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The Prospector Nov 27, 1909

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 Uhntj <t ut A,,.
Vol. 15.
• ..'.u*jj*i"V*. ■
CRANBROOK,   B.C.,   SATt7J?DAy,   NOVEMBER   27,   1909.
No. 48
First Conservative from Cranbrook Has a Majority
of 253.
Baker street was thronged with
Cranbrook residents all shouting for
Caven and the McDride government.
Mr. Oaven was compelled to make
several speeches, A carriage was secured and hundreds of citizens drew
tho carriage up ami down Baker st.
Tho Cranbrook city baud and an
army of cheering citizens lollowing :
Mr, Caven sold : "I thank you all
tor the kind support given mo, from
the bottom of my heart, and I trust
I shall be able to reciprocate for this
magnificent support and thc majority
of 253, by using every offort to secure
thu bust legislation possible, uot;only
for Cranlirook but tie whole province
and all classes in the riding and
throughout the province would hear
of his untiring efforts,"
The celebration of the great victory
reminded those who participated at
the one that took plare in the city
when the news was received nf \. S.
Qoodeve's great victory in November,
Returns   from the precincts in   the
Crnnbrook district were as follows:
Caven Macdonald Pitch
Klngsgato    7
Klmhcrlcy    20
Marysville   30
Wnrdner   II
Hock Orcok     ...     8
Wycllflii   17
■Port Stcolo   H7
Wattsburg  21
.Warn,    12
Moyln    HI
Yuhk    21
Onrruthors. Mill...   1
Oranbrook, No 1 100
No i Sl',
Nu II 02
Nol  711
Nofi CO
No ll fill
Total              7l.ll
Notes of Uie Election
Four years more ol honest govern
meat in British Columbia.
Kernie, Craubrook, Ymir, Nebon,
Columbia, went solid conservative.
How are the mighty fallen? Parmer ,lohn Oliver commenced his full
plowing on November 2ii.
The arrival of 218 was the blow
that killed the Liberal party In
Cranbrook on Thursday afternoon,
Thos. Caven is the happiest man in
tlio Cranbrook district. LnBt Thtll'B
day ho wus presented with M.P.P,
TllO Herald of November 2-1 said
tlmt the Macdonald meeting was n
groat vote maker, Yes I for Tom
Th« peoplo of British Columbia
have shown tho rest, of the Dominion
that thoy are in favor of the dnvelnp-
inoitt of the province.
Tho Independent Herald during the
last four weeks, while laboring under
u Hovoro strain of Ollverlsm excitement, full down niul worshipped the
Qotdon Calf.
Well balanced   minds,   li     appears
that thu majority of votcfB ni lint
ish Columbia    consldor    tho railway
policy of premier McBride to ho both
sound and businesslike.
John Oliver should write and ask
Prank how he sets his bit; majorities.
It will not take the Dritish Columbia liberals long to count the dots
on the provincial map which have an
opposition representative.
John Oliver's Chinese puzzle was
too much for the people of the province. You can't, stop the march of
progress in British Columbia by a
railway policy that heglnH at Ladner
and ends at Lodner.
It is thc opinion of many that the
proprietors of tbe Herald should have
let "Old Man Simpson" retain the
editorial chair of that paper. He
Would surely have done us well as the
Imported liberal writer.
The Prospector has repeatedly said
during the campaign that, the railway
men were solid for Caven. This
statement is fully borne out by the
changing of a liberal majority of [22
to a conservative majority of 2CJ.
Pollowing arc some of the many
cong rata lotions received by Mr. Cav-
Vancovcr, B.i*..  Nov. 2(>,  1909.
Thomas Caven,   M.P.I*.,
Wo are proud of yon for redeeming
W.  J.  Bowser.
Winnipeg, Man., Nov. 2li, IflOD.
Tom Caven, M.P.P. elect,
Care Cranbrook Hotel, Crnnbrook,
| Many congratulations, vou old
old scamp. Big Nick.
Golden, B. C, Nov. 26.
Thos. Caven,
Cranbrook, B. C„
1 lead v   congratulations.
H. O. 1'arsbn.
Victoria.   B.C..   Nov.   2.'i
Thomas Caven,
Congratulations. K. P. Croon.
A. C. Bordcek.
Ottawa, Out.,  Nov. 25th.
Thomas Caven,
Heartiest     congratulations.     Boys
here   are     delighted;  regards to Vic
and others, ...        A.  .S.  Coodeve.
John  Herron.
Winnipeg,  Man,   Nov.  2t;th.
Thos. Caven,  M.l'.l'.,
Cranbrook, B. C„
The joint general committee O. It
C. and B. it. T. assembled send
hearty congratulations on your successful election to legislature.
W. 0. Chester, Chairman.
J.  McLaughlin,  Vice Chulr.
Vancouver, B. C., Nov 2Gth.
Thomas Caven,
Cranbrook, B. 0.,
Congratulations; more power to
you. James  A,  Macdonald.
Nelson, B.C., Nov. 26th
Thomas Caven,
Cranbrook,  B.  C,
A thoroughbred cutinot be beaten.
How do vou like Nelson. Regards to
all tin- hoys. Hairy Wright.
Hu.etton, B.C., Nov. 26.
Thomas Caven, M.l'.l'.,
Cranbrook, B.C.,
Congratulations; arrived here blinding snow storm but nothing to Complain with last night's results.
Hosnicr, B.C., Nov. 26, 1909.
T. Caven, M.P.P.,
May Vou be a member fill you die.
A. McL.   Plctcher.
Creston, B.C. Nov. 26.
Tom Caven, M.l'.l'.,
Creston B. B. Con. Astn.
Wctnsklwln, Nov. 2(ith, 191)9.
Thomas Caven,
Oranbrook, B. C,
Congratulations  old  t liner;  cannot
keep a  good man down.
W,   lOdvvnrds,
Victoria, H.c.,  Nov, 2fith.
T.   Cnven,
Cranbrook, n. C,
Bi'ligbteil at your splendid victory.
Not a, single seal on main land is
opposed and only lour on Island, lho
\\h,de province is with in;,
B.  .Mcllridc
Ch ver Piooo of Work
11. J. Cooper a blacksmith up al
I In- Ml. Kui'cuc, has made a inlnerV
eandlostlck out of pure silver. The
candlestick is for John Cannon, the
foreman. It is a clever piece ol work
a ml is much admired by all who have
seen ii. The finishing and polishing
was doilb by W. H. Wilson, jeweler ol
Cranbrook.—Moyie Leader.
This birdie is singing peans of joy over the election of Thomas D.  Caven.
I another telegram from the premier to ; CONGRATULATIONS
! At' K.  Watts was   also read, to   thei
1 same ellect. | ... .. ..     „     .   .. , i_
THOMAS   CAVEN,   M.P.P.   TO HIS ;   A. flashlight picture of tho audience I Premier MOBriuO  Uratcltli   Oil  ttlO
Crnnbrook, Nov. 26th,  1909.
My dear friends,
To you, one and all, I bog to tender my most kindly thanks for the
wonderfully successful ctTofts mude
on my behalf on the occasion of the
provincial election of yesterday.
Words would fail to express my Keen
and warm appreciation ot the work
of the various organizing committees
r of the saeriilces made for me by
my fellow employees and the rank
and file of the working men of the
llvlslon and district.
1 recognize that the overwhelming
success of thc Conservative party in
bringing tho Cranbrook Electoral district into line with the rest of the
province imposes a strict duty upon
me to be watchful of thc interests ol
my constituents of every class and in
every place, and to sec as far aw one
man may, thnt their reasonable requirements of a public nature are tul-
iilled by the government. If a want
arises, or now exists, none of you
need solicit my assistance. You can
command it tally and entlroly, Tlmt
is what I was elected for.
I am glad to think now tho struggle is over and the shouting and tu
| was taken.
Mr. C. T. Rogers then took the
chair, and Mr. HowcUon sang "Dear
Little Shamrock," which was received with applausi
Kcsult of Election.
Cranbrook, B. 0.,
"I am deeply,  very  deeply  greatftll
\ recitation by James Bates, on-1 to the people oi British Columbia for
titled, "The Cure of Calumet," re- the recognition with tho government
ceived a generous round of applause, nmi my policy have received at the
aud "Jim" recited "The flrst sermon p0Ua, The result did not come wuol
iu Baskerviilc; subject "Thc Prodigal i ly :IS a surprise for I was convinced
Son." |frum the indications that the attorn
Mr, D. Athersnii of Creston Bang
'When tho gentle breezes blow."
Mr. Aviason then gave a most
pleasing talk on thc political sitnu,
tion in British Columbia.
The next number was a selection by
(be Cranbrook orchestra.
Joseph Ryan theu followed with a
song entitled "Thc Birth ol St. Pat
rick, which was highly applauded.
Mr. Scott Macdonald thin recited
the "Parson's Pirst Sermon."
y general aud 1 met with all over
the country daring our tour thut it
would be virtually a clean sweep for
tho conservative party in British Columbia.
The people of the provinco have
shown unreservedly their confidence
in thc proposals to bring in the
Canadian Northern Railway Uni and
to extend tlie Kettle river valley line
Between now and the session of th'
legislature which it is expected will
open mi January 20 no time will be
lost, ni concluding tha (inul agree
nents to be submitted to parliament
Song hy Mr. McCord.
C.  H.  Thompson     then  gave a  liv,
minutes     talk    on lbe topics of th
James   Bates   recited "Joo Marsh- containing    spccillcally all of the r
all's new piano." forms that I  have promised tin- ueo
Hong by Mr.     Skinner," Love me, \.i\tii   The    railway     legislation   will
and the World is mine." i Imve lirul    place    in the session pro
Mr. A. K. Watts, president of the B,.ttm ami tho bills will u- passed to
Oranbrook Conservative association, expeditiously as pusslblo ibis amy
mult die elown, that no tinge of bit- said that he was at the liberal rally |„, t,iU.Mi as the commcuccm. nt li>
terness remains; and that my late on Tuesday night, that Mr. Maedoii this government of a very substan
and honorable opponent, Mr. M. A. aid said that he might ask any (|U0rf- Um| HlM progressive policy of devel
Macdonald, and 1 resume our old at-j tlon, aud thus     he Would he allowed j Opomei\t by  rnilwny  building.  And  1
Liberals Get  Only  Two  and
the Socialists Get the
Same Number.
Conservatives 3.1.
Liberals, 2,
Socialists, 2.
The above is llkelj to ni
suit of Thursday's pruvltu
although it is possible O
arcs may be changed a lit
possible that the socialist
one more member at the >
the conservatives,  which   ,
I constituency and a  larger  vote   was
polled  thai: ever before,  W.   It.   Hob-i
winning out by ovei 2* nf a majori-
ivc th'1 re-.t*,     Intense   cxcltemenl  prevailed all
ul election   day,     business    bolng et H standstill
ii. the dg-iand every     man     taking ufi his coat
le    H     is  mid  working for his party.
may   get      Boss was a favorite from the start
\pen-e   ■»:  and was nt  no time in danger of do-
ould   ln c feat, though the liberals made use of
li'.    every
them three, which with the two Uh every expedlenl to defeat him. John
orals, would make live opposition Harrington was at no time a danger-
members and ,S7 governmenl support ous factor in the flght ,in-_ failed to
ers, u majority that must at lent,; bojpoll anything like the vote anticipate
satisfying in ihe premier and his en] ,-,i by his friends, The enthusiasm tJf
leagues. the     conservalIves     was unbounded,
In th-* house just dissolved thc con    and  when the returns were in     they
rvatfvos bad only UH members,   the owned the     town.   A torchlight pro-
liberals 13, and the socialists :i Al'
fhe conservative members but four
BoUghl re election and were again
favored with the confidence ,,f the
people. Nine of ilu- 13 liberals again
appealed tu th ir constituents, but
the returns Indicate tint only two
of them have survived tie* conflict.
The socialists Inst one of their mem
hers in the last house, hut may have
gained one from the government
The four conservative:-] who retired
were H..n. 11, 0. Tatlow and P J
Garden in Vancouver, Hnu. P .1.
