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The Prospector Nov 21, 1908

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Array Library ,,f r„-,~. Am,
UOV 241908
Vol. 14.
CHANBROOK.   B.C.*   SATURDAY,   NOVBMBBR   l?!,   1908.
So. 40.
Burrcl and
The Result ot   thc   Deterred I. ve-Election.
'I'lu- ilotont nl Mr. Smith Curtis in
Kootonay unit Mi. Uuncn-n Uohm in
Yule -Cariboo is nn tnt plm tic answer
hy British Columbia to tho whim- of
othor rejected Liberal candidate- tlmt
this provineo would regret any ills
play i>f antagonism to a govornmonl
whloh hafl boon reestablished in powor wiih muli ii decided majority ns
Mir Wilfrid Laurlor again enjajs. lies
pita full knowlodgo nt the strongtli ol
tho administration thoso two count It
uonctos declared doliboratoty that thoy
will not Buerlllco thoir principle,
nml thnt they will not sell thoir [ran
chine to secure the [mmodintfl ndvan
tagos so lavishly promised them by
the ministerial candidates.
Ity tht- election of Mr. liiirrt-ll nad
Mr. Goodeve these two constituencies
havo taken their stand detlnitely with
tin- three large nml important ridings
on the coast, in opposition tu the
policy ut tho federal premier towards
this provineo, The result is n tleclar
atlon by them ou the question of Oriental immigration, Rotter Terms nnd
the Bocurlty ot our provincial resources against the encroachments of the
Dominion power, Hul it is mure than
that. It is nn uumistakenblo expression of dissatisfaction with the maladministration uf the country's affairs* during tho past live years of
disapproval of tho corruption which
affected every branch of the public
service; of dissent from the practice
hy which resources of Cnnndn have
been seined and administered for the
personal advantage nntl benefit of thc
members of one purty.
rt Is impossible to mistake the
meaning of the Conservative victory
In these two British Columbln constituencies, the election was a Tree
and a fair nne, apart from the bids
which the government candidates
were able to offer the public for support—oilers which were bucked up by
the endorsement of ministers of the
crown. It was a fair election nnd
the representatives of the administration were defeated. The government
and the Liberal machine at Ottawa
were apparently satisfied that the electors would he oppressed by a fooling that it was useless for them to
oupose such a majority as was given
Sir Wilfrid Laurier by the country ns
a whole on the 26th of Oetober, and
would offer nn serious resistance to
the ministerial nominees. No large
expenditure of money was therefore
deemed necessary to retain these
seats, und the Liberal mandates, with
the immense advantages they enjoyed
by the triumph nf their party, were
regarded as certain of election, ln
both ridings the Liberal majorities In
1904 had been substantial; in Kootenny it bad been very large. The result
of the 12th ult... In the light of all
these facts, wus extremely gratifying.
In spite of the most prodigal promises of government recognition, mude
by the Liberal standard hearers and
backed up by members of the cabinet,
thu electors reversed the former majorities and elected the opposition
candidates by unprecedented majorities. The voice ol the people of Kootenny and Yale-Cariboo expresses the
true feeling of the Canadian people in
every province of tho Confederation
except Quebec u feeling which wus
deudencd by the artful application ol
a golden drug,
We have no doubt that many liberals in and out of parliament who aro
not residents of Yale-Cariboo will
agree with tbe conservatives that Mr.
Duncan Ross bus got his deserts. The
liberal members of parliament espee
lally, will reel a sense of relief. They
regarded Mr. Floss us a man who was
too observant of his neighbors' personal actions. They felt a sense of
restraint, when in his compuny, such
ns men experience when they suspect
that thoy nre being observed through
a keyhole or a crack in the wall. Tbe
opposition, und tho country, including
his own constituency, had a more
substantial griovnncc against him. He
was not an intelligent or useful mem
ber of parliament. He possessed mi
public spirit, and.he misrepresented
to lhe country the wishes of his riding und his province. Mis speeches in
the house show that he was not truth
lul iu his utterances and that he wun
prepared to sacritice his constituency
and the interests of llritish Columbia
to serve party ends and personal
alms. And with very mediocre ability he possessed a species of CU tilling
which mude him dangerous to thc
real welfare of the public. Sueh a
man, it is manifest, ought not to be
la parliament, und be will nnt be
there again. The constituency of
Yale-Cariboo has said so,
The new members of these two llritish Columbin ridings are men of far
more than the average ability, and
they will bring strength to the opposition in parliament and will fittingly represent the people of lhe Pnrilic
1'rovinee.-Vancouver Province.
Death of Sir Henri July
At Quebec.
Quebec, Nov. iii So Honri Gustavo
July Uo Lotblnloro, for rly lieutenant governor ol     llritlah Columbln,
died   a,l   his  residence  line   this morn-
Iluu. sir Henri Gustavo Joly Do
Lotblnloro, K.C, M.U., was bom In
Quebec in IHllll, the sou nt Gnspard
•Inly and the grandson ol the lute
Marquis Do Lotblnloro. lie adopted
his mother's name under a provincial
statute in 1888.
He wus called to the i.urbce bar in
I860; I.), (', in 1H7H, member lor Lot-
biuiere in Canadian assembly 1861 ;
returned in lirst election iu house of
commons 1867-7'!, also member of
Quebec assombl) in same period, lead
er oi opposition 1878 188*1: declined a
sent in senate iu 1K71 uud 1877; pre
inlor of QuebOO 1K7S 7'J; leader ot opposition ISH;)-S.',, resigned in eoiise
HHence of Iteil agitntion; minister of
inland revenue 1896 11)00; always took
u,n active interest in forestry. Ap
pointed lieutenant governor of Brit
ish Columbia in 1901) and held otlice
until tbe appointment ol the present
lieu tenant governor, .1 nines Duns
mull'. Sir Henri was a member of
the Church of Kuglaiid, und in politics, u liberal, lb- published several
articles on forestry and Lhe metric
Quebec, Nov. is--The funeral of the
late Sir Henri Joly de Lotblnloro
took place this afternoon at the Anglican cathedral. The cortege was
an imposing one, being attended by a
very lurge number of mourners which
included lieutenant governor Pellot-
ior, Sir Lomor (Jouin, premier, and
the members of his cabinet who were
in the eity, besides many other leading citizens. The services were conducted by Very Itov. Dean Williams,
who recited the prayers, while the
lord bishop read the lesson und pronounced tin. benediction. Most of tho
city clergy occupied seats in I Ue
chancel. Interment took place ut
MoUtlt Herman cemetery.
Premier Gouln has received the following telegram from Hon. Uichard
McBrldo, premier of Uritish Columbia: "My colleagues of tbe executive
council and myself desire tn express
for the people of this province our
deepest regret at the death of Sir
Henri Joly De Lotbinlorc, who so
long and wisely filled the position of
lieutenant governor."
Victoria, Nov. is Premier McBride
has sent the following telegram to 10.
G. Joly De Lotblnloro, Quebec, son of
the lute Sir Henri:
"On belin,lf of the people of British
Columbia let me express to you and
other members of your family out-
deepest sympathy in the loss you
havi' sustained by the death of Sir
Henri July De Lotbinlorc. As n wise
administrator, public spirited and
bind hearted, always striving to advance the best interests of the people
and country, he earned the respect
and admiration of the whole province. For myself I would add that
I mourn the loss of a dear friend
and wish particularly to express the
deep regret of iny colleagues in the
government nml myself.
The following reply wus received
"Kindly convey to the people of
British Columbia my heart felt
thanks for their touching message ol
sympathy. It has enme us u great
comfort in our distress. Accept for
yourself and colleagues my grateful
The Gomox
Atlin Fiasco
If The Scut  Is Opened
SI,mn Will be Opposed
The Unequal Distribution ol Wealth.
Gym Opening In Elk Valley
Good lie**innin-; For the
youthful Athletes.
The Victoria Colonist publishes mi I Some of Mr. Carnegie's views,
interview with R. J. Runic, editor of "The unequal distribution ol wealth
the Alberni Pioneer News concerning j lies at the root of the present Soelal-
the Itasca in Atlin whereby Willing n j istie activity. This is no surprise to
Sloan was returned hy acclamation, j the writer, it was bound tu force It-
The Colonist article is as follows :        sell  to the front, because, exhibiting
unknown before, it  has   be-
)    of (he crying evils of the
Tne conservatives
cry    son- t\l
recent fiasco
which resulted in William Sloan be
tug returned by acclamation as they
were always confident thut they could
carry the constituency uud their ion
ltdenco hns beon Increased and their
bitterness Intensified by the great
victories which they huve gained in
Kootonay tyid Yale-Cariboo, They are
hoping that Mr. Sloan will he given
the portfolio held hy Mr. Templeman
und in that event thoy suy they will
give hint the race ol his life, and lul
ly expect to beat him. Tlie fact that
he will then be a cabinet ministor
will not eut any ligure with the still'
dy  northerners,   who  have found     by
"in the world's    progress scientific
discoverers and Inventors appeared
and adapted the forces und materials
oi nature to the uses of man, followed by the commercial and Industrial
age in which we live, in which wealth
bus been produced'as if by magic and
fallen Largely to the captains of industry, greatly to their surprise. Mul
-tl millionaires, a new genius have
appeared, laden with fortunes of such
magnitude as Lliu past new nothing
"'I'lie    extremes iu fhe distribution
uf wealth have never been so greo,t as
oxporienco tlmt as a friend at court [they   aro   to-day,   although salaries
Mr.  Sloan is a failure. He has     gol jn.nd wages have never been so high,
positions for a number of his friend-:,      "Those whose incomes are only saf-
hiit has In no way helped the const it- Uieieut to meet physical wants should
lienoy. not bo subject to taxation at all "
Richard J. Rurde, editor of the Al
"It   is only possible to really help
berni Pioneer News and a member  of those who co-opera to with the helper,
the  conservative  executive  for
"1 scarcely know u family Intimate-
constituency of Comox-Atlin, enme to  ly of which one or more members
town  yesterday     and  was very out
spoken about the political situation.
"We are all
not earnestly engaged spending their
time and means in doing good, thus
bitterly disappointed [giving not only their wealth but
themselves to make brighter the lives
of the less fortunate.
"'fhe test of thrift more clearly separates the well behaved, respected and
useful from the unsatisfactory members of society."
at the Cumberland fiasco," said  Mr
Rurde, "and  if the seat Is open     to
give .Mr. Sloan a portfolio we Intond
to see that no such mistake Is made.
again.   Outside     it appears to have
been thc general impression that Mr.
Sloan was unbeatable in Comox-At
Iin.   A greater mistake could not be
made.   If there     had been a contest
we could and would have beaten him j       . .... .. . ,    ,
ns badly as Duncan Ross and   Smith ,sllpii   h spee.al mining  edition,   which
is a credit to the New Denver and tbe
Sloean district. The paper is well illustrated    with  scenes  in   the   Sloean
It is all right
The  Sloean Mining Review has   is-
Ynlc-Carlboo '
It ti
Curtis were beaten
and Kootenay.
"When it came to selecting a
date we ut Alberni waved
Prince    Rupert
when thoy selected Dr. Quinlnn wo
acquiesced in the decision, and If he
bad stayed In the Held we would hii-vo
'.elected      him.   The   conservatives  of
and speaks volumes of the enterprise
In nil rcspecs  and »'"< Progress '"' "'c "'"iUM '" *'"lc"
It elf dilates
A Deadlock
condition of affairs, probably un-
Comox-Atlin wore perfectly able and j precedentcd     in the    history of the
British empire, now exists in Newfoundland.
Sir Robort Bond, premier, has 18
Liberals, ns the result of tho election,
nnd Sir Kdward Morris, leader of tbe
Conservative opposition, bobs up
with IS supporters also.
Neither     man can elect a  speaker
willing to carry the fight through tt
u successful ending. Tt was a great
blow to us to bear tbat at the last
moment he had not put up his deposit.
"Outside people do nnt understand
the situation In oar constituency.
Mi. Sloan is     not strong there. He
has   never appeared on the platform  unless he steals one from his oppon
there but once, and that was nt Bella jent's tanks.
Cooln recently, when he could not re- j    The condition nf    nrtnlrs  is  indeed
member what he had said in the only ' unique.
Gas Plant for Fernie
Pernie, B. C, Nov. 1,9-There is
evury prospect, ol a gns plant being
Installed iu Kernie iu the near future,
and should it. become nu established
fact, it will he a valuable acrftlluition
to the utilities of the town. Tenders
are being advertised for the Installation 'if such u plant, und it is ex
tremcly probnblo that before next
summer the citizens will he nble to
secure gus for Illuminating und other
domestic purposes.
At the Methodist parsonage on
Tuesday evening last, George Clarko
Brown and Helen McDonald Meldrum
of this city were united iu holy wed
lock in the presence of a few Immediate friends. Mr and Mrs. Brown
Will  reside in the eity.
two speeches whieh he has delivered
in the house of commons since helms
been there. In Alberni and Prince j
Rupert lie refused to face thn electors
at all. He hus never won a polltleit-l !
light iu his life, and If he accepts a
portfolio and has to come before the
electors ntgnln you may rest nssurod
that he will not beat his record.
"I stayed in Nanaimo nn my way
down and I learned there on gnnd authority that Mr. Hnwthntothwaite
will seek re-election in the local house
and that if the portfolio should go to
Ralph Smith he would huvo a straight
tight with a conservative in which he
would be sure to go down tn defeat.
That seems to be generally recognised
A new election may be ordered.
