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The Prospector Feb 11, 1911

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Array M:_  ii '.
pr il.  Ve /iii,-,,
*f      UBl^iirj
«*% ,   <V vr\J
•■ : ■    '-.'3
fl Dirty Business
Mr. Jardine was Read Out of
His Party. Hence His Quarrel
with Templeman
There Is nn old Baying, "Truth Will
out," and the proceedings In tho I"
cnl Legislature mul eluowhore during
the piTHrnt week certainly emphasize
the statement. Goaded to desperation by the Illegal and vindictive
action of the organizer of the Liberal party in Ksqutmalt an action
which is all the more despicable if
what Mr. Jardlne says about tholr
personal relations is true*—the member for ERqitimatt has glvon his version uf thn circumstances which led
to the "scrap" in the Posl Office
building, and to his desertion of thc
Liberal party. Thai: some importance is attached to Mr, Jardlhe's
deliverance is evidenced by the fact
that with all speed Mr. John Oliver,
the Olnelunatus of Delta and the
leader of the Liberal party in British Oolumbla, wan rushed down to i
public meeting at Esauimalt to give
his own and the Hon. William Templeman's version of the matter. Furthermore, the latter gentleman considered it a matter of such importance that he gave a long interview
to a press representative at Ottawa,
if possible, to discount the effect of
Mr. Jardine's impassioned attack.
The Week has neither space nor inclination to deal et any length with
so nauseous a subject. Simmered
down into a few words it amounts
to this: thnt a decent hard-working
painter was bitten by the bun of
political ambition and like too many
decent men sacrificed his business to
his politics. Although tolerated by
his party because he could win votes
he was only tolerated, and be found
what many other politicians have
found, that while he was good
enough to serve the purposes of his
party he was not good enough to receive the right hand of fellowship.
This naturally rankled nnd when he
considered that he had been unfairly
treated in connection with his elec-
•.',;;: expenses it \z easy to undo,
stand that Ua feelings toward the
Hon. William Templeman were any
thing but cordial. Hence the quarrel and thc personal chastisement of
that gentleman. The answer of Mr.
Templeman to all this Is that at the
very moment when thc assault took
place he was taking Mr. Jardine to
task for "graft" in that the member
for Esquimau having bCen allotted a
painting contract at the Quarantine
Station to the amount of $2,000 had
deliberately done $8,000 worth of
painting and collected the money.
The Week certainly holds no brief
Mr. Jardine, hut if this ia the worst
thnt Mr. Templeman can say about
him the laugh will not be on the
member for Esquimau. If Mr. Templeman had been able to say that
Mr. Jardine had collected $8,000 for
12,000 worth of work the position
would have been different. There Is
no suggestion so far that the work
was not actually done; the complaint
Is that more was done than was ordered. Once on a time the Hon.
William frankly declared on a public
platform that he was "no politician"
This matter bas certainly proved it.
Por what everybody is now asking is
why, if Mr. Jardine has been guilty
of an enormous crime, no complaint
was made at the time. The money
was paid and Mr. Jardlne as member received the full support of
Liberal party including that of
Hon. William Templeman and
Ralph Smith. No doubt Mr
dlne's political career is ended, as
that of the Hon. William Templeman was ondcl when his own fellow
citizens turned him down nt the last
Federal election. Since thou, his
excursion to the North 1ms been disastrous from a political standpoint,
and so well does he know that he
could not again secure a nomination
there he has already laid his plans
for another attempt in Victoria. His
chances of success are not enhanced
by the proceedings of the last few
weeks in Vancouver and Victoria.—
Victoria Week.
Tho  Premier as Minster ol   M s
is to he congral uie tod on I Iin adra i a
itic measure which Ib now before the
House and on     the able and eshaus
1l\i>  -qiiTi'll   III   v. !,'.■:.   ii"   iiirniiliir.'i! iti	
It Is not a little surprising that   al   Democrats   iii   CaUCUS   V-
man of sn many     activities and   re-
s iflibllltie-   .In ■ Id   have  been  able InCUT ftpp
in acquaint himscil toBiicho  remarl 	
able extenl h M ..  tho tecbnfi alii le   o(
mining and thi tails ol the Bill.     w''!
The Week with some practical knowl-
ndorse Giaii        i      ot
PtlGL Rail
*^M    jo^Ww)
Ciiy C
wae n horse In the city stables, that
costi      tl    city *lfi per month,
ad no use lor al   tbe
rhe  Board  <if  \\"rks
n the council
dispose ol   uuiii'.
CksOl      ;i .'■  mitiri' tIint
  .Mayor and   Al ,        ,   , ,
pxt met ting "f the < ,>iinrii
   rniiiiitu'll,   , , ,  , , .    .
he would iii in.,' up the matter i>t tim
city solicitor vs   Bchi "1 truateos.
vay IW8H ui  riuvini._Wr.iH,   (| | adjourned on  tion ol
en '   lyloi i'i <: Bowness.
was usstuetl to-
night when the cnucitB ol del      i    Ic
Thomas Caveii. M.Lj .
■'.■   B    i
comes    law,  British   Columbia will WosentattveB formally pledged  I , ,           |||n,
have thi' best     , I ml line, laws     i : " n Army,.
the world,     Nol    perfect,    probablj                    tho'('am his request \
as perfect .is conditions    will  u.ltnil dlati agreement Oranbrook, 1                                                               tor will bo i .... ted
of.     Tho Mill  Ib concolved inalnlj In On mottoi   of Mr. 11                                                                                                     ■,,,,.(  ,,  ,
the Intorest of tb ier and lor his I                             i i.tdi
proteetlon, and ii honestly lived    ip ui mi
edge ni thi' suhjei i  hn    n i lie i	
in Haying tii"!        .'in     i hi.   Bill
^^^^^^Klimucnt  vlsfl	
lor, also desired   tbat
^iSGores Reoioro-
■l city Agreement
Vlembor of  Provincial Patlia-
to will   tend greatly   minimise   the     The 22 who voted against ll„ ,«, " the array to use   the "lent SayS It Will Retard
;""!W%;" |!"" "-»' '—■ i  i    i own" i   "be city Development
ling     The British Columbia Govern-  those wuoj.uil voted lor free .un, .ferred to the  , . __
mont has boen     almost a pioneer in  otc, and their action in caucus was  SKSPS'Jffi. "" " " '""""  "< the Cil .   i   .. .
tho establishment of rescue stations  to make tiicir position Mh,i»„„.   ■■      ' „  ,rom  B.  Mallan- :    '
lar,    oldogs   ""
mid roBCiio ap
hoped tbat the Minister
way to comply with th
the operators' Del iga i i
in tlio establishment i I
tlons lor tho   supply of
lb said th      ivoul th    thfl
i i>n   as ad ','i b i
■  .
^BB ____________________
declare i   imm I too made their
1 i      lar i und rceo ■■
■ i     i   i.l     l.l'Ult,,       (IIJM    JliCUKl-   '
whereas,   thc  Canadian  rod         terlal nortl ot eil I        accounts,  as    presented
nirrnnment  na_nttiiH.it,   'iliile<____s____sWs___s__s1
;.l 17.31   be liaiil
'I     by John
ur auditor,
yearly ox-
____—_—_———_————_—_—_—___—_—_—_—_—_—_—_^m,_^_^_w.ui: 01  a.i.i't,.,
tons ior tno   suppij or oxygen, un- ,„,:,     ted   n accordance with demo .  iuu presents,
less, which would be preferable, It Is cratlc ,irc-  Oholditch, for     servlci
feasible to make such     arrang,     nl ,    ,,,   ,.     ,  ,. 	
through a local    firm.      o ik „, ,.,
Btrongly endorses the att tilde ol I'm' ,.■ i. _N^——-———_——,
,, ,      ,, ,        i ' : ■ ■ ■  ii  Si hi      ... i i ml
Qovernment  with   refercn e    to    the , „ ,,,., ... „,       , ,-.. . presented
appointment of   sub-iu itors;   thc b,   ,,  ,... ;..,, ......     ,..    ,    .    .,.
