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The Prospector Feb 23, 1907

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Array I
"""   tesenfbl
Ul»rM7iJt.i| »"
Vol. 18.
No. S.
What the City Dads are Doing to
Promote   tho   Welfare
of the City.
A regular meeting of the City
Council was held on Wednesday
evening. There were present
Alderman Ryan, acting as mayor
and Aldermen Pink, McCowan,
(lill ami Hickenbotham.
The minutes of last regular
meeting were read and adoptod.
Upon motion of alderman Fink
and McCowan the accounts of
the Cranbrook* Electric Light
and Water Supply Co. were
ordered to be paid. Alderman
Kyan not voting.
On motion of Alderman Hickenbotham and Ilill, the accounts
as presented by Finance Com-
mitteo wore ordered lo be paid.
An account of B.C, Government, amounting in*~ii for keep
of prisoners iu Nelson jail was
referred In the city solicitor,
with power to act.
Government Agent .1. F. Ann-
strong, acting as architect in
charge of the Government and
Municipal building, made a
statement as to the present conditions reconstruction. It was
then moved by Alderman Fink
and Hickenbotham that "The
work on joint government and
municipal buildings of Contractor Kerr St Campbell," not
being proceeded with expeditiously and satisfactorily to the
architect in charge, that tlie contract be cancelled pursuant to
the provisions thereof in said
contract, and that notice be
given to the contractors to such
effect, and that notiee be also
given to tlie bondsmen to complete contract, starting work,
not later than March 1st, 1807,
orit will be proceeded with by the |
city at the risk ami enst. if required, of the bondsmen.
Aldermen Hickenbotham gave
notice that at the next meeting
of the Council, he would bring
in a motion to amend by-law No. j
7, known as the Pound and Dog
Tax by-law.
Council adjourned at 0-45 p.m.
Slater's Invictus Shoe.
The Fink Mercantile Co.,
have for several years been
handling large quantities of (Ieo.
A Sinter's shoes, and for some
time have been corresponding
with thul' firm willi a view tn
get them to recognize union labor and to put a union stamp on
their slines. The following
letter is self explanitory and
will he appreciated by every
laboring man in this district,
Montreal, Que.. Jan. HI, '"7.
Tho Fink  Mercantile Co   Ltd.,
Crunbrook, II. C.
Dear Sirs.
Having in in im I your
favor of some time ago iu which
you strongly urged your desire
to have the goods which you
purchased from mo to carry tlie
union stamp. I now beg to advise you that I have entered Into
a contract will, the International
Hunt A Shoe Worker's Union liy
which my employees will all become members nf lhat nrguniza
lion and tlie shoes made in tins
factory will carry their stamp.
I am sorry that this arrangement
was made too late to enable me
to put the union stamp on Hie
goods shipped you for Spring
trade, hut I presume you will
bo well pleased tn know Unit the
goods received from tne after
this dale will carry the union
Votll'S very truly,
Gen.  A. Slater,
Per ,1 no. Dunbar,
This action is asked Inr because
nl' the scarcity •.! labor Inr rail
way construction work, as the
contractors cannot import
enough laborers from I'.ritain
and other purls of Europe. The
application is lieiug opposed hy
several labor unions. I tig pay
is offered by many lines especially in the Northwest,
Eagles   Entertain.
The   ti. (I. of Ellglos   held   its
regular weekly mooting ou Wednesday evening in Watt's hall.
There were a large nu m ber present, Mr. ('has. Smith was
chairman. During tin- evoning
Mr. Ross Tate was presented
witlt an elegant suit ease by his
associates. A lunch was served
and dancing indulged in until
early morn.
1906 the Banner Year in Tonnage
and value.
According to approximate re*
turns compiled by W. F. Robertson, the provincial Mineralogist,
the'past year has been by far
the besl. from the standpoint
both of tonnage and values, that
British Columblu lias had since
her advent intn the lisl nf
mineral producing countries of
the world Compared with the
official figures for 11105, llio estimate for 190(1 is:
Gold     ,,
+,*..Ill 12.402
Copper.  ..
.. 8,1190,000
...   2,1190,000
..   4,690,0011
Cnki-  .
.   1,060,000
Worked out these figures mean
that copper lias increased in
value of product inn 49 per cent.;
lead, lil per cent.: silver, 11,6
per cent., aiid gold ?, per cent.
Coal production has increased IU per cent. and
miscellaneous products lui per
cent. Coke has fallen off slightly
owing In the seven weeks'strike
in the Fernie coal mines during
October and November last.
This strike not only lowered
the possible production of coke,
and coal, but seriously effected
the copper lead and silver production, lis during the strike
practically all the up-country
smelters either closed entirely or
seriously curtailed their output.
Consequently many of the mines
ceased milling and undertook repair work, and, this reduced the
possible   output    by     perhaps
(tr*, ooo, ono.
As can be seen from tlie table
above the total estimntod value
nf llritish Columbia mineral out.
put lasl year reached the onor-
iiiiuis total of KMUni'UXX). which
one, inking tlie population of the
province as only 200,000, boing
less lllllil Ihe population nf the
City of Seiillle. the lad of the
richness nf tl is province is uiade
more apparent
Figuring nut llie per capita
To Suspend Alien Labor Law
Ottawa, Fob, 28.- The de
partMieiit of labor is considering
a petition for the suspension of
the Alton Labor Law In order
that Americans may he allowed
to work In Canada In thospring
Visitors Here antl There   People
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Co Away.
A. Musser nf Kimberley was
in the city Tuesday.
A. Barrett and li. llrown nf
Nelson were guests at the Crunbrook Wednesday.
Vi. II. Mun- of Calgary, ami
F. E. Morris of Winnipeg were
Cranhrook visitors Wednesday.
.1. A. Broloy nntl A. F. Clayton of Fernie were in the city
Tom Leask was up from Creston this week and spent several
days in town.
Mrs. .1 I). McBrldo is visiting
her daughter Edith ul New
Westminister ihis week.
Constable .Too Walsh, and li.
K. Cooke of Fort Sleele were at
Crunbrook Tuesday on business,
C. Lawrence of Winnipeg wus
registered at the Cranbrook
Mr. and Mrs. E. (I Miller of
Vancouver were guests nl the
Craubrook Sunday last,
Mr. and Mrs. F. McMahon ol
Movie were in Crnnbrooli Monday.
•Itimes Phillips of Moyio, and
.1. M. Roddy of Lelhbridge were
registered at the Cranbrook
Patmore Hros. have tho reputation for doing the highest grade
of tinning. sheet metal
and blower pipe work
Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Cuester,
W. C. Cross and B. Hill of Toronto were guests at the Crunbrook Thursday.
A. Carney of Kaslo. li. C.
Government timber inspector,
was in tbe city Friday on official
11. Chapman. II. ,1. Lowes and
It. A. Webster of Moyie wore
registered at the Cosmopolitan
Tlie Cranbrnnk- Board of Trade
held a meetiug ou Friday to
elect officers for the ensuing
Ross Car and Edgar Davis returned last Saturday from a
business trip to California.
Craubrook looks good   tn  them.
.). Harris has resigned llis position of local manager ol the
Dominion Moat Co.. and is now
looking for u chance to engage
in business iu Alberta.
H. H. Shorl, sign writer lias
boon busy this woek putting gold
signs on tlie windows of Harvoy
McCartor and MacDotmltl. also
one for Vi. I1'. Curd.
The degrees nf sight range
from perfect vision In the verge
nf blindness, We will test your
eyes free and recommend glasses
only when absolutely beneficial,
Tale ,V Son Graduate Opticians.
Owing In contrary reports the
medical health ollicers makes lhe
following statement:   "There is
, h    !    tin case at Hie present   time  nor
iroduclloit nf i nil. mined   in ' •>***• lll,,|'(' hi'':U "">' oa"° °r smllM
i, .     ,   ,.  ,      , •    .    ,,,,„.     ,     .   I POX at the   (ova   lintel
llriltsli I oltitiibiu hi IIIOII, shows11
that nearly  *I'!*J  was  produced
for every man, women and child
in the province
Canadian  Ktir Catoh Small.
Ottawa, Fell. 211 Thin sea
son's fur catch will probably lie
the smallest for a number ol'
years. The trappers complain
that snow hits fallen every night
during the season covering lite
traps to such an oxlonl us to
render them useless. Reports
from the northern wilds in tlie
early part of tho season, before
communication was cut off,
showed fur boaring nnnlmuls of
all description tn lie very plonti
Cranhrook Lodge A. ti and
A. M., held ils regular monthly
meetiug on Thursday evening in
Masonic Temple. There were
visiting brethren from Moyie.
Kimberley and other points in
Tlie people who pin Iheir faith
tn Foster and his prophecies have
luul rather it sot buck lhis week.
He lmil Us hooked lor the WOl'Hl
storm and coldest weather nf Hie
winter between tlie Hth uud IHth
of the innnt.li, ami it lias heen
tlie mildest weat her we have bad
this winter,
Tlie Evangelistic Services are
still in progress at tho Methodisl
Churoh, The interest, has boon
increasing  and   tlie   attendance
I'ul and a good soasoil would Igood. Sunday will be specially
have resulted wilh a normal foil devoted to this line of work A
lot snow, but conditions are now|llu'K° c,Kmi» will provide ihe
i      ,.,.,,       ini-,' evening music.    The pastor will
such that fur of all kinds is sure gWo a» ml(|m.s m ',,„ Hnb,M,
to greatly advanco in prlcodnMi'Tho Law of Harvest".     The
ling the nest few months, 'public is cordially Invited,
Frank Delinsier of Jaffray
was ai Cranbrnnk Wednesday
nil business.
The signs look" good for n
splendid development of llm
Cranbrook districl this yen'.
.1. S. MacEarcliein aud Robt.
Campbell of Moyie were turns-
acting business at Ci'itubrook
.1 c. Stewart. .1. Fleshmiin
ami .1. t ippeiiheimer ol Vancouver were registered al Iho
Cranbrook Wednesday
li. MoLood and .1. A. MuLood
of Winnipeg, and K, Gray nf
Spokane were registered at the
Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
Unless we aro greatly mistaken
iiii*-* year marks the beginning of
new era in the progress Ullll pros
perity of llritish Columbia.
I) R Vales nl' WyclilTe, manager nf Ihe Staples Milling Co.
was transacting husiness al Cranlirook Tuesday.
II. Fiillorton nf Victoria, and
Fred. Ritchie of Nelson spent
several days lhis week- in Cran
The big planing mill of the
King Lumber Co. was started up
Monday. 'I'he mill was closed I
down on account nf a shortage
in lhe water supply.
E. H. Johnson of Calgary. ,1.
Daly nf Sirdar, II. W. Beimel of
Vancouver and T. Atkinson of
Hamilton spent Sunday last in
The sedate horse ihal draws
the delivery sled of A. L. MC'
Dermott ran away nn Monday
aud put the sled out of business
lor a few days,
A. Anderson, and D. A. McArthur of Winnipeg: J. R. Waldo
of Nelsou and 13. Riley of Moyie
vtt'i-n registered al tl*,o Cranbrook
ti. ,1. Smyth, editor of the
Moyie Leader was iu the city
Tuesday. He visited Ibe bunk
for a few minutes just to draw
his breath.
Rev. and Mrs. C. I). Main were
al linine yesterday afternoon uud
evening, when a large number of
friends visited them at Hie Manse.
