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The Prospector Jul 25, 1908

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Array l.i'rj.ry 11 1.;^. Ass
'   <? " %
JUL 30 1908
Vol. 24.
No. at).
The Conservative party ol Kooteuay district belit ii convention, on
Tuesday duly 2lHt for tbo purpose of
selecting u candidate to represent
this riding in the Dominion House.
If the choice of one who is freely
■characterized ns the most brilliant
speaker in u province full of orators,
a nmn whose devotion to and belief
in the principles of conservatism is
almost a by-word, together with the
drawing up of a set of resolutions
embodying u platform ol sterling
merit, whose endorsutlon, whose
criticisms, whose principles cannot
he gainsaid und whose truths are
■uximatic in tbe hearts of the newer
Canada of* a springing generation,
hacked by the absolute loyalty and
faith of a convention, which for
thorough representativeness of ull
classes and all districts has never
before been equalled, let alone excelled in the Kooteuay, can lead the
■conservative party to victory in this
federal riding then, assuredly, whensoever tlie Dominion elections are
culled, be it in the fall of thin or in
.the spring time of next year, A. S.
iGoodeve of Rossland, formerly the
choice of premier McBride as a cabinet minister, will be the choice of
the people of Kootenay as their
spokesman in the next bouse of commons.
Kor Mr. Goodeve is one who deserves well of the Kootenay. It is
ihere that he has come into prominence in politics, it is here that he
has developed thnt remarkable talent
im* public speaking which distin
HjulShes Inn., it. la tor the conservatives of the province thut he has
spent much time, much money and
devoted much care. It speaks well
of -him that from the earliest days of
Rossland he hus ever been taken into
dt* councils. Three years he served
on the council board, once in the
responsible position of chairman of
the board of works and twice ;is
mayor, being re-elected ufter serving
one term during the most trying
time of Rossland's short career, and
so well did he perform his duties
thut he wus petitioned by a very
large number of his fellow citizens,
nearly 2000 in number, to serve a
third term. Such was Rossland's
verdict on A. S. Goodeve, and if
Rossland cun speak so well of Its
distinguished citizen the recommendation must curry weight all through
the big constituency  of Kootenay.
James Scholield took the chair
tshnrtly nfter !> o'clock nnd premising
then he was prouder of the honor
■done him that evening, especially us
itihnt n»f the afternoon', a convention
n he vary best of any held in thi
imuiKViiuce., said that the conservative
l»irt\V WM opening in the Kootenay
a caiciiiiurifcii Against graft nnd cor
ruptioni wii'li as hud no parallel in
the history ,of tbe Dominion. In
opening mwili ;0 [Campaign, everything
lay in tlif wl.atidiw.d hearer and in
choosing A. 8, .<:;<. •■,'dcvr tho party
had a man oil .t-Lcut) record and wbo
was possibly tlLie iiuost brilliant
speaker in Rrith-Jj Columbia.
SIX names were plnei**! in •iintiiiim
(tion, it. F. Green, WK. (loss, M.I..
A., It. S. Lonnle, W, A. Maedonald.
A. 8, Goodeve, and J- 11- Bohoftatd,
M.I..A. All the names wns received
with very hearty applause, most. **i
tbusiustlc for Mr. Scaotlehl, but un
reserved nnd sincere for all. Mcssr>
Green, Lennie, Maedonald, and Scho
field declined  the nomination.
The convention wus characterised
by a most unusual degree of bar
mony,   enthusiasm    and confidence.
The convention was composed of
the following members.
Rossland Riding—G. R. Hamilton,
0. Newman, T. Oruickshank, R. fl.
McKibben, W. J. Longhead, A.
Stewart, M. Morrell, L. A. Campbell, A. H. Hunden, A. fl. Goodeve,
P. R. McDonald,   G.  Agnew.
Sloean Riding W. Hunter,M.L.A.,
Three Forks; R. Shannon, M. McLean, New Denver; W. Tinllng, Silverton; J. Ground, Winluw; T.
A oriel, NukiiHp; H. R. Jorand, T.
McNeish and D. .Sit.Dennis, Sloean
■City;   A. A.  Burton,  burton City.
Kaslo Riding—R. P. Green, .1. D,
Anderson, O, E. Burden, ,1. W.
Powers, W. Johnson, Kaslo; F. Elliott, 11. Murray, Trout Luke; VV.
Simpson, llowser; A. Grant, Ains-
worth; W. (J. Robb, Whitewater;
Cn)it. I'addon, Crawford Ruy; F.
Barber, Ferguson,
Fertile Riding- W. It. Ross, ML.
A., Dr. Bonnell, J. A. Broley, N.D.
Henderson, Fernie; Fred. Ron,Elko;
S. H. Tuck, Jaffray.
Cranbroolt Riding- Thos. Cavin,
V, A. Rollins, IB, Home, Q, TI.
Thompson, A. Leitch, T.T. McVittie,    D.  J.  John-ion,    J    D. McBride,
iranbrook;    A.E,   Watts,  Wattsburg;
11 Staples, WyclilTe; F. .1. S„t i'i,
Vinir Riding W. II. Hugo, t wile
gar; M. Tall Ymir; \. U, Lang,
Salmo; It. .1 Lone,, G. M. Bennett,
Creston; A. U, Shannon, 'est Arm;
W     Plelfer,   J.    Balfour,   Pnlrvlew;
.1 H Si'li,ilirl.I. Q, K Wen, II. Au
Icrson,   M.  Donaldson Trail.
KoVoWokc Hiding T. Taylor, M.
L. A., N. s. Prnsor. H. McSorley,
H, Dupoiit, T Wab.li, W. Hell, Kev
olstUKQl G B Campbell, Am>w
I'l-lmiilu.i  Riding     ii   I'arflons, M.
I, A., ,\ Mcintosh, (ioblen, A II.
i'lark,  Field.
Nelson Riding H H Lounto, W.A,
Maedonald, W, Irvine, 0, F Morton
■i A. Irving, P. Lamout, >i. 10, An
nable,   H. Wright,   C, H. Nowoll, W.
II, Bullock Webster,   F. A. Starkey,
W    H.   McLean
The convention was called to ordor
at U:3l) by R. S. Lennie. president
of the Liberal-Conservative Associa
tion of Nelson. Tbe convention organized at once, electing R. S. Len.
nie president,   and D. C,     McMorris,
On motion of R. F. Green, seconded by F. A. Starkey, the chairman
was authorised ta appoint commit
tees on resolution and credentials.
The chairman appointed A. S.
Goodeve, E. Home, J. A. Broley,
F. Elliot, A. ti. Lang, W. Irvine, D.
St. Dennis und A. B. Clark, a committee on credentials: and W. R.
Ross, T. Taylor, ,1. H. Scholield,
N. F. Mncluty, W. Hunter, H. Parsons,   L. A. Campbell, G. H. Thomp-
m,   and F. A.     Stnrkey, a rominit-
te on resolutions.
On motion of W. R. Ross, seconded
by W. A. .Maedonald, the convention
then adjourned to 2:30 p.m.
On resuming the report of the committee   on   credentials,     sinned    by
hairmnn A. S, Goodeve, and the
secretary D. 0. McMorris, wus presented us follows:
Gentlemen—Y uur credential committee in presenting this report
would  respectfully submit:
That in our opinion much credit is
due the different organizations
throughout the district for the manifest interest shown In this convention, as evidenced by the lurge number of delegates present representing
the remotest parts, as well as the
nearer and more populous centres.
Having totnl representation of 108
delegates, we find there are actually
SR in attendance, with a voting list
(by proxy) bringing the representation of this meeting to 103, only five
short of a full vote. This surely
augers well for the causes and principles to which our party stands
committed, and if the same interest
is maintained throughout the approaching campaign, we feel assured
our standard bearer, whoever he may
be. will lead us on to victory.
Tbe report of the attendance was
received with applause, which was
renewed at tbe expression of victory.
The report of the committee was received und adopted.
The chairman asked the pleasure of
the convention us to the attendance
of other than delegates and alternates. There was already a lurge ut-
tendnnce in the gallery. On motion
of F. A. Stnrkey, seconded by W.
Hunter, the gallery was declared
open to all irrespective of party.
Tbe chairman then suggested that
ufter nominations were made the
nominees in reverse order should he
heard; then, if desired, a brief re
cess should U* taken before proceeding to the vote. He urged that nti
sectional considerations he entertain
The procedure was approved. The
chairman then called for nominations
After a brief pause, J. D, Anderson
Of Kaslo, presented the name of R.
F. Green, which was seconded by
J. W. Power, Mr. Anderson said
tbat. tbe Kaslo   delegation     nnd, he
thought,      the    people  of      Kootenay
bad confidence in Mr. Green's ability
and Integrity, and his eminent lit
ness for membership iu the Dominion parliament.
Mr. Green warmly thanked his supporters and the convention which
bud received bin name with wild up-
pluuse, and expressed the hope that
his supporters would appreciate the
fact. tbat. In declining the nomination he was turning awuy from certain victory ut the polls.
W. R. Ross, M.L.A., was notaina
ted by G. F. Roo, and seconded by
J. A. Broloy and bis name wus loudly acclaimed.
R, S. Lennie was placed in nomi*
tion by F. A. Starkey and W. Irvine. His name wns received with
loud and long upplause.
Mr. Lennie thanked Messrs Stnrkey
and Irvine and the convention In
general for the very kindly way in
which his name was received. But,
said that be was compelled to decline the honor.
A. S. Goodeve, whose mime was
also warmly received, was nominated
by T. Taylor, who, eloquently extol
led Mr. Goodeve's ability and bis
long und splendid record of party
service. As provincial whip, he
hoped that Mr. Ross would uot be
lost, to the legislature ol which he
wus an esteemed and useful member.
The nomination was seconded by
A. B. Clark of Field, and by 0, R.
Hamilton of Rossland.
F. A, Starkey also endorsed the
nomination of Mr. Goodeve, while
speaking very warmly of Mr. Ross'
services tind  ability.
W. A. Maedonald was nominated
by W Irvine. Mr C II Sewell as
In declining Mr. Maedonald declat
ed thut only private considerations
compelled him reluotantly to decline
lie was very sensible or the honor
paid htm. He cstei-med membership
in the dominion parliament a very
high honor, although of late it luul
become almost a disgrace. Mi. Mac
donald was   frequently     interrupted
with   applause.
Tbe name ..| James It Scltoflold,
presented   by   (i.   F.    Weir  and     P.   R.
