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The Prospector Aug 29, 1908

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Array Li' lv.ry of Lc?. As
SEP 2-1908        j
''Ctqria. B' \a
Vo7. 14.
Is Shot Dead
Midway HotelManKilled
by Highwaymen
Due Murderer Wounded
Criminals will be hunted with dogs
Phoenix, Auk. 36. Tlie town of
Midway, it nines Hum hore, was ttie
scene ul u sensational holdup last
night when Unas. L. Thomet uf tlie
Commercial hotel was sliut and killed hy highwaymen. Two masked
men entered the hotel at nine u'cluek
und at the point of a mun four men
including Thumet were told to throw
up their hands. Thomet being behind the liar put his hand on a revolver und opened tire with three
shots on the intruders wounding one.
The straugei'H retaliated with an
equal number uf shots, Thumet receiving a bullet in the shoulder and
one in the abdomen after which he
staggered through a side dour into a
room. The desperadoes gut into the
room through another entrance and |
shot three more bullets into the body I
of the dying man. They made their
escape in the direction of Kerry,
Washington, but from the blood
found on different parts uf the tioor
one uf them is thought to be seriously wounded Three other men besides Thumet, including the local
banker were in the bar at the time
but no attack was made un them
ami the till was left untouched.
Blood hounds are being brought
from Spokane to trace the criminals.
Thomet was one uf the ioremost
marksmen in the country and up till
two years ago had been a provincial
constable. He is thought to have
become a victim of the highwaymen
as a result of having recognized
them when they held up Cruwell's
hotel at Midway a few days ago. He
kept himself fully armed and openly
defied trouble. The strangers were
evidently alter Thumet rather tiian
booty. Chcesaw, Greenwood, and
Midway have each been visited by
holdups during the past month and
this is thought to be the work of the
same pair. Provincial constables
Aston of Midway and Docksteuder of
Phoenix have been up the noitb fork
this week on tlie previous case.
A passenger from Midway last
night told a story of the crime which
would indicate that the motive was
not revenge but robbery.
Mr. Suiter, proprietor of another
hotel in Midway, was sitting upstairs in the evening about 9 o'clock,
when he saw two men, moving cautiously, approaching from the directiou ol the Chinese quarters on the
tint near the riverf He loaded a
double barrelled shot gun, und summoned his brother from the bur, who
also loaded a gun, nnd the pair
waited. The strangers walked
around the hotel, keeping carefully
in the shade and then walked uway.
Mr. Salter did not get a good
enough view to know whether they
were masked or not. Ten minutes
later he and his brother heard the
shooting at the Commercial hotel
which resulted in the death of
The crime, following on ho many
others of the same kind in Midway
of recent date has east a gloom
over the towu. The deceased ('has.
Thomet, was very popular in Midway
He was about 47 years uf age, und
lenveH a widow and flvo children, the
eldest uf whom is only IU years old.
Future of
Wheat   Belt
Frank    G.    Carpenter
enthusiastic over conditions in Western
Vancouver World;
have tbe Canadian
the whole uf Africa
niimd    mines,"  said
"1   would   rather
wheat belt than
with all her diu-
r'rutiK ti. Car
penter, when interviewed at the
Hotel Vancouver recently. Mr. Carpenter arrived in the city on his
second trip around the world. During the present tour he will write u
series of newspaper articles on "The
Awakening ol Asia," the first oi
these articles to appear iu American
newspapers about tlie first of next
Keferring to his recent investigation of conditions iu the northwest,
Mr. Carpenter commented: "The Canadian wheat fields will be working
when there is not a diamond left iu
Uut oven tne Canadian wheat belt,
in Mr. Carpenter's opinion, is not so
important as British Columbia, "We
have  repeatedly    heard,"    he-     said,
that tliis end of Canada is Lhe tail
of the dug, the eastern .prm inces--
the dog— being responsible for the
wanning of the tail. Very scon,
however, these same eastern provinces will find that the tail shows
every indication of wagging the dog.
"You are attracting," continued
Mr. Carpenter,"the very best of
American settlers, men uf means and
practical knowledge, while Cie general cluss of immigrants to eastern
Canada, though desirable, are men of
smalt means, who look to Canada
fur their lirst start in life."
Again referring to the northwest,
the man who hus caused to apiuar
in hundreds uf newspapers at least
three thuusand words every week,
since 1882, suid: "We Americans
must take off our hats to your government for the manner in which it.
has advertised the northwest, and
for its capable organization in respect to the handling of Immigrants,
Switzerland, New Zealand, nnd Ca-
nada lead all other countries in the
world in the matter of judicious and
effective advertising.
6.T.R. Shareholders dissatisfied
Toronto, Aug. 27.-Because of the
dissatisfaction of the G.T.H. shareholders, due to the recent passing of
dividends, the tirst vice-president,
Alfred Smithers, is on his way over
from England. He will arrive in
New Vork un Friday, and will then
go uver the line.
Safe Blowers Arrested
Winnipeg, Aug. 27.- The city police have arrested fuur men suspected
uf being concerned in safe bluwiug
exploits lately. Two uf them are
known to have hud records hut the
other two are comparatively young
men. There has been a regulnr epidemic of crime lately, the safe blow
ers working ull towns in Manitoba
They were turned uver to the provincial authorities.
Loa Angolos, Auk. 28.—Al, Knuf-
iniinii knocked mil .llm I'lyim In thu
ninth round tonight, ln the cloning
minute of tho eighth Kaufman floored Klynn for the lirst time with a
right and left to the juw. Klynn regained hit. leet before the count and
Kaiifinanii coolly floored Klynn for
tho Hecond time. The hell saved
Klynn and hit) seconds dragged him
to hiH corner. They restored him
sufficiently to answer the hell in tho
ninth round but Kniifinunn fired und
hit hln murk, Klynn's Jaw, and tho
Colorado imgiliKt dropped down und
rolled upon hlH hack, completely
knocked out.
Trouble breaks out at
Salmon Arm
 o   —
Victoria, Aug. 27.—Oae hundred
Indians at Salmon Arm just south of
Kamloops are threatening to go on
the war path, fearing that they are
ibuut to have their tishing rights
taken away frum them. Supt, Hub-
sey uf the provincial police leaves
this morning for the scene, the local
authorities stating thnt it. hns got
beyond their control.
The situation is a serious one. On
Wednesday two Indian chiefs were
summoned by the Dominion govern
ment fishery authorities fur setting
tlsh traps illegally. They were convicted aud sentenced to pay u small
tine. A band of tlfty Indians swept
down on the court house, rescued the I Imports,   four months,
Four Months of Falling Revenue with Increased
Expenditure.—Rapid Growth of Debt.
Decline in Imports and Exports.—What is the
matter with Laurier and Fielding?
We  have nuw  tbe full
nieut uf       revenue,
and debt lur the tlrst four months uf
cue fiscal year. Take tlrst the net
July    31st,    19U8   *27f.,5U,372
June   30th,    WOK     268(7lO,2»a
Increase   in   July     t>,80l,UgO
Uebt    July    31st   1907    253,001,66/
Increase     July,      1K07       2,335,655
Increase     in   12    months
official state-  inquiry    intu     Marine     Department
expenditure scandals early in    September.    Wheu
his Court adjourned, the Commissioner explained that if the Govern*
ment hud carried out its undertaking and provided a substitute judge
for the Exchequer Court he would
have had the investigation completed. But as things were going, the
Government had no   desire that the
of     nearly
....   6,663,460
million und
During the year the gross bonded
debt payable in England increased
by over $14,000,000, and temporary
loans obtained in England of over
Now lor the revenue,
Kor the four months iu
Same four months in
There is a decrease
$6,000,000 in customs, a quarter of a
million in excise, more than u third
of a million in railway income, with
a very small increase iu postal revenue. Por the month of July the following is the statement:
There is a loss of a
three-quarters iu customs, $100,000
in excise,$20,000 in post office, und
$211,000 in public works revenue,
mainly of the Intercolonial railway.
Next we have the expense account.
Current expenditure for
the     four     months,
1907       $17,191,663
Same   four   months,    1908 17,821,106
Increase          629,-143
For the month of July,
iyU7        9,595,339
Sume   month,   1908     10,857,163
Increase      1,201,824
While the expenditures seems tu be
a good deal less than the revenue
tor the four months it should be
borne in mind that certain charges,
like interest and subsidies, occur ut
stated periods, and that many expenditure puyments nre deferred. The
comparison must be made between
this year aud lust year. Hut two
things may be pointed out.
Wnile ut the end of July, 1907,
there was a nominal surplus of
$1.1,000,000, at the same date this
year it is less than $8,000,000.
While in July, 1907, the current
expenditure exceeded the revenue by
half u million, in July, 1908, the expenditure exceeds the revenue by
more than $4,000,000
Uut there is to be added the capital expenditure, which is:
Four   mouths,      1907    $4,561,611
Same    four    months,
1908      5,452,598
Increase     890,957
For the month of July,
1907      2,055,850
Fur the mouth uf July,
1908       2,684,502
Increase     628,652
Vet in 1908 only $93,3uo wus paid
iu railway subsidies uguinst $446-
237 iu 1907, and only $504,041 in
bounties uguinst $678,916 last year.
Lastly is the trade statement.
Here is u comparison:
22, 09,505 inquiry should be finished while Par-
hlefs and made ut! wilh them. Con.
stable Fernie, at Kamloops wus despatched to the scene but lie reported that the Indiuns were uneasy.
Chief Hussey has received instruc*
lions to ussuuge the passions uf the
red men by peaceful measures if pos-
ililc but is empowered to bring them
to terms if they will not prove
Hmiiu     porloil,
Fur tin' mouth
July,     IIIU7 	
Km- tlni month nf
July,     ltiiw 	
IHxportu im- tlm (oiu-
IlllilltllK, 11107    	
K.xports Hiiini1 period
Km- tin- niuntli ol
July,     1SIII7   	
Slum!   porloil,   Him ....
