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The Prospector Dec 3, 1910

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Array tMpt&0t.
Public School Report
Of Interest to Those Engaged
in the Mining Industry
Seismic Disturbance
Shook felt in many parts of the
City and District
Div. I-L. J. Cranston
Div. II-:VIIw Alward.
"»«>lv. IlI-MlaaDlok...
Dlv. IV-MiM B. Al
Dtv. V-Mlaa Henley.
Dlv. VII-MIm
m Hum.
•'flly. VIlt-Mlaa Paton
47.46i 87.S"
37.»*! 87.02
'i'i. Ti
The eiteiiHlve development work
tbut. haa heen done during past yearn
un many mineral locations uf the St.
Miiry'e liver awl Ite tributaries Ims
hIiuwii beyond auy mannor ul doubt
that a Brunt mining camp wlll be
establleheri un the headwaters ol
80,8.1 88,58 j that river in the noar luture.
lt Ih claimed that upon the construction ol thc Kooteuay Cent,
railway, the next mining dlstriot
attract thc attention of the minlht
world will be that country embraced
in the Windermere and B)ootenay
valley districts. r
Two of thc largest silver-lead mlnei
in Canada are In the Cranbrook district. It Is sate to say that the
Aurora will make the third largest
silver-lead mine tn the Dominion.
It looks as if tlie Estella mine will
8 4? soon be listed as one of the shipping
mines of thc district.
It seems quite natural that the
placer Holds uf the Cranbrook district ahould revive the spirits of enterprising miners and capitalists.
The big steam shovel located on
! Perry creek seems to be the light
thing for moving large quantittAot
gravel. \
It is reported that the demand foK
both coke and coal In British Columbia is increasing much more rapidly
than the supply.
Mining Is    going ahead at Moyle,.
the St. Eugene and the Adrora   are'
shipping ore, and the     Society Girl
Phillip W(n noon |ie on the list of producing
BmuWrdt, Martha - m|nes;>.the    coming spring promises
activity than   usual ln this
f the. Cranbrook district.
Ilivalt&jkal; become a great
Acery4_I| to" the weekly re-
has shipped a larger ton-
u any other silver-lead mine
success  and  prosperity
big silver-lead of the Cran-
rtetf    Among the shipping
district we now   find
(Division I.)
Olive White, Lauret-
g,- Francis     Drummond,
. Harold     Stevenson,
Moilwr, Ernest Jones, Bert
EMlth     Oaslake,  Flu-
Kenneth    Campbell,
Jack Haslam.
Ths shipping of ore
and the' poasibl.l-
'gitody of   ore in
fo most gratl-
rie, Allan Lacy, Mary Lacy, Barcley
MoNeil, Dewey McNeil, Teresa Parry,
Stanley Stewart, Crossley Taylor,
Keith Wasson, Sam Whittaker, Lillian Taylor, Arraand English, Mabel
(Division XI.)
Margaret Alma Sarvis, Norman
Stuart Wasson, David Reeble, Garfield Taylor, Eric Charles McKlnnon,
Simeon Edwin Barnhardt, ISrma
Ward, Jennie Hopkins, Bessie Woodman, Sadie Lacy, Merle Bathle,
Freda Taylor, Harold Kummer,
Jennie Tito.
(Division VII.)
Mary Carson, Wilma McNabh,
Christine Carson, Robert Beaton,
Charles Chapman, Otto Gill, Alfred
Jolille, Ma Bing, Warren Spence,
Norman Campbell,  Samuel  Speers.
Bill 1* Amend Ihe Railway Aot
The following revisions have been
made during the past session of the
House of Commons:
If Section 292 of the Railway Act
chapter 37 of the revised statutes,
1906, is amended by adding thereto
the following subsection:
"3, Whenever any person is killed,
or receives injuries causing death, on
the property ol, or by or in a train
of, any company, the coroner of the
county in which such death or Injuries occur, and resident nearest to
the place at which such death or in-
What the City Council is doing1
for the City's Welfare
. . 1   , A meeting of tho elty council wns 1
Oranbrook     waB     visited    by    an * '
earthquake shock on Sunday morn- hold in the council chamber, on Welling, nosilny evening.     There wore present j
While the shock was not   very se- Mayor Kink, and Aldermen Jaokson,
vere, and did no    damage, It    was ,,      ,,nll uml a„c„.
enough to frighten a number of reel-, ,.,„.,,
dents, whu did not realize what it I °" °°ml,« l" nr<1'"'' ""> l"'»t ,ms|-
was, and thought that the trouble noss was the passing uf a resolution
was     confined to     their   respective 0t condolence to Alderman Patmore, 1
aces of abode,     while it gave ,to B|u| mm   patmore,     in th? loss   of
very     definite Jdea of-the .,,,,,
____      . -*■■ *" h«   their Infant sun.
possluUUI     of such'laBfcural phe- v     !
___F ^*Wi 1   The  1'itv  C.crs   reported   Hull'tin'
numeMK WMa
It oWUrred at 10:7 a. nKJMnd last- building by-law, being cited ns    the
ed about sit or eight second*   Every rjjty of Cranbrook     Debenture Loau 1
Vulldlng in town  was shaken,  some *1^ N() -   lmd b        voteh    |1|1(m
severely enough to Btartle  its occu-,--     . _ .
JanU.    in a number ut houses   the'*Hhe   ratepayers   a»d,had    heen
Sing was shaken from the walla. °™M' ■*•  «'t0 "<""* 1S   ft^ln8t'
dishes were disturbed un shelves, And and 149. In favor of it.
pans rattled merrily. ■•'   |   On motion by-lnw Ni. 88, wuh pass-
In the Cchool House, James Logan
the Janitor, reported that thc building shook and the winduws rattled,
that he     was unable tu explain the
ed. >
1   Moved  by -Aldermen  Campbell and I
Green,  by-law _Hn. 8'J,  wns rcconsld-
Cause until he was informed that it tred, finally passed and adopted.
was an earthquake. |   Tenders for the construction of tho
Thla is the first time In its history M_ Mllnlcl|)al     building were    then !
that Oranbrook has been visited by
an earthquake.     Many persons being °Pe" ' •
awakened by a    decided     trembling     The lirst. tender, was that of Geo.
that lasted fully eight seconds".   Tlie.R. Eonsk it Co., which amounted to
Vibrations seemed to pasB from oast>jHjj(|   W|t|,    {6oo    additional     lor
teTwest. presfcd  bricks  on   front,   both  Bides,  '
Marysvillo,     Nov.     28.-A    slight &nd ^ ,ol|by Q[ Uk blxMtgf*
earthquake    was     felt on     Sunday     a/1R. Boatty's tender waslll,600,
morning, about 10 a. m.     It lasted ^.^^j 0,   locttl    maa0    bricks.
about ten seconds.     In the outskirts ^   vcmmi   ,)r|(,k     fl.0|)t   ,12400.
of the town, same diehes were shaken ^j     Hm
On  motion   of      Aldermen   Jackson
and     Campbell, tho     contract   was j
awarded     to Leask & Co.,    for thc '
sum of (15,320; subject   to. the   approval,   in  regard   to    workmanship,
and     quality   of     material,   of the
Board of Works.
Council adjourned at 9:10 p. in.
from the tables. The Royal Hote,
also received a great jar and being a
substatial structure stood the test.
This is the flrBt quake in the nistory
of Marysville.
At the Brick Yard, three miles
northeast of Cranbrook the shock
was severe, the buildings shaken,
and their contents disturbed. At 111
a. m., the phoned Cranbrook inquiring If tbe Bhock had heen felt
ln the city.
Kimberley, Nov. 28,—An earth-,
Wiurces ot, to occurred here on Sundaykorn-
*a*lA i|ng about 10 o'clock. It lasted
about ten seconds-, and was accompanied by a rumbling noise. No
damage was done, except the breaking of dishes, and some plastering.
Miss Mary Ouellette of Oranbrook
was a visitor of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
LcClare on Saturday last.   «S {,
Tbe people of Marysville are preparing lor a grand Christmas tree
on the eve of the 24th of December.
The tree will be loaded down with
al, kinds of candies, toys etc., and
songs, dialogues and recltatlonB wlll
be the programme of the evening.
