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The Prospector Jul 23, 1910

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Array /& Li'i.: lathe' A;:
t.l'.-.M;    I ! 'J    AM.
Howlt Has Declined from
Its Theory
The rrintino Bureau Scandals  Gold-
right Was a Poacher-Behind
the Americans
1-iheralism as a practice, in Cana
ilu at leant, stands (or arrogant of
tlcialdom, says the To o..to New a,
alter noticing the exalted creed ci
Liberalism, for iiteillciency and ex
travagance, [or a party tryanny in
exoiahle and unreasoaing, for to
porate iiittuence against municipal in
flueuce, for special privileges to i
r.ntr of contributors to party funds,
fur a patronage list, for corrupt go.-
eri,nwnt. Liberalism as a practic
lefuses nationalization of telegraph
aod telephone services, hands over i
railway built with public money to t
private   corpoiadon,     main tans     t>
ne and useless Senate, and fatten*
an army of mercenary heelers at pub
lie expense.   Sir Willi id and hid i<a
ty have the form of Liberal.sm, bin
it, the spirit thereof. Yet there ait
to be devotees at the shr ne, al
though the saintly hones at one tinn
11 ndreds of people who are satLBtle<
-guarded there have b en burned in
a tv warfare and   scattered   to   th>
This   tin reasoning   paitisanshlp   l
ns of the most curious development*
of   democracy.   Men   who   other wis
r> clear-headed and sane I.. How e
party to ait len ths, t en .-geinst
tbeir Judgment and conviction, mere
ly because it carries a certain nair.t
which at one time meant something
The outstanding fact abo t th
Print ng Bureau Scandal is that
stealing seems to have been going oi
for a long time at the bureau, th-
method auopte-i, so far as known
being to order supplies, (1) in
unnecessary quantities, i2) of e-ual
ity Inferior to that for which pay
ment was made; and the person plac
mc the order got a ra' e-off, Thii
game was1 worked with United Stutei
firms, and the person or person
who man ged it did it for their own
pockets. Had it been worked in the
usual way, nothing would have been
mild about It; the exhorbitant prices
"iuld have been paid to Liberal merchants, part of the ra'e- ff wnu-h'
hive gone into the campaign fund 0
the Liberal party and all woul' have
been happy. Tn sh rt, Ooldthritei
real offence was tlmt he stole whol
for his own pocket. In short, h
poached. Conse uently, the Arms on
the patronage list complained, Mr
rha-'es Murphy was tht s in ornw
thnt somrthing was wrong, and in
vesications followed.
Day by day tbe United States go
ernment is    drawing    tiiend   of    thi
Canadian administration    as   esta'
lished at Ottawa in h' nesty and et'
iry. Tbe latest advance is tha*
President Taft h's undertaken thi r<
form of the system of de I nn will
United States river and harbor im
proveinents. improvements are to b
sya'ema'iea'ly plained for ye ri
ahead by go* em mul tii Ineers
whose recommendation,, wll' form tin
basis of congress o"al action.
That is exactly what the Laurie
Pfoverntre* t as neru n'tted by tb
slippery Mr. Pugsley, wll not do. It
forms no gcirral pl n; ,1. decides u
on each expenditure for pn-1 v mu
poses; and In the general confusl v
it ma'isg'S to s lp in all surfs ol
wasteful pieces of . besiness such at'
the sawdust wharf deal. It show
not a slt»n ol pursuing sny such bus!
ness*- like method as that initiate.'
by the United States.
Again the United States nuth rit-- ■
effected marked imnrovements in tb'
United States printing bureau I
Wqah'ngton. What has the Laurier
government done at Ottawg? It re
heed in 1908 ami 1909 to ernnt an in
vestigation which would have ex
*<*d the graft that was galng on
'n the printing bureau and it ln 191f
bas been forced to acknowledge that
much graft has been going on foi
The most promtsine career of an-
of the provinees in the most prosoer
our colony in the Dritish empire.
Holden opportunities for e"crvon
p-nd all the conveniences of civilize'
An advanced educational   nvstem-
free undenomlnH;onal   primary    an-'
h schools.
An area of 2r-fi,00MO0 mm or
larger than the British Tales, Swit7
erlund, Denmark and Italy combined.
A climate superior to that ot Kng-
ul or Franca*
Mountains, •. alleys and lakes more
enchanting than those of Switzerland
or Italy.
The shortest trade route to the
Mines which   have    produced   over
'u.000,000, and an area of more
thnn -280,0(10 square miles of mineral
beating lnnds which have not yet
been been even prospected.
The largest coal deposits in the
world, the coal tields of the Koote
nays alone heing cauable of yielding
ten million tons annually Tor seven
thousand years.
The largest and most compact area
of merchantable timber In the world.
Fisheries the largest and most varied
n the Dominion which have already
yielded over 1115,000,000...an acre of
its seven thousand miles of coast line
heing in many cases more productive
than an acre of tbe most fertile noil.
Vast orchards whose fruits haw re-
ueatedly won the highest awards in
■oinpetition with the world.
What Brltl.h (o umbia has not
-Cnough population—its only need.
f. £ Simpson Engages in fiuBinei
in Kamloops
F, E. Simpson, lately proprietor of
he CranhrooK Herald, has decided to
locate ln this city and has arranged
to open up a business as soon as a
..uildiug can be erected for him. J. It.
.mil has arranged to at once build a
.iie-st.-ry frame structure on Victoria
street adorning Burns   Bros.1   store
> Air. Simpson and as the work Will
jh rushed it is txpected it will be
ready for occupancy about the lirt>L
..f next montn.
ii.e business in which "Old Man1
Sim. son, as he is (am-uariy termed
ny bis numerous friends, will embark
is wholesale and retail tabacco, cigars, and all smo ers supplies.
There will lie no side lines; just tbe
one business and that it will be well
onducted and that users oi the fra
grant weed will hnd everything in his
stock that they require in that particular line, is a forgone conclusion.
Mr. Simpson is well known in the
interior and during his long term of
residence in (Van -coos, where he so
ah y c nducted tbe Herald and made
it one of the most influential Journals
published in the province he proved
he is a capable man of business and
am loops is to be congratulated upon bis having decided to cast in his
uh the future of tbe city, fc'iui
iif energy, enthusiasm and with a
ripe experience Mr. Simpson will be
an acquisition to the business inter-
SiS ol ivHinlooi,.-. and in tnc j-pe, al
line he has deeded to devote his
time and attention to, there ls no
question but that he will fill a want
that has heen long felt In this city,
a really dependable smokers' emporium,
Mr. Simpson w.t!l leave for the
coast tonight to arrange for some of
the stock for his store. His family
will Join him here upon his return lo
a few days.—Kamloops Sentinel.
Me Clothes, tIow-.it> and Money in
Heap and Burn Them
Winnipeg,   July 1-1. -The    mounted
olice at Kam-sack,    Has' f,    re eived
hurried orders yerterday afternoon to
o to Vereiin, s ve   m es oi     wh* n
tbe Doukhobors were on a rampage.
When tbe police were half a mile
from the settlement they met a party
thirty -live almost nude, they ha^e
been chanting hymns for the last few
days aod have taken off tbeir clothes
piled them in a heap with all their
money and Jewels and burned them.
The police secured an empty building nml locked them in while they
made a search for more clot hen. These
however, the Doukhobors refused* to
wear. More police have been sent for
as tbe other n embers of the community refuse to assist thc police.
It hns b?en four years since severe
troublei was experienced, and it was
supposed that all these people hadi
become good farmers. One hundred
families started recently for British
'ol umbln to estahlisn new homes in
the fruit country. Most of theDouk-
he fruit, country.   Most of the Douk-
Runs Into Open Switch
Near Revelstoke
West Bound Train from Montreal Was
Delayed and so Missed Disaster.
Only One Person Injured
■Running at a high rate of speed In
an endeavor to make up lost time,
G. P. It. train No. 5, known as the
St. Paul-Seattle express, due in Sea-
attle at 2 30 o'clock Saturday, ran
Into an open switch seventeen miles
this side of HevelstjLe at about
5:3C o'clock Friday evening, and au a
result the engine, two baggage cars
and the colonist car went into the
ditch and weie badly wrecked, but
fortunately tbe passengers and crew
oscaped serious Injury, their escape'
from (leg h bung nt thing short of
miraculous, The first report eecelved
was to the eflect that a number of
ihe passengers and   incumbers of thc
tew had met death, but this proved
not to be the case, and according to
an official statement, the only per
son to receive injuiy was the porter
f tbe colonist car.
The c Hiss of the accident that ml; ht
ha\e cost the lives of many ol the
•josv-xmgers was a misplaced switch at
Three Valley Lake, where a siding
runs into the Mundy Lumber company's mill at that point. How the
switch became open is at tbe present
time a mystery, one report stating
that a deliberate attempt had been
made to wreck train No. V, transcontinental express, which waa due
at that point ahout 4 30 o'clock nut
wns which was late.   Th s idea, how-
ver, is not given credence by the 0,
P. Ft. officials, but they admit that
switch was open when the St. Paul
Seattle train reached it. A rigid in-
.'estivation  into the    cause   of   the
witch being In the condition it was
V ng conducted by the railway officials.
These are  the days of  the milieu-
•n for Ontario   parents.   The   Con
erva ive   government     of     Premier
Whitney haa reduced the   retail price
il  the pub'le (school   text    bno' -i    33
er cent.   The Ross   government   of
'n'ario: th' Liberal governments   of
a-ikatdewan  and    Albert',    turned
>"er the s hool text book   rights   to
'riendn of the government who waxed
'at on the profits of the school hoo'<
nonopoly.    A   Conservative   government considers the interests  of   tho
eopln first and always.
By a decisive vote of 111 to 17 the
rorerty - wnern of   foleronn,  Alher-
'a, curried incorporation    last   Mon-
'ay.   Tbe majority was much larger
'hnn anticipated. 6
Lnndon, 'iiiv 15, The coronation
f ''in' Door go has been fixed for
une 22, 1911'.
Fernie haa decid-d to install a fire
ilarm system similar to that of Calvary.
.t Is Important That ihe Sceine.t
Census Be Undeistocd
The next census of Canada will be
taken under date o*. June 1, 1911, and
will embrace the subjects of popula-
t.on, n.ort tity, agriculture, manufactures, minerals, fisheries, and dairy
Populauiin will be recorded under
the heads ot residence and personal
description, c.ti enship, nationalty
and relic ior.l; piofewsun, occupation
and trade or means of living; wage-
eat nngs and insurance; education
and language spoken, and infirmities.
Every person 1 ving on June 1st
will be entered cn the schedule of
population hy name, as member of a
•family, institution or household, tote ih r with place of habitation, sex,
relational Lp to head of the family or
household, nnd whether single, married, widowed, divorced or legally
separated. Tne month of birth, year
of ! irtli and age at last birthday
w ll also he recorded.
Entries will be inai'e U r each person to show the couutry or place of
b.ith, year of ttnmlgration to i ann-
dn i bun el.-ewhwcie, year of nut
urali/ation if formerly nn alien, nnd
also ratia-1 or tribal or gin, nationality and re Igion. Kvery person of
alien birth who has become a naturalized citizen is a 0i nadian hy na-
ri< nnlity; and every British subject
with residence in Canada, as well as
c\ery nathe of Canada who has ac
(joired citizenship by bit th or natur
aliz'iti m, is a so a Canadian by
nationality. But there is no Canadian by racial or tribal origin, unless the Indians are so counted.