Mrs Main was assisted by Miss
Leitch and Miss Adolph.
D. Breckenrldge of Wardner,
D. Newell of Fort Steele, D.
Gardner nf Ottawa, S. M. Dow
of Spokane and 11. I). R. Stewart
ot Medicine Hal were guests at
the Cranbrook Tuesday.
The ice houses in town have
been tilled Willi ice from tlie
reservoir pond, aud tlie ice
is of the finest quality that has
ever been put up here. It is
from thirty to thirty-live inches
thick, innl all clear ice.
As the snow disappears and
spring approaches we would say
minors tind owners of claims, get
in aiid drill, improve your properties asquick as possible, ship
all the ore on Ihe (lump that will
stand shipment, by so doing you
will iiiuke your prospect pay for
It is reported Hint Chief of
of Police U. S. Baron will tender his resignation the first of
tlio coming month to engage in
other business, Dune, McLeiitt,
is boing urged by many nf the
rale payers nf the cily as well
as a large number of the business men to accept the position,
Snskatiiliitwiiii   Ranchers  facing
Ottawa, Feb. 22. Reports
from Saskatchewan and Alberta
stale ilui ranchers arc iu au awful plight owing In tlio extremely severe weather and the scar
city of food for thoir cattle, It
Is calculated that eighty percent
of the cattle are lost, Cattle IH'0
| lying ilutlll wlthlll view of Ihe
I railway trains passing ihrough
I the iiiiinlry iiiui hnrses lire  olsn
suffering severely. It is foaroil
that   the  heavy   losses  nf stock
Several thousand  Russians May
Be Employed.
Montreal. Feb, 22. Peter
Verign tlie leader ol* ihe Canadian Dniiknhnbnurs, returned tn
Montreal yesterday, afterspond*
itm' the winter mi a lour through
Russia. Verign said he had
been commissioned by thoGrand
Trunk Pacific railroad company
In try tn secure a lew thousand
laborers for construction worli on
Unit railway and il was lor this
purpose that lie hud visited tlie
interior, in order to see whether
the government would allow
them to come out.
That official appeared rather
taken with Ihu idea and assured
Verigin that his government
would be quite willinglluitn few
thousand Russians should come
lo Canada in enrich themselves
building railways. Tho minister
farther showed great, interest in
Doukohoboiirs and said il would
lie a good thing if a number of
them were lo return to Russia,
as with their experience they
would by utile to set a good example toother Russian peasants,
Ambassador Bryce at Washington.
Washington, Feb.   28. .lames
Bryce. the new British Ambassador lo the States, accoin-
pained by Mrs. Bryce. arrived
here Ibis forenoon from New
York. He will call on President
Roosevelt tomorrow and presenl
his credentials.
Rand Mining Dividends
London, Feb. 22. Tho Rand
gold mining companies of South
Africa, according to returns
issued to day, paid dividends
during llie year 1900 to the a-
mount of s2!i,iM',.niis. This constitutes a record. Tho total
dividends paid since the Soutli
African war amounl to WiSfifv
of London, of whicli ,1. Wilkin
sun anil llm, .1 II. Tinner, ex
presidenl ol' British Columbia,
are pi'iiiiiiiient members, for the
colonization of a hundred and
fifty thousand acres on the Esquimau ami Nanaimo Railway
land gram on Vancouver Island
which now belongs to ile Canadian Pacific Railway, The *?fil>(V
niio necessary for the purchase
ol land, expenses of i tearing,
etc., have been obtained, Sir
Frederick Borden's name is a~-
siiciated wiili the project. The
land, it is certain, will be much
soughl after by British settlers
with small capital if placed at a
reasonable figure.
Basket Ball.
Basket-ball is still lo Iho front
at the ''(>ym". The team.-, are
Improving each night, tin Friday lusi the hanks defeated Iho
town in a hard fought game and
on Tuesday the "Gym' defeated
Ihe fire brigade Two of the lire
brigade were sick and were substituted by others, The game
may he played again. Every
Tuesday and Friday a gauio is
Sullivan was in Demand.
Sullivan was active ou the
Spokane stuck exchange ihis
week. The stock opened ul nine
cents, then advanced to eleven*
inid-a-linlf cents Hut little
changed hand, even at the high*
est figure. Prom now on keep
your eyes on the Sullivan,
Discovery of Tin.
Halifax, N. S. Feb. 20.-
llnnilreils of prospectors are
rushing to New Ross where valuable discoveries of tin have been
■I'M. South African mines not If,
in ilie Rand district paid dividend for tho year amounting to
§828,117-1. Ono diamond mine
tin- de Beers, paid tjt2l'*.\l'i'H; the
coal companies$1101,100, ami the
financial corporations9ii,H(l2,0i 10.
Piano Recital.
Mr. Frederic Morris tlie great
American Pianist gave us  an
other call this woek.   The musicIm]mns spl,oa(1 .,,„,,.„,  ,,,,,   ,,,„
loving people rejoiced al the an*|omp(u,or .„„, olnpl.oss ,mt, booll
nounenment nnd a goodly mini
ber turned out to hear this
talented artist. llis playing
completely captured his audience
as was shown by tlie reception
on each occasion Mr. Morris
lias a style all his own and an
ideal which runs very high. He
intends taking a few more years
training to perfect his work and
then he may take to his work of
giving entertainments. Cranbrook has been favored this lime
and tlie occasion will long lie remembered.
Miss Leitch and Mrs. Wallinger each took part on the pro
gram and were well received.
Fraternal Orders.
Dominion Elections in Sight   Organization Work Progressing   Candidates Being
Selected* The Machine at Work.
The Liberals in llie easl are
in,v.* busily engaged in proper*
n,'_ :ur the Dominion .'lections.
Organization wor!; i- progress
inc* favorably ami candidates
are beiug looked for to contest
the different ridings. Of course
the elections will uot take place
ihis year, bill early next spring.
after life Dominion House prorogues, 1 In- eoiiiii ry will in- asked
in speak om ami give iheir opinion of whal tin' puny has* done
(luring lie pasl tliree years.
It is positively staled that the
liiiiiiiiiii.il government has decided lint I., live mil Its full I.'I'lll
nl' otlti e h:il will eul nut one
session an'.! ouce  more ask  tbo
pcnple '.vliill .akey   iliiu*k.-nf   the
Grand Trunk PacitTc railway
project, ami tbeg ol' the people
to return ihem to power, tn lei
them "finish iheir job."
Ves. "'In lini'sh their job "
Paving  nothing  In  go   in    lhe
 ntry mi. im record bul ■•>•#- nf
graft ami elect inn scandal, ami
being desirous n! serving tTieir
masters, tiie "0. T P.." liy giv-
ing* in them millions iu subsidies
and large tracts nl lands. They
will appeal in lhe country for
an extension of time to "finish
their job," which will he completed when lliere is nothing
left in the shape of subsidies and
land wanted by the machine ami
thoG. T. P.
The   "Hie   Seven."   who  now
represent   this province in  the
Dominion House, will appeal  in
mil-do.    It is pointed out that  asl,!,,. „..,..*.. .,*■ ■• •• , ,_,, ■,,,,  ihem
"finish Iheir job," to return litem
In power sn lhat they may as
sisl the machine iu '.heir base
attempt to plunder this province
They will repeal their election
promises of 11)08,   ami   with   the
assista I the i lUawa end of
ihe Liberal machine will soon
he making' strenuous elTorts to
convince the  i pie that  they
are in hourly accord with the
people, thai the prosperity nf
British Columbia depends, uot
upon the resources of tlie province, hut entirely upon the con
siriicliiin nf tin- <;. T. P.
It is ion line. Hetier terms,
ami hands oil of British
Columbia,  will  lie   the   slogan
the worlds great tin mines an
becoming exhausted, and in view
of Iho high prices now prevailing
the discovery of the new* deposit
j here will he a   mutter  nl'  slgtli
London   By Election.
Toronto, Fob. 22. Londou
Liberals will nominate a candidate lor the house of commons
Thursday night. Hon. Hyman
is llie only name mentioned,
Baseless Reports
St. Petersburg, Feb. 22    The
assassinated are utterly without
lation*' there wns'unt "even ;lhl" w'm '1"'";" *■**<• "Big Seven"
u rumor of lite kind here until it
was telegraphed from London.
Demand for Canadian Flour.
Winnipeg. Feb. 22. The demand front tbe Orient lor ('ana
diiiti Hour is steadily Increasing,
the Ogilvic Flour Mill company
today closing another contract
for 10,000 hugs to be shipped at
once lo China from their Winnipeg mill,
Items of Interest,
uui the i uiawa mu thine In this
If tlie ti. T. P., and the Ottawa
machine had tlio casting of the
diciding vote iu the recent elect-
inn, they would have defeated
Premier McBride and his Con*
servntlve government. The
whole force and power of the
corrupt old machine was worked
to its utmost in their despairing
efforts tn del.-at the McBride administration SO that a raid nf
great magnitude, in lands, terminals, etc, mighl be made in
li.'s province in the interest of
if you want your town to grow thoU ,f ,, The machine ,„:iv
iml prosper, wake up. rub yoiil'Lw|gl|    stl.11[UUc   lhl,  ,„,K.„ and
  I oyos, roll up your sleeves and go L„ _,,,.,, their efforts aro all
Thai   man   inusl  have  boiiio to work for It, fm, ,|h, „ , n|  ll)0 p,.ov*ne0]
place whore ho and  Ills follows     Tho boy who saves his monoy but wl ould trust tl i,  after
may congregate for recreation |bocomos tho hanker,  the    r- the broken promises  made by
chant,   the   professional   man   the "Big Seven" at the lasl   Do-
Tho buy who never saves a cent  minion election,
makes Iho man svllo earns "his     Tito machine iii  iis ongornoss
broad by the sweat ot his brow," to despoil   British Columbia of
who novorowns n hot ir enjoys its lands profess too much and
and Instruction, whot'O toil and
business cares muy lie east aside
for an evening of pleasure und
social dlvortlsomoiil take their
place, isa recognized fact, The
lodge nlfers nne of the hesl snlu
lions of Ihis question, as is evi
deuced liy tho many orders Um
have sprung up In this country,
all nf whicli havo in their rituals
teachings tlial have been Impnr
taut factors in Hie educational
nml moral dnvolopntonl of the
To Colonize Vancouver.
the luxuries of lift1
Work*   is   a   groal    blessing,
Vou can not see now.  bul  some
liny vim will suy   I hut   Vim   were
1'ortunnln in \t,m- boyhood days
because ynn were compelled lo
work.    Because you cnniiol  gol
at ihe un.vl  election  ihe  people
nf this province will  pass sen
lei  lipoll Hie    "Hie Seven" and
judge lie' Liberal machine by its
r id nl graft, the giving away
nl   the people's llOI'lltlge, eleclillll
scandals, Imlh east ami wosl.
power lodo things save liyilnine   lnlBrnationtt|"^og|) Viiihlo Match.
