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The Prospector Mar 4, 1911

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 %\yt 'Bt^pttifit
V0_-__ 17
"EDMONTON     j _,
x&«£'*>'**~   I    ^SASKATOON
-- „w--_. .....WSWIFTCURRENT
_^El?N6R:-^ *3RAMD0I1
7   PI«U
p^0.7-0.1- -%._^_BROOK
Because they have investigated that town.
Have you heard the details of iti awakening? Do you know that it is the largest town between
Calgary and Vancouver? Do you know that it is bound to be the great distributing point in the interior of British Columbia? Do you know that during the coming year, the work of building the Canadian Northern
into that city will be commenced? Do you know that the C.P.R. is building an alternative freight route
from Red Deer by the Yellow Head Pass to Kamloops? Do you know that the C.P.R. bought last fall $250,000
worth of property to enlarge its yards, shops and round houses and will build a new depot? Do you know that the
Provincial government is to build a new $200,000 Old Men's Home? Do you know that a new Catholic convent
costing $85,000 has just been completed? Do you know that the city is lo build a new hospital costing 1125,000?
Do you know that the town has some 4,500 to 5,000 people? Do you know that the Government and the C.N.R.
are to build at once a new traffic and railway bridge at Kamloops to cost $250,000? Do you know that the streets
are all graded, cement sidewalks laid, residental streets paved? The climate is superb, the yards bowers of beauty,
made so by flowers and vines that are in bloom to November 1 st, and start to show life again in March. Do you
know that the population will double in fifteen months, and within fifteen years the town will have at least 15,000
people ? Do you know that the country is surrounded by magnificent farming and fruit lands, with mineral galore,
and that Kamloops apples have won many prizes? Dp you know there is no more beautiful place on earth to live?
Well we do. We know all these things as well as a man can know anything that he has given a close study to. We
have staked our all on Kamloops.    Many others have done the same and made good.
ls onl)' twelve blocks from the highest priced property in the town, a beautiful residential site commanding a magnificent view. Lots are selling from $210 to $490 each, but only half will be placed on sale—every other lot. Why?
Because we feel confident in our own hearts that we will double our money on the other half next year. This is no
cheap proposition, yet you can buy on terms of one-eighth down and five per cent per month for eighteen months.
That gives a chance to sell in five or six months, and after a few payments would get the advantage of the increase.
To make money we should buy before the increase.
The Cranbrook Agency Company
Local Agents.    C. R. Ward, Manager.
Lots on Sale after March 6th.
F. E. SIMPSON, Real Estate Broker, Kamloops, B.C.
— m to ataHiss foitriOM.
A.-Sank of Hamilton.
K -MCrvBcCHMAN Block.
L.-Peont'aTi'usrCo. Niw Block.
M.-Niw Imknia l Bank .
N. - P.BuansCo. New Building.
0. - Htm $i00.ooo Momc/at Horn
tim/Oml.tx 000'mmviHUtn this-max
ttewfut.ooo Hospital.   ■
Canadian Bank orCommtltci.
C P. ft Station,
City Park and Library.
City Hall.
_!5|jp____j egg
Ij   S?     y 83 ~11  jf    jj["7_ ] I   /_~TJ  li*  |j|~ 133   |j[ IH  1
s£} Gsj L^OCZII£LL_l] ___ ]
V 60    11   e3     \\ 8,   \79Q~\VloT\
' ■ ■ —.- I—_rr-_--jr_i _-.«!"* 1 ■—s_siy.....J 1 -J
The Consequence Will lhe Bowling Leaguers*
The Debenture by-law to rmse the
sum of $100,000 (or thc construction
'of 11 sewerage system was defeated
;on Tuesday through the proporty
owners not taking sufficient Interest
in the matter,     thinking that au   a
matter of   necessity that    it would
pass, hence many remained away
'from tho polls. The result o! the
I election wan hu (or, am) 7:1 against
Ut, with 2 ^polled ballots,     As   tho
necessary    threi'-flftliH    were not     Ob-
tamed the Returning Officer declared
Uh defeat.
Now that the sewerage by-law hnu
been turned down hy the people, The
Prospector sounds a word of warning, which should be seriously considered.
Cranhrook ia (ace to face with a
situation thnt demands the most care
ful thought. With the breaking up of
winter and the advent of Bprlng,
conditions will be precipitated that
will imperil the health aud well being of the people owing to the absence of any system of sanitation.
An epidemic seems inevitable unless
some drastic measure of alleviation
Is speedily and carefully provided.
The city fathers, in their wisdom,
foresaw the present conditions, and
havo been to considerable expense to
solve the problem, and after nearly
a year o( investigation, realized thnt
It was their duty, as well as the request of a large number ol progressive cltisens, to place before tbu people a means of providing for the
safety of the city; but for some unknown reason the proporty owners
have not seen Ht to assist, them by
passing a by-law that would have
given to the people that protection
against disease which in the near
future may take the form of an epidemic, costing thousands of dollars
to eradicate.
Conditions In Home parts of tbe
city are deplorable and it begins to
look as though the onus will rest
largely with tho property owner to
work out a system of temporary
sanitation. The city council, under
the advice of competent, medical experts, and a full and complete investigation of conditions, have in good
faith done their duty, It now rosta
with tbo people.
(Jack yards, and premises, lanes
and alleys should be thoroughly
churned and all refuse aud contaminating matter removed. Cesspools
nnd privies should he cared for as
well aa all other sources of menace
to public health. Danger lurks in
the neur future and every possible
moans will have to he organized to
secure the public health. The elty
I council lias done all It can, the citizens should be sufficiently appreciative of the seriousness uf Uie situation as to act promptly and efficiently, keeping their premises in the
most sanitary condition possible,
On Wednesday evening a meeting
of the Howling League was held In
the Y. M. C A. Building to work
out the general details ami form a
schedule for the coming season.
'ilu re have boon six teams formed,
and interesting games were undoubtedly result. Robt. Brown was appointed president of the league aud
Li.   J,   Cranston,  secretary-Treasurer.
A silver cup given l»y the "Entertainer" will lie given to the team
that tops tbe league Individual
members of the winning team   will
also be awarded
Pending still further arratigstnMte
the teams will ,.|ay ofl us per
Monday  March  titb
Maker   Street  North vs Cl*.It.   Offlcei
Wednesday  Mnrch  8th
Fink Mer. Co vs V. M. 0. A.
Thursday March Uth.
C.P.R. Shops VS linker Street North
Friday   March   10th.
O.PfR.  Offices vs Baker street North
Monday -March 13th.
Y.  M. ('. A.  vs O. P. it. Shops
Wednesday  March ir>th.
Fink  Mer.  Co. vs Uaker Street North
Thursday March  liith.
linker  Street South  vs Y.  M.  O.  A.
Saturday  .March  IKtb.
c.l'.H. Offices vs O.  P.  It.  Shops
All men are cordially invited to
drop in and watch these games. It
makes no difference whether you are
n member of the Y. M. O. A. or not.
Come anyway and enjoy the gnm.s.
Prof, T, W. Shannon, 11 well known
American lecturer on social subjects,
is booked to address a series of
meetings iu this city on March 16th
niul 17th, under the auspices uf the
Y. M. 0. A. During the first day
and a half of his stay in town Prof.
Shannon will address several meetings of workingmen at the 0. J. it.
shops and other central points, and
on the evening ol the second day be
will deliver his famous lecture "Sour
Qrapes'1 in the Y. M. c. A. rocms.
This lecture, dealing with the Subject
of heredity, baa been most enthusiastically received wherever delivered
throughout the United States and
In a very f<ist game Cranbrdok Intermediates defeated the Moyie Intermediates, on Wednesday evening at
thc Arena Rink, by a score of 4-:i
A second game was played during
the evening hy the Young Ladies of
Moyie against the Young Ladiea of
of Craubrouk. The girls from Moyie won, the score was 1-0 in their
On Tuesday night the Cosmopolitans defeated the Royal Hotel team
by a score of H-2.
These games were witnessed hy a
large crowd. Many coming from
Moyie to "root" for the teams from
the Silver City.
The C. P. R. has called for tenders for the construction of thirty
mites of the Kootenay Central south
from Golden. Iu addition to this
some thirty miles la now under construction from the Crows Nest
branch to a point north of Fort
Steele. Ten miles of the grade from
Golden were completed several years
ago and the new section will he an
eitension through the Columbia valley, while the southern part is being
constructed  in  the  Koutenay  valley.
The southern terminus will be Galloway station, on thu Crows Nest
branch, and Foley, Welsh and Stewart has the contract for its construction. The work on the south end is
expected to he completed this year.
The opening of a direct liue (rom
the Crows Nest brauch to Golden,
tend to stimulate the influx of settlers to a region which has great
agricultural and fruit growing possibilities. It will also revive mining
In this district hy giving property
owners tho necessary means of transportation of their ores to a market.
The collar social held by the Maple Leaf Rebekah Lodge on Wednesday evening, was a gieat succesH
there being about sixty present.
Progressive whist was first indulged in, the prizes being awarded to
Mra. W. B. McFarlane a ring case,
and Mr. J. B. Fletcher a neck tie.
Refreshment wore served, after which
a short programme was rendered by
the following song, Miss McNeil;
recitation, Miss A. M. Hlckflnhotham
speech , Mrs, A. Gill; song Mra.
Patrick; speech Mrs. W. F. McFarlane, speech by   Mr.  .1.  11. Fletcher.
Music was then provided for all
who cared to danco.
The committee consisting of Mrs.
W. F. Cameron, MIhh A. M. Hlekenbotham, Miss Ella Johnston, Miss
Dell Cameron, and Mr. J, C. (Hen-
day, who were the moans of providing such nu enjoyable,
At a recent meeting of the B. O.
Dairymen's Association the Directors decided to divide the Farm
Dairy Oompetton which has already
been iu progress for one year, into
two classes, In order that a number
of our smaller dairymen in tbe province may have a chance for competing for the cup, Mednls, and honors
and not to he compelled to compete
against the larger dairies of the
Province thus giving the small man
an etiiial chance with the large one.