Every person having an occupation or trade will he entered for it,
hut if employed in the census year
t some other occupation for part oi
whoio time he will be so recorded
also. If the person is wording on
wn account, the entry will be so
made. An entry is also required to
be made showing where the person is
mployed, as on farm, in woolen mill
at foundry shop, in ding stosc, etc.
Wage en ners arc enters I to show
thc ndmlicr of weeks employed in 1910
at thief occupati n or trade; at
other than chief occupation if nny; |
the honis of working time per won't
at c'-ief occupation or at oth-r occupation if any thc total cam tigs
in 1910 at chitif occupntloo; the t. tni
earnings at other than chief occupa-
tian and the rate per hour when employed by the hour.
Entrcs are required to lo made
for each pers n showing thc amount
of insurance held at the date of census upon life, as well as against accident or sickness, together with the
cost of such insurance in the censtm
Undei the head of education ami
language records wili bo ta'-en lor
every person of five years of age and
over showing tlie number of months
at school lu 1910, and if tbc person
can road ami write, nnd the language
commouly spoken by each person.
The cost af education in L010 for per
sons over If. years of age at college,
convent or university Is also called
Tha last quostion on the schedule
of population relates to nillrmities.
tt calls for a record of each person
having an Infirmity. If blind, deai
and dumb, crazy or lunatic, idiotic
or silly, a record thereof will be
made in the proper column, and the
age at which tbe infirmity appeared
Is required to be specified .
Walter Wellman and Melville Vnni-
man will attempt, this fall, to cross
the Atlantic Ocean in their dirigible
balloon, America, which was built
for the Wellman polar expedition,
and has twice been tested in voyages
over the Artie Ocean nortli or Spitz-
en tier gen.
Prooeeite From  Drawing Contest
Amounted to $335 00
The Roman Catholic church held a
social on the church grounds on Tecs-
day evening which was a decided success in every way. The grounds
were tastefully decorated with bunt
lng and colored electric lights. The
Cranbrook band was In attendance
end the booths wore tempting to
every taste. The following were the
booths and attendants".
Flower- Misses Drummond and
Fish Pond-Mrs. McNeill, Miss X.
Drummond and Mater Carl Mackle.
Candy—Misses E. Drummond an,i
Ti e net proceeds of the evening
were $22G.OO. In the prize drawing
contest thc following were the puzes
<ind Winners:
Hohner accordisn-— J, H. McDcnjld.
Cold Woven A radian ta'.le cover-
Father DeW Id, Ci leman.
Two volumns of hif,t iry ol the
t'atho i c church- M. I.nnn.
Twin stone Gat not    ring   Mrs.    B.
'landcast plaquc—lt. O'Brie.i, Win
Briar pile -H. Hlrtz, flfto.
One year's subscription to Crnn,
brook Hi raid   J. Armour.
Irish blue th rr.e cane lames Kennedy.
Photo, interior of Catholic church—
C. Potvin.
Hand painted vase   E. T. Doolone,
i rdar.
Epergne—Mrs,  J.  J.  Kennedy.
C ay cast figtlre—N. Nelson, Wycliffe.
Pipe rack—J. McKce, Elko.
Embroidered ta le cloth — Fran'
Two silK hnnd'fercb efs Ilr. F. B.
Sack of flour—-0, Brinco.
The total proceeds of the drawing
contest amounted to $335.00,
Kev. Father Choinel is very much
leiseel with the success of the socia,
and wishes to express his sincere
thanks to all who so kindly assisted
n making the evening bo profitable.
Special praise is due the young ladies of the congregation for their untiring effo.ts which so materi .lly
aided    in    making    these grand re
Born, at Mrs. Bent's private hospital, Cranbrook, Tuesday, July 1!'.
191C, to Mr. and Mrs. C, Kelson of
Yahk, a daughter.
mt loss
The Present tstlmate Is
Over $75,000
Provincial Government and C. P. R.
Have Large -forces righting tires
Along Crow Line
rest tires continue In many por
tlons of Southeast Kootenay, and
the loss up to the present is estlma-
.1 at over $75,000,
Over two hundred men lin\e been
employed hy the Provincial government lighting fires in the Cranbroo'i
tisii.ict, and the C. P. H. have large-
y increased their force engaged in
the extinguishing of fires ulong tbe
ii West Kootenay several towns
have been in danger, but to a large
[extent these tires arc now i utler control.
He ports from points al- ng the
Crow line are to tbe eifett that extensive forest fires ate in progress at
■lallray aud Baynes Lake.
A large lire in the slashings north
o( the old North Stair Mill, wus burning on Sunday last, and the St.
Mary's valley cast of Ht Joseph
creek was thick with smoke, and the
sun looked like a large hall of tire.
The large fire south of Moyie wus
repotted under control on Tuesday
alternoon, and danger to the town is
about over, some damage was don;:
to tho works on the bill to the St.
Eugene property, also to the tramway und flume.
boi est tires throughout the entire
.i.-ngth of the Crow line, for the past
nek have caused mote or less anx-
'•'.y for the safety of a number of
towns and sawmills, Much timber
i s heen burned and moro will be de.
strnyeti In the same way before the
fall rains will have put the (ires out
of existence.
Kcgulations Governing the Killing
of Game f r 1910
Came warden James llntc, tins
bnnd-ed in tho following regulations
mad.1 under the Uamc Act (m* the
open and ch.se season during 1'JlU.
Grouse ol all kind's, in thc Ferule
and Crnnhrook electoral districts
may he shot only during the month
of October,
Prairie chicken may be shot
throughout tbe Province during the
month of October,
Bucks, geese and snipe .nay he shut
throughout the mainluud between 1st
day of September and 28th i'oy ol
February, both days Inclusive.
Game of all kinds nre reserved in
the Elk Uiver reserve, in the ottth-
east Kootenay district.
No minor, under bo age of Ix
teen years, unless 'iCinmp lUtod by
his parents, or guardian, is i unwed
to carry fire arms     'or any piiijrso
W. IS, Hcott, deputy minister of
agriculture, has left Victoria on an
extended lour of the Province, pro-
liminiry to thc allotimcnt ol tho
government's demonstration orchards
in various sections oT tho Provinco,
The deputy minister will traverse
the Ki mloops, Okanagan, Columbia,
Boundary, Oranbrook, Rossland and
neighboring districts, where he will
| select tho localities iu whi-h these ,
orchards will he ptneod. Tnis will
Will be done in ample time
Autumn planting,
Indian GhUfs of Brit sh Uolumlu.
Will tfithor in Vancouver
Olad in all their ahorigial finery,
ihe Indian chiefs from tlnfciountains
and valleys of British Columbia will
gather in Vancouver to greet Pre
mihi* Laurier when he visits the
coast in the middle of August. ( hlef
Matthias, successor of the late Chief
joe Capilano, crossed from! the Indian village near North Vancouver
last week and bad an interview with
Mayor Taylor in which he informed
His Worship tbat be wati sending out
messages to every chieftain in the
province urging them to attend n
great potlacb in Vancouver in the
occasion ol the western trip of the
Dominion premier.
Tho Indians have no demamlu to
lay before Sir Wilfrid, it is under-
iod, but tbey desire simply to show
heir esteem of the premier by
gathering to present him with an ad
dress some time during bin stay.
lt is thc ourpose of Chief Matthias
to have all the Indians gather at
Vancouver with their regalia and for
benefit of the distinguished eastern visitor tbc chiefs will appear in
public with their paint, feathers and
robes of honor.
A parade through the streets is
I robablo and there will also likely
general celebration either in
Vancouver or o.er in the Capilano
■Wage across tho inlet. The visiting
hiefs will remain on the coast for a
-lUple of weeks, holding private
ceremonies ami celehratii ns, a*-! well
as those conducted in honor of the
Premier MoBride Ibbuis Gratify
ing Statement
Victoria, July 20. From reports
received at the treasury dur ng the
past few days Premier McBrldo an
nounces with gratification Unit thc
financial position of British Colunvblfl
has never boon more snMslgctory than
now, tho revenues of the country
being far in excess of those ol nny
previous period In   ruviinlnl ltu-ti ry,
-hip  ll> 'i    m
meeting for fellowship,     prayer   nnd
The annual bible school picnic will
be held Thursday afternoon, July
i!Ktli, at Leafy lull. Bt, Joseph's
Brook, out Lumsden avenuo, neai
Edwards street, Races, games, mi .s
sociables, oa tab les. drinkables, galore, A special invitation to tho
mnnbi-i's of tlie 1 (mii.• depa'itm-m.
also the Crndlo Rollers, vl.- will
drive with the infant class to tho
grounds leaving church at i p, m
with the others, \ cordial Christian
welcome to all.
Sunday morning word was received
here of n murder nt J affray. It. op-
pears thut two Italians had some
words on the station platform and
from words proceeded to blows. Dur-
ng the altoraotlon one of them drew
ii knife and stabbed tho other three
times. The injured inuu fell aud attempted to rinse but tell DOCK dead,
assailant etgbbed the body fo ir
live times and run down the truck
aud made his escape before tuiyotm
was aware of what had hupp nod.
Thfl murdered was captured Sunday
aftornoonon thc 0. P. R, right ol
way near Fernie.
Lord's iiuy public wm
mid 7:80 p. iu.
Bible school with Phlletbon niul
Bnnicu classes 2 p,  tn.
Monday 8 p, in , n social evening
evening with tiw Voting Peoples'
union at the residence ol Mr. and
Mis. John Leask. There will be u
bible spoiling bee.
Wednesday H   p, m.   the    mid-week
Oranbrook  People  Should  Know
How to Head anil He d
Sick kidneys give many signals of
Tho secretions are dark, contain a
Passages are frequent, BCtnty, painful.
Backache is constant day and night
Headaches and div/y spells are fie
The weakened kidneys ncod i|uiok
Don't delay !    Use a special kidney
Booth's Kidney Pills cure sick kidneys backache and ttrlnnr\  (l.Boruus.
Mrs. M. K. Parr, of 2,2 .lohn st.,
Steelton, (int., says:
I have found more actual results
niter using Booth's Kidney I'ills than
I did from any other icaedy ever
used, I bad suffered for several years
with kidney and bladder trouble and
nftor a short course of treatment
with this medicine 1 have heen cur.d.
Miserable pains across my back which
would extend up my spine and into
the bock of my head, fro uent headaches and dizziness and kidney sections were scanty and contained
a heavy hediment bad me nil run
down. These troubles have all left
mo and I am pleased to give Booth's
,\idney Pills my nest win fot sue
cess nnd my hearty endorsement.
For sale in Cranbrook by tho Beattie
& Murphy Co.
Sold by dealers. Price fifl cents.
The it. T. Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie
ont,, sole Canadian agents.
The lawn social on tho Methadist
Parsonage grounds lust Friday evening was well attended and a decided
success. Thc lawn was tastefully dec-
rated with Chinese lanterns nn.l
nting. The band was in attendance and played se oral selections
The booths were well patronized,
The entertainment ln thc Cym was
well attended and was pionounced a
dtcided success, We arc led to believe that the social was successful
New  Hose.  Hydranis  und   Fire
Alarm System.
Kernie, duly 20.—The city has now
ihc best tire protection system in the
province and tha council have just
added to its efficiency by installing
several hyhrants at points where
they  were deemed necessary.
A large quantity (d hose has also
betn added to the equipment, and
very shortly an up-to-date Are alarm
system will be in operatioo.
