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The Prospector Aug 27, 1910

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Array I.  ff.   atnutrott.
',   )
From The Masonic Sun
Wm.   Palmer   was   Shot  by
M. Hellar
Was Wounded by Posse and Died
From Effects at Fernie Hospital
A report waa received at Cranbrook
on Sunday morning, to the elect
that Wm. Palmer, son of Mra. Palmer, who runs tbe Kragg Hotel at
Waldo, a mutton on the Greet Northern, aouth of Klko, was shot twice
through the breast, und Killed on
Saturday evening, in the bur-room
of tbe hotel.
Tbe shooting woe done by a man
named Hellar, who lived oo u ranch
on Gold Creek. He'llar is auid to
have used a 30:30 Winchester ritle to
' lo his deadly work, and although
.unstable Lucy waa in the bouse at
the time, the man got away and is
still at   large.
From a man who was present' at
the time of the shooting, we learn
tbe following.
Hellar bad been in .the employ ol
Mrs. Palmer some time during the
spring or winter, but wus discharged
without being paid in full for bia service. Mrs. Palmer and constable Lucy
were in the dining room when the report of the rifle was hearb and tbey
ran to see what bod happened. When
they entered the room, Palmer was
bending over tbe bar with bis bands
to his breasts, be said: "Mother be
has killed me, I am shot through tbe
Hellar disappeared' while efforts
were being made to locate a doctor,
and to hate the Great Northern
train, then due, stopped, in order to
have Palmer taken to tbe hospital at
Fernie. When t^e" train stopped tt
was found tbat Or. Saunders was on
board, and on examination, hod the
young man taken on board! and, accompanied by his mother started for
Fernie, but be died' ' before reaching
that city.
Every effort is being made to locate
Hellar, who 1b supposed to have
taken to tbe mountains, and the
Wires were kept hot, sending word of
the murder, and a description of the
murderer, to the different towns in
the PasB and west to Cranbrook.
On Monday Hellar was located by
a posse nf provincial constables,
about half a mile from the scene of
the murder, and oh -refuslhg to surrender, waa shot hy Constable Gorman of Fernie. 'The' murderer was
armed, and attempted to resist the
On Tuesday, Hellar, thc murderer
of Wm. Pulmer, who wob shot while
resisting arrest, died from the effects
of his wounds at the Fernie hospital
at 5:30 Wednesday morning. . .
Opera House
Our local amusement managers are
quite busy at present arranging their
"menu" for thc present season, Ol
course of all the brat class attractions scheduled to appear at the
Opera House lor Wednesday August
31, none will be welcomed more gen-
erouBly than "The Burgomaster"
with thnt sterling actor Geo. C.
Weinburg as Peter Stuyvcsant the
old governor of New Amsterdam.
Pilley anh Luder have written many
musical successes, namely: "Prince of
Pllsen", "King Dodo", "Woodland"
and "Grand Mogul", but it wob in
the greatest ol all these, "Thc Burgomaster" tbat they scored their
flrst great and everlasting triumph.
Tbe present seasons offering is the
new edition of this musical masterpiece, and Manager Cullen has given
it a sumptuous mounting.
Cranbrook Fall Fair
All applications and tenders for
privileges and concessions at the
Cranbrook Fall Fair muBt be in the
hands ot the Secretary not later
than Thursday, September Sth.
W. B. Bardget, President.
F. DeVere Hunt, Secretary
At the meeting ol Grand Lodge ot
England on Wednesday, the Pro
Grand Master made an Interesting
announcement in regurd to his attendance at the funeral of the lute
King Kdwurd VII. Lord Ampthlll
said: "Brethren, may I make uu
announcement which may at llrst
sight uppear personal, but which Is
really official. I do not think It is
generally known that 1 was honored
by the gracious commands of His
Malesty to attend the funeral ot His
lute Majesty King Kdwurd Seventh,
at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, In
order to represent the Crult ln my
official capacity ns Pro Grand Muster. I had a letter from Earl Marshall, the Duke of Norfolk, telling me
tbis was His Majesty's express wish.
and that lt wae hoped it would be a
gratification to tbe Draft to know
that they were officially represented.
I may also remind you that these
who were honored with invitations to
8t. George's Chapel, Windsor, where
the accommodations was extremely
limited, were either the intimate personal friends of His late Majesty,
or else those who bed been privileged
to serve him In some close personal
capacity. I (eel it my duty to announce this, iii order tbat it may be
known among the Cratt that His
MaJcBty King George V., in his sorrow and tribulation, and .although he
1b not a Freemason, was not unmindful of the connection ol bis
august lather with the Craft."-The
Freemason's Chronicle, June 4th,1910.
T. Woods, ol Cherry Creek, was in
tho city Thursday on business.
A. L. Couzens, ol Marysville was ln
the city Wednesday on business.
. Choice Sweet' Potatoes at Stewart's
today. .      .
M. Campbell, ol Moyie, was in the
city Monday on business.
S. P.' W. Cook, of Jaflray, spent
several duys this week in the city.
H, Dhnmock, of Woyie, was.transacting business in town Wednesday.
Cucumbers, TomutoeB, Cantaloupes
and Blueberries at Stewart's.
Fred. South, ol Fcmie, was in
the city Wednesday.
L. McLaughlin, of Marysville, was
ln town Wednesday.
R. T . Richardson, ot Fort Steele,
was ln the city Wednesday.
Mrs. B. H. Short, 1b spending a few
days at Wasa.
Fancy Callfornis grapes, Malaga's
and Black Prince, at Stewart's.
0. B. Staples, of Wycliffe, wae in
the city Thursday.
F. Small, customs officer at Kings-
gate, was in the city Thursday.
R. Turner, ol Kimberley, was In
tne city Thursday on busluesa.
E. .7. Clayton, ol Mnrysvlllc, was
in the city Thursday dn business.
Hans Lund, of Marysville, was a
Cranbrook visitor Thursday.
II. Huggurd, oj St. Mary's Lake,
is in thc city for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittlc, and
Geo. Judo), ol Fort Steele, spent Wednesday In the city.
H. 8. Mather, Miss Mather, and
Geo. Geary, ol Fort Steele, werc
Cranbrook visitors Thursday.
A. MoAulcy, oi Fernie, was visiting
friends in this city the llrst part ol
this week.
Tf Sowcrbutts made a business trip
up the Kimberley branch TucBday and
G. W. Patmore and lamlly returned
Wednesday from a trip to coast
A. J. Fisher, of Fornte, passed
through on 213 Friday on 'ils way to
the Liberal Convention at Nslson.
F. 3. Deane, end M. A. Macdonald
left for Nelson Friday to attend thc
Liberal convention in thnt city.
Hnzorwood tec Cream and Hazcl-
wood double Jersey Buttermilk at
Choice preserving peaches, plums,
crab-apples, pears and apples at
The Simpson Opening
The devotees ot "My Lady Nicotine" with tbe opening of the F. K.
Simpson Company's new store on
Saturday evening last, can now have
all their wants tilled however particular. The new "smoke emporium"
is lltted up In a most thourough manner to cater to tbe taste* ot the particular smoker, and a coiy little den
equipped far the transaction of business or where one may write a letter
undisturbed Is not tbe least ol tbe
attractions. Than waa considerable
rivalry amongst "Dad" Simpson's
friends as to who would have the
honor of spending the flrst money
over the counter, and J. L. Brown
considered himself the lucky winner.
Many of the people In town bar*
questioned as to whether then wa*
room for a wholesale nd retail tobacco establishment la Kamloops,
and tbe best answer to thiB was th*
thronga visiting the new place aod
the big record on th* cash register at
the close ol the evening's business.
F. E. Simpson A Company have come
to stay—Kamloops Standard.
"The Burgomaster"
f',us Weinburg and the Gay Soubrettos in "The Burgomaster
Poultry Convention
The first Poultry convention of the
province of British Columbia met at
the call of the Live Stock Commissioner, in Convention Hall, Vancouver, at 10 a. m., August 18th, with
delegates irom 10 local associations
present and a large number ol private
poultrymen. It was resolved to lorm
a Provincial Poultry Association, and
a board ol directors was elected consisting of one from each local association. The directors elected were
Mr. E. R. Bnlc, ol Barnaby, president; Mr. Nuchtrieb; vice president;
and Mr. M. Jull, Live Stock Commissioner, financial secretary. A constitution was drafted and adopted
with by-laws. The directors will
hold oflice for thc remainder of this,,
and throughout next year as it was
felt that live months was too short
to give them an opportunity to get
the affairs of the assoclution unlier
way. An executive was appointed
consisting of: Hon. Minister of Agriculture President, Deputy Minister of
Agriculture Vice-President, and
Secretary; also Mr. T. Edwards, ol
Victoria, and Mr. W. Stonehouse of
Vancouver. An appropriation ol
$300 was voted to local associations
at Victoria, Vancouver and Nanaimo
Ior winter poultry shows, und $150
each for up country associations
holding a show. The. local associations will receive constitutions uud
bylaws, togethor with u full report
of meeting in a few days.
A. B. Smith.
Forest Fires.
On Sunday evening a large forest
fire was burning north of Cranbrook
and east of the North Star mill,
which is located on Hospital creek.
During Saturday night, the Are
which was in an Incipent stage, was
seemingly under control, with some
ten or twenty men employod to prevent its spreading. But the high
wind ol Sunday alternoon, started it
aircsh, and SuntUy night it was rapidly assuming alarming proportions.
At Palmer's ranch, employees were
busy during the week putting out
tires that had reached a large number ol sawlogB. A force of men
nnd teams were kept busy ln getting
these logs to tho mill.
"Tne Burgomaster", a musical
comedy in a new dress, thanks to
Qua. O. Weinburg, who, by the way,
will be seen In bis original part of
Peter Stuyvesant the Burgomaster ol
New Amsterdam, will be tbe strong
attraction at the Opera House next
Wednesday, August 31. Tbe Vjok
baa been allgbtly altered, and to better it, tbe dialogue brightened up,
and dancing numbers all gone over
and several new one s Introduced;
many catchy, tilting, vhistleable
songs interpolated, while all the
original 'bits have been retained. The
costuming, re arranging and a general complete renovatlan will be noted.
Mr. Weinburg will be supported by a
company of fifty people Including tbe
original Kangaroo Girls.
At The Opera House
Burned at Kimberley
| Last Friday morning about two
o'clock fire waa discovered in a small
cottage owned by H. W. Drew, although every eflort was made to save
the building, the fire having gained a
strong start, it was completely destroyed. The loss is about $1,500
with no insurance. This is the
second attempt that has been made
in thc past two months, and it is
evident that some party or parties
havo u grudgo against Mr. Drew  This
J building has not    been occupied   Ior
'several months.
Miss Caldwell, ol Greenwood, spent
scvernl days this week with friends
in the city.
Rev. O. A. Boll, uml wife ol Aults.
ville, Out., are visiting with their son
0. A. Boll, of the O. P. R. stall.
W. J. Atchison, formerly ol Beattie
& Atchison Is spondlng sevcrgl days
in the elty combining business with
Mr. and Mrs. Dufoiir nnd Inmily of
Calgary arrived in thc city on Friday
and have taken a resilience on Arm-
stroog avenue.
Miss Vno Vlict, who has been
spending her summer holidays with
Mr. and Mrs. D. Hyndmun, left on
Tuesday Ior Eholt, B. C.
Ira Foster, brother ot James Foster, driver for the fire brignde, was
taken to the hospital Wednesday ill
with typhoid fever.
D. McFarlane, accountant for the
Taylor Lumber Co., Kimberley,
spent the week end with his faint,y
in this city.
KIDDO stallion; a lour yenr   old,
iestnut, weighing 1,100 pounds, will
stand at thc Cranbrook stables.
