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The Prospector Nov 12, 1910

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 L     \e)  |*a    ii"u
ViiLUMH  11)
joint Meeting
in favor ui
tin' rate pay. -
C 'y Z unoil and Board of Trade the city eroot
i n tiina building.
Ill   lOmmiULO vtdornian Jaoknon, referred to tot
tun) the extra oxponso tbe city would   CONSERVATIVE     CONVENTION "    ' I M H M«$w$W®$®w<&i>>®
i.i- pui ti irecting a brick building '
would be appreciated aa an example
i,y others, and that tbe majority of
nlisl.itnt.ial brlok
a  large and roprcBeutatlve meeting
)t tim Oonsi rvatlvoH   of    Cranbrook
\   |o
i'Iu. meeting was called t>. order
-..- mer petitions tunl  by laws that were  m   m   MoVittlo   .it Port Steelo   1'
.ooting ol tl..- Olty Conn.  ;"™'J;!..'l"";n.l'y;.';l"',.!!''".l"'''!'v b°l?*,°:_  Ident'ot tho district association.
W.  F
District was Intlil in the   parlors   nl
tin- Royal Hotel on Mondaj evening.
Tho meeting wns called t>. order by
association.             I DeVere Hunt  was at  Nelson this
.'.trtur. secretary, read  w i on businosB.
tbe minutes of tbo last ntiiniiii meet  :  ■
lng, which ..ii motion    wore adopted     8. <:. ('.-ink, ol Wycliffe, spent Bunas num.                                                  day last in Cranbr. iok.
.Mr.  Carter rcsignod ns   secretary, ■
, ,, ., , ,   .mil on motion ol Messrs staples and :   \. Hans  ol   Wasa, was in
ind it they saw in to accept  ^^ v   A   |([l|||mi ms ,.|i„,tl,ll ,„  (.nj Bol](loy
I ....     ^^^___________________________________
II and tt Committee Irom the Board  """  '"' ,""s ,   "   """<' "',   " l"'":k
,1 Trad,   was hold n.     il...   Counoll  M«nlclP»l  building,  but   where   was
 ■   on   Wodnosday   eve,,.in:     to  '""    '■'" l!    '"    K"6  " c09BarJ
... liter lhe toUowing petit : "" >   l" ''""'''  tblB 6Jttra  c08t    "'
"To tltc   Mayor and Olty   Council ' '■'■'"■'"'"-    Tl "'>' **?  was to
I thc .vi of Cranbrook Masn Ul° r""s""' '"'     u"' P">»erty
"WHEREAS, it. has come to     the  ll"hlH' 	
..,„,.   ..i   the Oranbrook Board    ol  "mi *iw" ''"'"' aPP™olatlon hy v.,i- „,, t|l(.      Mm mU] th(, cU,ction o( t
he extra expenditure, lie ivbb
the i
• i  the contract lor tho con- i'"; ""' tl,e °ftra ''upenditure   ho was offlcorB ^ y)e m%t nmml    raeetlng     _,     T   ,            Klmborloy, wns in
ot the    Municipal Building "" ""/<■     '"   °°u"f,    ™M Bive „f tl„, as80clatloa,                               tlm ,.,„. Tyuesd
., let, providing lor a frame ,h"" 71""' u"'v »'«"»"l-                        Tn, following delegates   were tlion                          __
cturc, tuut wheroas tho lime "'', ''" Manning Btated that prop- |,omlnatBd   „ml eloctod to attend the :   wint,.. Is    advancing-   su     is    tho
,,   ,          1   .  ,,■,.,   ...nu.. ertv   i...t'1's   mil signed  tie petition, ,,                               ..,.1,1                                    1111,11.1.1111,,   su      is    Lin. 1
1  when   substantial PIKE ^j  "^ ^ n" (   , „„,,,,. , fc„ ,, .„ Provincial convention to lie held   in  ,,,.,, „i
should    t.e erected ullu *"nat none had relused to sign
lie lire limit.- uf ilie eltv and     Mayor Fink, stilted Hint there wiih
uf flu- fact  Unit ttie Council ""^ sun"lelent lunds available to com-
.',. operation n restrictive Dlot0 ""' building, nml tlmt no pr
the  undersigned
Nelson on the I7th inst.
A.  11.  Fenwiek,   nf   Fort     Steele;
Otis staples, of Wycliffe; A. B. Watts
A.  K. Watts, the
bertnan, was n. tin
.,' oi Wattsburg; F. J. Smyttte, of Mny- j'" \{i,!,7,LH
  vls"m oollld    "" maao to aec"re   tllu ie; V. A. Rollins, to represent Ward-     B _
tldors und citizens of   the '"-rcssary »""'""t "«'l"- by the eon- A   ,(   - Wa      „   }   |,,|lHcr       	
.nbrook do herehy petition oont of the rate payers. Marysville; A.   J.   Balment,   A. 11. „,7. ,*!,; ,'.,'    ;; ',' ";
Mr.   In. Manning thought that the Thornp80„'and John Reod, cranhrook ".        i ,
Wattsburg Lum- I
my this week on
llty Council do rc*considor
1 ol   construction     of this mt<! l"^1'™ would support a by-law     Alto     tp|,.
that the superstrueturo giving the council the power to se-     „   ;,      JohnBoll|     ,, A   ^ |)r  ;
Rutledge, T. Soworbuts, H. Y. Parker, .1. II. llnll. W. H. Stewart, A.
Doyle, .1. I). McBride niul .1. A.
All dologates    und alternates elee-
ttnl havo signified  their intention ul
ol     Wednesday I
.itlih- with elea  '
'i.i-..'.l of brick
instead a
r lum-
cure tbe am.unit needtid  to complete
tin- Imililiiit: .if brick.
tbove     petition
wan      1
Alderman  Green said tbat be was
by many .»r I'm
■ represen
in favor i'f     erecting ti   substantial
.1.' Cranbrook.
brick building,
were present i
il the nn
Alderman   Jackson,     seconded    by
Pink,  and      A
.Alderman   Campbell,   moved   tbat    a
U   euiiiiiiittee consisting ol Mtiyor Pink,
attetttltitir the conventii
eleet.iuii .if delegates ami
Messrs. T.   Oaven, M. 1'.
1   Compile.!,    - -     -  j-"  -       \ft,M   ih
Clwell   .1. Ariiulil   A   ll Alderman  Patmore, H.   II.  Benediet,
'.V. l).V,.ii',l, M.   l'. Beale! '''"' ril-v  Engineer,     nn.l Contractor p^ ()tjs gtapl8B| A   E   Watta   K   A
nllinir the architect, and get     nn estimate H'U: and ot^rs '"' tlme\" i"1'1 "!"'r"
,,;.",*;,; of Ihe cost uf ,. brink superstructure "rlate ''eraak9 a'",ress0'1 tlle =»'"■'""
■ ■■  .i   Win   Oameron   rifts   P   Leask; lie a committee to wait upi.11
v.. 11. Benedict, Irs
AtchiBon,   and   Mt.
u.i Mrs. T. -p. McVlttle, and
albraith, uf Port .Steele, were
tne city Monday.
.  Agent,  It.  I,. T. Galbraith,
Steelo, -..its in the city Wed-
tviucial Constable, A Ram-
ernic was 111 tho city Weit-
ot'.nitil business.
n nd rei
rt tu tlie I'lttttiei. anti Board
prtnte remarks addressed thc conven-     I'.'""''.':" Welch, lelt 011 Thursday tor
_,»..,   ...  ,..  ,1,,.,,. 1   uini ii'tiuri iu tne i itiinei, utiu uuiiril ,.                     1 L     ,,            ,,,  ..         , tl,o (H.l   c,..,.,,..-       Ui,  „,iu   i„. .,,...,„
uioiesi ut  tne t.unr.i It w.ts ninveil hy Messrs, Watts and '             uountry.     tie win ue uw.iy
I'f  Trade  nt  a     juliit.  meetine;  to In. „.     ,       ,,    .   ,.  '             .          ,.         , ot,,,,,,  ,.,.  Was',-a
.  ,,       ,, .,            .       ,    .,    _ Staples,  tlmt the annual nieetiii.- of nnui.t six ftaeus.
w,,,i,   o,,tt„.i   ,1,,,  .,,,,«,,„..    1.,   he '   on  I'l'iilnv evening, ... the Conn- .,       ,,.  ,            ....                                         	
I-ink etiiie.i the meeting   tn                        '            •• the   District   Association,     fur   the                            	
ying that the Council would  c" onamoor.     111c motion was unan- ele|,tion of officcrB ])(1 h(,,(1 m Frhlay     oharles   Agustus-Van    Waterman,
Bly car"0d.                              • November, 35th. ol Xi.lsoit,     wus in the city Tuesday
As the broom corn market
is exceptionally strong*
and the price of brooms
away beyond practical
value, we have imported
a quantity of
Mice C5
"^ & 'ft TTT
consider tbe rc-im-.-ii o\ iln- Board of
Trade, mil citizens, ami that while
t!' Council were a uuii in favor of
ei '■; in', a brick building which would
bi .in ornament and needful structure
1 the Olty, it was a question of
finance, which the property holders
<- ■ ranbrook would have to assent
t ''id give their approval thereto.
