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The Prospector Jun 23, 1906

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Array %\\t Wt^pttUt
Vol. 12.
No. 25.
fine Exhibition if Lacrosse on
Monday  Craubrook Twin
a Paat Bunoh   Score
Stands VS to 1.
Enthusiasm tun high nn Mun
day afternoon lust, when the
Craubrooli mul Lethbridge I .a
i-iosse tenuis lined up ut 4.20.
A great deal ot speculation Wad
taken plane ns io who was likely
lo lulu' tii-sl plui-e for the day.
Lethbridge (ell coutident. They
were lu good trim bad a sjood
rest, from Sunday morning and
Iheir countenances were beam
iug as they thought'of a double
Victory lusi year it ml now they
were oul In win again. Cran-
brook did nut do mui'b talking
but seemed slightly nervous but
tbe boys held their uerves and
when tbe time came they showed
wtuit wus in theiu. B. Black
acted us referee and gave entire
satisfaction and succeeded in
holding llu- game iu order su
thai the large crowd of ueuily
ono |ii'u|il" witnessed u clean
game ot ball
Tbi' whistle wus blown at4.20.
Crunbrook got the ball in the
luce nil Jameson was sure uud
passed lo Miller a lew passes
followed ami DeBeck gets the
ball and scores—time li minutes
A cheer went up, ut this time
another face off aud a swift pace
is struck, one or two mix up.
and Ski'itli gets two minutes to
rest. Tins ball passes up uud
ib ni'n llin Held uud across aud
again in HH iiiinules Patten tlnds
the goal. Once more from the
nullru a rush follows, Letti-
bridge I lies bard uud works well
but the puce is too swift and the
class loo high. Mai I news scores
iu Iwo in in ul i-a aud Ihe whistle
blows for quarter time. The
score stands Craubrooli a, Lett-
bridge i.i,
Iu llie second quarter the interest is increasing us Ibe opposing teams warm up, Lethbridge
tiii'ii an- determined to change
lhe sheet, bill uo; sad hearts,
wben iu iwo minutes Matthews
scores again. About ihis time
Lethbridge gels close to Cranbrook goal uml at one time a
shoul wi'iil up thinking goal was
scored, lull Matthews picks the
ball up and is seen ou a run aud
a pass is uiiiile uud the interest
is ul tbe other end, in 12minutes
more DeBeck again stores.
"Will this keep up"» is asked liy
many, and lo the surprise of lhe
spectators in one minute Patten
scores again, Another luce off
and Matthews scores iu another
minute, The whistle blows for
bull lime uml llie seore stands
7 io ii iu favor of Craubrook,
The crowd tallies by crying
oue. two, three, lour, live, six,
seven. Lethbridge is reminded
of the game with Tabor and are
learning a lew lessons.
The second bull Is beginning
lo look one siduil but sill! the lu
teres! keeps up as I here is good
bull being played uud ihe score
does not Indicate lhat lhe game
wus poor but rather that oue
team lur outclassed the other.
Lethbridge played some good
ball, Iheir boys are not as
swift as our home team uui
showed soirie good material. Iu
six and one half minutes fejal-
thews scores and again In 6$
minutes Patton finds tbe net.
and again inl} minutes Cowan
does the trick. How high is it
going? Now a rush down the
Held, Lethbridge gets the ball
aud in four ami one hall minutes
Stewart lands one safely for
Lethbridge The whistle blows
uml lhe score is In lo 1.
And now lor lhe last quarter a
rush is uiade and .Jameson scores
in one minute. Time rushes ou
uml I'ulteii again iu eleven uud
three quarters. Dellcck now
gels two minutes io rest because
of bis bard wmk checking one of
Ihe boys, lie I'liiues buck fresh
and assists in another gua) in a
nice pass to Jameson whe scores
in live minutes. Cowan agaiu iu
one minute. Jameson gets two
minutes and soon the whistle
blows uud time is up the score
standing 111 to l in favor of Cranbrook,
The game was clean, the home
team was strong, many men
showing up well. The defense
is almost impassable, the hume
is sure aud cool, The team is
out lo win and will. The play.
iag yesterday ensures good sup
port from the cily and the boys
deserve it. Tbe cup is coming
K. Prater Ooal J. Miller
C, II. Clarke I'.iim ll. Vli-t.eeu
fl. Scott Cover Point VV. Msihtauu
B. H. Ritchie Defence .1. Staple!
A. Mpley " li. Porteuua
D. Odonuell Field S Willis-tuna
A, Scott Centre ti Jameiun
A. Holli. Hum. W Miller
I). Hublii.i.ii " 3. Cowan
Dr Stewart Field VV. DeBeik
H. I. Sltetth Ouukte F. Petiea
F. II,iw Imi.ic VV .VUthew*
F. ilillii|,ie spare J.C.Hayes
Referee, Bert Black. '
(iuul referee, Craubrook, J.
Bates.    Lethbridge, Mclntire.
Time-keeper, Cranbrook, Ross
Tate.    Lethbridge, Gillispie,
Shoot !
Let her cornel j
Give her speed!
Let them score once !
Freddy has it.  Go it Freddy I
Buck lo Ike bunch grass.
They're ull "pretty good little
players" those Cranbrogk boys.
J. McHweyn—We sure have
the winning bunch this year.
Vic. Rollins—There's not a
team between Winnipeg and the
coast can trim thut outfit.
J. Arnold—The cup's coming
our way this year
Will Rollins-They're not io
our class. The blue combinations were too bewildering and
swift for the reds i
Bill Tuttle—You can't play
fast euuugh to raise a sweat ou
those Cranbrook boys.
Miller in goal- "Thi* is where
I shine—when there is nothing
to do."
They couldn't throw them too
tall for ''Scotly " He was there
wilh the boarding house reach.
"Hit him ! hit him I" cried a
youug lady to a Lethbridge hoy
who was chasing .Iiu (Staples,
"he's not padded." "That's
more than can be said of some of
the spectators," retorted soma
mean man standing near.
How about an excursion lo
Lethbridge when the boys go to
play the return match.
The boys iu blue located the
nel early iu the game, and could
not forget the dear spot,
i low played a star game fur
Lethbridge. but there were uot
enough ul' him uu the team
frank »». Ltttttirnlge -A Hough
Unuie, Wkiob Was Wou
by Lethbridge
The Frank-Lethbridge game
of lacrosse, played at Frank on
Tuesday last, was wou by Leifa
bridge, who succeeded in defeat
ing the Frauk team.
According to, reports it was a
rough game, 'ty-jrteeu men were
ruled off, ''for 2H minutes, and
one of the players was seriously
iujured Those who witnessed
the game are uf the opinion that
Frank should have wou, a meu
ber of that team having been
discharged at the close of the
game ou suspicion of baviug
sold out tu a bunch of sports
from Coleman who had invested
heavily on Lethbridge, The
score was 5 to I iu favor uf
emu was enthusiastic und up
preclallve, for seldou hud a
Oranbrook audience the delight
uf listening tn such an accnm
plished vocalist as Miss Sl radian
and those who were so fortunate
as lo be present enjoyed a rare
treat. Mr. Spencc has a rare
gift fur .story telling, and his
description of their visil to India
was most entertaining. The
dreadful story of the great
mutiny was vividly described by
the singing of "Jessie's Dream."
Miss Struchua'a singing of "('alter Hal-rill" showed a perfect
cultivation of voice ami acting,
All Ihe pieces were finely rend
ered, and Miss Strachan well
deserve, the high encoliiums be
slowed ou her performances by
the press. Thev ex pec I to return to Craubrook by uexl winter, when an enjoyable treat is in
store for those who tun appreciate high class singing and a
sweet and cultivated vole*.
Payday tt Cranbrook.
Thursday was C. P. R. payday
a! Cranbrook. The total amount
paid along Ike Crow line Irom
Dun mora Junction to Kooienay
Landing, iu wages, was 192,000,
Of this amount there was paid to
employes at Craubrook 187,800,
A careful estimate of the gross
wages paid by the milling busi
ness in Crunbrook and vicinity
amounts tu 420,000 per month.
From the above figures it will
he seen that Cranbrook has a
monthly payroll of about 157,000
per mouth.
N»w Oovernment Buildings
Mayor Rogers received from
the provincial government ou
Thursday tbe plans for the first
floor, ground floor, and baeemeui
of the new combined provincial
and city building for Cranbrook.
The plans received show on
the first floor a large public hall,
court and jury rooms, rooms for
jurymen aud witnesses, a room
for barristers, and balcony.
Uu lhe ground floor is a large
room to be used as an office for
the government agent, also a
private room for the agent ; one
for lhe mayor, one for cily clerk,
and one for the police magistrate. Safety vaults for both
provincial and city use, hallways
and porch.
die basement has a room for
constables, cells for prisoners, a
large furnace room, aud addi
tioual room for calls if needed.
The outside dimensions of the
building will be Iiu x 4a feet, aud
will be three stories in height.
The plans for the upper part uf
the building will be here by
J use 28th,
Iii tbo County Court.
A session ot the County Court
was held on Thursday, ami the
following cases ware disposed
of i
P. Bookhout, charged with
criminal assault was found guilty
of simple assault and fined tin
and costs
Minnie Morgan, who attempt
ed suicide, was found guilty, bin
received a suspended sentence
Memberships Increasing
The leading secret societies
of our county continue to
increase in membership There
la something in a secret organization that strongly appeals to a
married man.
Scotch Conosrt Thursday Iviniug
As announced, Cavin Specie
aud Miss Nannie Strachan ap
peared in the Wentworth hall
Thursday evening. The attend
ance was not large, but the audi-
We have a great name tor sell
iug the best, "STEWARTS"
Chocolates and Hon Bons are
made for those who desire
quality - pure and delicious H
Stewart, Armstrong, Ave.
It Pays to Advertise.
It pays to read Ibe advertise
menls of enterprising home
merchants, They ure the people
who makes it possible to have
conveniences right ut your door,
so to speak.
Just arrived, a carload of hay
and oats. A. C. Bowness.
Denial to fake Dispatches Kroui
tbe Coast.
Victoria, June 2n   The  pflltll
cal romancer is actively al work
again. A reporl is published tn
tho effect that the action of lhe
government in deciding to Imvo
au Investigation ol lhe charges
in the Vancouver World against
the chief commissioner was the
result of pressure on tbe purl of
Ibe lieutenant governor, uml il
is intimated that it is only u
matter of a lew days before Ihe
chief commissioner, will be forced to resign.
The Colonist says il is in a
position in stale uu authority of
members of the executive thai
l here is absolutely not one word
of truth iu lhe published state
menl.-, which are given lo the
press simply lo discredil the
effect of Ibe uiiiiininrcliii'iil of
Ihe proposed investigation The
initiative was taken hy Ibe Hun.
Mr. Green himself Immediately
upon his return from the interior, ami the lieutenant-governor
neither directly nor Indirectly
Suggested such u course, nor
W'us be in the remotest degree
responsible for il being followed.
As to the sequel, it will be fully
demonstrated The rumor about
dismissal is a contemptible tab
r .cation,
>     I'OMINU AND UOlNll
H Smith of Nelson wus in
town Friday
G. E. Fisk ol Portland, (Ire
was iu town Wednesday.
W. L>. Archibald of Toronto
was iu lown Monday.
H. S Todd of London was in
the city Monday.
A. Kraffe of Klko waa in the
city Friday on business.
J. Smith of Feruie was in the
city Tuesday on business.
