,> union     of    interests,    corporation,
Interest of tho electorate he addressed j,■ int. adventure, reciprocal cunsessiot,
and    brought hnu into close     touch or otherwise with nny     person, firm
with large and representative attdieu   ur company    carrying on nr engaged
ees.   The   tour wii* ii success viewed in or ahout to curry on or engage .n
Irom every standpoint. The only cri!    nny business or   transaction     which
ieism thut I lie govornmout press could   this company is authorised to carry
oiler   wns   that Mr. Dordon lias been  on or engage in,   or any business or
devoting too muoh time t" discussing transaction capable of being conduc-
thc government   failings,    and    that   ted so as to   directly or     indirectly
there were greater Issues Ior u poll-   benefit    this    company and     to lend
tlcal leatlor to present  to the peoplo.   money or credit     to, and to aid   by
Tbis Is to bo oxpoctcd from the guaranteo, endorsement or otherwise
Laurier press. Mr. Borden was hit- nny such person, linn or company,
ting a sore Bpot for the government and intake or otherwise acquire
newspaper organs. The Lesl of the shines and securities of any such
Liberal Journals are anhamed of the company and to sell, hold, re-issue,
methods so unhltishlngly adopted by with or without guarantee or other-
the new Liberalism at Ottawa. Tbey wlso deal with the same,
would greatly prefer thai Mr. Borden ——
r^Cn^ «-«»«"' ™
Ottawa Mhoral politicians too adapl \w 3i. ('.. LIVERY FEED ♦
to their own   purposes.    They    have  ♦ t
•-'■'M'""1   no™ ui sition«>&    SAM'    STABLE}
,'in L\ Mountain Chaptei :
NO    I ",.   K   A   M. I
H in,., lings
i'iiiIi   ini'iiili   ai
ning  i'uiiiinitiiiiii.   are
li     II   BHOUT, Hei'lbe H
E. K P. & P. House
We hiiiulle Flour, Food, liny niul Grain, Bttttdr, Eggs, fanned
Qooda nlI all kinds; Potatoes, Harness, Tea nnd CoUoo. Our prices
nro right.     Your patronage aolloltod,
hist Kootenay Prtitlycc & Provision House
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<»♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
. i "-
* .'"""M.V,W'MAM.»«WM«(WW.W>Wir
X   W.   CLINE   1
in Hi,   olil M ii llni'imr
stitipm i„ I,.' i.ii.a,i In iin-
I'iiM C.'laas Work  In
nil   brunches  nf  Uu,
X Tcnaorial   Art X
;: George   R.  Leask  & Co
t ,* \~ m*
y>% -iststr* tm
Y '"'Mif"   ■ ■    i * \\\ttMt v w
i'. ii. inix sen
Mining Eufrineei'
Iii'. I,uml  Surveyoi',
I'.I i   lln.\ 2110. I'Iiiiiii,
1!. C.
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to :i Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kimls of Second-Hand llooils
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old Stand, Hanson Ave.
Plinnn UM
NORTH     STAR    HOTEL       l
* H.   W.   DREW,   Proprietor, X
f ♦
♦ ♦
♦ Dr. E. W. Connolly t
♦ physician anh Sdrqkon     J
v! D.J.JOHNSON11  ==
\ HOTEL ^:brook'     I
Orlii'e', AriiiBti'ong Ave
ii in u ii in   :: ni i p.m.
Phono olllco   105.
I., h ]' in
leader this bonor.
The independent press recognizo
that Mr. Borden's tour wns one in
which he preached effectively the
gospel of honest government. Anil
honest government 1b what Canada
Incha today. The Toronto News says
of tho campaign of enllghtemnenl
Mr. Borden has undertaken:
"Tbe tour nf Old Ontario, which
Mr. Borden has just made hy way of
preparation for the next general
M.M.V.,   V.S..
Graduate ol Ontario Veterinary
college Toronto in 1S98. Grnil-
nte and medalist ol MoKlllIp
Voterinary college, Chicago, III.
in 11)00. Registered member ol
British Columbia aBBociation,
* ^
^ Opposite Uoynl Hotel Phone gi *
I'olli Sinnic and Doblo
Drivers, for all imrls
of lho district. Good
Saddle Horses. Good
Turnouts. l"|i lo date
fl '    [ I" *   I - '   I ■ • I 1        MM Lilt       111; A I.       p.*   I I      .   , ' V* » i
ictinn nmy  lairiy   im  characteriaed ♦ ilociist & Deacon, Proprietors J
ia having been   remarkably   succeaa- f j. r. Beacon, Manager        ♦
ful.   With   one   exception,   th ■   ami A •
ful. With one exception, th
iencew which he addressed wen
and enthusiastic. Thi; people
interested and cordial.
"It Is increa,siiiL'*:y evident that the
people at iartre have come to regard
him an tbe next Prime Mlniatei.
ThoiwandH now feel that the day of
his succession cannot long be postponed and they greet bim accord
in-gly Everywhere Is to be found a
growing confident e .1 hit pri ispects
Increasing disgust of many Liberate
with the arts <,r official Liberalism,
ai all points prom in nt citlzi m have
turned out to bear and meet thc ( ;
po 1 [on leadei He ha* sbi tv, n a
greater [a< (lit) than evei before In
getting    Into   ch  e   toucl    with hm
■ ance      11 ■ hearei ■ hai •■ re pi ■■
ed  beartil      and     number   have n
mam*'!  aftei   eat h  me ting to  ■ I iko
handi   and    :■■■>•■ <• hU   peisona]      nc
When    Mr
nest year be will come thrice arnw * ...
to storm the castle of decaj Ing ■*■
Laurier Ism He ■■■■ ill have ' he *j
knowledge that thei behind him '*'
a great bods ound 1 intario opin ; ;
ion. opposed to the exploitation ol *.
tbe country for mere party < ndi thai .
the Domin on wanl proa resslve gov j 'y
ernmenl to go ban I in hand with '*
elan governmenl and thai the "Wesl ♦
haa noted his Hian<l nn patriotic I *
HiieH, ami appreciate) hi sterling *
wnrt.li   nnd  sane   political   out k <L
large   wvw*%*+**%wwww*9ww****www
were ; —— ■- ■ _   . ■■■ -■
Cranbrook I
Livery    j
We atik yon to call nnd try
our new Consignment o( new
and i'p to date rigs for
Winter   and   Summer.    Just
received Topplr and Reliable
Horses at youi disposal.
Qlve them a trial s*nd bf
F. E. Orrison
Band Master City Bund.
Teacher of String and stanrt-
.ard Instruments. Choir
trHinor.   Orchestra furnished
Phone 253. CRANBROOK. li. C.
Priiii-briml; Lod^c No. ii-l, A. K. A. M
I    \ /    >      wi'l nuil,
Kor   Sale or Runt at Reasonable
Officeft Workshop—Lewis St.
°lione No. 9».
Is ;t large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, .\ith a
cuisine ul superior i xcellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Mini rs .ill  j;u  to
lli'iniliii niiiut'lttsfa nn
Ilir   lliinl   Tlnll'silil>
,.k. ll 1
Bortlen ti un   the Went   ...      i   — I
AN   I
i\ [Nl
rtiMI'AMK.       \CT
I.lulv  I .1    1910 1
i'AN' A11A
Province ol Brltiuh Columbln
No  ia nun.
Tin'  Leading  Fruit Store.