In this matter the Directors ore
making arrangements for a cup, tbe
name of which will be published later, but one which will be of equal
importance to that of tbe larger
trophy given by the Provincial Oov.
eminent. Tbey   are    also    giving
three medals corresponding with
those of the larger dairies.
The division ot the competition
into two lots is as (ollows: Those
having five to fifteen cows milking,
and the larger dairies those haviug
over fifteen cows milking.     This di-
ision should induce a larger number of our dairymen in the province
to compete In this competition. All
the expense that it requires is that
they be members of the B. C.
Dairymen's Association and hold
themselves open for two inspections
per year, by such judges as may be
appointed  hy the Association.
For fuller particulars aud entrance
forms, apply to the Secretary of the
of the B. C. Dairymen's Association,
j The uiiof of the lire department
Fernie iB paid 1115. The assistant
chief gets $90 and six volunteer firemen who sleep ln tbe Are hall, $10
each a month.
Michel, Feb. 27.—Secretary Carter
and Vice-President BUlbbs of district
Is of the United Mine Workers of
America, were in town Sunday to
look into the situation arising out
of the differences between the coal
compnny and the miners regarding
the vent 1 lut nui in some mines at
this plnce. When seen by a preHS
representative, they stated that they
hnd nothing new for publication further than to Bay that another meeting will be held Monday, which
means thnt no work will be done at
The men seem to be determined In
their Btand as to better ventilation,
and lt looks as though nothing will
be done until this matter ie adjusted OUR   ISSUE   OF   HARCH   nth   WILL   BE
welcomed in every home in Cranbrook.        There will be more to follow.
THAT ia ihe name, and
below is the trademark,
you are to look for next
time yuu buy underwear
Your size in any garment
with that trademark will
tit perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Yet you pay
nothing extra for this
extra value; and you Set our
Guarantee of " money buck
if you can fairly claim it."
Made at Paris in Canada,
by PENMANS Limited,  .,
H.    W.    DREW.    Proprietor.
A return placed on the table of tbo
commons on Monday shows that up
to December _i last a total ot *sy,
068,740 lias been spent on tbe Nu
tu nml Transcontinental railway con*
BtrueUon. It is estimated tbat it
will take |55,7sri,_i)!i more to com
plete the road between Winnipeg and
Moncton, The total mileage ol
track laid is 1836.
&l)e |iroej.i,cUu\
10 H I  Mil.ISI Hill    1895
AiUertl.iniK ml'
tt, ,.il. nil. II
f2.00 !'•■ Veer
iiinitt   known   ou
Vt \TKlt      POVvBRS    l\KVNll'l'K
A Clean Man
"Trade rivals, »i- ami our nelgb
bors to the south oi iih, musl evei
he  mi   the    highways and   by Ways    id
this   world, and om     watei powere
will be the keynote ol thai rivalry,"
declared Oharles A Majrvath, M r
ior Lethbridge, Mia.,, addressing the
OanatUau club Monday on westei n
water questions,  at  Montreal
Introducing his remarks ou irrlgs
tlon in western Canada, Mr. Magratb
said "lu ilu- went we are 'running
mad, I believe. In the growing ot
wheat and our (armors are not dm
trlbutlng their energies as thes
should. The value oi irrigated landa
is that they make one crop farming
Bsible." The went menace .'i
the we^t. the speaker, said was that
wuh tbc population it would be full
ed upon to tarry in the future it was
a question il there would be sum-
cient water lor the domestic uses
and the work of providing tor it hy
scientific methods was not to he delayed,
When the reciprocity treaty came
he:< re parliament at Ottawa, government urtrans rejoiced over an ex-
pec ted diversion in tlie Conservative
Mi     Mi
ted a
speech   ti
i iu liurreU, Conservative
>i Yah' Cariboo, oontrlbu
i.. able and u,<>«i Unportanl
me reciproclts debate    it
Outbid- clcdiilme.. is lens than bulf the battle. A man may
•crub himself a do/en times a day, und still be unclean. Good
health means clean, inesri not only outside, but :oside. It means
a clean itomuch, clean bowcl_, clean hlood, a clean liver, and
new, clean, healthy tissues. The mnn who is .lean In this way jRf
wil! look it nnd act i». Me will work with energy and think ™
clean, clear, healthy thoughts,
He will never he troubled witb liver, lung, stomach or blood
disorders.. Dyiipepsin ind Indigestion originate in unclean stomachs. Blood dlscuscn tire (mind where there it unclean blood.
Consumption and bronchitis mean unclean lungs.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
prevents these dinensea. It makes a man's Insidea clean
and hemlhy. It clenni* the digestive organ*, snakes purs,
elean   hiood   nnd ulenn, healthy flesh.
It restores tone to ihc nervous system, and cures nervous exhaustion end
prostration.   I' contains no nlooltnl or habit-forming drugs.
Constipi.Hon js the moil unclean une lennltness. Dr. 1'icroe'i Pleasant Pel*
lets cure it.   Th y .v-vcr gripe.   Knsy to take as candy,
assumed that western
uid be so strong for re-
proclty that Conservative members
Irom that part of Canada would not
dare to oppose the measure. Now we
tl ti * * tbe Winnipeg Hoard of Trade,
comprising loading business men of
both parties, condemning the proposition by a .ote of tive or six to one
and the Manitoba Legislature voting
down a reciprocity resolution by a
majority oi 26 to 12.—News Advertiser.
il qq ess] task toi anyone
Mi li i. Borden and Hon. Qeu
Poster bul 11 tun] he said without
il itterj Mmi Mr Hun-ell'. ipeouh was
ii.>i surpassed '-\ those which pic
ceded him li,' laoks tho scathing
invective and vitriolic sarcasm oi
Postal and tin- Hashes of eloquence
which oharactsrise Mr Borden at his
best But in> member of the House
ims it bettei I'ki hamentary manner
than the member tor Vale Cariboo,
His Bpoech on tin' reciprocity debate
van roi lowed closely hy members on
both sides ui' the house, ll was recog
nlsed that lie would sjieak on the
Fruit-growing industry with tho authority oi an expert. From 1888 tu
1899 Mr Hum*, was a successful
fruit-grower tn the Niagara district;
shut then, in* bus beeu one of the
leading men in the rapidly growing
fruit industry of ilritish Columbia.
He was not to be put ofl by Sir
Wilfrid Laurier'a suggestion that
Montreal melons could be had at
Mr. Burrell did not view tlie question of reciprocity from a purely
c immerclal .standpoint. He admitted that his opposition was not entirely based ou the injury to the
fruit industry. This only made all
the stronger the array of facta and
figures which he presented to prove
that the Fielding-Unox arrangement
would" deal a death blow to the Canadian fruit industry in tho Niagara
district und on the Paciflc CoaBt.
Mr. Paterson, the Minister ot Customs, learned to his sorrow that Mr.
Burrell knew what he wns talking
about. In 1907 the minister from
his place in the House had declared
in favor ul a tariff against American
fruit. He tried to explain this during Mr. Burrell's speech by saying
that at that time the United Btates
maintained a tariff against Canadian
fruit  while under tbe reciprocity ar-
ol  British Columbia,     indicated   his
Indifference by staring at the ceiling
while  busily  engaged  chewing  gUm,
"Wo intend to curry oui rtlr John
Fronoh'e report ho far uh the whole
force in Canada la concerned, per*
baps not as rapidly as we would
I tke, hut not less rapidly than we
have been progressing in this depart
meut in (he past SQVOIl or eight
yean. The artillery will he iuci'cuh
ed to the Strength it should have and
the cavalry and Infantry also. Ne
cessary armament will he supplies as
rapidly uh poutble ami divisions
made aa lhe tleneral'H report sug
■.esied." This announcement inaile
by Sir Frederick Borden, Minister ol
Mi lit ih and Defence to the annual
meeting of the Canadian Artillery
Association In the committee rooms
1)1 tbe House of Commons on Thursday atternouii, last, elicited prolonged I'heeiH ami enthusiasm from
members, Sir Frederick said thnt
the report had been eminently pleasant reading to him Insofar as the
artillery ol Canada was concerned,
nnd ho thought should be very satisfactory to tbe militia as a whole,
Qenera) French bad not considered
in his report and had not been expected to do so, difficulties existing
iu Canada as regards forming nf re,*-
i ments, gutting officers, and men
etc. He hml been cipccted to report ou tho force as ho found It, us
a unit ready to take the I..id, aud
he had done so.
♦♦♦♦♦<>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«>♦♦*♦«>♦ 4j*4
| George   R.  Leask  & Co. jj
! A bill providing ror the reservation of 175 acres at Point Grey, Van-
British Columbia Uni-  rangement fruit would be on the free
for a
Miss Verna felton and The Allen Players
Saturday Night, March 7
Dreiser  and  Stand, H oak. navel Urltish Plain  Mirrors
it drawers in dressser. drawer and door In stand
AFTER   SUPPER   $9.50
IRON    BEDS.    ANY   SIZE.   $2.95
This is ihe Oheapesl Price uver |>ul on an Iron Bad In
Cranbrook, and today Is the 'um channe yon will
tii,\i■ in buy ai ilml uric ■
Men's H5 cunt Cash re Hose,.". pair 81.ou
f |:i mi-;; piece Sun.-., *.'■ 18
WOO lv  SllltfU  Sillier.   W fill
Men's i Iver Rubbers, -1 els.
12 Black Mohair bases I" cents
Ladies Handkerehii fs, li foi ; I cits,
II ly's Pants, sine 22 to 24, IH eta.
Prints, per yard, H nt«
FREE PRIZE EVERY DAY. Watch the uumb.vs on
your cash resistor ticket, WINNING number today,
Saturday, March 8 2810.
Cranbrook Go-Operative Stores
cimvcr, ^^^^^^^^^^^^
vfcrsity, baa been laid before thc legislature     by Dr.     Young.     He said
that, thc foreshore had been set aside
I ho thnt no mercantile or industrial
establishment would encroach on the
university. He hoped that a school
of law would he established, but did
'not think that a medical' college
could be looked for in this province
| for many  years.     An     agricultural
j would be part of university training,
and he said he hoped to see experi-
i mental farms In different parts of the
{province. *
An     amendment to   the   land act,
{making it impossible to obtain coal
i leasee, on land under reserve, reducing land leases from 1,000 to 640
acres and providing for a bureau of
surveys,      was    introduced      by  Mr.
