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The Prospector Apr 24, 1909

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Array Mt.r«ry nf ,.... An.
Vol. 15.
<Jn i on jmjty l a b l£>
CRANBROOK,   B.C.,   SATURDAY,   APRIL    '34,   1909.
No. 27
The Board ot Railway
Shareholders   Meeting.
commissioners tor Canada.
City Gonncii.
communications. Public School    nave oroanized.
A   meeting    ut the shareholders uf
I the Aurora Mining Company was held
| in the office of the company ut Moyie
^^^^_^^_^^^^_^^^^^^^^^_^-^^^_^^^^^^^—^_ !on Monday afternoon.    Almost     tho
Upon heuring complaints from many I charge of the construction uf railway . entire stock was represented, .1. A.
Individuals, public bodies and muni-1 entered upon Improved and enclosed Harvey, V. Rollins, .!. I'. Kink ami
eipnlities that railway companies are land, threw down the femes, made no j J. I). Mciiride, all of Oranbrook,
not complying with the provisions of attempt to eneh.se the right of way, were, in attendance,
section 2ii4 of the Hallway Act, and allowing stock to get mil upon the [ A number of the Oranbrook share
tlint much hardship is caused by the highways, thus Injuring crops, and in | holders crossed the lake and inspect-
cxemption provided for in subsection some instances this,, cattle were kill- led tho mine which gave every Indicu-
4 of the said     section, and upon re-  ed upon distant railway tracks. Who* i tion of being a large ami paying pr<
quest being made that the Board in- ther these wrong-doers were inde
torvono, as provided for by said sub- pendent contractors, or servants or
section, and upon hearing what was oflieirs uf thc railways under con-
said upon behalf of the railway com- struction did not appear, but so fur
panics,— as this Hoard has power, it. is deter-
IT IS ORDERED mined that such highhanded and un*
That all railway companies subject reasonable conduct shall const)
to the jurisdiction of this Hoard, The Hallway Act is clear upon the
shall, as to all railway lines complet- questions of fencing and cattle guards
ed, owned, or operated hy them, whe- and the time lias arrived when some-
ther or not the lands on either side thing must be done to compel the oh-
of the railway are enclosed, settled
or improved—
1 Within one year from this date
erect aud maintain, on each side of
the right of way (1) fences of a minimum height of four leet six inches,
with swing gates, eighteen feet in
width, at farm crossings, with minimum height aforesaid, with proper
hinges or fastenings; (2) cattle guards
on each side of the highway at every
highway or rail level. Provided that
sliding or hurdle gates, constructed
before the 1st day of February, 1904,
and farm gates of a minimum width
of sixteen feet, constructed before the
1st day of April, 1909, may be maintained.
2 The railway fences at every highway crossing shall he turned into the
respective cattle guards on each side
of the highway.
3 All fences, gates and cattle
guards shall be suitable or sufficient
to prevent cattle and other animals
from gettiug on the railway.
4 As to lines not yet completed or
opened for traffic, or in course of construction, all such companies shall
(1) Erect fences, gates, and cattle
guards as aforesaid ns the line of
railway is gradedf
(2) If not yet opened for traffic,
then such fences, gates and cattle
guards as aforesaid shall he erected
and maintained before such railway
shall be opened for traffic.
(3) Where the railway is being
constructed through enclosed Iivnds,
it shall he the duty of the railway
company to at once construct such
fences so that cattle and other ani-
malB cannot escgpe, or injury be
caused by them to crops.
5 Where in mountainous, or other
sections of the country, it shall be
made to appear to the board that no
necessity exists for the fencing or other works hereinbefore directed, the
company or companies may apply to
the Board for exemption from fencing
and other works, and such exemption
may be mode as the Board deems proper.
t> All railways now in operation
shall, within one year, construct and
mnintain suitable and proper highway crossings at all such as may he
opened for travel, and additional
ones at once upon such highways being from time to time opened for
7 All railways* not yet opened for
traffic, or hereafter constructed, shall
before the same are opened for traf-
i'c, construct and maintain suitable
and proper highway crossings at nil
s ieh us may be opened for travel,
nnd additional ones at once upon
sueh highways being from time to
time opened for travel.
8 All such crossings shall comply
With the standnrd conditions of the
'on d, which are as follows,—
fl) That, unless otherwise order-
d by the   Board,     the width of ap-
r aches to rural     railway crossings
r highways be twenty feet    road
face on concession and main roads
d sixteen feet on side     and     hush
I That a strong, substantial
fence or railing, four feet six inches
high, with a good post cap (four inches hy four Inches), a middle piece
of timber (11 inches hy ti Inches,) and
a ten Inch hoard .Irmly milled to the
bottom of the posts to prevent snow
from blowing of! the elevated roadway, ho constructed on each side of
evory appronch to a rural railway
crossing, where the height ls six feet
or more above tho level of the adjacent ground,—leaving alwayB a cloar
road surface twenty feet wide.
(It) That tho width of approaches
to rural railway crossings made in
cuttings be not less than twenty feet
clear from bank to bank.
(4) That, unless otherwise ordor-
ed by the Board, thc planking or paving blocks or broken stone, topped
with crushed rock screenings, on rural railway crossings over highways
(between the rails and for a width of
at lenst eight inches on the outer
sides (thereof) be twenty feet long on
concession and main roads, and sixteen feet on side nnd bush road*.
The Chief Commissioner:
At every sitting of thc Board from
Winnipeg to Victoria complaints were
made against the railway companies
in connection with tho fencing, or rather the defective and non-fencing of
their rights .if way, and that the law
regarding cattle guards was not complied with. Claims innumerable for
stock killed, nnd refusal to make
compensation were disclosed. Many
enses appeared where stock had been
killed upon the track and fnrmers
were afraid to ask for compensation
for fear of being evolved ln endless
position in the near future
Over one thousand leet of tunnel
and shafts have been driven, and the
breast of the tunnel now carries six
feet of solid ore, whicli assays 3G
ounces in silver and 39 per cent lead.
The mine is equipped with a complete compressor plant, and has been
very economically worked, the aver ,
age cost of driving tunnel, and upraise, including transportation of I
coal und supplies across tho lake has
been about $11) per foot. The com-i
pany arc working on a cash basis1
and have no Indebtedness of any
The shareholders congratulated
manager Felton for the close atten-
I tion paid by him to every detail of
farm crossings of the minimum height. the working of the property,
aforesaid, with proper binges and I In conclusion one might say thnt!
fastenings, provided that sliding or i the Aurora has the earmarks of be-
hurdle gates constructed before Feb- j ing one of the large shipping mines
rtlary 1, 1904, may be maintained and of tho district in the near future, as i
(c) Cattle guards on each side of! well as being a dividend paying pro- :
the highway at every highway cross- j perty to its shareholders, who, by
ing at rail level with the highway.       the way, are mostly all local people,
2 The railway fences at every such , who are fully conversant with the!
highway crossing shall be turned in-; property and who have not entered
to the respective cattle guards on j into the scheme of developing the
each side of tbe highway. J mine with their eyes closed.
3 Such     fences,     gates and cattle
servance of its provisions.
Sec. 2f>4 provides as follows:
1. 'The Company shall     erect   and
maintain upon the railway
(a) Fences of a minimum height
of four feet six inches on each side of
the railway.
(b) Swing gates in such fences at
guards shall be suitable aud sufficient j
to prevent cattle nnd other animals
from getting on the railway.
4 Wherever the railway passes \
through any locality in which the
lands on either side of the railwny j
nre not enclosed and either settled or j
improved, the company shall not   be
.mpiuvBu   luB laumyuu    -uui uul   u.  th   third week, is perhaps thc
required to erect and maintain   such  teatimnnv nf t.h-i -,n»reri ,t..,n
The fact that these meetings     are
still being well attended and this   is
testimony of the appreciation of   the
people.   Last Sunday Dr.  Toy spoke
to the young people  in  the Presby-
_,           ,          .                   i ..    « *.i,n I terian church, and to men only in the
There     has     been no order of the | nttAt,.„„,„„,   „„,, „,,,, ,, „ ; ,,„,,
Board respecting fencing through uiv
fences, gates, and  cattle guards, unless   the   Hoard otherwise orders
I auditorium, and addressed a crowded
j house at eight. On Tuesday n meet-
J ing was held at the C. P. It. shops
! during   the  dinner   hour.   The  after
enclosed or unimproved  lands,'    and
the practice of the companies, so far
as I can learn,     has     been to leave,              ,, .   .                  ,  ,
theiP-rtnliW^mVv 'Mifel* unftaeerf,   n°°n presses are being enjoyed by
quite    a number.   Next Sunday will
be    the last  Sabbath  day  services
owner  or owners  would   be expected Iwhicil the evangelists will conduct.
A special meeting Of the city coun
Oil was held on Friday evening of last
week. There were present Mis Worship Mayor Fink, nnd Aldermen Baker, Hunt. Ryan and Jackson.
On motion of nldermcn Baker nnd
Hunt, leave was granted to introduce
by-law No. 152, being tbe rate by-law.
It was moved by alderman Baker
and Rynn that by-law Nn. ti2 be read
a tirst nnd second time,
On motion of Aldermen Baker and
Ryan the council resolved into a com*
; mittee of the whole, with the mayor
in the chair to consider by-law No.
112, clause by clause. On rising the
committee reported progress.
Moved by Aldermen Baker und Ryan that it being deemed necessary to
expedite the passage of by-law No.
62 leave was granted to introduce
said by-law for its third reading. -
Carried. By-law No. 02 was then
read a third time.
Oo motion of aldermen Hunt and
Jackson leave was granted to introduce by-law No. G3, being the City of
Cranbrook Debenture Loan By-law
No. 6.
On motion by-laW No. 63 was then
read a first and second time.
The council then resolved into a
committee of the whole to consider
by-law No. 63 clause by clause with
the mayor in the chair.
it being deemed necessary to expedite the passage of said by-law No.
63, leave was granted to int.oduce
by-law No. 63 for its third reading
Carried. Snid by-law was then read
a third time.
On motion of aldermen Hunt and
Jackson it was moved that the votes
of the electors on by-law No. 63 be
taken on the 4th day of May, 1909,
between the hours of 9 n.m., (10
o'clock local time) and 7 p.m., (8 p.
m., local time) at the Municipal
building, Baker street, Cranbrook,
und that T. M. Roberts be appointed
returning officer with power to appoint a poll clerk. That the publication of said by-law No. 6&*-be published in the Cranbrook Herald of April 22nd and 29th, and in the Cranbrook Prospector of April 24th and
May 1st.
Thc council adjourned at 9.30.
All communications must i>« written on one side of the paper, and
with name of writer to insure publication.
Editor of the Prospector,
Respecting By-laws No, ill and 63,
which are about to be placed before
the ratepayers [or tholr sanction or
rejection, little has been said with re
gnrd to these bylaws, and 1 think
that a full explanation of those by
laws is due the good citizens id
Regarding bylaw  No. 61, which giv
MARCH 31st   1909.
Frid It. Anderson, Teacher
Number in attendance      .. .36
Avorage     :.2 "4
Ray Armstrong, Martha Bennett.
Arthur Fowler, Rose Oaskill, Jessie
Kennedy, George Ken, Milton Leek,
Mamie Mnckoy, Jessie McCowan, Lii
Han McCowan, Karl Stevenson, Irene
Wade, Virginia Tucker
Miss    Caldwell,    Teacher
Number In attendance      ..30
Average     2G 1)4
Lauretta Armstrong, Florence Batfc
es certain privileges to the Kootenay  io- Fraud Cryderman, Wilfred Dallas,
Telephone   Lines     Ltd., I think that   Vill,!>'   ""Vis,     Frances
everyone is aware that at the present
time this company is working under
privileges obtained through tho pur
chase of the Telephone System from
the Cranbrook Electric Light Co, (the
telephone ami electric light systems
being formerly run under one company, known as the Cranbrook Electric Light Co., Ltd.) Thc gentlemen
controlling the Electric Light Co.,
found, that on account of the necessity of having to enlarge and expand
the  telephone system,  it  would      be
until the adjacent
had erected     side
owner or owners i,
fences, when such j
to call upon tbe company to erect its
fences.   Cases, however, were present-
In the afternoon n special song ser-1
1 vice will be held open to all, men and !
ed where the side fences had been I women\ Am,onff .oth«* n,,™»era JJr.
long since erected, but yet the rail- SSffS8,W'n.* * ?B.the old ffTOrlJ?'
way fences bad not been erected. ! ;Th,e  Ho*  °tt* J?   rffquest      Dr']
We have been furnished with no in- J* " .ft0*. at. ?? "/ternoon ser-
formotion by the railway companies i ce will be the interesting one "The
of the amounts paid by them forIth™ app**rl«g8 °f J?UB'« , *.. !
cattle killed upon their lines, or of ™?m «'ho purpose to attend the
the number of claims they have dta-;evc»lD* service will do well to come
puted, but from the large number of •"£ "J the auditorium wil no doubt
cases that were brought to the atten- I )fi crowd.ed °n th.e lttBt Sa^ath even-
tion of the Board where compensn- | ^ 8eft*? J" tn.e. evangelists Dr.
tion has not been made, the better; Toy will take as hm subject what the
opinion perhaps is that the disputed *»»' christian statesman Gladstone
jlaims vastly exceed those in which aeclftrea lo " " "" " ",,nH ""
settlements  huve  been  made,  If not,
the companies have been paying out-,        . ....   ,   ,.        , ,,        ..
very largo sums that would have PH! l'*1? A"1 tbl ',arewe * .!?0(>£lng
been much better spent in protecting;wlu bE, I1?1"1 on Monday night. Dur-
tholr rights ol way : Ing     Friday,     Sunday   ami Monday
?.      .      .     , „        ,     ,     ,1 nights a free will offering will be re-
Now tie statute defines clearly the ceived for Dr. Toy> whic„ is nls solc
kind of fence and cuttle guard that; remuneration, It is hoped that many
must be provided; the fence must be will ,lvall themselves ol this oppor
at least four foot. (, Inchon high, and tunlty 0, showing their practical ap-
it and the cattle guards must be 1)rcdatlon of his services to thc com-
'suitable and sufficient to prevent cat-' munlty.
tie  nnd  other  animals  from  gottlng   ■ ,.       ' .
on the railway.' j ^^ ^ from t||o opc,.n.|im o[     Uw
It is just as incumbent upon     the order, when, If conditions arc   shown
companies to fence against bogs as it  Umt snrh collrm win ontalI n„ ,,.,rrl
be     the only question,
"What shall 1 do with Jesus."