Hutch" Is n real estate mnn oj no
mean repute. He Is a rustler and
has a breezy suppty of optimism always on tap.-Mwrttt H«r»ld.
Mr, and Mrs. C. M. VanWormer, returned on Friday from a visit with
friends In Dakota. Wisconsin, and
W. Steward, clerk at the Royal
Hotel, returned on Sunday last, from
a months visit ut the coast. Mrs.
Steward and family will not return
tor another mouth.
J. W. W. Stewart, managing director, nnd R. S. Flotcher, superintendent of agencies for thc Monarch
Life Insurance Co., of Winnipeg,
spent several days this week conler-
ing with their local agents Messrs.
Ward & Little.
John Hutchison, of Crnnbrook, arrived in town Wednesday, "Hutch"
as he 1b labeled throughout the
Kootenays, is greatly impressed with
the possibilities ol the Nicola and intends to pitch his tent here. When
not exhausting his surplus energy at
some other worthy time ol endeavor,
A base ball nine from Whiteflsh
Mont., will play tho local nine here
on Monday and    Tuesday  afternoon.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will be askod to
pitch tho llrst ball in Tuesday nlter-
noan's game.
E. D. Bhnckclton returned Thursday after completing the purchase nl
an improved hall section of land
nenr Cayley, Attn. The consideration la understood to be. about
'. During the past week The Pringle
Company have been playing at tbe
Opera House. This company are up-
to-date in their work and deserve tne
patronage they secured.    On Monday
'evening they presented "My Sweetheart," and as a typical down eastern lurmer, it would be hard to beat
J. Pringle; while    Florence    Pringle
, uctcd tbe part ol the farmer's daiigh-
! ter to perfection. Miss Meade was a
perfect society woman, and the support given hy Port Warfield, Gerald
Clute, and Miss . Brown left nothing
[ to be desired. Al. McKay In specialties made a funny boy.
! The Tuesday evening attraction was
"Two Married Men" and "Wanted a
Wile." On Wednesday was "Young
Mrs. WinthroP" On Thursday, they
presented "Paid in Full." And on
Friday that laughable comedy "Mire.
Temple's Telegram," and Saturday a
"Wise Womanf"
Tbe comments made on the first
nlght'B performance coukl be repeated
ol every Bhow put on by this compnny, each ember doing tneir part
and doing it well. ManagTr Fraser
Is to be congratulated on securing
pany, each member doing their best
and doing it well. Manager Fraser
come on their return to Cranbrook.
The next attraction will be here on
lHedneshay night, when "The Burgo-
'master" will be played.
Sir Wilfrid Coming.
Tuesday afternoon Sir Wllfrtd Laurier, Premier of Cunnda, will deliver
an address ln thc Skating Rink, and
strong committees arc nt work making every arrnngement to have Ms
welcome to this city worthy ol the
city and the man. Mr. E. H. Small
with a large force ol workmen are
busy decorating thc rink.
ln receiving, nnd welcoming Sir
Wilfrid to Cranbrook, let us drop the
political partyism, and us citizens
give to 8ir Wilfrid, as Premier of tne
Dominion, the most cordial and
heartiest welcome possible, let us
decorate and put the city In gala
attire, and turn out "en masBo" and
hour what thc (oromost citizen ol
Canada has to any to us.
W. A. Rollins and W. Vlets spent
Thursday nf Sand Creek llBhing. if
thc specimens shown to a representative ol tho Prospector ls an example
of tbo catch, these gentlemen are to
congratulated on their luck
How the Government Mishandle
the Question
One of the Questions tht Pre.
mler Does not Like to Hoar
Sir Wilfrid Laurier ia Warning that
British Columbia object* to Oriental
immigration. Th* occasion ia opportune to recall an incident of th* past.
It was ia 1906 that tbe Canadtaa-
Japaneee convention was concluded
which gave the Japanese lree ingrees
into Canada, tn moving to ratify
thla convention Sir Wilfrid Laurier
laid th* papers connected with th*
subject on the tabl* la so studiously
unostentatious a manner tnat nobody
ia the House noticed them. When
tbey had been carried oil to tb* custody of th* officials of th* Hous* a
Liberal member tool* car* to borrow
them and kept them out ot sight.
Thus tbe House passed th* legislation without detecting, aad without
the government informing It aa to
the real eflect of the arriagunut. la
due time there same aa influx ot
Japanese and there wu Imitate.
Then the papers came to light....The
story tney told wa* singular.
The Canadian-Japanese CoOT*ntion
of 1906 was simply aa arrestment
whereby the Anglo-Japan Treaty
of tbe early nineties waa aud* to
apply to Canada aa well aa -o Great
Britain. It turned out tbat when
the treaty wm concluded th* fcritiah
Government ban. provided that- -It
should not apply to Canada, Aistia-
lia and other portions of the overseas Dominions without their special
consent; and that it did it largely
because of the immigration difficulty.
In writing to the Canadian government on the subject the Colonial
Office adviaed it to Pass legislation
similar to the Natal Act. aad aa
to guard Its shores agalnso an influx
of Oriental labor. The Conservative
government prior to 1896 showed
anxiety to guard thiB point but went
out of oflice before tbe matter cam*
to a bead. The Colonial OfBce repeatedly pressed the Laurier government to take action along the lines
of the Natal Act, but lt did nothing and Anally negotiated the Convention with Japan, (1) doing nothing to safeguard labor from Oriental
competition; (2) omitting letting tn*
House know that any such suggestion
had been made to It. Finally, when
the British Columbia government
took to pasalng the Natal Act, the
Lnurler government steadily disallowed lt, asserting that Its action
was prompted by Imperial considerations. Then the Vancouver riots occurred, and the Laurier government,
which had allowed the situation to
drift, had to send an envoy to Japan
and to invoke the help ot tbe Imperial Governmeot.
Keep Your Eye on the Gun
Deputy Game Warden Jas. Bates,
wishes to call the attention of all
sportsmen to the fact that while th*
BeaBon for shooting ducks, geese and
deer, opens September lat; th* season for grouse of all kinds and prairie chicken does not open until October 1st, gnd last* only tor the month
ol October.
Monday ovenlng August 29th the
Baseball club are giving a dance in
tho Opera House. The boys have
been playing good ball all this season and have mad* a name for themselves and lor Cranbrook In base
ball circles. Tne tlcketB for tbe
dnnco aro $2 and the finances of tbe
club need replenishing. Buy a tleket
and help the ,club along.
School opens on Monday morning
and the toneh'frs who have been away
on their holidays aro returning. Miss
Currio, who has been spending her
holidays with her brother In Nelson
returns today. Miss Alward, a sis.
tor ot Miss A. Z. Alward Is expected
to be added to the staff. \
®lje jyrofivcctov.
A. B. GRAoE.
Subscription   -     -     $j.oo l
't'r Yuur
Advertising rutis   made   riii
own mi
a fl  R •   .
<UNIOc.   ♦*.   1 MUL. •
it is argued that the beautllul
Btorieti ot the Now Testament, modern
[Uustrations ol Ohrtstlan heroism and
the thrilling tales »>i the Old Testa
tnenl would draw and ontortaln tbo
poor Since it is right to use music
to capture tbo crowd, it can not be
wrong to employ pictures Ior the
same purpose and with religious oh-
Jects iu view,
TO HUNT.    Bachelor^ apartments,
Apply tu UKATTY.
h. w   Drew, o) Kimberley, was In
the ctitj Thursday on business,
Mm- berries ;tt
History repeats itself,
speakers     ffe shall   see
what'   on 'lit* 30th Inst
Tin' wuvt' ol prosperity ovor run
nlng the country bas nol necc ltat«l
any increase In the capacil i * a
church collection plates
pi ■
This ■ storj   I
A man died and   wenl
place, where ht   '
nnd overbearing manner.
tin- devil   ap proa* I ed    bim and   mid
"Wh<   are j        inywaj     \ ou ael  its
though you owned   the   p ai •
.1" own     it     replied thi    mai
A     ■•■,-■'. ■ t    tO    I
Sir   Wilfrid     Lauriei     dei   irei
Oalgary last Saturday     tb ■•
Ueved flrsl In Gad and next
da.   Thi   itbtemenl
tying, fur some   unkind   critics were
under the Impressli      •    «
in himself and    next in bia
There are two classes ol nien whu
are tv disgrace if uny community,
They are tbe knocker uud the man
who can boo uu good in anything of*
fored bj his noighbor, which Is intend
ed to help along tbe district, but
u ill. mi ihe   other   band use    every
■ i.i,, iiniii up any under
taking which may havo that ond in
\ lev Luckily we have vei y [«w ol
I -nt in. o in i this place, and none
would ii grel I he lose "i i he tow we
■ ave, Wo hould nil look m these
■ ' h;it m hal helps
i.'.i in, tbboi - and the dlsl Wd as a
whole,     aleo    helps   outwit o    even
be  ntUreotly    Merritt Her
Cucumbers, tomatoes,   ix«e*ieu and
plums ut Stewart's today.
VI   rci   .ins bear i
thai WtUri
I p|      i :,    ' ■■■
,    i   ■
apprehensions as tc
l     Li
i be Imipres
ram tci     n
ims bean ol it
n     him   lively
ihe Future      U
The partnership heretofore existing
between Y. A Russoll and it it Ben
edtel has been dissolved by mutual
consent* P. w. Ruwell will oontlnue
the business and will colleol and pay
ull accounts due or owing t.» the late
Y   a   RU88BLL
i\UgUtt,  Lfith   IBOfl .M.lS
IIAK\ \-\     McC \K L'EF
anh   M u DONA) D,
Barristers aad SoUottoi'B,
PuUOroJ Director,
The public is not always (ust to
newspapers. There are too many
people ready t^ ftekt that printer's
ink should be given away as if it did
cost anything, whereas they might as
well ask the grocer for free 3Ugar
the manufacturer for a free baby
carriage. Tbe Belling of printer's
ink Is a business, much like any
other business, unit it Buffers at times
from excessive demands from people
who want something (or nothing,
The best newspapers are those which
are run on business principles, anh
which demand a reasonable amount
of profit from every branch of the
Industry they curry on. Tlie concern
that gives free advertising and free
subscriptions will always be in dan
Ker of encountering the fate that hot*
overtaken the venerable and once
powerful Boston Herald.
If the city really ban the right to
regulate the exhibition of fight pictures why not regulate them to prevent minors from attonding them
and let grown up men decide for
themselves whether they want to see
them or not. The paternalism of
Dr, iSpoticer who would by by-law,
prevent all    men   from seeing     that , ,
wtilc limsotf considers wrong but ""PKortal him anil
which in not necessarily wrong because Dr. Spencer thinks it is, is an
intolerable nuisance which should not
In; permitted in any free city. Dr.
Spencer would rob all men of individual choice in matters of conscience
and be is prepared to supply a ready
made code of morals and under tlie
guise of a law to force his code upon
the public,     Thr founder     of Chris-  - .       , ..   . r     t     .
did not ask lor    any of   the  the "»" °f mealy-mouthed kowtowing
to powers unscrupulously is past.
