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The Prospector Nov 26, 1910

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 UNE ie
Lively Campaign Precedes first Elections
Complete Silence on Guarantees
ton Churchill Makes Eloquent Plea for Home Rule
Free Trade Vote
Reported Confession Denied
London, Nov. 23.—Dr. Harvey
Crlppen waa hanged at 9:02 this
morning in the yard of the Penton-
ville prison.
Win Medals
aa.—Thai     liiitisli
now on exhibition
London, Nov. 22.—The Evening
Times tonight makes the hare statement that Crlpiien lias confessed hie
crime, but the statement in doubted.
The Evening Times Bays: "Wc shall
publish tomorrow, when Crlppen is
in his grave, his confession.
Ion, Nov. as.—AU eyes are on
[I.       shire,  where under the lcader-
al      of    Honar     Law, the   Unionist
ugii is   already ln    (ull swing
iie radicals are making a spirit-
fence,     At present in the Lau-
c    area,   which    includes   the
v of Cheshire, 47 out ol 70 mem-
b       uc    radical.     All    Manchester
' p       gs, and    Ashton    under Lyne,
. n another Canadian,     Altken,
Mi the Unionist standard,    takes
|i the ilrst day of elections, nam-
> a inturday, Dec. 3, thus giving the
to the three kingdoms. Honar
L is setting himself to win over
tf mderate men of all parties and
J us will follow his lead. They
, r) -v. the important part of the
list free trade vote in the con-
Mr. Law asks tor ;'The sup-
of those who prefer the policy
e Conservative party cveu
Etj b it Involves tarlfl reform,
v) they dislike, rather than thc
p ^of spolltatlon and revolution
| i is the alternative in the
p       it conflict."
Mr. Law's own constituency,
tl -west Manchester, Jews hold the
8 clng vote. Tbe Unionist cans' ce at the last election alienated
t l. Mr. Law ls winning them
c Lionel Rothschild,     son   of
t lather of English Judaism, Lord
t achlld, speaks for him tonight.
"1 Labor party at whose bidding
1 uhlre and Yorkshire went also,id for tbe ministry in Jan-
are moat uueaay at the absence
<. ear evtd?nce that Asquith has
I inteea from the King. James
I ir, Labor member for Halifax,
1 ng fa the Christian Comnion-
i h, saya a new move in the
I • in the direction of reform has
c d disquietude among the sup-
p ra of the government. Mr.
1 er goes on to assume that Mr.
j 1th has the King's promise to
c e 400 peers if necessary and
I "If thla   is   not so    then the
f      .on ls a    farce and a waste   of
t       and money."
Is noteworthy tbat Asquith,
I d Oeorge, Churchill, and author-
i      ve ministerial Journals are main-
meeting of    the Oranbrook Dis-
Conaervatlve Association    waa
' I       in tbe   parlor ot    the    Royal
1     il     on   Priday evening.    There
[ i        mesent a considerable   number
'onservatives from    tbe outlying
nets of the district.     The prin-
' business    transacted was   the
Ion of officers for     tho ensuing
e following .officers were elected:
morary Preeldents, Hon. Richard
ride,   and Thos. Oavon, M. P. P.
'.dent, T. T. McVlttle, of     Fort
leVere Hunt, of Cranbrook, Hec-
Presidents, VV. A. Rollins,   and
i. Hall, of Cranbrook.
loyle, of Fort Steele,
.und, of Wardner.
. U. Macdonald, of Moyle.
0. Watts, ot Wattsburg.
Staples, of Wycllffe.
lellor, of Marysville,
V. Drew, of Kimberley,
ianson, ot Wasa.
:e Presidents tor Yahk,    Kings,
i Rock Creek, to be appointed,
e Presidents of the Senior   and
or Associations, of    Oranbrook,
added to the executive com-
Sowerhuts waa elected organizer
v,he district,
meeting of the District Asaocin-
will be held at Oranbrook on
ty evening next, December 2nd,
30 p. m., for the purpose of coning the wants of the district,
appropriations to he asked trom
lovernment for the coming year.
arge nnd representative gather-
i-om all   parts ol the riding   is
i ted.
lug complete silence on this Important point. Speaking in North
London last night, Winston Churchill struck a new and hold note In
modern English politics when be
pleaded eloquently for home rule
and warmly praised the Nationalists
as the purest and most hlsinterested
party In Hritish politics. He added
"tbe hour is coining of reconciliation
of the Kuglisli and Irish peoples! In
the broad light of day we shall see
Ireland free in all that properly concerns herself and loyal to the crown
and our colonies and wieh heartfeli
sympathy for the gr?at English
speaking republic across the water
and with discomforture ot every European rival. Then we shall see
Ireland with reviving prosperity take
her place as those brave Boers, have
done in the true and indissoluble
union of the British empire, (cheers)
Alt hatreds will fade away and new
international friendship will be opened to you, which is not open now.
Your children will look back with
admiration and approbation to the
good work we shall have succeeded
in doing in the opening of King
George's long and happy reign."
(Loud cheering.)
H. M, Amery is contesting the London working class constituency of
Bow and Bromley as a Unionist. As
a result of Lloyd-Oeorge's Intervention Liberals and Socialists are
making an alliance against Amery
with a Socialist candidate. Jus-pa
Chamberlain and Lloyd-Ueorge both
will he returned unopposed. Shirley
Benn, of the Quebec Timber association, ls standing as a Unionist tor
Plymouth, with Aator Junior, son ol
the American millionaire. Hopkins,
who is associated with the Argentine
meat trade, is opposing Joseph Martin ln East St, Pancras, Sir
Oeorge Doughty was again chosen by
tbe Unionists to contest Orlmsby,
London, Nov. ast—The House of
commons completed its fiscal business today and will adjourn tomorrow until Monday, when the King
holds a council to complete formalities in connection with tbe dissolution ol parliament.
District Mining News
When the rich copper district near
the head waters of the St. Mary'H
river gets the necessary railway
transportation it will rival Butte ia
Its production of the yellow metal.
Nickel and cobalt usually     occui
together and both are found in   the
Grace Dore claim which is located on
Wild Horse creek.
Placer mining on Perry Greek is
steadily going on. The big steam
shovel is removing a large amount of
There are the best of reasons for
believing that there will be a large
amount of mining done in Southeast
Kootenay ns soon as the Kootenay
Central railway is completed.
During tho past week the Sullivan
has shipped 1100 tons of silver-laud
ore to the Trai, smelter.
London, Nov. 22.—Denials of the
Crlppen confession are made by
Solicitor Newton, the governor of
Peutonville prison and Miss l_e Neve.
Council Meeting
I A meeting of the City Council was
j held in the Council Chamber ou
Tuesday evening. There were pres-
I ent Mayor Fink, and Aldermen Patmore, Campbell, Johnson and Green
j A communication from the Fire
Chief asking for a vacation, was rend
and on motion of Aldermen Camp.
j bell and Patmore, Chief Wand, was
'given a week's holiday to visit hit;
family during the Christmas holidays
Moved by Aldermen Patmore and
Campbell that leave be granted to introduce by-law No. 89, being cited as
the City of Cranbrook Fire Limit
and Building By-law No. 89.
Leave was granted, on motion of
Aldermen Patmore and Campbell
tbat by-law No. 89 be read a first
and second time.
Council resolved into a committee
of the whole to consider by-law No.
On rising the committee reported
that they had considered by-law No.
89 clause by clause, and recommended its third reading.
By-law No. 89 was then read a
third time.
The Council adjourned until Wednesday, November 30th at 8 p. m.
In the old country is destined to
sweep this year's honors is indicated
in a cablegram summarizing the flrst
results, received by Hon. W. -I.
Bowser us minister of agriculture.
At iti dispatch nine of 21 old country exhibitions wore matters of history and at thoso nino British "Columbia succeeded in winning seven
gold and two silver gilt medals tho
highest aggregate! that any district
or colony has yet achieved in u similar number of uhOWS. The gold
medals were won at Southampton,
Bristol, Leeds, Chester, and Bolton
and the silver gilt medals nt the
Crystal Palace and Birmingham. It
ls anticipated that the provincial
exhibit will score proportionately ut
the 15 remaining exhibitions.
Will Attend Exhibition
Victoria, Nov. 22.—Hon. W. .1.
'Bowser has received an invitation
from Lord Currington ns president
of the Board of Agriculture and
Fisheries of Great Britain to be
present, at the uuniial exhibition of
the Royal Agricultural Society at
Norwich during the last week in '
June. His Majesty the King, is
honorary president of the society ami
it Is oxpocted will be present.
Fernie Constable Assaulted
Fernie, Nov. 24.—While attempting
to arrest an intoxicated man at
Elko on Monday Provincial Constable Lacy was set upon by five companions ol the drunken man and severely handled. With the assistance
of so e residents of the town the
six men were arrested shortly after,
wards and taken to Fernie where
they remain locked up in the city
Cranbrook Hockey Association
A meeting of the Crnnbrook Hockey Association was held in the coin-:
mittee room of tho Crnnbrook. Hotel'
on Wednesday evening.     The principal business was the election of ofH-i
cers.     The following were elected for
the ensuing  yenr:     Honorary  Presidents, T.     Caven,     M. P. P.    J. P,
Fink and M. A. Macdonald.
