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The Prospector Oct 1, 1910

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.,-'yve A5o(,
17    !'/«/,_
.   ^'CT,.' HI A, *i
The New Liquor Act
Mr   ('..In,   S.    Ciiiiiplii'll.   Ilm
,'1,'i'iiily appointed Inspoeloi' nf
IVoVillClllI   I'lllil'i'  llllll   Clllllf   In
s|iui'iiif nl' Licensed I'roiiiisi's,
under Ilm tlnw l,ii|iun' Act, Is
now  in  Victoria   preparing  Inr
llis   lirsl    illS|l"l'lillll    Imii'    ill    Itis
now iiiiiI iiinii ollli'ilil i'ii|,ai'ily,
in llio I'lini'si' nl which ovory
lii'i'iisi-il hut.'I uml evory pi'uviii-
l-iill pollt'O l.llil'l'   ill   llll' pl'iivillee
will I'i'i'i'ivo a vlsll ti pin-i'l.i informal mill, I'm- Hi,' iuaportor
will drop in entirely iiiitui
niniiii'i'il nntl prepared In lioeopl
mul  lo noli' conilllinns as llim
Senator King Tastes Kootenay
Finds tho British Cotuinbia A|iulfl
Gqu&l of Any drown Blaewliere
Delighted wil li P i i)
A mo,iu  Ilu. visitors In   lln'   Nelson
Additional Locals
Mrs. .1. H, King is  Buffering fron
typhoid lever.
A. Good,     nl Crow's Nest, was   in      Mrs. S.    P.     Ilnssiter i.s ill     with
the city Wednesday. typhoid fever.
nol us yd Hourly understood Dy
Ilm gonoral public, which reoog
nizi's (ho Liquor Aot moro pur
lii'iiliirly us it relates io tho in,,
lliiiotlS llllll OOSlS III'  licenses,  till'
regulation nf tho snlo. uml ro-
sirii'iiiiit nf ilm nbuso ol' llquoi'.
'I'ltis |s, luiwi.'vi'i', inn ono sldoor
nliu llllll' nl' lliu plll'pot'l llllll i'ITi'i'1
of llio Liquor Act, tho twofoldIflllr "'"" >"m|'"1' '
,-.,,-   i    .    . ,.      ,,     1,1,1 nn   s ll    ivlui - I  the ilui in     A- ''■■ Oflrtor, nl Kimberley.   was In
ol'Ji'l'l ol  wllll'li   is   nil  IO.,"1 "'' -,"  """ "I""1 '"" "'!', "'.,       .    „„        , ,     ,     \ mobiles,  but where Is Its  Dust man
,. .. . ,    Nelson its Hie guest of Mr. and Me., tho olty Thursday  on btislncssV
IISUIll  11.1 III > r   Ill   pi'opOl' I'llllllllols    ^   ,;    ,',,.,„.,I,,.,      ||„,   Smnitiir   i	
"'  ,l"' public sliiiulpniiii, und hi, w„y in thu coast,   this helm! his
Fred.  II.  Hill, ul Wellnllil,  lint.
visiting friends in tlie city,
It is rumored thut Crnnbrook is tt
hnve another meal market.
('ratil.ti.uk has lis     shine ul nutu
ill   I In' -111,,u lime In gunl'lUllee ti
luiiui' stiuului'd nl' accommodation roc ilu. travellingpnlillc, In
no  other   way   SIIVO   il ii. l.-l-  llio
llconso system cun kiicIi guaritu
to lii't'tist'il pi'oniisos nr pt'otnisns
proposed tn in' lii'i'iisuil, und In1
will also advise tlio t)o|iiii'tiiioin
us in ilu- npproxinmle populations in Pitch  lit'i'itsu i tro.  iu
oi'.li'i' ilmt lliu revised scale of
fees niny im uri'iingcd from ilm
lirst ol il,,.' Now Votir. in a 'lint  wiiii lliu ehungod require-
incuts nf thn law iu tins connection.
vi-    ...i   vi..      i       ,. ,     .lolin    Bowman,    ut Nelson,  spent
Mr. nnd   Mrs.    Jus.   Disenuw,     .., '    '
Vuhk, ure visiting friends in the city,
Thursday in the city.
('unstable   stlnsnit returned     limn
New Westminster mi Thursday.
P. .1. Ilenne, nl Hie Herald, lelt mi
Friday on a business trip tu Nolsuu.
eiiiy-sovnmli trip across ilm eniill-
,,..,,,. ami iiy.'.l nil in order to see thu
fair mi ih.' Invitation ui Ilia grand*
tliuig-hiur, Mrs, Carpenter.
II.- w;,s very eulogistic regard In g lho
-|i|ilo ills|jluy  in Hi., fair,  but stated
exisl iu everyday pi'iic.lice.   'I'll' 'oe ol superior iiccoinmodallon ,i;u thu hlghnuiilltyol the Kuoieiuiv
l'llii'1'     IllSpnCtOI'    is    ill    pi'QSOUl J De soi'lil'oil, uu inciilclll mill VI'I'.V ■ _i.-|.!«-   will   Ilu imu  story  lo bllll, Its lie
familiarising himself wiih every
essential pioci" uf liiformiillon in
ri's| i in otinh license nnd each
licenso application in tlie province: hu will report ai.y suggestions lu- may Iniii1 In offer us
Irul Konii'iiiiy-grown lli'iivunsiulii  ttnil lug a few days  in town.
THK    I'lltiMISH   DIIKAKKIts       have changed my opinion. The Hrlllsh   Tho Opera House pleturo parlor Is
  Cnlu.uliu. upplu In till qualities Is thu     , , showing some of tho finest (llms that
 „,,„,       ,   ,        ,    ,,     , euiial or auv a-rowii anvivhi-re lu the      ame" FMay lo,t on   "'""'"V   'or has over been produ I In this city
t iinniiinn     olectors should    ulwuys     I'•" "' '"'.i K'nwu itiiynut.iu   u  w,t	
bear in  mind that the Liberal party
j has broken practically every promise
tlmt It made when in opposition and Minimi NotfrJS
(loot-go Ilcnthortuii, nl   Qreonwood,     "'■ Nowhtirn, ul Lothbrldgo, wm in
material fact which is deserving l'"1 "'' pl.'...li.l exhibit Ilia, wus';s |„ the city Tor a few days ""•'   ''"•J'    Thiushiiy on   professional
of tliotiglilfill attention by those """'':' l'>   l;Hli""   Columbia over Inl   , |noss
whounihiukiunly may urge lho   TJ,""l,^,,ll „„,   „wll,v|  Hans     Lund and ... „. Doyle  of
substitution  ol   pi'ohlbilion   lur  ,,|:|, ,,„. v;„„„,.„„..„;,.„ ,„,,,,,. ,,„,, u/„ Marysville were in the elly Thitrsduy
Ihc   present   high   llconso   and  hotter llavor, though It hud  ulvuii
sli'ii-l regulation plan. luge over the western fruit ii lurot
h iiiuiiiiiie  I liistml a benutl
I'M. Hnrr, of Maple Creek,   s spend
Luuk ollt Inr the Hying mnchino nml
net your iuli printing doiio ut The
l',us| tm  olllco,
the  Maple Creek roul   mines
bus Kulle buck nn every  profession of
principle.     Pnr Instance:
It stood fur purity ul election
Are you going to till'     Port   Steele
A. I'l. Watts, of WattBbtirg, wan ii lehrntion ami    race meet next Pri
the city uu Tuesday. day,    Octobor 7th;   il nut, why not?
A rich strike of gold liUnrU Is reported  this week   from  Perry  Creek.
In office it has, stolen London, pur-   it lK said that assay returns give 141
P. Woods, of Cherry Creek, was In      .(.    P.     Armstrong,     Government
the city Tuesday.
ll   is   I,.   Im  iiiilifipiili'il   Hml >|m„,,|  Bonaventure,  corrupted othor in gold to the ton
I'1'",,,  lho lirsl  'I  llll I consider- constituencies by public ivorlta,   and
ably improved iiccomuioiliilioii In threatened constituencies that il they .,t Sir
tl,.'    rural     bolels   nl    Hritish votod Consorvntlvo thoy   would   not     ''' T' ,'ni,"",v '""s '"'"" mmed ''"'
Columbia  will he noted bv ,Ihe get necessary    publie    wurks.      At"' lat tvo mo"tl"J "'    ''''"'"I""-!
inn,. g public, Ihe new luw      Lethbridge in    t iresenco of    Sir1""    Ruvel' Bw"v'    ™8   l! "  soU       0. J. Jewell, of Jaflray,     spout
III,, mil isirillii I' Which I'DSIS Wilfrid Laurier Mr. K. M. Macdonald ""'"'tZ ProP°sltlon ''"'''J'1'"-' h'«h val    Sunday in the city.
largely wiih   Mf   I'uiilpliell    de   told tho peoplo thnt    tl gh    they"°s ln tlt0 !ro"ow raotnl' j 	
Iiiin.ling us  ,l,u  it in ui iiiiiii Man   cruelly needed a pnst olllce uml wore A, Horseman and bride returned to
third ui in-,- iiiioni In, uu,. in order entitled to it, they  could not expert    A ropnrt Irom the Skoolcum Shuck  tlie city Monday,
lll.tl n liquor licelis tv lie held,   il aii lonB as tncy voted Tory. is tu the oilect that a rich strlse   nf  -
Uuii  Iiu, libouse.1  premises shall |   a dontaniled the    reform or aboil- cobalt has   l n made by Messrs. ,'.     „   ,1|1W(,  o( Mttryiiv.11|9| „U|( in t,„.
Agent, returned (rom bis holiday trip
i ui Friday.
Miss     Itoberts wus visiting friends
:lar the lirst „( the week. Mrs'  ,!inkl,'y. experienced  nurBO,  is
  now open fur engagements,     Address
letters,  eiire uf  Lonslit's  grocery store
In his speech nt Hi.. biniqiiHl
ii en in Vulicnni ur iu ,1,.. < 'ii,,:,
ui,irers' Assoeinl	
Ml.,, lil.li 40
Speech Was Noteworthy    ,:
'  , lh.il,   itlUl      ||L<    .'■ ■    I      -i- It'll       . - :i-
FYemier M^Bride's Statesman   "" -   •   •■" *■      L ' ( "•'''•'
■ tl    .    • ij .       .. . .1 hi        nil)     ,,     lil   nt I'd || if-
like Address to Mantilaciureis , ,„   .,
..-   .   |n en   ui aila|it"il
 ui|i.iiulivi-ly ,'lie„ ,,...i
■      -   lal -.i''-r-.    I, Is
'"■,|1 ineiurers ,\ssoeinllon,  .„,, ,, „„ ,   l->j»t»J
Cl'o I'Mrlll'Ide  sll'lii'l , i.aai      .-,..,-.-i   ii.i.i    ,„-.,|,ly
wliu'li   pin,    inn,   ,1,   in,,   very • •   ■ •
Imi-in.,1' n, i 'iinndit'apublic niu,i. ' ■ nnd
'i'l,,1 Hpoech  was n  htiilns'inin'
nil,'rn,,,'.', lull nl  lho   npiinilsm
..i il u  wesl,   ilu. couraue ui
voting, sirniig uut,,, uud lho i.n
ui  :i  louder nl   inuu      The  n
iinip-., is    iiiiuilii-i  uun ni,us nt  powei
•miiiri'i's nl Ilm iinivini'i' of «• in-h
i --.,,'•      nn  the kootonny   nvor     near
ll"1 -""    l'1''^   ;"    I"-"-""1    s"  .Nil....,,    with      Its own    l,,ii leiltie
strong a pun,   yvere oiilliuod   III „ ,   Donnmgton lulls. In
powerful liiugiuige,    It, pari ihe »tftUcu „, „ ,,,,, „, ,,v,., ,;,.,„„„„,
l"'.'Uii.'i'-!i'.l. | believed, prepared   to lurnlsh power
"Wu iti'itisl, I'ohiioliiiit,  ('uuii- u' a maximum ol *.;,, pe, borso-powor
dints I'eel hi home yvhoroovor Wo per   a,,an,a i.,,   manufacturing    pui
go   in   I'iiMiiilu    wlii'lbi'i-   il    Im I ■     Tlie     Pcnd d' Oreille    roe,,
Quoboc, Ontario or N'ovn Scotiu ""'"' '" Nelson, it ulso capable    ot
or any other proilllico, won I ways 'l''1'''l"i,Jli' aomo miy  thousand horse
I'unl ;il luiin,.      I   sin  o.vprosslug |,"w*''  '"     modorato cost      nn    u„-
to llighl   ll,,'   sunlit,nuns  nl   Ihe w': "'" "' u"'     KocUea are many
moil rs  ,.I   tins  nssticiillioil,   I M""li"'' l"'w''1 l«,-"b'"tica      On Wu
w Creek,    within     twenty miles o(
ol   I •     ly ..' ' ..-.   ■ .- .-•; in.ii. u
thnl hydro-electric development may
tlelivei in,' im,Hire.I thousand horse
powei    ,,.. ,i.| , hnl  amo in,   be roiiuli
ed.     A,    A.I,ui.     ,,..,,  i,i„,.e  Kam
Purl Oeorge
,,lulu,:,. . tlon ol the Semite. Nelson. Ne.s Johnson anil  II. MoNuir.   , ,,   .,     i .
lllL,U1'1  ■ rit.y Miniilny nn business.