McDonald, was received with loud
cheers from every member <<• tlto
convention, Including the supporters
if other nominees, Mr. McDonald in
..oeondlng tbe nomination, declared
that Mr. Scholield hud "made good"
in every respect and lhat be colli
mantled in it degree unequalled by
any other conservative In the riding,
the confidence of tho labor party-
Mr. Scholield expressed his warm
appreciation ol the honor paid htm,
und of the evident confidence reposed
in him by the convention, but. he
could not. accept. Very earnestly
he said: "1 have never had "cold
leet" in my life. 1 have never
fought u light that I have not won.
But, gentlemen, 1 cannot accept this.
1 have other duties more Immediate
ly binding,    I  must decline,
The nominations then closing, A,
S, Goodeve wus called upon to
i pea It.
He thanked his friends fur their
kindness. It wus with a feeling of
great responsibility tbat he allowed
his name to be submitted. He
thought that the history of the last
ten years of Liberal rule was sufficient in a free and intelligent country like Canada'to guarantee the defeat of thnt party. Wholesale extravagance and dishonesty could not.
and would not go on unchecked. The
foundations uf Canadian nationality
within the Rritish Empire bad been
laid by the conservative party, and
tbat only that party could be trusted to complete and perfect it.
He had not sought the nomination
but if the choice of the party fell
upon him he would accept, and do
his best to win, and, it' elected
would represent to tbe best of his
ability tbe district of Kootenay, a
district he believed the best, the
richest and grandest in Canada or in
tbe world,
He wus hardly in a tinancial position to undertake so great a task,
but if tbe purty called he would nut
He held very strongly tbat Canada
must remain a white man's country
as contended by R. L, Borden, the
party's able and trusted leader.
He asked for support not for himself, but for the conservutive party
as Canada's one hope of purification
and  regeneration.
Mr. Goodeve's eloquent address
evoked frequent nnd enthusiastic
W. R. Ross remarked thut he could
not hope to rival the eloquence of
Mr. Goodeve. He hud hoped for a
unanimous nomination for either W.
A. Maedonald or J. H. Scholield. He
had neither sought or desired a nomination for himself. Like Mr. Goodeve, be would allow the convention
to choose. If Mr. Goodeve were
chosen, he promised him undivided,
loyal and energetic support from ull
tbe conservatives of Fust  Kootenay.
A short recess was then taken be.
fore the  voting.
After a brief explanation by the
chairman thut the vote would be
taken by individual ballot, H. It.
Jorttnd and V. A. Rollins were up
pointed scrutineers und distributed
the  ballots.
The result, was soon announced bv
tbe chairman to be the choice of A
S. Goodeve,
W. R. Ross declared, amid enthusiastic applause, that be luul himself
voted for Mr. Goodeve, and entirely
approved the result. He moved that
the unanimous nomination of the
convention be tendered to Mr Good
This was carried by acclamation
and followed ut Otico, at tbe call of
the chair by "Three cheers for Billy
Mr. Goodeve, who was again re
ceived with an outburst of cheering
declared that now he was in the
hands of the party. He appealed for
Btipport not. for himself personally
but as a follower of R. L. Borden,
nnd u humble und fulthful reprosen
tative of the conservative party.
After announcing the program of
the evening meeting, tin- chairman
called for resolutions, which were
presented und adopted as follows:
Moved by (J. H. Thompson, seconded by W. Hunter, that this meet,
inn heartily endorses tbe policy of
the Honorable Richard McBride and
government, and as conservatives
we express our satisfaction that out-
local government can in contrail is
tinction to the Dominion government
receive a meed of praise from both
conservatives and Liberals.
Moved by Fred. Starkey, seconded
by H. Parsons, that this convention
strongly condemns the practice which
hus beeu in vogue of delaying tin'
Dominion elections in Kooteuay,
Vale-Cariboo and Com ox Atlin until
after the results in the general elec
tions are known, for the purpose of
unfairly influencing electors in favor
of the party in power.
Moved liy W. A. Maedonald, secon
ded by (i It Campbell that lhis con
vent ion Btrongly condemns the *iy:;U-
iiiatic "graft" that is being pursued
by the existing government ut Ottawa in the administration ot public
limine.-.. This wasteful and cor
nipt, expenditure Is seriously injuring
uur national credit.
Moved  hy  Dr.  Bonnell, seconded hy
Mr. Watt tbat   this    convention expresses its confidence    In R. L. Hoi
doll,    leader  oi   tbe conservative  par
ty   and   lonvt-ys   to   bun   its  applfcui
tiou <>i his ellorta to orguultto and
strengthen the party In western
Canada;    its approval     ol and coiui-
donc  Die     platform ol the parly,
ami especially its ffutme*-! praise for
Ins recent noble work iu exposing
the mult and corruption at Ottawa
ii ud successfully resisting tbe efforts
ol the liberal government to Improp
erly Interlere with the franchise by
controlling our voters'  lists.
Wovod by F. .1. Smyth, seconded
0. I'. Morton, that this convention
heartily endorses the efforts of the
government of British Columbia,
tending to tbe exclusion of Chinese,
Japanese and other Asiatics.
Moved by N. McKay, seconded by
F. Klliott that this meeting of conservatives of Kootenny once again
expresses Us belief that the benefits
of the protective tariff should be
extended so far as to protect lead
and lend products coining into Canada and thus encourage our silver
lend industry.
Moved by D. J. Johnson, seconded
by Mr. Henderson, und resolved,
thut the lumber industry of this
province should be assisted by the
proper adjustment of the tariff so
tbat tbe lumber of the United States
will not receive better treatment,
coming into Cunadu than a similar
grade of our lumber bears on entering that country.
Moved by H. It. Jorand, seconded
by Mr. Scholield that, the members
of this convention desire to place
themselves on record us emphatically
endorsing the course of the government of British Columbia in connection with the advocasy of better
terms for this   province.
They extend congratulations to tbe
local government upon the conspicuous success of its efforts, uiul ex
press their appreciation of the promise mude by our leader, R. L. Borden, to give our demands fair consideration and treatment upon the
advent of the conservative party to
They hereby pledge themselves to
strongly support the cuntinuation of
the struggle for better terms until
brought to a successful issue, aud
the rights of the province fully
Moved by T, Taylor, seconded by
L. Campbell that this meeting of
conservatives of Kootenay expresses
its praise and appreciation ut the
self-sacrificing efforts put forth by
ex-lieu tenant governor Mackintosh in
the lust Dominion election for Kootenuy. We regret that chnnge of
residence will prevent Mr. Mackintosh from taking such un active interest in the coming contest as he
would beyond doubt desire.
On the suggestion of R. F. Green
a protest was added against the delay of the election in Comow-Atlio.
People you may know
Dr, E, W. Connolly and J. s.
Pock went to the top of Baker
Mountain on Wednesday morning.
Al. Mutz, president of the Ferine-
Fort Steele Brewing Co., of Fernie,
was transacting business at Cran
brook  Wednesday.
A. It. Ainslie. of Calgary; Win.
Springer of Spokane; and 11. D,
Campbell, of Stillwater, Mich., were
guests at   lhi' Crunbrook   Monday,
F. L. Walker, J. R. Woods, and
A. E. Burgess, of Toronto, were
guests at the Cranbrook Sunday
A. A. Richardson, of Vancouvor,
wus in town Sunduy last. He left
on Monday for Wardner where be will
adjust, the losses caused by the recent lire in that towu.
G. V.. Council, of Calgary; 10.
Nichols, of London; p. C, Lyons, of
New York; and A C. Merritt, of
Winnipeg, spent Sunday last in
.1. A. 'Forney, and Wm. Foldman,
of Spokane wen- ut, Cranbrook this
weok looking over the district lu
search of good land. They visited
Mr. Wm. Ilamilt.ons orchard on Wed
nesday  afternoon
A Bishop, ••) Montreal; L. B.
KiiiiisfoMb, of Calgary; K 11, Mc
Dinrmld, of Nelson;   ti. .1. Nugle, of
Spokune;      and    H,   II.       Stallion,   of
Vancouver were     registered     at   tho
Cranbrook   Wednesday,
Rov C. 0. Main, who has been
outing in Iho vicinity of Roger's
I'ass with tin- Canadian Alpine Club
returned to Crunbrook todny. Mr
Main will tuke tbe usual service In
the Presbyterian Church, Sunday
July 86th
A  twilight concert is being talked
about, it is suggested that all who
attend should he iu white. ll this
warm weather continues  it   would be
a   seasonable   number.
Free cool drinks are still to be had
at the Pnrsonngo next to the Moth
odist Church. This offer appllos
to meu who are working in the hot
sun, nud not to children. Quito a
Inrge number have availed them
selves  ot   the  offer of   late.
For BOVOftll days the far easl bus
sweltered nnd perspired and suffered
from the lug heat wave which Is now
hlltllltt the western coast and sett
hug over tho country like u Turkish
bath As the Dominion House has
prorogued there is relief iu sight.
Charles 10, Warren, II I', Hope, ol
Golden, and 0. D. Ellis, of Winder
mere Were Cranbrook visitors Thurs
day. Tbe party came through from
Golden in Mr. Warren's automobile,
nnd report having a very plonsant
trip through the Upper Columbia and
Kootenay   valleys.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walsh of Fort
Steele  were at Cranbrook Thursday.
Mrs. Crosby, mother of Mrs. S
W, Ryckmun, is spending the summer
with her daughter,
Mr. A. McCowan is having a rest
deuce built, on  Baker Hill.
Our fruits are always fresh because
they nre shipped to    us every dny.
Campbell &  Manning.
Refreshing, cool summer drinks ut
Stewarts.     Try them!
Mrs. Pettlgrew, Miss Joan Petti-
grew, and Mrs. McGeoch, of Newton
Stewart, Wigtownshire, Scotland,are
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Cole,  this week.
Attention owls. - Special meeting
next Wednesday evening at the Edison Theatre.
A meeting of the Fraternal Order
of Kagles will be held at the Kdison
Theatre  next   Friday   evening.
J. A. llurvey, wbo has been in the
Northwest for the pust ten days is
expected  home  today.
The crops in the Kootenay valley
are looking splendid.
Visit Cranbrook District
Again we remind the prospective
settler, rancher and home-seeker, who
are seeking the best land possible,
to make a trip to Cranhrook. Large
areas of the best land, suitable for
fruit raising, and mixed funning
cun be secured in the vicinity of the
capital City of the district, Cran
Methodist Church
Services at 11. and 7:30. Sunday
School and Bible Class at :(.