S. D. Pumpellypf Luke Creek
was iu lhe city Tuesduy
A. G, Mclluire of Morrissey
was in the cily Thursday.
Alex. Moffatt vlsiled Jaffray
Saturday last on business.
E T. Kelly of Spokane was
iu towu Friday on business,
L Breece and A. T. Clark of
Moyie were in town Friday,
C. D. McNab came up from
Klkinoiilli Monday uu business.
Kdiior Simpson returned Mon
day from u trip lo thu coast.
James Carroll of Marysville
was a guest at the Royal Thurs
Albert Buuks of Fort Steele
was in the city Friday on busi
W. A. Pratt returned Thursday from a visit to lhe Turrl
G. F. Poitsiiiiih of Baynes
Lake wus in the city Friday on
Harry Drew of Kimberley was
in the city Wednesday uu legal
A P Chenette of Marysville
was iu Cranbrook Wednesday ou
Mr. and Mrs S K Harvle of
Moyie were Cranbrook visitors
Mr and Mrs. Huulaugee ol
Muryj,ville were iu Cranbrook
Harry Bradford ot Wycliffe
spent several days this week iu
Constable Joe Walsh of Fort
Steele wus in Ihe cily Monday
uu business.
F 0, Byranl and I W Phil
lips of Fernie  were Cranbrook
tailors Monday
Geo W VanDyke of Denver,
Colo , was a guest al the Cran
brook Thursday.
John Manning of the c C,
Stores returned Thursduy from
a visit lo the coast
Mr and Mrs ,1 < Banbury
of Wardner were vlsillllg Irienils
al Craiibrook Monday,
J. II. Fox uud W. II Tines
dale of Nelson were guests al
the Cranbl li Monday,
II Maedonald wenl lo West
Kooienay Tuesday ou mining
business He will be away about
ten days.
Thos. Kiai-k lefl un Monday to
spend aboul three weeks vacation al the const.
A. ti, Bateman uml .1. Henne-
bury returned irom lhe Moyie
river country Tuesday,
Rev. ii. II. Find lay of Moyie
came lo lown on Thursday and
remained over nlglil,
Mrs, V. Hyde Baker was reg
isleri'd al lhe Sll'llllu'ona hotel
Nelson, nn Tuesday.
G. H. Brown, .1. A, Slither
land of Viclorlii were guesls al
ibe Crnnhrooli Friday
11. M. Miller and 0, II I hull!
nl Vancouver were registured ui
lliu Ci'uillirook Friday.
V. Hiiheivr nl ibe Fink Mercantile Co., was ul Fernie Weil
ni'sday uu company business.
i; II. Lynns and li. II. Miller
nl I.u 11,Mil ij u. Alia . ivere reg I,it
ered ai I be Craubrook Thursday.
II M. I lueii of Coleman ami ll.
Grooinhi'idgi' nl Calgary were
guests al Iho Oranbrook Friday.
F. Green of Toronto and A. It.
Sherman of Montreal were reg
isiereil ill lhe Crunbrook Friday,
VV. A. tVleucbeui of St. Mary's
Lake spent several days I ills
week al I'ruiilii'iiok mi business.
P. Lund, manager of lhe
Crow's Nesl Lumber Co., of
Wardner, was in the city Friday.
Dr. Connolly was nl Tnchla
ami oilier points un the Crow
this week uii professional business.
H. M. Fullerlon and .1. W.
Bennett,of Nelson were transacting business at I'ranbrook .ou
II. Hill, I). K. Mollisouaud F.
II. Hutchins of Vancouver were
guests at the Cranbrook Tuesday.
J. P. Mclntire and J. F.
Huchcrofl of Marysville were
guests at tbe Cosmopolitan
Among ibe Marysville visitors
Monday were Mr. and Mrs ,1 F.
Priugle. Ui Bishop, and M
A. F. Rainbow of Kimberley,
and R. Bound of Mayook were
registered al the Cosmopolitan
Col, and Mrs. 11 D. Henderson
were guests at Ibe residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Elwell on
.1. Colwell of Mlchell and J.
Marshall of Kitchener were
guests at the Cosmopolitan on
.1. Clendenning, K ,1 nssen and
J.   Roache  ul   Spokane   were
registered at He Cranbrook
Him. Mackay ami A. Bale, visited Furt Steele Sunday lasl.
They report having a very
pleasant trip.
.lames Ryan uml Vic Rollins
left ou Thursday's train for
Sealtle lo Ulteud lhe races iu
Ihe sound cily.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittie,
Miss Rlchnrdsnn, and If Little
of Fori Sieele were Cranbrook
visitors oll Monday.
W. R. Ross, M P. P., aud E.
P. Epstein of Fernie were st
tending a sitting nf lhe county
court in Cranbrook Friday.
c A, Finite of Movie wa-,
brought lo Cranbrook Thursday
by Hr S. K, Harvle in be oper
aied upon for appendicitis
.1. a. Gonplll,  li   A. Ayres,
C. l>. Kttiniii. ami Sun,in f'riiiyle
cuiiie down Iiiiiii Moyie Monday
to attend the lacrosse gumu
Burt Black was down from
Feruie Monday In referee the
lacrosse game, Bert is always
a welcome visitor in Cranhrook
VV. McLean, ll Poller. VV E
Green of Vancouver, and T. G
Proctor of Nelson, were legist
ered al the Cranbrook Monday
ll ii i'i,,liner came from
I'm.. .Inml Monday in witness< the
lacrosse game '''Roy" say.-, tin.
11111 Is coining In,in,' lu t 'ran
Among Ihu vlsilors from Fort
Steele tu wllness Hie laci'OBSe
game were Win Carlin, George
Webster, George Watson, and
It P I'lmlie
(leu Ward nf Vancouver, in
spectnr lur ibe ll C I.nan and
Savings i'n , was iu lown Satur
day uud Sunday la ,i mi official
1). .1. McSweyn, A I. Mi De"
mott, Sandy ' 'ownii, VV Mnllhe
sun. and Vs. Matthews were al
Frank Tuesday In attendance on
the Frunk L iibiii id"e lacrosse
game. ...   •
l.eune your orders for preserv
ig berries at Tisdales,
C Vroom was down from
ireston on Saturday and return
il Sunday,
L. It. VanDecar returned Fri
ay Iiiiiii a visil lo Banff.    Mrs
aiiDeciir  will  visit   Ihe   coasl
returning to i Iraubroolt
Mr, ami Mrs. Will. Tuttle nt
Pontic were Craubrook visitors
nn Monday, and incidentally
look in ihe Craubrook Lelh
iiHilgi' lacrosse game.
ll. ii. I In rani, R 11 Ilui inn.
and VV III. Thompson were in the
oily Monday buying .supplies
They will work a placer claim
uu the upper Moyie river this
T. M. Huberts returned Monday fiom Fernie, where be has
heen engaged iu adjusting losses
nu   several   houses   which   hail
been destroyed by lire.
Mrs. Brock, Miss Lewis, and
Miss Springer lefl today for
Victoria to attend the teachers'
convention which will be held iu
that city commencing Tuesday
of next week. ll is expected
tlial about 500 will be iu attendance.
Miss Edith McBride returned
Iiiiiii Si Thomas, Ont., on Mon
day. She was met ut the slat ion
by her father and mot ber. Mr.
nml Mrs ,1 I). McBride All
three then boarded lhe train to
spend a few weeks at the coast.
A number of the friends of Miss
McBride were al the station and
all were delighted to see her
Fresh   every    day,    at    the
Palm"      Homemade   candies
Try Ihem.
Closing Exercises Held in Went
worth Ball Last Evening
This has been a busy week in
public school mutters. The
taiitcliers and pupils are prepar-
ng fur summer vacation. Ex
animations and closing exercises
have been the order. The
different rooms have been examined in the different subjects
io test the ability in regard lo
lhe reception of the medals and
prizes awarded by many citizens
f lhe city. The following
pupils were successful in obtain
Ing medals:
Louis Stewart, history. Louis
Rollins,    attendance Louis
Stewart 1st, Aleck McCallum 2nd
general proficiency. Alex Mc
'ailuiu |lst, Ruth Harvey 2nd
essay on Canada, Louis Slew-
url 1st. Aleck McCallum '-'ud.
bighesl aggregate iu years examinations, Alga Wigeu 1st,
Delia Diiiuiuioui.l "mi, highest
The following prises were
English Literature: - Delia
Druinmond, Charles McCowan,
Arithmetic Louis Stewart, Alec
McCallum Grammar—Charles
McCowan, Gladys Gasklll.
Honesi Endeavor—Jean Bridges
Ivalbleiie Bridges, liavld Reid,
Rosa Passcugglo and Willie
Moore Canada s place in the
empire (essay), Maude Hlckeii
The closing exercises weie
concluded mi Friday eveuiug by
a grand concert given in Went
worth Hall A large crowd was
in attendance   The above prizes
and   medals   were   presented by
the trustees and local clergymen
May ur Rogers presided and
the following programme wus
I Chorus 'I'he Land ul the
"   Address by lhe Mayor
,; Presentation uf rolls of
I  Song by Junior class
5, Song by the school
b Presentation ot medals and
addresses by local clergy
7   Presentation ot pr-lres
M. liuil Save the King
During the exercises thi pupils
all ucqiiitieil themselves with
great credit, both lo themselves
and teachers The large audi
i'lu'.' was delighted ai ihe efforts
and needless lo say lhe boys snd
girls were pleased lhat holidays
imd come.   . .
What tbe City Fathers art Doing
to Build up Cranbrook
The regular meeting uf the
Cranbrook    City   Council   was
held    mi    Wi-'luesday     eveuiug,
there being present bis bouor
Mayor Rogers, and aidarmeu
Baker, Tisdale, Ryan, Jackson,
Fink and Murpby.
Minnies of lust meeiing •,«!»
adopted as read
.V million for returning fine fur
mpuiiiiiliug ot cattle belonging
lu Mia S.I, Kloi was laid oh Ike
table until nexl meeting
Dr Connolly, health officer,
llii'ii addressed lha council te
ibe reducing of his salary from
Wi. lu (16 .per month After
giving a synopsis of work performed, tbe doctor ->aid : "1 will
Heat the cily as I du* my olher
poor patients, do the work for
Mr Long, manager of the
Waterworks Company, then-ad
dressed the council, and showed
hat lhe city was geitiug au
ample supply uf water at a very
reasouable rale
ll was ordered that the salaries
of A A. McNeil, Mrs Brock,
and Miss Lewis be paid.
11 wus ordered lhat the estimates of the Water Supply Co.
be accepted and thut a contract
fur one year be made
ll wns ordered that the city
teamster be paid a salary of lill.
per month.
Upon motion of aldermen Fink
and Murphy, leave was granted
to introduce a bylaw to be
known as the 'Pound and Dog
Tax Bylaw, Asieudment Byluw
No 27. ' Upon motion said bylaw was introduced and read k
first time It being deemed advisable said bylaw was read •
second und third time.
The council resolved into »
commit lee nf the whole to consider bylaw No 27, clause by
clause, with Mayor Rogers in
the chair.
The committee on public works
were Instructed to proceed with
the construction of sidewalks
and grading as follows: Grading
l Lewis street between Burrell
ami Garden streets, Sidewalk,i
on Edwurd, Hanson to Van Horn;
Armstrong and Lewis streel
bridges; eud of walk from Han
sou lo Edward ; sidewalk along
Lewis lion. Hanson to Garden
Bylaw No 27 was then read a
third lime. " "*
Notice was giveu by Alderman
Fink that at next meeting of
council he would move lhat bylaw No 27 be reconsidered, finally passed and adopted.