A  bur room  used only fur the     '" "f"co Sjl'   w'"n|l Laurier main ■ 	
purposes nl und ns i, bur room;    *-""w t"""^' ('ha.nbcr on the old    A „„„„„.,. „f „„, „,,, ,.„, y, „ Wa
I hnttlH II    IU    -.1.11    ll,,.   l,n,*,,„    ..I   n.i.ll.     «...,...
A  separttlo silting  room  Ior
tlie usi' nl guests;
believe,  when   I  say   Ihnl   lltey
musl feel ul liome In Ilritish i n
,         ,      , iiiidortnkijig tbe development up     to
liltilbiil   |A|i|)lllllSP,l
some twenty thousand horse powor a.
'"' •',i""■"    l"'Uv "    ""' roiitilred.     Nenr  I'rince  Ituperl     the
Alliinlii-  niul   I'iic.iIIc   coitsls    is iCatnbdn rivet  may be   made to lur
steadily  diminishing   wiih    Ihe nuh uboul  ton  thaueuud horsopowor
ilovi.lopnn.nl  nl'    Irunspiirliilion ,\l the    points    already Bpec d we
and so also  lite  dislillico  which havo nearly one    million hone-power
separilles lliu  Molhoi'bind   from concornitig which  we have some defi
Hl'ilish I'liltitiiliitt.      I Ihinli thnt n.te information    or partial develop
only yesii.nliiv lbe Victoria press ment.    Thc lull extern m the    pro
Inld ol'lln  mail li g   delivered vinco will    enormously exceed     tin..
in Vii'loria from thc old i llr.v "'utigli at present it  is Impossible to
Wis,  John T, Oalbralth,   Mrs.  Ilu    in n lillle over nine duys      [ nm jmnke an accurate estimate,
remember, nnd I   nm  not. n very '"'"    secure population    we must
old iiiin. wliunil looltlhirr.V nine llavc convenlonl  nml  choup trunupui
days,    Tim president infurrnil it, '"''"" "'"' Ul" '" l"'":' 'app-al   aa
his iiddress.|o7hiperlalisni which ,mt M   l,0TOIbl*'    TnT&rarid Trunk
is buck of eveivlhing wn  ,!,,  ,., I':"il"' "'"' |,nr"d" " l-"""t
bert, nml lieu. Deary, nf Fort Steele,
left on Tliiirsilny to spend tlie winter
tn California,
Jbasls.     it is still the haven nf parti- Tl-m;J, Vm.k.     building cnl.,,-.    nml  „„, ,.ity M„n,,ay
A Crnnbrook   auto party bus    the
the distinction of being Hie lirst    tu
cross the divide   uver tin, new gov-
was   in  eminent road Into Alberta,
A ilniiiitr i.iiiiii ullogelher
separate, aparl from, uud tiddi-
liotitil lo luiili bur room und silting riiiitii:
At least seven bed rooms, eiu'li
sans' preparing Iur the   Immedlnte   rcsiiin-
It preached economy. iug uf work mt the Estelln group   uf ' "'''''' "'  Crnnbrook Saturday Oct.,
In olllce the Liberals   have trebled "'lies. I!   "*• m™>»*' "<    W"1''1""1'' »l>°"t  »' lal"' '"'"" l':'l,m 'Va>'' l"'"Khf-«'' '"
tho annual   ilisbiii'upHi-'nt.ri.     No pro- "**"
vlous Administration began tn be ns DIED   AT    VANC0UVI3U,
reckless in tho wante of public money
u.s the Laurier Ministry,     According
wiih a llnor  area   of   nol  !*»« to an exceptionally competent author
Lliu ri one hundred squuru loot 11"
x In ft. rooms) und each properly, uileqnnlely antl coinfortnbly
furnished  fur  ilm use uf gitesl
and  lo the satisfaotiou  nl'  lhe|
M.util.iy  111  the city.
T. H. Ilohart, of Waldo, was ia tho
eity  Wednesday on  business.
Mr. uml Mrs. M. II.     Thompson, ngo
two years uml eight months.
Special tu Prospector
il.v   it   waste* ten  uuiii,,,,.,  a  year    ,,,      Vn"''""™'   *>^-  »»- '>  at  V„„- I ~~"
aft ■ cm-,.,- 0n    September no,    Frederick '   "• H' ri»hnrt, of   Wardner, wns iu
Willinm, tin- darling only sun uf Mr.  "la ttitt Thursday un business.
It ilenniineeil putrnitage. ....
ami Mrs. P. ('. Maliuis, „i    Portland . 	
!   In utlire ,t elevated tlie   patronage Oregon
system tu a science.    A few    uf the
J visible results were tlie nest uf scull
-*■'' ,lU"   lin',IIL' enls   ,lll(l dais in the Marine   and Fisheries He
ftcilities mr venlilalion it.nl lor |HirtItl(,,u, u,„ PtMJDS Ul„.,ml thott8
lliu   prevention  ol   lire,  uud   lnr!tht,    everlastlag puroitoso ol supplies     N,lt  ""    Prlntora are   ns   lucky as     Indian Agent lt. L. T.    Oalbralth,  pointed
Ogress   titiil    escape    I'l i    11 f(J I rrom party     heelers nt    exltorbltnnt Jsck   H'""'" '     u"'   l''1'1'11'1'   Pre" j of-Port   Stis.de.    was in the   city on
should such occur, nnd for sniil- prices, nnd the brazen   awarding   nf l',TSS-    At ,h(! annuul nile shoot he Thursday. the o
Mrs. linker, nccompanlod by her sot
trunk I,,,.., witli brunches extending
rtl, nn.l .-..nii,. wlulc ibe Canadian
Northern Railway will boi-vo a lute
oxtenl nt territory tn the vailoya ni
the   i|.|..r    Frasoi   nml    Thompson
rivers au.l    down through   the fruit
more truly ex pressed  i he -enn . ,	
',     ,' growing districts   .,! Knmloops   and
iiieiits nl llio Ilm,inuu,, when   'I'11vicol   '
spoke of Ihe liuporiul snntlmcul
which is evident throiighoul lliu
lloiiiinioit.    (Applause I
l!riii>li Columbia We Ilritish
Coliimhiiius nre gootl i 'tiuiidlnns
imi we are still more intense
lil'ilisliers (Applause.) I call
say io Mr. Uowley tliul lie never
Goorgo, ul Toronto, is in the city fur I     "Whl1 ' l">l"lhlti»n is  still
a few   days visiting    friends.     Mrs. [slll»'l- our llccouiplishliienls  ll
linker formorly    resldod in thin city
und lelt. here some two years ngo.
large     U'e Imve created ;i trade
lolnlling  close    in   !>riii.(il,(i,()|i|l
iiinii,nilv;   osliiblished   liinnuflic   l"''-',u|-   u'"m   ('ranbi
"   i,k.  Mieliel.    II....i,
useful at election times
pig. mis u knife to curve ins enme: a
III,inn nnd drainage    also to lite contracts   tn   politicians     who were w"" n shield, a medal and a suckling
s.'iiisl'ticlion of lbe inspector;
Adnipiiitc nccoiuiilodalioii for
lite family uud employees nf the
license hnlili.i' In ttie sillisl'uc-
'i'"' "'' ""' iuspeel,.,-; ,„.,,, ,.„,„„.,, n|    ,,„.,,    ,|;,]t,        ,,|%
Adet|llllluillld sitniiiiry Ititclu
,   DORN-At     Crnnbrook     Tliursdny Hirers  :i„,l    industries   yielding
lu   .    ,      .,„.,    .    ,, , „      ,,       "rank liezall has resigned his posi- ■   , , .,,, , ',,
September 29th, tu Mr. and Mrs. H. urer  etclilv   iiiiIIiiui   dollars    :,
i ,   „,., ,      ,, tlon as chlel nl the lire brigade   mul , ,
A. liriggs,  a daughter.     ,, your-  mul,   remember,   wc   ure
Mayor I-ink is idling the position uu  ....        ,    , ,.   , .
  , ' still ut ll.e beginning ol ilmiu>.
til such tune ns a paid   chief is up
The assembly rose to  ii„  fuel
in en I,,,sn,mi, when the premie,'
said:     "I hour Inld nf a cerlniii
nation winding lo come iiilo lit
inula fur our raw mutoi'liils     Her
tiier day  when  the   Kimbeiley
train was shunting ut Wycllflo a small
llev.     w. P.    Plewelling and C. A.  child ran intu the centre ul the track
Printers Make Merry
I.',-, Tuesday night Typographical
V... .'.v. belli a liiiui|iii't ui the Waldorf
ll.ilel. Feral,!, whleh wa, a ...rami .ne-
cess in nil respect*. Vli.ltni's were
in    other
vlileil   :i   genii   iifognoiimi.   uf   music
tin ghoul ll , ir.   '.v. i:   Ross,
M.l'.l'. mul  Mtiyiir Shara I  ll.-cb-
uier ilclivci'.l addresses which   were
well r Iniii uml   tliori! were   other
luicln   -, ■In-- i„ reply in tb... usuul
tutt-ts, iitiioiiti ■.-. lii.-ii thai ui N|c. L.
Sullivan, uf t'lMiil.rijiik. li'-i-rv..- [luii-
, ;*,..    II -    i eluut'Ks   iu   i. ;m    In   ttie
It stood fur true    Fedcrnllmn   nnd  '""'ra' "'  Al :l""'/," """""" '""*''l""' Cnck' lcft "" Tll™,l"l' '"'' Nlil(|nn   to and wns knocked   down by the front   Uiuilllfilt'lurers i.iu.-l have   Iheill.  tmH ul  "The Sl»ler I i. ,.,,-." *,-r,
defended  Provincial rights. ""'' m '" ''"""' ""' "'"'"'■     Aml " utteml a meeting of the Synod. car.     The enaino and nine ones nn«o- I Well, Ihey cat ■ tintl gel I heir IAflBI people  of
'I'he new    Western provinces      havi
i:ri|i tn    pack hi
i.ln, In.    Whut
engine nml nine curs pnss-
moro en,,Id n follow ask thnn a box
of uiii   George's Extras nn.l u silver
  ed over the little fellow uml strange j ri»   Ullllei'iuls   if  Ihey   wunl   '"• j,.lV,,.,s uf'.,
ll. 1). Hcnodict returned on Sunday lo ""J' l"'>'OIMl "■   c"ue',!   "<    slight  bul,"  raising  In-  hand  ,,, lend
from u business trip     to  Vancouver
ihavo b i deliberately set up as   in ,   ,   ,   ,        ,
,..,,,,.,.  iu,I ,i ,,.,,,.,„,.n .,,.,.,,  pocket Musk with u (nml sent ut the
pantry uuii sloie loom ticcon ■ fertor   pr„vim.,,s     T)l ,,,,,. ,„.,„,   and other eoost points.
lllll inn    again m Ihe Slllisl'nclioll |„cefl u„,| it necessary t„ be collstttii '"" '"r '"' "" *"'"
■ui i 1,.1-J (colli lliu
'    be  i.a.l a
;■-■;..'.. for ii is city
.,,. ideni relating to
une cnudilinu and one only.  Ami i"1''t,ilJ ;l-' --   He waa at in.it tm,.- in
bruises the youngster was uninjured,  empluisis iu Iti.s  remarks,   " on growing out
nl ilu
:lly on their gunril ut Ottawa to with'
Dr.   Oreen, ('. II. Staples,     It.   E
,    llllll   une uu,i.lilioli   if,  ll he}   eliurgiiol ',■,.- ..;..
