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The Prospector Jun 3, 1911

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*** 1-.
VOL   17
Not only In London, or tbe British
' Isles, but also ln every part of   ..he
i greatest   empire   the world has ever
I known guns will boom ilmultaneously (jnnyon     jaj,j
j at the eiact moment wheu the crown (jftturday Inst
Ik placed upon the bead ot the King
Steel Bridgemen go on strike  j      Q|£Q /"J COAST
Following up thc action ol the'
steel bridge workers ut Calgary and
other more eastern points, the members ol the International Association
ot Bridge and Structural Iron Workers, who have for the past three
weeks been working on the construction of the new bridge at Goat, river
down   their toolH   on
The strikers claim thnt they are under the Jurisdiction ol the Vancouver
Westminster Abbey on Thursday
I June It,   Tho cry of "Long live the I f0"cal7Vor77Wlj-   it "s'sald order's hallucinations ami It w
j King" as it is resounded through the ,„_,„. t0 cease wort „„ta tlle  H,ml|, | peoted   thut he    would
abbey will lind au echo In the   most) t|)n r,ri,,g0 Oo   ,cc,p,„d tlle lualldat.
i dlsunt parts of the world. _, y,,   mm   (or   Rll |„c,eaHe „f „,e
Calgary, May 30—Word was received of the death ol ei-mayor B. R.
Jamiesou at the coitst tliis morning.
His health broke down and he wus
tuken to the coast ahout a month
ago sutterlng from nervous prostration, and he was also a victim of
Boar'iely ex-
recover his
health. He hus bet.ii sinking gradually   (or   some   duys   past.     He    was
In tbe great cities of the self gov-I aMtM hour| limkl„,, th,ir waMh mayor of Calgary   in l'JOII   and 1'Jlil.
 '- '■■'    ii.—.. ' tilling the olllce most acceptably. He
Canadian I'ncilic  railway  service
telegraph operator.   His nilvuiicc was
sternly, nnd at the ti I his retire
I erning doiulnlous, at every military, 4Bc  inBtead of 40c p.r ,lour
station throughout the vast   Indian j    _,   (J   fjreenahlelds   superintendent1""1'1 'l0r" in "*»»tover, Out,, In 1851,
Umpire,   and   In   small   Islands,   In o| worka   (or th,   Hanl|iton B,w~, I and at the ago of 17 years joined the
'many teas and oceana the triumph-; 0()    W8B Bt Goat r|v„r ,.anyon   onj"      "
| ant boom and   shout   will be heard.  SatUrday, leaving the same duy   for
Men of all colors and all races Wilt Nolaon.   On Tuesday he returned to1
Join In an acclamation   such   as mi Ql~»ton with thirteen men who   have''"6"' ,ro'" "le ,'"|l»'".v service in 1008
never given to monarch before. ; ,)M|1 mrriBK on th„ ateel bridges at!1"-' w"s a*»-«H-l superintendent.     He
I   The colonial office bas made a   re-1 t,Hscade and   Wad0 „, ,„„ boundary ' ,!"tG,',!<i "" " '»"""*"■ ''ureer In   Cal
quest to the Karl marshall to be lu-1 cou„try   wn|ch ar„   how   eompleted. i W a"(1    wu" lH''l!o1''    "ltor«steil in
| formed of the exact minute the crown, rp|]eae    ,„„„   refused    to go to work  rel1' eHtatt!-   He   leaves a wile,   two
| will be placed upon the King's head,, #h._    thoy   ,)ecBme acl|lm|,lted wlth daughters and two sons.
Mr.   Juiiiiesou    we.:,   superintendent
ut Crauhrook   of the  Crow's Nett dl-
land the Informatlon-lt   Is   expected the   olroumBtan_}*,   and    a deadlock
that the time    wlll be within a   few ■
minutes   of 2   o'clock—will   he communicated by the colonial office     to natlves   o(   Hamilt0„p   0nt.,   and a
; every part of the empire, so that ar- condltlon   in   th„   contract with the
rangements for saluting the King can; compa„y lB tnat w„c„ they hllve [vxn
Moat ot the striking employees are
vision, and bas a host ol friends who
were sorry to learn of his demise.
1 be made well ln advance.
In the company's employ for a cer-
III those parts of the empire where ,_,_ perjod tbe men ,_ entitied t0
lit la daytime when It is 2 o'clock ati(rm trall8port.tlon to Hamilton, or
j Westminster gnus will be Bred, and ln I tp any      lnt the „len (lc9lre t0 go
'   tlinDu   ilia-final   wll nro   it    la   nil/lit    rniMcftttl'    _.          . ..... . ■_ .    .
Council Meriting
P. Lund, of Wardner, manager of
the Crow's Neat PaeB Lumber company was in town Tuesday.
A. B. Fenwiek and family, and Tom
Rae, of Fort Steele were In the city
Dave Griffith ol Wild Horse Greek,
was in the city Monday to see the
big circus.
Jacob Nelson, and Nils Johnson of
Wasa, were ln the elty on Monday,
on business at the Government offlce.
Mr. aad Mrs. J. Walsh of 'Fort
Btsels who hav* been visiting at
Nelson returned home on Monday.
D. V. Mott of Fernie, representing
the Ford Automobile Co., was ln the
eity Monday.
0, A. Howard and J. W. Blnna of
Vancouver,  were registered at    the
' Oranbrook Monday. ,
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Hazlewood of
Moyle were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
A. J. Mott, the moving picture
king, of Fernie, waa In tbe city on
Sunday and Monday.
Wednesday and Thursday were the
warmest days of the season, the mercury reached 84 degrees in the shade
during the afternoons.
Mrs. D. Snedden, who has been Ul
with rheumatism for some time left
on Tuesday for Oalgary ln search of
better health.
Mrs. H. R. Maundrell wlll hold an
"At Home" next Thursday in connection with the Methodist churoh Ladies Aid.
There were many strangers last
week at Steele looking tor employment on the Kootenay Central railway.
Last winter 40,000 Canadians wintered In California.   Might Just
well have   stopped at the
Belt" at Cranbrook.
A special meeting of the city conn
... .....   ,  „-.  ell was helil in the council chamber,
those places whore it is night rockets^ Dy Tm„.aday au uja union men   had J on Tuesday evening.   There were pre
or bombs will be let oft. Taking  the p„Ued C)Ut   Mr    fjreengnt,,!,.,, naving „ent   Mayor   Hunt,
.o'clock   as   the actual   time when | Klven th(, „MMsary   „„„,,„„-    p.,..
the King will be crowned, the coro-(m(t8    A.(._ „„„.„„,„„ mm are .till
nation   salutes   will be given at  the worUllg at tbe b,Wge,
following hours   in   tbe   places men-.   simultaneously   with     the   above
v'onel"' „ .      „ I strike the men working for the same
Sydney  '.  Jf'JJ8'™" Jj™ ||| company on the Moyle bridge asked
*'""  " '" " ""       for their time.   In conversation with
some of the   men   our representative
June iti
June 22
Melbourne .,  11.40 p.m.
Adelaide   11.14 p.in
Perth (W.A.)     8.43 p.m., June 22
Auckland      1.39 a.m., June 22
Dole's pure Pineapple Juice—cooling,
healthful and refreshing—one of the
new things at Fink's Pure Food
The Fink Mercantile Co's. spacious
grocery windows has been the scene
of an immense display of select tropical fruits. This company make It a
point to import the finest fruits and
vegetables procurable. —22
Wallace Murphy, of Winnipeg, representing the Barber-GUIs Co., tbe
paper bouse, of Toronto, was transacting business in the city on Wednesday.
Dormer Jones of the Kootenay Telephone company returned Sunday
from a business trip to Elko aud
other points south.
O. H. Polllns' new Ford arrived ln
town Saturday last. Mr. Pollen is
very much pleased with it, and has
made several trips into the country
finding it well adapted to the roads.
H. Burr, of Edmonton, waB at the
Cosmopolitan Friday. Mr. Burr will
reside ln Oranbrook, aud aa he Is a
star ball player will play with the
Cranbrook nine.
M. B. King, ot Vancouver was ln
town several days this week and left
on Wednesday bn a business trip to!Calcutta     7.53 p.m., June 22
Alberta.                                               Bombay  Ii.64 p.m., June 22]
Capetown   3.14 p.m., June 22
St.  John's   10.29 a.m., June 22
Toronto   8.42 a.m., June 22
Vancouver     5.38 a.m., June 22
Jamaica   7.07 a.m., June 22
gained tbe impression that they did
not wish It to be called a strike.
The Circus
Hundreds of holiday makers awoke
on Monday morning to find tbat there
was every promise of "Old Sol" shining brightly aU day.
At 10 a. m. the circus parade commenced, and the gaily festooned
floats, band wagons, etc., presented a
goodly appearance. Large crowds arrived on every train to attend the
circus, and it is needless to say that
at the two big performances afternoon and evening, the big tents were
The Al, G. Barnes show was considered by many to be better than
it was two years ago. A larger number of lions were In tbe steel arena
at one time, the performing seals attracted considerable attention.
There is no other wild animal show
on tbe American continent that
equals the .trained wild animal show
of Al. G, Barnes.
Grand Concert
A grand coronation concert will he
given by the Cranbrook Operatic so-
\ eiety in the Auditorium at a date
R. E. Urquhart of Spokane was at | whi<,h win be ann0UMed later,
the Cosmopolitan on Wednesday. Mr. | _he prograro wm consist ot solos,
Urquhart ia a mining man interested j Amtu male au.rtettes, ladies quar-
in a number of properties in ihe St.: MtM „lolin and plano solo8 Se_e-r.
Mary's lake district.   ■ j a,   nurab«ra   will be  taken from the
i various   grand   operas, while lighter
• V. J. Smyth of Moyie was ln   the■ mu>ic _„, ,,,„   COBtribute   towards
city   Friday.    Mr. Smyth will have|an evenlng o( musical enjoyment,
charge of the Cranbrook Herald dur-1   The proc.ed8 wln „, devoted to the
John Reid and Miss Annie Ethel
Grady, both of this city, were united
in the holy bonds of matrimony on
Saturday, the ceremony being performed In St. Savior's church, Nelson. Rev. Fred. H. Graham officiating. The bridesmaid waa Miss Maud
Grady, a cousin of the bride, and the
groom was supported by Stephen H.
Hosklns. Mr. and Mrs. Reid Mt for
Spokane and after their honeymoon
will take up their residence ln Cranbrook, where Mr. Reid is government
road foreman—Nelson News.
Mayor Hunt, and Alderm. n
Bowness, McNabb, Campbell, Taylor,
and Johnson.
The business of tbe evening wns the
passing of by-law No. 90 being cited
as the sewerage by-law.
JUNK 5tb, Oth, 7th.
On motion of Alderman Bowness,
seconded by Alderman Taylor by-law
No. 96 was unanimously passed and
A number of the aldermen were ofj
the opinion that the sewerage should
be constructed by day labor, but definite action was postponed until thei
next meeting of the council.
The two census enumerators nsalgn-J
ed to cover Crnnbrook district started Thursday morning, anil found the
public most willing to give all the
information reiiuireil.
$25 Reward
F, H. M. Hell, M. U., O. H. 11., F.
R. C. S., Edln., has taken over Dr.
Connolly's work. He is a man of
wide experience In modiolus ami Bur-
j gery, having been practising in Kdin-
; burgh.
00 reward will be paid to anyone giving informatl' n leading to
tlle conviction of party or parties
who tear down or ileatroy any lire
notices anywhere in this district.
Dlvisicn  Fire Warden.
Coronation Day in the Schools
Simpson to Coronation
F. E. Simpson, formerly of Cranbrook, and now a real estate man of
Kamloops, sailed from New York in
May 24 for the Old country. Mr.
Simpson's trip to England is for tbe
purpose of completing a deal with an
English company for the purchase ot
Beckman's addition to the town ot
Kamloops. While he is in the old
country he will be the special correspondent of The Prospector.
absence   of   editor   V.    J.
The new bridge at Wycllfle is linlsh-
ed and the road from this city to the
Oranbrook Board ot Trade. The concert Is under the direction of Mr.
Geo. D. Ingram.
Among   those   who will take part
in" the concert are:   Mesdames Pater-
The Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen In session at Harrisburg, decided that the next convention wlll
take place in 1913 at San Francisco.
Dr. B. 0. Arthur of Nelson, was in
the city Sunday and Monday on his
return from a'trip to St. Paul. He
registered at tbe Oranbrook.
Jas. Ryan was at Nelson Sunday
attending a convention of the
Knights of Columbus. He returned
to Oranbrook Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Davis Mrs. H.
Buchanan, and Mrs. J. Balkwell, of
Wycllffe were Oranbrook visitors on
We are headquarters for all kinds
of fresh vegetables and fruits, and
your orders will always receive
prompt attention. Oampbell and
R. L. Morrow of Wardner, purchasing agent for the Jordan company
railway contractors, was ln town on
company business Thursday.
W V. McAlwraitb of Toronto, chlsf
clerk of the C. P. R. dining car department was In Oranbrook this week
on company business.
R. T. Miles, S. Baddy, O. W. Mc-
Keen aud W. J. Bell, of Vancouver,
were guests at the Oraubrook Tuesday.
bridge will   be   completed Inside   ol |Son, Stavenaon, Drewry and WeiBbrod
ten days. Thia will make it an easy; MeBI)rB. _. J. McSweyn, Geo. Steven-
lor the tenderfoot to Ash in the St. [ gon R Thompson, and G. D. In-
Mary's river. | _riira.
' j   The concert will take place as near
Song service both morning and eve- j coronation day as possible,
ning In the Baptist church next Sunday. In the evening 'Mrs. Drewery
will sing "Fear not Ye O Israel" by
Dudley Buck and the choir will render "The Beautiful Land" by request.
Weather Report
The song service at the Baptist
church last Sunday was an unqualified success, the hymns and anthems
were eicellent and it has been requested by many that several be repeated on Sunday next.
St. Ivel Meats and Sea Orest Lobster ln glass Jars. Tbe proper thing
for picnics or camping partieB can be
left in the glass after being opened,
and ls clean and delicious—Campbell
and Manning.
Meteorological register during
month of May:
Ther. minimum .10 deg:
Ther. maximum 80 deg.
Total   precipitation,   rain,   melted
snow   and   hall,   one inch   and one
Heavy rain 22nd and 23rd.
Thunder and lightning 23rd.
Nearly Killed in Drunken Brawl
Italian Uses Razor ln Fight at Grand
Forks—Assailant Escapes Into
Grand Forks, B. C, May 25—Dominica Sersinai an Italian employed
by the Consolidated company at their
lime quarry Bt Fife, was nearly killed
early this morning by a fellow countryman ln a drunken brawl at the
boarding house at the mine. The
would-be murderer used a razor. Ser-
slna was badly slashed, tbe worst
wounds being on the head and right
arm. The latter was cut to the bone
and the main artery severed, from
which the man would have died from
loss of blood had not his arm been
tied up. He Is now in the hospital
In this city and tonight is a little
better. Dr. Kingston and provincial
police constable Ritchie went down
on a special to Investigate the affair. The would-be murderer, however, made his escape across the
In connection with the observance
of Coronation Day In tbe public
schools of British Columbia a circular letter has Just been Issued to all
the various principals aad teachers,
by tbe provincial minister of education, Hon. Dr. Young, directing their
attention to the fact that Coronation Day, Thursday, June 22, has!
been officially declared a public holiday throughout tho British Empire.
"On that day," says the circular,
"King George V., the immediate successor to the peace loving King Edward VII, will be crowned nt Westminster Abbey, London and duly proclaimed the lawful ruler of an empire
so vast that it has been described as
one upon which the sun never sets.
All the schools of the province will
therefore he closed on June 22, and on
The funeral of Mrs. (leorce Turner,
of Moyie took place from the undertaking parlors of W. R. Hcatty oi^
Thursday morning. A large number
of friends and relatives followed the
remains to the church of England,
where services were lielil, thence to
the cemetery.
Coronation Number.
Photos nml orders f'»r private re
Bldencos to be used in the Coronation
number of tbe Prospector are coining
in Inst, but we wish to say that no
nriieri; can tie received later than
June 12. We are enabled to do this
by special arrangements with the en-
Jacob Nllson and Niis Johnson of gravers.
Wasa, were In town Monduy making As severul citizens, in conversation
applications for the crown granting evinced the fact that they can
of several mineral claims located on not grasp the large undertaking that
the Bkookumcbuok creek.  The clnims the    Prospector   company    bave   In
have a strong   lead    10 feet In width
carrying high values in gold uud sil-
The Cranbrook Tin.ling Co., Is
building a new addition to their ine
sent quarters, the new building will
he 55x2.1 leet, two store,s in height.
The second story will bo used for u
the day following Friday as well. That I snow-room for waeous, cm riages nnd
such an Important event in our his-1 t|ie iuvler floors usod for grain, feed
tory may be grasped by every pupil alld nav
in the province. I beg to Invite your 	
valuable co-operation in providing a A mBn nn8Werl„K to t,,B ,|cscri|.tlnn
fitting celebration ol Coronation Day;o( Mg(h|ra _M Bwn „n Ttl„_(la a(.
in our schools.   It te suggested that tm,  „„„   ,,()nt   ,,„,.
the forenoon of the previous day,LM H(, converae(, Wfth four of
Wednesday.    June   21 he devoted   to, ^ br|dge c|w ,,„,.,„,, „,„„„„„„ hour.
He said he had lost his wtiy and thut
hand, we will feel It a compliment if
those people will cull »t the Prosper
tor office, where they ran nea a ton
Of speeial paper which wlll he used In
this IbbUO. nnd a full e*planution will
he made hy tho manager. We court
the fullest enquiries.
FOI. SALE — Three valuable oil
paintings, one by Baxter, R.A. Price
$250. Apply Mrs. DuckerinB. Martin
avenue, 21-2t
At The Edison.
such exercises as will give a proper
appreciation of the great historical |
ceremony to be performed the following day at Westminster Abbey, such
as lessons of national interest; a
study of the greatness of the empire;
its govern ment, and leading institil.
tlons;' the history of Westminster Ab-;
bey and the Coronation stone.
"The   program   for   the afternoon:
be hnd been out all night. When last
seen he was walking tlie ties to Port
A. Price, M. B. Brooks and W. J.
Urcn, C. P. H. officials left Oalgary
Wednesday on an automobile cur fixed
to run    on   track.
,. ■,    i    i"'."" ^™"_J"m,'I Pernle Wednesday at K. 3d a.m. and
should consist ol exercises to   which '
. , ,    ,„      ,.,,,  k„ t.„t,AA Cranhrook nt, II   0 clock.    Then   M
parents and friends could be invited
and    might   well    Include    patriotic  went to ,..,,,
songs and recitations, and suitable' t""1' returning at 15 o clock, leaving
addresses by trustees and others. The Oranbrook for the west „nd arriving.
National Anthem should be sung and «' "M™ **■ 8 p. m. Thursday;
|   Owing to so ninny enquiries a'lO'it
the   engravings   we are   having pre-
The   following    cxcclle it   line    of
films will be run at the Edison Theatre tonight.
"The Mill of thc Gods."   A drama.
"Reclaimed,   and   How the Doctor
Made r.nod."
"Proving his Courage," a comedy,
They arrived at and a good one.
Tlie Siamese Sisters"—Also good.
The  Prolossor'B Romance."    Very
Klmberlv on an    Inspection funny-
Miss Florence Baldwin will sing.
Wycliffe- News.
May be disappointing
The   Women's    Institute   of   Oranbrook held a successful meeting   or.,
Thursday afternoon at the residence Nn|.|iUI.v'
of   Mrs.   Doran.    At   this    meeting
it   was proposed   to hold   a   picnic th|      ,„ t)le „„, o( eiectricity
which due ...„, '    . "   ...
New Company
We would call the attention of our
readers to the advertisement of the
Empire Electric Co., which appears
in this Issue of the Prospector. The
Empire Electric company Is a company of local men, of which Maurice
Qimln Is general manager, and D. L.
Davis general superintendent. The
has secured quarters on
Norbury avenue, In the Leask building, and are now open for business,
Coronation   Day,   of
notice will he given later.
the school flag saluted with due ceremony.
part\mn"VLT.rsywbo succeed   to »»™> *** ****** ** *■ lit,1= ««■•«  1«ti*"'' hMincae in ,own Tue9dalr'
, .    „,„h    . .„.,,. _m  time In which to prepnrc their houses 	
™,7in". ^ n„r   Iting the numT.     » have   made special arrangements     On Monday   night   105,000 feet   of
send in a report stating the number ^   ^   .^^ ^^   »   m^c ,„,„,,„   wa„   cllt.    The ,„,„ „ „ow
any cut we mny require almost     up averaging 200,0(10 leet every 24 hours,
to the Inst minute of publication   of
the date arranged    for our sou-enlr
J,  Doyle of Cranbrook  was trans-
of   pupils
who   took    part   In   the
The "Barrier" a Success
It does not matter where you     buy
Wednesday, Day for Vote on
will be carried, and prices for Instal-
ing motors, and other electrical appliances will now le nasonahle.
It wlll he of Interest to those who I 	
your groceries, hut If you really ap- wallt anythlng In tbe electrical line Wnshlnirton, D. 0., May ai—The
predate the method ot keeping food- t0 cali nt tne jjm,,||.e company's eenate Bnance committee decided to-
stuffs under the most rigid sanitary Btore| anj uncertain what they have, i day to vote on the Canadian reclpro-
regulatlons, investigate conditions at >or _ou wm „„,( nianT iai 0r-savlug j city hill on Wednesday. It had been
Fink's Pure Pood Grocery, and tben art|clee electrically operated, and a | planned to end the hearing tonight.
use your Judgment where to make , member ct lhe firm will le on band | hut additional wltnessea will be heard
your purchase. to explain tbeir mai* ot operation.      on Monday,
A writer in the News-Advertteer in
speaking of probable changee ln   the      -ne.  Auditorium  was  crowded    on     On   Thursday   ol   this   week
strength of the west to the Dominion j Tmir8day evening to see "The   liar- »,""•"   enumerators   commenced   their
house says: j rlcr,"   B   dramatization    by Eugene1 duties ol gathering In  the statistics
"Probably the results of the census j PreBllhury of Rex Bcach'B well known required   for the    regular   Dominion
in this province as regards this city, ] novel o( ti,„ aame nsme. , Censim.   T. M. Roberts, census coin
will be disappointing to many who:    Thc company Wns well balanced and  mlssionor   for this   district, has   lus
forget, to the amazed contemplation | thclT worK through the five nets was enumerators drilled in this work, so
ol   Vancouver's    unique   Increase   «', effective, with plenty of humor   and  that their duties will be done e:llcl»nt-
population, tbnt, even witb the com- pathos,    with     touches   of tragedy,   ly and quickly.
Ing of the two new transcontinental  MiB|j Hc)en Barnam us Nccln, showed
railwaya now creeping slowly across gleHt personality and ensily captur- A new bridge has been built at a
this vast province, the peopling ol el) tnc „,„„,„ „„,( wen desorved the point 261 miles west ol Crunbrook,
this glorious hill country,  the larg- wnr||| ttp|,iau80 given her. ; ns this creek   has never been nnmed,
est, the richest, nnd the last virgin m)(1H (in|v|„ gave nn effective por-1 up to thc presont tlmo tbo go-.crn-
provlnce of .the Empire, has hardly trayal ol the Indian squaw, Aluna
begun; while thc prairies uf Alberta rjeorge Cleveland, as "I'oleon Doret"
nnd Saskatchewan are receiving set- |,r(,m,ntcd the French Canadian trap
tiers Into a hundred strong centres |)(,r jt> n „mniier that was much np
to our one." predated by   those prcHcnt, and Mr
  McGregor,   as   Captain    Burrell was,
satisfactory. The balance ol tho com- J. A. Tormcy. of Hnyncs Lake, nnd
pany werc good and gnve exce le'it, president of Ihc Kootenny river
support, end the whole pluy wns Land Co., who hold the land nt, that
pleasing, and woll prcsontcd. plnce,    wns In   the city on Mon lay.
  Mr. Tormey, it will   he remembored,
recently brought out a large cimtln-
Dr. de Van's Female Pills gent oi wen to-do British settlor for
A reliable French regulator; never falla. Tlieae   Baynes and  district,
Bteve Clark, foreman for the Staples Lumber compnpy is a'so preparing to erect a ne* residence.
The hot weather ol the past few
days has set the river rising at the
rate cf six Inches daily.
II, limning, the Cranlirook photographer wns here Tureday taking
photOB ol lho big ini'ling plant, for
tho Prospeotor Souvenir number.
Chester Staples new house, just
across thc river, near the new bridge
ih completed.
ment employees bave called  It ''Wedding   Crcok,"    In honor ol the woddlng Of    superintendent    Held at   Nel-
boii   during   the   early   part of this |<
week. nh
J. A.
Elmore Stnples has commenced the
•onstructlon ol a large nnd modern
-esldence. It will ho the most up-to-
Inte building of its kind In East
lenay. the plans ol this structure
t thnl tlie reception room will bo
43x2-1 leot.
Matters Political.
pills are exccetliiiBly po
j-etierattve portion of tnc
We   if-nrn  thnt   nrrancementn    will
soon    bo    tnarlc   for    holding several
meetings along lho Crow*   Also one
few of whom nt- Oranbrook,   A. K. Goodeve, M. P.
wilt  bt' tbo   principul speaker.    Full
.    lul in regulating IM Bfl*.+iflCi   *,,   Oranbrook.   Mr.   Toi mey
if-raiivBpuMiimui tne female system.   Kcf-.srl »*»•■•*»'■•     ■•■    *-'"1" »*-*--*» ,  _    ,        ,    , -■ ... <
cheap imitation... iw.«TiHB'i •« lold al reports thinRB thriving in tbe HaynoB details of these meetini's will be pub*
.1       ...    1 !.-__   I... •*!< M_H_..I   In -till   -riri •_._■. * * ...      . ...la. »,    _       «	
ti a bux, ui tluaa lui Ilu.   Mai
feke ••***_ Una -•-. It.
Mailed le any aduie.a
" vattaulaee. Oat
district, and sales plentiful.
Author ol    TK- M-miy ot lhe fellow
' Send for tree sample to Dept N.TJ., N*
! tiutial Uriiii k Cbeuiicul Co.. Toronto
It wns almost 5 o'clock wben. leaving Beruier in bis corridor In front of
tbe door ot tiie iMmuutf room, Route*
tablile aud mysel. touud ourselves
■gain In the court.
At that moment we climbed to the
platform of ihe ancient tower at It".
We seated ourselves upon the parapet
At that momeut we noticed upou tbe
Nine of ihe Banna Uraude the disturbed and wrathful couuteuance ot
OM   Rnh     Ills  shadow   wus the ObV.
t)ark tbli-C about.    Bj what prudlgloUM
anuc-iroulsiu it wus that tins modem
•cbolar wllb hi» coal ami but in the
rnMK.it of fashion should  Ue moving
about, grotesque and gboullab, lu Trout
of this cavern mMj.<hjo j cars old formed
by the ardent lava to serve a.** the tlrst
roof fur the lirst  rurally  In the tirst j
days of the world!   We could see bin*
brandishing his skull as he had done
at tbe table, and we could hear bim I
laugh, laugh, laugh.    U tore our ears ;
and our hearts.
Our attention was drawn to Darzac.
wbo was coming through Uie postern
of tbe gardener, lie did uot see us.
lie was not laughing! Rouletabllle felt
the deepest pity for hlin, for he saw
that he was at the end of his endurance. In the afternoon be nad said to
my friend, who now repeated the
words to me: "Eight days Is too much!
I do not believe that 1 can bear this
torment for eight days!"
We followed him with our eyes to
the door of the square tower. We
could see from his looks thut be could
endure no more. Well, M. Darzac a
little after this gave me cause to experience the most frightful thrill ot terror which could freeze oilman bones.
Darzac went straight to the square
tower, where, of course, he found Bernier, who opened the door for him.
As Bernier bad been keeping constant
guard before tbe door of the room, as
he hod kept tbe key lu bis pocket and
an we had proved by our investigation
tbat tbe place was empty when we
had left It we had established the fact
that when Darzac entered his room
there could be no one else there. And
this Is tbe truth.
At tbe moment that we saw Darzac go
to bis room we heard a clock strike 5.
Rouletabille and I remained chatting
upon the platform of the tower B toi
another hour. Suddenly my friend
struck tue a little tap on the shoul-
der and exclaimed, "For my part I
think"— And then, without complet-
lng the sentence, he started for tbe |
square tower.   1 followed him.
Hu thought of Mere Bender's bag of !
potatoes which he emptied out on the {
white Moor of the room to the great
amazement of the good woman; then,
mulshed with this act, which evidently
corresponded to the slate of his uiliid,
he returned with me, while behind us
we could hear Pere Bernier laughing
as he picked up the potatoes.
Aa we reached the court we saw the
face of Mme. Darzac appearing for a
moment at the window of tbe room occupied by her father on the first story
of la Louve.
The heat had become Insupportable.
We   were threatened   with  a violent
storm, and we believed that It would j
begin to lighten Immediately and relieve us.
A few drops of water had begun to
We turned lo the door of M. Darzac's
room.   Beruier was smoking his pipe [
ln the corridor, sitting astride a chair. |
"ls M.   Darzac still  there?" asked
"He hasn't stirred since he went In,"
Bernier replied.
We knocked. We heard the heavy
bolt drawu from the inside. (These
bolts can only be used by the person
within tbe room.)
Darzac was writing letters when we
entered.    He had been seated beside !
a little reading table facing the door.
Now mark well all our movements.
Rouletabllle complained that the letter which he held In Ids hand con- j
firmed the telegram wblcb be bad received lu the morning and pressed him
to returu to Paris. His paper insisted ,
upon bis proceeding at once to Russia.