Hot-reuse Iii trmli', four
Decrease In trado In
... 88,007,094
R. W, Rigger, of Vancouver, F.W.
Adolph, of Haynes Lulu;, Wm. Mc-
Nair, of Armstrong, C. Humphreys,
of Spokane, und M. D. Hanafair, of
Rossland, were guests at the Oranbrook  Friday.
Drink at    Stewart's   Fountain,   he
has several new drinks tnut ure sure
His fcuL'tuin
equipped   for
to delight ull palates
is a beautiful modern
fectly sanitary, und
rapid  service.
.. 5,485,3641
Visits King Edward
Murlenbnd, Aug. 25.—M. Isowlflky,
the Russian foreign minister came
here on Saturday in u motor as the
guest, of Nelson o'shiuighnessy, third
secretary of the United States em
hussy ut Vienna, He paid his re-
spoctft to King Edward with whom
lie bad a short conversation. The
King Invited him, It Is understood,
tu muke him u more formal Visit
during bl" stay at CanlsWaod.
McAllister, Aug. 27. Nearly thirty
miners are believed to have perished
in Hulley, oklu., coal mine, number
one, ut Halleyville,  14 miles eust of     months     45,4110,000
McAllister   this   evening,     when tire
destroyed the hoisting shaft und cut     July     16,000,000
oil air from     the men   below,   It is
impossible to enter the mine.
After the miners hud gone down ln
the cage a lire broke out occasioned One of the Government organs in
by the ignition of a barrel of oil Montreal figures out thai Canada In
which a miner was trying tu divide, twelve years hus hud $1,000 000 001)
Tlie tlames spread ut once to the more trade than she would have If
hoisting shaft nnd the uir Shaft, there had been an excess uver 1896.
while all communication with the |Tlio organ gives tho Premier credit
tup was cut 00. Tbe tlrst Indication .of all this growth. Then why is Die
the people at the surface had of the , Premier nut keeping it up? Has he
trouble was the Humes aud Hmokcllost bis grip ur decided thut It. is
coming out of the top of the shaft, .time fur a depression?
Hundreds of minors rushed to the it bus also noun the custom tn
scene nnd tried to get into the Ilir!praise Mr. Fielding for the lurge
shaft, but this was impossible, as revenues und surpluses. What Is the
flames and smoke were coming up matter nuw wltb the Finn nee Minis
tbat way with such force as tu drive ] tor that bis revenues are all going
them back. Then un effort was made to pieces, his expenditures are climb
tu operate the cages running up aud ing up, and tbe country is rushing
hnwn the hoisting shaft, but It was intu debt ubuut fuur times uk fust
found that the cages, tho cables and jus it. ever did before?
the guides bud been burned. There. | on their own argllinonts, Sir Wil
wus absolutely no help for the imprisoned miners. They have been
there under the fire since 8 o'clock
this morning and there is nu hope! A DFt.AYED IMVESTICATloN
thnt they are alive. The property
loss win reach $5o,ooo. .fudge Cassels
liument was in session. Nor is it
likely that the two Government
counsel prosecuting the inquiry will
conclude it so that a report may be
mude public before the elections.
One of them has done good service
to the machine in Ontario, and the
other was a law partner of the Minister of Murine, under whose rule
many of the scandals begun. They
will yot get tlie Government into
more trouble than is necessnry.
ft will be remembered thut proceedings in Judge Cassel's Court
were adjourned in the midst uf un
investigation of the Wilson buoys
and tue Cunudian fug signal contracts. Concerning Mr. T. L. Will-
son, and his acetylene buoys, and
liis carbide, it hus already been
found thut the Government paid him
nud his companies $l,054,215 down
to three months ago. These further
statements were made:
Hy contractor Wlllson himself,
that he guve to u minister of the
crown $lu,o00 of stock in his carbide
company in consideration of tlie services of that minister in getting
other capitalists to take stock. Mr.
Wlllson iliil not need to say that the
prospect of Government contracts
was the strongest inducement which
a minister could offer to these other
Col. Anderson, Chief Engineer of
the Marine Department, testified that
he opposed the Willson contracts
and was iu consequence ot this opposition the lights and buoys were
taken from his control. He believed
tlmt the Willson influence brought
ubout the appointment over his head
of the Commissioner of Lights by
whom the Willson inventions were
Mr. Noble, Assistant Commissioner
of Lights testified that he was ordered by his superiors to certify to
accounts of which he had no knowledge, and that when ou the advice
of the Auditor-General instead of
certifying prices ''fair nnd Just" he
certified "prices arranged by the Department nt Ottawa," he brought
down on himself official wrath und
found u junior promoted uver his
The Auditor-General testified thut
he had censed to regard certificates
from certain officers of the Murine
Department us having any value.
Among such worthless certificates
which he mentioned us leading him
to that conclusion were those of the
highest officers of the Department,
Another Fortunate Contractor.
The Canadian Fog Signal Compuny is a Toronto concern which
makes an instrument called the
"Uiupboue." No less than $006.4112
was paid to this contractor ut tlie
end of the lust fiscal year, aud it
wus admitted on oath by the secretary of the contracting compuny thnt
the Instruments sold to the Government for $4,500 were made to order
for the contractor for $400. This
contractor has no customer but ttie
Government, which guve the promoter u patent without protecting its
own interest, uud pays him 1,000 to
1,200 per cent profit on his goods,
J lldgc Cassels bus nut expressed
many opinions, but he mude the incident ul remark thut the Government should have refused to pay
this man more than $25,000 profit on
transactions out of which he hus
mude $150,000.
This Is the way the cuse stands at
tbe time Judge Cassels resumes his
The Officials Heard From.
Now that the back districts of
Saskatchewan have been heard from,
all the constituencies at tlrst repurt
ed "In doubt" are claimed for the
Scott Government. Homestead In
spectors, luml agents, Interpreters,
seeil grain distributors, und the general horde uf Federal officials dlstri
billed in more remote and scattered
districts where they could nut be
watched, have evidently got. In their
wmi;, it. remains to be seen how
many pulls were held after the fash
ion of ttie "rabbit skin" poll of
1905, where the
down on the pr
selves recorded 150 votes iinnuimoi
ly in favor of tbe   Government on
Government Agent, J. F. Armstrong was inspecting the Gulden and
Port Steele roud this week. A general repairing of the road from Fort
Steele tu the Windermere line is contemplated.
E. E. Junes, came down Irom
Kimberley Wednesday, Mr. Jones is
a mining man, and is engaged iu
developing a property near the North
Stnr mine, which be considers a sure
J. H. Stanley, and G. Miner, of
Winnipeg, were registered at the
Crunbrook Sunday last. Mr. Miner,
has many friends in Crunbrook,
having been in business here during
the construction of the Crow's Nest
I'uss railway.
R. Randolph Bruce, of Wilmer was
in the city for several days this week
Mr. Bruce, is much interested in the
fruit industry of the district, while
here lie visited the orchurds of Mr.
Wm. Hamilton, and expressed himself ns being much pleased with the
condition, and the quality nml quantity of fruit which he   saw.
The Trustees of the I'ublic School
held u meeting on Tuesduy evening
to consider the best means of providing more accommodations for the
constantly increasing number of pupils. A room in the government
building will be secured for the advanced class of high school pupils,
The I'ublic Schools opened on Mnndny of this week with u large number of new pupils.
TO KENT. -Furnished Rooms,
with or without hoard, Inquire at
Prospector Office, or address Box M
Cranbrook Post Otlice.
Fire in Royal
Had to use ladders to
climb  Fence uud  then
wait tor kevs
special says:
in tlie HO)
Fire in
il Mint
aatura a)
inu   cordwood piled u.
uitir   became     igniteu
ail   the  employees   be
dcpiu LiuL-ia tOUUu
Linn* tu enter the
All Ottawa
the   basemeut
caused  sume
m gut.
caoi t coal
front ol tiie ii
ami, owing  tu
ill};   away,   the
it impossible i
i ne very security for Canada'b
coinage uguinst rouoery Kepi cue nre
ngn'ters out until the Keys weie
tattle uamage was done, as tho
structure is built almost entirely oi
stone und steel.
There wus un amuBlng scene out
siUe the huge iron fence wuich surrounds the mint, ihe armed police
man ut. the gates, acting up to the
stein orders given him, ausolutelj
refused to open for tlie firemen,
Chief Prevost then ordered ladders
against the railing, and tbe firemen
climbed over it in true burglar fashion.
Ore Shipments
Ore shipments from mines in the
Crunbrook district for the pust wees :
and yeur to date were:  ■ '
St.     Eugene (120 ....  I? 770
Nortli      Stnr  71     2,278 |
Begin Probe of Mine Accident*.
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 20. A cun
ference dealing with mining conditions existing in the United States
and the great number uf fatalities Is
being held here. Victor Wutteyie,
chief uf the Belgian department ul
mines, wbu arrived here yesterday as
a guest of the United States guv
eminent, is conferring with Clarence
Hall uf the geological survey, who
iu charge of the government expert
mental station here, and J. W. Paul,
chief of the department of mines oi
West Virginia, A thorough investigation of recent mine disasters will
be made. About September 1 Captain Desborough of England and Heir
Melsner of Germany, expert mining
engineers, will join Mr, Wutteyie in
the investigation, for whieh congress
bus appropriated  $150,000.
