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The Prospector Oct 26, 1907

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Array a'. '• .
■5»" ,   1     inrt7 *
<v->  NOV *--mi       /
Vol. I.'i.
No. 4.'>.
Minors ami Kino Owners Meet on
Thursday to T It: Over Matters,
Tllf tallili ' 'I evidence liy llie
iirliiti'iitiiui li ni i wus begun I llis
morning ut lo o'clock Allot'
holding two se.-.nijs us u  iiiuiril
of eiilli'illiilliiili il '.v.i- I* "ll'iil thul
till llillii'lllile mljiisliui.'lll of iliiTel -
I'llees einilil mil lie ie it'lleil, se
lliere is ni. H-.i.V unl 'i' il HOW nul
to wiiile through nil Uie evideitee
nnd sill ll in ' in ihe ii'iitinn.
Lasl mgiii II   li.iikeil as though
matters would he paiehed up in
day, Imi tlii'se hopes weie shut
tered ul I he morning session.
The urliiirniiiiii hoard consists
of Judge Wilson, chitiriutiii; .1 A.
Harvey of Onubrooli nml s S,
Taylor of Nelson. The nun
pany's inleresls ure lining looked titter h\ (leiiei'iil Mannger Vi.
II. Aldi'iilge, K. II. Stewart,
siipi'i'iuti'iiilnnt, Jiilius Luhrulln',
suptiriiilcnduiit of the Smeller nl
Trail, and \V. P. White, superin
tenilanl of llie St Eugene mine.
S. G. Hluyloek. of the Hall mines
smelter, is also here to give evidence on ihe company's side
The millers' side is represented
by Thos. K Kelly, Jus. Rohorts,
Ernest Mills uml John Taylor.
About Dn muckers, who nre
now gelling "Jll.25 are asking for
an increase lo SU}.!)!!; nil surface
men are asking for an increase
of 111 per cent: engineers want an
increase of 50 cents u day. and
mi 11 men ivniii n raise from i?8.7f)
tolji4.no ii iluv. Tliis is practically the scale being paid in
Phoenix, and iliis is what Ihe
employes of the company nre
contending lor.
Tlie meetings  are  heing  held
in McGregor hall, and arc open
'to the public,      So far   evor,\
available soul is occupied during
tlie sessions.
Today evidence is being taken
as to the cosl ol provisions,board,
fuel, house rent, etc., in Moyie.
An adjournment will he taken
this evening until nexl Thursday
board have oilier pressing en
gugements between now nnd that
dute.—Movie Leader,
B.litoria! Comment.
Several Liberal 'organs in
Kooteuuy including our local
contemporary, ure kindly dis
trussing themselves in offering
assistance to tlie Conservatives
of (lie riding in choosing ii candidate for llie next Dominion election. On behalf of ilie Conservatives we express gralvfiii
appreciation but bet; in assure
our Liberul friends Ihul Koole
nay Conservatives have num.'
good men available, could in fuel
wilhoul unv ill Ihc.lll Iy Ihul seven
representatives Infinitely su
parlor to llritish Columbia's pre
senl nlllielion. und liml in due
time a choice will be mado wiih
out Iroulili ig Li tn rub. for further
advice. Evidently our Liberal
friends ure lo liuve no choice ul
all. The present member for
lhe Koolenny appears to have
decided lo succeed himself us
Li lie nil eatal Uln lo Nelson t'una
A Small Company Witli a Big Full
Sunn' exceedingly Interesting rend
IliK Is furnished liy tlio roport nl lln'
Public Accounts committee which
succeeded lust sosston in uncovering
u long list nf shady transactions tn
wnich tlto Liberal Govornmonl wns
tlli'octly nr imliri'i'tly ii party.
nni' nl thoso wus wlinl is known ns
llio Billi-tnt'gol contract. A com
puny wus 'it'niinizi'il with only $1,111111
in- ss,uuu ot imlil up capital, hut nn
unlimited iiiuiiiint ut gull nnd wator
od stock, This wntered sturli, tn
tho extent nl hull u million dollars'
worth, wns distributed In blocks nf
$111,111111 tn $11111,111111, 1'inii among various ultli'inis. military oflicors uml
politicians, tiiio nf tlio largest hold
ers uf tho st.iii-li is 11 prominent politician in Sir Frodorlck Gordon's con-
tly the UBiial manipulation the com
puny socui'od n contract from the
Militia llopui'tiiient fur 2,000 sub-
turget machines ut. "2iiu cnoli. The
company farmed nut the jnti tn u
lactory in Shorbrooke, which supplies tho material does the work nml
delivers tin u'ihuIk fnr $04 each. This
allows a iieut profit fur tlie grafting
company uf $186 mi oach machine
Making a liberal allowance fur th
oust nf llu1 patent right, it, being un
American invent inn, this company "f
l.lhorul politicians uml Libornl puh
lie nllli'iiils sl mills to iiuiko n prolll
nl ut, leusl $11111,01111, wllhoitt Invest
ing anything moro Hum the oust, nf
organising mul getting 11 chnrtor.
Wlllit nil' ive tu think uf 11 govortl
uu'iit which lends itself tn Biich linre
faced griiftlugV And what ure wo tu
lliink nf 11 premier wim prides him
.self mi his personal honesty mnl yot
alluws his colleagues uml follower*
tu dip their bands Into tho pimple's
treasury und enrich themselves in
this wholesale way ut llio oxponse uf
tlie taxpayer?
Hut this is mil nil. When llie
contract wus ontorod lulu it wus
stipulated,   an putt   ul tin'   (.even!
nii'llt policy, thul llu' iii.'irhilies wol'O
to ho mado in Canada, like Hie no-
uu'totis Kn.-s iillo. lho uli'u boing tn
mii' C'uiuulii 11 suit nl military indo
poadenoe.      Bul it   wns found   thai
: in  nulls i,f  the  instl'ltnii'tlts einilil
lie Imported from llio United States
cheaper than tiny could ho mado In
Clanada. Tho company wus nut sut
isliiil with the profits it stiiuil tu
inuiie. enormous though ihey won',
bo it uiul tu tin- Department mul
u.I.ml permission to Import tin- pnrl
in question, mul ilir Department con
These facts wore olicltcd liy the
Conservatives in tho Public Account
committee lust session,tho wttnossos
being   miili'i' until
it is transactions like this which
mo disgracing    constitutional    guv
■nun.-nt.  oiiusing t'litiuilii   tu Ins 10
1 livo ui'i'l. Anil yot n servile nuij
1,1 ity iii Pai'llaiuont continuos tu
whltewusli iim culprits nl llm hid
ding ul llm Premier nmi llio unly iry
nf iim i.iiii'inl party orgtins is
"Scandal Mongol'."
"Ilill," Tcnipleman, ims doclaroil
iluit 'hotter tonus is dead fur tho
next ton years.' Vesl Wo ull know
lluit iio did his host tu kill it; lint it
will nut. ho dead us long ns Mr. Mc
Brldo is in public life.
The question fnr the peuplc uf
British Columbia tu solve, "is tho
Dominion Government in collusion
witli the Grand Trunk Pacific " tu
iimiii  this province with  Japs.
'I'lu' policy nf tho Conservative
party in tliis province is fur a.White
llritish  Columbia.
"Big Hilt" Galliher duos nut un-
ticipnte on election before the lute
full iif next year — but his advice
tn his party friends is tn got ready
lor tlm fray.
ll. s. Lepnle, president nf the Nelson Conservative Association, nnil
A. !•'.. Watts wore in Cranbrook
Thursday mul loft uu tho oust bound
trtitn I'm' Ottawa. Thoy will join Mr
Borden nnd his party ut Moosejaw.
it is siiiil thnt .McKouzie nnd Mann
liui'i' refused u ensh offer ul* $76,000-
000 fur the Cnnndinn Northern Knil-
Signs continue tu multiply that
the Mother Country is waking up tu
tlio possibilities uf Canadn us a field
for British enterprise.
A hint dropped by K;ul Grey,during .1 speech ut the Upper 1 anadian
College, in Toronto, the other duy,
is Interpreted ns there being u pos-
uliilily thut. the King nnd tjtieon
might visit ('uiiiidn next year.
What is wanted in Cranbrook is
iilmiit twenty-five, four to eight
room houses, Daily wo have people culling iiiinn 11s wim desire tu
unit ;i house hut can't. Result thoy
go te another town tn live.
it. looks ns if tho sheet-anchor uf
iho Dreadnaught has fallen on thoso
folders which the Cranbrook One
Hundred Club were tu have iti oircu-
liitinn lust summer,
Visitors Hew anil There   People
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Uo Away.
It is nniuiinii'i'il tlmt Japan ill-
telllls te stiinii 1111 lii'i' treaty rights
in tlio matter uf immigration.
Japan will insist un sending her
coolies to this provineo, nu matter
what British Coiumbin thinks about
it, und the Laurier government will
nut listeu to uny complaints coming
from tlie people ul this provineo.
'i'lm Japnncse government hud a
perfect right to ninke u tronty with
England ur Canada, but wns sir
Wilfrid Laurier nml his government
right in making n treaty that wus
ilolriini'iiiiil  lu llritish  Columbia?
Lemieux in Japan.
Ottawa, tint., (lei. 25. —Accompanied liy Mucin 1110 Leinieiix nnd
II secretary, lion Rudolphe
Lemii'iix will sail for.lapnii Monday from Vancouver, ranking the
voyage mi tlie Canadian Paelllc
nuiii siouinor Empress of China.
The minister will carry with imu
credentials from the foreign
ollice to ilie Tokio government.
The plan of sending nn associate
commissioner with Mr Leinieiix
to eondiici uu investigation nf
the mysiery surrounding the
lurge movement of Japanese
laborers into llriiisli Columbia
bus been abandoned, li is believed ihul such 1111 investigation
could serve no particular purpose
us ilie invasion is now apparently
III III! I'llll
Passed Another M'le Slone.
Washington, Oct. 20, Con
grnlulntory telegrams nud entile
grams aro beginning lo arrive ul
llie While House today from ull
parlsof the world, iu anticipation
nl ihe Ifllh birthday tomorrow of
president Roosevelt-, Kings,
queens, uiul emperors, iiiiiluis-
sadors antl (liplomut.os, govern
ineiil oliieiiils uiul governors nf
siuies, ami hu ml reds of private
■ itzens nre joining in lhe Hood
of well wishes. Tlie president
will spend lhe iluv quietly,
attending church witli his family
US USlllll,  1 they   will   he  lillie
beyond ihe customary Sunday
routine In indicate that the chief
CM'en tive of llie uu lit in has roach
ed another milestone iu Ills
strenuous life.
eglstoroilV    11   not   why
ul   Swillisi'ii wns   ill   llie
Win    I'llllill,   uf   Pint   Steolo   wjis   in
• 'riintii'nuk Wednesday mi business,
lltiltN nt Craubrook, Oetobor ii.'
I.. Mr   jiml  Mrs. 'r.  Colo,   11  sun.
Itomomlior tho placo iu ed Homo
Mnilo Oiuuly, fresh dully "Tlio Palm'
Goo, l.iiiirio ni* Croston wus ul
Cratlbl'iiok  Tuesday  un  business,
Mrs. .1. Lennux uiul children uf
Wycliilo were ul   the  Itoyul   Monday.
Mr. nml Mrs. W. Gibson iif Solniy
lor, Neb. were guests at tlio Royal
11. E. Knight uf Medicine Hnl.
uml T. W. Sheldon nf Roxford, Mont
were guests ut tlie  Itoyul Tuesduy.
.1. M. Pollard uf Spokane, und C.
It. Sawyer uf Winnipeg were at the
Royal  Friday.
Mrs. Logan und her sister arrived
'.his week from Scotland. They will
reside at Cranbrook.