Choice Oranges. Lemons
Bananas   Fiys    Dates
Sweet Potatoes
Hot House Lettuce
Rhubarb     Cranberries   f
Stinviii'!'.- linn 1 'linn.lull's   9
® 1
W. F. A'lTRIIHII':, W. M.
I'j. w. cuNNoi.l.Y, Soorotary
Meeta in Oarmen'e Hull J.nt nnd uu
Thtiraday of em-ii tn>iiitli nt H |i in.
A.  MeOowan, Clilel   Hunger
0, A. Aliluitt, Beeretsry.
Visiting Brt'thron niuile welcome.
F. O. E.
Moot every Friday nl s p.m
Visiting   llt'iii.iirri.  Cordially    Inviti-il
W. I'l. Johnson, acting president.
VV. v. a. Garter, noting Hoc.
Anrl., 1'liynli'lnn,   I',   li.   llox 28.
JOHN    I,     CABBTDV     COMPANY"   ©
^Limitoflj  Ih authorised  and  "■     ■ :
Meet, fli/nry iifconil nn,l Fourth
Wednesday ot ntiw Iroternlty
Hnll Sojourlng RebeKah. cor-
tilally Invited.
N.c MIhh I,. M. Tannbatiser
Hrc.    Miss Miiii Ohapman,
entod   fH **<*$*****<&$******«»I ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«>♦
Frank Dezall
Itliliber Tiros Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone  SI)      •   •   «       p. 0.   Boi   213.
The   Wentworth I
|    J. H. McDONAl.D Proprietor    |
***<ti*****o***** *****************************
• >
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Cream and
Home Made Candy
On Baker sin'i't, one door west
of Messrs. Hill & Co,, the only
place in town that can make
life worth living,
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E, H. SMALL,   Manager.
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
*************************** *************
riiey last a lifetime and cost
very little more than thrown
ogether, catchpenny, cheap
machines. Snld on small
niiiiilltly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avonue.
Phono 1 r,7. Oranbrook, B.O.
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffee
Our whole time is devoted to your wants in the
Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every
article that leaves our stoic.
We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
time goods are received that arc not No. i quality.
Staple and Fancy Grocers       ♦
************** ****************** ************* NOTIOH
Notu'K ih heroby given thai 20
ilni n after dute I Intend to apply to
tlui Honourable Chiol Commissioner
ol 1.nmls ior a license in prospect
i tor coal ami petroleum over tlie fol
lowing lands, situate in tlio district
of Southeast Kootenay, in hot. -ir>i»:t:
Commend tig mi, iv post plantod at
or near .'1 miles due Bast   ol   the   8a
(mile   0 1 on C. 11.   U,   sui ey   1 no,
which is the Wesl in bo nd 1 y ol Lol
4593 and being  the tJoitUtflat coruei
post of churlej "ft. ..lotion «
theme Nurth olghty   (80)   chains;
thon-ji   West  eighty    ROi   chains;
tlience Bouth eighty   18Q)  chains;
I   theuce Blast  eigbty   i8Gj  chains;
tu the (joint uf conimeuceuu ni,   tuuh
lng 640 aoros mora or loss.
I Located tfos UStb dny ol Mny, 1910.
CHAHLB8 w. MASON, Locator
, Eat hen w. Butts, Agont
I itHipii 1.. Burllngham, Wltnws    89-88
NOTIOH Ih horeby   glvm   thai   80
day- after dato 1 intond tu npply to
1 Mm Honourable   Obiol   Cotiimlsaiouei
ol Lands lor a   licenso  to   prospect
for coal und potroleum over the fol
lowing lands, stl uato in tbo district
of Southeast Kootonay, in Lot 4508
Commonclng nt. n post  plantod ut
1 or noar 2 tulles due   Kast uf   the 22
I mile post on 0. P.   K.   suney  bne,
> which tn the Westtrn boundary ol Lot
4508 and being the Bouthwest corntr
post "i Chester U. Pauleo* a claim
thenco North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence Blast  eighty   180)  chains;
thence Soutb eighty   mu)  chaina;
thence  Wost  eighty   mu;   iha us;
to the point ul commencem, nt,   malting (140 acres moro or less.
Located th.s 2Sth day ol Mny, 1910.
Bathen W, Butta, Agont
Ralph L. Burlingham, Witness    29-88
NOTIOE ia hereby given that 30
days after date I Intond to npply to
tlio Honourable Chief Commissioner
uf Lands for a licenst; tu prospect
for cual aud petruleum uver Lho following lands, situate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4.593;
Commencing nt n post, planted at
or near 3 miles duo Kast of the 33
mile pust on C. P. It. suney 1 ne,
which is tho Westtrn boundary of Lot
4593 und being the Southeast corner
pust of Paul A. Paulson's claim
thonce North olghty   t,s0)   chains;
thenco   West   eighty   (80j   ilm us;
theme South eighty   (.so)   chains;
them-o Best eighty 180-j chains;
to the point of commencenunt, making 640 acreB mure or less.
Located this 2Hth day of Mny, 1910.
Bathen W. Hutts, Agent
Ralph Ij. Burllngham, Witness    29-33
NOTIOB is herehy given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
tho Honourable Chief CommlBslonet
ol Lands for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum uver the following lands, situate In the district
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot ■»3'.i3:
Commencing ut n post planted at
or near 3 miles due Kast of the 31
mile post on O. P. R. suney line,
which is the Westtrn houndary of Lut
45*33 anh being the Northwest curner
post of Theodore Cogswell s claim
thence South eighty   (80)   chains;
thence East   eighty   1811)   chains;
thence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   1 HO 1   ilia ns;
to the point of commencement,   making 640 acres mure or less.
Located thia 28th hay of May, 1910.
Eaihen W. Rutts, Agent
William E. Butts, Witness   _    29-33
NOTICE is hereby   given   that   30
days after date 1 intend to apply to
tho Honourahlo   Chief   Commissioner
of Lands for a   license   tu   pruspect
fur coal and petroleum ovor the. foi
lowing  lands, situate in  the district
of Southeast Kootenuy, in Lot <693:
Commencing at a   post   plunted at
or near one mile due Bast of the   81
mile post on O. P.   R.   suney   line,
which is the Western boundary ot Lot
4593 and being  the Southeast cornei
post of Virginia W. Mason s claim
tlience North eighty   (Ml)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (80j   ilia.ns;
theme South eighty    (Ml)   chains;
thence Eaat   oighty    (80;   chains;
' to the point of commencement,   making 640 acres more or less.
Located this 2,th day of May, 1910.
Bathen W. Hutts, Agent
|W. Brock, Witness 29 33
NOTICE is boroby   given
days after dato I  intend tu
the Honourahlo  Chief   Con
of Lauds [or a   license   to
' for coal and petroleum
that 30
upply to
ihc fol
lowing  lands, situate  iu  the district
[ of Southeast Kootenay. lu  Lot  1593:
Commencing at. a   post   planted ut
or near .'» miles due Bust   of   the   31
(mile post on C. P.   R.   sur ey   Une,
I which is the Wcst.ru boundary ol Lot
I 4593 and heing the   North.ast  corner
post, of Ulysses B. Fehr's claim
thence South eig ay   180)  chairs;
thence   West,   eighty   (80j   ilm ns;
thence Nonh euhty   (80)   chains;
thence East   eighty    (80)   chains;
to the point uf commencement,  making 640 acres more or less.
Located this 28th day of May, 1910.
