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The Prospector Jan 2, 1909

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Array ,,,,wy <"**.**.
rislative ASSt \
„ r-      V-.
IA ll'ill 1809        J
L ' ,-■
Vol. ir>.
j i ; ■. i -i.   '-'
No. I.
"CI floppy 2Tcip Ucar fo OIL"
New School  House Wanted SCU00L trusters
Advertise and btiost for Cranbrook.
Every   indication   points  to   1909  as  being   the   most  prosperous  year  in   the
History of the Cranbrook District.
The    Agricultural   and    Fruit    Lands    of    this   Distriot   are   ;t   constantly
increasing source of wealth.
The. Largest Silver-lead Mines in Canada are located iu the Cranbrook District.
In   South-east   Kootenay  are   found   the   Largest  Coal   \reas  in  the  World.
There   are   more   Sawmills   installed    nnd   working    ill    the   Cninbrook    District
than  anv   other  section   of   British    Columbia.
(F. K. Anderson, Teacher.)
Number in     attendance 2.2
Average     attendance 21
Hay Armstrong,        Rose Dumont
Sudic GUlis, Jessie   Kennedy,
Lillinn   McCowan,       Vivian Sisson*.
Irene Wade, Rachel Bardgett,
Harold Hickenbotham,  Bella Taylor,
Je.Hsifi Murgatroyd    Rose (Josklll,
Sarah Palmer.
(Miss Caldwell, Teacher. I
Number   in    attendunce,  22
Average   attendance 20
Martha  Bennett,        Arthur Powler,
Kathleen Dumont,     David   Watton,
Bertram  Murgatroyd,  Wilfred  Dallas,
iMarguerite Harvey,   BUte Park,
Earl  Stevenson, Karl Mackcy,
Olive White. Josle Drummond
(Miss Taylor, Teacher.)
Number in    attendance  28
Average  attendance,     24.811
Vi'o'ct Deacon, Viney Doris,
Gladys Hickenbotham Gertie Heard,
Ruby Neabtt, May Pyatt,
HiWol Taylor, Wanda Fink,
{Mitts Ross, Teacher.)
Number   in   attendunce  53
Avernge    attendance 46.14
Grace Bardgett,        Hainsfoid Parks,
Uraclu Higgins, Alex.  Dickson,
Catherine Whitmore, Irving Leask,
Sylvester Carson,
Harriet Kennedy.
Doco hy  Mackey,
Viuceil. Fink,
We ley Finley,
Ka le Laurie,
Cftih-jr'na Whitmore,  Sylvester Carso
Antonio Montpctit,
(Miss Hall,   Teacher.i
Nttmbor in   attendance,   73
Avtiage     attendance 66.57
Division i.   K.  u.   Andersi
Fourth Render to Entrance
n,  fr.
Jessie Kennedy,       Bella Taylor,
Rose Gaskill, Lillian  McCowi
Mamie Mackey, Irene Wade,
Jessie Murgatroyd, Vivian SIbsom
Florence Wood, Sadie Gillis,
Ray Armstrong, Douglas stewn
William Brownlee, Carl McNabb,
Roy Argue.
Frum   Division    H,   Miss    Caldwe
to Division 1, V.  II.  Anderson.
Marguerite Harvey,
Karl Stevenson,
Martha Bennett,
Kathleen Dumont,
Milton Leek,
Olive White,
Mildred  Cline,
Josio Drummond
Virginia   Tucxer,
David Watson.
From Division 111,  Miss Taylor, u
Division II, Miss Caldwell.
Bert Heard, Gertie Heard,
Constance  Stevei..,,    Harold  Bridges
Lauretta Armstrong, Viney Doris,
Doris Johnson, Ruby Nesbitt,
Florence Bathie,       May Pyatt,
Frances Drummond,  Percy  Bardgett,
Albert Barnhardt,    Orvlllo Dow,
Frank Crydcrmnn,     Prank. Puesmorc
" From    Division rvi~MlsT"RoSB   t.
Division III. Miss Tuylor.
Marguerite Drummond Katie Cuiuio
Oracle Higgins,
Harriet Kennedy,
Gordon Wallinger,
Gerald Dulumge,
Camille Godderis,
Annie Patton,
Marguerite Stone,
Archie Cliisholm,
Wesley Pinlay,
May Pnterson,
Addie  Bennett,
Walter Tucker,
Jack  Wilson,
Irving Leask,
Baric Stewart,
Mclfonl Carson,
Ella Hrynns,
Noble  McNeil,
William  Moore,
Rollo  Johnson,
Willie Laurh,
Gertie   Brodlcy,
From .Junior First Reader to Sen
lor First Header, Division V, .Mis-
Hall to Division IV, Miss Ross.
Delia Auberton,        Oliver Brown,
Bva Troop,
Lottie Moore.
Karle Stewart,
OoB Cook,
Gladys  John-u n,
William Moore,
Pleasant Binkley,
Mary  Barnhardt,
Valerie DeGrace,
Norman Powler,
James Hilton,
Sid Murgatroyd,
Wilfred Stone,
Russell  St.Mlol,
Helen McKlnstry,
Chas.  Woodford,
Dolor  Brault.
Fred  Dumont,
Harry  Dolis,
Douglas Pinnls
Mcrritt Lonsk,
George  Pattern,
Wong  Ship,
Mainart Wong,
Nellie Grunt,
Sadie   Nesbitt
Promotion In DiviBii n V, Miss Hall
from 1st Primer to 2nd Primer.
Pica: ant Binkley,
Helen  Bridges,
llchn West,
Ilir idle Brault,
Valerie DeGrace,
Violet Dumont,
Norman Fowler,
James Hilton,
Nellie Marcellais
Stdnjy Murgatroyd,
Douglas McCowan,
Kthel Reed,
missel St.Eloi,
Helen McKlnstry,
Doris  Wallinger,
Crystal Tucker,
Helen  Aubcrtln,
Bvan Boss,
Harriet  Mottat,
Milo Drummond,
Harry Doris,
Douglas Pinnis,
Mcrritt Lcusk,
Chas. Merlin,
Sadie Nesbit,
Wilfrid Stone,
Wtng Ship,
Te is  Paras,
Merle Taylor,
Daisy   Furrunt.
Milo Driimnit nd,
Hivyl Cameron,
Nellie  Marcellais,
Bradford Carson,
Helen Aubcrtln,
Helen  Bridges,
Merle  Tnytor,
Evelyn  Burton,
Chas.  Merlin,
Enid Kilhns,
Clarence Hickenbotham, Fred Bradley
Wilfred Cadwallander, Harold Patton
Francis Cadwallander.
From 2n I     Primer to Junior First.
Reader, Division V,  Miss Hall.
Caroline Adeloris,
Blanche Brault.
Harriet Moffatt,
Douglas McCowan,
Alberta McLean,
Dorothy Whitnmre,
Bertha Gill.
Bvan Boss,
Violet Dumont,
Helen   West,
Crystal Tucker,
Daisy  Farrant,
Edith  Merlin,
(Miss  Elliott, Tcachor.j
Number In   attendance,  64
Average     attendance 58.28
From Division VI,    Miss Elliott t.
Division V, Miss Hall.
Howard Armstrong,
Herbert Bradley,
Pred  DeGrace,
Ruby Deacon,
Mary  Leaas,
William Pruden,
Hazel Stevenson,
Helen Whitmore,
Melville Dallas,
Jack Cannon,
Ching Loy,
Graco Doris,
Joseph  DeGrace,
Cyril   Grayson,
Walter  Laurie,
Lottie Stone,
Gordon Tayior,
Mab Or,
Tom Cannon,
Edward Brown
Jack Cannon,
Willie Pruden,
Mabel MrOoldrie,
Hazel Stevenson,
Herbert Bradley.
Sam Whittaker,
Constance Dalmag
Winnie Troop,
Charlie Elmer,
Ching Loy,
Dewey McNeil,
Ruby  Deacon,
Pred Detinue,
Joseph DeOrnco,
Barclay McNeil.
Tom Can ion,
Donald   Kenelly,
Lottie  Stone.
Anna McNabb,
Walter Laurie,
Willie Daniels,
:,    Sadie   Woods.
Gordon Tayior.
Mab Or,
Hugh  Fraser,
Ruby  Finluy,
Enid  Hilton.
Gordon Argue,
Mali  Lum.
l.ocutcd In the- lliumim Holt i,t Soutbonat Kootenuy.     The Imgest and most    proapornue city   in the die
trict;   the agricultural, commercial, bunking, lumbering, mining nnd rullwuy centre uf a ''apt empire.
Tbe Boys Brigade
i n Mnndny evening next the ollieinl
m'nllmont will toko plnoo unl nil
liova who hnve been drilling nuiht I'd-
..|,. nd in the roll cull nt 7:30 sharp
in the Oymnnnluni. The new caps
belts uui hnverauekH huve arrived
uml will l,o nerved nut tor the tltst
time to ull whu nre nllnwed to sign
Ihe roll, There is mill room tor n
ft-w more hoys to muke up to tin
full strength of llfty. und those op
plying must be willing to work liurd
nt lhi drills to cntch ui> with those
who hnve been working nt th -m (or
the inst few weeks.
Local   Option
A meeting will lie held In the Pros
l.yt. rlnn Schoolroom on Hundnv nf-
tcrnoon nl 4:1s, for the purpoee of
forming n enmmittoe to catiwi-s ill:
city with rogui'il lo petitioning the
government to Introduce u local option II. 1) thh. next iit'usloll. Potitiull.-i
nro being largely signed nil over the
piovliieo, nnd the tompornnco pceiple
ill I 'i'linin ook do not menu t,, ho
behind in their allure of Ihe work.
Killed at Wardner
fill Saturday night, nhoiit olev. u
o'clork, n falal Occident occurred
in-lit' the station, whin Tcny McMn
hi n wns Htl-ile1' by the Hpo.nii" l*'ly
or nnd Instantly killed, 'llle coroner
wiih notified, hut nn Inquest wnti eon
Hldered un n-eessnry, nnd the body
wiih taken to frnnbrimk lor burial.
The unfoitiiiinte man hud been work
ing as a cook   with    one of tlie rail
wny oiittits here, nnd wus well known
around Crnnbrook.
Kootenay Central Railway
Present Indication-! point town il
iiimli activity In the Kootenuy vnl
loy during the coming siimmor.
It In reported that Immediate col)
stflll-l.il ll will be Ionian n led on III"
Kootenuy Centrnl rullwuy. The pro
posed rout" of the K.l'.ll., rune
mii-tli i nl .until pnrnllol to th'
Kootenuy liver for n dlatunco cf 180
miles. It pusses through n country
ri.h in mliurnl, asrlciilturc nnd for
est resources, n districl Hint r rnp
idly inline op with settlers. The K
cut,, hns n ■ purl III tho working oul
of nny nl tl"' groat trnnecontln ntul
liti's; for tli • prom nl nl lens" IIs
InnetloiiH is the colonlssntlnn nn t Hie
developini-lll    oi    tli"      I ItniO      re
sources nl Rust  Kootenny.
Accepts  Roo-evrlt's   Plans
Ottawa, imt . Her, is. Tin Cnnn
iliun govornmont In propnrcel tu d
operute witli tin- United HtntoH In tin-
plan proposed by president lino e
veil for nn Intermit lonnl ci nforencc
to take inun notion lo ci nierrn tl"
natural rei ii-i-,, ol nil  Nni Lli   \moi
leu The proaldont'a Invltnlli n tu
Onnntln to bciiiI roproHontallvra In n
Onion nee in Wiinlllngton nexl I'ebrii
ury will be nccc-itcd nnd H i. prolm
bio tlml tl"' vulioiiu provinces of tin-
doinini.,11 which hnve Jurisdiction
ovor the t.iulier, mlncrnlfl uud Huh
erli's of their own borders, will bo
nuked  to mmm Iheir  respective lepie
BontntlvoH to nccnmpnny those thai
may be upiuiinted by tbe federal
A public mooing waa hold on Wed
in «elny ei om nu. iii the Auditorium,
for tin- purpose ,,t discussing tin-
question ol the building d| ,, new and
lnrger i'ulii"' Schuol, foi  Cranbrooki
'I In- n ting wu- called i ler by
fj. T, llugorg, secretary ol the School
Hoard, who briefly stated tin- object
of tho meeting.
Mr -I A Hnrvey, very forcibly
presented the facta, "Thnt It Was
Absolutely Necessary lo l>rovldc More
Adeeiunto, Antl Up To Date AccDm
modntlona Pol Thc Increnaed, And
Constantly Incrcnaing Number ol
I'npiis."     'I'lnii  it      wns tin- earnest
desire ol tin- Uonril, that  tl lattoi
should In- referred to tin- citizens, for
their consent, jit tin curliest possible
moment, and thai Jnnunrj Hth, tho
■ Into ol tin- coming Munlelpnl elec
tion, wns tin  proper     lime t,, gel ;i
full expression of tin- i pie.      Thnt
tin- City   Conn-dl   s led     t,, iluu.
Unit j. dolny nuiii February wns n-
ccssary, Imt tin- Hoard win- very
noxious mil ta lose nny more time.
Mi. McCnllum, member ol tin
Mouril. stated tli.it tin- ground luul
been fully covi red by Mi Harvoy,
and expliiineil why in- nnd ins uss,,
eiutes luul deemed ii necessary tu
circulate n petition. Bcctiriag tlie
necessnry number nf nnmes to pro-
sent it lo tin- people
city solicitor Thompson explained
the cause, or rather the reason for
delay on   the   part of   the     Council
Mayor Fink, said. "Unit In- nml his
associates in the Council wen in favor of providing ji new school house,
but desired moro definite cxplann
tions ;is to how ib" nmoiinl required
could in- secured.
Mi Harvey, in reply tn statements
made i u bchnll ni tin Council, suid.
Thul llie time   linil arrived     win n ji
high sel I   sliniild lie    provided   ,,i
uiiviii tl   pupils,  thai  ii     room liml
been secured in iln- government luiil
ding for Unit purpose, that ,m- pies
cut school building was crowded,tbat
it wus bettor nml cheaper to build
school houses lui' tin- children, t\,n
jails.     Tlmt  it     wus tin- opinion ol
the Trustees    Unit   nothing      cnlllll   lie
guinotl by delnying tbe mutter.
The New Minister
(Prom Tin- Victoria Week.]
Mr. Thomas Taylor, .M.I' r., for
Hevelslnke. Ims boon ntliciully Gn-»ct
ted ns Chief Commissioner nf Lunds
uuu Wni-Ks. Witli iiu- appointment
nn fault cun be found on poraonnl or
general grounds. Mr. Taylor is a
lnnu of wide experience nail of marked ability llis training, purl ol
which  lias been   ill  llle    Civil   Soi'VlCO,
ills him cspoclnlly lor llie importanl
spending dcpui-tincut over Which he
will now preside, lie ims extensive
nceiuuintnncc with Hu- chief Indus
tries of lhe Provinci nmi tin- oiitly
ing districts where new expenditures
will hnve t,, be mndo to keep puce
with present dove'opments. Mr.
Taylor cnJoyB the advantage nf Imv
ing lll'lcd the position of Party Whip
with greut success, und of being a
'persons grain' with nil the members
of his purty. Apnrt from this he is
nu exceptionally able deb .ter ami
his .speech on the address wus the
best delivered in the Loca '.egisln
lure Inst session. Mr. Taylor is
much mote of a worker, however,
than a talker, and very rarely takes
part in the discussions on the Hoor
of the House, llis new olllee will
necessarily bring him into greater
prominence in this respect. The Week
voices the sentiment ol the Interior
of the province when it suys that
Mv. Taylor's appointment will be
hailed witli sntlafaction. There
were two other members win, possessed nil the necessary qualifications
lor the position but. so long us the
principle of conceding the Portfolio
to the interim bus been recognized nu
dlssntlsfactlon will be expressed that
it has gone to U'-vclst,,1-" instead nf
to the Okanagan or to Feinii, nml
Mr. Taylor will ind n,, more loynl
Hiipportcrs than th" respective mem
bi-is for tin,-" two eonstltu neies.
Pre uiii-i Mcllrhlc la to be " ngrntuin
l, il ,n ! jjVjiil- i I - ii-i in- led I i 'jit-
Inot by tin- addition ,,t u ' iwor'
ing. level headed, practice' im-ici.
who in ili - oplnli n of all o n ...
lum wil ju.tin   In-   clectl -n
Longboat, runne'*
Toronto, i in , Doc. 28.. Tom Long
boal tin- long dlatnnce fndlnn run
nor, wa> married tn Miss l.orotta
Mini"!" ut tin   Churoh ,,l    St. John
111"   I'VllllKCllBl    tonight    by   ;i   mill stel
,,l Hi-- Church nf ICnglund \ ilo» n
ni- more friends nf tie- couple were
present. Tom. I-'lunigi n, He- lu
ilinn's itiiiti iger, tvn:. tin- Iii-t men
The liii'le was glvi n away bv In-:
tn, ,l ti-i jin I ml l„n , lil el There wn
j, dolny "' bull an hum .it tho church
bei    Ton   l-'i..in:-.mi  Im I  fiitguttin
tin- Iii-.-ii e
Stock Quotations
\u    1*111 III lied   by
IIKA1.I-;   ,v   KI.WI'I.I,
Aurora Consnllilnled 2t,
II   *'   '' l ti    T.
i',,ii i.iniiiii-il Hmcltoi - 70    n;
0,,mul ji" Norlh Weal fill :I7     ':.
run   (liilillleliln '.;      :,
Crnnbrooli   Kin- in u-i. > In
Iliniii I i'niil 65     tb;
International Coal &  ('       7-1     7s
North Htm- Hi     121
Id.>ni Collieries *■''    ti;
Hocioly iliil J*
Hiilllvan I     H
Nipissmg Iliun   10.2.'.