A Progressive Publication
The special Thanksgiving number of
the "Canadian Pictorial" recently received, shows in addition to Its
wealth of beautiful harvest pictures
and other tine photogravures, several
new nnd Interesting featuros which
are to be continued with other attractions in the enlarged and im
proved Christmas Number, in course
of preparation. One of these Is a
complete Mory; n second is u series
of "Old Favourite Songs," words and
music comploto,  which will  appear in
on Thursday  night  the  flym   wn-s
crowded   to  Overflowing   when   lie-aud
lenee rose and sang "God save the
Kiug." Mr. Hughes in a few brlel
words  welcomed   His  Worship  Mayor
I Mr, -1. Kink, who had como o. give
his support to the movement amongst
the young  people  uf  the  town.      Mr
,Thompson, the city solicitor wns nlso
present   certainly a distinctive repn
scntntloii   civic nuthotlty,  theehuixh
uud the law.
Tin- mayor said In- could endorse
Mr. Hughes' remarks, omphuslslng
the importance nf .such an Institution
as this, it being an absolute necv. -.'>
to a city for young people t,. I, ■
trained iu good, healthy-, physical > .
i-rcise. I'sing an Illustration and
through   this giving some sound ml
, vice to those present, he said whin a
lad goes to work and receives ■• eor
tain salaiy he was not to work just
for the salary alone hut to see how
much more he could do, make biinseli
or herself an absolute necessity to
his master and by so doing prove his
value for If he does  not do this,  thin
; someone else is ready to step into bis
pluee und till the position. The Gym.
is a means to bring out the last thut
'Is within u lad; it was belter for a
lad to go there and exercise himself
'than spend his evenings wastefully.
Great enthusiasm wus shown win n
Mr. Kink closed his remarks,
Mr, Thompson followed with good
instructive words, It. wus better for
anyone to spend their nights iu healthy exercise than in roaming the
streets ami wantonly wasting time.
He was not an old mun he snid but
he well knew tht- worth of good
training grounds. Tbe best a young
mun enn get is not too good.
An excellent program wns afterwards
given, the following taking part :
Musical duet Mr. S. Peek, organ:
Mr. Drown, violin.
i Solo Mr. Kurguson, '"fhe Venetian,"
Reading Mr. H. R. Connolly, "The
1 Solo Mr. F, M. Christian. "Slug
Me to Sleep."
}   old maid's duet -2 Mysteries.
j    Comic Song- Walter Solby.
j   Solo  Miss Finals.
The Heavenly Twins.
i Mr. S. .1. Peck and Mrs. Manning,
1 Parrellol bars Mr. W. Selby and
Mr. 1-hnery.
Basket Bull Teams.
| Maple Leaves W. Johnston, J.
Arnt,    R,   Kootnnier,   A.   DOdges,    J.
I   Kin-  Brigade   .).  Brockhln,   .1.  Mc-
Kenzic, .1. Armour, W. Harris, N. S.
j    'I'he    gym   will  now  he open every
night from 7 until 10.30 p. Ui,
Large   Sale   of   Fruit
Lands -- Settlers From
the United States.
'llie Morrison Rtulty Co., agents
foi iiie Kroal Investment Company ol
tins cltj. Nave sold during ti,,- past
week ibe followinit tm. t ol land
neat buy nes Loko, in tht hlth rlvei
i Saa-.s iu Koulonia, near Uuynes, B
C., have been mad'. ivUhin thc la I
ten days bj J, tt MuiriHon „ Co '-■
the amount oi  $01)011    Practically all
oi Uie buyers will make then  Im	
nn the tracti
1    William   Holy  ol   Spokane  hus  pur
chased   ten  acres on   UU   _l   t«• t   yl	
lie .md III- Dually have moved tu
lia> lies  and   ale   lis ML'   uii  lie tl    tlUi t
Mr   ilely is i,     carpenter nnd is em
[ployed at  the Itaviies Lumber Mill
Arthur     McLean     has bought   ten
[acres    In lot    _i foi >n    Mr. Mc
Lean is going Into the poultry bu„in
ess uu ,,n extensive si-ale ll, will
imi in a small ou Inu'd ol winter ap
0. ti, Johnson ul Spokune purclms
ed lots _ ami I, block 21), lor $1000.
He is now on the place and Is nu
proving   a.
!    II. L. Crates ol Spokane has bought
I lot (.. block 31, live tiered for $500   He
j will put. in potati.es next Benson.
Rerl  R. Green     of Spokane boUghl
lot      1,   block   33,  live acres for  $500.
Mr. Green has moded to Baynes and
be is now improving his land and will
j j In til   it  to   winter apples.
W, H. Robley, recently from England,     bought     lot   l, block ■',:, live
acres for $500. .Mr. Roi.ley is now lo
catcd on bis bind und will plant It io
winter apples  in  lhe spring.
John P. Snow of Spokane purchased
10 acres iu block 21 for $1000. Mr.
Stow has moved to Baynes nnd will
make bis home un llu- tracts and im
prove tbein at once with an orchnild.
He will also engnge in the poultry
1, C, Foster of Spokane boughl flvo
acres fur $500. lie will raise vegetables next season.. He is now lncat
ed on the tract.
Mis.  Susan Gillies of Neeho,  N    H ,
bought lot I',, block _■!, live acres, for
$500, lor an  investment.
Race is a Fiasco
,,  , ■     ,e ax    ,-    each issue.   Remarkable    as has been
and it would be a surprise "the lib- t|n; I(tmUllirUy l)f thia 8,}ieiidid publi-
Happy Anyhow
Colonel Lowery bus touched the
high spots ot Canada, In fact, be
has spent, most of his days in nntl
about, upon and around the high
spots. He hus rubbed elbows with
the nights or the green, blown the
bloom otf the Queens of Hardscrabble
Row, aad blinked merrily in the face
of Kute whon sin- left him shoeless
and shirtless upon a window sill 20
feet higher than pay dirt, with a
jump in bare feet upon shuttered
glass to escape the tongllOS nf fit'©
that licked up his bed. Colonel Low
erv loves thn high spots, 'flu- mountains ure his homo.    Walker's Weekly.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 19 'fhe fuuer
nl In St. Petersburg nf Grand Dtlko
Alexis will be attended by Kniperur
Nleknlns in person. His majesty will
follow the casket on foot throltgll the
streets of the eiiy. This will have
beeu the first time the emperor has
heen seen on the streets of St. Petersburg since 1004 and thc fact is u
striking testimonial of the progress
made in appeasing the people,
Itiittii, Mont., Nov. ID—Flros which
huvo liccn Hllinilicrlnit tor I.Iioko tnnny
ynm-H In tlio depths nf I In' Nnveiwcnt
mine ol llie Ainnlnnmntcd Coppor
[Company have tnkc-n life within lho
Iiihi tow days, nml tho Binoko todny
lioonmo wi Inteniie tlml (iltn minora
!\voi-o driven rrom their work to onvo
I them Irom helm, miltoeiitod ami the
iniin- wiih compelled In elinl down. II
Iioiki-ii     nil      llll-   IH0II (mil   lovol wore
'iivi-ii'i,mi- thin nniliiiiii'. nml died.
I    II   iM     jjI.-iIi-iI   hy  lln-  mine  nllliiiiln
Hint   lllcl'O Is nn iliilneilinte iliill-or of
• thi■ lire zones Rprondlng, due I.,,    tlio
OloBO      Iin I Illlin lli 11|;   of  till'   llllentill'll
district, nml it. is hcltovod tlmt   lhe
mine will In- nliln to roBiimo soon.
Tills lllliloreoini: Iin' linn linllli-il nil
cflortB to extinguish it. nnd for l»
yeiit-n lum linrni'il in tin' St. I,nwreti'-e
mino, nlnwly ontlnj* Its wny Into the
Amieniidii un,l Nevi't'nweat minis.
cation, the [uiiiile are assured that
the bent is yet to come. Wvory issue
of this monthly "Art Portfolio"
would form a capital souvenir to
send to friends abroad. None hotter.
tOc. a copy; St.no a yenr; Tlie Pictorial Publishing Co., 112 Ht. Potor Ht.,
Michel News Items
(From Michel noporter)
roll of the Crow's Nest
i. for Michel for October
erals were to open up the Nanulino
constituency. So if the portfolio is
to come tii llritish Columbia at nil,
it looks as though we might get n,
chance at Billy Sloan aftcr ull. Wc
understand that nt Ottawa his sent
is considered a safe one, though it is
really no safer tlinn Halph Smith's.
"Tbe conservatives ol Comox-Atlln
went a chance to redeem themselves
anil It looks as if Ihey are going tn
get it."
Dedication nt Fernie H.v
The Salvation  Army.
on the occasion of Commissioner
Coombs' visit to Kernie it was a
drenching    wet     night.  Tho straits
| were in a dreadful condition. Never-
tholoss the brand new Army citadel
was filled.   Mayor Tuttle prostdotl at
| ttie preliminary opening service    for
|tho building is not quite completed.
In tils remarks the mnyor said he
wished the Army had got nn acre ol
ground mi which to erect thoir buildings Instead of a small lot. Tho tirst
religious body to have a building erected since the lire. He sniil the
trouble which had bcfnllcn the city
was the greatest study of his life.
Surely there must be n reason for It.
all.   Clod had pcrmltteil It for some ,       , , „ ,        „ ,        VM
wise purpose,   lie  was glial thut   all .'..,, ... ,,,„ ,.„„,, ..._*„„
the citizens were now housed for tin-
winter. Thanks to thr outside world
for this, who had freely uuslsted with
their means. Uu behalf of the eity
he bid the Army leaders welcome. In
his niltlt'cflfl the Commissioner declared the building open. It had been erected Inr the glory ol (bid und the
Salvation of souls, lie tojichtal up n
ditlerent phases of the Army's groat
work   for the amelioration of muli
The     pay
Pass Coul C
is .yJ7,Miu.
Itecent developments on the ('. 1'.
H. Coal properties up the Klk show
up surprisingly tine.
The ('. I*. It. are building 3 bridges
across she Rlk. One at Itound Prairie about 30 miles from here, and the
others across branches of the main
river at Dutch t'harlles', some 2U
miles from here. These are being
built under the supervision of .Mr,
Mon re.
"Michel is now the chief coal and
coke producing camp of the Crow's
Nest I'ass Coal Oo.- about 1900 men
are employed." - • Labor Gazette. At
lu.st Michel is coming into her own,
and the outside world is beginning to
catch oa to the fact, that we here
have the biggest industry iu coal in
tin  province.
The Northern     Coal and Coke Co.
NOVRMUran 22NI).
The second of the series of sermons
on Lhe Reformation will be given by
the pastor on Sunday evening, llu
subject will be "Martin Luther" the
hem of Germany, At these services
well known hymns ure snug and a
a special number is rendered by the
choir. A welcome is given to visit
Tuesday—Rpworth League social ut
the parsonage, Tbe pastor and Mrs.
Hughes give an open invitation to ull
who rare tn come aad spend n plcn
saat evening. Games, music and so
cial intercourse.
Friduy- Prayer service nt H. Choir
practice at IM"-. As the Christmns
music is now being arranged, .ill th-
nietnliers of the choir are asked to be
Next Sunday, November 211111 will
be observed as World's Tenipernur-e
Day. The saerement of the Lord's
supper will be ndmlnistored in the
Tbe Commissioners woro also    nr
cninpiinli-d by Lieut. Cnl PllgmirO,
who has charge of tbe Army's prison
work tlirotlglinilt the Dominion. Dur
ine the past year 1800 nun had been
mol at the prison while 700 hud been
found employment.
Krnm Fertile Cninrudc a-nil Mrs.
Oootnhn nnd their stall proceed to
L.-tlibridee, Mniii'i- JaW, llegliiu, Winnipeg, Fort William nnd on to Toron
to, iheir headquarters,
C.P.R.  Earnings
Montreal.    Nov.    17   The   C.  P.  It.
ridge ereek to the head waters of the
Klk river, connecting with tin- Kam
anaskls trail to Morley, Altu. This
makes for the butter development ol
the country, incrnaslng the facilities
for prospectors, und ineiibntnlly for
sportuncu through a region cotnparn
lively unsettled und furnishes an
easy meuns nf travel through this
rich undeveloped country.
We must keep up to Feruie as two
miners were returning home from new
Michel on Tuesduy evening, they were
accosted bv a gang who hold Ihem
up and demanded tWO bits to buy
beer. On being refused they grabbed
one of the miners naimd David: on.
.unl went through bin clot hen, lirst
giving him a blow nn the side ol thn
head    They got nothing,
Kautfman and Barry
Los Angelos, Nov, 19 ,\\ KnulTmnn
and .llm Dairy were taut died last
nlghi to light forty tlve rounds at the
.Ii-ITries club on the nlirht of Decern
ber 31,  the result  of the fight,  it      is
trafllc earnings for the werk ending snid here, will eliminate one aspirant
November II. showed an increase of fnr the heavyweight championship
?'.tr>,0i)0. honors.