Evening  subject,  will be:-
All services will be short, during
this warm weather, church is
screened at windows and doors, und
will be kept as cool as possible.
Tuesday. Epworth League Social
on Pooley avenue nt seven. All are
invited, bring supper. Hot water
Wednesday. Prayer service at 8.
Quarterly official Hoard meeting at
Visitors always receive a hearty
welcome to our services, and the
pnstor is glad to call upon new
Methodist Church Picnic
The annual Sunday School picnic
ol the Methodist Church took place
lust Thursday afternoon on the prairio oust of St. Joseph creek, a large
number of both young and old enjoying a very pleasant time, heing
conveyed in rigs from the church to
tbe grounds.
Quito a long list, of events were
arranged by the  Sports    Committee,
The following being the prize
Race for children live to seven, Ist
Clarence  Hickenbotham, 2ml  Alberta
McLean,   3rd  Unii;,   McNabb.
Race tor children, eight to ten.
A tie between Gordon Fowler and
Alex Dickson. 2nd Clifford McNabb,
3rd   David   Watson.
Boys race tea to twclvo, 1st Frank
Crydorman,  2ml   Ait bur  Fowler.
Girls race from ten to twelve, was
a tie between Ella Bryans aud Car
rie Moore,    2ml Gladys   Hlckonboth
am,     3rd   Violet   Deacon.
Hundred yards, 1st Harvey Dick
son, 2nd Harold Hickenbotham, 3rd
lUvn  Bryans.
Boys raee, hll ml rod yurds, lnt 11
Dickson, 2ml il Hickenbotham 3rd
A.   Dickson.
Girls three legged race, 1st Mabel
Pnssmoro und Kiln Bryniis, 2nd Win
ule Deacon ami Kva Bryans, 3rd
Marguerite   llurvey   nml   Gladys Hick
Boys three logged nice, Ut Uar
vey Dickson nnd Joe Bout'gotne, 2nd
F. Cryderman and M Htckonbothnm,
Hnl E. Brown and Karl Stewart
Young   Ladies   rare.     1st   Ada   Hick
onbotham, 2nd Muriel Shephard.
Married Ladles, Nl Mrs Stirvis,
2ml Mrs   Lamoiul
Attractive   Programme   being
arranged for important
gathering next week.
Foi    some   tllue   pUSt,   the   F.Xeeutlve
Hoard ol the Western Canada Irrlga
tion   ( onventton has   I n     holding
regular   weekly   meetings   111   Vetlioli tO
make tbe preliminary arrangements
ior the Irrigation Convention to be
held iu tn.it    City   ihu inr  the    weok
hog In v   Augusi  mth, and the mie
cess ol that Importanl gathering now
seems   assured.
Among the lutorostlnu. papers that
will   he   read  are.    Cm ,    •'The  law
relating to the use ol water for ini
gutlou", h.v 1 S Dennis, assistant
Second Vice Presldeni White of
the c. I', H Ono ou "The Grey
Canal Irrigation system", by A F
Asheroft of Coldstream; One on "Irrigation in its relation to Forestry"
by Senator W, c.  Kdwards, etc. etc.
A most attractive feature will be
the three day excursion to points on
Okanagan Lake, planned so as to
give tin- visitors an opportunity to
observe all the irrigation systems at
present in operation in the valley.
Leaving Okanagan Landing early in
the morning of Thursday the nth
inst, the first stop will be made at
Kelowna, where arrangements have
been made to drive the delegates
over the system of the Kelowna
Land and Orchard Company, and of
the Central okanagan Land orchard
Company, Next morning an early
Start is made and stops are made at
Reach la ml, Summeiiaml and Nuru
mata, at all of which the visitors
are assured a most cordial and en
1hnsijist.il- reception. After spending the night, at Pontlcton, early on
Saturday morning, the return noitli
is begun, the trip winding up with
a visit to Okanagan Centre, where
one of the most interesting systems
in the valley will he observed, the
Syphon principal heing employed to
curry the water over a height of land
Apart from tbe more solid benefits
derived from the business side of the
Convention this excursion to the
west important points in the famous
Oknnagnn Valley can not hut be us
enjoyable us it is certain to he prof*
itubh;, ami will doubtless, attract
a   large  nuiiihei   of delegates      to  the
Starting New Tunnel.
(Moyie     Leader.)
Last week a new tunnel was started on the Aurora property ut a considerable distance down the mountain
which will give a vertical depth o|
150 feet from the main tunnel. The
tunnel will require to he driven approximately 676 leet to strike the
lirst known oro body, which is (our
feet in width in the old workings.
W. .1. Keltham, the manager, was
over to Rossland last week and secured an option on it compressor
plant. It. is the intention of the
Company to purchase this and have,
it removed over and Installed at as
early  a date as possible.
At The Society Girl
(Moyie    Leader.)
Chas. Farrell hns u force of men at
work on the Society Girl property,
and work will be continued steadily
from tnls on.
Cranbrook is growing
During the past three months IT
new cottages have been built on
CranbrOok street and that portion
of the prairie east of the government
building. This is going some, but
is only a few nf the many residences
constructed in Crunbrook since January 1308.
Notes on Mining
Sullivan stock is at a standstill.
A big advance, is predicted in the
near future
Spokane Parties are interested ill
the Bull River power afld .Mining
(ompany, This is a gunruntcc of
the success of the enterprise.
It is rumored that the Sullivan
smelter at Marysville will he in op
Omtlon   at       bOIIIO       tune    during   thi
coming month.
Placer    mining on Porry   Creek i*
progressing  with un ample supply of
Wild Horse Creek continues to hfl
the  centre of  the  placer      milling   in
dtiBtry,     Tho mines are being opera
ted   with   a   lull      loice,     the      water
supply is good, ami present Indications are that the yield of the yellow
 tal  will   be largely    Increased this
Thomas Barnes who died suddenly
at West Loop on Sunday morning
lusi  wns brought  to     the city by his
follow work n     ami  laid to rest  in
the cemetery      Rev    it    Hughes olll
Iluli'il   at   the   graVO   side   mi   Monday
Mining Timber Contract
(Moyio Leadei .
James McNeil of Moyie. and (ico
I'o well of Cranhrook are making
good progress with their eontruet
for taking out mining timlier Their
contract calls for 60,000 feet. The
timber is heing tuken out ut the old
Grant .6 Shofldy camp on the west
side of the upper Moyie lake.
Baseball at Cranbrook
A fast game and well played
by both teams.
Lust Friday, the v....we Baseball
team Journeyed to   Cranbrook  foi  a
isi I  ball     with ihv    local    nine.
nnd one    ot the    best games ol the
senson wns the    result, ami another
was   that   Moyie   failed     to       Win   the
The ilmt three tunings was as prol
ty   baseball    as one     -it-CH       OUtsldt'   of
professional team* in the big east
ern cities In the nisi Muyie wui re
Died in one two three older, 1'inii
brook got two men to Urat .nut one
to second where the) died Both
teams scored •*. nm in the second
Not a man ol tho Moyie team
.cached first in the third, and only
iwo Cranhrook men      in the fourth
Moyie got  another  hat   lull  of    se
eggs.     Neilson for   Cranbrook struck
safe  for a    single,   hut       was  put   out
In stealing  to second,      Fulton  was
presented   Wltb   a     pass   lo   lirst.     and
McKee was at the b..t, tbon -oine
thing was doing, McKee swatted a
hull to the left field and Fulton
eame in with a rush followed by
Mckee Debeck and Johnson closed
the innings by fanning out, Goose
eggs ol nil sizes and colom were now
presented  to      Moyie,  and      they  cei
talnly g"t plenty, until the lirst hull
of the ninth when they succeeded iti
getting three runs. Cranbrook
;ored in the sixth and seventh in
The   sion-  hy   innings:
Cranbrook.     n 1 0 2 n 1  \ <■     !",
Movie. 0 I 0 'i   u 0 0 tl .1    \
McKee's drive raised the 'tans" to
their feet, ami was the cleanest
home run drive seen on tin1 recrea
tion grounds this yenr.
McCreary made a home inn for the
Movie team, just to even up things
Burton played short without au
error accepting no less than aigltl
chances, and getting the hull to tirst
to put  men mil.
Curtis played second base for the
Moyie team in a manner thut would
have done credit to a professional.
He was there with the goods and
never made an erroi
Jorgensen ami Millei made a very
Strong   buttery   for   t'taaloook.
Jim.   Hates as     umpire,      was the
right man m the righl  place.    Funs,
ml rooters, keep outside of tlie linos
when "Jim" is on duly
Come again Moyie' yoii put up a
grand game, though defeated, you
may  win  next   time
News Items of Inteiest
Calgarj   Herald I
Sir Wilfrid Laurier was never a
financier but no one Imagined he
would be so film Hammed on the il
nances of the G. T R. as be seems
to have been.
F. J. Deane. id Nelson, says, that
Duncan Ross would prefer t<> have
the Yiile-Curibuo elections on lhe
same day us the other constitueu
cies   in   this     province. Well'   if
"Dune" wants the election held on
tbe same dute, why don't he come
out like a mun, and have it on that
date. He is the only person in the
riding that has any desire to have
tbe election delayed, and he is afraid
of losing bis membership in the
House of Commons. Wben  Smith
Curtis returns fnini the east he will
probably want Kootenay to be pluc
ed in line with Yule Cariboo.
Kven the public accounts are cull
mil' out    'it's time for a  change "
Duncan Ross ami his henchman F
J, Deane won't make many friends
in Yale-Cariboo by giving that eon
stltuency the "cold storage" hold
After a persistent hul use|e.ss de
leuse,       the       Lain a-i   administration
dropped t he -\yleswort b elecl l»jn
lull as i.u as British Columbia and
Manitoba  «""' concerned
Ore Shipments
Following are     th«
from mines in the Cranbrook district
for  tbe past week  and   ycal   to date:
St.     Ru gene,  424  11,22a
North    Stat .'I'M   ,. .       ,   2.U21
Total   SI.S Lt.^ll
Lead Trust
The Lead Trust in tbe Tinted
States is one ol the strongest com
bl nations In tho world a similar
statement might be said ot those
who control the    product   ol  the lead
mlnefl   of   the   Kootenny We   Wonder
who   is    deriving      tlie    most     benefit
from tbe government loftd bounty,
lhe smelters. railways, ol the moa
The lirst Legislative Assembly ol
Saskatchewan was dissolved Monday
and the writs Issued for a new
election. Nomination day has been
tixed lor Friday, August 7, and
polling one week biter, on August
14. The reason for dissolution at
time is to give the earliest possihle
effect to the new redistribution, in
creasing the membership In the leg
islature from 2u  to 41. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, H 0., JUt/i
Heading off a Risk
Gas is liable to pull oul
— "   j ^^aa1      <_-  ""^jVJ       of the ll.'iii door ol any
y^/YJ N^ • '    oilW U in M \' \ gas escape.
fc   afcn      aCi ■.i..i-;,,i ".,. ■■jVmi^airi   ._. "Sm.sl.i.,.." tt,,mara h..