Temusklumug 1,411     1.44 Page
I'.n ui.
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is aslteal i" leave liis nr Iu'i- name nnd address
-ii thul «'" uun muil iliniii a full ili'S'-rt|iti\ ■<•
catalogue ni records each  month.
Every    uli   ALL   the   now   words   are
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As -.v.- Imve been given Exclusive Sule ol
these goods our stuck will be always cmnpletP
We .-ii, supply you with the nttuchm oi
iiie I iiiui'ii.- i; ml ;    u-ls 'In- I minute
Record.-, published tn dute
Calgary  Cattle  Co.
Hrosh   mill Suited Ments,
Fish and Poultry in season.
Orders In- Mail will meke prompt attention.
Order by Phone, 45.
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HI 1.1.    Rl\ IM   CANYO.N
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i'linin- 'unit-ii
P. BURNS & CO, Ltd.
Hoiul Otftco, Main Ofttcc lor £nat Kootenny,
Ciiltf'i'-y, Alberto Cnmbrook. B. C.
:>  ::   ftivei   tron    Mm      ire lo
■■■ltd', .t: Ken wick  Mountain aboul  iti
miles -ti ■■ iitr« l    Lin   '   m ih<  Uli >
ol Cran i
■   ■  i htoutii is    .mu   jl  the
. us m the main ran- I th
Rockies and forms part ol the east
era indary ,.f Kust Kootenay,
:-      • ■ ■ ■ si '-'■■  mountain on
b and west sit !■<'-. ami just
ah iV( the Pack Bridge aud belo*
th< ■ rkin-js ; I tie Bull Rivei I'o*
ei A M ■ '••>.! sue
■ - -   a    : ta Is and rapids,   tii opplun
■ ■■ ■    -...-- ■..,:, B  "   le
:■ -f.it: bridge .   thi'    trail  as
cends tbe mountain by a series of
ts witch-backs; the differeuce in elevation from the bridge to the summit
being 3,000 ttet. The lower slope of
tht- mountain is composed if dark
gray quartztte and shales of the
Cambrian age. Overlaying these are
the dolbmitic limestones, probably
belouging to the Carboniferous,
These limestones arc a h ird compact
• - of a grayish yell w color, and
nre cut by several parallel altered
Igneous dykes, composed largely of
serpentine varying in width frum 2"
to 200 feet, The general course of
the dykes is past, and wost, mid the
dip is to thn snurh. These dykes arc
associated wiih the occurrinee of
iron and nre heavily impregnated
with the mineral, and nenr their
contact with the Umeston s tbo beds
nr deposits of'hematite are found.
The ure follows in a general way the
course of thc dykes. These nn
strong anil well defined »n\ thWt'
course through the country can be
determined by their color,     the con
trast being marked between the dark
green rock and the yellowish lime
'l he claims of the group formerly
numbered 26 and were located on the
western slope ol the mountain towards Mult rlvor.
Several thousand dollars have been
expended In development work, con
sfeting of ol1'ii cuts and short tuu
nels in the different ore bodies. ■
These extend for a distance of over
two miles iu au east and west dlrec*
The ore Is a hard red hematite or- j
a blue color, in some places schistose in character, in other massive. |
The grade is uniform in the pcreen
ta'ge of sulphur and phosphorus con
tents, both being below the limit for
Bessemer ores. The iron values vary
between ."ill per cent iron with 15 per
cent silica, and OS per coat In n and
21 per cent silica.
These  claims  are      easy  of   access, \
tbe   distance     from  Cran' rou';. is 2(H
miles as the Crow Hies, nnd the distance from  Jaffray on   the     Crow's
Nest branch railway, nine miles.
The Hematite Group of Mines.
On the eastern    stope of     l'Ynwic'
mountain,   and     extending from tb"
summit down the moun ain, crossing
Iron  Creek  are a  group of  \2 claims j
known as the Hematite Group.    Ths |
leads on the     surface tire strong anl I
well defined,  tliree  lends traverse the (
group, one 2D, one Mt, the other near- I
ly 50 feet in width.     The ore is Sim- '
liar in   color ami   quality    as   that
found on the    Penwick group,     This
group   joins, and    is an extension of
the big group on tbe east.
H    W.    DREW,   Proprietor.
Quebec Charter Price increased   $6,000  after
Contract was  signed   Things  the  Commission
does not want to come out
m a.
mmkii   contractors
JOji    i'lu,\|.; in I'.ll. 1IIIN ill.',
Plans, Specifications
nml Estimates
All    kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
* *
I Ha mand Bacon!
Om  sn nkin ills  urn  n « ti- -   rrosh  slunk,     W
;n'"  sura  'hnl hi    11 \   i ii'-iii  mii'i-  you  will  m
"Uli   iij.   llinl   llii-\   -in-   lhn   bosl    llavurod    mul     i
vvhiilii.siiini'  > i.-   -■-:   meals  -. -- .   havo ever i.-nton.
| P. Woods <& Co. j
♦ PHONE 57 P. 0. BOX 154 ♦
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x x
x    PATMORE   BROS    :
x *
* Tinners.  Plumbers X
 , ♦
Heating- Engineers
' im.iim.   I Inl   \\ iiii'i   ,nul   I lol   An   Systems.
Si'ii'iitilii .ilh   priipoi'linned    nul   i ni'recl.
The Onsuols Inquiry rointmed nt
Ottawa ua Wednesday last, 'liasmade
sniiiL' progress, but leaves much to be
learned nl greitter importance tlian
llie matters disclosed. The Court
spent most of tile tirst day in pursuit of a payment of $jii>0 sent liy tlie
Poison Oompany of Toronto to Commander Spain who was then in Victoria, B.C. Mr. Spa'n admitted
that the money was sin. him by
-Mr. Poison by wire, but declared
that Mr. Poison sent it tn be in.'es-
teil hy Spain in land at Fort Slmp-
j-un, whither tlie Oommn nlei- expected to go ivitll Mr. Prefi ui tni lie He
did nnt go to Fort Simpson, anl
swears thut he returnetl tn Mr. Poison in Toronto n few weeks Inter tlie
very monoy lie luul received, Uiitth'
I'nls, n iirm books set lorth tlmt the
¥500 was chnrged us a linn accoiur.
tn disbursements, and thoro is nn
record nf repayment. Mr. Poison is
dead nml tho ..Ulcers ni the iirm
i-niilil throw nn light in tlio,mutter,
wiiiI<- pursuing this Biibjcct, govern
mi-ill counsel run Into ovo ;ii Inrgo
payments by the linn I - whut is
i-iilit-ii "special" account, These
payments wen- mado payable tn
"cash" Mi. Tin-lull, tronsiiror nf tho
Poison Company, tesiilled that lie
drew iln- cheques, uiul suinetiiiies
t,,j,li nin  tin-   monoy,     giving either
llu- cheque ur th ley tn the lute
K ll Poison. Al lhis time Mr. .1.
li. Miller practically owned the I'ul
sun business, uml Mr. Poison wus Ihe
manager with a share in the profits,
The Btrnngo thing is Hint, neither the
treasurer, Mr. JelTroy the secrotai'y,
,,r Mr. Miller himself, who supplied
tin- money, know what hocame nf
these sums.     Mr.    Miller wus asked'
"Ilui yon ever nsli I'nlsi 11 about
■I muv have aslied him. but I nov
i-i- got un answer il I did."
"Wen- vmi cnntonl I" lei it go III
"Yob, I trusted Mr. Poison,"
Now these pay nts Included $-1,000
,,„ il,. ::uili nl October, l'in-1, mul
Jlll.OOfl ,,u th<> IStll When It Is re
mcmboied thai lho Dninln'nn olectloi
i,,i,i  place Novombor    ItrO, 1001, mul
III,,)   Iii-I wi-i 11   Si'lilellllilT,       1002,   mul
Jnn'inry, I00r>, Un- Dopni'tmonl nf
Miu.iii-    imlil llu-    linn $i'.m'i,-lfiii     li
»Ollid   n|l,ii'lll      llllll      lIlCBO       lllnlll'lll
wen- well worth Investigation „»
I'liiniiimi'lei SiuiIii'h (000.
There wen- lur*I. r payments Hliqrt
ly before tho local election ..I inn-
All these piiyiiieniK nf email woro
charged ns "special" uud there Is
nothing In Hu' ImnkH nl the Iirm tn
■ilmw   In     whut  ihey wenl  for    Mm
Oii Baker Street, one door west
ul Messrs. Mill A Co., the only
place in town that can make
lite worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
beyond a few incidental (iiiestions
with u view to li ml out whether the
money was used to bribe ollicers of
the department, tbe government
counsel made no attempt to follow
this mutter up. It was shown that
the Poison linn was paid $124,400 for
building llie Vigilant cruiser, when
there was another offer in nt $K(1,000.
Mr. Miller believed that the other
offer wus for a smaller boat, but no
HpL't'ilU.utioiis were produced, If the
prices wtzvv for different boats, there j
was no competition. Again tin? Pol- j
sons were paid $45,400 for repairs on
the Aberdeen, while thoir ten ler wns
$17,000. All tlie rest was extras.
There was an engine bought from
this Iirm at a 'much higtu-r price than
another Under. All these transactions went on while the firm was issuing cheque** at election time'pay
able to cash, without the books
showing the consideration or who got
the monoy. Ths was less than livo
years ago. and today no member or
ollleer of the tirm enn explain these
transactions, though thfl main share
holder says that the husiness has not
boon prolltgblo, and should therefore
call for careful accounting. Hut the
Cassels commission is not following
up these matters.
Interesting Inquiry   .stopped.
It. tt. Mackay, of Hamilton, testified that he had received $7,500 for
the use of tho steamer "Golspie,"
delivering lighthouse supplies on thc
lakes. Me offered tin service for
$5,800, but the offer was not accepted
so ho raised tho amount by $1,700,
nnd got tlie larger, sum. Here, too
the government counsel suddenly lost j
interest. Mr. Mack-ay started to ex- ■
plain thnt win n he was seeking the
larger price lie enlisted the services |
of Mr. Zimmerman, Liberal member
for Hamilton. Mr. I'enin, who was
examining him, told tbe witness lie
did not Want to hear anything about
tlmt, and the political end of the
buslnoss was eut. out. Hut, to tho |
public it Ih a matter of some Interest to Know how far Hie politicians
manage the department in these mutters,
There    is   a   plumber in   Kingston
Who   Is  also  a   hardware  dealer,     anil
HllDpllod  the Marine  Depart nt nill CO
Mini with goods and services costing
$27,000. ineldiTHully, he fitted up a
Im uso in Ottawa foi ilie Commissioner of Lights, who paid him $2,400
for supplies and services, He suys
lhis bill was paii! in full, but not
uut.il after  this   investigation began,
when tl ceoiint was some     three
years old.     A govern nt  officer on
a salary of $2,400    wbo can afford to
Continued on page 7
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 99*4*99*999
► ♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»»♦»+
Repairing   and
Pi-eia'tug-        Dyeing  and  Cleaning.
Successor to L. Gohn
Cranbrook's Up-to-date Tailor,
AVE.                   CRANBROOK,    11.0.
John   LEASK
The most fashionable and
Cranbrook b.c.
Rubber  Dollar   Store
We IUiv Everything
WE SELL whut wo linvu in stock n't prices that
will sni'|iiinc you, A visit to Iho Dollar store will con-
v'.ncfl .vmi ihni wi> have iho goods, find can savo you
lit'ty |)er eonl mi any goods purchased,
We Buy anil Sell For Cash
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ********************** TllK   PROSPECTOR,   CRANBROOK,
lANI'AKY   2.    I'M,
G. T. Rogers
G.T. Rogers
YEAR        TO        ALL.
x%lw gfcrapectat.
New Railroad
A new Game
Cranbrook's       Greatest       Store.
The well dressed man wears 20th Century Clothing.
We arc the Agents for this Celebrated Brand of Clothing.
We can supply you with a suit from $13.00 to $35.00.
We have the very latest styles in Overcoats from $18.00 to $35.00.
We are offering exceptional bargains in thc following seasonable goods.
Boys heavy underwear from 70c. per suit.
Boys Sweaters from 65 cents.
A few little Boys' Suits at prices ranging from $1.50 to $5.00
The Greatest Need
? The greatest need of the Kootonay
T valley  is the immediate construction
+ of the Kooteoay Central Railway.
+ in this    valley,    rich     agricultural
♦ lands,    unlimited forests and grazing
♦ lauds, there is a lack of transporta-
T tion facilities. In the mountains on
X both sides of the Kootenay riven,
T there are mines that are known to he
X rich, that have been developed to
9 a producing     stage, that     wiih ade-
♦ quote  means  oi   transportation would
become shipping mines.
The benefits tbat will come to
Kast Kootenay, and particularly the
Cranbrook district, through the immediate construction of this much
needed railway can not be told. The
farmer, stockman, lumberman and
miner will receive renewed and constantly growing prosperity.
The building of a railway through
the Kootenay Valley from a point on
the Crow line near Granorook to
Golden on tlie main line of tbe C.P.
K., will help the settlement of tributary valleys that arc surprisingly
fertile; ranges that support many
cnttle waiting for a market, hillsides and mountains that will yield
rich mineral wealth, need only this
railway to bring them prosperity.
The proposed route of thifl railway
has often been discussed, has been
fairly explored, nnd when the railway is completed will add now glories
to thc wealth of Kast Kootenay.
Alter traversing through a .ection
of rich country, and when it has
reached the Windermere district, it
will find large supplies of ore to be
shipped from thc mines, and the
railway will tind a large amount of
buslnoss coming from the Upper
Columbia, valley when its lands are
opened up for Hcttleme'nt through the
construction nf thin railway.
Mining Development
The mineral development which has
hern dono on mines in the Cranlirook
District during thc pant year Ih most
gratifying, und the work in every in
stance has been productive of good
results. Continued development will
attract, tho attention nf mining men,
who will ho anxious to invest in
mines and prospocts having merit.
Inquiries are received almost dnily
regarding thc mining outlook. With
better transportation facllltlos the
Cranbrook District will bo the mill
iiu: attraction of the province.
Will bound along
Everything Booms to indicate tbat
tins much favored district, Kast
Kootenay, is on thc threshold of a
new era. With thc opening of
spring the new order of things will
have fairly begun, and by mid sum
mor, aniens all signs fail, the
Oranbrook district will be boundin-uj
along with a rapidity of progress
such as the district has never pre
viouily experienced before.
(be rounds of
game  that lias
High River Times:      It   is reported the press about  i
hore that the   construction of   a new cropped up.     h   is called "Tickle tIn-
railroad    running from  tho    extreme Publisher."  and  is ns follows:    Tate
nortb of     Alberta     to     the    United ;i shcol    of ordinarj    writing  paper.
States boundary   will be   undertaken fl,l,i jt   nicely,    enclose ;.   bank note
next year and that Its bonds will bo suHlciently    large enough tn    pay all
guaranteed by  tho     Alberta govern- i»m»'s and one year in advance, ntad
ment.      No    one      knows    the      exact K**'***  ■•   '"   the ulttoi,   keep all eye  on
route the road   will follow,    but  its |UI" und il a smile      adorns his face
likely to   Btart in   the     Peace Itiver ,hr trick    works    line,    Now     is the
country and end at    C0utts south of ,l11"' ■"     l,ln>'     ""' J°ke,     it    boats
Lethbridge.     It will tap the country "Clinch" and  ■l'n ' nil hollow,
east of the C & K., which at present
is practically  without railway facili PUDUO   oCtlOOl
Members  of  the  School   Hoard were
Oil  LantJS I circulating ii  peiitioa duritiK  tbe lot
„_.,,  tor part of last week, petitioning the
The full court has upheld tho de ri,v Council to place, before the
cision ot, Judge' Wilson iu tbe Kast people, the request ni tbe Board f0r
Kootenay oil lands case and dismiss the construction of a new und more
ed thc appeal of John Watt aid commodious school houso. To secure
others against the Leckie, Tupper, the necessary funds, the people, by
Greenwood and McVittie uf Cran ■■"',l votes, will have to give Iheir
brook, syndicates. Full details will consent, and the School Board are
be published later. desirous tbal this should be done at
  the coming  municipal election.
I" ART   I
Painter and
We  place our paint
on top.   WHY ?
