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The Prospector Apr 16, 1910

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Array t.r-irr 11 i,»g, a.
Rock Slide   Throws Engine From Track.
Wrecking Crew Worked
Heroically to Extricate
Imprisoned Man.
A fatal accident occured on the
Clow's Nest branch, about three
miles cuBt ol Fernie, at 4 o'clock
Monday niorniiiK, by which engineer
Kdward Roberts lost bin ltle. At the
hour named engine VH8 m charge ol
Mr. Roberts and (U'omau Selliy, and
drawing only a caboose witb. conductor ttlirron, wns nearlng the Kernie
Lumber compnny's mill, when a rock,
sliilti came down on the track immediately in front of thc train.
Ueforo the engine could be stopped
it crashed into tlie obstruction, and
was thrown from thc track. Engine
and tender turned over, nnd fell down
a seven loot bank and was partially
auhmerged In the creek.
The fireman was thrown through
tlie cab window into tbe stream and
after he had heen carried 100 feet
down the stream was able to reach
thc Bhore. Thc engineer, however
was pinned underneath thc wreck
and wns not released until ten
o'clock in the morning when life wns
extinct, thc unfortunate man having
died nbont 8 o'clock.
Superintendent Drownloo was soon
on the spot with a wrecking outfit,
accompanied hy Dr. Douglas Corsan.
Constable Sampson, and other officials and the work ol rescue was immediately commoncod. The wrecking
crew worked heroically aiid did everything in their power to reach the imprisoned engineer, but owing to the
position ot the engine the work was
most difficult and dangerous.
Por upwards of two hours he
in agony and those about him could
hear his voice as they tolled frantically to relieve him. The rescuors became almost hysterical in the lace of
a borror they were powerless to prevent as they had no appliances to extricate the poor fellow who, game to
thc last ol his most agonizing extremity, died belorc the engine was
IJftjd off him.
His remains was brought to Crnn
brook on the Soo-Spokitne westbound train, and taken lu charge by
undertaker W. R. Bcatty.
Engineer Roberts was on ol the
most popular men in Crnnbrook, a
prime favorite, well liked hy every
body. He was recently promoted tn
thc position ol engineer, nnd was
considered a most capable and care
lul man. The fireman escaped without Injury. •
Tho lunoral ol tbe late Edward
Roberts, the engineer, who wns killed
In an accident on tlie Crow Hue, two
miles uast ol Pernle, on Monday
morning, took place Wednesday alter
noon. The attendance wns large, tbo
Btores were closed, many proprietors
and clerks attending tbc funeral.
Tho funeral wns held from tbe
Presbyterian church, thc Hev. C. 0.
Main officiating. The funeral procession wns headed by the Crnnbrook
band, and fully bull a mile In length.
The Brotherhood Of Locomotive En
gineers; Brotherhood of Locomotive
Firemen and Engine Men; Brotherhood ol Railway Conductors, and
Railway Trainmen,; also the Knights
ol Pythias1 escorted the remains to
tho grave.
Tbc Ladies Auxiliary: to tlie.U. ol
L. E., and the- Pythian Sisters lol
lowed In carriages.
The floral tributes were many, and
a special vehicle, tilled to over-flowing preceded tbe hearse, '■   ," "
The time o( thc funeral was about
i •> m.i the eastbound train being
]*ic, was standing at the station,
as the funeral cortege slowly wended
its way, across the track, to,the
Conductor Arthur Martin, ns the
funeral procession approached, instructed the engineer not to pull out
until thn last enrringe has passed.
The train was delayed ten minutes.
Both sides of Baker street wns
lined with people, who with bowed
heads paid their last tribute to the
late Edward Roberts,: who wns one
of thc most respected citizens nl
Cranbrook, and almost the cnl lie
population of thc elty wan either at
the church, ln the procession, or
witnessed the procession ns It passed
to tho cemetery.
Limited Flyer Piles Up, all but one
Coach Beiug Derailed.
Spokane, April IS. Running at
hall its usual speed over a stretch of
track where ordinarily from .".0 to til)
miles ls made with tlie Sdo-Spokano
limited passenger, which left this
city at 10 o'clock yesterday morning,
was derailed 111 miles west ol Sand*
I oint, Idaho, about 11 o'clock. The
low speed prevented serious damage,
although every coach but tile observation left the trucks. Had the train
heen going as is usual at this point,
trainmen say, nothing could have
prevented the coaches pilling up with
a long list ot fntnlitics.
Only one man, Express Messenger
E. O, Whitney of Spokane wns hurt.
He dodged a Hying safe, only to be
bit on the stomach by an ice crenm
Ireezer. It wns lirst thought he had
suffered internal injuries, hut at the
Sacred Heart hospital last night it
was said tbat his injuries were not
The baggage car, the first to leave
the track, was tilted to one side. It
struck n stump, which ripped out nil
ot one side, and which kept the rest
ol the train Irom shooting off the
tracks at an angle. The smoker and
the dny coach were packed with immigrants, but there were no injuries.
The rear truck of the tender left
tbe mils, but tlie engine managed to
keep tbe trnck and to break away
fiom tbe rest of the train, keeping
tho other cars irom piling up behind
Tbe trnck wus torn up for a long
distance, the mils being twisted nnd
the ties splintered. The passengers
were taken on board a special train
sent out from Spokane and brought
back to this city. They will leave nt
10:30 this motning.
Passengers say tbe roadbed at the
point ol the wreck is not in proper
condition for tbe heavy trains which
run .over lt. The ties, they sny. are
if "Dull" pine, which rots ([ulckly,
and tho ballast is inadequate.
A spreading rail is blamed by the
company's officials for the accident!
The tender truck is thought to have
left the rails llrst.
Finance Committe Makes
Monthly Report.
Give Free  Site,  Exempt
Taxes, Free Water to
Y. M. C. A.
See Box and Cox, Uym, Thursday.
Will Not Hold Conservative Convention in June.
Ottnwn, April 12.--The general committee ol 50 which had in hand tbe
preliminary arrangements fur the
Conservative convention which was
to have met here no.xt June, decided this alternoon to report to the
caucus that it be postponed. The
caucus meets again in the morning
nnd the (eport of the committee will
be adopted. While the convention
has been postponed from tbe dato
originally set it is not likely that
it will he hold this year
Mr. Borden was enthusinstically
endorsed ns leader ot the p.\rty nt a
prolonged caucus ot Conservative
members, George H. Perley, M. P.
for Argenteuil, presiding. There wns
no half beartedness about tbe matter and a resolution was unanimously pnssed amid loud cheers, expressing Implicit confidence in Mr. Borden's administration It was the
most enthusiastic caucus held this
There seems to hnve been no renl
foundation for nny report of dissen-
tion In thc Conservative pnrty ns
lo the leadership ol R. I.. Borden,
ihe caucus exprossing confidence in
Mr. Borden ns the lender ol thc Liberal-Conservative party uni! Us unanimous desire that he should continue
to hold thnt. position, nnd pledgod
to him Its allegiance nnd loyalty.
01 Military Matters the General
Chicago, April 14, Lord Kitchener
of Khartoum, became "Kitchener of
Chicago" lor exactly one hour und
thirty minutes today. Surrendering
grncelully to n surprise attack by a
reporter who hoarded tbe train on
tho outskirts of the elty, Lord Kitchener asked and answered uuestlotis
with good humor.
On military matters, the general
sp„ke guardedly, saying: "One must
he cnrclttl, when a thoughtless word
might be wrongly taken to menu
something I did not intend it to.
"As to Canndn's military luturc; I
have not visited Canadn. I see no
aggressiveness in tho luture so fat-
as Canada is concerned. The little
nnvy tbey arc building up there is
only that they may sleep a little
easier o' nights. One rests better
with a "Bobby" walking around the
s(|itarc. I suppose they will some
day begin to increase the nrmy there
just for the same reason.
"I see no reason that International
pence should not continue fr0m this
very moment. One never knows,
however, when something mny stir
up trouble and war does not oil en
announce itsell Inr in advance. It is
nlways better to keep one's powder
Tito geninl Joe Carter, who wns
lormerly C, P. U. pnwscnger agent at
Nelson, and Inter representing the
company, in the same capacity, at
Hpnkatie, has been appi.intod city
passenger ngent at Winnipeg. "Joe"
ls one ol the most popular men In
thc British Columbia railway service,
A meeting ol the city council was
held in thc council chamber on Wednesday evening. There were present,
Mayor Pink; nnd Aldermen Patmore,
(.recti, Hunt, Johnson and Campbell.
Records ot last meeting were read,
and on motion of Aldermen Oreen
and Pntmore, adopted as read.
There being a deputation present.
wishing to confer with the council
re the Y. M. C. A. building; on motion of Aldermen Hunt and Jackson
they were permitted to address the
W. H. Wilson, representing the
board ol trndo; Gcorgo Johnson,
representing the B. ol L. E., and
Alderman Hunt, representing thc
Brotherhood ol Railway Conductors
and Ira Manning: in brief but effective sppeeches set forth the benefits
which would accrue to the city il the
Y. M. C: A. building was constructed inside the corporative limits of
the city.
A communication Irom Superin-
dettt Brownlce ot the C. P. R., re
tho oiler ol a tree site lor the Y. M.
0, A. building, as to whether the
ofter of thc city still held good.
A communicntion from thc Board
of Trnde, re the lighting ol the road
between the city limits nnd Uie St.
Eugene hospital; wns on motion ol
Aldermen Johnron. and Campbell referred to tbe Fire and Police committee.
A communication Irom Government Agent J. P. Armstrong, re the
expense ol furnishing light, luel etc..
of the Joint civic building, was ou
motion of Aldermen Johnson and
Patmore was referred to the Hnancc
committee, with power to net.
A communication Irom H. S. Co
ley, of Vancouver, was read. On
motl()n of Aldermen Hunt and John
son, the city clerk was instructed to
write a. T. Rogers, asking hint to
represent Crnnbo0k at the coming
convention, to be held In Vancouver,
in relation to the proposed site ol
the B. C. University building.
It was moved by Aldermen Hunt
nnd Cnmpbell, that the city clerk be
instructed to notify Superintendent
Brownlee, that the city's oiler re the
Y. M. C. A. building, giving a free
site lor the building, exemption from
taxation for twenty years, and free
still holds good; notwithstanding the
gymnasium may not be built until
next year.
On motion ol    Aldcrmon Hunt and
rcen, a committee consisting ol Aldermen Campbell and Johnson, be
appointed to confer with thc owners
of the property situated in block 22
with a view ol securing nn option
on snld lots, anil report to the council ns soon as possible.