Darzac read Indifferently the two ot
three letters wblcb we had brought
him and put them In his pocket. I
now held out to Rouletabllle a let tei
which I hnd received. It was from
my friend In Paris, who, after having
given mo some Important details re-
garding the departure of Brignolles.
Informed me that the latter had left
his address for mall to be forwurded
to Sospel. the Hotel des Alps. This
was extremely interesting, and Darsac
and Rouletabille were greatly excitsd
over It, We decided to go to Bospei
as soon ns It could be arranged, and
we went out ot iu_ room. -Hie door
of Mme. Darzac's sleeping room was
not closed.
I have mentioned that Mine Darzac
was uot in her own room.
Then the three of us went out of the ;
square tower, leaving Pere Bernier in
bis corridor like the good  watchdog ]
that he never ceased to be until tue i
last day of his life.
It   was  about   half   nnat  0  o'clock
When,  In  emerging  from  the square
tower, we went to pay a visit to Old
Bob In the round tower. Itouletabille,;
Darzac and I.   As B0OU as we entered
the  low   has ent   Darzac  uttered  an
OXClnmatlOll  ol  surprise at   seeing  (he
destruction  which  had been  wrought i
upon a  wash drawing 11(1011  which he
had been working ami which represented the plan fot it great scaling
ladder for tiie Port <»r Hercules of the
kind which had existed lu the fifteenth
century. Tills drawing had been gashed with a knife aud paint had beeu
smeared over It. He endeavored In
vain to obtain some explanation from
Old Bob.
As Old Rob seemed to he In a churl-
lsti humor, we left ..Im that Is, Rouletabllle and myself did M. Darzac remained gazing at his •polled drawing,
but thinking, doubtless, ot altogether
different tilings.
As wo went out  Wf raised our eyes
to the sky. which was rapidly becoui* I
lng covered wiih great black clouds, j
The tempos) was near at hand
•i am going tu lie down In iuj room,"
I said,   "I can't stand any  more of
tliis.   Perhaps It may lie i let theii   :
with all the wlml,>\\s upmi " (
rtouletubllle (• \l wed n f Into ill
new < BKlle Smh! nn n ■ ni r.**i* li'
the Qi-Mt latidli .    ' cui  wl i mg itluu
case,  lie Stopper|
"Ab." he said In a low voice, "she U
here-thf Lady lu Black". CttU't jou
•iUiell lbe perfume'.'*"
And  he hid  himself behind a door. ,
motioning me to continue without waiting for bim.
What was my amazement In opening
the door of my room to dud myself
face to face wiili Matbllde!
She uttered a low cry and disappeared m the shadow, gliding away
like a surprised bud. She swept down
tbe steps like a ghost. Shesoou gained
the ground lloor. and I saw below me
the face of Kouletaollle, who, leaning
over ibe rail of the tirsi landing, looked
at her too.
He mounted the steps to my side.
"Ob, my <Jod!" be cried. "V*that did
I tell you!"
He seemed to be In ihe greatest agi
"Tbis thing must be ended In.twenty-
four hours oi I stiatl uo longer tiave
strensth to act."
Ile threw himself into a chair as
if exhausted. *'l can't breather" be
moaned He tore his collar away from
his throat. "Water:" he entreated. *'l
want the water from the Heavens. I
must have It:" And he waved bis hands
toward the dark nkles,
Por ten minutes be remained stretch
ed out In the chair, thinking, ft'bal
surprised hip whs thai be asked no
question oi uttered no conjecture a*
to what the l.ady In Black had been
seeking in my room I would not have i
known how to answer It he had done
so. At length be rose and went io
take the guard at the postern.
He would not even come in to din |
ner and stun word to have some soup ,
brought nut to htm. the dinner was
served lu -a Louve at S;ilO. Darzac
who cane to the table from Old Bob's j
workrooi,, said that the latter refused I
to dine a so. Mme Kdlth. rearing thai !
her unci) might he ill. went Imnirdl !
ately 10 the round tower
The l.ady in  Blink came In on tbe t
arm ot i-i lather.   She cast on me a
look of -frrowlul reproach which disturbed .te greatly     Her eyes seemed
never t<  wamlei from me.
A I'istol Shct In ths Night.
ml' wns ii gloomy meal enough.
I Ail Inn Itillii'e lonk..fl every mo-
I meiil In ine direction ot Ibe
' l.mly In murk. All tbe window? were o|ieli. A Hush ot light- j
nine nntl 11 henry rlnp ot thunder cume ,
In rtlfild succession, mid then the del-
nge. Mine. Kdlth reappeared lust In
time to escape being drenched by the
furious rain, wblcb bent dowu 11-8
cum on hulls.
'Ine young woman told ln excited
tones nnd with bei- hniids clasped bow
sb« bad found Old Hob beudlng over
his desk wiih bis bead burled In bis
hands. He hnd refused to bave auy-
twng to say lo her. sue bnd spoken
to hlin affectionately, and be had
treated ber like n bear. Then, as tie
had beld Ills  hands to his eara, she
No Desire
The Stomach Seems  Played Out and
the Appetite Fickle
hjd prii ked one ol his lingers with a
litile  pin   set   wiin  roblea   wldcb  &Uo
U»*l tu fuateu the lace scarf  winch j
_Le wore in the evening,    tier uncle
md turned upon her nUe a madman,
•ud Buatched the little pin trom ner
aud thrown It upon the desk.    And |
ineu be had spoken lo t.er-"brutally,
rudely." she ejaculated,    "t-iet out of i
here at.d leave ine uluue!" bu said to I
tier.    Sbe bad turned ber bead for a
msr   hml;  at  ber old   uncle and  had
oeeu almost struik dumb ny wuat sbe
The "oldest skull lu the history of
the human race" '•wis on tbe desk, aud
Old Bob. a baud kerchief stained with
blood lu his bund, was spitting iu tbe
skull. He hud always treated It with
severe respect and had insisted that
others do the same.
Darsac reassured her by telllui; her
tbat what sbe had taken tor blood
wus only paiut.
1 left to hurry out to Itouletabille
ami escape Mat nude s glances. What
bad tbe l.ady tu UlacB been doing in
my bedroom.
WDtn l .started out the thunder was
pealing loudly and Uie ruin falling with
redoubled force, n took me only one
bound to rea. b the poateru. No Rou
letabUle was there! I found bim ou
tbe terrace B" watching ihe entrance
lo the •tQUnre tower aud receiving the
full strength or the Btorm at his back.
I entreated him to lake shelter uu
der the urch.
"Leave me alonp!" be mid impatiently. "Leave me alone. Hn** is the deluge. How gooil it Is! |la\e you ever
had a desire to roar with the thunder?
1 have, and 1 am roaring now."
Aud he plunged Into the darkness.
making toe shadows resound wun uia
lavage clamors. I believed this time
lhat he luiu surely gone mad But lu
my heart I Knew that the unhappy lad
wus breathiug forth tn these indistinct
articulations of frightful anguish the
misery that burned bun and which be
was constantly Irving to hinder from
burning up tne heart and the soul in
bis body—the misery of being tbe sou
of Larsan.
1 turued helplessly, ami as I did so
1 felt a band seize my wrist, and a
dark forui crim out:
•"•"Where is ber
It was Mme. Darzac, who was also
seeking Rouietaoltle. A new peal of
thunder burst. imi we heard tbe boy
iu his mad d* irium hurling wild
shouts of defiance to the heavens. She
heard him. She -aw him. We were
drenched with water from the rain aod
the breaking of tue sea ou the terrace.
Mine. Darzac's clotnlhg clung around
her like a nig and u«-r skin dripped as
-lie walked 1 took the wretched wo-
nan's arm and held ner up, for 1 saw
hat she was iiInuU ro fall, and that
uomeiit in ihe nilu.'*t of lhat terrible
unchaining ot   i __•_- elements,  in tbjt
mad tempest, under tbis terrible downpour on the breast of the raging sea.
I all at once breathed the perfume—
the odor so sweet and penetrating and
haunting that Its fragrance has remained with me ever since—tbe perfume of the Lady In Black. 1 understood uow bow Rouletabille had remembered it all these years.
Yes, It was a fragrance f«H of sadness—something like the perfume of
an Isolated flower which has beeu condemned to be seen by oo one, but to
blossom for Itself all alone. A strange
perfume! Surely it was that, for 1
bad seen the Lady In Black hundreds
of times without noticing It, and uow
tbat I bad done so It was everywhere
and above all things, and 1 knew tbat
tbe memory of it would abide witb me
while life should last.
There ln tbe nlgbt and tbe tempest
tbe Lady In Black called aloud to
Rouletabllle, and be fled from us and
rushed farther tuto the nlgbt, shrieking aloud, "The perfume of the Lady
In Black-the pertume ot tbe Lady in
Black I"
(To be continued.)
• Heard From
My little boy, aged four, was very
naughty, and as I hnd spoken to him
several times, I said to lum:
"Roger, if you don't behave you'll
hear from me."
After a few seconds* grave thought
he responded:
"AU right.   Send me a postal."
They have just found in California
the remnant's ol a tribe of Indians
supposed to be extinct since 1870.
They are keeping them for unprejudiced jurors.
Jack—I tried to teach Ethel bow
to play billiards last night. She's the
shyest girl-l ever saw.
Will—How shv, for iiislance?
.lack—Why, she blushed every time
the balls kissed each other.
It Can't Be Done
It is perfectly clour why the hobble
skirt bus been barred frum court
(ttnetioni in England. Imagine "
huly in one of 'em making one ol
! those how* where you alt down on
yout heel I—Louisville Courier-Journal.
Iiidigeatlon .houl 1 not be negleotcd
i.n by deorlvlnn tin  body "I Its proper   nourtihnit'iil   il   growa steadily
worai.     Netthi r,   atituulattng   nn.li- ]
clues, which ruin Ihe already   weak
stomach by  making  II  work beyond
ils strength, should be ttaod, nor pro-
digested tods, which .1" nol excite ul
flow  ol the dlg> .live Hinds, und by |
disuse cause   the   stouiach I" grow ]
w.nikni-    Xnwlnrn i. Ihe tonic treatment with Dr. Williams' Pink Tills
more clearly ns. [id    It- principle is
1 to enable tno stomuch to do it- own
work by building up tl"- blood and
giving tone to {he nerves, Winn those
are once mon1 rcsturcd to their uor-
tnal    health   Indigestion   disappears
land lh.1 cure ts permanent. In prool
ol tin's.' statemeuti we give thn ex-
perienco ol Mrs Paul Gannon, Star
City,   S;i-k..   who   says:   "For more
. than  n  your  I  sufteied with all the
. terrible pains of indigestion, and my
Iif,- was one of the greatest misery.
It did not aoem lo make any difference whether 1 ate or not, the pains
were always there, otten accompanied
by a severe bloating and ;i belching
,,( wind. 1 did not even get relict ut
night, and sometimes hardly got a
bit of sleep in my misery. 1 tried
many remedies said to cure indigestion, but thoy did me not ouo particle of guild anrl 1 fully expeoted that
1 would always be afflicted in this
way. At this time my brother came
home on a visit and he urged me to
:ry Dr. Williams1 Pin Pills and got
six boxes for me. By the tune I hud
taken (our boxes 1 began to improve
und could eat with some relish. 1
was greatly cheered, and continued
taking the Pills until all traces of
the trouble, had disappeared and 1
could once more eat all kinds of food
without thc smallest inconvenience.
We have since used Dr. Willams'
Pink Pills in our family for other
troubles. I am so firmly convinced
of tbeir virtue as u family medicine
' that I hnve no hesitation in recommending them to all wenk, oiling
Pribl by all medicine dealers or by
mail ut 50 cents a box or six boxes
■ for   $2.60.   from   The   Dr.  Williams'
j Medicine Co., Broekville, Ont.
i "Did you ever play in 'Hamlet'?"
inquired a theatrical manager of a
recent acquisition to bis company.
"Ever?" exclaimed the new-comer.
"Why I've played in every hamlet of
.Great Britain!"
Archives  at  Raglna.
l.islc. M.P.P. in the Saskatchewan
Legislature, brought all interesting
matter before his [ellow-membera ol
the Provincial Houae the other day.
He wants his Government to sturt uu
archives  depurtu I.     He   is   right.
What couutry has ever been great
without some history to sentimental-
lae ovei? Saskatchewan has history—
the story ol missionaries who went
iky-pllotlng among Ihe Itedsklns: explorers who lived lu tell the World ol
its greatest heritage: luMtaden who
proved what tl xplorors had to say.
I'ntil very tocctitly Saskatchewan hud
■io respectable lemplo lo enshrine her
iscrcd records, No excuse now. As
Lisle. M P.P.. pointed out, the pais-
■lul llou.se "I Parliament in Regina
itanda waiting In splendid msgnlH-
ience,   There is much n  iu that
mlldtng lor the precious written re.
'"ids of |l arly  day-  ol tlle  Itoyul
aortliwcsl Mounted Police, Ihe llud-
ion Hay l'.., the missionaries, ex-
dorers and lur-traders. It is satis.
actory tu note lhat Mr. Haultaln and
h' leading membera ol '.he Legisln-
ure, IkiUi Sovornmont und Opposl-
lou are lavoruble to the arehivea
iroj-tct.  Courier.
Tin Olila.t English Barrister.
Hundreds ,,! congratulatory mos-
.ages have been showered on Mr.
\V. A. Cordon Hake, the oldest living
English barrister, v li» recently celebrated his hundredth birthday. Mr.
Hake still retains all his faculties,
being, until recently, cble to read
without the aid ol glasses. In his
youth he was a great believer in
walking as a health-builder. He
thought Life ot u twenty-mile jaunt,
and to his passion lor open-air exercise he attributes his longevity. _ A
good story is told ol his economical
toilet. Dr. Charles Hanson once called upon him at his chambers, nnd
asked permission to put on his burris-
ter's wig and gown. "Now." said he,
"lend me a looking-glass." He wus
handed u razor, as being the nearest
approach to u mirror possessed by
Mr. Hake.
fhe   Digestive   System   is  Overloaded
With   Poisons—Relief  Comes
With  the   Use  of
Weak stomach, loan ol appetite, in-
digestion and ull the accompanying
symptoms ot pains, aches, fatigue
aii'l lack nf energy, tend to make
the Bpringtime anything but Joyous!
fur many people.
Tin* sy.-t*"in is full <»f poisons, the
blood Is Impure, the liver and kidneys have been overworked in an
effort in remove the waste matter and
have tailed. This accounts fur the
biliousness, the constipation, the
backaches and headaches.
How in this condition i" bo over-'
come? There is no quicker or more
(-prti.ii) way lliiin by tin- use of l)r
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, This
treatment gets the livar and Uifluf-yn ■
In action at onco and Insures regular movcmenl of the bowels.
Thn poisonous waste matter which
lias boon chuntinit the digestive nyi-;
tem Is removed and tho organs of
digestion arc enabled io properly
perform their duties.
Appetite i-A iharnenodi you eat
your food witli a n li-li, thc Btomach
is strengthened, the vital organs kH
thn nourishment they require, and
vigor and onorgy are restored.
There Is no renson for anyone who
known of I)r. Chase's Kidney-Uvor
Pil!« to have Impure blood or to
Buffer the annoyance of tired, Bpring
tiwlings. Ono pill a dotte, 26c, n box,
ut nil dealers or Edmanson, Baton
& Co., Limited, Toronto.
"I teach my parrot oidy short
"Uo you? Now, 1 should think that
parrots were better adapted to learning polysyllables,"
A HU1q alum dissolved In tho water
in which cretonne is washed ia an aid
in keeping colors bright,
H tako« nlno tailors to mako n man,
hut one woman can easily make a
goose of a uuiii,
A PIU for Brain Worker!.—The man who
works with his brains is more liable to
di'rangcment of the digestive system thnn
the man who works with his hands, be-
nause the one calls upon his nervous
*'i.(*ri?v while the other applies only his
must-nlar strength. Brain lag begets irregularities of the stomach and liver, and
the bes't remedy that can be UBed is
Parmelee'B Vegetable Pills. They are
Hueciftlly compounded for such cases ona
all those who use them cau certify to
their superior power.
Bore—"Ah, I see you're rather busy
now. I'll look in again when you have
a couple of hours to spare."
Assistant Editor (wearily)—"Ah,
thanks! Then you'll be presont at
my funeral."
Wa offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot ba
•ured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
P. J. ORKNEY 4 CO., Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J,
Jheney for the last IS yeara, and believe
tilm  perfectly  honorable in all buslneis
ransactlons and financially able to carry
>ut any obligations made by his firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O
Rail's Catarrh Cure le taken internally,
icting   directly    upon   the   blood   and
mucous  Surfaces  of  the  system.    Teetl
nonials sent free.   Price T6o per bottle
4old Iiy all druggists-
»aka Hall's Family Pills lor MhitipatlM.
"Yes, I'm suving for a home."
"1 can't save any money.   How do
you manage it?"
"By getting my wife to go without
things.   She thinks we're suving for
an automobile."
It Will  Prevent    Ulcerated   Throat.-At
the llrst symptoms of sore throat, which
preHiigcs    ul ut Ion    and    iiiHnminntlou,
take n spoonful of Dr. Thomas' Kelectrie
Oil. Add u little sugar to it to mnke It
imlntniile. It will allay the irritation and
prevent the ulceration and swelling thnt
are so painful. Tlion- who were periodically subject to quinsy have thus made
themselves Itniiiliiie tu attack.
The gasoline engine serves a very
useful purpo.se, hut do not expect it
to run tha whole farm.
Correct   Dimensions
At a party Sarah's aunt said to her,
"Cljild, you cat a great deal for a lit-
th- girl o'f three." Surah replied, "Oh,
I'se not ho little on the inside,
W. N. U., No. 847.
Griggs—Our doctor claims that some
ailments can he communicated hy a
Rriggs Probably ho means the
grip. - Boston Transcript.
What  to   Put  OH
Always   put   off   tonight   what   you
ure going to nut on in the morning.
Princeton Tiger.
Good Advice
A colored mun was brought before
n police judge charged with stealing
chickens. He pleaded guilty and received sentence, when the judgo asked how jl wui he managed lo lift
IhOBQ chickens right under the window
of thfl owner's house when there was
a dog in the yard,
"Hit wouldn't bo nn U8C, .fudge,"
said the man, "to try to 'splatn dlH
thing U» you* all. Kf you was to try
it you like as not would get yer hide
full ol shot, on' get no chickens,
nuther. Ef yo' want to engage iu
any rascality, -Judge, yu' better stick
to de bench, whar* yo' am familiar."
The Insurgent Lady
i A thin hatchet-faced woman stood
! in the rear doorway of the car and ro-
I fused to move up, although several
| times asked to do so by the conductor,
"Move up, madam; move up," the
conductor   shouted,     pushing     her
1 ahead.
"I shan't do it," she said. "I
shan't move a peg!"
"Move up," insisted lhe conductor;
"plnity of room in the middle of the
"I shan't do it," said the woman,
clinging to her strap.
Just then u man run across the
truck in front of the cur uud tbe
motormnn put on the brakes hard.
The cor stoppod suddenly. The woman wns pulled from her strap and
seut stuttering up to the front end,
where flho bunged against the door.
From thut position she glanced back
lit the conductor und shouted:
"Well,  I'm  here; hut   you    didn't
I Uililii' mn collie 1"
Little Tolltmy, wbo had heen praying for some months for (Iod to send
him a baby brother, finally became
"I don't, believe find bus auy more
little boys hi Bond," he told his
mother, "uud I'm going to stop nak-
ing for one."
Eorly one morning, not long nfter
this, he was taken into his mother's
room to see twin Imys who hnd arrived in the night, Johnnie regarded
them thoughfully for some minutes.
"tlolly," he remarked finally, "it's
a good tiling I stopped praying when
I did."
A Threat
A fat colored ludy was a passenger
on u street car and she bad in her
anus a baby which wus nursing.
When tin* conductor cume by, the
Imhy, fascinated by the whining hut-
Ions on his cout, dropped its "dinner" und stared at the conductor.
This annoyed the colored mummy,
and she said, in a scolding tone:
"Look yere, yon RastllS, you'd better tuke your dinner, or I'll shore
gib it to de conductor."
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
Union Arithmetic
"How long would it take eight men,
working ten hours a day to build a
house Ui) feot high, if they built au
inch an bourS
Por hours Alexander pondered over
this perplexing problem. Kvery time
lie got ii different answer. At lust, in
dosperatiou. he took it to his father.
".Wotl" roared the father, as he
rend tiie quostlon. "Do you mean ter
tell me they set yer tliis sum at your
BKuloP It's outrageous! It's abominable! Don't you do it me lad. You
'euve il alono, I'll write yer n letter,
an' yer can lake il down ter your
teucher chap iu the mornin'!"
Well satisfied, Alexander laid his
task aside. And in the mornng bis
teacher was presented with the following tratfl epistle:
"8ir,~l refuse to let mi son do the
sum you gave bim larst nite, as it
loks to ine to be a slur on the eight-
hour sistem. Any .sum not more than
eight hours a dny he is welcome to
do. but no more. From yours faithfully."
Her Reason
Being upbraided by her mother for
being the lowest iu her class, little
Mabel exclaimed in tunes of injured
innocence: "It ain't my fault. The
girt who has always been tout left
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
First Doctor—"] hear your practice
is becoming very small."
Second Doctor—"Yes, 1 am getting
out of patients."
The on»e with which corns and warts
ran he removud hy Ilolloway's Corn Cure
is its strungetit . recommendation. It
seldom failH.
How Sandow Became Strong.
Mr. l_ugen Sandow, who has been
appointed to the new post of Professor
of Scientific Culture to the King, an
indication of the importance His Majesty attaches to the subject of physical development, made the interesting confession a short time ago that
as a child he was "pale, frail, delicate—even weakly. I inherited no
abundance of health," he continued,
"or extraordinary physique, for my
parents •■ere not exception in this
respect. That 1 have acquired health
and strength is due entirely to the
fact that 1 have exercised regularly
and aytfematically—not spasmodically and erratically—from the moment I
first determined to emulate those heroes of old, when I set my eyes upon
their sculptured forms in Italy's galleries of urt."
From  Carpenter to  Editor.
A striking illustration of the versatility of modern man is furnished
hy the career of Mr. Kamsny Colles,
whose new book, "In Castle and
Court House" (Werner Laurie), is at-
tractinff so much attention. Mr. Colles
began life as a carpenter's apprcn-
.ice, and  among the tirst things he
ndf when he became'proficient was
a coflin. Thii he fitted with shelves
ind drawers, and kept standing in
ils room at Dublin as a cupboard.
Then in turn he became manager of
i bank, a timber importer, managing
lirector of a cycle company, then
newspar :r founder and proprietor, TJI*
timat-.'ly he became eu.tor of a popular London journal, and devoted much
ol his time tu writing books and editing a series of poetical works.
The Tramp (at the bock door)-*Mia-
ter, I'm walking ocrosst the continent on a bet, trying to beat Weston's
record an*	
Farmer (interrupting)—Then beat
it, durn ye beat it!
Mr. Lately Married—But, dearest, I
thought wc had planned to go to the
opera this evening?
Mrs. Ditto—Yea, love, but I have
changed our mind.—Puck.
To secure Russian emigrants for
Canada the Canadian Paciflc railway
has opened emigration oflices in
Dalmy and Harbin, Manchuria.
A New Yorker with a large family
of children was called home from
business the other day by the pleasant news that Ins wife had given
birth to twins.
One of his little daughters met him
ut the door.
"Come in, pupa!" she cried. "Come
in and see the new baby"—she stopped perplexed and added—"and—and
the otber one."
The great Hans Wagner hns been
excused from jury duty. Evidently
on baseball grounds.
"Yes, I had ten children. They al)
grew up and married off,"
"I suppose it ia lonesome now at
"Oh, no. Every once in a while one
of them gets a divorce aud wanders
Used in Canada for
over half a century
—used in every corner
of the world where
people suffer from
Constipation and its
resulting troubles—
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills,
stand higher in public
estimation than any
others, and their ever-
increasing sales prove
their merit Physicians
prescribe them. a
25c a box.
Sold in all parts of the World.
Canada's Modi Brilliant Representative.
It has proved its superiority over scores
of other makes, and has won popularity
solely on its merits.
It's good for your shoes.      •* *
THE F. F. DALLEY CO., Limited,
HAMILTON, Oat.,   BUFFALO, N. Y.   and   LONDON, Enf.
Toronto, Canada
in Cash Prizes for Farmers
Your Photograph May
Win a Prize   w,
A MONO tha prUaa we art ofterlnr In our bir
PrlM Cunlaat It one ol 1100.00 (Prize "C")
for tht farmer In each Province who fur-
ntthei m with a photograph tltowlng the beat of
any particular kind of work done on hit farm
during llll with "CANADA" Cement. For thla
prise, work of every detcrlptlon la included.
Now Juat u toon it you flnllh that new alio,
barn, feeding floor or dairy, that you've boen
thinking of building, why not photograph It and
tend the picture to ut? Tht photograph doean't
necessarily havo to be taken by a professional
or an uxpert. ln fact, your son's or your daughter's camera will do nicely. Ur, falling this, you
might uso the kodak of your neighbor's son nearby. In any event, don't let the Idea of
having a photograph made deter you
from entering the compotltlon. Particularly as we have requested
your local doaler to help In
cases where It la not convenient for the farmer to pro-
curt   a   oamera   In   tht
neighborhood1. By thlt meant
you are placed on an equal footing with every other contestant.
Get the circular, which gives you
full particulars of the conditions and of
the other three prizes. Every dealer who sells
"CANADA" Cement will have on hand a supply
of these circulars—and he'll give you one If you
lust ask for It. Cr If you preftr, you can use tht
attached coupon—or a postcard wlll do—send lt
to us and you'll receive the complete details of
the contest by return mall.
If you haven't received your oopy of "What
the Farmer Can Do With Concrete," write for
that, too.    It's a finely lllustratod book of
ISO Paget full of useful and practical in.
formation of tht utet of concrete.
Write us to-night, and you'll recelvt
the book and tht circular promptly.      f    r}'""
Do  not  delay—tit  right  down-   Sle.t'ci-oiU.
take your pen or pencil, aad UU     y sod book.
out tht coupon NOW.
Canada Cement Company, Limited,
She Was the Girl He Wanted
and Finally Won.
"1 can't hear you! 1 •v.in't, I won't,
i wont: Anyway, I wouldn't have
you If you were mode of diamond*
and white augur'" Nora cried saucily,
atlcklug her lliuiera iu ber ears, but
not very deep,
Her Hiiltnr. Calvin Burrows. Esq.,
laughed uenrtlly.
Nora turned ber book to him.
"Some |HHi|ile tire plua for obstinacy
and blinder limn moles Into tbe liar-
galu. Tliey never can hh> wben tbeir
room Is belter Ititiu their company."
"Ilenr me! How dlxtimoUuir!" Burrows snld equably. Ile bud a notion
thnt he hnd brought x.irn up nnd to
knew ererytbltiK alauit her. "I know
wham you mean." he run on. "It's
that tiresome ninny Jimmy Dolan.
Next time he come* nnd tries fo wear
out his welcome you have Hannah
blow Ibe horn for me."
Nora laughed In tplle nf herself.
"Jimmy Dolnn la never tiresome.
lie knows thltiss to talk nliotit-news
and funny things nnd even hooka
Vou sit mum hulf the time. "When a
man hns nothing; to talk about, don't
you think be had better go home?"
"And leave the prettiest little girl In
the county all by her lonesome? Not
much." Burrows said, reaching toward his pipe pocket.
Nora eyed him with fresh disdain.
"You're a regular chimney." the
. aald. "What Is the saying about amok.
] tog chimneys?"
I "Oh. It goes on to mention scolding
i wives!" Burrows interrupted.   He had
by this time filled the pipe nnd wns
crowding the tobacco well down  In
the bowl.   When it wns packed to snlt
jhlm he lit It. puffed once or twice,
[then stood  up. faced the door and
| aald: "I shall have the paper with the
birds put on  tbe parlor.  Nora, nnd
[ that pink flowered pattern In the halls.
II think that's what you snld you'd
like beet?" pausing with his hnnd on
the knob, his lids downcast, but a
veiled twinkle behind them.
"Tou know I snld no such thing. If
yon go nnd buy those tuggy green
birds I'll never set foot in your new
bouse—not while they're on the wnlls,"
Nora burst out. "And pink roses In a
ball—my heavens! That's just like a
man. It's nothing to me-notblng In
the world—but I do bote to see good
money wasted, so I'm going with you
to town lo pick out something decent"
Tm obliged to you; so will my wife
be," Burrows said civilly, turning back
to her. He hud the look of one pondering a new nud strange Idea, but
came out of his daze quickly and said,
with a good humored smile: "Nora,
I've thought all along you were In fun:
that after awhile you'd agree with me:
that you might as well take me. Bnt
today you've shown me better. 1 don't
deny It hurts to admit It, but tben I'm
not the sort to whine. So left make
a bargain, right here and now—you
help me lix my bouse up so nny otber
girl will be glad to tnke me for It,
and I'll do my very best to bring Aunt
Rent round about Jimmy Dolnn. Jimmy It nnt sucb a had sort. The worst
tbat can be snld It that there Isn't
much to him. That won't matter In
tba least seeing he has money enough
to Insure rations for two. You-any
girl—might do a lot worse than to take
"Why, you've snld many a time the
reason be was no worse was thnt be
bgdn't sense enough," Norn broke in.
Burrows gave her a quirk look, bnt
went on steadily: "Maybe I did, but
then yon must allow something (or
Jealousy. 1 was jealous of Jimmy, but
I am not any more. The case stand-
Just thus: You won't have me, not for
anything I can any or do or be, and a
wife I'm bound to have. It's dead
lonesome living on a big place In a
new house all by yourself. But 1 hare
got to get out of living by myself, and
you must help me. Women know each
other as men uever can. Tomorrow
morning I'll come over bright and
early, and ns we drive to town you
can tell me who Is worth having and
where Is my lies! chance."