Occsiiiisu ii  litis lliu   puresl   ivliilu   lend   for  Ils lnt.su nnd  wlren
mixed  wiili   poi,roctly< ground   color*  In oil   produces :i  pail}*,,
whicli. wlinn  applied  Ity OUH   I "Al N'l'l-.l.s who  know   how'to
npply  it,  we art prepared  to guarantee, Page l.
THK   l-UOKl'KCTOU,   CiRANlUJOOK,    It,   i '.,   DKC'KMBEK   IH,   Unit
j;   Professional
IIAR\ IV    Mil  \l< I liN
HnrrisliM's und Kollcitnrs,
\\    I .  i,l Kl),
UuiTisiiM'.  Suliciiur, • Ic .
ii;.\\i'.i;i"iK. h.i
i .  II.  hi SHAR.
Hnristcr,  Solicitor, nnd
Notary Public,
ti,.  11,   I IIOMI'SON,
Km r sior, Solictor, und
Nmnry Public
mm,-,    |ivlil I'mldlnif*.
CRANB1U lOK, I! i'.
M, A l'l I I.l. ,v l'\K'KI.K
IM. S. & CE.
Minim.' Knjfineei' nnd
B.C  Lund  Surveyor,
I'.O.  Dim 2:111. '     " ■   I'lll
;" Making Good,
'     Tli'T,' Is no wnv ul innklusi innim,
'   frli.n.ls in,,. "M. Ine i I:" .,,,,1 n i
;.   I'.i""'-  i II Im- well I'M-iiiiil   ,  llu.,
:j'H i Itelr fn.,- -   ji'i, !■ mun   ih. ii i,.,,
•l"".i'i'- "' I'.'l U'liy. .im' numbered i\
thn hundreds nl thousand-,   They li«\n
"llllllll,   L'JMil"   .111,1    till')    IlilVI'   fll'l   lll.l'i.'
.\ it MiontHt, ~im.iv ili'al mrdlcl I
known ,',iin|,,,-in .,, I. llr. I'lcrcC.S liolden
Mcillcnl Discovery. It sllll enjoys mt lnt"
in.mi..- sale, wlilli' hum ,.; the prcparo-
i m* Ihal have ■ nni lulu ih'oii Inonoo lu
tli„ ,\ir r ;<■ r ..I nl Its |ni| nl irll) list,.
I *j.' "... liy tin, niml" uml .hm ij,',. r mon,
In' inl "f.   There must is. siiini, r. i.i.n ',-r
Uiis      ■ '. im     mul iluu I. t.i
i    II   ■■.!■.: ..I i i..    \Sh>>n
0 -■ ini i f.tlr trln ■■■" • i. .'..ni i. ii,
nr Inr ■ - , I ■ i n u ins, It« ku|kj-
i  - 'Hirat .    in.   . - .1"     ■ n nuhi'i-i;
'    Lis survived   !  „■!.■'!,    u i ..;.-
i    -1.    ■   . .   ■■ . ,.■ in.-rIti.rli.iM
ar      -    i. Ha-I .',.,r
1 - i       I   "■' iii .nul tli.'ii   ..     i ii
I .'.■ ■ ti ii,
r'ur it I ""' !   Ill   r nItii   Its illli llllillll
In i .• ■ i,!.i.   I            ..   ,, i-
ban- il nn nd
I j.'.
Wil '.-. !,   Ili-rVn    M:> ...
nr I- sn .'."i ,i-  Ur,
r -■-..• . .  i .   .       i .
iltti ..ii
Its null     rsll,| i r
' .  llllli
I     .1 ■   "                      tllll             ,    Ig.
pi-r |,i 'uu   ,,.i.r righl t.i )ui\8
I) Or, Pierce's Favorite Preterit.
; tlnn it
inn'its. I n -tninir atiil
I     . .,
!■■ -' ' ft     -
■    v
Iir. I'..-..', l'l.-.i..mi Pellets,
-   M     . "-1
;        ■
y, ■ . ir
ll   Vi
im   lur
| ill III
Wttlll    III
your       Nina*
, i.iiiiiniiii  imi Manager
I   I iltllil miii       I   it V
i irchosli ii
I'KI!MS   il>,lit.1! \TI
i •
• ■
■ •
The Palm
Xmas Tree
Xmas Stockings
I'"aiicy Moves
linn   lions    Irom
'25cts. to #noo
I'he Lending trull Store
i u• *.kan.:ks       Edison Theatre
M \l..\t..\   ORAPEH
1'iasn & Hutchison
sni.t: imu,PKiKTons.
PEARS, Kins. DATEs, —-„_...
Ilir hest in Cranbrook
at   the
M'!'.u.\i;r>   kink Little   Picture   Parlor
Hint runs continuously
I'KWAKTS    li'lN
A.  B. Grace,
..     -HKK    AND    EDITOR
♦       I 'IIYSllTAN AN
i ilii.',-. Armstrong Av
♦ Dr. li. \V. Connolh *
* :
F. O. E.
Mi'i l itvnt'} IViilni jii S |i.lti
Visiting   lli'iitlii.i'H  Cnrilliill)    Invited
i ll ij-. SMITH. \V. I'li-iili'li'
M, li. Hii.i.iniis, Si'.'v.
A,-iM,' I'livslnlun, I'. i'. I lux •_"•.
Flm we*
ore the men who have
put them to the hardest testi in the roughest weather.
Get the original
Tower's Fish Brand
made since 1836
fc •..;»! ■
•\Y     JANUARY -'
\ Cranbrook I
Wr nul, yon In .'nil nml try
^ii,iiii,ii...i i.i.iiiiiii,.i<iii  ^
;s Rocky Miiiiniiiiii Chapter :
I :
% NO.   lln.   It,  A. M
a i
■2i      ti„-iiiiii' i tinge:   2ml Tuuh- :
| ilny    in    'ii'M,    ii.niitli    nl   olglll :
il   "'" ''' =
*■ kJ      *                                         '                .        i                    .     .   . "
■X i'lti'iM.'iiiv lnvlLfid. :
* a
:£ It.  I- K.iTiiu Ki.i,. Serlliu K. a,
i* *'
^ I li ix -1       i'i;,\N'iii;tiui<. ii. i . |
\ X
nnt' in'W Coilaigtitnotit nf new
nml      l'p tu iliit.i'    rigs     fnr
Winter   nml   Hummer,   .Inst   ft
ii'.'i'ivi'il Topplr mnl  lli'linlili
X      Hiitsi's     nt     y, .111-     disposal
♦    Cllve   Ilii'iii   n    uinl mnl l»'   ♦
x    i'iiiiviii i. 4
X    l'l  it.    I'liinlii'iHik.  It.i'.   ♦
Goiiri. Cranbrook 8943
\ii:i -rs  ist ami ".uu 'i iiritsiiA^ s
VUIIIHU     I'l'.'l Iimiii    I'lil'ilitlllj     invitii!
I    Mi'KKNNA. i'iii. f llnii'.'i'i
.1. SI M.MS, Si'i'i'i'tiir,
|,   \\    Kl   I I.I'Diil'..
M M V     VS
(irmliiiiii'     "I     i n ini'iii    Vi'H ' ' ' "
fi.lli.M,     I',,,.,,, t„,    .   isus.
i .   .       i ..   in., i.i itm.
Id,       ■     it
i ,.   i   • j.      -- .. ..' it
Ofi''.E    .'■*    •:., -.'.'I" -,    .VEB'    HAS'.
fRANllliOtiK   U.I
\\.   K,   l;l'..\ll\
I  . Mil r,
V ini'itil Dlf.'.'tof.
i IIANHKOOK.   ti..ti
x  w. Cline :
: x
-"■ - «"«   :
j.ll    1,1'jini'lH".   ,.[   lit,' ♦
♦ Tonsorial   Art ♦
Stomach troubltfli biitu ^rmptom nf. »n<! not
In it.-'ii a truu disease. Wo tli Ink of Dy*i>ft>.*ia.
lieu rt bum, ami Indigestion hi real diseases, yet
tti-v nn' symptoms mily of a certain specific
Nerve slckne—notiiinit else.
it wu-iiii- fact ilmt rtrateorrectlyledDr.Bhoop
in the creation nf that now very popular Stomach
llfinedy-Dr, Shoop's Keitorative. Going direct
to tli- -d-niaf h liervi -. alone iir-m-ilit tlmt giiccesi
and favor to Dr. Shoop and hUilestorairvo, With-
out that original and hitthly vital principle, no
■uehlai ufcan imi   -'.-. HiUwcroevertolwhad,
Pnrnomarh dl*tre», blnatlnR. biliousness, bad
breath and nllow i n ipl< iloi. iry i»r. Shoop's
lt"-mrativ—Tablets i -11'iuld—and see for your-
t- ■ <a •.-.' ■ can and will iiu. Wa ul) ami cheer*
lui:y recommend
Dr. Shoop's
Get  a  copy  ot
I ,:■ ,t!    \\ . -'    Lilt:    Wiii.'iiu i-
A, "1*1 Al.  KKBULTH Tl)  POLICY
Ilui. I,I'll.-.
I K'l.D  \\.  S\\ MN
Crnnbriink,  H   t'.,      Armi trnna Ave,
Sh-iim   Ftnih-r*.   mnl Kiii-ii;..',' \\.„
rt|n -'Lilly.
Cosl 11.11(1 Slnrk  Km'mijsiIi-s
Imhth-Iii-.I Upcm Aiipliru
1 0. BOX 834.
' Ki iSPECTOR wishes u
bap] ■ tnd prosperous New Yen! to
all   ' ders      And just    while we
'...::.. h ive   you renewed youi
Rtibsci ;■ □ t Th" Prospector tor
tht coming year' It not yuu .shuulii
do so .tt i.uce. you Cannot get thc
new- ot Southeast Kootenay nnd the
Cranbn o district unless you rend
the fit-[■ I'tn!' Send along your*
subscriptii i:
The il. ot the Kootenay valley is
capable ol producing grain, ve-jeta
iiie;.. und fruits ut almost every
variety, large and small When the
people fully realize tat then- are other
source*- uf wealth than the . production ni' the precious and useful minerals, more people will engage in
agricultural pursuits.  ■
The mildness of our winters is a
source of wonder tu visitors. They
pass through the Territories with a
tempi .'atu.e down tn 30 degrees below Kero; through Kernie and the
towns in the ('row's Nest Puss in
snow three and four feet in depth;
hit thc Unnana Belt of ('ranbrook
and find the air balmy, the sun
shining brightly, no snow, and a
temperature just above the zero mark
The question (tf higher freight rates
Complicates the situation regarding
the silver-lend industry of the Kootenay.
There is nn •question hut what this
is going tu he a great year Ln the
industrial development of Southeast
Kootenny und the (.'ranbrook district, it would not be surprising if
the Cninbrook district doubled its
minora . agricultural and lumbering
wealth, and population this year.
Every few days we hear of settlers
enmin ■ into the valley, of an increased demaii! for lumber, an increase
In the output of the silver-lend mines
new Industries being formed, all of
which are strong indications of in
creased prosperity.
On the St. Mary's river the ('ran
brook Klectrie Light Co., will Install
a targe power plant. At Hull Kiver
the Hull Itlvor Power and Mining Co.
are rushlMg their plant to completion. Al Terry Creek and Wild
Horse creek large deposits ol gold
bearin- gravel ure being opened up.
in the Cranbrook district a large
number ol men are engaged in get
iim: nul lumber und ties. In agriculture, h irtlculturo and stuck mis
im; tli *"'■ *- remarkable progress In
all purtH <il thc Kootenay valley. In
min m.-, rrom tho International Houn-
darv to the northern portion of the
districl mining properties are being
developed The sllvor-lend will all
l.e m active operation In 1900, and
through the entire length and breadth
nf the district a rendition of prosperity exists.
Southeast Kootenay is a big district, large of area, rich lu natural
mining, agricultural and lumbering
wealth, tremendous In Its scenic
features and with a future lull of
great, promise.
Oranbrook district has settled down
alter the holiday festivities and is
-strictly attending to husiness. and
keeping warm.
As a mining district, Hutithoast
Kootenay is slowly but surely ma«i
Ing id; way to the front,
Some men are     horn great,   some
achieve       grOHtnQHH,       \\tu\  BOlU«     just
have the big head
A largo number ..i huslnusH men in
the Kootenay are preparing to run
theli    buslncsH    into the    ground
'Ihey   will   Hlllk   "ll   Wclli:
A good ninny pcoplo uro leaving
the States for Cnnndn and there are
,, good winy more who    would like
to    collie
Japun Is highly Indlgimnl thai
Uritish Columblu should wntlt to
exclude the Japanoso from this prov
lOc.      The latest
SUCCeSS. ^^mmrr*^
black plug
chewing tobacco.
Hugh Stewart
PHONR   ::. PHONE   75,
$5.00 CASH
Advertising In The Prospector Is
the most nutritious food for a growing business.
No country in the world presents a
witler field for mining than Uritish
To get acquainted    with Southeast
Kootenay and 1 li i Cranbrook district you should subscribe for. and
read The Prospector.
British Columbia iu population
represents one-fortieth of Canada,
and pays into the Dominion treasury one-tenth of its revenues. Yet
other provinces pret< nd to wonder
why wc cry for "better terms."
Silver is beginning to show that it
is in with   the rest of   the metals in i
demanding a raise.
An important, factor iu the new
prosperity about to como to the all- !
vor-load Industry of Cranbrook district is the demand for zinc ores. A
smelter bus been established at Nel-
The Kootenay Central Railway at
last! The name. somehow, smacks
Of familiarity.      Golden   Star.
Give Account of Stewardship
The Most Up- to - date ^.OOaMONTH
Rigs in Cranbrook .   ,,
° Qood Discount Kor Cash
HANDLE Y -"- -n"
(',. BICLANGEE, Proprietor.'     (j^
Tennis and drives furnished for every point
in  the   District
Hay and Oats for  Sale
I'lii'ii.' '.in     Cull  its ;il mii
vim i.i'.il n  I'lir.
*™ QfMXtiw-tM*.*^
ArniHtronK Avenu«.
i Plioim Iiiii. Ufunbfiiok, ll.C.
It in snid tlini tlir [it'osent council
will ni'i'li t'e-clcctlun un their recot'tla
tis mayor uinl aldermen. Would it
not be.well for the council to Rive to
the electors nnil citizens nf Oratt-
brook nn nccouiil ..1 their stewardship.
New Year's Day
NUW YlSAH'tl DAY, Jnnuary 1st,
us marking thc beginning ..( tho year
11)119, has been observed ns a public
holiday Irom nl least the lime of the
.Iiiliiiii ri'li.nuiii imi ol the I'lili'ii.ii'i'.
Tin' year 1.1)08 closes with much
brighter uiiUnoli nnd better pros-
ipei'ts fm tin' Olty "I Oranbrook anil
Sotlthensl Kootenuy than n"y pre
vii.us year 111 the history ..( the dis
Ww bollovo the coining yenr will sec
n large attuniiil nl railway construction in   Hn   l< i iy v tlloy,        We
believe the mosl signal murks ol the
Iprogress In minim*, antl the opening
inl new mini's ti'liiutnry to Crnnbrooli
tin' dovolopmenl ... lln- hnnionso llmbor it's,.jiiiim .-ui iiii> cultivation
inf large ureas ol agricultural and
Ifrtllt lands will l.e the must potent
stimulus uliiiii »'ii in glvon to the
Industrial growth ol the Oranbrook
district, nn.l tho Immediate run
strui'tiitn nl tlto Kootenay Centrnl
Railway will go lur towards placing
Ornnbrook in the fi'onl rank as Hi.'
business centre ..i tins district,
Will   Sel   Oul   Frilll   Trees.
A number ol ranchers In tlto Kootenny  valley   Will  set   otlt  s.'Vi'l'ill Hums
mid fruit trees this season. A largo
number of these trees Imvi' boon con**
trnctod lor Irom Stone ■: Wellington,
nt Toronto, and tho varieties selected arc specially adap'otl to the
cllmntc nnd should dn i xecodlngly
! Tin, following are tho ore ship
ments frmu   initios in tin  Oranbrook
district    I...  tin' pnsl  « It   and yenr
In dal.'.
j   Sl,  ICiigonc Mil   ,   .2-1,eot
Al Hull lllvor, lln' Hull lllvor Min
Ing H i'owei Oo . have Installed a
uiiil, nnd are now .enraged in sawing
lumber '...I iln1 ...lullnnii,.a nl the
big Hume,
TllK      I'ltOBI'IM.TOH      IS      I'I'TO
UATK IN I'l'S .loll WOIIK   tilVK
US  ,V 'I'HIAI..
We Dual in Everything From
,i Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph n. mclean
All Itlmls of Sunond-Hatitl Goods!
Kuriiiliiri' it  SI'ECIALTY
Hiiko'i* "l'l  Siitiid, llioisiiii Avt'
Trading Co.
Phone 1811.
We are still handling
Agt-nts for the Famous
Frank Dezall
Low Round Trip ttatoH ttt
llitbber Tiros Applied
To Muggy  Wheels
Kepitirinii ii Specialty.
