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The Prospector Dec 29, 1906

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 v     I
Llba-krj cl t-,| Au
,'»y USRitM
Mil 4 ,n    \\
C^*A, B. C
Vroi. 12.
No. .12.
Half Yearly   List  of Promotions
Div,   I.
(J, ll. Clniliii'i'. Traui'lor.)
Total attendance for ith     211
Average attendance 20.11
Porfeei attendance; I''.. Culver,
ll. Taylor, R, Harvey, I., Leask,
M. Short, I). McCallum, II.
Diclcson,, .1  Wood. .1. Burgome,
P.  Pviltl.
Div.    II.
ill Claire I aid well. Teuulior.j
Total attendance for month    40
Average atlondnnee B5.fi
Perfect attendance: P Argue,
li. Bargett. II. Bathie, M. Carl
wriglit, I.. Deacon, B. Finley, B.
Piiiniss, A. Fowler, S. (Iillis, X.
Goddnrd, H. Hickenbotham*, C.
Laurie, Cl, Kerr. K. MeCnlluui.
,1. Mil 'owail, 1,. McCowan. M.
McNeil, C. Morrison. V. Sissons,
!•'. Wood. ',     '.-.'.
Div.    III.
11. ii, Partly,   Teuulier.
Tin i! attendance for month     11
An'railB atlondnnce SIS,BO
Ported attendance:, Charlie
Unrnh irdt, Nullum Ba'ruhurdt,
lloug Roiirlle, Magloi're B'runlt,
Viidii lloyter, Eve Conely, Vlolel
i). •;. i -. >; i,    Francis *   Drummond,
K.-iihli en I) out. Pose Dumont.
I Im ihni Powler, Louise Haeg,
Marguerite Harvey, Stanley
Iiiii, Wilfred Hunter, Ruby Nes-
licit.    Puss    Pascuzzo,     (Hive
Div.    IV.
(MlssC. il. Hull. Teueliei'.l
Total attendance lor month     II
Average attendance 40.(Hi
Ported attendance: iL. Armstrong. A. Bowness. P. Bathie,
II. Bridges,*' P. Bftfdgett, tl.
Colpiniin, K. Cameron, M. Drummond, IV. Fitzpatrick, W. Pulley
I.Hill. C.Haeg, G-, Hickenbotham
.1. Hunter. Grade Higgins.
L. Look. L. Leask, I. Leask, W.
Laurie, R. Marshall, C. Moore,
C. McNabb, A. Patterson. L.
Richards, E. Stewart, W. Tucker. X. Thompson, H. Taylor. B.
Soherinerhorn, A. Wood.
Div.    V.
(It. M. Springer, Teauher.
Tolal attendance for month     45
Average attendance 3S.61
Perfectattendance: Nan Byers,
Vulery DeGrace, Alex Dickson.
Norman Fowler, Albert Laurie,
Neil McCallum, Gordon McKen*
nn, Noble McNeil, Lottie Moore,
Uaiiisford Parks. Ingold Soher*
merhorn, Orville Thompson,
ISM rln Siddons, Camille Godderis,
Ohiis. Woodward.
Div. II to Div I.
Harry Bathie,   Edgar Davis,
Bobort Finley, Bryson Finness,
George Kerr, .lossio McCowan,
Myrtle McNeil. Vivian  Sissons.
Div. Ill to Div. II.
Charlie   Barnhardt,   Mildred
Cline, Claude Davis,   Hose   Dumont,     Louise    Haeg,     Edgar
Hundley. Herlliu Hickenbotham.
Ernest Stlvon, (Hive White,
Div. II.
Jr. Ill Class loSr. Ill Class
Boy   argue,   Goorglna Cart*
wright,      Meivu     Cartwright
Biiehel Bardgett, Winnie Deacon,
Arthur Powler,    Harold   Hall,
Harold    llickenhotliani,     Nellie
Goddttl'd,     Lillian     McCowan,
Carl    McNabb.   Kalherinu   Mc-
Calluin, Charlie Morrison, Percy
Neil, Madge Robertson, Douglas
Stewart, Florence Wood.
Div.  III.
Jr. II. toSr. II.
Hong Henrlie, Mugloire Braiill,
Eva    Bryans,    Wilfred   Dallas,
Marcus Dorr, Bobort Derr, Con
tanco Stiven.
Div. IV to Div. ill.
Lauretta. Armstrong, Percy
Bardgott, Harold Bridges Beta
Cameron, Lulu Ghur, Clarence
Haeg, Gladys Hickenbotham,
Jessie Hunter, Carrie Moore,
Andy Patterson, May i'yull,
Rqb't. Bold, Laura Bichurds
Eva Siiiull.
Div.  V.
0 Class lo A Class.
Mary Barnhardt.   Grace  Bard-
gelt, Nan  Byers.   Harry   Doris,
Fred Duinont, Vtneenl Fink,
Vernon Killons, Douglas McCowan, Gordon Mclvonna, Lincoln Suiilli, Ingold Schormor-
hoi'll, Parle Siddons, Jack Wilson.
I) Class (oC Class.
Beryl Cameron, Charley
Cherry, Valorio Del Irace, John
Fitzpatriclr, Enid (iill. Dora
i Irani, Nellie Grant, Ruth Haeg,
Boy Ilill. Alhorta McLean, Bar
old Patton, George Patton, Ethel
Reid, Wilfred Stone, Pred Swain,
Chrystelle Tucker, Doris Wall
inger. Charlie Woodward, Fred
Div. V TO Div.   I\*.
Clarence Agnew, Wilfred
Brault, Alex. Dickson, Cuniiel
Godderis, Gladys Johnstone,
Albert Laurie, Neil McCallum.
Noble McNeil. Charlotte Moore,
Wm. Moore, Sadie Nesbitt,
Bainsford Parks. May Puttison,
Prank Patterson, Freda Pal
more, Clark Wallace. Helen
Div,   IV.
".'ml Primer io 1st Reader Class,
Arthur Bowness. Harold Colp-
iiian, Gracie Higgins, Grillilh
Junes. Lee Look*. Rnb't. Marshall, 'Clifford M.'Nnlili. Cyril
Patmore. Waller Tucker, Margaret Stone, Alice Wood, Cur-
don Wallinger, Noel Wallinger,
Prank* Wni'dinuii, Bernard
Jr. I toSr. I Bender.
Florence Brut hie, Marguerite
Druhiinond. Innis Ilill, Polo
Johnson, Brownie .lardine,
Lottie Leask. Alice peed. Parle
Stewart, Nigel Thompson. Hazel
English Company To Operate
North Western Fisheries.
London, Dec. 28 —A company
was finally formed here to-day
wiih a capital of $H0O,O0U to work
the llritish Columbia halibutand
herring fisheries. Mr. Wethley
was sent on behalf of the promoters lo make investigations
on the grounds, reported that
steam trawlers could bo successfully worked. Operations will
becotnmenced as soon as possible.
"Much Ado About  Nothing."
Visitor; Here and There   PeD, le
Who Coino to Cranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
New arrivals Persian Dales
and Smyrna Pigs at Stewart's.
p Fongan of Marysville was
in lown Friday on business.
Mrs. Williams hud an informal lea on Friday afternoon.
S. McKenzie of Calgary was
in the city Friday.
A box of Stewart's chocolates
make:: line New Year's present.
N. .Mel, I  Curran.  manager
uf ihe Norlh Star mine,  was iu
the city Thursday on   husiness.
Miss Mangiti, a popular school
lencher of Marysville. was visiting friends in Cranlirook Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walsh of Port
Steele were a!  Cranlirook   Mon-
Wanted    alio   lingers   lo     lill
■ ply rings at   Win.   P. Tain  &
Tlie days lui ve began to lengthen. Eighl hours and forty mill
utes of sunlight these days.
Holiday shoppers come lo look
and slay lu buy al llle big store
uf Chas  Iv Reid A  Co.
Dr. .1. 11. Ping is expected
home from his eastern visil about
January loth
Mrs. M. Estei'lirookof Kiniber-
'ey was shopping in Cranbrook
Sal unlay lasl.
J. G Cii'iimings of Pernie
was transacting business in the
governmenl otlice Saturday last
TllK PliOSPECTOB staff is in
dehiod to S. .1. Mighton for a
box of Tucker's best cigars.
R. A. Qtuince. ol the Jewell
Lumber Co.. of Jaffray, was in
town Friday on company business.
11. Chapman, P. A. Johnson,
and N. Powers of Moyie were
guests at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
Mrs. W. H. Wilson entertained
a large number of guests ut her
residence ou Baker hill Thursday.
Dr. Miles returned from a holiday visit lo Kalispol Thursday.
He reports thai il rained all day
Christ mas at that cily.
Tlie one topic of conversation
unoug politicians, all over Ihe
province, is the unexpected resignation from tho cabinet of
Hon. K. I''. Green.    If Mr. Green
resigns,    owing   us  he suys  to 	
the pressure of private business, |    Have you seen llie candy box-
we  see   no    reason    why   the "J* '"J*8  l,>illln,','  ,Tlle pm'?8t
,         ,,   , and best candy, nil  home made,
Premier should lie called upoa .^ Oranbroolc.
for  any   further    explanation. 	
Mr. Green also understands his     P J. McGregor of Kimberley,
own business and makes his  ex-  Chas. McDonald or Wasa, und E.
, , .  , , I Wilson of Marysville siient Sun-
plunatioi, winch  is satis lory        ,     ,   Cranbrook.
to all.
• II. Epstein of Calgary and D.
Among the Craft. Richards  of   Kimberley   were
  guests ut the Cranlirook Satur*
Cranhrook   lodge   A.   P. A A.   'lilv llls1'
M„ held their rogular monthly     ,,   Lum|    ,„.,„.,,,,,,.   „r   the
meeting iu  Masonic temple on Crow's Nest Pass  Lumber Co.,
Thursday evening.   Tl vont of Wardnor, was at Crunbrook
of lhe oveillllg was lhe   install:! Saturday last on business,
tiou of ollicers  for  llie  ensuing
Write il ISI07, nexl week*.
Win. Poole of Elko was a guest
at Hie Cranbrook Friday.
Rev. Vi. F. Jones of Creston
spent pari of this weok in lown.
Travel into the cily was light
I Ids week and the lisl of hotel
arrivals ist'OlTOSpoudiugly short
Tho Prospector staff is indebted to Hugh Stewnrt for a
box of line chocolates.
ll is reported lhat a Labor Convention will lie held in Crunbrook
about January 2nd so snvs Uie
Mr. C. Harris lias opened nn
employment otlice next door lo
G. T. P. Rogers, in llio ('ity
Transfer Office.
Rev. W. Ross of Grand Porks
will 'ondue.l the services in Knox
Presbyterian Church next
Ah*, and Mrs. ('has Buck ,eft
oll Tuesday's I rain for Saskatoon. Albt., where they will reside in the future,
F, Brandon of Bun I; head, AI 111.,
and (I. W Parker, of Winnipeg,
were Cranlirook visitors on
G. P. Mosser of Spokane, T.
Cunningham of Vancouver and
J. W. Frost of Eureka, Mont.,
were registered ut Hie Cranhrook
P. A. Anderson of Cochrane,
Albt., arrived in Cranbrook
Thursday. Mr. Cochrane will
have charge of till* public schools
as principal.
