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The Prospector Jun 2, 1906

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.  U* fiSQ    sv        Ll'inryolL  -An
'■>.   i
Vol. 12.
No. 22.
A Close and Exoiting   Oauie -
It Ends With an Even Score.
Tho fastest tool,-ball game of
tho sotvsou on llio local grounds
was played tin Momlay evenlug
of this wool, whoti tho teams
representing Ihe Town and
the C, P. 11 Shops raced each
other in try conclusions.
Considerable Interest was
aroused as it wus concluded Hint
iho winnei' would stand a good
.■lnnu'.' to win the medals.
T. Stark acted its referee and
wns considered very fair, not
being too strict nor yet too
hnii.oil. Tho game wus clean.
not otto inun having to leave the
The game wns hotly contested
all through and the interest
never lagged. Shortly alter the
blowing of the whistle tin. Town
succeeded in lindiug the posts
and registering ono goal, Prom
then on there wns fast playing,
and up tn llio und of the lirst half
no more goals were scored. The
,-second half started with u rush
on tbo Town goal and thu ball
was kepi there nearly ull tbo
time, but the Shops bad bard
luck iu shooting, and failed lo
Hud the posts, lb.wove'r, soon a
swift shot was made and the
goal keeper was there and made
a pretty stop, but not thinking
he wns close to tbo lino, he drew
his hands back in tbe altitude of
throwing uud the ball was
through, thus counting ..110 lor
the shops. And there the gntiie
ended, ouch team gaining one
poiut. The Shops now have the
lend and ure making desperate
efforts to win out,
St.mo lively games are objected before the season closes.
Tbe games will be continued
weekly on  Priday nights.
Betrothal iu High Life.
London, May 29.—Preparations ure being made for the coining wedding of the Hon. Michael
de Courcy, only son of Lord
Kingsale, ami Miss Constance
Woodbouse, daughter of Colonel
Wood house, of the Royal Army
Medical Corps, The future
bride is u very handsome woman,
bul not much known in metropolitan society. Mr. do Courcy is
an officer in the HL'nd Sikh
Pioneers, al present quartered
in India. Uo is heir to one of
the most ancient peerages in the
three kingdoms. His father,
Lmil Kingsale, is premier baron
of Ireland, and thirty-thi I'd
holder of the title, His forbear
iu the thirteenth century was
crealod Lord Kingsale for some
doods of valor, and bis faintly
rocolvotl the privilege, their IIrsl
obeisance being paid, of remain
ing cov.'I'd In the presence of
their sovereign, This right is
said to have boon exercised by
iho twenty-third baron iu the
presence of Wllllttii III, and by
the twenty-fourth peer at tho
Courts of George I, and George
Ministers at Uoldeti.
Premier MoBrlde and Hon. If
p, Green, are visiting Northeast
Kootonay this week, and on
Tuesday wore the guesls of Ihe
Conservative Association ut
At, a meeting of the Conservative Association on Tuesday
evoning, both ministers received
it very cordial reception, aud
spoke in au open, straightforward way on the attitude of the
governmenl In its conduct of
publicbusiiioss, evoking frequent applause.
Alter the meeting there was
an Informal reception, and ul,
midnight the party left for
Windermere by a steamer.
way has arrived al 11..Idea nn.l
ton cars have been  unloaded.
The following is taken from
the Golden Star:—
"This weok a gang ol thirty
meu from the construction camps
were busy unloading ten curs of
steel rails and linings to be used
in tbe building of Iho   Kootenay
Central Railway, ibis bolng the
tlrst shipment of mils brought
Each cur contained one
hundred    mils,    making   one
thousand in all. which ill lhe
lowest possible estimate would
cover throe miles .it I rack, and
this nb.iio moans llu.! consider'
able, work is yet to l.o .lone, it
bemg generally understood thai
those rails an. not being
brought iu for the purpose of
being tied up. Tho rails are of
u somewhat lighter variety than
those iu use nu the main line,
the difference in weight being
aboul forty pounds to the yard.
Work aloug tbo route is going
merrily on, and there is no
excuse for uny man lining idle if
ho is looking loi' work ill this
vicinity. Tuesday las! was pay
day on tho construct ion work
nnd considerable tnouey was
circulated as u result."
A. Sutherland of Nelson, and
Robt. Forbes of Victoria were
guests at tho Cranbrook Priday.
Ross Can- will leave tomorrow
for the coast. He will be uway
about ten days.
I'. A. Kiliiigei'sinilb, and .1.
Austin of Klko weie iu the city
'I'he Palm, is where you can
gel Ibe purest ami best home
niude candies In Cranbrook.
Win Gaelic, nn.l ,1. Thompson
drove over from Port Steele
Tuesday nn business
Mr. and Mrs. T. T McVittie of
Fort Steele were Cranbrook
visitors on Tuesduy.
A. Blaine ot San Francisco, S.
Haggaiiy of Moyie, and 0. T.
Smith of Fernie were registered
at the Cosmopolitan Tuesday.
The Manitoba Hotel, this week
was receiving a coat of paint
which will greatly improve the
appearance of tbe building.
R. M. Anderson of Stillwater,
Minn,, and W. U. Oliver of Reise,
Mich., wore guests at the Cosmo
politun Tuesday.
A. Carney of Kaslo, government timber inspector was iu
Cranbrook Tuesday on official
There is no better exercise for
Indies ur gentlemen! than bowling. The Box Hull Alloys ou
Armstrong Avenue will he open
foi' ludios on every Tuesday aud
Friday afternoons, from 2 to tl
p. 111.
Come lo tIranbrook, ihe me
tropolis of Southeast Kooienay,
and we'll show you u model
lown one ihal will make uny
Other lown nf ils size look like
llu cents iu Chinese money. We'll
show you our schools and
churches, our prosperous fritter-
mil societies, our solid business
concerns. We'll call your alien
lion to the appearance of the
people, then'dross. Intelligence,
liunilb uud smiles of prosperous
and happy lives. We'll show you
many successful business men.
We'l'l show you a lot of girls,
robust, full of life and energy,
who are fairly bubbling over with
praise foi' this section of British
The Fire Brigade bold their
regular practice on Thursday
evening. A "tor practice a mooting wns bold in the Fire Hall
where business off Importance
was discussed.
Robt. J. Ward, advance iigoul
for Iho Rosclun Opora Co., was
in town Wednesday arranging a
dale foi' his com puny, We learn
thut the company will play iu tbe
Wentworth Hull J nun "iii.
Wm.  Shim of Wasa,  was in
Crunbrook Friday on business.
Chas. Finch of Marysville wns
registered al Ihe Royal Friday.
Gel your ice cream for Sunday
at the Palm.
lloo.   Watson of  Fori   Steele
was ul Ciniibrnnk Thursday.
Printers' ink marks  the   path
t«i riches uiul fame.   Try It.
Just arrived, a carload of bay
and nais     A. C. Bownoss,
.1. A. MaoDonald of Lethbridge
wus In 1 he city Priday.
Mr um! Mrs. S. Poller of
Movie wore Cranbrook visitors
011 Friday.
W. H. Collins, and J. Mott of
Klko, were guests at the Cosmopolitan on Thursday,
do to Stewarts for Strawberries, Asparagus and Lettuce.
arriving fresh every day.
Contractor Leask was busy
Friday building it new sidewalk
on Cranlirook Street.
11. Curtis und family lefl lusi
Priday for lhe Sloean where
lliey will reside in Ihe future.
II. T. McGregor came down
from Moyie Thursday on busi-
Nomination and Eleotion of Offices
—A Presentation.
A regular monthly mooting of
Cranbrook Lodge Knights of
Pythias was hold in Fraternity
Hall on Tuesday evening, ut
which lhe annual election of
lllcurs took plaoe. The follow
ing ollicers were elected for ihe
ensuing year.
.1. A. Arnold IM'.
A C, Bowness CE.
W. R. Rollins Prel.
K. T. Johnson M. W
V. A. Rollins     ME.
T. M. Roberts MP.
T. M. Roberts. K, of S. & R.
II. Roblcband       M.A.
A  J. Bradley     l.G.
J. B. Henderson,        .0.0.
After tbe election of officers,
the Chancellor Commander, J.
A. Arnold, was presented with a
bountiful gold watch as a token
of the high appreciation in
which Mr. Arnold is bold hy his
follow knights. The presentation was a complete surprise to
Mr. Arnold, who with some diffi-
nlty expressed his gratitude
lor lhe generous gilt of bis
fellow knights.
N, I'. McKiiislrv
was    transacting
Cranbrook Friday.
.if Marysville
business   ut
K. C. K, Kails at tlolden.
Several carloads  of sleel mill
lor thu Kooteuuy  Central Rail
The seal sale lor tbe performance of iiii! BobomIiiii Hirl by
lhe famous Roseian Opera-Company ai the Opera House Cranlirook, Thursday June 7, will
open Monday June I, ul ID a. m
ut Beattie & Atchison's.
Por n line display of Dry < iouds
etc., see Hill X Cos new
.laky  Dover one of   Nelson's
L'li.niiii'club was in  llie eiiy  foe
several .lays Ibis weok.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walsh, and
Mrs. Francis of Port Steele were
(Iranbrook visitor Thursday,
James Staples, who bus been
visiting at Edmonton for the
past week is expected homo tomorrow.
There was a football game at
the recreation grounds on Friday
evening between the Town team
and Fire Brigade.
R, E, Beattie and C, A. Cock,
of Cranbrook were registered at
the Hume Hotel Nelson Thurs
Hurry Drew proprietor of the
North Slur Hotel at Kimberley
was at 1 iranbrook Thursday on
Harry Briggs, of Victoria, and
W. H, Roberson of Winnipeg
were guests at, the Craubreok
The F.O.E., melon Thursday
evening in Patmore Hall. It is
reported that a new brood of
eaglets wore hatched.
J. G. Potts of Vancouver, B.
A. Clarke, of Toronto. Fred E.
Luke ol Winnipeg, and J. A.
Melleuu of Toronto were legist
ered ut the Cranbrook Priday.
Government Agent Armstrong
was ul St. Mary's Lake Thurs
day Inspecting the new wagon
road now under construction at
lhe bend of the bike.
II. Vi. Harrington Montreal,0,
II. Weutou, San Francisco, J. P.
Thompson Vancouver, uud H. Ii.
Dawson of Nelson wore register
ed at lhe Craubrooli Tuesday.
Rev .1. P, West mail, has been
ill (or several days litis week,
with u severe cold and touch of
level', ll is oxpceled thul he
Will bo able lo lake charge of Iho
regular services in the Methodisl
church, as usual, on Sunday.
"A ..ambler".
.1. D, McBrlde's new ttnlomobil,
arrived in Craubrooli Priday
It is tbo Hrsl automobile owned
by 11 citizen of Cranbrook. Tbe
"Auto"  is 11   in  horse  power
Rambler, and is if the most
modern and up to dale machines
Ministers Will Visit Cranhrook.
Hon. Richard McBride, Premier of British Columbia, and Hon.
R. F. Croon, Commlsslonor of
Luuds and Works, was al Golden
last week, uud loll on Tuesdays
sieumbniit for Wlniloruiiire, The
Ministers are expected at Crunbrook during Hie early part of
tbo coming wool..
(Iranbrook Fublio Sohools
Total attendance
Average itttouilanee
'I'ninl enrollment
DlV.I.   A. A. MaONEII,,
Total attendance
Average ntteiulanee
Tolal I'lii'ulliiieiii
Perfeel ntteiulanee --Ethel Culver,
Daisy MoC'nlluin, Lucy LeBlnn., Olga
Widen, Hurry Dickson.
Division ll. Mrs, Brock.
Tuinl atlen.lanoe sn
Total enrollment ll
Average attemlenre 3".
I'el'fei'tlltteliduii.'i'     Jessie Knlllli.'ilv
Sadie (iillis. Florence West, Gertrude
Mi'lioi.alit, l.illtun Lensk,George Kerr
.Toe, Bourgolae, Winnie Deacon, Robbie
Finlcy, Vivian Llnson.
Division ill, MissE.Lewis.
Total attendance 1.098
Total enrollment iiu
Average attendance 4H,*u
Perfect alteudaiicu — Melva Cartwright, Georgtna Cartwright, Arthur
Fowler, Gordon Fowler, Bertha Nesbit.
I.lllle McCowan, Marcus Deri', Wilfrid
Division IV Miss E. .11. Oaktwkioht
Total enrollment 63
Average attendance 43.6u
Tutiil attendance 967
Perfect  attendance -- Wanda  Fink,
Percy Bardget,   Marguerite Harvey,
Carl Gill, Louie Leask,  Hazel Taylor,
Hullo Johnson,
Division V Miss It. M. Uprwokr,
Total attendance SU3
Total enrollment UO
Average attendance 30.64
Perfect attendance—Ale* Dickson,
Norman Fowler, Arthur Sprngge,
HuBsell HI.. Elolr. Douglas McC'owou.