Phono :,n     •   •   *      P. O.  Hm 813.
Tickets on stile Dec, I to Dee. 31,
Inclusive, good to return within thine
'rickets Issued in connection, Atlantic Rtoaniship husiness will be on
miIi' frum Nov. 21, and limited Irom
live months ft-i.ia date oi issue.
I'inost    I'liuipmi'iit,.   Standard   First
t'lnsH Slripiiig nntl Tourist Cars
on ii,ll Through Trains.
I .cur;. Winnipeg dully ul  22.111 uiuk
ing I'limiei'tluns at. Toronto for all
points easl  nnd wesl  thereof.
Apply to nearest O. P. 11. Agent lor
(ul) information.
Kor   Snip or Kent nt KviiHnnuMe
Olfico& Workshop -Lewis St.
Phono No. \)H.
Live Rncky Mountain Oonts nre
wanted lor Zoological purposes. Permits to catch and export these' nni-
mals will be issued by the Provincial
authorities.     address:-
I Washington, D.O. THE   PROSPECTOR,   CRANBROOK,   U.   C,   JANUARY   2.   IW,
Preparatory to Stocktaking.
imi mum sue
Wc art: going to muke a supreme effort to beat all former Sales Records. We have determined o> do so in order to make this
month's sales surpass any former sales and to reduce all lines to the lowest possible point bv February ist. al whieh line we
take stock, Do not be alarmed about not having any snow or cold weather and let this Crantl Opportunity of securing the
very      best     merchandise     at      Wholesale      Prices      pass       you,       because       it       will       not       occur      again       soon.
Read     the     following     Prices     and     consider     the     great     chance     of     saving
Carss' Famous Mackinaw
Regular 87.50 Gouts for  80.00
0.0 ■         -1")
5 50         4.25
5.00         i on
4.50 Pants       8.50
8.50     ,,       .,          2.76
Carss' Hand Made Socks
and Mitts
t arss, Hnnd Mado 181.50 Socks nl
..    '        „ 1.25     „
, ,, 50c Mitts ul
,,   Heavy  Wool      40c Socks ut
35c   ,,
25c   ,,
. 1.00
. .40
. .80
.    .20
Blankets, Quilts, Pillows
Grey Blankets regular *8.50, for... .$2 sn
4.110 8.20
,, ., .,        4.75 :i so
Whits      ,, ,,        8.50 11.80
Hudson nuy Blankets,   7.00 H.OO
11.00 8,75
Qotton ,. 2.00  1.50
Quilts,  liejrulsr 82.00, for  #1.50
„     '     „ 8.50,  for       8.60
I.no,   for ■.    8.20
Plllowi,  Regular fci.25, for  #1.00
1.50,   ,,          1.20
1.76.   „         1.40
2 only U
1 ,,
1 „
I ..
1 i,
price *8 00,    ,  .
2 011,    ,,
I 50,
. 81.75
I 50
. 1.25
. 1.10
. 1.00
. 00c.
.   70c.
NOW i.s the  time to consider carefully your clothing  wants.      ol'KS is the
kind of   clothing   that   is   guaranteed   in   every respect,  g 1 ;,f>* days in the
year,  and worth  loo   cents   on   the   dollar,  but   tn reduce lhe stuck we make
the following Exceptionally Low  Pi ices:
Regular  812.0(1   SUITS   for ... * 11.00
., Ill 1)0        ,,             12.00
Regular  810.00 SUITS   for ... 8 7.50
14.00             10,75
18.01)             13.50
22.0(1 .,         .,   ...     10.5(1
25.011      18.75
,, 110 00      22.50
2H nil
We are not overstocked in suitings, but we wish to keep our tailors going
during the quiet times, and to assist in doing this we will allow, from our
regular prices, a Discount ol $5.00 on every order placed during this sale.
Our prices range from $33.00 to $40.00 a Suit. We guarantee  satisfaction.
All   Smoking  Jackets,   Dressing   Gowns,   Fancy
Vests, Sweaters,  Lined Gloves, and Mits
at 20 per cent. Discount.
Grips, and Suit
810.00   TRUNKS   lot
* 7.50
Decorated Toilet Sets
1  10-pieco Set rpjt
price 80.50, for
0.00   ,.
8 50   ,,
,,     8.50
ii 25
8.00   ,.
ii.iii i
$11.50  Case   for
7.50   ,.
4.00     .,
..     4,50   .,
■' 511
5.00     .,
li.50     ,,
These aru in.l ..It
stock,   Out  till
14.50     „
28.00     „
to.nl   Desir
ible  Patterns,
VWV^rWrWrWrVA^ W^*^WV*^*r^**V*A<WV*^^**^^^^VW
Our Goods are
Lumberman's Stub-proof Rubbers
Leather Tops, Rett. 88.75 lor
Rubber  Tups.   ,.       I.Oil   ..
Thrco-Buckle Overshoes, 88.75 for     88,"l
Oni'-llueldi' .. 2 50       2 m
ilui' Buckle ,. 2 im .. .       I ii'
Kelt Shoes, regular 82.?*
V*ifi. li'ltitineblined, reg. i
li.r si
!.50 for ... SI
Sheepskin Moccasins, 81.75 fc
Moor» Mocouslns, 2.*in ..
Regulnr    8 4.50 bag  for
I.V I ll i
and Wool-Lined
80.75  liii"~  for      ...
'i i
8|   UM
Dinner Ware
I  oiilv.   Dinner .~.'i   III   | iopos:   regular
prlco 810.011 for sis mi
1  only.   I.i'inv.'i's  Dinuot' Sni   ;i7  pieces
ri'iriil'ir price 81" "n fur 82s un
I i.niv.   Dinner Sets 07  pieces:    regular
price 812 00 for *- 7".
We thank our many friends and   customers   for the very liberal   patronage
they have accorded us in the past  and trust that our efforts will merit
the same hearty support in the future.
Jttm Page IV
. . The demand fqr a higher
Staudard in flour is growing
steadily; we have anticipated this and fur years otu
milling has been dune on a
basis uf "quality tirst."
Anchor Brand
■n   1 Is   perfectly milled — from
^"    *"•** selected  wheat of absolute
purity, and no effort or care
is spared to make it a
"■ ■• feet flour" that will
appeal tu the most exacting,
Manfrl. by
Leitch Brothers
Flour Mills.
Oak Lake, Manitoba.
: x
X      EAST   KOOTENAY      ♦
♦ ♦
♦ *
(Kl'iitli  our  Spi'i'iul t'nin.s|„,>i,I,Mil  i
nii',1  iu,iii   MnryH
.    „«1» :-^.**fii*4.
■\*{-  ■^■''i-liifvz
■ ' Xasf* 'Ji !'S* *"*,
(From   our special corrcspunilont.)
The iu'i;' Icul pot ban aal buon bull
log to any appreciable extoal during
tht* weok, At a rather trosty meel
iut: belti in thu Methodist churoh the
.iiiiiuiiiuonu'iit ni the withdrawal ,,i
Mayor Tuttle Irom the raee was made
and the endorsement ol U. P EDxtein
.I.-, thc caadtdute ■>! the cttiim-j *■■-■.
carried unumuiouulj The ineotluu •
wus rathei unen huitastlc m*. well as
small hi numbers \ lew short m
speeches partaking ol .i Congo
tence sort ol reRignai loo spirit wen
Indulged in bj the mott raithtul, nnd
urgenl   roquests  for     oxprcssli n
Mllmt    I .mnl
ville WoilneailH)
Mi    Luntl    visited     Luiidbini'ti  hint
ffi ■     pi iii nlug tm Saturday
M    llrecenrldgu   returned  nn  Kriday
lu*-i  (i .'in .i buRluoHs i rip to   vli erl i\,
\   Sheppai d wu ■ n i'i uubrook \ inl
■ I .-ii kVedncuda)
H   H     liuiun  aud     lluurj  Bolmrl
were in r*ranbro< ■'.<     on Mutulnj  and
Pue ■■ ij   ittoti Luu-   the i'hiliii". trial,
lie  Koborteoii    nn ithei   old  ion
ipi inlini   New   Vein   with trli n Ih
Lfsapproval t»f tbe platform nud run luu
dtdntctj were made i o ans ol t bo sul
posed opposition thnt  mighl  be pros ..l'rah'""     I'unnhu.' returned     front
'ni. snd all eye,      "ere   urucd  n   h,      •"';"»•■';'"  «««««<})  -'"""' '
direction of the back   wnl ...-i-iipi.-.l hv. bj ""* """""'  ""' "''""
Mi   Tom      Who la n,  bul     expectancy J   ltta tie)    the clothing man was lu
faded  into deupondoni j   and  thtii   in Warduei    Pi Uluj   and    Saturday  lasl
to despair     ua the     big  ' Tmftinaj drunimlnn  up hu   n
T™'","om'     ""■ '<'■;" »«nt«red to ,.,,,,   ,,      h    ,      b       ,„
jjmj   ,.,. College „i Spokane
NIC Ml     WINDERMERE;     S.E.K.,
muitted glued i
lli,' inscrutable
who eithel  kno
l< i. :    an   ''In-
his     Bral    weal in
ji ...ii.u ol iii,' man
n,l ilon'i     cure oi
Ward lie
■  "Old
up old
(.Ol DIN
ll-'lMlll   Tin
i n: us
Mrs M
left town
where Mi
;,, »u ion
There Is Only One Bovril
One preparation which contains all the nutritive
stimulating and flavoring qualities of prime beet.
Dn not be induced to accept something else in place
of i.oVRIL.
That name is a guarantee that the article you buy
really does contain these valuable qualities.
BOVRIL is exactly what you need
the flavor and "feeding" qualities nf an;
committee appointed tt interview
tnem notifying I hem ot t hi st eak . I
political lightning that hud so aud
lt*nly struc but u)      I    d ite
nd   'i.i.-    been heard
lommittei   ..- to results and     H. H   Nortbcote
'i is [eared    by  those wh       have the    if the sawmill      \
Licket at heart   that   Nesl  I'ass     Lumber Compnny
■   ■   is-as  • •    ureal     md unexpec   Tuesdaj  Inst  for Vancouver,
minees and   1:
resulted    in a    miscarriage     of ci
ntherlnnil nnd children
Wednesday toi* Michel
t herlnud has sechred a
■nglneer m charge
in  fl  the Crow's
.   Martin,
V P R .
livlsional engineer of
here on Friday last
Inspecting operations i ii the Imilil'ii'^
-■'" ?,"   ,;   '"n -  ,s  ol the new bridge- M
■    ma if
Prom Moyie  Leader.
it   McVoy lefl ou Wednesday
lust "ii .i ImsiiuHH trip tu   Nt-\\ Vi.ri.     Thos,   aowerbutta   spent   Cbriatmae
uud Cincinnutu      Mr, WcVoy elpccts  fflt*' 'rlonds at  Kurt  Steele.
Lo be awn) nbout two weeks. Miss Jessie and  Miss May Nlchol-
Wupta school is being ropalretl by aon- !iul ,1,oi1' Brnudraothor Mrs.
Mr. Soles and sou! Tbo school is Olarke, left on Thursday for Fort
expected to be opened on     tho 4th of  aLoole-
January with n blooming y0ung lady     Among   the    merriest     things dis-
us teacboV. played this merry     Christmas   were
A nice crowd attended the assembly  tho merry faces of tho kids,
held in the Columbin     Hall on Mon
dny evoning last,   undor tho auBpjces
.of Mrs, .BacoU and Airs. ShaW- and a
splendid  time Is reported by all.
Nellie Parsons',   win
it is guud news t<i Learn that F.lfl.
Simpson,  the sage of the Crunbrook
Herald,  hns relumed-    Irom bis trip
tbo coast    greatly     Improved in
has been health,   Tho "Old Man" is a part of
11     l'„
ipllUHl   Ht't'tVetl
nn   Sul llr-
trom C
ilgary to takt
ii position
he i.llk'i
slut!  ul   till'
■i',,»s Nest
■ Company.
tne vapor
:    tbat unreliable     name     n
Rum is to be credited i.t all, daj
the pi ->:> ai e to have tbe < link'.' ol on
lawyers to ■   . mayo" from.   It   Pat
u whispered     tbat  Sherwood  rlerch-
iu,'i  will     .'.'ii.-itit I,, tmue   the rtice
aeainst  the    nomioae ol    the citizens    .
committee jui,1 that ;i lull half ilnzea
men  willing  t.i  ttn  ■ n the ticket with
Heichmer  will    „ (■■ in.:   ,t  .he rieht        t happy    party ol   young     mates  »"»" °"*T„," ,,''"' ',""'' """ ,"""• T  move to thcit- new   prodlsea on Sab
Hm, Iron.  St    Joseph's school, Nelson, in   ""-"K  tt'u "hvi,>s '"' '" fendincss In      d
The     prelimmaij     •■> nation ol cludini: Misses Kilith and Hanel Lund  cas0 ot "n en-ersoncy. '
trmstmni   Ivan   rhar«e,l     with ,,l,   Hazel    lloharl    nnd Verio Martin at"     judge   Wilson,  ol  (Jranbrook, spent  ,   !',"' .   'T!1'   ,wt"te b<"*">e»i*   '» f'11
last     » '  tn spend their-a couple ol .lavs in   totvii tins weeK     "1B.k m Proston'   i"!VB™1   tow" lots
attending   collpgo at     Yale, returned  Ornnbt-ook, and somehow   Cranhroolt
home Tuesday     last anil will   spend  doos not lin.k just rinlit without him
the holidays with her     parents hero,
She expects to    return early in     the
new year.
Wardner     mu.-l    lie all     rieht.   to     A new heating   afS'parutus has been'
judge   by    the   continual     return of  hxcil up In     the lire   hall     whereby ili'mm'The Heviow I
h0 havo tried     other and ap-  steam   can bo l.cpt In    the engine at 	
parently  greener pnsturcs.
all times.       It is gratifying t„ kuow
ulies  t,ult sucl' is     tlle ctls<1' an(l that the
of an emergency.
The t'amidinn
Hank of Commorce
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦#♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Cranbrook Cigar Store
Barber Shop,   Pool  and  Billiard Room
Thc place to spend your winter evenings
The best Stock of Cijrars, and Tobaccos,
Pipes and  Smokers  Sundries   in  town
;      James lirtuit    wan pant    this
A buying si.ni"   I'rti-scs   for the I'i
J (dated Company
m ♦      A son   whs bum tn    Mr   nn.l Mrs
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Harry Hw;,n Thursday Derember 17th
"!i,..>   resulted    in  his hpinu  sent up  holidi
:  ;   trial   ■"*   Mauistrste Whimstei   un
TuesdM    and  he    will    n.tnfi     before
Judee Wil.s..n fui  trial in a few days
'I'lie i'..'1'k  has  been    a busy "lie fui
tin1 Btureh,    everybody  being  as anx
ions   aa    evet      tn     rememhei    tlii-ir —   o-
frlenda durini:   the  Christmas Heason       The skating   rin*i
Thi- work , n tin-     Todd block,    thc   day evening,
Miners hall,       the Queens   hotel and     There   win he a Bohemian   Masked
the finish nK    tuurhes up, n    the Wal    Ba„        thp m ht    f th(l 22n(i
■ I..if   ImtPl    and     mi    1 lie     HiMidcrsun
at   h line
VU(ll) I
ii.iii Tin- Keporter.)
Keen    sold   during tho past
While     here   he   .skipped     Mr. C. A.
Warren's rink, playing against Mr.M.
Urainnrd,  nnd although  Mr. Drnlnnrd-     The • buys■ frum Erirkson  have been
won by ti     score of 7—8,     the gmne   having some good sport lately among
was the hest     that   has heen   played,, tho dper, they secured a. bag of three
this season. ;The season closed on Monday.
opened   on Tuos-
♦ hi-uk are pn-eressine rapidly to c<jm
T plot inn
T Work m   still going   on     with the
X foiindaticn nf th« new srhr.ol building
: which  is expected   to  !»' tin shed  next
♦ The lug skatfnu rink is progressing
♦ t.i cnmpletinti and will soon be under
district  Ledger
There is ahnnl   a      ft ml   of >n ,
the Bodety (.iti  mine
It is reported thut the dam at the
Loop has brnken down through pies-
sure of ice.
Thc new building for thc Imperial
Hank will soon be ready for occu-
All the buys employed iu the U.F.
R , construction camps up tlie Elk,
wnl spend Christmas here.
W.  Kalaskl formerly     of tbe Great
Northern,   surprised his     fritnds the
w at   other day by bringing home n blushing bride from Oranbrook.
week     Another   pay-day is here.    The iig-
n-cil    uros dn not total up as large us they
did lust   month, but   this     is easily
accounted for, as     more than a hundred miners have taken a well-earned
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*«♦♦*-, ♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Staple   and    Fancy   Groceries.
