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The Prospector Mar 12, 1910

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Array %\yt Tjjjft&gpttUt.
UMMI ol L'I  klh
Vol. 10.
CRANBROOK,   B. C,   SATURDAY,   MARCH    l'J,   19IO.
No.  11
In Line With a Progressive Policy.
Read t* Kimberley   Bridge Across
St. Mary's River  Other
.    r:           .,          .,„   .,     [ mirt In assisting to build up, and do- Jouraod this morning at 1:30, havini! made     no official   representations I
niemZ?,'ZK"\\ donrS   volope tL n,«Lmllk'ont Prol'l'nco. gone through the list ol private bills. Washington why there   should be r
member loi tbc     Hiding 01         '           lt |m,t agal„ at    ;! th|s    urtumooii. application ol the maximum clnusi
t at the    excecdiiiKly satis-;                uAirBB MlrPiiUT Previous    to that the     premier and against Canadian   products,   bocain
exceedingly satis
the Provincial tl
explained by the
of   Pinnace In the
Mr. Speaker:
I wish
I feel as
Cranbrook at the
factory mate of
uauc.'S so lucidly
Hon. the Minister
budget speech,  '•
Not only do tbc Public Accounts
placed before the bouse nt tbc beginning ol tbo session show a careful
administration and expenditure of
the Provincial Revenue; but the estimates with which we are now dealing conclusively prove a thorough
and business-like grasp ol tbc necoa-
cessities of tbo Province; nnd are
framed witb due regard to the wants
uf tbe various portions of Urltisb
This is in lino with tbc progressive
policy that has consistently boon followed by tbe Administration since it
came Into power; and amply justi-
lies tbe overwhelming verdict of the
people at the Inst election in its
In common with so many other
constituencies heretofore in Opposition, my own riding ol Crunbrook
which in 1SI>7 returned Dr. King, u
Liberal (aud a man for whom I have
additional means oi communication,
whore such is Justified, is ol Immense
benefit in tho development of a district, I look for a groat deal of good
from this moat important work.
As an instance of this I might cite
tlie provision made lu the istlniates
with a view of building a road Irom
Crnnbrook to Kimberley with it
bridge across tbe St. Mary's river.
Tills road, eighteen miles in length
will sborten tile ilistanco between
those points by nine miles, besides
giving a bettor, grade. It will servo
a most important timber region,
giving two or throe mills, already
employing many bands, much needed
connect imi with Crunbrook, and will
facilitate the trade now being done
with that centre. Many settlors already aro going into thc district,
land is being cleared oft for fruit
growing nnd general farming; tbo
proposed road wlll Improve tlio meaiio
of communication lor these people,
besides for the general travel which
is very large even now.
1 feel that iu making these remarks
1 have not beon taking up Ihc time
of the house unnecessarily.
I consider it tiiy duty to spook in
ladialf ol Oranbrook Hiding, to point
out, na I have, the general condi
tlons and to show in a general way
1 that, while other portions ot tbo
I Province are progressing, thc people
of Oranbrook Riding arc doing their
pris« whs t-xprcsHni ut Washington,
and communicated tn British Ambassador ltryce, that no steps hml heen
takeu to put the American author!
ties in possession nf facts that might
establish conclusively that the Dominion was entitled lo the most favored rates. No communication tt*
that effect has been received as yet,
but now that the matter has been
stirred up there, will likely be representations made at  once,    to      Wash
That this country should tnkc the
initiative lu establishing the fact
that It does not unduly discriminate
against the United States has not, it
seems, been the view of the Canadian
Cabinet. It hns fcctotl upon the as
lURiption that the attitude of Washington is conciliatory ami it is snid
that    ith vices   received    at     Ottawa
  confirm that view.    No demand or re-
(IMMt (or   representation  hy  Canada
on the   subject haw     heretofore been
Amendment to Und Bill rruhiUting pie;.nt.<i.   and it appears   to have
been taken for granted that the Proa
Uent «nd his tariff advisers would
deal with the mattei and themselves
make any BpeclflO e-nmupation of the
Canadian tariff situation necessary to
u decision aa to whether the American maximum or minimum clauses
should be applied to Canada.
Canada, on the other hand, litis
representations to
Judges Not to Vote in
Provincial Elections.
Japanese from Owning Und
In B. C. Withdrawn.
Victoria,  Marob   II.   Tbe house ad-
I'rovloUH    to Hint tbe     premier and agalimt Canadian   products,   because
vernment     memlicrs   innehed    thc tbe   authorltlea here    do not believe
press gnllery.   There   were brief but that thc Canadian   customs laws nro
Halaoatinn that  Visited  C    V   K  pleasant felicitations, In   any   special    manner,    dlroetod
--•legation mum  visiteu u   r. a     |iu|}  ma    mmlag m 8tton,ey against the United States,  The p„si-
Offloiall Reports. general introduced amendments to the tlon has beon taken    that the Cana-
Blootlon act.     Ono    prohibits judges dian     tarlll  policy.     Including    tho
.1. P. Fink, Esq,, of tho supreme nnd   county     courts Franco-Canadian    commercial treaty.
Mayor,     City of Cranbrook. from voting in    provincial elections, cannot be considered as   unduly ills-
Dear Sir: It ia designed to prevent Judges from criminating     against      tbe     United
Tbe delegation,    recently appointed   resigning to  become candidates.  Mr. .States, having regard to the balance
by the    Hoard   of    Trade to go to  Dowser contended that  the Judiciary of trade   so    largely in favor of thc
Montreal  to interview  the  President should be absolutely free from parti- latter country,
nnd officials of the C. P. II., lu con-  Kansbip.    The  opposition  thought  it
nectlon witb rnilwny   matters gener-  unseemly discrimination.   The amendment carried.
nlly. particularly as to obtaining
connection with tbe Kootenny Central Hailway for this city, beg to
report through you, to the Council
and to tbe citizens of Cranbrook the
result of tholr negotiations with tbo
Tho delegation were received in
Montreal by Sir Tbonins Hhnugnnos-
sey     (nnd   other    members   of   the
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has publicly declared that tbc recently ratified treaty with France aud tho eitenslon of
its benefits to tho must favored nations, was in no way directed against
Premier Mcllride moved tlie second
reading of the   Vancouver    Settlers'
llights Act  Settlement bill,  whereby the Unltjd States. It Is a purely
11)5,11111) acres    are given to tbe 10. & ciprocal arrangement wherein a spec
N. Hallway company in lieu ol lands ifled quid pro quo Is exacted and re-
the crown granted to    settlers under received In compensation for any con-
tho act of 1908-4,   The bill is conllr- cessions    extended     by     Canada to
Hoard),  including tbo Chief Engineer motion of the agreement   entered in- Franco.
of the Company, and were given full to between the government and thc The more rcceat development lu re-
opportunity of placing tlieis views company. Tho company accepts this spect to tariff relations with Ger-
bcloro them. Wc also were able to a« dnal settlement of the dispute, many ls, primarily, the removal of n
personally tbc greatest respect and submit written statements, plana and giving a quit claim to all rights ln penalizing clause iu lho Canadian
friendship! by a majority of a hnn- evidence Illustrating nnd substantia- the land of which it is dispossessed, customs law against that country,
dred; in the election of November ting tbo views we pressed on the f|w house adjourned at 7:30 for and not such ns should incur any
last reversed its verdict and placed company, and wo nre ublo to any dinner after an afternoon of most tnrift hostility on the part of the
me as a representative of tlio Mc- that i'n all particulars the data pre- formal proceedings in cleaning up the United States. There is no intention
Hride administration at the head nf sented was admitted as correct by or,iei, paper. It sat agaja ot 9 and of extending any further advantages
Poll by the handsome majority of the company and resulted iu consul- continued with some public bills, accruing from thc French treaty,
two hundred and sixty three. ernbly modifying the views they orlg- Prorogation takes placo tomorrow, nnd the pommorrial agreement witb
I need hardly say that 1 appreciate inally entertained in regard to va- The ministers' dinner takes place in Ocrmany is at present only a tenta-
in the highest degree     tho confidence  rious matters    covered thereby.    We tho evening tive one.
thus reposed iu mc as a supporter of  presented to thc President     nnd the i „«,(,'»  .un . .ur.  ' —
officials of the company the desire ol              JAPANLSr. ANP LAND, |          „,„,„„ ,„ vfillffllNl V9
the people of    Cranbrook to    secure      An animated    debate sprung up Ia-: ■MMM* IB Mil"Ml*13
such connection with the    Kootenay  tor in thc evening during tbe constd- «•
Central Railway     which, without al-  oration of    the     amendments of the UptO data   Method*   Will    Mike
ittee. on an amend- "
. tlie government. While new to polit-
' icil life nnd feeling somewhat diffident In speaking before an assemblage of this kind, In whose ranks
are so many able and tried debaters,
yet 1 have full confidence In the
cause 1 support; and this will enable
me I trust to be of some little assistance to my honored leader, the Premier and bis administration. I hope
this especially from thc . fact at the
present session the house is     called
tcrlng the    chartered route     of the  land bill In committee, on an amend-
road, would yet obtain for this city
tbc business which will undoubtedly
follow the construction of the line.