By Aldermen Baker sud Jack
sou lhat leave be gianted to loir od lice a bylaw to ba known as
Ihe "Curfew Bylaw "
By Aldermen Tisdale and
Murpby that bylaw it being the
"Curfew Bylaw," be now Introduced and read a first time. It
being deemed advisable bylaw
Nu 28 wus lead a second and
third lime
The council resolved lute, a
committee of the whole io coo
sider Byluw No !8, clause by
clause, ibe mayor in ihe chair
Upun motion ui Aldermen
Jackson and Murphy notice was
given Unit at next meeiing ot
lhe council Byluw Nu. 2-*i be re
considered, liaally pasted and
adopted '
Upun motion of Aldermen
Jackson and Murphy, Dr Con
nolly's objection lo salary be
settled at next meetiug of Ibe
Council udjourued
Will build Railway
It is aiiituiim ud thut the C P
It will soon commence the cou
sii net ion ut a blanch railway
Iiiiiii Boine polnl near Elko dun u
the Elll river lu Elkmouth, to
enable mill owners in that Vlcln-1
Ity to ship lumber to Alberta
and uiber eastern Canadian
points THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   B. 0., JUNE 211. 1906
W   ROLLINS1  art        *,»                    a            iiaiiiicd.     There is nothing that
©Ije VVO«peCtOr.   I,,-.,,, toUsoUtown-indlu-
KSTAIll.lsllKIi    laiA
A. B. Grace,
•ilil.tsilK.i;   ami   ISDITOK.
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
*%\]Z Ifrwpectinr.
SATURDAY,  il Nl: ■-':. UK";.
THF. investment by conserv
ative liii/i'tis in business I his pupils to the boy  who would
duces newcomers to settle in  ii
iiiuie limn neatly painted houses
and fences, nettl and tidy streets        u wJM (m}, lhoso w|m ^
and   sidewalks,   and   Innl   and     looking for work to call ami
sluiilc trues un your lots.     Lei     see
us see what ynn «iH 'I" for the
benetit of our progressive little     Jim    McArthur
,    ,   , He inn  .secure yon a job aui
A schoolmnsfi it'll said to also lil you out In *
nive :i 'bit' lefl     H vmi ink'1 off
bunH.M,rl|"a<-iTv ti,' iuppiy'imt Pl'W f good ti s present still auother,  the  whole ol   'It'
..,.-,„ „„„„..ii,. |„i,|.,.,- Jin.i ihe ,    , remains.   If yon take off another
ii, i ui ,,i ii imilei in ii llili'l    Just al this time the liiall order it is not totally  used  up,  all of
,„t,i,. ,,r. i.,. i ik water iu heai "ie| houses are active in Hooding the which goes to show  Ihal   ll   vou
Clothes, Shoes,
_jm_\ •  —~ "-*,
Jim Mdflrtliur
i  |\V0    ClIANHUOOT
I musk: i
Mrs. Hislop mTOo0t!'""
lull  III III
IIII.I.  ,v   in.    Tin- only place In town
.   iimi .-un iniiili' life wiirili Hu' llvlnir.
i Centrally Located
Lighted   By  Electricity
Heated By Hot Air   —
and residetice property is a verj Imake the ln-si piece of compos!
iiiiiii indication of the  faith of tion in five nrlnnies on "How  It
the citizenship in the city   Their Overcome Habit." he would givi
advance has been gradual but it a prise.     Wheu thttJive minutes
has ouly been  m  keeping  with had expired a lad ol   nine yeari
'_ \~~ _ '~ 7"        ||"' general prosperity tlml bus stood up aud said       Well,  sir,
The Hot "Water Question1'*""1 prevu ■ iH this °**y-habitis hard t° n**-™** "p™^ cuanhuook, u.<
^ People who fori 'ly resided in you take oil the   tirsi   lotlpr   It
Can   Br.  Sfittleil   BlJ  U*        our city on  their return  visits does not change '-.bit.'     ll  youi si   \'
Qllil.Mll find SatlslaCtorllU        wequicli to see  lhe change  in I take off another letter you  still
Whetlici ills n l»iller lu the kili-lii ""'■   '"•■"•!' PIANOF"! 11
,  .  Mi,,.,-,, , ,i i,,..„i i, v I,,-, .-.m I still mn,ili.'i'.   ihe  whole ni
Special allcnlinn lo IiiiiiIi
lucliniqiic,   plu'iisiti
gi-adlng of studios. linen ami uld timers
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under   INcsv   M«m.jj,eiriei.t
IIimiIihi.iii'i-. Im minint
..use makes Iltferi'iii-e.   IV,
country   with   inn   haudsomely
-mi  put ;n la,ih kind- nml Imtli      I ill'
heir ,v - ■■■ gotten   up   spring    catalogues,
Plumbing and Heating       (iuotl,"»  ftl'nu',iv*   P™es   °»
3 staple articles  and   making   all
.Inhs ,•iiii-'i-:,,; -,, i- i"   i-ui-r e,l    ml ,      . . ,
|Siu'isiii big sounding claims tor
lyour cash,    I'liej do uol offer to
exchange   Iheir goods   lor   the
Farmers ecus, poultry, butter or
Plumbing,  Heating and Ventilating   Engineers other produce   They don't trust
_   ...   _ a peuny's worth, but   make yoli
♦ <•♦<-♦   lMV  ras'1   before   you   gel   the
.    srootls atul   the   freight   besides.
want  in  gel   rid   ol    lialni   yon
".♦.>:♦.»♦ ♦ ♦<-♦«♦»♦   ♦»♦«♦»♦
The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc.
Keiiicinliiii' we cniiv the only stock of I Hi HI
papers in I'l'uiiliniiiU.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All   kinds of  hiiniinu find  I )t-i nratill.n
itttendod to promptly.
I'.u. I SOX 113     AliMSTKONi; AVENUE     PHON'15 111
mtisi   throw  ii  nil  altogt'tlii'i'
Resull    He won ll
TAKK   S'OTll K" iimi   SiMy   iluj
niter iluti' I Inteuil tu applj tu thu Chlol I
Commissi i ,,| Uiuls ,i»,i IVurka [or
|,,r,,ns.i,,:i   I,,    pill-ehaSl'    Illi'    ti-lloii ill^
lllMl'l-ll»'ll Iiiii,Is   in   Slllltll    Kasl    Km,I,'- ;
l',„iiili,'lli'ilill HI tlii' Suiilli,'Usl ,-,,iii,-i';
,,: I ut I'll, lii-oup I. tlience '-usl twentj
i-iuiiiis.   tli,,ii,-.■ iiiir'li .twentj   I'liiilim.
thenee weft twenty I'liuins, tlioiuio simili |
men j  i ia na   o ji ui-i .u    n i; tin ng,
["hey pay no taxes into your t  ly     llaUHl ti,is 2nd uij ol May.A.I)., um.:'
Harry T. Vi-nnlit.
fur luirili'iiliii'sii|i|ilj inl'. l'l, Held I
11 ,   I'lii' HliiKj;is|s.
I; anything is wrong with the
goods or they do noi suit, ihey
| will not exchange litem for you,
inly treasury, with which
our schools ure maintained,
roads,   bridges   and   sidewalks
tu our churches, charitable insti-
a j tutinns, nor to our poor
0       The   "Iiiir head
■»   way  "i  ex\
a.      uuiii, i nt-\     uu   i in i   Luuinuuio    i T f****\ f\ T   I ]l T j
* .- . - - -■-.-*
J Tailor % Importer of *
11 '"i ''" ♦       Fine Woolens:      f
essing   a   common * I
9   '""I    ■   ■   trmtuenl   ililluent.      ll  | crauhriwk.B.cJ.'Ai-insti gAve 1
■-,*■ arises fnun various sources, but *                                              *
'9 ,'',p r,':i' foundation is u lacw  of      __ 	
.♦>"""'■     Al1" wney develops CRA.NBR0OK AERIE 967
. i ii in sLiuie people : a few good
Q, clothes gives it lo others; n little
J oftice, where a chance is given jFRATERNAL ORDER EAGLES
F. O. E.
:♦:♦:♦:♦:♦.<>"♦:«:♦. o :^:»*   9.9'4:9.9:9 ♦,«:^>:,t* ♦
c. c. c.
I Guioiirij Game Go.
4        Fresh and Salted Meals
*■        Kish and I'oiiltry in Season
4 I Irili'i's by until will
1'cise a little authority; is
often lhe cause of it, while nth
ers gel il having :t  little better
jnli limn itcir ussncliiii's, Tiie
truth is no sensible person gels
the "big head." The ones who
become stuck up und stiff-necked
inun sources of any kind are
7 'weak in ihe Intellectual cu)iber,
a      v     if
This paper never has. nor
never will urge the people to
slop taking the paper of u contemporary. We care not if you
palronize lifty other   papers  so
*0 I long us you lake ours.
4 '
*t     we
Yesterday we   wmv   asked   if
ver    snw    a   bald headed
Order bv Phone 45
I woman.      Wn  answered   "No,"
cite pi'ompl nml careful attention '   we never did, nor did  we ever
0   see a  woman   wnllzlng   around
{   town iu her shirt sleeves with 11
4 In cigar in her teeth,.and running
, ,a,a),., nuum,in.n,|   into every saloon she saw,   . We
hav,' never seen a woman go
fishing with :i bottle in herpock-
ei, sit uu the dump ground till
day innl conic home  drunk  at
tliglll Nur have we ever seen
11 woman yank olT her coul uml
say she limiil  lick  any  man  in
lOWIl liml bless her. she's not
built iiiiii way
a..-...........,.,,., .„...».....»..■.....■.—.■.•■»■..
ay. flats, Wheat, \m
Wc have tins week unloaded n car of each kind
,-si'M in. I'm. I-. pon Ton  l.i'i's. Call und see is befon
buying elsewhere     IVe also carry n stock nl
:arnefa's stock and poulti y :..:
Harris Bros.
Let everyone keep hustling lo
Improve the appearance of their
nil-eels uiul Inls l\i'i'| 1 nil kinds
uf rubbish off llio  streets  uml
siilewtilLs.    iiiiiI   see   ihal    your
houses, fences,  elc,   are   neatly
\*is|lilli|      lll'lltll't'l's     I'lU'llillllV       llllitl'll
., . it...sj. TVri.. W, l',..si,l,,,i
*   A. \V.  111..UK.  Si'i'l.
I Rocky Mountain Clutpter li
I Nn. Iii.  R. a. m. I
J lleirului' muattngBl—2lu1 Thus- S
? day in I'tu'li montli at olglit s
3  o'clock. '-
5 '•  Sojoiu'iiini:  Coiu|janlons   ure   ■:
cordially Invltoil. *
Iw.m. I', Tatk, Soriho E,  I
Iio.\ I       OKAMUUOOK, It. I*.       i.
Pacific   Coast   Points
Palttce nnd Tourist
Sleepers, Buffett
Library Cars, Modern
fining Cars,   ■
meal's a la carte.
Best  Meals  on  Wheels .
2 PAST   TWAIN'S ,**\
: For full particulars, rates,   M<Iim\-
oU)M call on or address. '
S. (i. YKltKKS, li.w.l'.A..
Seattle, Wash.
c.   \V,   MAHilXICV, O.l'. \  'i'.a..