Norn stared nt him bard. In nil her
life Burrows hnd uever made one hulf
ao longn speech to her. After he went
•he was quiet for n full hour. Rhe had
teased nnd tyrannized over and flouted
him sn long, so merrily. II gave her a
atari to think the occupation was soon
ta be definitely gone. By way of
getting uver lbe shock she ran to ber
room and spent the Interval before
tupper In trying on her prettiest frocks
and combing her linlr three wuyt. Sbe
wound up hy choosing n blue linen,
two yenra old. yet Burrows' especial
admiration. Rhe nlso decided lo wear
her hair loosely waved about her face.
Burrows hud snld It wns a sin to
strain ll hack In a set pompadour.
Naturally when she stepped into hit
buggy she was a vision of delight—at
least to his unworldly yet rather pro-
•alc eyes.
But he did not tell her sn. Indeed,
the conversation waa for the first mil*
or two decidedly fragmentary. Then
there fell nlisolnte silence while tha
black spun went n shipping pace over
a long level stretch. II ended at 1
sharp rise. Burrows reined In na they
camp tn It and spoke to the horses In
• soft, rooreiful voice "They know
who's behind I hem most ns well as 1
do," he said tn Nora. "Poor lassleal
Tn tlilnli they'll soon have to ba taking some one else to town!"
"Who?" Norn said croasly. "0.
course you know, Tbat was an mate
believe, your winning me or wanting
me lo tell you things. Ytu wouldn't
heed u word I'd any. I know men-
ob. a whole lot better than they know
"No doubt. That's a woman's privilege." Burrows said, smiling. "But I
really have nol made up my mind.
There are six girls, any of whom
would do mighty well. Trouble Is-
will any of the six have me? I
doubt It."
"I don't, not the least. Girls are
crazy to marry-that la, Ihe must of
them," Nora Interjected, then suddenly
Cushini.   "Bnt tell ma who Ihey are—
that Is. If I know them. You may he
meaning some strange bodies 1 uever
beard of."
"There Is one you don't know, so I
shan't iiiiiiii. her." Burrows snid. wun
a crafty smile. "Suppose I name tbem
nlpltaheiically. What would you say
to Ml»s Alice Bane*"
"Phe shan't hnve you. She's a cat! I
time her!" Noru said suddenly, silting
rery upright. Knrrows looked properly humbled. "How ubout Corn Kion'-''
n" usked Nora almost slumped her
foot. "She's pretty enough, hut Ilie
greatest gabby." To tills Burrows au-
swercd only with nu liiiiiulitile chuckle,
und tor at least twu minutes there wns
no sound but the riitnplnn or hoofs,
then Norn broke out: "I know (Oirrldu
Yunce Is on your list. 1 aid you ever
ent a pie she mude? I did -once. It
almost killed me. If you tnke Klfrlda
I sluill mink you want to commit
"By by, Krldy. Nobody can sny that
about Susie Mornn," Burrows said,
with number chuckle, this time uut
loud Nora shot a glance at uini und
shrugged tier shoulders, saying: "No,
but If I wanted a pincushion I'd buy
It miner tliiin tiiurry It. In live years
Susie Mornn will be u perfect lump—
worse tliiin her mother, aud she's bud
enough, deal- knows."
"See here!   This Is getting serious.
You nre bent on making me tuke the
girl you don't know," Burrows aald.
Nora nodded.
"Tell me what she's like," sbe said.
"But of course you think she's uu
"1 do not. She's for from It," Burrows protested. "In fact, that's Just
what she particularly Is not. She's
not exactly pretty, either. I should
call ber rather winsome. She'll lead
some man a dunce—whoever la lucky
enough to get ber—but the getting It
going to be mighty well worth while."
"Is she tall?" Nora asked.
Burrows shook bit head, saying:
"Just your height."
Nora looked thoughtful a minute.
"What sort of eyes and hair?" she demanded next. Burrows looked puzzled.
"Her hnlr—oh, I don't Just know-
brown sometimes and sometimes ye|.
iovry—and her eyes are nil sorts of
blue, except the cold light blue that
makes you creepy. I can't describe
her-nobody can-but she's a toast
wherever sbe goes."
"You'll be Jealous," Norn said, looking nway and biting her lips.
Agulu Burrows shook bis head.
"She's the tort to be trusted." he
said.   "I wish you could see her. Then
you'd understand."
"Yon nre nn unfeeling wretch, pretending you wonted advice, even pretending so long tbat yon wanted me."
Nora cried, "when you've been in love
witb this creature! Why cun't I ever
see ber? I know she Is as bnd ns any
of the rest, but I want to prove It."
"You nre right. I have loved ber, oh,
for nges!" Burrows said. "But you
can't see her, nor, I'm afraid, ever
know her well, because, you see, sho
"Ob!" Nora snld, looking straight
abend for a minute. When sbe began
to speak again It was all about wall
paper. Needless to aay, the new Burrows bouse was finished entirely to
her liking.
Parisian Benevolence.
Paris Bends Its children to school
and supplies the poor ones with clothing, shoes and food as well as with
free books, slates, stationery and Instruments, and It arranges tbut no
child shall know which of the other,
are charity pupils. It sends poor children on summer outings. II builds
houses nud rents them at low rates,
giving preference to the poorest nnd
largest fumlltes. It taxes every theater ticket 10 per cent for a public
fund, which furnishes every year I.V
000 free beds In hospitals and us many
more In asylums. This fund has nlso
built a niutertilty hospital, where no
questions are asked. It helps to bring
up thousands of poor children. It
furnishes free medicines for tbe sick
poor. It collects a per diem from the
employer for a workman wbo receives
injury In the discharge of bis duties.
It -petals $10,000,000 yearly lu benevolence-Argonaut.
Wide Retching Wlrtlett.
The Chilean government Is putting
up a wireless tower on Juan Fernandez Island, Hia) miles distant, and soon
the lonely plnce where Alexander Selkirk was wrecked and where llohluson
Crusoe found the tracks in the sand
fnr Defoe's millions of eager readers
will get the latest news In thirty seconds from the centers of civilization
I'he British postmaster general Is linking up the Isolated Islands on the west
count of Scotland with the mainland
by wireless for a dully ulr letter serv
ice normally and England are considering a plan to talk across lhe 8a
iiuru desert In Atrlca by means uf a
•hnln nf wireless isilet on tbe ouses.-
\'ew York t'reaa
Planning   tht    Bad —Some    Famoua
Typat—To Secure Early Flowers.
Ou accouut of their free flowering
habit and ease of culture tbe canuua
are general favorites for summer bedding purposes. There are two types,
tlie green leaved end tbe red leaved.
Tbe green leaved varieties are cultivated for their flowers, while tbe red
leaved type la grown primarily for
the broad, richly colored leaves. Tbe
canna Is useful aa a bedding plant
ratber than aa a cut flower, aa tbe
flowers are fragile and soon perish
wheu cut.
Oue type known aa tbe orchid flowering produces unusually large blossoms. Tbe Austria and Italia ara
good examples.
Iu color the canna ranges from car
dlnal to yellow, Including every stage
of lutergradation. Iu some varieties,
at the Florence Vaugbuu, the body
color of the petals la a deep red, scattered through which are bright orange
Tbe cauna was developed and Improved by a Frenchman of the name
of Crony. One of the most widely
known varieties la the Mme. Croty, Introduced hy him and named lu honor j
of his wife. Tbe canna ranges from
two to six feet In height ln arranging a bed core should be taken to have
tbe taller kinds In the center, tapering
down toward the border. Sam '.'release Is one of the dwarfcat forms and
an excellent variety for tbe outside
row. For a large bed a single plnut
of tbe red leaved castor bean may be
used for tbe cetiter. Next to this
place Ihc taller variety of cuunas, next
by a row of the red leaved canna,
such as Black Beauty. Follow the.
last row of cuunas with the scarlet
sage. Salvia spleudena, aud for the
border next to grass there Is nothing
superior lo the candytuft or the variegated leaved geranium, Mme. Sel-
lerlo. The size of the bed should be
proportionate to the area of tbe lawn.
Tbe canna requires a rich, moist,
well drained soil. This may he secured by the application of well rotted manure or nitrate of soda.
Tbe propagation of the canna Is very
simple. Wben the frosts come on tha
tops are cut back and tbe clumps lifted with ns much soil as wlll conveniently adhere. These clumps ara
closely packed on shelves or In boxeal
and stored In tbe cellar at about the
temperature required for the potato.
The next spring the clumps nre subdivided luto pieces three-fourths of nn
inch long and having oue or two
strong eyes to each piece. To secure
early flowers the eyes should be started In a hotbed or window box; other
wise they may be planted directly ln
the bed. Aside from cultivating and
watering, the one point of Importance
is to keep the seed pods cut away. Aa
witb all flowering plants, tbe one purpose of the flower Is that of reproduction. If the seed pods are cut away
aB soon as the flowers wither they continue this effort Indefinitely; otherwise
flowering ceases with tbe maturing of.
the first crop of seed. The new flower
stalk appears at the last Joint; bene*
In removing the old stalk the cut
should be mode above thc Joint
Nearly alt the stn res iu tbe northwest hnve taken a positive stun*! uu
tbe proposition of tiding in the improvement of borseilesb We refer to
the fact thut these states have enacted
riiftil stalliuii registration laws, laws
that, if enforced, will show to every
staIItou patron ihe status uf the sire
in  question  botti as to breeding aud
Aaron Burr's Dramatic Accusation In
a Murder Trial-
It Is undoubtedly true that in for
mer times in ull parts of ttie country
It wus considered more Important and
more credituble to save u man's life
or liberty tliuu to get a verdict where
property only was concerned. These
days have passed, however, as far as
New York is concerned, ana in u lesser
decree, possibly, in nearly all tue other
stales, und despite ttie agitation ou the
  subject   they  ure  never  likely  to re-
to health nud constitution.   n remains I Wru-    lt ls Interesting to turn back
Willi the mure owner whether he will
make (he most of his opportunities and
work toward constant Improvement of
bis boras stock, i'r. Alexander of the
Wisconsin station gives the following
sound advice to mare owners:
Commence gruding up the farm
horse stock by mating carefully selected, sound, suitable mares tvpb
sound, prepotent, muscular, pure bred
registered stallions.
Continue year after year to use tbe
best obttiluiible pure bred stallions of
The Cl:tl»?Bontt! breed of draft
horse Is popultr In Canada, where
it wus IntrodetPil In IMi The le-
Bult Is that (jimidfi has but one
type of drufte.'. and ll Is a good
one. The same It* true of Scotland,
where the Clydesdale predoiulnates.
The    Clydesdale   stallion    shown
above ia of prize winning quality.
A Limited Edition.
There is a paper published in London called the Anti-Hop Hat. It depends (or its circulation not upon subscribers, but upon the will of an eccentric old mau who hated the conventional form of headgear witli a
hatred which he carried beyond tlio
grave. He fought the '"stovepipe" hat
while alive, and when he died he left
his nephew $2,000 a year on condition that he edit and publish a monthly paper devoted to ridiculing the
"top hat." The nephew accepted the
legacy and the responsibility and issues his paper regularly, though he
confines each edition to three copies,
oue for himself aud one for each of
the old mail's executors.—London
Wig Wearing Vary Old.
The ancient Egyptians all wore wigs,
and the early Christians from A. I).
427 to A...I). 917 considered a false
head covering a badge of distinction
—this, too, in direct opposition to
Tertulliau, who in vain declared them
devices und inventions of the devil.
This May Be Made Attractive Feature
ef tha Home Garden.
A very attractive feature of th*
home garden Is tbe so called wild garden. In which are planted tbe varlou»
species of local wild flowers tbat will
grow In captivity, such as tbe maidenhair fern, the tiger lily, Solomon's seal,
Jack In tbe pulpit, dog's tooth violet,
hepsticas, columbine, pink and yellow
lady slippers uud others too numerous to meutlou. This garden may occupy a (tartly shady place along one
side of *t' bouse or lt may be merely
a strip two feet wide, extending from
tbe front walk half tbe depth of tb*
lot and serving as a very beautiful
and unconventional fence line between
tbe borne and tbe adjoining property.
Wben the long strip scheme ia utilised
tbe wild flowers may be re-enforced
with cultivated flowers, such ss popples, cosmos, zinnias and asters, with
sn occasional rosebush to break tbe
monotony. To the possessor of such,
s wild garden one of tbe Joys of spring
ls to watch for the flrst hepsticas snd
later see the dog's tooth violet snd the
Jack ln tbe pulpit appear. An occasional trip to the woods will replenish
the wild garden ln case some of the
transplanted plants succumb to their
new environment
the character and breed tirst chosen
aud never out- ross to any other breed.
Do not use any stallion (hat Is uu
sound, unsuitable, pur I lu lly Impotent.
unlicensed or not registered In a stud
hoot: recognized by the department o?
agriculture, Washington.
Do uot breed from auy mare that Is
deformed, sick, diseased, vicious, unsound, unsuitable, a pour milker or n
cross mother.
Breed horses with the object of steadily improving the stock ou the farm
nud advancing the horse breeding Industry of the state.
Do uot retain for breeding purposes
auy colt that is not pure bred nud eligible to registry iu a stud book recognised by tbe department of agriculture.
Encourage the working of pure bred
stallions sufficient to keep them
healthy, muscular, prepotent aud prevent pampering, weakness, partial impotence and actual sterility nud so
tend to insure vigor, strong constitution and health in their offspring at
birth uud throughout life.
Encourage the home production of
pure bred stallions to take the plnce
of the host of undesirable grade, mongrel or scrub stallions at present retarding progress iu horse breeding.
to the earliest days ut the republic
uud lhe careers ot two luwyers who
would huve been giants in any age or
in any country aud who were antagonistic in character and purpose—Alexander Hamilton aud Aaron Burr. Both
men nccepted criminal as well as civil
cases. Oue of the greatest efforts of
Hamilton's life was his appearance for
oue Cromwell, charged with publishing a scandalous libel upon Thomas
Jefferson, The court was divided In
its verdict, hut the prisoner wus never
Aaron Burr, that erratic genius who
lucked a tm I a nee wheel. Is suld never
lo huve lost a case tn which lie alone
was counsel, tl Is also of record (hut
tm won a ense In which by a queer
trick or htte bis associate counsel wa?
Hamilton. It was a murder case, lhe
actions und manner of the principal
witness against the prisoner seemed
to Burr exceedingly suspicious, and It
Is said that both Burr and Hamilton
were undecided In their on u minds
which was the guilty party-the witness or the prisoner. Hamilton's summing up was perfunctory. Burr be
| gun to address the Jury when tt was
nearly dark. The witness for tbe
prosecution waa leaning against a pillar. Ills face was pullld aud covered
wtth perspiration. Up listened Intently to ttie lawyer. Suddenly Burr sels-
ed a large candelabrum, aud, throwing the light on the face ot the witness, shouted, "Behold the murderer,
gentlemen!" The witness turned nnd
rushed from the courtroom and tlie
prisoner was acquitted.—P. I*. Ward
In Harper's Weekly.
Blaok Teeth In Hogt.
ITogs often have black teeth, but the
condition dons not Indicate any particular disease. As a rule, no ulceration Is found around the buses of such
teeth, but where that condition exists
the teeth should be extracted. It usually happens that the teeth ure not
discovered until the pigs become sick
from indigestion or some other com
plaint, aud then an examination of the
mouth ls made. The teeth are blamed
for the sickness when that cannot be
otherwise diagnosed. In "bullnose" or
"snuffles" the Incisor teeth often cannot properly be used. This is incidental, n result of the disease and not Its
Alfalfa For Swine.
The stomach of swine is small, compared with those of other animals, and
Is uot therefore adapted to consuming
large quantities of coarse, bulky foods.
But It Is found tbut alfalfa bay Is relished by swine, aud one-half pound
a day ih addition to a pound of sugar
beets and n ration of grain may be fed
with prolit. In arid regions, where alfalfa aud sugar beets are extensively
grown, this ration is popular.
The   Brilliant   Genius   That   Used  to
Mangle Plays In Poland.
In 180!) there was a very strict ceu*
sorshlp throughout Poland over all
plays given lu the theaters. It wus,
of course, very anuoylng lo the actors
and sometimes quite ridiculous. .Mme.
Mddjeska lu her ".Memories and Impressions" says thnt during the winter
of lstii) she was playing lu Wursaw
und thut her actors had a great deal
of fun every time a pluy came from
the censor's office.
Kvery noble sentiment was forbid
den. Even some words' were found
disloyal, among others tbe woid
"slave." In oue of the melodramas It
wus cut out and replaced by tlie word
"negro." and the sentence, which rnn
"He was a slave to his passions," wns
changed to "Ue was a negro to bis
Ou another occasion Ihe actor taking
the part of a Ihnnan Catholic priest
had to say, "1 love my couutry and
my people, and I shall uever leave
them." Thu words "country" nnd
"people" were changed to "wife and
In another play the words "He walked arm in arm with tbe emperor and
whispered In his ear" were changed to
"He walked three steps behind tbe
emperor and whlsfiered in his ear."
"These and like blunders became
standing jokes among the actors and
give an Idea of the censorship nt the
time of my engagement ln Warsaw.
I nm sure tbat our censor was over
zealous In his services to the govern
ment nnd ton ignorant of the lan
guage to see his absurd mistakes."
1        SIRES  AND  SONS.
J.   P.  Morgan ts a  graduate of the
Culvers! ty ul tiuttlugeu.
Lew  Duckstadur, i lie-minstrel, own?
i thai his right name is Ueurge Alfreo
I Clapp.
[ Hon. Churles Nagel. secretary of
i cominerce and labor, is a lover of tint
I urts.   He was born In Texas.
Ev-i-uv«njur S, W, Peiioypacker of
I Pennsylvania Is a fatuous book col
I lector, ma k I tig a specialty of early
j American Imprints.
\VU Ting r*au-:. the famous Chinese
I diplomat, studied It w in Kngland and
i Is enrolled at Lincoln's luu. He built
! Ihc lirsl rullW'iy in China.
1 Pent)tor Kuuts Nelson of Minnesota
i was born In Norway. He served as a
i private lu the Knurtb Wisconsin aud
j was wounded and captured ut Port
' Hudson. La.
Sir Kdward Ten lift nl, brother of Mrs.
< Asquith. wile of the premier, tuts been
1 made a hnrmi of ihe United KlUgduUX
lhe  king  has also approved  his appointment as lord high commissioner
of lhe general assembly of lhe Chuivh
of Scot I und.
Cat da In >tulin K. Rowland, seventy*
three years old. who commanded Mis
•dssippl river sieaiuers half a century
ago. Journeyed all the way from London lo St Louis juat to take a fare-
.veil look at the river. Ile staried back
for Lopdnu immediately.
Waller low lie llsher. successor to
Secretary Hiilllngel', is a Chicago law
yer. prominent lu municipal affairs
He was horn in Virginia forty nine
years ago, (.ducat rd at Marietta and
Hanover colleges, he read law lu Chicago uud bus practised si Uce 1888,
Wood Block Printing For Your
Home Decorations.
Diamond Dust.
Outfielder f'tinny Hoffman of the
Browns says that Mode Criss hns more
speed lluiti Waller Johnson,
Manager Wallace nf Ihe Browns is
In favor of shin guards. All his catch
ers will wear thetn Ibis season.
Catcher Hilly Sullivan's arm Is In
great irlm this spring, and he says
that he wilt rateh at least I'-T. games
for the White Sox.
Manager Tenney of Ronton expects
Pat I'luherty In have a good year and
also thinks Hilly Hurke wlll help the
Hcstous a great deal.
The Pittsburg teuni for 1011 contains
two hunkers, one lawyer, a druggist, a
bookkeeper, a teacher, a stenographer.
three commercial travelers, tive farm
ers as well its three billiard room pro
pr let ors.
Printing Is Plactd on Right Side of ths
Fabric—As to th* Painti, Any of ths
Dyes on the Market May Bo Used.
Artists' Tub*  Paint  Preferred.
Wood block printing is exactly what
its name Implies -pi luting from a block
; of wood,   Tlio block tuny be square or
rectangular.     For   a   round   block   a
; spool   may   bo  utilized.    Some  blocks
I are curved by baud Into attractive do*
1 signs.   A child's set of ordinary building blocks   will   give  any   number of
' slnipes   which   cnn   he  combined   Into
i* i pat torus, writes a contributor in
: the Woman's Elome Companion. There
■ are only  two things to hear iu mind
<  ubout   the   block.     For   blocks   three
Indies In length or over the thickness
,  should   be   at   least   one   Inch,   while
smaller blocks need be no thicker than
live-eighths of an Inch. That Is one
i  thing to remember.   The other Is that
the block must be of dose grained
I h-ird wood,    (lum wood is especially
good for general work, but pine must
tie avoided us too soft.
The printing side of the block must
he thoroughly sandpapered to Insure
' a smooth surface and then [tainted
: thoroughly With white shellac tn pre-
I  vent   the   wood   from   absorbing   too
much paint.
As   to   the   paints,   ordinary   house
[  paint  thinned  with  turpentine to ihe
I  consistency   of cream  gives  good  re-
I  suits.    Any of the dyes on the mar*
Coronation Prices.
If you expect to attend King fieorpe's
coronation In  Loudon curry plenty of
, money   with   you.   It   comes   hlgh.-
I Nashville Hanuer.
i Judging from the prices they are paying for observation seats, a great many
of our citizens wbo ure going to London to see the coronation pageant
won't see It.-Kxchange.
.lohn flays Hammond ts reported to
have rented a London house for $10,-
000 a week fn order to have a chance
to see the coronation procession,
Which would you rather see. S 10.000or
a coronation procession?-Detroit Free
Bryant's Great Posm.
Bryant's "Thanatopsls" Is based upon
s passage from Horace.
Dairy Wisdom.
Strength of ths Arms.
Equality of strength in the two arms
occurs almost twice as frequently with
women us with men, n lurge majority
of the sterner sex being stronger ln
their right urms than tu their left.
8 team.
If tbe cover of the kettle Is lifted tho
boiling water seems to be covered by
a cloud of white steam, but this cloud
did not eiist betoro the cover was
raised. It has been formed by the
sudden cooling of the vapor. In a
glass boiler which la either completely
seated or provided with only a narrow
outlet for the vapor, the space above
the water is perfectly transparent and
apparently empty.
Swedish Court Balls.
A rule In force at the Swedish court
balls ls thnt the Indies who dance must
appear in white, while those who are
spectators only must wear black.
A Million an Hour.
It Is estimated that to meet the
demand for the new King George
postage stamp 1,000,000 stamps will
nave to be printed e*/ery hour of tlie
working duy throughout s whole year.
A Coating Record.
By taking 1,100 tons of coal on
board at Uie rate of twenty-two tons
per hour, the cruiser Achilles has constituted s record for trie second cruis-
•r iQuadron of the British navy.
Oldest Shot Tower.
The oldest shot tower in thc world,
which Willium Watts made ln Bristol,
England, In 1701), by sawing a hole lu
tbe center of tho floors of n bouse and
building a well In the cellar, Is still
tn operation.
Ireland's Tress.
Only about one ncre iu every bun*
dred In Ireland is timbered.
The World's Islands.
The Islands of tbe world have a total   length   of  more   thau   seventeen
times the circumference of tbe earth
tt ths equator.
The true value of the dairy
cow is by necessity fixed by the
amount of ful there is lu ber
milk aud whu' it costs to produce it.
| The largest milkers are thc
| greatest enters. This rule Is one
f tbt you can tie to aud follow
•> w,'limit danger of being dell ceived.
p The tlrst step lu the process of
*, better breeding is to secure nnd
jr use a sire that Inherits from
I. proved ancestors lhe prepotent
| powor to Impress dairy qualities
i> on bis offspring,
¥ Breeding heifers too young
*> often results lu a dwarf breed.
| Milk the cows clean every time
\ If you would keep up a uniform
| How of milk.
? The percentage of fat In the
I milk of a cow Is evidently lived
¥ by two things—viz, breed and
I   Individuality.
V With the year tironnil dairying
I good    stables    tire    necessary.
Y Where the cows can he fed and
y mlllted lu a com fort able place
♦♦*f*--W****W*^*-#^«H'» I'Hi t
Belgium'* Sea Front.
The seu trout ot Belgium, which extends about tony miles, nretctilng
from Holland to France, Is pared inmost entirely for the entire length ami
forms une huge, wide ocean boulevard,
And this, hy ine wuy. Is thc most productive of public works iu thc kingdom.
Metal Pans.
Although tbe hrsi American patent
for a metal pun was grunted to l Haiti-
moreun In IMU, it was bail a century
liter thai tbe industry began to nourish.
Fj-teninrj Battery Wires.
There are two ways of doing almost
everything, aud tliis Is especially true
of fusteuliig buttery and coll terminal
wires. Oue wuy ts wrong, aud tbe
otber ls to twist the bare end of the
wire around the terminal as tbe hands
of tbe clock move nnd tbeu tighten up
tbe nut. The reason for this Ib be
cause tbe screw thread Is right band
ed; therefore the tendency of the tight
enlng uut will be to twist the wire
around the terminal tighter than It
was. Should the wire be twisted the
other way the nut would tend to un
twist It and It would slip under the
nut and very likely get a very poor
bold.-Boston Herald.
The  Sacred   Music.
It is only within recent yenra that
the violin has been considered by ths
"unco guid" anything but u godless
instrument. It was formerly associated with till tliul was unduly hitarioU-,
Consequently, when a change was introduced, some yenrs ago, by which
smull orchestras assisted in the mu-d*
oal part o' the .service, there was
much disapproval expressed by the
more old-fasnlonod members of the
community, Rev. Win. McDonagh.
an outspoken old Methodist minister,
who did not enre for the orchestral
frills, listened impatiently one morning a.* the violin, cornet and flute assisted the organ in thfl prelude, He
arose to announce the first hymn,
cased at tho musicians fiercely und,
turning to tho congregation, said,
witli significant emphasis: "We will
now begin the worship of (imi."—
Household  Hints.
The addition of whlilng to the starch
nscd for hi Men Ing children's muslin
clothing Is said lo render the latter
much less Inflammable. Half as much
whiting as starch Is used.
A small stand placed lieslde the
kitchen stove cau be put to many uses
nnd should be provided with casters
so lhat It cnn he pushed luto nu out of
the way comer wbeu not In use.
Scratches on furniture will disappear
If rubbed well with a solution of
equal parts of linseed oil and turpentine. Itub this well Into the scratches
mid then polish with u soft cloth.
At n »*ost of $'_-.",(¥) a Japanese nuto-
moblle factory Is turning out cars tbat
carry twelve persons.
v Magnetos should never be tampered
with, for H Is very easy to put them I
o'lt of commission, especially if they
be of n bigb tension.
When a brake approaches the limit
allowed for adjustment, have the j
blocks renewed. If a squeak develops
In the brakes the trouble should be !
looked for In the drums, which may ]
need readjusting or a drop or two of I
ket muy be used, but probably the
most satisfactory colors are made
from artists' tube paints, mixed with
(wo-t birds turpentine and one-third
Japan drier to form a creamy liquid.
Now, this Is tbe method of the work:
Prepare the paint according to the directions given above and apply lo tbe
sandpapered and shellacked block,
putting lhe puint on the block with a
brush, evenly and thick enough so
ttiat the wood does not show through,
but not so thick that lt will ooze over
the edges. I'he printing Is done on
the right side of the fabric. Place
i lie goods on a well padded board—an
ironing board Is line—and directly under the part which Is to receive the design put a large white blotter. Then,
taking lhe block iu your left band.
upply It, painted side dowu, to the
proper place ou tlie goods nud hold
it In place with your lingers to prevent ll from slipping while you hit the
upper side several sburp blows with
a wooden mallet. An old fashioned
wooden potato masher wlll serve lu
place of the mallet. Distribute the
blows over the surface of the block so
tbat all parts will receive the same
amount of pressure. A very little experimenting of various odds nud ends
of cloth und linen will soon tell you
just bow much force you need to apply. After hammering the block as
described lift lt up and there will be
(he design printed on tbe material.
Tales of Cities.
Of the big towns of Scotland. Pun-
dee Is lhe musl expensive lo live lu.
In the Mexican city of Vent Cms
there is not a single store where ready
made clothing am,, ne purchased.
Wll Din the past tive years there
have beeu demolished In Liverpool
some '.iii'' courts and alleys, mostly insanitary shuns, and on these sites now
stand wholesome dwellings for (lie oc
cupaticy of the poor.
Showering a  Bride.
Instead of the telltale rice or sticky
confetti, friends of the summer bride
should shower her with real rose petals. These should be gathered lo
quantities the duy of thc wedding.
They may be passed on large trays,
or If the party that remains to see the
bride go off Is small supply n number
of small baskets, eucb oue tied witb a
bow of white ribbon and filled with
pink and white rose petals.
Where It Is hard to get enough real
roses the supply cuu be Im reused by
making petals of tissue paper. Cut
tbem into shape aud curl with dull
edge of kDlfe, If baskets are uot used
(he petals can be tied Into square
packages with white tissue paper aud
white riblton.
Why Newsie Lacked Cash,
A very small Toronto newsboy, who
Stands at one of tbo less-important corners, numbers among his customers a
ludy who is much Interested in such
young merchants of the sidewalk.
One evening tin.1 youngster hadn't
change for ._ dime, so the lady walked
up to u more Important oorner, where
she bought a paper from a Jewish
"That little fellow down nt tho noxt
corner hadn't change," said the ludy.
"Aw, ho hasn't nny money," said
the buy, with u umilu. "Ue works lor
Snubbed the Cier.
Paderewski   ome   dared   to  affront
the czar, with the result that lie soon
received  a  note commanding  him  to
leave   Bt.   Petersburg,   where  he   bad
been booked for a number uf concerts, I
within  twenty four  hours.    Thu cur ,
had sent for hlin and paid him a neat
compliment, but Ih aald to buve recelv- ,
ed the chilly response, "Sire, 1 um a
Play Too Much.
