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The Prospector Apr 14, 1906

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Array •,''..—   ;• e! L«g Kit
■-,   ,    L90«
ft -,-.
Vol. 12.
No.  15.
Special Eaater Servioes Will Be
Held in the ChuroheB With
Special .Programme of Music
Special l'lusler services will be
held in the MothodistChurch next
Sunday morning mul evening.
The church will he decorated
for llie occasion and the sermons
unit music will he in keeping
wilh the day. Evening subject
of address, "The Risen Life",
The music will he furnished by
a choir of twenty voices assisted
hy nn orchestra of ten pieces.
The orchestra will also play
from •" to 7:80 in Ihe church.
Musical programme I'm' die
evening follows:
I. Opening Vuliiniiirv'. '-Audttiite
Co,,. Moto'" Boethoveit.
■1.    Hymn, "Easter Hymn". Carey.
:t. Antliein. "Jesus Is ftlsnll",
Alio siiln by Mins I'atiiinrc.
4. Solo, "Tin- Church Aofiim llie
Wuy". W, H. (Ini.V, Kov, J. I'. West-
6. Snlu, "Selected", \V. (I, Miirton.
a.   Chorus,    -'.leans    Viciur    liver
lleulh". Suilirl
7. Solo, "Angels' Kaster Sen;",
Solineulcer.   Miss K. Caiuiioll.v.
s.  Anthem, "Praise Ve tlio Lord",
Uuuiintl,   Grutnl 'I'rliuntitial ehot'us.
u,   oniortolre, "Adagio C'antabile",
111    Hymn, "lie I'.vi.r l.lveth". Edsuu
II. lllsinlssul.
Holy Cranuiunlnii        Su.ni.
Matins & llnlj 'Communion. II u.m.
Children's Survtou      3 p.m.
Evoning Service       7:110 |i.in
Holy Communion nt - will he
plain, with appropriate hymns:
Matins Choral, Ferial responses, proper tinlheni to lira,id
Chant, Humphreys proper
Psalms 11 Cooke in O, l-A'll
RimbuUH in K Iitiii CXI Grand
Chant. Te Deuin, Woodward,
Stnaii uiul Tmile. Benedict, ;'
Trouthick in K Hat.
Holy Oommiinion, Woodwnrd
in E flat.
Hymns A. & M„ 1H4, 822, 127,
185.     Anthem,   "Why   Seek Ye
the  Living  A g  the  Head".
Clave in (.1.
Evensong, Choral. Ferial responses.
Proper Psalms CXI 11, Bath
skill In D. CXIV Tonus Peru-
grlsms in (1, CXVIII Troutbeck
in 0
Magnificat, Smart in 11. Nunc
Dimiltts, Pel toil iu E lint.
Hymns A. .1' M IK', UK''. 181,
Anthems as ui Matins.
Instruments, organ unit violin.
Sermon al   Matins and Evensong by il"' Rector.
ST. eucibne mission.
Indians are gathering from nil
parts of ihe districl t" lake part
in ihe Waster festivities, ll will
be a great slglll uiul al  11"' siiuie
ii i    great    Joy   for   '.heir
missionaries lo si i   l'lusler
morning those faithful children
of ihe Church, of whom some
cone from more than sixty miles
uwuy, in approach ike Sacra-
meets ami unite themselves in
tin, due whn redeemed all men.
In Oaiibruok Iho olttoes will
he held us usual in Si. Mary's
Church, High muss at ll) a.u,..
and llie evening service at 7:80
p. in. During llie week the
choir litis been pruol.lsiug a new
muss in Gregorlay Chant, and a
few hymns appropriate lo the
Rev. Kai her L. Cllolnel will
oBielato at nil services.
Those That Are Arrayed".
I'.VKMN,:; Anlliein. "The
l.'ird Is Risen Indeed"..!'bus H.
OlVeriiiry Sentences: "Nut
nvoryouo lliui snitli unto me".
and, "Teach uie nh Lord", Reed
Anthem, "As li Began tu
Dawn". Reed.
Services I'lnsier Sunday in
Ktipiisi Church will he ul oxlhi
Interest, The pustor will preach
liiiih morning and eve,,inc.
Ill   the   morning   111,'   subject
will  I Aii  nlil  story   will,  a
modem application".
And iu the evening, "An
ftasier Message".
Hiiuil Congregational Singing,
old tunes, warm welcome, The
Choir will render special music.
First   Same   of   The   Season
Fernie Wins by a Score of 3 to 1
The lirst football game nf the
season was played nu the
recreation grounds yesterday
afternoon. The day was all lhat
could be desired and a large
number were in attendance. The
giime was clean from beginning
to end and was noi what could
he called exciting bid nl times
some line plays were made,
Cranbrook half backs were very
strong uiul showed up well.
I''ernie goal keeper was always
iu place nnd although the bull
came Into his region many times
yet he was Inn wide awake lo
uHow Ihe second scoring of a
goal, Al the close ihe score
stood ii to 1 in favor of Kernie.
A return game will be played in
the near future.
Vl.lXK   1
1 MimooK
i           Mhit*»
Henri orson
SOUTHEAST KOOTENAY MINES     II.   McMllllan  ol   Edmonton
wns ai llie Cosmopolitan Friday
North Star a Heavy Shipper
Last Week The Aurora Shipping A Large Increase in Fro
dilution of Ore
The total shipments of silver-
lend ore from Southeast Kootenay mines 'in constantly Increasing, nnd was allien 110(1 tons
more Ihi- week than llie previous week.
The Si. Eugene and Sullivan
continue in lead in production
nil niher mines iii tin- Kootenay,
The North Star was also a large
shipper, and the Aurora made n
small shipment in Trail ami a
cur load of zinc concentrates tn
Frank, Alb.
The (ol ti I shipments for the
week were as follows:
Si Eugene.
Sullivan ...
Nortli Star.
Aurora ....
.   (HIS ll.OD.H
.vii i il, ni i
lis |,H4ll
n n
Total    1,1125   17,1171.
R. S. Kelly of  Yarmouth.   N
S. wns in ilie cily Friday,
.1. li. McBride was nl Chicago
ihis week on business
Win. I'V Hind returned from
Winnipeg nn Thursday,
.lames i'inhiy who wns al
Spokane last week nn business
returned home Monday.
id. in Stewarts for Lettuce,
Rheuhnrh, Onions and Spinach
Fresh every day.
.1. Mulligan uf ('a nun in- was
registered nt the Cosmopolitan
nu Wednesday.
Me.Clnry's famous Stoves,
Ranges, Furnaces uud Enameled
Ware t,l Patmore Urns.
F. W. Kelsnll of Wilttsburg
was in the cily for several days
this week nu business.
The Ancient Order ni
Foresters met In Patmores Hall
nn Tuesday evening.
Indian Agenl R.L.T. Oalbraith
of Fort Steele was at Crunbrook
Wednesday oii oftic.lal  business.
R. X. Finch & Co., ure selling
nut their stock nt canned Goods.
Prices are cut in  two.
Iron Beds—isi. 75
A  A. Ward came down  from]      CO-OPERATIVE STORES.
MiirysvilleTluii'silay nu business, j 	
  Win. Tiii'tiint  was down from
Kor  the  newest in carpels go; Luke  Creek   Tuesday  on   husi-
to I!,nil & Co. I ness.
ll.C. Moles of Sandon was in;    |,;.  Rlwell r,f  Beale A'   Elwell
the city Thursday. was al Windermere this week nn
company business.
.1. .1. Austin   came   from   Elko 	
on inst Saturday on business.      ;   J.||.(,   pink was vlslllnff the
Win. Walsh of Fort Steele was
iu Cranbrook Thursday on busi
"Our Bovs.'
i   ■'      H      |{yi 's     chnrnmig Mr    Pollen   Talks  on   Railway
Km-   La-ter    -k   '.ve;,,-   see|comedy,   will  he   presented   in'     Construction        Will   Attend
to K. ('. R. Business at Ottawa.
Hill ,t I'n. I Wentworth Hull on Friday evei
  ing  April  20th,  by  the  Fernie
D. ,I. McMllllan of Fernie was operatic   company    under   the
ii iriiesi  at the Cosmopolitan on ,.   ,,        ,,  ,.
., ., ' supervision "l   Mrs.    McEvoy,
  assisted    by    Mr.   ,'ri-c    Mr
.1. Harris of Harris Bros.,   re- Frechette    .Mr.    Spencer,   Mr
turned Tuesday from a  business Coulthurd,     Mr.     Lnury,    Mr
IriploPlncherC'i k, [leaven.   Miss    Alexander   ,t„l
Miss Johnslouet'for the  benefit
A. Lucas ni' Kuslo,   proviuclul
assessor, was in Cranbrook this '
week nn official business,
,f the Cranbrook i'i"''  Reading
J Roou, and Public Library. Come
  and see them!    Tickets 75 cents
John  Ryan,  proprietor of the|un,i ju,    Phm of sents at Beattie
Central  hotel,  Wardner, wus in
Cranbrook Tuesday,
A: Alchisons.
Reid St Co. have a very attractive       BASKET BALL AT "GYM"
carpet display, in their big show 	
window, this week. ;    Cranbrook   Vs.   Moyie   A   Hot
Rev. VV. Vaiice~of Kimberley       «a»e   w»n By Cranbrook.
is in lown this week  writing on'| 	
llaskel Hall nntliusinsts were
treated tn a line exhibition "I
the game on Wednesday nf this
his University examination, Kev
West nmi, is presiding.
See Hill ,* Co'., window for
ihe finest carpets ever brought
into Cninbrook.
(' Hutigerford Pollen, pvesl
dent ni 'ne Kootenay Central
Railway ('ompan^ was ;,i i'run
brook for several days this week.
Mr. Pollen i- nn hi- unv I..
Iittnwn iu nn. inI ii. Kootonay
i 'eiitral mutters nl this session
nl the Dominion Parliament Mr
Pollen stated thai ten milo nl
ihe road would be completed by
Hie i ioncrol i lontrael Company
nl Vancouver by May Nt.. which
would In- sufficient tn hold all the
company's rights ami privileges
for two years, during thi- time
ii i- expected in obtain :, renewal  ni   ile    provincial   subsidy
Inr ri\   granted    Tl."   Cans
(linn Pacific Railway Company
would take no interest in the
venture beyond handling surveys
week, when :, picked t    In,,,,   .|||(|    |,,,.||,|nn;liv    ,,,,ls,m.,.j„n.
Moyie can,.,  down   In  try  ecu   „WIII1J ,1P , ,„.   K„„„,lav  ,.,.„„...,
I'. Mansfield has i , ,.,. in-1?"^'"* w,th. " plokn?„l,vo  rroin W 1 > being unable .,, prop
led chief dispatcher at Calgary.  tho (-,'VmnnRhim'       ''"'    *,l"Hnrly   organise   ii-   work   In its
Mrs.   Manstield   will   move   to started shortly uftor n eloclt  present condition    Should  the
Calgary In the nenr future. with J. P.   West-man  In  control  llliiu;lv   Hvontuull\   be built,   a
w. e. Miiie^Tspnio,,,,. w=i-!!;''''^';;;;M,,Th,s;;;;;;rT''i,''li,''ln Iy',,'unu':iv,;"" nl wi"
in the citv Friday. Mr. Miller *''.-.'v ll"f ' ,.''"'" ' " "." be made wilh the C, P. R. Com-
went to Marysville iu Hie morn privilege ol tin audience to wit- )llll|y • h was geneVnlly supposing, rolurniiig tn Cranbrook  in|ness » fusion gttme.   The inico|w|  ,),.,,   ,hl. pi-0ViiiciHl "overu-
llu- evening
i was inn I'us, In continue, bul ihe
menl   nl   il-   lavi .-..session  would
'grant   -..mc   assistance   to   tin-
"Our    Buys  nt     Wentworth citeineul rim high nl  limes mul ,-    ,.    ,,     „.,       ,      .,      ,,,
Hall on Friday evening April 20.-„. ,,.... ,,,*,,,, ,  .,.,   K    C"   U"   "'"'"   P»S!"n«?   tho
for the benetit of tie' Free Rend- ; ,'      "'"    "'      ", - - the C mbin ,V Western Hill.
ing  Room.    Reserved   seal-  llt. The second half wns keenly con
Bnaltiu & Atchison's. tested.     Many  line plays  were; Mining Notes
made on  both  sides uud  culled 	
forth  loud   npplnnse   from   the     Active preparations arc being
the gallery.      Ai   He  end  the mndu for commencingoperations
pltieer mines on Wild Hur-e
F. Hillier. C, P. li. Agent,
win, ha- been seriously ill fm
several   weeks,   has   recovered
,    ,       ■     ,    ,  .if. lnil,in*{   caral1S    '"' N"r"'",,St iTI-  ,„,w"'!w;. to ^3 «core stood 7-11 in f,.vorofCrun.ii, the
Just arrived, a carload ol  hay Koo'nnav this weok ,,e                       to get   aiouno
uiul nuts   - A. 0. Bowness,                              '  land receive the congratulations brook.    I he line up wus much u-eek
  I nl' hie iniiiii- t'l-iaiidai li,,,, □„,..., oj l.,ui  ,,,,,,1.    ...- lln.r       ii    '
11  M. Jnrvls of London, Onl
wn- in ihe city Monday.