The Royal Wedding in Madrid
The Royal ProcesBinn a Spec
taole of Medieval Magnificence
Clever Juvenile! Returning.
Much excitement exists In the an-
nouiii'.'iut'iil of a return engagement of
the famous Juvenile Bostoulans, the
lever bunch of children who made
such a hit In C'raubrook a few months
ago. They have been delighting au-
dteuces from Puget Sound to Thunder
Kay, and tbo Winnipeg Free Press
says: "The Juvenile llostonians, a
company ol remarkably clever youngsters, gave a rattling good performance
at the Winnipeg theatre last night delighting an audience which, considering ruin uiul mini, wait uf goodly proper
I Ions."
Advance notices concerning these
origin children have been su modest
that the usual talent displayed hy the
precocious tuts, ami the uniform ex-
ci-lluiii'i, of ll iili'iiuiiinii'iii tame nl
most us 1. surprise.
There Isn't n broken voloe In all the
thirty and some of the children vocal
1*., .villi u illy aiirprisliiK degree of
Intelligence and good taste.
The child playing lite purl nl llio
Princess is 1. Mill., artist and Kuby
Lung, as the Lieutenant also sings ami
acts capitally.
Halcyon Mun in, a tot. nt four tinnier
vents, is 11 posllivo hit tin- nounhuleiicc
ui ihis babe is in-iiinUy aiiia'/.tng,
litilie Mi.aiiii us liiiiiuiis was nuotlter
uf the favorites bill ns 1. matter nf furl
ull llu- little nut's deserve liutivliliiul
mention il splice pni'inltlctl.
Tho lliijali uf Panda wus Ilia title ul
il li 11
• limy presented uud whoever
rclher Innl the good sense not
iv tin- Juvenile capacity.
Daily Canadian
On or nboul .Inly Hrsl   Nelson
will bnve u new dally newspaper
its 1 iiie "Tbe Daily Canadian",
iiiiiI  will  he 11.   Inur-puge  tive-
colt paper,   W, W. Huor will
edit and manage the new paper.
It, will be Conservative in politics
Madrid.     May    81.—Alfonso
XIII, King of Spain,  and   Princess  Knn ol  Battenherg  today
were married with all the pomp
uiul ceremony prescribed by ibe
Roman    Catholic    church    uud
Spanish etiquette,   The spectac
uliir part  ot   the  wedding:, cou
slating of the royal procession
lo ami  from the church, was
witnessed by tbe largest  assem
blage of people that ever crowded into the streets of ibe capita)
The Bride.
Princess Victoria Eugenia of
Battenberg, secoud child of tbe
late Prince Henry aud Princess
Henry of Battenberg, was born
Oct. 24, 11*87. Her mother,
Princess Henry, is HUH l'riu-
cess Beatrice, sister of King Kd
ward, who married Henry
Maurice of Battenberg, a favorite of Queen Victoria. Prince
Henry died in 1896 from a lever
contracted while serving in tbe
Ashatitee campaign, Princess
Euu is fair, blue eyed and bus a
quantity of rich, wavy hair, She
is tiie god daughter of Empress
Eugenie, and is said to be her
The Bridegroom.
King Alfonso XIII of Spain
was burn May IT. 1880.
171b of May. 1902, his minority
ended, and he assumed the
throne, bis mother, Maria
Christina, resigning the regency
Of bis two sisters only one is
living, Maria Teresa, who was
born iu 1H82. Tbe King received a liberal education aud
speaks English fluently. He is
a general in the llritish army, is
a Knight of lhe Garter uud bus
other Europeau honors.
Greeted my Loyal Subjects
The tbue of the wedding cere
tnouy had been set at eleven
clock. Long before that time
the streets between the Royal
Palace, the Ministry of Marine
aud the Church of Han Geronimo
were lined with hundreds of
thousands of people, among
them thousands of visitors from
all parts of the world. The
houses and palaces aloug the
thoroughfare were beautifully
decorated and costly rugs and
carpets in tbe most gorgeous
colors draped over tbe window
sills and balconies added to the
bewildering and brilliant color
scheme ot the scene. Every
window and even the roofs of
the buildings along the street
through which the wedding pre-
cessioi moved, were occupied by
spectators, who had paid high
prices for the privilege.
Shortly after ten o'clock Princess Enu, accompanied by her
mother and her attendants
descended from her apartments
in the Ministry of Marine build
ing and entered the famous
bridal coach of tortoise shull,
drawn by eight white horses
with gilded harness and while
plumes. The Princess occupied
the coach alone, her mother and
attendants followed ill oil
richly mounted coaches A
brilliant escort of the royal
guard surrounded the coach of
the Princess and rode ou both
sides of the cortege, Slowly the
procession of carriages preceded
by Heralds and richly uniformed
officers moved toward lhe   I'llizu
Orlnnto, where the bride's cor
toge  was joined   by   Ibe   royal
cortege composed of thi' King
and bis brilliant suite, Together
they procooded tn the church of
Sun flnronlino, driving over the
(lower carpet   with   which   the
sll'oel wus covered and  enlbiisi
nslloully eliecrnd by  tbe  Hums
anils who lined   lhe  wide  street
und lil led lb" windows, balconies
and   roots of  Ibe  houses aloug
Ihe route,
Arrival ofthe Bridal Party
The   scene   at   Ibe   beuuliful
Church of Sl. Geronimo was "!
dazzling brilliancy. The interior
had beon beautifully decorated
with (lowers ami leal plants and
the uui unions Structure was tilled
with a brilliant assembly, re
spleudenl in gorgeous uniforms
ami decorations, Speeiui seals
bad been provided in Ibe space
between tho fronl pews and the
altar rail, which  wore occupied
by Ihe members nl th. Ul'l and
the Princes and Princesses of
the royal parly. Among thom
were the Prince and the I'rin
cess of Wales. Grand Duke
Vladimir ol Russia, Archduke
Ferdiuuud ot Austria, win. rep
resented the Emperor Of Austria
the Duke and Duchess ol Sparta
(Crown Prince and (.'town Princess Constantino of Greece), Hie
Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess
Henry ol Battenberg, the Duke
of Alba of Prussia and many
other royal and Imperial princes
and members of the highest
nobility. The diplomatic representatives of the various
countries, iu full gala uniforms,
occupied seats on lhe right side
of the center aisle, while Ihe
seals ou the lefl side were ..ecu
pied by a inaguiliceiit assembly
of distinguished representatives
of the army, the navy. Hie parliament, tbe various provincial
governments and the 1) liferent
brunches nt the government service,
The tine old organ of Ibe
played an impressive
wedding march, while ibe bridal
procession marched Ihrough llie
center aisle of Hie church in ibe
altar rail, where special seats
had been provided Inr Ibe I.tiilal
The Princess looked beautiful
ill her luagnlllconl bridal dross
ol white limeade wilh silver
threads woven Into Hie material
and trimmed with priceless lace.
The long train ol the dress,
which was almost covered by the
diaphanous loi.Is of the bridal
veil, wus carried by pages iu
pictures.pie eoiai'l uniforms.
They were the young sous of
laiuili.'s belonging to the highest
nobility of the realm.
The King wore ibe handsome
uniform of his guard regiment,
Willi tbo exquisite jewelled
sword, a present of Princess
Euu. She hud the sword
specially made after uu artistic
design by one of the most famous
armorers of Toledo. He also
wore tiie Order of the Golden
Fleece and other high decorations conferred upon him by
the rulers of the various
European countries.
The ceremony, accompanied
hy ail the impressive and gorgeous ceremonial of the Roman
Catholic Church, was conducted
by Cardinal Saucbo, Archbishop
of Toledo, assisted by a number
of other distinguished prelates of
the Spanish clergy The decor
ations of the altar und the robes
of tho officiating prelates were
resplendant with gold, silver,
jewels, laces aud rare embroidery,
When Ihe Archbishop pro
nouueed ll.e benediction over
the royal couple, the guns nf Hie
artillery stationed nn the Plaza
thundered their sululu in ibe
new Quooil, The people who
were parked lu u solid muss nul
side nl lhe cordon nf troops, l.o-
came wild .villi oxclletnonl nnd
joy when Ibe salute proclaimed
liml tbo ceremony luul been per
formed uiul choorod until their
vniees aim..si drowned Iho
booming of lhe guns and tlm
ringing nf the church hells ull
over llio city, Tbe religious
cei'i'inony     Ml     Sl.     Geroillino
Church was ihe (Innl uci ni tho
weddingcoroHiony, ns ibe formal
signing of ibe marriage pommel
had taken place yosioi'dny ut the
Pfiitli. Palace, lu llie prosenco of
the Ministers of Ibe Cabinet and
oilier dlgullnrius of ibe < luvnrn
After tbe wedding ceremony
iu Ibe church Ibe King and  the
Queen rode in stale In ibe Royal
palace, whore everything was in
readiness   [or   their   reception.
Tb ithuslasm with which they
wore greeted mi their wuy by
ilie people i> indescribable
Flowers were showered from
Hie windows nml luiN and band
koi chiefs frantically waved.
Tin- Kiuc and lhe Queen   bowed
graciously in every direction
and seemed bin lily pleased with
li Mitiiui-.      At   the   palace
thoy   received   the   ropresenta
lives ..I tin- foreign potentates
and ibe diplomatic represent!!
lives of the various governments
Including   Mr      Frederick     Vi
VVhitrldge, lhe American special
envoy   and   representatives  ot
President Roosevelt.
Tiie King and bis young bride
Hill remain iu Madrid for eight
days In take part In tbe endless
festivities arranged In liouor of
the loyal wedding. The program
Includes theatrical performances,
miliiai'v reviews, a parade of
representatives of ibe various
Spanish provinces iu their
characteristic national costumes,
u pageant of iln- trades organiz-
utiuus- of .tin- city, and of the
officers and employes ot the
municipality, hull HkIiIs. balls,
receptions and- various other
features. At the "lid of the week
Hie Kin" und bis bride will retire
to the beautiful and secluded La
llriinza palace, where,they will
spend their honeymoon, ulidis
lurlied by tbe outside world. They
will ihen go to Sun Sebastian to
spend lhe summer nnd will
probably not ret urn to Madrid
before some time iu the fall.
The wedding presents which
were sent 10 ibe young couple
Irom all parts nf the world aud
which completely lill three large
balls in tbe palace, contaiu many
priceless gifts from the rulers of
European countries, Thoy will
iml be publicly exhibited, bow
ever, and only sh.twu to a select
Alfonso and His Bride Narrowly
Escape au Awful Death.
Madrid, Mnj al. Tl,.' publiu rajolc-
lues liver tin- uun ringo -.1 the kiug und
princess Victoria Innl u lurriblodrams-
lic sequel ui '-Mil o'elnek tlila afternoon
us a bomb, thrown from an upper win-
iimi. iwpliuleil with dfitill) effect ucar
iln- conch occupied by the kinc and
I'r.ii'ideulinlly,   king   Alfonso   und
'I ni Victoria escaped bj  un electric
.vlre deflecting llie homo, bul ut least
18 persons, most of thom belonging tu
lhe military escort, were killed and
iiiiiii,. others ..ere Injured.
Jusi ua inn,., Allen-.,, jinn hii English
bride ..a- iicurtug iln- und ol the entrance to the royal paluce from tin.
church whore they hud been married,
nl I. narrowly missed ending their
lives, uiiiiiliciiil -tiiieincni Indicates the
possibility tlml two bombs were thrown
0110 exploding lu lite air by strikinga
telegraph wire, iln- other falling rlo.e
lu ilie royal eurriuge killing a groom
ui the head ef tin- ..in'd horses,ns wore
the wheel horses, At least lo persons
were killed nml 11 large number wounded.   Tin-   -ci    in   tin-   vicinity   wus
I Imi. .Iiine  1.    A  ilcspuleli  from
Madrid to the Daily Muil timed 1:20
Thursday evening, says that it was an
It1tli1.11 anarchist who threw the bomb
at tiie earring uf the king and queen ol
Spain, and tlml after Die explosion he
comuiiled suicide,
Auothor despatch in the -.aiue paper
timed !':25 p.m., -,uys that llie usjjussiu
is named Mateo Moral, and that he has
''"''ll"''!  .
Urge King Edward to Cross Pond
-Suggests Visit to Roosevelt
Loudon, May L'H.--In an editorial article Hie Daily Telegram
today strongly favors King Edward s acceptance of the invita
tiou 10 visit I'a iiuda. Tbe Daily
Telegram thinks ibe British
public bus uol yet awakened to a
lull appreciation of ibe extraordinary Interest of such an event
which would be likely also to in
yolvo 0 visit in Washington and
perhaps In New York.