POINT is m:\v
Hus Dominion! any right to railway
Vancouver, NoV.19 In discussing
the rights of llritish Columbln, lo Indian lands as against Dominion in
terests, R, V. Dodwell, K, C, this
afternoon sprang a side issue which
completely overshadows uny previous
understanding ot the ease. This was
the making of the point tlmt llie In.
minion has no tights whatever in tho
railway belt of the province, ni in
the U.000,000 acre trace iu the Ponce
river district, both mauled by the
province lor furthering c.p.P. con
Mr. Dodwell contended Hint undei
the Lund Grant Act of 1884, the Dn
minion was simply made n trustee
for the purpose of carrying oat he
project of the completion of the rail
wuy. When this work was finished
the uccountlng of the balance of tlto
land remaining should havo been made
As the Dominion bus been exercising
control without reference lo the pro
v I ace's rights it Is now claimed thnt
iln- province Is entitled to mi ur
counting of tin- la,i!'c t, venues os
tending over the last 20 year-; dcrlv
ul from these tracts,
Chief      .JURtICO   Hunter   and   Messrs
.tui'tici- Morrison, Irving and Clemen|
were on ibe bench. \t the opening
Chiel Justice Hunter said he tltotlghl
Ihal Ha- fun iha.l the Dominion wa i
not represented by counsel would
make the heal Ing n < n < sided argil
meal on mi nei 'leiiue i|ii, it Ion mul
any derision would noi be bi'nding,
• Mr Dndwell objected Ihni Die Un
minion Itud been notified of the heal
lug and that tin provlnro had a elnlm
nn whicli it demiilulrd Judgnu nl Afl
er Mr, Dodwi-M's strong argument
lasting three hour-.,  Ihe court   reserv
ed Its decision     (in in unl  of the en
ormous interests Involved by Mr.
Dodwell's points It li certain Uinl
tlte mallei' will now go to the privy
Los Angeles, Nov. 18 The transcon
Uncntul bullion nne betv.ien tbe t
big Imlootis, America and the United
States, is off. It ended where ii
started, 'lhe United States wns the
plaything of variable winds ami the
occupants of the basket ruvo up tho
struggle to get over the mountains
They descended nl Corona nnd seemed and auto drive to this city.
After Balloon Record
Loudi n. Nov      is   The     man th
hal,.on nwniul liy the Daily Graphic
ascended Irom here Ibis morning and
will attempt to reach Hiberlii mil
break tin- long distance record. Tin
aeronauts on board uro Messis. Gait
dron mid dipt. Maitlnntl and they
are uceompnnicd by a newspaper man
named   G. T.   Burner     They  expect  to
rei'.ch Iklglum this nftcrnoon and Itus
sin 'lliursduy. Tbe plmi is to descend
in Siberia on Friday. The success of
the voyage depends ni the air cur
rents over Rurope coul Inning in thc
directii n they an- blowing ut present,
Six day Bicycle Race
Do:.ton,   Nov.   IS    Before  the  six  dny
bike riders started upon the thud
day's circling of the saucer truck to
day, there was some uncertainty as
t.i whither the twelve tennis will lie
reduced by one because of the injur
ies to Don Walker, the Australian,
who wus taken to the hospital last
night after a fail. Walker sustained
only painful bruises but these were
looked upon a.< lilrely to (nice his
withdrawal. At the conclusion of
last night's riding tbe dozen tenms
were still on even terms all having
1-12 miles mid live Inps tn their crcd
Shot at a Bengal Ruler
Calcutta, India, N'ov. \ \ during
attempt was miwle last ovoning by a
Dellgnli to ossusslnatc Sir Andrew
11 en,lei sun Lei tli Fraser, I i.u tenant
governor ol Uengnl LIko three othor
attempts since hi.- appointmi nt to
that oMre .u 1903, tin latest uttuck
Andrew escaped without injui •'
Tin- lieutenant governor oceonipun
ie.l by ihe Maliurajnh ol Uurdwunk,,
un important division of Bengal   and
Seerelmv     Umbel   of   lite   V    ,M    C    A  ,
upon him proved unsuccessful Sir
attended a lecture given by ProfesMoi
R,     D      Dull.Ul    i.l    Olie.,; tn\e|s|l\
m   ibe  Lown  ball  which   ah. crowded
woli .ni iiudii  Uiul   Included many
.a i In' nmi i  prominent i esldi in -...
Just iii ibe ||puti n..nt govern >i
stepped upon ibe d.ii... .. youni! nmn,
wla. niter ward gn\» < be name ol
Nhiiwdbury, rushed up und Lhrusl n
revolvei within a le.. inehoi nl Hll
Aiulrptt ' body mnl pulled tin- trlggoi
twice, nai tbe curtiidcei mii ned lln
mid Mi Barber, who Is mi Vmericnn,
Unii" hlmsell upon the Ben :nll Tin
latter strucli savagely nl llie nocro
imv wiib be revolvei mid wounded
him everelj on Mi" liend, but wiih
iivenluiilly overpowered
hi   die  meanhiiie  lb,'  innlim .ij.ib,   a
nu i  greal  stature and   iln-ngtli
called   the   lie mi   gnvprnoi      uml
Hung lum bodily through a d   oul
-■I harm's way \ group nl Item nlis
occupying chalrH jumped quit kly t.,
their feet mid rushed oat ol Ha- lmil
Tlay escaped during the commotion
I II   is   believed   they   wero   pP   Pill       in
ordor to assist Nhowbnry, but tool
alarm at his complete failure to ear
ry out his plan,
Current News
A (icyscr ai LUIorado--
Tunnel I'aUcr Seine
Burning Question,
Advises from Dawson n port th it .-
geyser Im* bro ten u it mi Eldorado,
lust below Buj Uulcu, 'i ukon and Is
throw ing three fourths ol u sluice
head ul watei, with no promise of
i ■ .-■ at Ion It 1i,i- !.-■■ ii i ■.nn.i:: -i..
w.,,..- .Mtii.,nt diminution, and tho
ininci i .in hi ginninn lu predli t that
ii will i -nf in .■ nad \ ill farm ivn on
nt ii ■ ■ i.m iei Were the itutcl in ap
pt nr uii .-.ui.i i uund « here good pay
exist i, and where the mlnem me pi,■
pared foi work it would be , onsldcr
I n hotiunzu
I'm i- bn-- Jilht nni:.la ,1 tbe inst
tdtiuel ecbuiltunderar
mum; ever built undor a rlvor tu
Frum e. it ruiiH undei tin Sotuc
from the Plnee ,1.. .„ Concorde l,i Ibe
Chamber of  Deputies,  and  It   Is part
if the new  Metropolitan Subway line
which will be opened     probably     by
l*i iii - This line will run from Mout
iiinrte tu the Port de Versailles.
Phero   will    be two distinct   tunnels,
me      fur   tima- going   north   and   the
ithei foi trains goin« south. The see
und tunnel, whicli Is nt some distance
from Hie iii-t. «;ii he completed with
From Armenia comes mi appulllng
itory oi massacre ,u Vcrunshelir bj
Turkish troops, the women nnd cull
hen being subjected tu lenrful treat
mini. Tbe troops were si ut to \ 11
nstichi tu overuwe i lu- mnt mon,;
people, two thirds ul whom are Ai
mans, nnd thej ni once begnn to
murder mid plundei 'Iluy -.at* snid
in huve completely overrun the city
Verun-diehr i> nearly t\.'<. hundred
miles south west ol Erarum and nbout
ihe same distance .,. t ul Marash In
each i.i these inst named cities thero
is n prominent missiun uf iln- Vinci
lean board.
lu   England     Just now tin  burning
qucstlou is     what tu he done to ro
Hove ibe su fie rings of tin  fumllles  of
2,200,000   unemployed,    The    govern
ment  has  provided   a fund  of  $1,500,
ma while the admiralty is divine out
orders fur the construction ,.f     nine
torpedo-boat   destroyers and  live un
armored cruisers, tu cost in all $12,
500,000, two months earlier than bad
originally     been   Intended,     mid the
war ollice has announced  itself ready
In take on     2-1,000     nan Inr winter
training In the speeiui reserves. These
measures, however, even Mr   Asqulth
refers  to as a   'temporary  anodyne '
Mr, Keir Hurdle ia Ua- house of com
mons mi     Mondny  loudly  denounced
the government fur the present condi
lion uf the unemployed which, he do
elaied, they could will have foreseen,
Mr.    .John    Darns,    nu  tin- contrary,
twitted     Mr.     Hordie with  running
round      tlte    world  mid   leaving  him
(Burns) to start relief work in Hard
lu's    own   constituency.     Mi. Burns
moreover told ins labor!te opponents
lint  ibe average British worklngnmn
spent   mu two dollars n  year fur li
qilnr     and  nuked   wlij   tin-  luborltos
wee.- ii ,t dolne inure to urge him    to
. eep ibis money nut ol the pockol nl
iln- s iloon keepei und spell I it I intend
in trade unions nnd Insurance.  India
criminate dimity,      mistaken  phi In n
throphy at other people's expense and
relief   works    badly    orguiiized, Mr.
I'.irn; concluded,     would lead to nni
vorsal bankruptcy ami universal loaf
McFarland had the Best
Philadelphia N'ov. 13, Tucky"
McFarland uf Chicago and Tommy
Murpby of New York fought six
rounds' before the nmi..iml A. C. to
night, The bout wns n disappoint
ment, neither boy showing to his
best advantage, Doth men repeatedly
made swings but at the close of thc
bout McFarland bad a .-shade the bet
ter of the argument. McFarland was
the lirst to draw blond ia the third
round with u left hook to Murphy's
cheek, but the latter successfully
Orhv And While Knit-lit
'lln- luiiiiiiij. heroes ol tin- turf Orb)',
tin- Derby winner ot 1907, nnd the
uiiu, Knight, wim lu,- :. very bin record, are to tnkc up -i'ul duties m
Ireland nest senson. At Hlclinril r'r,,
kcr's stml nt 'lleiie.iini Orby now tills
Llu- l„,x vacated by Americas, who
iv,-. Bold to thc (leiin.in- recently and
will keep company with Clonmell. Orby,     win,    will only In- commencini,
stud   III,-   next       vt-jil .  hn.-.  lint   liuiirnl
on ji race course durine thc cloalnn
season lie won thc Kn, li-li and li
isli Iii rliys. In addition to other races
The KniL'ht performed in a wonderful
iiijjiiii i ut the -Ijii t "f the s, as,,n,
jinl was considered tin best animal
hi I-Iiil'IjjikI up t" tliree months nRo,
when jii Doncnster in the i.-ire for
il,,- cup In- I'leurlj Bhowed iImi he
wns in,lliint.' like s<> pood ns be was
Hi, Ine  record  Includes two corona
 , cups, two Asi 'tipi, one Good-
word   cup mni  - tlold  Vase. I'rnl,
ably he- I"- -t performance wns In the
Cesaiewiti-li Insl year, when, carry
im- iiu heavy harden "' lis pounds,
he wns only brnten iho-,- quartom ,,l
a li-n-lh hv Demure
Lord Nortlicotc al Winnipeg
Winnipeg. Nov   is   l.onl Nortlu	
nlel  purty  win, huve I ii spelt.line   ii
leu ,i.ii . hi ih,- city It'll i.'i  :-it   Paul
III... . ,,-n -n  lout,-  to   Molllleiil
ru Hnndnj nftcrnoon lust, nl the
, hit, It, Suilie. tin nn.mt (laughter of
.lohn Itol,i-ii, uml Mmy Ami Wood ol
this eity. THK   PROSPECTOR,   CRANBROOK,    BC,   NOVEMBER   21,   1908.
The oven dues
the baking, the
tire box controls
the ovon heat,
and the grates
hold the coal or
wood that produces the heat, so
are important.
tf/iTlt      i  ■ ,*'%
W'*Tt"<?Y"J-Z .   -TZTZ-TyO...:, , -V
xt\)n |iito»vcct4U*.
A. B. Circle e,
l'l lil.lsilKI.    AMI    KIHTI'U
.,-.„;i ...I
N   Jj.
;,\ I'L'liUAY, m '\ I'MltKII -1   I"
\ Double
"Sask-alta" Double Duplex Orates are made
in four pieces, each grate shaken separately.
Ashes over one grate can be ahaketi without
wasting good fuel over other grate. No poking
necessary, thereby saving fuel. Dampers at bo
ends of fire-box secure perfect drafts. W . •
grates are inverted for wood a patent cl .mi'
retains them in position. The easiest-working
way is the surest-serving way - and that's
'Sask-alta" way.
London, Toronto, Mont re al, Winnipeg Vancouver, St John, Hamilton, Ca'
Nuw ilmt Ibe .blelled by elections
in Yale-Cariboo and Kuutenay are
i.ver. conditions in these constituen
cies wilt assume a normal tone   noce
Now ilmt tbe elections are over tbe
"old man ol Ibe He!..Id" will put on
his independent  clothes
The success nchievtMl bj  thu t'or-sei
vatives    in Hu- Koott nay by election
un     November     Ilil n was mure com
piete  ami   substantial   than   appeared
from     ibe earliei   returns nl  thi   vo\
I ■     -,\ .1 •       in       :    ; -    ' .'ii  wlu-ibei
S     ■       ■     12th  WttH     last
^ immer or next   w lnt i
■  / -.. -   u-i   sure that   it   wi
- ,'  i he     Libel . ist     s
• ■..,!.  the therm
.   ■
Ml)    tO till
■       ■ ; :■.-. -      .'.,
T.I     M T
id ,i   lone
,i    that   a
tni   should
re tun est ol th
ii     some
Ml    !■■.■■..i
... . ...
■. . ■
■  ■
-..'■ ■ .     ■
theii      . ■ ■      ■ ■ ■    ■    ■    . ■    . r ■
'    ■
-  -   -      '- ■     t there may b
■ ■ sl
i parliament
it havi . row
that whisper* words 1
' ■  ■
.  .■   I - ectioi
■■.',' . served
. e   run    oi mmercb
T.-      :■ ■ pei lem     ' lei  ten
■ onsidi rabb   editorial   spaci   -.
ine an iodependi nt  np log)    ii
nsulted the electors ol Koot
Men should
look [or this
Tag on
Tobacco*   It
guaranlf esthehigh quality of
Black Watch
The Big Black Plug.