Chief of the Fire Department, De-
zall, suggested that as n number ol
hydrants nn Baker street wore out ol'
order, that Instead ol repairing the
old ones, new hydrants he put In.
Tlie matter wns referred to the Fire
and Police committee.
The Finance Committee then presented their monthly report, and
rncommeded thnt the following accounts be paid:
Police     Pay-roll     »315.00
School   Board Orders      867.17
City     Salaries    285.00
Street    (Sang       36.50
Water   Works    llnng     ...376.25
Fire     Department    Pay-roll 258.25
James    Brown        42.25
Can. I.nw Uook Company .... 3.15
('.   A.    Dow        6.80
A. A.   McKlnnon         1.50
City     Clerk      .12.70
J.     Kenney      3.5C
McOnllum     &   Co    2.45
J.   D.    McBride     28.3C
W.    E.    Worden   160.90
McCallum   &   Co   415.94
Crnnbrook    Sash il Door   894.40
B. H.    Short..'. 1298.23
Pink    Mercantile   Oo,   Ltd     6.40
W.   E.     W0rden .; 12.71
Miss     Armstrong      13.80
Jamos     Logan    16.20
(!.    II.    Lensk      22.50
( rnnbrook Electric Light Co 104.60
Kootenay   Telephone    Lino Co   27.80
W.   11.    Ilcnttie        20.00
Fink    Mercantile   Co   123.60
Prank     Dczall    '...' 59.80
Pink     Mercantile Co     29.80 j
H.     McKenna .;      3.00!
C. A.    Dow       20.00!
A.   A.    MacKinnon       7.50 j'
Total t ,,136.04 !
It was moved by AKiermen Hunt
and Patmore that the accounts ol tbo
Fink Mercantile Co, as presented by
the finance committee be paid.
It was moved by   Aldcrment Hunt I
and Patmore,     that the  accounts ns
presented hy the   tinance committee.
not otherwise provided lor bo paid.    .
Tho Health Committee reported
that It was necessary tbat something should be done townrds cleaning up the streets and alleys, and:
suggested that due notice he given, >
and that a day he set tot- a general,
cleaning up. Aldermen Green and
Johnson moved that the report ot
thc health committee be accepted,
and May 2nd be set ns cleaning up
ilay, and that thc city provide thc
necessary teams for hauling away
the rubbish, and that thc Mayor proclaim May 2nd as a general cleaning
up day.
As soon as the tire alarm whistle
is installed at the Electric Light
Power House, the present tire -bell
be placed in the tower ol thc new
school house.
Tho City Clerk was instructed to
purchase one dozen chairs for use In
thc council chamber
It was suggested, thnt in order to
keep the lire alarm whistle in good
order, that It should be tasted nt
least once every day, at noon.
Council adjourned at 11:20	
Thrown   From  His Trap
Friday Last.
Career of the Late Minis
ter   of  Finance   The
Premier's Tribute.
''rnnbrook     Trndlng   Co
Mrs.   A.    Parr	
T.   N.    Parrott   	
v..  w.   Connolly  „	
Coprlnnrt   &   Chatterson On
Monttlc   Murphy   Oo 	
Nelson  Dnllv     News 	
Arnold &   RohertB 	
Herald     Publishing   Co 	
F.   .1.    Perry ,..:,.,...:	
Willinm    flnnl    &   Co 	
King Lumber   MlUfl   Ltd 	
F.   J.   Perry 	
.. 7.40
.   m&
. 8..10
..   4.10
.   13.40
The Fire     Brigade were   out     for
practice on Thursday evening.     They
made a quick run    to the new school
house, and then made a thorough inspection of the building.   A representative ot The Prospector was at the I
school house when the inspection was
made,  and Chief Dezall,  after spend- ■
ing nearly half an hour looking over
the building,   said: "That the     new I
building was a   credit to     tbe city.,
That he could not     think, or see of
any chance for a fire in the building.
The heating   plant was     lirst class,,
and completely   walled in,     with noj
wood    work of   any kind   near    it.
That If a tire should occur,'which is
not at all probable, the pupils would '
certainly   have     time to     leave the j
building in safety,   that     the stairways  were wide,  giving ample room
for the    scholars to get     down, and,
out of thc building without crowding.
That when the lire escapes are placed
in  position,  there will be no hettcr,
or more safe building from firo, or a
better equipped     school   building   in
the province.
Chief Dezall has a tine lot of meri-
under his commnnd, and it is this sort.
of dril thnt gives the tire laddies the
necessary information as to how, and
which are the best methods of attacking a tire.
April 17th.   In   the   morning at 11
the Pastor will continue the sermons
on Old     Testament   Characters,    thc i
ninth being upon Moses,     His childhood and His call.
Sunday School, and Bible classes
at three.
Epworth League prayer service In
the inner vestry, at 7.
At the evening service the subject,
will be: "The Railroad of Life and'
its Bangers." Being a .special reference to the lamented death of Engineer Edward Koherts. All who are
not regular attendants at othor
churches are invited.
Mrs.  Fred Chapman will sing.
Monday evening at 8. Mr. F. Ogle
will lecture on heads and faces, admission 25 cents. Mr. Ogle will
also give phrenological readings and
supply a properly filled out chart.
This is an opportunity which does
not often occur for young men nnd
women to get advice regarding what
particular vocation in life they arc
most fitted for. Young' people will
do well tn attend and hnve their
heads examined by a reputable authority on this science
Tuesday. Missionnry gathering under thc auspices of tho League.
Thursday. The young people will
present the two popular farces entitled Box and Cox, and Dr. Cure
All in the Gymnasium at eight. Ad
mission 28 cents. There; will several
tableaux presented, and a very enjoyable evening is looked for.
On Tuesday last the semi minimi
election ol officers tor tbe Epworth
League took place, resulting lu thu
.President, Mrs. .1. Shaw, 1st Vice
President, Mr. J. Lower. 2nd Vice
President, Mrs. Baldwin. 3rd Vice
President, Miss M. Cliiipiiiuu. Ith
Vice-President, Miss E. Johnston.
Secretnry, Mr. Ooddos; Treasurer,
Miss Chllds; Organist, Miss E.
Crooks; Corresponding Secret aiy.
.Joe Bourgoyne,
Washington, April lit. The an
nouncement that the province of
Quebec would almost Immediately
prohibit the exportation of pulp
wood to the United Slates wns re
ceived hero with surprise and regret
At the state department It was said
that the prospect of close commor
cial relations and of a trade treaty
With the Dominion were thought to
be sufficiently encouraging to deter
mine the province not to Impose pro
hibitory restriction at this time.
A. Doyle, of
town Friday.
Fort Steele,     was lu
Victoria, April 11,—Captain K. G.
Tatlow, late minister of tinance and
agriculture for British Columbia died
at 12:30 today from injuries received
when thrown from his trap on Friday last. He had not recovered consciousness since the accident.
Thrown from his trap when his
horse shied at a passing auto at tho
corner of Vancouver aud Maclure
streets, Capt. R. G. Tatlow, late
minister of finance and agriculture
in the McBride government, sustained
injuries on Friday which proved fatal. The accident occurred jit 5:30
o'clock and until a late hour had not)
regained consciousness.
The ncCident was witnessed by E.
J. Murray, who happened to be pass
ing. He ran at once to the rescue ot
Captain Tatlow, called the ambulance, nnd bail liiiy conveyed to the
Jubilee hospital, whither Dr. O. M.
Jones hud already been summoned.
Dr. .Tones nt once made an examlna-
tion and did all in his power for the
injured gentlemnn.
. The chief injuries appear to have
been to the head, the fall being extremely severe and the concussion to
the brain great. Dr. Jones would
not speak of. thc Injuries pending a
later examination.
Captain Tatlow since his retire
ment from oflice bas been living
quietly in this city, devoting his at
ten tion to his ranch at Finiietly's
Beach, and to riding and driving. The1
time has been occupied as n holiday
following his labors in the oflice
which he held for such a considerable
period and  with  such  success.
Hon. Uobert Garnett Tatlow was
born in Scawa, county Down, Ireland
on Sept, 6, 1855, the family having
an honorable and distinguished ancestry. He was educated at Cheltenham in England. Me was a captain
in the First Prince of Wales regiment
Montreal, and in 1X74 came to British Columbia with Major Strange,
being a member of Battery II. He
was on a tour of inspection of the
defences, but became enamored of the
country, and decided to remain. Ho
went to Victoria as private secretary
to Hon. A. N. Richards, who wns
then lieutenant governor ol British
Columbia, and remained in that po
sition until the termination of hh
official duties, He was tlien nppoin
ted secretary to Lieut. C. F. Corn
wall, continuing with him till 1SXU
His next move was to Vancouver
where he went to represent a large
portion of the townsite of that city.
He •remained in Vancouver, engaged
iu various financial enterprises, and
was connected with the Stanley Park
linn for 15 years, all the improvements being made under his management.
Captain Tatlow was an unsuccessful candidate for the legislature in
1894 for the city ot Vancouver. He
entered the house in l'JOS, and became minister of tinance and agriculture in the McBride cabinet in June,
1903. He was re-elected at the elections of that year, and again in 1907
On nil sides the splendid services of
the late ('apt. Tatlow, to his province, were admitted and particularly
iu the reconstruction of the provincial finances. Before the late, election, he differed from bis leader,
Hon. Richard Mcllridc, on tbe railway policy and retired from publll
The lute Capt. Tatlow in 1900 mar
rlos Miss Kli/nbetl. Crombie, a daughter of G. Gamshio, of Montreal,
and their family consisted of throe
Hon. Mr. McBrldo is deeply moved
by tbe sail occurrence which had
east Its shadow over the entire prov
ince "My high regard for Captain
Tntlow is well known throughout the
length ami breadth of Ilritish Colum
bla," said the tlrsl minister upon be
ing asked for an expression of ap
preolatlon of one whom lie hud known
< sn very well
i "I have the great satisfaction of
I knowing tbat I Otljoyod bis unbroken
'friendship to tbe last      In tbe r ids
of our provincial public  n Captain
Tatlow        will   always   lie   remembered
as an     energetic and    st      forceful
Touching briefly upon tbc career of
the late Captain Tatlow as a minis
ter of the crown tbc premier continued: "The laws iu regard to as
sessments and to the collection of
taxes, passed during the sessions of
the parliament of 1903-4-5, and which
ia a very direct way must he recognized as having effected most excellent and beneficial reforms, are to bo
credited to the genius and thoroughness of my late colleague. It was a
time of great anxiety tor the government and Captain Tatlow was always prepared to accept the fullertt
responsibility that he, ns minister of
finance, was called upon to meet.