The newspaper recognizes
thai possibly there ure state
reasons in the way of such a
visit, but urges tbal "Canada is
a living link between lb.. American republic uml iho British empire," nml Ibal if it can be ac
cotnpllshod, it would not be
meroly historic, but memorable
pus! all example in Hie record ol
loyal progresses.
Tin' 111 banco with Japan, the
cutout.1 with Prance, Hie better
iindursliinding wilh llussiu followed by u vlsil  tn Washington
nnd   :i   mooting   Willi   1'residenl
l.'nnsevell,   which   would    be   a
dramatic uu tnl  Instinct with
slgnlttcunco smiling ihe reconcil
iiiti.ui nf tic Anglo Saxon races
fur ages In come, would make
tbe yours of bis majesty's in
lluenoo more memorable aud
benulic'iit than any eipial period
of any previous reign. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK B.C., JUNE 2,  !'■""'
\V   Kill,LIN
form note
Baker Street.      Cranhrook, B.C
s «)«ito»i»4-tot. ::eir!:,;:;,l;:,,,,;;rn^ EMPLOYMENT
ks'i'abi.tsio.ii  inw. go oul of style ag jp [\c* V
A. B. Grace,
Cobwebs nr iver see the ;, wln p„v [|Wso who ure
I'l'KI.ISIIKIt    AM.    Kl.Ill Ul.
©Ije tyvozpecbox.
stores thai advert I
... see
A still larger increase muy  be
expected tblsyetirfr I he silver      Jim    McArthur
IATUKDA1 .  il NK -J. llKiii. lend mines nl   Soulltoasl   Knot)
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air   -
He t'lin  securi! yon it job and
also iii you ""I I"
Comfortable Bedrooms
lirst Class Dininii Room
Clothes, Shoes,
lints. Etc.
Jim Mbflrtliiir
lllSIIII    111'      I 'K INIIIIOOK,   Ill'      j*
THR   history    of    British "                ...
Columbia, und particular      fun unv Ij tell where a suako
lySoulhensl K uny seeuisllko [mfl\„, wbei. bo wants lo was his
a romance  when  wo road of the i:u|
rapid  development  of the coal •  •  ■
.uui   metalliferous  mines    The A woman is novel' much Inter
building "i   railways under ml este.l iu lite sliul. of Iho  urchin
verse circumstances, the creation loiic mini     It is ibe iiiiiii of llu
of  large cities,  like Cranlirook, present tiny she is kiinlying
■aaa—aa III  llle  ie'lll'   of  Itlllllllllll II   I'tingOH, .     .     .
___ __ ___ _ . all within a spin fafewyoarsi      "Tho Hales Ajar   ought to In
The Hot  Water Question   " nu '"•'■",« .tu i« win, u,u on*.
Mttrysi    .    mil   itu-ryaseil  pro   peclor in the moitniiiins un.   Uklnn  i iaihi-ik oi ihi-:
•-x Can   Be  Settled   »U   US        ''"•■"•'■'  ■" lhe lumber industry, .  .  . lfllS- MISIl,,,        I'lANoi-i.uni
l%\      Quickly and Satlolactorllu      h»v» »» i  factors in the   ,„,,,,,,.,,,,,, „, , limn ,,„     special m i i.
*-s      , .,.,,,,.„...„,.„„„. H„..|„-„ "I'i-'"'''""-"': tbisdisiric, „„,,  ,„.  knmvs   it,   ;„„,   „„   ,,      b'clin    phrasing   and
„ '.   . -.,,,.,,, .'.„„. ;•, ii, .,,,„, Iiii wnniiiu  before she let- any one       grnding ol studies
■     a     ».Ui     '"'   ■         I'll,'    I'm,-.,-,-, I'l.t;   has      ' Isi. know il I'Vimi'll.-iiliir .ply to ll. K. Hold ft
'-'V    '"«'     '   '    '       '" ' !'"   iiueutl,  made  men Hon of Cran ' ' ' '" !""
I'apable..(,up| «■ water I a   He            Pine I'llilt llllll wanuer wi'tilbei
.:,,:^■v;;:.,:: :,:r.\ ;: ::\L:::Z :;:,;,; „: ■■■. -  SAVE TIME I
their kperfec.l! .,    of Soiiiheusi   Kootenay lliere I U,,u,s a'1"1* ,vl ,l *"'oul mU'
Plumbing and Heating mii. place which offers the sume N0Tia ALL     THE      TIME
 ■„.„,,..,„, , I am•act ions    Then ntains are     PAKI    Xivr ..,   six,,   ,l„va
......    .,  .        .   ,., at our     very     doors,   and   tl ""''l ' "'"■"•l pply n.tliei hh
. ,    , l'..U.IUi'.ai..tier .if Lauda llllll W.ll'ka   In
ii,nuiiumi ciiii.i.ei , an ittilulijo  ill
p..'1'U.i.a.ai..ll   !,,    pill'i litis.'    Hie    iel.eii Ml
j lis dangerous i..n favorite puss   ,,,..,,,-,i,,.,, i„u,i, m soutli i-..-i Ku.ii.
■■ i ,    Tiie drives in iiii- vicinity  „,,,
icaunot he excelled     The hunter     I'mumi'iiclng at the Suiitheiist .i.riu
Pluiiihinit,  Heatinu and  Ventilating   Engineers can find game in abundauce, au.i ■■:! ■ ■* :::l «;.....,. i. 11..-.,» iu.tiw.-iu
ON IIAKKIl S'l'.. UNI', liiml: WEST OP
IIII.I.  .v  in.    The mil,,  place in town
.   thai can tuuU lil. worth tin- living.
tha   disciples   of   Uun,-  Walton
can  satisfy  iheir cra\ ings   foi
 sl III,'III. ,-liuili-. III.'
went,  .-iimiia te
fyyc!4/Dtc'4 9 ♦ ♦ '.♦'♦ ♦ 9 4   9 » .♦ ♦♦»♦»♦»♦»♦   spori  by  whipping   the  moun, .,.
nf  bi'itl
W    D       U       QUnPT       X III       *    M-riMi.an,   partttlise,   ...al   will
l    D.    il.    JilUJAl       QL      LU,     *   besorecognizclinafewyears    ...
♦ 'tttiu  streams      I   is a veritable     l>aic<l iliU'Sndday of .May. A.H., mniil and all _
Harrv T. Arnold.        I.ICltlC    LOilSt    FOIIltS
The Painters, Paperhangers. Etc.
Komumber we carry II l.v stock ol limn
papers in Craubrooli,
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  kinds "I  Painting nml Dei orating
attended to promptl) ■
:;.'■*f ™r 't \   L. CO
♦ Til.  Hnlliil
♦ iinite.i   iii«   Majesty   Kiug   Iv
♦ ward   t„   visit   Canada      K'bgll  ^ ;/      .% /mpoffcr ()f j
♦ himself   ni   the   heart
♦ ' lanadian subjects l.v I
♦   Edward has alreudv imitrent*iipcI  ♦ ,-..-.
i       Fine H oolenst       \
tils I * * I
..pialfties and tbe exact perform    #
* I'l-.inlii'i'i.k. 11.0.   Ai'iii-li u Ave   I
• *
♦»♦♦♦♦♦»»♦»»»»*»**-'.******* •
♦ uiiee ic the duties pertaining to
lii> hitrli Malum . im. of
the mosl pleasing traits of tbe
King is his singularly Imppy
home life.     He will   receive a FRATERNAL ORDER EAGLES
VUllInu   lli-.iiliei>  Cordit.ll.v   Invltoil
*   t'Oyttl   welcome ..lien  lie   visits
*. Ctiimdn
F. O. E.
I.'nss Tatk. W. l-'roslilcnl
A. W. Hi.ack, S.-.-v.
:♦:    *>
:♦:♦:♦:♦.♦:•>:,♦:'>.♦,:»..♦.'> ♦. -'♦':*>*'■*■*■ * ♦-*-'.t:*:.*:*'.*
..     Wholesale
Calgarv Beer, Ale .V Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO., May and Cain.
.♦'■     The    Americans    who    an
♦ j nettlittL' in the Canadian   N'nrili
♦•  west are  leaving adversity  for
'.     , , , ^lV«.'lHI*H«.,.l«(.*ll*..'i.M..(...lllVlVl'lVl'l4C.
* prosperity. Prosperity is a J T
groin factor in reconciling ex 1 Rocl0' Mountain Chapter |
patnateil   Americans  lo u   new 5           NO, Un.  I.!, a.m. f:
loyalty. 5      Ito^ular tneetlngel   2nd Tuoa-   |-
H day in eiuii liunil li ni ulirht »
rii.'i. is in the Cranbrooh
district iilniiiilant unimproved
lands, und the immense local
market for all farm produce
will in- Hie loadstone that, will
attract agriculturists for many
years to come.
liemnrse Is hutched from the
egg of pleasure incubated from
a w.'i.l. in ind.
•a      *      «
There is little thai is new in
the Kootenay Central Railway
situation this week. All sorts of
rumors tind circulation, but when
sifted down they tiiuor.nl to little.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Something inusl have dropped,
Politicians are neither "cussing"
"tun    discussing   ut   Hie  present
!,,.»%.>•»«>.».»»»•«.«.»»»»»»»%#•»%«»»■»•*»•*»»'•»»'•»«'»»*• !"""*
c. c. c.
Caioaru Game go.
Kresli and Salted Meats
Kish ami Poultry in Season
if „v ,.
uiiuiL I
4:      Soj.uu'iiine  lotnpui a   are 3:
i   enrdlnlly Invited, |
i f
|             Wm. f. Tatk, Surlbo E. |
J       Itu.x 1       UtlAXBttOOK, II. »'. J
Court Cranlirook 8943
MEM'S   UNI.   .1X1.   I'l'll    TI'llSliAVS
Vialtitur   l.i'etlicrn   I'ordiiilly   imiicil
C, It.,   A. Mcl'iiH'AN.
Socrctiiry, '.['. ,\lAllsMAI.I.
Piiluee and Tourist
Sleepers, Bulfett
Library Curs, Modern
Dny Conches.
Dining Curs,
Best  Meals  on  Wheels
KAST AND WKST lilll.V   d.
Km- full  iiui'liciiiiii'-.  i-i,i,-.   Iiiiil,,,,,
etc., cull en III' llilill'c--.
s. li. VKIIKKS, it.w.l'.A.,
Seiiiilc, Wash.
f,   W.   MAHOXKV, i.l'. n  'I'.A.,
E. H. SMALL, Manager
***"*»">*>*"*''>"*"*"*"»"*''»''»"*"*"»"** ■*»l'»*l*»lf»'»ll»ll>M»>*>**».»»W»«^^*»MtU»M»l»*^»M>»W>ll^
ay, Oats, Wheat, Feed
We httvo ibis weeli unloaded a car of each kind
Si'i'iiilAl. Plllc'K foil Ton Lots, Call ami see us before
Imi inn nlsuwhei'o.    We also carry a stock of
carnefa's stock and poultry food
Harris Bros.
<ll«ll->ll»4»..>ll>la-»l»H».tll»l»l-.llilltlltW»ll»i»|»W»     ^..#..t^-«-«-'ty-«>-'«-^"*-«"»*»-**'*--••■*■•• ■•••-I
M Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection yj
Nearest in railroad depol.    Has accotnnio
dations   for   the   public   unequalled   in
Hot and Cold Maths Proprietors
City Scavenger;  £
Parties having buck yards,
und closets to clean, nn.l refuse
matter lo be taken awuy, should
leave orders with mo.
Leave iii'dors ul the Pity I'lurks ..lllce
or dro|i ii |».st.il curd iu Itn.v HIV
Prof esslotia I.
rl'.AXIIItll.ll.,      ■      IU'.
0 ■    Probably the reason why ettpid
0    u.-n- .ii,,r ilnti, I Intend In tt|.|il,i to tin
4    .'i,i.-i  i mi
Uiul-    uiul
, I   Wlll-li.   I"I-   |l.,|-||lia,<illl|   III     |„U'l'llll-,'     llle
4    fnllowlnt ii ni,,',   limn. Soulh   l-iii.i
J ' l\',el,'ii:,i   illatl'll'l,
0 '    III.
Solicitor, Etc.
Cranlirook     ■ British Columbia
ill h |in-i in   n Hi- mul NOTAItV  I'l'lll.ll'.