A' 1 that tbe Council desired aud
wc ,! expect the earnest co-operation
(•■i   t'ij Board  in  Lliin matter.
Ifr. 13, Elwell, said tlmt be bad
b< 1 1 reiucsted by tbe Hoard of Trade
1" -irculate tbe petition anions tbe
pro ierty holders for tbeir signature,
and that every oue that be bad approached were unanimous in favor
01" n brick building. That the initial expense would be somewhat
Inr-er,   but,   tlmt  as   time  went    (tn,
etiug adjourned until Friday
The convention closed nt 10-30 p.m.   on business.
Premier Equal to Any
Gives British Columbia Economical. Straightforward and
Progressive Government
London, Nov. 7.—King George hi.;.
issueii a proclamation lixiinc tho date
of the coronation tot' -lime 22tid.
Jimmy .Miller, ,.; Fernie, wiih vit.il.-
iii- in.ni.is in   Cranhrook,     Sunday
<s a-*
Klingcnsmlth, (.i  Klko,
friends in    Cranbrook
Messrs. T. Hare,
3 Jewell, ol Rloyi
t ilir Cosmopotita
.   Gamble    ami
were registered j
Sunday last.
saving m insurance, and tbe sta
bility nf the builduis   would
;   0.  A. Magrath, of    "Medicine    Hat,
when    interviewed in    Ottawa  in  re
gard to Sir Wilfrid Laurier'n western 	
tour declared positively that wbereao Mr*. H. R. Blnkley, Cranbrook,
he formerly had doubts as to tbe experienced nurse. Residence, Sla-
strcn^th of the Conservative party terville, Telephone l24,(LeaBk's Groin his constituency,  he bas now    no Cory Store.j 4r»-*_
fear of the    result.     "In fact,"    be ■	
become almost a national figure   al- shm1[  oj  WOuld be surer of    winning     Carpenters nnd  plasterers were    at
with Sir Wilfrid  Laurier himself   as   work  '"  l!,(!  '*'i'lk  block  tiii^     week,
second     story    front
is ami turiiiture,
The Toronto News refers editorially to Premier McBride as follows:
McBride of British  Columbia,   has
though he is only at    the beginning
of his career.      He lias rescued    the
more    -                          — —   - my opponent thnn 1  would be    with  Htting up tb
. affairs  of  his    province    from  chaos. __„ nn~ nlait ■- rooms for ni
than compensate lor    the   increased He ,mB ratnhlib!,lwl   stnl)ll,   am| „„„. »"> <"•« ^                               """"'• '"
tiny.    Jt wns hta   opinion,   that amms gontnmmt    H, „as r09tor.
it' realtor    all buildings   constructed
ii iiite of the fire limits should he of
brick, eement or stone.
Ilnj-or Fink sniil  "Thnt the Coiin-
et!  the provincial finances.     He has 	
almost effaced the memory ol feeble     j,, Rn.st Kootenay Mr. S. ,1. Scho
resolutions and    hopeless     incompe-  „„,,, ,,as ,„„ , „„ ,„.,.„ in Uu,    vl
'       He has charm of manner, an
M. n.lnv
. nntl tt. D.  Ingram left
nil   ll   hi,.,mess    trip     to
j    Crow's Nest: branch.
1 on Wednesday.
^^^^ rooi!
wliicli we can sell at a
purse pleasing*    price.
These "brooms are on display in our Pure- Food
Grocery Window
Price 35c. each
Three for $1.00
ami report
ell aftor Borlous consideration thought ,"""" "" "•'" """"" '" "'■""■»■. »" cinity oi Marysville and Kimberley,
it would be bettor to contract for inH'"»«lvo presence and that person- including the Bulllvan and certain
the eement loundatlon, as that work  al  mfW-em which contributes   so coppol. |in„)0rti,s up th0 8t, Mury.i:
i        i i     t i u   t t    *. I i     I'reiltly    to    political    SUCCeSS, Under    Hvnt* Tlio     afamnilnr1_K    ..,,,1     X,  .r*l,
should   be  done   before   winter  closed   . ,    ,     ,     ,',,,, tnei.       1 lie   Meniunulei   and   Noitii
in, thnt the foundation could be en- "b leadowMp the UonservatIve party stiII. mil)C,> h„t!l of wMcu arfl &{
inr^-ed so as to carry walls of brick, ,l,Ms alm|08,t "ery seat in the le^.s- preiipnt ,dl(Ji an, ;ilsi, |ncludod jn
With but little change in tbe present Uktan ttnd,lmB, Mt ° hs °ttnWft Ibis map. Mr. Bchofleld's work was
plans of the building.- government only a single const.ti.cn- concludo(, thl
Mr. A. B. Macdonald was of the C1 '" ,,H
opinion that au estimate of lite in
uroased cosl should be obtained from
contractor Leask, ami if not more
than ;!n lo :;.'i per conl more than tbe
original figures, lbe building should
be coiiBtructOd of brick, and tbat
done at once, as lln- pity was in
need   oT a   proper   civic   building.
• Contractor tleo li. I.eusk, said*
"thai the est!mates would imve in
he made by the orcliltocl   lhe quality
! Board of Trade want to know
lias     caused    the     increased
'it   rate  of  25 cent.-;  per  tun    oa
of brick ascertained, also ihc
uud cost <'f unlarglng the foundation
b. curry with safety a superstructure
of buck."
^^^^^^^^ ,_.„. and all the manure.      He enjoys    tbe tor|ftj   is  mi(l>   f((I. pi.oparing for   ,,!„.
conlldeuco of nil classes and be seems
lo  iie eipial   to nay  occiisioii.      (inly ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
•i man of breadth of mind and whole-, RESlONti   YALfH SKAT,
some  lemper     could have  taken    bis .     .
attitude towards Sir Willrid Laurier Victoria,   Nov.     'J.—Premier     Mc-
when ihe federal prime minister visi- Bride  today     forwarded  to  Speaker
led    tho coasl.   a few     months ago. EJbortfl his resignation of his sent in
What, is far more iu his credit is tbe tbe legislature for     Vale and a  writ
admission on all hands thut.   lie   is will be issued for a bye-eloction.  The
giving  British  Columbia economical, dates of  nomination ami election  In
st.rniirbt -forward      aud        progressive ion nee turn   with   mil   be  made  public
.        government,     lie is using bis power in the course of a few days,
wisely and soberly ami repaying the
cunHdonce ol tin- urovlnco witb an ac- JOHN OLIVER REI2VHI.
luc and  capable administration    ol
Mr. Pyo, thought ilmt at  the proa-
its affalra,
rves a noble  prov       Mr.  John (Hive
old wm' borso
v  court of revision was held in the
'ourt House ou Monday, nnd the
Provincial voting list, for the dis
trict  revised.
\s soon as the plans and specifications of tbe now city building tire
prepared, the work of construction
wil! commence,
i la time for candidates for municipal honors, to allow theii persistent, friends to force their mo U ■■;
selvi - before the clamorous electorate,
Fire was discovered in 'iir kitchen
i .  tbe  luipiTml botel on  Wednesday l
,,11 .      ,. I 'I'l,..     ht.il   ...I., -Ir-
Your Husband Would Enjoy
a Delicious
IS E  hn,  ha.l
nice,  Lo be perhaps the wealthiest in  of tbe Liberal  party in    British Co
the Don federation    nml if be contin- lumbin and formerly leader   of   tie
as he has begun, he   will estab-  Liberal  opposition  in  ihc  provincial
mi, noon.     Tn-' bni n.i,' were .|iiick-
ly  Oil   tlie spot,  laid  tWO llOOI   ■■! t> ISO
ent time     a largo portion     of     tbe
business    section     ol     the      city   Wit.i
nothing more than a tire   trap, thnt, ,   , 	
tbe council should take the initiative ^.^^l*!1.011..^i"^  uny  bOU8(°'._ha?l_boen. ,;l!(*!,tl \m (1.f  ,h"   -
>.,n hn.I lln- tit'., under .'..ntroi.
ami show the [)oou,o nf Cranbroolt
that lire iiroof buildings wore u ne
nslty, that all future buildings to
he eoltwt.l-ilel.etl iitniite the lire limits,
should be of brick of other suitable
rolapee inn. feeble, slovenly, ur cor- municipality   of    Dolta  hy  acclama
nipt nielli.i.ln    very  ililllcitlt.      Altn-  tion.
gether tin- west, has leaders equal l...
its problems   antl tin.   Conservative
party certainly has not. need to fear '
comparison  with  its opponents.
r.. Chief   Wand    has asked   tin-     r«»l*     llinnp>l*
,   Council to   fun,..:!.  I leet   of     1UI      '-'lllllCJ
■. It...:.:, ns that iii use is not. in a
idttion Biiitablo lor the use ..f tho
.tu ti.teiit. in caBe ..I it in. go tire.
^^^^^^ li.'.nl duy,
bul in-, lin.-tl body ami
t';tuLri"l    liiiiiii     Mill   hn
f1 ' .-. •"! by i In. sight uini iu-.li!
of a ni." .-.I .if beefsleuk,
'-, . '..iii mul -t-rvfil 11{j
sniil..   ui    those    trash
onions,     \tu   ku,,',',   the  oui
which  v.ill  suit. Iiuu exactly,
si.nil wo Hnnd it''.