"No sootier had the affairs of the
treasury been placed on stable and
satisfactory footing than he turned
his attention to the department of
agriculture, and his work in tins
branch of the government stands out
today as perhaps the most prominent
accomplishment in any department
of tlie civil service of the country
during many years past. It is hardly necessary to particularize, but one
cannot help but recall the great ad
vancoment made in horticulture as
well as in agriculture under his inspiration.
"The shortage of farm and domes:
tic labor which would appear to have
been felt all over the province hnd
lor the past two years been o"C »f
fhe perplexing problems my late eol:
league was trying to solve. His arrangements with the Salvation army
and other kindred associations to the
and that some relief might come to
the province, are very well known to
all, and to say that hfs very sanguine anticipations were fully realized in the results is to state n fact
that is well known throughout the
"The members nl the provincial
civil service, I am aware, will join
with me in our appreciation of the
late minister's keen interest in the
welfare of provincial  government em-
oyees. Together with Mon. Dr.
Young he gave a great deal of atten-
i to the matter of evil service reform, and in this as in all else thnt
lie undertook, not even the most minute details were permitted to escape him."
Vancouver, April 13. The largest
funeral cortege in the history of the
city today followed the body of U. G.
Tatlow to tbe grave in Mountainvlew
cemetery. All parts of the province
and lenders of every profession were
represented among the mourners.
Services were held at thc home of
the deceased's father in-law, H. J.
Gamble, by Rev. H. G. Fiennes, Clinton, who also officiated at a full
choral burial service at Christ church
anil at the grave. Four carriages
were necessary to cany the floral
tributes, The pall hearers were:
Premie! McBride, Hon. F. J. Fulton,
R. Marpole, Campbell Sweeney, C. O,
Cambtc, and F. M. Chnldcott.
.lohn Oliver, former leader of the
opposition iu the legislature, today
gave a glowing tribute to Captain
Tntlow, declaring his death a great
loss to the entire province.
They will be here this afternoon. -
Who?   The  Knights of  Khorassans.
Over one hundred Arabs from Spo-
kane and Crow's Nest, points will
arrive this afternoon, including tbe
famous D. (). K. K. Band of El
Mabarraz Tomplc No. 92 of Spokane.
They will also bring along about
lour tons of implements of torture,
to initiate about SO Tyro's Into the
Arabic mysteries of the order.
Officers, members and Tyro's will
be on parade at 8:30 p. m.
The night will be tilled with music,
and the cares that infest the day,
will fold their tents, like the Arabs,
and silently steal away.
Be on time, delays are dangerous.
Don't ask what will be done, you
will find that out, soon enough. You
need not say "if you please" and
"thank you", for you will get all
that is coming to you, and you are
welcome to it.
If thc camel bucks, and things seem
wrong, just clinch your knees
astraddle, and don't lose heart. If
the road seems long, just stick to the
saddle, for you cannot walk, the
ands of the deseit are burning hot.
Sydney, Australia, April 13.—Elections for members of parliament were
held throughout Australia today.
Returns already received assure a
working majority for the Labor par-
t.y in both houses. The voting was
heavy. Intense interest wns tak*'ii
necauso for the lirst time, a coalition
party opposed  the Labor party.
The young people of the Methodist
Church are busy preparing an even
lug's I'lii.eiiaiiiiiiiuii ior next Thura
day night in tbe Gymnasium. Boi
and Cox n most amusing farce will
be presented  in which     two lodgers,
I."  whom      the    landlady   Itas    let the
same room one occupying it during
lbe day and the other during th«
(light, piny a most laugh provoking
lun i The farce is an old one, being produced in London, ring., over
fifty years ago, but is none the worse
Inr wear 'ind all who bear it wlll he
rewarded for coming. Dr Cure all
Is another very amusing dialogue he*
I ween a <|imck doctor and bin pa
1 lent s. These t wo present at Ions,
with a few Tableaux VWants will
make a very enjoyable evening, nnd
it is hoped that the building will he .
well [Hied, If necessary, It. wll, It*
repeated on Friday evening.
■3&. ©l)c |tro0pu*tca\
HBO   1891
Subscript ion    -
$» nn
Per V.io
Advertising ratva
made   It'
I1UWI1    ull
<UMiow m
An amusing ami tlippaut p«ra
graph appears on tbe posters of the
D   ('   K    K . it   reads thus:
"There is a man who does anything that in not right. His wife
can tell where he is morning, noon
and  night,    He's dead.
Another paragraph     says: There inl —
a mini who never dirinkd, or smoke*, ■ ..,
nor chews,  nor    swears,  who     never j V\
gambles,  or never flirts.      And shuns i
alt sinful snares.   He's paralized.
Barristers ami Solicitors,
Barrister. Solicitor, etc.,
B. C.
•ook Lodge, No. IM. A. V. A. M.
Kfgular nitrtiugs on
the third Thursday
of ovory month.
visiting brethren
W   F.  ATTRIDGE,  W.  M.
ED, w   CONNOLLY. Heeretary
In the     strife     fur business    don't
knock. ju*t  boost.    Yuur competitors ' tio ± v ppj ual*
ihould be     uicKlded iu   this, and the  •v.ttA^jsm.'UJV,
customers of buyers will all the more — ~ ■—
appreciate von for your manliness in   ,^     ,.     TUhvtDCnM
speaking  well of them. tj-    "      InUMroUW,
I Rocky Mountain Chapter
The prospector has the honor of be-
lOQKinK to M occupation which has
done much for the welfare ami pros
perity of the world—an occupation
which is diguitied by the persistent
effort and honest toil of many cell
tunes and enobled by the endurance
and self sacrifice of many forgotten
heroes. Although history has left
no record of his doings, be must
have searched the waste places of the
earth to dud the precious and useful
minerals long before Phoenicians vis
ited Cornwall f.»r tin, or ■'Hiram
sent in the navy his servants, ship
men that had knowledge of the sea."
or Ophir tor gold, or King Snefru
Pbaroah of Egypt, conquered the
Slnlfl peninsula for its stores of cop
per. His adventures, privations, tail
urea and successes must hav? preced
ed and made possible the advent ol
the Bronze Age oi prehistoric man.
when the crude implements and weap
ona of stone were cast aside toi thoa
of a better material, and when pro
grws made one of its early epoch
making advances towards the fulness
of its promised inheritance Since
then he baa faithfully examined manj
a rockribbed hill for the natural
treasures of the earth, but the dirh
culty and Importance of bia •• i
have never heen fully appreciated oi
adequately recognised by bis fellow
man Most of his efforts arc 'hor:.
to blush unseen ami waste thei
sweetnes on the desert air," aad even
when a rich rind does crown his
search with success his remuneration
is but a meagre pittance of the vast
wealth he has discovered
N'o class ol men lead a mure -tren
uous and adventurous life than thee
brave knights of the mountain and
the stream. When the ordinary mai
passes through a dangerous specta
ular experience he delights to tel
the thrilling story to his friends. H
looks upon himself as a sort ol hero
He Would not repeat the adventure
for the world, neither would hi? ha v.
missed it for the world and the star.-.
Hut with the prospector these things
are but the commonplace of life.
Sometimes we hear persons, who
sit snugly and lazily among the com
P*:ix anil luxuries of life, wonder why
men will elect to waste their short
lives in wandering alone over the
solitary places of the earth, far awaj
from the blessings and benefits ni
civilization. Hut the "wonder" is
short sighted aud narrow visioned
These men do not waste their lives
Even if their arduous efforts seem ti
return them void, even if they fnl
hy the wayside and their whit-
bleached bones, uncoftined anil un
known, mark the place where the}
fell, they have not lived in vain, foi
tbey have struggled bravely and man
fully to discover the treasures of Ooi
which He has stored in the bosom o
the earth for His children, and titer
have the honor of belonging to n
class of brave and sturdy men wh<
have added much to the material
assets' of the world. -Whitehorsi
Let everyone keep hustling to Im
prove the appearance of their street
lots. Keep nil kinds of rubbish of
streets and sidewalks, and see that
houses, fences, etc., are neatly pain
ted. There is nothing that helpE
the lookn of a city and induces new
comers to settle iu it, more than
neatly painted houses and fences,
neat and tidy streets and sidewalks,
and fruit and shade trees on your
lots. Let uh see what you will do
for the benefit of our progressive
city, this year?
The prosperity of the Kooteuay
and I'pper Columbia valleys hiuges
entirely on     the construction of   thej
Kootenay   Central   railway      to  pro- < 	
vide transportation for these valleys ck ivoijihu'
between Golden and Cranbrook. "wWAW oaUU-A..
BarvUter, Solictor, ami
Notary Public
office •Raid Buildings,
B, 0,
The latent Information from the
Laurier government's own engineer,
la to the cffeit that work d,.,ne on the
Grand Trunk Pacific costs thrice the
proper figures.
Every   new   industry  formed  and  lo    ORANBROOK
cated near Cranbrook is good for the
city Hin!  tends to     attract others t
consider and secure property
fcM.S, A C K
B, V
NO, li».
A. M.
Ueguhti' muetlugc:   2nd Tne*
day   In   each   month   at eight   5"
Sojourning Companions  are  i
cordially luvllud,
vv. f. Frkceb,      Sorlbe K
llox 202       ORANBROOK, B.C.   _
Ttlimmil iinmiamau..inimimimi.liat
NORTH    STAR    HOTEL       X
a.   W.   DBEW.   Proprietor.
It is about time that preparations
rare being made foi celebrating
tomlmon  Pay.
Mining Engineer utut
B.C, Laud Surveyor,
I'.o  Box '220.        phone 9S3.
MM V       VI
Graduate of Ontario Veteriuary
college, Toronto In 1SS8. Gradate aud medalist of McKillip
Veterinary college, Chicago, 111.
■ii lsyy Registered member of
British  Columbia association
w. cline
Ot lite oht Manitoba. Harder
ShopcSU HOW <j« found 111 the
Plrat ClMI Work  In
all   branches  of  tba
I Tonsorlal   Art i
♦   » to u a.m.   s to 4 p.m.
to S:p.m
♦ Phone Office 1(15.
Residence 10°
Specialist in men's
diseases. Send 4 cents
postage for free booklet.
Dr.   KELLEY'8
Museum, 210   Howars St.
Spokane.   Wash.