'1-inXK Mi
'IH i.\K '.It
The place to buy your Xmas Goods, New Raisens,
Currants, and Peels. Choice Table Figs and fresh
Nuts. A swell line of Fancy Confectionery.
holiday ami arc oft   to     n\n'.nsl their
limn   On  Mon'.lay.    Ilccetnher  14ih, Christmas     with friends    in the old
to Mr.   nntl     Mrs    I. .nis   Collins ;i Country,
son. Upwards of $88,000 ure   IicIiik paid
IC. J.   Clayton   hus   packed   what "ut in Michcl u'~'U*y
goods he hnd  loft after his sale »n,l WJ hm     h''vc 'V"" *,' M™^"1™
hits roturncd to Marysville to bin pay-mils     in     the. Pass, tlmt
these figures slide   fioin our toques
The hoard of trade   should huve a us easily ns   two hits   drop     into h
meeting und get ready   to send dele- 8|0t machine, hut to an outsider and
gates to ihe   nnnual meeting   of the ..specially to those    :n tlie eust they
associated   boards,   which   meet   at |00it ns they really are 'Something to
Trail the  latter part of January. ^-itc home nbout.
.- msmm.
\   (iood   Little Histnr
(Prom   tiie   Free  l'ress.1 ... .        L        ■   j     .
--..-. Kootenay Lumber Industry
h::;E;xr:s"    ,    -°- ,     .    metkodist church .««» o   n
liUmheriuen  in  the Kootenay,    and lANlMUY 3rd Oracle Higgins.
The King Kdward   was   opened on especially In the    Ornnbrook distrirt '. ..    ' ,,.    ' .pri0 j,,    Ohnnlctoi'  Dobby Shafto
Tuesday last. „,(.    ..xcccdingly     pleased     witli tho     I'lulilii'M's   aorvlco at     11  to which Mildred     i'iiii", ■ Eva     Cuiley   and
Th,'   Ferale Club   is     opening   up l"'«s''"'  conditions     whieh now exist „„ boyfl     .„„, ,,„.,„ wbo     nam\ „,, j. |iu,g„yn,..
handsome new   quarters in the tl. K.  "* getting out logH, and the nrospoct  0tlior church'uro heartily  invited. Recitation     Christmas   Momlnc
Henderson block. of an increased market  for tho mnn-     Sunday Sell  and H ■ classes al ,;|„,iy„ Htckonbothnm.
ulaetured product „„.,,,..     T ,*,„,,.,     (or perfect al character SonK '  Th,, Chinaman
The conditions last   yeni   iu leguid  t0D(iftnc0 during WOS     "ill ho piesen |P|V0 n„VB
uf grave t(,,| hy n„,    |.ftgtor ,|uiiiig lho aftor- ,.„,.., M u„i„.„i
shipments „ ' Recitation     Selected
Manitoba.     .,„,; ovcn,n„ H.,vi,,,. w „,.. '   Clraco McPartano,
Inspector, was In the city this weok  "n't «" tinancial   stringency, out off to(1 ,,,. u„. u,.v   w   P.  Hwing of Na s""^    ,  L»*"*'-„ *>>.    u'«    Hen*t
on official business. the demand for Kootenay luinbei.       ,mii„„,    H.C.. at. 7-:»i.     Visitors will Ornole   llggtns.
Were the Canadian market held lor  |„. heartily wolcotnotl at  this service. Hnndkot'chlel   Drill	
The freight sheds     are now   being  Canadians    there   would     be     little     Tuesdny.   Kpworth     League   Dcvo- Kight. Girls.
used,   ulthough   the     offices   of tho 'trouble In disposing of the Kootonay tlonal   Service, Addross     by tho Song  Song of thc Peter'Bird
freight ilei.nrt.mcnt. are not yet com-  product.        The    opposition     comes prosidonl  on New Year resolution. (lirls nnd Boys.
The    Coal Company are   replacing
their   elect ei.- haulage   system   with to lumber   wore a matter
compressed air motors at Coal Creek consideration.     Butenslvo
A   Sutherland,  government   holler "' American    lumber Into
largely    from    the     farmer.
Kriday.      Prayer     service at eight.   Musical
The     temporary    Oreat     Northern t1"-'"5   m'Kht   ll,lVe """** •* i'<'«Bon lor Oholr buslnoss  oting al N If.
.        ,        --.    ■- --   .-. -—,   ir  Railway bridge     across the Elk here free lumber years ago, it ta-oiMWrt     Th„ aacm,n(.„t „| the Lord's Sup-
fSsSSS^S^SSjj^^SSRftfl Is being     replaced   by a   permanent now.      lhe     plants   established    m wni be 'iitlministerotl     niter tho
'  structure. Southeast  Kootenny.can a'W'y. A}- *     ,       6   ,     „,,st  Suniluy  ,,„„„„,.
.       bei'tn.    Manitoba and    Saskatchewan '        '«■ ™
KKBP     YOUH      BYE     ON     THE with   nil the     lumber   thnt   will he —„—
I'lM.'-ii.i.-t "r..it      itiiaiwavs     needed by these   provinces   for many
PROSPECTOR.    IT IB ALWAYS     ^^       Kootenay  buys     grain,  hay
i'RtitlltESSINli. am]   ftu.m   produce in     the   western
  provinces, and these provinces should     T|,,, Christmas Tree, ol tho Motho
Kill   II VI k     VI ITI,'^     ImJ thoir lumber   inun    those   who lU8t .Sunday Sohool,- hold. ]n..Uie.Qym-,
111   IIM  U      11UI. Iin     n.nsumes tbi'lr f.nm proiluels.    Reel „„,,, „     pr|()ny    ..veiling     was it
(Prom tho OroBton Rovlow.) proclty in trade will he of mittlal in „„,„,   „,.nnnuncoil Biircoss,     The Gym
- "       lllvor bridge  ,|•,■|•s, "' "'" ''"""•' '""' ml" '""" im"""" «»" ''"""'"V" ,h" ,U""'"
Tho dlHoronl    liunil..
Christmas Tree
Drill  Young     Ladles.
Services at the usual hours 11 and
7-3(1. Sunday School and Bible
Classes at. Three.
jjGuests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection a1
iron for
idorotl  l.y
Is both white and square
Ni'ai'.'sl In I'll
.lain.ns    I'm-
I'oittl uttpol.
Hi"   public
I ■raiilinn.li
Job. Diihie, one ol tbe iloat River
trappers, was down and reports ear
II,,,.i jii. easy    mark.
At the Front
In the same Fashion Unit
lail.'li  Willi  pl.'si'lil'
\k\lt.i "'! < "Id r.iiths Proprietors ij
innls are
.Mi    Hawthorn,     roprenontlng    tho  sent   out   In    front ol nn advancing  v
Hudson    Hay Co , wan In   town tl my, bo tho llinl ..I tho host nl set   h
otliei day doing bllBlnoBH. Hers which nre to follow are taking
■    - up theli' pnsitlotis ill lhe great, hlntor
Millei nn.l Wallace, tlto Goat River  llin,|    „| Northern llritish c,,lumblii        THK NATIONAL ANTHEM
trappers,  were  In    town uiiil ulii|i|n'il   Olven  adoqltate  trnlispoi'latlon  fueil    Umbrolla,  March and  Hong 	
a largo number of furs. itics, I here will bo nn In'ioiirlng    ol Eight (lirls
Every business Iioiibo in I'rince .Hu
port, exeepl the bunks, takes Ainerl
ihr .rin.i.ns were mosl e.rodltablo, |cnn silver nl par; the banks shave II
the boIos, and chonitttw appropriate UP ?« """■■ As there tiro over one
I., the occasion nntl a gtniernl good liundrotl i.usiiu'hs hotisos in Prince Hu
time was enjoyod by nil. P.?";. '*"'}. <"n\-*
After the     oxorolsOB, -the largo- trqe | Jlkejy     thn   Bllve
was slrl|.|.e.l anil each child mnrelied
banks, it ls not
shavings by the
banks will .eni. much iee in tho busi
ess transactions ol the town. A town
whose business men unanimously
sinnil bii'lhe non-employment of As
iutie ln,b..i', mid organise a board of
trade with full power to earry out a
stand so far roachlng, will not allow
Population   to thai Immense district Rocltntlon ...  Solootod  ImtikB to tako an unfair advantage In
THE    PHOSPEOTOR    IS    liPTn    „.|U,.|, wm Uni,nr m a new ere for the Eva Bryans,                      such   mutters its oxchango and   ills-
UATK IN ITS .Kill WORK. 01VI5     greatest   and  richest province In  (bo   Song   Ten  Little Dickie Birds    count.   Priuee llupett  Is white     and
t'S A TRIAL                      whole of Canada.                                 I Ton Cliildreu.                     I It lu square-Tlt. Hnnlrt. TllK  PUOSPKOTOR,   CKANHROuK,   Lt,   I .,   .l.Wl'.lin
SMALL DEBT'S cul'li'l M.TIi E.
Electoral District   ol OranbidOK. —"—
—u— Notice is horehy g,\en llin  an up
NOTIOB is horoby given tliiit Stl plication will l.<- mado to tno L.glsiu-
ttugs ol the above Court will beheld tlve Assembly ol thu provinio oi Hn
at the   -joveiuiueui.   iiuihiiug, ciaii tub i'.iiiiiiiiiia ai its noxi session tor
brook,     ua   mr   disposal   oi   eases mi ucl to Incorporate    a    i puny,
every    Wednesday, at two o'clock  p.   with     power    i i„i,  construct,
in.,   at jUuji.' e.eij  M.iui.iaj  .11 in,'  mulntiiln anil oporato a  I  ..i  i.ni
Mcelc inei     »,.i.in.'i    ..a   sueh days was "' standard gunge lo I.,- ,,|.. un
and dates us   maj     ho uppolnlud in ™ ".'   ileum, electricity or nus   oilier
me proceeding... '"'*'''' .''''.','';..V'',,'s>.'''Vul,l!,'i',',','n'■  tho city's Intorosl    n  Ulook  i. i'Xin..«  .'.Vi..,' ",'",',""  .'"'",."""
same hour;   uud nl  Marysville, fort "" "-" ' U*V    ■      '""""""• ■■.■,,   ,,,.'„i...,„,i.   ,,   .1    ..,,.. ,,,' „,...,   January,    13011, at U    o'clock nooi
'   " 'eni Iimiii  "■'. i innl"'."!', I'- '. ana   ii.   ,.ini    i o'ebek local tlmo) for tho puipos,
Municipal  Buildings  By-law
A   11) Inw I., nuthoriso lho sule   ol
All   dellls   alt.l   .Irlllllllll.'.   ll"l
lug the .-uln "I    ■ll"" Call  bU Slie.l lol
uuu   rucovercu in    thu   above   men
ion i uxprcH.
i   .ii     n  |>..nn   .ui the  I-	
I'., b. iiiinn     Unil wns     "i or near ihu Huvornmoni  nntl  Mun.cl|iul  Itu,Mings
I'uiilir ii .tlco is hereby given to tin
electors  „■     Municipality ..i  th.
Cits ..I Crnnbrook, thnt I retiulro tn
preseucu ol lho snld electors ju tli
Council Chambors, Unkcr stroei
Criinhrook, U, C, on tho mth il iy t.
town "i full.in,
dn.-eii..ii lollowing
  ,   , "i electing persons in roprosint ihoi
 u ■""•""'•":;::;:'   ;;:;:, ;■,;:'' „"'';/,,: * : m^w '''.mien .«. Mny
[irocoedH Lhorool for the [mriJiiso
nuimd   uuun  un suiiiiiiuiis   'ui'l v;,*,; v,;;;;*,,'";;;:;,";;.■ "u;;;ht,; *;;;,,.;;";;, t.,;: jmrcimBimt » situ   tm- iim,
Judgment,   uarulibaa toltbor buiui" Lh
mnl AUlormon und lor the puriioso
loctin: peiHoiiH t.. ri'iHvsiiii thom 11.
""''" ""'"'  """•" '■"", ' '"",   il.",,.-.' ... u southed)  tlireetion down •'"'"""'  '" '"" * Ipnl Council     ol ""   '; ,,   ,,7,    , ,,,,,,,  mill
louiiiiitiii.'i.t ,i uucussnry.                       ,, u.lbuuu., ,  H„,i„,„i m,,|, '"'' I'orporntl ho t It) ol t run , '™ ' "   J           '   '.
ins,rue,u.ns i.u  proceedings cub   ,,           ',,                  ,    ,    ,.,      Bl«n y the owners ol nl •,|,"  otmll.lutus eUnlll l.'o ictnlnnU
i i...       ii...        iiiiilin iii.ii   in iu'i! '   , lii.nji    , .in.  i. ni li    ii   iiiii,,    I.     iin.   -.•..Iun '* ninuiUM   .iHiiii    in     iiiiiuiiin
rlvor,   or hy    lho    mosl eonvonlotii '"";   "'  '".''' ,'"'''''  "",*'" In wi'lUiu; lho writing shall be sul
....   rtiuto,  im mi uie Intoiiiition '"' "»''""   I"" >"''■„"■    '« ";'"   '">.' scribed h)  two voters ol tin  Munlci
■''     ill   liiiiiiiilniv   ui'i sxffii   ih..   i ui'i'     i.l "s   hlliitt        IV   I    i'    nill     tt'U.sii     rtHdeSH .ii.                                             i
-II       I K IIJ III IH I   \       IM   1    .'■ I   I'll       IIM'      [II   M ,   Ull   I           l'l                                                            ' I l'l 111   I        lisl      I I l'l .1 I    ,*'!'!        i. 11.1       ...... .11.1 i' I           ii ll
„.,   Uritish     Colt,  ilie  United ""'",'  ''''"; ['» ■««■'*•. ''"'»', K^/o^oUve™!   io the   UotuVnUi
bunded iu   i"   iho    undot tu
Clerks ol  the Court,,  viz
!•'. ii. Morris, Deputy Shorltf,  tlrr
P. li, Houth,   i'lovineial   CoilBtablc
Moyie,     or to
Joseph  WaiBh,  I'rovlnclul  I'liustubl,
Poll   Steele.
Joseph Ryan
Duted 22nd day ol June, lulls.
HIS I Hit I' til'' KOOTBNAS.
«i„t,                 \ .,. ,. ,    , '-il to uui'iidilee a byluw  lo .-,.-11 mii,I ,  ,
mines      ot      .Minllia,  a  iiinlan i   "I        ,  (Ollicot   jii   nn)   lime  h'tween  llie dull
iiiiiv tn i,^  ,,i, ■ „uu  u>. , ,,.,,.■,,,■ gram tno cits s uuciesi  i, iti,..•,. u    ,          ,         , ..
mny   mn.s,  llin,,   ,,l   loss,  Willi pnwu it -    ,,|  ii,,. „,,i,n. ;,||i| n     |, ,„   ,g niH   i(
tn    construct nnd pporuto tulogi'uph   " ,   ' ' ',• ,','.,   ,,i','!'" i! V',','.    n,.' l'ul tl  tho dny ol   nominntlon
nntl telephone lines [or the pnrposoo      ' ' " ■  '     '•   ... I   ,t,    , • i nn(, ._ ,hi, ovom    _> n                B)
In.     Iti i .      i             ,'il, IU    till "..II'I     Iti'..     "Mi     llll'l     t|l     .Ml,- Ull .                                                                          ..           . . .     k
in- iiiiDiu. wun 1(  (,    ,.... i;..;s  , ,...,..,,...... coHHtiry,   such   pul) will l imiil in
 »'»«"«> ■■■'" ""   ""   i'iiiiii.  »ii..   -     , 1'cnsnrv,   Sinn   hull wu   in' ii ii u a i n
power t„ own, use and operate wutei '•',;.' "   ""    ' ",       '        ' tho l it ,y ,,r January,   Ven, b.
powers- convenient i.. ihe rond      or ftovernmont uu.l  Municipal  HulldlngB n'rlnek in th
•ailwav mul nth ir mieiinsus   , nil nul, Ol'OCtOtl     lliel'eoli     I., the prnulH I     """  ""    """■:   " ,       '",'' '"  '" "'
lilU".IV     .lllll    I'lll    1     |IUl|JllDUB|    .IIMI    Willi ii    .    i    i l< lit'III ll ill     (III      ii ('till n     liiCllI     I IHH'I     llll
Milch         .-llwir         iinu't-i'u     I     1,1'Uili.iriiM Hntlsll t  tilUllllilil       lill'      tllO   IH'U'l'   III ,        ,   ,                           '          ...                                 ',   ,
aueil       i M lli'i        [10«Bl H   iiiui   ItllVtieuUa , '        ,      . '   11 i' , iri"   iii   Min   'i t im 'ni ii iti   i K  n rlnrlt
whirl,     ne„ usiii.llv ,'ivi'n tr.  it,iil»'„u sum n seven     llli.usull.l  live hllll. red ,'        '    ''   '"    '", "'    '" ""   l» 0 ciocn
Whuli     me USllilll)  given I"  lt..ll»u>          ... son i  „ „l local  time)  at   Ibe Cniin-ll I'lliiiuls'l'.-,
Companies. dollars (*7,DOO.OO); and to uso    ,.,nd
DatoS at Ornnbrook, November 7th, k">te tin proceeds ii„„„„i for    the ™*« .«»«. l'.!"!'"
iy(ih purposes nf purcbusing a sue lor and
HARVEY,  McCUHTKR &  .MAi'liuN- erecting   ijud    equipping    Municipal
AUD,     Solicitors    for the Appli- UlllWlngs lor the city ol Crunbrook
" AND WHEREAS in the opinion
ll.C, ...
which every person i* hereby'I'Otiuirod
in tnko   notlco nn.i   govern    lilmseh
,-     ill.- iiiiuiillcutioiis by   luw re(|Ulred
the Cniineil separate premises are
tu  be  possessed  by  tbe  ciinilitiale lol
Divide   between   Bull   River
H.B.K.,   ELEVATION   11,1
mil   Willi   Horse!