Miss Service returned Irom Calgary  Beattie uml  II. w   Supple left  Tues  ■ "'
intist   littilil  their mills here iitid
large number ul   :,.e   refugees   were
I'ioiii son  ni em iiu,,   w ii Ii j stand t he i stuni.    invidious,   nml Wjintorf     A   Pai'Sflll   who  Cat) where alio nas beon spending her boll- day morning   (or an auto   trip over   uiiiuiirucliire from Ilieir raw mn   ,,„„,, „'u, n. |,alf iuikeil It was true,
tlie hnl el noiilalning slabliltg lor Incroaaing    encroaenmenta   un   their Dl'illk (lllll SlllOlte duys, Sunday Inst. the new road tu Calgary    Wunl was I it-rln Is In this I'rovi nee of Hritish  i.ai nlth Imr ..u.in.i u. - uuliupairi .1
. . received hero mi Wednoaday  nlng  ('Oliiuibin! "     Kor   lyvo   luinules  in il,o>e ilu,. u slnel     mr. should lie
Mr.  I Mrs. T. C Phillips returned  *** * ""''>' ' ™ ' <'"'"    '~' "^ '' |S"" ' ""* t^H l^nZauS ZZ'-
nmn. having miulr g very i|llick trip,   llll'lllliCIs lllllsllllg IIIKi song I
i|i Ll   UU'.     .1,1 !;. ni.'i.   -I,.-    !:,.i|   -,ul|. Uu, lei
her progeny   i .ul captured  lirsl
pn/.- a, i:..- Cranlirook fair this year,
six horses, unless lln- luspeclnPIrights;    they   have,   ns a mntter of -     -
shall specially   'Illy  llllll stu- fact, tu rely nu the Conservative up        In tin- Quiver llnv, .1. .1. I'.inl lolls
bllng iiccoiiiuioiliitioli Is tllineces' position to secure tnlr treatment, of his  ..xp.-i-i,-    ii
*■■"■>■  I '*"'"• i"'-*""*»■' •!>'"><■«<""«™ """i,i"-1 '"';;i,;',;„„;,;,;;,';i;;:t..n.-» ii,.i,,«,.i.
A   propel'  holel   register uud  l'lMi      ""> H«t    couhl be Pr, Igoli.  '""'"■'- """"l "'bo coul iidu.,1 lbe
.      '     ' , ..    ,i.i ,    ....   fini'i'iil. net's sent aililegati'
*-'" l      on    .Monday Iron, their holiday trip ""l"' l",v""! ,m"1'' « ™> """'k "'I'-   ""'"'"'^ hursling Into song
undonjoyahle nil,, through tin- Crow's    ," W-liui .lu.-- ,,<■ ,.., .,-■ Iinhl for us'
Nest Pass, ; I' i- a ','"- 'I,,'1 y nn»l |«i „ n,
Mlui|UUHi'iirrniig ills and fad iBloctors may chooao to aupport  the  ;,|7'mb'il!,o"ci,m'huvM nlmd n"!Zl"n I   I" '"'.'"'':"'' ■'■ ':" I"'"""r   I" n'l'lj '"'■.'   i hu atatod thai
lilies    for    lliu     re.'isl cut inn    of  '•niu'irr Ouverninellt  Inr une cause ami   „.,,.„    ,, ,     ,     ". ,' ,     '     ''      '  '      ll-   T.   llryinnei   lelt   Wednesday   Inr      Mrs.   Illnkley.   oxperlon I   nurse,   is   I d'l'l Nili- • Iliiwevi'f, Hint   »•<> I.in.    ,tl,. ,,,.,.  „ ,. „„,,,,,,.,|  ,,;i||„. ,. ,,(
i ui, n   uu     im     11 .im i ui i.,ii   ,u w no in., iii, a., i, in, i i-,i ,n,t, iiinii ami iiii ry i i .-ul\ ^.ii,: .i.-ii, .-i i.l.-iii.,. in tl,.- nn ,
guests and for lbe recording ol BI,of-',0,'i ''in they should clearly real   thoibiuil: '   Seattle,   onroute fur Hun  Francisco, now open   ,,„ engagements,   Address  ',','. . . Uiblecyeolieiico, ll.ef„
the time of Ihe arrival anddo-|lii0 """' """ '" ""' tccon] "' ""' a°v-j    " I'VI -." snld  t ,ls  plaln-spnk,.,,, to ""^ " «"*'' l"'™"1 ""'"'"S'- loUors' n"" "f ****" >•"' r* M'""!,'!! "1! ,7 Z- Z',ZnS ^''ilniZ.  ''ZZ'Z'Z-
parlure of all guests. °"""ent "Meb t"0>' 8""'Jort' |l( >-hcar .•I.e.,,.'.  "w,. ivnni a|    i'„l„ a. not h, .1, ,,„i- ,„ no do ,„„, „ „„,ld „„„ „„„,„ , .,,,'„ |n ""„
I'he ins I,,,'  isruntdsis ~~" jp,vu,.|,,.rwb,,i-,n,nm!,,,,l,,c,,,ili..|-|   The Postponed Firemen's convention     .,, ,_,„_   ,„,.     „„.,.,,,, ,  y mi    11 1,, „l,l,,|,,,v,   }. ,,„ ,
r n sue I ,11  ,,-       '"■|«'N" OFJABLIAOTNT. ^ZjZZlZi wnno',,,,',1 IhebTs Z and 10th                " '' ' " '"
tlons ilHiuiiiideil of licensees are
fully ful lil led   in   the   fact, and
House  Friday  night,      I'lumpily   ut
ni 'clock Mt. l'i. ll  Small ami lu
Ottawa, Sept. '!». -The Canada Oa    '" " ""''' j"'lili"H i"" ""." '"'' ""'"'"'
sotte announces    the  mlng of par   w\TS"Z^-«T,mZh. lint'who'eunI   A very line program was put on at  ,„ go wore cnlletl to the plntlon
Hint  tlio.se  poitions ol   Uie law ],„„„,„, „„ N„ve,ni„.,. .-,, with tho pro-  drink mul smoke ami l..- a ronl >° Edison Instnlght  boloro a orowd   ,„ „.,  ,,„. ,,„, ,, „,.,,„,,,,.     tl
rcplirillg   llllll   ll,| \s   l,u   sold  „|,i|. „,„.aing nn November 11. I fellow."   Ti'itlv u striui 'e r m>
'■ U'e  ie
lb.it while
bin I	
" I rn 'lull. "I. "-ay   l.......  in
m.  Hellish I'..lum-  .- -h.
i nml i, I  we wesl  i v.. :.';.
mi'   i',-1  ,.- pr I ui
. oil hauso,     Tho performance wlll   bo coupons.        Little     Miss     Knthloen   I'ui'oiiioiiiul tjnel , ami with as tt I,
 V'n lh.'original boll les. purej   I    , ,. .,.,,.,..,,,„.,  Metbo-'rapoatod tonight, win, - ew ticket  llllll nnd     M,     ■> -     Wl	
and uiiadilllerillcd    rellllnig and I   Dlshop du Ponclor, ol Now Wostmln   (lisl mini ilerarrlvo,l„aili,i n.'i.i within I . _. D tins    Orogn leu id mi.,    tic  "'0 ""~ "''  "" '" l">il'' >"" '" '''''
rnlilbelling being llbsolulnly lor- ator rcachod    tho city today anil will  u ruw I -s of ouch ntlior: lint lho    ,. . ,.,,,.,    ,   ,,     ,,        ," '7     '"',       ",,',. ili'e«ninn towunl llrliisli t'ulnmlilii   n,
 ,„,,  ,,,  ,.i,,.,u,  ,•,,,,,.,.,,  ,,„„ ,„   ,    i i   ,      „    , I    ui rnlnured tliul   W.  .1.  Hum,Uun   pn In,,,,  nml    prearnted  his     i 1	
Iiidileu    lire sir civ observed       Prencb in ont ist Chinch tomorrow. A   hitler In-litg llr-l col tim a|i|ioiuiumnf, ,.,. thai whuii wi- ,|« nk of our in nua
'     , '      rro ,lon will bo tenhorod him nt tho  o  bus,lis i   his nine  Bald  nnd wns banded the bowl      Mi   Frit    ,         •„..,, .„i,,„,i   ,   i
l'l"!'-" ,l""">- ;""' "",r' s"1'  '   ""   ' "'     ■       ' u " '' '"-   '" "'   - cms ration la aaid   to ser, will atari 'another drawing con   '„„„.  ,., .,,.,.,',„., ,,,. ,.(„lvw,",
her-lthi'i'iiifi'iiiiiiincni |>i'ogruuimi.'on which
| In- lum I..., been informed In- would l,u
nili'lnilio time after tin'
,,..    l.u,..i ml   ui   room
the Chief Inspector are probably ten.
Auk w   .1. Hamilton.
iu the vicinity ul J'J.uiu;.
tent tu inn until liiluliei   171 h
1 ui mm'!, yuur lllliurllaiicu u- tbey ur
lb,- ia.
Ui,. !..■
Ir.-. ....
Ii'.im - In,I.-,ail, -.. Imprcsse,
It...'   t."  I ..I mm in I.in
' ,1..' elty   ami  gave  bun  If.
"I   Hi"   burg,   i,.,,,  ii,,- ,-v
I'"' I"' Hml li" would enjoy I -
-ell li. tl..- leiTlli.ci.il Inuu.
Tl Ht",'  ni  . lllllge nc-  lu !„■
I'oitgrittiiliiieil nu il,,-, si'i.'lleiil inuuiiur
iu which tin' uiluir wm. curried out. ESTAIIl.lSHKIl   IS'.,:,
Subscription    -
Advertising n.U'3   mail,   fcno
1I.\K'\ I.i.    Mc.CAK'l I'l'-   I
,i\,.   \l \< DONALD,
Hurristors itud Solicitors,
C'ltANllltOOK, IL l
W.   I■.  di KD.
Hurrisler.   Kobe     e
L'RAXllltOOK, .        I;  ''
i,    II    niOMl'SON,
\\.   K'.   I'.l\ I I \
I ndi't'laki'i',
I'l , .,',
tu sil Uii tor,
ri: NBROOK, lit.'.
********************** **********************
tGeoroe   R.   Leask   &  Co.!
♦ e» X
* ■ jjitUiij.Ji:iv»»-i   |
5   M%4\^*l ana      :
J   i_^m_L__*afen«1?r!s\       Contractors
AMI     KS'I'IM Vl'l.l
Iturrisicr. Soliclor,
N..IUM   I'tlbl '
,  i; Wlil.Mi'K
Nil    I '.     it,    \    \l
nl Ti
Premier wa-    Mr, E   M   Macd ia
M,  I',   lor Plctou,   who    .1 -ij   made
speecbas backing up bla leader.   When
the tuur waa   ovei   Mi      M . ■'
went  east     ... Plctou,  -..a- given    a
recoptlon there, and Lost  no ,,,!,>■   I,
assuring tha people ..,    v....  ■    t
that the tulk i.i tarlfl redui I
all moooshlne.    The Haitian (.'hi  nt
ele, the    leading Liberal    |otu ■
tin- province,   reported    th     pari
his speech as follows
"Mr. Macdonald clearly ei ■
the policy ui the Liberal party a
affecting tbe tarlfl question. They
had the same policy ,„ the Wesl is
in the Kast. The people of the Weal
did not want free trade uuy mori
than those in the Kast, ami they us-
certnined tlmt the only shouting *
lree trade ui the Wesl  came from th       4
Tory   camp.      He believed that J
f"r.""7,\l'T,'""m'""V.!p,u', I   ;   )[i!f'liIT,..ilI;SPW'-'     FUMISHEO OK APPLICATION ♦
I ♦ i*xaiUHHHW_«~^ i-iii.sk ih    ,',,. r.its m x
"' \ X  vl '    KINDS  OT   Kl'ILDING   MVH.UIAl. j
t__^_M_^^ CONSTANTLY   ON    HAND. J
\l, \ I I I II   ,\  I'AKKI' \<      i  '"""i "
iuli  ui
1:   t
(' I'U"!	
'<• ,.i;-. ..■.•. i:^ii<-''p.i\-<'       ,
HU>1 z, .< 7. Be ■•'   ry
I'l.s    \    I
I'l! WI'.liiU'K
-; **********************    **********************
11     11   mn,l:r, Bcrlbo III
**0****i>****<. ********* **********************
'.- ■      ..; is,ui...u.. 1. .     ;      ♦ ~
 ""'"'!'.' "'
Ur. I Sun .i.'i.
X** ************X   X HHTPI      Crunbrook,
: w. cline x * ■llJ ■ *^A^ BC-
* *  X
**********************    *
I'll \NI!Klll Us
11  r
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» .
«  ♦
future uf Nov,-
otia   was   wrappe.     ♦
H     W     DB1 W      •'    ■ 1
X Dr. I_. \V. 1 lonnoUj J »
Up iii its manufacture-., and the
would be no tarifl changes ta di n i
"The motto of our neighborw ti
the south hud been to look o '
number one and previous to fourteen
years rk<> it had been almost the an
nual custom of the Conservative! I ■
send delegates on tariff missions to
Washington. Now tbe order was
changed and the missions are from
Washington to ' Ittawa, and < Janada
through Bir Wilfrid intondod to looh
out for number one. Some ro igh
Hpots in tho tariff would bo smooth
ed out; but no change will bo made
that would interfere with tho inn
iKh Preference or with Lho vested  In
toreBts    o[ men    who hiul    pui  tl	
money in tho Mast.. The policy lio
declared, was Uml thc Uirlfl would
ho maintained as it is only remedy
ing where it unduly proHsos."