McBride Fires
First Gun
McBride tires tirst huh
in   Dominion  coAtest-
Makes Notable Address
The tirst resounding gun in th
federal campaign boomed from th
little town of Sidney on Sftturdn
lust, lt was tired by Premier Mt
Bride and a dozen of the leadin
Conservatives of Victoria and N-i
nuimo at what was perhaps the moa
enthusiastic and successful politico
gathering ever held on the Island,
great Conservative picnic inun gun;
ting the campaign >*t Mr. V 11
Shepherd, tlie next member for thi
district in the federal house,
In addition to tbe rousing speei
Premier McBride, which was nut onl
the feature of the meeting, but is ti*
first notable utterance In the federa
campaign in the west, there wer
stirring speeches, ringing with th
promise of victory, by Hun. R. G
Tatlow, Mr. A. E. McPhllllps, M. I
A., Mr. Frank Barnard, president i
the Conservative association, it:
candid and exhaustive review of tl
local situation by the candidate, Mi
Shepherd, who was in fine flghtln
form, and by Capt. Clive Phillip:
b of
Celebrate Labor Day
Total   001
New York to Paris by Wireless
Phone in two years
New York, Aug. 27. -Within two
years this city will be in wireless
telephonic communication with Paris
or such ut least Is tbe confident ex I
pectutioti of tbe DeForest Radio |
Telephone Company, which hus entered into a contract with the Me 1
tropolitan Life Insurance Company j
for the use of its new 700-foot tower I
ut No. 1 Madison avenue, where the
wireless uppurutus is to be installed.
In tbe Eiffel Tower in Paris, nt u
height of 930 feet, apparatus differing slightly from thut used iu the
United Stutes will receive the vibru
tit ins transmitted from New York
and send messages from French soil
to this country,  if the plan succeeds.
Slate Deposit Discovered
10,057 1 Labor Duy will be celebrated thi-
'yenr under tbe auspices of the citl
zens of Crunbrook and tlie Trade 4
Labor Council. There will be i
good programme of spurts, baseball
football, etc., and a dance in tht
evening. Everybody Welcome. Am
u guud time expected. Posters an
official  programme  later.
Boss Croker Honored
Dublin, Aug. 27. Richard t'rokei
has become au honorary burgess of
the City of Dublin. He signed the
roll nnd received from the Lord Muyor a certificate granting him the
freedom of the city.
Messrs.   HawthornUv-vaito   ami   Smith
delight audience by throwing flirt
at each other.
Saturday last was the ureal pollt
leal washday in N'unaimo, being UlO
occasion ol the much-talked of de
hate between Messrs. Hawthornihwaito and Smith, urisinfi nver the
challenge ol the latter tn the former
t.) meet in a joint discussion ol their
respective careers. The affair was
held in the open air on the green,
and attended hy a crowd estimate,!
at nbout mu people.
Mr. Smith, much to the dollgut of
his supporters, rend extracts from
speeches of Mr. Hawthornthwaite he-
fore the split    eame,   endorsing   his
(Mr    Smith's I   actions
The Socialist leader uot after Mr.
Smith strongly on his attitude tela
tlve to the oriental question and the
settlers' rights question, in both of
which he scored heavily against him.
Considerable crossnrlng took place
between the men in the replies, and
hut little progress was made. The
audience, or that part of it that
showed any outward interest, seem
ell tn he pretty evenly divided, al
though the Socialists were the nni
sier, so much so that they had to he
brought to order by tbe chnlrmnn
on  several   occasions.
Toronto,  Aug.  27.--  A  valuable de
posit of Hlate hus heen discovered in  loss is 1125,000.
lino district, north of New l.iskeard. ' taken to I'nllon
—o— ;
Vancouver,   Aug. 27.—   It   appears
that the Liberal nominee of the Do-
mlnton house   will have the support |
of no organ     here   during the campaign,
The World, which bus heretofore
tlown the Liberal flag made mention
of tbe nominating convention In un
article of only ten lines yesterday
giving the bare announcement of the
candidature accompanied hy no edi
torlal mention. Tonights issue of
the paper makes absolutely nu men
tlun of the campaign or of its candidates.
Stories ure Hunting ubout the city
coming from reliable sources to the
effect that the paper will not sup
port any parly because of the full
ure of the Liberal executive to muke
satisfactory arrangements and that
there Is a possibility of L, I). Taylor, the manager of the World cum
Ing out as Independent labor candidate.
A positive announcement wus made
here this afternoon thut  Joe  Martin
would stand as   Independent   Liberal !
candidate uu mutter who else wiih in |
tbe Held.
Uuu,  Aug. 2(i.   The    railroad town
of Hazen, torty miles eust    of Reno,
wns destroyed   by lire   Sunduy.   The
Tbe   homeless were
; Winnipeg, Aug. 27. It is rumored
on good authority that the C. P. R.
is sick of the slow progress of tbe
mechanics' strike und negotiations
will start tomorrow to end it. General Manager Bury went to Fort
William lust night and developments
ure expected tu start frum there.
Is Sure of Liberal Victory at
the Polls
Vancouver, Aug. 25.—The Liberals
in convention tonight nominated W,
W. li. Mclnnis us their candidate lor
Viincouver, MacPherson having been
appointed un his recent retirement,
postmaster here.
The contest was keen, Mclnnis receiving a majority of only two vutes
of tbe 507 ballots east. His vute
was 2H!t. VV. I). Deli Karris, the de.
tented Liberal candidate fur the city
in the last provincial electlun receiving 168 and Hurry Benkler, K.C,
receiving  134,
The nomination "f Melnues was
made unanimous,
Mclnnes, in accepting, predicted the
Liberals return throughout the Do-
Political Items of Interest
Ottawa, Aug. 27, R. L, llorden
will leave fur the murutime prov
itiers tu opon his political tour un
Saturday. He will uut be buck ut
tbe capital again till September 21)
ur in time tu open the Ontario portion of his tour al Pembroke on
September 21. Details of bis tour
subsequent     tu the Toronto rally uu
September   2.i   have   not   been   ariang
ed ns yel
World's Fair Postponed
Aug, 27.   It  is   confidently
.ussortod thul the government bus di
three   officials sat elded tu postpone   the International
rle and all by lh     exposition    which    wan to have b i
1012    for    a  period  of live
Nu announce
frid and Mr.    Kidding   must
.thut It is time for a change.
illdate. DuuhllcKS there will be In ment ol!l
quIrloH und recounts. itm in nny [until tho
rme the opposition bus curried some eiited ure
sixteen constituencies, und appear to |
have obtained about half the vole of
tbe   electonite.       Pufortiinulrly   fi
ally uf ibis   will ho
nuiuir governments
is due tu resume his
A limit arrival    from Prln
perl,   states   the     I .inly Mill! h   ('broi)l
ric, i.nys ilmt John Houston will In
all probability oppose William Blonll
lu ('niiiln Atiin Mr Houston will
run ns an Independent, mul if elected
will i-u tn ottawn without nek now
lodging party ubl (gallons uf any
kind. As yet tho Conservatives have
not placed n candidate in the held
und Mr. Houston Is mulct the im
prcKsloii that the light will be be
tweeti Sloan nnd himself, in which
uie   eiecioraie.       mrort iinnleiy   lur j ncif   nmuuaaauui event   he might   count    upun     many
ministers they    oontOfltod ronstltiien o Consorvntlvo  voles,    However,  a few
clOS which were comparatively well Tokio, Aug. H7. It in believed thut days may change tbe situation, as it
settled   and      independent.     Su  three   the  successor     to  Count   Kamurii  an   is  understood  ut   Victoria   thut   Itob
out of four were beaten, though une Japanese ambassador at London win erf K. Oreen, sooner than permit tin
uf those got returned In u second be Huron Mal'.ino Nulmraki, former seat to go by default would contest
and  thinly settled cuuntltiieney. ly minister uf education, It himself.
New Ambassador
It is reported that Mr. Clifford
Sifton will tuke completer charge of
the Liberal campaign in tbe went.
Joe. Martin nays, that "Members
of tbe government became enormous
iy rich while iu office, without any
apparent means of enrichment ex
cept the power placed lu their hands
by  virtue of  their position.
"Never in    the history uf  Canada
bus      there  been so    much  rot ruptii u
ill   public   life  as   In   the   lust      tWOlVO
yours,     It  has   permeated   every de
pnrtment  of tin- government "
Current Topics
l-'oilowiim Un- Pernio fires, comes
news ol u hlu/c In tin- forests ol Van
couvor Inland, In which two mflllou
dollars' worth ol Kliimllm. I llu 1)01
him   already none   up In Hinoke.
Wouldn't It in- ii Bootl iili'ii io send
Willie Mclnncss liiiek to the lio-zon
north until llie crops nre harvofltod.
The hot uu Iniin Ijis vnpotingd
inlnllt sel the prillrlOS ou lire
l.nnl Struthcona atates that holms
!now eroHHeil the Atlantic over ono
hundred tlmoK. 'I'he tlrst tlmo n
I look six weeks in u wind-jammer.
I lie hus crossed nine times In a
j period of thirteen months. THE  PROSPEGTOB, CRANBROOK, ll C. AUllUST 29, IDO1*
—a dirty* heart-breaking iob.
a dean, record-breaking job.
Situated " singly " over feed door
—on  some furnaces.
Situated "doubly." same distance from
each other, same distance from feed
door    on " Sunshine "  Furnace.
Operator can easily clean e\ery
bit of soot out of radiator
Fire put out. srnoke-pipe pulled
down   on some furnaces.
Fire stays in, smoke-pipe stays up    - on
"Sunshine "  Furnace.
be cleaned out any time in season without trouble.
dirt, or " fear of chilling the house."
Have   you read    'l'l"-   Black Bug".
,,ne ol th.- new     I ks and     :. most
exciting     on.-  -Craubrook     Drug   &
Hook   Store
©Ije liroaptxior.
l-.STAIII.lNtll-.i»    I**"
A. B. Grace,
PATMORE BROS., Local Agents
1 NORTH   STAR        ?
Kimberley,   B, C.