It all     means   that the West   has
turned against Laurier.
is not Ukelj thai the Premier caret*'
very much about tbe act ual expi n
ol ins trickery on the tarlfl issue; he
is h hardened sinnei in the matter ot
promising anything to anybody and
everything to everybody, und a little
■    ■     ike being caught  has oeasod
to embarrass him      What really mail
■   [act   lhat the    electorate
ha •   eased t    u eat  him respectfully;
has broken   loose   trom   do*
K r a ga d   many years   Su    Wll-
■".    has beon treabed     with
sitive   adulation        His    political
hai i  treated him with   a '
politeness    which the   Liberals never
showed  ■     >.:   John Hacd nald,   his ,
;  to  the earth   before (
bim.     When he undertook the Western tour the most     careful  preparations were made   to ensure   him   the
clamorous reception to which be hu*» ;
crown    accustomed.       Uut  the  plans
went wrung.     The Western,  particularly the   Western Liberals      of   the
old school, refused to treat hnn with
veneration and instead met him with
a blunt charge of   having     betrayed
bis party's  policy.      Time and  again
he wan Informed in plain Knglish in
the   Btralghtest    way that     he   has
broken his promises.     He was open- ■
ly told that tbe Westerners did   not
believe his promises about the   Hud-
son Day  Railway,   because tbey  bad
Been su many of his promises broken, j
The platform of tH02 was shaken un- j
der his     nose hy old   Liberals—tbat
waa tbe part tbat hurt -and   it   was
asked why he failed to carry it out.
One incident is typical. Let the
Neepawa Register speak: "Twelve
farmers, all members of the party led
hy Laurier, spoke in turn, each dealing with a different topic and denouncing tbo Premier for betrayal of
the promises upon which they had
urged his return
to power; they showed him where he
fulled in tbc greatest chance ever
placed in the hands of a Canadian to
make history that would redound to
his credit. Tlie event was the turning point in Canadian politics In one
respect. It indicated that not even
such means as held the west for
Laurier heretofore can hold it again,
perhaps it indicated even more—that
Barrister, Solicitor,
B, C
Barrister, Solictor, and
Notary Public
Office   Reid Buildings,
u.LS. & CE
B. C
Mining Engineer mid
B.C. Land Surveyor,
I '.(J   llox 236. t'hnlie 2'>3.
I Kmky Mountain Chapter I
* NO    IU,   It. A. M, ■
Rogular tnoetlugu Unti Tuw
day in aaou month ei aiglit
Hnjouralng Companion! ars
ounllally Invltod
ii.    ii. BHOBT, Borlbt n>]
n,n iieu
W. Cline
oi ttie old Mmiiioiitt Dtrber
Bhopotn no's uu loiniil in iin'
KMrat class Work In
nil   tirani'tttM  of the
t Tonsorial   Art I
E. K P. & P. House
Wo handle Flour, Feed, liny and ('.ruin. Iliittcr. Kgg«, Caan'
Qoodi ol mil kinds; Potatoos, Harness, Tun and CoHta. our uric
nre right,    Your patronage Bollolted.
East Kootenay Produce & Provision House
} George  R.  Leask  & Co. |
Dr. E. W. Connolly \
Physician and Surukon
Office! Armstrong Ave
2 to 4 p.m.
.lo Srp.ni-
X    Phone Office   10S.
M.M.V..   V.S.,
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto in 1898. Gradate and medalist of McKUUp
Veterinary college, Chicago, III.
in 1900. Registered member ot
British Columbia association.
tlanlty did not ask tor
legal backing   which His     s<> called
followers ami  expounders     o^ today
aro constantly intriguing, wirepulling
nnd whining for. -Saturday Sunset.
District   of   Kast Kooteuay
A prmicher came at a aewapaper
man in this way: You editors do not
tell the truth. If you did you could
live; your newspapers would be a
fuilure. The editor replied: "touare
rigtjt and the minister who a-i11 at
all times and under all circumstances
tell the whole truth about his members, alive -ir dead, will not occupy
h ,-, pulpit more 'Iihh one ^unday,
an<l then he will nnd it necessary to
F. E. Orrison
Band, Master City Band.
Teacher of String and Standard Instruments. Choir
trainer.   Orchestra furnished
Phone 2$$.        CRANBROOK, B. C.
Take notice that William W.  Rich-
mood, of Traverse City,  Mich., occupation Lumberman, intends to   apply
'or permission     to   purchuse the fol-
lowing described lands:   Commencing
at a post planted twenty chains west
und eighty chains south of Mile post
No. :t on the SOth parallel, said post i
being the southwest corner of Timber I
Licence No.     1G84S, tbence     west   40 |
chains, thence south 20 chains, tnence
west 2fl chains, thence north 111", chains |
thenee east CO chains,    thence   south |
ranbrook Lodge, No. 34, A. P. A. M
Regular meeting** on
the third Thursday
of every month.
Visiting brethren
W. CONNOLLY, Secretary
lea^town "«ua hurry.   Tne W.»d   40 chains to the place of commence-
the ptflplt go band in hand with
whitewash brushes and pleasant
words, tbagnlf) mg little virtue* into
big ones The pulpit, the pen and
the gravestone are thi gn at saint
making triumvirate And the mln
later Went away looking very thought
ful while fh.' ■•■:. u ' .: n ■. to h.s
work, and told of the tmeurpawing
beauty ol the bride, while in fact be
was as homely as a   mud fence
What are the churches to do? In
Chicago a sixth of tin- entire papula
tion spend Sunday evenings in 166
places of amusement a hei ■■■ moving
pictures are tb*' chiei attraction Thc
theatres und thc 10 and 5.cent shown
■ are thronged, tho
tended. Presumal
Is the same practic
rit.y of the Unlti
nm thf church, it
dor, and earnest na
ligonce, high aims and good faith, to
provide mirh attractions gratis for
the poor iii order to win them und
■minister to then   spiritual needs?
containing 280 acres, more   or
July 25th
1910. M
s !
Meets In Uurmen'a Hull 2nd all 4th
Thursday ot cucli nit.utb at 8 p m
A. Mcl'iiwnn, Chlel   R„»ger
C. A. Abbott, Secretary.
Vlaltlng Brethren made wtlcom*.
' E W A R
Pruit Slore.
cburche ■ Thinly Rt-
,ly ti,< Ituatlon
ally In every "'l»'i
.,|      St.Jll'-:: lll.i'llt
t hh1'.*.'I :n n\\ fun
i by men <»( >ni.'-\
Choice Oranges. Lemons
Bananas   Figs    Dates
Sweet Potatoes
Hot House Lettuce
Rhubarb     Cranberries
Stewiirt'i) (InoClincoliilos
F. O. Et.
Muot every Friday at S p.m
Visiting  Hrotriers Cordially   Invited
W. B. Johnson, netlne; president.
w. p. a.
Aerie Physician,
Carter, acting Sec.
P.   O.   Box 28.
ArtnutrftiiK Avn
Mtiti ever/ second nnd fourtl)
W«dnctdny al new Fraternity
Hall. Solourlng Rtbtltahl Cor'
dlally Invited.
N.O. MIbb E, Johnston
Bee. Miss A. IIInlienlHjI.liain,
We De;il in Everything From
u Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand, Hanson Ave
Phone 951
P ans, Specifications
and Estimates
********************** **********************
Por   Sale or Rent at Reasonable
Office& Workshop—Lewis St
"hone No   W.
,i l\
Rubber Tires Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty
Phone B0     •  •   •     P. O. Boi
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Crear   and
Home Made Cand3
Singer Sevin?
Machines do
the Best Work
***<^ty****4^***^4**** **********************
They last a lifetime and rosi
very little more than throw
ogether, catchpenny, che;i|
machines. Sold on snuil
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avenue.
Phone 157. Oraabrook, B.C.
H.   W.   DREW,   Proprietor.
HOTEL g™rb">ok'
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
j| The   Wentworth
!    J. H. McDONALD Proprietor
On Baker stteet, one door west
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
^^^^^^J Gold Standard
Teas and GoSae
Our whole time is devoted to your wants, in the J
Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every ♦
article that leaves our store.
We will thank our customers to advise us if at any \
time goods are received that are not No. i quality.
Staple and Fanoy Grocers NOTICH
NOTICE la hereby   given
that   30
thence North eliilitf
thence   West   niulny
eha ns;
days alter date I Intend to apply to lo the point ol commencement,
the Honourable  obici  Oomrow onoi   ng i<o bcicm more ot less.
ol Lands lor a   licenso   to   pruayott i.i.ciiteil this 24th d.y ol May,  1910,
lor coal and petroleuni over the lol- j LADE W. WUAi, Locator
lowing landa, situate in tht district Kuihen W   Uutts, .unit
ol Southeast Kootonay, In Lot  I5'.I3: '    Will mn li. Hutts,   Ualph    I,.    Bur
Commencing nt a   post   plauteil at! Hut-ham, Witnesr.e.-i 2'J li
or near I miles due Kant   ol  the   31    — ■	
mile poet on O, r.   R.   survey;  l,ne, | NOTIOB"
hlch la the WohIi ro boundary ol Lot I 	
4393 and being  the Southeast cornei |
poat ot J. S. Uracc's claim
thence North eighty   (KU;   chains;
thence Vent   eighty   iSOi   cha.nsj
tLsn.a South eig ity   180)  chalm;
thence Bait   eighty   iSC)   chaias;
to Uie point ol commencemtnt,   musing 640 acrea mora or lesa.
Located th.s 28th day ol May, 1910.
J. 8, r.KAi'K, Locator
Kathen W. Butts, Agent
„„llatu K.   ', 'tts,  Witness 2'i .13
J01i„i,y. MASON, Locator
h," Tien W. Uutts, Agent
Wlllam B, Mutts,   Halph   L.   Hnr-
llugham, Witnessed 29 3:1
NOTIOB is hereby given that 30
daya after date I Intend to apply to
the Honourable Chief Commlaalonei
ol Landa Ior a license to prospect
(or coal and petroleum over the lollowing landa, situate ln the district
ot Southeaat Kootenay, In Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 12 mllea duo Bast ol the 34
nile post on C, P, It. suney line,
'hlch la the Went< rn boundary ol Lot
S99 and being the Southwest cormr
poat ot Joseph S. liinn i'n claim
thence North eighty   (KO)   chains;
thence Baat   eighty   180)   chaina;
thence South eighty   (80)  chaina;
thence  West   eighty   (80)   chains;
to the point ot commencemtnt,   making 640 acres more or less.
Located this 17th day oi May, 1910.
Bathen W. Butts, Agent
Will am B. Butta, Ralph L. Burllngham, Witneasea 29-33
-•    •- NOTICB
1 ee j 8tcB ia herehy   given   that   30
'n    shatter date I Intend to apply to
• ilonourable   Chlel   Commissioner
indB lor a   license  to   proapect
i   nl and petroleum over Uie lol-
,; lands, situate ln tho district
thcest Kootenay, in Lot 4593:
i.iinic.nung at a  post   planted at
or near 9 mllea due Bast ol   the   42
iile post on C. P.   R.   suney  tine,
hich Is the Western boundary of Lot
and be  g the N rthwest   corner
ust oi John Q. Mason's claim
t erne South eighty   (80)  chaina;
thence Baat  eighty   (80.)   chaina;
thence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence  Weat   eighty   (80)    ha.ns;
i i .he ,,oint ol commencement,   malting 040 acres more or leaa.
oc .ted thla 23rd day ol May, 19111.
.OTICB la hereby given that 30
lays after data I intend to apply to
the Honourable Chlel Commissionei
ol Lands lor a llcenae to proapect
lor coal and petroleum over the lol
lowing lands, situate in the districi
ol Southeaat Kootenay, In Lot 4598
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 13 miles due   Bast ol the 34
lie post on C. P. R, survey I.ne,
.hlch ls the Westirn boundary ol Lot
693 and being tha Southwest corner
post ol Ralph L. Burllngham'a claim
thence Bast  eighty   M)  chains;
thence North eighty   (80)   chaina;
thence  Weat   eigbty   (80)   eha ns;
thanes South eighty   (80)  chains;
to the point ol commencement,   making 640 acres more or lees.
.,ocated this 17th day of May, 1910.