= Sunshin.." l-'iirna.T has
"       Aul.mulii' tin..  11..,1,|.«-1
directly eonuecieil with
miijiIj.'-iii],.'.  Gas pressure
sways damper sulHclaiilly
li.r it to rs. jj*,m. up. hlntnev
U—   isr.. illiisiii.tii.,ii, but heat
j|5f    ii.j.'sn t eacape,
Whal doe. "Sun-irui.-
(i.s Ha mper iiii-.hi i .i
"Sunshine" I'm naoe?
M,..„„ prole.-l'ion to the
furiia.-e pan. ..u..insi e.il
■•il... i-.it it...
Whal dive. "Sunahine
Oa. hamper mean i.»
"Sunshine" hnuwholdei '
II       Mean,   furnace   can   be
'srrr nixraied withnul feai a. to
"puffliiK 'jr»«l '« 'in
be Iffl wilhoul dnnbl 4s i.-
whereabiatts ,.( ^..
What doe. "Sunshine^ r,.,. Dampermean '■- "Sniisli " t.-»l m
It niuanH, insu-<d [il owner iviih ^ordinary lurii,. -■   '-■-.' [i*»u'*l '" k
clieck-drali iiidet'uiiirly cl d lo "let ofl    k>-   when there, twn-ll
parla ol'lieal-enera) km  pari of gas passiiitj up clliilines     'rail can will
all safety beopened. and von   saved lor anolher da) s duty.
! ianniilwu
S1IKI1    AMI    fa
lillAY, ,ll'l.\   1
■'.. IIKI.S.
®l)c |ixun»a*tov. ALIHItt FROM SCOTIA
A. B. 6ratf-,
A Cranbrook Tourist in  the!
Old World sends tlio lollowing
Interesting tetter to the
UIIKN Sir Willii.i Laurier nub
imin-il ins Urund Trunk Pucillc
m'iii'iiic tn the people ol Otinada,   tie
.inserted that  the ultiinute elmrge to     l i.n ,.n,  i   believe, on nn  «■'>  lo
the euttutry     would only Iir J1H.000, Holyrood palace »itli all ItH historic
mm .      IU' liuilii'i    aald   lie     would mtarrata      Thla     Illinium old castle
si.unl bj this stiitemeiil      Klve years „:,s bulll  In 11811 al  the tool ol High
lui. passed,   and   results show,   Hrsl atroul on .i spiieloua   level giouiul in i
thai    ins    Minlstei  ul     Hallways, al the    ihade ol      \niiu;      icnl      Here
"'•il tl    Mi    llluir,    ieo  the in the  Lord    High  Cumin! i i   Mure
.•mi.ilil.'.   resigned,   und   ro il  i icntlni   i overelgn op* ' meel
ii"'   I l'ii   nrenii      Tho    i leul |Ug i    Uonoral     kssombly ol tbo
Minlstei   ul   Itallways,   uou    presents church ol   Scotland       I'm    n  leuililj
nn estlmute   to   the   Him I Com hall hus Its    walls eovi     with thi
in.'iis.    »nyin     I    ■ total rush pictures ol m.im  ol        tl m      Kim
cxpendl  bj   the   tlovernmenl    loi ,„,i   ,...,,,,,        pho chlol     points ol
the ' structlun  ol   the ilruml i'runk mteresl      » is thi    bed   upon   whicli
I'"*""   "HI   mi" "I   to    M 12,9211   ' ■ ;...„... , hiu11«   tlept  lh  in   .in.'.ii
es*    ap| peak Im ,,  culloden    ind upon    which     lho
1 A i« I butcher   Cu   ind      K n    lleurg* ■
ner,   txu.li letnetil   tlml ,,.,;M   .,,„     ,.,,,,   ,,,,     llt    triumph
.:M     nl um      ull ul        I il.ii   llll)
'"" I'stlnml       ■-      :i I,   i    ,    ..,   in,| in,i,   bed with pn ' ■
'   ■' ""I '"   I''''"'  '" high     iii".i .h    lol      ,,111.111,        i
• '      ■ . vcrlui      Is vers    -oil        1   Iron
'  '    ' :  '- . -t.i   uu n uud ■         isms
'   I" tic Jim   bites Ironi umkiag  ll   ., n  i
I'"' ""' -' ' '"      ,„■     place   loi      i   in     eni      l'>
ilminlstriition  havi   .
iiudel   tho  ..
il icd     ., ll
ouservative  iu expenditures
in nt    ami coat rol ol
PATMORR BROS,, Locnl Agents
School of Mining
Affiliated to Qorrn's University,
For Calendar "f tlie School nnd further
Information, npply tn tli-- Secretary School
ut Muuiii!  KiriK-tlOn, om iii"
TV taUanlnf Chwi »r<* ttirrt*
I    P .
| NORTH   STAR       I
% ^**mm    HOTEL I
# 9
# Kimberley,   B.C. #
9 9
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor. ■-_,. f
in'    ,11,, •
in hi, i   ru.ii Lie,    ■ i        mime is
mnbulmed lorevoi   In turn . nnd   itory,
aliiii' thai  ni iln'     l'ii.'' ol I'uiiil'i'i
hi i :   i.iii.i mil lu' In-lit   ii   everlasting exi
parts i  oration       Theu   in   sjueen     Mai j
i iuii-1   uhiiii where is aeen hoi hod and othel
in   articles nl    lurnlturi.   all     curelullj
.i   ■        Latirii iu,ni,-!:.,   preserved       I'he I'ouin in which  Uie
.i Hi     lo   was   killed       wi   entoreil      We
intrj        Llu Swill  iu  were informed tlml  li*     was drag ed
this room n-     auothei  ami the
t-ing spot where Ins bodj was loll ueai tho
lisidies tu  tn'.ul ,'i .1 -I ijju.ii  i   ii,-ii marked liy
.j  brass   tablet.   lol     iimii. hitherto
  rtu    marked hy red   palnl      Mary's   add
-.-■■   ler,    .,- '.'.ulili' culls liim.    waa sjml
t,- he .in Italian,     ostensibly Mnry's
• • • • musician, Imt  in reality nn emlssni'J
, _ ...    tjuvcrn   Irom Rome, counselling ami plotting
.t   -ii   il  agalnsl  the Scots ami theli  liberties.
sl thi    I'm' Scots   found thul     ihis spy and
... llu       ,   . _ ilottei   bad more Influence over Mary
and uuu ■ -'    :-   ' ""    '"''   '"''    ii'itui'iil     counsellors,
la Is   ■•■•■'-,   hence u     was   necessary tn   ml tin'
2i .....   .ountrj   "i ., dangerous enemy enter-
the   :onsti ictwn ol thi    I    nd Trm     I ';""'l in ""'  !hi  "'     them,     Tlir
!■„,.„. ,,   .,,, |       ..   •    .,.!.,  L'hapel     adjoining is Clnofliss.     Tlto
Harvey, McCarter k Haodonald
CRANBROOK,     -    B.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Granbrook •   ■ Brlttsti Columbia
llAltlllH'I'li'.lt, SOWCITOtl
and NOTARY  riJlil.lt'.
Oranbrook, ll.C
ti. H. Thompson
~~S»   ll.MtlllS'l'KII * Slil.U'lTOII
;-"■* NOTAKY ri'lll.li'
OPPIOG  REID   HUli.iiiNti
ri'jiiilii'niik. II.I'.
P.U.S. tV.   C.B.
fort suttiin ll.C.
Dr. E. W. Connolly j»
I'llVSIllAS   AMI Sl'IIUKIlN ' •
Olllcui Ai'instroiiL' Ave.
U lu II ll.lll     U tu I pan
I'lloll.i llllli'i' 1115.    II
will  luivo
election n
i.,,,i, like
A11 .-
■ i.u
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
j SAW   YOUR   WOOD    I
* WITH    A ♦
I FAIRBANKS-MORSE               t
X GASOLINE   ENGINE               ♦
* ll's Iiiii mosl imi'l't'i'l running ongino you can ffol.    The ♦
*, Ititnsl i'i|iii|iiin'iii lur sawing wood and irrigation.                    .
9 SOI.K   AdKNTS ♦
**********************  **********************
\^4\r**l*\ "/**(% ^r\ 3R^r\^\!W^^^r\ Aft**. 4*a% t**\ a*\*\ ->.^[ *4ft*\ ^B t*W ^*\\*l ^^H^TV^K ft*ft \^*TX **}*•
9 i' \V. VaxWoIIMKII. I'iiiimhiktou *
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9 V**i Buy Everything *
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ft IUH'SKS. STOVKS   'mn  an.I   -,■■' I  liunil   I'TUNI 9
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B 3
I Ham atid  Bacon I
***— '-mm
War- "**
S£ 1*111 up 1)^ uur (ipoplo, is ili«- Ijo.sI im Canndn      Tins 3
£ truiililf i- tn 'jot i-iiuip_rli nwiii^ in  shortage nf  kuUhI.Ip ^
•^ hogs     Wn hnve n Mipply of ihln Kain and Hacon now ^*
ovei   people nl Efidinburgh toro    down tho
nmi im iircoiint of the Hin^ulm- con
.... tiiu-t of      James  Vll        A    Scut tish
r tai nobleman bequeathed forty thousand
.i_i]i,'iiV ,. the pounds towards its iTst.iniii.iu. He
appointed an architect to carry out
Ins purpose. Tho approval of tho
King was necessary hut un Ruglish
architect named Loeklmrt thought
that the walls were not in a iii
state to sustain n roof, so while on
nur visit     we saw    men   at     work
 ' '   'painting" to   preserve    what   still
remains. The people ol Edinburgh
thought it very peculiar that un uu
dertatting which tlie host architects
in Edinburgh approved ni should be
stopped because an English architect
consulted by tho King condemned the
restoration. The money wus returned to tho heirs. Figures and statin's adorn tho walls Jiruco uud
many others of Scotland's heroes.
l-'nmi rcrenl reporl eminating from We visited tho Scottish National
the r-iuiiHu of Commons, ro the mint .Museum, where wo saw a wonderful
ing of gold into coin, it would seem collection of everything of human in
thai the Government grafters aro at terest. There uro sevorul of these
work iu this department, that the galleries in Edinburgh hul. this is the
larger portion of gold pieces minted largest aad most famous. To our
are going Into the United States, mutual delight we met Colonel and
grafter reaping the benefit of the Mrs, Wolfondoo, und Judge Forin,
exchange, ■ who were   also    guests   at   the   uld
• • • • Waverloy.     Wo had a most agreeable
The Kootenay Liberal, is kickingImeeting for wo spent a good dual of
nboul I'ternicr McUride and some ot time over British Columbia. The
his Ministers touring tho province, Colonel left England over fifty yoars
seeking to lenrn what is wanted in.ago nnd had nut revisited liis home
the interest of the province at large, for 32 years. We ull felt finite at
I seem that the one objoc- hoine as wo sat together in the even-
It  wus imperatively  necessary
Painter and
anadn. The time
when the electorate will abandon
party lines in favor of honest Gov
ermnenl A clean   sweep      will be
. mado in every province, and in
Ministerial departments at Ottawa.