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor,
I Patmore Bros. j
I Tinners, Plumbers        ♦
Heating Engineers
Steam,   lint   Water  .mil   Ilni   Air  Systems. ♦
Scientifically   proportioned   and  correct.     *
mm* mm* kmf mtr mir mm* mm*-mm* *&&t^^k9*mm*:mm'*mAr*mT %■ *Am- %■ ^ mf mT mT *mr mT
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1 Tlie RUBBER DOLLAR store i
9                          (I. VV. VanWOIIMKH, I'lioi'HIKTOli **
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Head Office, Mum Otlio. for East Kootenay,
Califitry,  AlVmrta Oranbrook, B.  C
Thr lolhiHliif i -mimm art .tttrri:
I'um Year. Coumefni Uenfeeof B.8&
Hires Vmm'Cotinw-foi Diploma,
A COLLEGE OC APPLIED SCIENCE, •  11 ;"*-'"-' Mln'ralogy.
AHllialrd In Quern's llnivmilj. *<"
School of Mining
I'r-r Catrn-lm *<t  tin   -,
InforiMllloil   H|iflv Lo ih.
■>f .iNimi:  i.mi: .n-M  Uui.
,l | hem ien I ItfiKltifennH
/ Mecliaiiiciil Vuy.oirnmg.
e i->. ttiuii rtuulne ring,
A (llolOKV  lllll   I'llbtll   linillil
5ATUUDAV, Alt.1ST 2l», 1U08.
THE Torunto Sews, whicli, though
it leans to Conservative views, is tin
Independent journal having no uartj
Eilliance or ontangleiuent, sizes up
the political situation toi the ilomin
ion in a leadei vhifh is evidently the
work oi its editoi in chiel, J, 8.
Willison, the biographei and mlmli
i:    i|  sir Wilfrid Lu ■   ■
The News suj i, Lu part Public
opinion is steu III) turning agaiusi
the adminibtration U lost ground
seriously dui Ing the lasl session ul
parliament The opposition Ls gain
ing  in  spirit, 11   ■ otHMence
and in the goudwill   ol tht  country
■   ltui thai   Mi    Hordeu has very
wild   ijualil ■ i        He    is    iii
■ irmidable
■ ■ . has thu capacity   ioi
that hi ■   icious and
he i hoos
he cannot  In1 stamped) I thai  he
■   -ru sti ■■-  »i    ' ei  petty
- i .
ikes ti nn i  | eadei
a   luta the affection u
i i peoph     i-'   ■■
years   .-     Mi    !■■ rdi u   was
it the coun
try     His authority* in his owi
Even   -ti
 :   ■     the peo]
Mr. li v
ul    mill i      -<> .."•   b
.-.■-■,::  the  m stei u
':■ .* yeara      have
passed rl een thi
nspi   .   is u great nn
il party
. ■ ..-■...        ti age and
LUtinci 5 steadily grown
-■ ■   :._- :     ind thi   goveri    eut steadi
His part)     as showi
creasing     tntty ig*ri • ss   i ues -
The Liberal party I) is is - trely
grown tin ■■■   rest less    - ind dis
In Britisl ■-■■- a     weak and
chaotic tioi    las bi en  su ceeded
by u strong and popular Conservative governmenl In Sew Brunswick
.i Liberal government, supported by
the whole strength ol the federal administration, was decisively defeated In Ontario tbe Liberal party as
constituted liy provincial purposes
has been nnnihilated In Quebec
signs of disintegration begin to appear, and, whatever may be Mr.
Bourassa's attitude in the federal
contest, it is certain that the main
effect of Liis movement is to carry a
certain confusion Into the ranks of
ollieinl Libernl patty. Moreover, ii
is understood thai the Conservative
managers have been exceedingly ac-
tIve ami wisely prudent In directing
the reorgnnizntion ol the party in
Quebec, and In choosing rami Ida tes
for tlie general election, and that at
least tin- contest will be fought with
vigor and with method. It seems to
lie admitted that the opposition will
take a snlisiaiiiial majority out t>f
Manltobn, and that the government
will lose ground in British Columbia.
It Is said that generally the Conservatives will have stmng candidates
in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and
tho evidence produced at Ottawa of
improvident dealing with the natural
resources of the western provinces
sin hi Id iu some measure overcome
the enormous power exercised by tlie
officials ol tlie Interior department
in these constituencies.
Furthermore there bus been a si^-*
nWcnnt change in the public temper
since the last, general election, There
is a growing intolerance of waste
and graft, and a far mure general
disposition to muke honest and thrifty management ol the public business tbe chiet consideration, It. is
recognized that the lands and timber
ni the west have been prodigally
handled. It is known that a fatuous
and criminal fealty to the patronage
list has added millions to the public
expenditure, The revelations of the
royal commission on the civil service startled and shocked the country lt Is known that the government plunged Into the transcontinental railway project without adequate
surveys ami with grossly Imperfect
. nowledge of tho probable cost of tho
enterprise, and while tm one would
now propose to hloek or delay run
itruction, it is fan to hold ministers
to account (or their misleading es
timntes, and this huge waste ol public money involved in n reckless po
litical  duplication  ol  tho  Intercolon-
If  the  im.mces  have  unl   drifted  in
to ci mfusion    it   is certain     I hat   we
• noi moiiH     borrowings     In tho
money markets,  'hat   ihe an
ir,,i.  expendflure  has    gone     hoyoiul
the hundred     millions,  and  that   Mr.
Kit Mini' t only  device seems to be to
*quandei   -'iii  more millions in order
to   -nil.' public opinion In a hundred
local  communll les       Moroovor,     tbe
■ eminent    seems    to    be     utterly
ml; ipl   hi    reforming    energy, and
-   '       tllj    lo     tolerate   hul    to    UggHl
iti 1i v many ol tlio aliases which
" n  old   Liberal   parly,   through   long
eni    ol   „ [itution,      was  pledged  to
le ': .. flu the greal apostacy Lo
pi     in i.i;  i-IkIiLh consummated In the
"■ tern autonomy acts Iiuh lell a
multli ide oi  Liberals lu all  the pro
men angry .uai mi lion, shamefaced
uml    ,. ilogeth   In fare ,,i ihen  hered
I <  .    pponenl       The   truth  Ih tlml
• •■" |d i n thn i|ue.,hoN ol protect ,
#hen   llm   [ovcrnmenl     Iiuh hiiIjh	
'. il li.pted ihe nlil Conservative
|>nlh . .! tin- argiinusiltH which Lib
feral laid agalnsl Conservative rov
■'' menl    In  ihe elghlIns and  nitiei|es
rnll  nm   .'.nh crusl  Inrce upon the
Lnurlei    ■ : -.. 11, i -.f r f! t ,   nml   the   nai
■mil ..ih.nee ol the nld Liberal ule
menl I with Mr Horden rnther than
with ti,,. federal mlnlslors. 'Phis
mm ' mean n [evolution in public
sentiment as exproBaod at the polls
in i he Impending contost, and must
make l ho i ■■ no of tho struggle at
the lonst gravely doubtful for the
Remarkable   for
Watch "tf"
flavor. The big black
plug chewing tobacco.
The attitude ol Conservatives all
over Canada today, in icspcct to the
likelihood of an early appoal to tbe
country by Sir Willrld Lanrlor, Ls
"bring on yoar elections; we're
ready." But. on the other hand, our
Liberal friends are displaying n tlm
idity significant In the extromo Thoy
are no longer in a lighting mood
have, In fact, taken to the trenches,
in n last hope to hold tho Held
against the mighty forei which Is
marching dow n upon t hem     \ lei oi In
• • * *
\ lot ol people -'te spe< ulal Iw
aboul the date of the forthcoming
. li , elections They ought not to
no disturb themselves 'l'h'' crop - in
tlie northwesl are attending to that
and Sir Wilfrid ha - Ills ear to the
• • • *
Vn Ottawa  despal iy ■ thai   Mi
William lialllhei    M I1    roi   Kootenay
is in i iti iw.. endear n lug I n i om luce
the   powers that  be   id   Ins   lit ness   for
o place on the Hallway   Commission
Mi    Gallihi. ii ed    his  retire
ment  from    polities    too    soon ll he
wants ti   'ei Ire witl    i  fa I  office
• • * •
Signs u1 iU«  Limes
General     Election     t'ossible iu Two
Months      Vnnouucement    Expected
li is noi expected that the date ol
th«   .i ;.* : ul elections v, tl.  be announ
,t    least   three   week-..
Preparation ol the voters' lists is
rapidly and everything
will be in readiness in time for vot
ing any tunc subsequent to Octbber
20 The general impression is that
the elections will be held the tlrst
week m November.
Sn Wilfrid Laurier arrived in Ot
tawa on Monday evening alter u ten
day s vacation Hon. t. P. Gra
ham and L. P Brodeur arrived In
thi city tins morning and a cabinet
meeting is railed for tomorrow when
it is said important business will he
disposed of, including the appointment  of civil  service commissioners.
H 1, Borden, the lender of the opposition returned to Oitawa this
morning after three weeks' vacation
,m the coast of Maine. He will pro
bably leave here on Thursday for tho
maratime provinces where lie opens
a campaign on  September 3.
Good progress is being made with
the printing of the voters' lists and
so far as these are concerned there
will be nothing, it. Is said, to pre
vent holding the elections in November. In the meantime both parties
are getting ready for the lineup.
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Cranbrook Drug
Book Store co.,Ltd.
Although tlu Laurier Government
has heen inked fore and aft by the
guns of the opposition and corruption exposed sufficient to send a
dozen governments Into outer darkness, do you, gentle reader, for one
moment think the evil has been
checked or one Jot or tittle of the
vile stream stayed?
Not n particle.