Conservatives lhn c Increased Representa-
tion - Ami Mosl ni the
OKI Fighting l oree
\\ e have the finest
Cooked HAM
you ever tried.     For Lunches,
Picnics, Camping etc., it is delicious.
n . c
•Illllli" Sinn-Hnl,-
I'lln.M-: In
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Head Ortieo, Main Otilco for Ernl Kootenay,
Calgary,  Alberta Cranbrook, B. C.
I'HONl"    t-6.
The Quality Store    I
Wr tion'I elnlm In In" il Iiuii|ii>si imi
Imi wn sliinil up fur lho Imsi m!
All nm-   lliuiils  Are (luiiranl I -
' 1 »I.' 1,' l\
John    LEASK
The most fashionable and
Cranbrook b.c.
•>*tX  ^W ^^ ^*9i  tmsTA, r*W\   •*/* i*j\   r*J\   ****   •****   AnfX   Aft*   Aft}\   v. a*W\   4**t   /*J\   .tftft  \\*9k  \tn*\   1X^   AftX  ^^X}*\   *\\W*\  ^H   AftX
9 ('. W   V IS'Wl lllMKII,  I'lllll'KIKTilll 9
9 HANSON A V RNI UO                      CIlANIlUOtiK. ll.C 9
9 9
9 We Iluv Kvurvthing *
1                   ; ;  *
*s% IIORSKK, STOVKS,  m.-w mul  sh-oihI  Iiii ml   l'l l.'N I 9
*\ TURK,   URdCKKin    mnl   WKAl.'ixi;     \ 1 ■ I■ \1:1:1, 9
9 9
ft\ WE SELL whal wn linvi-In slnck  nl   |iriep-  thai ft
jjt will surprise yuu.    \ lisii iii ih.' Iiiillai' "iiihv will i'im- 3^.
.jf. \nn-i- you   llllll   u-i-  liavu iln'!' Is, nnd nan siive ynn ft
^ lifly por i-.-iii mi any koiiiIs piimliiufa-il ft
Ii i- nuw in ortlei for the presenl
city council to ask the municipal electors to i.-i them "finish their work"
Crnnhrooli  hns been quiet since the
election,  and perhaps the recital, by
; ji number of "Grits" ol some of then
; experiences would enliven times n lit
ln the Chinese qunrtci Hul"- were nl
li.ill   mnsl   tills  week.    Several  iillkinil
people remarked ibjii  ii was foi  thc
polltlcnl ili-jitii of Siuitli  Curtis, bul
u-i'i-i-   told thai  it  m-jis for thn death
of Hi,' emporor of dilnti.
Sir Wiliinl l.jiiiiii-r will now hnve
jui opportunity to finish bis work.
'I'lie people of I'jiiiiiilii nlso desire that
Judge L'nssell he nllowed to linisli Ills
work, then Sir Wilfrid run kick thu
j.rnflilij.' uili,'inl uut
Sn-  Wilfrid   Lnurier  not   only     ex-
; pressed Ihm satisfaction, but ottered n
I "thousand Uinnl;.-" for the grcnt victory un October Hi'., but what will In
sny nf tbe grenl     Conservative vie
: imv nf November \2 In Kootenny nnd
Yule Cariboo.
The announcement i es from   Ot
ijr.Mi iluii jiII the government ilopnrt
ments are to be Investlgateit. Such n
step is undoubtedly in tiie Interests
,,f the country. The Inquiry Into the
conduct of iln- department of marine
mid Hsheries has revealed a state of
affairs which is, to suy the lc-ist
shocking nnd has created suspicion
iiu.iinst the whole service whicli can
only hi removed by thorough investigation "t I'iu-ii nnd every branch ol
Hi-- administration. However, even
tluii will not meet the situation, ll
11., L-j,'.',-iiiiii,-nt wants tn act in at-
cordnnce with the Interests of the
country, n must see to II thnt u like
condition i.i thnt which has been mi
earthed In the marine department can
nci'■; i'-'i.: in CjiiijiiIji. To previ nt
this the civil service should bo pul
under ,-i commission and udmission to
it. nn,! promotion in it be through
merit only; the patronage lisi inusl
he abolished n,nd tenders publicly
called for .,11 contracts both for sup
pile and for can ylng out of public
i inl)     in     this way enn the
 nni,ni   restore confidence In tho
,-■    Si-Una Mews
er I irn  in  Brltlab  Columbln
able    In     1 10'  the govern
menl rnrrli il the     fttiolc seven seats.
Th     fi n   ■'  ; nlj  !■->  tho (Ivo
inn -  -    fa   curried  In ml oferr
ed elecl    ■      '-.     acrllimatlon,   uiul   il
.1, lerslouil   Muil   it   would uu
j. t.h tin   purl.  --M.jjii.iij-  puwer. The
otl - -.in -.   ii  i i liberal
tlirni cm niireil elecl Ion, tlio gov
en ent cundidnte i eceh Ing much loss
than hi !: iii.- rote So there is not
■ ir flrltisl Co iu,Li., consl itui-tu-y lu
nl li li  ii  lliujol ji v ,,i  11„- electors vol
'■'I  Im   the  govern nl     In  tin   o.ec
tloi     usl   ■-.,, i   ,, governmenl  major
n     Vain i'iiiiii,,,, has boon
' nn "ivj-.iii'i- majority ol
im   • in
cplaced In
n!   l-'ull..
We Iluv and Sell  lor Cash
JU **  **■     I Ml *     tlllil      iv.ll     iwi     ^ .«i-iii w
■ tllTtnl nl   In      ilpfi-nl    Will   UH   l "I
in  Min invi  tiu'iiltnii     nl     j.niiii.   ne
' rnnhrou      f'hlnl ■" tlon'l   icoin tn
In   ■ '■■    n ii li ill ttirbnd nboul  the lo
con( ili-ntli nf iln omporoi und iIuwuh
i-i iMiipiflHH nf the lli.v.'iv kiiii'ili.iu
Now thai  the oli«ctlons nre over tlio
retnll    trndi     ol   Cmnbrnotc    hIiowh
■" ■ Improvemnnl  no the reHiill     ol
luiil weather.
II,,\ mu IokI     iwo   nmi  wiwi ono -tl
i lie ii.-i. i red eb 11 !■!;■   -mil severnl  re
counts in be Iwunl from  llu
menl  seem to hnve w niajoi'tt$  ol   18
.,:;■!    it tlif Inst  houwe    L'ho
I'.ni-.'ivntlvoa     li.i\.' cmried iUUiVio,
Mnnitobn nnd Hrltlab t'olumblu   Thej
emlj   iti mow  members thnn
thej  had In the 1.1-1 imrliament, nnd
:.   c    fliHii.'ii- have ndded    two
1011     ■■ .i  .      ■ :; titeen
re,  ii  may be supposed that
..   sturdy ftghl put up by tin- oppu
-:   in the last four yoars will not
, ..u.'-t      li sum,' -rood   campaign
nre     gone,   there nre able men
-...   the   new   members    nnd     the
..  nment   also    lias met with -<■'■
There is reason to hope thut the el
M ti<' dark lantern brigade    u>
suppress information, will be less el
tive than of yore     lohnston, Copp
Finlayson,   and   Itoche  ol   Nova   fcico
tia   1! iRhes oi Prince Edward Island;
McCarthy oi Ontario; Burrows, Jnck-
ind    Adamson of Manitoba;  Mc-
rs -n  nl      British  Columbia,   who
were among the obstructors nre     uo
[ongei   in parliament.   On the     other
hand,    Faster,   Monk,   Amos.   Barker,
HuKKart    Taylor,  Sproule, Northrup.
Reid, Crocket, Lennox, Perley, Blaln,
Boyce,  Bristol and others, who   havo
pressed  Inquiries  into the public accounts committee, nn* prepared to resume business at  the old stand.
The work of Investigation may     bo
resumed under better conditions than
before,   Conditions     revealed  by  the
' Royal civil service commission and by
Judge Cassels, made it simply Impossible for ministers to "keep down the
lid."   After      those     disclosures  the
country  will  not  submit  to suppression  ul  facts,      the  refusal  of  public
documents, and the exclusion of useful evidence.   Light  has already been
poured on the nm-rlnc department,  It
is    only     necessary    that the other
spending     departments shall bo overhauled in the same way. This     thing
will be done.   Kven the Liberal press
bus, since the election, culled for enquiry   into  mutters  which   have  bitb-
orto heen kept dark.
Before the election Mr. Sifton, Uro
ther-ln law     Burrows,  Mr.   Adnmson
land others connected with the timber
, ileal, with their friends In the houne,
invited Mr. Ames to go with his lantern slides and bis exposures to tho
[west, where the facts were known nnd
tlio     dealers     lived.   Mr. Ames went
|eust and wost; he laid the facts   and
i evidence      before     the  people.    Sonic
tilings hnve happened.   Mr. Amos     is
in parliament witli an increased  majority; Mr. Burrows is not there. Mr.
Siftiin     is returned by a significant
inujnrity, if ho is elected at all. Mr.
Adains-iii    retired  from  the election,
Mr. Eraser the ngent at Otta-wa     ol
the "big    four" was forced to withdraw after     be bad been nominated.
[Except Mr. Sifton himself, not a single Manitoba     member who justified
those deals has been returned.  Not.   a
lone of the     western members of the
■ last house wbo attached these     deals
'has lost his sea-t.   Here is clearly   a
< public      invitation    to  continue   the
eampntgn in defence of thc public in
j ti rest  in the public domain,
; it is an Independent French Unnn*
; diaii authority which makes the
statement that the Laurier govern
ment has been sustained by tbe
j Freucn Canadian vote; and that this
i vnti was cast for tbe premier because
of bis race, and mil on lhe merits uf
bis government    Tbe declaration   is
; made   by      Le   Natintialiste,   of   Mont
ireal, which is nnt a Conservative pa
per. und which is cortnlnly nnt anti
French.   Tl rgnn of tho National
party shows nut of the government
majority id nboul SO, nu less than 43
is furnished by Quebec, it is pointed
out that live ni the Quebec counties
.which elected Conservatives have u
largo English vote, su that the majority   is  French speaking Quebec    Is
I larger than the above llgures. Le Nn-
tiuiialiste adds that there are 12 Ontario    constituencies having n large
French vote, alld  Mini   these all elect
eil government supporters. This list
includes Ottawa, which returns two
members, and also Nlplssilig and
Eust Algoma, which, as it now appears, have elected Conservatives, so
that the score is eleven to two, The
National organ gives u, list of twelve
counties lu the Maritime provinces
having -- considerable French vote,
and shows thai every mie of them,
i-ni      Dlghy,  N S , elected a govern
menl  sn uier.
Thus   ibe     French Canadian  paper
uii.I.' -; H appear Hi.,I Mie French (an
.-■Ii.iii vnti- retains Sir Wilfrid Laiir
ii'i in office Mail Ui.- vote been equal
in division in these constituencies do
Nai ni the government was nssiirod.
No l.m   ni   pati    Canadian WOllltl
suggisl      thai     Hn' French speak m-
 i ■ Ii-i'l  nul a perfuet  right   t.. Hiip
porl the govnrmneiil Individually us
■ iv. ii   they    deemed the admin
i liiiln.il wot'thv, Least ur all WOllld
tin;: view be Liken |,v a jiiiunal which
especially siippoI'Ls llu- rights iMid Ibe
privileges ol the French race? But Lo
Nntlmmllste declares that its nun
patriots did md support the govern
ment because they brllovcd It worthy.
It asserts that had lhe premier been
Ccnttnury] on p.?.jc 2.
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comes in wc are allowing; from
10 lo 20 per cent, off all goods
now in the store.
Our  Postal  Cards  for  Foreign
Mail   are  now open.
£ranbrook3)rua &Book
Company,    Limited.
|   Professional   *
Humsti'i-s uiiil Solicitors,
«% m B.H.SH0ET
,';-iW.\w..^\   THE 	
Painter and
W. 1". GL'KD,
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.,
llui'lsler,   Solicitor, anil
Notary i'ublic,
Barrister, Solictor, and
Notary Public
Office—Reid Building*,
P.L.S. it'.C.E.
Miuiug Kngineer und
ll.C. Laud Surveyor,
H.O.  Bux 230. I'huue iS.'l.
•; Dr. E. W. Connolly j;
Physician and Suroeon
< > HOUHSi
• •   » lo II R,.ni    t lo i ii.iii.
< i
We place our paii-it
on top.   WHY ?
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npply il, we aro prepared to guarantee,
; [ Phone Offloo 1U5.   Residence 109 ] [
F. O. E.
Meet every Friday nl S p.u.
Visiitiijf  Hi'oihers  Cordially   Invited
C.'HAS. Smith, W. Presldeni
M. D. Billings, seey.
Aerie Pliysieluu, P. O. Hex 28.
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datious   for   lhe   public   tmeq mil led   in (j
UJllol and Cold Baths Proprietors
Geo. R. Leask & Go
l'n, HON BIB
l'l,his, Specifications
mul Ksiimiiii's
AH   kinds   of   building    material
constantly on hands
ii*MH4tiMunHtinMii,n,MiuMiM,,, .
Rocky Mountain Chapter
NO. 12S. it. a. M.
Regular meeting*:—2nd Tuesday In each uiuutb al eigtil
Sojouruiug t'uiupaulous are
cordiully invited.
