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The Prospector Nov 17, 1906

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Array .'   J-l.t ...."■> .y.
I— "I
Vol. 12.
No. 4'i.
Men go to Work at Once   Peace
and Prosperity  will Again
Reig.i in the Crow's
Nest Pass.
Penile, Jtav, 12 The strike is
settled. The eud came suddenly
ami unexpectedly au hour ago,
At s o'olook Mr. Thomas Burke,
National Board Member, called
upon General Manager Lindsey
at his office and within a shorl
lime the agreement as given he-
low was signed by these two
gentlemen for lhe eon lending
parlies. This settlement -com-
pletel.v vindicates the stand
which the company officials took
from lite start, and whieh the
great hulk of the miners in their
desire lo be fair and honorable
conceded. Mr. Huike ae-
knowledges that Sherman was
wrong in demanding lhe closed
shop uiul thai the strike was entirely unjustifiable. The discrimination clause is inserted.
A new check-off, operative for
the life of the agreement, is substituted but all names added
since September Illli, are to be
cancelled, The men go back to
work ni once: At Michel, where
fan in No. 8 has been in operation, work will commence tomorrow morning. At Coal Creek
the mines will be put iu workable condition with all possible
The Free l'ress desires to take
Ihis early opportunity of congratulating all parties concerned
on the resumption of activity lo
our great wheels of industry,
which since the 22nd of September have been ominously silent.
We congratulate the miners.
They will welcome Ihe opportunity lo take up thoir discarded
picks and shovels. To their
credit be it said that the rank
and tile persistently stood by
their principles of honor and
justice and al the same time did
all they consistently could to
uphold the good name of their
union. To the company we ox-
tend congratulations. The
strike has incurred heavy loss
to the shareholders, but the
management could not afford to
recede from the position which
they felt was the right one. To
the business men of the city, the
smelting men, the metalliferous
miners and all thai great outside
class who suiter most in times of
strikes and who are powerless
to Intervene, we extend congratulations. The satisfaction will
be none lhe less keen because it
is unexpected.
I, Thomas Burke, acting for
Presldeni Mitchell and soul to
Pernie hy him lo sol tie l he sl rlko,
liml that the Crow's Nesl I'uss
Coal Oompany were promised
by the Conference Committee,
which framed and signed lhe
agreement of May 28rd, 11)05,
(a) That there should he no
refusal lo work with non-union
(I>) That tint issue of the
closed shop would not he raised
(c) That Presldeni Mitchell
would not permit a strike for
any such purposes.
(d) Thut it was relying on
the faith of these promises that
the discrimination clause in the
previous agreement was omitted
irom the agreement of the "llrd
of May, lllllii
I further say that President
Mitchell had he been advisod of
the aforesaid promises would not
have ordered a strike nor sent
his telegram dated September
llth Illllli.
It is therefore agreed between
myself and Mr. Lindsey, acting
for lhe Crow's Nesl Pass Coal
1. That there shall be no discrimination by union men against
non union men or refusal to
work with them,
2. Thai all men who joined
the United Mine Workers of
America since September llth.
11106, nml signed In deduct dies
under Article j on or after Ihal
date, are released Irom lhe said
organization and their signatures
to such orders shall bo and are
cancelled and Ihey may rejoin
and resign at Iheir option.
8, Thai ihe monies collected
for the union by the Company
for dues in October from tne
September pay-roll shall be paid
over lo the union.
I. That in ns much us the
present check-olT order does not
lust for the life of the agreement
a new check-off order is to be
prepared and substituted for it
which will lasl for the life of
llie agreement and this when
signed lhe company will accept.
'), All men are to go hack lo
Haled Kernie. Nov. ISth  IflOO.
(I. (I. S. Lindsey.
Thomas Burke.
Witness:    Ii. W. Coulthard.
Pernie, Nov. lil. New developments have occurred in Ihe
strike situation.
At a meeting of the Gladstone
local Union held this afternoon.
it was decided not lo accept Ihe
settlement signed by general
manager Lindsey and representative Burke last night and not
to return to work lill instructed
lo do so by  president   Mitchell.
Messrs. llurlce. Sherman and
Patterson left for Indianapolis
tonight to lay the whole matter
before the president of tho IT.
M. W. of A.
The local union disputes the
authority of Burke lo finally
settle the strike.
Visitor! Here and Thare   PeDjlc-
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
II. M. Burritl of Vancouver
was in ihe city Kriday.
Provincial Assessor A. Lucns
of Kaslo wus in the city Priday.
(i. S. Doran of Sarnia, Out..
was in town Thursday.
II. Patoi'son ol Sparwood was
was in the city Thursday.
ft. Creel man of Vancouver was
.i Granbrook visitor Thursday,
A. 11. Penwick of Port Steele
wns in the city Wednesday.
lien. (1. Jewell of the Jewell
Lumber Co., Jaffray was nl Oranbrook Priday on Lusiuess.
.1. A. Harvey left on Kriday on
a visit lo Victoria and other
coast points.
Mrs. I'. Lund and Miss Couzans
of Wardner were visiting friends
ai Cranbrook Wednesday.
li. ll. Durant was il
erry Creek Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs
of Port. Sleele
.  T. T. McVittie
were in the city
WANTED My a young lady,
a position as bookkeeper, apply
tl this office,
Pay Day at St. Eugene.
Another record lias been broken
in ihe Sl. Eugene payroll, Saturday lasl was payday at the mine,
and the amount disbursed was
1(186,000. Lasl month the amount
paid out was 882,500. The increase is due to the extra men
working in the shaft, says the
Moyie Lender.
During the month of October
2,44n tons of ore and concentrates
were shipped, and this in the
face of the mill being shut down
for six days on account of the
mill engine breaking.
Tne St. Eugene shaft is being
put down as fast as possible.
It is now down 95 feet below the
first station and will be sunk to
a depth of 150 feet. The mine
is said to be showing up splendidly in the lower levels
Work on the addition to the
mill is getting well along. This
addition is 87 x 41 and will he
used ns a vnnner room. A new
Corliss engine is being installed
in the mill. The company paid
its regular quarterly dividend ou
November 1st.
Special Council Meeting.
A special meeting of lhe Cily
Council was held on Thursday
evening to consider matters re
the construction of lhe Municipal
and Government building.
There were present Mayor
Rogers, and Aldermen Ryan,
Murphy. Jackson aud Pink.
In a letter to the City Council,
Mr Armstrong, acting ns architect in charge of the Municipal
aud Government building, reported lhat he was dissatisfied
with the progress made by the
contractors, Messrs Kerr St
Campbell; and requested the
Council to take actios under the
the terms specified in conti act.
It was moved by Aldermen
Jackson and Murphy, that, the
City Clerk he instructed to write
Messrs Kerr A Campbell.al Cranbrook aud al Pernio, that, unless work was resumed on the
joint Municipal and Government
building on Saturday November
17th, and continued without iu
toiTiiption, Ihu city will take
possession of Ihe works pursuant to the terms of lhe contract
As the train and mail were
late on Priday, Clerk Roberts
wired Messrs Kerr St, Campbell,
at Kernie, Kriday morning notifying them of the action of the
Huge Gilniore, of Vancouver
was al Cranhrook Thursday on
Mr. and Mrs. J. Staples of
Wycliffe were Cranbrook visitors Wednesday.
Cranlirook is one of the busiest
railway points in British Columbia.
Wm. Carlin and Geo. Watson
drove over from Port Sleele
Tuesday on business.
Born nt Cranbrook Monday
November 12, to Mr. and Mrs.
John Leask a son.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Allerton of
Wycliffe were gnosis at Ihe Cosmopolitan Tuesday.
POR SALE.—Two most desirable building lots in Cranbrook
adjoining Dr. Green's residence
price 8800.00. ApplyO.ll. Prest.
R, D. Smith of Medicine Hat.
(i. P. Pay of Montreal and D. R.
Pyleof Winnipeg were registered
at the Cranbrook Tuesday.
Do you need POWER for any
purpose whatsoever*' If so get
a Fairbanks Morse gasoline engine.    Kor sale al Pat more Bros.
J. J. Maedonald. L E. Briely,
of Vancouver and S. P. Tolinie
of Victoria were guesl at lhe
('ranbrook Tuesday.
S. Harrington of Lincoln, Me.
and 11 Karkleff of Cohasett,
Minn, were guests al lhe Cosmo
poll tan Thursday
P. S. Robson of Edmonton, ll.
R. Wni'k of Toronto, I). W. Mc-
Pni'land of Blalrmore and Roy
A. Cook of Nelson were regis
tercd ai the Craubrook Wednesday,
The celebrated "Fairbanks
Morse" gasoline engines also
drug nnd circular sawing machines for sawing wood. Por
sale al Pal more Bros.
Rev J. II. While D. I). Super
intendent of Missions for the
Methodist Church of B. 0, paid
a visil to Cranbrook on Tuesday
of this week and gave an address
tl. tho League meeting on the
same evening. Hois milking a
town of the District in the interests of the church missionary
Regular public preaching service in the methodisl church nexl
Sunday with the pastor in charge.
Evening subject "Would ho cily
official." this is the second ill a
special series of addresses. Lasl
Sunday the church wus crowded
to hour the lirst of lhe series.
Song service al, 7.'.','\ All aril
Ross Pal mor of Edmonton wns
registered al the Cl'illl brook
Thursday, Mr. Palmer was a
resident   of   Cranhrook    before
going to Edmonton,
lien. McGregor, 11. Lowes. II.
Chapman mid O. Orchard, nil ol
Moyie w ere in Cranbrook Kriday
John Breckenrldge of Calgary
wnsagiiesl at tho Cranbrook Priday,
Horn nl Mnrysville, Nov, 15,
IIIOII, to Mr. and Mrs. W. L,
\V;iikins, n daughter.
Archie McVittie of Medicine
Hal wns nl Cranbrook* Thurs
duy on husiness.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. Cavin arrived
in Cninbrook Monday, and were
kepi    busy    during    the    week
receiving tlie congratulations of
Iheir many friends.
Dr. T. C. Mercer of Montreal,
arrived at Crunbrook Monday.
Mo will be associated with Drs.
King nnd Green.
('has. A. Gaskill manager of
lhe Kimberley Milling Co. was in
the cily during lhe early pari of
litis week, on business.
The subject of ''Belter terms"
was lhe blow that caused a commotion in Liberal circles. Grit
papers have now returned to the
•■did chestnut" Kaein Island.
Saturday evening, tho nil room
of the C. P. R. was discovered to
be on tire. The Fire Brigade
was quick to respond to tlie fire
alarm, and  the tire was extin-
uished with but small loss.
Better Terms Banquet.
Cranbrook, B. C, Nov. 15, 'Oil.
on. Richard McBride,
Victoria, B, C.
My Dear Mr. McBride:
Al a meeting of the Executive
Association held today, Ihe foi-
owing resolution was moved
and adopted: "Thai an invita
tion be extended to Ihe Premier,
Honourable Richard McBride, lo i
attend a banquet to bo rendered
As Seen by the Traveling Corre
spondent of the Victoria
"Cranbrook is conceded to bo
one of lhe best towns in llie in
terior of British Columblu hy
those who make a business ol
traveling over lhe province.
Cranlirook has a population nl
8,200 to 8,500, nnd has always
been prosperous and progressive. It is advantageously situated in the center of a rich dis
trict, wiili unlimited resources
in lumbering, mining, agriculture and fruil, and is the natural
supply point of the whole region.
Oranbrook lias a Hue system of
waterworks, electric light and
telephone, lhe Inner having
branches lo all the towns iu the
district. The residential portion
of Cranbrook is Ihe pride of the
lown. As a scenic center Cranbrook is superb, having within
two or throe hours ride, the historic Wild Horse, the wonderful
valley of Perry creek, the marvelous Klk Canyon and the placid beauties of Moyie Luke.
Cranbrook looks good to her
home people, in fact, Cranbrook
looks good to everybody."
The above greeted my eye as
I picked up the dinner menu at
the Cranbrook Hotel the evening
of my arrival. Kor a brief description, it covers the point.
Mine hosts Hoggarth & Rollins
have that unbounded faith in
Iheir home town that they are not
afraid to spend dollars in ''printers' ink." They are of the statii]i
ihal believes in publicity, and
knowing this one does not marvel ut their prosperous condition.
For a place still in its 'teens.
Cranbrook is today one of the
most prosperous, live and sub-
veil in the mechanical  di
"in. nnd  the  maintennnc
parlment, tributary ti
mi  it-  payrol
nu ~.     Whim   I)    C
Mm',  iho  Spokane  In
in opei-atiou mn
tantial municipalities of the into him by this Association  as a terior    It   show
mark  of appreciation and ap
proval of his patriotic conduct
at lhe Ottawa Conference ou
better terms."
Speaking, on behalf of the
Association, I may say • thai we
would be very pleased indeed, if
you see your way clear to come
to Craubrook and accept the invitation on any dale that would
suit yourself, as our Association and all Conservatives as
weil as the greal majority offn-
dependenl Liberals, would be
only too pleased to commend by
their attendance at a banquet,
your magnificent stand at < itluwa
on behalf of the province.
Yours verc sincerely,
G. H. Thompson,
Secretary of the executive committee,
A Portion of Coal Creek Miners
Adopt Same Course-Sherman Wants Trouble
to Continue.
Pernie,Nov. II. The collieries
the Crow's Nesl Pass Coal Co.
al Coal Creek and Michel resumed operations today.
Michel miners held u meeting
this morning and hy a vole of 04
loll decided lo act, on Ihe Instructions of representative
Burke and accept ihe settlement
made by him and return to work,
thus ignoring lhe order of district president Sherman, who
yesterday wired them to remain
Between M0 nnd llll men wenl
to work at Michel litis morning
without waiting to hear the result of today's meeting.
Between (il) and 70 men presented themselves for work on
the morning shift at Coal Creek
und many applications have been
received during the day.
Coul is coming out ut Michel
but only Ihe preliminary work of
dunning up In preparation  for
active opera!inns has been done
ill Coal Creek.
Tomorrow coal is expected
from lhis colliery also
Al yesterday's meeting ol
Gladstone union, Sherman
threatened 'hat If president
Mitchell supported Burke's
action in calling olT the sl, ike he
would procei d with tlieorgiinizn
lion nf :t new union.
it   in   many
Miles of well constructed j W(
side-walks, an excellent tire hall,
with up-to-date appliances ami a
crack volunteer department are
things Hint the Infant municipality can well pride itself on.
While the public utilities, such
as waterworks, electric light and
telephone are in the hands of
private ownership good service
is given Ihe citizens, Again
take a peep into lhe numerous
stores, and besides quantity you
note quality In the goods displayed 1 was told that the best
the country produces finds a
ready sale in all lines, and imported stuffs of the most expensive nature have the readiest
sale, ll speaks well for the people, and it speaks well for Ihe
times. Oul on Baker Hill is the
principal residential district.
There are many line homes,
costing thousands, nnd with five
churches and a public school, including a high class, .lhe home
life, educational and ministerial
needs are well supplied. There
is also a splendid hospital the
St. Eugene Hospital- -managed
by the Sisters and containing
sixty live  beds,   The  financial
needs of the city und district are
taken care of by the Canadian
Bank of Commerce antl the Imperial Bank, which have
branches here The former has
creeled a really handsome brick
bank building. "Dad" Grace,
who for over a decade has edited
the "Prospector," anil "Old
Man" Simpson of the "Herald"
deserve well of the community
foi' Hie manner iu which they
lioih everlastingly Keep ('ran
brook and tho district generally
hefori' lhe lending public.