ULYSSES 0, mill, Locator,
Ea.hen W. Butts, Agent
\ Ralph L. Burlingham, Witness    29-33
NOTIOE is horeby    given   that   30
days after dato I intend to apply to
tho Honourable   Chief   Commissioner
of Lands for a   license   to   prospect
Ior coal and petroleuni over the following  lands, situate in the district
of Southeast Koutenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a  post   planted at
or near 5 miles due   Kast of   the   42
milo post on 0. P.   R.    siinoy   line,
which is the Westirn boundary ol Lot
4593 and heing the   North saat  cornor
post of Thomas M. Mason's clnlm
thence Bouth eighty   <no)  chains;
thence   West   eighty   (80)   chn ns;
thenco North cl hty   (SO)   chains;
thence East   eighty   (Rc>)   chains;
to thc point of commencement,  making 640 acres more or less.
I Located this 2Gth day of May, 1910.
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
I W. Brock, Wltnoeu 29-33
NOTICE iu hereby   givon   that   30
lays alter onto i  intend  lu apply  to
mu i ii'iioui aiiie   chief   Oouuiussionor
if Lauds Ior a   liceuse   tu   prospect
or coni anil  potroleum  our  Uie lol
• •wing lands, situato in thu district
it Southeast Kuutenay, in Lot 4693:
c oihiiieiu'iug al. a   post   planum at
ir near 13 miles due   Bust of   tne Ai
11 ue 1 ost on (J.  P.    R.    Sul ey   1 ue,
> iuli is the Wesurn uoind.ry .it uut
■i.y.i and being tho Juuthwe.it coftur
pOBt   Ul    ItUlptl    L.    lull Jll!,>il.lli  j   L ... ui*
uii 11 a r.iist eighty oi* 1 chains;
tbence .iuiJi ei my laO) uuaiua;
theuce    West    ng In j    ,w.        b,k Ua,
tuoiii.fi Mi.iitu tiguty   18U)  chains;
10 the point of comuienceimnt,  nu»
ing ii4o .un   more or less.
Located this t.th day 01 May, lalu.
It.ii,I'll   L.   Ul'HU.M.ilA.ii,   Locator
Km lieu  W.   Hutts,   Ae.eul.
W.   Brook,  Witnuss 29 33
NnTU'E is hul'uuy given that 30
days utter dntc i intend to apply tu
iiiii Honotiraule Chief Commissioner
of Lands ior a license tu prospect
tor coal uml petroleum uver the lol
.owing lauds, situate tu the district
.,f Southeast Kooteuay, iu Lot 4693:
Commencing ut a pust planted at
ur near .'» miies due Must uf the 33
mile pust on 0, P.   lt.   sur.ey   I.ne,
inch is the Westirn boundary ol Lot
4698 am) being the Southwest corn.r
post uf Clara A, Mason'* ciaim
tneiico North olghty   (h0)   chains;
thence East   eighty    .at'/  chains;
taenia Sutitn tiguty   ihu)  chaina;
thence   West   eighty   tha,   iha.nuj
to the point of comlitoncohKnt,   limbing 640 acres more or less.
Located th.s 28th day of May, 1910.
ULAltA A.  MAflON, locator,
Balhen W. Butts, Agent
Ralph L. Burllngham, Witness    29-33
NOTICE is herehy given that 30
days after date 1 Intend to apply to
tne Honourable Chiel (lommisstoner
ot Lands for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over Mie fol
.owing lands, situate in the district
of Southeust Kootenay, in Lot 4j'J3:
Commencing at a post plunted at
11* near 11 miles due Kast of the 32
mile post on C. P. R. survey i.ne,
.which is thy Westirn boundary of bot
4598 and being the Northeast corner
post of Anton M.  1 auls,.11 s c.aim
tneme Boutu tigity   180)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (80j   tim ns;
thence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thenco Kast   eighty    -80)   chains;
to the point of loiiiiiienmiii iu,   mining till) acres more or less.
Located this lbtb day of May,  l'JIO.
ANTON M. PAui.SoN, Locator
Balhen W. Butts, Agent
William lv Butts, Ralph L, Burlingham, Witnesses 29-33
NOTICK is hereby given that 30
days alter date 1 intend tu appiy tu
Lbe Honourable Chief Oommlssioner
of Lands for a license to prospect
tor cual'and petruleum over the toi
towing lauds, situato in the district
of Southeast Kootepay, in Lot 4jy3;
Commencing at c, post planted ut
or neat 11 miles due Kast of the 32
mile pust on 0. P.   11.   sur.ey   i,ne,
hich is the Westtrn boundary of Lot
4593 and being the N rth..esc c.rner
, ost oi M. W. yue 'iwitihel. s claim
tnente Sutitti eighty   180)   chains;
thence East   eighty   t8Cj   chains;
thence North eighty   (HO)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   18U,   ihuns;
to the point of commencem nt,   roaming 040 acres more or less.
Located this llth day of May, 1910.
Al.   vVAi.n'E   I'WiiCtiKLli.i.ocutor
Ea.hen W. Butts, Agent
William K. Butts, Ralph L. Burlingham, Witnesses       29-33 |
NOTICE is hereby given that 30 j
days aftec date 1 inteud to apply to
tho Honourable Chief Commissioner!
of Lauds for a license to prospect j
tor coal und petroleum over the ful-1
lowing Iambi, situate in the district;
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593; l
Commencing at n post planted at
or near 11 miles due East of tlie 32
mile post on C. P.   R.   survey   i.ne,
hich is the Westirn lioundury of Lot
198 ami bolng  the Southeast cornei
ost of Chester it. Paulsons cam.
thence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thenee   West   eighty   t80i   tha ns;
ti.eme Smith tiguty    t80)   chains;
thence Kast   eighty    180)   chains;
0 tbe point of commencement,   minting 040 acres more* or less.
Located this 16th day of May, 1910,
Kii.hen W.  Butts, Agent
William E. Butts, ltalph L. Burllngham, Witnesses 29 33
NoTICK is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 Intend tu apply to
Mm Honourable Chief Commissioner
nf Lands lor a license to pruspect
for cual and potroleum over the fol
lowing landB, sltuuto in the district
of Southeast Kooteuay, iu Lot 4598:
Commonclng at a post planted at
or near l'i miles due Ea t of the 38
mile post on C. P.   It.   sur.ey   line,
hlch is the Wet Urn boundary of Lot
4593 anh  heing th.' Northwest, corner
ost of Anna K. Webbs claim
theme South eighty   (80)   chains;
thence East   eighty    i.8t-j   chains;
thenco North eighty   (80)   chains;
tbence   West   eighty   (80)   chains;
to the point of commencement,   making 040 acres more or less.
Located this 16th day of May, 1910.
ANNA K. WEBB, Locator,
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
William E. Butts, Halph L. Burllngham, Witnesses 29-33
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
ilays after date I intend to apply to
Mm Honourable   Chief   Commissioner
if Lands lor a license to prospect
for coal and potroloum over the following lands, situato In the district,
of Southenst Kootenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a pout, planted at
or near 12 miles due East of the 34
mile post on C. P. R. surey 1 no,
■which Is the Westirn hoiindnry of Lot
4593 and being the Southeast cornor
post of Joseph S. D nnor's claim
thenco North eighty   (80)   chains;
tbence   West   eighty   (80)   chains;
thence South eighty   (80)   chaina;
l   thenco Kast   eigbty    t80)   chnins;
to tbe puint of commencement,  making trio acres more ur less.