President J. McSweyn.
Vice President. A.  L. McUermott.
Manager, c. E. Pidgeon.
Secretary, C. U. Saunders.
A committee wns appointed to interview the directors of the Arena
Skating Rink for the purpose of as- j
[certainlng when the    rink would   bo!
javailab.e aud on  whut terms.
tt was decided to limit the local
teams to four, with a membership
fee of no. I
A number of town merchants gathered at the Carmen's Hall Wednesday night for the purpose of form-
a local retail Merchants Association.
The following officers were elected:
J. P. Fink,   President.
R. E. Beattie, Vice President.
W. H. Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer.
Directors, A. C. Pye, Geo. Leask,
G. W. Patmore, A. Raworth and
J. Campbell.
I Victoria, Nov. 19.—Premier Mc-
' Bride has received a telegraphic message from Sir Jumes Whitney, premier of Ontario, asking him on behalf of Sir James and Sir Lomer
Gouin, premier of Quebec, to attend
an interprovincinl conference to be
held at Ottawa on December 9th for
the purpose of considering proposals
from the Maritime provinces as to
their representation in the Dominion
House of Commons. What these
proposals are is not locally known,
but they are understood to deal witb
the redistribution of seats which will
follow the census.
Curlers of Cranhrook held a mooting in thc committee room of the
Cranhrook Hotel on Friday evening
last and elected tho following
Honorary Presidents, A. McCowan,
I J. F. Piukliam, M. B. King, G. T.
'Rogers, J. R. Harvey, d. Ryan, and
Supt. Uren.
President E. H. Patmore.
Vice President, I). J.  Johnson.
Secretary, D. McLaws.
Treasurer,  J. Arnold.
Executive committee, VV. Cameron,
E. Small, and F. R. Miles.
Ice Committee, A. K. Ward, 1*. G.
Hilson, and Geo Hoggartli.
Chaplain, C. 0. Main.
Official   Umpire,   Johu  Gholditch,
P. E. Wilson and Geo Hoggarth
were elected as delegates to attend
the meeting of the British Columbia
| Curling Association at Nelson, Dec.
| P. Patrick was appointed caretaker nt a salary of $100 per month.
Will Take Vote on Scott Act
Ore shipments from mines In the
Cranbrook District for the past week
and year to date were as follows:
St. Eugene    168   12,658
Sullivan  1,024  19,397
! Victoria, Nov. 22.—Premier McBride left last night for Yale to
speak in the interest of the Conservative candidate, A. Lucas, for the
bye-election taking place next Monday. Hon. Thos. Taylor leaves for
Yale in the same interest today,
both ministers returning to Victoria
before the end ot the week.
and Mrs. F. A. Jones, and Mr.
Finch, of Corbln, were in   the
Total     1,192 31,965
Delegates Return
The Cranbrook delegates to the
Nelson Convention returned Saturday last much pleased with their
trip and delighted with the succosh
of the convention and the reception
accorded them by the Nelson people.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hill, of Moyle,
wero guests at the Cranhrook Friday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. R. H. Turubiill, of
Toronto, were Cranbrook visitors on
The Cranbrook City Band will hold
Its drawing for the prizes donated to
help buy new uniforms, at the Opera
House on Thursday, December lst,
at 8:30 o'clock. Mr. R. T. Brymer
will be chairman. Alter the drawing a dance will ho given by tbe
band, commencing about 9:30 p. m.
Music will be furnished by the Crauhrook Orchestra, ami a good time Is
assured. Admission to the drawing
will be free and those holding tickets should make an effort to be
present. There wlll he a charge of
$1.00 to gentlemen for the dance, and
ladles will be admitted free.
Victoria, Nov. 24.—The flrst public
and otllcial intimation tliut lias beon
j given in this province of a deiintte
consummation of the Canadian Temperance act (more commonly known
oh the Scott Act) made aupltcable
in British Columbia, appears in the
Gazette of today in n re-publication
of a Dominion proclamation containing petitions from Prince Rupert and
from Chitllwnck, and announcing
tbat a poll of the qualified voters
on the subject will be taken at Chilli wack on Wednesday, December 14,
and at Princo Rupert, both tho Interested cities. Tbe petition in order to secure the submission to n
vote of the question as to whether
theoretically prohibitory law shall
bo locally substituted for British Columbia's present drastic, and rigorously enforced high license and strict
regulation plan arc by law required
to represent in signatories ono-foiirth
of the i|iialllled voters, while a bare
majority is BllfUclent to carry or re
Joct the proposal at the polls, The
Prince Rupert petition contained 24
names and that at Chllllwalh  149.
A. IS. Watts, of Wattsburg, wns In
the city Friday attending the Conservative convention. \
Every liousewifo is particular about the
quality of fruits the uses for tier Xiims
baking -they cannot be too good for
"The Cake of the
When she knows her cake is palate-pleasing sim rests assured that she has done
her part in furthering the good cheer of
the household and cau offer it to her
friends with pride, knowing that she will
strike a responsive chord in the inner
man or woman, and what pleases a
woman more than to compliment her
on her cooking.
We think of the women when we are
buying our cooking accessories and pride
ourselves on carrying
The Finest   the
Market Produces
us we realize that they cannot get satisfactory results unless the materials used
are the best.   Our showing ot -
Xmas Fruits and
which will appear in our Pure Eood
Grocery window in the course of a few
days, will demonstrate how we are prepared to cater to your Yuletide requirements.
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious
for Dinner
U E has bad a bard day,
but his tired body and
fagged brain will be
cheered by the sight and taste
of a nice cut of beefsteak,
done to a turn and served up
with some of those fresh
onions. We know the cut
which will suit him exactly,
■hall we send it»
P.   BURNS  &  CO.
Phone 10
Aurora Mine
After some two years of hard plodding and thi* exorclBe of a stubborn
and progressive spirit on the part of
the Moyie company which was formed at Moyie to develop tho property.
the Aurora Mines now bid fair to he
one of the heaviest shippers of silver-
load ore. Under the management of
11. II. Dim mock, who Is himself
heavily Interested In tho property,
the Aurora has been making rapid
strides, there aro now over 20 men
on the payroll, n great many of
whom are breaking ore, which Is being put through tho Alice concentrator. The silver-lead concentrates
nre shipped to the Trail smelter,
while  the zinc conreutraten will    1*
P. O. Boi I
shipped to the Mineral Point Zinc
company, Oepue, Ul. The upper tun.
net ot the mine haa been driven COO
feet, and a good deal of sloping and
emus-cutting has shown up in that
level, it la estimated, ahout 18,000
toim ol ore, or a little more than
half of what the famous Ht. Kugene
on the other aide of the lake claims
to have. Two hundred feet of a
tunnel haa been driven lower down,
and when this Ih completed It will
tap the Immense body of ore In No.
2 tunnel at a depth of ahout 160 feet
and will tend to bring the cost ot
mining down to a minimum.
Tbe Aurora made its tlrst shipment
of concentrated, except for a trial
Inst year, thla week, to tbe Consolidated ameUer.—Moyle Leader.
I *E% Ifroepttta;.
A. B. GRACE.        ■       Editor
The underwear
without a fault
$2.00 Per Year
Advertising rate,  made   known  on
A new view of the Prohibition
question was taken by Hev. Q. W.
Bummerscales In a .special sermon
delivered at $l. James church, Van
couver, on Sunday evening last tn
the course of bla address the revet
end gentleman said there were, tt i
all know, many good people who apparently spent all their energies lit
proclaiming total abstinence, and In
lighting tooth and nail those Whose
daily avocation it was to provide
and sell Intoxicants. These people
had organized a political parly (or
the avowed purpose of destroying the
drink habit,. All knew that degradation, disease and misery tiad come
into tbe world through over-indul
gence in strong drink. But, was it
any use to try and stop, this terrible
abuse by putting the machinery of
civil law into action? What moral
or spiritual -profit would accrue to
a man who could not help himself,
but was compelled by force of law to
be sober-1 He did not Bn'd any lan
of God in the N>w Testiment which
stated that a man Bhould bv debarred
from exercising his liberty in tbe
choice of food aud drink. He did
read of our Lord being present at B
marriage feast aud miraculously
providing a plentiful supply of wine.
He also read of -St. Paul advising
Timothy to use wine for his bodily
infirmities. Nevertheless tnere were
such things .as Christian principle,.