The     provincial government     has
received, through tin- prescribed ..tit
einl channels, a request, from the hu
portal authorttloB f.u   particulars ...
,, , ,.,..,.   ----    -•      -   financial  arrangomonta    existing  he-
would he rocognlzod, and that the wnB h„,,, ,„ tn0 MaB0nlc Tetniile on twaen the government ..I British Co
consent ol the majority ol the prop- M„nil,vy BVmlag, Tn8 principal lumbla and t„0 „,,,„,,„ munloipai|
erty holders obtained,     at. nn early  buS|neB8 wfts th„   0\eMon of officers  f,ioa, rivin nml rural, oxlstlng In Uie
for the ensuing yenr. province, the Information sought he-
material that winilil he nn near lire
proof as possible. Thnt ns tlie petition wan so lnt-KoIy sinned hy the
business men of the     city this   fact i   An aBBerabiy ,)f Selkirk Preceptory  flnanc|a|   arrangements
\ largo pinto
rocery dopartn
..nitie store >\
i..iiiiiii; hy wi
Hiil.er fn.in n
glass v
■ui. t.r -
i broke
low   ill   tlie .
Kink   Met'-
.11 Monday
•owing mil.
P.   BURNS   &  CO.
Phono I a ....
date.    ^^^^^^^
W.  F.    Gurd, said;     nmi    ne    was Thl,  (ol,owlng nfflwa  w0,.„ olnctou: j      „-.',...,  ,,,      .,„,  ,„,„„„,„„,„    ,
hcn.-l.ily in necord with the netlon ol „,.. ,,„,,,,,.. -    ,     M.Swovn     ,,   ,, mg r0«lllr0(l ,n     tn0 Propamtl	
.,„,,.„,          , .'              ,, h"   Mill,'"' "•  ■'■    i.lestweyn,    l.l. ml   hnin-i'ini    rotlirn.        t   Ih    tun et
the Board of Trade, and in sympathy sir Knlg,,t ,,,   „   M1|c!Sp 0| ,1||(| Hi|.             .                     informntlnn     ,,
with    what previous   Meakera   had Ka|ght| w   ,.,   mmU: M, ,„,,,„ „„„,,,„',,,„„ ,.„,,„ 0" u
.,,.,.,. ..        . tlian provinoos,
ospoclally In  the business  portion of 8ome minb0wfl nre said to end  in
.he eit.y were n necessity, nnd    thnt, „ pnt 0| B0i,|,     others nt Esqllimalt
i restrictive hy-lnw nho.tlil  be passed   WM	
covering the construction ol buildings A. st. Goodeve, M. p. lelt Rossland     Following ar
o bo constructed   inside of   tlie tire Friday for Ottawa, tn attend a ses- from mines in the Cranl
"that   be    wnn
imits no nn to   havo them   ns near imi ol the fedcra, parliament which  for the pnst wook ...id yenr tu dato:
'rn proof tin possible, opens on November 11.     He cxp.ie.tH  hi,    Bttgeno  212  12,211"
W. Ff. Wilson, was not on tho com- to stay over at   Winnipeg to   meet  Bulllvan  MIiioh   m;i  17,'ll,'
nittee, but wns Interested in the fire the central committee ot the Selkirk _ , . '_	
.rotection     ol tlie city. He thought Centennial exposition, | Total 1,035
'I'h.' advertising committee ..f lit.'
Board ..f Trade, are looklns lor good
photos of Crnnhrook and district. II
you Imve nny I... Bpnre, send thom to
tbc socrotnry ol the Board, R. ".
Workmen  •■. nonced   taking down
ll I jml  linn Th'.f , which
«ns   condemned     hy lhe   Provincial
govornment.     ,', Uh   for     prisoners,
.-uui u com t niinii has in- n pi
in tho bOBoment uf   Uu, govo
ml   their   homo iii
.1. H. Jordan   k
next   tin'   lliilliil...
tlie winter.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ P. ■ ll... 3
'• N- v-     Mr.  'mi,try attempt   to keep hut     nowly
,'.. ,,„ Monday   wedded wn,. from ii,,,i,„1: |„. baa two
lie will s|„.|i.|  Krown   InnghtorB leads to some   ox-
tr lv ludicrouB i	
I'l,AY    WEEK
uml ,,l '
eh  u. h.
prisoners,  lor Saturdaj   Nov. .
•n pe..vi.hnl   In lull ,,f clean em .■
 .'llll.,ent    mul lit..'   [I'll.iv  -ilii,.!
Bachelor  Is n     wldi
daughters,  twins, an
tholrTneTo'   ""'""rv";' ",' thf "" " l;' »' "i!' <">»" "" »'"' ''"nd-   T '0 is a reason."fjo
30,1,),. i, .,„,-„„,„ Mo„ M:n;;„;uiy;:::r,nzzirTzz::,:,MH ,b<",oi°-" vou- **• -
.!.  8.   .Ionian  niul      |-*i
who  hnve   beon    Waiting
On Tni-  ,;.'.       in.'  I5tb,   thfl      IE"Vitl
Walsh Und a   Choir, nf Cardiff. Wiilen,
will be ui   iln- Ojierfl  Houso.
.., 11. 'Ill
■   whfil
nn Wodnofldfly  tha  lGth,"OIo  0!ann"
which rorne.   tu the Opnra ll"iiue, Imu
rllstnnceil cvei v < Hut ollol nn:,  musl
cnl ni    drnmatli.  thai      -"ii (.■.!    nn
,', il !i
t wo
oijual   tn nn   ■        i   •■   vi'.'!"*.  ii.r".  (mil
"tliul   I'l      Rt    ■;■     gomfl!"       MOBt    of
thoHfl pr."Inr i mn'    nra nccumulfttitiB
Bp .1. ■ webi  i'- wtoi ■! ta.     Pcrbapfl not.
another play     "■* nny kind    haa hml
such n long run Irom     yoar to yeat
Ilie | tund why it outlives Lbe utberi Frank Dezall
Ruhbrr Tire,
To  Bug '.   Wl   ■
10HNTH    FOR    i'A
I'h.tne   I"      •   •    •
HI  11
CONTH \    '■ ■   ■
ir,,r    3a
Offict.'. ".
il.\l,'\ KY,    Mil' \k I KR,    ***Q******i****'<r<,'-i&**o **********************
am'    M \( 'in IN M.I),
ll  Sulii
; George   R.  Leask  & Co.
-\ i
_   _A
..   :   <;i uu.
nm'        iniii  ii
mi«l *
lixwii i
\* .>*r--'i
i ■*
. f '. "a
*, *.
ti.  1
ii   nioM
1 la i'i
v ^ ■■■■^Zl^\      Contracto.
'" ; i*l
I'l.ANS.   SP|.'..'I|.'K'A'I'I.INS       *
vno   I'.si'imatms <.
r ... mix Mi.-, 5
,'... ii, :
\h-\ 11'I'll   a   I'AKKI-.K
IM, s. a  .   lv
i i; \m:i..u'Is, ii
\  ■, '< -. -,si
► ' ■     '  iitVauwr      l'1
,.-       ^      ; ..   .'"IT     1^*"*
* *
*i,e-*(,*t4;> ,•»***'»•*■«***** ********************»■}
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<>$«<>','«•*•*♦•»♦<>♦♦*•*>«•«♦♦«'**<>**<»♦•»♦*♦♦»■»<>
*wVi\dekw£j%r & Hosiery
*»*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»•♦*•♦♦ **********************
* *>
|.   I'   I   \ 11)1.AW,
Mining Im...; i' nml
'.I     I uiiul  Sui vi'viif,
I'.O   Ht.x :r:i.. I'l......
i'l; VNHROOK, U. C
HOTEL. g™h™<*.
Advertising rates  made
-.   . -
The genera] eti cl. .
States tu.,k pla'.  on   I' .
Mr. Bourassa will
H? starteii at in ■ :
tlte hnine town of Sir Willi
.■'-.   /. ■-.-:
* **********************    «.
% * - *\ ♦
i X Dr. E. W. Connolly _ *
» f * *
*    ♦ I'll, nii IAN   AM. Sl  I.-..I..S J X
I 'IIYSICIAN   ANH .-il  I.'i.
illli,-..: Arinatruiis   Av
B     W.    DREW.    Pro
Tedily Roosevelt appears to i:
about as strong at Oyster Bay, ...
Mir Wilfrid is in  Athal a ika.
The    se tomograph at   SI
records   an   earthquake     shock,     lt
waa probably caused by Uie   Laurier
drop ut Drummond-AthabasRa.
Tbe weekly newspaper bas the
Hteady producing qualities. 11 gets
closer to the peoplo than uuy other
kind oi publicity,
Cranbrook District hnn largo areas
of good agricultural land, and is
willing Lo be known and judged by
its fruits.
If Btoros had bargain days for
husbands, many a dour old virgin
would be camped at tlie dour long
before old Hoi touched the horizon
with the lirst tint uf dawn.
