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The Prospector Jan 21, 1911

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Array /&■■ ■■■ ■  „-,.t
■■  tm iM <f
h^^ORlA, B.C;
B. G. Legislature
Provincial House Enters Upon
1911 Session
Bills to Amend Count/-court
Act and Workmen's Oompen-
sa ion Act introduced
Victor:'' Jan. 12.—The Hritish Co-
lur ua Pro ..■ ;;! LoglBlature opened
i id  | pite     of the cold    and
Mi-, there was a larg-s attemlni.ee.
All ''* the officers of the cruiser
Ral ibi -y '!■■ ro present, with a guard
oi honor oi the Fifth Regiment,
Hon. W. R. Ros.* aud Alex Lucas
wire Introduced by Hon. Tl. McBride
and Hon. Dr. Voting. ltcpresenta-
tions of the Insurance Commission,
Forestry Commission, ruhlic Accounts, Board of Health, anil the reply of the •JTedernl Govornment to the
resolution asking for measures of
settlement of lands in the railway
bolt were all presented.
Hon. Mr, Bowser introduced a bill
to amend the County Court Act and
Mr. Hawthornthwaite had a bill to
amend  the workmen's compensation,
Tomorrow will be occupied by debate on the adhrcss.
The Lieutenant-Governor read the
speech  from the throne as follows:
Mr, Speaker and gentlemen ol the
Legislative Assembly:
Tbe pleasure which I feel in meeting you today is tempered by a sense
^ of the heavy loss which the British
Empire and the civilized world sustained in the death of King Edward,
He won the love of his people ami
thc respect of the world in his life,
and in death an imperishable fame,
Hia son, King George the Fifth,
trained for the duties of his Illustrious destiny, inspires his . subjects
with a sense of security and unshaken confidence in thc permanence of
British institutions under his wise
In response to an official invitation, it is intended that this Province will be represented at the Coronation of His Majesty next June.
I deem it fitting to pay tribute to
the memory of Robert "Garnett Tatlow, whose lamentable death is so
generally regretted. Mr. Tatlow
administered the portfolio of tinance
and agriculture for several yenrs
with marked ability,
I am pleased to inform you that,
negotiations for the settlement of the
Soughees Reserve question are now
in progress. It is expected that an
early an<T"satisfactory adjustment ,of
^ this long-standing matter will be arrived at.
Questions of Jurisdiction between
the Province and thc Dominion, relating to fisheries, have been settled
upon by the two governments, and
are now before the Supreme Court
of Canada.
Tbc abundant harvest of the past
season is a mini gratifying feature
of a prosperous year. I congratulate tim fruit growers on the splendid buccp secured In Central and
Blastero  ■ and Gr*at   Britain,
when British Columbia fruit won the
hlj.be ' awards for excellence over
all c impetttoru.
Thoro h;is also been a marked Improvement in the mlnisg Industry,
the value of tho yoar's output bolng
the largest on record. The Opening
of iipw coal mil 'i a nd thi! Inrrenstng
output of our collieries call for the
application of every possible safeguard for tho minors., You are therefore, requested to give oarheBt consideration to m b'li amending and
extending the provisions of the Coal
Mines Regulation Act, which will be
laid before you.
Tho financial statement which will
be presented to yon will, I am pleased to say, show a considerable expansion in the revenue.
As a result of the legislation passed at last session, work is now in
progress on tbe Canadian Northern
Pacific and Kettle River Valloy Railways. Other extensive railway construction Is also under way.
In addition to these railways, it in
pleasing to note another indication
of the great increase which Is taking
place in the trade of the province in
the numerous additions to the merchant marine,
In the Interests of tbo public, you
Will be asked to provide for a department of railways; this will necessitate an amendment to tbe   Con
stitution Act, creatine; the department.
In order to provide a more expeditions method hy which railway com
panics will be enabled to secure Incorporation wit limit special legislation, a hill consolidating the exlsl
in tr I tn il way Acts, and containing
provisions for facilitating the incorporation of railway companies will
be placed   before  you.
A bill will be BUbmltted for your
consideration for Hie regulation ol
trust companies,
| With a view to the protection of
the health nnd comfort of the workmen, you will be nuked to consider a
bill for tbo inspection of logging
camps and railroad construction
! Owing to the large increase in population and the opening of new settlements, In will be necessary to provide nn adequate grant for tbe construction and maintenance of public
The report of the university site
commission will be laid before you.
Measures to confirm the finding of
the commission, as well us to extend
the time for choosing the lands set
apart for the endowment of the University of British Columbia will be
Tbe report of the forestry commission, which will be presented to you,
contains a mass of valuable Information relating to the conservation of
our bjmjber, and suggestions aa to tlio
best methods of dealing with th's
great national asset. You will have
opportunity to consider the report
during the recess, in order to be prepared to pass upon a bill which will
be prepared for your consideration
at the next session of this house.
The report of the commission on
insurance will be brought down, together with a comprehensive bill
dealing with this Important subject.
The commission appointed under
authority of the act passed hy you
in the year l!bi9 has prepared a revision of the Statutes of British Columbia. The result of tbeir labors
will be laid before you for your approval.
A reserve of upwards of 2.1,000
acros of Crown lands on Vancouver
island bas been set apart for a public park, to be known as the Strathcona Hark, in honor of the Right
Honorable Lord Strathcona and
Mount Royal, who, at the request of
my government, has consented to
have his name associated. The report of the Chief Commissioner of
Lands, who has made a personal examination of the property selected,
will be present.
My government have completed the
acquisition of all lands comprised in
the Parliament Buildings Square.
Yon will he asked to approve an appropriation for an enlargement of
the present buildings to meet the
growing requirements of the civil
service, as well as to provide for additional accommodation fot the Leg-
tlltlonal accommodation for the Lcg-
The public accounts for the past
fiscal year will be laid before you
early in the session.
! The estimates of expenditure for
the coming yenr, based upon the
growing requirements of the Province, witb (Uie regard to economy,
will bo submitted for your approval.
Gentlemen, In committing to you
these Items of business, fraught with
the future welfare of the Province, 1
feel assured that you will devote the
greatest care to their consideration,
The radical reor animation of the
Conserval Ive pari. ef!< cte I by Mr,
llonlen is .-nil ;. toj Ic o much In
ii reel  al Ottawa, and Irankl.
odmll ted   thai  I ■■   could not     have
utilised lo.-; forci.- better than he has
dmie.     Every man in the | ai y   In
h mself with dul ■. suite L to hi   ex
perience and nbll I to;.
j The result Is that nol n single
question co ne i > p In i ho Ho i bul
n little kni t ol men are rendj to
deal with ii from the (lp
standpoint. They have threshed it
out in their comroll tee, end they are
prepared I ittei tl id I _ Government
At least the.   hai    been   io far.
j This ren-- anlaatl u has therefore
heen directly responsible for the
whirl wind fight tlmt the Conservatives put up in (lie House Bince the
pension opened.     The sltual Ion   has
1 became  bo   lei io   ; thi   Go\  ; i
ment that the Pi r waa con . 11
ed to iend foi ti F eld uj . th i
mainstay of the G nm ml wl o
ha,:  beei   recn II i .■   h   tl I th. He
ii; now at Ottawa, and the Govern
ment hopeB that he will be able to
stem the tide of Opposition victories.
It has been a Bpectacular session
so far, Tho Opposi I: m ex i I ;
have been ranged againBt the Governmenl e perts md bave trounced
them ba lly. There Ib a touch of
pathos in It. M Bt pcoi le will view
with sympathy any body of men,
grown old in the country's service,
being driven from office by younger
and more capabl • men Old age Is
upon the ministry, and no hing th y
enn do wlll stop the     march of   the
Will Push Forward
Montreal, Jan. 18.—New plans of
the C. P, R. as announced by William WhytO here Include 100 miles of
doublo tracking ami 860 imles of new
hack in tbe west. The short
strotch between Port Arthur and
Fort William will be double tracked
and work of tho same kind between
Winnipeg and Brandon will be continued. New yards will be laid out
at Regina, Moose Jaw and Medicine
Hat. Pour new steel bridges will
be erected. Old 60-pound rails on
the Manitoba and Northwestern
branch will be replaced by 80-pouud
steel for a distance of about LG0
The line known as thn, Kootenay
Central from Golden, which has now
20 miles of trnck, during the year
will  be made 00 miles.