There will be no service ou Satur-
Is against horses, yet it is not pre- „,,, „,,„„ lhc ]mMk.% thp ,!om.,i ,miy
tended that any attempt has heon 80 a0clar8, The like cour.se may bo
made to do so, and Inatancos whore: tttlton wh,,re railways arc in courso of
given where farmers had so many construction, and as to such latter,
hogs kil od that they were compclod i whon nppucatlon is made to open lhc
road    for    traffic, tllo fences, catth
guards, highway  and  farm crossings
and gates shall all form part of tlie
Paris, April 22—The annual report
of the British chamber of commerce
here calls attention to the *>**.tcnt to
which the trade of Canada has prospered during the past year and to
the ratification of the Franco-Canadian treaty, to which great importance is attached, as showing that thc
Dominion is coming into the forefront of the battle for the world's
(J P. R.
Proposes  to
Branch Line.
to abandon any   attempt     to     raise
It seems to be the practice ia Man ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Itoba, Saskatchewan, aomo parts oil work necessary to be complete
Alberta and British Columbia, to re-1 cording to the statute and thc Board's
move tbe cattle guards eat hvly iu the i regulations, before permission Is giv-
winter time. This is done, it wns '. en to operate the road. I am convtn-
snid, to facilitate the operation of cod that this course will, in the end,
tlio snow ploughs. It was not shown ■ bo less expensive lor tlie railway com
by any railway export Hint this prac-' panics, as the erection of fences, gat-
thc is accessary, but It. was shown es, 4c, can all lie carried on at tho
by many Saskatchewan (armors that i time of construction at less cost than
It was more Important to thorn to J later on, to say nothing of saving
have thc cattle guards In place dur- liability for damage claims for stock,
Ing winter than any other season, as. killed and law costs In defending, even
daring tlie other seasons their cattle I tf successful.
were mostly pasturing In the lulls In Many complaints were made that
charge nf lierdorH. At any rate those in tho construction of the railway
cattle guards have been removed dur- lines thc highway crossings were left,
ing the winter months without, au- ; In an impassable state, causing eiul-
thorlty and unless a great deal more joss Inconvenience and trouble to the|
can be shown than has yet appeared, public. I confess I am at a loss tu
the practice must cease. Furthermore I understand Bitch disregard of the
thc railwny companies must, establish j rights of others anil such sclllsh and
and maintain cattle guards that will, Inconsiderate conduct upon tho purl,
prevent cattle and other animals from of those constructing the railways,
gottlng upon the railways. This iw or responsible for their construction,
tho requirement of the luw, and I if those works arc let out to contrnc-
know of no reason why it. should not. tors, the railway companies may as
bo complied with. well nt once understand that    thoy
The    provisions   of    clause 4 have \ must make some provision in     their
Ottawa, April 20—Beforo the railway committee today W. 13. Knowles
presented a hill incorporating thc
Kootenay and Alberta railway com-
pany to build lines of railffnys, one
from a point on tbe muin line of the
O.P.It. between Pincher and Cowley
stations in Alberta westerly through
North Kootenay Pass and southerly
along the valley of the Flathead river
in British Columbia to the international boundary, and (2) from a
point, between Pincher and Cowley
Kintions ensterley and southerly
through tho town of Pincher Creek,
Fisbburn settlement, Cardston and
along the valley of Less Creek to
f'outts on the international boundary.   The iilli was reported.
London, April 21—Tho Duke of Argyll, opening a clothings exhibition
said recently that ho bad met a man
wearing a tie which was eppnicntly
silk but which proved to be Canadian
wood pulp. Tho duke predicted a
tlm.. when all clothes would be made
of pulp.
been abused, and this statutory ex
omptlon from fencing baa boon used
by the companies to free themselves
from making compensation in Innumerable    cases   of meritorious claims.
This condition of affairs cannot, be. ies. Those highway crossings can ho
permitted to continue; ll works great constructed at less expense when the
hardship upon the public and is of grading Ik being done than later on.
little or no benefit to the railway alter tbe road Is completed; and with
companies.   The     conditions    In tbe | respect to roads not yet. completed,
contracts that will compel their contractors to treat the public with
dinary decency.   This hoard Ims
control over the contractors and i
deal  only  will,  tbe railway  compel!
Vancouver, April 21—The full court
this morning lined editor Stanley of
the Pernio District Ledger, |100 and
demanded the publication nf an apol
ogy in thc Ledger. In the judgment
the court Huid : ".fudge and courts
ure open to criticism but no person
is at liberty to impute motives to a
judgment and hope to escape the con-
sequences of his remarks by showing
that he wrote under a sense of being
injured and without due consid.ru
tinii or thought.
west have greatly changed sinre this
exemption was granted to the companies, and as they are compelled at
some stage of the undertaking to or
they will not he opened for traffic Until every hirhwny crossing opened for
traffic is put. into condition called for
hy  the  Hoard's regulations,   An    to
ect fences.' I am"clearly of tho "opinion these railways now in operation, all
that no hardship will be imposed If, highway crosMngn, opened for travel
that Mtngo Is made thc initial one.
I mn nwarc that in various parts
It would seem perhaps, that upon 0- tho coimtrv no nocossity now ex-
the whole the absence of fences along iBt8( und poBHib*y nmr vl\\\i -or thfJ
the right of way is a more fruitful orcction of fences. Tho formal order
source of loss to the rancher and the miiy contain a provision that rail-
farmer than defectlvo cattle guards. Wfty companies, thc lines of which
or their absence. have already been constructed,    may
Cases were given where    those    la apply to exempt certain sections    of
must ho put Into condition called for
by the regulations within one your j
from this date.
A draft order embodying  the fore-
going may he sent to all the compan- \
Ies, and its settlement spoken to by j
them     nt     the   May meeting of the!
Board at Ottawa,
March 2.1, 1909.
.1. H. Drownloo Of Spokane, presi
dent of the Federal Mining nnd
Smelting Company, and HI, Clayton
Miller, general munager of the same
company, were in town Wednesday.
Messrs, Mrownlee nnd Miller, in
com puny with .fames Klnlay, local
manager of the Sullivan Group Mining Company, visited Kimberley and
Mnrysvillc during the enrly part of
this week and Inspected the Sullivan
property. As a result ol this inspection It is rumored that the Sullivan
mine and smelter will resume opera
tions June 1st.
^^^^^^^^_ mnoiid
.rtle Heard
Miss Taylor, Toucher.
Number  in  attendance   f,il
Average  46.5C
Catherine   Whltmorc, Gordon Wall*
inger,   Harriett      Kennedy,      (Ion Ion
Fowler,      Oracle    Higgles,   Vincent
Kink, Archie Ohisholm,
Miss Ross, Teacher.
Number in attendance  lit.
much   more   convenient     to separate, Average  43.82
the electric lights and telephones and1 PERFECT ATTENDANCE
in nsking for privileges for the tele-      Delia  Dow,   Ralnsford   Parks,   Noel
phone    system,   they are really only   Wallinger, Lawson Cadwallader, Evan
separating   the   two companies, and  Ross,   Pleasant   Dinkley,   Valery    De
are asking for privileges in their own  Ornee,   Harry Dorrls, Daisy Fan-ant,
name, which they now have in anoth-  HeI<-'» McKInstry, Wilfred Stone, Dor
er firm's name; so therefore, the peo- °™y   whltmorc, Helen West. Gordon
pie, if they fuvor granting these prl- McKinnon.
vileges, are not granting more    than, DIVISION V
they have at the present time, but are Miss Hull. Teacher
simply giving them permission to do Number In attendance  10.23
business through direct permission in- Average  44,4"!
stead of doing it through permission i PERFECT ATTENDANCE
granted to another company, which; Evelyn Burton, Wilfred Cadwallan
permission, as stated before, was <«r, Francis Cadwaltander, Mil,
turned over to them by the Cran- prummond, Clarence Hi'ckenbotham
brook Electric Light   Co.   In asking |™» Swain, .luck Cannon. Mali Orr
Lottie Stone.  Hazel  Stevenson, Oor
don Taylor, Sadie Woods.
Miss Elliott. Teacher
Number  in  attendance    5.
the people to approve of this by-law,
the council have arranged matters so,
that privileges appertaining to telephones grunted to the Electric Light
Co.  will be cancelled, und u contract ( ■■■■1..^
between tho  Electric  Light Co.,    and ' Average   4"!
thc City to this cficct is now In the I PERFECT ATTENDANCE
Council's hands; so therefore, in up-1 Howard Armstrong, Grace Doris,
proving this bylaw, the ratepayers | Oyril Grayson,' Hugh J. McDonald
ure only taking a telephone privilege Grace McFarlanc, Violet. Simpson
away from one company and grant- Keith,,Wassao, ".Roy -Joyce, Ada Mc
ing it to another. In view of the fact Kerfna(*» John BruV-ti* pttimle DtfHtels
that practically all of the stock in l DorUbn .Reed,, StanlejSiBtowart, Hoi-
this company is owned by parties   ini en Whltmorc, Belle McKinstry,  Eddu
East Kootenny, nnd that they pur
pose spending a sum somewhere in
the neighborhood of one hundred
thousand dollars in improving this
system and extending their line so as
to reach Alberta points on the east,
and Spokane, Nelson, and boundary
points on the west, I believe that it
would be to our interest to separate
these bylaws,  as requested.
add, as a business proposition thi:
bylaw should pass without a dissenting voice, as we haVe experienced the
great convenience and additional business obtained through the extension
of these lines to points like Moyie,
Kimberley, Wasa, Jaffray, Baynes,
Elko, and other points surrounding
Crnnbrook.   If   good     has
Old timers, river men, and Indians,
of Southeast   Kootenay   are     agreed
thnt     the     rivers will be filled with
flood waters before June, and It     h
F'mieht I •free'v predicted  that the  high  watei
mark of IHIM may be reached, if not
passed. The continued cold nights.
and the large amount of snow in tin
mountains, suggest that the wat'-i
will rapidly rise as soon us the wen
ther gets warm.
It is usual at this time of the ycai
for     the river to rise some three 01
Ited I *eet' ft     tlum recede.   This year
the river is low, and reports received
are to the effect that the snow le
from six to ten feet deep on the sum
mits, and if the snowsheds are drain
ed as they probably will be, high wa
ter nmy be expected in the Kootonaj
in getting in touch with these points
surely more good must result by having the lines extended to Creston and
other points farther away? 1 believe
that every citizen of Cranbrook is
proud of the fact that we have men
in our midst that have had such
great confidence in the prosperity and
future of this country and have backed this confidence by placing thousands of dollars into a telephone system reaching every point in Eastern
British Columbia,   Alberta,     Eastern ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Washington and Idaho, and making! Spokesman-Review England Is wor
Oranbrook tho central point of all tried over the mysterious disappear
this big system .ancc   of   thc   poet   Davidson.   Poets
Now with regard to Bylaw No. (53,1 are scarce now in England  and thej
a bylaw for street  lmpro\ement,  at j enn't afford to lose one
the last council  meeting  the matter
Current Comments.
There are more desirable jo
being Sultan of the Turks.
Sir  Wilfrid   Laurirr   promlsi
his government would build thc
of tnxes  was  gone  into  thoroughly
nnd we found that, in order to meet . ,
the expenditures that were absolutely *"' Ht'ctlf"1 of til(1 r'vuiui Tr,lllk fac*
necessary, that we would require    to | ?° «0H*,.?_f_lts„flurPUlM8,   f*   lt   flo!n8
necessary, that we would roq
go the limit in taxation, which is
23& mills. Included in these 231
mills are !i mills for school purposes,
aud considering the erection of 11 new
school, 5 mills would tiot he enough
to covet the expenses of that department. After fully considering the
question from every point, it was de
Nelson  News. ^^^^^^^
Calgary Herald The man who
broke the Bank at Monte Carl.., hai
nt last turned up. He is mi Englishman named Walker. He will piohab
ly ride after this
Nelson    News   Why   sll
dded in the best Interests of the 424,000, which thi
ratepayers, to ask them to pass a bylaw for ten thousand dollars for the
Improvement of our streets. My doing
this, the tuxes would be reduced this
year from 23J mills ti
of the collapse
bfl charged t
ild  thr  $6,
country lost as   1
Tlm country has not Inn
. thiH money, which should bi
I8J mills. and| ,„, „M „ \mti for ,)„. yoftr
I  the Q'lchi
capital account
how for
for payment   of these debentures un 	
der this bylaw, would require in foi- WHAT'S   THE USE
lowing years a rate of about one' Toronto Star Anyway, what dooi
mill; consequently, you can under Castro want to get hack to Vene/iie
stand the benefit obtained by spread-' la   for?   They've   changed   the com
ing   the cost of local  Improvements| hlnatlon on the vault since
over a period of twenty years, rather
than paying for such a large amount
as is now required, in one «ear, 1 nd
I  believe that it Is to every icepny
er'H   very
thin    bylaw ^^^^^^^^
pass without a dissenting voice
You will lind in the columns of this
paper a complete  list  of the streets
on whicli the money is to be spent,
Sincerely  yours,
.1   P. FINK,
la-, left
A number of business men and citi-
itons assembled in the committee room
of ih'- Cranbrook hotel op Tuesday
evening and organised an ngrtculttffal
society, .it which tlio following otlic
ei - were elected
Presidenl   Win   Hamilton
Vice President   l»   B, Dulmage.