Vs tai as llritish Columbin is con
corned, the antiquated "big seven"
will he swepl  into political oblivion.
.    .    9    •
Itlonnble feature about Mr. McBride's
tour ol tho   province,   is     that   the
i event, is likely tu interfere with the
success   ol the   Uberul   party at the
[approaching    general     election.      In
that we should visit the glorious old
battle Held of Bannockburn, so we
took team for Stirling, Wo had a
beautiful journey lollowing the course
it  looks good;   but to the Koutenay
Liberal and the   party which it sup
ports,   it means defeat sure and certain.
the eyes ol those who want British ol tlie Forth. This is the home of
Columbia represented iu the House all the famous scientific funning.
i( Commons by good and trusty men,  We had a delightful duy.    Sterling is
23 miles from Edinburgh, but space
is a small consideration with n British railway. Wo hud a few miles to
to reach the horn stone where now
stands the flagstaff of iron, 130 feet
high, upon whieh Hunts daily the
Lion Rampart of Scotland. The
old boro-stono was chipped a good
deal by relic hunters so it was sur
new une and covered
with iron bars. The old guide and
myself began the wnrk nf the day.
iThi! position     ul tlie Scottish    army
lli in bush-       s Polled l,ut"   'l''ie ,,,[l' wi,ig nmi
1     ' ''inanded by   Edward Bobort
• • • •
The   Nelson    Daily  News,   is    one uf
tho most    progressive dallies   In tbe
west    Tbe news   bus     introduced a
comic   section ol   two   pages   to its
Sunday Issue thai    will further com-1roumlwl by n
mend   the  News to  it.s  readers  young
and   idd
We place our paitit
on top.   WHY ?
Because il has tlio  [lurosl   while  lend for its luisi- and  whon
mixed wiili   perfectly ground  colors In oil   produces n paint.
which, wlien applied by OUR  PAINTERS who know how lo
apply it, we are prepared lo guarantee.
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Fresh and Cured Meats
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Reef,   Pork,  Mutton,  Bologna, Sausages,   I lams.
Bacon, Ooolcod linins. und in fact, everything in
llu' meal line.
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
PHONE 57 Hoiul OIHco. Calgary, Alta.
With oc eighth
Is i.f grain this yi
v.   "what i
iv  Herald,
ai, western ( anil its chest and
bos "iu U" (':»1  i
"I li it" newspapers endorse tho
tirand Trunk Pacllic schema ol the
I,.i iii fi    admililstral Ion      by  suy ing.
vhatevi'i   the cost
pent       Tins
■rdinai \   sl nlenient
■ ■■- i    won,nuu,	
I.-,   the monoy is
- D      most cxliu
Tbo   niving ol
i|     tho       people's
i nil wuy compuny, beshleB
nlllions nl   icren
[Mini ■   well   ipenl
.ilin  machine ovei  Ji.,000,000 to sub
Id /■   I he  tlril   press  to obtain such
Lati menl,   and possibly thoy may
i.     i ml  i his i - money woll spent."
MINJSKATj   act.
i Kor.ii   I?.)
Bruce s
brother, and us grout a warrior us
himself. The right by Randolph Ins
nephew, and tho centre by Ururt
himself. Standing where now the
llngstafl is, the surrounding ground
.slopes downward from the Centre.
Kdward 11 and liis hosts came over
an  old   Unman  loud  frum  the  south
wesi.     The spot    where   Bruce cleft
dellohun'S head  with     his  l.oehaboi
axe   was   pointed   out.       Down   at.   the
foot of the declivity at the time wus
n morass. Hero Urine's tactics
laud giants, is; were seen. ISdWnrd II mado a will
li eosts the Ot requiring his "long shanks" to bo
enrrted beforo tho army, what became of these may be doubted. But
at. present. line crops grow around
the spot. Cillies Ilill is not far
uway to the right where the camp
followers came over and scared the
wits nut nf Kdward and his inyniii
diojis by Bhouting and waving bun
ners. Ilriice had only 30,000 while
Kdward had 100,000. But Bruce hail
men who never counted the numbor
of their foes. The battle wns u do
olslvo one, nni montlonod by Creasy
Thirty thousand ol 13dward's army
Mystery Mineral Claim, remained    on the   ground.     Edwnrd
ii,   the    Irort    Steele      Milling   'Hid   nil   tbal       cnuhj   lied.       Bannock
ni  K,i.-,i. Kooienay    District, hum became   the protidlst     name in
located,    on     Allu     I'rook, history. Lay  Hie proud upstarts low
lime miles     Irom head ol St. tyrants fall   in     every Ine liberty  in
l.ttko, every blow,    lei  im do or die,    wtot
,     MiTK'K     Ihal      I       Itnberl
ol   h.ipii
r i i.'itl
N< K
date ii
1'iec Miner's Certificate Nu.
ntend, sixty    days   from the Wim   Hue"   one     ,.f
eof, h> apply to the    Mining | lyrics in any  Inngunj!
l*A l'h<
I'lluNK in --j
|P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.|
£z       Hiiiul omuii, Miaiii Olllei.' for Enst Kootenny,       3
m7        Calgary, Albnrla. Crnnbrook, B. C -~m
Uecordei fm i, Ccrttliouto ol liiiprnv-j
men! . foi the purpose of obtaining
a Cmwn (Jranl nl tbe above claim.
Vmi luiiliiM take notloo thul
action, undor section R7, must he
commenced before the issuance of
iu li > •'[ i lOento ol  Iniprovement.H.
Robert  Dewar.
Dnted Hus  Ith day ol duly, 1008.
Burns once  i Ihiji over    this    fn
 us   blittlfl    ii.ld.    In    his "Scot's
the   grundosl
nnd  nne says
Ourlylo  tlml   sl Id  he sung  With the
throat of tho whirlwind, I have nut
the space to discuss what the result
would he, bad liaiuiockliiini not be
como the glorious spot ol Bcottlsh
Independence. I simply relet- to the
withering curse this attempt nt
crushing national spirit has been to
old  Ireland. If the Irish had rni
lied around Kdward Bruce at Clou
turf as the    Scuts.     Highland      and
feGuests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabliny in Connection
Nom'ohI lo rail roud depot.   Hits luiconmio
iliiliiins    inr    llm    public    lllii'i|ii:illi'il    ill
IHot mid Cold Baths
F. O. E.
Moot.ovoi'y I'liiluv m is |i.in,
VlslUnir Brotlioi'B Coi'ilinll)   liivlli'il
CHiajS. Smith. VV. Pi'oslilonl
M. I). Bil.l.lNda, Si'CV.
Ai'i'ii' I'hyaluluii, I', o. Ilnx SIS,
|5 Rocky Mountain Chapter |
I NO. 128,  u. a. m. I
> ;'
$     lli'iriilur meetlnifg: 2iul Tiiob-  £
i| day  in  wii'li  iMiini.li ui olglit  1
I o'olook. I
1     Sojourning Companlona  are  s
5  uoi'dially invited. |>
■s WM. I'". ']',\TK, Sot'lbo E,   i
1 I
i       Box 4       ORANBROOK, II. 0.       5
Court Granbrook 8943
Visiting   brethern   cordially   Invited
V. McKENNA, Clilof Iluu (fer
.1. SIMMS, Seoretiiry
I'iiiiitiiI Illi'i'Cliir
Steiun  Boili'i'M un,I |*i
■ WiH'li n
Proprietors ^
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Plana, Specifications
and Estimates
All   hinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
Cost and Slock Kslimiilcs
i''ui'liislii'il I'iiiiii AppliOlt
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook. B.G.
1 Cline
hi llm nlil Mann,um lUHinr Slir>|i
i-tiii now in* (iimiii in iiie
Klrsi (Muss Work In nil liriunilii
ol the
Tonsorial Art
Great West Life
Assurance Companys
Actual Riisnltri to Poliiai Holders
Fred. W. Swain
Oranbrook,B C, Arpistfotig Av. nil*: PROSPECTOR, OKANBROOK, B.Cm JULV
Summer months are BOVRIL
months, A cup of BOVRIL
wilh a bitcuit gives all
nrccssary nutriment \\ Itm
meal i* not relished.
Try a Utile BOVRIL in your
canned meats.
RocolVOH Imili l.mlii's llllll
(leiilloiiion ns lii'siilt'iii nr ns Dn.v
SliiiloMis. Hns n nninplnln dun
moi'tiiil nr lliisini'ssCourso, Pro.
pill'I'S Sllllll'llls 10 gillII 'I'i'lll'lll'I'S'
IVrtilii'iitt's nl nil ((I'ftilos, In
nllillinliiili Willi 'I'OHONTO I'M
VUIIHITY |"lvt)s llu' luul' yoill's
courso lor Ilir II A, llPgl'Ofi, uml
llio lirst yoar nl llio Toronto
School nl Scii'iiri'. Ilns u
sppoliil "I'l'iispt'i'inrs Coiil'so"
lor minors who work in B.C.
Iiislnu'liiins givon in Art,
Musio, Pliysical Culture nnd oio-
.gill ititi.
l''or Ciili'iulnr i'Ic. address
"Coliiinliuin Colloge".
'J'erm opens Soptombor ITlli.