At Pelerboro, tbe school authorities
Complain of the children being allowed by their parents to give so much
time to games and other amusements
tbut they ure -juriuusly neglecting
their studies.
No Chance to Be Cheap.
"Why   <is   you   delay   proposing
'bul glrlV"
''I'm saving up to buy an engage
ment ring."
"Something especially expensive?"
"It'll have to be. 1 can't fool ber.
Her fathei runs a Jewelry store."—
Not at Bad at That.
"].•* your master lit a somiiolent con
"No. sir lie wns pretty violent, but
now he's asleep."- Baltimore American.
Experiments on Cancer.
Borne 60,000 cancer exjs.-rime.nts SN
gajdo every yew ia Kuglaud.
He Knew.
Cnsey-Phwnl kind av a horse la s
obV    Mulligan   It's wao that's been
rained Intotrely on corn, ye Ignoramus.
-Boston Transcript
Canning by Machinery.
Since so much has been written
about the uncleanlinesi oi canned
ments, cannol salmon has come In
for it.; share of doubt, but a visit to a
canning factory in British Columbia
usually dispels all qualms. There
wo* ti time wben much of the work
in the factories was done by band,
but that time is past, except in ths
Aiualler factories. In the old days the
llsh were counted ami put un tables,
behind which Chinamen pined with
large knivos, ami cut off the heads
and tails and removed the entrails.
Now bes-ide the table n large machine
called the "Iron Clunk docs the
work of many Chinaman, Then iu
days gone by Indian., washed tho flih
and sent tbem on to be cut into pieces
of a convenient sise to go into cans.
This work was done by hand, but
now machinery does it all, After the
nnlmoti is packed in the cans, tha
cans nre all soldered and are then
put into test tanks. Here if any Haws
in wilder ing are detected, the cans
are set aside. If not, they are placed in a re-iort and subjected to a very
high degree of heat which thoroughly
cooks the flsh. The cans are again
tested and then conveyed tn the labe'..
ling and packing rooms. Care is taken to insure cleanliness, and to proven! coutamiuation ot all k-u U. IN'. PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK. BRITISH COLUMBIA
Bargain Prices-50c. 75c. $1.00
Positively INo Higher
For Matinee Prices:   Adults   50c, Children   _25c
Most Satisfying Musical Comedy
30 PEOPLE 30
Pretty Girls, Clever Comedians
A 60 Foot Carload of Scenery that  Positively will be Shown Here
Cranbrook Opera House,   Sat.  June 3
Matinee   at   ,i   p ni.   and   Night   at   a   p.m.
Seats    Ready   now  at    Beatty • Murphy's   Store
F. M, Christian, Manager
Published Kvery Satunlay
Subscription Kate    -     $2.i)l) per year
Advertising Hatt'* upon application
A number of citizens are asking the
question: ;'How shall we celebrate
Coronation day?"
. . . .
Reciprocity ia another name for an j
organized attack by United .States in- ]
tercets on the natural resources of,
• * • •
If Cranbrook is to celebrate Coronation day, June 22, a meeting should
be called and n committee on sports
• * # •
The vast supplementary cstimntes
recuntly brought down indicate that
an election is in sight. In many constituencies Liberal candidates have
been selected, and ('rnnbrook is no
exception to this fact,
• * • *
All England is concerned over Canada's reciprocity [dans, hut Bir Wilfrid Laurier calmly sidesteps the
<]tiestlou, nnd may actually suecedd
n getting nway    without   discussing
It.   He is surely a remarkable man.
• • • »
Each farmer in the district uliould
notify the secretary of the Agricultural association what he intends to
plant this year, aud what kind of
produce he will plnco on exhibition
nt the Pair, lly doing this the committee will he enabled to prepare the
necessary aud suitable prizes.
• • • •
Another evidence of election is that
the government wilt sonn call for
tenders for 120 miles of the Hudson
Bay railway. A vote of $2,1100,001)
passed parliament shortly before- adjournment, and it is likely that a
still further sum will be appropriated
before prorogation.
The huge estimates for wharves,
clocks, towers, nnd public buildings,
mean thnt the Ottawa government
proposes to buy constituencies for
"Taft" candWlntes for Hie House of
Commons. This is a pretty ilnring
operation. Hut despernte situations
call for desperate men-mres.—Mail
and Empire.
Canada's "grand old man," Bir
Charles Tapper, the veteran statesman, will probably be tho oldest no-!
table nt the coronation of King
Clenrge. Despite the fact that he Is
In bis 0(1 th year he hns nrrepted the
invitation to witness the ceremony.'
am' [g elated at the prospect.
S'r f'hnrb-s, who was born In Xova
Scotin ami educated in Scotland has
been a great ntrure ln the public life
of Canada nnd hnd no small share in
bringing about the marvelous progress which lias been made in this
country during the Inst half century.
Before he helped to bring about the
Canadian federation he had for a
Jong period been premier of his own
province of Nova flcotia. Subse-
uuently he was high commissioner of
Canada In London for l'i yi-ars anil
then became premier, a position he
held for only a tdiort period. The
veteran statesman had a baronetcy
conferred upon him in IH8H. His son
is also Hir Chnrles, a K, C. M. 0. of
1R0.1. He Ih a barrister and llrst entered the dominion parliament. In
At Cranbrook the ponfllhllltlos of
an election this fall nre being discussed and tho question asked when
it will be pulled off.
The political situation nm! the probability of an election Is about this: |
Parliament is to meet on July 27th. I
! Before that date the government will
be iu possesaiuu uf the rigureti sbow-
] ing the pupulation ot Canada by
I provinces and by constituencies. As
soon as the House meets, the sjovern-
, ment will be bound, m view ol the
| opposition to "further supply and to
ithe reciprocity proposals, tu iu-
[ troduce a bill readpisting the repre-
I sentation as to provinces, and redis-
I trilniting the seats iu each province,
| as set out in the re-adjusted representation based on the census now
! beint, made. The western provinces
I will be given more seats, and the
: eastern provinces, outside of Quebec
(65)  will    he  reduced.    So    it   means
■ many changes all over.   The opposi-!
j tion in all likelihood will seek to get
as fair a deal as they can in the redistribution, and, once that is [
over, to refuse other than supplies |
for a stated period, aud refuse to
pass the reciprocity pact. They may
give the government supplies up to
.That will mean nu election between
September lat and November 30th,
(based on the new census) by which
time this existing parliament will be
only three years old. Of course, nn
arrangement could be made, if reciprocity happened to be defeated at
Washington to hold another session
of parliament, in 1912, Uut thiB is
uot likely.
Prom now on it will lie a good deal
of   an    election campaign.   But   the
shape f>f the constituencies and     the'
candidates   will    be a matter of un- j
certainty     until   the   re-distribution
bill    is    paused,    lu    fact,  the actual
candidates    are   much farther   away
than  the turmoil of the election.   It'
mentis a  summer campaign    without 1
knowing  the actual  constituencies or'
champions.   Rut the main issues will
be   up    in all     their   strength.   And
there never was such a campaign   in
Canada before.    It will therefore, be
little  use  in  calling conventions   or
selecting candidates  until the re-distribution bill  is passed, except in   a
few constituencies like the Rootenay.
■ And this will require a few weeks after the prorogation in August or
In Kooteuay, the situation ia not
'so difficult to anticipate. In all pio-
bnbility there will he two constituencies, east and west Kootenay. And
I even at the present writing it is easy
to name candidates, and knowing
' these facts we can go ahead with an
[ election, the opposition being just as
J fully informed as the government
supporters. It is a two to one bet
that opposition and Liheral men be
Cranhrook men.
Oeneral    Election in  August or
An Ottawa (special' says—A general election in August, or September,
without a redistribution. It is stated positively that thiH is the Lntiner
program a program which will be
carried mt" eflsct almost Immediately after Launer's return from (treat
Hritain. So strong is the prevailing
belief that tht* latter part of the summer or the early fall will see the
governmene going to the country,
that Conservative party leaders are
thoroughly Convinced ami are making
plans accordingly.
Ii. L. Uorden will make his promised tour of .Manitoba, SaHkaKhewriri
and Alberta, hut it is probable that
his Hat of meetings will be short iii-tl
to allow him to return for a tour of
nil the provinces eiiHt of Manitoba.
Hritish Columbia alone wlll not be
visited by the Conservative lender,
who relies upon the promise of Premier McBride to deliver a "aolld R.
C." In the meantime Mr. Uorden Ih
preparing for his western trip and
for a possible participation In the
Novn Hcotin provinrial campaign.
The last word of Hir Wilfrid
Laurier to his supporters In CAUCUS
was to prepare for an election. Hn
did not give them the date, but ho
left the impression that the jump
would be made soon. That. Is why
Messrs. Lemiuex and Fisher are planning n long series of meetings in cjtie
bee, and that la also why tbe depart
ments ol public works and railways
are daily banding out announcements
oi contracts, ttie Hudson Ray construction work being a sample.
Tbi_i means, ol course, that there
can be no redistribution before the
election, but it is well known that
Sir Wilfrid Laurier rates more to get
his last election over than he does to
see the west endowed with thirty additional seats. He was urging tue
advi*mbiltt> ol an early election ten
weeks ago, and only yielded to the
Ontario wing of the party. It is possible that he will a_k for a dissolution during the present adjournment,
but it is also quite possible that he
will allow parliament to meet again
on the ISth for a two week's gallery;
play, after which he will tell the
west that the opposition euchred
them out of their increased representation.
The fact seems to be that Sir Wilfrid himself, desiring an early election, has allowed his hand to be forced by the opposition and by the recalcitrants in his own party who
have rebelled against a long midsummer struggle in parliament. The danger of the reciprocity pact failing in
the United States Is another incentive.
The house has voted supply till
September 1 only, despite Sir Wilfrid's repeated efforts to get enough
to tide him over till October. After
a dissolution it will he open to bim,
however, to raise what money he
needs by governor-general's warrants.
Tbe election will be short, and will
have reciprocity aa the one issue. So
determined has the government been!
to force a favorable resultton tbis
question that caaea are knotwn of Liberal party men approaching strong
Conservative members in their ridings with oflerB of "walk overs" in
return for support of the reciprocity
agreement. It 'is expected here that
Sir Wilfrid will do some flag-waving
on his own account while in England
as an otTset to the annexation cry in
One of the sure signs of an early
election ia to be found at the printing bureau where a large staff are at
work on the voter's lists.
Musical Score the Feature.
The real feature of "The Isle of
Spice" which cornea to the Auditorium [or tbis afternoon find evening,
with the sane comedy of Mr. Woolsie
and the surprising chorus, iB the
musical score. If you tire of the |
tunes themselves, ban hack and listen restfully to the tootlings from
the orchestral pit. It Is reassuring
to hear how the instruments festoon
themselves around the cleancut melodies like morning glories around tho
lightning rod. There is good excuse
for hope in the future of musical
comedy, for the man who adjusted this
score is no dabster whistling hia
tunes i<> a carpenter for whittling
into usable shapes.
Public School Report
Enrol. Aver. Per
Atten. Cent.
Div. 1.   Miss  Alward... 31 23.(18 7fi.3'J
"   1.   Miss  Hick   43 86.05 8fj.94
"   3. Miss Currie  30 28.81 73.00
"   4.   MiHs H   Alward 41 88.-6 H2.f)_
"   .1.   Mist-   Henley... 4*1 40.75 83.18
"   li.   Miss   Easlon... 17 42.32 90.04
'"  7. MfBH Hamilton
4fi 34.30 70.22
"   »t.   Miss  Paton  ... fin 4H.34 H3.34
"  D. L. .!. Cranston
High   Bchool  I0 0,07 00.70
Division (>, Mls'i Eiiiiton'u wins the
Nelson Shield, having the highest
percentage of attendance during May.
Division l.
Hazel Taylor,
Ernest ..tones.
Pert Mtirgntroyd.
Edith  Caslake.
Wilfred Dallas.
Division 11.
Evan  Ross.
Percy B&rdgett,
Aha  Urown.
Meltord Carson,
Vlney Doris.
Willie Leatnan.
Ceorgo Pratt.
Division III.
Vera Uradwiu.
Marion Leitch.
Merle Taylor.
Bernadette Ployle.
Division IV.
Cordon  Argue,
Hrauford Carson.
Melville Dallas.
Alexander Mennie.
Agnes Reekie.
Cladys Spence.
Rosa Tito.
Rowland Cox.
Divialon V.
John Brake.
Allen Brown.
Edward Brown.
Ethel Dow.
Ng Wai Hoy.
Lillie Lancaster.    Ij   rw
Allen Lacey,
Mary Lacey.
Croaaley Taylor.'
John Tumor.
Edward Turner.
Mabel Brown.
Edward Rine.
Marie Campbell.
Irene Bernard.
DiviBion VI.
Mali Ring.
C. Austin Chapman.
Charles Clapp.
Faie Crisler.
Jennie Hopkins.
Sadie Lacey.
Margaret Morrison.
David Reekie.
Roy RobiBchaud.
Palmer Rutledge.
Garfield Taylor.
James Teto.
Irma Ward.
Verne Woodman.
Division VII.
Edith Murgatroyd.
Camilla Tito.
Mamie Bartlam.
Merle Bennett.
Mabel Findlay.
Pearl Pratt.
Everett Williams.
Marion Drummond.
Division  VIII.
Ethel Clapp.
Gertrude Hopkins.
Margaret Lacey.
Hope Taylor.
Gordon Woodman.
Malcolm Relanger.
Nina Relanger.
Mnggie Carr.
Elizabeth Chapman.
Helen Leclerc.
Thomaa Reekie.
Leonard Burton.
.latui'H Logan.
Donald Dallas,
Irene Lfmu-14.
Donald Morrison.
Arthur Gill.
ed the propeller by a few inches. The
switth of the air currents stirred up
b) the wind from the propeller blades
further enraged the bird and with a
shrill scream it pursued the mono
plane' and made another swoop at
Gilbert, trying to strike his eyea with
its aharp claws.
Realizing his peril Gilbert got out
his revolver. His flrst shot went
wild, but the second entered the body
ot the bird and it fell earthward.
Gilbert lost control of his monoplane
for a second, but managed to get on
an even keel just aa he was about to
crash to earth. He continued his
flight unharmed, hut he was compelled to alight shortly afterwards, having covered only 60 mllea. Gilbert,
Pierre Xedrine and Roland Garro are
the three left in the race.
The same scenery, costumes and electrical eftetfta which went to make
the success of the "Isle of Spice"
during ita run in New York city, will
be seen at the Auditorium thia afternoon. The company will also include
all the young ladiea who were the
means of lt being being called the
"big beauty show." Remember there
is a matinee today and usual performance this evening.
For   Bale or Rent at Reasonable
Office& Workshop—-Lewis St
vhone No. IS.
Cranbrook, June 1st, 1911.
To the Editor of the Proapector:
Cranbrook,  B.  C.
Dear Sir:—As the work in connection with the Dominion Cenaus for
1911 commences today, I wiah to re-
quest the cordial co-operation of the
public generally, with the dutiea involved upon the several enumerators.
1 would like particula ly to draw
attention to what might be termed
as the mo-it Important part of the
Census, that is to aay, who are, and
who are uot to be taken in the Cenaus.
The instructions from the Department in regards to those who ought
to be taken, are aa follows:—
"For the purpose of the Census,
the home of any person means the
habitual place of abode, that is to
aay: where the person deeps or
dwells; where hia fixed home is. In
each case where members of \ f.imily
or houaehold are temporarily absent
from their home or usual p.'ace of
abode, their names and records ahould
he entered on the achedules, the facts
concerning them being obtained from
their families or other persons aMe
to give the information.
Domestic servants who live with a
family with whom they are employed,
muat he enumerated where they are
found at service.
It is not possible to lay down a
rule applicable to every case, but
generally a student at college, a sailor, a lumberman in the forest, a
commercial traveller on the road, inmates tfT hotels and other like persons whose period of absence ia more
or less known, should be entered with
the family, that Is to say at their
habitual home or place of abode.
With regards to tbose persons who
are not to be enumerated. The rules
laid down are as follows:
(a) Persona visiting a family.
(b) Transient boarders or lodgers,
at hotels or elsewhere who have aome
other usual place of abode.
(c) Persons who take their meals
1 witb a family but lodge or sleep elae-
j where.
(d) Servants or other persona em-
| ployed in a family or working ln the
' home or on the premises, but not
| sleeping there.
" (e) Students or children living or
j boarding with a family in order to
| attend school or college hut whose
j home la elsewhere.
(f) Any perBon who was formerly
\ In the family but has since become
| the Inmate of an asylum, alms house,
homo for the aged, reformatory or
prison or any other institution of a
similar kind.
(g) Members of a family who have
been away from home for 12 months
or more.
1 would also emphasise the Information that has been given in your
pnper already, namely, that the information gathered by the enumerators la gathered solely for Census
purposes and that such Information
will not he uaed or given to any person for any other purposes.
The enumerators and all officers
connected with the Census are sworn
in to absolute secrecy.
Yours truly,
Census Commissioner.
!    Snn Hcbnatinn, Spain, Mny 25—At-
■ tacked by a giant eagle while Bailing
j along on the laat leg of hia flight in
the Parla Madrid aeroplane race, M.
I Gilbert was in grave danger for several minutes today. The bird swooped down upou the aviator, apparently believing that tho bright monoplane waa some fantastic demon. It
landed on the front of the monoplane
nml after roeonnoitcring for several
seconds finally lunged directly at Gilbert'*, head. As its claws atruck the
metal headpiece which ho was wear-1
,11.1-   the   bird fluttered upward  snd g      ,   01d   Htftm|
tlien HWnoped down wain.   This time I     "
ft mimed the aviator and only clear-
Funeral Director,
Frank Dezall
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suit all pockets.   .
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The Junction City
Ncrkomls Is situated midway between Winnipeg and Edmonton, iu the center or thp
Province of Saskatchewan. Nokomls is In the heart of Saskatchewan's renowned wheat
district—the Last Mountain Valley.
The future of Nokomis as uu important Kailway Centre is assured by two Transcon-
tlnental Railways,—the Grand Trunk Paciiic and tho Canadian Pacific Another Transcontinental, the Canadian Northern Railway, Is to extend its lino through Nokomis. Vive
large implement warehouses, a Hour mill, und the Imperial Oil Co. now use Nokomis as a
distributing paint. The load taken by these institutions is about to be followed bv Others
of similar importance, and in a short time it is expected that the railway yards will be
hedged in by warehouses and merountil«>ostablishments, and will be active, not only with a
huge national forwarding and traffic business, but with the hum of the local manufacturers
and wholesale enterprises. As a distributing point Nokomis affords advantages which
manufacturers and jobbers will not overlook. It will oonimand a large part of ihc Jobbing*
trade for a considerable distance up and down the main line of tlie Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway, and the two Important brunch lines which will centre there. Its shipping facilities
make it un especially advantageous location for manufttotui'01's, it has been demonstrated
thut un abundance of water for factory use is obtainable, oi
■Jacked by a rich agricultural district, an important railway centre, a distributing
centre and destined to become u manufacturing centre, Nokomis cannot help' continuing to
grow rapidly, and continued growth means continued increase in real estate values and big
profits for those who invest iu real estate there at present prices. When population doubles
real estate values quadruple.    Today is lhe lime to buy lots in Nokomis.
Grand Trunk Pacific Station and Grain Elevators at Nokomis
Canadian Pacific Station and Frain Elevators at Nokomis
Nokomis Likely to be a Divisional Point on Two Railways
It is claimed that the Canadian Pacific has expended over $40,000 at Strassburg; thirty-two mllea
south of Npkomis, in-endeavoring to secure an adequate supply of water to enable it to make Strassburg
a divisional point. It is understood that sufficient water has not yet been obtained at 8trassburg, and
it Is heing rumored that tbe Canadian Pacific probably will make Nokomis a divisfonat point on its
Pheasant Hills line.
The extension ol the Canadian Northern through Nokomis will assure the luture ofthie rapidly growing new town as one of the important distributing points in Western Canada.   It ls not only possible, but
Nokomis a
Live Busi-
Practically every line ol
business is represented at
Nokomis. It has a planing mill, blacksmith
shops, three lumber yarda
live implement warehouses
two banks—the Northern
.Crown and Canadian bank
of Commerce—a local telephone system, three well
appointed hotels, Ave
grain elevators, flour mill
livery stables (one ol
which is said to have been
built at a cost of 116,000)
tanks of the Imperial Oil
company, and a well edited newspaper, etc.
The business men ot
Nokomis are progressive
and successful; its people
sober, intelligent and industrious. Its location
and environments are such
as to facilitate its commercial prosperity and
render a steady growth
possible.   The surrounding
country ls well cultivated, the Boll is fertile, the farmers thrifty and progressive. Then, too, the geo-
raphical position ol the town Ib such aB to make it an excellent distributing point. From its advantageous surroundings, its commercial facilities, its business opportunities, its advantages as a shipping
nd distributing point, ItB excellent sanitary conditions and water supply and the thousand and one
tilings that tend to make It a desirable place in which to dwell, the town is attracting the attention of
tianufnctiirers and men ot business from afar, and tlle outlook of Nokomis is ol a most bright and
'iromiHing character.   The healthfulness of the climate, the character of the public Improvements, the de-
rnble class of settlers—practlcnlly all Kngllsh speakliiK— together with the beauty of the site, all corn-
line to placo Nokomis in the front rank of modem western towns.
very probable that Nokomis will also be a divisional point on th- Canadian Northern. The Canadian
Northern must have a divisional point at or near Nokomis and as an abundant supply of pure water at a
divisional point is essential, it is believed that Nokomis' advantages in this respect will not he overlooked.
But the future ol Nokomis does not depend upon its being made a divisional point on either the Canadian Pacific or the Canadian Northern. Its varied natural advantages and the fact that it will be served
by three Transcontinental railways practically guarantee tts rapid growth Into an important city.
Nokomis has
Five Grain
Five grain elevators at
Nokomis and one flour
mill are taxed to tlie
limit of their capacity to
handle the grain grown in
the vicinity of Nokomis.
Heing an important shipping point on the Grand
Trunk i'acilic and tlie
Canadiau Pacific railways
Nokomis affords splendid
transportation facilities
to the farmers of the
Last  Mountain  Valley.
All the Ear=
Marks of
a City
If there is anything in
laying a good foundation
for future greatness then
Nokomis is surely well in
evidence. The complaint
is frequently heard that
one      Western    town     is
iretty much like another—only more so. In this respect Nokomis is an exception, for here one misses
he homely and unpicturesque shack and square front hostelry of the budding Western towns. Nokomis
Is but a babe in arms in age compared with some towns, yet it can boast of permanent buildings of
brick, cement block and frame construction: whilst many ol the private residences would do credit to
a much more pretentious town. Nokomis is proud of her buildings which are a tribute to the unboun.il-
Ing faith of her people. So marked is this feature of the place that strangers are quick tp perceive it,
and the Rev. Dr. Carmichael, of Winnipeg, voiced this expression when he publicly declared here, a few
eeks ago, that the people of Nokomis have laid the foundation, n ot of a village or town, but rather
Here is a plan of thc property we are offer ng you; study it carefully;
every lot is in the ORIGINAL TOWNHITIO. No lot shown on this plan
Ib further nortli from the Grand Trunk Paciiic station than four
blocks, and no lot is moro than four blocks from Main street. Note the
width ol the business streets—Plratave,, Second nve., Saskatchewan Ht.,
queen street, Main street and King street—all   KKIHTY FKKT WIDE!.
That these lots aro selling rapidl y can he seen from the fact that only
those loft blank are available. No matter whoro you decide to buy, you
will Und that business houses, or residences, aro quite close beside the
property you purchase. Nokomis is a real live, growing town, and tbose
who buy now wilt participate In the advance of prices which is almost
suro to come.
Read what people WHO KNOW have tn say ahout real estate investments:
Theodore Roosevelt, ox-president of the United   States   says: "Kvery
person who invests In well selected real estate in a growing section of a
prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming
independent, for real estate is the basis of all wealth."
That Mr. Roosevelt's statement Is correct, no one will deny, and that
Canada, especially Western Canada, is a prosperous community, evory one
who considers will readily admit. The point ls, where cnn you get a ploce
of land In a growing section of this prosperous community. Read this
advertisement right through, and decide for yourself whether we are
right when we say that our offering of lots in Nokomis Is YOUR 0] pur-
tiinity. Ynu (lout)tless know several who have made large protits Irom
small Investments In real estate. Your first thought wns: "Well, be sure
is a lucky fellow!" Don't you iiclieve It, there is no such tiling ns luck;
what you mistake for luck is tlio quality some people hnve of 'crisping
at the right time opportunities vhlch are ptosented." This offering of
lots fn Nonomis Is a chance for you to make good for you to bo looked
MONEY EASILY. Consider our proposition, ask for further particulars,
by tilling in and mailing the coupon In this advertisement, or Mil nnd
have a talk with us.   This is lbe chance   YOU   have been waiting lor.
Grand Pacific Land Co., Limited,
24:1 Somerset block, Winnipeg. Man.
Please send me by return mall full particulars regarding the sato of lots In Nokomis, It Is understood that In
receiving this Information I am under no obligation to
to invost.
Exclusive Sales-Solicitors For Cranbrook and District
Remarkable Escape
of a prisoner
Steve Madura, alias Gabble,, who
was sent down for 30 days by Justice
of tlie Peace Gaff ney, of Wardner,
made a desperate bid for liberty on
Mondny. The charge he was convicted of was "drunk and disorderly,"
and it appears that he had given the
policemen at Wardner some trouble
before he was dually arrested. The
mau la an Italian, aged 40, of the
stocky, bull-necked type, and he waa
being taken to Nelson to serve his
sentence by provincial Constable
('has.  Adney.
.Madura and the constable were sit.
ting in the smoking car of tha first
class coach of No. 313, no other pas-
lingers being present at the time of
the escape, Shortly after the train
had crossed the Goat Kiver canyon,
the prisoner, who was sitting near
the window nursing his head in hia
bands, suddenly dived through tbe
window, The constable made a grab
u the disappearing legs of his man,
but with no success, and ho saw his
irisoner alight on the back of hia
lead down the embankment, with
irms akimbo, as if dead. The train
.vas then travelling at the rate of
about twenty miles nn hour. Constable Adney rushed through the
coaches and apprized Conductor Cameron of the incident, and the latter
in mod lately stopped the train.
Judge of their surprise when the
spot was reached where the man had
alien, that no signs of him were to
>e found. He had disappeared as if
.lie ground had swallowed him up.
\fter waiting for ten minutes the
.rain continued its journey, and Con-
tflble Adney remained to continue
he search, A number of men in the
warding curs of the Hamilton Bridge
'o., who were working on the contraction ol the steel bridge across
he Canyon saw the prisoner fall
•om the train, and a few minutes
■iter saw him pick himself up and
Isappear in the bush. Some of the
ridge crew joined in the search with
lie constable, uud although his tracks
ould he seen for several hundred
ards, tbe man made as clean a get-
way as has ever been recorded.
Vben 313 reached Creston conductor
'auierou informed provincial Con-
jtftbto Gunn, who was on the depot,
>f the occurence, and the latter im-
nediately secured a speeder and hur-
■ied to the scene of the daring es-
:ape, where he met constable Adney,
and together they continued the
leflrch until late in the night. Adney
wired to his chief, advising him of
lis prisoner's escape. On Tuesday
norning constables Gunn and Adney
■vere out again scouring the country
'or their quarry, but they returned
at noon unsuccessful.
Interviewed by our representative,
constable Adney said that he is convinced that the Italian is wanted by
the police for something else, or he
would not havo taken so daring a
chance for his life. Asked if the man
was handcuffed, Adney said he was
not, and he considered there waa no
necessity, as the prisoner was perfectly docile, and that he would leave
ib to any man's judgment If he was
justified in putting handcuffs on a
mau who was being sent down for a
month's Imprisonment on the charge
of "drunk and disorderly."
Adney further added: "I bave taken
dozens of prisoners over tbe Crow to
Mclson, and nlso several britches of
men to New Westminster who were
crazy, and this is the tirst man who
has got away from tue. A. E. Watte
of Wattsburg, and chief of provincial
police Morris, of Cranbrook were sitting in the smoking car with me and
uy prisoner up to a few minutes before he got away. At the spot where
Madura fell there is a sandy embankment, and the ground was ploughed
up from the spot where his head
struck. When I grabbed at his legs
as he was going through the window
he was too far out for me to secure
a hold. I leaned out of the window
and saw him strike the ground. T
had time then to take a bead on him
with my Colt's automatic, but I
thought the man was dead for sure.
I rushed through the carB and told
conductor Cameron that my man had
'caped through the window and was
killed, and Cameron immediately
stopped the train. I do, not believe
'.hat the prisoner gave me hiB right
name anyway, as he was very evasive
>n this respect. He admitted tbat he
vas a vagrant, and that he had heat-
•ii bis way in from Nelson.
The consenses of opinion in Creston
la tbat the police are correct in tbeir
"onjectures thnt the man is wanted
or a more serious offence. That he
■•.nows the country is a foregone con-
Cluslon, ns a few yards from the
•renc of the daring escape there Is a
wagon road direct to Fort Hill, a
small town about fourteen mileB by
f tint route on the American Bide and
it is considered he cached himself ln
the bush for the night, and bas got
.cross the boundary line by this
The police have been active, and
ill points nt the International line
ue being watched. It Is thought
to be only a matter of a few days
before Madura is In safe keeping.
When be esrnpcd he had no coat or
hat on, nnd it Is thought that be
will apply to Home nf tbe ranchers,
ilther on tbo Port Ifili road, or
'.hose on the Bonner country road for
nod. Ah far as wc can learn no re-
A'ard has been offered, but all ranches in the surrounding district who
uivf telephone communication bave
been notified.
