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The Prospector Nov 28, 1908

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 Mtirnry nf Leu. Ann.
V'oi. 14.
No. 4N.
FALSE      ItaliaEi  Wins ALARMING
PRETENCES iH|uckyl)on;n-doDefeats!i,,1.d RobeS view of
Marathon Victor, Britain's   Position.
LEADS ALL THE WAV Danger From Germany.
Many Medals After Election India's Unrest
Nu Marine Department
Prosecutions—Patronage  Lists  May   He
British Columbia Fruit R.
Wins Recognition In
L.   Borden   And
White    British
Two weeks ago the ministor of minim1 niiuii1 two announcements to prove
that liis department retained nidi
ments ol conscience notwithstanding
tin- declaration of tbo royal commission to the contrary. Mr. Brodour Informed tho country, which had been
startled with the fresh revelations
irom Quebec thut mil officials who
look commissions! nnd all contract
ora who paid them, would be prosecuted. He also was quoted n-s saying
that the patronage list would be abolished. This pledge of virtue was
distributed by government organs
with high editorial praise.
But nothing has happened. No official or contractor has been ajrrested
and no one seems to bo alarmed. The
very contractors who were to he produced are still supplying goods nt
highly profitable monopoly prices to
other departments, and even to the
department of marine. It may be
thai sometime iu the future a few
subordinates, who hnve no party
pull, will be punished but no peril
awaits . the principal officials who
have been appointed by this government n-nd ure implicated. As for tlie
largo contractors concerned, most of
them ure important, members of the
government party. They will not only
escape prosecution, but are almost
sure to retain patronage and continue their contributions to the campaign fund. They are fresh from labor and contributions in the party
interest in the recent tight. Mr. Brodeur has not Bpurned their campaign
It is true that Mr, Brodeur has
written a letter to his deputy, directing him to instruct tbe agents "to
disregard the patronage list." But
rhis published document gave no instructions to purchase supplies in the
npen market to the best advantage,
and no hint as to thc course to be
pursued. Evidently then private instructions have been sent out. Though
this letter wus written nearly three,
weeks ago, no general culls for tenders have appeared since, and so far
as can be learned no purchases have
been, made from dealers who are not
supporters of the government. In
short, if the old patronage list has
been, cancelled, it has been replaced
by a new one. When the accounts ure
f,een it will be found that the purchases are made from the same favored
persons. There is now a purchasing
agent at Ottawa for the department.
He has been at work since last spring
and was appointed on account of the
loyal commission exposures, but has
gone on buying from the dealers on
the patronage list just the same us
the party did before it employed him.
So far as the department has gone,
since it was convicted of lnck of conscience, it has continued to justify
the verdict, adding the additional offence of fuiae pretence und hypocrisy.
Two incidents in the Quebec enquiry
■ire worthy ot record. One occurred in
connection with n-gent Gregory's evidence, Mr. Gregory testitied that he
had frequently reported to Ottawa
thut the patronage system increased
the price of supplies. He swore thut
he hus nevertheless, been compelled
by orders trom Ottawa to continue
it. To offset this, counsel for the
government showed the ngent a letter
tn him from the deputy minister, objecting to prices paid and tind ing
fault with the general sca-le of extra-
vngnnce prevailing at Quebec. Mr.
Gregory admitted receiving this letter, but swore that he iiad received
nt tbe same time instructions by telephone from his superior at. Ottawa
to pay nn attention to the official
censure, but to go ou satisfying
friends of tbe government who had
goods' to sell. The department bad
explained to Mr. Gregory by telephone that the letter was written
to show, but not to be obeyed.
This startling statement was confirmed by Senator Ohoqliette, former
judge, and lately chief government
nrganiser of the Quebec district. The
senator produced a letter from Ottawa to Mr,- Gregory, which gave the
same private instructions in favor of
extravagance as Gregory had received
uy telephone. This letter was handed
by senator ChoQUette to -fudge ('assets, who read it, but did not plaee it
on record as it contained other private matter. With this evidence of
charming duplicity the public ciwi understand the value of official correspondence touching the matter of patronage. No one knows how-.many of
the published official letters advising
economy are contradicted by telephone messages and private notes
from the same writers authorising extravagance.
Another episode in the Quebec inquiry occurred at the residence of
Mr. E. Audibert, bookkeeper of Mr.
Drolet, a contractor, who has received several hundreds of thousands
from the government. It was shown
that the Drolet firm had given commissions or presents to twenty-eight
officers nnd employees of the murine
department at Quebec, Tiie commission went quite fully into this mat-
ter, Hut it wus also generally under-
Continued on page 3.
New York, Nov. 2,-i In the presence
of a crowd that filled ull the seats iu
the big amphitheatre und overflowed
into every other space where a view
of the contest could be hud, Pletri
Doriindo und .lohn K. Huyes   started   probability
London, Nov. 23* Speaking In the
bouse of lord's tonight field marshal I
Lord Roberts expressed the conviction thut the h-fk of military force
sufficient to make hopeless the attempt of uny invasion would, in all
he the cost of Greut Brl-
toilight in what was practically n re- tain's supremacy at sea.   In a -itud-
newal of the memorable struggle   be ied speech he pointed out the compar-
tween the two men in the Marathon atlve     ease     which   whieh Germany
race at the Olympic games in London could land an army on the shores   ot
last summer.   It is history that     in England.   Under   tho   present    condi-
that  race  Pora,ndo,  the  Italian  run- tions  England  would be  forced,     ho
ner, crossed the line tlrst. but the race, said, to submit to most humiliating
was  rewarded to  Hayes as a result demands.   He disclaimed all hostility
of the     Americans entering a protest to or fear of Germany,  but declared
j on the ground thnt porando hud re- thut the defence of the islands requir-
ceived nld after falling exhausted near ed immediate uttention.   There should
the close of the race. be   an    army  so strong  in  numbers
In tonight's match at the London and efficiency tbat the most formi-
Olympic Marathon distance of 21) dable of foreign nations would hi-si-
miles :inr> yards, Hayes sought to tute to make a landing iu England,
maintain bis title agn-nst the little He had ascertained that the vessels
Italian, who had run such a plucky capable of accommodating 20(10 men
race and so narrowly missed scoring were available in the northern ports
a victory. Tho crowd was on hand of Germany anil that as a result of
early and for an hour before the race the new German .service law 211,000
started enthusiasm was stirred by the men could be collected in the displaying of rival bands in opposite tricts of the nearest poit without any
galleries. trouble.   The     great German steam-
At     the end of ten  miles Dorando ship  lines  were  in  constant  practice
was leading by three feet, time     one in       embarking     and     disembarking
hour six and one-fifth seconds.  At the troops,  and      us the  railways     were
end of the     20th mile Dorando leads owned by the state, all preliminaries
Hayes by five feet, time 2,04.25. up to the dispatch of troops, could be
The last few miles of the race were carried  out with  the  utmost  secrecy,
exciting.   In     the    21 th   mile Hayes Germany   was  perfectly  aware,      the
made     another of the jumps  to the field marshall went on, that It would
front that he had been sprinting    at be   essential   that     her     transports
in intervals during the race but Dor- should evade the British tleet and she
undo.     running     strong resumed the could     eusily distract attention     by
lead   like a  Hash.   This  was  repeated small raids while the main dlsombar-
hulf n mile further on, Dorando again kution wns proceeding undisturbed,
proving the stronger, Tbe 25th   mile "It would be folly," deelured   Lord
wii(S     finished     in   2.M.57 1-5. Huyes Roberts  "to shut    our eyes  to these
weukened in the last half mile and the possibilities,     however much peace is
Italian  won handily by  about   sixty desired.   Tbe startling events tn   the
yards.   Dorando's  time  to-night  wa-s near east have brought home to   the
nearly eleven minutes     fastfer     than most cureless  observer  that  nothing
Hayes made when he won the Mara- could save that country which is not
thon raee at  Shepherd's Bush     last prepared  tt)  protect  itself.   If  Groat
summer.   Hayes covered the distance Britain continues to neglect the mi st
then in 2.55.18.
ordinary precuutions she may some
day find herself in the hands of the
invader and forced to submit, to the
most humiliating conditions.. This
danger is to-day becoming more
"Within a decade Germany has created the greatest sea power that ever
existed except Great Britain's and at
the present moment it is formidable.
Measures are being taken to increase
that power. It is calculated that
there are 80,000 Germans in employment in Great Britain. These are
trnined    soldiers    and   if   n German
Nelson. Nov. 22 -The question of
freight rates east and west into Nelson,     thc     capital of the Kootenay,
Irom tho set of circumstance bids fair ££J    ,incc     hl„,lo(1 „„ t,,ose „„,„.
to be one ol    international    import- th           w be      d   t   he,   „
unce.    Situuted      like   Spokane,   it  is , »„, R „ort   c„lltcmlc,, tlmt ,t wn8
■ndergoing     the same  experience as t ahlinl,ltclv essential for a nation
that city.   Whether the railways     be » comm nd [iK .,„, In order to e„r-
Canadinn or whether they be Amerl-^       t       lm,lsi(1„.   A tempornry ,,,.
can,  the same argument.! apparently CJ, command  would s„ffice.  and this
are put lorward     by thc transport,.- WM per(OTtly „nderstood in Germany,
tion companies.   Nelson, like Spokane ThJ         ,    temptation to the inva
has to pay on     goods from the east
sion   of   Great Britain was the want
the transportation rate from the east  "'"" u"   """^,,*\ViT,.'i7 ".."7-,*""*
to the coast, plus the local rate from   °   » hT   ^SL  I 5 T^Jt     »
.  .   ... aist    of   a   million men.   Across the
narrow sea were 50,000 odd Germans,
who, by perseverance, industry, sound
education and military training had
made themselves n greut nation. They
required outlets for their commerce
and population. It was Great Britain's business, continued Lord Roberts, to find out in what way the
greut increase in Germans was likely
to affect her and to adopt measures
necessary for her own defence. The
navy, under present conditions, wus
fettered in home waters nnd without
military forces sufficient to render an
invasion hopeless. Great Britain's
military weakness would, in all probability, be the cause of the loss of
her naval supremacy. Lord Roberts
speech caused n sensation in the
The eo-rl of Crewe remarked on the
seriousness of sueh statements In the
present high strung condition of Europe's nerves, saying bo feared that
there might he regrettable consequences, Lord Roberts' resolution, to the
effect that the defence of the Island
necessitates the Immediate attention
of the government to make provision
to such a strong and efficient nrmy
that tbe most formidable foreign nation will hesitate before making
the coast back.
Four years ago Nelson protested.
The chairman of the railway commission Killam heard the kick. He also listened to Vancouver, which city
insisted that it had the right to supply the Kootenay, 400 mites inside
the interior, because it was a coast
port. To him also appealed, on the
same question, Winnipeg, also claiming the exclusive right to supply the
Kootenay, making the plea upon tbe
ground that all goods originating in
thc eust hud to pass through Winnipeg to get to Nelson.
The palliative applied at the time
liy the railway commission was not
the lowering of the Vancouver rate
into Nelson, but the ruisiag of the
Winnipeg rate. Hence Nelson was infinitely worse ofl than before the application, and neither Winnipeg nor
Vancouver was benefitted, At * thc
same time chairman Killam, probably recognising the injustice of the
whole matter, declared that the only
equitable basis was the charging of
all goods upon a mileage basis rate
from the point of origin, doing away
with arbitrary rates from distributing centres created by the railroad
for their own purposes
Colonial Exhibition On
London, Nov. 20 Securing a gold
medal ami fourteen subsidiary medals, British Columbia has also a good
show carrying ofl gold medals and 10
.subsidiary medals ut thc Colonial
fruit. exhibition which was opened
here today by Lord Strathcona. R.
M. Palmer, deputy ministor of agriculture for Uritish Columbia, interviewed here stated that British Columbia hud not the slightest intention
of competing in tbe home market.
The sole object in showing fruit here
was to bring home to the public the
fruit growing possibilities of Uritish
Columbiu. There were quite enough
low priced apples produced in Eng
land to meet the home demand. British Columbia supplied only fruit
which  England was able to produce.
Gold medals were awarded to British Columbia apples and the NoVu
Scotia government collection of fruit
nnd the government of Ontario cullec
tion of fruit, etc. Tbe silver gilt
Hogg medal was awarded to F. A.
I'ercer, of Berwick, N. S., on apples.
The Silver gilt Knight inn medals
were won by Kamloops district, British Columbia apples; the Knslo district horticultural association, Brl-
aud Thomas Earl of Lyttoii, B. C,
tish Columbia, apples; 0, Thomas
apples; W. H. Woodwoith ot Berwick,
N. S,, apples; H. A. Blanchard, Upper Dyke, N. S., apples,
Silver Hogg medal to .1. H. (.'ox of
Cambridge, N. S., apples,
Silver Knightian medal to Summer-
land district, British Columbia, apples; Mrs. .J. A. Smith of Spencc's
Bridge, B, C, apples; H. Belmain ol
Wolfville, N. S., apples; E, C. Archibald of Wolfville, N. S., apples; R. J.
Messenger of Tuppcrvillc, N. S., apples; J. A. Kinsman, Lakevillc, N. S.
apples; F. S. Johnson ol Bridgetown,
N.  S., apples.
Silver Banhkinn medal to Salmon
Arm Farpier's exchange, British Columbia, apples; A. L. Morse of Berwick, N. S., apples; E. T. Nelly of
Middlctown, N. S., apples; F. Koso-
ter of Kingston, N. S., apples.
Bronze Ranksian medal, Victoria
district, British Columbia, apples ;
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
apples; James Johnstone, Nelson, 11.
C, apples James Gartrell of Suni-
mcrlund, B. C, apples; Chilllwack
district, • British Columbia, apples ;
Berwick Kruit Co., Berwick, N. B,,
apples; Wm. Sangster of Falmouth,
N. S., apples; Ralph Eaton ot Keese-
ville, N.  S.
At the exhibition today Lord
Stricthcona was introduced by Lord
Balfour of Burlolght and declared the
show open.
Seven  Arc   Injured
Winnipeg, N0v. 25 A special from
Benson, Minn., says: Seven persons
were injured, but none seriously, in a
wreck at 4 o'clock this morning between the Great Northern coast flyer
and a freight nt Clontnrf, six miles
west of this city.
Following the collision a tire started which destroyed three day coaches,
one mail, one express and two baggage cars, thc latter containing about
500 pieces of baggage, and the caboose and four freight cars, all loaded with lumber.
The freight train had run pnst the
switch and was backing up on the
main line, when the express, two
hours late, crashed into the caboose.