Located this l.th day ol May, 1910,
Km ben  W,  Butts,  Agent
William K. Mutts,    ltalph   L.   Bur-
liuglmm, Witnesses 29-33
Notick id hereby giveu that 3i>
uttjn lultl u.*te I oiitfi.a tu apply tu
iiio ciuUwui«u*,i   t-u.ei    wu.uKiua.uQg.
Ut    Laiitla   tuT   tt     ItCttUSu     to     pIoMpUCL
i^i' cuui una t'dlrutiuiu ovor tills lui
.urtiiifc, mu..st, niLdu.u ill CUtJ district
ul   buutUOuat   r-uuteliw),   IU   IjUt   4o98i
t u ....... .lib at a  punt   planted at
or uuai *> 11111 s due Musi 01 ttie iz
mile post uu O, V, H. sur ey line,
/bich is thu Westtrn iiouudary of uut
5'J3 and being the Northwest oorner
pust ui J oliii tj. Mason's claim
tneme ti   Uth elgnty     < HU)    .Iiains,
thenco Kn;.i.   eighty    im*i   chains;
thonco worth eighty   imij   ouains;
thettca  Wist  eighty   (80)   iba.us;
to tin? point uf commencement,  muk-
ing uio acrea more or less.
Located this 2,ith day of May, 191(1.
JOHN tj. MASON, Locator
Kathen W. Butts, Agent
William K, Butts, ltalph L. Bur-
linglmm, Witnesses 29 33
NOTIOE is herehy given tbat 30
day., aiter unto I intend Lo apply tu
the Honourable Chief Commissionei
of Lands iur a license to prospect
ior tuai and petroleum over tbo following lands, situate In the district
of Southeast  Kootenai,  lu  Lot 4693:
Co iciicing at a   post   plnnteil at
or near 7 miles due east of the 42
mile post on O, 1'. H. survey line,
/hich Is the WesUrn houndary of Lot
4.-";*:t nnd being the Southwest corntr
post 01 Peter c, I'uulson s claim
thenco North eighty   1^0)   chains;
theme Enst   eighty    (8ft)   chains;
tlieino South eighty   t80)   chains;
theuce   West   eighty   (.80^   cha.ns;
to the point of commencement,   making 040 acres mole or less.
Located this 24tb day of May, 1910.
PETER 0. i'AUli.SUN, Locator
Eaihen W. Butts, Agent
William 81. Butts, Halph L. Burlingham, Witnesses 29-33
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after dato i intend to apply to
the Uuiii 1 urahie chief Commissioner
:d hands fur a license to pruspect
fur cual and petroleum over the following lands, situate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4*j*J3:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 7 miles due east o( the 42
mile post on 0, P. K. survey line,
.hich is the Westirn houndary of hot
i*J3 and being the Southeast corner
post of Anton M. I'aulson's claim
tlience North eighty   (80)   chains;
tbence   West   eighty   (80)   chams;
theme Bouth eighty    (80)   chains;
thenco Kast   eighty    (80)   chains;
to the point of commencement,   making 040 acres more or Icsb.
Located this 24th day ot May, 191C,
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
William E. Butts, Ralph L. Burlingham, Witnesses 29-33
1. h.t ns;
the Honourable chief Commissioner
of Lauds for a License to prospect
for coal and petroleum over the d l-
lowlng binds, Bituate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4693:
Commencing at a post planted at
or nenr 15 miles due East of the 37
mile post on 0, P.    lt.    survey   hue,
hich is the Westirn houndary of Lot
4398 and being the Ntrthwest ocrner
post ol Anna K. Paulson's claim
tbence B uth eighty    * SO)   chairs;
thence Blast   eighty
thenee Not ih eighty
thence  West   elgbl y
tu thu point of commencement,  muring 640 acres more ur Icsb.
Located this 18th day ui May, I'Jlo.
,\ IN .    \,  t'All .. <'  . t.uct
Bathon W. B .tu, Agent
William K. Uutts, Witness ay  3 ,
NOTIOH is hereby    given   thai    30
lays after date 1  Intond to apply to
1 he Honourable   Chief   Commissioner
>f  Lands fm' a    license   to    prospect
nr ooal ami petroleum over the fol
owing  lauds, ulttato  In  the district
,f Southeast, Kootenay, In Lot  1593
Commencing at 'i   post   plantod at
or near  IB miles due East    of the 37
r il le poet on C. P,    It.   sur ey   hue,
/hich is the WosUrn houndary of Lot
4 08 nnd being the Southwest   corntr
post of Walter J, Abb's claim
thenee North eighty    (80)   chains;
thonco Kant   eighty    (8ft)   chains;
theme Suuth eighty    180)   chains;
thence   West    eighty    i80j    chains;
to tho point of commencement,  making 640 acres more or less.
Loeuted this ISth day of May, LHO.
WALTER J, AMBS, Locator,
Kathen W. Butts, Agent
Willinm E,  Butts,  Witness 2'.l :i3
Rocking Down
NOTIOH is heroby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourahlo Chief Commissioner
of Lands for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over Uie following lands, situate in the district
of Southeast Koutenay, In Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 14 miles due Easl of the 37
mile post on 0. P. It. suney 1 no,
/hich is tho Westirn boundary of Lot
593 and heing thc Southeast corner
poBt of Charles K. Webb's c,aim
thence Nurth eighty   (80)   chnins;
thence  West   eighty   (80)   chains;
thenco South eighty    (80)   chairs;
thenco Hast   eighty    180)   chains;
Lu the point, of commoncoment,   limiting ij'40 acres more or less.
Locntcd this 18th duy of May, 1910.
CHARLES E,  WEBB,  Locator.
Hathon W,  Butts, Agent
William B. Butts, Witness 2'J \V&
honk at the iiiiiii above. He's SHAKING nn
ordinary furnace. He bends nearly double, exerts
nil his strength, works up a presptratlon, and gots
ii sore buck.
Now, look ut the woman. Sim stands nearly
erect, tlwiily moves the lover to uud fro, a few
Inches, und the ashes are dropped into the Sunshine
ash-pan. This is culled ROCKING DOWN.
so easy a child can do it.
Which method do you prefer'* Why, Rocking
Down, of course. ,,
Gn in our orient in your locality. Let him show you the
ninny othor dme-savlng, labor-saving and fuel-economizing
features of the Sunshine. Order him to hisiull the Sunshine
wiih u guarantee to heat your home to youi entire satisfaction,
ing tMO acres moro or less.
Located this 23rd day of May, 1910.
ANITA  N.  MASON,   Locator
Hathon W. Butts, Agent
Willinm E, ButtB,   ltalph   L.    Bur-
lingbam, Witnesses 29-32
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days nfter date I intend to apply to
tho Honourable   Chiel   Commissioner
for coal nnd petroleum over thu fol
lowing lands, situate in the district
of Southeast Koutenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a   post   planted at
or near ."» miles due East   of   the   31
milo post on t'. 1'.   It.   sur ey  1 ne,
.•hich is the Westtrn boundary of Lot
593 and heing   the Southeast cornei
post of Fanme M. I'lark's cli im
thence North cluhty   (80)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (,80j   ihans;
,   theme South eighty   (80)   chains;
NOTICE is herehy   given   that   30]   thPn,.0 jgnBt   eighty     Mi   chains;
days alter date I intend to apply to to the point of comntencemtni,   mak-
the Honourable   Chief   Commissioner hnf, 540 acres more or less,
of Lands for a   license   to   prospect Located tbis 28th day of May, 1910,
for coal and petroleum over the fol- FANNIE M.  CLARK, Locator
lowing  lands,  situate in the diatrict* Eathen W. Butts, Agent
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593: Ralph L. Burlingham, Witness    29-33
Commencing at a   post   planted at! . . -
or near 7 mi as due  eaat ot   the   42
mile post on C. p,   R.   survey   line,
vhich is the Western houndary of Lot
4593 and being the Ni .rthwest   corner
post of Lyde W. Wray'fl cluim
theme South eighty   (80)   chains;
thenee East   eighty    iSt'i   chains;
thence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (80)   cha.ns;
to the point of commencement,   making 640 acres more or less.
