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The Prospector Jan 1, 1910

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Library ol L»l *•••
Vol. W.
CRANBROOK,   li. C,   SATURDAY,   JANUARY   1,   1910.
No. 1
Bring Prosperity to Kim-
berley and Marysville.
Consolidated M. & S. Co.,
Take Over Kimberley
Siler-Lead Mine.
Tho Port Steele Mining St Smelting
Company, who recently secured the
property of the Sullivan Group Mining Company, which Is located at
Kimberley aud Marysville, have leased the property to the Consolated
Mining and Smelting Campany.
Tho property is leased to the Consolidated Company (or a period of
two yearn, with an option to purchase. ^B 	
The lessees, are to begin work im-! —	
SF£&d. ^WS^."^N«" Commissioners   Exonerate
the mine Is to bo spent    in develop-1 Chief Of PollCO DOW-
ment work.   The lessees    are bound
at 1 enst   one   nf   the contestants is
pretty  sure    to   lie    more  severely
tempted  by tbe gamblers.   Tin; sure-
tliing men always collect at big fights
I and there is no limit to their malar
ity. When  Bob Fltzaimmons  whipped
'• Jim Corbett nt Carson (.'ity heturn
i ed down an offer of IliHl.uuo to lose.
1 The   gamblers   who offered lum that
amount     would     have   made   many
times   that   sum   had   FlUslmmouH
fallen   for   their   game,but that was
1 ono time when Bob was on tho level-
It was a grudge light with him that
day, for he had an old score to wipe
oat.   It is    generally     thought that
Jeffries   will   have   something of the
same   feeling   toward   Johnson when
! he   faces   him   next   July that Fitz-
| slmmons   had   for Corbett, but some
.doubt   is   expressed   when  Johnson's
'name   is   mentioned.   Will tho negro
! who   loves   money   ho much, be able
to    withstand     the     temptation    of
doing   business    with   the   gamblers?
Would Johnson refuse to take a licking   for    $100,000,   or   perhaps twice
that sum?   Add that amount to his
, legitimate   winnings   and his   end of
the   moving   picture   money   and  it
j would   pay   him   better to lose than
to win.   Could he withstand such an
offer?   Contests between two men  in
which   so   much   money   is   involved
lire v ory   dangerous   to   bet on.   In
fact an axiom of wise betting men is
"never   to   risk   much  on   anything
that   can   talk."   Hut   there   will be
plenty    of   "sucker"   money   at. the
ringside   when    Jeffries and Johnson
clamber   through   the   ropes to tight
for the heavyweight championship of
the   world and the  sure-thing gamblers will have their eyes on it.
by their agreement to mine and take
out 30,000 tons of ore during the life
of their lease, and to pay to tbe
Fort Steele Mining and Smelting Co.
The Police Commissioners of Cranbrook City met In the court room on
Tuesday afternoon, and resumed the
investigation of certain     .statements,
Noted Range   Rich in
in the World   Room
for Development.
ditions. Almost all silver and lead
produced in the Cordilleras region
comes from southern British Columbia, mainly Irom the southeastern
part of ttie province. Cn L907 tho to
tal production of lead in British Columbia was -17,738,703 pounds, and
above three-quarters of this amount
came from the Fort Steele district,
in Blast Kootenay. In the same
year the amount o[ silver recovered'
In British Columbia was f
ounces. ' *-
Uy far the largest single producer,
of lead is tbe St. Eugene mine, discovered In 189G near Moyie. The ore
bodies lie in a nearly vertical fissure
zone, outcropping for a vertical rtis-
tunce of above U,000 feet on the side
of a steep hill. The country rock is
a ijuarUlte of Cambrian or pre-Cnm-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        brlan age.    The fissure zone consists
of two main roughly pararoll, fissures
two to three hundred feel apart and
connected with cross veins.   The ore
ti    --. . r,.   .       .consists chiefly   of argentiferous   ga-
Its Mines Among Richest iena wmi   some zinc blend and a
little pyrlte. During a considerable
period of time the ore averaged about
IS per cent lead and carried about 0
ounces of silver. The gangue Is usually country rock with some quartz.
In tho same district the North Star
 .— mine, near Kimberley   is of an units
1 al type.    The country rock Is an al-
„,     _     ,,,, ,, ,.   .    a    .,    .   ,    tered feldspathic    sandstone, and the
T_hp C,ortlilUl!'r„S. !l!i S&^L&S:I contort of     rock and ore    bodies isjl|m(. -:■
generally sharp.    The ore consists 01 L|jftn     |
nearly pure argentiferous   galena associated  with some lead  carbonates
The ore bodies lie close to the but
both regularity and punctuality
a number of new books have just
been added tu the library of the
school. The Ladies Bible class presented the superintendent with n very
handsome gold signet ring as a mark
of esteem in which he is held.
A dinner will be served in the Gym
on   New-   Year's   day   at 6:80.   After
,*T I*   r* the dinner games will be Indulged in
Will   Commence i and   a    very   pleasant    and informal
levelling spent.   All who want a go.nl
start   for   the   year  1910 should try
and   be present.   No   charge   will be
made,     o   free will    offering   Will lie
taken ior the liym funds to assist In
wiping out the small debt remaining
Ion the property.   No children will be
I admitted without parents,
p. R.
Kootenay Central.
Provincial  Secretary Gets
Legislation Ready.
Plan  Is To   Build   From Vl8ilod ihe Baptist Ohuroh Sunday 'university   Commission-
Wardner to Golden
In Sections.
erica, in Mexico and ln the western
states, is recognized ns one of the
greatest mining regions of the world
noted principally for Its wealth in
gold,    silver,   copper   and lead.   Thc
extent and
Winnipeg,    Dec. 28,   It is
a recent, conference
an    Pacific officials here
The annual  Christum*     Tree enter
. talnmenl ol the Blblo School ot the
Crnnbrook Baptist Church was held
nn Wednesday the 39th There was a
house full, chiefly "f juveniles. The
programme was excellent, both as tu
the songs, recitations, dialogues, etc,
reported j and its uu.derate length. Pastor
Oharlos W*. King occuplod the chair
nnd warmly commondod the scholars
Medical Inspection-
Trained Nurses.
Of  Cairn
the qui
ing pieces
1,    silver,   copper   nun  iuuu.    iuv i •„ „   K i . i .      i <u i u> •  m-
•dllleraa stands unparalleled In the | ft^3L51S!IU?SS^.2Sl I ?»!< ""* «|
tinn of the early construction of tho for ilieir growluR interest ln tin
Kootonay Central railway wns tnkon I work ol tho school anil attendance nr
up nml tlio oxpondltnro wns approved tlio public services.   Mr. 0. R. She
world tor the continuity, extent and|'" "?™ f1"'" ,H,C basin.shapod, nearly
variety of tholr mineral resourcos, fl,aWyj"s' i."?.? '"'" ° f°Z'J™.1' °
■xi   Canada, and in Alaska, this belt   •», OM tavtag measuna 400  eotln
maintains   its   reputation;   although
the sreater part unpro-
ities     for
are now inadi
em;.,   wue   iu.'iifc   un:     iimu  ui   i,,,,,..ii,i;   rival,   1U81   111       I1I1U',  ,,[   ttllt
60 miles a year from tlio Crow's Nest  |,y night ni   nlr-ahlp,    Pari
Pass line to the north.   The junction „„jfl,. was produeod by his
20 per cent of the net profits derived i which appeared ln a recent issue of
from the sale of said ore. I rh« Searchlight.
If the Consolidated   company, suc-i    1,ev-„R'   Hughes,    editor     of   the
ceed ln taking out 30,000 tons of ore Searcbitg"•„WBS represented by Bai-
inalde    of   six   months, tfey, under; "■'*•'. 8. Usher, of Pernio,
their agreemet nre compelled to pur-1    Barrister, M. A   Mardonnld appear
ehaso tho property. i "d on beh<1" "' cllit'' DuW
The property consists ol three mlu-, *'"> Otty, Attorney 0 H. Thon.p-
lng claims, the Hamlet, Shylock and i sou. «"» '•''«» "J tlle interest of tlie
Hope, and are located about two Corporation of Oranbrook.
miles north of Kimberley. At Marys-; *«" hearing the testimony ol.Rev.
ville, the property leased, consists ol Hughes, and Chief Dow, the tollow-
an up-to-date smelter, having a ca- '"K, decision was given by Mayor
pacltv of about 200 tons, which can Fink. chairman of the committee:
be increased to 500 The Commissioners, are     surprised
Tho mine Is equipped with a Brat!*' your publication of these state-
class compressor, hoisting and pump-1 "»;>" "*»» appeared In the Searching plant. I liRht. ana ou the evidence which you
The showing of ore in the mine ls i havo presentod to thc commission,
enormous. According to examine- also In the fact that you have cations made by exports auring the denvorcd to protect those who in-
past year, their is over 200,000 tons formed you of tlie facts alleged, that
of ore In sight, ready tor stoplng. a man of your profession should
With thUfc-large amount of ore inJ overtook the equally important fact
sight, the lessees will have no troub- "'at Chief Dow and his family should
le in mining 30, 000 tons of ore In- uavo been accorded an equal amount
side of the stipulated six months.      »' protection, nt least to thc extent
Mr. Blaylock, a representative of of finding, beyond any doubt, that
the Consolidated company is now In the statements published, were true,
charge of the property, with Mr. J. We, the members of this commis-
Oarueron, as mine manager, and a!slon> after hearing and carefully con-
number of men are at the mine pre-: sidering tho evidence, in the fullest,
paring for Immediate operations.       : <">d most complete manner, exonerato
There    is no   doubt but tbat    the  Chief of Police Dow.
the lessees   mean to    do business In |
mining, and to open up the property'            INSTALL OFFICERS
as  soon   as possible and that in the 	
IVaTJTJLg otratton. ""*l" * Special Emergent Meeting of
Tho trouble with    tbe Sullivan ore a. p  & j,   jyj
has been the difficulty and expense of i
getting the proper flux to mix with' A special emergent meeting of
the ore from tho mine, but with ore i Oranbrook Lodge A. F. & A. M, was
from the North Star, or the St. Eu- i held lu tbe Masonic Temple on Mon-
geue, It is said that the combination ] day evening. Thore were a large
will make a sell-flimug proposition., number of the craft in attendance.