Constable Adney had a wire from
'hlef Mlnty, of Fernie on Tueaday,
uid he returned to Wardner on tha
east bound train tba same day. TIIE PROSPECTOR.
Bert-ton ■>>*
Pastor Brooklyn Tabernacle
Difference   Between  These
Lynch I 11 *■■„*. Virginia, May 14.—Pn-
t<~r Bussed, of Brooklyn Tabernacle,
N V . preached twice here to-day to
attentive audiences. We report one
c( iln- discourses, which was preached from the words of the .Apostle,
''Christ brought life und immortality
to litrlit through the Gospel." Tho
epe.'ik.i  said:
All a round us we -**<' what the
Scriptures designate ji reign of sin
and death. The various form„ ot
Iif" in nature—ihe grass, the flowers,
tha lower animus and man -exist for
a brief summer time >i life, then
wither Bnd die. Thi? does n< ' strike
u- a; Ft range, except in conjunction
with humanity, and that because o'
iiiiiu | . real i Inti lligcnoe his appreciation of Ot- value ■ i life, hi*
growth in km ■ h d *•■ and bii ability
tu uie life's ■ ppi rtunitii i with his
Increu.ed   tt.-1 mi.
'I be disposition lo shun d -nth I-
not pr-uliar ta man; il Is the law
of nature. The smallest creature, by
self-pre* 'rvatiun is i r perlv *ald u
be the tir--. law of nature. The |nw»r
animal**, li!;'- man, hove ten-atii n,
an appreciation of pain; but a.! lhe*>o
things are much more pronounced in
humanity than in lhe lower animal*;
and lhe lower the form of Iif- the
piore slight are th*se sensations. We
Hi" defending vivisection, but we
quite agree with scientists tlui lhe
pain, tie- (.offerine ol the lower ani
mals, is a- nothing in comparison
With that of humanity. We even note
\he met th.it ill" morp refined a human being, the more intense his -nf
feriiu*. Correspondingly, refinement
and intelligence - j r i n _r far of death
an i desire for life everm-tine
A!', mankind seem, instinctively, lo
hope fur a future life. * ven though
with the majority lhe hope ;- ace m
panied with dread resnecting it* conditions. However, only lhe Bible
reveals a rational basis fnr fn th re.
spectiiiL* a future life —a surviv ii of
the general death pond.tion- every
where prevalent. The Lea then hop-
for a future life, but none nf them
furnish n logical basis for such expectation-!. Only in the Bible can
this be found.
The heathen hope i- represented hy
their great philosophers, Socrates and
Plato. Their hope ia. in brief, that,
in view of man'- greal superiority
over the beast, it must he he will
have a future, even though to all
appearunee-- death nr-ans the sane-
to the human as to 'he brute. Th-
Bible explains that man was indeed
created in hia MakerV imaue and
likeness nnd (-ranted the privilege of
eternal life on condition of obedience,
but that he disobeyed and therefore
became subject to d"ath; and that
death, the penalty, effects him exact.
ly as it does tlie brute creotion. But
the Bible due. not leave the -object
here. It tell.- of God's pity and love,
nnd of His provision to rescue mankind from sin nnd from death.
Since the Divine sentence i- thnt
only tlie pi rfeet may live, Adam nml
his race, as imperfect sinners, could
not have eternal life after a violation
of the Divine Law; but to meet this
Emergency, Divine Love provided a
Redeemer, who died, "the Just for
the unjust"; "As by man came death.
hy a Man also comes lho resurrection
of the dead; for as all in Adam die.
even h> nil in Christ shall bu made
alive; PVPry man in his own order"
(I   Corinthians xv. *_i 2.1).
Thus God has manifested lliJ character in a way and to a decree which
could never have been known to angels or to men hail He not permitted
aiti lo enter the world,    il
has been manifested in the
of (lie death  penalty upon
for six thuiisand year-.    Hi
has I n  manifested  in tie
incut made bv which the <>
ten Son ol Ood, on tlie heavenly
plane, counted it joy lo ieuve 11 i-
glory am) honor and he made Mc.-h
and die for our sin--. lief ,re the Divine Plan shall he fully consummated, Ood's Wisdom and Cower will
also stand fully revealed through Hi*
dealing with pin and sinners.
Through the merit of Christ's death
Adam's transgression will ho fully
Offset, nnd the pejwlty of -.dam's sin
will be fully paid to Justice; nnd
Adam himself and all of hia posterity,  who have   shared   Id*   penalty
will  be  set  free from   the  pighing  and
crying, the pain find trouble, mental,
moral nnd physical, Incidental to the
execution of the deatli sentence
Against sinners. Thus, through the
deuth of Jesu.1, Divine provision hn*
been made for a future eternal Mfe
for mankind- for so m my as wil
Appreciate (he privilege nnd conform
themselves to tin- Divine Inws and
av;,il themselves of tba privilege!
which will ba granted.
How natural it Ii (or us lo be Im
patient'   The few yean of our liv-*
measuring   our   knowledge   an I   ex
perlance, leave u-  little appreciation
of the -pan of Eternity, from tie- DI
vine standpoint    We are Inclined b
say.  D Qod designs  to do anythinw
lor man's aid, why does he not do it i
ImmediatelyP    We cry out, <»  Lord.
haste!  haste!    Behold   Adam'*   ohlh
dren,  mentally,   morally,    physically, 1
in a deplorable condition, unab -• U
help tli'-m-elvi'-. dependent upon Thy j
mercy. Thy   .alvation!    Like   .heep
we  are  laid   in  the  grave;   like     the
brute beast   wo seem   lo   perish; we ;
hnve tnly  a  promise of a  salvation i
from denth   through   tha   Redeemer, !
-•nd i *■ -orr«.ction from th" condition \
ct death.
But God will not be hastened. He \
ha* a wise as well as gracinr,* pur i
pose. He has a definite nine [oi |
every feature of His great work. He
has u.lowed four thousand years to '
l»isi before  He  even  -ent  ID*  S*_u
to begin the w irk ol red -emlng ma i
kind, hy the pnymenl nf n ransom
price, He hat allowed nenrly Iw
thou da ml year« ilnce tn elapse wit'
out recoverina mankind from -m uni
denth con litlnn« li i, for faith tn
trust: an I yel il U bul nnlnrni lh ii
we Flintlld Inquire, why tlii- ild'iv"
For what doe* find wait ■< longP Til-
rer.lv i'  two fold:
fh Ood I'-nves hm.. for 'lie hlrth <•
n sufficient  number of  Adam** chl1
dren In nei nle or fill tl nrth, nui
po-irur tlmt tic powers <f procreation
and th" hegelllng of chll Iren ■lint]
pot eon tin tie In tho future as In lh
pre-eni lie declare-- In u- that thoj"
who attain tn Ilmt wi rid In cotn"
"will neither marry nor be given "•
marriage." bul In thl" r"«pnet wll'
"be like unto Uie nngeU," who have
nn children, who do not propugui"
their kind.
(2) Incidentally, In connection with
mans fall nud recovery, li'-rj pttr-
n-,tp« :1 pio-t wonderful manifestation
r.f His Wisdom, Love .uul Power in
the bringing Into exi-to-ice of a new
race ol b-in'*s. not onlv hiuher than
human nature. Imi hlgh'*r nlso than
angelic natures, God nurpfspa a New
Creation whose nio*nh'rs will be Hm
:ted In miMib-r Hnd all be made par-
taker* ut the divin-* n tore—"far
above angels, principal! id I nnd pow
er*." This New Creation, the most
wonderful exemrlifioj'tion of Divine
power ever manifested or ev*r to be
manifested, he has arranged shall b«*
deve!oned during this Gospel Age and
in conjunction with tlie reign nf sin
and death. It i-' to \t* developed
from among-t sinner-, and i**, in rank
and   time   of    development,    to    take
or-ced-nce over the salvation of
humnnltv tr- m sin, sickness, sorrow
and death, to perfection and Paradise
restored,  world-wide.
We have already mentioned the
aloriou! exaltation purposed of God
fnr the New Crentl in St Peter tells
ns that these will attain the il-vin-'
nature; ami this attainment will b
thrnueh, or by means of, the power
rf   God   Working   ill   the   heart   as   th'
'■-•Lt of faith in "the exi Iin-. iireo1
nn 1 precious  nrotn iV (11    P-ter I
ti,    These   will   not   ■ lerce'   Inb
h Itei • ■ their** will be v dunt in
*ubmis-*ion tn ttie i» « ne * II Th<
• m un< n them will he loynltv Bnd
faiihfi !•!•'-• to Gnd to the verv Hm '
to the -vf-'o' n| -•■ f-l oiial. nnd
vol . larv humiliation in lhe wrvl •••
■ t    rightpnusnes*.   following   in   the
fi*M ••'   p      | f     I.--H-
fndeod. J "UH Is the t;r-t and tb ■
Hea i of (his N'"» Cr- atlon Non -
p ul | ittoln It exc •<■■ l»y and throuirb
His ai 1. II ■ i- th" Cantaln of their
snlvntlon He Is th >lr Forerunner t
td - great "race" to wb
Him, they have been Invited nf Gnd
—the reward of which, to the taithlu
"oVer(-oiner-." will be "glory, hone'
j and  immoitallty."
The Apostle   writ.*,   concerning tb"
Church,  the  elect   "tittle  Bock1'   • t
•ailed, chosen and faithful ono.-.    H
tells us that by perseverance in well
doing we  ere to attain glory,  hern. -
and   immortality;  nnd   that   thU  r*-*
faithful,   will   come   ui
nrrection, when morta -
thed up n w lh immor-
the new  bodv, glorious
Uvtne   nati re     w II   be
transgresji in  will  te-   so
learned   that  those  found
eternal life will hnve their
eternally fixed in re-
> roughly
nrthy  of
n ri
•har.ieter   i*
.1  of
| • | Pfl ■'" , > th
taithful. :»-= in
■ f  the   fleahh
of  the  pr it
and   imperfect
trial  lime     In
words, our tria
is not to dent
te   the  perfecti
in   or   im'-erb-o
tion c
f our  flesh,   for
this is alrea ly
to Ood nnd tr
US.  nnd   to  a!'.
.'.,■ 1
n r ru
V    III
"In my flesh dwelleth no perfection."
Tiie trial is to demonstrate the loyalty of the will and of the heart. It
is faithfulness in conquering the will
of the flesh and bringing Into subjection to tlie will if Ce d a'l the
powers o| the natural body, ao far
as possible. It is the test of its
love Ity to principle, to righteousness,
to Cod.
St. Paul, as one of these lov.il one«
d-elnred befo-e his death. "I have .
fought a good fight, 1 have finished
my criirse. I have kept the faith.,
henceforth there is laid up for me a
crown of righteousness, which th-*
Lord, the righteous Judge, will giv
me nt that day, nn 1 not to me only
Imt to all those nl*o who love Hi-
appearing." This include? nil wh-
ure hungering and thirsting uml
striving for that righteousness which
Messiah's Kingdom is to bring to th--
Church through the Kir-t Recurreo*
tion. Righteousness will eventually
tie brought to the world through th
establishment of the Messianic Kin;.*
dom. which will nut down all thing-
contrary to the Divine will, und uplift every person and principle loyal
to Cod.
The immortulity for which th"
Apo.-tle declares the Church is t
seek is >f a different kind entirelv
from that which the world may ex
pect. It is ii different kind even from
that which the angels possess. It i*
tho Immortality which is a feature or
quality o| the divine nature. This
immortality, the Scriptures assure
us, wa- originally possessed by the
Heavenly Father alone. We reid.
"The Father alone hath immortality,
dwe ling in the light which no man
can approach, Whom uo man hath
seen nor cnn see." Tbe Only Begot*
ten of the Father, the Logos, when
made flesh, revealed the Father to
mankind (John i, 18) The faithful-
ness ol the Logos us tbe Mnn Christ
Jcmis was rewarded by the Father
Tilth "lory, honor and immortality—
the dtv.ttf nature.
I And thi- gTPflt privilege has been
i given to un elect "little flock," the
j Bride's class, to become associate I
1 with Jesus in tbe sufferings of thi**
| present time und in the gloiy to ful*
j 'iw, The Invitation to the Church '*
' '• f How the example «rf le-n- th"t"
I Re ler-mer, to walk  in  Hi-  steps.  I
*'icr:fice   earthly   interests    nnd   wi-
. 'Mm become partakers of the divir
nature   glory,   h-mor  and    imnvrtn
;  :fv  fli    Peter  i. 4-.    Our Lord  Jeitl
»i rr Im rate,   the   same  thought,   "in
i   n.   "\- the Father hath inherent lil
iii'n rta.lty in the highest sense <'
■he word -deathlejines.0, w hath H
1   '-ven  unto tie- Son  tlmt  He  -h-n1
have   Inherent   life."   and   that  II
• i rhl / ve it unto whomsoever II
an oi I the Hnde class, the over
comers,  "more than conquerors."
As   we   have   peen,   the  Almlahi
1,1.. f<   •„,_.,....„* inherent linmurtallt
He nave It ai a reward to II
! ri.ii. s. n, "The Beginning of th
-<-"nti..n c| God " By and by, in th
"T-t   Resurrection,  when  the  alee1
v. rcorner«"  -hull  enter  upon  th ■
• fine u.nne •.( Immortality, the o|
port unity to become ■' this nntm*
will b- closed, so far as the Scrl|
ture- declare.
Th'- immortality enjoyed by the
an,f..|, otherwise spoken ot in the
9erlptur«* as everlasting life, I. not
nherent Immortality, but nn eternal
■oi int.Tin nc»   in   Iif-   Iiy   the  Trent or
ubjeet to the condition of obedlenco
nn I  r shteousness.
s   and   sin.   n-   God's
fixed  -ind   unchangeable,
The Scriptures, as we have already
intimated, u,-e the word immortality
in a more restricted senie than is
common in our genera] usage. They
PDply the word to the Father and tii
the S-rn. nod to the Bride, the Lamb".
Wife. The blessing of everlasting
life provided for angels nnd for men
found obedient to the 1) vine will i-
Scrlpturally called, not immortality.
hu   everlasting life.
Tbu-- the Scriptures explain the
two-told work of Christ: Hi The work
tor the world, in providing for all
the willing ani obedient of mankind,
everlasting life; (2. the wck for
'be Church, in making pos ible for
the willing and obedient • f the Brid •
class, glory, honor an I immortality,
the divine nature. The Scriptural
expression is that "fiui-t hroughl
life nnd Immortalitv tn light throuch
the Gospel" (ll. T.mothv i. 101
Bverlasting life was Intimated In Ihe
remote pa«t, hut not speelfleally
stated The deelai itlon that "tha
$i','d of ill ■ worn in" should "bruise
the Serpent's head"  implied   *  reoov
ry   fi en     sin   nnd    de.itb.   n. \ Ctorj
nver the   adversary, a release of man
kind from th   death pen iltn
But    it     «'i-     not     Srteolfic       The
; promise of God tn Mm*ham that in
hli ^••■A all the families -1 the earth
■should be blensed, contained an Inti-
1 ma tlon <■( a Divine pmvl'lon (or the
restoration  ol  humanity   from   death
! nnd the pr»senl fallen condition, a
restitution to eternal  Iif ■ conditions
: Rut there was nothing specific in it
h.   wt*>    The   Prophets  also gave   lutiniHtioni
of coming tdessings through  a great
Messiah, bul failed •■> say that eter
nal life would be the grand result
Not until tli> Saviour appeared and
made His consecration unto death
on behalf nf the race, was it propi r
for even Him to srive such as«ur
sne-'s. But after His consecration,
during the three ami a hall veers of '
Hia ministry, He declared His mi-
-■■ti to be the  seeking ind  recovery
• f lhat which was '.ost. an I the giving to H i footsten followers of a
'hure with Himself, not only In the
sufferings ot .l*:s present time but in
the -.''■ ry to r> nv New i- the time i
in which, by holiness, faithfulness
loyalty to Gnd snd to tb*1 Truth, and
the laying down of life for the
brethren, we may make our "caHitm
and election -ure" to the highest
imaginable reward—glory, honor and
immortalitv, the divine nature.
0!    for    that    glorious    dawning    we
watch an-.l  wait and  pray.
Till n'er the height the morning light
•hall drive the p'oom away;
And  when tiie  heavenly ehry   shall
fled  the  earth  and  sky.
We'll tile*.- the Lord for all his works
und praise him by and by.
He Has Been a Militarist and the
Friend of Lloyd-George -it the Sam-
Time and Is an Important Factor
tn the Liberal Pji ty—Inaugurated
the Territorial Force—Will Reli.va
Morley ot  Hard Work.
King George, a shoit time ago created   tiie   Right   Hon    R    B.   Haldane,
Secretary for War. a Viscount.   To be
i member ol a Cabinet  pledged to a
curtailment, which, in the opinion of |
many   welLlnfnrimd   pulitictons,  will |
practically amount lu an abolition ul \
the   Beers'   Veto,   and,   Ht   the   same
time,  to have accepted a peerage; to j
be  a  strong   though   never  blatant, i
militarist; to   be a   warm, personal
friend ol Mr   Balfour, und an official
colleague   of   Mr.   Lloyd-George,   l»M
i, en the lot id lew     But it Im- been
Mr. Haldane1!    It ii one ol the ironies of  public lite that  a  man  ll,  at
times, i ire  I to assume a position foi
. liich lie seems tu i ■  little quailed.
But :u Mr   Haldane - ni **.  iphi w ol
iiboi  he will cerii uly  find  nuthina
unci ngenial    Poi  I   •   - are eminent
i> the type o! mind to which  i iccond
:i uni" t ayp alii IL has ill the |udl
cial mental mt tu l . all the reflective
capacit). all the i m rml enthusiasm
tor the British Co!i.**titutlou, which «■■
; t.i make tha Id >al ; v I Bver sinee
Me outbreak of th Itoer War there
'mve  been  speculat'.uns  as  to  which
One ot Byron's Jokes.
Bvrnn had given tn Murray, his pub- j
HsKkr. as a birthday present a Bible,
m: gnificently bound, which he en- I
riched by a very flattering inscription, i
This was laid by the grat'-ful pub- j
Usher in his drawing-room table and ■
somewhat ostentatiously displayed to
a., com rs.
One evening as a large eompanv
wera gathered around the table one
nf the guests happened to open th*-
Te.tamert and e.w sonie writing on
t..e margin. Calling to Murray, he
said. "Why Byron has written something here!" Narrower inspection
proved that the profane wit had erased the word "robber" in the text and
substituted that of "publisher," so
that the ; asage read thus: "Now, Bar-
abas was a publisher."
i.ie legend goes on to state that the
book disappeared that very night Irom
tlie drawing-room table.
Movement on Foot to Convert Canadian Crude OH.
tittle  attention   has   been  direct***,
to the recent di-eoveries of petroleum
in New  Brunswick.
Ip '""t. the London. Km. . (ournali
contain the lir-t detailed accounts to
reach us of what «re apparently real
well«  of  considerable  importance.
It appears that in the Stoney Creek
field tu New  Brunswick,   there   is a
district were a number of wells have
recently been brouaht tn, each with
** daily capacity < I •** barrels, while
the total flow of gai from -ill the wells
on that  field i- estimated at 40.000.*
Out) cubic  [eet   per   duy.     Contracts
have been entered Into with the city
of Moncton to supply power for the
, lighting of the eity. (or tue, gas, aud
I fur the proposed new tramway.   The
: distance to Moncton i- only ten miles. I
\ In Albert County the once ext.nslvi
| but now exhausted deport uf alber*
!  tlte,   which   looks    like   conl.  but    <*
i really congealed oil. produced one ul
I the llr*l yield- ol kerosene, There are
i other Important minerals in the dis
trict, but attention i- now centred >n
ihe oi.. whidi has I o located after
to vein- of boring. Tb.- gu- accumulate I i- th.' lirsl product procured,
nn I altn it i- let off, for use or other-
wise, the nil can eotne in lo till its
place There are -even well* pumped
for ul iu tb:- area, thc power ot tbe
pom pi ne station being transmittal
from well to well ' <r over two miles,
In BUI) the total production of the
Canadian held- mm united to only
307,633 barrel*, compared with bTdfi'H
barrel, m  Bht'l.
Within _| hour-, fill new oil com-
panic-, each holding one section J
oil land- iu the Mt.rinvi.le Held, applied for incorporation at the offices
of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies at Edmonton recently. This
was the outcome of a strike of oil just
previously made in the Morlnvtlle
district, 2-2 miles north ol Edmonton,
There aie already ten < ther companies holding claims in the district.
There is in Kngland a propoganda,
pushing a new method of converting
petroleum into it solid for fuel pur*
poses,,   from  which  great  things  are
The process is cheap, and the
blocks ca-t iu convenient shape can
be easily stored. It la-d- longer than
coal, furnishes a third more heat fnr
the price, Is non-explosive, and burns
without smoke.
On board ship, boilers and fire
places would not require to be chang.
ed. Les? storage would be required.
and stoking would be a simple affair.
Even tor household purposes it
would be made available, und would
enabb competition with tho coal
mines to he established.
It sounds favorable enough, but
why not bring it right along? Plenty
of householder? would be glad to give
u smokeless, cinderless and "ashes*
less" fuel a chance in their furnaces.
A Capture anj a Presentation Up te
thi Present.
Canada's three-boat navy, although
not Urge, is decidedly active. If the
public could look behind i-e scei.es or
It&nd In the wings they would r«cog-
nlte Unit a navy is just a little more
tbau it teems. The activities ol this
arn. ot the public service are much
like thus- of u diplomatic corps, or
the duties of a Gjveinor-Genoral
Wheu the uuvy performs a piece ot
work it does uut bunt up the first
newspaper correspondent available
ana baud out u glowing account of it
for tbe public press. Tbe ethics of the
Dritish navy lorbid such action, and
tha ethics of the Canadian navy will
probably bu tin inheritance, nut a
creation. The littl. cruiser Canada
hat been active in many ways for several yenrs, yet one hears little of the
duties which she performs. Because
of the site uf tbe Niobe and ltainlmw.
and the larger part wbic'i they will
pluy in the eye o' the general public,
probably more  will he heard.
The tlrst uMi.ii.l exploit of the Rainbow since it arrived at Esquiuiautt
last fall occurred tu February, when
it captured the fishing schooner Ed*
ric front the United States. This
schooner was found pouching within
the three-mile limits of Cape Scott.
It was overhauled by the Itainbow aud
ordered to heave to. A bout was lowered, official possession was taken,
and the Kdiic was towed tu Vancouver.
It is said that twenty-five hundred
pounds of halibut, illegally taken,
was found un board. However, the
facts of the case are nut yet proven,
und mure accurate information will
be available when the trial occurs.
This will happen shortly.
Another Incident in connection with
the Rainbow occurred on March 31, at
Esquimau)!. The British Columbia
Government had decided to present a
set uf plate to the bout, to commemorate the arrival of the tirst Cunadiun
warship off the coast of that province.
Fur some time British Columbia has
been without the presence of a war
vessel of any kind. Under the revised
plans of the British navy tbe North
Pacific squadron was recalled to England several years ugo. It was, therefore, natural that the people of thut
province should be pleased to have a
naval station near Victoria opened up
once more. This pleasure seems to
have been heightened by tbe lact that
the new vessel bore thc inag'C letters
On March 13th the presentation of
the plate took place in the presence
of a large number of citizens from
Victoria, 'fhe presentation was made
by Lieutenant-Governor Patterson,
and the cerem my was loth picturesque and interesting.—Canadian
Saskatoon Man It a Prominent Member of the Government of the Prairie Province and Is Expected to Go
Up to ths Top—He Comas From
Bothwtll, Ont., and Went West
Nineteen Years Ago.
At the coronation the Province of
Saskatchewan will huve a worthy representative at the ceremonies In
George Ewan MeCraney of Saskatoon.
He is un Ontario buy who has made
good in the west and who is now re-
cognized as one uf the foremost Liberal politicians of Saskatchewan and a
possible successor to Hon. Walter
bcott   iii   the   Premiership   of   that
In  thi
Inm   «
iame sens
en he dl
for   lii-
■  . f   ih
but bti
Suggestion. For Bright Rooms and
Those Without Sunlight.
Every woman should bave a pretty
bedroom and should see that it la not
tbe duplicate uf many others, but bas
some touch of originality about Ita color schemes and decorations tbat set It
apart us individual to herself.
For a room wblcb receives all tbe
sunsblne never choose a shiny paper,
but a dull finished one.   A gray bedroom   muy   sound   colorless   at   first
hearing, but one of tbe prettiest rooms
was carried out In this neutral shade.
First of all, the walls were tinted a
delicate pale gray witb a warm tinge
In   It,   and   tbe  celling,   which   was
brought down to the picture molding.
was white,   A paneled effect wns given on tbe wall by means of stenciling
ln soft shades of lilac and green with
Boft browns,  thus  taking away  any
, suggestion of monotony.
i    Gray enameled furniture furthercar*
; ried out the scheme, nnd the cushions,
bedspread, curtains and table covers
were ull of gray linen stenciled In'tho
: same hues as the walls, while the rugs
< ttiat  covered  the stained  gray   floor
' were gray green In color.   The mirror
, that bung on the wall furnished a note
[ of contrast In Its framework of dull
t gold, and  tbe pictures on  the walls
completed the harmony in their setting of gray atalned wood and white
A imt her excellent scheme for a girl's
bedroom may tie carried uut In the fol-
lowing way:
Walla of soft cream color with a
stencil  design  In  soft  pinky   mauve
HunglngH of ashes of roaea,  linen
| and furniture of wlckerwork atalned
n aoft bron'tilsb purple.
lliirnln uf cream colored linen with
\ the stenciled dealgns may beappllqued
i on to all the hum-tugs of the room,
I such as the curtains and cushion cov-
\ ers, and the rugs on the floor may be
; of soft oriental colors.
man would leave tlie Liberals. And
Mr. Haldane's name has always enjoyed a pre-eminence in tl.is regard.
Nevertheless, he remains to-day a pillar of the Liberal party, for he returns in a singular degree the confidence of the nun-party politician—
the man who feels that there must be
some people lelt in the land who are
carel-33 of tlie catchwords of party—
who believes that, In the forthcoming
contest between peers and Commons,
his voice will be heard in the Cabinet, and his influence exerted in Parliament, to ensure that the counsels
of moderation shall prevail.   He has
A Boy Orator.
Little Lord Donegall, who proposed
a toast the other day ut the age oi
seven, ia not so precocious an orator
as Mr. Gladstone, who, it wilt be re-
i membered, was set ou a chair and ad-
i dressed tbe company at his father's
house in October, 1812. he being then
under thre? years of age. His remarks do not, however, seem to have
extended be; .d the exordium, "Ladies and gentlemen." The present tittle Lord orator is a son at a Canadian, the present Marchioness ol
Donegall being formerly Miss Twining of Halifax. She was married in
lthn) tu the lute Marquis of Donegall,
then in ni? eighty-second year, and
who died four yeurs later. The son
bears the name Kdward Arthur Donald St. George Hamilton Chiefs ter. He
is the sixth marquis. The Machion-
ess before her marriage was prominent
in Halifax tor her charitable work,
which she has continued in Britain.
Major P. G. Twining, a well-known
graduate, and some time professor ol
the Royul Military College, who dis-
province. He is a young man ol
splendid ability and thoroughly well
informed on public questions, He is a
hard student and lias forged rapidly
to the fro"t as nn able and forceful
debater. He was born at Roth well*
Out., in 18G8 and was educated at Upper Canada College and Toronto University and was called to the Ontario
liar in 1895. He practiced his profession for some years at Milton, Ont.,
and went west in 1892, settling in Saskatoon. He is a R.A. and an LL.B.
and went into politics shortly after
moving to the western town. In 190ft
he was elected by acclamation as
Liberal candidate at thc last general
election in 1908.
VI    JlKJUl-.ta.-Uli    Biitin    ;iw-u...       «...      ....      ._..J__
suffered, tu some extent, from having I tinguished himself during the opera-
" tions of  the allied troops in China,
and was mentioned in despatches, is
a brother of the Marchioness. At present he is Assistant Adjutant-General,
Royal Engineers, at Simla, India.
Mrs. Twining, who was Miss Louise
Duly of Napanee, Out., was some
years ago one of the best-known musi-
cians in Cannda, und besides appearing on concert programs in Ontario,
Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces,
held for some time the appointment
'd soprano soloist ut Christ Church
Cathedral, Montreal.—Star Weekly.
Elgin Anecdotes.
The biography, "The Karl of Elgin,"
by Prof. Wrung, contains several
anecdotes ot especial interest at this
time, when "trade agreement" with
tlie United States is being so generally discussed. "Once when the Karl ol
Elgin, then Governor-General of Canada, was entertaining some American
visitors at a great banquet in Toronto,
they prepared themselves fur the dull
platitudes of a noble lord, who, since
lie was uu arUtocrat, was supposed
tu owe his hii'h post tu anything but
personal merit. Rut as the stately
periods poured forth an amazed guest
whispered, "He ought to be on our
side of the line! We would make him
inuyor of our city," A little later be
win constrained to say, "We'd make
him Governor—Governor of the ?ute,"
ami a brilliant passage called forth
i\w final exclamation, "By heaven,
if be were on our side we'd make him
President, nothing less than President!"
ibi V'-i
withdrawn.    !!>■
'■d-n    lhat   the   sentence   of
■nii-lit  take effect, "dying thm
lie "   Similarly, Satan and other, of
the  nnHi,  bwmife ('  di«ub«d nnce
will  be destroyed, hence i|..-jr Immnl
1'ilitv wn- conditional, as wai that  .1
| I Hv
| The redemption In he accompli hi I
hv thc Redeemer during Hi- reign n
MpMlfih Is to reinstate all th"  wil   |
j 'rig  and  nhMlnnt   m   human   pnrfei
linn nnd Divine favor, ai thflse w.-n '
enjoyed  by   Wlnm  l»"f«"<.   hi-   Iran-
greastnn    All the wilfully wicked   «'!
not desirous  nf  rettirninu  IP  fetlna
-bin with Ond through lh" R *<! "-m-M
will    be   destroyed    In    thn   S'-eund
Death,   The ie-t will be «o thorough
so crucial, that   Ood   dnelaren   thn'
there  *hnll   he  no   mor«  rrvine.    n
more dying; which Implies thnt ther-
will tie no more (tin—that the lessons
connected   with   human   and   angelic |
Debute on Population,
"Resolved thnl city life la preferable to country life" isn't a sufficiently ij citing subject ol debate foi Medicine lint an ' Lethbridgo, so, a lew
night ago, debating teams represent*
,ng those place* uut together at Medicine Hnl. in a Buulhern Alberta Debating League evi nt, nnd (ought u
wordy war tin lhe subject "Resolved
thai Medicine Hi will have a large!
populntlon thnn Lethbridge In 1910 '
Medici hu Hut won, but l-vthbririir*
ho.iei  lhat  the  net  live year?   wil1
that   the   decision   reached   it
mighty poor prupbuc.
rved two masters, lt used to be said
of him that he had to make his choice
between being Lord Chancellor ur
Prime Minister, He has nut been—
nor is he Ukcly to be—either, but, at
one time, o.i neither the legal nor the
political side of bis career, was either
of those high ollices seemingly beyond
his grasp.