Marine Scandals
Continued from page 2.
ii'lii'll. now ngod 23. who was is
when lu' began dealing with the gov.
■ i nment.. II.- wns In tb employ of
Mi    Murphy, o!   Quebec,   wh i gave
TAKE N'liTH'l' thai Hnln It
Streeier oi Elkmouth, British c.l
utubin, oeeuiiniii.il hanchor, Intendt
to apply lor    permission to purchasi
tho lollowing described lands: ,,„„,..  ,   ,      ,
Commencing at n post planted    at '   '.:*.';■_. qulslto, bolonglng to and undor    the tho olllco ol Muyoi nro ns follows,
the nortltorly end ol an islund lu tlie  VBULOW     HEAD   I'ASS    l.rMMER control ol tho    city, and thut there 1 no pontons quiillllod to bo iinin,
Kootenny     Klvor   opposite   E.     It. COMPANY    Ltd. foro tho city's Interest In snld Hloek '"itod J01' »n'l elootod us Mnyor shall
Stieetcrs  land,  thence down stronui ,,.  . n „,„!    suid    Joint  (ioveini it. and ho sueh persons   us nro mule Uritish
ulung tho easterly side ol said island     The    Shareholders   ol   the   Yellow Municipal     lluildiiiRs is imi   required subjects   ol the   mil age of   twenty
ubout twenty live chnin.-i tn tho south-  Head I'ass Lumber   Company, Liml- for corporate purposes. "ii" years, ami are     not dlst|tlnllnod
eny   end thereof,     tbence up stream tell, are hereby notilicil that they arc     AND WHEREAS for sneli purposes ""'l''1' ""'  '""'• '"'!l havo boon lor the
along the westerly side of sniil islund  requested to ntiend a    Speeial meet- it is necessary to amend liy luw No. Kix months preceding the n munition :K ., ,„| (|ml nmolm| ,,„ plumbing und  Imu ji percentage oll bis prolll
to plaee of beginning, being the whole  ing of their   body   to he held   at tbe 21 of tho corporation d( tho city   ol "'" registered owner in the Lund Iteg   |Urdwmc in rollttlng liis house is n .1   ing from  govornmonl  pntrnn igo, and
of     suid    Islund   and contnining 20 hour ol   eleven    o'clock   In the lore- Crnnbrook being the "City oi  Cran '"try offlee, nl land "i   real uinperty  unfortunnto, il wns the business   ol thc Ind to eo
acres moie or less. noon of the   28ib     day of Decembor, brook   Debenture     Loan ll'v-l.aw  No. '" '''"' ''ilS' ol tho assessed value  t    Contract   Rinsed   ?5*  Por     Dav.   in tho agency    lor orders.     Kurtber
ERVIN  H.  STRKBTBR,  1908, at tho    ollice of the Coinpuny, I." the   last   Munlelpnl   nssossmont roll    IA still moro Interesting inquiry was  young O'Doll  mndo out   thi  Invoice^
Unted Oct. Hth, mux. *' 'Hanson Avenue, in the City of Crnn-     AND WHEREAS the consult ni tin '"   thousand   dollars    or tiiot'o,  that.Into the   contract   of   l-liilllda)   for anothci   Mr   Murphy on tho pat
ORANBROOK LAND DISTRICT      brook. Lieutenant Governor in Coiiltcil   lias "VIT and above any  registered jndg   proB  ol Quoj,c(i:     TJnvy had n   boat, roliuge   list,   and   lyhcn tin    govern
District oi East Kootenay. Joseph   Ryan been obtained for such umendtnent oi ""'"' or charge, and    win, are other- (>u|ier,l tlie "Kiug Edward" which llie ment cheques were   collected     li' ro-
—u— Secretary. By-InjW     No.    21 to be made, as ap wise   duly     i|ii..lilieil   us     munlelpnl government   cgnged In   1901 for con   colvoil two and     n lull to   live   per
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Clement H. i Duted, 22tid duv ol December, 190H. peurs hy u report of u commltteo   ol voters,    lliiil.. c. 112. s   II. voying supplies for the light  aorvieo cent  of tho umoiint.    Also he was In
Pollen    of    Crnnbrook,    occupntlon      chaniiruok  LAND DISTRICT the Honorable tho Executive Council,     'I ho qiinllltcutlons by law to bo pos- |„ lh{. (ill|( „, st   Lawronso.    .fumes business with   Ritchie,   who was
ug.nl,     intends to upply for permis i   approved hy his Honor tho Lieuten scsscd by lho cundldatos for the olllee  iiuiiiduy offered ber tor S2nn por day.  on tho pntrnnng   list, and sold goods
sum to     purchaso the following des-1 n,„,,.,.,   ,r iv ,,, , "lit Qovornor on the Mth day of No ol Moormen are nsjoilmvs: | ^   The department thought this wns uii   to tho govetn ncnt.     0'Dcll   Bald   bis
crlDed lands: Commencing nt a post
pluuleil at the S. W. corner J. .Means
Pre-emption, east 110 chuins to the
uouiidary of lot. 003:1, thenee 3D
tliiuns south to the houndury of lot
'018, thence 30 chains wost, tlience 30
chains nortii to the point ol
commoncoment, contnining 100 neres
more or less.
Dated, October 3lith, 1908. 4S
Dislriel of Eust Kootenuy,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis H.
Pollen of London, Eng., occupation a
free m.n.r, inttuil to apply for permission to purchase the following des-
erl„td lands: Commencing at a post
planted at tiie N, E. corner post o.
lot 342, 40 ehuins north following till
boundary of lot llti und 3:18, thenee
10 ehains west, thenee 4ti chain,
south, thenee 4(1 chains en.st, to tilt
point of commencement, uintniiun ,
till) acres more or less.
Dated, October 30th, 1908, 45
District of East Kootenuy.
TAKE NOTICE thnt 1, Jos. Ryan
of Crunbrook, occupation journalist,
intends to npply for permission to
purchase the following desorlbed
lands: ('ommeneing at u posl
planted nt tho S. W. corner of lot
20IS, .south 30 cbnins to lot 0033.
thence enst. 30 chains, thenre north
30 ehnlns, tbence west 30 ehuins,
to the point of commencement, contnining Ilill acres more or less.
Dated. October 30th, 1908. 15
District of East Kootonuy.
Tuke notiee that Hugh Stewart oi
('ranbrook, occupation merchant, in
tends to upply for permission to purchaso the following described luuds :
Commencing at a post plunted on
the Kootenay river approximately on
tlte soutli boundary "t lot 110, 2i
chains west to the bonmlury of lol
342, thence in ehuins south followlni
the enst boundary of lol 312 to tin
Kootenay River, thenee 40 eliuins foi
lowing tho Kootonuy rlvor I" thi
point of commencement, eontnlnlni
50 ucrcs more or less.
Dated, October 80th, 11108. 45
mber, A. I)., l'JOs. "' "'• persons quallllcu to be iiiiini reasonable und    pioposed   >"I2:>   per profit in these   sales ran up   t , t.fty
AND WHEREAS the approvul     ol nated for nnd elected as Aldermen of aay,      This ,,„>,- W11S   pn.mpiiv ue   por cent.      lie Is n   grnntlscn nf lhe
TAKE NOTICE that sixty duys nl- the Lienteiijint     Governor ln Council tbe City shall he such persons us ure ,.,,j)t,,ii |,v   ,|„,   owiurs of     lho slop   lute ugent  nf tho Murine Depnttmenl
ter dute 1, Ocorgo Lloyd, civil uigm- .,„. tbo sale und disposal of the city's mule British subjects nl the full age „.„„ slgne(i ;,     0(mtracl oil Muy 31si nl  Quebec, und   wns   nccustonud    to
ter, Oranbrook, inlond milking uppli- interest in suid Block  I) iu the City oi twenty-one years and ure not dis t,,i- $3,760 a   month lor    the season, examine bis grand ul bur's nccounts.
cation     io llie Honorable the obtel 0( Oranbrook, uccordlug tn u map or qiiuliiicil under uny law, und t,, have As t||(, "King Edwnrd" was receiving     Paid .Mine 'lh n His Own Price.
Commissinu.'i'     ol  Luuds and Works pian tili.cl in tho Land Registry offlee been for the six   mouths,     next pre- }gf0oo for the souson   or $50 per duy      *. third striking    rase brought mil
lor permission to    purchuse tho foi- ut Nolson, H. ('., us No. liOU and   tho ce.iin; tho     day of     nomination the ,,.,„„ thl. government for carrying the this week of th.'   department  puyin:
owing described lands. iolnt    Qovornmont    nn.l     Municipal registered  owner In tho  Lund Regis- mails, and     wus'ulso    engngcil in j. n contractor     more   Hum    his   own
Commencing     at a post plaoed at Buildings erected thereon, has     been try olllco, of land or real property in regulnr trnllle business,  tlie contmel   price, was thai  nl Mr   Hold, ol King
ihe N. W.    corner of lot 1691 on iiie |,m| „,,,| obtnlnjd, us appears by tllc tho City of the     assoBBod   value, on 1)r|c0 uppcrd t„ |„,   generous     But  stall, whose iirm hired n tug to the
Kast bum of the     Kootenuy Rivet, said Report. the lusi   Municipal     assessment  roll, M,.   ir«lli<lny     wanted     more       Ho Murine Dcpnrtm-mt lor service on tlio
thenee east 13 ehains, more or less, AND WHBRBAS    for tho purposei of llvo hundred dollars or man, over wcll|   to Ml.   powori Liberal  member upper lulus.    Rold    claimed   528 per
following ihe ., . u miliary    ol ,llo,.,.sui,l, it will be necessary in de i""1 nbovo any registered     Judgment [„,. ,,Mh,.{., iH1,| 8ot i.i,,, t0 Intorvcno hour for 3'GO In ui-s.   nnil muintaltiod
lot lo to u coiner post of lot 8103; vuU, th(, shU1 HUm ,,( ricvcn thousnnu "'   charge und     who ure    otherwise initoud   ol standing l.v   tho     signed Hint  tho   governmenl    supi iinieiuli nt
ihenco North ... elm n., i..„i,i or less, ,iV(, inm\m\ Uollura ($7,500.00.) quiillllod us Munlelpnl voters. '   1900, (MI'„u.,,et, the minister hud tho depu   lu.,1   ngr I     to thai     price.   B. II.
following  the  v. est  uuundary  n,   lot 	
NOW THKRBFORE     the Municipu
ty   write to    the Qtiobec agenl for a Fraser, asBistan' engineer nf tlie Mn:
siuj     to     lunik oi ivooti nuy itiver ;                          tho Cornoration of tho I no qunuticiition hy     Inw require!! rocomnicndatlon,    Mr.   Qiogory    ovl rlne Dopartmcnt, had afterwards ills-
thence following Kootenuy Hiver m a   }.'!'"   t ,-,..nhrimk ti„ (°ntnC|   aBsem '" '"' I'08™880'1 ]'*' ""■' enn liilal.es for ,k,„ |y.|,,u.w   what wus     expected of pitted ilns chnrgo,   anil    linully   pro.
Uouth-Westerly direction to plaee   o.    .''J °0    ;™"   ' ?"„   . l"'""" '""" tho offlco ol School     Trustees nre ns ,,lm ■„„,, „lK-.iKwl tll„, „,, ,,',„,,,,,„„. po8wi t0 compr so by pnylngi Reid
Beginning,     contnining 20 acres more   '"   •   '" >"8 °'   .       -/              ,   . I fallows: ,.,. I>M n,m ,„,.■ day, will, deductions $20 mi  hour      This proposition, wns
or less.                                                       t.   it ..nnu ann n ,i>  ik  i.iwiui   io ■•!„ EVCiy    Mun enn      School   lis ......'   .,„. ,,,,..        '   „„ bl,„v ,,, „,., .„.,.,.„,...,    ,,,.     ilni,i   ',.,,    s ,.|U.,| .,„
,'i.M,i>,,..- in,vi,   the Mnyor o   the Corporation o   the  .„, , ■,  ,       .   !    ,. , wtiin tin   iin.u     hub so ijiis>  in pn .mipiiu    u>     i.iiu, \in.i     ., mien .in
GEORQB LLOYD.      »    "',,,. ,,,.,„,!, t '0ij   „md .„„, trict, uny porson bring u hoiiseholdor vJto business   tlml     the Miii-iii- ser n'greomcnl   written by  Mr.   Krusoi' to
Dated Novombor 9th, 1908.                    absolutely dispose of the city's inter- l».)'}**. M>""1 , BWrict, ,,ni  being a vlI.,. VVBS aeiayed.    This     recomiei, thai  olToct.     Hy some     process!  not
ost in Block D ln the City of Cran P""?"   8ubJcct "'     *''*','"" ,,'"-"- ,"' dntion   wus   nccoptetl   uml   payn xplnitnd on tin     sinnd. this agree-
i,e,,"k i„'e,,,'ilhu. ii, ,, mnn or i,lmi oi twonty-ono    years      mnl     otherwise wnB linully mude nt   the rule ot $200 ment wus sot u.ule. nnd the coltrnc-
est ill Hloek I) in the City
brook according tn n mup or plnn ol , .      ,        , ,  ,       ,
the suid city liled in tlio Luml Regis   'I"" '."'"' by Ibis     Act to vote at an p01. ,,„,, |osa $ „    oorJuctlon, or $180 tor wns linully paid bis     full $26 nu
try OfBooat    Nelson.    II. C, us No.   "!'',""",""', ,.","'.,":■',"'* ,',", "p|' (1«ting bach to the beginning ,,| hour for tho whole time his lug «„s
Tuke  notice      thntl    Andrew      U    009,    to   His    Mnjestv   King  Edward .j""'1"1."1   ' ls ''"'t   " . '.',",' ',""',"'     ™", ""' »"'r,vioe. supposed    In huve     been     employeil.
notice     t it       At "j       »; ", ,  brook, shull ho eligible to Jio ooetcd A HANDSOME C1RATUITY. There   wns „     reudjustmenl     „f thl
r tn
school     Trustee iu
1 Ii' imblil i.mnl   nlloWanci
en   ti.   III.
bul  the effect  of     .lisi ui'ding
vl.U'.V, "t V   I illllli ""I, ,       I 11 , l,|l," l"ll        '   "     .".     -•■-     ..fS"-    '      I ~ "     |  .,.
Joui'iiulist,     intend   to upply to the  llritish    Columbln     und In the joint '.   ,,    ...    .  r,,-.,.,., ,,  ,,,„■,.   ,,  ■       ■■    -
.Ihicf     Commissioner     of Lands n,nd  Oovornment nnd  Municipal  Buildings 8"'!' w '"fl';\'.1 i8tJ'CJ•     1J""'( '  "'  the contractors uhovo     the contract  tho agreement.wns tha   the govern
S. 32,  illllli, ('. 39,  S.2
.Vorks for permission to purchase tht erected thereon for the price or sum   n;.'"' '' °',„.-;' ."iZl „i Cnmbrnnk ""',",.*,"" 0VZ ,6| '        '"""      ,1'". '        , . ,
ollowing described lands     iu     East of seven    thousand live hundred d,,l-1   ' ,n     '"   '    ''   b«    ;    .''""' '" ty Minister Oourdoan wns called, bul  iiiriotinl  which I, • „gr I to uccepl
.ootenay:    Commencing     at u posl bus 1*7,5110.00); and for sucb purpoB . "   "Ulla """ .!''» '"  '''   '"'?•  mJ- edtild give    no reason   why tho con-
danted ut the south east corner     oi es to .sign, senl, execute und deliver | '• ■,;.','..' .."".,.;„  truct   was     clmngod
blook   42",,    thence     west 8u chains, all  deeds nnd  other Instruments ne
Tuke nollce thai   I,  Lizzie tll'u,ee   ol
Cranbrook ciipation murriotl wo
mun, Intond tn upply lo the Chlol
Commissioner ol Lmuis und Worki
for permission io purchaso lho billow
Ing  ileserlbed   binds  in   Eusl   Km.ten
uy: Commenciug ut    n posl plunteil
ut Ih't snlllll eusl  comer iii     A.      II
Qrace',1 purchaso, tbenee west He
eliuins to the C P.R. light of way,
thence following snld right ol wny in
an easterly direction to thc south
boundnry of lot 425, ibence north 41
chuins moro or less to the plnee ol
beginning, contnining inn ueres mon
or leas.