Loeuted  this 24th day of May,  1910.
LYDE  W. WHAY,  Locntor
Eaihen W. Butts, Agent
Willinm E. Butts,   Halph   L.    Bur-
llngham, Witnesses 29-33
NOTIOH     ,^^__mmm_
NOTICE ia hereby   given   that   30
duys artor dato I intend to apply to
the Honourahlo   Chief   Commissioner
of Lands for a   license   to   prospect
■■■■—, ,. . 1 for coal ami petroleuni  over the fol
)I Lands for a   license   to^ prospect I(jwil]f, lft|1),H| sjUml0 in tUl, dtotrlot
of Southeaat Kootenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a   post   planted at
or near 9 miles due East, of tho 42
iile post on C. P, R. survey line,
hich is the Westirn houndary of Lot
■1593 und being the Northwest   corner
post ot .iniui Q. Mason's claim
ti.eme South eighty   iHU)   chains;
thence Kast   eighty    180-j   chains;
thence North eighty   (HO)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   \H0i    hu ns;
to the point of commencement,   making Ii40 acres more or less,
located this 23rd day of May, l'JIO.
JOHN g. MASON,  Locator
Eathen W.  Butts,  Agent
Willinm E. Hutts,   Ralph   L.   Burlingham, Witnesses 29-33
  NOTICE is hereby    given   that   30
..__.,„., ,    .  ' , ,,   .    nft I days after date I intend to apply to
NOTIOB la hereby   given   that   30  tho'Honourable   Ohiel   Commissioner
day. alter aatol Intend to aply to L, ,     ,   , „
the Honourable   Chle    >  .»*- ,„ coal ancl petroleun] 0Ter the [ol-
ol Lands tor a   license  to   prospect lowlng lan(lB| sitlmll, jn tu„ ,Ustril,t
of  Southeast  Kootenay,  in  Lot  4593:
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
thu Honourable Chief Commissioner
of LandB for a license to prospect
for coul and petroleum over tlie following lnnds, situate In the district
of Southenst Kootenay, In Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted «t
or near 7 mi'es due east of the 42
mile post ou O.  I*. H.   survey   line,
'bich Is the Westirn boundary of Lot
4593, und be.ng the   Nurthegst   cor
east post of   Charles L.     Paulson's
clnlm,     thenee    soutli    eighty    (hOi
chains, thence west olghty (K0) chains
tbence   north   eighty    t80)     cbains,
theuce east eighty (80) chains to the
point of commencement, making mo
acres, more or less.
Located this 24th day of May, LIU'..
Bathon   W.   Butts,   Agent.
W Ilium E. Butts, Ralph L.  Burlln-
nm,   witnesses. 2j-33
for coal and petroleuni over the fol
lowing lnnds, situate in thc district
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or nenr 3 miles dtic East of tho 31
mile post on C. P.   R.   survey  line,
! /hich is the Westtrn boundary of Lot
4593 and being the Southwest corner
post of T. B. Poik's claim
|   thence North el 'hty   (80)   chnins;
,   thence East   eighty    (80)   chains;
1   theme South eighty   (80)  chains;
!   thence   West   eigbty   (80)   chains;
to the point of commencement,  making ii4l) acres more or less.
Located this 28th day of May, 1910.
T.  B.  POLK, Locator
William K
Eaihen W.  Butts,
Butts, Witness
29 .13
r t.be fob
,t 4698:
nted at
the     -12
NOTU'K is hereby given
daya after date 1 intend to
the Honourable chief Con
of Lands lor a license to
for coal and petroleum ovc
lowing lands, sitUato In the
or Southeast Kootenay, in I
Oommenolng at a post pl
or noar '.• miles tine East of
Mile post on C. i». R, .^111 oy I.ne,
■fimii is the Western bounduryol Lot
4503 ai.d bolng the Northeast cornor
post of Thomas W. Mnson s claim
thence Boutn eigbty   (.80)  chairs;
thence   West   eighty   (80j   tha ns;
thence North olghty   (80)   chains;
thenco Eust   eighty    180)   chains;
to the point of commenceimnt,   iim.it-
***.*****************—*.********,   fl
Located this 23rd dny of May, 1910.
THOMAS   W.   MASON,   Locator
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
William E. Butts,   Ralph   L.   Burlingham, Witnesses 29 33
NOTICE m hereby   given   that   30 .
dnys after date 1 intend to apply to ftf^"^ SS?j"
tbe Honourable Chief Commissioner
of Lands [or a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over Uie following lands, situate in tho district
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 0 miles due East of the 42
mile post on 0. P. It. suney lino,
/hich is the Westtrn boundary of Lot
593 and being the Southeast corner
post of Virginia W. Mason's claim
thenco North eighty   (KO)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (80)   cha.ns;
thonco South eighty    (80)   chains;
thenre East eighty iRt'i chains; of Soutboast Kootenay, m Lot 4593:
to the point of commencement, n'uik- Commencing at a post plnnteil at
lng fi40 acres more or less. or near 'i miles t.ue. East, of   the   42
Located this 23rd day of May, 1910.    mile post on 0, }'.   IX.   suney   1 no,
NOTICE lu hereby given that 30
days nftor date 1 intend to npply to
the Honourable Chief Commissioner
ol Lands for ft license to prospoct
for conl and potroloum ovor the fol
lowing lands, situato in the district
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 12 miles due East of the 34
mile post on C. P. R. survey 1 ne,
■hich is the Westtrn boundary of Lot
4593 and being the Southwest corn r
post of Joseph S. Ufanntr b clnim
tbence North eighty   (U0)   chains;
thenco East   eighty    'MC)   chains;
theme South eighty    (80)   chains;
thence   West   oighty   (80j   chans;
to the point of commencement,   making tilO acres more or less.
Uicated this 17th day of May, 1910.
Balhen W. ButtB, Agent
Will.am E. Butts, Ralph L. Burlingham, Witnesses 29 33
District ol East   Kootenay.
Tako notico that I, Joseph Walsh,
Constable, of Fort Steele, inteud to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands, commencing at a post planted at tho north
line of Oartin's timber lease running
20 chains north, thence 40 chains
enst, thonce 20 chains south, Cionco
40 ohalns west to tho plnce of commencement, containing (i0 acres moro
or loss.
Dated Juno 18, 191c 27-35
WATBffi ACT 1909.