As you know, too, before going enst
we had surveys made with a view to
showing that witb a proper revisloa
of the Crow's Nest line, to avoid the
upon to deal with most important grades existing at present,
railway legislation. There are many
men in the house, nble and eloquent;
yet coming as I do from the ranks
of the workingmen, gaining my experience in tbe trying and hard
rebooting of a practical railwayman,
Mining Mere Profitable.
Business men, and in fact all residents of this district, in relation to
which Cranbrook is a leading point,
during the    'session, pointing to the aro looking forward to what in to be
results In California, whore Japanese more than a    passing boom, namely
ment submitted by W, H, Hayward
prohibiting tbe sale of pre-emptions
of the crown lands to others than
those of tbe Caucasian race. His
speech ln support was ono of the best
satis-  havo secured control of large tracts an extended period   of     prosperity
be made  0f land, and     thc perilous tendency  which   wlll givo an Impetus    to thc
In a similar direction    in this prov-  progress of tho    country and     will
The premier asked the withdrawal
of tho amendment on the ground of
danger of disallowance at Ottawa.
factory connection could
with Cranbrook, and wo feel satis-
lied that as a rosdlt of tho Information collected and tbe views presented to tbc company they modified
. their original proposals in a way
perhaps thero may be some phases of  thnt will     result in material benefit
tlie railway question  where that ex-   to this city.     We are not at liberty   „„0U.MV u,1T1,|iiM,i i,BUif 1JH
lienence may prove useful. tn give out in detail tbe exact plans  UMtUANl WaDjHINU UEDAIBO
The district I represent is of largo  of thc company for    the revision of 	
extent, of groat importance    ana di-  tho present lino and of making con-   o«n»ot   B.r.ina  En,»aa»   China locality of their operations.
versibed Interest:   It Is trnversed as  neetlon with this    city, but W3 can   OWtm   service  limiglarj   UtWIDB     Twenty years ago, when there was
Is well   known by the Crow's     Nest  assure you   that as a    result of the Reports to Kaiser a decided leaning of   capitalists, and
Itallwny, Crnnbrook  being   not only  plans now   determined     upon such a ' especially those of the old world, to
a divisional point but also having dos? connection with the city wlll Ottawa, March 9.—The news has wards British Columbia, as a loca-
situuted there tbe shops of the 0, P, ho established that, us Sir Thomas leaked out hern tonight tbat a secret tlon for their Investments, men, who,
R. Its other Interests nre most vn- Shanghnossey stated, would give to service agont In the employ of tho had they been less interested in other
We have mining, us you know   us practically     the same   advantage Oerman government has been a con-  fields,   notably the     United   States,
bring It again into world wide prom
Up-to-date methods wlll make possible the handling ol the immense
bodies of mineral laying in wait fot
men to uncover and convert Into
commercial channels, with heavy rewards both for    themselves and the
Mr. Speaker, and of this I might in-  as would accrue should the Kootenay  stant listener    to the debato on the which at that time was at the height
stance the St. Eugene mine at Mny
le, one of the largest load mines on
thc continent.
We have many lumber mills and
great timber resuiirces. We have
agricultural land of splendid quality,
as Is testilled by tbc active settlement that is now going on. We nave
lands unsurpassed for fruit, wo bavo
water powers tbat will prove of cx-
'eu3iv« value, wo hnve thriving towns
iaud live, wide-awake people who are
.actively engngod In developing our
ll noticed recently thut the C, P.
IL, is likely to proceed soon with tbo
^instruction of the Kooteuay Central railway up thc vnlley nf the Columbia, and I make no boastful
claim when I state that tbc vnlley
uf the Columbia is the most mngnlli
twnl In tbc whole province of Ilritish
Columbia.    Not alone Is   thoro seen
Central run into the city.
Yours truly,
J. H. King.
W, F, Ourd.
il. A. Macdonald.
Mam Line on: P K. is Now Com
pletely Blocked
The main line of tbo C, P, R, Is
now completely blocked by numerous
snow slides and all trains are tiow
being sent the Crow's Nest Pass
branch     line,    Tbe    oltlcinl     report
naval     bill in the galleries     of the 0j its    mineral   boom    through this
house of commons    during the past North West, would have placed these
five weeks.      He has been in     daily Holds upon a basis which would have
commiinicntion  with  Berlin  and   not assured n steady and    productive in-
a move has been made on tbe parlia- dustry for this locality,
ment chess board without being fully Again,    affairs wore largely in thc
noted and dashed     across thc ocean bands of men who wero more conver-
In code form. snnt    with   other   Unas   of business
SHOWS DEEP INTEREST. than the profitable and lasting estnb-
The fact that this   agont is     here fishment of mining settlements.
Watching       the     proceedings      bas Today, other llelds,    being,    If not
brought home    to many members of exhausted, placed     under thc control
parliament  the deep    Interest     that 0( corporations,     thc     attention of
Germany is taking In the creation of mining men is diverted to other patts
a Cnnnilian navy    and she is keenly for the employment of     tbeir    syste-
Dii the qn v|ve for information as to matlpally organised brains nod capi-
tbe views of the     representatives of. tfl|. So with the almost assured plao-
the Canadian  people in    parliament, jng of Craubrook upon a through Um
heavy slides at various points.
At Field     Wednosdny afternoon an
avalanche swept down tbo track enveloping a switch engine.     Engineer
., Mcllao and tiroman Ladder    wore lu
ery that Is unsurpassed, hut thero thc cab and escaped without Injury.
Is mineral, and timber, grassing and Hrnkenuin Mainprise was partially
arming lunds, Irrigated lands and eIlvoloped in drift nnd nearly swept
lauds that grow magnificent crops Bway ,,y tne wind accompanying the
without Irrigation. With the ad Blld<' Switchman Paterson wn,
vent of a railway settlement would landing by the footboard of the ton
lucrease at a wonderous rate. ,,,,,. nn(, wllB enveloped in    the drift.
In tbe meantime the government His pnrtners remembered where bo
bas done much to assist the settler wns and after an hour's work suc-
in making generous and neresnary ceeded in digging him nut. Ho wus
expenditures for roads and other pub- unconscious when found and one of
lie worka and I tako pleasure In ten- his limbs is badly crushed
tilyiug to the just nnd equitable man
Thursday   is one continuous story of  |„ „n tn„ speeches on both sides tho ,)f railway for coast trafficthc atton-
lum i'n     .,11, luu     ut     I'll ri, illil     11,11 lit il .     . . . .     r. _.!..        »      !   .        .  . * f .       . ..
Intentions of Germany In respect to t|on of the whole   commercial world
nnval    predominance havo    been  tho wju |„. drawn to     whatever natural
subject nf comment and    while most resources It may possess, and It lies
of the supporters on the government. W|th|n     tho   scope of every business
sldo bavo poohoocd any    hostile as ra(U1,     Interested In    the     future ol
pirations towards    England   on the Cranbrook, to help,     by placing be
part of tbe German empire, tho Op fore    his   connections,   business   or
position     have pointed out from tbe otherwise, on tbe outside, farts niul
speeches of English statesmen that a inures of    the wealth   to bo   drawn
wuti crisis between tbe two nations Is Im upon by this district.
pending, a   view held also    by even Statistics of   former operations of
such staunch   supporters of tho gov- thls kind    go to show thai     mining
ernment us Col.     McLean nl Queens- and kindred Industries stand woll to
Simliury.    ln nny event tho     doings the front In Increasing the per capita
of parliament for   tho few  weeks of wealth of a community and this len-
the debate have    reached the ear of turo In one which will reflect its ben-
tbo Kaiser dally through the medium ctlta on all business conducted bore
James   Helautvn   Arrested   Also
Two Men at Kernie.
Chief of Police Dow, and Constable |
McLean inndi nu Important arrest on i
Thursday evening when they arrested ,
James Belangee, on a charge ot bi j
ing u participator in the recent hold j
up at Coal Creek; when Trites
Wood's clerk was relieved ol about i
*1, Hi" in cash and a thousand dollars
in cheques,
About tbe stiiue hour when Relan
nee wns arrested in Cranbrook, the
1'Yrnic police arrest.iil two mon nl
Ferine on the same charge, A man
mono! Huhcock, and u brothO! ol
Belangee. It u said thnt Bnhcock
was the leader of tho gang.
A report received from Pernio is to
tin- effort    that Qelangoe,    who wns
arrested at  Pernle, hud confessed to
being one ol the gang,    Thnt $200 in
cash  bad  been  recovered,      also thnl j
tin' guns used in tile   hold-up found,
nnd information    thai  the     cheques |
had  been destroyed  by  tire,   thr gang j
being afraid to attempting   to cash
or keep
It   wlll   Ih>  remembered  that   nt   tho j
time of   the   hold-up that     the men i
succeeded in getting away by taking t
the train at midnight for Pernio,thnt
upon the train reaching Pernle It was j
carefully    searrhod     for     suspicious'
characters, but none were found, nnd
it was   supposed tbat     the   parties
jumped tbe train when  Hearing For
A number of detectives have been
working on the case, und that, sever
al have lieon at Cranlirook during
the past  week.