suggestion o     tbc     Labor members ,,.,, ,. ,     ,     ,     ,. .,
that these very  valuable  public sei agreement an I        o vote   ,
vants Bhould be sleeted by a vote ol ,„,  , ,,, ■   ,	
, „,„„,.. .„„„,,, .,   ,,,   , .. „  , ,,„,,. '".,"  "    l      ■'■      ' .   ■ ince hi he Watcr Comm ttoe bro   ;_l  m a
the minors would assuredly not woiB      rhe caucui     nanlm ■   .   .       . . , ,. , elloct tbat it
'Zu.,7 ZZ'iZZu, 7ZZZ7Z '" ,;    ',' ■      ■■■■.■■■■      «., ,,> mat
wo nd     not    end    to   efflctencj  and tucky, declat .    ;    ,,,,
woiitu woaiten tnc protociiou    f iiit'ii !>.,,,
,.    ,, a. . "'    '" rook   in at h    Bfllai j    ■;   $150   pi r
the Government ih sn anxious to ex- should have" nl I "the in
tend      There is ono important  mai ',-     ' ", ',       ' Zu\!.!..."„, . (,||Vt!  '' Buperinteudant ol tho
le< I red
ah , i .
Wil i ipi
.  Im   [iul
i  '"i   cis
Ice Htllison
nounced the
■- ment with
ii- it would
hns I eon
i policy in
i vearB. He
in brought
people Horn
e down    to
I-, nini ii i
i -•
ter which is hound to be dealt with
sooner or later nnd whi h it would
have boen well to have settled al the
present moment; that is the s< pnra-
tlon rd the Goal Mines Depi rl nei I
irom the Mineralogical. Coal . iin
in*; is developing at such a pace thai
the time has come when it. Bhould
have a Departmental head o( Its own.
Coal mining lias; little In i mu n
with  metalliferous    mining u
the Department, should  he vented in
a specialist.     The  British     Government has Hdnptuij rhis course by gp-
pointing professor Redroayne, recently uf the Birmlnghan University,   as
Chief Inspector, but In reality as advisor and controller,     in no instance
is there nny connection between    the   , -,;,•,,!.
Cnal  mining and     Mineralogti al  i"1-   ,, - ,.    p '     irlii
partments. They are absolutely separ-        craut
ate with separate   heads, and   both '
branches  of an   important    industry
would  benefit If    tlie    system     were
adopted     here.     On tho whole, how-   x
ever, there can be nothing but praise   ffaya   '','"11   ''
Tor an admirable measure,   and   for  Sclent ats ita
the  exceptionally     ablo  manner    in   ftlwaya  !
which     it   was    expounded hy   the   operation
■ ■   i reduction an
 j  „-„li< -tment.    The recom-
,i    ,. ,i 	
I     .. ai
i   ■    i    . nnti   .
n mi-en     if nil
i '
cress of mo i icter ' , '  .
Lo  ii , i .,.'..■..■
t**a*a*m*m********^a**a********^*****t ,,,
:     hy   Jar 1-8   .1.   Hill,
0,0 in to ai sist them in
I     I l,'!'1'',H  i)f     fnrni
■ •  thai bad co  Into tliis province lasi  year $12,000,000 came from
 asl and uni.   (2.000,000 from tho
1 Iti l Stal ; hul this would be
!■:. tnged undei this act, which would
tend in il." de true! on ol Interpro-
\ inclal trade if the Liberal party,
wh ch roi tercd tbe treaty, would
.:i frankly in i:'\or of free
tradi thi ro v oi Id not be a veBtlgo
pai iv loll  at  next  election,
■ded  i
■  ■
■ .,  being pi i nai
Of   Interest    to   Fruit    G
i,; roR,
Craubrook, It, 0.
           pn       i
,   ,.
'   ,::        ■•■            .      tl
ilon of the Oi
ctors, in ac     de
i.   '■
ol  Bl   tl   ;   .
'.     0
1 !
■      . ... E  two
Right   and   twenl    I   n    yeai
res  el: .    hcri ly     i nan
.        IBlj     :   i   Bl H,l '.
THAT   wc respeefiilly     uug iu in
meantinio, ho said, the poo-
bi    i   Lilied  ui getting    up
net ■  petit on againsl  tho    pro-
i... i '     the house nl  Ottawa.
Mtlloi  and  Brow
out     ...i the debate on thi coal
...       tion  bill.     Wllllama do-
ccd il    n     bolh Miller and the
,       ;. ;     it i ..i.'.'i-t.
■  . I   I • m  ah      .ml r. |,ii-
■  thi    city "f Van.- ravor
i• •        ■ ■■ , 'li'y ,,f Bouth  Van-
waited   .ii    iln'   govornmont
■■   mine  »It i » petll     for   a
lal acl   to In lorporato tho nutnl-
lltj        Hi   the city,      I'lii'y wore
nlsed I    i th enuost i ould bo
Idori il i .,  tho lull,nvmg ,lny.
'■:i 1PHOI V\",   .M'.IIKKMI'INT
.i.|.|...'i.   iiinii Very Promlnont
Ono   I      'In1    status,   One ln
Premier.— Tlie Week.
Hon.   .1
I,Ml      llll,
The    public     accounts    committee . innt" "V th'
turned up a envious     case last  week      i
but one quite characteristic with the ftii     "     ,'    '
fhTt! goTmont' tfc ywaw:;;,;;;.;";".' ,
ha   two or three years ago the pub- M        whfc|l
Ic works department had some work lnro ,   ,
to he done at the   examining waie „. „.,    ,.   .
house In Montreal.     It became aecos- furi;,s'heil       , „
snry to purchaso   Home leather helt-
Peets,     ;n
lug and the   same    was     purchased   W'.ii
from a firm   called Lymburgor, Ltd.   f0r ,,,.-,  -
The governmenl as n largo purchaser
was entitled  to  the  regular jobber's
discount of 00 and HI    aud ten   i er
cent from the list urlco.    Instead   of
getting    this   discount     they     (iot
merely 10 per rent olT the  I   1   price
and thus paid $538 more thr* reres
snry on the invoice which   (.mounted
■;      knoi
■ ■   -.    ■  rei
■ lie lowest i
■  ■■'" ■     I iir'.
flu I   -■
[r. Oavei
.ri    ;,..': 'i ■
Lhe i   ! if
School n°rtance  with  representatives oi
■■ o   g<                                 .w   by  parts of thc Pi ,   .,  .  ■    ,.  .rnlng dominions w
V     '-'     - '   ■                ' n             3.   That  no n                    he l.r,                                                               ,, have pn  anted  Itself, and when
'■ i,!"  pH    "'    "                                                                                                                 '            ,■ '    '  ' '     Preference might    I
ntB^  "'■■        th Uie                                     ,                                                                                  .-,,,:    tl ""    cfJD8l(lered."
li    Chamberlain:  "I am
onvinced      that   without
irenci   w       nnot hope    to main-
nnd       velop tho    unity of    tlie
i i.      linco tho tariff commlssian
 i took   its    work,    however,
■ i:  ;■■ take Into   account    new
nge       I ■   wll !i foreign  countries,
I   ■■    to ci isider   the pro-
ii ; ■ proi itj agreement of Oana-
United   States.      With-
,  i bui i ng  too far advice to tlie
|<   oi  Cnuada about    their   own
ioI h-'-i- reeling that they
rather premature.     I wish  that
mi'! i  al  loasl  have waited un-
■he     eeting ol  the  imperial con-
■ ■     .:  n opportunity of propos-
h  imperial  lm-
: ■'    ?^H	
nnd   en itil, to     <' '■'
P csldenl  Taft served     notice   on
and absolute , i M, and that said amount   |:.""   '      '     !'        through   Senators
"'"",| i__li__Hi__Hi__BK That    the |H^B^^H^B^B^Bk»niy        tbo main-
sa outrageous as to prt to gen-ral tt ls cloai-lj   n the Interests ol 11                                                                                                       ,„„.,„    ,                   eon     the reciprocity agree-
attention.    Even Mr.     Pugsley   ror (mPort-r«                              able I                                                                                                                                                   a.    II  there le not
the moment protended to be shocked, detect anj  m                 t   mi                                                                                                   ,                                             call congress back   toi    an
What followed  le  Interesting:   The  ' '"; made In   sl  . '       '    almosl   Immediately
hero ol tho Sawdust Wharf and oth '''■"  "";                                       '
er deals could     not but admire   tho 'v''"'"   |:"'   l!  rtlciiltiiin!                                                                                          ....
lu ^Ib_IHb^Hb^Hb^^bHs_sH-___--__--------.Is__b. current
The finance department of tho Dominion Qovornment is awaiting the
approval hy Kintt George V, of Iiii
effigy on the new Canadian gold
coins. As soon aH this is done nnd
the dies are forwarded, tho coinage
of gold will begin at tho Ottawa
branch of the royal mint.