The     resumption of     work on the!   Tho principal business wns thc In
Sullivan, will bring renewed prosper- j stalatlon of officers, and thc annual
Ity to   Kimberley,     and   witb     the i celebration of St. John's day.
starting   up   tbe  smelter  at Marys-!   The following officers were install-
ville, the residents of these two rain-1 ed: ^
ing camps will receive a New Years' | Bro.   W.   F.   Attridge   W. M
gift,   that will bring    prosperity to j Bro.   A.    McCowan  S. W
all. Bro
A force of sixteen    men loft Cran-; Bro
lice   28.   Several nitereHt-
>t   government legislation
uro now being   prepared iu    tlie pro-
vlininl secretary's    department   (or
presentation to the house at its as-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    seinbling for ihe dispatch of business
tho Montreal author-1 herd] the  superintendent,   in a brief; on January   80.   line of   these hills
isomont.    Statements! Word, noted   tlio substantial growth  provides tor the creation of the prom-
to Indicate lhat this of tho school, aud presonted a sum- Isod    university   commission,    with
he forthcoming    and hor of prizes to tlio scholars,   Thou  whloli will be   left absolutely tho lo-
tonders lor a section of the line will considerable   rackel   outside   created cation ol the new provincial unlvorsl-
ho willed for in a couple of months. |H,,me commotion among tho scholars   ty, which ll is hoped to convert Into
Tho plans    discussed nt the confer- it waa found to bo oausoa t.y the nr-1 an accomplished fact during the next
ence were along the   line of building j rival, just In     time, ol Banta Claus  fow years.    Iu   view of   possible pre-
of the iudlce In appointing this commission
produeod hy his old Blotgh  roprosontatlvea of McC.lll and Toron-
it is   thought     will he ut    or   nearh,ells which the old joy maker cannot  to universities will he    excluded and
Wardner.     A grade of four-tenths of aiscard in his ohango ol locomotion    tho board    will be    chosen from the
one per cent is said to havo heen se- Trie very     Scotch-like   acconi of ^u ' provinces of  Saskatchewan,   Alberta,
brief cured and plans prepared for connec-cinus betrayed   where he came from   Manitoba.     Ontario, Quebec and the
cam-  ting with tlie tiinin line at ({olden.     |tlrit ,„. aomo     othoi  lime.    Some ol  moratlmc provinces,      Ontario being
  .... . resumed with vigor.1    It is understood that the Canadian  tho     youngsters   whispered     to   tho roproaoated by a    man from Queen's
some of the main I Winston  Spencer Churchill,  president: Pacific has 200,1100 ncres of good land nthera "1  litiow who he is"    Kvery    university,   Kingston, and Quebec hy
delighted     with his visit,  a man from Laval
_^_^_^^^__^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^_______^^__1^„^_^^^___   hail a good time.    The tree I    Another     government bill In which
holt ls untouch-  in which ho says: Intendeut    Sharp of   the     Dominion I WHa won    im\m   W|t|, candles, cards,   Dr   Young  is taking special  interest
ed.    Probably     not one-fifth may be     "The forces of reaction are out for  govornment     experimental   farm   at „m| gifts, BOmo ,,i which created  no  provides  for compulsory medical ex-
suid to have been prospected at all, a double event.   They  are  gambling  Agasshs recenlly    visited the couutry nttlo morrlmont.    In the programme I amlnatlon at frequent periods in pub-
not one-twentieth   prospected  in  do-  with   the   rights   and freedom or the  ami wns so highly     pleased with Its tho great unspeakable gilt was given'
tail;      und not     one area, however, nation,   nnd   they are running a tre- agricultural     possibilities     thut    he duo and helpful prominence.
small, completely tested. inendous   risk   to   win u tremendous I made investments in the district.      .      	
Lode mining may he said to have, prize.   That prize is no less than the: — ■	
commenced   , iu     British     Columbia, camplcte tying up of tho democracy, | ^ ^.jrr. rpQ KEC0GNIZE MAORIS
n both for ^^^^^^^^^^^^
In Canada this    heir ims a length
of 1,800 and a   width of   tOU   milts.	
It is     pre-eminently   a great mining  ,,,       , ... ~ -, . . ,   n
region.   Its rocks rango from the oia-1 Churchill Says  Bl'lttSll PfitTS ate
est formation to the   youngest; vul-
canisni and     mountain building pro-        _^^^_^^_^^.^^^^
cesses have repeatedly heen  active.        London,     Dec.   US,—Alter   a
Although   devolopod   along tho In-. Uhristmns   truce   the   election
ternatloual Boundary    Lino   on the patgn  hns been   result...
south, and while    sonic of the main i Winston  Spencer Churchill,  president; Pacific has 200,1100 acres of good land
streams     hnve   been prospected     to of   tho   board   of trade, has Issued a i adjacent   (o   the   line   which will be   |,,„|v  w,
some    extent    for placer gold,   the long   address  to the Dundee electors | thrown open  for settlement.    Super- and nil
:rcuter part of thc 	
in a Doublo Conspiracy.
about fifteen yenrs ngo, thu production previous to this date being
largely in placer gold ami conl. In
18D3 thu 'annual production d mln-
orals in BritUh Columbia hail a value ot about $3,500,000; it now runs centratea
about $25,000,000. The total production of British Columbia to thr
end     ot   1907     was   approximately
$300,000,000.    The     Yukon, which up I ists' system ^^^^^^
to the present has produced  practi-     A. J. Balfour, leader of the opposl-
cally only    placer gold,     in credited  tlon   in   the   house ol commons, lias
both through it.H politics nnd its In*:
dustry, -——	
Mr. churchiii does not. mention tbe Aimrionn Commander Visits Nioa
governments Irish policy or tho oth-1
planks  in   the platform, but con- ragliau PrGfj.dOllt
bis   whole   attention upon,    „ , , .   .   ,
Monagun,    Dec,  27.—Hear    Admiral
William Wirt  Kimball in command of
he American     warships nt  f'orlnto,
arrived nt Managua today on a ape*
wbolo attention upon i
the warning of the electors against
the peers' doublo conspiracy to secure j
tho   lords'   veto nnd   tho protection- j'
With over $125,000,000.
The C'ordilleran Belt iu Oanada is
not only rich in gold, silver, copper,
lead and zinc, but has enormous resources of coal of excellent quality,
varying from lignites to anthracite,
which is conveniently distributed.
Only the coal areas In the southern
portion of the province, and a few
.small areas on the Talkwa and Nass
recovered from his illness nnd will
soon begin his campaign speeches.
Lord Rothschild addressed a meeting
in the cast end of London tonight,
but had a hostile reception.
T. P. O'Connor, Irish member of
parliament, appeared before his constituents in Liverpool and waa received with enthusiasm.
John Dillon, member of parliament
brook on Wednesday morning for the
mine, to place It in condition for immediate operation. It la said that
this force will be increased early in'
the coming month,
A    Hhankland  J. W.
K.  VV.  Connolly  8.
Bro.   It.    Burna T.
Bro.   O.    A.   Abbott  I. Q.
Bro.   P.  C.  doe  T.
Bro.      P.   Miles  J. D.
Bro.   J. D.    McSwcyn  S. D.
Bro.   H.      White    8. S.
Bro.  H.   Hlekenbotham  J. S.
  |W. Bro.   J. V.   Armstrong 0.
  W. Bro.   B. Klwell  Orrjanlst
, _ . j   , . iiuu   n A'tor   lodge   business had been dls-
ilOttrieS   and  Johnson   Will   Have; posed of,   members of   the   craft as-
[..„ inJ„,,„_.„» t. r«.«        isemblcd in the Chapter nialnr; room,
Every Inducement to Lose.     \ am, partook u, „ »pta,dld   hm,(„1(.t
Will it he   possible for Jeffries andh«ES? Wl i^.","7^ „i
Johnson to light strictly ou the lev    "»"LrPM '"^fw mSi'  m»
i.|   with no   ihniiitht   nf th* mntrini * number of    other members,   made
Plctn-e wh.rtf."kl^thTn.^»»Jlnte^
big  end   of  the financial returns de-lf°»d,of tn« oll,e1'   The, „c "?   ^ „ ?;
pends on the quality and entertBining I I'rtairiroent     was   marked  hy music
character of tho protographic repro- ani> «mKiuK.	
ditctlon   of   tho   contest?  Had there      __.__-__.._-_ ,„„.„_
been no moving picture  privilege tbe      THIS OLD WORLD IS SAFE
promoters who are to stage the tight,  ,	
fflm\"A^m£m&'*<> Danger of Destruction Says
wizn would have won out.   ('ouuting SoiBllttBtS
the picture money even tho loser ei-
pectH   to   get a   fortune for bis end, That there Is no chance of a cuta-
Niiicd   he   will   receive $26,250 of tbe clyum that will bring an end to the
livers, and on the Yukon, are at. 'or East Mayo, addressing a meeting
present known; but tho estimated at; Swineford declared that in the
coal in the known fields is enormous.! whole record of English government
Great un-prospected areas are ■ since the act of union waa passed no
known to contain, in places, coal [government had ever treated Ireland
formations, und will, no doubt, add B0 generously as the prevent.
greatly to   the above   coal reserves.	
The   coal   production is     not large,      BRITISH   NAVY SE'RETS
compared     with the supply.;     hut a 	
increase   in     production may be expected in   the near future, as these i Man is Under Arrest Charged Wi h
aro tbe best    steaming and     coking; Thrf
coals in tbe west, and railway facll-; i fl i
ities will be provided to supply tho] Loudon, Dec. 28—The wholesale
transcontinental railways, and the; theft of wireless plans, models and
great smelters iu the northern states; sketches, which, iu the hands of an
The whole belt of the Cordilleras,! expert, would reveal all the workings
from Mexico to Alaska, may De con-1 and innermost secret of the wireless
sidered as forming ono general geo- service of the British uavy, is charg-
logical province. The nature and j ed agains t Richard Knowldon, who
mode of occurrence    of the minerals j was   placed on trial at   Portsmouth
purse, and one-third of the returns
for the pictures, which it is estimated will be worth anywhere from
1200,000 to $400,000. To the
winner, who, according to the published articles of agreement, will receive $50,750 more than the loser, the
picture money is likewise of more Importance than the purse, so it is only
natural to suppose that both men
will dc all they can to help the picture game along. The value of the
fltinn would be greatly impaired
should either man be beaten in tbe
first round, for tbe reason that with
only one round contested th<Yr« would
not ho enough pictures to make an
interesting exhibition. Knowing this
how to end the fight in a hurry? It
is claimed that Johnson, in bis fight
with Hums, and also in bis bout witb
Ketrhel, gave the picture men a
chance to get everything they needed
before ho cut loose and It ls only natural to suppose that be wlll follow
tbo same tactics with Jeffries partic
world through collision with another
planet or through other astronomical or geological eruption, was the
claim of Professor T. Chamberlain
of Chicago, retiring president of tho
American Association for the advancement of science. at tbe association's sixty-first convention iu
Boston. Professor Chnmbeiiain's
subject was, "Y geologic forecast of
the future opportunities of our race
He said increased knowledge of
geologic conditions and theories of
the genesis of the world had given
the scientific world much confidence
in tbe InlliiIte cu,uilihiium of forces
of the universe, and that no great
disaster wns considered more than
slightly  theoretically  possible.
Among tho Craft
A. B. Fenwiek, U. D. O. M. for the
Crnnbrook Masonic district, paid an
official visit to the local lodge nt
Creston this week. The occasion being tho yearly installation of officers
Among ttiose present were Past
Oram)     Master J. II.     Hchotlclit, of
are in general similar throughout.
The great mineral wealth of Mexico
and the western states has been amply demonstrated by mining. Only
about one-fifth of     Alaska has been
today. Knowldon ls a draughtsman
attached to the torpedo school ship
Vernon, In his room were found no
less than 80 plans for wireless improvements and   certain   hooks of a
explored, and lack of transportation ] confidential character, which are only
facilities, ami rigorous climatic con- Issued to officers,
ditions still handicap rapid develop- The authorities attach groat im-
ment; but already it has a large portance to tho arrest of the man as
production, showing that the Oordll- they contend that if the documents
lora mountains throughout, is high-(abstracted from the Vernon had
ly mineralized in character. reached foreign   governments all the
Probably nowhere along the Cor- lab?r °f recent years given to the
dilloran belt has the mnximun pro- J^fection o tho wirelew system of
ductlon been reached. The value of >l« J?'1"** W Kll£aVe ljeC"
the production     of the   non-metallic j rendered practically fruitless.
minerals,   such as oil, coal, etc.,   is!  —
rapidly growing, as is also the baser;    TR0U-JLE AT Si HOOJj HOUSE
metaU,   copper and iron;      most of
cinl train. The Admiral was accompanied by Gcorgo T, Wertzoll, secretary of the American legation at
Panama, and by two aids. The object of the admirals visit was to pay l Canadian
an unofficial call on President Ma- ePfl imv-,
driz.   A great crowd gathered at tho  hanks   ii
Canadian Fisheries Steamers Ac
tive on North Coast of B. C.
Vancouver,   Doc.  28, - The  activity
of the Canadian government fisheries
steamer   Kestrel   and   the chartered
steamer   William    Joliffo on thc hall-I profession
but   banks   of  the northom coast of | tion ol   th
British    Columbia   lias resulted  pine
ticallv   In driving the Amorlcnii  lishing fleet from those waters.
During the   pnst few      onths the
fisheries  protective steam-
lie schools outside the Jurisdiction of
city trustee boards, which may be
counted upon to adopt the principle
Of this legislation in the public interest,. Tin* exanliiations prescribed
arc tn hi made by the resident medical officer In each specified district,
provision for an honorarium for the
additional work being Included ln tlie
contents ol the forthcoming legislation.