The Belnngoe brothel's are said to ,
Ini from Am Prior, and have been
railroading om of Oraubrook, nml
Other points on the Crow for over a I
ycur. Nothing Is known of the pre- •
vlous history of Paheook, snvc thai I
be wns braking in the coal towns of i
the Crow's Nest.
Extraordinary Evidence Submitted
by Mr. Lumsdeii
Ottawa, March 10. The committee
which is investigating tho charges
made by Mr. Lumsdon, tho former
Chief Engineer ol the Trnnscontinon
tni hns already discovered that ev
traordinnry grafting went nn along
tbe line of railway. Here arc some
cases which Mr. Lumsden submitted
in evidence. All were in district H.
Which lies cast and west ol Quebec
City. The usual price of the "rock"
wns 11.50 a cubic yard; for "loose
rpek' Till rents; nnd for common ex
novation ai cents a ('iiiiiii yard.
Case No. \, The government engineers returned the following figures
for one piece ol road: rock, 7,;i7r,
yards; loose rock, 4,6C0; common ov
onvati     9,116', total 81,050   yards;
Applying the foregoing prices wo ilnii
that the contractors got 114,696.1)6.
Hut Mr Lumsden when he went, ovei
the ground said that this wus nil
earth, or "common excavation", The
price of this should hnve been jl,12n-
Thus the contractor should hnve
got »4,42.0.50,
They actually did gel 114,680,68,
They thus got 910,816,15 more than
they should have got. The excess being 230 per cent. Put In another Wny
the work cost ovor thrlco what It
Case No, i. The government ongl
neers allowed tho contractors 4,852
yards of rock; 1,860 of loose rock.
1,232 of common excavation. Thin
works out to J7,711.1)3 which wns
paid to thc contractors. Mr. Linus
den says that the llgures should Imve
been only 600 yards of loose rock;
all tbe rest earth. On this basis it
would havo been '1,785.35.
Thus the contractor got 87,711,98,
He should hnve got 81,735.35.
lie got 16,1178.56 more than ho
should have got; or 340 per cent
more than he was entitled to. This
piece of work cost nearly lour and a
half the proper figure.
Mr. Lumsden was the government's
own chief engineer, lt is be who
makes these charges, of which tlie
foregoing aro only two uut ot many,
For making them thc Trnnscontinon
tal Railway Commission virtually
dismissed him. It evidently wished
the road to cost from two to four
times thc proper amount.
Chnrles Vrootnnn committed sulfide pp Tuesday morning.
Tbe deceased was an old tlnmr in
tbe district, and wus at one time in
charge ol the Went worth Hotel, und
at the time of committing tho rash
act was employed by A. 1, McDer-
mutt. He was well liked by those
who knew him, nml many expressions
of regret were beard when the news
of tils death was known.
An Inquest wns held during the
afternoon by Coroner Connolly, ami
the result of the Investigation hy the
Jury, was, "Thai the deceased eaniv
to his dentil by inking carbolic aclil
during a tit of temporary mental
Business in
Full Swing
llavinj^ finished stock talcing, we
have taken over the business formerly conducted by Messrs. Burns
Bros., and business is already in full
The bulk of the new spring goods
is already in stock and in soliciting
your patronage, we are confident
that the rans-e and quality of i;oods
which we show in every department
is fully up to the hit>h standard required by Cranbrook and "The
Our aim in business is to have satisfied customers and to accomplish
this we will at all times carry only
honest goods at honest prices.
Successors to Hums ISros.
REID BLOCK Cranlirook, B. C.
\ Do yoti favor the ♦
The must lieaulilnl designs in WAIL
PAPER will lie iMiimi at ui\ stuie. It will
In: a pleasure in slum tln-ni tu vou.
. Thursday morning a slide occurred of hlB wnt perched up in the public
ner In which tho needs of thc riding at Glacier seven     telegraph polos In  ,,H|jC|V Di the house of commons
length nnd .10 foot deep.    This Is so '        ,	
tilled with  rock and  trees ns to make
removal difficult.
ilenernl Manager Uury's special
train ls now In tbc tnoiiiitnins but
this afternoon It wns entirely cut off
have been recognized. One some
times hears from Opposition critics
lor want of other means of attack
the claim that the governmenl ii
power, punishes Opposition constvt
uenelos by stnrring tbem. Such t
charge cannot successfully bo made by slides,
against the. prosont, administration, At the scene of
for I maintain Hint In spite of Cranbrook Hiding being hitherto in Opposition, Its wants were carefully attended to, clearly proving thnt tbo
government led by the Hon. tho Premier Is ono of broad vlows with the plug of tobacco and a knife, showing
Houston's Funeral
the lloger's Pass
disaster work of recovering tbe bodies ol the victims is bolng pressed
and     44 have   now boon    recovered
Vancouver,    March    II.   L.rte     last
lllght  S.  H.  Taylor,    was advised ol
,„  .      „   , ., , ,,.     ... tho death of    .lohn  Houston      Mrs.
Claims Tbat They sn not Direotrl Houston, who   was   travelling   by
special stage to Quesnoi bad not arrived at that, time and word was s«nl
to hor to await the body nl IfiO-mllo
house. The direct cause of death
was heart failure and internal troubles from which he must hnve suffered
Against this Country.
The United States government bas
not, as yet., officially announced Its
intention of   tnklng tip   negotiations
Among those taken out   today    was with the Canadian authorities at. Ot
•npaneso In whoso bunds was a  tawa In regard to the application of extreme pnln for mon lis past,    "he
.' . ...... .,._ ,       _, _.. ...    ..... ......,.! „,.    H      urn.-     ....     i.r,..,l      11,1,1      l,„     I ,<>>>< ,„n M U
the suddenness  wlUi  which  the avalanche came on tho party.
good nl the wbobi ITovluce at heart
I wish to commend highly the project which I believe thc present Minister nf Public Works originated, tho
Joining together of the various trunk
roads through the province from
West to Bast so as to eventually secure a grand trunk road from the Kootonay Itnyal Arch Masons,
Coast through the mountains to the K. Hlwell, as (Irnnd Steward,
Province of     Albertn.    A section of
.1. F. Armstrong has been appointed District (irnnd  Huparlntcndnnt for
the maximum clauses   ol the   Amcrl- pnln was so great that  he fieiiuently
cam customs tBrifl.    Inquiry In C.ov- lapsed  Into    unconsciousness,  but he
ernment circles at    Ottawa docs not was conscious     hall nn    hour before
disclose nny great apprehension tbat death.    At Quesnoi everything possl-
Canada will lie put   under the mail- ble was done for Mm,    Dr, Smith of
mum clauses when, the mntter comes tbe llarkervlllo hospital    coming for
up lor discussion In congress. consultation.     The    body     is being
A recent press despatch from Wash brought  down by special    stage and
ington    stated   tbat    the   mailman will be interred Bl Nelson
rates would automatically bo applied 	
to Canada, unless it was shown that Tho     little   favorite,     Miss Klora
this project eilsts   now through tho     A..B. Trites, of Pernio, was In thc  this country was entitled to the low    llnldwln   will     sing at    the   Kdlson
jldlng of Crnabrook, and   aa every city Tuesday. ler rales; and, turtbermore, that sur- theatre tonight.
Public worship 11 n, in., and 7.Ilu !
p. in. liibii- school .1 p, tn., classes j
for everybody. The Pnstor ut both i
Young peoples meeting on  M lay
at 8 p. in., nl residence of Mr. .1 F
Drtdgcs; subject Hi Orcenfoll n run
socrntcti hnro."
Weilneshny, i |l, III, A speelul mis
sionnry program nnd social evening
In charge of tlio Ladles circle Offer
ing, A cordial christian wnlcnme to
The St iiuliiril Lumber Compnuy
will resume operations on Mondny.
It Is estimated tlmt nboiii 4li,(llitl
logs hnve been plncoil In the ynnl
since Christmas, and arc now ready
to be sawn info lumber.
It is hnnoiincod that it is tho in-
tentlnn of this company to build n
logging rnilwny to their eastern Ilm
its, during the present spring. Tho
rond will be oome Nil miles In
i length,
j B.   H.   SHORT j
* Arinwtroiiv; Avenue
| Painter   and   Decorator
V, Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabliny in Connection!
'- Naarosl lo I'liilroitil doptil     tins iicciiniiiui
diitlons   fm    Hio   public   iiin'i|iiiilli'il   in i\
I    Hot nnd Cold Baths Proprietors       i 1'IIK PROSPECTOR,   ORANBROOK,
©lie ieUwayectov.