Mrs. Homer und Miss Smith uf
Moyie ivcre Cranbrook visitors Wednesday.
tin yuu wish tu vote ut the next
municipal election? If su, lie sure
mul register beforo October 31st.
J. Neil, mnl .1. Galbraith oi Watts
burg were in the oily Wednesday on
(1. Dedolpb,manager uf tbo Mary's
ville smelter wus in the city Wednesday.
O. W. Christie, A. 1.1. Ainslie unil
G. Dobson uf Calgary wore nt the
Cranbrook Wednesday.
Mayor James Pinlay, returned
Wednesday from a business trip tu
West Kootenay.
Mr. uml Mrs. A, W. Nowso'n of
Hamilton were Cranbrook visitors
this  week.
.1. I'. Miicfnl'lnnc, nnil .1. A. Pitts
nf Montreal, mid P. L. Hunzer nf
H.uniltun ...il guests at the Cran
brook Tuesduy.
Kipling's    theory    uf   keeping out
the   yellows   by   bringing   in Hie
whites    is    not  stut'tlingly   new, but
it. is uunil souse.
Clarence   Loaslcy   uf Sirdar, who
has   been visiting nt tbe const, was
nt    Cranbrook Tuesday on   his wuy
O. F. Sutherland of Toronto, P.
McPherson uf Winnipeg, nml It, H.
McCoy of Bonners Ferry were ut the
Crnobrook  Wed nosdny.
(1. I-l. Dougherty nf Fredrlcton, N.
il.. A. .1. Maedonald uf Sirdar, mul
\. 'I'. Crowley nf Mnrysville wore
guests at the Royal Wednesday.
Mrs. E. tl. Smith unit daughter uf
St. Mary's Prairie, who hnve lieen ut
ihe cnust for several weeks were iu
1 Iranbrook  Wednesday.
I,. M. Smith of Waldo was in llie
city Tuesday. Mr. Smith hus just
returnod irom tlio fnnuuis Cobalt
district. He suys lluit. Cranbrook
district is good enough for htm.
.1. ll. Lnngley iif Spokane, M.
Ross nt Toronto, ('. A. Muo-
ilutinlil nf Fernie. II. Sinclair, E. W.
'tuliei'ts and S. (tonost. uf Winnipeg
wei'C nt  the Cranbrook   Monday.
W. ViillAlsdiilt'ii, uf Full Steele,
!■'.. II. Franklin nf Woodstock und
Mrs. 'I'. Raider und child of Moyie
wore gnosis nt the Cosmopolitan
Mr. nnd Mrs. i;. 11. Benjamin, of
Chicago, woro in town Wodtiosday.
They drove nver tu Fort Steele during till' nfti'l'llmui oni'Ollto fnr llllll
A. Mutt!, president, of the Fornie-
'''oi't Steele lb-owing Company, und
'). S, FriMOll, liuukkoopoi' fur the
same company wore transacting Imsi
ness nt Oraabrook  Wodnesdny,
it. S. Williams, .1. s. Davis uml
'l. Fi'unkenliiire of Vancouver; H.t'.
I'orkins  und c. c. Carie uf   Prlrice-
1111, Me. nnd A. A. Wind of Mnrysville wore registered ut the Oranbrook Tuesduy,
"Snl" Edwards had nn arm broken, en Siimliiy evening Inst, by his
t'lini running uwuy. Wnlter I.uiiu,
•vns holding the horses, nml
Edwards out his (cot caught iu
•1 robe, as lie jumped when the
horses boenmo frightened nnd  bolted.
W. W. McVittie, Dominion mul
Provincial Lund Surveyor, bus opon
•d offices in the McGregor Block,
Victoria, wlioro ho will pursue liis
nriifossiunul work nnd in addition
will ilenl In timlier und coal lunds,
Mr. McVittie wns nne uf the pioneer
surveyors of the Kootonay, nnd hns
'mil ii   IiiiiiiI  in ninny    uf tin'   enter
•nines    which    havo  I n    developed
thero during the Innl  llflcen yours.
The Moyio Louder is nil' ly begin
A. Leitch, .1. I', Pink mul V.
Ilyile Baker were hunting in
Albertn this week.
Barristers J. A Harvey nmi
11 11. Thompson were attending
court ui Kernie Tuesday.
Vouenn gel yoii.i'Thanksglving
dinner noxl Wednesday in ihe
parlor of ihe Methodisl liliurch.
'I'   'I'.    McVittie.    I'     I,     S    i.l
Porl  Sieele wns iii   Crnnbrooli
Mrs   II.   ft, 'V nl Sheep crook
wus a Cranbroolt  ' isilor Thursday.
Mr. mul Mrs 11 Atkinson of
Moyie wvro visiting friends in
I'ruiilii'oiili Cr'nl.iv.
POR SAI.K   cook stove,  il
ur wood.     Apply io "\" this
Mrs. I). A. Kimptou of Windermere is 11 ju'tiesi of Mr, mnl
Mrs. Snnili this weok iti the Cosmopolitan,
I'. Jenson of Wasa, a timber
cruiser, and Mrs. (I. Leunn of
Si. Jolin, were guests nt lhe
('ran brook Friday.
Mr and Mi's. L. li. VnnDcear
jtri'ived in Cranbrook Wednesduy
evening. They will lie in lown for
several days.
R.   i\    Walker   of Lacombe,
Aim., wns u guesi ut the residence of Mr uud -Mrs. Neilson
lhis week.
Dr. .1. II. Coffin of Marysville,
A. Braid of High river. A M.
Jarvis of London, uiul .1. Ryan
of Wardner were registered ul
ibe Cranbrook Priday.
S. ,1 Mighlon wlio has linen
ill for llie pnsl two weeks, is
now on llie ro ul to recovery.
Mr. Mighton is thinking of visiting the coast in search of health.
Mr. nud Mrs. P. Woods of
Cherry creek were in Um city
Thursday. Mi's. Woods lell on
llie afternoon train on nn ex
tended visit to points in llie
eastern Suites.
I. A. Ciillispie, of 1'. Burns, &
Co. was at Cherry ereek Thurs
day. Mr. Gillispin was inspect
ing the cuttle nl the Mather
ranch wilh a view of purchasing
Ilieui for lhe firm.
The explosion of 11 spirit lamp
was the cause of it smnll blazi! ni
ihe residence of W. II.
Wilson. Mr. Wilson luul a
strenuous time putting onl
the fire without calling upon tlie
Pire Brigade ror assistance,
W. I'. While, siiperiuieiuiiint
of the St, Eugene mine was'in
Uie city during tlie early purl of
this week. Mr. White r. ferred
to uu article in the lust issue of
lhe Herald, under ihe caption of
"Wns in llie .luinieson raid," and
said "That lie was wounded in
said raid, hut not iu tlie buck, as
staled by tlie Herald. That he
was mil iu the habit of turning
liis back lo friend or foe, and
mil even to the Herald."
Two Nominations.
Halifax,  net,   24.—Tho Con
servulives of   I'ietiili,   \.   S.   ill
convention at Westville today
nominated sir Chas llibbej'l
Tupper for the commons,
Walkerlon.    del.    24.     I.'     ft,
Trniix was nominated fm' the
Ontario legislature today by ihe
Soiiili Bruce libernls.
Municipal Voters' List.
Happy Prank (lets Swift Justice
For Dastardly Crime Won't.'fry
li   Again In This Life,
Special tu the Prospector,
Pernie, 11. ('., net. 25.
The ^I'ssien ,i tiie Supreme Court
luiil here un Tuesday und Wednes
dny iif this week wus presided over
by   Supreme  Courl   Judge  Murrison.
There were u numbor ot minor
cases dispesi'd ul imi interest cm
tered in iho erimiuat case ol the
Crown against Prank Sheriff, wim
wus I'iijiieod witli rapo. Barrister
1 A, Harvoy, K C, ul Cranbrook,
represented   tho    Crown,  uml    Slier
wood    : lor, Inn 1.   appoi I    f'ir  Uie
1 inly low witnossos woro examined
Inr Un- prosecution und ne evidence
 II wus presented liy the defense.
'I'lu- ili'fi'iiilmits attorney mado the
best lie i'lniiii ul his case hut tlto
jury brought in u verdict ■ i guilty,
nmi llis Worship pi'umptly sentenced
Hie prisoner tu ;i life term in the
penitentiary, The extreme penalty
fnr llie crime ul whicli lln- jury
found tile licensed  guilty  is dentil.
Tins onded 11 disc which brought
degradation nml deepest Borrow tu ti
tnmily and which if justice had noi
beon BWlftly und surely meted uui
tn tho offondor would have lell dis
honor und degradation to e whole
community . Tho sympathy nf ull
goes out tn the family which bus
been sn grievously wronged, nnd it
is hoped tlmt the lesson taught by
Hu1 upholders ef inw nnd decency
will lie everlasting in its Influence
tn keep others from repohting su
dastardly nn outrage upon inno
cenco mul youth,  in Kust   Kootonay,
cltAXiiliiitiK   PIRE  imit'K.
Tho   following  letter bus   been ro:
ceived at  this office.
Dear Sir:
As 11 shareholder in llie Cranbrook
Fire-Brick & Terra Cotta Company
you would doubtloBS like tu know
whal progress is being made ut, tlio
Company's plant. A kiln has been
constructed nut nf the common
brick already made, nnd aboul in,
nmi lire bricks liuve been moulded
nnd uro now being pluced in tlio kiln
together witli blocks mul shapes uf
ten different kinds, which uro those
necessary fur cuke ovon construction
This kiln, with ordinary luck should
be reudy tn open within tlie next
week, we will then be able to show
ynn tlii' quality nf uur refractory
material bricks nnd blocks, etc. Wire pleased to be able to inform ynn
thnt fresh subscribers are being obtained and nil doubt us tu the sue
cess uf this enterprise will Boon be
lispelled. The quality c! tho mater
inl fur pressed brick tins been proven beyond question, nml experts
who have visited the plant express
themselves us never having seen sucli
.111 excellent qunllty uf clay. We
hope tu have lire bricks nn exhihi
tion in town iu n very few days.
Vuiirs very truly,
Beale .<;  Elwoll.
'I'he second elocutionary Medal
contest wus bold Thursday evening
t the Baptist Church in (lie pros
nee uf u lurge mul Interested uu
[once. Tin' chairman presonted o
progrtltlimo in which Mrs. Keid, Miss
I'resl nml Mrs. Hooves contributed
un exeellenl purl.. Mrs Wnlliagoi'
und Mrs. Ityeknuin were the iieciun
punists to whom tlie tbunks uf the
I*. (*. T. 1*. is .Ino inr their mosl
noeoptable contribution to the even
Ings entertainment. Tlie six enn
testunts did splendidly but the sue-
cessful nin1 wus Miss McNeil tn
whom the modal wus presented liy
tho chairman. Ono ul the best und
must elevating entertainments given
in Crunbrook is the ono given by the
talented young indies wim possess
the laudable ambition to possess
tliis pretty medal.
I'. Jenson "f Wasa, bus made ull
the necessary arrangements fur iin
mediate work on the Golden chief
group uf mines, which uro situated
un the Skooktmi Chuck, work will be
cominoncod   next  week.