A   fire   occured at   Kimberley   on
Sunday evening.     The caretaker of
u.o umcc ... ........ a  ... ..   the church built a fire to warm   the
Juries occurred, shall hold an inquest building for the evening service, then
on tho body of     the person so killed leaving for home to get his supper.
The question of a Municipal build-1
irtg was settled on Monday wnen tno:
property owners, who controlled tbc,
situation, voted in favor of the by-
lnw which asked for an appropriation of $16,000 for the construction
of a city building
The labor of the joint council and
Board of Trade committees has borne
fruit in the sense that no rate-payer
went to the polls without having the
best of opportunities of securing all
necessary data relative to tbe merits
of tbe question, especially as to
whether the building should he con.
Structed of brick, rtone or wood.
.The concensus of opinion among
the business on of tho city, was
tjiat (.be by-law, would be carried,
and the result of ""the poll on Mon-
dayconflrmod this opinion. Twenty-
three ballots wero cast against, and
forty-nine In favor of the by-law.
such death
Victoria, Dec.    1.—Legislation will |
ibe presented at the forthcoming sos- j
sion for the creation of a provincial
department     of railways In nssocia-
tion with tho    department of public
Hon. !
(Dlvlslun VIII.)
Flossie Robinson, Camilla Tito,
Norval Caalake, John Dow, Marlon words
Drummond, Murray Henderson, Gertrude Hopkins, Margaret Lacey,
Russel Leask, Paul McKinstry, Gil
bert Mosor. Oecll Roado, Hope Tay
immediately upon receiving 'notice of Half an hour later the building was        ka_ t() ,je Hdmi„lBtercri   |,y
in flames, and   though a large num- - ...    .
.    „ ,, . 1 'her of   cltlsena   responded    to     the
Section 29   of    ho Railway    .»«        th, building was totally do-
is amended hy inserting   after     the | _"„"_,
such construction," in the
fourth lino, the words "and all workmen, day laburers, ur utber persona
Conservative Meeting
Thomas Taylor as minister of
ways and works.
employed by the cumpany In the operation of Its railway,"
j 2. The said section is lurther amended hy adding thereto tlie following
"3. No company shall at any time
during tho period of the engagement
A full attendance of delegates from uf any workman, day laborer or cm-
the various clubs affiliated with the ployee by tho cumpany, when paying
British Columbia Curling association his wages, with-hold     tbo whole   or
any part thereof for any reason; ami      __   _ __   .     m--«0«iii_i   k\
Is expected   for the annual meeting JJcy„"wages shall bo paid at intervals Mojrte, ff^»„."!.„'..      J
A meeting of tho district Conservative BBSociation was hold In Mm parr
lor of the Roynl hotel on Friday
The meeting was cnllod to order 1 v
T. T. McVlttle, of Fort Steele, pies-
Ident ol the association, and T. So«-
erbuts acted na secretary pn Wu.
There was a large attendance from
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, sub-
Iject:  "A  lust treasure."
Afternoon, 3 o'clock, an enrolment
of soldiers.
: Evening 8 o'clock, subject "HELL"
I Saturday night, an hour of music
and picture mlrrorscope anh phonograph.
of that organisation which is to be o( llot raorc than two wcekB."
held on Wednesday afternoon next at {   3    'riiis Act    shall apply   to
arrears due at the time of the com-
the Hume hotel.
The cities from which it Is antlclpa- jng lnt0 force of this Act.
ted delegates will come are Phoenix, I 	
Greenwood,    Rossland,     Trail Cran-1
brook, Kaslo, Grand Forks and Xan-
The most important husiness be
fore the meeting will be the election
of officers for the coming year,
question of the location of the annual bonspiel next January and the
consideration ol the application for
affiliation made hy the Grand Forks
club. The officers
year will probably be elected from
among the curlers of the city which
succeeds ln obtaining the bonspiel
C. Fruit Awarded England's
Highest Honor
Victoria, Dec.  I.—The most signifi-
Vancouver,   Dec.   I.—Game   Warden
._   Williams haa recently conferred with
the provincial     executive concerning
the importation of chamois and red
deer tor tbe     gnmo reBorveB of   the
herley, and Wardner
Delegates from every portion of the
district presented carefully prepared (.„nt triumph over achieved by any
estimates from tho local associations
which wore carefully considered,
Thc total amount that Mr. Ciivon
wlll be asked to present to thc ,. iv-
ernment Is $156,500, divided m follows: roads and trnils, 124,500.
bridges $32,000
!      Cranbrook City Band
The drawing nnd dance hold by the
province.     Nothing definite has yet Cranbrook City Band Inst Thursday
for the coming be(m ium but t)lc wardc„ haa a(lv|8. WB9 well attended, and those present
"'""'"      ed that chamois bo placed    In     tho at the     dnnco     thoroughly   enjoyed
Elk river reserve in East Kootonay thcmselveB.     Mr. 11. T. llrymncr was
and red door on tbo islands In   the chairman     and     superintended    tho
The chances of^ Cranbrook  .ainlng 0u,( of 0eor_lR- the drawing to tbo     satisfaction of
""* " """   ovcrybody.     A full list ot the pri/.e
....                      ,     ,                 „,„ winners will be givon next wook.
Water     power    development     will 	
soon be under way at Elk river.   It
Is estimated that 30,000 horse power     A meeting of     the Legislative As-
majority of the votes on thiB
question are, it 1b whispered, exceptionally good, though Grand ForkB
is expected to put up a big fight for
tbe honor. The bonspiel wbb held
at Nelson last winter and the previous year ln Rossland.
Is running to waste in the Elk river sombly of the province will be look-
' country. ,ed forward to with great interest.
portion of the British empire fruit
exhibits at the great show of the
lioynl Horticultural society in London have this yenr heen scored by
Ilritish Columbia, attested by the
award to this province of the largo
gold Hogg memorial [or Its general
display tinder tho control and d'rec-
tion of Commissioner K. liullock
Webster. Thc present, is the llrst.
occasion on which any display of the
greatest of the old country fruit
fairs lias been adjudged worthy to
command this significant trophy,
emblematic of superlative excellence,
ln addition various districts ol
British Columbia roprosontod hy
characteristic, exhibits at the P.uyal
Horticultural society's exhibition
have heen well In the front in the
capture of medals and awards of minor significance, tbo lonK list, of victories being succinctly repol t ■ I ir a
.cablegram received yesterday by Pro-
Every housewife is particular about the
quality of fruits she uses for her Xmaa
babinfj — they cannot be too good for
"The Cake of the
When she knows her cake is palate-pleasing she rests assured that she has done
hor part iu furthering the good cheer of
lho household and cau offer it to her
friends with pride, knowing that she will
strike a responsive chord in the inner
man or woman, and what pleases a
woman mora than to compliment her
on her cooking.
Wo think of the women when we are
buying our cooking accessories and pride
ourselves on currying
The Finest   the
Market Produces
as we realize that they cannot get satisfactory results unless the materials used
aru thn bust,   (lur showing of
Xmas Fruits and
which will appear in our Pure Eood
Qrocei'y window in the course of a few
days, will demonstrate how we are prepared to cater to your Yuletide requirements.
Mercantile Co.
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious
for Dinner
I_T E has bad a bard day,
* but his tired body and
fagged brain will be
cheered by the sight and taste
of a nice cut of beefsteak,
done to a turn and served up
with some of those fresh
onions. We know the cut
which will suit him exactly,
shall we send it'
P.   BURNS   6fc  CO.
Phone 10
mler McBride, ami sent conjointly by
Hon. Price I-IMson, minidter of II-
nance and agriculture, who Ih at
proaent in London, nnd J. H. Turner
tho provincial agont gonoral. The
message, botwoon tho linen ol which
may bo rend, tlie Jiintitinblr pride of
init.ii the minister and the agent gen-
oral, In tho land of their adoption,
roads as follows:
London, Dec.  1
Promlor McDride,  Victoria:
The     HnrHcMlHMp.1       wfnfv   today
awarded the largo Hogg gold medal
for its display of fruit, this heing
the ft rat occasion on which thla medal
haa heen  awarded  to anyone tn    the
P. O. Boat
hlatory of the Hocloty. The society
haa alw> awarded to II. (',. La wae
the ail ver Hankalan medal tn Van
oitver Inland the allver gilt Hank
alan medal; tn Wetd Kootenay the
silver Hniikmaii medal; to Keremeow,
tbc ml ver Knlghtian medal; to Grand
Forks the nil ver gilt Ilnnkslan medal;
t» Hie Okanagan, tho wilver Knlghtian medal; to Kamloopa the allver
{Knlghtian medal; to Balmon Arm,
the Htlvei (»j]t Bankalan medal; to
Mrn. .lamas Smith, the silver gilt
Hankalan medal; to It. Fortune, Balmon Arm, first prize and the silver
cup for the boat collection of four
varieties of desaert apples, and to J.