Orders by mail will receive prompt and narnful  ittention  J
Order in  Phone 4S
,i,u«i enrner id I...I L1H7, thence north so.
elniiu., n„- ■ -n-! in ,'iuibiK. thenco Oranbrook, B.C,
 ii, iiiiirhiiiii-. iin-1 m.m Ju ,-Iiiiiii-   .. ,—_
 ''l'-'"-''.nin-'  nee W...I   20   ft   H     ThOmpSOtt
4 i.-l.inn- i.'i'li I Imirii
J     tllKI lie.'.', iimi ■ lean.
£*,«>««%«*««%«%«%«% %%«%O0%«%%%%«%«««%«% %% «-%««#
I    DiUcil 'in- I'.'lh un. i.i April, iiiiiii.
■     I.i i . K. I.IN'I'll.ti I'.M.
The Illinois Clentral
Manitoba Hotel
Under  New  Manaueincnt
Centrally Located Electric Lights
'••Intiilii-   I   aervleii   from
"-' I"'I ii-' mul .lllllil,   Mtlklllj.
■,,nn,-,'lien- i.iili l.iniii- nl nil
■llllllll,'llllll Iln.-a, ,,.,-:.,-,,..,.,. Ill,'
'li, i,   ,.In.i. I  iiiiit... I..I   lih'llL',,.
llll,    tllllll|lli|. nml X.ii I ll'leilllH,
irnnyli n. |iolnt* in ile fur ensl
.,       i , ''/ When   ."II    IVtint    il    stnn. I : ,.,,,,„,„.,,, ,,,., ', ,i.,--i  i-in-   i.ml   lieal I
Headtiuarters hn  minmn   v» - nmi mn u« ■•■ m»- imu-M nueH m hi
,' »     place   In   still t! to till' '"'tit"" nr" linltu.l lo i'orr.ti.|iOnilui	
men and Old timers. jjj     ' [wiili the Inllnwlnir rnpriwoiiuitlvi'*.
I       K    II     I III   Mill  I.I..I' Mill   AjJeill
11,' Third Rl., Portlund, Or ':.•.,n,
ii.l isiiskv, T.I'1, a r \
II.' Third St., Portland, ' Iri'cnn.
I'. II. I iinMI'SiiN.   I'', a I' 1..   Uonni
1, tolujon I'.ltiit.. sentiju. W'suts.
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
We dive You Your Money's Worth
^Jt nii'i'aiiv crui.it'
('I'llllill It,  ll.C,
P.U.S. * C.B.
fori Steele ll.C.
PliyslGiail ami Siii'dtaUli
HmI'|;s:     II In II  .1  1,1.    2 In  I |i.ln.
7 LnS p.m.
I'li  niiiiv m;.    I'toHidonue IOI)
QkaLKH TK.VOKKS, Mi|wm-rllin'l "'IVlnldi'
O fin-SnlmoMiDtiKd," will In. iti I'iv.-il i.v tht'
imili'i'-iiitifil up to iiiioii .'I Sntiiriliiy, Uui -Mii
Muy. liHii.. rur (Iif rivi'litiu mul i-iiiii|ili'iiuii nf it
liii'K*' mii' loiiin Maim' Ki'himl-lnHiHC nt I'mtl
t'ri-i-lt. I'*nnilf KliTiiiml DiKtrtci.
1'latis. s|H>cfiinitii»i>. i-mitniol und forms ..i
ii-ii'lrr mth- Iiu sffii mi nml uftor iiu> unit ,\|IlV-
I'i'Hi, m   ih,'  nltlti-  nl   tin'  (loviT 'Ill   A::-'nl
I'l'mlc nml :il Hit' [..nul-. mul   WorUi.  li.'i.Mil.
ini'iii. vtclurtii, n C
i.nni iici-i'|iii'il Imnl. cln'i|iir, nr i-.'iiiiii-mi- o|
ilu|iosli tin iiulmrtnrod lnnk nr ('iiiiiuln   minli'
piiyn to lliu iiHtluntlu Ju Hit' sum nl tan
wlilcli -lmil hu mrfullud If tliu imiiy U'liilurilin
'i.'i'iini- iu uiiter Into puiitmi'i  tvlimi utillml
uimii \o iln su.   Tin' cuhIi. rlu-inu'H m rtlllnitu
iif ilopmltn| misiiii'i'ssrui lutidorura Hill Iw w
Mm in.I in Mii'in ll|ll)|| tlm I'M't'iilluii uf llii' run
iruii. Tlm imi'iHwhil i.-mli'iri- it ill Im te
iiulml to mrulHli » lion'il. IiIilhuII nml iwn
siu-uiluK In tlio mini ul r.m h, inr tliu iluu
rillflllliuill of UlU nurlf lu lIlUtUltlNfllUtUllKlf lliu
lloiiiiralilu UiuClilurCoiiiiHlMloiiur    IJ|  tin
I'.M'i'tiiluiMii iin-1 1 Uiu 1'iinli, t'lii'niir nr .'.-I
tlliniiciii ili'imsli iilmvi- mini c,| will  Iiu ru
rutiirnuil iii iln- rinitniulor,
TuuiU't'H will not i Hiduiml m  tllI.,i
om uu lliu forms Htijiplled tuul hIkiiui) with tli
maiiiil slKin -i'i. i tn.
Tin* limi'M nr uny tunilur um n—^.i:ii
Nllll. K MACKAY.
Iicinay t'otiimlfsfotiur of I.iiii.Ih nml \v«.tk-
l.iimlsuml Wm lis imiiiiriiiii-iii
Vi.-u.riu. It-( .. Hii Mn>. Illli;., ■.,,
— Always Up-to-Date —
£ Cranbrook. -     - B.C. 3
Gto, R. LtflSK & Co.
I 'Li ns. S|ii-iilifHliiiiis
and Kstimates
All   kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
on 3
\'uir money retiirneil    ~* >/ ._V-
1 .inn- "i'.,il,...M.,i
lii.'lnii-l ill lull, inn
 ii lur «.ii'.   W
■J ».■-■ nn i.l I H'l ■ .L-I J
Nti'l'li'l'. 1'f» UHNTItACTOKH,
CJKALKM TKN'DKKS. milisurlhuil "TwiilBrt
►J Tin Huliool-Iiouhu." nlil In- ruuelvoil hy Iim
iillilui'Nliflluil ii|< id muni of Sittur.liiy. lliu 'Mth
Muy, HHW, rorlhiM'r.'i'llnii nml imiii|.lrli..i. ul n
liii'tti .mom   rriium   s.-l Hums.-  ill Kllto,
I'Vriili' Kluutoriiil liisiilrt.
I'luiis, miwlll'tltlnli*. roil trim I nml fonni of
iniiili'i' muy In.- huuu ou mill nflur lhe K'th .Muy.
ituHi. ui tliu niiluus »[ tlio Uovurniiienl Atfunt at
rorniu: of Josnjtli Austin. I>:ni|.. lOIUo; *nrt«l
tlio l.miils nml WorkH Hu|iiiiluiuiit. Vlnionu,
II, i;.
Kik-Ii |)ro|in«ul tiun.1 Ih* uuc*niii|)Hiilt>i1 by uiinIi
or uu ucuoi'iltMl Imnl. i'lit'i|iio nr uurtllluHtu uf
(lu)uisitn ulitiriet'uil inioii nf Ciiiuiilii, nntilu imy
tililu tn tliu umlursl|im-il. In tin* sum nf $50,
wtiicli Blmil hi' rorfi'ltuil If thu imity lumlurhiif
lloullllfl toniilui' llilii t'oiill'iiut nhuiU'iillu'lnjjiili
Id iln no. Tliociisll uhu.iiii'soi' i-urtilluilius of
lll'llllsll    Of   l.llMlH'UMllll    lunili-ruis will hr r.t-
tiiiiiuil to thutii ii|inn iin- uxuuuii r llm unn-
tnutt.   Tlmmiwuiwriil tomlurmMvlll hu luiinli
,.,| U> fill lllill il Imml   llllllMuH llllll   IWO  Nllt'UHlM
in lliu HlllH of WHO unrli. for ihu dim rillllllUfllll
of lliu wiirlc uniitriu'tud fur io lliu Mitiiio'lioii
or  tin'  lUuumihlu  ihu  I'hirt   I'ojiiiiiInhI i*.
l'l    t -MTiiii .I   tliu   ul   Hi" uilfli.
(.|i(.,ji ut-rillluiiluolili |mult iiIiom' muiilloii
ml will Iiu roinnii'il m tl nitruuiur,
Tniulms will tint l-u i-uiDlhluIt'll unluss mililu
mil on 1)0' rnrlim Hll|)|)llud. nml kIuiiuiI with Ihu
11 Tliu InwtMi ni  mt.v  i r not iiwi-hbh rl li
N I'll I. !■'   Mai'KAN
IH'imty I'nminUsi.niui ol Luluh i Wmh*
I.umls nml Works huiimimuiu
Vioturia, ii. (j.. -in i\in>, im. ■'••>
NoTirK '('0 roNTKAI'I'MUS
OlIAl.Kli'l'I'lNUKItS, siifjfiMiiliu.i  ■ Tuitilui
O     fOf S.-Illtul  tl.illM'." Will  Ilil |L'.i'i*U.il   li\   lliu
nudursiifiiinl ii|i to tiooii nl Suliirdiiy tlm Wtli
Muy, iww, ror the mtiullou hiuI uoiU|)lotlou ol «
in iv.* uiie-rooiii rrnim* M'lmoi iiousi- nt Miu-yi*
villi*. I'rniiliinok Kluiloiiti lllslrlul.
I'lttu.-.. M.uuini'ntiuiii, uoiiuuL't mid. forms nf
tumlur iiihv he scun,m m,a ai'lur ihu lUtli Muy,
IWHI, m lh« nflluen nf iim Dovuintiiuul Akuhi.
ri'a '•**>•*'• ufli. II. Tlhhlu, KWJ.. Aliitysvlllu.
uiul ut tliu nutiUs ami Works lm*>immmit',
Vlfliorla. b, (;. —
Maili |iroflOftnl inusl l)u u<*i.'i>iii|iunluil l).V uusli "
in nn mvi'iituil mink ul)nt{iiu ur lurlllluiiu ot
d.'iH.fiii,nii h uliurlmuii huuk of Cuilftda, inuih*
pHyuliln io ut,. muiarfditned In tliu sum ol ISO,
tvhluh iimii in- fnrfullfiil ir ihu nuriy lumii-iin,;
doulliiu iu rtnta,. j„|U uouimot wlum iualluU
upon to iln sn,   Tliu uuhIi. uliuijuus or "I'llllli-nli;
of iloimsh of iitiauvueruiful mudururii will \»-
rutiiriiud io ilmm ujjou tbu uxucntlnii nr tlm
uonirui'i. 'I'lie miRCHHHfulituiidorui'will Im ru
'|oiiuiit„ riirnluli u bond. Iihusuli uud two
Hiu-ulleii In tliu slim of TMnit uiiuli, for tin- duu
fiilflliuuni nf um worlt .■ nutuil lor t„ thu
HHtlHfiiuiion ol iim llunortlilu tliu f.'lilul uuin
mi.ssloiiui'.   (I,,,,,, ilifc'iuunii.iMoriliu Uoild tliu
''"sii. ulii>itn« nr nurillluitiu of di>|iOHlt uhuvw
HiPiillniicii win Im rutiiiiiuii to tlm coiitriuitof,
Tumluis will Not llll I'otishtuiud unluss umilu
out on Uie forum miiipllnd, und ultrtiud with tlm
ueliml *dKiiittunH)f tliu loudoroi',
Tlm liiwu.il nr any tmulei mil imi't'HsmHy
Uopiily ('omiiilBslonerof Luiidi. nnd ffoiks.
Uudstiid Woiki Departmmit,
Victoria, ti. f.. rib May. iw*;. uu THE PROSPECTOR, CKANHKOOK, B C, JUNE 2. IM"'-'
*ths Ucoepectm*
SILENT p,msFumimm
l'uruliiist!   I'rioe   $3.00 a  Month
Allowance Made Ktir Did Matitiine
Arnold k Roberts
Photo Mounts
Picture fi.iiiilnu .1 Siiaiitiiij
rrest rmno Co.
Uui...f St. Ouniirook, III'.