.Ross.     He also submitted an amend-  "J»«*w LU __.»-_«,     ,.-.,,_„..	
mont to the coal mines act, increaB- the ,rult whedule annexed to the re
! lng tbe price of coal lands from 15
| to * 1", and $10 to $20 an acre. The
same minister introduced an amendment to the water act, increasing the
Georgia  Bandit
Gainesville, lia.. Peb. 27. George
Anderson, who, according to hit) com
minions, was the lender of the ganp
whi.h held up and robbed the Southern railway fast mail on February
18 nenr White Sulphur Springs, has
been imlcntitieil by detectives of tbe
Pinkerton agency as A. Bl. (Old
Bill) Miner, a notorious stagecoach
aud train robber of the northwest.
According to Detective Minister, who
is working on the case, Anderson
bears numerous marks which tally
with thoae of Miner.
Reports that there were live robbers in the gang which held up the
Southern train are being investigated. Conductor Mooney, tn charge of
the train, said there were five men
and a women running a boardiug
house at Dalton, (la., say fed two
others besides the three men now
held for the crime. No trace of the
other two has been found.
Vancouver, Feb. 27,—Three years
ago, almost to a day, Bill Miner obtained his freedom by drilling a bole
under the fence at the penitentiary
Plans, Specifications
anh Estimates
. O. BOX M>
I'lluNK IM
f-fOTFM      Cranbrook,
lint ol both countries. In reply Mr.
Burrell pointed out that thc fruit-
irrowers coulil not he compensated
lor the Ions ol the home market by
the removal ol thc American duty.
H'lriiii; the past year lor e-atnple'the
heen higher than Bt New Westminster.     He had been*!
Canadian tariff linn ^^^^^^^^
the American tariff yet we Imported
six times as much fruit as we exported.
Mr. Burrell wns especially strong
in dealing with the situation ol
British Columbia! To deprive the
British Columbian fruit-grower ol
his market iu   the prairie   provinces
lie declared was to destroy his busl- concern sent to Sydney.     The   hold
Whatever may be said as   to  UP WRS on Saturday night and early
sentenced to a life term, along with
two robbers, for holding up a Canadian Pacific railway train near Kam
loopB tn 1907. Miner and his party
got several sacks of registered mall
which was said at the time to have
included $100,050 worth of thc debentures of   some    Australian shipping
Sunday morning a posse, headed by
Canadian Paciiic detectives, found the
robbers had crossed thc Fraser river
ness.        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
other schedules it   is most   unlikely
that any reply will be found to Mr.
Burrell's   arraingement of the gross
Injustice to Canada     perpetrated by  and he-«lea **">** the international
boundary only a few miles away.
Bill was captured a few weeks later
In bis cabin In the Simllkamecn dis
ciprocity agreement.
Western Liberals are having a hard trict.
time these days voting down the de- The escape of Miner made a great
, . . mauds ol their constituents. Thoy (nandal and wae aired In the Cana-
supcrvision ond activity of the water lrmeil wh(,„ M„ Melghe„ (portage dian parliament at Ottawa, whore it
board and providing that water car- ,g pr_lrlt) pre80nt«d his resolution was alleged that Bill was permitted
ruing companies shall be brought UU- „,„ |()1. fl „dll(ltlon 0, th, duty to get away. It was supposed --
dor   the     government's Jurisdiction.  m Bgrloultura,     lmi,,cmc„t8.     T„cy
wero even mure unhappy when Ur.
Schaffner (Sourls), moved the reso
lution In favor iif the Dominion operating terminal and transfer grain
elevators. Dr. Uchntlner made au
admirable presentation of a question
vory difficult, for (Custom people to
understand. His spueen was temperate and devoid uf party politics.
He had his fuels well In hand and
they were all supported   by declara-
Another bill was     introduced respecting   mapB   of   Bulkley valley,   the
minister     stating that
would lie to     open   the
the   result
used the debentures to ransom himself.
Stand to Lose
Arranged In iln- order In which tuoy find *i»mk.
Mr. Wm. Kullor—two men thai woro and both named Bill
  II  Irving Kci dy
Gen. Wm. Pullor-and each did work the other III       Chiu   I   Dale
Chrli iluttiuis-vhii lixi'd ihim.'-  Ri  il   Rvans
Dr, Haatlnga-who jusl cn r       .         ' ...i-  ii   ■■ ■
Sed TTemlngway-who loves Dorothy ,    . Riehu nzlei
Zai'k Hardy  Who roprn sn ie law ... ,\: . D i Ind
UabollaDnro-Wlfool one BUI Mien Evelyn Green
Dorothy Daro-Who lovei Sod    Mies Ella Houghton
Harriot Bterllng-who don't get lofi Miss VERSA FELTON
Matllda-who thinks Bho Is tlio only Mrs.Wm, Pallor   Mr-.IM. Allen
■1nmos-*who answers the hell , .       ..Renfrew Dickinson
ACT I.—Hiimmur linim. of Mrs. Dare, Seaside, Long lylsnil
ACT II.—Three months later
ACT III.—Same evening
Tlio department ot agricul
tlie  province   will  assist    in
Hon. Richard McBride , cables the
"London Dally  Kspress"  as follows:
"I strongly object to the reciprocity
agreement.     There   is no    necessity
for such nor any general demand lor
it in Canada.     Reciprocity will end-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      denly    dislocate    Canada's   present
tlons made in and out ol the Houso  trade and divert a great deal nf   it
hy Western Liberal members.       Mr.   to   the   advantage   ol     the   United
Martin of lleginii found the lire   too  States.    This wlll have an eflect on
much     for him und absented himself our trade with Britain, which Is our
from the Chamber during thc great-  best customer and at present absorbs
the greater part of our exports.
Messrs.     Lakr Qu'Appelle,)  Heron      "It  wlll  not  tend advantageously
(Alberta,) and     practically all    the  towards the early     so.utlon of   the
In response to an urgent invitation Irom the minister of agriculture
ol Britlah Oo,umbln, the farm demonstration train which the Btate
college, of Washington, in conjunction with the Great Northern Railway company, is to operate over the
Spokane Palis _ Northern, will spend
one day     In  the     Urltish Columbia  „ |iart o( „,„ ,lc|)atc
towns. 1 _____————__■
Ure  ofl_
the  work  on     foreign soil,   sending Manitoba Conservatives ranged them- problem of Imperial federation.   Un.
imu irom the department at Victor- flelveH „„    tnc 9i()e of Dr,   8tm|,ner d0nbtedly the United States wasoc-
'*■ in favor of granting the popular de- tuated by a desire to secure control
The trip extends from March 22 to mand  fal.  Government operation   of of Canadian     resources and   at the
March 80, inclusive, and the list   of terminal and transfer elevators.     It same time secure a larger   share   ol
towns number 27.     The   llnal   dates wftB „ melancholy picture, the Liber- the Canadian   market for   her   own
arranged  by
and  tho    rall-
^t}i^vo\AAry»'«*s-i*i-i--* ***************************
ale from the West,     rising one alter manufactures,
another to swallow their principles "On the other hand, Canada's bet-
anil to vote ngnlnst the interests of ter plan la to trade as freely as pos-
thi'lr constituents. Thoy were led slide with the Motherland and the
hy lion. Prank Oliver who tins no other parts of the Empire to mil-
chance of ever getting back to Otta- tual advantage instead nt tielng her
wns anyhow nn.l probably Biullod to hands with an outside country, which
Prultvlllo, hlniHulI ,1H ||i„ unfortunate colleagues may at any tlmo decide to end the
followed him to popular disfavor. It agreement, with the result that Cats hard to Imagine anything that a nadn's trade wlll he again dislocated.
Grit mombor ot Parliament will not "Tho peoplo of Canada should hnve
vote for oi against ut the nod of Sir been consulted before making any
Wilfrid Laurier. agreement.     Tbc  Dominion  Govern-
  ment has departed from thc   policy
Tbc Lnurler Government treats tho laid down hy Conservative and Lib-
Prult-growero'  with  groat contempt.  emi government* to consult fully all
While Mr. Burrell, their neknowlodg-  interests   belore   making     extensive
head ot the   college domestic science  cd spokesman and     practical export,  changes In thc tariff."
department, wob   presenting   tholr   case    to tho	
 Houso ot Commons, only two Minis-     Mrs.  Sinter    ontertalned quite   a
Owing to the paper not having ar-  ters ot    tho Crown   troubled   them- iar.e number ol ladles at her house
Iverl from the mlllB it is impossible sclveB to listen.     Ono of those   the party iR«t Wednesday.
tor    us to give the people of Cran-  Hon. Sidney Fisher, was carrying on
brook an eight page paper this week,   an audible conversation with a Lib-
Next   week, the March 11 issue, you  eral member from     tho province   of
shall have one. .Quebec; the other,     Mr. Templeman
nnd    hours  are
way officials.
The list 'if towns at which the
farm special will stop are as follows:
Deer Park, Clayton, Loon Lake,
Bprlngdale, Vnlley, Chewelah, Addy
Colville, Meyers Knlls,
Siilino, Ylnlr, Nelson, Northport.
Bossburg, Milieus, Orient, (Jniinl
Porks, Curlew, Republic, Malo. Myn-
caster, Molson, Princeton, Hedley,
Koromoofl and Orovllto.
The sperlii I domestic science dem-
onstrntion and exhibits which are to
he thc feature ol this, form train arc
now being arranged by Miss Mackay,
The defeat of the sewerage by-law
was a surprise to tbe progressive
citizens ot Oranbrook.
*    ___
Is a large ami attractive hotel of superior
elegante in all ils appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence.    Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all
The   Wentworth
J. H. McDOIMAUD Proprietor
\\ Found!
On   Baker stieet, one door west
of   Messrs.  Hill & Co.,  the  only,
place   in   town    that   can   make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
^^^^^J Gold Standard
Teas and Coffee
Our whole time is devoted to your wants in the
Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every
article that leaves our store.