KMWHUMlKn    lt»
A. B. Grace,
(•uet-t "i the christian     church in
taints    Answers will in- given t-. those
who contend thnt     othei     retigions
have    11 righl i"    in* placed    on an
equal [outing   with Christianity, and
to those     win. profess   ti> believe [coal and petrolcui
ni missions    The possibilities or tn    Iur lauds, situate
nada, and her peculiar relation to the*   Southeasl  Kootenai
Orient, and the   possibility «>i China   Ma, in  l*ot 4593:    ■
becoming one of the Brat powers will   post   planted at
have proper relation tn this mission*' I Jul
ary address.   The   awakenlug of the ! K
I'U'K ; bla. in Lot  i:,!.;•
Notice Is hereli) given thai SO days    Commencing al a   poal
aftoi date I Intend   tu   npply to tho lor near eight   (8) miles
Honorable   Chlel     Commissioner    oflol the 89 mill' post on C
Lumla i«n a license tu   proepect   lor|vey line, which i« tht- we
plnlltr-l   Ht
due cast uf
1'.     It     Slll-
itern boun
A distinguished pro(essorfg)>f phll
osophy .vho in his youth knew pov
ertj ami toll has been telling Boston
thai the salutfi of LOO years ago
would not be tolerated unlay; that
drunkards uud slave-traders have left
glamoured names, that there is more
religion in colleges than thirty years
ago, and that ewu politicians are
more decent, He is right, And the
Improvement   Is world wide.
Tbe England ol 1910, with Its old
age pensions and its popular government, shows more regard [or the pet*
pie tlitin ilut the caste-ruled England
ol 1800, when the p<<"i rate rose In
Bomo cases to seven shillings in the
pound, or the Fngland ol Macaulay's
ilay m hen to in- liberal in polii li -
was i" be "hopelessly excluded fmni
nil posts o| emolument, (ruin alt
functions ol dignltj, [rum the uppoi
tunities • >! business, Irom tho nmeni
ties   il Bociel y
The France ol 1910, prosperous, ed
ucated progn usive, Is n greal nd
vani'c upon the France ol starved
peasants end pampered aristocrat**
before the Revolution, tu which l.u
layette testifies French maiinoi - an
culture ii-*- well aa French i gilts are
due; "i upon the vile tyranny and
corruption ol the second empire
Upon ili ntluent  ol  E nope all
nations     have a  pleasantei   outluob
than in  the  '48  which au many  living
mon remember, when bul  one oi  tw
huh-  Islands ol comparative •;..■■;■:
thrusts oul  [rom a Ben uf despotism
In hub-   things   we ceasi   to
about iln- advance has   come      Mrs
Browning,  for Instance,  described I i
wonderful    Impulse   ul    fn ed ■ ■..
thought   thai   came with     thc cheap
postage as "the mosi   successful rev
olutlon since the glorious three daj
And In America has religion sul
fered since Its decayed Vli _-::■
churches wen- turned to barns and
fuiitr- to liorse-troiighs? Oi phllan
thropy, since the insane were chained
to hitch ing-rings in filthy cellars? Or
temperenco, since n twelve quart pail
ol whiskey bought for $1 25 graced
tho typical New England barn TaL«
inc"? Or education, since Lew Wal
ince, running away barefoot to Wa
bash College, found it a dirty hut
above a low dug-out basoment? Oi
freedom, since escaped negro slaves
were "sold running" to speculators
who took chances of catching nml
"breaking" thorn? Or journalism, I
since Groely, Bennett. Webb and
swapped epithets? Or even huslness j
methods, since Kisk and Could and
Brooks and Vanderbllt waged tbeir •
Ignoble wars?
We do things good or had upon a ■
bigger scale thnn in tho "good old ■!
days" which those deplore who lea i tl
know whnt those clays were like But li
good gains upon evil rapidly, standi
ly, Inevitably, Pratsora ol thimc
past might be in better business n
helping the optimist to hasten a fnir '
laitj to this great question, and tbo
great movement on the pun ol con
secruted business men to contribute
generously to mission work will also
he tuueheri upon,
Thinking men und women, who go
i.i no other church, are Invited to
come "ii Sunday evening next, as the
subject 1ms demanded an immense
amount ol reading and research, and
the Pastor is naturally anxious to
have i very seat occupied lor this im
portant occasion.
i m t leaday the League will hold
their missionary meeting at S ,\
lull attend.nice is requested, and all
missionary envelopes should bo ro
[vi timet) on that evening
Thursday    Prayer service at  S
■\ municipal court ol revision was
held in the council chamber un Mon
day. Thei were present, Mayoi Fink
and Udermen l'atmore, Hunt, nml
vei   the   follow I dary   "I       Lot   4(88,      an.I     being   lbe
ihe   district or Southwest corner post of  Eathen W,
British  Colum-  Butt's  claim;  tbence east eighty   (Hot
wutmnenclug at a I chains;   thonce    north    eighty   (80)
i   nenr .-.even miles Chains;       thonce      wesl      eighty    (SUi
east ol the 83 mile post on C.P. j chains;   tbence     .soutb     eighty   ihu,
urvey lino, which is ibe   western|cbains to the point oi commenceraeni
There   were Imt few   changes made [ northeast   cornor   post of   Walter .)
in  the   assessment      The     principal
chang'   being the   assessing ol   C   l*
B ,     pruperty     In     the    Cranbrook
■   trici     Tbe valuai
. ■ • . ...■.     ti >:■•
192. the '   rHOO
An appea    van     I led bj   I be atl oi
nej  ■■; the cum pan 3    W   F   U ird   un
ind, whethei     the assessn/eut
should he made  undoi   the  M
■ ■■ -■: ' - ■ :'■ •■ a ■■ v, ill be
■■■.'■' i I ■■ i' u ilson at an
u ■,   : ite
honmlary of  Lot  *598,  and  being the'making 640 acres, more or less.
northeast corner   post ol Chester R,;    Located this  ir.ib    day ol January,
Paulson's claim;  theuce  joutb eighty   L910
.Md  chains;   tbence  west  eighty   180J EATHKN.W   BUTT'S, Locatoi
chains;     tbence    north     eighty  180)     William   E   Butts,  witness,
chains;  thoace  east    eighty  chains to  ——	
the point oi commencement,  making NOTICH
It40 acres, more or  less
Located tins 89th day  of January,     NOTICE is horob)    given   that   3D
1910. days after date   I   Intend  to apply   lu
Chester ll   1'auison, Locator,     the  Honorable Chiel  commissioner ol
Eathen W   Butts, Ageut     Lands   (or a license to    prospect for
William !•    Units.  Witness      10-18 | coal and petroleum over ihr   follow
Ing   lands,  situate   in    lbe    district   Of
Southeasl   Kootenuy,   British Colum
lun. in Lot 4593
Commencing at a post planted at
Or near nine C'i miles due eust ol tho
30 mile posi on i' P R sill voy lino,
which is ihe weslein boundary ul Lid
151)3, ami being the southwest cornei
posi oi Ooorge Wyko's claim thonoo
cast eighty (80) chains; theuce north
elghl > 180) chain-. theuce wesl
otghty (80) chains; ihonce south
eight) 180] chain i to the poim ul
i ommencomenl. making MO ncres
more ■ ■!  le :
Located   thi i   i:-n   da) ul   lanuarj
UKUHOK    w*i KES,  l ocator,
Euthen w    Butts     Vgenl
William   V,    Itini -    .VltUi ■ ll I I
Professional   ♦
BaiTister& and Solicitors,
Notice is hereby given thai 30 days
after date ( Intend to apply to the
■Honorable Chlel Commissioner ol
Lands for a license to prospeel for
cunt and petroleum ovei tbo follow
ing lauds, --iiuate In ihe district oi
Southeasl Kootenn) British Colum
bla, in Lot 4.vi;i Commencing al a
post plauted at ui mai nine miles
dm oaal ul ihe "■ i mile posl un C I'
It ■■■ i ve) lui ivhli li is the weatei n
lioundury  ul   Lot   l.vi.t,  uml  being tile
VV. 1'. GURD,
Hiii'i'isli.'i'.  Solicitor, eli'.,
llui'i'istor, Solictor, mul
NlllMIV    I'lllllll'
Villi .,.-,imi thi'llcu ivesl I'lKhtJ 1811
1'hauin; tlu'tu'e in ith eiKlU) I8O1
riiiiin- i in- r I. v '.ii ,'ii'ni v i SO' chain
Lhenei (.SO, i ii.im. to
tlio  i ii   "i  I'limnmncenu'iil    making
In   HI 1'eH,    llllll'l
l.ncntLHl   llii^    '■!!.   llftj    "I    .l:llilllll\
Waltei    I     . Uilis      l.ncatoi
Kalinin  u    Iiuu-.    vufiit
Wllllaiu  !■    butts,   u ii.,-.       in IB
Sn I'h'K
-    STBST
lent ol the Ep
, •■' \      :■ isant
asl               •   ■
.,    .     ■
- i
■   il 50        E ■   .
ll ti
•ami    . ■ -
,,   -        jpi ■■■         tl
En .:
VI --
■    :    '
....... .
■ irai ■■
■ ,- ||   .:
■ i.i Hicfci ■
■ 1 -.-   Mac
Is   and Mr.
dpi ■
;■-' rgi      :' " ■
;   Tl -■       ■   nt -
*- LS      .'. •'-■'.   ■■-    ■
nclat ion,
,  the play and
M h
the  Judges     ingi al   la
led l
mtestanl ■     t be  honors
..-. led
to Miss
Ella Johnston.
v   !':   i
iliiil    31
..','■        1   - :    cnllll
■ apply li
,,   anil
mu lnu.l>
uetl'oleiliu      ri   ■
situate hi   thc
»)      Hi ii
M   l   III
uspocl  fai
.,■   follow
illstrlci .'i
*!-,   IV,Imu
"■     »"
: .    .,■    :,     p, ,Sl
plantnl su
easl   .