The biggest gun in the Ancient and
Honorable ArLillery Company ot
Boston, is King George, who has accepted an honorary membership in
tbe company.
Premier McBride und Sir Wilfrid
Laurier cannot agree on the Oriental
question. Mr. McBride wants, and
wil, have a "White British Columbia."
Aviation has     made sucb progress
that smuggling by air ships between
Canada and the United Stal
quite possible, so tbe     twi
inents     will have t     form    iws     to
meet this new condition ...  affairs,
«. *
t   X HOUIU- X'l   X
* * Phone utliee 105. I ' *
a \* *
I   **********************     I
|  |.  VV.  RUTLKDGK, |
9 ...
* M.M.V.,   V.S.. j    £
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary \ *X*
college, Toronto in 1S98. Gradate ami medalist of McKilUp
Veterinary college, Chicago, 7'.
in l'-MJO. Registered memher ot
British Coluinhin association.
Is n I.n' ;r 'ind attractive hotel of superior
elegiina; in all its appointments, .vith .1
cuisine oi superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  .'ill  go  to
■1 e
We nt wort!
t. I     *'.~.   ^   ft    '!'.'---,    ..''-,"
?•■':,;.;..      ,. "   '
- ... ii ii ?,:■•■
Is now open.     We
are prepared for same,
' :    with a fine line of
±i*iA.£: JuiliO,
J. 8-1. Mcl.)0*SALD Proprietor    ♦
******** ************************************
««*vi.«i ♦< M ***********************************
JMPTLY ATTENDED TO j     ^        Tfj        ^
1 ♦ s—< tr\t 11-18
DFFIOE   AT   MoKINSTRY-S   LIVERY  BARN ^ V>' &.•'• f. S     &
—    j *
F. E. Garrison'!
# r...., .
,  Phone 2s,;.
I    «
I   *
CRANBROOK, li. C.     v
Bimil Master Oity Bnnrl.
Teacher of String and Standard Instruments. Clioir
I Geo.  O.  Inssram \ *
l.-l.'.r.M.. li.A.M. *
iiiii'.'iiiiisi \-Choli-inustt'i' KnoxChuit.lt ♦
:              1,,".,,,' .,■ ; I
CULTURE. ,     *
I'lipil-, l'i-.', ,.,| for KxaiuinntliiDi
Kail I.-iin in...'.'. t.'ii.'iiu
On Baker stieet, one doornwest
oi Messrs. Hill i& Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
osmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
* *
"' "''   *    ■3SVr'<p,R'«TN:' ♦
J,    .ti  . j *,--.>., Jj_i v~s        *
Hardware Cranbrook, B. C.
.,■ .,,i'-^:i'-.-'..:t\'::'i'!.:',-n:'.n<::f •   «m  ; -.';;   •._««»i
N....-H. A. V. A..\I,J    &S
lutfs on   ^ j||
Ihlitl   Ti,..:-.li.i   ♦
■v-r,          '    I
Vlalllii. hrollii-oii  ♦
/\'/\       tv.'l ti.'.l. ! ♦
W. P.  AT'l'lttiJIiM, W.  ill. 1 *
F,. W. CONNOLLY, Seorotarji    *
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffee il
■ ■''; /
Ol   ■   1 ■*
ColUer'a Weekly , for the Hoi
Richard  McBri le  to  be  i 1      ol
Canada wlthli   ■■•   I yearH. 3
be Is, the   nh --ii;   -'-
Canada "  an I Bril   I   1
have whal the
Laurlei   1 1 'ei 1    ■   * ren
1,      .
■ nut ural to evory woman is ofu-n _
uur. 1 I'uiTmniy diseases. Women
t • ittonB of the local physician
fhe thou^hl of examination is nh-
1 i!i "\ t- id ure in silence n condition
liruitre-bcs ffrum hud to worse.
The D ■■
taken ■ exi
Bril ih Co!u
... ,   ,.       \<
by eevei
1901   iha ■'-•":   the pi
Provlnw   *     '    1
census of 1911
ding to the British
Act.,        Will •■
twelve raemhei
... Plerce'a privilege to cure a
i.'it i./h* have ttfuml a refuse
> , i   ■ offer >.f FREE consult.!-
tlon 1:       ter.    Ttil   correspondence is held
1 u fdential. Adttrea* Dr* It. V.
r- .   • • :». 1.
11 oi ■    Prescription restores and  regulates
. in■   ■•' 1 I          pnin  and  hmlils up aud
puts tl                  tuuch oi  liealth on every weak woman
>i, fair ti ial.
ft Makes Weak Women Strong,
Sick Women  Well.
You 1 •■ ■■.''  iffoi 1 in nceupl ;i iccret nostrum us a substitute
lor thii non-alcoholic medicine qv known composition*
Our whole lime i.s devoted to   your   wants   in   the
Grncen line therefore «t- absoluteK   uiiarantee every
00DRT CRANBROOK, 89-13 * .        , '
  .irln If tli.tt It-.i\rs our stoic.
Meets in Cannon's 11,11 L'ud and nii
Thursday of each month nt fi p.m.    j
sharp. ', , _
A. McCowan, Ohio!   Ranger ' ',.   tlltlt: uoods nre reretved llt.it are not No.   I quiililv. '■
0. A. Ahbott, Sictctaty. * "
Visiting IJrethren nettle wolcnme *r
We will ilunik our customers to .'i.lvi.sc us il al nny
********************* x CA WPBELL& MANNING I
♦    a-+e - 1       X   I
| Or<1110rOOK | X       Staple and Fancy Grocers
*     J iivprv     * **<i"9"''<""if>:,"/*■',- >..*«■»*••**•♦*****>"»■•• a***.**.*.******!
X       Wo ask you to call nntl try    J    *******************************************&
inti' new Consignment ol new    *    *
nil     Up to .Int..    rigs    for   *
* - . E    B  f K   1 C ,    .AA.tT.  A..
f  -  ^ ^
♦    and     Qp-to-doto    rigs    for   J    X j j»   J^ »       Ki^Mit     '11^/1    P'l f nl! n fV
"    Winter   und   Summer.    .lust.    J     «  1!     U   ft    il/ifi-lt     -illlit    I   tlljllHlJi,
1      9
received Toppir and   Rolinbte    Ti     *
Tbe Provincial   i on i
elation will meel . .
Nels.m, .,ii  Wove   I
convention will opi»n   ■•
November  17   and   "      pi
thn largesl    b ■ *■
tiveH ever held
wpll aa tho mn * loiiti
cully.     In the   ■■
therr-    will  be n  ban
Premifir     McBride
nent ConBervatlve
liver addroBflea.
;   hi.    ri«<
'..    iuhI     it,.
1      ',1,',-
ll I,
-  ■
! .'li .. ii   o'cloi I    .ii    I ie   ti : .in' 'ii   ful*  :t
! licenso Lo divert two cubic (cot ol
water per s >i on i from nai 11 I rai
rln Oreok, at a     point nituatc nboui
' 1000 f.ri boiiLIi nf ilr lorthern
i on ndary of Lol 5-1B0, tlronp 1 Kootonay hi trict,
, ii'iriini      m\i\iii   nun     iiuiiiM'i- J. *tr
X I foi'sos    at   your    disposal. ^ <j>
0 Glvo   them   a   trial n,nd Im *% 9
| convinced. ♦ J
* I1!..,I-,., -iv Orntilirnnk, ll.e. w ' "'*
T A \ w
"We are lucre with the Goods
: fIf It's  Wall   Paper   and!
.I ♦ i
♦ ♦
•l'l„. ni...I water ..III tie divm-to.l ..ml    ,
inducted l.y , ,1am, dltel, „„.| II •   t &      SAL]'      STABLE
n I onstrncln I    on nnd   over I.i.!   *
I b.c.livery fekd *i | Paper Hanging   -
-■x] X
*   * We can't be beat
llnljfnry,   Alt..
fi-lBO   the   l.l I ill   ,
The miiii water i
in'.>.|ili..n ol  I....   .
No Crown I mils
lite works,
♦ *
* *
iiAii'ii:   ACT,   I'.".'...
The   lire   i,(it'll.i<   . ...
alnrni t.t 3 '." a. ...
