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Array .  Utive Asg,
9  iyii    *#.
SU1K6 Averted
Engineers and Railroads
Settle Dispute
Increase of More than Ten per
Cent, in the Wage Scale
The wage dispute, betwooti the engineers uml Bl railroads west, north
anil smith n! Chicago, wns nettloil to
itny.     There will he no strike.
Instead, tlie onglnoora will receive
an Increase of 10 1-3 per cent of their
1910 wage scnle, giving them n
Christmas present ol an avoragc of
Approximately 192 dollars foe rnch of
the 32.0U0 men involved for each subsequent yenr.
Specifically tlie agreement provides for a raise nf 10 routs a day
for all engineers, with a differential
in addition of 20 cents for 815,000 tb
•nglneers, an added differential of 75
cents a day for the smaller Moll, t
engines, and a differential of $1 a
day for the heaviest Mallets.
In a letter to United States Oom-
mlisloncr Charles P. Neill, who, as
mediator under the Enlmnii Act,
brought the settlement out of tlie
otherwise disagreement, Grand Chiel
Engineer Stone of the Brotherhood
gave as the reason for accepting the
terms offered the suffering and loss
whteli would attend a general wes-
. tern strike.
Numerous speeilic working, conditions are improved by the agreement
signed formally lute tu-day and engineers are given control of electric
and gasoline motor cars used as locomotives, with an increase of 50c.
a day in wages. Hostlers are given
an increase of 25 cents a day. The
osw rate is effective with the signature of the agreement to-day.
Will Settle in Elk Valley
J. A. Fsrm.y, furmurly city siiij-
•rtnteudent of Spokane schools, is
now in London, England, whoro he
has established the British Empire
Agency (British Columbia) Limited,
with a capital of *i00,000. His ud-
visory committee is headed hy Lord
Alwyus Oompton, M. P., IJ. S. O.
In n letter, Mr. Formey says:—
"1 am delivering a course of lectures nt the agricultural colleger of
Great Britain and also nt the Royal
Horticultural show In London on the
advantages and opportunities of the
Inland Empire In general and with
special references to the EaBt Kootenay district in British Columbia.
"I shall return to Baynes Lake, B.
C, Mnrch 4, and will have a good
colony of choice English settlers next
spring, nnd many more to follow in
the future.
"The Grand Trunk railway company is co-operating witli me in this
The titles of lectures being given
by Mr. Formey and others at the
magnillcent hall of the Royal Horticultural society at its annual exhibition are "Older Making," "Methods
of Growing Fruit," "Cider Fruits,"
"Fruit Bottling," "The life of n
Fruit Farmer in East Kootenay."
They seem woll adapted to excite interest in the fruit industry of the
HOT th west, Canadian ami American
districts alike.
Joaeph Jackson,
Wm. Cameron.
Joseph Campbell.
Di   i. Johnson.
a. C, Bowness.
St. John's Night wns celebrated
by the Masonic brethren, with joint
mstallat on ceremonies in tlie Masonic Temple.
There ware in Attendance a large
number of the craft from Moyie,
Fort Steele, and other towns in the
DIStricMDonuty Grand Master M.
A. Beale was the installing ollicer,
ami rlie ceremonies were carried out
under the BiiporviBlon ol officers' of
Cranbrook Lodge.
Following were tim officers Installed for Cranhrook Lodge :
A.  Slmnklnnd  W. M.
I>.   .1.   McSweyn  S.W.
Dr. F.  B. Miles  J.W.
.1. Y. Armstrong   0.
,1. G. Sutherland     Treasurer
E, W. Connolly  Secretary
H. Hlckonhotham       Tyler
H. White   T. G.
O.  A.  Abbot    S. 1).
Percy Coe   J.D.
T. H. Banfteld   S.H.
C. n. Ward  I.S.
.1. s. Peck   Org.
W. H. Wilson     I),   of O.
Following were the officers installed for Selkirk Lodge, of Moyie :
D. A. Ayr™   W.M.
H. G.  Lowu       S.W.
N. W. Burdett  J.W.
, H. Chapmnn   Treas.
A.  Witter   Sec.
C. A. .Inslin     Tyler
F. Bggie   I. G.
J. Arthur fl.D.
Wm. Payne       J. D.
Wm. Chamberlain   S\ S,
J. T. Powell   J. S.
Wm. Short   Org.
The Deputy Grand Master made
very impressive tbe great responsibility devolving upon each officer, and
'the necessity that they should be
living exponents of the grand principles which are the foundation and
life of tbe order.
St. John the Evangelist was one
of tbe patron saints of Freemasonry,
whose festival fs celebrated on the
27th of December by the craft. His
constant admonition in his epistles
to tho cultivation of brotherly love,
and the mystical nature of his apo-
culytic visions, has been the reason
for the veneration shown him hy the
After the ceremonies of the evening
were over, some sixty brethren sat
down to n spread which had been
prepared in the banquot hall. After
partaking of refreshments the following were culled upon: !). G. M. M. A.
Beale, P.M. .1. F. Armstrong, I'M.
W. F. Attridge, P. M. Chapmen,
Moyie, W.M. I). A. Ayiv. Moyie p M.
W. H. WlU.n, llro. l>. J. Mc'.v-.'yn,
who responded with appropr'ate remarks and praises for the order.
Will Take Vote
farmers' Delegation
Expressions of Dissatisfaction
by Prominent Delegates
The cool-headed fnrn.u-s of wes
torn Canada will not nnlhuso < ver
the shuffling of Ilr Wilfrid . -i the
subjects which most vitally affect
tlnir Interestn.
Mrs. Parker Ituntz, of Wnrdner,
was shopping al Cranbrook Wednesday.
A Curling Club has boon oigPlilsod
in the Windermere 6 strict. It will
he known us the Wind--.*mu.'0 ilbirlct
Curling Club.
Cranbrook Opera House
R. A. Fraser, Manager.
WM. I'. CU__EN oilers tho " Duinlllj Different'
Comic Opera Success
Tho Oi-ijjimil Httrgotmibter
Tickets ou sale at BoatUe-Murphy Co., Ltd.
PRICES--75C - $1.00 - $1.50
After Sir Wilfrid Laurier had given
his answer to the delegation of farmers on Dec. 10, newspapermen iu Ottawa interviewed the leaders. Following are the answers returned by
several of them:—
W. J. TregilluB, Vice-President of
the United Farmers of Alberta^'Sir
Wilfrid Laurier does not seem to
have grasped the true nationalism of
this movement. He had plenty of
time to think over our demands, the j
effect of which he learned on his trip
West. I am keenly disappointed with
his reply."
K. J. Fream, Secretary of the
United Farmers of Alberta: "We are
keenly disappointed just now, and
have arranged to meet the Premier
again on several of the points."
J. Maharg, Moose Jaw, member of
the executive National Council of Agriculture: "It always seems strange
to me that when we get an interview
with the Government, time iB so
limited. I am not at nil satisfied.
It's peculiar that the Qovernment
can adjourn for the holidays, and yet
limit the time of hearing a deputation such bs ours coming bucIi a
lung distance. Put two and two to-:
gether, and it seems as if we were
not getting a deal."
Dr. Hill, Kenlis, Sask., executive
Saskatchewan Crain Growers' Association: "We were treated lightly hy
Sir Wilfrid. He does not suem to
realize the greatness of our movement."
.1. S. Wood, director of the Manitoba Grain Growers' Association:
"He should have given ub a more
definite understanding regarding the
terminal elevators. He acknowledged that we have a grievance,
and yet did not say that he would
give us a relief. Wheat pays its way
and he should have given us something to take bad' to the farmers of
the West un tlui. >i..-t-tlon."
U. McKenzie, secretary of thc Manitoba Grain Growers' Association;
"I am not at all satislied, but prefer
not to express my opinion as yet."