City Scavenger
Parlies • having   back yards,
and closets t6 clean,  uml relusc
mat lor to be tiilieu uway. should
leavo orders wlth'me,
Leave orders at the City dorks oltlce
or drop n imstal iiiird in llox 10.1.
Court Cranbrook 8943
VislttiiH. Iirctlii'i'ii   I'oi'iliiilly   invited
r. It..   A. MoCOWAN.
Huuruliiry, T. MAIISII.M.I.
-Carpenter % Builder
Good Work al
Ui'iisniiubli' Price
■ j When vmi want a good
* place in stop come to the
''!   Manitoba,
D, A. McDONALD, Manager
Wc Give You Your Money's Worth
E Always Up-to-Date 2
W_*** —•*
£ Granbrook, -     - B.G. 3
June 25
Prof esslona I.
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
(11 IAN III tOOl., II.r.
■ j:M. derr
;B6ot>-snoe Maker
All Wnrli Cliiiiriinl I
Now Worli Mini MeiiHIirn
Solicitor, Etc.
Armstrong Ave,
" >ini
n"i'"'ii i
llritish I'nl hiu
: win n|i|i|j until,Cliliil
mt, iv,,tk- for a il,-,■  i,,
i   Iiiiiii   llu-  lulluwln^i ill- j
iiikuiki uny.vi/      'Oranbrook, H.C
liAlilils'i'i:ii. soi.iriToii
uml Nu'l'AIIV  I'l'lll.lr.
,| in r ,,l   III
5S- ;^:''T!S5eSa^S..^,^^ll^ricgfe5Ks^.^a^^l^,^,a^^j
' (luiim,
„i ,'lioilia
Hie Illinois t-,cn(r;il
U Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Slablinq in Connection !
V.'iir.'ai iii ruill'oad di'pol.    Huh iircdiiiiiio
lllll Inn-.    '<n     Iln-     jiulilii: |  iiiii'i|iiiilli'il    in
i Iranbrook,
ul >,i,    iiucxoi-lleil  -i-i \ lee   ifi'iii
,    '  ',,11,,   ,u-l llllll alllllll     MilllllIK
,-,,IH ti',11-   Wlljl    Ulilll-    nl    nil
i,ntiiii,mill Ijlllm,   |i;i^ai-n2*i'l'a   nn-
'Im-ii- el ■ ,',l I-,,,,!.-.- tiit'liii'iniii.!
l.i.iii-i ill,.. M,'in|il>i- iiiiii Noll iii'li'inia, I
uiul ilii'uiii.'li il..-!''*'|iii1iit- iii:l.lii'*lnl;.;i|--l |
PriMpi. trnviili'i'. ilo.lrliiK Infiir
| illltlliit, lla III llll.- loWPHl   I'lll'-   mul   I i1
'■nu:,'.   ie   iniiii'il ii i'ii.i-|ii.ii.li.|i,,.
IVI Ml ' Hi ,',11111.' |-,-|in-.;llllllii.-a,
ll  II Titi-Miiri.l.. I.' piiirellil Ajfoiil
11:  I'liini si.. Pootliiiiil'Ornifiin, I
I. i    I I.VIIHKV, T.I''. A I'.A. „ V
I I:.'  I llllll SI..  I'lll'l lllllil. Illrfllll. '
■^^^^^^^MmiB^i^^^i^mM^^^^l i, coil»,'™g!0sou£o*wi,tin	
Illiil and Cold Bath
Proprietors m
G. H. Thompson
_Uai   IIAIllllS'l'KII .V Si II.II'ITI III I
.ZPt   NO'l'AllV I'l'lll.lr
I'I'llllill ll,   ll.C.
P.L.S.  & Cli.
li'orl Simili' H.C. .
.»^..».».»................................ ........„.,,^H>
DR, l'„ W.t'ONNOl.LY":
Plilisiiiiiili -I"'1 Siiroeoii
,'U Tlrl': iMfMH-rpOMII   u M
llnl'tls'   .11 lull ii.in.   2 l,i I p.Mi.
•      ...     7ln8'p;iif,   ■
I'lmiir ullli'',' III.',     Uunlilu  lull
a»aV,^,.„^,.,.»„.,,.„.„^,.,,.,,»,»,^,»,.,..- .-t^-
ia tull'l.li'lilill'. Tlml la liiml mul,,.;
liim an,.., n rorel) III lllllWOllll ii i,
iiiiii aiiiiiii imi'lliiiiliirll) Uml iiiiiiJiIi*,
n-Iniilli-i'jini llin
■   Best
Shilling Six-Pen y Pipe
in the World
"m: in yiiuun strirns am, ,i/i
lv»>iy 1-1(1. (,u,irdiilr,-,l.
SOU)   IN   IANAHA   IOK    13,,
TllliV   IVII,I,   SuT  111'ItN
ruin iiii.i. v"'',||Ai I-
22 Famous  Equestrians II   Arabian   Tumblers
IO Rockies*  Rough  Rldorm   23 Merr>  ************* Clowna
,'7  Russian   Cossacks 9  Sensational  Equilibrists
HO Astonishing Acrobuts
4 Complete Japaneao Oirouo
■ i   jV"V~    ' *\      Supsrb   Carland  Entroe
y3*| j      ^ <-, Scores of Trnined Wild Bensts
Horde of Performing Elephante
Cnmt'ls, Damns und Bus Indicus
Educated   Seals   and  Sea  Lions
Highest   Jumping   Horses
Tlitnulorini;  Rinnnii  Cliinint   Rnces
DO    Trained Imporlid Arabian Slalliun*
I,  Only l.iuly Jnpilitesu Artists In Aniiirloil
100 Shetland Pony Ballet
Crake  \A/i,lkli,i;  Horses
Marvelous PicarHs ':.".',.;:
Le Fleur Troup*
"?3ti Pretty Edna Maretta
^ Grand Street Parade:;
Performances2 ^r"
Gto. R. LtflSK & Co
;'     AND
l'l,ins, Spii iln :iiti,ns
llllll    l''.:,lilll,llr',
"Shield Brand'
G. P. TISDALE        All   hinds   of   building    material
I i  i ■     -
I Tho Tobacconist i constantly on hand. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B 0., JUNE 28, 1006
Purohaso   Price  $3.00 a Month
Allow iiiou Mi'lu For Old Maoliine
Arnold k Roberts
ol'K NEW
Photo Mounts
Picture Framing <i Snecytu
crest Photo co.
Rakor St. Cranhrook, ll.C,
J. Edgar Davis
j.   Bricklayer   ^
"""Contractor   w
CHUNK 115 ;
B'ui'iiaco, iltnilor. Uaiifte uml
l''irii|ilur.o Work u Spuclalty, All
description nl stone-work tiiulor-
Will Itccelve Pilmipl Attention.
Take notice 1.1ml  thirty ilttyn
tlmi' i intend in upply i*o
Mu; Chlof
(.ommisslnnorof Lands uiul Works for
permission    in  cut   nml   carry   uway
timber fro'm   llio following dn
IhiuIm hi SlilllliettHl Kootonay.
I 'inilNlt'lli'ill!1-   ill    II    pl"»l     plltlltril    40
ohaitlH   west    ur   the    timber     ItcotK
marked .1. A. Itrolny of Pernio: them
west I i'li cliuius. thenee hi mth 40 i'liiiins
thenee oast Hid chains, thence north lo
chains, thenee west -10 chains to plaoe
of eoniiii6nooinoiil containing 040 acres
w:oro or loss.
to, .IKNSKN. L.icut'Oi*.
Dated March 'J.tril, lODfl. 15
fEhe tytoBpzctot
SATTUl.AY. .11 NK 28, 19011.
110 Day Hound Trip
Excursion East
Winnipeg,      I'oi'l       Arthur
Oiilntli, Sl. Paul.
Toronto,  Mniiii'i'iil,   Miiriliiiiu
Provlncos,    New    York,   New
England, nil :i|i|i|ir:llinll
.Iiiiiii I, 11, 7, -H, 25
.lul.v 2, III Ann. in *. I'i
Si'|il. 8 uiul in
Tlrlli'ls Hlilljl'l'l In UHllIll vinliiliniis nr
I'nulii uml Inulnilo iiimiiIh mul liurllui mi
riiniiiliiiii I'liiillln sii'iiiiiiTH 'in (li'i'iil
f.ukiiH,   Pull inirili'iiliiia iimii
Annnt, Cl'lllllil'ook
Nllla.lll. 11.11,
Many  New  Features,  Acta and
It uui truly Im su'ul wit limit
oolll ruil'ii-linn tlml nn i-it-rus
li-avelluK hus u larger or mora
t*u,11IiI'kI following than that, ot
Norrisatid Rowo. Por IH years
these earnest young men have
steadily inc.reaseil lliu size of
their augroKatlon, have kept
luiili with Uu- public ami have
conducted a clean, moral, hones!
show, I Iiiiiii'-, nf i limn h ill any
form wi-re novor allowed und
nevor will he with this show.
Therefore lhe nubile has the
greatest uoiilldetjce in the an-
iiiiiniri'iiiuiits nf this nireiis. This
season NorrlsA Rows promise
un ul! new show uiul they can be
relied upon to give il (if the
bareback riders, ihe principals
urn Miss lOdnu Muruttu, champion soiiinrsaiilt ridor ; Prank
uiul Dolly Miller in a Iwo horse
carrying act : Ed. Honuni, principal rider; Austin King, hurricane hurdle rider : Herbert
Rumley, champion nuigli rider;
Janul Melville ami Iter high
school horses, Annie Morton in
n beautiful iiuiuagu m'l. The
four l'ii'iiril Hros. aerial horizontal bur performers ; the great
Stirk troupe of ID young men
und women aerial cyclists ; llin
Sugimotn Japanese tronp nf lo
women nu llin Hying trapeze ;
l.ut'ifi'i' uml his giant golden
ladder ; Mlln Rose Maretla on
Ihu double Balancing trapeze ;
Miss In.'iii' on the swinging
ladder: Martin & Crouch, comedy acrobats, etc., are lhe more
important numbers. The trained
animal features include a trio nf
elephants, lu educated sea lions.
"Sport," lhe famous bull dog
who climbs a ladder 00 feet high,
catches a pud and Hies lo the
ground nn a trolley wire ; two
Siberian hours and a huge Danish hloiidl'ound in balancing
feats: 20 Shetland ponies in
drills; Babe and Royal, two superbly beautiful Uengal tigers
who jump through lumps of Are,
Then I here is a grand toiirna
menl, picturesque entry hippo
drome races, long and high leaping over the backs nf elephants,
llamas, camels, dromedaries, etc.
by athletes ; a corps of clown*,
u large itienugerie of rare wild
beasts, a side show ot wonderful
freaks and curiosities, splendid
band concerts and a big street
parade. These are bul a few of
Ihe iniiiiy features lo be seen
here Monday, .lime 25.
If you want a prosperous lown
where people can come who are
disposed to make homes, then
do away wilh and bury from
sight, ull jealousy und spile work,
move for common prosperity
ami mutual bcuelll,.     Wake up,
irnii your eyes, roll tip your
sleeves and go to work. Do not
work wilh fear and trembling,
Imi lake for granted lhat  blond
. will tell. Leave results to themselves, borrow no troubles, bul
all unite tn make it, the biggest
liiml nf a lown.   Un to work.
