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The Prospector Sep 19, 1908

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Array Library   I
tit,"'.   '   '    (a<   "   •
SEP   PC ,,
"■; I9U8
v;:lu!ui-a: r
Vol. 24.
CHAWJJWOOK,   .B.C.,   SATLWDAy,   SBPTBMBBR   19,   1908.
——""   No. 88.
The Campaign
Laurier's   Solid   Provincial
Smashed by the Revolt of Manitoba, Ontario,
British Columbia and New Brunswick
Mr. Fisher grows warlike at a distance
Simply   Ideal
Scotsman's   Report  on
our Kootenay Lands
Great Source of Wealth
AccordinK to tbe statements ol J.
M. Hodges, of the Scottish Agricultural comtntBslon, nuw in Vancouvor
A favorable report on fruit lanils of
Kootenay will occupy a considerable
portion ul the report in tbe conditions of the province.
Mr.     HuiIki's   said:     "The    tour
through   tlie   Kootenays   proved  a
perfect revelation   us to what coulil
, be uctMimplisht'tl   in   fruit     growing
urkey ur Kuyiit, with such a record  wit|lln „ f,.w yeiiril "
or private dealings with public lunds ,   „Th   oHmato |llui othor cont|ltlons
Ministers used the public treasury■ as * m „,     ,    ideal and the   comparative
a private hunk, drawing mousy «*»aiproilmlty to the prairie regions and
they needed it,     paying     imrt of lt,th(! rl.)cnilu, o(   thc   cr„„ latc ln tne
when they     were in lunds, anii,8eu!lun cnsl,rcs K1)0ll     pr,CM unc, the
'delivery nf the fruit in prime condi*
Ition.   Those orchards nlonu the west
I arm ol Kootenny lnko, ncur Nolson,
1 are as   productive ns    uny I suw in
in   tho fu-
llritlsh  Co-
Church   is   exquisitely
Willi the prospects uf un ('lection closures mude wince in tliu uxnmiua-
in Novombor. tho Conservatives baveltloa of the public accounts. Probn-
bogun a vigorous and aggressive biy there was never in an organised
campaign. Mr! Bordon took a short community outside uf South America b*'accompUs^ied
rest, alter which he returned to Ot- Turkey or Kgypt, with such a record W|tltl„ „ f(iw V(l,
tawa and attended to various mutters uf organisation and is now ad-
drefiBing meetings in Nova Scotia.
From there he will move westward,
speaking in ull the provinces east of
Manitoba, Mr. Monk und other
Quebec leaders have addressed meetings in their own province und
throughout the country, other Conservative leaders nnd members are ut
work in their own districts. Mr.
Foster hus held eleven remarkably
successful meetings in the three east-
ern provinces, nnd is to speak during the next two or three weeks in
Ontario. Mr. Ames hns gone ull
through the west with his campaign
uguinst the spoilers nnd plunderers
of thu public domain in thut country, thus accepting the challenge to
make his charges in the places where
the transactions occurred and where
the land und timber grafters nre
buck when they were in funds,
then drawing more at election times.
These transactions never uppeured in
the public accounts, nnd it wus not
until the Government wus overthrown and auditors appointed thatl^g Niagam district
the public came to understand wtaat|mnllH Annapolis valley
Sir Wilfrid Laurier can thank himself fur the appearance of provincial
premiers and ministers with Mr. Bordon at his future meetings. Among
these will he Sir James Whitney,
when he returns from England, nnd
some of his ministers in the meantime; Mr. Roblin, Premier of Manitoba; Mr. Hnzen, Premier of New
Brunswick; and Mr. McBride of British Columbia. Sir John Muedonald
wus not disposed to mix federal and
provincial politics. Mr. Mackenzie
and Mr. Blake took the same view.
But Sir Wilfrid Laurier came into
otlice by an alliance with provincial
premiers, three of whom he took into his ministry. He hus thrown the
whole federal influence into every
provincial contest since he became
premier, declaring that the late Ontario Government was the right arm,
and Premier Parent's administration
the left arm of his own ministry.
Sir Wilfrid's right arm wus neutly
amputated three years ago by the
people of Ontario. He lost his left
by u revolt among his Quebec friends
But every Conservative provincial
victory bus been obtained ngninst
ull the power that the federal administration could exert.
When Sir Wilfrid took office he had
at his buck the solid support of all
the Provincial Governments from the
Atlantic to the prairies. First he
lost Manitoba, then Ontario, then
New Brunswick. A straight Conservative   Government    has     taken the
a "suspense" account meant in New iumDia may huve great source of
Brunswick finance. Mr. Pugsley is weftltn in lt8 timber, mines anil fish-
busy explaining that he gave value oHftg( but tnfl pos8ibilities n( agrl.
in extra services for all the over-leuUure nnd fruit growing in those
drafts which he bus returned to the , fertUe VnUeys nmin8t picturesque
treasury since the change of govern-1 HurroundinKB     snou-(,   nnt   D6 over.
ment. Some of these services were
rendered eight or ten years ago nnd
were supposed to be settled for.
Most people thought they were excessively rewarded at the time, seeing that Mr. Pugsley with a nominal salary of $2,100, was in the
habit of drawing $6,000 to $10,000 a
year from the treasury for legal
"I found the same ideal conditions
existing in young orchards situated
on both banks of thu Arrow lakes,
these expansions of the Columbia
river whose scenery reminded mt so
much of Switzerland. We also enjoyed a little excursion into Fire
The   members nf thc     commission
who did not take the
the Kootenays   have
impressed by the glowing report from
Mr. Hodge nnd his associates whi
came through the district.
Ohlpman, Sept. 2,—Ono of the most
Charming weddings of the season
took place this morning at mc Baptist church, Ohlpman, whon Miss
Grace, third daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. 10. K. Orandall, was united in
marriage to Irving Howard Wilson
of Oranbrook, B, 0. The ceremony
wus performed hy the Rev. Milton
Addison, the pastor, At precisely
ten o'clock the bride, attired in
cream ooltenno beautifully trimmed
with Irish lace and insertion, wearing tho customary veil of tulle and
nnd currying a large bouquet ol
white roses, marched down the aisle
on her father's arm to thc strains of
The Voice that Breathed O'er Eden
rendered hy the choir. She was attended by her little sister Esther,
sweetly gowned In white point
d'esprit with trimmings of baby ribbon and a lovely basket ot flowers
on her arm. The groom was unattended .
Tho church was exquisitely decorated by the young people under Miss
McMurray's supervision with cut
flowers and plunts, the alta heing
entirely banked with moss und carnations. Tho arch over thu choir
was done in golden glow und ferns.
At the finish of the service Mendcls-
shou's wedding march begun, during
which the bridal party departed to
the home of the bride, where a sumptuous luncheon awaited them. Tin;
table looked very lovely with quantities of white asters and smilux and
trip* through "hbon streamers, the house being
been     greatly decorated also,  with thu addition of
Just before parliament met lust
November, Mr. Pugsley, speaking
in New Brunswick, made certain
charges against Mr. Borden in regard to campaign funds. When the
House met he was challenged to
make his charges there to Mr. Borden's face. Among others who made
this challenge was Mr. A. E. Kemp,
of Toronto. It came naturally from
him, because Mr. Pugsley's attack
on Mr. Borden was in the form of a
reply to statements made in Toronto
by Mr. Kemp. When Mr. Kemp
faced Mr. Pugsley in the House he
said among other things:
"The Hon. Gentloman (Mr. Pugsley) has resorted to the lowest Bort
of a campaign in this matter. He
has gone before the public meetings
of his partisan supporters and he
has made statements which I challenge   him   to make in this    House
face to face   with   us.-Now   I hope ( tainB   ^
that the   Minister of Public     Works „.*„»„■>«„. aa    «,aii „ «i«fc
will deem it his duty to muke good |«"L,°uraB,s
______ a    l_    i  ..•.„■._..     ..,'..1.1.      ~*    t-Vw.     "HI till.
As landlord and Host
K»nq Edward is thoughtful and
tries to make everyone h?ppy
King Kdward is a model landlord,
says a writer, and when at Sundting-
ham spends some time every day
with his agent and takes an active
personal interest in the estate and
in the well being of thc people. Most
affectionate relations exist between
the royal landlord and his employes. There is a cottage hospital on
the estate    for sick indoor und out-
what he has     stated outside   of the
quarters as    well as sick
Each village on the   estate
has its club for workingmen, and in
House-    If the Hon. Gentleman re-    ,       institutlons thc KBin(!   akee thr
fuses to ro further, if he is satisfied
to make   insinuations in     a way he
place of
British Columbia,
half of the people
der  Conservative
mixed     organization in He is
Today more than opinion
in Canada are un-'
Provincial Govern
has done outside of this House with
out taking steps to make his position Rood, I cannot but feel thut he
is condemned before the country for
making statements which he taew
were not true. Sir, he has talked of
these things on the hustings, but he
has sat in this House like a whipped
spaniel not daring to open his mouth
now at the bar of public
and let him choose his
Mr.  Pugsley continued  to  sit like-
ments. When Sir Wilfrid starts out1 a whipped spaniel during the seven
this month on his Ontario tour he'months of the session, and though
will find some vacant chairs where repeatedly challenged made no at-
men in high provincial positions tempt to substantiate ln Mr. Bor-
used to sit. around him. It is true den's presence what he had said
that he hus taken the discredited about him when Mr. Borden was
Premier into the Hennte, and one 3,000 miles away. But. strange to
member of the condemned govern-'say, on the second political meeting
Tiient Into his cabinet, that he has [which the minister addressed in his
made another a judge, and one a own province after the session was
governor, and still another a royal over, he returned to thc old slnaders
commissioner.    That docs not offset aad only explained his silence In thc
what, the people have dono. It only
shows that Hlr Wilfrid is not on the
side of the people.
A  LOAD TO    CAIlltY.
Sir Wilfrid is further embarrassed
with the presence in bis cabinet or
the chief personage of thc late New
Brunswick Government, which last
March went, down in disgrnce before
an Indignant population, and has
been still further discredited by dis-
House by saying that Mr. Kemp
was unworthy of his attention,
though it was thc same Mr. Kemp
whose remarks called lorth Mr. Pugsley's original statements.
It may ists further remembered that
when Mr. Pugsley made his tlrst
charge, a Toronto newspaper pointed
Continued ou page 2.
Pettipiece is going to run
It. P. Pettipiece, organizer of tbe
Trades and Labor Congress of Canada, and a leading Socialist, has accepted the Socialist nomination for
the Medicine Hat riding.
Word to this effect was received by
the local Socialists today. They
offered Mr. Pettipiece the nomination
shortly after he addressed a public
meeting here.
Mr. Pettipiece resides in Vancouver where he conducts a labor pnper,-
Mudicine Hat News.
Still in the ring
Vancouver, Sept. Ifi.— Joe. Martin
K. O., announced today that he
would accept the nomination of thc
Asiatic exclusion league and would
remain in the light to thc finish. His
nomination was carried at a meeting held lust night.
Smith Curtis says: "The development, of this country has been due to
the energy and enterprise of its people." Surprisingly shocking candor
from so radical partisan of Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
General News Items
The citizens of any prosperous
city are always public spirited anil
united. Stand together, work tor
the interests of the whole city. Always stand ready to do your part.
Don't grumble and spend your time
prophesying failures, but help to
make every enterprise a success, be
it great or smnll. lie energetic and
enterprising and your example will
be imitated.
A new slang phrase has been coin
ed in Newport. It is "bubble." "I
had a trifle of a bubble on last
night" may signify anything from a
dinner to u bout of cards. Uut,what
ever the meaning, it rhymes with
trouble. Who was it who said the
other day that slung, like shellfish,
must be fresh to he tolerated, or
have reached the authentic taste of
Chinese buried eggs? Well, "bubble"
is certainly fresh.
closest interest, lt is the King's
custom on Sundays to walk to
church, while the Queen und other
iudies drive. His Majesty joins in
the hymns, his deep, powerful voice |
being plainly henrd, as everyone
knows, a sermon delivered before the
King must not last more than ten I
The King is     nn ideal   host,    and '
both the Queen and     himself bestow
much     thought    on    the    individual |
tastes of their guests,  and all their
fads and   fancies    are     remembered,
and us far as    possible administered
to.   It is the King's habit to accompany the mun guests to their room,
where he will stir    the tire and himself   look     about   to see   that they j
have all that they want.
When entertainments such as theatricals take place the King and
Queen and the house party enter the
ballroom in procession and sit on
either side the gangway. Plain evening dress is de rigueur at Sandring-
ham, where the frock dress is never
worn. The King wears thu ribbon of
the garter on festive occasions, how
ever. At the conclusion of the entertainment thu royal procession is
again formed, and the way is led to
the supper room, where no formality
is observed. The King goes nbout
among the guests seeing that they
are having supper and enjoying
themselves. A few specially favored
ones he takes up to tho Queen, who
chats for a minute or two with each.
His Majesty is the life and soul of
the party on these occasions, and
nothing can exceed his amiability
and good spirits.
All the cups, pieces of plate and
such trophies won at races and regattas by thc King are at Band ring-
ham, and the King takes great pride
in exhibiting them. Sandringham is
quite a modern house and was built
by the King when Prince of Wales
37 years ago. Above the entrance is
carved: "This house was built by
Albert Rdward, Prince of Wales, and
Alexandra, his wife, in the year of
Otir Lord 1870." It is in tho modern
Rliznhflthnn style, with no particular pretensions architecturally. Thc
grounds nre well laid out, and there
Is n model dairy, whore tho Queen
and Princess Victoria often take tea.
ferns, with potted plants, ferns, asters, etc.
Mrs. Orandall, mother of the bride,
wore a green crepe de chene dress
trimmed with chiffon and lace. The
sisters all looked charming in silk
muslin. Mrs. itichardson wore a
dainty gray batiste. Mrs. G. H.
King, a Copenhagen with eolienne
with lace trimmings. Miss Lena
Biiird, daughter of Senator Baird
und an intimate friend of the bride,
wore a princess embroidered net
dress with touches of blue and gold.
The presents weru numerous and of
a costly nature, the groom's present
to thc bride heing a pearl pendant,
to the little flower girl a gold locket and chain, to the ushers, F. 0.
Alexander and F. Dohany, peur, tie
pins, and to the organist, Miss Mc-
Murray, a pearl safety brooch.
The happy couple left on the afternoon train for St. John, from
whence in a few duys they leave for
Toronto. Buffalo and the great lakes
and finally for Cranbrook. via Calgary, Rovelatoke and the Arrow
Head lakes. They will reside in
their new home on Armstrong avenue, and Mrs. Wilson will be at
home to her many friends after October fifteenth and sixteenth.
Sunday   September 20th.)
Service in the morning at 11.
Sunday School and Bible Classos
meet at three: Special invitation to
children who go to no other school
also to visitors who may be in town
Evening   service at 7.30.     Seimon
to young men,   subject:—
"Your Young Men Shall see Visions"
The men around town who don't
us a' rule go to church ure asked to
come to this service; they will be
welcomed, and wc hope, interested.
Tuesduy,   League Social at eight.
Wednesday,   Prayer service at 8.
Friday,    Choir practice at eight.
The Ladies Aid ure busy preparing
for the Church anniversary und Harvest Festival supper which is to be
held .on Tuesday the 2'Jth. The Hcv.