Take notice that John Josrph Pen
nessy of Crnnhrook, locomotive engineer, will apply to the Water Commissioner ut Crnnbrook, tm tbe 26th
day of July, L010, at eleven o'clock
in the forenoon for a license to divert one cubic foot of watei1 per second from streams rising on northwest quarter of Lot 5G49 group l
Kootenay District. The said water
will lie used for domestic put pom's on
snld Lot 5249, held hy tho applicant
under a crown grant, u i
5249 only,
ed hy llutiio and pipes
No crown I nmls will I
no riparian proprietors
will  he tillecled by the
notice was posted on
June, 1910.
of Southeast Kootenuy, in Lot 4593:
Commonclng at a post plauteu at
or nenr 3 mllos due East of tho 31
milo post on 0. P. lt. sur.ey i.ne,
bich is the Western boundary of Lot
45U3 and beiug tho Southeast corner
post ol J. S. Grace's claim
thence North eighty   (.HO)   chains;
tbence   West   eighty   (SOj   chains;
theme Soutli eighty    180)   chains;
theuce Eust eighty {Hi!) chains;
to the point of commenceniint, matting 040 acres more or lebs.
Located th^ 28th day of May, 1910.
J. S. ORACE, Locator
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
William E.  Butts,   Witness 2'J .i3
NOTICE is hereby given thai 30
days after date i Intend to apply "to
thu Honouraulo Chief Commissioner
of Lauds for a license to prospect
for coal ami petroleuni uver Uie following lands, situate iu the district
of Southeast Kootonay, In Lot lyM:
Commencing at a post planted at
mile post on C. P. It. suney line,
or uear one mile due Bast oi the   21
hich is the Wosttrn boundary of .Lot
4593 and being thu Southwest corntr
post ot Thomas  W. Mason s claim
thence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence Eust   eighty    i.Ki'j   chains;
tbence South eignty   tho)   chains;
thence West eighty t»u> chains;
to the point of commencement, making 540 acres more or less.
Loeuted this 2,tii duy of i\luy, 1010.
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
W. Brock, Witness 2.-^3
11 be comlucl-
over snid Lot
ie affected and
or   licensees
Works.   Thia
the...day    of
VIRGINIA W. MASoN,"Locator which lu the Wbsti rn boundary of Lot
Bathon W, Butts, Agent     4593 nnd being the Southwest  corn r
Willinm E. Butts,   Ralph   L.   Bur-  pnst of Anita N. Mason's claim
linghnm, Witnesses 29-33     thence North elehty   (K0)   chains;
 _ —, , —    thence Baat   eighty    I8i'i   chains;
NOTICE '   theiito Smith eighty    (KO)   chaina;
NOTICB is hereby   given   that   30     thence   West   oighty   (80)   thorns;
days after data I Intend to apply to to th-' point of commenceimnt,   mak-
days nfter
tbe fclohourabl'
uf Lauds fi
s horoby   given   that   8
Into I Intond to apply t
Chief   Coromisslonc
" :ense   to    prosper
for coul and petroleuni over the fol
lowing lands, situato in  the district
District   of    East  Kuotenay
I, F. D. Mercer of Toronto, Ont.,
occupation lumberman, inteud to apply to the Commissioner of Landa
aud Works for permission to purchase forty acres more or less, bounded as follows: Commencing at a post
on the north bank of the Moylo river
ihenee 3U chains north along the east
lurvey line of Tipper p. R., thence 20
chuins east more or less to tbo bang
of the Moyie river tbence southwesterly uiong the hank of the Moylo
river to the placo of commencing.
Located July 4, 1910.
0. A. Gaskell, Agent 30 39
District   ol   Bast Kooteuay
Take notice that Henry E. Lal'oint
of Ward nor, B. c, Lumberman, intends to apply for permission to pur-
hase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ut
the northeast comer oi Lot No. 897C
and running south Hi, chains to the
northeast, coiner of Timber License
No. 21*682, theuce east 50 chains,
moro or less to the hank of the Kooteuay river, theuce following the
bank or the said Kootenay river In a
northwesterly direction to the southeast cornor of Lot No. 1969, thence
west 11' chaius more or loss to the
place of commencement and containing 270 acres more or less.
Per A. A. Lund, Agent.
June   II,   IHU'. 2IJ 34
District of Emit Kootonay,
Take notice that. I John Angus
Fergusson, of Cranbrook, occupation
Clothing Merchant, intend to apply
lor permission to purchase tho roi
lowing il escribed lands: Oommenolng at e post plauteil about. 60 feet
distant and in a northerly direction
from monument 218 on interna
tional Boundary, thence west 20
chains, thence north hu chains, ttkonco
east 20 chuins,  Ihenee south HII ehaitlH
to place of    commencement, contain
ing 11)0 acres, moro or less.
John Angus  Fergusson,   Locator,
John Robertson, Agent.
Dad-.!  May  IDtb,  l'JIO, 20 U m^h  PATMORE BROS.
Plumbing   and   Heating  Engineers
malleable "THE RANGE STORE"
Iron Range        in a class by themselves—-first-class
and Koote-
i***ht' »»»••••»»»»'
li   ll   Sh...i   and     imin
Tuesdaj al  Port  Stw e
N   Hanson «.,-a   "as    In the
city Monday
F.    A
nits,  the
lis    Ml    llll'
Wntl .
Ki ii
IS ,, cloi
i tht
„ i
TO bent,    furnished   rounia,   all
convi'iuetices.   pm ate  hunttt,  appl} to
'^•vf^v^^.^.jx^^^.^ ♦■* • r?^-*> C   it   Ward,    ol    it"'    Oranbrook
«>                                                   • Agencj  Co    i'1'  Tuesday on a bual
««                                                       r ness trip Ut Lethbridge
w                                                  ?
• n   SlcLennon   ana    H   L   McBride
j ,i  Ni. ,ii were in tbe clt)  Wotlnoeday
, nn b  tinetw
♦ ■*. W. Halt      : Oranb)    F Q    ipent
.... * .*\ the week end tn     thin citj  the guest
a d  Mra   ll   K   ConnuU)
B K ---lit (  thc   Mom.-
[ .•■. let   was In t he cil \   Manila)   on
Y. Q   Long, ol Mi • le,   ivas   a   th
city Monda)  on hu .___
\\    McDonald and r   i.   Bakei   ol
TO RENT      Bach    ro apartineul     Rowland,    were in   the cltj   rutadaj
Apply  to  BEArn                                   o0 buaineia
Misses Edith and Margarei  Suuair,
Tm'-.lay     afternoon.  Augusl
been declai ed a tall 1
ot Gladstone,     Man .
., te B   tl   Short
Mrs   IV.
  Hayward    lelt  ou Wed
  ] neuday for a   visit    with     hei  ulster
eha.-   Patmon Prai      was the   u,.s   j    a   Kenned*}   ol  Lethbridge
guest ol G   W   Patmor
B   Poole,   il i reeton
cit)   Mondaj
\,.-\    t ,i>,. ;    ,.[     the Taylos   Lum
in tbe  ,„., i ■      Kimbi * l«j   was in   the olty
Wednesday on company business
I'ho Prospector olttcu
During the pa it week ,t wji ions Bre
tins been raging Booth ul the city
anil a lot ni \ otunblv t tiubei has b» n
■ ii- .tii yod V mo tig the hnn \ losers
is John Heed, nuperlntcndenl ol gov
ernment roads, who tins lost shout
I JO a< i '■-■ ol vMuable tlmboi
Tuesday t li«- Cranbrook Into) mc
dlatea journeyed to Moyie to play
tin1 Mo)le intermediate team Tho
tame waa last aud clean, except
when iln- catchei ol the Moyic team
im tin- Craubrook tiist baseman with
ble knee. This play was totally uucall
ed for The score was 2 to l In
favor ol .Mo* le
The hotly  ot  Ihe lute    Agnes Hmith
was found on Thursday afternoon In
tho Ml Mary's river near the Ht.
lilii go tin Mission
iin  i noci tlVD  ot    tho   Oranbrook
agricultural   association arc sparing
no I'lim    l<>    nuikc tho lair    this year
n M i r a strong uommittooa havo
Pec,, appointed mul every energy is
bolng imi (ol'th to arouse an Intorcst
in   tho    general    public,   "Let's all
G    Bow VVyi   :v
brook visitor Mi nday.