At Cranhrook the Canadian
Pacific Railway Company dis
tributes between 8551000 ami
805,01111 per  month   to  iis um
ploy CCS,     Here    is      lhe      ll i 'III I
quarters of Slipoi'llltondonl D
Erickson, who manages 480
miles of line betwooli lhe Koote
nay lakes mnl Medicine Hal,
Alta. One liunil rod and sixty-
live trainmen make the city Iheir
headquarters.    Filly    men   ai'o
| pa nn
nl wnv
11 in
Cot bin
11 -iiiii 11
tlm Hrsl through freight between
St. Paul and the Falls City is
scheduled to start ou the 25th,
an additional number of men
will lie concentrated here, In
passing lei mo tell you what n
prominent business man luul to
say of ihe railroad boys of Cran
brook: "Prom Superintendent
Erickson down, the C, P. R. hn-
ci n te red here one of llu- fitiesl
imly of men anywhere in the
unploy of its greal system,
Thoy take an active purl in nil
thut helps the upbuilding ni the
plnee. whether in civic affairs or
..porl and as ii class can no! he
beaten "
llesiiles ihe railroad payroll,
lhe lumbering industry located
here adds a big monthly sum.
distributed in supplies and
wages, and lhe nearby mines
contribute largely to lhe financial prosperity of ihe growing
cily. Evidences are mil wanting
Of its stability. Baker streel is
well buill up, and among tlie
new business blocks Is II line lire-
proof cement block Hearing completion, for the Kimk Mercantile
Cn. A combined 820,000, two
and u-half-story building is in lie
erected by the Province mul Mu
nicipality. That the city does
no! lack enthusiastic sportsmen
is shown liy the ease with whicli
some $4,000 was raised for the
building of a 60x158.fool curling
rink, ll is also well understood
thai V. Hyde liaker and L. A.
Hamilton of Winnipeg purpose
in lhe near future tu build n
modern hotel oii the site uf the
presenl Cranbrook Hotel. While
lhe plans have not been definitely matured, Mr. Baker who is
the pioneer uf the town is
nit ing un   ihem.    Altogether
[What the City Dads are Doing to
Promote   the   Welfare
nf the City.
Cranbrook is a good, healthy
little city, llin I. has ii greal future
before it, Hie way fur which is
being paved by as energetic and
progressive a body uf citizens ns
can lie found in British Columbia.
Caledonian Society.
The regular bi-monthly meeting uf Hie Caledonian Society
mot nl Hie Walls hall un Friday
last,     ll being Ihe dale   Inr  llie
appointment nf officers, after a
selection on lhe pipes by Mr. McCowan, lhe chief look the chair.
Mr. James Finlay was e ected
chief, Mr. Abernethy secretary-
treasurer, Mr. Murdock Mc-
Eachern sub-chief. A committee
was appointed to prepare a pro
gramme for each night, After
these preliminaries were gone
through wilh, Miss Kelly, late
of Edinburgh, snug a snug very
sweetly. Mrs. Abernethy ren
tiered lhe "Scottish Blue Hells."
very acceptably, Mr. Byers
gave :i humorous recitation,
Mr. Drew gave "Saucy Mary
Anne." After :i very pleasant
evening all formed a circle uiiil
snug "Aiihl Lang Syne."
Kootenay Central Railway.
Mr, Hungorford Pollen. Hie pop-
uiiu president of tho Kootenay
Central Railway, is in Victoria
fur the purposoof interviewing
tho govern mon t on tho subject
of the early construction of ihe
much needed linc.uf railway from
Porl Steele in I'ulilcn. lu mi
interview wilh The Week he ile
clareil Hull there wus un possi
blllty nf the work going ahead
wilhinii aid frum llu- Provincial
Government, as ihe Dominion
subsidy was not sufficient lo lu
■ luce London capitalists to 11 mince
its construct ion, Tho railway is
badly wanted: il would |>n-s
through one of llio must fortilc
valleys in the provluco, mul ii is
greatly to he hoped Hint some
melius will bo devised io enable
the necessary wmk lobe proceeded wilh ns curly as possible.
A special meeting nf tlie City
Council was held on Friday
eveniug November Hth, for the
purpose nf considering the request uf ill" Electric Light and
Waler Supply Companies fur a
franchise frum lhe city.
There were present His Win-
-hip Mayor Rogers, ami Alder-
meu Kink, Ryan, Jackson and
After considerable discussion,
and having heard Mr. Vi.F. Gurd
the representative of the companies, Aldermau Jackson gave
notice that, al the special meeting
uf the Council called fur the 18th
inst, lii'jAvmpij iiiiriidiiceii by-law
lo licence and regulate Electric
Lin hi-mnl Telephone companies,
and in use ihe public highways
ul the Municipality hy such companies,
i louncil adjourned,
Special Meeting Nov.. 18.—
There were present. His Worship
Mayor Rogers, anil Aldermen
Pink, Ryau,Jackson and Murphy,
A communication frum L. B.
VanDecar, re electric light and
telephone franchises wits read.
Aldermau Jackson then sub-
milled adruft uf a by-law lo regit-
Into electric lights ami tele
li was then moved by Aldermen Murphy and Kink thai leave
be granted in introduce by-law
Nu. 88, being n by-law to regulate electric light mul telephone companies within Hie inn
nicipality of tho city uf Cran
brook, sniil by law wns read a
first, nml second ttmo.
The City Clerk was Instructed
to issue vouchers on the following accounts Sidewalk ileben-
tures810l.l5., Municipal debentures 858.25, Sidewalk debentures 878.01) use of team 880.25,
cheques tu he drawn in fnvnr uf
tho city. The motion was carried.
The Chief of the Pire Brigade
WHS empowered to ordered the
balance of lire team harness.
T. M Roberts was appointed
us   clerk     uf     ll
Council, also as Assessor tu the
i 'ity of Cranbrook.
It was moved Ihal the Assessor
shall complete fhe ami uai assessment roll of lhe Oily of Cranbrook on or before the 81st, day
nf December, and the same to be
returned to the Clork of the Municipal Council on or before that
Thai lhe Cuy Solicitor be instructed tu write in Hu- Government of the province i'e grim! for
tuition of children resident out-
ide of Hie cily limits.
Council adjourned.
The Pringle Company.
Will return tn Hie Cranbrook
Opera House Inr three nights
tarting November 22nd, open-
ng with the tive net comedy
drama lhe "Fatal Wedding." a
play Hint you can bring your
wife nnd children to see. The
'Fatal Wedding," as presented
iy the Pringle Company, is a
powerful and enticing pi.cco, excellent ly played and superbly
mounted, The Pringle Company is sniil In lie one of the
strongest on the road this season.
iis personal including Johnnie
Pringle. Miss Pearl King Ed-
'.i in s Barton, Florence I'rin
glo, Harry Pringle. Cindy
Mauley and   baby   Ruth.   This
child is nlle Of Hie hesl child
urlre-s uii the stage today, nnd
her specialties are worth lhe
price alone
ilnnil singing anil dancing
specialties during the show,
I  I   ful'gel   the  date,   throe
nights starting Nov. 22nd Thurs
I'l'iies 75, ."ii'miil 25c, Tickets
i ui sal.) ui I he posl office drug
Danoe at Marysville.
\lr Thos, Colo, proprietor nf
ihe Ceiiiiiil Hotel gave a ■dunce
Priday night iu lhe Hotel dining
room.    The   Wyclille  Orchestra
provided ihe music, A number
nl people drove up from (Van
liiiin!,'   nml  u   inusl    enjoyable
time       WHS      Hie     Verdict     |i|'    llll
^JK??*0**]   999999999999999999**99999*9*******************9999999999999999999
A. B. Grace-,
SATURDAY, NOV. 17. 1006.
IT is  new  almost   two  weeks I
since the premier intimated
his    willingness   to   meet    the
leader nf the opposition ill public
debate on the question of better'
terms.    The .suggestion  it   will
be remembered was made by the
Liberal Association of Victoria
after ihe confession that Mr, McBride had made a "hit". Mr. Mac
donald has been at  Vancouver, j
Victoria, and other coast  points
for some time, bin su far we are
not  Informed that he has any
time to meet lhe premier, as de-1
sired  by  his own   friends   and
supporters  there.    We   wonder
why.   Nelson Canadian.
* *    *
Grit newspapers are again
announcing thai a provincial
election is to take place at mice.
All of which goes to show thai
they don't know anything about
the matter, but are shooting at
random hoping that at some time
to come near the mark.
.   ,   ,
What sort of standing does his
visit to Kern ie gi ve t he op] msit ion
* *   *
When J. A. Maedonald, leader
of the Liberal party in this pro- J
vlnce, recently visited Fernie,he
was warmly welcomed as the one I
man that could and would  settle
the Fernie strike.    He found the
party all   "In   again''   at    the|
Liberal  house.    After his conference with the Coal company,
they wereall "Out again." and il
is possible that at the next election they will remain "out again."
The Dominion Parliament will
meet on the "L'nd of November.
The sessions will held during the
winter season  from   this   time
* «   ii
We are convinced that tho more
the electorate of Southeast
Kootenay sludy the methods of
.1. A. Maedonald,the leaderof the
opposition, the more they will be
surprised If not disgusted with
these methods. His recent visil
to Pei'llie, his conference with
the Coal Co., and his actions
regarding the strike situation,an
evident inclination to make political capital oul of ihe misfortune
of the coal miners, nil show lhat
Mr. Maedonald has made another
blundering attempt ut interference which will be wni'iiily resented at llie proper time.
IT would he unfair for us tn point in unv one depart
ment as lhe peer uf the rest     What we attempted lu
dn we have accomplished fixed it that no matter whal
Hue of goods you are interested in. thai section answers
"Ready" with confidence.
Will liiul much in Dress Goods and
Mantles to in I-.rest them.
We've been particiiliirK particular in assure ourselves
ihni every woave mul pattern i- whal will he the
exactly   correcl thing foi the Coming Season.
There is a plensiny diversity ul fashion
ahleness amonj' .ill lli.it pertains to Ladies
wear, All of these lines will It cut in the
ver\ liuiii'. For \;*; cents wc will -\
vou ,i liitc nl tweeds .mil serges ihe latest
patterns antl designs regular pine 75 cents,
We have one line ■■: tweeds wc will <,•]] :;
:; cents regular 50 ecu: ■,
Beautiful wide-wale  Dress goods      Soil
lengths the \i 1 \   I iti sl   it  - s* 1.25
regular price s t. 75 tnd - *
We .uui"' q ,"' 1 you pr ■ es on .ill lines here, hut will
cheerfully do so when yuu Call ,t: tl e Sti
Underwear Waists in Silk.
Wool and Cashmere all to
be sold at wholesale prices.
MeriH Wear
\\ 1 will sell \i,n I leav) Underwear all
■-I es al  si. 10 per  suit  regularly sold   for
- M»'.     I'.ip -.Im is u ill lie s.ii I'ilieed.
\\ 1     luw-     I he    l'l,llll,   Skill!    shoe,   till'
Kaglo Sin.1- Co.'s liigli class shoe, The
Viiierieaii Walk-over shoe and man) other
line'., Wc will quote Mm mie Mt iwu prices
uliii li will largeh govern all:
We will sell you a $5.00 shoe for $2.90. a $6.00
slum lor S3.50, a $3,50 shoe lor $1.85.
We have 300 dozen Mens Sox in (."ashmen- ;iiul liens   wool.     We   inust   unload
lllelll ill COSt.
All out I.ailics Put's must go and tile
assortment is mosl Complete at prices that
defy Competition,     We fancy   that   a   call
Will s.lllsU.
See the prices wc quote on 20th Century
Clothing. While Clothing made by the
average makers will lie sold at from S3.90 a
soil up.
hill & eo.
TllK   COHI'OUATION     ol-'     THK
NOTICK     'I'n     DHAYMKX     ANIi
Por  Quotations  On
NuniuruiiM < 'omplaltitu huvo buun!
iiuuli' thai giiebatjiij mul other refuKC
is holng iluppHileil nulslilu tlie limits
of ilir nulwuieu ground, Si>ms Imvo
mow linen pluciMl direct in^ the t-nud to.
mul lhe limits of iln' miisiuin- ground,
whirli ran Iii' approiu'lii'il over Mr. Si.
Kioto1 ur Mr. Brunnun't. bridge, frum
i.lti'in'i' 10 the old Port Steele trail uml
thenue following direction posts up the
Thr police have Instructions to prosecute any person depositing refuse out-l
side tin* limits of tlm nuisance ground.
T  M. Roberts. KLIo'
1-j City Clerk.       j
Call up tlie City Transfer
when you want your Furniture, Piano, or Baggage
W. E. Worden
Snle ogcnli Hunk
hunil I Innl Dial.
Dominion Meat Co.
We have ;i new iniin in our Sausage kitchen, nml he
certainly knows his business, it keeps us hustling to
keep up with the orders. Get youi Sausage from us.
never miml where you get your other meats.
(let Mint SAUSAGE, where in
creasing  orders   COMPEL    the
butcher in make them ever} day,
fl Pointer!
Dominion Meat Co.
....    T   -  -  - *  I  '  '"-A
Maritime     Provinoes     Ontario,
Quebec, The Old Country
BY. announce 11 series of low
round Irip rates first class three
(ill months Iimi! from Kootenays
to all points in Ontario, Quebec,
Maritime Provinces nml the Did
Bate from Cranbrook toToron
to, Montreal, Windsor ami intermediate points is JS6", 15 Halifax
or St. John iu connection with
ocean Passages £7-. 17.
Tickets will he sold daily
Noveinhei'-.'ltli to December Hist,
Corresponding rates will he
quoted to all eastern Canadian
Points from all Kootenay
This is 1111 unusualopportunity
10 visit Eastern Canada or the
Old Count f.v nl I'll list mas at 11 low-
Detailed information sailing
list, for ocean steamersflrstcloss
or Tourist sleeper reservations
on application to local agents or
.1, s. Carter, IJ.P A
Nelson, I',, C.
D. J. JOHNSON     |g WholcHHlc arid Retail ~
£ zs
carpenter % Builder | Meat Merchants I
tt** ZZ2
£ 3
Clood Work nl £ . zS
Reasonable Price £ Dealers in Abattoir ami ( old Slora*,n ^
'£    Live Stock at Calgary, Alberta.   ^
Office and Workshop  Lewis St^iUlUliUUUiUUUlUUUIUlilUWUlUUUUUlUUUlUlUlUUUli^
si**— -***
■»*- •****»
1 P. Burns & Go. \
% HAY and GRAIN f
WRITE TO *        J
Hemblmg- & Eubank     *
9   DIDSBURY. ALTA. Satisfaction Guaranteed   9
♦"«:♦.«:■♦:«:♦ ♦ :♦> ♦:«♦. 9::*ft:9'l:*;4:9ft:*ft:-*:ft
1 RE SHORT & CO. 1
The Painters, Papcrhangeis, Etc.
Roinombor we carry the only stoch of IIKHI
pupei's iii Cranbrook,
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  l.iinls nl  Painting and Decorating
attended to promptly.
Jr Head Office,
8£ Cul^firy,  Alberta
Muin OfHoo Uir Eusl Kootenay, I
Oranbrook, H.C ;
S,   P.O. 130X88     ARMSTRONG AVENUE    PHONE 111   ,Q
ft: 9 ft; 9 ft; 9 ft 9 ft. 9 ft: 9 *;. ft 9 ftyrft <*ft;i* ftpzftf. * ft
c. c c.
! Gaioary Cattle Co.
Fresh and Hn tod Moate
Pish and Poultry in Soaaon
m Livero
Teams and drivers furnished for any point in the district.
A. DOYLE, Manager
4 Orders liy iimii will receive prompl mnl direful attention *
{                       Order liv Phone 45 \
a ••  •
Ttlko nutii'i' lluit iiiiilii.vaiifli'r iliitf I liiteml
to apply to llio Chlol coiiiiiilsKiiini'i 1,1 Limits
& Wiirlis lur iii'iiiilssluii 11, jnii'liiiai' tin- following luml altlllltCll 111 Sillllll Klist KoOlOllllV.
Cammoiioltig i"   ,1  post  innrltoil   'Vlllluin
Urwiltoilrlitgo s Nm-tli Bust Coriior, plntitcil on
tlu'wi'stlnilik ul III,' Kitott'llll.v Itlvor wll.'1'f till'
Siniiii Iln,, „l l.m i.Miiiciiisai". tin. sniil itiviir:
Iiii'iu'i' Wisl HI i'liuins; tlii'tu'i' Suiilii 21) i'liuins:
iiii'iu'i- Kust in vim ins moronr to... to tlio lunik
ullll,' Klllll  Kiver:   lllotH'O following  111,'  Hllll]
bunk northerly tu tin- plnee nr i iini'lii'iuii'iil
llllll luiitiiltiinn In nil Wl nrl'i's Iniii'i' or less.
Auunsl ','.-, IIHHI.