Tlie elevation of Mr. Haldane to the
peerage bus been expec.l fur some
time. The reason fur it is to strengthen the Government in the Upper
House, the intention being tu relieve
Lord Morley of the heavy task uf leadership in the House of Lords during
Kurl Crewe's absence on account of
illness. The help of the new viscount
is particularly required iu the coming
session during the passage of tho measures for Home Rule and Welsh Disestablishment, and ul so in connection
With the Veto Hill.
The Right Hon. Richard Bunion
Haldane wus boru in 1H6U. He was
educated at Edinburgh Academy aud
ut Edinburgh ami Gottingeh Universities. He was a brilliant student and
won several scholarships, Me obtained his M.A., with first-class honors in
philosophy, from Kdinburgh University, and has published several scholarly essays.
Mr. Haldane Inaugurated tho Territorial army system. He has been Secretary ol State fur War since 1906, and
he has represented Haddingtonshire in
the HoUSO of Com mon 8 since |HM,Y
Hii becoming u peer leaves vacant
Die Haddington Beat. At the last election it gave a Liberal majority uf M'f
The Duke of ConnauQht at a Shot.
The fact that the sporting trophies
that fell to tie' rifle of the Duke ol
Connaught during his visits tu South
Africa are now being placed in position in Hut-shot Park, bis country
home in Surrey, reminds one thut His
Royul lliglnie i is a cnpl.ul shot, and
runs It's Majesty close iu Ibis direction. When he was iu Uganda tbe
luke Blind some splendid liotifl. His
Royal Highness shot his llrst liun in
Inula Some years ago.
Largest Dry Dock.
Begun eight years ago, the largest
dry illicit in the world, which measures
CHl'i  feet   by   11)9 f-et,   luu  just been
oomph-ted at Hcltust.
Uu- debut ' wa
A Disadvantage,
My sister aha pmys mud pit**
And stts right in tbe sun.
Bhe looks just like a gypsy,
Ana she hu a lot of fun.
But I'm so fair I hav* to
Keep clean, cause no one knows
Tbe dlffertncs when she's dirty;
But. you ate, on tm tt showa
-Uarpw-a Magailna.
A peddler rapped timidly at. tlio
Iti tell 011 door at lhe home uf Cliff
Martin n few days iiK"- MrSi Kelly,
Martin's hired girl, angry at bolng Interrupted in her washing, flung open
Hie door and glowered ni him.
"Did  ve-/. want to nee inoP" she do-
fltided in threatening tones.
The peddler bnakod off a few stopa
"Veil,  if  I  did,"  he asaurotl  hor
Vlth  nil  apologetic grin,  "I  got my
wish; thank you."
A Contractor's Lament,
Mr. George Ham, publicity expert
of tbe Cunadiun Pacific Railway Co.,
recalled, in connection witb tbe remarkable era of railway construction
now iu progress, particularly in Ontario, and the west, a lamentation
mude to him twenty live years ago by
a railway contractor, It was ut the
conclusion of the bui.diug of the
C.P.R. to the const, and tlii.4 contractor wailed: "Well, I'll have to sell all
my plant now, And who'll want to
1 ly itp Nobody in this country. And
if I shin it over to, the States the
duty will be more thnn I'll get lor it.
Hut .lure's no use keeping 't. There'll
never be any more railway work In
Canada. I'll sell Ihe whole outfit lur
t n cents on tbe dollar,"
Canadian Winter Ports.
The two winter ports. Halifax and
St. John, have begun the serious
work of the season, fetching in loads
of Wtmlvants that manage to get in
by a few thousands before the St.
Lawrence breaks up. Already this
year severul thousands of immigrants have arrived at these ports.
This is the flr.t season for the two
ships of the new Canadian Northern
line to carry in immigrant, to Halifax, which is their regular winter
port, just as St. John is the winter
port of the Canadian Pacific. Though
not originally built for immigrant
traffic these vessels have been adapted to thc business, Hnd curry third*
class passengers much more comfortably than the average ocean liner
with regular "steerage" accomodation. But of course the usual third-
class passenger bound for Canada is
not over particular us to niceties of
accommodation provided he gets
three square meals a day, a bunk at
night, and pknty of fresh air. From
all present indications the immigration this year will be considerably
ahead of 1919. Halifax has good reason to be glud of being the terminus
of a new line. There is no reason
why both Halifax and St. John
should not continue to become more
rapidly than ever the great east gate
to Canudu; and it is the greut hope
of both provinces thut future immi-
grution of the right sort will be less
likely to pass by the fertile fields
along the Atlantic for further but not
greener fields in the prairie provinces.
He H»d Not Changed.
Sir Jumes Whitney bus ulwaya enjoyed a reputation for being a militant politician, ln Opposition he
thundered across the Louse like a
bombardment of heavy guns, and even
as leader of a strong Government he
occasionally feels called upon to rush
a position. The Premier uf Ontario
looks the part, and his miff bearing
and determined walk betoken a fighter. All this combined to cause an
amusing little scrap of conversation
which was overheard in the ladies'
gallery during the last session.
The House was sitting, und two women, who apparently possessed political friends, had wandered in to look
upon the scene. They passed a number of comments on the various well-
known members who happened to be
moving in and out or occupying seats
iu the House, At last Sir Jumes entered, and oue uf tbem turned to the
other witb the remark, "Being in
power does u it calm the Premier.
Why, I positively believe he looks
more bellicose thun ever."
"Oh, I don't know," replied her
friend, "I do uot think he in any
stouter tha:. he wus lust year."
A Misdeal.
A Halifax minister had just engng-
#I thc services of a new coachman,
a was New Year's Day, and be was
anxious to complete tbe rounds uf his
culls with despatch and return to thu
warm shelter uf his home. He started
in haste and forgot his culling curds.
Sending the coachman back, he said,
"1 want you to get my curds oil my
desk. At every house where 1 tell you
to stop, leave one card; aud where
1 tell you leave two."
Tbe rounds were about completed
when the parsou said: "Now at this
house leuve one card, and at the next
"I can't do It, sir," said the coach-
man, "I onlv huve the Jack of Diamond- uud the Ace uf Spudes left."—
Stag   In  Station.
The meet of the Surrey Staghounds
at Crowhurst, Engta*hd, the other day
had a remarkable finish at Upper
Wnrlingham Railway station. The
stag took a course across country till
it ran on to the main railway line
towards London. It continued along
the track until it arrived ut Upper
Warlingham station, where it mounted the platform, and ran into tlie waiting room, where it dropped to the floor
exhausted. One of the hounds was
close upon the stag, and also reached
the platform, but dropped before H
could" enter the doorway, being as
exnausted as tne iniarry. The station officials closed the doors and
thus kept out the remainder of the
fiacJt tuut cume up severul minutes
ater. The stag was eventually taken
to a stable and lodged there till it
was fit to be removed.
Objected to Theology.
Owen Seaman, editor of Punch, was
the principal guest at a dinner of the
London Authors* Club recently; which
was followed by a discussion on "Humor." Mr. Seaman began with a story
deprecating tha spoil.ng of a good
dinner by any discussion at all.
There were throe characters in the
story, a bluebottle fly and two Scots-
n.ju. The story at once struck a note
of probability by showing the Scots-
mc.i drinking whisky. Ihe bluebottle
buzzed ou the pane; otherwise silence
This was broken by one of the Scotsmen trying to locate the bluebottle
with zoological exactitude. Said the
"Sandy, I'm thinking if yon fly Is a
birdie or a beastie."
The otber requied. "Man, don't spoil
good whisky with religious conversation."
A Story of  Kitchener.
Lord Kitchener is sometimes accused of a lack of humor, but the following story, which is going the round
of the Loudon clubs, goes far to show
that such an accusation is unfounded.
He happened to be lunching, not lung
ago, with a friend at a well-known
club, when a rising young politician,
wim is not noted (ur his luck of self-
confidence, entered the room.
" 'Morula', Kitchener," called out
the youthful politician, genially.
The victor of Khartoum, who does
not love to have liberties taken with
hnu, stared ut him without u smile.
"Mr. Ho-und So," be replied, "I wish
you wouldn't cull me Kitchener. It's
su beustly formal,   Cull me Rertie,"
Dickens' Mementoes.
Muny relics of Charles Dickens ara
to be seen in the chamb-rs of his son,
Mr. Henry Fielding Dickens, K.C.
who has expressed his approval of
th ; Dickens' Stamp movement. Ha
possesses the desk upon which tha
tumults novelist wrote many of his
stories ut (lad's Hill, several quill
pens which Dickens was in the habit
of using, as well as neper-weights, inkpots, and the novelist s favorite chair,
ihe novelist was very proud of his
sun's success at Cambridge, and Furs*
ter, in his "Life of Charles Dickens,"
doubts if anything more truly pleased
him than when tlie future K.C. won
the second schulurship at Trinity Hall.
Prince to Speak Welsh.
Following the exam,..*- of Kdward
I., the Prince of Wules will tiddress
bis Welsh subjects in their native
language on the occasion of his Investiture at Carnarvon Castle.
Two beautifully drcHHcd women got
on the car at, Fifty-fifth street and
entered into u discussion of their
household cures and worries. Finally, when the subject of jcIHch was
reached, one aaid lu tbe other:
"Yea,   we   tried   Home  cruh   apples
     thia year, but tha stuff wouldn't loll,
tu my daughter, yer| uud we hud to give It to the .Salvation
and ye luul u bed and, Army."
'Which hurts morn," usked the dejected young man; "when your best
girl thrown   you    up
throws you down?"
or   when she
Backwoods Luxury
A   Boston  sport, happened  to   mi>e
his train and stopped at a farmhouse
in the baokwooda of Maine.   The following  rniug be naked the farmer
how much lie owed him.
"Well," Huid tho farmer, "you hnd
supper, then you went down cellar
and drunk pretty neur ull my cider,
yer  mude  lovo   ' ■      ■ -
kissed my wife . im************************
yer luul breakfast this morning.    Do
you think ten cents is too much?"
There is many a man who sayH
things to his wife hu wouldn't dare
aay to his cook.
Opinions Differ
Tommy—Ptt, whut do men mean hy
circumstances over which they hove
. no control P
I    Tommy's Pa-Wives, my Bon."
Careless Talk
PoflWV—John do you—er—oter use
at rung hii'sungcr1
John (guardedly)- Well, Hir, I~I
muy be it little kncrlcHs-liku In my
speech at times.
Paator—Ah. I'm sorry, John. But
wu will converse about that some
other time,   J Ust now I want you to
fo to the plumber's and settle thia
nil fnr $12 fur thawing out a wnter
pipe. And you might talk to the man
In a careless sort of way, as if it
were yuur own bill.
A leaning gate ia an indication of 4
Municipalities and
School Districts
We Invite correspondence with municipalities and school districts desiring to dispose) of their securities.
Our connection with Investors In
Canada, Groat B.-itain, and tho
Unittd States enables us to offer tho
full market value for Municipal and
School   District   Dobonturos.
Wood, Gundy & Company,
London, England Toronto, Canada
EDDY'S "Royal George7' Matches
the most perfect " Strike Anywhere "
matches mude, that are Sake,
and Silent,
are sold iu boxes, averaging 1000  matches to the box,
for 10 cents a box.
You can't afford to pass this by.
Hero's > Home Dye
Oan Use.
■.lwapi been more or
leu of a difficult uutt-r-
takini— Nat oo whon
Sand lor SairipU
Card and Mor*
Boo-lrt H
lONt«"ALLKINDS**-*"!   calum","*1
Montreal, Can,
With DY-O-LA you can color either Wool,
Cotton, Silk or Mixed Goods Perfectly with
ths SAM IE  Dye.    No chance of using the
—■*"*       Pye for the Goods you have to color.
Reasonable Doubt
Tlio teacher hml called upon Freddie
Brown to give an illustration of the
proper manner in which to compare
the adjective "clenn."
"Mother is clean," said he, falter-
ingly; "father is—cleaner—" Here he
"And," prompted the teacher.
Freddie wns still silent and very
thoughtful. *
"Haven't you some other relative?"
asked the teacher, smiling.
"Oh, yes," replied Freddie, "tliero*s
auntie—but I ain't sure about Iier!"
Indignant Diner—Look here, waiter,
I just found a button iu this dish of
roast turkey.
Calm Waiter—Yes, sir; it is part
of the dressing.
Fred—Did you know that Captain
Twiddle had two left legs?
Uncle Ned—Nonsense I
Fred—But it's not nonsense. His
right leg was left ut Antiotum, wasn't
It? And hi' has a left leg still, hasn't
To prevent the cook being scalded
by steam us she lifts the lid of a
roasting pan au Ohio inventor has
patented a pan with a hinged lid that
tuny he opened with a long-handled
25c. a Box at your druggist's.
will make Ufa comfortable for you again.
They relieve the worst headache In 30 minutes or less.
Natlaaal Dm. aaa Caaniaal Catapaar ol Caaada, Liroitad,      •      •      .
Toronto Type Foundry Co., Ltd.
The Largest Printers' Supply House in Canada.
We Carry in Stock Cylinder Presses, Job Presses,
Paper Cutters, Type and Material. Can Fill
Orders for Complete Equipment from our Stock.
We aro the Largest Ready Print Publishers in
the West. We Publish Ready Prints from our
Winnipeg, Calgary and Regina Houses.
Order From  Nearest Branch
The best equipped factory for pro
during Counter Check Hooks
in Canada.
50,000 Chirk Book*
-"-___-  per Day.
We are supplying the Largest users of Counter Check
Books in Canada with our
(Nat In Iha Trust)
Wa ***** prkltahara *t act aa aur agents In all Manltaba, Saskatchewan,
Afk.r*. anal Britlah Oalumkla town.   Write us lor conditions and prices
Beautiful 81a Color Picture ot
*AH PATCH 1:11 ast MINOS HEIR lilt
rarvou muat name Thla paper and SUM
bow much lire stork you own.
Write to ua for Una picture,
The Great Animal Tonic
...   _.D„.^lu.B. *> sold by o.er lofMMA dealers nn a spot
 TOBOHTO. cam. ever fails your tiioiii'jr will fie promptly re-
,    , ----- .   .  ■■- ~ promptly
funded, iDitrsal.o-sl Stock Ft* In » r-trufiily
coii'-Mitniter, mi'illt'lmil pre .tarn tlmt cum*
wind nf trails, in-run, hit.*,, barks, etc,and
In equally k<»«- .<*r horn**!, colls,-*-) wn, eiil ve a.
hogn. pIrh. ahfifi. tt<*at« etc. It In hi] in
small .uiimuiti mixed with uralti ami purine*.
the blond, bine*, uu antl MtrehftUieiis ilir ny*,.
tern nnd i*n*nUy aids diRi'stlim and assiinl-
liitloii. so that *'ai'li ailiiial ohlalii> more
nutrition from all food ttik.'ii. n it im amaaat
at irala W btl Ihi imtl iMltalliltg ar taken (it*
tht miw that l.itni or ktepa yrur stock In
tiHal condition, and as liiterimilmial Htock
ood liicrcasfN asslnillHtloti Uk.1I save run
money. It wlll make yt.it inert nume* th»i*
you can poukbly make * It'mut its uni*. lt
aiio cures and preveuta many fo.ma nf
disease, and Isahaolutely harn.if <■■>, even If
taken into the human sysutn. Inieniat'imai
Stock Food la p. doner! hv orer two mill cn
farmers who have lined It for yenrs. The
editor of your farm paper wlll tell you we do
exactly as we agree, and aa reference wo
giro you tba Traders Bank of 4 anada.
Sm aoe DgjtgW, MWrttg ut with **aaaH to wr Mil TRIAL OFFtW
_, KBBO, aUta., IMO-IO.
Th* international Htock Food Co., To
roiito.<mt.-(ientlemen: I feel in honor
bound to offer vou my testimonial In favor
of your Stock food. I have used it faithfully this summer and proved Its in valuable worth. It made my nip.*, tjrnw, thn
renal.i were simply marvelous. 1 would
not be without It for anything. My horses
got a very nasty dutttmiwr 0OUKJ1 in tho
spring, but Die "find cleaned It comtilftely
i outn' their system aud Uiey went tfiroui/h
tim spring work due and name out of It
rolling fat. I'lease ifiiiilleate my last
order. Mis. Cor requests me to tell you
that your Poultry Food Is excellrnt, that
tt'ciiltiL' your Poultry food doutiles tho
qu-intuyofeggs; In fact, itcoii'd not bo
Bettor f tt ecg prodnotlon and keeping the
fowl healthy.-Ytiurs sincerely,
(Sfid.)     ALT. K. Col.
His  Lieutenants Were  Early Explorer! on Wert Coast.
Several of fhe officers who serve*!
unde" Captain Cook continued 'hi
exploration ft the Pacific C08*t alter
tlmt great navigator laid down hi-*
qi'iidrant. and in the early hi.-tnry ,*>1
British Columbia are preserved th"
namea ot many of them, -ueh ni Van*
couvr. Brouehtnn, Rliiih, Rurney.
and Dixon. After Cook's voyages be
enme known knowledge cf the profit
to he made in the fur trade of th"
North Pacific Coast spread rapidly •■
and a spirit nf adventure and com
tnerce wa- created. In l~w(> four ex
peditinn- wpre organized in different
part*: of the globe to engage tn this
new trade, with/.i.t any fcnowjpdjje of
each otffeft design?. The pioneer in
connection with thi** new..jnterprise
wns Captain Jam?s Hanna. Hi* ve-.
sel of only beventy-two tona burden.
with a crew 'f thirty men, was fitted
out in China in I7**4 hy an English
merchant. In .August of the follow
incr yenr Me nrrivd at Nootka. where
Cook had been before him. In comparison with Cook'* ahip*, Hanna's
little vessel looked lo the native*
small and weak. Encouraged hy
appearances they attacked Hanna
and hii small crew, hut they were
Speedily repulsed. Hanna then purchased n cargo of ie..-otter skins
which he disposed <■[ in China at *
profit of $30,000. He returned in the
following year, but two British ship*
having arrived before him, be did not
find trade >o good as it was on hU
flr.it visit. And so the trade crew,
i every season finding Blitlsh ships on
I the Coast buying furs from the na
I tive?.
! Amonc the many ship captains who
j contributed to the foundation of Brit-
! i>h Columbia's trade, one of the most
remarkable was Captain .lohn Mon res
of the Felice, n vessel of two hundred
and thirty tons bufden, a mere yacht
in comparison with the vessels of to-
day. Meares did a number of things
worthy of note, and some of historical importance. Oue was to brim.
Chinese to the Paciiic Const. That
wa3 in 1738. The question of Oriental immigration is. therefore, more
than one hundred .enr3 old.
The Felice had a companion ship.
the Iphigenia, commanded by Captain Douglas, and the crews of both
vessels comprised mechanics, Chinese
smiths and carpenters, ag woll as
European artisans. "The Chinese,"
writes Meare-, "were fhipped as an
experiment; they have heen generally
esteemed a hardy and industrious a*
well as ingenious race of people. They
live on rice and fish, and, requiring
but low wages, it was a matter of
economical consideration to employ
them, and during the whole voyage
there was every reason to be satisfied
with their services." That voyage
from China to Nootka occupied al
most four months.
The natives in canoes came out to
inspect Meares' ship in much thi*
same manner as when Captain Coolj
was there. Two of their chiefs went
on board, one of whom, wrote Meares
in his rather quaint style, "had a
fine open arrangement of features.
The inferiot people were very proper
and personable men. A sealskin filled with oil was immediately handed
on board, ot which the chief*- took a
small quantity, and they ordered it
to be returned to the people in the
canoes who soon emptied the vessel
of this luxuriant liquor."
Meare? promptly set his artisans,
both Chinese and European, to work
constructing a house to be used by
those whom he would leave at Nootka, and to form a headquarters for
his trading operations. The house
'was surrounded by a breastwork on
which was mounted a small cannon.
The next undertaking was the
build.ng of a vessel!—the first built
on our Paciflc Coa.-t—and christened
the "North-West America." It was
of forty tons burden, and in its con
struction the Chinese carpenters were
A Thoughtful  Man.
Mr. M. A. Kennedy, manager of the
Ontario Motor Car Co., ia a Toronto
business man. with two distinctions.
In the first place he presides over the
finest automobile establishment in
Canada. Secondly, his courtesy is so
remarkable that everybody who Comes
In contact with him goes away and
talks about it. Here is an example of
this characteristic
A certain firm of photographers in
the city do a lot of "rush" work. Mr.
Kennedy is one of their commercial
customers. Recently one of the camera
men met with an accident, and for a
few days orders were uot executed as
promptly as usual at the studio. The
accident was recorded, in the papers,
but most of the firm's patrons did
rjot care what had happened. They
wiin ted their work done, and they
said so over the telephone.
But from Mr. Kenndy—whose work
was as pressing as anybody's—came
a most courteous letter, expressing re-
_ri't at the accident, and adding that
he knew thut the photographs in hand
lor him would be delivered as soon as
possible in the circumstances.
The members of* the firm think ol
having this letter framed
Father Vaughan on Canada.
Father Vaughan, who was in Can*
it.ii at thc time of the Kiiehnristic
Congress, und visited Toronto, has
been conducting a mission among the
London coster mongers, In his closing services he talked to his audience
.ibout Canada, and describe it us a
:lne country to migrate to,
"I have lately returned from my
.Irst visit to the Dominion," he said,
'and more fervently than ever I re»
.ommend any among you who can do
•io to get your bits of things together
ind make for the Northwest of Can*
ida. If you are a worker, skilled or
jnskilled, aud will tuke off your coat,
roll up your sleeves, and put your
back in your job, you are sure to
"time out on top. It is 'dogged' that
lues tiie trick and make the fortune."
Did  Not  Bother  Him.
"I don't see how you can like te go
o his church,"
"Why not?"
"He fairly roars his sermons."
"1 know, but I uever sleep daytime,
pat's  Idea of Art
Two Irishman were at Mm Art
Museum ono day and were looking at
the statute of Venim de Milo.
"And they cull that art I" aaid Pat.
"Hure," snid Mike.
"Well, Mike," said Pat, "if you call
that art, come down to the bench and
look at mc.  I'm going iu swimming,"
A sens*? of humor is useful to a
man, hut a sense of honor will get
him much farther.
Added to the Long List due
to This Famous Remedy.
Glanford Station, Ont—"I havo taken
a- Lydiii K. Pinkham'i
Vegetable Cora-
pound for years
and never found
any medicine to
compare with it. I
had ulcers and fall-
ing; of the uterus,
and doctors did me
no good. I Buffered
dreadfully until I
began taking your
medicine. It has
also helped other
women to whom I bave recommended
It. "-Mrs.  Henry Clark, Glanfurd
Station, Ontario.
Anolbcr Cora
Harvey Bank, N. B.-I can highly
recommend Lydia E. Pinkhum's Vegetable Compound to any suffering
woman. I have taken it for female
weakness and painful menstruation
and it cured uie. — Mr_. DeV.ri
Bi'couae yonr earn Is a difficult one,
doctors having done you no good, do
not continue to suffer without giving
Lydia E. I'inkbam's Vegetable Compound a trial. It surely has cured
many cases of female ills, such as inflammation, ulceration, displacements,
fibroid tumors. Irregularities, periodic
Jains, backache, that bearing-down
eeling, indigestion, dizziness, and
nervous prostration. It costs but a
trifle to try it, and the result is worth
millions to many suffering women.
II yon wanl special advice
write lor II la Mrs. Pinkham,
Lynn, Mass. II Is Ires anil
always bclplaL
Conceit is something wo deprecate
very muoh in others, but regard us
justifiable pride in ourselves.
Conceit la that quality in otliors
which impels them to talk to us about
their own attainment0. I'vrn while we
atv trying to interrupt them in order
to u-11 a few nice things about our-
Conceit i* in it* full flower when we
begin to believe all the compliment*
paid us.
Po long, however, as we unassumingly deprecate the compliments,
others pronounce us properly modest.
Once we agree we are classed as conceited.
The conceited ass, however, is one
who pays himself compliments and
wants others to believe them.
"Do you enjoy good health, Mr.
Testy!-" asked McQueury.
"Yes,, when I get nny," snapped the
old dyspeptic.
Is the Standard Article) |
For nuking aoap, softeaiag water, removing old paint, I
disinfecting sinks, cloacta, drains and for many ether I
porpoaaa.   A can equals 20 Iba. SAL SODA.
l/i./ul ler MO B.rp.ats-J.M _e.rir.Atrf.
Prohibitive Tariff
"Babies in arms, $25," is the announcement  made  in  the  advertisement posters of a conceit to be held
at Northumberland.
"Why in a joke like a gale?"
"IlecuuM! it's never the name after
being once crucked."
F. Tippins had suffered for years and
spent hundreds on doctors and
medicines, but found the real cure
at last.
Tippins P.O., Que. (Special).—If
Dodd's Kidney Pills have a mora enthusiastic Mend anywhere in Canada
than Mr. F. Tippins, postmaster here,
we would liki? to hear from him. And
Mr. Tippins is always ready to tell
why he praises tire great Kidney
"After recovering-irom an attack of
Grippe/' the postmaster says, "I took
a pain in my back. I suffered for
nearly three years and it kept growing worse all tlie lime. I was attended by all the doctors around but got
no relief, and I got so bad I had to
keep to my bed. After spending
about $200 on doctors and medicines
I gave up ull hope.
"One day 1 told my wife to go and
get me a box of Dodd's Kidney Pills
and thut would bo tlie last medicine 1
would try. After using about half
the box I began to feel better, so I
kept on taking them. When I had
taken, two boxes I was able to get
up, and ten boxes cured me completely."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure where all
other medicines fail.
Upgnrdson—You are going on a
journey next week without any idea
.where you will stop or how long you
will be awayP   That sounds crazy.
Atom—I know it; I'm going to tuke
a trip on the water wagon.
Keep Minard's Liniment In the house
"Funny thing ubout Bolivar," said
"What's that?" said Bjones.
"Why, they operated on him for
appendicitis the other day, and, by
ginger! when they came to look there
wasn't anything there." said Wiggins.
■ "Well, I'm not surprised," said
Bjones. "I never could see anything
in Bolivar myself,"
Not an experiment, but a proved
fact Hamlins Wizard Oil has cured
numberless cases of painful ills for
which we recommend it. We have
testimonals as proof.
'All de reward you's liable to git foh
tryin' to seem too smart," said Uncle
Kbeu, "is te make folks suspicious
ubout doin' business wif you."
Mrs. C. Partly, of 473 Seigneurs
St., Montreal, writes:—"I cannot tell
you how thankful I am fur tlie cure
Zam-Buk lins worked in the case of
my buby son. He was troubled with
scalp disease and 1 tried everything
I could think of. but In vain. Fin-J
ally I tried ZflUvBuk. 1 could see an!
Improvement nftor two applications 11
After persevering with the Zani-Buk;
treatment he is now completely cur-1
ed, Zam-Buk is certainly a wonderful balm, uud 1 shall always keep it
on hand,"
Mothers should Une Zam-Buk for
all children's skin sores, ringworm.
scalp sores, cuts, dialings, bruises
etc., because of Its great purity. Also
cures piles, eczema, bud leg, varicose
sores, etc. 50c box, all druggists and
Zum-Buk Soap 25c tablet is best
for baby's bath und for delicate
Police  Interest
"I like to see a mun take an Interest In his work."
"So do I. i once knew a pvUceman
who wus Mt enthusiastic that it positively pained him to see anybody out
of jail."
For years Mother   Graves'   Worm   Bx*
terminator hoe ranked an the inoii effeo*
live    |iri'|iiintf nui    ijiitiiiikKtiir.il.    uud    it
ulwuya   i-iii'iituiiH   it-   I'.-'HiltitiuM.
FerRt4,Wtsk.W«r7,*ittryEy«is*J 1
********* M ******* lr« aaaa*t. ********* ttt, ta*, UM
Muria* Era aaiaa, ia AtwttaT*-fc*M,IBc.|..M
Going Some
A Policeman suw two negro second-
storey men making a get-awny, and
took ufter them. He was being outdistanced, so hu decided to pull his
"Halt, or I'll fire, you black men!"
lie yelled. But never n stop did they
make. They went all the faster,
"Bung!" went the policeman's gun,
but the robbers only went faster.
Leaving the guardian of the law far
behind, they stopped for breath.
"Alexandah, did yuh heah dat bullet?" usked the first negro.
"Heah it! Heah it! Well ah
should say ah did heah it. Twice!
Once when it passed me, and once
when I passed it."
In  Line
An Irishman, who hadn't travelled
much/ stepped up to tlie ticket office
In the Pennsylvania Station the other
day to buy a ticket, .lust ahead of
him was u woman who said to the
man inside:
"Elizabeth, New  Jersey,  single."