II. t.. Rdthwku., Surlbe E.
Bin 4        CIUNUKOOK, H. C.
Court Granbrook 6943
Vlsitiug   brethern   cordially   invited
F. MeKKNNA, Chief Ranger
J. SIMMS, Secretary
M.M.V.,   V.S.,
liraduate    uf     Oniarlu    Veterinary
College, Toronto, lu 1898.
liraduate and Medalist of MeKilllp Veterinary College, Chicago, 111., In ItWO
Registered     member     of     rirlilsli
Culuiubla   Assuelatiiin.
Kiinurtil Director,
Steam  Hollers aud Furnace Work a
Cost and Stoek Estimates
I'urnistieil Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.G.
W. Cline
U' '
Of ||i« old  Mftultubi lUrl-er
Hll0t»(lHH now h* fouml lit tlio
Fli'st Class Work  lu
all   branches  of  the
• • Tonsorial   Art! >
*>*ftftA**ftftft**ftft*ft*ft**ftft THE   PROSPECTOR,   CRANBROOK,   li.
Take notice thai 1 intend tu apply
tu tho SuperintenUent ol L'roviucinl
I'ul iff liiiin- thirty days frum the
publication oi thin notice, tor u re
upwal of my licence to sell Lutoxicat*
ing liquors hy retail uu Ue pieniittt-s
Known **. the Windsor Hotel, Foil
H.  S.   MATHKR,
Port Simile, Oct. '<•*>, 1908.
District of Kast Kui't-imy
l"i-Hen of Cranhrook, occupation
agent, int-snda to apply (or perm in
sion to pitruhate the foMowin^ tie*
rrthed lands; (-mumuicUig at a port,
planted at the S, W. corner J. Means
Pre-emption, aast HO chuine to the
houmlary of lot 6033, thence 30
cbalne south to thu boundary of lot
21HH, thence iti ctuilm* west, tbence 30
chains north to the point of
commencement, cimumin-t: ioo ncree
more nr leisy.
Dated, October 30th, v.m tt
District of Rant Kootenuy.
TAKK NOTIOB that 1, Francis H.
I'ulleu of London, Hii*.. occupation a
tree miner, Intend to apply toi permit
sion to purcfaa«e lhe following dee
erlhed lauda; Cuinuieucing at u poet
plauted at the N. K. coiner poat of
lot 342, 40 chains nsrth Ivllowinn the
boundary of lot Uii and 338, thence
40 chains west, thence 40 chains
south, thence 40 chalnt) cn-st, to the
point of commencement, ■■■jutuiuin,:
loo acres more or less,
Dated, October 30th, IH0S. 45
Klectoral  LHuUivl    oi  Orauhioolt,
NOTICK Is hereby given tbat Sittings of tbe above Court will be bsld
at the Government Building, Oima-
bruok, for the disposal of cases
every Wednesday, at two o'clock p.
in.; at Moyie every Saturday at the
Steele and Wardner on sucb days
and dates as may be appointed In
the proceeding*,
same hour;   and ut  Marysville, Fort
All debts aud demands nut nceed-
ing the sum of (lOtt oan be sued (or
and recovered iu tbe above mentioned Court on Summons aud
Judgement, Garnishee (either before
or after Judgement) or ou Instalment Order which can be enforced by
commitment if necessary.
Instructions tor proceedings can be
handed iu    to    tbe     undermentioned
t'lerks of the Court., via:—
F.  R. Morris, Deputy  Sheriff,   Cran
1'. O. Routh,   Provincial   Consttkble,
Moyie,     or to
Joseph  Walsh,  Provincial Cuunteble,
Fort   Steele.
Joseph Ryan
Dated Bind day ot June, 1908.
District ot East Kootenuy.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Jos. Ryau
of Craubrook, occupation journalist,
intends to upply for permisaiou to
purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at u post
planted at the S. W. corner ot lot
304ft, south 30 chuius to lot (1033,
thence enst 30 chuius, thence north
30 chains, theuce west :i0 chuins,
to the point of commencement, containing lOu ueres more or less.
Dated, October 30th, 1988. 45
District of East Kootenuy.
Tuke notice that Hugh Stewart ol
Crunbrook, occupation merchant, Iuteuds to apply for permission to pur
chase the following described lunds :
Commencing nt a post plunted on
the Kootenuy river appr«xlmutely ou
the south boundary of lot 111!, 20
chains west to the boundary of lot
342, thetiee 40 chains south following
the enst houndury o( lot 1142 to the
Kootenay River, thence 40 chuins following the Kootetmy river to the
point of commencement, containing
50 acres more or less.
Dated, October SOtb, 1908, 45
District  of   East  Konlenuy.
TAKK NOTICB thut Thomus J.
Agar, of Slmcoe, Ontario, occupation
solicitor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
land, heing four islands iu the Koot
enay rivor lying opposite lot 110,
group l, described ue follows; Commencing ut a post plauted on the
west side of the northerly island in
the group und un the suuth line of
lot 338, group 1, Kootenuy district ,
thence down stream fuilowiug the
westerly side of the island to the
southerly end thereof; thence up
stream on the easterly side of the
island to the south Hue of lot 33K ;
thence west to place of beginning ;
also the three smaller islands south
of the above islund, all containing
about su ueres.
Duted October 30lh, 1908,
The delay for commencing the pub
lieatlou of tbe ubove uotice is extended to the Uth day of November.
A ust, Comm'r.
Take uotice thut 1, Andruw 11.
Qruce, of Cranbrook, occupation
Journalist, Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands imd
Worka for permission to purchnse the
following described lauds lu East
Kootenay: Commencing at a post
planted at the south eust corner iif
block 42G, theuce west. HO chains,
tbence south 80 chains, thenee eust
80 chains, tbence uorth KO chains to
place of beginning, ci-utatuing b4o
acres more or lees.
Dated Oct. 20, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that au application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the province of British Columbia ut its uext session for
an act to incorporate a coinpu-ny,
with power to build, coustruct,
maintain and operate a line of railway of stuudard guage to be operated by steam, electricity or any other
power, for the carrying of freight,
pussengeTB uud express: Commencing
ut a point on the Eastern llritish
Columbia Railway at or near the
town of Corbin; thence in a southern
direction following the east fork of
the south fork ot Michel Creek to ths
summit between that Creek ami a
tributary to the Flathead river;
thence in a southerly direction down
suid tributary to the Flathead river;
thence southerly along said Flathead
rifsr, or by the most convenient
route, to u point on the Intei national boundary between the province of
British Columbia and the United
States of America, a distance of
fnrty milfw, more or less, with power
to construct and operate telegraph
und telephone lines for the purpose of
its business and for the public, with
power to own. use uud operate wuter
powers convenient to the road for
railway and other purposes, and with
such other powers and privileges
which are usually given to Railway
Dated  at Cranbrook,   November 7th,
HARVEY,  McOXRTER  &   MAC-DONALD,     Solicitors     for the Applicants.
Any iicrriuii who has purclmsod property In the munlelpnl ity of Crnnbrook, since January 1st,, 1908, should
notify the city clerk of the fact, so
that his or her name can be plucctl
nn the voting list. This must be
done before November 30th.
City Olerk.
Sent For Trial
Rotiuninff   officer
wilh Gluing;!ni;
Ingram   Gnnrged
Vutcis' List.
Take notice that 1, Lisr.it- Gl'ft-ce ot
Crnnbrook, occupation munied wo
man, intend to u|»|tly to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds snd Works
for permission to purchase the follow
Ing described luuds iu East Kooteu
ay; Oommencing ut * post plauted
at the soutb cast corner ut A. B.
Grace's purchase, thence west SO
ohalns to the C.P.R. light of way,
thence following said right of way lu
un easterly direction to the soutli
boundary of lot. 425, thence north 4u
obalna more or less to the place of
beginning, containing 100 acres more
or leBB.
A. 11. Grace, Agent.
Dated Oct, 26th, 1908.
TAKK NOTICK that Krvln R.
Streeter of Klkmoiith, British t.i I
iimbiu, occupation Rancher, intends
to apply f»r permission to purchase
the following described lands
Commencing ut a post plunteil al
the northerly end of au island in the
Kootetmy River opposite R. rt.
Htroeter's  land,  thenre down  stream
nlong the easterly side of suid Island FJoglnn, Basil., Nov. 19 Noveiuliet
about twenty-flvo chains to the soutb ■ ;to has been llxod iw nomination day
erly end thereof, thence Up Stream r0). ilir by-oloctfoliH to be held hi the
along th<* westerly aide of said IslatTd ■-■■nvlnfilnl constituencies of llllmboldl
to place of beginning, being the whole Ml)1| Saltcoats, rendered necessary by
NOTICK is hereby givtll pursuant to tne Creditors' Trust Deeds
let, 1901 ami Amending Acts thut
John 1*\ Dalley of Hunhury, British
Columbia, Lumberman by Indenture
Creditors' trust deeds act, 1901.
of assignment dated the Uth day of
November, did assign all his personal
property, real estate, credits antl effects which may be seized and snld
under execution to Percy Chapman of
the City of Vancouver, in the Province of llritish Columbia, Account-
aunt, for the general benefit of his
A meeting of thc creditors will be
held at the olllces of the Messrs Harvey, McCarter & McDonald, Raker
street in the city of Crnnbrook, in
the said province on Thursday tho
twenty-sixth day or November, 1908,
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon for tho
giving of direction with reference to
the disposal of the estate.
TUKU GIVEN that all creditors und
others having claims against the estate are required to tile the same
with the assignee or his solicitors,
Messrs. llurvey, McCartor & Maedonald, on or before the thirty-first
duy of December, A. 1)., 1908, with
full particulars of same, duly verified
by affidavit, and the nature of the
securities', If any, held by them.
first day of December, A.D., 1908, tne
assignee will proceed to distribute the
assets among the creditors of whose
elniins ho shall then have received notice and he will not be responsible for
the assets or any part thereof ho distributed to any creditors of whose
debt or claim lie shall not have then
received   notice.
Dated at Craubrooli, this l-lth day
Of  November,   A.I).,   19)18.
Vancouver, B. C.
1IV      IliK
ra Men
McCnrtor t
It. C,
Municipal Notice.
Brandon, Nov. 19 Returning officer
,1. H. Ingram was sent up for trial
nt the next coul of competent juris
diction this morning for changing the
voters' list ul poll 3, In the cily during the recent Dominion election. It.
Pardon, deputy re I inning ollleer was
the only WltllOflH examined, lie stated thai Ini-.iiim Ii.iii substituted lhe
iiiinn- of Nicholas for thut  of MfiOul
Saskatchewan By-Elections
of     said    island
noreu more or less,
Dated Oct, 14th, 1908.
und containing w
the retirement of the sitting mombors
Dr. Neeley and linn. Thos. MacNutt
tu     contest     federal  ridings.  Polling
1 hereby certify thut the "Corbin
Coul und Coke Compuuy, Limited,"
bus this dny been registered us a,n
Eitra-Provinciul Compuny under the
"CoaimlMioaers Act, 1897," to curry
out or affect ull or any of thc ub
Jects of the Compuuy to which the
legislative authority af tbe Legitilu
ture of British Columbiu extends, except the construction uud working of
The head office of the Compuuy is
situute at Spokane, iu the Oouuty ol
rtpokane, State of Wushington.
Tbe amount of the capital of the
Company is one million dollars, div
IdtMl into ten thousand shares of une
hundred dollars each. !!!
The head otlice of the Compuny iu
this Province is situate ut Crunbrook
und Jas, A. Harvey, Barrister ut Law
whose address is Craubrook afore
suid, ia the attorney fur the Company, not empowered to issue and
transfer stock.
Tbe time of the existence uf the
Company is fifty years Hum August
Uth, 1908.
The Company is Limited.
Oiveu under my hand aud soal of
office, at Victoria, Province of Brit
ish Columbia, this 12th day ol October, one thousand nine hundred and
(L. S.) rt. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies
The objects tor which this corporation ls formed are:
(a) To carry on in the Province of
British Columbia, and throughout the
Dominion of Canada, or in any othei
part of the world, tbe business ol
eoal mining in all its branches ; to
purchase, lease or otherwise a-cqulre
coul mines, coal lauds, coul proper
ties, mineral and mining rights, and
to develop, mine and operate such
mines and properties; to buy uud sell
coal, manufacture and sell coke aud
other by-products; to locate or oth
erwlse acquire metalliferous mines,
and to work and operate the same ;
to own and operate concentrators,
smelters and other appliances for the
reduction and smelting of ores, and
to deal generally in minerals and
mineral products.
(bj To acquire by purchuse or otherwise, and to sell and lease oil and
gas properties; to coustruct und
maintain pipe lines, and to drill oil
and gas wells, and develop, operate,
lease or sell the same; to furnish, sel)
and supply both natural aud artificial
gas; to sell oil and engage in the bus
iness of refining the same; und generally to furnish, sell, supply uud dis
pose of tbe product, of said wells uud
properties; to buy or otherwise acquire water rights, wuter powers 01
water privileges, construct pipe lines
and mains and establish wuter works
with all necessary equipment, and to
use, furnish, sell und supply water ;
to coustruct and establish u plant ur
plants, with all necessary equipment.
for the production of electricity by
water-power or any other power, for
heat, light or power, and to use, furnish, sell and supply the sume; to
own, construct aud operate street
railways by electricity or other motive power, und to bold any aaa al!
rights, privileges and franchises inei
dent or necessary thereto.