There were such things as the sin
of intemperance and the .in of gluttony. It. could not lie denied that if
a man could nut partake of certain
things without making a beast of
himself he had much better' abstain
altogether. There was such a thing
as the freedom of the will—a gift
from God to humanity. And it whs
a good thing for the human will to
be exercised In total abstinence
where a man would only degrade
himself by drink. But if this exercise of the will was to have any
moral merit at all, the man must be
left free in bis choice. To his mind
there was a higher position—that
was, moderation and self-control in
all things. So that it was not the
truo Christian attitude ' to'gird at
those who did not hold with total
abstinence, but ut the same exercised
full Hell-control in all things The
true method, hu took it, oi raising
the standard of morality was not to
compel people to be moral by act oi
parliament, so to speak, hut by Inculcating principles of right living
and self-control in individuals.
OlscUBsing the prohibition question,
a very live issue in Utah just at
present, the "Halt Lake City Herald'
of the llth ultimo declares that
"Tho experience of the other states
in tho American Union shows that
prohibition does not reduce tbe evils
of tho liquor traffic. We believe
that tbe liquor men of Utah today
(irmly believe that tbey will sell
more liquor under state-wide prohibition than they will under high li-
conse and strict regulation. Oklahoma is in the throes of a fight over
the question whether state-wide prohibition or high licenses, local option or strict regulation is the best
solution of the liquor question. Elk
City is the largest town in Peckham
county, Oklahoma. Tbat city at the
,ast election voted for prohibition.
Prom January LO to December 13,
1909, 16. barrels of whiskey, 48*_
cases of whiskey, 1,033 barrels of
beer and thirteen cases of beer were
shipped into Elk City over the Rock
Island railroad. All this was shipped into a town that had declared
for  prohibition.
HiiiM'IsUn's nml Solicitors,
"Sock   it tu     her"  will   soon
hHHnl ftt till- skntillK rink.
Bfti'i'istBi".  Solipltor, etc ,
i.ll    I HOMPSON,
I.IiutIkioi-, Solictor, uud
Nolui'j   I'nlilln
nil     Ill-Ill   IllllUllllKal
i'i;.\\i;i,'"ok. li  (J.
Mi-\ I I'I'll-. Ht I'ARKKW
IM. S. A   C 15,
I 11ANBUOOK, I!   ''
George   R.  Leask  & Co. |
and X
Contractors    *
__o__ O
Plans, Specifications   ♦
and Estimates *
PHONG 114 I'. <>. HON Sllft
I.  LAID!  HV,
Mining Kiiiiini'i'i' nml
IM'. I,nml  Surveyor,
rn   Bus Hi' Plum,- 228.
II. C.
X Or. E. VV. Connolly
♦ physician ami suucjgon
♦ nili,-,--. At'tii-tiiine  Ava
H    W.    DREW,    Proprietor,
I The
Hoi: us
. io il a.m.   _ lo 4 ii.iii.     to 8 p.in
Phone Office   105.
MM,V.,    V.S.,
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto in 1898, Gradate and medalist of McKilllp
Veterinary college, Chicago, III.
fn 1900. Registered member of
British Columbia association.
! hotel g:ac,:brook'
Is a lai^e and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men. Lumbermen and Miners  all  go  to
x The   Wentworth
|    J. H. McDOINALD Proprietor
Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
F. E. Orrison
Band    Master    City   Band.
Teacher of String and Standard     Instruments.        Choir
. trainer.
Phone -M. CRANBROOK. B. C.
"Geo. D. Ingram
L.R.C.M., It.A.M.
(Orytiniat St Choirmaster Knox Church)
Pupils Prepared for Examinations.
Tail term now commencing
pH0NE 33B | ********************************************,
On Baker stieet, one doorwest
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
• i
J.   D.   McBride
Hardware Cranbrook, B. C.
b. a,
Pranbt'ook Lodge, No. 114. A. P. A. M
Regular moetlnus on
'W tho  third  Thursday
of every month,
Visiting brethren
Ei. W. CONNOLLY, Secretary ,
There •
III II III lMlllllllTlllBn_lTTIIIIIII-IWIIIWHIIM-Jfcl'lllllli--lBJl.Wlll   "«•'• '» Carmon'a Hall 2-4 a-4 4th
Thursday of each month nt > p.m.      T
That t
With Kieldintf ill, Lemieiix in Soutli
Africa, the Printing and Bureau
Hcandai, find the revolt o( thfl Na-
tiunahdth, thfl Laurier government la
lighting foi   its Uf''-
A niimher of people have been in
("Tanbruok during \Xo> punt week look
inK over the iiKrifulturfil resources
of this  vicinity.
When your heaO swellH until you
think that, you are the only good
thinK In town, fuat go outside ami
try and count tbc stars.
The Conservative pai ty—A party
fit to govern in Federal aa well nh
provincial  mattern.
The announcement thai the Kootenay Central Km I way ih now under i
construction Is a statement In which
tbe whole ol Drttlsh Columbia la |
Interested for it moans t h** opening
up of n part ol Hip province which
has mines ol exceptional richness,
Hrmifi people are inchnid to think
that the district which will be open-
ml up by the new rnilwny. when com-
pitted    will  he     one ol  the    largeM
■ i   "•. niMii rn rhe Uni'ed Srutes who hei perlmpi heard
m  mt .      it-tots thnn nny other mnn or woman in tbe
"«;.'«<!» ure not secrets of guilt or ihame, but
:crels ui       criiift, nnd they Imve heen confided to Dr, *&A
I .. a- i'i ut hopu nnd expectation of advice sod help.
t.-w i    ;'*'<•.-.- women imve been tiisuppointeii in their ex-
I'uw-.Mn   he fact that ninety-eight per cent* of
by Ur. Pierce  Imve been ubiotutely sod
inch ii record would be remarkable if tha
cnse_ .; ntrc numlxsred   by hundreds only,    But when
1 ■ ■ les ti the treatment of more than half-a* mil*
linn   ■ i n ■ i ractico uf over 40 years, it in phenomenal,
■nd i i■ ■ e ui tlio itrfltitude accorded him by women, as the first el
spec   i"-i   -it the   reurmoui of women's dlieaieii
1 ie*.   *'A wunwn   may consult   Dr. Pierce hy letter, absolutely without
chi  tea ure wmiled, sealed in perfectly plain envelopes, without
a"> r iittii ;        ilvi rl    nt whatever, upon them.   Write without fear as with"
i 1    L)i-pcnsttry Medicnl Association, Dr. R. V. Pierce, Prest.t
Btiflnl      V *.
SVCaItCosi   i7*7 daJu_ "Ct? omon **%*V**>Xa**fgu
 glolK. Women 'Well*
A.  McCowno, Chief   Ranger.
C. A. Abbott, Secretary.
Visiting Brethren made welcome.
ii Cranbrook
We ask you to call and try
our new Consignment or new
and Up-to-datti rigs for
Winter   and   Hummer.    Just
received Topplr and Reliable
Horses at your disposal.
Give them a trial end be
Crmihronk. II.O.
-nUlw-Xa _r-__e—*
ta<__j£S'_3-->' ii
Gold Standard '.',
Teas and Coffee ;;
i >
Our whole time is devoted to your wants in the J[
Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every ] J
article that leaves our store.
We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
time goods are received that are not No. I quality.
i,   rn,
*********** I
shipping and  producing districts    In
tho northwest,
I'llollllllTIIlN   NOT   WANTHI).
 o  j   Miasoin-I  Ropubllcanfl havo ndnptml   n H, ('„ LIVERY FEED "
i-ocoodlngs "I tho tarlll login-  roaolutlonn      opponlng     prohlhltlon ii     " '.',''.
& sale stable::
Both Single nnd Dolilo
Drivers, for nil parts
of tho district, flood
Saddle Horses, (loud
Turnouts, Up-to-data
We can't be beat
, < i
latlon  in    tin- Houso     of Oammona (which mot rtofoat in that state ,nut ,,
thin Hooiilon wlmn Hiimnmil up lit, cho I Tuesday hy ovor 160,000)      on    the 11
clono,  will looh llko hix Intu   worth Igroundn that    oxporlonco hnn nhown ''
of nothing Hontod on a law-dnnt pllo Ithat    prohlhltlon  In     liquor trnlllc |[
or hrldgo. mattom cannot ho onforcod,   Atl.on- i >
" — tlon In iilnn dlrootod to tho fact that "
HIihip |,iin-ill.-, trivial fault-finding   In lho dry t.tntoit rogulatoil nnd    11- ',',
nnd pot-ty demonatratlonB of pomon-   oonNod saloon    havo glvon plnco   to <>
ul nllnim Indlcato tho "knocker."        "blind   pigs"    that    nro     brooding ||
" ■                           ' places nf nrlmn
it. in not  what happonoil     to   Nlr   directed lo tho fact Hint Col, Then- i u
Wilfrid   tiaurlor    thai   ih   worrying   doro Roosovolt,   Cardinal   Olbbons, <» DoMSt   .Deacon,  Proprietors]!