There you havo blie Liberal policy.
Promise revision dowiiwnrdH in Siw
katp.bewan Promise nmlntamonacu
or Lite Lnrlfl ami full proteclioii for
mannfacLurcH In Novo Sent ia.
Tm, had' Bir Wilfrid Laurier
seems tn have mislaid thnl low
tariff policy ol his. It musl hnve
fallen off the train somewhere he
tween  Winnipeg and  Porl   Arthur.
"The only shouting <.f free trade In '
thy Wert came from tho Tory camp "
-  IS, M. Macdonald, M, P., ai  Plctou   .
"Tbe  pooplo of  the     Went, did    nol I
want free trade".      K,  M.  Mncdonnlil
M. P. at Plctou.
Mrs   W. steward and family return- |j
ed on    Sunday from  a two     months
holiday    spent  with friends    in  Van
An employee ol the Kootenay ■ e,     j
tral named Burna waa kicked *
borae laat Tueailay   an I   ha: ■     |
broken.     Dr,  I - brought    hin tn   -,'
1 Iranbrook Wednesday.
_ ♦
• ♦
M iMTnllA   lln'l'l'.l.
nu.,  Chun  Work   In
.,11    Lean.'In'-   III   till'
♦   X
♦ IIVSll'lAN    VN'II Srilltl'.OS I    ♦   _ ., „        .   ♦       i
♦ X * Tonsorial   Art ♦   1
♦ ♦ ♦   X
Is n large and attractive hotel ol superior
clruiitii c in all its appointments, n itli a
etiisine ol superior excellence, Railway
men, I .umbel men and M iuers  all   i;i>  lo
m i| its
■.. - |i
\V.   Ul   I Ll'.lHil''.,
X W .• I leal in liver) thing I'roin    *
a Needle to n Loconiotivt
M M V      V !
x The   Wentworth :
Joseph H. McLean   ♦    j. h. McDONALD Proprietor    ♦
i,t''.\i.i:i; in X X
WE HAVE TO 1    . GH   •
,.   ...    ...       yera at thie   *
  ***        m*************
ate ol Ontario Veterinary All liinils of Si'coml-llilllil fiooils ********************************************
colleoe, Torontu iu tn98.   Qrail- ..      ., ^1,1-,-i .1 -uv
,-.    and   medalist   ot McKllllp I'uriiilurn  a SCKCIALH ^^^
Veterinary college, Chieogo,   111. —0— ***************************************i****^
In 1900,   Hit,st..,nl   tuember   ol l-TN'l.'K'   (i|.'    I.'l'l'^ * —
Britlali   Colli in ussui'inllun. "l   '''IN    ul      ll'lu1 }
'; ,:   ■ ■  ■    - yera at thie
tiJfl, is to out    II u very
fyjtt\ ecaime   tholr
/ r J ... small meat
.'■■*}*}    eatc, Fot      '-•■ know   once
ir?    ■ -. .:   meats the) wl 1  •
fi      -versi,nor.r„,   that com in,   I
\\. uifRin. Try ua witb an order. •
Wotild't ■■■■ 1 rather pay for ..
meat than for medicme7 X
V Al IIMlltD 10
T°!s.iuv's illil   Slim,I. Hanson Av.<
P, O. Mux 3
msKia wammtv rn__w_Ht_s_i
Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
t'KANMHOOK, 11. *'.
F. E. Orrison
Band master Olty Buml.
Teacher of Strlnp; and Stuinl-
mil tnatrumoiita. Clinic
Phone js.4. CRANBROOK, 11. ti.
prtinliriiok l.iid«i.., No. 114. A. !•'. A. M
iln.   11, inl  Tliiirsilii.i
t'lmtii, jr.i v
t lluuular ini'i-'ll
ra ____________________
V   W X           Vlalltnij I,mill run
/V/ \      ivo ,	
W. P, ATTnlDOB, W. M.
B. w. CONNOLLY, Secretary
Moots in Curmen'a Hall Had and 4th
Thursday ol cncli munth at 8 u.m.
A. McCowan, Chiel   Rulger
0. A. Abbott, Secretary.
viHitinir Brethren tiiude welcome.
*  0— ♦
X     Meets  every second und  lourtl)     X
^     Wednesday   ul   m,w   pralerntty     *
* Hall-    Soiourlng   RetieKul'-,   cot-      *
* dlolly Invited, ♦
X    NH. Ml*. I''.. Johnston X
* Beo. Mis- \   lli,.|i..i,i,iiii,am     ♦
Fur   Sale or Rent «t Reaaodable
Onice&Worksliop—Lewis St.
Phone No. W.
()n I! ili.-r sin -i'l, rinc door west
,,| Messrs, Hill S: C"., tho only
plnce in town that ■ can mala'
life worth livin".
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Frank Dezall   :
Ilulil.or Tiros Applied
To Buggy Wbeols
Word    «as received -      I i
night oi the r Mrs.       V
Gwinne ol Moyie
I    J.   1).   McBride
Cianbioiik, V>. C.
held ,,n ,nquosran.l u'venViot "ol ac-j A-CW^KA-tsn^
i Idental    death   /> i    .-. en       'I he fu
nerai took plai e        Wt An   daj
noon after the arri ral oi 311
When You Think
Tuesday evening about nine ...
a (special train of 15 passenger and
four baggage car i passed t nrough
here with -00 Doitlchabors on their
way frtuii the Prairie Province tn
Waterloo, H f, This was the larg
mii. paflscnger train over run ovei the
Crow' i Nest flranch Al Wardnci an
.■xini engine wn attached to h" [i n ■
thn grado through thn Canyon Thr
party was in charge ol Ml Y\an g in
and conductor t\ .- Balmonl had
charge of tho train nui* cowan re
portor Bays thai thoro woro many
pretty i^irin on tho train.
Of   tin
iiiuii'ii il -i ike - I
■ men   experience »iili  every
[Jencss nn.l kiniliiL-ss alwuyn nbbuci-
J    stem    lu    lie    nl in i isl   it   iiiiiii. le,
Wlnle in general   nu vntman   rebeli iiiininsl  wllut   she   rc-
j;.,, s jv ,i j,.i   .             •,-■!> (here is nu woman who would
nui itludh  he free Irom litis recurrinij period i»f puin.
Dr. Piftci-'.. f'f.vorite Prescription mokes
weak   wo mon   strong   anil   nlcti   women
well, .'nu iivea them freedom from pain.
li ,--.t.t/'fi 'i'i■. regularity, subdues luftam*
tn ition,   •'     •■■   ulceration  and cores /r»
/.;.,/•■ weaUm .■■-..
Si, i. womc i   -I- iuviied in ".....ill Dr. Pierce hy Irtfrr,
j,..      mi   uni         ..i, i, .-   Kiricih   privnte  mul  Hnoredly ^^^
,,..n-i il.     Wr-i    iii  mil leui nnd wiih  lee I» World'i DUpennry Medical \v i, ...ii .1.   li   \ . ; i....    M.I), Prnident, Mult*. N. > .
II yon v, mi .i i     !   in ii li 11.  i* nbuiit wnrniifi'ii discuses, nnd Imw lo cure
il, ni   i 'i,mn   NPt-.d       mi i   ihimpH lu Dr, Pierce lo i>.i> cowl u( imi 11 ind
„■"■-.    ... i i.,-   ■ ll >.   n' vim .. ti Pi nl   I.is |(rcul thotisHud'pnjlc lltualnited
(,iniini hi  wim < 'I   \dv\ ri    revised, un-tu-tlute editiott, m pupur ooversi
I Cranbrook:
| Livery x
I We Hsk you to call nnd try J
• our now Oonsigtlinont oi new m
t and     up to dato    rigs    for T
^ Winter   and   Summer.   Just. X
i received Topptr and  llelinhle I
J iinis.--   at   youi    dlBpoiml. Z
^ Give   thnn   a   trial n,nd bo 2
x convfn *ed. J
( I'll.hi..   17            Ciiiiiht-ixik, 11 O. •£
9*>9 + <*9$99>$*>**9 X*#9<t-999999*>**« <** A ♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦*
tPHONE ^     X
X   THF Ql)^iL_-_-i^H^   X
ANADUN rVt'l.K   ♦ ' LL^t_JB8»»«t»_^^^B= """ i
B CJoItl 'S'tsaTT«3aT'd X
Teas sind Coffee ♦
Our whole time is devilled lo  your  wants  in  the ♦
iQBNTS    FCIH    CA.iAinai-.  i i, ...-.   i
ANU   MOTOR  GO'S   Ult.'Yl'I.KS        X S1E_I»__^-
RepairiiiH a Specialty.       *
Phone r,(l      ...      p, o.  BoJ 213    ♦
X     , ,- ,  t
- Grocery line therefore we absolutely   guarantee  ever)  ♦
article thai leaves run' store.                                                ♦
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
We will ili;,nl; uur customers to advise us if al any *
X  time -nmls are received thai are nol No. i quality.
Ice Cream and       j CA VI PBELL iV MANNING |
Home Made Candy |
X       Staple and Fancy Grocers       ♦
V   ......M.«, . . s«.»M,,»M*»*"«' ♦** »">»■•*****
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work ||j *|
"^ ********************************************
llf It's Paint and Painting!
"♦Ve ii re tiere ^^ HU the Goods
«» *
\\i It's  Wall   Paper   and I
♦ i
********************** I |'||,.v last a lifetime and cost
********************** I ,'i\  Imii' more than thrown
♦ 11. C. I.IVI'KV II I'D*! 'Will.'"',   catclipenny,  cheap   X J>_lDCr  HaililillU
* Xl,„.„'l„,„",       Sul,I    mi    small    X * W        »
*' machines.
I    '»
lljl,    .1,  s, ,
Geo. B. Powell     X
Singer Store ' *
i ft  s.vi.i'   sta m.i-:; ;';""   S,,M "" SII|;
* * I ii'.iiilth pa) ittt'iils h\
_    iiiiiii Slniri iii lii.i.i.'    X
X     Dfivi'i's,   I'm' nil  ntii'ls     *
* llf    lln-   lllsll'il'l,     t iiiiiii        *
X    Stiilill.i  Horses,   (lnnil    *
* Tiinioiiis,     i'n in ilnti'     *
x ''■-• :
X Opimnllc Hoynl Hotel I'liiin   ui *
* *
X ItiiiMsi  ** ili'iiiiin, I'miiriclnrs J
* .1. i. Deacon, M,in<iger      ♦
We cttin't be bent
Ainisiiitiii.' Avenue.
Phono 157, (Irnnlirnolt, 11.0
foil - M.l'l   OHISAP AND TO      I   *
* *
» I Painter  and  Decorator \
******************************************** I.I   K.N! IS To AN KXTH.v
I .Inly lul, llllll.)
l'i. - nice ni iiihihIi Columbia,
.     IA lino.
T ilS IS 'I'll I'KIITII-'Y Hint "THK
II.ii 11.<11 is authorised and licensed
In .ny on busioesB wltblu tbe
tr.. trv 1..1 iiiiti.li Columbia, uml iu
c, i., ...it ui atiect ul, oi  any ut tbe
o    i ii.,. Company in which the
It  . ..iim, tuiiliiiiiiy  ol  tin'    Leglsla ;
un.  nt Uritiah Columbia exteuda.
'ih,. lu.i.l ..mn' o! tlio Compnny m
si,. ..I, nt tlie City ut Montreal, In
tlie I'liivlnco ..I IJuoboo,
i'. i in-.i.i ..iiiii. ..i tin. Compnny in
tin- I'rovlticu is siiiinti' i,t Craubrook
uml u K. lliu,I, lliuiisiir nl luu nl
I'r.nii.ii.i.l, aloroaald, whoao iiiUlt'Osa
is i'i uuiii'....ti aloroaald, I.-, lit,' attor
uu., iur the Compuny. Inn ii'iilavk 111 llio forenoon, ut tho Court lloitsn, Ci'iinbronk, II r ,  [ shall offer Tiir stile al   Public
VunZZZTFli H,m,l?Jdt'l!hSLlnhd  A'"*' I»*"'s »< "'" "« hore»n»rior sol in.l of tlio 'sons In lho si, sl  'olMi.t'iei' sol Inr
dollars divided   imu Plvo   thousand ili»lliif|iioiH tuxes unpaid hy the said porsniisnii tho Nisi dnv ul   DrnmnhiM'   IM, unci  for Interest,
til'""^* ...      , ,     ,  .   . couth und uxpuiisos, including tho cori of advertising snid snlo, ir mn sooner iiuld.
LilVEN  uniror my  bund an.I ooal ■ '
..I Olllco nt  V ii't.iiiii. I'l'iiviiii'i:
rn  Urinal] Columbia tin.- sixth
ilttj   ui    .Inly,    mu'      thousand
U-.H.J itino  hundred uml  Un,
"J,  !'.  Air],Kill)"
Art UH',     UoglBtrur    ul Nun,. ,,| IV
Joint-Block Companies.