W. Chipman, editor of the Grain
Growers' Guide: "Not satisfactory
at all.
Job. Speakeman, executive United
Fanners of Alberta: "I would have
liked a more definite reply regarding
the chilled beef proposition. We
could not expect very much on the
tariff, as the negotiations with the
United States are still in progress."
IC. A. Partridge, Saskatchewan
Grain Growers' Association: "It's
an insult, and we should hold an indignation meeting."
T. W. Knowles, executive Manitoba
Grain Growers' Association: "I am
very much disappointed."
John Hyatt, Prince Edward Island
delegation: "Darned little porridge
in the salt. What I mean hy this is
that we got little satisfaction."
W. T. Murphy, Saskatchewan:
"Personally I am not satislied with
the response; it did not have the
right ring in it. lie wrapped a cold
blanket around the whole thing."
The foregoing were outspoken criticising. fi3. O. Drury, secretary of the
National Council of Agriculture; F.
W. Oreen, Secretary of the Saskatchewan Grain Growers' Association;
P. W. Seallion, honorary life president, Manitoba Grain Growers' Association, nnd A. G. Hawkes, execu
tive Saska telle wan Grain Growers'
Association, took au Apologetic line
even more siicuillcaut.   They said:
13, 0, Drury : "No opinion to offer
at present. Am nwiiitiui; further developments, We OOllld not expect Sir
Wilfrid in the presence nf tils political adversaries to enunciate tlie tariff
F. W. Green : As really the chairman of a largo committee, Sir Wil
frld coiibl not lie expecti'd to give
definite answers to those things to
which he could only trivc a definite
answer after consulting his colleagues. Any man In his place, surrounded hy rivals, where every word
would he picked up and used utfiiinst
him, would naturally he careful of
bis statements. He could not make
promises which he mlghl not be able
to carry out because be depended on
the will nnd action of those bbbo
elated with him. The effectiveness ol
our meeting with him will likely he
brought, nbont by tlie cohesion and
force represented in the movements
lu the opinion of those who have ttie
power to give effect to the ex pi in
sions of the representations."
' P. W. Seallion : "We could not ex
poet much. Sir Wilfrid, when nil in
said and done, is only one member of
the Government nnd not the whole
In short, the delegation was bitter
ly disappointed.
In   an interview   given   by Mr. T.
M. Roberts, the   City Clerk and Assessor,   Mr.    Roberts,   in reply to a
ijuestion   as to   thc meaning and ef- itsi)'/)
feet   of the   increased assessment of | yjf{
the city,    made the following explanation,   which   should   convince   tlie
citizens of   Cranbrook   of   the stability   and progresBiveness of the city
and of the authorities who have had
the   supervision of     the   city affairs
since  Cranbrook    became a    Municipality; and should be a cause of congratulation  and     encouragement
the citizens lu general.
"The assessment," said Mr. Roberts, "of the yegr 1910, waB $387,795
on lands and $839,880 on improvements.     "The taxable value of lands
: k
is the actual saleable value of such W
lands." The taxable value uf such
is legally culled improvements, iu
other words, the buildings, is 50 per
cent of their saleable value. "The
total taxable value of the City for
the year 1910, therefore, was $806,-
705.OU. The assessment for 1911 iB
$72H,495.00 on lands and $'J48,hBu.uu
on improvements, making a total
assessable value of $1,(177,175.00 and
a total taxable value of $1,202,835 00
"The rate of taxation last year
was, on lands, thirty-five mill
improvements nineteen mills. lu '
making up the assessments for 1910, |
especially of the business portion of
the City, 1 had no recent sale of any
moment to indicate to rue the value
of lands. In 1910, however, there
were numerous sales ol business
property on Baker Street, and a
large number of residences were
built during the winter of 1909
anh the year 1910, and in
considering a proper valuation to he
made upon the real property of
(jranbrook, I was enabled to arrive
at a more proper valuation than I
had previously, I considered that
the valuation hitherto, especially in
cases of business properties, was altogether too low and in the case of
residential properties, while not as |
iuw as the husiness district, the valuation was still considerably lower
than directed by the Municipal
Clauses Act; aud I believe that tne
present valuation, with very few
exceptions, wi,l stand before the
Court of Revision, or any Court,
should the decision of the Court of
Revision be appealed against.
"A great misapprehension seems
to exist in the minds of some citizens as to the amount of taxes that
they will be called upon to pay
next year. They fear that they will
be called upon to \i y more thnn
last year because of the increased
assessment. This Is a mistake. The
average rate on lands and improvements in 1910, was twenty-seven
mills. Should the same expenditures be made in 1911 as in 1910,
then, on,the increased assessment,
the rate would average about eighteen mills, probably a little bit lower. The rate, however, will probably be lower than eighteen mills and
in my opinion nearer to fifteen or
sixteen, firstly—because the revenues
of the City should increase in the
ordinary course, in fact I may say,
they have shown a steady Increase
from year to year; and secondly—
the expenditures should he less. One
of the largest causes of expenditures
last year and the year before Was
due to the extension and re-laying
of the water works system. I understand from the City Engineer
that this work is now practically
completed, especially the work Within the Municipal limits and next
year there will be no outlay of any
moment under this heading. This
should cause a decrease in the expenditures of ahout $3,000.00. On
the whole, therefore, I believe that
next year through the increase of
assessment, the increase in revenue |
and thc probable decrease in expen-
ilitiui', the average rute of taxation i
on lands and improvements will bo
reduced from an average rate of j
twenty-seven mills to between fiftecD
nd seventeen mills." I
Ttie foregoing statement by Mr.
Roberts shows a remarkably healthy
growth in the City of Cranhrook and ,
shows also that, with a progressive
spirit on the part of the different
Councils and officials of the City |
who have had charge of civic affairs
BlnCQ the inception of the Municipality, there has been a combined and
proper appreciation of the financial
position of the city, and an economical method of expenditure which
we nre safe in saying will not. be
excelled by any growing ('ity in the
Of thanking our main friends antl
t'ustomtMs fur their assistance in
making our Anniversary -in.l Formal
Ouenino oi our Furniture and House
Furnishings Department stn h a marvellous success. Tin* alterations
recently completed will enable u^ to
care for your requirements mure
satisfactorily than in our pievious
hampered quarters, We hope that
your Christmas was a most joyous
one and thai old St. Nicholas was
good tu you and yours,
We trust that tlie New Year will
bring good health to you. Judging
from present indications 191 i will be
the best year in the history of Cranbrook and South East Kuotenay and
we hope that vou will receive your
full portion of all the good things.
We thank vou for your past favors
and hope by be'ttei service and supplying you with "Your money back"
kind of j^oods, to merit a continuance
of your valued patronage.
__»__; 5l:.-.__L_S-a_!
P. W. Ailnlph. of llnyiifH Lake, wan
Iii (.own WednMday.
J.  M.  AriU'W, (il    Klko. wim recla-
tered at tbe Cranbrook Wedneadny.
REMEMBER! Ltal"::,^
Cranbrook. All the Beasoo's netfo*. and mu_t Artistic Creations
are to bt* found in our ini!'nia> good*, Being Importers, we are
able to shuw  vou .vti-lu^ivi- gifts.
WE CAN HELP YOU.   Tlio Ever-ready Twelve lilado
Safely linwir.   $1,00
Wm have variousslyles of  ilia  "GILLETTE"
suitable I'm- V ii ni- (lifts.
The Santa Ciaus Store
Tlie Beauie-Miirphii Go., Lid.
rmvqp*>JH_r^__t!__--__H_______l ©l)C \\$vo*pect*y*c.
A. B. GRACE, Editor
|2.00 Pec Year
Advertising rates   made   known   aa
WRITE  IT  1911.
The Prospector has ao enetuieB to
punish.—No  special  friends  to  Bervo.