I In-ivliy nil ilii'i' Hint Sisly  Iluys uftor
iliiic I iiiii'ini i„ upply iu tlm Ciiniiiiissiiiiii'i' iii
Limits iiiiiI Wiii'li. lur |,i-riulssiiin 10 ptirt-liil.il
tlio folliinlUK ili's.'lllii'il llll',','ul lllllil: II,'lliu
iiiui; nt n post iilniiH'il on tin* I'lnat Inilii of Ilir
Kniitelliiy rlvur 111 n pollll wlu'l'i' tll.' ,,,'sl
11,1,111,lliry  of lot  Nu. :<* lllli'l.si'i'ts   111,'  1'ivr
ni'iir Uu' iim ttiwvst oortior of lot 58 lliotimt lul-
lOWing Illi' Klisl llllllll ill Kniiti'liny rlvor ill II
westerly. siulllu'My mill enslerly ilireellun In
wllere tlll'.wi'Kl lioiiinliiry Ol lot ■** tlllerseels
llle Kniiteiiiiv  liver llenr llle snllllilvest ,'ninei'
of lot No. h8 0,1, einitiiintiiu ISO floras moro ur
Unlet!-Jlsl AllUtlSt   IIHHI.
:tl N. HANSON.
ITlli.ir NOTICK.
Tn nil luilili'i's u! luml  within   Hu-
l.iiiiitsnf l.nt -I (Ji'ini|i I. Kniilciuiy llls-
Irii-t uml iiinll'liiilili'i'siifwiiti-i' lii'i-ni'ils
llll .IllSt'pllS  I'l'llll'll' t 'I'l'l'll.
Ap|llll*!llillllH  tilt'   till'   ll|l|HH'tillt:lllt'lll
nr {llll'l III till'.'lllll illt-llt's ill U'llti'l    Irnlll
mild t'l-tii'li I'ei'iii'ili'tl iii fiiviuii' nf .Iniin
T. Oitllii'iilth nu tlii'-'.'li'il. ilu.v iif May
IST'J um! r,:e ]n I'll.i iniiili In  i-Ii;iiil'<'  llie
pollll   ' I   'ivi r : ml     Hi 'se
nl   iiu- ilit.'ii   i.,.-   Hie   (livnmlnii   uf
pill-l ',' sniil unler. will llll llUIII'll I'.v llle
ill my llllllll fin Men,In) llu- lffll.ll. Il:i.\
ill (li'luli.T llllll! Ill l'l,'Veil iM'Ini'li in Hie
liil'i'liniin llliiler llllllinl'il.V nl Sei'liiins 111
L'l nml '.'7 iif llie sniil All!.,
OliJnutliilM mIic.ii 1.1 lie lili.'il will	
ne liefniv llu- 22ml ilaj ill 'Oilfiller. IIIIIII,
|i il ul (li'iinliriiiik, lhe I Tl ll. .Ini uf
Si'pl.'iulii'i' Illllli.
.1.1''. AII.MS'I'IIUMI.
Assihlnnl I 'iiiiniiissioiici- of Liimls nml
Weeks Ini' the Slllllhi'l'tl llivisinn nf
I'lllst Konlenuy. .'IS
CUANBtlOOla,     -     ll.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
Cranbrook, ll.C.
G. H. Thompson
*^Jg   IIACKIS'l'I'lli A SOI.II'l'l'olt
~Z7~*l   NOTAIIV I'l'lll.lC
irook, !!.<*.
P.U.S. & C.B.
Port Steele B.C.
Plujsician n»ii Surgeon
Ol'l'll'l-'. AHMS't'UONfl AVE.
Iloi'lis:   I) to II ll.lll.   2 lo 4 |i.lll.
7 toS p.m.
I'lniiii' OHIco 105    lii'siili-ni'ii llltl
Mm   Hklnn teacher of the
mis.  nisiup        pianoforte
Special ut lent inn to touch,
technique,   phrasiug   and
grading of studies.
Pin' piii'iii'iilni's upply to C. K. Reid A
Co., The Urnuuisis.
F. O. E.
Moot  i'Vi'1-y Weiliiesiliiy
nt s |i.in, ii, H.1,,1.,', Hull
Visiting   llrotlii'i's Coi'iliiiily   Invited
i'. Hoss't'ATE, Vi. Pi-usldoul
.1. ISiiKcuiN. Siwy.
III'.    I oIlill.    A.'l'ie   I'livsii'illll.    I'. II.
Box -'s.
| Rock)' Mountain Chapter |
I NO.  125.  R. A. M. *
ig      Ui'u-nliu' inei'tiiiua:—2nd Tiit's-
.'E   day   in   eiirli   inntith   at  eight
Sojourning  Companions   life
cordially invited.
Wm. P. Tatk, Sorlbe K.
^       Hex 1       CRANHROOK, 11. C.
Court Cranbrook 8943
Visiting   In-etlii't'ti   cordially   invited
C.I!..   A. McCOWAN.
Sei'ivtafy, T, MARSHALL
Steatn  Bollot'fl uud l''iii'inice Work u
Cost und Stock Estimates
furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Giiinlirook. B.G.
Lime For Sale
Fresh burned Crow's
Nest Lime in any
Inquire nl Fink Mercantile
Kerr 6k Campbell
Boot'Snofi Maker
All Work Guaranteed
New Work Made to Measure
Armstrong Ave.   ffiiSh.1 now
City Scavenger
Parties having back yards,
and closets to clean, ami refuse
mailer lo he taken away, should
loavo orders with me.
Leave oi'dors nt the City Clerks office
oi' drop a piHtnl I'ni'il In llnx 105, NOTICE. .
1 Notice is heroby giVeii tlmt thirty
days utter duto, I Intend to upply to tho
I Ion. Tho < 'liiff <'ommtsBlonor of l .amis
and Works ut Victoria. B.C, for :i
licence to prospect for Coul nnd iVtro-
hmm on tho following doserUted land
shouted In I Hock 4.5PH, Southeast
(Cootumiy District. B.C.;
Commonelng tit ti poat planted about
three miles in a northerly direction
from Sugo unil Oil Crook und uliout
twenty two mllos In a northerly direction
from th<- International Boundary Line.
marked uml being tin- Initial or northwest eorner post ofChurles II. Reese's
locution, thence cast sn elniins, thenee
south ho ehuins. thonee wesi so chuins.
thonoo nortli 80 ehains to place of Imi-
glnning containing 040 ueres more or
less und adjoining tiie locution of I,. A.
I .eluim.
Located October Hlth, IHOII.
Charles II. Koeso, Locator ,
N. M. MacLeod. Agenl
2 Commencing at a post planted
about three miles iii u northerly direction from Suge and < >il Creek und
ubmit twenty-two miles in a northerly
tlireetion from the International Boundary Line, marked and being lhe Initial
or northeast eorner post of ti. K.
Mitchell's loeatiou, tlience wesi SO
eliuins. thence south Sl) eliuins, thenue
east SO ehaius, thence north Sll chuins
to place of beginning containing 040
acres more or less, and adjoining the
location ofChurles \V, Currah.
Located Oetobor Kith. MOlt.
(!. K. Mitchell, Locator
N. M. MacLeod. Agent
:i CominiMiciiig ut ll post planted
about tliree miles in a northerly direction from Sage and oil Creek, und
about twenty-two miles In a northerly
direction from the International Houmlary Line, markeil uml being the Initial
or southeast corner post of Jolin
Minear's   locution,    tlience
tion from Sago uiul oil Creek, and
about twenty-six miles in u northerly
direction from the International
Houndury Line, marked und lad tig tin*
Initial or northeast corner post of L.A.
Dyer's location, thei west HO ehaius,
thoneo south St) chains, thence east 80
chains, tbence nortli so ehuins to pluee
oi beginning containing 040 acres more
or less, and adjoining the locution of
Katie Wooster.
Locator Oclolter Kith. 1000.
L. A. Dyer Locator     •
N. M. MacLeod, Agenl
10 Commencing ut a post planted
about seven miles in it northerly direction from Sage ami nil Creek, uml
■Uiiini twenty-six miles iu a northerly
direction from thu [ntoruuttouul
I'm.imlary Line, marked und lieiug the
Initial or north wosl corner post nf Will
Mi-Dunough's location, thenee oasl so
chains, tlience soutli so i-haius. thenci
wesl 80 ehaius, thence north so chalni
to plaee of beginning containing 040
acres more or less, and adjoining tli
location of >lantes it. Ruehanuan.
Located October \*<\U, tOOti.
Will MeDonough, Locutor
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
11 Commenciug ut  a post   planted
mt seven miles tn a northerly dlroe-
uili". in u •-
post planted uboul
i* dlroctlon from Whk**
mnl mi Creek, ami nbout sixteen udteslua
norther!)  direction to mi   tho International
Ho l-ir.v LlllQ. marked and being thr  Initial
nr Kouiheust corner post of A 0, Wooster's to
en tiou, thence well 80 chains, thenco aorth *o
rliiiins. thence eustM chains, tliciu-r soutli 80
chains to place ot hotilnnttiij contain! mi ato
urrcs iiidi'c ur li'ss. uml adjoining Die locntlOQ
iii..ini..!*' i.'iii. um
nil Ml chains, tlteni
nh "iii'linin- lu plai
ui Roger S
80 i'liuins.
■-i ■
-i w
. I.i
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
•10 Cumuli
tlini- miles in a sunt!
uml nil crook, ami
northerly tlireetion
Uunmlary Line, mar
ii inn
i   post
iv direction trout Saga
unil six teen miles in a
un llu* lutcruuiiomil
ii lining iiu' initial
ml a
chains, ihenee north SO ehains. thouce
cast SO chuius, ibence south so ehains
to place of beginning containing 040
acres more or (bis, and adjoining the
loeatiou old. K- Mitchell.
Located October Hlth, 1000.
.lolin Mi near, Locator
N. M. MacLeod. Agent
-I ('oinmetieing at u post planted
uboul three miles in a nortlierly direction from Sage and OH Creek, and
about twenty-two mill's in a northerly
di reel ion frum the International
lioiiudnry Line, mnrked and being the
Initial or south wost corner post of O,
\V. Olney's location, thence cast Hi)
chains, thenee north SO cliuius, thenee
west SO chains, thenee south SO chains
to place of beginning containing 640
acres more or less, and adjoiuing the
location of Charles H. Ueeso,
Located October Hlth, |R00.
(!. W. Olney, Locator
N. M. .MacLeod, Agent
5 Commonolng at a post planted
about live miles iii a nortlierly direction from Sage and OH Creek, and
about twenty-four miles iu a nortlierly
direction from tin- International
Houmlary Line, marked and boing the
Initial or north wont corner post of C.
Cager's location, theuce east SO chains,
theuee south Sit ehuins. theueo west 80
chains, tlience north *i chains to place
of beginning containing iMO acres more
or loss, and adjoining the location of
O. W. Olney.
Located October Wth.lWW.
O. Gager. Locator
N, M. MacLeod. Agent
ti Commencing ut a post planted
about live miles In a northerly direction from Sage and Oil Creek, ami
about twenty-four miles tu a northerly
direction from the International
Boundary Line, marked and being the
Initial or northeast eorner post of Kllio
K. Turner's location, 'hence west SO
chains, thence south SO chains, thence
east SO chains, thenco north SO ehains
to place of beginning containing 040
acres more or less, and adjoining tl
locution of John Mtnear.
Located October Hlth, 1000.
P.llle I). Turner, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agenl
7 Commencing at it post planted
about live miles In a northerly dlroctlon from Sage aud Oil Creek, and
about twenty-four utiles In a northerly
direction from the International
Houndury Line, marked and being the
Initial or southeast eorner post of Katie
Woostcr's location, thenee \vost 80
chains, thoneo mirth 80 ehains, theuce
cast 80 chains, thence south SO chains
lo plaee or beginning containing 010
acres more or less, and adjoining tli
tiou from Suge and Oil Creek, and
about twenty-six miles in a northerly
direct ion from I he I nternat lomtl
Hoiimlury Line, marked and being the
Initial or southeast, corner posl of
Louise V Ward's location, thence
norlh 80 chains, thenee west so chains
thenee soutli SO chains, thence east 80
chains to place of beginning containing
040 acres more or loss, and adjoining
the location of L. .\. Dyer.
Located October lltth, 1000.
Louise V. Ward, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
ll!   ('ommeneing at  a  post   planted
uboul seven miles In u northerly dlrec-
st    SO | tion  from   Sage   and   Oil Creek, and
about twenty-six miles in a northerly
dlroctlon from the I nternat lonal
Boundary Line, marked and being the
Initial or southwest corner post of
Joseph K. Chick's location, thence east
so chains, thenco north SO chains,
tlience west SO chains, thonee south SO
uiins to place of boglnnlng containing
040 acres more or less, and adjoining
the location of Will MeDonough.
Located October Hlth, WOT,.
Joseph K. Chick. Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
I.! Cnniml'uciug at a posl planted
alsiut three miles in a northerly diree-
lion rrom Sage and Oil Creok, and
alsiut twenty-two miles in a northerly
direction from the International
Houmlary Line, marked ami being the
Initial or northwest eornor jnist of
James Cairns' location, thoneo oast 80
chains, thenco soutli sd chains, thence
west SO chains, thence north SO ehains
to place of boglnnlng containing 040
acres more or less, and adjoining the
location of O. E. Mitchell.
Locoted October tOth. 1000.
James Cairns, Loeator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent.
II Commencing at a post planted
about three miles in a northerly direction from Sage and Oil Creek, and
about twenty-two miles in it northerly
direction from the International
Houmlary Line, marked and being the
Initial or northeast eorner post of J. A.
ShuH's loeatlon. thence west so chains,
theiict. suuth SO ehains, thenee east SO
elniins, thence north SO chains to place
of In ginning containing 040 acres more
or less, and adjoining lhe location of
James Cairns.
Located Oetobor 10th, 1000.
J. A. Shull, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
iii Cointnemdug st a pant planted about
three miles in a northerly direction from Sago
mid OH Creek, nnd about twenty-two miles In
a northerly direction from the International
lioiuidarv blue, marked and being the initial
or southeast corner post of W. 11. Llewellyn's
location, tbence wost 80 chains, thence north B0
iituiius. thence oast 80 ehulns, thence smith so
io place or beginning containing mn neros more
or less, mul udjolnlng Die location ur .1. A.
ui I'oiiiiui'iRvint'iit con
to neres more or less, mid adjoining
iim ul Mary oneal.
lOotoher ITth, 1000.
Itoger s. Qroen Sen. Loeator
N. M. WauLeod. Agent
(uuouoing ni a poat planted about
ii k in it aoutherly direction Irom Sago
and ou Oreek, ami uboul sixteen mites lu a
northerly direction from the Internntlonnl
Unaiidurv Line, murked and being Un- Initial
in Dieted
of A.  II.   Sin
I'll Oi'li
cation of Klflu D. Turner.
Looated October 10th. 1000.
Katie Wooster, Locator
N, M. MacLeod, Agent,
s Commencing at a post planted
ttlMMtt live miles In a northerly tlireetion from Sage and OIL Crock, aud
about twenty-four miles iu a northerly
direction from the International
Boundary Line, marked aud being the
Initial or southwest eorner (Hist of
James to. Huelianiiau's loeatiou, thenee
east 80 chains, theuce north 80 chains,
thenee west SO chains, thenoe south So
ehains lo plaee of beginning containing
00 acres more or less, and adjoining the
location of 0. Gager.
Located October loth, 1000.
.lames B. Huehanhan, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
0   Coiuiucncni;
about seven mild
at a   post   planted
In a northerly dlreu*
it October Huh. ItMNt,
W. II. Llewellyn. I Itor
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
in Commencing nt u post planted about
three miles in u northerly tlireetion frmu Sage
ami Oil Creek, and about twenty-two miles lu
ii uortlierly illreetlon from1 the interuaitouitl
Boundary Line. murki'il anil lieiug Hie Initial
or sonthweat enrner poat nr i iconic \V. Ward's
locution, ihenee runt Kit chains, thonco nortli 80
chni ur, thence west 80 uliulns. theuee south so
ehains to plaee or hoghinliig poiitnltiltig Ml)
acres more or les. ami adjoining the locution of
.lames Calms.
Located October lltth, IflOtl
George W Wind. Locator
N. M. MuoLeod. Agent
it Commencing at a post planted uboul five
miles in a northerly direction Irom Sage uud
Oil Creek, and about twenty-four miles lu a
northerly illreetlon from tlie International
Houndury Line, marked uud being the initial
or northeast eorner poat of Rcna A. Chick's location, thenco west HO ehains. thenee smith 80
ehnlns. thenee east HO chains, thence north mi
chains to plaee ot beginning containing IHO
acres more ur less, and adjoining lhe location
of W. H. Llewellyn.