Monday even n: some hoys In tbc
8«sh nnd Dour neigftborh iod got into
mi altercatii n und proceeded to pummel one of tlie number, who ns soon
ns be was released retaliated by m\ -
intr a piece of board and bitting one
of his esaallants named Hum lion on
the forehead, fracturing tho skull
rhe boy was hurried to the hospital
nd  at  lost  repot ts    was
.ell ns could be expected.
dung as
The Kast. Kootenay Produce and
Provision Mouse sinned a contract
this week with a firm in Saskatchewan for one thousand ions "f hay,
Thero will he no shortage In buy
ibis winter with this firm, n* the
new ci ntriicts will bo made early so
is to ensure an ample supply.
has ii
ml ,
nil   cases   i
conduct have
Ryan this   v
i sympathy \\
ices to It that
nt is meted <>
up I'flfore him.
iniui in the rl
f  dr
und dlsor
up before
Mis II. nor
tlie   propel
t   to   lb ist
The Jlldgl
'III     IlllU'C
wb I
it; Mm
Ai a meeting ol lho exocutlvo nl
tlui Cranbrook Aerlrultura1 rumor!n
i mi''' the Crnnhrook Pork, limit
ed, he'd on Friday Inst it wns dor Id
that the Agricultural associol on
uid nm n roco meet in conned on
j wtb tim 'i»lr on Lho Hlsl und 2 Und
Iof September.
A unlet wedding t"o'; nloco al the
fli, Kugene chanel Tu'sdny morning
j when Charles Potvin nnd Cler Mont
'petit  were  married   by    Rev,    Father
, Choinel, ©l)c Itawpectow*
A. B. GRACE.        -        Editor
.>.   io per Vear
Advertising rates  made   known  on
i ihe license act by the Llquot men,
Tho vosl mdjorityoi tlw people are
ipposed to  measures   curtailing   the
liberty ot thu citizen, but they ate
unquallnedly In favor of law and oi
Tbe atlui
been  fully
tor having
W\ai ■  tht* matter    with   religion? the man nei
Thin purau-iiras oi  iIk' historic ques   up was co
niK watkk   srppi.v  company
taii niii
i,  tba.
by   glv-
h  lor a
khan he
In reading a impel     a
ago 1 came   acro«a a
that appealed to   me as   wing
worth renwmbi rlug    li    wo      .   ■. ■
cial pre* Caption, givi n by a
ful business man ti    a
wii.i had commit rabte a
mil confldencv ol bid h li
■ Thm- things eaaiei
n .ui said   I      him      Don
Just stick 1 woi
moat  impoj aul  thii
I...- next; generall)     *  *
di n't   'I"   hiv., t      a     i i      . Lll        * ll
you think yuu ought
want tu do up to
it  q di *. and t
It is aa e      say
man   ui  ai ;•  oi        youag     un n   uj
following this raiijht win
tinction foi  b i * b aost    anj
lint       ■:   ea ■   i
bun. ae ■■• •'as
of knowl ■'*.. es
quickest m thods of at
ahead and   iti iin
worth while,   ive       * er a
dozen ditfi ri nl   thii j-
Uay of the  week ha.- pas*
an., thing has been a
In coming to bts ■*■ ik at
ning of I tu    ft    .--
face an accumulation    :  afln
call for more or less    s\ • % Ij    ki -
tion,   'l here  Is  the  eiti
day morning mail with all its leWers
to he read ami   answered,     and    a .
their details to  be       i ; ed     i
ail lition    there   may a hosl
matters that have been carried ovu
from the previous wees,, and In the
midst ui  tins complicated    array    ol
details the man does not kni »   	
way to turn.
Of course there are men who .■ q I
suffer from such experiences, » it the;
are the persons who. lue th;s
neae man have mastered tbe
attending to details, Ami th
that th;s man suggest.-, [s ao<
best method by winch sui li wi
be accomplished, it iti bj
the most important th.ng c
the hoapod-up mass ui hum
most quickly and efllclentlj
out of  the  way.
A man can do more work
ing his entire a item ion to
few hours during ike day
can if he lets it hang around foi
weeks, lly concentrating ml »ho [ac
ii I ties ol lus mind upon a given tasn
it is soon finished, while tlie man
who bus only hall bis mind on bis
job, ami that a more or less vug
rant mind, gets practically nothing
Have you ever noticed the con
firmed puttoror nt his work; If not,
you should take advantage of your
next opportunity to study tlie ihc
iiomenoii thnl you may add lum tn
your list of  horrible examples.
I have one of those men in mind
a man whose desk is always covered
with tilings to which bo intends to
give his attention some time—tbe
"some time" that has been so long
postponed, KSven now with this accumulation nf duties lidere him, be
dot's not succeed in cleaning any of it.
away, for, Instead of selecting one
thing and getting it out of the way
as quickly as possible, he spends ttvt
minutes on one thing, tnen five min
utes on another, until the day kas
gone and no single thlnjg bas been
quite finished. To w atch him ll
seems as if be could not keep his
mind upon any on-' thing for mon
than three or four minutes at a
stretch. At tho expiration of this
time some other matter obtrudes it
sell, and there ia nothing to bo don.
but drop the first thing nnd ta*>.o up
the second matter.
There are plenty of these putterers-
hoth men and  women.   To hear them
talk,  or  to  see  them  after  the  day's
work ii ended, you might deem tncra
tho most     overworked lndP I   \aU in
existence.   Tired   worn out. 01 courae
they are   weary  twice as   exhausted
as the man who by   proper    methods
accomplished  many   thing      Moreover ',
the reason  for this   le    not hard    to I
find, for, as this    business man said |
ln the newspaper article that  ] read
"The   way   to   get   along   Is to  Work
up to the limit and then itop. A
man can get further In the lone run
walking thi-. and a bo I miles on
hour for eight hours a day then he ;
can by going two miles an hour for
sixteen hours In twenty fo r The
first way be i ■ n ke p gi i g and ini
prove; the !n.-i way be will tleti rlate
and finally have to • on (j oham
Hood in th- New   Y<ii,  CHobe
■Tht- new Uc< nse ad ol the pi
re wm go into force the fin I ot nexl
month." says the Sloe: n Recoi tl
"(in its success or failure «I l le
pend whether the local optli n agita
tlon will be supported oi not by the
earns people who do not drink intoxi
cants and would prefei that i.1. itj
should be allowed the Individual In
choosing what he wishes to eat oi
drink. This is the clai whose votes
Will either carry or defeat local op
tion. In Ontario tho proh It Ion
movement was forced ipon the pub
he hy tlie low taverns thai were to
be found every three ot fom miles
throughout the pro* Ince Man, of
tho men who "ran those place vlo
lated the license  law   in every  possi
b|e  way.    Thev   wen-  gol     i id   of   not
by the radical temperance people but
bv the moderate farmer class who
looked upon these people n pi I
that could not be destroyed with In
sect powder. The new license net. ol
British Columbia Is n fa iiy good
one If obeyed, there is not much
chance for a HueresHfil local option
movement . Its success or fnllurowill
depend altogether upon tho hotelmen
If the local option movement gains
it ren gth it will be duo   to   evasions
a of the Company havln
found up and tbe 11 quid a
mado nu account showing
in which the said winding
ducted, which account is
n about Kansas is suggested by attached hereto, and the proportj ul
an attic e in the New tor* Post be Company haviug been disposed
.Miub give*! Btatlctics about clergy- of, notice ll hereby giVOQ that H
men.- salaries in the l n.ted states, general meeting ol the alluXQholrtors
iu inevitable conclusion from » "' the Company will he held at tho
itud) ui the tables is that tbe aver- Company's offlce at Crnnhrook, inn
,i e ch icbgjel is not in earnest, ish Columbia, at the hour of llvo
'i   -   q|    religion    il ho   were,   ho o'clock lu thc     nftornoon   ,n the
tvi uid   suife-r his clergyman tu ex   duy of  August, I'M", foi  the putpose
st un the wages ol unskilled laborer,  of considering Hu*   said account nnd
|       \Y.   R,
m.vriY     I
>        CKANH
!OOK, u.c,       fi
E. K, P. & P. House
I Wo Itanillo I'lnur,  F I,  Hny nml   drain,   Dnttor,   Egfta,    Canned
iCInoila "I nil klmln;   I'ntal "■■ . Harness, Tea anil   Colleo.     iinr   prices
lira rliriil       Vol r iiiitfoniiKC nolinltoil.
East Kootenay Produce & Provision House
I U\k k\ Mountain Chuptci i
so   i.'i   i;   \ m.
N    l    ii VMUflOX,
W   V   OURD,
; 30 Botlcltor for LlqiUdatoi
11 \K\ K>       Mil   \K i I- l\
vmi    M V< l>( IN M IV
Itiifi isUM ,   imi Solii itoi-H,
Nln .
i God aho ild ba' e    to   be
i mart)
i ih- ,■."..    au    d of I 'p.'    erg)   n
i     utes      abi  tt   >> U3   Cbe
., i.i,,., report
.       .    '    i     contrail    this   wage
ia  I   n •■    lalarj    paid   tu
. ",. Line, the   clown  at   tht     Sow
Marcel) ne    ■■.■ I i
■ ■    i   ,  , ai   and ba i s It ng boll
\ uf his     ■ ilai J      otic    nuiy
t .*■    up    by
men an are   upp  «d t->
nnd who - re at  least
\ ■    ■■!,     iircua  pel orm
receives (•'*'"   W
■.nu thc top ol ft
and    n bla i best   upon a run
\ ■    ai    eari   all tho
• [00 n woi i.   bo that
recci es     what
.,:■.,;   elei gymen and men
liat   was offered
i ie -   to   tempt
, :*■   - .t   :   Johnson
•: -;     It   would hi op
red lift)      Inisters and
i for a seai     Pin  svei
: asi   all pl lyer cams
ns • ■■■  avei age preach
■ ..  girl  earns more    So
iiti: ■■■■-■ ■    Tt\*   tjangmon
■■ - as much   a   (air   Jockey   earns
.- ■-. . ,    i bristians are   will
lj  [ai ■■   :•■ I  r thi .i  amuee-
■. ■ -    than  lor    their    religious   in-
*     * The   heathen    *ho    ma'-e  ('i> \\ |>j;i X )K
tch       tore   the most  veuer-      lv-'*
■:.,. ■■ be show   a   truer ■	
A-hat religion should   .    -j-     j   \[[)1   \\\'
J-k- j*   ,
Kven II hf haU no pctaonal li^rn lor J»y explanation thnl   may bo glvon   :      Kl..,,■„., ,„.   ->u<l 'l*tit>a    5 *
,,:!;.     WOllia    llOBOt    III*    Wol'k,    ''V,''"'   ' '''I "ll"',"', ,     ,    ,        .,..„ -      ,,..      I„    ,.„.,,     ..,,„,,,,     „,    „,„,.,     3 *
I reel   t a aisgraoo th I    »     Dateil th    ,";,■„,;;,';'' ■ "l"       |   ;;   ,, \ '      I *|
!''"':;; -•■ -I B^tfi'i4
'-•", ■" "."«v»<v>>,w'.«,Mi".<»»f < Ui',,'?ir'          ■ ■■■■;'    »i:
_   . ._ ; -llffic   :' :■ .        ■  1 v,.Mi\
X X *' .'-.^"'f *<■>"'}"" "''■■■'■"
********************** **********************
IGeorspc   K.  Leask  t*V Co.
•a j*- *
u. v
X   W.   CLINE
I', ii. BOX 8WI
i,   11    1'llOMl'SON,
\: i
llitrrlslni', Suliclm', mid
Ndllll')'   I'llhlii'
Oil ,r     Iiriii   Iin:;,Iin—.
■i; \NnuooK, is o
Mi A 11 111'. iS PAKKEK
IM, s   & CE.