Ihem.    Look ovor the sun ssini
iiteii you know.   Gol   lliolr his '    Brooklyn, N.Y., Feb 22,   The
lory,   Nearly everyone wits c    international chess cable match
1,1,1s ynar will ploto tlio rout    Vancouver, H. C, Fob, 2(1,   'I'he j polled    in   work   in    boyhood,  hoi ween A nca and llio City ol
of iiie ranchers and that liun Canadian Pacific Railway Com- They louglinned their muscles London Chess Club will coin
drods of thom will go to tho wall pany lias completed lu Montreal by iui.rd work uml Rliarpnnod |nionoo lonlglil Tin-best atna
in lite spring unless the govern-I a contract with the British Co , their lirains by looking mil lor leurs Oll both sides of Iho Allan
moul „'S io lliolr aid, i luiithia Devcliipiiiciil Association , themselves, tic will lake part.
-./ THE PROSPECTOR, CKAKUKOOK B ( „  FEltl'l'AUV 211, l'J"7
A. B. Grace,
PUBLISHER   ANIi   klilli
©tje Iteoffpector.   I
SATUHDAV, vv.n. SI, 1007. '!'.
- .    9
WITH    tbe   approach    of Y
spring iliere will be tut *|T
inflow of miners and prospectors ',,]
to this  section.     The  fat : '£
Southeasl Kootenay has gone a ;};
broad,  ami   milling   men    who TJT
keep in touch with the develop-       ,,,
ment  of the   different    mining
camps of tiiis district will  enme
here.    There is a  great   I it in
fie' Cranbrook and (hose who
are on the ground Hoor sho 1 .1
take advantage of the changing
1 he foundation nn'whicli rests
the prosperity of (Iranbrook is
the development nf the immense
mining district, which is tributary 10 this city, also the lumbei
Ing and agricultural resources
which form tho chief sources ol
our wealth.
This isatt age of selfishness
and every man is expected to
dip liis beak deep into the
almighty dollar: bul for the sake
nf appearance he should not get
down mi all fours to do it.
We don'l   promise  the   earth      jfe
for a nickle.  hut   we  will  send      A
vnu    the    Prospector   for    >';.\      j.
months for a s or a  full year for      it
As the spring approaches the i»t
tireless  prospector  is    looking jfe
over his traps, putting them 11110 •*,
good condition for the summer's it
work, ami in a few* weeks he will A
be trudging over tlie mountni
in search of new mines.
They are plenty of smart ; *
Alexanders in this dis *
tricl who know more al forty *
then their grandfathers do 1
seventy live.
hill & e©.
Have decided to unload their mammoth Stock of Ladies and Mens Furnishings and Furniture and if prices count for anything' will do it very quickly
W'e will i|uott you
Mens* Bous' snoes
,\ i  such  prices   ihal    '
make ynn think we never did
intend to pay for them.
Imagine 1 man's  Box Call S
worth v'.- ;>' w hicli wi   will   *
si.75.    A Inincli   ul   ni
i*.   «!.j,   worth    m\
■•   ■    . ;
Vi ughl  it  ■ pit   so    trnvi   ers
pies  ni   A 1 icai    ■»    ■■ -      This
line we got Fr if Duty ami  at  2n
" ■,..  1 'usl sl -    '
is * ■     shoes.
20tti cento
Brand dot
, '.    ■ :
Clot    ng 1 -   1 _    -
il  , i- Stvli
id Appearance.
["] is   line   we   w      sell   for 1
* * ks *   *
,', ..
14.00, s ! s  ■       '■'..*
20.111).  < *!.'.' '■ 1.   a: :. nil >2S.0
\ '■ '
\\, hnve ."" Sun-' "I "iiii'i'
makes that we will soil nl S3.50,
s-,. ;ci ami s;. 50.  Kogulnrlj --"lil til
-li. ,.1 I), -,.> .Mill   15.110.
We liuve a luiii.lt "I Boys Suits
in -'.'II .11 1.75. Some ul tin in
i.'.ilK wi 11 tli  ,."" nul h.i "'•
I ven   llie wholesale cost will Im
Inst 'l!;lil nl
In   Dress (lunds, Linens,   I'.iMr
1 .linns.   Slli'l'tlll'.;.   di*.   wc   will   sell
,11 even less than w liolcsale cost.
FURNITURE.    We will
In- pleased tu show you and quote
■ i.u prices mi llu- pin Uvular line
also Carpets.
The fuel is simply this: Vie are under
heavy obligations lo llie Hank uud
Wholesale Houses and must dig up a
(.•ertiiiii amount of money in it limited
length of lime. Sn come early ami
listen lo our army of good uuiiiri-d
clerks tell you the story of iheir lives
and how we turn over the cash each
day to the hank*.
N.B. Each day we are pulting on a
Come and see what it is.
HILL   6c   CO.
%      Harvey, MoCarter & Maedonald
Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook *      British Columbia
nml NOTARY  I'lT.l.lc.
Oranbrook, H.C.
G. H. Thompson
~aj.   li.\l:l,'lS'l'KU A SOLICITOR
rrillllii'iuili    ll.C,
P.L.S. «fi CE.
Fort Steele B.C.
mm. ...a "■' ■■■•ii ■■<■■■■■■■• •
it* i«* .*i.Ji3*i.Ji.3.*i.jL3k.i*iAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJi.Ji.Ji.AAAAJi,Ji>AJi>AAAAAAAA4
Old   t 1-  predicl   an   earl)
spring, is il   because of u   new*
""""'   in  M,mb-    '"'  ,h;l1     jj,,  ,. ,...".    "  11."
*l itlcon frosts have  heen  turned I'i'i,,., '|1N.| 1 ■ j„j ,',,r i.jiniU ami
into the  balmy cltinoolcs,  since Wnrksut viiMurlu. II. (!., fnru lire	
I''eliriiarv - I. 1 'i-spuel fur oul   |H'liiil«   1111
llie rnllnwlnu 'l.'-.'i'il'.'il   luml-. -inuii''
III llllll'll I.Y.I.I. Slllllll-llllnl Kileli-lili.l ills-
ll'll-l nl I'.rili-li I ',,lllllil,in: I 'lIllllllOIll'*
*Ul|i III   ll    |ni-l    llllllll.'.I    IUlJlU.'1'lll    !>> lllU
snlllll-nitsl ""i'li' I' |"'-l iif Iniiili!   liriai!-'
i-lllllll, Iiii Nil, li-i'S I   tidily   Iln-   llll-
i iin! in- 'tli-iii' ' i-urmir pnsl nl A. T.
I'lllllweH'B    llli'llliiill.     llli'lli'i'    i-iuC   "U
vicinity will lie an importanl ,.)m||1B. tliviii-o suiilli hii eliuins, thuiiuo
asset to the prosperity of Cran* Lwi wi ••liulm*: tliencu mirth sn chains
I,rook. in uli f lugliiiiiiiii  iiuiiiiiii! ''in
NOTICE. •^•^•^'^•^•^•^ •^•^•^•^•^^•^
\„li,',. i. Ii.'i.'ln '.'ii,-., Iiiiii   :in  iiii.i-1     i^^'rZZ'-lZTr"^*^'^'^ •£7-£7*/Z7'£7*<Z7*<z7-rZ7
llritish   Columbia   is  11   great
country Willi 11 grettl future.
Tho opening  up of a    brick
manufacturing husiness   in  thi*-
*. Jfc ift ni * at**i*.* at* *.atT9\*;*.w< at at *•*, *w **.;***. *■*< *n
^ l'l   BUY A *
^ How to Build Up  Your *<•■■ *
lis    Llll    over    lhe    districl
lleautil'ul weather,
The all importanl question
at present is,  who will  he  the
leader nf 11 ppositiou   in   next
bouse.      The I.ilieral opposition
will unt lie it strong factor in Iho
next legislative.
There are some people who
not only lose their time with
thoir troubles, bul take up lie
time of others telling them
i-i',.- iiinre er I,--..
I ni,',1 ,\*m. II1I1 lllllil.
A. T. ('alilttell. t.iii'iii'i
c. M. .Imili. Ai'i'ii
111 j, im-!   plunteil  mini
lll-i-ust   ''"l'l
M,   .luilil'a   liii'lltlnn:    llleni 1-
,'lijiiii-, tli,'in-.' in,rili su iii ilin-:  ti
A-est ie,",,,1"-: 111. 111'.' soul .   -"  .'I
Emulsion of
God Liver Oil
Will Do It
* Kootenay Range .*
9 And  Your  Cooking 9
9 Troubles will Cease W
* f'til! SALE BY f|
9 DUTMflDC    RPAC    Plumbing,Roofing,Heat* 1
*rniMurvc diyuo.****•*********™*«* i
9 i
9************ mm******.***
IP \
9ms**'*     **s*at*-*s     W»
-...     151     1110,1,
ii,...  M. .lllllil.   I.i
»m C. E. REID & CO.,   W
4 Phone  7 4 rj-^Q   J^gg^m
'■ <a\%    Pt'RR DRIJOS KINK STATU IN f.l.'V    W
'■  ^ lilSI'I'lNSINi;    OUR    SI'I'.rlAl.TY. w
. ., '„,-■  ll I '.
i.j      Ii , u-i ,',,I'll,•!* p,
n   ,,',':' um
1, ■ , -I .'..ni.'l-pii-t ill    /)(^
ll 1- |usl iis easy  to praise  ;i-    ,    , ^4^
to Und fault,  bul   il  seems  like  ., W^^^^t^^f&t&t&^i^*^*^^^^
some people cannot get as V^^;^'§^^'^'^'^''^-'^-'^-^',''<^
i Gaioary Game Go. "*
Fresh and Sailod Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
4 Orders bv mail will receive prompl ami caroful iiileiitinn   4
4 ' ' 4
sii * isfticl ion 11111 iif it,
Uon'l   Hike -luck    in
spontaneous synip ill Inn'l
wen i' ■' 11
The  n ling  of   the    Hu . ,•■
Peace conference has  ■>
for Juno 1.1. and will last for
two nitiiitiis. Nearly all the
powers will iie ri'iirc-ciiicil
Municipality of ('ity of Cranhrook
11 in
4 Order bv Phone *S 4
4 4
9,-a %a*aa-»%'%^*aaafcaa.a•»««-»«-•»aaf) 0-a.a...«-%««%-%«..*ia>««« «%%%Q
Piiusiciiin »nd suraeon
nl'l-li't*. AKMS'runxi: \\'V..
Uncus:   ti to 11 u.in. - ml p.m.
7 ins p.in.
I'lniiii' Ollluo 103    Kesiilc llltl
F. O. E.
Meet  every Weillll'rttlliy
ill s.atip.m. in 11.I..I''. lliill
Vlslllllf!    Itrelli.T-   I'lii-ililllly    Inviti'il
i has. Smith, IV. Proshlonl
M, II. Hll.l.lMlS. Secy.
Dr.   4'iillln.   Ai'i'if I'liysi.'iiiii.   P. O,
Ilex t!S,
i| Rocky Mountain Chapter %
■3 NO.  125,   P.. A. M. %
\      lU'iiiilui* nii'i'tiii^K! -"lint Tues-  \
\  iluy   in  I'iu'li   month   ui eight
Sojourning; Companions   ure
cordially Invited.
wm. P, Tate, Scribe E.
Box -I       0H.ANHHOOK, tl. C.