Tin> objects tor    which this   Compuny     bus   boon    established    nml   ., ,,
licensed aro: -                                      llmwr,   Mlehiml.
'i'ln- mun uf ac t u ri n v i soiling an<l
ilcaliiu; iii Wholesale nml trLull ull
Kind., ui uartbouware, crockery, china,
glass wim', silverware, lamp goods,
cutlery nml fuuey goods generally•
To purchaso, tako over and lease,
or otherwise a&juiro. any lunds, machinery, wuikw ur pi'operty ilmt may
iir iitielul for the purposes of the
To erect uml construct buildings,
Works uml machinery in conuectiou
with ttu' purposes ut' the company.
''■-   purchase or otherwise    acquire   ,.
Tax Sale Notice
Sale of Lands for Unpaid Taxes in the
Fort Steele Assessment District, Province of British   Columbia
I lii'ii'li.v give notice Hint on Woclni'stliiv lliu twolfih iln.v of Otolior, A. I)., 101". nl tlio hour of
Short It t'lpilniiol I'mportj
Lot SSlifj IJi'iui|i One Kootenuy IHalrlut,
iiiri.i a.ti-.  , !
Kni.iiMiiiv Dlatflut.
Kootonay lii-nii-i.
|i()tii>. Kuotenay Dlati'lut.
. In
i 'iiiiii'i'iiii. IIul'Ii
I.nl 7U1I 11
•.'hi Aura
I.nl S.VIS li
■oll|i 0
152.71 Ai
res .
imii.  .Mm -I
...    Lul 810.1 (!roii|)One, Kiioleiuiy Dlatrlel,
'   _.M Aftva	
any other proportion, rights mul lu
taroBta ior uuy ol tbu purpoaca aforu-
mini,  li
,iv ('.
-. Ilny t'. niul.I. A.
a, llov C. .mil .1. A.
To ui'.|„,,e uuy triulL' uinrkB, iiuiiie-
Lruil deaigna, patuuts, |iutunL righta,
lioenaea,  prlvilopa or autliurltlw tor   M        ,,,   c .,„,, j A
or in respect ol uny invention which
may be useful tu tin; compauy;
'in mortgage, pledge, sell, let or dis    \*.
poso ui uuy ot the lands, works, trit.li>
murks,   industrial designs,    patents,
patent rights ur other properties  oi   yv
the company; ' *
To imld and own shares and securities in other companies carrying   on   wiin -y  \\
uny business di u like nature, and to
sell or otherwise deal with the same;
To take und acquire and     hold su- )
curity ol nny nature or it.ml, real ur j
personal fm- debts, liabilities ur   un
ligations to thc compnny, Incurred or   li'i-uMor, Imrlo
in nu Incurred, in respect ol the pur
poses und objects ui  the company.
'i'u du   uny amli till     mutters   nn.l    Husk, Owen
things necessury, til ur proper iu ami
ubout tim   purchase,     sale, Imiportn
tlun and manufacture ol goods, wares   ..    . ...
and     merchandise, uud   generally to '*    	
curry on the business of     wholesale   Mvlumi  H,
aud   retail    dealers in ull    kinds of
earthenware,     crockery, chum, glass    XUhliiuira, Y,
ware, silverware,     lamp goods, cut
lei y und fancy goods generally; 	
To enter Into     partnership or into
nbdh'lsimi 4 nf Lot  242 (iiw
Kuuii'iiuv Dlstrh't, JI2H Auri's
,01 T^JlK'nui'i <)»,;. luiott'lltl)
.-'..mul linl
I.nl 114011
Oue. Ki
ny Illslfiu
. 4KII A.','.-
ii, "
llllll « ni   1
nl  .'III  ll
im... K.
my IH.-trii'
. K'n Ai'l'i
Sllllllivlsloll.il, 2, H, ,V-liil'l.nlilllllrnll|i!
(    lino, Kiinl.'llli.v |,i-l,'i.'l.,.lll.\|.|'e.- ...
I,nl illlOII llriuip , Ins,. Kniiteuiiytllstfii't,
,   u.vi,i.pl  '.'s. is  Aere.i  Itljrlil  ol   Wuy
llrilish Cn! Iiii, Sniillii't'i, IlKllll'tiy,
isi.sa Ai-ri'»	
I.nl   124 II
iiii, A,-,-.
up Hue, ICnotetiiiy IMsirie
Subdivision T.il l.i.i   15(111  fll'011|l  Hit
Kiinii'iiuv lli-irii'i. llsri.SU Aui'ea ...
'sulxllvlalnn 3 n
tenin IU-.li let, IU'-'.SI Aer
ml '
' ii x ri
uuy arrangement for shuiing profit*,    n.,|,,,i ..« (' rank _•_-__ _b    \l   i
union     oi     interests,     co-oporation,   iMUll Al l.ranhlOOk, IS. (
i his lith day of Sept. A. I)-, 1910 Deputy Assessor and Collector
Joint adventure, reciprocal consession
ur otherwise with nny     person, tinn
or company    carrying on or enguged .
in or abuiit tu curry on or engage in *——*—*^************************************m^^^m—m—m                              ■,..-■.■■.■.■■■■■■■ i    ■■■■■■■■
any business or   transaction     wtiich  "' **************************   i -■■,.-,., . .__. "       " ' **************
this company is authorized to carry LICENSE TO AN EXTRA PROVIN- water   powers, hydraulic   properties, boundnry of Lot 5450, Group 1 Koote-
on or engage in,   or any busHies,; or CIAL   COMPANY.                [buildings,  docks,   wharfes,  carts,  ve- nay District.
transaction capable of  being conduc- "Compnnica   Act, 1897."           jhlcles, goods, wares and merchandise,     The said water will be diverted and
ted so as to   directly or     imlneetly  ,[imi      fa     j     proporty   reftl ,„. ,,er. conducted by a dum, ditch i.n 1 ii-n.
benefit   this    company and    to lend ,,,»..,,.                                               ,               ,        ,                       ,  .   (          ...             ■
money or credit     to   and tu aid   by CANADA:                                         sonal,   as is   deemed   necessary   nnd  to he constructed    on nnd   over Lot
guarantee,  endorsement or   otherwise Province of Hritish Columbia.            |useful in connection with nny of the 5450 the property of W. E. Worden.
uny such  person,  linn     or company, ..     r.g                                                      business,   works,  or  operations which     The said water will he used for the
and    to take     or otherwise     acquire '   '       '       __  f,„Dq,-.-,v .. „.  ,,,n. „  the Company  is authorized to   do or irrigation of Lot 5449 said group.
shares and     securities     of any such lirUS  lh   1U imu.m   tlmt     ihe
company  und  to sell,  hold,  re-Issue, North  Star Lumber Company,  Llml-   '    *
. To carry on any other buStacs*
I germane to the objects [or which it
lis Incorporated and which may seen
to thr company capable of ben-
convenlently earned on in connection
With  its business;
i To apply Tor, purchase or othei
wise acquire, un> patents, llcen_e_.
concessions and    ibe like.     oonrV iu_
jany    exclusive or    noa-e-tclusive   ur
[limited right tu use, ur any _ecr_.
ot other iniornidtiun     tw. tu an.   in
I vention which may seem capable o<
beiug used fur any ...r tbe puiyuae, ut
th. couipan>, ui thu acquisition oi
which may seem caiculaled to nenent
the the company, urni to use, eiei*
ctse, develop or grant licenses in ie-
speet of, or otherwise tinn to account
the property, rights ur Information
so acquired;
To take or otherwise acquire ami
bold shares in nny other compau;,
having objects similar to those ol the
company, subject to the provisions
of  Siytioll 44  ol  the Companies  Act;
To enter into any arrangement
with any authorities, municipal, lo
oil or otherwise, that may seem conducive to thr i-oiiipauy's objects or
nuy of them, uml to obtain from anj
nib authority, any rlgbtB, privilege*
ami concessions which the i',,tn(iiin>
may think it desirable to obtain, uml
to carry out. exercise and comply
with any such arrangements, rlgbtB,
privileges ami concessions;
To purongse, take ou leuse or in :
exchange, bite or otherwise acquire,
any personal property ami any I
rights or privileges which the com
pany,may think necessary or convenient for the purposes uf its business,
ami particular any machiuery, piuui,
stuck iu trade;
Tu construct, improve, maintain,
work, itinna.i:, carry out or control
any mauutucturies, warehouses, shops
si.urea and other works aud cuuveu
lences which may seem calculated to
advunce the company's interests, and
to contribute to, subsidize or other
wise assist or tuke part ln the cou
struct ion, improvement, maintenance,
working management, carrying oul
ur control thereof;
To lend money to customers und
others having dealings with the coiu
pany; and to guarantee the perform
ante of auy coiitra-ctK by suth per
To draw, make, accept, endorse,
discount, exocuLe and issue protuiss
ory notes, bills of exchange, bills oi
ading, warrants aud other uegotla
ble or transferable instruments,
To sell or dispose of the undertaking of the company or auy part
thereof for such consideration aa tbe
ompany may think lit;
To adopt such means of making
known, the products of the company
as may seem expedient, and iu par
tlcular by advertising in the pi ess,
by circulars, by pun-base ami exhiln
tion of works of ail or interest, by
publication of books and periodicals
and by granting priz.es, rewards ami
To sell, improve, manage, develop,
exchange, lease, dispuse of, turn to
account ur otherwise deal wiih ull oi
any part of the property and rights
of the company*;
To construct, maintain and alter
buildings or works necessary or con
veulent for the purpose of the corporation;
To acquire by purchase, lease or
other title, and to hold, use, sell or
alienate and convey any real estate
necessary (or tho carrying on ot its
undcrtuking, and the corporation
shall, under its incorporation, le
come and be invested with ail the
property and rights, real and persi tial, theretofore held by or for it un
der any trust agreement created with
a view to its incorporation;
To bold its- meetings elsewhere than
In the Dominion of Canada.
Each grate bar has
three sides-long wear
When only one side of a grate bar is
continually next to the tire all tlie wear is
concentrated on that one side.   The life of
the grate bar is thus naturally juat one-
third a^ lung a- when the «car is distributed on three sides.
That explains why Sunshine grates have three li:;:'. Each
of the four grate bars has three sides,   liach time the a,lies
are   "n.eked down" llio slinking with Sunshine)  the side
next to the lire can be clian
is greatly prolonged
\\ hen desired, tlie heavy
bull dug teeth uu tin. grates
will seize hold o( clinkers,
grind them up, and dro| the
particles into the ash-pan.
Buy the Sunshine—the
durable, convenient, economical furnace, guaranteed by
largest furnace makers iii
iiriusli Empire. „
ed.    ilim the life of the grates
Patmore Bros.
IN THE WATTKIt   UK THK CHK.Ui-   Nine thouminJ    tl      hundred   and
TOHS  Till Ml'    IIKKIJH   ACT. IlllUity-llvts  ll3SSj   tu     tbc      ,iiiitl,..uy
WW, 'limn ..i Mini l.,.i Nine thousand threo
uundrut) anil ninety live  i'J.I'j;.,  about
ANU IN THK    MATTKH OK OHAll Twenty live     in:.,     cbains   Irom tin-
LK.s uik.ski,, UK 111 AN, bill i North westerly cornor tnoreol; thence
1SH   UU-UMlUA,   UiAIUKK lln m Nmili easterly direction crossing
UiNTKAiTuK. I,,it, Nine thousand throe hundred and
Ninety lour 19391)    to the     easterly
NOTIOE is hereby given    thut the boundary     thercm', at a point ubout
above uuniod Chunes   liiuael Jul us Kllteon   ■ 1."..  chains     northerly  Irom
situ by instrument duieu utli August, tlio s,,in h easl  comer thorcul, thenco
Imu, to Nathaniel     I.  Harrison,   oi nortli easterly ncross Lol   Koui   bun
Crunbrook, accoiiutuui,    tui  the gen drcd uml twenty.three (423)     to     u
oral heueut ul   ins creditors, uud ml point ubtiul     .-run  r.'i clinlns south
creditors ut    the said Lhurios   Uiesel and thlrtj  tin., chuins     i-.ist ol   the
are reiiulred   uu     or bolore the Ijth north  west     corner thetcol;     tin,,...
duy ol September, into, tu send tbeir easterly and    smith easterly to   the
nuiucs uud addresses ind tlie pi.rtic- easturly limit  ol  Mini  Lot four tniii-
ulurs ot tbeir dent.-, or claims n.iuiu dred     and   twenty throe i liiil) t,,     „
puuied by piuui thureul, tu the uiuler- point about    sixty  (liO) chuins .s„iith
sigut'd solleltor ior Lbe Assignee. ..I  the    nortli east     corner    thereof;
ANU TAKK NuTU'K that    lie As- thonco     custcrly    crossiag  Lot   four
signee will ou uml after the said duLe liundretl und twenty rout   .-lii-li  ubuiit
proceed to distiluute the assets ui llio lorty ,4„, chains more ,,r less to the
suid Chui'les Uiesel     iuii.,ni; in,., per- Point ..t ending.
sons entitled thereto     Iiuwiik icpard Untcd ul (.'rnnbrook,  H. C, this liith
only to the dents or claims to which dny oi  August,  1910.                  37 41
Nu Crown Lunds will be ulli-cted by
Ul)   To purchaso,  louse,  and acquire tlie works.