I!. ('
I Tonsorial   Art ♦
i"r-i  r.'lam  Wni'lt  in
nil   Iwiindmt   ul  tho
Wt* Df.il in Everything Eroni    j
:i Ntx'dle in ;t Locomotive    i  J
_o_. ♦
Joseph H. McLean  \
********************** ***+*<>****************
* f
H.   W.   Dli'iV.',   Projirtotor,
■■ than do we Christiana,
A  British
Mining Engineer nnd
It (.'. Land Surveyor,
I'.O   Hox Sllli. I'lnmo 2!
1!. V
Columbia politician who
. osepb Martin, .'■!. I' , rfiys
: st a big boy *tu.   Ims   not   ORANBROOK
st tlu' static ul sticlting n pin 	
too ul his boot with which to
the boy In front    just    lor   tho) **********************
;.n  ni  the   ruw   it would ma'-e.   The
txplanatlon seems tu explain a good
n th,
liKAl.KI! IN
All kinds of Second-Bund Goods
Furniture ft SPECIALTY
S.tgu's Old  Stand. Hanson Ave
I'lione 2M
! t
********?***<****•♦<>• *« «■*■»<♦*>****************
1    HOTEL Cranbrook,
Down al'inc the (Tow's Nest lino
i country is being opened up and de-
cloped that f r natural wealth, in
lie way nf ideal climatic conditions,
tertilu soil, minerals, water power; i
mil natural beauty of scenery, has ■
never been excelled.
t Dr. E. W. Connolly tiD.J.JOHNSON
• II.,..     .1-        l VI,     <I'lM I I.'I |V ^T ,*.l,l.l»»-'l'l'll I   IMA
Onii.'UI Arnintronti  Avo
■2 io I p.m.
lo a p.in
In II 11.111
Phone Office   105. 4
London, July 14.—In the commons;
hi?; alternoon Hon. Mr. McKenna, I
.•st lord ol the admiralty, in reply
o 11 question stated that the price
to Cnnsda for tin: cruiser Nlobe
vhlch the Dominion government Is
to purchase Is .t.215,000.
M.M.V..   V.S..
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
cnllenc, Toronto In 1898, Gradate and medalist ot McKillip
Veterinary college, Chicago, 111.
in 1000. Kegistercd member of
Hritish Columbia association.
**>♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ I ALL CA1LS NiahT * DAY PSOMPTLY ATTENPED TO
♦ H. (..  I.I\  ERl    l'hl'.D X I OFFICE   »T   MCKINSTRY'S   LIVERY  BARN
X&    SALE    STABLE I CBANBROOK,               B. C,
0 X 	
X Drivers,  lor ull  pita'ts    X j F.   E. OmSOU
♦ nf the district.   Good    J
{ Suddle   Hoi scs.    Clood     ?
♦ Tui'nouis,     Up -to -tlui?
♦ Rigs.
Opposite Royal Hotel Phone 01
Band Master City Band.
Teacher of String and Standard Instruments. Choir
trniner.   Orchestra furnished
♦ Doeast & Deacon. Proprietors i Phone 15.?.      cranbrook, ij. c.
. F, Deacon. Manager
* * Pi
********************** 1 y,
* ^       ,        -.   x
Pranlii'iitilt l.ni1|to, So,:». A. F. .V. M
Hcuulni1 innellinis on
tin-   third  Thttrsiliij
•>     -u •» -s       JI        ff\ lho   third   l'liurstliij
: Cranbrook |M% *-—:;::,,,	
f    Livery    * /X/N ",; '
We asli you to call nnd try
our now Consignment of new
and I'i) to dnt4> rigs for
Winter    ami    Summer.    .lust.
received Topplr and Relinble
Hoi aen at y«>in iliBpoaal.
Give    tliom    u    trial  n*n(1  hi'.
B, W. CONNOLLY, flocretnry
♦    convinced
Meets in Oarmen'a Hull I'nd nnd lib
Thursday ol each niontli „, » p in
A.  McOoWnB, t.'lilel   Rniger
C. A. Abbott, Secietary.
*t*******tl*i?iiiiiii\    visiting Brethren made wele,,m«.
». • • •',.. '.■■•>
* The Leading Fruit Store.
* Choice Oranges. Lemons
I Bananas   Fiys    Dales
'.. Sweet Potatoes
! Celery
; Hot House Lettuce
j Rhubarb     Cranberries
* KIpwiiiT'n Mn"1 Ihorailiiles
F. O. E.
'X I Meet ovory Friday at H p.ni
X.   VluHlnn   Hl'Otnoi'S Conl lal ly   Invitnil
'*      W. E. Johnson, neting prenblent.
X, I W. F. (!. (!arter, acting Hec.
X> I Aei'ln I'liyalcian,   P.   0.   llox 28.
Meet'. flu«t)' SQconti una Fourth
•• * Wednesday at new Fraternity
p    ♦     Hull     Solourlnil   Rcbckahr. cor-
* .Holly Invited.
X    N (1. MIhh I,. M. Tnnnhiiliner
* rtec.     MIhh Mne (Tlapnutn.
, i ,,;.ii.i,..;...'..4>'VH'l'»V»K)'.
For    Sale or  Rent  at  Reasonable
(HHce& Workshop—Lewis St.
uhonc No  9».
Is a la.;.," ;\i d attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, vvith a
cuisine of superior exc.i Hence. Rmlway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  go to
Frank Dezall
Rubber  Tires  Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone CO     •   •   •      p. O. Box 213.
X The   Wentworth
|    J.. H. McOON A L,D Proprletor
********* **-!>4*'**'* ****** **********************
********+<!** r***4*;<****<li********************>, J
♦ —"—
I Found!
On Baker stteet, one door west
nl Messrs. llili & Co., the only
place   in    town    that   can   make 'J
life worth liviii}'. v
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Cream and
Home Made Candy I |
Cosmopolitan  Hotel
E. II. SMALL,   Manager.
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
***************<i>*<l'«><r ■>**«,*>*
************! I
l'hey last a lifetime and cost
very litlle mote than thrown
ogether, catchpenny, cheap
machines. Sold on small
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avcnnn
l'hune ir.7. Crnnhrook, B.C.
Girold Standard ',',
Teas and Coffee ;;
< •
Our whole time is devoted to your wants in the J J
Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every ''
article that leaves our store.
We will thank our customers I
lime goods are received ihai are not N<
< >
idvise us if at any .«
i quality. < i
Staple vx.'.d Fancy Grocers
************m->***********'t**,*a *************
rlOTIOB ia hereby    given   that   111)
yH alter ilate 1 Intent) to apply to
Honourahlo   Ohiel   Coimnluatouer
1.iiii,Ik tur a   license   to   prospect
ri,ul ami petroleum over thr lul
fliii,' Ifiiuls, aituaio in the ihstrtct
Soitthoast Kootenay, in Uot 46113!
utnienclnj- at a  puat   planted at
I; nrar r, miles duo Kattt   nf   thu   iill
lu pout on t'. 1'.   It.   Kiir ey   I nr,
"h is the We.i.in l,ui,na Ty ol Lot
■I und bang   the So\ithia«t corner
it of Char.*- V,. Mason's caitu
benco North eighty  iso)  chains;
hetro   Went   eighty   ,Uu,   .ha ins;
i.*ii,* South elg.ity   ist) chains;
luinu Eust   eighty    iSt'i   chains;
the point of uominencem iii,  in.iK-
,: mu acros more or Iuhh.
Dated th h 28th day nf Mny, mill.
I HAIll.KN W. MASON,  l.or.nol'
Ealhon IV. Uutts, Agonl
|lph I,. Burllngham, Witness    il'1'.l
kotick in hereby   glvin  that   80
lys alter data I Intend to apply to
. Honourable  Chiei   Ooi*mlsaiouer
Laiiiiw lor n   licenso  to   prospect
.' cnal and petroleum over thu lul
wing landa, situate in thu district
Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4598;
Pommencing ut n  post   planted at
noar 'I mllea due   East uf   the !l!t
le post un c. I1.   It.   survey  lan1.
irh is thu Weattrn boundary nt Lot
US and bolng thu Southwest  corner
>st oi Chester ll. I'aulsou s claim
tbence North eighty   |»0)   chuins;
bin.i' Eust   eighty    iSt'i   chains;
:uenie Suuth tiguty   orn)   chain*;
thenco  Wost  eighty   imu,   ilia.us;
11 the puint uf fuiniiiunrunuut,   mull-
g 1140 acres more or lew),
icatnl th.s 88th day ol May, 1910,
Eathen W, ButtB, Aitent
Uph L. Uiirllngham, Witness    2'J .1:1
I NOTICK is hereby glvon thnt !I0
laye after date I Intentl tn apply tu
Iiu Honourable Chief Commissionei'
If Lands fur a license tu prospect
Lr cuul and petroleum over the lol-
|iwlng lanJs, situate in tho district
Southeast Kootenay, In Lut 4593:
Commencing ut n pust plauteil at
nenr J miles due   East nf   the 38
iile inst nn C. I*.   R.   Riir.ey   1 nu,
hlch is the West rn boundary nf Lot
<93 and being  the Southeast cornei
ust nt Paul A. I'auiinn's claim
tbence Nurth eighty   (80)   chains;
thence   West   uighty   isu.   ilia lis;
itheme Soutli clgiity   (80)   chains;
thence East   eighty    l80)   chains;
ti the puint nl cotti'inonceimni,   muk-
ig ell) seres mure nr less.
ucated th'is 28th duy ul May, 1910.
En,hun W. Butt*, Agent
|t,ilpb L. Buninghaiii, Witness 29-33
NOTICK is hereby glveu thnt 30
■lays after date 1 intend tn upply tu
Lho Honnurable Chief Commissioner
■il Lands for a licenso in pruspect
lor cual and potroloum uver the following lands, situate in the district
pl Southeast Koutenay. in Lot 4593:
(Commencing ut a   pust   planted at
r noar 3 miles due  Kast of   the  31
die post on C. P.   R.   sur ey   1 ne,
hlch is the West, rn boundary of Lot
593 anh  being thi Northwest corner
ust of Theodore Cogswell's cla in
thence Soutli eigbty   tMI)   chains;
thenee Kast   eighty   iSt'i   chains;
thence North e.-hty   (80)   chains;
thenee  West  eighty   (80,   iha us;
lo tbe point of cotumencetmnt,   making 640 acres more or less.
located this 28th hay of May, 1910.
Eaihen W. Butts, Agent
Pllliam g. Butts, Witness 29-33
NOTICE is hereby   given   that   30
Jdays after date I intend to apply to
■the Honourable  Chiel   Commissioner
Tof Lands for a   license   tn   prospect
Iur coal and petroleum ov-.tr the lollowing landB, situate in lh; district
lof Southeast Kootenay, In Lot «i'»93:
Commencing at a   pnst   planted at
ir near one mile due Kast of the   31
Bille post on C. P.   R.   sur ey   line,
hlch is the Westt rn lioundury of Lot
93 and being  the Southeast corner
>st ol Virginia W. Mason s claim
ithence North elshty   (M>)   chains;
thence  West   eighty   t»0)   ihans;
tliente Snutb eigbty   180)   chain*;
Ithence Eaat   eighty   i8('i   chainB;
the point ol cDinmencemi nt,   iiw.it
Ig 040 acres more nr less.
Iicatcd this 2ith duy oi Mny, 1910.