Inn, enittifil hy one ol the I       form
ers noar  the  powoi   i TAKK  NOTICB Hint   1.  Alice Ocr
lire.     Tin' olcctrh "■      ■ " '       ol ' i.n': ''• married
was put out. nl it.'     .... ■ ! women,  will apply     to     lie'    Water     Tlili   nol
nl hours, I.nl tho    tl.    i       n      re    Commissioner ....   Crnnhrook   on the  day t.t Be)
..I   Will i'l   I
Ilie     works
Winli it
t    i he
:. wordon.    [J Hot li SitiKiniuid Dol,I..     ,,
... i tor thn-' X I'riv.irs,   for till purls     *
i ;'f,.iip.      : * ..I'  Ilm ilislricl.   0 1     *     ♦
■ ,.,i,,,'ier| by   X Kiiililli1  I' ■'" ' " -'     "*    ':*
* Tiirnoitifi
or li..l.l.-i'i. '■ X l'i'-s
It loeloil  l.v    * <>      &
1,1,1    W. It.   ♦ OppnuHe Royal Hotel Phono 01 *     *
...».:',. :*'rnwy,-tlvstw*xjsmswi.wmrM
i'p I., iiii to  _' t IZ3!
x t_o
paired early In the    ornlng,
126th     day     ol    Oitober,    I'JIU,     at
Doeast & l)r
.icon, proi.rictoi'81 I Painter  and   Decorator J
I. Deacon, Mihimiit
x x
*   *
aj,*w eiDJUPROBj Mouitia. [******************,****i ******************************************] it
B   I AW NO. 83
'"'.   I.;-.,    tu   ii'isi'   the       stun       ol
I'*.' ,■.,.. uid di liars, ($16,000.00)
\   i in the pui [)o e <>I com
i ■■ i In ■ '■ ci i ■ Ion of, anil equlidiiR
M i -,■ ■ li Idll '"■ ;iinl Mi'' ''it v
i ■■■'■, ,.  <.i  Jail,
'. ■;..■' 'i petition hns been
11" ■ i • ■ iin- Municipal Council
it. tin i ', iration ol the Olty ol
i ■ l: ■ '. sii ned by the owners of
el Urn ' ■ "■ tenth M lOth) ol the
val       . nteable landa   and Im*
! i n tho City as shown by
tho   |     .    "   ' IsOll    A  .;,"■  i, .'Ml.       Roll,
ri i\ .■ ■! ■ Bald Council to intra
duco ;i i i i to- to raise tho Bum "f
i     oen T'm   inn l Dollars ($15,000.00)
fm   I  o       r ios    completing    the
c 'PtM : m of uml oqniplnf! Municipal
i- ■ ■•- nnd a Lock-up or Jail tor
; lie i    v ol Cranhrook.
.nil  tt"   reas for tin* purpose afore*
ri id |    \ ill be necessary    to borrow
■  Fifteen Thousand Dollars
council; bul  tho    aggregate of   such said office of the  Imperial Bank    of
debts, except for   works    of local Ira- Canada in Cranbrook   aforea id,    i|;
provemcnl   and school purposes   shall lawful money oI Can   la, on I
not exceod Twenty per cent. (20 p.c.) day of December ii   i ■■ li . i
of tin  assessed   value of     the lands Uh' currency  thereof, i    I  il
and Improvements or the real  prop- expressed In   aid  debentures ind con
ity of the Municipalitj according to 1""IS l" ,"' "" payable.
the last  Revised Assessment Roll. n.   li shall he lawful Eur thc  Hay i
And Whereas tho present debenture of the said Corporation  to negotiate
Indebtedness of     tho City ol    Cran nnd sell the said dehonturos foi   Lean
brook, othor thnn     the Indebtoduoss than par, but  In na   casi   shail    Lhi
for wurks of local  Improvement and aid debentures be uegi Uateil    i
i.r school purposes     is Ninety Elghl for   less   than    Ninety     per conl in
Thousand, Two Hundred and Slghty- (90 P.c.) of theii  .- i  vali >,     inclu
Nine DollarB   and     Eighteen   Cents
Now thereforo, tho Municipal Council of the Corporation of tbe Olty <d
Cranbrook hi Council assembled, enacts as fot.ow
ding the cost
sale, brokerai<
dental expenses.
i.   During  the
debentures there
.■I    negol    ting i
nnd nil    other  Ini i
currency   if thi
shall be ral
levied in each year by
mi rate
i.   It. shall nnd may be lawful tor sufficient therefor,  oi all
the Mayor nf the Corporation of the lands and improvouienti   in  tl
Olty ot   Oranbrook to borron    upon Municipality,     the   Bum    ol    Seven
the crodit of  aid Corporation by way Hundred and  Fifty  Doll
of debentures,  hero-ln-after  mention* for      payment     of    tbe       uteri il
ed, from any person o\- poraons, body on     tho      said     deben  ires,     and
or   bodies   corporate,   who   may be the Bald   sum of  Pwo   flundrod and
willing to    advance tbo  samo as   a Forty-Eight Dollara nnd Eight ( eats
loan, a sum of money not exceeding ($248.08), for the purpose ol creating
(.-: fi
in the whole, tbe sum of Fifteen
Thousand Dollars ($15,000) and to
cause all Buch sums so raised or r«-
a sinking fund for 11 o paym
the debt hereby secured, mah
all tbc sum of   Nine   Hundri
id ■ lercas tlie whole amount of
rateable lands and Improvements
ie ; i city according to the last
ii ,' Ute-Mniont Roll is One Mil-
'I ," Hundred nnd Twenty-six
itsai i1 .-i\ Hundred and Seventy
■ Ui liars ($1,226,675.)
nl Whereas it will be requisite to
g annually by special rate for
ing the said debt uud interest,
turn oi Nine Hundred and Ninety-
i, lollars ami eight cents (998.08)
reol ;-' von Hundred and Fifty
irs (J '60.00) is to be so raised
mllj for payment of interost
'. i . he currency of tbe Bald do-
i res, and Two Hundred and
:, light Dollars and Eight rents
• in  is to be so raised annually
speeial  rate nii
the said Thirty
reived to he paid into the hand     of  Ninety-Hight Dolt
lbe Treasurer of the said    Corpora-  ($998.08) to be     i
tion for the     purpose and with   the
object lierc-ln-before recited,
2. It shall be lawful for tho Mayor
ol tho said Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to bo made,
executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may be required for the
purpose and object aforesaid, not
exceeding, however, tbo sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000), each
hall  be  lawful    foe  lbe
7. It
Municipal Council ta repurcfc
of tho said debentures upoi
terms as may be agreed up
tbe legal bolder or ladders
or any part thereof wbethei
time uf sale or any subsequi
or times, aad     all debenture
1 .;-.' '
p. time.)
■f tbo Oil
• .. ■   ■      the Crai
'i ■ :. .
i'i.  i .
the matter ul
I   ard of ,
Via; •     ,
uriiei  ■
M ...
bell :
t.' im i.  ■, . .
: -'.-.       ,         read   a
li-. :    ." ■-■  ,
CO c ol
Mayor   n the chair    to i
nn  ri ..'..   the . reporti
thai  '■■   ■■     No ", i onsid
c ed clause by cl   .        ml i commended it for
i)n niotl n .Mermen Camp ■■•'.
and Pa1 ■■■■■ ■■  wa    read
a third time,
Udt rnien  Can pl ell  end
m ived that "The ft ■■-, ol     the elei
tors on by ' i w   No     I   bi   to ;c i
tween     I lie   boui    of !    o'cl
if the said debentures being of    tbe  purchased shall forthwith be
ed and destroyed and no
debentures so ro-purchasi
made in     consequence of
of cr
I ni
n red
Id del
And Whereas the presont debenture
Indel 'dn.'ss of the City of Cranbrook is One Hundred and Thirty-
t,-. ■ Thousand, Two Hundred and
Thirtj Hollars and Sixty eight
Cents  i (132,230.68.)
And Whereas the Municipal Council
I.,-; power to pas;- By Laws for contracting debts, by borrowing money
or otherwise and for levying rates
for payment of sucb debta on tbe
ratei le lauds and improvements,
ei i ; i i both, or rateable real proporty of tbe Municipality,for any pur.
pose within the   Jurisdiction of   the
denomination of Five Hundred Do,-
lars (5500.00), and all such debentures shall be sealed with the seal of
the Corporation and signed by tho
Mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
dale the 28th day of December, 1910,
payable within Thirty-Five years
from the said date, in lawful money
of Canada, at the office of the Imperial Bank of Canada in Oranbrook'
aforesaid, which said place of payment shall be designated by the said
debentures, and shall have attached
to them coupons for the payment of
principal and interest respectively,
and the signatures to the said coupons may be either written, stamped,
rinted or lithographed.
■I The said debentures shall hoar
interest at the rate of Five (5) per
ent. per annum from the date thereof and the principal end interest on
the unpaid principal shall he payable tween the hours of
in equal instalments annually at tho morning    (10   o'clo
nt time
s so re-
BBue of
iall    he
the im ' uii
k local 1
8, Tbis By-Law
on and niter the
ber,  A.  D.   1910.
9. This By-Law ma
all purposes   as the
brook     Debenture
No. 7."
Read the First. Boi
times on the llth da
Received the assent
on the       day
(i true copy ol the p
upon which tho vot
pality will ho taken :
Building, Baker Stre
the 28th Day ot N
shall tako effect
5th day of Decern-
may bo cited foi
'.y of -'ran
i     By-Lan
Mo< e
Oreo .
p e ■'. ■■
-\--■-:...      _ ,:>:;<■■-■.<
i    rate bar is
■ ■     . I the wear is
t I he life of
the g illy just   nf-
third as long year is d s-
Iributed on
■   . ' tins why Sun hine 'tree live h
bars ha idL. i
arc "ro      Id .wn" (no h I the side
'    ell ing. il.    in...-; tl i
'   the heavy
.   i on the |
■  hold of cl   .   rs,
.   ;.. and dro| the
the    Sunshine—the
.'" ct iv.'iii. in. eci
: al fui it ■ .'. gnat iiifn ! by
largest furnace makers in
British Empire. r.s
. :% i... i , . \,.,' .    :■,:,:■:.«. ***** ,
.mu uut, w |,,b  v............. ti  .luiin. N. a. Ili.mlltt.ti, CatgaryT
._.;.. : ;;■-,  ■■ :■■"■■■■■ ■        orgs.
ised By-La*
the Mi.t.it'i
in- Municipal
on Monday
er,  1910, it-
'J  u'cliicii   ill    til
■ BEJiW-.rV". Ill mill i   I
:.a Ma.,«.:.•':.- ■
Coming- to Cranbrook Next Wee
A Comedy Drama
iW *£-   £•«!   k*;' -i   7'
pi? if,
■;iV'*9 U, d-:i
2 5
h   fef ics-ims  lira un ijp
.1.   A.   HAllVBY,
IN    llll-;   .1 \ .