Dr. 15. B. Kyckman will preach the
special sermons for this occasion on
the Sunday September 27th.
The Independent Herald
Boosts thc Liberal
The Crunbrook Herald, In its last
issue has an article entitled, "The
Yukon is Looking Up." Tliis must.
havu happened before the departure
>t Wulllfl Mclnness, as the people
were quite busy looking up his olli
cial record, and since that time have
hud time to look into uud delve in
the ground, hence thc present pros
"Smith Curtis is making good
all over the district. The man whn
has stood for laboring men all his
life has the advantage over the
man who is making a grand stand
play to get an office. That is why
Smith Curtis will nut the majority
of votes over Mr. Qoodeve.
Wc challenge the Herald to show a
single act in thu politicgl career of
Smith Curtis in favor of the labor
ing mun. The "Old Man" must
have hud a "pipe drcum" or in consultation with "Dune" Boss, who
will hit the "Low Road" in compuny with Smith Curtis on Oetober
All of the papers of Vancouver
ure In favor o. Cowan, and yet it
is a twenty to one shot that Mclnnes will be elected. Party organs and purchased hot uir will
not overcome the will of the people."
The will of thc people is supreme.
Weary Wullie Mclnnes has been, is
now, and ever will be repudiated by
the people. His "Hot. Air History
in the Yukon, will be considered by
the people of Vancouver.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier'b government
has given away more of the public
domain than any of its predecessors, but it has been to the homesteaders.	
consisting of  Bifton's brother-in-law,
nephew, cousins, aunts, and an army
of grafters and timber thieves.
If the Herald will ask tne Engineers on the Crow line, what laws
have been enacted for their benefit
by the Laurier administration, ask
the striking carmen what the Le-
niicux Act has done, and is now doing for them, ask the miners of the
Crow's Nest Pass what this act has
done for them? the Herald will have
a lot of information to publish that
will not fool the laboring men when
considering the "Old Man's" hot air
statements about Smith Curtis and
the party he represents in this cam
paign heing friends to the working
For Better School Facilities
At a meeting of the School Trustees, held last Thursday, u resolution was passed, asking the City
council to provide better school accommodations, as the present building was too small, and tlie number
of pupils constantly increasing, lt
was also decided to secure the services of a teacher and establish a
high school in Cranbrook.
Elections Oct. 26
Dominion   Parliament   Dissolved and Writs Issued
Cabinet   in   Session   Only   Two   Hours,   livery
Feature being Cut and Dried.
New Appointments as Railway Commissioneis.
(Special to The  Prospector.)
ttiiwii,    Bept    IC.   Monday.  Ooto
2i. has been definitely doclded on
the date for the general elections
week   earlier,   nil
with nominal U
ctober 19.
This   decisioi
meeting of thc
afternoon at
attendance    w
ner,    Hon. It
Brodeur,   Hot
cither Ralph Smith. M
or William QaUlber, M.
hut Prol McLean's
is been urged upon tbe
it  was  largely through
was reached    at c
cabinet   council thh
which the ministers in
•re:    Sir    Wiltrid  Luu
W. Scott.    Hon.  LP
It    Leinieiix and Hon
G, P. Graham. Curiously enough it
■ probably the last meeting which
will be attended by Hon 11. W.
Scott, who will ere the ministers
gather together again will be sue
(ceded as secretary of state by ( hai
les Murphy,  K. C,
The proclamation dissolving the
present parliament was Blgned by
his excellency earl Grey tonight on
the eve of his departure for the west
ml will appear in an extra ot the
Canada Gazette which will be issued
, Thursday.
Apparently the ministers were
pretty wull decided as to the duto for
they were only in session a couple ol
hours and     disposed of     other busi
have  nolle  to
p., Nanalmo,
name  since  li
Prof.  McLeai
Uie    railway     commissions   ol    the
United  Slates  that     a  Minilur uihti
tut ion was Introduced   In    Canada.
Prof.  McLean  is a native of  Btmcofl
J. Stewart K C, has l-een ap
pointed to succeed Mr. D'Arcy Scott
as solicitor of the C. P. R., in Ot
The date    tixed for the   Dominion
elections is Somewhat earlier than
has been expected. This is due to
the promptitude witli which the elec
toral lists have been arriving at the
otlice of thc secretary of state. The
lists for Nova Scotia. Sew Iliun
wick. Prince EM ward Island and On
tario arc already tiled while those
for four of the Manitoba constituen.
clus are in. In Saskatchewan and Al
berta provinces und thu Yukon dis
tricts the lists will he prepared by
the enumerators.
ln all predictions made as to thc
lute of the elections thu date chosen
has not been mentioned for thu reason probably that no one supposed
that a Monday would bu chosen. In
selecting the tirst working day of the
week the government has been guided by the consideration that It will
give commercial men, and others
whose business keeps them
away from home, a chance to put in
their vote on election day, being in
business circles practically a holiday
Another consideration is that No
vembi-r weather is ill suited for campaign purposes and still another Ontari
that it will leave ample time (or tliu
calling of a November session nf
parliament if guided by the practice
of the past two years.
D'Arcy Scott, the present Mayor
of Ottawa, and the son of Hon. It.
W.    Scott, becomes   assistant   chair
Montreal, Sept. IH,—Surprise is
manifested by all parties why tho
date of the election was so long
withheld but it now transpires that
before leaving for Europe, Hon. A.
B. Aylesworth bad a positive assur
ance from the premier that tlie elec
tion dates should not be decided un
til his return.
Mr. Aylesworth expressed surprise
at the announcement and told his
acquaintance of his understanding
with tbe premier.
The fact is not concealed that On
tario Liberals regard thu moment as
unfavorable to liberal prospects in
and in obedience to this sentiment Mr. Aylesworth exacted the
promisu that the election date be not
fixed in his absence.
It now appears that Sir Wilfrid
treated trie minister of justice exactly as he did Clifford Sifton in tbe
mutter of the Autonomy     Hill.    No
man and Hon. Thomas Greenway. I sooner was Mr. Sifton out of the
M. P. fnr Lisgur and former premier'country than the arrangement with
of   Manitob.1,    and       Prof.   S.   .1.   Mc    him  was violated  ami  the same thing
Lean of the University of Toronto has happened in thu case of Mr. Ay-
get the other two places on tho lesworth, How Mr. Aylesworth. who
board. returns on Saturday, and the (intu
it was   the general     impression Id rlo Liberals will  regard this breach
provincial     circles that one     of the  of faith remains to he seen.
railway     eommissionerships      would I
Let us send you a booklet describing the greatest     range of the day
The SASK ALTA, at Patmore Bros.
People's    Society
hoys'   Brigade
The Hoy's Brigade was well attended last Monday for the first official
frill. Lieut. W. Selby was in charge
and being an old 54th London boy,
put the lads into quick touch with
thc lirst turning movements; there
were forty answering to the roll
call, and more are expected next
Monday. The management wish thu
parunts to iindurstand    that the rule
guiding the minimum age, ten
years, will have to be strictly adhered to, nnd that the hoys will not
he kept longer than onu hour, so
that it will not be necessary for
them to hu out on the streets very
late at night. Hoys are requested
to attend punctually, with clothes
well brushed and clean hoots. The
boys appearances will be studied,
and they are all requested to do
their best to establish a good smart
appearance for the first Cranhrook
Brigade. Aftor drill, Iluv. 0. O,
Main gave the lads some training in
physical exercises; regular classes
will bo formed for this object. After
the work was finished, play was allowed nu the floor for u while, this
will he tlie rule every week,
A branch of this society hus boon
inaugurated at thu smelter town
with thc following oHIcers:—
President, Mrs. W. A. Cliisholm;
Vice-President, Mrs. B. Bidder; 2nd
We suppose ther? are no heights Vice-President, Mrs. Watkins; Sec.
to which a modern woman may not trens, Mrs. .lames. Arrangements
aspire. At least, Mlns Annie K. will be made to have pleasant and
Pack has succeeded in climbing a profitable evenings during the winter
Peruvian mountain some 25,000 feet months, including the following do
above the sen level and the last we partmonts: Devotional, Missionary
heard Annie could not com? down.      Literary and Social.