Speaking generally this means 100
miles of double tracking and 380
* miles of new line.
with tb.e Governmenl in >■ der to pu
; ii end to the demand fo tarli i
dii - loi        Tho ■' •        ■
ham b ti      ike s    \ ai I
for HI    a j i ai s and     they
. , .'...;,   the
as   a     work  ol Tar ■'<
i ham   i of varlou     kind* are
to    ci   ie   bit!  i he
. o ■■■■      mi the    tiai    i ol
Whi       i e Western re al
Ottaws         hi        ' organizi
the nal n 'ound thi
onl   B ildinga  li  ■■• a  'Quebec
i   ■ Alliance"    and n memorial
wa    bi   ; lly dr   I   :  In  Pi ench  pray
■   .' .    the ti     1 be no   .   luci
A      Liberal    corresj     dent      handi
around press notii ob ol th h counl r
di moi   ■ ration.     At i he lo rl n •
Home one got cold foi I   iud  I ho
ry tl'
HiiHtnoBH WB8 quiet last week, the
snow and cold weather preventing
the people from shopping. Wait until the first line dny nrrlvea, and
then things will bum.
Disintegration     Bee i i ti   he
on among the     Liner, Is thri a
the     country and i1     is i musi
iieai- them appealing to the ('.
tbe West are political (       rs    I  thi
lirst  importance.       ' of d sal
lng with     the   lal ona Sii   W I
iug them ono da T ol b ■:' .. I i
thy with the Iub irg. , and urgtn
them tbe next day to vote for the
Government so as to destroy them,
Exactly why Conservatives should
mix In this family quarrel between
Laurier and Bourassa lum not been
explained. Tlie disclosures wnich
came out during the debute upon the
address Bhow that the Laurier wing
have nothing to boast of over the
Bourassa wing on the score of loyalty. Mr. Bordon stated the pos t on
of bis party upon the naval question
in terms clear and unmistakable.
The Borden Government will be prepared to help the Empire in any
emergency and will rive the people a
chance to say what nre their views
upon the proposed' Canadian Navy.
The position of the Nationalists if
correctly stated by Mr. F. D. Monk
and others Ib not antagonistic. The)
are willing for a direct contribution
to the Imperial Navy if an erneri in
cy presents itself and io bow ; i the
mandate o( the people and con trucl
a Canadian Navy if and whenever
such u mandate U given. The Laurier Government stands In the mulish
position of re sing to Ih ten to i ny
arguments and of refusing to consult the people who have to puy the
Tin' do man d for tariff redni' ion,
from tlio Wesl plants Itsoll irelj
upon the Otto i p tl rn of 189a
nnd  upon  the B] ei of      I' 1
Luurier and Sir Ftl ihe 'd Oartwri bl
when in opp tail i n, '• he io .'il1 li ad
directly to al solute free trade and
many p o le In tho ■■ I who >■ u
io  to   this cou il '"■     re tently    Ilk . n
been misled by them,    Tl ny a i
manding that thi Laui or party
keep its plod p •■ ffl leb v ould sound
like a joke wi n i nol
that these men hnve not t oen l n in
th? country, 01 ci ■ i e G <'orn
mont bas no Inti nl U n of < errying i i
to effect the doctrine they preac id
In opposition. The, are thei
putting the farmers ofl with the pro
text that nothing can bi done until
after the     reciprocity otlations
with the United Hti tea are con ■'.'",
ml.     This will  probablj   shelve    the
subject so tar ns this season I    eon
concerned.     When tho treaty,    hov
ever, is finally nm lo tin   ' lovei ni u ut
wlll have to face tho growing scntl
ment in     the Wee) which thoy   have
underrated.     if thr treal pi    -1nl
t.D little- nd low bolfcvi   lb t It will
amounl   to mil di   the Weal  w  !      o
bo satisfied.     Hen   n| i I i  the     Gov
ernment Is crying; to the O] it on
for help. '    One     day  the Coi        i
tlvos nro charged wll .
pnthy with tho Free Traders, and tbe
next day    tbey are   urged    to    vote
N ite and Comment
Watei wagou resolutions wore
placed to a severe test last week
when  the ten    raetei     ropped   to   12
Plum tors were welcome visitors to
thi   rea lential portion     of the   city
The now yeai   ha    cerl .inly opened j
wit!   ai   opld ml(   if v. I . ce.    It   ia
but   cii ne    often seems to    nm    In
The  Violent BtormB,     which    bave j
i lamb,"  if true,
octlon    to resi-
At tbc last municipal elections in
Pernle there werc a total of 274
votes eust. In the Oranbrook elec
tions -151 votes were cant. Cran
brook is the chief city in Southeast
illy atte
beon tu full swing
■  o 'ii    rinks,
Lethbi ■'■ e,    Nelson,
an I  i ianbrook, in tho
i1 ■■       the early
I he   li b   ■■■ si   i ion
i i udition, nn Ttaurs-
the e a little sofl. bul
ti •■■ an e hard,
ii e nlghl.
nn   the    rinks tn ntton-
■ ■   ■
■    I ■ Houston,    smith,
, . . i ... McLeod.
RINKS- Finkham      and
[Nil    '.    ■'. and Brown,
TR ml RINK-Thom.
:        he Cor v   trophy   thero   wero
:    .   ■ I tn  the   semi finale were
■ >. Ii..  v,aoda nnd Pinkham
■ hich will be played on
McLeod  and  Pinkham.
 -t ■!  Obollange there were
sl      IS Walley, Tom,  Wil-
-   i, and ' am  w i re In  the semi
is i,and  Wi I05  .1.' i    W llson     will
In   ■      :.' .■    ■■ 1 ne  time during
r part of 1 he week.
r tbe 1       '.     Ourllfig     trophy,
:••   ■   ;- ■      been  reached  with Hous-
. Elaton ('up there were
Beattie and      Cameron
mala, both beiug Cran-
this cup will remain in
. H. Wilson trophy, there
ntries, with Walley, Mc-
irth  and  Walker in    the
ay, in     thc Grand Chal
n. i«   the finals, lost   to
il   in, by 8 to 12.
if Nelson, won  the B. O,
■'' g regate, following
In    oi  the lending rinks.
of  " ilgary '9 games
Lt hbridge        7 Games
*l   gHllIt
:   llj  h]
thi ... 11 chosen tn
look after
Uii' inl'.
•ests of the city.
Tho t
I'vn   council of   M
ncleoil,   Is
ntlvei li
endent    ol
. il Hi
per yes
ispector,  and    ,. u
y ol }l,80n
Tucketl  Cup was   won by the Wilson rinis of Oranbrook.
Quthsle, of Nelson     carried ofl Hi"
Hiiilnon Bay jewelry.
Pinkham run] Cameron wore playing
the Una]  ror  tl e  Eaton     trophy on
I Saturday morning.     The final in thn
"•11 in::, rs sal down to
ban mot ni tho I ranbrook Hotel o
Friday •■ ning,. It waa n moal er
loyable event. Speeches weir mad
by Judge Wilson, and P. Hundoi
ie    t Nei 0.'     lei I   orators    Coli
Is  lo nous dancing bear.
In conclusion we may sny that tii
Liberal Member
Praises Measures
Half of Liberal Party Goes Over
to Government
Working Men Look to Govern-
ment for Needed Legislation
—Approves Acts
Victoria, Jan. 1..— One half of the
Liberal party in the legislature went
over   to  the  government today  when
I John Jardlne imid a glowing tribute
in the Increased prosperity of the
province nnd  declared  that    lt    was
j tine to the policy of thu government
which had practically wiped out the
|l_iberal party. Ho disagreed entirely with the position of the 1 iberal
leader and believed that the work-
Ingnutn might look to the Conservative government for the 'iieasurca the
worklngman requires. After the last
session of the house when he bad
voted in favor of the railway contract he hnd met the Liberal executive of his constituency and had told
I hem that if they disapproved of hia
supporting the government's railway
policy he would resign. Not a man
es [tressed  disapproval.