Aloi i.iicoii In Vole district, but wlint.   HIhIumi Tnl.tlo nml mnnv othor prom- !! if  Umtan M.imnpr ol
wlll bappon to th« Independent can    ment and    eminent mon oppose pro- * ''"""'"' ™>™»er J
Ulitate. iblkltlon as provocative „! hypocrley. |********************** I   ********************************************
AitiMitinii  in nbio   |[ Opposite Royal HoW Phone oi n
Staple and Fancy Grocers
* *********** lit J  ?*********** + *" ' *+A.A.t********
*******************************************   I
j If It's Paint and Painting;:
We are here with the Goods
If It's  Wall   Paper   and::
Paper Hanging
Painter  and   Decorator i I
M ------
A By-Law to ralee the sum of
htteen thousand dollars, ($15,0(10.00)
ly dehenturafl (or the purpose ot com-
Bletlng the erection ot, and equiping
Junicipal Building) and the City
|,ock-up ,ir .lull.
; WHEREAS _ petition bus been
presented to the Municipal Council
lit tbe Corporation of the Olty of
I'ruiibrook sictmd by the owners of
It least one tenth (l-10th) of the
Vine of the rateable lands and Improvements in the City as shown hy
Ilie lust Hovisod Assessment Roll,
liuiuesting the said Council to Intro-
Vice a lly Law to raise the sum of
|lfteen Tho,isnnil Dollars (115,000.00)
the purposo of completing the
IVeotlnn of and equiping Municipal
llulhtinga, and a Lock-up or Jail for
(he City of Cranbrook.
And Whereas tor the purpose afore-
Bald it will he necessary to borrow
(he sum of Fifteen Thousond Dollars
And whoreaa the whole amount of
lhe rateable landa and improvements
Lt the said  city according to the last
■evisnd Assessment Roll ia One Mil-
Bon Two    Hundred and   Twenty-all
thousand SU Hundred and Seventy-
five Dollars ($1,220,673.)
, And Whereas it will be requisite to
taise annually by    special rate   for
■laying the     said debt and interest,
lhe sum nf Nine Hundred and Ninety-
Bight dollars and eight cents (998.08)
■Thereof Seven    Hundred   and   Fifty
Bollnra ($750.00) la to be so    raised
Annually    for    payment   of    interest
•luring  the currency of the said    de-
|ientiires,    and   Two     Hundred    and
orty-Hlght Dollars and Eight Cents
l($24K.OH) is to he bo raised annually
■for the purpose of creating a sinking
Jilnil for payment of the debt secured
|>y the said d, bentures.
Anil Whereas the present debenture
■indebtedness of the   Olty   of   Cran-
Ibrook ia One   Hundred and   Thirty-
Jtwo Thousand,     Two Hundred    and
(Thirty    Dollars     and   Sixty     eight
Cents ($132,230.68.)
And Whereas the Municipal Council
(has power to pass By-Laws for contracting debts,  by borrowing money
otherwise and for   levying   rates
tor payment of   such debts   on   the
■rateable    lauds    anil    improvements,
jpltlier or both, or rateable real property  of the Municipality,for any  pur.
within the   jurisdiction of   the
fcounctl; hut the    aggregate of   such
(debts, except for   works    of local improvement and school purposes   shall
■not. exceed Twenty per cent. (21) p.c.)
pf the assessed   value of    the lands
pnil improvements or thc real prop-
I rty of the Municipality according to
[the last Revised Assessment Roll.
And Whereas the present debenture
Indebtedness of the City of Cranbrook, other than the Indebtedness
for works of local improvement and
of school purposes ls Ninety Klght
thousand, Two Hundred and Eighty-
Vine Dollars and Eighteen Cents
Now therefore, the Municipal Council ot the Corporation of the City of
'.anbrook in Council assembled, en-
facts as fol.ows:—
I.  It shall and may be lawful for
Ithe Mayor ot the Corporation of the
Ic'ty of   Cranbrook to borrow   upon
Ithe credit of aald Corporation by way
lif debentures,  here-ln-after mention-
fcd, from any person or persons, body
Or   bodlea   corporate,    who   may be
lining to    advance the  same aa   a
pan, a sum of money not eiceeding
the   whole, the     sum of   Fifteen
'liousaud    Dollars ($15,000) and    to
huso all such sums so raised or relived to he paid into the hands   of
be Treasurer of the said   Corpora-
Ion for the    purpose and with   the
pject here-ln-before recited.
|S.   It shall he lawful for the Mayor
I the said Corporation to cause aay
limber of debentures     to be made,
loeuted and Issued for euch sum or
■line    as   may he required for   the
llrpoae   and    object aforesaid,   not
fceedlng, however,    the sum of Flf-
,in Thousand Dollara ($15,mill), each
the said debentures heing of   the
knominatlon of Five    Hundred Do,-
Irs ($500.00), and all    such    deben-
Ires shall ho sealed with the seal of
fm Corporation and signed hy   the
|ayor thereof.
The said' debentures shall bear
fete the 28th dny of December, 1910,
fiynble within Thirty-Five yeaiB
the said date, in lawful monoy
Canada, at the office of the Im-
ferlal Bank of Canada ln Cranbrook
foresaid, which said plnce of pay-
lent shall he designated hy the eaid
(bentures, and shall have attached
them coupons for the payment of
llncipal and Interest respectively,
nd the signatures to tho said con-
ens may be either written, stamped,
■luted or lithographed.
14 The said debentures shall hear
fterest at the rato of Five (5) per
fnt. per annum from the date thoro-
and tho principal and internet nn
[to unpaid principal shall he payable
i equal instalments annually at the
Lid office of the Imperial Bank of
jnada In Cranhrook aforesaid, In
[wful monoy ol Canada, on the 28th
of December In each year during
K* currency thereof, und It shall he
pressed ln Haiti debentures and con-
fns to be so payable.
It shall ba lawful (or the Mayor
of the said Corporation to negotiate
und sell the said debentures for' less
than par, but in -no case shall the
aid debentures be negotiated or sold
for less than Ninety per centum
(90 p.c.) of their face value, Including the cost of negotiating aud
sale, brokerage and all other incidental expenses.
6. During the currency of the said
debentures there shall be raised and
levied in each year by special rate
sutlicieut therefor, on all the rateable
j andB and improvements in the aald
Municipality, the sum of Seven
Hundred and Fifty Dollara ($750.00)
for payment of the Interest
on tbe Bald debentures, and
the aald sum of Two Hundred and
Forty-Right Dollars and Bight Cente
($248,118), for the purpose ot creating
a sinking fund fur the payment of
tho debt hereby secured, making in
nil the sum of Nine Hundred and
Ninety-might Dollars and Klght Cents
($998.08) to be raised annually by
special rate aforesaid during each of
the said Thirty-Five years.
; 7. It shall be lawful for the aald
Municipal Council to repurchaae any
ot the said debentures upon such
terniB as    may be agreed upon with
[ the legal holder or holders thereof,
or any part thereof whether at the
time of sale or any subsequent time
or times, aud all debentures ao repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed aud no re-Issue of
debentures so re-purchased shall be
mude ln    consequence of   such     re-
| 8. This By-Law shall take effect
on and after the 15th day of December. A. 1). 1910.
] 'J. Thia By-Law may be cited for
all purposes as the "City of Cranbrook Debenture Loan By-Law
|No. 7."
Head the First, Second and Third
times on the llth day of November,
Received the assent of the electors
on the      day   ot    November,
TAKE NOTICE that the above is
a true copy ol the proposed By-Law
upon which thc vote of the Municipality will he taken at the Municipal
Building, Baker Street, on Monday,
ithe 28th Day of November, 1910, be-
j tween the hours ot 9 o'clock in the
morning (10 o'clock a. m. local
time) and 7 o'clock in the evening
1(8 n'c.ock p. m. local time.)
Clerk to the     Municipal
•um together with tho cost of ndvertis-
.ng this notico on or before January
20th A. D. 1010 I ahull apply under
Section _r.lt ot auiii Mineral Act to luvve
four interest in said clnim vested in
your co-owner
Dated at Vancouver, B. c. Ootoiier 10th
mo. 42-61
.1.   A.   HARVEY,
I, Intend to apply for „ llcenae to
prospect lor conl and petrolau-iu ovei the
following landa eituatu ln Block 4008
S-E Kootenay. H. 0, Beginning at •>
poit planted 1000 teet wuat of the S.
B. corner ol Lot No. 7188, and murked
.lease Froldoveaux'a N. W. corner: thenco
BO chaina aouth, tlieuce 80 chuins cast.
thence 80 chaina north, thence 80 chains
weat to point of commencement.
Jeaaa  Froldevoaux,    Locator,
4-48 I.   N-   Dully.     Agenl.
l.ocateli   thla  4th  day   ol  Ootober,   1010.
lands,     situate in Block .4593    Easl
Commencing nt a post plnnteil
neur the South Kootenay Pass trail
on Akiiminn creek, about two miles
ast of the forks of Klshenehna and
Akamlna creek, being east of and
adjoining Beatrice M. Thomas' locution, and being a relocation of the
S. E. B. 0, Land niul Oil Company's
license Nu. 11-14, and marked James
GUI's nurth west, corner pust, theuce
east 80 chains, thenco south *u chains
theuce west SO chains, thence north
80 chains tu the place of beginning.