A heavy fog prevented the engineer
from seeing the danger signal, Engineer Denny of St. Paul and his tire-
man were both badly burned and
scalded, while express messenger Wallace, received slight injuries,
News of The Dominion.
vote of 74 to 32.
NELSON BOARD OF TRADE ACTS. "•", *"" »""»"»■* '»•"■- »«.„...„ ■■■■
The Nelson board of trade at eon- attempt at landing, Was adopted by
siderabte expense, prepared a list of
comparative freight rates, showing
tbat It was now much worse ofl than
before and asked the railway commission (or a hearing separate from
either Vancouver or Winnipeg.  Acting
Depth Miners May Work
^.a. ,   r. Below   tifty   feet      the   temperature
upon the bint given by chairman Kill- rises in the proportion of one degree
am, It prepared     a resolution to he fur every sixty-live feet of depth ex
submitted to the associated board   of copt where     currents of water earry
trade of  Kootenay  last  February de- the heat away.   The result is that at
mandtng a rearrangement of all   thc a depth of about -1,000 feet we ren-ch
freight   raites   upon   a   mileage   basis, *i temperature of 98 degrees or blood
the sume being claimed to be existent heat.   This renders it exceedingly dif
upon     most     of the1 rnilwuys of tbe flcult     to  work  coalpits  below  that
world outside of this continent. This depth.   This is the reason thut Great
resolution was withdrawn. Britain's coal
General  freight  agent  F.   O.   Peters ed  that  mines
stated  that be  would  make some ac- low  4,000 feet.
ceptable arrangement, Nothing came
of this. Thero wu,s not more than
the barest attempt to arrange negotiations. President Starkey of the
Nelson board ofAradc then prosecuted the case, and after endless trouble
succeeded in getting tbe railway commission to arrange for a date for a
sitting here this fall.
Again the ('anadian Pacific stepped
to the front. W, B. Lanigati, succes
sor to Mr. Peters in place and policy,
now states that he will he here on
Thursdny to arrange for an amicable
settlement. In the meantime the
railway commission is not coming.
amission has decld
re not workable be-
The- thickness of the
..olid rocks building up the crust of
the earth is such ns would reduce
everything on the surface of the earth
to liquid. But the pressure of tbe
overlying relation of heat, to the pies
sure is known, it cannot, be suid who
thor the earth at thut depth Ih fluid
or solid.
London Editor Dead.
London, Nov, 24- Sir Algernon
northwirk. thc first baron Glensesk,
the editor of the morning Post, died
tonight.   He wiih horn in 1830.
Moosoiuin. Nov. 2li The recount in
Moosoinin has been completed. It. S.
Lake, M. P., conservative, has s\ mn
jority of 52.
Victoria, Nov. 2H With silk valued
ut nearly $1,000,000 and a valuable
shipment of sealskins and *»'ii otter
pelts tuken by Japanese sailors, valued at a half million iloITai'B, tbo
steamer Glenfarg of the C.P.R., arrived this morning with a cargo of
:j.i00 tons. A heavy gale was encountered in mid l'ucilic, but no damage
was done.
Closing Doors.
Ottawu, Nov. 2fi As an outcome of
Judge Cassell's enquiry into the affairs of the marine department the
government, at the next session of
parliament, will introduce legislation
to forbid the giving or obtaining personal Commissions cither in private
or government business or nny other
form of consideration which is given
or taken with corrupt Intent. The leg
islo-tion will follow in the main lines
nf British statute in which severe pen
alties are provided Tor the punish'
ment of offenders against this law,
including a maximum tine of .C500 or
two years imprisonment.
More  Housecleaning.
St. John, Nov. 25 Hon. Mr. Pugs
ley announced here today tbat pat
I'onn-ge lists would be abolished in his
department immediately und tenders
culled   for supplies  wherever possible.
Hon. Wulter Scott, premier of Saskatchewan, has been explaining the
political BituatiOD in British Colum
bin. In an interview in the Winnipeg
Free Press Mr. Scott says: "R. L.
Borden is entitled to a full share of
credit for the election verdict of Brit
ish Columbia). Mr. Borden is also entirely welcome to all the satisfaction
which he can extract from it. The ver
diet condemns a policy on the Japan
esc immigration question which was
admittedly dictated by the interests
of the British empire, and which was
followed at the express desire, if not
the direction, of the imperial authorities. The verdict in addition condemns Laurier for acting upon there
commendations of the provincial pre
mler's conference fn settling the provincial subsidies question."
According to Mr. Scott, the sole election issues in British Columbia
were the "better terms" and oriental
exclusion questions, The conservatives
Stralghtly condemned the Ottawa
government for not riding roughshod
over the subsidies arrangement agreed
to by the interprovincinl conference
of RlOb, nnd for being guided in thc
Japanese immigration problem by
imperial interests. They were able to
quote stjt|tements made by Mr. Borden when he visited the Pacific pro
vince In PJI17 in proof that he ap
proved the British Columbia demands
on both questions.
Now that the elections are over it
is decidedly refreshing to read the
frank avowal of a liberal like Mr.
Scott. During the campaign of course
it was most vehemently denied that
there was any difference on the Asiatic exclusion question in the stand tuken by both parties. The liberal can
dihate plcu-ded here in Nelson that, he
was just us sound on the exclusion as
was the conservative candidate, tint
Mr. Scott makes clear what we have
known for a long time that the liberal government had sacritlecd the best
interests of British Columbia because
it did not wish to offend Japan and
because the imperial government desired thiiit the Japanese should not
be kept out of this province.
Mr. Borden is accused by Mv. Scott
of "inciting British Columbia into a
temper of hostility against, imperial
connection," but Mr, Borden found
tbe hostility here when he came' on
his tour, antl while British Columbia
is perfectly sound on imperial questions tbe electors of Victoria, Vancouver, New Westminster, Yo-le-Cnrl-
boo and Kootenay have made it reasonably clear that tlie price of Imperial connection must not be the Hooding of B. C, with Asiatics. Strangely
enough while sections of the liberal
party, and a portion of the liberal
press, west of the great lakes, have
entirely failed to grasp the situation
out here n.nd the real sentiment of
the people, the leading British news
pupers have for the most part fully
admitted the right of this province
to keep the Canadian west a white
man's country. In Kootenuy it was
urged a little while ago thut "n '
white B. C. wus merety an election
cry, but only those who did not want
to know the real feeling of the province in the matter could by any possibility have taken this view.
Hon. Mr. Scott in his published interview attempts to explain uway the
demand for better terms just ubout
us clearly us he druilt with the exclusion question nnd it is some comfort
to know that wben both the questions
referred to come up in debate in thc
commons, five out of the seven B. C.
rcpresentntives will be able to voice
the province's real sentiments
Mr. Scott's reference to Mr. Borden's wanr. of loyalty and to the ant,--
imperial sentiment in B. C. is uncalled for. British Columbians have demonstrated their loyalty to British
Columbia and their refusal to be sacrificed to alleged Imperial interests
and in doing so have followed, as
every one knows, in the footsteps of
the other overseus dominions where
ever the Asiatic question has come to
tbe front.
So far as Mr. Borden is concerned
he has simply understood > the real
sentiment here, sympathised with it
and announced that, it bud, and that
it would have, the support of himself
and of the conservative party. Nelson News,
Fernie Amount is Smaller But
Michel is Larger.
Fernie, Nov. ii.'t Saturday was pay
day at the collieries of the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Coiiipaliy and a substantial amount was paid out in
wages. Tbe amount that was paid
out at Coal Creek was smaller than
usual owing to the number ni men
who have bei n Oltl of employ mint
during the month, but n larger sum
than Usual was put into circulation
at Michel where milling operations
have been very active. Business in all
lines has been except tonally quiet all
week, dm' to the heavy ntins which
have mude the streets well ni-'h irn -
passible on account of the mud aud
water, und yet there is Hi tie indlcn
tion of Improvement in the wenthor.
Read MeClary's add telling all
about the most, talked of range of
the present, day, the Sask Alta Hold
hy Pntlhore Bros,, local agents,
There is Menace ot Serious Uprising*
Calcutta, India. Nov. 25 The situation in India has not shown such a
menace of serious uprising as it does
today in many years past. Attacks
and attempts on tlie lives nl BngliPb
men, officials nnd civilians are of almost daily occurrence.
Lord Minto, the viceroy of India,
returned here today from the north,
cutting short his excursion in the territory for the purpose of considering
measures to cope with the native dis
n-ffectlon of which the authorities
have been forced to recognise is al
nrmlngly on the increase
Last night a Bengali made au unsuccessful attempt to kill public prosecutor Hume with a bomb in a railroad carriage near Agurpura. There
were three other Europeans in the
carriage at thc same time. None were
Last Monday night district superintendent of police Clough wus murdered by a native of Lyallpura. The native approached the superintendent
while he wus a-sleep and cut open bis
head with a spade. The police are
taking remarkable precautions to safe
guard Lord Minto ami this is regarded as most significant.
Kingston Standard Nominates
Two Premiers to Lead
Party Out of Opposition Wilderness.
The  Kingston   Daily  Standard  in a
leading editorial, discussing the possibility of It. L. Borden's withdrawal
from the leadership of the Conservative party, comes out Strongly in the
event of   such a withdrawal   for   Sir
James Whitney  as leader with  Prem
ler McBride of     British Columbia as
his associate,     and declares  in effect
that   the     suggestion of Sir Charles-
Hibbert Tapper     as leader is by  no
menus ;) welcome one.
.   "Win-," 'asks   the   Standard,   "proposed Sir Charles and by what auth
ority?" i
Kor itself, the Stand-mi declares,
it has heard of no stirring demand
for him, from this particular section
the country, while it recalls that the
Vancouver Conservatives themselves
refused  him a nomination.
The Standard objects to any limit*
eded body of men within the party
undertaking to say Who shall or shall
not be the leader, anU thinks that . if
Mr. Borden is to retire the proper
Policy will he to call a general convention of the party that, "the influential Conservatives may be given
an opportunity to express themselves
on one subject or another und that
the present leaders may be given an
opportunity to learn, as they should
learn, what the rank and file think of
Conservative candidates as they are
Tbe Standard then observes: "It is
very clear that when the conservative
party goes into the next campaign it
must go in prepared to wage other
than a campaign of slander. It is also very clear that when it goes In
again to tight for the people it must
in fact tight for the people and not
make an appeal or permit an appeal
to be made for it, tbat will in effect
stir up racial and religious prejudices
inq ,iq /(mil ,t H\\mtuiittt\ui\ pusi pun
none the less certainly to align class,
against class, creed against creed and
race uguinst nice. The appeal must
be a broader, a more tolerant, a
more liberal appeal than this a-nd nothing can justify any other appeal,
not even a narrow appeal by the
other party.''
Thc Standard repeats that it
knows of no men better qualified for
leadership and for the formulation of
a satisfactory Conservative policy
than Whitney and McBride. Whitney
as leader. McBride as associate. It
says of them: "They are doers of
things, They are conservatives. They
have each redeemed their provinces ;
they are men of Canada."
It concludes with the statement
that it. does not think the conservative party could do better than to
turn to these men and put its faith
nnd its trusts, its aspirations and it?»
hopes, its future in their hands.
"With them the party would huve ir
leadership mid. we venture it, a policy which four or live years hence
would spell     victory to the conserva-
The tlmo ror returning tlie provincial mils hns I i extended from No
vcmbor 30 to Decembor III mid the
tlmo for holtllns cotirte ,,f rovlalon
Irom Docomber 21 to Jnnunry 22. No
iiii' i„ this oflocl won itlvon In Inst
»cok's Ishiio "I lln-  Unii,I, Columblu
Bonttte, Nov lil 'I'lu1 Rovornmr.nl;
nl. Ilir Alnslu, Yukon Pnclflc rtp,,sl-
tlim tn be held In Senttlo .lime I to
Oct. hi. imi. inclusive, covering a
ground spneo of 300x180 leet.
1  t
A Page 3.
THE   PROSPECTOR,   CRANBRuOK,   B.   C,   NOVEMBER   28,   1908.
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(PtOBD Vancouver Province)
j How sluill wo oottWTTfl our foreatH?
I How ahall we prevent thfl dent ruction
which baa been the history of timber
iin too many portions of ('anadn? ?
What practical mema. shall wv adopt
canHitttont with commercial bMWBl
I ties to tha end that va may continue
to tho enjoyment t>( nn industry
I which ranks almost Bnrt In Import
lance to British Oolumbla?
These are tbe Questions which pro
sent themselves In timber affairs
When ont speaks tor the conserve
tion ol tlmbei In .1 couutrj thut u.
especially favored bj luxuriant forest
growth, he is liable to be roaarded u«
.ui alarmist It u .1 remarkable thlnn
thafl those sections t-i the continent
which have boasted ol the tlnest com
msrclal forests have witnessed theli
most besdlsfa destruction This in
doubtless because nature has been
Hindi) without the requirement ol
a»> diligence on the part of lis In
habitants \ wealth provided in
.-uch abundance that its familial
vastnese is not appreciated until the
people awaken to the sorrowful truth
that the end has come
The Question of preventing any
such repetition ol history iu British
Oolumbla should be .separated from
sentiment Tho substantial reasons
ot public welfare are enough to com
mand ths must careful attention to
wa-rdH the solution ol the various pro
blems involved Nw means of pre
venting destruction must be adopted
with s view ol placing no barriers on
piop.- enterprise and profitable com
merce In the product ol foresl
1; row tli.
The remedies toward conservation
will naturally apply to privately
owned timWbrland more than to that
winch is in possession of the government. The latter lands are in no immediate danger except where they
may be affected by adjoining that
which is privately owned. Uut with
reference to lands that have been alienated, it is proposed to point out
where the province stands to lose to
an irremediable extent unless it is
safeguarded hy legislation to encourage proper conservation of timber.
Briefly,  there  are  three    particullar
enemies to our forests:
L,   Destruction by fire.
2. The ruthlessness of the uxe.
3. The waste at the mill.
The first oi these evils is'by far the
greatest. Who has not traversed the
province in the forest areas without
being impressed with the anuftint of
timherland which has already fallen
a prey to the disregard of those who
in many cases have wantonly stalled
terrific conflagrations, To do this
was looked upon as no great offence
a few years ago. In some communities, ut this day, it may be only regarded with .some slight disapproval.
The law provides certain penalties it
is true, yet so broad is the act, and
so difficult may it be to find proof,
that, punishment seldom overtakes an
The interest of the people as a
whole should be enlisted to cope with
the situation. This is more effective
than the majesty of law. Beside this,
there should be an efficient corps of
fire wardens with authority to employ as many specials as are needful
to pat out or check tires in the early
stages. Then there are statutory regulations which should suggest themselves in addition to those which are
already in force.