Sec Trent.    .!   W   Rutledge
Exec Com Messrs •! W. Robinson
V c. McKinstry, V   A   Rollins.
Finance 1 om .1 K M. PInkbam*
l:   T   Brymner, .1   W   Rutledge.
Vdvertislng Com K E Simpson,
C   11   Allison, T   M   Roberts,
Attraction Com E. H. Small, V.
Hyde Maker, F. R Morris. C Van
Wormcr, w. A. Rollins,
Live Stock Com -l W Robinson,
N C. Ab-Kinstry, a Doyle, W. Bar*
Poultry Com W J. Atchison, W.
Caldwell, S, McDonald, C. H, Knocko,
Wm   Doran.
Fruit and Vegetable Com O. H.
Ash worth, A E Watts, .J. Laidlaw,
T. S   Gill, Geo. P. Tisdale.
Domestic Science O. T, Rogers, R.
S. Alkens, .1   P. Fink, 1. Manning.
Fine Aits I). .J McSweyn, J,
Hums and W. II.  Wilson.
School Exhibits J. S. McCallum,
M. A. Macdonald, P,  DeVcrc Hunt.
Industrial and commercial exhibits
.1 D. McBride, George Leask, O.
Staples, M. B. King, A. Leitch, S.
Taylor and Mr.  Raworth.
Strike in the Pass.
The coal minors' strike (n the
Crow's Nest Pass is still on. Hy a
vote of the miners, President Slier
man was sustained, but the socialistic clement lias counted Mr. Sherman
down and 1 mt The general impression is that no settlement will be
made at present.
District- Road Work.
Bond Inspector John Reid has a
large number of men at work on the
new Fort Stecle-Cranbrook road. The
new road will shorten the distance
between those points by about two
The Wattsburg load is also being
repaired and the Mission road lm
Toronto   Mail    and  Empire      How
swiftly    do   the     Ottawa   politicians
ust   interest to support  change.     Last     year    they were up
and   hope that It will' plaudlng the royal commission which
made rellections upon  Hon   Goo,    E
Foster, without hoar Ing hm side     ol
the CnS0,    Thin  year,  seeing  that  Men
*,rs   Pugsley and Tweed to. have    been
shown   up   hy   a  royal  commission.
they are telling iih that a loyal <	
mission must not be believed    Royal
commissions, they allege, are liable to
  tie   partisan,  and   it   is nut wise tn
CONTRACT LET. "'"r' ' ['"^" "
Winnipeg Telegram    Hon   Wm   Pug
Tho contract for the construction Hley volunteers the opinion that he
of tho new public school was given to should not be asked to resign That
the Kernle Construction Company, Ik just what was to be expected of
tlm contract price being $37,078, This Canada's minister of public works!
was the lowest tender, Construction And that Ik the reason why he should
will commence immediately, and it is be compelled to resign. A minister of
expected to have the building com- the crown who can see no wrong in
pleted before the cold weather comes tho misappropriation of a quarter ol
on. a million dollars uf public funds    en
Pcnrse, Waldon & Co., of Winnipeg, trusted to his protection is assuredly
received the contract for heating and not the kind of public man that Can
ventilation, for JMIH). The work of adn can nflord to retnin in the great
installation will be done by local spending department of the public
contractors. , wrvlcs.
Lacrosse tiames.
The Cranbrook Lacrosse :Club have
bei a making arrangements for a
fame of lacrosse with -the Nelson
Club on the 24th of May, and a game
.villi the Reginn Capitals during the
irst week in June,
The Reginn Capitals at that time
will be passing through the Kootenay a mi their return froiii'New Westminster where they will endeavor to
•aise the Mlnto Cup
The following letter from the secretary of the Reginn Club :
Reglna, Aptil 17, 1909.
Sec'y. Lacrosse Club,
Cranbrook, B. C,
Hear Sir As you are no doubt
.ware our lacrosse team is playing
For tho Mlnto Cup games at New
Westminster May 22ml and 24th. On
01.r return trip we wish to arrange a
game with you and we would be obliged ii you will write us and let us.,
tuow what you will guarantee us for
a game, We will be able to give you
1 week's notice as to what dato ■ we
•an piny in your town, as. we expect
to play a game with Vancouver and
Seattle before returning, so that the
jnme would likely he on about the
first or second week in June- with
Kindly let us heai from yon re-
:ardiiic what guarantee you are wiling to gfve lis.
John D.  Martin.  Sec.-Treat..
It is to be hoped that the townspeople will give their local club
itrong   support,     which    will insure
many a 1 exhibitions     of Canada's
national game.
Additional Locals.
.1   u   Wilson of Spokane was in the-
it y Friday
II   ll   b'nurpo ol Spokane was    m
iwn Thursday
T Kimball of Okotoks, and A E.
McNaugbton of Vancouver, were at
the Crnnbrook Friday
l'i> ,1,  strawberries today at Ttew
In several particulars the lumber
Industry shows considerable improvement
A W McVIttlo of Victoria, was
shaking hands with old friends nt
'•■aiiUmnk Friday
The  Edison  Theatre  Ik  putting on 1*
new program tonight Ovor innn (ect
ii dims will he shown
Bom   At  Crnnbrook, Tuesday,   Ap-
il 20th, to Mi   and Mrs, ll. T   Main,
The Agricultural society met. in the
Crnnbrook hotel fot  the transaction
of bu Bin Oss Friday evening.
Mrs. J, Dezall will receive at her
home on Tuesday, April '11 for the
last time before leaving for Stavcly,
c  Watklns of Calgary, J, H. Gloss
and '. N, Milroy ol London. W A
Logan of Winnipeg und V Ciecdoti of
Vancouver, were registered ut ■ the
Cranbrook Thursday.
c Hungorford Pollen went north
Friday to his ranch on the Kootenay
river, near the Skookumchuck. He
took with him several hundred fruit
trees which he will plnnt. I'm:-- -
I 111-.   PROSPECTOR,   CRANBROOK,   B.   C,   APRIL   24,   OT
V, Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad depot,
dfttlons   for   the   public
Has iiccotn
...    "..... . . ..:,i:^j|.ji:.ijaaaaiaaji^a3Mc!jfflaQajai33Eiaiaajiji,jJ
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors m
Keep  Your live on this Space for Bargains
in  Real  Estate
iCAPITAL   $500,000.
Divided Into 2,000,000 Shares at Par Value of 25 Cents
Fred. A. Russell
V..W*. b»a . mi. * . .J., nt. iu ..w.
lis shows Hi
■ II. P. Spr
tor nt
work sprnying
,1'OOS.     II,IIS
'  il,
es nil
wi.rl. I.iit   li,
l.lilii; lh,. |,
•1 in,-/.
nt   IBS   His
ko tin' tree
Villi   Sllt'llV.
In.   Hv    ho
bo or Iminl
,t n,,/./.Ies
lit, arranged
to Stilt si/,
largest l.ri'i
nmy he sp
1, lor
or two !i,.isrs sunn' prl
ngocl    lor
vineyards, ,
wherries, «r
Inerops.   N
,s will
clog.   Thi
S   llll   will   11
ii. therefore
W. ii
ilo it now.
961) King St., London,
April 711,. [9011.
asuaRV run
rism Marc'J !
u *   8  9 IO 11,1
Ik,. 15 16 IT I*"
iy        Hircc months of this year have gone and you i re run
right down !    If you are " p'ayed out " i'i 3 months how
can you hope to Uep up for the rest ol the year?   He d
the following siory from B C. .ind receive the hope il gives to
every weary, worn and pl.\ed-out n:an and woman.
Mr». Wi»rt»en liis uk*i four bottles of I'SYCHINI7. and it has made a new
vtmi.i of her.   lie fore sliikta ted ta take PSYCHINE she could scarcely get around
Itf do Usr work, ■;.
Mr*n|lv recom.nend PSYCHINE to
Tlil. I•
«u<tr. r*
*•»' i «t ii
fl* Intra*.-'
Ntiwd, It •
W.J. BORDEN, Works Pi
.•:■. ami << in
r ■ ■ i, mnl i
n-jli ly in-'   in-      :r ti .-,, i'    •    id  .*  ili, t., ,
»i|k<r.,.i rmlrl ..jrilieMoilli   I I'i   r*Mlon hei
*»» tri'tu'i mil «■'•» "*"* life whan a,I flat liai
Ill DrsiiUli »n^ Piora* .hi pHYcnixl, >t
Htr*iir1|H-ia tit.   Btml lo Dr. T, A.fJLUCL'M,
liMitail. Tvraito for » KHKK i lUAt,.
tout f eline the least fatigue.    I v;..l
It will relieve their sufferinR."
. it Barracks, Victoria, B.C.
i...' »oary tolla «lime pra • il
1  o rorgeof declli ■» before. Hut*/
■■ I thfllr fri' ml nn I wrought
i wh In It la <r Ming i: nit, lied
i.'-i -.ml BUiowoh.   PSYCHINE
I'.mli* II- li-r,"   P8Yi HIM*. I*.
real Tonic propertlaaft Itereatai
Stock Quotalions
A. Furnished by
UKll.* A BLWBLL, Cranio,,,,.. B.C
April  19th,  1909.
Did   Ast,,..t
aurora  Consolidated smelters 2.'.
B. 0. Amalgamated foul .04| uii
B. C. I'upper
(Canadian Marconi
Canadian (loldtlelri*
Canadian Northwest in
Consolidated Smelters
Cranbrook Pile Brick
Diamond Coal
Diamond  Vol,.  Coal
Dominion  (.opner
[nternatlonnl Coal
Nieolit  Colli  Mines  l.til
Nugget eld Mines
North Hlnr
MeOllllvraj Creek
fUnihtei Cftrfboo
Royol Collieries
Soolety mil
Western Oil lord.
r, 7.r,
III 75
I nu
Pjitrlct ol Easl Kootenny.
I'ake notice that I. Mrs MeFarlane
..f Cranbrook, occupation married
woman, Intend t.. apply f..r permis*
sum t>, purchase the I,.11..wnn; des
...;.,'.! lands Commencing at b post
plunteit at the north enst cornel <>f
Cooper's pre-emption, thence west 10
chains, thence north SO chains, thence
east ti) Moyie river, thence following
d,,wn stream     to piace of commence
D,,t,..|  April
Sndic   .)    Mil''
11    Melton.
,1.   1909
$ 5.00
**************** *
Are better in value than any
other $ 5.00 boot and equal in
value to any $6.00 boot.
sHaiaEKHMKEEiaja laMaiaiaJEjaraaiaiaioM
oorporaiion ol The
Gill o]_GranbPooK.
A Bylaw  to Raise Ilie Sum  if $10,000 for Street
Improvement and Buiidiug Sidewalks.
A By-law to ruisc the sum ol ten thousand dollars ($10,01)8.0
for street Improvements und building sidewalks
WHEREAS it is deemed expedient on liehnlf of the Municipal Council of thc Corporation of the City of Crnnbrook
to borrow money for thc purpose of making City improvements by grading und improving the streets in tho snid City
according to schedule "A" of this By-law.
AND WHEREAS by the provisions of the Municipal
Clauses Act no petition is necessary for thc introduction of
n by-law for such purposes.
AND WHEREAS for the purposes aforesaid it will be
necessary to borrow the sum of Ten Thousand dollars (110,-
000.00). , ,,   ,    ,
\ND WHEREAS the whole amount of rateable binds und
Improvements of the snid city according to the last Revised
Assessment Roll is six hundred and ninety-live thousand, live
hundred and ilfty dollars, (JC95.550.O0)
AND WHKRKAS It will be requisite to raise annually by
rate Ihe sum ot eight hundred and two dollars nnd forty-
three cents. ($802.48.)
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Crnnbrook in Council assembled, enacts
us follows :— ,    „
1 It shall and may be lnwful for the Mayor of the Corporation of the City of Crnnbrook to borrow upon thc credit
of the said Corporation by way of debentures hereinafter
mentioned from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the same ns n lonn,
u sum of money not exceeding in the whole, the sum of Ten
thousand dollars ($10,1)00.00,) und to cause all such sums so
raised or received to be paid into the hand of the treasurer
of the said Corporation, for the purposes and with the object hereinbefore recited.
2 It shall be lawful tor the Mayor of the said Corporation to cause iiny number of debentures to be mude, executed
und issued for such sunt or sums as may be required for the
purpose und object aforesaid, not oxceodlng, however, the
sum of Ten Thousand dollars ($10,000.00), ouch of the suld
debentures being of the denomination of live hundred dollars,
,|.-,ii ,.  nn.l nil such debentures slulll be seuled with     the
-i.-ri 1 nf the Corporation nnd signed by the Mayor thereof.
:i The soul debentures shall bear the date the 1st day of
.Inly. AD. 1909, and shall be niade payable within twenty
years from the snid date iii lawful money oi Canada, ut tbe
office ol the Imperial Bank of Cranbrook, 11. ('., which snid
place ..t payment shall be designated by the said debentures,
nnd slutil have attachod to them coupons, for the payment id
principal und interest respectively, and tho Bfgnntnres of the
snid coupons tuny he either written, stumped, printed or 11
I Tl,.- snid debentures shall bear interest ut the rate of
live per cent, per annum from the dnte thereof, nnd the prln
clpal und Interest on the unpaid principal sliull be puynbln
annunlly nt snid office of the Imperial Dunk of Canada in
Crnnbrook aforesaid in lnwful money of Cunudu, on thc 1st
day ..I July in each year during tbe currency thereof und it
sliull be expressed In Hiiid debentures und coupons to lie no
.'. It .hull be lawful for the Mayor of the snid corpora
11,.1. t.. negotiate and sell the said debentures or nny of them
for Ies.. tlinu iuu, but in no cuse nhull the snid debentures or
any of them be negotiated or sold lor less than ninety live
per centum of their face value, including the cost of negotiating und sale, brokerage and all other incidental expenses.