Still another bill contemplates the
establishment1     ol   an association of
nurses,   and the limits
practice   oi     nursing to
duly qualified and registered practi-
Honenj Ujittl 1'Jlli is allowed for the
registration ol nurses now engaged
in practice in the province without
special examination.    Afterwards reg-
statiou and gave them a cordial
greeting, and when they drove to.a
hotel in a carriage several American
flags wero displayed and, although
there was ik; demonstration, much
excitement prevailed.
It was runtored that the visit
might mean the recognition of President Madriz by the United States.
Admiral Kimball, however, was emphatic iu his assertion that, he called
on the president only hi his private
capacity. He refused to permit the
gorgeously uniformed aid whom
President Madriz sent to ride on the
box of the political carriage
Hecate .strait mul Dixon entrance t
the nothorn waters, keeping fishermen
on the move and ousting them from
the shelter ol Canadian harbors when
tbc weather wus such as to permit
them to take to tho open. This has
caused the American boats no end of
worry and llnnnclal loss, a number of
steamers having lost anchor chains
while trying i<> weather storms in
the open.
Practically all the smaller hnlibul
boats tlying tbe American llag have
left Canadian waters tbis winter be
cause of the activity of the Canadian
cruisers. The halibut boats are near-
Mart Inez, former financehy nil auxiliary gasoline schooners,
Whose arrest was ordered I ,;,ui lt,.,, naw operating on the banks
been   closely guarding tho j istratlon will be accomplished by the
iile   tho throe mile limit In | presentation ol certificates and diplo-
on a charge of misapplication of pub
lie funds, has escaped to Granada
Joaquin Passos, Zelaya's son-in-law,
Is under arrest on a similar charge,
while Joaquin Navas, a millionaire
from Leon, also is lu the hands of
the authorities. He is charged with
obtaining ¥30,000 of public money for
surrender ot the hide concessions
which were granted to him improperly. Tho arrest of other men enriched
at the expense of the couutry 1s Imminent.
Tho minister general has abrogated
tho   agreement     compelling the pay
of the Alaska coast, The American
Btomors, better fittod than the power
boats for woatherink the storms in
tho open, are still fishing in Hecate
straits, but are bolng kept outside
the three-mile limit by the cruisers.
mas from recognized .schools, or upon
examination by a council of five appointed from active nurses graduated
at least five years and having had
two years' teaching experience. The
latter measure is ol course very much
lu tho rough as yd and Ih capable
ol material amen tmcut before it Is
presented to tho legislature for consideration or endorsement.
British Ambassador Delivers Centennial Address.
New York, Doc. 'ii. 'Jamea Bryce,
tire British ambassador, tlellvored to
a large audience in CarQeoJo hall last
hIkIu. nn addross ln commemoration
ol William m, Gladstone, whose birth
occurred lOU yenrs ago today. The
meeting wns arranged by the eity
loruin nnd a number of prominent
persons Including J. P. Morgan, J.
II    dclllff and Mrs.  Hussel Sage were
. ~     . •    n        . mi   I present,    Former   Mayor    Scth Low
The Colonial Tourists Prosouc rue presided.
.... i    A letter   from President     Taft re-
I aJau- ! KiettlriK that     he could not attend,
The Colonial Tourists presenting was rend. "Gladstone" wrote Mr.
mont of six por cent of duties by! the Rajah nt tile Audltotlum on New Tn.lt, "Ims been one of my heroes,
means ol eovernnreiit bonds. Here- Years' night come with the reputa- Mr. Bryce noted that the contlnen-
al'ter duties will bo paid in cash only tlon of being one of the best musical tal birthdays of lour illustrious men
This action leaves n quantity of comedy companies that tour Canada, pi Anglo Baxon, fell within the year
these bonds, now worthless, In the I This company is establishing n clr- 1909-Teunyson, Darwin. Lincoln and
hands of I'assos    and other favored cult from Calgary to Vancouver, and Gladstone.
Individuals,     who   bought thc bonds [ in future   will bo seen   In Cranbrook     Gladstone had, lie     said, a bound
from Zolaya at 45 and   sold them to   every two months, no expense will he
the public nt 106
the minerals used ln    commerce and-    ,    , "     _ , „ ...    SnnHav   Hnhnnl Held   III   Annua.
the arts are being produced. Sohool Trustees Take Over Build-- aunaaJ  Bon001 am lls Annu a
of the inrrtnOanirleteit. Entertainment Monday.
Quito   a larw  gathering assembled
the Oym   on Monday last for tho
tho arts are being produced 	
The   prospective resources   of the in« to Complete it
Cordlllernn     bolt     In   Canada mav B    ,        '.       , ..       .     ,
therefore,  be     considered   enormous.     At   rt   BP°,cJttl mSeVilg   , t?° J?'100'
Though  mostly  unproBpectfld,  it has t;nietees, held on Friday last, it was
already been proved to possess tho
greatest coal holds, one ot the great-
out copper mines, one of the greatest
silver-lead mines, nnd tw<
greatest placer camps in western
America—a region noted for Its extraordinary mineral wealth.
Upon the knowledge already gleaned concerning the economic deposits
of tho Dominion, by geological exploration, by prospecting, and hy
actual mining, it Is safe to predict
that the mineral industry will become
a great and valuable one. Its development wlll render essential a close
study of the geology of tho country.
The geological field in Canada is as
rich and Inviting as the mining.
Perhaps hair the rock history of thc
world iH written In the pro-Cambrian
and It in of this portion, that most
remains to ho deciphered.' Since the
greatest spread of these old rocks
occur in Canada, much of this work
will fall to Canadian goologiiits, and
the careful solution of the problem
presented will be as valuable to
science as to the mining Industry,
decided thnt the contractors for th'
building of the new
a„wov The Fernie Contracting company,
tf the woro llot complying with the provisions of their contract, and that tho
board tako over the building and
finish it.
Contractors Q, R, Loaek & Co., on
Monday took chnrge, and a large
number of workmen arc now busily
ongaged In proparlng s number ol
rooms to enable Bchool bolng opom
on Monday next.
B.   ll.   Bborl   has tho oontraol f>
the pointing.
pared to produce the best ai
tions possible so that tbe reputation
of the company will ensure a full
house, the large number of people
carried, Including special scenery,
costumes and elect rial effects make it
imperative to piny to full houses,and
the management feel that by producing the best that the theatre going
public of Craubrook will respond ac
ilngly.    The   Musical comedy  the
less admiration for George Washington, whom, in respect to his fidelity
to freedom, he placed far above
Oliver Cromwell.
"!\ll,^J'1'^^!!l^,„:"h"!'f?!!"""i;!1;1'1;!!:: iujahfttnat is"to "V
ihool 'house,   piaco wfls V,'IV Pettily decorated for I h"lJ    HljnV(!(i
the   occasion,   and the tree was woll -
loaded with numerous gifts, lighted
with many caiidlw and sparklets
added considerable beauty to the
scene, and was of course tho central
attraction for both old and young.
The program wns well rendered and
roftocts credit, upon the efforts of thc
committee,  Mrs. R.  Hughes,  Mrs.  W.
g(j Haywar'1,,1. Lower and K. .1.
BrouglltOll.     After tho various num
'„. hers bad boon given a very Interest
illg little dialogue was enacted at tho
iducod hero
^^^^^^^^ norm
ivbonwor played, It fl
provoking sit nations, tuneful! music
and scenic effects and with tho full
stronghl of the Colonial Tourlats
should afford a good, cloan evening's
entertainment for New Voars' night,
tho evening to enjoy u good time
I'he Colonial
them the     famous Qi
tette, and tbe famous
Hunt,  Montte    Collin,
RICO,   win isc  names ar
natty   a  laugl
Swimmers Lose Lives, But One
Man is Saved-
Oeorge Northern,    Herb    Cole   and
chnrles Mclvor, employees ut Watts'
. mill,  at    Proctor,     while     crossing
mil ol mirth   Kootenay     Lake Sunday last     in a
canoe,     alter taking medicine     to a
sirk man. were tipped into the water
Northern     and Oole     struck for the
shoro but      were    drowned,     Mclvor
could not swim,    clung to    tho cap-
d canoe    nml was rescued. Cole's
recovered     Sunday,      and
Monday        They were all
havo with   body   wa*
liver lead,
ulnrly   as   the   latter   Is not a man
whom it would be safe to rush. Jef-      ^_^_^_^__^^^__^__^_
fries ls proverbially a slow fighter no' Grand     Master J. II.     Scholield, of j    Since    silver lead, ns   found in the
he, too, may be expected to take his Trail,   and    a number of    Brethren I Co I'd II lor an region, are closely aaeo-
tlme about getting down to real hard from Moyie.   The     following officers clatod with one another   it has seem
work since every round up to ton or i were Installed:      W. M. .1. V. Rose;
a dozen will mean thousands of dol- 8. W.     H. M. Held;     ,1. W.     S. A.
lars to htm In revenue. I Speers;     Treasurer,   C. O.  Rodgera;
Groat as may bo the temptation tol Secretary,    J,   Comp ton,   Tyler, w.
fake a little for tbo picture machines Watcher.
Aak Masonic Aid
Louisville, Dec, 28. The Kolluei
family, iu it last tjflbl't to gain some
tidings of their little daughter Alma,
who mysteriously disappeared from
homo three weeks ago, today began
mailing letters to each grand secie
t.nry or every grand lodge <>f Mnsom
in the United Slates and Canadn re
that every effort I." locntl
ing child be oxortod.
1B0 of wbieli'Snntn Olniis appeared I |m'"r .  i'."ll.l,,i?
d    tho   distribution ul tho presents    "'i,m1    Unl   thu
..>.    ,..   1...'  ^. I thfl patronage
began    There   seemed   to    bo
thing   for everybody   and all was delighted wiili lbe fun nml frolic which
followed.   Tbe report which was glv
on by tbe pastor, ttov.lt   Hughes, '"
the   nbsonco   of   tho   superintendent,
Dr. K. W. Connolly, showed a larger
average attendance than last year iu
the Sunday school; the llnnnces were
very sal isim.tnry.      The management.
havo (locldod   to adopt a new  system
regarding prizes which thoy are anxious for the parents to know about,
lu the past, all the children have re
The Duke ot Cominilght,, brother of  co|vcd   n    prize   whether   they   have
King Edward, is snld to be slated to made    good    at ton dan ecu    or   not,
        succeed Karl Grey us governor-gener-   whether they have been late or punned best to     combine the descriptions  al of Canada.        ff tho    prophecy Is   tual.    It  has now beon decided to root the deposits of those two mctnls.  correct It will bo tho first time that  quire   from   the children tffi early at-
The same deposits also have afforded  tho Crown has been     represented  in   tendances   out
a certain amount of zinc, tho amount Canada   by a     prince of
I produced varying     with market con-'blood.
they  will  conl
brook in theii
n City Quar
.medians 10 (',
and Charlie
onough to on
11 is to be
company will meet
it deserves so that
ue      to   inelUdfl   Crnn
\Ji uriie Briar Bush.
in in
of Gran
the m
ll)UV,;, .oimwiwvo       J the Wi Sundays in
Ai* royal, the year before any reward is earned i Hayes, of Medicine Hat. wei
lln thin wny it is hoped to encourage I Rt the Crnabrook Thursday.
i McLaren's beautiful story,
"Tin-. Honnie Briar Bush" which
eoitn's    hero on   January 17, theatre
goorfl are  to  be entertained      with  a
charming play In which Scotch life
Is pottiuyed with a simplicity ol
I rent ment   tog Oth 01   with  a  delightful
combination oi dramatic intensity
nml rich humor such as rarely found
in tbo latter day performances. McLaren's tales n| Scotch folk havo
aH the business men ol proven one of the most successful
Tho fact that  '-ook dramatization   now being used
talk  business   for  Stage  purposes
The rob' of     thc old Scotch elder,
nclilitu Campbell, has Heen pronoun-
ed by     prominent  erttlCfl n master
business In   piece of character creation     and ono
of tbe most notable in the history of
tho drama.