The government has made a very
creditable beginning by employing tire-
wardens, but while It is a fair start
and while these Wardens have done
splendid work, we want more of
them. There may be also instituted
better methods of having tires reported.
lt has been rumored that it Is the
intention of the government to have
the "bush-lire act" amended at the
forthcoming session of the legislature. Those who are interested confidently expect Lhat no ill-considered
or unworkable plan will be adopted,
it would he better to come slightly
short of full requirement than make
the act unpopular by undue hardships
So far as the coast is concerned,
our loss has been the least in many
years. This i.s due in great measure
to the wardens already employed and
ample proof that if proper precall
tions are taken during the dry weather antl immediate attention is given to extinguish fins when first
started, that our coast tires inn he
made practically immune rrom serious  losses.
The damage from forest tires In the
interior for 1908 110$ been somewhat
more than ordinary. The Inei that
the timber so situated is exposed to
the risk ni a drier climate, and be
cause of the country boing Intorscctod
with many railroads, which seem
sooner or later to burn much of the
timbiT through which they pass calls
for Bpccla-I vigilance, In the matter
of the "bush fires act" it. might be
expedient, on tlie advice ol those who
are familiar with their peculiar con
ditlons iu the interior, to have special provision to apply to that parti
cular part of fhe country.
Those who have seen logging opera
lions on our coast of British Columbia can al lest to fhe waste of the
axe In flic eager desire to got In/go
percentages ol clear logs in lhe boom
an iiumen.se amount of timber is destroyed in fhe woods. This is due to
commercial incentive; if the operator
he a logger, he Krets liiol'e money ror
his logs, Indeed, if he does not keep
down fhe proportion of No. x tfrnilc,
he is liable noi to lie able in sell at
all. Moreover, logs which arc very
rough are culled us worthless. If llie
operator 1. 1 untiiui; a mill, liis
.■uiiu in the matter of wnsle are   even
greater in ' 0  cu-fics, for the temp
liiiion of hIiiii prices and ready market  for uppei  grades or lumber    arc
ind I very alluring.
II is noi mi uncommon thing to see
20 or Iin UlollHiind feet to the acre of
very good limber left pmctleally tin
stroyod in lhe woods, waiting for the
spark which will leave the ground on
which     it      d n blackened wnste.
j Remember this destruction is to timber which would in a few yeara com
mand the highetit price on the market. It may be asked Ih it nectMwary
that such waste should occur? Any
practical logger will say no. Then
why do the owners ot timherland cut
with nuch little regard io economy?
The answer may be found in the
fact that it enstt: something more to
save the timber not wanted for immediate purposes, and because the
owner of the landa Hnds tii:* title too
limited to consider coming -back
again; itnd taking the beat nnd most
accessible, abandons the retrt to destruction
Thia la a condition of affairs which
hus only very recently reached an
acute stage, nnd to internal) the evil
it baa bean made apparent that if
timber now bald privately from thr*
government is to lie cut within the
time limit ol Its title, thut the mar
ket will be BO crowded that clear
lumbar only Will ba In demand, to
thc nun ol much vuluahie timber
Which  will   he  left   u, lhi   woods
I'ublic attention should he dliecled
to the above daOgei which involves
principally (but of ovoi taxing the
holdora ol timherland .1 course which
inn. worked .uch disastrous results to
tiie tlmbei  in the eastern nnfft of the
Continent       lu   the   pant       there       has
been misconception iu the minds of
tbo public, u not on tin part of tho
[overnmont itsolf, as tn the position
<>f the holdors of timber licenses with
respect  to the public Interests in tho
I Conomjf      With      which   these  license
holdings  should   be opcruteil     It    hud
been  generally  regarded  that  thc am  ,
oiint ot direct revenue produced   from
timber     was   the only mutter to he I
considered,     whereas     to those who
have     given     thc   problem   mature
thought,  tin   royally  and rentals received are    merely    incidental   to the
public \ve;,l.   The proper conversation
oi    tbe industry, its continued pros
perity,   is of more importance to the
province than auy amount  of immed
Into  revenue  which might   be derived I
II this  revenue were obtained at    the '
.sacrifice   of a timber which will take1
hundreds of years to replace., It    Is I
patent    that     a    steady  rental  from
timber lands for years to come is the
soundest  policy  from a  public  stand- i
[loint,     and  that  this can only     he
brought about by     introducing   such
stability in our limber laws as shall j
induce the holders to   maintain   their j
licenses and  cut with such care     as
will enable   them to go over     their
lands again and     again until the uttermost of its value shall have been
The revenues of the province ure at
this day supplied from licensed    and
leased lands to the amount of   about I
$1,850,000 from license fees on about!
10,500 square miles; $8:1,000 fiom ren- I
tals on 792,000 acres of leased timber
lands and about $300,000 trom royal- I
ties or a total of about $1,173,000 as
compared   with  about .$;i,286,000     of I
total revenue from all sources. These
will be in the vicinity of thc returns
for this year.   The figures show thut I
the holders of timber land arc paying
more  than   half the  total  provincial I
It is desirable to huve understood [
the profit of thc country iu observing
economy with our timber. The more j
timber we save from destruction, the
more we have to n^ld to the wealth
of thc people of the province. Sup-
pose, for instance, that each thou- i
sand feet of lumber means a distribu-
tion in the province of $20. {It will (
be observed that this value refers to
thc manufactured product.) One billion feet of that timber saved means
$20,000,000 for Uritish Columbia. Yet
the statement is within the murk,
that a loss of 25 or 30 times that
amount is at stake, or about $2000
for every man, woman and child of
our population. Timber which will
easily run into this estimate and value will surely in greater part be destroyed if undue haste is made in
in considering the third general
cause of wnste, viz, that which occurs at the mill, it must he remembered that the operators of these
plants are conducting their business
along the most profitable lines and
In such a manner as to ensure their
success. If, therefore, there is no incidental waste, they are not necessarily blaineahle. Modern competition forces this condition, lt is nevertheless a fact that the amount of
good material which linds its way to
the bonfires seems to those accustomed to more economic methods, as a
ruthless waste.
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Successor to L. Cohn
CranbrooK's Up-to-date Tailor,
AVE.                   CRANBROOK.   B.C.
Company Rushes Work of Reconstructing Its Plant.
Fernie, ll. C, Nov 24 Morris
i.vtiiiin. superintendent of the East
Kootonay Telephone Company, has
put a large lone of men al work on
the reconstruction of the Kernie tele
phono plant, ami the business   people
will s i he aide l.o make use of this
necessary convenience,
The    coin pany     Ims    purchased  and
taken over from the Crow's Nest  Ml
eetrie Light ami Powor Oompany Mie1
remnants uf  its telephone plain      In
Kernie and the eity has ml llleil, hy a i
3 to 1 vote, and an agreement     with
tin1 new company us to rates.     This
company lias already in operation the
Cranbroolt     plant   and long distance
lines     tfi     Moyie, Hyan,  Kimberlev,
Marysville,  Kurt  Steele,  Waldo,   131k-
mollth,  Haynes  Lake,   Klko and  Kernie.   It is the  intention in push  the'
long distance lines on up tlio pass   to
Urow's     Nest,  where it. will connect
witli the     Alberta provincial government system,   which has lines lo all
parts of Alberta as far north as Edmonton,.
A branch line will he run up thc
new railway from McGllllvcry to the
new Corbin coal mines, (in the went
fhe company Intonils to reach out for
connections with Nelson nntl Spokane
It is hoped Uml all Lhcso new lines
will lu* completed and in operation
before Hie end uf next yenr, With the
idcnd.v progress made in Ibe Improvc-
ment of Hie telephone and the rapid
spread of ila network uf wires, the
new country to the nurth of Bpokano
will noon be on the plainest of speak
mi; terms, in eplto of the intervening
llofty mountains, turbulent rivers and
bothersome houmlary stnn^s.
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stood thut Mr. Drolet had made still
larger payments in another direction
which w*ns ntill mule useful in procuring and retaining government patronage. Counsel for one of the officers questioned bookkeeper Audibert
on Mi is matter, asking whether the
liini had not mu,de "large campaign
Here the enquiry wits abruptly
headed off. objection was raised at
once. Tt did not come from Mr. Drolet or his representative. It eame
from Mr, Perron, who was there as
counsel for the government itself, and
who in place of assisting the enquiry
at tbe very point where it would be
most effective, interposed his authority to choke it off. Mr. Perron's objection was sustained and the Inquiry
went no farther in that direction. It
is well to remember that the late Mr.
Prefontatne was minister of marine
when .some of these subscriptions
were made, and that Mr. Perron was
liis Jaw partner at the time. Probably
Mr.'Perron knew how much bad been
What could lie more peitinent in un
investigation of marine department
graft than the question whether the
favored contractors were paying in
campaign subscriptions for their special profits? Nu question In the whole
enquiry at Quebec was more interesting fo the public than this one, put
to the reprosentatlve of the firm
which had received the greatest favors from the government, and whose
alleged excessive charges was nne el-
oment In the cxtmvngnnco over expenditure nf tlie government,   ll n firm
of  thc  people  has  corrupted   lonil   iif
ficials of the government by commissions of $25 to $2.uou each, tlmt is a
matter requiring Investigation. But
if this and other linns had ii corrupt
arrangement with tbe government Itself, and paid into the campaign fund
$10,000 or $25,000 of $50,000, this is
for each election, a still more vital
mo-tter. This is so not only because
tbe amount is larger, but because the
corrupt transaction is with the leaders of the party itself, and not with
comparatively Insignificant officials.
There is evidence or guilt in tho eagerness with which a government coun
sel  professing to prosecute jiii enquiry
throws liimBolf Into the breach tn
head off tins necessary and essential
investigation into the conduct, of his
own leaders and employers.
Another liberal provincial admlnis
trutlon Is in ureal danger', The Hu*/.
Hard government ol Prince Kdward
Island should have gone to tlio Coll ll
try early tins yenr. but postponed thc
election till after the Dominion con
test "lily llie success of the Ullirlcr
government saved its provincial al
lies, and even with this advantage
the success is doubtful, Returns show
in 11bcinis tii t*i consorvatlvob with
one minister defeated, a gnat, change
from tho last bouse with 21 liberals
a.nd it conservatives, With the conser
vutives in control of provincial administrations of Ontario, Manitoba,
British Columbia and New Brunswick.
giving greatly improved administration compared with thc machine governments which have been turned out,
it is a pity that the people of prince
Kdward Island hud not been allowed
to settle this question without federal interference. In that province voting is open, and no federal employee
or elector under federal Influence can
give an independent vote. Hence, two
seats in Charlottt.town, where there
is a large railway vote, were allowed
to go to the government without opposition.
Three years ago It was decided that
parliament should meet thereafter in
October for the beginning of November. To make this possible the fiscal
year was closed in November instead
of June. In 1906 parliament met in
November, 22. In 1907 it was not
called until the end of November.
Now we ure informed that the next
session will begin about the 20th of
January. So the country is back to
where it was before the fiscal year
was changed. It is no excuse that an
election has been held. Tbe election
might have taken place a month or
two earlier, or ufter the next suasion.
In any ense it is not necessary to
postpone the meeting of parliament
three months after an election. The
last, time tbe late conservative govei nment summoned parliament for
the session following an election was
in 1891. The election was held in
.March and the bouse met in April.
Hut nothing is ready. The public
accounts of the year which closed 9
months ago  ar-  not   issued.   In  fact
none   nf       [lie   bine   books   of   the   year
are nut. though the late government
iii November mul December gave out
rCP0l'tfl   "1    'In'       veul's   rlnsitlj;   (It
i'iiiI ..I Juno.
Not'      IS  nil'.'   I'nVct'llillelit   Iri'isl,
ready.   The Insurance bill, wlilcl
supposed to liill'iw     Ilir enquiry
11106, wos nni ovon Introduced li
fulluwing session.   After waiting
other yi'ni  tho    government bro
duwn a crude Bort of measure   v.
was kept beforo the In,ii.se mnl
committee     for     months,  nml
dropped,   li    is uudcrsl 1     th
it   ii
new bill will he Introdi 1 nexl
sinn, nml thai It Is not yoi propi
only    two    other measures an
mentioned.   Ono  is  tn  create  a
department  im   Mr. Mnckotwlo l\
III!',  j
nml mill nnothct  in ti list ni pot
tllll' 1
Iim already too large    Thi  sorun
in abridge thc freedom ul debate
measure  through  tho  house  with
limited  amount i.l discussion
great  statesmanship     is  Involv,
1   In
thtflo mcusitt'OB,     Imt  II  Is Hu'
wu V
thai Kir Wilfriil is finishing liis »
Meanwhile Mr. Fleldlne is nil
expenditure knows In   errand   11
ohllgatlons me (allln: due anil
I.lily.    A   lew   weeks
mi-lit      offered  in  London n  Inun  of
$26,uuu,iiiui. Inn  Hi vi'slnts illil not
tako It. readily, nml  the bonds     re
niiiiiif.il wiih ll lerwrltors     This
time It is necessary for Mr. Fielding
to take up the matter .seriously, us
the banks huve already made large
advances. Larger sums must now be
obtained at once tluin hnve ever been
Bought in the money market by u
Canadian government.
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yon '..'ml :i  1'lir. Page 4,
kmahi.imiki.   iHUb.
A. B. 6rrtce-,
How a Sask-alta
earns its money.
By indicating when oven is ready for
baking. By cutting out the 'peeping"
into oven. By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat. By substituting
certainty for chance
in  baking   results.
'Sask-alta" range
thermometer was
tested for six months
before on» range was
sold. "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
the housewife what
the compass is to the
ship captain
aJtmttm TtWMU, MM-rra-W-M-lptt. Vmc»irver St  sums. tUsilltwi. ditto
3 \Tl lil'W,  NOVEMBER 28,  1 '
it is .-ail' to lueilict ilmt there *\l\\
be no more deferred elections In Ki>o
l I'll. IV.
ii silence   In eleciion tline la woith
one mu. in ■.', iod   boulil noi  two l
m election nine be worth n peoi
Prom anthorttntlve sources 11 I \lx\
that  the Hon   Wm   Ternpleraan linn
ilehnltelj  decided  to retire from the
Political in*im
Hope   deferred   maketh   the   linn t
Qiewing Tobacco
Hie L>ig biaclc plug.
Bad Symptoms.