Pulton  in      Kamloops,   Uobert   Orani
tltudc of mutual and friendly respect ' (la ihe    platform    after Macdonald's
and with an  increased good opinion j speech.
of each other. i    Mr.   Watts  on going  to  take     his
Yours very sincerely, ] place on tlie platform, was told     by
THOMAS CAVPN.   the chairman that iL could  nut      be
  • permitted; he would not have     the
j meeting wound up by Mr. Watts. _____
|    Mr. Watts     replied that lie had no iVau"wi<*d'g(. to Tho" Country the euTriuu
"    t-oslrc t«> wind im the meeting,   that mrvlCQ remi,onxt uurlng the cainpnlgn
Very Enthusiastic Meeting Heidi!11!1' Ilberft! candidate would reply to ,,y mv coueague the u..*.* w. j. now
Inthusiastic Meotic
Tuesday Evening.
want especially to thank the coiisorv
ative press throughout tin province
Also the speakers who have assisted
upon the pint form during ibe jusl
ended campaign, the workers whosi
industry has so largely contributed
to  success  and  lastly   I   wanl   r
The Conservatives of Oranbrook
held a smoker in tlie tfdtsou theatre
on Tuesday evening. The theatre was
filled to the doors, and every man
present was a voter.
At 8.15 Mr. T. I). Caven, the conservative candidate entered the theatre, and was greeted with round after round of applause.
The smoker was opened at 8.IS In
due form with Mayor Pink In the
The first speaker was Mr, D. Murphy, who spoke in behalf hf Mr. Caven, aad related the following story,
which appealed directly to railway
men : "An engineer out of Winnipeg
had an accident at a crossing, in
which a carriage was struck and two
ladies killed, He was arrested on a
charge of manslaughter, and released
on a bond of $,0,001). That many
murderers had been released e>n a
much smaller bond. That two men
working in a Held, not over a hundred yards away, testified that he
did not heal' the sound of the whistle
or bell. Said farmer raised fancy
hogs, a number of which had been
killed, and for this reason had a
grudge against the company nnd Its
employes. At the trial held last week
the man admitted that he heard both
hell and whistle, and that he had a
personal spite against tho railway
company. Anil the engineer was acquitted, Mr. Mltrphy said thc law
makers in the dominion house were
professional men, without full knowledge of the conditions and hardships
incurred. That Mr. Caven was a
practical railway man, and that It
Was to the interest of every railway
employer and working man that Mr.
Caven should represent them In the
local legislature. And In speaking
tonight, that in his opinion, that
every railway man should vote lor
and send Tom Cnven Lo Victoria as
their representative mi Thursday,
Nov. 2fith.
Tin' nest number was a sun^, cn
titled "The Mlnstrol Hoy" by Joseph
Then followed a duett by Messrs.
Bkinnci ami Hjirrlngton,
Mr. limy sang, "I'll sing the songs
uf Araby," which called for an on
core, and be sang "The Harp thai
onco through Tarajs Hull."
A    dance    by   .1.   Cardner   \voH      I he
iicxl. number which was greeted wi~.li
The conservative candidate Me.
Thomas Caven then spoke for liv
minutes.   Mr.  '
him,      but      the chairman ruled Mr.; S(,,.    ^Q  \,,t.,\ov could hnvu  a     mori
Watts oil the platform. 'faithful and energetic lieutenant than
The  smoker,  thc largest and  most ,  polWess  in the attorney general,
interesting     event     of the campaign     Encouraged and  supported  hy   the
closed "by     singing "Cud  Save     tho aU.onKly   expressed  confidence of the
"■"iff. people 1 hope to carry the ufluirs of
[Hritish    Columhln    as to socuro for
ELE0TRIC PLANT READY tho Province the     fullest and largest
■ measure of substantial progro
Forme's New System is Ready for
Pernio, Nov. 20. -The fires were
lighted under the boilers of the new
municipal electric light plant for thc
first time Thursday and the machinery was found to be in a most satisfactory condition. The consumers
in this city will probably he supplied
witli electric current In a few days,
and the streets of the city will then
be. lighted properly for the first time
since the destruction of the equipment
by the great tiro. The arc lights for
the principal streets are already in
position and the residents will once
moro be able to find their Way around
in safety after dark.
Cleared Up
Bewilderment was written in th;
face of thc richly gowned lady that
hurried into the elderly physician's
private olllco.
"Dr. Swallow," said she, -'tills
morning I recolvod your bill for ten
dollars and I can't understand it.
Bomo time ago I settled our account
aud have had no occasion lo consul!
you professionally since!"
"Did 1 not call ut your Iiouko one
day since  that?"
"(inly as my guest at dinner, doc
tor!   Thut. was four weeks ago."
An apprehensive shade overspread
ihe dignified physician's countennnco,
as quickly he withdrew his notebook
from his pocltel and rapidly lingered
over   the  leaves.
"line il is" said lie, Stopping at a
oortain page,   "Dinner al   Mrs,  Pcne
lope's.    Uneventful,     hiked         the
hour by giving hostess my opinion i
nn ihe digestibility of mustard, pick
les, scnlloped oysters and plum cake'
and," added Ihc physician, "without
thinking l annexed the amount ol Ui
bill which you
i  il Hhnilld 1;
Richard McBrld>
Information Wanted
Dear Sir Will yuu be good enough
to make public lor thc information of
those interested iu mining in your
district, that I shall be glad to receive particulars of progress made
during 1U01I nt all district mining
properties. What 1 wish to be sup
plied with is information relative to
development done, plant and mnrbin
eiy put in, ore production if any,
surface Improvements made, transportation facilities provided, and al1
other details showing the year's pro
gross. It will not bo practicable foi u,m [n Yale T
me to visit all the mining cam pa bo
fore preparing the several reviews
and summaries I have undertaken to
supply early in December, so districts
enn only have notice in proportion to
the particulars received, My reviews
will be given wide publicity, arrange
llionts to      this      end   Iiavnn1   already
Premier   McBri \v   Whosi
Policies Won Victoty at
the1 Polls Thiusday
En Comox. The liberals who retired
were ,1. A. Macdonald, leader ,,. the
party, who represented Rosslnnd, Dr.
J. H King in Crnnbrook, Dr. G \.
Hall in Nelson, and G. H. Nadeo n
Greenwood, The socialist member oi
the hist house who went, under was
John Mclnncs ni Grand Forks. 'Ih
liberals who sought re electlnn wer<
II. C. Brewster in Al'berni, -John Jar
.Iin-- in Esqulmult, John Olivet In
Delta and also in Victoria, J. M
Yorston und Harry Jones in Cariboo. Mark Eaglcson in Lillooet, Dr.
Vi, T. Kergin in Skcena, C. W. Mun-
>e ln Chllllwack and Stuart Hender-
t  two were   the
formed which paraded tha
principal streets W. K Itoss and Dr.
Bonnell, prcsldtat of the conservative
association, were drawn in an open
carriage about town, preceded by a
Fernie has expressed in an uniiits-
tnkcable manner its Co odd once in the
McBride government and its member,
Billj   Ross.
Local option was defeated by a
small majority.
Western Conservatives Find Their
Course Has Been Misrepresented
Ottawa, Nov ,J; Before parliament
met tin- vvcutom conservative mem-
i-i-r. oi pnrllnmont wero busily en-
mi--.l iii roliolllnn against Mr. Bar-
.leu -ii r... cututiins nl ia,, eastern
i'hoi-al presH, When (In: house oponen
in.l the nui western M.P.'b reached
■p - . :' '..- nm ■ Vnt tlmt their
:.-....i   ..... i ntin ly     ■-. ii'in-il ti. the
III 1 ;>:    ., iiii-l th i'  there waa nl»
■i,i-;t-l-. n.i question .i -iiit tholr luy-
nltj I.' Mr, liiinli-ii ami tn tlio run
... i \ it ivr pnrty.   li     ul,o turned nut.
.-it had I  .i  r.'.nt deal    ul
i'..-iiiiiti,ni     ..i  tin it- attitude,
marks huvinn been twisted ont
,1 all rMombl ■.- t,. whiil  thoy had
dually   .ii'    'I'Iu-    mi-.-i  thine tli.it
I',- pnrty did  eas .-inMiu. wns to
....I ,. ... ti ; nn I tin su il thing th»
ntieii ■ .im wiih tu clioel Mi Harden
n Hi- echo, th-- -li..ut.. resounding lu
li- corridor    nutsitU' th ■ t,...tn when,
 Wil,   lli-lil       Si.   t,u        ||,i
•hi- iini.il policy was concerned tho
caucus reached tin- very uatut . con
elusion ih.it until the gove i :,. nt. announced Its intentions it wi aid In,
premature loi tho opposition to nn-
nottneo it:» position it nnw appears
that, there has been considerable
trouble in tin- rnii'Ks i.f tlu liberal
parti, though they havo been successful in preventing n Irom reaching
the public prints. Senator Belcourt
is lendluc n strong "antl-anythlng"
section, while senator Edwards lav-
u:-> a direct contribution t,i Britain,
it tin- old country leaders admit that
such would In- a help tn them.
This is bun the liberal situation
works out :
Sir Wilfrid l.nuriet-- -A Canadian
lavy un a smaller scale than was at
rsi contemplated by Sir Frederick
i.iidin mul Hun. 1.. P Brodeur. ln
■ite ol tin- holler now, his Buppoft-
■ s will be everybody after he hua
looked behind hnn and curled his
Senator Belcourt—Nothing at nil.
Nn contribution tu Britain; nn Can-
-.':,,n navy ; dry docks if you like,
but fur the use    nf merchant vessels.
is supporters until tbe premier flxea
been made, sn I hope tu receive !rom|torla; I
mining men    in your dlstrlcl tin- in 11.;   m   Hitlii
ful-liiatinll   leipnslte   to      allott   uf   Its , Vl    .1    !!..'..  0
helim given ilue prominence \   h   it  n
I'niiiitiiinieiitmils should he n,iilns:     I'liomn    Cllfl
only ones wiin H      ^^_^_^
lay nn.l   there is      smile  ilnllbt as t
the llrst, his majority nt Inst report
being "iily "- .
The conservative  members  re-elect-1'hem with his eye are : Quebec,   New
..I were Premier McBride in both Yale Brunswick     (except     St.     John), a
* •"-'  -1 •     [1. B. Thomson, Fred sprinkling nf western Ontario   men;
V.   I-'   Behnsen in Vie   and  practically   every liberal    (rom
lv..-1-i i in Snanlch, A.   the prairie provinces
in     tli- Islands, Hon      S.nat. t    Edwards -Direct contribu-
McGttirc and | tlon   t,.    Britain   and n navy in the
and Vicl
e.l    n-   nt   Nil -.11.   II I' ,   ,111-1   In   lull!   inoflt  service      shiillhl   roil" ll  Ilie   In
Unlh insl,, sn in. allow ul Mil in- "I
pornting tin- Informutton ent In tin
reviews I i li.. 11 have in prepare  with
ill   tile   ii-Xt    following   Oil   il.iV"
Thankinn i  In advunr,i [oi   i	
inul ns:.i i.uni-. I mn. nun . truly,
I-;   .1 M'dll '
Villi,nn. II. (!., N,,i    in, rin'i
to     .1     Mull  nil   I"
r.iihi I'l.ttuii .i
i , „i In llev
,ii Columbia, No
In,      .lame,        II
to    ::    Una   in I-'
111   Siniill .iii.-i ii
ii iii Vnncouver;
New   Westminster,
e-.MIII-l.   Hull    1-'    I.
tichmund, Hnn T
i, -. II   tl   ['arson
;■■ Mncl ay in Kns
Hehoneld   in  Vniii.
ue.  I.   tt    .-'.hallul-.l
11. n   I'rlcc Blllson
When In Lift Your Ihil
nn: in-
. Ii.-.ll   i
I'l     III!
I I'l-.,.,
all   in   lilt
I ill
  I,,l   a   i-eiill 	
ol  remove Ills lint," we ronlj     With
mil    consulting    uuthorltioi   uf . t,
ipiotto,   ii)   Iin I   1:11 in.-,   il   l<>   ynu   nil
received.   Mud |li,md, nu lu tu Rponk, we dhouid   my
been t wcil y-llve."   ni lh ■ lullnw mi - ,.i.,. a. ii .   I, iprettvn
Iv, lln- linl  ,-.l bl  be lilted  ui   n in...
Mining at Perry Ul'Ook ■"'   ""   clrcumslnnceH Indlcute: When
J mopping t.lu- bi.ni, when    tnklnii    .1
Kiiiich iiiniHii:. TIicIh have .uni   |,nth, "ben eating, whan    going    to
pleleil urrnngements for sinking a   hod,    wiien    taking   up n collodion,
11 snld "Ihnl.     hclshntt al   Perry Crook.   The shall  will   wl
fell, highly honored, and fully appro ibe located mi placer ground aboul   I  I
11 ok 111111 gnu   »   H   Ilu
..Inn,     Un.      II  ntf,
I !,,n   II    K   v.,an.- 111   '
I    Ill I        Hie    II.
memliei 1    line alrendj
!.■   i-.l.. ■      I'll--   me
..:  \  !    i'l pro -11
i-iii.i rin,', u Mb.un Mnn
who 1,.iiinii-. -' Inl
\l,l.:e    Mill,.linbl   nil
1 time if it is deemed expedient. His supporters aro believed to
be some Ontario liberals and one  or
tun   senttereil   leptesentiltives.
