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The Prospector Oct 5, 1907

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Array l."jr iry xt' L.'/
OCT 9.1907
VOV.     IS.
No. 40.
Most Successful Meeing Ever
Held h\ Uranbrook Conservative i-'olicy Expounded by
Dominion Leader.
Larue ,i:iii ittost ftwniitive ftmllRiicc
R   li    Ho
don,   lu.ul
'1'     III
ClIllsl'I'VIIII ■'
■ imiiy, -
Inri" IIII.I    ,'l
iiii    hies Im
ei ''Iiiiii:.
Borden us v,
•II ;t- llu-
e   <
Criinbniiiii n
n-l  In- |'i,
II 1.
Hnl leu u il li
llis      |,',','|
the'-ili.-.e'i   .
Hii-  Ull V
uiasleil,' a I Ire—"- "I   Mr    Hoi
don and Mr, Horgornn,
The i listi ng ui sli oil pur ly arrived
ul llie sllll lull at 'I Hll, uml weie
inei by ii reception committee
consisting of Messrs,!. A Ehirvoy
V. Rollins. S. .1. Mighton, ti,. T.
Rogers. A. I.eil.-h. .1. I'. Pink,
J. 1). McBride, T. Cavin, Wm.
Small, .1. Ryan, IV. Rollins und
G. P. Tlsdale; und W. R. Ross.
M.P.P'n'ndS. Bunnell. Mayor of
Kernie. The visitors were taken
lo carriages, whicli were in wail
ing, and were given a short
drive around town, then to thu
Royal huiel, whoro ii reception
was lield, ami the people of Cranbrook hud assembled to extend
a heart-foil wok- i to Mr. Borden and bis parly.
After the reception,Mr. Borden
und his colleagues visited the
Public School, und Mr, Borden
delivered u short address to the
assembled children,
At 7 110. tables were sel in tho
Royal li eel parlor, and an ule
gunl luncheon sorvod to lho
visitors, and tho following gentlemen:- R. 0. Borden, J. ti. II.
Bergeron, J. I). Reid. A.C.Blonnt
J. A. Harvey, lJ. Lund. T. Cavin
Win. Small, V*. .1. Smith, N McLeod Curran, I! K. Sandwell
F. Hamilton, J. Herron, M. I>..
V. Rollins und A. E, Watt.
The meeting was tin; bosl ever
held in Southeast Kootenay, and
proportion of ladies in the
audience was astricking feature
The opera house was handsomely
decorated, llu- stage being u per
feet bower of flowers, which were
kindly furnished by the Indies of
It wus just 8-15 when the party
took Iheir scuts on llie platform,
Mr. Arch Leitch was chairman,
and Mr. Borden, Mr. Bergeron
and Dr, Reed taking souls to the
right and left of the chairman.
On the platform were sealed, in
addition, Ihe leading Conservatives from every outside town
in Southeast Kootonuy. Among
these were noted. W. R. Ross, M.
P. P. uf Kernie. Mr. Herron,
M. P. of Pincher Creek, J. A.
Harvey, A. W. Walts uf Wattsburg. Ex Mayor Bunnell uf
Kernie. Ex Mayor G. T. Rogors.
S. Mighton, P. Lund nf Wurilner.
0. Staples uf WychlTo, and many
other gentlemen prominent in
political affairs. Al lho piess
tables wore representatives uf
the Montreal Herald. Toronto
News. Spokesman Review uf
Spokane, Nelsou Canadian,
Kernie Kroe Cross und The Prospector.
In opening Mr. Lollch thanked
those present, und ibe Indies for
attending, und announced the
order of tlm speaking.
.1. A Harvoy wns the Hrsl
speaker. Be welcomed lho vlsl
tors to Cranbrook' saying iimi ii
was an honor in have such mon,
lenders uf llio graud old CoilSOl'
valive piil'ly, lu uur oily, Thai
tllOSO   were   Hit-   inon    wbu luul
broughl Canada in u statu of
prosperity, nnd wore here lo
explain Hi,- policy uf the party.
W. R. Boss, M P.P. Ibunked
the Congorvativos uf Cranbronli
for lho opportunity nf nildressliig
the meeting, uud ihal be was
here In hour our louder, he
would give wuy tu tin- visiiors
Mr. Chairman, Ladies and
This is thu lust mealing nf the
present lour in your fair Province, and I can only say that at
none of ihem whicli hnve preceded it has lb" reception lu myself
und inv colleagues boon wanner
or more cordial l ban yuu have
extended in tonight.
I rogrul very much Hn- absence of Mr. McBrldo. lie lefl
Vancouver with ns Inst weok
wilh Hie liill Intention of speaking al nil llm meetings we should
hold in this province, bul was
unexpectedly called buck lo Van
couver, ami was obliged in leave
Nolson fur tlml purpose on Saturday niglii after the meetiug iu
that cily.    I know Ihul this wus
us groin a disappointment tu him
us il is lu yourselves, because he
looked forward to addressing the
mcelingsiit Cranbrook an I Graud
Korlts with a grunt dual ul
I regret very much ihul the
shorl linn- ni uur disposal hus
prevunled us from visiting more
nl  Ibe  illipill'tUUl    pIllCOS   ill   lllis
provlucu.   I wimt in allude inr
just   u   iii ill   lu   two nr three
mailers ul unite ur loss personal
iiiii-rosi   in   iln-   Conservative
l Ippositlllll  111 Ibe HollSU ul I'ulii
 :i- ill llie pi'UxCIII lillie
Villi, ill Hie I'lul litre uf llriiisli I'uliiuiblu, ni ibe lusi general
i-ii'i'iiiiii did imi dn us tbo honor
in give us n single Conservative
miinihei' from this Inir province.
A iiiiii- later mi 1 wish lo allude
in Hu- reasons; bul I am bound
m say lluit, from the meetings
whieh we have held, Gut li at the
coast uud in llu.- interior, until
we reached this Inir city, there
is every possible ground fnr the
belief and expectation thai at lho
next general elections the province nf British Columbia, will
absolutely reverse that verdict,
nnd I think under the circumstances, and having regard to the
service which has been given
you by the seven gentlemen whom
you elected, and by the esteem
which they nre apparently held
liy Iheir lender, 1 think it would
lie only just thnt you should dn
us the service nf sending u solid
Conservative delegation of seven
members to support us in Ihe
next parliamentary elections.
.You would be only treating us
fairly in this regard, and under
those coudilinus. I should be disposed tu let by-goues be by-gones
and eall quits with this fair province, A word or two concerning
lho stories that are circulated
more or less in the Liberal newspapers throughout the land, relative to the standing capacity of
the two parties in the house of
commons today. The comment
is freely made in certain Liberal
journals. 1 am alluding more particularly to those whieh depend
upun the patronage '.hey expect
from the government at Ottawa,
that thu government opposition
iu Ottawa today does not alford
iho material out of which a government could he constructed.
I am not very much disturbed
about the comments of journals
of that kind, who dare not, for
their very existence, say one
word in just criticism of the men
wim are maintaining Ihem by
government patronage, but let
me suy, so far as that is concerned, in the first place that after
the next general elections we
shall have not the seventy or
seventy-five men who now sit as
my colleagues on the left of the
speaker, but we shull have fifty
at least additional men from all
parts of Canada, from the province of llriiisli Columbia nud from
other provinces in Cunadu, from
Ihe Atlantic to the Pacific, and
with these men there will certainly be no possible difficulty in
funning an administration which
will in every wuy command the
confidence nf the people of Canada, and whicli will be worthy of
the grout country whicli it is to
servo. These journals remind
me nf a story which was told me
hy a friend nf mine. He told me
Hint in all his public experience
as a speaker, be was only taken
back un one occasion and thai
wns nn :iu occasion when lie was
nut speaking un ll political subject, lie said, on one occasion
wheu addressing uu educational
gitihoring In the United States,
mi tin- subject nf corporal punishment iu schools, bo remarked
thai mi only nne occasion wus lie
ever punished ill school, and that
In- wus thou punished fur telling
iho truth.   A liitle Highlander
ill lhe rottl'of Ihu bull culled nut
"And il cured yuu, my boy,
iinin'i it." [ do not know whether
anything will cure those Liberal
journals from lolling some of the
stories they are now telling, but
I think thut is the best answer
tn thu comparisons they sometimes make between the Conservative members und the Liberal members who sit in parliament today.
I wus not particularly delighted with the selection yuu uiiiile
nf seven meu lu represent this
province in Hie parliament of
Canada, uiul I uu: bound In suy
Hint Sir Wilfrid Laurier sueiiicd
us linio pleusod wilb lIii-iii us I
did.        Wben    be     selected     a
Cabinet Minister in reprosenl
your province in the councils of
the mil inn, lie looked ul every
one nf those seven, und passed
by, nud imili another man, -who
luul im senl iu parliament.   It
was   inure   pleasing In Sir   Wil
I'rid Iban lu myself
You     know    these     Liberal
Journals nre in.-lined tu suy thu
we wbu sii tn thu left of tin
Speaker are pigmies in com par
isuii wiih Hn.. men who sit uu llu
right,—who are giants iu intellect, und ill all tbal gnus tu
make up ibe public standard,bul
wlien Laurier wanted aMiuistei
nf I'liblie Works, uud u Minister
uf Railways in replace Mr.
Kiiiei-Miu, what did be do? He
look his lantern nud looked Into
Hu- luces of evory one uf lliii liifi
inon wim sit behind him and bis
uolluaguus un Hu- treasury
bunches, lh- recalled every
nne. who bud boon instunl iu
season nud mil nf season In tin
everything he directs whenever
he lifts his linger ur pulls Ihu!
siring, wilh lliu exeuptlon m
Uvouio.lt, llnurussiinnil Lovci'glie
who have shown their independence. What was he looking fur?
I presume fur men uf honesty
and capacity lo lill each one ut
ihose Cabinet positions. Ilo
looked nt these men, and after
looking at them ho passed by,
mid selected Mr. Pugsley the
Conservative Candidate fur St.
John in lSilll. He selected Mr.
Graham, who has never hold a
seat in the Parliament of Canada.
1 venture to say that tho course
taken by the Prime Minister of
Canada iu selecting men to till
his Cabinet will not lay very
well in the mouths of these
gentlemen, to say for the future
that thu men behind Laurier are
su worthy of all commendation
und thut the men who sit to the
left of the Speaker ure not to be
regarded in tho same light.
His attitude in this regard reminds me of the story of the
prisoner who had uo council to
appear fnr him. In must courts
the practice is in a case of this
kind to appoint a lawyer, or two,
—junior members of the Bar,—
inexperienced men. On this
occasion two of these men were
appointed to defend the prisoner
and when the prisoner was
brought before the Judge, he
looked at the two counsels
and said, "are these men to
defend me?" "Yes" said the
Judge. "Both of Hoem?" "Yes"
the Judge answered. "Then,"
said the Prisiouer, "I will plead
guilty at once."