Bathen W. Butts, Agent
Brock, witness 29-;w
NOTICK In hereby   given   that   80
iys after dnte 1 intend tu apply to
Honourable   chief   Commissioner
, Lands fur a   licenso   tu   prospeel
»r cnal and petruluuni ovor the ful
Wing lands, situate in the d.strict
Southeast Kootenay, in Lut 4593.
'Cnmmencing at :t   pnst   planted nt
near 5 miles due Kast   nl   the   31
le post on I!. P.   R.   sui-ey   I ne,
deb is the Weattrn boundary ol Lut
98 and being the   North'ust  corner
ist nf Ulysses E. Kehr's claim
theme Snutb eig ity    iSO)   chains;
tbence   WeHt   eighty   ihui   tha ns;
^thence North el. lily   (80)   chains;
'.hence East   eighty   >8t'i   chnins;
j the point of coiumeucciiu nt,   uuik-
■jjjig 640 acres mure or less,
■nested this 23th day of Mny, 19111.
, Eaihen W. Butts, Agent
|alph L. Burllngham, Witness    29-33
NOTICE is hereby   given   that   30
ys alter dato I Intend to apply to
i Honourable   Chiel   Commissioner
Lauds lor a   license   to   prospect
coal and petroleum over the 'diving lands, situate in the district
Southeust Kuutenay, In Lut 4593;
lommenctng nt a  post   planted at
near 5 miles due   Kast of   the   42
e post on C. P.   R.   suney  l'ne,
ch is the Westtrn boundary of Lot
3 and being the   North u st  corner
-t of Thomas M. Mason's claim
lume Sniit.li tig ty   181!)   chains;
hence   West   eighty   (80)   <ha ns;
ience North el.hty   (80)   cliftins;
ience East   eighty   (80)   chains;
the point of commencem, nt,   niuk-
640 acres mure nr less.
icated this 25th day nf May, 1910.
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
Brock, WitnesB 29 33
NOTIOH is horoby   given
duy:, alter 'lute 1 Intond tu
that   80
,^__^^^_^^^.^___ apply tu
tlui llunniirniiic Ohio! Cuiiiuu.--s.uuiu'
ui Lnnds inr a license to ptuspect
lui- coal and potroloum over the lul
lowing lands, Bituate In ihe tl,strict
ut' Southeast Kootonay, iu Lot 46U8;
tuniuielli'iug at a pust planleu nt
ur neur 13 null's due Enst ul tlio 31
mile pust nu O, P. It. sur ey i nu,
vtiich Is the iW.,tiiu nut.ml .ry ui i.ut
iti'jJ and being the Southwest coi'u.r
post oi Kail-h L. builingl.tiiu s oialm
thine Kast   uighty     ad   chnins;
tuenco ,\nith e.Juy   uOj   cliatus;
theuce  West  eighty   v8uj   .hu ns;
ti.eiiie Bantu tlg„ty   t8t)  chains;
In ibe point ul lomuionconi,ru,   m...
lng lit!) acres nluie ur lo.s.
l.i-i'titeil Ibis Lth day oi May, 1010.
Ralph L. BUkLLniIHA.ii, Locator
l'a,hcii W. Uutts,  Agenl
W,   Brock,  Witness 2'J 33
NOTICH is hereby given thai 80
days after dato 1 Intend lu apply tu
lbe Honourable Chlof Cotitmissionoi
ul Lands fur a license tu prospoci
Iur coal ami petroleum over uie ful
Inwing luinls, situate ill the district
uf Southeast Kootenay, in Lut -1598:
Cumincui-ing at a pnst. plauteil in
ur near 5 miies due Hast uf the 3il
mile pust un O, P.   R.   sur ey   L.no,
bich is the Westtrn boundary uf Lot
4598 nntl being the Southwost corntr
post uf data A. Mason's cuiitn
tlience North eighty   (80)   chnins;
thenco Kast   eighty    ,81',   chains;
tnenio Soutli lig.tty   i80)   chuus;
thenee   West   utgluy   (80j   i hu lis;
tn the point uf cuiiiiiienceiii, iii,   malting 640 acres mure nr less.
Located th.s 28th tlay uf May, 19111.
CLAllA  A.   MAbON,  Locator,
Kathen  W.  Uutts,  Agent
Ralph L. Burlingham, WUuess    29-38
ilu u.i- Bast   eighty    ,8t')   chains;
tu tbe point ul coniiileiiceluclu,   iiu.k-
iiig nui acrus more or less.
Located tins Lth day ui May, 1919.
.meet tl b, ImNNKu, Locator,
Kiuheii W. Butts, Agent
William is. Butts,   ituipli   L.   uur-
lingb.itn, Witnesses 29-33
NOTICO iu Hereby given that 20
..lays aiUr u«iu l intend to apply to
nm fiuiiwufttum cntei Commies oner
oi Lan as (or a license to pruspect
ior i:tj*a*. aad petruioutn over tuc iol-
lOWlug uin-is, situate in the district
ut im.'iiuu ,1.[. ivuuionay, in Lot 4t)93:
t t.iuini.iiLitiw ut u pust planted at
ur iiiiir -> mil s dm1 East ol tike 42
milo post un c. l'. It. sur.ey line,
; In ell is tim VVOtfUm boundary uf i.,ut
■I.i'ju unit botug iiif N rUi.M'rit curner
puat ui •iniui g. Mason's claim
tnoil 0 B  Htii ulgaty    tllO)   chaina;
limni' Eust   oighty   iHO)   chains;
tin in u Nor.h eighty   taO)   i-unius;
thoiiCQ   Wust   olghty   (80j   cha.ns;
lu Uu: point, of commencement,   mak
ing iiii) acres mora or Ivhh.
Looatcil this Itotl) day ui May, 11*10.
JU11N 4, MASON, Locutor
Euthou W. Hutts, Agent
William l'i. HUts,   Ralph   U.    Uur
llnghain, Witnesses 29-33
It's easy to grow plants in
a Sunshine-heated home
PEOPLE living in hemes heated with
ordinary furnaces often claim they
cannot grow plants With any degree
of success. This is due to the fact that or*
dinary furnaces are not provided with an
Automatic Gas Damper. There is nothing
to prevent coal-gas, which is deadly to plant
life, being forced up through the registers.
Now, when tha gas In the combustion chamber
of iin- Sunshine  reaches   u   certain   pressure   it
j*   sways open the Automatic das Pamper niul passes
s^       up the chimney, eonaeiiuontly there i« no onanoe
for It i»' escape through the t'Pirlsicra,   Insteail, the air ilmt
passes  throtiKh  the reKlsters  i«  pure,  wnnu, Sunshine air,
laden with thu proper denreu of moisture trom lho Wtitrr-pan.
It's tho hind of air tbut makes plunls Ihrlvo and In good to breath into
your own luiiffB,
If yon want to kumM ymir home (and who doesn't?) iiKiiln^t evil*
smelling, deudly coal gas order our agent tu Install the Bunihlna
furnnue {.guaranteed) In youi oellur. **
Sunshine Air
NOTICE is horeby glvon that 3D
days after dato 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable Chioi (JoimuieSiOner
of Lands fur a license lo prospect
fur cual and potroieum over thv- following lands, situate in ihe district
uf Southeast liootena>, in Lot -tbUH:
Commencing ut a   post   plantod at
or near 11 miles due East of   the
mile post on ('. P.   H.   sur.ey   i
vhlch is the Western Doi.ndary uf Lut j
-tOiia and tic.ng the   Northeast  corner
post uf Anton Rl,  1 aiils.u s cuuin
tiietue rfi.utii tiK'ity   i80)   chains;    l
thence   West   eighty   (.8uj   ihans;
tbence Noi'ih eighty   (SO)   chnins;
thenco East   eighty    -.80j   chains;    !
tn the point, uf couuneucutiv.iu,   maK-
ing ti-iu acres more or less.
Located this llith day ot May, L1110.   j
ANTON M.  fAUbSON,  Locator    ;
Eaihen W. Hutts, Agent
Willinm E. tlt.tts, ltalph L. Uur-
Unghum, Witnesses H9-S3 I
NOTICE is berooy given that 30'
days after date I inteud lo apply to
ilu* Honourable Chief Commissioner
of Lamia for a license to prospect
tor coal and petroleum over the fii j
lowing lunds, situate in the district
of Southeast tvootenay, in Lot iuM'i'A
CoiiiiLUieiiig at a post planted at
or near 11 miles due Eust of the 22 i
mile [lost on c. i1.   R,   sur.ey   I.ne,
hlch is the web urn t;oi.ndury of Lot '
45'Ja and being the N rth.es..   c rner
, use ol M. W.yne  iwuihel. s ciai.ii
tueiKe Sontu eighty   -Ho)   chains;
thence East   eighty    »*sl'-   chains;    i
thence Nonh ei0iay   t>0>   chains;    j
thoace   West   eighty   i»U;   lIh ns;
to the point of commencenunt,   iihot- |
ing bit) acres more or less.
Located this Uth day of May, l'JIO.   ;
AL  WAi NE   i'Wi iCt-iEuij.ijOcator
Ea.hen W. Butts, Agent
WilLam E. Butts, ltalph L, bur-
linghum, Witnesses _ i!* -'i'i
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after dute i intend to appiy to
the Honourable Chiel Commissioner
>1 Lands for a    license   to    prospect i
NOTICE is hereby   given   that   30
duys after date I intend to upply to
. the Honourable   chief   Commissioner
I oi  Lands lor u   license   to   prospect
: for coal und potroleum over the fol-
; lowing  lunds, situate in  the district
| of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a   post   planted at
(or near 7   miles due enst  of the   42
jiuilc post on O. P.   It.   suney  line,
I /Inch is the Western boundary uf Lot
451)3 and bolng the Southwest   corntr
i pust, oi Peter c. Paulson b claim
I    tlience North eighty   (n0)   chains;
thonco Enst   eighty    (80)   chains;
■   taeiue South tiguty   t80)   chains;
tlience   West   eighty   t80j   chams;
[to the point of commencement,  mailing 040 acres more or less. hlch is the Westtrn boundary uf Lot
, Located tins 24th day of May, l'JIO.    4598 and being the N.rtlu\eac   c rner
tETElt C, PAULSON, Locator   I post ol Anna K. Paulson's cluim
Eaihen W. Uutts, Agent        theme South eighty    (80)   chains;
!    Will um K. Hutts,   ltalph   L.    Bur-1   thenco East   eighty    (8Cj   chains
For  Sale  by  PATMORE  BROS., Cranbrook
32   liniib-iu. Witnesses
29-33 !    thence Noi'ih eUtjty   t&0)   chains;
—__     thence   West   eighty   t«0)   tha ns;
to the point of commencement,   nitik
■ ■ -ing li40 acres more or less.
NOTICE i.s hereby given that 30 Located this 18th duy of May, l'JIO.
duys aiter date I intend to apply tu ANNA K. PAULSON, Locator,
the Honourable   Chief   Commissioner Eathen W. Uutts, Agent
of Lands [or a   license   to    prospect WilUum E.  Uutts,  Witness 2-J-i
iur cual and petroleuni over the fol- * *	
ing  lands, situate in the d.strict
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4*593;
Commencing at a post planted at
or nonr 7 miles due east ot' tlie 42
mile post on C. P. R. survey line,
,'iiich is the Western boundary of Lot
503 and being the Southeast corner
post of Anton M. taulsou's claim
thence North eighty   (.hO)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   i80j   eha ns;
theme Smith eighty    (80)   chains;
thenco East  eighty   tst'j   chains;
to the point of commencement)   making 040 acres more or less.