We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
time goods are received that are not No. I quality.
Staple and Fancy Grocers
r*********i. . **************' ****
Everything for
The    Smoker!
Wn linvu the best line of Smoker's
Al'lileles in KtiulhtiuKt  Kootenay,..
Choice Cigars and Tobaccos
Cigar-Holders and Plpei
The Tobacconist WAItliXF.lt    NOTES
Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
J.   D,
Cranbrook, B. C.
A crowded audience at tlio I ri shy-
terian church greeted the Salvation
Army stiver hand from Winnipeg Monday night when this famous organisation put on a capital prugiam. Adjutant McBlheney is the hand loader
and Oharles Newman, bandmaster.
The trombone solo by H. Santord
was especially pleasing. "The Armour Train "imitating the various
effect! ol an armored train passing
under .nre waa strikingly rendered ou
the drum by B. Meadows. The choir
In rendering John Brown's Body was Sheppard
the means ol convulsing everyotie ' ""''
with laughter. A selection by the
baud, "Hongs ot Gladness" as also
"Invitation" and a march "The
Wear Side March," the audience
showed their appreciation by their
hearty applause, other Items also
were rendered.
0. 11. Thompson in his address ol
Miss Marlon Service spent the week
end in Wardner, tlio gueat nt Mrs, It.
W. tireeu.
Misses Josephine Drummond and
Delia Dow. ul Oranbrook, visited Mrs.
Wisner un Saturday!
Messrs Markle, Johnson and baton
went to Fernie un Saturday to attend the hockey matcli.
Miss Ada Hlckenhothain. ut Oranbrook spent Saturday uud Stlnduy
in Wardner, the guest ut Miss Muriel
A little daughter was born to Mr.
and Mrs. Luu Yory on Wednesday
Mr. 0, M. Pennock ui     the Crow's
Nest Prbb Lumber company returned
uu Saturday from a trip tu tlie oust.
Mr. and     Mrs. 11. H.    Buhnrt nnd
family aocorapauled by Mrs. Mensles
drove to Waldo on Friday to attend
welcome to    the ""band "congratulated  » dance, and roport a very enjoyable
them upon the work they were carry-  tlmo.
ing out, their motives of undertaking «''• «• <-• Smith met. with a pain
this work being of the most uiwcIuhIi lul accident un Friday, slipping on
kind. Adjutant McBlheney In his re- the ice and severely spraining his
ply   said   that     Mr. Thompson had MnJ'le-
struck the right keynote when he The home ul Mrs. Fred Speaker
Made the remarkB that the motives presented a very guy appearance on
governing the men was unselfishness. Thursday, the occasion being the cells a matter ol lact not a single man -ration ol the seventh birthday
received the slightest remuneration "tile Miss Charlotte Speaker.
lor the work they were carrying on. 1«'B0 number ol young folks ol va-
On the other hand, they were at tho rlous ago gathered to spend tho
lowest estimate, sacrificing about evening and did lull justice tu a de-
12200 in wages alone to take part »-»«-> «»« appetising supper, a cou-
lu this tour. The Cranbrook people Pl" "' hours were then spent in mcr-
have need to be proud of such a man ry games and the children returned
as Oaptaln Taylor was in their to their homes tired but happy and
mldBt and ol the work he Is endeav- greatly pleased with their evening's
orlng to carry on. It Is tho captain's entertainment
desire to see a Salvation Army band
A By-Law to raise the sum of One
hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00
by debentures for ttie purpose ot iu- '
stalling, and constructing a sewerage
system In and In tlio vicinity of the
Olty of Cranbrook.
WHEREAS a petition has been
presonted to the Municipal Council
ol the Corporation ot the City ut
Oranbrook signed by tin: owners ol
at least one-tenth ot tlie value of the
rateable lands and Improvements in
the said City as shown by the last
Revised Assessment Hull, requesting
the said Council tu Introduce a By-
Law to raise the* sum ot One hundred thousand dollars ($10(1,000) for
the purpose of Installing, and constructing a soworago system iu and
ln the vicinity of the City of Crunbrook.
AND WHEREAS fur the .purposes
aforesaid, it will be necessary to
borrow tbe sum of One hundred
thousand dollars ((100,000)
AND WHEREAS the whole amount
ol the rateable lands anil improvements of the City according to the
last Revised Assessment Roll is
AND WHEREAS the amount of tbe
existing debenture Indebtedness of
the City af Cranhrook is $132,230.68.
AND WHEREAS the Municipal
Oounell has power to pass By-Laws
lor contracting debts, by borrowing
money or otherwise and for levying
rates for payment of such debts on the
rateable lands aud improvements,
either or both, or rateable real property of the Municipality for nny purpose within the jurisdiction of the
Council; but the aggregate ol such
debts, except Ior works of local Improvement and tor school purposes,
■hall not exceed twenty per cent
(10 p. c.) ol the assessed value nt
the landB and Improvements or the
real property ol the Municipality
according to the last Revised Assessment Roll.
AND WHEREAS thc present debenture Indebtedness of the City of
Oranbrook, other than the indebtedness Ior works ol local improvement
and for school purposes is $yH,2HD.lH.
AND WHEREAS It will be requisite to raise annually by rate tho sum
of $1,826.80 to provide fur a sinking
fund to pay the snid debt and the
■um of (5,000.00 to pay interest.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council ol the Corporation of the
Olty ol Cranbrook in Council assembled, enacts as lollows:
X.   It shall and may ho
the Mayor ol tbe Corporation ut the
3. The aald debentures shall hear
dato the 3rd day ol July, A. D. 1911,
and shall be made payable within
Forty years Irom tbe said date in
lawful money of Canada, at the
olllce ot the said Corporation in
Cranbrook aforesaid, which aald
place of payment shall be designated
by the said debentures.
I 4. The said debentures shall bear
Interest at the rate ol Five per centum (5 per cent) per annum Irom
the date thereol, payable yearly at
tlie offices ol the said Corporation In
Craubrook atoresald on the 3rd day
ot July in each and every year
during the currency thereof and shall
have attached to them coupons for thi
tbe payment of   tbe   said     Interest,
Thc    Farcial Comedy,"The   Snow
Ball" was presented at   the Library
Hall on Saturday last, by the Amateur Dramatic, Club of Wardner, to a
large and appreciative audience. The
cast  was composed ot    Misses Edith
Lund, Hazel Lund, Muriel Sheppurd,
and Messrs. F. W. Burgess, V. Lund-
bom, R. Anderson, ami D. J. Macdonald.    The rendering ot     thc various
tain Taylor   wishes to   expresB   his Psr*" reflected     great credit on tbe
thankB to all those who have so gon- enterprise and ability    of     the per-
erously helped to make tho Winnipeg formers,  who had    worked zealously
ln Cranhrook. He had already various instruments and so Adjutant
McElheney sprung a surprise on tho
audience as also on the captain himself by asking them If thoy could not
raise (50.00 as their practical appreciation of his services, to help bim
for   these     instruments, A re-
Sold by the Fink Mercantile Co.
sponac of (37.50 was the result. Cup-
band's visit a success.
There will he an executive meeting amount was realized   which will   be
of the District Conservative Associa- 'lovoted to the purchase ol   supplies
tlon In the Royal Hotel parlors   or
Wednesday, Marcn 8th, at 8 p. m.
tor the base hall cluh.
Sealed tenders for one or more of
The following ls a list ol the
pupils in Division I nrrangod in order ol merit according to the Febru-
Irene Wilkinson, Olive White. Winifred Deacon,  Wilfrid     Dallas,    Vera
Crisler, Lauretta Armstrong, Bernlce
Florence     Bathie,     Francis Drummond,     Charlie    Morrison,  Kenneth
lollowing buildings will be    re-
.--.________ ceived up till noon March 22nd 1910 ary exBminatloiis
which coupons shall be signed by the at the olllce of Division Engineer,
Mayor and the signature to the said Oalgary. Plans, specifications and
coupons may be either written, form ol tenders can be seen at the
stamped, printed or lithographed.       office of the Asst.    Chief    Engineer,
5. During the currency ol the said Winnipeg, Division Engineer Moose Fraser, Edith Caslake, Elmo Wilkin-
debentures, there shall be raised an- Jaw, Calgary and Vancouver. ReBi- 8™. Loul80 Elmer, Ernest Joues,
nunlly by special rate on all the rat- dent Engineer's office: Medicine Hat Mans"e Robertson, Melton Leek, Ash-
oable lands In the said City ol Uran- and Cranbrook. ton Powers, Carl Mackey, Jack
brook, the said   sum ol   (5,000,   lor |   0. P. R. Standard No. 4     Section H-8's'n-
payment of the said Interest on   the House at: Bowell, Langdon, Maharg, I JUNIOR CLASS
said   debentures,   and   the    sum of Cbeaeka, Cap,  Anthracite, Sawback,
(1,326.30 for the purpose of   creating Stephen,   Oathed,   Alrdrie,     Wessex,
a sinking fund   for payment of   the Innlsfail,   Penhold, Labuma, Menaik °*mpbml;     Laura     Richard8.    Carl
debt hereby secured making    in    all Mile 6. 7 Wetasklwin    Subd.   Stowe,
the sum of (6,326.30 to be raised an- Lundbreck,    Frank, Coleman, Oallo-
nually by apeeial rate   as aforeaaid way, Eager, Sandstone, Azure.
during each ot the said forty year.. |   c P. R.   Standard No. 5   Station Higgins, Hazel Taylor, Edith adder-
6. It ahall be lawful for the Mayor Western Lines at:    Tompkins,    Red-
ol tbe said corporation to negotiate clift (with 50 it. freight shed)3uftleld
and sell the said debentures for less Bow Island, Burdett.
than par, but In    no case shall   the I   c. P. R. Standard No. 10 Station
said debentures be negotiated or sold at: Gteichen, Bassano, Hosmer.
lor   less   than   ninety     per   centum     c. P. R. Standard No. 1 Bunkhouse ABllton Powers, Edith Caslake, Flo
(90 per cent) ol their lace value   ln- 'at: Calgary and Rod Deer. """"   """'"   D"'""" D""     n"°'m
eluding the cost of negotiating end ! c. P. R. Standard Plan "A" Sta-
sale,  brokerage and   all other    incl- tlon With 50 It.Irclght shed at   Can-
Gill, Orville Dow, Wonda Fink, Bertha Brown, Glndys Hlekenbotham,
Eva Conloy, Retn Cameron,   Gracie
ley, Robert Pye       	
(Division I  )
I   Laura    Richards,  Bertha     Brown,
Grade Higgins, Bertram Murgatroyd
more and Bittern Lake.
rence    Bathie, Robert Pye,
Dow, Jack Haslam.