The woman who has ji-r-r Unl leal head-
lushes, taekucho. now  imaginary  dark
bpota orspooica Qoating or dancing beforo    •>•■!»♦!♦»!•*!■
Iter ■■yrs. ba&Anawtng distress or heavy
(all UtYwxy J\Muiim.ii, faintspoilt,drag'
glng downAfviiiiK in lower abdominal or
pelvic rgtron, wwlly startled or excited,
hregulaTor painful periods, withor wliu-
Trh, Ij*   suffering   from
rangemonU U,-it-should
..jan.    Nat all of above,
hkrty to bu pm-isit In any   i
bndly trraUil and such     	
li U  ii ulndic* wliK'h de-
r otirgiiui'H Knile if they do not   ! \\
.Ullv. , " '
edlclno fl' mL.lyiS-sneh a long   |
i uu'i-       in'iniiii       -mii-       - in        * ■   •- , ,     .    ,.  ,       , |,
sick, but elections deterred In Bntiali """  nilnlinum.   Cortn nly lh
Columbia) give Su uiliii.i i.
I'jun in the nri k
hi let
llllllii'i    Ilir       I' llllll'll"!   ul   thO   H. .il   ill
read) raiido Thon In n limli huwov
er li. tho ..iimii "i I'.'ii in breaking
up rock iij.i'inriiiH uiul in promoting
theli disintegration H would si'i'in
•thai the .ui'i "i "il"'1 partlcloa in un
,,i.Iiiim\ sample "I noil have reached
.1 i,,,si „n 'u.ii already torniod dona
noi Increase the Bolublo Ingredients In
ii    Tho Biin'a boat In sununor, which
l'h,. worship ol the golden cull    In  l« 'I"' convon I tho trust, oxorclaoa
Vuli. fun  and   Kuutenay  did not ni considerable Inter-al on the process
uttracl so >.'i\ ninny adhoronta on cl ol disintegration For oxatnplo, In n
ectlonda) nltoi all Saturday Sun hot aimimcr tho grouud contraota ana
..,, cracks, mib ouch cruck supplies n new
aurlnee loi  tho notion ol the dismtc
British Columbia will have n repu   grating    lorcos    Even tho solid rock
tatlon .ui .i province ,.i scrappers    In material Is known in many insiunces
the cant belt now    Turned down   tho to split up Iroin the expansion    and
government   candtdutea al j, deterred contraction duo to change of temper-
election .iluu'    \t  tho  mineral     Ingredients
'   '   •                            have dlflerent    degreea ol expansion,
Tbe Ico crop In sunny  Alberta    Ib th, ,.^,.^1 0| the change ol the temper-
never n'i> big luu u is .1 good ili'i»l  atlin' is still mnit enhanced,
bigger   iliun the   jummnt ol Ice cut '   Acting continuously with the chung-
by  Hun   Frank Ollver'8 spell binding 0K 0I temperature is the Influence ol
jotenaj  and  Vale-Cariboo.   Cnl   n,,. oxygon ol the    atmosphere upon
mny Herald.
X   Professional   *
Bai'i'lslei's uiul Solicitors
um nuiii|.iii'v„ i'■!,im,,m
Udjl- Ilk.lu.Tiii.ii' r,i> i
xAtAi.ssAii, in u-si)
ipi, piitii*, 'ni.'
km. m ki mod
ii,.|i   u   WflM
1'. GURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, etc,
Kootenaj   and  Y.tie Cariboo    Cnl
tbe soft   Moat mineral miitcriul con
tains    lrun    in its structure, This is
 I the     cementing constituents ;
that Is, it holds thc partlcloa together, nnd when it oxidizes or rusts thc
cementing or adhesive power is destroyed, und thc other mnterialB pulverise or lull to pieces us un umor-
phus powder,
weeks before ***>Ur '[''<l"ently contains some embolic acid mis in solution, und thus
becomes n cheniicul disintegrating
As there is always some of
this carbonic gus in the atmosphere
undeleted stock.   You can order the «» p*i» ^■JLjyJ.11 ^L^l.*?^!
goods and our merchants     will     set
them aside until you want them.
Once again British Columbia
carried od two important prizes at
horticultural exblbitlona in Great
Britain, and there will be more to
follow, All that we have to do to
.-weep up the medals is to show our
A   little    over    Hue
Christmas, it is not ton early to order  your  purchases.   The  buyer   who
is tirst in the Held geta the advantage J£f„ ;
if leisurely selecting from a new and
Inarii niinJm'lf^hin.tiW
he very w*« ingrodlenu
tr.il M-lr-nre lor the cure of
Woman'* peculiar nlWntv nntf-r Intuits
rmniHisiuuu. N<> alcohol* harmful, or
hinni formingdrUN is lu be f> ..mi in the
list <i[ I la Ingredlenu printed on each
boitlo*wrapper and muwuvl under oath,
Ln any condition of the fotnhle system,
I»r. l'lerco'8 Kavorlte Proscription can do
only good nnvi r harm. It.- whole offoet
Ih in Mri'iiinhfii. invigorate and regulala
ilie whole remain system and osptvlally
tlie (sdvio orguus. Whon those aro do*
ranged in futwllun i>r attocled by disease,
tin -tmimi'ii nml other organs of digestion
iiit-oine Sj mpathntU-ally deranged, the
nervos nru weakened, nnd u long list of
bud, unpleasant symptoms follow, Too
much mtisl imi u- [txpectcil o| this "Favorite Proscription." It will not perform
mlrsclosj will not core tumors—no med-
Himstcr,   Solicitor, uml
Notary I'ublii',
Barrister, Solictor, and
Notary Public
Olllco   Hold lliiildiii's.
UH, ji, ,,-.-,    ,, in    ,„>,   , ......   ,.j....... —..,,   inn.-      .
Icllic will,   Ii ii-tii otifln iiirii'ni ilii'io. II    MrVTTTl 1*   V,   D»Pl"P*"
tokin in time, and ilnis the <>,»-rsiii<iK i' '   ' ' * J **'■  lX   ' .AKIM'.n
P.L.S. &',C.K.
opern ting
urgeoirs knife mny Iw
tdible ami  thi
Womeu luflertng from dts«aw« ef lung
standing, are Invited t*. consult Murun-
I'lerce by letter. fre*\ Ml corrnspondeuet
)► held as strii'Uy prlvalu and sacrt-dly
eoiiini.-uiia:. Addresy Dr. K. V. Pierce.
B il (Tali i, N. Y.
Dr. Pierced Mnlh-at Advisi*r(Hs»paces)
is Wilt ftft on receipt of 'it uiun-eiii
stamps for pniwr-eovered, i»r no siampe
lur riuih-b-juml aiyy.   AUdretui ■•* above.
any decaying vegetable in the surface
soil will yield some of it. Thus rnin
water in    percolating through a rock
The columns of the Independent "r nther ground materiel ccts ctiuri;-
Heruiil nre hardly the place where ed with carbonic acid eas. Thin undone would look for un accurate fore- charced water has ureat dissolving
wist ul premier McBrlde's political power on minerals containing lime,
intentions. Therefore when it. informs potash, soda, etc., anil when these
its leiulere that it is proposed to bodies in thc course of years dissolve
hold an election after the next ses- out the residue becomes still turther
sion of the legislature, it may be set broken up and the soil is more com-
ilown as only doing u little bit of pletely pulverised.
i;uess work. Nothing of the kind is The further modification in thc
in contemplation, for the government making of soil is thc accumulation of
quite     satisfied that, whenever it vegetable matter or humus In the top
and auarantMd
Every garment guaranteed
Clean - Light - Durable
m» ar uir rntLtui rntrwatM
(miiAt o* mt rm m amm
Miiiiiift Engineer and
H.C.  Land Surveyor,
Phone 22H.
I'.o. Box '.'•■in.
Dr. E. VV. Connolly
Physician and Suikikon
"*     OHlce; Armstrong Ave,
jfeGuests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection n
Nearesi to railroad depot.    Has accommodations   foi'   the   public   unequalled   in
appeals to thc people, its admirabl
record will receive the hearty enrtor-
Sation nf the voters.
The Lethbridge Herald says: "Hun.
li. P. Brodeur is to be commended
lor his prompt action in suspending
twenty-eight officials of his department, who hover under a dark cloud,
as a result of disclosures at the enquiry being held by Judge Cassels."
He would be more highly commend
tf to II ii.in    •• tu 4 ii.m.   7 to « p.m.
Phone Ofllue 105.   Uesidenue 100
F. O. E.
Meel every 1'rkluy ai S p.n,
Vialllng   Brothers CiTrdiully   Invited
Hot and Cold Baths
Proprietors 2H
liiyi'i'. This lircins nrst hy thc
growth uf the lower forms of vegelflr
tion, such us lichens and mosees.
These plunts can grow on a rock surface, and extract nutriment for themselves out of the raw mineral mater
ial and the atmosphere. The decay
of these plnnts furnishes n certain
amount of organic mutter which min-
j-les with tho broken-down rocky Sub-      etomtcli trouble Is but» STrantom ol. »nd not
stance,   and  thus  the first  beninninus   In ilwll a true disease.  We think ol Drspepila,
of a soil proper are made.   When the   Heartburn, and Inilijestiou a^ "»1i[g*J5J(,f|; 	
,jd if he would resign from the head  vegetable  matter accumulates in  ac- * KeP!v8*s'?knS-nSln°f efse° *"    " *'"      ^■j.'.vi'.«j.'A'.''.vj'.'.'jvj.'..jjuwu.u,vjjjj-u
of a  department that  is reeking with   cess    so   as   to form the bulk  of the      ltwasthislartthat8r.teorreMlTledIlr.slioop  J*l«"««<«i«il><n««ni'ilMfiHni'intii^.
graft     and     corruption.   He and he soil we have a peaty fonuatlou. When   fclJ^tSKSS'SS H Rocky Mountain Chapter t
alone is responsible for the state   of  plnnts of a higher order occupy   the   to the gtomnch neaps, alone brought that suowm S ' "'
nfliiiis     whieh    exists in his depart-  ground their rootB penetrate the ere-   mid favor to Dr. slfiop ■"dhii %<tprativ--. With-   -S
ment that is reeking with graft   and  vices nnd fissures in the rock ur soil   $hJSnKc^^ I
corruption.   He, and he alone is   re- material,   and     by   their   expanding     For itomach distress, bloat in*, bit inutile;-!-, bail .5
sponsible    for     the      state of  i.l'.'ns  growth  split up  the rock   into small-   BgURt^«S3teSS^£',{M:   " „   ■ ,. ,    -.
Which exists In-his department. er pieces.   Again the line rootlets   or   „.u Wh„t u fan and will do. We sell and cbeer- i    - .i,„.ir S
a root hairs secrete various acids which   lullr reeommeud *t      .■«■■'• !:
il the fruit industry  nuve tllc power „f dissolving out the "- =
Chas. smith. \\. Presic
M, I>. Hll.LlXllS. s,
Aerie Physician, 1'. 0. Box 28.
NO. li5.  H. A. m.
Kegulur meetings;—2nd 'J'm-s-
day in each month ut eight
♦ X
Cranbrook Cigar Store
Barber Shop,  Pool  and  Billiard Room
The place to spend your winter evenings
The best Stock of Cigars, and Tobaccos,
Pipes and Smokefs  Sundries   in town
\ !
The progress
ol    southeast   Kootenay   lias     been mineral food of thc plants.   This
steady   for   the pust live years, and m<jSt     strongly developed in lichens
the gross quantity of fruit   increased un(1 lm,9ses,     und it has been shown
one hundred per cent, per annum. The tnilt even m „„r [,irm crops the sc lv-
oxpanslon   of   the npph industry ie- |„g power is equal to a one per cent,
cessnrlly   dopended    upon    profitable soiuti0n of citic acid,
markets, and there wa,s room for    a 'p|u, action of earth worms in muk-
lai'Kc expansion In the apple districts inj,   S(lii    |U1K been studied by many
of the province naturally suited     to scientists.   Darwin    has shown    that
Ihe growing    of the staple varieties, surface soils are largely modiiied   hy
Uritish     Columbia   apples    are well ,|„, „cti0n ol the earth-worms   thut
known, and are eagerly sought lor hy |ivi, |n them.   They live on thc vege-
dcalcrs   In   the      prairie   provinces. tahlc matters in the soils, and to o'u-
Tlic apple growing urea of this   disj tn|n n they incest Inrge quantities of
trict.  Oranbrook, is practically unlim- ,i)(,   finer   earth.    This     Is     passed
ited,   uml tlie abundant sunshine gives through their bodies    and thrown on
to the fruit    that    exquisite quality tn0 surface   as   worms   cast.     They
whicli has   iiin.lt' II. noted In foreign m.|11(, „p the materials from the low-
Dr. Shoop's \
Sojourn ing Companion
cordially Invited.
II. L. I
Box 4
miwi.;i,i„ Suriba E.
Methodist  Church
Presbvterian Church.
Tempcrnm p theme ';.:" ik'i nl the
iluy Mornlnn nl II Sunduy School
unil I!.:..' I ..■ •• ,i thri'e In K W
Connolly h ill uddi ■-•-- iin- sehoi I on
tbe Biihject Ti mperunce hymnH mnl
music .ill day (Jrchenlru At the bv
cniiiL- service the pudtoi will dlscUKH
local opl ion   v, hal  H    -   ■■■■ hal  .* doen
an<l nli.it
it. The b
por will
ut  S     I'*
thjcctionw there
it the
'a Sup
.Mnrniin: set vice at
Evening nervtcc nt
Sunday School at
Gospel temperance
\t these services c
churches the world
will be t. pcrance,
!  o'clock.
.30 o'clock,
ervtcc nt.    4.i.'i
•operating with
ivor, the theme
The Lethbridge News Bays; "Although Sir Hibbert wus immediately
reported from Vancouvor as saying
thnt lit' is still out of politics ami
lins no present Intention ol running:,
tin1 possibility of his being a candl-
i dute iu Carleton wns widely credited
X in Mimtreal and Toronto. Montreal,
+ however, placed little credence in his
possible BiicccBslon to the leadership
of the party, it would certainly be
strange if Sir Hibbert, so sunn after
backing out of tho Plctou contest and
refusing tlio Vancouver nomination,
Bhould   consent    to   run in Carleton,
Throughout   the country,   in any  rase,
conservatives would warmly resent
any movement to Biipplnnl Mr. Bor
den in the leadership, but if Mr. Bordon   of   bis own   motion   really desires
to give it up there is n,, doubt but
what Sir Hibbert would he looked
upon with more fnvor as liis successor, than anyone else in sight."
ial   mtlHiC  will   be
ul,, bv  the choir
anthem  "Father,
..."  adopted  from
Work holng ilone hy the power   i
injiiiiia Compnny
Al  Hull Hiver, tlie Iliill Hivir Light
Keep lis ia Thy Unro," mlopted Irom „„,|     Mining     I'imipiiiiv hnve luul a
Sullivan's "l.osl   Olionl " i,,,,,. ,„• n|)0iit; thirty men al work all
At   I.IS n short, hrlglit, Interesting Hummer,  ami   tho  griule  fur the  hig
icrvlco i hi ami young will begin lliuno, lilxli, was comploteil t.hls wool*.
it which tlio Interesting simple Btory 'I'lm cotiipany have pureliaeeil from
'Won In ., dlpsy," will he road anil   X,  Ham  a sawmill, which Is now
llu iniieil     hy  ;,!>,,nl   ihhiy colored heing shipped to Hull Hirer, ami will
nl  I'lm'
.nil In
thc ii ic
,.i  ili>- Ilni
H.ll,   i-\
opt   Tliuis,
enjoyed a 1
cry pica
al tlm
im onngc '
a Tllc di
Sixty i
i.'i;   ,1   '
.,■ '., It
The   l.udle.