Joaeph Saulter, Agent.
Located tllis I2tli duy ui November,
l'JIO. 48-52
! NOTIOB Is heroby given that thirty
days after the llrst publication of
this notice, I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for
the district of EaBt Kootenay, for a
license to proapect for coal and petroleum on the following described
lands, situate in Block 4593 East
Commencing at a post planted on
the South Kootenay Pass trail
ahout a mile east ol the forks of
Klshenehua and Akamina creek,
marked Joaeph Saulter's South East
corner post: thenco west. 80 chaius;
thence north 80 chains; thence cost.
80 chaina; thence south 80 chaina to
place of beginning.
Located this 12th day of November,
.1910. 48-52
I Intend    to     apply for a.   llcenae to
proapect lor coal and petroleum over the
following lunda aituate in Block 4508 S,
lil.  Kootenny,  ti.  c.     Beginning     at   a
posl. planted   1U00 feet weat of the  S-E
cornor of Lot   No. 7132, and marked R.
A.   Froliloveaux's  N.   E.   Corner:  Thenee
80 chuins  south,  tlience 80 chains weat,
thonco Hn chaina north, thence 80 chaina
euat.  Ui  the   point  of commencement.
It.   A.   Froideveailx,    Locator.
I. X. Dally,   Agent.
Located thla <th day of October 1910.
District ot Bast Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Joaeph Walah,
Constable, of Fort Steele, intend to
pply for permission to purchase the
tollowing described landa: commencing at a post planted at toe north
line of Oarlln'a timber leaae running
20 chaina nortb, thence 40 chaina
east, thence 20 chains aouth, thenee
40 chains west to tha place ol commencement, containing 80 acre* mote
or leee.
Datea September 14th, 1910.        3847
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days after the first publication of
this uotice, I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of LandB and Works for
the diatrict of East Kootonay, for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described
lands, situate ln Block 4593 East
Commencing at a post planted on
the South Kootenay Pitas trail
about a mile eaat of the forks of
Klshenehna and Akamlna creek,
aouth of and adjoining Josoph Saulter's location, and marked Frances
N. Turner's north east corner punt;
theuce south 80 chains, menoo vest
80 chaina, thence nortb 80 chains
thence east 80 chaina to the plnce uf
FRANCIS   N.   TURNER,   I.rmtot.
■   Joaeph Saulter, Agent.
Located this 12th day of November,
1910. 48-52
NOTICE is hereby eiven that thirty
dnys nfter the inst puhllcutiou of
tbis notice, 1 Intond tu apply to
the Chief Commlsaloner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistunt Commiaaloner ul' Lauds and Works for
the district of Kast Kootenay, fur u
license to prospect fur coal and petroleum un tin; following described
lands, situate iu Block 450:1 Enst
Oommenolng at. n post planted on
the    South   Kootonny    Puss    wagon
road, on Akamlna creek, about four
miles east of tin: forks of Klshenehna and Akamlna creek, being east of
and adjoining James GUI's location,
and  marked Mary  A. Thomus'  nurth
east cornor    pust.     tbence south so
chains,  tbence west 811  chains, thonce
north    80    chains,    thence     easl  si)
chains to the place uf boglnnlng.
MARY A. THOMAS, Locator.
Joseph Satilter, Agent.
Locntod this 12th ilny uf November,
1910. 48-52
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty-
days after the first publication of
this notice, I Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and tu the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works fur
the district uf East Kootenay, for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum un the following described
lands, situate in lllock 15911 East
Commonclng at a post pinuted on
the South Kuutenay Pass wagon
road on Akamlna creek, about four
miles east uf tin- lurks uf KiBheuob-
n'n lind Akamina creek, being east of
nml adjoining Mary A. Thomas' location, and marked Robert J. Casement's north west corner post, tinnier
east 80 chains, theuce smith 811
chainB, I hence west 80 chains.thence
north 80 i-bnins tu the place uf beginning.
Joseph Saulter, Agent,
Located  tllis  12th  day  uf  November,
1910. 48-52
NOTIOB is hereby given that an
application will be made under Part
V. of tbe "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a licence in tbe Cranbrook Water Distiict.
(a) Tbe name, address and occupation ul the applicant Cppor Moyie
Electric Company, Limited. Head
oiiicc. Cranbrook, B. C. Capital
$50,000 iinldod into 5,000 shares of
$10 each. Objects of the Company
include: Tbe acquisition, holding, enjoyment and exercise, subject to the
provisions uf tbe "Water Act, 1910,"
of till rights, powers, privileges, and
in,,nt,,-; ui or by part IX., or otherwise hy the said Act, confered upon
power companies, so far as the company may deem the sauio necessary
iur its purposes or any of them.
(b) The name of the lake, atream
or Bource.     Muyle River.
(c) Tbe puint of diversion, at foot
uf Ryder Bar about 7 miles upstream
[rom  Railway  bridge at Swansea.
(d) The qunntity ol water applied
for (in cubic feet per second) 196
cubic leet.
le) Tne character of the proposed
wurks. Dam, pipe Line, Hume, and
hydro electric power plant. The water to be used lur the purpose of
the Coiupauy's undertaking.
(g) Tbe purposes for which the
water is to be used, generation of
electrical energey.
tii) if the wnter is to be used for
power or mluine. purposes describe
the place where the water ls to be
returned to some natural channel,
und the difference in altitude between
point of diversion and point of return. At tbe mouth of Nigger
Creek, difference iu altitude about
iin feet, natural.
(j) Area of Crown Land intended
tu be occupied by the proposed worka
About :jo acres.
tk) This notice was posted on the
Utli day of November, 1910, and application will be made to tbo Commissioner on the liith day of December 1910.
(1) Give tho names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likely
tu be affected by tbo proposed works,
cither above or below the outlet.
John Hf Hawkins, Wattsburg, B. O.
and 11. K, Sullivan, Seattle, Washington, II. s. A.
(Signature)    Upper   Moyie Electric
Company, Limited.
(1'. 0. Address) Cranhrook, B.C.
LIQUOR    ACT   1910.
NOTICE is hereby erven than on
the 27th day ol December next application will be made to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police for
the transfer of the license lor the
sale of liquor by retail in and upon
tbe premises known as the Yahk
Hotel aituate at Yahk. British Columbia, from John Gibbon to Benjamin Riley of Muyle, British Columbia.
John Glbbou,
Holder of Licence.
Benjamin  Joseph Riley,
Applicant for transfer
Dated this 19th day of Nov. 191U.48-4
WATER   ACT,   1909.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Alice Gertrude Morris of Cranbrook, married
woman, will apply to the Water
Commissioner at Cranbrook on the
25th day ol October, 1010, at
eleven o'clock ln the forenoon for a
license to divert two cubic teet of
water per second from Joseph Frai-
rie Creek, at a point situate about
1000 feet south ot the northern
boundary of Lot 5450, Group 1 Kootenay District,
The eaid water will be diverted and
conducted by a dam, ditch und limn!
to be conetructed on and ovor Lot
5450 tbe property of W. B. Worden.
The snld water will be used (or tbo
Irrigation of Lot 5449 said group.
No Crown Lands will be affected by
the worke.
No riparian proprietors or holdere
of Water Licenses will be affected by
the worka except the eaid) W. „.
Thla notlco wae posted on the	
day of September, 1910.
NOTIOH ls hereby given that thirty
days after the first publication of
tbis notice, I Intend to apply to
the Chief Oommlssioner of Lands and
Worke, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for
the district of East Kootenay, for a
license to prospect for coal and potroleum on the following described
lands, situate In Block 4593 East
Commencing at a post planted on
the South Kootenay Pass trail
about a mile east ot the (orks of
Klshenehna and Akamlna creek, east
of and adjoining Francis N. Tumors
location, and marked Beatrice N.
Thomas' north west corner post,
thence east 80 chainB, tbence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chaius,
thence north 80 chains to the place
of beginning.
Joseph Saulter, Agent.
Located this 12th day of November,
1910. 48-52
NOTICE Is hereby given Hint thirty
days after the first publication of
this notice, 1 Intend to apply to
the Chief Oommlssioner uf Lands and
Works, anil to the Assistant. Commissioner of Lands unit Works for
the district of East. Kootenay, for a
license to prospoct for coul and petroleum un the following doscrtbed
lands, situate in Block 4693 Enst
Commencing nt a post planted on
tbe South Kootenuy Pass wagon
road on Akamina creek, about four
miles east uf tbe forks uf Kislieiieli-
nn nnd Akamina creek, bolng nurth
of ami adjoining Mary A. Thomas'
location, and marked Airnes Gill's
south east corner post, tbence west
8o chains, thonce nurth 8(1 chnlns,
thence east. 8(1 chains, thonco south
HO chains tu the place uf beginning!
AGNES Gil,I,, Locator.
Joseph Saulter, Agent.