James Ryan, of Vancouver, was
registered at the Oranbrook Mondny. We think it. strange that Undo
Jim, should liail from Vancouver,
when we nil think that he bclongit
to Oranbrook.
its managing     director was on
N. Lymburger,  Air.  Pugsley   at once  1lli
appointed    htm   superintendent    of     '
bllililillirs   ill     the   City   nf    At..n I i-'il.    M
This brought under    his  lurlsdiotlan adopted.
the .smno     examining warohott o    In     Tbo  Importal    u oi
Montreal  where tho expenslpo leather    , inn cly
belting was plot-oil.     Ho fmniil  that am  [u t rompl il
Home oxtonslvo repairs    wero >>*..-,!.■ i il(.,  f,,,     i,,     , m ■
nnd al mien let the contract therefor |„. doubled  thin yt-i    'no
l.o the Lymburger Co.,  in  which  lu ,..-,.,   doln: i        "havi
was and still  is n stockholder   nnrl the pnst. mn
tho director.     Tbo  little    formullty i ho I ...
of advertising for tendon was   il a Lhe rogulal   n al    e rei
peusod with In t.liin case.   Lym nir:.*er        Thanltli
as agent    ol the government     lele j , n]    ,   ,
phonoil two Itrms—one bis , •„•!, -iu,i
strango to nny his own firm got tbo
Job,     Hvorythtng     may    bo     right
above board but. Mr. Lymburgor will
certainly be nlntcd lor promotion  In     i'.  li. McNabb, ol   Wald
the Public Works Doparttnont, lho city M,.inlay.
■      .
urge   I
f this : ■
!.   .1 ..'   III. i    II;,-   h
Bui kll
lie   h
■   I,
I ,', .:     I
 H^H^lly   Hpenkinr   the  proposals
. .    i      i tlafactory," in
of I...   " ov,  Vurk board
.   -   ■ rocity.     When New
':     York i     •    ■. :   how al i Canada?
 os to  —
■ en  met i i      I lie oil
td    I ng the   1
...        School 1
id   .'.inin!      '     ' '
, nlttoil  ti
' i ,. i
tbc fi   .-. rn    ml
fireman who was in
, ni   getting   along
ml J. M   Doyle,   of
Istered at tho Cran-
I ■
.'il II,
mnl . lal
n  I, ,m ilul, lb  .
ml I
B^B^BB   tin . ■■■
'I i.     .'.. ....    i ,    the
i.l Mi  . il   Hen el   ol  Ynbl .   Health    i     '   '        	
woro Cranhrook visitors Saturday,        Aldej     t   Ho   u I,  tbat thoro
Tin Dpern II io will opon Monday
line    f films    which   are
.    I    ",.   lineal evoi    produeod
yard    foreman, who
orlo        In    c '■ in i  week whllo
., telling cars,    i t tipidly  Improving
ml will bo "ui again shortly. ESTAlll.ISIir.il   1895
A. B. GRACE.        -        Editoi
|2.00 Tor Year
Advertising rates   made-   known   on
Although tiif   a Ivoi ates thii
Province of Local Option
nnda Temperance   \ I
that they Intei di d
ely to circulate ;■■ ;
New Westrainsti i
preliminary  to i
lie opinion  in these
proposal  to
Tempei ai
bia's own   work.
control  of
now nit"  ■■'■ I   '
heen abac loned,
ami New     Wesl
alone lor
ously pi i —■■' ti
it is sn   '  '
cure a Scott A
or July.      Tb
explained, as a
the district   ;
in  the  hills   ■
and the 9cot 1
will there ■■
I a     ess       I:.   "
liberate   I
may be
against1   tb
a majority.
pions  would   stoop l
such    princij les   i
Act organi :atioi
bia meets again in  V
the second week
Will    "Hill"    Tr,'.'       .
ing go down in history as mi
a   reciprocity
THAT is the name, and
below is the trademark.
yo,i are to look for nexl
time  you buy underweai
Your size in any garmenl
with  that   trademark  will
■ tlj   will outwear
■ • tr,   will
ink     Yt i you pay
|   extra    lur    this
ind you get our
. i ol " money back
: inly claim it."
P iris in Canada,
. N VI VNS  Lin
Barrister, and Solicitors,
X Georo-e  R.  Leask  & Co.vj
W.  I'. GURD,
Bni'i'ist.i.   Solicitor,  elc .
I lh (Ml'Sl IN,
or, ami
Bnrrislni', Sol
N'uliin  I'tililic
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
PHONE 114 K. 0. BOX 886
in the United    Stat rotec
tion forces are lining up against the
plan but, witb president Taft I ■
it,  then  ii   la a question whether it
will pass congress,
In Canada,   especiallj    British I
lumbla,  fruit  growers,  . grlculturi r
and  lumbermen  ai o  proteBi lng lo id
ly against admlting   their    products
Oeorge Podlar, editor ol tho Fernie
Free Proas has been elected a school
trustee. "George" wns always very
lucky, in politics as well as In the
newspaper bitBlnoss.
Thc Liberal party of Canada arc
frue traders, and openly declare for
freo trade ns In England. Yet, there
is not a Blnglo Liberal member in
tho House thai would dare to vote
for, or bring in o  bill to thai effect.
The Dei [rata of the Dnlted States
are also true traders, nnd like tho
Liberals of Canada, ai elections,
howl about free trade, and that is
nn far an themselves, or thi r repri
Bentativea In Congress or in thi
Ottawa House dare go.
Democrats in Ci ngress will vote
for the reciprocity agreement, aud
Liberate in Canada do the same.
"Mill" Taft,   and   ' Bill"    F elding
have heen bitten by the    tartfl in
At. tin; next general elections ft will
hu good bye Taft; good    ..   Fie    n
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
KIMBERLEY, B.C.                 \
f X
X              l;     W     LiK£\v,    Propriety »
♦ ♦
\ .
Ai ******** ************* **********************
- Is now open. We
are prepared for same,
with a fine line of
i i: \\!:i;i ii 11.. II   c
Mt \ I I III   ,V  I'AKKKH
1,1,8   A  C lv
. li WIll.'iniK. II   v
Mining Kiii'iiHM'i nml
B.C   I ..'tii'l  Sim i-yur,
I' il    HllS  '.'il, I'hillia '-"-'I
B. C,
I'Iusicians and Surgeons
tint,-!' nt Resilience,    Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons   9.00 to In.00
Aftcrnoans     ■ -     n.im to   l.uo
Evenings 7.an to   8.30
Sundays 2.:iu to   4.:tii
CRANBROOK :      :     : 11. 0,
*;>«--? r -->tr************ *********************
HOTEL g-"brook'
M M.V..    VS.,
(Iradimte of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto in 1h_8. Gradate nnd medalist of McKllllp
Veterinary college, Chicago, ill.
in 1.00. Registered member of
British  Columbia assouiatiou.
Is .i large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in nil its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all  go to
The   Wentworth
J. H. McDONALD Proprietor
F. E. Corrison f
***:***• ************************\
\    :
J.   O.   McBride
Hardware Cranbrook. B. C.
Band Master City Band.