How Hi' Lost His Vote
At Waldo, un Sunday, a most atn-
using Incident took place, which resulted iu 0 grit lusing lus vote The
"Orlt" was licensed nf stealing chicken--, nnd when Ihe cnnsliilile arrested
lum. .ml 11 linn all right, and In,
would go wll bitn an soon iih he
pui .ni In . overshoes. He went Into
 I'liuini'ii; room bu  his shoes; not
1   ul   .-li.i-i-iia.    Maltlllj-   In      ptll   them nil  he BktdOOOli
Mhcrnl,   nnd   lol   the tall Innl.ei
in- tinn- rep      iii ti veiling    tho constable ngnln
..a 11
,, 1 -.1 in 11
lln, 1,   Wrlgl
,,.1  Vliui   flu:
lenled l.illuui''. Inr whirl, be     was rounded him up. mul Inn man asknl
„..;,„, ,.|„.;,.,i 1- terdas I"'" '" help hnn mi     with his over-
■Ii„.  ni.u    1  ,..|i- mombers me coal    While the countable was hold-
li, ,|   1     1-., , 11    1 ■ ,,r. i. .   w   it ing tb" coot his prisoner again ntauv
11    :,,      1;,, land    ilrnosl  Miller   -.1 peded t..i the lltnhor, but ho rcckouod
nrnnd Forks; .1   It   Jackson, Clroon wrongly, [01 tho constable pulled his
w I    1   1-   rtluiw ut Kmnlni.ps. Hi gun mnl flred iii tin- mi. ilm mun fell
M   i-'iiinhiii mil .1   A   Prnser, fan   I" the gr id.     gol     up and ngnln
|     H   11   \Vati     and ''   II  TIh stnrted fur ilm timber, another Bllot,
lie   bull ned, when dull'.  Vancouver;  F   .1    MncKomsle pi nls.. Ilrod In tho air, sent hi,,, to the
hmnpinied,   when  dniiilltiij   ..11  11,'lin   H    1   I'nv.i.-v, rinllnvnci^   In ground crying thut he wasshot, uml
id    ICnn us Ben	
Kootonay Apples
luted ihc sympathy ami kindness oflmllo from old town, which has been
Ihe electorate prrs.nl tnwnrd him, thornttghly prospected, mul whon coin
thai.  Ilu-      railway  policy  of  the  Mc    pleted  will  be hlitwccn 'JO anil   100 fed
Bride government  meant further   de   In depth.   The   necessary    mnelilnory 	
vel„l.ineiit  mul  prosperity t"  British for sinking is on tho ground and will K„„i,n„y see„i,,l i,,i,o,;.ii i„lz,-:..                , ,„■ ucsuu m v..,.,-              suggested"   tlmt    ho be locked up tor
Colum    He   .Inn rend „ telegram bo installed   bm week     Eight    men pinto oxhlbIU.    Britlsh Columbia so            „,„,,.,,       M ^
whirl  had just received from    the are now employed und the. force will cured Ik „.,-,-, n ,,f 1 ;  •'"  ' »»"J'1 •      '       '■        .     ,, „,.  „,„ ,„„ „,„,,   R , leMon    ,,,. waa lockeo „,, ll„m
premier, which ussiireil tho return    nl he Increased ns Boon as sinking  ■   A box 0  11 PP es wore soloctod lol , n   I      «™p ,   ,      ,    . e|,.cllun.
the government    un November 2Sth ; |atlons ure commenced. ' proBentalioti to President  lalt.           Ihotls  contostod in tut   intniy              an
I,!;,,,,,,   1,,     ,1  rn mul McBrldo  thfl constable ngnln had him In cus-
,, ,     ;..,i,,i ,,, Vale nnd Mlchuel Mnn   tody.
T„„v 1 , i'„mo, \  consorvntlvc friend said thnl   It
wns a shame     t>> send a man up fur
Tho Kosult in Pernio ■t«1""* - " .co.u'"«  "f rilirkt,ls' «"'' 'I'lIH PROSPECTOR, ORANUHOOK,  II. C, SATURDAY, KOVKMBER 47, 19
♦ ♦♦♦4>4>4»«>4>4>4>4>*/4>4>4>4»4>4»«>4>4>
Premici   ilcBride wus elected in In
n     loadi r,  .luhn (ill
\ Oranbrook! ®1|e 9***v***.   "    " ™
♦    V^/X iA>L*\aKJ±\JKJ±k.   J KSYAHUSiiKii ■  ',:i   >f'rhuiaday'K elrel Id
X             .m•   *                                ♦ ;',,, ,;'' :-  *H ;'  l'e*'* Dal triumpli [or
X    Livery    :     «. b. erac*
♦ W. Mk you to call and try ; I'UJIUBHKH   AND   mnrni
X our new Consignment ol new 4>  .-jzz ——	
♦ ami     Up-to-date    rigs     lor X PAMPAU1N uvicii
J Wlntei   and   Summer.    Jusl *     Thl. ,,,,,,„,„.,,,,,,,,,,. „,„| ,1,,,,
\\ received Toppir and   Reliable J'.u,   almost unlvermt
X 1-1.uses    ni    your    disposal *  faction nl  the retnin id thi
2 Hive   them   a    trial ,-n-l lie 4>  government.     The
♦ convinced
X     Won. 47 . -   l,b 1- I
and expei
♦ , i be provinci
♦ pendltutc o
years ni pri
mum I
in:    in -i   .
, m
eing      in1
Hot Tea or Coffee■""'
Ml In.in.i to I'remi, '      delli.d
_ 4     T I '"• supporters     nil ■■■-.., lected
and Fresh Home   rh,irsnn> t      ,
alld   lie!—     bllt   till
working in .-
ll   ■  ... n. ,i well ns ihe emphatic
I'lidorsiition ui the .Mcllridc govern
ment  nail     its railway policy,   Tbe
...   Mr. t'aven     ,s a  record
nne, largei  than was expei ted.
.. Son       In   lb-   I nunc!
ichiui     t Ol ..in.i  in tlie  verdlcl  ui
lie i -    in this province. ' Irienl
el 1-.  terms an 1     ihe
are mat ters in which
i he i ittaiva  much n
.   ,i   ., ih iln-  McHrido n.n
nn 'nl
.  L'ottui e, ch ,..   i.i    the
-. light, ivuter an.i
1.1  I  Iti    llli.li-N,
.  -      !:■,..  '..ui Hoi   .-   v■.
Take uotice thai tuirtj days afti
dute 1 Intond to apply in tin- Super
inieudeui ul   Provincial Police lor   a  «;.$»*««$,«$,•:• •>•>•:••:• -:-v
reitcKiil ul my   licen.-e  lu  sell  intox,
eating llutiora at retail uu ibe pun,      li.\U\ l',\.
isiv.  known     as ih-  Wind ior  Hotel
Full   Steele,  It.  (J.
(All I l-li'       I
am,    M \i Ih i\ \l I i,
I'.,,. , , .1,-1--, ami Soli, nut's
««•      ,       ,->' 'a. working  in u
Made Biscuits      ■ >- «
, of   tin'   pcnpli     .iii i
' pic    Imve   evi
has     .■     •.■
;i.....    *
has  ..;...■ t ■-".,.
V. '."*■ /   *3 .'- jrJ
!'■'[  I   llll'tl
II .11
; ,. .ii,'   -I ■ (1
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
Frank Dezall
Canadian I hc
!■; timatin
holders    I if h Irom
thirty I *,
Lite   In-
from tbe "
tab) ■:-    ■      in ■■■:
.1  th.....    ■■■
M A CH   >
I'll.'    ;.,!!.•
* • th- bettei  .■
; holdei ■
Til,-   mOKl     ':' ■
\\t lOi)\V( >KKKW
Itiihljpf Tires  Applied
To Huggy Wheel*
SC400 a mile
of th-' i 'an i
New  Bruns\
■•nt the i ,;,..
inl ;i rental .■■
Tu that   ->-.-.-    ■
.      [!
.    <■■• \'f
•   ll  .
■      '       -
,        111
AND  MOTOtt CO'S  Hi' Vi'!.K-;      ,.i  twist  Id
l\Y|U!!i:i^  :i   Spt'CIJiliy. Tl"  '■•',';
Phone  5ii      •   •   •      P. O.   Box  213.  J"?5. "J   ',
i:,ti ristcr,   Stilii' lor,  i'l
District ol blast  Kootonay.
Tuke uotice     tlmt   l,  Roll Nlolison,
lutein! to auulj to tho L'bluf CutuiuU    \\      i      .   i   |-|»
bioner ui Lands aud Work* at Victo.     x
a, tU ., ior peimissiou in puicluwfl
following deticribed ,uudH iu Kast Ivoo
teuuj I'omtneucing at n post plunted
ay . L'Ommeuclug al .1 pusl planted
.ii thr south wi'si L'oraei of tituboi
licence So. 20000 and ruuuiug north , , , iimmpci A
.0 clmius,     thonce     west  21) chains,   ( '     ' '      ll|UUl'M    v
hence south SO chaius,   theuce   eusl I t;u i'isli»r,  Solirlu
20 chaius  to tbo  place ol  commenci Nnlnr\   I'ubiU'
iuent, containing lt»u acres more    ot
11    w.   DREW,   Proprietor.
1 1; \\i;i;i 11 il\.  11.1      «
Itoll  Nlelson
Dnted net. 9th,  l 10!) 11
IUM1KOOK I v.\i, His nili i'
District ui r;.i ,i  ku.n,-u.ii
I am: \ i si i  i   .
11 in
uiln     li. ;.l iii.ii.ni
i i; wr.1,'1 ii ik, ii i'
j     I    I   \I1M   \\\.
\| I   ||j  nun     iliil
111      I   iiiil   Sin vrj'ul
i'l! VNllUooK, ll.C
1     .    . .
Si     -is.,
**********************       *
A       *
li ,     ., I l.i.i
 ,    11 - \  -
Distriel ol blast Kooteun)
1  \ K I     \      . i     .
-..       .      i I  Wi
HltVll   III
l \ -,,
\\. Cminullv ♦!
i llll. i ;   \i in-.i       \\
I'Iu.     , nil. ,.■ I nil.   ll-
X' i
ii *
j    In glunrliu
, ,„,\ -ijit   •      r    * bronghl     down in I
A nn ul BGVKILisa line mon« thm   ut  ..
uun,  in any teason, but it is {" « i"'1'1-'
valuable in iniiny oilier ways. wondei    u th
A   lillle  addi;d   lo  Hashes thai wu   ,.,i:,t, --
nnJ Stews greatly improves :    It „.(llli(l ,
. ...
■ _
:.    Ill
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»*4»4>»4>*4>4>4>4> |     ♦
On Baker tiuet, one door'west
ol Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
... .. -,^^. ^.—.—
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
\\.   KI   I l.l'.IH'.K
,.  X. ■ l  fin
Iiiin  I.m  .:,.r.
1  11-11,      '
r food value. Try it when
warming Canned Meals.
' ,,- : ,i    iiiv  nil
I lie mnn ti, mi i-i     -,   :,   ,  , ner r - ■
I tinn  llii.ii tlmt   ivlin !i
Cnven     ul      the     Kdlsnn  thi ill -
'I'm siluy night.   Muthing ,    .
tho .niliii.iin.iii ol  tho .- in, .-in
I    In retiming to crlllci ■■ II itlj , .
dominions    loi   ihnttin    mil   ',
thr tlolonlnl Hrcretnf)      ihr milj
| -nii' course   the    .nili com ■   in ; i  ,■
ing   with   tin- growlne  niiti.iuitm   .
Ill,, colonies
We I )r.i! in I' i-i ytliino Kroin
II   \,-.-ilii' Ul il   I .iH'llllllllivi:
JOSiril II.  Mil I AN
I'!-:Al.t'i: i >.
All kin,Is..! Si',',,11,1 Ihiml 11 1-
l-'iiriiiini-i, .i  SI'KCIAI/TY
IIIMI!   HI'    I IK'S
Sago's ti
SiiiiiiI,  lliinsoii  Av,
I'lK.ni, yr.i
■ •♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>
;; W. Cline i
 -  !