W. Cockle, Kaalo. the second prUe
in thla cpmpetion.
A. B. GRACE.        ■       Editor
12.00 Por Year I
I   (    ^
Advertising rates   made   known   on
... y.: ,Tt%  '..   .
yNiON aa* LAtu
Laurier is doomed.
Putting aside the other coneldera  i
tlons, which may  bfl very Interest
this fact mentu tlmt as a mattei  ol
actual   politic!  the  Laurlei   Qovorn
ment will     be beaten in the coining
general     elections      There are    I v
reasons lor thia.
FtrHt, there Is    the fact that    3 i
Wl,trld Laurier has itayed in powei
by holding Quebec Here an
tigure.s which prove this. Thej
late to the situation follow in k
election of 1988
Liberalrt from Quebec:    54.
Liberals from constituencies in
New Brunswick < mtario, ait < 8a -
katchewan. which are strongly French
Canadian. 7,
Conservat ■ *■-- t ebec      ' I
Conservatives from the reel
nada.     75.
Tburi out his 135 i tee in the
House 3ir Wilfi
mands til with Quebec and it
porters, leaving him only 74 su
ters, while ii -peak ■ .    '■■•....
da Mr   Borden     ■       in Is  '      ■■•
an actual maj i l
Secondly    Sir  Wilfrid  Law
gained a remarkably     targe o
of his seat* In English speaking
fida pn  tbe strength  ol his
of Quebec, and on  that alone.    Evei
since  1896  at  every   general  election
the Liberals have approached the sli
nation   In      thus  manner.      "We    are
bound to win in any event.     Laurier
will     sweep Quebec no matter   what
happens.      He   will   have   a   tnajoritj
ul  4D  from   that    Province. Ho   can
merely break even     In the reast   ol
Canada and  have an overwhelming
majority.      What's  the  use  ol fighting?    Yon In  this particular constituency had better  be on  the winning
wide.     If you do,   the     Government
will give you  public works.      If you
don't, it won't."
A municipal election is near at
hand and it ih time for the citizens
to know who will he candidates.
Our municipal oIHcorB in tbe past
have been worthy citizens, ami have
at a,I tfmoB given the city a progressive govornment. But the time
seems to have arrived when business
mon are not looking for municipal
honors. This is wrong. Municipal
government should be undertaken by
men representing more widely the
various business elements that go to
make up a prosperous and progressive community, and our most prominent business men should endeavor
to lind time for the active work of
governing our city.
The Laurier government are Bailing carefully, wniting lor the fog of
corruption to lift, and fears that
there will be nothing doing until a
clear channel opens for the Niobe
and Rainbow, or the ships strike
similar rocks like Drummond-Atha-
haHka, Oriental exclusion, or better
teriiih   for   Hritish   Columbia.
Enduring   fit,
• '-"bod'etu-t^ alt . '".* ■
Pun-Angle   f'
Underwear ls    Aw?
unshrinkable. A
Exceptional       **
value because
;., It. does wear   r
%hZ inn'atlnjrly.
"'h'-;..  R«al comfort,
;    'because  so
»;*   ,,knlt that the
V shape* stays' •'•. \U
■ j ln tt. These ;;|ti'
reasons should make you
request the brand and
look for the trademark
Have you tried Penman's
No. 95? For the children
as well as grown upa.
liiiiTisi.'i_ und Solloltoi'H,
George  R.  Leask & Co.:;
II ('
Bai'i'liter, Solicitor, ate .
'(,.11    1 IIOMPSON,
Bari'lsior, Hollcior, and
Notmv I'uulle
oil,,     HuliI  Hull,Iiuu-.
M,\ I I I Hi 6i PARKER
PRONG 114        I'. (). MUX wis
IM, S. &  0 10,
ll  i'
Underwear & Hosiery
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
Mining ttngineor and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
r.i i  Bo* '.':»'.        I'Iunm 'Hi.
!| Dr. li. W. Connolly
Physician and surgeon
Olllco; Armstrong  Ave
i,   lui ll u. in.  i i<> i p.m.
in a |,.in
H     W      DREW,    Propnnlur.
Cranbrook curlers arp wearing
tmilea these days. Ice is being
made and if tlie cold weather continues curling wil, commence in a
tew days.     "Hoop her Sandy."
A couple of society young men in
dlflcussing for an evening's entertainment on the ice; one of them complained that his girl could not
skate. .."Then let her slide," replied the other.
"The turn of the tune." the deleat
of Hlr Wilfrid In the Drummbnd-
Athahaska  by- 'ectionl
Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of    ,
J.   D.   McBride
Hardware Cranbrook, 6. C.
fmBmn*mm*wmmmmmwi*Tmmi n
Phone Office   105.
MM.V..    V.S.,
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto In 1x98. Gradate   and   medalist   of McKlllip
I Veterinary college, Chicago, 111,
in 1900. Registered member of
British Columbia association. I
I ___
Candidates for municipal honors
are a little backward in making
their want*, known, but in tbe near
future will announce themselves with
nutllcient frequency that will satisfy
Railways bring population, if
Boutheast Kootenay is to prosper
anil become important an a agrfcu)
tural an<l mining centre, this result
can he accomplished by tbe comple
tion of the Kootenay Centra, rail
When a live business man has any
thing to say to the people be usee
the columns of Tbe Prospector.
The* season of 1911, will be a sen
son of progress, Improvement and
prosperity   in   the   Cranhrook district.
The municipal political pot will
soon herein to boll. Candidates will
soon  he  (n   the  field.
It isn't,    necessary  foi a business
man to he an acrobat  to tumble to
the  fact  that   advertising paye    in
this paper.
As a (arming district thore are
few parts of Southeast Kootenny
that offer better returns lor »laboi
and cash expended, than does thai
part which ie tributary to thr city
of Oanbrrmk.
Oood street* mnke habitation
along them desirable; they economize
Dr.   PI
n IA .'.■
tii ■ ti
a intii
(■ i ■ ■
fi Un
atronj}  t
dam Head of Life
Is The Stomach
,i n-n\ und impaired atomech ond who doe* not
iu, d will soon find that hia blood has become
.1, uud that hia whole body is improperly and
tomuch stroni, promotes tlie Here at
"is, restores tlie lost appetite, mate.
■ i perfect, meliorates tha llvmr mnet
' enriches the blood. It la the treat bleiMl.mmter.
restorative nerve tonic. It makes mem
 r, active  In  mind and cool In  Imdtemcmt.
iv" is a pure, jlycerlc attract ol American medieai roofs,
■ii nlcohul uml all injurious, habit-rormlnf draft. All ils
ntcd on if, wrappers. It hat no relationship wilt scent
) inilredlcnl is enduraed by. the Iradera in all the aohools at
■ '■,■■ 11 secret nostrum as t aubttitnte lor this time-prom
iiiiin. Ass voub ■.stoHsoRs. They matt know af
Mil! past -til years, rifjht in your own neighborhood.
,1 Association, Ur, I. V. Pieroe, Pres., Buffalo N Y
HOTEL gjgjbrook,
Is ;i large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
The   Wentworth
J. H. McDOINALD Proprietor
j;          ♦
1! Pound!
F. E. Orrison
Band Master City Band.
Teacher of String and Standard Instruments. Choir
Phone 15.1. CRANBROOK. B. C.
'.Geo. D. Ingram
L.R.C.M., H.A.M.
,(M'sfnnist A Choirmaster Knox Church)
Pupils Prepared for Examinations.
Fall term now uouimenoiug
On Baker stieet, one door "west
of Messrs. Hill ct Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
li. c.
run brook Lodge, So. 24, A, Y. A. M
Ui'u'ulnr meotliiffa on
the third Thursday
of every month.
Vint Mug brethren,
B. W. CONNOLLY, Secretary
Gold Standard :',
Teas and Coffee ' >
Mcsts ln Carmen's Hull Sad and lib
Tlnirxdny of each month at B p m
A. McCownn, Chlel   Ranger
C. A. Abbott, Secretary.
Visidntr llrt'thri'n made welcome.