Located October tilth, IWW.
He iiii a. Chick, Locator
N, M. Mae Lean. Agent
is Commencing nl" i»»si planted about tlve
mllea In it northerly tlireetion from Sugo uud
oil Creek, and about twenty-four utlleHinii
northerly direction from Die tnlornatlon
Boundary Line, mnrked und being the initial
ur northweat corner posl of Cordelia Llewellyn's location, thei iust hii chains, theuee
sitiitlt HOohilillH. ihenee wesl80 eluilus, theuce
uotih Hii I'lmiiin'io plaVeor beginning, containing
040 acres more ur less, und udjorittn,* the'-ju'ii'
tion or Geo. VL Ward.
Located October Iflth, two.
j ..Cordelia Llwweliyn, Locator
N   M. MucLeiiil   A:geHt
or southwest eorner poat ol Ada Holmes' location, thoae isi so chains, ihenee uorth so
chains, thenoe west 80chuius thenee south hu
chuins to place ot beginning containing mo
acn s more or less, ami niljuiiiiiii; the location
of A. 11. Wooster.
I ateil October IHth, IWW.
Ada Holmes. Locator
S M. MacLeod, Agonl
■.'I Commencing ut u inwt planted about
three intlo la u aoutherly direction from Sago
anil oil Creok, mnl uboul sixteen miles in a
somberly tlroctlon from Die International ehnlns tn ptur
Honmtary Line, marked und being tho initial acrea more or h
or northweat eornor post of C. a. Holmes' loca* of M. K. Iin
lion, ihenee east sn ehaius, ihenee soutli DO
ohnlns, theuce west 80chuins, theuee north so
chuins to ptaee ur beginning containing oio
acrea more ur less, and udjolnlng Ihe loeatiou
ul AdH Holmes.
Located October 18th, HUM.
O. A. Holmes. Locator
N  M  MacLeod, A.-ent
Hi CoiniDenciug al a poat plnnted about
three miles In a southerly direction from Sage
und oil Creek, ami about sixteen miles luu
northerly direction frmu the International
Itonmlary Lino, marked und being the lultlal
or northeast corner post of Catherine u.
Mitchell's locHLioti. thence west su ehnlns,
theuee aouth 80 uhnlns, theuce east mo ohalns,
thence north so ehuins to place of beginning
containing 0(0 acres 'more or less, nmi nd Joining the location of A ti. Wooster.
Located October isth, IWW,
Cathorlne II. Mitchell, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agenl
UU Commencing at a post plunteil ubout live
miles in a southerly direction from Sago and
oll Creek, uud about fourteen miles lu a north*
erly illreetlon from the International Boundary
Line, marked unit being the Initial or south
wust corner post of Catherine Davis' locution,
thenco eust 80chains, thenco north so chains,
tin e west mii ehuins, thence south ho chuius to
to place of beginning containing WO acres more
or less, mnl adjoining the location of C. A.
Located Oclolter ITth, WOO.
Catherine Davis. Locatoi
N. M. MneLeod. AgOUt
::i Commenciug at a post planted about live
miles In a aoutherly direction from Suge and
Oil Creek, ami Uboul fourteen miles lu a northerly direction frum the International lloundnry
Line, marked ami being lhe Initial or southeaat corner posl of Mabel McAlplne'H locution,
theuee west 80 chains, thenee north so chains,
theuee cum su chains, thenco south so chains to
place or beginning containing tHO acres more or
less, and adjoining the location of Catherine it
Located October ITth. OHM.
Mubel Mi'Alphine. Locator
N. M. MacLeod. Agent
•OS Commonelng ut a pusi planted about tlve
miles*In a southerly illreotlon from Suge and
oil Creek, and about fourteen tulles in a northerly direction from thu International Boundary
Lino, marked and being the initial or northweat coiner post of C. ¥,. Klips' locution, theuee
east 80 chains, thence south mi ehaius. thonee
west tO chains, thence north su chains to place
of beginning contain!tin mo uores more or less,
ami adjoining ihe location of Catherine Davis.
Located October I71U, 1MB.
C. R. Kaps, Loculer
N. M. MacLeod. Agent
■w Commencing ut a imsi planted about live
miles in a southerly diret tiou from .Sage mid
oil Creek, and about fourteen miles in it northerly direction from the International Boundary
Line, marked and being tbe initini ur northeast corner poat of L. J. OhlshoIm'H loeatlon.
theuce west Sl) chains. Ihetiee south SO eliuins.
thenee oast so ehulns thence north so chains to
the plaee of beginning contulnlug am acre
more or less, and adjoining the loeatiou o
Mubel MoAlpino.
Located October 17th, iim.
L..). Chisholui. Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agont
ST Commencing ut n post plunteil about live
miles iu a southerly direction from Suge und
Oil ((reek, nml about fourteen miles iu a northerly direction from the Iniernutionul Itoumhiry
Line, marked and being tho Initial or northwest comer post of Andrew W. McAlphinc's
loeatiou, thenco east S" ehuins. ihenee south SO
chains, thenee west sn elmlns. theuee north 80
chains to plnee of beginning containing illo
acres more or less, and adjoining the location
of L. .I.Chl.sholm.
LocntorOctober 17th, IWW.
Andrew W. McAtpino, Locator
N. m. MacLeod, Agent
1!8 Commencing al u post planted about live
miles lu ii southerly illreetlon from Sage and
Oil ('reek, nml abmil fourteen miles in a northerly direction from the International Boundary
Line, markeil mid being the Initial or south
West corner poat of Henry M. Pickett's loeatlon, theuee eust W> ehulns. thonee north so
i'liuins. thenco west 80chains, tbenee soulh so
eluilus to ttiu placu of beginning containing oio
acres moro ur less, ami adjoining ibe looatlon
of Mubel MeAlplnc.
Located Oelotmr irth. IWW, •
Henry M, Pickett, Locator
S.M. MneLood, Agent
'.'ii Comtnuni fm-' ut a post planted about live
miles lu a southerly illreotlon from Sage and
Oil Crook, and ubout lourtoun miles luu northerly direction from the International Houmlary
Line, inn iked and being the ItuLlal or southeast
eorner post of Margurol it. I'luO's location,
Uieiiee wesi sii ebaliis theuee nortb SO ehaius.
ihenee eust 80 chains, ihenee south mi ehains to
plnee of beginning containing tun acres moro or
less, uud udjolnlng tho location of Henry M.
Located October ITth. IHOtl,
Margaret U. I'Uit. Locator
N. H. MacLeod. Agent
30 Commencing ut a post plumed about live
miles inn southerly illreotlon from Sago and
Oll Creek, und about fourteen miles iu u northerly direction from ihe international Boundary
Line, marked and being the Initial or north
cast corner post of Wallace Laws loeatiou,
thonee wesi sn elmlns, ihenee south so chains,
thonee east 80 chains, thenoe north 80 ehaina to
to pluco of beginning coiilulnliig 'Ofl seres more
or Iosh, and adjoining tho loeatlon nl Andrew
VV. MeAlplnc.
' Locnleil October 17th, IIHHI,
Wallace Low, Luoator.
N. M. Miie!
u i'liuins. thenco north so
ohalns, theueo east 80 chuius. theuce south 80
chains io place o: beglunlng containing ftto
acres mure or less, ami adjoining the locution
uf Itoger R. a reen Son.
Located October 17th. IIHHI.
a. ii. stay. Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agenl
nit Commencing at a post planted ubout
three miles lu n southerly direction from Sugo
and oil creek, uml about sixteen miles In a
northerly tlireetion from the International
Houndury Line, markod ami being the initial
or northweat cornor post of Oruco il recti's location, thoncu easi 80 ehnlns, thence south so
chains, thence west so chains, thenco north 80
ot beginning containing o
<s ami adjoining tho loenth
;u res mure ur less, ami adjoining the location
nt I'.niiiiH a. Johnson.
Located Octooer IA, 1900.
.Miriam W. .McLean. Locator'
N.   M. MneLeod. Agent.
4t Commencing at n post planted aboul one
mile iu a northerly direction Irom Sago 4ml
oil crock, and aiiont SO miles In a northerly
direction from tho Inwruollonol Boundary
Uno, marked and boing tin* Initial or southeast
cornor poat of James A. McLeans loi-ntion.
theuce west80 chains, tbence north B0chains,
henee erst su chains, thenee suuth HO chains lo
place uf beginning containing 010 acres more or
leas und adjoining lhe location of Miriam W.
Mo Lean.
Located October IA, 1000.
James a. McLean, Loeator.
s M. MacLeod, Agont
v.i Commencing al u pest plumed about ono
mile luu northerly illreotlon Irom Sage and
Oil creek, aud about SO miles in a northerly
direction irom ihe luternatioual Boundary
Hue. marked and being the Initial i*r southwest
eoruer post nf JeaulfiGovaus looatlon, theme
east80 chains, theuce north 80 ohalns, thenee
west 80 chuins, tbenee south 80 chains to place
of beginning containing 810 acres more or leas,
nmi adjoining the location o( Hubert Shaw.
Located Oetobor l">. nor..
Jennie Clovau, Locator.
N. M. MaeLeotl. AgOUt,
th. I'lOti
Grace Green, Locutor
N. M. MacLeod. Agent
ill  Commonelng at a post  plantod about
three miles in n southerly direction from Sane
and oil Creek, ami aboul sixteen miles in a
northerly tlireetion from  ibe   International
Houmlary Line, markeil ami lieiug  Ibe  Initial
ur northeast corner post of Roger S. Green, Jr.
loentlou, ihenee west so chains, theuee south
80 chains, thonee eaRt 80 chains, thence uorth
80 chains to place of beginning containing om
acres more nr less, and adjoining Ihe location
Of A. II. Slay.
Located Oetober ITth, lt»tt.
Itoger S. Greeil, Junior. Loentor
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
its Commencing al a post planted about live
miles in a southerly direction from Sage am)
OU Creek, and about fourteen miles iu a northerly illreetlon from the luternatioual Boundary
Line, murked ami being the in iiiui or south*
east eorner post of ('. II. Hoi'moister's location,
thoneo west80 ehulns, thoneo north sn chains,
thence i-Hst SU cliuius, tlience soulh B0 Chains to
place of beginning ooninlning nil) acres more or
less, and adjoining tlie location of KogorS.
Green. Junior.
rioctlted October ITth, 1B00.
C. II. Ilofmcister. Locator
N. M. MacLeod. Agent
:tii Commencing ut u post planted nbout live
miles In ll southerly direction from Sage and
Oil Creek, and aboul fourteen miles in a northerly illreetlon from ihe International Houndury
Line, marked nnd being the Initial or aouth-
wesi corner post of R H. Skinner's locution,
tbence east SO ehains. thenci- north su chains,!
thetiee west MO ehaius, tbence south So chuins to j
place of beginning containing iho uores more or
less and adjoining the loentlou oro nice Green
Located Octohur 17th, lflWl.
R. It. Skinner. Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
:tr Commencing ut a post planted about live
mtlo-t tn it southerly direction from sane and
oil Creek, aud about fourteen miles la n nortlierly direct Inn from the International Boundary
Limi, marked ami being llu* Initial or rorth-
west comer post of Jonas Ahlherg's locution,
thonee oust 80 chains, thenco south Mi chains,
thonee west80 chains, thence north so ehuins
to place of beginning containing tuu ueres mote
or less, uml adjoining tbe location of K. B.
Ski mii'i'.
Located October ITth, nam.
Jonas Ahlbcrg. Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
iis Commencing at a post planted about live
mllos in a aoutherly illreetlon from Sago and
Oil Creek, uiul about fourteen miles in a northerly direction from tho International Boundary
Line, marked ami being the Initial or north*
eust corner posl of I. ¥. KustOrbrook's location
thenee west SO ehnlns. theuee south SU ehains.
theuee east HU chains, thenee north Mil ehains to
pluee of beginning containing 810 acres more
leas, uml adjoining the location ur Jonas Aid-
Loculcd Oetobor ITth. tuoo.
I, |t\ Raster brook, Locator
N. M. MacLeod, Agenl
:w Commencing at a posl plantod about live
miles In a northerly direction from Sage and
Oil Creek, and about twenty-lour miles in a
northerly direction rrom the International
Boundary Line, markod and being the initial
or sonlbwest comet' posl of William Matthew's
locution, thonco eust su ehnlns. ihenee north an
ehnlns. ihenee west so chairs, tin o south So
ehains to plaee of beginning containing (Mo
liens more or less, uud udjolnlng the location
ol cardelin Llewellyn.
Located October 1Mb, IWW.
William Matthews, Locator
N. M. MneLeod, Agenl
in Commenciug at a post planted about llvo
miles in a northerly direction from Sage and
Oil Creek, uud ubout twenty-four miles in a
northerly direction from the International
Boundary ■•inc. murked mul being the initial
or southeast corner post of G. O. Smith's locution, theuee west so chains, thenee norlh so
chains, thence east 80 chains, ihenee south sn
ehaius to plnee or beginning containing IM0
ueres more or less, and adjoining ihe location
nfUeuii A. Chick.
Loomed October i'-th, 1000,
G. O. Smith. Locator
N. M, MucLood, Agont
it Commonolng at a post plunteil about six
mllos lit n northerly direction irom Sage ami
oil Creek, mul about twonty«flvo miles in n
northerly tlireetion rrom ibe international
Boundary Lino, marked ami being tho initial
nr miii th west eorner post of ¥.. .\|. Kink's loca
tiou. thi'lKf eust SO chnlni, thenee uorth SO
ehuins. thenee wesl HOchllliis, ihenee south  SO
chains to plaee of beginning containing UlO
iii'hm iiiuii' or less, ami adjoining the loentlou
oi William Matthews.
Located October IMh, iihn;.
R. M. risk, Loentor
N. M. MacLeod, Agent
i'i Commencing nt a post planted aboul ono
mile in a northorly tlireetion rrom Sago nml
Oll Crock, uml ubout twenty mllea In u north,
erly direction rrom the International Houndury
Line, murked and being tin- initial or north*
wesi cornor rust of Robert Shaw'a location,
ihenee east 80 chains, ibence south so chalna,
thonoe west 80chains, thenco north «o chains
to plaee of beglnulng containing <>m acres moro
or less nnd adjoining the locution of Joseph
Located Oetobur 1Mb iish.
Itohorl Shaw, Locator
N   M. Miul.foil. Aneni
Take Notloo that thirty daya after date 1 Intend to apply to the chief Commissioner ur
Luuds un.i Works at Victoria lor permission m
col and eany away timlier from the following
described lauds in South Rust Kootonuy:
Commonelng at <i pest planted on the west
Hue or Lot fiOiiii, about iM0 chains north of Lot
3iU8, running west 40 chains, thonee south 80
chains, theme west io chains, thence north ISO
elm ins, tbenee east ml chains, Ihonee south io
i-haius to place of commencement, containing
ttiu ucros moro or less.
Crow's Nest'Pass Lumber Co. Ltd.
David Brcckonrldge, Agent.
Oetobor 9-1, IlKW, t:t
Take Notice ihal thirty days alter date we
inteuil lu apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lauds ami ami Works al Victoria, 11.0. for
permission to nut and oarry away timlier from
the following described land in South Rust
Kootonuy: Commonolng nt a post plantod on
the west line of Lot 0033 at the north oast corner of Hiieiiie's pre-emption, running north su
chains, thenee east 00 ehaius. thence north -id
chains, thence west 30 chains, thenoe north IR
ehnlns. thence west liO ehnlns, theuee south i:.:*
elmlns, thence oastfSO chalna to place of commencement containing 040 ueres mure or less.
Crow's Nost I'uss Lumber CO. Ltd.
buvld Breokenrldge, Agent.
Oetotier 91, husi. t;i
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date l. the undesigned. Intend toapply to the
Hon, chief Commissioner ol Luuds and Works
ni Victoria, for a special licence to cut and
tarry away timber fiom the following describ
e-l lauds in Rust Kootenay: Commencing at a
post planted at the noi ihea»t corner of Timber
Licence No, B1W: thenee north 3*1.75 chains
more or less to the north-west corner of J
Mean* p it, No, 884: thence eaat SO ohalns:
theuce north i.tvi'i ohalns: theuce wet to
ehains; thenco south lflo chains; thence east flu
ehains io thr potni «»f commencement. oontalu
Ing Og) acres, more ur less,
Dated at Cranbrook, li C this 96th day ol
October. u«n;.
i:t GRoaiii Watson.