Bathen W. Butta, Agent
W. Brock, Witness 29-33
NOTIOB is hereby given that u
■ lays ufter iiuu I intend to apply tn
the ilonourahlu Chiel I ntiiitii.-.muiiei
ol Lauds lor a licciisu to proapect
tor coal and petroleum over the lol
lowing lands, situate in the district
A Southeast Kootenay. iu Lot 4598:
Commencing at a post planted at
or nenr 7 ml es due east ol the 43
mile post on 0, I'. R.   survey   Hue,
bich is the Westirn boundary ol Lot
.,'".-,, mid io ng the Northcgat cor
ant post ol   i bailee 1,.     Pauls! n's
luiin, tlience south eighty un
chains, thenee west eighty (80) chains
lum e uorth eighty 80) cbains,
thenee east eighty l»") chaina lo tin
point of coiiiiiieuci-liielil., musing 041.
acres, more or less.
Located this 24th day ol May. 1910,
Bathen W. Hutts, Ageut.
V.lllam B. Butta, Ralph L. Iluillit:
am,  witnesses. J9-38
NOTICM is hereby given that 31
lays after date I intend to apply to
Jut Honourable Chief Oommlssionei
if Lands Ior a license to proBpect
or coal and petroleum over the foi
.owing lands, situate in the district
if Southeast Kootenay, iu Lot 4598,
Commencing at u post planted at
or near 3 miles due Mast ol the 31
nile post on O, P. R. suney I.ne,
.'hlch Is the Westirn lioundury ol Lot
■i'i! and being the Southwest corner
,iost ol T. B. Pom's claim
thence North eighty   («0)   ehuins;
thence Baat  eighty   i Hi' i   chaina;
thence South eiguty   (80)   chaius;
thence West eighty ine, iha.ns;
to the point of commencement, malting 040 acres more or less.
Located this 28th day of May, 1910.
T. B. I'OLK, Locator
Bathen W. Butts, Agent
William E. Butts, Witness 29-38
NOTICE is hereby given tbat in
lays after date I intend to apply to
.be Honourable chief OommUstonei
of Lands Ior a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over the lollowing lands, situato In the district
ol Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4093.
Commencing at a poHt planted ut
or near 9 miles due Mast of the 42
nile iiost on 0. P. R. suney line,
hich ls the WesUrn boundary ol Lot
4593 and being the Northeast cornel
post of Thomas W. Mason s claim
tbence Soutb eighty   mil)   chains;
thence  West   eighty   imi,   ihans;
thence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence Bast   eighty    180)   chains;
to the point of cominenceuuiit,   in.,.:
lag 640 acres more or less.
i.ocated tbis 23rd day ol May, 1910.
Bathen W. Butts, Agent
William E. Butta, Halph L. Uur-
llDgham, Witneeses 29 3„
NOTICB is hereby   given   tbat   30
Iof Southenst Kootenny, i
Commencing nt a   poet
or nea,  11 nine* ilm     ^^^^^^^^^
tulle poet mi i . I'.   lt.   sunoy   nun,
hich is tbu Woatiin boundary ol Lot
593 anil la iug   the Southeast oornsr
punt  oi   l luster   It.   Paulsons cttllll
, thenco North eighty nm, ehuins;
; llieiei' Went eighty tSiii ,h.ins;
j bnoniti Sollti eiguty iHU) chains;
I I lieiu e Mast eighty *8t'j chains;
to lbe point ol t'oiiiineiieeiuini, making i,io acres more or lct,s.
Located tins loib day ol May, 1910.
UHhlmluirl  It.  PAULSON,  Locatoi
Bathen W. l..n... Ageut
Will.am  I.    I,..Its,    l.ulpb    L.    tlur-
llugb.iin, Witucbi.es 29-88
Lot 4593: the 30th     September next   by rev;!*
planted at tared mail addrossed    to lbe   undor-
Musl ol  tho   32 signed, hi* name and address itnu tnc
*♦♦«.♦***«.?>*«*«>« ******* **********************
lu.. ,.... .iciiliurt of bis claim or Inter
est, und n statement   oi his account
ami   tile      nature  ol    tbe security, iii i
any) held by bim.
Alter tlie mud last mentioned iia,.u
the Administrator will proceed wall
tlie distribution ot the estate having
regard to those claims oiuy oi whitu
he shall havo hail notice.
Dated ut oranbrooK,    this bib duy
ol  August,  1910.
iji'.insii  Administrator.
NOTICB is hereby given that 30
luys after data i Intend to apply to
.lie iiniioui'i.l lu Chlel Commissionei
,1 Lands lor a license to prospect
or coal alul petroleum over tlie fol
owing laiiilH, situate in the district
if Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4598:
Commencing at u post plunted ut
ur neur 12 miles due Must of tbe 31
nile post on ('. P. R. survey I.ne,
bich is tbe Westirn boundary of Lot
593 and being tho Southeast come,
post ol Joseph S. Hunncr's oialm
thence Nonh eighty   (HO)   chaina;
theme   West   eighty   (80)   i hu ns;
theme South eighty   (80)   chains;
then.ii Must   eighty   180)   chains;
located this nth day ol May, pile.
Mul hen W. Uutts, Agent
Will,um K. it,.its, Halph L. Itur-
lingbiini, Witnesses 29 33
to the point ol coiumciicemint,   muk
iug ti-to acres nun* or less.
NOTIOB is hereby given that 30
.lays alter dute 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable Chief Coiumissionet
of LandB for a license to proapect
for coal uud petroleum over tbo fol
lowing lands, situnte in the district
ol  Southenst  Kootenay,  in Lot 4593:
Commencing nt a post planted at
or near 5 miles due Mast of the 42
mile post on C. P. It. survey line,
.bich is the Westirn houndary of Lot
593 and being tin.1 Northwest corner
Post ot  John li. Mason's claim
thence South eighty   >80)   cbains;
thonce Must   eighty   180)   chains;
thence North eighty   (>.0)   cbains;
thenee   West   eighty   (80)   chains;
to the point of commencement,   making lilU ueres more or less.
Locntcd this 26th day of May, 1910.
JOHN ti. MASON, Locator
Mnlhen W. Hutts, Agent
William B, Uutts, Halph L. Hur
linghnm, Witnesses 29-3^
tJuly ist. I9lu.j
frovince ol  iJlilmu Columbia,
No.  Ii\ l'JIO.
; THIS irf th I'MitilKV that "THh.
j JOHN    L.    UASSIUi     COMPANY.
I Limited) la uiiiuoi ixsil ami licsiuau
| to carry on busiuuss within thu
I Province oi British Columbia, uml to
curry out or client ul, or any ol the
objects oi the Company to whirl* un.
legislative authority of the Leglsla
I tare of ilritish Oolumhid externa,.
'i'he  lleiul    nlliee  ol   lis:  l.onipully   In
situute ut the City ot Montreal,   lu
tlie Province of liuclicc.
The head office ol the Company lu
tins Province is situate at (jranbrook
and W. M. Ourej, Barrlator-ut-law oi
Cruuhruok aforesaid, whose uddruss
is Oranbrook aforesaid, is tim atioi
nuy ior Um Company,
i'he ainouut ol the capital ol tho
Company is l''ive Hundred Thousand
dollurs  divided     iiiiu  Five    thousuuil
UtVBN  under my hand and Seal
ol  Oltice at Victoria,  I ui.iii.ii
Ol Untisb  Columbia this sixth
Uuy of   July,   one     thousand
(L.S.) nun; hundred and teu.
"J. P, iVlcLiauli"
Acting   Registrar  ol
Joint-Stock Companies.
NOTICB ia hereby given that 36
daya alter date I intend to apply to
the Honourable Chlel Commissioner
ol Lands lor a license to prospect
lor eoal and petroleum over the lollowing lands, situate In the districi
ot Southeaat Kootenay, ln Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 11 miles due Bast of ths 82
ills poat on C. P.   R,   survsjr  line,
hlch Is ths Western boundary of Lot
4593 and being ths Northeast corner
post ol Anton M. Paulson's claim
thenre South eighty   (80)  chains;
Uience West  eighty  (80)   chains;
thence North eighty  (SO)   chains;
Uience East   slghty   180)   chains;
to the point ol commenceimnt,   making 640 acres more or less.
I ocated this 16th day ol May, 1910.
Bathen W. Butts, Agent
William B. Butte, Ralph L. Burllngham, Witnesses 29-33
NOTICB la herehy   given   that   80
"s alter date I Intend to apply to
. 'honourable   Chief   Commissionei
' 'inds lor a   license   to   prospect
' cnal and petroleum over tha lol
it lands, aituate ln the district
'    tbeast Kootenay, ln Lot 4593:
"menclng at a  poat   planted at
mils post on O. P.   R.   survey line,
r near one mils due East ol ths   31
hich Is ths Western boundary ol Lot
I and being ths Southwest corner
1 'St of Thomas W. Mason's claim
thence Nnr'h eighty   (80)   chains;
thence East  eighty   (80)   chains;
them* 8- uth eighty   (80)  chains;
thence  West   slghty   (80)   cbaina;
to the point ol commencement,   making 640 acrea mora or less,
I oc ted this 27th day ot May, 1910.
Bathen W. Butta, Ageat
W. Brock, Witness 29-33
lays after date I intend to appiy to
the Honourable   Chief   Commissionei
jf LandB for a   license   to   prospec,
(or coal and petroleum over the (ol
owing lands, situate In the district
jf Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a   post   planted at
or near 9 miles due Bast ot   the   42
.iile poat on C. P.   R.   suney  I.ne,
'hick ia the Westirn boundary ol Lot
593 and being the Southwest  corn.r
ost ol Anita N. Mason's claim
thence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence East   eighty   180)   chains;
thence South eigbty   (80)   chains;
thence  West  eighty   (80)   iha.ns;
to ths point ol commencement,   making 640 acres more or less.
Locsted thla 23rd day ol May, 1910.
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
William B. Butta,   Ralph   L.   Bur-
llogham, Witnesses 29-23
NOTICM is hereby given that 30
lays niter dute 1 intend to apply to
ihe Honourable Chiel Commissioner
• if Lauds ior a license to prospect
ior coal and petroleum over tho fol
owing lunda, situate in tbe distiict
>f Southeast Kootenuy, iu Lot 4593:
Commencing at a pnst
or near 7 miles due east of the 4;
mile post on C. P. R. survey lins,
,-hich is the Westtrn boundary of Lot
4593 and being tbe Southwest corntr
post of Peter C. Paulson s cluim
thence North eighty   (80)   chainB;
thence Bast   eigbty   (80)   chains;
thenre Soutb eighty   (80)   chains;
thence  West   eighty   (80)   chains;
to tbe point of commencement,   nun
nig 640 acres more or less.
Located this 24tb day ol May, 1910.
Balhen W. Butts, Agent
Willinm M. Uutts, Ralph L. Burlingham, Witnesses 29-3i
NOTICB 'is hereby given thnt 30
daya alter date l intend to apply to
ho Honorable Chief Commissioner ol
Lands for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over thc lollowing lands, situate In the district ol
Southeast Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post plnnteil nt
or neur two miles due cast ol the 20
mile post on the C. P. H. survey line
which is the western boundary of
Lot 4593, and being the southwest
corner post ol P. ('buries Bassobt'e
laim, tlience north eigbty tHOi chains
hence east eigbty (80) cbuins, thence
south eighty (80) cbuins, tbence west
eighty (80)    chains to   the   point of
inmeneeuient, making <>40 ueres,
more or less.