Lord Strathcona is under tin
Doctor's Orders
A London cable says Lord Struthcona was forbidden to sail for Canada last Wudnc.-kluy ia order to be
present at an opening of the C. M.
A. annual meeting at Montreal last
Tuesday. He had completed his arrangements, when Sir Thomas Barlow preemptorily intervened. He is
somewhat concerned about Lord
Strathcona's deafness, resulting from
the sudden concussion from a gun
signal as his lordship's yacht was
entering Colonsay, a week or so ago.
His family hope to induce him to
take a period of rust in Glencee,
which rust Sir Thomas Barlow says
is imperative, hut now, as always,
Lord Strathcona linds inactivity ex
tremcly irksome.
and Mrs. P. W. Cllngan, of
n, Manitoba, spent, a few days
in Cranbrook visiting Mr. and Mrs.
G. T. Rogers. Mr. Chlngnn is in
business in Virdeti, and is onu of
Manitoba's most active  Liberals.
OTTAWA, Sept. Hi.
former high commis
Africa, who Is now o
Canada, expects to be
wards the und
entertained by
Lord Milrier,
toner, South
i his Way to
in Ottawa to
of October and will be
the Canadian (dub.
Baptismal Service
At   Marysville,
Hughes;    Nellie
of Mr. nnd    Mrs
Alfred Earnest
and     Mrs. A.
by the Hcv
Agnes, the daughter
. ,1. W. Watkins;
Leslie, son of Mr.
G. James;      Donald
George, son of Mr. and Mrs.     G. H.
Tihbett.     AIho at Cranbrook on tho
Mth,    Clnrence     Burton, son of Mr.
and  Mrs.  David Moore.
QUBBI30, Bept, Iti.-
Pelletier was sworn in
lieutenant governor of
of Quebec.
Sir Alphonsi
yesterday a
the   provlnci
OTTAWA,    Sipt.
leaves    tonight    for
Hi.    Karl      Grey
the   On nnd Inn
fortnight's holiday
LAKKKII'.LD.     Sept
phone    m
says that
mor resort oi
lire.    Later a
main   bitlldlli
HI.    A
ed   last
ludo, a   popular
Stony     lake, wa
message snid that
and    the     Brio
with  thoir
worked lini
The   place
llu- season
cottages were destroyed
contents. The neighbors
d to save other buildings,
was Closed  on  Momlay for
Election in Kootenay
Have the Electors in this Ridinc
been betrayed by the Federal
Government at the request o
Smith Curtis
 o —
This is a question for thu electors
of Kootenay to consider.
The Cranbrook Herald, editorially,
says:— "If there is a bye-election in
this riding, and the Conservative
party win in the Dominion, the Herald will do nothing to interfere with
the election of Mr. Goodeve.  "
Wc wonder if this is intended as a
bribe, knowing full well that the
Kootenay elections arc to he delayed.
Thu Herald also says: "Wu would
rather see a bye-election buhl in thu
Kootenay. It is a game of politics
at which neither party has reason
to object."
Thu above statumunts are made
with a candor that is unmistakable,
and suggests to the reader, that the
game of politics is to bu played to
and in the benefit of Smith Curtis,
to the detriment of all lovers of a
square deal, to an honest and fair
Smith Curtis, ins "organs" aud
"heelers" realize thai thu only pos
Bible show for him to win is to delay the election until after the result of the other constituencies is
known throughout the Dominion,
knowing the tendency of many to be
in with the party in power, that
these votes would be cast against
them were the elections held on the
same date as the general  election.
Smith Curtis, when nominated,
said: "He was in favor ol holding
lhe elections in Kooteuay on the
day of the general election Since
then he has been in consultation with
the powers that be at Ottawa. Has
he like his friend Duncan Ross of
Yale Cariboo, experienced a fear id
defeat if the election is pulled of! on
the date sot for the general election.
To the electors of Kootenuy. who
will have to wait mil il the day is
announced hy the returning ollleer,
who is appointed in the interest ol
Smith Clll'tiS, we will say: "Stand
hy your colors" don't allow this old
time Imli" lo I.i Haunted in your
face wiih an expectation of winning,
for lhe Liberal mnchlno never pays
(or what they consider a sure thing
but     always    If    possible      play    tllO
imiiu   "bonds I  win, tails you lose."
The    Herald   editorial      must   have
been inspired by   one   who knows of
what   is      coming       It     i'i      Simply   u
straws indicating the way 'I"' polltl
Cal wind is to blow, why not make
it a cyclone, and sweep Smith Cur
t\y nnd his army of grafters to po
Htical oblivion, and send n reprus- n
tiiHvc of honest government to the
House of Commons.
Campaign   Speakers
Election Notes as picked up by
our Perambulator
Many     Liberals iu Vancouver   are
pressing Joe.
independent i
of Commons.
itididate   for
Mail and Kmpire: Sir Wilfrid
Laurier wants another four years at
Ottawa for the grafters. But would
not fourteen years at Kingston be a
more popular proposition}
Sir Wilfrid at Sorel
"I tell you in all sincerity that I
want to carry the coming general
election in order to finish this great
work (the Grand Trunk Pacific) and
when it is completed I shall be content to say with the prophet of old:
'Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant
depart  in  peace!' "
Sir Wilfrid
shelve  Hon.   K
able  secretary
solace to the
Laurier is    going    to
W.  Scott, the vener-
of    state,      but  us a
family's feelings he
going to make his sun D'Arcy Scott,
a member of the railway commission
Has the Laurier Government any
explanation of the $6,000,000 decrease
in Government revenue for thc past
few months.
Sir Wilfrid is on record us snying
"The government is responsible for
everything which takes place in any
department." Smith Curtis us a
supporter of the Laurier admlnlstra
tion must also he willing to accept
thc responsibilities of that government.
Thanksgiving Day
Ottawa, Sept. 16 Probably Mon
day November '.1, will Im Thanksgiv
Ing Day. It is also the King's birthday, i'he matter was discussed at
this afternoon's meeting of the tab!
net. and while no decision was arrived at, it is understood that November '.* was agreed upon as a most
suitable date
MONTKKAL, Sept Hi. The Dominion Iron and Steel company has
obtninod a peremptory order from
the privy council compelling thc Dominion Coal company to (He its case
in a famous coal steal appeal within
the next fourteen days. If the company defaults thu Steel company will
be in a position to force a hearing
or obtain tbe dismissal of thu appeal THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B C. SKPTEMBER 10, 1908
I.MAHI.IM1KI'    l»
A. B. Grace-,
l'l'iti.isilKi;   ami   EDITOR.
One way produces evenly broiled meat and
evenly toasted bread without taxing the
patience of the housewife This way is represented by "Sask-alta" Range. The reason:
'Sask-alta" Range has an Automatic Lift Top
(Patented) in addition to regular
Broiler Door; and this team works
for the operator instead of making
her work.
The "Sask-ttlla'   Way '
Another way produces
unevenly broiled meat and
unevenly toasted bread
and taxes the patience of
the housewife. This way
is represented by most
Ranges. The reason:
Some Ranges have only'
a Broiler Door, others have
a contrivance like that
illustrated in top small
drawing; both of which enjoy the distinction
of tiring the arm that holds the broiler and
tiring the eye that directs the arm.
London Toronto.Montreal,Wlnnlpej,Vancouver St.lohn Hamilton.Calgary
notht-r  it ay
I Patmore Bros.