Court Granbrook 8943
Vi.-itum   lireilii'i'ii   coi'dtully   invited
C. II.,   A. McCOWAN.
Serivtun. T. MA11SHAU,
I Tailor % Importer of I
I      Fine Woolens.      1
Cranbrook, ll.ti. Armstn
****** **»*****»*«•«***«-*»»*
|,„nil,  ,,, IV ,1 vu-i
in         i	
Imi!   ,u I   .   ' Km
Null,*,* i '.  ■ i'i " lliiitnn Mun-
il»y, Munil   .-     . '".   ■ ml llu (	
Itevi-imi   Ini     .'■   '1   nii'lpullly  ul  I III
City ol Ounliriwk II   C    * ill   li"  hi'ld
111 tli,' COIUInll I  l.iei,I" ra uli till!    Ill	
iimu ai ni.:i»». iii  i ii ii nun   rui' thr
piU'pilHl. nl 11','iaiiii; I ii,    .    i's ii,I'lil   i-i,|]
nl Hu-. (Jiiy ol Ci'unliriiuli     I'  ... .li
iiilf.'.iliipliiirii-uiikii. i Hi' e h, "    i     ul
un- ri'i|iiii'i-.l in li»i"  ii."ii   prol.
iiu, lunula ul He- Cll.i   I'l.'.ii  ten iluy
j.i'.'Vi.j'ia !" Llli. Hrsl -iiiui.: Ill llin' lu .i'
ol Itevlslnii  i i.i
Ilni,,,! ill ll'illilil'iillll   Illi-   II II)    II "" "'""' ""
l''"bru»ry HOT '"i'm^iV-nuKi'ue:.-!,
i'li..-. M, Itnliero „„„,, Hm, .|,iK,...,
7 l '. M, 0.   Nov, ill, II
General Merchandise and Groceries
... ul inn: tin . '   *"
■   ■" ■ .1   ■             Mm  iiwiier.- can e;ni l-'ifty lo One Hundred Men  hy  applying t
,:'   "" ■•|l" "* ihis ei niny.    lh tl' VUUN Agent
'  ■    .'   . . lull i'lu
I'll.-1   I M'liee 111 111 1*1'SS I 'ill llie'  VllOll  I 'n .tins   -7!.
I.neii ii  Phono llll, ' Iranbrook, ll.C
.,...-,.  Lin um
Centrally Located Electric Lights
.' Sll '
Employment Agents
■iin got fifty
lhl.- eniiipaii.
.:.-    J   ,
Manitoba Hotel
Under  New  Management
 I, ni Klk I'lvur lllililll   I null- i ,,' l
I'lllll'll'. llli'lli'i' iii'-l   10 i'llllllia. Hi
i..".'I.nil.- Il'.'i ii-l in ,'Iniin- linn ■ Ion
i,, i.l„> liunil in Kill rlvor, ilim,',' ii,li.,,,-tu,. hiiIiI
. lim
i„ «'. em,i
IKeilM  I' I
ll: el' IMI'lleVKMKNT
Will   11   I 'HI    U.lllt     ,1     I'liinl
I |.Mil,ni irlers (nt   miniii;;    «
 "   ■    nv.,1,1 . ,  ,. t plltCC    In    ' lllp    I nine   1(1  I
I i > inn    ■ i i >, I    . .1, I    I i 1111 ■ I i.: vi ' '
'.'' Manitnlin,
i,„ I,,,i.i. nn, ii.ii .ii, ii,
iiHK  <>,,' Ki'.l  I I   'ii'i'
Hiei! nnd ..ill timers.
d. a. Mcdonald, manner
,.    iWc Give You Your Money's Worth
Vlofoi'in   ttncl   .lultil'v   Miunrtil
SllimlO In Hit- Km I Mllll IIU HIm-I t   I'lll nl
wii.ii' iiti'it    Oil si,iiiii ..mr nf Si  Mnry'n
'I'jiI,,'   iintu'''   Hint   1   'I'lllW   T. M> Villi". I' ire
Mim-i . iViiilinil.* So. UIIHlIt .ii'i ill lor DlilU'llll
Mi Kuril   I' \1 ''  N'> KMIiH uml  Kilwiu-il   \
\\ i    ri.'.-  MInnl s (Vrtlllnili" No.   11*1 lift
.onsorial Parlor 1
„,.,   fe       Fill ii Cnnl unit Cli'iln Sliiive
linillil   fe Or u Piirli'Cl HilirClit
,"|""1   | A Hut nr Colli But.li
|C',,TO Walter B.Laingi,iVu.'iN,i
t     Hull.-r Sn I, l'1'unlll Ir, ll.C.
Mrs   Hklnn teacher or thi*.
lb.   nibiup PIANOPORTE
Speeiui all out. inn lo loiich,
lccliuii|iii',   plii'ttsiug   ami
eriiiliiie i,f studies.
run, Ave   j
si,.|,in Unllcrs mill Kurniuiu Work it
Cost uiul Stool, Estimates
l-'ut'iiislii'd Upon Applica-
P.O. Box 834.   Cranlirook, B.G.
Boot snoe Maker
All VVorlf (luariini I
New Worli Made lo Measure
Armstrong Ave.   Sift", ,,„,,.
City Scavenger
Parties having back yards,
and closets to clean, and refuse
mailer to bo taken away, should
leave orders wild inc.
I,uuu' enter- ut llie City Chirks ottleo
nr lll'op II |instill eiii'il hi Hex Kin.
■ Miiilim Iti'c
VI,   llllllll   i.l   l-lll'll   "I
Villi linllii-i luki Ili'i'Iluu lll'ltiili, linillil
IH-I' i,l >,„-li Ci'illlli'iilr,.! l||l|.iiiv.'ii,i',,K
'I'AKK Nii'l'ICK  tlmt   thirty   iluys
|     Km* innl ii'iiliir-. :i|,|ili Lu C. I'!, lll'lll ,« j r ilulii I inti'iul In upply In llin Chief
Cu„ Thu Di'iikkIkIh, ii'ni is.al ml I,mills I Wnrku for
- |h!1'iiiIhhIiiii I,, iiiii uiiil curry awuy
llmlior liiiin ilie followluu iIumtIInkI
lumls in Snnili Kusi Kniiti-iiiiv:
I 'ullllllelti-itli; Ul ll |HIS|. |llillllell ul, 1 he
i'iii|iiinii iiii Knur Mllu Di k, tliuimu
nurth I utile. Iheiii'i'ii-i'st I lutlu. tin
;£5:| Carpenter % lluililcr IN^SXXtwt
ilniul Work ut
Reasonable Print
sillllll I mill-, III0III 1 al I llliletiiplui',.
"" '"SvS-m, i,:"..i |0ffice and Workshop  Lewis StI  I'1""""" ry-""'l!N,;
i < 'onimunuuiiioiit,
i, ll. Psnwlok. TllK PROSPECTOR, CRANBR.OOK, II C, l-'KUI.'IWRY 23, 101
*************99***9*** *****4****************A g^g ilt*j.i0uectov
Kelvin.    Pl'ofes
Milne    aud
...j Ljl-.,
♦   MANUFACTURERS and BREWERS of EXTRA I'lNE    ♦ iMlnes  Development
,,    ,      , ,       i. • Take Notice thul i inuini t" upon '" n.>-
_ Dr. Lookyer expressed oplnious ■ ,.hl„, ,,„ „,„„„ ,„, „., ,,,„,. „., „
 'lluit     terri'struil     (ttstui'bttuces si iu i.ini..•■ i-,ni iiii.i,nn, .i„i,\ nmi,,',
SATURDAY. PRB. 23, 180". „.„,„ ,..,   ...   ,,,,   ;.,,,, ,..,.,.,  .... Irom Ui« tollowlnn Uewrllieil liuuia In Rnsi
,-^-p. nT j j. » T ,-,     r\r\      t   rprv       XI ——————— nerenol  ,n  nil  itu|noctaoie io  ,„„ i,,.,,.,,. u,,t,-i,, ,i,„,
BRhWING CO., LIU. I    tummm*    'l;,\,, , ,„        ■■ ....rs.;,;	
ii   England and Germany. »vsiotwuuorivor.oiowtono. smiir i*»i
PFRNIE   BC ♦'    i      i     <t, i   .in    'im,..i ■.,,,,.„i; "< '*. e. it., own i.i.iiiiiiiii'v ,.i i.i„,'i. i»: iiii-ii,',
i t.nniic, D.i., j,    London, Peb.20.    I licl enti.tl   „„„„s„,i„,lns ,!,,•.„ ui« omu,. tiuinJ
Ltd.,      London, Peb, 20.    Ala ineot* aouiiiaoriiuius. ii,<mrawmi-»-*i>i>i-ia u,piu«'
XIwas Incorporated   hero   to-day ing of   the   Imperial   l)l'r,'m't'''^t"!"'S,,,,,, ,,„,,,,,,,,, ,,..;
X with a capital of s>8Sllti,0iH).   line   League In the Army ami  Navy i-. joohck, urator
'• * hall nl the stuck lias been sub- Hub last night Lord Roberts,
SOLD   BY   THE   BARREL,  KEG OR   BOTTLED    ♦ scribed by the English interests who presided,  said  the  llritish
land the other ha If by Americans, nation could noi  loose sight nf
I'.oltk'i.l beer tor family ♦ Alexandor McNab, a diroclor of lite fuel that all tlie  new equip*
use a specialty £ the Arizona Copjier Co,  is ihe ineut of Olerniany was aimed at
chairman nf the new  Co,   The Great Britain,   The fuel was, lie
oompany is organized   I'm*   do* said, Germany must have space
Iveliipinelll purposes,     It will   lie to Colonize in llllll sllitilble space , ''^'.'I^.mi'VJuVsV.'.Vhv"'.?'i'i."'-!'c.
.  in close alliance wild tlie Mines for lhat purpose could only be
2 Syndicate of New York and will bail after   defeating   England.
J dovulopsued  properties ns the. Directly Croal   Britain was re*
♦ syndicate   hus   examined    and ducod to the rank of a third rate
• approved, power Gormtiuy would bo world
Outside   Orders
to. O. BOX 812
Take Notiee thut I Intend u< upiilj i" tlie
Ciiuf fiimiiilssi.'iH'i of Lunds mnt works ror ti
Sppi'lul Licetwe tot'Ut mnl unny iiwiij inuin
iniin ilir roHowliii" 'U'wrtbeit lamia In Haul
Kuoif-nuy niHtrlit Hrttlsli ruluml.la
I'liiiiim llt-'ll.fl ut a |iusl   planted un  tin'  wesi
side ot While river, Jutninu llrenio A, on llie
smiih: iln>iii'i- s-imth mmi i'liuins. thenco east iu
elialns: llionct) nortli ian elialnn. tlicnoe wi*st
Marysville, B.C.       COLES HANDLEY, Prop
Tbe Lending lie e oi tlie St,
Mary's Valley. .Nice airj rooms
newly furnished. Table as
v'liinl av any in Ivooteunv.
* GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
* 9
?l     TELEPHONE NO. I     V
Fort   Htcclc  Hrctvins Co., I^td.
Headquarters loi
Mining Men
Irish Peer Condemnbd.