♦ ill I I  Mm,
I, -i-l'i'ii »  ii
<» ♦
J ',            l-'ir-l  rln-s   Work   in X
"           nil   lii-iuii-li-.   ol   Ihc ♦
'•Tonsorial   Art ♦
♦ ♦
\ weclti Hi. Hntnt
.in, turning |tolltienl
sitinersnnlts, Ncki ivcet thc Ornn
brook Uuiii,!. ns n.siuii ,,ii,.i riii'iii „
mil decline ils i'i,.l,'|,iinliii..'
A   tt.illi|i lins In-ill    I iiliiu-       in      11
I'rcsldcnl s iirlvntn r;n . hnl  then I   it
mil  the liunsi n(     iiii   \ run .'. n
Stltlltiull   Mini    I'l'l'l >    1)11,1,    i-    ..nil,   frci
nml  fi|il;il '.'
\.   Mr    11,1i....i      tm   •:■,    |iu|     i
Ori-iil  Mill...is like Hi., run.-,i . Iuli
Iniii iln- Imniili,i„,ii-  ,,i  iu, indiistrlii
i|i|,l  ,'iiiiiiiiiri'iiil  |i,ii-|i.., I, v  iindcr    n
protective i.-.nil.
"So y I..n i     ilniil.     iidverllsin'
pnys'i Nope; I ndvci i isi.il :- r n wit,
,,n,-,- "     "And     fulled    i t  ..m"'
"Nope,  :-,,l   one "    tin iston   I osl
nun.Is  lis
11.1' . etc
now     |,rm-liii!iiiii.-     ih -ii     iiu-iiti
from tin- housetop
liis.. tin. hnl,ins
■..-. ii . &«£»
i -.
District ol Kust Kootenny.
I IKl     S   '    ■■
in   nil   .i it   i-
,l,l.-s   I..'.' Hilli
i x-   \.    1.
il    IH
; •■"   .i„- pub
'        .::. I .,     Uu»
i .   : ,.   .   ■■  . ' li '. is ,; incell
... ,, .... i ileserve pre-
.     ,. .  lnnds iiy
:. :      tnilel   tin   pro\ isions   ,u
,   ,     ■    .; ,.i the [.nnd An.
|,i pill i    1 iiiiiii.i-si.iii, 1    Of    l.illlils.
I.nlul    Hi pnrtlii nt,
\ i   11 i   , A ,,.,i i s,  I",'J. 36-12
Dlstrlcl ..I Kootenny.
TAki, notice Hml I. lidwnrd KI
.-oil. ui I'liiiiiii'iin: , ,,1-i-niniiimi Ileal
•'..;,..<■ ngeni Intends tu npply for
leruii  -n.ii  in I'm, ii.isr tin'  lollowing
'i-  ■ ;   lunds;  ■    Commencing  nt. a
... ,   plnntcd ;ii  tls      ini' i'siH'tiiiii ol
 ,:i. inminimi ,.i"     Lot   No. 331
■■ ip I with ilin south liiititiilnry ol
[ilu   11- hi  ..|     way  ,,(   ihc British
 ml in   Southern     rnilwny, thence
..n h i;n chnins; thenco rust 20
ihiiins; i hen, e south lln chnina;
li,-nci •■,.-! In chnins; thence north
,n i In ms more ni less in the south
ia inn imi- nt tin' Ilritish Colinn
ns Southern ruilwuy right nf way;
li.-ii..   fullowing  sniii   southern honn
.  i r'.v I It..ins mote nr less
,. tin   ,- -nn ol i omtnencement.
Bilwnnl  pllwoll,  locntor
■-!   Soptel   hei   21s I -l:l
.  * I  I  '  * l    Sk
V   '_ V.--'-'-iif.c!*>^i*lJ«e>rB
(nil       ll,-111
Tin- ■-.
rllstl ■!
m  t
,   Li   ,  WATERPROOr
J    m      OILED
m   WEAR WELL and
SOll) BY eisr
cuius evturmu
Town fJuuDiM Out, Ciohihc Co.in.toMeo. t*«
\   mnn  '
I In- rl.n-   lln
Tin.,   iin .
L    ,        ,,
Eastern   Canaaa
.   -.  i-; nnd Tni. it-.t-s ti,
Elntario, tiwm and
District ol Kust Koutenay
I 4K1-: S'otice iliiii   I    W.  II,    lluvls ,
l-.,si pltinteil ni iu-
l.i.i \... Miiu.lli.-iii-,-
chnlns,   thenco enst
MMV      VS.
r.-     ni     , ititurio    \'i-ii'i'iiii-ri
l nil,■-.-. 'I'm.-ill... in 181IS.
iilnnu-uml Meilnlisi .-i Me-KllllpWl-
•    lill.ll,   t'nll.-i','.  I  hi. ll:.....   Ill .   in   hllill
liogistVivil      is. ml..'.'     i.r      Urltish
- c-lf VNBKOOK, B.C,
;i,,,„i  Hollers nml Kurnnvi  Wnrl
CM lllltl Sklfll  KslilllUlua
i'ui'iiisln'il Upon ,\tiiilii'.i-
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>4>4>4>4»4>4>»»»4>»»»»»4>4>4>4>»4>
♦ 4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4»4>4>4>4>4»4M
P.O. Box 834.
Wiuren   Mull   Dnvls, l.orntur.
Uoorgo   \.   Torallns    Agent.        ■-
ii.,!.. s.-i ii -. tn,.   toon. 11-in , gt
Eubber  Dollar   Store
C w. vanwormeu, Prophibtor
HANSON AVENUE       •      -      CRANBROOK, B.C.
Wc Buy Everything
Iliil,SMS, STOVES, new and second band PURNI-
♦ WE SELL what we liave in stock at prices that
^ will surprise you.    A visit to tho Dollar store will con-
♦ vince you that we have the goods, and can save you
4> lil'iv per cenl on any goods purchased.
We Buy and Sell For Cash
District "f Kast Rootctmy.
I \ki;    Notlco  tlmt       i:i"i   iliinv  iltiya ,
mn' ilate,   I,   It.   M.   Womloll, of \\,\«'liii<-. I
t. c. nfciiiinUiHi elork,  hi tends i<> npi'i.v
or ppnuissloii  to  purclinso tlio rolluwltiH
i<-.,-rii„..i lnnds:-   t.'oninioncliiR at  <t  |ion
llillllNl    toil      I'll,lins    WOSt i'l'    UK'   «Olltll I
vuAt oiirncr or Lot So. 8U04, tlionco I
inrtli ill<ii tun- lUUKlred mul ton clinlns,
lieiico  'MM    iHti|   lliirt.v     oliiiliiB,    Hit'iir»|
17i'i     seventy    clinlns,  to nnhil   >)<
i-iii out,    coiiluinliu*.   in  ail  nhotu
live hiinili'Wl nnd  lii'i
W.   i;.   llliAT'l'i
l-'niu-nil Uiiwlin
| Phone 56
X m
,„„:   if
iji>r,i,,,iVi.,,V,,i,«,,„V'»,.<n.«nnnm.t4   41,
II     n-l:' Miirruy   «,.|.,l.-ll     l.r.lr.     I |  |^>0C|(V   M, llllll  1,11   CliaPtCV   |    i
(icurgc   N.   'I'.iniluis,,,,.    AROIIt. _    |'5 - *     A
ND. vm. ii. \. M.
i,-n,   I
District ul East Kootenay.
TAKIO Nut Ive thai t hicty dnvs aftei
dnta 1 Hulwri MncDonuld ol WycUn>. B,
c, occiijiai ion l)ook-kuejior, imoads t»>
Hpi'li' for ponnisflioii in purchase ilm
'nllmvliiy, dosciiliod lnnds:- Oouimonciny
nt it post nliuHitl nl Die south west cor
d.-r mi I...i No. .~>\>x-~>, thmico north (-10)
forty cli.iins. iliPiin1 wost {'•>:,, ihirl\
live' Vilnius, llieuoo soutli (loi tortj
, htiliib, lli-iire eiiNt tit.'.) thirty flw
cliuhiH lu ill" point ot coiumonvemotii
i-nnliiinini: in nil about \ 1 1*<> on*' liiUHl-
red  niul rorty ncres.
Hohcrl   MncDonnld,    Lwnlur,
Clofirge  Tomlinson,    AitonL.
Dtiti>il  Oftolmr "^.    1U0U. ^l I'1.
nili   ui
Marilii1"1 s'
Bdil rial i
I) i-   I' tn Doc, 111, in
tn return   ivilhin  tliroo
ii    i . 111'.. I mil    Allillltii'
li- Will    Ilr    nil    Siiil
Distrii't nl Kuti'b Kootenny.
Take notice that 1, Alice ItiiHnrll
intcml to npply to the Unlol Oommls
siiinri o< l.iunls unit Works ut Victor
la, H. I'., fur pei-iiiinslim to put'cliatiu
ihe following ilfHi-ribeii lnnds in Kn^t
Kootenay : Oommonolng ut u pout
planted ut. the south enst cornot ol
timber limine Nn. 20111111 uml runnin •.
north mi chuins, thenco eimt an chalm .
thence smith 80 chains, Ihenee west
20 chains to the place ol commencement, contnlnlng  100 ncros moro   or
Alice  [llissoll.
■12 SI
■& ,,,'1,.,'k. ;
i 4
^       Sitjniil-iiiiii:   t nmi'.itiii'!'- nn-   S:
IS eorilliillv Invltoil. ■!
IKK,        S.-.ril,,- V..
.In!. II
, I-.,,'.',   the
Tlir   i,-i
■ niul..nil..
.'1   .nnI limited   t,,     live!    ""IP{| l"'1- "h,  1009
dntc nf issue.
I    .. iifiiiii.-iril    l-'irst
1        'I-  ping  Cnrs 1111,1
11   .,,1 through trains
111     Library    Obsorvntton
1    Limited"   mil
'   press."
..[,   ll.
Tinee ,hr ■;    Express Tra'ns
') iiiv
**********************   thu
X    M [fill REREKAM lOOOt    Xp',«,"»""i •
X      ,  ,   ,,„,,.,-, II' '"•'    rnl
X    S'.O. Hiss I.   M   'I'nnnhnltser     X'""'""' """B
♦      Hec,    Miss Mae Obapman       ♦     Urunhronk nn
'.' in. innk
Francis Edward
Uiiuditiusii.r t'riiuiii 1 t 'ii.i  Uun,I
Lilinli'iniisler Knox 1':-.--1-\ 1 ■ ',-iiii,
Lul.- I'.:iiiiIiiiiiMi-i  His Mnji.-lj's Ili'Vi-l
\V.   I'li.-ili.-r.-
Violin, Banjo, <Itiiliir, Miiiulolln
niul     Rluntliii'il      liisli'iiiiituiTH,
Orchestra    Funiished
Phone 2S.1. CRANBROOK, ll.C.
IM..S. ,«i CIS,
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees
♦ PliACE nml CONTENTMENT will surely reign
I in the home if you use only
Makes Best Bread
n,,ililni'"cnn I   ' '' V''
i'.l    nil   |.,,llll,l'
Singer Sewing
Machines  do
the Best 'Work
ilnle,',1 Ml 11 innsl  'iuli.
11   -IIIm    ,,   ■n.n.l
________^___ _^_^    'I'h"   In
Meets in Cnrmcn's Hull 2nd nnd  nh|H
Thursday ol eacl nth ut I n.m.
A   Mci'nwiin, Hhiel   HnOgnr
0, A. Abbott, Secretary.
il    In
(I,'I   imiln
1 :  a '..bh t« tatt
i   j 01,0 , 1 :r,os« Ra>ors
ll  in-,mt i -i wllhoul  l,ISK  or
> voir y,Hrt, apply
' to u« foe
''     '-.I
BROOK    1ERIE 967
P.   O.   E.
 ,-,■!    I'lddny nl K |i.n,
- **«a*
Visltini; hnahiiti 11..id.; wekutire.       ity.
s ..1  thi   r i-„iiv,    ,
ore crowded, end ■ . .
os ilm returns from the proi Inee irei
nnnouneed thc cltenrlne i, ',, ,,i ,,,,
eontlniiotis, nml nt   11   1. "     .1
nrovinrothhtv *!',','"''.'•'„ .!'i"'i '  '   '" '    W'    l''"vr'1'   w   Prasldffil   PORSAUo   AT THE ORANBHOOK I      FOR SAt,H   CHEAP AND Tl
nrovinci  t» „n ,,,,..1,in-i,,,,,,.   „,„.,,,  I Wm     An,ii.t-.--.,n.    Secretary
• 1, lc 1'byalclan, 1'. u. liox 26. UHUG AND BOOK STORES RENT.