In indari
nili,,'    II, -lil  1 liiililiii,;-.
1      I*.
nu:   Kii^iiii'ci   :iml
l: i
1 .:in,l  Sui'voyoi'i
I'n   Him
Mil                                 1'  L".'.'l
B.   W.   DBIW,   Vroprletor.
Notici is hereby given that no
mil- must he supplied ot charged
i the City of Cranbrook,  unless an
ile;      Inr    tbe       same   is   •riven   oil   rt
ilj printed order form, signed hy
e Foreman oi each department Dr
t  the City Clerk
Citv  Clerk.
mil  iln-. 3rd  liny ot  March,
1(1.    Cranbrook,  B,  C toll
: I  mpbrej 's
. ■ ighty  (80
ba ■ -     the ghty     {SOj
eightj      SO
■ ban s     th nee    east slit)      i SO
■hains tu the | tencement
..-..,     , ..
at ■ .  *       tSi     lav ol January
' 110
Eathe . W      Butt-s Agent
NimcE is herebj Riven that 30
daj ■ aftei dnte I intend i o npplj to
i he 11 oner able Chiel commissions) ul
Lands toi a Itceusu to prospect for
conl ami petroleum ovei the follow
uu lauds, situate in the dlsti lei ul
Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Lol   i '■':
Commotio ini; at a poat plantod at
or near nine (9J miles due oust ul the
m ' post un V. r U survey Hue
v, inch ia the western bouutlai y ul
i 13 ami beiug the uurthwest
i iirner post ol Paul A Paulson's
claim, thence oust eight) (80) chains;
thence south elghtj [80j chaina;
theuce wesl eighty (8il) chains; thonco
noi tii elghl > l ■>t|' chnins to the poln
o| commencement, making ti40 ueres
more or less
! ucated   this   15th  day ol   January
PAUL   \    PAULSON,   Locator.
Eathen W    Butts,    Agent
William E   Butts, witness.     9-18,
F. \d. C'»rrison
Baud Mii'iti'i City Baiul.
Touch a r ol Htuug "iul Staud-
inl      liinti iiiiients Choir
im imu .    OfahQStrR tviraisht-d
HOTEL Cranbrook,
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, >vith a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
one j.vi
********************** i
X Dr.
li. W. Connolly
ti\ an
Ai'iiHti-uiiK   Avo
a ui i i>
♦ 'J I,'  11  R 111
♦ I'll,.11,- Oil
▼ ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼WWW w
The   Wentworth
J. H. McDONALD Proprietor
tu tO H-JI.TO
llusldenoe ion '
tt    Br.
Hritish ( olumhla has nn men oi
252,800,000 acres, of which 1S2,000,000
are forest mul woodland. The whole
of the province south "f :>2 ilegrcoH,
ami east of tho Coast range Is n
grn'/ing country up to !(,!i00 feet.,
where irrigation is possible. Ita trade
tin : increased by over nineteen mil
lion dollars in four years, v.bil l Iti
mines' have produced no hv. Limn
three hundred million dollars The
Hritish Columhln Iorents produvc an
uually over twelve mi I Uun dullnra
aud the farms and orchards over
seven millions Millions ol ncrea ol
paper making materials are uudevel
Oped, while the coal deposit! are lbe
largest in the world The Kootenn\
conl fields alone being cnpablc ot
yielding ten mill ion Ions n yenr ful
seven thouannd years. There are Im
mouse depoaitis of iron ore, and the
area of standing timber is eaallj the
largest and most cohlpncl iu A men
ca, whilst us regards wheal landa
there are no less then ten million
acres. Hritish Columbia produce*-
over two million dollars worth ol
butter annually, und Imports four
million pounds, and two million did
lara worth of eggs aud poultry 11-r
fruit is tbe Hltest in the world, tnd
she has won tlie highest awards nt
exhibitions in Great Drltlan, Eastern
Canada and tint United  Htates
iiV:   SALE   stable!
♦ ♦
♦ Uuiii Sinjjip unci  Dnl.li'     X
'X     Drivel's,   I'm' iill   pni'ls     *
♦ nf   Ilii'  illsli'ict.    liniiil     J
{     Sn,Ml,.  Horses,    i iu.iil     j
♦ 'I'ni'iiuiils,     l'i> iii dute     ♦
x K.K.. :
a Opposite Royal Hotel Phone gi 4
♦ ♦
♦ Doeast & Deacon, Proprietors J
♦ .1.1, heacon. Mdihiger        ♦
ng lands, situate in thi d
Southeast Kootonay, Hrit is
bla, in Lor 4593: rommein
post planted ai oi near ni
Ine ensl ol the 3*1 mile post
li. Rurve) line, which is the
boundary <■( Lot  4593, ami i
S'OTTCE is herehy    given   that   30
_     ivs alter date I  intend to npply to
the  Honorable Chief commissioner of
 ,— i l.u.ids    for a license to    prospect for
mil anil petroleuni over tho lolluw-
t 30 day*. [n\i lands, situate in thc district Of
|j to the Southeast Kootenay, Hritish Colum-
jiouer of 1,li«' i» '-"i 45*33:
spect tor Commencing ut a pnst planted at
ie follow "' near eight ixi miles due east of
listrlct oi the 28 mile post on O. P. H. survey
Colum line, which is the western boundary
g at a."1 I*ot 4593, and being the South-
i milesi''""■•- cornor post of Kdwin 0. liiim-
ti OP phtey's claim; tbence east eigbty
western (80) chains; tbence North eighty (HO)
tr the j chains; thenee West eigbty l,80i chains
MM V..    V.S..
GradutiLe     of     Uniario    Vnterliiory
i.'ulluai-, Tui'imin, In IBHIi.
11 fail uu lo mul Medalist, ill MciKllllpVet-
ii'lnai'i l.'ulleite, Uhlvugo, ill., iii l»mi
XiisjUtert'il     iiicmbol'     of     tiriii.iii
C'nliiiiibia    AsMoiiiation.       "*
We ask you In cull nnd try
our new Consignment of oew
and Up to date rigs for
Winter    and    Summei.     Just
Mr Albert Sullivan, provincial
inspector was in Cranbrook lasl week
examining the pupils ol the ('ran
brook schools, the result of this vis
it will be several Important changes.
The teachers salaries wit! be placed
ou a twelve month bash-, with ei
minimum salarj ot $70 per month
The principle will receive n salary ol
$150 per mouth Another change w[U
be that beginners will he permitted
to enter school at only two stated
periods, the first two woeks ol thc
term following the summei and hull
day vacations.
It   would  seem  a.-   if  soilif  ol   the oil
nervation*, made bj Mr Macgowan in
the provincial house lasl week in re
gard to the Judiciary were highly col
ond and should not have been made
and if made some othei place should
have been selected
o    -   —
Sunday  March 13
southeast   cornei
nitwits' claim: ti
SO) chain.-;     thei
hliilis;      tbence    i
Iiains; tlicnc
the  point   of
»st'of  William  M. I thenco  South eighty    (80)    chains t
ice     north eighty I tlie point of   commencement, making
c west eighty (80) \040 acres, more oi#-Jcsr. f
uth     eighty    (80)      Located this   18th day of January,
eighty (80) chains | f''1
e or less.
i dny   of January
Located  this
William M. Gi'ilwits,   Locator,
Eathen W.  Butts, Agent
Willinm   H.   Mutts.   Witness       lii-li
ak  IKHWIN   0.   HUMPWnWYS      Locator
Eathen   W.   Ilutts,   Agent.
W.  Brock,   Witness.
Notice is hereby given tlmt 30 days
ifter date I intend to apply to the
i loimrable Chief Commissioner of
Lamb for a license to prospect for
oal and petroleum over the follow
tm lands, .situate in tbe district ol
■toutheasl Kootenay, Hritish Colum*
da. in'Lot. 4593: Commencing at a
post pinuted ut or near nine miles
dm cast of the 34 mile post ou.C.I'.
II. survey line, which is the western
boundary of Lot 4r.y:', and being the
southwest corner post of Carl K.
i; in wits' claim; tbence east eighty
■ 8D> chains; tbence nortli eigbty (B0)
i huins; thenee west eighty (80) chains
i bonce south eigbty l80j chains t<
ih,' point of 'commencement, making
('.40 acres, more or less.
Located tins 2Gt.li day    of January,
♦ 11910
aad Rellah
iu disposu
trial  ,',uil   I
Carl E.  Ciiilwits,    Locator.
Eathen  W.  Butts,  Agent.
William   K.   Butts,   Witness.      lli-lfi
Missionary  Daj
lem of     the     ev
world will be tin
the dav    The ]■
The great  pi
ugellzatlon    of the
theme throilgllO it
tor will     endeavor
The Leading Fruil btore.