(c) To carry ou the business of
lumbering in all Its brunches; to buy,
soli, prepare for market, manipulate,
import, export und deul in timber,
lumber, railroad ties, piling, pulp
wood, telegraph aud telephone pules,
fence posts and wood of all kinds; to
manufacture a-nd deal in articles uf
alt kinds in the manufacture of which
wood is used or forms a component
part, and to purchase, sell und deal in
real estate, timber, timber lands and
timber berths.
Id) To carry on the business ol
general contractors; to own and operate wholesale und retail stores, to
purchase and vend general men-bun
dise of all kinds; to build, acquire,
possess aud operate factories, grist
mills, flour mills, elevators, machine
shops, blacksmith shops and much in
ery of alt kinds, and to purchuse, sell
und deal in machinery, grain, floui
and hreudstiitfs.
te) To do ull kinds of mining,
manufacturing und trading business ,
transporting goods and merchandise
by la-mi or wuter iu any manner ; to
buy, sell, lease uud improve lands, to
acquire, use, sell und grunt licences
under patent rights; to purchuse or
otherwise acquire, hold, sell, assign
and trnnsfer shares of capital stock
and bonds or other evidences of in
debtodness of corporations, und to ex
etcise ull the privileges of ownership,
including voting upon the stocks so
held; and generally to carry on nay
other business which may seem to
Ihis compivny capable of being cun
veniently carried on in connection
with any of the above, or calculated
directly or ludlrectly, to enhance the
vulue of this company's property or
rights for the tlmo being,
(H To construct, improve, main
tuin, alter, work, operate, manage,
curry out or control any roads, ways,
wuter powers, reservoirs, dums, aqueducts'- cunals, sluices, flumes, tramways, surface or aerial logging rail
wuvs, operated by steam, electricity
ur other mechanical power, telegraph
aad telephone lines, electric supply
lines, bridges, wharves, booms, I iiu
ber slides, booming grounds, maiiu
ufuctories, warehouses, uydruullc
works, electric works, bouses, shops,
stores, buildings and other worltH and
nvonlences which may Boom cnlcti
luted directly, or Indirectly, to advance tliis company's interests,
(g) To purchase and receive from
the subscribers to the capital stock
holders thereof, mines, mining claims
coul lands or other properties, real
and personal, useful of of value to
the Company ; uiul tn receive the
anmo in payment nf their rmhhcrtp
tions to the capital Htocli ol the cor
polatioll,   nl'   lo   the   ainolllll     (lllU    nil
their stock, to such umolintfl uh thu
board of directors mny think proper;
uud   to  Issue to    Hiieh Hiibwribeni  or
stockholder     thereof r li  fully or
partially paid up:
lln Tn sell ur dlHpoHU of lhe under
Inking- lands, properly, estate, chni
tela and elTects of llllfi compnny, Of
any part thereof for such com Idem
Hun us ihis Company muy Llilnli fit,
and in particular tor shares, debenl
ores ur Bociirltlos of nny othor com
puny operating wholly or partly In
tlm Province of British Columbia n,nd
whether tho objects of such compnny
me altogether or in part similar tu
(hose of this Coinpnn)
Hi To purchase, take or lease or foi
in exchange, or olhorwlno ncqulro nny 181
real or personal property Including N<
stock, in any other compnny or com-j
which this Company 1
sary or convenient 1
ol its busiuess:
iji   To amalgamate
Company now or hen
ted operating     or to
or   partly In the province
Columbia, which this Compi
deem useful to or calculate
crease  its  business,  und   to
for,  accept     and  hold shut
uch Oompany; uh*j t
ay think neces-
r 1 be purposes
with any other
liter Incorporn
operate wholly
ut British
iny     may
I to     in
©he Ucoepector.
Continued from page 2.
1 Smith or Johnson, tho Frtueb
__  would have been about equally
subscribe divided,     and ihe government would
s in auy have been dueutcd. Tbo premier lum
iiipauy, also to aid any other U-, apuoaU,d to his compatriots     ns
mpauy or corporation iu nny enter-1 ono ,„     themselves.   His supporters
pi'ioe or undertaking which may be ol
assistance or benefit to this Compuuy
uud to that end muy loan money tu
sueh company or corporation, and
may also pledge the propert) ol ibis
Company, ur execute uud deliver
mortgagee or trust deeds or any    of
lis property, uu security for the pay-
incut 01 the debts, obligations, bonds
or debentures of such other company
or corporation,, in such amounts uuu
tu such extent as the board ul Trust.
ees of this Company muy think pro
tk) To borrow, or raise, or secure
puy man t 01 money in such muuiier
uud form us this company may think
fit, uiul iu particular by the issue of
bonds, debentures or debenture stock
charged upon ull or any of the Company's property presenl or future, or
both, including uncalled capital;
111 To draw, muke. accept, indorse
ur discount, execute and issue promt
sory notes, bills of exchange, bills of
lading, warrants, debentures und oth
er negotiable ur transferable Instruments;
im) To upply for, purchuse, of
otherwise acquire uny patent or put
1 at rights containing any exclusive
or nun exclusive or limited right tp
use, which may seem calculated
directly or indirectly benefit this
Company, aud to use, exercise, de-vel-
p and turn to account the property
ur rights su acquired:
in) To obtain auy act of parliament for enabling this Company to
carry uny of its objects into ellect, or
for effecting uny modification of this
Compuuy's constitution, or for any
ther purpose which may soem expedient, or to oppose auy proceedings or
fppllcn-tions which muy seem calculated, directly or indirectly, to prejudice this Company's interests:
io) To sell, improve, manage, de
velop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dis
pose of, turn to account or otherwise
deal with all or uny part of the pro
porty und rights ot this Company:
(p) To distribute uny of the pro
pcrty of this Company among the
members in specie:
(q) To procure this Company to be
registered, licensed or recognized in
the Province of British Columbiu. or
a any province or territory in the
Dominion of Canada, or In any Pro
vince, country or place:
111 To do ull such other acts aa
or incidental or conducive to the nt
tuinment of the above objects, or uny
of them, n-nd to exercise, generally,
all such powers us may frum Lime to
time be conferred on this Company
by net of parliament, charter, llcenc*
or other executive or legislative abil
Ity. ___
j went so far as to circulate witn care
;ful discrimination in the English pro-
| vinces pamphlets hostile to the
Kronen race, and iluu throw ih- odium of it in Quebec on tbo Cuuservu-
tivos. This sort of campaigu lias according   tu   Lo   NatiulialisLi',   "so  fall
atlcized the French-Cnuudlnns that
they have voted <n blue for Laurier,
simply because he is a Prcnch-Cuuiy
dlan, without considering whelhor it
was in tin  Interest of the country as
u  whole."
Such is tho testimony of n French
Canadian Liberal.   11' it la true    the
governmenl   record bus not  heen   en
dorsed by tlio Canadian electorate.
Cabinet meetings in these times arc
anxious affairs, Oetoboi rctui ns
show a decrease of $0111,538 in cits
toins revenues compared with August
of 1007. From April to November tho
customs shortage is now $9,103,575
Intercolonial deficits are fully $100,
'iun a nionlh, and inland revenues are
nlso dccronslng. Thoro is no doubl
that tho revenue for the full year will
be fifteen tn twenty million dollars
less 1 lum that ui lust year.
Tiie obvious conclusion from air
this is thai the expenditure musi be
cut duwn. Hut at that mouunt ex
pi'iiditurcs are piling up larger than
ever, and ministers a,re in led upon to
make up iheir estimates for the emu
ing session, Every minister has on
his mind olection promises made bj
hlmsell und his friends. Mr. Floldillg
has promised us much as uny nf them
and yet ho is now obliged to Issue
uu order to cut down the upproprin
A Most Valuable Ag-ent
The glvcerlne employed In Dr. PimVj
UGdlcltuAgreatl) I'tihaiwisi llie medicinal
properties whicli it extracts from native
medicinal n*u.s and holds In solution
mucb bettw than alcohol would. It aL-o
possaaaos medicinal properties of Its own,
t*m« a valuable demulcent, nutritive
antiseptic und a nti ferment. It add*
greatly u. the efficacy of the Block Cherry-
bark. Bloodroot, (iolden Seul root, Sioue
root and Queen's root, contained in
"Golden Medical Discovery "In subduing
chronic, or lingering coughs, bronchlaL
throat and lung affections, for all of whieh
those agents are recommended by *und-
■ird medical authorities.
In all cases where there is a wasting
away of flesh, loss of appetite, with weak
sUuniurti. as in the early stages uf con-
*umIft 1011. there can be no duuU that -jly.
cerlne/acU as a valuable nutritive and
aids Mie Uplden Seal root. Sume ru-jt,
Quee-hJ* robt and Black Cherrybark la
BromoUng Digestion a:-d building up the
esh aiMs/reiiith. controlling the cough
and brlngvig about a healthy condition
of ihe while srileiu, uf course, it must
nut be ejgfcled to work miracles. It will
not cureuinsumplion except In its earlier
SUgee.    It  U'lll   ■•■■ir,.   mi   ..-v,.--,., ,,U;j.
fc*.  In acute oougni
TTlS in the lingering
Not 11.
•   ( In- ip,  hut
nntl   ll.-w Che;
li irou I
■ min-iii
■i'i- tried our
'eamit Crisp,
K01 I-: and Lady
will   be  cil. iiici-,1  tho*
hiu'st y,
SATI K'l>.\<i
(lomla delivered
„ ,1111,1
any pine
20 cts
null 1,11 1
Tlio I'll:
Ivevy nntli'i'
1'rtunfar Comimny nud tbo
lui'tngo I'tiinimny nro ro-
uiliollod to ulvo   1'1'lil.H'
I'lll-till;.' Co,
nl Novcttilior,
NOTICK Uinl. in lutlll'O llll COAL SU))
pliul by thom to customers: mul run
sunioi's must bo understood to lie on
the iiiulci'slnndlni! nl n STUH'TI.',
monoy accompany orilors.
Our in.iny rust,,ini'i.1 are very re
ipecttully nsBiircd that when COAL Is
ordered and not pnld lor lic-lne; stored
no delivery will in any enso Im made;
not becauso wo doubt in nay way the
solvency nnd respectability ,,l our
many customora, but because we arc
rouuircd by tho Coal Companies sup
plying us to pny spol cash before wc
un- allowed to bundle the bill uf lad
lag nf our fuel, and also to puy all
freight charges before being permit-
toil tn unload tlio ears.
ff.   R.  WIIIIIIKN,
for lhe City Transfer Co.
I*. -I. I''. Pl'imY,
for the I'lanbii
Hnl,,I   Ibis     loth da
Two Already   Established   in
Canada a Third in Prospect
Two schools of forestry ure nuw in
operation iu Cnnndn. of theso that
ut Lho university of Toronto is tho
oilier. Tliis wus Inaugurated in tho
autumn of 11)07, lt is u distinct Faculty of thf! UnlVorstty, and 1ms a
stall of ono professor, two lcctnrors
and an assistant.
Tho head uf llu- school ami (loan uf
the faculty ur forestry is Dr. 13. 13.
hYrnow. lie is German hy training,
ii ginduato of tho celebrated forest
school ni Muendcn mid lum ulsu stti
died ni tin- University ol Koonigs-
herg, Ilo has, liowwor, been n resident of this continent for over thirty Lt
years, wns for twelve yours (from [pr
188(1 to IKSI8) Chlof of the 1)1 vli
Forestry of tho United States Depart
mint of Agriculture, after which he
s head of tho New York Stute Col-
logo of forestry, connoctod with Cornell University, from IX.18 to 1U03,
After several yenrs passu! ns consulting forest onglnocr, ho orgnniaod tin
Department of forestry ut. the Ponn
sylvnnln Htnto College, and thence
nine directly to the University nl
Toronto to organize tlio faculty ol
forostry in that university.
rbi- courso of Hie University of Toronto is uu    iindorgratluato one, ro
quiring four yenrs of study, Ii   leads
to tlie ileum- nr lluelielur of Hcienco
in  forestry,  (F.R.I'1.)  will
graduate dogreo of  Forest
iK.K.i,  after nl  leusl   Hire
practical work.
The University of New liium-wii-k
nt Frodirlcton, N.I1., also offers 11
i - hi j- youi' undergraduate cottrso In
forestry, lending tu tbo degree ol
lini-liilur uf Ruluncu in Forestry, IJ.
Ml-'.i Tlm course wun Inaugurutcd ul
ihe beginning of tlie present scjwlon
11U0K U!t.) 'I'be professor In cluv'KC
is Mi. Il 11 Miller, M. \., M.F . 11
gmdunlc ui tin Vale Forcnl School
un,' of (Im lemlltii! fulfill ry schools mi
ih.- continent
in iin- province of Quebec stops nre
„!<;,, bolne tiil.in lu oKtublish n sel 1
Uuih.   The promises must ho
nnd even  then the bills will he ?2l),
imu,min larger than Inst ynn.
Tho monngcr of tho bank of Muni
real bus seriously laid the ense I)
fore tlio premier, wbu suys that he
will I'erp duwn expenses us fnr us
possible. Hut Sir Wilfrid bus no hind
of idea how it is to be dun-. The ono
thing possible Is to repudiate nil the
olection promises and to cut duwn
tlio estimates of next session to tbe
smallest point. Then we sluill see
how Laurier finishes bis work.
Mennwhlii the recent Fielding loan
toes nut appear tu have been a sue-
!css. It. wus mostly tuken by lurge
underwriters, as n matter of neces
Ity, because Investors did not hid
for it.