Tinners, Plumbers
Heating' Engineers
Steam,   Hoi   Water  and   Hnl   Air  Systems.
Scientific iiljy  proportioned   and correct,
\Ve have the finest
Cooked HAM
you ever tried.     For Lunches,
Picnics. Camping etc., it is delicious.
D c
■Imu,. Vour Onl
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Head Office, Main Otfli-t- tor Euat Kootenay,
Calvary.  Alberta Cranbrook. B   C.
'nn- best ol reports nre comtutt
frum all over the riding In Favor ol
a g, Uoodevo, the Copsorvative
candidate        Qoodeve ban   all    the
■ attributeH ol n winner     Moylc Lend
• « • •
] Once when Rutlynril Kipllnjj was n
'buy be ran oul on the yard arm ol
n ship "Mi. Kipling," yelled n
scared sailor, "your boj Is on tho
yaiil arm, mul il he lets K" he'll
drown " "Ah," resputnled \ii Kip
llnjt, with .i yawn, ' but he won't
let - This Incident i ■ happened
in Jim Ki.skr. Horuri A ilpule, Na
poleoit  Uonaparte   .':■ k    rurpln   Ju
■     168111    .ill.I    '!..'    |l    ■ '     '■■• '   'I'       llj
the Wushlnutoii MeiaUl Vmi ll
mlghl )usl . ■■' : ivi been an In
ctdenl in the Ule ul Smith I'urtls
had the I'ranbrouk Hei ild thought
• « * t
The    i" imps In  ^ ale
i 'hi lboo  Is o\\ tn
Vernon  Sews       Mi    Dunt'ui
iftei     .i      tout
■    | .   in  districl     has
z. ne  noi thr Forces  In
.i  Jis! i let   * hem e    wins   ti
■    ■ ttcrutineers    lot   the
lnt ed
years »        ■    recel\ etl I he
Itj   I hal    sent     him  t-'
Mi      Mm • ■      Burrill    i 'ou
Mrs    Bur
-■ ■     LSsenKcrs from  t he i oasl
Mi     Burrell     will leave
est week foi    'hi iboo tn i espouse to
llat -       ;,,..,■- L-OllBPI
• ■ ■ • never met    pet son
la thi ■     .".,'.,..-ti timi   did
t permit bin      i     ..•■..-,   -,.-,
■ ■       ithat .    ■
lowing  Is    rep rted  to have
■ : ■ ;■  tbi   -> deserted
:abii ■■ ■ I eai I <i Si bi aska K -i>-
nnles Frum a &ab< I sixteen miles
[run •■    '■ ■    • went; five Frum .«
raleroad;     fortj    i     a  les  frum tim-
.... .■    " '.v itet      God
bless     it   ta ime!    We i e .*  ne to Brit-
imbla ti   get  .*. Fresh start
• • • •
The defeat ol the Laurier adminis
tration In the coming campaign will
bring satisfaction to the people of
Canada generally Many dF those
who wci'i1 strong supporters of the
presenl government will feel a .sense
ol relief .tt its defeat. The system
and methods ol the government wore
hostile to the best interests of the
common people of the country. It
was the men with the "pull" who
gol everything, and In their interest
thc    whole     mnchlne   was   worked.
Sltch n system must sooner or later
bring disaster, and so we tind many
who have heretofore supported the
i government, now rejoicing in the
prospects of its downfall, Public
faith In the future of the Dominion
is brlghtoned and strengthened by
the exertions of the opposition in
the hist session to bring good government oul of chaos ami corruption.
• • • •
The civil, (or lather uncivil) service of the nonunion is rotten. It
[must be wholly changed. Other and
better methods o( conducting the
business of the public offices of the
Dominion must be adopted. The
barbades. and grafters must be removed.
• • • *
Another o( the duties which must
be undertaken is a radical amendment to the laud laws so as to bring
them In harmony with thc interests
o( the people instead of thc monopolist. Immense tracts of land are
now held by the grafter and his successors who have not complied with
tbe conditions of the purchase or
grant made to them, and there are
t .ill other areas held under purchase
by grafting speculators who have
failed in the conditions of payment.
There should be a rigid scenting into these matters and where-ever it
is possible the lands should be made
to nvert tiack into the hands of the
government and opened for settlers,
under the provisions of the general
land laws. The departments of the
civil service and the administration
of public lands are those which tirst.
need attention. There are many
other matters of equal importance
which need attention, but they may
come  nfterwards.
Chewing Tobacco
The big black plug.
Continued Irom page 1.
uui  tluii  Mi'   PukhI"!'
been   uccuscil ol     con
years before lor the oi
School of Mining
^ Z    _ _»       m Thr IntloMing t'onnn $rr rtlrrtim: «
t-Pour Yean Court*! rDegreeofB.Sc.
Ii- ritree \ ears Ci urw l >r Dlplomi,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,j     I  -.   I I   ,.'!!,,, i-:i^
A COLLEGE OF APPLIED SCIENCE, »  ' »n   M neralogy.
Affiliated loUueeiTsliuirrsilj. M «'    '"' ' H)
t   •    emu nl KufciiieerinK
KINGSTON,   ONT.     ; ■,:.,;,, 7;*,;,'„.,,...
For Calendar of thc School nntl further g-rVt *'■'   •■ RnRine ring.
Information, apply to the Secretarj   School A—Biology ami Public H-mIDi
of Mining;, Kingston, Ontario •   [*owei Development, y
Amr mm- mm- mm* mm* AmV kmf' mm* mm* AmT m\tr AmT 4mT 4*4mf *' mk* AmT k\\9 kmT mm* km* mm* kmf mm* 9m* 1mm* km*
r*}*X.  \tsft*\   /n*\\   .^Pl  ]\**l  ^PJ   \t*4f\   A*4J\   A*}*\   Aft*.   Aft*.   AftX   Aft\   AftX     '■ \\X9\   AftX   ^PJ   AftX   AWjn,   AftX]   /*J\  ],**.  \s\^\ ^P(   A**)*,   A*ft\
I The rubber dollar store I
9     HANSON  AVKNI 'ft. till ANIH.'i n iK. II C.       9
* 9
# Wc Iluv l.\i_'i\ t ti i ii u. *
I  ; : _ £
ft      IIOHSI'.S.  STOVKS,  nuw nml   sptoihI   luml   l-'l |;.\I        ft
9-    Tl'l.'lv    CROCKERY   unci   WKAL'INi;    APPAREL      9
9 9
s*j WE SELL wlml wo havo in slocli  ivi  prices Ihal Uf
ft will siirpi'iso you.    A visil in llio Dollar *loro will ooiv ft.
ft vinco you  Ihul   wn  Imvo lho -toods, unci cun suvo you >jf
HE lil'ly |ut (■•■nl oi y nnmti |iiircliusoc| ft
E Wc Ilu.v and Sell Por Cash f
mt  mt   \m\t  mt. mt \lV W VaV \-W  \mtf*   -tgr   -kf  XAf   ',   \—tf   ^    —**   \_f  \k\sf   -Xt W   -Xft   -Xt*  mt   mm. mm.m9
One Important thing just now ia
the personel ol tho candidates to In*
elected In the coming campaign.