Dr. Rivers nftd Mrs. Rivers of
Raymond, Albta., were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs Vi. D.
Hill this week. Mrs. Rivers is
a sister of Mr. Hill.
We have been getting our full
share of white: weather Ihis
mouth so far. Zero and some
times a few degrees below, has
been our experience.
A very pleasant  "Al  Home
was given by Mrs. Vi. H. Wilson
on Thursday in  honor of  Mrs,
Eager, who is spending the hoi
idtiys in towu.
Curlers were busy this week
[comaker Ward has four sheets
of ice in good shape. Lasl.
Thursdny evening the Rogers
rink defeated tlie Hoggnrth rinli
in a well played game.
Miss Muriel Patmore entertained a number of young friends
on Thursday afternoon from ii
lo 7 p. in. Miss Helen Reid
won tlie first prize in tlie bond-
chain competition.
Cranbrook is prosperous. As
a direct proof of Ihis fuel we announce that the Salvation Army
has established a post in lhis
cily. Thoy never locate in u
city Hint shows no signs of prosperity.
Tuesday January 1st, 1007.
This is tlie day that is always
set apart for Hie forming of good
resolutions. The best resolution
lhat you can make this year is
thut you will votefor.l.A. Harvey
and elect liiin lo represent this
riding in tlie nexl provincial
Hon. R. F. Green Gives up Portfolio in the Provincial
Hon. B. F Green, on Saturday
last, resigned us Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works in
tlie McBride government. His
successor lias not yet been named
ami muil one is selected, Hon. li,
fallow will have charge of tin
In au interview with0 reporter
for the Colonist, Mr. Green
Slated that   he  had   about   cum
pleled arrangements of a business character, whloh would
make il absolutely impossible for
him io devote his time to politics.
II therefore became necessary
that he should resign his portfolio and retire from political
life. In pursuance of this determination, lie will noi again offer
himself as a candidate for the
district he lias so long represented.
Questioned further on tlie subject, he was most emphatic tlml
his resignation wns not in any
way due lo tlie slanderous statements so freely circulated by the
Grit press, and his political opponents, during Hie pasl year.
He lias always enjoyed and still
has lhe confidence of his col-
leagues. II wus with sincere
regret thai he severed his polil
leal association with the Premier
for whom he expressed lhe
greatest admiration and esteem.
It was entirely for business rea-
sons Hull he wus retiring from
politics, whilst still remaining ii
most loyal member of the Conservative party, both in lhe
Province and in Hie Dominion,
He was quite content to leave
his reputation iu llie hands ot
his friends, feeling contidcutthey
would justify his departmental
actions, and he wus perfectly indifferent as to tlie opinion of his
enemies and slanderers. He
said one could not occupy the
position he hud without making
enemies. He had contemplated
this step for some lime past, hut
tlie near approach of the election
and his intended retirement
from political life, compelled immediate action. Having recently, in tlie discharge of his duty
as chief commissioner, visited
many of the electorial districts
throughout tho province, he had
no doubt aboul Ihe result of Hie
coming contest. The government would be sustained by a
handsome majority, and bis old
riding. Kaslo, was perfectly safe
in the bunds of tlie prospective
fail of confidence ami certain ol
victory. I,'. II. Green will tour
the province with Mr. McBride
and detine his record. Tin. premier, in a published statement,
says thai Mr, Green isoneol the
ublesl ministers of Laud- and
Work's British Columbia ever
ll would he well lo pm meters
ou tho opposition press so thai
ihe electorate of the province
can see and understand i he miles
of slander which has  I n   pull
lished by these "pianos" during
lhe past vear.
En Passaii'
For the beuelil uf our  Baker
Sn i contemporary, we will sav,
iluil the editor of iln* Prospector
lived iu Ontario, long before tin*
Sioux city editor had stoppod
pulling ai his nursing bottle.
Harvey's Tribulations, written
in sorrow. published with
pleasure by thei [ocal <**(irif
organ, should have been dated
from Fori Sleele which . would
have been as  base   a   lie  as   lhe
article itso f.    **.\ Pion •" is as
good a name ' lu hide ones
idenl iiy under as would he
"Lett uce" al the present day. :
The only trouble thai is bothering the "Oldi(Mnn"of'tlio Independent Herald jusl now, is,
thai he can't    have   a    hand   in
nominating both 11 rii and Con
servative candidates.
Elects** Officers.   • ■
The  Cranbrook   L. I). L     I
ill the hall in tho Walls building
on the evening of December 22,
and elected the foi lowing ollicers:
T. Boyter. Worshipful Master:
W G. Hay ward, deputy Master;
S. Joyce, Chaplain*. J. P. Lari-
gan.   Recording  and    Financial
Nominations  January  19   Election February 2nd.
A telegram received at Cranbrook Monday January 24th,
staled thai the provincial legislative assembly had dissolved,
nnd the nominations an* sel for
January ' lu, ami elections for
February 2nd.
The new   House is    lu   meet   ull
March -ih.
Political Items of Interest.
Conservative ami independent
voters of Craubrooli riding feel
.a houor bound, ami will take
gl'eaj pleasure, in earnestly
using every houorable means  lo
 ure lhe elecli " J. ,\.  liar-
..•y. 'is member of the provincial
assembly, in accordance with the
resolutions unanimously adopted
at ilie Conservative convention
held ill Cranbrook last week*.
After predicting, for nearly a
year, thai an election was to
take place, ihen starting in the
new year by saying thai the
elections would certainly lake
place as soon a - lhe frost was
mil of ihe ground, uur local con
temporary Im- hii the nail on
the hwiiil this week by announcing thai ihe house had dis-
solved ami lhe elections would
take place February 2nd.
'I'he   purlin ntary   stocking
was nm filled on Christmas, the
house having dissolved before
lhe arrival uf Sania CIllUS.
I'he Conservatives of Cranbrook ridiiiL* have ill mind a sue*
cessur tu Dr. King ami his name
ih J, A.  Harvey.
30,000 Settlers for Canada.
London,    lu-c.    28.    General
Secretary    ami  Treasurer:    W. , Boothi the h, ..,, „, ,;„, Salvation
Walsh. Director of Ceremonies; Army  has ,, ,„ |   thai at-*
Zedrel Gibson,   Lecturer: Com* L.Qnge ms were boiug  made to
mitteenien:   Alex. Taylor. Mur*   M,ll(i ;;„  settlors  lo Canada
. I'i. Henderson, manager of
year, (lur cowan reporter >"-,|„. |{,||| Hiver Mining A Power
forms iis llllll there was a cniidi-  (',,,, was transacting business ul
dute raised to theMaslorMason's iCrunbrook Saturday last.
The   public   services    iu   llie
Spain to Tax  Wheat and  Flour. iMothodlsi church next Sunday
  j will hu in keeping wiili the  sea-
Madrid, Dec. 28 The liill son, All are invited lo come
proceeding for tlie leinporary,1"."1 tll''f. I""'1 bl the closing set'*
1 v   ,. . ii vice of the year,   Si ng service
taxing ol foreign wheat H oommenees at 7*80, Subject of
pesetas per 100 Kilograms, ln-|QddreSS, "Lessons from Ilui
trod need by   Navarro   Reverter,  year."
Minister of France will  become ,       ~
, i    ,,i   in,i  i i   Our showing or smokers art*
aw on Ol about   he llllll January I  ,     „,,,,      . ,", .     , .,__„,-„
,'   oles will ipnckly and  pleasantly 	
as lliere is no opposition   to   llie      h,,, yi    ,, N(,w Year's problems, j ',  , . ...
-,,       •'i, ,, I1. „   i,        Ne son ami   possibly   mav   visit
measure. From all over the world wo havo| ' ■'
,   ;    ,,„ brought tho I utll'ul, tlio usofiil Cranbrook.
A Double Hoadod Martin.       lllMd t| *,- |,0 ploaso man's fancy
  laud adorn his smoking table. Municipal   All'llirs.
It   is announced    thai   ..J,,,." | I keep in slock   and of lhe   bestj 	
Martin will run iu both Victoria' |Jf,7n wh088moltos    SJ.  Mluh"     Tl"'n'  sl IS '" '"'   ",,l,lin«
and Vancouver as an  Indupoiid   ton, the tobacconist; done this wnolc In regard lo lhe
cut   Labor   candidate    "Joe,"   municipal    election.   Tlio   old
TllK   Piiiisi'Krroi'    acknowl'  council s s to have done Iheir
edges the   receipt of a  Christ* work to tho salisfuctii f Hie
mas   number of  the   Auklnnd mfti0|.av or Mio ottli'on'H of Cran-
,   ,      ,        ...    Nows, of Auk and, Nowfioa and, ,      ,     ,       ,    ,       ,,       , „
lsl"'"' >'"    h"   wW   '"'  ll wns .sent   by  our old   fr ,|  hrook. why not rolurn   Ihem   by
      "Mr. Joe.  Bamburg,   who   will acclamation and save the oxponso
soon return to Cranbrook. |of au election,
Christmas day I Hi Hi will go on
record as lhe close of the most
successful holiday business trade
tliis cily lias ever known. All
llle local merchants unite in stilting thut llie past month, especially llie last Iwo weeks business
has been nearly double Hint of
Hie preceding year 1905.
May Visit Cranbrook.
I'i lor McBride and .1.  W.
Bowser    will   lour   the   interior
next   week,    lie   will  speak*   III
Christmas Tree.
The annual Christ mas tree and
entertainment in connect ion with
the Methodist   Sunday School
dock   McEacheran,  J.   M.   Mc.
from England during thecoiniii"
Sweyn, B. Froser and B.   (iu,,d   ,.,,.,,.    riu. lilM   ^i,*t,>r,;t11  will
fle,d* 'i'i h Canada   in   the   middle of
February  and  will
Home Industry.
Patronize home dealers. If
you patronize outside lioiisus
through their traveling agents
sent   to
points in Western I intario     The
second shipload will be senl  in
March and will he senl   wesl   to
| Manitoba,   Saskatchewan    and
Albertn lo Ihi' maritime provinces ami later on a large number will be senl io British Columbia.
you are hound to get skinned, if
you send an order to a hie- "or-
der by mail house" you also get
left. It matters not how nice
these  traveling   men   may   talk    K|]g|ish Crjcl.eters for the -j   s
about line bargains you are   get- .
tltig you must pay their traveling     London. Dec.  !>"    Mr.  J.   K.
exponsesand commissions, hence   .Mason.   Captain    of    the    pent
Country Cricket Club, has received a communication from tiie
Associated Cricket Clubs of
Philadelphia P.  S   A.  inviting
it stands to reason Hint your
home dealer, who is a permanent
fixture in our cily, can sell you
n belter article for  less money
than the outside man. Do your I hi m to take a team to the stal
trailing with your home deulers during tlie coining season to play
and yon will not be deceived and matches in Philadelphia. New
the goods you buy will not be York and other cities. Mr.
misrepresented, Road the big Mason has spoken to the caplnlns
was lield on Wednesday evening j "ails" in Tiik Pkospectou ami of several loading clubs and all
of this week. A very large you will find something that you favor llm idea of accepting the
crowd was in  attendance and  a  want. invitation.    A stione  team  will
Will Be a Strenuous   Month      probably bo sent.
deep Interest manifested iu the
event. A varied programme of
readings,   recitations,  chorusesI
uud drills   were rendered uud
January 190" will lie a strenuous month  in Cranbrook.    The
Sheer Nonsense.
ll  is   lhe   sillies!    nonsense   lu
girls had a good time in seeing
il unloaded.