The Liberal leaders have gone too
far in their evil ways. They can
only lloat with the corrupt stream,
they cannot go against it or dum it.
They dure not, It must go on Increasing in evil until the government
is thrown out  of  power.
Look nt their record.
Millions for  railway  subsidies.
Millions for  Public  Buildings.
In Nova Scotia alone no fewer than
one hundred und forty-eight harbors
will be given Government aid at nn
outlay of hundreds of thousands of
Wherever money can be spent It is
poured out like water.
Our timlier is given uwuy to grafters.
dur fishing rights und privileges
given to politieul favorites.
our lunds and minerals taken Irom
us for huge trusts to fatten on,
Our citizens deprived of their
rights as free men.
Down in A-lgomn a lew party favorites got 80,000 acres of land belonging to the Indians for n song and
cleared up over $90,000 on the deal.
So it goes on throughout the Dominion,
The public debt, is now over $100
per family of the population of Can-
udu and it. is still piling up.
Forolgn money markets are becoming ulurined and our bonds are a
drug ou the  market.
It is high time for a change- Ed
monton Journal.
Comparison   of   Fleets
The Dilke Return of Fleets (limit
Britain and foreign countries) is an
annual official publication showing
tho Hoots of Great llritain, France,
Russia, Germany, Italy, United
States und Japan, The White Paper
just, issued gives comparative tubles
of the strength of these Heels on
March IU, 1908, Including ships of all
classes built and building. On duly
3 Inst year when the Dilke Return
Tor 1907 was issued, it contained
some highly misleading figures. An
examination of the returns fur the
current year shows that again, in the
ease of Hrltlsh ships, no information
is given us to their reudiness for
Taking the return as it stands, hi
eluding all warships In existence, ir
respective nf thoir condition and
their fighting value, we Iintl that In
battleships tho llritish fieri, is below
ihe iwo power standard. The accop
t.ed definition ni Mint tdundard ia
thnt the Mrltlsh Heel should bo equal
In battleships lo n„< Hoots ol any
two foreign powers combined, wilh
an addition of te  cont.
Cii'iit   Britain       Mi     Germany  ..'l'l
United Stales, ,..21)
59 59
Oreut  Britain        . x     Germany ... 9
Bnitt'd   Slates ... 5
Painter and
We place our paint
on top.   WHY ?
Because it has  the  purest  white   lead  for  Its base and  wheu
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and   OATS,    aiR!  wc can now supply
any  quantity of same.      Also  have   sonic
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
PHONE 57 Head Office. Calgary, Alta.
1     ^ CRANBROOK     "
1 m   HAmnT
dUlhL m
Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection i
Ncaresl lo railroad dcpol.    lias accommodations   iin-   ih,.   public   unequalled  in '/I
M Hot and Cold Baths
Proprietors E
Geo. R. Leask & Co
IMI. Ill IX tun
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
Harvey, McCarter & Maedonald
CRANBKOOl.,     -   .11.1'.
Solicitor, Etc.
Granbrook ■   - British Columbia
Craubrook, H.C
G. H. Thompson
Cnmbrook, B.C.
P.U.S. * CE.
Fort Steele B.C.
P.O. Box 2.1(1. Phono 223.
Mining Engineer,
B.C Land Surveyor,
± Dr. E. W. Connolly
Physician AND Suroson
OIBoo'i Armstrong Ave.
',', HOURS:
, *   H to 11 ll.lll.   jj] to 1 p.111.   7 to H ll.lll.
J | Photic Ollli'o 105.   Uosldetico 109 '
F. O. E.
Meet overy Friduy ut S p.m.
Visiting   Brothers  Corditilly    Invited
Chas, Smith, W. Presldonl
M. I). Billinqs, Seoy.
Aerie Physician, P. O. Box 2S.
s Rocky Mountain Chapter 3-
j| NO. 126.  B. A. M. I
3 Regular meetings:—2nd Tues- £
•s duy In each month at eight %
3  o'elouk. s
\ Sojourning Companions are £
5  cordially Invited. |j
•8 Wm. V. Tatk, Scribe E.   1
i *
tt       Dux 4       CRANBROOK, B. C.       *h
Court Granbrook 8943
Visiting   brethern   cordially   Invited
P. MoKENNA, Chief Ranger
.1. SIMMS, Secretary
I'-iiiii-riil Director
Stoum Boilers and Pi oue Work u
Cost mul Stock Estimates
Purnlslioil Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Cranbrook, b.C.
gg Cline
Ol tin- ol.l Mniiiniliii Itni-lii-r Shop
nm now lio found ill tlio
I'li-st (,'1iihh Work In ull branches
Of tile
Tonsorial Art
Great West Life
Assurance Companys
Actual Resnlti' to Poliuj Holders
Fred. W. Swain
Cranlirook,11 0., Armstrong Av, TUK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B.C., AUGUST SO, 1908
District of Kootsoa;.
TAKES notice tbat Hugh M. Sliuw,
ou Nuuton Alberta, occupution furm-
er, intends to apply (or permission
to purchase tbe following described
lands:— Commeucing ut a post planted uuo mile north ol tbe suuth east
eorner uf lllock No. 42-1, tlience nurth
SU cliuius. thence eust stl chains,
thenee suuth Ut) chains, thence west
811 chains to point of commencement
und containing (i-li) twin's more or less
Hugh M. Shaw.
Dated June, 3rd, 1908. 25.
Kootenay Central Railway t'otnpuuy
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Kootenay Central
Railway Oompany will he held ut the
head office,, Oranbrook, B. C. at 10
a.m., Monday, "th September, for
the election uf directors and for the
transaction of other general bus!
W. A. Maedonald,
Dated at Oranbrook,   ll.C, 1st August,   l'JOS. 'it
-Kuriii   F.)
Certificate of   Improvements,
NOTICK. Kenilwertb Fraction
Mineral Claim, situute in the Fort
Steele Mining Division of Bast
Kootenay District.
Where located:— Near   Wolf Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that James A.
Harvey, Free Miner's Certitlcate No.
B-1303, acting as agent tor John E.
Humphreys Free Miner's certificate
No. B-1435 and Johu Swenson, Free
Miner's certificate No. B-132'J, intend,
sixty days from date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tbe above claim.
And further tako notice thnt action
under section 37, must he commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
J. A. Hurvey.
Dated this 14th day of May, 1908.  28
District of Kootenay.
TAKE notice that Charles K. Harris of Cranbrook, and John W.
Sprague ot Nanton, Altu., occupation ranchers, intend to npply for
permission to purchase the following
described land:— Commenciug at u
post planted at the South west corner of Block No. 424, thence west 80
chains, thence soutb 80 chuins,thence
cast 80 chains, thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement containing 640 acres more or less,
excluding all land in Block 4691.
Churles K. Harris.
John W. Sprague.
Dated June 10th, 11108. 25
District ol Kootenay.
TAKE notice that Gertrude M.
Harris of Cranbrook, occupation
married woman, Intends to apply for
permission to purchuse the following
described land;— Commencing at a
post planted near line of Block No.
425 and close to C.P.R. ruilway
track, thence north to Harris and
Spragues purchase, thence west to
railway track, thence along railway
track to the point of commencement
containing 100 acres more or less.
Gertrude M. Harris.
Dated June 10th 1908. 25.
District of Kootenay.
TAKE notice that John T. Cooper
of Nanton, Alberta, occupation fnnn-
or, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
lands:— Commencing nt a post planted at the south east corner of
Block No 424, tlience north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chuins, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chnins to
point of commencement, containing
640 ncreB more or less.
John T. Cooper.
Dated June 3rd, 1908. 25
(Form V.)
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTICE. Mystery Mineral Claim,
situate in the Fort Steele Mining
Division of Eust  Kooteuay    District.
Where located, un Alki Creek,
about three miles Irom head of St.
Mary's Lake.
TAKE NOTICE that I Robert
Dewar, Free Miner's Certificate No.
DC104, Intend, sixty duys from the
dute hereof, tu apply to tho Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And   further     take     notice     thnt
action,     undor section 37,     must be
commenced     before the    Issuance of
such Certificate of Improvements.
Robort Dewnr.
Dated this 4th duy of July, 1908.
Electoral District   of Crunbruuk.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat Sit.
tiugs uf tbe above Court will be held
at the Guvernment building, Crunbruuk, fur the disposal ot cases
every Wednesday, at two o'clock p.
: at Muyie every Saturduy ut the
same hour; uud ut Marysville, Full
Steele and Wardner ou such days
and dates us may bu uppuluted iu
the proceedings.
All debts uud demunds not exceed
ing the sum of flou can be sued lor
uud recovered In tbe abuve men
tinned Court uu Summons and
Judgement, Garnishee (either betore
or ufter Judgement) or on Iustul-
meut Order which cun he enforced by
commitment if necessary.
Instructions for pi-oceediugs eau be
handed lu    tu   the     underiueutlunad
Clerks ol the Court., viz:—
F. R. Morris, Deputy Sheriff,   Craubrook.
I*. G. I*..utli.   Provincial   (\iustuble,
Moyie,     or to
Joseph Walsh, Provincial Constable,
Fort  Steele.
Joseph Ryan
Dated 22nd day uf  June, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after the publication of this notice
in the B. I.'. Gazette, 1 intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner uf
Lunds and Works, and to the assistant Commissioner ul Lunds and
Works for the district of East Kootenuy for a licence to prospect lor
coal and petroleum on the following
described lands, situated on Aknminu
creek, about one half mile east of the
forks uf said creek and Kishenehnu
creek, Block 4593, Enst Kootenuy
district. Commencing ut a post
planted near the South Kootenuy
Puss trull, being marked "Content
Elton's N. W. corner poss", thence
south Sll chains, thence eust 80
chninB, thence nortii 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to the place of
beginning containing 640 acres more
or less.