Bathen W.   Hutts,    Agent,
vhich is the    western    boundary   ol
Located this 16th day nf June, 1910,
NOTICM Is heroby given that 30
days alter data I intend to apply to
the Honourable Chiel Commissions
.if Lands lor a license to prospect
(or coal nnd potroleum over the lol
lowing lands, situato in the districi
ol Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593
Commencing at, a post planted at
or near 7 miles due east ol ths 4.
mile post on C. P. R. survey line,
/hich is the Western boundary ol Loi
593 and being the Southeast corne
post of Anton M. 1'aulson's claim
thence North eighty   (80)   chains.
thence   West   oighty   (80)   eha ns;
then.» South eighty   (80)   chains;
thence East   eighty   (80)   chains;
to the point of commencement,   ma
ing 040 acres more or lees.
Located this 24th day o! May, 1910.
Mai hen W. Butts, Agent
William M. Uutts, Halph L. Uur
lingham, Witnesses 29-3
I  i
ui      . t,     a iii i
ere \v"th 'he- Cioudn
Ii it s   Wall   l'apcr   uiul-f
Paper Hanging
We can't be beat
{Painter   ant*   Letora or::
NOTIOB ta hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable Chief Oommteatoner
of Landa for a licence to proapect
for'.coal and petroleum over the fol
lowing lande, situate tn the di*rtrict
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4591:
Oommenclng at a poet planted at
or near 7 ml'te dua east of tha 42
mile post on 0. P. R. survey line,
vhlch Is tha Westers, boundary of Lot
593 a&d being the Northwest oreer
post of Lyde W. Wtay's claim
tftianra South eighty   (80)   chains;
lit   eighty   (10)   chaina;
NOTIOH iH hereby given that 30
lays after (tutu 1' intend to apply tu
the Honourable. Chief C
nf Lands for a license to prospect
'or coal and*petroleum over the lollowing lands, situato in the district
ot -Southeatft Kootonay, ln Lut 4.VJ3: day of
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 11 miles due Hast of tbe 32
pile post on C. P.   R.   surey  lino,
hich is the Western boundary ot Lot
4533 and being the NiTthweat c< rner
poat of M. Wayne TwitcheL's claim
thence South eighty   180)   chains;
thence East   eigbty   (80)   chains;
tbence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence  West  eighty   (80j   chains;
to the point of commencement,   nuik-
ng 640 acres more or less
WATHR ACT li)09.
TAKB NOTIOB that Earnest H
Arnott, of Fort Steele, B. C. .Ranch
er, will apply to the Water Commis
sioner nt Cruubrouk on Tuesday,'the
28th day of August, L91&, at eleven
o'clock in the forenoon, for a license
to divert 2 cubic feet of water por
second from Lost Crock which
on or near Lot 311. The said water
will he used to Irrigate sub-division
15 of hot 312, Group I, Kootenay
IliHtrict, the property nf the appll
cant, jiud will lie convoyed by (lumos
and ditches over sub-division i oi
Lot 311 and suh division Iii of Lot
312, ull the property of the applicant
unmlBBloner **\0 Crown Lands will he used and no
riparian proprietors or licensees will
be affected hy the works,
Tbis notice was posted on the 29th
July, 1910.
The objects for which tbis Company bus been es tab lis nod and
licensed ure:—
The manufacturing, selling and
dealing in wholesale and retail all
. Kinds of eurthenwurc, crockery, china,
1 glass-ware, silverware, lamp youda,
cutlery und fancy guods generally.
To purchase, take over aud lease,
or otherwise acquire uuy lands, uiu-
icbiuery, workta or property that may
I be useful for tho purposes of tbe
; company;
I To erect and construct buildings,
i works aud machinery in connection
; with the purposes oi the company
To purchase or otherwise acquire
i uny other properties, rights ana In*
I terests for any of the purposes aforesaid;
To acquire any trade marks, industrial designs, patcuts, patent rights,
licenses, privileges or authorities tor
or in respect ot uny invention which
may be useful to the company;
. .    To mortgage, pledge, sell, let or dis-
***!.. f> IPOBO of any of the lunds, wonts, trade
marks, industrial designs, patents,
patent rights or other properties oi
tho company;
To hold and own shares and securities in other companies carrying   on
any business oi a like nature, uud to
sell or otherwise deal with the same;
To take and acquire and     hold se
aunty of any nature or kind, real u.
personal for debts, liabilities or   ou
ligations to thc company, incurred or
to be incurred, in respect ul the pui-
j poses and  objects of  the company.
I    To do    any undi ull     matters    an<<
| tlwngs necessary, tit or proper in auu
about tbe   purchase,     sale, imiporta
tion and manufacture of goods, wareb
and     merchandise., and    generally tc
I carry  ou the business of     wholesale
' and   retail     dealers ln all     kinds o>
earthenware,     crockery, china, glass
ware,  silverware,     lamp  goods,  cul
lery and fancy goods generally;
'lo enter into partnership or into
any arrangement for sharing profits,
union of interests, co-operation,
joint adventure, reciprocal consession
or otherwise with any person, firm
or company carrying on or engageu
in or about to carry on or engage in
any business or transaction which
this company is authori'/ied to carry
on or engage in, or any business or
transaction capable of being conduc
ted bo ns to directly or indirectly
benefit this company and to lenu
money or credit to, and to aid by
guarantee, endorsement or otherwise
any such person, tinn or company,
and to take or otherwise acquire
shares and securities ut uny such
company and to sell, bold, re-issue,
with or without guarantee or otherwise deal with the same.
, <«-• * i ■*■* '*■'*
when flrst    time buyers at th.B   •
market tell us to cut off a very   I
small  qunntity     because   their  •
families are "such    small meat   '
eaters."     Km     we know   one*.
they   taste  our meats they will
never suffer from that romplalnt
again.     Try  us  with an order.
Would't   you   rather   pay   for
ment than for medicine?
l'lions 19
P. O. Boi 3
Ir********* ^.J>.$>.».*.$4i<?>***>*?>^>4N*#<?><S>»#<l>.*. •■•• ■
We have just i
a swell assoi'tn
NOTICE is hereby given that on
tbe 20th day of .July, 1910. It wae
ordered by P, E. Wilson, Esquire,
Judge of the County Court of East
Kootenay that Jamoa Ferguson Ann
strong, Oflleial Administrator for
that portion of the County oi Kootenay included in the Electoral Districts of Cranbrook and Fernie, to
be Administrator of all and singular
.f __,
Kpcry  person  indebted    tn the snld
2j"3a deceased is required    to     make pity
vw Tbe affairs of the Company having
jinks been fully wound up and the liquidator having made an account showing
the manner in which tbe said winding
up was conducted, which account ls
attached hereto, and the property of
he Company having been disposed
of, notice Is hereby given that a
general meeting of the shareholders
of tbe Company will be held at the
Company's office at Cranbrook, British Columbia, nt the hour of tive
o'clock in the afternoon ,n the Hu
day of August, 1910, for the purpose
of considering tho said account and
any explanation that may be given
by the Liqldator.
Dated this Gth dav of .luly, 1910.
7-30 Solicitor for Liquidator.
and have the
are looking for
i ii
J. D. McBride
i. ranbrook
Facts for Weak Women
Nine-truths of al1
ease of the orgum
every diy Iiy
ginkness of women la due t* i ^^^—w
distinctly feminise.   Ssah licit new em ke aif—'   la *****
located this 16th day ol May, 11)10.    ,
M. WAYNK TWITCIHBIjL.liocator *™ e1Htlltc "'   Cyril  .Inncs    deocasod
Balhen W. Butta, Agont
William B. Butta,   Halph   I..   Bur
lingham, Witnesses	
ment forthwith to Lhc undersign
Kvery  person huvitij,' in  posses' I
effecU belnnKinK to   tho   deceased
NOTICK is hereby   tiWen   that.   S0|re(iulred forthwith to notify tho   un-
MVZnrit Vh-T.rWsttl tty°d.r.flt< ' ^?<T7iX
S linds for a llconae to prospect lng nny claim upon ur Interest in the
Ma end petroleum over the fol- distribution of ths estate ol.th.saW
lowing"to*, altuat. in th. district dw.asrt la rsqulrad   to
and   bsfore
The public ol British Columbia and
virtitnm are cordially Invited tn meet
tho Bight Mnn -ruble Sir Wilfrid
I,mirier. K. 0. M. I!., P. 0,, Premier
nl ('militia, at ii public reception to
hp. temlorcu by the Premier and Mem-
born ol the Bxceutlvo rniiiicil of
Urltish Columbia, in tho Parliament
buildings, Xiet, ^itt, on Wednesday the
17th: inKti.ii L, ui II p. m.
I Provtsslal SkiWsjj
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
It Makes Weak Women Strong,
Slek Women Well.
' organs affected tad ii at tbe Mat tint a t
ile system. It cures female eomplaiit rlffct ia the peiiftWf
irmeoeisary the disagreeable qnestionioi, eiasmiaatieM ****4
niversally insisted upon by doctors, aad am I*'
dnrize here as to the symptom mt
• his   incident to women, bat tboM
l on   es   to   their   symptoms   tad
in referred to the People'! Com*
Ivlser- Hi'>K pages, newly revised
■   sent free on receipt ol 31 ooa-
* (  of   mailing anly; or, ia  olotb
V. l'ie-ce, Buffalo, N.Y.
&    SAl I     -T \l I.I
uipii' und
, fill' nil
ilislr til,
is       I'l'
I) ,i,|.
Opposite Royal Hotel Phono oi .
DnMst & Deacon, Prnpriclnrs
J. f. Deacon. Manager
'a********************* **********************
We imk you to rail and try
uur new Consignment of new
And dp to dute rigs tor
Winter   nnd   Hummer     Junt
rrrelved Topplr nnd Reliable
Horeei nt your dlspoxal
Give them a trial wl h-
Oranbrook, B.O
i'h JslaianaiBEiBjaiEiHiareE^
Will   Address   a   Public   Meeting
To be held in the Skating Rink at 3 p. m.
Civic Reception Arranged
Also Addresses by
Minister   of  Railways   and   other   Members  of  the   Party
Cordial Welcome to Everybody to take part in this Pui lie Reception
Demonstration in Honor of Canada's Prime Minister
J. P. Fink, Mayor, Chairman R. B. Benedict, Secretary
NOTICK la horeby given thut t..iity
(uoi ii.iyii afti.r the iii.s-t publication
ti, thia notice, l Intend tu apply to
the t'hief Commissioner m Lands ami
ttorks anil tlie Assistant Ooramission-
er ol Luinls uml    Works for tne iiis
District   ol   Kast Kootenay
coal and petroleuni    over the follow-
     ing lands, situate in   the district   ol
trict ol Bast Kootsnay, fur u license Southeast Kootenay,  British Colum-
NOTICR is hereby given     that   .1(1
doys alter tint* I intend to apply to ,   ™ ,        .        ....        «,..,..
the Honorable t'hiel Commissioner ol    .Take noUea that Henry E   Lal'out
Lands lor a license    to prospect   Ior ;»'.,,»m'""' u- °"   Lumlierman,   'n-
to prospect for coul and pdtriuoiun
upon liiiulH described ns foPnws, to
Situated on Akimina creek, neur
the South Kootesuy Pass Trail
block 4198, Southeastern portion ot
British Columbia anh being tne same
claim upon which tinning license No.
763 waa Issued in favor of Frank
Menefee anil particularly described aa
Commencing ut a pout planted near
the .South Konteliiiy I'iish Tlail,
about two miles from the hew) ol
Aviniinii Creek, and marked li. J.
Kmerson's northwest cornor post;
thence eust llll chuiiiH, tbence smith
HO i-hiiinn, thenee west KI) rhauis,
thence north nil rliiiiiis to the place
ol beginning, contnlnlng bin acres,
niose or less.
H. J. KMKRHON, Locator,
Alfred llrown Agent.