Election Items of Interest.
A. man wauled-   is lhe slogan
of the  opposition.    J.   A.   Mac-
all   called    for   loud  applau... .   ..
The tree was heavily laden with I municlpa oloclion will take place ^ ^ q wnp ^	
gifts and as usual the boys   on the hird Phursday,   the  big rjntloti Stales and Japan.   Japn
bonspeil during the later part ot
the month,   wilh   lhe   provincial
elections to be longhl  out,   with
polling on February 2nd, there
is no duiilii hut ihal this u ill
ben warm month, very slrunu.
ous wild everybody busy.
pun. japan
is in uu condition to go to war
wiili ihe United states and is
um sucking destruction. Japan's succosij over a badly organized Russian army and a still
moro worthless navy should noi
icause Iho lillle men lo swell with
like the English martin has a.
faculty of bobbing up most so*
reiielv nboul election   time,     ll
relegated buck* to Hu* ranks of
Ion;? forgotten politician
Columbia are actively propai'lii
for tho campaign which Is pre
dieted to be llie liveliest In the
history of tin* province.
The "Guar'' of lhis riding, il
is claimed, has a card up his
sleeve that will defeat  llie Con
sorvativocandidate, lie will try
and ring up a labor candidate
just to help boost the weakening
cause of the opposition.
McBride and his followers ure
.will gel
A $60,000 r'lyinn Prize,
'; Millions for Canadian Railroads.   ""I"" '''.'    ' '"''''   ^""    wl11
Melnnoss"    lo   help  push   the   treat the Yankees of tho Orient
"Grit" cause. iiii,     .,-    -in         on llin squiu I that's all thoy
London, Dec. :.',,     I he I llluwn i  ■
Coiiservilivos all over British   ,.   ,, u ,  i       i need expeel and   Ihals   all   they
< ousei vai.ivi s an uvi i  iiiiiisn   \'.l||,,v railway project  has  linen
successfully  financed  here  and
ihe construction of the line Iron
Montreal   lo  the  Ureal     Lakes!
will be proO led wiili   III   once. I     Luuilun, Dec :>,    'I'he "Daily
Al    a   s| llll   i ling   of    tlie  Mail" has announced  that it will
directors lo 'lay ii wasiiiinoinicod award (00, lo ihe person who
Unit all tlie capital required hud suet Is in navigating au  Oero*
boon ovor subscribed.                   piano from London to Manchester, ll oniest to take place  in
Lumber operations in llie vi
ciuily of Cranhrook are progress- April. I he distance as lhe crow
Ing, and the men In the bush are Hies inun London lo Munches-
busy getting oul logs, tor Is IBO miles, THE PROSPECTOR   CRANBROOK U. (  ,  DliCKMBF.R 2H   1900
KST.VUI.lslu.n     IJ,,,;,
A. B. Grace,
SATURDAY. DEC. Sll, 1110(1.
NEW Years Day, thu first of
January,  as  marking the Tf
beginning of the year has been TJ!
Observed    a-  a   public    holiday *
from at least the lime of the Ju ?f
Han reformation of the calendar. JT
The year Illllli closes with a much 3T
brighter outlook and with better tj!
prospects   fur   Cranbrook   and T
Southeast Kooteuay than thatol t».
1905,    In nu  single  country   in if
lhe world,   we believe,   has  ua T
tional progress been su  marked '.l
during the year jusl ended as in J.
the Dominion of   Canada:   in   no X
provinceof the Dominion  have !£
such lengthy strides forward been
made a> in the province of   Brit- i.i
Ish Columbia; and in no districl '*'
of the province has there  1 n
more genuine development   than
in Southeast   Kootenay:  ami  111 A
no city ol the province a greater ^
degree uf prosperity than in uur
own city of Cranbrook.
f*****$******$**********^ HAKVKY &  McCARTEK
■—■ J   *aAj
From End to End ot the store Stocks are Fairly Bristling- with Newness
CUANUItOOl.,     ■     11.r.
Ull. yes: the provincial election A
will     take     place,    but    il      is i«i
up    io   McBride   am!   hismin A
isters to apologize to the Xelson i'i
Daily piano and.   lhe provincial i'i
Liberal press, for mu informing i'i
them as to the exact date  of the A
election. A
The Cranbrook end of the Lib 9
eral machine is making desper 9
ate efforts to convince  the pen 9
pie lhat its organ in this city is 9
independent, but has succeeded 9
in convincing the electors 1 ha 1 ii *
is in hearty accord with the grit 9
machine.    It  is luu   late.    You 9
cannot make ihe people  believe 9
lhat a machine, controlled   by a 9
federal  government,   is    better 9
than a provincial government uf •{*
tlie  people,   such  as   has  been, 9
given to this   province by  the 9
McBride administration.
Dur friends of Hie grit machine think- ihat the Conservative convention of lasl week I
was mosl   lireso     ll    is    mi
wonder it was tiresome to the
machine, and lhe candidate selected will make them moro tired
at Hie next election.
Mr. .1   A. Harvey,   as the can
didate selected by the Consorvn
live parly lo represent this   rid
ing in llie next legislative assembly, is a   man   thai   every   (foil
servative ami Independent voter
can .support without   evasion  or
apology,    He  is  the    strongest
and best man ever  named   by   a
party in this district,    Mr. liar
vey is too well known   in   every
corner of Ilns ruling to need any
newspaper or other Introduction
of commendation, ami  ihe vole
of confidence given by ihe con
vention Hint selected him will he
ratified by tl lectors on  election day.
IT would be unfair fur us lu poinl lu any one depart
ment as lhe peer uf the rest.    Whal we attempted lu
dn  wc  have accomplished    fixed it thai no matter whal
line of goods you are interested in. Ihal section answers
"Ready" wiih confidence
Will   find   1iHi1.l1   in   Dress (iood* and
Mantles to interest them,
We've been parlieularly particuhu
'bin  every   weave .uui   pal ei
exactly    correct thing for the Coll        S
There is   1
ableness mini
ear.    All of
\i r\   bone.    I'i      *. '   -   ■ ■ ■ *
you  a  Iin      if tv
pattei ns ;tn       -     - 1   .     1 nls.
\\ e have one Iii
25 '-cuts re«ul;ti  -    1
Beautifu Dress j S
lengths tl '  -    .'   - *    -
regular prii e si.75   n
I Qfljpc    Underwear    Waists   in    Silk,
LOUIUw      Wool   and   Cashmere all to
be sold at wholesale prices.
Metis Wear
\\ i-   w ill   soil   you   I U*;i\ \   I  miii wear ull
1-. 11   51.10  pi-i   soil   11 ■ •: 111.11K   sold   for
ill I
11 Is w ill he sili'l 1
\\ 1    hnve    I lie   I'i.ml,  Si.n.i   slim',   lhe
I    leh'     SllIM      I'd.'s    lll'Jl     1-lilSS    -line.       llle
\       ii .ui \\ .ill, uvi'i shoe .nul   main  other
\\.  will iiuoti' you "in- 'u two nrii os
. il  Hill  1 ll'gl'l)   ei ,\ e| 11 nil:
Wc will sell vim a S5.00 shoe lor $2.90, a SB00
Shoe lur $3.51). a S3.50 slum Inr $1.85.
We  have   ,100 dn 011 \leie- Sex in Cash
Mien' am! lu.u \   wool,     \\ e   inusl   unload
them at cost.
\ll  imi*   I.actios bins  must  ^o and the
assortment is mosl Complete .11 prices that
defy Competiti m. Wc fane)   that   a   call
w iii satisfy.
See tin- prices we quote on 20th Century
Clothing. While Clothing uiade by tbe
average makers will be sold at from S3.90 a
suit up.
Solicitor, Etc.
Granbrook      * British Columbia
uml NOTARY  I'l'lll.lr.
'{!      1 Cranhrook,  B.C.
*     l     '
A     G, tl. Thompson
HILl      Str    (?©
OFFICE   REID   uuu mm:
1 iji 1,1.1..,,I,. H.C,
P.I^.IS.  A-  CE.
Porl  Sleele  ii.C.
j    i
Physician||||(I Siirijeoii
nl'l'iet: aumstiioni; AN t:
llol'li's:   I' In 11 a.m.   2 In I p.in.
7 to 8 imu.
I'linin oiliiv 105    Rosltlonne 100
a-a"a~a.-a..a..a..a"a..a.'a-a-■•-•..•"•..a, a>-».a«a-.a.
Mrs   Hklnn teacher of the
mm.  msiup pianoforte
Special in lent ton to touch,
technique,   phrasing   and
'!' grading of studies.
4l4 For purl Initial's upply to C. G. Raid X
?!?      i i «... 'I'li.. Druggists,
F. O. E.
U very VVoiliiosilu*,
hi S p.m. in I1.I..I-*. Hull
9        Vlsilliin   Druthers   Curclliilh    Invltoil
('. I.'oss Tatk. W. Presldeni
.1.   BlIECIIlN,  Si'i'j.
Mr.   Collin,   Aoric  I'liyslulun,   I'. O.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA2.'-i*i3<±3.>3,-'Li<- 3*%i.'i,-'i.A-*i.3*z.->i.i- -t- -t* -I* -t- Olus ■•■ ••• ••■ ■•• ••• ■•* ■!• ■•< as, itt.Hi Us- ■»■ ■»■ m •!■ IE        jfaWAWIlWIVaVW^^
■s Kooky Mountain Chapter ::
Till,.-   Miilii-i- llllll   thirl)   ilny.   illtoi
Unl.' we ii I Iii uppl)   in th.* Chlol
C Isa-I r nl Liiml- nmi  Works ill
\'ii'U.i'iji for puriiilsshiti in.-ui unileurr>
uivii) llmlior from Hie li.ll.ni imj ilu-
a.'riliril laud- ill Hllilttl Kllsl Koiili'liny:
I. CdllllllUIUllllll ni n posl |.Innl...1 Hill '*A
I'lllllllH lliil'lll nm! UlO ChlllllH weal nl UlO
point whom llle wusl h ..Inn  ,.(   l.nl
mm inn.I'-.'i'i- in,' uni'ili iimiiuiiir) urlKUMi.
|iii'i'iii|.iiini   No,   list, ilii'iii-,. wost  sii
chiihis: iIh-i -imili sn ,.|iniiis: thonoe
oosl HO (.linins: linn  north   SO  .'hum-
iii pluee nl ei nn iii'.'iiu'iii.
Nov. I'M. I'.inii.
2. Ciiiiiiiieiiohij. ni upnai plumed luu
.•liiiin- nni-ili ami 1110 ohulns west or thu
pi'iui where Hie wesl I Inn   ol  l.m
IKBO i i- I- Hie  unrlh   liiiiiiiilnry   of
pi iiiptlnii No. list: thenue north 80
i-iuiiiis: ili.'i n-t  su i'linin-,: thenoe
-unlli sn chuins: llience wesl sn chuins
Nov. -.'I.i. iiiiiii.