'ran Messrs   Palmei  &  SonB     a i  i set
 ^M ,i   iaw-mill     on    then-  property,
  just  *          [town
G   B,   Pi iwel .  m idi        i. -   ■ • -  I. : 	
to Wardner Mondaj '    j    h   Henderson,    ol     Lethbridge,
  * as in the     city, renewing            ac
K   Iv-'t-c. of Fort Steele   -:■■■••:  sun [uaintances foi tn« weekend
day last, in tlie city 	
 ■ BORN    At   Cranbrook    Mrs    Bent's
E. L. Doolan, of Sirdar, was tn the private hospital, on Sunday  July 24,
city the first of th.' week on business. • ■ Mr   and Mrs. Arnold William*,   a
 ■ laughter.
E. W. Evans, of Marysville, was in 	
the city Monday. Mr   Geddes, ol     the Imperial bank
  jtafl    returned  on  Saturday  from    a
I). A.   Small,  of  KitiLTStrat*1 was   in three  weeks holiday spent     at  Banff
the city Tuesday on business, and Calgary,
Constable Joe Walsh, of Fort 3tcele 4uite a    number uf     citizens   were
was in the city Wednesday making     anxious enquiries where the
  lire  was  on   Saturday  last  whin   the
A. A. Gillispie     and C, C   Wright, ftre-wbistle was being tested,
of Fernie, were in the city Wednesday  ■
 . <".  e.   Finch, and  Charles Gibbert-
W. B. McFarlane    made a business »». of Corbln, were in the city sev-
trlp to Wardnor Thursday. cial days this week, on business con
 , oected with their lumber industry.
E. Edy nnd wife, of Ottawa. Ont., 	
■were Crunbrook visitors Tuesday, !    Messrs. Percy     und Carl Haugh. of
  Summerby,     Sask.,  spent     Tuesday
A. M. Black, of Corbln, was visit visiting their cousins, Messrs. rating friends in Crnnbrook Wednesday, more Bros.
H, McKinlay, of Moyle was m thej The S°ld watch Pllt l|P 1,v the
city Tuesday on business. , Foot Ball chili   was won   by Robert
  Garvey of     the Cranbrook    Trading
Frnnk L. Brown, of Calgary wus a Company's staff.
Cranbrook  visitor Tuesday, 	
  A. 0.  Bowness1 new house on Nor-
Obas. Evans, nf Movie was In the bury avenue is being rushed as rap-
city Tuesday on business. idly as possible and   when completed
  J will be a credit to that     residential
W. Saunders and wife, of    Wycliffe,   part of tbe city.
•were in the city Tuesday.  ■
  I    The Epworth     League held a picnic
K. R. McMahon, of Lethbridge, was  on Tuesday evening   in the bush   at
in the city Mondny.                                 the end of Pooley street, and a very
——                             I pleasant time     was spent by     those
P.  Woods, of Cherry creek,  was in [present,
the     city    Monday    anil Tuesday on :  ,
  I    A. H. Nesbitt had the     misfortune
Mrs. W. F. Graham nnd daughter.'?" Mo+ndtft{ last ,to ^.Sf^SS
of London, rmt.. are tbe guests of ^f trucks' ' sed ,n ™v ng *£i£
G   W   Patmore ' ° right foot, severely
; crushing lt.
E.   W.   Rqwson,   of   Vnicnm-e'-    re«- ! 	
rpsenHnp  McOlary  Bros , was  in the     The East Kootenay    Produce    and
city Monday, ; Provision     House have a tine, large
  ' sign on top of    their building adver-
Mrs, Green   "'     Wardn^, <>•- =   thi1   Using     the     buggies,    wagons    and
guest of Miss  Service for     the week , sleighs they carry in stock,
FOR  SALE       A  tbrcp roll  mnne'e
plv at Prospector Office
A number of     stockholders in the
, ,     "...    "*  '.'"". "■" """'V'''Aurora mine went to    Moyie Sunday
'     P   Cw office  P       '      "" t0 in^n tte,r     h,,M'nK!i "nd werc
irospeotiir iimcc.                       very much pleaBed     with the appear-
in.   D   Kenzie, nf Oalt,     Ont,   haa Un« ol the property,   ...ul the work
ncrpptpil n     onsition as    Hccoimtant   heing done-
with  J.  D.  McBriile. -.	
 ■ '    R. S. Aikins, of Tlie Palm, has in^
P nnllns and family left nn Sun stalled his new electric Ice cream
day lor an extended visit with friends freezer and can turn out lirst class
at roast points . |ce cream in lorpo quantities on very
—'- short     notice.     "Bobble" is   up-to-
F   K   Rlmnson left     nn e bu«<n~«i  .late, an,i Lis ice cream is first class,
trip  to  Spokane,  returning on Wednesday afternoon
none better.
A  larer contingent of rooters   nr ll   A-  Ravestyne,  lormerly of   the
eompatiled     tbe   baee ball     club   to Bipreas Cos., stall ol this city, rc-
M'vi,   Runday tarned on Saturday   from a trip   to
I.-,.-,. <•!,..•■   Franli  Derail,     loft on ""' o,d country.   Mr. Ravestyne has
Wednesday on         visil to    eastern accepted a position as messenger on
points. tii,* boats  running  from    RevelstohQ
TT   MrVittie   nf     Fort Steele was 	
in the city Thursday on busineai Klliliii stallion, a tour year   old,
chestnut,  weighing l,10i) pounds, will
Dr. Connoll)    paid s     professional stand at the Oranbrook stables.
visit to Ryan    n Wednesday. II. MOI.I.KH.
No Man is Stronger
Than His Stomach
Thimble berries at Stewart \ today,
they  are very choice.
What might have been a serious
shooting affair occurred on Arm
strong avenue Monday evening. Home
boys were fooling with a tl revolver
and used a neighbors woodshed as a
target. The lady of the house was
iu the shed at the time and the bullet passed through a few inches
over her bead.
choice cantaloupe and watermelons
at Stewart's
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will tour Urltish Columbia next mouth. In his
itinerary, we lind no mention of his
stopping at Cranbrook. He will leave
Kootenay Landing at noon Tuesday,
August 30, enroitte for Lctborldge.
The only chance thnt the citizens of
Cranbrook will have of seeing the
Premier, will be the short time, that
it will take to change engines.
Mrs. Halsall, of Klllam, Altn., arrived in the city Tuesday and lett
immediately for Wycliffe to assist in
the search for her sister Miss Agnes
Smith who lu.s been missing for the
past two weeks. Up to the present
no trace has l>een received, though
large searching parties have looking
over the adjacent country, assisted
by many Kootenuy Indians.
Co to Stewart's for fresh buttermilk. He receives daily shipments
of Hazelwood double jersey buttermilk.
The pictures at tlie Opera House
this week are worthy of special mention and those who have not attended have missed a treat. Mr, Fraser
has been untiring in his efforts to
give his patrons the very best films
possible and his efforts arc deserving
of more appreciation. The opera
season will soon he opening up and
Mr. Fraser has alreay hooked several
of the best companies on the road.