Mr. Jardlno proceeded to defend
nnd approve of other government
acts opposed hy H. C. Brewster.
The idea of a university commission
originated in the unanimous demand
of a representative public meeting In
Victoria. It had lost thc university, hut accepted the decision of the
commission for which it asked.
lie had assurances that the island
section of the railway would he Under construction iu 30 days aud members of the house would he invited to
sue the premier turn the first sod.
Tbe Conl Mines Regulation Act introduced by tho premier was a very
.. iwiucjil, thorough and exhaustive
measure. The age limit of men employed about machinery is raised to
IH yer.rs in other caBcs. Many
stringent clauses protect the life and
hen Ith of men nnd secure their Interest in other ways.
The time for completing assessment
rolls is extended to Jan. LO and for
revision to Jan. 31, The trail,
license and police committee haa re-
ported that the 0. P. R. has adrnit-
inl tho right of the province to tax
tin1  British  Columbia Southern land
The pen may be mightier than the
sword, but the     news anno'...        i
tbaj U"l price of food i 1   ;oin    down
do m'i   .oem to     1 fli ct tho price   ■■'
0 ml on li id    to an* th   . Ii
:- in  Fro tcisco    thej
real  bombs    from ;i 'ships    and    n
bombproof umbrella  w 111  _oon  Issue
from the patent office,
ocl t il      1 'z, of Trade
Tho b inua! convi on of I he tVe
; iclal id Bonn f Tr ol Eastern
Bi tlsh ''.'i imi io opened Thursday
on the arrival of 1 he n ton tra n
from      Kootenay      Landing,      There
be   after
id    even 11    bi
lings will
I 1   ii   tb ■ C'VPB
at    rHH    Al ;\v\    RINK.
The ''■ ■■■< ki'.   team  i
od   HI   :' ■' .    P "■ I.
■   ■■■       I    ■     i'r   I ■     ,.:      • :
on thei    own gi onndB.
rs *   to 2 In   favor of (
:      ■
Tin- 1 ame wa 1 tt itm Bsed  1.,  a
Dp 61 Tl ■ Kfl
: t; le of tin - b ■■■ ■ ■     "thn
per) It I In    < ii'
thc (In I  peri id, 1 a   2
In favor of  7 . .       . [a    0
ovon. Tho end of 1 et ond pi
foul ' • c oore reversed Cranh
having the high end of tho 1 con
o to
City Council
( a meeting of the City Council was
j held on Monday afternoon in the
Council Chamber. There were present,, Mayor Hunt, and Aldermen
Bownoss, Campbell, Jackson Taylor
and  McNabb.
I it wus moved by Aldermen Mcnabb
and Bowness, that the regular meet-
ings ot (lie Council be held on the
first Monday iu each month, at tbe
hour <>i 2 p. m., (Local time.)
. Moved by Aldermen Jackson • and
Taylor, that the Court of Revision
for the City of Crnnbrook he held on
the Ith day of March, 1911, at 10-30
In. m., (local time) and that notice
I of the same be published in the
Cranbrooli Elcrald and Prospector,
and the B. C   Gazette.
Mi red bj Aldermen Jackson and
Taylor, that the Court of Revision
Bonsisl ol the following members of
tho City Council: Mayor Hunt, Aldermen, Johnson, Bowness. Taylor
and  McNabb.
The following committees were ap-
I ted
finance—Chairman, J. F. Camp-
hell,   \    C   BowneBB, S. Taylor.
Works and Property—Chairman, D.
.1. Johnson, J. Jackson. J. McNabb.
Hi lib and Relief—Chairman, 8.
raylor, J. Y. Campbell.
PIro     and     I'ollce—Chairman,    J.
.ckaon, J. McNabb.
Legislation—Chairman, J. McNabb,
. C. Bowuoss.
Water Chairman 1 A. 0. Bowness,
Taylor, nnd I). J. Johnson.
Thr mayor ex-offlcio member of all
''mil. care bs    hi      taki     hy I hn .
i plo for hia \. rioi a roln     In    hi 1
presentation  ol    tlfe     Hi   gh  _dnm 1
!  Howard     musical comody,    "A
'  bhorn 'Cinderella,"  which  will  ho
the  attraction  al   l1." Opi rs   Hou e
Tuesday, 31s1 of January, 1911.    1 -
.. t ta is a very wl lo one, n id the
<r. 1 for this Boason'a ' \ fltubborn
Cl iderella'1 bus been solocted with
extreme cure.
on   mn tion    of   Aldermen    Ilowunss
id  McNabb,  the Council adjourned.
\ big   Buowatldo occurred   at   the
[Loop on  Wednesday night   which waa
GO fool  long and six foot deep,     The
mtdnlghl   pnBBongor train    was   held
BHOi PRRNIR    up al   ('row's Nesl  awaiting a snow
COAL plow.
POINT j   R   M, lassie, of    Wardner, was ia
Continued on Pago 4. | tbe city Thursday. EBTABUSHb..)   1895
|2.00 Per Year
Advertising rataa  made   known   on
The Conservatives meet the new
year with hope and confidence. Not
for years has the Opposition al  Ot*
taws, been so well organised anil so
free from personal or factional
strife. There la a feeling ol coming
victory in the air which is unmistak
able. In the old days. Room Le,
where the Liberal members congrega
ted, was a busy place, always crow '
ed nnd often resounding with merriment and good cheer, The Room
assigned to the Conservatives on the
other hand was apt lu those dnys to
be sombre and not frequented by
many visitors. Now all Is changed;
the present Conservative mem i6i
Room s convenient and many peo
pie manage to find it. It Ib always
crowded and everybody seems to be
in high .pints. When the members
ol an evening are waiting for the
division bell there is much singln
laughing and joking while Room LG
looks like a enamel house — gloomy
and deserted. tt ■* so in the Chamber of the House itself. It is the
Conservatives who now are always
in good spirits. The Government
supporters do not spend much Urns
in the House and have no spirits for
badinage ur repartee. "The floaters" — people who are much in evidence at Ottawa are always anxious
to he hand in glove with the powers
that be—are beginning to take notice. Mra. R. L. Borden's reception
at the opening of the session drew a
crowd of rising sun worshippers almost without precedent. Men are
inveighing loudly against thu corruption of the Laurier Government
in the streets of Ottawa today who
apparently have been blind, deaf and
dumb for the past fourteen years.
When the news came from Drummond
and Arthabaska many a mask was
thrown aside and contractors and
others began to recall that they had
always been Conservatives. There
have heen more conversions here during the past three months than at
any time since 1896.
THAT la tlie
below is the
name, and
i the trademark,
you are to look for next
time you buy underwear,
Your size in uuy garment
with thai trademark will
Hi perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Vet you pay
nothing extra fur tltii
t'Xtrn value : and you Uel our
Guarantee of ' money back
if you can fairly claim It"
Made al Paris in Canada,
by PEN MANS Limited.
HARVEY,   McCARTER,  I ********************** I
macdonald,    X George  R. Leask & Co.
Barristers and Solicitors,       ♦ ea
W,   P.  fll'RD.
Hai'ii-iirr.   Soliullor,
Barrister, Solid
N i',\   I'nl.li,.
nil....   livid Hml
t'HANHUOOK, ^^^^
IM, S. _ r K.
|.  T.  LAIDLAW,
MiniiiK USliRinefir nn.l
11 C. l.iiii.l  Surveyor,
I'.O   Ilm MB.   ;    I'll.inn 233.
and Estimates
HOTEL Cranbrook,
It. C.
Dr. E. W. Connolly |
DREW.     rVaprtaw..
Physician and Surgeon
lmiVb: Armstrong  Avo
V to 4 p.m.       I. N p.«
• 10 11 ft.
»♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦♦»♦♦♦♦»♦♦ | ^ Ph0M 0ffl«rim.
tiM-'a.-sa.^ -:',*'**"«_*•««
The Government,  nover strong,    U
now  literally an     one man government,     Mr,     Fielding's enforced absence lias left Sir   Wilfrid     Laurier
without a single lieutenant who  can
be trusted to lead the House.       Mr.
Pugsley  led  the     House  once    when
the     Government   tried      to     force
through     the St.     Lawrence Power
BUI.     His efforts     on that occasion
will not lead him to make a   second
attempt.     Hir Frederick Borden, Hon
Frank Oliver, Hon.     Mr. Templeman
and other ministers refrain from taking any part in the business   of   the
House unless    called  upon to defend
their  respective departments.      Hon.
Mackenzie     King,    tbc   premier     in
petto, Ib   not     aspiring just yet    to
leadership,  his experiences with    the
Home have not been pleasant.      An
affable gentleman of good  parts,    he
does not seem destined  to be a successful   parliamentarian.      He    talks j
over-long to begin with and he talkB j
to the House as a college    professor |
might talk to a class having thought j
it all out and proved it according to i
some book.       He  is     shocked     and |
pained    beyond   measure     when    his j
fellow     members    say  "Oh     shaw!" i
There is nothing in the text book to '
shnw what is to be   done when    the
Class  refuses  to  be  convinced.      The
only likely man in     the Cabinet to- !
day  is Hon.  Oeorge  p.  Oraham  win.
is stronger on  the stump than  be Is
in  the House,     The situation of the
Government is     in striking contrast
to tbe situation of     the Opposition
which  includes two dozen  men  which
could be mentioned     offhand capable
of leading either the Government 'tithe Opposition for a week nr n month ■■
if called upon to do io by Mr. It. I..
Borden,     une can     hardly  Imagine
how the biisines.s of thfl Houae could
be transacted by     the present Government   if  Hir   Wilfrid   Laurier   were
prevented   from   being  in     his   scat
every    day and nearly     every   hour
during  the session.
District   of   Kagt  Kootenay
Take notice that BSdward Paterson,
of Cranbrook, B. 0., occupation mi*r-
ehsnt, intends to apply for permit*
■Ion to purchase the following described land: Commencing at, a p- >h».
planted l'i.11 chains due west, of the
■outh-weit corner of Lot 8744, Group
1, on the eaet *tAg* of the right of
way of the Spokane In'prnationn!
Railway; thence east lfi.ll cbains to
the south-west corner of eaid Lot
1744, Group I, thsnei north Along
tbe west houndsry of Mil lot., a
distance of 40 cbains to esid *dge of
right, of way; thence south-westerly
along said eaet edge of right of way,
a diataaee of it.IJ shalae mare   sr
Season I
Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
MM.V..    V.8..
Graduate ol Ontario Veterinary
collage, Toronto tn 1898. Gradate and medalist ol McKllllp
Veterinary college, Chicago, 111.
tn 1HO0. Hegiateiei! member of
Britlah  Oolumbla association.
Is _ large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
man, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
The   Wentworth
J. H. McDONALD Proprietor
J.   D.   McBride
Hardware Cranbrook, B. C.
|F. E. Corrison
■ Band Master Oity Band.
Teacher of String and Standard Inatrumtmts. Choir
1'hoira 133- CRAM BROOK. B. C.
L. R. C. M..   L. R. A. M.
' (Organist aad Choir Master, KNOX CHURCH)
Teacher of Oi San, Pianoforte
Theory  anil   Voice   Cultore.
Pupils prepared fur London, En?.,   and Toronto '
Conservatory Examinations.   Terms Mi derate
f CRANBROOK •       B. C.
rraiibrouk Lodge, .No. 34, A. F. A, .\I
On Baker stieet, one doorOwest
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Iaaaa44S4SSSSASAa-SaSS_i4SSS-i4-tA-tAAA-l-.SSSA-'A--* __
▼▼ *** ^ *** ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼TfS'TTf
The Tenderfoot Farmer
U whs uu* of tttMs Mtperiojeotnl farmer-, who put green
■pectaolot oa Mi now ttnii tad her -baviitgi. Hi* theory
wn that il didn't matter what tlio cow ate ito tootf as «hr
wai fed. The question! ot digoetiua und nourishment had
eot entered into hit ealeuldtiuo..
It'i only a "tmdarfoot" former that would try Mick
as experiment with a oow. But many a former fords kirn*
utf regard.-«s of digestion aad nutrition. lie might ilmoit aa well cat eI .iv-
ii_a> for all tbe good ho gets out of his feed. The result iM that the ftoiruch
grown "weak" the notion of the orsjent of digestion and nutrition nro hn paired
and the man Buffers the mi-tries of dyspepsia and tha agonic i of uervo_._i.eu.
To strengthen the atommeli. reetora Me motlvl'v of tlie or*
nana ot dlieatton mud oiHrttloa mm<t braoe up the nerves,
uea Dr. Plerce'e Gulden Mod lent niacorerj,. ll in an. Da*
tat Una remedy, and baa thm amnftdimoa at phyalelnna aa
well aa the praise ot tboaaandw baa Jed by Ita use.
Tn the itricteNt leane "Untdoo Medio*. Diaoormrj" !■ » tcmper.inre me»tl-
oine. It cont-im neither intoxioaate nor aarootfee, and i« us dee fi- ■» ft)< ohol
at from opium, nncaine and other daeSjeroee dr_§a. All IngredisntR punted nn
its outside wrapper.
Don't let a detilor delttde yom for bie ewa ui._fl!. Tlicrc la no modiolus for
•tomnch, liver nnd blood "ji.it ae good" aa "Otldtu Medio*. Ph   i very,"
HuKUlsr meetinu". on!
tho  third   Thursday |
Hfc ■ *Zj3jyi. &   nf ovary month,
Xwj\ VWtiuif brethren!
ED, W.  CONNOLLY, Sscretsry
Meets In Carmen's Hall 2nd aid 4th
Thursday ol each month at 8 |. m.
A    McCowan, Chief   R. ngor
C.  A   Abbott, Seeratwy.
Visiting Brethren made welcome.
Hold Standard
-p-p-,-.-.-.-p_(_p-J Teas and Oolfao
1 Our whole time is devoted to your wants  in  the
3   Grocery line therefore we absolutely  guarantee  eviry
ai ii. le that leaves our store.
% We will th.-ink our customers to advise us if at any
2 time goods are received that are not No. i quality.
Li"V6ry       |||       Staple and Fancy Oroc rs       *
We ask jou to call and try    T I *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*•
our new Consignment of new    *
received Topplr and Reliable
Horeee    at    your    disposal.    *
Olve   them   a   trial and be
Phone 47 Oranbrook. II.O.
♦    and     Up-to-date    rl(e    tor    ♦]   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦e>e>e>e>e>e>e>e>e> e>e>e>e>4>e>e>4
T    Winter   and   Bummer.   Just    * I   *
lens.  ■ [j-ii.t  ■ .... uun. iiciiment, con
taifiim; 32     :':;   acres, I,a- tlie     same 	
more or k-aa.
VI Rdward I'atiison,      Notice ie herehy given that 00 ilay*
Stewart Mo'Yie,  .vaeot.   after date, T intend to apjily to the'
Uec. 16,  1910. Hon. Chlel Commisnlotier ol     LandB
 —.—. —, , lor License to prospoct fur cual and
■petroleum   over the following lands,  \
N0Tt('B- 'situate In the District ol South Bait }
Kuotenay, Britlah Columbia,  in Lot    I 11   T   1 IVFTiV FPFIi ♦
APPLICATION   P"OR   A   THANSFBR   4&91. ID, InLlVUKI   '--l'i
OK  UKT.MI.    LIQUOR   WOBNOB,   j   Oomrowolng at a   post planted at j \ &      SALE     STABLF X
{or near three miles dun eaet of   the.