::. Commenoliiii ui ii posl |ilunted ut
the aoiilli-wesi corner ol timber licence
No. -•-'.•.n: ili.-n ,i-i SO chuins: thence
Nil.   125.   II. A. M.
riilur ini'i'lii
* 9ft.9ft *♦><■;♦<.  ♦*<.*♦,   ♦.«■♦.<.;♦.« ♦,« ♦ «♦ <, ft IS      ttuifui'ir meoungB:   aid Tues-   |
■ ' ..... -j  ,|.lv  ,„  t,,u.|,   month   ni  oighl   *h
V —   -           ..    _ 9       S     .,-,—,. Jj
^•^•^'^•^•^■•7^ ^^^^^^•.i?^^
^ ^a       1|:RH SHORT Ri TO WZ« ..- , |
Santa Claus || ^ rL bnmi & w- '■l •       l
'|; '        -',;':[.i«Ll iji£%jr       w" nro  lo   iho   fri
' B'i^iWtit V-        aiiain   lhis   vein'   Willi   11   ,x.
. iS'^-Q* . nn^ij -
larger   assortment   llin
ever before, of
** ' 5*s     r..   i
w   i   jk.,
iiiii J$f\
^ i- W'i'    _*  ■' ffl' '?■;■ 1 It       * °ys>   '':inc.
»V%1#W\¥M|        Glassware       ^  ,
'• "•"   ^f VU„   -,    In, -a,   JK'a    4
Rriii" the Children to see the Mcclianicnl figures  ^
Cranbrook Souvenirs" and Christmas Post Cards $)/?  ♦
A burry-up order must have
been issued to the Liberal mu
chine iu ihis province during
Uie past week A contesl will
bebroughl on while the grits are
trying to rnalic the electorate be
lieve Uml u wave of depression
und  not  one   ol    prosperity   is,
l I ■' '     Sn      ISI
sweoping the province Indus.
trial prosperity spells disaslei
in them
ni i*i.
The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc.
R her WO earry the only slocl: oi' lildfi
papers ill Cranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds ol  Painting and  Decorating
attended to promptly.
u m, I'*. Tatk, Sorlbo E.
|       Bos   I       CRANHROOK, II. 0.       S
Court Granbrook 8943
.Miners -mi  .wn rru  tcksiiavs
Visitmc   lirolhorn   corilinll.v   Invited
('. it.,   A. McCOWAX.
i.'.'i'.i.'ii'.v, T, MAItSilAI.I,
|   W. CRAIG
I.   On ni.'luu* hi ;i |.i-* planted  SU
Hill 'I'    Hi     'hi'      -,l|l|j.■,,.-■       ,;,.,
ilnilmr   ".-i  *■"  --.'.Mi: ihenee eusl
■■ ns:      • nci    so il    -n   c| ,i •,.
"   '    - -      ,. 	
,i ... -,      ... ..■   ....
C. E. REID & CO..
iPhone   74 rp^o   TWn o^CltC  ^ ' ♦    ^ BOX 88     AEMSTRONG AVISNUK    PHONK ,, I
mi its, •    At.      WW    a-    i   >'. i »wa ...»      ,iit,iiiiiiiii,Mi  ni r,.\i  r,      nni.\i',    i      m
The Druggists. W *   ■■♦•■
 p'-3     t\l)/J    ♦■* ♦■* ♦ * ft* ft. * ft 4 ft ft.9ft;9ft'9 ♦;«;♦:»;♦,<. ♦
'Oik Hi.-.- Hull I
e..iiiiij..i,.,„.| ..I Uml. ,11,.i   A irlianl
loi a -i  Hernial  lo i ul   u
uiiiI.it rrom lohiiivlun
-llllllll. In Soiiili I-..,     i.   m	
lih Columlilu
l.ii.'ii- a -i omini'iii .ii.
Ui.■ .imili..uai.-.,nu.i-.,i i..
IMclinlii. tlicni-onorili i
I.l...ll-.. a    Cm
llll' llllllll.'I'llllllllll.
.iniin- ..i-i ill ui
.'lllllil-. llllllll.'   lll-S
"IlllilV   .'Iiiiiii.    llu
.-I nlnnii i
'    I                           ,,. Ill '.,   III
.•h.iin- in-! .in-, ju . ■■,,.,,. -,, ■                  mil     Hi      .. - -  Ihoi n-i Kl i'llllill-:   |.'-i'imi--i   nul . iiec.i  iiwiij   limiil n                           l>i>ii                                  lim  i'llllllia iii iiiui'.   "I   '"'i' li*""  ni':.iiiiii.  iIimtHiinI  luml
■      • ,,.,,,                                                             in se uli-.-li-i   l< .1., .     i '  lll'lll
  nurlli sn                         in                                      ■" ■' I""1   I'liuilcil  -aiiin-    -Hi   "I
-......„,      ui.
II I'll!   II ..■      ■ .1        .1     ' I I'll     Ul
[■"■I "I   I, IBl.'l llll III.' ,V0.ll
llllllll 111    llll     Is.'.. 1.... 1 ■.    I'll ul'   n|.|.i. -i'i-
II..-     11 -.*.* -1    'iu'i    ,.|    hul   llli/li
Ilim  ive ■: -"   lnnu      III' ■   11 llh   en
.•Iniin- more le- i" 11 -Hi  lino ..1
llmlior liconce unlli: ll   nci nisi in the
mii'ilei'ii-i   I'lii'iier   in      uiil    licence:
lll.'l  -..11(1. -.'II,'mill ,1 -- In
 lnT     lienlh'.      IIII
•al     l.iil"     il.,il|ia       II
llllll   Ul   Illi" nn
llllllll.''I         III         UU' ....lllllJM.1 l'l,
M.        lil'IIV  -        I II,|,Mull        1.I1 li.l
I'l'i-iik, Llllllii'i' liunil i-li'l.ly I'llllilla   iiii
mirliiiliia. iih-i ..mii forty . i.uln
I'nai '.li/lily i'linin. iin-11 iiiii fort]
iiii'iu ml forty Glililm ". |ill i In
Oil.-.1  IIitiiiiIiit lail Nl
til Arthur 11 I'l'iiwl.'k   Liii-ii
  1      |1   III   tllja   III    la    I'HOI
" Hi I" leal 20 chilli . -! nl tin- -niilleui-'
llli'lli'i   .Ulilll  I2U i'llllllia: •"    ■      - '1 ij   Hull    ive-l
1 I'lllclll, |||   1     -,, nh    lllll   ellllills!
■ I" ",. 'I   ll -li. lllll
'   lllll   IU"II      I   J   ill     -'   '   Ill)  '■        j   '       tO till      -Ji''"     ill     i'iiI -i IIU'lll.
the  ivcai   ■ ■   !,,,■   'ji:,    I-.,
i'hiiln« !■— uni'ili ol •!,-   north       ni.   r     .,     al   |ilunleil   n
' 01     hi    '-1    ,, ■  '   tl 11   li    |,ii,,,i i,„. i„ 11,: i|„,	
       ■ ,     - ■ 1 ,|M.■   inoroor l.>" lu  iim  .vi -1 Im im
,,,.,. , ....,,   l.nl '.n.*::: llin In! ne Willi ive,
1 ui'i .a I :.: nortli mi cl
'     '     ' lid' IMU'1  llllllll.
1   " ' ' '■ .      SHI      I!	
II,     ' 01 -ni'iii -1   nllliil. il
11 1111*1.1      '   1 I'OI iinli"!'   !l-
. . 1 re     .1    ' ,'   II   1,11.   en I    Imili :
ilium  ■     ll     .in    il.. nr"  ».".1 HI
A   Good   Baker
pi'iiiini'l luni'il to Hlo »lzc nf I Iiu'Ih'c-liox, hii llllll  ure
 I miii lie Iiiir I liiiin i-jili-iihil.'li    nwi')   In  lll'lll
iim num.
Tl vmi i- lined with hem,*  -1 1 -iml. whieh  Ih ii
'.'ivill    niiliillni-  ni   lu'lll    jillil'  in-.iu-   u    iiuituimi    In-ill
I liriillj' luml I he in.'I Illlll'OI'llf II hilllnf hl't'llll llllllll]
lllll Mono on one ahlo uml Um' I mi He <• 1
Tlie Kootonu)' Uiiline Ih lmil  Hi'lontlllc  |irliii'l|ili'n
'Ill-mi.jliu.ll.   UUI]    -1 1,1    I ill*, till I v    rMill,111".      I.rliil'i'
lllll ill.' lllll  "lll.'l.
Hiillll   llll'  llllllll ll't
-I   I'.U "llllll,
llu- .-ii-! hu  nilill'   nl ■   n
ni.   IW. ill    'tl    i"
ii -1   I I,um- mm	
llllll lllllil*)   Ul   l.nl   LU.,.     >
,.     -lllll   III--I.-I-H    1 ll '        '
lice. I-l.  Illllli
T.    ('ml lu'lll;.' in j, prjHl  [illiritni
.1 corner nil the   I     I   lui III )   i.l   l.m
'iiia.'l: Ilii'iii-" u.-l   lllll  i'linin.    ,,,,.,    ,,|.
  In III" nurlli "Ji-l "i,i'ii,.|. 1,1   Iliniii'!'
1 1 No. .<ll:!l.'' .Ulilll III.-!,,1,,
II"! Il-I   I lllllllll       in-    I,—    In
Iln- ivcbI lillllllllltl') nl |,n|  iiiii:::   1 lienee
 'Hi    1.nin- I" |ih I ii."I,.
Hi".   Ial,   IIIUII.
H.     I' Iii'luili;' III il |ui-t   jil,1,Ue,) nl
lion h-wi'Hl oiiriicrof iimi,,..' licence
N"   -■'-Mi: il,, in" u.-l  lUuhlllllHIthellcc
**aat- •      V**—"•      *mf' •
.... ami, muil.
Tllll  lime    Nl     I   I'll".   I.II
luu 1 I Hit, ;   ,,,,,1 - .
• ».«
Plumbing, Roofing, Heating and
Ventilating Engineers,
I Gaioaru Game Go.
I   HII I'llllill.  In nh    | i| i | . ll   0
i roNSORiAi, Parlor s
-J    4
1    \
■3   J  Onlei'H liy mail  will  rooolvo prompl  ami  cnrel'iil niton Moll  {
E Willie i    ' miiii 1   i 4
Nov. •iHth, Willi. ~
■lli" I   ,."■ .     !     I'll-     I Iu'i     I'm
.Ul.     I,..".Um
llie-iil Ki,     , unil:.,-.   \,..i,l,        l!i
I'm ii Cool nn l III, nn Him
Or.i I'.'iiu i Hair Oul
A Hul ur Unlil Hull,
Ki'iihIi nml Saitod Meats
Fish and Pouicry in Soason
Sloiim   linil.-i'- .mil l-'iu-iuicn W'nrh n
S| lull)'.