(Division II)
Marlon Robertson, Cordon Wallin-
Brown,     Meltord    Carson
Campbell,    Viney Doris,   Olive Dow,
Westley     Flndley, Gordon     Fowler,
dental expenses. .more anu mt—iu __.„.
7.   It shall be lawlul for   ma said     Loco.    Foreman's   cottage at Red *»'■ AUce    Woou' Jaclt Wilson, Na
Municipal Council to repurchase any Deer. tna"  Barnhardt,  Dolor Brault, Alice
ol the said    debentures upon     such I   ad stall addition to Standard No,   Brown,     Meltord    Carson,     Arthur
terms as may be agreed upon    with 2 engine house Red Deer.
the legal holder or   holders thereof, 	
or any part   thereof    either «t   the  MAIL FROM NORTH IS PILLAGED Willie Leaman, Irving Leask, George
time   ot    sale   or any     subsequent I   , Pratt, John Pyo.
time or times, and all debentures so I   Vancouver,    Feb, 28,-When     mall I (Division III)
repurchased ahall forthwith   he caa-'",°'k° -"nt to tho steamer Princess I   Vers   Bradwiu,     Graco
celled and destroyed and no re-issue
NOTICE la hereby given that an
application will be made under Part
V. of the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a licence in the Cranbrook Water District.
(a) The name, address and occupation of tbe applicant; Chas. F. Sod-
erllug, 425 Realty Bldg, Spokane,
Washington.  (Real  Estate Agent.)
(b) The name af the lake, stream
or source.     Elk river.
(c) The point of diversion. On
slough about 1,000 leet up-stream
from the Canadian Pacific depot, at
old C. P. R. pumping station.
(d) Tbe quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second) One
hundred twenty live.
(e) The character of the proposed
works. Irrigation, pumping plant,
Humes aad ditches to ho constructed
over Lots 7340, 7316, 7008 aud 4590.
(f) Tho premises on whloh the water is to be used, Lots 6408, 6359,
C367, 6358, 6402, 6407, 6196, 1:166,
6199, 6195, 4319, 6200, 1965, 4332,
6194, 6193, 319, 7655, 7219, 7220,
Group 1   Kootenay district.
(g) The purpose tor which the
water ls to he used.   Irrigation.
(h) If for Irrigation describe the
land intended to he Irrigated, itiviug
acreage, about 8,ODD acres, being
said Lots 6408, 6359, 6357, 6158, 1.402,
6407, 6196, 1966, 1,199 6195, 4319, Hen,
1965,.4332, 6194, 6193, 319, 7655, 7219,
and 7220.
(j) Area of Crown land intended to
be occupied by tbe proposed v.t'kB.
(k) This notice was posted on the
  day ot December,     1910,    and
application will he made to the Commissioner on the 20th day of January,1911, at two o'clock tn the alternoon.
(1) Give tho names and aldrosses
ot ahy riparian proprietors or licensees wbo or whose lands are
likely to be affected by the proposod
works, either above or below the
outlet. Frederick S. Selwood, of
Calgary; Regina Mott, of Wheat
Centre, Alberta; John Mott, of Wheat
Centre, Alberta; and the British Columbia Southern Railway.
Spokane,  Wash.
425 Realty Building.
ol debentures so purchased shall be
made In consequence ol such re-piur-
8.   Thla By-Law shall     take eflect
ou and alter the lat day ol April, A.
..    _   .... __ i   Vera    Bradwiu,     Grace    Bardgett,
Beatrice lor mall Irom the north, Samuel Bennett, Charles Elmer,
when the steamer arrived here at 2 Enid Gill, Brunswick Hamilton,
o'clock thiB morning, they were Gladys Johnston, Merritt Leask,
thunderstruck to find that the regis- Rainsford Parks, Mabel Stray, Eric
tored mall had been systematically Spence, Merle Taylor, Vincent Ken-
gone through and everything of val. ny.
ue taken.   It Is Impossible to obtain | (Division IV)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Beatrice  Barclay,   Melville  Dallas,
- olllce officials are saying hut little Earl   King,     Mary   Leask,    Harold
but It is thought the robbers made Leask,     Alexander    Mennle,
tbe McNabb, Margaret
the said Creditor's Trust Deeds Act.
A meeting of the Creditors will be
held at tho Law Olllce of tho undersigned at Cranbrook, on the 10th
day of February, 1911, nt Four
o'clock in the afternoon for the purpose of receiving a statement of the
Insolvent's affairs, for the appointment of Inspectors and the giving ot
directions with reference to the disposal ol the Estate; all persons
claiming to be entitled to rank ou
the Estate must, tile their claims
verified by Declaration with the undersigned Solicitors tor the Assignee
on or betore the lst day oi March,
1911, alter which date the Assignee
will proceed to distribute the nssots
thereol having regard to t'loee
claims only ol which notice shall
then have been received, and thnt
tbe said Assignee will not Pe I,nble
for the assets or any part, theuot
to any person ot whose claim notice
has not then been received.
Dated at Cranbrook, this _irh day
ol January, A. D. 1911.
N. I. Harrison, Assignee,
ol Cranbrook. by
Harvey, McCnrter & Macdonald.
His Solicitors,
Cranbrook, B. O,
Distiict   ot   Kast Kootenay
Take notice that Edward Paterson,
ol Oranbrook, B. C, occupatiun merchant, intends to apply fur permission to purchase the following described land Commencing at a post
planted 16.11 chains due west ol the
south-west corner of Lot ST44, Group
1, on tbe eaet edge of the right ol
way ol tbe Spokane International
Railway; tbence eust 16.11 chains lo
the south-west corner ot said Lot
8744, Group I; thence north along
the west boundary of eaid lol, u
distance ot 40 chains to said i-due of
right ot way; thence south-westerly
along snld east edge ot right ol way,
a distunce of 43.12 chains more or
less, to point uf commencement, containing 32. 22 acres, be the same
more or less,
1-8 EdW'ird  i'.iliieon.
Stewart Morris, .Uent.
Dec. 16, 1910.
' Notice is hereby given that 60 days
utter date. 1 intend to apply to tho
Hon, Chief Commissioner uf Lauds
tot  License to prospect tor coat and
! petroleum over the following lands,
situate tn the District ot South Eust
Kootenay, Dritish Columbia, in Lot
I Commencing at a post planted at
or near three miles due east ot the
34 Mile Post on the C.P.R. survey
line, which is the western boundary
ol Lot 4593, and being the northeast corner post ot Walter ,1, Abbs'
claim, thence south 811 chains, theuca
west eighty chaius, thence nortb 80
eliuins, tlience east eighty chains to
point ot commencement, making 640
acres,  more or less.
Located this 12th day ot October,
Walter  J.   Ablis,  Locator
Eathen  W.  Butts,  Ageut.
William 10. Butts,  Witness. 50-3
(Transfer of Liquor Licence.)
Take Notice that un application
will be made at the next sitting of
the Board of Licence Commissioners
Of the City of Cranbrook to be held
ot the City Hall on the 8th day of
March, 1911, for a transfer of liquor
licence now held hy me iu respect ot
the Wcntwurth Hotel situate un Lots
12, 13, and 14 n Block 94, plan 669,
Cranbrook, B. C, to John McTavlsh
of the City of Crauhrook, Hotel
Dated at Cranhook, B. C, thla 2nd
dny of February, A. D. 1911.
John Hugh McDonald.
(In Probate.)
St.  Elol,
D. 1911.
9. Thia By-Law may be cited for exact details as tbe police and post
all purposes as the "Olty of Oran- '" "'-'-■- — ■"■«'— i>»* ■«_•
brook Debenture Loan By-Law No. I.
Read the lat and 2nd time on   the » -*»1 amounting to (88,000 aa .sa»..seaeeeea.sssss___.__
26th day of April, 1910. mall Included monoy and many pack- don Taylor,    Coleman  Lonltz, Doris
Read a third time on   the 6th day  «*•" »< -ola au»t aml nuggets
police believe the robbery took place I
while the   steamer wns on    the run !   Elsie
TAKB NOTICB that at the next
sittings of the Board ot Licensing
Commissioners ol thc City ot Cranbrook to be holden of the 8th day
of March, 1911, I, Oust Andeen, of
tbe City of Cranbrook intend to apply for the transfer of the retail
liquor license held ln respect to the
Queens Hotel situate on Lots 19, 20
and 21, in Block 88, to Llua Andeen
ol tbe City of    Cranbrook, Married
The Wallinger, Sadie Woods,
if February, 1911. ponce wiin. u«v >_u_./  .—. -•__ 1 (Division V)
- 1 while the   steamer was on    the run i   Elsie     Beattie,     Romeo     Brault,
I'AKE NOTICB tbat   tbe above is  Irom Bkagway to Prince Ruport and Gladys Brooks, Allen Brown, Wlllrid woman.
true copy ol the   propoeed by-law  that the robbers landed at the latter Kennedy, Wnltcr Laurie, Dewey Mc- 0ate<1 at oranbrook, B. 0., this 17th
upon which    the vote ol the Municl- port.     "      "  ""'    K'"   w'"1"  °--",d   m"l«*1 ■■«•__.. I.. _,_..■.-..   .   ..   mi
IN THE MATTER of the estate ol
Vrchlbald Leitch, late ol the City of
Cranbrook,   Lumberman,  deceased.