A Happy New Yenr* And may it
be as it now promises—Thfl most
prosperous yet experienced m tho
Cranbrook  District,
In municipal bodies. the law ot
life le development. Improvemeut
and progress are the governing rules
of civilized people. Those who do
not seek to get ahead, to spur tho
city officials to a strict attention to
their official duties, degenerate and
fall  behind.
Christmas, the season of good will
and cheer has come and passed. lt
was a merry Christmas in Cranbrook.
WANTED The fairest, aud best
best city council that ia possible to
obtain for the city of Cranbrook.The
business men's ticket will till the
bill, and give to the city a council
that will give prosperity and good
Next Sunday will be New- Year's
Day- The commencement ol the
year 1911. A day of resolutions,
some of which will be kept, while
many, in fact most of them will be
broken and forgotten lung before tbe
lirst month in the'year comes to an
The Mayor and City Council of
Cranbrook are simply committees
elected by the citizens of Crauhrook
to conduct city business, and in the
proper conduct of that business
every citizen has a commun interest.
It is satisfactory to see tbat a
number of our leading business men
and leading citizens, who appreciate
the necessities of a lirm and stable
city government, bave put their
shoulders to the wheel, and they
form the best guarantee of city government, city progress and development.
Have you any suggestions to make
for thc coming municipal election?
If so, now is the time to arrange
for them, and have them presented
to the candidates on the business
men's ticket. Kvery want of the
citizens will receive due consideration.
The Prospector, with this Issue,
ends its 17th year, and with its next
issue will commeuce its 18th year. It
Is thc pioneer paper of Southeaat
The Liberals seem suddenly to
have made up their minds to abandon reciprocity. When the debate
on tbe address opened Sir Wilfrid
Laurier declared tbat the question ot
reciprocity was engrossing public attention. Exactly a week later Mr.
Paterson spoke in the same debate.
Now, the Canadian members of the
reciprocity conference of November
were Mr. Fielding and Mr. Paterson.
Mr. Fielding is away ill, and Mr.
Paterson is the only man iu the
House who sat in tbe conference.
He uaturally is the person best
qualified to speak on the subject
which is "engrossing public attention." Now Mr. Paterson did not
open his mouth an the subject. He
did not even utter the word "reciprocity."
What does this sudden silence
It means this. The Liberals, after coming to parliament and comparing notes have made up tbeir
minds that they have lost Quebec,
and have resolved to appeal to English-speaking Canada as tho truly
loyal party which is being persecuted
in Quebec for its loyalty.
And just at the moment that it
became convenient to wave the old
Flag they were tied up with reciprocity; they had been squinting towards  Washington,
So they have dropped reciprocity
like a hot potato.
THAT is the name, and
below is the trademark,
you are to look for next
time   you buy underwear
Your size in any garment
wiili that trademark will
111 perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Yet you pay
nothing extra for this
extra value; and ynu get our
Guarantee of "money buck
if ynu can fairly claim il."
Made at Paris in Canada,
by  PEN MANS  Limited,  $,
Hamsters and Solicitors,
W.  K   Gl'KD,
Barrister. Solicitor, ate,
Barrister, Sollcinr, uml
Noinr.v I'uiilii'
llll,,,'     Itl'ill   IllllllllU.i
I'.I. S. A  C K.
********************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 4>4>*4>«>«>4>
| George   K.   Leask  & Co. j]
1-.UII_.DBRS     I
and ♦
Contractors    «
♦ I
*> '
Mining Ism: ni,mm' nnd
B.C. Land Surveyor,
I'.O   Um 'lie. I'limm '."-'ll.
imi Estimates
PHONG 114 I*. O. BOX 81)6 ♦ j
I ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦$,1
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HOTEL, g™*™*.
It. C,
_     W     DRAW.    Proprietor.
********************* |
Dr. E. W. Connolly I
• fi
Physician anh StUKaisoN
tilTlrfc: At'iuatroitg Av«
f iu II a a,     I iu * u in        tu I V _
Phone oatc* 106.
Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
Uiauuate of Ontario Velarl-trr     !
collage, Toronto In 1»»S.   Gradate   and   medaliet   ol llcKUllp     I
Veterinary college, Chicago,  III.
lu 1900.   Registered  member   ol
Urltlab  Columbia asaoclatloa. I
Is a larye and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, vvitli a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men. Lumbermen and Miners  all  go to
The   Wetitworth
J. H. McDOINAi_D Proprietor
F. E. Corrison
Baud Muter City Band.
Teacher ol' String and Standard Inetrumeute. Choir
Phone 153, CkAMiKook, B. C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ********************* ;
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J.   D.   McBride
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Geo.  l>. Ingram
L.K.C.M., K.A.M,
1 Organist A Chuirmnster Knin Church
Pupils I'.vpareri for-.laminations.
Fall it-rm mm commencing
R. (.'.
'ook Lodyu, No. 24. A. Y. A. M
Regular meet!tiif* on
the thin.  Thursday
^*^M(^\ty   ofeve.\t montli.
N-KSaWv9tf Visiting1 hivthren
B. W. CONNOLLY, Secretary
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Meeta in Curnmna Hall 2nd und .tb
Thursd'iv •>( each month at 8 p.m.
A. McOowaD, Chief   Itnager,
C. A. Abbott,  Secretary.
Visiting Brethren mude welcome.
District   of   Kftwt Kootenay
Taki- notice that Edward Paterson,
of Cranbrook, B. 0., occupation merchant, intendH to apply tor permits
nlon tn purchase tbe following described land: Commencing at a pmit
planted 16.11 Chains due weat of the
BOutb-weBt corner of Lot 8744, Oroup
1, on the eaHt edge of the fi^ht of
way of thc H|iok«n«' International
Railway; thence nant 16.11 chains to
the Hoiith-wnHt. comer of aairl Lot
8744, Oroup I; thence north along
the west Imnndary of Hald lot, a
distance of 40 chains to said edge of
right of way; tbence SOU tb-westerly
along said cast edge of rlKht of way,
a distance of 4-.1J!  chains mure    or
Ichn, to point of commencement, containing 32. 22 acres, be tbe same
more or less.
1-8 Bdw.-ird r.-itit-on.
Stewart  Mo'Vi*»,  .\j.ent.
Dec. IC,  1910.
TAKE NOTICE that at the ueit
sittings of the Board of Licensing
Commissioners of the City of Cranhrook to he hold en of tbu Hth day
of March, 1011, 1, Oust Andeen, of
the City of Cranhrook intend to apply for the transfer of the rntail
liquor llcenae held In respect to the
Queens Hotel situate on Lots 19, 20
nnd 21, iu Block lift, to Una Andeen
of the City of Oranbrook, Married
Dated nt Cranbrook, B, i:„ this 17th
day of December, A. D.  1910.
._-« Clue! Andssn.
Notice is herehy given that till days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
for License to prospect for conl and
petroleum over the following lauds,
situate in the District of South East
Kootenny, British Columbia, in Lot
Commencing at n post planted at
or near three miles due t-tir-i of tbe
114 Mile Post on the O.P.R, survey
line, which is the western houndary
of Lot 459:1 aad heing the south east
corner post of UlysHi's E. Fehr's
claim, thenre north HO chnins, thence
west HU chains, thence aouth U0
chnlns, thenre eaHt 811 chains to
point of commencement, making MO
acres,   more  or  less.
I   Located   this  12th  day  of  October,
Ulysses K. Kehr,   Locator.
Eatben W.  Butts,  Agent.
William B. Butts, Witness. 194
We aa- you to call and trj
our new Connifnmeat ol new
and Up-to-date rlge lor
Winter   and   Bummer.   Juat
received Topplr aid Reliable
Huraaa    at   your    dtspoeal.
Olve   them   a   trial aad be
I'hona «7        Orantironk, B.C.