Located this 24th day ot May, 1'JIC,
Kathen W. Uutts, Agent
William E. Uutts, ltalph L. Burllngham, Witnesses 29-33
the Honourable   Chief   Commissioner NOTICE
uf Lands for a    license   to   prospect	
for coal and petruleum over the U 1-! NOTICE is hereby given that 30
lowing lands, situate in the district 'lays after date I iiiteud to apply to
of Southeast Koutenay. In Lut 4593; tho Honourable Chief Ootnmn-iumer
Commencing at a post planted at °' Lands for a license to pruspect
or near 15 miles due East of the 3? fur coal aud petroleuni over the fol-
milc pust on C. P.    It.    suney   line,   lowing lands,  situate in tha district
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4B98:
Commencing at a  post   planted at
ur near 'J miles due East of   the   42
mile post on C, P.   H.   suney  Une,
which is the Westtrn houndary of Lot
4i>ya a.d neing the Northeast; corner
post uf Thomas W. Masuu's claim
tnciite South eig.ity   iSO)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   t»0|   iha.ns;
tbence North eighty   (HO)   chains;
thence East   eighty    iKt'j   chains;
to thu point of comiueucenum,   in<ik-
2   lng 040 acres mole or less.
-  Located this 23rd day of May, 1910.
THOMAS  W.  MASON,   Locator
 ^^^^^^H Eathen W. ButtB- Agent
NOTICE is hereby given that 30 WilLaniE. Uutts. ltalph L. Bur-
days after date 1 Intend to apply to lingham, Witnesses 29-83
the Honourable Chief Commissioner —— —
of Lands fur a   license   to   prospect ■                        NOTICE
for coal and petroleuni over the (ul-1 	
lowing lands, situate In the district     NOTICE is heroby   given   that   30  ...„ .
of Southeast Kuutenay, iu Lot 4593:  days after date I inteud to apply to  bank
ncssy of Cranbrook, locomotive engineer, will apply to the Water Commissioner at Oranbrook, on tbe 20th
day of July, l'JIO, at eleven o'clock,
in the forenoon for a license to divert une cuinc toot nr water per second from streams rising on northwest quarter of Lut r>ii4'j group i
Kootenuy Distiict. The said water
will be used for domestic purposes on
said Lot 6249, held by thc applicant
under a crown grunt, will be conduct-
524'J only.
ed by flume and pipes uver said Lot
No crown lands will be alloc tod and
no riparian proprietors or licensees
will he alfected by tbe works. Thia
notice was posted   on    tha...day   of
June, l'JIO.
JOHN  J.  KENNl'lriSY.
Commencing at a post planted at thu Honourable Chief Commissioner
ur near 15 miles due East uf the 21 of Lands for a license to pruspect
mile post on C, P. R. sur ey 1 ne, for coal and petroleum over the fol-
/hlch is the WesUrn lior.mUry of Lot llowing lands, situato in thc distiict
4598 and being thc Southwest  corner   of Southeast Kooteuay, in Lot 4593
NOTICE is hereby   given   that   30
days after date 1 intend to apply to
tbc Honnurable   Chief   Commissioner
of Lands for a   license   to   prospect
for cual nnd petroleum over the following  lands, situate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a   post   planted at
or near 7 mi es due  east or   the   42
mile post un 0, P.   R.   survey   line,
vhlch is the Western boundary uf Lot
•I3H3 and being thc Northwest   c.rner
pust of Lyde W. Wtay s claim
theme South eigbty   (80)   chainB;
theme East   eighty    (80)   chains;
thence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence  West   eighty   (80>   cha.ns;
lor coal and petroleum over the. fol-Ito the puint of commencement,   mak-1
lowing  lands,  situate in  tho district lng ii-lO acres more or lesa.
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4693; Located this 24th d y ct May, 1910.
Commencing at a   post   planted at LYDE W. WRAY, Locator
or near 11 miles due East of  the   32 : Eaihen W. Butts, Agent    |
mile post on C, P.   It.    sur ey   Une, |    WllL'nm E. Uutts,   Ralph   L.    Bur-
poflt of Walter J, Abb's claim
thence North cUhty   (M))   chains;
thfctue East   eighty     80)   chains;
theme Buiitb lig.ty   'Mu)   thaiis;
thence   Wot   eigh-y   -8Ui   ihans;
to the pohit of commencem-nt,   making 1140 acres more or leta.
Located this l»th day of May, l'JIO.
WALTER J.  ABBS,  Locator,
E,uhen W. Butts, Agent
William E. Butts,  Witness 29-38
hich is the Westtrn boundary'of i.
598 and being   tbe  Southeast cornei
Post of Chester it, i aulson s c aim
thenco Noi'ih oighty   (80)   chains;
thence  West  eighty   i so j   tba ns;
thou to South eig.ty   180)   chairs;
thence East   eighty    (80)   chnlns;
to thc point of commenceimnt,   nutt
ing 040 acres more or less.
Located this Uth day oi May, 1910.
En.hen W. Butts, Agent
William E. Uutts,   Ralph   L,   Bur
29 33
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable chief Commissioner
of Lands fur a license to prospect
fur conl and petroleum over the following lands, situate in the district
of Southeast Kooteuay, in Lot 45»3:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 14 miles due East of the 37
mile post on C. P. R. sur ey 1 ne,
/hich is the Westirn boundary of Lot
4593 and heing the Southeast corner
post of Charles E. Webu's c,tim
tbence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (801   thans;
theme Smith eighty   (80)   chains;
thence East   eighty    <8C)   chains;
to the point of commencem.nt,   making 040 acres more or less.
Located this 18th day of May, 1910.
CHARLES  E.   WEBB,   Locator.
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
William W. Butts,  Witness 29-88
NOTICE is hereby    given   that   30
days after date I intend to apply to
tbo lluiinurahlo   Chief   Commissioner
I of Lauds for a   license   to    prospect
1 for cnal and petroleum over thc lollowing lands, situate in the district 	
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593*.     NOTICE is hereby    giv
Commencing at n   post   planted at ('ttys after date I Intend to apply
or near 7 ml es due  cast of   tho   42   tbo Honourable   Chief   "
lingham, Witnesses
NOTICE is hereby    given   that
.lays alter date I  intend to apply to
thu Honourable  chief   Commissioner
if Lands for a license io prospect
fur cuul uud petroleum over t.lic fol
lowing lands, situato iu tin- district
ut Southenst Kuutenay, in Lot 41198:
Cnmmmcing ut a post plauteil at
or neur 15 miles due Ea t of the 3s
mile post on O. P.    R.    sir ey   I.lie,
bich is the Wesi in boundary of Lot
45!I3 nuh I ring th.; Northwest corner
i ost of Anna K, Wehh s cla 111
ti.eme Smith eighty   i8u)   chains;
thence East   eighty   ihi'i   chains;
tbence Nonh eighty   (80)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (80)   -nans;
to the point of commencem; nt,   making 040 acres more or less.
Located this Uth day of May, l'JIO.
ANN\ K. WEBB, Locator,
Eaihen W. Butts, Agent
_29-33 milo post on 0. P. R. survey line,
! 'hlch is the Westirn boundary of Lut
4593, nnd being the Northegst cur-
30'eaat post of l liar lea L. Paulson's
claim, thence suuth eighty i>0i
chains, thonce wost eighty istii chains
thenco north eighty t80) chains,
theuce east olghty (80) chains tu the
point of commencement,   making  040 *B98 and beiug   the  South*e
pust uf Pen tile M. Clark's c
^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Commissioner
of Lnnds fur a    license   to   prospect
for coal and petroleum over the following lands, situate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay, In Lot 4598:
Commencing at a   post   plunted at
or neat* 5 miles due East   of   the   31
mile post on C, P.    R.   sur ey   1 ne,
hich is the Westirn boundary of Lot
ast corner
I im
tbence North elijhty   (M))   chains;
thenco   West   eighty   t80i   ihans;
thence B nth eighty   (80)  chains;
theuce East eighty 801 chains;
to the polnl <>f commencomi nt, making 640 acres more or less.
Located ths 28th day of May, 1910,
By)hen W. Butts, Agent
Ralph L. Burllngham. Witness    29-33
William E. Butts,   Ralph   L.
lingham, Witnesses
that   30 post uf Virginia W, Mason's claim
apply to     thence North clchty   (HO)   chains;
the Honourable   Chief   Commissioner    thence  West  eighty   180)   ihans;
,f Lands for a   license   to    prospect|   thenre Smid eighty    (HO)   chnins;
NOTICE is hereby   given
lays after date 1  intend to
^^^^^ oro or less.
Local*d this 24th day of Mny, 191C,
Eatben  W.   Butts,   Agent.
W.Plain E. Butts, Ita'.ph L. Uurlln^-
nm,   wit es-.es. 29-88
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days ufter date 1 Intend to apply to
the Honourable   Chief   Commissioner
of Lands for a   license   to   prospect        ^	
for coul and petroleum over the fol- ——
lowing lands, situate in the district NOTICH is hereby given that 30
of Southeast Kooteuay, In Lot 4593: days after dnte I Intend to apply to
Commencing at a post planted at the Honourable Chief Commissioner
or near !> miles dmc East of the 42 uf Lands for a license to pruspect
mile post on 0, P. R, sur ey line, for coal and petroleum over thc ful
/hlch is the West, rn hound iry of Lot lowing lands, situate In the district
598 ami being  the Southeast cornor   (lf Southeast Kuotenay, In Lot  1503.
Commencing nt a   nost   planted at
or near 3 miles due Eust   of   the   31
milo post on C; P.    R.    surry   I ne,
hich is the WesUrn bo-nd try uf Lot
for coal and petroleum over the ful
lowing lauds, situate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay, In Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near VI miles due. East of tho 34
mile post on O. P. R. sui" cy Inn,
which is the WesUrn houndary nf Lot
4593 nnd being the Southeast corner
l-ost of Joseph S. I) nner's elni n
thence North eighty   (HO)   chnlns;
thence   West   eighty   (80)   <hn ns;
thenee South eighty   (80)   chaina;
thence Enst   eighty     HO,   chaina;
to the point of commencement,   making 040 ncres more of less.
Looatcil this 23rd day of May, 1910.
Ealhon W. Butts, Agent
Willinm E. Butts,   Ralph    L.    Bur
linghnm, Witnesses 29-33
NOTICE  is hereby    given   that    30
days after date I intend to apply to William E. Butts. Wltncas
45!i3 and being the Southwest  corner
pust of T. U. Poik's cluim
tbence Noilli ei'hty   (SO)   chains;
thenre East   eighty     801   chains;
theme S ut'i *ig ty   <8ij)   chairs;
thence  West   eighty   mo-   chans;
to the point of commencement,   making IMU acres more or less. .
Located th h 28th day of May, 1910,
T.  B,  POLK, Locator
Bathen W. Butts, Agent
29 aa
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 9 miles -.luc East of the' 42
mile post on C. P. R. survey 1 no,
which is the Westirn boundary of Lot
4593 and being the Southwest corner
post of Anita N. Mason's claim
tueiice North eighty   t.ii))   chains;
thence East   eighty    iHO)   chains;
tome South ejgnty   (80)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (HOi   ihu.ns,
to the point uf commencenunt,   making 040 acres more or less.
Located thia 23rd day of May, 1910.
ANITA  N,  MASON,  Locator
Eaihen W. Butts, Agent
William E. Butts, Ralph L. Burlingham, Witnesses 29-33
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable Chiet Commissioner
of Lands fur a license tu prospect
for coal and petroleum over the following laud's, situato in the district
ot Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at, a post planted at
or uear 9 miles due East of the 42
iile post on O. p.   R.   suney   I.ne,
hich Is the Westirn boundary of Lot
■1593 and being the N rthwest c.rner
post of John ij. Mason's claim
theme Soitti eig,ity    (80)   chains;
thence East   eighty   iKOj   cbains;
thence Nonh eighty   (HO)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   iHOj     In ns;
to the puint of commencem; nt,   making 040 acres mure or less.