The Irishman, overhearing this,
thought it was some new regulation
and he said to the man when it came
his turn:
"Mike Murphy, Chicago, married.
The  Barber's  Best Job
Whut wns the best job you ever
did?" inquired the first barber.
"I once shaved a man," replied the
second barber.
"Go on."
"Then I persuaded him to have a
hair cut, shampoo, facial massage,
singe, sea foam, electric buzz, tar
spray and tonic rub."
"What then?"
"By that time he needed another
Dr. .1. D. Kdlloitir't' Dynrntpry Cordial la
compounded Hpf-Hully to romtiat dyncn-
ti-i'v, cholera morbus and all inllui'imii-
tory dlwirriern tlmt .-.uniir.* of food or
wnter mny set up in the ntoinnch nml
Intentluefl. TIichc complaints are more
commun in summer thnn in winter, Imt
they arc not confined to the wnrm
mnntlifl. nH undue laxneil of the boweli
may nile a mnn at any time. Such a
Mifferer will lind npeedy relief In iiiin
The new ollices of the Royal Liver
Friendly Society, in Liverpool, which
nre noarlng completion, will bo the
tallest office building in Kngland,
having a height of about 290 f..et. In
one turret is to be placed a clock
which is to be larger thnn that in the
Big Ben tower ut Westminster,
vPius 4'
 trff&Zotyfr ,
J'l'MICTC i   f .■  '    '.V
W. N. U., No. M7.
He—What's n wooden wedding?
She—It'c when folks have boen married five years und their friends give
them presents.
He—They ought to give them a
pension. What sort of presents do
they give them?
She—Oh, they give them all sorts
of wooden things—spoons und potuto
mashers and rolling pins.
He—I got all those the first year I
was married.
Well, Then?
"Did you hour about the new fad
for ladies?"
"Nu, what is it?"
"They're going to have pockets in
their stockings."
"Well, that's a good ono. Won't
it be funny to see all the ladies walking down the main street with their
hands in their pockets?"
The Wrong One
Ludy—I'm looking for a governess
for my children.
Manager of Intelligence Office—
Didn't we supply you with one lust
week ?
Manager—Well, madam, occording
to her report, you don't need a governess.   You need a lion tamer."
A Generous Gift
"Vou may sny whut you like against
young ministers, but 1 buve nothing
hut praise for our young pastor," the
pompous Mr. Brown remarked, us he
passed out of the church. "Nothing
but praise!"
"So I observed/' dryly retorted the
deacon who hud passed the plate.
Oh,  You  Luke
There   wa.,   u  young   heiress   named
Ami a man named Luc Hook tried to
hook her;
But the heiress was shrewd,
Though her question wns rude:
"Do you look at my looks, Luke, or
Lucre P"
The  Secret
"How do you manage, on your small
salary, to huve such well cooked uml
delicious meals?"
"The secret is simple, Kvery dny I
kiss the cook und do'nil I can to make
hor happy."
"But doesn't your wife object?"
"Oil, no.   She's the cook."
On the Outs
Visitor "Are your papa and mamma out?"
Boy "Woll, I should say yes, They
haven't spoken to each other for a
Usher — "Ladies, the audience
wishes you to keep still during this
Lttd108— "Heavens! Is it possible
thnt the audience hasn't heard tliis
old opera before?"
Maintaining Illusion
"He's a stickler for realism." "Yes;
but he carries it to excess. In the second scene he is supposed to be severely wounded, and he has u surgeon
issue bulletins between the acts."—
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Editor- But where is the joke in
this comicr
Comlc Aitisl oh, Hint comes in if
you buy it.   Seiibner's Magazine.
Veterans' Re-Union Postponed
Owing to tbe President and Com-
inaiideis of the Veterans' Brigade
being away, uml that muny veterans
and oflicers ure attending the Coronation, the proposed Ro-Union of
Veterans in July bus been postponed.
Unt.Wn.SI..>*"* SouTHIM- tVBt'f bU tM-M
wtd lor ovtt. SIXTY YRAKSbv MtLUOMI *t
UuTHXKtl for their CM11..JKKN WHIU.
SOUTHBS lilt CHILD. Sul-TP.NS tht Gl/Mt,
la tht btit mnady for DUKKHiliA It u **>
Mluttlr htrmlfu. Bfl iur- anil atk for "Hit
W!«.ow'i Soot hi oa Syrup," and taka M otkaf
klad.   Tw«Dtr-i*tctaua fcrttlt.
"Whut can   we do to make up fori
the evil we think of others?"
"Well, I've given away thousands of
dollars in my mind."
Ihttraaktaktna Whawt,
V. »r. ht*t Tai*I triad, oi
t-fcokt dona, aaa bt rt*
aatti with
tL,1*2-Pll*rt " ■•••"•»•
lo blltttr, nt> fakir
■ona, tod aorta fctpi *-.
work. «l.00 Mt belt i», d*
U«r«d._ Book 3D fret.
The only medicine a mother should
give her  little  ones  is one she can i
give and feel absolutely safe that not j
thc slightest  harm   will   result — n]
medicine  thut   is  guaranteed  strictly
free  from   injurious  drugs.    Such   a
medicine is  Baby's    Own   Tablets—
every box is sold under such a guarantee and the nintber muy feel per-!
fectly safe in giving them to even tho
new-born    babe.'    Concerning   them
Mrs. Albeit K. Wo.nl, Lou.Ion, Ont.,
says: "I have found Ruby's Own Tab-'
lets all that is claimed for them.   My
buby bus bad  them  from  birth uud
will take  them  eagerly,    1   am  sure
there is no better medicine for little
ones."     The    Tablets   ure   sold    by
medicine dealers   or    by    mail at 26 j
cents a box from Thc Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., lirockville, Ont.
.-.*«-__.   ________
AIHOBBIHE.JH.,;,, ^**"»aar"™^"a_,
jaaataj. .1.00, d.llvar«d. Radaaaa Oot.t., Tamora
Sir \*¥n^*'itJ%g$UK*,>* ■""«
*. f. 10'JM. *. D. •„ 117 Tan* *_ SfdaaflaU, lot.
Him—"You nre the breath of my
Her—"Did you over fry holding
your breath?"
till fl.Tin.iL .ate a riiPvit.L ru„ "!.■■*. a __
mn as. aaaaMJM lav. u_ Ua, <__.._?       .
^k*\\\\\ W**^
suits   cr»i a
Send for Free Samples ni Measire
The Beauty of a Clear Skin.—The condition or the liver regulated the i:onilitlon
of the lilimd. A ilis'inliTi'd livnr caitHPS
iiiipuritioH in thn b'ood and thi'Ho show
ihemw'lvi'H in IiIi'iii.hIich on thc hIuii. Par-
iiiclt'p'H Vegetable Pills in acting upon the
Uver nut 11-xmi the lilood and a clear,
healthy Hiiiu will follow intelligent iirb of
thin Ktumlard medicine. Ladien, who will
fully appreciate iImh prime i-iuility of
these pillH, nan une them with lhe cer.
t.Hinfy that the effect wilt be most f-niii
"I'm -.fraiiI the ship might run
into an iceberg,
"That danger, auntie, is very remote."
"Well, give the captain a dollar,
anyhow, ami then he'll be extra careful."
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Yarmouth, N.S.
Gentleman,—In January last, Francis
Leclure, one of the "ion employed by
tne, working in the lumber woods, had
u tree fall on him, crushing him fearfully. He was, when found, placed on
a sled and taken home, where grave
fears were entertained for his recovery, his hips being badly bruised and
his body turned black from his ribs
to his feet, Wc used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on him freely to deaden
the pain und with the use of three
bottles he wns completely cured und
uble to return to his work.
Elgin Road. I/Islet Co., Que.
Containing over 300 pages of
valuable information, which
•very girl contemplating marriage ought to know and no mar-
ried woman can afford to be
without. Important subjects
more fully explained with full
page illustrations. This valuable book will be mailed In
plain wrapper post paid to any
address in Canada upon receipt
of one dollar ($1.00).
Tim Ready Reference Book Co,,
21    Adelaide    St.,    E.,
Whisper   It
Murks—Say, old man, did I evei
tell you ubout the awful fright I gut
on my wedding duy?
Parks- tS-sh-b! No man should
speak that wuy about his wife!
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
The Nile is the most regular river
In the world ns to its periods of flood 	
and decline.    It  rises steadily from
June to August; then it begins to full. Seventeen kinds of sharks inhabit
rapidly at first, uud afterwards slow- the seas of the far east, the basking
lv, till next June. It is never a' shark of the Indian ocean frequently
month early or lute. j attaining a length of iUty feet.
Keep Your Skin Clear
with Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment. Formorcthana
generation no othcr emollients have done .so much for pimples,
blackheads and other unsightly conditions of the skin, red,
rough hands, Itching, scaly scalps, and dry, thin and falling hair. They do even more for skin-tortured and disfig.
urcd infants. Although Cuticura Soap and Ointment ara
told by druggists and dealers everywhere, a liberal sampla
of each, with 3--page booklet on the care and treatment ol
skin and hair, will be sent, post-free, on application to
Potter D. & C. Corp., 83 Columbus Ave., Boston, U.S.A. THK PROSPECTOR, CRANRROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Reasonable prices, intelligent service, complete
stock, and we pride ourselves on prompt deliveries.
Mail Orders filled Promptly
F. Parks & Co.
McCallum s Old Stand
Hardware Merchants Cranbrook, B.C.
The Up-To-Date Farmer
saves himself and h n horaes by using
J, the best implements. Raises bigger
j and better crops too, than he who
farms as bis great grand-father did.
If you want to make farming pay,
and enjoy it at the same time, get
some cd our
Witb them you can da twice as much
work in half the usual time it takes
without them. Don't be a slave to
your farm. Make our Implements do
tettETw J the work while you bosB the Job and
take the profits.
The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
B.   C.
King's Birthday
Cranbrook will Celebrate
Store   Closing
All the stores in Cranbrook will be
closed on Monday [une 5th; on which
date the celebration 0/ the King's birthday will take place instead of Saturday
June 3rd. Drug stores will keep Sunday
hours. Little & Atchison will close their
Grocery Department.
Insist on having; nothing
but   the     BEST   in
Builders'    Hardware
wn nre supplying, giving ontire satisfaction
to some Of the largest contractors
in these parts.
Let us quote you prices
J.   D.   McBRIDE
Shelf   *nd   Heavy  Hardware
See Wtllard—Tbe Man Who Grows.
.Mrs. H. S. Mathers, of Fort Steele
was shopping iu Cranbrook Monday.
Dr. King went to Wardner on Tuesday on professional business.
Fred. Bge, ol Moyie was in the city
A.  A. Ward came down from  Cor-
bin Tuesday on business.
W. S. Santo   of   Wasa    was in the
city Tuesday.
W. G.  Scott   of    Winnipeg, watt at
tho Oranbrook Tuesday.
Geo.   Henderson  ol   Hull  Iti ver  was
in the city Tuesday.
H.   1..    BlrtCh    ol Calgary  was   nt
the Cranhrook Tuesday.
Mn, 0  Porter of Moyie, vai shopping in the eity  Wednesday.
T.   Humphries,   ol  Calvary,   um  in
the city Wednesday.
Wait  (or the  big  show, Auditorium
June 5-6-7.
It.   H    Uuhi.it   id  Wardner,   was    iu
the eity  Wednesday   on  business.
Texas  new   potatoes—Campbell   and
O    OO   YOO    LOVI   "
There hie two ball teaems in Craubrook.
Baseball  and horse  racing  are   the
favorite sames iu Cranbrook.
J.  J    Woods, of Kernie was iu the
city Tuesday.
Elmore Staples and Chester Staples
of Wyclitfe were  In town Tuesday.
E. T.   McDonald of  Nelson  was   in
town Tuesday.
K. P. Ferguson, of Ottawa waa   at
the Craubrook Taesday.
C.  H.  Pollen  has  purchased a   22
horse power Ford runabout.
There is no danger of anyone going
"batty" with the heat in Cranbrook.
Mr. and Mrs.  M, A. Beale left on
Monday on a visit to coast points.
Mrs. Larey and children were guests
at   the   Cosmopolitan   Sunday last.
J.  Ross of   Toronto,    was In the
city on Monday.
I.. Henwick of Galloway was In the
city Sunday last.
H. S. Tyler ol Spokane was in the
city Monday.
J. Dunlop ol Kingsgate was ln the
city Monday.
W. S. Coi, of Winnipeg, was at the
Cranbrook Monday.
Dr. Connolly went to Jaffray Tuesday on professional business.
R.  J. S. Dennis, official 0. P. R.
photographer was In town Monday.
Gus Theis was   down   Irom   Perry
Creek on Monday.
Fred. Binmore and A. Doyle of Fort
Steele were in town Monday.
F. W. Adolph of Baynes Lake   was
at the Cranbrook on Monday.
F. S. Webster of Winnipeg, waB at
tbe Cranbrook Monday.
G. Stewart of Moyie, was in town
J. E. Baiter of Kaslo. was In the
city on Monday.
Wm. Home of Toronto, was at the
Cranbrook Monday.
F. R. Russell went to Wycllfle   on
Miss Handley ol Marysville waa in
tbe city on Monday visiting friends.
:    D.    McFarlane    of   Klmberly spent
several days In Crnnbrook this week.
Geo.    Stevenson,   of   the    .lubbers
Ltd., went east un Tuesday morning
Mrs.     Rossiter    lelt    on    Tuesday
morning on a vlalt to Calgary.
Two bears were shot last week ln
the vicinity of tbe Sullivan mines.
W. H. Rotliwell of Vancouver wsh a
guest at the Crnnbrook Wednesday.
J.  .1.  Bcott of New Michel, was
In the city on Wedneaday.
A. ii. Collins of Vancouver, was at
the Oranbrook on Wednesday.
O. Uaker left   on   Friday   morning
for Wycllffe.
j    J. Laidlaw left on Friday   morning
: for Regina on business.
j    T. R. Paterson, of Toi onto was   a
i guest at the Royal Friday.
|    T. Hall   of    Vlctorln was In town
. Friday.        .
0. 0. Snowden ol Calgary, th* oil
King, was in the city Friday.
V. Bannister drove over trom Fort
Steele Thursday on business.
0. A. Hamilton of Vancouver w*»
at the Cranhrook Friday.
A. L. Couians ol Marysville was in
town Thursday.
Miss R. Bennett of Marysville was
shopping In Cranbrook Thursday.
G. Skeed ot Wardner wns in town
S. Graham of Ferule wns at ttie
Craubrook Thursday.
Mra. ll. W. Abbott of Seattle was
a Cranbrook visitor Thursday.
Wm.   Forsyth   of Klmberly   was a
guest at the Cosmopolitan Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. .1 Deans left on
Friday on a visit to the roast.
Wm. Myers or Moyie, was at the
Cosmopolitan Friday.
Mrs. Donahue of Wasa was in town
N. Hanson, of Wiish was at the
Coainopo.ltnu  Friday.
Peter Woods ol Gharry Creek was
at Crnnbrook Friday on business,
K. H. Ainolt and 1. W Soraglle ol
Paynes Lake were guests at ttie Cranbrook Thursday,
VV 0, Mcliill, ll. 0, Spurlln and It.
W Blggai ol Vancouver, were registered at the Cranhrook Friday.
"Hiawatha Tea" a delightful beverage especially blended and packed
for Fink's pure Food Grocery,
Mr. Bodkin, ol the 0. 1'. H. claim
department left ou SU Thursday for
General Supt. Price in bis special
car left Crnnbrook Friday morning
for  Calgary.
A. S. Tyler and H. Gorman of Ottawa were guests at   the Cranbrook
A. G. Carter, P. C. Stanley and H.
.1. Shatter of Toronto were registered
at tbe Cranbrook Friday.
The city engineer has a gang of
men building a new sidewalk on Norbury avenue.
Libby's Vienna Sausage, a plate-
pleasing delicacy—fresh this week at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Mr. and Mrs. 0.. H. Thompson, Mr.
and Mrs. D. Elmer, went to P. Woods
ranch on Cherry Creek on Thursday.
E. Paterson ol ths Fink Mercantile
Co., returned Saturday last (rom a
trip to the (ar east.    .
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wilson and
Miss Harrison made an automobile
trip to Wardner Thursday.
Randolph Bruce ot Wllmer waa ln
town Thursday. He lett during the
afternoon Ior Calgary,
Mr. and Mrs. I.. O'Brien aud (amtly
of strathcona, were Cranbrook visitors Thursday.
The greatest popular priced Road
Show ever seen here, coming June 5
6, 7.   Auditorium.
Senator King, of Chipman, N. B.
was the guest of his son Dr. J. H.
King several days this week.
Miss Annie Bennett of Montreal Is
the guest ol Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Teet
this week.
D. V. Mott went to Wnrdner Thursday in the interests of the Ford Motor Co., whom he represents.
Dr. Connolly lenves lor Rossland
Thursday. He will leave (or London
In two weeks.
C. H. Pollen, who has been at Calgary for the past week returned to
the city Tuesday.
Sam Rooks and W. Murphy ol Toronto were registered at the Oranbrook Tuesday.
WHO    DO   YOU   LOVI   "
Mr. and   Mrs.   H.   S,  Gamble,   ol
Wycliffe were Cranhrook visitors
T. J. Moore, of Plncher Creek was
transacting business at Cranbrook on
It Is reported that a number ol
lumbering concerns In this district,
will he merged Into one big company.
Mrs. H. L. Sawyer and daughters,
of Marysville were t.'ranbrook visitors on Mondny.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Blyth of Winnipeg, were Cranbrook visitors Wednesday.
To the People of Cranbrook and district
The New and Up-to-date Electrical Firm
Is Now Open For Business
We handle everything electrical. Nothing too small;
nothing   too   large.
We do not consider an introduction to the people of
Cranbrook and District necessary. Our work done in
the past is the best criterion of the work we intend
doing in the future.
A call at our new store on Norbury Avenue will
convince   you   that  we  carry
The Most Complete Stock
of Electrical Devices
in the District
All house wiring done by us will pass underwriters'
All work entrusted to us will receive our personal
attention and supervision.
MAURICE QUAIN, Gen. Man. D. L DAVIS, Gen. Supt.
FltONt 129 P. 0. BOX 608 PHONE 129
Special Attraction-Auditorium Theatre
3 Nights Commencing Monday June 5
The Nibo Comedy Company
The Greatest Living "Man of Mystery," Combined with
Greatest and Best Attraction of
its kind en tour
A   Two   Dollar   Show   at
Popular  Prices
"Wlllard Is Indeed a wonder."—Post
"Johnson's Travelogues are In themselves the most marvelous and interesting ever seen in this oity,
ami well worth while.     He should till the theutor at every performance."—News.
Seats on sale at Beattie-Murphy Co.'s
Special Prices for this Engagement only
25c - 35c - 50c
Take a Hint
from the few words we say in this
advertisement. Soft drinks will
quench the thirst as well as anything
you can drink. The many different
things that we hottle are all made ol
pure materials and they are good lor
the health as well as for uuenchitiK
the thirst.
Our bottled goods not only taste
better but ure better to use than ordinary water.
O. BOX 801.
FOR SALE—A cottage .0.24, containing   five   looms,    plastered, and
A. Douglas und C. Dewar of Ward- situuted   on   Clark   street. Apply to
ner spent Hiinday last at the Cosmo-. Mrs. B. Rondeau   on the premises,
poll Inn. -l»-»t.
Mrs. Larey has Just returned from
a visit to Hpoknne. She left on Mondny loi ber home nt Wllmer.
.1. .1. Ford and 0, A. Lowes, of
NelHon were registered at the Cranbrook Mondny.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol rHjorti ever, otrn la the body
vim and vitality. Prematura daear and all aaaua]
kaakneil svarted al anca.   Paasptaml wil
I Furnished house, known ns "Mountain House" nt Fort Steele, lor Bale
or to rent. Sale price %'i,GOO, or to
rent per month UO.   Apply to Mrs.
IM, Hop Yuen, Fort Steele, B   ('.
"OH •
312 acres, 25 of which
are under cultivation-
3 miles from Cranbrook
Post Offlce.
$7.00 per acre
Beale & Elwell
Cranbrook, B. C.
I, Peter Person, ol Wasa, B. 0.,
rancher give notice that on the 3rd
day of July, 1911, at eleven o'clock
in the forenoon, I intend to npply to
the Water Commissioner at his office
in Cranbrook for a license to lake
and use one cubic feet, of water per
second from Wasa Creek, ln the Cranbrook water district. The water is
to he taken irom the stream about
three hundred yards above the north
lino of pre-emption No. 1147, and is HOLY NAMES ACADEMY
|"t,V""!'1   on   my'pre-emption No.| normal   SCHOOL
liaii, lor irrigation purposes.
a    galled to any addra...   ta. SmInU Dra|
Horses snd cattle lor timothy pasture. Oood fence and water. Apply
H. Hlekenbotham, Oraabrook.    tl-.t
Notice is herehy given thnt I bave
taken up as an estray, one sorrel
stud, about 21 years old, branded 0.
or O on lelt shoulder. The owner cin
have same by paying charges and applying to the undersigned at Marysville.
Spokane, Wash,
Catalogue and Rates on Application
AddresB Sister Superior.
Horses and Cattle to pasture at
11.60 per head. Apply to 13. Corbett, ("rnnbrook, or ranch on Mission road. FHE   PKOSPl'CTOR. CRAKIIK' ('K,   m*l
************ **********
Have Your Painting and
Papering started before
the rush	
Results Guaranteed
Painter  and  Decorator j
<   '-iS^.i ****************
a *
* George ' R.   Leask   & Co. *
i'i.w-. Specifications    *
\Ml   l ilATES *
,...»•      I'H UN     114 l'i
'.   -ii'   ♦
Importer of Foreign and Domestic
Try the " Uour Kilbalgle" Scotch
Melcher's Red Cross Gin.
Smolce David Haiiim, VV. B. Irving, Pharaoh"
and Klrty Cigars
Peter Dawson's Scotch Whiskey.
A Full line of bar glasses always on hnnd
Baker St.
Cranbrook,* B. C.
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious
for Dinner
TJ B has had u hard day,
but his tired body and
fagged brain will be
cheered by the sight and lasto
of a nice cut of beefsteak,
done to a turn and served up
with some of those fresh
onions. We know the cut
which will suit him exactly,
shall we send it ?
P.   BURNS   6*  CO,
Phone 10
P. 0. Box a
P. O. Box 904
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing
and Heating Co.
W. P. JOHNSON, Prop.
25 years' Practical Experience,
5 years Inspector of Nuisances,
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert
for Swinton, 30,000 population.
Everything in Tin and Iron made to
order. Blower System, Mine Ventilation
Hot air furnace, hot water and
steam boilers
Bstimes Given
| HANSON AVE.     -     ■
Those curios will bo on exhtbltloi
freo and arc well worth seeing. The)
will he on display in ront uf th
Auditorium these throe days.
The largest anil most Interesting
collection oi South Sea Curloa ever
brought to Amerlcu, and which wero
collected by Jack London, tbc (biiioub 22 to 2 in favor of Crnnbrook wm
author and trottor, while on a two tlio result of the ball game playo
and one-half years cruise on "The .t War(lncr on a,lnillly lnHt, Tll,
Snark," are going to be exhibited m „,,.,.
Cranbrook on June 5, 6, 7, when Lon-1 **ri™ **** *** -'* ****, «** **
don's show the Johnson-Wlllard Oo. not In thc same class with Cran
will be uea tt ths Auditorium here,  brook.
♦ ALL   KINDS  OF   ;!l ii.lliM,   MATERIAL »
il VN I'l V   ON   hand. i
4 *
***********<**** *************** *****
_?|      Crati
-**-*  li, Ci
.Mother Fielding- "Yes Aunty Patterson, lie ma}
but he'll never i
Creston Notes
Wardner Notes
River, Alberta.   W r, and Mra, Grei n
| havo b* ■ ■ tn Wardi  r for thrca years
John Marshal] haa disposed of   blsl    Mr,  h* Kenwick ot Galloway   waa "Iil1 " •****t, nnd their departure will
old hotel building at Kitchener  tu n in town on Friday, bo regretted by e  large number     ol
Oranbrook lady, who will open it as frlenda,
a boarding bouse and restaurant. Mr. A. Flotcher was a   Cranbrook |    Tiu. W;u,im,,. baBebal] ,    ,...,,..
bi . I i i  .,- i   :     . , .       ng DVl
ently  outdo Bed   by   tbe  i rnnbrook
sniors.     'i Ue 01 a  wore   much
iaappointcd, expecia      after tlu  e*.
visltor on Satui'd
Good   progreaB is being made with
the new hotol for touriata now being     frank Shoppard Bpent Saturday
built by Gus,  Andoen of Oranbrook,  Jaffray visiting his father,
at Kitchener,
Job. Carver arrived from Calvary
on Sunday last to .spend a .short holiday with his family.
Alderman JackHoit and H. B. Y,r.
Ingram of tho Burton hotel have returned from a visit to Cranbrook,
Whilst at Cranbrook Mr. Jackson
took Mr. Ingram around to all
the show   places,   and A. 0. Bowneas
I      I ittiii'ti\e hotel ol superior
■  ■ ith   ;i
■ ! exivlleiiee,    Railway
men, Luml i        nd M   ers all  uo to v
Mr.   K. H,   Bohart   went to Cranbrook Saturday on business.
Messrs.    Cory   Dow and   0, Small
were Wardner visitors on Sunday.
Mrs. A. Bhe.-pard und children vis- on hia
ited In Fernie on Taesday. ■ breakini
tl ■■■
Mr. Lund went to Cranbrook on' hool sti
business Tuesday morning, an ugh
. .;.        : lie \\ ..i dm r
>■<''- • l' i rn th a painful
t ■-! out  riding
*     hi    ■       Through    the
oi   ■    addle    ■  : i ■. he was
o tl      . oui ' and 1In  hoi n,.'
ick him ni tii" face, making
entworth  i
t    J. McTAVlSH    -   Proprietor
9999*$§99999*t*99$<*9*i**&**>99 $99999$
placed      bis    automobile     at    thc!    " u,'""/   *' '  "'■'"■    an(]  !l
disposal of tbe visitors.   ComplaintsL      ,   A"hor PlcSrIng fffla il Crarb  and *'"' auct01  fi  ' rcd
have readied us that A. O. Bowness brook visltor on MondttJr'
lias alniator designa against all Orea-
■■     r  *   i
Lon "Runes" because tbey all return with heart disease after travelling in his racing car. Mayor Little
lias authorized the arrest of Bowneas
when he next communes with tbe
ozone of Creston.
Tbe ball to be giveu ut Creston on'
Mrs. Pearson and little son Kenneth went Lo Oranbrook oa Monday
to take in the circus.
Mrs. Fred Laird hnd children returned on Friday from a visit to
Miss Beatrice   Herrlck 'and     Miss
Not '■'■
CtS      1
Pass c
>untry is"
.mi    1
1    ..|    !■'.,
and I.i
Cloronatton day wlll lie a swell affair. Louls8 Ho[stead ,,lu.e ,,,in ,, ondin
Thc   committee   in   charge Imve   de-      (CR.  ,lny8 ,„  rjranbr00k  thla „,,,,.,
eided tu offer prizes for the best costume worn by a lady.   Being a truly;   Mr, R, H, Bohart amI soil ,.,,,,„.,,
patriotic   day    it is hoped that   tho :.,ft on the nyeP Monday ,or a vlslt
national   colors   of   red,   white and  to Band l'oint, Idaho,
blue   will   predominate, and the ludy
with the prettiest costume wlll secure     Messrs.   Bert   Furlong   and   Rube
the lirst  prize.   Au  excellent orchos- Hanson who have been employed   ini I'i
tra has been arranged for. tho company's   mess  house   left  for
j the west ou Monday.
Creston   heat. Port Hill on Strnday
last ut the American town by u score     A carload of furniture consisting ofl ;l
of 10 to 8.   A good Bteed crowd jour-j the household effects of Messrs Sterns  ll   '•'!"'     i-'..
neyed with the team.   The following  Murray   and   0.   Smith   arrived   on   Mtn.,   al    i
wns the line up: Thursday. : "■.:....
Creston—Jake     Hither, e;   li.   Mc- i then   '■■■ 11 he no r<
Peak,  p;  J. Oamoron,   tb;  ll.  Ward,:    Mr. and  Mrs. Kred  Hamilton    left I i
2b; Barney McFeak, 3b; O. Bundy ss; on Tuesday   for   Kipp,   Alta., where     " '!:    ■
G. Tardiil, If; Malono, cf; .1. Long, rf;  thoy expect to make Ilieir home for chairman ol    I
Port   Hill—Bayle,   c;   K. King, p;  the future. ti loininii   on,  I
Compton  lb; Tucker Hli;  McFarlane,! sessions   ol   the
3b; Skofflngton, ss; English, cf; Price,'    Mr. T.   Oaffney, J. P.,   tried     hie   '•''   ts. to
If; G, King. rf. ; lirst ease in ihe locnl court house on   ;    '   '   ''"'
  Monday   morning,   dispensing justice  ''  ,h|'   'ituatli t."