Teacher of String and Standard Instruments Choir
Plume 25.,. CRANUROOK, It. C.
L. R. C. M .   L. H   A   M
(Organist and Chilli MastBr, KNUX CHURCHi
Teacher of Organ, Pianoforte
Theory   and   Voice   Culture.
Pupils prepared for London. Ena.,   and Toronto
Con.ervatory Examinations.   Terms Moderate !
PHONE NO.  335
CRANBRUUK       -        •       B. C.
Pranbrook Lodgi-, No. 34, A. F. A. M
19, Itt'irular ini'i'
On Baker stteet, one door''west
of Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
***** >***■>«******************** i
!,Y     ihinl   Tl
HA  & ni' ■ very th.
?»   /'' Visiting brethi
'   V ivll'llllll'll.
***** *** :>******************a************
f 5
It, would Bound well lor i .-'inl
il we could  aay   "Hoi ;
Caven,  Mlntater of    Railways,  Cren
brook,  II. C.
OF RETAIL   LIQI OR   ; ll :..'■'   ■■.
TAKK NOTICB that at th. uelL
sittings ul tlie BuarJ ul Licemins
Commissioners of the Cltj Ci an
brook  to  be boldei i   "■'.,    day
ul March.   1911, 1    Quel    i      ol
lb. Olty ol ' i an n       ntend to apply I..r the     transfer uf     the   .
liquor llcenae  held   ..   reaped   to  the
Uuoena Hotel  situate i is, 20
and 21. in Hi'   k 81   to ...
ol the City ol     Cranl i iok,  Marrie
Dated at i Irani rook, 3 thii 17th
d*7 of  D.ftarr. u.i,   .',
se i 8 lal   ■  il ■
'll'., V.lii'n a .vuiuiiti speaks of her
'.■   silent   seorel   sufferinj   she
j| ti'usts you.   Millions have he-
Mowed   this   murk   of   conti-
iLV_ll;HjM      "   .our  on   Dr. K. V.  Pierce,
^at^ ■ ■     .    "I   Il'illnlo,   N. Y.     Every
ni      h~. y   \, l„>r.'   there ure women who
BlWHIlWlin       '    hear nilness   In  the wonder-
' "'•- .1,      ''  ki„u. curinfrpower of Dr.
Pierce's Favorite IWription.
*-* 11 ■ l- I ■ sovos the suffering sex
from   (mitl,   and    successfully
upplca  with woman's wcak-
iit ssca and stubborn  ills.
Honored by Women
B. W. CONNOLLY, Secretary   $        \■:,:;
 . .  ' ,v
^■■.,,V',,,Vl.rV.tV>V,,V.,<V.ya,VM..i<W,,...i^    ♦
1^ Rocky Mountain Chapter :  ♦
Gold Standard :
Teas and Coffee
Nil.   12b.   II. A. M
■ 1111','lil
.a:—2nd Ti
day   in   '
llllll  III
utli   al  i'i
lug  L'i
1 J
B.    H. 8HOKT, Scribe li   a    5   lil
Our whole time is devoted to your  wants  in  the ''
eery line therefore we absolutely  guarantee every
' ■ 11 ia i leaves our store.
We will thanli uur customers to advise us if at any
■ innils are received that are not No. i quality. ,,
I'ltANIllinuK. II, I . -     4
Ni) womiui's „ppetil wm ever misdirected or her oon-
I'n! nre   mliiptaced   when   ihe wrote  for  advice,  to
titc Wohld's  Dibprnsary Mhdicai, Association, Dr.
R, V. Pierce, Preildcnt, Buffalo, N. Y.
mt      i .*s Induce mild natural bowel movemant eaee a day.
Meets in ('nrmon'a Hull 2nd and lib
Thursday of each month nt 8 p.in
A.  MoOownn, Chief   Ranger
<J. A. Abbott, Secretary.
Visiting Brethren mudt> wel(^ome.
Staple and Fancy Grocers
«M»fnl*l«*f>'! '■ '  >*>$********* + *.*' *************
TENDERS   will        rcci
undersigned  up I
rj i f,t. day ol Jan ai the
of timber treat!* i
Central T iwei oui     ■'
Old    Man    Rlvei      al ....
f'rowa Neai   Fltihdl
Maximum    hal.bl   1 17  leal     Eel i '
660 feet.
Tin- Railway  Compan)   I      I rnlili
nil  mnlnrini.
F'laria  nnil   f"i'rn  of  tendei      on  fvla
at the tallowing rl*leas
■  ! Iile!  ivi-in.' r, Winnipeg,  o'clock  In the aftorn i lor 1 lie pur-
ineor,     Viincoiivcr,   poho ol receiving n stntomont .il   the
i aud  Moune Jaw. In lolvenl '■' nfTnlra,     Inr the nppolnt-
i    Craubrook, mcnl ol [nepectors and the giving "f
N. V.   BROOKS, diroctioiiB with  reference I" tho ilia
Divli ml  Engin ■ ('.   poaal  ol    tho    Eetate:   all     persons
P. R.   l'i I'liiiii'iin:  In I." entitled    to rank    on
—— the litatnto musl Me tholr claims
verified by Declaration with the undersigned Solicitors for tho Assignee
..ii or before the Isl day of March,
11)11,  alter  which  date  tho  Ass'gnoo
will  proceed to distribute tlie nsKiita
TRl)   T    DEEDS    ACT
' ll     AMENDMENTS.
11      MATTER    UK    KER-
nl    having     regard   to     fiose
is only "I     which notice    alia.ll
li™ luiv
I n
'i'i;! Un EN that iii^ above
I iir. Ivenl -I ' niiibrook, Urltisb
'       mhifl    rnrryinii    on   buslliees    nn
mil   I lui   .  ni    i Iranbrook,
do  ."ii   n lalgnmenl   ol    tholr
r un- to Nntbanlol  I,  Harrison,   ol
1 I iiiiint. |m   the gon
cral  lienulll  nl  tholr   crodll  unilri
tbe said  Creditor's Trust   D Ib Act.   N.   I    Hnrrlson,  A-ki,. •,
\  : eotlng ol tho Creditors wlll ho       "I Oranbrook. by
held al  the i.h.v OIUcs ol the under- Harvey, McCartor . Macdonald,
signed in    llrnnbruok, hn     the Hil.lt1 Hli Solicitors,
d»y el    P'ariiiiiiry,    1911,     et     Four i Cranbrook. B. O.
lived, nu I Hint
tlio i.ni.i Assignee wlll nol he I nhlo
f"i the assets or nny purl Ihciinf
to any person ol whose claim police
ui' in,i ihui been received.
Datod nl  Cranhrook,  this Stth day
nl January, A, n   r.m.
District  ol   East Kootenay       ,
Take notice that Edward Paterson,
of Orenhrook, U. O., occupation merchant, intends to apply for permis-
slon to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a poBt
planted Id.II chains due wchI of the
Hiiuth-west corner of Lot S7-H, Qroup
1, on tho I'ftHt edge of the right ril
way of the Spokane International
llailwny; thence enst 1(1.1! clminK to
the Houth-west cornor of Hnid Lot
8744, Uroitp J; thonce north nlmig
the went boundary nf nahl lot. a
dlstanco of 40 chaina to snld edgo of :
right ul wny; tlieuce noul.liwinterly (
along Hftlil imnt, edge of right of wny, ;
e dlstnnce of 43.12 chninn more or.
less, to point nf commencement, containing 82, ii ncres, lie the same
more or lens.
1-8 F.dw.tnl Pn li i son.
Stewart Mo't.h,  A^ent.
Dec. U, 1910.
********************** ********************* >
:li" Si's Faint and Painting;
X       We sire here with the Goods
X -____---------__--__________________-__-
I If It's Wall   Paper   and:
! Paper Hanging
We can't be beat
i >
*  rrrrtr*r:r**Y*:ii.   1 a._s.is_aaaw_———aa——aiB■■■§■—■1_a—SSI
|Painter   and  Decorator::
***************************************** am  ■ -   .—.-,'.
********************** < :-i*<it(>**************
* *
PHONE 340 P. 0. Bos DO*    *
■ i     Steam and Hot Water Engineering Expert    ♦
the 38th May of February, UU, t"1
tween the hours of !) o'clock in the
morning (io a. m. local time) and 7
o'clock in the evening (8 o'clock p,
in. local time).