There are some questions of
special interest to the people of
this Province, upon which 1 have
said a few words at the other
meetings lield at other points in
the Province. Tlie lirst is the
question of "better terms" for
this Province of British Columbia.
The questions uf financial
relations between British Columbia and the Dominion of Canada
were brought to my attention on
many occasions before tlie
general election of 1904. They
were brought to my utteution by
Mr. McBride and his colleagues.
and by other parties who took an
interest hi this question, and
when the general elections of
1004 came on, in response to a
question addressed to me from
I think, Sir. Charles Hibbert
Tupper,—J sent a telegram to
the people uf this Province in
which I declared Hint if the Conservative party were returned
to power in the general elect inns
then ensuing, il would he pre
pared tn grain lu the people uf
this province a fair inquiry as tu
whether ur nm. having regard tu
the clrcumstauces, the financial
relation between British Columbia uml the dominion, should nut
ho allured, iu fuvnr nf Iho Province. I uiiiile Hint promise tu
thu people uf llriiisli ColUlllbill
because I thought a fair case
fur inquiry luul been made mil.
and fur the further reason Hint
1 thought iu u matter uf this
kind thu Dominion uf   Canada
ought US U whole iilli'I'll tn be
even mure Hum just lu the Province of llriiisli Columbia, ll
might afford In bo generous tu
Ihis Province, becuiisc we cannot close niireyes lu the fuel Hint
although Canada is u Nation,
there aro great questions dividing the ensl and west. There is
Ihu danger uf some supposed
divergence of interest und some
actual divergence uf sentiment.
Senator Tuiuploinnii bus ili-rluivil
Unit lln- question of bolter lorina Ih
ili-uil.    I say il Ib mil iloiul, because I bul
pledge I  IIIUllO to till- |ll-ll|lli- of   llritish
Columblu in luul ia binding; upon my-
-mil nml my party Loilay, to the sumo ux-
fllllt  il   WHS Wlll'll llllllll'.     'I'll*'    qllOStllltl
of heller terms ia not, llllll  will   iiiii    lie
iloiul whili- Mi-. Mullrlilii Is nl Hn* hoiul
of  iitlnh-s  in  iliis province,   uml   it
wouldn't I Igllt  for   nn'   lo leave
lllis   question   will t   |iii.vinir    Jiml
tribute, n wull-uicrituil Iriliiile. lo
Ibe COUt'ilgO llllll   BtUtOSlllllllslll|l   which
Mr. MuHi'ldi! iixlilblUiil on y - buludf
in Ottawa, uml iifierwiirils In  London.
'I'll,- course lie took   wus   ll    I'lie.,.'«uls
one,   a    straightforward    one.        .\
weaker inun would not have been willing or able to take It, Mr. MoBrlde
was fuee to face Willi ibis situation.
ii wn- proposed to placo upon the Pro-
vine? as u matter of consent an agree-
nieiii of which Mr. McBride did noi
approve, nnil of wllll.-ll Hie people of
thia provhii'i- iliil not approve,   Rather
limn io have tlml  Impnseil  il|  tills
prnvtnee si- a mullet of eousenl, lie lefl
llle eonfereliee.     Lei Die say llllll il is a
matter ot oucoiirngenionl to tin- Conservatives throughout I'miiiilti tlmt tills
great province gave unit vertltol upon
ihul quest hm unil placed at tlie lu-ail of
Mint- I'l'oviuei- with a majority whieh
renders sue ue ami progressive for many
veai-s to eoiiie, tt limn us worthy as Mr.
Mi-lii'iile. ii is ii inniii-i- of Inspiration
to tho Conservatives ull through I'uu-
julll Hull your   province   rellllel-etl   Ullll
verdict.   I congratulate your Provinue
ii pun Inning Ibis I 'ollscrvalivouilllliliis-
ii-atlou at your lieiul, I repeat tin-
words nf Mr. Mellrlile himself, wliolias
-uiil upon public platforms in my hear-
iug. Unit su long; ua he Is in. public life
ill Ibe Province uf lll-ltlstl Columbia,
uml so long as be eoiliuiantls Un- eonll-
ilelice of the Conserve lives Ul is,| nesl ion
of "better terms' for your Pi-ovinoe
will he llis life work, us it isloday. or iill was in 11104.
One more subject which is of special
Interest to uie, and I think of great interest in the representatives of the
Liberal party in lout: with respect to
buildingu transcontinental railway. A
contract wus mado by the Government
of Camilla with the Grand Trunk I tail-
way Cumpaiiy whicli bus been ratified
by the people of Canada anil must, he
carried out by any Government in this
Country. It must he curried oul fairly
and loyally because the public only
demand ibis should hi- so.- but it is not
amiss to suy that you were deceived as
to the issue in HUM. What was lhe
assurance you received by the gentlemen who were elected lo power ill 11*04';'
Vou were assured Uuu the transcontinental railway would be commenced in
this province ut the same time it was
commenced ill the Mast. Contracts
have been let between I'ldmonton t nil
Winnipeg, und between Winnipeg and
eastern points, but no conli-acts have
been lei wesl of I'dilionton.
What is a railway? It is a great
modern highway of the world. More
than tliree-lifth of the railways of the
world ure now operated by the Stale,
und not ii private enterprise, In lhe
United Stutes und Great liritaiii the
the exercise of this National function
bus been committed lo private corporations. The State in I 'imadu owns
about 1700 miles of railway. We took
the ground in 11104 that this railway
should he built as agreul national highway, that the. Government of Canada
would proceed to build this railway
using the money of the people of Canada
and providing nine-tenth of the cash
anil credit necessary for the building of
this great national highway. You are
gelling no more control over the road
than you have over any other roud in
this country under the general law of
the laud. Tbe time has come when,
under such conditions as these, it would
be better for the people of Canada to
supply not only nine-tenth but the other
oiu'-lenlh of lhe cash and credit
necessary to build this railway, and to
build it us an undertaking of tho people
and keep it. for all time to come, as a
great national highway under the control of lhe people of Canada. Wasthat
uot a reasonable proposition? Would
not any one of you. in dealing witl) your
private affairs, deal wiih them according to the business principles involved? The people of Canada in
owning Uuu road would havo complete
control over il. even if they should
lease it to one of these great corporations.
What is ii Uuu makes n millionaire
oul or lhe inun who Invests his money
in a railway enterpri-c? It is the in-
llux of sottiers for the development of
country, Ihul Hils railway been built
as u iiatlona) highway, ihen the people
of Canada would have had control over
the rules und uiuiiiigeiuent of Hie railway, and it would thus become u
national asset, and the growth ol the
country would thon accrue to Hie hem-
III id Hu untry uml not to Hu- bone-
Ill or Hie Grand Trunk Paelllc, Tho
people holding slock would then roup
the future prolii coming onl of tbo
development of this country Instoud of
tt being handed over tu u corporation
when the country has provided by Ils
guaranty of rush nino-tonth of the cash
ami credit to llllllll this roud,
Ani,lher mutter of speeiui iiioiiicnt to
Hiei pie ol Uii- provh : the groat
ijuoi-1 bin ol liiimlgrallon, Laurier in
11)0:1 sunt a telugrain to if friend of his
iu Uu- west Lo lliu oll'ccl Uml in I ho question of Chinese liuuilgrutioii lie would
be gullied h.v Un- Liberals in thu West,
us il Wlls mil il , | u,'j-t Mill ill llieeilhl.     He
iliil nm propose i" In-   guided   h.v   ihe
view-   ill   lln-   majority   ol   llie people,
Iiiii hy Un- views of the party,
lu lllll'! when I caiiiii through Hie province on ii pnlllicul loin' the l|lll'Stil)ll
was still uuu id considerable iuteresl.
lu IHOH, when ibis same ijueslloti of
Ihe transeotiii ncnl u I contract was undor
consideration, W. II. Bennett ol easi
riding of Sbiicoe, proposed toadd to the
contract u cluuae forbidding tin- em
ployment of Asiatic people tn ilo- con-
itruotlon of ihe railway. 'I'lu- Government voted ii down. In HUM Mr.
Fisher wont to 'Japan, and -_ruve ua u
reiioi-i on ibe subject of Immigration,
lb- suid the Japanese were a home
loving people, und thut he luul a
written agreement to Hie clfoel tlml
only a few Japanese would be allowed
io linmigrnle ouch year. When the
treaty ol llliiii came up. Laurier gave
every iissuralicu tbat lhi- agreement
wu.- -Hll in lore,-, aud Pnrllaincnl
ruiilieil ihal ll-eaty, when ibi- treaty
was brought up. ami Laurier usked for
Uu- ratification of It,' Parllamotil  had
the iiasiiruin i Mr.   Plain r nud the
further assurance of Laurtei  thut, in
ticcordunce wilh llie uriuiig ut Willi
Japan, Un- Immigration from Japan in
Canada wu- i-eslrinled to u iiiu-mal
number, four or live eueli year from
t-ueh province iii .lupmi: uud upon lliese
promises and ropreseutuLloils lhe treaty
wa- rutilled,
There Is one mutter whieh inusl be
kepi before Uu- people of Hi is province,
Hull Ibis province, of which yon are so
proud, must Im Inhabited uud dominated
by tlie people of tlio same great races
us those which have colonised mil only
the wesl, hut the eusl of I'ululilu,    Tbe
question of tlio tnllux of Asiatic immigration is better understood by lhe
people ol llritish l 'oluiubin. than by the
people in the easl. and Ihepeoploofthe
easl should be willing to abide by Hie
solution offered by the i pie of tlm
I will noi take up much time tonight
in discussing with you the record of our
opponents, but will leave that lo Mr.
tlergeroii, who will deal with it ably. I
am glad lo have him ou the plat,
form with me tonight in order thut he
may Illustrate to you this mutter.
Let me say in the first place, I do not
think in tbe history of any country
which has representative Institutions an
many scandals have occurred, connected
with the administration of public affairs
us have occurred in respect of the government al Ottawa in the past four I
years. It would be Idle to attempt te
give these In detail. We have to divide
them up from meeiing to meeting in
order to impress the uiaguit mie of t hese
scandals on the people.
Let us look up for a moment at the
three essentials whicli must be observed in making up a democratic government. There must be honest appropriations und expenditure of public money -
decent selection of men for public ollice
und purity In elections. Has the Lib.
erul party since thoy euine Into power
in 1NIIII lived up to any one of these
standards? When the Conservatives
were ill power the revenue was Uli to .'IS
million dollars. What bus been the
revenue for the pnst four or live years?