**************  ************,    London,
.'I       ll
c. harris \::z::
class nf Real Estate ami Farm properties
Hi,use nl 'Commons today William
I'li'Mlinil le the 11,-ullll Ael  uml   Iiii
lloKiiliitluim ilii'i'eiinil.'i'. public noll'ie
Duffy, member tor South Oalway. uiierubyuivou tliui the -irovliilotis uf
agalu Introduced his bill in pro huotlon r,:i of tho sninll-pox rtoKuliitlonn
Pff vide tor tho expropriation nl' the "'•l' :mu- A l)- uwti,ut- « in
9 - •,*..,.        i    ■'        i fuiiiu.   Sui'li RuuiilnUtinii are us follow
marquis nf Clanriearde from liis
Irish estates.   The I fish members
I.   l-lvi'i'i perseii ul'uu ii'j,' in itinke
iiiiii   r,-,j|„,ii.aihli' who liii-i nut
who supported the hill   stated  i„  siu,c«SHrul1,v   vtioolnatod   within
liml      Lord     Clani'loai'de     had  kuvuii venm (the proof, by marks ii|iou
heen   iu    Irelniiil   bul    nnce  in |ll"' ******>  '"' ora-lso, thereof shall
lie upon III,* |ii'l'son alleging llilllarll te
I'  .l.ll.i'li,   l.„, Jlliir      ■ —	
'''""'*•"""'"""" ! I""*'"1 ' 'i'b '"'in Cosy and
l'lll'-l l.'muiaal I'lll I.JIIhl. 1111,1    Willi,-   UU    II      _ ,
si naolo rut anil curry iiuny Umbm   COmtOrtoblo   Rooms
liiiin in,' lollowlHH llONcrlliott Innila   in Kll-al
li.inli-inl.v lllstrll't. lll'lllall Colllli'.Ulii
i.ii-KN-si-: II
Clllllllll'lll'lllll lit II I'M"I I'lillil,"I .11   ||ii'   a I,. '
,-liaills. tlli-n,',' lv.'-t III i'lniiii.   II i'  lllll aV'
i'llllllia. II 'Ol'llal   IH ,'l'i.Ui.   In   |,lii,'i' ,,l   I,        _- .
,  Marysville, B.C.
Ilnlial llie ,'li,l  tin) ul .1,111. I'm;
' Tin.,'Mii,,,' ,i,», i ,Z,TnZiX''i'"n,,-        Tl1" """*'" l"""1 lllls ' " ri'ci'nil) ereelod, ..mi neatly furnish-
Clili'll*iilllll.lasi,,n,'lli[ Lllllil- uml ll.nla ,   I'll    llll'lll|e||iilll.        The    11:11     is    Ml|l| ,1    will,    lhl!    lies!    I il'allll« ll'
Rpceim I.INWU in oui umlmrrj imnj- il.,,i.,-r   Llnuol'S and I'.'-'ar-
rrmn an' intliiiviiiii iloarrllH-il inmia in i:u ,i        '
Kiintentii in-uii'i. iiiiiisi,i-i.iuiiit, 1,1 ______
Royal Hotel
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
Employment Office
and you \i i!l uci n job.
Call al  mn
C i'llllill!   ul    •   |>i.sl    l.luill.'.l   ni,  I       l^^^i^a^-^2^^S_S^_S^»_l^^a^^^^.^^^^^S
ri'i'li. jniliiim  lli'i'iu'r  11.   nil   Uli'   ili'-l   Mil''     l\(jj '2,'j
a M'i''iavin,iescr,i,e,iti hieme.iii„BU8(;e)vUiJinty „ • ,„ „, .*,^^ii^r:,'^;;*:;':::;;';:::;:;: i ■ * . *=.
*£ US  ii   curse   to   tho   COUOtry,    n.  lo vnuulnatloii, uliull iH*ooiu*otbe vuuuln- rrom llie following ilim-llii'il liimla In l-'.init  jlM
llli'lli'i' II,H'lll IHU I'llllllia llll'llf.'lVI'sl llli'llKl
llli-lll'i'anntl, llin ,'lt.ins. thoill',, HIIHt in 'l"i
tO |)llll'l> III 1'1'gilllll!'.
Iirtl,-il Ihla'.'nil. il'iy ol .Inn IIH17.
I I' Ji-nsi-ti. I.ni-Hln
his life, more lliiiu forty  yean..,
lit I liitie ln'i'ii se vni'ctmili-il,'iir ivlinilui'a net
JE ago, al the funeral ol Ins latner.   i,0ia n mwiioal cortlllrnii'nllils or liar    '"""' s' """ ' im«1"' "' '"'i"v '" ""'
^   \i   i.-i i i„„i,i i.i. ,,!. ....„,..     .   ., ...  .,   eiiti'ic   *
i-i- St.   City Tran
ir t'n's. Otlice   ( ranbrook,H.C.
ft oallious ami   brutal    land   lord Ullonof liiiimelf or liorsolf wltlitimuvoii
with ti cuvuor ilistiii^uishi'd  by J
iioss 1111(1
tiays fi'oni thot'late of this notloe; ami
in ija**i] auch vhwjInation i^ not aniiuess-
fill, every suoh person shuil  hnve the
Kontttimy Dlstrlot, Itritlfh Columlili
lilt'KNSK   to,
i'mn iiii'iu'i ni! iti n imsi   lllll tl toil >m  iltnim
cri-ck. iilmiii •.' inllOB smiih nf Iteonup Ki Miun
norili HiOchHlns: ilieui-c wost-IOolmltiR; ihetn
-.null 1601'lmiQK; IllOllt'P L'USt 1" rliuiiis lu |>ltn
bloodshed.    Over nine  hundred operation rupcatcd until the name
7  fiiMiilics hud been  evicted   from ainjueaafuU.v porronueil, or lie or hIio of,]^,[JlJJllwl ,.,,   , ,,,, ,,
.♦; 9:*9-4;<>:9'9.w:9 ♦.♦>    ♦..<> ♦ o'♦.<■.♦  *> ♦ <• ♦>>,;ifm estate of til'tvsix  thousand  olHaiusauertilUMteof Insusueptlhilif
The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc.
Remember wo carrj tbo only stocli of IHOH
papers In Cranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  kinds nl' Painting ami Decorating
attended to promptly.
ueres and tlie country nl Gal way
In vitivine iloea-'i'
...    Iii 'unse ul till i-liilili ivliu have
was blighted   by   Ins   wantou nimi|,  „   v.H,.hMn{,  mu]  „,  Kll
cruelly.    Some act inn should Im !,-iiii,|,-,-n nf tlio aireorfoui'teon years or
talcen in the matter,  said John iiuwiml*,  und  who  have  mu   neon
Redmond, for the people of Gal- ""''"''"''"by riua-'imitoil within  seven
way were in tl slate of  itisurrec
j ix-iii'-s. lhe tattler or hi-ail of a fiiuiily
resident in tbo City, uiul every soliool-
tion bordering on war. The lnu)ile|, m, ,„,„„„' j,Bei,ln|f .; aohool
Prime Minister also condemned Liihlu the Dlslrlel nnd every other
the action of Lord, Clanriearde,  person luu'liij? the euro anil eharge ot
bul said the government liad no
5 I time to deal with the measure.
Jr He promised that it would bo
d considered if brought on again.
4t The bill was withdrawn for tlie
presenl. Lord Clanriearde, ancestors were tho kings of Con-
naught whose women Intermarried with the kings of Meatli,
y.   P.O. BOX 88     ARMSTRONG AVENUE    PHONE 111   Xi
Tii!;i* N.ilii'c lli.H BlSly   tlnys lift.T il;Hf I   lll-
tuiut io npply to tin- f'liii'i CommLsslouer ot
Luutls mid U'nriisin VMctortn H.C. fov permission to pui'i'ltnsc i Iiu tnli»" lug dOBcrlbf.! Ittlitis
iti Souiii Musi Kooiunay:
Comiiipiiuliit* ut » pnst on t\\o souilioi-ii boun-
diiryof tiOtSti (l.ihiu nortli ot Llio nortliciiHt
oornor ot Loi WA a. Uient-o wesl W) t'linliis*,
muroor loss inkiiiK in tlio fractfou: thonee
south lOuhiiitis: ihenco enst 80 i'liuins: theuce
norlh Uii'linltis to tlio poinl o( poinniencomcnt,
oxuutHiiiKtht'tofroiii bo mucli ns nmy Ijo In llio
bonmlnIk's of Lotiltn.l ufamnlil   In ■lum tliu
lumls ror rly oovoroO nmloi pro i?mpilon r<v-
onl W*8 t'dtiliilntiiB 2U0 iifi'OH moro or loss.
imti'il in   l-*ori   sioi'h-   ihis Ullli   tiny ,ol
■Mnniii.1 JoBOpll \V;il-h
Josopli Wnluli, Alien I
Pacilic Coast
l,ea\e M'il.SII.N 7.IIU ii.in.
Arrive Vancouver 11.All
noon. Arrive Victoria 7. 17
Vancouver-Victoria Route
K.**,. Princess Victoria
Victoria ■ Seattlo Route
S.S. Princess May
Nelsnii-Slncan City
I'.KKTIiS *g|.00
Oar can  I ccupiod   al
Nelson Union depot al I)
Km- mii-   folilurs  mid   l.lukut". I
iippl.V In lui'iil ui!''"''in' U>
li,,,,. Illlllllf, A'J'-iil I'miilii*""!:.
B, J, Ci.vl''. A.O.I'.A., Vmi,',.ill
J, S. OAUTI'ltt, 0. I'.A., Xulmin
Tnlcu nulii'i' 1 intend tu upply in the
Chlol   Cimimlssloimr   ol    Lumls  und
Works ul viriiiriu for u speeiui license
te rut -.'.im I'll- ry uwuy timlier fruai the
tollo'viiijr ili'M'i-ilieil   lunds  situulo   in
Suulli I'tusl Ni'i'i i.v district 13.0.
A   i.'eiiiiiii'ii,'iim nt ii post pluntod uu
the Northern boiuutiiry ol Lot 1182 ul
III,'  Seuili    Kll-I   l'01-lior   uf   Let   :iiiln
ilii'iii'e easi, ial uliulns, thenc. north so
chuins, ihonee ivest  t" elmlns, thence
-imili Iii,'Iiiiiii-. thonee ivest SO cliutns,
tlience soutli  111 chains to place of be-
Hiii..|i Pel-mar) 1st, 11107.
A. II. I'Viiii'ii'k. I muill   CotumoneltiB ill u pnsl pluntod al
tlie northwest i-urnur of l.leense  A  nn
ll uai lioiuidury nl I,nt  milu,   thence
nurlli mi chuins, thence eusl SO ehulns,
n,,. • mmiii su eliuiiis. iiieii," wesi sii vesligations some tune ago Lord
ehulns tn pin I l>.-■_• i,,,,ii,-_-. |	
Hilled K.l.niiiri 1st, IIH17 iKssfcssssssssssassessssssafi
i-tiilili'eii innl youtiu [ici'sons, shall cause
ull persons iiuiler the cure ul uny such
head uf n family, sehoolinustet', or other
person to lio bought, within seven days
from this dule for tho purpose of vnr-
cluutton, in a medical pructltioner; and
in ruse siu-ii vHci-iiiuiion is noi successful, every such person shall have the
operation repeated until ihe same is
successfully performed era certtiioate
Is obtained thut the child Is not susceptible to vaccination,
Any person neglecting ur refusing to
obey the abuve regulations is liable to
a fine of One Iniiutreil dollars und Imprisonment for six months with hurd
By urrutigement  with  the   medical
London.   Peb.   L'l.---Owing to Pruotltionors of the City a fee of tine
dollar will tie charged for vaccination.
Iliiied at Cranbrook, ll. C. this •list,
day of February, 11107.