Clerk to the Municipal Oounctl.
held   by
TENDERS will be received by the
undersigned up to, and including
31at, day ot January, (or the excavation ol a tunnel under track at
Mile 64.67 Crowe N._t Subdivision.
Length 310 feet. Height 8 feet.
The Railway Company to supply
all timber for the supporting of the
Resident Engineer,
Cranbrook, B. C.
tun of the security, if
And take nol I :e I hai aft i      ■■■ Li-:
day of April, r.Ul, tin
Leitch  will  proceed  to distribute the
assets of tho said deceased    among
the persona entitled   the , having
regard only to the clalmi of which
he shall have had notice, and that
the said Malcolm Leitch will not be
liable for the said assets or any pun
thereof to any pereon ol whose ilaiiu
he rihalt nut then havi recelVi 1
|   Dattd at Craubrook, B   C, ti
day of January, ltfll.
Solicitor   f(
said  Malco.m  Leitch.
i _ji.li
r   th
Hollow Ground
Boys' Skates
25 cents per pair
15 cents per pair
All classes of Cutlery
ground at Reasonable Charges
NOTICE is hereby given that on
Tuesday, March 7th, 1911, the'Court
of Revision for the Municipality of
the City of Cranbrook, H (!., will he
held in the Council Chambers on the
above date, at 10-30 a. tn. (local
tme) for the purpose of revising the
Assessment for the City of Cranbrook. Those making complaints
against their Assessment, are required to havo their protests in the
hands of the City Clerk (10) days
previous to the first sitting of the
Court of Revision.
Dated at Cranbrook, B.     C, tbis
16th day of January, 1911.
4-6 C. M. 0.
(In Probate.)
Fort Steele   Aneiimeni  District,
NOTIOB ie bereb; given, in accordance with Statutes, that Provincial
Revenue Tax nml Assessed Taxes,
income uud School Tax, assessed sn
levied under (ho "Assessment Act"
and amendments are due and pay*
ble on the 2nd day of January  It'll.
Ail taxes collectable for the Ton
Steele Assessment District nro <due
and payable nt my office, situatod at
tbe Government Offices, Baker Street
Cranhrook, Ii. C,
Thin notico In terms of law Is
equivalent to a personal demand l>j
me upon all persons for taxes.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. 0., this
18th day of January, 1911,
Deputy Assiissor and Collector,
Fort Steele   Assessment District.
Cranbruok Post Office.
Sold by the Fink Mercantile Co.
A By-Law to raise the sum of One
hundred thousand dollara ($100,000.no
by debentures for the purpose of installing, and constructing u sewerage
system in and in tlio vicinity of tbe
City of Cranbrook.
WHEREAS a petition has heen
presented to tbe Municipal Council
of the Corporation of the City of
Cranbrook signed hy the owners of
at least one-tenth of the value of the
rateable lands .and improvements in
the said City as shown by the last
Revised Assessment Roll, requesting
the said Council to introduce a By-
Law to raise the sum of Oue hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) for
the purpose of installing, and constructing a sewerage system in and
in the vicinity of the City of Cranbrook.
AND WHEREAS for the purposes
aforesaid, it will be necessary to
borrow the sum of One hundred
thousand dollars ($100,000)
AND WHEREAS the whole amount
of the rateable lands and improvements of the City according: to the
last Revised Assessment Roll is
AND WHEREAS the amount of the
existing debenture indebtedness of
tbe City af Cranbrook is $132,230.68.
AND WHEREAS the Municipal
Council has power to pass By-Laws
for contracting debts, by borrowing
money or otherwise and for levying
rates for payment of such debts on the
rateable lands and Improvements,
either or both, or rateable real property of the Municipality for any purpose within thc jurisdiction of flic
Council; but the agRregate of such
debts, except, for works of local improvement and for school purposes,
shall not exceod twenty per cent
(20 p. c.) of the assessed value of
the lands and Improvements or the
real property of thc Municipality
according to the last Revised Assessment Roll.
AND WHEREAS the present debenture indebtedness of tbe Olty of
Cranbrook, other than the Indebtedness for works of local Improvement
and for school purposes is $98,289.18.
AND WHBRBAS It will he requisite to raise annually hy rate the sum
of $1,326.30 to provide for a sinking
fund to pay the said debt and the
sum of $5,000.00 to pay interest.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook in Council assembled, enacts as follows:
I. It shall and may he lawful for
the Mayor of the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook to borrow upon
tbe credit of the said corporation,
by way of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned, from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who
may be willing to advance the same
as a loan, a sum of money not exceeding on the whole, the sum of One
hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.-
00) and to cause all such sums so
raised or received to he paid into
the hands of the treasurer of the
Bald corporation, for the purpose nnd
with the object hereinbefore recited,
2. It shnll be lawful for the Mayor
of tbe said Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to he made,
executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may be required for
thc purposes and object
aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of One hundred dollars
($100,000.00) each of the said debentures being of the denomination of
One thousand dollars ($1,000.00) and
all sucb debentures shall be sealed
with the seal of the Corporation and
signed by the Mayor thereof.
3. Thc said debentures shall hear
date the 3rd day of July, A. D. 1911,
aud shall ho made payable within
Forty years from the said date iu
lawful money of Canada, at the
oflice of the said Corporation in
Cranhrook aforesaid, which said
place oi payment shall be designated
by thc said debentures.
4. The snid debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of Five per centum (5 per cent) per annum from
the date thereof, payable yearly at
tiie ofliees of the said Corporation in
Cranbrook aforesaid on the 3rd day
of July In each and every year
during the currency thereof and shall
have attached to them coupons for
the payment of the said interest,
which coupons shall be signed by the
Mayor and the signature to the said
coupons may be either written,
stamped,  printed  or lithographed.
■ 5. During the currency of the said
debentures, there shall he raised annually by special rate on all the rateable lands in the said City of Cranhrook, the said sum of $5,000, for
payment of the said interest on the
said debentures, and the sum of
$1,326.30 for the purpose of creating
a sinking fund for payment of the
debt hereby secured making in all
the sum of $0,320.30 to be raised annually by special rate as aforesaid
during each of the said forty years.
fi. It shall be lawful for tho Mayor
of thc said corporation to negotiate
and sell the said debentures for less
than par, hut iu no case shall the
said debentures he negotiated or sold
for less than ninety per centum
(90 per cent) of their face value including the cost of negotiating and
sale, brokerage and all other incidental expenses.
7. ft shall he lawful for uie uf.jd
Municipal Council to repurchase any
of the said debentures upon si.ch
terms as may be agreed upon with
the legal holder or holders thereof,
or any part thereof either nt the
time of sale or nny subsequent
time or times, and all debentures so
repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed and no re-issue
of debentures so purchased shall he
made In consequence of such re-purchase.
I H. This By-Law shall take offect
on and after the 1st day of April, A.
ii. This By-Law may he cited for
all purposes as the "City of Cranbrook Debenture Loan By-Law No. H.
Rend the 1st and 2nd time on the
26th day of April, 1910,
Read a third time on ths fith day
of February, 1911.
TAKE NOTIOH that the above is
a true ropy of the proposed by-law
upon which tho vote of the Municipality will be taken at the Municipal
Building,  Baker Street, on Tuesday,
IN THE MATTER of the estate of
Archibald Leitch, late of the City of
Cranbrook,   Lumberman,   deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given that all
persons having any claims against
the estate of the late Archibald
Leitch who died on or ahout the 30th
day of May, 1910, at Cranbrook, in
the province of British Columbia, are
required to send to the undersigned
solicitor herein for Malcolm Leitch,
executor under the will of the said
Archibald Leitch, their names and
addresses and full particulars ia
writing of their claims and statements of their accounts aud the aa-
NOTICE ia hereby given    that
application will be made under J'
V. of the "Water Act, 1909,"   to
tain a licence in Uie Oranbrook \V
er District.