OS und even so millions of dollars, What
lid tin; Conservatives do with revenues
one-half us great? They built theCana-
iliuii I'ucille Hallway, developed cunuls
erected public buildings, mul mude extensive appropriations to ligbl bouse
service. Look und see whal the present administution have been doing with
tlie present revenues. They have un-
ileriaken Hu- construction nl a railway
from Winnipeg to Monuton - hut it is
not yet paid for. The public debt is
eight million dollars greater today
than when Ihey took the reins. They
devote lurge sums ol money to works
which are of no public interest, sometimes to secure the election of u particular candidate, or uiil some party friend
lo dispose of his timber limits, They
have built wharves where there Is no
water, Instead of making purchases
direct, ihey purchuse through another
purty paying enormous commissions.
Take the ease of tho .North Atlantic
Trading Company. The money of the
people of Cunadu wetit out to tho extent of 4*160,1*00. To whom did it go?
Is there ii Liberal here who can answer
that ijuestlou? Tho   inlormuiion   was
refused 10 your I'epl'e-i'lltu! ives.    They
told us iii parliament tliey had mado ii
contract. Wc asked theiti to bring the
conirui't down: Ihey refused. Wo
forced them lo bring ii down, uml for
very sliauie s sake thei brought il
down, with the names torn oil. We
forced thorn to bring down u correct
copy. Wc ihen discovered Unit this
compuny luul boon urgaulnud on the
Tth of Juno lu ono year, whereas the
comraet   had  been  made on lho I-l nt
lh inber   lhe   previous year.   This
contract, purporting lobe Bigned by
president and directors of Hi Is company
wa- mado six mouths prior to the date
tbe company was actually Incorporated,
What Is the meaning ot that? What
other evidence is there of the Intention
loeovoriljisolnelliiiig? We insisted Uiul
the nu ims of the men interested in this
company bo hiouglil over from Great
llrlluln. Who were they? Three solicitors, clerks iii llu-east end of Loudon.
uml Iwo "hoiul  bell-boys"  istlliited
tin- North Atlantic Trading Company.
' Vliul  wns il upltal slock? 11, llllll ll
coiiiraci with this country lo the extent
of 4100,000, tl uphill -lock  was luss
ilian Wu. The North Atlantic Trading Coinpuny  wu- ii  mere  tool of lhe
people who i Ived this money. I'pou
Uie question being asked us to who
were the parties really Interested in
this venture, Laurier refused thai in.
foruiulion to Hie ruprcsetitiitlves of lhe
I I'le of Cuiiiulu.
Then, in   Hie   mul tec   ol   Hu-    Wes
Hun 1 lous,  whoro ballots won
stolen, Laurier promised Investigation.
Wlien Hn- matter was brought i" his
attention lu- -aid there was nothing
more worthy of Investigation by pai-lta-
A     wnnl     ii in Llnli     Willi    the
elections in London, ilnlai-lo, in IH05.
In Un- i'ily ul I.iiiiilini lliere an- 111
polling stations, There nee- '.'lli
liullot- deposited, 105 for Grey, Conser-
'tttlve, mul 114 lor Hytnillt, Liberal.
if the lit ballomduiHislled, In:' vote-
I'ere bought ami paid fur. hy a system
arranged beforehand'   The deputy re-
I'lllUg nlil.'el- VVOS pill In ore -iiie.   Ullil
Liberal mnchluc put in hi- pluee.
Mo   was   t'liiil.   wu-    pul   into  un ell-
'upe nn.l il,.|'i,-ii,"l wllli He- nlllcei
I'm-en.di inie.   A system wa. arranged
which be ni.nl.I know hue elicll mull
voted,   When Ihe poll un,..- ,1, uud
liell   be    llllll   liaillll 'I ill Hie pupl'I'S,  lie
went luln iiii- udjolnlng room uml  puhl
inei- iii eueli i.l Ihose 101!  n  Hie  '111
which  Hiei   wei milled,     I  mn
wrung: I think llioru wore two men ,i-
lo    ul     lie    WUS    doubtful,    llllil    In
llvlilud  their share bolwoon liluwtill
iml Iii- assistant u- n commission,
Laurier.   uislcad   of   punishing    the
iffotidoni, condoned their offm -, uml
ihey were allowed in go unpunished,
I have spoken to yon of Hie railway
us a greal modern highway. I took the
ground in Halifax thai He- railway
should be conducted hy un [ndepon-
ih-tii commission: whicli commission
should lie extended unit divided in two:
one mi executive nml one u tribunal, in
whose hands the control of the enterprise should be.   Tbo story i- told of u
llllppul'of I iiiii tier over I he Intel Ion iill
Hallway who shipped   ti   cut-loud   of
lumber TO mile-.    In  tb ut-se   of
transit ii   bird  had   built   Iter  nest:
hutched her young and the young birds
'0 almost   ready    to   liy   when   Hie
lumber reached ils destbullion.
A system should be orguitlseil  which
would   slifegnuril   111-'   | pie    III     tills
country; the employees of the railway
uud the travelling public.
Another matter of which I wish to
speak i.-1 lie organisation or a national
'.vsteiu of telegraph und telephone service. We in Caiiadaowti 7.null mile-of
such a system In parts of the country
where a private enterprise would not
receive adequate returns. Why should
Hie people of Canada not advance money for such a system where ii would
make good returns? The post olllee
vice has become a govurnmonl monopoly. What is the object of the post
(Mice? To communicate Intelligence to
person- at a distance. I- not the object
oc Hie telegraph system the sumo? The
telephone, too, is for lhe same pitt-poso,
by u more expeditious ami convenient
method. Cunudu should cstublisli a
iiiitionul system of lolegriiph nml telephone.
Hue more subject I must spent-Inyou
about. Hie civil service reform. This
mutter does not receive much attention
In lhe western country, whoro every
nne is so busy, us il does ill llle en-t,
Men must apply  the sumo methods on
hieh their liusine— Es run. lo the public service of Uieir country. Greal
Hr[taln llfty years ago adopted u system
by which public appointments Lo civil
iTviee were made by  un  independent
iiminission.    1'iirlyisiii   in   rcs| I   lo
public appointments i- iiltogcthor
a thing ol the past,   More than a half
'iitury ago this system was adopted by
the mother country, and 1 -ay wo
should follow Great Britain in thai re-
iiird. and place our public service on
lhe same busi-. The Great Britain
Member of Parliament bus uo mure in
ilo with Uu- itppoiniiiiciii to civil service thiln any man ill Cunuda. In this
■oiiiilry appointments nre noi made
from any consideration of Illness.
Tin- liberal- have abused their power
n this regard. There should honeivll
-en iee reform In Canada, and wo should
adopt He- system followed hy   Greal
llritiiin for iiiore thuii  bulf i iitury.
Volt liuie. I -uppo-c. all uikeii more or
less llltul-esl    in   the    I'liblie   iilluil-   of
youi inti-.i: Inu I  inu  Im I  in -ui.
iiiui having -inn.- experience as Leader
of a Political party In thu House nf
Commons, for 11 vo or six yours, ihul i
ihini think Ho- dull nl |uil>iii' service ia
sufficiently Impi I upon Hn- nilnili
uml hearts ol Un- people, bo you
realise that every Olio nl .mu in this
Country is responsilile for the good  or
bad    cm, riimenl    nl    Hn-    iiitry"-
The     standard      Inr    pnbll r-
vice iu (.'iiiniihi will in- whal
the people of i jijijiiIii milk.i il. ll is
illlpol'llinl for lln:   Iiieii   mnl   uiilllell   of
this country in reiillsu Un- duties of the
public service. Mun of this country .In
not realise Unit thoy oue n duty in thu
State ii- lunch us iu their family their
business, or thoir Church     lhe duly of
I iilille service - lhl I"- liuighl   In ihe
schools, mnl from lhe pulpits.   Unl Id
be Impi'i-ssud upon Ho- minds "I everyone In Cuiimhi.
I liuve tl'IIVlll'SOll Hii- country Inun
llu- Atlantic to Hn Paelllc mnl I lime
tried t" Impress upon Hi.- people Hie
ri -il of our opponents.   There i-  no
doubt Hist Hie next giinernl election
will resull in u grand victory, and I um
-un- lln- people nf ml- provl uiil do
nil In their power i" bring uboul the
accomplishment "f that purpose,
Thank  you  fm'  the  patience   ami
attention wiih whioh you have listened
•ii ii,!-. and which have Iml nu- to speak
longer liiiin I intended.
I upprcctute tin- gracious presence ol
su many ladles here to-ntght, Their
presence counts for more than ;ill els.-
beside in tin- winning of ll lection,
because iln- murried men iu the audience know full  well  iimi, although
they uiiu somell Imagine their will
uiu.i be exercised, they have lo earry
oul exactly whal tbe ladles ally,
I iru-i my nexl v i-u muy not he very
lung delay,'il. Jill,I Ullll  I III.I)    I|,i-Ii   -ce
i couttuiutt Ion of the development whloh
im- iu He punt elgbl > em'-inuiie Cranhrook tin- prosperous town ii i- today,
,l Cl II Bergeron, mcmbci foi
Uouuliarnols since 1808, wns tlm next
speukcr, uml was tendered a hearty
lorcptloii, He referred tu In- leader
.nut dwell ,,n lu- mii'ili) in Iii- par
liiiini'iiiuiy duties us   lender   nl   He
opposition     Mr,     I ill eel. ill    lln'	
iciii'il in Un- Liberal policy of urui,
how thoy v.i led "ii ji platform ot
reduction nf expenditure mul tree
t rail,'. Thoy -ti'le Hn- nm iimiii pub
iy nl Hie Conservative party nnil
they hint' kopt it ever since.
Thoy promised to reduce the debt,
thoy havo Increased it by IS nun.mm
A Junketing commission under tbo
gulso nf a tariff roiiiinissii.il spent
I'iii.onu travelling nver Uie coun
try denouncing at the sum,- time a
Conservative expenditure "f j:)h uuu
nun,while the oxp lituro nl till' Lull
ner administration was -136.000.
As a cose nf broken promisee, he
said "that Sii Will ii.m Mulock used
to    move    nn     stated   occasions   Unit
iiii imili sliiuilii lie appointed to nf
fire until lie hud been out of pull-
tics at least two yoars, Sii. William walked from purlia'ment tn the
iii'iirli uiul ii iiii'iu'i -:,!;,ry. Nearly
n hundred members have gone
straight  bum the house in office.
Sir. Richard C*ytwrtght used to
rail against the senate, he is a
senator now, Thoy havo not reform
ed the senate but  thoy have defortn-
I   it It)    tl ppolntmont of every
iiiiiii uiin tried in gel into the com
minis jiml mil,'.I. Mr.Bergeron thru
complete history "f the protection nl linlliil box thieves by rub
Inent ministers, Conservatives deprived nf the right "f franchise, uf
doubled    bottomod    ballot    bnxes.of
Votes reeol'ileil where there were nn
uf Hie public works department
lie Bald: "Mr McBrldo worries
nbout money for roads, bridges und
wharves, He is foolish to dn that
We don't dn Hint in Quebec. Sir.