(usl anil Stock Ksliinales
t'lirnisheil Upun Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.C.
unit! Por Sale
Fresh burned Crow's
Nest Lime in any
I ii'i H i>*«' III Plllll Mercaiilih'
in i hi in;;
Kerr tU Campbell
Boot-siioe Maker
All Worli Gnu run tood
Now VVurli Maile lu Measure
Armstrong Ave.   i;!,;;"1,',;; „„„.,
; City Scavenger
4 ;    Purlins   hiivlng   bncli   yards,
nml chisels In clean,   uml   rnlusn
iiuiiiei' in he iti Uun uway, should
Till <   ii    iiiiii  llilrl)  ilie-  iiiiei'
III" III' lll'lll  liuiiii III III" I 'llllll
' Illl'-i I III 1,1111
T" Walter B.Lalng,„^;„|.   , , i  , ,      - ,
*'     "   ' • 'a J I I lent -iters wilh uu
inkerHirci I'mnin-cHik. ii.c    | J Order by  I'lllllie  in 4
'"'     ^IlllUUIllllillllllllllllliilUlllllllllllllIU* •aa..............,...||,.,,.,.>, .....|
f.onvo onliirs al llio Oily Clorks nllloo
'lrii|i« i.U'iiil '.'ui'i in Dun in.*,. THE PROSPECTOR, CKANBKOOK, li C, HKCKMltKi;
**********9949 »♦♦♦<>♦♦*> ♦«-♦♦♦<•♦♦♦•»♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦<>♦
11 r?
; *%\x& ifrwpector.  **************i********.**** p^j^s^E^s^sg ssgg
SATURDAY. DEC 211,  19011.
"ranbrook Nomination.
' ♦,    The convention which  met iu i
MANUFACTURERS mul BREWERS ol* EXTRA PINE    t Cranbrook  lasl week and nomi* ft
1>/~^13'T,T*,'P t naieil .1.  A.  Harvey to be the *
■ "XV  1  I^IV ♦ standard bearei'for that  riding 9
Bottled beer for family
J use :i specialty
|    Outside   Orders
i\ P, O. UOX 812      fc
5?      TELEPHONE  NO. I      f'
f   Fort   Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.    X
M—— 111      .-.a«pp _m
amasumaaasMHaaaaammaaMHimuti, a, a,.
Patronize Nome industries
Buying Your Candies
9  Fresh From the   9
Winter fxcursions
to Montreal. Toronto
i ami all points west thereof in
• Quebec. St. John. Halifax
Maritime Provinces
|    Tickets on sale daily Nov.
!| 2-lth to December 81st.
J| Round Trip      First Class
Old Country Rates
$78.45 Return
Halifax or St. John
Saloon     Second   Steerage ¥
■jSUn.OO     [!7ll.00      *B5*I 00
and up according in steamer
rs lirst ''In- or tour
1 sleeper rcserviilions apply li
iiiiiii' Uiul :io iIuvh iilier
,1 lilt
Rl lntoml n.iipiii.i i	
al.' I
J   for del
Geo. Hilllcr, Agent Criiulironk.
K. ,1. Coyle, A.C.I'.A.. Van...iiu
,1. s. CARTRll, ILI'.A., Ni'l.-nii
.I [..milsmul Works (urn
li.'i'ii.'.. tn i'iii uml ..jii'i'i ilinli,
Hi., lull,mil,.j ili'serllieil luml-. i
I I. i-.si-i-:   A.
(Viiiimi'iii'lnij   in  a  posl   niarki'il  I'
Jonsen Xortli-Kiisl eorner posl   lieone,
A. uin i ii mill- Nortli <>! Sktiiikuin
eliuck river on u  point where Ciirilioi
i-i li runs Into Skookiinielinek  rivet*
thenee soutli SO eliuins: tlieneo ivosl
su  elnilnst   tlieneo   nortli    "0 i-lnihis
llll'l,i-"  OUSl   Sll   i'liuins In plan-  nf    ill*
ginning I'linttiininir 1110 ueres more in
lliu,'.! lliis llth .lay nl Nm. lum:.
I'. .Iriim.n.   I.i.i-ali.l'.
I.IIKSVK   ll.
I'oiiuiiutieing  in  a  pnsl   marked   I'
.l.'iisi'ii N'ortli-Eusl  eorner posl Heunoi
ll.ittljolnlng llcer.ee  A: iln-  Soutli
SO ehuins: thenee lyunt HO ehulns: thenci
Nortli su i-liuins: thenee Ku-i su eliuins
In pi;  of   hogillllillg eoiitiiiiilng  uli
in'ITS mill'.' nr less.
Iljlli',1 lhis Illli ilnj ,,|* N„v. lllllil.
I', .lensen.   I.'iralin-.
Lu i-.Nii-:  C.
Coininenclug ill  il  pnsl   markeil   I'.
.lensen North-West corner pnsl Iii-.' i
r. iiiljiilnlng licence II: thei   Kast su
i'lniiii'. tin'iu'i' South so i'liuins. tin-iu'i'
West SO ohnlns, thonee North 80 chains
] in pla il liegltining containing 010
acres im.iv or less.
1   Unii'ii iiii- nihUui ni Nov. IHOH.
I*. .It'iist'ii. Locator.
Commencing ul  u   posl   murked I'.
.lonson Nni'lli-Kusi corner post   licence
' I), udjolnlng licence 13   uml   Cl thence
Wist 80 ehulns: thenee South 80 ehains,
tlieneo Kust 80 chains: thoneo Nortli 80
cliuius iii pluco iii beginning containing
(HO acres i ■ less.
in llie Conservative interest  lias *
reason lu feel proud both ol ihe;5Jf.     (|
candidate selected and the unan- jH
imil}' anil enthusiasm with whicli 9
the   nomination   was  eiinliriueil. 9
Craubrook is usually fortunate in \9
the   possession    ut    numerous 9
citizens either   oue   of   whom 9
would make au acceptablecandl* 9
dule ami a creditable member of 9
the legislative  assembly,    Pew 9
cities of ils size have as wide n IK
range   of   good    Conservative 9
parlitiinnnlur.v     iniiterinl     fl i *mW**^^^^•m**W*a'9'f***********'^
which in choose a candidate, ami
I lie ingredients used in nil our candies
:ii*i' the purest, nutritious, wholesome and
Made   In   Cranbrook
Nearest to railroad depot.    Has act mo*
ilaliuiis   fm-   the   public   unequallod   in
* l|Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection §
Mm lint and Cold Baths
t:f*-9"9"9.*:9'.9-*:9"9'9- *•*»• ••■*"••••• *••• ••
We Want You
I ii come into our store and be convinced
that we sell the licst of ments
nl the Cranbrook people arc doing this
now, and are unanimous about the quality
nf mn* meats: but we want VOU to come
in ;ui(l see us
Dominion Meat Co.
Unit   30  il:
pply   in   Hun.        Iluli'il lhis lllll iluy „r N'ov. llllll
Notice is lii.n.|..v give
afterdate I  lntoml  to
'I'he (*lii..f ('i.iiiinissiiiiii'i' nl I-u.nl- und f. .lonson, Locator.
Works itt Victoria, 13. C, for a liconoo Uoknor   v..
to prospect for coal and  petroleum on Commanding   ul  n  posl   murked I'.
the following doserilioil  lumls. situate .lonson Xorth-Knst mor posl   liconce
in block 460.1, South-oast Koolemij* ills- 10,      adjoining      licence      A:      tho
li'letol British Columbia:   I'niiimeno- Xortli-West corner: tl ce South  su
ing ai u pnst   plnnleil adjacent In tho uluilim: thenco West 80 chains: llience
soiith-oasl corner pnsl nf Isaac Hrlggs' Norili SO chains: thenee Husi SO eliuin-
claiiu, Inl Nn. (isiis anil   heing  iln-  Inl- to |il I lieglnniiig ciiiitiilning 040
lial nr north-west corner pnsl nl A. 'I'. I acres more nr less.
fulilwell's   I ilium   iluu us'  SO liuieil ihis ir.ih ilu.v ul N,iv. hniii.
eliuins: llu osoiith SO nlitilns, thonco |                            I', .lensen   Un'iitor.
wesl SOcliains! Ihouco nortli SO el
In plaee
uf begin
Liiciited Nov, Ihli IIIOII.
A. T, Caldwoll, Locator.
Cl. M. .luilil. Agent.
Ciimmoiiclng al :i posl   plnnleil  mlj.i-
eelil   In   llie   BOIltll-casI    .'"I'll.'I'   "I    M.
Langley's chiiin lei llllll" uml lining Hie
Initial in- Boulli-wosl cornui post of lien.
M.  iludd's  location:   the usi   so
eliuins, tlionco -Hi su elniins: thuneo
west. SI) eliuins: 11 ee simili Sll  eliuins
tn plucc iif boglnnlng lalnlng HIO
neres more nf less.
I I Nov. IAI.li mon.
in.,,, M, .Inilii.  I r,
Cniiiiiioiinlng al u posl   plllllleil iidjii-
colli lu il"- 'Hi oasl cornor posl nl -l.
H ilnnilen's uliiiiii, Im II0IIB nml  being
the Initial nr ii.ill h-w.'-l  I'lilliel' pnsl i.l
W. M. Vlolul.'a  location: thei asl
SU    uliulns:    lliell.e     sillllll    80   .-llll ills,:
iiii'iu'i west 80chains: thunee nurlli su
elniins in placu of beginning containing
lllll UCI'l'H llllll'!' nr less.
I lleil Nm. llllll lima
W*. M.   Vlolot,  Liieiilni'.
Ili-u. M. .Inilii.  Aneni.
('iillllllelli'lllH' ill ii pnsl   pluiili'il   uilju-
eelll In llie IHII'lll-eust enl'ller pnsl III ti.
Illlllglllas'I'lllilll.  In! lil'UII llll'l I'l'ine   III.'
Initial nr niii'ili-uesi corner post of,loo.
TiiiiiihiiiiHor'B locution: thom usi 80
ciiiiIiih: tlioiicu south 80 chuins: thonon
wesl Sll i'liuins: Hiei unii sn eluiius
to pluco of huglnulnt!  talnhig 1140
acres mora nr less.
I lell Nov. I.'ili IHOH.
.leu. 'I'i liiiiisei', Locator,
Ul lieu. M. .lllllil.   Agont,
TIMIIKl!   Nii'l'liK.
Nulii'i' is iieivhi glvun iimi ::n days
illrr ilill.   | Intend lullpply In Hie Hull.
Chief   Commissioner    ol   Lund   uml
Works fur a s| inl lieei   in ami
curry away Ihnher fruin tliu  following
,1 rili.nl luml in Hie districl ui Husi
Knotoiiaj 11111011011111   hi    u   pii-i
inarku'l   (I,  V,  Ilori'higton's   Nurlli-
Kasl corner pnsl. aboul uuu mile lli-i
of thu iiiuiiili nl "I' II crook, whore
ii "mr!i.'.. Into iln- Kll rlvor; the	
Soutli 80 illinium thu ■ WuHlSflehnliis!
ilin North sn chains; Ilim   Kiwi
SU eluilllS III |,llllll III  1*11111111 menl.
I tuil Nov, i20l.li IHOH.
48        Uuu. VV. Ilol'l'lllgtllll, I lllur.
aieiiciug at  ii   posl  markeil   I'.