• Our whole time i.s devoted to  your  wants  in   the
5  Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every J[
article that leaves our store. '' (
a We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
X   time goods are received that are not No. I quality. '',,
ii ,i,
'ilm ex|i
will pill
niul   Ink
0 ill llll
I1CC Weill
narkct value
portatlon   ol ' government  to grant,  yet,  we   may
nnd   tear    ol   confidently expect that our  nicinlicr,
ImrncsB, nnd   Ml'' Thos. Cnven,  will sociire a very
ol     real   llhoral appropriation, hased upon the
J revi'iiiioB    derived'    from      Soiitlicust
1 Kootonay.
Wis nak you to call nnd try
'onr new ('ouM-gnmeDt of Dew
and Up to-date rige for
Winter   and   Rummer.    Just
'received Toppirand Reliable
MuiMPH    at   your    diHpusal.
'Give   them   a   trial n>nd be
• cunvini-ei].
'Phone 47        Oranbrook, B.O.
< ►
Staple and Fancy Grocers
********************** ********************** *\
lit It's Paint and Painting;!
uh,i in
looking forward
■nl. while Hie pop-
thai   llll'    it     en
In   on     'Hie   price,
iiHiiu'MN continues     good,
ne      improvement,  uol.lreii
< »♦< ►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦!
coming in
Will     I 'I
HUT,     I"    I
ordoi   i"
ahle more
fot   thnn  i
'   Hn'   roi neemi'iil   ol the
"viiii'inl .Hi'imioii of the lei!-
meinhors  in     every  riding
thell coitBtltuentn mid nek
nttke known thoh wants in
decide with full knowledge
"I 'public  works,  nntl    tho
appropriation.     Consider-
however,   mny   he  neked
I  is     in His power ol   the
n record
|n nn[iei't.H
The   piml   month   hns  heen
one fm- the yoar, uml tlio
for Hie J'oniitl'iietlon of new
appear very encouraging,
Tho woathor has heen noanonahlo
with n sliulil fall of miow .
Activity In mining qiiattturB makes
Hie situation very fnvoitBilo for a
largsr mineral output in .Dneeinber,
than  was mined in Novembfcr.
Until Sinfjrir' niul Doblo
Drivers, I'nr nil purls
nf thn ilistiii'l. (Itiiiil
Sntlille Horses, Good
Turnouts.    It|■.111 duie
(tpp«'*ll* Royal Hotel l'hune vl
Itncflsi'  - iDeacon. Proprietors
< i       j, r. Deacon. Manager
<>******, ***************
*       We are here with the Goods
If It's Wall   Paper   and
Paper Hanging
We can't be beat
Painter  and  Decorator::
i ********
j AAAA _sV_k__.__._k_k _k ▲ _k-k-k-k _____ I
WW WWW ▼▼??▼? W1
♦♦♦« »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I have installed a new ii
Steam Plant and Grinder i:
for sharpening skates.
Plumber and Tinsmith
HANSON AVE.     -     -     CRANBROOK  J
•mn together with tha oo-t nf advertit*
mn tinn notica an or iwiimi January
90th A. I), itun I .hall apply under
staetiim -AM nf inld Mineral Act to havo
jyour Inturi'Al in nui'l clnim vMted in
VOUr  t'n-nwiifir
Dated At Vnnoouver, D. 0< Ootober l»ti.
l'JIO. 49-51
Steam  Boiler,   Furnace,
und Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and stock estimates
furnished on application.
ory in some suitable Htream in this
It was alao    resolved to ask   the
Provincial     government to place   a
combined rod and gun tax on all
persons hunting or fishing in this
It was also resolved     to ask   the
tlishing inspector for this district.
Dominion  government to appoint a
fishing inspector (or this district.
The Cranbrook Game Protective
Association met in the Committee
rooms of the Cranbrook Hotel on
Monday evening to consider matters
of importance for the protection of
game of all kinds in the Cranbrook
There were a considerable number
of sportsmon present. Vice President V. Hyde Baker occupied the
chair. Records of last regular
meeting were read, and on motion
Secretary Deanc, then read the following resolutions which have been
adopted by the Fernie Game Protective association:
1. That all persons residing in
this province who desire to fish or
hunt, shall pay a combined rod and
gun tax of $2.00 per annum.
2. That no person, excopt constables and     other persons allowed   to
I carry Ore arms, shall carry lire arms
1 on his person outside thc limits   of
incorporated  towns or cities during
the open season unless he has taken
1 out such license.
3. That no person, except as afore-
! said,  Hlmll  be allowed to carry lire.
| arms on his person outside the limits
^ of incorporated towns or cities during the closed season unless   he   has
, obtained a permit from the govornment agent of the district in which
he resides, such permit to he issued
after the    said agent    has satisfied
I himself that the request to carry
arms is for the protection of the applicant.
4. Thnt thc persons obtaining licenses or permits as aforesaid shall
when carrying arms outside of the
limits mentioned have on their persons the license or permits, as the
case may he, under a penalty of $
for each offence.
i. That each person taking out
aforesaid license shall be required be-
I lore he can obtain a license for the
.following season, to file with or forward to the proper officer appointed
in that beha.f a statutory declaration setting forth a description of
the game, birds and animals killed
or taken under the said license.
6.   That a fund shall he created to
be known as "The Game Protection
Fund,"  the proceeds ol  which  shall
be used    exclusively in the   enforcement of    this act;   and all fines, license fees and other revenue derived
from the game bird and animals of
I this Provinco shall be placed to   the
credit of this fund.
The above resolutions were endorsed  by  the Cranhrook  association.
Resolutions were also adopted ask-
I tng the Dominion fishery department
I to investigate the conditions connec-
| ttd with the placing of a llsh hatch-
I Intend tn appiy fur a. Henri*, to
prospect f»r coal and petroluuui over the
following  lutitls  situat-  in  lllock 4SW3   S.
13, Kootonay, B. c. Beginning at a
pust  plunted  1000 feet weet ot the  S-K
'corner of Lot   Nu. 71.li;, and marked It.
j A. Proldoveaux's N. E. Curner: Thence
80 chnlns south, thonce Hi) chalut weet,
thonce Ho chains nurth, thance HO chains
ertsl,   tn   the   puint   nf cuuiruencoineut.
I, int»nd to    apply for a     llflsnu   to
proeuect lur nml Slid potruleulll over Ilm
folluwlng landi situate In Bloat. 4iMH
80S Kuutenay. H. 0. Beginning at a
pott planted Kluo feel west ol the S.
K. corner of Lot Nu. 71BS, nnd marked
Jeeae Ft'uid.vnaux'i N, u rumer. thenee
80 ihaln- euuth, thtnee nii Huh iiu oast,
thonca  B0 chains  nurth,  thonei  HI) ch&lttl
want to point uf oomoMuoeuinnt.
daaaa  I'Yotilnvritiix,    t.omtor
1   4-49 1.   V   Dully,     Agent.
Locate), thla  4th  day   uf   OotOllOT,   LOlOi
! NOTICB is hereby given thut thirty
days after the tlrst publication of
this notice. I Intend to apply to
| tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands anil
i Works, and to the Assistant Com-
[miasloner of Lands and Works for
{the district of East Kootenay, for a
[ license to prospect for coal and pe-
i troleum on the following described
i lands, situate In Bluck 4593 East
i Kootenay:—
Commencing at a post planted on
the South Kootenay Pass trull
about a mile east of the forks of
Klshenehiia and Akamina creek,
marked Joseph Haulier's South East
| corner post: thence west SU chains;
jthence north 80 chains; thince erst
1 SO chains; thence south KU chains to
' place of beginning.
i JOSEPH SAULTER,   Loi-ator.
Located this Uth day of November,
11910. 48-52
I NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days after the lirst publication of
thla notice, I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands uud
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for
the district of East Kootenay, for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described
lands, situate in Block 4593 East
Commencing at a post pla.i-n:l on
the South Kootenay !', ss trail
about a mile east of the forks of
Klshenehna and Akamina creek,
south of and adjoining Joseph Sautter's location, and marked Frances
N. Turner's north east corner punt;
thence south H" chain-i, mum'o *et>t
80 chains, rhence north 80 cbuins
thence east 80 chains to the place of
FRANCIS  N.  TURNEK,   Li-ntui.