Hello - Fernie,
Connection wus made this
week, by Hie Cl'iililirook Tele
phone Company, und the Pernie
Telephone Company, ill Elko,
mul now business can !"• trans-
neletl liy "phono" between Ci'im-
brook uiul Pernie,
Mr .1 II. Wallace, edilor ol
ilie Pernie Proo l'ress. called
up ihe Prospeclor! Ilflco Wednes
tiny uiul had a shorl   lull;.     You
can't talk through youi" Imi. or
send 11 wireless message, hu: you
enn luili mi'i'  tl phono" uiul
suy "llelli," in Pernio
The Anti Oriental Agitation
lio'stuii Herald: Kipling's advice io Canadians lo discriminate
In favor of ilie race stock  which
ng In prophesy iinrnt  llie next'Fed 'let' nniiiiull.v.      Only   one   Week
Every citizen of Craubrooli,
iimii' or female, should lake en re
thul his nr Iu'i' linine is mi llm
volei's' lisl for the fin'tln'oiiiiiii!
municipal oloc.tions. Tlie qunll
Delations me simple: every I'.ril
isli subject,  male or I'cin ile. :'l
vein's uf ne'e, resident of llie eltv ,                                   . ..
'','"'   *" "h ,    , , , 1    lirsl  sell  l'l    lie d llllll Will ell
wlio owns or represents per Ill I""** <**■""      ,,...,.,
p,.0|,n,'|.'   or    licence,   in*   wlio courage the Hriln.li Columbians
puysn 111 in 1 n 11 in of i?L'to I lu" ii I wim are lighting llguilisl   A.sin lie
clpiilifv mini ally, foi* roud  lux. h 'ulitin.   The actual. If not
dog lax or a. .vi.lherpiirp.se.  is     , , ,.„„,,,„„ ,,,•,| „,
""i"  •>"•■•["■ ,' sl""!M '","!,,,,,, |S , ,1 mi  inuii ilim
bo forgotten ihal thoso who vole I"11
not as property or license owners Hi it s    urn    large    '"    Ids
bill, as householders inusl   regis | vocabulary I politics
.rni   election,     II  mil-lit  be fii.rlh.
'uuu  the  murk:
" 'I'lic noxl  Conservative candidate
im   Hie    1 uu,,11  House from    this
riding   will either   lie   W.   A.    Mu.'ilun
nld ..I Nolson er A. IJ. Watts nl
Wattsliut-g. Hither nne enn bent
Uulllhor iu   Hall I" u  slnndutlll.."
Lumber Indust y
„„.,   from   Ottnwn is 1 |    'l'h"   lumber    lidustry  of  Hn
\   mi
,,|li,cl    Uml   u
U 11 I'"'
ber 28111.
 11   decided   to ('i'linin I;  ilislrii'l   Is  iissi ut
.■nl      Im  Novum 1. ,
I large     proportions       U)ggiii|,
operations is .., 1111/ or quite to 11
■Ullll  still,    nwil g   to    the    llll'gi
niiioiiiii uf lumber mi hand, mu!
ihe largo number ol logs nlrond.i
'■ui li looks us if the coming
year wil! lie one nf expansion
uiul ihal logging opei'iilions wil
he resumed nboul the lii-si nl' Uu
year. Several new mills an
heine inslnlled, getting ready I'm
Un spring trade The territorial
mitrkel is in good shape, innl lhe
supply :s equal to ihe demand
A large nuiiiiier of men are en
gaged in getting oul ties, ihen
being ;, e mstniil antl heavy de
linillil in Uiul line
Borden ,.t Brand in
Brandon, i.ei.   ■_"_'    .\   L-i-	
crowd greeted 1; I, Hordou hen
loiii.L'lii in ihe big i-it>I . which
was   cold   ami   uncoinfortablo
Wilh  llllll  were  llllll    |;    I'     Rob
liii, linn, 1,'i.iu. Rogers, Dr. .1.1).
Reid. M.I' . .1. ti. II. Bergeron,
M.I'.. Iimi. .1. II Agnew, Hon.
S. Vi, Mclnnis, mnl Dr. Roche,
M.I'..   Borden's nililiv.ss on  tin
Issues of   tile   ilny   wns   well    re
Pound In Elk River.
Michel, thi z-j. The body ol
Walter Dyrkread, ihe young
lumber jack win. wns drowned in
Elk- river on -Inly Snd Inst, hns
been found about six miles abovo
ibis place, in a badly decomposed
state. The deceased wus engaged 011 u Imi' drive lor Un
Spurwooil Liiinlinri'innpiitiy. No
one wus present wlien he was
drowned, mul though tlie river
wus tl rugged I'm' days no trace
wus found of him until Ins body
wus discovered.
Tin- box uf Oranbrook fruit tu
i'Iiieii reference was made iu u simrt
paragraph yesterday is much inure
interesting than we though! ul the
tune, ns Captain Tatlow, .Minister
nf. IClnanoo nnd Agriculture, bus
pointed nut lu lus much quoted
report nn British Columbia, Iir.
Cleurgo Iiiiwsuu lixes tin- ascertained
limit ni elevation nl which agricul
lure enn be carried un in this prov
nice nt :i,nun feel above sou level,
although he cites one ur two Install
COS in whicli i-< rliiin crops hud been
successfully grown nt higher uili
littles, uud expresses lho opinion tlml
the .suggested limit mny bo found tu
lie  Inu   Inw,     |lr,   llnivs.,11   wus  111 f
1 lie inusl careful uf obscrvors, nnd
experience bus shown  thut liis upio-
uills    muy   lie     very   Bnfol)     followed
lli'tice tin' importance nl knowing
Uml in llis view llus question nf ulti
Mule was Bomcthlng tn be dctcrmln
nl Inr every additional hundred fed
to tlie attitude within which ngri
culture enn be successfully carrlod un
licci'ssjirilv    mills     liintei'inlly   lu    tile
uvnllablo nrcn of tillage land
The fruit referred tu wns grown in
mi orchard owned by 11 .Mr. I hum!
tun. wluisc plucc is jit nu elevation
nl 350 feel above Un' town "i Cran
linn,k, Cranbrook is n little under
tlie 3,000 fnnt level, its altitude bo
ing a.jiM feet; thus Hint tbe orchard
is 3,314 feet. Captain Tatlow's cor
icspondent wrltosi " There nre times
mills ul ucros nl very excellent fruit
binds tributary tu the town, but the
people hnve neglected their opportunity. Howevor I think there will
be   n   movement now.     I   inn   lusi
enine     nut   now   In    look     "Vol'   sunn'
lands tlmt will probably be
pluntod in tlie near future." This
is exceedingly interesting und ttio
value of the demonstration afforded
by Mr. Hamilton's orchard is difficult tu nvor estimate, That really
beautiful fruit can be successfully
grown ni un altitude uf upwards nf
3,000 feet is u consideration nl very
groat Importance, There liuve been
(■uses in Which good apples hnve been
produced in this province ut 1,000
feet altitude, but it will be 0 stir
prise !i> every nne t.. learn Unit
apples, pears und plums will yield
luxuriantly mnl in excellent quality
ul tlie elevation ol Mr. Hamilton's
orchard    Victoria  Coloalsl
Siiiitn     ('rni/.,     Mex ,    net      -I
l-'ii'hling    "1   Ui"    'i"'-t    si'iimis    11.1
nne   occurred    hero  today    between
Chinese    .nul   English    sailors    from
the   Ship     WotllWlch.        'l'l,ele     IS   dull
got ul  luil'iei   ti iniiili l''niu   bun
,lr,,,l Chinese attacked ibe Bhlp ho
cause ihe innitai'l ollicers detained
two hundred othci  Chinese on board
Ollly   Ule   llileiienllnli   nl    trinips   liele
pi'ovontcd lln- Chinese carrying evory
thing    ini  thom        Si vend   Km:
ll .1 11   were   severely   Lull
ISA IITI IO.UA KE    KILLS   :,i.i..
Homo,    ini     :m        I'lniiii     hooks
llu Illltll    I'.ilnlillil    vc-tcl'l.iv    '."!■
oil     mn 1,1.,...1,le damage,      de H"l
mr   lim    village        'l'n nth lie
ilosoli  11  ».1    iiiii,in.' ni torrents
ll    1       now    estimated    Hn"    lhe
death:   will   mn 1, hul  11 Is lln
posi Mile i" gol   ■"'   Inl Hon
mi ilns subject .1 m,ue, nil,';'", ■""
„ui ,,11 i,v Hie destruction "i tde
graph lines i'lu enilhqiinke bids
luu    I"    11 ,il  ll.nl   "i    1005        'i'li"
Clllieilliil    ul    T .WU'    Ol    li"    llnCC    Wm.
iiiii,wn   down, M-    "•'"   ni    ancient
luwer      Which   ImU   Willi ji I   nil   III"
1 nrthqitako j for contui'b ■
Troops  B' in    wilh  rollol  trains It
l|„ ,,.,„. ,,| llie confusion liml 11
,,,,;,uln-   el'',l    ni   lhe   population
Thirty Miles of Oil Land Locat-d
In This District.
Tl.u word   ''petroleum"  (ruck
>il. is uset 1 in designate lhe form
'! hn iiineii Unit nre i.l' an oily
consistence, Ii p:.sse- by Insen
sihlegraduations into tlm volatile
iml elherenl iiiiplhns on  Ihe 1	
hand uml the semi lluiil   malthas
'i mineral inr on Uie other
Petroleum Ims heen   known to
ivilized man from Um daw 11 nf
history       In   lhe   provineo    of
iiilurio, principally in ih" vicinity of Kntiiskilleii. n territory of
iimii ul extent, bul uf greal pi'"
iluctiveness,    hus   1 11    under
lovejopinonl fur the last forty
In Uie United Slates the development of oil lei'ritory lias acquired a habit thai lias became
well defined ami repeatedly ex
emplifled during the pusi thirty
veiirs. 'I'he stricking of oil. is
llie signal for a grand rush, u
speculative floating population
invades llie pluee. after a lime
tin- speculative phase is succeeded by thai ot settled development,
t ine of ihe various resources of
Southeast Kootenay thut will be
developed in ihe near future, is
tlie petroleum found in tlie Flat-
head valley in llie south eastern
portion of this district. This
section of Uie country is but
litlle known, antl is separated
from Um rest of tlie ilislrii'l by a
runge of high mountains.
During  tin'   pusi   four years
several    hundred    applications
have b 1 made lo the Provincial
(ipveriimeiil foi' licenses to pros-
peel inr oil iii ihis vicinity.
Those licenses .vero granted, tint
in many instances, owing to the
rough mul wild toil ure of tlie
country, locations wore piled one
on top ul ihe other, in many
eases llllll now 11 lo llie locators,
and in oilier eases known, but
located i" gel 11 shiny, or a lighting share id ground previously
located. In these disputes as lo
location, tho provincial government very wisely litis lefl the
rpiostion    ul    prior  rites to  be
settled    h.v    ll .unity   court,
I'he lirsi nf those trial was heard
in th" oiiii"t ni Cranhrook some
three weeks uuu. and Judge Wilson has rendered 11 decision
which will he found in another
colum 11 of ihis paper
Now thin ihe question of title
is in ii fair way of settlement,
many large companies are being
formed for the purpose of devolving 1 lu"-e iiii imiiis. The only
question is whether or not numerous seepages have ullowed the
e;h 10 escape 111 too great an
"Menl 1.1 form gushers. There
can lie no doubl us lo tlie presence nf high grade oil in large
K -I li'SulliViin nf Winnipeg, wbu
is prominent In Manitoban Conser-
votive circles, having just completed .1 tour ul the Dominion, sizes up
t! itcome ni the approaching Fed-
cm! elections us follows: "There is
,1 eenerul feeling abroad thut the
i,ilicr,il administration  must  go,    In
il ust.   especially, the people   feel
iiiiii  they   eon tm   longer   stuii'l fur
many of its  ibors    We shull have
I believe, u [uur ■ liltbs majority
wesl ol Winnipeg. We ought tu
swoop Manitoba, net n majority in
Siisknli lieivnn. nbnill hull lln- liieni
hers iimii Alberta, while British Co
iiiinbin should Bond, it hull whal I
hcni U- mi". 1. solid dologatlon or
very nearly sn. to swell lho Conservative majority   m tho next  Domln-
     parliament       Iu   Qtioboc    there
appears i" lie no doubt Hint sir Wil
iml L.n,nei    will ii.se   twenty     five
Cmtfl ml' "'- I he i-lxl y live, nnd pus
■ ilill   mule      Nmn   Si'titlll   Is  going   ."