Tlif) Insl it lifetime mul msl
v i\ lillle more llian llinnvn
t<j..<■ 1 her, • il, lipeiiii). rlii-ap
macliines. Snld mi small
monthly paymt'iil   l'\p
Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
Armstrong Avenue.
Phono 167, Oranbrook, ll.C,
♦ Staple and Fancy Grocers
X********************i> *********************
* ^otenay
i ^ Steel Range ^
Fresh air is introduced into
the Kootenay oven through a
series of vents at the bottom
of bhe oven door, and the
cooking1 fumes carried out
through another series of
vents at the back of the oven.
(Arrows in
show mothocl
/~ of ventilation.)
™" The air in the
ovon is always
koptpure. The
natural flavor
of   every
11. r t i 01 e is
00 in pletoly
Everything   ,./
fcaatea most i, V
dolioious,        l-i =
Booklet   x
on request.
HI   K['>    Wi
• •
Conservatives  Endorse  Mr.  Borden's Announcement.
Ottawa, Nov. 23—Tlio National convention ot tbe liberal-conservative
part; was the lirst subject tuken up
in tbo ilrtft cnncuB held by tho party
In the session. Tho members of pur
liument usscmbled unanimously nnd
heartily approved Mr. Uonlcn's action in iiurioiiui'liif, tbo convention,
Great plenniiro was evinced nt the
prospect of having a thoroughly rop-
rcBentntivo gathering ol tho party ut
which all questions o' pulley enn be
thrashed out, and tho leaders enn
intH't nnd become acquainted witb tlie
mak and tlU> of pnrty workers mu
federations of time nnd placo will be
diseussfd at a later mooting oi Ihe
parliamentary party. That there will
bo nn entbuslustle gathering, tilled
with a strong lighting spirit and iu
AT $25.00
riMHS v/ntoli  in  tun- nf tlie befit
J    vntlies wc Iinvii ever shown,
Tlie ense i:> tuudt* in heuvy Ilk
t'dti und cuntiiins it hilly i(uii run teed
IS jewel movement,
lii;;iiiM(i   wiih   nny   moun**jriuti
nnd delivered post puitl to any
tKhlri",•; iti Cunudn- except the
Vukun   (ur $25,00,
:;: :n> iok CATAI.OOUB R
'in  Und ly  ill,uii.i,J  III une emu-
"iiii- •( Diumiiiidi, Jewelry. Sllvenvure,
l.c-itlur, Ails CllOtll mid Nmelliti, lice
Ryrie Bros., Limited
D4-I3A Yonnn Street
Singular Phrazo Used by Premier
With Hegard to Naval Defense
Ottawa, Nov. 33—The gossip of tki«
corridors is that Sir Wilfrid Lnurler
Is ndi.pting in private Conversation
with certain elements in his supporters u line uf argument with reference
to tho Canadian navy strikingly nt
varianco with the public professions
of devotions to the British empire
His attitude in private conversation,
it seems, is that a separate Canadian
navy ir. a stepping stone t», ludepeud
once; thnt when Canada has n navy
of her own she will be able to leave
the empire nr stay iu it. as she boos
lit. Kitting in with this rumor is
the remarkable expression which ho
used in bis speech iu the debato on
the address,
"My lion, friend,'* he observed"
also said that if we were to hut Iti a
navy we would be drawn thereby into European wars. Need I say to
my bou. friend thnt whether we have
such a navy or not, wc do not lose
our right to self government. That
If we do have a navy, the navy will
go to no war unless tho parliament
of Canada, including the lum. gentle
men, choose to send it there."
It is difficult to tell exactly what
this means, or if in the strict, sense
it means anything at nil. Canada is
in the Hritish empire, ber ships fly
tbe Union Jack, when war breaks out
the enemies wurships will attack
every ship they meet that files tho
British flag. They will not wait for
an expression of Canada's performance. If one of tho cruisers which
we are to procure meets a hostile
ship and this hostile ship summons
it to surrender and proceeds to fire
real shells into it, Is our cruiser to
wait for a resolution of parliament
before It (Ires a shot In retain? Will
our ship signal back 'Stop shooting
till 1 consult parliament?1 And if
raptured will ho report that the en
emy noted very unfairly in not giving
him time to consult tbc Canadian
house of Commons? Of course if the
Canadian Navy is to be entirely Can
adian as one or two liberal M.IVs
said in the same debute, the captain
may have been appointed by one of
Mr. Brodeur's patronage committees,
the officers may all have heen selected
for being good party workers, and
the crew may be composed exclusively
of liberal workers In good standing.
In that event die captain would have
a lot of explaining to do ufter ho bail
once met a hostile ship and might
be glad to be able to complain that
ho was not given time to consult
But apart from that, does Sir Wll
frld Luurier mean to suggest that il
war breaks out Canada will forthwith
abandon the empire, announce her
secession, and set up for herself doing all this after thu guns have lie
gun to shoot? A tine beginning for
our separate nationality that would
he? To stay in the empire as long as
peace prevailed and then scuttle away
at the approach of danger? To get
the last cent's worth of benefit from
the empire and then clear out when
the time came to help? All the other
nations of the world would brand
Canada as a coward.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier's course in the
debate on the address points strongly to his having internal troubles of
his own to deal with. The govern
ment has not made known its pro
posals, and the papers which will
show the exact state of the case have
not been made public. The opposition naturally declined to discuss a
matter on which they had imperfect
Information, but the premier insisted
on discussing it, having the advantage of knowing what the government
policy is to be, nnd of having access
to papers which have been so fur denied to tbe conservatives. His opponents thus were unable to check
tils statements. His speech was in effect an appeal to his own side to support the project of a separate Canadian navy. Inasmuch as the conservatives had given notice that, they
would not discuss the matter the
question arises why the premier went
to the trouble of making so elaborate a speech. The explanation is
that it was really addressed to his
own side.
tent upon the substitution nf honest
methods and a progressive adminia
tration for the present reign of graft
aud slackness, is now unquestionable.
Tho West Wants Hailwnys
The results of two provincial elec- j
tions ia thc west show most eonclus-
ively that the people want railways.
They aro not very much concerned!
just now about the cost, but they I
want the lines, and the men who say I
they will provide thorn are patted »>n|
thr back ami sent to the legislature
lo see that  they arc built,
Tho Conservative victory in British
Columbia yesterday     shows this Just \
as derisively as did  the Liberal sweep
iu tins province during the past win-
winter,   lu  Alberta  there  was a cry I
raised when the railway policy     was;
sprung on lbe people and there   was
nol. what many  people clnimed to he
sullicicnL time to discuss it iu its (Uf-
forent aspects.   But the electors knew
that they  wanted railways and they
sent    the    candidates of the Liberal
party back to carry on the work.
In British Columbia the case   was
exactly parallel,     with the exception
that,  lho pai ties were reversed.     The
Utt'omo was the same.
In after years when tho railways!
hnve developed the country there may
bo some kicks against the provisions ;
of the railway agreements which are
so joyfully uccepted, but for the
present the cry in the west Is more
railways.   Calgary Herald.
naval bill cauiukd by larok
majority in the house.
Melbourne, Nov. ar>--Today1 ln the
commonwealth bouse of representa-
tives the minister of defense moved
that this house approves the naval
proposals and that Immediate steps
ue taken to provide an Australian
unit. The resolution earned by 309,
the minority being composed of irre-
concilablo luborites. Fisher and other labor leaders voted with the majority. The Canadian Press Association understands there is a new mall
contract between* the commonwealth
government and the orient. The
Steam Navigation company Commutes operation Fob, 1, 1910, and
will have a duration of 10 years and
will     have     a subsidy of U7S,ftOi> a
V PERII;•'!•■ 1
-V wtjuJU bo lb'
nnd uieful Xmes *Ji
This bottle it *
glass, mounted with heavy
■diver. Sent postpaid, lor$
tntv adttres-t in (aiuujii ;■*••
Yukon   UaL't'b) the numbs
Ourhjn-1-,-"'    i:;ur:r*l   I  it) |.
|t the
•    IK2.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
I34-I5S Yonne Slreot
Edmouton, Nov. 26—Today three
of the largest of tho coal mines of
the Kdmontoii district are standing
practically idle, two of them being
out of business entirely.
Yesterday     shortly niter noon   the
miners of the   Kdmontoii     Standard
Coal Company,  who operate the old
City mines, sometimes known as the
Brenton ; the Harper Goal Company,
who operate the Parkdale mine noar
the Canadian Northern, in the northeast end of    the city, und the miners
of the Ritchie Coal company,  whose
mine is on Krnser Flats, walked   out
! of the premises with their picks    on
^ j their shoulders, and nt present there
Al        is no indication when these mines enn
i again in operation.
At the next meeting of the city
mooting of re- council, Alderman Mclnnis will bring
presentullves of tho Canadian, Brit- forward a resolution to provide f0r n
isli. Ne.v Zealand and Australian gov- board of three railroad commission
ermnonta will be held next spring to Ura to assume the full management
consider the proposal made hy Sir of the Kdmontoii Rndlnl rnilwny. His
Wilfrid Lnurler for a fast mail steam idea is to place the street railway on
ship and train service from LondonU thoroughly business basis and rein Australia and New Zealand via ' move it entirely from the control ot
fast trains across Canada and an IK; iulluence of the city council,
knot service on the Pacific,  —
awa, Nov. 2
buptist Uur.n
, Saskatoon, Nov. 25 -James Ashby,
; his wife and two children had narrow
j escape last nlgbt from being completely wijied out of existence from the
during the night
"A defeat, that was a victory," at
the morning service, and "a victory
that was a defeat," at the evening
service, as seen in the lives of the
two Sauls, will he the subjects discussed by the pastor C. \Y. King ol
the Baptist church.
Public Worship at 11 a.m   and 8.30 fYimes'of conl w
p.m.; bible   school at     .J ; Plulathea  in tnpir Hhaek
young holies and Baraca young men's;    u was nenr.y IU(tm tu(luVi whcn j
classes, and classes for everjbody.        shad,   carpenter,   with   whom   Ashby
Voting peoples union meeting ou had been working, thought it strange
Moutluy at s p.m., and midweek meet- thut thfl lntter mu, 11(jt tm.netl up tol.
ing fur prayer aad praise at 8 p.m.      Work  and   repatm|   to  the  shuck    to
A cordial, christian welcome to nU aaceKnin the reason. Limbic to gain
strangers. admission he burst open the door nnd
Ihe work of completing the parson- foUmi the family in a stupor. Mr.
age is progressing nicely. The electric an<t MrB. Asby were just hovering bound carpenter finishing will be under tween life nnd death, the baby just,
way this next wevk. nlive aaii     a soti ft(?en 14 waK quite
.  dead.
BryCG Relieved Of Duties for a Time i    He notified the coroner wim decided
an inquest was not tiecessaiy.
Washington,     Nov.    2tl—Tho report	
that .lames S. Bryce, the British ambassador, is soon to be succeeded by
Sir William Krniost De Hansen, who
is now ambassador at Madrid was
received in diplomatic circles hereto-
day as probable truth.   It has    been
The Defeat of Johu Oliver
The defeat of Johu Oliver, the opposition leader, In Victoria and    his
home constituency of Delta, Is an in-
,„  , it   ,   .... ,      ...  „, ,„ ,     dlcation that Mr. Oliver has outlived
i« IS .m A" ,msr °1' n ? Hi ft Mi usefulness, and that the people of
be recalled a least temporarily in. m ^^d this fact. Hlo d*>
ordor  that    the British Roveroment f no loss to British Columbia,
may have his advice on matters vit
ally affecting England and' the United
States. He will leave Washington
about Dec. I, so far as is known here
and may return in February. Then
President Tuft will bo formally invited to visit Canada when he goea to
Alaska next summer.
Liptoii Announces Plans
Queinstown, Nov. 22—When the Lus-
Itania arrived this morning Sir Thos.
Llpton was pleased lo talk about
"lifting the America's cup." Ho said
he will build two boats, with Fife
the di signer. The Shamrock IV will
he a BQ-footor, with about the same
sail area as previous challengers,
modelled according to the conditions
of tin1 universal rule, and the challenge lo be sent iu March next.
liig Herri of Doer.
Creston, Nov. 26—Molton Z, Bean
shot two line buck dcor a couple of
days ago just back of Gout mountain
Mr. Mean is ono of the crack shots ol
the Creston district besides being an
exceptionally lucky hunter. Deer are
very plentiful in these parts Just now
and one bunch uf KI line specimens
were seen yesterday only a short dis-
tnncofroin town.