Take uot ice that thirty days after dau*
e intend to apply to the ChlefCom-
das ton or of Lands und Works for per*
ilssion to cut and carry away timlier
•om tho following deaerthed lands Is
nutli Kast Kootemty:
Commonelng ut a post  planted   M
halllS north und 45 eliuins eust  from
ihe north-west eornor of John Brecken-
ridge's timher leasu, being Lot untnher
■MKi. thenee North eighty chain-,, thenee
West   eighty   ehuins,   thenee    smith
eighty ehains. thonee east eighty eliuins
to point of commencement.
Dated September'..'Hth. HHki.
11 (His Staples.
Tuke notice thai thirty days after date
we intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria for permission to cut and eurry
away timber from the following described lands in South Knst Kootenay:
Commencing at it post planted 84
eluiius north und 85 chains wost of the
North west corner of John Breekeu-
ridge's timher lease being Lot number
5085, thenco north eighty ehuins, eust
forty ehuins. North forty chains, West
eighty chains, South l-'O chains, Rnsl
forty ehuins to pluee of beinuiug:
Dated September 28th, liHHi.
41 (His Staples.
ill Cfliutnuimlna at a post plantod alioui
three miles inn southerly dlroctlon from Sajte
iimi Oll creek, ami about sixteen miles In ii
northerly direction from the International
Houmlary [due, markod and hu I on tin- imiini
I.l   Com llll) IK'fill! nt U post iibiliteil Hhuul oin
mile lu "a northerly direction from Sane am
Oil creek, mul about-A) miles In a liorlhorl;
direction rrom ihe liiteriiiiti.ni.il Honmlur;
Lluit, marked and belmi the lultlal or ttortl
east corner *iost of Minion W. McLean's loeu
Iluu, ibence west so eliuins, thonco south SO
chains, thenco east 80 ehulns, theiiou north
riiuiii', iu place oi tii'i'iiniiii'- containing
Take Notice, that :m days after dale I intend
toapply the Ohiof Commissioner of Lands uud
Works for a special licence to eul and curry-
away timber from (be following described
lauds lu Southeast Kootonuy.
il) Commencing ut a post planted ou Ihe
west  bank   of   Klk   Kiver about 1 '• miles Up
Btream from the northwest corner of Lot ir>KS
umi marked L, VV. Patmore north east eorner
Licence No 1: ihenee south 40 eliuins,  thenee
west SO chains, thenoe north to the west bank
ot Klk river, thetiee following said bank  down
stream to place of beginning.
L. vv. Patmore.
October, 13, inert.
(■,') Commencing ut a post plnnted oil a Creek
flowing Into tin-west side of Klk Kiver uboul
2^ miles up stream from the northwest comer
of Lot No 1588. ami marked L W. Patmore
south west corner licence No $'. thenee north
III chains, thenee east 40 ehaius. thenee north
40 ehulns, thenoe east 40 chains, ihenee south
ISO ehulns, thenco wesl 111 ehuins, theuee north
4ii elniins. (honed west IQ chains to piece of beginning.
L. VV. I'nlmore.
October III. IWst.
ci) Commenoing at a pusi plunteil on the
west hank of Klk Itiver near the northwest
corner of Lot No W4 aud marked L. \v. Pat-
mure norlh eust corner lieeuee-No :t: tlience
weat 10 chains, tbenee south 120 ehains. theuce
easi to lhe wosl hank of Klk Kiver, I hence
following said hunk upstream to pluee of beginning.
L. vv. Patmoro,
October Ift, imw. i:t
Noiiee Is herby given that, :B days after date,
I intend toapply lo the Hon. Chief Ononis
sinner of Lands and Works for a special licence
to out and carry away timber trom the Mowing desorlbed binds;
Commencing ul a postmarked A. M' Doilgn 11'«
'I'. L..S. K. Cor,." and planted east of hike on
Hartly creek Trail, about280 chains north uud
80 chains west of the south*west oornor of Lot
8,9.11, Group Ii thenoe north so ehulns. ibence
west SO chains: theuce south Mil cliuius.  thetiee
east so chuins to poinl of commencement.
Dnted .Kith August, lOUtl.      A. M'Doiigall.
:is J. G. Cummlngs, Locator.
Tako Notlco. that 80 duys after date I intend
to apply to the chief Commissioner of Land nnd
Works for m speeial licence to eul and carry
uwuy limber from lhe following described luml
lu suiiiiicasi Kootenay.
(1) Commencing ut a post plunteil on the
wesl bank of Klk Kiver about I {, miles up
stream from the north wost comer of Lot
4588and marked f\ c. Lswe north west cornel'
licence Noi: thenee south 190chains tbenee
easl lu the west bank of Klk river, theuce following sniil hank of Klk river up stream to
place of beginnlug,
P, c. Lawe.
October 13, lOOtt
ri) Commencing si a post planted on a crook
llowlng Into the west side of Klk Kiver about
2 ! a miles up stream from the northwest comer
of Lot I'iSS nnd marked P. C. Lawe south enst
corner licence No 3: thence north 4ii ohains,
tbence west ISOchulns, theuce soutli 40 chains,
thonee east 40 chains, theuce south 10 chains,
thenoe eaat to chains, thouce uorth 40chains,
ibence cast IO ehuins to pluee of begtulllg,
V. c. Lawe.
October 18,1(1011,
(tl) Commenciug at a post planted on the
west hunk of Klk Kiver about ,! miles up
strcsiii from tbe northwest corner of Lui IMS
and markod ¥. c. Lawe north eaat corner
licence Nu :i:   Ihenee  loiltll   Hii chuins. th jo
wesi so ehulns, tlience nortli so chains,  thence
eusl so chains io plucc of liegtuing
!•'. 0. Lawe.
Oetobor t-V ussv i;i
The Illinois Central
Maintains unexcelled sorvluo from
lliu west to tbe east uml south. Making
eluse (connections with trains of all
trunsoniitlnontul lines, pasaongcrs aro
gtVOtl their elioiee of I'OtltOB toChttittgO,
l.ouiseille, Mom phis ami Now Orleans,
and through these points to tlie far eust
l*tos| tlve travelers desiring Infor-
itiatiou us to the lowest rates and best
routes are invited to correspondence
with tin* following representatives.
It. ll.'1'itt'Miii'LL,('nmniereiiil Agent
142 Third St., Portland, Oregon,
.!. ('. Linimky. T.P. A P.A,
'. 1-tNltSKV, T.
l42Thlrd St.,
It. TllOMI'f
•Iliniii Uiil:'
I'ortbiml, I IrogOHi
IN,    P. &   P.A.
Seattle, Wusl;
Notice is hereby ul ven that. SO days ufter dale,
I intend toapply io the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a speeial licence
to cut ami carry away timber from the following
described lands;
coiuiueiiciii-,'nt a post plumed at the southwest corner of Lot 5901, Uroup 1, uml marked
M'DoiiKulls '1'. L., S. K. Cor.": tbenee
nortli B0ohains! thenee easl 40 chains; theuee
north 40 chains, tbenee wesl su chains,
thenee south fltt ehuins: theuee easl
-iiiiius to poitu of commencement; eon
titiiiiiiK'itn acres.
Dated ,10th AUKUSt, WOU.       A. Nl'DmiBOll
:w .1. ti. Cummin****, Locaior
Take notice thnt thirty days ufter
dute we intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner of Lumls and Works for permission to cut and carry timber from
tho following described lands in South
Past Kootonay:-
Commencing at a post j mile south
of thesouth-west corner Lot HUM thence
west 2 miles, thenee soutb J mile ttietiee
east2 miles, tbenee north * mile hi place
of beginning.
Dated October 11th, IWHI.
FJ roth ers l.iimbei* Company, Limited.
Take notiee that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissionei'of Lands uml Works for
permission to cut and carry away
timber from the following deserllied
binds In South Bast Kootenay.
< 'ommeneing at a post planted at the
south east eorner of Lot 11256, Group 1.
thenee south 12(1 ehains, thenee west
53.50 ehuins. thenee north 120chains,
thenee east 53."ill chains to place of
Hated Oetober 12th. l!KMi.
41 Krnest C. MoPhee, Loeator
Notice is hereby given that, 30 daya after date
I Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special lioense
to out und carry away timber from the follow
inw described lands:
Commenoing at s post markod a. M'Dougfltl's
'l'. L..N.VV. Cor.," and planted on Hartley creek
about 300 chains north and so chains west of tlie
south-west corner of Lot 3,961, Group I: thence
south IM ehains; thenee ensl 40 Chains; tlience
north lOohulns; theneeeast <o chains: theuee
north 10chains; thei west mehuins: io poinl
of eonunonoemenl - fotuaininif 040 acres.
Am*. :toth list:. nt
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds uml
Works for permission toeiil ami carry
awuy timber from tbe following lleserilieil lands In Soutb Last Kooteuuy:
Commencing al a posl planted sixty
ehains south of the poul.li oust eornor
of Lot  0250, CJrmtp I, tbenee south ho
ehains, thom list H0 uhnlnt, tin-*	
nortb HO chains, theuee wesl ho chains
to place of boglnnlng.
Dated iictoher 12th, UHHI.
Krnesl C. Mel'liee, Loeulni' NOTICE.
I. Notice is hereby glvun that, 30
daya after date, I Intend to .apply to ilia
Mon. The Chief Cointhlsslonorof Lumls
and Works at Victoria. B.C., for a
License to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the following lleserilieil land
situute in I thick 4,508, Soutli-east
Kootenay District, H.C:
Commencing at a post planted aland
one mile in a southerly tlireetion fiom
Sage ami t >il t 'reek, ami ubout eighteen
miles iu a northerly direct ion from the
International liomulury I.i tie, marked
and being ibe Initial or sooth-easl corner post of Niek lioem's locution,
thenee west M) chain-, tbenee north hi)
chains, thenco east  SO ehaius, thenoe
90Uth W ehaius  to   pluee of   lieiiiimill;:
containing (>40 acres more or less,
Located October IHth, 1000,
Nick lb  Locator
John Phillips, Ageul
•_' Conuuenuing at a post planted
alMuit one mile in a southerl) dlreu tiou
from Sage ami oh Creek, ami alsmt
eighteen miles in a uortlierly direction
from tlie International Boundary Line,
marked and being the Initial or northeast comer post of Alfred Given's location, thene.• west  su   chain-,   thence
south so chains, them a«t HQ chains,
thenee north SO ehains to place ol be-
ginning containing 040 acres more or
lesi ami adjoining the location of Nick
Located October IHth, 1000.
Alfred Given, Locator
John rhiilips. Agent
;! t 'ommeneing ai a |n».-t plauted
alsmt one mite in a southerlj difectloo
from Sage ami "hi Ci*eek, aud about
.fiu-hteeu nni.-.-in a northerly direction
from th« Intei'imtinnal lloiiudary Line.
marked ami being tow Initial or southwest corner post of Johauim Probst*,\ui '-
location*, thence east ** chains, theuce
north HO chain*, thence west SO i . ;i>.
thetiee   south  .10 chain.- to |ilaee ol
north 80 chain-, tbunco uasl su chains,
thenee south so chains to place ol U--
ginning: containing 040 acres more or
i    'VuHv notice lhat thirty iluys uflor dute I  In.
' i, tui to apply tu tic Commlioiloner ol I^inds
uud Works tm ii special Hceucc io eut uud
lean   and   adjtdnlilg   the    location    of  curry uwuy timber from the followlnti doscrih-
.losepb Craig;, edhtnds
Loealeil (lelolii'i- l.-.lli. l'.HMi. ,- „,„„„,„„„,„   „„,„    »mrk«l    A     M--
Kmiiia A. Johnson. Locutor DougHll's Timber  Liuenec   H    VV,  Corner,
.Iniin |'hilli|.s. Ajfoul       pluntoituhoulfflioehnlns north uud su .-u-uhn
westof tho Soutu west Corner ni Lot ami. u
lo   C leuuing   at   ;i   post planted   |„ thuneo norlh ao chains, onsi 10 chaliiK, houtb
ulHHit om- mile in a southerly direction MOchalus east luelmlus southoo clialna  went
from Sage ami Oil Creek, ami alioui  li^^^tl«!!*!^
eighteen miles in a northerly dlreetitui
from tin- [uteruatioual Qoumlttr(v Line,
marked und lieiug the Initial or south
west eorner pnst ol .loseph Craig's location,   ihenee   east   St)  chains,   ihenee
north SO ehaina, theuce weal 80 chains.
theuee aoutb 80 ehains to plnee uf !■«•-
Li'iiiiiins.1, containing 1140 acrea more or
TIMHElt Nt'flfl'
TuLr notice iluu thirty iluys nftoi dule   i In
ICUtltOUppI)   1"  Ibe   iViiiiiii-M-iiirr  ol   l.iimls
and  Works hir s speeiui  licenco i" cm mul
.    euro awuy tlmhoi  Irom   the   Full iwlim   de
less and adjoining the location ol Nick   „,.,.! ■„.,, \MXi\H
Holiu, i iimiiicm I un ai s iwint  umrkod     A      Ui
I    Located Oetobor 15th, 1000. Pouguirb Timhci Licence s u   curnei   nml
JoaephCiftig, LtH'ator plantedUWohalnHnorth uud 100 chains m«i
.'.     .,, " South Wi ii i i "i  :."i  *."'■ i   Lb. nee
•u'" I'hiUip*,  Vgenl MUlh w _mM Ui. Wcwl||| S((1I,1N1, lu,„..
II   Commencing  ai   n  posl planted  '^ l"lh;mi" v"' UaUa '';"M ,l' ,,|i;,m-
North M i liuln*   rt'i -.i  i" ehnlns t.> m-im h
alio tit one mile m a southerly direction   1,,il,1M,.l,,.,.m, m
from Sage and Oil Creek,  ami iiIhhiI v Mctnu   . \i i
eighteen miles in a northerlj 0 rcction     Sl'P   ,K' '" :"'
from tin- luternatlonal Houmlary Line,
marked ami beln« the Initial or  north NOTICE
weal eoruer | out ol Frank Link-  loca-     Su '     r*lw notice thai ivetho imdots    ■ I
lion    t in'ii v    ci-i   -So   fli'iius    i hence   'a10*1''" **W*i i« the Chiel i 'oinntlnstonor »l
Lands and Works toi u spei inl  lb once to cut
''-1 s" ',|i:lM"*   ai irrj uwaj th .r rrom lhe rolUnvini   de
to place or be-  scrtt'eil lands situute hi  souihcuKt Kootemi)
,.'Pi's more Dr  district it c.
less   and   adjoining   the    atton    of     tvmnwiictnit« the north wesi eorner ol i;
Lltllc - Nu i llceusi   thence norlh   IflOehiittm
J|w*pn * >'*"*?• thence ■ asl lOohntus th awe smith icu elmlns
Located October 15th, 1000. thence west to chains to place ol  commence
frank Link. Loeator mem. cimi«mlim*w acres
V   li  unice Loeator
D      . July SHrd  1**1
■ '-'   Com nelng  at  a  posl   planted     n,, *.■   CommeneinR so chains south ot.v.H
I .,. |    ■   , -    ■    ■   \ ilireetiott   Unices   wmhwest  eoruer  ihenee   soutli   mo
„.,   .,   „,.,    ,,     , rivkund  iboul   ehaius, thonco west •» chains theuce norlh too
''"'''' i tuilus Ihenee eusl 10eliuins to place   ol  eon -
eighteeu miles in u northerlj direction inel,cemi,a- -xmiHtuliw ato neres
from the International Uomularv Line. \  utt|U i.ocaioi
marked ami being the Initial or north Dated Juiyaini, \m\
ea>t corner posl ol Marea Rolls ocatl m Ne (   CommeucliiKUt the uorthcuM eorner
theuee we-t SO chains, thence soutli   sn »'A H Unices No i locution,  thence  nwtso
iouth 8l> chains, thenc
thetiee    UOl'tll   SO   >'!,;,!
ginning coutaluin
t-orporation of the City of Cranbrook
Any mule or female, being u
British subject <»t the full tvge <>f
21 years, who has paid till the
rates and taxes for the current
year,au(1 bus continuously residue! within the Municipality since
thr Hrsl day of January, 1006,
anil who Is ;i householder or
license holder within tl\e mnntol
pnlity.tnay regisloras it voter for
the year 11107, If tho ttocessavy
iti'i'liinitinti is deposltod ut this
oilii-f on or hoforo fi p. in of tho
lllsl day nl Oetobor next, person
Himlilyin^us llcouso holdors.who
ure itol   properly owners,  must
iittfiiii  in roglRiratl r thoir
uauies i'n iln* list, Persons who
have hecomo property owners
siiiir Docetnhor ;:isi (liiiiji nrc
requested lo in form tho under
signed ;ti otieo.