Wilfrid    builds everything   we want.
"The Liborals aro seldom bashful,
said Mr. Bergcron,but in one respect
they me. They never buy anything
Irom the muii whn owns it. They
prefer paying two nr threo times its
value through a mutual friend This
wus amplified hy reference tn llnli
lux und Moncton properties,
The story ol tin- steiuuer Artie and
the nuise for the north poh' was
Hie best entertainment "f Hie even-
inr uml il wus in good hands. The
house ruin.' with laughter whieh wns
by im means confined in Tories us
Mr. Bergeron told nl the fust steam
er which rrossed the Atlantic In 3.1
dnys. of tlie {215,000 for provisions
for 32 ineii, Hie absurd purpose, the
holiday In Hudson's Buy. the enter
tatnmont ol. and the extravagant
nilis in llie Kskiiiu. ladies, the naming "f Mt. Laurier mul Prefontntnc
Iluv mul Hie discovery of the Nortii
H" closed will, praise t f Mr, llm*
den, n unii nf hi- word," of Mr.
"McBrldo, Hi- champion of Ins province," mi acknowledgement nf the
debt m the party In till' Indies and
ii graceful appeal fm' their further
approval and good will
Mr. James Payne >>f Mnrysville
nnd Miss Nellie Curtis were married
in the Methodist Church mi Thursday nt in:3n Shortly ufter Mr.
II II. Blddor and .Miss K.lith Annie
Watson of .Marysville were also
united by Rev II Hughes nt the
suine place, 'riie ladles have just
arrived from htngland, the former
(roiii Bristol, the bitter Irom London Until tin1 happy pairs will re
-ule nt Marysville.
Th,' ilyiniuisiiini will open foi'
season 1907 I90S mi Priday October
12th. a short programme consist
Ing nt musical uud athletic niim
hers   will be given.
'I'lu- oxocutlve un- ondeavorlng t"
put Uu- Gym mi u firm basis mid to
tin- enii tickets fnr season  uro  now
nil  snle at   12 .Mi
Noxl Siind.iv morning at eleven
o'clock will lie children's service, a
rocitntion will In- glvon nnd tin-
paatoi will cue a .-luul iidilrrss.
I'aiini- iiie Invited i" bring the
children in Uo- service, all boys and
girls   who   attend no    other   church
will   lie   well' ■
'I'iii' men's own meeting will he
liebl in tin- Gymnasium nt 3:30 In
i tie .iiici iiiinn in miii singing with
orchestral music Tlio subject ol ml
die-   by   Mi    11     K   Connolly Inun
Uu-   province   m   Quel    will   bo:
"Qnehoc's Neil, uur Opportunity."
Tlie   mii'i mi'    is   im    uu.ii   only mul
ll Iijrii    I-   llie  sillily of subjects
iii.it   directly   rolnto   to   Hie   moral
and    SOClllI    will    li'llir nl   Hie people
'I'lu- Sunday School nml women's
iiiiil'' class will be i.elil ut throe, tu
which visitors uie heartily wolcome
Subject     fm     II vrnini!    service:
"Is     Hie      llllll,'     Tllll''"     Till'      BIIITll
mini nl ilie Lords Supper will lnt
mu iiu- eve nun- service and now
members will in- received
'I'lie    l.ein    will    hold  lli.'li   usual
sorvico ut iii-iii The ilovotlonnl
commlttoc hnve cbargo,
iui Thursday evoning next, sit
will be lield nt Kust Kootonuy
mill mul Wnttsburg,
iiiH'iiinv   nf Gymnasium for season
I'iii7 11108, Piiibiy Oetobor llth. TllK PROSPECTOR, ORANBROOK It. C   OCT.
♦'<>:♦   »♦<>♦»♦<>♦*»>     9   ft   9  4 ft: 4  9  4
PHOKti 111
QuicK work:
****% tip lltt^ete KJ-.  ^*>,************ **************
8...SAW   YOUR   WOOD...*
A. B. Grace, Some   men   are like   lino-.     9
others are hugs without acting.    9
... 1 ~
Tlie  prices   will  ploasi
.1 >.  inu.   im- ue malic ii n
a -
SWje |ir<«pectov.
poini lo cm ihi1 itKuirin  nt   0
■ir.ih! ns close us possible.   >.
SI *
Wall Papers
choose IT11111 thai nre artistic design nnil color
ing uiul ui* very Hue quality.
"MIKKK     is    considerable
speculation n- to whom
rr will represent the Kootenays  in
111111111; Dominion election
l'l' tu the presenl lnnu bul one
candidate has been spokou of,
though several others are -sn'ui
iu have the political bee buzzing
in close proximity to would be
official iiuniioi-
^ uhouuii-jc   eiNVaiiMC 5
Viineuiiver World nr ibe Victoria ^        lt-s tno s, ,„,,!,,,,, mnn-ng ,,„,,„„, v,m ,..,„ „,.,.    T-,e3
Times to spring another story     ^ litiosi oipiipn 1 for sawing wood. A
Inter  to  be   proved    ubsnlu.elv  g .,,,„.  nm„ ,s ,,,,„,. r|| ,.;A ,.,..„.,,. 3
false   about   Premier   McHride; -u Qj|
us one has not cropped up In the _\ PA TMORF RRHQ 1B1"i«hi"*3T. Roofing, lloat 8
lasl elghtoen minutes Suoh nS| fl I IllV/IVL UlvUO. ing and Blower Work. S
policy may be considered good I _. soi.l   auents :I
politics; but It is mighty l»'*"'\******!*) ******* ************
newspaper practice,  lo say tho|
leusl.     I'hneiiix Pioneoi'.
The Painters and Decorator.'
, ■.     I.ei the people ni the Koote
a. -A-   .      A-   .      A ■   r.      A.      «     A.      »      A.     ~      » ''U.VS.     I I I,'   ,'i ,V I I I I'S   llf     till*       1'illill''.
■ft,ft\ft,t>   ft   9   *ft   *.9.*   9   *      *   4   *ft   *   4   9.9   ft   9   *.9   9 ,  „
  * selecl thoir"«ii  representation'
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦—♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 9****9**************** u"""", ^"■'"i "»j •'"; *°°d
ft ,  ,      ^   _, ♦ sensed the people will decide,
*        rUi\l       kj 1 Hi Hi Ll J_l ♦    -'in'iiesi iiuui'i'iiiliiie.l tui-i'in-e    ■'*"*>""
\     BREWING CO., LTD. ||- ""■..        -■ •
I'uke  inun'.' iluu tliiriv ilitvi uftor
date The Crow's Nosl  t*iuw   Unubor
ti>iii|iiin\ I imil.nl. nf \\ .iriliii'i II, i .
Llliubur \'aiiiiliii,|iiri'i>   -i r.n'it.'i'.tt inn,
Intends to npplj to the Chiel Cummin
nl r     nl     l.NiiiN     .inu     Work*    ■*•
\ letoi-ht (or a itpeelal lleenee to otii mul
oarrj ftwuj inning' from the foUowiut!
dt-serlbiul \i\\\x\xt
i    i nuinieuclnu  m  ;i   ihwi   |iluntoil
|H0 ehalim Kiutt •■■ Mllu Pout l! i en  the
Kaal boundary u( i .01 IftlH) Iti I iwl Kooti
nu>   and  running  ^ ehalnti  Ilant,   SO
wheu the coutesl is insight, who ehain* south,  1*0 uhiilns  tVeni  and B0|
I   MANUFACTURERS and BREWERS of EXTRA PINE    ♦  ,.;lu,.K„. (1|. , c|ay  dur|Bg   ,
..   Comment-Inn m a posl planted si.
♦ Many a prospective candidate ,,,.l:11.,.;,.: „, M,.,, ,.„„ _..-,„„ ,i„. hSu,
• who regards himself as a second
Bottled beer for family
use a specialty
X Outside   Orders
♦ .<J                P. O. BOX 812      U
X H      TELEPHONE   NO, I      p
laiutulun nl Lot 1,'iHi in l-'.i-i K.iiilriiiiv
und running80Chilian .-uai, SO chains
Boutb, SO I'liHiua W,'-l uml stl chains
114,1-1 h in pluee nf I'uniiiunnvnu'iii.
llil-.i'il Augusi '-'Slli, 11)07.
:t. Commencing ni :i |m-i |ilmitrii sii
i'linin- Kast u( Mil,' I'.'-i 28 on the Ku-t
boundary nf Lot 4590 In Kast   Kootonuy
♦ . ection   liiuls   himself    lo   be
♦ Mud" nu election day.
♦ ...
ft If all the devils were east   out
X ol some people there  would  not
♦ ! be more ihan a little greasy spot »'id running us tollou-s, SO ohalns south,
X , 80 chains West, 80 ohulns nortii unit so
ft ...                          chains East to placo ot ootiuuoncemout,
♦ -,. Dated Augusi 28th 1007,
<> ■    l here is nu great excitement m
♦ ,-,,, ,                      , .       i     4.    I'oiiiuii'iii'iiiL'ill ;i |nisl pliuiti'd  80
ft Cranbrook over the approaching   . ,    ... .  ,,,,f ,,  , .„.     ,,   ..  ,
X °\ .'liaui- Kust nf Mile I'o-I 20 on the Kust
X Dominion Elections.                       boundary of Lot  *6(t0 ami running so
♦ ... chains east, 80 chains south, 80 cliuius
ft Some get up with a lark, while West und 80 chuins north to placo ol
CX others are  not  content  without commencement.
O.    L,td.      m n       .i          .  .i •             .i    i    Dated August 27th, 1907.
-   — -                             ■—      **•-  *~4**m.     ft a swallow the first thuiif in thei
m •
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Manilla. Hll-ll 1..  ||,a
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico  Paragon  Ribbon!
in all  colors   and   for
all makes of typewriters.
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons—of
different weights suited
for all classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
6lias. E, Reid & Go
ftft******************** **********************
Baker Street,      Cranbrook. B.C.
Lighted   By  Electricity       w
Heated By Hot Air Illi'
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
ft 9 ft 9 ft; 9 ft 9 ft; 9 ft; a ft; a ft; a ft; aft a*; aft; a ftft;
Draying a Specialty
Just  received a  Carload
of Wagons and Carriages.
A line line of Trucks
for special lumber work
Flour and Feed of all Kinds Always on Hand
PHONE   183
Any elector who believes lhat
nld mini Simpson will be a
candidate Eor the Dominion
House fur the Kootenays in the
coming election needs his head
. • •
Any man with an iron will
muy have a wife who is blacksmith enough to break it.