No riparian  proprietors or holders
with or without guarantee or other-   tod,"  is   authorised   nn.l licensed ti.
wise deal with the sumo. enrry on business within thc Province wnt1er ","1 ni'"''' ]'0Kev' "'"' tu se"",
ol British     Columbia und to    carry emte "lwtr't''ty »•"' ""»''' Power und „f Water Licenses will bo aftected by
use, transmit,     lon.se, soil, or other-  the     wnrks except   the sniil     W. 12.
be  shall  thou  have iiud notice.
181U, ut Craubrook, U. 0.
Iiuii-il tins    loth day   nf     August
W. K.   Ul.lili,
Kink UtiLlding, Baker i I.
('raiibriiuk,, U. *'.,     Solicitor 'or   me!
Assignee. 3li-39.
"8. Taylor"  Vice President.
"V.  Ily.le linker)'  Secretary.
District  of   East Kootenay
WATER    ACT   PJti'J.
TAKK NOTICK     tlmt Earnest   H.
Arnutt,  ul  Kort  Steele,   II.  CHalull
out or ell'eet ull or any ol tho nlijeets
of the Company tu which the legisla-
wise dispose    of tlio same,    and   tn  Worden.
mnke, erect, und construct nil wurks,
er. will upply t„ the Water Commis-   tive authority uf the Legislature   of *'*°^ "™J' th"^""^^^" ^'no*. , Thls ""ticl! Wtts ""stl"' °» ll"J 	
s.oiiernt Crnnhrook un Tuesday, the British Culumbia extends. pmnc8' """   fu""^ '"l"""1'     ol "' dny of September, 191C.
(oT"l'o imrehase, construct,      louse, AI'K'K OKKTlHinK MiillBIH.
t.. ui..-.. .1 e.tli.e   ,,.,-,  ..(     w.,1.-, 1",   ,|„. I'Mivin,-,- ,„ Mi,„„„li„ charter, and tiavlguto, use, am. opei- — ■
ate steam and other vehicles, and so LICENSE TO AN KXTKA—
J far as It may be    necessary for   tbo PROVINCIAL COMPANY.
4th duy nt* October ut eleven Tho head oflice nf the Cuniptiny i.s
u'elocl, in the forenoon, fur a license situute ut the Olty nf Brandon, io
to divert 3 cubic   (cot of     wnter por
second from Lust Creek which sinus ,,,,,„ ,„„„„„, ,,, tlle capit|l| „, tho
nn or near Lot 311.     Thc snnl water
... , \   |,„,u) „  Cninpnny   is  live     hundrod  thuiisuinL   ,
»   ,,n,       '     I     n Kootenay   .toltoni.  Ulvldad  intu  live     thousand   """"^ "'"" '''ompany only,   also,
'" "' '"'' •"-       " '', the"u-i'li   shares „f une lutadred dollars each.     tia!']W«s'..^.?B,'apli.8'..?ml tB"M:"U'";" I
Notice ia hereby given thut thirty
duys alter tbe publication nf this nu-
tlce, I shall apply tu the Chiel' License Inspector ol the Provinco for u
license to soil Intoxicating liquor ut
l-otnil un the promises known us the
King Edward Hotol, situuted ut
Wardner, 11. C.
Andrew B.Grace.
Dnted this 22nd day uf Sept. 1910.
WATER    ACT,    1909,
|    TAKK NOTICE     that     Iluvul     O.
TAKK NOTICK  that  I, Ooorge A. ! Sh"""ll'>" "'   Uprague,   Wash., oeeii-
Mart.n    „f    (Jranbrook,     occupation  l""-'u*1 s""1''"1' "","'ls tu »»^ '<"
gardener,    will upply to tho    Water P"""«"'™ "' Purchase the following
Cominissliinor nt    Crunnrook   „ii the j'l''s,'nl,c'1 tels      Commencing   at   a
25th     duy     ol   October,     PRO,    it '*" ""' lt tbe   S. W. corner of
eleven o'clock ln   the forenoon for u Lot 6U7'   ""''"'''     Wl'st    «  chains,
license to    ilivort one uuurter    o( „ tbence north    40 chains, thence   oust
District, Ibe property
cant, niul will bo cunveyed hy Humes     The head olllco ut tho   Company in
nnd ditches over   sub thus
I ot 311 und sul) division
318, ull the property ol tbe applicant
lt "I  this Province is situute at the City
il    Vancouver,  und  .lohn   Han-bury,
address  is  Vancouver,  Hritish
when  operated  mi  lnnds owned
controlled, by tho Company:
tl.   To aciiulro,  hold, deal in,
dispose uf shares in nny othor Com
puny uny of whose powers „re within     .,,,,,.. ]H TQ   CBimPY     ttmt th„
the scope iif ibe company, subject to  "CANADIAN LINOTYPE, LIMITED"
„,,,! Province of Urltish Columbia,
No. i)lo.
No Crown  Lunds will  lie used und lln
riparian proprietors or licensees will ' olumbla.Manufacturor, is the attor-
lie nITecled liv the works tloy  ior the Compuny.
Vita no ice w„s po I „„ tho            (liven under my hnnd     and Ml of '° I""VIS"'"" ',''.. *'"•"""  H   '"   th0 Is a'ttbnrisod und licensed to carry on
„.       .,.,.,,              , ,,   ,i , i ompniiiis Ait.                                   business within the Province ol Brlt-
•l»)  ul               l'JIO. olllce at Victoria, Provinco ol British 1st, Columbia, and   to earry   out   or
 —                   ■        - Columbia, this fourth    day ol May, Cg)   To ncquiie. lease, dlaiiosfl of pa   B|,e(!t all or any of the obiects ol the
NOTICE.                   ... one thousand nine hundred and ten. "'"' rights, letters patonl mid Inven- j company   to which   the   lecislative
                                                 s. Y. WooTToN. tlons, processes, and upti, in tu furil   authority ol the Legislature of Brlt-
NOTIOE ih hereiiv uivi-n that Mali                     Registrar ol Joint-Stock lt"u' ""' carrying out uf nil)   ol thojish Columbia extends.
ok    |.      c      l„H sold ,. objeets of  the    OuinpiiiK                                 The   head  olllce ol  tlie Compuny    is
UK)     U,        -,|    UM     " I ', .Mill, M i,--. '                                                         '                                                                                                                                       ....
llnp. .if G ran bro
nil IiIh right, title ami liitorcat in tho
hoiisii (ormerly ownod     uml occ-iipi.d ,      |i(i)i|i   e8tttbllBh0l|
hy tinn In Blntcrville, a\au t»> all ihc  ni,fl.
Mull Fnini    ni I'liiiiiH.iuk.     Ail por
iln   Tu mil rn- dlspi
siiinitc at thc Olty of   Toronto,   in
Tin* object (rn* which thla Company  '"'    ','" ,'" '"  ' '    the Province of Ontario.
Ilcentwd tftkl"E "f llu'     ftny ol ,lllv p,lrt I   'n"'   amount uf   the capital of  tho
theretii' for such cu nui dp ral Ion as the Compnny Is   ITorty   nlno     thousand
Compnny limy think tit, nnd in pnr   nine hundred   dullnrn, divided     intu
District   of   Kast Kootenay
Take notice that Austin VV. Satlord
of Crunbrook, occupation Tinner, ia-
uiids to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing ut a post plunted 44
feet uurtheuht of the main lalla of
Brewery creek, thence north 50 chains,
thence west 4\) chains, thence south
!>o chains, thenco eust 4u cbains to
the point of cuinmeucement contain
iug -tin acros, more or less.
Austin W.  Sallui.l.
Dated August 26, 1910. -b-44
lurintnic contained m snid house, tu
■ui   To curry on the hualnesH of Tim
hoi'-Cl rowers,
tlculnr fui* slmn
.■h. ntun
ritnhci-Mi'ii,  mul   I.um
           iiiiiuiifiictiucrs nnd ,                                                       ,    ,
ini- elnims unui.isl the suid Mali Hop,  „„„.,.,„„„„ „, timu„„ ,„„,„,,   „,,„„„ nbieets   similar to those for     wlnel.
will pay the   same, aitdhe paid, hy  |imc|l|,.ls tlll.rt.,(f ,„ „„ ,„„,, ,„,„„.,„,, thia Company is „„„,,„„„„,l:
" " " ami uf    suwniill,   plnnlnmiiill,   nml111   To carry on nny business or biisl-
a6'a9; other mill proprietors nnd operntors; n»sses, work  or     noil's gormnno   to
nD»«n0,„„/ , „m „,„„„„.».      (b)   Tn  niunuliietiife     nml     donl In »ny of tho objects nntl purposes    of
ORANBROOK    .AN I 1)18    111 I                                 ., .              ...           ,      ,, n,„  i\„, ,,,„„..   i„.,-i. .„ l.el.,,-,.   ,,i,.nl i..n
 •       tilings, nrtteles     ol   ull  uu- . om|'un>   neie-in  ,.   niimi.ii
MAII    KtiNIl
llllteil AllgllBt  15th.    1918
District   ..[   Hast Kootonay
tniir hundred uml ninety nine shnres
of one hundred dollnrs each.
The bond olllco nl tin- Oompnny in
this Province Is situate at Cranlirook
uml W. F. Otlld, Hutrlstor-ut law,
whose address is Cranbrook aforesaid, is the attorney for the Com
CHVP1N tinder my Hnnd nnd Seul
,f   Olllce Ht Victoria,   Province    nf
kinds   iu    tbo manufacture of which ni1. i""' wnlch l,IH>' ,;,,,,MI '" ""' l'1""" British Columhln, this thirtieth duy
TAKE] notick   that    Chester 0. timber or wood    ls used,   including l,nny   capable o.' being   conveniently ,lt c,llne   „„„ thoiisanh nine hundred
Staples, of Wycllile,    Hritish Colum- among othcr things houses, cars, ve- carried on In connection with uny of uml ten.                               (I.. S.)
biu, occupation     nccounttint, intends hides, implements,     furniture      und above purposes. »j, |>. McLond"
to apply for permission to purchase goods; to enrry on the business In nil , ____ _—.— Acting Registrar or .Inint
the following described lnnil:     Com- its hrntiches of   manufacturing pulp, , ,, ,         „, Stock Companies,
monclng at a    pnst planted 4 chains pulp-wood,    pulp-pnpor,  nnd     other WA1ER   act,   p.iii'.i. j   ^he ohJocU for   which    thiB Com-
east of the south eust cornor i,r Lot hitslness gormane   thereto,  und  nlso   puny bus I n    ostublished     and li-
lliiari, thenco     west   tl chains to   tlio the business of   general     meiebunts, TAKH  NOTICH  Hint   I.  Alice tier mnm\ nro:—
Hniith West    coiner   of   Lot     10125, general   manufacturers,  millers,  com- trudo Morris    ol Criinhruok, mnrriml Tll ,.,,tl-y gu tlio business uf niniii,-
thenco south 51) chnins, thence enst 4'j mon carriers,  wharfingers and ware- wiuiinn, will npply     to     llio   Witter fncturors ol nntl ilcnlors In  linotype,
ehuins, tn tbe Nortli Wost corner ol house men: Commissioner nl    Cmnhroo's   mi tho type easting mul composing machinos;
Charles    F.    Anderson's    purchase, n-i   To acquire,  purchase, leuse, sell zritb    dny    ol   October,    1910,    nl To niniiiitncturo, buy, acquire, louse,
thence north 50 chnlns     to tho placo dispose of, donl in, uud mortgugonnd eleven o'clock  In   tho forenoon for u HconBo, sell nml otherwise dispose ol
"'   — '"•   »' ntalning hypothecate   real estate    real estate  licenso    to divert t ublc loot    ,., J"^'™* ^ ™ <^^n.Z
■inn ueres more or less. mi which    there ls growing    limber,   water per second  Inuu    i-i   I rai Ki|ly m. ,.„nv,1„i,.n, ,,„- ,lw, ,„ ,.„„„_..