~    lille a"irinbrotk Man "
Montreal, Nov. 2,r> On the body of
the man found near Alexandria pier
Monday last, a Portion of an envelope addressed to McLeod, hut with
the nuuie of the town hull' gone showing "Brook" was found. It Is
thought il may be George McLeod of
Crnnhi'o.ik, it. c., as Bradstreets
shows such a name in CranbrnoK,
Negro Terr, lily Punished
BoBton, Nov. 23-Tho ability of U.
Calloway, a negro of California, to
stand terrific punishment, enabled
hnu In last nine rounds against Jim
Barry of Chicago tonight. Calloway
was knocked out In thu 10th round.
as Mr. Oliver was an extreme obstructionist, a man that was dictated
to by the Ottawa machine.
Los Angeles, Nov. 26—Hailstones
as large as walnuts fell In various
portions of this city late today during a period of ten minutes, A sleet
storm followed a sudden fall in the
temperature, the fallen sleet remaining on the ground for some time, affording an unusual Right in southern
Ore Shipments
Following aro the ore shiptmnts
from mines in the Cranbrook distriel
for the past week and year to dale :
St. Eugene    as     111,5711
North  Star     17        2,015
Total su      21,591
Umdidg Pinishod on (I N. K.
Kdmiiiiloii, Nov. 2ft—Ono hundred
niul twenty miles of grading have
been completed on the Vogrovllle-Cnl-
cat'y C.N.It. branch and contractors
are hauling in tholr outfits for the
4,r cither ti man in- woman
more btmslble Xmim ftilt
ltd he found than tliU Ryrta
untu ii Pen.
i   [.,   liUi.il   with   a   H k
Jitii-i pointed pea nib, mid
ity dip,  Complete in cow
h fillei* and Inhtructionn,
? 1.011, In „
Ciimdii r«c,
,),.',    I,  ii,
V     llll J in,
,1 lho V,
- fiVH.
hunt, i nii i:u M.onutl n
o..< 1,411,1 .nit', i::,",,>,..,! ih im,s ,ui„>
I.,,,,. „l l„.,„-,'i.l-, J.,.,-,i. fiilrcinr,,
i  An, •;,.!. „„l Nnvxliln,Im
Ryr;e Bros., Limited
134-135 V..ni)" Strict
Notice ie hereby rjwn thai an ai>
plication will he made under Pari V.
of the "Wuter Act, 11JU9," to obtain
a licence in the I'raubrook Wnter Diatrict.
tai The name, address and occupation of the applicant Peter Lund ol
Wardner, it. CJ.
tb> Tho name of tlie lake, stream
or source (if unnamed the description
U)  .Mark Creek.
tei The point of division between
one half and one. mile ubove government bridge on St. Mary's iuud.
(di The quantity ol water applied
ior ijn cubic feet per second) tfoiirj
four cubic toot per second.
(e) The character of the proposed
works ditches and Humes to be constructed over lot.s 2378 und 2;t7'J «nd
Timber Licence C7i).
(I) Tho premises on which the water Is to bo used (.describe same) Lot
No. 2377, group one, Kootenuy district,
(gi The purposed lor which the
water is to be ut>ed for irrigation ot
(hi If for irrigation describe the
land intended to bo Irrigated, giving
acreage : tlie lauds are agricultural
lands containing thin- hundred and
two acres,
(j) Area ot crown land intended to
he occupied by the proposed works,
not ovor two acres on timber licence
No. ti70.
ikj This notice wan posted on the
28th day of October, 1909, and ap
rmid lands.
plication will be made to tho commissioner on the lath day ot December, 1909, at eleven o'clock In the
forenoon, railway time.
(I Give thc names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees Who or whose lands are likely to
bo nffectcd by the proposed works,
eltnor above or below the outlet. The
Marysville Townsite, Crow's Nest
Pass Lumber Co., and the Sullivan
Group Mining Co.
[Signature)      PETER   LUND
(P.O. Address)     Wnrdner, li. i\
District oi East Kootenay.
62^c per acre cash and 62^c
Take notice     that   I, Thomas Cad-: - 1 i?
patlon Corpentar, inteud to ap'pl) for UIJLwtS tJctCil       V Uttl        LH*-! tJCt^Jl
permission  to  purchase  the  following
pen ^^^^
described lands : Commencing at u
post planted on the west hank ot the
Moyle River, near the S. E. corner oi
Cooper's purchase, thence west lu
chains, tbence south to chains, thence
east to tho west bank of the Moyic
River, theuce following the river up
stream tu place of commencement, 15
acres more or less.
Thomas Cadwallader,
Dated   Sept..   23rd,   1909. 4^-9
District ot East Koutenay
Take notice that I, Sarah Ann Cadwallader, of Cranbrook, u. 0., occupation married Woman, iuiuud to apply lor permission to purchase the
following described lands : Commonclng at a post planted at the south
east corner of Thomas Cadwallader'B
pre omptlon, thence west 30 cbains,
thence south In chains, theuce east
30 chains, theuce north 15 ehuins to
place of commencement.
Surah Ann Cadwallader,
T.   Cadwallader.   Locator.
Dated  Sept.  23rd,  1909. \&-%
secures tn \
in the Britis
Kootenav ai
Grants. Ti
raising <>!
Columbia  Southern;   Co!urn
. Western Railway  Company'
se lands arc eminentlyisuited
na   .v,
.   Lane
(or  the
1 may !«• purchased
'anadian   Pacific   Railway
ire looking ft
r settlers Inr tin.**
given that
have    been
Public notice Is herein
tho following candiilal.es
duly Dominated :
William Farqubar Gurd, Darrtstei
Stephen  Hamilton Hoekins,  Civil
And further take notice that no
more candidates havo heen nominated
for the oflice of School Trustees than
there are School Trusters to be elected.
I hereby declare the above named
William Kanoihar Gurd ami Stephen
Hamilton Hoaklus, duly elected.
Given under my baud ai Oranbrook,
It. ('..   this l&tli    day   of November,
Returning Officer.
District of East Kootenay.
Tako notice that l, PranclH Wente,
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka at Vic
toriu, 11, C, ior permission to purchase the following described lands
Eaat Kootenay : Commonclng at
a post planted at the North East
corner of timber licence No. 9133 and
and running north 20 eliuins, theuce
went 2\) chains, theuce youth 20 chuius
Uience east 2n chains to the place (Jf
commencement, containing 4u acres
more or less.
Francis Wente.
Dated Oct.  9th,   1909. 42 9
District of East Kootonay.
Take notice thai the OrotherB Lumber Company, Limited, of Cranbrook,
H. C, occupation a lumber company,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
lands : Commencing at a post planted at the Northwest coiner of T. License 30554, thence West 40 chains ,
thence South 25 Chains, tlieuce East
40 chuins, thence North 2ft chains to
the point of commencement.
Crothers Lumber
Per J. I*
Dated October    21,   1909.
Co., Ltd.
'.  Bridges.
I want one male and four female
Goats, till adult (no kidsj. Provincial permits to export these animals
have been issued. Write me WHEN
you have something caught ready to
ship, but don't write till then. I will
pay 1100 for tne male and $125 each
for tho females, crated, f. o. b., any
oxpross office on the 0, V, H. All
itiUHt he healthy and unhurt with intact horns. Will buy from tbe lirst
mull who gets them,
DR. ClflOIL FRENCH, Zoologist
■i.' 4 WashittL'toD, 1). 0.
Notice is hereby given for the Information of Voters, that the Lieutenant Governor in Council has de
termined that the holding of a general election oifeis a favourable up-
[iortun,sli to obtain the views of the
electors on tin- question of laical Op*
For bucIi purpose a vote will ho
taken on the 26th instant, ut tbe
same time as thc vote for the election of Caildldates to thfl Legislative
Provincial  Secretary,
■17 I
I, Harry Bradford, of Wycllflo, D.C,
intend to apply Lo the Superintend'
cnl ul Provincial Police fin H trans
for of my retail liquor licence to liar
ry hid wards for tho promises known
and dOflCt'lbod uh ilu- WvdilTr Hotel,
WycllfTo, It. C
Wyrlllle   Hotel,   WydillV,   ll    0,
in.in< t of KooUna?
TAKK notICO I hi
date, I Itoheil Mi<
occupal ion booklte
(ilv ior ponniusl
following doscrll __
mmonclng   nl  n po. i. plunted al
District of East Kootouay.
Take notice ihai i, William Wente,
intend to apply to the Chief Com*
mlssloner of Luuda and Works ut
Victoria, B. 0., tor permission to
purchase the lulluwiug described
lauds iu East Kootenay : Commencing ut u post piuuted ut the north
east corner ol timber licence No.
mow and running south 80 chains,
theuce east 20 chains, thenee north
80 chuius, theuce west 20 chains to
the place of commoncemont, contain
ing I Ou acres more or le-js.
William  Wente
Dated  Oct.  9th,   1909. 42 9
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Clifford M,
Pennock, intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands aud Works ul
Victoria, It. C, for permission to pur
chase the following described lands
iu East Koutenay : Commonclng at
a post planted 2u chains west ot tho
north east, corner of timber licence
No. 9133 and running north 20 chains,
theuce west SO. chains, thence Buuth
20 chains, thence east 80 chains lo
tho place of commoncemont, contain
ing ll'O acres more or loss.
Clifford M. Ponnock.
Dated Oct. 9,  1909. 42-9
District of Kooteuay.
Take notice that Edward Kreiitter,
of Wllmer, B.C., occupation Rancher,
intend to apply for permission to
purchaHO the following described
lands: Commencing nt a post plant
ed 80 chains soutli of the soiitn east
raer of l.ot 7,004, Group one, (1),
Smith East Kootenuy ; thence
west 40 chains; theuce south 89 chains
more or less; thence east 89 chains
more or less to the Koulonuy river;
thence north 80 chaius more or less,
following tbe allure of thu Kootenuy
Ivor, to point uf commencement and
containing 320 acres more or loss,
13dward  Kreiitter.
Per Hubert Mather Clute, Agent
Dated  October 9,   J909. 43-9
t unt
640 n
1 rants
es up*
the highest character, situated
offered tor sale in blocks of fn
Maps. A
ilir address as ;
iln it ion Forms,
hown on Un- attached coupon
Regulations and Literature
District o! Kootenuy.
Take notice that 1, Sadie J. Mc-
Karhuie, of Cranbrook, B. 0., occupation married woman, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the
ollowing described lunds 1 Commonc-
ng at a post plunted at the north
•ast corner of Cooper'n purchase,
theuce west 20 chuius, theuce uorth
4 chains, thence east 20 chains,
thence south 4 chuins, to the place
uf commencement.
Sadie J.  Mcf'arlane.
T. Cadwallader.
Dated  Sept.   17th,  19U9. 42-9
Asst. to 2nd Vice President
Calgary, Albert*,
pertaining to your lands in B. C.
■ml mo all facts pertaining to your In
Train Load
or a Bag
the quality of ANCHOR DRAM) FLOUR
does not vary.
Whether your purchase be big or little ii
will bring that satisfied feeling of having
bought well. 9
Manfd.  by    Leilch Brothers   Flour Mills, Oak t.aUe, Man.
1 Guests Comfort
a Specialty   l.ooil S'ablimj in Connection
Nou 1 o*
■ rnilpotul ilopul.
a\-   lho   public
Mas uceoi
tineq imlli1
Dldtriet of Kootenuy.
Take notice    mat     Jtobeit  Muther
Clute ol Wihner,     1J.  0,, occupation
Rancher, intern! to apply for permit!
uiou to piirclmsf     the following dun
crihed landa commencing at a     pout
plant i-il at the tiouth eu-sl corner     ol
Lot    7,664,    Group one, (1), South
KtiHt     Kootenay ;     thence     went 4"
chnins; theuce BOUth K0 chains; thonce
enst 40 chains more or les-i to     the
Kootenuy     river;   thence     north   80 f
chaiUH following the     shore of     thei
Kootonay    Rlvor    to point of com j
iiii-nccuifni ami containing ;;nu acres j
more nr Iobh,
Roborl  Mul her Clute
Dated octohor |). iau». ia-«
Hot and Cold Hat Iks Proprietors       W
n s
Woman's most t.
to uwukt'ii 11 h.l 1:
worthy man, \\ 1
no uiie in ,fii: will
hhc vntiureN. I!.
lie***, unil dtT„n;i.