Upon the men who ure to he entrusted with thi' administration will depend largely tin- effectiveness of the
necessnry changes In the civil service .uiil iii*' departure o[ tin- grafter
land grabbers corrupttonlsts, nnd
the elecl inn thieves from their
i huHcn Held ol opera! Ion,
There is ow gentleman running in
the present contest whoso election
teems '<■ he universally conceded,nnd
that candidate Is Martin Burrell In
Yale i .iuti.,,, Mr Burrell is one of
the mosl polished speakers In Canada, and in election would add great-
!■. to Lhe dchn ing strength of the
Ho i c of Commons Nadysmlth
Chronicle  (independent i
The language of thr Liberal orgitfiH
it. Albertn gives tin- Impression that
there will be more mud Hying in tho
coming elections than it runaway
I.-.j i* could Hcattel on n muddy day,
■nyi the Calgary Herald. Mud will
non I"- Hying n Ynlo Cariboo nnd
the Kootenay as soon as Mn- Clrit
organ gel wnrmad up and tho liar'l
ii opened
*   •   •
The Winnipeg Tribune suggests
thai Hii Wilfrid Laurier should trav
.■I from Montreal to Winnipeg, 1,4211
miles, nnd he would thon bo able to
realize   I In-  extent   ol   the   timber   lim
its which hav.., »p to tbo present
been collared b> tho Burrowa Hilton
Kmsei combination. Thoso, ii In
blocks one mile square along the
railway track over which hfl would
I ravel would stretch thc whole, distil Die and there would then he some
to spurc
liring n tow
•rthrow ol ihe
Laurier Uovernment, which ho «as
then preteiullng to mpport. Mt
Pugslu) al once gave notice of a li
bei suit, which tho papet welcomed
im Itkel) tu ihi.iw some light ou n
mj itet ioiti i Imptor ol I'unadian po
htleal in tor) Mi i'ugsle) nevpi
proceeded w ith that suit. noi wil h
ld)   <m in i      i hal    tie ihtctitened     it
t/U     \l.     I   .     lo)     ,\ ;i,.    ,       Mi       l-'.in
lull ! IOI . iUStll Uled      |M u
i*i iniin,i.  libel     in  i he
•milieu ill.I      ! .ill iflall
:                              ■ .■,;,, ii .■     togethei
wtth three civil      i instituted
i'ih-    mattei. Ml     '
. iddi ul)    ipponrlo     ifi n ui il     i i Mi
Bmmersot . ■ * ■ n tha minis
\   BAD l'l U'K    l lilt HIM
lu the present ituto ol the Domln
Ion tlnunces, and in \ i> **■ ul tho gro
' esq te tinancial methods ol the Pug
slej adminiuti atlon in Nev\ Bi un
■' . it Is unfortunate thai Mr
Pugsle) should ha^ i cbai ge ul one ol
the great spending departments ol
tho Canadian Government Bnough
covet ed lasl session in dred
glng contracts alone tt< show that
this nunist-i is .in easy mark for
contractors      That     was      illustrated
in new contracts given on the lakes
It was also found that one dredging
company, working in St. John harbor, in ten months received $376,000,
and it is stated on good authority
that J10 0 ol ilns covered all operating expenses. $150,000 purchased
the     dredge,   leaving the     company
11X5,  profit and the dredge to the
good The chiel member ot this
company is the son of a member of
Parliament and obtained the enn-
tract w ithout tender, .lust now Mr.
Pugsley linds it necessary to acquire
fnr his party a newspaper in St.
John, an-l it is q significant fact
that the chief movers iu that enterprise are men with dredging contracts. Thc sad result of Mr. Pug-
sley's interference with the lust provincial election makes him anxious
to gather in help from all sources
fnr another sectional appeal.
i Tin Department of Militia recently
i announced that at last the whole
militia force was to he armed with
j the Ross ritle. The militiamen must
take it whether they like it or not.
But this week the D. R. A. matches
are taking place, and the expert
shots in the country are gathered at
Rockliffe. Here the men who shoot
straight choose their own weapon.
One noes a long way among them to
find n Ross rille in notion, and those
that are used in this contest are
mostly found in the hands of marksmen in the service of the Ross Company. The men who wish to keep up
their record still use the English
weapon, which did not cost so much
money, but seems to satisfy tbe
Those gifted partisan lawyers who
are assisting on behalf of the Government in the ('asset's inquiry have
been procuring testimony in Montreal to show that great improvements have been made in the lighting of the St. Lawrence. Some of
the witnesses of the lighthouse
hoard grew so enthusiastic that the
Judge had to remind them that it
was not the time for stump speeches
The question whether the St. Lawrence should be better lighted was
not referred to this Commission, but
thc question whether there was dishonesty, extravagance and graft and
lack of conscience in the department.
It might be possilde to make a good
light service without paying a
couple of contractors some $2,0011,000
and allowing them 1,000 per cent,
The Minister of Agriculture is evidently distressed over the success of
Mr. Foster's meetings as compared
with his own. Consequently Mr.
Fisher took occasion at Lachute to
accuse Mr. Foster of misusing lhe
funds of the Foresters. The Minis
tor went so far as to suggest that
if Mr. Foster had not. done as he did
the Foresters would not have needed
to increase their assessments. He
did not venture to put this false
hood in plain words, hut preferred
to convey the idea by insinuation.
Mr. Fisher has hud his chance during two sessions to discuss this insurance matter in the House in Mr.
Foster's presence, hut never spoke a
word. He becomes suddenly hold at
the part meeting iu Argenteuil,
where there was no reply. Mr Fisher knows perfectly well that tbe
change in the Foresters' assessment,
was made hecaiise lhe authorities
decided that the rate was too low,
and absolutely without regard to
the result of past investments. He
also knows that the Foresters' in
vestments through lhe Union Trust
('ompany, under Mr. Foster's man
Agomont, were the most profitable
that the Foresters over made, lie
knows further that the society had
ample security for every dollar of
the loans which have heen the subject of controversy, and that these
investments broughl huge profits to
lhe Fores tors.
August returns show that the revenue continues to fall oil. The short
age in customs revenue as compared
with the previous year is over a
million. Altogether the loss ol rev
enue and Increased expenditure make
tlie situation two millions worse
than  last  year.
See our display of
and get a
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j Ham and Bacon
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fl Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection |}|
Nearest to railroad depot.   Mas accommo- ™>
dictions   for   ihe   public   unequalled   in (l)\
jjj Oranbrook.
m Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors §
Prof easlona I.
Harvey, McCarter & Maedonald
CRANBROOl.,    -    B.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Granbrook ■      British Columbia
(Iranbrook,  ll.C
6. H. Thompson
^27L*tx  n.McmsTKit x sni.ici
^77724*4   NOTAUV I'l'lll.li'
rniiiliniiik, ll.C.
P.U.S. A CE.
l<'ort Stoele B.C.
I'.o. Box 2.10, Phono 2211.
Mining Engineer,
B.C Land Surveyor,
| Dr. E. VV. Connolly;;
'»     Physician anu surubon     \\
' *        OIHoo; Armstrong Avo.       ;[
',', IIUIJUS: .>
o  u co n n.m.  2 co 1 ii.m. 7 co h p.m.   ''
«> Phone Offloo 105.   Kosldonoe 100 J [
F. O. E.
Moot every Friday at 8 p.m.
Visiting   Brothurs  Conllicllj    Invited
Chas. smith, vv. President
M. 1). Killings, Sooy.
Aerie Physiolan, P. O. Box 2*t.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter |
| NO. 126.  R. A. M. I
S Hegcdar meo'tngB.'—2nd Tues- \
% day in each month at eight 5
5   o'clock. Si
m Sojourning Companions are s
1   cordially invited. £
% Wm. P. Tate, Scribe E.   s
5        BOX 4        CKANHKOOK, 11. C.        %
Court Cranbrook 8943
MKKTS   1ST   AND   lllll)   THURSDAYS
Visiting   brothorn   cordially   invited
P. McKENNA, Chief Ranger
.1. SIMMS, Secretary
l*in Uiclnicr.
I'linrncl Director
Gto. R. LtflSK & Co
I'lM i\l'', III
P.O. mix 805
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
Steam   Boilors and Piirnace VVorlc a
Cost und Stool* Estimates
Furnisliod Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.C.