$5,00 w CASH
$3,00 a'mONTH
(Iood Discount For Cusli
SH£NTft,M^;wlwm. SPEEDY
Also  Second   I hind  MnchillO!
For KaKi Cheap and To Rnnt.
Armstrong Avenue
Phono I'i" I'riiniirooli, l!.(i
East Kootenay
Por nil kinds ni
Nothing lino or coarse, lurge
or snnili iluu wocaunol liunilli'.
We Also Do Dm Dijeiii'i
Olllco .1. Leask, Tailor
Because they are tempered
unevenly by fire and
will not hold an edge.
arc tempered aa hard
ai flint by our exclusive
process of electricity.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
Cianbiuok,   Ii. O,
.(Form   K.)
Certlfleate ol   Improvements.
NOTICE), Kenllworth Praotiou
Mineral Olnim- Bttuate    in the Port
Shell'      Mimiii',     DlvtBloU      ot      Kant
Kootenay Dlatrlct,
Where located:— Near   Woll Crook.
TAKK NOTICK that .lames A.
Harvoy, Free Mluor'n Oortttlcnte No.
it 1303, acting an ugout rni- John 12.
Kumphroye Free Miner's cortlfloato
Nti. 11 L485 and John Swenson, Froe
Miner's cortlflcato Nu. li i;.2.t, Intond,
sixty iluys from dale hereof, to apply
to llie Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for tliu
purpose of obtaining a Crown (Irani
of the above claim.
Anil further take notiee Ihal notion
antler section 37, mast he common
ceil before the issuance of sueh Cor
tl Heft to of Improvements.
.1.   A.   Harvey,
llihleil Ihis llth iluy of May,  11108,   US
Methodist Churoh.
Robert iiri.ju-.s. Pastor
Sunday Morning Service ;«' 11 a.m.
Fellowship meeting - - MMAu.m,
Sunduy Suhoolanfl BtliluOlatwa p.m.
District ot Kootenay.
takk notice thai Churles K. Harris of Cranbrook, aud John W.
Spraguo of Nanton, Alia., occupation ranchers, intend lo apply [or
permission lo purchase the follow I ny
described laud;-- Commonolng at a
post planted nl (be South west corner ot Hloek No. 121, thence west Hll
chains, theuce south aw chains,thence
east. Hit eliains, thence north HO chains
to point nf commoncoment contain
lnt; (140 neres more or less.
excluding nil laud in Block Wil.
Churles K.  Harris.
.lohn W. Spraguo.
Dated   .lane   lot li.   1*108. 2!i
TAKK NOTICK that I intend to
ipply at the tlrst mooting ol the
Cranbrook Hoard of Llconco Commissioners held after thirty days from
the first publication ol this notice
for ti transfer from William A. Rollins to myself of the retail liquor
nee for the Wentworth Hotel In
Cranhrook, H.C.
Holla Corbett.
.lane ICth, 1008. 25
Tuke notice that an application has
been made to register Nils Hanson
as tho owner lu Fee Simple under a
Tux Sale Heed from Alfred Clement
Nelson, Assessor of tbe District of
Fort Steele tu James A. Harvey,
and which lot baa been transferred
hy the said James A. Harvey to
Nils Hanson tbe tmitl Tax Sale bearing date tbo 14th March A. D. 1008,
uf all and singular that certain parcel or tract of land and premises
situate, lying nnd being lu tbe town
of Craubrook, in tbe Province of
British Columbin aud more particularly known and described as:—
Lot seven (7) block ninety-one (91)
in the town of Crunbrook (Map 669)
You are required to contest the sale
of tbe tax purchaser within fourteen
days from tbe date of the service of
this notice upon you, and in default
of a caveat or certificate of lis pendens being filed, and ln default of
redemption, within such period, you
will be forever estopped and debarred
from setting up any claim to or ln
respect of the said land, and I
shall register Nils Hanson as owner
Dated at   Land Registry    Office Nelson Province of    British Columbia
this 31st dny of March A. D. 1008.
To Dnnlel fi. McTntominey.
H. T. Macleod.
District Registrar.
eS.tiv.nion Arum Barracks
Suiuluy bui*vices:
Afternoon   -   -   So'ulouk
KvonhiK    -    •    s o'clock
Sunday School al I.I.'i p.m.
Meetings hold uvory nlffhl   In  lhi
week ul li p.m.
©he gpmpecttt.
Ci.nl iniiril   In
Electoral District   of Cranbrook.
NOTICK is hereby given that Sittings of the above Court will be held
at the Government Building, Cranbrook, for tbe disposal of cases
every Wednesday, at two o'clock p.
at Moyie every Saturday at the
same hour; and at Marysville, Fort
Steele and Wardner on such days
and dates as may bo appointed in
the proceedings.
All debts and demands not exceeding the sum of $100 eau be sued for
and recovered iu the above mentioned Court on Summons and
Judgement, Garnishee (either before
or after Judgement) or ou Instalment Order which can be enforced by
commitment if necessary.
Instructions for proceedings can be
handed in   to   the    undermentioned
t'lerks .if the Court., viz:—
l'\ It.  Morris, Deputy Sheriff,   Ornnbrook.
V, G. Routh,   Provincial    Const uhle,
Moyie,     or to
Joseph   Walsh,   Provincial   Constable,
I-'ort Steele.
Joseph Ityan
Haled 22nd day of June, 100S.
Teams and drlvors Fuvnish-f
[od  foi' any  point in tho dis-. >
A. BOYLE, Manager*'
For Horses and Cattle
flood Ponces     Good Wutor
(in.nl Pastiiro
Apply to E,C01tRETT, Carrot Ranch
about :U miles rrom Craubrook, near
tbo old North Star mill
Lowland did around Robert and
drive out these vulgar tyrants Irish
history ever since would not he the
doleful tale that It is. Cruelty and
oppression marked even steps ol the
conquerors, They tore oul the
tonUUCH  ot  the  Welch   hnrds  they left
n legacy to Qnglnnd thnt will now
be extinguished. After tho old git Ido
ami myself had rofotight the battle
of   Butmockburn.      wo   returned to
Sterling uml had luncheon ut Wuvor-
ley Hotel. A short dlsttlUCO is the
Wallace monument standing on a
lofty and precipitous eminence facing
Stirling. The climb to the moult
ment is a most beautiful one, A
line roud winds around shaded hy
high trees. The monument is over
'±0\\ feet high, We ascend by a winding staircase in one of the corners.
There are four Hats as we ascend
where we rest and examine relics,
statues and swords. I paced the
floor and judged it to be over 30 feet
square. On the lirst was Wallace's
sword In a glass case, That glorious
old weapon is tn safe keeping. It is
about six feet in length, nml is woll
worth crossing a continent and ocean
to see this emblem of our
freedom, not only Scottish but English. One must be blind to all the
teachings of history who cannot recognize in this all we owe at the
present ago to ttie struggle for national liberty so dearly purchased in
the brave days of old, While here
I sang "Scots Whn Hae" with my
wife as an audience but the echo
roused the spirits of the lions of
whose heroic, conduct I sunn. The
view frum the top is especially grand
The Forth winds in the most extraordinary way. The Ochil hills to
the south, the Grampian to the
north, while below lies the most
beautiful stretch of cultivated land I
ever saw. Small steamers ply up
from Edinburgh and make u distance
of 21 miles when a straight line is
only seven. An old ruin lies to the
west. Stirling bridge is near where
once a great battle of national freedom was fought. Wallace stood on
the spot where tbe monument is, directing tbe battle. I went to the
castle for It too hns its relics. The
Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders
are stationed here. The cemetery
near the castle is a beautiful spot
much like the Glasgow one partly on
a high precipitous rock and partly
below on level ground, The castle
is similiarly situated to Edinburgh
castle. Within the walls is a tine
monument erected to the A and S
Highlanders who fell in South Africa
A fine statue to King Robert Bruce
tands in the forefront. We thor-
mghly enjoyed our trip tu Stirling.
Before returning to Edinburgh In the
evening we took horse-cars to the
Bridge of Allan, a health resort at
the foot of the Debit Hills. Beailtl-
full residences and castles ure seen
all along the road and on the brows
if the hill. Returning wc passed
many places of interest, chiefly Dun
fermllne in which Abbey is buried
Bruce's heart, and which is the
birth place of Carnegie. We spent
another dny at Crail in Fifosbire,
across the Forth and near its mouth,
visiting Mrs. and Miss Cunningham
and Sergeant Cunningham. Mrs. Bro-
die, and Mrs. Russell,,once of Fort
Steele were not at home, but we
found our friends and relatives well
und pleased to see us from Cranbrook. Berg. Cunningham is on six
months' furlough from India. He
is a splendid specimen of the High
land officers, being in the "Black
Watch" which is at present station
ed at Peshawar, Crall is a grand
old town by the sea. We visited old
parish churches where John Knox
once preached. Very old grave
stones are seen here. Tbe old fashioned pulpit is still here, nmd is tlie
one he probably preached on, so 1 as
cendod the steps and stood where tbe
great reformer bad been. 1 thought
it a pity those old fashioned pulpits
have been done away with for there
is nothing exbuusts my patience
more than tlie prancing about on tbe
modern platform by so many preachers of ttie present day. After a stay
of a few hours at. Crall and viewing
old places, we bid good bye to our
kind and hospitable friends reaching
Edinburgh at Hi In the evening.
Several interesting ruins were noticed on our journey, Fife is also
tbe great farming county of Scotland. We made a visit by a motor
to see ttie Forth Bridge, nine miles
from     Edinburgh. Tliis     famous
structure is well worth seeing. Thirty men are constantly at work painting the iron work and it takes
three years to complete it, so the
work never stops. When passing 1
noticed they were about half way.
We crossed this triumph of engineering skill four times quite comfortably, On our way to Crail we puss
ed Kinghorn, where Alexander III
King of Scotland wus killed hy falling over the hank riding by on a
dark night. The untimely death of
this, one of Scot lands best. Kings
was a blow which was sorely felt for
many a day. 1 shull treat of tho
exhibition next week.
J.  F.  Smiih.
.1. Vollmer, of Spokane, C. B.
Harold, of Rosalia, R. Yerbel, of
Hlllyard, S. M. Collins, and ,1. Sev-
orson of Rosalia, were in town Mon
day, The above named gentlemen
are large stockholders in tbe Hull
River Mining and Water Power Co.,
and have been engaged for the past
two weeks in visiting and Inspecting
the work now being done by Ihal
company at Bull river.