This paper is endeavoring to give
to Its patrons the best service pos
Hlble, and all the patronage will
permit. The Prospector is; being
frequently complimented on its ap
pearance and the amount of local
and foreign news it contains. Our
citizens can make the paper still
more effective by liberal patronage
both In subscriptions anil advertis
lng. The Prospector will always en
deavor to merit Its patronage.
There is no use in keeping quiet, or
dlSgUlfllng the fact thnt the "old
Grit machine'* and its agents at
Cranbrook are secret I v at w(,rk look
ing forward, and trying to holster
up tneir lost cause Tbe revision of
the voting list, as published, tndi
eaten activity on the part of tin1
Hritish Columbln newspaper men
have figured out. that by 191G the
western part of Canada will have
control of the political destiny ol thc
Dominion. It ih bound to come in
time, and it cannot come too soon,
and then it will be the east Instead
of tbe west as it is it present, who
will   be asking for justice
"How to make Cranbrook prosper
ona is the keynote of addresses bv
the board nf trade We Hiiggeat ad
vertising ami subscribing for
The        Prospector it      reaches
the rancher, fruit-grower, lumbermen
and miner, and Is in touch with the
merchant and every commercial in
dustry located In the district
It is reported that Canada will, In
the future, mint the Canadian car!
wheels. We. are not a hit particular,
two silver cartwheels wlll pay for
a year's subscription to The pros
pflCtor, and We wilt receive them witb
It is about time that Conservatives of Crnnbrook district should
get togethei and select delegates fnr
the Iur Conservative convention
which will be held In Winnipeg this
Objection has been made to the re-
bention on the Register of Voters of
the following names any voter objected to or any voter on his behalf
will be heard hi ihe Court ot Revision to be held     at the Court  House ____„ 	
i:   Cranbrook  on  Monday,   the second   4tL M1At Hiqmt » dav mostly att£NOio to
laj   of  May.   1910,    at ten   o'clock in ,	
the forenoon.
25.    Anderson    David
(6     Armstrong,  Charles  James
53     Arnold,   Harry  Trowbridge
*7    Asselstlne, Bert
69.    Avenll,   Robert
S3.   Bale.  Frederick A,
93     Barney,   Clifford   Augustus
139.    Bei,  Henry
162.    Blaney.   John
197.    Breckenridge.   David
240.   Buckman,  James
Ul.    Burke.  Michael
260,   Burton. John Webster
21*    Campbell.   William   Welsh
331.   Chalmers.  Alexander   Irwin
365.    Christian,   William   John
371.   Cleary, William
371.   Clifton,  Fred
386.   Collins, Robert John
398.   Cook.   Bancroft Pierpont
412.   Cony.   John  James
"ils.   Douglas,  Jnhn
535. Dulmage,  Archibald  F.
536. Dulmage, Don Bethune
537. Dumont, Frederick
550.   Redes,  John Lease
556.   Edwards, Sylvester David
599.   Finch. Charles Edward
G02.   Finlay. Robert
638.   Foster, William Gordon
651.   Freeze,  Walter Addington
G53.   Friend.   James Alexander
t'«67.   Galloway,  Archibald
7.15.   Grant,   John Forbes
1'AH. Harvcv,  James A.
841.   Hill, 'William
S47.   Hodgins, John
S87.   Hungerford, George
936.  Jones,  Frederick Augustus
1000.   Kydd, William
1123. Marshall,  Frank Douglas
1124. Marshall, George
1236.   Murphy, Thomas Edward
1267.   McOoskHl,  Archibald
1287.   McDonald. Donald Alex.
1315.   McDonald, John Joseph
1362.   McKay,  James
1398.   McLean, Samuel Ronald
1410.   McMahon, Frank J.
1511.   McMahon, Patrick J.
1429. McQuharrie,  Angus
1430. McQuharrie, Matthew
1438.   McTavish, John
1440.   McVlttle,  Harry Hamilton
1443,   Nation,  Hn,'old Turton
1449.   Nelson, John '¥$
1535.    Petti t,   Harry Clifton
1538.   Pettigrew, William
1566.   Pugh, Benjamin
1591.   Reid,  Charles Edgar
1634.   Rogers,  George Thompson,
1833.   Sutherland, Alexander John
1879.   Tierney, William   James
1906,   Vandecar, Frank   Bailey
1912. Vollrath, Charles F.
1913. Vroman, Oharles Dexter
1966.   Welch, George
2047.   Yates, Dean Roscoc
2050.   Veandle, Charles Henry
Register of Voters.
Cranbrook. 6 April, 1910. 16-18
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦»♦»♦»»♦♦♦«
HOTEL £Kbrook'
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
The   Wentworth
J. H. McDONALD Proprietor
Joseph H. McLean X*
All kiuds of Second Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
♦ Dr. E. W. Connolly |
♦ Physician- and Surgeon
♦ Office; Anuatruuk"  Ave
"{Sage's Old Stand, Hauson Ave
Phoia 3S1
F. E. Corrison
Band Master City Band.
Teacher of String and Standard Inetrumenta. Choir
trainer,   Oreheatra furniehed
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone to     •  •  •     P.O. Boi IIS.
Phone 13 J,
Por   Sale or Rent at Reasonable
On Baker stieet, one door west
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Steam Butler* and Furnace Work a I
Specialty. '
Con and Stock Estimates     j0ffice& Workshop-Lewis St.
Furnished Upon Application
P.O. Box 834.
Shone No. M.
District of   Kant Kootenay.
Take notice    tlmt 1 Daniel Charles
'< McDonald of Kinfisgatc, B. 0., occu-
I put mn  telegraphist,     intends to ap-
ply for permission to    purchase the
1 Following described lands:  Commenc-
I inn at  a pout planted   at the south*
; east     comer of     P, It.   1074; thenre
[north     80   chains,   thence    east   20
' chains, more    or lent*-, to    the Moyle
river,  thence down the right bank of
the river to     the point of commencement.
Daniel Charles McDonald.
Agent for John Robertson.
Dated March 81, 1910. 10-24
Take notice thnt I Intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, -10 days after the appearance
of this notice, for a renewal of my
license to Hell Intoxicating liquor on
thfl promises known ns the Wnttatiurj!
Hotel, Wattsburg, ll. (!.
Dated April  I2tli  1910. 10*20
Tako notice that I intend to apply
in the Superintendent of Provincial
police, :ki days after the appearance
of thla notice, for a renewal of my
license to Hell Intoxicating liipior on
the premises known an the Perry
('reek  Hotel, Perry Creek, B. 0,
a. Buitorc
Dated April 13U mio. 1M0
Funeral Director,
Ueete ia CirwaaVs~Ha.il »** *U Hb
Thurstar ot won moatk at I p.m.
• A. McCuWsa. Chief   Raa|ar.
C. A. Abbott. Secretary.
Vleitiac Brsthrsa mate welcome.
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Cream and
Home Made Candy
Fs   Os   Be
Meet every Friday at It u.m
Visiting  Hrcitners Cordially   Invited
W. H. Johnson, acting president.
W. F. Ci. Carter, acting Sec.
Aerie Physician,   V.   O.   Boi 31.
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
W Gold Standard
Teas aad Ooffao
Our whole time is devoted to your wants in the
J  Grocery line therefore we absolutely guarantee every
article that leaves our store.
We will thank our customers to advise us if at any
time goods are received that are not No. i quality.
Staple and Fanoy Orooere
Maau evary atcond and fourth
Wedneadey at new Fraternity
hull. Sojourlne RabsKaht cor*
dlally invited.
N.O. Miss I.. M. Tannb.ueer
Sec.    Mies Mae Cbapmaa.
They last a lifetime and cost
very little more than thrown
ogether, catchpenny, cheap
machines. Sold on small
i monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avsaue.
Plums 157. Cranbrook, R.C.
are sold only by
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441 Hastings Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Branch Store-413 Josephine Street, Nelson, B.C.
George Welch,   Selling Agent, Cranbrook, B.C.
H.   H.   STANTON,
Manager for   all   Eastern   B. C.   Business. FURNITURE
On Our Second Floor We  are  Showing  a  Great
Range of Parlor, Dining Room, Den, Bed
Room, Kitchen and Office Furniture
Pleasure, comfort and satisfaction come from an attractive interior. Beauty in furniture clces not
necessarily imply the most costly materials, but rather good judgment in selection. The showing of
everything now at our store is quite at its best. Every department has a bright, fresh, attractive and
enthusiastic display. There is a vertiable harvest of house furnishings here and you are as welcome to visit us as we possibly can make you. It is not
altogether by argument, buy by achievement, that we desire to convince—deeds, not words, and herewith is elequent but silent proof of achievement—
values that bear within themselves evidence of the convincing nature. Come in and see them- we don't expect you to buy unless you are thorougly
Our stock of Dining: Room
Furniture was never more
complete consisting- of
Chairs, Tables, Side Tables,
Side Boards, Buffets and
China Cabinets in all
woods and finishes.
We also have a very complete line of Table China and
Glassware at remarkably low
prices. This department is
perhaps the most complete
in British Columbia.
■mm] ''4m
We are Agents for the Famous
We sell them on Easy Terms
1 p
1 i
r   :
E??$TT' \W
We are Agents for the
We sell them on Easy Terms
Your Money Back If You Are Not Satisfied
We Know
That we can please you in Bed Room
Furniture. We have just placed in stock
a beautiful range oi Dressers, Chiffoniers
Brass and Iron Beds.
We are second to none in the line of
Easy Chairs, Rockers, Lounges, Davenports, Parlor Sets, Parlor and Music
Cabinets, Center Tables, Jardiniers
Stands, Book Cases, Library Tables,
Magazine Stands, Shades, Wood and
Brass Poles.
Carpets and Rugs
Beautiful Rugs direct from the manufacturers.
No second man's profi* to pay.
Those (itie wearing and beautiful English Rugs arc the best productions as such famous makers as Templeton and Thos. Tapling.
They are unequaled in richness of pattern, beauty ol coloring and
wearing ability. A fine assortment, at lowest prices, for yuur selection. We also stock a large range of Canadian makes, which are
very beautiful in design, good wearing quality and low in price.
We are showing a large range nl Lace ane Tapestry Curtains,
Linen Table Sets, Table Covers, Madias Muslin, Down Quilts,
Cotton Quilts, Blankets, Sheet and Pillow Cases.
Our Goods are
llvered on the Hi
Commons,  to th
bet 11    Informed o
that  a   fund     of  ttt
tmd been raised
bers ui  Pari lan;
.1   till'   llou
id   that   lu-
ood     nuthorlt
million ilolhir
Mr. Pugsley's Determined
Effort to Give  Something to  Standard Oil.