J. MacUoiuild nl' Fernie was a
jguest at the Craubrooli Wednesday.
Frank Clapp left  on  Wndnes-     mjss yp |,;   smith of  Boston
cKitNiK   I duy nun business i rip in Victoria. | was lv Cranbrook visitor on Wed-
IJ.  A.  Aver, and   R.  Clothier
of   Moyie   wnrr  in   Cranbrook
Referee, Mr. Wilds. Linesmen. A. M. Black and J. Gilchrist.    	
Output From 0. N. P. C. (Jo. For
March     Coal and Coke.
The month of March was a
banner month at the col Merles of
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.,
all previous records being broke,,
says the Fernie Free Press The
output of coal Inr the month
amounted to St.2711 tons. The
highest previous record was
made iu Jununry when the total
ainounlnd in 7(t.H0H inns, so thai
il will be s i thill   March   lend*
iii the history of lh mpany by
l,(i7oIons  The figures in March
for eiich colliery were:
M. Phillipps  nf  Elko  was til '
Cranbrook Wednesday.
the same as last week excepting     ||. M, Burrow and .1. IV Larsuu
Candy- Pure, that's it. and ihe Wednesday on business,
be-t, ai the Palm.
IRON BEDS•-*:,.75
.1. P. Kink and E. Elwell   who £ ^''t"" ,""'' '!'"   '''.'"S "M 'l,"v" '' 1'1"""1 :' ""W " ' ,""1
have beon on a'business trip t0 Davis who wns sick.   W.   II. are now busy  pulting in u large
the Wiiuleriuere country return-  Wilson  tilled   the   pin    F,   tank  and   penstock.    They   will
ed   in   Cranbrook   Wednesday! Marshall in defence.    The largo be ready to mine us soon :,.- the
evening.  Both gentlemen  w'ereL„||u,.y |„  n„. Oynuuisiuni  wns season will permit
enthusiastic over   the beauties       ,;, ,    , ,      	
and  resources oi that portion ol  ; , ,    , '     ■"    "' "    Hoarding   nnd   bunk
East Kootenay. >" ll"  "'"''" llloftsw1   u"1' lhe house has b, completed al llie
  »ume,     After lime  was  culled Mj,R,ol.y ln|neon whilnfish Creek
\u Important nieoting of the tables were ipilclcly  Sprend  und t|,e.|,cconiinodntionsuresutlicloul
S   R.   Wnrmiingtnn  of  Movie i
fool ball association wns held in  |.,,fi'oshmenls   wee   served   hy
the   Committee   room    of    till
friends nf the "Cyuf'aiul   about „,
for I" men.    The  Biirlev  drills,
Cranbrook Co-operative  Stores. Thursdny.
,'. W, Davoy of Fernie was  iu!    "Our Hoys" nt Wentworth Hall
the city on Wednesday. »" Friday evening April  20th.
wus a guest at. the Cranbrook on Oymnasium on Monday et ingllno"us ol " "'v'"   :""'   '"land  irossor is expected  „.
of this week.    Thei re now|el«llly'fivc guests were senied. \rtM,u Cranbrook inn few dnys.
Placer mining on Finlay Creek
will commence nboul  .lune   1st.
i Plan of sents at Beattie St Atch
four tennis in the league und (hei About fifty Moyie  friends cairn
interest is increasing.    A scluil   down and were all entertulned nl
uie was drawn u,, and arrange- This WHS  fo|lmvi!ll ,1V .«''» ''tunmence „i ,  dune  1st.
monts made  for n   game   with1 ,       ,    ',,   If is stud thut prepurutions have
Ull ' I I I >       llllll I*. I"l        <■ *il< II l" I'lill , | i i ii      I | '      MHlll
Another shipment of summer iron. Pel,|)lo 0„ Good  (.',.idllv.    The »| lies nnd song and thou nil  n (,m|| M| foi, lhn    n(h
carpets at Reid & Co, League games will be played on sepaia.l:s ding that these two|,     ,   .i...,.,,,,..,,,.,,.„.
  H.  Hunter,  representing   ho       £    *.nnI   H ,„■ BU(,, vv|1|.k.     gftineBihad drawn Crnnbrookand  "-'"- l'1'""
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. E, McNitugh- Hudson   Bay  Co.,   at   Pinchor    *,an> f  ", ,„,„. ,„„,„,,„„. Jacob Nelson is actively en
ion  of   Winnipeg  were   Cran- Creek wus in the City Wednes- « M   i»«* , hl d8val   ,ng  „
brook visitors or, Friday. day on business^ Wednesday to ralurt, to her        nir.BnnmAM"rinfflwv I"' '>   on  Bk.»lc    chuck
.Indue P. E, Wilson wns at B. Smith. .1 A. Maclean and
Nelson during Ihe curly part of Wm, Smith of Siiuimertiehl N.H.
this week. were guests al the Cosmopolitan
  I on Wednesday,
K. .1. Abbs of Toronto was a! 	
guest at iho Cranbrook Sundny     M|8s Walls, of Waterloo, Eng.
hisl, Sisterof E. A. Watts, of Watts-
'- burg,   arrived til Cranbrook on
Cnl. S. II.   Puinpelly,  a   Luke| Wednesday.
Creek mining man, wasa guest I 	
nt the Cosmopolitan on Tuesday     j    |,ixol, K01,   ,,r   n„.
  Cranbrook branch of P. Burns
lien Watsonand Robert l.ii lie ,(,- Co,   was al Moyie Tuesday on
of Fori Steole were Cranbrook (nimpniiy business,
visitors nn Saturday lust. 	
  A.   P..   Fenwick   an.l   II
c    A   Chulmor nf Batliurst, Chirk nf Fori   Sleelu   were at
old home in   Ottawa.     She   will'
spend  n   few days   ill   Alberta
i 'i k,    I Io Im- n  line showing
of copper inc.
Dividends From Crow's Nest.
visiting  her  sister-in-law   and What Scotsmen   Have  Uiven  to
then go to Munitoba to visit her ..    Wftpij.   . ou:.,
son and will arrive in Ottawa in tne wonQ   A bKlrl
nboul four weeks.    Mr.   Kenton on the Pipes. 	
expects lo leave aboul that lirue.                        ■—,— Lust week holders of Crow's
A large number ot friends ossein-     'f\w i-ogulur bimonthly i t Xost I'n— Coul Coniptiny's stock
bled  at  the stalion to bid fare L ,p0rt|wcttlertoiiliin Socioty wus received their   second   divideud
we   to Mrs,  Fenton, testifyimr ,  ,,.,,.         ,, ..        ,,.  , ,,.
to the high esteem in which  she I'01''  '" I'"""'"'" Hall oil  Wed- this year,  amounting iu  all to
was held in Cranbrook nesdny evening,    A large ntten- 8H I     Pho Hrsl dividend this
                        dance    was    presenl    and    all year  was  payable on   January
Master Hurry White, tho only Hioroughly onjoved themselves; 1st,    Dividends are  looked  for
ison of  Barry  White,  is at Hi,  M    M,,r„Wi(„. ,|„, ;„,,. |is|„,d quarterly
Eugene hospital, whore ho unuerj   . '
S. | went  a surgical operation this P'lwr ol the society o|ienod as M1NIN(.
i'cns.     N. P... was a '.'iiesi ai the Cran   Cranbrook Tuesday ntttindlng a
Coal Creek 411,701
Michel   211,11(17
Carbonado     7,1104
Tola! 8t,27H
The increase ill March over
January Is aboul equally divided
between Michel and Coal Creek
The coke production in March
while not a record breaker is
very satisfactory, there being
25,151 Ions nianul'iicliii'cil during
the month,
Moyie Mining News.
The output of tho St. Eugene
Easter Services will beheld in i mine for March was  2,712   Ions.
brook "i, Monday.
convocation ot Rnek\   Mountain
Chapter R. A. M
Fred ,1. Smyth, Editor nl Hie!
Moyie Lender  was iii  tl ity!    B. B. Ollmour ol   Vnncouver
Irene at Bonners Ferrv. to Have
Election of Officers
Capital nf $1,000,000.
week.   Master   Harry   though usunl with a few selections outh
very weak   is  getting alnnc  n- |,i|„.-. niter which n  programme
well iis dan be expected. wlls i,,,.,,,,,,,,,! Interspersed witli
-mi'.'- :,ml stratlisproys nnd reels
perfnri I lo Ibe stirring strains
...presenting      the      Waltrousl    Lust Monday ovelilnu n  Inrgnlof  lhe   pipes,    As  '   lhe     A ''""'j', ' Wlls  l"1'""''1 ;"
Engine   Co.   of   Euglnnd,   was uum|,ul, ,,|   those internslnd   In objects id the society Is m study »'"»nBrt.    I'orrj   mi    Saturday
R Johnson of Marysville, und | transact Ing   business a,   Cran   , M|     ,n   Wuutworlh the hlsiorv,  literuinro nnd  um   hist, underi C the Ireue
J, (lounlllof  Movie were guest h ik nn  Ihursdny, . .   ,     .     .     Mi g Coinptini', will, a capltul
, ,,    ;,             ,.;       .   ,.,   ,.,                                                             ;i     am     ho rough y   ( siuisseil  lerhd progress ol lucolliinrl,   tin- '                          i
ut the Cosmopolitan on Wednes- '     ■ ,,      : ',,,   ,       „ of II, i.nmi Inshnresnf *l uach
dav. Tlio Crunbrook Brass liund hud llie subject,     Reports  were  re- Chief, gat o as u conliibuti  	
  22 members nt practice lust Mon   ceived from the retiring others brief nccounl of wluil Scntsiiicn i '        ■
II.  Tyrrlll   of  filnsgow   wns duy   night.      Instructor   It.   H- which showed  n  good  stuudlng had given In lhe  world   iu   the  '    ' •  wuipliy,   I    .1.  Mcliol
roglslerod 1,1  ihe Cosiiiopolltnn|Short, snys iimi  lhe band  will
nn Wednesday.
I.inke its lirst uppeuruncn nn   the
21th of May,
Wanted     a slluuilou ns  ik —-
by a sober, inditslrinns mini, just Wc huvo n greul nilliio Inr sell
nut from England, Address i„c n„. host, "STEWARTS"
"Clnin" Cranbrook  Posl  Olllce, Chocolules uud  Bon   Buns ure
  niiiilc    fm'    11inse    who  desire
ll. R. Vales, representing  Ihe qua Illy   pill nddollclons.    II.   resulted ns lollotV
Staples Milling Co., nf Wye-llfl'elSiownrl, Armsti g. Ave.  , prmiiimii
was a, Oranbrook Tiu'sdny on
tiniinciiillv,    Altec ;,  liuinhur of way "I inventions,    Firsl,   Ihni
A   A   Murphy nnd N  c Crowley
I he purpose for «Inch the com-
re;,ni/cd arc
enthusiastic speeches wer ude ofngrictilturu, the plow, cullivn
urging upon  lhe    necessity   nf tor, grubber, runners, llireslilngll"'"^   is orgunizoci nre  i ng,
.   ,       ,, i ,i   ,      ■ i ,u,i iiuit.   umbering, wulwr.steam
ennccrii'd  ilcllon   tin-   year    In | nuicliiiies nnd Ihni which crowe"!
order in win out,
,,, i       '  ,,       i   i... ...,,,„. i ,i     iiud eleetrie power, electrlcllffhtfl
lhe i iburs all agricultural  iiiiplcu.cn!-  lhe ' ..
pi' deil to el,'C.I otlleers which run pi ug in
The   ,e;,|ii„e
nnd   tramways,   In   th"  United
! States and I III llllllll,
the Knox Presbyterian Church, Th I ne payroll amounted lo wim-
•  "ompany business. :     Iln' liospllill onu "in ne linio
  nexl Vlondnv eve,iin,.'   nl   Weill
Easier Meeting- The  annual i worth Hull,   Thut  It will  be,,
tnmorrow, Easter Sunday,   both 181,000 for the innnll,, or #1,00(1
in  the   morning   and   evening, per duy.   There ure uboul  810      ^       ^	
'I'he following special  snug  set-  men   al   work   nnd   the  n vitiik"1 j i,„!,'."rii'.r' nt'" t lic/'Ma ri'sii'i.inV'rs "if success hn- been iis-ured hy   lhe     s.cl'i,
vice will  be presented  by   the; wage is M"11 per man, Chi'ists Church  will  he held In  large iiumber ol tinkels alreiuly    cn|,i,ii,i
l,0l,,. The Aurora mine shipped liisl,|tlie church nn  VVndnesdny ihe *"^ M;n"
llOOk,  -Ville,  en,die  were Inrev er
i  ll. King I consigned tn the pasl   by   Bell's Absent-mindedness wouldn't be
linn. Vl.'ii I'ri'aiiieiit, u, lluKijiirtl,    genius.   Clas. the sleu ngiue, such a bad thing If ll would only
rii-i.iei"               V. A, Hollhni h|-nn ships for whose slruclure, help people forget their troubles,
I., \'ie,   I'le-iile,,,. A.l..Mc|ler„,el '                     ,     ,   .      ,     .,         ,           .