Content Elton, locator.
31 John Gloyn, Agent.
Located this 8th day nf August 1908
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTICE, High Peak Mineral
Claim, situate in the Fort Steele
Mining Division ol East Kootenuy
Where located: About three miles
north ol the St. Mary's river, and
live miles west of Matthew creek.
TAKE HOTICB that I Thos. T.
McVittie, F.M.C, No. B6112, Agent
for Chris. Kolle, Free Miner's Certificate No. 6075, intend, sixty dnys
from the dute hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action
under section 37,   must be commenced before the   issuance of   such Ccr-
tilicute of Improvements.
33 Thos. T. McVittie.
Dated this 17th day of August 1!>08.
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements.
Notice Bull Dog Mineral Claim,
situate in the Fort Steele Mining
Division of East Kootenay District.
Where located: About three miles
north of St. Mary's river and two
miles west of Matthew creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I Thos. T.
McVittie, F.M.C, No. D6112, Agent
for Chris Kolle, Free Miner's Certificate No 0075, intend, sixty dnys
from date hereof, tu npply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate ot
Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining n Crown Grunt of the
above ebiitn.
Anil further tuke notice- that action
under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Thos. T. McVittie.
Hilled this  17th day ol August, 1908
*%hs Uttwpector.
Special Council
What   tlie   City   Dads'
arc doing tor lhe welfare and Prosperity
of the Commonweal th
A special meeting ol the City
council wus held in the council chamber on Monday evening of this week,
ut which business ol Importance to
the commonwealth was discussed.
Thoro were present, His Honor
Muyor Fink, and uldormon Ryan.
Jackson and Baker.
Records ol the last regular meeting were read, and on motion of aldermen Jackson and Baker adopted
as read.
i'iii- lollowing communication from
Government Agent Armstrong was
Tho City Clork,
I have the honor tu Inform you
thnt I am advised by the Public
engineer thnt the Government will
tuke over the Public Building for its
sole use, provided thut u clear title
to the site thereof is obtained.
I remain,
Your obedient servant,
J. F. Armstrong.
On motion of uldcrmcn Ryan and
Baker, the- communication ot Mr.
Armstrong's was accepted and referred to a committee of the whole.
Alderman Ryan, then addressed the
council and suid: "That he had been
informed that Mr. Baker hud received un offer, by private parties,
for the purchuse of the cemetery,
and that he, Mr. Baker, wished that
the city council be informed of the
fact, antl to hnve the council inform
him il the city desired to purchase
the same.
The matter was then discussed by
the council, and it wus their impression that the cemetery should be
secured by the city, that it was not
to the best Interests of the city,
that private parties, for speculative
purposes, should obtain control of
the grounds.
Alderman Jackson guve notice that
at the next meeting of the council
he would introduce a by-law authorizing the city to purchase the ceme-
The communication from Mr. Armstrong was then discussed by a committee of the whole, und it was the
opinion of the council that the offer
of the government, as expressed in
Mr. Armstrong's letter, should be
accepted, thut the present quarters
occupied by the Municipal government were not stlfllcient nor adequate
for the transaction of tbe city business, thut a more suitable building,
nearer the center oi the city should
be constructed, which would combine
ibices for municipal affairs, and the
transaction of city business, a City
jail, court room, also quarters for
apparatus of the Fire Department.
That it was nut advisable for the
city to secure by lease, and repair
the present building occupied by the
city ns a court room nnd jail, as the
expense would be quite large, unil
not to the best interests of the city.
The matter was then referred to a
committee of the whole, und the city
solicitor. Tbe city solicitor was instructed to consider the matter, also
tu Irume a by.law, giving the council the necessary utithority to obtain
a loan of J15.000, also a petition
from one-tenth of the property holders for the purpose of bringing the
matter before the council, und securing the consent of the people for the
transfer of the present public building to the Provincial government,
the raising of funds for the construction of n new nnd more suitable
building, and the purchuse of the
On motion of aldermen Ryan nnd
Baker the council adjourned.
A   Reliable   Local   Salesman
and adjoining   country   to represent
(850 ucros)
Trees . grown on Limestone Soli
aro tho right trees for British Columblu planting; much hardier and
longer lived than CouBt trees. Wo
have thom tho right size and age.
A permanent situation to right
party. Territory reserved: V**t
weekly.     Outfit Froo.
$1000   REWARD
The sum of $1,0011 will be paid lor
Informntion leading to the conviction
of the purty or purties who set the
lire thut consumed a skidding of logs
situated a hall mile west ol Little's
pre-emption und two miles northwest
ul Wattsburg. The tire wns started
at about 5:30 p.m., today.
Dated 6th August, 191)8.
The Wattsburg   Lumber Co., Ltd.,
Por A. E. Watts.
Write for Particulars.
Fonthlll   NurscrleB
(Licensed by B   0, Government.I
Toronto, Ontario.
Weak Women
To weak ud tiling women, there In tt leant ona
way to liL>lp. But with that way. two treatments,
uiiut lw combined. Ono is local, one 1» cormt tit-
tioiuil, but both ar« Iinportant.  both uttuntlul.
Dr. Shoop'i Night Cure in tlie Local,
Dr. Hhoop'a Restorative, the Constitutional.
Thufbruifir— Dr. Hhoop'n Night (hiro-taa topical
muuoiw iii'iiiibmiiH suppository rumuily, wliili* Dr.
Hhoopi Restorative Is wholly an Internal trent-
nnint. The Keitorative NMbM throughout thu
entire Hyntoiu. seeking thu repair of all nerve.
all tiHHiic, ami all blood alhin-iitH.
Tim "Night Curi-". ui its name Implies, d(H-» Its
work while youaluep. It MOttlMm>r*-and liilluin-
e'l mucous mirfacuH, heal* loi-al wi-ukm-mm* and
diachHrgi'i, while thu ILi'Htorutivu, mm nnrvuiii
exclUiiiitiiit, given renewed vigor and amhltloti.
bulldi up wiiKti'd tiHstieii, liriiiguig aboul renewed
strength, vigor, und miergy. Take Dr. Hhoopn
Kentcirative-TabletH or l.hiiilil-aii ti general toiilo
to the Hysluiu.   Kor poiitlve local help, use at well
Dr. Shoop's
Night Cure
What Do They Cure!
The above question i< often asked concerning Dr. riero6*a two leading m«ii-
clues, "Golden Medical Discovery" aud
"Favorite Prescription."
The answer is that "Golden Medical
Discovery " is a must poteut alterative or
t>i>i-!d-imfiii--r. and toulc ur iti vigors tor
uud acts especially favorably In a oura-
tlve way upon all the mucous lining surfaces, as of the nasal passages, throat,
bronchial tubes, Stomach, bowels aud
blu.ldeo. curing a lara-e i>ercent. of catarrhal cuWs wh-'iht-r the iiiseiiM: affects tbe
nasal passages, the thmmt, larynx, bronchia, stoma L'h-i as catsfNu] dyspepsia),
bowelst(as mftMua>*Rrwtau. bladder,
uterus or other liT-Tvie orgttffib Even li
"" "   'jout
iflfOBig i
illmgtm,  III   mm\mm
affmitimW Ir k-.fL.-n yuccosful In affect-
_ -iJie" Favorite Pirscrinllon"
ing tonic and norvtao, Tor weak worn-
out, over-worktHl wi iraen— no matter what
has caused tho breuk-down, "Favorite
Prescription "will bo (omul most effective
In building up the strength, regulating
thu womanly functions, subduing puiu
and bringing about a healthy, vigorous
condition »>f tlio whole system,
A book of particulars wni|iseach buttle
giving Ui<: furiuuliuul both medicines und
quoting what scores id cut ll tout mod*
leal authors, whose works nre consulted
by physicians of all the schools of practice
as guides in prescribing, hay of each In-
grouiuut entering Into these meillclues,
Tho words ..I praUo bestowed .on the
several Ingredients entering intu Doctor
Piurco's medicines l> such writers should
have more weight than any amount of
non - professional testimonials, because
Bitch men are w riling fur the guidance uf
their medical brethren und kuow whereof
they speak.
Ituth medicines uro non-alcoholic, non-
secret, and con tni n no harmful hablt-
furming drugs, being composed of glyceric
extracts of tho routs of native, American
modIcluai forest plants They are both
sold by dealers in metllclno, You can't
afford to accept us a substitute for one of
these medicines of known composition,
any secret, nostrum.
Dr. Pierce's l'ollots, small, sugar-coated,
easy to take us cam-y, regulate and Invigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
against   Frost
Electric Apparatus that
is used in Washington
Scientific fruit raising Ims been
deliberately slicivcil into u new era
liy tlie recent installation of tbe automatic electric frost (nreU-ller in
tho larger orchards of the irrigated
belt in Washington, New sets of
igrlcultural and horticultural rules
have been arranged by eueli lunue-r,
although tbe mercury muy drop to
tbe zero murk during a cold spoil,
without the slightest fear thut when
lie resumes llis dully duties the lollowing morning he will liml his crop
liliii'keni'd   with  frost.
The frost foreteller is un innocent
looking piece of apparatus us it sits
idly under the apple trees, but it bus
a little thermometer llrmly plantod
unildship tbat never goes to sleep.
When the temperature starts a swift
slide towards the freezing mark, several degrees on the sule side thereof
the trusty thermometer begins to
ring a bell in tho (armor's bedroom
and keeps on ringing It until he appears In the orchard and turns it off,
Scattorod around here und there
arc covered pots. Thoso pots arc
allot] with crude petroleum, nnd once
ulurnieil by tho gluss, the fruit
grower simply goes rapidly Irom pol
to pot with n handful of mutches
and It's nil lip with .luck Frost. In
a moment the trees are enveloped
in u thick Muck smoke, und tho fruit
crop Is saved, the tops go buck on
the pots und the lires go out.