lie       im       IIV    "I     SiX        IlllierS      tills
lillie.     ullil     SO   Hu'      Inle    llllli. All
OVOt      Hie    ' Hi      Hie     | pie     lire
1,,,,l,ii,,' up Hieii minds tn havo 11
1 liiinrc Whon tin- elect imi will tnko
placo I ilimi know Hm whon it
,i,„,    mii,.' ji   Consorvnllvc    victory
Will   Cl    Willi    il,   mnl    Hie    lulll't'l    11
1 dclayetl nn- more sweeping tlml
victory will be
A I'lirn Oninird
Toronto < »<■ 1  -:.'.    'I lie  rumor
llllll .1. .1    Ilill nil.'roil    MeKell/.ie
iiiiiI Mmm seventy eight millions
for lhe ('iiiiuilimi Niitheni mil
way. proves u p ire canard TUK PROSPECTOR, CHANBROOK, B.C, OCT, 211, llin;
ftaft 9ft9ft4ft9ft9ft   ft-arfta-^ftftft ft^-ftftft    g^ ^^jy^
i'llt. N
Quick worn 1
KAI "I'tlUY  KI'.isI'l.T.s     sl
'i'lm  prices   will   please   a
Mill    Inu.     fill-   lie  Illi.lie  li   u     ft'.
point  tu eul  Ihe lUIII'gill    "I     0
I1I.1SHKD    1886
A. B. Grace,
i'i in.i.siiKH   am.   EDITOR,
pn.lii as
Us pi'Ssiiiie
Wall Papers
Tn choose from thai ure artistic design mul color
in" mul nl very tine quality.
ft. 9   ft'. 9   9   9   9   9   9. 9   9   9   9     '♦   «   ♦   O   ♦   <>   ♦. <■   ♦   0   ♦   O   ♦
'Rl a
The Painters and Decoratoi
<£lje |tro«pertov.
'A I'l'KUAV. hit. 2d, IIKI7.
I       BEER §  PORTER       |
EVERY dollar's worth of gold or
silver,every dollar's worth of lend or
cupper, or coal taken "tit of our
mountains is r benefit to every busi
ness man in the Province. This
money goes where you little think,
ii helps every industry it builds up
every business. Wil b It the mining
.unl lumberman puys his grocer, bis
butcher and baker He pays the
hardware mun.the merchant and the
dealer in al! kinds of BUpplies With
It be supports ins family and gives
bis children the advantages in edn
catiun and training which every boj
.ind girl in British Columbia should
have He helps and encourages the
fai met by gh ing him a market for
his produce Without tin-, market
which we hope '" build hy success
nil mining I he fostering and en
couraglug nl the liimhei ing Indus
I: i ..ii.i i in eni Ij construction of
the Kootenay I'entral Railway, what
..wi the farmers ul the Cranbrook
i;i :  u Inilei tuei e iltsl rtcts do?
It is somewhat remarkable that
time does not Hy fastei than 11 used
to, sfnce everythint! else is flying at
such    i go ahead  gait
Phen    are plenty of people having
j  I ime" in tins life who w-itl uot
■ ■ able   t-1 sport a pair of wings in
Bottled beer for family
use ;t specialty
Outside   Orders
X ii P. O. BOX 812      fc
Z Hj      TELEPHONE   MO. 1      f
|   Fort   Steele  Brewing Co., Ltd.
Maker Street,      Cranbrook, H.C.
Special Rates Hy the Month
ft4'* 4ft;4 9.a ft;. 4.4; 4ft.a * aft;.aft:« ft4 * 4ft-ft;
Draying a Specialty
Just received a Carload
nl Wagons ;nul Carriages.
A line line of Trucks
for special lumber work
Flour and Feed of all Kinds Always on Hand
PHONE   183
:*: <*.
* a ft, a 9 4 9 adft-* 9. o .♦ a ft a'ft. aft a ;♦;« ft. aft 9
•ft mm»Hmmmmmmmm?!!??tnim!ttmtnmmmn! ♦
mm, mmmmmssssssssssssssssssssssssm . ^^
I   "" fash] ::/,: :.;•: tailors   1
£ Always Up-to-Oate 2
B.C. 3
£ Granbrook,
•***— -mm
—*- -~m
£ 3
1 The First New Oysters of 1
*~- *•■ -mam
mt*" ^tm
£        the season are in        1
£: Packed in hermetic?.Hy sealed tin , they are fresh and fine zs '•';', „
in   tv.       ...->i -  ■ :   uu'ii  tlmt
ought   to Iv forced to pay a licence
iml wea    id  ■      Uai \       those who
ntimialij   h «ling about  things
. ■ ■ v... tl) i atei to their
*..-■- thosi     «ho run    around
■    :.    •-
ml wiiu  refuses  to  a-1
•:';-■    is   just tike .1 tuan down .i
■ ■ ising   • receive  help.    Both
■■   t I   .■   * stay   there   unless
It ■- federally understood, that if
tbe situation warrants.sir Wilfrid
Lauriei w ill make a definite anti ■ ;■■ '-::.-■::' ■ :' the general elections
ibi ■ .'  the nr-'  ol  the new year.
N'ow that F. .1 Deane and F. E.
Simpson have retired from the field
It Is reported that W. a. Galliher
will receive the endorsement of the
1'rovincial Liberals of the Kootenay
fnr  the  party  nomination.
Mornings are quite chilly, but the
days are very pleasant. There is
but little snow on the mountain tops
The dissentlons between labor nnd
capital appears to be spreading all
over the world.
There is a strong suspicion that
tin- Grand Trunk Pacific, backed up
by the Ottawa government is behind
t lie    movement     that   is     pusi)ing    so
many Japs into this Province. The
"Chinks" would do as well as the
.laps   were it   not   for the   $500 head
• ■   •
This year has been a good one—
but overyone predicts that 1908 will
he a better one.
• •   •
Thanksgiving Day will soon he
here. We wish each and every one
of our subscribers, and every citizen
of the district nnd city a happy and
pleasant time on that day.
• •   •
i Iver insurance bus started more
fires than defective flues, spontaneous combustion and  rats combined
• •  •
Political parties in this Province
nre getting ready for the battle at
the polls. Liberal newspaper men
are sounding the tocsin, and if they
ran be relied upon the date of the
general elections throughout the no-
minion  will  take    place curly in the
There is n noticeable unrest among
leaders of both Conservative and
Liberal parties In the Dominion and
lessor lights in this Province as well
ns the public in general arc interest edlv  awniting  future  development.
• •   •
The hunter that, shuts his eyes and
bangs away does not get much gntne
Neither Aocs tho merchant who has
no  system  of advertising bis goods.
When winter sets in, how would
vou like to he the w Iman?
• •  •
The all absorbing topic to the pc
pie of    Southeast   Kootonay Is when
will actual construction be commenc
This having tn put a cent, stamp
nn Dvery paper we send Into the
Htntei makes an editor wish the
tlmen   were    here atfaln    when     tlie
illti : >ii Canada had not to pny
anj postage on his papers. Nut.
been ibo ll costs a cent, but merely
the nnnoyanco of the a/Tnlr, The
high i.ih1 ol   postage to   publishers
ending papers Into tho States is
blow    at    advertising     Canada,     If
the    prow     Hood  together It    would
ho   tni en  ofi    Oroonwood   L'-dge.
•   •  •
Finish every day and ho done with
it v.'i have done what, you could.
.-..in*- blunders and absurdities crept
ii forgol thom as soon as you can
Ti morrow   will   be  n  new dny;  begin
' ■:>■'•, ind icrenoly and with too
'.i rh ri ipirll to hi' encumbered with
youi old tion lenae This dny Is all
thul i good and fair It Is ton
Icai with ii hopeu uud Invitations
.i   moment   on   yeHterdny.
:~        Spring rami) For Sunday1*? Dinnei
rii'iNK in
| P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.I
*Sz       iimiii oniiii. Mum oillii' lur Kiiki. Kootenay,      Z3
J":       Uiilcui-y, Afbort.fi Oranbrook, B  c *3
3 "'Iitiii'     lit,     mnl   iiynil'    "lll'lllt."
3 iluu   n"i '"in,' wmi i',,,,,i miii',. (nun
Z3   ' if"!    innl  ilii'ii   party t>n!an».
m ...
3       IratiKiin     ylallln'!   Crnnl k  go
■3      "■'■        WlHl       Hll'    IIIIIII I'HHlllti    llllll     till'
"i'i   liinil,i-riiii.    iilmiiH  Iii thirty mult. ,,r nocotuiltj- make (Iran
,i   I'll',  t    ,'lly
IML'   lll.lll-iltinlis      that    tl,,'   ilistt'il't    ir
all   nml even   more than   thai   but
been claimed (or it
************. m*9***:*mmm
T, struct ,  Ibe  Kootenay 1 ...SAW       YOUR WOOD... I
Central Railway is tbe key tlmt mil   Jf 'mm
iiiilnrk  ttir   yust  nilnoral    resources Mih with     i ***
,i( Nnrtli mnt  Southeast  Kootenny.    S "llll    ,\
.. ,« J,,;, ,'„j -ie, wn,'I FAIRBANKS-MORSE
r, ";;i:,l!:; ::;";„ 'sssS!" & I*        gasoline engine *
!:i!r"'...r^;. ":!!!', V;"^''^'!1 h:\9 ,     **'* *••*' ">*>-i iwrroci i-unnlnjf ongiuo vmi, ..I     'l'l,,.*
£ lutosl i'i|iii|,nii'iii for sawing wood. J
*rnllVlUI\L    DlvUO. 'ng and Blowei -Work,   *
ft SOt-K    Ai.KX'I's *
Harvey, McGarter & Maedonald
there,  and   with   "(Mil   Man"   Situ]
insist on tooting then own horns,
Grand Trunk agents in .Japan says
that the situation is critical, nnd it
is bard to restrain the people who
are eager to immigrate to Canada
to obtain tbe Canadian dollars
which are promised by said agents.
iDtl)   lookl
int;    over  (lie aurienitmnl    resources I
of the district.
Surveys ol the country north ol
Crunbrook have shown that there
are large areas ol pood agricultural
and graslng lands In (be Kootenaj
vullej which will be opened bj tho
construction   ol  the    Kootenav  Con I
Hal   Railway,     ami   that   it   will   then
prove  to  tie one ol  t tie  bosl   ngrlcul
turn)   as   well   as   mineral   sections   of
the province
•   •   •
Don i expect all sunshine Clouds
will occasionally duiken anv bus!
ness. but the sun shines la Ighter
There is iu t hi- Cranbrook district
abundant unimproved land hu I tabic !
loi agricultural purposes Fruil '
urowa    in nbuudunce,    and  the   ii
mense   local   market   Is   the   loudsto
that   will  nttract    ngrlcuiturlsts ft
Liberals in every province In Can
ado have commenced t>> organize for
the    coming      Dominion    campaign,
Nearly all the prominent Liberals
have convened at Ottawa, and have
been urged by sir Wilfrid to prepare
The Nelson Doily News has cultivated such a hatred for the McBride
government, that it don't hesitate
to believe its own political  rot.
Too  many   men    act   just   like dogs
howl a great ileal and run around
nights     What a pity  it  is that their
ears don't lop?
Every man that is strictly honest.
is willing to look over the mistakes
of his neighbor as his own.
What the Cranbrook district needs
Is promotion companies with ample
capital  to exploit  its resources.