Joseph Saulter, Ageut.
Located this 12th day of November,
1910. 48-52
landa(     situate In Block 4698    Easi
Commencing at b post planted
neur the Suuth Kootenay Pass trail
on Akamina creek, about two miles
aat of thfl (oiks of Klshenehna and
Akamina creek, being    eust of   and
(.joining Beatrice M, Toumaa' location! t^nd being u relocation of tbe
S. E. U. 0. Lund and Oil Company a
licence No. nu, and marked Jtuue«
QIll's nuitb west corner pu_t, thence
eust 8n chains, tbence south nn chains
thence west hu cbaina, tbence north
ho chums to the place ui beginning,
Joseph SftUlter, Agent.
Located this UM. dny ol November,
1910, 48-52
It.   A.   Froidevoaux,   Locator.
| I. N. Dally,   Agent.
Located  this ith day uf October ltflO.
District of East   Kootenay.
Take notice that I, JoMph Watah,
Constable, ot Fort Steele, Intend to
pply for permission to purchase the
following described lands: commencing at a post planted at tbe north
line of Carlin's timber lease running
20 chains nortb, tbence 40 chaina
east, tbence 20 ohalns south, tbence
40 chains weet to the place of commencement, containing 80 acrea more
or less,
Datea September 14th, 1910.        38-47
WATER   ACT,   1909.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Alice Gertrude Morris of Cranbrook, married
woman, will apply to the Water
Commissioner at Cranbrook on the
25tb day of October, 1910, at
eleven o'clock ln the forenoon (or a
license to divert two cubic feet of
water per Becond (rom Joaep'i Prairie Creek, at a point aituate about
1000 feet' south of the northern
boundary of Lot 5450, Group 1 Kootenay District.
Tbe aaid water wlll be diverted and
conducted by a dam, ditch uni ll»mi
to he constructed on and over Lot
5460 the property of W. E. Worden.
The snld water will be used for the
irrigation of Lot 5449 aald group.
No Crown Lands will be affected by
the works.
No riparian proprietors or holders
of Water Licenses will be affected by
the worka except the aaid W. E.
This notice was posted on the 	
day of September, 191C.
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
days after the tlrst publication of
this notice, I intend to apply to
1 the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
I Works, and to the Assistant Com-
misBioner of Lands and Works for
the district of East Kootenay, fur a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described
landB, situate in Block 4593 Bast
j Kootonay:—
I Commencing at a post planted on
tbe South Kootenay Pass trail
about a mile east of the forks of
Kishenebna and Akamina creek, east
of and adjoining Francis N. Turners
I location, and marked Beatrice N.
| Thomas' north west corner post,
I thence east 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chaius,
tbence north 80 chaina to the place
of beginning.
Joseph Saulter, Ageut.
I Located this Uth day of November,
i1910. 48-52
NOTICE is hereby given thai thirty
days after the lire! publication of
this notice, l Intond tu upply in
tho Ohio! Commission or of Lands nnd
Worka, and to tho Assistant Ooki
inlflBionor uf i.m.iis and Works for
tho district of Baat Kootenay, for a
license to prospect for coal and pe
troleum on the following described
lnnds, situate in Ulock 4593 East
Commencing at a post plnnteil nn
the    Suuth  Kootenay   PaBS    wagou
road, ou Akuinimi creek, about four
miles east oi the forks of Kishenab.-
nu and Akamlna creek, being east ul
and adjoining James Gill's location,
und iimrkeil Mary A. Thomas' north
east corner    post,      thenco  Houth .su
bains, thence wunl. su chains, tlience
north    80     chains,    Uience     east  sn
chain, tu the plate of beginning,
MARY A. THOMAS, Locator.
Joseph Saulter, Agont,
Located this 12th day of November,
1910. 48-52
NOTICE is heroby given that thirty
duys after tbo Bret publication <»f
this notico, 1 intend tn apply tu
the Chief Commissioner uf Lands und
Wurks, and to the Assistunt Cum-
missioner of Luinls und Wnrks for
the district of EaBt Kootenay, for a
license to prospect for coal und petroleum on the following described
lands, situate in Hluck 4593 East
Commencing at u post planted on
the South Kuutenay Pass wagon
road on Akamina crook, ahout four
miles oast of the forks of Klshenehna and Akamina creek, bolng oust nf
ami adjoining Mary A. Thomas' location, ami marked Hubert J. Casement's nnrth west corner pnst,thenco
east K0 chains, thonco south HU
, halns, thenco west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to the place of beginning.
Joseph Saulter, Agent,
Located this 12tb duy of November,
1910. 48-52
NOTICE is heroby given that thirty
days after the lirst publication of
this notice, 1 intend to upply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lunds and
Works, uml to the Assistant Commissioner of Lnnds and Wurks for
the district of Bast Kootonay, for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described
lands, situate in Block -1593 Bast
Commencing at a post planted on
the Houth Kootenay Pass wagon
road on Akamlna creek, about four
miles oast of the forks of Klshenehna and Akamina creek, being nurth
of and adjoining Mary A. Thomas'
location, and marked Agnes Gill's
soutb east corner post, thonce west
80 chains, thence north 80 chuins,
thence east 80 chains, theuce south
80 chains to the place of beginning!
AGNES GILL, Locator.
Joseph Saulter, Agent.
Located this 12th duy of November,
1910. 48-52
NOTICE is hereby Kiven that an
application will be made under Part
V. ol the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a licence in the Cranbrook Water Diatrict,
(aj I lit- name, address uud OCCU*
patlon ol thV applicant Upper Moyle
Electric Cumpany, Limited. Head
office, Cranbrook, b. 0, Capital
|S0,000 divided intu 5,000 share, uf
■>iii each, Objects uf the Cumpany
luclude: Tha acquisition, huldmg, en-
Joyment and exercise, subject tu thu
pruviilune nf the "Water Act, 191U,"
ul all rights, powers, privileges aud
priorltiea Ln or by part ix., or otherwise by the aaiil Act, cunfered upon
power companies, su far as the compnny mn> doom the mime necessary
foi   it. p irpoiflfl or any of them.
(b) Thfl name ol the lake, stream
or source,    Moyie River,
i'i Tho point ol diversion, at foot
uf Ryder Bar ubout 7 miles upstream
from  Railway bridge ut Swansea.
id) 'I lie quantity nf water applied
I'nr (in CUblo feet per second) 19b
cubic  i.
(0) The character ol the proposed
wurks. Dam, pipo line, flume, and
hydro oleotrio power plant. The wa-
tor to ho used tor the purpose of
ilm Company's undertaking,
(g) Thu purposes fur which the
watei' is lu In; used, generation of
electrical enorgey.
(Iii It the water Is tu Im used fur
power ur mining purpuses describe
the placo where the water is tu be
re turned tu some natural channel,
und tbe difference in altitude between
point uf divereiou and point of return. At Lhe mouth uf Nigger
Creek, difference in altitude about
270 foot, natural,
(jj Area uf Crown Lund Intended
to be occupied by tbe proposed works
About 30 acres,
(k) This notlco was pusted on the
Sth dny uf November, 1910, aud application will he made to tbe Commissioner on the 13th day of December 1910,
(1) Give the names and addresses
of auy riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likely
to he affected by tbo proposed works,
either above or below the outlet,
John Hf Hawkins, Wattsburg, B. C.
und H. B. Sullivan, Seattle, Wash
ington, U. S, A.
(Signature) •Upper   Moyie Electric
Company, Limited,
(p. 0. Address)        Cranbrook, B.C.
LIQUOR   ACT   19lo.
NOTICB is hereby given than on
tbe 27th day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
the transfer of the license for tbe
sale of liquor by retail in and upon
the premises knuwt. as the Yatik
Hotel situutv at Vahk, British Columbia, from Jul,i. Gibbon tu Benjamin Kik-y of Muyie, Bnti.ti Columbia.
Juhn  Gibbun,
Holder of Licence,
Benjamin  Joseph  Riley,
Applicant for transfer.
Dated this 19th day of Nov. 1.10.48-4
l\ THE MATTKH Of AN APPLICATION (or i he issue nr * duplicate ('•(••
inn-nip Title to Lol 48 Ulook 08 Cran*
brook City Mop   669,
in mi intention to tiius ..t tim aspire*
tinn nf Mini month after tim flrst publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate nt Titiu in iiu above n'mitim.*.
lol in tint name ut Nile Hanson wtii.t.