On Uaker sttret, one door'west
of Messrs. Hill & Co.. the only
place in town tlial can make
life wortli living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffee
Our whole time is devoted lo your wants in the
I Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every
i  article that leaves our store.
X We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
time goods are received that are not No. i quality.
b (..livery feed;;
& sale stable::
lloth Single and l'loble
Driver*, for nil partN
of thc district. Good
Snilillt" Horses, (rood
Turnouts. Up-to-date
Oppoilte Royal Hotel Phone oi > i
Doeast ..iDeacon, Proprietors;;
J. r. Deacon, Manager
Staple and Fancy Grocers
******0***********t**»a.+ ■ ****.***.\****\
********************** *****************
1 >
iilf It's Paint and Painting
We are here with the Goods
i;If It's Wall   Paper   and
:; Paper Hanging
We can't be beat
' 1
• I Painter  and   Decorator
' '♦♦♦♦▼▼ ^♦♦•▼▼▼^a>aj>^^aj*a*vvvv^^4ji\a>teaa>#<l *********************** ^***i>***<,t*^^*****
I have installed a new
Steam Plant and Grinder
for sharpening skates.
11F, JO
Plumber and Tinsmith
i   HANSON AVE.     -     -     CRAN
lands, situate in Work 4593 East i
Commencing at a pout pla.itM oa
the Soutli Kootenay Pi as trail
about a mile east of tbe forks ul
Kishenebna and Akamina creek,
south ot aud adjoining Joseph Saulter'a location, and marked Frances
N. Turner's north east corner post;
thence south 8* chain*, itieaoa vtst
80 chains, .-hence north .0 chain,
thence east 80 chains tn tha place of .
FRAN0I8   N.  TURNER,   Locator,
Joseph Saulter,  Agent.
Located thia llth day of Nuvember,
1810. 48-6-
; T. Hare and Jas. Gamble, of Kimberley,  were in town  Sunday Inst.
I Mrs. M. A Macdonald will reactva
I on Wednesday, .Tan. 4. from 4 tn 6 p.m.
1 J. J. Grady, of Creston was in the
Ity Wednesday.
I   W.  J. Smythe, of   Fernie, was   in i
tbe city Wednesday.
I ——
|    J.  P.  Larsen, of Port Steele,  was
In town Tuesday.
Curling commenced in the Cranbrook Rink thiB week. The ice is in
;good condition.
; Good sleighing, skating, and beautiful moonlight add to tbe enjoyment of the evening.
' Christmas entertainment for tbe
Sunday School Thursday afternoon
[  anuary 5th.
| Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Alice, of Vancouver, were Cranbrook visitors Friday.
ijqpcr   ACT   1.10.
i Ic power plant.    The watei1   to be   .. i    tbe purpose     of
NOTICK is hereby given     than on  -he Company's undertaking,
the 27th day of December next   ap      t-':   The purposes  lor     which   the
plication will be made to the Supei    *         is to ., generation   of
Provincial    PoiftJe    for electrical enerj
NOTICK is hereby given tbat thirty
days after    the first    publication    ol
this notice,   1    intend    to apply    to j
tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and  intendent of
Works, aud    to the    Assistant Com-j the transfer of     the ii i:   the water Is to i.e used fur
missloner oi"   Lands and    Works for  sate ol liquor bj   retail  In   md u]       ; iwer or mining purposes     describe
the district of Kast Kootenay, for a | the Premises   known   as   the    Yah- the place  where Lhe water is to    be
license  to prospect for  coal and  i
troleum on tbe     following- described
lands,     situate in Bhjek  4599
Commencing at a post plauted
about a mile east of the forks uf
Kishenebna and Akamina creek,
north of and adjoining Beatrice N.
Thomas' location and being a relocation of N. Whealdou's Location,
license No. 752, and being marked
Millicent c. B. Thomas' south west
corner post, thence east SO cbains,
thence nortli 80 chains, thenee west
80 chains, thence soutb HO ehains to
the place ol beginning,
Joseph Saulter, Agent-
Located this 12th day  of November,
1910. 48-52
ie-1 Ho
East [Djiri
i bia.
tbe  premises   known
tel   situate  at   YabK.    Britlsl
mb'ia, from John Gibbon to Benja-
Riley of Moyie,   British  I
John Gibbon,
Holdei ol l nee,
Benjamin  Joseph  Riley,
Applicant for transfer.
Dated this 19th day ut Nov. 1.10.48-4
tlie  in-ito  ol   ..
A.N   Ai'ii.i! \
n\t City Map
■43  Block y;i Oi
il k ION that ii
ni Hm fucpira
ni.. drat puiiH
, mi tin- i oitlfl
bo\n tiiiinti'JiiwI
IliihSdii Kvhlcli
tuui   ii uml,
H   (IfttMl    llth    I
ed   1888 A.
ry Office
it. (.'.
October '21-t,  1010.
ut  Sent
NOTICK is hereby given that thirty Land iluB
days after    the lirst    publication   ofj
this notice,   I    Intend    to apply   toI
the Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Works, and    to the    Assistant Commissioner of    Lauds and    Works for
the district of Kast Kootenay, for a
license to prospect for coal and  pe- |     '  ^   L'  "allv-
troleum ou tbe     following deecVlbsd *     7ftlj,lnfJt011'tln,tfiM
_,     . ! Assistant   Uummi__n;in;
lands,     situate iu Block 45.3    Bast Worke of  Bast  Kootei
Kootenay:-* !,*.-      missiou tu pure
Coiiimeiiciug at     a    post   planted lunds,     Beginning ut
near the South Kootonay Pass trail (the N-W corner of    Li
on  Akamina creek, about  two  miles o( Intersection of Lot
ast of the forks of Klshenehna and |Z' .''   Daiiy'" *"®Z^g^'r
Akamina creek,  beiug     east of   and j **imce is.as'chaina oorth
djoining Beatrice M. Thomas' loca- chains nam    thence jij.'.i? i
tion, and being a relocation of    tbe jthence 18.44 chains     eaBt
S.  K. B.  C. Laud and Oil Company's eo-i.___u_t!riieiit.. and containing 230 acres
i      rued   Lu some  natural     channel,
liSerence iu altitude between
diversion and point of re-
turn,      At   the     mouth of     Nigger
Creek,   difference m     altitude about
t, natural.
(j)    area of   Crown  Land intended
to be occupied by thu proposed works
About _u acres.
Phis notice whs posted ou the
8th day ol November, 1910, and ap-
plication will lie maoe to the Com-
i!i loner on tlie 13th day of December I'.i Hi.
(I)   Give  tbe names and  addresses
ol any riparian proprietors or licensees  who  or  whose    lands are  likely
to be affected by the proposed works,
either above or below the outlet.
John  HI Hawkins,  Wattsburg, B.C.
nd  it.  Y,. Sullivan,    Seattle,  Washington, U, 9, A.
(Signature)   Upper   Moyie Electric
Company,  Limited.
(P, (». AddroaB) Cranlirook, B.C.
i   the iollu
oBt  planlv
J. 0. Douglas, and G. C. Douglas,
********************************** \£XT£m? regiBtcra"at tb°
Slwim  Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tunic work
a specialty
Cost ami sionlt estimates
furnished on application.
Addreal ! P. O. Boa 2«, Cranbruok
Notiea Is hereby giveu that au application will be made under Tart V.
of the "Water Act, ISO.,'' to obtain
a license in the Cranbrook water
The name, and occupation of the
•ecupation. John Levett, Pasmer,
Oranbrook, B. C.
Ths name of the lake, stream or
source. Dandy Creek, a tributary
ol Little Bull river.
Ths point of diversion. About one
fourth of a mile east of the boundary
of Lut 105, on Lot 4590.
Ths quantity of water applied for.
Two subic feet.
Ths character of the proposed
works.     Flumes, pipes aud ditches.