TAKr: NOTICB thai al     iha ne«t.  14 Mile Post nn     the   C.P.R. survey
sittings uf il.a  Board  ol     Licensing   line,    which ls the western houndary
Commissioners ol the City of Oran- ;of Lot. 4193 and being the south east
brook to be holden nf the Sth   day corner   poat   of  Ulysses    B. Fehr'* ( J     SadrllB Hoi'RPS.    Gonil
Turnouts,    tlptodain
Opposite Royal Hotel Phone oi *
,1 March,   I'H I,   I.  Onst  Andean,    of claim, tbence north 80 chnlns, thence
the Olty ol Cranbrook Intend to ap-   west   «o   chains,     thence   south   89
plv inr the     transfer ol     iha   ratal!  ehains,   thence     eaet.   10    chains to-
ilquor l.cen«e held  m  las^arl. to the  point of commencement,  making 84ft
Queens Hotel aliuala on Lots 1), lo  seres,  mors or leas. 1 i ♦
enn ti. In Block M, to Lln. Andeea \   LnMU4 ,„„ 1|t„ „      „, 0(.tob     j * DOUlt   kHOCM,  Proprietors 1
oi the city oi   frsnhmiik. uarriad, „1(v r II      J. f. Deacon, Matiafjer      t
wnmflli , e> *
Dated tt Oranbrook, B   0., t.bte ink : Ulyesef R. rehr,   Locator. »e)»e)e)«»»e)e)s>e)s)e>»s)»»»s)e>e) j
dar nf neeaeiher   a. n.  Uin. ■atliao »*•  Butte, Aunt. I ————————-
M-4 **nt AUeea. WUlAM B. *****   WHiNe iO-t. j   st******* IB Ul Vtupwtar. j
Rath Sinpio and Doblo
Dt-ivers, for all parts
of ;r;hn district.   Cloorl
If It's Paint and Painting
We ore here with the Goods
If It's Wall   Paper   and
Paper Hanging
We can't be beat
Painter  and  Decorator
******* ♦♦« *************** *******
Steam and Hot Water Engineering Expert
GUI's nurth west coruer post, tlience  thonce east 80 chains t3 the place of
eaat 80 chains, tlience south 80 ohalns , oglonlnj,
thence west 80 ohalns,    tlionco north     FRANCIS   N.  TURNICR,   Lc'etof.
80 ohalns to the placo of beginning. I Joseph Snultor, Agent.
JAMES   Ullil.,  Locator      Located this  12th  day  ot November,
Joseph Saulter, Agent.     xaiit. 48-81
Located this 12th day ul November,  . .—, — ____
1810. 18-52    I
Hollow Ground
Boys' Skates
25 cents per pair
15 cents per pair
All classes of Cutlery
ground at Reasonable Charges
NOTIOB ls hereby giveu that thirty
days alter tbe first publication uf
this uotice, 1 Intend tu upply tu
the Chief Commissioner uf Lands and
Works, and tu the Assistunt Commissioner of Lands and Works for
the district of Bast Kuotnnay, lur a
license tu prospect fur ooal ami petroleum on the following described
lands, aituate in Block Wll Baat
Kootenay —
Commencing at a pust planted on
tha    South  Kootenay    Pass    wagon
oad, on Altamlnn creek, about four
miles east of tbo lorks of Kislu-noh
a aud Akamina creek, being enst ul
nd adjoining Junius (Jill's 1..cation,
nd marked Mary A. Thomas' north
ast corner    poet,     thonco south HO
halns, tbsnee weat 80 chalne, thence
orth   80    chains,    thonco     oaet 8il
bains to the place of beginning,
MARY A. THOMAS, Locator.
Joaeph Saulter, Agont.
Located this l.th day of November,
1910. 48-52
^^^^^^^   ********
Steam Boiler,   Furnace,
aud Septic Tank work
a specialty
Colt and stock estimates
furnished on application.
Address I P. O. Baa IW, Crenluaok    *
Notiee tl hereof given that an application will bs mads under Part V.
• of Ull "Water Act, 1909," to obtain
:• license la the Oranbrook water
tls trict.
Tha nans, Mi aesusatloa of ths
.occupation. John Lsvett, Faeruei,
■Oranbrook, B. O.
Thi name of ths lake, stream or
source. Dandy Creek, a tributary
.of Little Bull rlvsr.
The point of diversion. Ahout one
fourth ot a mill sast of tbe boundary
nf Lot Ml, on Lot 4890.
Thl quantity of water applied for.
Two sublc tut.
Thi character ol thc proposed
worka.    flumes, pipss aod dltchee,
Thl premises oa which the water Is
to bl und. Lot HI, the property of
the appltoaat.
Thi purpose tor which the water is
to Iw ona.    Irritation.
«_ lor Irrigation, describe the land
Intended to bo Irrigated, giving
Low beach land, about 110
A Court of Revision and Appeal,
under the "Assessment Act, 1008"
for ths Fort Steele Aasossmont Dis
trict, will be held ou Wednesday,
the Jl5th day of January, mil, at 10
o'clock in the furenuon, at tlio
Court House at Fernie, und on Friday, the 87th day ol January, 1911,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the ael-t; H
Court House at Cranbrook.
Dated at Cranbrook, tbis 24th day
of December, 1910.
Court of Revision ami  Appeal.
NOTIOE is hereby given that thirty
days after the tlrst publication ol
this notice,   I   Intend   to apply   to
|    NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty
j days after   the first   publication   of
tbis notice,   I   intend   to apply   to       ____________________________
'the Chief Commissioner of Lands and 'the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, and to the Assistant Com-1 Works, and to tho Assistant Commissioner of   Lands and    Worka for mlssioner ot   Lands and    Works for
,the district of East Kootenay, for a the district of Kast Kooteuay, lor u
license to prospect for coal and pe- license to prospsct for coal and pe
troleum on the tollowing described troleum on the following described
lands, situate In Block 4593 Bast landa, situate lu Ulock 4593 Kast
Kootenay:— .Kootenay:—
! Oommenolng at a post planted | Commencing at a post pU.il.i I ou
near the South Kootenay Pass trail the South Kootenay l'i sa trull
on Akamina creek, about two mllea about a mile east ol the forks of
aet of the forks of Klshenehna and Klshenehna and Akamlna creek.
Akamlna creek, being east of and aouth of and adjoining Joseph Saul-
djoinlng Beatrice M. Thomas' loca- ter's location, and marked Frances
tion, and being a relocation of the N. Turner's north east curner poet;
S. E. B. C. Land and OU Company's thence south 8" chnim, uionco \usl.
license No. 1144, and marked James 80 ohalns,    rhence    north t)0 chains
Aria ot Crown Lands to he occupied by thi proposed works.    None.
This notice was posted oa ths ith
aaj at. December, lilt, and application will ba made to the Oommlssioner oa the 17th of January, 1811.
Olve thl name! and addresses ol
any riparian proprietors or licenses
llksly to bi affsctsd by the proposed
works, slther above or below the outlet, Canadian Pacific Railway Co.,
Lot 4110, Oroup 1, Kootenay district
Craabrott, 10. |    flfg
Notiee ls hsrshy given that 40 days
; alter date, I Intend to apply to the
Hob, Ohlet Oommlssioner of Lauds
lor Lleensi to prospsct lor coal and
petroleum over the following lands,
sltuats la the District of South Bast
Kootenay, British Oolumbla, in Lot
.Commencing at a post planted at
«r asar thru mills dus east of the
It Kill Poit ob thl O.P.R. survey
Hie, which la the western houndary
al Lot 4IM, and being thl south
wait corner post ot Isaac W. Antenna's claim, thence north 80
chalne, thence east 80 cbains, thence
south IS chains, thence west 10
shalal to thl point ot commence
meat, making 140 acrei, more or
tot-tot thii llth day of October,
Isaac W. Anderson, Locator
lathin W. Butts, Ageut.