,   .                  .     w |, m||   ! "the   I lytic    hohls   lhe    I  New Jersey is going t.> spend
,i. ,\. \,-,i"iii ground In tho world of shlphulld |itfi0,iiiln   in   lighting   lie   ,„,,-
Willi,.i Mill, I Ing,       Tb.'   '-''lb   ..I    April   be i|i,|toes,    That ought to lllllki!  :,
ii. .i. Meswevi,   ling ,| nnlversitry ol thu bailie gooil beginning.
MiiiiNiNO" Euster   fly inn, week to Trail smeltor n small »»th.. at 8 p.m.   Business, the ■ Kron,    ihe   present   outlook Cullodon. it full program I     Before annul   navigation   he
• •Awake!   My Soul,  tls  Easter ampuni "f silver leadore, „ nd the »«* "ft'liurch ffnrtens and     A     Mc «,.  of    ;^» Crunbrook will hnvo n  winning Jncoblte songs i , skeiel, of, s oue of lhe popular a -,■
MoSwooLan.     . previous week a carload of nine »^ ^and gfi  ^.U "'" * ""
Offertory   'TheLonis Prayer' aoneatitratiis to the smelter nt fu|)  allnndniico nf the fiirisl,- rebuilding his hotol which  wnslovery ollorl  to bring back the the olalms of the S units io .he sary for somebody to, mil,,.
Salter.     Anthem.    "What Are Prank, Albt. loners is greatly desired. [destroyed by tire on March 80th,  Levasseur cup, British Throne, will be given,     | front with nu accidentless airship THE PROSPEOTOU, CRANBROOK   H I     APRIL l-l
L.  CLAP!'
A. B. 6race,
snare :, slllylc in
! .%«%%.,»%»».%«»»»«»«»»%%%«%%%%»%%*%»%%»«»»«%•.»%»»»»«»««»«««»«»*»
Now ihal lb,- base lmil seusoi
has commenced,   the high  hull It will puj those who ar
"ii ought in end
Innlvinc for work lo call and
Baker Street.      Cranhrook, B.C.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable Bedrooms
lirst C.las> Dinim. Room
=r-  t- There ain't   lunch talk now n Jim    McArthur
SATUKUAY,  U'ltll, n. can;.      days aboul ll an wilh the hoe,
- i.hi ii is almost lime lo hear from lb' can  i
T^JOW that Easter is here the the tuan with the spading  fork, also lit you
ynn n jidi and
(pleslion naturally arises
I in our mind- ;,- to how we should notice.
spend the day and in what spirit     WANTKH   n.v   tin   I'lt.i  »l  t'ciu,
What does it mean lo ns und for  >"""k " l'"'""1 K""'"'      ' •"' I'ardci,
;i|i|.!v In
C. II. IV,-I   i 111 ,'lerli
Clothes, Shoes.
Hats, lite.
IIII.I. a CO, Tin- nidi place In town
One cuii make life vvnnl, the llvin?.
an note
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Jim Muflruiiir
lisou Ave    Ci; imii: ,   II
'   ,*♦*,   i,,,,,.   .»*«•«»♦♦**♦♦   I
uie I he  rc-iiri'.'c    l'in„|i„ fn I '.,■ 1 iiinenl | ,•    i
from  the Brave,  "'' " " s''"""  1       / 1MI. I M f  I
'1- '.    r.a-tc, i- ;i perpetuation nl
,111c nld Jewish Passover, uud iln-
UFADOU \RTERS   FOR TOURISTS AXU OLD TIMEKS     nnme is derived from /^Wiv. lhe ,,„,„
nr..\i",i Auii.lv. Anglo-Saxon goddess of .Spring.     N,,|ii.i. u  ,„.,,.,„ ,     ,. t uamiuikik, ll.t     p^^^,.,^..,,.,^,.,.„.,<„.,„♦ ^h^**^*******^****
= '  I While we as Christians  on  ihal  , n.  i,;l, ,,,,, .-,,. m:, ,      :,  ■   ,
^^g^g.^i^g^g^KSSSSSS^s^    L; ■ n„.iat t..„m i ."iv,.. "" 'ii""" '     i'MIIM
Wi        yet the nnnie is ch nldei Men,   ''"'ll"  W' ''       ' ' " ' ;"'  '   "   ' I  I,    V A  >[   \ [\
thul nl the Chi i-'i.in  Church
ind i,per,,,i    ...
lhe id,;,.,  n celebration wus not  ,.  J   I llllor       llltpoitei   til
instil,n,-d by Christ
l-'i idny being the du\ nft.
- . r ,i,
We, ,,ei.,|,ie      'll] ,   ('"Iniiili 11    eil-lel ll     -v    die   Hi,-I   eel
„    ,        FTODlietOI     M       I ,-„c,Hx,o,    Saviour and   , ,         ,„  ,„.„
!>.(..     ♦ fill       Sunday that of the resurrecl  ......   \  .,
St.   Mun -   Valley.    'Ml       these  two dav-  have  io  mail}   ■
....,      re..i.i.. ...   ...^..,i      jwl i
The Presiding Genius
:'♦.   Marysville
1'hc lending Hotel uf thi
\    Nice airy rooms, newly furnished.   Tniile as good
iiv ;ii ICo itenay
/ /in1 ll nolens.
j   ,      **«« (,*!,» .   .   .   j  -  ( H
I II llll
III, ll
^KL\     k'jf m 'the kitchen
\ymt^9.r,?\~?irfX     tm, many pots and pans     There
- V'/"*•;'• \viv *\J)      is often a lime when everyone ol
;, certain   size   i-   ll,  use •   .
there i- need for nne more
Wc sell -ii...I
.en   kepi -acred. ,u ns fusl and  ' '"
worship dn) - nl each   i' i. and
in a largi'i' -en.se tlood hii
day and Haste, Sunday are
the >,'.,' '-v inn ordinarily
1 Friday nnd Sunday are in I he
There is no truce ul I lie
■■ ■ ' t> nion of Easte nsaCh -
iuu testival in the Sew Testa
menl or in lhe »ritiugs nl I lie
,| . - dhers     The sanel :,
»>:' spiviul times  or nine,' ii
en'.i quite I    -  s n I .   rly
. 'bristiuu ii  ml.   icing too  much
ibsorbed lh,      rents   tliein-
-c ve- -,, -.1, :    of I he ■   external
ice dei '-    They  rather  lool ,d
ivvn   Ihi, sih .In. ,.( ,'eli        IVIl'S    Hislllll   rEACHER Ol   1'HK
' U;"N Speeiui attention lo loucli,
Sell..iter fer .\|inlie,t„l ,     ,     ■ ,        ■ ,
lech,,li,lie,    phriising   mul
grading of studios.
We have this week 1111 loaded n car nf each kind
I'm- imrlii'iiliirs npiilj In C. K. Itelil St
" I „., I'll,- ni-iigjtists.
vu ''indi,','"fr,.,n''',t,l  HIK ft FIRST-GLASS TURNOUT
ilia,,..,   „S„,„l,|,'.,is, ,.(,.,.0
',n,,dtt,,;r:: HANDLEY'S
::::;,l:::;Ti;;;!;;;;:! LIVERY
Kill- 111' 1,      I     t L'O-ai  l» il'll ■■     -II]   120 ellllillS,  llle „S|   4(1
IKI1U1     I    tLll-ll- U!„i:     ,       .   ,.,, as   n    fpSUVB]    llllta-   .i,ii;,,_ ,., ,,!;!,... .,( 1,.... i,,,,i,,...
Su cheaply that n di
.... ruu on shorl numbei
imv Christians  because of the excel      Located tliis -'1st Unv or I'd,., lnnu.        .,.      . ,   .
ency of good things which  had     Kimiikhlpa  Miu.inu ,v Mani'i-'.m-I    I'urnished for any poml in llie
been given,    The
The cook's  work  is none too easy     Lighten it by providing (dwells in the li
an ample supply of these excellent things of Steel,   Iron.   Qrunilo
and Tin.
F. O. E.
our iiwn rassover is evei
keeping an   Eastor  ft.*asl     Thi
apostles   had    no    thou^hl    oi
appointing;     fast     days   but of
nixing  upon a life -i piety  rik) kvki:v THintsDAY
holiness,   but thi1 Christians be*  VUitina   UrtuliiMs  Coi'diully   lur hod
—- - '"B   derived   from   the   Jewish i'. Uoss Tatk. W. IVu.sidiMit
,,,... Church   naturally   continued to \ vv Hi u*i\  S'-or
:♦•.•»»:♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦..♦♦.♦.♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   „i,M.,-v„, |,„. lewi-h fc-,iv:il-un,l!
;| Rocky Mountain Chanter :
? »•
| Mi.   125,   II. A. M, :■
IB      Bos I      iiiANiinniiK, ii. o.      :
H      i
;■     illlV    ill    eili'll     llllllll 11     111    eielll     3"
I    ..'e il- I-
• D
fhe Painters, Paperhangcrs, Etc.
*D H, S
, f~*i/~\ ' flics we have our Raster. Com-
j ( ( ) * ''"'-" ,l"'" "s a ,vli'' "' unoioul
(.      \J\J i      I .(lays wc have to meel   il and use
Keineuibor wo curry il il.v slock of IHilll
pupers in (.'ranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All   kinds ni   I'uilllilig unci  I lei orating
attended I" promptly.
ii Piirents have nn opportuni-
ly nl explaining lhe Jewish
11',-,--nvcr :,ml the succeeding
history of the Jewish nation und
I lie  culmintiliou   id'   nil   in   , he
*   denlli und resurrection of Christ. $    ^""''"."^ '" » -  :"'"
*"' -; (•(ii'iliully Invited,
li is ;i   iimi' for arising nut  of *b
Monro Id -elves   into  newness of * Wl1' '''' 'l'ATKl SuMk K'
[life und activity,    li is tic, , j>..........»..y»...».m».»..............ifi
bettor living und ihus make life, j..,_,_.,^ «_„__ . ^„„^„JZ»-
,1 hand the vnsi forever one ANCIENT ORDER?FORESTERS
r i *»'""'so"}-'' Court Granbrook 8943
Miners un'ii am. I'l'ii 'I'l'csn.vv-
\'i-ilii,e    l.i-.-t h.-i-ii   ciirriiidl.v    inv'il.il
('. II.,   A. MoCOWAN.
Sccreinrv. T. MAIISMA1.I.
Jewisli people Ihroughout the
world commenced <>,, Sunday
evening lust the celebration of
» Mhe I'otlSl nl the pnssover. or the|_
♦; leusi of unleavened broad, These
* rile-, which were established by
♦; Moses soon after the  Israelites
s         9   were   delivered   from   ISgypliun
.».   P.O. BOX nil     ABMSTBONK AVBMJJ5    PHONE III    £ bondage,    have   been   sacredly
:V:«;*\*,4\9'.'4\♦ ♦ »♦»'♦' * 9 4\9*'9 ♦:<>:♦:♦:♦:<>♦ kept and observed by ihe .lews]
ill nn 11! I nturies of pers,'cut ion
Prof esslona I.
I'liANIillool..     -     ll.C.