A company     ..f metropolitan play-
Hat, wero guests era and a now     and beautlful'secnic
production nre promised.
Cin Talk With Calgary.
The extension ol ihe  Kootenai Tel
ophono   linos, tn   connect    with the
lines in Alberta,    Is proving a gicat
Convenience to the merchant
brook as w
the  prairie  province.
It   Is now possible l_^^^^
with Calgary, or   any other town
Alberta, and    Intermediate points
tbo CrOWS Nest  PaSfl will  greatly  a
sist    those   who are   in
Southeast Kootonay.
II. Kpstein, of Vancouver,     and S. TUB   I'UiiSI'Ki'Tnli
IANI   \l!\
I Oranbrook:      JL^mTZ
I    Livery
A. B. Grace,
We ask you tu call und try
our new Consignment of new
and I'p-to-date rigs for
Wintfr   and   Summer,    .lust
received Topplr and   Reliable
Horses at your disposal
liive them h trial ;*tnd In*
Tin-   payment  ol     dividends   by nl King will conduct tho services iu the1
large number ol    British    Columbia  Presbyterian church.
mining   oompanles,     amounting    to     Tuesday - Loague devotloual ser\ ice
many millions ni dollars, havo open    al eight.
ed the eyes of tl usiern aud   for      Thursday -Prayer service at eight, i
eiga   investors,     and they now fully !    Friday   Choir business meeting ami
realise    that    from   a mineraloglcai  practice al olght.
standpoint, thai  Ilritish Columbia la I
a well favored and resourceful prov |
nui' Tho boys brigade will meet on Mon |
o     - day  evening,   January   10th, in drill
Many    watched the     old year out,  order.   The   roll   will   be  called ami
and the New Year    in,   and perhaps application   tor   membership   will be j
morning j received,   All   boys  are requested to  •
Professional   *
A *
Barristers and Solicitors,
, some of  them  01
' fell   as  if several
I ut   the same tim
iars   had
..k. II 0
valley.     The  extension   and   improve
Hffm. ****,    £*       | ment  of the  present  railway service,
Ot    ICE    Or   COtteei tbe buildiug of a railway north and
j south   through the   Upper Columbia
All    boys
me iu I bring    uniforms   without   fall.  The
Cym   will   be open again on Monday J \\'(
  -  o [evening,   January   3rd.   it   is hoped
The year just passed has been a There cannol be found anywhere that basket ball games will b) In
notable one for Craubrook and more beautiful or grander scenery, in full swing now that the busy
Southeast Kootenay The year 1910 tlmn that found In the vicinity of Christmas season is ovei. Special
will be more    notable tor Cranbrook  Cranbrook. halt   season   rates   ran   now  bo   ob
and the     residents ol  the Kooteuay |
and Fresh Home
Made Biscuits
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
Tho mountain climber will find
peaks In the Selkirk* rising to height
ol 9,000 to 11,000 led and  over,
Though not fovmorly opened, thoro
were a considerable number ol Bkaters
tit tho Arena nuk on Christmas,
vicinity ul Christmas
hall Boaat
taincd, good till Maroh :ilst
1'. GURD,
Barrister, SolUillor, oln.,
0RAN1311O0K,  B.C
Tlie  l'i
crease of population In Cranbr
well as     m      the Kootenuy      valley
which will be followed by tho open
and Kootonay    valleys,    will fie   the
strong and all  Important factors
the construction    and   extensions of]
railways in Southeastern Hritish Co-     ..       ,, t,    . .„ I
huu/tte.   will be a   steady   l>I»V ^"Vbappy  I prospc
11' year during 1910 ■   -u—
,1 Exam lun t loos    for the position ol
"Paj    tho   Printer" ougbl to head  inspector ol Steam Boilers and Mach
mi1,,1, rl  .B ■     ti"  ,;1..tl,,T           Y™ &*  v'll! •  rwolutli.il                insry, under the "Steam Bolton tu
land,  marked m    the < tv of i ran-  - n ,       . ,   ,..,. , ,    , ,,
brook,   toward.  Which  the     trade   ol „ ' T'V^ *?' r^k  llTl«       v .*'
i hit tj ul Items thfl I'miiuiueut     Buildings, victoria,
mmenclug November 8th, 1909. Ap-
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires  Applied
To Buggy ffheela
the newly   opened   up   districts   will
centre.    Among  tbe ranchers     there
will be    unusual    prosperity, and n     Cook's goose l«
constantly expanding  market  furnish    dl  nlorta muudl
ed for their produce     Clood crops, a
convenient     market, and fan   prices,      VdvertlsiuK  a
ill place the rancher- In  tins vlcin , ing a buslne
Solictor, mi
ilary r
tv   i:,.i,i nml,i
1 UD
ulna v.
IglllCOl' Mill
c r.iiii
1 Survoyor,
s Slid
I'l, nt
p 223,
H.   W.   DREW,   Proprietor.
i nv    like  ad vert I
ems to pa.
ity in comfortable circumstances,
[    New peoplo will come Into ttie dis      [\   was a  bright,  cheer)   Christmas
'j trict and the general prosperity  will  [or Canadians,     nnd  rathci    an Im
be shared by all provemenl   on  roiulltiom mi yeai
i   The mining camps  will expand and   ,,.<.
Improve In keeping with the develop
r   ment of tbe   mines, and   tbe demand      Vancouvei   World   Tbe clerks al tbe
of good times. ■,..■   ffico report   that   thoy  are rush
1    The  lumbering  business     will  also  ,,i to death     Men ol  that  stamp al-
: improve     a     large amount   of  logs   ft-ays are at   ilu- season ol  the year
, will bo cut this winter, and The
I mer cut of lumber will be larger than     Toronti    Sew -     \   New  York  worn
(ever before in tho history ol lis      :   sftys that  she ran:'-;
trict.    Several   million ties        "   ■<   thai    1 00 a   week    More   Rami
—„— ,.,,,  at camp8 on the si   Mary's   ind ,■
AGENTS    FOR   CANADIAN CYOIjB   Kuotenay rivers
AND MOTOR GO'S  BICYCLES     !    Fruit growing  will   lecome Fret    Press     On    ol    the
—o— portant business     in the   Cranbrook   fash i ie  ladies will
;i   Specialty. district      Large    areas    bavi ts next   v.-a-     Pessimists
cleared, and this year will   tee th    - that    ■ luething
lands of fruit trees set out     The b . fill be won
tlculturlst will become a strong fa<
tor in tbe future dev
j rlistrirt
plication and inatrnotloo forma
ba bad on application tn tho under
signed, to whom the former mutt be
roturned, correctly filled. In, nol latei
than November let, 1909 Salary,
$110 00 per month.
i Idol  Ins pec to i of Machluery,
N, n Westminster, B   0.
tl 'i
F. ri. Garrison
■and Mituim Otty Hiinii
Tonohor of SttiitR nnd Stand
uni Instruments Choir
trnlnor.   Orchestra furnished
District ..i Kootunay.
I'M,me j.s.i.
P. O.   Bex   213
Dr. E. W. Connolly
PHY81I IAN  .\\l> Sl'IiClKON
Olllee; Arnmtrouij   \w
Acupol BGVRILisa fine*
lunic in any reason, but it is
valuable in many other ways.
A linl^ nddi;cl in Hashes
and Stews groatlv improves
iheiilood value. Try it when
wanning Canned Meals.
til'H  CAN MU VN
•    w
■ I )oal ih 1 ■"\«wlliim; I'Vniii
Needle lu n I .ocoinolive
Joseph H. McLean
All Itillilstil S,
l''lll'lliltlli'   ;
I,Kit IN
coiicl Hum! (Iniui!
IYKK   Ol'
MM   Sltlllil,
IliinsiMi Ave
W. Cline
There comes a time In the
each man when bo stands at tho
parting of the ways, where he must
ehoo.se between the right ami wrong,
the path that leads upwards and the
road that leads downward; and so it
is in the ease of each community
Communities are the composites ol
nil their citizens, and have their por
inds of infancy, childhood,youth and
maturity, and su it is only natural
that they alsti, should come to the
parting of the ways in civic life;
when the decision must be made aa
to whether the community shall
stand fur something or for nothing,
whether pood order shall prevail or
whether the rowdy nhall rule. And
lot there be nn mistake, whenever the
people realize that their hearthstone
ure in danner they will pronounce the
doom i>i misiliiers in nu uncortain
There is probably no place on earth
where the element of law and ordei
has u more generous support from
the government Mian iu Canadn, and
il will he the [anil of Ihe people if.
at any time, tho wave of Immorialty
Hint   appears to tie swooping over our
neighbor to the south, shall roll un
checked over any of our communities
m Canada,
Hut it behooves the public men nl
each municipality to heed the warning cry of the watchmen ou the
towers lest the dospollors gain nn entrance   una ware-,    The   alhertn   Star.
Take notice ib.it George Wilson ol
Clareeholm, Alia., occupation Ac
countant, intends to applj for permission to purchase the following
described lauds : Oommenolng at a
p ist planted at the south west corner
ol Lot 5970, thence running south
about lift) chains to timber licence
No. 21582, thence east forty chains,
north to i.a 5970, thence west to the
i' ace ol beginning.
Mi Martin Dated November 19,  L909. 48-'.i', ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
'..■ —■  —          . ^___
Ir m&3 '"       ' •   '     '   '"■    '    '"':''  ""       CRANBROOK LAND DISTRICT
Knglai ;     For a n st.   Mr. Martin is
at  war,    ! District of Kooteuay. I
M.M.v..   V.S,
...   -•,,*   Thi    :ampalgi     ra       rnke notice that     E. Colilou Filer Graduate     of     Ontario    Vetorlncry
Manistee,  Mich.,  occupation lum-j College, Toronto, in 18H8.
Graduate and Medalist of McKilllpVob
I'h.uir I Hla
■i to 1 1' ii
■ too«
.      ni  berman, intends to apply for permls-
man - Eo iut n aised  sion to purchase tbe    following des-
tn let In the pauper   :attle      i ans   crlbed lands: Commencing at a post
da planted 160 chains east ami 40 cnalns
nnrth of 57 mile post on the eastern
The Gideon band of h^adary     of Lot 45Ha and running
inar.v Online, Chicago, 111 , in 1000
Registered     mom ber     of     Urltish
Columbia   Association.
nto Star
commercial travelers aim a: placing
a Bible in every room in every hotel.
This is in Inn- with the government
regulations which demands that all
places of the kind shall be amply
provided with tire escape-
nnrth 4"i chains, thence east 80 chains]
thence  south  40  chains,  thence  west j
BO chains to the place of commence-
inient, containing H20 acres, more   or
I Hated Nov. C, 1909. 47-9 I
Toronto     Telegram     "The capture I
Lif Quebec"  was the title of a paper
which did not relate to the glorious District of East Kootenny.
occasion on which Gen. It. I. Bor- Take notice that I, Rolf Nlelson,
don St Co, captured Quebec i.n the intend to apply to thc Chief Commis-
strlcken field of many an election sinner of Lands and Works at Victor-
forecast. [ia,  B.C., for permission to purchase
"owing described ,ands in East Koo-
Ottnwn Free Press: The man In
Manitoba who tells you that a snowstorm In May is the very best thing
for tlie crops hns his counterpart in
the optimist who telegraphs from the
southern states that thi recent snow
hi the cotton belt is just what the
crop wanted.
What a change tho years work.
Twenty years ago Gladstone's declaration ni Home Rule for Ireland
as the policy of the Liberal party
threw Britain into a Irenzy. Ex-
Premier Asquith's similar declaration is received without The slightest Indication of nlnrm
Calgary Nerald; Wouldn't it be a
tine tbiiiL' If tbe prop sod agreement
between Germany and Britain regarding building war vessels lo blow each
other   Into   whatever   is  coming them
would be arranged nnd this wild
scramble about Dreadnoughts let
drop loi   n  while?
-All  greased   up  and ready
Those     who fall  oil the cart     this
•ar while getting on     will be compelled to go     to the renr of the line
t  getting a seat
Flrsl Clus
all    hmn<"
Work   ii
,-    Of    111.