• . •
The fertile valley of the Koote
nay offers superior advantages to
the hoine seeker.
Farm lauds In the Cranbrook
district are in demand and the
price is being advanced.
• • #
In politics audacious cheek and
push   are   often   mistaken    for
• • •
Tho man with the swelled
head does not suffer as much as
.♦ a ♦: o ♦ 9 9, ».♦:».♦; »;♦ 4 ft'aft: a :'*' a ;'*"a~ft: a~:4ft
I    ■ fashionable tailors  1 r.r7r*r*""*iv;"'':*i
wu Kootenau
For all kinds of
Nothing fine or coarse, large
or small that wc cannot handle.
We Also Do Dru Dueino
Always Up-to-Date
I   "THE PflLM
£ Cranbrook. -      - B.C. 3
Z3        *
-        a
ft      Vilstlll   .vmi   nuiii   >l lunr.v box nl *
J Him lions mill hi Tin- I'ulra. J
♦ American Beauty      Golf Girl   *
* College Girl X
^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmtmmm g Ban. 8rre;.B oo.a Ba»d ]
% ABATTOIR AND COLD STORAGE CAL6ARY, ALTAJ2 ♦ All i-ownoy- and nil I*™,!,.        |
£ zS X Our "Home Made" Candles X
~ Z3   X *T THE J
11 THE PflLM" I
ZS   * *
1    The Beef
ON    SALK.    hi
ining  today,
£ , rrom prime, younjr BRITISH COLUMBIA
m^ CATTLE..     ^'' hon^hl n big bunch this vtcttik
£ ;ind  wnulil  tisk yon, our patrons, to take Rpocial
E notice nl the beef suppliotl  you,     It  is plump,
^ ji,i,-y  and   lender,   vu  never used boltor    THY
£E        so.Mi'i
■'}. Commenoing ut a post planted at
Mile Post 2li on the Kust boundary of
l.oi 4590 ami running 80 chains east. 80
chains south, SO eliains West und so
uhains north to plaee of commencement,
Duted August 27th. 1000,
ti. i Commencing at u post plantod nt
Milt; Post I'll on the Kast houndury of
Uot 4690 and running 80 ohalns north,
80 ehuins east, Sl) eliuins south und SO
ehuins West to place of commencement.
Dated August 28th, 1!K)7.
7. Commencing at » post planted at
the North West eorner of Timber
Licence 11*54 in Kast Kootenay ami
running 40 chains west, 100 ehuins
south, 40 chains cast, GO chains south,
40 chain* Kast. 80 ehuins north, 40
chains West and SU chains north to
place of commencement,
Dated September 26th, 180",
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Company
40 .lames McLaren, Locator.
Teams and drivers furnished for any point in tlie district.
A. DOYLE, Hanager
3 {    TELEPHONE NO. 141.    J
3 tanaaaanaataaaaaaataataaa*
(inrdwood for Sale.
Zz i'i".".- \, mi in •'i'
l'll* INK I"
IP. BURNS & CO., Ltd.!
XZZ        Hmul OIHco,
?ZZ       Calgary. Albertn
zS     I nm proparod lo supply, good
Iry slovo wood, In uny length or
zs quantity.     Leave orders   with
Mum otl'iii' for East Kootenay,       ZS ,.   „,   ,. ,, ,,    ,
nV.aa.nl,     I)     n ~3    ' '       '       Kl'L'I'I'S,     I I IO   gl'OCI 'I',    llllllll-
ll. S. Uaruu
Cninbrook. B.  C
Nmifu is lieroliy bIvod Hint thirty dnya nfwi
iiute I Intend m npply to theOtiluf Cotnmls
slontir of l.iunin nmi Worka lor » llconou n
proanoot forunnl nnd pHroluuin on tho follow
Iiik dCMi'lbflil iniciiif luml sltiiati'd In tliodls-
tricl of Kust Kootonuy, Klk Kiver Ytilli-y. be-
Kin ti hi-,' nt h jtost plnccil ni tin* north wont nor
hit of Lot sun tlionco i mutton north so olinlna,
llionco ruiinftiK wont80oliatnsi tlml noutli sn
olmliiB, thonoo rimnltiu onut Ht) olinliiilotlii
pluco of t-oiuiiicnri'iiH'iii. oontalnhiK tw BPfw
mor- or I«hs.
I.i.ritH'il tills Wmi iluy oi AiiKUsl, 11101 by
I1'  K  Ki'iiic-lnii
Mi ,i. w. Qnrdnor, Atfont
Not lets i-« horoby Klven that thirty tluya uftor
'lute l Inlfiiil in upply to tho Ohiof Commia*
slonor of i.hiuIs nmi Worka for a llooi tn
prospeotlorcoul nnd putroleum un the (ollowlna
tloaurlhotl truotof luml iltuutod In tlm district
of Kust Kootonuy, Elk Hiver Vuiioy. beginning
at« poat iiiuutitil ut tlm N. W. oornor r>f l.m No
tHTO, thonoe ninnlnn aouth uo chains, thenco run
uie west mi chnina, thonoe runtiliiir north 80
uhutiifl, thonoe running onat 80 ohnltm to pine
»r ooinmeuoomoiit coutnlnlng n-m uoroR moro <
Lociiti'ii tliis thiiui ilny uf Annual by
ti. a. Ilobertaon
% .i. w. liatii ', A«oni,
District of Kotrtcnny.
Tako notion Unit. It Stewart-,ofCVun-
In-iMili oeeiipitlion conlraetor, llllmulH in
apply for It h| inl lliuboi' Meenee over
the followli'tfik'Moriltod IiuuIh:
CotntiioiiulMK nt it post, planlod at the
N.  \V, oornor of lUoob 21110,   ihupcu
nortii IIU eliaiiiH, tlienee WOHt-10 eliuiiis,
Ihenee norlh tlOolutllUJ, Llionou eusl 54
ehttina, ihenee soulh iill ehaliiH and
Ihonee west 11 ehiiina to plaee of eom-
Iliehard Stewart.
Dated October Ibi, 19t»7. 40
The Quality Store
Two things that i-avi't he Iseisi
Huntley and Palmers Biscuits
Leave your order for Preserving Fruits at Campbell    (J,
«2    St Manning they will protect you.
Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
Phone ii?. Hond Otlice Calgary.
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Feed. .  .
Our tnr-al  is always fresh,  as all our beef is killed in
HOTEL e- 1
2 Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection!
Noiiri-si in railroad depot.   Elas accoinino'
dl'lloilH   lur   ih,.   public   iino(|llilllod   in
lot and Cold Baths
Proprietors »
Geo. R. Leiisk & Co
I'llONI* 111 I'.n. I»>.\ mii'i
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
AH   kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
Harvey, HoCarter k Maodonald
CRANBROOla,    -    B.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
uiul NOTAUV  I'lllll.IC.
Oranbrook, ll.C.
G. tt. Thompson
^7Z**S   NOTAUV I'l'lll.li:
I'llllilil-unii,  ll.r.
P.U.S. <tt C.B.
Port Steele ll.C.
a**a**a**a ■■•••>*■• ii^iniiiniiii
Pliusiclan nmi Surgeon
ll'H'Ks:    II In II u.in.   2 lol |i.lll.
7 to 8 p.m.
i'lniiii' oiili-i- io.*i   [tesldoiuiis lim
a..  IIMII  I
F. O. E.
Moot evory Friday ul s |i.m.
Vislilny:   lli-iilhi-1-s Cordially   Invited
('has. Smith, Vi. Prosldoiit
M. I). Ilii.i.ixus. Si-n.v.
Ai-i-li- I'liysii-iiiii. I'. (>. Box 28.
5 Rocky Mountain Chapter |
^ NO. 128. i:. a. m. =•
jj Rogular mootliijfB!—2nd Tui-s-
.'■ duy in oaoli month at olg-lit
Js  o'olook.
2 Sojourning CompanlonA  ui-e
3 cordially Invited.
jf W.M. I-'. Tatk, SortbeE.
i       Hux 4       CIIANIIHOOK, 11. c.
Court Granbrook 8943
Visiting   brcthorn   cordially   Invited
C. K..   Vs. P. MAI'DONALU
Secretary, W. HENDEUSON
[Tonsorial Parlor:
For a Cool and Clean Shave
Or a Perlect Hair Cut
A Hot or Cold Bath
|'!"T" Walter B.Laingnffil'No!
Baker Street, Cranbrook, H.C.
U Hllll rlnker.
I'litiiTiil llfn'i'tiii-
riiANIHIimn. nr.
sii'iun llollnrn and I-'iii-iiiiiiu U',n-k a
Cost anil Stooll Kstiiiiali's
Purnlsliod Dpon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.C.
Carpenter % Kuilder
Good Work at
Reasonable Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
ft Cline
<>t II Ill M II llni-li.'l- HI,",'
all HOW li" Illllll'l III llin
l''li'Hi. i'Iiihh Work in nil bi-anclicH
of Um
Tonsorial Art
Smlfli Premier
has widened its market until it includesthe whole civilized world; has become the
typewriter of over 300,000
operators and has, during
1906, broken every previous
record of sales, because il
has from the beginning best
met every typewriter need,
the Smith Premier
Typewriter is recognized as the greatest improvement in modern typewriter construction yet in
providing it, none of the
strong fundamental features, for which the Smith
Premier has always been
noted, have been sacrificed.
Complete literature on request.
J'-* Soiiili Lincoln Streot
No Honing-No Grinding
RAZOR TO-OAY on 30 day* f
trial from your dealer and
learn all about real shaving
Cranbrook, B.C.   The l>i-uirtrisls
District ol Kootenay.
Tuko notlco that Robort Little nt
Port Steele, occupation prospector, intends lo iipiil.v for 11 special timber
lieence over tho following described
liuiila: Commencing at ti post plnuteil
at the uorth oust corner of T. I.. 7292
irtsiit-d tn ('. W. Wilson, thonco south
itki i-iuiiiis. thenco eust 40ohiilas,thencc
north 11)0 ohnlns, thenoe wost 40ehnlns
Roberl I,Ink'.
Lui-uti-il .linn- li. 11107, Reglstorod
Juno 20,1007. The Iiiui' (ur the com-
iiii'iii-t-uiunt nf the publicHtioii of this
notice Is extended until the IHth., day
Soptomlicr IH07.
■I. K. A- mstrong,
Asslstmil Oommissioiior of Lauds
uud Words, :it
Reduced Rntes I'iiiiii
Ktistern Points
On   Sill.'   Daily
Sept. 1st to Oct. 3I.M
Montreal (Ull. 10 Ottawa lW4.fil
Hulroii, Wlndsoi', London,
(iui-'pli, Toronto Parkdalo
Corresponding Lew Bales frum
Intoriiieiliiiie iHilnts.