■lensen Niirlli-Knsi cornor imsi aboul i
mile  Wi'si ui licence K:   llience   Sillllll
SO   eliuins:   llienee   Wesl     Sll    elniins:
ilieui'e North su chains: thenee Kusi sn
ehains lo pluee nl' beginningcontiiinliig
llltl Hi'l'es mill I' less.
tiuieil iiii- Ifith day •>( Nov. 11)011,
I'. Jensen. Locator.
LtC'liNlU*    (i.
Commenehigat   a   post   murked  I'-
.lensen SimileKusi corner pusi nboul 11
miles Kiihi ni licence  A:  ll   Wesl
-ii  elniins:   ilieiii'i'   North   sn chains:
Hiei Kusi su i'liuins: ilienee Suulli sn
eluiius lu pluee nf hogillllillg colllaillltlg
04(1 ucros moro or less.
Huieil Hii- lull, iiii) uf Nov, iniin.
is I', .lensen.   Locator.
un-   I    III
'I'lillil il.illiv iluu .Im Hays n
li'iiil I I   I"  ll"' OIllOl I'lillllllKaliilH'l. el
1.1.ml-innl VV...li- :il Vli'liii'in. II. tl, lor |10I-
uie.   inii'i'iiiei' Un- muni! Inn iliiaui'lbml
lumls in Ciisl li i>
I'mnnli'iii'llli: ill n |iusl   IlllllltOll III III'1 South'
ii-ual .'iniii'i ..I lliiil.ii' ii  mini ' OKI nml
mi llii- dial III 1 I.iii IHWII, lllnlriilli'il   sii	
Klnilili's Ni'llll-lli'M i'iii' ' posl. Ilii-lli'i' Sillllll
llll'ly I'llllllia, llli'lli'i'Kll-llll'l'llll I'llllill-. iln-iii'i.
Suulli-I M.v i'liuins. thollOO I'.llsl I lll'lll V i'llllllia.
Ill lllllln-r  111 I-  lililnlii'l' ilh.'   Uipnt-o  Norili
i III illi.
• Nn, MRI
' Nn. ;.|a:l, II,,-
• Wi*
SIMON l.tMIII,'.;.
Iinvlil llri.[.|(i.|ii'!<li:i.. ,l|(	
(Ciill.M   l'.|
ii: ur i.m|.|iiivi:mi:ni
Vii'liiria    anil   Juhilee
Sltiinl'. In llu- ('ui'i MllllIlK nivli
i„ Hi,
'I'iii*.    in' Uml  I '
illill slile  ill SI, iMiiiV
Tlllia, T. Ml'Vllli.'. Kiel'
Milium' I'l'i-tllli'iili' Nn. IIIIHU. iii'i-iii. fur I nn
JlrKill HUH'  I'M.I . Nn. llllllll mill   Killvinil   A.
ui.i.il.   l.'ii'i' MIii.ts ri'i'iliii-.ii.' N...  li.iri:.
Iiii I.   '.im   iluys  lnnu ilin  iimi'  iieri'iii
In ii|i|ily to lliu MIllllIU II mii'i liir n  I'i'i-llll.
"ilii'iii lllllil'iivi'll ta. lur llin  linn I  nl,.
»■.".■■»■.■♦■.■■.■■...»■■««—. **a*a*a■■"■'Hn>ii|i#.|.i|.it.| n.a
I P. Burns & Go. 1
!~ Head Office,
*CZ Calgary. Alberta.
Main Office tor East Kootenay, *"3
Cranbrook, B.C ^3
I'Hi IN Kill    3
il was In lhis very aliuiiilanee uf
good uiati'! ial Ihal lhe Liberals
looked for n disagreement and
spill party among tlio govern*
menl forces, There have nut
heen wauling efforts Oil the part
uf some uf the Liberals tn fuinent
strife among ihe opposite party,
hut ihe unanimity of lhe convention will forever silence any
future attempts of this kind.
The action of Mr. Thomas
Cavin in retiring from tlie nomination and his manly urging of
of the candidacy of Mr. Harvey
must have been it serious blow to
those who represented Mr. Cavin as an ambitious and self-seek-
enemies no one will venture to £■;
deny and that lie magnanimously 1 j~
disproved tlie libel must have
been a staggering blow lo those
among whom the wish was
father to lhe thought Mr.
Cavin's close run the lasl election
when the Conservative parly was
less thoroughly organized llian
now. pointed him oul as Ihe
likely candidate at the next
election, and his generous
action iu placing himself und his following at Mr.
Harvey's disposal will not be unappreciated by his party, and
least of all by Mr. Harvey himself.
In Mr. Harvey, Cranbrook has
a strong candidate A pioneer of
lhe cily, a highly respected
citizen, an able member of Ihe
legal profession, un experienced
politlciM, a gentlemen whose
private life is above reproach,
and whose knowledge of public
affairs is wider than thut of many
who have had less opportunity
lo study the I rend of events.
Throughly acquainted withevery
square acre of his constituency
and well known lo a large
majority of the voters, he enters
Ihe contest doubly equipped to
put up a successful contest.
With the undivided support of
Iiie Conservatives which was
assured by llie convention lliere
need be 110 second thought as to
the probabilities of his election.
We congratulate the constituency
on ils excellent choice. Nelson
9 Centrally Located Elcotric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Unclei* New   Management
I [eadquarters for. ininiiij
nii'ii und nlil timers,
11 vmi want  a  good
plu"1  in .stiip come tn the
'•    Manitoba,
D. A, McDONALD, Manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
**":        Tlie most exacting standards of criticism pre-
Sz vail and none lint the best finds favor with us 3
8£ 3
I Oor Stock "t. hoi day Trade!
Be Espec a u Pine   1
HII.I-  .v   in.     'I'li" only  place in town
ilim i-iiii milk.' lil ivnrih Hie Ih ...
tao note
E. H. SMALL, Manager
3   Ij. CLAIM'
S~ Dealers in Abattoir and Cold Storage3
£    Livestock at Calgary. Alberta.   3
Wentworth Hotel
Baker Street,      Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook Has Led the Way.
Cranbrook Conservatives sola
splendid example in sinking ull
personal uud sectional difference
in the eliuiee ni a candidate, ll
such nu example nl' unification
is followed in all nl tlie con*
siiiiieneies of the province tho
MoBrlde iidmlstratlon will sweep
the country from ihe lur north
l<i llie Crow's Nesl I'uss. I'ni-
f icii t if >i i uml foi'sakitlg ol'
jealousies is the one thing necessary to make the Conservatives
Invulnerable throughout British
Columblu, and Cranbrook, whore
il was perhaps least ex-
peeled, has led the way. Nelson
I 'auailian.
Carpenter % Builder
(iood  Work al
lieasoiialile I'riee
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
i nm*** Ken Hod ne
, C0H
' +
| Tailor % Importer of
Fine Woolens.
Anil liuilii'i   lull! null luu nil lull, iiinli't
Kiii'l Imi in. 11111-11 in- i'iiiiii ''ial Imforo Hii- Kan.
llllllll ol ani'li ri'i'l.lllriiti'iil I iii|n iivi'iiiiinla.
Iinliil iim. IMIi iluy nl Nm'.. a  J
n. 'l'l' Mi'VITTII'l, .Siii'iu    I *Ht4IH.ti44i!4tS4***i-'--*tf**-9*4i
('i'linin li, ll.C.   Al'llnH'OUll Ave
Take notloo tlmt thirty diiy.s ufter
iliiif. wo lliu iiniluI'Big-nocI Intond tn
apply In llle Chief ('uiiiiiilssliiiiel* ul
I.amis unil Works ul Victoria, ll.C. fur
u spuoiul iii'eiii'i' lu imu mnt oarry awuy
timber From lhe follo'viiif*1 ilusurllicd
luutls in Kust Kootonuy:
I.)   (uinuii'iii'inu-ut a pusi   pluiili'il
10 uliulns ivosl uf tin* niirthivi'si oornor
nl tlmbar liconoo No. 82iiG, innl rininllig
SO chuins   south, mi uliulns west, sn
I'llllillS lliil'lll, SOollllillS i-llsl  In |lhlCl' nl
Nov. Jiiili. iiiiiii.
ill.i   Cotunictioliiif ul u jitiHt pliinlci!
ut tlio northwest corner nt* timher
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
20 chuins north uf the 5" milo post on  conco No. (1(195, unil r inn ml chains
tlie eust   11 I*   l.nl   li'illj.   Ihenee  Sll
i'liuins eust, 80 chains south, 80 i'liuins
west. 8(1 i'liuins Iiurlli lu pluco  ni  i -
Nov, miii. nmn.
i-.i Commencing'ut n pusi plunteil
sn i'liuins cast unil 40 i'liuins north nf
the 57 mile post un the oust lino uf l.m
I5ll2,uii(i run ii inu sn i'liuins oust, su
i'liuins suuth. Sll i'liuins west, Sl) i'liuins
north tu pluoo of coiumonconiont,
Nov, luili, iiiiiii.
ill.! Commencing al u post planted
llltl eliuins eust uml 111 i'liuins north uf
Ihi' 57 iniin posl uu llie .'list lino nf l,nt
4592, uml riinninc* SU ehulns oust, 811
chuins south, SU eluiius west, su chuins
north In plui'i' uf comnioneemont,
Nov. inih. imu'..
(I.i Comtuonclntf ut n pusi plunlcil
240 i'liuins eust llllll fill I'llllillS nurlli uT
the 57 inili* pusi uu thu oust lino nl l.nl
4592, thonco 40 fluiins eust, inn chains
suulli, 4u i'liuins wost, luu i'liuins nortli
tn pluco uf t'uuuui'lli't'lui'nl.
.Nni. llllll. IIIUII.
I5.i   CoinmeneiiiK ttl u  pnst   pluniuil
2S0 I'liiiiiis eust mul lull chains sum li ol
llm 57 mill' posl mi il list Ilni' uf l.m
■1692, mul running 80 ehnlns Bnulh, su
I'llllilla IVOSt, 80 i'liuins lliil'lll. 81) I'llllilla
oasl tn lliu place ill I'iniiiiii'i iiii-iii.
Nov, llllli, nmn.
weal, su i'liuins suulli. SOeluiiiis eusl,
8(1 eliuins nurlli tu pin,.,. „r  ,.„ .nee-
Nov, SliUi, 1000,
(12.) Commencing in u pusi plunteil
80 chuins wosl ulilii' north west corner
nf tlmbor licence Xn liiliifi unil  running
80 I'llllillS west. SU eluiius suulli SOollllillS
oust, 80 chuins nurth in phu I  com-
Nov, 29th. Iimii.
(la.i   Commencing ul it post  plumed
ul the noi'thwi.'si  uui • uf tlmbor li-
I'eiitT No. UII47. uml running 100 ohulns
west. -Ill eliuins smith. I(K) elniins oust,
40 ohnlns north In pluee ul* commencement,
Nov, 311th, Iimii.
114. j Commenoing nt a posl planted
■lu eliuiiis smith of ihonorthwosl cornor
uf iim tlmbor llconco No. (1947, mul
running Kill chuins west, 40 ohnlns
smith, 1(10 chains oast, 40 i'liuins north
1" |iln if 1'innnii'iii'i'iiii'ul.
Nni'. 30th, IHOH.