(a) The name, address and occu
tion of the applicant; Cbas, Y. S
erltng, 425 Realty Bldg, Spoka
Washington.  (Heal Estate  Agent.
(b) The name of the lake, stre
or source.     Kik river.
(c) The   point of     diver-don.
slough  about   1,000 feet     up-stre
from the Canadian i'acilic depot,
old C. p. H, pumping station.
(d) Tlie quantity  of  water ,
for (in   cubic feet per   second)
'ed  twenty  five. be   occupied   by   the   proposed   Wt-rke,
Tlie character of  the  proposed None,
Irrigation,   pumping   plant, (ki This notice  was posted  ou  the
s ami ditches to bo constructed     ilay of December,     l.lu,   and
Lots 7340, 7316, Ti)U» and 4590. application will he made to the Com-
n which the wa- mlssloner on the   20th day of Janu-
p   I    K
The   pi
if for
Lots G4
used, Lots 6408,
6402, 6407, .196,
4319, G200, ____,,
31 I, 761)5, 7219,
otenay  district.
(535., ary,1911, at two o'clock in the after-
1966, noon.
4332, (0 (iive  the   names  and   aldresses
1220, of any  riparian     proprietors    . r licensees   who   or     whose   lauds are
ise    for     which    thu likely to hu affected hy the proposed
used.    Irrigation. works, either above or    below     the
Igation    describe    lhe outlet.     Frederick    3.  Selwoad,    of
o bo Irrigated, ulv.iig Calgary;   Regina   Mott,   of     Wheat
t    B.000 acres,    being Centre, Alberta; John Mott, of Wheat
6359, 6357, 6358, -4U2, Centre, Alberta; and the British Co-
6196, 1966, 6199 6195, 4319, 0200, lumbla Southern Railway.
*332, MU, G193, 319, 7655, 7219, CHAS. S. SODERLING.
220. Spokane,  Wash.
Area of Crown land intended to 425 Realty Building.
-'■>-<.:»r.«r M\.-H9iaem****maa*m
_i.-.j-i-:-_: :
***\i***********ki(i^ .. . u         -:^; ^-'- -.^--i-S/^^^^^ii^g^iifg.^
MOVE ON ! is a si9n wc ,iavo P,ace(l on a" merchandise in our store. Tho BIG GLU3, known as LOW PRICE, is the
weapon we are using to MOVE the goods. This sale has been running ten days, and has proved the greatest sale yet held in Cranbrook. We are loaded with a heavy stock and havo determined to
unload, no matter what lhe sacrifice may be.
C.   C.   S.   GREAT   MOVE   ON   SALE
Wash Prints
Warranted not to fade
Regular price, l"> cents per yard
Mackinaw Coats, $4.o0
Mackinaw Pants, $2.75
Penman's Ribbed Under
PER SUIT - $1.60
Men's Suits, $3.85
Those suits will stand inspection and will stand wear
Regular $10.00 at Eatou's
Our Price - $3.85
Men's Heavy Sox
Two Pair for _5 Cents
White Flannelette
Per Yard       -       10 Cents
Striped Flannelette Black Cashmere Men's
Pull yard wide.   Per yard, 12 Cents TTnQP
Five Pairs for $1.00
Our regular price on these sox is Uf> Cents m pair
$2.50 Men's Shoes Selling
at $1.49
Shoo time is noar ami you  will  malce no mistnliu
Investigating ihls Shoo Bargain
Price - $1.49
KEEP IN MIND that everything in onr sloro is on sale. H is Impossible for us to list our
entire stock, but you will find ii greatly to your interest lo iuvestigalo whal we are doing al this great MOVE
ON SALE before spending your money elsewhere.
During our MOVE ON SAL1S wo are giving .I.nl v a PRIZE ranging in value from Sl 00 lo 10.50.
Every man, woman and child entering our sloro during the Halo, will nicnivoadalodand nuinberod ticket.
Each day une number will be a prize winner, and lliu holder of such number can lake Ins or hor choice of
tin. articles up ns prizes.   Onr special adds will give the winning uu ir tliu day following, so keep your
ticket, note the numlier, and w.iii li our adds, as you may iir the winner.
Cranbrook Co-operative Stores, Limited  *
alter   Street
:ranbrook The ~' ■;- ATMHR K' M >   :     !< -I    Mcr,ary's
**:% 1 17 « *L   _t? 9 \   * f" '' ■ Famous
Monarch       ■     f *   §   'V ■ T ! .       ,        wl      , "   Sank-Alta
Plumbing   and   Heating    engineers
Malleable "THE RANGE STOKFi" and Koote.
Iron Range
nay Ranges
nwp_ni«w».i wm
11 \\ 1    VOI    11 \!' v I
If not, you ha    i >usy and
havi  ■
Splendid Presents lor smoKers
E,  H. Brow i, Proprii toi
\ CORPORATION   OF   THE  CH      j  l)     IH SHf"!
♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■>* .*♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦    ' ■       "f ""' i""i""""' |
*P 9 iWni       tlmiit, |il|»u    ii im"i. tumali |mw-
.1.-  purpuHO !
X of cranbroc X ■ p"? "'''V" n'\
J - +
^ 4 It]   li   i'i-' ffiloi   1-1  ii.   ho used  lor ii.nv- I
DOG AND !\»l'N!> TAX  BV 1 AW i ' "    1""1" ■   *"»ril» H
♦ i  n         i walai   in tu   .. ral ui i
♦ ' ' lu  anil      ... I. i.l    . I   ll I,   anil   Ilia  ilillur-
X .     I 111  I •;  is  ll        iv eh I'll   llllll   ...i   llllll    l  l"i     ♦   ' '" "'  I "  '" "lv"'-1
I    T ,, Sinn mill  pulul   ill      return.      H..i«r   mil
I •.■    i    lhe D i     +  I  -Uiral   170H  Imi   (hove Hi..
Publii   Su
Irade   Li   :
ofli e, and fur: Vr N
th it any person iti.t; Cits
Limits iii.
a Lii em •. un
Cl!      I
Dated nl (.'rai hr   ■' . i'. <'
7th day nl' February, lull
i    \>   ::■■.■'..
|. .,...■'. I   il .    .     Ill
i mn
i     .mnli im it   cor I   I...I. ^:!7,  tir..ti|i  1.
'*     IIIII.-I.>n>'..   in     tilth    I.<.im,...u   rjolrtl    nl
' >    ilivuralna  niul    I ii   foal,   natural,
ll'OU    1I1.111   til   lull   i.......  ]
-.  lro» ni Crown loud InUuilail in in. |l
Cranbrook Orchestr)
Fll.V r.    PIECES
la ji|.,.juir..|| lu iti.i-i.|ii t«narsu;ijmOnli
lu ftirnlall  -ii' fur
Alltll'OM   I ollilllllllil'lltilllM 10
ti   IIAI.s.M.L
I'lmin. 187 I', i). Hon U.I
Ciwilmiolt,      •      ■      B. (I
i. " i  by tlio pi n[io«('(l  works,    N inn
(It) Tlili   notlise      waa   (milled     on   itii'jl
i,        i ■ i   t iiia   it itlise      wna   (muled
J, \ . Irtl   dftj   ol  October.   LULU,   niul   appli-ii   :
*r99999*4*9e*9**499*>*>9>ai> i***tv«***0* + *«;i>.)-; >*>9 ''"»  *■»  he matlfl tu tlio Ootmulitflomii- I
■ r,  Lho  ilQUi tiny o.   December,   1010.
i < '   II Ive   Hi*   nnrum,   niul     mlr.riHi.t'H   of
 *»**■,.****   I I  ■">'    Mcupinu  the boat   picturai an.   riparian    i li^m-.s  or      ll-oateoK
p.    .,',,,-,      imu   (jiving   'ii   i   putroii w'to ,,r whoee landa    aro likely     to bu
• thfl bosl   Hue ..[   81ms    thnl  cab    bi ,,"""i,l|  ''-v     ,1'" propiwed works, either
■•     . . above  or  i.H.nv   tiu>  miii.it.      Kootsnay
♦ obtained, ., ,,„„    ,   ,„,   ,, „ , ,,   ,,
f         i nrAl      mcia/"."* ^alloy    Land   Unuipuny,     Nalaun, IJ, 0,
LOCAL   INLVVb.        *   ,;   ■ •   y,.■ ..,„   rmi  stooio   it   r ■ <;•<,-
• i'!.:is   to. Finds waa founrl dead in , .,,  M , _,, Lhi ,,,,„,„,„lk>     Ui  0,;  Wll-
* ;. - cabin on     Hanaon     .venue     on :•,.   n   i..>».,  Pornls,  H.,0.;     it..Mii«i
.    ruesday  night,     The  lute  Mr.  Field ' ml   Hai lot   Nolson.