; | Tonsorial   Art
wear well
and they keep you
dry while you are
wearinq them
mei   *!
Meet',  eve/     tecond and  '■
Wedr>*>il ly     u    new    I - tie
Hall.   Sojourlnfl  Rebekahi    or J
dial ty invited J
S.fl. Miss I.   M   Tannhntwei i
Sec.    Mow Mae Hhapman. ♦
Mi  is iu Onrmca's Hull   :nd  >,ad   Mb
'i iiursdav of each month at B p in.
A.  Mii'ow.iO, ''hlnf   Ranger
0  A   Abbott, BeoreUry.
Viartlag Brethren rnnd« welcome.
In   less  than   live  years from  today
the Canadian  Northern will be com
pletcil.    lu  less than five   yenrs   tho
Hiaiul Trunk  Pacific will he finished.
Iu about   live years the I'aiiainn  Canal will be     completed     How many
people   will  there    be in     Alberta  in
tive   years  hence      How   many   people
will   there  be   in   Interior  Hritish  Columbia?   The Importance of these in
terostlng  things and of those equal-1
ly  Interesting questions     lies in thej
fact   that   in  five years from now the
trade of the Pacific Coast of Canada
will   he    re vol ntion izi'd.       Instead of
I having only     one     transcontinental
i line in the Dominion   we     will have
three,  and  possibly  a  fourth,   for the'and   take a chance
V   V, fi K, with the proposed eastern again,
connections may supply another.    In-j    Col   Waterswigger,   tho driver, om-
stcad of having to     bring goods by pbatically denies  thnt     nn over-dul-
wnter around the Horn or by way of genco In aqua purn will cause oho to
Suez,  we can  get  them promptly and [see water snakes.
cheaply by   way of   the canal.    Kail .    The following menu has     been an-
wny freight*   wlll then   come   tumb   nounced for    tho first week out: Vin-
ling.   Mr.     J.     J. Hill realizes this tet   cress,  watermelon preserves,   wn
and he is preparing the Great North-jt*»r crackers,  and just plain wnter.
i cm so as to     reduce al! grades to a     Those fearing     microbes In the wa-
minlmum    and      make  all  curves as tor will, as a special mnrk of favor,
easy  as  possible.      The     realization   he allowed to place a     few drops of
thai     freights must  be    reduced has  formaldehyde In their drink,
led the Grand Trunk  Pacific to  seek      All    joke;,     about    water     rotting
j to get as near a level grade as pos-   leather and being the stuff that cows
alble   and   the Canadian Northern to   drink will lie barred
do Ma     same thing,      With cheapei      Dr   Brooks ol     Waterbury, Conn.,
freight  rates the tradi  uf the Coast  will   be tho    wagon physician    ibis
( will   be   revolutionized,   fot    wc can   veal       I lis specialty  is water bliBt-
oxpect   with  '.' I cause to supply   a   en
large pari  of     the merchandise used     Gld Bouse    ol     Boozovlllo, Ky,, is
on the Prairies    Thank,, to the pro    one of the latest   u    \V, recruits,
vision of thc Canadian Northern con ,    Jusl as noon as a passenger shows
i tract,  which  secures service     tn  Vic      "n- ol navhiR water     on the brain
torla as an Integral part uf the «'a    he will he discharged as cured
nail lan     Northern's    transcontinental —
service,  our  merchant.-    will   he  able       BAPTIHT CHURCH   SKHVICK
t° enjoy     a full share ol   the   E I      special messngei    In hyrons   songB
t,me  «""*"!.   Victoria Colonist flnZlna! both scr!S  11 n m
! '.-,.1 ; p.m    Th.   [v0rd'i mipper at, tbe
nn  onward march ol progress in a morning service       Bible school  with
mining country is hardly perceptable Phlllthea    and     Baracn classes    tor
to the person  wim watchea     it  fron    young    women     and men   at  3 p.m.
aj  to day,    and more   especiallj   I     The  flrst   ol   the   International series
his a fact   In a district   though rid   0|  lessons on the  Life of Christ will
i mineral, is  without adequate tran    he   tiullcd     Pn toi   Chnrles W   King
nortntion   facilitle    foi   ores  mined    will addrew   the     mornlnfi congroga-
iso for the getting in ol machinery   tlon.      The   Rev   I:     Hughes     will
leveloptng of pro      poak nt     the evonlng service   in the
ug mine intei tlenominational   pulpit exchange
o Vounij     people'     meeting   Mondny
qualified   voters in  evening   and tbe      I week  mooting
'  tho tiihi,   i,,,   prnyet   and prnlsn on  Wodnostlay,
in        \ cnrdlnl   nhrlstlan
tenay: Commencing at a post planted !
ay : Commonclng at a post planted
at tho south west corner of timber
licence No. 2001)0 and running uorth
su chains, thence west iii) chaias.
theuce south SO cbains, thence east
30 chains to the place of commence*
ment, containing 160 acres more or
Roll Nlelson.
Dated  Oct.  9th,   190!) 42 9
Steam Rotlors and Knrnnoo Work a
Cost and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.
District of Kast Kootenuy.
Take notiee that 1, William J.
Gregory, intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner or Lands and Works at
Victoria, B, ('., for permission to
purchase the following described
lands in Bast Kootenay : Commencing at a post planted at the north
west coiiiur of timber licence No.
20000 und running south 80 cbains,
tlieuce west 2\i chains, thence north
Kb chains, thence east 20 chains to
the place of commencement;, containing '.fin acres, more or less.
William J. Gregory.
Dated  Oct.  9th,  1909. 42-9
Visit Dr. Kelly's
Great Museum
The Lnrgest Anatomical
Museum  iu the  West
Dr. Kelly Diseases of Men. Twenty
year's experience in the treatment of
weakness, nervous troubles or auy
contracted ailments. A positive
cure in every case undertaken. Consultation free and strictly private.
Treatment   personally  or by  letter,
210 Howard  St.,  Spokane Wash,
\Y.   R.   BEATTY
Funeral Director,
I Rocky Mountain Chapter |
.* NO.  li',.  n. A, M. i
J| Rogular meetlugBl—2nd Tuea
s duy in enoli month nt eight
*   o'olook.
Sojourning Companions
ordlally Invited.
il" prodiK
,,i scoiii)
ilpal   ,.|,..
B     ll    (li,
nu    IntcrcHl
I'lNiihi.ii.k l„
mi: IIbI 'in,
III,,' ,,v,'i 7!
Will   I,,' ,,, .1   .
Thi    il io|   look  in  '•
  Wlnnopcs tooh; u,.|.-.
municipal   jiilmi .
■',  lllllncr; nn   ,'.,   vol
WOHlri  I,"  H„f,.  Ir,  l„.|
ii'i" ,,[ thone note,
,'■ '•i-nii,ir municipal
Rtngfl   will   i;i'iw   ,,,,|„,
wlicn I,,- ims ,,rc on
nn ,,,,'niu; of trnnspnr- [
i n market Ycl when .
A Imppj Nc
''I rcn'i
II     n,, V
■ii,.1 ',, iln
M'lUlOllirlt   OIlUPOll,
,11 1,1 llll
cuplnl liv Hi,
Iii'.mv. ill   piin,|
,'   Klllljl'l'l
Tin' iniui dev
Hie prospeel
iii'iii nl tim,'!,.
tho dump, nnd
uni' Hi,' ore 11
the work "i th
the prngreaa mndo natonnda ovonthdlA,   tlio   piutnr   will   preach   nl the
pctBono moni, mtOTOrted. Dnptht   church   nn,l   the Rev. U. W.
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the Best Work
 ,   --J
I hey lust a lifetime and cost
iery little more than thrown
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niachinos. Sold mi small
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Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Aniiittl'itij,.  Aviiuue
v.u. Urnnhroolt, B.O.
•   win Im it
luring  1010 IA1.S0 BBOONO   IliNli MA0HINH8
'      III,'     pi,||lll    W,||    |„' |
It.v   r   ii   Main, M I      POR MAI.K   OHKA1' ANU TO
i       W. V. \-I'.vvv.v..       Hnrllie R.   S
If       Hi« -I'll       0RANI1HO0K, 11. 0.   S
On Baker sheet, one door west
nl Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
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o Phone 56
il THE
Gold Standard
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Makes Best Bread
Staple and Fancy Qrocers
Eastern  Canada
Low Round Trip Ruti's to
Ontario, Quebec and
Maritime Provinces
Tickets on sale Doc. J lo Dec. 81, inclusive, good to return witliin thi",e
Tickets issued in  connection  Atlantic
Btoninshlp  ilusiness will  l,n on sale
from    N»v.  21  und limited to    live
months from date ol Issue.
Finest equipment. Standard Kirst
Class and Tourist Hleepins Cars and
IllniuK Cura on all through tralDB.
Coin pari .ment - Library - Observation
Cars on ''Impio-iul Limited" and
"Atlantic Bxpresfl."
Three Through Express Trains
leave,, Wlunlpeu daily nt 21!.1(1, making I'liimcctions at Toronto lor all
points east and west thereof.
Tho "Imperial Liinltml" loaves Wlnnl-
pei: daily ,il. IH.ir, and tlie "Atlantic
Hxpress" at H.II0 dally, laalilni; connections at Montreal for all polntB
euHt I hereof.
Apply to tho m.iiri'Ht 0 P, R. nyant
for t-jjl information
I'm* •
Translated irom the Paris Figaro.)
The iron die ot destiny In east, as
lllsmark said; and I Imagine that
today he would repeat tlie words with
Brim delight. OU, those twelve
strokes which sounded midnight in
thc clock tower id Wesl „,luster ou
the anth of November, 1009! Isl here
In all the world a thinking man who
is not obsessed by the prolongation
of their deep vibrations'/ It u a
grave hours among nil the hours of
history; perhaps the lulling of a
torrihle knell; n mon,cat irom which
a new era wlll dnte. ,\.s tills |„,IM.
felt into the Thames und passed
away to the Bngllsn oceans the spiritual and temporal lords i,r ihe three
kingdoms were throwing down the
great challongo; thoy ivoro casting
the vote which opens a battle as hit;
with consequoncea for the world as
Pharsalia or llouvines, Waterloo or
Sedan. They were sinking the fate
of thnl. masterpiece ol human will,
Ihe Uritlsh Umpire
If this English drama moves the
historian so powerlnlly it is hecntiBO
tho future late of the entire world
hinges upon Ihe victory or Ilie dofcal
of tho British nobility. Is there need
to recall the prodigious work of th:
nobility, mustering all the nntlonnl
forces to direct them towards a sin
glc, constant end—the domination <
the most distant seas and lands'' Th
French Revolution submerges all hit,
ropean nations; foreign people with
a united effort hurl hack the destroy.
Ing wave, but everywhere, In InWB,
In manners, under the wreck of
thrones, It leaves living Reims which
soon bring these people closer (o the
new French Ideal. Alone the Intangible Island escapes the contagion.
Into this England, the model which
our visionaries of tlie eighteenth century wished to fashion us, nothing
of tholr doctrines, nothing of tholr
polltlclal and social renovations tins
penetrated, liar goddess Liberty has
not a trait in common with tlio mosaic of Individual privileges und accepted discipline which continues to
he the foundation oi the English
state. When the great soldier of the
revolution enslaves Em-ope, alone
tho unconquerable island braves him
and breaks him. After twenty-live
years of u gigantic duel the
patience of thc Eng.ish nobility wore
out the gonitis of Napoleon, threw
down the colossus, destroyed the new
Empire of Charlemagne.,
In the course of the century this
tenacity persists and tinds its reward
in remaking to its own prolit aa em
plre even vaster than that of Napo
loon. Thc long reign ol Victoria is
comparable to the reign of our Louis
XIV. It lacked the Intellectual brilliance which the magnificence of the
French hegemony achieved, I,at its
greatness was established with the
means required hy the exigencies of
another time—wealth, Industrial nml
commercial supremacy, colonial ex-
paasloa, universal diffusion of a spir
it of practical command nnd ol a
language appropriate to the needs of
■ If we consider merely little Europe,
we may hold that Oerman prepon
derancc, the fruit of victory, has
been the characteristic feature of the
nineteenth century; hut if wc consider
tho whole world and it is thus that
we must look, in tlie scheme of con
temporary history which ims gath
ered the globe in our grasp the nine
teentb remains incontestahly thc English century. Nothing like the
British Empire has ever existed in
the world since Home and the Roman
senate. A second time the divine de
creo has intrusted to n race a mis
sion dellncd by the poet, "To rule
the peop.es with empire." It has
fulfilled it with the actions, tho
spirit ami the hard virtues of the
soverign people.