6 There shall be raised and levied in each year respectively during the currency of said debentures for the payment
of interest the following sums :—
1910 Five Hundred Dollars  ($50(1.00)
,911   B'our   Hundred   nnd   Eighty-four   dollars and
Eighty-eight cents  ($481.88)
1912 Four hundred nnd sixty-nine dollars  ($469.00)
1913 Four hundred und fifty-two dollars and thirty-
three cents  ($452.33)
1911 Four hundred nnd thirty-four dollars and eigh
ty-three cents  ($434.83)
1915 Four  hundred  and sixteen dollars and forty-
cents ($416.45)
1916 Three  hundred  and  ninety-seven  dollars   and
tlfteen cents  ($397.15)
1917 Three    hundred    and  seventy-six dollars and
eighty-nine cents  ($370.89)
1918 Three hundred and fifty-five dollars nnd sixty-
one cents  ....($355.61)
1919 Three hundred nnd    thirty-three dollars   and
twenty-seven cents , ($333,271
1920 Three hundred nnd nine dollars and eighty-one
rents  ($309.81)
1921 Two hundred und eighty-live dollars nnd eigh
teen cents  ($285.18)
1922 Two hundred nnd fifty-nine dollars and thirty-
two cents  i$259.32)
1923 Two hundred and thirty-two dollars and six
teen cents  (232.16)
1924 Two hundred and three dollars nnd sixty-live
cents  ($203.65)
1925 One hundred nnd seventy-three dollars aud sev
enty-one cents  ($173.71)
1926 One hundred and forty-two dollars and twenty-
seven cents  ($142.27)
1927 One hundred and nine dollars and twenty-seven
cents  ($109,271
1928 Seventy-four dollars nnd sixty-one cents  ($ 74.61)
1929 Thirty-eight dollars und twenty-one cents  ($ 38.21)
And lor the payment of the said debentures, the following sums :—■
1910 Three hundred and two dollars nnd forty-three
cents  ($3112.till
1911 Three hundred und seventeen dollars nnd fifty-
five cents  ($317,551
1912 Three hundred and thirty-three dollars nnd for
ty-three cents  ($333.43)
1913 Three hundred and Ilfty dollars and ten cents...($350.10)
1914 Three hundred nnd sixty-seven dollars und six
ty cents  ($367,601
1915 Three hundred and eighty-live dollars and nine
ty-eight cents ($385,981
1916 Four   hundred   uud   live dollars unci twenty-
eight, cents  (405.28)
1917 Four hundred and twenty-live dollars nnd fifty-
four cents  ($425.54)
1918 Four hundred and forty six dollars and eighty-
two cents  ($446.82i
1919 Four hundred ami sixty-nine dollars and six
teen cents  ($469.16)
192U   Four hundred and ninety-two dollurn unci sixty-two cents  ($492.62)
1921 Five hundred und seventeen dollars and twen
ty-live cents  ($517.25)
1922 Five hundred und forty-three dollars nnd elev
en cents  ($543.11)
192:1   Five hundred und seventy dollars and twenty-
ty-seven cents  ($570.27)
1924 Five   hundred und ninety-eight   dollars    and
seventy-eight cents  ($598.78)
1925 Six   hundred   nnd twenty-eight   dollars    and
seventy-two cents  ($628.72)
1926 Six    hundred    nnd sixty ilollurs und nixtenn
cents  ($660.16)
1927 Six hundred und ninety-three dollars nnd six
teen cents  ($693.16)
1928 Seven hundred and twenty-seven dollars and
eighty-two cents  ($727.82)
1929 Seven hundred and sixty-four dollars and twen
ty-two cents  ($764.22)
By a rate sufficient thereof on all the rateable lands and
improvements In the said municipality.
7 It shall be lawful for thc said Municipal Council to
repurchase any of the said debentures upon such terms as
may be agreed upon with the legal holder or holders thereof,
or any part thereof either at the time of sale or any subsequent time or times, and all debentures so repurchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and dostroyed and no re-issue of debentures so re-purchased shall be made In consequence of such
8 This by-law shall take effect on and after the 10th day
of May, A.D., 1909.
9 This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the "City
of Cranbrook Debenture Loan By-law No. 5."
Read a first, second and third time on the 16th day    of
April, 1909.   Received the votes of the electors on the	
day of May, 1909.   Reconsidered and finally passed on   the
 day of May, 1909.
Four-foot sidewalk on South East side of Van
Home streot from French avenue to Watt avenue, 450
feet  $135.00
Four-foot sidewalk on South end of Hanson avenue on Bust side, 450 feet    135.00
Six-foot sidewalk on East side of Hanson avenue,
botween Louis street and Baker street, 600 feet   300.00
Four-foot sidewalk on East side of Armstrong avenue, neur thc bridge, 100 feet     30.00
Six.foot sidewalk on West side ot Fenwick avenue,
from Edward streot to Baker street, 1200 feet     600.00
Six-foot sidewalk on North side of Edward street.
East from Fenwick avenue, 150 foet      75.00
Four-foot sidewalk on west side of Garden avenue,
between Edward street and Lumsden nvenue, 300 feet.    90.00
Four-foot sidewalk on West side of Lumsden avenue, from Edward street to Kalns street, 600 feet     180.00
Four-foot sidownlk on both sides of Baker street,
from Clardcn avenue to Burwell avenue, 1000 feet    300.00
Four-foot sidewalk on North side of Hyde street,
and west side of Lumsden nvcnuo running eaBt on
Hyde street from Burwell nvenuo unci North on Lumsden avenue, 850 toot   256.00
Six-foot sidewalk on Bast Bide of Cranbrook streot
street, from school house, 700 feet     S50.00
Four-foot sidewalk on East side of Burwell avenue,
commencing at the South West corner of lot 11, in
block 98, thence north    105.00
Grading and Bridging on the Following Streets nnd Avenues
Van Horno Street  $400.00
French Avenue   ',,',    co.00
Hanson Avenue  "„  sooioo
Armstrong Avenue        460,00
Norbury Avenue    600.00
Fenwick Avenue    600.00
Garden Avenue    400.00
Burwell Avenue   ,„   100,00
Lumsden Avenue  „,  100.00
Edward 8treet    600.00
Louts Street    300.00
Baker Street  3,345.00
Lane between Fenwick Avenue and Garden Avenue 250.00
TAKE NOTICE that the above Is a true copy of the proposed By-law upon which the vote of the Municipality will
he taken at the Municipal Building In the city of Oranbrook
on Tuesday, the 4th day of May, 1909, between the hours of
nine o'clock (ten o'clock locol time) in the morning and seven o'clock (eight o'clock local time) in the afternoon.
City Clerk's Office, M' C'
Cranbrook, B. C,
April 19th, 1909 17
District ol East Kootonay
.,1  Kant  Kootenny.
DlstrlCl ol K.int Kootenny
Veteran War Mrrlp
(.5(1(111    ciu on
Will  pay    rt.sll  |,,r     ,,,„,,    iiuihk
vf llad.  d»tlMrcHl.-W,.rt Dotty.
Take 11.
HI..11     to
.libel  In 1
lot    8435.
tu-,. tlmt  I,   Wnltor    lit,lie
..1  Cranbrook,  occupation
intend to npply for permis
purchase the following den
I..    Commencing at u post
(      (lie soiithenst corner of
thenco    south 70 ehnins.
st 2d ehnins. thence north 30
..I II..!
si..11   I.
planted :
the Flnthcn
ol the Int.'
and west
,,. tlmt   I,  I 111 1IV  Mrl lit ..nil I     '
11   c, occupation 11,del wi
11,1    10 npply for pormls   iig
chase the loll,iwlni; den | lo
Commencing ut n  post lu.
about one mile west of  ed
I tiver nnd one mile north
niittomil     boundary line,
chains, thence east 2d chains, thence  unci west 1.1 lot 7336, bolng the north
north 4u chelnn. thence west 41) chains  cast, cornel      Ihenee south 80 chnlnB
to place ol commencement. thence west -„    chains, thence north
Wnlter Bruce McFarlane., *° chains, thence east 80 chains     to
tinted April 3rd, 1909. 17, thc point ol commencement nnd   con-
 .— telnlng tin acres more or less.
Till':     PROSPEOTOR    IS     UP-TO, Hurry Mcintosh. Locator
DATE IN ITS JOB WORK. GIVE    | (leorge W. Kerr, Agent
IIS A TRIAL. Located Mnrrh 28th. 1909. V,
Tnke  noli.',,  11,1,1     I,      Tin is  Etl
nd     Murphy,   , upatlon   station
:ont, intend t., ,i|,|,iy fur permission
purchase Hi.,    lollowlng doscrlbod
'ids ■  Cot nelng ut  11  post pliint
on ihe north 1,mill
river, opposite the N.
lot No. 8745, thenco north 40 chains,
thonce oust 20 chnltiB more or loss to
tho Moylo river, thence following the
meandering ol the Moyie river to
placo of beginning, containing 80
acres more or less.
Thomas Bdwurd Murphy.
H.  Melton,  Agent.
Dated April 21st, 1909. 17
Notice is hereby given thnt. 311
days from dnte hereof I Intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands uml Works nnd the Assistant
Commissioner of l.unds nnd WnrltB
for the lllslrlel of Kind. Kootenny for
u licence to prOBUCCt for Coal nnd Petroleum on the following doscrlbod
ol tlie Moyio lands on Klnh-e-nrh nu Creek In the
Iv corner of Ifr<lathQafl Vnlley: Commencing ut aj
post, planted ut the northeast, como.'
District, of East Kootenny.
No. 1 Notice is hereby glvon that 30
days from date hereof I Intend to apply to thn Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works and the Assistant
CommiBStonor of Lands and Works
for the District of East Kootonay tor
a licence to prospect for coal and petroleum   on   the   following   described
being the Initial post, adjacent to the ilands, Commencing nt a pont planted
11 tliwent   corner  ot Cruhnm Crulcli-1 "bout ono hnlf    mile    north of    the
shunk'u locution, thence south 80
ehnins, thence west. 80 ehnins, thonce
north 811 chains, thence east. 80 chains
to the point of commencement, containing 114(1 acres more or Iosb.
.Inmcn Buchanan, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
Located March 27th, 1909. 17
western boundary of Henry E. Dodge
location, being the Initial post north
west corner, thence south 80 chains,
thenco east 80 chains to tho western
boundary of James Buchanan's location, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to the point of com
mencement, and containing 640 acres
moro or loss.
Jamos Sutherland Ohlsholm Frnsor
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located, April 1st, 1909. 17
No. 2 Commencing nt a pont plant-
ed at tho north onot corner, being tho
Initial post adjacent to thc north
west cornor of J. S. C. Frascr's location, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains
I hence oast 80 chains to the point of
commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or less.
Norman 8. Eraser, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located April 1st, 1909.
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Firm of A. L. SILBERSTEIN, Hakers,
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5 Ni'ire is hereby given that ao
days alter date I Intend to apply to
the Honourable, tbe Chlel Commie
sloner **f Landa and Works, for « lio
enco to prospect for coal and petrol
eum on the following described lands
Starting al a post planted at or neai
Hu; northeast corner of the Datlse
laiimeieux claim, thence east 80
[chains, thence south su chains, thence
west su chaina, thence north 80 chains
t to the place of commencement, eon
taintng 640 aeroB, more »>r less.
0. E. Kunsch, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam  .McAlister,  Witness.
I    Dated April 9th, 190D. 17
corporation ot tut. gild oi GranDrook
BYLAW   NU    61.
A By I iw to Grant Certain Privileges to the  Kootenay
Telephone   Lints,  Limited
i ii Notice is hereby given that
days after date i intend to apply to
thc Honourable, tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a lie-
, enco to prospect for coal and petrol-
: eum on the following described lands
I Sturting at u post planted at or
I near the northeast, corner of the Neil
) MoQuarrtO claim, thence north HO
chains, thence east. 8o chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
to the place of commencement, con*
talninK UM) acres, more or loss.
Susan Hows, Locator
John .\ndersoii, Agent
Ram McAlister, Witness.
j    Dated April Ktb, 190'J. 17
District of Kootonay
Take notice that I, George J. Hunter of Pincher Creek, Alberta, occupation banker, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands, commencing at a
post planted about three and a hall
miles north of the International
boundary line and about one and a
half miles north east of lot 7841 and
adjacent on the eastern boundary to
Henry E. Hyde's and Henry Riviere's
application, being the northwest corner adjacent to the south west corner of Arthur C. Kemrais' application, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, to the
point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or leas.
George J. Hunter, Locator.
George \V. Kerr, Agent.
Lqcatcd March 30th, 1901). 1G
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Launcelot E.
BolBter of Sturgeon Falls, Ontario,
occupation doctor, intend to apply
for permission to purchase tbo following described hinds, commencing
at a post planted about three miles
north of the International boun.lurv
line and about one mile north of the
northorn boundary of lot 7841 and adjacent to the northwest corner of
Henry E. Hyde's application, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
thence north 81) chains, thence east
80 chains to the point of commence
ment, containing (140 acres more or
Launcelot E. Bolster, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th, 1909. 10
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Henry Ernest
Hyde of Pinchcr Creek, Alberta, occupation banker, Intend to apply foi
permission to purchase the following
desc.iued lands, commencing at a
post planted about 3 miles north of
the International boundary line and
about one mile north of the northern
boundary of lot 7841 and about a
quarter of a mile east of the east
.taiiii of .iage Urcck, in the Flathead
vatley, being the northwest corner
thence east 80 chains, thence south
b0 chains, thence west 80 chains, and
thence north 80 chains to the point
nf commencement, and containing
640 acres more or less.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Henry ErneBt Hyde, Locator.