Wffltta I. Butts, Witness. 80-8
■ tn
Notlco is hereby given that to days
alter date, 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chiet Commisaionor of Lands
for Licenso to prospect for coal and
petroleuni over the following lands,
situato In the District of South East
Kootonny, British Columbia, In Lot
. Commencing at a post planted at
or near three miles due east of thl
34 Mile I'ust on the C.f.R. survey
Ims, winch is the western boundary
oi Lot 4503, anil being the uorth-
•mat. corner poat of Walter J. Abbe'
claim, thanes south K0 chains, thence
west eighty chains, thence north 80
chains, thenoa eaat eighty chaina to
puint ot coimueueemant, making 840
acres,   more  or  less.
Located this llth day el Ootobsr,
Welter J.  Abba, Locator
Kathen W. Butts, Agent.
Wllllaiu 18. Butts, Witness. iO-l
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date, t Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
fui- License to prospect for coal aud
petroleum over the lollowing lands, |
situato In the District of South Bast
Kootonay, British Columbia, In Lot
Oommenolng ut n post planted at
or near throe miles due east of tba
31 Mile Post un the C.P.R. survey
line, which is the western boundary
of Lot 4503, and heing the northwest corner post of F. Oharles Baa-
claim, theuce soutli eigbty
chains, thonce east eighty ohalns,
thei.ce uortb eighty cbains, thence
west eighty chains to point of commencement,  making  840 acres,   more
thence north 80 chains; thunce east
80 cbains; thence aouth 80 chal.ie to
place of beginning.
.ooatod this 19th day of November,
910. 48-12
Riley of Moyie,  Britlah Colum-
Lo 'ited
this liith lay  »f Ootober,
F.  Charles Bassctt,  Looutor
Bather,  W.  Butta.  Agent.
K. Butts,  Witness. 50-3
NOTIOB is hereby given that thirty
.lays after the first publication of
tills notiee, I intend to apply to
thc t'iiief Commissioner of Lauds aud
Works, and to the Assistant Com
misstonor ot Lamia and Works for
the district of Kast Kootonay, for a
license to prospect for conl aud pe-
roleum on the following described
units, situate iu Block 4593 East
Commencing at. a post plauted uu
the Soutli Kootonay Pass trail
about a mile east of tho lorks ot
Klshenehna and Akamina creek,
markod Joseph Sautter's South Bast
comer post:     thonco west 80 chains;
NOTICB ls hereby glvsa that 10
days alter date I Intend to apply to
he Honorable Chief Commiaaloner of
Lands for a license    to proapect
oal and petroleum over the follow,
lng lands, situate in ths district of
Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
John Olbbon,
Holder ol Licence.
Benjamin  Joseph Riley,
Applicant for transfer.
Dated this loth day ol Nov. 1910.48-1
Commencing at a post planted at
r near eleven miles due east of the
4 mile poat on 0. P. R. syrvey line,
593, and being tbe northeast corner
ust of Eathen W. Butts' claim,
hence south eighty (80) chains,
hence west eighty (60) chains, thence
orth eighty (80) chains, thence east
ighty (80) chains to the point ol
ommencement, making 640 acrea,
nore or less.
BATHBN W.   BUTTS, Locator,
William B. Butts, Agent.
Ralph L. Burllngham, Witness.    87
.ocated this llth day of June, 1910.
IN   THB  MATTER   Of   AN   APPLICATION   for  tlie  issue  of  a  duplicate  Cer-
<or  tinVala Title to Lot   ir.  Block 91  Oraabrook t.'ity Map   969.
ia iu| intention to iasua at tha expiration of ona month after tha drat publication hereof a duplicate ot the Certificate of Title to the abovo mentioned
all*- name nf Nils Hanaon which
f'ertiilratn ia dated llth October,: 1901
and numltared 1B80A.
Diatrict Refiatrer.
Lead Regiatr? Office
Nelaon,  II. C.
October  Slat,  1910. Ua.
NOTIOB li hereby given than on
the 27th day of December next ap
plication will bs made to the Super
intendeut of Provincial Police for
the transfer of the license for the
sale ot liquor by retail ln and upon
the premises known as the Yahk
Hotel situate at Yahk, British Oolumbla, from John Olbbon to Benja-
I Rocky Mountain Chapter
i NO. 126. R. A. M.
I Regular meetings:—Ind Tues
■Jt day In each mouth at eight
1   o'clock.
* Sojourning Companions are
1   cordially Invited.
I B.    H. SHORT, Scribe B
1        BOX  MS        OIIANIIROOK, B. O.
— = A WONDERFUL GIRL SHOW =___=_-_=_=	
"Go See It"
Best of
    i   ..    i ...    i ,l .     i.   ■      .   ua  "
■ *%-■ 7 "■  . - -«;■■•    ■ -•      •*
ir.fca^itfflf _v3_ ;*_iS_fe .VV:*.*-* *>
Free Press,
No such   Extraordinary  Attraction has ever before been in Cranbrook.
Prices:—10 rows $1.50; next S rows, $1.00. Balcony 75c. and $1.50. Yours   Truly,  R.  A.   FRASER, Manager.
V*****!************^^ MoLrc,  PATMORE BROS.
Plumbing   and   Heating  Engineers
and Koote-I
II \\ E VOI    H \l>   \  DRAW   \ I
If not, you had bettei get busy aiul
have one.
for the smokei at the
E. H. Brown, Proprietor
Calgary;   Regina   Mott,   "t    Whonl      Mr. nml  Mra.  .1. 11.  rttonhonu,   .d
.antra,  llbarta; John Mott, ol Whom   Hiil.ury, ivcre Oranbrook visitors on
Oentrs,  Vlbsrta; and thc British I'o   Thursday.
lur.ibiii Bouthorn Railway.
ruts   B. BODBRUNCl
Bpokane,  Wio.li
MS Raalty liiol.lii
r..l M H Hcndoraon, nn.l Mrs.
Honilorson, and Mra Fonwlek, ol
Port Btoalo, were riiiiiin....!, visitors
J M Evoritt, antl ll Byors, ol
Nclsou, were regtstored al tho Orau
brook Thursday.
VII. P    ,  !■.' y   g-t,au   that   80   .lavs
tltsi data I lol mi i lo apply t,. r... Don
l't..,.i   i lalotl t       I an.la      tor     ,.
a. ...        pi ■.,... i   f,.r  c.iil  an.l   |..'li..-
leutn over tha     (,.il..winn lands, aititate
to Mm  Dutnci   di   BouttaMi   h- •.•...>.      Hie newly elected    Mayor and Oity
Urltish t'otumbla   In I -t 4598 l-ounctl    wore   sworn In on     Kmlay
Comnieucing   at   -  poet  planted  ni   »t   lust.
' sear & mllea due «w-i   ol   the 86 mile putt 	
on  tha 0  '-   U  eurvej   line which  le tha
weatern  bou ilarj   ol   I >>i   4698    ami I.   Murphy and  I'.   0.   Wlnt'iMp,  ol
[too iho   ■outbeaat ooruer   poal  ul  Mai'j   Calgary    were guests at     the ('ran-
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious
for Dinner
E Wils.iu a claim, thotics nortli elglil)
(80) cl._ioa in,..,.-a w.isl alglltj .s"
.iiion*.   tbanca   a...nil   alght)    (Hli.   .Ii.ni..
thaoca ».a»< eighty ISOJ clinlns tn thi
point ol oommonoatuont, making OH
acraa,  u.oia or leaa
MAHY   E.   Hit.SON.  Locator.
Katlian  W.   Hutts.  Agont.
William  El.   Butta,  Witnoaa.
Located   tins  lat  Hay  ol  aoptauilior 1911
lias  imi a   hard Jay.
lis ti ".i.l body and
I igged    brain    will   b» j
leera I  ■■■■ the sight and tuatal
Fan   i   ■ .;   of   beefsteak, simms
loos l    :i turn aod served up
with   some   of   those   fresh KMy
onions     We   kRow   tlio   cut Scott
which   will  suit  him exactly.