Tin- report that tbe Grand Trim';
and O. T. Paelllc compnntes are to
nsk for n new deal is evidintly well
hasiil. In what form the relief may
be required is not known, hut tlm
company is fnco to face with the fact
that the eastern section will cost :i
times the fijinotint lirst ostium ted by
Ihu government. Tf tho W'nnlpeg
Moncton Boction costs Jlf-0,000,000,
the nnnunl rental puyublo tu the
government will be nearly threi
times ibe sum oxpectod wlien tbo sum
cost was placed at ?fl:i,000,000. Where
is t.!u- additional $3,000, I u year   to
como frum. No Canadian railway run
sing through u woll si tiled country
bus n surplus Inrgo enough to pav the
rcntsl of $2,500 por mile, und the
Transcontinental must depend wholly
upon through traffic. H is absoltiti
ly certain that the traffic will
nay tho rental Hut the (!. T. I
hus no other Income, and the old
Grand Trunk compnnj will im: pi
up tho monoy, Thoro is no cm t
nil the gap but tho Canadian tnxpa;
It,  Is useless to say  Ihal   the eon
Pnny will ho bound by tho con true
It wus bound by the contract iu IM
but broke It   in 1901 und got a   new
o,   adding  innnv  millions to     tlm
vornment gunrantoo nnd giving up
the government's lirst mortgage    on
Hie railway.
If the company shall now demand n
new ileal,  It has pull enough tn eel il
specially    when tbo company prove
hfi-t u lurge part of the extra eusl If
ue   to rnko-ofl by contractors,    nn'
iy persons who liuve sold  land   ami
applies to tbo government,
On tfco fiist day's enquiry by Judge
Cassolls nt Quebec,  a  large contrnc
tor     testified     that he paid live per
cent, commission     to tho local agent
of tbo     marine department on   sale-
made to tho govornmont, J.  .1   Murphy received frum the murine depart
ment     in     live years, ending in 1908,
$>I3,'180.     I'e     pnid     the government
agent  in all  $3,303.98  which   is eon
sidorably more than flvo per cent, cn
tho sales.    The      contractor admitted
that he cumn out of the affair    very
well,   as be sold to the   government
something    higher    than     re tni)
i,   lie ulsu paid $0-16 tu the gov-
Trading Co.
still linmll
\ i-:i 111 i.i-:
.Vents I.
11,1   l-'KKIi
11ICK  li 11 >DS
is the man who
has tried to get
the same service
out of some
other make
Clean Li^ht - DurabU
Guaranteed Witerproot
and Sold fcverywhm
Frank Dezall
U'AT.kAL |;|..U'KS.\II'I II
Tu  Hi
IENTS    Klllt
llili'l ii'.'.iii-
I!iTiiiiii'iit yiiiil fni-i'iiiiin, who tnnli tie
livery ol tlie lii-ii-li, ccmoitt, Lumber
nn,l othor supplies ItirnlBhcil by Mm-
phy W II. Blncklstun, sail ranker,
who ii'i'i'ives ubuut $3,000 11 yenr for
HOrVlcCB uiul supplies to tile mul ill"
I[Icpnrtmont, swore thnt he remiiui-ly
puiil live pi-i- cent, commlsfllon t,, the
Kovornment ul'iiiIs. S,, it w, ul,l up
pi-jit- 1,, be Uu custom ul tbi' purl.
At Quebec Scniitor Choi|iictte, itov
eiii'iieiit i-uiiipjiiin uii'iin^i-r for llu-
illsti-ict, iippi-un-il us eomiBcl for the
murine iloiinrtmunt unent, [lroRory.
He uilmilti'il lhe recolpt of the com
mission, bul contended Hint the
iii'.eni pnhl ilie contructoi'B mono)
down, uml wiiiteii soinotlmos thlrtj
,,r luui-e ilnys fur ibe government tn
SOIllI the l-|l|.||lle. The eninmlBslon
wns iilmply mi Inteii'Mi ehni'ifu fur
Uluiley nilviilireil. II iu pointOll out
tlml hniilifl    would discount n cliilm
[III   Illi'  euVellltnellt   III   the  In te ,,l  ,,i\
iu'i- cuiil. n jliiiii' nud tlioreftirc live
|ii-i ,-cui pel month wns rnthor IiIrIi.
An nccu|tlcd clnlln on the liovernmenl
j nuiii I,, l„- iniiili mure Illllli 95c
un   llu-   ii,.11,11'      .liulee   I'li'l-U'll::       lln
iiuieii   llinl   lliu whole p ei-dilic wun
InexciiBnlilo    Hnl     Hu'    i-uiMiiil j-.i 1
Im 1 bu,,.. iilnee eul pusped l.eliie sill'
l'ii inl nl  evldencii of riilie-nll.
I l.ii ry
1      i'ulii'!-,-, ul .ihuly In fu
piepninlnry  lu  fol'lifltl'j   n
red bv vniioiin other nnlve
il ne.rlciilt.urnl .-..11<■ i■..■ ■.
Ore Shipments
ilncs in llu- I'i
will tube plane on Monday, December panlci,   or  uny rlghlB  or  prlvllcgoe
III.' pusi
Ill   Sllll   .
llllll lll'l
yenr l<
. cia
.. no
I nlil'  Wlllllley,  iipeulillle  nl
■lohn  nil  unii-,- of Ilii'iii' in.'ill|.|'U.
culled il in.ui. ui I .unl Olive
'.vl'i-n I,,- romomhcrcil     the oppo
Lie. In- luul ,,i i-'-iiinii plunder
din,     ho    ivnfl siii'priBcd ut lil
niuibinllun.   Tlml   iqiint   Iir   lln
ui  ibe Quebec iiKonl     wlion     lids nf the ton por nin   min' nil   ni
HI   .luiin un (300,000 worth of ili-cdi:
in . nil in less limn I wn yenrs, by n
ii<hlh'iiiuii wim pniil nu money   ullil
iiii'le uu advanced.
ti In
Weak Women
To weak ami ailing women, there Is at least ona
way to lielp. But Willi tlmt way. two trt-aliix-iil-t,
must bo coiiibliiud. Uno ii local, ono is COIItttltU*
tii.nul. but both nro llliliurUitit,   both  eiS'-ulial.
Ur. .Shoop'* Night Curu U thu Local.
Iir. Shoop's Itfittiiratlvi', tli.* 11institutional.
Tho iorinop~Dr.Shoop's Night Cure—isa topical
miiL-oiiK mum brunt) suppository runiHily, whik Ur.
.slump's K-'atomtivu is »in,i!y un inu-nial treat,
lu.-nt. The Kusiorailvu reaeliei throughout tlm
entire lyitem, woklng tho repair of all nerva,
alt  tlssii.-, unil nil blllOll UlIlll<!llt->.
The "Night Cure", km lUiiaiini Implied, doel itj
work whileyoiiHluop. Uiootheiaordandhitlaiii-
ed miti-oiii Burfacoa, heal-i local WBaknusstta ami
dut'hurges. whilo lint K.-storutlve, vmm. u-m-us
exttitotnont, gtvoa roiiowud vigor and ambition,
builds up wn-ti-ii tlstitea, bringing about reiniwuil
Biriiigth. vigor, uml aiiorgy.   'iHku Dr. Shoou'd
Keslomtlv^-TublfUi.rUguM-a-iugeimml tonic
lo tlio ayilnta,   For pOilllve loiml help, uw aa well
Dr. iShoop's
Night Cure
Wc usi; yon tu mil nml try
mii- new Consignment of new
unil Up-to date rigs for
Winter find Summer, .fust
rocalvod Toppir nml Rcllnbla
Hoi'Hes nt yalir illsposal.
tiivc thom ii tiinl nml be
Get a copy of
Clival   Wost   l.iir  Assuran
ACTUAL IlK.si'l.TS 'l'n iiii.U'
K'.|'.iiiiii..: ii  Spei uli v.
I'lniiii- -',       1' ii.   Box 213.
Horses & Cattle
llllllll l.'KM'IOH    OOOl) WATI-lll
llllllll 1'ASTI'KK
! mill's froi
nlil Noi'th St
I- .Mill.
Kur    Mills
it  II,.
I Min
-,\ W..I Uln,ii
I'li,,in- No,
l.i-wi.s St.
Pack Animals
Saddle Horses
Hrsl   I
Sale, 1
In,inline St
1 > i /1 i
.   I'ui'i'ini-
,i\ ri \
U'ii:~ in T
N'o,   no.
Edison Theatre
•aser \
■U'l'.H vv,
1,1 lli  II, I',
S\\ \l\
A l insl l'nII-.-
Went Just Right
MOVIN'c;    1'lt'l IK'I-.S
I In- liest in Crnnbrook
al   tbe
Little   Picture    Parlor
that runs conlinuouslv
$5.00 CASH
mill  Km  l ,i,li
__, STRONt;
Mil, lllll
Wild Horse  Cn.uk
'I'll,'    II Ulili v
' l'l
'I'lllll, llll,
wuy,   ,
I'lirliilulr   i.l   '
lllllil,   Uml   il
A majority ,
ml  liunil,n  n,
I sun I,,
llll iliifiHtml ll,  Iiiiiiiiu-.  Hi
.ill I
Will  Ask For Charier
silent Qmas Umamm
A li
nusl sm
ALSO SECOND   IIASli maciiinuh
I'llll  MM.K   CHltAP ASII 'I'll
I.l    .!    I'llJIII
lllllil llll'
III,' l-'lllll
lllll    I I
Iii mllos.
I'lii.iiu 157,
LL, Agent
Oranbrook, 11. L'. TllK I'ROKl'KCTOR. CRANiiKilOK   It. C,  NOVEMBER 21, 1008
®hc |H* ooycctiu*,
j„ „   ■•8i.ti.ii.'« ouro win ni      WARDNEK NOTES
■lll'l' inv coughs  .nul ri.lds.
Mrs.   Julie*  lliii'iia "I  1'ninrcnu   la
■in.iiuL-  ji  i,u   weeks  unii  li.r I in
„-i. Mi   Cl, r ■
Mi     nul   Mrs    I.uml   I,-Iiiiii,il   h
Hi.   ,-jjj-i  mi l-'uil.iv   Insl
I'lurence  Mjiiii
Ims   T,-.„„ll,.   uml   I'ccll    I'i.Ij'.',,ii     '"'"•',",''"• i up irom Foi
ijiii,nn-.-     in tin- vicinity ill  Hock ""   luiBiiny.
  '''■  Uli" weok. Ill,,Iiiiiii   DolllllllO  loll   lol   .1   visil   I,
People  vou   may Know    nmn   m rruni k, s„i„i.,y. Nov	
I""li.   in Mi    1   Mrs   T   I'   Carter,      M,    .,,,,1   m,..   ii,,),.,,,   ,,,„,„,   ,-,;„,
 I,  ..ii  Till   -I n
\h    nml    Mi \    11    Un I  "i
ivere   11.mi! ll   - 1  il,,i - Hu
<■-    l'Jll.1    11    VI. II        In    I'i
I ll   nil   tt,iln,   .In
Mi .       I 'in.l    l<- 1     I.IMI'II.11 l'l.      Mil
I'lll'    'I"'    1I.I..11I111.IH     »H      ■   . I I.'.l    "III      Sllllllll)     uui    Will    Mil    . ,llll'l    p,'llll-  111
.,  ,,.   i.-,..,, ,    ,„„,   -,,,,,,1.,,   ""  Wcdnewln)   I-,,-,un.    I-- -1. 111. ni -I    \ ,,.,
II   :ji*   111   lln-  n-.li .: .1-   li.. I
11        \     \    I;, Un,      Mi      I'    Smnll
in i-oiiiimuj with Mi ■   1:   Km i'i I
tt   Ji :i 1 ji     1 1   Ui-1       J- in-        I.l -I
I 1       Ml Ki-, I,.1,-111.111   i.l   111.-   CI'l'M
i,iu,l   is |,iniin    111 tin- rile™ fm  ih,
llett    rullwin    l.ii.l-.-   Inn-   InoVOll       III
i.iinih  1,1   n.,1,iiii'i  iimii Kn,..    i.i 1
I'lnii .i.(v
I tlitorial   < iuihik'hI
I-:   I-:    1,ni,-   p   M, i-'.ui.iii.    .ii 1 1
\    i ij ..-1       Klutlii      -    [lent sol
1    '    '      " ' ""       , ■     1      1 1 ,
,11 ,.i .' ""' *•»«***>« '"■    '   «»y "iiowini!
 ini    imu uiiiiii uu. iiu'ii'i
ill;,, V'nIH'll -  llleil   lol   In   lol I Mil-   llllll  .luiin i-ir-l
II   11   Mur  i    ,   , ,        , ,       ,
\  v  i-oi     -i.i|i . 1..un- tlml lull     im     ill-   ivlletl  In-  nil.-  1 nl
111.     IIMII"     lllll'    .111.1    .,    Illllll'l    in    In-r
ll"il lusi »ei ,        ■"   ' '<''''I  *-'      Itnts '
-  ll mil  I'.'    .1-111" the reinov
1  .-l   lln-  llllllllls lu  11,.mini!,-:    Thoy
ii- 1 .ilni:    1I1,,111   [,Ulilll    llu-  Imli.in .
.-    II    H    "" l!"' I'"1"''  '""''
I' ihrlcklnr,   j,s„',1 ,1  ,„   II „
 1   Ml      in.,'"   I,.,   „ oil,"
III  jii ill   -I   ...imu  will now  howl II
hull'   li.iuli'i   Hum  ovoi    TIh-ii   si-li'i-.