Thos   M   Roberts. C  M. 0.
fuv  Clerk's I ifllee,   Urunbrooh
ii v Oct. iimii.
.lohn 1'hiilips. Age
u'-" ,,    "", ' hail -, lii.-n.',' ,-.-■  SO i-haitis,  I  ei ,    ,,,        ,*'  „, *,     .   ,
.„.,Kfl,j«„,,i..*..'r, -aore-or  „„,, v,„h;i:,|.l„ „ i(... „,    , v    „cJ""m«™7««»i  'TssZt
less, aoiUaajolnlnt'the location of Mok I-oomjnl      m ^^ ^ ^   -^   ^ x B wr;u„, h,1,.;1[,„.
t: ,' ■  ■:_ I  -■ la atiou ol Prauk L
[.tx-ateil I >otobei- Ifith, I-'ih,.
Marea Rolls. Lix'ati
John I'liilliiis. A.
of a. ii. i:t-iu
north, thenc,
south, ihi'iic.
HI   Commencing ;.•  ..  p
in u inii'tij..'
fniiu Sage ami ni', Ct-eeli
twenty miles in a northed
from the International Boundary Line, i ,<hnitiK. tt
marked and ln.-iitL' the Initial or north ' chains, il
east corner posl of Edith I. Miller's lo-  "™"*''""'
cation. Ihenee west m> chains,  thence
So. ■: locutlc
i'liiiiiis Ufa
,' Ml I'llllill!
Ml   ,'illllll'
Located October ISth, Won.
Johanna Eroistead. Locator
John Phillips. Agenl
4   Commencing at  a  !«>-'   planted
alaiiit one iiiii'- in ii southerlj direction
tram Sag.' uud Oil  I'i k, uiul iilaiui j *1km" ""
eighteen milt-a north <»f the iiit.'niii-
tlonal Boundary Line, marked and being the  liiitiul ut north  ivesl 'ner
[tost of Adam Dunlop's location, tlience
east 80 ehaina,'thence south «0 ohalns,
ihenee wesl SO ehains, thei north SO
...     ,        ,,   .t„„iM„ ,„,n»„i,,i,,,, south 80 I'iiaiiia. them nai sn ,-iinina. i
chains to place of beginning containing s„,.,   t'ommimolnii at n  pott mnrkwi a
,. or less and adjoining | thence north 80 chains to plai f be-  Blile8ND. , neoii«>..Uu«tt-u uboul  two mllei
A. lllllil l.ui'iiUi
led .lulv Wnl. r.i""
IH-lllK ill UlC IU'I
A    Ilill,' I ul
i',4ii acres nn
the location oFJqlianna Proistead.
Loeatod CXotolior ISth. IIIOII.
Adam Dunlop, Locator
■John I'hiUips, Agent
:, Coiumenuiiig al 11 posl planted
almiil three niilca in n southerly dlrec.
lion train Sage and Oil Creek, and
about sixteen miles north ot the Inter-
unii.uiul Boundary Lim-. marked and
boing Hie Initial or soiiib oasl cot'iier
posl ot Mary Oncal's lni'iuiim. thenee
west80chains, thence norlh 80 chains,
east.80 ohalns, thence soulh 80 elniins
io placu nt beginning coutaililiig HIO
ui'i-cs iiiori* or less and adjoining the
location of Alfred Given,
Located October ITth. 10011.
Mary Oneal, LiHiator
John l'billi|ia. Agenl
u Commencing ut a poal plunteil
alsiut three miles iu a aiuitlicrly direction from Sage and Oil Creek, uml
about sixteen miles north of the International Boundary Line, marked and
being the Initial or southwest
eorner post of VV. 11. Tliiiiiip-
snii's locution, thence eusl SO eliuins,
Ihenee north SO ehains. til west 80
chains, thenco south SO chains to plac
of hegtnntng containing 'ill' ueres mor
or leaa and adjoining  the location of
Ailaui Dunlop.
Located Oetober ITth, lutm.
W, li. Thompson, Locnlor
John fhillips, Agent
7 Commencing at a |hu.i planted
alsmt three mile- in u southerly direction from Sage and Oil I ireek, and
uiKiiit sixteen miles north "I the International Boundai-y Line, marked and
being the. Initial or nouth wesl corner
posl of Julia Ramsey's location, u ee
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thenue weat 80 ehaina. ihenee north su
ehains to plai f beginning containing
1140 acres more or I iml adjolnlnu
tho loeaiioM.it VV. il- Thompson,
Located Ootohcr ITih. IIUKI.
Julia Itumsei. Loentui'
ginning containing 040 acre:
less and adjoining the locatioi
Located October IHth, 100(1.
Kditli I. Miller. Locator
John l-'hilllps, Agent
14 Commencing ai n |a'at plunlcil
uliniit mie mile in u northerly direction
from Sage and Oil Ci k. and about
twenty mile* in u northerly direction
from the International Boundary Line,
murked uml being the Initial or nortb
neat enrner post of Mary 11. I'nyn's
location, thence east 80 chains, thence'
south HO chains, thenco west ho eliuins.
tlience nortli Sll eliuins to plnee of beginning containing 640 acres more or
less und adjoining the location of
Johanna b'rolstead,
Located Oetober 16th, ItHlli.
.Mary D. Payn, 1 itol'
John Phillips, Agent
II Commencing at a post planted
about nne mile iu a northerly direction
from Sage and Oil Creek, uiul alioui
twenty miles In a northerly tlireetion
from the International Boundary Line.
marked und being lhe initial or south
eust eorner pnst of Charles W. Curruh's
location, tlience west SO eliuins. thenee
norlh 80 ehuins, thenee east .Sll ehaius,
thence south 80 chains to plnee of beginning containing 640 acres inoi r
leaa and adjoining tho location of Kilith
I. Miller.
Looated October ltlth. UHHI.
Charles \V. Curruh. Locatoi*
John Phillips, Agenl
lu Commencing at u post planted
ubout fine mile in u northot'ly direction
from Sue,' and Oil Creek, and about
tw,'iity miles iu ii northerly direction
from ilie international Boundary Line,
marked and being the Tnltial or south
weal corner poai of I.. A. Lehman's ln-
eutiiill.   thenee  east   SI)  ehuins. thenee
i iiot'th sn chutns; thenco wesi SO eliuiiis.
the south 80 chains lo place ol be-
ginnlnf*  containing till) acres more or
.ini,u Phillips, Agent    11,.„ ,lm] n.c1 jotntiiM Hie location ol Mary
Pacific  Coast  Points
"   ^      :::~~z'iALL POINTS EAST
place- "I con.
Palace and Tourist
Sleepers, Buti'ett
Library Cars, Modern
Say Coaches.
Dining Cars,
Best Meals on Wheels .
For full particulars, rates,   folders
etc., cull on or address,
S.li. YERKKS,G.W.P.A.,
Seattle, Wash.
C.   \V.   MAIIOXKV, C.P. ci  'I'.A.,
tire or j suiui,,,[ skookinncliui'li river, innl ulioui tine,'
f Nick I mill's west ol lot i)u:i:i. tinmen soutb nai chains,
j thence enst lOelinius, tuoni'e north I'm i'liuins.
I tlii'iii-t'west in elniins in pliu'c uf C'omincnt'o-
menl cnnliifiilng oio iiitos,
A. Hnlcs Lomttor.
Iiitli'il.luly SHl'tl. lli'al.
No. s. Commeiicliig at tlio nortlietist cornor
of a. Utiles No. 4 locution, thenco aunlli I'm
eluilus. thenre eusl 10 ehnlns. tlionce nortli lllll
iliiiins, thoneo west in chains lo pluco of coin-
iiiiiii'i'iiii'iil. i-iiiiliiiniue iim ueres.
A.  Mule Locutor.
Dutcil July'lllt'il, IW'.
No. ~. l.'imitiiiiu'iiiL' ut till' nnrtlnvi'sl corner
or A. Mules No. •"' location, thonco soutli um
i'liuins. theueo coat in ehains, thoneo north itm
i'liiiins. thonco west tu i'liuins lu pluco ul com
iiii'iici'iiH'iii. containing- Ml) ucros.
A. Hole Locutor.
I .i.lo.l July Silril, HUM.
No. s. Commencing at llie nortlionHt eornor
or A. Hides Ni). 5 location, tlionco oust sn chains,
llience soutli SU i'liuins. llience wesl Sll i'liuins,
llii'tice nortli su i-liuins io pluee uf commencement, containing tun ueres.
A. Hule Loentor.
Dutcil July '.'ilni. I'.HM. ■Z
s   Commencing  al  a  im-i   plat 1
ulanit three mile, in ii southerly direction  from   Sage and  nil   L'l k.   uud
aluuit sixteen miles north ol Hi" international lliininliin Lin.-, marked nnd
being the Initial or north eust corner
piwtnfM. K, Branson's looatlon, the j
west 80chains, thenee south BOohalns,     '|'a|(
.      . i I.    an       .
li. Payn.
I ated October Hlth, IIIOII,
I.. A. Lehman, Locator
4:: ,iniin Phillips, Agont
itlce    tluit     thirty     iluys
thence-east SOohatns, thei  norlh 801 nHordato i intend toapply lo the Chief
chains to placa ol beginning cnntninlnft Commissioner nf Lands nnd Works
uiil aeres more or leas uiiil adjoining i le- for permission to mil and eurry away
location ofiMary Oneal. timber  from the following dc'sci'llio'd
Located Ootolmr !•"'- ttOlt. liinrlH In South Kasl Koolcnayi
M, l-:. Bronson, Locator
,l„h„ Phillips. Agenl      I     ' ""I""'!!''!!!).'Ill II   pnsl    |,ll.lll.',l  SIM.V
i'llllill,- SOtltll nl the sillllll eust eol'lli'l' llf
it  Commencing  in  a   |iosl  planted  Loi  il2*tll,   Uroup  I.  ihe ast  sn
ulHHit one mile ill il -lllll lierl.l   ilil'eel uui .i'llllill-. tllOIICC lliil'lll In the sillllll   llllllll
frum Sage uiul oil Cruuk,  ami aboul  of the St, Mary's Itlvor, the   follow-
eighieeii uiilea in a niu'iherli dit lion  Ing said lunik westerly lo the oasl. limit
from tlie Inlerniilinmil lloiuidury Line. , of Lot HSfift, llu-i Solllll in place nl I"'.
marked uml Isilng lhe I nit inl ue ami Hi ginning.
nlUL ner posl of K  A- .loliiison's |    Datod < lotolior ISth, IIIOII,
location, tll'ilui: weal Sll ulllllllS, III. nee    11 Kill.-.1 IJ,  Mel'l   Liieulnl
Receives both Ladies nml
Gentlemen us Resident or* as Day
Students. Ilns n complete Commercial in* Business Course, Prepares students to gain Teachers'
Certitlcatos nf all grades. In
affiliation with Touonto University L'ivi's tlm ruiir years
course for the H.A. degree, and
iho tirsi year nl the Toronto
School nl Science. Ilns tt
special "Prospectors Course"
Ini' miners who work in IM'.
Instructions given in AM,
Music, Physical Culture nml dilution.
Kor Calendar etc, address
"Columbian Collego".
Term opens Soptombor ITth,
I'.II Hi.
Tillui notice iluu thirty ilnyB uftor iliito I In
t i  mil, in tin- chlol Couuulsaliincr of
Luutls ,v Works lur u speeiui lice tm ul uml
eurry uwuy liuilii'i    tl'Olll  die   following   lie-
scribed lllllil 111 Smnll Kilsl Kniui'llliy-i I lu-
luu iii ii pnsl plunteil  lu i'liuins oust of the
Niirlli-Wi'sliiiini'i ,,l  I 111. iliiiiiii I.  mul
lllill'keil   lluvl'l   llri'i'l -Iilge'a   suiilli    Wesl
I'liiiii'i-, iiii'iu'i' Ni,rili'in i'liuins   Tlionco Kiml
Ul IllllllllSi llu Ulilll HI .-ll.lll,-,     llllll usl
ChlllllH!  llll'l  Sillllll I'.'ll I'llllillS     llli'lli'i'   Wesl
rl '.'Illi IIH
• il •
I taaiCilr CHICAGO
Your attention is called to the
"Pioneer Limited" trains nf the "Milwaukee *k st Paul Railway." "The only
perfect trains in the workl
Vou will lim! It desirable '*• ride on
those trains when fTning tn anv point in
the Eastern States or Cuttarla They
uonnort with all Ti'iinsonntiuentttl
Trains and all Ticket As-^nts sell
Por further Information, pamphlets,
etc. ask any Tieket Agont oi
to, to. POUD, II. S, IK'U'K,
I'uss. Agent, General Aifent.
The Illinois Central
Maintains nnoxeollutl survluu rrom
tin,1 wosl In llie enst uud south' Making
close connections with trains nf all
transcontinental lluus, passengers are
givon their choleo nf mules tn ('hieago
Louisville, Motnphls antl New Orleans,
and through thoso points to the far east
Prospective travelers desiring Information as to tho lowost rates and hest
routes aro Invited in correspondence
with lh*1 following representatives,
11. 15. Trumhox^L, Commercial Agent
142 Third St.. Portland, Oregon,
.1. c, Undhky. T. P. .v P.A.
142 Third St., Portland, Oregon
p. it. Thompson, P, .t P.A.. Room 1
Col mail Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
Tiikuiiotiro UnittW days nrtui* ilutu I intond
i.ui|i|ily i.n ih.'i'lili'f CmnmlNHioiuu' "I Lumls
nml WorkH fm pur mission tn inimliuHu tin* ml-
lowlllK ili'smlii'il Imnl in SiiiiMi Must. Kuul.'iiiiv
ruin Iir I III-' at il pnsl Jiliuiti'il at  Mn*  ilinlli-
u'ohi cornor of l.m TIP, Oroii|i 1. In wild illstrlt't
thnt iim so i'liuins. llii'iici' nortli 'ill oIihIiik,
tlHtntio woMtsneliuins. tlioiipu koiiiIi Bi olmlns
In llie  pi uf ciniiini' 'mini anil mm LH till iik
mull KtOnoruH,
.Miriisi miii miHi,
i^\.^T^Wi^R 4**fk,***9*k *kw\ ^*\ m*f\*f\ 4T*f\ i*f\ ***)% a*>f\ 9 *9\ *9\ ^a*4\49* ^\^*\t*^^^\^**\^% *n**\^^%
i "THE PALM" [
* ■— |
9 As tbe loe Ci'oam season has.aboul closed, I mn now 9
9 prepared to Funiisli the l>esi Candles, and bust Pruits 9
9 iln- mai'ltel alTords. ft
9 . 1
|  "The Palm"      C. E. Buck |
********************** *****9****************
■ ■ Buttled beer for family
<• use a specialty
Outside   Orders
.4 P. O. BOX 812     b.
■<7     TELEPHONE NO. I     p
|   Port  Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
Would rather havoyotir
Than uuytliiii-f else
Bettor hiivo it lukon .'siilv as
UiGi'e Is iilwiiys h rush iho lust
few weoks.
Prest pnoto Go.
Picture Fraiiiimj a SpcGialtu
Bakor St, Crnnbrooli, 1! C,
S Cline
111 111,'old Muuunliii llni'tii'l Stln|i
llll HOW In' liilillil iti llio
I'MrsI Class Worli In nil liruuoho
ut the
Tonsorlal Art |
»•»***♦*»♦»« ,>;,',»»*«4***-i*!j*
|  LCOHN  |
• Tailor %$ Importer of *
1       Fine Woolens.      |
* I
X Crunbrook, B.C.  Armstrong Ave $
♦ *
J. Edgar Davis
&  Bricklayer   &
•"""Contractor  •
Furnace, Boiler, Range unil
Fireplace Work u Specially. All
description of stone-work undertaken.
Orders left at J. D. McBRIDtS
Will Receive Prompt Attention.
We hnve been in the business
tor several years, we have the
besl equipment in B.C. and we
guarantee satisfaction.
About that Piano
Wo are the authorized agents
for the removal of Mason St Risch
Pianos, we can do the work without risk. Also Household Furniture.