Located this l2tJi day of Novombor,
NOTICE Is horoby given that 30
duys alter date 1 Intend to apply to
the Honorable Chiel Commissioner of
Lands Iur a licenso to prospect for
coal and petroleum, over the following lands, situate In the district ol
Southeast Kootenuy, British Colum
bill, iu  Lot. 4593:
Commencing at a   post planted  at
'or near eleven miles due east ot the
34 mile post on C. P. R. ayrvey line,
which is Lho western boundary of Lot
4593, and being tbo northeast corner
I ost of   Eathen    W.     Butts'   claim,
| hence    south   eighty   (80)    chaius,
thonce west eighty (50) chains, thence
urth eighty (80) chains, thence east
ighty (80) chains   to the    point  of
ommencement,     making 64(1     acres,
uore or less.
EATHEN W.   BUTTS, Locator,
Willinm E. Butts, Agent.
Ralph L. Uurliniiham, Witness.     37
.ocutcd this llth day ot June, 1910.
TION f„r the lamt „, , aUp|lc_„ -,r.
tlllcute Title t„ l.ot 45 ll|„ck „„ 0tJ_,
brook Olty Map   nun
NOTICE IS IlEltuiiv OIVB.N that It
le mt Intention t„ laaue al the expire,.
| lion of one month uflor the Oral publication hereof ,, duplicate ol tho Certlll.
cato ol Title to. the above mentioned
lot in the name of Nile lliinaon which
Certiliculc   la   datod   llth   October,: 1902
and numbered ihiiiia.
District   Ileglatrar.
Land   Registry Office
Nelaon,  B, C.
Ootober   Ulot,   1911). ,l-4H
J I, 7.. L. Dally, house-keeper, „f Seattle, Washington, [mend to apply to the
AsalBtant Cotninbjsionor ot Lands and
Worka ol East Kootonny Distiict for
por mlaslon to purchase the following
landa. Ueglnulng au a post plumed at
the N-W corner ol Lot 71BS and point
of Intersection of Lot 79.10, and marked
\Z, L. Dally'a N-E. comer: Thenco Ti-'it
chains aouth, thence 80..S ohalns weat,
theuce 18.'It, chains ooi-th. thence (14.Mil
chuins eaat     thence 5H.97  chains uorth,
| tlieuce   15.44   obelus      east   to   point     of
commencement, ami containing 'lie acrea
/.   L.   Dally,  Locator.
I.   N.   Dally,   Agent.
Located  Sth day  ol  Ootoiier,   10111.44-53
Rocky Mountain Chapter
no. 126, R.
Regular meetings
day   in  each   mouth   at eight
Sojourning Companions   are
~\   cordially invited.
| B.    H. SHORT, Serin* tt
jf        Hox 202       CKANIIItOOK, D. O.
1. If. A.Froldoveaur., Nurse, ol Seattle. Washington, intend to apply to the
Assistant Comiulaalotior nt Landa ond
Works of Oast Kootenay District, far
permission to purohase the following
luinls Beginning at a post planted at
ilie s, Wi corner of Lot 78J0 and mark-
i-'l It. A. Froidovoaux'e S-B. corner
tlience .so ohalns north, thence 14.90
obalna weal. lltence 80 chaina south,
thence 14.20 chains eust to point ol
commotieomsnt, uml containing 118.0
It.   A.   Proidevesux,  Locator.
I.   N.   Ualll.    Agent.
Located 5th duy of October,  Will 4,4-53
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone 10     •   •   •      P. O. Box 111.
Cor   Sale or Rent at Reasonable
Office& Workshop—Lewis St.
«bone No. I*.
To W. T. Smith, W. Clendonnlng or
any party or partlea claiming through
them, or either ol them.
I'AKE NOTICE tlmt I have expanded
in work and labor aa rOf|tiired by Sou*
tlon 34 of thu Mineral Act In colinec.
Hon with your Interest In the above
'Iwoti Sound Hoy Fractional Mineral
Claim prior to the llrst ol November A,
1008  $75.00.
enlaaa you make     payment el the aud
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days nfter   the first   publication   of
I this notice, 1 Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for
the district of East Kootenay, for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the     following described
j lands,     situate in Block 4693    Eust
j Kootenay:—
Commending at    a   post   planted
'about a   mile east of    the lorks of
1 Klshenehna and Akamlna crook,
north of nnd adjoining Beatrice N.
Thomas' location nnd being a relocation of N,  Whealdon'n Location,
j llcenae No. 752, and bolng innrkoil
Milllcent G. B. Thomas' south went
'corner post, thenco east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenco west
80 chaina, thence south 80 chains to
the place of boglnnlng.
Joaeph Saulter, Agent.
Located this liith day of November,
1910. 48-52
.«---~*__^,.,.«-.   -=■ - - -   -«_      a„l«~-
iMMsfc ,:-.,.,:..--:>■' :>:kv*^v."-., r&,
m     '! $ I      i
SEE        .  w E'_ tS        «*£• ._ its
$1    P
i 1
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
days after the first publication of
thia notice, I Intond to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands ami
Works, nnd to the Assistant Commissioner of Lauds and Works for
the district of East Kootonay, for a <
llcenae to prospect for coal and pe-
troleum on the     following described ,
u    :'■! St ■',:■,./, ';?7,.    , ■     :     -  .       .....-.-
f »'«'>'■",'-j !':'$' "*V :, ■'    ■Xyt.y%v/";?.-   ' • *■
•' i•;m ,fi*■ -'■ -I ''■.     ' -■" <  Pl'v]**    '
;Wffe,.'U  v::>:t';-:V;|d;
}mvlZ7, 7 ii.;-;   '■ i. ■ ,i t< i-
I' ■• iWM,i .,■
a ',,->i*.>,ffie>Vd
Iron Range
Plumbing   and   Heating  Engineers
and Koote-
LOCAL   NEWS.      I
H^^^y-S   _>$<$$♦♦♦$♦$$#
R   L   McBride, ot Nelson,  whs   In
the city Wednesday.
N.   Hanson,   ol      \Va~-n,   was  m   the
city Thursday.
J.  L.  Prince, of  Lethbrtilge, was In
town  Wednesday.   ,
J. 3. Barber, ol Wllmer, was In the
city Tuesday.
Jaa. Stannitt, of Wasa, spent 3un
day last sn Cranbroolt.
D. Cbampaigne, and G.    Bcurassa.
ol   Fernie,   were  .n   town  Monday.
B. K. and W. E. Biillock. ol Taber,
were in the city  Monday,
A. Marshall, of Lethbridge, was in
the city Monday,
D. H.  Kent, ol Moyie, was in    the
city Monday.
Andy Good, of Crow's Nest was in
tbe city  Thursday.
A. L.  Woolf,  of Hamilton, was    In
town Thursday  on  business.
E.  W.  Warren, of Port Steele, wae
in  town Thursday.
ll. A.  McKoan, ol Ohllllwack, wae
a guest at the Royal Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs.  0,  Y.  McClelland, of
Bpokai.6, were in tho city Thursday.
W. il. Crosby, of Toronto, was in
tbe oity Wednesday,
C. A. Abbott, of Sirdar, was in the
city Thursday,
It is reported that E. A. Lezert
bus sold his farm, of 312 acrea, near
(.'ran brook.
Constable H. c. Ad ney, of Wardner, was In tbe city Thursday on
official luiMineHH.
H. Jonoa, P. Kauflner, and J. Ft.
Campbell, of Calgary were guests at
the Cosmopolitan Thursday.
Y. J. Smyth, of Moyie, editor of
the Moyie Leader, was in the city
J. Robh, and "CJ. E. Palmer, o(
Wilnicr, were registered at tbe Royal
I). K. Patmore. J. HurTornmn and
C. F. Soderling, of Spokane, were at
the Cranbrook  Wednesday.
Provincial Timber inspector A.
Carney, of Kaslu, was tn tbe city
Monday on official  business.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. B. Broult, of Montreal, were Crunbr.tnk visitors Hun-
day last.
A. B ColM. M- McOfiS, and Wm.
Wrightman, of Baikatoon, were at
the Roya, Sunday last,
Mr. and Mrs. A. McMillan, of
Trail, were Crauliiook visitors Tuesday.
P P. Farrell, 0. Tumor, and H.T.
Macdonald, of Moyle, were guests at
the Cosmopolitan  Wednesday.
R. A. Simmons, >d Vancouver, C,
W, Smith, of Fernln, and N. J. Mac
Leod,  of  Nelson,   were  guests at  thn
Cranbrook Wednesday.
Commonclng On Monday last, the
crews on passengfll engines will
turn at Crow's Most Instead <d
The Ht. Andrew's Society, Of Fort.
Steele, will hold their Ht.h annual
Hall on November 30th. 1910. All
ore cordially invited   to attend.