H Cline
oc llio old Mitnicobu llicrbor shop
run now Iiu (ouiiil In thr
Pirsl Chess Work in all branches
of the
Tonsorial Art
Great West Life
Assurance Companys
Actual Results to Policu Holders
Fred. W. Swain
r, nblook.B.C, Armstrong Av. THE PROSPECTOR, CKANHKOOK. H.C, SEPTEMBER I'i, 1908
■form   P.)
Certificate ol   Improvements.
NOTICE. Kinilworth Fraction
Mineral Claim, situate iu the Kurt
Steele Mining Division uf East
Kuutenay District.
Where lueated:- Near   Wolf Creek.
TAKE     NOTICE that     James A.
Harvey, Free Miner's Certlfleate No,
B-1303, noting as agent fur John E.
Humphreys Kree Miner's certificate
No. II 1435 und John Swenson, Kree
Miner's ccrtilicuto No. B-18SM, intend,
sixty days frum dute hereof, tu upply
tu the MCniiiK Recorder lur a Certificate of Improvements, for thc
purpose ol obtaining u Crown (.runt
uf tiie above claim,
And further take notlco that notion
under section 37, must lie commenced before the issuance ul sucli Oor
tiflcate ut Improvements.
,1. A. Harvey.
Dated this   Mth  iluy uf May,   1908,   3S
(Form P.)
■—~ u -—
Certificate of Improvements.
Notre. Mystery Mineral Olalm,
Bituuto in tlie Kurt Steele Mlulni!
Division of Enst Kuutenay    District.
Where located, on Alkl Crook,
ubuut throe miles from head of St.
Mary's Lake.
TAKE NOTICE that I Robert
Dewar, Kree Miner's Certificate Nu.
UC104, intend, sixty duys frum the
duto hereof, to npply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certlfleate of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining
u Crown Grant of the above claim.
And   further     take    notice     that
action,     under section 37,     must be
commenced     before the    issuance of
such Certificate uf Improvements.
Hubert Dewar.
Dated this 4th day of July, 11)08.
(Form P.)
Certificate ol Impruvoments.
Notice Hull Dog Mineral Claim,
situate in the Port Steele Mining
Division of East Kootonay District.
Where lueated: Abuut three miles
north of St. Mary's river and two
miles west of Matthew creek.
TAKE NOTICB that I Thus. T.
McVittie, F.M.C, Nu. Hlill2, Agent
for Chris Kolle, Kree Miner's Certificate Nu 6075, intend, sixty days
from dute hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder fur n C'ertiflcnte ot
improvements, lor the purpose uf
obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further Cuke notice that action
lender section 37, must be commenced before tlie issuance uf sucb Certificate of Improvements,
Thos. T. McVittie.
Duted this 17th day of August, 1908
CKorm K.)
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTICE, High Peak Mineral
Claim, situute in thc Port Steele
Mining Division of East Kuutenay
Where located: About three miles
north of the St. Mary's river, and
live miles west of Matthew creek.
TAKE HOT1CE that I Thos. T.
McVittie, F.M.C, No. B6112, Agent
for Chris. Kolle, Free Miner's Certlfleate No. 11075, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further tuke uotice that net ion
under section 37,   must he commenced before the   issunuce of   such Cer
tiflcate of Improvements.
33 Thos. T. McVittie.
Duted this 17th dny of August 1908.
Notice is hereby given thut 3(1 days
aftcr the publication oi this notice
in the D. O. Gazette, I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner uf
Lauds nnd Wurks, nnd to thc assistant Commlsslonor uf Lunds and
Wurks fur the district uf Eust Kootonay for a licence to prospect fur
coal and petroloum un the fulluwing
described iuuils, situated un Akamina
creek, abuut une naif mile east uf the
links uf said creek and Kishonelinu
crook, Block 4593. Bust Kuutenay
district. Commencing at a post
planted ncur the Suuth Kuutenay
I'uss trail, heing marked "Cunlont
Elton's N. W. curlier puss", thence
suuth 80 chains, tbence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to tho pluee ul
beginning containing 040 acres more
or less.
Content Elton, locator.
34 John (lluyn,  Agent.
Loeatod tliis 8l.li dny of August 1908
Electoral District   of Cranbrook.
NOTICE ls hereby given that Bit-
tings ol the above Court will be held
ut the Government Building, Cranbrook, lor the disposal of cases
every Wednesday, at two o'clock p.
cn.; at Moyie every Saturday at tbo
sucne hour; and at Marysville, Fort
Stoolo and Wardner on sucb days
and dates as may be appointed in
the proceedings.
All debts and demands not exceeding tho sum of (100 cun bo sued for
und recovered In tho above mentioned Court on Summons and
Judgement, Garnishee (either before
or nfter Judgement) or on Instalment Order which can bo onforccd by
commitment If necessary.
Instructions (ur proceedings can be
handed in   to   the    undermentioned
Clerks of the Court., viz:—
F. 11. Morris, Deputy Sheriff,   Cranhrook.
P. G. Houth,   Provincial   Constable,
Moyio,     or to
JoBcph Walsh, Provincial Constable,
Fort Stoolo.
Joseph Ryan
Dated 22nd day of Juno, 1908.
is indispensable in tlie
camp, and (or all
impromptu meals.
Add a little BOVRIL
lo your canned meats
and 8 Hips and note
the difference.
saiiUWICtlCS are
nutritious and
tithe Utiwpector.
District "1  Kuutruuy.
takk NOTIOB tlmt l, Clement il.
I'olli-ti, nf Oranbrook, occupation
Oont., Inteuil to apply in tlio Cblef
Commissioner ol Lands ami Works at
Victoria, fm' permission to purchase
the following described lands situute
Southeast Koutcnay district:
Commencing al a post plunteil at the
s. W. corner ot Menus pre-emption,
thence enst 3(1 chulim to tho bouu
dury ot Lot Nu. 6088, thenco south
iiu chains to tbe boundary of Lot No.
2048, thence wont 80 chains, thenue
nurth 'Mt chains to point of commencement, containing LOO ucros
more or less.
Clement H. Pollen.
Dated Sept. Sth, 1!)08, :i7
District ol Kootenay.
TAKK NOTICK that 1 Joseph
Ryan, of Oranbrook, occupation
Journalist, intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner or Lauds antl
Wurks at Victoria, fur permission to
purchase the following descriheil
lands situate in Southeast Kootenay
Oommencing at a post plunteil at the
W. corner of Lot Nu. 2048, thence
south 20 chains, thence eust 30 chains
thence nortli 30 chuins, thonee west
30 chains to the point of commencement containing 100 acres mure or
Joseph Ryan.
C. H. Pollen, Agent.
Dated Sept. 5th.  1908. 37
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date, I intend tu apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lanils and Works for a liconce to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum on
the following lands situate in the
District of Southeast Kootenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:—
Commencing ut a    post planted at
or near the southeast corner post of
Lot 68fi8, Corbin Coal Lands, and being th©   southwest     corner    poet of
Lillian  Harvey's  claim:   thence north
80 chains,     thence   oast     80 chuins,
thence south     80 chains, thence west
chains to puint of commencement
making 640 acres more or less.
Geo. M. Judd, Agent for
Lillian Harvey, Locator.
Located this 25th     day of     August,
1908. 37
NOTICB is hereby given that 30
days alter dute, I intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for u licence to
prospect for Coal nnd Petroleum on
the lollowing lands situate in the
District of Southeast Kootenay,
British   Columbin, in     Block 4593:—
('ommeneing at a post planted at
or near Southeast corner post of
Lot 6868, Corbin Coal Lands, and
being the north east corner post of
James A. Harvey's claim: thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
ehuins, thenee north 80 chains, thenco
oast 80 chuins to point of commencement, making 040 acres more
or loss.