Ths premises on which the water is
to be used. Lot -05, the property of
the applicant.
Ths purpose for which the water is
to bs used.     Irrigation.
If for irrigation, describe tlie laud
Intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage. Low beach laud, about 120
Area of Grown Lands to be occupied by tbe proposed works.     None.
This notice was posted oa the Uh
day of December, 1.10, and application will be made to the Commis
sioner on tha ITth of January,  1.11.
dive the names and addresses of
•ar riparian proprietors or licenses
likely to be aflected by the proposed
worke, either above or below the outlet. Canadian I'aciilc Railway Co.,
Lot 4190, Oroup 1, Kootenay district
Cranbtvok, B. 0.
Notice is hereby giveu that-SO days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief OottVmt sal oner of Lauds
for License to prospect for coal and
petroleum over the following lands,
situato in tlio District of South East
Kootenay, ilritish Columbia, iu Lot
('ommencing at a post planted at
or near three miles due east of the
34 Mile Post on the C.P.R. survey
line, which is the western houndary
of Lot 4.r)M, and heing tbe northeast corner post of Wnlter J. Abbs'
claim, thence south 80 chains, thence
west eighty ehains, theuce north 80
chains, tlience east eigbty chains to
point of commencement, making 640
acres,   more  or  less.
Located this 12th day of October,
Walter J.  Abbe, Locator
Kathen W.  Butts,  Agent.
William E. Butts, Witness. 50-3
A. Doyle, and Fred. Hinmore, of
Fort Steele, were transacting husiness at Cranbrook Wednesday.
I). Mcintosh, of Trout Lake, was
registered at the Cosmopolitan Friday.
P. Larsen, of Spokane, and Herb.
Thrasher, of Hamilton, were guests
at the Cranbrook Thursday.
CHRIST CHURCH.-Wntch-night
service Saturday evening at eleven-
thirty. Celebration of the Holy
Communion after midnight,
Sunday Service,—Feast of the Cir-
umcisslon Jan. lst. Holy Communion at 8 a. m. Matins nml Holy
Communion at 11 a. m. Evening
service at 7-30 p. m.
license No. 1144, and marked Jamas
Gill's north west corner post, tbence
east HO chains, thence south SO chaius
theuce west 80 chains, theuce north
80 chains to tbe place of beginning.
Joseph Saulter, Ageut.
Located this Litb day of Novembei',
1910. 48-51!
Located   5th  day
Daily,  J_iii-ator.
N,   D.illy,   Agent,
f  October,   1910.44-52
- NOTICE is hereby giveu that an
ppHcatton will be made under Part
V. of the "Water Act, 1909," to ob
tain a liceuce iu the Cranbrook Water District.
 _ i    ^   -pntJ mim0| address   and oceu-
NOT1CK is herehy given that thirty | pattern of the applicant Upper Moyie
days after the first publication oil Electric Company, Limited. Head
this notice, 1 inteud to apply to oflice, Cranbrook, li. 0, Capital
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and i$5U,000 divided into 5,000 shares of
Works, and to the Assistant Com- jsiO each. Objects of the Company
mlssloner of   Lands and    WorkB for'include: The acquisition, holding, en
NOTICB is herehy  given     that   30
daya alter dnte  1 Intend to apply to
lie Honorable Chief Commissioner ot
Lands for a license     to prospect   for
oal and petroleum     over the following lands, situate in    the district   of
Southeast  Kootenay,   British Columbia, In Lot 4593;
Commencing at a   post planted   at
r near eleven miles due east of the
I mile post on C.  P.  It. syrvey liue,
.imh is the western boundary of l_ot
593, and being the northeast corner
ost of   Bathen    W.     Butts'    claim,
hence     south    eighty    i80>     chains,
hence west eighty (50) chains, thence
orth eighty iSO) chains, thence east
Ighty (80) chains   to the    point   of
ommencement j     making 040     acres,
norc or less.
BATHEN W.    BUTTS, Locator,
Willium E. Butts, Agent.
Halph L. Burllngham, Witness.     37
.ocatod this llth day of June, 1910.
1.   R.   A.Frohteveauz,
tie,  Washington,   Intend
Assistant  Commissioner
Works nf   Oast   Knoter
Nurse, ot Seat-
to apply to the
uf I-a mi a and
y   District,      far
Notice Is heroby given that 00 days
after date, t intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
for License to prospect for coal and
petroleum over the following lands,
situate in the District of Soutb East
Kootonay, British Columbia, in Lot
('ommencing at a post planted at
or near three miles due east of the
34 Mile Post on the C.P.R. survey
line, which is the western boundary
of Lot 4593, and being the northwest coruer post of F. Charles Bassett's claim, thoace south eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains,
thence north eighty chains, thenco
west eighty chains to point of commencement, making .40 acres, more
or less. '
Located this lilli Say of October,
F. Oharles Bnssett, Locator
Eathen  W.  Butts, Afent.
William K. Butts,  Witness. 50-3
Notiee le hereby given that (0 days
alter date, 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
for Licsose to prospect for coal and
petroleum over the following lanns,
situate in the District of South Baat
Kootenay, British Columbia, ln Lot
Commencing at a post planted at
or near three miles due east of tbe
14 Mils Post on the C.P.R. survey
Une, which is ths western boundary
•af Lot 4113, and being the south
Watt corner post nf Isaac W. Anderson's claim, thence north RO
chains, thence east 80 chains, thenre
aouth 80 ehains, thence west 80
chains to the point of commence-
msst, making 840 acres, mors or
LoeatM this l.th day of October,
Isaac W.  Anderson,  Locator
Rathen W. Butts,  Agent.
William B. Butts, Witness. 50-3
Aawettlse ln the Pfaspeotor.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days after the tlrst publication of
tbis notice, I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner uf Lands and Wurks for
tlie district of East. Kootenay, for a
license  to  prospect  for coal and  pe-
rolouu. on the folluwlng described
lands, situate iu block 4503 East
Commencing at n post planted on
the South Kootenay Pass trail
about a mile east of the forks of
Kishenehnu and Akamina creek,
marked Joseph Saulter's South Fust
corner post: theuce west SO chains;
thence nurth Ht) chains; thonce oast
80 chains; thenre south 80 chains to
place of beginning.
JOSEPH   SAULTER,   Locator.
located this 12th dHy of November,
1910. 4H-52
At the Opera House
' Our local managers are quite busy
at present, arranging tbeir "menu"
for the present season. Of course of
all the first-class attractions scheduled to appear at the Opera House
for Tuesday 3rd January, 1911, none
will be welcomed more generously
than "The Burgomaster," with that
sterling actor, Gus C. Weinburg as
Peter Stuyvesant, the old governor
of New Amsterdam. Pi xley and
Luder have written many musical
successes, namely: "Prince of I'ilsen"
"King Dodo," "Woodland," aud
"Grand Mogul," but it was the
greatest of all these, "The Burgomaster" that they scored their flrst
great and everlasting triumph. The
present season's offering is the new
edition of this musical masterpiece,
and manager Cullcn has given it a
sumptions mounting.
A real and no mistake beauty show
is "The Burgomaster," the big
musical attraction at the Opera
House. It is said that "The Burgomaster," hns more beautiful girls
than any other musical show ou the
rond. A splendid cast is promised
with Gus Weinburg as Peter Stuyvesant, tbe old one-legged governor of
New Amsterdam.
the district of East Kootenay, for a
license to prospect for conl aud petroleum on the following described
lands, situate iu Block 4593 East
■ Commencing at a  post planted  ou
the    Soutb  Kootenay    Pass    wagon
oad, on Akamlna creek, about four
miles east of the forks of Kisbeneh-
a aud Akamina creek, being east uf
ud adjoining James Gill's location,
nd marked Mary A. Thomas' uorth
ast corner    post,     thence south 80
Iiains,  tbence west 80 cbains, thence
orth    80     chains,    thence     east 80
bains to the place of beginning.