A. II. tli'uee. Agent.
Dnted Oct. 20th, 1908,
The time for the commencement oi
the publlcntion In tho ll. C. Onzottc
of tho above notice bus been extended
to thc 4th duy ol December, 19118.
Assistant Commissioner ol Lttnls
und Works.
District, of Kootenay.
I, John Tlionins Reunion ol Oram
brook, occupation rancher, intend to
apply to the chief commissioner of
lands and works for pormlsston to
purchaso thc lollowing iloscribod bind
In Bust Kootenny dislriel.:
Commencing at u posl plunled
about 2 ehulns smith of tho soulh
wost corner of lol 7218 on the north
boundary lot. 2312, thenci north 25.31
chains, thonee west 23 chnins, thenco
south 25.81 ehnlns, Ihenee ensl, along
the northerly boundnry  ol  Lot 2312
to the pluee of beginning iitnining
58 acres more or less.
Dated December 2nd! I90S.
.hence south 8ll chuins,  thence   eust eessnry und loqtllslto in tho promises,
,0 chains, thenee nnrth 811 eliains   to 2.   The proceeds of tho said     sale
placo  of  beginning,  contnining     040 shull bo devoted to the purchasing of
teres more or Jess. n site for and the erection of Munici-
VNDREW II   ORAOE. I"1'  Buildings for the  City of Cranbrook..
.intcd Oct. 20,  PIUS. 3    uy.iBW  Nf]. a,   ,,,' tho City     ol
The time for the commencement of Oranbrook wheresoever it. is iucon-
tbe publlcntion in the U. O. Hazette sistetit with the provisions ,,t thia
of tho abnv'e nutiee bus been extended   by-luw, is hereby repealed.
4.   This by-law may be cited for all
purposes us the "'Municipal Buildings
to thc Ith day of December, 1908
.1.  1".  ARMSTRONCi,
Assistant    Commissioner   of Luml
nd Works.
uead the tirst, second nnd third
time on the second duv of Decc'tubcr,
Keceived the asseut of the electors
on the 14th day ol January, 1909.
Reconsidered and finally passed und
adopted .ui ttie 	
lAivE NOTICE that tbe above is u
true copy of tho proposed By-law upon which the vote ol tlie Municipality
District of Bust Kootonuy,
TAKE  NOTICE that Thomus     J
gar, of Simeon, Ontario, occupation will be taken nt thl Municipal Build-,
lolicitor,     Intends to apply lor per Ings, linker St., in the City ol (Tun
nisslon    to    purchaso the [ollowim rook, B, C, on Thursday, January
.nil, being lour islands In the Koot llth. 1909, between the hours ol nine
nuy     river    lying opposite lot Illi, o'clock iten o'clock looul tlmo) In the
.imp  I,  lleserilieil  us follows:  Com morning     and     seven o'clock   lelght
.cueing ni    a pnst planted on tin clock, local tlmo) in tho evening,
vest side ol the northerly Islund   It. thus  m  ROBERTS
.he group nml on the south line     ol Olerk to the Mdnlclpul Council
Ot 338, group I,  Konlenuy district ,      .	
henee     down   stream [ollowing tin
.sierly   side   ni     the Islund to till
outhorly    end   thereof;    thenco up ■—„
tronm on the euBtorly side   ol   tin Notice is hereby given that on tho
islund tu the south line of lot    338 ; 12th duy     of December,  1908, it Wos
henee   west   to   plnee ol beginning ordorotl by T. E. Wilson,  Esq., Judge
,lso the three smaller Islands    souih of tbe County Court of East Kootin
if the ubove    islund, ull contnining ay, that James Ferguson Armstrong,
iboiit. 80 neres. Ollieinl Administrator for that    por
THOMAS J.   AHAR. Hon of the    County of Kootenny In-
Dated October 30th, 1908. eluded in the electoral districts     ol
_,     , ,                        ,     ..       , Crunbrook   and Fernie,  be Admlnis
Tho delay tor commencing the pub tr tor „f „,, ,„„, Blngulal. the ,,„,.,,,.
Ication  of tho above  notlco  Is ox- , wmh,m stm,,,,v MoB,vnn „MOase(l
tended to the 13th duy ol Novembor, | jnteHtutc
K<                   .,    AUMo'i'in.v,' '    Every person Indobted to the   said
■'•  ''■  AKMBIKUHU, i deceased is required In iniike puviui'.u
Asst. Comm'r. forthwith to the undersigned.
 .___  ,   Every person having effects bolong-
' ing to the deceased is required forth
NOTIOB. with to notify the undersign'd.
"-- Every creditor or oilier person hav
I,  Hon W. Werden, ol   K.'i'i   Steele, , nig any eluim upon or interest  in the
Uritish ('..lum...  . Hotel Keeper, here distribution nf tho OBtnto nl tin said
by apply to tlm  Suporintcndtn      nf ilecoasoil     Is required to send befnie
Provlu inl   Poliee lor ii   renewal     ol tho 21st dn,y ol December, 1909, noxt,
my I.  'ii.'. to sell Intoxicating liquors hy registered  mull uddrosBCil  to  tho
under the provisions of tho SLu ntos , undersigned,   Ills    niimo und udtli'oss
in thut. bohalf, in ibe premises known uiul lhe full particulars of bis claim
ullil   ib'seriiieil  us  Iiie   linpeiiul   Hotel or      iuteresl, uiul ii stntettienl   ni Itbl
ut   i''i.it   Steele. jiceolint ntlil  the  niiflll'e of thc BCCUI'I
My    imsi    olllco    nililress    Is   Fort ty (If unv) held by luln.
Sleele. 11. ('. After the suid lust  mentioned dnl.'
TllO nutnos uiiil ndilresses     nf    the ■ .the   Administrator  will   proceed   wilh
owners or  tlie premises propose.!   to the distribution nf the eslntc htivlni
lie licenced uro "Nils HnnBon, Wasn, rognrd to those cbilins only nl which
H. I'.." uml "Robert L. 'I', tlnlhrnlth, he shull huve hud notlco.
Port Sleele, II. c." Dnted ul. Cranbrook tlu   I Gill duy
Dated   ibis   21,1 li   duv oi  Novombor, of Decembor, Pins.
1908. j.  ie.  ARMSTRONG,
M.  Roberts,
ltd lulling iilllr'
Preston Heard From Agnin,
truct   was    changed,      Ho observed     W, T. It. PreBton, governmentcont-
Ihut if the terms were loiiiiil too low missiouor in  Jnpnn, Iurmorly hugger
ii was. nl    course, proper     to make of the     mrichine in   Ontnrio, deslrci
inw ones, which slu.ws    tlml tlie lie moie publicity, mul    hns     written it
pnrtment in his   tlmo hud     nn utter long  letter in     ibe     Toronto   Mall
—"— disregard Inr contracts und roBponsi- ubout     himself      It contains     throe
Hy virtue ..I a writ of Fieri Facias  hUity,    There were various items ,,[ principul statements   laj that he wna
Issued mu ,,l the Supreme Court   of extras,   nml    altogether     1 Ij.lli.lay's never in fiivor ol election frauds mil
British Columblu in un notion whoro   hills   for the "King   'Edward" were corruption;    On     thut Lord   Strath
ol  llie Crow's Nest  Puss Coul Coin   180,400.     This ninoiint     wns paid in cona was „     party lo the North At
puny     is    plaintiff.nnd the Siillivnn  l»06. Inntic deal, ami usslsted to draft tho
Group Mm ng Company is dofendnnl * STRANGE STOUV. report  to government in favor of it;
1 liuve seized und taken iu execution     Th'io is no doubt   nbout this, but (ei Hint he wns not    dismissed from
j.ll  the right,  title and interest     oi  (lio witnesses contradict     eueli other thc  London  immigration,     but that
ibe sui.l     defendant, Siillivnn Oroup "" the question of the.rak'o.ofl.    Mr Mr.     Oliver   usked     him to   remuin
Mining Company     in Timber License  VtinFolson,  then   Quebec manager o' there.     Concerning, those   stntetnents
Number 32,711, situated uonr Murys   ""' Peoples Hunk of Halifax, udvun it mny be snid thut the lirst Isweak
ville, H.C.,'und describod ns common   ''"i' money     during 1904 to Hulll lay "I'd by cvidenei   iu tbe election c. n
clng nl. Initial imsi ninth eust cornei   Utos., und took, power of attorney to spirncy trials of     instructors in the
ol A. Uunks' pro-omptlon; thei 'ust  collect "their    uccount from the gov- gentle nit of ballot   switching.    Th'
luu eliuins; thenee south I2U ehuins t,,  H'nmont.     This ntcniint was n ,t paid second is llutly contrnilieted liy Lord
the hunk of SL. Mary's river; tlienee  ""' u -'.vcar.   mul   concerning   it    the Strathcona  himself,     who 1ms   posi
west for a distance of l.n eliuins lol    hull etcglves the following sensntion lively deelured tlmt he wus tirst uui
lowing the river bunk; tbenee north  nl Htory:-     -'   "      " '""l  "PI"'"'I to North'Atlantic con
in    ehuins:    thenco    wost 40 ehuins'      Uefnro the nccounts were paid, As- truct, thoiu h wlien     the dopnrtment
thenco north 80 chuins to the place ol    ,s'i"lt Accountant Boudrcau cntne-to
or-ruled  him he did whut he
Alsn nil the right, title nml interest w»" thero to settle the nccunt. but  contradicted  by     Mr. Olivers stute
,,f lhe  Siillivnn Croup  Mining Con, Ihut    before it     was   puld     he. unl  ment in parliament to the effect tlml
pans   in Timber  License 33,301    lies ''tilers, were to hnve something, Vmi Mr   Preston's   usefulness ns commis
cribed as follows'  initial poal  nnrth Eclson ut lirst pn,tested uguinil  thl Blonor "f immigration wn- gone when
.•iun corner of Albert Hunks pre'emii holdup,  ihen montlonod     $1,000 mil  be wus transferred   to     Sir Richard
inn, being lot 2377; tbenee west   oil' '-■ ■ wh,<* s"ms     *  rojoctod :,s Curtwright'B dopnrtmenl mnl sent  to
lull     mile;   thenee mn'tli one mile
belli usl     ine bull mile; thonoi
iniitii .ine mile.
Alnl     I  shall sell the sui.l Timber
In fu
:,s   Hi  II   so
New   linins
mil.    Boudrcau observing  thnt   Japan
h.msolf 'would gol nothine u on s     But Mr.  Preston bus n "pull" uiul
duo wns paid.      Thereupon *3.uuii will probnbiy get another promotion.
     „,.,        i   propoBCd    mul     accepted     Tho A New I.C.R. Policy
 uses     ui   public miction at   Hie bunk manager Informed   Halliduy nl     Oovcrnmont organs   In     Montreal,
■i.uri i SP |n |i„. c|ty ,,f Cranbroolt "'is demand,   nml    Hie latter, nttor Toronto!    'itraivn .uui st   John ure
II. C, mi Tuesduy   llie 29th t|ny     oi """"' Protest,   conclude^    to   pay u   foreshadowing ;.     new    Intercolonial
Decembor, puis, ut'tho hour oi eleven i-'iS'''"-' "'at Blnco    In- had been kepi   policy, by declaring Hint government
o'clock in the forenoon     Terms    of waiting n    year   for   bis     munoy be  mnmgemont   is ;i   failure,     -lusi   lie
sule; rush. would probably be   held up longci  u  lore Hie olection, govornmonl  orators
Dutcil ut Nelson, H. C    Nth dn\    f 'le n'fi|sed       "n bis uiithnruy   Van   were proclaiming Mr, Graham's mun
December, pins. o j,-.e|8on f|iew throb   cheques .,[ $1,000 agement ,i great     su'cci
s;   |,   T'.TCK ut''' "" "s m'"iy bunks, obtalno'lthc  government  ownership
Sheriff of Soutb Kootcnnv money, and gave   it in throo   pnrcola good a thing thul     Hi.
•'    ., Houili-enu     lor himself     mil  iw,,  wick   Novo   Bcotln  nnd Quebec elee
'lhe ubove   Bale is   p.istpnh:.! until    ssoclatcs. uuu were i ilsod thai  Hie govern
nesday,   Hie 12th ,,f Jnnunry, 1909,     VnnFolson's   Btatomonl   is   suppor   mont  would tali' ovoi  He   Intercolo
i the snmc place and tune. ,,,| |,y m,,.  Lawrence,     thon nccottn   ninl  brunches   nm!     Incrcnsc govern
S.  p. TUCK, nni  ut  the bunk, wh,     swears Hun   menl     ownership by   making them .-
sheriff .,[ Smiih Knoirniy,    be niiinager rullcil Ills attention  i" pari "f Hu- government system
Hi.iiilieau nt Hie    morning visit, and     Now   Llinl    Hie   elections   nn   ovei
e wiw  Hi.iidi'i'iui tbeie in llie nfter   lhe     govcrt nt    Instead ,,t   buylni
NOTIOB. inon, honrd VnnFolsoh     sny he wm lhe brunches   is talking nl selling ihe
" going ..ut f.u    money   mul   saw bun mnin lino,
i   .  ., .. .     ... , ,n his return wilh lurge lulls, which
i, Mi-, iinnson,    m    Wnsn, Bniish    „ ,.|„,...,.,| .11....i
,'..,,...,. 1 .     1 , .... .,       .. ...   I, II" W 111    IIII    . I . i .III. I JI 111
i olumbla, hereby upply m Hie Super
inteiiileni ,,[ Provincial Polico (nr n
Lrunsfer from myself tn Hen w. Ver
'It'll nf my retail lieeuee In sell liitux
Icutlng lliiuius, undor the pr,,visions
"1 Hie Stlltlltcs in tlml liebnll, in the
lU'omlscB known mnl described us ihe
Imperial Hotel al  "foil  Steele,
Till   ubove  lieenie  is valid until  the
Hut ilny nl Iiei ber, 1908,
Tile   linine:;      uud       addresses  of   Hie
.ui np
iy   Central Rnllwny
i illlriul Administrator.   I'i
Boudrcau  himsoll    awonrs Uml   he
nl  nni   get   Hie     iliniii-y,  uud   hnd  ii ,
uch conversation with VanKelson
mul Hint  the statements of H tin
ger und nccniintunl nro dntlroly
fulse. Ilnlll'liiy. n seem., hn., ,,
curiously vngllC lee,,Meet ion ,,l his
negidiiil li'lls    with    the      g.iveinnif ill
nd lhe tlnnnelul Iriiiisuctl.di. goner
||y He   il.ie.J   IM,1       lei'iill   Hie   eon
  ,       vorsatlon with   Bottdroati,     mul con*
;;: lue,,::,,1!, '^rrt: '-*{"« ^ • t ' y m to ,,,r
H. C," and "Robert L. T. Onlbrnlth lll""l'T"" "'""","'	
Fort Steele, H. c." ' A  FORTUNATIS   YOUTH
linteil this 20th day     ,,i     November,     The scarcity "I   conscience     in tho   Dnteii December 5th, 1908.
1908 Murine   Dopnrtmenl   bus nfforded  un        Ifnrvey, MCCnrtcr & Mue,l,.nild.
NILS HANSON opportunity   lui    a     youth     ntnsml  :,n Solicitors lor Applicants
VII, ('.Imp
wnnl VII,
VII I -Iiiii,
l„, complotion ,.(
ullll   llllll'll.Iinellls,
.. l.e   I  Bdwurd
 sled   liv   :.   I'M
I.! uml   t  Rdwnrtl
n'cndlng tho tlmo
.Jiml    railway  us
..I Incorporation
nd   lol   "Hiei   put-
mXm Paste
THK   I'lJiiSl'K.t T'i|;    (JKANHiliM)K     13
.1AM   \K\
■ ■ 9 *•*-■*■  '*. ,«\»\'
,-» a******>**********9 9
urn   nuw    aimul   li
ul   III
Hi" OLD YEAR ami  w..| „" iln   NEW.
tll'lllB   llm  Oiillllllll   yimr   Wl' \\ i 11   I'Olinw
mil'   i'lTiii'1-    In    iiii'fil    Iiii
lilii'i'iilly   mm.nul.'.I   In   lis
Wiih THANKS  i  BEST WISHES  lo  all
Patrons   wo   saj    onco   i v
*tiU |U*0«pcctC
11   M  "i Brandon;
Were   ■in    I      u|    ||„.