Presenl   Indications   are  Unit W.  P. GLRD
Soutlieusl    Kootonay   woodmen
IJP     l\    T)  0 I'ASH  Ni'TI. K
A \ ,     )        I herein, irll-e llnllee (lull   Sixty   ila.v-
* idler iliitt- I Inieiiil h,ii|i|ilv ,,, ihe r|,i,.(|
1 "•""' "' I- - '''"' u"'1- "MCrailbl'OOk ■      British Columbl
VI , i.i. ll. i .. !,,r i„ i'iiii"i,,n  ii. |,„r-	
.1,1-   lhe lollilirl,,)! ,l,-erille,l   |,l t\
lllll-l   il,  Sltlll heil-l   Ketllellll.V I
lie.  11^     III      !||e      mile       |„,.[       ,1,
lhe N'nrllieri iniliu-j nl l...i  Nn, Ills
ll nncc  imril   -11 ,-in,in-.   ,li.-, 1,a
UI.IS .-!.,! '.-   -i iiiiii  '.'ii I'lmlna,
'!,-■ .!-■ In ,',.mi-, iln ne,. .until :'u
t. LEHEL -v CO., U:i> and Gain, ^.Zin^^Z-Z^'^lnTl G. H. Thompson
|ili "I lieifliniinu lui,ilnu :iihi iieri.'H
III'.''.' ".'   .t^i   UAIIIU-'I'Kl: ti snl.ll','1
II, I'll tt'UT,
|i"i'T. T. Mi'VI'ri IK, Audi
_       Miirell Sliil, I'.KIII.                             lit
a.*%««.«««%«««*6 ^»^%^%%*»-%»»»*^*»%*.%%# I ,,.ull|„ |<.
Calgarv Beer, Ue k Porter
Cranbrook, B.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
11ml No'i'AI,",'  I'lTd.lr.
ICrunbrook, lie.
."_-j*   IIAIIIII.HTOII i. si
\Z~K   NO'I'AIIV I'l'lll.ic
Boot Shoe Maker
All Work lliiiiriinloeil
New   Woi'k   Millie !c M.'ll-lll'C
Armstrong Ave.   ullia'ii'iii „ i
Si'KiiAi. Pkick pom Tun Lots. Call and seo us before
buying elsewhere.    We also carry a slock of
carnefa's stock and poultry food
Harris Bros.       j
I • ■*-* ■■»-■•'■ • •■•■•••••••••■•■>».•••■••■••■ ••••-•• ■•• •*• <• • 4*    ■••■•' •••••«••• ••.••.#.••■♦•••. •• .ayama^>-A- '*•■•■••■■•■*-••
-•*** •^•^•«*^»*»«»**^*'^'»»«»««~>^'^^»«»«»'»»-*»'"»«»^»«»'»
! Royal   Hotel
1 A
inesl of N\
ines, Liquors and Ciga
Thoso who u
•x will do lhe
re weary and  thirsty,  drop in.
McCOOL     Prop.
Pacific   Coast   Points
Palace nnd Tourist
Sleepers, Buli'ett
Library Cars, Modern
Day Coaches.
Dining- Cars,
Best  Meals  on  Wheels
Kill'   lull   |l,U'lll!Ullll'S,   rule..    Iiiiil,'i',-
elc, eu ir uilili	
s.i;. YKIIKIW,o.w.l'.A.,
Sciltlle, VViutli.
i'.   W,   M.tllOXKV, r.l'.  tt  'I'.A..
City Scavenger
I'nrlii's having bnilv yards,
nnd closets In ch'Uii, and refuse
mill I or lo be taken uwuy, should
leiive orders with me.
^Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection yj
Neiiresl to railroad depol.    Ilus iiccoinuio
dalious   for   Iho   public   unequalled   in l)
Cranbrook. g
1 Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors m
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
**m--J 9     **»-*■ •     *m-f •
Gaioary Gauie en.
fresh uiul Salted Monts
Kish and Poultry In Soason
|     Thc llli,|^: Central     T1I()MAS  MoVm-ii
t .lull 'n, .'M-ellcl   acrvlcc   lnnu ,
J ";••" ' "-'"";'""-'" ^l""i";;:  P.L.S. -& C.ll
J eli,-'     ,-,,,1,1. -ell, ii,.    .Mil,     ,1-niii-.    ,||     llll
t nun mine,mil line,  puncnci'i-K „icj
' live,,,|,|  |,- ,-,,,.!,-.   ,,|   |.,,|lle-|,,('lli.-||,!ll.
Il'oi'l  Sleele ll.C.
1)      t
I ,,,
'      rii ,,,-    1,11.    Ilivileil    Iii    e,,i'ie-|i llllllll
I i  Hi llie lull.mine ,.-, ,i ,-,'iil ii 11 -. ■ -
Orders by mail will nicnivo |ir |il nnd cnrnfiil nllmillon   J     n II.,I'iiimiuiii,i„(J miruiul Aucni
J II.' Tldnl si., Portland, Or-'k'nn,
t I, it. I.iniwky, T.I'', .V I'.A.
J llli'l'lllnl Si.. I'nrll.'in.l. Ul'i!|tl,„.
t I'    11    Tlln.MI'.MiN.    I''. It   I'.A..    II II
fJ»'»-«-»»»»»'l.'»»»'»»»«*-»'»»»»»»-»«»«-»»»-«'»-»»'»»'»%»-»%t I. I'.illil.lll  lllili:.. Se„,,lc,   Willi,.
Order hy I'honu '*n
le.     'I,   IMI.M      I    NelV    '  M'l
 ii in.-,, pulnla In the fur cm,
ell     e  'I,IV,'ll'l's    lll'ail'ille   illlllt'       .a«..................«....^«..<^a......^..-.-..-.....a»
riiiNdiiiii i'1"1 Siirgeon
, ,i l li l, AUMH'I'KONII  A\
llnl'lls:    II In II ii.in.   il In I |i.i
7 l„-|..l
I'll,,lie lllliee  III,',       licaillCICC  I
Manitoba Hotel
Utitler New Management
.,    ,       .      , ;,i       When \'ou want  a  e,„„|
Hoiuliiunrtcrs for mining   y. ■
I..,. » place  in stun en,,ir tn ilie
men uiul old timers. a ,,    .   ,
"• M.'iiiitolnt.
d, a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
y** -*3
*rr ****m
"nir:   ri * m
E — Always Up-lo-Date — 3
£ ~S
£ 3
£ Granbrook^ -     - B.G. 3
srhe Inspector
^ V?^?1^ ^^^^^^^S%st\
Purohaso   Price   $3.00  a  Mouth
Allowance Made 1'nr Old Machine
Arnold k Roberts
.SATt'llllW. APRIL 14. IWtt,
Ilranbrook's 100 Club.
The following is a list of Cran- i
brook's I ine Hundred Club:
1 J. A. Harvey
2 l'\ hi. Simpson
11    W, T. Reid
I    Dr, W. S. Hell
:.   R, IS, Beattie
il   ,1 nines tireer
7   (I. T. RogPt'S
-   A. Moll'ai
li    .1. II. Cnshilve
in Ur. Miles
II T. M. Roberts
\2 -I. U McBride
18 A. VV. McVinie
II S, .1. Mighton
In W. P. llurd
in .1. ,1. McCallum
"M *%  THE    CRANBROOK     ELECTRIC     LIGHT     CO..     LTD
f    PreP3r6  yOlir$ell  TO  DUB    1     Central Office at Corner of Armstrong Ave. and Louis Street, Cranbrook, B.C.
First look up nunibci  wanted
nul  K'ini, i >i i   wh.-n
The kind we make
Will be the mosl nc-
ci'|!tubl.! Raster ilift
Prest. Photo Go.
linker St. Cnmbrook, II.C,
J. Edgar Davis
A   Bricklayer   ...
* Contractor   •
Purniice, Under. Range and
Piroplnce Work n Spoclnlty. All
desoription of stone-work undertaken,
Orders left at ,i. D. MoBRIDES
Will Kcccivc Prompt   Allen,inn.
Samaria Stopped
His Drinking
A London Lady cares her husband
permanently of the drink habit
and without his knowledge.
Mow glad lam th«t low-
i-.iuie my hesitation about
writing juu for a free
Sample  of  Samaria,
At that   time   my
husband was drink-
ing very hard, aud
was in despair. Thr*
effect of your trrat-
cnt was Immediate,
iety free from the Drink
Curse, i gave myliiubaad
Uietabletaln liisiea.rtndhe
never knew. Ai the taste
ror liquor left him, hii
general health Improved and is now splendid
—many, many thatika, I will be glad if ywu
will tell others uf my experience.
Free Pflfkanp »ntf,p"|ppi*totRMni?ftM
and price sent in plain sealed envelope. Cm
respondence sneredly confidential. Addri ■■
THE SAMAK1A KKMliHV Cn.. 4j jwldali
Charabttt s, jui dan St., Toronto, Canada.
Round   Trip
On sale April  11  to III
Good Returning Until
April 17lh
Tii'licU un Snlc nl nil ('nun,linn
I'lll'ilic    linihvn.v    olliccs.     Pot'l
Arthur lo Vihiuhiiviii'. Including
Kooluimy Division points.
Por    full    pni'tliuillH'S    ii|i|'l,v
liiciil ugciiis or ivrllii
18 K. G, Mitlptis
2ii ('   K   UniiI
L'l V. ll.vilc Hnlicr
22 KoRpartli * Rollins
2:1 K. II. Small
21 W. II. Wilson
2", IJ. .1. McSwc.vn
211 A. ft. l''i'nwicl;.l'',irlSli'i'k'
27 ('. A. Cock
2s Win. P Tuto St Sun
'.".i A. ti. llrnci'
.'1(1 .1. P.   Fink
ill E  Piilersoii
82 ,1. P. tliichcrofl.Miirysvillo
:;:: I). ,1. .lolnison
::■! ll. While
85 .1. M. P, Pinliiium
80 11. I). Curtis
87 Dr. P. K. Kins
88 Perry A Pilngnrtilil
1.(11 T. W'nriliiiiiii
in P. DeVere Hunt
11 A. 1. Mc Doi'inol
12 A. C, Bowness
18 ('. II.  Dunlin,
II George l.cnsk
llf, Ci. 11. Thompson
III Drs. Ki„c St Grei'i,
17      I'm more Hros.
1- 11  II. Shorl
in    P. Miitheson
ju i inpp St Uoiiins
.",1 Queens Hotel
52 Royal Hotel
511 IS.   Soulh
5-1 O. A. Gttskill
55 I). .1. Klinor, Moyie
511 E, Mnlliiiuliilc
57 It. P. licni'ilicl
58 P. .1. Smith, Movie
511 Beale St Elwell
11(1   T. T. MoVittlu
111     E.  Doherer.
H2    A. Jnllille.
llll   John Leuslt.
ill    Rev. VV. (i. \V. Portiino.
The ulijecl of the club is to
iiilviirlise Cranhrook, those wishing lo join shin, 1,1 notify tho
secretary, Mr. T. XI. Roberts.
Tenders will lie rceulveil by the
initler.aieneil n|i In nooti nl Titiuiiluy the
LMlh. nf April, mini, (nr fnadlug prisoners, I'lirli.'iilui's ivill he s„|i,ilieil ;i,
,1..- c i, v Oniiies,
ll. II. I'llKST, CltyClurlt,
And Procure ,, Package ot
Paas Easter
Egg Dyes
All lhe , iilnr-. „l iln- llaiiiliim
One PucknK>   Dues It All
Only   5   Cents
For Sale b\
W    HTH Villous, llotert
»H    \i-,i.iiii a [taken*
C. E. REID & CO.,
§,Phone 74        The Druggists
■u   linker, v. lliu.-
I2U   Hnmbi'lek,Jus    ...      Itosl.-lonoe
HnV tlardgotl, U". I) ...       llesltle	
9ft   Baron, H. s I'lpsiilcnw
II    Benttie   A   Atchison,  The  Pre-
suription Diu„i:ists
■VI   Ueuille, H. K Reafilnnei.
.'ii   Beitli- St Elwell. Real Estnt,. In
snrnnce nnd Minine; Stocks
21'   llculc. M. A Ileslilom'c
i sn   llciaiy. IV, II rnilei-,1,1,',','
(,.",   Bowness. A. C. Wliolesnle
Liquors and  Feci,
5!!   lira.II.-,\. I-'. ,!., It C!u ..    .Pnliunr
ill)   lire,,,,,.'-,-, li Residence
III: llreivc-i
?l      li. ,'.   (il.lcrilllieli,     I i||ie,
in   Burns, P.. & Co       Meiit Murki-t
HI   Buck, Chas E The Fain,
Cnndy Kitchen
H.'IA Hurl.in. Win.       ..       I le-iil.•,„•,.