Take notice that thirty days after
date The Crow's Nest I'ass Lumber
< ompnnv Limited, of Ward ner B. ('--
Lumber Manufacturers, n Corporation,
Intends to npply to the Chief Commis-
Moiior of Lands aud Works at
Victoria for a special licence to cut and
etxrvjf awuy timber from tbe following
described lands:
I. Commencing ai it post planted
HIO chains East of Mile Post 2fi on tlie
Last Ixnindaryof Lol 4590 In Last Kootenay and running SO chains Eust. SO
ehuins Hint)), ho chains West uud SO
chains norili to place of eon.mem.e-
Dated Augusi 2llth, 1**07-
*-'. Commencing at a post planted su
eliains East of Mile 1'imt L'n on the East
boundary of Lot 4590 in East. Kooteuay
and running SO ehains east. 80 chains
south, mo chains West and SO chains
uorth to place of commencement.
Datod August 28th, 1907.
3. Commencing at a post planted *0
chains East of Mile Cost 2~> on thu Eusl
boundary of Lot 4'ibO in Eust Kooteuuy
and running us follows, SO chains south,
SO chains West, SO chains north uud 80
ehains East to pluee of commencement.
Dated August 28tli liK)7.
4. Commencing at a post planted 80
ehuins Eust of Mile Dost 2ft on tlie East
boundary of Lot 45PO and running SO
ehuins east, so chains south, 80 chains
West and fill ehuins north to pluee of
Dated August 27th, 1907.
5. Commencing at a posl planted ut
Mile Post 2(1 on the Eust boundary of
Lot 4f>lK) and running SO chains east, SO
ehuins south, SO chuins West and SO
ehuins norlh to place of commencement,
Duted August 27th, 10011.
ft, Commencing ut u post planted ul
Mile Post 2d on the Easi boundary of
Lot 46IKI and running SO chains north,
so chains eust, So ehuins soulh und SO
ehuins Wesi io placo of  common	
Dated August 28th, 11107.
7, Commonolng ul u posl planted at
tho .North Wesl eonier of Timber
Licence 11854 in  Eust  Kootenity  uml
rillllllng Id chuius west, lOO rhaiiis
south, 40ehains east, 00 chains smith,
40 ehaius Eusl, 80 chains north, 40
chains West and SO ehuins norili lo
place of eorntuencemciii.
Duied September 25th, 1807,
Crow's Nest I'uss Lumber Company
Juntos McLaren, Locator.
r? Livery
Toiiiiii* innl ili'lvors fiii'iiisli
ftl I'm' tiny point in lln' ilis
A. DOYLE, Ml'lMKiir
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Mannl-ii tuiril  by  XU*
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbons
- in all colors and for
all makes of typewriters.
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons—of
different weights suited
for all classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
GIhSl E. Reid k Go
Solicitor. Etc.
Gl'illlbl'ook -   • British Columbia
mul NOTARY  I'lllll.IU
Cranbrook, B.C.
G. tt. Thompson
-~y.   IIAItltl.s'l'KIt tt SOI.llTI'lll!
~3!   NOTAUV I'l'lll.li.'
t'I'llllill It.   ll.C
THOM AS    Mr V ITT I ft.
P.I^.S.  A-  CE.
HVt Stoulit H.C,
Physician and Siiriieon
IlOUUS:    II tu II u.in.   2 In 4 ii.iii.
7 to 8 p.m.
I'liimi'Ollli'ii UK    Uesiclonito lull |
The Quality Store
Two things that can't bo beat
Huntley and Palmers Biscuits
Leave .vour order for Preserving Fruits tit Campbell   (JA
St Manning they will protect you.
Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
I'limip j". Head Office Calgary.
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Feed. . .
Our meat  is always Crash, us all our hoof is killed in
|     ** HOTEL m
I i
% Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection j
Ni'in'i'si in I'niii'iiiiil ili'pnt.   llus uccotnino M(
tliilions   t'or   ihr   public   unoqiiallod   In mi
I t!" <■ I
m Hot und Cold Baths Proprietors §\
Geo. R. Leask & Go
Much   i    Import  lur In thr (lovolop
lll'lll      Dl   the   Itl'l'llt     ri'Hi.llICI'H   III   llio
I I'tiiiiii-iiink district,   innl tl"' pooplol
I wiiir jilonuuro tlio multiply '
Aalvwlli.c in tin Prospootot,
I'llON'K III IML IliiN Hllfi
I'linis, Spcciftcn.tio.nH
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
F. O. El.
M.'i't t'vi'fy Ftidfty at S p.m.
Visiting  Bi'olltoi's Cordially   tnvltutl
Cuas. Smith, w. Presldun!
M. 1). Itii.i.txiis. s.'i'i.
Ai'i'ii' I'li.vsii'iiui. P. (>. Ilu.v 28.
if Rocky Mountain Chapter |'
i| NO.  125.   R. A. M. *.
:* 3:
■S     Regular mcettitgo:—2nd Tuob«  i
%   ilny  in   etti'h   niontli   tit  fight.   5:
'■5   ii'i'tui'k.
i "'■"""■ 1
5 Sojotti'iiing I'oiiipiiniiin.a   are S;
5 cordially Invited. S
?| Wm. I". TATE, Suribe I''.. |
:5 5:
i linx 4       f.'UANIlUOOK, 11. C. J":
Court Granbrook 8943
MUKTS   8NI1   ANII   4T1!   TIll'ltSllAVS
Visiting   lii'i'tliiTii   cordially   Invited
0, i!..   IV. P. MACDONALD
Seeretary, W. HKNDERSON
: Tonsorial Parlor 1
\     For a Cool and Clean Shave
Or a Perfect Hair Cut
A Hot or Cold Bnth
'fon Walter B. Laing uffffij
•    Hiilti'r Sti t, Cranbrook, B.C.    |
I''| ul lllii'i'lnr
rilANIIItllUK. ll.C.
Sli'iim  Ituili'i'a anil l''iu'llitcn Work a
S| laliy,
(lost iiiiiI Stocli Bsllmalcs
Pui'iiisliod l'|iou .\|i|ilicii-
P.O. Box 834.  Cranbrook, B.C.
Carpenter % Builder
Hood Work nt
KiMHoniiblti Prico
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
tl ut Ilir i.lil Mi Im liuilii'i'Slii,|i
1      i'lll Willi (llllllll III Illi'
I li'li'HtllliiHH Work III all bi'iinnliiiH £
| '"""■                      |
i Tonsorial Art 1
Smlfix Premier
has widened its market until it includes the whole civilized world; has become the
typewriter of over 300,000
operators and has, during
1906, broken every previous
record of sales, because it
has from the beginning best
met every typewriter need.
the Smith Premier
Typewriter is recognized as the greatest improvement in modern typewriter construction—yet in
providing it, none of the
strong fundamental features, for which the Smith
Premier has always been
noted, have been sacrificed.
Complete literature on request.
ss South Lincoln Street
^-'     Because they are tempered
unevenly by fire and
will not hold an edge.
arc tempered as hard
ns flint by our exclusive
process of electricity.
Cranbroolt, B.C.   Tho Druggists
District ol Kooteuuy.
Take notice Unit Robert Little ol
Fort Sti'i'li'. ni'i'iipm inn prospector, intcnils 10 apply fm' n special tliulior
licence over the follo'viii).' described
limits:    Commencing ut ;i 1 osl plunlcil
at the norili wis ru.'nil T.  I.. 7l".'l'
Issued tut". VV. Wilson, tlieneo south
100 clialns, lliencoeusl tOcliuius.thonco
nortli 1110 chains, thouce wosl ■lOchiilttfl
Robert I.inl.'.
Located Juno ii. 1007, Ko-clslcrcil
June 20, 1007, The iiiii'' tor the com-
iliencetnuiil nf ihe piibliui.tlon nl' ilii-
nollcc Isuxtundeil until tlto llllll., duv
September 10(17.
.1. I-'. ,V instrnii-r,
As:-ir-i:iin Oonimlsslutiur I't Llllills
uml Works, UT
Reduced Rales Im'oiii
I'l.tsii'in Points
On    S;ilr    D.iiK
Sc|)L IM. to Oct.. 3lBt
Monlrui'l #111 I11 Otiiiwn l-l-l.hi
Detroit, WIikIkoi', I .uiiiiuli,
Cliia l'h. Tor u Ptii'lidiilo
fill), lh
(' 'i.-pnmlill"   Luu   Itiir-  ti	
tiitoi'iiicillitlc pulnts.
Soo-S|)i)kane Service
Tlie Piuc.it on Hi.
tlm h'.isii'.i bei.1,"
the Twin Cities,
Tlm C.iiiitdlan I'milllii Oporuln
SU, ihi tl Hlmtiiiii),' liars
Tiiurint Hltiupiti'* lint's
tin Twii Hn Ij Trims Iliienlii
Trul.ii i i Kite 11 Hit ii"«
Pot'  I'llll'S,   I'l'Sen llliolls
any     liil'oi'iiiitllon     ilo-
ii|i|il,y In Itit'itl WHl '"'
V.. .1. Cll.vle. A.(I.I'.A..  Villi,',
JOHN MOM, D.I'.A., Kulsiin
Nu person shull allow any horse,
nuiii'. lmil, ox, cow, sheep, goat, liiit
nr uttier cattle ur piuiltry tu run at
large within Uie city, otherwise tho
suine may lie Impounded nnd thu
ownor tlieieuf is liable fur   damages
Any person my impound nn animal
found  running ut   largo.   'I'he tine to
tile   potltulkeopor   fur  every   nllimul   is
■is follows:
Stallions, $5.00.
ethers horses, mares, uridines, til
lies ur mules, it.tm each.
Hull, $ri.ilti
Cow nr othor kind nr cattlo, I2.u0.
Ilnur pig, |4.00
I'll;,  sheep ur goat,  $1.1111.
l-'iiwl, 2~> cents.
The poundkooper may also collect
.ft.uu fur impounding nny animal
uml 25 i-i'Mts fur [mpouudtng uny
luwl, nml tur feed may charge us
f 'IIhivs,
Kuwl and gooso 2.r. rents per dietn.
If ilie animals arc nut redeemed
the poumlkeepor will proceed to sell
Thero shull lie u tux un all dogs
ol $1.76  uud on ull liti'lies $5.00.
It is tlie duty nl ttir owners uf
dogs tu procure n tag from tlie City
Clerk othorwlso the dogs will he
Impounded uml unless redeomed will
lie sold ur destroyed,   Tugs must tie
|il H'l'il    nil    dog's    I'llllill'  sn   US  to   1111
plainly seen.
lu addition tu the nbove charges,
any porson guilty uf an Infraction
ui" tlie hy law is liable tu n penalty
ul >'lini nn und eusts ur two months
T. M, Roberts,
City Clerk
Shoe Shop
Repairing a Specially
Cranbroolt, B.C.
Salvation flriinj Barracks
Siiiuliiv Services;
Afternoon • ■ Ho'elock
ICvenlug - • Su*,'li',*k
Sunday School at l.l'i p.m.
Meetings held every ni-ln   in   Uu
week except Monday tit S p.m.
Genuine Snaps
In Cranbrook
City Property
Any mult1 or female, being u Brit
isli subject uf tbe full age of 21
years, wbo 1ms puiil all the rates
ami taxes fur tbe current year.aml
lias continuously resided within tbe
municipality since tbe first day uf
January, 11*07, and wbu is a householder or licence holder within the
municipality, may register as a
voter for the 1908 olection, if the
necessary declaration is deposited
at this oilice on or before 5 p.m. of
tlie 30th day of October. Persons
qualifying as license holders, who
are not property holders, must attend to registration of their names
un tbe list. Persons wbo have he-
come property owners since December Hist (1906) are requested to inform the undersiirneil at once.
Thus. M.  Roberts, O.M.O.
t'itv Clerk's' Otlice, Oranbrook,tt.