This Company has been secured for a Cranbrook
Audience at an enermous expense and
deserves \ our patronage.
■_j»H-.-l«_»!',si!r__',_WM^^ ■.__:-■ '
The Swedish Comedy Drama
. ,., i ■_ rl of L3 yi   , i, •■;■ rd Evelyn
araen,     Mooro left .'.-;   I     i* e rail
month   igo, aad that   tl
-ir! !,.[■■.'.' '-tl     him tl
,■ •'       i    I. :i   ilit'i   .\ I'  .
,   atori    •"!    Woven the
.t rn kaon   ranch,   nei r   P I   eck
ami  i.it-, ai reati d  ;-;■   ■' tbte 1 >ea,
ul the M.  W. M    . i   Macleod
' ftlHltll
The i
V thai i
■    .   i
..     tor
To   W,   '•■'■   -'■■-'        W                rmli          ■'    f .                              i        • -■ ■     ■       it    H
tlirou ,.i   ■ .-
| ; i    . .     I    ■      ■ , ■   :
I   '..>-■    r1                                     '.''■'.: VI, ' •   "
In ... .-,.'
■ ■   i   ....
: ■ ■     ■      - .
'        , rl ,    !   , . i      •'   '
i .i  iff,   L01O,
.  .  .:.     .'i i« i.   *
■      ■ ■      .; .:■■..
,  ■   Wycltffe, on
.  , , "  ""■""
i .
i i"
All the above g*uaraiiteed first class, or
your money cheerfully refunded.
,i -.I   i li i'i   lilt  rlnj
IHANim-OOK  l„
In business for your Amusement,
I. ..   liin
i ileal
1'flBfW       ■ ' .MM
|ii",iiii-l, nl !•;.'. .1.   Kootmi ijt
Tiil.o notlco tliul  f.  Joaoph Wnlsh,
Ciiiiiittilili., ol Port Btoelo, Intend to
|,ply iur I'l'iiiilni'iii I" l .nln.-ii tii"
lollowing   ili-iifiliiiil   IiiiiiIi.:   ...   i.'-i.'
in.; nt. a |ioni. i.liii.l.'.I   ni.   it"'  north
line of t'tiiiin'i timber Ioobo running
^ti chaina nortb,   thenco     to    clinic i
I   ,:..it,  thonco 20 oil,,i■,:i ii-..iiii.  tlionco
;.   .|u chains woat to llio plnco  t.t   com-
.   mencomont, containing 80 acrea mire
I     III'   IttllH.
IJiiton Hoiitiiinliir lltli, 1910,       i»"17 I   VVVVVVVVVV'»'VVV'^VVV\VVVVVS*VVVVV'VVV\.VVVVVV^VV
F :
'.I'.n |.h .      I li .p.; Store
S1.00 : s-r. ■ ■*-.v-n-w*r«.*ww_v_i*«^
Pltitribi-ig   and   Healing  Engineers
Iron Range in v class by thbmsblves—first-class
and Koote-
ll'll—IW-illl ■IClll-l-HI   'IT'   I   _-_!* T «WW«..'iWW«.*^-nMr«*'r.'lMI
.;.  i;.  M.r.i
day (rom Vai
A.   I,
in town   Pi u -
W.   D    H
from a
ii \ i n
\ I'thi it; I i.mi
«l)||I  I
lllll.l ..'
Ill ll
\  I     .
I       I
11(1 I
.    •     .1 U,T\
III-,Ml,1   H    ;\1 _• I   H-lll
JU_>t |»ll  I I. IHC I A,lll        i
i .i.i
..I nl  .'i
■   iiillu |„,.t
....    i-   t: .
nrj     .   i  ■.   i , .;      i i   ..
... i   linn    T
i     .. ,    .      t
tj I
ImitlM-    ,1 ....... T
*****A>*****«**><y't<r<***** **********************
"AWL RIGHT''     *
Ih whal you'll wny lo our Mtnr.. .x
Ll'a -iuipli- but instnicth'i!, X
Ueaidos all  thai It rofreuhlujf• t '
Otis stap  ,.    ,,.,....,„..,...,.„,,».
the city M -: n<*go • ' Uiiiisn
lam I liaptet  :■
Harrv   B §
the Cn;   M * v
-' - 5   /" ~~-—~"
,.„.... „ I
a are
Barrister L
Ra^ tn the
A.   I), '. ■
the city   v.
Mr. an.:  -   - 1;      & SHOUT. Scribe &|
Noble, Ief1 {              u c    I
R. E.  Beattie  waa   .  " WMMWMWWWVWW^
Wfjt-K   ..ii   •    -■■-.- —.—, ,—_
Singer Sewing
Machines do
■       !...„■.     .,,     i:..
Ave  point     ..i    ... iii gut. nt,     i., ,..,;
HAUV   I      mi      IM.   I ocntor
i itlion ... Hutts,   .. ml
Willinm   E    Hutts,   Wll	
~\   I  ■■!   this   lal   tin)   ...   :-. ptoiubor ll'l.l
Soda and othor Soft       ♦
Drinks ♦
Hull    ....   I'ldol-   tu.       I'li.'V   in-' ♦
In nt   llllll   pllfc-St    I't'.ittl   our    Dot- *
tll.iK works.   Tito bust yet. •
-    the Best Work
ll.nl   "      In]
I...I..1-.     r..i
'■"..1 im.	
+4++4+++44+4 I *********
t A.  W£]u£-j_-Iri  *
r , NOTIOB is horeby givon that CO
X days alter (late 1 intend to apply ti,
J Um Honolirablo Chiel Commissioner
4 :../ Lun.Is for ii lit't-nso to prospect
* . inr cuul nml petroleum  iver tho 1..1-
'   '!.■;    Diatrict   of   8o„th«l»t   Kootonny.    Z     Hi ,•;! Ill    i I, .llrl'.     Put'liaCO,     J   lowing   |anda,   srt„ate   In   til.-   district
_y  Bi-itiali  i-,.lu
Mauri...    :   >
from a businesi
■- *
WATER    S■   :'    S
hereby <
-at  an  ap
plication   wll
Part   V     .
th*       -toll,.;
Act, I90S
tain a
licensa   ir,   lh
i  i rani r
.. We,
■,    ;■ -■:■-■
i.i   I ha at
■ -■•    addre
-   .
Ut   t(l«    Hfj[i'.l
ar,--      B,    C     il-.
■ 1
ar   Lumimoy
.   .    ' - ■
-.OB      ■ r.^
eouver,   it
1   ,t   :', n
- ■:■.'
up Into 100
'  ibar&g,
Tha  object
I   of      "■)
Tha   acquis!
Ion   ' i
or othorwla.
ami   .it    rec
ami  tlio   ;ij.[
llcati   n
a its
watar  powc
f,t'   pr
and   g*oai ■
Ling eloei i It
iu  tbo nmni
■octlon   i:u'.
nf  the  Vfi
thi la
generally  it
oxen t io
ti if  -■.,
tim  powura
.m.i   prfvi
Vl   -
on    Power
Nl       4
,.,!      ft'ate
Act, lyoo,
ib; The n
UL-   of   "l-
1 i .
■(lunv,   Klk
about,  nlinv
• post  .'ll
Wl)8l      1
■h,k   'i irke
Hf   13.  327
K . \      1,
1 .' . t
10        ll LtUI  .
level of wnl
■r being r
1 1 f
point  B70Q
'00!    Il,t   Bl
M) The   .
lantlty   .)/
v.  LtO
appl iod fo
w. cline :
I  . .   itime and  :  it "
I tn thrown „',
'Inf. nny,  cheap '"
hines,     Sold   on   small ,.„
unci Septic Tunic wort
it s| itiitiltj
■ . - -   ,.t}.   Hii1.^:
s I in tbo
■ -. .' 'ii.i HOTEL
>.      ^-,  Work in
i     bi*&o '.'.^4  of   ..I-,
* monthly payments by
♦    Geo. B. Powell
't I ♦
Singer Store
Armstrong Avenue.
Crauliiook, B.O.
"orcsorial   Art X     F,m SA1-13 chkat and to
per .,...■,.ii.i.
(a. Tito character of
w.irliH. .linns, ptpoa, (tutu,
or ttouaea,   hydraulic  mul electrical plant.