A friend at our elbow suggests
thul Ihu liesl wuy In head nil llie
muil order houses is for ihe local
merchants to advertise liberally
and gel lhe trade themselves.
11 does look reasonable. All nf
the successful until order houses
are heavy advertisers and if Ihey
can make It pay why not lhe
local merchant.
(leo. miliar,
,1, s. OAttTI'lli
1)11 WttN
Mistily: CHICAGO
Yuiir iilliiiillnii   Ih  ciilli'il   In   Hill
"l'l |, l.linlti'il" trains nt llie "MII-
iviuilii'i' x si I'mil Hallway." "'IV only
liiirfi'i'i. tt'iiliii. In lite ivnrlil."
Vim will Unit II ili'Kliiilili' I" ilili'nn
those Iriiln- when going In uny imlllt, I"
tin, I'liml.  Sluli's nr ClltltlllU.   'I'lu-.v
iiiiini'i'l    "Uli    nil     Tl'iiimi'iililliiiiiillil
Train* n'"1  "'I  'l*l«ktit   Aic'iils   -"'II  wi'iii '■"'
imili.- i
n uveru
Teams uud drivers furnished for uny point in the tils-
A. DOYLE, Miinugin
<.,..<.■«■..■■..■■■►. » » ' '«■»'♦■■ iiiiii
t rii i ri i i iii~ tii i lit it
• ■    Mi'tiiliiuiiMi'i-.s for
NUTS uiul i'llOM'1'.   X
OONlWriotfKltY •»
£ let; Cream anil eSoli Dritikn ;;
Alio Tobacco, Pipus
and Cigars
■ •   Baker St.    Cranbrook   '.'.
9  .9.  t -*-f|,f„T-ft.f,it ,1,,1m1-*-9    9   9    *    *    •    *    .
TAKK Notlni Hint thirty iUys urtoi'iimol
Itili'inl In H|i|)iy lu  Illli ClllCf ('oiiilillsshitu'i nf
lis Hint   Wnrks  Ut   VlOIOI'tn   r»r :i   iieeuee
■ui ami i-urry uwuy timliur from iho ml-
lowlllK lll'Sl'tlhl'll IlllUls |||   Sillllll   )•:• HI   K'DOtO-
liny: • ('iiiiniK'iii'iiiir ui n |>iwl |ilntntii| onu milt1
imiili nl tlm siiuiiiwi'si i-iMiii-r or i.nt Ull, lit'lng
tin- Nurllii'iisl coiiH'inf l.m T-.'-tt group l.lHl'Hoe
llul'lll Ml 1'lirlilis, tllOtICi) Wl'llt l» I'llhillN. llli'lli'i'
li HO i'liiiiiis. ll cu i'hhI. W ilillllis Iii ill life
or hcRhinliiit,
Dnted this Itttli Any nr May. A.M.. limn.     -M
Km pi
MINKIt.U.   .UT.
ll-'nitM I'1 I
• Fractional Mineral Clitlin.
SI Until, in iim Port atonic Milting division nl
Husi Knot i'i i ity IMstrll't.
Where located;   Near Lukudrcck.
Tak'tt notlco that I, .inums a. Itiuvi-y Prco
Miner's Uertltloato Mo. '■HTiBTfi" iu-IIiik
hs HHOnt tor .lanii'H T. Liiirtlmv. l-'.M.l'. No.
liwsrui. w. M. Tarrant, l-'.M.f. No. HTIIW'J, mul
.iHiiit's AtiRim, F.M.r. No. n.T;isi:t, Ininiiil
sixty ilttyn from thoilHlo hereof, lonp|il,v In the
Mining Recorilur for a [rorllllcato ot huiirnve*
iiicnm tor the iiur-johc of oliliiliilim ni'rnwii
Grunt t>r tho above elnlm.
Ami tu tliu'r take notice thai actum, miner
nuetlou 37, miiNt tm emmueiii'ud liefore tin- hisii
unco or aueh CeftlHeale ot Iiniirovetneuis.
In, i ri I lhis 7th .lay ul Mnrell, A. I'.. 190*1.
la .1. A. HAltVMV,
It ia not tho pvii-e you pay for a furnace that makes it cheap
or expensive, hut Uie fuel it afterwards consumes.
A common furnace may cost you $fl or $10 less than a
" Sunshine," hut if it eats litis up the lirst winter in extra fuel,
what ilo you gain'.' Nothing, hut all tliu anuoyauce ami extra
work Unit (jo with a poor furnace,
Thu "Sunshine" is in use Irom Halifax to Vancouver,
mul we have liiiinliviis uf testimonials from pleased users,
Snld by enterprising dealers everywhere.   Booklet free,
TAKK   NOTICE   lhat   thirty  dav.
...   .        ,        .      ,      ,     . afterdate I Intend to apply to the Chief
We have heen 111 the  business c. Issloner of land nnd Works lur a
for Several years, we have the lioense to out and carry away timber
host equipment in B.C. und we fro™ lhe following described lands in
guarantee satisfaction, I K"~' Kuotenay.
Patmore Bros. Sole Agents
^•^'^'^■^•TZ? •7^'7^'tZ7'7^'<c7'tZ7'£7i
LL followers of Isaac Walton should
have a look at our Fishing Tackle
before making their selection. We
Handle a complete stock of Flies,
Poles, Lines, Reels, Lenders and
everything that a fisherman   requires,
Our   Prices   are   Consistent
With the Quality of the Goods
'Cuke ii-itlu'Iluu nlxl> ilny*, itfliT (IttUl I In
d'li'l in iililili1 id Hi'' eiili'i i'i. ui in i n«Ii it ii* r ui
Uunih nmi W»iki »i V'lttlmlu (nr |w nn Union u>
linrclittMi Un' followlnu ilpurrllwil IiiikIh it>
SkikIi i.itsi Kaitinniy;
('ullll H'llll* Hill l"IMl I'lHIllBll III   lllU   Sillllll
niHi I'.niii't'i'f hoi !W*h iii«l MtiK tiiiiilii'ii "Iimi,
li. iniiiiiii|i«'V ncirl.lhv«Ht.ifurtmr,' Uimiuo mhiIIi
olHlitynlnillH ihi'iici'i'Hsi inity i-fiultm, tln'iit-'t!
iiurlli lllitllt) <'Ii»Iiih, Uml wi-Nl  torty chi'liifc
tn plin'i'uf I'-itiiiiH'iit'i'iiH'tii   (•• Hit it hii nit In rill
ii'jntmrPH, iiH'ii't'i Iohr,
llu I nl .linn '.'ii'i, IIHIH.
ifil III IN II. in i.maiii:
Take noltco lhat iliiny ilnyn nft-oi*
illtlc I, tht' llliilt'l'Mltflli'il, illloml Loil|i|il\
In tin* Clih'f ('oinniiriHtnni'i' nf
I,amis uml Wui'kfl ut Vii'tui'iii,
ll.C, for ii s|HM!iul liconce in mi uml
rurrv iiwu\ limln'i'fi'uin tliu following
ili'Hi-i'ilii'il hunts in Must KiHilciiiiy.
Coiitinuncliiu ut it post jiluutt'd ut ihi'
mirth went nii'iii'i of P. I'imu'soii No, 'r»
tiiulii'i' liirensi*, theticu smith so uhuius,
thotii'e went 80olmitin, theueo mo-ili so
i-liuiiin. thenoe rust KOotmltiPto phutoof
lintfinniiiy. (.'ontttinitiff fMO noroa moro
Of ll'SS.
Duli'il ihibiMh ihi.v of:A|tt'U, 1IXML
I'. Jensen, Locator
10 MurUi'd I*. .Ion so ti No. I
Com mono l tig ut a |Hwt (ilanted to
fluiiiis wesl of the iiorth-wt'Hl oorner nf
1*. ili'iiHi'iTw No, I timlii'i' Ifi'imsi1;
tht'iii'i1 oust 40 chains, thenee south hit)
ohains. ilii'iin'ivosi 10 chain*, titmice
nortli UK) i'liiiins to plaoo of hofrinnlnjfi
conUlitiitiK ''!" llci'OH more or Ichm,
MuIimI lhis MU 11 day of April, IIHNl.
I', .leiiHi'ii, Looutor
Marked P, -Ioiihpii No. 2
t'oiniiiunolntf Utn post | dun ted ut iln*
nortli-wi'st ciii'iii'i'of I*. Ji'tismrs Nn. '2
iliolii'i' lluotuu!! thonoo simili KOi'luiiiih,
tli.'iuv wosl hi) I'lmhis. thoneo north xn
i'liiiiiis. Ilit'ii 11*1.NO chuins In |tilted
ur In-tftiinlnir,  eoniiitnhiff  mn  tieroH
llllllll III   loSN,
I tilled tills null ilui of April, Hhih.
I'. iii'iisiMt, Loeator
lo Murlc'ii to. -i.'iisi'.i No. It
sii'iiin lliillni'n uml li'iii'iiuiii, W'ni'k u
S| hilly,
I'liKl llllll Klni'll K.slllllllli'u,
Pili'nlsheil ll|iim A|i|ilii-ii
P.O. Box 834.   (ii'iiiilii'ouk, B.G.
, C. E. REID <fc CO.,
s Phone 7 4        »phe Drilggists
About that Piano
Wo mi- tin' authorized agents
tor the removal ul'Miisnn.v Rlsch
Planus, wo can do tho work without risk. Also Household Km-
l'l'l'|.|'i.-tll|'.l.[ llu-
Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co
i nu.'.'iiii|.i i-.it,'
C.P.R i>i'pi,i.
'I'lll.*'- nutli'i- liml lliii-ty ilui ~ iilli-i
illlli- 1. lliu iiiiili-i'ilyiii'il. inti-iiil tii!i|iply
tllllli'l'llil-frulilllllaaliill.'t'iil I.:tli.l- llll,!
Works ul Vii'tiniii. lli ,. lor n apoi'lal
lli'i'lli-t' tn i'lll  uml I'iii'i-i iimiiv liinli,,r
Ii llu- liilli.itIm.- ilina.rllH.il   liiml-   in
Kust Kiiiiti'tiiii. i'iiiiiiih,n,'iiiy ul ji piMl
|,hull,.,I uli.,111 mn- lmil mil,, ivi'sl ,,l
l'iip|M'i' Ci'i'i'li nn aiinth slllo III unil
irniiij;    up   Slim,Iiiiiii    ri li    [[Ivor,
tllOlll'l' I'llSl  Slll-luiilla.  Ill,-     al,lllll     Sll
I'llllillS,   llll'l    IVPSl   Sll,'liiuii-. Ill,■„,,,,
111,I'lll Ml i'llllill,. III till-pllli'i'llf lii-iiiliii-
itlll. i-lllllllillillil I'lll ili-l'i-a lliiil'i' nr lOAS,
liuti'il thislllli ilny nl April, imi".