By order of the Cranbrook Local
I imi nl ul Health.
ilunies Willi!}-,
S  of Thomond and Taghmony, and
ft gave ancestors to Rdward IV of
,*.  hlngland.
Excitement in England.
the prophecies of Hugh Clements
tlie meteorologist to the effect
that lliere would be earth tremors in the eastern counties of
England and along the Anglo-
Scottish border today great ex
eitment prevails all over the
country. Many persons have
left thoir houses and have taken
in the hills. In Durham und
Cumberland all work in the coal
mines is suspended and tlie city
of Berwick is practically desert'
oil. Clements states that the
tremors would spring from solar
ami lunar effects exactly like
those which caused the devest-
ating volcanic eruptions in tlie
Island of Krakaloa in August
18HI-I. After carefully studying
Clement's calculations and   in-
A. II,
l-'eiiwick, l.nculor    ljfi
I |gj Cline   I
Tin* above regulations wllUtestrUttly
In forced by Uie A-utliorttles.
\V. Connolly,
H Medtuii] Hoaltli OHIcer
'I'liHo Xotlro Unit sixty tlnys ufter ditto l In*
toiul io upply to iho t'lik'f ruiiiiiiissiiiiiiM' ot
Ltuiils ami Works nt Victoria for portnlssloii
to purcluiso thu followinit ilesorlhed Inndx in
South Kust ICootunny:
, Cnmiiieiiclng lit it post pluntod nt the soi
oust conior of Lot tdlS, Clroup I, Kootunny UIr-
trlist, iln-iii'i' north twutily uhulns, thenue e
torty-llvu i'liuins moro or Iuhs to thu wosti
line nf Loi 30-ir., thence south llfty clitttns nt
or less rollowltiB the western line of Lot 2Wrt
to tho iniiili of tho St. Mai-y k river, Ihem
following mi ttl hank inn woslurly diroetlon i
tbu piitec of bcglnnhib'.
Duted this :tlst. day ot December 100*1.
i, William SlnplcH,
r. .li-iiHi'ti. Locutor,
I'nlto Notice thul I Intend in upply to lh
Chiel ConimifHionur of Luml a ami Worlw for
ttpeuinl License io cut und carry uwuy Uniln
from the rollnwinj* iluscrthod   [itude  in   K*!
Kootetmv Dlstrlet, Urltluli Columhla:
LK'KNSK  ll.
Commencing nt n post pluntod
(^Guests llomfort a Specially   Good Stabling In Connection yf
Nonrosl to nil I road dc|iol,    Has aceomino-
(lntions   im-   Hie    |iiililic   uueiiuiillod   in
•illol uiul Cold Baths Proprietors m
nut i'i.iiit'1 oi lii'i'n,',' Pi u„.i„,' norm nm j Lfe^__SS^55^55>Si5S;'^:^S< j *^*§i*«^»^^S5^.i5;XS2_y'fi
i'lmlna; iiieii™ i'um in I'liiiiiis. iiii-ni','-,'uii,  tS^sSr'H~;?*^r-.";?^';■   ■-■ r--.J:^-~-X'v.--^5^;5fe^^;?-«-l
l  IH   rli'lillb   ti,   llllli
...a..a-.a :-.■■.■■,
We Want You
ii iiiir store and
c sell llu- liesl o
' runic linn uur store and lie convinced
that \vr sell ilie Lest "I meats
nf the Cranbrook people are doing this
now, unil are unanii11 uis about the iiunlity
nl mu* meats; but we want VOL' to come
in and see us
Dominion Meat Co.
iim i'liiiins. thenc
Dn led lhis 'Jnd, duy of .lull. I.W*.
I'. JuiiMD, I iili.r.
Tuke Notice tlml I Inteuil louppLv the Chlot;
CommiKsionor of Lunds und Works fur u
Speeiui License to cut uml curry uwuy timber'
from the following dCHcribed lumls in Kust :
Commencing nt n pimt plumed ut Hie soutli-1
wesl corner m Ihteunc O: theuce soutli (Hfl
chuliis: thence eusl nt chains; thence mirth]
lUOchuhiMi theuoo went 10 chuins lo plucc of
Unted tliU-alml. duy nf .Inn. 10OT.
■I l'. .Ii'nscn. Loi'iilnr,
Tuke Notlco thnt 1 Intend to upply to the
Chiel CommlHsioner of Lundfiutid Worlts for n
Speeiui Licence to out nnd eurry uwuy Umber
from Hi" MillowftlK described luiiiU in Kusi '
ICooteuny lilRtrlct, Hritlsh C'dlutiiblu:
t'oiiimeiii'iiiKiit ii p«Hl plHiiled ut lhe soutli I
eusl. corner of licotiscG i thenue north w chains:
thoneo cum 80 ehnlns: thence soutli hi chit ins, j
UlDUCfl west fu chuius lo plucc of l)«Kitiltiii|*-    j
liiiu-d lhis "lid, tin*-, of .Imi   UKir.
■1 to,   .If lis.
, ,„;sto«f,Sic',i.-..,, ,„i„- ^imnmmmntmmmmmmmnisnjmffmtmmmmntm !4
from enst lioundury of C. to, it- Hlnck ■Jii'.m, uu , a*****-   .        . . .     ,      .
the uorthciiHi side o' White riven  ihenee  fc  Dealers Ul Abattoir  fl.Kl ( "hi btOV!
north 80 eb»in>: thenee enst80 elmlns: thenee  g       J_jye  StOCk
smith 80 riiuins: thence weat80 elmlns lo pluco | *»*.
of in'i-'innim-'.
Duted this rub. dny of.Ian. inn;.
I to. ,1 eiisen, Locutor.
Oominonelnfi nt u post pluntod at tho soulh-
eust eorner of Mconso No t: tlience north S
chtiins: thence eust 80 chiina: thence >-iiiiili w
eliuiiis; Uicncc wesi sn chains to pluee ,,1 he-
u-i ii nin-.
Unted thlsfith. duyorjtin. IHOT.
^ l». Ji'ii'en. Locutor.
Coinuienelui' ut n post plinuctl ubout ut tin
southeast cornor of license Xn, Si thenci
north 80 chulitsi tlwnceeaM B0 elmlns; thenci
■outh W) chuins: thonee west mi ehnlns to plnei
ot liet-'itiniui:-
Dntert this Rth, duy of ,lan, li>0*.
I 1'. .lettseil, Locutor.
ai Calgary. Alberta.    3
I Nice Poyltru To&k.si, d,^ 1
*tZ 'I'll,*
uii^iv.'uilu'iii tlmt will ui'i'ivc iiii- spiison is just liore^
£ IIAIIhlK uml   KII'l'l'.l,'i:iMIKI,'l,'!Ni.   Al.'K  IN 2
SZ =3
Sz     I'imu,. Vuiii- Ot-ili'i'.a, IMIONK lu   2S
1 P. Burns & Co. 1
Tu .I'usuph 1'. Si'liiiiiu'l:. uml to uny
tiler imi'i.v nr |uti*iii-> tu wliuiii hi' imiy
Ilill','   LI'llllKfl'l I'l'll   I'i-   Illtl'l'CSl    ill    III,-
otlii,' for Enst Kootenay, zS
Oranbrook, B.C ZS
Zz l.iiuili'il
^ Hniul Otliio. M
ruuitiii'iii'iiiii in » imsi |il:iiiii',l nlii'iii'. inilijj^ Ciil|i'iii-y, Albcrtn
smnll ol uoribwem cor ' oi   llcouso No. :i \*JZZ
in pluee or beginniiiK-
Dnici iiusi'ii,.,,!.nm. nm;. L  CLAPP W. ROLLINS
' S t'       *Ka/XJ±A.\ a\J m  imiv li'iiiwii'i'i Hi- imcresi   in   ni>* NOTICE.
/ B«—* I'-lllui-k Ilui'.-''" "Ili'-mlinci*" "Mumilia"
      ...,*../--                      :»                                    , 5 "Iron" .uid "frook" MIiioi'bI C^alins ',;"!?ur.N",,:!1c„'.'""h,,? 'P'r?.\,.,l.°Z! wnH,.,',';
^j>.  *'     —,     / «        nl Ui,,,,l,l Mniiiiiiliii liiii'l.i'i sii„|, JTi  . ,        ) .   ., Unicoi'  Clilol Coiniiilmloiioi-ol Ulnli I»,"ii-iii
*#3H,*r' .' Tt ;Sr* '* i      Mv '""■•'"■"■l 8 thu\,fmSnn,„r.WMtlh(;.0ll Ul. S^;,1,',J.';™."''7,;"1",.;'\^
e*&-' •>■ ■.■'■-~z*.:,. ;,:^S ■-,.,', i.'i,M n„„ w.i-i; innli l.i'iini'li.'a i     TAKK N'OTK'E thai;yuu nro hoi-oliy „,„,',„, ,|,„ .omiroumomor ot l.ol iti.  moiw
***99a\*7           '—          ■   i               i                                      A 7a     iitunfl wllliln  niiii'li    iliivs    Inun     lhe I ,.,.- hii .i,„ii,.   ilmnon unutli W) etinhis     ilii-mr
M Hole
Ni:\V   WKS'I'MINSTIIK.   ll.O,
•,  I.  i*.,.i i  j,    \i   .,,.,11 lii'iini'liun i, 'I'AK IC XOTI l 'K thai ynn ai*o lim-cliy o.^'of'"i^ ro,itiwii»i cornor or l.ol itm  inonn
—      ti of Ilui 8 i-i'i|iiii',-il iiiiliin iiini'i.i ilui- li'inii   llio 1'imt wi .-liiiin- ilioni'o aniuh mi mm n-iu-i
t \   lil'at Illllllll'lltlutl llf I Ilia IKltlcO III I'lll   lO j '"-I "" I'llllilla. tl","'- ' ll a"''Imili- I" plnei
i Tonsorlal Art ft
linker Street,      Cranbrook, H.C,
BecolvBs imili Lndios und
Clontlamen ns Resident of ns Dny
Sliiiloitts. litis n coinplntn Com*
ini'iviiil in* RttsinessCourse. Pro-
pares sttidonts lo guin 'I'eitohers'
Corlilleiiles of nil Krndes, In
nllilliuliiiii Willi Tiii'i'.vro I'm
vt'titsi'i'V gives tlio I'nui' yi'iirs
course I'or the B.A. degree, uml
tliu  Ihst   yi'iii' nl    llio   Toronto
School    nl'    Si'i        Ilns   n
spooinl    "Prospectors  Course"
ror minors who work in H.C,
Instructions    given    In   Art,
Music, Physical Culture nnd elu-
Por   Cnlondnr   oto.   nddress
I "Coluinoiiin College",
I    'I'iii'iii ii|iciis Soptomber 17th,
I tu nt
Ilill,',1 iiii- -'Till ilill ul llii'i'llllii'l-, A
ii. nmi',.
.-,*_' IIiiitv Mullon
To Whom It May Conoern.