Uertlilcate is d«t.*i Uth October,! 1908
and numbered  ihhha.
District  K_gi.tn.i-,
Land   Kegjilry   OAl«
Nelaon, B. V,
Ootober _iwt, lOlo. i4-*8
I, '/.. h. Uttlly. huii-o-lcMpur. „t Htmt-
ilu, Washington, Intend tu apply tu tfa«
Assistant (JoinnilsBioii-r ut Land, aud
Works ut Kmi Kimtwnay IJiNtriut (or
par uiliMliin to purchase thu foliuwiug
lurid*. Hug-In nl ng a l ii i" "ti pi mi i«*i at
tii* N-W Qorttei' of l.oi 7188 and point
ot Intel Mellon of Lot 7880, and marland
/. L. Daily's N-E. corner; Thence 7.-^7
.titling aouth, thenco 80.88 chaina want,
thence 18.88 chains ourth, thence «*-««
chaina vaat Ui.-im* &8.U7 chains nurtli,
thu.ic« 1Q.44 uliuiiii mill, lo point of
cuiiiiiiaa-euiiKii. ami containing _;iu acraa
/.. I. Dally, Locator,
1, ti, Udlly, Aijo.it
I.i,i:«t«r_   ,'ith  day   or Octobar,   PJlu 44-58
NOTICH Is hereby given that 30
duys alter datu 1 inteud to apply tu
the, Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lunds for a license to prospect for
cuul and petroleum uver the following lunds, situute in the diatrict of
Southeast Koutenay, Uritiah Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near tdifven miles due east of tbe
34 mile post on 0. P. R. ayrvey line,
which Is the western boundary of Lot
459:i, nnd being the northea_it corner
I out, of Bathen W. Butts' cluim,
hence south eighty (80) cbaina,
thonce west eighty (50) chains, thence
urth eighty (80) chains, tbence east
ighty (KDi chains to the point of
ommoncoment, making 640 acres,
noro or less.
BATHBN W.    UUTTS, Locator,
William B. Hutts, Agent.
Halph L. itmljru'ham, Witness.     37
.ocated this llth day of June, 1910.
1, Ii. A.FroldevoaU-, Nmne, of Seattle, Washington, Intend to apply to tlie
Assistant Commissioner ot Lands and
Works of Cast KooUnay District, far
permission to purchase the following
lunds: He#lnnfng at n poat planted at
the 9, Wi cornor of i_ot 78no and marked It. \. Proldeveaux'a S-B. corner
thonce so ohalns nortli, thenco 14.80
chnins west, tlience 80 chains aouth,
thonco li 80 chains east to point of
comnieneomont, nnd containing 118.6
]{.  A.  Froldeveaux,  Locator,
l.  N. Dalit.   Agsnt,
Located .'.th  (ley  of October,   1010 -44-.18
j Rocky Mountain Chapter
j NO.  125.   It. A. M.
• Regular ihuetings:- -2nd Tuea
i day in each month at eight
i  o'clock.
• Sojourning  Companions  are  2
i   cordially Invited
i B.    H. SHORT, Serlba ft;
I        BOX  -'•_ CKANHKOilK, H. 0,    |
™ rfTrrcrr WnWIWrWrWrflrrNWrrHrWrW^^
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tim Applied
To Bugfy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone 60     •   •   •      P. O. Boi 111.
for   Sale ot Rent at Re_eon_ble
Officedt Workshop—Lewis St.
<>hone No. »«.
To W. T. S,„. b, W. Cl<inrtei,iilr.g or
any party or pnrtfoa clufmiiig tlimug-li
tlicin or either of thnm.
TAKK NOTICE that I liavo «»i,'n(lml
In work nnd labor aa wquir, I hy Sec-
thm 2'l of the Mineral Act In connection with your Interest In tho Above
liven Sound Boy Frivctlnnxl Mineral
(i'alin prior to the drat il November A.
1W1R  179,00,
seises you maae     pay—ent ol the eaid
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
day*, after   the lirat    publication   nf
[this notice, 1 intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for
thc district of East Kootenay, for a
I license to prospect, for coal and petroleum on the following described
lands, situate in Block 45'J3 East
| Commencing at a post planted
about a mile east of the forks of
Klshenehna and Akamlna creek,
north of and    adjoining Beatrice N.
| Thomas' location and heing a relocation of N.  Wbeuldnu's  Location,
| license No. 762, and being mnrked
Mlllicent C. B. Thomas' south west
[corner post, thence cast 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, tbence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains to
the place of beginning,
Josoph Saulter,  Agent.
Located this 12th day of November,
1910. 48-52
|    NOTICE Ib hereby given that thirty !
days after   the lirst   publication   ol
jthls notice,   I   intend   to apply   to
I the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and   to thc   Assistant Oommlssioner of   Lands aud    Works for
ithe district ol EaBt Kootenny, for al
| license to prospect for coal and pe-'
I troleum on the    following deac, .bed.
Iron Range
Plumbing   and   Heating  Engineers
and Koote-
II W E yoi    HAD A DR \\\   \ I
It not, you had better j;et busy and
have one.
for the smoker at the
E. H. Brown. Proprietor
brookltos   attendli
the) reported havi
nn   returmnu
vt'ly   idt'intltit
John C.
v DISIMIUl ink
I bave purohaaod Uie Bill-
[nfj   and   Dial r b tlug   1   - i   --
from I:    \. L'i-.i-.-i'. aad hope   foi'
a contlnuence ■■' the p M p
jjlven to Hi" lute ! 'roprtetor.
Hroinpl attantiuu jlvei   1
.ill orders,
Phone 3_>4
RfMlUancu Ham
r Uaoue.
Ctaae Ward the real estate agent,
is building a net* offlce building earn
■■ thi   jueens Hotel on Baker street
It Lb expected that the Y. M. C. A.
building vfill be opened for the transact!       il business ahout January t.
Y. J Smyth, of Moyie, editor of
the Moyle Leader, spent Sunday last
in the city,
H. S. Gamble and ri. ri. Blaylock,
Kimberley mining men, were in town
Sunday last.
C, VV, Long, and H. C. Falk, of
Spokane, were guests at the Cranbrook. Sunday  last.
The new wagon i i>atl boi weon rum
brook and St Mary'i prtUrte i»
about oompleted, mul will bo opened
Ior trai e) n ■ ioou ne the bridge nl
Wycllffe lu rom pie tod
\ boj and girl Irom tim. United
States aud an old man, wore mixed
up in a flirty mixture that roeulted
in a charge ol rape The old ivan
whs sent  itp for trial.
The Oranbrook Fartnora' lusiiinte
held a meeting m the Oourl House
on Mondny evening, The speakers
were L. Harris, \i \ .lull and Mr.
A. Smith, ol High River; It ll.
Bohart, o! Wardner; BJ. V. Ucll, ut
Wilmer, ami B. Pile, of Streetor,
were guests at the Cosmopolitan on
The bit,,posting business of R. A.
Kraser has changed hands, and wi,l
be managed In the future by Mr. J.
0. Robinson, and lie hpoes for a continuance of the patronage given to
the  late firm.
W. A. Anstie, H. 1). Young, o? Nelson; A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg; M.
U. King, of Vancouver; K. Home, of
Jaflray, were in the city Thursday
attending a special meeting of the
Moiintaintnen's  Lumber    Association.
| W. 0. Nibluck and W. V. Miller, of
X Medicine Hat. were guOBts at the
$> Cranbrook Monday.
D. E. Carmen, of Vancouver, K. H.
I).  McFarlane and  John  Macdonald   WilsoIl| and L> A   stadler, uf Butte,
of Kimberley  were in town Tuesday.   were gue9ts at the    Cranbrook  Wednesday. t
Constable   Joe      Walsh,      of     Fort 	
Steele, was in tbe city Tuesday.
Geo.  Heald, o( Jaflray,  was In the
city   Sunday  last.
F. W. Morns, of Nelson; T. D. Newman, of Vancouver; J. H. Bell of
Sherbrooke, were registered at tbe
Cranbrook Thursday.