The English senate is the peerage,
indefatigable performers at this great
taBk. Supple oligarchy, traditional
and more and more accessible! All
the men of worth in the nation become naturally gathered Into it to
fortify It. The man who thirty years
ago gave its definitive form to tho
British Empire, the Earl of Beacons
Hold, had been the little Jew Disraeli, bookseller's clerk. Today, side
by side with peers whose ancestors
conquered the island with William,
pillars of this empire, are lords ol
recent creation, proconsuls and generals, such us Cromer. Mllncr, Hob
erts, Kitchner.
This ls the Incomparable ruling Instrument which is perhaps nbotit to
founder in the tempest.
And after Its disappearance what
will become of thut other marvel.
English royalty, so exalted and so
simple, powerful for national greatness, Impotent for tyranny, a divinity consccrntod by the veneration of
a people that It protects without
ever menacing Its liberties? Royalty
is thc keystone of this feudal edifice.
How shall we believe that the key
stone will support itself long upon
tho void whence the arch will havo
Domocraey may bo able to bring
other henellts, but the experience of
time tenches uh that from it cannot
be expected the continuity of opinions and efforts, the constant sacrifice of secondary interests to nation
al interests, thc superb pride which
stiffens Itself against adverse fortune
long enough to make this bond before
It. Let another Napolenu come, a
revolt In India, a now explosion in
South Atrlca or In some other part
of the subject continents, the English democracy would regret having
smashed its magic buckler; it would j
know itsell disarmed, an vulnerable
as other nations; if not in its own
Island, at least in the vast world
subjected to this Island hy tho implacable wlll of its conscript
fathers.  *  '  *
Let the English look at the branch
of their race which has detached itself, implanted upon the virgin soil
of America; there, no more hereditary aristocracy, no peerage, no more
feudal survivals weighing upon tho
free earth, but a colony of equals.
There, in less than a century, social
inequalities have developed more vigorously than in old England; thc defiance hurled by oxcosslvo fortunes to
the envy of tbe poor has been more
audacious than any where else. It Is
too probable that after the extinction of tho landlords a new plutocracy would rlso quickly upon the
ruins ol the ancient urlstorracy,
would rovlvo the worst abuses with I
which their lordships uro reproached
and would not replace them In their
tutelary functions, iu great statesmanship and In J calnus watch over
the Britannic power.
the pasl year have developed so sue- _   „„,.,„„, „,... Vl,TIrE
cessfully,   that     it is inspiring other IC0AL   AND   PMTROUTOM NOTIOB.
holders   of   properties to prepare lor,    .,„,-,,„, ... .,   .  .,
greater things this year. , soT'c E '«, n„e"D?     «lv»» """ ■"
 ;                            days after    date,   I Intend to applv
District, mining.news !" ''"■'  Hon. Ohiel Ooramtaatoner   ol
At llllll Uiver, the prospects are' Li""ls '"",' w'"'kf >"'
brighter ior a hunting camp, in thelP.roSW! '".'' ro.ttl "na
"Rood old summer time."
Mining mon in ''an,i,i,, are being attracted to the Cranbrook diatrict,
nnd are much interested iu the mill
ernl production of the past year.
Thr   Sullivan   group   of mines
one of the beat nnd most up-tn-
plants   of   mining  machinery   iu
Kootonny.   There   is   no doubt, but,
thnt   under   the   new   company   the
Sullivan will liceuini' one ol the best
paying mines in the provinco.
The oi'c shipments     from mines iu
the Crnnbrook district     for the past
week uud yen,' lo date nre ns follows
i     licence to
petroleum  on
the "following lands     situnte in tbe
District    ol      Southeast      Kootenuy.
British Columbia, ia Block   1693:
Commonclng at  a post planted at
or near three  (3)  miles due  East ol
the 21    mile    post ou the 0. P. R-,
survey line     which is   the     Western
„M Boundary of Block 4598,    and being
late tm' Southwest coiner post of Churns
tjie'E.   Webb's claim,  thence east eitinty
'(811) chnins; thence north eighty  tnill
chains;     thence     west    eighty    (Ml,
cl,ain-.,    thence     south     eighty 1st,)
chains to the point oi commencement
making 1140 acres, more or less.
Locntcd this nth day of November,
A.  II. 1909.
Charles E.  Wobb,    Locator.
Witness;   E. W.   Hulls. 50-3
lb     Stnr
Total    llllll
furnegie Slips 011 I
New York, lice. 27. Andrew Carnegie slipped uu nu icy spot when
WAlklno around ihc reservoir in Central Park today and suffered n pain
lul Injury to his left knee. He wns,
unable to I,,' present, nt a dinner at ;
his homo tonight which he gave to
Governor Hughes, Prealdont Butler,)
ot Columbia university und others
and lie also was unable lo attend ul
meeting of the Amciicnn Historical
associai ion ut Carnogle hall. At the
Oarnogle home if was said thnt his
condition was not serious, but
hud remained in his room ou thc
vice of physicians.
thirty days
apply to the
or i>r Landa nml
trie, of Kast  Kc
hereby given tlmt (30)
after date 1 intend   to
Honorable Commission-
Works for the Dls-
tonay, Ior a licence
to prospect for coal and petroleum
on the following described lnnds, situate on Akimlnn Orceknear tlie South
Kootenay Pans trail, Block 4593,
Southeast portion ol Hritish Colum-
bia:-Commencing nt n pnst planted
nenr the South Kootenay Pass trail
about two miles from the bead of
Akimina Creek cast of and adjoining
'*. A. Walther's coal and petroleum
lnini, said point being marked Paul
W. Childcr's Northwest curner post,
thence Bast SO chains; thence Smith
80 chnins; thence West sn chains and
thence Nurth SO chains to the place
of beginning, containing mo acres
more or less, being the same claim
located by Frank Menefec on September 6, IflOfi for which licence No. 753
was issued tu him.
Allied   BraUU,   Agent.
Located    this 27th dnv of November,
1909. 52-4
NOTICE is hereby given that 1,110)
thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable Oommisslon-
if Lands and Works for the District of East Kootenay, for a licence
tu prospect for   coal und   petroleum
n the following described lands, situate at forks of Kishenehna Creek
nnd Akimina Creek, nenr the South
Kuutenay Pass trail, Block 4593,
Southeast portion of Hritish Colum-
bia:-Commencing at a post planted
near the Smith Koutenay Pass trail
North of and adjoining Content Elton's claim being the initial post of
Anna li. Pentland's claim nnd marked Anna R, Pentland's Southwest
corner  post;  thence north SO chains.
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
dnys after ilute, I intend bo apply
Ui the Hnn. Chiel Commissioner of
Lands and Works |,tr a licence tu
prospect foe coal anil petroleum un
the following lands situate in the
District of Southeast Kootenay,
Hi it i m Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near three (Sj miles due eust of
the ill mile post 0f the (3. P. it. survey line which is the western buundary of Block 4698, uud being the
Northeast corner post of M. Wayno
Twitchell'a cluim, (hence west eighty
(KU) chains; theuce south eighty i8(M
chains; theuce east eighty (HO) chains
theuce north eighty chains to the
point of commencement, making C40
acres, mure or lens.
Located this 8th dny of November.
Charles E.  Webb.  Agent tor
M. Wayne Twitchell.  Locator.
Witness:   B, W.   Butts. 50-3
Logs will be purchased, un skid
trayt, on banks oi the Kuotenay and
St. Mary's rivers above Wardner, B.
C. For particulars apply to the
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co., Limited, Wardner, B. 0.
I).   Breckemidge
Logging   Supl.
District of Kootenay.
Tako notice cna( Hubert Muthe-
Clute ol Wllmer, B. 0., occupation
Rancher, intend to apply foi perinis-
siou to purchase tbe following described hauls commonclng at u post
plunted ut the south east corner of,
Lot 7,664, Croup one, (1), South
Kast Kootenay ; theuce west 40
chuins; thonce south 80 chains; tbence
east 40 chnins more or less tu tho
Kuutenay river; theuce north so
chuins following the shore of tho
Kuotenay River to puint ot commencement and containing 320 ncres
more or less,
Hubert  Mather Clute.
Dated October 9,  1909. 13*9
District ui En si Kootenuy,
Take notice that 1, Thunms Cud- j
wiiiiodei, ui Oranbrook, n, 0., occupation Carpenter, intond to apply tor
permission to purchase tho following
described lnnds: Oommenolng .ii ft
post plumed on the west hank of the
Moyie uiver, near the s, B. cornor of I
Cooper's purchase, theuce west 10
chnins. theuce south »u cbains, tbence
east to the west bank of the Moyie
River, theuce following tbe river Up
stream to place of commencement, 15
acres more or less.
Thomas Ofldwulludor.
Dated   Sept.  i!3nl,  IB09. 48-9
District of Bast Kootenuy.
1 place ol commencement,
Sarah Ann CadwaUadei
T   Cadwallader,  Locator.
Dated  Sept.  23rd,  1909, 42-9
District of Eust Kootenuy.
Take notice chat I, Willium Wente,
ntend to apply to tho Chief Com
oissionei of Lands and Works at
/Ictovla, ti, 0., for permission tu
purchase tne following described
lands in Basi Kootonay Oommeno*
ing ut a post plunted ui the north
east corner ot timber licence No.
200)10 und running south wi chaius,
theuce eust 20 chains, theuce north
So chuius, tbence west 20 chains to
the place ot commencement, containing 160 ueres more or less.
Willium  Wente.
Dated oet. Oth, 1909. 42-9
District uf East Kootenuy.
Take notice that 1, Clifford M.
chase ti
iu  East
untuiomi; .12" ueres moie or le>s.
Edward  Kreutter.
Pei Robexl Mather Olute, Aurent
Dated October h, pjua. u-y
TAKE NOTICE that 1 William M.
Frost, of Eureka, Montana, real ea-
tate agent, intend to upply to the
Wnter Commissioner at Crunbrook,
B. 0., on the 10th day of January,
1910, for n licence to divert live cubic feet of water per second from
Burton creek, above Burton Canyon,
at the lirst falls for irrigation purposes for that part of sub-divisions
12, 13, 14, of Lot 321, Croup 1, East
Kootenay, south Mf the B. C. 8.
railway; also for a licence to store
IfiO ueres feet to he used in connection with the above licence in a res
ervolr described as a lake, on Lot
45UO, about one mile south of the
point of diversion, and coniprlsiug
approximately 15 acres, to bo acquired by purchuse or expropriation
from the owners thereof
At the lowest water in said reservoir there will be 15 acres and one-
tenth of tine foot additional lor each
aero above that to Increased height
of ten feet.
Tbe water will bo diverted, carried
und stored by dams, Humes, ditches,
pipes, rams, pumping plants, reservoirs, Kates and other works, to be
constructed on and crossing Lots
4590, and 7011, Croup I, Kootenay
District, ami the British Columbia
Southern Railway's right  of way.
it is proposed to lower the water
in said lake tive feet and to refill by
damming the out let, such dam to
be i;u feet long; the dam to contain
a gate C feet wide by 10 feet high,
which may be raised or lowered at
will to discharge or pen back the
No Crown Lands to he occupied by
tbe proposed works.
The names and adresses of riparian
thence East SO chains; thence South proprietors and licensees whose lands
.so chains, thence West 80 chains to are likely to be ailected are British
the place of beginning, containing I Columbia Southern Railway Co..