A. d. Carter,     Ol Toronto, h,  !,,
Knight, of  Rossland,  nnd  0. Or-'Cti,
of Edmonton, wore registered nt the
Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mrs Donahue, ol Wasa, was shop
pint; at Craubrook Thursday
C. P Murphy, ami l.. 0, Phillips
ol Fairmont, were In town Priday
Mrs. .i p Farrell, and Miss Par
retl, of Moyie, wero Cranbrook vlsl
t< 11 Pi Lday
G, G, Jewell, of Jaffray, president
ol the Jewell Lumber Co., wns Id
tin- city Pi  I i-
MrB T r McVlttle and Miss
Galbraith, ol Port Steele, wire dun
brook visitors Priday.
a. J. S< tn 11 ol Jaflraj a, 0'Day
of Bonners Perry, and A. J Manson.
i)i Jaflray wore guesta al the Cosmo
politan Sunday last.
a Tayl >r P <wi-i[\ W Montrose,
E ■■ ke ai d a Butchor, of Gull
Lake, were registered at the Royal
Sunday  last,
K w Hill, ol Vancouver; L. P.
Stevensoi I !algai y, p   p. Rooney
ol Denvei Colo A C, Patrick and
K. Cousine I Movie, were guests at
the Cranbrook  Monday.
H   H. Gugler, ol Milwaukee;  J. 0,
P, Hyiiiitv.au. of Winnipeg. J. M.
Doyle '. Nelson, and V. B. Houghton, of Moyie, spent Sunday last at
the Cranbrook.
J. E. Bach of Toronto; Win. San-
ford, of Winnipeg; Wm. Hoffman, of
Fort Steele; and W. H. Holland of
Fairmont, were registered at he
Cranbrook  Friday.
T. T. McVittie, A. B. Fenwiek, A.
Doyle and G. Watson, of Fort Steele,
were in tbe city Friday attending
a meeting of the District Conservative association.
A meeting of Royal Arch Masons
was held in the Chapter room of
tbe Masonic Temple on Thursday
evening. Ex, Comp. J. B. Nixon,
of Toronto, was in attendance.
FOR SALE.-Thoroughbred collie
'pups. Both father and mother flrst
prise winners at last Oranbrook Fall
iFair. Apply to J. Pattinson, P. O.
Box 80.1.
J Tbe dance in the Masonic Hall on
Tuesday evening, given by the Cran-
■ brook Orchestra, was a complete
'success. Good music, and a jolly
'good time was tho order of the
Captain Armstrong, of Golden, waa
in the city during the early part of
I tliis week. He made a pleasant visit at the Prospector office. Captain
Armstrong, made his flrst trip to
what is now known as the City of
Cranbrook, twenty-eight     years ago.
During the past week the management of thc Opera House baa been
giving his patrons entertainments of
of a high and special character.
"The Wolf" with Harold Nelson in
the title role, The Sanford-Dodge
company in tbo "Musketeers, and
"Faust," were the attractions on
Thursday and Friday evening.
C. E. Morfltt, late manager of tbe
Cranbrook Trading Co., left on Friday's train for Bowden, Aita., whoro
he will engage in a similar business
on his own account. "Ernie" has a
wide circle of acquaintances in Cranhrook who ore sorry to lose him, as
be is much respected and liked in
this city. "The Prospector" wishes
him every success in his new venture,
A. K, Hook. K. T. Burns, R. W.
Hill, It. A, Chapman, J. W. Whiting,-
... D. Dinning, F. W. Welch and J.S.
Brown, a,! of Vancouver, were regis
tered  at  the    Cranbrook     Thursday
A. Miller, W J. Dow, J. Stephens,
H. s. Peterson, w. n. Bray, G,
Henderson, ami w. Crawford, all of
Creston, wero registered at tbe Royal Thursday
Reports From The Prairie
Country Indicate Large
Spring  Demand.
That, tbo En si. Kootonay lumber
com pantos imve exporloncod a far
more satisfactory season than waa
ex per ted uud t.luil. the demand for
products of tho mills from the prairie provinces in tho spring and sum
mer will ba large was thn statement
made ni the Strathcona last night
by a. Carney of Knfllo, assistant
t.i in ber Inspector and collector of
"The people ol Albrrtn and Hask-
atchewan," said Mr. Carnoy, "nre
fooling very optlmlBtlfl regarding
next yoar's crops owing to the largo
amount of moisture that has fallen
on the laud lately      They anticipate
that the land n-. a result ol the
snow and rain that has fallen will
be In tirst class couditlon (or rorelv
in.; the seed and that the eropi will
consequently be heavy This optl
mlatlc feeling lo tho prairies reacts
on tho lumbermen ol Brttieb Colum
bin Who knows i hat if tho crops are
beavj the demand for lumber wlll
be proportionallj  bo
Mi Carney stated that practically
all the large mills m Mast Kooteuay
had   closed   down   for   the   Winter   and
that they ail had aeut men Into the
woods tu fell timber for next sea
son's sawing operations, Many of
the planing mlUs, however, were still
iu   operation Among     the     large
nulls which hnve lumbermen at work
in the woods are the Raker Lumber
company at Waldo; the Adolph company at Dayue's lake; the Elk River
Lumber company; the Fernie Lumber
company, the three mills of tho East
Kootenay Lumber company; the
Staples Lumber company at Wycliffe, the Standard Lumber company
the Crow's N'est Lumber company at
Wardner; the Jewell Lumber company at Jaffray; tho Robs Lumber
company; the Taylor Lumber company nt Kimberley; and the Rock
Creek Lumber company; the Cooke
Lumber company at Kaslo is making
preparations to send men out into
the woods shortly,
"The partial crop failure in tbe
prairies last summer." said Mr. Carney, "did uor affect the East Kooteuay companies as greatly as at one
time feared. Tbe business during
tbe spring was abnormally heavy
and a number of companies when
thoy closed down for the winter
months had not a stick of merchan.
table lumber in their yards. The
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber company
for instance had 20,000,000 feet at
the beginning of the year but since
the late spring have been unable to
fill ordersf The Taylor Lumber
company's atock is depleted and the
same may be said of the Standard
Lumber company. It is true, however, that some of the larger companies have considerable stock still
on hand but these should all he considerably lightened by the eurly part
of the year."
Tho district covered by Mr. Carney
in making his various trips of inspection covers a large territory and
extonds Irom the provincial boundary
lino between British Columbia and
Alberta and Nelson on the west aud
enst and the main line and international boundary line on the north
and south. In this district there
are about 45 mills. Of this number
40 have operated during tbe past
Mr, Carney mentioned that the
Watts Lumber company at Proctor
and Wattsburg were still cutting
and are preparing for a big winter's
cut."A. E. Watts" observed Mr. Carney, "ls constructing a logging rail-
road between the Wattsburg mill and
the timber limits from which the
lumber Is being taken, The company will be logging by rail this
"The railroad will effect a great
saving in expense," he said. "One
engine and three men will transport
moro logs in a day tba^ 10 pair o|
horses and 20 men could move in the
same time. Tlie capital invested in
the railroad fs also loss than that
necessary to provide sutllclont horses
A team would cost about $700 and
20 tennis would therefore represent
IROOO.-Nolson   Daily   News.
Notice is hereby given that an
application will bo made under Part
V. of the "Wator Act, 1910," to obtain a llceneu In tbo Crunbrook Wator District,
(a i Tho name, address and occupation of tbe applicant. Edward
Covoll, Kingsgate, R. C, Rancher.
(bi The name ol the lake, stream
or source.      Moyle  Rlvor.
(ri The point ol diversion. 300
yards above tbe south west corner
post of Lot B424, Group 1 Kootenay
(d) The quantity of water applied
for (In cubic feet per second,) On«
cubic foot.
(0) Tho character of the proposed
works: A headgate, ditches and
flume to he constructed on Lot 6641,
Group 1 Kootonay nlHtriet, the prop-
irty of A. K. Miller.
(1) Tho promises on which the water Is to be used.   The said Lot 6424
(g) The purposed for which the
water Is to bo used.     Irrigation.
(b) If for Irrigation describe the
land intended to be Irrigated, giving
acreage. Tbo southern part of eaid
Lot (1424.
(j) Area of Crown land Intended
to bo occupied by tbe proposed worki
(k)   This notice was posted on tbe
    day   Ol   Novembei,     PJ10,      and
application  will be made to tho Commissioner nn ihc lid day of Decern
er   1910.
(I) Give the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or llceu-
,..es who or   whoso lands are   likely
to be affected  by  the proposed  works
either above or below the outlet.    A.
K. Miller, of Cranbruuk,  R. (.'.
(Signature.)      Bid. Covell.
[P, 0,   Address,)   Kingsgate, R.C
TAKE NOTICE that I Alfred Doyle
of Fort Steele, occupation rancher,
will apply to the water Commissioner at Cranbrook on the llth day of
October, l'JIO, at eleven o'clock in
tbe forenoon for a license tu divert
one cubic foot of water per second
from six mile creek, at a point situate about 200 feet above the mouth.
Tha aald water will be diverted and
conducted by a dam, ditches and
flume to be constructed on and over
Lot 129, Group 1 Kootenuy District ,
the property uf myself.