Tlip water to l..- uaoil for tho purpoao
of On. Con.pat.y'a nmt.u ta'titm.
fK-l The purpoao Un- ,vlii. It tho iv„t.ir
fa ,,. tt.t uwd, gonoratlou ..I electrical
Ill If the wator !•■ in ho .,h,..i lor |...,v-
er or initiinv: purpoeea, de8crllio tho
placn whoro tho water ia t.. ,. returned
to soma iiiitiitiil   channel,  nn.t  tho dillor.
•nco lit altitude tn-tiv t  polnl   .>'  rih-or-
»l,.n ttmt point ..f I-..turn. ..,..-.■ will
l,n returned about 17.m ..... above the
aouth anal rornar ..1 Lot 'Jl'r. Oroup I,
difference In altitude botwoeo p tint of
diversion nn.l return 180 foot, natural,
aim foot ft'..tu creel   ..f il.in.  to toil  raco.
tji Area of Crown loo I [ntood, .1 to be
occupied  l<y  tho  propoeed   '....■■-,.    Mono
(tl ThtH notice waa poatod on tne
aiat day ..I Octohor, 1910, ,-..1 application    Will    Ilu   lIHldt,   to    the   I ,.:..;.:,,I   ii-;.
on th.> a.lth day    f Deceit boi    l"'...
,li i.ivn  tim nun..".,  aad    addroaees ..(
any   riparian     proprietors   ..r      lie ,
wh., ,.r whoao lut,.la    are Ifkels      to bu     |    j(    ^
atToctod by     l he ■  .rl .    ■  ho.      .,   ,.,..,
»t,„v„  or   below   tit-,   outlet       K.
u-fti-l.-      ♦ i ,it Southeast Kuotenay, in Lot 4f>lJ:i:
♦ I Commeiictng at a post plnnteil ut
J or nenr 3 miles due east of tha 211
w i nile post on 0. P,   n.   survey  lino,
♦ ,'hii'h is tho Western boundary of i...t
♦ , aiiHi! niul being t.tt<. Southwest corner
X : 1 "St ol tleorgc Wykes' claim
i. Cranhrook     * I     ""',u'° N,"'!'1 eidlty    («0)    chains;
cituins1^ ♦     tnence Enst   eighty   (SO,   chains;
iiakins   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦    tnonca South eighty   .ml)  chalm;
,    theme   Wist   eighty   (Stii   cbains;
t.» the point ol commencement,   junk-
.liii-li the .v..   , j,^, ,.111 aci-CB mote or less.
■iiiiil Lot 61^1 il.ocnttil this 1st Day of August, l'JIO.
r  which    tin- j GEOROE WYKES, Locrtor
rrigation. Eathen W. Butts, Agent
,\.\ii..i; SO'il.'i.:. ilu   it i. .   . i    .....it describe    the   William E. Hints,  Witness,        3f.45.
.. Irrigated, giving ' '—,
thern part of saiil ',      CRANBROOK LAND  DIBTRICT
(tl   The pr
ter fs t>. be
(g)     The
water Is I
' m i' ' V l.-l    I1nii.'ll   ".   Ill"  ai'l'liriMi.   I';.•:."■   M,.yi,"
laud Intended
that nn acreage.     Tin
it... r Part Lot WU.
rook Wit-   t.i bf occupied
fk)   T!.:s  u
UM    L Zll:.::'.''.J':l& i'-1"1"-1'"'  ''"i"!»"'-y.   !'
office,     Cranbrook,   ll.  t
Phone 141
Hci.it oppllcati.
.' til
Is the Place to go for
Ice Crear   ind
Home Made Candj
$50,000 divided  into   i 000 sir
{10 each.   Objects of the     C
include: The acquisition, holding, en- ol any
joyment and exercise, subject t.i the -....- wh
provisions of the "Water Act, 1910," t.i be ;.
nf till rights, powers, privileges nn.! either e
priorities in or by part IX.. or other- k. Mil]
wine by the said Act, confereil upon (S
It   tii... tho i
any  riparian
District   of   Hast  Kuotenay
hTpropLd works L,TAtK? S°7?B ""^   MeVbm    °*'1
| t'lnrk.of Wycllffe,    Hritish Columbia,
vis tiiisti-.l in tho 0CciIuatl°n Time Keeper, intends to
nl,,.,. pmi nnu upply for permission to purchuse the
following described land: Commencing :it u IL.st plnntcd at tlie South
West corner of Lot 1U13C; thence
1 addresses wt'&t' ~'s rhtilns inure or less to the
.rs or liri'ii- east boundnry of Lot 1S9-'; thenco
i aro likely north lu chuins following the east
posed works boundary of Lot 4592] thence oast 78
■ outlet. A. chains more or less to the nortli west
corner ot Lot luliio, theme south 40 i
chains to the place of commencement
.. made tt1 tho Com-
Uth day of Decern
the i
Hit.   t
far as th
(P. ti.  Ad Ire is,)
igsgate, B.C
To Trade
Tvvent) five acres
Fruit  Land, three i
1.   '/    I-.   n*l]y.   htiBM-kfrtpar.   of   S<wt-
tla.   \Tn»liingtf,ti,   Intentl   to   apply  t(i   the
Assistant   Commissioner  of    Umda    antl   Cranbrook
Works  of  Baat  Kootonny    District    fn
I'm-       mission to purchns* tlio following
li';i VV
and..     Beginning at a post plant*! „.   under tweJve hundred p»unusihydro electri0 power plant<    The Wfl    British <
-     -, ■       ■ .er o/     Lot H86 and point   .I|Kj no, ()V(,r ejg]-t ytl|),s il!(L    tpr fco b_ ][;]ri[ fQp    ^ [n|_pos(,     ()f  Lot ,j,
•: Icttarsoction at J,.)t 7850, Hiwi lnnrliwl
-' I Daily's \-K. cornor: Tlionco 7U-7
.■I...i' -i south, tlii'iicQ 80.2fi chains woat,
thenco iH.'j.'i clmins oorth, thonro n-i.«ti
chains mm thonco B8.97 ciiainti north,
Unarm 15.44 olmins east to point nf
Boinmancemont, ami containing Silt) acres
/.. 1., Dully, Locator.
I. V Dally, Agont
Ivwud   Sth  dny   ,>/  OotobW,   1910.44-53
Cranbrook 13. (.'
powor ct.iiii.jini
pany may deem the   sunn' necessary
for its purposes or any of thetn.
i   Oil   The narao of the lake, stream
.or source.     Moyic River.
I   (o)   The point of diversion, at foot I District   of   East Koutenay
of rtvilor Bar about 7 miles upstream j   TAKE NOTICK that  I, Hlmore L.
I from Railway bridge at Swansea,       Staples, of Wycllflo, B. C. occupation
1   (ill   The quantity of water applied   lumberman, Intends to apply loi per-
'""''for (in cubic feet per   second)     llitl   mission   lo     purchaso 640    acres   of
nit' cnl.ic l.'i't. I 'au.l bounded its follows:— Uomnienc-
not_     (el   The character of tho proposed lng at a pust planted I ,'. miles on„-t
works.     Until,   pipe line, flume, and jot thc 30 mile post on east lino    of
. Si.'iihr n   Railway,
pose     of ...in 'ii.ii-. P I,     Kootenay Dis-
ig at the north enst
10137] thonce ninth SO
.vest  80 cbains, tlience
containing 312 acres, mure or less.
Hated August i'ilid, ltHo.        37-45.
| tho Company's undertaking. trict, nn.l   boll
 --- of  Lot
(K)   The purposes fur     which    the  cornoi
water is to bo   itsctl, generation   of chaint
i urn.
Cranbrook Orchestra
pply   I,,   Hi
l.ati.l,     „.,..
F I V I-:     o I E. C H 5
' I"
VttllHy    I.Mi.I   Company      Selion    II   C rt'orka
,;    "   w»""'-    ''   ''   31 •■    i '"" . , .,,  ,   . ,,,,„„'  ,„„     ,,,„.„,,,
><" Bontortli      ■  ■   •■       - » . ,.        ,.,v;., .,.  „,   ,  ,„,„   ,,,.,..,,., „,
"an.  u   li ■•   Fernie H ■-..- ...   ,   Wl   ,,,, .,    , , ..,  .80u „,„, , .,
''■ »»»    *"''    ''''     '       ■'      ' -.I   •:        I !■'■■■   |.-i,.,.„',     S H    .,..'■'
It   .;    Hyilrsultc    r ......   Company, thmea  90   -i -..■ i    north,  i>...,>..,     14.ml
i .    '"'■ di .   frMl      thanoi  -tu ohatni     ioutlt,
rt    I   I      'I U Ull      -tlflHi,    OKI!     In       point       -.1
.   .... ..      and     containing    l is tl   1
p   t.   Addrai,, '■ « .... I     IMlli 0    ■,
Pa.   »'   r     Ol in    . it    i    Proldavaaux.   I iln.       j
Hi '..- ..:.- '     ' .■        I       . IN    Ball)      Aaam. '      II.hi'	
•quivatmi   '-   .- 'I ■ *,•'-' HI. ''"-  •! October, I'-'i" II W   I .,., mum,,.