NOTICE Is hereby given tbat all
persons having any claims against
tbe estate ol the late Archibald
Leitch wbo died on or about the 30th
day of May, 1910, at Cranbrook, in
the province of British Columbia, are
required to send to the undersigned
solicitor herein tor Malcolm Leitch,
executor under the will ot the said
Archibald Leitch, their names and
addresses and full particulars lu
writing of their claims and statements of their accounts and tbe nature of the security. If auy, held by
And take notice that alter the lst
day of April, 1911, the said Malcolm liter wcoad.
Leitch will proceed to distribute the j   "" '<
assets of the said deceased     among """ir*'
the persons entitled    thereto, having ,   ,(,h9
regard only to the claims of   which L( ,,,„
he shall   have had notice,   and that ;   tgj
the said Malcolm Leitch will not be I' to
liable lor the said aBsets or any part ,n"~j
thereol to any person ot whose claim
he shall    not   then    have
Dated at Cranbrook, B. 0„
day ol January, 1911.
said Malco.nt Leitch.
NOTICM Ih hereby given thnt an application will he made under 1'urt V, uf
lho "Water Act, 1009," tu obtain a
license  in ths  Oranbrook Water District.
(11) The name, address, nn.l <11vup1U1.n1
of tin- applicant, It. 0. Hydraulic Power Company, Limited, Head otlke, Vancouver, 11. C. Capital 110,000 divided
up Into llilio shares.
The objects vt the company Include:
The acquisition Iiy purchuse or record
ur uttiurwlsH ot water and watur power,
unit of recorded or unrecorded watei'
.onl the application of such water and
water powor tor producing and generating electricity and tor the purpose and
in the manner ami methods ei»t lorth In
section 100 of the Water Act, 1009 aud
generally tu exercise and carry out all
the puwera anil privileges Conferred upon Power Companies by laid Water
Act,   1009.
(In The name of the lake, stream or
■uuri'e.  folk Itlver.
Ic) 'i'he point ut diversion 8700 feet
about, shove post un west bunk marked
SI til. 'I'll K.V. L. Co.. the natural
level of water lielng raised Irom there to
point 5700 teet up stream.
[ Id) Tim quantity of water applied tor
(lu  OllblO  feet  per  second)   SOU  cubic ft—
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Building, Baker Street, on Tuatday,
Olty ot Craubrook to borrow upon the 28th day of February, 1911, bathe credit of the said corporation, tween the hours ot 9 o'clock ln the
by way of the debentures hereinafter morning (10 a. m. local time) and 7
mentioned, Irom uny person or per- -'••--- ■- *■•-
■ona, body or bodies corporate, who
may be willing to advance the sume
M a loan, a sum ut monoy nut exceeding on the whole, the sum of One
hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.-
00) and to cause all such sums so
raised or received to be paid into
the hands of the treasurer of the
aald corporation, for the purpose and
with the object hereinbefore recited,
2. It shall be lawful for thc Mayor
ot the aald Corporation to cause an/
number of debentures to be made,
executed and issued for such sum or
•urns as may be required for
the purposes and object
aforesaid, not. exceeding, however, tbe Rum of One hundred dollars
(1100,000.00) each ot the sniil debentures being of the denomination of
One thousand dollars ((1,000.00) and
all such debentures shall be scaled
with the seal of tbo Corporation and
signed by the Mayor thereof.
Those who voted the reform tickot
in the last municipal election should
remember thnt one of tbo planks in
tholr platform was a soworago system at the earliest date possible.
As both parties had declared thctu-
selves on this line, we (ail to boo
why the by-law was deteated.
upon which     „<, ,_„ u, _. _-_...    ,—     On     the passenger list   were Nell,  Viola  Sarvis,  Violet Simpson, |,j«- o( December   A   l). 1910.
lawful for   pality wlll be taken at the Municipal   20 men who landed at Prince Rupert.   Crossley Taylor,    Frnnk    Wilkinson, K.( Gust Andeen.
~     "       Officials nf the steamer were greatly  Mabel    McGoldrlc,   Harold    Haslam,   , , '.
surprised when told of the theft and Irene Boruard,  Eleanor Aiibertln.       j NOTICE,
they cannot see how It occurred    as |                   (Division VI)                     I —_
the mall room was guarded   in    the I   Fale Crisler,  Jennie Hopkins.
o'clock In the    evening (8 o'clock p. usual  careful manner.
locnl time).
Olerk to the Municipal Oounell.
j The Canadian military contingent
'tor thc coronntlon will sail trom
Quebec on the C. P.
Vio-     TENDERS wlll bo received by the
Jones,  Sadie Lacy,  Ada McKon- iiuderslgued up to,     and     Including
Margaret    Morrison,   Alma  Snr- 3lst day ol January lor the erection
Muriel Wallinger,  Norman Wns- of timber trestle, Including ends and
Erno Woodman. Central Tower, ovor South   Fork of
(Division VII) Old    Man    Uiver,    at     Mileage 66.6
' Crows Nest Subdivision,
Maximum    height   1.17  teet,    length
Robert  Beaton,  Charles Chapman
R, 88. Empress Marie DetnpBter,   Norman Campbell ^^^^^^^
NOTICB is hereby given   that   on ol"Ireland on Friday June 2 and will otto    0111. Alfred     Jolille, Jimmie »»0 *"e£ company
Tuesday, March 7th, 1911. the'Oourt return by SS. Emprese ol Britain on Kemball,    Willie Leask,     Ma   Blng.     The JtoWni company
ot Revision tor the   Municipality   of  June 30.     Several units wlll be mo- Edith Murgatroyd,     Wilms     Parks, ;»» n_u.ru
the Oity of Cranbrook, B. 0., wlllb* billzed at Quebec    at least   a   week Roy Rablehiiud, Marlon Spence, Cy
 " '-   -   rll  Solby,     Samuel    Spence,
to    luinisli
character uf the proposed
dams, pipes, lluiuos, tunnels pow-
Sa, hydraulic and electrical plant,
nater tu be used fur tbe purpose
Company's undertaking.
Tlie purpose tor which the water
ie    used,   generation   ul    electrical
It the water Is to he used lor power  nr    mining       purposes,    describe  the
received plnce where the wnter is In le returned
to smile  ii.iliinil   channel,  and  the dtller-
the 25th .ncu in altitude between point ol -diversion end point of reluru. Water will
bi' returned aliout 171)11 feet above the
south  east  corner  ol   Lot  227,  Oroup   1,
for    the   difference   In     altitude   hetweon   puint    of
held ln the Council Chambers on the before the date of the nailing in or- rll Solby,     Samuel
above   date,     at 10-30 a. m.    (local |Cler to get together. Tipper.
ime) for the purpoae ol revinng the I        "  (Division VIII)
Assessment  (or    the Olty of    Cran-   >    WEDDING    ANNIVERSARY I   Mnble Finlny,    Murion  Drummond,
brook.     Those making     complaints j                             'Murray  Henderson,     Gertrude  Hop-
ngninBt their Assessments an re- j Bmim ,»„,, 27,..~he German em- hins, Russnl Lcunk, Pearl Pratt, Inquired to have their protests ln the and em.,reBBpWho worB ra(lrrM die Spence, Hope Taylor, Bort
hande ot the   City Olerk (10)     days  ~.h   27   ,,,,   whe„ ,„„ (ormer   waB Townsond,      Verna   Welch,       Elole
Crown Prince William and thc latter Welch,   Gcorgo Welch,   Everett   Wll-
PrincesB Victoria   nl   Schloswlg-Hol- Hams,     Hurry     MncDonnld,     Pearl
innumerable Barclay, Evu Barclay, Thlrai  John-
_.^^^^^^^^^^_ . Kathleen Brown, Homer Aupcr-
mahy valuable presents nn the occa-
*'•   slon ot their thirtieth   wedding an
—i - nlveraary.
Plnns and form of tender     on fyle
Philip lat thc following offices:
Assistant Chief Engineer, Winnipeg.
Division      I'lngineer,     Vancouver,
Calgary nnd Moose Jaw.
Resident Engineer,  Cranlirook.
Divisional Engineer 0.
P. R.   Cnlgnry.
previous to the first sitting of
Court of Revision.
Dated at Cranbrook, B.     C,
16th day of January, 1911.
4-5 C. M.
Bteln,   today    roceivod
meBBacoa     of  congratulatlonn     and son,
ineeeages a i[n   Harold King, I.lralo     Chapman,
Helen LoClere, Tom Rceklo.
Fort  Steele    Assessment   District.
NOTICE le herehy given, In accordance with Statutes, that Provincial
Revenue Tax and Assessed Taxes,
Income and School Tax, assessed aud
levied under the "Assessment Act"
and amendment.* «te due and pay-
hie on the 2nd day ot January 1911.
All taxes collectable foi the Fort
Steele Assessment District are due
nd payable at my office, situated at
he Government. Offices, Baker street
Cranhrook, B. C.
This notice tn terms ul law is
equivalent to a personal demand by
me upon all persons for taxes.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. ('.,, this
18th day nl January, 1911.
Deputy AeseMeor and Collector,
Fort Steele    Assessment District.
Cranbrook  Post Office,
Goorgc Mead, formerly one of the
proprietors of the Creston Hotel and
who has purchased a hotel at Republic,  WaBh.,   accompanied     by    Mrs.
Wesloy Clinc, president of tho
Cranbrook Fishing club, and champion "crib" player of the Northwest,
a recent meeting ol the Calgary  has issued a challenge to play Dave Dyers and   Cleaners   at
i oTTrad? aid   after a debate Orlfflth, of Wild Horse Crook, or any   hnve made on   ass gym*
1 o   Trade, and   alter a aeuai , champion   Estate to Nathaniel I. H
Mond, left on    Sunday last   tor Re- 0I two hours, the reciprocity agree- othcr crib playor
tha ment was endorsed by a   vote ot 26 class, a series of games, [or any un-
where they will reside in.
ito 10.
limited sum.
1900,    AND    AMENDMENTS.
!   NOTICE IS GIVEN that tbe above I
Insolvents     ol  Cranbrook,     British |
Columbia, carrying    on hunlnefls   ae |
gnmotit of    their
Harrison,   ot
Cranhrook, Accountant, lor the general benefit of their   creditors under
TENDERS wlll be received by thr
undersigned up to, and Including
Hint, day of January, for the excavation of it tunnel under truck at
Mile 64.67 Crowe Nest Subdivision.
length 311) feet.     Height 8 feet.