Nuili-e is lieroby glvon to tlio iiwiit-r
m nwtii'i'i, iif llu1 liut'si's uml I'uttli' di-
soi'lliml lii-ri-in, lluit tliu slunk inoutloil-
nil in this iintii'e luivo sti-iivi'il upon nml
mill- lli'n uu tlm pri'inNi", ul llu? iiniltii'-
siniH'.il, nml tin* nivni'i' in- iiiiiii'i's art'
i'ci|UCHteil witliin Ion iln.v- from llm
Jiileof ilil-. niili.-i'. to ri'iniivi' llm sniil
liui'-i's   ami    i'linin    from    tlio    sniil
lll'nlllisi':,, llili'l' |lll,VUI|,' 111'- llllili'l'si'_'ln'il
tin- i-xpnusi-s iiii'iit'i-i'il liy tlii'in  In nil-
i-ol-l.lsltin' nml in fooillns tlm mild slo.'k::'''""
Inilins.' ivliinli Iln- undoralu I ivill ilmil I   Nm '* """'''*' ''"'''
with Um sniil HtoiiK ii,','iii'iliiin iii law:     j,^!'!,^',',,,!.',',",,i "i"«-
I null Inr Iiii.i, - lllllil fool whlto.    | invlwl umlur llio■ team
I cow, t'otor black mul whllo, hriinil   |my,,i>i„ fur iin ycnrltH
ml "ir*„,in,lnli hip, l">l   '"" '•■"" s"'""'  A
I stuor, color ihirk liny, iilioul il
yniits nlil, no brand. [   Tina imiti'i-,
llllll'll this Sill il|i.y ul I'Vlininry, ,\.|l„   „ |„.,,„„„l ,l,i
I.JU7, lilulor in,'*
Sinnuill'l'l,,. lliihillsllll-Mi-Knll/.ini , """"'"','''
I .In,iiiiii? lllll,
llm iiiiil.'i-iuiinil llm sum ul ♦HOO.OIl llii'i'"
iiiiinunt uxpi'iiiloil by  lilm mi your In-
Inl'nst    ill    Bltlll   nlllilus   till'   nssI'Msllinlll
work u|i iniii-iiilii'i'. Iiiiiii.
AMI I'lK't'lIKi: TAKK SO'l'lt'K.
iluu unions -uiil payment liufothui- with
nil i-n-i- nl iiilvni'tisiu^, i- puiil within
111,. Iiu Iii,in -tllll'il. yoill' inlnl-nsl    ill
sniil clnliinmlinll lapaclothc iiniliwliciiiil
nn n mnl nt mihl expenditure,
Thla unii,',' i- "imu iimlni' Section I
nl Um Mineral Am IViiioiidmonl Ael,
l)j,l,',l .Inn. Illli   I'.a'.*
.1.1'. Hrli'iii's,
A. II   Cliilli'l.     Allt'lll.
'I'llltl' Slltii'i' llllll   1   i ml I" "I'l'll I" llm
rlni'll'iiliinii-li'lii-i nl I.iiiiils iiiiiI Worka li'i'ii
si'i'rlal lli'i'iisi' to I'lll iiii'i iiiriv mill,  iiiiil,,-,
IrOlll llll   lollnil'llll! .Ii'ai-r I llllills   -llllllii'i III
Suulli KiihI Kootonuy:
Mo. a riiiiiiiii'iiiliii; ni n imsi I'lmiii'il in llu-
IIOrllllVL'Nt I',.llltl',,i lldiiiaii No, l   llll'l  Ill'tlll
Ml I'llllill-. llll'l I'llsl  Sll,'Inllll.-. Ill 'B   SOI.Ill
wi i'liuins; llli'lli'i' ili'-l   sii I'IiiiIiih li, |,!,uv ,,i
lllltoil,lllll, 'Uili   I'm:
,1   I'   llu,In'-.
A   II   IVnuir!     \,,,,|,l
Tltko Mnlll'll Iluu I llili'l,'I   l<> iil'l'ly   to llll'
1'1,1,'ic, ilaslouoi nl 1.units mnl IVorkK Toi n
I s|iui'llll ll"'li-i'1,'inl   "ii'i ''in TV  mvilj   llllllii'i
,K ASSKSSMKN'I    IIHTIIHT.   li lhn (llllllllIllK 'li'Hl'rl I luml- allllllK'111
llllj  nivn.  in  i.i'.'.'i'liili.'i' Willi   Suulli Kn-I   IflllllllllllS
LitjIttiMl   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Coml'ortahlc Hctlrooins
First (.l:i>s Diniim Uooni
lino I'm uaM'HHUil nml ! N. l'l in,,! I
.    All liuu-a, '.ill. "lll'lc    ll'i'l"''' >"'-' *l l'l"
hi'hhi ii-nii'i lira n ■ '''Hi""
liinwil iiiii imyiilili' in my nni''' in llm i'"? 1    I'lilnl'Um •ll
nriuiiunl mil ,oriuilirnok, ll.C.
Tlila notlco. in i, nn- nl In??   iHWllllvllli'liI I"
' l"'-l lilltlilml ni  	
, ii-
nl hi
nherCo,. Ltd.
Cruubroolt, ll.C. 'r,
mni it puri-iiM tin
it r  ilil- luili nm i'
,\.C. Ni'lsnii.
.,,1 utiU Colloi i»
.1. P llrlilima
A ll IViii, i, b, a i.
-N IIM,I.i: -'! . IIKE I" mt; WKST OK
IIII.I.  .\   io.     Tl ■   only   |,li In i".?n
tlml ,'. ,!.,   Ilfi    ,"Hl, li,,- Inn,j-
losinolb Dote
E. H. SMALL. Manager THK PKOSl'ECTOK  CRANHROOK   11. C   KKIIRUARY *.':',. t'.n'T
I^J|H»*ft******«ft******?Hft^^ Why Cough to The Coffin
T li  V
1   "Like Sunshine After Rain" 1 *.*.*■.prescription
OLDEN   WEST   Sl IAI'  imiltes evorj
atF   iSti
jf. VI    tliinir  look   I'i'itilit   uml   clean.      Vie       I
9 VVllllt to pot tl lol llliuv |i.'ii|il.' 1" ;isu "l inlili'ii K
9 Wes'
IS |insiiivi'ly tlm uiilv Soil})  in   tin-  iiini'k.'t
tlmt will wii-.Ii wuiili-ns witluiiii slirinkilic
Ilii'in.     The  reason   for  this
Hint    ll   is   ft
West Soup", not bocuuse wo tunica u  greater ji^.\' ■-.   J ,      .,. v.. *-'-\'_!jL I'liomictilly    pure,   conliiins   no   itlkali,    no
profit on it but because it gives snitli splenilld 1        /'*' ""'-"3? '"'v'^"  substance and  no adulteration;   so
satisfaction   fm*   the  cleaning   of   c'otlios, I"  -./    , ii'i -'^j? ^ ureal   is  its purity  thai  il   is used  in  the
.,!.., I ..ii ..,, I.l  TF '   'V,   *■***&, l,..- l-f > ;. , , :.. ...... i. I.
9 dishes and  wood work, and all other things
9 tor whicli  u'linl  soap is required,    li i>tln
A^ best  Soap  we  have over  handled  for   tin
jjj)* price and  if you  want to see the difference   /    Sv
No. fM» or
Colli Cure Tallies
Thoy dn the work and arrest
' the inusl stubborn cold
Beattie & Atchis
Whore It Pays to Dual
Sjm   hospitals for washing wounds and iu fact It is 9
adapted to Bvorv 'uisslble piirpose within th,■   9
'';;;;;:;;;;'        IN STEWARTS ■
ullsll   mol   a   ';\,\-~   I'U'iii
ranti-il noi in  ith   h
6 Bars For 25 Cents
These Arc Three Winners That Are Bound To Please
Our Goods are
i,   nml   ,.
Choice Gotiioctlonerii
li,  li Nut ' nlii.M'iii.1 Iiiii;	
in' iviiiij,'. I',',-i,in lluii'
?j'i I-'.ii"        i li iijiiiiiiui-
llkll   11   III   ti'i'l'        I 'I,.ui",'nn I'l'Ul-a
J. ,i'n.Hi., I'i■'■.
SlfW.ll Is l'llli' t'lliu nl, Ill's
n,'iw,',-n   "i,i,1,1,ui   W.'si   Soap     nml   ml"'!  / -   '  * iiuhm, sriini-' i,'iiii
a. , ,, ,',.i,i ^   —-      '    'i i**!' "Ulli'l'l.---.in i.'i''   I"i' nil   lii.ii-".'!". '?.     I'   r
9    ^oaps at lhe same price give il ii trtiil *~>__-tr'' 5? *•»thewmibl imi-kufii   .enurlii    ami    « mem
* Hugh Stewart
9 Phone 75      ftriiistrono, ftve
11 THE FflLMl
* :	
Procurable   From
I'lini? antlHiaplii GROCERIES and CROCKERY
Cut (Urns,  Hunts,  Slims, Rubbers, Milts. Gloves,  llosieiv
**##*MHfr***************^ J
X , Lad*,  Caramels
9 I Peanut Brittle
9 » Maple Cream
V I Turkish Nouget
SillViltiOll    ftl'lllll    tSillTillA.S
Suitilny Sorvicps;
Af.,-I'l!ll,,ll      -     ■      11 "   ■
Kveiitni!     ■     ■    So'iilu 'k
M.-.-tiii'j- Imlil i'Vi'1-j   ni-".'    '
week ,'.\,'i,|'i Mimiliii ni s imu.
Portraiture by Photography
Artistic Picture Framing
ai;i: nil:
Mi^sXk >s^>5x5: .^."-c^ §Ks - SSSK .-*-.^c SES 5 "ss.ee 5s3K >s-~-s c ^xv**^ i
vJ\k |U*<tcyectov.
The Quality Store
Assorted Nuts
Salted Peanuts
•All >    TELEPHONE NO. 141.    }
i^j   vnrrnnnnmmnnnnnniinummnnn-:-1 %9n4A**A4*i4AA4i4*4AA4*4»A*i
Dont Ask Por Poor Goods We Arc 0
fj  I  LOCAL NEWS. 1
Prest Plioto Go. 1
I'liiU'V   iiiiii Staple ( n'ocei'--   llu    ii'sl
nuiii' inn good I "' 'in* Motto
Special  intention  uisen  i" our t 'onfi
tionerv, Fresh l-'niii. Cigars nml Tobucci
A.  It I'nliiii'i' ol Wyi'lil'ie   wins
in the cily Priday mi   business,
jSjyj C D, McNab came up from
'HI   ^'''ll'" Wednesday on business,
3j| Tate A Son the Jewelers have
«W an exceedingly pretty window
/))}   display,    Have vou seen it?
link.'!' Sl.
Mr ami MrsT, T. McVittie of
Fort Steele were visitingutCriin-
i   lii'iiul; Saturday Inst.