Proprietors of the
Granbrook Cartage and Transfer Go
Office opposite
O.P.tt. Depot. Phone 03.
Notice fehcrbyitlvcu that thirty daya
from iiiiii- I Intend to apply to tho Chief
Com tn It-Blotter of Lands and Worka for
it spuetal licenco to cut nnd carry away
limber from iln- following dnaorllmd
land)! in East Kootenay;
t'niiitiH'iifiiii;- ut a |H)st planted on thu
Nurili sldoof Whltu Uiverou tho KiihI
Imundtiry lino of Lot■ 4iilH( near « post
murked S-tuoi 45.H0, thoncu running
east forty ulmtiiH, theueo North UlO
chains, thoncu wesl rorty ehains,
thence Smith loo ulmlns to place of
l tommencoincnt.
Datod this 20th duy of Soplonibor,
42 .lames Uraokott,
TAKK NOTICK that I Intend lo
apply to tho Cliluf Comudsslonur of
I.amis anil Works I'm- permission tu cut
and oarry away timber from the follow-
Ingdescribed lands In South EastKootc
Comment! In # nt a post, planted W.1H
ehains wost ami 1)2.78 ohains soutli of
tho south-oast oornor of LottUK4, (troop
I, lloiny Bridges' Pre-emptlou, thouce
oast eighty chains, thonoo south oiglity
ohains. thonoe wost eighty chains,
thonoo north eighty ohains to plaoe of
beginning, save and except thoroout
thoso parts, if tiny, eovured liy uxist-
g liooneos.
Dated Oetobor Kith. 11)00.
42 ICroest C. MoPhee, Locutor.
Notice is horoby givon that sixty
days after date 1 intond to apply to the
Honourable tho < 'hlef Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to
purchase a certain piooo of land situate
In the District of Kust Kootonay. nnd
being an island lying in tho Klk Rlvor
adjoining the northerly boundary of
Lot 0678 Group 1. Kootonuy Dlstrlot,
containing 820 uores more or less.
Dated this 21st day of August. 190(1,
Winter Excursions
to Montreal, Toronto
mul all points wusl thereof in
Quebec, St. John, Halifax
Maritime Provinces
Tickets on sale dully Nov.
24th to December Illst.
Round Trip     First Class
OKI Country Rates
$78.45 R^rn
Halifax or St. John
Saloon    Second   Steerage
ijisiri.iio   J7fi.oo     isji.iio
and up according to steamer
ii'ut'iiuiiiiioti information suiiiiiMN
I mi stonmcl's lll'st 1'llls.s ill' tour-
Ialsleeper reservations ii|i|ily 111
loi'ltl H^OIltH III' Wl'l tu
iiiiii. Miller, Agonl Cranbrnolt,
K. ,1. Coylo, A.O.I'.A., Van vi
,1. S. OAllTKIl, I> I'.A., Nolson
lT0NS0Rit\L Parlor!
!       -       !
C     For n Cool and Glean Shave      3
t Or n Pertect Hair Cut 3
E A Hot or Cold Bnth 3
t 3
I    Baker Street, Cranhrook, B.C.    3
Notlco is hereby glvon thnt, '-to iluys nfter
ilftte, 1 Intend to upply to the Hon. Clilof Com-
sinner at Lunds mul Works fur a special
ure to eul uiiil earry uwuy timber from Ihe
following described In nils;
Commencing   ut    u   post    mnrked    "A.
M'Dougull'sT. L., N. \V. Cor., nml planted
1 iiiiiiiy Creek, ubout300chains north uml 80
lulus wesi nr the south-west corner uf Lot
mu. Croup i: thenee south mo ehulns: thenco
ist iu eluilus: iiii'iu'i'noitli iu ohnlns; thonco
isi   iu   chuins:   theueo north   111   chuius;
thence west in elmlns tn point of eotmnoneo-
ment! eontntnlng IHO neres,
Dnted itotli August, mott.     A. M'DottgnJl.
;iw J. Q.OutHmlngs, Loentor.
Notice Is hereby given that. 80 days nfter duto
t Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands und Works fur a speeiui licence
10 cm uml carry uwuy timlier from the follow*
described lumls:
Commetioinguttt post murked "A. M'Dongnirs
T. L.. N. W. Cor.," mid plunteil west of Luke
on Hartly Creek Trait, about 280 ehnlns north
ami 180 chains west of Momh-wost enrner of Lot
2,001, Group 1; thonee south 80 ehuins: thence
east 80 chains; thenco north 80 chains, thenee
west 80 ohalns 10 point of eommoneeiueut!
contuintng (HO acres.
Duted 80th August. (MB.       A.   M'DougHll.
38 J. G. Climmlngs, Locutor.
Take notiee tlmt thirty days after
[lato I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner uf Lands ami Works for
permission to cut ami carry away
timber from the   following  lands  iti
mth Kast Kootenay:
Commenoing at a post plunteil 22
chains cast of the north west cornor of
Lot 0310, V. to. King liconce, ami
marked "Crothors Lumber Company.
South wost corner", thonco north
•ighty chains, thenoe cast oiglity
eliuins, thenco south eighty chains,
thonco wosl oiglity chains to place of
Dated September 17th, IHOii.
;is        Crothors Lumber Company
Take Notice that 30 days after
date wc Intond making application to
tho Honorable tho Chlof Commissioner
of Lumls ami Works for a Special License to oul ami carry away timber
rrottl thu following, descriheil lands,
commonolng at u post placed at the
Nnrlli-west corner of Loi 1)4511, tlience
South 80chains, thonee West 70chains
thence Norlh SO chains, tlience Kast
TO chains to place of commencement,
containing 000 acres more or less
Mated. October 20th WWW.
Wattsburg Lumber Co.
14 W. Dorin, Agenl.
Tuke Notice that Thirty days after
date we intend milking application to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works for special license
to cut and carry away Timber from the
following described luml siiuated In
Kast Kootenay Dlstrlot; Commonolng
at. a post placed at tho South-West
corner of Pre-emption   074,   running
tlionco  SO  chains   Nortli:   tltoi    40
chains Kust: thence SO chains South:
thomc -10 chains West to point of com*
Dated, September 24th, 10011,
Wattsburg Lumber Co,
II A. K. Watts.
Take Notice that sixty days aftor
date we Intend making application to
the Honorable ihe Chlof Commissioner
o| Lands and Works for permission to
imrchase the following described lands.
commencing at a post pla I at   tho
Nort.h-I'.iisl corner of Lot 5240, running
Ihenee    IHO   chuins    Wesl.    Ihcliee    40
chains South, thence ] 110 chains East,
thenee 40 chains North tn lhe poinl of
commencement, containing 040 acres,
more or loss.
Dated this 21Hh day of Oetobor IIKHI,
WaUslnirg Lumber < 'o.
II A. K. Wtttto, .Inr.. Agent,
■i.VTlJBDAY. NOV. K. I»i»''
Appealing To The People.
Tho Times snys Unit "il has
been definitely illinium.*ih! liml
Mr. Mi'llriili' is going to np-mal
to the people upon tin' question
ot belter terms." This is true.
Tin'Ti mi's hus sn n n iKiuni'i'il i|uiti>
frequently, nml, if it will only
keep mi saying so, there will
come un occasion sometime with-
in the next six or eight months
wht'ii ii will In- timely. There
oan ln> no doubt that, al the next
election, the governmenl will
appeal to tho people to puss upon the question ol better terms.
When this will be The Colonial is
not in ii position to say, further
than thai it wlllbeatsiiehatinip,
either before or after the ni-xl
session of Ihe legislature, as
seems most oxpeilient to the I
government, uml meets lhe
approval of His Honor llio Men-
lenant-fiovernor, [foiu'esteomod
contemporary will put ihis dote
down upon its calender, it will
not have to do uny more guessing
and will save those who look to
it for political Information agreal
deal of needless anxiety. Our
contemporary ought to be more
careful. Its trick of exploding
bombshells under the nose of
an unsuspecting public muy some
day be attended by dire results.
A few weeks ago it had the whole
town talking about an inpendlng
dissolution.. It seems that some
oiie,whoFenomecouldnot properly be disclosed, mentioned to
some one else, who, for obvious
reasons, did not wish his name
mentioned, at a casual mooting
which took place in a locality
where people are accustomed to
meet, that he had received definite information from a source
which, if it were named, would
carry conviction with it, thai the
Premier hud told u man, who
told another man, that he hud
decided upon an election at udnte
that was not specified. Our eon
temporary played up this very
interesting information in its
usual attractive manner on ils
first page, and there is reason to
believe that as many as several
people took more or less stock iu
the story.
On the present occasion its
exclusive information takes Ihe
form of an editorul, anditisquite
correct, within the limitations
above indicated. There will be
an election some time during the
next six or eighl months, and al
that election the government will
appeal to tho people for an
expression of opinion on the
question of bettor terms, and,
what is more, thoy will get such
an outspoken declaration that the
only thing left for tho Opposition
to do will bo to move to make it
unanimous.—Victoria Colonist.
HO* fed
This Charge is Hurled at  the
Slalor Shoe by a Dealer.
"You aro responsible, and you
alone for the importation of
American Shoes into Canada."
Mr. Slalor was surprised when
this charge was hurled at him
by an Indignant shoe man. He
had opposed the supplication
of the other Canadian Shoo Man
ufacturers for an increase in tho
Shoe Tariff, and stoutly and ably
opposed it, his competitors admitted. Hut his opposition, he
maintained, did not favor the
foreign shoe.
This is the way thu charge
against t he Slater Shoo Company
wasargued: "You givooxclusive
agencies for the Slater Shoe.
Only one man in a town or city
can have the agency. What are
the other dealers in lhe town to
do? sit still, and allow llie Slater
Shoe lo get all the trade of people
who waul lino shoes! Not much,
sir. Weknow thai llie only shoe
that can stand up wilh your shoe
in style and workmanship is the
American Shoo!" And thoy
have lo have il. The buyer pays
the duly, loo. Bold St Co exclusive agelils, Cranbrook, ti. O,
Kootenay >
Steel Ranj>e
prates are made
extra heavy and strong
London- Toronto-Montreal I
Patmore Bros. Sole Agents
«* H0TET
L> m
I Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection f)}
Nearest to
• I depot,
Ilns iiivomiiio
dations   fi
ir   the
unequalled   It
mil Cold Baths
Proprietors j|j
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New   Management
Headquarters for nuniii
men and old timers.
,       When vmi want  a  good
* place  i" stop nunc tn the
• Manitoba.
eel Range
d. a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
And Gives Perfect Satisfaction i
All the Time
Plumbing, Roofing, Heating and
Ventilating Engineers.
IIII.I.  ,v   in.     Tl, iiy plin'i' in lown
Hun .-iin iimku lil.- uni'ili Hi.- living.
Dolitan note
E. H. SMALL, Manager
it. CLAIM'
^V^^^?^\2?\2? '^•^•7^-7^'^'^'-^
English Importation
English Vases        ('.aril Cases
Fruit Dishes and Hon Hon Sets
Glad to show vmi these goods.      Tlio  prices
arc right as we bought these from tlie makers.
Baker Street.      Cranbrook, H.C.
Lighted    By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable Bedrooms
lirst Class Dining Room
Always Up-to-Date
; C. E. REID & CO.,
^ Phone 74- rp^g   DrUggiStS
Tiiku notlco that thirty days aftor ditto
I Intend lo apply to the Chief Cominls-
sloiii'i- uf 1.inula nml Works ui Vlotorla
It. I', fur u spi'i'iul licence In nil mnl
carry away timber from the folIo\vIn({
desorlbed lumls in Easl Kooienay:
i 'oiiiinonulnfT nl a pnsl planted twonty
i-haiiis simili of tin'Smnll  west oornor
nltlii' Isulii'l mineral olalm, thom usi
eighty i'liuins,   thonee  north   eighty
chains,thoneo west eighty ehal ns,thai	
simili eighty eliuiiis in nliu'i' ul t-niii-
Iiiiiril November ISth, 11)011.
Crow's NOSI   I'llss  i,llllllii'i' l'l...   I.I.I..
Hi Ed, I'Vuuuii. Agent.
Tiiltti notice Hint thirty iluys nller
ditto, I Intend in apply in the Com-
mission!1)' of Lunds wsiil Works fur u
spi'i'iul license in nil uml carry uway
liuilii'i' from iln- followlni* desei'llioil
Cnnuncnclnf- al n posl markod A.
McDim-fiill'sT. I., s. R, cornor Bltnalcd
120Chains North uml 00 chains easl nl
Ilir s. IV. i'lirni'i'nl l.nl 'Jlii',1. <;. I. Eitul
Kootenay:   thenco  iiorlli   hi)   obalns,
ilim wosl wi i'liuins. llionco south si)
i'liuins. then usi so i'IiuIi
ol commencement.
Nov. Sth. inun.
Take Notice thut thirty days after
date we Intond tn apply lo lhe Chlof i _ - .      —   _
Coinniisslonoi' of Umls uml Works ul '■ CPail DPOOKj U.Is.
Victoria, ll.C.. fnr  pi'i'inissinn   in  i-u!	
uml carry uwuy timber frum iln- follow-
Inirdescrlbcd Innds In South East Kimta-
nay, viz..
£ Cranbrook, -      - B.C. ~s
,_ Wholesale	
Calgarv Beer, Ale St Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO., Hav and drain.
i iin
[I III It pnsl pluiili'il n
Smith east eorner of Lot 1114, riinnln«
south llfty chain* moro nr loss in the
northern lionndry nl l.nl 2oli5,  thonee
easl  mn i-liuins uun '  less lu  tin'
western boumlry nl I,ol 4211, llience
uni'ili I'lcliiy chains more or less in l.m
2. iiii'iu'i' wosl   sixty   i'liuins.   South
IWUIlty chill IIS, wi'si fully i'liuins In pi	
of niliiliii' Ilicni, riintuinllij.'lillllli'1'i's
 ' l.'ss.
Dated November 12th, 11)011,
■Hi Crow's NosI I'uss I.iimlii'i' i'n.. I.i.i.
Take notice thai thirty days nil it
ditto wo Intond lo applj InlhoChlofCiim.
niissinui'i'nl Lauds and WorltB Inr per.
mission in.-ni uml earrj awaj limber
from ih.' following dosei'lbud lumls in
smnll Ensl Kootonay'.
C'onimi'iielitff al u pusi planted I mllu
» ll Ullll  I  mill' u.-sl   Iiiiiii   llll'   -nlllli-
ivnst corner "f llrlilipm'   prc-oinptlnn
bollIK l.nl ritiiiil i,-l- (lllll, llronp i. Un-	
.r.  mill'. Ilir  uni'ili  mu'   mill'.
r mill', thonco smnll mi"
f hoglnulu-r.
Haled iii'iiili i '.uli. A. I). 11)0(1.
J NORTH   STAR       |
-&■-    HOTEL t
Kimberley,   B. C
H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
JI  .
9  "  f
9 9
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.     _ — _ L              9
Cosy and
Headquarters for
Mining Men
to poinl ' linn usi
I mil'' tu pla
A. Mi'linuipill.   II Crothers Luml C puny. Limited,   l,ii|ili>l's uiul Cigtll'l
Royal Hotel
Marywvillc, B.C. A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
Tlm abovo hotol has boon rocotitly ot'oclotl, uml noatly furnished  lliiiiii.nliiiiii.    Tin'  Bar is Riip|)llat1  wltli  Um  besl  bratldB of THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK ll.C NOVEMBER 17. I'm;
♦   *
-  -. _   _   _ -       *
I Arriving This Week
Splitting Gift  For Christinas
One Car Ontario Eggs
Canned Fruits TABLE AND PIE
a ** **      Vpp'Pt.ahlp*; ALL
"   Okanogan Apples TEN fines^Arieties
Several Cars Ashcroft Potatoes
When   you   jrel a « I old-
fashioned Headache thai makes
your head throb: uml your eyes
whirl uml makes Ann sick to
.Mini' stomach in
Dr. Scott's
Headache   Powders
j Nothing you would give would be more appreciated than a
Piece of Good China or Cut Glass.     A   few  j'ears
ago prices on these Exclusive Patterns in China
and all Cut Glass were prohibitive as far ;is
the ordinary  mortal  was concerned,
Phoy can't hurl you and  thoy Not   So   Now.