.ioi,,,is-ii i'iio.mi'ti.v kxkli'tkii.
I louses and Cottages for Rent
or Side on Easy Terms.
i.i.Mi'i axn smxdi.Ks ran SAI.K
Tolephoiva 82.
in i'i,lii„i-.v I'niilc ,',i. si,,i.
■i , aiiiiiiiii,, Hank "i i 'iiiniiicree
' i 'uiiiuli:,,, ll.ilcl
•U C.I'.H. .  ...      simiiii,
24liar'.ll. Despatches Ollleo
:m c.l'.n  Fmlglii Sln-d
riur.i'.i: i'„„,,„erei„i roipu-rajih
1 III ('entnrv llesliiiiriui!
128 I'ity Hall
.'.I Oltv llakoi-v
s:i cla'pp. V   I!c-i,ie	
 _t  ,11 I'.wninpnllliin llnlel
,   SI Colpmu,,, Wm li'e-illellCc
iln-nccciisi HIOelniliis. thenee minlli 40  103 Connolly, I'll*. K. VV Ollleo
ohalns, thenee wost 1(10 ehains. tliene,   100 Connolly. De. K. \\\., llesidence
unrlh in ,-|, s ,„ ,i„. pin ,1 con,      u Oranbrook Oo-oporntlve Stores
1 Groceries, turnnture
""»K'° '"• HI (,'rniilii'ool, llnkoi'v
Parcel Xn. ;i   I'nnuneiiel,,^at ,i   post   411 I'riinliriinliKleciricl.iciii, ,,.,„||....
plniiieil in Hie  snulli-ivosl   enrner  ol  I•" f.'raubrnnkKleeti'lel.lifliii.'n.W'urk
Pnreel  Xn. -':   llioneu east lllfl ehains,      . ,,     ,      ,  ,. , , I'
. ,   . I ( run,,iimii llnlel
thenco south   10 c ik,  il o   wosl    usuonuiltrook Snsh Sc Duorl'u.
lliu eluilus, theueo north   tu ehaius in! Oil Oow's Xest Steam l.nuiidr,
ns Curtis. II. I) Ilesidcnoo
Sill ice   Is   herein   ^'IvOll   llllll   lliirt.v
days atler 'line I Intel,d in nppl.i In the
Chief Commissioner nl' Lands mul
Works, mul ie the Assistant Cnmtnis-
sioncr ot Lands and Works rut- lhe ili>-
triet ol' Kust Kontomiy for a License tu
prospect for i'mil und Petroleum nn the
following deserlheil lauilsi situatetl
iiIk.ui ime half mile stiiuli nt Aktunluti
Creek, lllmik 4'"iti:t. Soiitlieast Knnlenuy
Mel llllll
Cignr Sto
I inside
Ti,vliir. SI	
Thonipaon. ll
'1'lsdale, ii. P
lie- plaee of eiiiiu,
Pnreel N'n. I    , um neiiie   ,,,| „ p„s, I
pliinled nl  the   snnlh-wesl  corner  nf  II,".   Davis, ,1, K.
Parcel Xo. Hi ihenee easl   Hii, ehains,    •"'"   Dozall Bros
thonee    south    tu   ehains      thonee !KI Doal11 •'*"*
1 "   ,   ',"'.'"     "'      "'"" '     """" S7 Dozall, .Inn 1
wost inn eliiilns, the north 40 ohalns |;m nomlnlnn I'l.vpress Co.
to tho place nfcummeneemeiil. Il-J Dun hat'. C II    	
I'areol  Nu.  '.   I'niiiiiieiicine  ni   t,|,e £
north-ivos rnor of   I'm I   No.   I: Lj, Kaglos Lodge
I hence x, null Mill chains, theuce wesl 40 illi Kasl Keotenn.v f.ninlierl
ehains, the ■ Hi KIU chains, thoneo :llil1 K»»l Kuotc,,,,) Lumliei'Cn. .>
o»si "' •"• """" i'i-""f."-". i g KSsinn,;-. :::".::::iiSfc
I'areel Xn. n   Cnnunouelug al a pes, j 	
plum ithesnuth-wostsidoofwhiie Ijong   Distance   Telephone   Lines
liivcr. nnd iilinut 1,10 ehains norlh-west
of the noi'lli-wcs rnor nf Parcel Xu. | PUBLIC OFFICES AT:    Porl Steele. Wnr.li
.. liesldccc
l-'IJ Finch. B  N Confectionery, et,
I Fink Bros, .Groceriei
*"' Kink..I. P Uc.-idenc,
I- I'inl;. .lulu, 11 li, -    ., ,.,
I-u Fire Hull
ii- I'm",  I!ev, W.i,. U. I;
12; Krn-cr. I:   \ i:.. ,
IT   Oearyi&Doyle,OranbrookLivet
Mill" fin  A. II.
In:: ilivei,. I),,, f. w
s-J 'ii r, James,
IJ l.'urd. « . F,
>   W. F
,:: Handle)'. I'
-',7 Hnnis Bros
n- llai'vey, .1. I
  Ilarvov, .1. A
is llolittd Piihlishl,
.in lliu,vi,,
'in Hill. W. Il    .   .
IS, llneeill'lll  lien.
Ill I Inn,,,. F
In Imperial Hank ,
Tl Imperial llnlel
LIS I.I l.l I.I'. Hull
IUI llu. II   	
Met Market
-;, ,.
7-.'   .laekson. Miss M I    . He
-   King nml iii ii. Phvsieln
s    Kine, Hi. F. I') '	
ill    Kin- Lumticrl ,,.
illli King I
07   King, M. II.
1211     KuulellllV i'lul
142     Keiiuellv. lie.,.
Ilil Laldlaw, .lames	
II Lei,ell.   A        	
I-' l.elllll'il.  Mi>~  I.Cini'i
.'.I Mnlpas, l'\ ('..
ir.' Maulloha II I
l-.'-l Manahan. (I. F.
lill Mansllold. i' ....
Ti; Mighton, S..I
su Mighton. S .1
11,7 Mile. Dr. F. li,
s| Morrow, s. .1
ui Morgan. Mi-- Mu-'
:, Mcllrlde, .1. H
;s M.'Cllluui * Co.
. ih-nil.
Xo. ■: \n
:   McDennot, A. L Wholesale
II   MeKunuiiiiV .Iiiiii,-i,,i, shod
11HI      Mel I.   \|i-  M S.0J.
123    M 'Lean, D. |;,
I    McVittie, A. W  unci H H.
urveyors and Insurance Agents
t"    MeVIti
HI      Nel-nll. A.   ,'
IH    Xohlos. W. F
'""'A Xnrlti Slar 1.1,,„,„.,.
1"^    Pan
I'err, .',  |,'if,.g,
Iln   I'errv. I'. I. F
7U   Plan. Mis, 	
11'.   Plukl.ain. .1. !■'. M
Ii'i     I'rn-ne," IH,-,.
' 'llice
.'   Reid&Co., Dry Good*,Millinery
Clulhiiig. Boots uud Shoes
-"■   Held. W. I       . i:,..;,,,.,,,,.
■"'"   Heid.c. K Hesldunoe
7,   Reid, 0. E., & Co. Druggists
mi liohinsui, a MeiConzie Lumlierl o
2;t   Rogers, G. T. Groceries,
Boots nnd Shoes
■'"   lingers, li. T .Iloslilenca
I',   n  llnlel
i:"   U.van   .lames ...liesldel	
ill   Short, B.H..& Co   Painters aud
Paper Hangers
Smith, A. C.   Fruit, Confectionery nnd Cignrs
i-   -.i. Fii'jeiie Hospital
-   Stewnrt, Hugh    ....  Fruit, Confectionery. Ice Cream
lmil-'. Hint, A. I  Residence
I'ule. W. F Itesidenee
Tate, W. F, & Son       .Jewelers
nnd Opticians
:;:; IVuniwnril, llnlel
22 Wesl. Mi- Helen
I'.- Wiijjl,   II,,'e|
37 Wilson. Judge
17 Wilson. W. II.
';■'. Wurden. IV, I-l
... Store
('"""" Ing at a iiust planted ulxnn   P. tlionoo oast 40 ohains. thoneo south , Stumliu'd Uimber Co., linker, lit'.,
one half mil,--mull nl  Akamlnn crook   Mo   ehains,   Ihenee   west   40  ohalns,    . ,   ,   ,   ,       ,      ,,       ..    . o,    ,     .       ..        ...,
south or the South Knotenay Pass 'IVall |tl, mrth IliO ehains ,o the pi SI)f  Adolph Lumber Co., I'oi't Steele ,lunc„„„.  It,
Mayook Lumber Co., Muynok, ll.C.
north HO ohains, I hence wosl  SO ehui
to lhe place of Ijogluniiig. containing
1,40 acres more or less.
Loeatod t'oli. 18th, 190ft.
I'e,,,,' flodfroy, Locator
2. Xolieo is horoby glvon Hint thirty
days after date I intend in apply to lhe
Chief Commissioner of Lauds und
Works, and to Hu- Assistant Commissioner of Ln,tils nml Works fur the district of Last Kootonuy for n License tu
Marysville, Kimberley, Moyie, I also at
Crotbei's l.iiuili,,,'(',,.
Staples Lumber Co., WyclilTe, 11.t'.
Kimbet'le.i Millinjrit Mljr. Co . Kimborley, ll.C
North Su,,- Mine. Kb, r|0y  ll.C
Sullivan Min,'. Kim hurley, B.C.
Sullivan Smeller, Marysville, 111'
Koyal llnlel. Mai'vsvilie, B.C.
.-.line   Mill   I,,
vh"l sslhle
Aircni, Cninbrook
.1. S. CAIi'l'F.li. U. ,i. rovi.K,
II.P.A.. Nelsnn.     A.L.P.A.. \'n„cu„,
Thirty days uftor duto we Intond to
apply to llie chief Commissioner nf
Lands an.! Works Tor a speeiui license
tu eut and carry away Ihuher from the
following deserlheil land-. In Suulhensl
Kooienay. I i.e.
1. Conunoneliig ill a  pus,   planted
close   In   lhe    n,mill   nl , nriliuiilreck.
Iiellleeil Cni'iliini llllll   Slluiililll,,   Cllll.'k
river, Ihoiiee soiitli 120 ehaius, lliuneu
wesl to do,ins. Hie nortli MU ohalns
llie,I,',   easl   In lllllllllS, I lie    HI,illli    lu
ehaius I,i plane of beginning, euiitulit-
l„g IHO acres.
P. Jensen, Lucniiir
linieil Hii- ','sili da) uf I'Vlirunr.v. IIIUII
2, Cuiuiiieiieine „i n pus, planted
uui'ilieu-l enrner n, P. Jensens limher
limit, theueo south MO ehulns, thence
wesl III eluilus, Ihonee th M0 ehains
Ihenee mul   In ulmlns n> pi I hu-
ginning cuninlning 11411 neres.
P. Peursii,,, Loeator
liuieil ilii-2sih day of Fehniary. IIIIKI
il.   Commencing ul u posl  pluiitotl 20
I eluilus south of llio north west corner
uf P.  I'oursoiis limher  limit,  ihenee
j-inilli su eliiiin-. thenee  ivc.-t su chains,
theueo 'I I, su chains, tl,cc east, so
chains in place of beginning en,,mining
1 Hill neres,
It Liuiiliu, Lucalur
!    Oiile.l Ibis '.'sill day uf Kehrunry. 1011,1
I     I.   c mnnoihg ni n pnst planted at
Iln- n.ii'lli  ivesl  em ■ of II. Lundin's
limber llniit. Hu-  south sn ehaius,
Your  aitc.nlluu   is  culled   to   UioLj,, ,vest.10ehulns, llunice norlh  SO
"Ph or Winked" trains of tl Mtl- cliiihiM, Uionro ouut «n ulmlns m plnee
wnulice ,v si Puiil liuilwu.v. I'll,, only ; llf i,,.;,;,,,,!,,,, eonliiliiliig 1140 acres.
|„irfecl trains in the world." M,,,. ||, [,„„u|„, I,,,,.,,,,,,,
Ynn will liml ll, desirable lu ride ni,      j,,,,,,,, lhN .jK,|, day ,,l |,"ulii',u„'y, 10011
those trains when gulag m tiny point In
l,l,o lilastern Slates or Canada.   They
Being smith ut unil udjolnlng the M, I), i eomineneement,
Shea local ion.    Heine Puter flmlfrey's     I'm I Nn. 7   Commencing at a |iost I Crow's Nest I'uss Lumber Co., Wurillier. 11,1
uorthwosi eoriior post, th isoiiih mi.planted ui Hi,- uortli-wosi  corner of  A. K. Watts Lumber Mill, Wiillsbiirg, B.C.
chains, theuce ensl  so chuins. ll o| Parcel Xo. It: thenee iinrlli Mu chains, I L*0l-lH Uieo Lumber Co., Movie, B.C.