MARY A. THOMAS, Locator.
Joseph Saulter, Agent.
Located this  12th day of November,
1910. 48-52
joy men t ami ejeercise, subject to tho
provisions of the "Water Act, 1910,"
of all rights, powers, privileges ami
priorities in or by part 1\., or otherwise by the said Act, couferod upon
power cumpanteHr'fiu fur as the com
pany may deem the same necessorj
lor  its purposes or  any  ol  them.
(b) The name of the lake, stream
or source.     Moyie River.
(c) Tho point of diversion, at foul
of Ryder Bar ahout 7 miles upstream
from Railway bridge at Swansea.
(d) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic leet per second) 196
cubic feet.
(e) Tbe character of tho proposed
works.     Dam,   pipe line,  Hume, ami
Local option leaders announce that
in spite of the severe setback experienced in Prince Rupert nnd In Chilli*
wack, petitions for a reference to
the people of the question ns to
whether or not the, Canada Temperance (Scott) act shall be substituted
for the present provincial high
licence and strict regulation plan
will at once be circulated in Victoria,
New Westminster and the Slocan
district. Thc backers nf tbe move
ment desire also to see a poll iu
Vancouver city but action will not,
be taken there at the present time.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days nfter tbe first publication ol
this notipe, I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lauds and Works for
the district ot East Kootenay, for a
license to prospect tor coal and petroleum on the following described
lauds, situate in Block 4593 East
Commencing at a post plauted on
he South Kootenay Pass wagon
road on Akamina creek, ahout four
miles east of the lorks of Kishenehna and Akamina creek, being east of
nd adjoining Mary A. Thomas' lo-
atioti, and marked Robert J. Case-
icnt's north west corner post,thence
east 80 chains, theuce soutb 80
halus, tbence west 80 chaius, tbence
north 80 chains to the place of beginning.
Joseph Saulter, Agent.
Located this  I2tb day  of November,
1910. 48-52
 .  Members   of   the    Lord's   Day  Al
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty linnce, In a mooting held iu Toronto,
days after    the lirst   publication    of snid th.* the golf links of that city
this notice,   l   Intend*   to apply   to were crowded on Sundays! tlmt now
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and the toboggan slides were patronized
Works, and    to the    Assistant Com on thc Lord's   Dny, and that bridge
missloner of    Lands ami    Worka for was played for   money on    the "duy
the district, of East Kootenny, for a Of rest." Truly the    Lord's Dny Al-
license to prospect for coal aud pe- llance docs not seem to have a grent
troleum on the     following described sway.
NOTIOB is hereby given that thirty
days after the first publication of
this notice, I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to tbe Assistant Commissioner of Lands nml Works for
thc district of East Kootenuy, for a
license to prospect, for coal and petroleum on thc following described
lands, situate in Block 4593 East
Commencing at a post planted on
the South Kootenay Pass wagon
rond on Akamina creek, about four
miles oast of the forks of KlBhonob-
na nnd Akamina creek, being north
of nnd .adjoining Mary A. Thomas'
location, nnd marked Agnes Gill's
south east, comer post, tbence went
HO chains, thence north 80 cbains,
hence enst 80 chains, thenee soilih
80 chains to the place of beginning!
AGNES GILL, Locntor.
Joseph Saulter, Agent.
Located this Uth day of'November,
1910. 48*62
on to purchase tho following
Ueginnl-iTj at a. post plaated at
iVi corner of Lot 7850 mid mark-
A. Proldeveaux's S-B, corner:
-ii ota-lns north, thence i4._:o
west, thonce HO eliuins south.
11.20 chains enst to point ol
cement,    and      containing    11 tt.fi
ll.   A.   Froideveauj*,  Locator.
1.   N,   Dull,,    Agenl.
.Mil day of octotior, 1010 41 _a
:ky Mountain Chapter |
in   liacb   month   at  uigbt
I in My
ng   Companions   ar<-
H. SHORT, Scribe tt |
ll\2       CKANHROOK, II. f!.
..«-•*•*. _»_-._•*-
-,.''-■■'■   :■-
1 b | h
WKfW.iii        ■■■■'■'■ '.,,
®M,,r>. \,-,ii.
'' v . ''/      « '.
**•V,   •■'   «    'H*
jgftgK. ■ •;, -
. *-nV:'7 is 7 ■<   ■:■..■-.  '
__5__l-_^.i_d:..„- ___,
'-:    - „£«_  PATMORE BROS. =a^a"
Malleable     Wumbttig  and   Heatl«g Engineers   &™ Alta
Malleable „THE RANGE STORE" and Koote"
■ fOll  Railg© us A CLASS BY THBMSBLVB§—FIRST-CLASS t1.9y RfitlgeS
_Bg-E_M-SS_aB--C .■
If not, you had better get busy and
hare one.
tor the -inoker at the
E   H. Brown, Proprietor
Oklfar*; Regina Mott. ol Wheal
Centre. Alberta, .lolin Mutt, ol Wheat
Centra, Alberts] anil the Hrihsli Co
luinbie. Southern  Hallway.
chas a aotnmuNa
BpoMni, waah
Hi Kealt* Buuatn..
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious
for Dinner
U a aaa had % hard day.
bul his tirad body and
faggad brain will be
ch«ar»J by thu tight and ta-le
of a nice cut of baefatea.,
dona to a turn and sarvad up
with tome of thoaa fresh
onioua. Wa know tha uut
which will suit bim exactly.
shall we sand it *
***************** ** t ■■* *
LOCAL  NEWS       |
************** •■•■»♦
0. O.   Staples,  ot Wyellfla,  waa    In
tha oity  Moiitlay.
Allan    Manson.
town Tuasday.
of  Jaffray,  waa in
P.   BURNS  &  CO.
P-OBS   11
The Quain Electric Supply Co
P. O. las l
Be .ure and see our assortment of
Everything for
The    Smoker!
A. Naalitnu, ol Wyulifle, waa in the
city Tuesday.
Hen Wmleu, o( Port Steele, was in
town Tuesday,
ll. S. Beanlsley, of Rtko, ivas in
the city Tneaday.
I A. McDonald, A. W. Lutner, J. L.
Crowe and 0, Woodman, ol Moyie,
spent Christmas in Cranbrook.
' s. 8. Spelman and B. C. Spelman,
of Plncher Creek, were Cranbruuk
visitors on Christmas day.
1 Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVtttie, and
Mlsa Galbraith, of Kort Steele, were
Cranbrook visitors Sunday last.
| D. Tye, H. B. Stevens, and Wm.
Barchfl, of Wardner, were in the
city Saturday last.
1 Gust Theis, was down from Perry
Creek thla week spending the holidays with friends in the city.
Chas. Knight, of Winnipeg, was
transacting uuslnesa in the town
I W. J. Barr, J. J. Ward, J. Cameron, and J. Gallagher, of Kimberley,
were In town Monday.
' H. Gamble, and K. D. Stinson, of
Moyle were guests at tke Cranhrook
< W. V. Handera and J. Barman, of
Medicine Hat, were at tbe Oranbrook
i George Watson, of Fort Steele,
spent several daya this week with
friends at Cranbrook.
; The Christmas mall was exceptionally heavy at the Poat-ofllce during the holidays.
A number of pleasure seekers irom
Cranbrook attended a dance at Wasa
on Monday evening.
*********************\ Mr. and Mrs. wTV. Cameron celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of
their wedding Monday evening. Some
twenty invited guests were In attendance.
Wa hare the beat line of ftmnlcer'i
Article, iu Sombeaat  Kootenay...
Choice Cigars* and Tobaccos
Cigar-Holders and Pipes.