Located March 29th, 1909. 16
District of Kootonay.
Tttko notlco that 1, David Warnock
of Pincher Creek, Alberta, veterinary
surgeon, intend to apply for permission to purchase tho following described* lands, commencing at a poBt
planted about 4 miles north of the
international boundary and about 2
miles north of lot 7841, and adjacent
to the northeast corner of George B.
Holster's application, being the south
east corner, thence wost 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thonce east
KO chains, thonco south 80 chaina to
the point of commencement and con
tain inr: (140 ueres more or less.
David Warnock, Locator
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th, 1909. 16
District of Kootenay..
Take notice, that I, Alexander W.
Smith, of ltossland, B. C, occupation Hotelkeeper, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands, commencing at a
post planted about one mile west of
the Flathead river and one mile north
of the international boundary line,
and west of lot 7339, being the south
east corner, thence north 80 chains ;
thence west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or less.
Alexander W. Smith, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located this 28th day of March,
1909. 1G
District of Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days
after date 1, George Loyd, civil engineer, Cranbrook, intend makiing application to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands ad Works,
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. W. corner of L0t 1591 on the
East Hank of the Kootonay River,
ihenee east 13 chains more or less,
following the Northern Moundary of
Lot 15 to a corner post of Lot 8103,
thence north 20 chains, more or less,
following the west Hound n,ry of Lot
8103 to bank of Kootenay River;
thence following Kootenay River in
a South Westerly direction to place
of beginning, containing 20 acres
more or less.
Dated February 19th,  1909. 12
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Henry Riviere
of Pincher Creek, Alberta, occupation
rancher, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lauds, commencing at a post
planted about three miles north of
the International boundary line and
about one mile north of lot 7841 and
adjacent to the northwest corner of
Henry E. Hyde's application, being
the southwest corner, thence north 8u
chains, thence east 80 ehnins, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
to thc point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less.
Henry Riviere, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located  March 29th, 1909. 16
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that. 1, Arthur ('. Kern-
mis of Pincher Creek, Alberta, occupation Barrister, intend to apply to
purchase the following described
amis, commencing at a post planted
about -"Ji miles north of the Interna
t.ionnl boundary Una, and about I.
miles north east of lot 7841 and adjacent on the eastern boundary to
Henry Riviere and Frederick Porritt's
applications, being the southwest corner, thence north 80 chains, thence
last 80 chains, thence south 80 chain.-.
thence west 80 chains, to thc point
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.
Arthur C. Kcmmis, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th. 1909. 115
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, George B. Bolster of Pincher (.'reek. Alberta, occupation horse dealer, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands, commencing
at a post planted about three miles
north of the International boundary
lino and about one mile north of thc
northern boundary of lot 7841 and adjacent to the north west corner of
Henry E. Hyde's location, being the
south east corner, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, and then south 80
chains to the point of commencement, and containing 040 acres
more or less.
George B. Bolster, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th. 1909. Iti
Take notice that I, George A. Jam-
iesnn, of Cranbrook, B. C., occupation, undertaker, intend to apply fur
permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a
post planted at the N. W. corner of
lot No. 6424, thence east 40 ehnins ;
thence north 20 chains, thenco wost
40 chains, thence south 20 chains to
place of commencement, containing
HO acres.
George Alexander Jamieson.
March 16, isn't, 12
1 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
tbe Honourable, thc Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a lie-
once to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands:
Starting at a post planted 200 feet
north of the southeast corner of lot
1663. thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains
thence west 80 chains, to the place of
commencement, containing 640 acres.
more or less.
S. J. Cotton, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sum McAlister, Witness
Dated April 5th, 1904. 17
District of Kootenay,
Take notice that r, Tliomus William
Leask, occupation, mill owner, intend
to apply for permission to purchase
one hundred and sixty acres 01' land,
bounded as follows :
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner ot Lot. 8485, and,
theme west 40 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
thenco north 40 chains.
William West,
Agent for Thos.  Leas];
Dated April 2nd, MOD.
District, of Kootenny.
Take notice that I, Frederick Por-
rltt of Barrie, Ontario, occupation
gentleman, Intend to apply for per
missian to purchase the following described lands, commencing at a post
planted about four miles north of the
International boundary line and about
2 miles north of lot 7841 and adjacent.
to the northwest corner of Henry Review's application, being thc south
west corner, thence north 80 chains,
thonco east 80 chains, thonco south
80 chains, thonco west 80 chains to
thn point of commencement, and containing 640 ocrcs more nr loss.
Frodorick Porrltt. Locator.
George W. Kerr. Agont.
of  II.
.    II,
for  II
. ......
,  II,.
1   111,1
ami  f
of 1
of  ill
j n
(Signed)  JfJ,  l..  OhudlnlBli,
Acting   Supoeintflitdont.
District of Kootenay.
of Wnttsburg, B.C
bernmn. intends h
slon to purchase
scribed lands:
Ootnmoocing nt
the North Boat   <
thence   South so 1
20 chains,   thence
that Frmi't Watte
, occupation   lum-
npply for pormfs-
tlie following de-
1,    post planted ,|f.
oilier of  Lol   5244;
Imlns, thenco East
North 80   clmtftiB,
Located March 29th, 1909.
thenco west 20
more or loss.
16  Dnted March 17th, 1909.
Iinins    to    point of
loutnlnlng 160 acres
7 Notice ls hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
tho Honourable, thc Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a lie
enco to prospect for coal and petrol
eum on the following described lands:
Starting at a post planted at tbe
southeast corner of the M. A. Mac-
donnld claim, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 81) chains, thence north
80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
the place of commencement, contain
Ing 640 acres more or less.
Eltzubeth  McKnehine, Locator.
Sam McAlister. Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
2 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, thc Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a lic-
j enca to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands:
Starting at a post planted one mile
wost of John Anderson's northwest
comer post, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
jchains. thence south 80 chains to thc
place of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or less,
C. A. Barton, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sum McAlister, Witness.
Doted April 7th, 1909. 17
3 Notice Is hereby given that 30
days after data I intern! to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a lie
euro to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands:
Stinting at Q post planted at or near
tho southeast corner of Mrs. Living*
stone's plalm, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thonce west
SO chains, theuee north Hi) chains to
tho placo of commencement, contain
Ing, 610 acres, more nr less,
William Anderson. Locator.
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAllstei, Witness.
Dated.  April Ht.b,   1909. 17
Notice is hereby given that
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Cummin-
sioner of Lands and Works, for a lie
once to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described hinds
Starting at a post planted one mile
east of lrvin Anderson's northeast
corner post, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 811 chains, thence south
80 chains, thonce east 80 chains to
the placo of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
M. A. Macdonald, Locator
John Anderson, Agent.
Sam McAlister, Witness.
Dated April 9th,  1909. 17
9 Notice is hereby given that
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable, the-Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petrol
eum on the following described lands
Starting at a post planted at the
southeast corner of the M. A. Mac
donald claim, thence east 8a chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains to
the place of commencement, contain
ing 640 acres, more or less.
Johanna Anderson   Locator
.John Anderson, Agent
Sam  McAlister.  Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909, 17
10 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for 1. licence to prospect for coal and petrol
eum on the following described lands
Starting at a post planted at or near
one mile east of the northeast corner
post on the lrvin Anderson claim,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or less.
Mary Ann Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister. Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
11 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands
Starting at a post planted at or
near the northeast corner of the Eliza Good claim, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
to the place of commencement, containing 640 ncres, more or less.
Sam McAlister, Locator
John Anderson, Agont
Charles Phillipps, Witness.
Dated March 24th, 1909. 17
12 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a licence to prospect for eoal and petrol
eum on the following described lands.
Starting at a post planted at nr near
the northeast corner of the Eliza
Good claim, thence louth 80 chains,
thence enst 80 chains, theme north Hli
chains, thence west HU chains to the
place of commencement, containing
040 acres more or less.
John  Ecch'S,  Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Charles Phillips, Witness
Dated March 24th,  1909 17
WHEREAS the Mnninp.il council has
power to pass a by-law tor licensing
ind regulating telephone companies,
ind for authorising the use <•! public
highways by said companies
AND WHEREAS by by-law No. 33,
certain regulations are set forth nn
der which the privilege to erect poles
pillars, posts or other appliances, and
to string wires thereon for the con
veyance of electricity foi the use,
amongst other purposes, ol telcphon
s through and along public highways 1
d the city, have boon Bet forth and
AND WHEREAS the Kootenay Tel
epbone Lines, Limited, has made ap
plication for louvo to continue Its pro
sent telephone system and to extend
the same.
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
by more than onu-ieaili (1-10) of the
electors entitled to vote on this by
law, wits on ihe 7th day ol April.
1909, presented to tin- Municipal
Council requesting the Bame be sub
mltted to the ratepayers.
AND whereas It has been deemed
expedient to grant to the said com
pany certain privileges in connection
with their said system,
THEREFORE tho Municipal Uoun
cil of the corporation of the city ol
Crnnbrook iu council assembled on
acts as follows :
1 Subject to the fullflllment ol
terms, conditions and privileges In
said by-law No. 33 and in this bylaw
hereinafter contained, which terms,
conditions and privileges are the due
fullflllment thereol are to be taken
and considered as precedent to the
enjoyment of the rights, [lowers and
privileges hereby granted, the said
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Limited,
and its successors and assigns herein
after called the "Company" are acre
by granted for a period ending the
27th day of May, 1932. the right, and
privilege (not, however, an exclusfvi
right and privilege) ol erecting and
maintaining poles, posts and pillars
and of stringing, stretching, laying,
repairing and operating wires for the
conveyance of electricity, for the use
of telephones in, over, Upon, along
und across any and all public high
ways of the city of Cranbrook, and
of construct iuu, equipping, operating
and maintaining a telephone system
and service in the city of Crnnbrook,
2 The Company shall ereel and
maintain such poles, posts and pll
lars, and string, stretch, lay, main
tain, repair and operate such wires
in such a manner as not to Intorfere
with the full and unobstructed use of
tbe public highways of the said city
and shall place Such poles at such
points and shall sl retch such wires
at such heights and do all acts and
things, as shall he in conformity with
said provisions and regulations con
tinned in by-law No. 33
3 Whenever any person, firm 01
corporation shall have obtained law
ful authority from tlie Council lure
move any building, structure or edl
flee through or across any public
highway <d the said city of Gran
brook, and the wires of the company
shall obstruct or prevent or interfere
with such removal, tbe company shall
within twenty-four hours after notice
in writing from the council or the
chairman of the Works and Propertj
Committee, remove or raise such wir
os ho as to allow an unobstructive
passage for such building, structure
or edifice; the expense thereof lo be
borne one half by such person, firm
or corporation and one half hy the
company. Provided that tlie Com
pany shall not i6qt!lru to remove or
ruisc any wires contained in cables.
4...All wires contained iu cables
shall be strung at a heighl <.f ;t|
least 2iJ feet from tbo ground.
fi Whenever it shall be necessary,
in grading removing, altering or oth
erwise working upon any public high
way of tbe said city, to remove any
poles, posts or pillars now standing,
belonging to the company and which
Mislrici of Easl Root..
1   Notice,   in   hereby   given that   30
days after dnt<  1 Intend to apply   t
the   Honowrabii.    he chief c mis
sloner of Lands and Works, for a licence lo prospecl for coal and petroleum on Hie following described lauds
Starling at a post planted uftar Hie
noil beast corner of tbe Ratisc Lamer-
eu.x claim, thence north 80 chains.
1 bonce east. 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chaina to the
place of commencement, containing
040 ueres, mora or leBH,
William Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister,  Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
days (1
pl.V to
Is    hereby    given  that    30
otll dnte hereof 1   intend  to ap
the chief    Commissioner    of
and Works and the Assistant
Commissioner   of   Lands   uml Works
for tlie District id East  Kootenny for
n 1 nee to prospecl lor c<
mica n   lhe    followlnp
lands on  Kish e noli
Flathead   Valley    i
posl  planted at. the
about one fourth ol
1 and pel
Creek in tbe
mi'liellig al u
th east corner
Ilie east of the
»f Kish e neb nn Crook with
Creek on the western boon
it is then apparent would be perraao
■■in obstructions, the Company shall,
ipon receiving twenty-four hours notice Horn the Council, or the Works
and Property Committee, remove
such poles posts oi pillar-; anil if
the Company shall neglect or refuse
to do so, such poles, posts or pillars
may be removed by the City at tne
expense of the Company such expense
to be recovered svith costs from the
i 'ompunj. This paragraph, however,
shall n"i apply to poles, posts, and
pillars hereinafter placed and erected
p .i iiant to i he provisions of by law
No   33 and of Uus by law
G The i 'ompanj shall in i he exercise n| the rights and privileges hereby granted operate its said system
and maintain the same iu tbe best
mannei and with the best appliances
available, for the protection of the
persons and propertj of the public.