Dated this 16th day ol July, mill. 87
^OTICB Is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after thc llrst. pi lUoatlon
ol thla notice, 1 intend tn npply to
the Chiel Commissioner ol Lands i. not
Works and tbc Assistant Commissions' of Lands und Work* fur tne district ol East Kootenay, lor a license
to prospect for coul and petroleuni
upon lands described as Mllows, to
Situated on Akiiiiinii Creek, near
the South Kootenay Pass Trail,
block 4593, South-Eastern portion of
British Columbia and being the same
olaim upon which mining license No.
752 was issued to Nathan Whealdon
and being particularly described as
lollows: Commencing at a post planted near tbe South Kootenay Puss
Trail, being the initial post of Ber
nice Moorehead's claim and marked
Beroice Moorehead's southwest corner post, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, tbence south
60 chains, thence west 80 chains to
the place ol beginning containing Iile
acres, more or less.
Alfred Brown Agent.
Located July 1Mb, 1910. 33-37
bia, In Lut 4693
I Commencing at a post planted nt
ior neur one mile due east of the 37
mile post on the C. P. IK. survey Hue
which la the western boundary of
block 4593, sad being'the northwest
corner post of Paul A. Paulson's cialm j
thence south eighty (Wl chains.thence
eaat eighty (80) chains, thence north
eighty (88) chaina, thence west
eighty (80) chaina to the point of
commencement, making 040 seres,
more or less. ,
William K. Butts, Agent.
Ralph L, Burllngham, Witness.     37
Uicated this Uth day of June, 1910.
lenu* to apply Iur permission to pur-
eliasi tho lollowing described lands:
Uoiumeucing at a poat planted at
the northeast corner ol Lot No. 59/0
and riiuiiiug south 80 chains to tbe
northeast corner ol Timber Ucenae
No. 21582, thence east 60 chaias,
more or less to ths bank ol ths asoQ-
tsnay river, thanes following th*
bank ol the said Aootenay rive* 1b a
northwesterly direction to the southeast corner oi Lot No. 1909, tissue
west lV chaina mors or leas to Us
place ol commencement aad containing 270 acrea more or teas.
Per A. A. Lund,''-Atent.
June 11, M0. 20.34
"TioT'i'gk' is hereby "given"" that' 80
days alter date I Intend to apply to
NOTICE is hereby given     that   30 de Honorable Chief Commissioner oi
days alter date 1 intentl to apply tu ! Lunds lor a license    to proapect  tor
the Honorable Chiet Commissioner ol cnal and petroleum    over tbe lollow-
l.iinils for a license    to prospect   for ! '"8 lands, situate in   the district  ol
upon lands described as
tollowa, to
...muted ob Akimina Creek east ol
and adjoining lva J. Mooreneads
locglion in blocs 4693 East Kooteuay
district; commencing at a post planted on tbe east line ol said lva J.
Moorehead'a location and about one-
quarter mils south ol tba northeast
corner ol said location, being tbe
northwest corner ol W. L. Whesidona
location, thence east 8V chains.thence
south 80 chains, thenee wast 80 chaina
tksBss Berth at chains «t ska nam
at scgieam,  ******* 848  tana,
w. m. wJriUiWTft. ivmn,
Alfred brews Ageat.
saw U* day at July, me. wi
NOTICB la hereby given that thirty
(80) days alter    Us drat publication
o' tbu aotlot, I Intend to apply to
ths Chiel Commissioner ol Landa and
Works and the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands and    Works lor the dis-
rlct ol Hast Kootsnay. lor a .icense
to proapect lor coal ud i.etr.i eum
upon lands described as tolloifs, to
Sltuatsd ob Akimina
one-hall mils
Creek about
the lores ol
north eigbty (80) chuins, thence east
eighty (DO) chains, thence south
eighty (80) chains to the point oi
commencement, making 040 acres,
more or less.
ANNA K. WEBB, Locator.
Kathen W. Butts,   Agent.
Ralph L. Buriingham, witness.     27
[Located_tbls_16th day ol July.1910.
(UTICK is horeby given that 30
.-, alter date I intend to apply .to
ilonorable Chief Commissioner ol
aiids for a license to prospect for
j i and petroleuni over tbe lollow-
..„ lands, situate in the district ol
.i.alieust Kootenay, British Colum-
i.i, In Lot 4593:
s oiuniencing at a   post planted  at
nc 20 mile   pust on C. P. It. survey
. ne, which is the western   boundgry
I Lot 4593, and     being the   South
.st corner post ol Katherlne Butt's
'. thenee nurth eigbty (80) chains
.. n.e east eighty 80 chains, thence
,h eigiity 80 chains, thence    west
li .. .-.li chains to tbe point ol com
ment,    making 640 acres, more
- ATHERTNB -BUTTa,-Locator.
Kathen W. Butts,   Agent.
li L. Burlingham, Witness.     37
.. ated this 25th day oi July 1910.
 ;■■ ■""    ™ •""■fn.-i   iul--" •—■•", -,v-»« ,u   un uisuici  oi one-nan mile    eaat of    th.
coal and petroleum    over the follow    Southeust Kootenay, British Colum- said creek aad     Ki.hL -!?
ing lands, situate in   tbe district   of f bla. In Lot 4693: iblock «»8, Bast Kootsaay '" ftp**
Commencing at a post planteu near
he South Kootenay pass ttui bm.t
narked Paul W. Uhllder'e northwest
orner post; thanes south bo chaias
0 ci.^na, thence west 80 chaina to
be Piaee oi beginning, containing
40 acrea, mors or leas,
PAUL W. OH1LDHRB, Locator.
.Alfred Brawn Agent.
0»^d_tils Uth day ol July, me. 37
Southeust Kootenay,  British Columbia, in l*.t 4503:
Commencing at a post plunted at
or near one mile due east oi the 29
mile post on    "
which  is the    ^^^__^      __	
block 4593, and being tbe southeast ' hence suuth eighty (80) ■■ ,,.
curner post ol Anns K. Webb's claim [thence west eighty (50) chains, tnence*
thence west eigbty (8C| chains.thence north eighty (80) chains, thence east
Commencing at a post plaated at
or neur eleven miles due eaat ol the
34 mile post un C. P. It. syrvey line,
 1 which is the western boundary ol Lot
0. P. R.     survey llae 14693, and being the northeast corner
western buimdary   ol    ost ut   Kathen   W.     Butts'   claim
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days alter date 1 intend to apply tu
the Honorable Chief Commissioner oi
Lands for a license to prospect Ior
coal and petroleum over tne lollowing lands, aituate In tbe district of
Southeust Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
ghty (»ui chams to the point ol
ommencement, making 040 acres,
note or less.
KATHEN W.   BUTTS, Locator,
William K. Butts, Agsnt.
Ralph L. Burllngham, Witness.    37
.nested this llth day ot June, 1010.
NOTICE is hereby given    that   30
NOTICB is hereby given that thirty
(80) days alter the drat puolication
ol this nodes, I Intend to apply to
the Chiel Commissioner ol Landa and
Works and ths Assistant Commiaaloner ot Lands and    Works lor the dis
itr^ir*^ tor * "C,DM
trole .un
alloiva, to
the Honorable Chiel Commies'iiner minion u!n*da" des^lbri'^01*
Lands for a license    to prospect   tot Iwlt*— ""eennea as
coal and petroleum    over tbe follow- i   m!,,,.,..i    _    ...,   ,
ing lands, situate in   the district   ol 46M   *   * ^atheiS"" **&• ^
Southeast Kootenay, British Colum- bhL. oMumhff^ u.,    Koo,«»»
bla, in Lot 4593- „,,       Colun™e »»d being the same
Commencing at a   post plunted  at jfti *T*****f £MSf *?"" N*i
Commencing at a   post planted  at l°r war two miles due east ol the 29  British   Columbia Land   *<?,!
near one mile due east of the 29 m.'!e,',?st..on 0* P- «■     survey line,   -*        coiumma Land   et Oil
.. „. — .. ,   . - .    .,          .      ,       ,      ' ,;"": """■ ■BU Particularly     described
mile post on C. P. R.     survey line, «™J* '» the. western boundary ol Lot ] commencing at a
—mdary   of <61'3' anl1 heing the northwest cornel       -
southwest P,08t 0( William J. Duiigherty's claim 0fUw South Kootenay
Ltd. and particularly 	
post planted near
Look at tht man above. He's SHAKING an
ordinary furnace. He bends nearly double, exerts
all his strength, works up a prespiration. and gets
a sore back.
Now, look at the woman. She stands nearly
erect, gently moves the lever to and fro, a few
inches, and the ashes are dropped into the Sunshine
ash-pan. This is called ROCKING DOWN. It's
so easy a child can do it.
Which method do you prefer t Why, Rocking
Down, of course. „
Go to our agent la four locality-. Let him ghow you the
many other time-uvini labor-savin, sad fuel-economizing
features of ths Sunobjoe. Order him to install the Sunshine
with • guarantt* to heat year (mom to your entire satisfaction.
Condon. Toronto tioalrssl. Wlaaiasg. Veaeeuver, at John, N.B.. Hamilton, toltJf.
Kish-E.neb-na Creek la Block 4688.
Commencing at   a   pott
    ,,,,,        , , ., .. . ».™™«™iusj « a post planted near
which is the   western     boundary   of *¥*< "."l,^* the northwest corner Akimina Creek about 100 yards north ,h„„t    .. mThl    .„, -, rt. -^^
block 4593, and beiog tne southwest Poet of William J. Duiigherty s claim 0, the 8ouUl Rootenay    Vass Trail SPA:?* &...***.*.^**<BB
corner post   ol Hatiuiel P,     Wilson's' «""« ««?' *W* W cn»'n»' th«"!' and about    1|   miles     southeast ot i%S**S. °!JES1?   Uc,"» No- 1MI
claim, thence east eighty (80) chuius,,! so",t.n m«^ l"») chains   thence, weat whe„   Akimina    creek Joins Klsh-e-
thence   nortb    eigbty     (»0)   cliains,!'e'But)' ,W    «"a,as'.   tnence     north De|,-na creek, being Anna
1'ICE is hereby given that 30
a alter date I intend to apply to
.. Honorable Chief Commissioner ol
nds tor a license to prospect lor
I and petroleum over the tollow-
' lands, situate in the district ol
utheast Kootenay, British Colum-
., tn Lot 4593:
'ommencing at a   post planted  at
near one    mile due east ol the 27
.lie    post on C. P. R.   survey line,
. _       which is the western boundary of Lot
I .-'.:      4593, and being the southeast corner
post of    Anna K. Paulson's    c'aim.
thence north eighty (80) cbains,Uience
west eigbty (80) chains, thence soutn
eighty (80) onains, thence east eighty
10) chains to the point ol commencement, containing 040 acres,     more
or less.
William K. Butts,  .■ ■ nt.
i ph L. Burlingham, Witness.     37
Located thla 16th day ol June. 11)0.
NOTICB ia hereby given     thut   30
dnys alter dato I Intend to apply to
he Honorable Chlel Commissioner ot
- Lands (or a license    to prospect   for
conl and petroleum    over tbe follow
m^ lands, situate In   the district   ol
.iouthouat Kootenny,  British Colum
hia, in Lot 4593:
"ommencing at a   post planted   al
. near one mile due   east ot the 27
mile Post     on C. P. R. survey line,
. blrh is      the    western lioundury ol
ot 4593, and   being the    southwest
corner    post ot Clara   A.     Mason's
mm, thenco nortb eighty (80)chains
hence east eighty (80) chains, tbence
oiith eighty (88) chains, thence west
ighty (80) chains    to the    point ol
■ommencement,     making 040    acres,
re or less.
CLARA A. MASON, Locator.