A fruit   Inspector suys   that orch
nrdu supplied  With st Ige pots cun
be kept, eight degrees wnrmer than
those without thom, und ninny lllivo
been saved with tllOIII where smudge
potloss ranches adjoining suffered
totnl loss. Bmildgo pots nre used
in ninny places.
Summer months are BOVRIL
months. A cup ot BOVRIL
with a biscuit gives all
necessary nutriment when
meat is not relished.
Try a little BOVRIL in your
canned meats.
Receives both Ladies and
Gentlemen as Resident or as Day
Sl udents. Has u complete Commercial of Husiness Course. Prepares students to fjain Teachers'
Cei'titicutos of all grados. In
afliU'uilioti with Toiionto UNIVERSITY gives llie four years
course for lho B. A. degree, and
the lirst yenr ol lhe Toronto
School of Science. Has a
special "Prospectors Course"
for miners who work in H.C.
Instructions given in Art,
Music, Physical Culture and elo-
Kor Calendar etc. address
"Columbian College".
Term opens September 17th.
No Honing-No Grinding
RAZOR TO-DAY on 30 day*
trial from your dealer and
learn all about real shaving
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co
Granbrook,    B. 0.
Saddle Horses
Pack Animals
'Phone No. DO,
Carpenter and
Builder.     •:•     +
||0(  SI S '"'   s"ln  or  R<»it   nt
' RmiHonuble       Prictia.
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Fhoiin   No.   BB.
******* ***************
Tiie Frost Investment Eo,
The   Famous  East  Kootenay
A Land of wonderful natural resources, rich
fertile lands;, mild and temperate climate,
located in southern B.C. west of the Rockies.
Produces abundant crops of Fruit,
Grain, Vegetables and Hay. The
best  markets  in   the   North-west.
Broad valleys of rich prairie soil, large tod
of excellent Timber, mountains of mineral
still untouched, abundantly watered ty mount
streams and springs.
A new section of the country that has never
a land boom and where you can still have a ch
home and the very best soil. One of the larg
valleys of level land  in B.C. embracing
Tobacco Plains Country, The St. Maries Prair
the Wasa Fruit District and Summer Resort,
the Baynes Lake Fruit District.
a i n
i e ,
A postal  statin;,' what   kind  of land yon want,   will luinu
full description, maps, and  reliable information regarding
climate, snil,  and prices of land.
Tiie Frost Investment to,
Choice  Tokay and Malaga
 ti— ■
Okanagan  Peaches,   Plums
Pears,   Apples
Creston     Tomatoes     and
Hazelwood    Ice    Cream
- —u —
.Stewart's   Fine   Chocolates
 m mm	
Phono ".">     Armstrong Ave.
ij Silver.mounted Case Pipes X
JUST ARRIVED! 150 of tha latest und besl
shape?, bought for cush nntl sold al :i reasonable margin.    SEE THEM.    PRICE THEM. *
;; We are still leading with a fine assorted line of CIGARS ♦
f   at 3 for 25 cts.  ♦
I'no goods arriving every day.    All Tobacco.1
1( and   Cigarettes  same   price  as other stores. ♦
ii Cranbrook    Cigar   Slore ♦
GEO. WELCH, Proprietor.
3*  EAST   &e
Chicago $72,50   St. Louis ¥117. jn
New York $108.50
Toronto $04,40 Montreal $105.00
Oitawa $105.00
St. John. N.B. $120.00
Halifax $181.20
Sydney, CH. $180.00
Tickets ou sale May l and l*lh
Juno 5, ti, in and 'Jo. July 0, 7,
l'l aud 22, 11108,
First lllims       Round Trip
ROUTI5S- TidUolfl lira good  vin  uny
I oiflli/.tiri I'OUtOH in Him ut- Imili
iliri'd loi ib.    To donLlnat Ions una I
nf * 'liinll'fi III''1 tfOOtl via lho (!rout
Kur fui'ilior infiiiiiiiiliuti, I'litaH, Htuup-
ItiffiMi' roHurvntlonu apply to
J. Mob, D. P. A. NHson, B. V,
0. W. McPberBoa, (i.P.A.    Winnipeg
John   LEASK
The most fashionable and
Crat-ibrook b.c.
********************** **********************
I Fort Steele Brewing Co., Ltd. *
P.O. Ilox SI2
Telopli No. I
. . . nl-' EXTRA l-'INK .. .
Mottled beer for family use a specialty
;;   Port   Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
********************** ****************44*44ft THK PROSPECTOR, CKANUUOOK   ll.C, AUGUST 20, 1008
♦ «.♦.<■♦ o ft o  4  »ft  .-,   9  eft  o
9  !>■*   o   *   <•  ♦«♦«♦«•♦«♦<•♦   ■'■  9   <,  *\*
Cxford Ties
Girls, Ladies and Men
We have several hundreds of
pairs to sell at $1.20 to 83.00
regular prices were §2.00 to $4.25.
Shoe Shop, Cranbrook
©he Iteoopectov.
IATUUDAY, AL'fiUST l'h. imis.
People you may know
Visitors   Hera    uml   There.—People
Wlio   Come to   Crnnbrook uml
Those   Wlio Co Awuy.
Choice Tokuy and    Mutant Stewart's today,
A   K   Kobertson, ol PltUburg, Pi
■as jii ihi- Cmnbrooh Mondny.
II   s   Smiih ol    Mnrysville   we
town Monday.
Oi.is.  Reynolds, nnd    Peter   Boyle
,,( Kurt  Stoole wae in t,'»u Tiiesilu)
J. Qordonfleck,    of Vano
in town Tuesday,
\l,i\    McSweyn,  ol   Nelson,  wna nt
'runbrook  Tuesdny  ■ -" business
Peaches,    Peurs,      Plums
id   Vpples ,,i The Pnini
w    Bennott,    u
In town Tuosdii
Preserving     Peurs,     Pencln
Plums ju  Stewurt's todu>
K   E     Brlsbi
,.is ji Cruubro
Boston, Mas
toi   Mondny,
4.0 4; <, 4ft 40 ♦ ;» ♦ o ♦ o .♦ <■ 4ft ft, <> 4ft 9 » *ft'*"o ♦ <■♦<>♦.>♦■> a\9
wm Cnrliu, ol Korl Steele wna in
t. wu  Mondnj
Home Mnde Cnnd) 20 cents i«-i
pound,  Saturday only, .11 The Palm,
.1 Cl McCallum, spent several
days .it   Fernie this week.
Geo Laurie, of Creston, spent
Sundn)   i.i^t  In Craubrook
Flunk Johnson, ol Moyie, wus ln
towu Monday on business
Mi nnd Mrs Warren DoBeck, arrived  from  tin- coast inst  Saturday.
J B. McPherson, of Spokane was
in the city Friday.
Mr- K I). Stillson ui Moyie, wiih
ji Cranbrook visitor Friday.
Have you seen the Merry Widow-
Hat 111 McBride's window
F K Hush, of Bonners Ferry was
in th»- city Thursday
Constable J. Walsh, of Fort Steele
was In town Wednesday.
P Jensen, of Wasn, was in town
See our -Sew Century" washing
machine, makes washing easy Patmore Urns.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Macleod, of
Winnipeg were guests at the Cran
hrnnk  Wednesday,
X 1
HVKINi; innl (ll.KA.N'IMI
('i,'.\xm;(ioK. n.c
$5,00   OASHis-
Mr. and Mrs. U. Saulter of Winni-
ere Cranhrook   visitors Tbnrs-
J. H.  Alexander, of     Calgary, and
A!\/T01\IT'LI !J- T-  ""hh', of Vancouver were reg-
IVIUIn 1 ii  l8tered at the Crunbrook Wednesday
1 imnl Discount Por Cash
4ftftftftftftftftftftft9ft**-9****4 -•a******.****************
I    WE    I
OF        i
j Mr. and Mrs. I). K. Bonk, ot Calgary were guests at the Cranbrook
Sunday last.
M. Rae, of BelHngliam, H. J. Abbott, anil F. Lance, of Calgary
spent Sunday last in ('ranbrook.
I G. W. Moffat, and A. I). Cameron,
of Moyie, were in town during the
early part of this week.
I James Pinlay, manager of the Sullivan Group of Mines wus at Cran-
brook this week on business.
P. Lund, manager of the Crow's
Xest I'ass Lumber Co., of Wardner,
was in town Monday.
HORN, at Wattsburg, Tuesday
August 25, to Mr. and Mrs. K. Taylor, n daughter.
Arc   you   always trying   to  set   through
a   blurring   mist causing   you   headacht'
and   discomfort? It   you   take   warning
and   consult   us
We guarantee to give you comfortable vision
No  charge   for   examination.
W. F. TATE, The Optician
■—**tam*aamm**m***^ ('(M,> -'"hnston, of Nelson, Customs
HUNTtoasiteMEffiSPEEDY   ^"^"'.""•"Jho city this week
Also   Sit,mil    llllll,I    MliellillUS
for Sal ■ Cheap nnd To Kent.
Armstrong Avoiniu
I'iiiiii.- I." Critnhronlf, II ti.
Trading Co.
I'lli'lNl   ls:i
Wc nn- -lill handling
l,ni;i,|.\i, TRUCKS
il.iH'i; and l-'l-'.tiA)
vkiik'LKS, imh.kmi-.nts
Agents for tlie famous
Mayers stock Foods.
Seni us Sl.WI pi '"' >*.""■■ '■'': ' "'"' *r*. *" ' """ '"■'* »-—**"■• *■■**•
un nllieial liusines
Mr. mul Mrs. W. W. Fot'brlslicr, of
Toronto, wei-e Ornnbrook visitors
Mr. mill Mrs. (ien. Murdoch of
I'iint, Mich., were Criiiilirinilt visitors Tuesilny,
Mrs. Prank Rlgly, of Calgary, was
visiting at the resiilenee of Mr. anil
Mrs. ll. W. Ilyiiiliiiitn lhis week.