A Woman's Back
Hiu» many aches and pulu-> caused by
weaknesses tud falling, or utbur displace-
lui'.it, uf tbe pelvic orguug. Other symp
touts uf fi-iiul-- Meukina-j aix- frequoui
lu-'idttclm, diulimss, Imaginary specks ur
dark apoto flouting before tbe eyes, tfu»w-
H ik seusatlou In stomach, dragging **
bearing down tu lower abdutuiuai orp*ilTie
region, illnngrwiable drains from pelvic
oigutiK.faiat spells with ffi>nwal weaKUes.
I (any considerable number of the above
symptoms are present there Is no remedy
thiU wn^lve quicker relief or a more per*
maaontcMe than Dr. Pierce'! Favorite
l'r.\»4^«bOsIt has a record of over forty
yeara of cun» jjjj tin- pu^t potem)
iuviumniUmt tonic and aJSJEIS tiff
viiK'linown lu im^dicuU'-j-'iji-e. jUs ngft
of the glyceric extracts oTtmtlve mod Id-
uai routs found la our forests und contains nut u drop uf alcohol ur harmful, or
luibii f.niuiiig drugs. Ils ingredient:* are
•mil printed uu the hotl.il- wrapiMT mid at-
tested under oath asoorroot.
Every ingredient on tor lug Into "Fa-
vorlto Proscription" has the written «u-
doiM-iui'iit uf the most eminent medical
writers ot ull tho Bovorul schools of pre*
Uuu more valuable than any amount of
iiou-pruf'-ssioiiul tostltlluliluls—though the
latter ure not lucking, having been oou-
trlbuttd vulunturlly by grateful paileuu
lu mimbora lo exceed the ondoraeiuenli
glvon iu uny other medicine oxtuut for
the cum ui wumuu's Ills,
Vou eunnut a it unl to accept any modiolus
uf unknown colnposfliuu us u substitute
for ihis well proven remedy ok known
composition, even though the dealer way
mukeu llltle moro prulll thereby, Yuur
Interest iu rogulnlug health Is puraiuouut
to any sol Hull Iuteresl ><t hi*nml ft is an
insult tu your lulelllgtinuu for hi III to try
to palm uir upon you a substitute Yuu
know what you want uud it is his bust*
ness tu supply tho article culled for
Dr. Ploreo's Pleusant Polio in ure the
origluu. "Little Liver Pills' lirst put up
by uld Dr. Pierce uver forty yours ago
much imitated but uevor equaled Liu
■mgar-ooatod granule* e*k*>* tu utiie **
District of Kooteuay.
TAKE notice that John Castelar
McKenzie of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation mechanic, intends to apply
for permission to purchaso the foi
lowing described land:—Commencing
at a post planted at the Southwest
corner of pre-emption lOlit), thence
east 40 chuins, thence south 40
chains,thence west 40 chains, thence
north 40 chains to point of
commencement, containing id) acres
more or less,
John Castelar McKenzie.
Dated May 8th, 1908, 19.
District of Kootenuy.
TAK IS notice that Gertrude M.
Harris ot Cranbrook, occupation
married woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described land:— Commencing at a
post planted near line of Hloek No.
425 and close to C.P,it. railway
truck, thence nortli to Harris and
Spraguos purchase, tlience west to
railway truck, thence along railway
track to the point of commencement
containing 100 acres more or less.
Gertrude M. Harris.
Dated  June  10th HI08. 25.
District of Kootenay.
TAKE notice that John T. Cooper
of Nanton, Alberta, occupation fanner, intends to apply for permission
to purchuse the following described
lands:— Commencing nt a post planted at the south east corner of
Block No 124, thenco north 80 chains,
thence enst so eliains, thence south
K|) chains, thence wost 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing
040 acres more or less.
John T. Cooper.
Hated  June 3rd, 1908. 25
District of Kootenay.
(S) TAKK notice that I, Fred W.
Jarvis of Nelson, occupation Hotel
clerk, inteuds to apply for permission to purchaso the following described lunds: Commencing at a post
plauted 8 miles in a northerly direction from the International Boundary line and adjoining G.P.Wells location on the east; thence north 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains, tbence
south 80 chains, theuce west 80
Fred. W.  Jarvis,
JaB.    Fisher, Ageut,
March 80th,  1908. Ifi.
Try Preventics, At My Risk
Willi Book on Colds.
Just to prove merit—to show you how
quickly Preventics can and will check colds
or tli*_- Grippe—I will mail you free on
request these lamplej and my book. Simply
address —Dr, shoop, Racine, Wis.
Preventics are thoroughly harmless little
Candy Cold Cure tablets, No Quinine, no
laxative, nothing sickening whatever.
To clurk early Colds or Grippe with "Preventics" means sitr* defeat for Pneumonia,
To stop a cold with Preventics is surely
safer man to lei it run and he obliged to
cure it afterward. Preventics will however
reach a deeply seated cold. But taken
early—at the sneeze stage—they break ur
head off these early colds. That is surely
better—thai is why they are named "Preventics," Promptness however is all-Important. Promptness in the use of Preventics may save half your usual sickness,
Feverish ness, night or day, with child i>r
adult, suggests the need of Preventics,
Write !>r. Shoop, Racine Wis., today for
samples aud booklet. Preventics are sold by
3Wl3W i^Wij^W. ^4*jK 4*4*4
Saddle Horses
Pack Animals
'Phono No. (ID,
jWl.W. ^A* aWk4*\\%*
A laiul of wonderful natural resources,
rich fertile lands, mild and temperate
climate, located in southern B.C, west of
the Rockies.
Produces abundant crops of
Fruit, Grain, Vegetables and
Hay.   The best markets in
the North-west.
Broad valleys of rich prairie soil, large
bodies of excellent timher, mountains of
mineral ore still untouched, abundantly
watered by mountain streams & springs.
A new section of the country tli.it has
never had a land boom, and where you
can still get a cheap home and the very
best soil. One of the largest valleys of
level land in B.C. embracing: the Tobacco
Plains Country, the St Maries Prairie, the
Wasa Fruit District and slimmer resort,
and   the    Itavncs   lake   I'm it    District.
A postal stiiiin;; what kind ol land you want, will bring lull description,
maps, and reliable information regarding climate,.soil, and prices ul land.
The Frost Investment Co.
Baker   Street,   CRANBROOK,   B.O.
THK  l.l'AIHNli   riil'IT  STOIU'i
STHWAit'ra Kink Ciiouoi.ati'm
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75      rtriiistroito, ftve.
Silver.mounted Case Pipes !
.UST ARR1VKD!   150 ul' lho Inlesl und hesl ♦
sliii|ie-. li(iii!,'lii tor cash and m.IiI mi ;i reiisnn ♦
iiitle imu'Rin.    SEE THEM.    PRICK THEM. 9
We are still leading with a tine assorted line of CIGARS ♦
 at 3 for 25 cts. ♦
run goods arriving every dny.    All Tolmeeos T
nml   OignroltciR  sumo   price  :i» oilier slores ♦
ranbrook   Cigar   Store |
OEO. WELCH, Proprietor. *
I ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦9
•3* EAST «e
Chicago ♦<"!.SO   St. Louis S117.:,n
New Yorli &I08.!>0
Toronto 104.40 Montreal Slon.OO
nt Inwn $105.00
Sl. .lolin, N.B, Ifi 120. no
Halifax #131.20
Sydney, C.I I. #1311.1)0
Tickets 011 salo May land Mb
June 5, 11, 111 nnd '211, .lu'.v 0, 7.
21 and L'L', ItlOH.
Kirat Class       Round Trip
liur'I'Ks TiiikuiH hit iinoil vi:i nny
I'oonjftil'/eil i'iiiiii'.', in nini oi> Imili
illt'i'i'fmn?..     To ilci.tiil:ltions .'ji-.! I , ,
ol I'lili'iliM" ill''* 2 1 vtl. tli'Miri'llI
|*or furtliiT Iti'iiriiiiil'lnn, ml.".. nluo|i
in,., our I'oBfi'viiiiuiu- npply 10
.1. Moe, D. P. A Nelson, B. (I
0, 1'.  McPlierson, 11 P A.   Winnipeg
John   LEASK
The most fnshioruible and
Cranbrook b.c.
HFort Steele Brewing Go.. Ltd!
►«♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦ ♦♦♦««>»«>«♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦••♦♦♦«*
P.O.   I!n\ ML'
Telo|,l  Nn   1
M wi l'.M"l'i'l!i:i:s anil IIHI'WI'IIS
. . . Ol? KX'I'KA   I'INK . . .
Buttled beer for family use a specialty
jj   Port  Steele Brewing Co., .Ltd.
; ;♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *****************9999* TllK PROSPECTOR, CRANilROOK   H.C, JULY :'.'.. IU08
British Columbia
The Best Grown
Are now coming' in.
We are receiving
daily shipments of WiGENS Celebrated
Strawberries. These berries are picked in
the morning" and arrive here in the afternoon. No stale fruit. Every berry good
to eat and every basket FULL.
®lw 3teo*pcctov.
S VTURDAY, .11 I.'i  '-•",. IWW.
People you may know
Visitors    lli'i-e    au.i   Thore.- People
wim   Oomt to   Craubrook mul
'I'li.imp   Wim do Aw«y.
Mi    .ui'i Mrs   H,  Hunmt, ul  Mojti', I
were ''runlirouk visit,n-. Smuluy last
S    Hanson, ,,|  Wmui    ini'iii   ai'vernl
ilnys .ii Cranbrook thl   ivwk
Me- M    II    I oliue    -i     w,  i  » ,
ihnpplim   it   i'nml,i,„,l,   Uu-.  »,,■!,
Mr-    V    Mi'llm. ,,i      M„f) ..ill    mi
.  Criinhrnok   rlattm   Vt'nlmwla)
W       \     Hamilton    , j    1', i in,      V, i .   Ml !
iii,   nt)   Morula)
K   ii   Half   ul Fern ■    , iiromitipnl
hi nn jii   «.,'. ui ■ iwn  Motiila)
ll      I I ill. ill i -ll     .Jl    \   ,n, ..IJWI     n :!'.    ill
Crnnbrouk   Moiulu)
n   I'    Mi'.i,I.  jui,I      K    S   i.j.ii,'-   ol
Montreal were In town   I'liiirialn)
Constable II   tl    Uiwj   ol Wimluor
a is in tin- .ii v  Wetlne uta)
\     lili'llh'l   llus  sul,I   Ills lllll pontine ]
buelnee*  in   .1     Irmoill
ll.  llin,',' Hi, \ui.  led     nn Tueadnj
jui ;i Itollittt) trtp t" iln' coasl
v  H   Penwick, ,.( Porl   Hteele was
in tin' pity Tuesday mi business.