The Railway Company to supply
all timber for the supporting of the
Resident Engineer,
Oranbrook, B. C.
diversion and return 1HU teet, natural,
lifOO feet   (rum   nest   ut  dam  tu  tail   race.
(Jj Area uf Crown land intended lobe
occupied  hy thu  proposed  works.    None.
(k) This iiutli'i- was posted un 'tie
Slit day of October. J010, nnd application will he iinide to the Commissioner
on the ustti du> ot Dooember, mlo.
II, l.ive the iinii.es, end addresses ut
any rliuttiuu proprietors or licensee,
who  ur   whose  lends     are  likely      to   lis
affected ny     the proposed work., either
above or below the outlet. Kootenny
Valley    Land   a pany,     Nelson.  1). c.
0 li.   Watson,   1'on   Steele.   H.  C;   Oeo-
rgo lioitgaiih. Oranbrook, ll. 0,| willium It ItoHs, Kernie, B..O,| Hi.aauol
Qoodwyn   ami   Han lut   Nelson.
11.   C.   Hydraulic     Power   Company,
Winch  Building
Vaucuiiver,   B.   O,
P. O.  Address. Crnnhrook,  B.  0.
I>„r  W.   I''.     Ill IIII,  Its  Solicitor.
1 Vole—Due ruble tout per socoud la
equivalent   to   RS.7I   miner's   Inches.
NinTCK is hereby given thnt so days
slier date 1 Intend to apply tu tho Hon.
Chiet Commissioner of Lands for a
license lo prospect for conl and petroleum over ilm following lunda. situate
in tha Dliirlot ot Southeast Kuounmy.
Ilritish Columbia, In Lot 4808
Commencing   "'  a post plnnted at or
nenr n miles due ensl ot the 88 mile poet
on tha 0. I'. It survey line which la ths
western boundary   of t.ut *m»h. and lev
Inn the N IS. corner post of Punlel K.
Higgeni rlnlm. thonco south eighty (80)
chnlns, thonoo west eighty (nil) chain.;
[tbence north nighty fM(l) ohnlnB; thence
ensl slghty (HU) rhnlns tn the point of
Commencement, making 040 acres, mora
ur  Is...
DANTBL  B.   IIICfiENS, Locator.
F.nthon   W.   Butts,  AgenL.
, William   E    Butts,   Witness.
| Located UU. lst Day et September 1010 New Interest is being shown in Cranbrook
Wa*ch our next week's issue.        The "Prospector" for Cranbrook.
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious
for Dinner
TJ K has bad ii luu'il day,
bin his tired body nnd
Fagged   brain   will  be
cheered by the sight ;iml taste
llf    11     IIU I     Uf     lifOf.Sl.'lllv.
done in ii turn and served up
with sntiiH nf those [rush
iiiiiun.. We kRow the ''hi
whioh  will suii  lum exactly
«llllll wn "oil I It .
P.   BURNS   <5_   CO.
Pbuoa 10
P. 0   Bui 3
I If It's Paint and Painting
J       We arc here with the CioucIm
Parker Hunt/., of Wardner, was In
tbe oity Wednesday on business.
ti.  BotteriU, o( Cront-ii was ui tin
City Tuesday.
A.  J.  Sebell,    of Jartrny,    whs    in
town  TiifHilay
d.  **,, Moaning, ol Wardtier. wns tit
tiiL- Oraabrook Tuesdny.
0   w, Smitbi ol    Parol-,    wns in
town Tuesday.
p   Woods, of Oberry Greek, wns ...
tbo city Tuesday on business.
Mrs.   J.   Wolf,   of   port   Steele,   was
a Cranbruuk visitor Tuesday
K.   Young, ui     Feruif. wns at    tlie
Koyai Tuesday
0, Hiiiier, ol Spokane, and t. m.
Broder, of Oalgary, ware nuoatB at
tbe Royal Sunday luat.
G, R, Turner, of Moyie, was in tbo
citj Sunday    lust, visiting   his wtfo
wbo   is   ill   in   the   t_Oaplt_U.
Obarap Olark is a great jollier, but
it is   dangerous foi     him to be   as
jolly  as be ran.
Caaiula, tspsoiaUj Uritisb Columbia enn sse through the reciprocity
agreement      it  msaui anuexation.
Mrs, \. Sashimi, ol WyoUfle, was
visiting friends Lu the city Wsilnss
Mis    llnlsal,   and      It    llnUnl.     of
Spokane,    were   rsgistsred    at   the
Oranbrook W idnesday,
There appsari to be a whole lot
more Lntsresi iu winning the Btau
ley cup than there Is m organising a
baseball league in ibe Grows Nest.
rhe Toronto World moans "is
tins a lree country?" Why, sure, it
you don't    like the way    it's  run,
you're free to lump il
If It's Wall   Paper
Paper Hanging
We can't be bet. t
_^^_———____——______—__a_——___*__________SK  *
Painter   and   Decorator \
Tun Farrtll. of Movie, was a f uest **in    u    p,   MoMatt  left  early this
at  the  Wentwortb Wednesday. *.■«„ for Medloiue Hat, where she is
looking    forward    to  ba\ inn  n  kouiI
Constable Morrts,  was at  Ktmber- tune with several ol her Irlends,
ley  Thursday on otlicial business 	
  "The OKI Man," Yred Simpson was
i.e..   Watson, of Fort Steele, spent In    town   this   week and is very en-
several days this week in the city. thU&last-Q    about   the    prospects    of
  Kamloops where he is now residing.
K    H.  Rosa, of Waldo,    a lumber- 	
man,  was m the city Wednesday WANTED a   housekeeper   ior six
  men.     Must be a good   cook,    Very
Mrs.   W    Jones.      of    Moyie,    was desirable  position.      Apply  t>     iJnx
shopping  in  Cranbrook  Wednesday '***• Moyie, B, C.                           .1 2 t
F   McMahon   ol Jaffray was m tbe
ity Monday.
Mrs.  H.  L.  Sawyer,  of  Marysville,
was shopping in tbe city Monday.
J. 0, McDonald, L. J. Dunham,
T. Carlson, s. Haybmn, and J. Wier
of Marysville, were registered at the
Wentwortb  Wednesday.
penses of Public Works (roads.streetH
bridges and wharves I, Cranbrook
Diatrict (additional to $68,000 voted)
to SlBt March, uni
The Alien Piny era are undoubtedly
keeping up tholr reputation as a first
elans company with the Oranbrook
theatre goars,  Tbey are enjoying the
privilege     ol     doing what lew other
companies are found capable of, and
tlmt ia playing before crowded lloUBOS
almost every night.
t>n Monday MIhh Vnrua :<'olton, tha
iMdtng liuly Bhowed ber splendid
gift as nn actress iu "Merely Mary
Ann." Here she was seen at hei
best. Tuesday eu'uing "The Second
Mrs. Tauquaray," was glvon, Wednesday ovonlng followed witb "Out   of
tin- Fold. Thursday night Miss Ver
na HYItou as "Magda," Miss FHu
Houghton as "Mario" and dr. Chun.
Dale as "Limit, Ool. .dliwirtso"
really weie exc.'ptunally good in
their parts. The Lieut, "ol. m bis
i irUms disownsrshlp of bis daughter
eprejontod thu part of an injured
parent to perfection, firm iu his puritanical beliefs and lus assertion of
bis soldiers right to command wns
especially worthy of all praise. MIhh
Felton, too, in her many different
roles she had to assume, frivolous,
scornful of holy men, solemn, a humble daughter, yet a high ia«'; with
large retinues of servants and tho
usual do nothing fol low eve at her
heels was perfect iu ouch the characters and exceptional in hi'' naturalness. Miss Kiln Houghton wan delightful as n dutiful little daughter
and sister, a comfort to her mother
and father and the pet of all comers.
This afternoon they are holding a
matinee when they will produce "Out
of the Fold." In the evening a popular comedy entitled "Hello, Bill"
will be rendered. This is on a par
with Charlies Aunt.
Barrister- uml Solu-nors,
B. C.
l-iirnsier,  ■Solicitor, etc.,
Btt-tlster. Soil-tor, und
Notary Public
Olllce—Reid Bui Id Inge,
P.L.S. & C IC.
Mining __i.gi-.e_r aud
B.C. Land Surveyor,
I'.(J   llox UM, I'tiimu 223,
W. Q.      Smith, of
the  city   Monday.
PHONE 340 P.O. Box 904
Steam and Hot Water Engineering Expert
Joyce, of Elko.
Monday last
J.   J.  Blnns,     of Calgary,    H.  H.
t'orbin,    was In   York,  of Winnipeg, and  C.   J.  Flag,
of Nelson, were guests at the Oranbrook Wednesday.
vas in town on
Hollow Ground     -     25 cents per pair
Hoys'Skates -     15 cents per pair
All classes of Cutlery     j
ground at Reason- ;
able Charges
yr)TK  nit.  UiUltl.
BAUK OF llll: iii.|i IMPERIAL BANK If ■ '1 I.I.I .N..
******** ••-."•    . ... ............,....,.,,.,,..„,
Importers of Foreign and Domestic        t
I.iiiuors. y
♦♦♦♦ 7
Melcher's Ked Cross Gin. I
**** -•■
Peter Dawson's Scotch Whiskey. I
********, I
A. C. BOWNESS       I
I   Baker St. Cranhrook, B. C.   I
********************** ♦*#*4«M«**4»M><»»»*#*t>.|_»W>
J. Brnsnau. ul Medicine Hat waa at
the Cranbrook  Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. N. 0. McKinstry.
left on Monday lor the coast.
C. H. McGrndy, ot Vancouver, waa
In the city Sunday last.
J. P. Murine, ot Toronto, was in
I the city Sunday last.
; V. H. Cochan, ot Spokane was at
the Cranbrook Sunday last.
N. Hanson, of Wasa, spent Sunday
Inst at the Cosmopolitan.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittic, of
Kort Steele, were In town Tuesday.