J. Edgar Davis
4   Bricklayer   A
""""Contractor  *
I'lll.Nlil Illi
l<'iiiiiiii'.', Boiler. limit;.' nml
Fireplace Work it Spet'.ially, All
description of stone-work niuler
Orders left at J. D. McBRID&S
Will Iti'ivlv.' l'l'..lli|il   Attention.
ing lit-itisii North Amerioa, that
Youi' Majesty would begftHoloilS'
:;~. . T"~"— ly pleased tu honour them with
___^^_^^^^_________ Vour  Majesty's  presence, and
a m l thereby enable thum to offer the
Cr.nbrook'g 100 Hub. personal tribute of their unwaver-
lug attachment to theOrownaud
The following is a list of I'lan- ,|lt. governmenl of the empire, of
brook's one Hundred i'lul. their deep affection for Your Ma-1
jesty's person, and their profound
Take ii.iii.'.' Uiul thirty iluys after
ilui,, I iiiii-ml in apply t" Um i.'litef
Ciiiiiiiiissiiiiu'i' nf l.uiiils tttiil Works foi'
pol'mlsslon lu ml nml ''iii'i'j ami)
limber fl'imi   Ilui fnllowlUtf described
iHll.la ill Sillltlli-aal   K.liili'llil):
1'iiiiiiui'iii'iiiii  111  1.  pes!   I'liuiti'il   in
I'liaillH    IVOSl    III'    till'     lillllii'l'      lifi'llfl'
niiii'k.'il .1. A. lii'nl.'.v "I Poi'iite: Uu'iiiv
weal 130 ulialliB. thence soulh lu I'liiilus
1 iiun,.V 1'ii-t 11101'litilna, thenee north In
chains, iIi.-i.iii' ..'.-ai IU uiialiia to place
of I'oiuiui iii'i.'iui'iit containing (141) atit'i-i.
more or less,
I'. JENSEN, Looatoi'.
Hilled Muri'li 2.1f.l, 19011. If.
90 Day Round Irip
Excursion East
Winnipeg,      Porl      Arthur,
Duliith, Si. Paul.
Toronto, Montreal, Maritime
Provinces, New York, New
Kiij.'kiiiil .ui upplicutloii.
.lum' 1, tl. 7. 2:',. ia
July 2, :.; An;;. 7, S, 11,
S"|,l. s aud 111
'I'irki'ta sllllj.'.tl lo lIMIIll varit.liiilla.il
ro.ilo ami lii.-l.t.k ini'iilK ami linrtlis on
.'iiiiiuliiiii I'uiiitltt Htuamui'H on Ureal
Lakes,   b'ull particulars ft	
Goo, Mllller,  Atfiint, Oranbrook
J. 8. OAltTEK,   ItI'.A,.   N.ilsuli. II.O.
Your attention Is railed to the
"I'loniii'r lilinltiiil" truliH of the "Milwaukee- X St Haul Hallway." "The only
perfect wains in the world."
Ynn will liml It desirable In ride on
tlionii iniln» when iroiiig to any |minl In
the East era States or 1'aiia.la. They
conned with all Transcontinental
Trains anil  all  Tloket   Aiienta   sell
Por fnrilii'i' Inforiiililltill, pamphlets, I
etc, aal. any Tluket Aif.eiil.nr
K   I.   POItl), II   H, I.OWK,
Pass  Ai;i'iii, (Joiieral A|{eiit, j
I .1. A. Ilnrvey
- P. P.. Simpson
il W. T. Reid
I Ur. VV, S. Hell
I. K. E, Heat lie
ti James 11 reer
7 ll. T. Rogers
h A. Motrin
li .1. II. 1'nslake
111 Dr. Miles
11 T. M. Itoberts
I-.' J. I) MoBrlde
13 A. W. MnVlttle
14 S. J. Mighton
If. W. P. Gurd
ll) .1 ll. Mi'l'iilluiii
17 VV. U Hill
ih .1. Harris
in P. li. Malpas
SO 0 E. Reid
"1 V. Hyde liaker
22 Hoggnrth .v Rollins
23 E. II, Siuiill
IM W. H, Wilson
I'a D. J. M.'Sweyn
Hi A. ti. PoiiwIfik.Foi'tSteele
•27 V.. A. Conk
it Win. P. Tate 4 Sou
•."J A. It. Grace
U0 J. P. Pink
ill E  I'titei'son
B2 J. P. Htichoroft,Marysville
ilil I). J. Johnson
lit 11.  While
!IJ J. M. P. Pinkhaiii
iltl ll. ll. Curtis
117 Dr. I''. 10. Kiug
lh Perry & Pititgerald
811 T. Wardman
tn P. DeVere Hunt
-II A. I. Mi- Dertnot
ti A. ('. How ness
-li! C. II. Dunbar
II Goorge Leask
115 il. II. Thompson
■II! Drs. King A Green
47     Patmore Hros.
4s II. II. Short
IH    P. Matheson
.in Clupp A Rollins
.".1 Queens Hotel
52 Royal Hotel
.'.ii E.  South
.".4 0,  A. Cnskill
m D. J. Elmer, Moyie
511 E. Mai andale
.ii R. P. Benedict
5* P, J. Smith, Moyie
59 Beale & Elwell
00 T. T. McVittie
til E. Doberor.
fsi A. Jollitie.
ii;l John Leask.
t!4 Rev. W. l!. W. Porlune,
Pilgrims Honor Bishop Potter.
London, May i'a.- The Pilgrim
Society of Ct'eat Britain will
give a dinner til the Sovey llotal
lhis evening in honor of Bishop
Potter, President of the Pilgrims
of the United States, The
Archbishop of Canterbury will
otter the toast to the guest of
honor and Pield Marshal Earl
Roberts, the President of the
society, will preside al lhe
May Visit liaiimlu.
admiration for those kingly
virtues and truly humanitarian
deeds which have earned tor
Your Majesty first plaee among
ibe grout Sovereigns of the
Nearly lit'ty years ago Your
Majesty, then the heir apparent
lo tl.o Throne which Your Majesty now adorns, honoured
Canada with your presence, on
the occasion of ihe Inauguration
..I the V,Gloria bridge, Tin.
uppi'iiii.'hing completion of lhe
Quebec bridge, thu Initial step
and one of Ihe great links in lhe
Transcontinental Railway of
Canada, whilst affording Your
Majesty a titling opportunity to
Witness the progress and devel
opmeni accomplished lu Your
Majesty's possessions on this continent, would enable their inhabitants lo indulge in the manifestation of their loyalty and devo
tion to Iheir helmed Kiug and
We   therefore   most    humbly
pray that Your Majesty and Her
Most Gracious Majesty the Queen
will lend their august  presence j
on the occasion of the luauguia
tion of lhe Quebec 1.ridge.
MlMI'.lt..l.   ACT
ii'inni P i
i;.Hlllli'.l. n.' lUPIlnVBUSNTI.
Empire I'Yaolhiual Mineral Claim,
Situate In Uu' Pull Steele Mining |iU'lslrni..f
Kaal Kui'li'llliv i.ialrli-l.
Where lia-nli'ili   Nuar Lllllil l'r,-i'k.
Take nolli'L' iluu I. .latin's ,\. Harvey I'i.-i-
Ml ■'-.   iviUlliiii.i   Nn.    "ItillHTi!"    inline,
as n,'i-ul lur JUIIIUH 'I'. I.UllllUW. I'*.M.L'. Nn.
HTH-Ual, W, M.Tari-lllll. l''.,\l,C. Nu. H7IIM'.'. nml
Jrniiua A.1KUB, I'Ml'. Nu. tl.TilSW. illliillil
silly ill*.'* Unlli lilt- iluli, tu'l-i-iil'. In u|i|jly Iii tin,
j.liltlll.l Ul'l'lll.ll'l'till K .'itl'lllll'Slf III Illllll'HVl--
liifll.a I'm tilt- lillipiiai- ul ul.lulllll.il a 1'riiwii
.hunt ul llu-iiliuvi'i'llllill.
Ami further nilii- unties Hull action, under
,-prlliui ill, Inusl 1,1- ,'iiliiliialii-i'il l„-l,,li- tilt- LsU
slice ufsuuli .vniiii-iilii nl Ituprnveiueuls.
Iiuluil .Ilia Till ill..' uf Mu I'l'll. A. I... IStHi.
It does nnt  require  an
Mpert tu clean out tits)  Hues .^-^l/Vft
ol the "Suushlne" furiuwe— ''$%'-vV'^j«,
the ouly luol ueeJej « » biuiii '^^^■C^,'THVt
Clean-out donra are phoed  in the
C«Billg, ami llie u.ual. call easily be insetted. '
This heater just bristles wilh omlusive feature) aueh al
autouiaiie gas dampert, large tluuhla teeJ-Juuis, sleel dome,
double shakers ai.J steel radiator,
11 you want the he.t turnaoe made get the "Sunshine"
Bold by euleipnsius Jaalcis   e.eiynheie      bookie!   free.
London. Touonto. Uonthkaf..
'Ar. JuttS     UAMU.TOMi
Patmore Bros. Sole Agents
LL followers ot Isaac Walton should
have a look at our Fishing Tackle
before making their selection. We
Handle a complete stock oi Flies,
Poles, Lines. Keels. Leaders and
everything lhat a fisherman   requires.
ThIco notlfio tlmt thirty iiay» after
date I, totr iiiiUuraigniid, Intend toapply
iu tin* (Ihitif * 'uiiiini-isWiiii**' »f
Lands and Works nt Vli'im-iii,
B.C., lur ii Mpfi.'litl lln'iu'i' to cut und
carry uwuy timber from the following
ili'si-ribftl landi. in lUtist Kootnnay.
Coiumenning iti a posl planted al the
north wesl eoi'iiei of V, l'*eai'son No. 5
limber llcenae, thenee aoullt ho chains,
thence wesl 80 chalna, Ihenee north so
chains, thence easl 80 elmlns to plaee of
beginning, containing 040 acres more
or leas.
Dated ihUwil. day of April, 1000.
to, Jensen, Locator
in .Marked P. Jensen No. I
Commencing at a poat planted 40
chains wesl of the north-weat corner of
I'. .Jensen's No. I tlmbor license:
thenee east 40 chains, thence soulh 100
chains, thouce'wost 10 ehulns, thence
nortli 100 ehaina to plaee of beginning,
containing 040 acrea more or lesn.
Dated this loth day of April, IMH..
1\ Jensen, Locator
Marked I'. Jensen No. '2
Commencing al a post plained ut llie
north-west corner of I*. Jensen's No. '2
timber llcenae: Ihonee soulh s" chuins,
Address   To llio ICIiib's  Mosl ;" •' w.'htaOulmliiH, tliouen „i.,ti,so
elmlns, th.nine eitst.SU nlittiiis to j.l.i.-e
.if   l.i'^illllillll,   I'lilllililtinu'    Ittll    ili'l'ea
llliil'i; in  less,
Dtitt'il thia Iiiiii iln,. ill April, 1000.
1*. .l.-nsen, l,.H':.ilil-
Miii-ki'il I'. Jensen Xn. it
Gracious Miijosly:
Most (ll'tl.'il.tlS Soviirwigll,
Wo Hi.- iiininlioi's of tlii' lions.'
nt ('(iniiili.iim.ICaiiiiilii, ill |i;u'liii
liunil assiMiilil.'il, beg lo liiiiiilily
convey lo Vour Mtvjesly, with
lliu iissurtin.'u ol our loyally ami
di'votiott lo Vonr Boynl Person,
iln. expression ol tin- desire an.I
hope, long and fervently cherish'
ed by all British stibjecis Inhabit
fOur   Prices   are   Consistent
With the Quality of the Goods 3?
C. E. REID & CO.,
Ph«nt 74        The Drug-gists, f>
NORTH   STAR       f
Kimberley,   B. C.
J   H. W. DREW, Proprietor..
TAKE  NOTICE that   thirty dayi
afterdate I lutend to apply to tha Chiel
We have been III the  business Commissioner of laad and Works Jura
for several years, we have the "eciue to eut and uarry away tlmher
' fr.un the tulluiviini deati'llj>rij labil. Il
Ku>: Kooteaay,
Llueuse "A"
Commeuulog at a 'mat n.ai k^j David
Hi,,-k,'tuiii;..,  Houlhwast  coruer  jajit
■"*"-'■    A" Jilttr^i! aliuiit I'lie unit  one-
We are the authorized agents hall miles west of Skookumehuek- river
for the removal of Mason iS Rlsch u'"1 about one mile ....-si ot o. a,
Piano.-., we cau do the work with'  ll"-'-''11-  tbeasi eonier,    Thenoe
out risk.     Also Household Pur   1''""""- ,u '-'"*'""   ""■"'•  Ihenoa 80
chains easl, theuce 80 >:liau.» .unit.,
thence xi chains west to place of commencement.
I'u.iil Breukeurldg*ei Loostor
April 12th, I'",
I.h'euse "B".
' "iiinii-iiiii,, ut a |»„t marked U.