'uiiu montlil
lllll     llll        I'lllllilill!
.vii upon the screen
Those willing   in
I ill    II    Vol
till'    l| '    lllll III.
,r Children who
I un. imt
co-oporiito Drop
brine mini lior.
ill In,Id their re
looting mi Wi'iliiesilav
Und, ui  :i M
llislnllod at K
i- I,, lhe graili
piirchnscil hv
I! I'.It.    As si
till I'reili, which Is
jui the tlmbor lim
tlie company  from
on as  possible    the
cr layers, ami 11 is computed that under favorable conditions in an undis
tribilted glass Held this line material
is thus deposited to the depth of one
Inch in every live years. The earth
worms not only grind up the snil pur
lieles. bill. they drag dead leaves,
straws, etc., Into their burrows, uud
thus add directly to the organic mat
ter iii tlio soil. Their burrows ure
so many downward channels which
help In lhe percolation ol water, the
entrance of nlr, and the spread til
plant runts.
Tho snil is not tho inert Hotly that
it was once believed lu be, but is full
ol living i'rea I hits. Perhaps Ibe must
Importnnl class Is known as Imcterlni.
A whole Imsi of those have lu  Iso
luted and described uml their llle bis
tory Is nuw known, The translormn
tion ol plant, tissue Into the organic
purtit I  tlio snil   Is Inlgely   the    I'O-    (,|-,.;||
suit ul hut'tcl'liil or nneiiibii' Iiie. Tlie
development ol various nclds, such as
nitric, carbonic, biiniie, pnlmio etc.,
is due to the action of various microbes on the biiiniis la the Boll. These
creatures live in the top snil, and as
deep down ns eighteen Inches, and
their life work is uf the uttormost
nd Importance In securing soil fertility.
Their Inlluenee ill making soil is very
largely ono nl oxidation, but the acid
they develop have n, certain amount
of corrosive action, whereby the process of disintegration of snil material
is promoted,
Having learned thc foregoing fuels
tho reader will iiii longer consider the
sull ns ii topic without Interest, but
will add to bis knowledge by making
further iihsei'VuiiiiiiK for himself.
♦ J
Cranbrook |
Wc ask yuu tu call und try
uur new Consignment of new
and Up t.u dale rigs lor
Winter and Summer, .lust
received Topplr and Holluhlo
Horses al your disposal,
t.lvo thom a trial and be
Get a copy ot
West   Life  Assuiiiikt.
KKlil)  VV.  SWAIN
('riniiiinuk, II. 0.,      Armstrong Ave.
Gourt Granbrook 8943
jMUl-.TS    1ST   AND   llllll   TIH'ltSliAYS
Visiting   brethur iwlluljy   Invited
K. MclCI'NNA, Oliior Haiigor
-I. SIMMS. s,.,',-,.|ui.v
J. VV.
MU.   V.S..
tll'lllllllllU        ill         Illiiin
I'uIIuku, Toronto
,i       V,
ill   ISI
iliniii Multilist
Collugo, ihi,ut
if MuK
in. III.
in   IIHHI
'ml       inliiir
'nl ii in lilti    \--
t llriiisli
111 M)|
{, B.C.
VV.   K.
eul  Dii-.-i'tm'.
iuiiK.  B.C.
Yellow Paper Vain
..--I   t
sawmill will lie installed, uiul lumber
-ul uut ni' lhi' linine. II l'l lletldcr-
.."II. iiit'siilfut nl the coinpuny wus in
lown  lust   week  uud  suid  thul     thc
i '11.111   ul   111.'   II    IVIIIllll       lie
ru iiiiiii. lu eil      as      Boon ui. the lliinbel-
c,mid be procured,  lluit work
be   continued   during the   wiate
the   I lial
tlte   C
ulilll   be
pli.'U'd   i'llll)'    Ill
LuiuInn,  N11v   :t.r>   There is no enn
Urination here ..(    llie reports clrcu
litl.il   ill     Al leu   thai   KIPS   Mullllel
uf Portugal, bus been attacked bv   a
mob iu the sit.:.-is ul Lisbon,     King
nld   .Manuel  was al  Oporto yesterday   renal  viewing a garrison there mid he  met |
witli  n  lietit'tv  n pli
st'iniilcit troops.
Ill II.
I li
llllll I'
S| tally.
I'nsl llllll .".UU'I'.  Khlilllllll'j
Kit i-u isi mil l.|»'ii .\|i|iio''i
PO, Box 834,   '.nil
! W. Cline x
Art |
ro itk, B.G ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
• Wi
. >
• >
• >
• >
■ >
HI   Oil'   ..I.l    M..ll!tllllll    lllU'lll-T
li'linl  ''luss  Wnrk   In
.ill  iininulios uf ib.-
'** Tonsorial THK   PROSPECTOR,   CRANBROOK,   B.   C.   NOVEMBER   28,   11108.
Ptvga :•.
***************************************************************************************** ******************9************.
I Seasonable Suggestions
When it is Groceries you need let us show
you how pleasant and convenient your Grocery
buying  can  be' made.
We are always busy, yet never too busy to
see that every one of our customers is promptly
taken care of, whether it is a weeks supplies or
only  an  Yeast   Cake that is  wanted.
1 Select Xmas Fruits
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Samples of our new stock are
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We are continually being complimented on our unique designs
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assortment  "I   Domestic and 4
Imported      Grpceries      this *
season man ever lulore in tht ♦
history ol the linn. 1
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THK   PROBPECTOR,   CRANBROOK,   B.   C.   NOVEMBER   28,    11108.
all people were not learned in reading, HUT NOW
:: is |iiite different, we M-L READ—and advertisements are ci ttinioti, but this one is worthy ot your
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Anchor Brand Flour
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i <
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WARDNER NOUS      Rebuilding of Fernie
in   Special Coi rcspondenl
Aitliiii   l.mnl   drove   in     Wasa oi
Mi Jones nnd dad) uuuehtei were
Cranbrook visitors on tfuturdiny,
Mi Ren .u.nu and clttldn n have
gone to Moyie foi fl woe-    vmculion
Miss     Buwtheimer,     - n     popular
school  I--" hei,  vi ilted  i i inh >>":-    a
Kdnu ii.m wun. wlii. li i ■ been quite
III i.,:   ionic 11me, In ab -   to be   out
Vi ;   \ sited i '■ mbrnoh on
.   .   [ol   : hfl     im.i iv i   ol  lm\ iw
■■"■    lenl  itrj   h oi k  pei    ud
Vies   Sutherland, who h   : been vis
[umllj  ..I   the C.P.H    mill,
returned to Pranh on Thui «lay where
ds ti postl Ion w uii i ho eoal Co
u 1. Lowers ol BHtoo, who is em
ployed i n the bridge crew here, has
taken une ol the company's cottages
and in- moved Iii a lamilj from Klko.
Mrs McLeod enttrtatned n tew
friends .a her home oh Monday even
Ing Music and singing, followed by
refreshments affording much pleasure
to those preseul
W Green, the popular chel In
charge ol the company's boarding department, accompanied by his Utile
daughter, paid a flying visit to Cranbrook inst Thursday.
.Miss Minnie Service, who ims lately beqn u-ssistant In the past office,
.left on Sunday for Edmonton where
she will tuke ii course in the business
college there. Her many friends wish
her success iu ber new sphere of labor,
H, B. Hnilley who htm been employed in the lumber company's office left
on Monday morning for Spokane, being called away on urgent business
and will probably not return. Mr
Hodley's many friends will regret bis
departure, as the loss will be keenly
felt in musical and social circles.
Creston Review.
T. Cole and J. Mitchell were out
deer stalking early Wednesday morning. The size of the bug has not
been ascertained.
Rev, Phillip C. Hnyman, vicar of
I,umsden. Sask., has accepted the
mission of Creston for the Anglican
church and will arrive with his wife
nbout the middle of January.
Duncan Ross passed through Creston on Wednesday. Mr. Ross whs noticed to have lost his debonair manner, nnd his voice wns not so loud
and haughty.
After a journey from Vancouver,
via Calgary, the tirst car loud of
pipes for thc Goat Mountain Waterworks Co. have arrived. The ditching
has been ready for some time and
awaiting the pipes. Now that they
have arrived Lhe work will be proceeded with at a pood pnee. A second car load is expected tomorrow.
Tom Colo n<>t his ride on Saturday
afternoon and made himself very
comfortable in the wheelbarrow, A
(juite a number of people witnessed
the performance and Cole was enabled to give his battle cry: "Hurrah
for Goodeve!" to the full of his bent.
We  place our paint
on top.   WHY ?
Beciiusi!  il   ni-  thi'   |)iirosl   wluii'   lead  I'm-  its has iti  wlie'u
mixed  with   perfectly  gruiiml   rotors  in oil   [Ji'otli s n  paint,
which, when  applied  by OUK   PATNTI3KS who know how to
ipply  It,  we are  pruparod  to guarantee.
Pack Animals  Edison Theatre
Saddle Horses
-"nisei* iV  I lutchi.son
Im ivory, Sale, Bo      n   Stables
|mr,   I)i /i i ! ,   IV11   iK'i'iik,
Hesl   I .nrrv  Kit."- in   I aw n.
Phone   No.   go,
The hesl  in Cranbrook
ii   iln-
Little    Picture   Parlor
that i uns i onliniioiislv
From Hosmer Times
An overflow of gasoline in the
lighting plant of A. .Mills & Son'H
store Thursdny evening, resulted in a
little blaze and a big excitement but
no damnge resulted.
Tho new tipple is being put through
ii, series of tests in order to locate
any defects or oversights In the adjustments nf its many and intricate
parts before it. is pat into active operation.
The main street isn't wide enough
to accommodate the smile worn by
kiii old Mend .lohn llcckott and he
confines his travels to ft-ml street
which permits of expansion across tlto
railway tracks.
Post olllco Inspector riourlay ol
Calgary was in town Thursday Inspecting the Hosmer post 'office lie
roports uur popular postmaster, Mr.
Rogors and Ills efflcloul assistant tn
he up io date wiih everything in ap
[ile pie order 01 course! Wo could
havo told liim tlml      13 very body   In
l-losmor swcirs by our pust master,
and no one is surprised that ho should
get a rating of LOO as a postmaster.
Prom Moyie Leader.
There is said to In more ore in
sight In the upper workings of the
St. IDugene than nt any time in the
history of the mine, and the lower
levels are also looking better than
ever. Improvements around the mill
nud the     mine   are holng constantly
(iood progress Is being made on the
AiiiMia on the wist side nt the lake.
'I'Im- work of Installing the boiler uud
compressor Is going righl ahead. Tho
atliilrs of tln> company an- in oxcoll
cnl sin	
Too Few of Them.
Anti Laurier provinces Mrlllsh <'ol
iiiinn, iMiinltobn, Ontario the antl
iiitirlor provinces   "The finest, in tho
mid    too  bad   there are  so  lew      of
hem."   Toronto Telegram.
Pernio, Nov 38 After a weefc "f In
icssanl min tt has cleared up al
though it remains cloudy, BtrootS are
vii y     muddy       and   DUtUHng   is   going
ahead with vlgoi The new brick
building ol thfl Orow's Nesl Trading
company Is Hearing completion and
should i>c read)  to "pen the first   ol
tin- Mii.iitii     \  i.itr>' nunabei  ,,i  men
 ugugod     Installing the new tele
phone v tern nnd tulttng out old
pole Wort will l»' rushed alon^ lo
but i j completion. The new freight
sheds ol the C.P.R will be complol
ed dn.ui Dec i They are much Inr
ger than the nld ones .nel should take
enrc ol the Increased traffic nt     this
Hore is a tribute to our British
Columbln fruil growers coming from
the Canadian Horticulturist, the ollieinl organ of the fruit growing indue
try in Canada, The comments are
found in the editorial columns uf that
"The comparatively new fruit
growing province ol British Columbia
can teach eastern grower's pointers on
growing nud Belling fruit This fact
is recognised not only hy enthusiasts
in that province, but also by eastern
growers who have visited British Columbia. Highest honors have been
taken by British Columbln fruit
wherever it bus been shown in coin-
petition. The growers have adopted
at the outset modern practices in
growing and modern methods in marketing. They have taken advantage
of all the experiences of California
and other western states nnd of the
older fruit growing provinces n-nd are
applying them to local conditions
ann improving upon them. It might
be said almost that they have started at the top ot the ladder. Wltb
this advantage combined with the
fact that nature has richly endowed
the province with soil and climate
that scarcely can be duplicated elsewhere' in the world, the growers of
British Columbia are fortunate.
"It would be folly to imagine that
mistakes have not been made and
will not be made. Many persons hfl-ve
gone Into tbe business without any
knowledge of the principles and the
practice of fruit culture. In attempting to upply up-to-date methods
without a thorough knowledge of tbe
simpler and Just as necessary mlftor
pructices, some have been and more
are apt to be disappointed. There is
opportunity for educational work on
the part of the older growers and of
the government. Many persons
also have bought land, through misrepresentation on the part of fraudulent land companies, many of them
are not in this class, that is little or
no value for anything. In spite of
these things, British Columbia is becoming famous for her fruits. Eastern
growers will have to keep moving to
ludd her own."
('anadian Farmer.
In this issue the process of weathering due to the various agencies
such as water, frost, chemica.1 action,
plants, earth worms and microbes
will be treated.