7 The i ompany shall be liable for
and indemnif) the City of Cranbrook
for ail damages arising out of the
consti ui tlon and operation ol Its said
S   Tho Compnnj     shall so operate
its system thai  there shall always be
available     to    customers within the
municipality,      a  steady  anil   regular
usage of    telephones    day and night
service;  and  if at any  time tho ser
•Ice ol telephones Bhnli nol  In     the
iplnlon of the     Council, fulfill   said
equtrements, and upon failure of tho
!ompany,     without just cause being
diown, to rectify the same forthwith
liter 18 hoars notice in writing given
hem by the City, the Council     may
by resolution, forfeit such rights and
vileires   herein granted, and annul
in,l declare void
the contract herein
ifiir mentioned
'i   Thc rates 1,
!„• charged to cus-
outers within tl
,- Municipality,     by
lie Company, ah
,11 not be more than
im follows :
For    Dwelling
Houses.   $2.(1(1    per
For nil  places
other tbiin Dwelling
louses, S3.30 !„•
Subject    to
,   discount. ,,r 10 pel
■nil   to custom,
's paying in advance
,n or before the
10th day     of     the
Subject,  howet.
ei. to reduction   by
he Company fr,
in time to time with
Uie approval of
the Council; and   is
nude prcceclenl
.. the enjoyment   of
the     rights,     |,
iwers. and privileges
loreby    granted
tlmt tbe company
shall   not   direct
v or Indirectly     in-
irenBo the said
ales   ti.  ;,iiv custom.
,-r or customers within the municipal,
it v.
li.   A
t embodying the provisions hereof mul covenant,! on the
part oI tlie company to conform to
and fullfill all the matters and provisions hereby required of it. shall be
drawn and shall l„- executed by thc
City of Crnnbrook,
it l.iii  one
llicli  tllis
11 This
ml be nl I
ay nl May
12 Tins
il      th,
on lhe
.v law
by law
by la
ami the Company
ifter lhe dnte on
Should take edect.
shall take effect
anil  alter the   1st
on th
he cited as
rdeplione Lines. T.im-
Mill da
econd and third
of April. 1900.
uf  the electors
true  ,
on wl
of lb
rll the v
ly will be t
Hail.lime in the
Wednesday,     ti
1900,   between   t
ten  i
the moruing
o'clock local
City Clerk's lllllc.
and finally passed and
day   of , 1900.
that the above is a
0 proposed by-law up
ute of the .Municipal!
aken at the Municipal
City of Crnnbrook on
e 28th day ,,( April,
lie hours of nine nnd
..'clock 1 ical tlmei in
.1 seven o'clock (eight
ne) in the aiternoon.
Thus.  M. Roberts,
April  15th,  1909.
District of Kust Kootenay.
Notice is hereby given tl.nl 30
days from date hereof t intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands    and  Works and  the Assistant
post plalite,1 at tin' south west cornel' being the initial post, adjacent
to tbe northwest corner of Graham
Cruickshank's locution, thence north
su chains, thence east sn chains, and
thenco south su ehnins. thence west
sn chains to    the point of commence-
Commisslonor   of   Lands   nnd Works ,".™t lin'1 contalnln5 M0 ncres more
for the District of East Kootenay f.
or le
a licence to prospect for coal and pet
roleum on the following described
lands on Kisli-c-neh nu Creek in the
Flathead Valley : Commencing at a
post at the northeast corner, being
the initial post adjacent to the south
east corner of Percy Dunkerley's claim
thence south 80 chains, thence west
SU chains to the eastern boundary of
Graham  Cruiekshank's location,  and
thence  north  SU chains,  thenc st
SO chains to the point ,,f commence-
ment. containing ii-lu ueres, more or
Arthur N. Skill. Locator
■lutnes Fisher,  Agent
Located April 2nd. 1909 17
ol Fast. Kootei
Notice is hereby given that ;!,,
days from date hereof I Intend to ap
ply ti, thc Chief Commissioner ..t
Lands and Works and the Assistant
Commissioner of Landa .uul Worku
lor the District ..I Fast Kootenay f..i
ii licence to prospect for coal and pet
roleum on the following described
lands oil Kish u neb lla Creek in th.
Fiatlieail Valley Commencing nl ii
post planted on the ... .< bank ol
Tiirnbull creek, a Htnnll crook flowing
northerly ml,, Kish o noli mi creek
about iw,, miles west ..I Edward
Kurtz's location, being Hie liilli.il
post     nortliwesi corner, thenco south
Sll ehnins.  tltonCfl east   su chains,    and
thence  north Sll chains,  theuee    west
sii ehnins to point of c moncement,
and containing 610 ncres mo i loss
Graham Cruirkshaiik. Lncnlol
.lames Fisher, Agenl
ert   H,,l,leu Stewart. Locator
.lames Fisher. Agent
1 March 27th. 1909. 17
District of Fust Kootenay.
Notice is hereby given that an
days in.m dnte hereof I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works and the Assistant
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for the District of Fust Kootenay for
, licnec l,, prospect for coal nnd petroleum on thr following described
bonis nn Ki-h e neh tin Creek in the
Flathead Valley Commencing at a
p.st planted at Hie south east corner, being the initial post, adjacent
i,. the northwest corner of Graham
Crulckahank'a location, thence north
80 chains, thonce nest sa chains,
thence south sn chains, thence enst
-" ehnins, to point ..I commencement;
ni'l containing i.lu ncros more or less.
.rallies Fisher, Agent.
Located March 27th. 1909, 17
II. ill l   Edmund   Dodge,  Locator
District ol Fast Kootenay.
ate.l   March  271 h,   1909
I,    AND
Ills! net
of Fust Kootenny
clary ol Edward Kurtz's locution, bo-
Ing the Initial PoHt. thenco north 8(1
chains, thonco west su chains, thonce
south 80 chninB, thence oast 80 chains
to point nl commencement, und containing OKI ueres, more nr less.
Percy Diiukcrley, Locator
.lames Fisher, Agent.
Located April 2nd, 1909. 17
of I
Notice    is    hereby    given   Hull
days from date norool I intend to
ply to tho chief    Commissioner
Lands   and Works and the Assist
Commissioner   of   Lands   and Work,:
for the District ol East Kootenny for
a licence to prospect for coal and pet
roleum   on   the   following   described
lands on Kish-e-neh nn Creek in   the
Flathead   Valley : Commencing   nt n I
■by given that :io
an .lute horool I intend to ap
iin Ohiol    Commissioner    ,,l
nnd Works and the Assistant
lonci ,,( Lands and Works
District of Fust Kootenny for
CO lo prospecl lol Coal and pet
on tin following described
Situated on Pass Creek Flat
Valley   South     Fast   Kootenny,
c inencllig ut a pout planted
.ut one uml a In,'! miles east of
int Whore Puss ''reek i.uteri, In
to Akaminn Creek, being the     south
:u, west   corner  adjacent     to the smith
p   enst   corner  nf N. Whealden'a claim.
Initial post,   Thence north SU ehnins,
thonco cast 80 chains, thonco south so
chains, thence west su chains to the
point ..r cotnmencenient nnd contain
640 lines, more m less.
Fred w. Conway, Locator.
days 11
ply i„
Inr the
a lircii,
II   i' .
at nb,
Hie p..
George w,  Kerr,
Located  April  2nd.  1909.
17 H»S«   :l.
rill,   I'linfsi'i'.c'i'iH:   ri; \M;i.'(i'H\        Al'l.'l l..:.'iili.    |n09
************************************************************** ****, ******************* is ******* <■   •* *«-s>*0  '■■-■**** *********************
****************************************************************** •♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* i>
:: :!
xx xx
H il
** **
** **
tt *x
** **
** **
♦♦  ^mm^    If
♦ ♦   ^^f*,!**-^    **
** **
** **
** **
** **
** **
********************** ********************************************,*********************************±* ***********************
********************** W **************************************** **    i******* *******<************  :**.1-f ***************** ********
^\ N April 1st We decided to take over Hill fc Co's stock of
^^ Furniture, Carpets and Rugs. After invoicing the stock we
found it much larger than we anticipated. To reduce the stock
to a satisfactory point we decided to reduce prices, and judging by
the amount of business we have done in this department, we
believe  that OUR prices have been found very satisfactory.
Mr. Geo. Chapman has charge of this new department, which is_lo-
cated on the second floor formerly occupied by the tailoring department
and stock rooms. He will be glad to meet all his old friends. By courteous attention and thoroughly dependable goods at lowest prices, we
hope to make this department as popular in East Kootenay as are the
other departments in our big  store.
If You Require Anything For Your Home, Such as:
Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Iron or Brass Beds,  Sideboards,   Buffets,
Lounges, Davenports, China or Music Cabinets, Morris
Chairs,   Rockers,   Easy Chairs, Dining Chairs,
Dining Tables, Writing   Desks, Rattan Goods,
Dressers,   Stands,  Wardrobes,   Carpets
Rugs  and- Mats.
It Will Pay You Well to Inspect our Stock   Before Buying.
Our stock of Leather Chairs and Lounges is very large and well assorted and
the prices make you feel like buying.
We have a quantity of carpet Remnants and Fringe, from which we can make
mats at very low prices.
********...*****.* •
6   o Page
CRAMBHOOK,   13.   C     APRIL M
Newport! wvrh mps Yon to Eat
If you want a delicious
Chocolate try those
Newports at The Palm.
We have just received
a   large   stock   and   are
Sole Agents for
Frank Dezall
lliililK't- Tires Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone GO     •   •   •     P. O. Box 813.
W. Cline
Of the nlil Manitoba Unrbcr
Shopcun now be found In ttic
< i
c ,
c ,
c >
First Class Work in
ill!   branches  of  the
• • Tonsorial   Art •'
..akakakakafcAal.. ,
ii Oranbrook
We ask you to call and try
our new Consignment of new
and Up-to-date rigs for
Winter and Summer. Just
received Toppir and Reliable
Horses at your disposal.
Give them a trial n,nd be
Phone 47 Oranbrook, B.C.
6Stomach trouble f• but a symptom of, and not
itself » true disease. We ...ink of Dyspepsia,
eartburn, and Indigestion as real diseases, yet
ther are symptoms only of a certain ipeclno
Nerve sickness—nothlnf else.
It was this fact that first correctly led Dr. Shoop
to the creation of that now very popular Stomach
Bemedy-Dr. Shoop's Restorative. Going direct
to the stomach nerves, alone brought that success
and favor to Dr. Shoop and hU Restorative. Without that original and highly vital principle, no
auch lasting accomplishments were ever to be had.
For stomach distress, bloating, biliousness, bad
breath and sallow complexion, try Dr. Shoop's
Restorative—Tablets or Liquid—ana see for yourself what it can and will do. We sell and cheer-
fully recommend
Dr. Shoop's
dhAirit & ATCHISON.
For a reliable local salesman representing Canada's Oldest and
Greatest Nurseries In Cranbrook and
adjoining country.
The popularity ot our stock which
ls grown on limestone soil, making
our trees and bushes hardier and
longer-lived than coast grown stock,
is acknowledged by experienced fruit
We make a specialty oi growing
stock (or British Columbia nnd ship
in carload to that province.   ,
A permanent situation to right
man, with territory reserved.
Pay weekly ; free otitflt. Write (or
Stone A Wellington
(Licensed by B. C. Government.)
fl  Rei.angke, Proprietor
To  those wanting a swell
turnout  give  us  a  call
we can please you.
Hay,   Grain,   and   Wood
for Sale.
(Jranbrook, B.C.     Phonb 90
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
All kinds of Second Hand Goods
EVnimvfl n 8"E0IAT,TY
Sage's Old  Stand, Hanson Ave
PfatU 251
Because it contains all the
stimulating properties of
beef in a concentrated form.
This excites the nppetite.and
makes you hungry,
BOVRIL Feeds Ton
Because it contains all tlie
Albumen anil Fibrin of the
beef. These are the vital
nourishing properties which
make BOVRIL «HfFer so es-
spatially from all other preparations uf meat.
fa ..I «»»( nttlllulu. US
The strongest minds have gotten tholr
Inspiration direct from Nature, Nature
is tli<- L'lval teacher of mankind, Wo
eiin look to .Suture for all our needs, In
tlm recent Russo-Japanese war the surgeons of tho .Japanese navy and army
discovered thai wounds would hen I mora
rapidly and with bettor success if left to
.Nature, They washed tho wounds with
water which hud been boiled and thus
sterilized—then bandaged the wounds
WltJj clean linen—no powerful drugs or
antiseptics wore used In their tirst aid to
the Injured, Such methods resulted In
tlie loss nf only B3 out of 088 men treated
In a iiiival hospital for their wounds, lt
Is only from lark of observing Nature's
laws that most of us suffer at one time
or another from indigestion, impure
blood nnd a generally run-down system.
Our remedy lies in Nature's laboratory—
deep in tho fragrant wot nls—where are
ninny American plants, tho roots of
which when properly treated will BUp-
na health-giving tonic.
[any years ago a physician who had
an extensive practice among the afflicted
made a striking departure from the usual
methods of his confreres In medicine—he
went straight i*» Nature for the cure of
those stomach djsordora which resulted
so often in nu amende condition, or Impure bloodt loss of appetite, pale or
pimply skin, feeling of lassitude and
weakness. Iin found thut tho bark of
the Bluck Cherry-tree, the root of the
Mandrake, Stone root. Queen's root,
Bloodroot and Ooldon Seal root, made
Into a scientific, non-alcoholic extract by
the use of glycorlno. made tlio best alterative and tonic. The refreshing Influence"
of this extract is at once apparent in the
recovered strength of the patient—tho
vital tires of ihu body bum brighter and
their Incronsod activity consumes tho
tissue rubbish which otherwise may
poison the syslem. This altorativo and
tonic extract, has been found to .stand
alono as a safe. Invigorating tonic, as It
does not depend on alcohol for a falsa
stimulation, bm is Nature's own method
of strengthening and cleansing the system. It tones up the stomach and tho
blood Iu Nature's own way, It Is well
known all over tlio world ,is Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. The name
was given to this vegetable compound
because one of tho important ingredients
was Golden Seal root. * * * Much an
authority us Dr. Roborts Bartholow, of
Jefferson Medical College, says "very useful as a stomacblc tonic Cures catarrh
of the stomach and headaches accompanying the same." Dr. Drover Coo, in
bis book Organic Medicines, speaking of
Golden Seal root, says that "as a liver
invlgorator it has fcto equals." Further
he soys,*1 in chronic hi (lain mat-ion of tbe
bladder we doom it one..f the most reliable agents of cure. As a tonic in tbe
convalescing stages of fevers, imeumonla,
dysentery and othnr acuto diseases Hy-
drastls (Golden Seal root) is peculiarly
llr. Coo continues: "Wo would here
adil that our experience has demonstrated the Hydrastis or Golden Seal root
to be a valuable remedy in bronchitis,
laryngitis, and other affections of the
respiratory organs."