: H. Chapman, and C. P. Kroning,
jot Lethbridge, were gueats at the
Cosmopolitan Tuesday.
j Mrs. C. M. Shummera, of Kimberley, was a Cranhrook visitor on
I Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Penwlck, and
Miss Galbraith, of Port Steele were
Cranhrook visitors Tuesday.
R. H. Brown, and A. C. Llpbardt,
jof Fernie. were registered at tbe
Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mrs. W. J. Uren will entertain at
a tea iu behalf of the Ladles' Aid
Society on Thursday March 9th.
Mike Johnson, of Leask ft Johnson,
Mayook, had his arm broken whilst
down at the mill putting on a belt.
Investors should take note ot the
add appearing on the front page.
At the YMCA
Wallace W, Scott, of Dawson City.
is staying in the city for a short
time un business.
Mayor A. tv. Uleasdcl, ot Pernle,
wus  in  the city Wednesday on busl-
P, P, Chapman, nnd C. Knights,
01 Oalgary, were registered at the
Cranbrook  Thursday.
Misn House, and Miss Handley, ot
Marysville, were guests at the Royal
F. W. Macdonald, J. A. Copes, and
li. Weston, all of Calgary were Cranbrook  visitors Monday.
II. S. I'carce, and family of Nelson,
were guests at tho Craubrook Monday
.1. Jonas, II. Thomas, and F.
Wells, of Winnipeg, were registered
at the Oranbrook Monday
f, Hodgon, ol Mfirysvlllo, nnd p,
Foots, Ol Kimberley, were guests at
the Royal Monday.
II. It. Alnidlii, nnd C. R. Boyle, ol
Calgary, were guests at thc Royal
J. M. Collodnn, and W. I'utman.of
Lethbridge, were Crnnhrook visitors
Sunday last.
Vnughan Klmpton. of Windermere,
was a guest at the Cosmopolitan on
Sunday last.
A. F. Tait, of Calgary, O. McCarthy, of Vancouver, and J. M. Orr, of
Fernie, were registered at the Cos.
mopolitau  Wednesday.
A meeting of the Cranbrook-Fernie
Farmers' institute will be held In the
Y. M. 0. A. building, at Cranbrook,
on March 9tb, at 2 p. m. Subject:
General  hiiBiness.
R. S. Garrett, of the "Eutertainer"
came to our help this week when
we werc unfortunately shortbanded
! and had lots of work to do, and wo
appreciated his services.
: The lord mayor of Dublin says
| that he cannot keep house on $8,000
a year. Any newspaper man can
sympathize with him, for of course
^they couldn't do it.
i The German sutlragettes may dis-
Iturb the German government by
sending German girls out to marry
: Canadians, but what good will lt do
be suffragette cause?
I A man down In Ingersol wbo sold
bibles was sentenced for forgery.
This could not he said to be an
i evidence of good habits having boen
■ orrupted   by evil  communications.
There IB to be a meeting of the
I Board of Trade Tuesday ,lght and
(every member is requested to turn
out. There is some important bus-
jiness to transact aud a good allir.d-
iance is hoped for.
i Owing to the paper not having ar-
ived from the mills It Is Impossible
,for us to give the people of Cranbrook an eight, page paper this week.
Next    week, the March  11  Issue, you
shall have one.
| In real estate circles there wns considerable activity this week. A iiuni-
, ber of prospective purchasers wore In
j the city, nnd the various brokers
I report that large numbers are enquiring for good agricultural land.
They oipoct a rush ol settlers to the
'Kootenny vnlley In the spring.
; Thc Kootenny Telephone Lines are
certainly trying to do their best to
accommodate ovoryone in thc Koot-
;cnays by developing tholr lines in all
directions. Their latest addition is
opening up an exchange In Klko with
.fifteen   subscribers.     This   exchange
iwill be used as a switching point for
the Waldo and Bayneu Lake district.
It is a disappointment o Tlio
Prospoctor that, we have not boon
nblo to carry out our intentions this
week. Wo had intended giving to
Oranbrook nn eight page papor, full
j of Interesting reading, hut, not having
ocelved our paper (rom the mills wo
wore tumble to do so. Wntch next
week's Inline.
It is our purpose during tho month
Ol March to distribute the Prospector
throughout tho elty so thnt the clt-
'izcns will be able to seo Ior themselves the efforts wo are making to
give Crnnbrook a papor worthy of
nny home. If you do not recolvfl one
call at our office nnd you arc welcome to tnko one.
In tho votes and proceedings ol'the
Provtnclnl Legislature we find the
lollowing news Item: "Resolved that
a sum not exceeding $15,000 be gran-
ted to His Majesty to delray ths ti-
The funeral of thc late Andrew
Osliuni, who died at the st. lOugeuc
Hospital, Cranbrook, trom injuries
eceived while blasting, took place
last Sunday. Service was held at
Bcatty's Undertaking Parlors, Rev.
C. O. Main officiating. At the grave
side Secretary Roberts read the ritual of the Miuer's Union, and the
ritual of the Scandinavian Society
was read by Messrs Nordman and
Mitchell. The Consolidated Cumpany was represented by Superintendent,
McDougal, E. Nordman, C. Hanna,
and J. Cannon. Moyie city was represented by Messrs. Foote, Gwynne,
Johnson, Bonner and Lane. Much
sympathy was felt for the brother
wbo came all the way from Virginia
City, Minnesota to attend thc funeral.
There has been going on ln China
tor a lew years past a movement ol
political and social reform that will
startle thc unthinking world when
Its results begin to appear. It is
just ten years since the death of Li
Hung Chang, the greatest of Chinese
statesmen of whom the outside world
knows nothing definite. Alter he
had, with the aid of "Chinese" Gordon, suppressed the Tnlplng rebellion
in 1864 he rose rapidly to a position
of commanding Influence, and with
the exception of a brief Interval
marked by tbe disastrous war with
Japan, he held It till bis death in
1901. He had accomplished as much
as any one man could do ln creating
a navy, keeping the Empire territorially intact, and infusing Into he
minds ol his countrymen some ol
those western political ideas which
he appreciated while tie disliked
With tbo passing nt Ll Hung
Chang came a period ol confusion,
which made it difficult to see how
the Chinese Empire could tall to become the prey of Russia and Japan
indeed, had these two powers cooperated Instsad of antagonizing
each other there might have heen Ir-
rcpnrnble dismemberment of Chinese
territory. The younger statesmen
who are now invested with the management ol public affairs are earnest
anil intelligent in their policy, both
civil and military. They aro cautiously preparing to substitute parliamentary government for the old autocracy; they are organizing as rapidly as is compatible with efficiency
an army which will In a few years
be a million strong; they are building up a powerful Hoot ol modern
war vessels, small and large; above
all, they are learning Irom the western foreigners the necessity for all
kinds of reforms and the methods of
carrying them out. In ten yonra
from now China will be one of the
most powerful ol the great powers,
and will ho quite proof against either
Itunsiii or Jnpan, perhaps against
both In alliance.
It becomes an interesting quostlon
what the Chlnoso will try to accomplish when they find themselves able
to practice successfully not merely
dolonslvo strategy hut offensive methods. It Is quite certain thnt thoy
will try to clear Manchuria of all
foreign domination; thnt thoy wlll
endeavor to control, If not own, all
railroads, and that they will restrain
within narrow limits the territorial
franchises allowed lor many years
past to foreigners at their principal
seaporta tor trading purposes.
Physicians and Surgeons
01.ice at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons - - - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoans - - - - 2.00 to 4.00
Evenings  - - - -   7.30 to   8.80
Sundays 2.30 to   4.90
M.M.V..   V.S..
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto in 1898. Gradate and medalist of McKUIlp
Veterinary college, Chicago, III.
in 1900. Registered member ol
British Columbia association.
F. E. Corrison
Teacher of String and Standard Instruments. Choir
Phone J5J.
Vou do not Imve to
Paj duty ov express and
wiiil a month or six \vt-eknfor
the goods to arrive, when you
p.imiase irom
T can Mipply the every want
of Music Teat'lier. Music Bttl-
dents, Cbi)oor__Unffer>Chtirob
Choir, or Orchestra at
PKICBS which cannot he
hcalcu anywhere.
P. O. Box 224      Phone 335
Crunbrook,  -  Ilritish Columbia
prnubrook Lod.o, No,'84, A. R A. M
Itt.'K'uliir nicutlnirs oi
//,\\ the   third  Tlllirsdaj
AV  of overy month
Visiting brethren
t \  / \     ivplconmd.
B. W. CONNOLLY, Secretary
I (tricky Mountain Cliaptet •
| NU.   VII,.   It. A. M S
$     Regular meetings:—2nd Tuei   3
"C   day   111   uauh   mouth   at eight   |
%     Sojourning Companions  are
5  cordially Invited,
I B.    H. SHORT, Scribe H.
;|      Mux 2(12      eiuNimrioH, ll, c |
III Oim »>M   Mmim-lm  Hntb_r
.Shop enn now be (auud lu tb*
First Class Work lu
all   brandies of tbe
Ton so rial   Art
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
They lust a lifetime and cost
very little more than thrown
olther. catchpenny, cheap
machines. Sold on small
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avenue.
Phous 157. Oranbrook, B.O.
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Cream and
Home Made Candy
for   Sals or Rent at Reasonabls
Office* Workshop—.Lewis St.
Shone No. Is.
Steam Boiler,   Furnace,
anrl Seplic Tunk work
a spoolulty
Cost and slock .estimates
furnished un application.
Addr.s. : P. o. Bos 2«, Crnnbrook
Following are the ore shipments
Irom mines In the Cranbrook district, lor tbe past week and year to
St.     Bugene  220         1,176
Sullivan  814       17,624
We Deal ill Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of .Second'Hand Goodi
Furniture a SPECIALTY
S.ge's Old  Slund, Hanson Ave
Phoos »t
W.   R.   DEATTY
funeral Director,
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires A«-lle_
To Bugjj Wbssls
Repairing a Specialty.
PkOM 10     •  •  •     p. o. Bat IU.


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