O ,  Oct.  1st,  1907.
Take notice tbat the Mutt-Doulton
Lumber Company, Limited, of Elk-
mouth, B.C., occupation lumber
manufacturers, intends to apply for
a special timber licence to cut und
tarry away timber from tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe North West corner of Lot 359
Kast Kootenay, thence north 80
chains, tbence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 ehuins, thence west 80
chains to place of commencement.
Containing 640 acres more or less.
Mott-Boulton Lumber Co., Ltd.
per A.   J.  Mott
Dated this Sth day of October
11)07. 41
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that l William staples ot Wy*
i-llffo H. i'.. occupation lumberman, intend to
npply for permission tn purnhuso the following
ileserlbed land:— Cinmmeiiomtf ut» post plan-
nil in i'liiiins wesl of the west boundary nf Lot
liMft. tlieneu norili 20 elmlns. thoneo east 4fi
i'lu, ins more oi less to the western boundary nt
l.nl soul ihonee small r-Oehmns moro or less tn
lhe bunk nf Lhe Sl. Marys river, theme fnllnw-
hiK uu- si. Marys river in a westerly dlroctlon
to the placa ni lii't-'iiinin-L' and contaluliiK 'M
William stupifH.
HiiH'd July ilni, nm;. :in
District of Kook'tiay,
Take notico thul Roborl Lit.la of
Km-t Stoulu, occupation prodpeutor- inlands to uppl.v for a special liconce over
ihe following; described lumls: Com-
nmnuing at a post planted one mile
wost. of tho south wusl. corner of T. U,
VJXIW fanned too.s. I'Yl/.zoll, thenue wost
Ml chaint*.thi'iicc south HO chains, thonee
easi 80 chains, thonoe norlh MO uhalns*
ItiiliiTi Little.
UictiLud .luno .'.. inoit rotflBtored
.huh' 20, IH07. Tlir time for Ibe until-
mciiccmi'iii of ilir |iubMi'iilion of ibis
liolleo is extended nuiii tlir llllll, day
of September IH07.
.1. |<\ AiMiHtroiiffi
Assistritnl  Coilillllss.ono.' of
Undsund Works. 87
District of Kootenay.
TAKK NOTICK, thut 1 Kdward
Wnl tn of Wattsblll'B, Q.O. Lumber
man.    intend  to   apply  Tor a special
iimbi'i' licence over tho following
ileM'i'ilii'il land: Commencing at a
post plnnted at the Southeast eor
ui'i ni' Lot 30 GO thenee west, forty
eliains, theuce solllll 20 eluilus,
thence west 80 eliains, tbenee soutli
■l<> elmliiH, thence east 40 chains,
i iii'iirc south io chains,thonoo enst
forty (40) chains to west boundary ol T. L or L. Chipp, thenee
north 'M) chalnH, to N.W. corner P.R
W 1000, thenee east to a point just
south of H. K. enrner of Lot 3006,
north to point of commencement.,
and   containing   (.40 ucros   more or
Kdwanl  Watts,
IS Dated  Oetobor  LRth.1007
District of Kootonay,
TAKK NOTICK that, Kdward Wall
OKonl for the W/ittsbiiri; Ltimhoi1 Co
Waltsl>iin;,II.C, Intend to apply for
ii special Umber licence nver the foi
lowing  descriheil   lands:
OotnmoncinK at a post. planted
aboul 20 chains east of the south
ejiHi, cornor of Lol 3000, tbenee 40
chains oast, tbence hii chains smith,
thonco 40 chains went, Ihenee hu
clialns north to point nf commence
menl. containing mo acres more or
Wat LhIhii'k  Lumber Oompany,
43 Dated Oetobor 3rd,  LUQ7,
$1110(1 Cash and $X0U in easy pay
ments, buys a largo new, two
story,  nine  room residence,  well
tfliOO Cash aud $400 nn easy terms,
buys a uew live room house nn
Baker Hill, east front, full size
lot, house nicely painted,
plastered, etc.
$1000 Cash and $l!i00 nn your own
terms, takes nne nf the nicest
residences i n Orn ubr< 10k 8
largo rooms, all plastered, nice
lawn, two story barn nn rear
of lots. Worth' nearly twice
the amount,.
$4200. An ideal investment, largo
business building, best location
in town, in numl repairs, rents
for .$1200 per year, your own
terms.   Can  you  beat  it?
The Frost Investment Co.
Armstrong Ave. Crunbrook, 13 C.
Methodist Church.
UoHKitT HuciRS, Pastor
Sunday Morning Service al 11 a.m.
Fellowship meeting - - 12-15 a.m.
Sunday School and Uib.eCluss3 |t.m.
A speolal Invitation is given io
the Men's Own ;il S.JJO in lhe
"Gym" for men only.
flthe IJttrapectoi*
District ol Kootenay.
Tako notice tlml It. Stewart, of Crunbrook occupation contractor, Intends to
apply tni-a spoeial tinilier licence over
the (allawiDK described lands:
Coininenctng at, a post planted at tbe
N. W. corner of Block 2310, tbence
nortli 80 eliains, thence west lit cllalns,
thence north 00 chains, thence cast "tl
ehains, thonee south ill' eliains aud
tlienee west 11 eliains to plaee nt commencement.
Richard Stewart.
Dated Oetober 1st. 1IIU7. 411
IN THK MATTKR OF AN application foi' the issue of u duplicate
Ccrtilieate nf Title for Lot ll. Illoeli 8,
and Lots :t and .s. Block 5, Lake Shore
Addition Moyie. City IMapllSli.
NOTICK IS 1I|-|!|-|IV GIVEN that
il is my intention in issue adtipllcatoof
the Cert i Ileal oof Title ror the above
mentioned lots ul tlie expiration of one
month from ihe lirst publication hereof
in the name of John Day whieh Ccrtiil-
eate id Title is dated the -41ll day of
October 18IHI ami numbered 2401 K.
"II. P. MacLeod."
District Registered.
Land Registry Ollice, Nelson,  H. C!„
September 20th, 11107. ill)
Lieutenant - Governor.
EDWARD   the    SEVENTH,   by   the
Grace of God, of the United King
dom of Great Britain and Ireland
and of the  British  Dominions tie
yonil the Sens KIiik, Defender of the
Faith Emperor of India.
To alt to whom these presents shull
come -— 'Greeting:
W. J. Bowser,
WHEREAS hy section li of 'the
" Game Protection Act, I**!!**, Amend
ment Act,1904," as re-enacted liy sec
tion lil of the "Game Protection Act
isn't, Amendment Act, 1905," it is
enacted thut it shull bo lawful for
the Lieutenunt - Governor in Council, by Proclamation to he published tn two successive issues of the
llriiisli Columbia Gazette, to declare
a rinse season for tlie animals and
birds mentioned tn Schedule It to tha
" Game Protection Art," ISIIS, or
any amendment thereof, and also
goose In uny portion of the Province
for uny period of time; and
Whereas our said Lieutenant- Governor, by and witli the advice of ids
Executive Council, has beon pleased
to direct, liy un Order in Council in
that behalf, n close season tor all
the animals uml birds montlonod in
Schedule II to the "Game Protoo
tion Act, 1898," or any amendment
thereof, and also geese, for a period
of 111 (ten) years, from liml after the
fourth day of October, A. D. 1007,
in the followlne dosorlbod tract of
land in the Lillooct District, namely
Commonolng al a point on tho
north fork of Bridge Itiver at Its con
tliicnee with Junction Crook; thence
nortii • westerly following Junction
Creek to Its headwaters; llli'lli'i' wes
terly to the headwaters of Valnkom
Creek; thence following the said
Valnkom Creek soutli westerly to its
Junction with the nortli fork of
Bridge River: theuee soutli westerly
along the north fork of Bridge Itiver
to the point of commoncomont.
Now know ye therefore, that In
pursuance thoroof, We dn horoby pm
claim a close sensing fnr all the aui
inals and birds montlonod in Selie
dale II tn the "Guiiie Protection Act
IH9H," or nny ainenilmeal thoroof,
and alsn gooso, fnr n period nf ten
vcurs from the fourth day of Octn
her,    I.IH7,  wil liiii lhe limits ni    the
I .il 1 t   District,  as  hel'i'llihefiire   re
IN     TESTIMONY     WIIKItl'llll'',   We
have    caused    these Our    Letters
tn tic luaile  Patent, uud lhe Great
Seal   of our said  Provll     to lie
hi'i-eiiiilo nlllxntl:
WITNESS,   the   Honourable   JAMES
DUNSMUIR   ,   Lieutenant   Govern
or of oar   suid Province of Bill,
lsh Columbia, In Our City nf vie
tnrla,    In our sulil Provll , tills
twenty llftli iluy nf September, In
the yeur of our Lord nne Minus
nml nine hundred uiiil seven, unit
In the seventh year nf Our Helen
By Command,
Acllui' Provincial Secretary.
Will the Conservatives Win.
It would Im iilln tn deny  llm
ignifiennco of rmtnnl pnllticiil
In Bi'OP.kvlllc, w hero Mr. i Irn
ham, tlio leu-let' of lho Ontario
Opposition, resigned his seal In
enter the Dominion cabinet, a
Conservative has linen elected in
a oonst.1 tuenc.v whioh for thirty-
four years invariably went
Prince Albert, Susl;., whieh
was vacated by Attorney-General
Liimont on his following the example of so many eminent Liberal statesmen and accepting ;i
safe and fat government Job, has
elected a supporter of the Hon.
I<\ W. G. Haultain, although
there is a possibility of his being
counted out under the beautiful
system of ballot juggling whioh
obtains under the Seoil administration. Hut he this ns it may,
tho largo vole polled for the
Haultain candidate in a liy election, against all the Influence of
lho government patronage and
with the governmenl in control
of the olection machinery, is a
strong indication of the trend of
opinion In Ihe neighboring pro-
The remarkable success of Mr.
Borden's meeiing, during what
was undoubtedly the most ambitious tour ovor undertaken by
any public man in Canada, cannot fail to produce u marked
effect on the political sentiment
of the people, particularly in iho
Wesl. Whore there are ns many
Independents us Liberals or
Tho Liberal party will tlml
some difficulty in counteracting
the effect of Mr. Borden's lour.
Outside of Kir Wilfrid Laurier
there is no mun on the government side who occupies such a
commanding pluee In the public
eye as does Ihe leader of the
opposition; and at Sir Wilfrid's
age and in his frail state of
health it is out. of the question
for him to attempt any such trip
as Mr. Borden Is Just concluding.
In the natural order of things
Sir Wilfrid Laurier cannot for
very many more years continue
tho strenuous work of lending
his party, and niter him—what?
Nobody pretends that Mr. Kidding, or any other mom her of
tho cabinet could command, as
premier, anything like tlm
enthusiasm uud i'olllowing in
Quebec und the country general'
ly that Sir Wilfrid Lnurlor Inspires,
Prophesying in politics is not
a safe business. Im! to the
Impartial observer there lire
many signs nf the times which
point to the existence of a pretty
able-bodied feeling  throughout
the length   nnd   lirenillli  of  llie
Dominion Hint it Is getting to hu
limo for n change, Calgary
A Wave or Patriotism.
When Sir.   .lohn   Muedonald
ciiiu'oiveil aud udvocaled llis
'•Natioual Policy.-' het-uwclearly
the necessity of lii> country;
wheu lie used that necessity to
help him buck to political power
he wns us iiiiii'Ii ilie polilicatl as
lliu patriot. Today all Canada ,
is united in discussing the stolen j
policy of Sn- Wilfrid Laurier and
liis puny, tho policy of Sir John
stolen, for political ofFoct, while
lodtty the true policy of tho Llh
erul parly, free trade us in Eug-
| land, is a dead loiter with lhe
'•Orits." Mr. R. L. Bordon, is
now engaged in educating the
people to the necessities of tho
country, und will use these
necessities to pluee the Conser
vative party in power, as did Sir.