I'.  .ll'tlM'll.    l.lll'lllllf
I'iilllllH'lli'illi.' Ill il pnsl pltllili'il ulmiit
um- uiiil mu- lull) mill' fust nf Copper
ri'i't'k: tin-um' simili sn i'liiiins. ihi'iiri'
IVl'sl Sll I'llllillS. llli'lli'i' llili'lhWI I'llllillS,
llll'l list  SO   I'llllillS    III    llll-    pllll'1'    III
lii'niiiiiiiiL1.1'liiiiiiiiiiiin iiiii ut'i-i's moro
I'm Hi-ills' ui ii 'n'ai iimii.eii fiavld
llri't'liiui i.lii,, s.,iitiiu,-i eorner jio*t
li'vij..'- -a" |,iut'tfd ulj.,111 nu,., mul one.
lmil mil,- »,-si ,,i .Skiaikiiiiii-liiii-li ilver
'•"'I   til" lie   mill.'   west   ol  i).   S,
l'n//.'ir- ii.ii'ii„-ii,i uorner. Thence
running su uhalns north, ilieiu.-e 80
,liuiii- i,ii-t, thenee sn ,-haliin suuth,
tlieui'i' nil I'hnliii woat to place nf enm-
Iiu i-i,l Bi-i-ukeiirldge, Locator
April ISth. WOU,
l-i...,.-.. - 11".
Dulnd iiii
Illli ilny nf A pi
I'. .Il'llsl'tl,
I Hi in.
I'-llllU I''.
i'i:iri'll''ll'ATH OP   I.MI'llnVMM.-lNTS
Pudi*n Mineral Claim,
slluiii,, iu ilu> l-'ni'l Sli-i'li- MlnlilK I ill K i
I'.iisl Ki„ii,,|,ay tllalrli'l.
WIIKIIK l.lirATKII: llll SI Marl -, 1'iaiii,
iltiiilll una llllll'fldlii Miuysvllli-.
TAKK SlITII'I'l. llllll li" A, K Wnll-
S|,.,|,||il l-'.Ml'. \,i. raall. 'I'luiiiui- A Ci-.'iiilili.li
|,'.,MI'. Nn. llllllll'!. Ji.lui l.i'iisk, |,'.M.C Nil
ItTHlllHI, illll'llll sixly ilaya Iiiiiii llu- ilatl- Iiiti'iiI
tn il|,|,ly in llll' MIllllIB Itl'I'iil'ilM l"l' H I'OI'tlll
rati'ul liiiluiivi'iiit'iits lur llin purpomi ul till-
lalullillti l'mull 11 runt nl the liiml,, Huliu.
Ami fiu-tlii-r Ink,' nnlli'ii iluu niilluti, mulct
St'i'iluti :IT. inusl l, iniiu-iiiTil liufnrii tile Issu-
inii f.sni'li [itirlllli'iltouf liniiriiv t-
llllll'il lllU l,,il, .In vi,I ,Muy iw>l.
A. l'l. IVATI'S.
JOHN l.l'.ASK. '.'U
TAIl'I'l NO'l'll'I'l Uml lllllil'ilnyailfll'l'ili'li' I
lull-nit lu utility In lliu I'llli-r I'uiiiiiilaaliiiliir nl
litlliiiil uml IViulis ni Vli'iiii'ln fm ii M li"'
lll'lltll'll Inl III llllll in II V ll'vnv llliilnil llnlll   till'
I,,11,mine ll»l'ril>ltil liniila In Sin,III lluit K	
Khnberley,   B. C.
! Cline
I'm- f,1 l-1.ll.al- llldu'lllllt!  Iillllipllli'ln,
old, null uny Tltiiji'l A|"eii)iiir
It. I„ I'lll III, II- s, IIOW15,
1'iiMB. An""!', (iuiii'i'iil An ,
iiii'iii'lini nl a t'li'i iit«iii"'t ni Hu' "unlli-
,,uriu'i' uf lint iraii llii'iii'i' .imili t'liiiity
llllllll,llll   ,i.iiii,|.   ul   Mli'liarl
p„ r tit" iliiui''" lini'li  iiii'iu'i' ivi'ai fnrly
,.|i„ll,s. Hi .* ,1.1,-1 ll l"lt\ rllllltla, llli'lli'i'  lli-al
sixty i'llllllia lu llll'I'ltat llllllll III lllll Knuli'liny
I'lViT, ttli'lui' Inllnivllll' aillll lunik lu lln- llllllll
H-lml i-iiiiii'I "I ',1't itWi llii'l ft',1 In I'lu' i' ul
Halt'il Jlllll' III'- IM.
I'lll Ill M mini lllll
ll milt lir fit I in llu-
f -'	
I'll'Hl  I'lllMS  Willi,   ill llll   I'lllllllH
ul llu-
* NORTH   STAR       |
9   H. W. DREW, Proprietor.__^-—.^ ♦
Bottled beer tin- family
use ii specialty
Outside   Orders
A P. O. BOX 812     b
-J     TKl.KI'HONK NO. t     F
Port  Steele BrewlriK Co., L,td.
Notion is lu-i','1,,1 {flvon ituil un uppli-
i-iiiiiin ivill In-iniiili'tu llu- rui'liuini'iit
nl rmuulii ul tlm | sunt Sussum llii-i',-
nf for an Ant tu iHi'iiriKit-iit-.' tin- fnnl-
iii» \'nllt',v lliiilivuy Cninpiiny tn I'un-
sii'in-t iiiiil iipi-i-iil,'' u llnii ut i'iiiliv;i,i
li ti piiim uu Uui  IIi'IUhIi ('olmnlilii
Slllllllrl'll I'uilll'llV tli'lll' Iln'   I'lllllltU'lli'i-
nr Kill Itlvur.illiil Mlulii'l ni li, ili.'i	
iiliini;  ll usl ullli' iif Klk Itivi-i- ton
pnini  Hi ol Kiii'ilini!  Itlvori Uii-iii'i'
 'iln'iisii'i'l.v   In  Um   I'lii'ilinji   Iliii'i-
l-lliluy: llinn'i'i- fiillniiiiit! Kuril iiif! Ilivi-r
In Iiiii iniiili of lli'iirii'ltiirri'i'k: lliuiiiio
niirtlii'iisli'i'lyuli'iiir HoniiottiiO k In
iiu, Allwrla llotinilaryi llioiu'o nortli-
I'listiirl.v in Um I vini'i'iif Allii'itit tu
it point ui or ni'iir iikutuks: ulsii
liruiii'li  lint's u|i llrat'i'. Kivin, Stuitli.
Ltiivls iiiiii II -ii'iiur Im nil in Uu.'
I'nivili.'i'ul lll'ltisli roliiiulilii: uhi,'h
Iim, iif railway -villi its Iii-iiiil'Iil'.h
unit nil tin' ivorks ihi'ii'iil In
Im ili'clui'i'il lo Im lur lliu "I'liiTiil
itilvitntui!!' of Ciiliniln. Ami furtlu'r tlmt
iiu- sulil C'ninpany shall imv.' power to
I'limr inlo uu mi Hunt wit I■ or llllllll-
nuiniili'   wilh   uny  Hallway   C.'oiiipniiy
ivliusi- llin-s of riiiluilys ur Iimn.'Ii.'s um
uulliorizi'il lo Im iipi'iitii'il in Un- Prov-
Incus nf British Ciiliiinlilii or Allicrtn.
Smitli .V- .lulinsiiiii.
21 Siilli'iliirs tut- Appl'ii-iints.
f'liiiiiui'iii'liijj ,ii ii |„,.i  marked  D.
itr.'ii.i'in-i.ini-.-     soulh,-uai      vomer
ii'i'ii-.   ll' nmi mi] luu it,,, .nun,Weit
'iirii.'i ul In-,-!,-.. 'A*! Ilni,.:.- iiiiiiIi   l»u
■liiiiiis. Un- u-.-si  pi ,,|,hius. ihenee
suitili imii-lniiii- in, ii,-i- ,-u.i 40 ,-lmini
lo place ol commencement,
I'm i.l Brei'keni'lUge, Locatoi
April IStll, 1900,
i ''iiiiuiinicing   ii  a pnsl  umrkfil   I).
Hi kcni'lil,ru'j sniiiiinnai comer jiosi
lii'.-iisi- *i" pin i ut ibe uoi'the&at uor-
i,ri,i Hat-Id llri'i'ki-nriilj,"'s llcenae 'A'
I"' ■ iiiiinliu.- -in ''Imi nth, thence
sn i'liiiins weal, il„ini- Hu chalna aoutb,
!"■ 80 chalna .-'i-i I., place ur com-
Um i.l lir,-,-li.-iiri,i!..-. Locator
April 12th, 19011,
License "0",
i'iiiiiiiii'iii'ini., nt ii |aisi  marked  D.
lifoi'kent'Idgo'n snuilmattt coruor jiunt
llrutieie'IV placed onu half mile north
nt the mmthwcul eorner of 0. W. Wil-
sun's ItiHstwe and itliotll ono itmi unt:-haU
mill's Mint h nf ih,- nouilinnst cornor of
It. nivi'ki-nr1i1tr..\ li.-. ii-..- -IV: thenco
mirth HO chains, thence wi-stKii rhuinn,
thmu'o Month SO uhttitiH. thonee t*»it ku
i'lialns in jiliii'i- nt commencement,
Dm id Hrnclctinrldge, i.oi'ator
April 12th. l!«Mi. iti
Thi- Half yenrl.v moHlngoftho Hnani
nf l.ii'i'iH'i* Onmmis-tioners, CrHnhntok
Liconce District, will be held at the
i 'nnri I louse, Crunbrook, on Kriday
Imi'' loth, IIKHI, in lo o'clock in the
forenoon. When tin- following h|jjjII-
ctttlons will come before the Board:
OKALKU Tkndk.ks marked "Tend**
O    llmiii'i I.tinli, Kt.uuutiy Dlitrtot;
illfln   fnf
uny District," miii
he iTcelvod liy Mii- iniilcrsljrni'd. up to nouii
<A siiiimliiy ilm Mth ilny uf June, l««,
rrmn uny jiprson iloHlrltifj to kIxhIu a tpeeiaX
tlinli'i licence tn rut uud iitiry HWtty Uiulier
Inun l.m MWl, tlimiii 1, Koiui-iiiiy Ulstrlci,
Hllmucil ticnr MeNi'Ulie'u si-ling, nu ibt. line
ui tiie Crow's Nt'si Pans Rtllway mil i-ouialii-
ittj' ||8 aoros more or loss
The I'uraoa offering tbe hfghui oaab. Oouoh
»m I..' -ruiitii-it n. a special licence i:overln»
mevrublo foi tweiiiy-ooe lucies-
III Jul.
Knell lemlnr mum be uccompniilbd by a ier
titled cheij imde payablp at pfti lu vtoiorta
io tlm utnluruliftiod, for the amount, Hisuu, ot
the lirst >i-ui\ feea lur suoh RphcUl lict-uce,
imi Um m ut <>f the iioims tendered, and
llKllH ,'i'ltllli'il i'|i,',|ii,' (ill f.M'.'.TO Tin- OOSt uf  10
riiiliu:. ndrertlaliiK snd sorveylni* ot no\A lot
N'Kll. i'\ MACKAY,
Ihpohj t rminmltmt r of Landa it- Work*
Ltttuh ttnti Wurh llrpmiment.
Victoria, ft.f.. 7th June, tnun.      2i
Nollct' Is h.'ivby ifiimi Unit Si\t>
ilays after ilute I Intend lo apply lotho
CJhlof ("'ommissiotier uf l.innU ami
Works for | hi cm Us Ion to puirhn.ii! the
following iloBcrlbial huiil in Smith Kiwi
Commonelng nt a pnsl planted nt the
southeast I'm ni'i' nl Loi  Hfl Croup 1,
iln-  north l«irt,v 40 chains, thence
easl forty 40 ehnlns, thei smith eighty
Sll chains, thence wosl forty *" Winin^.
thonco north 10 chain** to plnet* nf in-
Dnlefl ui Oi'ttiibi'Oftk it
April, IIKHI,
Isi tiny i
_ Wholesale
GUORS      n
Tonsorlal Art
*»*«w*i!»-.-.^,*.iN».«.l I CSranbrook, B.C.