"Of service; in chronic catarrh of the
Stomach aud bowel* following abuse of
alcohol, a tonic after malarial fever.
Has a distinct, anti-malarial influence.
Good In all catarrhal conditions, us
uterine catarrh, leneurrhcea, etc. Is a
curative agent in chronic dvapopsla."
— Ifobart A. Hare, M. D., university
of Pennsylvania.
Prof. John M. Scudder In Specific Medication says: " It stimulates the digestive processes, anil increases tho assimilation of food, lly these means tho blond
is enriched, nnd this blood feeds tlio
muscular system. I mention tlio muscular system because I believe ft first
feels the Inereaeii power imparted by
the stimulation of increased nutrition.
The consequent improvement on tho
nervous and glandular systems nro
natural results.
In relation to Its general effects on
tlm system, there in nu medicine in vsb
about whleh tisercin auch tfcncral miivi-
imltji of opinion. It Is universally regarded as the ton!.! ua-ful in all debilitated states."
After many years of study and laboratory work Dr. it. V, I'ierco produced
the most happy combination of this
Golden Heal root with oilier ofllcactoua
roots—enhancing and Incn using in curative power these na'.lvo plants from our
American forests bj i,he addition of chemically pure glycerine, of | ri per strength,
which Is far bettor than alcohol, both
for extracting and preserving tho medicinal principles residing In pi nits. Glycorlno Itself Is useful in medicine to subdue Inflammation and by cleansing tho
membrane of the Blomnch of abnormal
secretions aids in the cure of dyspepsia,
and stomach and Intosttuul troubles.
The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser. 1008 pages, Ih sont free,on receipt
of stamps, to pay expense of customs and
mailing only. Send Ki t ccntstampsfor
the book lu paper covers; nr 60 stamps for
the cloih-bou.id volume. Addre . |)r, it.
V. riurce, oui Main Street, Uuffalu, K. V-
$5.00 CASH
Good Discount For Cash
SILENT ofmBemama.mim
Armstrong Avenue.
FUnrt ltt Orutr»k, B. O.
®ije ctirospetfox*.
f\. B. Grcice,
■I'lJUSIil-.K    AND    EDITOR.
Hilly McLean bus mode a meat tight
for two cent inres nn Canadian railways.
From nil accounts the present
spring scorns very backward nil over
the American continent.
"Slippery" Mr. Pugsley cannot get
away from the report of the roynl
commission by saying that it wns
The revenue (if Canada in the last
fiscal year wns $83,100,625; tbe expenditure was $113,060,181, Tbe public
debt on March 31st was $307,312,822.
Hon. F, J. Fulton, K.O., commissioner of Lands und Works, has been
appointed acting attorney general for
British Columbia during Hon. Mr.
Bowser's absence in England.
• • • •
Hon. Mr. Pugsley 1ms few sympathisers, but, after ull, are not bis liberal friends in the house of commons
making themselves ridiculous in their
attempts to keep him from sending
in his resignation.
The Grand Trunk Loan is under fire
at Ottawa. The bombardment is
coming from the opposition, who are
not in favor of the government building the road, and then give it to the
G. T. P. Company.
It is reported that twenty-five of
the young women ln London are being instructed in Jiu-Jltsu so ns to
be able to cope with tbe police when
next arrests of suffragettes are attempted.
In a recent speech Sir Wilfrid said
"that he was proud of Hon. Wm.
Pugsley." We have not heard it reported that he wns proud of Emmer-
son, Sifton, or Hyman, all members
of his cabinet who resigned when confronted with proof of grafting.
The British bouse of commons is
being urged by the general public of
Great Britain to maintain her supremacy in the air as well as on the sea.
by building airships. Thc present activity of Germany to this end is
viewed with Increasing alarm.
The Canadian Northern Railway
Co., asked the Ontario government
for a subsidy that would have amounted to $1,600,000, and it was refused. Tho Grand Trunk Pacific got
over $150,000,000 from the Dominion
government. We wonder which of the
two governments served tbe best interests of the people.
« * * »
It is only a question of a very short
time before Hon. Wm. Pugsley tenders his resignation, which is snid to
be demanded by many liberal members as well us the opposition. Sir
Wilfrid will soon get busy and want
to clean up and get rid of an element.
in his cabinet whicli has discredited
it for so long.
Immigration figures given out by
the Immigration Department show
that the number and class of Americans now coming into Canada have
never been equalled in Western Canada's history. Since the season opened the average has been 200 Americans n day, excluding children. Three
thousand came in February, 7,000 in
March, nnd 6,000 for tbe first half of
the present month.
•  t  •  •
The city council for the past two
meetings have been discussing the advisability of the city borrowing $10,-
000 for sidewalk and street improvements. We have gone along fairly
well in the matter of sidewalks but
the street improvement has been slow
principally for the reason that sufficient funds were not available. . The
Council puts the question to the people, who will have to decide the matter by their ballots.
• • * •
Where the public money goes. The
public expenditures of the Dominion
for the fiscal year ending Mnrcn 31,
exceeded the receipts by over $30,000-
000, while for thc previous year there
was a deficit of over $16,000,000, or a
total of about $47,000,00(1 for the two
years which had to he provided for
by the floating of loans. Practically
all of this money has gone into the
construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific, in other words, the country Is
now running into debt to build n
railway for the Grand Trunk Pacific.
Mr. Pugsley has been charged with
misappropriating public money. His
friends sny that the Royal commission which investigated these charges
were partisan. The commission conr
sisted of Judge Landry of the supreme court of New Brunswick, who
was chairman; Mr. F. Mncdougall of
Moncton, and Mr. N. I. Tweedie of
St. Stephen. These are all well
known men in New Brunswick, whose
probity is unchallenged save by Mr.
Pugsley, nnd would not lend their
nnmes to a report unless substantiated by sworn evidence, und not for
political put poses.
A commission appointed by a provincial government, antagonistic to
Hon. Wm. Pugsley has reported on
an inquiry into the affaire of tbe New
Brunswick Central Rullway. The
commission reports that there is a
discrepancy of $134,000 in the account
and connects therewith thc names of
Lieutenant-governor Tweedie and Mr.
Pugsley. The latter declares that the
commission was a partisan one, and
makes a statement tending to show
that the accounting fails to include
important items from the totals.
The commissioners recommend that:
Messrs. Tweedie and Pugsley be proceeded against for a recovery of $134,-
000. The New Brunswick government
must accept this recommendation.
The whole matter will therefore bo
submitted to the courts, where the
province may hope to secure justice.
Hon. Win, Pugsley, minister of pub-
c works, in the Laurier government,
was asked if there were any truth in
the rumor that, he would resign his
seat in the cabinet, Mr. Pugsley replied : "I do not see any reason why
1 should do so." Possibly Mr, Pugsley may have done things which ho
should not have done, and possibly
believes his resignation would disturb
a government already too much disturbed hy such ministers ns Sifton,
Hymun and Emmereon. It might be
easier for Mr. Pugsley to resign than
to hold on. But It will make no difference to the enemies or friends of
Mr. Pugsley whether he resigns or
not, as thc matter is sure to be investigated ln the public courts.
The  Flour" that meets  every
\    expectation of the housewife.
Manfd. by
Lkitch Brothers Flour Mills
Oak Lake, Man.  !•'■
t); .♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
*!*   Professional   t
V v
Barristers and Solicitors,
Barrister,  Solicitor, etc.,
Barrister, Solictor, and
Notary Public
Office—Held Buildings,
P.L.S. & C.E.
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Lund Surveyor,
I'.o   Bos 23(1.
Phono 328,
F. O. E.
Moot every Kridiiy at S p.m
Visit.inu   Brothers Corclittllj   Invited
F.   W.   Heves,   W. President
Wm.    Anderson,    Secretary.
Aerie Physician, P. U. Uu.\ 28.
J Rocky Mountain Chapter |
3 NO. 126. K. a. m. I
■s I
5      Regular meeting*:—2nd Tugs-  £
z   day  in  each   month   at eight  f
%   -o'clock. £
£      Sojourning  Companions, arc   £
5   cordially Invited. 3*
*        II. f... IIotiiwki.l, Serine K.   sj
if       Box 4      CIlANHIiOOK, u. 0.      $
Meets In Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Thursday of each month nt 8 p.m.
A. McCowan, Chiel  Ranger.
C. A. Abbott, Secretary.
Visiting Brethren made welcome.
Maple Leaf Rebekah Lodge.
Moots evory docoiul nmi fourth Wednesday nt now Frntornlty Hall. Sojourning
Itolwknhs cordially invited.
HUS.  fr.  E.  SIMPSON,       Noblo Grntrd.
AHA M.  HtOKENBOTHAM,      Secretary.
Thc Key City Lodge No. 42 of the
Independent order of Oddfellows will
attend divine service at 11 a.m. Thc
members nnd friends of the church
arc requested to vacate the centre
seats in honor of the visiting lodge.
An invitation is extended to all who
do not worship elsewhere to attend
this service.
Thc Sunday School and bible classes will meet as usual at three.
Evening service in thc auditorium
at 8. The members arc asked to
make this last Sunday service of the
revival a great success, by attending
themselves, nnil getting others to do
The annual meeting of the Bpworth
League for the election of ofllcers
will lie held on Tuosduy, April 27th,
nt eight,
The annual meeting of the Sunday
School will he held on Wodneeday.
April 28th. nt eight. The quarterly
Olllelnl Board will follow at nine.
Roports (nun the Ladles' Aid, Ep
worth League, Sunday School, the
tronsuror and tho pastor will be received.
Thc annua! 1.0.1 Call will follow
the children's service Sunday morn
ing, May 2nd, and the sacrament of
the Lord's Supper wiU be administered anil new members received. All
members are earnestly requested to
be present.
The missionary collectors of the
church arc requested to report to
the pastor not later than Monday,
2flth Inat., and the league collectors
to Miss Connolly by tho same date.
The Boys Brigade will assemble on
Monday evening next nt 7.30 at the
Gymnnslum, for a march out. All
members are requested to attend.
_ Dr. ll. VV. Connolly X
Physician anij Suhoeon
Olllco; Armstrong Ave.
c, nouns
I *   i> io ll um.  2 to 4 p.m.  7 io * p.m.
] [ Phone Office 10r>.   Residence Kill '
Calgary  Cattle   Co.
Fresh   and  Salted   Meats,
Fish  and  Poultry  in  season.
Orders by Mail will receive prompt attention.
Order by  Phone,  45.
MM.V..   U.S..
Graduate    of    Ontario    Votorlnory
Collogo, Toronto, in 181)8,
Graduate and Medalist of McKillipVot-
erlnary College, Chicago, III., in IUU0
Registered     member     of      British
Columbia   Association.
steam  Boilers and Furnace Work a
Cost and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.
Funeral Director,
are cut on larae
, patterns -designed
to give the wearer
the utmost comfort
ucht-miuiie cum
Twin Cam»iam Cfcam
H.   W.    DREW,   Proprietor.
()n Baker Street, one door west
nl Messrs. Mil! & Co., the only
place in town tliat can make
life worth living,
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Morning service as usual at eleven
o'clock, subject: "Ashamed o! the
gospel of Christ." The pastor will;
Sunday School and bible class at
three p.m.
Evening service in the auditorium.
On Saturday alternoon from 2.30 to
6 and on Saturday evening from 8
o'clock to ten the members of Knox
Girls Club will serve tea and refreshments in the Presbyterian school
room. Tables and room will be decorated with crocuses. Opportunity
will be given for a voluntary offering.
Prop in and rest and be refreshed.
Rubber  Dollar   Store
r. \v. VanWOHMKR, Puoi'hiktoh
HANSON AVENUE      •     •      CRANBROOK, B.C.
Wc Buy Everything
WE SELL what we hava in stool, ni prices that
will surprise you, A visit to the Dollar store will convince you lhat we huve the goods, and can save you
fifty percent on any goods purchased.
We Buy and Sell For Cash
The .state of Washington has passed | jt'l
an act making it n punishable offence to give or accept "tips." Canadian provinces would do well to consider similar legislation, Tlur tipping
system has advanced to the stage
that in many cases it is nothing
ahort of a holdup. It requires but
little schooling in taking tips to develop the thoroughbred grafter,
\   I'lliiNi: IM I'.il. BOX 86o
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates ■ ■
All   kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
LMCr-ft V/lLVf.
Double actiiiK nuns pump spring water using impure water as power to operate
them. Runs continuously and automatically. Pumping capacity up to 1,000,000
Gallons per day. No wearing parts except valves. Highest efficiency ol any engine
on the market. From 60 to t>o per cent, developed under repeated tests,
Unequalled for IRRIGATION AND DOMESTIC purposes, Over seven thousand
ill   use.
11 you are inUrwted write  to or see H.   Y.   Parker. I'agp 6
I'.'i ,'.i.
Francis Edward
j   STEWART'S   |        Corrison
• The   Leading  Fruit Store.