William K. Butts, Agent,
■ilph L. Burllngham, Witness.    37
..cated this 15th day ul June, 191(1
thence west eighty (80) chains, tnence eighty (80)     cbains to
south eighty 80 chains to the point oi  coinmencenient
commencement,     musing 040     acres,
more or less.
SAMnKlL P. WILSON,  Locator.
Bathen W. Butta,   Agent.
Located this 15th day of July, 1910.
NOTICK is hereny given that 30
days alter date I intend to apply to
the Honorable Chiet Commissioner oi
Lands for a license to prospect lor
coal and petroleum over the following landa, situate ln the district of
Southeast Kooteuay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
H.  Pent-
being the   initlgl    post    aosthwsst
comer, tbence 80 chains aouth, tassce
.,,,, ""L?omt °' Jond'" northwest "winer7"then'ces'o'u"'h 80 cl,al,,'J    •"*•   Ul«l",■    *
more or less * """' " cb*laa' th"«»     «»' "«£ ™«} ,«**-• 80    chain,    as* *
TOuUUtJ. DAUOHBRTY Locator TOff!* ii**** *--   *** ?°"'K?"onm1.BC. **. *M cobUIb-
Kathen W. Butts,   Agent.     ?!„.?S?" ^„th* P'»» ol beginning,
Butts, Agent.
Ralph L. Utirlingbam, Witness. 37
Located this 15th day ol July, 1910.
NOTICB is hereby given that thirty
(30) days after the first publication
ol this notice, I Intend to .'.pply to
tbe Chiei Commissioner of Landa and
Works and the Assistant Commiaaloner ol Lands and    Works for the dis-
r'omtuencins'at a.*ost Blunted- ar+Wct ol EaBt Koc*31^. ,or » "'*»«
,r «3^SSStiu ,11,1'^!:.?? 2. ?rto prospect tor coal and letrolcum
or near one mile due    east of the I.i  .,„„.  , _j„ j „   n„j i.n    ,    »
mile post   on    C. P; R. survey line.^™'1""18 described ss    <ol!o.vs, to
which is tbe western boundary of Lot      *j~,
containing 040 acres, more or less.
ANNA R. t'BNTLAND, Locator.
Alfred Brown Agent.
Dated thia lfith day ol duly, 1910. 37
— 1   ■
;   NOTICB ls hereby given that thirty
ing 640 acres, more or lass.
Located the 7th day ol Jab/, UU.
I T. O. PROCTOR, Locator.
33-36 James Fisher, Agent.
Diatrict ol Bast   Kootenay.
•aratus, articles and aupp.b.   i
•are or convenient lor use in
tlon with tbe art ol printing . i,
Uea arts, trades aod occup,.t,
To carry on any    othe
■ermane to the objecta ior   . ,.
H laeorsorated and which ,.
to Ue    company capable   o.
conveniently carried oa ln . uu
•ttk IU buainaes;
To apply Ior, punksse or
Men    acquire, aay patents, ..
eoacsMoBB aad   the list,    M n
say   «c)uei»e or    non-eiciusi
Umlta* right    to use, or an,   t
ot other Inlormation    as to an
vention    which may seem cap..
NOTICB 1. hereby given that thirty    Take notice that I, JoaWhWaa*, Bate mettt,-aaTat th. „,fP
?J'y'JUt"r Ith* ar8t i"">l«-»tion Ooaatable, ol Fort iiatiT******* thTonSaay  of * the *j*J   '
I this notice, I intend   to apply   to    PP'y lor permission to Burcaasn ska L"-™-1^''- °   . ,   ..V '
h. Chiel Commissioner of Lan-Jand toliowing discribed l«di:TSLS l"*^rSntTy, »d •'
eisa, develop or 'grant 1
4593, and   being the    northwest cor-       .      . . ,       .
ner    post oi »'.    Ohsrles   Bassett's, tt",J.ad'0'"inB.the
claim, thence east eighty (80) chains, Na'han Whealdon
thence south eighty (80) chains tbence
Situuted on Aklmia Creek west oi
claim located   by
mining llcenae No. 753 was issued in ■
 Lands and lollowing described lands
/orks and the Assistant Commission- lng at a post plaated at
r ol Lands and Works lor ths dis-. lint ol Carllo'a timber
trict ol Kast Kootenay, tor a license 80 chains nortb, thenee M __
o proapect lor coal and petroleum east, thence 30 chains south, thence
non lands described as lollows, to <° chains west to the place ol coav
wit:— mencement, containing 88 acre* avore
situated   on    Akimina    Creek   in or leaa.
tO    U   L
itenb .
tu.n t
to whom original { ,iock 48M     *»»* Kootenay diatrict
west eigiity'; (Mr"chains, "thsMe wrUi. ^™Ll5-.L B?f* - W^^LSr^:
eighty (80) , cgains to the point of
commencement, making 640 acres,
more or less.
Eathen W. Butts,   Agent.
Ralph L. Burlingham, Witness.     37
Located this 15th dai ol July, 1910.
tbe trail and at the southwest corner ol said Nathan Whealdon's
claim, said point being the southeast corner ot Zoe Gunning's claim;
thence west 80 chains, thence north
80 cbains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to the place
on beginning, containing 630 acres,
more or leaa.
,,,       , ...   „, i i Alfred Brown Agent.
£1;I!*.r.'.J!!aha?.Piy.'.o...tS0 *atSf.C.,JS:'Dated this 16th day ot July, 1910.37
Take notice that John Joseph Fen-
nessy of Cranbrook,   locomotive
nd adjoining the    claim oi Content D**** June 18, lilt
Blton, to whom    mining license 1332
lie, post'pTanted "near | W|M^^= |V»JW}«    e* a poet
. r      r~ planted at the   northwest corner   ol
Content Kltonkj   claim, being Mabel
C.  Manetee's northeast corner   post;
hence south 80 chains,    thence  west
0 chains, thence    nortb 80   canine,
hence east 89 chains to the place ol
eglnn.ng, containing 840 acres, more
or less.
Alfred Brown Agent.
Dated this Uth day ol July, 1910.37
missiunet at Cranbrook, on the lath
day ol Sept., 1910, at eleven o'clocki
in the lorenoon for a license to divert one cubic loot ol water per second from streams rising on northwest quarter ol Lot 5249, Group 1
Kootenay District.   The   said   water
District of East   Kootenay.
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
V is' alter date I intend to apply to
.be Honorable Chief Commissioner ol
Landa tor a llcenae to prospect toi
conl and petroleum over the tollowing landB, aituate In the district of
Southeast Kootenay, British Colum
bla, In Lot 4598:
Commencing at a post planted at
for near one mile due east ol tbe 37
mile port on C. T. R. survey line
which Is the western boundary ol Lot
4593, and being the northeast cor
ner post ol Walter J. Abbs' oialm
thence west oighty (80) chains,tbenc<
eouth eighty (80) ohalns, tbence easl
eighty* (80) chains, thence north
eighty (80) chains to the point oi
eommepcement, making 040 acres.
more or leas.
WALTER J. ABBS, Locator,
William E. Butta, Agent
Ralph L. Burllngham, Witness.    37
" this 15th day ol   June, 1910
Take notice   that I   John    Angus
,,, .     -   , ,.    .        .. Fergusson, ol Cranbrook. occupation
Wi,'J ■? l"Jll!?''udoJnt''t";J"arpo^8 m Merchant,        Intend        to        apply
said Lot 5249, held by the applicant,,     permlaalon    to purchase the toi
'h'k'' s^'"5 5r*" ' WiU bB C^d'.'Ct; I'o"ing described    landa:     Commenc
ed by Hume and pipes over eaid Lot  ln„ ,, „ „„„, „i„„,^ ■
5249 only. .Slrta
No crown lands will be affected and < (roIn
no riparian proprietors  or   licensees
ivill be uflTcted by tho said works.
lng at p post planted' about 60 leet
distant and in a northerly direction
monument   213    on     international   Boundary,   thence    west   20
. .;        ...   ...   .        , ichains, thence north 80 chains.thence
irtiH  ?Jin '"* y      .,a8t 20 chaina. thenc« south M chains
to place of    commencement, contaln-
August, 1910.    ^^^^^^^^^
August, 5th, 1910.
ing 160 acres, more or lens.
John Angus Fergusson, Locator,
John Robertson, Agent.
Dated July l«th, 1'.I0C. 33-37
NOTICE is hereby given tbut 30
days alter date I intend to apply to
the Honorable Cblel Commissioner ol
Lands tor a license to prospect lor
coal and petroleum over the following lunds, situate In the district of
Southeast Kootenny, British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at .^^^_—_-_
or near eleven   miles due east uf the
9l,m^ P?^ "" "?• P-, "' »urv«,',1'IM;  trict of East Kootenay,
w^Cb '" ,tlle, wmttr" nou'|d"7 ol Lot to prospect    for coal at
4593, und being the southeast comer
post of Churles B.' Webb's claim,
thence nortb eighty (80) chains,
thence west eighty (80) chains, thence
NOTICB is hereby given thnt thirty
(30) days after the flrst publication
of this notice, I intentl to npply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
P,'im. i*.1n i .hi w"rl" ttn(1 the AaBlst"nt Commission
er of Lnnds and Works lor the dis-
for a license
_^_^_^m^ »nd   .olroleum
upon lands described as follows, to
Slttiatcd on     Akimina Creek   and
IZ!.\T JJK.~JaiV „i.7i'»-"T!^'.'i''—S Joining on the east the claim located
Th, iWift^S ^ "» Southeast British Columbia
^'L^/..H  "™°i...   .ll?"i!!t.~2, lind and    Oil Company,    ami   lor
commencement,    making    040    acres,
more or less.
CHARLES E. WKBB,  Locator.
•Jathen W. Butts,   Agent.
Ralph L. Burllngham, Witness.    37
Located tbis llth day ol June, 1910.
Diatrict   ol   Kast Kuotenay
I, F. D. Mercer ol  Toronto,   Ont..
ccupation lumberman, intend to ap-
which license No. 1144 was Issued and
described as: ('ommencing at a corner post planted near the wagon road
and about J mile north ol said creek
and one mile east Irom tbe east line
of said claim No. 1144, being the
northeast corner of Ivn J. Moore-
bead's location; thence south 80
chnins, thence west 80 chains, thence
nortb 80 chains, tbence oast 80 chains
to the place of beginning, containing
■ly to tbe   Commiaaloner   of   Lands Mn """' Twom.™
tnd   Works   lor   perm.ssion   to pi:r-
ihase lorty acres more or less, bound
Altred llrown Agent.
NOTICB ia hereby given that (0
daya alter date I intend to apply to
ths Honourable Chiel Commissioner
ol Lands lor a licensa to proapect
for coal and petroleum >ver tha lollowing lands, aituate in the district
ol Southeast Kootenay, ln Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles dus Baat ol the 81
nils post on O. P. R. curves' line,
<hieh Is the Western boundarj ol Lot
593 and being the Northeast corner
post ol Oeorge Wykes' claim
tiienie South eigbty,   (80)  chaina;
thenee  West  eighty   (80)   tha.na;
thenee North eighty  (80)   chains;
thence Baat eighty (80) saslae;
to the point ol commenceimnt, mak-
ng 640 acres more or less,
.ocatod tbia 18th day ot May, 1810.
Bathen W. Butt*. Agent
Villlsm B. Butts, Witness 19-38
District ol Bask Kootenay
NOTIOB is hereby given that M
days Irom date hereol I iataad to
apply to the Chiel Commissioner of
Lands and tha Assistant Commissioner ol Lands lor the Diatrict of
Bast Kootenay lor a license to proapect for coal and1 petroleum oa tesa
lollowing described lands situate oa
KiBh-E.neb-na Creek ia Block 4(88.