Let us tali' Tor example, a fresh
surface of bare rock and suppose that
the first thing that happens to it is
that it gets wet with rain. Water will
soak into the hardest and closest-
grained rock, ami this wetting leads
to a number of changes, lt dissolves
out nny of the solttbli units met with
nnd even some materials usually considered insoluble, thus helping to
loosen tho mineral particles. Whin the
rain falls iu sufficient quantities, it
collects into streams, which not only
help to wear n,way the loose material
from any surface it runs over, but also fairies it downwards, and deposits
it elsewhere. This "rain-wash" as it
is tinned, is sometimes a source of
injury to soil already formed, for any
loose material lying on sloping
ground is certain to bo carried down
wards to tho bottom of tlte Held, or
into the nearest stream or river. And
where there is no rain wash or Hooding, hut only stifllctenl  moisture    to
keop the  materials  wet,   the dissolved
pnrticlcH of the rock nccumulul	
the spot, and help lo farm the sub
soil, mid thru in t.iui' the Soil proper
Thc disintegrated material must nc
cumulate somewhere,   ll     tho surface
is toi rii level and I here is little iiooil
iug it will remain where formed, Imt.
the tain which helps to dissolve lln-
rock usually entries ii downward to
the stream.-, ami leaves it in the Iml
low, or carries ll Into the lakes m
even Into tho sen These ucoumulu
tions are not yoi ready for ordinary
vegetation and unless they undergo
further transformation will not produce the crops of the farm, There are
here just two points to remember ;
lirst, thai most soils have betn formed where we now find them, and, secondly, that it is the exceptional soils
that have been transported hy water.
This transportation of soil is constantly going on. If there is the least
slope the mere action of gravity, aided by heavy tains, will gradually
work tho liner earth downwards. The
observer will note that tho sandiest.
or stoniest part of a Held is at the
top, nud the iim st. soil at the bottom. Apart from the action of the
rain-wash the soil seems to work its
way bodily downwards "it a sloping
surface, leaving the top hare, and tlie
fertile soil crowded nl the bottom.
As soun a" l ho moist ure gbnhfl Into
any body and winter approaches, It Ik
linjile In freeze     ProoKlllR expands thfl
water, und I Iiuh breaks up the I ps
or blocks ol material and helps to
swell the broken .hulk, This procoss
may Ial''1 a long I ime, Imt if contin
lies each winter with almost unvarying regularity. The frost helps In
manufacturing ihe original material,
and I'fich winter breaks down still I
Continued on pago I
lliere Is Only One Bovril
One preparation which contains all the nutritive,
stimulating and flavoring qualities of prime beef.
Do not be induced to accept something else in place
That uame is a guarantee that the article you buy
really does contain these valuable qualities.
BOVRIL is exactly what you need to   increase
the flavor and "feeding" qualities of auy dish.
Noi  How  Cheap,  but
Ilim  Good .mil   How Cheap
II you liiivi- never tried our
I li urie-made  Peanut-Crisp.
Almond Rock and Lad)
all uml  yuu  will be convinced they
nre the titiest yuu ever ate.
por pound
tloods delivered to any plaee in eity.
Trading Co.
Phone 1SS.
We nre still handling
Agents for the Famous
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires Applied
To buggy Wheels
Repairing ;i Specialty.
Phone  id       •   •   •       P. 0.   Box  213.
Horses & Cattle
NOTICE is hereby given put
suant to tne Creditors1 Trust Deedi
.let, i him nnd Amending Acta tbal
John F. Dtiitey ol Hanbury, Brltlsl
Columbia- Lumberman by indent un
Creditors' trust deoda act, 1901,
oi assignment dated the 18th day ol
November, did assign all bis personal
property, real estate, credits and el
fects whieh may he seized and sold
under execution to Pei-cy Chapman ol
tbe City of Vancouver, in the Pro-
vince of British Columbia, Account
mint, for tbe general benefit of bis
A meeting of the creditors will be
held at the offices of the Messrs Hai
vey, McCarter & McDonald. Raker
street in the eity of ('ranbrook, iu'
the suid province on Thursday the
twenty-sixth day of November, 1908,
at 2 o'clock in thc afternoon [or tin
giving of direction with reference to
the disposal of the estate.
THER GIVEN that nil creditors and
others having claims against tbe es
tate are required to file the samp
with the assignee or bis solicitors,
Messrs. Harvey, McCarter & Mac
donald, on or before the thirty-first
day of December, A. D., 1908, with
full particulars of sume, duly verified
by affidavit, and the nature of the
securities, if nny, held by them.
THER GIVEN that after the thirty-
first day of December, A.D,, 1908, tne
assignee will proceed to distribute tbe
assets among the creditors of whose
claims be shall then.have received notice and he will not be responsible for
tbe assets or any part thereof so distributed to any creditors of whose!
debt or elaim he shall not have then
received  notice.
Duted at Cranbrook, this 14th day
of  November, A.D..  1908.
Vancouver, B. C.
By his solicitors Messrs. Harvey.
McCarter & Maedonald, Cranbrook,
B. 0. -47
TAKE NOTICE     that    Ervin     R, \
Streeter of     Elkmouth, British Columbia, occupation    Rancher, intends
to apply for    permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted at
the northerly end of an island in the
Kootenay itiver opposite E. R.'
Streeter's land, thence down stream
along the easterly side of said island
about twenty-five chains to tbe southerly end thereof, thence up stream
along the westerly side of said island
to plaee of beginning, being the whole
of said island and containing 20
. acres more or less.
Dated Oct. Hth, 1908, 44
RanPchyabout \ p£toBBhSmPSSS-lCA8H ON  DELIVERY   NOTICE
brook, near the old North Star Mill. ,
Por   Sule or Rout nt  Hi'ii.soimlile
(IlliiviS: Workshop    Lewis St.
Phono No- ii*.
$5.00 CASH
i: I DIhcoiiiiI  Kor Cash
■K^r^.. STRONG
Cash on delivery notice
The City Transfer Company and the
Cranbrook Cartage Company are reluctantly compelled to give PUBLIC
NOTICK that in future all COAL supplied by them to customers uud consumers must bo understood to be on
the understanding of a STRICTLY
money accompany orders.
, Uur many customers are very respectfully assured thai when COAL is
ordered and not paid for la inn stored
no delivery will in any cuse be made; ,■
not because wo doubt iu any way the f |
solvency nnd respect ability of our
many customers, hut because we are
required by tbo Ooal Companies sup
plying us to pay spot cash boforc wo
are allowed lo handle tlie hill of lad
lug of our fuel, and also to pay all
frolght charges before being pormll
ted (o unload the cars.
for tlte City Transfer Co.
)<>i the Crnnbrook   Cartage Co
| Dated   this     Iflth day nl November,
Armstrong Avonuo,
I'll,mi. UST. Oi'nnbt'ook, 11 0,
District of !*imt Kootenny.
TAKE NOTIOB tlmt. Thomas .1.
Agar, of Slmcoo, Ontario, occupation
.solicitor, intcnils to npply for per
mission to purchase the following
luml, boing four islands in tlie Kootenay rivu-r lying opposite lot illi,
group 1, lii'srrilu.'il us follows: Commencing ut. u post planted on the 1
west side of the northerly Island in \
tlie group nnd on tin; soutli line of
lot 388, group I, Kootonay district ;
thonco down streiun following the
westerly side ol the islund to tho
southerly mnl thoroof; thonco up
stream on tlio easterly sido ol tho
Island to tlio soutli line of lot. 338 ;
thonco west, to placo or beginning ;
ulsn tlm three smaller lnlunils soutli
of tho abovo Island, nil containing
nboul. KII iiiircs.
Datod Oetobor 30th, 101)8,
The delay for ijoiumi'iu'ing tho pub
lli'iitlon of tho above notlco Is ox
tended to tbo I8f-.h day of November,
Asst, I'liiiiui'i- THS   PROSPECTOR,   CRANBROOK,   B.   C,   NOVEMBER   28,   1908.
NOVEMBER   2Qth,   1QOS.
The Drink Traffic is Doomed
The British Government has decided that the Saloon is manufacturing too many paupers and
criminals.   It will probably close many thousands of these public nuisances by the Licencing BUM.
New Zealand has enough lunatics and has decided to stop making them by forcing the
liquor out of a large part of the land.
Europe generally, is fighting the Drink Curse, and the Russian Government has insisted
that the skull and cross bones be placed on the labels of the liquor bottles.
America, the great leader in this reform has chased the devil across nearly half the territory,
about 35,000,000 people being under prohibition, Bankers, Merchants, Attorneys, and Statesmen say
it pays; men with rags and red noses, and the criminal class say it does not: Which is the more
reasonable to believe ? CANADA, our beloved land has said:
The Saloon Must Go.
Ill 1
In every Province from Ocean to Ocean the Statesmen and the Christian Churches of all
denominations are fighting for the prosperity of our land by insisting that the Crime-breeding,
Home-destroying, Boy-corrupting Saloon must go. A Local Option measure will be brought
before the Parliament of B.C. in a few months. No legislation can be perfect, but experience
extending over many years says this method  is as  good as any—it   leads to  prohibition.
Next Sunday night at the Methodist Church, Local Option will be the theme.
Solos, and bright singing. Prize recitations will be given by elocution medallists. At the close of the service an opportunity will be given by any who
represent the liquor interests to speak upon the other side of the question. On this question the pulpit is no coward's castle. Doors open at 7. Service
commences at 7-30, tlie stewards will be greatly assisted by an early attendance.
This great movement is world-wide ; it is not the cry of one particular church, or the vain efforts of a fanatic ; it i.s not directed against any particular
individuals,   but  it  is  an   universal  crusade against iniquity and spoilation ;   it  has  an  educational,  and  therefore  an  ethical  basis;  upon   the  question,
the whole of Christendom is united; it is a fight between the Church of Christ and the gates of Hell.
Who will win? No sane man doubts. The Liquor Traffic is Doomed.
\ ***************************************************************************************************************** ***ft^^
Tnko notice that I intend to apply I rjYTU I      UUIIl'IVri I *
to the     Superintendent of provincial 1 Lr-a. 1 nil     1 Kl"> IHV.I^1.\
I Police nfter thirty days from tbe
publication of this notice, lor u re-
I newal of my licence to sell intoxicut-
' ing liquors bv retail oa the premises
l -mown as the Windsor Hotel """
H.   S.   MATHER.
26, 1908.
Fort Steele. Oct.
District of Eust Kootenny.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Clement H.
Pollen    of    Cranbrook,     occupation
-cent,     intends to apply for permis-
-lon to    purchuse the following described lands:   Commencini! at u post
plunted at the S. W. corner J. Means
Pre-emption,    eust    30 ehains to the
1 boundnry   of   lot     6033,   thenee     30
,-h,iins south to the boundary of lot
-M8, thence 30 chnins west, tbence .11
ehnlns     north     to   thc     point     ol
.commencement,  containing  100  acres
fiiiore or less, -^^m H. POLLEN
muted-, October 30th, 1908. «
District of Eust Kootenny.
TAKE NOTICE tlmt I, I'l'uncis H.
. ,'ullen of London, Bug., occupation a
I (roe miner, Intend to apply for pcrmlB-
Islon to pur-Base tUe (ollowittg des
scribed lumls:   Commoneiug ut n post
-Blunted nt Ha1 N- P' ''"n"''' v" ,'•
' lot 342 -in i'liuins rforth lollowing tlto
„„„„l„',.v „, lot lie nnd 888, thence
in chnlna west, thonco 40 chains
south, thonco 40 elniins oi-at, to till
point of    commoncoment, contnining
nil ni't'i'K mon or less.      	
Datod, October 30th, 1908, 46
District ot East Kootonay.
i  TAKE     NOTICE thnt 1, ,fus.  Ryan
,i Oranbrook, occiipaitlon Journalist,
ntonds t.i apply lor permission to
purchaso tho lollowing described
lands: Commencing nl n post
planted at the 8. *. cornel■ ol lot
211-18, soutli 30 i'liuins to lot 608B,
tlience oust 30 chains, tlionco north
chains, tbence west. 80 chains,
tho point ol commoncoment, con-
tttlnlnEl0° 'ISbst h.'pollen,
" Dnted, October 30th, 1908. 45
District of Enst Kootenny.
Take notice that Hugh Stewurt of
Oranbrook, occupation merchant, inienils to npply for permission to purchase tho following described lunds :
Commonelng at a post plunted on
tlie Kootenuy river approximately (MI
lhe soutli lioiiinliiry ol lot Illi, 2(1
chains west to tho boundary ol lot
.142, tlienee 411 elmlns smith following
the enst, boundary of lot 342 to the
Kootenay Rlvor, thonco 40 eliuins lol-
' lowing   tho    Koolenny   river to the
iiint    ol   commencement.,  contnining
*,(l ueres more or less.
Duted, Oetober 80th, 1908. 4
I hereby certify that the "Corbin
Coul and Coke Compuny, Limited,"
hus this day been registered as tin
Extra-Provincial Company under the
"Commissioners Act, 1897," to carry
out or affect ull or uny of the objects of the Compaoy to which the
legislative uuthority of the Legislu-
turc of British Columbia extends, except the construction and working ol
The head ollice of the Compnny Is
situute nt Spokune, in the County ol
Spokune, State of Wusbington.
The amount of the cupltnl of tbe
Coinpuny is one million dollars, divided into ten thousand shares of ono
hundred dollars each. !!!
The lieud oftlce of the Coinpuny in
this Province is situute ut Cranbrook
unil Jus. A. Harvey, Bnrrister-at-law
whose address is Cranbrook afore
snid, is the attorney for the Oompany, not empowered to issue nnd
ti'iinsfer stock.
'I'lie   time  of  tlie  OXlstenco  of      tile
Company  is llfty years from  August
I2l.ll, 19118.
Tlie  i'oinpiiny   is  Limited,
(liven under my hand and soul    of
otlice. nt Victoria, Province of Brit
ish Columbiu, this 12tli day ol Octo
bor,   one   thousand nine  hundred and
I ,1,. s.j s. V   WOOTTON,
I    Registrar ol -loint Stock Companies
I The objects lor which tliis corpora
i ion is foiini'ii nro:
(ul To carry on in the Provineo of
British Oolumbla, mul throughout, tho
Dominion of Canada, or in nny other
part ol the wfR-liI, the business ol
ooal mining in nil its brnnchos ; to
purchase, louse or otherwise acquire
eonl mines, coal lands, coul proper
lies, mineral and mining rights, mul
lo develop, mine und opcrute such
mines nnd properties; to buy nml sell
eonl, manufacture nnil sell coke und
other by-products; to locate or oth
orwlse acquire metalliferous mines,
unil to work nnd operate the somo ;
to own und operate concentrators,
smelters und oilier appliances for the
reduction nnd smelting of ores, um
to deul gonerally in minimis uml
mineral products.