Choice Oranges. Lemons
Bananas   Figs     Dates
Sweet Potatoes
Hot House Lettuce
Rhubarb     Cranberries
Sli'Wurl's a tin I linrolali-s
NOTICE is lii'ii'liy given tlmt llll
in>> after ilati- I intpml to apply to
In* Honorable I'hit'f commliisioner of
I.amis for a license to prospent for
■ ml and petroleum over the follow-
an Innils. sitnnti' in the tlistriot of
Southeast  Kootenay,   llriiisli Colum
I*. I.s. & CE,
to present the latem reporl from the
World Wide Mission fields of thc
Clirlsttan Church, and to show Cnna
iln' responsibility thereto The
evening sermon will ilnnl with the re
suits  which     nn' attending, the con
HI   H
CAI'I'F.N I l-.K'   AND
K,,r   Sulf or Hi'iii *i, Uenonable
1 iffice& Workshop- Lewis St,
Shono No. i*.
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tims Applied
To Buggy Wheels
•   :Repairing a Specialty,
Phone 50     •   •   •      \\ ii.  Boi 213.
Hot Tea or Coffee
and Fresh Home
Made Biscuits
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
We I >i'al in Kverylliinj; l'*roi1l
a Needle lo a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
ill kinds nf Second-11 unci Ooods
iMii'iiiliir,' 11 SI'KCIAiVrY
C.   B   WAItl).  Manager C. .1.  I.ITTI.H.  Bocratn
The Cranbrook Attency Co.
P   ll    IIOX   I '.i
B. C.
W. Cline
I'Mrm Claai Work In
nil   hraniiliee  ol  l,l|«
Sago's Old   Sinnil,
Plume si.M
rlansmi Avi
Steam Bottom timl I'lirnmio Work a
S|IUl!itllt\ .
»Cosl and Stocli Kstimates
PiiniisliBd Upon Application,
P.O. Box 834.
funeral Director,
1 Rocky Mountain Chapter I
i| NO.  125.   ll. A. M. I
Htigular meetlnffa:—2nd Tueii   *
day   in   eniiti   month   at i-inlit
Sojourning Companions   are
i.'01'ilially invltoit,
s       \\. F. Flinnssi:.       Sni'llie R,
$       Box 202       OIIANIIROOK. H. 0,
On Baker" stieet, one door west
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
Tonsorlal   Art |
0      DR.     KELLY
,'MV\\ Hpiicinlllal     in     iijoii'h
vmto,      iIIhi'iihiih     Send   •!   i-riii.1
Ti'ijl.'i' i      |iii«t»i«i for inn' li.ii.kliii..
Si'|"!f"* "I'.    KI'II.I.I'IV'S
rl 'I w Miihii  2lii   ilowniH st,
a» * Spok ,    Wm.li.
M.eiH in Unrinea'a Hull Hnd and  11 li
Thursday id eat'h Iilulllb nt 8 u.lti.
A.  Mrl'nWiiD,  Illilef   Itini;.'
0, A.  Ahbutt,  Sncietary.
TUltiag Btathrm mai* wflcoaM.
I'liev lust a lifetime and cosl
very little more than thrown
ugetlier, catchpenny, cheap,
machines, Sold on small
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Alius!I 00^ Avenue.
I'lliilll' 157. tll'uuliiiii.k, Ii.i'.
Gold Standard
B       Teas and Coffee
♦ Our whole time is devoted to your wants in the
y  Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every
y  article that leaves our store.
X We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
X  time goods are received that are not No. i quality.
X     -    i --  i l.-i ■■ —. . i..ii.' ,ii,i.-u-uui—suimi
X       Staple and Fanoy Orooere
a\a*aiAammm\a*AAAAAAtm\mfiAAAmf*AAa ^memma\*a\*a\*a\\AAAja AA*AaAA\AAa^Ai
*^w*ww**^wwwwwwwww*afwww*'ww*i'*^wwww*9ww*w*r veeefeeneffeef
Anchor Brand
Mioti r.varv »kuuii and Court!)
Wedrmday   nt   n«w   prattrnlty
Moll     Sojoiiiltig   ftebt-Knlir*  tor-
dkilly Invited.
N,G. MIhh  I,.  M.  T.iiinhiiiisi'i
Bee.      Mihh  Mite i'liHpitiHu.
If a man can write a
better book, preach a
better sermon, or make a better mouse*
trap than his neighbor, though he build
his house in the woods, the world will
make a path to his door.
Oak Lake la not a big place, but ANCHOR
BRAND FLOUR Is manufactured there, and (ho
order path to the mill in beaten smooth. Many satisfied
customers show others the way in. '4
Manfd. by Leitch Brothers Flour Mills
B Oak Lake, Manitoba, Canada
SOUS.  AOIUVTS. TllH gBQBPjjOTOB.    HHANIIHQOK.-.     B,   O,   BATPRDAY,  M.Mli'H  1-'. 1910
I'ajre   '"..
|| ■ ji
On Our Second Floor We are Showing a Great V
Range of Parlor, Dining Room, Den, Bed
Room, Kitchen and Office Furniture ^%^
Pleasure, comfort and satisfaction come from an attractive interior. Beauty in furniture does not necessarily imply the most costly materials, but rather good judgment in selection. The showing of everything now at our store is quite at its best. Every department has a bright, fresh, attractive and enthusiastic display. There is a vertiable harvest of house furnishings here and you are as welcome to visit us as we can possibly make you. It is not altogether by argument, but by achievement, that we desire to convince-deeds, not words, and herewith is eloquent yet
silent proof of achievement-values that bear within themselves evidence of the most convincing nature.
Come in and see them-rwe don't expect you to buy unless you are thoroughly satisfied.
Our stock of Dining Room Furniture was never more complete consisting of Chairs, Tables, Side Tables,
Side Boards, Buffets and China Cabinets in all woods and finishes.
We also have a very complete line of Table China and
Glassware at remarkably low
prices. This department is
perhaps the most complete
in British Columbia.
Our Goods are
L=£> m
Your Money Back If You Are Not Satisfied
We Know
We can please you in
Bed Room Furniture. We have just placed
in stock a beautiful range of Dressers,
Chiffoniers, Brass and Iron Beds.
We are second to no one in the line of
Easy  Chairs, Rockers, Lounges, Davenports, Parlor Sets, Parlor and Music Cabinets,   Center Tables,  Jardiniere' Stands, .
Book Cases,  Library  Tables,   Magazine J
Stands, Shades, Wood and Brass Poles.     •*
Carpets and Rugs
Beautiful Bugs direct from the manufacturers.
No second man's prolit to pay.
Those fine wearing and beautiful English Rn s are the best productions of such la
tnous makers as Templeton and Thos. Tapling.    They are unequaled in richness of pattern, beauty ol coloring and good wearing ability.   A fine assortment, at lowest prices, for
your selection,   We also stock a large range of Canadian makes, which are very beautiful
in design   good wearing quality and low iu price.
We are showing a large range of Lace and Tapestry Curtains, Linen Table Sets,
Table Covers, Madras Muslin, Down Quilts, Cotton Quilts, Blankets, Sheets and Pillow
We Agents for the Famous
We sell them on easy terms
Wc arc A-gents for thc
Wc sell them on easy terms
f z -•■-■;,,t
'   I 4&\
% I'llL.'.'   I
THK PtlOBPBCTOft,   ORANBROOK,     ll.   0„   SATURDAY, MARCH 12, lull)
Patmore Bros.
ENGINEERS       .        .       .       .
are sold only l'\
The Montelius Piano House
4.39 - 441  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,  B.C.
Branch Stoie   n , Josephine Stir.-t, Nelson, B C.
Geurge   Welcli,   Selling   A^eiit, Cranbrook, B C
H.    H.    STAN ION,
Manager for   all    Eastern    B. C,    Business.
| ••• •-$»«■-.• -j ••••»••••••• !■■•      MrlNTIHK ,v  EHU'KSON,    locatoil NOTICE
: « •   "ii Ainisiiniii:   \\,i , nexl    iloni to Notice is herebj  Riven Unit  im iluys
• J   Tin' Prospectoi    ntlicc     Hi'mliium'tern nltci  ilate I Intenil   lu   apply in the
• *' for .siii',-1 musl, mul mimical tjiipplles. l-louorabte Chlel Coiaiulsulouur »I
'. LOCAL NEWS • -''"''''v Eiigravers Agents '"' the Unils rot a llconae to prospeel for
,        i-vvnk.    i,i_«  — .        j   [amoua   |{,,s,.^ i.,-,,,I,,-,     Dressing i"i "'"i ami potcolouin   over the fallow
. •   i.in colored     ihoe        gunrnntceil    '" Inn lainl«, altuato   In the   illstrlcl ol
. •• keep "in  anon    water     anil kmep the Hottthuasl   Kootenay,   Urltlah t'oluui
• '•    Uii   'Ill        I'luilli'   121 lllll     ill    l.i'l    1698       l'i nrurlllf   111   a
 i 1 • •> po t   pinuted   nl  or   noar live   iinles
Mra.  .1   Taylor, "i    Moyio   wns In cuKPOUATlON   UK THK   ri'I'V UK II   mirvcj   lino, which is tho   westoni
in, i vim,,,ui i,"im,mn   "i  I."(   1598, nml being thai
noillicaal     cornor posl ol Chester It.,
imi i'. , Iiiiiii   thonco south eighty
i ml chains; thenco    wesl eighty ism I
un and niii'i   March   15th nod. an) chnlns;     thonco   north     olglity    ihui r
.1    i   ,\,M. Him. "i Winnipeg was in  Ao(, ,„  hitcn [omil| , .„,  .,,   Ul..,. , |,.mi„   , „.,. ,.„„, 0iKiny , ki i, chains
withonl   tii,'     in beceol    liming i,, lho pnllil  ol cominencoinont, innk
paid n tax ;i~ required bj   Sei'timi III Ine CIO ncros, i o or less
"i liv inn  \"   .' "i ih,- nu "ii'inii       Looatod Hns   .'ml day ol Kebruary,]
brook    Such     .lot m  hlti h     mil ho run
impoiindeil nn.    mles   i-oilinnnod with Chostoi   ll   I'niilson,   Locator,
III   tlll'i'i'       i'l,'..       : i llll 1'    nn
ponndlne evi  .     inch  doe  m     bitcii
Kaster S'oveltii
it Stewarts
tin- children,
•uiilh   Xotlce ii- lv
ilm: "i  hitch found i uuiiIuh nl   l.u k«
ilwood iiiii tin uuiii iii  Stewarts
,-.[   "i    ilif   ri,
i,t   Methodist   t'hurcb  Sunday
W llll,
I'lnllii'ii   W.   Bulls,   Agont.