^   -lop any headache. in Wedgewood wo con soil yon a little ,Tug at 40c.  or a Sugar,
3fa\ Olie DOZeil In a li(l\ 25C. Cream nml Ten |>ot Si'l for 115.00 ami  a  host  of
ti lEATTIE &   A.TCHIS0N °"101' ''''""* '" W«1kow°o<1 til prices botw i these quotea,
Where It Pays to Deal.       Koval Crown Derby wo hove a loi of things yuu oan choose
9 Ir Mugs ill Jtl.50, fliips Saucers aud Plules.
9 TJij-i.f-jet   r^lim'pli   \ ns.'s ni ,iin*,,|'|,|ii prices or a noai little pair of Rose Jars for $7.00
it ,   „ „   . Royal Doulton .lugs, Watchman patlern sM.fiO,  Tea Set, $5.00,
v      Special Sermon Series ,, ..,..,.
Our Goods are
im* November,
Sunday    I'm' g,    Nni     Iiii.
A "Maguillconl    Mi 'ilitis i
* I he World."
* '.    nila \     I   v . • 111 r l ■ ■      \,n       Illli
* !■'., s Failures ul Hislo   Cl" (ilass W" lmv
l'lnci|in's ,(12,50,
Limoges wo koop n full lim' of this handsome pattern, Vou can
initial- up full dinner set buying just what you con afford,
Odd pieces in lion-Hon dishes, Fruil I'lnles, After dinner
ColToo cups.    Tele ;i lele sel.
imported n lot of English Cut Gloss.
*4M^****H***4M***#***$tf* «"> les.siit'lheCmn
if   S uila.i   lOvening,   \u\    l*-ili
ship ui Men "
\   livening,   \ni    I'.MIi
I, ingship ul Olirisl, "
^4}     S|iei   il music    Sankcy hymns,
9*f   Vinnn u I'lcoine
9       Mi   -i'i   Mrs   11 run I   Hark of
•If".    Inll'in*   s|h.uii   Sunday    lasl   in
Flower Vases thai oro very neal In shape and reasonable In
price running from "fie, lo $2.30 ouch,
Fancy in
Cranbrook,   -    -    B. C
Fancy and Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
ti.miiki: Mi'i'ir
Take Notiee that  thirty
lake .Notiee Unit thirty days after \Ui
date tie intend tn apply to the Chiel Km
Commissioner of Lands and Works ul ''»
ul Victoria, II. i'.. dn- permission tn
"•ut uml carry uwaj timher um the
following ili'si'i-ilii'il lumls in Si,mn
Kast  Kootenay,   commencing   ul  the
North-W.'st mor nf l.m *'S| I running
South   nighty   i'liuins.    West   eighty
chains, North eighty chains more or   ...
less to the right of way to the  II. i. s.   nu
Hallway f»'i  in un Masterly dli (Ion   Iff
along tlie   said   righl  nl uui   eighty ' IIU
i'liuins i ',■ nr less in pli I com-   (us
ini'iii'i'itii'iii. containing   six   hundred] ijfi
uml forty acres more nr loss,
Crow's Nesl Pass Lumber Coy.   I.
Nov. Tih iiiiiii. i:
Take Notice Unit  thlny days after
illtlc we inl.-nil |.|ih   In  Iho  Chiel
C issinn.-rill I.uihIsiiiiiI   Works  111
Victoria, II. c. (in- permission in oul
and carry away timber on iln- following
described lumls in  Sooth   Kasl   K	
nay, commencing at the |iosl plained
eighty i'liuins Smnll ni ih,. Soiilh-Wesl
eornor nl Loi lllllS, running South
oiglity i'liuins. Wosl eight) chains,
North  eight)    rhalns,    Ku-i    elghl)
cliuius in plu f comiiioimemeiil n-
luinili" six hundred mul fni'lv acres
nmi'.' nr l.'ss.
Crow's Nosl I'uss Lumber Coy. I.i.l.
Nov. Till Iimii. I.'i
Tlm Lending Store
Choice Confectionery
F HNS 11    NUTS
Fancy Oranges and  Bananas
Choice Okanogan Fruit
Persian Dates Sweet Potatoes
STKIVAIITS  I'lNi:   Clliii'iil. ITKS
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       ftrinstronu. ftve.
nnnnirrninmiTmnTTTTiinimiTTmiMi-:-      i,
The Quality Store
Choice Cigars
and Tobaccos
till    -.uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu':
|Ij       W. Stevenson of f
">i   the city Monday.
uiiiuiiy last,
\\ W .'YriiislTong, Toronto
ami .1 s Fergussiou of Macleod
i were in town Monday.
• uiul K. Cliapinaii nf
ui Cranbrook Mon-
.- uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-:-
■mii' wns in
N  ('. McKiuslry ofMnrysvilli
U>   was in town Mouday.
K   K. Jones nf Kimberlny wain iln' citv Tuesday.
.1. i;. Koiii'i't.siin, and W. G,
Byron of Vancouver were iu lite
cily Momlay.
Rend the "Kootonay" Steel
Range advertisements in ilns
issue. I'm' soli' by Patmore
> JJ-L U*L ^ \^ ^ ^ tu   ^ iu   ^ ^ ^ .u    .j   ^u   W    -{,   \K   <a_)   -j    -4,  k9 k\tft ^L
A*ft  r*}\   •*¥*,    *f\   t^T\  ^4*\K_^r*.*9\   *9\^^f\   ^f\    ^   a9\    a*s\*\   **\*\    i*W.   '*9\  ^t\   •**%  **9\. a*\K  t^f\    m\fX   4*sf\.'**\*\
* 9
9 Murysvilio, B.C. OOLE & UANDLEY. Prop. 9
9 9
9 9
9 Tin' Lending Hotel of lhe Si. 9
* Mnry's Valley,   Nice airy rooms 9
* k*t
J                    newly   rurnishod.      Table   as J
_. good ns uny in Kootonuy. _^
* 9
* 9
* GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   1
* 1
iVWW tk innt mn€mnt m% mnt Mm" mm\ mnt \nnK Mnt mn^l Mnt mnt. \nt Mm\ mnt \m( mat \n*t nnt mtt
a^-^TC 'iW * * *  ^ W VXk * TO A*a * \r\\\\ * TO TO \r\\ t\*\* *W **\9 **m ^ TO TO
'l'uko Nutlt-fl llu
lon-Ho apply to Hi" i-iii.'f Coinmliinl i
LnnjU anil Worka tit ViotorlH foi ptirinlM
in cut iiii'i curry uwuy tlmbor from tbo toll
lug dosorlbod lamlt* In tbo Knil Kontifimj
Commonolnnatii Imnl plnntednt Hi" cor
of LoH'-ffiO nbout lift cbnlm South-wont of
moro or i<'--> hIoiik tho Imnfc of tbi* i voi i
Una of l."i Mm LliBtico North forts rl
mor.- or Iom Atontf the lino rtl Loi miaa to i
norofnolil Lotnowi thonco Krnsi twoni
moro nr li".-. to iiiii'''- "f I'lHiimi
Geo. R. Leask & Co
I'Inns. Specifications
and Estimates
All   kinds    of    building    material
constantly on hand.
inun' or l.'-sl" uiiu'.' "!'■ „',i'i'.,Mi,.. ,lr.,     A,,|,   r   .,   -.-
IK'iHM   ,   l
iJKll'I'lt'l'A IK Of   IMnmVMIKN'ls
Viclorin   and   Jubilee   Mineral
Suramin llio fori Milium lllvlilon  "'  l... i
Kimli'liav lll'trh I
WIliT.' lia'iilial     "n Sillllll  lllU    "I sl   M'lr)
-I'uki' ii'iii''' Uml  I Thoi    l   Mi '. ""■  i "
Mlln'i     r.i I iiiiiii'' Wn III',i.l .ii" in |j,i I'liiuiiii
IMI    Mo   lllll'il  I   KiIiviii-iI   A
ii.    sluv   •!"'-   Iron
i" ilil'i) i' M'"1"" ll;*'
,,,!,. „l liMinin-..""""   I'"
milium " (,'rown ilmm "i
Anil imili"' mi"' l'"1""
,uii'i'iilalirlir"ltlll'i'""l I
Iinliil 1
ilni.'    I,.Ti'iil
li will pay those who are
iniiili-.' for work in .'nil and
Jim   McArthur
I    M- \ITTII
I * i-i  llllll I i ml In apply I"
till-   I'hk-I   I nllllllis-l i-    ul    IjiiiiUa
11 111 kr   fill   |H I'll,. — nu, In rill jlllll   i'iil'|-\
i . .., limbi j [rum tin fullowlnu liuwirlb.
  i'i- n Imu n KiihI Kniiti'iiii,!. -i 'inn-
Jil   .i    |".-I    |il;llll,'il   L'll   i'liuins
..I-'  ni  il,,' iiiii'IIiw.-i   iioriiiir nl  I.i.i
(Will:   Ilinini'    il.   su  i'lniiii-: II	
looking for work to call and      ,., ,,.„,   ;il,., ,,„,,, hii.rhiLltiH:
see in  i -" "i.niii" in iim imlnl nf
• il Nn .ii r l-i. IIIIIII.
i mi Intra I,iiinliiir I 'n.
in i  I. I". llrliliti'H.
    Uml  '  lim '"I Inupplj   111
'  -"J."     ..I    I,llllila   ,\
llll   i" 'in Ill '   'I llllll   I'lll'l >
, -.    ,. ... mm        iillmi   fiimi Un'   rnlliiwl-iu.   	
ClOtnCS, MlllL'-.,  I huiili. Ill M li KiihI K imyj.
Hals, Etc.  nmiiii'iiiK ..i i pirn |.i,...i.'.i j.i ii..'
■""     .  i riiriini' "I  l.nl  lllllil:  llin	
"   '..im     Iln'    '•■-: su i'liuins:
hi< Ill sn .'linins  Hi,'in >l hii
ll ui   1" 'li" I'lii"" i mni.'in'"in"III.
Imi.'il Nnvnllilii'l' Isi IIIOII.
' I'.illii'i'- I,liuilii'i' lu.
I , I'"i .1   K   I'.ii.l;" ■
I!"  ran
also til yn
n. ami
Jim MiiMlmr
('iiamii.'iiiii;, ll.C
II. H.vi'i's, representing IVoods
A.J. Knippe of Klko was tran-l Vallnnoe ,t  Co of  Nelson,  was
nl   Cranbrook  transacting  business   al   Cran-
I brook Monday.
Mi-, ami Mrs. T. II. p'lynn who
have been visiting :u the resi'
denco of Ur. Connolly left for
tlio easl Monday last. '
li 11. Unhurt, proprietor of the
Wardner Hotel, Wurdiiei', was
iluiiii;   business   al   Cranbrook
R. V. Gibbons, A. Casey and
C, II. Simili. all of Vancouver
were registered al tlie Cranbrook
A thief, with a fondness for
yellow legged chickens, gol into
the eliickenconp of W. K. Worden Thursday night and stole
several fine chickens. If he returns lie will meet with a very
wiirin reception,
.1 1.. Bnylel of Newport, Wash,
was a guesl al the Craubrooli
.1. .1. Simpson, Iv A. Harvey
of Vancouver were in the cily
T. (i. Proctor and R. A. Cook
of Nelson were al Hie Cranbrook
.1. II. Ciilliniiili. uml .1. Chapman of Wattsburg wore gnosis al
the Cosmopolitan Monday,
Roy Clothier of Kimberley and
.1. Broluy of Fernie spent Sunday
lasl in Cranbrook.
Tho C. P. B, Quadrille club
will give ii dance on llio evening
of Nov bor -Isi.
Craubrooli U'dgoA.F. .V* A.M.
held Iheir regular monthly emu
munication in Masonic Temple
on Thursday evening.
(1. S I-'. Jnquilh, representing
Brown Bros, of Toronto was
lining business at Craubrooli
IV. R. Mnckay of Klko. ami A,
,1. Jut'kson ui (iroonwood wore
registered at ihe Cosmopolital
.1. W, Stewart, E. Cooper, and
II. N. Cowan, all of Vancouvoi
u'ei'e l'oglsierod ai the Cranbrook
U, II. Crnssnnd A. 10, lliiwkins
of Buffalo, were (Iranbrook \ isi
lots during il :i rly pari of fills
For tho ladies, the "World's
Only Diistlnss Floor Brushes,"
for sweeping carpets, linoleum
in- bare Hours without dust,    Por
sale III   I'allllille Bros,
The burning oul of a chimney
'if ihe Saratoga Restaurum on
Sunday evening brought oul the
Fire Brigade,    No di go was
i.'Wn  xii-ru-i-:.
'I'nllii Noli™ liml .Ixiyilnya i ilni"   I   iii
Luml in n|i|ily ... ii." eiilnl ei i-sii.iiii ...
The Eye
i U'TKN differs frum 11 t.lior in strotiiflli rui|tilr-
I'jl itillirori'iil   li'iis,..
l,nni   It e. Inr (im
'   InllilUllI"   lll'll'lllll'i
I'linii,sl hi Hi,'  Nnrtl
ma llnitilfi'iii'lilKii'H lu
hum is mn:.'Kl'.S'ltll.nl:
I.i.i III II l-i'lnliliii'   Ai'.'til
Miss Peral King
WITH    TllK
Comnigncin^ Tluii'sdiiy No
I'l'llllirl*  .'.'Illi.
.ami   Mi'l'irl:
, l,l.-i i- inlsHlotiol' 11
iiliilanliil Wnrll   nl Vlulol'lll, II   I'. Inr |,i'i-
'-""... I rllll.il  llin I.ill.m.im ili'M'i'l I
■ ils in I'nisl Km,I,'„,i,
I'liiinni'iii'iiii' ui a i i nl ii n mil nl iim Simili.
'"■i inn' iii'i'iii'i'iiiiiiii.i'i' rIB nml
i iii" KiihI ii r l.m. mi:ui, nmi "ailni si	
iniiili". North imsi i'li™.'.' imsi, iiii'i simili
III I'lllllllH   llli'lli'i'I'llslUH'IIIJ'"lllllil-,llli'lli'i'
"'"''■.'ii .'imiiis iii" I'liml i» ri'IiiiIiih,
nmi"!'  mi' "iioiiii'i :ia'.'  iiii'ii.t Mnrtli
"HI- llniliii llii'l  N... MS!) I'.'O i'lniiii'. In llin
■r ll'i'i Nn ,ls.l iln-  Win! I.i.ly i'liuins
 lllnl'ii lli'iilll'o Nn. :l»:l In III I mm
I'lii'i'lim .i.i.i :»n nr rwi innl 'Ira,..
limiil  III, 1'1,,'innl,'.'   il|(|.|i|
.' oxiiini iti'li ''.v sopiiriitoly   iiiiiI    lil   iln-
We Guarantee Gomloi'table Vision
No Guess Work.
Win. F. Tate k son
Graduate Opticians
c.r.K. Wiili-li lnspectni'8Crews' XpsI pans Division
y-9ft?*rft*z4;;~*'ft;*:ft'*ft, 9 i-*79>.*^4t*1*mft-*.ftptrft.
d ''    V
9. ll will lake just aboul
^. that     lime     with    a ft
l   ■ ''A?
Comfort In Five Minutes f
I Fireside
We have a fine rang^e to |
select from. i
Cranbrook, B.C
Heen here since 1898    Liable tn st;iy longer
♦: 9 ft; 9 .'♦ 9 4: * :♦;» ♦: * ft, %ft: 9 ft; 9 :*: 9 ft; 9 ft 9 ft: 9 ft
I   Old TUN On Milieu
U Ladles you caniiol all'ord in miss lhis great Trimmed
I and Ifeady in Wear HAT SALE.   Iis the greatest bargain
T   Sale nl Stylish I Iwnur ever oll'erod iu tlio city of Oan-
ljl brook,
if Note ii row of Our Prices:
N T 1 Niiis lli'j>uliirKI,7n Su I,, in'liiu ats.ss
I  "
if' li' nilj I" Wi'iir Hois, lingular fj.LTi Sain prluo tl.-.T,
        W.MI   "       "   (2,80
Wo will Hliion on Sulo an odd lot of Ladios Hats whioh     '*'
rungo from $2,00 to $4 50   Salo Pnoo 60 Oonts eaoh
»!R»W'»t«»lBl»W'»lBl*»-L«l*»l*«J-»-lHl'»IH'»IPl ■»lHl»(Bl-»l!|)^tej'*[Hl-»lH)-»lMJ-»*»«H»«sBKB


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