640 ncres more or less nnd being tbe and Louis Lachance, respectfully ol
same    claim    located     by     Nathan  Oranbrook und Elko, British Colum
Tako notice that I, Surah Ann Cud
walluder, of Cranbrook, B, 0., occupation married woman, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described binds; Commencing nt a post planted at the soutb
east, corner of Thomas Oadwallader's
pre-emption, thence west 30 chains,
thence south 15 chuins, tbence oast
80 chuins, thence north 16 chains    to
inteud to apply tu the Chief
oner of Lauds and Works ut
h c, for permission to pur-
following  described   hind*
Kooteuay ,  Commencing ut
u pOBt plunted 20 cbuins west of the
north east corner ui timber licence
No. 9182 and running north 80 chains,
thence west no chuius. thence south
20 chains, thence eust 80 chains to
the place oi commencement, containing 160 acres more or lens.
Clifford M   Peunook,
Diiled Oct, '.*,  1909, 42 0
Diatrict of Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Sadie J. Mc-
Farlane, ol Oranbrook, B 0., occupation married .v.,man, intend tu apply for permission tu purchase the
following described lands Commencing at a pobt plunted ut the north
east corner ui Cooper's purchuse,
thence wast 20 chuius, thence nortb
4 chains, thence east 30 chains,
thence soutb 4 chains, to the place
of commencement.
Sadie  J.  McFurlane.
Ti Cadwallader.
Dated Sept. 17th, 1909. 42-9
District of East Koutenay.
Take notice that the Crothers Lumber Company, Limited, of Oranbrook,
B. C, occupation a lumber company,
intends iu upply for permission    to
purrhttKe the following described
indfl C'umr.oncing at a po9t planted at the Northwest corner of T. Lic-
ense 36854, tbence West 40 cbaina ,
thence South 25 Chaius, thence Baal
lo chains, thence North 25 chaias to
the point of commencement.
Crothers  Lumber  Co., Lid.
Per J. F. Bridge*
Dated October   21, 1909. 43-9
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Francis Wente,
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works at Victoria, H. C, for permission to purchase tbc following described lands
in Kast Kootenay : Commencing at
a post planted at the North Bast
corner of timber licence No. 9133 and
and running north 20 chains, tbence
west 20 chains, thence south 20 chains
thence east 20 chuins to the place of
commencement, containing 40 acre*
more or less,
Francis Wente.
Dated  Oct.  9th,  1909. 42-9
District of Kooteuay.
Take notice that Edward Kreutter,
of Wllmer, B.C., occupation Rancher,
intend to apply for    permission    to
purchase the following described
lauds: Commencing ut a post planted H0 chains south of the south mst
corner of Lot 7,664, Crotip one, (1),
iu South Bast Kootenay ; thence
west 40 chuius; tbence south k0 chaius
more or less; thence east K0 chains
more or less to the Kootenny river;
thence north HO cbuins more or less,
following the shore of the Kootenuy
rlvor, to point of commencement nnd
j Gtiests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection
Nearesl lo railroad depot, lins accommodations for the public unequalled in
62^c per acre cash and 62^c
once each year thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM
in the British Columbia Southern: Columbia and
Kootenay and Western Railway Company's Land
Grants, These lands arc eminently suited for the
raising ol
and may be purchased on these EASY TERMS
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking ior settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character, situated in
these Grants, arc offered for sale in blocks of from
640 acres upward.
Apply to the address as shown on the attached coupon
for Maps, Application Forms, Regulations and Literature
Asst. to 2nd Vice President.
Calgary, Alberta,
l'lease send me all facts pertaining to your lands in B. C.
Desk 13;,
Whonlilun „n Soptembcr '5, 1905 for
which mineral licence Nu. 7f,2 won
Issued tu him:
ANNA 11. Pentland, Locntor.
Allied Broun, Agent.
Located tills 27th   dnv of November,
5SII9. -.2-4
This notice wus posted on Ihe in»\
dnv of December, A. U., 1999.
W. P. (iurd.
Solicitor for Applicant
Crnnbrook, B. O.
NOTICE is   hereby    given that 30
days after    date,   1 intend to nppl
to the   Hun. Chief Commissioner   of
Lands nnd   Works   f0r
prospect for conl nnd
NOTICE is   hereby     given that HO
days after     date,   I intend to apply
to the   Hon. Chief Commissioner   of
licence to I Lands and  Works   f0r a     licence to
petroleum on: prospect lor coal and   petroleum on
the   following lands     situate ln the1 the   following lands     situate in tbe
District    uf     Southeast     Kootenny,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing nt a post planted nt
or near three (3) miles due east of
the 21 miles post on O, P. R„ survey line which ls the Western Boundary of lllork 4.193, und being the
Southeast corner post „f Anna K.
Webb's claim: thence west eigbty
(SOi chains; thenee north etghty (811)
chains; llienee east oighty (80) cbains
Ihenee south eighty (HO) chnlns to
the point of commencement, making
Mil acres, more or less.
Locntcd this 8th dnv ol November,
.    Chnrles E,  Webb, Agent for
Annn K, Webb, Locator.
Witness:  E. W.   liutts. ,10-3
District,   of     Southeast.     Kootenay.
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing nt a post planted at
or near three (II) miles due east of
the 21 mile post on C. P. It., survey
line which is the Western boundary
of Block 4593, and beiug the Northwest corner post of Walter J. Abbs,
claim, thenco south eighty (89)
chains; thence enst eigbty (80) chaias
chains; north eighty (80) chains;
tbence west eighty (80) chains to the
point of commencement, making H4o
acres, more or less.
Located this 8th dny of November,
Charles E.  Webb,  Agent for
Walter J. Abbs, Locator.
Witness:   E. W.   Butts. 50-3
District Mining News
It Is a foregone conclusion that
mining in thc Wlndemere district
Will hum no»t spring. Thc numerous
high grade properties worked during
Baking   triumphs   are  everyday   occurrences  with Purity
Highest grade  in the world.
Home'made bread
awarded first prize
at the  Natiooal
Exhibition, Toronto, was
made from  Purity   flour.
Western Canada Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
Mill* ti St, Boniface,
Goderich, Brandon.
OffiCt, WinnipM. Manxoba
More bread and better bread
What is a I
visible typewriter? I
Writing in sight is part of it.    Keyboard in sight is the Q
other part.    It is as important that you see what you do m
as to see what you have done.  The key-for-every-character      B
keyboard of the easy action, light running MODEL 10 H
makes  it the   only truly  visible writing  machine.
Wtile foi' information lo
1 ho Smiili Premier typewriter Company. Inc.
Syracuse, N. V.   Brinchei everywhere
Complete, Straight Line Krvboard
K- ■-....'..,'■ leandlntrrcliaogeablePlateni
Hall lleeinp Ciniage
Revenible I,,! ,.i„i„, Kick
Simplr Stencil Cutting Device
Drop Kiver.l Type Hen
Pe,lecl I.,.,  l..,.t
Visibli   Writing
Complete Control  from
A Key lor Every Character
Ui. I,u,in,. Ribbon
Uniform Touch
Hall Hearing Type liar
i -'ni.hi Finder nml I'.,h,h|.i,h
De mi.,!   I .,l,uUl„r
Perlecl Krniini) Facililiei
Interchangeable Caniajei
I'.,,:lu   .i.il I ,-li Carriaje IM..,,
I. -,n,
Swingin • Maryinnl Hack
Pmlert, I Ribbon
(leai Driven Caniioei
Ribbon Controlled Iron, kryboatd
Vnrinble and Umvrnal Lino ,H|,e<f,
Perlecl Dn.l t'.naid
Hal Space Level
( tmiyi' Retardei
lm| roved MartNiial Sliin.
luraporncnl, Speedieil Ever Deviied
I hese .ire features which
make the Smith Premier the
choice of the man who
investigates comparative
advantages. Pan i
To our many patrons we
Burns   Bros.
WlSFhFwlif**F<*»*   ■■* «r" HI *SF '* «*
(a) . ..*■>. ,..-.a,.vi^. . ... .■■■«.. » .•
• |
I       LOCAL   NEWS.       *
Breaks Bunk
\   Doylo,
titv Monday
it 1910
rangoa nt Btowurtti
i Fori Steolu
.1, M. Agn«w,
John Maiilt nui Iii ol  Kimberley wns
hi town Friday
i;   .1    Schmidt, oi  Utlibrldfi
town Tuesday,
Owing t<> the aofinlsbad con
iiitiuu ..i tin- Public Bchool, lilt*
Trustees, have announced thai
tin- school will not tn- opened
until January 10th, when it Id
expected it will be tar enough
towards completion to accom
modate tin-  pupils,
,i   f   m   Ptnkham   w r
nt wis-k on business
li     I     Khun.       W8*
Tuesday, on business
Kiitii-- change ol programn
HMisoii theatre tonighl
it t'algary
Marj -viiit-
it tho
.i   McDonald, and ■'   Peliei   ol l>v
le were In the city Tuosdas
\   Mil i. ol     Michel   was in tho
cits  Wednesday on busluc
Mr  and Mrs  r   Loasby, ol Bvrdar
were Cranbrook rislton   Monday,
Mr  and Mrs  M   Weeks, ol Bpokaue
spent  Sunday lasl Ln Cranbrook
Monte Carlo, Dec Uf). A sensation*
al piny for some time occurred
today, A French Canadian named
Qreualer accompanied hv mi Italian
won t'^a.aiuo at roulette, staking the
maximum £800 "on the domna," 1 to
then lust £81,400, bn( recovered it
again, The bank was replenished
several times.
The Koosevnll Party
Kampala,  Uganda, i'n-   89    A tol
i ophons message tram Kabula MUlro.
IB unit's dlatant,   stated    thnt    the
Roosevelt expedition camped Monday
nlghi at Kafwo, elghl   milt", boyond
it .is  reported   that Mi   bl   HhroU K«J>uto   Mllro.   Tbe   hunters    nave
will run .... the Aldormantc ticket  In °?,?flro& M   1nuU>'', Ml','t1' loft?inB   , h fl
tho coming municipal eloctlon, ' p an- ih-nmih.-r B     The    immediate
objectlvo polnl     Is Kislugo, 16 miles
Mi   n   Harrison,    managoi <*f the
Bloc trie Light Co., and   Mrs. Karri i
son, leave today on nn oastorn visit.
v Stewart, (or choice confoctl
nml Hint  <>i all kii.il>,
tii'in Kilt wo
Tho l*rospeetoi, bas boon Into, mod
thai Mi v Hyde Baker, has po Itlvo
iv declluod to accept iii>' nomtuatlou
toi Alderman in i ho coming munlcl
nal otoctlon
Miss Ado Sbllson, principal "i tl'*1
UtKh Bchool al Banner's Forry, and
Mi and Mrs 0 i» Bloano, ol Cay
ley, Altn . are .spending the holidays
with Mi   and Mra,  Bhackleton
it   H. Durant, and V   Kunsch
d. wn from Porrs  Creek Monday
rwo Craubrook i Inks letl on Tuurs
dnv foi Fernie to piny the ' roaring
game" with a couple ol rinks in that
cits Ul' a°P" l,U1' Mossrs McCowan
and Hoggartb wlll rel urn with those
Marsh K&sv Winner.
Vancouver, Doc i\) John Marsh
lapped Art Burns in their ttvc mile
i* Breckenrldge, ol Wardnei was race hero tonight at the [mporlal
the city Thursday on hdstness rink and won eaally lu the compara
tively (asl     time ol    2'.» minutes ih
vy   i'   Manson, nnd u      Kerchmor,
)l Fernie, were4n the cits Wednesday
GOOD    BYE    1909
You have been a good year to us.
WELCOME 1910. May you be even
more prosperious.
With renewed energy and strict
attention to business we are deter
mined that you shall be.
Prosperity to Cranbrook and its
citizens is the wish ot the
('. P. R. Watch Inspectors. Jewelers.