SATUUDAY,   .1 VNUAliy, 2,   1'iui
Banana wentuei
N"iie iii I'l.iuidu equal i., u
lloponl   ii    "Shiloh's Cm,- will   i
I'nys  cure   my   coughs   j.ii.i   colds
Railways uro    wantod In   tins ,t
■lell I     \V .11.1 lift
I   I."ll 1.    tt."lues,Iji
oil tlioBc das    Uml  ii  l,."i'.-
down  Irom  I'erij   Creeli  Thursdii
et  NOW, not live
yours   henee
"  was In
Ki     ill      nit ., ij       ,      \,
ii    ^ "ii-  phyi i. em       un n      ihe nu i
"iiu  ii     in New    \ ,.ii,"    |i     i,ei   ni
i uu   .ii  i ,..ui,,.,..,.
i  i ii- •   nitmboi     ol  I ters
wero ul   I'attoli l.n lusi
Ihey    raporl   Uai •    nm,     nel    ,   le,y
pies   i  I   ,n,  n . I,
K    i   iiiii   ul  Moyl
111       He      vll in Iv    ,,1   I'r,hi
ill    Illli
I "      WH      I I  ni   .,
■    it Cranbtoo    VI. ndns
"i   ii     ii,:i i,,
. ii i,
■Ml'    IH        ,,l|,|      1,,,'UI
Burns   Bros.
Keid Block,Craubrook.
► t******* * *,***44
\   Sel old,  ol  .-twin  Currenl   wo        v  ''",''      i'1""1"1'  ul     ladies    h,.in
,,i  Hie I'l.iii    i'n, ..I , '"""   '" ""     '" ""I  '"'"' al ''inn
hln,is   this    «,','k   Ijil.un     ituch   ol   tho
.1   M   ste,,,iii   ,i   uinnlpoi   ■,.,   in   ,!"''■■'' Ul in In ihloui
town    I'liesd,"
III poal   II 'Mn...h .  i ure  will   al
A   K   Watt, "I     «.,,. iburi; wus |     '   ■         ' I   i mi '      iml    --m ■ '
tho cits Tuosdas
ll. peal   II  ,   ..Ml   .,1
K   J    Smvtti,    edttoi  ol  tbi   Moyb   **'**)        " '"   coughi     ind   colds."
t.eiid.'i   ..us in  town   Monday
t   'l.i ..It'll .'I   new   sell lees    ule ou
Chus   Mckay, j, Moyio mn u.   man    :":'   '"  '*-■'-"   outurlo und will lo
";.s in the city Wednosdas " ,:   ''■'"   Stoele  June
I'yiistuble  r   ,i    Routh     1     Moyb
wus iii town Sunduy   Insl I'he  iioi>|,te ol  Souttiousl   Kootenay
ne    Mil. Ui        ,'i  ji  es   I,,        llle   cltTk   III
Ml    ind M.s      K.   C   Smith lefl , n   tbe i    these    iluys uud  nights
Monday  last  ,,n ,, visil  i,. He   i.., -i    - ...
■Mrs   il      QrlBlth     '    n.j.u     . .,■ nvestnu ul    Co      huvo
was s      n ,. . isitoi   this "■-.        il ...   i,ne business
Mi Uui'ltlt'S      11 itlcdgc    .md
.'     l,v.m    .nin    H      !•'    Hestl;,     Ken     \[   i.
.a  fernie Mondaj  ,,ii !.,..jms,
'!"»'   Ill   lull   hlusl   jii    lhe
sterling   Stapl i   Wyclilti     ■    Cranbrook     link, and     memhors nre
Ul   tOWU   tills   Week , wl      |hl,        s,,,,,!,,,,,,,,-
llus   H.m'.mi   nl    Harvey,    \ II     ...,    K"me
sl   thi   Oranbr ok  Wednesduj i>   j     Johnson      left  on   Hie Koo
!■ lyci   ...si  week for   Ins ,,1,1 hi  nt
. at . 4 ,. an -,»-,.•
I'rk'iids   iimi   Customer;
II tippy    Now    Year.
• ••
■i I
Cranbrook,   B.   C.
Ueilttie   all.:   .Isle:      ,|       \l    ..
A'ere Oranbrook  visitors  Tuesdas
Marlon     Bridge,    N.B.      He
.i.i.iy  [,,i  several weeks.
dwo   i-ues.isy cotitrnei  for thc   Steam   l-Ientltig mil
,,,.     ,::,n a    ,,    Plumbing of the C P II . freight sheds
Punctuality is i*-. a stepping
stum- to bucccsHi Tbe early bird
catches the worm, i.s un "I'i mux
im. mil. moBt true. If punctualitj
ir. nnt "in' nf your strong points,
why    not   iniiki'   it   80?
Tin- first unil must essential
thins i* ul ways tu have the eor
rect tiiin'. All i.ui' watches art
snld witli ii guarantee t,, keep
time      In Much Prices
Gent's 17 Jewel Raworth's Special,20year case,$12
Lady's 16     „ „ „      2b   „       „   $20
C.P.R. Watth Inspectors, Cranbrook, B.C.
*  business .,t  Moyie Wednesday
Tl e sn ■■■.    .-   here   it    ne lessltui
cleaning the sidewalks
F   u    Kelsa       ■ '.i uts uro u.e.
town Wednesday.
tin - Pinlay, ol  Marysville was
town Wednesday.
F   W   Peurs. u.     .,! Jalllaj
the city Wednesday
Tbe Prospectoi    extends   to nil i
renders u '.cry prosperous New   Ven
Repeal   it   "Shiloh's Cure will   i
ways   cure   my   coughs   nnd   «•«■ <i.
C    \   Coiskill, of Klmborloy wns
Nelson Thursday.
at  Pernie
i     Miiiiro, oi     Vancouver;      Geo.
Uruinunl ot Moyie,  A,  ■'.  Garde, ol
Selson, weie al Un- Cranhrook Mi ii
II.  Raker, nf Toronto; G, ii   Colo,
,.f Vancouver; nml V. Rodcrlc! ui
Phoenix were guests at the Cran
brook Monday.
c. I*'. Harris, uf Loth bridge; E
Dompsie, ul Spokune; uiil W, Hunter
of rft. John, N.H., were registered ul
iiir Cranbrook  Bunday Inst,
When you buy a stove, bo sure ihr
-ii.vc isn't, chonper than tin1 price,
McCI.ARY'S STOVES an' the best,
0 ir   prices an1     very  low,   Pntmore
* A    li   Trite-,.       W    W. Woods, unl      several  new  ir
4   M   Miller uf Kernie were in the City   -mUt  ,n Cranbn
♦ Monday,
houses have been
k    this winter,    We
predict  everything "cool" nexl  sum
l„  E   Gusklll, of   Spokane, travel    lllL'' i,ml lotH of k'c erglim-
ling freight ageut   for the   Wisconsin      u    RuhbcI, 0f   Minneapolis;    ti.  E
Central railway was in tuwn Monday   Henderson    of     Hull  Itiver;       ll. H.
,   .      ," ,„   ,,   ,, »,„„ lltissell, of Iteuuhllc, W,  M. Jarvis nt
Government Agent   1.  H. McMullen .,  , .. ,,   ,   „.,,.. „ , ■ „,h
,.                it      ii     i,               i. ed  Deer. ant   J,   Lavinl [|i i,etn
and barrister H.     Herchraer, ol Per
nic were ut Cranbrook Saturday lasl
bridge were
brook Tuesday.
eglstered at tbe ('ran*
a    -  i     x   ,   , 'l!iru   n'KK»; * " The Prospector stnfi were presented
I     i«i^^M^^™™ii^iMii«B«.^MW«Bii.BjJ     ♦  tertain ,     t,     g^tJobPook Cigar
9 9 this aftPrn*,on- box of tine cigflPB.    As the aroma of
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦      C   H     Skinner    and C     Powell of the rragmnt Havana    tills the ofllce,
Calgary     were   at     tbe    Crnnbrook ""' boys say:  "Heres to the Speeial
Sni'flpS'j j-
**' - V  . 'j- .1'"  '
*\Wm\\\\s **\\*mm
is^B^K^^^Hi^t'  "Ti
&£** -a*-'    i^W--*A-S
It." '"! i
G. It. iiagniill, of Nelson; W. It.
Shnrpe of Spokane were registered at
the Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mrs. Campbell, of Calgary; aud
Mrs. J. Gibbons, of Vahk, were
Cranbrook   visitors  Tuesdny.
Mid Extra" thoy ure the best and the
1 est. are none too K"«,(i for us.
Repeat   it   "Shiloh's Cure will   nlwnys   cure   my   coughs   nnd   colds."
Mining Nates
Tlio lown   of Klko is 'sitimteil at the   crosstne, of   Klk lllvor   and the
I'lieie is ureut nctlvlty in tho Plat-    Crow's Nesl. Railway, nlso the pulnL where the   (ireiit Northern ltnilwny
0. K. Henderson,     president of the   ,   ",""'" B"- :".;"' "V"",,,'"",       " '  	
Hull  Hiver Powor 4 Minim; Co., wns   !!,'',"l„v,.l!l,l'_y' V,   .!.  ...C. „.,!!.n,   ,°.    erossos the   Crow's   Nest   bronjh oil tho O.P.R
in town Tuesilny.
Tbe country     surrounding  Klko Ul one of extreme bcmity.     The grassy
Hydraulic   Mining.
I'li,eel    Milllll.'   oll   Willi   Horse   l'l',',' Tills  property is   ,.w I   bj    llle   lu
,'ietu lb,bl  Mines.   I.iiiiite.l.  ol  London,   Knelnn.l
Wild Horse Creek hns been .i constant  prodiicei    ,,f the    yellow     metal
lince Iiiii
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
tbo Corbin syndicate arc rapidly be
ine   dovelopod.     The     company are 	
P.Lund   manager   of    tho   Crows  shipping   considerable coal, most ol benrh Innds arc dotted with graceful, pines,     rhe absence ol undorgrowth
Nest I'nss   Lumber Co.,     wns In th"   which is consigned to   points in the permits un uninterrupted view in every direction   and through the groves
City Tuesdny. ''tilted States, „| |,(|1(,s cun |,c SOen the grand peuks of thc Hocky Molintnlns.
L. B. RainsfortiTof     fcinie;   unl      Boring for oil in the Kbithead bus The Hlk; River Hows through the town, and Is   well known   as one of
W. S. Mills of Qatowny ivfe In town   been     pushed     during     tlie   summer the best Dslling rivers in British Columbin,     nnd    the lovers   of the rod
Tuesdny months, but owing to     the Immtnse wm u„j tlie best ,,l sport it thoy visit Klko in July.    August   and  Sept-
—— snowfall and the extreme cold weath ,.nl| lM.
[NO STOTBS.^VTTnd   l" "ornMn-   "'' J|""'"""nS """ '"'"" aus|"'"^'1 T|„. Klk Hiver lulls, „. ibis point will in time   become very   valuable,
eeil     Patmore" Bros. "   is expected     Hint   the   Bulllvnn oleetrlc power can be generated at these (alls und distributed to the mines
eron,i    Mining Coinpuny   will bo re ,  t w|ls ,    ,h(1 sun,0undlug district   and Klk,, with its ivondoiful water
We   bundle   Mel'I.AHY'S    STUVRS,   lormod  nl   llle     nexl    meet ng ol tb ■ ....  ,, ,  ,.
nothing el p but ibe     price.    I'm    shareholders and   operations   nt tbo     l'""''1' *""iibl b° '"   '"" <"■*"' mtureon. of the inaniifaoturlng coulros ol
more lies none     uiul     smelter   resumed nt un British Columblu
Repent  il    "rlbiiob's Cure wnl   ul ~" Nova Bcotln bus    bail lo yield tbe
wnys   euro   in)   coughs  and   inliii '      'i'i 1,1    reliable North Slur Mino, Wheie   We   Stand palm to British Columbia ns tho ban
under tbe mnnngomenl ,,f N, McLci d ner llsh-prodiiclng province ol tho Dm
ir stove customers     ure our besl   curran, is looking better t li it ii il bu
a  advertisers    They feel indebted t
9  fui  their satisfaction   Patmoro It
un" fur a long time.
Lunch Counter
Slaght & Brogan, Prop's
Meals   At   All   Hours,   Day   and   Night
We Serve The   Best Tbe MarKet
Can  Produce
GIVE   US   A   TRIflL
in   Cranbrook
♦ Huve   Griffith, tbe     old time plncor        „ tmsr  	
♦ miner ol W'ild llorse creek spent see rr^-,1., 77*7777.-r\.t2-.-,-.., ,
♦ ernl buys in  Crnnbrook   this week. ] /v''pi ',' ' •     '', I".'•' if. i'li7''*'-\i
t —— I ''-••:}?• '■■ *'v/ ■-jrri-'y&t^si
** N    llunson,  ol     Wasn   wus t.ninsiie ' 7 )--: JyX- ,'C ^.r~ ■■'.'—/i-'nti't
J tine business at Crunbrook Saturdij ( Cl f 7--z\&Anmt^'i''''^)y
Mr.    and    Mrs.   Prod.     Blnm, ro of
Fort Steele were Oranbrook vi itoro
\    li   Fonwlck, nf Fort, Steele wns
transnctlnc    business     nt Cranbrook
Sherifl S.  f.     Tuck,   ,1  Nelson wns
in   f'runhrnoki  tbi,;    week      oil   Milieu,-
Iv    .1.  Holicrls, ol     Spokune;   nnd
T     I'rellt 1    Ferine    well'   ,'lle  ts ll'
the  • i .-.nl. 1   Tuesday.
Wlmt. n, tbe matter witli fhu"Owls'
ue  liuve    not      IiiiiiiI   lli'iii   lloo lloo
Tbe      talk   ill     the      illllli lei   Is    tbe
early   construction ol   tbe Kooten'iy
Central Railway
Mi    uinl   Mrs      II    i ilillnml:.  ,,l   Fer
  wen- Crnnbrook    visitors Wednes
iii i iiii iii.      In    uiie year     uver t hit y
hrltlsh Colilii.bla'8 |ius,dhillties ure throo per cent, of the   total yield of
Immense,     li  is the liu-Kcut provin:e ''aimdinn flshorios   wns    contrihutnd
in ilie Dominion, and ims un area ap ''J' tlio Pnclflo Provineo,
proximately     estimated    ut  305,610 ._	
HijiUit'u miles.    Meinn tin     wntorshsd ;      ...  .               _
nf tho North paciiic siopo, nearly an Mining in  Perry iiee;\
the ureut  rivers Hawing Into tho l'n  n...
rifle oeenn nro crhdlod within Its bor wu, ,„„, „ ,,,,,„ s          Mu,
ib'l's,    uml    form      nntuinl    lilenns of ..,,-.
transportation, I   Qus. Theis   and    Wm.   Crnlg, who
Its trade per capita of the popula- have been    placer iiiitiiii';     ,,n l'erry
Hon is tbe largest in Ibe world, und Crock, were in town Thursday. They
ibis is eusily   understood    wben    its liuve installed a large water wheel to
wonderfully rich and varied it-sources run tbe pumps while sinking a shaft
.■ire remembered,     'lhe    mimjral pro to bed-rock.      A comfortable     thaft
,lection of   llriiisli Columbin for tni bus been completed, and siniing will
vuir alone   was lill.S   per cent ol tbe commence week,
total output   of tbe   il,.mini,m.    lie It is rcportid     thai   urrnngomontu
posits of gold,     silver,    copper, and have been completed     liy tbe UliTtols
iron ore hnve been found nil over tho Steel     Company,   to   pul  in     n ten
province, nnd il. is sniil ihal Ibe coul stamp mill   on   tbe   Columbln     unit
measures nre sufficiently Inrge to sup- llomestond property, us enrly in the
ply tbe markets of Ihe world Ioi con spring ns il. in possible to trnisport
furies to come. it from ibe rulhvny I,, l'erry Creek.
Tlie Un, ■ wonlth    is  ml   anlv A m'K"n     ''•»*<!, ii*   miles in length
lo ilmt ol Ibe mineral, nnd tlie saw 1VI" ho constructed.
mills mul   logging plants everywhere It looks ns    if mii, n ,   on     Perry
show Ibut ciipilalisls    nro liei'.innini' i;r|,|l; will be pushed     lo n large ex-
t,, develop tbe lumber Industry of tho l"" during lho comlne yenr. lllll'J.
provineo.     'Ibe sliim.lc mills, planing
mills, siisb,   dour nud box   fnctorlos r       cQi0
not only supply Ibe   homo    domnnil, **'*   «al°
Iml jilso tlml ii     I'ondy niui-kel in the —„---
'Mil':  I'llnSI'KCTiili  iu ibe pion    ensl      nver   eleven per     rant ol tho Cottage   nenr   school,   live rooms,
newspaper ,,l  Soiitbeasl      Kootonay.   lorosl  wonltli     ol Onnudit In     In bo lu gnnd lepulr,   nice locution, water
II   i.,  up to dale  in every    pnilieiibii.   loiind In Ib'il Isb Collllllbiu, unil il bus ""d    cesspool,        cornel'     lot,     good
♦ Ml    uiil     Mrs   II      Hiiibeiioiil, ,,i   unil  is   eoiislnnlly dovotlng space In  ibe largest  commorclnl     timber men 'enee, flirnlslied or   not lo   suit   Ibe
* Meilleiil l.uke   were registered nl  llie [tbe upbuilding of Hie Ornnbrook Dis-loll the whole of the Norili   '.inei'inn convenience ,,i  puichnsor,     Apply lo
Prospector Sii*':
i'iiiiii I;  Wednesday.
111 let.
mi the
.1.   J"    DICKSON


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