K     Hulls,   Witness,       III 15.
I'   u   I'lirk. nl   Winnipeg,    was
the i.iv IVednesdaj
\n entin      >    i        progi nm nt tho
Idlson Theatre ti
hubai ' ni   Stewarts I idn.
\h      nml Mu-    I    !■:      Gibbons, "'
Vslik   were in tin- city  Monday
mil I.,'  lostroyi ;
ni        u   lUHIKUTS
i'ii\  clerk
I'uiiii k    H   i'     Marcll   loth,1910
sim. iikk S   SAI.K
62^c per acre cash and 62^c
once each year thereafter
secures tu you ;i HR1 I ISM   COI.l MB1A   I'AK'M
in ilie British Cuhiniliin   Southern:  Colui  I   ■
Kootenay and Western Kailwav   Conipain -   Land
Grants.     These lands are t.-tnineiitl) suited foi   '.  e
raising ol
and may be purchased un these EAS*i II.KMS
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking fur settlers Inl this pari
—m^mmmmmm— e -^tmm„^___
Timber I.ami-, ul iln' liisjliesl rharaeter, situated in
these (Irants, are ollered lui sale in blocks ol Irom
b.|i i acres upward.
^^—~^-m*mr   M ~~Ha^ewwm^--
Apply l" thi' address as shown on the attached [[coupon
fur Maps, Applii .iiuui I'urnis, Regulations and Literature
Cultqiicst    i>l     th)
i !ros8
tit   Method im   t'hii
th   Suiiit-i
■nav    Pure     Km it
J*ns, a
ill &  Maiming
Mrs   K   K   Uvel>   ol Spokant
nk   . isitot  Tb  I  du]
Mi a   Sav pel      .    Mai ysi Hi
hopping Rt  Cranbrook Tuesday
lenderson   oi   Bull  Ri>
'.'.■..- slue
5ti ■• arts I koic
I]    s     ■'•■   c*    mid « biti   . i lsi
Nuhi'i' in hereby Riven that 30 days
:iii«'i date i int*• tni in apply to the
Honorable Chlel Commiaslonei* oi
Landt loi » license to prospect for
coal aud petroleum ovoi the lollow-
lu  vi f execution   mt   lauda, situate   In the   district ol
lj    t'ourt ni   Southeast  Kootenay,   Urltish Colum
Wesl   Kootonay,  hohlen  al   Nelson, lu   bin,  in  Lol   4593:    i' monclhg  at a
action wheivol Mnrti Malletto Is posl planted al ot near four miles
I l and tnthon) Modifih Is de .In*- cast ol the 39 milo post on O.P,
[endenl I havi iciaed uud taken in It, snrvoj line, which is the western
execution nil thc rljihl title and in boundary ol Lot ■irt,):t. and being the
teresl ol the -said dependent, Anthonj northeast corner post ol Paul A.
Modigh, in the ntiueral elnims •■Man Paulson's clnlm: thence south eighty
hatton" and 'Happj IMU" iituatod chains; thence west eighty (HO)
:i Little Sand Creek" about six chains; thence north eighty (SO-
miles north ol Jaffray, and reeorded chaltiB; thonce east eighty tso> chains
i   Minim-    Recorder  to tho point ol commencement, mak-
Scissors and
tit IT.int*.
\.\ .    will oflei    tii
claims   foi   sah   bj
the Court Ht    i
brook,   H    C
la> ..'    Marcl
tweiv.   o'clock
Uh da\
said    mineral
■I the Cits ol Cran
Tuesdaj the 18th
0, al the hour ol
n      Terms of sale,
Ch- la   F trkej     Pigs aud     Malaga
„■ apt s at  Stem art -
The    C :■',■■ si the   Cr<
-.:   '•'■■■" tl  S
ble .1   Walsh   ol  Port Steele
In   city    Friday     on     legal
Dated at  Nelsi
.-I February PJ10
r.   c
ill of
:Mr!i    day
ith Kootenay,
The above sale is     adjourned until
Tuesday     March 15-th.  1910,     at the
same hour and place above mention
ed in the City ol Cranbrook,
s.  P, Tuck.,
Sheriff of South Kootenay.
Se.- rj h Leask &
tor -print: building a
starr with the openim
.i ,   for  plan
be   ready   t
o( the seasoi
Mrs .1 li Davidson,
Wash , was a Cranhr
Mi nday.
k visitor i
Tuesday aftnrr
tn CalL'aiy
left     "ii Ui- ""flyer"
mi  on  a   business trip
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
aftei dale 1 intend to apply to Uie
Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands foi a license to prospect lo
coal and petroleum over the following lands, situate in the Mistrlct of
Fresh Cauliflower, Lettuce, Celery Southeast'Kootenay, Hritish Col timid Rndishes af Campbell & Manning   bin,  In  Lot  4593:    Commencing at a
post plnnteil m or near seven miles
due ensl of the 3fi mile posl on C.P,
It, survey line, which is the western
boundary ol Lot 4593, and heme the
southwest corner post of Anna K.
Paulson's claim: thenee east eighty
(80) chains, thenco nortb eighty (80)
cbains; tbence west eighty (80) chains
thence south eighty (80.1 chains to
the point of   commencement, making
lllll acres, more or   less.
Located  this 29th  day ol Jdnunry,
Anna  It.  Paulson,    Locntor,
Eathen VV.  Putts.  Agent.
Willium  K.   Mutts,  Witness.     10 L5.
II H. fieri., F. U. Osborn and F.
Wilson, ni Montreal, were at the
Crnnbrook  Thursday.
G. M Cray, of Ottawa; and W.
.1. Humphreys, of Acton, (Hit , were
nt the Cranbrook Monday,
Cnlilornia Tangerines at Campbell
& Manning,
W. S. Collins, general agent for
the North Western railway, wus in
tbe citv  Friday.
Desli 13 Assi. In 2nd Viie President,
Calgary, Alberta,
Please send me all In ts pertaining tu yutn lands in B, C,
% Your money
back if
does not prove entirely
satisfactory in the baking.
DON'T simply buy fli r from I - : liar i I mt«irt>ofll Biiyhlgh-
. nu 1 i : V I I.Dl'K, Tin Iii ' ' ■ ' '■'■■'
cost is limn? than nuule up by Ilie extra number of lu ,'esol ren-1 ti site,
by llietuperi rity uf lbe brew! nml pjslry in iweeli en ul Ha m ami iiuiir-
isbin^ qual tii • llui un I'mii I ur is a ttneiil S .- '■ '■■■■■ e
returns, nol i i :'-' on accuunl of Pi «' • ■■ ; ■ mon I Im inse
Purity cniitaiiis the jfreal.-r 11 ritlient anil tbe vii i .f 1 ai ' wheat
flour, h'ui-il maiie flutn 1'urit) I 1. ..-,■ es the i inei healtl ' i| auil
fori i, wliii li i.*i.in,I : i- y..: ml from 1 In   weaker soft win ..' 	
" M 0 R E B R E A D A N D B E T T E R B R E A I) "
Notice is hereby given that. 20 days
i after date 1 intend   to   apply to the
. .      ,   Honorable   Chiet     Commissioner   or
A.  Carney,  of    Kaslo,     provincial   |j(lll)|s foI  rt iicell80 to   prospect   for
timber Inspector, and   bis son H. A. ■ rnnl ami petroleum   over the follow-
Carney, were in town Wednesday. !t)R |,H1(iSi aituato    in tho   district of
, Southeast  Kootenay,   Hritish Colum
J. Douglas, of   Saskatoon, and \\.imll[ |n  Lot 4593:    Commencing at a
H.   McGregor, of  Royal  View,  Alta.,    |IOHt    panted nt   oi  neni .-even miles
were at the Cranbrook Wednesday.        t\m ena-- ,,( the :i.ri mile post on C.I
It. Hiirvej  line,  which is tho   western
Stewart, tho Fruiterer,  will receive   l)onm*,ai.v ,,,  \j0\   ir,n;i, and being the
a choice collection ol hot house palma  southwest     corner post   of   Caul A.
ferns and plants for Kaster. Paulson's claim   thence  north eighty
  (80) chains; ihenee     wast eitcbtv isoi
W. Hui-ton has purchased the c|m|nH; thence south eighty (80)
Munro Hotel at Creston, and took (-bains; thenee east eighty (80) chains
possession of the same last Monday.   l() ,|,(, ,„,int ,,| commencement, mnk
ing ii40 ncres, more or less.