>   i    we send it ? McGregor
Continued from Page 1.
hrook Friday,
An   Bxpert from Winnipeg will he
hern next   week to    Investigate the
cause ot the lire in the Y. M. ('. A.,
R, Chambers, of Winnipeg, ('. B.
Qulgley, of Vancouver, W. 0. Walsh,
lol New Westminster, were guests at
the Oranbrook Tuesday.
P.   BURNS   6c  CO.
P. 0. Boi 8
Dunlop I   A>- Doyle and Win. Carlin, ol Fort
COVER POINT Steele, werc in   the cilj   Wednostlajr,
Trashcr on their return Irom a trip west, on
hover business.
Qdgecombe -.~.~
CENTER T. T.   McVittie,  H.    Mather,  B.  W.
Boyce worden, J. Walsh ami D. Howard, ol
RIGHT WING Port Steele, were Cranhrook visitors
Pye                                         Bearlato Wednesday.
i   Connally Lewis
I). Guthrie, ol Nelson, chief ol the
A, return match   will be played at &re department of thut city, was thc
dcrt'lln" c oa buck with a record ol
past [HU'tormaucos, successful in
every rospoct, and the more tnenttan
ol iin- piece will bring to mind memories oi the catchy music and charming story.
Thin season "A Stubborn Cinderella" is under the porsonal direction
lol Mr. Ohaa, a. Qoettlor, formerly
mo oi the leading managers, In Ohas,
I'r.ilinin s oflice. Mr. lloettler has
engaged a most capable cast ol
I'n puis nnd chorus.
I'l. foil Aibnrtsiin, n magnetic
.• imedian, who inn Hiiir, and dance
.in.l who is nu actor na well, plays
tho principal role ol Mac. Hazel
Klrko, it Prima Donna of quality
•utli it beautiful lyric soprana voice
duys "Lady Leslie", and her   sing-
ii: of the severul numbers assigned
to her will prove u veritable treat.
Diminutive and sprightly Miss Lillian Goldamltii will be seen in the
part of Lois, and a more doll-like
little soubrette novor appeared here.
As the stately Lady Evelyn, Miss
Mabel Charlobola is second to none.
Tlie rust of the onst includes such
favorites as Dan Moyles, Neai Burns,
Bobbie Wagner, Edwin Burns, Lln-
lord Loftorson, nnd Dr. Dudley 0.
Fosher, lute pastor uf a Chicago
church who forsook the pulpit for
the stage.
Ann.nt; the many song hits are1
"When You Kiss the Last Girl Vou
Love", "Don't be Anybody's Moon
hut Mine", "Love Me .Inst Because", "Adlos Senorita", "I'm j„
Love With All the Girls I Know"
and "If They'd Only Let.
Adams' Ribs Alone."
^^,.,...  , „ .,..,., ....,^^,,t the^Rlnk .Tuesday enonlng  _-_* . „„, ^^
Importers ol Foreign and Domestic
Melcher's Ued Cross Gin.
Peter Dawson's Scotch Whiskey.
Baker St. Cranbrook, B. C.
pected come up strong and give the
fj  Cranbrook aggregation    a  good  ran j
% nnd even up the games, Cranbi-ook Our old friend Charlie Rykorts,
•§> having won two of tbe series and has been elected tlrst president of
X  Pernie one. tne  "01tl  Timer's Club"  which    has
tj To retain their lead, and win the
,, jewelry, the boys should get out aud
A practice every opportunity.
been formed at Creston.
j   Wm. Ouorard and B. W. Pairburn,
of Hlllyard,  Wash., has secured    the
'Wise of the Opera House,     mid will
♦.'.-^   Lftke possession February 7th.     Mr.
,,:, Eraser's lease expires Feb. Otb.
> j   The number of   Births, Marrlag'
***********<*>******''$** and Deaths in the district of South-
$ !   G. Hunter and J. Phillips, of Fer- east Kootenay is os follows:
I- nie, were in the city Friday. ,    Marriages        137
<S>.   !   Births    374
4> i   R. Barnes, of Marysville, was in tho     Deaths     221
T city Friday on business. 	
<f! _      ,     —7"„ „ „, !       FRASER'S  LAST CHANCE.
<§>     T. C. Douglas, ol   Bull River, was j
'?' in the city Friday.
Everything for
The    Smoker!
Tuesday,    January   31st,    will    he
3>/^*^<*»S>,-k$.<^^»,cj>.^.>^^ W. E. Renlock, o( New York,   was Fraeer's last   chance to eMve a first
H .    in the city Tuesday. clasr! allPW-
_ , A   musical   comedy    which     rushes
J. V. Murphy, ol Calgary, was rcg- ,along     on its    IaiiEhinB,     swinging
istered at the Cranbrook Tuesday.     'lashing   wny with vim and    rnpidl-
_____ , ty, u bewildering,    delightful,  array
A. E. Bradley, of Nelson, was   in "f P™"? Blrl9. Cllt""y music, wbirl-
tho city Tuesday. w,ni1 Cancel's, and     laughable   dlal-
__^^ logue, comes to the Opera House, on
,.,,,. Tuesday, 31st Jan., for     one   night
has   sold     his livery ,,.
"A Subhiirn     Cinderella"    ls   the
.title of thi.: iharming piece, an.! de-
C. F. Martin, of Vancouver, was at    Me   m „,..,,.., ,Batul.M|     it ,;„, „
tho Crnnbrook Wednesday. |,)|ot| ,,„,„.„, „„,, ,,, aoBorb|„g i|lt(,,..
„   _   „.    .       , „,       . lest, wIiobc thrend in never lost sight
P. D. Shont.  of Liintoi, on, was a I      no Interrupted   by
guest gt the Oranbrook Thursday.    I ..........^ lllt6I,„)latlonB.
G. Prince, of Winnipeg, was in the :   Although this will not he its flrst
NDTIOE ia horoby BlVen tli.t an ap-
plication uill bo nia.lo unilar Part V. ut
the "Water Act, 1909." to obtain a
llconso In u,„ Cranbrook Wattr Diatrict.
| (a) llui name, a.liln.ss. and occupation
nl tlio applicant: II. c. Hydraulic Pow-
ar.tiunp.my. Limltotl, Uaad offlca, Van-
oouvar, ll. c. Capital sio.ouo dlvidad
up  Into  lililll tdiarbs.
( lii» ulijtiL-ta uf tlio onmpauy iucludo
|lho acqulaltlon by purchaso or record
or otliornlaa of water aud water power,
and of recorded or unrecorded watar
ajnl tlio application of ouch water and
wator power [or producing and ,anara-
tlng oloctrloity and for the purpose «nd
In the manner aod methods sot lorth in
section 18B of th- Water Act, liluS) aad
|g»naralb lo axercisa and carry out all
jtlio jHiwors mi privilagea ooalarrod upon Power Companioa by aald Water
Act.   ll.u'J.
I (b) Tho namo of the lake, stream or
Source,  Elk Uiver.
) (c) Th,. point 0f dlvoraiou 3700 faat
jahout, above poat on west bank marked
,81 ll. 2U7 K.v. L. Co., tba ootural
level of water Ijeing raised (rem thereto
point .v.i.n loot up stream.
I Id) The quantity ol water applied for
(In culiic foet per aecuuil) 500 cubic (est
per Bin..ml.
(e) Tlio    charaotor    of     the proposed
works, diiina, pipes, fiiimea, tuatials power houses,  hydraulic and electrical plant.
Tho  water to be used for the purpoae
of the Company's undertaking.
Cranbrook Orchestra
p.i'.ve   PIECES
Im prepared tOftOOQpl HiigajfuiuiinuJ
to fnriiMj iniisit* for
j   Atltlresa I 'oininiintt.nllone to
Phone 187 V. 0, Box 1«2
Cranhrook,      •     •      B. C.|
Funeral Director.