The Tobacconist
NOTIOB is harsh. (Ira. tke. M dart
sitae data t Intend lo apply to ma H..n.
Chief Ooaualesloasr of Leads for a
lleeaae to prospeet lee coal and petroleum over the following land. aitutM
In the District of Southeast -outsaay,
Britlah Columbia,  la Lot 459S:
Cnmateociag at a (oat plaated at ol
aear I MM due east of tha as ratio poet
oa is. 0. V. tt. stires- lias which la the
woetaro boundary nf Lot twn anil being the southeast cornor post of Mary
_. Wilton's claim, thanes north oighty
(•S) a salsa; thesco aeet eighty (80)
chains; thence aoulli al.bty (BO) oaalnS;
thence east eighty (SO) ohalns to tke
point of couiuieucoiaeat, making SS0
acraa, more or lata.
MARV  _.  WILSON,  Locator.
Nathan W.  butta.  Afsat.
William K.  Butta, Wltnaaa.
Located this lst Day of September 191U
Tha mode ol nominal ion of candidates ahall  In- aa follows:
"The candidates' khall be noiuina-
ted in writing; tin' writing shall be
subscribed hy two voters ol the Mu-
hlclpsllty, aa proposer am) seconder;
and shall iir delivered to the Iteturu-
tng Officer at any time between tbe
date of the notice and :; p.m. (i p.m.
local time) ol the day of the nomination, nnd in event ol a pull being
necessary, such poll will he opened
on the 12th day ol January. 1911, at
the Municipal Offices, Maker Street,
Craubrook, ll.C. from the hour of 9
o'clock a.m.. (Ill o'clock local time)
and 7 p.m. (a p.m. local time)
of which every person is hereby required to take notice and govern
himself accordingly.
The iiimlitlcations Iiy law required
to he possessed by the candidates for
the offlce of Mayor are aa follows:—
The persons u.uu!ihed to be nominated for and elected as Mayor of
the City shall he such persons as
are male Britlah subjects of the full
age of twenty-one years, and are not
disqualified under any law, and have
been for ths six mouths next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner in the Land Registry
| Olllce, of land or real property In tbe
city of the aasessed value on the last
! municipal assessment roll, of one
thousand t dollars or more, over and
above any registered judgment or
charge, and who are otherwise duly
qualified as municipal voters, 1906.
c. :12. s. H.
The qualldcationa by law required
tu be possessed by the candidates for
the office uf School Trustees are as
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen ol
the City ahall be such persons as are
male British subjects of the full aga
of twenty-one years, and are not disqualified under any law, and have
been for the six months next preceding tbe day of nomination tha registered owner in the Land Registry
Office, of land or real property IH tba
city of the asaeased value on the last
Municipal assessment roll, of lea
hundred dollars or more over aad
above any registered judgment or
charge, and who are otberwtee duly
qualified aa Municipal voters. (1906,
r. 2!, s. 14).
The qualifications hy law required
to be possessed by the candidates (or
ths office of Sebool are as follows:—
1 Any person being a householder la
the School District, and being a
British Subject of tha full aga of
twenty-one years and otherwise qualified by this Act to rots at an election of School Trustees In the School
District, shall be eligible to be elsc-
tad to serve as a School Trustee Hi
sucb Munlcipsl District. (1905, e 41,
a. tt) 1906, c. 39, s. 25.)
No Trustee shall hold tha offlce at
teacher within tbe District of which
he is a trustee; provided always that
no clergyman of any ilenominatkla
shall be eligible for the position of
iSuperintendent, Inspector, Teacher,
or Truatee. (190S, c. II, s. 106.)
\ "Householder" in the case of Municipal School Districts shall mean
ahd include any person ot the loll
age ol twenty-one yeara who occupies
a dwelling, tenement, hotel or hoarding bouse, or any part or portion of
a dwelling, tenement, hotel or boarding-house and wliu shall, unless w-
srapt by Statute or Municipal By-
Law, have paid directly to tlio Municipality, rates, taxes, or fees of
not lass than two dollars for ths
currant yssr. (1906, c 39, s. a.)
Oiven under my band at the Olty
ot oraabrook, thla list day of Bs-
cembsr, A. D. 1910.
Returning officer.
NOTIOB ii hereby given i««t 10 day*
altar data 1 intend to appl) l.i tha Hnu.
Chief Commissioner ol Lauds for a
tlcsASS to proapect (or ooal au.l petroleum over the lollowing landa, aiLu.be
in Ilia Distriel of Southeast -uotebay.
Ih'iLish   Coluuihia,   in   l.ot   SOPd:
Cniniaocing at a poal plant*) ,t or
near 5 miles dua eaat uf tlie SO mile puat
on iha C. P. It. survey Una which ia tha
western houndary ol l.ot 4098 and !»-
lug the N. W.corner poat of Kathen a.
llutt'a claim, thence aoulh olghty (So,
chaina; thence eaat eighty (HOj chaina;
thonco north .1,1,1, kso, chaina. tlience
weat eighty (80) chaina to the point of
coiumoncamsnt, making (ito acraa, motor  leas.
EATHEN   W.   BUTTS,   Locator.
William  B.  Bafts,   Wliaaaa.
Leasts* this lal Its,  st [•apveuib.i lilto
NOTICB is hereby given (Sot III daya
sftor dsta I Intend to apply to the Hon
Chief Commiaaiotiec .if Landa for &
licenae to proapact for coal and petroleum o\«r the following i«„da. aituate
la the lilatrlct of Southeaat KooUnay,
British Columbia, in Lot s.yjji:
Commencing   at   a post  planlod  .t  or
••1 .'1 milaa dua wuat of the Uii tulle poal
on tho 0. P. K. survey Hue which la the
wsatt'iu boundary of Lot 4oV9 aod being tlie eouthweat curner poat of Sam
"Sl I'. Wilson's claim, thonce north
eighty iSO) oliaiiia thence eust eiaiill
1.80) cbaina: thence aouth eia-hly (80)
chaina;    thence   west   eighty     (SU)   olmtua
0 tha point ot I'ouiiiiaiireuiMil. omkirig
040 acrea, more or leaa.
SAMUEL P.  WILSON,  Locator.
Eetbeu   W.   llutta.   Agent.
William  B.  Butta,   Wltnoaa.
Located  thia lat Ilay  of September ltflo
Cranbrook Orchestral
ii prepared ,u ftuct.pt AiitfMgvuuaint ll
lu lurril.ti tuuslu for
iildrete Couunuotcatians u»
Phone 187 P. O. U01 141
Cranhrook, •     B. ('
W. R.   BEATT.
Funeral Director,
w. cline
—ij —
(II tliu t>lJ   Minlw-a   Barber
S-'.i- imii _i>»> ._ rum. i in tho
MOTICB is herehy giveu that aa
apphtatlun will i>t rnailt undei Pftrt
V. of tha -'Water Act, 190.," to obtain a licence in the Cr anbrook Wat
ar Ulatrict.
(ii The name, aildreai and occupa-
Moa of tbe applicant; Cbaa. K Kort
•rllnc, 426 Realty Jiidti, Hpokaua,
Washington.   (Keal   Kutate   Agent.}
(li) The name of ttie lake, it.re.a__
or ■uur«e.     Klk river.
(ft) The point of rtiverelofi. (m
aloiifh about 1,000 feet up-itream
froM the Canadian F'aclfle depot, at
ale*  C.  P.  R.  pumping itatlon.
(d) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per eetnnd) One
■nmlreil  twenty Am
Ui The rfaaracter of the propoaea
worke Irrigat.mn. pumping plant.
iQmw and dltehea to be eonatructai
offer Lot* 7140. nit,. TOOK aad into.
ff) The premlaes on whleh the wa
tar ia to he need, Lota 1*04, MM,
(anW.    NM,    MM,    ta**w,    airwe,    *•"#■,
|I1M,    lltt,    WM,    1100,    »U,    illl,
• lst, ll»l, 111. 7WI, fill, 7IM,
Group 1 Kootsnay district.