James  Balfour, of Calgary,   spent! "   *
several days this week in the city.         A meeting of the retail merchants
                               of Cranbrook was held in    the com-
J. BJ. Johnson, of Spokane, was at mittee rooms ol the Cranbrook Ho-
the Cranbrook  Monday. tel °» Tuesday night.
Obas. IO. Finch, of Corbln, was   in
the city Saturday.
i'erry Foote,   of     Boston,     Mass.,
was a guest at the Royal Friday.
Tyson Bros., of Trail, have bought
out the butcher business of the East
Kootenay Butcher Co. They took
possession on the lirst of December.
A. Carney, of   Kuslo,   was in    the G.  H.  Thompson,     D.   Elmer, and
city Wednesday. Thos. Caven.  left on  the local  Sat.
  urday   morning for     Fernie.     They
Harry  Brew, of Kimberley,  was in will return this evening,
tbe city Thursday. _
F. E. Slack, of     Spokane, was
the city Friday.
The abutments  to    the bridge    at
Wycliffe, are about    completed,    and
work on the false work will be star-
H. E. Hem, of Toronto, was at the   ted next week.
Cranbrook Friday.  ■
,   _ Government   employees   commenced
Constable H, 0. Adney, ol Wnrdner  work ()„ thc    con9trucUoI1 0( a new
was In the city Thursday. brl(lge   cr08sing „,, Moy|„ rivor   nt
Have     you had a draw"      If    not Ki,"-'ai:aU'' this week'
you had better see Ed. Brown. 	
  Building operations are still active
Frel Binmore ami     Al.  Doyle,    of in   town  and  carpenters and  trades-
Fort  Steele,   were  in  town   Monday, men are enjoying     splendid weather
  for  outside construction.
Harry Graham, the infant child of ,
Mr.  and     Mrs. 0.  W. Patmore, died
on Tuesday, Nov, _Sth. 1   t'bief      Provincial     Constable    A.
  Sampson,    spent     several     days  in
P. DeVere Hunt, left Tuesday after-   Cranbrook this     week on legal bnsi-
noon on   a bUBlness   trip     to Leth-   ness.
bridge, and other prairie points, -——
_    , .    "    ~~ l   Last   week,  Wm.     Moore,  "Buffalo
1     ...::   ol Wardner, manager    <'l ,Ulir of Wilnior passed Ir. hia chocka
the Crow's   .Nest pass   Lumber Co.,
was in  the city Tuesday on  business.   t|l(.  jft|,  „,   At[ml
by the gun  route,    while confined in
Geo.   Powell   was   transacting   bu
ness  at   Wycliffe and      Marysville
St.  Andrew's     day  was celebrated
at Fort Steele,  a number of    'Iran-
Everything for
The    Smoker!
Wa have thu heal li f Smoker's
Articles in Southeasl   Kooleniiy..,
Choice Cigars and Tobaccos
CI {gar-Ho Id ers aad Pipes.
The Tobacconist
Walter Lamb is at the old stand
opposite the Vulcan Iron Works,
(corner of Edwards street and Dur-
ick avenue) and 1b prepared to sharpen skates of all kinds. Prices are
moderate.     Aive me a trial.
j A team driven by Mr. Kenny, ran
away on Friday afternoon, throwing
Mr. Kenny from the sleigh, dashed
down Armstrong avenue to Baker
street to Hanson avenue, where the
team struck a man named McCracken
knocking him down. Fortunately
he was not seriously injured.
Conductor F. Patton met with a
serious accident on Monday, while
engaged in switching cars. He fell
from the platform of a box car, his
foot catching under a wheel. He was
brought to tbe hospital at Cranbrook for treatment. On Tuesday
it was reported that his foot while
badly crushed, might be saved. Later reports confirm this statement.
| The Crothers Lumber Co., lost
seven horses, Saturday last. The
horses were hauling a large boiler
from Fort Steele to their lumber
camp near Perry creek, and when on
the steep hilt near tho Mission, the
wheels of the truck ran too near the
outer edge of the road, slipped, and
the boiler overturning the truck,
dragged the several teams down the
hill sidef A number were ho* badly
injured tbut they were killed.
No "(»rit" newspaper in Yale has
anything to say about the putting
up of a candidate to contest thc by-
election in that district. Not even
political effect und notoriety could
induce a mnn to contest  tbc riding.
New Liquor Act Con.nu...ikd
"I have recently travelled over a
considerable portion uf this province,
and I have made it my business to
Inquire intu and observe the working of the new liquor traffic regulations," testifies "Bruce" in tbe latest issue of tbe "Saturday Bunsnt,"
Vancouver. "I give no hearsay
when I say tlmt I have seen nt least
a dozen cases of intoxicated men refused liquor in various parts of the
province. That one provision alone
is of thc greatest value. Another
admirable feature of this Act is the
facility with which an habitual
may be Interdicted, Any peace officer, member nf his family or even a
friend may 'SIwash' a man by securing the necessary notice and sending
it. to the hotel keeper. I bave seen
long lists of tboso mon iu different
placesf The only weakness in tbo
system is the lack of adequate description of tbe man si washed, who
may be able to impose upon tho ho
tel kneper who does not know him.
But even at thai the hotel keeper is
responsible and subject to a penalty
if he sell liquor to au interdicted
man whntber he knows him or not.
I believe tho Act is being generally
and well enforced and moreover hotel keepers are realizing that It is In
Mini ,i\\u mini",I In Im- up to it.
Any loglslul Ion whieh i IgliUy regii-
latos thu llquoi traffic Is lullnitoly
iieitei Limn abortlvo prohibition
which ii'suits only in outlawing ttie
truffle nml driving h into holes.
One thing is cortutn ami it is a fact
which impi nci uni anthuBlasts goner-
ally  ..ver lool.    and      that   is the    li
quor traffic will onlst, prohibition or
no prohibition, i prefoi no prohl
hi tlon uml «trln gen I rogulatlon rath
.-I   i tm ii prohlhltlon au.l outlawry."
NOTICE is hereby given that an
application will be made under Part
V. ol the "Water Act, 1910," to obtain a licence in the Cranbrook Wafer District.
(ft) The name, address and occupation of tbe applicant. Edward
Covell, Kingsgate, h. c, Rancher.
(b) The name ol tho lake, stream
or source.     Moyie River.
(cl The point ol diversion. SOU
yards above the south west corner
post of Lot C424, Oroup 1 Kootenuy
(d) The quantity uf water applied
for (in cubic feet per second,) One
cubic foot.
(e) The character of the proposed
works: A headgate, ditches and
flume to be constructed on Lot 11541,
Group 1 Kootenay District, the property of A. K. Miller.
(t) The premises on which the water is to be used.   The said Lot .424
(g) The purposes for which tho
water is to he used.     Irrigation.
(hi If for irrigation describe the
land Intended to he irrigated, giving
acreage. The southern part of said
Lot 6424.
(j) Area of Crown land intended
to be occupied by tbe proposed works
(k)   Tbis notice was posted on the
  day of November,    1910,     and
application will be oiade to tbe Commissioner on the Uth day of Decent-
er 1910.
(1)   Give tbe names and   addresses
'of any riparian proprietors or licences who or   whose lands are   likely
to be affected by the proposed works
either above or below the outlet.   A.
K. Miller, of Cranbrook, B. 0.
(Signature.)      Ed. Covell.
(P. O. AddreHS,) Kingsgate, B.C
NOTICB li hereby given that 20 daya
after data I intend lu apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands for a
licou.su to prospect for coal and petroleum over the following land., situate
In the District of Southeast Kootonay.
British Columbia,  in  Lot 4598:
Commencing at a post planttxl at or
rami' 5 miles due oast of the 35 mile post
oa tho C. P. It. survey line which is tho
western boundary of Lot 45UU and bolng the Southeast corner post of Mary
E. Wilson'- claim, thonce north eighty
(8u) chains; thence west eighty (UU)
chains; thence south oighty (HO) chains;
thonce east eighty (80) chains to the
point of commencement, making 040
acrw,   more   or lens.
MAltY  E.   WILSON,  Locator.
Kathen Vi.  Butts, Agent.
William   E.   Butts,   Witness,
Located   thii  1st   Day  of September 191U
District of Kast Koutenay
TAKK NOTICB that 1, Elmore L.