Satilt power project through The
charges made bj Mr. Kmerson mul
others um\ be hot air and again
thej may contain sufficient ground
work foi an inquiry. Under tin- dr
eumstaueea it would appear to be up
to Parliament t<
ol it   and in th
; bill for good and all.
\ i innocent looking thing whs
thi b ll when llrst Introduced in
iln earlier stages  it      asked thnt  the
i St \..\wrence Powei Transmission
C\mi|ian> be given the powei to
erect  wires :■ i     the transmission of
■ pow ■   on     the Canadian   side of the
time give these people an opportunity WATER A.OT 1909.
of creating in eastern    Ontario a mo 	
nopoly m electrical energy Take uotice that   John Robertson,
•Yes, the Hon.  William is looking ol  KUigsgaU, caruonUr. uud William
buy enough mem   aftoi  us all    right      lun is    it not   Robertson, ol    Dlasgow,     Scotland,
jam th*' Long time that tbe tables wore turnod and engineer,     will    apply Ior   a   Water
License to divert out' ruble loot of
wntor fiom t;lfii Lilly Creek, • tubman ol tho Moyie River, and to
store Uvo Acre feet ot the said water,
Oue point ol dlverslou will be on
I'ltiwii Lauds .ess than Uuii a mile
above pre eruption Nu.
it her u hall
looking aftei  him?
■ it is to bo notod in    tins
lion   that   Sat in dny   Night   has
been devoting a great deal ol
i ion t.' financial affairs,     the
tlons ol companies and     the
the bottom fins oi promoters    it may be
nterval shelve thc  that  Saturday  Night  Is     i
attributing    the remark ni
If the Conservatives in     the House
of Commons had not put their whole
strength  into the     tight,  and   undei
gone the discomforts of an  alt-nlghl
sitting,  the  Liberals,  headed   by   Mi
Pugelcy,   would  have  forced  through
the St.  l.awrtnte     Power Transm -
Blon Bill     The     measure is not dead
yet, and an attempt may     be made
to tight it through by the md ol the
Laurier Government majority,
This is what the Toronto Saturday
N'lght,  a  non-party   paper  haJ  to saj
Oi  me subject       "Mr   William  Pug-
BieV, with a few     well-trained trusty
followers,     did *eir level     best  the
other day to band    over to a United
States  syndicate  a  vast  water  power
on the St. Lawrence river.    Had they
been able,  Pugsley ami his followers
would have passed     over to  a  group
of men, whose names     even are un
known     tn   Canadians, or
greatest     assets     that  th
"When asked    the   whys
wherefores in the House ot
this Minister   of Public     Works had
the impudence to not only block  the slon
inquiry,    but took    the   high-handed ered
position  that     it  was none     ol  the  is th
peoples affair.      He   would see to it.  the
me lords and     ladies, that Canada's
rights are properly safeguarded,  but
further than    this it   was     no one's
dam business what     he dirt with the
waterway in the Dominion.
"On top of   this comes    the stnte
ment of the Hon Mr.  Kmmerson. de
ice It would, ni
thing worse than
the  H\
w. i ■■
and ■
..- examination     ol the bill  un
led the     sting     The     Company
tuthorized to get  u> power anj
ace   and  build     its  lines any
it wished    It would be tree to
priate    the    property     ol     the
lutar o, and  it  would havo
right to build in any municipali-
:    ..    asking  the  permission of
. ; le     These    are the     powers
wen   to be given to a foreign
my   the   projectors    ol     which
nknown  to even the members of
iment,     barring of     course the
William  Pugslej   and  his select
■ a Iherents
yes.   the  Hon    William would
after       the       interests       ol
• mntry     Canada's rights would
operley  safe-guarded.    Leave it
• Hon   William  Pugsley, Minis-
. Public Works.
i'he Hon   William had the plans
iresumably the   specifications 0f
i t     Lawrence     Power Ttansrnis-
Company, which is now discov-
ta   lie one and the     same thine
Ht.  Lawrence power company.
latter being an     United States
rpi ration   with   powers  to  build  a
.m acmss the St. Lawrence for the
vel 'pment of electrical energy   Tlw
heme, it is self-evident,  is nothing
is   ban a barefaced attempt to give I
i I nited States electoral     trust a
othold In Ontario, and at the same]
at ten
nor   in
>      two
million being set aside lor promotion
expenses      to  Mi    Kmeison It   was
Colonel Sam Hughes   who made it
Discussing the .nine subject, the
Montreal Star described the bill as
"this means ol rounding out ml'1
absolute contml the rights alread>
ac.[Hired by the Standard Oil group
in the St. Lawrence" tt adds "lie
reiving, or attempting to deceive,
ones colleagues as to the import and
purposes ot a parliamentary enact
ment   may be     high patriotism     or
good  business
conceive how ■
personal   probity ol the
Pugsley can make it appei
er on the
by menu:
aud will
140 acres
tm by  th
District ol Eust Kootenay.
1,  John tl.    Anderson, of    Douglas
Town, New Hrunswiek, gentleman, intend to apply for permission to purchase  the following  described luinls1.-
Oommencing at a post planted at the
northwest    corner,      about  one mile
north and 60   chains     east     of the
northweBt comer of Lot TiOl. theuce
south Ha chains; theuce east su chams
tm and anoth theuce north HO chains, thenee    west
i»f the said pre   ho chains to the point of commence-
Ihe  waiei   will  be diverted   m«iit.  and
ol  ditches, Humes and pipes
be  used     (or irrigation on
I said     pre emptiou    No.!
said   .lohn      RobertHon,
100 acres ol the said William j
ui's  application  to  purchase. I
er  will    be stored by  means1
or less.
ontaining C4u acres more
John (!. Anderson, Locator,
V.  R,  Anderson,  Agent.
Dated  8th Mnrch.   !»10. 13-21
ut  it
ni tht
difficult to
ence and
both '
Grand Trunk officials still hanker
alter the yellow workmen, and hope
that the present antipathy which n0w
prevails against them in British Co
(umbia,  will soon be over come.
ni a dam to be constructed on Crown
Lands at the head of the said creek
iu h reservoir ami on a half au acre
and not over ten feet in depth. The
reservoir will be lowered and refilled
by means of u heartgate. Not over
two acres of Crown Lands will be
occupied by the works and no private
parties  will  be affected thereby.
This uotice was posted on the lbth
day of March 1910, and application
will he made to the Water Commis
siouer, at Crunbrook, on Tuesday
the mh day of April, 1910 at eleven
o'clock iu the forenoon.
The outlook for a good busy sea
son, for the mining ami lumbering
industries, and commercial business
in and around Craubrook is tlie best
for many yenrs past.
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I Joseph Walsh,
constable, of Fort Steele, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lauds: commence-
ing at a post planted at the north
line of Carlin's timber lease running
Lougheed, of Uossland 20 chains north, thence 40 chains
east, tjience 20 chains south, theuce
10 chains west to place of commencement,  containing  K0 acres more
District of East Kooteuay.
I,   .lames W
B. C, Tailor.     intend to    apply  tor
permission to purchase the following
described lands  — Oommenolng at a
post planted at the southwest comer: or jeMBi
about   oue mile north  and tiO chains, JOSEPH WALSH
east of the aorthwest corner of Lot; Dated March 12th 1910. 12
7397: thence north SO chains; thence
east SO chains; the,nce south 80chairis
thence west 80 chains to the point of
commencement, containing li40 acres
more or less.
J.  W. Lougheed,  Locator,
F. R. Apderson, Agent.
Dated Mb dav of March,  1910.   13-21
40, 97 and 115-piece sets to be
l     sold in ten days commencing
Saturday, April 16 and ending
Tuesday, April 26
These are all the latest patterns and designs.
No set in stock over four months.
We need the room for goods coming in, we also
need the money, therefore for three days, April 16,
18 and 19 we will offer for cash, 25 per cent off,
every piece of China, Tea Sets, Toilet Sets, Glassware, Etc., in fact, we discount everything in our
Crockery Department. An opportunity no prudent
housewife can afford to miss.
Remember sale  on  everything but
Dinner Sets only  lasts  three  days
Campbell   &  Manning
District of Kast Kooteuay.
Take notice that 1 Robert Findlay
Anderson, of Rossland, B. I'., occupation Selling Agent, intend to npply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:— Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of Lot 7842, thence
north to the southern boundary of
Lot 7846, about 60 chains,thence east
CO chains; tlieuce south 60 chains;
thence west 60 chains to the point of
commencement, and containing 640
ncres more or less.
13-21 It.  F.  Anderson,  Locator.
Dated this 3rd day of March 1910
District af Kootenay.
Take notice that John Armour of
Cranbrook, occupation employment
agent, intends to apply (or permis
sion to purchase the following de
scribed lands:—Commencing at a
post planted at the N. E. cornei' of
Lot No. 8760, thence south 80 chains
more or less; thence east 80 chains
inoro or less to the bank ol the St.
Marys river; thence up stream to
post of commencement.
Dated March ll,   1910.        12-16.
District of East Kootenay.
I, Elizabeth Fluhrer, of Trail, B.C.
housekeeper, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:-- Commencing at a
post planted at the southeast cornei
of Lot 7287, being the northwest
corner: thence south 80 chains; thence
enst 80 chains; thence north 80 chains
thence west 80 chains to the point of
commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Elizabeth Fluhrer, Locator,
F.  R.  Anderson,  Agent.
Dated 6th  Marcll,  1910. 18-21
District of East Kootenay.
1 Henrietta M. Tyson, of Trail, II.
C.| housekeeper, intend to apply lor
permission to purchase the following
described lands:-- Commencing at a
post planted at the southeast corner
of Lot 7827, being the southwest
corner: thence north 80 chalns;thencu
enst 80 chains; thence soutb 811
chains; theuce west 80 chains to thu
point of commencement, containing
640 acres more or less.
Henrietta M. Tyson, Locator,
F. R. Anderson, Agent.
Dnted 6th  March,  1910. 13-21
NOTICE Is hereby given thnt 30
days alter date I intend to apply to
the Honorahle Chief Commissioner
of Lands for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over the following lands situate in the district of
Southeast Kootenny, British Columbia, In Lot 4593: Commencing at n
Post planted at or near three miles
due east of the 36 mile poBt on CIV
R. survey lino, which is the western
boundnry of Lot 4593, and bolng the
southwest corner post of Anton M.