Soo Spokane Service
The finest'nn tlie I 'mil itiutil iiiiiI
the I'ustest hotiveuii Bpokiiuu und
till-T« III Cities.
The I'uiiiuliim i'ueille Oporatos
St-i'iilurd Sleeping Cars
Tourist Sleeping Cars
(III I'iiii Dully Tl'iliiHi'iinllueiillll
Ti-iiins in Much Direction
For rates, rosorvatlons and
any iiiforiiiiition dosirod
apply in local agenl or
V,. .1. Coylo, A.il.I'.A.. Viiiieiiiivei'
JOHN MOR, D.l'.A., Nulsnn
Full Dress
Street Shoe
Slater Model 721
Patent Coltskin
Tourist Last
Berlin Blutcher
Price, - $5.00
SUtir MWiI 7*0. Taur.it
Lul IJ* te tf
PtXtnt C«ltik|n V«m»a
IMI KM Bin. tar
**», pilint t*. )n|«,
• »in*fl, >* 1 hi bit
thtfsa |ur rnir..
For Frock Coat and Afternoon Walking Occasstons
and  for  Stremious  Wear.
"Get an advance, skin the shoes, or lose money I" This
was the slogan of the American shoe manufacturer at the
opening of the season.
Canadians who buy imported shoes pay one dollar duty.
a quarter ol a dollar more in higher wages, or $1.25 in all for
their lack of perception. They fine themselves 33 M per cent
and get shoes which the made-in-Canada shoe can defeat on
even terms in foreign markets.
Then the imported shoe may hare been "skinned''
of value to partly* meet that handicap of $1.25.
Follow the shoe market, and you will find that the
honest United States shoe manufacturer has either withdrawn
from the Canadian shoe market or raised his price too high.
Money cannot buy, nor can artisan devise a better shoe
than that upon which are stamp this "Seal of Certainty"—
Slater Shoes for Mm,     $6.00 and $4.00
Siater Shoes for Women,$4.00 and $3.60
(Iranbrook, B.C.
Local Agents
District of Kootenay.
Tuke notlco tlmt i Wllllum Staples n' Wy-
llfffj H. ('-.  OCGIIpHlton luinlierniiii), inii'iiil Iii
apply for permission io purchase the following
it'siTltn'ii luml:— I'miiiiiL'iit'iii-a' at a post plnnted in elmlns west or the wesi boundnry or Lot
. thence north 20 chains, thence esst -it.
ehnlns more 01 less to the western boundary of
l.nl LHMil thonee smith 50 chains moro or less to
tho iiank or the St. Marys river, thenee following thu St. Marys river In u westerly direct ton
to tbo place of beginning and containing soo
ires more or less.
William Staples.
Unted July 3rd, ino*. m
District of Kootenay.
Tako notloe thut Robort  Little of
Fort Steolo, occupation prospector, in-
tonda to apply for u special liconce over
tliu Following described lands : - - Commencing at ii post  phtnti'd ono milt'
west of the south west corner of T. L.
72!.:. issued to O.S. Fri/.zell, thenee west
ROcl.nius-thencu soutb B0 chains- thence
oust HO ehains, thenoe north Ki) chains.
Robert Little.
Located June 5-   1907;  registered
line 20i 1907-   The time fnr the commencement of tin* publication of this
hoti.v is extended until the I Uth. day
of September 1U07.
J, IA Amstrong)
Assistttni Commissioner of
I.amis and Works. 87
Shoe Shop
Repairing a Specialty
Oranbrook. B.C.
Reoolvos both Ladles and
(lent lemon us Resident or as Day
Students. Hus it complete Com-
merclal or Business Course. Prepares studouis to gam Teachers'
Certificates of all grades, ln
affiliation with Toronto University gives the four yours
course for the 13. A. degree, and
tho first yoar ol the Toronto
School of Science. llus a
speeiui "Prospectors Courso"
for miners who work iu B.C.
Instructions givon In Art.
Music, Physical Culture und oio-
For Calendar etc. address
"Columbian College".
Term opens September 171b.
District ol Kootenay.
Tuko notice that Manly II. Craig, nr
Perth, N. B. occupation Tinibor Land
Engineer, Intends to apply forasnccttil
timber licenco over the lollowing described hinds: -
Commencing at a post plunteil 20
chains west of the south west corner ol
Liconoo Lot No Nlitfi, tlience south 80
chains, tlience west Hit ehuins. tlience
north SO chuins, tlience eust 80 eliuins
to place of commencement, and containing tilt) acres more or less.
Manly 11. Craig.
Dated Aug. ltlth. 1907. Illi
District ol Kootenay.
Take notice that Manly 11. Craig, of
Perth, N. II. occupation Tinilier Lund
Engineer, intends to upply for u special
tinilier licence over thn following descriheil lunds:
Commencing at a post planted about
110 eliains south of the north west
curlier of Licence Lot 8(101, thence west
about 110 ohains to tho eust boundary
ofC. P. I{. 4501, thonoe south 60 chains,
thence cast 110 eliains, tlienee nnrth .In
chains tn plucc nf bogtmitngund contain.
Ing 040 acres more or less.
Manly 11. Craig,
lilted Aug. Iflth, 11107. 811
District ol Kisilcnay.
Take notice that Manly II. Craig, of
Perth. N. II. occupation Tlmbor   Land
I'tlgil r, intends to apply fnr a special
timber liconce over the following described lanils:
CiHiinienelng at a pnst plantod at the
Smiih West Corner of Lot No. 01)28,
tlience west HO clialns, thence north HO
chains, tlience easl HO chains, thence
south 80 ohalnB to plucc of commencement und containing i»40 acres more or
Dated Aug. llll.li 1!K)7.
Manly H. Craig.
IN TIIE MATTER <>!' AN application ror file Issue nf a duplicate
Curtllleutc of Title for Lot 0, Blook 8,
and Lots It and H, llluek 5, Lake Shore
Addition Mnyie, City (Map 1181),
it is my ilitelllinn tn issue tllllipiieatcnf
tlio Cel'lillcule of Title   fnr   tile   aliove
mentioned lots at. tlio expiration of one
month froiu tiie lirst publication hereof
j in tlie name of John Day which Corllll-
| unit! of Villa is duted   tlie 4th  duy  of
Dataller 18011 and n I« d '.'404 K.
| "II. I''. MacLeod,"
Dlstrlot Registered,
Laud Registry Olllee, Nelson.   II. C,
t September 20th, 1007. *'*)
Salvation  ftnmi  b.ti r.n.K.s
Sunday Services:
Afternoon    -   -   8 o'clock
Evening     - 8 o'clock
Sunday Sell,ml at 1.45 p.m.
Meetings  held  evct-j   nil:In    'ii   till
week except Monday at 8 p.m.
Methodist Churoh.
ROttKl'T lll'lll:?
Sunday Morutug Service al 11 n.ui.
fellowship meeting - - 12-15 a.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class3 p.m.
A speeial invitation is given tu
young men to attend the pastors
bible elnss.
•%\\z tyvoxpectot
.- ATUKDAY. OUT. 5, 1IHI7.
Resources of Southeast Kootenay
During llie pusi twelve years
it bus been Ibe uiul ol the Pros
pector In show to llio outside
world the wonderful resources of
Southeast Kooienay. Thai Its
efforts have been appreciated is
bourne oul by llio fact tlmt iberc
has been, especially during Iho
pusi two yours, much inquiry
from the outside world for
additional Information regarding
the district. We have always
believed that Southeast Kootenay is the richest mineral soetton
of the province. The production
of Silver-loud and coul for the
past few yours show tbal this
statement is made oil facts, and
while the district is handicapped
by luck of transportation, we are
satisfied that tbe mineral is in
the mountains only requiring
intelligent exploitation to make
il available.
According to the official reports
of the Minister of Mines, this
district is the largest silver lead
producing district in the province. A large number of prospects are being developed, some
have reached a shipping stage,
und a number of mining deals
involving large amount-* of money
have been consumated, und tbe
indications are thai there will be
more activity in mining development than over before in the
near future.
District ol Kootenay.
Take notice that Manly II. Craljr, nl
Penh, N. ll. i nputlou Timber Land
I'liglueer, Intonils to uppl> fnr a special '
timlier licence over the folluwinu described lands:
I'm cuclug at a posl planted at the
south   ».'- 'nor ol I ot   No, 0175,
thonco south 80 uhalns then asl So
clialns thonee norlh su chains, thenee
west 80 chains to place of beglnuing.aiul j
containing 1140 acres 'o or less.
Manly II Craig.
Dat.d Aug. nth 1007. .'»i
Notice i» liercbj givon that thirty
days after dale I Intond Ui applj to the
chlol Commissioner of Lands ami
Works for a lieeuee tn prospect for coal
and petroleum mi the following described land situate in Block 1.108 Kust
Kootonay ilisirict llritish Columbia:
Commencing at a post  planted near
the   Snlllll   I'nrk   nf   Akuniiini   Creek
aliimi live miles north of International
Boundary and ulauit six ami em' luili
mllus wost of ll -stern hotuidur,'  of
llriiisli Columbia, ami markeil Wllllum
Kinney's \. W. corner posl, thonee
easi 80chains, tlience snntli so chains,
theuce wesl «0 chains, tIll-lice norlh   HU
chains ta plftco of commencement, eon-
tabling "I" acrea ninre or loss.
Located Jul' 23, luu",
William l-'lnnev,
ti, N, Mcdrogor,
86 Agent.
District of Kootenay.
Take notice thul Manly II. Crnlg, ef
Perth, N. I., occupation Tinilier Lund
Engineer, Intonds tn upply lot-it special
timlier lleenee over the followlni' do-
seriliei] lunds:
Commencing at a post planted ut tIn-
N. I", Corner ol Lot 8282, thence west
aboul 40 eliains to tho nnrth west enrner
Lot 8282, thenoe north altoul 20 chains
totllc north Hue of Licence l.nl No.
HU07, tlience west about 16 chains to the
East line of Lot (117.1. them rfliSn
'llllills. thenee east 40 ehuins, tlienee
.until tit) clialns, thenco east about 15
'llllills, i hence si uu li 40 eliains t n place of
beginning, eontuininu. U40 acres more
III' less.
Manly II. Craig.
Dated Aug. 2(lth, 1007. illi
Mineral Float.
The industrial development of
Southeast Kootonay largely
depends upon Its coal production,
and the active development of
tho immense deposits of iron.
Capital comparing this districl
with others elsewhere, oatiiiol
bul see thai the Cranbrook district is tlie coining mitiiug district of the Province.
The visitor to Crunbrook has
forced upon him the knowledge
that an era of advancement and
prosperity Is In progress thut
means much to the upholding of
the mining industry in the
vicinity of Cranbrook.