(15.) Commencing ut n posl planted
wesl 20 i'liuins moro or loss of the norlh
west  'Ili'l'iif l.nl 888 nn lliu uiisl   lim
uf l.m 11038, the  nui-ili su  chains,
Hu' ii-t 80 chains moro ur loss lo
Hu- west bank of the Kootonuy rlvor,
ilim  soulh su i'linin-  v in- lose
nlnng iim rlvor bank in tin- north lino
nf l.m 888, thoneo ivost I limn- moro
in- loss lu |iliii'i- nf i-iiiiiini-ni'i-lni-m.
ill.)  Commencing al n posl planted     Deo, I8tli, iOOil,
ISO eliuins eust of lhe 57 uillu pusi nn
ilie ni-! line ni l.m I5'.i2, uml running
811 eliuins -imili. so i-liuins oust, su
i'liiiiiis unrlh. sn i-huitis ivosl In pluco nf
Nov. mih. innii.
|7.i Commencing al u pnsl plunlcil
■ISO chuins easl ul ihu 57 mill- pusi uu
il usi Ilni- ni l.nl  1502 mul running
-IIIehulns uni'ili. su chains west, 120
i'liuins suulli, 10 i'liuins oust, 80 chuins
uni'ili. in i'lniiii- easl lu el,  nl cone
Nov. mih. loon.
is.i i 'iiiiiini'iii'lng ul ii pnsl planted
■180 chuins eust nml -10 chains suulli ui
lliu 57 mih' pusi mi 11 asl linn ill l.ol
4592, uml running  10 ehains west,   in
i'liiiins-unlli.  Ill''llllills WOSl,    III I'llllillS
siiiilli, 1211 i'linin   east, in I'huiiia nurth,
III uliulns wusl, IU i'lmlna nurlli lu pi	
uf coniiiioiiconictil,
Nov, mih, Hi"''.
(0.)   Commencing til u post   plumed
10 I'llllilla Wl'-I  u! 'hi' llllll lilii'sl    i'llllill'
iif timber llcoi Nn 8250, und running
80 i'liuins   mii'ili. su i'liuins iii'-i,  sn
'imv Nosl  I'uss  1. bor   (' -
Km id lli konrldgo, Agent.
li S T U A V
Broke Into tlie pasturo of M
ll. Heath, I miles caul of Cran
brook, one brown goldlng uboul I
li years old, branded llguro •'!
with a qiuirter circle above mi
lel'l thigh, Owner ran have
same   liy pitylliu* expenses.
M, ll. Mouth,
.llllills solllll, su .'111
Sin. '.''.uli. IHOH
(111.i   Cottniicneln
us eusl tu phu f
ut ii post  planted
I.l Ml   N'l i'l'll'I',.
'I'll111- Nulii'i' llllll aUlv'I,IV. llili'l iluu
li-llil 111 ll|i|ily  In  Hit- rIili'l Cut |.s|,i
LiiiiiIh iiiiiI Works ut Vliilni'lii, li. c In
mission in imrclitlsi] tlm following .1.-*
lumls III Kual Kniili'iiii)
1'iiliiini'iirllll! ||t || |)oi|t (iliuiU'il III   Iln.   Ninili
\Vi"<l ■ -nl l.ol nnil'l mi Un. SoiiiIi  III I
I ■''•''.iiiiili'iilli"! Tl i. II ki.ni'lil,',.  In
I'lillntl |IOHt, llli'lli'i-Suiilli IIIll-nil I'liiilna. Iln-iii'i'
I'lllsl    livi'tily I'liultia    llii'iii'i-   Solllll    lii.nlv
In llu' Kllsl Iniiili ol llle liiiuli'iiny ilinr, Mn
Norili hirlv i'llllllia iiImiii: llm Knal llllllll ol
ll I'lilllll.-I, llll'l  Knal   llll
£ Always Up-to-Date 3
£ 73
9**-- ******
*~ Cranbrook. -      - B.G. 3
_. Wholesale „
Calgarv Beer, Ale & Porter.
T. LEBtL iV CO., Hay and (.rain.
Granbrook, B.G.
I NORTH   STAR       I
■—       HOTEL J
Kimberley,   H.C f
—    9
H. W. DREW, Proprietor,
Cosy and
Comlorluble Houms
Headquarters lor
Minini*; Men
Royal Hotel
MHryssvillc, B.C.
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
mr 10 Uu- :<i
nliiliilni' I'jn
Nov. .'.lh unii.
Inaalo |illl rnoii I Iimii'
•I'-if*. mora or loin,
IOMAH lllll'.CKUKItllllll',
limiil llriinknlirtiliiii, Ainnil.
'I'iii' ,iiiiu-i' luili'I litis li
ml throughout.    Tlio Iiu
j l,ii|iuirs iiiiii Ciunrs
ui ri'i'i'iitlv oroolod, uml ni'iiil.v rurnlsh
is supplied wiili Un' besl brands ol ••■' • -.
* "ooods WRITE it IQ07
1  Good Things to Help very
"^ ■"-■* a -tl W—^. • t
Eat and Drink
,!!;      We    have    this
^ year* tlie Largest
# assortment  ever
* brought   into   the
to make | ™*tHf
a Happy New yew I iillll
^ ' Inn' Inn* nl I .nu nn s I 'liiu'iiluti's
9 |-,uu\ Cakes una Biscuits
S Nuts, Confectionery
9 Green Table Fruits, Oranges, Grapes, etc,
9 Dried Table Fruits, Fins, Dates, Raisins, etc,
J I't. served nnd Canned Fruits
fy Jelly Powders, Icing Sugars
Crysi il Sttgai    a new lim
I li 'iii \, Cranbcri ii s
Celei \    Ulei     (
i   * d Cl oci ilatcs
i Rii       K'.
i I Stilton. i 1    ■
Mel    i'ei        Inipen.tl     am
Roquefort Call
*tf in sillllll  |i:irl,:ivi".
9     "i HI N     Ill  II'I  IT
J Beai m & Atchison
9 Where li Pays to Dual.
9 i;   n   Huh,ui i,| Wm,in.'i' uml
}f i Iin ,   I'nwell i'1' I'm'! Htenle worn
i[| It I   'Mill.nml,   "-Sll llllllll \    lusi   nil
jj. husi ui .
* U luu "iijii'' jIi.m ii    \i*tnsl iiiiii:
▼ \ \ .'ir;.' ''i'i -.uili   ii! Stl'Wtll'ls lilli'
9 ' 'inn ni,iii.*.
i ti   \nni   hiiluliiv   ettnilies  itl|
* III.'  I'uln
New Years Greetings
To All
We have the goods and  will deliver them promptly if* '"„',  |Cut <;1:,SS' IWs' S1 s' Klll,l'crs' Mitts' G1"ves' Ho8ien
H                   * * *"                                 c                                                                                                                                '9 Humsei  Co.,   besides  |u'n
*      „ i . , -a I _„_ A   i  !'.   .limiil     -,1'i'n   Minimis   ul'
•* favored with your orders. £ :;n tor Christmas, had s,.,n
^^j-MMuirii*cr*ir*M^wr*MMtMMi«rM*M^.iTiMMrrrT  m   "•■   ■*-*■*•■■*■■- .a-.-*n,aT.*i».*.... ■'"^■-"*- i'.-.-..t-^     uj^^uiujfciaBBc*a*»^»Mju    "9 ,, !'n.i,| ;||!ii>'->  for   llioil'
* ------ *
&#*****MH********************** **************.*********
F Ml PI (1VMFNT *^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^-^?; CFTltcIK'ociiuTtcit
li will pay those who an
loking for work to call nm
V'i   We    Guarantee    Satisfaction
The Quality Store
Ri    phi ber   lhe   "PALM"   I'or
.iiiir ii.iii.i.;\ I'titiilies
'i'lll*: i.i : \ i ii Ni
I       "
Now Vi
Jim McArthur   |   GOLD   SEAL    TEA    I
He can  secure  vou a job and   \(\( .,.       ,    ,   A. ...      .,       ,- *A\
also tit you out in M Blended Especially For Is Ul     a happy New y • t,
Iff; $]    people of Cranbrook
Clothes, Shoes,
Hats. Etc.
Jim MGfTOur
Hanson Ave. Chanihu ioic, I i.i '
m I  LOCAL NEWS. I       «     .-   ».,.
,M  ** a        Fruit   Sstore
everything  m
un"," run litis*.
I'hi -'■     tl at     m       ,\   Imp,,,    \,,,A   Yeur   '.■  Ill
™ | readers oi  Tuu fuosi'Kt'Tou-
•it'iiilsn i:
I.l  Ilili'.'V Noll   Vi
New goods coming in i von
Call in uml inspect our stoi k.
| CMJ-MLLi lli
•,tt\ j readers oi   ink f uospkc
sift : .mu \imi' iribus increase.
'ml I    A happy and prosperous Mew
(Sll ' \*ear  to the   business men   uf
(h\ Cranbrook.    Mny   tho   coming
>lij year be better for yon  Ihau  tho
tfll. I last oue.
Wniil.l nil Inr In
I*  ~ " 'g
Thun iin.vllilii'i else
lii'tli'i' have ii inlii'ii early :
lOi'O   is
few week
A happy Mew Year to the municipal .nul legislative candidates
tlml sire elected     Muv you  liml
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75      ftrmstrong, Ave.
■ ** CLI3NTE     I
"I llii'nlil Minn	
Why Not Give a Pipe for Christmas?
It would be a perpetual reminder of (lie fiver and a source of
continu.il satisfaction if you get an
lice holding ull Ihal   vour  fun- !-J
9S painted it. »i liMl*»i elllsa u'"'*k '"i'11 branches
  i of the
A happy New Year lo nil  il>..l-'
.i nappy -muv  leai'to nil   um  f Z   ^
outgoing officials and the cnudi* / Toitsorial Art fl-ft
dates who fail to make it.    May  #   m mm „.„.«.- .    . J m
vou liml private life more profit.- [«g^5s*s*s»s*;.**9f*wsgS96aS91 9
*vLaLm-iiLVLSiLmVi.sM.mmsli.HL    *.sMrmmi&,mmaVHASmm-wt
ml**,)\*\3*[)H*rt*r,m*4t*4t*4l*4t*t,    74t^nt*f,ntmsa\Ja\3a\m.^t^\
* 9
there  is always 11 rush the lusi  * ♦ 1 i*i.u ti.1.1 privuii. me more 1
** C. HARRIS l";„,i:.1:;;; 1'*" '"f *
_. ^                              ' ' 'fi. jg, ,    ijocal curlers have been qui
PPP^T   PllOtn  f\i\   « class of Real Kstatc nnd Farm properties (&.busy this week,   The ice is ii
Studio.         ' * LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH ME *
Picture Pi'iiiniiKi ii Specifllty   * t»™«»i„„«„„+ «««»   c,n *u  ,n,,. *■
,, ,     _          ,,          ,   .,,,   S Employment   Office-Uiil .u once 2 of WycliU'e, E. K J s of Kin
l!"k"''S1'          Cranbrook, l,.i.  * JM,|VnU u,|, „,,, ,, :,,,,_ S berley, ,1. J.   Doran of Toronto |   takk m.thk ,1,1,1 1,,,, ,„-, i,,.,,.i,v
      * 5 and Cl. H. Parker of Moyie. spent
* 9 J Christmas in Crunbrook,
$ Rnker SI.    City Transfer Go's. Office   Crunbrook, 13 C, -Jf
This brand on a pipe is equal to the sterling mark on silver.