Clil-lSTMIl o   HTAl'IJ-lS timber limits, timber berths, timber rlo Creek, nt u     puint. sltunto iiiinut (|on wj,), t|„, (lr, ((, printing nnd al-
Uutod  August  Uth,  1U1U.            117-45 llconses and     concessions,  luud   and 1001)     loot     south   ul tho     lortiiern hint  arts,   trades ami uccupatluutl;
Examinations for the position of
Inspector of Steam Boilers and Ma.
chlnery, under the "Steam Boilers
Inspection Act, 1901," will he held at
the Parliament UulWlnns. Victoria,
commencing November 7th, 1910, Application and inst ruction forms can
be had on application tn lln- undei
signetl, tn whom the formei must he
returned correctly illicit in, not Inter
i hnu    October    2_tli, 1910,     Snlmy
$1(10.00 per   i iiii, iik'ii-n-nn- ut thi!
rate of $!>,ou per month curb yeat  to
a maximum oi JIhii.imi
chief Inupectoi of Machln
36-38. New W«stiuiust«r,  ti   0,
cubic foot uf water pur second [rom
Hospital crook, ut a point situate
about mo feet west of the western
line ul   Lot 29 Oroup  1   Kootenuy.
The said water wlll tie diverted and
conducted by a dum. Hume .nnd pipes
to be constructed on antl along the
King street government  roud.
The ."find water will be used for the
irrigation of suit division 137 of said
Lot 20.
So Crown Lands will he affected hy
the works except the snld King
street road.
No riparian proprietors or holders
ol Wator Licenses will bo affected by
the wurks.
ThiB notice  was   posted  un  the  	
day ol September, 191C.
In ttie Mnttei ol ttie Standard Lum
ber Companj, Limited.
NOTIOE is hereby given undei the
"Tramway I ihui puint mu Ait'* iwld
tho "Tramway Incorporation Act
Amendment Act 19no" that the Stan
dard Lumber Company, Limited ho
Ing n Company empowered by Its
Memorandum an I     Artii les ..I  Ahso
nut      t., hml.I tramways, propose
tn tm.hi ii tramway mil privnte die
phone im- between the following de
Hcrlbed points along "I"* route hero
in uftiT described,   namely
Commencing nt the null site ol ttie
Compnny Bituate on Lol Twcnty-sev
ni (271 in Orntip One 'I I Kootenay
Distriel then*1* In a northerly dlrcc
tlon crosnlng snld Lot Twentym-ven
i_7) Hud Lots Thirty*three (33)     and
iH  chains,  thence  south  40 chains  to
poiut of commencement,
Da** id  O.  Hhunaliuu.
Dated   July, 27th,  1910. .5-44
District   of   East Kootenay
Take notice that William W. Richmond, ui Traverse City, Mich., occupation Lumberman, intends to apply
.ui permission to purchuse the following described lands: Commencing
.tt u post planted twenty chains west
and eighty chains south of Mile pust
No. i on tin* 50th parallel, said post
being the southwest cornor ol Timber
Licence No, IG843, thence weat -m
chains, thence south 20 cbains, tnence
west 20 chains, thence n »rth ic chams
tbence eusl 10 i bains, thence south
40 chains to the place ol commence
meat, contain ng 280 urn-.-, more oc
Dated  July 25th, 1910, 35-43
District   of   Bast Kuotenay
I, P, li. Mercer of Toronto, Ont.,
occupation lumberman, intend to apply to the (''iinnii.4HK.nei of hands
nml Works for permission tu purchase forty ncres more or less, hound-
»il tm follows: Commencing ut n punt
mi the north tmnk uf ihc Moylo river
theuce 30 chimin north along the east
; irvey lino ol Tipper P, R., thence 20
rhninH enst more oi less tu the banc
of tho Moyle river thence southwesterly Ji."n" the bank ..f th« Moyle
i ver to the place of commencing.
Located   Sriilntnhcr   ICth,   l"IH    38 22
.*. a. Ooskell. Agent 30 H9
TO RENT, furnished rooms, all
conveniences, private home, apply tu
Tbe Proipectoi office. PQQ .*-•■« '*•!'>'•    •*•*•-        y,1
».' jw at*****mMa**%******m
A. Empson, of Marysville, was   in
the city WouUuy.
■ «.,-■», vir ————— amaamaammamamaammmm I——-«—_.M-i~-«~«ri»i»"«."^"~,>»~~~
»_ltUea-*.3rtTOWW-lWiTV»»~.'..3-/i*— »AiKt«S«
: IThe
: I
I | Monarch
i********wm<^*^Qj jPlwrnb.itg;   mid   Heating  bn^tnoerj
alleable "THE RANGE STORE"
A. C. Blaine returned on Wednesday   Jj   n I~~^
from a business trip to .Montreal,        J   kT'Ott    l\8112© I _\   A   CLASS   BY   THEMSELVES—FIRST-CLASS
Paul Hand ley, ol    Marysville was
in the city  Wednesday on business.
IDAC     Mceiary's
and Kootenay Ranges
i.i-.iwuw..wf ._fc-juia«.«_(_if.'*ui_>_ri'»iiir__um_i
i i in i'--ibi   "-i     r~n ■ "r iTirwn niT" ii-i'"ii' ■!■—i
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ .^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•(►♦♦'►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^
v "AWL RIGHT"     |
i.   '    ♦■ . \ Is whal you'll sa.vlo our .tury. f
It's   -in.|.!.-   lint   Instpuellvu,    4-
J/-' i:.-i,i,-   nil   that i.s ruhtwlilnij J
11   11. Dimmock,
tin- city     Mouda)   anil
• V                       l    i-                 Sl    i'i    t %.'U'"'   '
'                 '                                  V A V                       '''.,..                    \ ' «':■• •'
«">    •                            '       '|pf: r           '  :   '    '   ; i
•   ' '■ ""           -                          \W& "         y?»            3       ' A, - ffi
l\,- '   -.,     •■>>•■  ',, » .'Vjk .(.-■,>- .-;•■ --'Ny,   -j   ;••-. .' '',"'■
, "-..  ■■■■.'      "  '    ',     ■••".■;■
. -mi :
I ill li
Soda and other Soft       ♦
blinks, ♦
tliul    ...-   ii-..-i-   tu.      Thi'j   tii'i-J
liiuitiiv   ■_.. 11,::   uml   in,;-....mt-*
ill-.   I'M III.  -.- lllll Huy-.     'I III }  I.IV ?
I..--1 .uml   |i.ii-.--t   (iiuu  1,111    li..,- *
11 i 11 ■ ■ Murk.,    I'll,! bust v -•:. ♦
liOlTUNU OO, ♦
f       ♦ «♦♦♦<.•.♦♦♦♦♦♦<>♦♦«»♦<}«♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
***<>*>*i-IH**e.******>****.     Tho .-11..I water will bo usoil (or tho
♦ Inigulluu   ,.1 ..in-    hundred
proprietors or holders
nt.t- i.i-, n„es will in- illumed by
HS      "      ,,       __T _ _. „  T....,-     T  .1 niiiitnm   ..1 nm.     iii.tulti'il acres 01
\  *  A.  WALlJEiR  ♦ said 1...1 1211.
••!'* ll',    ♦ MASONIVY ♦     No Crown  l.un.Is     will bo atlcctct
'.--.- ■- f-jivtew"; jtf t   » ♦ by tb.- \\
m :Kwm t S1   ,..,,. ,,,„,„,   : *°*
. ,-'    mu * ^z^k'zzz xv:i
Mr. and Mrs. E   A   Hill, sit    [ami    !-.. , .- ..... . ,1*.
ly ol Moyic, spent Tuesday     u     thi   M ,...'.'-'■',-. .*-'..     '.■-■,.;■ '■ '   \ Vi*.
city --''■' . ' '.    '' "' '       t vl     '  H       '' **'    \    '
  '  '- - • ' "■*.-.
-      .
n -.|...i'itilly
This n..
ol Moyic, spent Tuesday     in     the M                                                                 ,....-••■      ijj %\ .-'.               -.,.                                                 \ \*   \*
y                                                                                                                                                                         .     .' '  1     '■         >         *  l-i      '    '-,          '''•      t i ft j      J      '  "-'
                                                                                1 k|I .   J. '   '    -   ' ',     '■   •   -'■    ... ". ,1  —_. N   B 5 ; Z   fun
■   '•'     ■ '■''.'■    v            ■.'-.--•        \ ,    it }    *
t. Straohan,   Inspectat distant aad                                                  ' ,    .        . ■:             -v-.~--' '              \ ,-   tl    *
,smcr, was in the city several                                                                            , :  -   -   .;■• ', ,--..,.;          -  ,    1        -      if  f'1 ~\ -               j-., i'l     ♦    M_<
.„,.»!,         i„-,„, tional   H                                                       .. ,   V,                     '■               W                              -    \—- '-A'       ♦
s week on business                              .--...-.                 B                . • - ;,,         : {/ .                              V          ^   / |S    ' ^♦^
east 20 chains, thence       th  -     tiams      '',.-,. .                   .'','!'    ' '  '      '                                  '         T*V]t> '' '/'kl
3. Rarabough, the C. P   R   brake '" r:-''"                                      "'               .' ■    -■. ..                            ",     ,•                        , ;  '" .'Jb!     t'UAN
,    u   , u                    .,      .- mg Lbi   acres,                less                       .:    , ' -            " . %                  ..„   '        ,   . ::■ ■'^.1.^.          „..■.•>-.■ f il
m who had his loot cut oil at J             John Angus Fergusson . ,         ■•        --.     , *> .-:.."■'*■-*:'   •'- >.-,..■ .'-^-x, ■»•!•*'■"• '--.     ' '^J
eele Junction sometimi' ago   .       I                     ... i;    .. .. ,     .,.-..;•                   ~       __ .           .                  •.._..,-'--'-'""'•-  .,-..----*-     "*4>" .-..^^          «*___***"     -'■■i».v^^ I'isl
is [H.sti-it on tim ...
icr,  l-iiu.
of the hospital.
1 is    I   1 il)   Uth,   imu.
» *  day  i.i  Se
* t '..--I nml -.lurk  ['Stimuli's    *
* I'tifiii.lii il un ti|i|i|ii-titii'ti.     X   —  -——'
D"!'tr"'" kP'°'    X     NUTICK '»   h^v Blven    thnt CO
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«>♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦«  '!")« alter unto I  intend to apply to
tim 1-lutioiirublu   Ohiel   Oonunlsstuner
\sllllii,,K   LAND UIST1UOT      I "'„ 'coiTand petr,'li'tuu uv-et- K
llowing  Iniui...  sitiuiio 111 Hi,, district
t  of  Kast   Kontcnnv. Ii.f Suilllieust   Koutenay, In Lot   45113:
Take notice that I,  Josc|ih Walsh, I    I'oiuinoncini: nt 11   post   plunted at
Constable, of Kurt Steele, intend  to'"' neiu- .:   miles due rasl     of tho 211
pply lor i citiilssioii lo purchase tho nile post on U. P.   II.   .-sur-. ey   I.ne,
following  described   lun.Is    commenc   which is the Western noiiniliitj ol Lot
ing at 11 post planted   at   thc   north  -i,v.i;;, and being tlie Southeast corner
@y—g;.                                                         .NUlll   I',
WVWWWVVV\-VVVVVV»S*,' ^vvNA^N^>V\/S^AAVN^^VVVVVV'*V»-VVVvVVvVVV%VVVVV',^VVVvVVVV\'V>AfV^ iin°e 7f "I'nrfln's'tiVnbor lease run	
WW\*WVVWV.WVVV/VV,WA.VVV>*,VVVW, VVVVyVVV-AVVV'VAS*VvWVVVV^VW*^VVVWMVWWW   I     MiYti-i-: Is |„.„.hv  civ,.,, that thirty   20 Chains nortb     thence     ill     cl.iillsl1" "'       J.lury
"      l(» '•""-""     "' - ""atloti east,  thence 2U* chains south, theuce     lt,'™,cu ^"h elfW   (S"'   t',lmi,ls;
thence   WeBl   eighty   -ft.;,   .lui ns;
(30) days niter    the lirsl
01 this notice, I inteud to apply t.i 111 eliuins west to the plnce of cora-
1 the Ohiel Oouiniisslouei oi Lmuls niui mencement, containing su acres inure
I Works and the  iVsslstattt  t'. uisstou   or less.
u  ... Lunds and     Worns for the dis JOSEPH WALSH,
rlct of blast Kootenny, for u license ]Dated September Uth,  liilO,       ,,.,-IV
to prospect     for coal    inl   ■. tr
tl.cn 0 Sotttn eig.ity    '.Mi)   limine;
1 In-iii e lvist   eighty   i8t'j   chains;
to thi  1  ..1 coiiiinciiceintiit,   ui iking nm ncres more or less.
Located this Is, da.  of August, l'JIO.