Calgarv Beer, Ale tit Porter.
T. IIHI i. tit CO., Hay an i Cain.
TAKK Nnlli'i* ilial alxtj ilil
iiiii n't i,in|i|il.v Inilii' l'liii'1 I'oiiiiiii
i.iiiiiiMinii Wurks (,n iiarmlaaloii In
llio liilliiwlim ilemirllioil Itlllila in Hi
tlm li'iiiiv       I'iiiniiii'iii'llii! in ii lin-l
n„. Mnrllmi'Bi I'l'iniT ..I i.i.i  i
llu-, ti.t Ku-liillh-   llll'l   Iml'lti
Itil'llri'Mi"-' I'li'llilllia. HllHH'li aiilllll la
|i|||i Mil'HltllllllK,
The Illinois Leutial
Mllllltlllha   lllll'Vi't'lll'll    ai'l'lli'i'    Iiiiiii
tin- wi'al In tl IHI mill "until    MllKllIK
„|(Mll   , n,-rili,na   ivllll   Inilii-   i'i   llll
tl'llliai'lilllllli'llllll Hi"'".   liIMUUIIIfnl-H  ni''
Ulvi'll lli.'il.'Iml I I' a lu.l'llli'llKl)
I Ui-lll,', Mi ni|ilila llllll Ni'iv lllli'illia.
uml llii'iint'li lliiwi! I'lilnli I" Hi'' lur''""!
I'l'll-) til,' ll'IIVllllll'H lll'»llill|l   llllnf
llllltlllll Ha III llll- lllivi'al   I'lllllH   llll'l    lll'Hl
I'lllllllH mi'   Invltnll   Iii |,i,n'i'.a|,iniilil	
Wltll llu- [nllnivinu I'l'iunai-mnlll.'".
ll ii. TuiiMin i.i,. l.'iiiiunui'i'lnl Ai'i'in
HS'l'lilnl HI.., I'nlllllllll, Hl-i-Klill.
,1. I'.  I.INIIMI'.V. 'I'. t'   A   I'.A)
11'.' Tlilnl si.. I'miliinil. 'iiv nn
H. n. Thompson, K. a I'.A., Itooin I
Column Hidu., Si'iitiii'. Waili,
I.Iiiiii No. I.
'I'liul I llll I Iliirll illl)a  (l'l,111  ,!•!,-
In il|>|il.v In tin l'liii'1 I'nliilnisaiiilii-i- ol
l.nuil* uml U'ui ka im- sgieolnl llfonoe to
.■ul uml I'liri'.v n -mi liiuln't' irom follow-
initili-i'i'llii'il Imnl in Soitlhousl Kiaji,-
ini.v.    rniiuiii'iu'lMh: nl u |,i,ai m   ihe
allllllllll'al I'HI'll'-l- nl [,ll| L'SU. IhoncC 10
cliuius aouth, Hi,-ii,',., so ohuliiB west,
thiuiri' su i'lniiii*   Hi.   thence   80
i-liulns I'uai io |ila f nmoneement,
l.ni'illi'il Mill loth, Ilim.
I i.i li. I. Miller
WMliiiiu West, Agent
I,innl So, '-',
Thin I liiii'iul thirty iluva iilli-i' ilato
l« apply lo the Chlof Cmninhwlouei' of
Lunila mul Worka [or ,a|„,i,iiil lii-t'ii,-,, to
cut unil i'iii-i',i iiiiiiy liuilii'i- from follow*
ini: ili-ai-rllit-il lain] iu Soiilheitst Koote-
uui.   iiiunn lug ut |m»i planted ut
nni'ihi'itai i'lirni'i' mill Joining li. I,
Miller'a miulheiHl eornor nf llnih   No.
I. ilni  so ,,|,itin> .nun,, thonee no
i'linin- ni-i. iiii'iu'i- su i'liiiins north,
iluu suiihnliia .uai i,, plneo ul lm-
i.ia-iiii'ii Mu.i unii, i'n*
Hi li l. Miller
Win. Wmi Agent
Thul I liili-ml llili-t,i iluys nfter iiiiii*
in ji|,|,ii in Hi,, i iiu'i t'ninniUalnnor nf
l.illiila iiiiiI Works For Hpeulal lloencu lo
ill mul I'ui'ry usiii.i liuilii'i' from llu- lol-
iwlng ilrsi'i'liii'ii lunila iii   Southeast
iinii-nny.      r.'oinmonL'Ing    ul    li.   |.
Mlllor'H 'ihi'iiBi .i.,-,i.-i- ..r limit No.
. iIh-i 10 i-luiliia i-tisi, ihenee loo
hltllis suiilli.   llli'lli'i'   III i'llllllia  weat,
iluu Km i'lniiii mn Hi ii, plane ol he-
I.ik'iii,-,! Mm loih. IIKHI,
21 liy William Wusl
Ulilll I Wmi.-li
Illi-liillulllliK   ili-.i-i
K i       I'm	
Iil-ltii-l  I innrl,,-
l.'i'  I Im-'
II ,'•'   .lllllil   80  l'l,
llll'l    llllllll  'HI rl
runlitnlli, s.i mu-. tiiiiiL, or leas,
Alilik- M   Lain I.
llllU'il Ma) Mii, lyiw
snl, ,lal, all.i ,laie I
rlili'l t'liiiiiiii.aliiiiur at
|n.iiin..|iiii tu iiurili...
ii'.l la Ilil In Suull, K«.t
i.-it..' al  ;, |„,ai |,la,if,Hlal
.,,1 mu ni,,u|ii(Coolanay
N i: ,„iiii-i nf AimiaM.
Ilu-m-i- wnl U) uIMsih
lis.  thi-i i-ast liii-lialua,
iiis lo pluo iii btglnalni THE PROSPKCTOK, CltANBKOOK   11. C, JUNE 28, 1HH6
9     j~. r\ _       9 —s—•=	
Glove World
All tin- uiiu r fellows in to imitnti
l.ut they don't seem tn succeed as tli
Hansen's is steadih increasing.
♦    -  	
Ja -i-nmrnnnnnnnnnnnntinnnntinim-i-
l'iii'iinilii'f.s nn.l   l-'unrv   Tuina-
i nl Siou.-iii,.
1' 111 a' 111 • | > I. ■ -,    nn,I    Sll'ilW ijl.'I'lil-S
ill Stewarts.
W   I)  Hill wns taken suddenly
I un Tliursilnv.   bill   his  ninny [
■J-UUiUlUUIIUimuUUUUUUUUauUUU^   ||'ii'Hil,s will l,,-'|,i, :i-r,l   In   know
j^     Leave your orders ror proserv, Ihm   he  wus   s what  boiler
9 ini; berries at Tisdales. Kriiluy.
X Iimii   lot-get   iimi   Muiiiii'u'sl
*     Cucumbers and fancy   Ionia- Miustrels will perform iti Wont-
9  s at Stewarts. w..,-tli  hall  this ovouiiig.     <let|
9                             your tickets   nt   Bcultie   iS    Al
{Pineapples antl  Strawberries chison's.
ni Stewarts ——
  '    A special train will be run on
___■£< 9     The  lire   brigade   held   thoir Tuesday,  July llrd,   from  Cran
n*^' tff*f weekly   practice   ou   Thursday brook, and  the hose learn  and
n         A 'evening. lacrosse boys anil  iiiiiny  iither
JI    ,, 	
*** 1 he sacraineiil ni lhe Lord's
9 supper will in- observed ni the
A  Presbyterian  church  tomorrow
Win ii vmi k„I ii '.'iiiiil olil-
iiialiiniii'ii ll,-uiiu,-In-iiiiii uiakea
your hi'iul thrnlil unil vonr uyes
whirl    I   iiiukm you sink in
llllll'   sl ll'll    111
Dr. Scott's
Headache  Powders
Thoy 'ini i Innl you ami  tliay
slop any ht'iidachu,
Out: Do/mi In <i Box 26c.
Beanie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
Ask a railroad man about J   ; ■   ■ >  »  ■<*>>■
**? un       .ii snooting tonne mn
jHansens. we will be satisiied} ffAX!
| with what he says
% Our Goods are
9 guaranteed
rl   it   ii.   .hoi
i i\I!; happen.
paused music ui lhe rocreiilion
grounds li is said Ihal Hand
aster Shorl «,i^ trying lo cheer
.Iim McArthur is al Sl  Kugeni
hospital ihis week wilh a in,iiiimi
**<MjHfr****lM^********* *****
ne  iln-   Lethbridge   bunch   ol
Tin- Masonic i irand Lodge for
Hi'   iiii-i  in   Victoria  Wednes-
leg,   Hi.'   ii'siili   ut   n   ti-iondly day,     Messrs   .1    I)   Mcltride,
scuffle ou Monday niglu Win. I-' Tm,'.   M   A   Hoale uml
  Thomas   Stark   were delegates
li is reported that Ik I l''"i'i  from North Star and t'ranbrooli
S',',-;,' MiM'i-iinlile store  ul   Foi i   i,„|..,..,
i i   ni a Iimi,k .l;iil>   Means wus down  from
iln-   Skookum   Chuck   rountr.*
I     "iif    inusl    ilie ul   nii'i Wednesday      He   reports   iImi
nking nun pleasant it must be lugging  is about  over  lur   lhe
in have tlm coroner's physiciuu seusun.  and  that   i.tsi numbers
, nil il I'elineil alcoholism ut   sum   logs   ure   nuiv    passing
  uiiu Hie Koiitonay river.
Judge  Wilsou   returned  fi-oui 	
Nelson   Weduesday  uml   hold a ,lnbu Leasli   leu  mi  'I'uesdav
the county   courl
. during '.hi- ut term
Cosy and
ComFortable Rooms
Royal Hotel
Ret   II   Locke Ketupton, B A
Headquarters fur will    conducl    services   iu   thi
Mining Men       Baptisi   church   next    Sunday,
both morning and eveuiug     Al
',,■ West Kiniii-nav un mining
h ,- ness Mr. Leask has valu
able mining properly in lhe
Lartleau districl, nml will lei
contracts fur several hundred
lee' of tunnel work before he
returns in Cranbrook,
iWnry** ville, B.C.
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
The above hotel has been recently erected, and lit
"il throughout. Tlm Bar is supplied will, the hi
Liquors ami Cigars.
]9/9-:4p<>':4'-9~4:'9,♦:>;♦.<.> «;» ♦ <,♦;»♦<. ♦.«.♦ » ♦
li lilding material is Mill i
iii.' up, bul in these unparalle
prosperous nines ihe hijrh prii
do mo cheek buildings ti*  i
ing up also.
eirigeraior .
9   nun, inn
Members are requested  to was interesting io all.
nl the. hull ni 7 p.m. was a good attendance.
ONLY $13.50
A   litre,   sized mn' suiuiblc
im* ;i bnurcling house n l.nr-
g.'llll    -ll      S  -'.|.l «   '.
Ice Cream
I'i li'|ilnuii' j .nul hi   ii-    I nil
9 mhi um-.       Luis nl Iml  '.Miilhil
♦ Gnu
rook, B.G.