Ihonee west 40 ehulns, thonoe south 100 L-,,   ,. ...    .
.... ,,,   ,  . .,    St   'jiiBcne Mission,
ehnlns. thenee ensl   to chains lo lhe. s
plucc nf eouuuoneeinont.
Parcel Xo. i  -Commonolug nl. n  |iost ;
planted on llu- unrtli-onsl side of White
Itiver. nnd ulKiut 20 chains oast  of tin, Wrllton messages will  be received and forwarded us iinilors I by the Company's Operators
north-oast corner of Pa, , N,,,i; ,,,,.,,„.! will noi be liable I'oruny n,lsi,,kesor,lclnysi,,lru,,s,,,iiii,,e ,1,,.-,,,,,,•!,,,., Iihoantm , Imrges ,«i
oast K0 ohalns, thenco south SO ohains,! A" "'""l'l"""- "1|""1'1 ''" l""'1" "'l'"' M H'1'-'""' "m '' Ive prompi attention.   PHONE  10.
thence west so ohalns, ,hence north So Subscribers inns i allow nou-subscr I's In use ilielr „,l.< s, bul ror,.,- them lo Central OI1I,
chains in tho plftur; nl' cnmmotioeinont.   |
I'ltrci'l Xn. i»   <'omiUGmihig ill a |>oh1 j
jiliitiU'il m Un* iiortli-wost  cni'iiur  of
1'jjiiu ruqiitisMiiid tin' urtipuyumnt nf LtliiU'Ki'
■ Lnuiiy nf i ho Piihlio otli.-.'sof thu Cnnipany.
m will  !..■
Central   Office    Always   Open
l(l|1-SlllMl!l'lllCI<   tu
iml ilir Cumpmiy
«l n, thei 'uMi|iany
r-KOSr'tt'Tuti I'titht"
pi'OHpcnt forCoiil and Poti'oloumon tli'
foUowlnjrtlesui'Ibod Iftnds, sltuatmt nn I Piit'on] Nu. S: thoime canl SOahttlns,
tliu South Knrl; nf .\kiimin.i ereek. thontto north SO dmltrn, thontic wohI SO
ubout two miles south of the  Smith i chains, thencu smith HO elmhm to the
Kootonuy 1'a*"* Trail, hcing' ijouth of
aiiil aitjniniii^ thi- Peter Ootlfroy loeu-
tlon in Hloek WA Suutlmasi Kootenay,
belnjr William 11. OiIoII'h north wont
eorner post, thenee smith 80 -'.nuns,
thenee oast HO ehains, thenre north *0
chain--, thenee west -Hi) ehains to the
plan- uf beginning, uontaininy tWOneros
more t\v less-.
William tl. Oiloll, Loeat-or
Potor Oodrroy, Atfoui
Loeatod l-'i-b. 15th, liXHi.
Notieo Is heroby fjlven that thirty
days after date I iuleiul tn apply tot-he
Ohiof ('ommlssionor nf Lands ami
Works, and to the Assistant t'ominis-
nlouerof l.undsunii Works Inr tin- ilis-
triel nf Kast Routeiiay for a Lteonse in
prospent for Coal ami Pelroleunion tie'
following deserlbed landsHltuated iihotil
three miles smith uf thr Smith Konlenuy Pass Trail, Itlouk I50M SnutlH*ast
I'miimi'iiriii • at it iinsl iilanli'il south nf
ami adjoluihtf William II. Odoll's loett-
iimi. bpliiu Kniiiui Godfrey's norlhvvesl
pluee nf rommeneeniont,
Puree 1 Nn. l)J t Vmiinem'iii»al a post
planted at th'- north-wesl nornor of
I'areel Nu. ii: thence utisi so elmlns,
thenee north so chains, tlienee west so
iiui'tli SO ehains, thonee cast so chain-.
tin- ninth sn .'hiiitis in plu, I emu-
1'arccl Nn. L'O   C'oniiueneiny al a post
planted ."to chains west uf the uortlinusl
enrner ul I'areel Nu. 10: thnnee wesl Rtl
ehains, thence north ^o chains,   thenee
east SO chains, tlmt  south 80 ehains
ehains.  thence smith mo ehans othe  .    .      ,        r
I tu the plaee nr eonuneneoment.
jtlaee ni eumiiiencement.
Parcel Nn. II t 'uinmenciiijj' at a pnst
planted nn the north-oast side nf White
Kiver, ami about onu-half mile north-
easterly frmu tin- uortli-oasl enrner uf
Paroel Nu. 7: thenoe cast 80 ehains,
thenee north so ehaius, thonee west so
ehains, thonee south so chuins in tho
place nf ooiunionenmcnt.
Paroel Nn, l:J t'ommoneinu al a pnst
planted nu the iiorMi side uf White
Hi vet', ami about   ten  miles from Usl
mouth; tliu .asi sn chains, thenee
unrlh SO ehaius. thenee west HU chains, j
thoneo smith so chains tn place nf com-
Parcel Nn. VA   < 'nltiliieindnji at a post 1
planted 40 chain? eust "I the smith-west j
1 Pai I Nn. 12;   thonee sunt
I'iireeljNu, 21 Conunenelim at a pnsl
planted iilmul four miles norlh-uasterlj
from the north-oast eorner uf Nn. ,:
thonee west 8ft ehains, thenee south Hfl
chuins, thenee east so ehains. tlimii-i'
north so chains t«» tin- pluee nfenin-
Parcel Nn, 'l'l i 'omnieneintr at a post
planted 40 chains west of the southeast
enrner uf parcel Nu. 21:   the  south
Hit) chains, thenee wesl to chains,
thenee north lliu chain-, (.bunco cast 40
chains tu the place of uoiumcnei'iiient.
Parcel Nu. ^;i CouuoeneiuH ul a
posl planted 10 ohalns west nf the north
nasi corner nf I'areel No. 21! thenee
nortli 100 chain-, thenee wesl 1" elmlns
thence south 100 ehains, thenee east 40
% NORTH   STAR        I
t --        HOTEL J
Kimberley,   B. C. *
*   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
...file,'   | ii I.i,.   llle
.lllllil   'ill   ellilin-.
,    ,    . . , eliuina III Ille ii i f en,in,lenee,nel,,.
Mil,,,,una. tlOl ||-I  «llell„lll-. Ilienee '    .     .
..   „,    .     , „,.      .     . I   ,e 1,,,,'Sllll li   e,-,„e  ,lie   lneliea, ,.„.
III.,-    I 80 '' IIII1S. I  leiiee I,,'.    Nl   I- III,,,- , '
,l,e,l 1,-1 Hllell„i„»,    llien.'e    ,,,11'H, HU
lIllllilH,   llll
in'.l  sn elniiu- in Iln
• i.111,-11.•)i,-j ui ,-i pn»t
|.lliee   ill    lie»i,l„i„e.    i tui,line      114,
lli'l'ea nilil'l' nr les-.
I'lii,un, < Inilfi'tiy, I Hint'
I'l'le,' liliilll-ej.  Alien
Liieilleil l-'el,.  I Mil    1IHNI. HI
Tenders for Timber Limits.
C KAbKll TONDHHS, imirkoil "Toiul-
O el> [,„' 'I'hiihi'i' Iimii-. IVIlile
Hive,-." Mill lie mviveil hj Hi.' iiinlei-
alii'ii.'d, nj) tu noun in, Stttiu'ihty, lh''
28th ilny of A|il'll, Illllli. fro,,, liny |"'i'-
1.1,1 ilealriiie in uliiiiin -|ji','iiil liniliei'
liiii'ni'.'a in I'nt ;i„.l I'm','., uwuy tlnihur
friini llie fnll.nvine iieaenheil hniil", "ll-
nu „ While ISiver, in   Ihu lli-iriel of
Kuril Kuoienny:
I'ui'i'.il No. I.   , oiiinieiieiii,: iii ii pnm
|il,inleil  „l.o,,1  in,.,  inile   I     While
r,iiiuiieiii'ii,K ul  ii   |,ml,  plunl.'il! Hivur l.ul-'i'. ami  iilimil  uin-liull  mill'
„','.','.,,  Vlih    „ll    'l'n„,s,.„„,.|n„ni„"l|i'l' 2" nlmlnri »ou|,li „f llio  1,1, unssl frmu Whlto Ulvar ni, tho «Milli  -Wc,
.,, ,,l   Mr-.   I.iuulin-linilie,'Iimi,. |i,nil  llhnill   'J.,  mile-  fi-nn mil,
Tl'lllllH   nml   nil
IV,,' fi,i-l ti.-t- llifui'iniitlmt, ,i]ii„|ihluti
i.lo, .nl: uny Tieliei A,:e,„ or
|{, I.. |,',,l!ll. II. s, llOWK,
I'lli-I,    AUelll,
(ienin'ul A^ont,
i llienee j-ulllil SUl'llllilli. Illillll'e  wi'.a,   Nllllll.'tli ml   llhuill    1,1   I'llllill
!,.|||,ili-. Ihenee  'Ill NU   ilhlllllri, Ihu,  I linl'tl,  III I'lllllllBI Ihenee ll.-l  IHU i.-llllillH
lem,   in elniiu-  I"  |.hiee  i,| huuinniim ill,.'ii.'e auiuh III,■hulni lu llie   pi, I
eut,Illi,lill" "I" Here-,. ''I'll Iieelllenl.
I'lUvel   Nn
I lo |ihu-e of eonuueni
I       I'lllVel  Nu.   I,     l!l
' plllllleil   id    ,hi-   nil,', ll-\ve-l    eul',,.','    nf
I'll, I No. 12!   Ihenee ue.l   11,11   ehui,,-.
' Iheliee 11,,,'tll II) Ul,l,ln»,  Hielli „-,    Hal
,1'hllllla. 11,el,i'e au,Ull   llll'lllli„a 1,1  ,i|llee
' nl eunimeiifouif 14].
,    I'm I Nu. |.'>   i neiiieiii ii pu»l
i lllllil,Oll   III,   He-   -llllll,   -ill.'   ol    While
I Itiver, nml u, the nor, h-o.i-t  eoi-iu'r  of
I'1111,1)1  Nu.   II:   Ihenee n'e-l    Iin  elniiu-.
Ihi'lli'e II,n-l I,  III I'hllillh, I.I,enee e„-l  Kill.
lllel  -oulh  IU I'hllilla to  pit tl eoile
1'iu'i'el No, in   ('nnininnulnu ut n piml
plllllleil '.'II I'llllill-  IVIWl  III' llll'IIUI'tl,-l'„al
eill'liel'   ul    I'm 1    Nn.    loi   III  ive-l
Hill   I'lllllllH,    Hie    II.,,', I,     HI    I'llllill-.
tlli'II Hat   IIU) .'lllllllri, llU'll.'i'  H.IUtl,  III
ellllina In pliu'e uf i-ninnii-n.'i-iu,,,,,,
l'iiii'i-1 No. 17   ,'ouniieneine iltupnul
|,l„„l,',l 'Jll i'llllill- ili'hl ol Hie -ll,-en-.,
eo,',,,','  of  pin-, el   No,   Hi: llu'ili'i) lvu-1
Illli i'llllill-    liml    lltlftll    III   ehnlli-.
thou ,,-! Itltt.'httln«. linntuo Hont.l, in
I'hltin- lo |il ■ nl emu,lie, mi!,,,, Nl
I'lll'i'i'l .Nu.  IN    Ininllieili'hie III il poa,    ' I"'1
plunl.'il '-'n euiiiii- ivuiil ijf ihe nnt'tllimul
(III,',]!','   i,l    I'uieel    No.   17:   llieni'e lle-l
Inn I'liuiii-.  Hie  ,i, ri ii    in  eliuina,
thei ji., lull el.uill-. Ili'l  mil,It,   III
I'llllill- III ,illlee ol eiiillillelieeliielll.