... **,**.,***, i *>*■*,■* »■,* p4><$> web an old    timer In  tho     Provinco . ll.  0.   Hydraulic    Power  Company,
ff   d Wft8 m   having nun,    mai  during    the con Umllcd.
Btruction ui     thu i'uu.u inn    Paclflf -   "   L'   ■■
■ iwii   VI  i ia).
|.'uiii.iul Dh'tiotof,
r.  0.   lililt'aaa,
l'.-r   W,   |.'.     1)1 IW.   Its   S.iliult
loot    per   a.io..nd    I
- «• »■ "■ * w. cline
I'.   I.uuii.  iif Wuniiinr    wns  in  towi
Weiliti ii aj
('. il. Keen, ol   Vancouver, was   ii
the cits   Wednesday.
occurred In the Moiriese
and Michel Railway coinpa
here at ■! o'clock by which
year-old  boj   named   Blake
Ol lliu olil Manltobil  lliirlnir
Shn|i|.|,n yow bo To t Iii Ilia
Your Husband Would Enjoy
•I. A. McKenzie, ol Vancouver, was N al   tho   Coal Creek  minei
a guest, al  the Crauhrook Priday.      passenger on the train  which
  dally at     I .relink.     He atl
tl. 0,  Jewell, ol     Jaffray, wns In   to loave the train boli re it Im
the city Thursday. |to a   stop, nml ow :...
  sniiw nt the sides ul thc In
it. C. Beaman, ol Vancouver wasa  ed his looting end fell 1   .
gtteBt at the Cranhrook Sunday last,   wheels >.f one ol the coacheB.
  was instantaneous,     the  bod;
Thos.  t'uliill. uf    Spokane,     Bpent  terrihly crttsiied and  :..;:.'' i
Sunday last iu Craubrook. i„,y's parents reBldo at Coki   .
two null's Irom   Pern o,     I ie
1,1  being employed     also al     tl
Creek mines.
I'F. in baraby givon  tlial  8u iluya
il. I  inl I  tu npply  to tho Hon.    _
i laslonor ol     Landa     lor   a   * H'li'al Class  Work  In
' -■"■'" ,'"•  ''"'"   "nil   l'"tn"   _ a 'iiiii'lu-s   ol   till
sr   the      lollowing lands,  situato   *
nial    Houthoaal    ICootenay,   * s*. .     _        m      . '
in it .ona ♦ Tonsorial   Art
li"oni.t'oMha'88°!ntl«apo«   ********************
r. ['. li survey line which is thf
l,oiiiiil«i'j    ol Lot •l.VJll,  nml be-
N    E. eornar put.of Daniel B.    \\'e Deal ill  l{ Vfl V tllillf- I'nill
cl i in   thonco aouth olghty (8n) I
ti,,,,,   wsst   oighty   (SO)   ohalnai        ;J   f\(eed|e toll   LoCOITlOtive
liorlll   oltflltv    (SOi   cliains;   tlii'ini-J
n. Ht. iJ.im.v .(80) chains to  tim puint of
cointuuiicanieiit,  mnking  0-10   acrea
(.'. Qarbett, nf Vancouver
ttie city Monday.
Joseph H. McLean
.,   r\»1 .ni/.nc U E has had ,i  har.l -day,'1 ;j,t,,s sm,"f "! Wy,cli,Ti;: l":rai,u'"t
a Delicious       o ,. , h,„,v „„, °(^ ata a Lnm°°r °°-was *
hnl  Ins tirecl   oodj  .11 u ti„. c,t,y Monday.
"™" fagged    brain    will   bi
Notice Is hereby
l her   or teas.
[',,,1 DANIEL. E.   HIOGENS, Locate. .
Euthen  Vi.  Uutts,  Agent.        | IV'AI.KK   IN
—   ZZZ ^la^a't'CTsopfmbenom W kinds of Sec. Hand G«
 '        Kiiniimri' it SPECIALTY
of a  uice cut   of   beefsteak, tno cosmopolitan Monday
... thnt 60 days ********************
      ~     ,.    . ,  ,,    after date, I Intend to apply to the _ -j "1       ?
.-s.   II.   I   ink.      T.    Kane,    anil  C '    , '        ,      , ♦    .      l^.l. ^V\  V'.7i*A'^r\tr    *
..   . ,   '    ,., ,      ,   Hun. Chief Commissioner nf     Lands 4 I cLIl UX \JwJ_L   ♦
ChrlBtlan ol ffyclifle, wire gttestB at   . „ .,„„„„ .    „r,.,qn„r, ,,„. „nnl „„,, 2    "-   a\ . \. J.i. \J 1. .J^'JLi.   *
for Dinner
for Liceime to prospoct fur conl ami   9
petroleuni   over the following lamls, ! ♦
over the following lamls. J TT JjT.rp-™- x
the District of floutli Mast, J Jjl V tv J V ♦
Orltiah Columbia,  in  Lot   *% 1	
P.   BU
done to n turn nnd served in.
„.,,,    .  „„    ,,    .,,   .,    ,..   I     W. J. Bell and W. J.    Linton,   „, mtuate in tii
wit      sunn'    nl    tlmsi.    I,"i'>h ,,                                            ,      ' Kootanav
Vancouver, were guests at tho Crnn    ^ooteiiKy  —. ...
onions.     We    ItRow   the   cut i,rook Monday. 45'J3'                                                    ♦       We ask you to call nnd try
which   ".ill   suit   linn OXUCtlv          "              '     Commencing nl a   post planted at  I    lllM   now r.inslKninont of new
.,,„,, ,„„,Q„M -,.■>      ' C. B. Smith, of Montreal,     repre-'or near *""« mllea aue east o(   the \i    and     Up-to-date    rigs     for
SI 11       ^Vl1 UHilIt   It   . ...   \rilo  P,.^l   ,„,        tlirt     P !• P     si.rvr-v    "       .                           ,       .                         .      .
sontlng Dawson & Co., printers sup- '" Mlle ' '*l  "        °   u'1 '"• sorvB» II     Winter   and   Summer,    .lust
  line,   whirli is the weslein boundary   _
* Sago's Old   Stand, Hanson A
Phone IM
Phone 10
__,,..   -__ _-, ^-»   _--.      Plies, was in the city Tuesday. line    whw, Is the weslein hoiiailn,')': ^ ♦
I   ^i'!'!J4kS.        At*        wC^ ttl*   °' '""    *-■     Bnd m,S tbr "f'Z.   X '!  '"•»    at your    disposal t
-.""^l^fc--? *>*.        ^Wa^V-a^o     T. T. Mi'Vittie, and C. M. Judtl, of  enst corner post of Wallet   .1.  Abbs  . * G[n    am a    „.,„, ..„,, bP T
P  O  Box 3     '"'"^ K,pplc woro Cranbropk visitors  c|aim. thence south SO chains, llienee;! ,,,„ ,„..,,,t ♦
-—     _„-.,-.   '.   '. Wednesday. west nighty   chains, thonce north 80   *   ♦
.1..)..      .!,„.,„„    .......    ..I..I.I.,    ol,..i..u    ...     ♦ rili.ll.i   4, I,llllll.I.U.K.  111.. *
............... ...........  vi **-•"* ! •>••'•'•'?.'*'»••••'.■ »'■
Importers of Foreign and Domestic
I.it|t: -.