Itunliiii iiiiiii Im c
m man, Her i*en
her i'i 1 ud luu Its. i
■ml lierpntvet nu
the hsbIttiina    1! I
ower    1
Over Man (%
. 1 no power
■■-t line ol a
ni .muni
'111    »Clk-
i'iiAI,  AND
Hlxty iliiyn 11II111
liinnlil ul Wyi'lillr
I'pi'i,  Intimil  lnnp
1 tu    imrohaBO the
1    lllllllu."-
 In l"
1 In- Southwest   oomor   ol    Lol
liOSS, thonco  Oi nu) duly clmlna,
thenco wmit (3B) tliiil.y llvn chains,
tlinncc Hoiith (40) foi'ty ohalns, thonce
sunt I3.ri) thlrty-llvn olinlnn to point
ul commoncomont, containing in nil
about (HU) uun hunilroil uml Im-ty
iinlicit. Macdonald, Locator,
Qoo. N. ToihIIhod.  AkcuI
Dated Bout. 4. mi. 37
h horoby glvon tlmi ;ii
iluyK uun' dull: 1 inteiul lo apply tn
ilm Honourable Ohiol Commlosionoi
uf LandB mul Works (or u llconso tu
prospect for coul niul potroloum on
the following doscrlbod lands, situate
in Flathead, Kkwii -UM, district ol
cntti Kootonay, provinco nl itrit.lHh
I'liliiiiililn ; commonclng nt a pout
oltuated two    mltos    huiiiIi uml uue
IllilO limit ol till! mini lliimil  col mil' potil
of Int. h.iu, thonco south uu chains ;l
thenco cast nn chnlns, thonco nortli]
.sn ihiiiiiii, thonco wost mi chains in
placo ui commencement, contnlnlng
i.ln acres,
Locator, ICilwiird 0, Moo
Agonl, l>. a  Onto,
Witness, iv M  Oouwny    j
Hi I July 84th, r.ui'i 38-5
Dlstrlcl "i Koutenay.
TAKIO notlco Hml I, Oliver Uthol
licit Harbor, ol Oranbrook, occupu'
Hon chomlst, intend to npply tor
pormlssion to purchase tbc lollowing
described lands Commonolug ut n
posl planted CO cbains south uml 20
'hniii" mil of ilie i.i iii ill went cornoi
ui i.ni No. 'iiii, thenco went 20
chnlns; thonco north (id chains tu
rtt. Mary's river more or iihs, thenco
H.l, ul    ll
ll   '     I.
■ lur ";.,.
it i.: i
hi pure .ind hid
,l( liibCS it nnd
■rM -mi know th
mi huhufTer
t i.( her speciul
• ■• iwer lo (way the heurt
lit ilth Millers and she losei
ittruutivencss, her amiability
-ti 'e us u woman,   l»r. R.V. Pierce, of Buffalo
itifl ul uhlo phyiicianB) Ims preicribed foi nnd
lh'  l...s devUcd ii Ruccenful remedy tot i
is hr, Pierce's favorite  Prescription.   It i
(.•si.es nml disorders peculiar lo women     li pt
heals,    Medicine dealeri sell it.    No hnn
■ substitute in order tu make a little larfiei pr
L (I I'l
» ii pOlItlVQ
rlfics, n :;\i
dealer will
.in 1*11(1. tentii.i, .mi tireatihtn Slomncli, l.im mul Iin
I'n lie in line
'I iil'ii
lice,  iilli'l
my licence
ii  nn   the   IU
im hi
Uml I Intend I
iiiii'iiiliiii ui in
;ui dayiti fui u renown
lu sell Intoxiruting H<i
I'lni'ii'i known ui    iln
1 lands in lUasi
lot;  nt. u post
wosl    corner
Kootenay    Cornmsno
planted ut iln-   uortii
it timber lireneo No
20000 mul running   suiith su oliulos.
linll'l.   Wl
iimns, li. i).
down nfri
urn in  polnl.   d-ie no
nii oi
plui f <
lommoncomont, thenco
, ah
to place
of Commeuco'neir,,
' Oliver BllioHurt Barter, I.
Dutcd Aut-ust 29th   1J09.
nl'      OHANIIItOOK     MUNI01PAL
Persons    owning    proporty.    nnd
whoso nniiii'ii wore not nn the Voters'
1,1 il  im- 190!), mc icniiiiiliiil tliul   Im
tuic their names can ho plnood upon
ilie Voters' Lliil Im   1010, Ibcy   mmit
produce the Perdu ol    tbeir proporty
in tho Oily Olerk r before tho
iiinii nl Novombor, 1909, 47 2
District of Rasl Kootonny
Take    notlco    that   I. Will  J.
Qrogoryi Intend to npply to tho Oliloi
Commissioner ol Lnnrtii and Works al
Vlctorln. B c , fur nermlsslon to
piircbuse     thc     following   dcocrlked
thence wesl
•ui il in
the ill ice i
uu:  ''i'i  uu
20 chalnsi tbonoo nortli
thonco oaot 2u cbutnu to
.i commoncomont, contain
"i.. more or less.
li 1 ni
William .1 iirtgvrr
1    '.lib,   1009.                    42 9
ni \Nimonic i.anii nisTiucrr
DlHlrlrl of U3tti*l Kootonny,
Tnko notice that tin1 Orothorn hum
im I'tnnimiiy, I.uiiltcil, of ('rutihrook,
ccnpnl Ion, lunibor conipnnyi Intends
n upply im    pormlstilon lo purohan
11'    ll
-'1 '
described Inmlu, Oom-
ll post plnnteil ut the
outer uf tlmbor license
wosl lorty chnlns, thenco
five eliuins, thenco oast
theme north twenty five
n plnce ol beginning.
Crothers Lumber Oo.,  Ltd,
.1. T. Bridges, Locntor.
An-liut 20, 19119. 30-9 1'IIK  I'HOSI'KCTOH,    I'llAMlKiuiK,      B,    V-.,    SATURDAY,   NOVlSMBt
jsS'i«i^ii.iLi^i^.i.iTsiAB^''a^.^.^j»u--i^sacs  •-■-■ .-•" £
DRESS    SITIS    AT     I
$25.00   to   $40.0«
! ...    Veaudlc wns  in
:.     fl -
ore in
pi r KKi'i u>
1     DlVSK Suit
M IMI.   !
ssLim! as   »
tin- highest   i\
pe   "1   the
tailors art,   1''
1   Ill' llltV ' '1
design, i'i
-    i.i    f,   III)
and linisli,   pi
llei lion  nl
■'■  roiiei t
in ■->   "i   -1\ 11■
li" :.•   is
Hi illllll ;    111    (';
....    ...i,
V.'lll. il   In   i ' ':  ,
Mi ;■      ll
Pit    Keforn
put    suhtli'
.:   '     •      i'l
St\ If.   Lfl'lH '■ HI
into these  jjit'ti i-nts tl   '
art* i.'Mi  ->-i
1    ill    ■■"    '
than    l-'it-kvi
.nil       1           :
Dress Suits.
•il  Ki '
priees are  Im
Mil   nil   the
uunlilv ol il'"i
i.  silk
...   culls .ui instance    in Hu- days ol the       ORANHHOOK I.ANU DISTRICT
• ilcclino and   lull ol tho lloss govern District ol Kootenny.
• mini  in Ontario     \ Western Ontario     'I'nke notice    Hon   Intou  i:    Pierce
• member unmeil    I'ettypiece had made ol  Mnnistee,   Mlcl icupntion Cigar
I   .i study ..I iin- luxation   uI railways   Maker, intend*     to upply lui  permiii
 I hud imitated the matter, nnd had   Blon to purcuauc lln' folloivinK     ilea
. brouglil luriviini ii l.i.i ,.ii ilie subject, criiini |nnli8 Commencing nl u post
. u li. ii Hie lull was culled Premier Hum planted 210 chnina ensl and BO chaius
■•■ ..uni.imi'i'il thnl  the government could   north of 57 mile   posl on the eastern
. . • •• imi countenance the   measure. There    boundurj     ol     Lot 1592 und running.
 i -Mi   Whltnej     urged Mr. Potts    ,„„,|,     2U     chains,    thei nsl   80
"hl,r"   piece to   press   In     bill,     pr Isuig   chains, thence south GO chains, thonce
liim tbe entire support nf thc consoi west in chains, thenco north ll
Minn- pnrtj Mi I'ettypieco had nol chain tbence ivcal 10 chains to thi
tl'«n the courairo to du Ihis and sought to place ol cimimcucemeut, containing
withdraw il then ipon the conservn :;::n acres, mom or less
Uvea forced u i tc and ill Pott)
'' "A"   piece iiiliu'.li'il  the  Iwtiae Ihc amusing   Dateil  Ni
.pectaclc ni n uni.ilit'i voting against   	
Ilia own I.ill     lie has not  been heard
uii   ■■       " '"""   iiinii in i'..luics Mine Ui.'ii   The lad
.Uni  is .in      iusii active     example ul
.hut I declarations ol independ
11 town  ,,,„.,. tl>   niinistoriali i    inembei'i    mn
"inn   i"    li   remain    I n be    e n   in t
linn   erious Mi      Knowlea    eal     fot
n     ''  inn  iniui mil prove,   .m.i    Just how
•n.'ii :■!.   i  i,. iii,. thoroughlj
.. in ni.. I ii in si     .... , uuii i.i     which is
instil leu on ■ lie i n'.i -ni v  bench
in uthei   word     .i.n ne push his
.'■ ivurtl     .   i vole '
■ i'  :     il   11.ij'ic       .'.
i      tnil.l>
VNTON   It    I  llflltt'lil
inn i; ii >
Catarrh Cured
"'    .:'!■,.       itesl I'l'iii' iiy
Suits .11;
uie tn Mt
insure 1 >nh
$40       j
The Store of Fashion
Cranbrook, ll   t .
\    \       I lated ti      ii
• I
;. ■• ■      ttul
on   con
i ISt'ti    .,       .,    L>tll
ittlMfc     I'll,'
Uii ,,:.'■,. )      ■
v   ■■ Wnlki i*
• ,;   .-nti'i
, I \ I
■ • .,.'..
.     .      ■.              ■                       ■     ■
VNM .     (K  i  VNU DISTRli   I'
Disti lei ol Kootenay
: . -     \\ HSOO      Of
\ ■        occupation    Ac
inti ads  I li .ipi'U  for per
. -f iiu' tollowlus
■ ;      I'omtiieiicing itt    n
nt I ho south west corner
th ace     I'litiniiiy   south
it    Fti     chaius to timber licence
S     21582,    thence   enst forty chains,
■ rtb tu lot  5970, thence west  to the
i'i'.:.!,!! :;.
1 run euro rutnrrh, no nml lot h.»w
long Bt ami tni; <'ni.mil la uu intlant
matoi \ ..iii t'lii.ii ul nnj uiucouh mem
hratie lu which ttiere uro conge 11 n
uud swelling, either in the heart     ot
Hi iiin.ii h      HlUCO   i tiiiiiiu;    In Bolll hefl <1
ttMUij l hn>.' tin f.l ovoi BOO cftfl
en l positively kuavhiHuu ;> fine oi
money refunded. 9utumor i.-i Uu- time
tn get i i>l ol \ * "in catarrh, call and
nee me.
Craubrook, B.O,
tie   il hoc    neai    N,   A. Wttlllnger'B
BTho Largest Anatomical
.', Museum iii Hi.' West.
r»a w m
ill Men
. -
■IS 11
1'   .1    De '. nt S ■   '
.1      ■   .   .1 '.I •■
liur.'il  November  19,   1905
District ul Kootenny.
- '''        Ink., notice thnt     K. Oolden Filer
Manistee,   Mich.,  occupation   lum
•      ui   iiit,!iii> in npply for permission to purchase the     tollowlng iles-
crlbed lnnds : Commencing nt n pust
:il. lit.'.!  1 .".ii rimiiis emit  mul -10 cuaills
north i.i 57 mile post nn tin' custom
boundnry     uf Lot   r>'.i:> und running
north ii ehulns, thenee enst sn chnlns
thence  s..mil  -in cbuins,  thence  west
mi chnlns tu tho plnce uf commence
mm!., i uiiiiiiiiii
crcs, mure   nr
Dufeil   Nov.   II,   19(19. 17'.
f"fe,i I' \SK iniic uu have a complete stock
■** nl ilu Dreadnought Milling File.
lln simplest and most radical improve-
ii'iiii in liles over conceived. II you haven'l
rci'.eiveil .-i liooklet write us today. Following
is nn extract I i the testimonial  ol   the  li.
i '  '    'il':; Wire Co.,   1 .lil. :
I lamiltuii, (im., \n\. 27th, 1907,
\<- i.i.l.a we had an opportunity of trying
the lieu style Patent Viilling File, and are
luuiiiil to ia\ thai 11 does all you claim for it,
Youi lilt; was tried b) Mr. Maw, Mr. Herald
and the writer, and 011 everything from cast
steel and easl iron down to babbitt, the action
ol the I ittei material was just as you claimed
viz:    tii.11    ilir   Iiii'   absolutely   clears  itself.