BreckenrldKii's southeast corner
li'-i'ii-,- li uui iniji,inilii ii,,. louthweal
 •"'■' "i liens.,   \'. thence north  l"0
.thulus, ilni,,.,. ..,.,i io chains, thenca
aunt i. luu chains, thence easl 40 chains
to place ul cuintUHiicetneut,
I'u.ni Breckenrldne, Locatoi
April IStli, I'an,
best equipment tn B.C   au.i we
guarantee satisfaction
About thai Piano
1 i nature
Proprietors ol iin-
Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co
I titled il|i)»,Mt,,
C.P.R, Depot,
l'l. 113,
1 herebj kIvu iiuilca that Sixty ,im-
aflerdale I int.-ini n. applj to thei i.i.i
Coiiiiiilsslonar uf hands nnd IVurks al
Victoria, It. i'., fur puriulsslun tu pur
chaao thu lolh.,vlii|[ iluscrilmd pi ,1
lllllil In Suiilli,-ii,l Km,I,,„;,,
Iti'lflnuill. Ill Hu' luili- |„i,| ull
llie Northern baunilurj nl Loi Nu, 31S,
llieiii'c iiiiiii, -.ii ,ilni,,..  thence  ensl
10.18 lllllilla,   itii-i,,,,.   .,    :'||   fllltltlH.
thence uusl to chains, tlii'tii'i' sottili -ti
i'lialns, tli.'tu'i' w.'-t  sn chains, 11,...,-.
al.tltll  10 UllUlllS,  llll-llli, W.ISI  7.'llllilla III
place..[ liutfiniiliiij ttuliiiuit 300 u,-.,■-
inure or I.---,.
porT, T, MoVIT'l'lE, \.,,-ii,
Muri'h 23rd, UK»i. |:t
0"ii.i r.)
•Huliorls",   "Mitplu",   -l<i'ii,.,,-i
"Tiit-iiiitii'' Mineral i lniiu-
i'K- ..lii.iiii:   I
lllllil' ill till- l-llll
1,1.1  Kiailauiij   lllalliil.
r ..I
•VI.,-..- l.x-nl.-.l:   llll ireitst,l.'lll l.ii
I Its
Till..-  in,ll 1,1.1   I. Jinn,..  ..   Iln,
II. Xi., It l.".ani, Hi'tliii.. fm iiiy.,,11 mul ;,s n^t
" .1 '/, I'lll'iia. 1' MAI, ItTita;,- nml I'uii,), Ullll
in, I- i-i-.- .Mlm-i'a I'I'll ill i'n li- Ni, II ,-.l,':;l. i
■nil alutj ilnys from llu- ilnti- tiui-,,i
|i|i[)li, tin'Mlnlni'lti„„iili,i mi ;i iv,i,i,i„
I liiiin'ovutiiiilUH, l,,i ih- |,.ir},i,..i. ni iiiiiniini
I'l'UMIl  (llllll. Ill ,'licll 111 tin' iil.livi',-lallii.
Alul rurtlii'i   lllltc iiiilli'i'ttiul ui'lliiu   nml
I'l'lillll ill. IIIUSl III' I'lllllllll'lll ,,,) l,|,[li|,- Un- Issi
III'.' Uf Hlll'tl .'.Tltlll'llli- llf llll|,Hlli-||||,|||v
liuti-,1 Mil. l-.'ili ilny iii Miuvli A li.. I'll.,
Ill .1   A  IIAItVIJY
'' iiii'ti'iiii' iii .. prist  marked   D,
Ureck.'urldiiV. iuuilieasl curnoi i^,-,;
li,-,-i,-,- -i" plneud ul Un, nortlieast corner ul liniiii Breckmirldife'slIuonso'A'
iii'-ii'-i- iiiiiiiiii» 80ehaius north, thonee
sii,-Ii.in,- wmi, thence HO chains south,
'.Hal  111    |l||l.-.
Iiii.i.l BiBckBiirlditu
April llith, It	
ul .-urn-
Loi alor
't'tiki' nntliie thul  iliii'tv days nft.ir
'lute I, til.' llllili'l'a|ii|„.i|, Intend li,ii|i|ily
tii tin* Chief! 'iitiiin [sslounrnf Lands antl
Works al Vhitnrlii, ll.C, for ii h/wclnl
llceucu in i-iit uiul i'iii'i',v .i..n,\ tinitii-i-
Iiiiiii tl,,- I,.11..wins! described lands In
Kits! K.ii.liiliuy. t'liiiiiiiuiii'ihij ut a |mst
planted ulii.nl iinii-liall mil.' wesl ul
Copper ('t'l'i'l; in, south side ol trail
Kolng up Skookum Chuck Itiver,
thence easl 80 chains, theuce soulli *t)
ehaius, thence west 80 chains, theuce
iniiili mu chains, in tin, plnee of liuifliin-
iiie, ..'..ntultiiiiM 1110acres more ut- less,
liao-il ihi. illli iln. ul April, Iiiiiii.
P.Jonsen, Locator
Coiumenuliig ut a post planted alioui
mu' ami um. half mil,' eust nf Copper
ereek; ihenee south hii chains, thuiice
west ill chains, iliiinne uoi'ih 8ti chains,
thence east 80 chains tu the pla. I
liceIniiiiiit. enntuliiiliy tilti acres more
or leas.
Dated lhis llth ilu. uf April. IOIIO.
17 r.'.l,'ii,,-ii. Lui'titur
,. -|i'
i |iii-i   marked   1..
tllL'OSl    I'lillil-I-    Ul^Sl
license -ir |.|aced un.. lmil mile nurtlt
nl lhe -..uiiu.,-i t'urnui'uf C. \V. Wilson's license mul about un.. und olic-hall
miles suiilli ui the -niiili.-iiai corner ut
I). Hrcckenrldfre'a licnnse -11 ; thence
iiurlli 80elmlns, thence wesl sn uliulns,
then.'.* suuth 811 chuins, thence easl  su
uliulns I., pluco ,,t coniiiiu lent,
liuii,I Breukeurldge, Locatoi
April 12th, iiiiiii. in
Cranbrook Licttnoe Oiatrict.
Tli" half yearly incetlns of the lioard
'' Licence CuuiuilssioiiL't's, Cranbrook
Lieu   District,  ..ill  In- held al the
oiirl I luu.,-. t'i'uiil.i'ook, un Pi'ldaj
I'm'- Ifitli, 1000, nt lu o'clock In the
.ii-'-iinuii. Wtimi il,,, following uppll-
■mi.hi- will com, before the linut-U:
llobci'l lohnsou, transfer to I'aul
Hundley, Cuntral II I. Murysvllle.
■ Iiiiiii--   llrown,    I nli-l'liuliulial    BOtel,
II. s Muther. Wltidsor Hotel, Furl
S I.-.
Alex. Mcl.'ool, Hoyul Hotel, Port
Steele Junction,
Nil- llunson, Wiau Hotol, Vt'asa.
Junius Carroll, Ontario Hmiae, Kim-
li. II Bohart, Wardner Hotel,
John Kiun. Central Hotel, Wardner,
McDonald .v Oourley, Strathcona
Hotel, Full Sleele,
Chas E, Pinch, Pallsvlew Hotel,
A. I'. Chenette, limul Hotel. Marys-
Oliver A, Iim,,,,, perrj Creek Hotel,
I'l'lT.I   I '1..-.-I.,
Chiel Licence Inspector
Crunbrook District
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Minimi Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
.-ileum   I
uiul r'l.niiti'i' Work a
'I'lic ai.ovi' hotel has heen rnfiBfill,y arnoled, and neatly furnished throughout, The liar is supplied wilh the liosl brniids nl
Liquors ttn.l Clgai'8.
('usl uiul siiifli KsliniHtas
t'lti'iiihlii'il Upon .\|.|.li.'a-
Thiiiy ilnys nfiet-iliilo w« hitcml i«»
U(J|ll>    III   t llf   Chlt'f   ('olllllllbsUilli't'    nl
LhimId uiul Worknfoi*u -tpfciul llivucc.       tion.
in fill mul ruiTy uway tlinhtii' from iln*
following dfiflm-llJuil lutulu In South RftHt p.Q. B<JX 834.    GlMlllll'OUk. B.G.
Kootonay, IMJ. i - —
(JoiuniftiHjlag ui M. J. ClaxloiiV hhiiIIi
wi'si uoi'iior, llit'iici* wi>.si ltm cliuioK,
thoiu.-n miiilli 4U iilmliiH, Miimiikj i-unt IW)
.'huiiiH. ttii'iu •* iiiulti -tu I'tiuln.i tu tht*
place uf iiuiiiniiMHMiiiii'iil
Hii,m] April 12th, lituti.
N'l-U, JohllHoli'fl Nu. 1.
Cnionionolrifcj ui SbIb. Johnson's No. I
liouthuaut eorni.*r Nn. 1. thonuo wvtft U>^
chatiifl, thonoo nouth -to ohalnH, thonoe
east KKlnhftlna, thenoe north *>u ohalns
tu plaoe nf I'liiiiiiii'in'i'iiK'ut,
Dated .April lilth, IHOU.
Ni-Im. Jnhiisoti'a No, 1
('nillllli-licihl! Ill    Nels, .lnliiiNitli'h   No.
2, soulhoaBt ooi'iior, llionoo Mil) t-iiiiln*.
worti, thm  *Hi ohaltiH nouth, Ihoniifl
100 uhalus east, thenoe lOuhalns north
lo plaoe uf ooiniuoneoinont,
totxuA .April 12th, mm.
17 S«Ii. Johnson's No. U.
• Ullii'iilil MitlUlnl.il RtHl't!
run hum lie liiiunl In Illi-
M VM'l t  llii'l'l'l.
K'lrsl Class Work In ^H limuoli
111 llu-
Tonsorlal Art
•**m**ax9aa**aia^'aa.asa,.a,*>a,*>a.***>4 11
Huttkd heer fur family
use ;i specially
Outside   Orders
•i H. O. HUH 81.'      L
■1      rBLBHHONK Nt>. I     \
SKAiiKU Tknobhs win hi- rivt'lveil nt Hi
uttii t* uf .\,  i:, Hruohs. Itlvlnlim Kiig1tii*t'!
I'miuiiitHi 1'itcllli! Kail tiny. Cultiiiiv u ji to I'i ]•
May WU. UKW, for Ittu eroctlon. rain|i|pilniiiui
ilt-Uvi-ry of ilit> following Imi lill itgs:
Six stall brk'l: atttlltluii to v.wioe lions
Medio!ne II.u,
Nevi I'.'insuill Itrf'tk KnitUii! Itoiwo.Mnulfi
N.-w Ti-n HUH Iii irk KukIn-i Ifmise Hll
Uriel: Holler hau.su, UathljMriye,
Se*   Six   SinII   lliti'k   Kutflup  IIoiinu   nil
tn i.k Holler Housu, Crown Nest.
New Wooden Frelulii Sliml, with cmu'ret
iuiiiniiiiii.il nt l.i'tiibriiiL'i too' long, irpttint
• iiiii-t- m eueti end ot bnNdliijf, ruinitretl for lh
r.iinpiniy und tin: a. I, ,v I Co
I'Ihus, SiiiTiiiiHiiiiiis .nul Kormxof I'mjii
,:.!« limy be seni nl lliu uflluei of;
\s-istunt Chief Kiiwlneur C 1*. U \Vluiil|i<
Hi vision Klltflliuui.   t'lilifiiry
TendeiH muy be for nil nr hiij ut ihe biilldhii
The i'tiui|iiiiiy refcervei Lhe rltflil io rejei i m
•i ulMoudem
Any  ftirUiff liiformiillnii rati  be ohinlni
mm iln- ithove nniees
N  i; UunOKS
Dlvdlon lliitjlin-i'i    I'tili'iiiy
fitltforj Mr j loih, IWti
TAKK   N-'llii-   Mint   -mi   .i.,.v   0|
nu. ii'i toajijilj In ihe Chlol Com ml
I,:iml. nnd WiirkN foi pennImIwi hi
the fi. mu ine deserlheil ItiliiU in •>,
Km 11'nn) Comtlieiii'liiH ul ;i n—i
Die Sorlliwusi corner ol Loi Ctcu
ibanceMtsi 10elmlns lliiiiico north i
tin-ill'i- .u-.i lUi'loiliiH Iheiieuhouthsii
UK AN If   i'A'l'KS
Oil It'll M:i> l.'lli  liui.
,. „ sakmst ■•«•■
!!   Port  Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
r? Liveru
UE»M* .1 I.OYI.K, ritOH'll
Toaitis antl drivsrs furiijsli
ml  for any  point in Un- .li I
A.  tillY l.K,  M,uun:,■
I.in.il Nu. I.