.1 nun's Oaslnko,    returned   Tuesday
from .t tn], tu Winnipeg
!■:    Tint.
f. Fri lay
Montreal,  wn
* l
1     lll.'.l'AlltlXi: iiiiiI I'liKSSINt; HVKINO n H.KANIMI      ,
G. FflRRflNT
Cnmbrook,   !>. C
llmlrict uf Kootenay.
TAKK notice tlmt Hugh M. Shaw,
i Njuituii Alberta, occupation farm-
', intends tu apply lur permission
i purebnse tbo following described
mis      Commencing at  u post plan
[led  uur  imli'  iimlh  nl  tlie south eust
corner of Hloek Nn.  121, thonco north
Imi cllalns,     thonco cast   sn     chains,
i ck isi ii:
I.. rnll.N
thence Bouth su chains,   tbence west
so i-liuins to point  of commencement
mnl containing mu acres moro or loss
Hugh   M,   Slum.
Dated  Juno, 3rd,  11)08, 25.
*     ARMKTRONli  W'ft, CRANBROOK, B.C.     {
District of Kootenay.
TAKE uotice that Hrvin R. Stree-
lor nf Wn,ldo, B.O., occupation Ran-
licr, In tend b to apply for permission
ii pnrcbaBO the following described
anils.—Commencing nt a post planed al tlie south-east corner of Lot
G208 Group 1, Kooteuay District,
thenco eaBt -l" chains more or less to
the Kootenay Hiver, thence following nver bank up Btream 40 chuins
more or less to E. It. .Streeter's
preemption, tlience west 40 chains
more or less to Lot 0208, thence
-o'lili 40 chains more or less to place
nf beginning.
Krvln 11.  Streeter,
Dated  April isth,  1908. 18
We ire offering for two
weeks the follnwinp prices
in watches
V 2n vi'iir tfi'i'i tuii'ii wise, special 17 jpwel ruckle move-
;{•    in.'in. for $18.00,
L'n yenr ltuIiI  iiii.'ii ['lis-.,   w ill.   I.'i jmvel nickli' !i	
ment, for $18.00
L'II vi'iir L'nlil  Hllod '"i •'■   'Villi I." |P'vel srill  "I'lui'iil.
for $12.00.
All movements ami cusps nre : ill.v s-iiai'iintoeri
VOfficinl Watch Inspector
For C.P K.
The Jeweler
limi.nl' ■ .1    I  I)
-ml"   frrl|i   thnnmiflih   tc»t,,l
lur    run I em      (t.-n.- r r mii...    unit
itrength.'-nli ■ "■ 'Inj <" whip
, ';;', Special Gun (alalogiir
wlmli   i milium   lit-if It   hurt, I
shut Kim* nt 1.1.75 up innl - v. i v
ililnK   hi   nlle*.   revolver*,
.   ritupir»goo.N-iin»clor) prices
T. W. BOYU 9 SON. 21   «OHt   DAM*. Stl- WEST. MONIHtAL. ,--'.
■(Hth ttlmt mti* -r-lh r,r.«'.l -.iuti, [-unlli mllitj
iNfl ll"*l llfii cMlkll bfrid In li/t '"tm lhi ii. fl
Iir ■ *< bvrti (bi tn, nilis tnitr Chiic* ol 17 at
II |i*it«    JOiwh kurtl
Order of Owls
Will    II;,■■'!    IIUXl
\V ednesday KvcniiiK.
July. 29th, at S p m.
in Hie
Edison Theatre
1 I'.1, Is   lll'l'    l't'l|lll'.-.ll'll    III   111'
|II'l!SI'lll    111   hllSilieSS   llf
■i.i ■■iiiri' will  lie   tnmsiic.tod.
'     A    ft  i AI.'TI'.I,'. Secretary,
General Blacksmltli
and Woodworker..
Itul.hnr Tih's A|ipllwl
Tn     Uiitfjr.y     \vi Ih
t     R&P/MRING ft SPEGIflLTy
\ K Bailey, o( Sim Francisco,
Caltl .  was in town Friduy,
r \ Riddal, uf Kasl... was in tlio
clt)   Fridiij
Mr .1 A Mollelu. lias purchased
tbe residence of Mr.  D. H. Hillii-r.
Mr and Mrs. ,1. H. Rubtnavlch, o(
Mon!real, were Crunbrook visitors
Mr and Mrs. J. H Robinson, of
San Bernadino, Cnlll,, wore ('run
brook visitors this week.
Mrs. McKeloIu, and Mrs. Miller, of
Creston were shopping at  Crnnbrook
Mrs. Warren nnd children, of Sum!
Point were registered at tho Cos-
mnpoJitun Friduy,
W. M. Frost, of the Frost Investment Co,, returned   frum a business
, trip   to   Calvary.
\v. !,. Labadte, iigent for the Dominion Rxpress i\.., bus been transferred to Vernon,
I A. Carney, provincial timber inspector, nf Kaslo, was in the city
Wednesduy on ofHclul business.
! Mr, and Mrs. R, 0, Wftterson, of
Toronto were Crunbrook visitors
1 F. T. Butler, 0. K. Botyea, and
H. F. Jackson, of Toronto, were registered nt the Crnnbrook  Monday.
B. J, Simons, and B. Simpson, of
Spokane     were ia the eity     Sunduy
| Mr. and Mrs. .1. Nelson, of Mont-
; real, were Crnnbrook visitors Sun
I day  lust.
i Government Agenl J, H. McMullen
jand J. S. (lusty, of Fernie were at
Cranbrook  Saturday  Inst.
1 .1. II. McCtlllolIgh, of Fernie; and
A. French, of Calgary were guests at
(the Cranhrook Thursday.
'. Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Porclvul, of
Merrlckville, were registered at the
Crnnbrook   Wednesday.
Tn got acquainted wltb the re
sources of the Crnnbrook district yon
(should subscribe for The Prospector,
W.ll.     Dobson,        .1. E.    Stephens,
T.   F,   Dawson,  and  II. Fisher,  all of
Cnlgnry were guosts nt tho ('ran
brook   Friday.
. Mr. M. A. Maedonald, of llurvey
and Mardoaald, barristers, left on
Wednesday on a holiday trip to On
Mr. und Mrs. !>. Murdoiiuhl, returned Sunday last, from an extended visit to Detroit, and other oast
tern cities.
II. Dlnges, or Frodericton, N. B.
R. B. Hunter, of Calgary; und F.A.
Wilkins, of Winnipeg were in thecity
Tlie crops In the Northwest are tu
line condition, and harvesting will
soon commence, tIuti we shall see a
imarked activity in the lumber Indus
1 try of the Cranbrook  district.
Owing to the thy season, the
i Water Supply Co., find it Impossible
to keep up the n'tjiiired pressure for
lire purposes, in future the lawn
and  garden    service     will be limited
to lhe    following   I ih,     from 7 to
H.un morning und evening, In case
of lire he sure and sec thai, your
Harden service is turned oil before
ynii try to ascertain where the lire
in Do Ibis as mm.u as ynn hear (lie
lire   alarm.
1 I'liiuir 30
P.O  H.iA ?LI
Take Notice. -My wife Maggie Mm
Kee, having left my bed and board,
iimi ice Ih hereby given thut I will
not be responsible for any debts
contracted by ber after this dute.
I*. Hop Yueu.
i    Duted  July 1. 1908.
When you buy a brush
r     ■  -.
You get an article manufactured by
ii firm who understand their business.
We have a complete stock of these goods
and this week illustrate four staple lines.
Drop in and ask the prices, you will
find them reasonable.
Hardware.    Cranbrook, B.C.
9 ft
9 nn up-loiliito S
| ICE |
S or an J
* i
* Si'i-v.-il In up'ttwluto style In an   S
» nn-to-ilale I'nrlnrirotnTHK I'ai.m *
! —        I
5      Sec our Saturday Special in   <$}
j  Confectionery In loonls. S
("THE PflLM"!
t   TELEPHONE NO. 141.    I
* *
n*A **.♦*«♦.♦***♦****•♦*♦■♦**♦*
Trading Co.
I'IKiNK is:i
Wo nre still handling
l,0(»ilN<; TRUCKS
FLO-UK nnd ftti.ftl)
Agents tor the famous
Mayers Stock Foods.
Carpenter % Builder
flood Work nt
Reasonable Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
\    IlclliililR    Lonal    Huli'innun
unit adjoining   country   to ronrdsont
(smi ucros)
TrofiB grown on LtmoEttono Hoil
urn the right trees tor Drltlsl) t'o-
liimliia ptnnling; mueti hardier nml
longer lived than Coast trees. Wu
hnve them the right size and age.
A permanent situation to right
partv. Territory reserved| pay
weekly.     Outllt Free.
Write lor Particulars.
Ponthlll    Nurseries
fl.lrenHi'd by  IJ.  0, ilnveinment.)
Toronto, Untaiio.
The Town is all agog concerning
Commencing on Saturday* July IHth.
IN   THE   FIRST  PLAOE.    It is tho First Sale we have nntl
sinre commencing business in this town.   We mean to clear
out ull our Surplus Stock of Summer Goods.
IN  THE   SECOND  PLAOE.    The   reductions  nre   genuine,
See   regular   priceBJimnuHtoii the gootlB, then   look ut the
Green Tntf.   We hnve kept our promises in the past uml won't
go back on them now.
IN  THE   THIRD   PLACE.    Our ffoods hnve tho profitigO of
qiUUtTy   No   Bargain   Stock    or   Job   Lots   Here.     For  thene
reasons the town is nil agog, und everybody is interested,
An   Odd   Line  White  Cotton   Knit  Underwear
broken sizes.    Sail' Price HortB. H Oaru ellt. (Mt'lis.)
Boys Tweed Knickers in neat patterns.
Sato Price .Mills.
Men's Working Shirts, stronft wearing quality.
Sale Price 8IS cte.
,SV|   (Jin-lllttl- I'm-  I-'in-tin-1-   I.imi
nl I'rl
PHONE  56.
The Quality Store
Wo ilnii'l i'lniiii In l>e till' rlir;i],i'sl
Iml WO slillld il|i for Hie lii'sl
All  Dur   (IimhIs  Arc  filiiu'lllil I
rmmiL & manning


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