Paulson's claim; thence north eighty
(80) chnins, thence enst eighty (80)
chains, thenre south (80) eighty
chains,thi'iire west eigbty (80) chnlns
to tho point ot commencement, making 640 ncros more or less.
Located Oils 21st ilnv ot February
ANTON   M.   PAULSON.  Locator.
Eathen  W. Butts.  Agent.
Willinm E.  Butts,   Witness.        15-20
WATER  ACT 1909.
Take notice that Oamil Godderis of
Cranbrook. farmer, will apply to the
Water Commissioner ut Craubrook
on the 10th dny of May mo at
eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for a
licence under Part V of the said act,
for a licence to divert one tenth of a
cubic foot of water per second from
Joseph's Prairie Creek for the purpose of irrigating sii and a half
acres ol land being parts of Lots 27
aud 28 Oroup 1 Kooteuay District
The works proposed aro ditches ami
ilunies to be constructed over Lot 24
and 28 said group. The proposed
ditch head is at the heud ot the
ditch constructed by Frank Godderis
no crown land will be occupied and
no proprietors or licence holders will
lie adected aicept the Uaker Estate
represented by V. Hyde Uaker of
Cranbrook, and the Fernie Fort
Steele Brewery Co., of Fernie, B. C.
This notice was posted on the 1st
day of April, 1910.
NOTICE Is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 intend to apply to
thc Honorable Chief Commissioner
of Lands for a license to prospect
ior coal and petroleum ovor the following lands situate in the district of
Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593: Commencing at a
post planted at or near five miles
duo east of tho 36 milo post on C.P -
R. survey line, which is the western
boundary of Lot 4593, and being the
southeast corner-post of Charles L.
Paulson's claim; thence nortli eighty
<80) chuins, thence west eighty 180)
chains, thence south eigbty (80)
cbains, thenco east eighty (80)
chains to the point of commencement
making 640 acres more or less.
Located this 21st day of February
Kathen  W,   Uutts,  Agent
William  E.  Butts,   Witness.        15-20
NOTICE ls hereby given that 30
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner
ot Lands for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum oyer th* following lands situate In the district of
Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593: Commencing at a
Post planted at or near three miles
duo east ol the 36 mile post on C.P.
R. survey line, Which is the western!
boundary ot Lot 4593, and being th*
northeast corner post ot Nora Oera-
ghty's claim: thence south elghty(M)
chains, tbence west eighty (90) chaina
thence north eighty (80) chaina,
thence east eighty (ID) chains to th*
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more or less.
Located this 21st   day of February
Eathen W. Butts, Agent.
William E. Butts,   Witness.        15-20
District ot Bast Kooteaay.
Take notice that James Flaher ot
Hossland, B. ('.. occupation prospector, intend to apply tor permission to purchase the following described lands:— Commencing at a
post plauted at the southwest corner
of Lot 7843, thence north 10 chains;
thence west 110 chains; thence south
10 chains; thence eaat Ut chain* to
the point of commencement, and
containing 120 acres more or lass.
13-21 James   Fisher   Locatoi.
R. F. Anderson, Agent
Dateil March 19, 1910.
District of Eaat Kootenay.
I, Harry C. Bower, of Rosslaad.B.
('., Agent, intend to apply lor permission to purchase the following
described lands:— Commencing at a
post planted at the southeast corner
about one mile north aad 60 chaias
east of the northwest corner of Lot
7397: thence north 80 chains; th*ae*
wost 80 chains; thence south 10 chains
thence east 80 chains to the point ot
commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Harry 0. Bowers, Locator,
F. R. Anderson, Agent.
Dated 8th March,  1910. 18-21
NOTICK Is hereby given that 30
days after date I Intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner
ol Lands for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over the following lands situate in the district of
Southeast Kootenay, British Colum
bia, in Lot 4593: Commencing at s
post planted at or near five miles
duo east of the 36 mile post on C.P
R. survey line, which is the western!
boundary of Lot 4593, and being the
northwest corner post of Walter W.
Hay's claim: thence south eighty
180) chains, thence east eighty (80)
chains, thence north eighty (80)
chains, thence west eighty (80).
>-hains to tbe point of commencement
making 640 acres, more or less.
Located this 19th day of   February
WALTER W. HAY, Locntor,
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
William  E.  Butts,   Witness.        16-20
NOTICK Is hereby given that 30
dnys after dato I intond to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner
.it Lnnds for a License to prospoct
ior conl and petroleum over thc following Lands situate in tho district of
Southenst Kootenny, British Columbia, in Lot 4593: Commencing at a
pout planted at or near livo miles
■lite onst. nf the 36 mile post on C.P.
It. survey line, which is the western
boundary of Lot 4593, and being tho
loitlieast corner post of George
Wykes' claim: thenco south elghty(HO)
-tinius, thenco west eighty (80) chains
Ihenee north eighty (80) chains,
I hence onst eighty (80) chains to the
point ol commencement, mnking 640
ncres more or lesH.
Located this 19th day ol February
Eathen W.  Butts, Agent.
William E. Butts,   Witness.        15-20
NOTICK Is hereby given that 30
days alter date I intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner
ol Lauds for a license to prospect
for conl and petroleum over the following lands situate in thr district of
Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Lot 4593: Commencing at a
post planted at or near five miles
due enst of the 36 mile post on C.P.
R. survey line, which is tho western
boundary of Lot 4593, anil being the
southwest corner post of Peter C.
Paulson's claim: thenre north eigbty
180) ohalns, thence enst. eighty (80)
chains, thence south eighty (80)
chains, thence wost eighty (80)
chiilim to the point of commencement
mnking 640 acres moro or less.
Located this 19th day of February
PETER    O. PAULSON, Locator,
Eathen W. Uutts, Agont.
William E. Butts,   Witness.        16 20
District ot East Kootenay
1, Jeremiah H. Hutchison of Rosa-
land, R. ('., Merchant, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:— Commencing at a post planted at th*
northeast corner about one mil*
north and 60 chains east of th*
northwest corner of Lot 7397, tbeace
south 80 chains; thence west 10 chains
thence north 80 chaina; thence cast
80 chains to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres mora or
Jeremiah  H.   Hutchison, Locator,
F. R. Anderson, Agent.
Dated 8th March, 1910. 13-21
District ot East Kootenay.
Take uotice that Agnes Elwell of
Cranbrook, British Columbia, married woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:— Commencing at the
south end ot an Island in tbe Koote-
Itiver opposite Lot No. 324, group 1,
thence north westerly along the western side of said island about (40)
forty chains, thence east (10) chain*
more or less to the east aide ot th*
said island, thence south easterly
following the eastern aide ol said
island to the point of commencement
containing twenty acres more or less
Dated   this 10th day ot   March, 1910
NOTICE Is hereby given that 80
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable Chiel Commissioner
ol Lands for a lieenae to prospect
lor conl and petroleum over the following lands situate In the district ol
Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593: Commencing at a
Post plnnteil at or near ttiree miles
due enst nf tbe 36 mile post on OP.
R. survey line, which is the western
boundary of Lot 4593, aad being the
southeast corner post of Ella O.
Jones' clnlm, thence nortb eighty
180) chains; thence west eighty (10)
chnins; thence south eighty (80)
chains; thence east eighty (80) chain*
to tho point of commencement, mak-
640 acres more or less.
Located this 21st day ol February.
ELLA O. JONES,Locatorf
Eathen W. Butts, Agent.
William E. Butts,   Witness.       15-20
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days After date I intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner
of Lnnds for a license to prospect
for conl nnd petroleum over tbe lollowing lands situate In the district of
Southeast Kootenay, British Columhln, In Lot 4593: Commencing at a
Post plantod at or nenr three miles
dua east of the 36 mile post on C.P.
R. survey line, which Is tb* western)
boundary of Lot 4593, and being tb*
northwest corner post ol Anna K.
Paulson's claim: thence south eighty
(SOI chnlns, tbence east eighty (80)
chains, thence nortb eigbty (80)
chains, thence west eigbty (80) chain*
to the point ol commencement, making 640 neres more or less.
Located this 21st day ot February
ANNA  K.  PAULSON,   Locator,
Kathen W. Butts,  Agent.
William E. Butts,   WIUMl.        15-20 If You Want To Save Money
The largest and most complete stock of wall paper ever offered
in Cranbrook is now on the market at
Actual Cost Landed in Store
Over 10,000 rolls of elegant designs and 8,000 of them are new
1910 stock just arrived.
Armstrong      g       |-|       SHORT     Cra"b^ook
Avenue       „ B. C
■>_——   The Painter and Decorator   ______
Is Known as the A. B. C.
System-In Use on the
Northern Pacific.
Arrangements are being perfected
lor thc national convention ot train
dispatchers of th; United States
which Is to be held in Spokane on
Juno 21. Upon that date it is expected tbat between 500 and 1,000
men engaged In this line of work on
thc different railroads ol the country will bo at Spokane to attend tho
Ono of the most interesting tea-
turcsof thc convention will be tbe
exhibition of a now system ot train
dispatching Invented and patented
hy two Spokane railway men. A.
Houiner, division superintendent and
T. II. Langtry trainmaster of thu
Northern Pacific railway. This invention Is known ns tho "A. It, 0."
system nnd has been in use on the
western division of the Northorn I'acilic for tho last three yenrs. So
great has been its success thnt train
dispatcher* nil over the country
havo become Interested nnd while
bore wlll not only watch tho workings ot tho system but will havo
evory detail carefully explained to
While in session in Spokane Superintendent R.'amor will have wires run
directly Into the convention hall tn
order thnt thc visiting dispatchers
may listen to tbe transmission ot
train orders and lamlllari/.o themselves with tbe workings of tho new
In explaining the details ot tho invention Superintendent Beamar said
tbat It Is an exact rcversul of tho
old system now In use throughout
the country. Instead of the train
dispatchers calling up the operator*
at the railroad stations along tho
line and giving them their train orders, the new system requires the
operators to ask for orders.
Continuing thc ■ explanation, Superintendent Benmer said: "Take
tht ic stations designated A. B. and
C. When the trnin pulls out of A going towards I), the operator at A
notifies tho operator at II that the
train has passed bis station. The
operator at B then calls up tbo dispatcher and asks for n block card
from 11 to C. If thc block shows
clenr on tlio train dispatcher's sheet
he gives II Instructions to Issue a
block card.
Before the train leaves B, th* op
erator at that station calls up the ■
operator at C and asks hiin to pledge.:
tho block between their stations. If
the block ls busy the operator refuses to pledge and immediately
culls tbe train dispatcher. Because
ot this checking system a collision
will be impossible unless all three
men make the same mistake at the
same time.