Tlml I im.-ml iiiirt, ,i„j, from d»to
in ii|.|.li in iln. Ulilul CoiiiiiilsHioner of
LiiihIm unil Wi.rlta fur s| inl liconce to
i'iii nmi 1'iirrv ii.vii} tliulwr from follow-
inu ili-i'i-ilii'il luu,i in Siiiiihi'uat Kooteuuy,    l' i in^ ut a niiat at   the
»nu Hi wesl .-in- nt l.,it -.'Kin, thenco 80
chuins south, thonee sn ,.|iaitia «-,-st,
tlio   SO '-liuiii-   'Hi,   thonee   80
,'liaiii- .-nai tu i'lu.-.- iif lucnooment.
Loouted .Mai Intli, iimii
liy D. I. Miliar
William West, Aijent
Mnill Nu. 2.
Thul I ini.'iiii Hiii-i. days nfter d»te
tu ii|i|ilj I., tho i liii-f I'mniulsalimer ul
[.nn.ls unil Wiirlcs lur a| inl llooneo to
.•nl nml I'lii-ri ai.ay tliulwr from llll low-
Inn il i ilifil lanil in Southeusl K'ouif-
niij-, i ,'iimii.n.'iiio ai post plnntoil it
niii-ilifiiai   L't.rnor ami  joining   R,   1.
Mill.-r'- aniiilifiis rnor uf limit  No
I, ihi'ti.'.i ni ,-iiain- south, thonco 80
,"''' 1,-liiiin- ii.-i. ihenee 80 ohains north,
j ihfiifi- au fliaiii- uiul  to place ul  U-
. I  L'ilUlill'.'.
■■"   j    I i.i.'.i Mil) Uiiu. Iimi;
 I li. ll  I. Miller
Wm. Vint Agent
„. i | NOTICE.
' "i     Tlml I Inl.nitl Uiiu. thi.v> uftor ilutr
•''   in ,i|i|il,. in iin-1 iii,-i C'imiinlssliinor ol
J1*] j I.ami- nn.l IVorks im- -|..'i'iiil lieu in
mil nun obit) ii.iii.i liiiiln-r In.m Un, luili.u inr iI.'h'1-IIh'iI IuiiiIk in Southeast
Kuuti'iiu) i omii.uuclujj at li. I
Miller'a northoiun iiurnt'rnl limit  No.
-'. Hiei  in ,-liiiin- „aat. ihonoe Uai
elmlns witilli, lhe iu elmlns iveit,
th.'ll.'ll Iil'l.-li.iin- iniiili lu plai-.-ul   1st
I.ticatod Mn, luili, 19011,
-I U) William Wosl
tliai -.uli ,Ib>.. nn.l aal. I
ililiinl l,i,i|j|i|, I,.ilia i'|i|,,| i'.j||,,i,|,.i,.ii«| 0f
l.ni.,1-:.ii,| .Vmi.-I„i |mttni..luil tu pariti...
ill,- I.,11,,,i in,, ,l,i.iil,a,l Ian,I iu Suutti Ka.t
KiMiliiniv t'otumellclns al u |n,.i ulatit.il at
Nurlliw.'a i in i.„i nu uioup I Kuiilenai
I'lslrli-i i rked.N r rornor ut Aunit.«
I.,ii,in- . i...t. .......     ll,,.,,,,,   ffefl|   u,    ci,ali,,,
ll.i-liii -, ulli M iliaiii^ lljeinf easl luiLalu.
ll.SI.UL> n,,iHi Jli iliiiiiia lu ptsoa Ot litlititliut
I'uiilaiiniiij BII sets, mule Of le,.
.iituu ,M   Laurie
IJ.L,t ,\|j,j Mii, l^uo j. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, ll.C-., JUNE 2, IQOG
* » *
T<2   "NTPYt   tn*     ■'■ a. Murphy ol Porl   At
lo   liCVl   Xi\J ff wns In the city ou Monday.
^iiii^r^i;,";:;1^:,,::ln ®fo itawpector. Head
SATURDAY, JUNK '-'. 1900,
WE  ARE  MAKINi,   A   I.l'.AIH'.I,' nl-'
3? Iin.in-,  wo are fully convinced it is tin
j» host   soap   value   on tin   market  to-day.
At This soap is made in tin  WKST and has
9 more friends in tin  WES I" than ill otlui
9 laundr}   i iaps i omliim tl bet ausi  it is tin
* purest   tnd easie .1 ivashin.' - nip ihal .   i
5 , ,in In hie Im  citlii i   hard   tu    -  It
j. water.
* I he Quality is thu highest, lhe Price 9
9 is the lowest. GOLDEN WEST 1- the 9
9   King nt Laundr** Soaps. *
i f
(~!* qA 1 i yi gSg" 9     W. Campbell wns in lown on|   LOCAL NEWS.   |
^* ^ 9] Monday. vuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiuuuu•:•
Ben lliii'lili. t.r Marysville wus
Splitting       OF COMMERCE
■tl. 11 carload of  hay
uiul oats   A, C, Itowin
ill tin' oily Wi'ilni'silliv.
When you ftol it good t.lil-
rasliloui'd 11,-iiiliiflii'ilini innki'.-
yoiii' lieiul tliruli: ntitl your oyos
whirl iiiiii iniikos vim sifk tu
vuiir Ktoiiiu.'lt try
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
il. E. WALKER, G.nenil Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asm. Gen'l Manogai
#,,.        ,.                         ,,,, '   i    Huehcroft of Marysville Ul •  OCObLS                                        issuid a. ihi: following raies.
Oliver Itiit'L'i'   nml   <'U^   llll'**- ,    ..      ,.    n,,,.-,.-,, ,..-..                                         *5 »nd under    3 cents
■ came down from   Perry  creek ■   _ v Headache    Powders                          ovr. ss »n.t ..ot sxceedinij sio   6 cents
♦   Wurl..r.u.l»v ,1,1 hiwinuQS   " "    Sll)       " " SJU     10 cents
»(xtiicsiiu) on business T p   Sttluh of Nolson wits in Thoy can't hurl you and thoy                          "S30     "         «       mo.....   is cents
9                 "   ..   , ,,    , the cily Monday .inn unv liomliuilui.                          I These Orders are I'liyiihlc ul Par nt tiny olll.o III Clllllldll.il'a Chattered Bank
m,     T   Iv   Roberts,  ol Arnold  ,^,
i Roberts    was    ul Marysville     Hurry  Oldlnnd,  and   P.  Car
_\ Monday on business, roalln of Feme were Rrtiiibrooli
j                          visitors Thursilai
9     •!   Murph} and Potf. Lutnui of
Mk Moyie were guests nl llie Crtm '    N    I.     Mclnnoss,    mul    W
iff l.toolt on Mouday [Jjinitild of Nolson were rotjistureil |
I       Mrs   I''   A .1 sol l\ n   ei .'.
J i was ,u Kalispcll ' isi »eel. , sii
9 ittji het parents Mi md Mrs,
^T  Uai simian
Wentworth Hall
o Nijrhts Oul)    Iiiiii.   Q
i      Jlllll) 0
£ Famous Juvunile
9 Bostonians
30 i \ .        30
..i ihe rrunhrooli Thiii-wlti)
W P .'li,,|i,,u,. ,,! Marysville
i\ '- , ., lesl .it lite i 'osmopollti.il
mt Thtirsilaj
Colin   i      Hi,,ivii, ami   T   1).
MeKi't' ol ^ in,-,, i\ i" w f uosts
' Crai in  Moudn.i
Uotltl    Sup.     ntel lllll     M,i, I, i\
was in Cranlii    Motnl tj    mul
In Mat. -      i' T lesday
O  S   l-'i     ,-.     , i  ni  ihe
1   niilii'ooli I; iti   ,
Sp.il(tttii     I in,' iiiii    iiii
Wcdni silat
.lop any lieailacho.
One Dozen In a Box 25c.
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Dual.
'I'li.' Lending Store
Choice Confectionery
PRKSH    M"l's
l'"resli Lettuce,
Green Onions
< luili Hlieuhnrh
Choit i' i IrniiRfs ,iml IVtu.in.i-
Hazelwootl Ice Cream
# — '.a..     a^,.~,   „.„   #
*#*$$##****** *************
* '''  ' ■ *    t\\m  Mason m ,   M|.s    u
* Presenting Land ol Boo-Loo »•««' i-Miii-n friends m sini      Phone 75       ftnustroilfj. r\w.
2 ami Raja"
: st MM \i: rs  mm    illiK'nl Vl'l :
Hur.ii Stewart
■•- >. mil .'"V        Spilt
t Ileal!     .V Atell sol
Mr   uiul Mrs   Pred   Mini	
iml Mr mul Mrs.  \   li   Peuwi
l>un't  Miss the  Kiddies  u' •'   Uvwibiii..i<   visitors
Suniluv lasl.
--9 PETE'S 9'~
tYuki xcepttul), itiul m llie |inm*ipu.l kuiU'lntf |»lnU in Hie .'nitcd States.
TU.-v fm in an uxcellcnt method nf remitting atrial] sums of niuney with safety
ami at mi..ill cost,
Eyeache and
Ui-utf* rwlluvti ouly Umipoi'iH'JIy.
i:,-inn.!•   tit.'   .iiuiHii mul
i'lti',1   il   |ii'i'iiiiiiiiinl   euro
Stillsl'iie.tloti fctmrantoed,    Consiillallon Proi
, F. file k Son
Jewelers and Opticians
^H!n!!!!t!!f!!n!!!!!nH?nn!!f!lf!!!f!ttWV!tt?!!fJfnfnnjn!f!!ft!fnt!!n!n!H1!HfJ!!H!!Htl!!IH1t!l^   c e. Bmitii of Montreal, rep.
3 sentitig    Dawson   \   Co.,    was
  , -  .   is thi
ti'atisaelmg   business  hi   Cran
resl    '   ttt-n
you ii  -styli 3     l''|,''l|.   Smyth, editor  of  the
,       .    .', -3 Moyie   Loader, wns in llio cily |'
zs   i iiesdny.    lie   paid   n   frien.llv
very ss visit to the Prospeclor olliee.
ivords rzs 	
,, z3'-.    Several Ttulian oliiefsnf Hritisli
A -     •      ' ;::i 3 Columbia 'will leave for En-land
tide tun    tdvi ftisilli;    ml  to 3|aboul  .Inly   1st,   lo  visil    KitlK
■ mi Clothii ■_ is i ■■' i") 33
lill'en nt proposition.     Wi 3
llllMi|ii,|li'illli.' hesl -,lui|, Hi
Criittl.rtitik. nml ifiiuriitili'i's
-Hli>l:lrliiili     ill     Slllivilltj,
lltilr t 'lilting, i'li-.
Next  iiiiiii' to  A. O, Bownoi
on Craubrooli Streel.
P. J. Leithauser
TO KENT mi lliiki'i' Hill     A
nr Cloth- 33 ltti'ffo  front   room  .villi  use   of
,   . zS ballitind lelopl e. Apply al, lliu
IK nnd they ure actual pic- 3 Prospector ollife.
11t*i s    ilr.i'vn   from   actual 3S 	
....... 33'     Hunk Eller. uu nlil li    pins
ZS peclor uiul mi ner in this districl,
'1'hi' artist i> ii.'t allowed 3p'1'''   lvl   Si.    lilusetie   hospiinl
m deviute one. iota from the 3 Tlinwau.*-ovonhif*.
Don't, Miss tl Good Tliiliu III
Tea and Coffee
50c.  I en at 35Ci
50c. ColTee at 35c,
11,-1  t|ltltlllj   ill Illi- i-ily lur till-  llliillr.
R   N. PINCH & CO.
I'liniif Iii-.        Cranhrook, 111'.
Xiiiici' i- lii'i'L'liy yivt'ii iimi Sixty
Iji.v- iilii-r iiiiii- I iiiii-nil in ii|i|ily tu Ur
t'liii'f  < 'uiiiiiiissluiii'i'   el'   l.miili.  uiul
£ ■ ■ 3
fCratibrooks Greatest Store|
i!,e!ii;il   Karnieni,      That's 33,    F. VV. t'erifiison, \<\ Davidson,
ha ililieient fmni i,'oin« i" 3 *'■ S. Tnyov, X. K   MeNuii-liinn.
, ZS   llllll    <■'.    A.    Hull   nl    \ lllli'iilivel'! w.irk.a r.ii- tii't'iiilKslim Iii   l.til'i'lliisi'   Iln;
"'"* ""    :"ul   Sil)',n«' zs tt-erofrnoM.s«l the Cm -oulr nn ] r wintr ii-«.-i- .11,111.1 it, s,„„i, i-:..,i
.'eiiiiiii'iii'iii'j- in 11 |in.it  iiltiiilt'il it) the
s.iitllit'iisl I'lirtii.'i' ui  l.ei  iln llrtiiip  I.
tin'  iinrtli li.ri.i   In i'lniiii.  ili.-ii.'.'