Located this 23rd day uf Mny, 1910.
JOHN C. MASON, Locator
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
William E. Butts, Ralph L. Burlingham, Witnesses 29-33
NOTICE is hereby given tbat 30
days after date 1 intend to apply to
tho Honourable Chlel Commissionei
of Lands for a license to prospect
for coal ami petroleum over the fol
lowing lauds, situate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
ur near 12 miles due East of the 34
mile pust on O. P. 11. sur ey 1 ue,
vinch is the Westirn boundary uf Lut
4593 und being the Southwest corn r
post of Joseph S. Banner's claim
tbence North eighty   (HO)  chains;
tbence East   eighty    (Hi1'   chains;
tbence Bouth eighty   (80) chains;
thence   West   eighty   (80j   ihans;
to thu point of coimiieucenuut,   mak
lng 640 acres more or less.
.JOSEPH   S.   BANNER,   Locator
Located this 17th day of May, 1910.
Eaihen W. Uutts, Agent
Willinm E. Hi Its, Ralph L. Bur
lingham, Witnesses 29 33
plstrlct of East   Kootenay,
Tako notice that I, Joseph Walsh,
Constable, of Port Steele, intend to
apply Inr permission to inn-chase the
following described lands commonc
ing at a post planted at the north
line of Crohn's timber lease runnliii;
21) chains north, thence 40 chains
cast, thence 20 chnlns south, deuce
10 chains west to thn plnce of coin
mencement, containing K0 acres mere
or less.
Dated Juno IH, 19K; 27*35
Take notice thnt John Josrph Ken    25-29.
District of East Kooteuay
Take notice that I, Mis. Sadie J.
McEarlanc uf Cranbrook, ll. C, occupation Married Woman, Intenu to
apply for permission to purchase the
tollowing described lands. Commencing at a post planted on the west
f the Muyie river une chain
47 links enst oi thc N. E. corner of
Lot No. 9797, thence west olU) chains
thence north (15) chains more or lesa
to soutli corner ol Robertson's purchuse, tbence enst (15) chains more
or less to west line of J. Robertson1
pre-emption, tbence south (HI) chains
more or less to the S. W. corner of
J, Robertson pre emptlon, thence
east (12) chains more or less, thence
suuth (5) chains to point of commencement, containing 35 acres more
or less.
Thomas Cadwallnrder, Locator
Dated  April,  20,  1010. 22-30
NOTICE ls hereby given that thirty days from date hereof I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
of Lands and th* Assistant Commlsaloner uf Lands for the district of
East Kootenay for a license to prospect fur cuul and petroleum un the.
following described land iu Plock
4593; Commencing at a post planted
at the southeast corner of Edward
Curtis' location being license No.
one thousand three hundred und
nineteen (.LM'J) situate on Kisbeueh-
na Creek, being the initial post
northeast corner; tbence south (80)
eighty chains; thence west eigbty
1,80) chains; thence north eighty (80)
chains; thence east eighty (80) chains
to point of commencement, and containing six hundred ami forty acres,
more or lesB.
Located this 3rd day of June, 1910.
C. W. LOPER,  Locator,
25-29. James  Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE ls hereby given that thirty days from date hereof I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
nf Lands and tlie Assistunt Commissioner of Lands lor the district of
East Kootenay tor a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tbe
following described land in Block
4593: Commencing nt a post pl&nted
at thc southeast corner ol toUff&rd
Curtis' location being license No.
Me thousand three I, unlicd and
nineteen (1319) situate on Kli-hem-h-
na Creek, being the Initial post
southwest corner, tbi'ine nurth eighty
(80) chains; tbenci- east eighty (88)
ihains; thence south eighty (HO)
chains; thence west eighty (80)
chuins to point of commencement,
und containing six hundred and forty
acres, more or less.
Located this   3rd day of June, 1910.
11. W.  LoPER, Locator,
25-29. .Limes   Eisher,   Agent.
NOTICB Is hereby given that thirty days from date hereof 1 intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
of Lands and the Assistant Commis
sinner of Lunds lor the district uf
East Kootonny for a license to prospect foi conl und potrolotini on the
following described land iu lllock
4593: Commencing ut a post planted
at tbo northwest corner ol Lol No.
-veil thousand two hundred und
ghtytwo (7282i helm: tlio Initial
post northeast comer; I bene*1 eighty
(HOj cbuins south; thonco eighty (80)
chains      west.;     theme      olghty     (H0|
bains nortb; thonco eighty (80)
cbuins oast to point of commence
ment, and containing six bttnhrod
and fort v acres, mure or loss.
Located this BOtll dav of May, 1910.
JAMES  EISHER, Locator. The
Iron Range
Plumbing   and   Heating  Engineers   ^ask-Alta
and Koote-
.V»v^sjsi>(^»-jv«  « ♦ • j^i  ....*••
r limns was in thc i j Mondaj
for a short time
1'.  DeVere  Hum   rei M
day from Winnipeg
r,. Douglas ol i  • ti tin
.11    MU-   i it)
A. (', Bowness was at Mn * ■ U-«
Knday on business
TU KENT      Bachelors apart    cnl
Apply to BK.\m
K, Parrel] of Moyie was thec.ty
Tuesday on business
J. M. Doyle ol S*e4» n a ■
brook, visitor Monday
I. McGrath of Moj le
city Monday on busim --
W. L. Huffman ol Pen      ■■ ■.- .-   *
city Monday on busini as
A   W. Davis ol Fernie was .1 Ci
brook visitor Wednesdaj -
W   B.  McFarlanc spent   Sundaj
his ranch near Kingsgate,
Thos, Christian has sold bis resi-1
dence to Mrs, L. Kellogg.
J. Hamvant of Wasa was .n the
city Tuesday on business,
l'. Woods of Cherry Creels was io|
the city Monday on business.
Y. Wright of Wardner was in the)
city Wednesday on business.
Rev, and Mrs. ('. W. King return [
ed from  Vancouver Saturday.
T. M. Glass returned Wedn isdaj
from a trip to coast points,
II. E. Morkley ol Calgary *,vis in
thc city Tuesday on bus.ness.
.1. A. Hinckley left mi Thursdaj
for n trip to eastern points.
J. D. McBrldo returned mi Satur
dnv from a business trip east.
Frank Qodderals is having his
block on Uaker street painted.
Prank Dickenson of Jaffray was In
the city Monday on liusiness.
Severul good pictures arc on the
program at the Edison tonight.
Provincial Timber Inspector Carney was in the city Thursday.
E. Fallor, of Ilavook, was   in
the city Wednesday i n business.
W. A. Kennedy, of Leth'i . 1 :-\ vs
a Cranbrook  visitor Wc-dii-sl »y.
W. Rollins and family returned on
Saturday from their lishing trip,
Messrs.   Worden and   Neshitt  start
' niuving the fire hall on Monday.
H. H. Dlmrock of Moyic was In the
city the first of the week nn i usiness
J H. Alexander of Bayr.es Lake
was in the city Monday on busli-ess,
Waiter VanArsdolen «>t F. rl Steele
was in the city Thursday ... 1 usi
A good program of cm client suh-
Jecta were shown at the Opera House
last ntght and'will be repeated to
Byron McFarlanc and bride return
ed from their honeymoon trip on
w. c vieta left 1.: Thursday lor a
wffk'n visit «nh friends in Pirn hor
Creek, Aita.
w a Brown w v. Corslo nml
KranK Pitman of Creston were In the
city  Tuewlny.
8, Hod-ion of Marysville was In the
city  Tuesday   on  bis  way   homo  Irom
. t-astern trip.
»I   j. M lleur is   removing   his   shop
I irom   Aim, 11 one   avenue   to   a   lo|   on
.,,1' !>■,. \   avunui
.' dging Irom tin-   octlvltj  in real
.[ ,r     .ii : tbo    post ie»  days
1 run irook    .   1 iu a    desiiaule   toca
&     Dorn   at    Cranhi  ok,     Wednesday
*   .,     0      UU    1     Mi    ,nul  Mrs   Ilm
r\    i:vi v. 11     ,t     1  II
w    petti!  bas   I tu;- residence on
\ .venue    tu    Mi--     Uu-jottl
.   .    Kuup!  n
•1 mi     I Hti bl      ol      luir   t 1    tt •;.'
.:  1'     1   mu tie*      lishing   on   1 berry
em o   labt
o   ,::■> r      furnished    rooms,    all
. oi' ."..,■: ci -.   :■. i.-i 1        ,: .    appl) to
Rcvehitoke branch ol p Bums \ 1 0
hnve been trnnaforred to the local
branch ns outlet  and  tausngr mak01
K1UD0   itaUUm,  n foni   yon I
chestnut, weighing  Linn pound i, will
atand nt   tho Cranbrook sl 1 Li
ll    Mi>l I,I'll!
\iMi.t 1 .'ti'-,  avenue from  the  IClci 1
rtc  Llghl   Co h oltteo down lias Lent
citnstdorabl)   Improved bj  the rom 1
al o,  the stones from    the center   ol
the utreei
Monday evoninv s th. t bad a rare
mid unique possenget in the express
1 ai in the form ol 0 beautiful Zebra
which  wus euroute from  Spokane to
Moose   .ln«
pl ■ -I-, cum  oiuee
1    A   1.   L'ouw ui   and  K   .1     Clayton
v., .   1    1   iven    ti 1 tie t il) Weilnes
ansacting  bustness •
- w 1-:      \ three roll mangle,
lit. ittiul  1 uwer.    Ap
.    .-. -' Qici
1 Mrs    \   H      Nesbitt     ie
:,     Saturday     (10m    ■! two
teens  ■ sil  to -  ast  points.
diss  :.   De« .1:    ;  Pi'.. rofei     1 -ni .
■ 1   - at<:    Miss .'.  1   «ar
- ••.: ...   —      ■   - stan
-   S.  u,  Watson left on Monday
exti n '• I  '■ sit  with friends In
■  sh *.*     . and Uranby, P. y,
■■■ G. 1: Leask & Co., for plans
spring lildiug and bo ready to
l   .. It:, the o| 1 ding ol ibe season.
M.  Van Wormer and family left
Pi [day for   sn   extended     - Lut
. friends m DaKota and   Wlwjn
l    Mrs Jos.   Servlas     and     dau hters
lelt on Wednesday   for   an   extended
1 visit    with    tfiends   in      Harrington,
; Wash.
j    Forest   tires in B. ('. have all been
| extinguished    but   one a;.d   ■! it    ex-
ends from the Rockies to Vancouver
W. Harrison, who wns injured at
Ryan, Is able to nc out and although
not back to his usual form Is daily
Owing to the forest fires, Supevin-
tendant John Reed lus had to practically suspend work on the govern
ment roads.
Contractors Neshitt & Worden were
busy tbis week moving the tire hall
building to Its new locution on Nor-
bury avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. K. \. Tears, n, of
Wardner, were visiting ft cn ls 01 thc
city Wednesday.
H. ('. Ayrc ol Moyie wns In the city
Monday  and   reported   that   the   fire
had burned the tramway of   the   St.
i Eugene mine.
! Rev. J. S. A. Bast in, formerly rec-
I tor of Christ's churcn Cranlirook left
Bristol, England, on.July 1 for Salt
■ Springs, U. 0.
j   Ceo. McFarlanc.   of   Kitchener has
nccepted a position as clerk   in the
gents furnishing department   of the
, Pink Mercantile Co.