'icen lien,' sinr
i.s,,S    Liable I
I'-lx,   Christian    EuUcmul    Bo-      Wm.  White uf Blxby, Arizona,
" i-ieiy ul  Knox  church  held  an was in the city Wednesday,   Mr.
♦ "al home" in the old church on White is an old timer In South-
♦ Tuesday evening.   An enjoyable'east Kootenay, and  his appear-
<> time wiis spent by all present.     ance was a complete surprise It
his friends,  il having been   re
" :    The Cnmbrook Electric Light
I Co. received a  carload of tele-
♦ phone wire ihis week.     It  will
♦ he used iu Ihe cily lur extending
9 i lhe service,   which   is   growing
♦ rapidly.
tay Inncei
♦ The body of T.  Wallace,   who
♦ was drowned in the Kootenay
«> river about a month ago. was
^ recovered near Wardner Friday
9  ;
♦ A. K. Green, Dominion inspec-
» tor of I ml hi n schools for II. 0.,
^ | was iu toiyu this wool* attending
/to his duties,    lie   repurls   find-
ins; the sebool al the mission in
uf last week, anil  was hurled  at
l-'url Steele Sunday,
♦   » '♦■>♦•>   ♦*♦-"•♦   «C} <•♦<■♦' ♦ "♦   9  ♦;♦   ♦   9   ♦,. 9   9    JTOOll   condilioi
Imitation, they say. is the ~J
sinrerest   Hattcrv
will   attend   ihe  celebriillon al
Kernie uu that dale
,    'ei,,   ,• ,u"    T   i ....       1..,.. 11'»!.'mul'hes,   lug of   war  and a
I lie   I I anhi nul,    lu uss    hitiiil
turned    oul   Mondn.i   uml   ,iis   full    prograni   ol    Uuledoiilaii
The luiiiiiiiiiee iu charge are
leaving miiliiug undone lo make
Ihc >iui u complete success
Special rules on iho railroad will
in hu' a number from Craubrooli
uml ,,iluu' outsldo points, the
lake being a special attraction
for n large number of outsiders,
I'lic -.purls ure lo conclude
unii ii dance in ihe Eagle's hall
ui iln- ei en,mi'.
The L'uiiiinillee and elllaeiis
ne il.'lei iiiineil lu make lhe day
n success uml lu send ull lhe
visitors homo saying -'Nevei
had u belter lime."
Kiri' Itrigade ana Shops Play beat
(iiiine of Season
Al ihe recreation grounds on
Tuesday evening the C. I'. K.
shops and tire brigade football
tennis met for the second time
this season. 'I'he game was an
easy lirst from ii spectators point
of view, being interesting and
exciting throughout, more so
us iniiili depended upon il. Had
lhe shops won they were sure to
carry the gold medals, but the
brigade winning out puis both
teams on an equal tooting, each
having seven points, wilh a
game each to play. The game
was a line exhibition of ball. Ii
was clean, und the quick passes
were often commendable, aud
showed good material. A. M.
Itliiili noted us referee. The
score stood 1-n iu favor of the
brigade tenm,
Maharas' Mammoth
Minstrel Carnival
25   Colored Stars    '25
Presenting the cleverest
features nf Minstrelry,
Opera  and   Vaudeville.
Maharas' Challenge Band
and Orchestra. Watch for big
street parade.
Usual prices, seals on sale al
lloallln .1* Atchison.
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
a E. WALKER, Gmt-rol Manager ALEX  LAIRD, Ant, 6ml Managar
%*• anil under  S centa
Over  tt> ami mil raeeedniK Sill     0 centa
"   Sill      " $30  ID centa
"   S30      " " sso    19 centa
It,..* Ordera are I'a. utile nt I'm- -»i ..nv oHtce iu I'ttllatilttul'aChaitared Bank
iVukon e».c|,i.-,li, ami .i> Un- |iiliu-i|iul liiuili'mg puinis lu the I'ultcJ State*.
.....iiiaai.. a, . .uali Hal. AT
Tber foi ,.i an exceltlut metnoil nf remltttit| amall aunia ol money with aalety
an.l at amall .oat.
llev. It iloodflelil will occupy
ile pulpit ul the Baptist cliureh
ni Pernie tomorrow. He will
deliver a lecture entitled "John
Hull" mi Monday evening, li is
Mi. Cloodfleld's Intention to give
lhe citizens iif Cl'ftllln'Oolt an
DENNIS BHOW.N Waitinglopporttitiily of hearing lhis lee-
you anxiously.     Write ur  wire turn in Iho nenr future.
raie Wui.  Copley,  general   de | 	
livery, posl office. Toronto June-1    The missiun band uf lhe Meih
HAROLD HROWX. !'"''st church held a very success-
  jful   and   enjoyable   ice    cream
The Knights of Pythias will social on Mouday evening. The
utteiui divine service nt the programme of music: was attract
Methodisl Church Sunday even [five, and the after perforuianc
purled thai he was killed iu a
mine some years ago. Mr. While
is foreman at the St. Eugene
Regular public preaching services will be held ill the Methodist church next Sunday. Morn
Ing subject, "A proof lhat we
are living." lu the evening llie
local order Knights of Pythias
will attend in a body and the
pastor will deliver au appnipri
ale address. Special music will
he furnished by the choir of
L'l voices.    All are invited.
Chief of Police Huron has
asked us lo suggest ihrough our
col minis lo the merchants and
storekeepers of ihe City, the advisability of seeing thai buck
doors of their premises are
locked while lhe Circus  Proces
  siou is ou the sheets next  Mon
II ive 231 day, as il is on occasions of this
~3 nature when Ihe attention of the
you noticed now mil' style 3 people Is naturally diverted to
"I ulverii-iiii: has lieen imi   3 the fmnl kIi-ooIb, tlmt Hib back-
,. 3 door    slleiili Ibief    gels    ill   his
tated.      I-.ten   I., lhe   vert  g work.
words. '3- 	
"3     Aiiloinoblllug iu Cranbrook is
Well its iml liuiil lu imi- Z3 now all the rugo   any time, any
ndvertisin*,', Inn in -3 i'l;"'''
m-Cloth ing is a very 1 laloly a |.un, „t m-lei, i,.„,i ,„
uui |>ii>|i<isitti>n.
v.  im lines ul  uur I'lutli    3 Ihoujflll chalices were good for
■« I'Tiinl iiial.ing.     A   aivil'l   run
Mission  in   Is
ll'      ,11!
III!    tl
The Leading Store
hoice Confectionery
I itsh Lettuce,
Green Onions
liunil' Kliciihai'li
ny iiiaiiiier.'   linn <1»'vIchoice Ornnees and Bananas
Hilly ol live It'll lown in j
".' 3 ih.- morning to go io cherry)      Hazelwooil Ice Cream
Wc zs creek to spend lhe dav.    Thev       	
Eyeache and
I»iuy-. i-i'lifvti only tt*iii|)uiaiily.
KmiiQVti   the   I'aiirit*   &uA
effpi'l a pfi'iiiaiieiit   cure
Satisfaction guaranteed,    Consultation Fret*
. F. Tale & Son
Jewelers and Opticians
OWcial  W»ti!li  Imiieotori [uri'.P.R. Crow'i N«it
waB« Divlslou.
Preserving Deifies
Owing to early frosts along the Kootenay
Lake no berries will he shipped from there this
season. We have the exclusive sale of Wigens'
famous berries grown near Creston. The supply
there is limiteil and we would advise vour placing your order at once for whatever quantity you
want. We cannot guarantee tilling any orders
received after the 25th inst.
Order now Wrens' Strawberries     im****
for Preserving.    For sale only at
Fancy aud Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
Boots,     Shoes     snd     Hosiery
Cranbrook,   -   •   B. C.
P. Burns & Co. I
: H..J Ottea,
'■ Uiljmy, AlbtrU
Main Ottiia last tut Kuoutmy, ZS
Orubtaak, n.V
Wholesale nnd Retail
Meat Merchants 1
Hugh Stewart
rti'iiihti'onu, ftvn.
IK :ll1(l ll"'?   i»l'1' !ll't»'ll lli('*  3 WHS muil,- III l'l	
in-     ,ii,i«n    It     .1,1 n:iI *3 ii'i.iuli'fa.   uml   Ntl'l   Illi'   crowd    PII0IN! 75
zzt 1'iiHlies un,     A I nil I Is  struck, |	
' ",s* 3 SliU llutonioMlliig is  nice: llu
I in  iuti.si |.   imi  iillnwt'd 3 pace is kepi up; hides nro nnlli-
,i      3 inn: hills lire less,   und   now nn HPon     Qtnl     Ctrt*Pp£sst3,
' ,1,,VI',U' ' ""'' hl11" ,l"' 3 ftllen.pt lsiimdewill.il s Oncej **■ &&    «-Htl   001166
ri 'ml   '.'.irnii-iii.       riiai s ~s Inn iil'ten,     A   Riidden   -lop   is
,    .lin,.,,.,,, i,,,,,, ,„„,,,, „, 3 made.   Tlieday Is .spenl, in  IIx
£ Dealers in
§E    Live Stock
Abattoir and Cold Storage 3
at Calgary, Alberta.   %
Diill'l Mihh il (illllli lllilllj III
-,i ii*. Tea at 35c,
50c, I'ollt-c at ,5s1
I       Ml
3 inixl iiii.i
i\.    ni,iii",iil with 3
in iiii.ilih (■ ini \ 1 -tii    .    , ,
.   Mr.     V.   '    \.   1:"'••"•""'
1   sell 111 uur nl ilir
IC ran brook's Greatest Store I
■uiii" to   S n"11"1'    ' '"' "".V Is
3 nut, nml ul lasl it leu ill nf horsed
mil   saying  .3 is eiiKin-'ed uiul lhe live ui'i'lve In
II nothing   3 town iit'lur dark.    The auln Is B,i" 'liml"-v I" tin* trtty foi Die nion«y
3 ri'paii'i'il uiul returned luniir llie A'l'
llllerent. ^ ,,,'m ,l:u
_ It  N. FINCH & CO.
3     Slrawherrlim fresh every duy i.'oriPEO'i'iriNKHH
I'linue III" I'l'uiiliiiiiil,', 11,1!
S       lloininioii Day At Muyiu
th ' entury   up In   3    ,\n iirmiitteinuiiis have hei
Watch for Vic, jglciitnplcled fnr lhe griinil  Dnnili
3 i lay I'i'li,liiuiiiiu ill  Moylc 1
3 Monday,   .Inly   2nd,   says   lliu       i,, ,i„. 1 •.,,,,u..v Uml,in,„
3 Leader,    Over  >f>   have  Iteou
3 siihscrilied   tn   lie   dolialed    in
3 prizes,     The     program    will
ciinslst of rock drlllitiK coulesfs,      V, very hod y invited   The best ''
3 lug   rulling,   lie     nuking    'ind j uud. mosl pleasant recreation  iu|ll
chopping! hose reel races, shoot' 'Craubrook.
NOW   IS   THE    TIME    FOR i
White  Shirt Waists and |
Shirt Waist Suits.
BowlHHj Alley
Iii tin: llriiilli'v Ruililing
011 Armstrong Avenue/
We have a splendid range of new white
waisi'i 1 ii 1 Iv trimmed with Lace and Em-
broiding Insertions,
7 broiding Insertions, ''
"prices  FROM  S1.00  TO  SlO.OOi!
SHIHT WAIST SUITS in white and
colors from $H SO to $20.00


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