Crown of Queen Mary'"" a'caSB of "drun1'at""'llsorder1"''" 7^77, '''," '
Design  Is hy Herself-Wei,;lit of   the1    "*'  ''■   Donner l"»l E'"'11  hi» c08»   "!asonab*e'   Thmigl
Headdress is .Nineteen lltt*° cott»^ ™ Oartwright street a Coleman   and   Fra
fresh coat, of puint which adds great-  return to work on ti
ly to its appearance. j mine operators there
London,      May     30—The     official
regulations to govern the coronation     M,'B- l!eckcr wus tnl'c» suddenly ill  ""'■.   lil
nre heing gradually concluded. Queen! Ulst weok luul lt "">» necessary   for  "J,"!'"*
Mary's   crown   Ims   just   been   com- Mr' Beokor to oal1 ln «>« <"o«tor-   At  "8W tne n
plcted.   It is according to her     own |l,l!,t reports she was said to bo still   '""    nm
design, with au elegant lacclike trac- ] ve'"y poorly. _
ery,  wholly  in  diamonds,   tho kohl- I horetofore
10   Wll
i ri in er
mi     from     the
- ■. Nest
1   ill  • ■ raging,"
II,   genornl
.    Itti I ower
I roi •■   a i
•  ■
i i'i ; 111;.t sti eet, 'im; door west
ol ssi i.   I lill & Co.,  the  only
i'i.. in   town    tiiat   can   make
life ortli livine.
*:: ;j].ita,n  Eotel
E,  H.   iiviALL,    Manager.
>>£■_'£<$■>'..'•-*'■--   -
■ni ii at com
ad nirnin
ard   for sev
raging  let
VI ine
i    utterly
>    men, i ni
i at
********    . '-■ ■'     r-v  ..«-:-*.«.J.i-.;.»-.1- r.'.f ■■ *************
,,V     CaTORb |
I   ...       • i)AU» • ^X?ms*   %
1      K t- '   -' >77c:--'■-■-'-—       ♦
'* r~ *
Gold Standard *
t *S."*ia£; arid Ccfree ♦
| I        hole imu- i.s devoted to   j'our   wants   in   the f
,   Grown ;  i'i absolutely  guarantee  every ♦
artii       iiii     ives our store.
\\'i   --. ill ur i usi  mers to advise us il at any
time >>i nids an  reci   .ed tl it are not No.  [quality.
An automobile party, consisting of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fenwiek, .\irs. !'
Hinniore and Miss Wilton paid a lly- ''
Ing visit tei Wardner on Bunday. Th
party was from Fort Steele.
.      -,',
ossurnnco thai I he; ■ i longci
than the balance of that I   m.*'
"Another    mat ti ■   .. h  bs   11
probal le that tho i
intituled tin     act      lat all the
noor heint: the centre, 't'hc crown
wolgus nineteen ounces, the ([iieen
having insisted thai It should not
exceed the weight ol an ordinary hat,
ft will bo used only at the coronation,   after   which the gems   will   hoi
dismounted and used in separate nr-: Mr, Geo. Wilson nnd brldo who
tides of jewelry wine. The king will wore married on .May 16 In .--;. Louis
wear the crown that was his father's., Mo., arrived In Wardner  on   .'■'. ,   B
The king today mado n number   ot aftornoon.    I'lu-y aie thc guo ts     ol   ,...,,.
speolal appointments of htgh and pic-1 Mrs. Lund snd daughters at presont, Thu   ,,,1;   ,,,    i: ,       ;,
tucn ' officials. land  wlll shortly tuke up tholr resl   ....,;;.      and   all tcipal
Am ! the bearors ol the royal rs-l"°-nce In  tl ■ handsome ne*   house, ,,.,,.,,;.  ,,, ,.,,,
.alln   nre   Lord   Roberts  and   Lord  which Ib now completed. ,,:.   rjolun    a,   i I   relli
Kltchonor,  to carry  tho soeond   and combatants from tho on
third swords, while the Duko of Rox-      Mr.  nnd  Mrs.  R,   A.  Green  6xpoct a eo ry In   lhal
burghe is appoint.,I to tho steward's   to leave aba '.   the end  ol  tho   .. .-.     ectlo
stall. lor their non    appmn ni nl   In High -rei,"
U.]' V    BELL & MANNING \
ind Fancy Grocers      *
■■ - -■ '?^<^«^ .1 *Ae^  t-^ M»W ?,*****
W ' R I '*' '■"    -'-i:' *'p-'f'*Zif '
H      -.     DM   ' ■■ lor.
««*0*****«>e***»J9 M :■<>*****■****<'*<>********
. / . _ * for
. i . ■  r!
■ ■ ■■ ,-   ■ M  Sn (iln f'a
 i   I ..i ti nnj   .
- .ml Tobaccos
dcrs and l^'pes,
NOTICE is hereby £.ven that $0
day. niter date 1 intend to apply to
th© Chief Commissioner of Lands for
a licence to prospect fur coal and petruleum over tiif following lauds sltuats .11 the district of Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia, In Lot
Commencing at a post planted at
ur near two miles due east uf the "..
mile post on the 0. P. R. survey
Hue, winch is the western boundary
ol Uot 4593, anil being the southwest
ci'i ner post uf Paul A. Paulson's
chum; tlience nurth SO chains, thence
ea-.t so chainB, thence suuth 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to the
point uf commencement, matting 640
acres, mure or less.
I,muted tins 85th day of February,
PAUL  \. PAULSON, Locator,
Paul H. Abbott, Agent,
Harry   Hart.   Witness. 15-9t
NOTICE Ib hereby given that 60
days After dntc I intend to upply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands for
a licence to prospect for coal and petroleum uver tbe (allowing lands bit -
uate in the district ut Southeast
Kuutenay, British Columbia, in Lut
Oommenolng at a post planted at
ur uear three miles due east uf the
29 mile pust uu the O.P.R. survey
line, which is the western boundary
of Lot 4593, aud beiug the southwest
corner post of Charles EQ, Webb's
claim; thence north SO chuius, theuce
east 80 chains, thence suuth SO
chains, theuce west SO chains to tbe
point of commencement, making 640
acres, mure or less.
Located this 24th da> of February,
OHARLH8 K   WEBB, Locator,
Paul H   Abbott,  Ageut.
Harry  Hart,   Witness, 15 *u
NOTICE i. uereby given chat 60
days after dnte i intend to apply to
tho Chief Commissioner of Lands for
a Licence tu prospect iur coai and petruleum uver the following lands situate iu the district uf Suutbeast
Kooteuay, ilritish Columbia, in Lot
Commencing at a post ..lamei. at
ui near three miles due eust of the
JI mile pusi uu the C.t'.K. survey
line, which is the western boundary
of Lut 4593, and being the uurtheust
corner post of Peter C. Paulson's
claim, theuce south so chains, theuce
west SO chains, theuce north SO
chains,  theuce east   SO chains    to the
I point of commencement, malting 640
acres, more ur less.
i Located this   B8rd day of February,
j LUI,
PBTHR C. PAUL80N, Locator
i'aul ii. Ahhott.  Agent,
Harry   Hart,   Witness. 15-9t
Slon nnd return is ahuut ISO feet.      i
No Crown lands will be occupied
except those lands beld by the applicants under mining leases.
And take notice thnt application
will be made to the Commissioner on
the 12th day of June, 1911, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon.
There ure uu riparian proprietors
or Llcencees who or whose lauds are
likely to be affected hy the proposed
wurks either above or below the out
Dated, this loth dnv of May, A. D,
Wattsburg,  it. O,
Seattle, Wash., C.S.A
By their Solicitors
Hurvey, McCarter & Miicdonnld.
19 It.
NOTICB is hereby given that 60
days after date 1 Intend to apply to
tin* chief Commissioner of Lauds for)
a licence to prospect fur coal and pe-1
troleum over the following lat Us situate in the district ol "Southeast
Kuutenay, British Columbia, in Lot
Commencing at a post planted at
ur near two miles due east uf tiie _ti
tnile post on the C, iJ. K. Survey
line, which is the western buindary
of Lot 4593, ami being thu nuuihcast
corner post of Claru A. Mn.uu's
claim; theuce north so chaius, tnence
west SU chuins, theuce south SO
chaius, theuce east so chains, i , the
point of commencement, making bio
acres, more or less.
Located this 2jth day of February,
CLARA A MASON,  Locator,
Paul   H.   Abbott.   Agent.
Harry Hart,  Witness, L6-9t
NOTICE is herehy given that 60
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands fur
a licence to prospect for coal aud petroleum over the following muds situate in the district uf Southeast
Kootenay, ilritish Columbia, in Lot
Commencing at a post planted at
or near two miles due east of the __
mile post on C, P. R. survey line,
which is the western boundary of
Lot 4693, and being the northwest
corner of Chester Ii. Paulson's claim,
thence soutb SO chains, thence east
80 chains, theuce north SO chains,
thence west K0 chaius, to the puint
of commencement, making 640 acres,
more or less.
Located this 27th day of    February,
Paul H. Ahhott, Agent.
Harry Hart,  Witness, 15-9t
t— . ■ - ■—--
NOTU'K is berel.y glVflll that 6>
days after date I intend to apply tt
the Chief Commissioner of Lan.is (oi
a licence t<- prospect for coal   and  pe
troleum over the following lunds sit
uate     in  the   district  of
Kooteuay,  Ilritish Culumbia.    i
Commencing at a post plant
NOTICB  is  hereby  given     that
days after  .late   1   intend   to apply
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands for and sec
PUBLIC Notick is herebj given
that, undei the authority contained
In section 13] of the I aud Act," a
regulation has been approved by the
Lieutenant Qovernoi in Council tl\
lng ths minimum sale prices of tirst
ud class lands af  Ild nml fl>
Enduring   lit,
because   all
Underwear is     "eij
unshrinkable. /
Exceptional       _*■
value because    _
it does wear    fl
Real   comfort,
because   so
knit  that  the
shape  stays
ln   it.    These
reasons should make you
request the   brand   and
look   Ior   the   trademark.
Have you tried Penman's
No. 96 7   For the children
as  well  as  grown  ups.
Cranbrook. Lodge No 34    A.F.tli A.M.
Regular meeting! on
the third Thursday
of every month.
Visiting brethren
n* gloomed,
B   W.  CONNOLLY,  Beers-tarr
11 Rocky Mountain Chapter |
1 No.  L8&,   li. A. M. I
■|     Regular mooting*;  2nd Tims   i
S   day   in   etuth   month   at. eight   •.
I '5     Sojourning < 'omuaniuns  ure i
I   oordtttlly Invito*!. j
|     II.    H, HlloitT, Scribe It j
jf       llox *."l_       OJtANUKOOK) 11*0 j
a licence to prospect for coal and pe per  acre respectively
troleum over the following lands sit- This regulation    furthet     pro
,ot uate    in the  district ol    Southeast tbat the puces fixed     therein
Kootenay,  British Columbia,    iu Lot apply  to all lauds witb respect
Commencing at a post planted at
oi neai three mites due *,i*.*,t ol the
.n mile post on tbe C P it su. vey
Une.  which  is the western  boundary
ch  the application
Is given favorable com
this date, nutwithstni
Of such application oi
may   have   occurred   lu
io purchase
[deration aftei
luu- the date
my delay that
• e  >onsldera
^Underwear & Hosiery
or uear three miles due east .if tbe
27 tulle pust oo the C.P.R survey
line,   which   is   the   westei u   buundary
H  H   I5J„, and  b.iut;  Hie  southwest       ____________________________________________________________________________________
corner post of Anna K. Paulson's ol Lot l.v.M. and being the southeast tlon ol the same,
claim; theuce north su cbains, tbence cornel poal ol Charles L Paulsou's Further notice in hereby given that
east SO chains, thence Bouth SO claim; tbence north SO chaius, thence all persons who have pendtug applt
chains,  thence west  3. chains to the|weat    SO    chains,    thence     suuth sn cations to purchase lands under   tbe
District Milting News
Ore shipments from mines in tbe
Oranbrook district for the past week
and year to date, were as follows:
Bulllvan      -12   13,842
St. Buttons   U7    2.S70
Syrup of Words
London Times' Letter to
Hir Wilfrid
or less.
eat,   making  640 j chains,  theuce east SO chains to  the
point    'i   commencement,   making   640
thm 25th day of February,  acres, more oi   Eess
Locate.i  this 33rd    day ol February,
son.    Locatoi    1911
Abbott.   Agent      CHARLES  i.   PAULSON    Locator,
L5 Jt I'aul   H    Abbott,   Agent
Harry  Han.  Witness 15-St
point  of
acres,  mo
ANNA    K     >' VI   !.
Paul  H
Harry  Hart.   Witness
NOTICE Is hereby given that 60
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands for
a licence to prospect for conl and pe
troleum over the following lands Bituate in thu district of .Southeast
Kuutenay, ilritish Oolumbla, in Lot
Commencing at a post, planted at
or neur two miles due east of the 22
mile post on the C.P.R. survey
line, which Ih the western boundary
of Lot 4593, hud being the northeast
coruer post of Charles I'l. Webb's
claim, theuce suuth 80 chains, theuce
west HO chains, theuce north 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains to the
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more or less.
Located this 27th dny ol February,
CHARLlflfl BJ, WEBB,  Locator
Paul H. Abbott,  Agent.
Harry  Hart,  Witness. lB-9t
NOTU'K is hereby given that .0
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands Ior
a licence to prospect i"i coal and petroleum over the lollowing IflilsfaU-
uate in the district of Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia, In Lot
Commencing at a pust planted at
or near three miles due east of the
27 mile post on the C, P. H. survey
line, which is the western boundary
of Lot 4698, and being the northwest
corner post of Peter C, Paulson's
claim, thence south Sil chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence north so
chains, thence west 80 ehains tu the
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more or less.
Located this 25th day of February,
PETIBR    C.  PAULSON,  Locator.   .
Paul  H,   Abbott,   Agent.. ''
Harry  Hart,   Witness. 15-at,
NOTICK iB hereby given that 60
days after late l Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands for
a licence to prospect for coal and petruleum over tbe following ianu. situate In the district ot Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia, In Lot
Commencing at a post planted at
or near three miles due east of the 27
mile post on the C.P.R, survey line,
which is the western boundary of
Lot 4^'J-*. and being the southeast
corner pust of Charles W Mason's
claim; thence north SO chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east SO chains to tbe
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more or less.
Located this 26tb day of February,
Paul H.  Abbott,  Agent.
Harry Hart,  Witness. 15-9t,
provisions of sections 34 or 36 of tbe
"Land Act" snd who are not willing
to complete such purchases under the
prices tixed hy the aforesaid regula
lion shall be at Libert) to withdraw
such applications and receive refund
of the moneys deposited on account • I
such applications,
Minister  of   Lauds,
derailment of  Lauds
Victoria,  B. C.  April 3rd,  L911.
Society  Uirl
352    16,003
(Form Y.)
CortlHcato  ur   Improvements,
ot  Lands for  CATION  for
of title     to
the duplicate certificate | next
THK qualifying examinations for
Third-Class Clerks. Junior Clerks,
nnd Stenographers will he beld at the
following places, commencing on
Monday the 3rd July next;— Arm-
strung, Chilliwack, Cumberland, Ciol-
den, Grand Forks, Kamloops, Kaslo,
Kelowna, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Nelson, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Peachland, Revelstoke, Rossland, Salmon Arm, Hummerland,
Vancouver,  Vernon and Victoria.
Candidates must be British subjects between the age uf 21 and 30,
if for Third-Class Clerks; and between
16 and 21, if for Junior Clerks or
Applications will not be accepted
if received  later than  the 15th  June
NOTICE is herehy given that 60
days after date I intend tu apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands for
a licence to prospect for cuul and petroleum over the following lands situate ln the district of Southeast
Kuotenay, British Columbia, in Lot
Commencing nt a [tost plantod at
or near two miles due east of the
22 mile post on tlie C.P.R, survey
line, which is the western boundary
Lot 45a3 and being the Southeast
corner post of Anna K. Webb's claim
thence north 80 cbains, thence west
80 chains, theuce south SO chains,
theuce east ho chains tu the point Of
commencement, making 6-P) acres
more ur less.
Located  this  27th  day  of  February.
ANNA K. WEBB. Locator
Paul   H.   Abbott,   Agent.
Harry  Hart,   Witness.
 ___. NOTICE
NOTICE is hereby given     that    60 	
days after ilate I inteud to apply to
the Chief Commissioner
a licence to prospect, lur coal and pe ^^^^__^^^_^_^^^^_^^^^_^^^^^^_^^^^m^—l-.^-t^m-m^^^m
troleum over the following Jnndfl elt-| 296 Croup  1   Kuutenay District  Map j application forms,  may   be obtained
uate    in the   district uf     Southeast 680. I from the undersigned.
Kuutenay, Hritish Columbia,    in Lot     NOTICK  IS  HEREBY GIVEN that p. WALKER,
4593. it is my Intention     to issue at   thei Registrar,  Public Service.
Commonclng at a post planted   at expiration of     one month after   the j Victoria, B.C., 27th April, 1911. 18-7t
or near nine miles due east of the 28  first  publication   hereof a    duplicate |  --__--------------__--.__-_____.-_.___-_--_
mile post on tbe C.P.R. survey line, certificate of title to the above men-
which is the western boundary of tloned land in the name uf Mary
Lot 451)3, and being tbe southwest j Grant which certificate is dated
corner post of George Wyke's claim. April 10th, 1902 and numbered 1322A.
thence north 80    chains, thence east "Saml. R. Roe,"
He chains,     theuce south 80    chains,. District Registrar,
thence west 80   chains, to    the point  Land Registry Olllce,
uf commencement, making 640 acres,   ■■■ Nelson, B. 0.
more or less. April, 27th.  1911. 18-5t.
London, Mny 88—In an open letter
to Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the "Sunday
Times says in part:
"The empire is your greatest theme
and yuu preserve it iu a line syrup of
beautiful words. In 1806 you deliberately turned your back upon the
United States, thereby gaining a
position in which you have since been
so picturesque an ornament. You
have become nt once an Imperialist
and a Nationalist. When yoit saw
Canada become sytnetrical and strong
manufacturers balancing agriculture,
the tariff wall enabling her to oiler a
resistance to the suck and pull of her
your reward for so
intelligently realizing the policy of
others waa to.be culled an imperial
statesman, You rested your support
on the Ilritish Canadians nml at the
Oo.dfln       Key      Mineral      Clai
situate   in   the   Fort Steele Mining| great neighbor
Division    of    South    East  Koutenay
District.,   located   at tbe   Skookum-
cbtick River.
TAKE NOTICE that we, Jacob
Nelson, F M. C. 37,21)6 B., Nils John-same time contrived to retain the
son,F.M. o.i6170 B„ Robert McNair support of Quebec provincialtsts by
e. M. UM70 B., intend, sixty days resisting the Canadian sentiment
from date hereof, to apply to the favorable to the helping of tbe lm-
Mluing Recorder for a Certificate of perial navy. For several years you
improvements, for the purpose of ob- have played the part of Mr. Facing-
tainlnn « Crown Grant of the above Roth-Ways.     If   you ore    supporting
the   imperial    interests you are also
Meets In Unrmcn'i Hull 2nd sat It*
Thurrtdtty of each niuotb at I p.ru.
A. McCuWun, Ohlaf   Ranger.
0. A. Abbott, divieUry.
Vlaltlng Brethren mud* welcome.
F. O. E.
Meet ovory Friday at H p,m
Visiting Brothers Cordially Invited
Why haven't you as yet subscribed
for The Prospeotor. Now Is the
right time as time is precious—$2.00
is tbe price for one year.
Knights of Pythias
CrnnbriMik. H.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   ,*j
Meets    every   Tuesday
at 8  p.m.  at
Fraternity Hall
J. M. Boyce, C. C.
F. M. Christian, K. R,
& S.
Visiting   brethren cordially    Invited    to attend.
claim _ 	
And further take notice that action
under section '17, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated tbis 29th day of May, A. U.
22-_t •
this 17th day of February,
Paul  H. Abbott,  Agent.
Harry  Hurt,   Witness. 15-_t
NOTICK is herehy given that 60
days after ilate I intend tu apply to
the chief Commissioner of Lands for
a licence to prospect for coal and petroleum over the following la"-is situate in the district of Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia, In Lot
Commencing at a post planted at
or nenr four mileH due east uf the 28
mile post on the C.P.R, survey Une,
which is the western boundary of
Lot 4593, and being thf southwest
corner post of M. Wayne TwltcneU's
claim; thence north SO chains, thpnee
east hm chah i, thence south so
chains, thenco west SO cbaina to the
point of commencement making 640
acres, more or less.
Located this 2Hh day of February,
Paul  H.  Abbi
lo-'..; Harry Hart.  Witness
NOTIOH is herehy given that 60
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds for
a licence to prospect for coal and Pe
NOTICE is herehy given that 00
days after date I intend to npply to
the Chief Commissioner id Lands for
a licence to prospect fur cos! und pe-
TAKE NOTICE that application
will be made under part V, of the
"Water Act 1909," to obtain a license In the Cranbrook Water District, by Frank Henry Pearson of
Fort Steele, B. C. Contractor, from
Big Hand Creek, Kuutenay District.
The puint of diversion is 251) feet
from the west line of Lot 6241;
The applicant applies fur 2 cubic
feet per second and proposes to work
by means of ditches and flumes;
The water is to be used on Lot
6344, Oroup 1, is for agricultural aud
domestic purposes and to irrigate
the north hall of Lot 6344:
No Crown lands will  he occupied;
And take notice that the applies -
tlun will he made tu the Water Com
missloner uu the 6tb day of June,
Tlie name and addresses of the riparian proprietors or licencecs whu,
or whose lands are likely to be effected by the proposed works either
above or below the outlet, are: Robert Cameron, of Hanbury, B. 0, nnd
J. 0. .Jewell, of Hanbury, B. O.
Dated this 26th, day of April, A. 1).
Fort Steele, B.  0.
By hi« Solicitor
17-.01 C, H. Thompson
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given,
that, under the authority contained
in section 131 ot the "Land Act," a
regulation was approved by tbe Lieutenant-Governor In Council fixing the
minimum sale prices of first and second-class lands at $10 and $5 per
acre respectively.
This regulation further provided
that the prices Died therein should
apply to all lands with respect to
which the application to purchase
were given favorable consideration
after the date of said regulation,
namely April 3rd, 1911.
Further notice is now given tbat by
virtue of a regulation approved by
the Lieutenant-Governor ln Council
ou tbe 10th uf Muy, 1911, that the regulation date tbe 3rd April, 1911, be
held not to apply to applications to
purchase vacant Crown lands which
were received by tbe Assistant Commissioners of Lands on or before tbe
snid April 3rd, 1911, nud with respect
to which the required deposit of fifty
cents per acre had been received by
said Commissioners on or before the
said April 3rd, 1911.
Deputy Minister of Lauds.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B. C, lfith ol May, 1911
undermining  Canadian   nationalsim.'
Willard—The Wizard
On Monday. Tueaday and Wednesday nights? at the Auditorium, the
attraction wil! be the Nibe Comedy
company, presenting; Martin B. Johnson'". Famous South Sea Island
Travelogues, together with Willard
"Thc Man of Mystery." This entertainment, lasting two nnd a half
hours, will positively be the best popular priced offering this city has ever
Rvenins Star Mineral Claim ! had- Tlle mh of Beats 01'ens Sat"r
situate in the Port Steele Mining liay at ""* followin8 8cale ot Price8'
Division of South Kast Kootenay I 25c' Mc' am' 5'lc' This "»"P«W comes
District,, located at the Bkookum- ***'*" tlle ttPnr0Val of a11 tl"-' larBer
chuck River. i cities   of   the northwest, where they
TAKK    NOTICE    that   we,  Jacob j have bee" Plny'"K '" th" leading thc-
Nelson, P. M. C. 37,206 B., Nils John-! atrc8'   A c0'nplete change of program
(Form F.)
Certitlcate   o[   Improvements.
Barristers ami Solicitors,
son, F. M. C. 6170 B., Robert McNair
F. M. C. 6170 B., intend, sixty days
from dato hereof, to apply to tiie
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action;
under section 37, must tie commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate!
of Improvements.
Dated this 2i)th day of May, A. D.
22-9t •
is given each evening. Come and see
what Jack London and Martin Johnson saw while ou a two and one-halt
year cruise of the South Seas in the
"Snark." See Willard, "The Man of
MyBtery," lie keeps you guessing.
Census Taking
On Thursday morning the census
enumerators commenced the count of
heads all over tlie Dominion of Canada. Every man, woman, and child
living in Canada, some time between
June lst, and the tilth of July, the
census will be completed.
It is expected that a large increase
wlll be made   in all   the provinces.
Commissioners get n cent a name for
correspondence,  etc.,  and    for   other
duties travelling expenses.    Also    n
special allowance.    Enumerators   get
5 cents for every living person counted, and ID cents for every death   or
disability.   For a tive ncre farm   ho
gets 2!i cents, and for lesa than   an
acre   10   cents.   Factories, churches,
Sunday   schools,   charitable   institu-
Jacob' tions, etc., are worth 25 cents each,
Nils John-1 but a mine or quarry  is worth   511
Allowances  for expenses   are
F, M. 0. 6170 B., intond, sixty days I n81""" ™ "'" amount of work done,
from   date   hereof,   to   apply to the
(Form F.)
Certificate   of   Improvements.
Eagle      Mineral       Claim,
n   tho   Fort Steele Mining
ol    Soutli   East Kootenay
located   at the   Skookum-
Barrister.  Solicitor,  elc
CRANHROOK,      ^^^^
Barrister, Solictor, und
Notary Public
Olllco—Hold Buildings,
P.LS. & CE.
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
I'.O   Box 2.'16. Phone 223.
chuck River.
Nelson, F. M. 0, 37,206 II.
son,  F. M. C. 6170 II., Robert McNair  ce|ltl1
Mining Recorder lor a 'Certitlcate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above!
claim. I
And further tnke notice that action' THE
troleum over  the  'oil,
uate     in the   district oi     Soutli
Kootenay, British Oolumbla,    In
Commencing at a post planted at
or near nine miles due east of the
28 mile post on the C.P.R. survey
line, which is the wostern boundary
ol Lot 4693, and being the northwest
comer post, of Mary Donner'a claim;
thence south HM chainn, tlience cast
80 chains, tlience nortli HU chnlns.
thence west Hli chnlns to the point ol
commencement,     making 640   ncres,
more or less.
Located this 17th day of   February,
MARY   DENNER,      Locntor.
Paul II.  Abbott,  Agent.
Harry Hart, Wltntei. l--»t
lanild HL-i troleum over
aat( uate     in the
• .Is
lotenay, British Columbia,
Take notice thut application will be
be made undei part V. of the "Water
Act 1909" to obtain a licence In the
Cranbrook  Water District,  by    John
tod   ul  ll    Hawkins   nl    Wattsburg,   ll. <'.,
ol tbe miner, F, M. C.  II 24470, and Robert
survey  E.   Hiilllvnn  of  Hoattle,   Washington,
undary merchant F, M. ('   n 24413, Irom the
Moyie river, Kootonay district.
Tho   polnl    nl   .Incision Is nt the
foot of Ityder Iiur abovo the falls.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       The   applicants   npply for 7   cubic
mi    chains,    tlience     north HU  feet, per second nml propose to work
hy mean of dlohes nnd flumes.
The promises on which the wnter Is
to lie used is on Mining louses Numbers 143 and HI. and the water Is to
be used for hydraulic mining purposes.
The point of return of tiie water Is
nt, China Bar, and thc difference   In
Commencing at a post pin
or near three    miles due east
2'J  mile post on    the CI1.II
line,   which   is   the   westei ii   I,
of l.ot, 4693, and being the northwest
corner    post, of Peter     0.  Paulson's
clnim, tbence south ho chains, thence
I'ETEH 0.  PAULSON,  Locator,
Paul H. Abbott,  Agent.
thence west HU chams
of commencement,  mnking
more or loss.
«<l  this    24th  clay of Pehruary
Harry  Hart,  Witness.
16-9t altitude between the point "of diver"
(Form F.)
Certificate   of   Improvements.
Olhrnlter Fraction Mineral Claim,
situate in tlie Fort Steele Mining
Division of South East Kootenay
District,, located nt. tho Skookiim-
chuck Rivor.
TAKK NOTICE that wo, Jacob
Nelson, F. M, 0, 37,200 It., Nils Johnson, F. M. 0. 6170 11., Robert McNair
I-'. M. C. 6170 II., Intond, sixty days
from date hereof, to upply to tho
Mining Recorder for a Oertlneuto of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of ihe above
And further tnke notice that action
under section 37, must, be commenced
before the Issunnce of such Certificate
of  Improvements.
Dated this 29th day of Mny, A. I).
22-9t «
under section 37, must lie commenced
before the issunnce of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 29th dny ot May, A. D.
Century Restaurant
K. V. Uyematsu, Prop.
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence,   Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons - - - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings  - . - ■   7.30 to   8.10
Sundays 2.30 to   4.30
JRANBROOK :     : B. 0.
M.M.V..   V.8.,
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto ln 1H98. Gradate und medalist of McKlllip
Veterinary college, Chicago, 111,
in 1900. Registered member of
British Columbia association.
Opposite C. P. R. Depot.
22-9t •
P. O. BOX 104.
** _ 'Hu tt *m
Honored by Women
Wit..-*, ti w(■ mini npciiks <i[ Iier jHUM-
ullcnl   M'uri't   BittTeWnjl   >hu
"ruM*. yoil. Million*. Imve he*
»towcil tli.rt murk of innli.
il-nci on Dr. H. V. Pierce,
ol   Biiffliln.   N. Y.      Every.
when: there are women who
licnr witness   to   the   wmr.ler-
vrorkiiijt, eurlntf-powof ot Dr.
Pierce'ft Favorite Proscription
— which snvei thu suffnini* *rx
from  fiuhi,   nml    suocc-'iflllly
gnippk'H with worn im'is weak-   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
nesNt'v and ilubborn   Uh.
No woman's appeal wus ever misdirected or iier con>
fiilence mii-pluecd when she wrote for ndvlcej tr
K. V. Fierce, President, Buffalo, N. V.
Oi. IHaixa'a Pl**t*ant Pallet* Indium milt] o&fural bowel movement once a iffy,
w. cline
OI the uld MHiiitobn   Mnrtior
SI10pc1.11 now ho touti'l In the
Plrst Class Work  in
all   hranctius of  tho
Tonsorial   Art |
Fort Steele


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