.lohn. All honest governmenl i?
the slogan of Mr. Borden und lie
Kootenay ash-
jjl pan is exception-
|\ally large.  Holds
r^!a two - days'  ac-
tcumulation.   Re
A Big Crop nf Potatoes.
Editor of Prospeclor.
Dear Sir: 1 am sending yon.
toduy, a sample of potatoes raised
by uie mi n Held near my collage.
The notual urea ol litis pioco of
land is I U of an nere, bill we
destroyed qnllu a hii of the crop
by making a road and laying
waler main's acrossll after planting, so there was, or is less Ihan
4.9 of an acre. On this piece of
land we dug l"li sacks averaging
more Ihan lim pounds per sack,
or about nine tons, over "00
bushels of potatoes per acre
boats lumber don't it. 1
simply had this piece of land
planted to take away the un
sightly appearance of the woods
around my cottage and consequently gave them no attention
except hoeing once. 1 have
always said that this country was
the poorest I ever saw to raise
crops "if one did not plant, but
tbe best if they did." If tho
settlers would raise moro
potatoes etc., and less hell we
would all bu better on".
Yours truly,
(His Staples,
Bon Bons
J    TELEPHONE NO. 141.    J
flcciflent Policies
Wi.llil I'or Vcur nlves tri.mi |>■■ t' 'Vi'eli
and $50,011 V ml lluiliilll,
i.'i'ii. Rlt.'KNUSS I'm.lev
♦l! per o'lii nu'HilOdIho tana for W
per week.
*7.(KI   per  yiiui VUI'h',Villi    ; I:'. J1111 - t
BickuuHfl of un,\ Iduil.
for piu'iii'iiliii". of othor I'ollelcn i	
Fred. W. Swain
LOOM. AGENT wan:*i;i>
Oranbrook,ll.C, Armstrong Av
wu Kootenai
Kor ull kinds of
N'olhimr tine or coarse, large
or smnll thai we cannot handle.
We Also Do Dm Diieiim
oiiiee ,i. Lbask, Tailor
Cordwood for Sale.
I am prepared lo supply, good
dry slovo wood, in any length or
quantity, Leave orders with
(I. T. Rogors, the grocer, Beale
Sl Klwell,
R. s. Baron
moved   easily,  like  a  dresser
drawer.     Flanges  attached  to
fire-pot guide| all ashes into pan.'5=^
Free booklet on
PATMORB   BROS.,   Sole   Agents
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under   Mew  Management
n     ,       ,       ,■ ;i       Wlien you want a  good
Headquarters lor minuis   i!                  -                     "
,   , , , ■ ■*» place   to  stop  conic to the
men um  old timers. -.i '                      '
"   Manitoba.
d, a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
Kimberley,   B. C.
H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
•At kmf amT mi* LmT km*' km* ftmsT km* ^s\^sm\smsTmlT*mt^*mr *mT *amT *m* km" km* km* **mf*s\m**'
i*\^ **sf\ 0*4% i^ ^4*\ [}\s\mi_^4*\ ^f*\ ^K ^4*\ ^K ^T* t*\*\ " ^T\ ^t*\ **4*t **n. ^K I^R.^R *m ^ 4*Y\t*y*t.
* *
9. Marysville, B.C.       DOLE & HANDLEY. Prop         9-
9 9
* *
9 The Londiti}; Hotel ol llio St.
9 Mnry's Valley,   Nice airy rooms
** newly   ruriilshod,      Tablo   as
Zl triioil ii* any in Koolonny, im
9 I
* GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
* *
MINl'.IIAt. ,M"I'
I''«,hm I1'.
l'l:in'l|,'H'ATI'', OK   IMIMIOVI'tM-lNT."
111,1,    NVK     I.K     I'AIIK,     ,\ N l>    NVHIIS
Sliiiiili, In n..< |,'nrl HUiulu MIiiIiim IHvlaliMi
Wlii'i'iihi 1    im llin li l,,t'I'niil I'li'.ii
TAKI'l Nll'l'll'l': Iiiiii .liuiii'j A  llill'Viij   fnil
MIiiith I'i'Plllli'iilil   Nn   U  i:ni:l aa iiKi'iit   for
m ' 11 |,'i'invloli I'reiiMlni'i -1','iilHi' N"
1 mill 'Ira.l lluyniililH 1'  M '« I'itII
i,...... N'.i nii'i« 1 linlaTiT ItloliiirtlMui I'ri'i
Mm «•! ae.ii'iilli'iitii Ni.   li m ml"  itxlj
,'i Ut iiitii'iiii'i nl Imiiriivn in-  im
1,.., i i ,. er..« in iniin- "I linrl
..•rl 1  initial i i  Iml  	
llllll"! lllla 111 1 1 ul Jul)    '  n   i	
I!,                                                        ,1. A. Illllll'l
IIII.I.    A     III.        'I'I ill     I'lll''r ill lllllil
llllll  IMU llllllll'  llfi' UMI'lli Ilir living,
an note
E. H. SMALL, Manager
School of Mining
AIIIIMrd lo (Juprn'a Inlvrisily.
Pat Ctleodir of tha School and fitrtlier
.nf.niuth'iii. apply to thr Beerelary, School
ot MminK   KliiKMOn.OiiUHo
Thr UHiwInf Xftartr* art atttrti:
i   Pom Ycara'CourMforDffrecofB.Bei
II    I'lirrr Veiff1 COIirMfof Iii-iI'-iu-i
ti  Mining Knglnearlnf.
4—chi-miHiiy and Mlneratogj.
e— Mlneralofy and Otology,
rf-ciifini-'-ii Etnglncerlng.
/-"Ci»n Bngtoearing.
/  Mechanical Kn-tinpfritig,
gmal{lri'lrli-ttl I'.nglnmlng,
',    Biology anil Public Health. , rilK  PKOSPKCTOI.   CKANHKOOK    11  ti,  OCT   ill,  IHO!
New China and erockeryware
Is almost like a Kaleidoscope.
Every time you look at it there
is something' new to see- -from
the plainest porcelains to the
daintiest Limoges. Royal Doul
ton and Wedge woods in all the
newest creations dame fashion
has produced.
PIrik's Crockerj  -mil Glassware Dept.
Our invoice has arrived for the
first shipment of our New Limo
ges China. We will have a complete assortment, but each piece
will be sold separately so that
you can make up whatever combination pleases your taste.
li is .in unique design in a small, delicate, clearly re-jis
tered pink rose   expeel ii lo arrive ver) soon.
Our Goods are
Ask to See Our
Egyptian Novelties
Ask to See Our
New Souvenir Goods
Mineral Float.
iiif sms m MmW'
i. B. Henjamin, inaungerof thi
t,,.jj^t>  Hull Kiver Power Co., wns in theI 	
-ri-ltilitni"- ''i'V Sunday.    Mr. Benjamin was     tiI(,   situation at the   Nortii
mi his way to Spo'aue  for tie 0(,„ ...     . ,   ,,
purpose of pnrehnsins n drilling ISliu M,,,G ,s mucl1 ,h" si""" ils
plant to be used  in connection
with   the    improvements    now
going on at Bull river.
Simonds   Crosscut   Saws
mt)    NOW     IN     STORE      9
Have You
Detective Eiiesiom?
Hull   il yu     nlil.-   i'iiiiii-   fi'i.in    iii
T'hollsiiinU Mill,-r lYiim nyo strain wltlliilll klll-wl
lili'l .
If you lllllil [lorfl. 'I I'ision, yini -In"I j huvi
.'>'.'« I'Vlllllilli'il often.     A slight i'lll I'W'tinn lllllj
|,i'l'fi','l   vi-iim
ll ml nf your life.
('  I'll.   Wlltl'll   I"- IOI'   '   I'""'-''   N'OHl    ":i--   I)
®he prospector.
SATUUDAY, OCT, 211. 1907
District ol Kootenay !l   trict ol Koi tcnaj
Take notice that   Jiime    *s   Hal   - ■■      rAKt       I	
,,l Cranbrook,   ll '   , occupation   loll     ■ Wash, occiipnl
cltor, Intends to apply lol   n   i| b       nl   Timtai ti nil
tnnlii'i' liconce ovei   the lollov ni    le- i.|n 	
scribed  lands '     '      mnl
i lomrnem Ina    al    a    po I    planteil ■ .  i
about   -i"   chain th ol mile pom - thi        tl
No,   i j ih,- --., i  i tidal y ol Lol        i    corner of tlmbei      	
\:,-,,    Oroup    I.    Kootenay   DI tl let then  100 chain    I
thonco   north   16(1 chains thence on > -- - : .      p,   n   Ifiiil
I,    uhiiin     thence    -.mi h   I'll chains, thonee  nortl     In    li ih      tin nre i    •
tin.,ii o      - i    i" ' --  '■     '      Place of! nin,ut Kin -,,,.- ■
commencoment '
|i,,l,-,|    ■-,-;,t     I'ltli.   I "i'i" :.    linillil,                             .Ininoi   A    ll-" I' ■'■-                  tli,  I'.in I:
In.im i i,l Kootonuy ll! ''-" ' "'■ '*• " '■'-
1AI-.I-:  notice  tlml   LovtIh  «     I'al       TAI I"      lice I    ■     fl ll   ,
 re,     nl     l'l.Hll.I'li'l  .I''  '*       '"''llll'l1"'"        '        '"."'       "''  ''■      '"'"I" II    l.lllMlK
inu,   iinii-ni    in la to i.Pi'ii    Iiii   o
special   tlmbei   licence   nvei   the lol     I
lowlns dese 'I t""'1
r,,lnii"'"i'iNj'    al     II    I'"-'1     l'l"""'l   "
nboul    »i« nnil   n    liall    mile     -'■" I    "
im i
I lii'iii-
nillli   KII     i I"
nil nhaln», ilii'ii.i'  th Ho ohi
ollice   nl commencement.
I,,.wii-    W.    l'n I nn.liiml,- i .  Hth,   WO?
'il i,n chain    "  '
^^^^^^ li   ,,i  Hn-  .    ,n
,..i,.   n  i    -.ui'i    nl   Hmiii'i   licence   Kiifl'l
,,,.,1         Ill I    I luiin <   to   ell   I
in ,   ■    iliil .1 ■    ill  C    I'    II      I'm,   thonee
vi'Hl    '"ii"    I" ' I nlni.   ill,-in-   nai i    nboul
i i    n,n chains,  thence   nnrth   in
11-.,in    I-- plnee "I  lieuliininii
un--   I.    nuiii.
II    j    linli'.l   Hepl    nuiii.   I'm; III
it -*
Remember   the plnee to pet  Homo
Unite I'niiily. fresh dully  'The Palm'
Mrs. A. Iv Watts nnd dniighter
j wore Crunbrook visitors Wed ties-
I1'  .1   Gilisple of  Viti uver,
ru I in'sent ini;' llie   Kxeolsior   I,ile
[nsiirniico Compuny, wns visii
Ing his smi Mr. J. A.i'illispio on
li. Watts and J. Watts ol
Waltsbui'K wore in town Siiiiir
titty lasl mi business.
ft    .1.  Smyth, editor of  lho
Mm i" I lender was iu lown  Molt
Countable ,lou. Wulsli nl* ftori
sii'i'ie   sponl   Kuniliiv   lusi    nl
I llllllll K.
'I' Campbell ul lValliiee,Idiiho,
und li  MiKni'iinnl of ii."  Norili
Star Mine spout Kiin-lii--   lust  in
I 'mule	
Chiel Justice a Morrison ol
\ iini'fi ivi i. and Rarrisler, s S
Til lul "I Nelson unii' iii the eiiy
Salurihiy lasl,
-I     I'eri;  nl    New    Wesl III i lisl el'.