Commencing at   a   post    plaated
about one mile    east of the eastern
boundary of   coal    licence No. UN
being initial poat south east sorter;
tbence 80 cbains    uorth. taaaes    K
chains west, thenee at castas south,
tbence 80    chains east    to poult of
commencement    and containing   see
acres, more or leas.
Located the 7th day of July, Ul*.
T. O. PBOOTOR, Locator.
38-36 Jamea fisher, Ageat.
Ispect of, or otherwise
I tha property, rights   _.  ... .
so aeuuired;
To {eke or   otherwise ac i.
hold abates fa any   other
aevlaj objects similar to th „
company,: subject to    th. p
of Section 44 of the Com,am..
To eater   Into   any    -ir„ .
with aay authorities, m. n.   , i,
eel or otherwise, that may so
dselve tb the   company's oo .c.
any of them, aad to obtain i o
such authority, any rights, p,
aad concessions   which the c in
may think it desirable to o t   u
to earry out,   exercise and    c.
wlta any such arrangements, ri li
privileges and concessions,
To purekgse,    take on   leath
eichaage, aire . or otherwise ecu.uK,
any    pereoaal    property   ana    un.
Tights or privileges which   tbe co,.
pany nay think necessary or con e,.
tent for tat purposes ot its business
Bad particular any machinery, p.i.n
To construct,     Improve, malnta.i.
work, manage, earry out or cni
ear Bsiatrtaetarlas, warehouses, ah   ,
see res aad ptaer  worka and con
NOTICB ia hereby given that 30
days after data I Intend to apply to
the Honourable Chief Commlsaloner
of Lands lor a llcenae to prospect
lor coal and petroleum over tha lollowing lande, aituate in the district
ol Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a poat planted at
or near II miles due Beat ot the 81
mile post on C. P.   R.   survey line,
hlch is the Western houndary ot Lot
593 and being the N> rthwest corner
poat of Anna K. Webb's claim
tbence South eighty   (80)  cbains;
thence Baat  eighty   (80)   chains;
thence North eighty  (80)   chaina;
thence   West  eigbty   (80)   chains;
to the point ol commencement,   making 640 acres more or less.
Located thla 16th day of May, 1M0.
ANNA K. WEBB, Locator.
Eathen W. Butte, Agent
William K. Hiitte, Ralph L Bur-
liegham. Witnesses   , 39-33
..o» join., „or» mureo.  «*.,  ~   Dste„ thjs m„   (| f j  ,       ,„„    „
d sa lollows:   Commencing at a post .^ ..      	
n the north bank ol tho Moyle river
hence ,10 chains nortli along the east
rvcy line of Tipper P. II., thence 20
Inins east more or less to the bank
il the Moyle river tbence southwest
ol   Bast Kootenay
NOTICK la hereby given tbat 80
daya (rom date hereol I intend to
apply to the   Chlel Commiaalouer ot
NOTICK Is herehy given that thirty
(30) daya after    the flrst publication
-mmm— of r.bls notice,   I intend to apply   to    ... __^^_^^_
rly    along    the hank ol the Moyie the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and ' Lands   and the     Aaaietant Commie
ver to the place of commencing.      Works and the Assistant Communion- aloner of Landa lor  the   District of
Located July 4, 1910. er ot lands and    Worka lor the dis- I Bast Kootenay 'for a license to pros-
FREDERICK D. MBRCBR   'trict ol Bast Kootenay, tor a i.eenee pect tor    coal aad petroleum on the
X A. Oackell. Agent 30 89 to prospect    lor coal and   ett'i'.'.urn ItoUoaiaa StsertksS lease sUeaAe oa
Province ol British Colamkla,
No. 610.
ia authorised and licensed to carry oa
business within the Province of British Columbia, and to carry oat or
eflect all or any ot the objecta ot tka
Company to which the legislative
authority ol the Legislature ot British Columbia extends.
The head offlce of the Company la
aituate at the City of Toronto, la
the Province of Ontario.
The amount ol tbe capital of tat
Company Is Forty alas taniiaead
nine hundred dollars, divided Into
tour hundred and ninety nine stares
ol one hundred dollars each.
The head oltice of the Company la
thia Province la situate at Cranbrook
and W. F. Ourd, Barrwter-st lew,
whose address le Cranbrook aforesaid, la the attorney tor tka Company.
GIVEN under my Hand aad Baal
ol Office at Victoria, Province ot
British Columbia, this thirtieth lay
ot June, one thousanh nine honored
and ten. (L. S.)
"J. P. McLM"
Acting Registrar ot Joint
Stock Companies.
The objecte for which tale Oanv
pany haa been established aad licensed are:—
To carry gn tbe bueinees of manufacturers ol and dealers la linotype,
type-caatlng and composing machines:
To manufacture, buy, admire, tease,
license, sell and otherwise dispose ot
and aesi ln tad with
leasee which may aeem calculated
advance toe1 company's interests, an,,
to contribute to, subsidise or otbei
> seels* or take part in the cun
etwebloa, Improvement, malntenanc
working management, carrying ou
er control thereot;
To lend   money to   customers   una
others baring dealings with the com
pany; and to guarantee the perform
ance ot aay    eoatrecte by such pet
To draw, make, accept, endorse,
discount, execute aod Issue promleo
pry notes, bills of exchange, bills of
adlag, warrants and other negotla
ble or transferable instruments;
To sell or dispose of tbe undertek-
iag of the company or any part
thereof tor snob consideration ae the
ompaay may think st;
To adopt such means of making
known, the products ol the eompi.n
as may seem expedient, and in pa
titular by advertising In the prew
by circulars, by purchase and e>hii i
tlon ot works ol art or interest
pinlleetloa of booka and periodic I
aad by granting prises, rawer its
fa sell, Improve, manage, deve o
exchange, lease, dlapose of, turn
account or otherwise deal with nil
aay part of the property and rgtr
ol ths company!;
To construct, maintain and ultc
tmlldtnge or worba'necessary or enn
veeient for the purpose of tha or
To acquire by purchase, lensa
other title, aad to bold, uea, well nr
nd convey any real estate
tor tbe carrying on of Its
snderteklng, aad the corporation
skaU, under ite Incorporation, la
end bo Invest** with all lh"
property and rights, real an I pen" n
St, theretofore held by or tor It vn
any trust aareeinent created nlth
'a view to' tie Incorporation;
To koM Ha mestlaga elsewhere than
s*- sl Ska Ootalajc*. of Canada, mo^h  PATMOREBROS. !^*£
M  „     ..       Plumbing  and   Heating  Engineers  »OSK-Alta
Malleable ^^ RANGE s^ORF|„ and Koote-
If*Ofl   Ratlge IN A CLASS BY THBM8BLVES."FIRST-CLASS ttayl<at1g©S
1 X
LOCAL   NEWS.      -
**'**p*i*t'r*-i-t'rai>t.,..-.-4 ... |
J n McBride returned on Monday
trom Ins motor trip to Qolden
X. Hiinsnn, ol Wasa, was • the
city Tuesday on business
Dr. Opie nnd son. of Wasa, waa In
town Tuesday.
B. Simmons ol Creston, whs In tbe
city Monday.
G. H. Thompson, and Mrs Ttaomp
«on, and family. returned hi.me on
Tuesday (rum an outing at Wasa.
Constable .lanes, oi Marysville,
was ,n the city Monday, on legs!
Mrs, Slssona and lamily retimed on
Saturday [mm a three months visit
with friends in Ontario.
Chas. McCowan, returned on Sunday from a week's ttshmg trip at
B. F. lister, editor ot the Hosmer
Times, spent Sunday lout with friends
ln the city.
Mrs. It. M. Iteki, „( Creston, ac-
compnnied by hor friends Mr. and
Mrs. D. McLeod, of Toronto; spent
Monday with Mends in the city.
Conductor n. Gorman, wim was s,
severely  injured in   an accident
Marcll    last, Is   able to be   arolitiii
A. C. Pyo and son arrived on Saturday to take up their residence pon-
raiinently In this city. The rest o!
the family will arrive about the first
of the coming month.
WATKR   ACT,    IS09.
l'eter Jensen, of' Wasa, [shncr,
gives notice tnat he wiit-'abply-for- a
llcenae under Part V of tlie suid Act.
to divert s quortertol iuie eubtptoot
ol watei pel second (rom a small
stream rising on l.<.t ii.*,vi, Oroup i.
kooicniij District, tm domestto pui
poena on aald Lol 6674. I'he point oi
diversion will lv on said Lot o57i
^inl the watei Bill be used by means
ol a Hume, to ba laid uud constructed
on -ui.t lot No Crown lands and no
riparian proprietors of Iiwh.s-vh will
be affected bj  tbe said works
This uotice was posted on ths 84th
.lav ol July, 1910, and application
will be mane bo the Watei Commie
clonal .it i'1'iiui'iook on Tuesday, tho
.tiltli  l!u>   ol   August,      t'.ltl',   at     two
o'clock m the afternoon
Dlstrlcl    ol    Baat   Kootenny
TAKB NOTJCE that David c,
Shanaban ol Sprague Wiush , occupation stu,:,:it Intsods to apply (or
permission to purchase the toilowing
described lands 'Commencing at a
post planted*at the S tt comer ol
Lot SU7, tbence west 10 chains,
thence uorth 40 chams. thence east
■IS chains, thence soutb 40 chains tu
point 61 Commencement.
Uavid G.  Shanaban.
Date,!   July.  2Tth.   1*10. 35-44
$1,000.00 IN PRIZES
Hunt)   Racing,   Poet  RtelHf,   Ha..ball
Football, Tennis lonjoiiiant, Squaw
1 >pp«   K*.aa     St]llt«)   Hour
RtCM. KU . Ku
G. H. Boullou, Ptesideut.
W   S  Stanley, Secretary
Au£. 27th to Sept, 12th
A. B. Smith, I'raubrook lieleKtitaj to
ttie Provincial 1'uultry convettion at
Vancouver) returoeU Suaduy luiit. Mr.
Snutb was appointed a director ol
this convention for this district. .
TO RENT, furnished rooms, all
conveniences, private home, apply to
Tne Prospector offlce.
Is what yos'll aay to our story,
it'a simple but instructive,—
Besides all tbat ia retreablng.
Soda and other Soft
that we refer to. They are
healthy going and invigorating on these hot daya. Tbey are
best and purest from our bottling works.   The beat yet.
flOfl. 19
sept. 4
Final Return Limit
S6PI 23, 1910
Transient limit ten
each direction. For full
particulars apply to near-
east agent or to
Dist. Pass. Agent
Calgary, Alia.
Cranbrook Opera House
PIXLEY  &   LUDERS*  Musical Masterpiece
w nm-
Is  It
The Idea
The Original Peter StujrvesMit
And the same Big Company of Favorites. Including a bewitching Chorus of
Seats on sale on at Beattie Murphy Co., Ltd.
PRICES— 50C.  -  $1.00  -  $1.5fy
FOR SALE. A three roll mangle,
ln good condition, band power. Apply at Prospector Office.
Miss H. Hirtz,  returned Irom   her
holidays Sunday last.
Ftirnltme and Goods of all Kinds aold
Prompt Settlements. Satisfaction Guaranteed.  P O Boa 874
Office and Sale Rooms on Hanson Ave.
Final Sitting.
Notice ia hereby given that final
sittings ol tbe Timber and Forestry
Commission will be held ln the
Court-Hiiu.se, Victoria, commencing
August ISth neit, at tne hour ol
10:30 a. M.
Victoria. B. C. 2Jrd July, 1910.
The Management are Doing all in Their
Power to Hake it a Success and They
Need Your Assistance
W. B. Bardgett, President
P. De Vere Hunt, Secretary       ]
  — TIT --TT-1-- ---------- ^^^^.^^.^^^^^a^a^^a^a^a^^


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