Under the system Invented by Superintendent Beamer and Mr. Lang-
try no train can pass a station
without first receiving its block card,
and instructions are issued to trainmen from station to station.
The "A. B. C. system" has been
in use on the division of the Northern Pacific running from Paradise to
to tbe Coast for three years and
thus tar no defects havo been discovered In it.
Some time ago the interstate commerce commission which examines
all devices and systems ln use on the
railroads, commend tho "A. B. 0.
system" very highly, Superintendent
Ileumer nays, and believe* thut in
time lt will bo put into general
use throughout the country.
enn be obtained in any city or town
in America where society women of
refinement dwell.
Parisian Sage is the most delightful hair tonic in the world. It makes
the hair soft, lustrous and luxuriant
in a few days. It is perfumed moat
daintily and is not sticky or greasy.
It stops falling hair, cures dandruff
and Itching scalp in two weeks or
money back. Beattie-Hurpby, Ltd.,
sells it for 50 ceats a large bottle,
and guarantees it, or direct, all
charges prepaid, by Canadian makers
Olroux Mfg. Co., Brie, Ont.
Do not forget that this whole tariff muddle with the United States is
due to tho French Treaty.
Tbo net results are that tbo United
States ban dragged out ot Canada
tariff reductions which otherwise we
should not have given.
And that France has glvon to the
United States larger concessions than
she has given to Canada.
And that wo have made one more
pilgrimage to Washington.
And then llgure out what good the
French Treaty does lie?
Friday next at 1 o'clock In the
morning, wlll ho the earliest time at
which It will be worth while trying
to see Halley's comet with tbe aid
of the nacked eye.
Diirltig tbe latter part of this
month ana the early part ot May tho
comet will lie visible In thc oast before sunrise a few degrees north of
enst. By May 17 it will be too nearly ln line with the sun to be seen In
the morning, but from then on it will
appear ln the west ln the evening.
if it Den't Beittie & Murphy Will
Give You Back Your Money.
Yes, Parisian Sage, thc most Invigorating hair restorer, cures dandruff
and grows hair. The women of Canada, who bavo luxuriant hair, know
It does, and that ls why thousands
of attractive women throughout the
lnnil are regularly using it.
I For years this almost marvelous
grower of    lustrous    and     beautiful
I hair was confined to thc elite ot
Europe and New York City, but
about two years ago it was given to
'a select Hat ot druggist*, and today
TAKE NOTICE, that I Intend to
apply to tbe superintendent ol provincial Police, 30 days alter the appearance ot this notico, for a renewal of
my license to sell intoxicating liquor
on tho premises known as the Wardner Hotol, Wardner, B. C.
Dateh April 12th 1910. 16-30
District   of East Kootenay.
Take notice that I Mrs. W. B. Mc-
Farlane of Cranbrook, B. C, occupation married woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands: Commencing at a post planted at the north
east corner of Cooper's purchase, Lot
9797, thence north 10 chains, thence
west 40 chains,thence south 10 cbains,
thence eaat 40 chaina to place of com-,
Mra. W. B. McFarlane.
Dated March 15, 1910. 15-23
♦<* ** $&*^**<*)*****<r***$ ************<****>****H-'» ♦
TAKE NOTICE, that I intend to
apply to the superintendent of provincial Police, 30 days after the appearance ot this notice, for a renewal of
my license to sell intoxicating liquor
on tho premises known aa the Windsor Hotel, Fort Steele, B. C.
Dateh April 12th 1910. 16-20
TAKE NOTICE, that I Intend to
apply to the superintendent of provincial Police, 30 days after the appearance of this notice, for a renewal of
my UcenBe to sell intoxicating liquor
on the premises known as tho Imperial Hotel, Fort Steele, B. C.
Dateb April 12th 1910. 16-20
TAKE NOTICE, that I Intend to
apply to the superintendent ot provincial Police, 30 days alter the appearance ol this notice, lor a renewal ot
my license to sell intoxicating liquor
on the premises known as the Wycllffe Hotel, Wycllffe, B. C.
Dateh April 12th 1910. 16-20
Take notice, that I Intend to apply
to the Superintendent ot Provincial
Police, alter 30 days from tbe appearance of this notice, lor a renewal *t my license to sell Intoxicating
liquor on tbe premises known a* the
Royal Hotel, Marysville, B. C.
Dated April 6th, 1910. 15-19
TAKE NOTICE, that I Intend to
apply to the superintendent of provincial Police, 30 days after the appearance ot this notice, for a renewal of
my license to sell Intoxicating liquor
on the premises known as the Central Hotel, Marysville, B. C.
Dateh April 12th 1910. 16-20
TAKE NOTICE, that I intend to
apply to tbe superintendent of provincial police, 30 days after the appearance of this notice, for a renewal of
my license to sell intoxicating liquor
on the premises known as the North
Star Hotel, Kimberley, B. 0,
Dateh April 12th 1910. 16-20
TAKE NOTICE, that I Intend to
apply to the superintendent ol provincial Police, 30 days alter the appearance of this notice, for a renewal of
my license to sell Intoxicating liquor
on the premises known as the Wasa
Hotel, Wasa, B. C.
Dateh April 12th 1910. 16-20
Tn g«t the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
Dried Blood  Ferti izer
Try Our   Blood and Bone Mixture
X       Phon*  10 P. O. Box !.
0. a. WARD, Manapr
0. J. LITTLE, Secretary
Tha Oronbrook Aganoy Oo*
PHONE 880 P   O. BOX 18
I. O.
This Checker 1
Is Crowned |
In playing thc game of Baking,  f.
your first move  is good ^0     \
Hour. .Anchor Brand   ^0m      \
Floiir has already   been       lu*2l $
crowned, holds first position and works
all   ways.     It
will clear  the
board for you.
Manfil. by
Leitch Brother* Flair Mill*
Oak Lake, Manitoba. "
■OH UMR8, Mrs   ll   l»   Mather,   and daughter,     Mra   C.  Brault,   died at     thc st wajtona    and teami will   lip    fur
ol Fort   Steele,    were     shopping atlElugene  Hospital     ffedneedaj  ntghl nished by the Olty,     rree ol charge,
Cranbrook Monday.                              I Mra   Braull     baa been ill    roi aboul at one m    o'clock (18.K) in the al
——                          two weeks ol pneumonia.   She leaves tornoon ol the 2nd of May, nun,   to
#      See i;   ii   Leaak A Oo., tor plans la husbaud and *i\ children to mourn remove tin* .same.       The owner   or
I   ft.i   spring  building ami l»e ready  to [bet  loss.   The funeral took  place ou tenant  ><i  tbe premises     shall assist
start with the opening <»r the season. (Friday afteruoon the teamsters to     load tbe same ia
-'■ the   wagons   aad m    removing   the
Lovers o( good plotures will appro-     Wo aim to    sell goods    that will ante    from tho    lane    or    streets.
date thr   excellent program    at tho]please,    Satisfied    customers aro our Monday the   sooond ii) day ol May.
Edison Theatre tonight.                      best  advertisement.    McOlary's rnngo 1910, is    declared     to be b   gonoral
r—— 'has made many    satisfied customerslcleaning day for.tho City,
25 per cont   ofl    everything in our for us.   wo wanl     your satisfaction Th&ownov-oi  tenant  of Liu- promises
Crockery   department for   three days Come this way    Patmore Pros not donned    pursuant tu thiN notice
Apr!' 16th, 18th, and tilth.  --Campbell by tho    oveniug o( the    and day   ol
i: Manning.                                         Moyie will have a    base bail club May. 1910, wlll bo    summoned under
this season    This was decided  upon tho provisions ol the Health By-Law
Horn   At  Cranbrook, on   Tuesday, at s    meeting held in     Moyie   list nnd Is   liable    t>> a penalty not ex-
——*                          April 12th, to Mr   and     Mrs. w, D   Saturdaj  night     it is time     he eeodtng  iuhmmi     The provisions   of
A. B. Fenwiek, of b0rt Steele, was  ^aldlaw, a daughter                           "Pans" m   Cranbrook to   gel   busy tlto By-Law will be striotly ourorcod.
iu town Tuesday                                                                                                           ftn,l S(.[lVt j, team                                   i The t'Uv Is nol  bound t«> give any
t      LOCAL   NEWS.
<ayPww<i-*w^'wA *~»-»* i* *-a wwwww
See Dr.  Cure All. Gym.   Thursday.
H. Hutchison, of    Calgary was in
the city Wednesday.
Great sale of China, Crockery, and
China ware, at Campbell A  Manning.
Come down town     and witness the
Great salv of China. Crockery, aad   ](   u   K   K     parade     There is sure
be something doing.
Chinaware.  at  Campbell A  Manning
D.   J.   Johnson,    returned    Tuesday
from a Visit to the coast
Clothes reels and    clothes line pui
leys at    Patmore Bros
lit Ull'.
A   neat   boulevard   Is
on Norbury avenue
taking   shape
Kred.  Dennlson,
town  Thursday
Fernie was m
Oeorge C   Egg, is
the       fntornatioual     corro tpoudouci'
schools    in tho Cranbrook    district,
G   H   Thompson, who has been at taking the place *>i  ,i   \v      Bennetl
be coast on legal business   returned who is now editor !>! tbe Fernie Dis
o Cranbrook Wednesday tnet  Ledgei     Mi   Bigg, spent several
days m Oranbrook tins week
Hawlwood" double Jereey buttei
uilk at Stewart's 36 poi cent   ofl    overythtug In our
Crockery   department for   three days
28 pel cent   ofl    everything In our April Lfith, 13th, and 19th     Campbell
'rockery   department foi    three days ,v Manning
\pi ii ititli. 18th, and r.tth     Campbell
,  Manning J   a   Anthony, of Winnipeg;  Vl   J
Roberts,   ol   Spokane.   1.      C    lUmei,
ISnglneoi   Melntyre has moved  into ol Joliet,    IU ,  J    \     Macdonald, ol
.   tbe late residence ol Mr. WUlson.who Nelson,  Q   H   EUIb, o( Winnipeg; U.