. .i-t Inrl.. 10uliulns, tin- Htllltll Dljfllt}'
SU i'llllill-. Illl>||i'.< Wl«l  I'llt.l    HI   I'llllina.
  jtlii'iii'.' Hurl Ii in i'lniiii.- in  |.lii.v nf lie-
Rollins dressed in one nf the 3     a ,   m .1 1    1     1       iriiuilnt,'.
., ,   ,. =S     Pete Matheson,  who has heen    n,,,,,,, .„ ,-,.„„,„ c this t»i dav ol
New   -'"ih ( i-niury   up-to- sj loulcmg over  ihe  prospoctn in April, limit
.Lite Mills.    Watch for Vic. 3 Alberta for the past month re-    N ' 1:. ,1. \i, vi itii-:
33 turned to Craubrooli nn Friday
3 of lust week.
111   lllt'bt*  dtUn Of l.*'t*lit"i*l i'ilill|'t-Ulimi  W.H'f!  [lie
mark tils at'e HoolIhO with ull Ki'iidou uud pi-toes of
ohuc.i, iiiiicir-ti uiul uuuuined. If a rilioe t;ouieu intc
piipulai- fm hi* h\ li-n|i!» uud hounds, outstripping all
records ovur mtuh* bt\ anv othur apfi-'ial shoe, there
* inusl surely be a reason for it. *
T|f Balston Health ^SS}Ji*S! **
SlinP   Mi)If pr«   for Its popularity is Its
lOHUO   illdriCI O   tittiess for the foot, the
quality of iis inaleriiil, and its construction.
■'(,iv,   us n swell Clothmj* 3 Wu'itda^lasl
Cut",    Very dilTerent. 3    w, |.'. Atclii^JTrniiirnml s„M
We  have arranged with 3 ''"^ lmm l,n exifiiid«d visit in
,    ' ,. 33 California.    Mr   Aleltison was
tun ai list to prodtiec for your 53 al ,„)S All!,,.l(,s.,, Ihl. tilm. tjm1
iii-.|'i , li'Ui.     Mr.      V.       A.  33 'lie Iiiir eiirtlii|iiiiki' ni'ciii retl.
needed if you wear a liALSTON .SHOE
They have from the lirst "THAT COMFY
PEEL" that makes you cling to old shoes
WE HAVE SAMPLES that you can
eliin.se from ami we guarantee you a perfect til
N.,iiiiKi-'ii«r,-i, in.<-> "'f ■■^. <,-4-1,:*■ •-'4:9.9 <■:♦:»:♦ « J ♦:♦"»'.♦:"#:♦.♦.♦.»'♦.:*'$.
,11 your eyes ache when ri-tttl-
iitii*. nr you are trimlileil with
frequent headaches, loi us examine youi' eyes. Consul till it 111
free - Win. F. Tate .v Son.
Graduate Opticians,
I'ell.l   I'.
i|.:ll'i'll''li'ATK ill,"  IMI'ltOVKMf'.NTS
.Inn-  1 ,
apply m Hi-
in,- 1'hi,.
Mrs. S, VV. Smith of Toronto,
was visiting: ,11 the Mnnso this
tveelt,    Mrs. Suiilli is u sister of
I Clean Your Woodwork # uiwS^S'^
_ __ . .      _ ♦    Suiilli   Will   Visil   llie  eiiltsl    ill u
♦   and   Furniture   with   t
♦      AlAUVrllf      I U Al 1        AV       ♦
a w 9
In   - , '"-'    ,-,.,.--■» -,,'1, ,ui-   1   |iilil Vetienr »lul go ovnr v. I Ulllllliei'    of   WllOlll   Were   ill    llu
* .-,,.. . ,   j •■            an  liml    on-, tlnll    .  ,        ut; i- (ii-t-ffi-ily *'i.|epo1 tO Say gOOtl l.\'e
* .. piano fo    i.-'.n ■■'      I'lifi  11    luili.     \ on'11 *
a> ,        .1- .   ,     1  ', ,-i,«.,-   - -a.-.  ',.   ia,-. .nul |, «•. ;,-        9
TAICM    N'i'I'l' i-                                  i>     *•■     '*    '-aiiK           - *■-   lifiielli ti)j  .'.i'i'.   ■;, ng   frun   the  llut'i.1       ^
Knidneprlntt  ' ■■ ■   I  mil.'' '"   .     • * »|»-i klti-lmii .-luilr,    Thera ia nuilryiii
.,.|; 11,,.-  ui ,1 i'li itti
"J ' ' . Large Duuie. enuugn iu renuvaie me orainary ■*'
ai ,1 pol
Illllli. I
Sii  tli    '.
■ mitntn n
Fortsiia      tl»
•I'll   Till-.   -I SKK.N
jWIi   Tii   ITS   -! ' '   KSS.H1S
couple iii weeks,
Archie Smilh, lefl on Tuesday
for -Winnipeg, Mr. Smith has
been 11 resldoul of Craubrooli for
several years, antl during ihni
time has made n v  friends, a
17th.   mar. 11
tk.-ii,-i-ln -
M.inilii.i      'I
Jim.'.    Um
111 i.'i'lni'l -
Large Bottle, enough to renovate the ordinary
home  50  cents.     Sample  Bottle  10  cents,
I  nf    lli'BI'    i
6     9.M _     _ 0
Crunbrook.  B.C.
u iiiie'ci ^'
.  I'm
III    nlil*    UllllluW     Inl*
1111 liii    XI ■   -i ■
iii thu hi |*'l
full.iii-iii,.; mnl'i
"'"■"■•' n ''    '' . . ,      , ,      .     ,,,,,,     ,,„
ittl.li  n  ♦ , ■*,
Mn,, il-     IS    llerfiili    linirini' .illi   »,    I ',! iicuiar. »
-inilii.-a'li'-i,-"  I'ii'i'n   ♦ o :♦<■♦. 9 ,.♦: r. ;♦.«:♦:.»$<>♦ 0 .*: 9 ;♦:»'♦»♦; .-■.*; « ♦':
.'ii'i llttlntfa, , , ... . ....I...
One 1 Um       '     ' " '   '*     Hl"'
|,l-,.|.|,.,l lonlli -.iv
Tm, *l     "I"      l'l    I"'"1! ■
lliu- l.nlh liri"-.
01 iv iiiiii        iii   Lnrncntei'   '■ lluililcr
'1 In- nil.)   ■     1)1'  r .        II" allW II lllllil
lur rlj "i l«" ' '   *'"""   I'rw
nf Mill-li'-i."    '
llnt.iil Mii% SUtll.    ""
ItMI'.ll KNUI .1 BlliNl.i ' 11    I .'I'D
Hood  Wmi. al
Keasotiahle I'rii
Boot 'Shoe Maker
Pedro Mineral Olalm.
Fanny and Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
Boots,      Shoes      and      Hosiery
Cranbrook,   -   -    B. C.
siiiinii'iti tliu l-'orl Steole Mining Division of
KiimI Kooluitny IMsuii'i.
wiir.KK LOCATBI): On Sl. Mary'H l-'mlne
uliout one mill'from MltrysVillt'.
TAKK NOTICE, llllll <>•■■ A. K. WlltlS
Spui'lill P.M.C. So. MHM, TIloillllK A. UicIkIiIoii
l-'.M.r. So. HliW-12,    .Inilii   l,.M>k,  l-'.M.C S".
lirJWUii, Intend ilxty iluys from llio dHte li ;
lo H|i]ily to tlio Mining Uoi'onlor ror u Cm-till*
t'lllc n| illl|i|nVlMIH'llts I mi-   Ilir   pttl'IIOSl*   nl   nl'- j
tnliilng 11 Crown ctnuil ur Hit' iibuvi' oliilin.
Ami iiii-ilicitiiiki- iiMiii-i- Mun tuition, nmlnr
Soi'llniiil", must 1 linoiircil lit'fniu I lie lull* ;
tin f Mii|i
taut; Sotli'o nun tiiiny ilny« Rfinrtlitol
Ihti-ml in n|i|>ly In  Ilir ilin'l  Ctiiiiiiilssliini'i uf
i.iiiiX 1111.1 Wm if. ni \ intorln [or 11  lli'Btico
lowing ilwiori IIhiuIhIii sontli Hunt Ktmle
....     .. ■ »">•!   '' noticing 11111 i»"t iilniiiod ono mile
I Iip ItOSCian  Qporo   Com pllliy I north of thu MiuihwiMimirnvrot Lot HII, lioliig
Wash Suits
Wash Skirts J
1 'ill*     A Shipment ol the Latest     .1. '
T I Styles per Impress ^ 11
f  ' 11
 :,,:'''"iSHSl. II Suits $2.75, $3.75 and $5.00 !!
Skirts $1.75,  2.50 and 3.50 \\
.IHIIN  l.l'iAHK,
play ii I'Hiiirn oiijfiigeinenl in
Cranbrook Thursdny ,lnno ".-
"Tiie U.ilii'iiiiitti Cllrl" will In'
prosetilnd. Miss Winil'ri'il Ci'iiw-
ley. tho charming ROhirallo from
Rossland Is now with the nun
Mr. Prod lliiiiiiiir.' of Port
Steele, wltii wits iu the city Sunday lusi. says,"thai lu-uud Mrs,
IHimora picked a considerable
amoitnl of wild slrawlierries in
the i'lciitll.y of Sloolo, mi Empire
Day, May Mth."
Ill .Vni'lt fliiiiriinl i
N"« \v,,ik Mint.' tn Mi'ii"
Mi'lllll|IIHt'll't> flit'
I'llKsii I'litii'i's
NUTS iiiiiI I'lll ill IN
Ice Gream mid Soli, Drinks ;;
AIho Tolmiii'O, Pip.it.
and CittnrH
liiilict* St.    Cranbrook   '.
It     ln-ir -.i.l
,j„;'r a 't'liiiiiit.• Office and Workshop  Lewis St, Armstrong Ave.   SKIiS,*-... i•M-HkH-i-l-i-i-H'H-i-i-M'^ri-H-it
I ln- \,nili|,|i-l i'iii il t,iit itHtll, i'lniiii liln'iiii'
11.,I'lll allI'linliis, llii'liic ..-.ill III i'lniiii..   tllOIIOfl
-ulilll aiii'liiilns, II i> I'aal lU.'llllilia  III  |.|1U0
Ililti'il tlii- I'.'lli ilny nr Ml..'. A.M.. ItH.i       -ill
Nuili'i' ia lii'i'i'li.v glvon Unit un it|i|ili-
I'lltlllll ..'ill I llll' ill   llll'   I'lll'lil. in
nl t'luiiiilit nl tin' iirosunl Si'asinii tin	
ut lur iiii Ai'i iii iu 'ptiriitu Him i'oril-
ill^' \'illli'.\ Itililiui,. l'nlii|iuli,i to I'nll-
ati'ui'i iiiiiI iiporiito n lino ni ruil.vny
ri'iiiiui pninl un tlio  IIi'IHhIi I'tiliiiiililii
Slilllllcrn Itilil.Vil.V in-Ill'  1,1)0   rilllllllt'lll'l'
nl Illli Kiii'i'nml Mlohol I'lvi'li. Ihontio
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Lowli. unil lli'iii'ti'tiiii' lis nil In  Um
I'l'iivliioniil lli'illsli <■..Iiiiiiihi,: ivliii'h
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innl     nil      Iln-      wtll'ltH      Hi.-I I      In
hi' ili'i'li.tvil in ho im Un- ironoral
iitlviintngo of <Iiiiiii.In. Ami rnt'lhor Unit
Un- snii! t'iiiii|inn,\- shull  litii-i- power tn
I'lllrl' inln iiii not ini'lll wilh  ill' lltlllll-
gnniiito  with  uny  Hallway (!nui|iiiny
T   whom' Mill's id rniltvil,..- Of lil'iilii'lii'sill'i'
X thorl'/oil in In- niioi'titoil in Um Prov-
 I lli'iiish (',,liiml,iii in Alhortn.
smith A .1 ..1.ii-.ti.ii.
l'l .Siilliiitui's Im AppllouutUi
Tin*)' are Choice Goods and will be picked up
quickly. -Donotdela) in picking your choice ,.,
BK(e»g|*MKlKg«aWiMiMiKiN-  ^Ji^}»|g!*iMj^|jiMi!MMI^HlSI.
I P. Burns & Co. 1
**Z Huml Oftlun,
t£" Ci.ltti.ry, Alberta,
Mnln Oltlin for Eust. KimtHiiuy,
Crnubrook, B.C
Wholesale mid Retail 3
1 Meat Merchants I
i 1
JjC DenIcrs in
£    Live Stock
Abattoir nnd Cold Stora«e3
iit Calgary. Alberta.    ^


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