W. Cline
or tba olil Mttuitobft Ilm-ber
Simp can rmw bo found In the
Writ Olas. Work  ln
all   branciitt!.  of  the
■ Tonsorlal   Art • \>
We Deal in Everything From]
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean]
All kinds of Siiconil-Hand GoodsJ
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand, Hanson AveJ
Phone SB1
Wa have the hesl liu« o! S Iter's
Articles in Southenst   Kooleuity..,
Choice Cigars atai Tobaccos
Cigar-Holclcrt* trtaict 3>ipeM.
The Tobacconist
ll  to
(ij   1
or   or
I placo w
Ito snnn
letioc  lu
inirjtoi.   for   whiab   t)i»  w_.t_i'
m*«il.  tfoii.ratioi.  of    olectricat
water ii to   l»  _s<mI ior pow
lg PU>-|H)N._,      (ieuurlij*   tits
Wm. Kerr,
bttaineSB to Mr. J. A. MacDonnld.
city  Wmlneaday.
A. LmihI, ot Wardner, was In   the
olty  Friday.
T. Q, Proctor,     of Nelnoti, waa   In
town  Friday.
6199,    U196,   4_1_,    u2(M,    1965
ii>re_H*ntall-ni hero, "A Stubborn Oln-
Frank Dezall
lliililior Tires  Applied
To ntlgiiy Wheels
"--™)   A. I'olletier, ol PlDOher Creek, was
43...   in town Tliurwlay.
61'Jl,    8103,    313,    7M6,    7.19,     72.U, I 	
NOTICE Is hereby Riven   that   nn   Oroup  1    Kootenay district. '   Juhn Hiwin, ol Wnsa,    was in    the
application will t.e mn.io under Part     lui ''"he purpoao    (or     which    ths city Tuesday.
V. ol the "Water Act, 1909,"   to oh    water is to be used.   Irrigation.   —o—
tain a licence in the Oranbrooli Wat- |   (b) II lor  Irrigation    describe    the     There was a  meeting of     the city ! .gusts   *0R   CANAUIAN oyOI.B
tr District. land Intended to be Irrigated, si>'io.  council held on Mondny. AND MOTOR GO'S BICYOLBS
(e.) The name, addreas and occupe   acreage,     ahout    8,000 aereH,    being   —o—
tion ol thc applicant; Chae, F\ Bod    sa  ! Lots 6408, 6859, 6357, 6.138. I.4U2, .   0"ral seating at the Arona rink,    j        Repairing ll   Slierhltv
erllng, 425    Realty Bldg,     Spokane,   6401   6191    1966,6109 0195,4319,0200,       ,, ~ _  , „ «.-._««'    a?e   '„,,'■>•'.,,
Washington.  (Real  Estate  Agent.)       1965, 4882   6194   6193, 319   7655   7219      ''' W' R°b'n8°n' r" ™ neor, was , Pnon. 60 P.O.  Box 813.
a guest at the Cosmopolitan Friday.
tho wn tar is to Le raturnoti
tural ohuiiDsl, uud tlie differ-
itutle hiitweon point ol dlver-
llion and point of return. Wnter will
ibe rotmniMl about 1700 f<wt above the
■OUtli ensl corner ol l.ot 337, Group 1,
didureiir... in Mititudo between point of
■dlvoi'gioH nnd return lHil feel, naturiU,
300 fe-' froin creet uf dam to tail race.
tJ) Ami of Crown laud Intended tube
occupied by tho proposed worke, Nono.
j (It) This notice w<\* posted on the
|-!lHi dny of October, 1010, and application win lie intidtt to tho Oouimisstonoi'
>n i be 30t.li ilny of December, toio.
(I) (live the nanios, and addreeeee ut
ny riparian proprietors or iiceu>,eee
who or whoso iniiOH ere likely to be
uiTe-teti hy tiu propound works, either
above or below the outlet. Kootenay
Vnlley i.iiixl Company, Kelson, U. 0.
O. tl, Watson, Fort Sieole, il. O.j Geo-
rgs IToinrartb, Oranbrook, II. C; Willinm It. Ross, Fernie, B. ,0.j Roeabvi
Goodwyn  antl  Hunint  Kolson,
II.   O,   Hydraulic     Power   Company,
Winch  Building
Vancouver,  B.  0.
H. O.  Addreee, Cranbrook,  B.  0.
Per W. F.    (R'HD, ite Solicitor,
Note—One   cubic  fool    per   second    Is
•fjuivaluiit   to   115.71   miner's   incite*.
Thoro will ht n fnnoy dross enrni-
vnl at thfl Arona Rink Monday
w, .T. Allan, A. BarnOB, anfl J.
Hntofl, nil of Vancouvor, woro gueets
(li) The nanip of thn    lake, Ktrfiam and  7220.
or source.    Elk river, ii) Area of Crown laml intended to
(o Ths   point (if     Af version.     On be occupied   by   tba proponed  v-t<rka,
•lough about.   1,000 fast     up-stream None,
from the Canadian  Pacific depot,  ft! fki This notice  wan  posted >>**  the
old c, p. R. pumping station,   day ol December,     liiio,   and
(d) The quantity  of   wM.er  applied «pplir«tiup \rill be mado to tbo Com-
lor (in rable (Mt psi   .ar i,    ons ml«ton« .... th,   30th tin. ol Jftnit- ^ tte Orenbroo. Tuiri'ay"
hunnrail twantv  nva ary,lllll, at   two o clock In tils slier
(at Tha eiisrartai  ,,i ti.> prooossd noon.                                               I   -  Mnrk„ nn,| A   w  cnimmery, ol'
works.       Iril.stion.   pumping   plnnt, !    (I) <1lv»   Ilia   .an:.a   and   aldrasars   (jCthbrWg0,   were   f'rntil.r..nl(   visitors
litmas anil tlltrhas to  t.a rnnatrijr.iail ol  nnv tii.sneii      proprlatoirs    . r 11-  Mt,Qfljp.y
OTar  l.nt.a 7840,  7JIB,  TOOK nml  4VI1.    Icsniso,     who    or      wliiiao      nn.l.  am 	
III Ths pr.mlaaa nn which ths wn llkalr In ba «Hnrteil hy tha |MTip"a«it n. |,. Ktiliiht.s, niul liimily, ol Ross-
tar la to ha tisatt. Lots tun«, tutu, works. .Ithar ahuva or l»!i-» ,.lia inn,|, wl.ra fiesta nt the rnstnopoll-
Utn,   mt,   Ull.   Ui*l,   mu.   IMI. nuMM       M.a.    a   Rolwaiso*.    «l  tan on Thurailny.
Ynt   Rale or Rent «t RoaitoQuhle
Office^ Workshop—Lewis St.
Vbone No. 98.
NOTIOID ie hereby given that 10 dnye
after date T Intond to apply to the l\nn.
Chief t'ntniniaeioner of Landa for a
llcenae io prospect for coal and petroleum ovor lbe following landi, eituete
in the Pint rlct or Southeaat Kontenejr.
British Columbia,  In  Lot, *Bflfl:
Commencing at a poet plant*) at or
near ri miles dua east of ths B8 mile poet
on ths C. P. M. Purvey line which ie the
vet em boundary of Lot 4fi98, and being tho N. 0. corner poet of Donlel E.
Hltfgcnn  clnim.   tben-o  eolith  eighty   fflO)
chains! thence wesl eighty (HO) chains:
thenre north eighty (Rot chains; thenr*
onat eighty (R0) ehalne to tbe point nt
Cninracnoaoiant, meking nio n^ree, more
or Ipii.
DANIRI. Bl.  HIO0BNS, Locator,
Entlion w. Butts, Agent,
Willbini   V-   Butts, Witness.
Located  tbie let Oay uf September 1910
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
They last a lifetime and cost!
very little more than thrown!
ogether, catchpenny, cheap]
machines. Sold on small!
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Aysnue.
Phona 117. Oraabrook, B.O.|
Phone 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Cream and
Home Made Candy]
I     To Trade
Twenty-five acres of good 1
Fruit Land, three miles from ]
Cranhrook, B. C, for one!
Heavy Team of Horses, not]
under twelve hundred pounds^
and not over eight years old.
Apply To
Cranbrook     -      -      B. C.


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