I (f) Ths purpose for which iha
watei Is to bs used Irrigation.
| (hi If for Irrigation dsscrlbs ths
laud intended to bs irrigated, gii'iuf
aersage, about 1,000 acrss, bolng
uid Lots 640a, IMS, (UT, IJSII. 1,41)2,
(407, «li(, 19116, IIBI till, 4119, MOO,
1969, 1.111, C194, 4191, 119, 76U, 7119,
and 7110.
|   (ll Arsa of drown land intsn.ad to
bs occupied  by  ths proposed wi>rks.
|   Iki This antics waa posted nt ths
'  day of Dsesmbsr,     1110,   and
; application will lis mads to tha C'om-
ralHlonsr on ths 10th day of January, 1911, at two o'clock la tha attar
| (I) lilts ths aanat and aldrsaaaa
of aa; riparian prearrstors • r II-
essssaa who or whose lands ars
llksly to lal affaeted by ths propoasd
'works, sithsr ahors or lislow iha
'assist      Psaisrtsfc    t. talwalt,    af
Corporation of the City
I'llBMC NOTICK is herehy given
to ths Klectors of ths Municipality
of ths city of Oranbrook, that I require ths preaance of the said electors
at the Municipal Offices on Baker
rltreet, in the City of Crauhrook, on
the ninth day of January, 1911, at
U o'clock noon (1 p. m. local time),
for ths purpoae of electing persons to
represent tliani In the Municipal
Council aa Mayor and Alderman; and
publto notice la further given to the
Electors of the Cranhrook Sohool
District, that I require the preaance
of the said electore at the aatae place
aad time for the purpose of electing
psrsons to represent them on tha
Board of School Trustess lor the
Cranbrook Bchool District aa- aueb
School Truitsss.
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tlrw Applltd
To Buggy WbeeW
NOTIUfi i_ Uarehy tfiV_n that aa ap-
[i-teatioii will be made under fiurt V. or
tbe "Water Act, iyo»," to oW41li ft
UoiBM lu the Craifliniok Water Diatrict.
(*) The Bam*, addrew, nnd dft-Bpatlot,
ol the applicaut. B. 0. Hydraulic Tow-
er Corupany. Limiti'd, ile«d office, \ tui
eourer, II. c. Uapital #li»,Uuo divided
-p latu  10(10 eheree.
The otijecti ur the company include:
1*ae aixiuiittloa by parch.-ae or racon.
ar nthei-wlie o. water and water power,
fti-d or reeoPded or unrecurded water
end the application of ench water mad
water power rur pruducing nnd ewnei-aV'
ting el_c.nc.tj and for the purpose __td
lh the manner an<l method* _et lortii ia
-etetlrtit 188 of tb* Water Aut, lOtf. nml
generally to ewerci-e end carry out alt
tea powert an« pnrllegei cotierred up-
oo    Power    CompaDiee  by laid      Water
Act. lime.
(b) Th- acme of the lake, itreain or
eourct. l-.lk RiTer.
(c) The point of diversion 8700 feet
•boot, ahort poit oa west bank marked
Sf 1_. 327 K.V. L. Co., th» natural
level of water being raited fr«m there to
point  D700 feet up etream.
(d) fhe ijuanttty ol water applied for
(la cubic feet per eecond)  500 outilc feet
kr eC-ond.
(e) Thif character of tlie proposed
works, li.irrn, pipee. dunitta. tuaneli power houeea, hydraulic and electi-tcal plant.
The wnter to be uaed for the purpose
Of  lho   i.'oiupany'a   undertaking.
ig)     I'he purpoae for   whi.b tbe warter
i to be used, generation of aleotrlcei
(i)  If the watet la to  iM used lor po»-
' or -lining purji.ieet, Ueacrlbe the
placn whore the water ie to lid returned
to eouiit natural channel, and the difTer-
i iu altitude between point ol dlrer-
alon ami point of return Water will
be returned ahout 17<)0 feat above the
aouth en.T comer ol Lot tat. Oroup \.
diffePM,ir in eltltuda betwoon point ot
dlverulna and return 1mh feet, aatural,
300 f.fl   from creet   oi dam  to tall  race.
0) Arm of Grown land intended to lie
occupied  by  the  proposed   works,     Noa*.
(k> This notice wae puHtett on lhe
tial day of Octol«r. IWIO, anil apitll-a-
tion will lie matin to the Cumuilrtsiiuner
oo the 3fttb day of DeceWber,  1010,
(1) Ulva the names, and wldreaMe of
any riparian jtroprlatore or llcunriefis
who ur whose lauds are likely lo iw
affected by thn propound works, uithsir
atiove ur train* tho Outlet. Konttway
Va'lley Laud Ootupany, -Nelson, li 0.
U. B Watson, Fort Steele, B. (J.; lieu
rue  Hofgarlh,   Ormtorook,     R.  C;   Wll-
hain   H    It    Fernie,   ll. ,<;.;      ItmiM
Ooifdwyn   and   Harnnt   Nelson.
ti.   (J.   Hydraulic     1'ower   Coininuiy,
Wloob   Building
Vancouver.  B.  0.
r, O. Address. Oranbrook, B. ti.
Per W. V.    auKD, tts iloHcltor,
Note—One cubic foot per ■ernnd la
equivalent   to   a.'..71   miner's  inches.
Pirat I HdaB  Woi'k  iu
all   bran.•!!«.   of  the
' | Tonsorial   Art! •
\ We Deal in IL very thing From
]   a Needle to *\ Locomotive
.Joseph H. McLean
i All kinds of Second-Hand Oooila
Furoitar. a SPECIALTY.
Safe's Old   3t»nii. Hitiiaoii Ava
ft ' '   *"^
! Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
Repairing a Specialty.
Phoat SO     •   •   •     P. o. Boi ill.
tor   Sals nr Rant at llsaaoBaM.
Officsjft Wor_shfjj)-»Lewi» St>
»koas No. II.
NOTICB la lierahe (Ives that 10 Say.
after date 1 iiiteitil to apple te the lion.
Chief I'lunmleairiner  nf      Landa     Mr    a
Irenes lo proapeel. for cnal and petroleum over the foilnwinff landa, aituate
in tha niatrlm ol Houthsaat Kootsnay.
nritlsh OoliftllHIa, in l.ot. anutt-
t'oiiiiiiaiirlna* .1 a pnat plaiiteit st or
aaar 5 mile, dua east of the SR mile poal
on Iha 0. I*. It. aurvey line wbleh is ths
western boundary of l.ot .Mis, aad ha-
ln| the N. Sl. forner post of rianlel Pl.
Bllncaite claim tiienee eolith etirhty (Hill
rlielna: thsnne weal eighty (AO) ohalsa;
then'- north eighty (SO) ahaine; tlisnra
east eighty (A0l chaina tn tha poWtf of
Sonuneaastiiant, making Mil ar.ree, mora
or less.
n»WlKl,  R.   HJfHIBN'a, Locator.
FlatHsa W. Butts. Agaa*.
wuuaa> a. Buna, Wftaais.
Usaaa. tats m Oar sf asaastahsr mo
They last a lifetime and cost
very little mure than throw!'
ogether, i-atchpenny, clieai
rrtachities, Sold on .mai
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Annstroaf Aveaus.
Ptiuue 1ST. Oraabroak, B.O
■ a
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Cream and
Home Made Candy
To Trade
Twenty-five acre, of g<w
Fruit Land, throe mile* from
Cranlirook. 13. C, for on«
Heavy Team of Horse*, not
under twelve hundred pound J
and not over eight years old.
Am.v To
Cran-rsjok     -      ■      B. C.


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