Staples, of Wycliffe, B. 0. occupation
Lumberman, intend* to apply foi permission to purchase 64b acres of
land bounded as follows:-- Commencing at a post planted 1 _ mules eaat
of the 30 mile post on oast line of
British Columbia Southern Hallway,
Lot 4592, (.roup 1, Kootenay Dis
trict, and beiug at the uorth east
coiner of Lot 10L37; thenco nurth HO
cbains, theme west HO cUanis, theuce
suuth 80 chains, tbence east BO chains
to place of commencement.
Dated August 29th,  1410. 38-46
0, Bayard Staple*, Agent.
WATER    ACT,   1909.
TAKE NOTICE that I Alfred Doyle
of Fort Steele, occupation rancher,
will apply to tbe water Commissioner at Cranhrook on the llth day of
Ootober, 1910, at eleven o'clock In
the forenoon for a licenso to Aivert
one cubic fool of water per second
from six mile creek, at a point situate about 200 feet above the mouth.
The said water will bo diverted and
conducted by a dam, ditches and
Hume to he constructed on and over
Lot 1419, Oroup 1 Kootenay District ,
the property nf myself.
Tho snldi watcr will be used (or the
Irrigation of one hundred acres o'
said Lot 129.
No Crown I.amk. wlll be affected
by the works.
No riparian proprietors or holders
of water licenses will be affected hy
the worka.
This notice was posted on the 	
day of Soptembcr, 1910.
NOTIOB  is horiby  given   thnt 30 daya
nfter dam i Intend to upply io tho Hon,
iMiwI Ui luionir .d     Landi    for   t.
11con«• La pruiptoi fur ooal awl potro-
i.'iiiu ovor 'he following I audi, situate
in ni" UliLrlot ol fctoutli.ail Kootenay,
Itrltlili Columbia, In Lol 4898i
1 "" UOU-f   al   a  post   planted  at or
ti.-in    6   miles due <>n_l of Dim 88 mile   post
on Um Q P, Jl. iitrvoj line which li the
weetorn boundary ..( Lot 4808 mid ,»-
log ihs s. W.earner posl of l.iithei. \\.
linn's alaluii thomie south olghty (80)
limns; thonce oast eighty (80) chains;
thonca north olghty [80) chains; thenco
WOHI '.'Ighty (Mo, o ha hi* to tha point of
uommenosment,  making  o_u acres,  more
or   |CM.
BATHEN   Vi.   HUTTS,  Locator.
William   ll.   Butts,   WltnUI,
Looatod Mile lit Duy ot Rtptenbor mo
NOTIOB is hereby glveu that 80 days
aftur date l intend io apply lo the Hon.
Oh lot  OotiiuiiHaioiiur   of      Lands      for    a
licensa   to   prospoct  for  coal   aud  petroleum   ovor   tho      folluwlng lands,   situato
In  tho   Hist rlct   ol   Southeast   Kuotenay,
British   Columbia,   in   Lot   4596;
Commencing    al   a   post   planted  at   or
oar _■ _hllna due oast    of   lho 35 mile post
ii  the C. lJ. it. survey Hue which ii the
osierti  boundary of Lot   -Mia aud   being   the   southwest   cornor   post   of   Saju.
I'.     Wilson's     claim,     thenre    north
oighty   (HO i   chuins;   thonce      east   eigiitj
(SO) chains; thonce south eighty (80)
chuins; thonco wost eighty {titit chains
o ihe point of coniuioarouieut, making
Hit)  acres,   moro  or  less,
SAMUEL 1*.   WILSON,  Locator.
Eathen   W.   Hutts,  Agent.
William   E.   Huns,   Wilness.
Located   this  1st   bay   of September 1910
Cranbrook Orchestra
Ib prepared toacoopi t,iigagi-iiionis
to turn (ah intislu fur
AddreHi i iNiiuitiiiiraliniii* io
I'bonu 167 1'. 0. Bog 142
Crmihrooki      •      •      B. C.
Funeral Director,
NOTIOB is hereby given that an application will Ik- made under Part V. of
tha "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license In  the  Oranbrook Water District.
(a) The name, adrtross, ami occupation
of the applicant. H. O. Hydraulic Pow-
'er Company, Limited, H<ad offlce, v»n-
jcouvor, 11. (.'. Capital |10,0UU divided
up itito 1000 shares.
The objects of the company Include;
The acquisition by purchase or record
or othorwfse of water nnd water power,
and of mounded or unrecorded wator
and the application of such water and
water powor for producing and generating electricity and for tho purpose and
lu the m.mnor aud methods set lorth in
section 1;1H of the Water Act. 1909 and
genorally to exercise and carry out all
the powers and privileges conferred upon Power Companies hy said Water
Act,   1909.
do The name of the lake, stream or
source.   Elk  Uiver.
(c) The point of diversion 8700 fe«t
about, above post on west bank marked
Sf K. _!27 K.V. L. Co., the natural
level of wnter being raised from there to
point 5700 foet up stream.
(d) The .jiii.niity of water applied for
(ln cubic feat per second) 500 cubic feet
per second.
(0) Tho character of the proposed
works, dams, pipes, duiues, tunnels power   houses,   hydraulic   ami electrical plant.
The water to be used for the purpose
of   the   Company's   undertaking.
(if) Tho purpose for which the water
is to be used, generation of electrical
(1) If thu water is to be used lor power or mining purposes, describe the
place whore the water Is to l,e rot ur tied
to Mom.) natural channel, and the ditler-
ence in altitude between point ol diversion uud point of return. Water will
b.< returned about 1700 foot above the
aouth east cornor ol Lot 'JJ7, Oroup 1,
diiT.ireiico In altitude between point ol
diversion and return 1HO font, natural,
lion foot from oroot   of dam to tail race.
.j) Area of frown laud Intended to be
occupied by the proposed works, None,
(k) This notlco was posted ou tlie
31st day of October, 1910, ami application will bo made to the Commissioner
on the Uilth day of December, 1910.
(I i (live tho names, and addresses of
any rlpai'latl proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to be
ahVrtod hy lliu proposed works, either
abovu or below tho outlet. Kootonay
Vnlloy Land Company, Nelson, H C,
0. H. Watson, Fort Steele. It. 0,1 Oeo
rgo Hoggartll, Cranbrook, ti. O.J William It lt»ss, Kernie, D. ,0.; Huaabe.
Ooodwytl   and    Harriet    Nelson.
H.   0.   Hydraulic     Power   Company,
Winch  Duildlng
Vancouver,   H.   C.
P. O. Address. Cranbrook, B. O,
Par W. P.    GURD, iti Solicitor,
Vote—One    cubic   foot    per   second     Is
equivalent   to   B6.71   miner'*  indie*.
!!   W.  CLINE
of tha old Mamuilia Harder
91)011 oun now bu rnulld In thn
First I'less Work  In
all  branuhea of the
;' Tonsorlal   Art
We Deal in Everything From
;i Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
/Ul kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand. Hanson Ave
Phona 911
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
NOTIOB Is hereby givon that 80 days
after date I intond to apply to the Hon.
Chliif Commissioner of     Lands     for   a
I license to (iroHpoct (or coal ami petroleum over the following lands, situate
in the District of Southeast KooUnay,
Hrltlsli Columbia, in Lot 4fl98:
Commencing at a post plnntod at or
near  '•  miles due east ol the aa mile  poet
Ion the 0. P. U. survey line which la the
'western boundnry nf Lot 480H, and be-
in,,   tbe   N.   K..  corner   post   of Paniel   E.
illlggonN clnlm. thence south eighty <H0J
cbains: thenee weet eigbty (80) rhnlne:
thenco north **i«hty (80) ohalns; then<'«
enst eighty (80) ohaloo to tho point of
Commencement, mnking ait) acres, more
or  lota
DANTf-t. B.   H-GGBNS, Locator.
Bathon W. Hutts, Agent.
William  E.  ButU,  Wltnees.
Located this let Day of lepWeober 1010
Ihey last a lifetime and cost1
very little more than thrown
ogether, catchpenny, cheap
machines, Sold on small'
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armatroof Avenue.
Phone 1ST. Oranbrook, B.O.
TEE pal:
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Cream and
Home Made Candy
To Trade
Twenty-five acres, of good
Fruit Land, three miles from;
Cranbrook, B. C, for one
Heavy Team of Horses, not
under twelve hundred pounds,
and not over eight years old.
Applv To
Cranbrook     -      -      B. C.


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