Cranbrook, B. C.
,   ...,..-.,   V4->,5.Vy    M    *    ...
Dr. Kelly -Diseases of Mou. Twenty j
years' exporieuce In tbo treatment of j|
weakness, nervous troubles or nny i *
contracted ailments. A positive cure I ■•
in every case undertaken. Consulta ' '
tion free and strictly private. Treat ! *
ment personally or bv letter.
I Heating   and   Plumbing j
<■ *
*>         .  ,., - ~. ~      .^ -^ ^ ~.       *
In Su
— less food is needed llinn
in winter.   But it is essential
that summer food bo palatable
Oiir prices will  compare willi .ain   catn-B   u »■»■< with no uncortnin tunc timt      and nuiriiious, Thati» why
 "■■ ~     ' i »»«"   t0'(1  '"'"' Oliver w bo nway       ihe best of all summer foods is
lomies.   Try us and  he ciinvijiccd. | vrl "" ""' ■""""'"' B" ''",v"
llll!       Will   III'  llClll   ill
\ riii'i.-iliuii
»^v.=»—~*. %    s.ilv.'H.un  \,ni.i  Hull on Tucsilny
m   "Jovcmlier 301h In tbe afternoon.
C. P. R. Watch Inspectors
I   '   jii
I'llN'I'ltACTS SOl.Il'i'l'l'ii.
Fur   Snle ur Rent nt RcHSonHble
OllicciX: Workshop- -Lewis Si
^Ilione No. DS.
Tin' Leading Fniil Sioiiv
l'l.'i:>!'l.'\ l\i: i'llirni's.
I'l.I  US. I'R.MIS. I'll.MI-
II'I'I.IS, TlH.'Al (III li'is.
MKI.OXB,     'l'uMA'l.'l>.
ll.\X':i. Win ill Iri.l'IIK III,
irorl-si'iikiT lln' liilii'sl sense
ui apjiui'utns ilu' most stttis-
' nl luel uml uf liiliur. willi
illllj i'i|ii:i! lu Ilir Iiii' ul Hull in::   evsteins  ure   Installed,
lli'iiinil   11 i  lliese   reqiiireinents  exiietlv. »
II      iHfi t. ivllulili sei'vunl olllie luiuse owner 1
.   nu.       miiii! fur Hie elieer nml lieulllifulncss o( *
&          Inn                   illie       . lei ini li'.iiin v ui- ili'i'iiraliiil! uf liinilu *
«• ♦
*********************** *********************
nsslsti'il l.y locul tiilont,
I'uin'i'i'i  ,iiiil ilnncc nl tin'
ni     Der   Till.   Kiip    iii"
nui" nnen
Cranbrook B
'■■■       V    Dnlliis iiiiil.   [I'll   Alhili'i'  loll      mi
mmmZ!ESm^S^3&*M±*i3i ■^•••'^ »* \v,,„,in,.«   t„  attend.   f
i'i nveni mn    "i     railway   nn n.  wlilcii
i i iiinii' in Hml city on iln' -Hi'.
The resell ul tlie Local Option vote j
*****i,***<.**t**4******************t***i*«e«'*     In iii" prurlnco, ns  io tar [•ecelved Is
* -u   iiii'-'iiii'iitiiiy     us   I,,   mnlto   nny
f     -'  ni ui tii" rosnll  Impossible.
it ■
i     | Thi   Knox Club ol the Presbytorlnn
,    ^ "liiui'ii will i:i\-i' :i concert on Decom
i     * mi 2ml    There will be rocltlnB, sine I
i     O II, Iokucs .ni.l drills i.v Uie club.
'     iV 	
i     J !•'   .1   Smyth, editor    ol Ilm Movie |
T In tho city Monday.   Ho
X call il     nl    iln   Prospector olllco niul i
i     * |ileu mu  chul   iiiih Hi liiui
i     ♦
v i         rlcd   v...in;,n  an.I   yuiini,'  nirl
..  itreet • on Tuosduy even
' ii-. "l"i luim.  iiii'li't   tin' iin
)', "'            1.1ml   i!i"i   were  nol  known,
»        il        ■   re ii'i'il    The irirl-i cun'l
* Mi    .   ill nl Vancouver,    1.
* . '   '   il; nl i ,    .1     li     MrC.llnl'il'
* "'•!      ■!   It   'I'll.. f Spo
J       in   und     .)    Ami"! ..ii ..I  Vlctorln
» ai tin   Crnnhrook IVcd
!    *
i :
X    il ■  ; ii in e i'i Show how ttonl His
Lo -. : :■ •''• BontimontB Aro.
Till** I!
-",    ■'♦'
The Monteiius Piano Hou
■130   441   Hastings Street.
Vancouver,  B C.
Brai   ■   -■""■    !,;■'■ ih ie   itrei •   die
Geoi ."   Well h,   S-   . . ■   A |  .   ■' '
ro'«/Ji*i ""^ J    HUGH STEWART   1
vadTan girl
1 Oliocolatua urn lui   Lli<    iiiuii to' tmv ■■: ' tor Ilia , ;r. . ui
[o enjoy.
1 l*h*3 i,. linens, cimnlin de ;inil vartntv ni   cr:nn ol t Iiupo.ntos appam
i'i th - |. mln T* t, i ..
• l-'olry'K   'Oftiimllun Oirl"   'liot'OtJ-.tru  nt    :• tli   vvttli  oil- ubl cl
Ihui of corny. ■ .v Biitijiy,i»j Hip be ml 'ft
•Will yon 1) ■ on i ui Hi • i ■ Inln    lury
* ThOB     Ut' ';•■'.   '.'    ■'!   ell      '   ,T '.-■ .. iv   :   <\       HI n    ■■   ■ •
variety tint! nv-rj mdivitlnal niece l;i ol   mt r.i *'■■ ■* >i.        Mi  . i-ro
tlie daintiest, i ioji -l: i rums .  iii st !l r, - --J pii.Ko.-tci    ou   i
•Li l un Imve yo ;i venlkl
Hold wli 'iv i Hi-- i»".t Can liaaar ■  -• I
Folay Bros.  Larson tk Co.
iiiMiiMMWiHmiiiiioiiiiiim'.'.Btgg'reaa .    -.-. wn
H.    H.    STANTON,
Manager   tor   all    Eastern    B.L.    Busine
: —
************************4>i »**«<7»i!.«*»» I *****!
************a>********4****4i***'.'*>'<:<'<>*'-'!-*-^<'1> ,,,
ft UII- IU  .   nn       il ill   ll"   luli'i'   ,1    V0t0?
'.   Mi   to   K. Knowl-
A ember fol   Moose   Jnw,     linn
*"   III.'  ll" will  v.- in Hi"
:    "I Hi"   I'llllllVllli:    re
■    n      "I hnl   in  Mi"  u|
♦       ivci'nrnenl    lioulil
iii   il	
(ul'ilVirL" l< LtiJlSK 'V. -" mi, Hi-mil In
* III illli, "   "'I..ilv       Willi
liun^o   ■■ ■       ♦   ■ ■■   ■   '" '  ","1 '""i"""1
* "1"   l||l!    Ill fCH .nl I" .   I,I    III"   /ll'.
■■l-'t ?
'I    iwull    .'III,   ,',,,1.1,1
Cum! iii'
l'i .
I'.n    I .   I'l.M
f Mi    i'n  .■ iin action
I'lllll'.l      III    III!'. hull II"
> " difficulty in ii",vuir. it
«.   11 i'iy "iuli un the Ilii ul
'"     nui ' n    in i  ' "iiii..1   In   lilocliml,     in
Mnn     |i il  down by prlviiLii I
I'liibi        I  ii Inlei    luce ol  III" l	
'-'    UU     I.'"l'     tO
■f-JlB'■•'■II?' Fll ••i'-"li, "1  ON I'"'       '   111     - Iii move II     Me
ifj.it  . '■ -'-SSMll' '■ rUl'"J"1'1 '    ' In Ilu   i ".ii ni   i.i'iiii'.  nlile
1     flllBIWt--'"'-.'' ■,~'»,**'».''1™!>.,                                                         • i  ■ iiii)   cm   ntvnllve niemhci
I    '\V-TiMB|liril1ilM.t)i_'_    ■; I'll i   i   Ml          r "       '            «■ !"■".  .1 ii i" iniii- i,,i»imi a ir
♦ ■...*~*mmeW2f!kMP^'m--'                                                           A .. ,  t,., ,ii. ,i   win )„•
* ALL   KIMis   01    III ll.dim;   MATI.I'IAl. I   :C.l^\/:^ZiTB^n^l
I CONSTANTLY   ON    HAND. '"      SJS.'£ K„otv.Sr»how°''oi
*******************************************% iii"'..;'.^^..".^^!.^'^^^]^^.'^
re kead and Better km
 And the Reason for it
A STRONG I'l/il'lt nui only Of course tills b| Inl prncens i«
In- ninili' rnmisii-cinj. ivhi'nl. liiui,- cxpt'iiaivc lu upcrute hut it
Mnnitnlm hunt vvlii-nl is nckiiow iuenii8 u lul liil'mily flour iiflem
kilgeil tlieatrotigenl III the wurlil Hint's why wc use ll,
uml   Ihui In (lie   tin.I   Used   fur
I'mitv I'loiir. " HienHB lh.it I'lirlly V ■ i,
inude entirely ol lho hlghesl I'.i.nl"
Ilm Hint's nol nil.   livi'iy iirnin ll",M I1"1' "r ""' ''I'""!'.'"., wheal
of thin wheat coiitiiins bolt, high- '" ""' i11"1,1-
uuiii.' nnd loivgrade  properties. riineniiSH lilfrli-cliun.nl Hour
n.icp„„,ii„uil„.|ii|.|,,..„,.|,.|,i„ls ||Ml| ||l||(.|iin.   |ll|l|a „,„„„. bru|lll
from lira low-grade Ihe Western  , ,„,„., ,,„,„,„
l.ill.i.In  |.'|uin   IllilK pnl  Ihc   Illllll
wlicnlthrougliuproccSBmio.'tuctl.'ig I'miiv   limy cosl  n little inure
Hud nut ii single luiv hi.nii- purl llliiusuine lluurn, Imi rcsiills prove
linn Ihc icmotcst clinlicu of getting      It Ihu ehenpcsl uud  bl ci	
iu ivuli ill" high ninili'. ii nl uller nil.
■! ,..,.-.  ..j .......... i.f i.i.$,i.i.i-.,^Si..i-
To net the best results from
your fruit trees vou must put
nourishment  into the ground.
Dried  Blood   Fertilizer
Try Our    Ulood and Bone Mixture
P, O. Mot 3.    &
**<>****<!>*+*<>***,**<>**** **********************
* *
X Tf H     'H^, X
iii and Bacon!
Cl 11J   c
i inr Mimlii'il mimls ui'.. mIwiivh  IVt'sli siu.'li,     W.
* i >
* lll'U  mii'u  tliul   II   .vim   I i'i   Ilu' nn'  yi.i,   will  llgl'OO     «»
* Willi    ll!.    llllll    llli'V    111'!'    Ilu'    IlllHl     llllV.H'l'il     llllll      llll isl        I.
* 11
* WIioIqS.IIIIII   SIII0l<l*.l    IIH'llls   lllll    llllll-   I'li'l'   IMllOII. II
♦ "
♦ - • - J J
I P. Woods & Co.!
X        PHONE 57
*'t'<i"t'»'<*';v'.-^■■'.■;:-■:•: ■:■■• e***i><r*********************<>
« ■ >
21 y Binning
• >
' i
*****     .-,-■ -**■>■** r******vt,*i->**-*************
Illli "'-"^
Wkrtisrn Canada   I'l.tit'ii   Mit.is Cn .ny,   Umitjid
Olllce, Winnipeg, Jlu.i. Mills ot St. llontfiite. tlmlcrlcli  Hi   ulu
0, tl   WAED, M ;-..i- .;. ,t. LITTLE, Beoretnry
The Oranbrook Agency Co.
PHONE 380 p, o.  BOX  10
B. G.


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