Great sale of China, Crockery, and ( cent.    ramoved to Vancouver. Fisher, and   \   K   Unit, ol Montreal
Chinaware.  at Campbell &  Manning were KUMta tl,  tn0    Cranbrook Tuos
See-in   Cute All. Gym,   Thursday dav
It don't cast  nothing  to  live,  you  	
simply work for it                                   (1,   you   n     0   K   K>   vvhl, cr0BB ,;,.„   K   Henderson, president of the
■ the  burning    sands     tonight   Better Bull  River  Powor &  Light  company,
p. Woods, or Cherry creek was   m    ^ mti, g pmi  il( CHSt n,ul Bhocfi U1U, „   Qre(E0   tl|     Aurora. Hi , and
the city Thursday u    Shultie,  ol   Madis0n.  Wis.  dlrec
J.  Anderson   ol  Victoria,     and c tors of the company were In tlio city I
Fancy    Honolulu     pine-apples     at   N]   1Vnih(1,k   ol     Wardner wero regis Mondaj     The parts   left on Tuesday
Stewart's today, just arrived               tewd a[  tbe Cranbroofc  Sunday last for Bonnlngton  Falls,  to Inspect  the]
  big  powet   plant  at  that  place
J    D   CaverhlU,  W.  N    Nelson and
Callander,     of  Vancouver,      were JUST  ARR1V1SD   A    good
gistered at  the Cranbrook Tuesday meat of the latest and most  popular
and  instrumental piec
Harry      Dimmock,  of Movie,  niaua
i   oi   the  Aurora  Mining company
and   this  notiee Is
facilitate a genor
id the proiTllsos with
•hall not  art nn   n
merely  In orde
ai donning up
iii  Hie City and
The chief oi poltco ami Chief ol the
Fue Department will be ia charge ol
die work
,i   p  fink, Mayoi
Chairman of the
Health Committee
Haaelwood Ice cream at Stewart'i
A.   Lund, of  Wardaei
last in Cranbrook.
spent   Sundaj
M, Wallace. 0t Frederlckto
was in town Monday
Clothes reels' Clothes reels * and
clothes reels'"  at   Patmore  Br -
Mr.  and    Mrs     G      H       Mine;
Winnipeg,  were  in   the    city  Tuesday
Go to  Stewart's for    choice straw
General Superintendent I'rice, of
Calgary,  was In the city  Wednesday
Great sale of China, Crockery, and
Chinaware,  at  Campbell  &   Manning
C. Galhraitb, and John Wirth. of
Fort Steele were in town Thursday.
Sec Box and Cox, Gym. Thursday.
J. Joyce,   a    prominent    Mayook
lumberman, was in     the   city Thurs- !
Ch0ice rhubarb at Stewart's today
Mr. and Mrs. 11. Locke, ol Wimn .
peg, were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
Sweet apple cider at Stewart's.
Parker Rantz, of Wardner was
transacting business at Cranbrook I
Land clearing and tree planting
are general around Cranbrook), just
Great sale of China, Crockery, and
Chinaware, at Campbell &  Manning.
A. K. Watts, the well known lumberman, of Wattsburg. was at Nelson
Monday on business.
Florida tomatoes, cucumbers, green
onions, and lettuce, at Stewart's
K. O. Boynton, of Perry Creek was
transacting business nt Cranbrook
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jordon, of I*«th-
bridge were Cranbrook visitors Wednesday.
25 per cent. oB everything in our
Crockery department for three days
April icth, lHth, and 19th. -Campbell
& Manning.
at  once aud   pick
Our    prices
.as in  the city  Tuesday  on company j Cheaper    music  expected    daily.     Let
usiness : us have your order,
T   Prentice, of Fenue,  H   P.  Davis,
: Winnipeg, and     T.  P. Bowd-en, of
Hamilton, were     guests at the Cran-
■ :,vk  Wednesday
have your old
Now is the time
lothes line replace,
no reel or pulley line.    We have the
itest   in  both     Patniui-e  Bros
Armstrong  Avenue,
rhe Prospector Office.
next   door  to
James Finlay returned
from a business trip >
The lishing season will open in
i st two    weeks from     today.   Local
mermen should get busy and secure
the necessary  tackle fur the season.
See  Dr.   Cure All,  Gym,    Thursday.
Miss Bridges and ber brother Artie
left for Coleman. Alta., an Wednesday.   They will be greatly missed in
0 large circle     of Cranbrook    young
1 eople.
Two notable events took place in
i rnnbrook this week. The arrival
i i the Y. M. C. A., and the exit of
tbe residents of the red light district.
It has been announced that the
residents of the tenderloin district
i ave received notice to change their
1 lace of residence outside the corporative limits of the city.
it has heen decided thnt annual
instead of semi-annual examinations
for admission to a high school, will
i e held on the last three school
days in June.
N. Hanson, came in from Wasa,
Sunday last, in his new Brulck automobile. He was accompanied by
Wm, French of the "Grange", Wolf
There were a large and enthusiastic audiences at the moving picture
shows in the Edison Theatre this
week. Especially good films will be
the feature at this coscy theatre
C. H. Church, of Trail; W. H.
crossley, of Montreal; Wm. Ward of
1.infield, Eng., and G. R. Wilson of
Galloway, were guests at the Cran-
brook Sunday last.
See Box and Cox, Gym, Thursday.
Ynii need a new clothes reel or
patent line pulley to replace the one
that is always giving trouble. We
V"bv a* new clothes |Cftn "t you out with a splendid working pulley line, or adjustable raise
or lower clothes reel. Sec our samples.-Patmore Bros.
Do you need a range? If so you will
not need any explanation of the
"Sosk-Alta." It stands for all that
is modern and useful in the kiitchen
range. All improvements are real
improvements and are embodied in
this range De Luxe. A particular
range for particular people, and sold
by  particular people.   Patmore Bros.
"The Royal Chef" was a beautiful
production, and was witnessed by a
large audience nt the Opera House,
on Saturday last, It wns the finest
musical comedy, of the many, which
has appeared in Cranlirook. Messrs.
Fraser & Farcjuhnrson are to he congratulated on securing tbe best of
all shows that are now on the road
for presentation to the theatre going people of Crnnhrook.
The Police Commissioners met on
Saturday last and isgtled instructions
to the Chief of Police, to give notiee
Mr. J. Woodman, of the. Cranbrook [to the residents of the red light dis
Bash & Door factory is In Winnipeg; trict to vacate their present garters
on a business trip. by June 1st.
Get busy, and bave youi lots in ;
good condition, when the Inspectors
calls around
Al Mutz,president
Fort Steele Brewing
the city  Thursday.
Of   the     Fernie
ompany, was li
25 per cent, ofl everything in our
'rockery department for three dnys
Vprll lfith. 18th. and 19th. -Campbell
'   Manning.
The Man behind the Throttle valve"
the subtect of     Rev, C   W. King's
Sunday     evening    address.     Baptist.
The    Leask    Lumbel      company  at  Church,   The song     selection will be
Mayook, aie preparing to build and Irom tho hymns of     Fanny Crosby,
install a new milling plant [the Trainman's  Patron Saint,
' Cranbrook
We rtsk you tu call au.l try
our urw Consignment ol new
nml Up to dtttt. rigs tor
Winter   end   Summer,   J uut
received Topplr and  Reliable
lluiiies    at    your    disposal
(live   them   a   trial .1,11.1 be
Hhona 47        Oranlironk, B.O.
********************* 1
i&   SALE   STABLE!!
; Both Single and ltoble
', Drivers, for ull parts
• uf lliii district. Good
] Sudd In Horses. Good
Turnouts,    Up-to-date
:  Rigs.
! Opposite Royal Hotel Phone 91
Doeast & Deacon, Proprietors;'
J. f. Deacon, Manager
Ladies' and Children's Shoes
We have just passed into stock and lar^e shipment nl Ladies' and Children's shoes, All tlie newest
styles are shown here lor Ladies and Children.
Ladies' Costumes and Separate
A few of the specials,     Ladies' taupe grey suit,
strictly tailored, perfect fitting  very special at.$17.50
Ladies'goblin blue,   tailor made,   trimmed  with
self buttons, very special at $18.50
Ladies' nnvy blue suit perfectly tailored at.$19.50
Panama and Voile Skirts
In the new pleated style, navy, brown and  black
 • $5-75
Black Voile Skirts, very dressy, trimmed witlrVsilk
buttons from $7.50 Up
Best English Prints at 12'A and 15c
Rooms   for   li^lit   house  keeping.  4
Furnished or unfurnished. .   Apply to ; <f
TAKE NOTICE that you are here- %
by required on   or before the second &
(2) day of May, 1910, at    one (Ij p. <f
m. (local timej to hnve nil the gar- <*>
bage, ashes, and rubbish of every de- 'f
scription placed in the lane or on the ^
street adjacent to your premises,   in '?
heaps or fn boxes, and to have your <§>
premises thoroughly cleaned  and    ■'"
The Leading Fruit Store.
Choice Oranges, Lemons
Bananas   Figs    Dates
Sweet Potatoes
Hot House Lettuce
Rhubarb    Cranberries
Stewart's fine Chocolates
AntisiroriK Ave. Phone 7ft
w, Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection \
Nearest to railroad depot.   Has accommodations   for   the   public   unequalled  in
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors
a sanitary condition.
\ *************i>*** &4#> •><$>
We Give Away
Absolutely Free of Cost
The Paopie't Ummoi Seme Medical Adviser, in Plain
BaglM, or Medicine Simplified, by R. V. Pierce, M. I).,
Chiel C*Mtultlnf Phyiician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Inatittite at Buffalo, a book of 1008 large pages and
•ver 7M illustrations, in strong parsr covers, tu any one sending il uue-ueot
ataiapa to aover cost of mailing anly, or, in French Cloth binding fur 50 stamps.
Over fM,M0 copies of this compleU Family Doctor Uook were sold in cloth
binding at regular price of $1.50. Afterwards, one and a half million copies
were gives away as above. A new, up-to-date revised edition is now ready
lor Mailing. Better tend NOW, before all are gone. Address VVukliA Dis-
MNuar MiDicAi, Association, R, V. Pierce, M. !>., President, Huflu' , N. Y*
THE ONE REMEDY for woman's peculiar nilmenta good enough
thnt iU makers nr* not afraid to print on ita outside wrapper Iti
•vary ingredient. No Qnorete—No Deception.
THE ONE REMEDY for woman which contains no alcohol nnd
■• habit-forming druga. Made from native medicinal forest roots
•f wall oaMbliahod curntivi
Ham and Bacon
Our sinoUod moats are always fresh stock. We
are sure that if you try thum once you will agree
with us thai thoy aro the best flavored and most
wholesome smoked moats you have ever eaten.
P.Woods 6c Co.
PHONE 67 P.O. 10X154
George   R.  Leask  & Co.
Plans, Spkcifioations
and Estimates
PHONK 114 I'.O. BOX Sttft


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