I,-i",-in  ,....'|ii/.'li;..|..s
... •'.   [clt ill nd,. It ,■
A,   '   nlillltiuli til	
I'l.     li.'.lrS.W.I
i'.... I-1. ; '
II. C.
electrical energey.
(In If the water Is to bo
powor ur mining purposes
the place whoro tl.o water
returned i.i boiiic natural
and the dlftoronco In altitude between
pnmt uf diversion un.l point ol re
turn. At tho mouth of Nlggor
Croek, dlfferenco iu altitude about
370 loot, natural
.sunlit 80 cbains, thonce eaat 80 cbains
sod for  t.» pin f commencement,
IrsiTilit. Illuteil Augusl, 29th, 1410. 38-46
to   bo ELMORE 1.. STAPLES),
'liiinni'l, ', 0. Bayard Htiiplos, Agent.
WATER     ACT,    1009,
TAKE Mil H a iti.it  1 Alfred Boylo
f Port  Stoelo,   occupation  rnnclMr,
(ji   Area ol   Crown Land Intonilo.l Iwlll applj to tho wator Coinralsslon
tu lie  uipled by tho proposod works  er at Cranlirook on the llllt tiny ol
About  :iu acroa.
(In   This in .nn
8th .lu:. nl  Hove
plication w r
. i.-i ..I
is iioBlod uu tho [tho ti
i,   1910, un.I    BE
ido ... Mn-   i'	
t, • . *•   .-i c-.-   ,
'   ..     ..."
mlaslonoi  Hi- iiiili day ol Dooom-
bor 1910,
di   (live  tho um  i.".I .'..Ilir:'.-..
of nny riparian prnpi lotors ...   Ill bi.
boob i.l ' whoso   li.n.i   nro Ukolj
to bo nili'.'ii'.l ny tlio proposod works,  M:r proportj o( in) oil
liiui' alii.vi' or l.t'luw  lit lot. The    .i.l ii.ti., will lie used lur the
Ired iicii'u u.
tr,   1910,    nl  oloven o'clock   tn
l.l I   I..I'  it      I" .1 0    tu  .Illllll
ono    culm    foot   ol     l.'lll. I    I'.'l'   ;i .1
Hum six mile    crei k, al n puint sit
uuii. about 200 fool abovo tho inunllt.
11 1   ...i. r will i.r djvorttn] and
..it   ... i.'.I   by it .lum.     ditches   uml
flu  i ti i on 11 ii. tod on niul over
Lol i"i. Group I Kooti nay in. trlcl ,
"—"  .luiin  llf Hawkins,  Wattsburg,  B.O,  irrigation   ol one    Itundr
nn.l It.  13, Bulllvan,   Soattlo, Wnsli
|   Ington, IT. B, A.
(Signature)   Uppor   Moylo Rllocti
Company, Limited,
. . e will w.ii
sniil Lot  129.
No Crown  Lands     will be affected
by the works,
No riparian proprietors or holders
,      (P, ii. Address)        Crnnbrook, ll.C |„, wat6r llc(!n8Ca „,„ ,,„ ,tlT<.ellHi ,,y
IC 49
'    '■   ' i
:,:. i
• '.
.        "   .. I    '',.-.  .,.        ,.':-.
' .I'd   .
ty run
NOTICH is horoby gH
application will I"* mad
V, ol tho "Walt
tain a licence i
I   Tlie iitiini
■.-''./.;   pal iuli   uf     tin
"■] if  I   ('...'.'ll,   K.iiii'.i't.
BH    iiii  Tho iiinii'
Lftyi or BOiirco,     Mi
v3L%  («) Tl"'	
.!? yards abovo l.h.
Ilml    nn
der Part
Act, nm." in   ob
lu. i'n rook Wu
\*$lij.'   I'"i.I ol Lot 6421, ii
nml occu
... ti. c., Rancher,
l.l       III.'   lllll.'. Sll'l'.ll
lo   Hurt.
,,!     inversion,    30
south     west
i Kootonny
''»     .'i W ■       it^iWu'ia,,;   '      "^''?uS|        |,|,     '|'|...   ,;:.   ,:"|,.    ..I    ",  Ur,    ..,,.	
ftif   ,,    \,     7    l'    -,   «   lur I "I""      I   I'"''!"" .1    '"
'^:7j^^^hmMS^:M7, 7 :^77i
Um works.
Thla in.tine utis poatod on the ...
dny of September,  1910,
NOTICH is hereby given that 30
days attor date I Intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of
'.an.Is for a license to prospect fur
coal and petroleum uver the follow-
in.: lands, situate in the district of
Southeast Kuotenay, Hritish Columbia, in Lot 4598:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near eleven miles due cast of the
34 mile pust on O. P. 11. synt.y linu,
which is the western boundary of Lot
4593, nnd being tlio northeast, corner
ost ol   Enthen    W.     Hutts'   cluim,
benco suuth eighty (80) chains,
thonce west olglnty (50) chnins. tlience
..till eighty (80) chains, thenee east
ighty .sill chainB   tu the    point  of .
ommencement,     making 040     acres,
nut'.1 ur less,
BATHEN W,   BUTTS, Locator,
William K. Hulls, Agont,
Ralph. I,, iitti'iiiirititiu, Witness.    37   '
.ucated this nib day ol .luiic, l'JIO.
District  nl   tCnwt Kootonay
Tain, notice Hint William W. Rich-
ui I, ol Ti'iii.'ihii Olty, Mich., ii.iiii- ,
patlon Liiniiii.ritiuti, intends to npply
... pormlssion to purchase the fut-
lowing described lands: Coinmonelng.
it a post pluutetl twenty cbaina wost
niul oighty chains souil. ol Milo post
No, :t on tb- .'..nii parallel, said post
bolng ih- southwost cornor of Timber
i.ii'iiii'i! No, 10848, thonoo wost 40
chains, thonco suuth 20 chains, tnonco
west 20 chains, thonco north (It chains
thenc. st wi chains,   thonco  Bouth
lu chains to tho placo of commencement, containing 280 acres, more   or
Dnted   July 25th, 1911). 35-43
s.ii ■ 11 ■ ,■:.
I.n.'1,1    .'.ilr.I    III..I    ;lu   tl
llllllllll I..  I,llllj I  II
.'.I ■!    llf        I ile        fot-
'..■■i'e.i'   : ".
cubic (uut.
(o)   Tlio chant itoi  ol the proposod
works:   4     licndgalc, ditches    nn.l
ll.iiu,. to bo constructed on Lol 0541,
Oroup I Kootonay District, tbo prop-  w.m
orty ol A. K. Miller.
"'I I.'i:  i'i l,..r..|,y Kiv..,i   tlmt  .In .lays
•"  'I  I  i"l"'"l to apply lo Il,o Ilmt.
'-( CainnilaHloner nf     LandB     for   a
-..-..'   tu  proBpect for conl  nn.l  petrn-
i '   for -....I   nml  |.-ii..   I" '■-'' Hi-     following Innils, flllUBto
,'i   Hi..      tollowltm luiiila,   j.liiiilii   in  ll-'   liiBt.'li'l.   of   Sollthnost   FCnotonny,
'iiinii   ol   :','..I..,. .1    li ,,.,.,. Illi-.iit.li   Colitnililn,  In   L..I   |-,'..-l
i'.,I..'.,I    ...   I   u    HlOn '    i'.,..,....ii-i..|.    nl   a  poll   |.build   nt  or
....,,     ni   n   u.i   u I  ..i   ...'  '!"■.''   ■'•   "Ul lit" .'.ml. ,,f Ilir ::t:i mil,.   p,.»l.
tnllcH tin of lite Bit mil,.   p„   "."  ''   P  tl. survey  lino which  ia  lho
I'   r   II ,    I ll   ...   .1...   ,.r.l.'..i   l..,u...l,U'y    ,i(   l,,,l   .IMl.'l.   .....I   1,0-
f.... j......, -.   ol   I.i    If.olt  ,u,i    i,,,    ii..;  the   N,   !■:. -nrtmr poBt   ..I  l.nnlel   F..
S'    ll..'......'.    poal   of   l', il,.ii  tl     ll..". liilin.   thonco aouth olghty tm)
inim.    tti...... ii. elghl.)   .... clinltiB   thenco  woot eighty  (Hi.| chalno:
tl     i   , im,   , i i,„i       i],nn nit ntffhty  ihui clinliiH;  tlionco
.,!,, ,., in >i  . ,,   ii ' ,.,•! .•I.-i.iv (80) chains t.. .li- point of
litv   .-'...   .1      In   lit.,   polnl   nt   i',,inm-n.'i.iii".tt..   making   '.In   nrros.   more
.•iiiriii.   in ill... i"   mo   ...'i'i",    ' le»«.
IIAMKI,  ID,   IIICIIKVH, Lortll.or.
I'll'lit IN   IV   IIDTTN,   I a tor,   I ISillhoil W. Hutts, Attmil.
10.  ll,,,.-., Hit,I,—.. Willinm  15.  Uni", WllnolH,
Looatod   U.ln   lat  Dn»   al  llrplnuilw 1910   Looatod   thia lnt  Day  ol SBptomunr 1010


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