H. Hodgesoro of Vancouver, west,
cm mannger of the McLean Publish'
lng Co., wns in the city this week in
thc interest of his firm.
W. H. Wilson, nml 0, MLvetl vere
visiting at the Fenwiek rani on
Wednesday, Mr. Wilson reports thc
roads as being very dusty.
A small bush flro east of town
■ ii ii ne.i ci n-iidorable excitement
Wednesday night, but was extlng
iitslipd before any loss occured.
.1 11. Renders m, formerly of tins
city but now ol Lethbridge, acconv
pan led by bis father spent a couple
ol days in the city this week.
1 n Monday the engineers on tho
passenger trains commenced to run
to Lethbridge. Tins makes a long
1 in being a matter of 280 miles.
II. Mundroll and A, Arauver of the
1 lu- annual picnic ol the Methodist
Holiday school was held yesterday
afternoon 111 tho grove down un thn
prairie The children and friends had
a verj  enjoyable time,
Thomas Cualdinan and F. Brynns
>t Lethbridge were in the city Mon
day. The first two engineers to maKo
the trip over the C, P. R from Letb
bridge to Cranbrook on the new
The loot ball game between Mi yio
and Oranbrook sot for last Sundiay
at -Moyic had Lo nc postponed on account of fire, as every available man
in that city was called out to tight
the dames,
Rev. W, P. Flewelling received a
telegram on Monday from his son-iu.
law, Mr. Togood of Sandon, stating
that they were surrounded by lire and
that he was intending sending his
family out,
While Oranbrook lias been fortunate
enough to escape the lire uciid in past
years it behooves us to use the it
most caie during the present 1,1 v
.-spell. Thc carelessness of one may
aean a loss for many.
Sunday evening a hawk   chased    a
big     mallard    duck    and knoc ed it
,n in front   of   the Cosmopolitan
otel. Thc duck tooK refuge in the
reading room and was captured and
is now recuperating from its trying
experience on V. Hyde Baker's pond.
NOTICK Is hereby given that thirty days from date hereof I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
ol Lands and the Assistant Commissioner of Lands for the district of
Kast Kootenay for a license, to prospect for coal and petroleum ou the
following described land in Ulock
4533: Commencing nt a post 1 lanted
at the southwest corner ol Lot No
seven thousand two hundred und
eighty-one (7281) heing the Initial
post southeast corner; thence t80>
eighty (.80) chains north; thence (80)
eighty chains west; thence elgnty
(80) chains south; thence eighty t80)
cbains east to point of commencement and containing six hundred and
forty (l»40) acres, more or less.
Located this 30th day of May, 1910.
T. G. PROCTOR,  Locntor,
25-29. James  Fisher.  Agent.
NOTICK is hereby given thai 30
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable Chief Cotnmiss.oner
of Lands for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over tbc lol
lowing lnnds, situate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay, iu Lot 4'.'>'<.t:
Commencing at a post plnntcd at
or uear 3 miles due Kast of thc 31
mile post on O. P, R. sur ey 1 ne,
Vhlch is the Wcst-ru boundary of Lot
45113 nnd being the Southeast corner
[lost of J. s. Grace's clnlm
tbence North eighty   (80)   chains;
thence   West   eighty   (80)   (hams;
theme S nt'i 1 ig ty    -Hi>)   chairs;
tht nee Kast eigbty 180) chains;
to the point of commencenunt, making olo acres more or less.
Located th.s 38th dny of May, 1910.
J. S. CRACK, Locator
Kalhen W. Uutts, Agent
William K.  Rutts,  Witness 29 83
oi   now on,-  note due IQast   ol tho    31
which is the Westtrn boundary ol Lot
1   ■■'<   oid  bolug thu Southwest   cornel
p.  1 oi  1'knmas w. Mason s claim
tnence   siu'lh olghty   imi.i   chains,
1   tinn .   1 ■.. ,1    uighty    txi'i   chaius;
t 1.1 u n    in tiguty   isu)   chains;
..<u      \\.  1   oighty   ism   cha.ns,
ti      li'   ion .   of eomuiciiccnii ill,    mak
in.   i.m acres moro or less.
Locntod this *J.tii day ol .day, 1910,
L'HOMAtt \\    MASON,  Locator
Km.hen  \\    Uutts,   Agent
ft   Brock, ft.tue s IL „;i
Diatrict   ol   tSnal  Kootonny
l, F M Mircet o( Toronto, ont.,
occupation lumberman, intend to ap-
iu\ 10 tlir Conirnissionei' of Lamia
mui WorKs tor permission to pur-
eua.s;- forty acres more or less, bounded as follows; Commencing at a post
ai the north hank ol the Moyle nver
1 lieme id chains north along the east
. ifvcy line ol Tipper I'. R., thence 20,
1 hams cast more or less to the ban.-.
ol tbo Moyic river tbence southwestern a ong the haiiK of tho Moyie
r.vir to the place of commencing.
Located   July  4,   1910.
1'.  A. Haskell,  Agent 30-39
District   of   Kast Kootunay
Take notice that Henry K. Lal'oint
of Wardner, U. C Lumberman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
I ommencing at a post planted at
the northeast corner of Lot Nu. 5970
nnd running south 80 chains to tbe
northeast corner of Timber license
No. 21.132, thence east 50 chains,
more or less to the bank of the Kootenny river, theuce following the
hank of the said Kootenay river in a
northwesterly direction to the southeast corner of Lot No. 1969, thence
west 10 chains more or less to the
place of commencement and containing 270 acres more or less.
HKNIU  B. Lai'olNT,
Per A. A. Lund, Agent.
June 11, LUC. 20-34
District of Kast Kootenay.
Take notice that 1 John Angus
Fergusson, of Oranbrook, occupation
Clothing Merchant, intend to apply
lor permission to purchase the following described lauds: Commencing at a post plauted about tio feet
distant and in a northerly direction
from monument 213 on international Boundary, tlience west 20
chains, thence north 80 chains, tbence
east 20 chains, thence soutb 80 chains
to place of commencement, containing 100 acres, more or less.
John Angus Kergusson, Locator,
John Robertson, Agent.
Dated iMay 10th, 1U10. 25-33
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
dnys nfter date 1 intend to apply to
tnu Honourable (.'luel Commissioner
oi Lands for a license to prospect
lor coal and pc-tx ileum .wer tbc following lands, situate In the district
of Southeast Kootenay, in Lot 45y3:
Commencing at a post planted at
or nuar 3 miles due Kast of the 31
mile post on 0, P. H. sur«ey 1 ne,
which is the WesUrn bound-jry of not
4593 nnd heing the Northeast corner
post oi George Wynes   claim
tnen.e Soutn eig.Uy   180)   chains;
,thenco   West   eighty   tguj   iha ns;
thence Nor.h eighty   (h0)   chains;
thence Kast eighty 18C) chains;
to the point of commencem-in., malting 010 acres nunc or less.
Located th.s 23th day of May, 1910.
OliOHGH W\KKS, Locntor
Ka.hcn W. Butts, Agent
Willinm K.  Rutts,  Witness 2;i-ii3
We have just received
a swell assortment of
and have the one you
are looking for.
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook H. C.
Ham and Bacon
Our smoked meats are always fresh stock.     We
am sure that if ynu  try them  once vi... will apree
with  us  ilmt  they are  the  best   flavored   and    most
♦    wholesome smoked  meats yon have ever i-aten.
X        PHONE 57
P. 0. BOX 164
No Man is Stronger
Than His Stomach
NoTICK is horeby given tlmf*
days after date I intend to apply "So
tho Honourable chief Uomnil-isioner
of Lands for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over Uie following lands, situate in the district
of Southeast Kootenay. in Lot "1593:
Commencing ut a   nost   planted at
mile post on 0, I'.    R.   survey   line,
1     NOTIOE  is  hereby    given   that    20
j days after date 1 intend to apply to
I the Honourable-   1 hiuf   Commissioner
of Lauds lor a   license   to   prospect
j fur coal and potroloum ovor thu (ol-
j lowing  lauds,  situate in the district
I of HottthoaaL Kootenny, in Lot 4593:
I    Commencing at a   post   planted at
j or uear II miles due Y,im\ ot   tho   32
I mile post on C. 1'.    It.   sur ey   line,
!   bich is the Western boundary of Lot
4599 and beiug the N..rthwest   corner
post of Anna K   Webb's claim
thento Botrth eighty   180) chains;
thenco Kast   eighty    iKl'j   chains;
tbence North eighty   (80)   cbains;
thenee   West   eighty   (KO)   chains;
to the point of commencement,   making imi acrea moro or less.
Loeuted this Hlth day of May, WW.
ANNA   K.  WKHB,   Locator.
Kal hen W. Butts, Agent
William K. Br.ttH,   Ralph   L.    Bur-
linchnm, Witnesses "29-33
A itrnn.'i mnn ii itron|| ul   over.   Nn man cun  he
■tronft who il siiilcnmt from   #cak stiii!ltch with ils
euns(!i|iicnt    ndiues.mn   ,>r '•• >m   -.nine oilier  dincuhc
of ttie stomach and iu associated organs, which im-
pain digestion .ml nutrition.    For when thehtmiiuch
ik wmk nr iIimm:i-i tlnTe ••> a   oHh nl the nutrition
•00tinned in food   which is the lourae <*f all pliy.icnl
■trength.    W.ien  *   man     doesn't led )uil right,"
when he itncsii '  iteel   well   hai nn  uncomfortable
lecliitft In the st 1 iiiiel. alter cut hi i*   || Imidiiid, ncrvcnis, irritable and despuntl-
•nt, he is losinij lbe in trttion necdod to make strongthi
Such a men whould une lie. Pleree'a Golden Medical
Discover,' tt euros rf/flOAion 0/ tltf atomaeh and other
orQitris ul til*\e*tlon mil nutrition. It enrlchea the blood,
in.-itiur.lv ihc liver, nirinnihcna the kldneyn, notirinhea
lie tterven. -.tut si, GIVES HEALTH ANB STHEMiTH TO
Tilt tt'HOl : OOOV,
Ynu can    aWd lo accept a ttcrtt nostrum aa a auhslitute for thia non-
•Icohi iic ui   lici       i' known composition, not even though the urgent dealer
■tay ' .1 rr .v uuU  1   il   e Ui^er pn.hi.    Ingrrdifiits printed on wrapper.
i.^ 11 Kn-irk thai, roqlllrou iiximt
lonco mvil Hciontillc iipinirntim.
Wr Ini'..' hotli nml lirlfjn lliimi
in 11111' wtion wr bottle sitminor
ilrlnks. It'h 11. K. 11 wc Imi.
Ur it.
,i:/^i}\i<$ $,?><.,> j^jvix* ^..«'^<^<?'*<S^<tN'^*<t*<S>«'#^"M^ **
We'll Both
Be Pleased;
if you buy your meat bore. Yon,
Lci'iiiisp you will get butter and '
moii' meat for the money than
you ovor got before. We. beeau-*'
we will have another suti*tl**l
customer.   So why not come und
select lbe ment llllll (Ml! ,V*U1 Wait
today?    We know yoii will be 10
y [nd you did us we will be to 11 d '
your name to out' list of fr • n*L
P. O. Box S
If It's Paint and Painting
We are here with the Goods
If It's Wall   Paper   and
Paper Hanging
We can't be beat
\ Painter  and   Decorator
The Prospector $2 Per Year
: ■   ■■■


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