I (b) To ncnulre by purchase or otherwise, und tn sell mid lease oil nnd
I gns properties; to construct nnd
maintain pipe .linos, nmi to drill pll
,„„! gns wells, und develop, operate,
1 lenso or sell the smile; l.o furnish, sel
and supply both natural nml artificial
gus' to sell oil iiiiiI ongago iii lhe business of Venning the sumo; uml goner
ally to furnish, sell, supply ami
pose of the product
properties; to buy
tpilro wator rights, wuter p
wutor privileges, construct pipe kmes
und innins uml establish wutei-ww-ks
with nil necessary equipment, und to
use.    furnish, sell nnd supply wuter ;
elisor suid wells und
l- otherwise     urowers   ol
to construct and estubltsh a plant or
! plants, with all necessary equipment,
! lor the production of electricity by
] water-power or any other power,   for
heut, light or power, and to use, fur-
j nlsh, sell nnd supply the sume; to
j own,  construct     and  operate street
railways by electricity or other mo-
j tlve power, and to hold nny unrt all
: rights, privileges and franchises inei-
I dent or necessary thereto.
(c) To carry on the business of
j lumbering in all its branches; to buy,
! sell, prepure for market, manipulate,
j Import, export aad deal in timber,
' lumber, railroad ties, piling, pulp-
wood, telegraph and telephone poles,
fence posts and wood of all kinds; to
manufacture lyid deul in articles of
all kinds in the manufacture of which
wood is used or forms a component
part, nnd to purchuse, sell nnd den! in
real estate, timlier, timber lunds und
timber berths.
(d) To eurry on the business of
general contractors; to own und operate wholesale antl retail stores, to
purcliu.se und vend general merchandise of nil kinds; to build, acquire,
possess and operute factories, grist
mills, Hour mills, elevators, machine
shops, blacksmith shops nnd machinery ol ull kinds, uml to purchase, sell
uml deul in machinery, grain, tloui
und brendstttfls.
(cl To ilo nil kinds of mining,
manufacturing nnd trading business ,
transporting goods nml merchandise
by luml or water in uny manner ; to
buy, sell, louse uml improve binds, In
jacquire,   nse, sell nml grunt licences
'iiiulor patent rights; to purchase or
otlterwiso    acquire,  hold,  sell,  nssign
|miil trnnslor   shares of capital stock
I und bonds or other evidences of in
debtodnoss oi corporations, mnl to ox-
loreise jiII the privileges of ownership,
Including voting upon tlio storks    s,,
'held; nnd gonerally to carry on pny
othor business which mny Boom to
this company capable of being con
voniently carried on in connection
with unv ol the ubove. or calculated
directly or Indirectly, to enhance Hie
value ol this company's property or
rights for the time being.
ID To construct, Improve, main
tain, alter, work, operute, manngo,
carry out'or control uny roads, ways,
wuter powers, reservoirs, diiins, nquo-
duets, ennuis, sluices, Humes, train-
ways, surface or aerial logging rail
ways operated liy steam, electricity
or other mechanical powor, tolograph
uud telephone lines, electric supply
lines, bridges, wharves, booms, timber slides, booming grounds, innnii
ufactorlos, warehouses, hydraulic
works, electric works, houses, shops
'stores, buildings nnd other works uiul
conveniences which may seem calcu
luted directly, or Indirectly, to ml
vuiu'o tliis compnny's inleresls.
(gj To purchaso uml rccolvo from
tlio subscribers If Hie capital stock
holders thoroof, mines, mining dnims
eonl lmuis or oilier properties, real
nnd personal, useful or of value lo
tbe Compuny ; mul to receive (lie
sumo in pnyinent of their subscriptions to the capital stock of the  '
poi'iitioii, or to the amount duo on
their stock, to such amounts as the
Board ol illroctors mny think proper,
and to issue to such subscribers or
stockholders     thereof stock fully or
partially paid up:
(h) To (jell or dispose of the undertaking, laads, property, estate, chattels and effects ol this company, or
any part thereof for such consideration us this Compuny may think tit,
and in particular lor shares, debent-
I ures or securities oi any other cotn-
Ipany operating wholly or partly    in
| the Province of British Columbiu mnd
| whether the objects of such compnny
arc altogether or in part similar to
those of this Company:
(1) To purchuse, take or lciisc or
in exchungc, or otherwise acquire uny
real or personal property Including
stock, in uny other compaoy or companies,   or   any rights   or   privileges
. which this Company muy think necessary or convenient for thc purposes
ol its business:
,    (j)   To amalgamate with uny other
' Company now or hereafter incorporated operating or to operate wholly
or partly iu the province of British
Columbia, which this Coinpuny may
deem useful to or calculated to in-
creuse its business, und to subscribe
for, accept and bold shares In uny
such Company; also to aid any other
coinpuny or corporation in uny enterprise or undertaking which may lie of
assistance or benctit to this Company
I and to thut end mny loun money to
such compnny or corporation, and
mny nlso pledge the property of this
Company, or . execute nnd deliver
mortgages or trust deeds or uny of
its property, us security for the payment ol the debts, obligations, bonds
or debentures of such other company
I or corporation,, in such iim,,nuts uml
to such extent us the Board ol Trustees of this Coinpuny muy think pro
iki To borrow, or ruise, or secure
payment   of   money in such manner
j uml form us this compuny may think
lit. nml in particular by the issue of
bonds, debentures or debenture stock
charged upon ull or n,ny uf tlie Com
pnny's property present or future, or
luitli, Including uncnllcd capital:
! (li To draw, ninko, accept, indorse
or discount, oxocuto und issue promisor)- notes, bills of exohnngo, bills  of
j luding, warrants, debentures nnd oth
lor negotinlil '    trnnsforablo iMtrti-
| ments:
(llll   'I'o    npply   for,   purehl
;otherwise acquire any patent
cut rights containing any oxel
or nonexclusive or limited right
use, which muy seem calculated lu
directly or Indirectly benoflt this
Compnny, nnd to use. oxcrclso, develop und turn to account tlio property
or rights so acquired:
! (n) To obtain nny ael o
„„.„( lor enabling this Company i"
carry uny of its objects into ofloct, or
for effecting nny modification of nun
Company's constitution, or for nny
„llioi- purpose which mny seem oxpotl-
,lent, or to oppose uny proceedings oi
jipplifulions     whioh mny seem -■■'-"
Intod, directly or Indirectly, I'
dice tliis Conipnny's Interests:
i,,,   To sell. Improve,  mining
volop, exchange, louse, mortgage, di
pose ol, turn to a mnl "' nthorwli
JI iiu,
, preju
idcul with all or uny part of the pro-
i perty und rights of this Coinpuny:
(p) To distribute nny of the property ol this Compnny among thc
j members in specie:
(il) To procure this Compuny to be
'registered, licensed or recognized in
[ the Province ol British Columblu, or
! in uny province or territory in the
Dominion of Canada, or in any Pro-
' vince, country or plnee:
• (r) To do ull such other acts as
or Incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects, or ally
of them, and to exercise, generally,
ull such powers us may from time to
i time be conferred on this Company
I by act of parliament, charter, licence
or other executive or legislative nlii!
Take notice thut 1, Andrew B.
Gruce, of Crunbrook, occupation
Journalist, intend to upply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lunds n,ntl
[ Works for permission to purchase tho
j following described lunds in East
: Kootenny: Commencing at a post
!plunted ut the south enst corner ol
block 42,i, thence west 811 ehuins,
thence south 80 chnins, tbenee eust
: 80 ehuins, tlience north 80 chuins to
plucc of beginning, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dnted Oct. 2(1. 1908.
The time for thc commencement of
the publication in the B. C. Gazette
nl the above notice bus been extended
to the -Ith day of December, 1908.
,1, !•'. ARMSTRONG,
Assistant Commissioner of Lands
uml Works.
Tnko notiee that I. Lizzie (ll'UiCO ol
Cranbrook, occupation married woman, intend lo apply to the Chlol
Commissioner of Lunds nml Works
for permission to purchase llu- following described binds in Enst Kooten
,-,y: Commencing ut n post plantod
nt tlie south oust, corner of A. B.
Grace's purchase,    thonoo     wesl     8il
ehuins to tlio C.P.R, light of wny.
thenee following snid right ol way in
nn    oastorly   direction t" tlio soutli
boundary ni lol  -12-',, ihonoe  -tli  In
chains moro or loss lo llio plnee ol
boglnnlng, containing  I"" uores more
A, Ii. Grace, Agent
Dated not. 26th, 1908.
Tbo time for tl"' commencement  "1
the publication in tlio B, C. Gazette
of Hie above mil ieo bus I,eon oxtcnacil
to llio -Illi dny of December, 1908
Assisiniit Commlsslonor   <>t    LandB
uml' Works.
The Fishery Protection
Vlclorln Nov. 28 Tenders hnve
been invited for u 19 knot llsbery pro
teoiion cruiser for llriiisli Columbia,
I,, bo in January 16, The cruiser will
bo 2,rill foot long, 32 feet benlil nml 15
leet deep. The llriiisli Columbln uun
ine Railway compnny ol   Esquimau,
will   submit  n   tender.
Electoral District   of Crunbrook.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat Sit-
tiugs ol tbe above Court will be held
ut the Government Building, Cranbrook, for the disposal of case*
every Wednesday, at two o'clock p,
m.; at Moylc every Saturday at the
Steele and Wardner on sucb daya
and dates as muy be appointed io
the proceeding!.,
same hour;   and at Marysville, Fort
All debts and demands not exceeding the sum of "100 cun be sued for
and recovered lu the above mentioned Court on Summons and
Judgement, Garnishee (cither belore
or after Judgement) or on Instalment Order which can be enforced by
commitment 11 necessary.
Instructions for proceedings can be
handed in   to   the     undermentioned
Clerks of tbe Court., viz:—
F.  R. Morris, Deputy Sheriff,   Cran
P. G. Routb,   Provincial    Constable,
Moyie,     or to
Joseph  Walsh,  Provincial Constable,
Fort  Steele.
Joseph Ryan
Dated 22nd day ol June, 1908.
Notice is hereby given thut an application will be mude to tlie Leglslu
tlve Assembly of tbo provineo of British Columbia nt its next session lor
un net to Incorporate n company,
witli power t" bund, coustruct,
maintain uml operate a lino of railway of standard gunge to bo operated by steam, electricity or any other
power, tor the carrying of freight,
passengers und express: Commencing
ni j, in,ini mi tho Bastorn British
Columbia Railway ut or nenr the
town nt Corbin; thonco m s southern
direction lollowing tbo oust fork uf
ilie soiiili fork of Michel Crook to the
summit betweon thai Creok and a
tributary to tbo Flathead rivor,
thonco in a southerly direction down
.snid tributary to ibe Flathoad rivor,
tlienee southerly along suid Flathead
river, or by lln- mosl convenient
ij,nto, in ji point <>n tin- International boundary between tho province uf
llritish Columbia uud thc United
Statos ol America, n distance of
lorty mill:., mon- ,,i less, with powor
I,, ' construe! and opornte tolograph
nnd telephone lines lor in,, purpose ol
its   bllSlneBS  llllll   Un    tile   |illl,III'.   Ullll
power lo ,,wn, use uml oporate water
powers  ronvenioul   to   llu-   road      for
railway uml othoi  purposes, und with
such     othor     powers and  privileges
which     nre usiiully given i<. Railway
Unted nt. Ornnbrook,  Novombor 7ib,
HARVEY,   Mil-Alt'l l'*.l!   ,v   MACIION
ALIi.    Solicitors    (or ibe Applicants,
PROSPECTOR. THK   IMJOSl'KlTOK,    CKANHKOOK,    IS.    C.    NOVEMBER   *!\    Hills.
tt ******************************************* \ t£he ijjtoopcctoc.
Every Man and Boy should own .1 warm
winter cap. For driving, for working, for zero
da\s, there is an ocean ol comfort in .1 wintei
cap. A great protection surely, We have .til
the good ,ind desirable shapes in stei k.
Meltons,    jerseys.    Tweeds.
and    Blue    Cloths.
Warm I.u  Protections in hoy's school cap>,
1,11 at variet\.     Ul si es.
Prices75c.$1.00$1.2S$1.50 $1.75 $2.00 eacl
wi   ,il-' 1 cany  tl
Easterrj    l^nit    Bai)d    Cap.
A cap with a knitted wool band, which  fits
1 e on the ears and neck, the finest cap in
tin- market.
Prices $1.25 $150 $1.75 erch.
BURNS   Bros.
THE   POPULAR  STORE.   CraiybrooK
K.   s.  Garrett  spout  Saturday   in
James Balfour ol Calgary wus    in
town Wednesday,
W   Q,  Smith ol Corblu was in lhe
city Wednesday,
;   .1. Sims ol Vancouvor wns iu    the
city Thursday.
C. J, Clayton <u Uarysrllle win iu
town Wodnesday
M   I.   Clark ol Wetnaktwln was   in
town uu Monday.
elm.-.   A   Kllngersmitb ol Elko wus
In town Thursday
K   W   Smith ot    Vancouver was in
tho olty Thursday
I'i uiik  Dorltoslei ol Jnftruy was   In
the cltj Thursday
i   .1   lining ,,i     Vanoouvoi  was In
the tit)  Wednesdaj
Id'l" .it     I Shiloh's   lino   will   ul
ways im,- caj ioughs aud colds "
i'antrj Cabinets al IS oo while ihoj
i.i.-.i    I'lim,,n- Bros
R   li   i;,-ii.,n  .-i  IVnnlnot  we      In
Cranbrook Thursday
\j     Doyle     drovo over Irom Furl
si,-,'!,- Honda* on business
Constabli   M  was .,i  ft'atl ihurg
Tuesday on legal business
D   S   Gulntn came up inun    Hull
Rlvei Tuesday .'it business
♦           ♦
♦ ♦
I-'.    I-'.    Jones     wjis down from Hi,
tlmberley  mines Wednesday
Al   Doyle and Wm   Carlin oi   Fort
Steole won- in towu Friday.
Order   your    Turkeys and Chickens
lij'tii tho Calgary Cuttle Co.
C. A   Gasklre
berley Wedncsda
down from Kin
Call atjji S(;e the new Xmas Goods at Raworth Bros,
i U---I I'i Cutlery, from 15.00 to MO.OO
' lake Knives from '*■',.'•
Klsh Cur vitro, uterling mounted. $13.00 a pair
Mi ■ a i Curvet's, from 84.50 tu 415.00 a pair
• l-Yiiii Knives, b1orks. silver mounted, UO to $20
All these (roods filled in leather rate*.
Many   new  and   dainty  designs   in   Jewelery   for
your inspection.