Tbe said water will ba used for the
Irrigation of one hundred acres ol
said Lot 129.
No Crown Lands will be affected
by the worke.
No riparian proprietors or holders
of water licenses will be affected hy
the works.
This notice was posted on the 	
day of September, 1910.
NOTIOH] Ih hereby given that So days
attar dale I Inland i_ ipply lu tho linn.
Chief Unnuiitestoner <>f Lands for a
llconso to prospoct for coal and potro-
lauin over the tollowing lauds, situat*.
iu ilm Dlstrlet of Southeast Kootenay,
British Columbia.  In  Lut  -898i
Commencing   ut  a.  poet  planted at oi
near .1 tulles duo u*i_l of tho 33 aiilv pout
on iha 0. P. it. survey Hue which is tlio
wusieiu boundary of Lol 1598 uud belay the southeast cornor post of Mury
K. Wilson's claim, thenco north eighty
(tun chaias; thonce wusi eighty (HO)
chains; thenco soutli uighty {HO) chains;
i iit'u.r) east eighty inii) chains to tlio
point of -oiiiiiioncojiiuiii, uiiikliiit two
tores,   more   uf leas,
MAIlV  13,  WILSON,  Locator.
Eivthoti \V. Uutts, Agent.
William   K.   Biuu,   Witness.
Located   this   1st   Day  ot  Soptemlie.' 1010
District of Kast Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that 1, Elmore L.
Staples, ot Wycliffe, B. C. occupation
Lumberman, intends to apply tor permission to purchase _4. acres ol
land bounded as follows:— Commencing at a post planted Li miles eaat
of the 30 mile post on east Une of
British Columbia Southern Railway,
Lot 4592, Group 1, Kootenay District, and being at the north east
corner of Lot 10137; thence nortb 80
chains, thence west 80 cbains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains
to place of commencement.
Dated August 29th, 1410. 38-46
C. Bayard Staples, Agent.
NOTIOB la hereby given that 30 days
Utter data I intend to npply la tha Hon.
Chief Commissioner ot Landa lor a
Itoenil to prospeot /or coul and petroleum   ovor   the      following  landa,   situate
in tiu>   District of  Southeast  Kootenay,
Urltish Columbia, in Lot 4.98
Oommenolng at a post planted at or
near ."• tulles due east of the ita mil* poat
■ •ii lho U. P. H. survoy line which is the
western bounder) ol Lot 4698 and bain* lhe N. W.cornor aunt of Kathen W.
Iltitl's I'lalm, lluaice south eighty (80)
ohutns; thence eust eighty <80i chaina;
thence north eighty (80) chain*; theuce
rtost eighty (80) ohains to the point ot
commencement, making (lau acrea, more
or  Icsb.
EATHftN   W.   BUTTS,   Locator.
William   B.   Butta,   Wittieaa.
Located   thl a  lst  Day   wt  Mpteu ber 1910
NOTICE ls hereby given that 80 daya
attor dme 1 Intend iu apply to the Hon.
Chief Uomiuissioner of Lands for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum over the follow ing landa, situate
iu the Dlatrlcl of Southeast Kootenay,
British Columbia,  In Lot 4503:
Commencing at u post plauted at or
iie.ii' u miles due east of the aa mile poat
iiu the 0. P. R, survey line which is the
western boundary of Lot 4303 and being the southwest corner past of Sam.
ucl l'. Wilson's claim, thence north
eighty <BO) ohains; thenco east eighty
(tit') chains, thoncs aouth eighty (HO)
chains; thence west eighty (80) chuins
to the point of couimenrement, making
ti_n acres, more or less.
3AM0EL p. WILSON, Locator.
Kathen   W.   Butts,   Agent.
William   B,   Butts,   Wilness.
Located  this 1st  Day of September 1910
WATER     ACT,    1909.
St. Andrew's Society
Wed., Nov. 30th, 1910
All are cordially invited
to attend
NOTICB is hereby given that an application will hu made under Part V. of
the "Water Act., 1909," to obtain a
license in the Cranbrook Water District.
j la) The name, address, and occupation
/if tha applicant. B. C. Hydraulic Power Company, Limited, Head offlce, Vancouver, B. 0. Capital flu.000 divided
up into 1000 shares.
lho object.-, of tho company include:
The acquisition by purchase or record
or otherwise al wnter and water power,
and of recorded or unrecorded water
arid the application of such water and
water power for producing; and genera-
tins electricity nnd for the purpose and
in the manner nml methods set lorth in
section lHti of the Water Act, 1909 and
generally to exorcise and carry out ail
tho powers and privileges conferred upon Power Companies by said Water
Act,   1909.
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
source,   Blk   River.
(0) The point of diversion 8700 feet
about, above post on west bank marked
Sf B. 227 K.V. L. Co., the natural
level nf wator being nused from there to
point  5700  feet  up  stream.
(dj The quantity ot water applied for
(ln cubic feet por second) 500 cubic feet
per second.
(a) The character of ths proposed
worka, rtnins, pipes, flumes, tunnels power  houses,  hydraulic and electrical plant.
The water to he used for the purpose
of   the   Company's   undertaking.
(fr.' The purpoye for which the water
Is to be used, generation of electrical
(Ij If thu water is to be used lor power or mining purposes, describe Uie
place where the water is to lie returned
to annui natural channel, and the difference In altitude between point ol diversion and point of return. Water wlll
be n'tiirin'd about 1700 feet above the
south east corner ol Lot 'iiii. Group 1,
dllTurunce in altitude between point of
<llversion and return 1H0 feet, natural,
2(K) foot from cruet of dam to tail race.
1 (J) Area of Crown land Intended tube
decupled   hy   the  proposed   works,     None.
(k) This notice was posted on tlie
_1hI day nf October, 1910, and application wlll he nindu to thn Commissioner
on  thu   20th  day  of  December,   1910.
(1) (live the mimes, and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or llcensoee
who or whose Iniui* are likely to be
affected by thu proposed works, either
above or below thu millet. Kootenay
Valley Laud Company, Nelson, B. O.
0. II. Walton, Port Htnela, li. O,; Oeo-
rge Hoggiitlh, Crnnhrook, ti. 0.J William it. KiiNs, pernio, B. ,0,j Hoeauei
Ooodwyn   and   Harriet   Nelson.
It    C.   Hydraulic    Power  Company,
Winch Building
Vancouver,  B.  0.
p, (), Address, Crunbrook, B. 0,
Per  W, F.    OH 111),  Its  Solloltor,
Sole—One   cubic foot    per   second    le
riipilvaluat  to  iin.71  miner's  Inches.
Cranbrook Orchestra
is prepared in accept ungairomenta
to furnish nmKie for
Aildresa i Dinniuiili'utiona le
Phone IK7 1J. 0. Uok M
Cranhrook, B. C.
Funeral Director,
W. cline i
Ol the old   Manitoba   Harder
Shop nan now be round In the
Pint <JI_sa Work In
all  branches  uf the
'' Tonsorial   Art
We Deal in Everything Fi.in.
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second-Hund Goocn*
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand, Hanson Av»
Phone 1B1
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
They last a lifetime and cost
^ery little more than thrown
ogether, catchpenny, cheap
machines. Sold on small
monthly payments hy
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Araitronf Avenue.
Phnoe 1ST. Oranbrook, B.O.
*  A.  WALLER *
Hton... Boilor,   Furiirico,
iinri Septic Tank work
ti spfioialty
Com and tttncrf estimates
furniehed on Hppl.oal.on.
Addreil l P, O. Box 144. Craubrook
N'OTIOF. In hereby glvon thnt 80 dny*
nfter dnte I Intend to apply to the Hon,
Ohlof Ooinmlflfllonor of Land, for a
licoiiKA tn prciHpoct for cnal and petro*
lentil ovor tho following landi, situate
in tho District ol Southeaat Kootenay,
Drltl-h Columbia, in Lot *M»H:
Uommoticftlg at a pout plunted at or
nenr ft mllos dun mm td the 1)8 in|lo poat
on the C. I*. H. mirvuy Une which la tha
woatorn boundary nf Lot 4Al)8, and being the N. ID, oomor puat of Dnnlal B.
IHnrgHiiN clnlm, theiiea aouth eighty (80)
ohftlnii thonoo went eighty (BO) chain*;
thenre north eighty (80) chaina; thenoa
•ast "Ighty (80) L'hnlna to the point of
coimunncnnimit. nuiktng 840 acrea, more
ur Imi.
DAMKT,   W.   HIOORNR, Locator.
Bathon W. Butti,  Agent.
William   B.   Butta,  Wltntaa.
Lotattd thla lit Day of -kptembar 1910
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Cream and
Home Made Candy
To Trade
Twenty-five acres of good
Fruit Land, three miles from
Cranbrook, B, C, for one
Heavy Team nf Horses, not
under twelve hundred pounds
and not over eight years old.
Apply To
B. C.


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