Meleher's Red Ci oss (iin.
Peter Dawson's Scotch Whiskey.
*****■:    ■ ,
Cranbrook, li. ('.
•*y*** ."■» >» ■ • M *' « ■ ■ »* '• *■ ♦• • ; ............. .
'*.     A. 0. Bowness, and  IV. .1.  Linton,   point of commencement,   making MO ^ **^^^ **************
fc> were at Marysville     Wednesday    on   acres,  more  or less.
business. Located tllis I2t.lt day  of October,
* *
y     V. Dickson,  manager of   the local Walter J. Abbs. Locator      [ <> ',,      ',. LIVERY I'liKD?
* stoie of P.  Burns i Co.,    returned Bathon W. Butts, Agent.      ! T r . J
4 from nn eastern trip Wednesday. William 0. Hutts, Witness. 60-3   % ft      SA > V,     STA HLI. ♦
'*>     A.  K.  rni'iiulinrsoii,  .1.   Irvine nnd
Nll'l ll'l'l.
| D.   Mcintosh,   of    Klmborloy,     were     (T,.„„Kr,.,.   ,,r    !,;,„„„.   r_,lc6nc0,)        f
| registered at the Cosmopolitan  Frl-     T„ke Nllll,.   ,„.,,    „„   application
X linv' will be mado at tho next, sitting   ol
<'      Hnlh Rinffin ami  Dolilo
Mr. and Mrs. II. Holqttist, of Spo
tlit)  Board  of  Licence Commis   onors
vers,   for all  purls     *
ihe district.   Good     i
Singer Sewing
Machines  do
the Best Work
I     II. I.. T. Onlhra th, ol Fort Steele,   licl!"1'1' ""w l"'l,l,hy ""' '" r™ ' "' : \
Idle  Horses.    Good     *
'uoui.i.    U|i i" data    ♦
ai   ilia   v nj    ruui   on    um   oi.ii   uuj      im   j  j *    I'll.,Ull   IT,T. I'laUbt'Ook,   B
Mnrch,  UU, lor n transfor ol liquor   J Opposite Royal Hotel Phoneoi a> —u—
a. ..„. ,„■„ .Mrs.    I. ho must, of spo.  o( m          q( ,,,,„„„,,„„ t„ ,,, ,,„,,,; i
<f.   knur   were  guests at.  the  Costnopolt- ,|m ,,,       H_H  0|]  ^ s|   .   ,      «>
T tan Friday
I'lioy hist a lifetime and c<\
very little more than throw
ogether, catchpenny, chei.
machines. Sold on snif
monthly payments by
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avenue.
„.„,'   the Wi'lltwortli Hotel sitl
%   Baker St.
m „ Agent, w,.s „ craubr , visi- ™ "™ " »- «' on r.ou | Docasl  S■ llwrun  Proprietors |
® ,,„. Thursday '"■ 1;i' "'"' M " " k ;"' '''"" 609' _      .1. F. Deacon, Manager      t
■•■ Cranbrook, l). 0., to John McTavlsb , *                                         .. .   *
|     ,. ii. ,; .,""~Montrenl; P. J.'ot tho   Olty   o,   ,'r ook,     , „♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
•■  Melntyre, ol Toronto; were reglBtor- Kseper,
"; -ii ni  tho On rook Frldny. Date'1 "'■ Cranbook,   ll. C, this 2nd       !?«,„,_T-      np.^nll
I                                 day oM'Vbriiary.  A.  II.  lllll.                      ....' J dll \ V     i.jK.L<X\ I
I .H."T»M,W!,;A;,?" '""'.f-  J""""'"!""'' '"'     •,KXKK.\u.i..u ksmith
-   II   Hi iilfonl   ol wycliffe,  were m tlio ~	
',. city Thursday on business. WATKIl   NOTlClil,                                               and
\. I,.  Patrick, nml Ooo. DaUs ni, of      HOTrOH in horoby glvun     thai nn ui«  ,
......    i.lirittinii vmii in- mado under I'nfl   V. ol '
mcouver,    wero m  the   Crai)hi".OK    ,    ,.„. .        , ,	
Everything for
The    Smoker i
W.. Imve
Article* in
est I in.- ol Smiirior
it .   :    Kouti n.iv..
Choice Cigars find Tobaccos
Cigar-HolderH and Pipes.
The Tobacconist
thu "Water     Ail.  l
lli'i'iiHit in lliu Cranbrook Wnter District.
(a) Tim name, ndtlreas, nml occupation
0. .1. Atkinson, nail  .!. Russell, of „| ti„. applicant.   II, a. Hydraulic Pow-
Winiiiii.'i',    were     reKlstered     nt tbe er Company, Limited, n.-mi offlco,  tun
Crnnhrook Thursday. """«''■  «■ |;.    Oupllal $1.0,000 cllvltlod
 , up initi 1000 ahai'ea.
Tlie Brotherhood ol Railway Trom-     Tl'° ""'"'" "'    lh° " ",y   '""""'"i
... .   , ' „„ Tlie   actiiilnltlafi   hv    purchaflo   or     rocoixl
mon held n special mooting on I burs- 0|. „thorBlm ,,, „,,,„, „„,, „,,u„. ,„,„,„,
day nltor u. ttrc[| „,   roonnlod  nr     unrecorded  miter
  ami tho npplicatfon nl sui'b witlor    uml
W.  Reunion,  of  Woyburn,  was  reg- wnter  power  for  iiroduelng nml ttenorn-
istored  at  the    Crnnliroolt     Sunday Unit electricity  I lur the purpose nntl
|„.;| in   llio miiiim-r  ami   lllofbotls Hi't   luitli  in
  aeiitlnn   IHO  ..f  lbe  Wnter   Act,   IllOOnnil
A new rotnry snow plow is now In senarnliy lo oxetoao nm   cuiiy ou    n
commission  In  tho Crows Host   Pnss ,„'" f,"",'™ ",'.''„„l'1',',!|,,lB''i,'j, 'b,',',',i"""w„'i'!,',-
nml  It  is ox|Mcl;ed that  It  wlll horo Act,  inou,
nltor bi' kepi  on this division. no Tl nmo nl the    litko, Btream or
—   - aiiiiiTii.   Kll(   Rlvnr.
\,  K   Walls,  nl  W.'iMsliiin;. mul   N,      (o) Tho  polnl   nl     diversion  .'iron  I	
Hanson, ol Wasa, were in     tho rllv "'"""' "n"v" l'""t "" """" '""lk """'  i
Rill bor Tiros  Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Photic 141
Is the Place to go for
Ice Cream and
HQENTS   Foil   CANADIAN 0Y0I.B1   UnrnP lVf3r1p f^anH
P ]:tt; ■: sn!"llj_,_.. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
d.j.joh-STSON :     masonry
Tlnirsdny Im
ol in no.l   from    n
Rl   I".
K,V.   I..    Un .  Ilu'      ii.ilnr.il
1 hush   trip  I" I'nlrnry.
luviil iif water bolng rolaod from thoro li
puint To on leet n|i atreoti
  ,   til) 'i'h.. ipimoily  ..f  witter  applied fol
The   Edison Tliont.ro   wns     riowded   (|„ oubla lout  pur second)  BOO cubic, lool
iiiiiii,'  Hie  peal  wseli.    The  luansgs-  pur aeunnU.
|i'..r   llnll- or Hint  ut Reasonable   I T
X Steam  Boiler,   Furnace,
♦ nntl Septic Tank work
X ii specialty
♦ Cosl anil siock estimates^
X I'ni'iiislii'tl mi application.'^
Atlilre.l : P. 0. Bus 246. Cranbronl.
Olfice& Workshop    Lewis St.
Shono No. W.
Advertise ln  ths ProspKtor.


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