I inini,,
Cranhrook OH Bmul
. '• '     Ctioii'iiiiiRtcr K,„>\ lJr,wbvlerlnn
. I.KTTlIc K.^trCUMMKIIS, • l'liui-li
I DRKKN OXIOXS, SPINACH | Ute BanclimurtoiTlia MuJ«ty'H Hiiyrl
* i'KI.1 IIV.  RHUBARB. | W.^ualliors
 o— •                      TEACHLR    OF
* HAZEL wool) ICECREAM, fc I Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin
*  „  Hand     Standard     Instruments
Orchestra   Furnished
Phone 133. CR tNBROOK, B.C
Dr,  Connolly  was  m   J affray   Wed
neaday on professional busineas.
Have     a   CUp   "I   tOU   Willi   tilt'   Kl.nX
Girls oiub Saturday.
K   .1    Smyth, edltoi ol iii--   Moylo
Leader was in town Sunday.
W   J   Billot ol Ferule, spent  Sun
day last in Oranbrook
WhiMi tiii'il shopping luive a cup ol
tea ai  iitr Presbyter I mi school room.
ni Winnipeg w.ts 01 town
*t-* a Lt r e    I 1 Illll I      d DC   An<
ipiwil ,1, LM Rill
ro nilh Ur, Sh,  .
i>ll|)    KOCUMJ      l'l,
-1 „,ll icirotj i'i' ■
■ vomiting, no dl
,r„|,    ,K. DrnKKUl
Repeal   11   -sin!..I,
will   nl
1   colds.'
K   II,,lln
.   'I'ili-..l„v
il,')  ii-.ulv min mkci     ninl Inn1 mnl
I'linui up inin imil, yui'il unci ullry
iIi'h   Uonry iIi.im- uvi'i   from     I*"ti
atooio tti'.iu. iiin\ mi 11, .in ..
Wlii'iil       111    linn'   II'ilillli   1:  linlil'l'
I Hum lor IB yearn
M   J   Wobcii  i'i l.i'l iii, in in.' wim   11
1 own Wi'iliuiiiinv
Possesses an extra attractiveness
in the manner of stylish cut, perfect
fit, and easy prices. Every strain
point is provided for. Trousers have
double seats and  knees.
Altogether the best Clothing that's
made  for strong and  sturdy boys.
The new styles are ready, but it's
more pleasure to see than read about,
so we  invite you  to the  showing.
$4,   $4.50.   >.=\    up
The   Store  of Fashion
Cranbrook,   B. C.
Heating   and   Plumbing z
Engineers  . *
"'     \    111!
I'    WoodH I'lllll,' III.
OUR    AIM    1.   :,.
,.( lh.
11  ■
uf   Keating  11
ufflolont, silent, 1     .
11    Thin
lllllll  ins 1 licit
'I'liin. ilny
fin- emit.
.11   1,,'llilir ilu.'
llll'    f|i;,|
led  tor Ilie enst
ir," on company
A high grade article
that stains and varnishes in one operation
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
\ Ham and Bacon il
nt   Fernie
P  An
.clay ,,n
We solicit   your custom
Our smoked meats are always  fl
are ^iiie that if you try them once
with  us  thai  they are  the best   flavored
wholesome smoked  meats you  have over
and    most
sli stock
you   will
OIK1   gfOUlll
ami our prictu,
mil.   Wo linv,.-
lire al
ii suitable
VllVh   III-!,!.
III!'    Ill-
l'lll      fill'    1
.1,-Minium ncl-
.    KinilK
I In show
mil'   Hlcll.'lc.
REPAIRS Strictly moderate, cousisUnt with 'good
Graduate    Opticians
Of the   Toronto   Optll.il-
matic College.
C. P. R.   Inspectors Cranbrook,   B.C.
P.Woods & Co.;
Farrell nf Moyie, principal
iwner nl tin1 Society Girl mine was
n town Wednesday.
.lami's Bates has been appointed
game warden for the Oranbrook district,
PHONE 57 P. 0. BOX 164
********************^ **********^**j*******
What's wrong with tlie waterworks?
We    never   knew   u   man so "sot"
° I against advertising as to kick at    a
lt is rumorod thnt    the     Imperial j [roe pufT.
hunk ul Canada will open a brnneh in 1    Mike O'Neil,     who has been in the
Fernie very shortly. Oranbrook hospital undergoing an op-
Tho brewery Is about completed and  eratlon,   has     returned   to his hnnic
brewing will commence very shortly.   n&re.
(leo. I.. Pedlar uf the Free Press Notices have been issued by the Ure
stall is visiting un the eleventh eon- wardens notifying all persons in New
cession of Mariposa township this : Michel to remove ull inflammable mu-
week. iterial under a penalty of $50.1)0. They
W.  S.  Stanley left mi     Wednesday I have until the 30th to clean up.
P O Box 3.3
Phone 111
Nature Glorified
By Art.
is ilu- nhiiriii that makes
our Wn'! Papers so much
soushl iiIUm by those
win, hive lhe truly lioiui-
li Fill, nmi \\ lm delight in
in:ili':ii'.r there homos al
11 iietive. Wi- multe it 11
[loiul lu have ilu' uewesl
and mosl novel patterns
1 'nil niul So...
The Painter and
Armstrong Avenue
for the coast tu answer to tlie charge
ul getting gay with the judiciary.
The bridge over the Elk between
hero and west Fernie is ncaring completion and will be opened fur traffic
shortly. It is much higher than thc
niii inn- ami will still be above high
water mark when West Pernio is a
1 Anton Danilo was arraigned yesterday before J. R. Cole, J.P., for carrying concealed weapons. He pleaded guilty and was fined $5 and costs.
At a meeting of the Hosmer Local
Union No. 21H7. U.M.W. of A., held
Last Saturday evening at the school
house, J. A. Tupuer leslgued his ot-
- lice of president and Thomas Olimle,
whs elected to iill the vacancy.
Anton Danilo, C.P.R. night watchman at Mudslide, situated two miles
south af Hosmer was assaulted by
three unknown men last .Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. One member of
the trio knocked Dnnilu down and
after getting up the three men started
to follow him The night watchman
drew Lis revolver and discharged it
ai the thug and presumably shot the
thug In the arm, as he grasped his
arm and the trio stoitod on a run in
the direction of Pernle,   Danilo came
Unto     town and  reported the matter
t-. Constable Bulger.
J. P. Armstrong, government agent
at Cranbrook, was here this week,
looking into the improvements required for New Michel. We understand lie will do his utmost to obtain the desired ends and we hopefully look forward to their speedy fruition.
Take notice that 1 intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, after thirty days from the
first appearance of this notice, for
renewal of my license to sell intoxicating liquors at the Wycllflo Hotel
WyclitTe.  II.  O.
Dated April 22nd,  A.D., 1900.     17-1
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, after thirty days from the
Hrst appearance of this notice, for
license to sell intoxicating liquors,
under the provisions of tlie statutes
in that behalf, in tho premises described as the Bellevlow Hotel at
Wardner, H. (!., to commence on the
first tiny of July, A. D., 1909.
Dated April 22nd, A.D., 1909.     L7-4
J ♦
i ♦
re is more bind near
the Creston district
in the province.
bus  received  ord
I Liverpool, April 20—The Mauretan-
I ia which left, for New York this
morning, concluded the last portion
of her trip from Queenstown to Sherries islets, about 200 miles in i. hours
Vineburg of Moiit-
ik visitors Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. T.
eal were Cranbro
Drop In to the Crocus Tea in the
Presbyterian School Room Saturday
afternoon and evening.
Fred Ritchie, a commercial man of
Victoria, was transacting business at
Oranbrook Monday.
H. Shntzlcy and J. Heat on of Winnipeg, were registered at the Cranbrook Sunday last.
Constable Joe Walsh of Fort Steele
was at Cranbrook Monday on legal
Why not shop in Cranbrook ? It's
easy, and you are sure of getting thc
goods that will suit you.
Ben Werden of Fort Steele, proprietor of the Imperial hotel was in town
A. G. Smith and J. Spencer of
Vancouver were guests at the Cranbrook hotel  Monday.
M. D. Couch of Lethbrldge, the
Alberta Oil King, was in town on
W. J. Feltham of Moyie, manager
of the Aurora mine was in the city
on Tuesday on company busineas.
F. H. Brownell, E. O. Roberts, J.
Devlin nnd C. Clayton mills of Spokane, were in town Tuesday.
W. P. Oilpen of Los Angeles, E. J.
Cnnn of Calgary, and A. G. Cumin.n^s of Montreal were guests at the
Crnnbrook Tuesday.
E. S. Wndsworth, G. F. Wadsworth
M. H. Leishman, and J. J. Binns of
Vancouver were guests at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
F. W. Kclsall of Wattsburg wns
transacting business at. Cranbrook
W. K. Cooke of Kaslo, W. Gosuell
of Nelson, and J. Wright of Montreal
were guests at the Cranbrook Tues
H. S. Waterburg, A. V. Burton, R.
K. Jackson, P. 15. Best of Calgary,
were registered at the Cranbrook
E. A. Humphries of Lothbridge, .1.
P. Pond of Nelson, and W. H. De
Long ol Fernie, were registered at
the Cranbrook Monday.
Vou wi
order will
the (/nods.
Gold Standard
and Coffees   .
in, i
r il.ono Ht.rnwliiin-y  'i'i'i 1" minutes.   This workB out to
niiiiiliiirs.               Ihe very high upend of 2'.l knotH nn
ii    tlmt Journoyoil lioiii', n font never accompllHhod hy
iii.ii-iiil llm Under I nn i nn ntenmor,
■ ill i
r    \'ill
.1    I'
111 \
: ;i trial
re   wiih
llnin  V
N,-|.,i,i,   u
M lay  ii
iiii|,i i,vim
m.i'!-      I.
I.ml,. T
pool  nl   ll-l
i Illlll .1  Illll
Hn   wn
ti--.. In  I'
>• Ill I
,  ilu- St..  ffiiigcmo inlniifiiii i
L-lit, i:,,v,'tTiiin-iit ni-,i,nl. ut
in town mi Sunday und
onnttctlon with l.lm tunny
i: lliiil nn- going In ho
mi   mini!,  .uul   Hull''   tin'
nv c,l
npo I
-., Min
, ii  (h-np
I ii Hi  nnd
d (owning.
tin' nick "I
lutiiilil, who hm'
ni'.-n  tin- Npot.
'makes GOOD bread'
'ways un.
'Shlloh't Ouro will nl
coughs aud coldu.*'
Porulo,  April 31   It.  Mlchovlch, M
Novlcll,   Mlllc  Ki-ll ll   unci   Alex  Hue
ilm, iippeureil hotoro illlilgo Wilmm in
t.he county  rt today to nnswor tlin
I'liniT-.e ol IiiivIiib Inflicted bodily
liiirm <>ti .lm,>li ili'ilinii nnd Tliofl.
KoHHicll ilininr u llulit in lliirailun
colony mi Kimlcr Htindny. Tliey ull
plendciil guilty ninl worn fined fr,o nnd
coata ciicli.
dim JelTricH. the retired heavyweight elinmpion nnnonnred TncHday
in New Vork, that be reclaimed the
title of heavy weight pugilist of the
world     and     be     ready to defend it
against all enmerti in ten months or (little garden, nnd make thc surround-
a yeur. ings look preen and beautiful.
Hy all means let lis have a high
school in Cranbrook. We know that
there are pupils onoUgii for Bitch an
Mr. H Madill. organiser of the
Canadian Order of Chosen Friends,
left on Thursday for Nelson. Me hopes to return to Cranbrook in a couple
of weeks.
C. W. Grlffln of Hamilton, H. Fisher of Montreal, C. S. Corson, and J.
O. McDIarmid of Toronto and A. C.
Wbitaker of Toronto, were registered
at tlie Cranbrook Wednesday.
Messrs. J. A. Harvey, J. P. Fink,
Vic Rollins and .1, I). Mrl.ride were
at Moyie attending a meeting of the
shareholders of the Aurora Mining
Mr. .Ins. Finlny is now engaged in
building an addition to bin house,
and also busy iu clearing and cultivating his ranch property, which inl
located close to Crnnbrook and one
of (lie best in the Kootenay valley.
The prolonged cord winds and dry '
weather which we are experiencing at
this time form an unusual combination, and one that, makea un think
that there wilt be very liie;t. water in I
the Kootenay river In the latter part
of Juno,
The first crop report for I he season j
of 1909 was issued last week by     the |
O.P.U., nnd shows that the farmers
in the west  are busy preparing     for |
Hpedini; grain for the summer's     big
Not too early to look into this line, we have
sent out several hundred feet already this spring.
We are here with the goods, it's up to you to
come in and see.
J. D. McBride,   Hardware
Fresh and Cured Meats
Butter,   Eggs,   Poultry,   Hay and  Grain.
Try Our Boiled Ham
1'. O. BOX 3.
P. BUENS & CO., Ltd.
Head OtBce,
Calgary, Alberta
Btain Office for East Kootenay,
Oranbrook, B   C
2?, y Binning
********************** *******************
THL   Cfcif -
are sold only Ly
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441 Hastings Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Branch Store—413 JoHphin. Street, Nelson, B.C.
George Welch,   Selling Agent, Cranbrook, B.C.
H.   H.   STANTON,
Manager   for   all   Eastern   B.C.
What lire yotl going to cl" with tlio
land In front or behind your home 7
TIiIh Ih the HOUHon ol the year when
things begin to grow and live. Why
not do a little planting and have
For   Sale or Rent at Reaaonabl.
Ottice& Workshop—Lewis St.
Phon. No. il.
"The Best in Town"
For a Cool, Clean Shavn,
or a Hair Cut, go to
Tonsorial  Artist.
Cranbrook Street
nextdoor to Baals A Blwallt


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