A Siiilierlaiid nl Nelson, W II
Chirk ol I.umlmi. Kn." , IV !•
.'•.i"i,i"ii:'.,l. nml W I.' limes ol
Ton  nud I!   I;  Cockeritm -i
I .1 ■:' ri I .   -'.i'li' !'in-,Is III  Ilir I'lll
 I   -s iiiiIii.V lusi-
,l;i|i in,  il  i , Sllill,  llll     been   I'.',
i'lu hm' i 'lum' it! laborers! Inm
inn     I'ountiv    iiiiili'i*    Ihe     law
|lll    ml ,i   IMIIII, ll ji'f.lIlill   In
lln in lieit " Uml llin luii'lt for
m -' li lower wu^'ns Iliun lhe
.llipiiuese Vol, sl iiinj.n'ly enough
Jnpun oliji'i'is in nny other
country dnulirif* with her fiwn
people in ihe sninn iiiiiniinr ns
sin deals wilh ihe Cliiin	
R, Creech ol Vancouver, S, tl.
Ain.silen. of Detroit, .1. Vi. McKee nl' Revelstoke, I). Stafford ol
Coleman, II. W. Davidson and
ft, Schmidt of Toronto were
registered ut the Crunbrook Sunday Inst.
W. A. Parrott and A. .1. Bales
ul Vancouver, W, Henderson of
Victoria, and W. ('. Donavan of
Spokane, were at the Cranbrook
t hus been during the ]iusl youi.
A number of men who hnve been
prospecting with the diamond
drill liuve been laid off, but
others liuve been put on. und the
work at the mine is steadily progressing Smnll regular shipment are boing made, nnd ns a
whole the mine is looking exceedingly well.
At the Aurora mine, whieh is
located on the west side of Moyie
lake, work is progressing, unci ii
is reported thul u vein of silver-
lead, iwo feel in thickness has
GRANBROOK  LAND DISTRICT.     heo 11 tapped.
District oi Kooteuuy. li   is   reported    thai    Chas.
'AKB notice liml Otto L. Quills, j.*.,,.,-,.!!. tin- owner of the Society
-I Upokune, Wash, occupation Lands ''
  *^™"^^ IJIrl, will soon commence development work oii the mine.
Severn 1 vein's ago Mr. Farrell
mucin a number of shlpmentsof a
high grade ore, and it! the presenl time there is considerable
oro mi ihe dump.
Placor mining bus been u
steady commercial business in
lhis ilisirict for over foriyyours.
As a Held for expansion in
milling, und one where we ure
iiiilurally ftivot'od, ihe Cran-
brook district presents n golden
< > I > j i (1111111 i 1 v *.
The ore bodies of Ibis  dislriel
vary considerably according lo
loeu lion.
There consists n demand for
ull kinds ol mining iniichinory in
lhis dislriel.
11 is unless lo close one's eyes
in ihe fuel ihal u greal change
is rapidly coming lo lhe niiuernl
prosperity of the Cranhrook
There nre several mining
propositions near Crunbrook,and
itonds tn upply r . ..
special timlier licenco ovor tIn- [ol
lowing described lands:— Commou-
i-iin; nt  ji posl  plnnted nl  tho Soutli
v.-:-t corner of lot 0173, thenco west
•sn ehnlns, thonco nortii 12(1 chains,
i lnnu',' enst In i'liiiiiis, tlionco soutli
80 chains, tlionco cast In chains,
liii'iiri' south iu i'liiiiiis to place ol
Otto  I,,   llullis.
Dated   Sept, 30th,   1907. 43
Districl of Kootenay.
'I'jikr uiitii'i' iimi Jnmos M, w.
Hnll. nf Boston, '!;,:->.. occupntton,
agent, Intends to ;i|ij»ly for pornils
.nmi lu pnrchnso the following ile
scribed   liinil.
Commencing nl n pnst plnnleil ut
tho southonsl cornor of Lot 722:'.
Clroup I. KiKiii'iniy Dlatrlct, thonco
nortli   lu i'liiiiiis In  Hie iiiil'tliensl  cur
ni'l'   nf   sniil   Liil   7222,  Hi c suulli
"nsfiTly following Die boundnry ol
tiie ul.nu! mi whicli suid northoust
eornor   ,.i   Lol  7221! Is   Bltlinto to n
point  'hu1 mist  nf imlnl nf I'liitini'i	
ment, thonco wosl lo poinl "l com
men ont,
-IJIIIII'S    ,M.     W.    llllll.
Dated  Uctobor  lltth,   11107, 13
District, nt Kootenay,
Tuko   notlco   tlml  l"rnnk 11   Unlet,
nf I'Vi-nii'. Hi'.  upatlon Mniiiii'i
nuiii.   iiiii'inis   i,<   niiply fnr pci'iiils
-     I"     plllTlllISi'     llll'  'flillnwilll-   ill'
-llllll'll lllllil
Conn icing nl  n  pnsl   pluntod mi
ili<> custom boundary of un Island In
ilir Kootonay Itlvor at II -ilii'nsi
corner "f Lot 7222, tlionco wesl to
llm westerly boundnry of sold Isluml
ilii'ii" iilii'ilv   --ll,,unu:  Hie  wesl
"in     In, Ill'"v   Ol    -uiil     Islnllil   Iii   Its
nn,.i northerly point, tlionco south
-.i-'i-rlv following Hie custom
lloundnry nf sniil Isluntl to poinl ol
ciuiiitienenniont, mnl holng nil nf
..nni  Islllllll  iimiii nl said   Lnl   7222.
l-'llllll. II   II	
Dated  flclolioi   ITLIi.   IU07. 1,'t
Notlco,    Uml    .liiincii    Noll,
sft Air aft sft m- m- Stft m- m- m- Ar Ar Sm- *. ' Ar 3m lit m- tA. m- Aa m- Ut* m- m- Ut
^K ^r. rtt, n\. nt n. ^4t.rj\. nt r^. ^^ ^^.^^ n\ -t-nt nt ^t\ ^tt ^n ^tt nt ^t\ *^ ^b, *w n\
S   W" *•*■'*' could make our advertisements half as at-   J.
tractive as our Clothing,  our business would be   *
tripling instead of doubling
Our clothing is made according to om* own ideas
■ftt o -     -■  - ;-■
_S we don't  take whatever the manufacturers see lit to
_S oiler us, not much!
A       They tell ns we are "cranks".     All right,   if we   m
i weren't   our patrons would not be able to get the ex-   9
i cellent clothing we sell, A
1   SUITS. ILOXJO 10 $30,00   1
9. tf*
■ft Wli will deem it a pleasure, Sir, to have the 9
9 privilege of showing you our handsome FALL 9
9 GARMENTS   Call. 9
9 DirniTifi   in»nmini«« I
.  ■ **>+*■      vivivv      uv     W\J\J*\I\S
wmom $!5.oo up  %
3D    Keid liloel
Cruiilirooli. H.C
11 lew other iniliisiries whlcl
will inuiie ibis cily u lively om
nexl spring,
Why Cough to Tho Coffin
T It  V
Notlco is horoby glvnii Hint thirty
dnys nftor dnto I intend lo upply
in Hie II uiiiile llie OI1I0I O mis
iner   nf   Lniiils   unit   works   fnr a
Dr. Scott's Prescription i','!ii!!'„''in'" !"' "'''' ''"'''''"''"'''"'''
No. II'I in-
Cold Cure   Tallies
lescnlicii    lullds,    iiiliintc
.iliniii   siil 1 mill's iiinlh of the lu
l.ornutlonnl   lloiindary   mul   nboul   2
miles eust nf Hie li'lnilicuil liner.
1. I'lnnnu'iii'hir- nt u pnsl iiuil'licil
\\. 1'. Minor's sniiilii'iiHi cornor;
1 lieu nillli   "iiiiii,v   eliuins, llience
I'hey do llie worli   uml   nrresl   "v"1,   l'll;ll''v   l'1!'!""1'    ""'",'''   ""I1!1'
•' eighty  clialns,   tl ce   nisi,    oiglity
eliuins    In   pliict'   nt i-iunmi'lli't'iui'lil,
containing Oil) ncros moro or less.
W. 0, Mlllor, I iiiui'.
I.ni'uli'il Augusi 30r.li, 1907,
2. Oomnionciug  ut n post itmrkod
I Matt   ItccH southwest cornor, thonco
,. _ .     n     1 i iiiulli    eighty    ehnlns,   tlience   enst
Where It Pays to Deal.      eighty chains, ttioi  south oighty
! cliuius, tlience wesl. eighty ehulns tn
pluee   nf   I'liiiniii'iicctiii'ni, contaltitng
the most sliititioru cold
Beattie &. Atchison
1 inner   ui   com mon cemo in 1 containing
\ MIGHTON'S lli STEWART'S fflltliiisi.,
/ i'',,,.   *(*    **\\i\X*t* tl' [ciuirlcs    Lynclt's   uintlieust   cornor,
ti   V > I J.* *     I       iTJUM Kr   't,     ,|,||(l]  ij.iyois'n   |,'|,'l l'l' s l'l IU K        tltulteo   snntli   eiljlify    eluilus,   tlience
fi Si'
inn"    niHicn,    nun     .lnnu       Nni,  . -r-
,'<  nilllil'i  .nm T nn Woi-l.lt  / || vou w  ueiioil 8
mve retlrei  from llm business of llio fi     ..„,   _        ' »  llenihiuurlers lor:
::iiitz ,',l,;^nles,s":,i,,rl,,!,;:r,!ret"!:: j M,,tl «'"»'*^ l     «..vi.a«.» <.hai>ku
'-■ni" ii Iii   Kdwiinl    Watts   und K TRY fi!        CIIOIUK TllKAV tlllAI'HS
\n.lii'ii   Kenyim, wim will col I  nil 4 1\ I'lNK AI'I'Lli'.H
aillMB:^!   La Fortuna I ^.ZJo^ZlmH
■ h s llalbmll.il iiinl 'I'li,.uiiu! Worth *• !,'■ <            H'Mrt IUH.H
 ■ :;:„|     cigars     Jj| s„.
ni,   fi R     .1    MIOUTAM f
ii       ri
ill mil  I j.|„iii Mile f	
"iini'.l     by    .,-,i,l    «j,n,il,uni   II
'n    nih'i- lliu. liuh
Stewarts Pine Chocolates
Si?w!'','ii'u' '* S,-Jl M'GHTON
Dated   ut. fr ,„,i,,   i, r , n,n,  J»       The Tobacconist       ||       HUGH   OTEWARI
(yH    ,, thoncu
vvi'Hl ulghty rlmirri, LhontiO nurlli
I'lKhty rlmiriH, thenco Oftflt; olKhty
(IiiiIiih   in  pluco  nf oonimoiicoinont,
riinlitJiihiK OKI ucrOH mun   nr Ichh.
; C'lmt'lcH Lynch, hue.
1     l.i.r.'ili'd  AijkiihL 20tll,  I0O7.
I. OnininoncliiK nl. n poet inat'kad
! Itny iiiij'm noi'tliwoHl enrnnr, thoiicn
| smiih oiglity ''ImiiiH, thonco mint
oiglity chnliiH, tlionco north olKhty
jcliiiiiiri, thonco wosl oiglity rlmiim,
in iiIhco ur coniiiioiicomunti contain
Ing (I'M) ncrriR nutru uv Ichh.
Hoy lllll, Locnlor,
l.ni.ili'il Angiifll 20th,  11(07        lo
in ISssesessssssssstssessses-ssSI Phone 75       fti'instronii, ftve. I     a-itoU-ki in Uto rioipootor.


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