,,-     v -* - - ■   JLimk.      i-l       "■ -M-   Ihirrow  nml  A.   (It'i'z
1 runbrooli, H.( ,   )W \%\   drove over   from   Fori   Steele
. , ^^^p^;^^^^5»S^^^^^^^E*.^^^g    Monday on business,
Call Lip iiu* Cit\ I rniish i
when vmi want youi' I'tirni
lure, I'i,ni". nt I'iiiiv;''!^''
W. E. Worden
9mmmmmmmmmmm\mmmm-*  \^iii^iiii^n^nrTs
3       Patmore Bros.
Barry   Bradford of WyclilTe
wns ut Craubrooli Monday   on
■ASHIONABLE TAILORS    1   I"""'"""    —
Always Up-to-Date |     lM^°   £/■   ***«£
3       Monday.
£ Granbrook,
*0 #J    "*3 " ' -
,.i,.,H.u,,u.,nluUui,HuiHiu,,.iU.Unuainiaaiaul     !;' Crnnbmoli' visin,!'' 's.i! urday
m uveru
Teams I drivers furnish
' ed   for unv   poinl  in the (lis
A.  DOYI.E.  Muniii,'"'
a,. .„•  .,.."».*■.   .  a   . . -.-*^...-.-a— '^-a
Tuk" nul I :''   *
ntend in i: "        ''
nm   d  r   ■ '     -
'.„"„■ j, 13.0 iu'i
, llll-.; '. low '
Soul   ■ ji    Km
Cumui' iw nit at «
tli,. tlnvesi purniTi ' Lui it
,.&.- -ju nluitns. n,"ii"' t-
il„.nr" west J" i-lmins. ? lu-uc **
:,, i,- ',, I'.u." ■■"" . i    '
in  u*i i>ri I '" "l' !"---
Hubert It   rinrii
Hilled r'rb. ITth, IIHI7.
Calgarv Beer, Ale ,v Forter.
T. 1.1 !!i:i. ,V CO., May ami Grain.
Cranbrook, B.C.
ji, a a a a a i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i a i'i a a iit ji. i'i i_ ji i _ it ji, __
I NORTH   STAR       §
9 9
f Kimberley,   Ii. C. f.
*    H. W. DREW. Proprietor.     _,— _ .,
Mr. and Mrs.  .1.   Vi.   Ross of
I'llkmonlh were visitint;'  friends
__    _^   at Ci'tuibrooh Saturday lusi.
y /\\    L. I,. Knights of Nelson, uiul
-^ *■■**' til. M Doniivaii of Toronto were
in the city . I ii i-i 11 «►- the early purl
of lhis week.
Tnkn nntii'i  thill "     -' <*■''
I llllllii'i ?" iip|>l- to 111" '
.; „■ ill Luml  mul IVurks fm   iiiTiui
Hli,n i ■'•im • tli"' ! "I'm  '''''
u,l Ijuiil iii S    I'lu '   KmiiIi ' ii
lielnii un ixla.Mil in il"' K""i'i ■'■  Uiri'i
 Ilii-lii'il';-'    III    ■'    I'1"-'    I"""'	
Hlllll I luml III Hi" Nurlli   •*'<       	
,,t Hi" IimIIh.ii II     I '   ' ■'
ul l'.„ii i- I'lul   "'    '   '   '"■'■'
ll,"    |M1"I"IHI.I     I IU'I '       I	
uimtreain nlin Half  " '	
, Hi nl Sin Mill' I '"'■1<   »' "''""'I iM
 luiniim In ull al  I"	
nr l"ie.
lllll I niliel'2'lril, IWHI.
I,   l„ I'nrlnr
i'i i'i it A i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i!i i'i i'i i'i iti A
■ v -,- v v v *m v v v v v •>• v v v v v isr *m*w *w V v ■*"
Gto. R. Lmsk & (]o
! .1. A, flojpill of Moyie. 13. ti
Gerstor of Vancouver, and I).
McFarland     of   Blnino    were
jli'iinsacliiij.' business    nt    (.run
! brook this week.
Ross 'rule, of tlie llr I  Wm.
"'. Tuii'.V Sun. will leave Monday
for l.i'lliliriilite where lie lias
iiri'iinjjoil le iipeii ii Jewelry
N. Ilniisiiii nl Wiisii wiis iii
town Kriiluy. lie reports Hint
the snow In Iho Kootonay valley
is uboul gone uml thai the mud's
will lie ill line Condition ill U lew
'llll Vs.
I Competition is keen In ull lines
nowadays. The temptation is to
promise much anil fall shorl in
the actual performance, We en-
donvor in niakn our deeds eov*
er   iill    our    |ir ises.      Your
pltilnbitiK eonirni'i is noi com-
pleled until we hnve your fnllesl
approval.    Palnioro Bros,
A N I)
I l.in .  Spci ili< .limn-.
;iimI  Kstim.iU'S
The people of British Colum
l>in have spokon iti tones that
are unmistakable, that thoy did
not believe the statements of an
unscrupulous machine, like tli
one :ii Ottawa, l»ut have n Hrm
bellel' in tho integrity n\ tin-
Premier und liis government.
Mortgage Sale.
I'mliT uml by virtue of tlie powers of
null' liontuiiiecl in a uertatu Indenture o(
Murltfugt) tiii-iv will he offered for sale
liy I'ublir Aiirtinn ut tho store littely
itivu|iieil liy .limit's McArthur in Cran*
In k, H. v.. on Tliiii-Mluy the Uth day
ofMareh, A. 1'.. 1907, a! the hour iif
Ko'ubuk in the aftornoon the following
parcels of property which will be sold
separately, viz:
(lrtti l-i'i nuinlicrcd 14 in block
nninlii'i'i'il 90 in the Townsite of Cranhrook uccordhiitf in registered plan Nu.
iiiii'mi whicli Lot is situate tlie old
Second Hand Store of Leroy Sage de-
«'«'ii>t'il loyelher witlitheout building*)
(2nd] Lot numbered Is in liloisk
nitmben d 90 in said Townsite of Cranbrook on whioh is Mtutttf .lames Mo-
Arthur's Second Hand Store ami out-
liuildinjfs inolndtng a large Hum.
I''ur terms und condition ol sale apply
to Harvoy, McCarter and Muedonald of
Crunbrook, I'. t\. Solicitors for the
Dated Ki-bniuty 21st, 1907. 8
Licence Xo. I.
I hereby give notloo that I intend to
apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands & Works al Victor iu for u special
licencetocut nnd curry uwuy timber
from tlie following dosorlbod laud In
in Sotiih tCust Kootenay, commencing
at a posl planted aboul threo-qiuirtorg
of n mile easterly from tho South-east
corner of .1. T. Tipper's pro-cnipt ion
and about one and'one quarter mllos
easi of the Spokane Inlemationul Kail
wuv. thouce south SO ehains. theuce
easi SO chains, tlience nortli SO chains,
thenee west Ho chains to phu I row
our watch ReDalrino
Is iii Hu- liiinils ui  Compoloul Workmen
wlm ilmriiiiiilily  iiiiilrrsl I  ilie  iiii'i'liiinisin
111 II  Wllllll,
W'r usi' llin Wi'si ol malorliils nnd iinrosw-
vi-illv miii ni nt i'i' our worl; toglvn s;ii Islncl inn
Win. F. Tate k Son
Graduate Opticians
r.l'.lt. Win.'li ln-i tm'- Ci-nws' Xi'ai "ua- Division
4 *ft:*ft*7ft:. 9ft:*-ft* ft. 9 % 9-ft * ft:*-ft.-4^i
.liiim- A. Iln
XiiU'lllliiT III.- 'Hll.   lllllil,
Tuki' iiiitliii iimi  iliii'ii  iliij'n iiliui'
III-(llllll llOI'I'lll  I  llili'lul lll|l|l|ill  In lli,.
Ulllnl   (,'lllllllllaal |'   nl     Liiinh   j,u,I
Wlll-ltaut Vlllllll'lll, ll.C., Ini'   ;,   -|  :il
lllll'IIBU  I" llll,.' IIII'I    rjll'l'l     IIWIIJ   llllllii'i'
ll Ill' liillimili' il.'-i'l'il.i'il luml-   -il
units ill I'lltHl Kuiil,'iim :
l'l '"■ill^ ,11 II ll"'.l  llll ll ll
-i'i" nt Tiiiiii.'I i'i li iimrki'il .In - \v     i
Murphy',   uni'ili  111 ,i    'Ui'i',   Hi
I.i.'.'i,-,. So, 2,
I   lii'l'iili.l    jlili'    lllllil-.'    Hull     I      lllrllil
In upply Iii lliu Chiel Uiimmliwlniipi' ul
l.llllil- .V W'lU-k.a lit Villtlll'lll flll'llapei'iill
lii-i'ii'-i' tu i-iii uiul irui'i'v uway timlu'i'
N'oni iln- liilliiii'iiii; th-i'i'ilii'il luml iii
Smith Kusi Kniiti'l'iiy. l.'Ulllllltilli'ltl', ilttl
|>u«l i'lillil.■! 20 i'IiiiIiih 1'iim iil'ihi' Nui'ili
i\'L-,st i-iii'iii'i- nl .laiiu- A. Ilarviiy lii'i'ii.-i-
No. I. Ill"   Ill   SO  "hnili-.   Hum	
"Bat SO i'liuins. I lll'lll',* sillllll Hll eliuiiis
IlltMU'Q IVOHt Htl I'llllilla til III" phl!'<i ill'
' •llllillli-lli'i'llli'llt.
.Iimi'- A,   llurvi'y.
\iii"iiili"i'"ith, Ititiii. 8
It pays to recognize the place
to get your Hardware Supplies,
where you can get the most for
the least cash.
2 V
♦ Crnnbrooli, B.C. HARDWARE ♦
8 * K
&*JftP9zfty, fc»^;oi ♦ 9ftt4;*ft9ft\9ft4ft;4ft4ft
9 |- #.a^    i- ,.a.i\~     n..-!- 9
An Important Price      S
Reduction on Skirts      $
The very newest styles and f
best material; all beautifully a
9 trimmed throughout and per
| feet fitting.
Skirts Sis Skirts
TIMIIKl,' N( I'l'll'K.
Nulii'i' Ih Iii'ivIi.v 'jiv.'ii Uiul I   iiiii'iul I
tu nppl* in Hi" riiii'l I! in-- -i> nl I
l.uiiila ami   W'ni'li-, ul   IMiiliit'lu hu- ul
|u'"inl lii'i'ii-i- lu "iii  uml i'iu-i'v mini-\A
llllllii'i'    ll'lllll     III"     I.lllllil ill)*     ..Tthril i   3
llllills ill Suulli l'*u-l Kiiiili-iiiiv: : t;
in-ill'., ul ii pn-i pluiili'il nt th" I 9
 Ihi'iml 'imi' "I   A.   II,   Miu'iliiinilil
"'-1 '"'' -ii'Mnri Miii'phy'i, -th 'l'l,, |.(.'i,i| Tiniiiiil i'i I, ul	
'* "-"'I'll'" "IIHIl"! lll'lll,   "'.ll'   „;,-, Sll "huiiiaJI,"  Ill,nth   Sll   nhiilii*
t,llnlll« l'"1 "'■' '* Uml »• I „ ll ", I unit,
""  ihi-!-il. iluy ..1 K.'hiiuii'.v. 1'inr,    | ulcil thi'IStll iluy llf I'ullfllui'ylllO?.
S Jinn,', IV, Murphi      :    7       Williuiii lliili'i. Miii'i-iMi.-v, H.C.
Ui'L'iiliir tjL'd.Oi)   Suli'I'rii'i' ijiii.tm Tall'etaSilk
(llfl.fl ' 7.ju        "       "
"           SlS.tlll         " "                11,1)1,              ..            II
Ul'Jfllllll' N*-.IIH Sllll- I'l'ii'i' -<.j.;i|
"    wi.no ••     •• hu.hii
¥1.1111 "            .- jf.n-11
" .    SIMM *'       " sil.tin
All   kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
REID 6c CO.!


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