Bceoiids    Burn's lad at the atart aud
up to tho Bret   sis.  tapa   and   then
Marsh took thfl lead     At tho begin
VV   Allen, ol  Marysville was trans-  nlng ol the last  mile ho   tapped his
acting  business al   Crnnbrook  Thurs   opponet   3t      Yves was     present aa
day iudgo,   but     would   not      umki'      any
statement as to his tut ure plans tor
a   l,   Wilson, ol Moyie   was trans   n race with Marsh,
actum business     at  Cranbrook  Mon
  Municipal Candidates.
d ai la response to a petition, signed
by a number of citizens, Mayor Kink
has consented to accept nomination
lor the mayoralitys The following
i ratepayers are named on the Alder-
manic ticket
J,is. Campbell. Dr F. W Green,
P DeVere Hunt, V. Hyde Maker. I).
.1   Johnson, and Geo, \V. Johnson.
In opposition to the above ticket
are For Mayor, James Kialay. For
Aldermen: B. H. Short. G. Pntmore,
It   Johnson nnd Jacob I'ruden.
Dumber ol guests on Thursday after
Mrs, E. Welch-Conyer ol Detroit,
was a guest at the Cranbrook Wednesday
il Bdwards, ol Wyclifie was trans*
acting; business at Cranbrook Wednesday
nt     Fernie,
Barrister 8.  J   Flshei
was attending court   nt
Tuesday ■ —
Shamrocks Get Stars.
Mr. and -Mrs     K.   C.     Husband, of j
Unwood,    were    Cranbrook   visitors     Winnipeg,    Dec.  21.—Winnipog Hoc-
thin week 'key players will fig ure     very proml-
  | nently in   eastern pack     chasing cir
i- arney,
timber   Inspectoi.    was In
Kaslo,    provincial
tbe city
.ire sold only by
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,  B.C.
Branch Sen:,*    (13 Josephine Street,  Nelson,  UC
G.-.irj;.-  Welch   Selling  Agent, Cranbrook, B.I
H.    H.   STANTON,
Manas,-!    for    all     Eastern     B.C.    Business.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*•! ♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Mr. and .Mrs. w, E, Comerville, of
Hartney,  Man.    were rranhrook visitor.-! Tuesday.
In watching the old year oat don't
follow tho example of the moon and
(tot jray and full.
It is reported that Dr. Green, and
Mrs, Green, will leave next week on
avisit to tho coast
Mr. and Mrs. K. Blwetl returned
Wednesday from it holiday trip to
Bonnltigton Falls.
A meoting ol the Cranbrook Hockey Club is called for Tuesday evening
at the t'ranh'.'ook hotel.
C, F. Bray, of Taber, and K. McDonald, of Nelson, were registered at
tho Cranbrook  Monday.
Now that Christmas and New
Year's Day have past, the next thing
is the municipal campaign.
it. M. Smith, of Montreal, and H.
Hex, of Lethbrldgo, were registered at
the Cranbrook Wednesday.
;> George   R.   Leask   Ai  Co. I
Judgo and Mrs. Wilson will return
to Cranlirook next we«k, nml tnkc
; up permanent residence unain.
| ,1. E. Proctor, ot Calgary, C. P. It.
! general ticket agent, western division
I was in the the city Thursday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. T. McVittie, and
Miss Galbraith, of Port Steele, were
' 'rnnbrook visitors Wednesday.
' Mr. nnd Mrs. K. Orandell, nnd Mis*
Bather C'randall, ol Chipmon, N. II.
will arrive    tomorrow, on a visit lo
! Mr. nnd Mrs,  1,  H.  Wilson.
, A meeting Is called for Tuesday
' next, nt the Herald office, for the
; purpose ,,f forming a rifle dull,
i    E. .1   Hoherts. L. u. Hniulorth nnd
ll   K.   Browning, of   Spokane, were
i cuests nt  the Oranbrook Mondny.
You cannot frame up any good
resolutions today; but lie sure nnd
keep those you framed  up yesterday.
Mr and Mrs. P. Lund, Miss Edith
! and Miss Hazel Lund, ,,i Wnrdner.
were Cranbrook  visitors Wednesday.
j    A. Kraptell, of Llnwood, E. Prattle
i of Wardner, and J   A. llroley, of Fernie, were cuests „t the cranbrook on
] il E. McKonzio, ol Nelson, Thos.
i Prentice, ol    Kernie. and 1). Rankin,
,,f Rowland, wero     registered nt the
Cranbrook Tuesday.
It   s. tlooken, ol Winnipeg, .1. McLaughlin "1  Vancouver, and A.  Car-
rutben  ol Cayloj   wen- registered at
. tbc Crnnbrook Thursday.
I'l, \ ■. ., Si'i.ni'o vii'
Wl,    Rh II \l VI KM
; Tin- Ice ,,t H„- Arena Itink is iu
splendid condition, Those moonlight
night,    maku    skatlne   „    conntnnt
; round  ol   plea,,in,.,
I Mn. t ll Macrloniild will receive
th,' first tlmn since boi innrrlngo, nl
her homo on limit, n iiveint,', on Weil
ncsttay afternoon,  .Inioinrv r,tb, Irom
I I tn '.
ini: iii        I'd Mux -,,'  ♦
M.I,   KINDS   Ol-   111 II.DIM,    MAIIKIM   ♦
| There is lome Lnlh thai tho "dry"
elophnnl will endeavor to have all
rno»terfl  barred      from  ihe      poultry
hihou  hetniiHc thoy Lake <■ little "old
| how" every mornlnjj,
The Aronn  skating  wns opened  to
the public on Tuoodny evening.   The
lire wns in excellent     eonditiou,  and
a  Inrgo crowd of akaterH were pre»*#
ent, to try tbe tlmt Ice of the uoaaoti
Cles this winter. Not only will Walter Bellamy be un the line up nt the
Montreal Shamrocks, but Barney
Hoblen and Tommy D im dor dale as
well. Lant night Holden left for the
east and he will he followed today
by Dnnderdale. Thin will glvo the
Shamrocks three local men and with
such prominent Wlnnlpeggers on the
line up, the Shamrocks will be followed with interest by Winnipeg
hockey lovers.
See King Edward
Ottawa, Dec. 29.—Tbat King Kdwurd will soon visit Canada and the
United States was the hope expressed
by Senator Helcourt at the banquet
of the Ottawa Board of Trade tonight. If he comes, and I believe
he will," said senator Helcourt, "the
result will be a close alliance between
Great Britain and the United States
which will Insure for all time the
peace of the world."
Sir Wilfrid Lnurler, the premier,
declared that in the Inst century the
United States has played a great
part in the development of civilization and had given an example that
Panada could profitably follow.
Dlitrlot ol Kootenay,
Take Qotloo   thai  Anton R   Plorca
ol Mmii'iteo, Mich , occupation Olgar
Maker,  intends     to apply tor peuuin
aiou tu purcnaH the following des
> iitied in ml,s Oominonclni nt a post
planted HO ohalna emit and BOehalos
north of B7 uilla poll ou Ihe eastern
boundary ol Lot iWi aad ruunin^
north KO chains, thonoo east Sl)
chains, tlieuce louth 60 chaliiH, theuce
WMt 10 chalun, theuce north 40
chtiuiH, thenco west 40 chuins to tbe
plaoQ ol couuuunceuieut. oontatnlDi
380 aorea, mora Dr lui
lintel  No\    li.   1S"',1. 47-'.t
I'.I.S   ,V   I'. Iv
F- O. E.
Meet every Frtilnj ui s |,,in
Visiting   Brothet'x Oonltallj    Inviml
F.   W.   Iteves,   W   ProBldeit
Wm.    Anrtersnn,    Secretary.
Aerie Physlolan,   P.  0.   Ur,x ii.
Fur   Hale or It, ut At lleaKunalile
OHice& Workshop—Lewis St.
°hono No, 9K.
We arc issuing a Souvenir and
ask all our out of town patrons
to request us by post card to
mail one.
We wish our many friends
and patrons a Happy New Year.
J.   D.   McBRIDE
Hardware        Craubrook, B. C.
The Leading: Fruit Store.       %
Heating   and   Plumbing
Engineers       ■     ■     ■     ■
OUR AIM--Is to g\va the oomfort-heoker the fullest sonao
uf comfort with the loast seiiBO of apparatus—the most satisfying: results at tho least expanse of fuel anil of labor, with
freedom from repairs, ami u durability equal to the life of the
building's    in    which    the    heating systems are  installed
Our Syslotns of Heating; •moot these requirements exaetly.
They are the efficient, silent, reliable servant of the house owner
—an ndjunoi whloh does more for the cheer and healthfulnesa of
hiune-lifetli an any other nintcrlal feature or decoration of home
i i,fcMA.>»>*..-". •Xt^A^vSAA
We wish our many
friends and customers
a very happy and prosperious New Year.
Armstrong Ai*o. Phono Ti
t.ucli of tim chief organs ul the body it «
i link in the Chain of
1 Life. A chain it no
'stroafter than iti
weakest link, the body
no stronger than its
weakest organ. If there is weakness of stomach, liver or lungs, there is •
weak link in thr chain of life which may snap at auy time. Often this so-called
" weakness " is oh used hy luck ut nutrition, the result oi weakness or disease
of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition. Diseases and
weaknesses ot the stomach and its allied organs are cured hy the use of Dr.
Pierce's Co.uai '-^J'.:...' Discovery. When the weak nr diseased stomach is
uured, diseaxus of other organs which seem remote Eroai :'.-■ stomach but which
have their origin in a diseased condition of the stomach and
other  organs   of digestion and  nutrition, are  cured   also.
The atfotifX man has a strong stomach.
Take the above recommended "Discov>
try" and you may have a strong stum-
ach ami a strong body.
Givkn Aw ^ . Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser,
new revised I'Mition, is sent free on receipt of stamps to pay
expense of mailing only, Send 31 one-cent stamps for the
ho ik iu paper co\ens, or 50 stumps for the cloth-hound volume.   Address Dr. It. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Is it not BUre that Soda
Foley's are, will I»r the moi
In Foley's Wcitorn-
muiic Buii.ts you «et
fiurcMt mutei ihIm, por*
toctty iiroparud.
Made tn the Onn\
Kquippctl Factory m
Canada "A rtcntcm
Fuctory," ii nil nlwaytt
■Hipped the iltmo day
made    never   from   Olit
Shippnd mi up elolly
prepared,  mixsiiirc, air
und tluttt-pruof oartono.
Thoy .1 ■ ll» . tt *weol-
oet - flovofodi ircwhi'Ht,
erlvpaut, ittunt Uiltltff-
inr,   HoiIji    Ilm.mt    HO d
rtirtliz'i why Foley1 n Bodan
than other huiIhh.
Blscuitt, made aud packed and shipped as
it aatlnfying for you ta uaeV
The materials used ensure purest
lorm oi Koda-biflcuit, sweet, beautifully liuvored, fresh as from Lbe factory.
Ko factory In Oaitada is as new and
compleLu in ouaiputont its the iactory
where Foloy'a Modas are made. Every
modern device tor tho making oi bia-
eulln  has been  Installed,
Every Foley Soda IB ALL GOOD
POOD. Nothing is put into it that is
not, uouilahititf, and healthful, uud easily dlRCRted,
Tbo rlchnesH ol tlavor, the I'KESH-
hi].;i of Foley'ti Sodas are not
equalled When ynu buy Foley's,
nou the air-proof, dust-proof und
molntttrti proof construction of the
)j„ (i Then rimoiubm alno that
tlu"i> binoultn wore made tho day
th.:v were ahippod and you will
have nwofltor ilnvot and crisper freshness
To get the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
Dried Blood  Fertilizer
Try Our    Blood and Bone Mixture
Phone 10
P. O. Box S.
Ham and Bacon
Our smoked meats are always fresh stock. We
aro sure that if you try them once you will agree
with us that thoy are thc best flavored and most
wholosomo smoked moats you havo ever eaten.
P.Woods & Co.
PHONE 57 P.O. BOX. 154
21 3. Binning
• ***********
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
O. R. WARD, Uanugor O, J. LITTLE, Secretary
1 The Cranbrook Agency Co.
PHONE 880 p. O. BOX 18
Cranbrook.        -        -        B. G.


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