I'ut'ciil Nu. II, t'ninnn,,,,'lnu '.'n elmlns
W.i-I nf lhe niu'lh-eila, ,',,,'IIIM',lf  I'ut'eul
I.UI1US      Will      lie      elUilleil     lo    - III!
lieeni'e-e.nel'iui.,   Hie   -lli.l    lilliils.    I'e-
llelvilhle      lor      ,\\,'„l,\-i, Halve
I'llli'll telllle,- ,,,.li,  lie II Ilipittlll'tl lo
I, el'I'lilieil   eliei|ile.    Inil'le   uuv.-llile    1,1
|lll,'    ill     \'il',U,'ill    1.1    Hie   lllilhTiie,,e,[,
h.,'   Hi"    mil.   -'J.'il.'i.un.   ,,f ,,,,, 11,'al
Vein-'.,   fee.   lu,'   -lleli   -|„ .-'nil    lie, ,-,.,
IIII.I lhe 1,1,11 1 ,i[ Hie hull,,.   !"M,I,.re,,.
II, ul ill-nil   ,-,',', llii'.l   ,ihei|lle   li.i'   *|.::i:,
Inl'  I ul el'lli.ine.  Infill Ilia llllll llihei-
llrillly ot -iiiu limil-
Sl-'.ll. I''. M.M'KAV,
/*/...,., f'nmiiilmiiiini nl /.um'.- if 11',,,/..-
/..i.nla .mil H'.„7,.< I Iiiiii,■Imnll.
I'lrhniii. /.'.''..  'hi tltiirh, lum:.
Royal Hotel
iMnrysvlllc, B.C.
A, P. CHENETTE. Manager
mul Kni'i  W.,1'1. j,
('nil nml Sli.i'l. Ks 11 in I, tuu
l''nin,-In-il Uptui Appllvu
in I'. I'on,wn, Looator   ;    Pni'ool -No. -.:  r.'nniinouoliiv  "l lh" I . u,
Datod this 28th day wl Fobl'U»,'y, VM , south-wust vrn uor ; u,i ul l'»,'0el Nu. 1:1 N"  I": thonow wusl SO ahull,.,   .Iiouoo j |*.0, BOX (JJ4.     Cl'dllbl'UUk, U.O. | ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦
'I'll.- itoovo liuii'l Inn I ii ii'iuiiiiv oivi-ii'il. nml noatly furnish-
.•il iliniii.ulunii.    The Uar i'- snppllntl ivill, ih.' Ih's, brands of
l.i,|,ll,l'N iltltl Ciu'.tl'.l.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
M.WITAt'TI'li'KI.'N  I  lil.'KWI'lKS ..I  K.VI'I.'A  PINK
Holt let! beer for family
use ii specialty
Outside   Orders
4 ,'. O. BOX Nil!     b.
<l     TELEPHONE NO. t     {s
Port   Htcele  Brewing Co.. L.td. THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK,  B.C., AIM.II. II. tlKill
Splitting        OF COMMERCE
Paid-up Capital. $10 000,000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
aX _.    --■  .Villa tl'llllSttfllltir llttsitM'SKllt Onin'
* **f 8ATUUDAY,   il'llll. H, 1  I.i'ii'.l, mi Muinlnv.
* 9   	
jjf                                                                                                     *jjr -Mrnnnnnnnnnnnimnnnnnnninm-:-     ,■   n,,,.,.■,.,,,,,.,|  |',,n,.,,    ..ivsi '         ..-■  ,   ( , „  „i „,,,
* THE   FINK   MERCANTILE   * I  LOOAL NEW^   1 ''•"" "! '>'" >< »y Central     ,„.,,,„; i,,,„."„.i„,h:„ „,i,k,:-
«                                                                                                                          #!     LUOAL   l\LWS.    i Knil'.vuvl'i... ivi,,,,,,',!   S:„„r,l;,v ,,„„. ,„,„, „„,.i,: j„„l .,„„.,,,..
A                             CO.      Limitod.                             9 •""uuuuuu"u'»u'""""iuuu"uuu':' From an  .-xteiiilod   visil   lo   lhe „-l,l,-l  mul  ni„k.'» .vm, »lok ,..                                     HEAD OFFICE,  TORONTO
^                                               ""                                  "                                  A       I,'.  A    Mui'lli.UllllI  wus up fl-  1'""-sl v„,i -n.ii'.iei, m                                   11. E. WAI.KKU. llpneral .M.-iuuKi-i                  M.KX. LAIRI), A»M. Gen'l Manage.
A WHrdnerWodnwrtny on business      ^     ^ _-^         ^_        | goOtt'S BRANCHES THROUGHOUT CANADA. AND IN
* Mniloeviii'vduv, rresliMUKru'sjii,   i„w'n   Tuesday,    Mr.    Ilnri' ,, ..                                   THE UNITED STATES AND ENGLAND
Tp-                                                                                                   * iittliel'iiliu. i-muii'ls tlml liiuilioi'injr is unlive HeaiUICllC    I (»\Ulcis                   ,„..,„,                  ,,   .                ,          ,           ,     ,„
"J*         ,                                    •        .        .i       ,„,  ;,    ^   ..    |   i„.      j.                                                                         ,,i     e,,.,   ..„„, *i gimral Butklng bwinin IraniMWd,   krcMmtt mat li. apanid and conducl.d by
* pleasure u  annnunrmg that   the   Ihimiiim.   win   l>'      V —- n,   tiie   vi.-milv    ..I    Skookum Tiw riiii'l hurt von mul   Hu-v                                  mall will, all brancbea »l Ihli Bank,
,v                                                                                          .              ft I),'. S   K   Hume of Moyie wus. I'luicli '     .      ,    ,   '
5. I'the''ity Monduy.                                                                        stop uny lieiuliielm, SAVINGS   li VMv    DEPARTMENT
.vhose  liusiness  methods  have attracted su    * ,,,.....       ~;„   s,n,,,. .,,i,.|,-;,,,-l,e.i,,vr,T,Mi..,l One DOZdll III a BOX 25c.
In   introducing   ourselves  tn the public wc tab
•  muring ili.u   the  busim --   "ill   1
inducted mi similar lines i" thai of our predece
Some aooileiitehi'sui'e rep,
Beit, Spring uiul   Mattress ul   by   local   lishcrmeu during  llu
Iwtar whl'a ga!,'g of"!A j|   SI LVVflRT S   £
in hrsl class condition,
Wlls -
ii, lhe city on Sutui'daj lasl If we succeed in nlnaslng vou,
l.eiulill,'  Si,
*     many warm business friends and pat -ns.     The    J WlM*, C.C.£__ l^.r^uiii^ I,:,',:'' ie'",',-'      BEATTIE   i ATCHISON
9     polic)   of  tht-   ne«   linn will necessarily be a pm     11    J-A.^ouplll if Moyie wus in ,,      ,     „ A\W flu .   ft*.*         mm |( pays ,„ Q^
9     e,ressiv(;  one,   tlmrouglilv   in keeping with the ad      X
m                                                          ,■-,,'                m      l)iil    v""    s,,e   Reid's   curpe, |.
9     vancement and progress of this  city   and  district,     ■ window"': \H
9                      ,  ,              i        ,,,,i   ,,,,,!   ;  • ,,.,', i..,,-,.            9 on Wednesdav lor the St   Marys
I         whose luttire we have unbounded,,mhdenct.         2      ,   „   |{uwldns w;„ „,, fmlu ^..^   Tl„; ,,,:„u IUI,, ,,,,,,„ ,„
,*                                                                       ,i ,     ,      ,   i,      A  l^ort Stoele.I uuctioi, on Monday ihis neighborhood  will  soon  be
•R 'lhe   .iflirers  .,1   tin    ne«   hem will be Jacnl, I       J 	
5        i"   , !      .     I       I i   I    ,   ,     ,,   ,.,,,-.        I-     I'.,,,,. 3ssst        ''■   '-   Mi-llr'ule "I   N'elsol,    W„
A      l-ink, presi'leiit,  I'..  IJooeiei   tiie-pies.. 1.. I .Utei       jf.
9     „,,,,. s,, \ trens       We hav, also been f.iiliinatc         T i will ho pleased with us, and
sjff                                                                                                  9      C. IC. Owsus ol  Denver. Colo yo,|             our friend, as we are
-$     retaining   the   services  ol   the full stall nl the late    J|5 was iu town this week yours      The    "KOOTENA\
A                         ,          ,     i,    m                 i     i    ,.     ii        i       9                            Kiine,.  w',ii   |„.l|,   „s  in  susluiu       i
T     firm, namely:      I.   K.  Manning. A. J. Bradle\. J               N'ow is the time to clean up|these friendl.v lions      Put
^T       ■                 "      "'        '*'vuiii- viii'ds and Ihe back nllevs, more Hros
and Spinach
i,   i;  i,,„..    ,   •    l0|  , Was in U '"■    '<- nouipson    and     Kiml
■, ,,,, s,iiiiim lasl. Hanks came down lnnu Perry Ch,ace Oranges and Banana
_ _ ,'",,'1, Thursday to spend Easter
',"' /-;. —'   •-   i,U> """U— S-mV.M,TSK.SK«;..om..ATB.
unil oats   A   ,    liow ness. .,,,      .       .        .,  ..,
1 lie i in i nuued dm inn  in.'.'i
Deposits ,,,   isl   .nul upwarils rccuhud. and t,ile,-cnl ulloweil ut
curi-cn, i-iitus,    I hu ilupiisiiu,- is siihlvol In ,1,1 deluy what-
eve in the wlilulritwul ol the  vilmlc or anv
,...r,i.i.i  ..,  lhe  Jc-pusit
*t i    Walker, F. I). Marshall and Fred Small,    We *
A #
**} shall do everything in our power  to   merit   ;i ^
9 ***
9 linuancc  of  the   valued  patronng,   -   gi nerousl) 9
* given tin- late linn and will continue to supply the S
hoil'1' Confectionery
I'llKslI    NUTS
csh Lettuce,
(ireen Onions
9      best grades of merchai #      A. Delanie of  Keewatin. t, HlKill   S'l'EWART
coupled with good, prompt service,
The Fink Mercantile Company. Limited.
Delanie ol Keewatin, i hit
[was res stered in the Cranbiiv
ou Mo
*^«r«^^***t|r *******HM*#**tr**»  shoe!  Met "  s^„a||?r^
Ptm aire :i""-
VOI   Iv
IN    CASK    0F
A     A   -     Pi, ,ksi ,;     ilowu troni   .
S P,    .    •        -, .    as     '- a   >l.  Mtu'-vs Haie  "';'s,'"
T and spent Sniulaj e      ■ ' '"anhrook   several   days     tins
* Mr, and MrTTu. Dawson ol
I ill   lnivn   uu   S;il
iii'dii.v nml have takon rooms in u
private house.    They expeel   lo
remain here for some time.
nlOlie 75 ftl'IIIMl'Ollll. ttVC.
Mr. nmi Mrs   E.  .1    Cann,   ul'
.  Fori Steele  were auests   .'    In
i 'osn opolitan ou Monday.
Beale & Elwell
Baker, St. Granbrook. B.C.
Will Vive vmi tin. In"-I tali- iii iln- lii"-i Companies
Carpenter '- Itiiikler
i liiiid Work ul
Reasonable Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
ll'iill   t.l'.ls   S	
C'UA.xnuoou See Reid A Co,
('o-ili'KllATlVK  S'l'OllKS	
_^__ ^"iiii will miss il il ynn dn  tm!
.1. J. Uinns, .1.11 Thomas, nml  i-'1'" so I' the
I*1,   Thayer nl   Vancouver  sver,
ree'i-i.'ii'il ii'  liii, t Iranhrook  in
Sundav lasl
Your lust chuiiee.   Eusterwith- !f.»<N.«^«»^»i^*1»>?SSf>«*1<^**i.^
it u new hat isnot lohelhoiishl1/ .... ,tt
Iml;, v is  VOllI'  insl   el,;,lice        *   *'   "'
Mi    anil Mi's. II. K.  I)nw~.,ll i.l'
Ni'lsnii were Cranbrook i i~iin,-s
.liii'iiie   il arly  pari   uf  this
■•     Wm      l-'nrri'si,    reproseiiting
JlMassey Harris and Co, ol'Calffary
.v;i- ;i ifiiosi iii ilie Cranbrook .m
We   are   Offering *,
i x J
Canned   Goods J
^ Cline
t i
,1 ill* tli,-„l,l lliiliiliibii llm-1,,'1 Sli,,,, ,.
f       I'll,, mill I,,'I,,i,il,I Illllli. /
fc MA.N'I'I'DIIA  llnTKI. J
Belt Pins
Blouse Sets
IV.   have  „   nice -eh'.',inn il, ih line-ul
VV      |.,',i.-„ii„l.l.' Illiees,
lllil   ,-iilleelinll   is   VOl'J   alll'll.Mile   anil   He
uuiilil uai; you lu inspect tbow lln.s wli.'lh,-,-
vu„ inteuil lu piu-f-ha-.' ni- mil.