In many ways the mining industry of Southeast Koolenny
during tho post year' has shown
vitality and displayed great progress and promise; Iho outlook
for 1008 is exceedingly bright,
The Arbitration Board.
Judge Wilson bus boon agreed
upon as the third man on tlie
arbitration board to settle the
difference between the miners nf
the St. Eugene and the Consolidated company. The board consists of S. S. Taylor. .1. A. Harvey and Judge Wilson. They
will meet at Moyieabout Monday
October 7th.    Moyio Leader.
District ol Kootenay.
Take notice that Manly II. Craig, of
Perth, N. II. occupation Timlier Lund
Engineer, intends in apply fnr u special
tinilier licence nver tint following descriheil lands:
Couunenetng al a pnst plunteil lilt
'liailis west uf the smith west enrner Of
Licence Lot. No, 8008, llience south 40
ittins. Ihenee west in tlie easl
boundary of tho C. P. It. 4601 about 100
■Imiiis, thence north 111 elniins. thence
•asi 100 chains to place of commencement and containing 'i4U acres more or
Manly II  Craig,
Duted Aug. llllll 1007. till
District of Kooteaay.
Tuke notlco that Manly II. Crnlg, nf
Perth. N. II. occupation timber Land
Engineer, intends to apply lora speeial
tinilier licence nver the following described lauds:  -
Commencing at a post planted about
46 ehains west and 120 eliuins soutli of
the smith west corner uf Lot No, (1174,
unit tlie smith Eusl enrner of Licence
Lot 8056, thence south80ohalnB, tho	
west HO eliuins. them ul'jll Hll  ehulns.
then list so eliuins to place of com-
lonootnont. and uonttilaing 'tin acres
more nr less.
Munly II. Craig.
Dated Aug. 17th, 1007. .'Hi
Kootenay ash-
pan is exception-
llally large.  Holds
^la two-days' ac-
<£J-cumulation. Removed easily, like a dresser
drawer. Flanges attached to
fire-pot guidei all ashes into pan.^p
PATMORE   BROS.,   Sole   Ascent**
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Management
He.iclqtifirters fnr minin-
men ami old timers.
il Wlien s'oti want  a  good
\. -
* place  tn stop come tn the
'• Manitoba.
d. a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
-b^    HOTEL
Kimberley,   B. C.
H. W. DREW. Proprietor.^
flGGident Policies
♦8.00 Per Yoar gives MS.OO per week
uml 4i.-in.IKi Funeral I li'ii.jlll.
K por year .-iiv.-i-H :m ilisi'us.--. fm- "5
per week.
*7.IHI per year covers  you   against
slcknoss ,.f any kind.
I''nr pill'll.'iillli'a of other PoliotQH nee
Fred. W. Swain
Cranbrook,B.C., AiiiistiouirAv.
Notiee i» hereby given that thirl
day* aftor date I intfiiil to apply to I
Chief   Commissioner  of   Landa   and I
Works for a lleenso to prospect foreoul
and petroleum on tht* following deserlheil luml Bttuute In Block 45011 I'ubi
Kootonay district llriti-.li Colum hint
Commencing (it a pjst plnnted near
the Suulli   l-'in-k uf   Akauiimi   Ci k
aboul four miles nortli of tin- International Boundary uml about six uml
iiiii'-half miles wost ot tin- eaflterti
boundary nf British   Columblu,   uml
rki'it Juntos ll. Low's N. W rnor
post, thonoe eual M0 ehnlns, thonee
south 80 ohalns, thonee wesi so ohalns,
il iiiiril) mi i'liuliia tn place iif ■
iiii'tii'i'iiii'iii untitling 010 aoros moro
or loss,
l.iii-iiti-d .Inly ■!•*. 1002.
.Ill a It. 1.1.1V.
ii. N, Mcflroifor
86 Agent,
..   *
ii.-  *
Marysville, B.C.       COLE k HANDLEY, Prop.
Tin- Lending Hotol nf the St.
Mnry's Viillcv. Niccuiry rooms
newly furnished. Table ;i*
l'ikuI us uny in Kootonay.
i'n iim r.
l'Kin'll''ir,\TI'. OP   IMI'linVKMiSNTS
SItlialf) III llin I'mt SliTlr MlnlllK OlvlhllHI
nf Kusi Knotoimy Uitarlel.
IVIwrp locniwl:  ui iii<> imnl nr Trull eroolc.
TAKK NUTICi: llllll .Ituii.-s A   ll.imv   Kin-
.MiiH'is i i'iiiiii un- Nn. it i:m:i us ugonl for
Arilinr II. I''i'ttwlcl( I'VitMIih-i BfortHloiitilNo
II Iftiu linrli'K.I KuyimlilM l<'rcn Mlnoi s UiirM
ii.'-Ui' \<i 1(11)18)111(1 Hi.'.rt'i T. KIi'IiiiiiIsiiii I''iri'
Miliar'* Cur 11 lloitlo Nn. it HMD, liiltin.h., hIxiv
IIII.I, St in. The only place in town
iluu .'un milk'' life worth tin- llvinn.
Ian Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Ami riii-iiii-r in ki' mill
Iluli'il tills I81)| iluy nf
i.l   III
IK    fi)
iiiiii iK'llnii,  inn
' >'i lioforotliulm
, A.D. HHI7,
J. A. llai'
School of Mining ■ SS
' Mltwtaf CMnrt art atttrti:
• Cou mc tor Off t re of B. SC.
Vein' Courwfor Uipimni.
A COLUGE Of MTUED SaENCE, t^fZiSi^a'mlliatt^
KINGSTON. ONT.    t§j£li23S?*
r.r c.l.«J.r of Hi. School ni further       /'""'""*"\itaffnta,.
Inlornnlloii. .pply to lh. SeCtlMtT, School        f-Steclrlcsl Kotlot.rlnt.
of Uinliif. Kii,(-lon. Onla.l.. ' - Biolcfy onil PubUc Ueillb. t THR I'ROHPROTOK. ORANBROOK   B. C, OCT. 5,  ll
"Advance Showing of Dainty"
PIINK'S Pure Food Grocer)  Department
New Bon Bon dishes that are
pretty enough to hold the sweetest things ever made.
We have just unpacked oar
first shipment of New China a
selection that will almost be
wilder. See our new B.C. Crest
goods - Foley's name on every
piece. Vases. Mugs. Plates. Cups
and Saucers. Creams, etc., etc.
Our Goods «re
PIINK'S* Crockery and Glassware llept.
-■••■* BO.a
New porridge sets that will
amuse the youngster more than
his favorite toys.
©ta tytozpectov.
SATURDAY, OCT. 5. 1907
1  Tobaccos
Have You
Detective Eyesiolit?
Half   the   rye    troubles    come   from    ncgloct.
miHtinds sulfur from eye strain without knowing tlie
If yuu mini purfccl vision, yuu should  have your
- lucuiiilncd often.   A sllghl con tiun mny  Insure
, pi'i-fi'i'i rlalnn In the end ul) * life.
r.l'.lt  Watch Inspector Crows' Meal pass Division
Corsets, ColHns, Cleavers. Clocks, Cocktails,
i lollars, i Irutches, i Ihairs. Crackers, Cuspidores,
Crosses, Cunt Hooks, Carbines, etc, etc, and
several  thousand other  products arc  kept in
stock by tl nterprisiug merchants of this city,
Several  of above  named   items  wil    be fo ind
■-   us
Wi. want i" tell you though aboul om stock
„1 chain; hii a 1st recu * etl \ STRAIGHT
r \|: I.i IAD nl it, including (wn tons ul "Lord
Wards   polished loading      le I ,        '■!
mnl   Luuibcriuen can  i-esl uss tred that we can
.'■' ■    j     demands     This car was loaded ■■-. tl
rliiiiu  not     ol air or ' apor. il came in ot er * he
C.P.R    not indergrouiid
* t—~rA~.u.~r.r.lt     tzi.C* UADnia/ADC   ft
*r Cranhrook, B.C
ftf,ft:4.9 a ftft 9ft ft4ft.ift:*:ftaftaft:4ft.4ft;9ft\'^i';'y
Ross Tate of Lethbridge was
in the city Monday.
1!. II. Unhurt of Wardner was
in lite city Tuesday on business.
E. Elwell of Beale St Elwell
wus at Marysville Wednesday on
company business.
B. Vi. Thurston and wife of
Kimberley was in the city Tuesday.
IV. M. Frost was at Kimberley
Wednesday surveying a land
Mr. and Mrs. ft. M. Joroby of
Phillipsburg, Mom., were guests
ai the Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
Dr. S, Bonnell and G, L. Pedlar nl' Pernie were guests al the
Cranbrook Tuesday.
.1 ft. Ryan of Nelson, and P.
R. Kirley of Spokane were
Cranbrook visitors Tuesday.
John Watson of Fairmont wasa
guesl al the Cosmopolitan Sunday last
Ben. Whiinstor and W. S.
Stanly of Pernie spent Sunday
last in Cranbrook,
The seating capacity of the
now opera house was taxed to
its utmost on Tuesday evening.
11 McFarlane, who was at
Spokane lust week attending the
big fair, returned to Cranbrook
A large number of Cranbrook
people wore at Spokane this
week attending the big fair in
thai city,
Vi. *',.   Laurie,   W.   II.   Moore
and J. II. Smith oi Calgary were
gistered    ii    tin-    Cranbrook
rake ij"
I'ci-tli, '■
: Knginei-r,
timber  li.
aei-Ihi'd iu
Mi.  and   Mrs.   E.   Poagitu of
District of Kootenay. Marysville   woro   In    tho    city
I Tuesday, and during the evening
i  attended the llorden meeting.
I Hi   M.i
R   I. 'I' (inlbrailh mid   A.   II.
I i'i im irk ,,i Fori Stoele wore al
THK   I.RADINIi   l''IU'l'l'  STnllK
Arriving Today:
WATERMELONS, 1'HAKS Kooloiiny Conli.tl Railway Co,
APPLES,  TOMATOES Or •!(> chains west   of the   Nurth   West
HAZELWOOD ICECREAM     '.'.,'! ,'i i ,U. i. - *, i!', ,V"' r* i.. -'* ,V-. - J. ^ -T/ -i'. nhaTns'.l    M   L  McRoburtsof Spokane,
thenee north SO chuins. then list 80 C    W     I'rillin    of    Nolsotl,     I).
ehulns ' i" of beginning and  -   Urecknnridgo of VVurilucr. ('.  II.
luhiing 1140ueres miire or less. W'-nlz   and   J.     A.     McCl'llfl    of
Commi-ncing ai »i plum mnt Cranbrook Montlny  attending a
Ilill chains weal anil 4ii ehulns ul   mtiatinK of the   tlil'OOtOI'fi  of   the
Stewarts I'inc Choi tilatcs
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       ftriiibU'oiiu. ftve.