Choice Peaches, Pears, Plums, and
Apples at Stewart's today.
The Kast Kootenay Produce and
Provision House have completed
the store for their retail trade department and have laid in a complete stock of groceries and canned
goodB of all kinds. The very best
blonds of teas and coffees, huttrr and
eggs and fresh fruits. It is the aim
of Mr. Murray to give his customers
the best value lor their money, all
he asks is to be given a trial and he
will convince you of the fact.
Hazelwood Ice Cream at Stewart's
today. Strawberry Vanilla, and
Lemon flavors.
The Presbyterian Sunday School
neld their annual picnic on St. Marys
prairie Tuesday gftomoon. We understand a very enjoyable time was
spent by all who attended,
F. ED. Simpson returned last Friday from a trip to Knmloops and
Vancouver. Hi1 expects to remove
about tbe first of Aug,ist to Kamloops. "Old Mnn" Simpson's removal will be a distinct loss to this
city, and Mrs.Si mpsi n's absence
will be felt in social and fraternal
circles. Mrs. Simpson has tmen nn
indefatigable worker in the interests
of the Rebekahs and her departure
wtil he keenly felt hy her large circle
of friends in this city. The Prospector joins in wishing Mr. nnd Mrs
Simpson every success in their new
A itrnnt* nun  n  itr „ii> .tl   uver.    Nn mnn  can   be
strong who   ■   iufferinj{ Irom   rvcak Htonaycb with ita
•omequent ind id ..inn  nr Iron   .mne other diseitt*
vi thc stomach ind iu iiBoelated ortam, which im>
pmri I ideation md nutrition.    Por when the stomach
is mchIi nr  liit-n .'■■! there >■> ii Iom of thc nutrition
contained in lood   which U the source nf all pbynicul
strength.    When  ■■   nun    doesn't (eel just right,"
when lie docsn     '••yep well, 1mm   nn   un com fort utile
li-i-lins in ttir stn .imii niter ciitinn, is Innfintd, nervous, irritable and dcsponcV
•nt, lit* i      is n't ' IC mi'i'K.n needed to make strength.
S.-.f> it man should uae lie. Pierce'a Hold em Medical
Dine*, i -> ti cures dlaeanea ol the atomach mad other
or-}.'- i iii attjaatlott and nutrition* II enrlehea tha blood*
Im.-.■:■; -*i the liver, Htrcn*\thena the kldneya* nuurlshea
f., fieri i, rtti •*„ GIVES HEALTH AND STRENGTH TO
THE -.'Ito: . UODY.
Ynu enn i" >.i.' to accept a ttcrtt nostrum ■■ * substitute for this non-
air,h iic i'm i   ii    oi known COM POSITION | not even though the urgent dealer
mity thcrcb) mukt •■  uth: bitter profit.   Ingredients printed oo wrapper.
Messrs. Wt.nleu & Neshitt hnve tb
mc hail removed ami placed on Ita
site on Noibury avenue. Ttie work
has been accomplished very quickly
and without any serious mishap. The
main building was placed within six
Iuches of its site wittioiit any bitch,
"Wo would respectfully suggest"
remarks one of the Interesting interior impels, "that Prince llupert or
rtiilliwack send au exhibit of 'blind
pigs' to the Dry Farming Fair at
Spokane this Fall. These creatures
flourish in the "dry" districts, and
Prince Rupert or ChllUwack should
bo able to mnke au Interesting and
instructive displny."
The Kast Kooteuay Butcher Co.,
Imve purchased P. Woods & Oo's
meat market in this city, and will
take possession on August 1st. Thm
firm ls coinuosed of Messrs. F. W.
McDonald, former manager of the local branch of P. Burns & Co., and
1).  Doyle of Nelson.     We are inform-
led on the best of authority that
this firm is in no way connected with
i P. Burns & Co.
j The Oranbrook Base Ball club left
on 213 Thursday. The following is
the schedule of games they expect to
play. Two games with Nelsan, one
with Trail, one w th Rossland, and
two with a team at Colville, Wash.
They also expect to play several
games before returning to Oranbrook
'I he boys have putting up the best
kind of ball all this season, and will
maintain their record while on their
tour. The Prospector, together with
a large number of base ball enthusiasts, join in wishing them every
success on their trip.
The office of the Kootenay Telephone Lines and the Cranbrook Electric Light Co.. are undergoing transformation und when completed will
be very convenient. The former pri-
■ vnte office is being made into a long
j distance office as the growing Ue-
'mand in this department is such as
to render a seperate switch board
; necessary. These companies believe
[in considering the requirements of
their patrons and keeping abreast of
the demands made upon them. When
the alterations are completed Cran
brook will have one of the most up-
to-date telephone exchanges between
Winnipeg and the coast.
1    NOTICE! is herehy   given   that   30
days after date I intend to apply to
tlie Honourable   Chief   Commissioner
{of Lands for a   license   to   prospect
i for coal and petroleum   tver the following lands,  situate in tbe district
of Southeast Kootenny, in Lot 45113;
j    Commencing at a   post   planted at
or near 2 miles due   East of   the   31
mile post on C. P.   R.   surey   line,
which is the Western boundary of Lot
4593 and being the   Northeast  comer
post of George Wykes   claim
j   thonce South eighty   (80)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (HO)   eha as;
tbence North eighty   (80)   chains;
;   thence East   eighty    t80i   chains;
to tbe point of commencement,   muk-
! ing t>40 acres more or lees.
Located tbis 28th day of May, 1910.
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
Willinm E. Butts, Witness 20-33
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable Chief Commissioner
of Lands for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over tlie fol
lowing lands, situate in the district
of Southeast Kuotenay, in Lot 4503:
Commencing at a post planted at
or nenr 11 miles due Hunt of the 32
mile post on C. p.   R,   nuney   line,
hich is the Western boundary of Lot
4503 and being the Northwest corner
post of Anna K, Webb's claim
tlience South eighty   (80)   chalne;
thenco Eust   eighty   (80)   chains;
theuce North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (80)   chains;
to the point of commencement,   making ti40 ncres more or less.
Located this 16th day of May, 19W.
ANNA  K.  WEBB,   Locator.
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
WilPam R. Butts, Ralph L. Burlingham, Witnesses 20-33
Is    what   you'll   say to   our •
story.   It's simple but instruc- v
tive,—Besides all   that is   re- ♦
freshing.   It's J
Soda and Other Soft
that wo refer to, They aro
healthy going and Invigorating on those hot days, Thoy aro
last and purest from our bottling works.   The best yet.
We have just received
a swell assortment of
and have the one you
are looking for.
J. D. McBride
(ran brook It. C.
Ham and Bacon ii
Our smoked .neats are always fresh stock.    We
♦ an sure that if you  try  them once yc.u  will agree
♦ with  us that they are the best  flavored   and    most
♦ wholesome smoked  meats you have ever eaten.
P.O. BOX 154
when flrst time buyers at this
market tell uh to cut ofl a very
small quantity because their ,
families are "such small meat
eaters." For we know once
they taste our meats they will
never suffer from that complaint Jj,
again. Try us witb an order.
Would't you rather pay for
meat than for medicine?
J>    Phone 10 P. 0. Bo» 3
$$3 <$>^®^&»y>$&&^frty$*®****4''*<&*****^**^ |
If It's Paint and Painting j
We are here with the Goods
If It's Wall   Paper   andj
Paper Hanging
We can't be beat
l Painter  and  Decorator::
: I
The Prospector $2 Per Year


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