The bowl is fully guaranteed against cracking or burning, and
SI I   everything about it is fully first-class.
WM. F. TATE 6\ SON, The Jewelers.
('. I'. B. Watch Inspectors Crow's Nesl Pass Division
B ♦ «:«.o>:».^ *^ftj9i2ft~4 9.9   o 4 949ft.«:♦:<>:♦,:>;•♦;
linn condition and the "stanes
and besoms" wore kepi working
li. I.'. Yates and J, II. Staples
notice ♦'
To Joseph I'. Si-liiini.'lr. nml to uny *
ullliT IHll'ty 01' tmi'lii's In win 1111 h.' iniiv ♦
iimi' ii'iin-ti'iI'.'.l  Iii- Interest  in   tho d
"llllll'll llm'-.'** "Ili'-i r"  "Mu-iil.ii** I Ji
"Iron" uiul  "Ci N" Mineral Clu
-iniin,' 1.11 Iln Iln Creok Kn.-I nf Hnlie
Mountain In the fori Steele Mlnlni
I iii i-inn nt Kni-t Kooteuuy  District,  i
tlio I'l'iii ii nl lll'itisll * 'nliiiiiliin:
_y __*  _y _^  _& \L( __, __^ s_y _y *_y _u •__* 9 _y _tv __^ _4_t _y • * ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
**\W **W **W **W •**}> **rf. **W ~™ **]9 ^ **\9 *\9 ■i**s • *9*t ^ * **\ft **r\*t ) s **\9 **W **4*\*x Tn *Tri **jM 'Tt*
Call tip ilir City "1 t'liisli 1       *************************
when you want your h'tinu        m 9
n„*,>,:,n, or btworo   * CENTRAL    HOTEL I
transferred.                               _. w
* Marysville, B.G,       COLE & liAMiLEY, Prop, *
W. E. Worden    * *
* I   ■  Leadins Hotel ol lhe St. *
nuH.,,,!,           * Mary's Vnllcj'    S'ice niry rooms                     9
* newly   I ,rn -,         Table   as *
* 9
I      ■ ,ll|    II,I"'   I   ■
I   m Liveru |
GEARY * D0VLE, PKOU'S        j
Teams and drivers Furnish
ed Fur uny poinl in the dis
A. DOYLE. Manager j
«,.,»~a..a-«-a..a-a-a-a-a..a..a. a.-a-a.-a-a-.a.-a.-a-a.
I *
-' - llll       11   k'.ii.liuuiv
* GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   9
* 9
Geo, R. L&fisK & Co
A N 11
Herb.    Fullerlo e ot   the
inusl popular "knights of the
road" is now with the Trims-
Wood Co., nl Pernie and will
try nml corritl the trade o[ lhe
1'row's Xi'st for thai linn.
Vi. K Biirnhuin, of the Juve
uili' Husi,minus. 11, II. Kverly of
Selkirk,  ('.   McDonald  of  Knri
I'l'iiiiii'inl within iiini'iy ilni*- from the
lirsl piililii'iitliin nf Hii- nulii'i' in |iny in
iln' iiniii'i'-iu'iii'il the -inn nl WOn.OU tlio
uu nl i'x|i.'ii,l.'il l..v  Iiii  your iu-
li'i'i'.-l   in   .-aid   I'llllillS  Inr  ;i—i'S-ni«'!it
imi'ii up in iii'inii.'i', won,
lluit nul.— -uiil iniyini'iil tll|;utlier ivlt.ll
nil i-n-i- niiiilii'i'li-iiiL'-. Is imili  ii'illiin
iln- linn' ilium' -tnii-il. 1 ' IntiM'osI   in
-iiiu eluiius shull lupsolo the uiuloslirneil
mi ,11 mu ul -ni.l oxpnnillliire.
'I'lliH nulii'i' i- uiu-ii iinili'i- Si'i'linii    I
Steele, li. K, Taylor ol   Kimbor |of tin- Mlnerul Am   \ mi m Art,
ley nn.i .1. A. Anderson of JalTray
wore registered ai lhe Cosmopolitan Wednesday,
Tin' snowfall  Ihis winter is of
iintiiid bi'iii'iii in loggers i Uu' j
placer    miners    will    have au |   ....,.
abundance ni wnlor noxl spring    .
Lasl si ner creeks and  Inltos '.'    "
never bofoi'o known to fail dried ...
iij mpletoly,   llsh and  gtunn
wore scarce and  lhe sii mil
|iiii.<il iiii- lTiIi ilny ul lli'i'omlior, A.
n. ini'ii.
m lliirrj  Mol	
Make Your Boys and
Girls    Happy   This
Winter   By   Giving
Them      a     Pair     of
a •*' *9
♦ Cranbrook, B.C. HARDWARE ft
4 9
:♦.•>'♦:« ♦»♦«•*♦«♦ ,♦ ■>♦»♦<•♦»♦9 4..4'ft:
I'lMl'.l.l;   N'OTICIE.
-1 ■■
10 iiiiii  Llil 1-1-3  .In.i- nlii'i'I M
  npplj   in Hi" Chlof I
i' of  Imnl-  .\   U.irli- in   I
Ion I nml I'lirrv  Ml
""•   r»»»«'l"K     [S|
a(*.'*»(p>Bl»lMKi»l«i»;*iM«l»l»W»;«|-il *il«|l«H»iMil*IWiMgHiMiHg|
I Underwear Montis priced  I
vv 1 iii ;i scMci'tv" of' waio'r' 'n'o.vi ■'''' "' ~'"s '' Kn" b'unti'nuy ! i    Clioico kiiil um lci:;;iniu'iits 1 In is,Mi from the products
■ ,   . • , ..•i'llllill.Ili-llll.' 111 11   pii.al    llllllll.nl   ill    Hi,      * ,      ,        , MU
vi'iir.   wiuilil havo been serious. * ■     .      ■. ^___a.
Tiu' districl sn mi* ihi- winter
lias boon blessed with n bonnii
I ful fall
 '        'I"     , imXflmssssa
th-muit corner nfiot-121 a. 1 Kooto-1 ibi ' nll"s ,n Amufiwi.     livery nunnoiit  Ktiar-
lll,'   III.II...'ill.!
.,11 .mill- llllll
piirnhnsi 'I"
..I I
nity: thonee runnlny Nurlli 811 ehulns:
tlu'i Eusl su eliuins: the ■ Smith Sll
|.Indus: iln- Wosl Nil ohulns tn phieo
"I in nl iiiiiiiinu iiiu nnros
We havo u gi'uul niinin fur sell
lllft   Hu'   best,     "STEWABTS"|    crowa Neat I'uss biimliur Co. L'l
Cllocolill.es  nml   Iimi    linns  nn
uiiuli'    for    those    who  ilosln
ipillllly    pun* nml dolirinus.     II
Istnwitl'l, Aiinstriiii'j', Ale.
Till,.'   Nmi.'.'.   iluu   slxt)   ilni- nlii'i
l.ii.- I hili'llil Inuppl) Iln- Chiel   1 'um
1,i-i,,11.thi Luml  uiul Works I'"' per-
piirnliii '-   iiilliniiii:' .1
'■■-'"'=■■■ '.iipPiPP
1 .,  ■        0-\tuA.ik  '.-«..a..::.,'S.,il;l?;;:,
'l.'lll   .   S|)C( llu lllllil!
nu!  I\ inn,iii"-.
Nnrth Kn Li
ih.'iii'.'  imi
thunei! I" ■ ' iiliw ^'"'H' to Hi'   I'rtlnl  nl! I 111
i'iiiniii''iii.',i""'i'.   uontiilninu llllllii'i
mm ' ll!
iiiu 1 ii-"i'i I""" t r nmn. 1   All    kinds   of    building    material
A.,'i"\v'uii-.'.,|"!l'.,.'Al!.'i,i.   constantly on hand.
!!   anteed as tlio besl value possible* to be  obtained   for I
,t   tlie price,    livery size and numerous styles here for
J   men, women and children.     No exaggerated values
\T   ■   simply the besl for your money   and a   refund   if i
i ft] '   - ■; J [hj
11    goods are found unsatisfaetory, or noi ns represented. ,i,
4    Assoi'tmenl is alwaj's eomjilete wiili us
Miiiiiliiius  snolleil  son   IV j [«' u
,','.,.,, i„n, stuiiil Ii, Making I Penmiins lloiivy liibbni efwoiir ,
w mni ii'"!"  1vll.l1   ii'iiini,  nf nil T llimliriiikilhln 81.f null fur 81.2n 'jf1
tlnontul linns,  pussniitfoi's ur.'' ljl rjjr||| wolglll IJlldei'Wi'ltl' •       81.25 imi'ii lur 81.00 l£l
Iliniii Hi kiniilili...'. Aifonl,
uhor, :;■;. Iiiiiii, is
The Illinois Central
Hnre Arc_a Few of Our SpecialLines ia
tlii'ir I'linii I roillns Inl'
 mulsh, siiulliniisl   K,,,i,;,,„i  llaunl-vIllni.Mni I» |  Noll'Orleuiis,
'"UU'jIiil Hesl Wuls.v All Wool l'iii|.'i'w,..'ii'l
in-ill:- in .1   mi 1 pluiili'il nl iln
 i'lul'.,! Iml Tin.  1;. p   I
uili ''i-l     eliuins,   -><*> link-   l<
the ■ h.'ii-i 'ini'iil I,.11 "1'i'n. llii'iii'i
wosl furl) i'llllllia,   lhe unlli  nlifhl
nhllllls Ti5 Mlllls, Iln ni'.'i'ii-l I.M-I.l elllllm
111 I'll Ill l'l llllllii'i Illl'lll llllll I'lllllllill
iin.' iii iill * 11 -li imres,
iiiiii'ii n iiiiii I'lMiii!, um",
llimuitli these piilnls in the fur eusl
l'i"-| III.' ll'ill'-Ii'isil.
mi..11 us in Iln' lii'v-l I'll
ui''- nra Ini'lteil  	
ullli Un- li'llii.iiiiL' reprnseniui
ljl -hrinknlili
„i,„,.jlJl Mod,   Wnivlii   Wool li'iiilimi  llnder
"I ii'*!*i  .J, wear 81.00 ouch fur     80  'f
"i"""1"1  I Muii's h'loaeoil Lined Drawors Only ll!5eto8i.00        (*-     -■" S
each fur 82.00 t
11 ii.Tnu.Miuti.i„c rehiUKontJI      Spocial Sain of Hoys'Odd 1 losal 1 Iroolly Hoducoil Prices. |
ur      .ui  f
llll Third HI., I'.ii'i luml. (ii'.'«,in.:>
J. r. I.imihkv. T, IT. .v l'.,\. i lr
112 Third Bt„ Portlund, Oruifon
P. II, TllOAII'SON, I'', a I'.A,, II 1 I
ll:"li" u '■■   Icoinuiii iiiliir",'s'out'tiV, Vvi'ish!


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