A. McCool, of Michel, was trans
acting husiness nl t'rmihriiok Turn
II. II. Kink, ol Spokane, wns in
town this week Mr. Fink is visit-
iiiK his sou,   J. P. Fink.
A. A. Wheeler, anil .1. I,. Johnson,
ol Vancouver were transacting husiness at Oranbrook Thursday.
Let us sonil you a booklet describing the greatest     range of the day
The SASK-ALTA, nt Patmoro Urns.
Mr. anil Mrs. VV. VV. Tnrliiish, of
'I'm onto, were registered ut the
Ornnbrook Thursday.
('. A. Cock,     wns at     Nelson this
week attending u meeting of the ex-
mitt 1 the synod,
Form No. 1-600.
The   Wireless   Tip   Telegraph   Co.
    ORIGINATED   BY   US   ————
8,000   feet   in   stock. Best   service   in   the   Kootenays.
J.    I).    McBRIDE,   CRANBROOK,    B.C.
Receiver's   No.
Timed    Filed
SEND   lls   your  orders.       We   assure   vou        /
Best Material,  Prompt Deliveries,  Right Prices,        '
Aug.   27,   1908.
To   All   Mill   Men
Buy Rubber and Leather Belting at
present   prices.     Buy  Now.
J.   D.   McBRIDE.
Paid 9.25 a.m.
Edison Theatre
Fraser &  Hutchison
Moving Pictures
Illustrated Songs
The   Best   in
Cranbrook  at
The Little Picture
— Parlor that —
runs continuously
hiilMfii r ' 1-iKlr I'mmH     In.uun       O.I)    liy
opftyjhe»pre»*|rttitthHml '"''"I"""   TMs  Hlf <■«
iir    t.v   'll-ll
Itnkrr*,   rvriy
part nml piece fitter! perfectly nn-l reinforced no
ii 1 unii-it ihnot Iimim or ih--.it v, -1 nm k rigid Meet
id tn
NITRO   POWDRR.     Uateat
*,nii\> and rebotin
id ih
pldlnl KH[>, (hnrniifhly lilted
fnr p.t\rm, penetratltin »n.l
itrenfth. Orlei u, ttayoi write
';;;, Serial (%un (ililftqur
wlilih    -imii.-i-ih    ilnil*   (iifri-1
• hoefUfii«l».t.7Rup»n't'-trrv
tiling   in    ridi-H,   rrvolvrts,
1 iport men's snotln it factory pricei
I. W. ftUYlt *  HON. 11 NOT Hi:  OAMr  ST. WKST. MONTBrAl.. .***
General BlaGkswitli
'imi Woodworker..
Ii.ii)l)i»]' Tires A|tplir-(l
'In      W'-yi-s      VVhcnlH
Imch \***mt mat. filR fmtil Wuttt cr-Kial* rnlltl
il««i ktritl inir ch«h»ri atud la ii/i t'om th* xol*4
HI tut M'tl (tl in, mill t**U< CMKI Of II III
11 HUP ' M int.1, bl'lll
1 I !,!■,  AM)  Mcroif
1 ",s MUYOMSfi
Hun.    iiiiiI     jMi'h.  It.  K.
Wiilliu-ii, uf   Moylu, wi-i'i-   Crnnhrnok
ViHltlll-H   IllHt   Krltlity,
Mini,  A1I11  Illrlii'iiliiiUiiiiii,  Ih h|iciiiI-
lli|;  lior   Vltciltintl    nl    Cii'iit       tin-
uurat. iif Mr, nml Mm.  ,1. Wiui'M.
Dr.  .1.  H- 'mil Mih. Klni! I'otlirnotl
'l'111-Hiliiy from 11   visit  tn    fi-iniilB in
lli'V   H-   HllBl   mul   Mm.   1-ltlKhOR.
hit riiiiiiilin: im iin. st. .Miiiy'H rlvor
tlllH    WI'lll.
Mr. mul Mm. 11. .1. Hlini-i, „r Vim
in    ,    -,, I,,,   1,  ,. ,,i„ '"'""''■ ""' flnlUin: tni'ii- hoii, I). H.
I limn; M I   tl   Uax-IH Htiort, m„i |,|,, ,nm|ly| U]|,, w„t,h
J. V. ii. I'iiiklimn, nl tho Imperial
Hunk, returned Wednesday trom 11
liuliiliiy trip to the coast.
W. ti. Gurd, and family, returned
Mondny from tho const, whore he
lin.i boon spending liis vacation.
J. Kt'iine, of Spokane, nnd H. H.
Stantoo, ul Nelson wero in town
B. Knlfschleld, and W. Knltschiold,
ul Uelolt, lown, were at Cranbrook
('. A. Godfrey, nml H. J- Hnggln,
nl Calgary, wore at the Cranbrook
C. Hungerford Pollen, returned
Thursday from the Hkonkuin-t'huck,
where he hns been outini! for the
past ton duys.
A. H. Snyder, ol Wntcrloo, A. B.
Williams. 11I Viincouver, and E. 0.
Potter, of Chicago, wore registered
at tho Crnnbrook Friduy.
Goo. B. Henderson, malinger of the
Dull Hiver Power Compuny, was
transacting business nt Crnnbrook
H. V. Green, ol Toronto, G. H
Bdison, of Winnipeg, nnd R. E.
Smith of Kamloops, were guests nt
the Crnnbrook Thursdny.
Mrs. Mnin, wife of the Rev 0. O.
Main, who has been visiting hor sis-
tor in southern Oregon, is expected
home about the lirst of next week.
B. W. Stees, J. P. Drayton, L.
A. Wnters, and A. J. McDonnld, all
of Chicngo, 111., were guests nt tht
Crnnbrook Monday.
0. P. Douglas, ol Montreal, E. H
Lewis ol Revelstnkc, nnd R. H. Cur
lie of Stnvcley, wero registered at
the Crunbrook Tuesday.
Win. Maloney, Wm. Mnlleroy.o
Calgary, and .1. II. Waldo, of Winni
peg were registered nt the Cranbrook
We have ranges at nil prices, both
miilh'iihlo iinbrenkiilile nml steel. The
llnest line ol ranges in the district
Patmoro Hros.
.1. ,1. Hinns. G. A. Adams, li. A.
Scott, C. Held, Win. Morris, 11. C.
Law, and G, Mather, all of Vancouvor were guests at the Ornnbrook
L. I.. Knights, ol Winnipeg, It. I..
Phelps, ol Vancouver, 0, Longliurst,
,,l Nolson, and l„ 0. llonmes of Amherst, N.  S.,    were registered at    the
Crnnbrook Monday,
1). 1). Kink, .1. P. Fink, Win. Uur-
ton, G. Butherland, ami Gen. Leask,
formed n fishing party to Goat rivor
thla week, the purty caught over 800
A. W. Wictmau, and 1'!. ('. Fllcne,
of Chicago, 111., were registered at
the Crnnbrook Thursday.
('. F. Sellle, ol Spoknne, was in
town Wednesday.
Patmore llrus, have received a
i|iiant.ity nf nont booklets {(escribing
the new und much talked of SASK-
ALTA range, and will be pluised to
furnish a copy upon request,
Mr. und Mrs. W. A. Rollins, nunc
in mi Tuesday's "Flyer" from Toronto, "Hilly" is kept busy these
days receiving the congratulations
nl bis many friends,
Mrs. I". It. Morris lefl. lust Siitm-
<luv  for  I Inn, "III.,011  n  visit. She
will Iii absent ubuut three nuititlis,
during whii-li time she will visit the
soiitborn Htates.
A. It. Fiiirlleld. nf Crow's Nest, G.
Monro, of Li'thln-idce, A. F. lowing,
nf Miieli'nil, anil H. M. Ilurrltt, nf
Vancouvor were registered at tho
Ornnbrook  Sunday last.
Our frultH uro nlwnys fresb because
they are Shipped  to    us every day —
Campbell tt. Manning.
Is wlml most boys'
got Into when nl school,
ntul If their clothing is
of tlir shoddy kind, il
mentis u new suit overy
week or Iwo. Why noi
try lhe I.ion Brand?
They ure made from
speelnl cloths suitable
for rough nnil tumb'e
wetir tho workmanship is of tho besl nnil
the lil ahead of anything oil the imirkel
touts nre mudo wilh
French facings knickers have double knees,
mid will outwear two
pair of the ordinary
kind, Then look at tho
prices, no highest than
what you pay for
trushy goods. Try tho
Lion  Brand  Suits.
PRICES  S4.50   &  $5   A SUIT.
Popular Store,Cranbrook
The Quality Store
Wo don't claim to be the cheapest
bul wo stand up for the best
All Our  Goods Are Guaranteed
;in up-to-date
or an
Si'i-vi-il in   up-liwliile style  in
ft   iiii  iip-tii-iluii'  Parlor  go in
o      Tin-: I'.m.m.
mil'    Siitlli'duy     Spi'i'iul     , 1
For Horses and Cattle
(,'IIKI nri-un)
(Iood Fences     (iood Walnr
(Iood Pasture
Apply to I'.OOUIII'TT, I'urrel Uiiiicb
about '.It miles frum Crnnbrook, near
Un.- old Nortb Star mill
East Kootenay
Dye House
Por all  kinds of
Nothing line  or   coarse,   large
or small that we cannot handle.
We also do
J. Leask, Tailor
II Cranbrook II
Teams and drivers fur-
!',   nlshed  for any point in   ',',
the district.
A. DOYLE, Managor< •


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