Sittings of the supreme court, will he      Located  this 29tli  dav of January,
held in Cranbrook twice annually, on 11*110.
the fourth Tuesday   in    May and the | P&\\\   \    1'nulson     Locator
fourth Tuesday in October. [3ft't|,en  w.  butts,  Agent.
■    — William   K     Hulls,   Witness.       10 If..
Ingersoll     Cream.     Roi| 11 forth old  - ____
Rngllsh  Stilton Cream     Bricks, and NOTIOB
oil; G40 acres more or less.
Located  this   2nd dny ot Kebruary,
Paul   A,   Paulson,    Locator,
Ratheii  W.  Butts,  Agent.
William   F.   Hutts,   Wilness.      10-15.
Notice is hereby given that 30 day*
alter dale I intend to apply to the
Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the following lands, situate in the district of
Southeast Kooteuay, Hritish Columbia, in Lot 459:i: Commencing at a
pust pinuted at or near four miles
due east of the 2\\ mile post on C.P.
It. survey line, which is the western
boundarj ol Lot 459:1, aud being the
southeast coruer post of Joseph S.
Danner's claim: thenee north eighty
(80) chains; thence west eighty 1,80)
chains; thenee south eighty (80)
chains; thence east eighty (80) chains
to the point of commencement, making MO acres, more or less.
Located  this   2nd day of Kebruary,
Joseph S. Danner.   Locator,
Eathen W. Butts,  Agent.
William   K.  Butts,  Witness.      10-15.
See our window for a complete assortment High grade
goods and reasonably priced.
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook B. C.
Notice is hereby given that 30 flays
after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands for n license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the following lauds, situate in the district of
Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593: Commencing at a.
post pinuted at or near live miles
due east of the .'19 mile post on C.P.
R. survey line, which is the western j
boundary of Lot 4593, and being the!
north weat corner post of Anna K. j
Paulson's claim: thenee south eighty I
(80) chnins; thence cast eighty (801 I
chains; tbence north eighty (801 !
chains; tbence west eighty (80) |
chains to the point of commencement,
making G10 acres, more or less.
Located this  2nd day of February,
Anna K. Paulson,   Locator.
Rat hen  W. Butts,  Agent.
William  K.  Butts, Witness.      10-15,
— . .**>■*>-**	
To get the best results from
'your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
Dried Blood   Fertilizer
Try Our    Blood and Bone Mixture
P. O. Box 3.
<*..*}.* ■*.*:*-^*.-*y*;-i^>
Limberger     Cheese    at    Campbell  &
Nollce i.s hereby glvon that  30 days
after date  I   intend   1,0    apply  to Ihe
Honorable   Chiel      Commissioner    of
H, \\.  Dart, of     Winnipeg,     ll. H. ; Lftmja for u license to   prospect    for
Chauncy, of Montreal, and  A. Ward,   n)ftj  ,„„• pctroloutu   over the follow
nl   Spokane  were gmsts nt   the Ornn*   |„->  lands, situate    in  tlio   dlstrlcl   ol
brook   Sunday  last. Southensl   K enuy.    Hritish   Colum
iiia, iu  Lot, '1593:    Commencing at  n
A  large amount  of main  line bnsi  . ,ltM)    planted nl   or near seven miles
ness ol the C   p. tt, was    trnnafered   duo east of the ;ir. mile posl on C.P,
ovoi   the Crow line this week, owing   n, Hurvoy lino, which is ihe   western
on the main liue.
"The   Conquest   of    the   Cross,"
subjeel   at   Methodist  Chinch  Sunday
"The    Coiuniesi    of    the   Cross,"
ihjeel  ai  Methoiiist  Church  Sunday
I1 K Brown, Of Kernie; J, Veiieiu
ble, of Vancouver, and II S. Volk
nenr, ol Seattle, were al the Cran
brooki Wodn ssday,
boundnry ol Loi 1593, nml being tho
northwest comer post of Charles W.
Mason's claim: thonce oast elghly
(80) cbuins; thonce south eighty (MM
chains; thonce wosl eighty imh chains
thenee north   eighty  (80)     chuius to
Lho 1 1  ol commencement,  mnklnjj
i.ln acres, more or less.
Loculed   tins   29th   dnv   of daiiiiarv,
Churles  W.   Musoii,     Locatoi,
Rathon  W.  Hutts, Agent,
William   lv   Units,   Wilness.       |U 15,
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date 1 intend to npply to the
Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands for n license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the following lauds, situate in the district 01
Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593: Commencing at a
post planted at or near four miles
due east of the 39 mile post on C.P.
It. survey line, which is the western
boundary ol Lot. 4593, and beiug the
southwest corner post of Joseph 8,
Banner's claim: tbence north eighty
(80) cbuins; thence east eighty (MO)
chnins; thence south eighty (80)
chains; thence west eighty (MiM chains
to tlie point of commencement, making 1140 acres, more or less.
Loeuted this *-'uil dny of February,
Joseph S, Haulier,   Locator,
Knthen W.  Butts,  Agent
Willinm   K,   Butts,  Witness.      10 15
F. O. E.
Meol mer' Krliliiv hi h |i.iii
VWlin,.'   llrulliiTa  Cuniiiill,    Inviii'il
W. B. Jaliiuon, netlns inositol.
W. F. a. Cartel', acting Sec.
Acrle Physician,   P,  u.   but 28.
;!Ham and Bacon
Our smoked meats are always fresh stock.    We
'.',    are sure tliat if you try them once you will agree
with us that they are the best  flavored   and   most
wholesome smoked  meats you  have ever eaten.
tt     11    McKiii Inn
ni  Moyl
F,   tt . lum nn   nl  Vancouver; II.li.
Pnrkei  ol     Seattle; li    A,   I'ati' nl
Yuu enn buy ns In
laBeUlllllJ i..,.:  l,u,,rU
%'/ rtl.JM • ,:,.j I
 " '    -  llnurs
lllll nil      >••.>*
i1,.in norlli ■   ■ .n*m      I
em-c     T..I..- .■ :....,„■
Ill    '  ■ ■■ ,:   Via VnsnH)
Iriulr mark
UU, -. '.Vim.ikh. Mi" Mills ut SI  llnii.i, i-   ('.win   li, Drniift'i
nl l.iiilu.-
Miiii' ,   nl
i,i Wlnnlpi
Until, S   I
I li  Weil
;   L,
mil   II    Lnxlti.
nteroil   ui tin.
inllli. nl
hr I'nin■
I'l IK S \Ll'   \W
nl     ,lnlili
I'rem li nvi'i
(I   Mm  Ml
i   Maurice g
in himliiofls
'. eibil.
lilnl Illli
HIi    ..I
i.i  In
n lelt on Tlitll'eilay nn
to     points In Ilie Inr
What Ails You)
Do you Icel wetlk, tired, despondent, hnve 1'reuueat brad-
Rche*i Quilted inniiur, hitter or huil Utile in nHirniii>>.
"Iirurl-burn," bebbin-' of £\is, ucid rising in thruul hIIci
eHtiilft, Htuitmch gmm or hum, foul brcutb, di/.zy iptlltn
pour or vnriithle ■ppetitc, onusru nt times mid kindrcU
lymploois ?
If you hnve Hiiy t!onniileralile numher ol ttm
above «ymploiii-< vou are no Deri oft from hilioiia-
nesi, lor|iitl liver with iiiilijti-stioo, or ilyipepHia.
Ilr. I'iarce'd (ioltlcii Medii*ul Di-tcoverr it* nmtla
np ol ihe moil vuluiilile oieilieiual priociplei
known In meduMil sciiiu-e lor the permanent
cure of inch uhoorotul eondilioiii. ll trt a most
rltit'M'ni liver iovi*(orHlor. hIoiihu'Ii lonif, bowel
rcrtnlator aotl nerve streii|>lh< tier.
Tlie "Golden Medluil Dlncovery" '**• nol h pulenl medicine or neorol nostrt*'
■ lull   lisl ol   it* iii)|rr.licuts hriuM printed on ils boUle-wrflpper and tltti
uutler UBth,    A  tlioicr nt these will show tlmt it t-imhiir   nu A'l.lud, nr hi'
ful  Im hit-form Ind droits.   It  is » fluid extract msute wllh •;rv. friple-rrfi.
glvorrine, of proper  sirendtli. from the rooln of  native   \nieiicnn   ntdh
Uttfl plnnt|.     World,'-* UUpeiutiry Mrdinil AllOUlutJOII, I'.'i '•''■•'■ "
P. Woods & Co.
P.O. BOX 164
George  R.  Leask & Co.
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
********************** **********************
21. 3. -Binning


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