MAM   UENNEH, Locator,
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
William  E.  Uutts,  Witucss,        31 Ij
In Aid of the Funds of tlii
The Crnnbrook Band is purchasing; Nov/ Uniforms, and wiih the view of
raising lunds to pay for same offers the following; list of splendid prizes, to be
drawn for in the near fhture, as soon as the Tickets are. disposed of.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
1 'ti rpi'l  Siptui'i1
r. iti-it-ic Uuii 1
1. 1
1 I   ,   ; -
1'     ll ' -,
lit!, Prize I Piiinlpil C'onli'c Vnsit
U'-li    " 1 1 'mil Swi'tilt'i'
|:;tli     •■ I Mi. Hnx nl' lii..,-i.l.-l ..
1 HI.    •■ I l'.i.\ nl Ml final's
I.-.1I1    ■■ 1  li.ix nf oil t'll.l-.
1 Hon ..; ...i 1    ■ ,: .
17lh    •■ 1 pr   \ it
Ituli    •■ I SilM , Kish I' u'l(
1 |).-!i 111111.s described as
«< iv it:-
\.S Situated on    \kimina Creek, hluck
>•>       Ilritish Oiiiiii.iiuu uml being the same     Notice is herebj  given tl. ■   .n   n,
|>       ciui     i.,,,ii whuh niui,ns  license No.   1 -711, day of September,
fi   vZZ7i'uZ:'ui\[i7\MnTcZTvZ "rf""',"! ''■":'Kils""- l3s<""ra'i'   x"Tli'": "• '""'^ "'»»t-«t go
<$ Ltd, mid pat'ticulnrlj described as: '':l1 'l'"lul' "' ""' Snpromc Ootirt ol days after date I intend to apply to
S.y Commencing at a in.s. piaut d neur British Columbia, tba James Fur the Honourable chiel Commissioner
>» Akimina Creek about 1011 yards north guson Armstrong, otlicinl Ailminis of Lands tor .1 llcenBo to prospect
>> ol the South 1 i.-niiy puss Trail trntor for that portion ol the Colin l(l"-' ''"!l1 :'"'1 Petroleuni ner the inland about     IJ   miles     southeast  ol 1- ,„■ k enav     included     in     tlie   lowing lnnds, situato in  the district
where    Akimina     creek joins K.sh-e- ,'.,,„ ,,„..,,   ,,',',.-,..    ., ,,,..,„,„.„„„  n„. , of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 401)3:
tich-na creek, being Anna     11. l'enl     .    '.'"',l   ,"'"!;',' '  "'  l '''"''' " ',''"' 1    OomincncinK nt a   post   planted nt
\       Iniui s northwest corner, thence south t'0™10' '" '"' Ailministrntor ol nil 1   or neur 3 miles   due ense ol    the 30
S       SO chains,  tlience     ens''   .,11     chains singular the estnte o.' Donald Camp    nile post on C. P.   R,   survey  hue,
>       llienee north so chains,  thence   wist boll .licensed Intestate. ; ,-liieh is tbe Westtrn boundary of Lot
$       .-..->  chains to ttie  place ol   beginning,      Kvery  person     indebted to the said j 45U3 and being tin   Southivest corner
?      jcontaining ii-10 acres, mure or less. deceased    is required to     make p-iv    l-ost '" Oeorge Wykes' claim
<              ANNA  ll.  PENTLAND,  Locator.        .   t.,..t,,wi,i,  .„ ,,„. ,,,.,,....,„„,,,j'   .    tbence Nor.h ei hty   1-ti)   chains;
Alii-e.l Bruwn Agent. ]   thenco Eaat   olghty   .se.   chains;
Luted tbis ltitli duy uf July, Will. 37     l'"l',':-' Person    na\mg in possession     ti.en.o S uth .ig.ty   -su)   chains;
  cITccts belonging 1,, lho deceased     is     them'   West   eighty   (SO)   ih.iu.-.;
„ria,,f„i, required f,,iili«itli to   notify thc tin   to tire point of commencoment,   mnk-
derslgned. ' n-r t.-IO acres more or less.
Evory creditor   or     othcr     persi 11   I "',-'1"-1 this 1st Uny of August. 1910.
, , having any clnlm  In the ilistribtitlon Q180HOE WVKE■'.. Locstor
Jin days after     the tirst j.i.ulu'atlon  -        Euthen W. Butts, Agent
#2     I  fthls notice, 1 Intend   1, j    lo "' ""    "t"1'   "' tlio bi.1,1 .IccetiBei* Is  W|m       ,,.   Bl|tt     WItnou_i        37.45.
,-J>        he Ohiof Oommlssionor oi Lauds anil roi|ulrcd  to send  bofofo tho liith day    _  	
^^     ! .iit-lis uml the Assistant   'ommms-ou "f Octohor     next, bv registered mail   "  '
$$       rot Lands and     Works for tho d.s addressed     to thc undorsig ,     his I      ''HANP'<'»''^l.ANIi   itMTPIOT
*»£      ,,,,-t. „M0asl Kuotenay, lor a he.',, e  „, „„, ,,,, ,„„   „„,,,,,,„,, ,, „,„ l"il!"'1   »'   Kusl koutclul>
I puu'lands described ns'" lo'llo'ws! to  '"ai"' '"' i,"",TS!' f""1 " "tntenient ol     TAKE NOTIOE thai    Stephen    O.
wit:— his nccoiinl     und oho nature    of his  Olark.of  WyclllTc,    Ilritish  Oolinnbla,
S.iiinteil   ,,11     Akimlnn     Crcok   In  security lil nny) liold by Iii ni. occupation 'rune   Keeper,  Intends   to
Hook   151)3     East  Kootenay  district     After tne snid  lust   nientlunod dnto  apply for permission t.. purchase the
jiil adjoining the     claim ol Content |the Adminintrntor will    proceed will, following ttCBcrtbed land      Oo tenc
sl  planted ut    the South
Lot 10I3C;     tlionco
S"i ]ii.iiiitu   ill   nn-     111,1 111,1 esi   ,111111-1     ,11 1 '
>•$      Oontenl   hlltonjH   claim, being Mnbol h0 snail havo hn nee. west 78 cltaliiB more    or loss to   thu
»■£      C.   Mum-Ice's  northeast  corner   post;   Dated nt  Ornnbrouk  this    St'th   dny  unsl  boundary ni    I...I  15112;     thenre
hence south hu chains,    tlience   wesl   ol September,  llllll. :::, II.   north  10 ehulns     following the   oast
! " clniimi. tl -e     nortli 80   chaina, .1. |.-   AUMSTIlfiNO, houndary ol Lol   l&U-   lliel  oust 78
1 hence ens.  so chains to lho plac  l)nu.ln|   Ailiniuistrnlor      chains inor  less to 1 rthwest
[ettlnning, contuining „- ores el . c ;. o|  ( |(  ||)|w   () mul|i  )()
MAIIKI, ('. .MF.NEFKK, Locntor.       (ilANItlttuiK   LAND   UlSTIIIOT    clinlns to the plnro ol commencement
Alfred  Urnwn  AKiiit. Illstrlcl   ul   Bust Kuolonny I'otitulniug 312 acres, more or less.
Dated this liith day uf Jul.., l'JIO 37     TAKE  NOTICE Ihui   I.  I'ilmoro I, I STKiitKN  11.  1 |„UIK.
Staples, ..f Wyelitle. It   ('   uceupntion  imted  Augusl   mini,   l'JIO.        37-45,
Mimhormuii, 1n1.nl   t,. upply lot pot . _  ,
inis-iiii .11.1,    .- MO
NOTIOE in beieli)  given thai thirty   land hounded as (1 ll„«
nuh duys inter    tlio llrst pi iiicatioit  htg nl 11 posl  plnnteil 1 |
ol tins notice,   I Intend to apply   tu ,l( ,,,, mi ,„,i,. ,„,,,  ,,„ „„ ,  i,,,,.    ,,,-
tlie t'biei C mis.11.ner ul  Lands . llll
'> iiii adjoining tho     claim ol Oontenl   the Administrator will    proceed with following do
{> Elton, to whom     mining license 1232  tho ,i(Htt.M,lllioll ,,,- u„, ,.,,,,,,. |„,.VI11, „„,    ,
./        Was   issued:   Cnimell. uu      ut   a   p. .st   ,   . ,      i     , ... ' .
i\      plunted ni   the    thwesl  eornot'   ol i""" '','" thT H"'""' ""'v "' "lul1 u""     '"'I
Nt iiii i'l.
.;£= corporation ot tne
tlie unmt uuiitmif-jonm* ul i.nn*.i« i_nii  tii.iiici, i',,i,,,,,k,,,  j,„,ii,,. i,   i'.,,i».,,
„ .    . 1.1 11 i' II    I 11 Ml Hi !>l)l    >i illl IP' l)     Iti'M IM il 1 ,     _^,  a . r     d". I I
ZZ7:,lt:,i7"T;;i777i,77: ™ *», v,  „„„,..„„,,„- r.\u\ t)\CM\\\wM
in,-,, ut East Kootenay, for a liconse  ":'''- and   bolntf m the    north  eusl   Ull)l|  Ui  Ul UllUI UU1\
. ...    ... ,     ..    .. I     I , .         I     I   ..<      lul-.**.     il     ,,..,,11.     un   1
The Prizes  nn: on  \i.-\\   at  .!.  ii    M-Bride'-   Hardware Since
TUCKETS       »       50c,  EACH
Buy a Ticket and help a good cause
To iic had  from any member of the  Band
r ,,| 1,1,1   10137; ilienie north 80
chains, Hipupp wci t mi pl is, thonr
.-..nil    .VII  el. nil   .   llienee  .-II   I   80 ehuins
to plnce ul i Ill"in-elm ill.
KI.YInllK   1.   S'l'Mi.MS
I i i .tni) nub, iiiin.
33 37
llnli. ;11....111   :'.lin teel   llhovc III
glvo ri'fnrcncos.
Ho snid water will he diverted and j L |y|, ROBERTS,
conducted   by n  dam,     tliichrs   nml ....    .,,     ,
,   0,   M.   VnnWormet   ami Ininllv   loll   Hume to In- constrnctod mi uud over ^"Y Jicr}li'
/V»/^lAA^^AAA/yA,'^A,^^.^-^,^^.^.^AAAAA/V^AA»V\^A^A*AA»»^A♦<>♦♦♦<,^•^♦o(.♦♦... > ->r>,/VA(V\.S.V^ V\'V\^*^i>AiVf\V,|'i|^    nn Wi'dnosthiy Im tlrent  lull-., Mont.,   Lot 120, Clroop I  Kooienuy Diatrict ,  Cranbrook, II.   O,,     September, 8th,
^vv^^A^•^y'.^vyAAV^e.,vv^/v^A('/«•v^AVvV^^^^A^AAA^♦♦.«♦♦♦»»*»»^(^vv^VA'AWVV ul„.n. thej  will roBldo portnanontly,     tho proporty ut myaolf. vile.
to |.r..si.i-ci     l.u cuul imii   pel
upon lands described oa    lotluwn, to
Kit.    ■
Situated mi    Akimina Crook,   neai
ilm .-iniiiii   Kootenay     Puss    Trail,
block 45113, South ISastorn portion ol
Ilritish Columbia und being tbo same ''   nnynril Staples, Agent
oialm upon wlilch mining UceiiHO No.  Dntoil Augusl  20th,  1410, 38-10
c      752 wns issued to   Nathan Whcaldun	
<     imii   being  pni'tlotilarly    tlescnbod us'
%      follows:  Oomincnclng ul. u post plan-
>      tod nenr lho     South Kootonay   Pass
£      Trail, being tin-     Initial pnst nf Her
{        line   .Muiilellenil's l-lllllll       I   Mini I.e.1
^      Uoroicn Moorcheail'B     soittliwcsl  cor
i      nor post, t
tin nee   I'll: I    -Ul   cllnlllS,       III  lie.    BOIltll
60 chains, thenco  west, su chaina to |
WATI3M     ACT,   iiiiiii.
Appointment of
Sire, Chief
Applicntions will he
nl by tho
TAKK NOTIOH liiui  I Alfred Doyle
nl  Fori   Steele,    occupation  functor,
will npply in tlie water CoiuniiBslun nndorslgiud m.i  Inter titan Seplcml.tr
 ' *"     ch"-i"B' lor ut Ornnhrool to Illli day  of :ll"b.  HIIU, fur Lho nusUion    of Plro
October,   l'JIO,    ul   eleven o'clock    In I "Wc. for the City ol Crnnhrook, ut u
the pl igint lontuinlng MO  tlio forennnn for n   license   I., il'ivort Bnlniry ul
acres, nioro or le,... ol nl.lit foul  ol    water per bi nil   nlh.
HKItNlOK JIOOIIH1-II.1AII,  Locator  tr  six mile    crnok, nl. u point sit Appllcnnlji     stul
ll -.lllll'.   {lull.till    per
unci  llrown  Ac


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