Virlolin    Mi 11.Om. Imv,. tho t'tghl
i S "■'•' <<>     -'■'' I coinnmnwenltli
-       M I.l
i-i-        Mil     '
Kept.,1   ji       Sti     : e v, ill  .il    j
unl ,,,1,1-j "
\    tt     - ,:,-.', ;i,     !■    11    Mel -ui.H-li   ■',
,'     M, i'-il !.,,-ti       ul   S|imI-in-    we
1,, 1 i,,u-
\   " , 1.11111..11  .imli-,-   j,v" thul  un
1    "iu-    koos Uu,muli In-i   liu-i
pockets oceiisiounlly she 1I00
ul luu- him Lynch Inw Is 11 ili-|il,iiiiii- Institution Inn iiiiiirr sunn- ,-ir
uiisliiiiiv.-:  it   hiIkIiI   he justilii'il
il'ook Sllllllll
.  !ii,.| ul Mi   .unl   Mi-
ms I1.-.11 ill with iv
! The Lending Fruit Store
.Mii.ii.ii. 11   1.   1' 11 < 11 <' !■'.   MAI/IA TOKAY   A
THE C. P. R.
brought in ;i carload oi   Tin wan- and Granite-ware
last week ;nnl dinnpcd it in uur store like tliis:
Wr Imve  it now   ill checked ami put
■ in.iv mi shelves   looks better like this—
C •   in  -we  have what you want.
Don't overlook us tor Stove Boards.
Cranbrook, B.C. Hardware
il      Montreiil  .unl  II    I'lmp
,,'  Victoria,  wore cucsts .it   the
il   Tuesdnv
1'     .1.   nuckley ,11  tt'unkeshiN,  Wis,.
 ul   \    Miiiuil'. ',.1   llnyiuonil,   I.    T. j
  n,lcaK" •""' ,;   !'  '''','>''"  I'KltsiAX DATES A SMYRNA
■ ."ii    '.v..|i.  -in-i -  ui   ihe  1 run .,.  ,
A.   tt     M, '.-.•• - Friilus ' ILl"
I ■ 1 *   '     thc coast
J 'l'ii.'   Ui-.-   W.  'I    Tuylur hus  tender-
^      l.-v- ,•    •       Sh in-   rcsisuntion   nf   tin-    Hnptlsl
church    in lul.i-  place  December  mil
rill return     In
£(otl)cs of .(Duality.
f -
\   : V'. '
1     v -
i      R,
*        ' 'J
1 / 1 ■
\\ J I
h '     "
I'm uii.i '.'. uiiil- lui'.,- slnifli lliu
|..i|.iii..ii    liiiiey.      Thi'.v    enulile
.'lull    IIIIIII    In   .In   lull      ,1-11—   I..
lli    |."i"."lii.li.|i|..'Ui-uiu-.-.   S ■
, I's, I'llllill...,   jiiiiI   lll|ii-l-,   I,un-   JI
i-l,unii jiI I llu-lll 11 lii.li uppi'ltls
ii.  llu-    in.-    |ji-ii,li.,,i-  ih 1
i-.,.1,1 jsi-hi- m  1,,-jii-- ui.- ini
II. Iiiiiii I uui. iiiui k uiili llu- pi-ici'
ll.Uk.-l--,    lllll.   I'll.
.-II   Ji-  iiilJllilv  lu
Mil     lu
THE PRICES ARE  $15, $18,
$20, $25 ANO  $28 A SUIT,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «♦♦«♦«««♦««««♦♦♦««♦«♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
X Heating' Engineers
a a********************  »***a*****a,a,ftftftftftft*
Ropniriiiig    uu
ii.-.ii.    iin.l   Cl,
S RSI  .    tO   I.     Cul.i.
CranbrooK s
to-date Tai
11 0,
Mr   .mil  Mrs. Tu
Barrister '- rcn        ,, ,.tiall,j
less Thc   window      ilis|iluy   nl   llu-   Fill'.'
Mercantile Cm., is n picture, unil well
!   ■'- ""•■■'■   '■'■      '■'■"'  worth stopiilne for u icw minutes t..
'row's    n.'-t    :..= '•    i'm. mi  ttuul    M.,.   ,.s,„.,ij,nv ,!,,,( ,,( the grocery dr
).-:   was ui toy,:: Thin -■:n)
Hugh Stewart
l'lli INK    7
PHONE   7:
M;    11    I'atmore   n-lio  has  heen  on      ,,.,,.„  ,-lWnh,   K|„c ,,f wild    Orook
•'" "Mm I visit to Ontario re    ,.,,„„.    „ns   ,„,,,,   .,     minofs llconnc '
since 180-1, uml in ull probability the
niily iniiier iu llritish t'uliiniliiii hav
iiil' siu-li u coatinuoiis record.
i 'I'liinii i.i I...iiiinn. .1. M, -Mr
i'ii'.vuii ni Toronto, A. l'l. Sundon of
'l'..i,-.!,,. n Hlckoy uf St. Louis, uiul
F Ford nl ll.-uiiilliin. were micsts ut
Hu- I'rjiiil.riii.li Tuesdny.
i.'(i Tu THE
East Kootenay
Dye House
Senator   Kiiiu   i- a  jjiu--l      jii      Uu
csidonce ni   Ur    .1    II.    Kins     this
li .1 Kliu-r win, lu,.-- heen visit iiu
tin- lur eust lur iln- past month re
turned in Cranlirook Thursday.
Kur Sale A medium slued parlor,
nearly now, upply to -I. II II. Head
crs.iii. lime VIZ, Cranbrook, li   C
.1.  K. Clark  i.l Vancouvor,  -l.   ll.
Wilson     nl       S|iiifcilll!\     W.   llrWi.lf   uf
Bonner's Ferry, I'. Hnrdy ol Montreal
lames   Finluy   nf   Mnrysville,   uu. "1 O-  A-  Benson ol Atwntcr, Wis..
i-i  ,,i    ih,. Siillivnn smelter     sponl   were roistered ut the Crnnbrook mi
Km' nil  kinds ol'
Nothing lim.   or   courso,   lurge
nr snnili tlml wi. cannol liiimili'.
Wo ulsu (In
djiys in Crnnbrook this week.
Uch   Leitch   president ..1 tin- Ensl      Van Wormer, the rustline pr 'letor
Kootenuy 1 umber l'n wns it .I-u' "' ""' nublier tlollnr stnre will re
rrny Mimiliiy'on liuslncm    '     ' move his Inritc stock of socond hnml
i-, ,i nljs frum his present qunrters     to
tt'iu t-lurrlson, win, Im- been in Al llu- lariter mnl spacious store mi
lu-iiii inr tin- pnst two weeks, return-   Armstrong avenue, this week.
nl in Criinhrook Saturdiiy Inst.
At Crnnbrook, mi Mondny, Nuvetu-
Uopcat  ic   "Shiloh's Cure will ul    her  loth, llm lafnnt smi of Mr.  nml
ways nin- inv iiiimlis mul colds."       .Mrs, Harry Pettet.   The liinernl took
plnei   Tuesday,  the  Hcv.  Flc'vcll-
Mi. juni Mrs. il. 0. Oliver ut Nel ing ulllclatlni;. the nympnthy uf the
sun were Cranbrook visitors Sundny entire community is cxtondod in the
lusi horenved parents.
A. Snnili     ul Vuacoiiver nml H. I'I. Rov.    IV.   I.. Hull. II.A., of Fernie,
i'miijiIi nl  Lethbridge wore in the city wus   In   town this week,   lie reports
Monday. Iiuihliim opcrntlons in full swine.   It
is the intention uf the Methodists   to
A. li   Fenwick of Furl Steele drove |m,   „,, .,„ |nstitutlonnl church   wit It
in n bund ..( v, buck cuttle „n -lues uU  tlll,  m.„.|,im.|.v necessary  to moot
day, which In- -nld to I'. Burns A I o.   Um ,| ,lll(ls ll( tlll, ,„.lliy m, „ hl ,|„,
,    ,     ,,   ,       ,   .,     ,,.  ,   ,, ,,    null   town.    A   mind   evinnnsilini    nnd
.1   1'   F„k   of tbe Fink Mercantile •
,,,. wus in Kin.'.-L'jii,. Wedncsdnj  nt|]m,   |i,,[|m.re   n( t|u. Bnclnj sM(, ;,
componj  husiness n]i, c |lu,(-n    Rjt.ro   (-round Ims   I n
!',   .1   Shorl ..I Viincouver, who hns purclmsod nml   stono foundations nre
been  vi-itui"   In-  son   It    K    Short    re     "OW   heilll;   pill   In,     Il   will   he  une   nl
turned h tine Wodnesdnv '''•'   '"'■s'   church     liuililincs hetwecn
I'nlu'jiry jiml  llm const,
Barrister  Harry  Hcrchmer i.i   Fer
nn-   wns iii I'.uii ffodncsilny mi IcriiI Islillltl    lilOClillllS.
Charlottotown,    I'l'll..    Nov     III
Final   returns   bIiow sixteen libornls
III.,vim-   [in lil
ih,. I*db
theatre won   bettor limn   ever     ilii
jiml iniiiici'ii conservatives olocted,
II   lllnji.rily  ui inu-  lul   the  i-uVeinn I
exclusive ul Um sponkor.
H   ll   M    SlcitJoll i.i Wnl  mi. Sn.-I. ,
..ml T   '    ,;,,,.,  ,,i  Vlclorln  wero ro       | u   Prcwilll    DlSOI'llCI'.
111  'I'U'-'l.iV I Ij,rl,in,     Mninhiirin,     Nov,   l'l    l'l\
I rniiilllml y   luiusllrei;   llnVO   heen   llllll'll
in pieseiu- order in i-.ise uf nny mn
lui-nk us it result uf lhe dentil In I'e
Iun nt iln- oniperor mul dow
We solicit your custom
our '.; la tire ol llu- m-\w.ii tind hest flpuljfim uml mil'
prii't's iii't- :i- Inw Hint Ihr host qnrtlll.v will ndinlt. *•'•■ have
a -nitiiliif presenl foi' everyemu. Kindly uall, we ure always
|iti!Uitc<l in ---.' \ UltiH's ami lu tiUow uui' stock,
REPAIRS Strictly moderate consistant with ^oud
Of the Toronto Opthal-
inatic College.
C.P.R. Inspectors. Cranbrook, B.C.
J. Leask, Tailor |i
Tin Uruthci lu.oil ol Uiillwny trnln
',..,: Him' itnniiiil hull in thu
m un Sow   Venr'H <-\'r
ItMienl    i     "Shilnh'H  Cure  will ol    piw« of C'hlnn.  Immedlntoly nfter Un-
  .I.....I, ..i ,i „..,.  i,.. ..... i	
'..:;    i.i'-  ii, j   ci ii,i'ii    und cuIiIh
Tinners.  Plumbers
Sir,un.   I lui   W'.iii i   .mil   I Inl   Ail   Sv sii in .
Si ii-nl iln iillv    |i|i.|iiii ijiini'd    .mil   i nl in I
nih nl iln- emperor wus known her
Mie In-st ciiini'se troopfl in Mnliehurin
* \   K   ,v  ,\   .\1    ivi-re ordered into Poliln.
T    '■    '    .1      : ij-llul     Ill Illy   riiliilllllllli-Ji - -
♦ -   " Mnwnic Te Tin,,.-    Wright Has Narrow Escape.
j l.eniniis, Nov. I'.i   Wilbur Wright tlio
:i„,  in,,,, nnd N H  rlHiin »l iWolilimlHt, lmil u narrow osenpe yen
the ''i-iijuiM.iii Telephiini' Cotniinny torduy fiiun Kcrioim injury iu nn nccl
ien   it l-'.-imi- tin. w.-.-i. mi comnnnv  ll''1"  sil1"1"'   to tlml   which hnpiiened
I.,  hii, lir.illiii   llrvilli-'s ncriililnne   ul
l''..n     jMcyei   Homo wcokH m:,,.     The
Ml     I-:    II     M. I'lu-.       ,,:   1',-inl ,-.   iliniii   uttuclied   t I   llie   |irii|iel
'nil        Im      necepted    u     piiHitiilll   nn   lei'H   hnil-i-   ivlten   lie   win-   Inulllni;    llis
...   ,.,,.i   -uii  iin- i'lnii I   I'lm   ii'.' I  iimiii  yesl ei-ilny ultom i nnd
-..   |,    i,i   Cn Hu- liiui-lliln- Ihikiiii  in nun ovor.  With
liiiirvelli.uj:    iirr-em-e   of   luitlil   Wrielit
The     'i.innI i-.ii     l.iilMiy     r.   re i-iilnlili:;li.-.l   llm   Iinlnni-e  ..I   lhe  Uln
i....     uni'iil    Uu-    |ii-mii. uii-iil-iii Uln    iiiiii.   hy Ii-j ml ie side nml, nil
' I   Mm nil      .Mi     II    Mi.Ulilll    i.   Imu  nil  I lie iniiliil', descended   ill sule
Ladies and Men's Furnishers
Great   Reduction   in   Prices.
We   havo   Reduced   the   Prices   on  almost   all  our  Stock.
Here   are   a   few   examples:
Ladies' Silk Hose, reg. $1.75 & $1.90 for $1.00
White Scrim
75c & 90c
$1.25 yd.
90c   „
6 c.
60c   „
65c   „
35c   „
Also   sevc
Ladies'   Suits   for   $5.00
was   .f! 15.00  and


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