C.P.R. Inspectors. Cranbrook, B.C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I'he usual discussion us to the pos-
mhle successor ta the political leader
who lost in tin- recant election la go-
inn on. M' Borden, nay some papers
should be replaced by a stronger man
umontt the nam en suggested being Sii
Charles Hibbert Tupper, Htr James
Whitney and  Premiot   McBride.
Apart from the unlikeliness oi nny
i,i the ebove nutned gentlemen pining
toi Mi Borden « task, and apart nlso
Irom the • i j ipen question whether
inj one o( them would make as good
, [eadei an he does, H is worth while
noting thai In Canada govei nments
are Mildom defeated by the personnl
strength of the leadei opposed to
them but usually by theit own,weak'
ness Am ..i din tn polil les al pre
uent practiced In this country b government once entrenched iii power, le
well nigh Impregnable against hk-
Bauttn from without Its effective
control of electoral machinei y and
civil appointment both of which
Bhould properly be in the hands of independent bodies gives II a t remand
oils lever The judicious distribution
of public Work among t he const!! u
encies keepi thc people eithei gaptng
i. expectancy oi imillng in gral It ude,
With such Influences in il fa 'oi
Canadian government need only enn
duct Itself with reasonable propriety
to enjoy long life and political pros
Dcfenl usuallj comes through Intel
m,l dlsordei Tupper, Creenway,
Ross and   Men lei   nnd     othci   Cann
Inn   pre 11 have     found thai  Dtit
Laurlor hml the symptoms last month
hul managed to pull through It Is
now in his powor to purge hm party
und approach the noxl  olection with
a  clean hill      of  health.   Most  people,
however, forget those things once
they are out of the doctor's office.
Meantime, Mr, Bordon is all right.
He fulfills to a nicety the requirements of his position. And when he
gets a chance at Sir Wilfrid's Job tho
odds are that be will hold it down
mute acceptably than any of tho gentlemen whn have heen nntned to sup
plant him.
The Girl From Chili.
"The iiiri From Chili," which    is
l<>   he   Li-Id   at    the   I'in llllli ink     opera
house next Monday night, crimes
highly recommended by the press of
the coast cities. It is a cleverly constructed farce comedy on tho "Charley's Aunt" order and is played with
a snap and uo Dial keeps thc audience in a continuous state of merriment throughout the entire performance. The company is n very clever
and hard working one, very strong In
Singing voices, and the interpolated
specialties n,ro up-to-date and thoroughly enjoyable. The colobrated Salome dance, as presented from Mile.
La Tn 'a being tin* best and most n-r-
tlstfc Interpretation of thnt great
dame evoi presented to a western
audience n-mi one which no one need
need (eel any scruples in witnessing
and onjoyfng as all features bordering
on the ghastly or vulgar aro ollmln
ated, even so far hh to wear Grecian
sandals     Instead of dancing in   ban1
root MlSN Sidney Fa nun r in tlie
leading role is un actress nf extreme
cleverness -unl vivacity, wears stun-
nlng gowns and easily fills all ro*
riulrcmonts. On the whole, n very on
Joyable evening tuny be spent with
'The Ctrl  From Chili" next   Mondny,
Irresistible prices A Kitchen Cab
inet for $5.00, at Patmore Hros.
Repeat it: -"Shiloh's Cure will always cure my coughs and colds."
v Carney of Kaslo, provincial tlmbei   inspector,  wn-s in town Friday.
At the Edison theatre the moving
pictures are drawing large crowds.
Hive out about the free Xmas
books at the Cranhrook Book Store.
Fresh Lettuce, Radishes and Celery
every day at Campbell & Manning's.
Mrs. K. C. Smith of - St. Mary's
Prairio was a Cranhrook visitor Friday.
C. li. Herold and .J. Sea vers on of
Bull River were in the city on Thursday.
Figure wha,t you can save. A Kitchen Cabinet for $5.00 at Patmore
A. K. Watts of Wattsburg was in
town during tin early putt of this
Or. P. D. Hope of Marysville was
in Cranbrook for several days this
CJanong's G. B. Chocolates, the
best in the land at Campbell & Manning's.
Repeat it:—"Shiloh's Cure will always cure my coughs and colds."
Free Prize Books for the boys nnd
girls at the ('ranbrook Drug nnd
Book Co.
Leave your order for cut flowers
for Xmas early with Campbell &
•1. 1). McBride put in this week n
large new safe which Weighed over
three tons.
Mr, and Mrs. W. H. Granger of
Canal Flats, were Cranbrook visitors
Mr. and Mrs. A. S hep pa I'd and family of Wardner were Crnnbrook visitors Tuesday.
Thos. Biggs of Fernie, secretary of
the Local Miners' Union, was in town
Siindn>   last.
The moving pictures at. tlie Edison
theatre will be particularly interesting next  week.
A. E. Blown of Brandon and W.
Walsh oi' London spent Saturday last
in Crnnbrook.
BORN At Cranbrook, B. C, 'November lltth, to Mr. and Mis. Fred
Bryans,  a son.
.1. M. Agnew and R. M. Bird of
Nelson were at Crunbrook Saturday
last on business.
I'. Lund, manager of the Crow's
Nest Lumber Co. at Wardner, was In
town   Wednesday.
Mr. Thomas Oakley, with the ('. p,
R. In Fernie, renewed acquaintances
In town Sunday.
Ed. Hill of Moyie was in town on
Tuesday. "Ed" was wearing a
"Goodeve" smile.
L. Stockott, manager of tlie Hosmer coal mines, was at Cranbrook on
Monday on business,
Nat. Darling of Vancouver, a knight
of Mu1 grip, was transacting business
nt. Crnnbrook Monday.
I*. R, Ross of Winnipeg, .1. K. Stephens und A. Price of Calgary were
Crnnbrook visitors Monday.
Colin c. Brown of Vancouvor was
In town Wednesduy. lie Visltod Fort
Steele Thursdny on business,
Come ami get your choice of a
Pantry Cabinet at $.r..0il before they
are nil gone,    Patmore Bros.
A C. Bowness spent several days
this week at, Moyie, Vahk, Creston !
and other points on tlie Crow,
i A handaotue stove has been presented to the Band, for use in the
i Band room, hy J. P   McBride.
dames Finlay, manager ol the
Mnrysville Smelter was in town dur
ing the early part of tlie week.
G. K Henderson. president and
manager ot the Bull River Power and
Light Co.,  was in town Tuesday
ll Pearson, proprietor of the .lul
(iny hotel at Jaffray was transact
n\K buslnoss at Cranbrook Wednesday
V Leitch. president of the Kast
Kootenay Lumber Co., was at Gal
gitry this week on company  business.
For Sule \ medium sized parlor
stove, nearly new, upply to J. B. II.
M lei'Bon,    Box  198, Oranbrook,  B
0 i
\l      Mnt/,   maQAgOI'   ol   the   Ferine,
Fort Steele   Brew Ing Company   wns
in town Tuosdaj on    company bust
Ueiicnt ii ' Stolons Cure will al
ways rule   m\   coughs and colds "
Win   Sliii...  who has been dome,  the
development work on mining proper
iv on Woll Creok was m town Wed
n,  iln)
K   F   Davidson, C   H   Bklunor, 0
i;     Michel,   uuil   \*     Scott,   mil   ol   Cnl
gnrj, were guosts ul     the Cranbrook
Donald McAulay formerly ol Cran
brook has taken up ins residence m
Memtl.   Nicola,  aud  Is doing  well  in
bis new  liuiiii'
D \ ClomentS ol Spokane was in
lown Friday Mr Clements is mast
cr mechanic of the Soo Bpokn-no lt.lt.
nnd is here ou company husiness.
C H Wheeler ot Winnipeg. C. A.
Dritliu ol Hamilton, J, E. Williams
of Montreal, and T. P. Wnllis of Nelson were nt  Cranhrook  .Monday.
Mrs ,1. F, Smith nnd Iiei sister
.Miss Bailey spent a lew days ill Fort
Steele this week visiting old friends
ami  enjoyirtg  a   good   time  generally.
P. Chapman of Vancouvor, B, Tall
of Toronto, J. MacKnchern ol Moyie,
.1. .1. Thompson of Vancouver, and
H. Ryers of "Nelson was at the Cranbrook Friday.
Repeat it:—"Shiloh's Cure will always cure my coughs and colds."
A couple of dizzy blondes from the
restricted district, indulged in a game
of breaking windows, were up before
thc beak on Tuesday and donated ten
and costs to the city treasury.
S. H. Hunter of Pincher Creek,  ,1.
R,   Waldo,   E.   L.   Burden  of Toronto,
B. Wheeler of London, and Br. W. J. ■
Harvey of Toronto were registered at
the Cranhrook Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Fanning of Belleville, arrived in Crnnbrook. on Sunday. They are at present visiting
Mrs. J. E. Kennedy and Mrs. Hay-
ward, their daughters.
.1. F. Archer of Seattle, A. I). McDonald of Winnipeg, I,. L. Perry of
Toronto, and .1. V, Hansen of Milwaukee, Wis., were guests at the
(.'ranbrook  Sunday last.
Thos.      Christian and  J.  F.  Huch- ;
croft,  who are engaged  in constructing bridges in the now town of Corbin in tlie Flathead valley spent several days this week in Cranbrook.
Mr. J. E. South, superintendent of
the Children's Refuge Home in Vancouver, passed through by eustbound
express Thursday to take charge of
four children consigned to his care.
A. J. Kngllsh of Calgary, H. F.
Annable of Tabor, J. .1. Wittner of
Vancouver, .1. Carroll of Tabor, 0,
Mead and G. E. Clark of Vancouver,
were registered nt the Crnnbrook on
Bandmaster F. E. Corrison returned home Friday from the far east.
Bandmaster F.  E. Corrison returned to the city on Friday last    after
attending the funeral of his wife     at
Sarnia, Ont.   He is accompanied   by j
his two sons, who will become mem- [
hers of the eity band.
A petition was circulated this week j
asking the city council to pass a by- >
law closing dry goods and grocery
stores at li.lttl p.m. every day in thc :
week except Saturday, No stores are1
open  Sunday  in Cranbrook.
The eity band has commenced regular rehearsals on the return of Band
master Corrison to the city. A full |
attendance nut liim Monday night
last when some good work was done.
Young members are required for the
hand.   Apply  to  Baadmaster
mil Christmas  iv
ami  wo  will   put to ono aide for yo
A Bissell Carpet Sweeper
thon deliver iv at HER house, she
uiil appn rialc youi' tiunigiiUulm-
Cranbrook, B.C.
I'.s. Wi- ,-|i|i tbi- Inllmvin,; Itoros from tho c.unulijin Gnzalto,
nml |ia.s nn to uur natronH: To make biscuit! lljrht
(li'onuti with "THHollna mul Ignite before soi'vintr, tl|HV Lo
keup si'i'vanl*   chloroform nml lock thom In the eollni'.
Staple   and   Fancy" Groceries.
The place to buy your Xmas Goods, New Raisens,
Currants, and Peels. Choice Table Figs and fresh
Nuts. A swell line of Fancy Confectionery.
♦ ♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
We l)e;il in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
All kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old Stand. Hanson Ave.
The Leading Fruit Store
I. Ben W. Werden. ol Fort Steele,
British Columbia, Hotel Keeper, hereby apply to the Superintendent ol
Provincial Police for a renewal of
my licence to sell intoxicating liquors
under the provisions ol the Statutes
in thnt behalf, in the premises known
and described ns thc Imperial Hotel
at Fort Steele.
My post office address is Fort
Steele, B. C.
The- names and addresses ol the
owners of the premises proposed to
be Licenced njrc "Nils Hanson, Wnsa,
B. C," and "Robert L, T. Galbraith,
Fort Steele, B. C."
Dated   this   2lith    day ol November,
A purty of tourists were at Oranbrook Ihis week from the United
Slates looking over the country and
were much plonstxl witli the prosperity of the district. Amonn tlio party
were ll. II. McOnry, Ornntl Forks, N.
II.; II. II. Ilusscll, Republic; Mrs. I,. PHONE
Ktnlinl' nml Miss Kiln Offend ol Canton; 11. .1.  Palmer ol Harker. uml T.   	
M.   Heneny  ol  Onnton,   South Dakota.
Hugh Stewart
1, Nils Hanson,     of     Wasn, Uritish
'Columbin, hereby apply to thc Superintendent nf Provincial Police for a
transfer from myself to Hen W. Ver-
den of iny retail licence to sell intox
jicatlng liquors, undor the provisions
'of the .Statutes in that hehall, in thu
premises known ami described as the
; Imperial Motel at Fort  Steele.
I The above license is valid until the
31st day of December.  1908.
! The names and addresses of the
owners of the premises proposed to
he licenced are "Nils Hanson, Wasa,
B. C," and "Robert L. T. (ialhraith,
fort Steele, It. ('."
Dated this 26th dav     of     November,
■    1908,
District of KooU-nay.
Strain on Imperialism.
London, Nov. 2*> Referring to the
Dikh Immigration to Uritish Columbin, the Globe says: "So far as treating him as a subject, of tbe same empire the Canadian often is ignorant
enough to treat, tbe Sikh or Hindu as
•'Nigger." The Canadian is putting a
pretty hard strain on imperialism
when he begins to treat the Indian as
a man utterly beneath himself while
be still asks that thc Indian civil service should be open to himself and
sons and that Indian trade should be
free to Ohnadians."
Duncan Is After It.
Ottawa, Nov. 21 Dunen-n Ross, ex-
M.r. for Yale Cariboo, is In this city
and It Ih stated be is looking for the
vacancy on the railway commission
rendered vacant by tho death of Hon.
Thos.  (Jreenway.
East Kootenay
Dye House
Por all  kinds of
Nothing fine  oi'  coarse,   lurge
or small that we cannot handle
We also do
J. Leask, Tailor
TAKE NOTICK thnt sixty days after date I, George Lloyd, civil engineer, Cranhrook, intend making application to the Honorable thc Chief
j Commissioner of Lands and Works
j for permission to purchase the foi
| lowing described lands:
I Commencing at a post placed at
the N. W. corner of lot 1591 on the
| Kast bank of the Kootenay River,
thence east 13 chains, more or less,
following the Northern Boundary of
! lot Iii to a cornei' post of lot 8103 ;
thence North 20 chains, more or less,
following the west Boundary of lot
8103 to bank of Kootenny River ;
thence following Kootenay River in a
South-Westerly direction to place of
beginning, containing 20 acres more
or less.
Dated  November 9th,  1908.
Dr. E.  W.     Connolly bus been ap-
Announcement  wins  made on Tues
day that thc British  Columbia legls
pointed     coroner for tho "province of 'latum     would     meet on Jnnuary 21,
British Columbia. l!,o;)-


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