Miinlv II  (.'rah
liji-il Aug. Iiiiii. IUI17,
Saskatoon  wi-ri'  guests ul   llu
Crunbrook Sunday last
Cigar store
Don't forgot to register during
the present month if you desire
to vole at the next municipal
The Cranbrook Fire lirick and
Terra Cotta Company had a tine
exhibition of pressed brick on
exhibition at Beale St Elwoll's
lhis week.
Otis Staples, and I). R. Yates
of WyclilTe were In thu city Tues
day. and during tho evening
attended lhe meeiing in the
opera house.
N. McLeod Curran, manager
of the Nortii Star Mine, and II.
W. Drew, proprietor of the
North Star Hotol at JClmborley
were in the city Tuesday.
Al. Musser of Kimborloy  was
51 in town this week.
Rev. C. II. Findlay of Moyie was in
town Thursday.
Fresh Home M.ule Candies 25c, per
iti.   Saturday Only nt the Palm,
A. Devlin and .1. B. Langley
of Spokane were in the city
Thursday on mining business.
Constable Joe. Walsh of Port
Steele was in the city Thursday
on legal business.
Dave. Griffith, lhe Wild Sorse
pioneer, was in llie city Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. McTarvish ul'
Moyio were Crunbrook visitors
Mrs. Ouellette nf .Mnrysville wus
visiting friends in Crunbrook Weil
The stall' at tlie government,
and municipal offices will commence moving into the new civic
building next week.
J. H. Armstrong of Vancouver,
H. .Ritchie and R. .1. AUis uf
Purl laud. .1. Taylor of Victoria
were registered at the Crnnbrooli
Prom now until tho noxl
municipal election day is over, a
keen Interest will bo taken in
tho attitude adopted by prospective candidates for municipal
.1. K. Armstrong of Vancouver. ,, "' *  Sandrew,  reprosoitiitg
W. H.Bennett of Nelson, and D.    ^ Montreal Herald d ft.
.1. Elinor of Klngsgato woro Ham Hon of Ottawa ruprosenting
guests at tl„- Cranbrook Mon- \\■*• Toronto News, wore with lho
ll Borden   parly    In    l ranbrook
! Tuesday.
.1. M. A. Mull. M. Hull ut I i'.~li.li.llli. 1
W, li. Wim' nl Hunger, A. li. Trltes
nml .1. I.. Hullau nf Fertile, .1. Ilnssunil
II. II. Hubs nf Wuliln, H. I', (lllvor of
Hutl'iilo, C II. Ilri>wn nl Mlllwaukeo
uml .Iniin Higgins of Mni-ysvlllo woro
guests hi il"1 * Iranbrook Friduy.
Customers will please bear in mind
thut all uccounts are due on or before
the 10th, no discount being allowed
ilt'tor thut duto.    Ollice will be open
from 7 to 9 on evening of 10th.
Plouse bring bills.
Crunbrook Electric Light On. Ltd.
Wuter Supply Co. Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Keep, anil I
Mrs. II, Trilcs,   who  have been
visiting at the residence  uf  Mr.
and Mrs. .1.   Ryan,   returned  lo
Port land Monday,
.1. Herron, M. P. ul* Pincher
Creek was in the city Tuesday.
Mr. Herroti accompanied Mr.
Burden and his parly to Loth-
bridge, un the Flyer.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McMurtrlo
of Toronto, were guests at the
Royal fur several days this week.
Mr. McMiirtrle represents Ebliy.
Blaine ,V Co., wholesale   gt'OCOI'S
ul Toronto,
Aiiiiiiil' the mill men who wet
Ofc.flfc,jMLa£,^a^'**^j*fc'*g*i^aj**jaM ft.-SA9'%t_. aa _. tMANAMfe ft ft ttlft
nt nt nt..nt nt nt ntntnxnt.nt.nt nt.nt,9*9X.r^./*\.nt7*^,n\.rj\.nt.nt.nt.nt nt.
*l ou may depend oii this store to show all the 9
correct  styles,   in  the  liesl shoes made, for all 9
uses for :il! limes. 9
Yuu may count uu 11 tiding here jusl the sort of 9
sliues you'll lake pleasure and satisfaction in 9
in Patent Leather and Yelour Calf, in  Hals and
9   Blutcher shapes,  Prices $4.50, $5.00, $5.50 and $6.00
9 solid leather throughout.    Prices 52.50, s.v5n. *4-5°-
__.   and $5.00
aV  with ;i guarantee of being waterproof, to inch upper,   9
M  price f,>'5°' 9
ft We believe an ilivostigalion will convince you
9. tha! it will In- profitable for you to
* Make This   Your   Shoe   Store ^
..A* PHI       I      l**>SU|      S III II, Ml I   I 1 IP 1 I    ll    I   I   ■    M     l   II    f|\   , I    >.    1 ,^,
9 9
tat tat ^at tA tA IHHfc * tir \m Sat • )Ay ^ WW 'WW ifcaV tm tm smtW W jail
**^t*£-ftftft ft ft """***" **H^*'ffl^ll'l HHJIl
rs to Reid A Co,
Oranbrook, ll.C!
District ul Kootonay, |    Notice   is lioroby riven Hint thirty
'I'nki' notice thul Jnmos A. Harvoy days uftor duto I intend tn upply
nf Crunhruok, U.O., occiipntlon soli to Hu- Honorable the Chiel Ouiiinils
citor, Intonils tu apply tut' 11 spoclul sionor ut Lauds mid works for n
ttmboi' licence over lln- following do llconco in prospect tm' coal nn Hie
scrlhod binds. followinit    lioserlbod    lands,   situate
Commencing ul n pnst plantod about slxtci-n mllos north nl Hu- In
iiiiiuit   :tn  chains kihiIIi nt mtlo pnst J tornntiounl   Boundary   nml   ahoul   2
Nn.   |9 mi Hu' ''-"-I I ndury uf l.nt
•1692, Oroup I. Kootonuy District;
thonco nurlli um ohnlns thonco rust,
•le ohulns thonco smith lliu chninB,
thonco west 111 cllalns to plnoo uf
iinii'd Si'i.i. i:uii, phi"
lu .iniiu-s A. Harvey
I; A. IClmpton uml .1. Ili'iu-y nl
Wlndorinoro were Criiulironk vlnltora
II. Sii'wnri I'i'tiii-iit-il from u visit tu
tlio const Thursday, lb' ruports Imv-
ing 11 very pleasant irip.
Mr. nml Mr-. Brown end daughter
if Toronto wore at the Huyul Priduy,
in Hie city Tuesday, were P. Mr. Ilruwn Is tliusoulor inoinliui'iifthu
Lutld uf   \ at'duer,   tnanilgor  of tlrmnf   Brown   Brothers,    iIuYh   in
Crows -I'm   Lumber tin..   Otis iiriuiorssiitiionory^
Slaplesiil   Hie   Staples   lainilier      ,,      „,.„   ,,,    ,,,„.,.„,„  ,.,.„„.	
Co., of WyclilTe; A. Iv Wall-, ol   r,. msl S lay lust,
Wallshtirg; und II.  li.   Sales  of
u-.   ij,''', llovlvnl Bii|'vlcus will In- In'lil in ilir
' llnptlsl   I'lnnrll    "'I'm
mill's eusl nf Hie Flullicuil Rlvor,
1. Commencing ut n pnst mnrkod
w, C, Miller's soiitliouat cornor;
iiii'iu'i' iiiulli oiglity ehnlns, thenco
west eighty clinlna, thonco smith
eighty eliuiiis, thonco inst eighty
rlinins tn pluco uf commoncomont,
oontulning 640 nrrcs mure ur loss.
w. c. Miller, Locutor.
Looated August 20th, 1907,
2, Cummoncing ut it post markod
Mutt itocs southwest corner, thouce
north eighty chuins, thence eust
nighty chuins, tlience smith oiglity
eliuins, thence west eighty i'liuins tu
place nf commencement, containing
(itii acres more nr less
Mutt. Roob, Locator.
Located August 20th, IIIU7.
it,   I' nii'iii'iug ut   u pnst. mnrked
Churles    Lyuch'fl   nortl sl   corner,
thence smith eighty eliuins, tlionco
wost ulghty ehnlns, thenco north
eighty   ohalnB,   thonco   mist   eighty
i'liuins   tu   plnoo   uf   oommoncoi it,
containing lite ncroH more or less.
Churles Lynch, Loo,
l.ui'uti'il Auriisl ■tilth, I.UI7.
A. I,. Junes i-aine down frum
the Nurlli Star mine (luting lhe
early purl uf tins wool,'.    He   ro
ports llllll It consldoi'llbloninounl   I nrn'l    and   ciintluulng    every   nlglit,      I.   Cominenelng   nl  ii post mnrked
Of developint-nt Is progressing ul       Mr.  IBorgoron  discovered   Hie   AildresseB   will ho glvon hy tlio lucid  Roy   Hill's nuilhwost cornor, thonco
Hie mine. North Pole on Tuesday  evening  ministers,   e.  nil nre woli n-       sou Ighty   cIiuIub,   tlionco   enst
  Everybody,   anil  thoir   Bisters, ..>:........,...,, ",:*11"   "U:"*"-   •   r,...-it, .-m-i.-v
Manager Prank llyi , of , ,„.:''..u.si.ts ti.i.l their aunts  were at
.     ... .      .•'. ... 1 i In)    .i ri       hnnun     on       I iinurl.* u
A Big Pay Roll.
Cranbrook Fire Brick Si Terra! ""• opura   house  on     nesday
Cotta Company was in tl ity °vo" "B ' IUI'M|' l"'nl"" aml
Wednesday   un    business.      Mr. | Ml'   Uergoron speak,
Byron has a lui, uf line bricks
and building blocks on exhibit ion
at llealu ,V Kl well's.
1    l-ii'.I   Homo Mini" Cnndios
J lli    It.'in.ui'i"    tur    per ilii/.i'ti   Sul
| duy Duly ul tho 1'iilin.
i-liuins,   tlionoo   west   I'lghiy   clutlnB,
In   plnee uf cnminoticoinunt, contain
,,     |,     ,. ii     i.        log li'lll ni-l-i'B niiiril nr less.
* ■   '■•   '*■■<   I ''•'    '   "    "" liny lllll, Locator,
Seplemlier   lllllDllllted    lu    uver;    Locntod August 20th,  1907       10
srii.iniii, ui this ''mn i iSin.noo ——
I"*'   wus paid lu  Hie  ongl rs.  lho      Vi-n-h Homo Mado CnndloB 2lic. por
lli.   BiinnniiB   lite   por duzon Hutur
innl and trainmen,
day (inly ut tlm Palm.


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