We are alivay- pleiisj'.l  in ahuiv .mi alnek
anil uuolli lll'liioa.
. F. Tate k Son
Jewelers and Opticians
A man is often
judged by his
irsl fins- Wiii-k in all l.i-.iiiel
ul 11
Wo   iniisi   soil   llii'in   sn
we give you thu benefits
R   N. FINCH & CO.
I'liiiiu' \.\2.        Crunbrook, ll.C
al Art I
Neliee    i-    llel'ell.     eilell    llllll     Slxtj'
y- aflel'ilale I ilil,-ml lu ll|ipl,V  lu Un
They denote character or the hick of it. II
you lire wobbly on vour foet you will lie wobbly
in your head, but if vou lire well shod you walk
and stand with a confidence that the slip shod
man can never assume.
:V 9 .'♦: 9 .'♦:• <> :4: '<> '4; o '♦;»:'♦]. ♦ * »'♦' ♦ .'♦' *> :4.9 .<•». ♦ '.♦,.♦ ;♦
Rny. Pnthor C. Coecolu, broth
ur ul ihu ii'lelirnieil missionary,
is i'xpe. led from Kernie Monday
nml will spend n few weeks at
Si. Eiiifent, Mission.
Win, Semi ni Calgary, II. I!,
.laekson of Siminuw, Mich,, und
II. s. Hindi of Stavoly, Albt.,
were registered nt the Cranbrook
♦   on Wednesdav,
  I Ullluivlllil lle-ei-ihell 1,1
■9   PETE'S   *'-        Knot-mo
ll„S..|.eneiltlie Ins,  -hupil,
Cl'lUlhl h, anil n'uaninlet'S
-aliafni'liiin     ii.    Shavine.
Illlll' l'inline. ,.|,,.
Xi'xl  door tu A. C, Bowness
mi Cranbrook Street.
v','s,,ii,'!',;.','im,:''      P. J- Leithauser
Ml'.  I'l'iliter     I'le.i-e [H'illl llie   IllmVl,    Wlllll   ill .'
!.,l',.,-'    ,y|,.,.     Thia   -lali.l-   lur   llie Ill's, tllUI'l'
.1.  II.   I''iix.   Of   Nelson,   W.   .1.
Palerson of Montreal antl C,   M.  Xi^vocll   TVTlllr
Thompson "I 'To rmtlo, Out., wore * *v9U ±*XLll\.
J|^dneSt,hoCl' "00,f0"        and Cream
« !
_     «T T UT rM   l***\      ^ °   '"'^   '"   i"'ol'lll 111,' |,llhlie
9 ! A.  VV  NI NGr S'"'111 woal'Gin lll«Milli Business
. and are hero to stay,    I  furnish
*1 III  All S,i le- unil I '-.I,,,--. j    .        ., .,-, i
V                     ' the Genuine Ai'tiole and Kiiuran-
*    F?Md*-t-1£*1p.v.H       W«r»f^     4         Stripe    Duck        tee lhe public salisl'tielion.
I^ndmLICU       nt»'  C     -      ■(■      -:.-.       TWO DELIVERIES A DAY
Snlll'ltlni, liii-lher pal,'..,,„«.'.
• •-•• ■ «"•»*-••■•« a**a**a**a ••*••* ■ •"* ■■•"«"• ■ • ■ ** •* • ■*••
n Liveru
Tennis nml drivers furiosi
nil for unv poilll in llie dis
A. DOYLE. MimilK'i'r
H>,»^al—„. . .' »,...ii.i — aa*H».»a»^w.a»au
9     lv»a ,V; /
■f, **■
We illuslriil,1 four
ihis     week. Sue
i- for others,
Full Slock Carried
9 Tn ii'ini.'li nil  colors of  build-
a>     illL's     lie    llll    SllOI'l     Nlllii-I'   Ut
9 I Spokane or i 'algary priees.
♦ Save Hull aim l-Yi'lirhi
» l,i ii nl. rin- frmu
♦ A. GRENIER,   Cranbr c. ll.C
♦ •K-i-i-l-K-H-t-K-K-H-M-M-M-
fj.D. McBRIDEi ™LE'S
.'Crunbrook. B.C. HARDWARE
♦ Been here sine,   iS«,S    l.mble u, -i.n long,: *
9   9   ♦'.♦•>♦•••♦■>♦'/ * ■:•♦■?♦»♦  o   ♦   9   ♦   9   ♦. 9  9
Gto. R. LtflSK & Co
\l"l's a 'llolCI'l
Ice Greiiin .mil .Soli Drink.s
AUuTohiicio, PipoB
mill Cigars
J    Bakei St.    Cranbrook
We llllvo 1 n iii lhe  business
Inr several years, we litive llu
husi ■ -.|iii111,11->> 1 in   ll.C.  mul  wi
About mat Piano
T,   .      ulic.'   Iliiil   lliiiti   ,la\^   nil
". .,,..,,,1     |,|,|,     l„   lhe     I' fl"'1 ,""    -l'H''!'l''l 	
 ,,' i ill l.iii.i-   Wui'li-   fill
 ll       to    I'lll      I     ,'IU'I'I      lOMI.l
lU ■    li'iui     lie.   lullmvili"   .l,-,'l'il.",l
 ■• '•■ -iui'iii.-ii") Ki uny: We are the uiilhorized  nironts
,',.,»„»•  in .i i i   iiiauieii   Iii for Hu, removal nf Mason St. Rlseh
■ ■    lluihnl'    Ih'e j I'i,,,ins. wi'run iln llu'iviu'li will,
1,,,,'l'ee    I      \.   Ill'ule,   ,,l  I'l'l'llie:   UlUlU'l'    ,„||    |'|s|c, Alsll    | I IIIIS. 11 11 ll 11    l''l|l'
Ileal   I  'll ■       '   1,1     'lull,','  aUlllll   |U elllllll'   , l|l,|,,r,',
'   FURNISHED ON APPLICATION ii,.i„,n„, ih, .■ aii -in        PERRY & FITZGERALD
l'l I'ieliil'-nl lh-
l'l,ills.   Spin :!;,  itinll
and Kstiin.iios
■'    I? Ill a— MUM
fc»H a9hm\m*imssmmmmmsssmssssssssss*     »,,., |u ehain- i" I
,,' , i ,. ainiii'.' um a.','
All   kinds    of    building    material ,	
I', JKNSKX.   luealiii'. .in,, „|Jllhit
constantly on hand. j  umui) Mni'oi, skm, mon. io [c.p.r. d«i,oi
Cranbrook Oartage anil Transfer Oo
Phono im
With a pair of McPhersons'
on your feet you will command
;;;;;;,,;;;;;;:,,;;;, .ii;;,,:i;;;i respect and carry yourself to
nek-I'm-liei'ini-siuii lu   |.nreha-e   tho * af        aj
' In S"""1 '•"-, success..  Try it.
Fancy and Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
Men's, Women's and ChilUrens'
Hoots, Shoes and Hose
1',inini,'Heine ill a |„wl |ilalile.l al Ihu
suulhcitsl ,',„',„•,' uf  l.',l  nil Cil'oup  I.
Iheliee    llel'lll   flirt.}-    41)   I'ludllS.    llll! '
ea-l (.„-,}■ -lu ehaina. |,1,lm south ei.jhl.v
all elmlns, Ihoimu wost forty tu oluihm.
till e ,10,'lh   HI ehuill- ll,    |ili,ee   Of   Ue-
i'lale.l III I'l'Jinl'l'""!.   Illi-   I-l    ll,,}-   of
April, lnnu.
II K.J,  MeV l'l "l'l l'l
Nulil'e    i-    llel'ell.V    ^IVOIl    Ullll     SixlV
.lay.- uftor .Im.' I Inland to iippl}' In tlio
I'lllof ,'uuiini—inner uf I,mul- mill
Works fur permission in |„u'ul,„su the
lull.iU'ilie.lew'I'illell laiiil- Smith K,,-l
Kunleiiii} illstl'll'l,
l 'ulllllleiieine ;,, ii posl ill 111"' -until-
eil-l ,',„•„.',• llf l.el '-'1117. Ihenee 1,01'tll SO
I'llllllls, Ihenee east 41) ,'haillh, the,,.'.'
SOIIItl  10(1,'luilllS. the,,'',' west 2(1 ellllills
thonoo nurth 120 ehains, thonoo west ill
chains ,u plnee nf hee'uniilie euiuaiuinii
11(10 11,'l'US mure ..,' less.
Ilaleil this fill, day <>f April, IH0U.
Hi .'. K, I.IN'I'IIA.'I'M.
i|.',u,» ,■'..
Now is thr tirnc to buy youi
new ciirpots,     Wc have just
placed in stork thr largest and
ni'isi complete stock ot
in   Tapcslrv,   Brussels,   Velvet,    Axminster
mi   anil Wilton Carpets we have ever shown
l'.lll|lll'i! l''riirtioilill Milium) Olllllll.        i
Mltiililolli llu- l''ort Sluulu MillfllK lllvMfiii nf   IP
Wliuri' loniluil:    Ni'iir hliliu Cruuk.
I'nUl- 11    llllll   1.  JIIMl*)-   A-   HilI'VliJ    l-'iflc
:.|.ii,'i'\ r. Mllli'im- Sn. "HT!W7H" Hi'tlllK
„s ...iii n,r .111 111 I'M T. Ulilliiw, I'.M.r. No.
||;:kv, \v, M.Tiirnuil, t-'.M.r. Nu. ll^wr:. nml
.hnii.s Aliens. K.M.r. So. iu:t8l;i, imoiiil
kIsij ilny* Fiiim ttm ilulo hereof, lo ii|ip.y to tin
Mtn I iiu Hm'iH'itor fur ti t'eiHilt'iiii! "i  lm|trovu-
\m1 iiiiilii'i   hik,* noil,'<> nun  iii'tlnti, Miller
ne, .i.  iniisi I oMMOiu-eil linfnru i Ihi Ixmi*
.uiivorsil.-lilVllilU'illiMif liillK'oveinuiiK,
Dlltl'il llu*- 'il > Ul MlllDli, A   I' . llHlil.
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i'iin'il'"l'A,n: nr IMI'IIIIVKMKNTH
■|Ii,i„Ti-".   •■\lii|.l.'".   "Kruffpr"   :iml
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Siliuile In lliu l''orl Sh'i-li' Mliiitm  Dlvlnlnii
.1 KiKl Kim
Willi If! Ill)
l'l.'•'! l.i'u.-i  M,.V|i<
! 50 6ents to $2.50 per yard
A Sec the Display In Our Large Show Window ill
I P. Burns & Go. 1
^ Head Office,
S£ Cril(4iiry,  Alhortn,
Muiti OfllrH for East Kontf nay, ^
Craubruok, B.C 3
It: WholeMttle nnd Retnll ri
ni.-. i linn.,. I'.M IC "3
E;:r'HL;it I Meat Merchants I
il.lv I,, iiie Mlnllnr Iti'i'iil',,,'! Ilil ii I'l-illlli-iilii ; m~- Zm
i I'limimli, lor lira |,i,r|..«.' "tmiii   g 3
Sr |)r;iliis in Ali.illnir mul Cnkl StornLre3
Tain, uoili'i' nmi i. .1
' s,, it .;|.i,n ie iiiir l"i iu\
mi'.l ■/. c  |.- M iv n,.ia,
I,,i,  ,'  .lit,,.i s I'l'UHii'ie
 ,   alut)   'Iiivj,   I    'I"
,i|.ly I,, llie Mlnlni' l.',','".,l,'i l"i   'I '','ilil
 ll ll, llll,
i-rtTni. m!! miisi i'w eo.iiinoni-iaiijK.furc iM,i. \£    Livestock at Calgary, Alberta,    -zt
,;':,::,;;:;;:;;:;::,i:;:r:;:;;£Ky ^luuiiuiuuiuiiuiuuuuiiuuiiuiuuiuiuiiuuiuiiuuiuiujS


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