Geo. M.  Judd, Agent for
Jnmes A. Harvey, Locator,
Located this     25th day ug     August
1908. , 37
NOTICE Is horoby given that tho
partnership heretofore subsisting between us, tho undersigned, ns merchants in the City of Cranbrook,
hns this day been dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts owed to tho suid part
nershlp are to be paid to John Cameron nt Crunbrook aforesaid and all
claims against tho suid partnership
are to be presented to the said Cameron by whom the same will be
Dated nt Cranhrook this 5th day
of September, A. D, 1908.
Geo. Welch.
Jmt. Cameron,
Witness J. A. Harvoy. 37
Try Preventics, At My Risk
With Book on Colds.
Just to prove merit—to show you how
quickly Preventics can and will check colds
or the Grippe—I will mail you free ou
request these sample? and my book. Simply
address —Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis.
Preventics are thoroughly harmless little
Candy Cold Cure tablets. No Quinine, no
laxative, nothing sickening whatever.
To check early Colds or Grippe with "Preventics" means sure defeat for Pneumonia.
To stop a cold with Preveniics is surely
safer than to let it run and be obliged to
cure it afterward. Preventics will however
reach a deeply seated cold. Uut taken
early—at the sneeze stage— they break or
head off these early colds. That is aurely
better—that is why they are named "Preventics." Promptness however is all-important. Promptness in the use of Preventics may save half your usual sickness.
Feverishtitss, night or day, with child or
adult, suggests the need of Preventics.
Write Dr. Shoop, Racine Wil., today for
Dimples and booklet. Preventics are sold by
The   Niagara
The old time ram has been a faith
ful servant, It wus good in its way
and has served many it guud pur
pose, but tlie Niagara is so much
better than uny ram you have seen
tbat you would not believe there is
any relation between them. And tlie
Niagara combines all the old ram's
Kood points-its independence of at
tention, its steadiness and Lnexpen
slveness, with a host of other new
qualities, Where an ordinary ram
could »»'t be placed, on account of
thu lack uf sutltcii ut fall in a spring
or stream, the Niagara will work
most successfully; where an ordin
ury ram will pump but little water
on account of a small supply, slight
fall or great elevation, the Niagara
will deliver abundant nnd reliable
Stream; where an ordinary lain
working to its full capacity, gives
Insufficient water for the purpose required, ii Niagara of larger size may
be used to give thousands of gallons, Engines have been installed In
places Where tbay have pumped day
in und day out, year after year,
from two to four times us much water us old fashioned rums of equal
size had been able to do in the
same location. In dozens of sites
whoie the common Hydraulic ram,
water-wheel pumps and windmills
had been tried in vain, bountiful
water supplies are now boing furnished by Niagara engines.
Don't infer, however, that the- Niagara is some complicated new-fangled arrangement which .it takes a
mechanical engineer to understand,
for it is, in fact the simplest of all
machines. Its simplicity is its
strong point. It is simpler by fnr
than even the old-fashioned ram, and
will work for years without as much
as a drop uf oil. It does not have
to be "aired" as all other rams
have to be, periodically, an ingenious air-food keeping the uir chamber always supplied. It cun be started and stopped and regulated to
pump much or little water by u
child, and that is all there is to it,
the rest it does by itself. As an
eminent railway official said, "The
Niagara is the simplest and conplet-
.st application of hydraulics that I
ever saw. It comes nearer to giving
you something for nothing than anything I know of in mechanics".
The Niagara engine is a neat, compact, substantial machine—it has no
wheels nor whirligigs, nor ornaments
upon it, and it is made fur bard service. The smaller machines nre made
of the highest grade of iron, steel
and brass, the larger parts being
cast in the finest gray iron, while
the rubber packing is the best that
money can buy. The larger machines
are built of steel, the bases being
east in the best open-hearth steel.
There is nothing to break or blowup or to get out of order about them
and they will wear a life-time.
The Niagara Hydraulic engine
costs only a trifle as compared with
a windmill, a caloric engine or a
gasoline engine of similar capacity.
It works day and night, season in
and season out, with practically no
attention or care; it does not freeze
nor water log and will perform service thut no other pump except n
steam pump, costing dozens of times
as much to install and maintain,and
requiring coal and oil nnd an engineer will perform.
The Niagara is adaptable anywhere that springs, or running water
are to be found. Because someone
has told yuu that you could not get
water to your house of farm or mill
by any ordinary means, don't calculate on u Niagara engine not being
able to supply you. It is for uist
such places that wo are looking. If
there ls running wator around anywhere within u radius of a milo or
two, more than likely wo can arrange to put it in where you want it
And if you want largo quantities
uf wator; thousands or tens of
thousands of gallons, then wo cun
serve you, for the Niagara is the
hydraulic ram which is successfully
built in tho larger sizes. Vour idea
of hydraulic nuns will undergo a
change when you see one of those big
fellows. You have seen rams pump
ing a stream about like a goose
quill and supplying a few barrels a
day to some farm or burn yard. We
sell little ones like that and they'll
pump several times as much water
in the same places, but these big
machines of ours throw u stream
like a fire plug and furnish water
enough for almost any purpose you
can well Imagine. A battery of two
or more of them can be used if no
ecssary and a million or more gal
Ions n day raised.
Zonla, Ohio. Jan, 10th l'Jiir>.
The Niagara Hydraulic Engine, in
stalled by Jonnson & Kiindorburg, of
Yellow Springs, two years ago, is
giving perfect satisfaction. It fur
nishes plenty of water for three
tanks at tho house, 20(1 foot uwuy
and 2r> foet above the ram, with Imt
2, foot, of fall, giving our country
home every advantage of the city
watoi'Work-S. It also keeps a fit) barrel tank at the bam overflowing,
I have not been to sec it for at
least six weeks through zero weather
but It keeps pumping away.
(Hgd.)  Harvey S.  Collins.
If you wish to learn more of these
engines apply to,  or  write to;
H. Y   Parker, 0,  E.
Cranbrook, It. C.     P. O. Dux 11.
Nursing Mothers nnd
Over-bunion* d Women
In all stations of life, whose vigor and
vitality may have beon undermined aud
broken-down by over-work, exacting
social dutlos, the tocTfruquent bearing oi
children, or other causes, will Bud in Dr.
Pierce's Fu'vorltd Prescription tho moat
potent, invigorating restorative strength*
giver ever deviled for their special benefit. Nurslng-ruaothert wtHJjnu it especially valuable iK sustaining >qelr strength
and proinotiiigyii abundantrum r ish ment
fur the child. WpWtantJBph»fir» too
will lind It a priCclessH^vtlfpMpHB the
svsti'in for baby's coming and reducing
tlie ordeal comparatively painless!* it
can -|n no barm in anvstate. or condltjoS
tiLtlieTernale, system] _"
llelicatcr nervous, weak women, who
Buffer from freuuoot headaches, back*
ache, uraggltig-down distress low duwn
in tha abdomen, or from painful nr irregular monthly periods, gnawing nr distressed sensation in stomueb, di/./.y ur
faint Kpolls, soe Imaginary upoclis ur spots
floating before eyes, havu disagreeable,
|rl\ir catarrhal drniu. prolapsus, -into*
version or retroversion ur other displace-
montt nf womanly organs from weakness
nf purls will, wbother thej experience
man) ur only a few uf the abovo symptoms, tind relief awl a permanent euro by
using faithfully nnd ratrlj persistently
Dr. Pierce's PtivorltO Pi'-criptinn
Tliis world-fumed speeltlu for woman's
weaknesses und peculiar ulltmmte is u
pure glyceric extract uf the choicest native, medicinal roots without a drop nf
til--ohnl In Iis nmko-uj), All It* iuim-dl-
euls printed in plain Kngllsh uu ItB buuli-
WI'llpper and attested under outh, Dr.
Pierce thus Invites tbo fullest Investigation uf llis formula knowing that, it will
be found to contain only tlio best agents
known tu tin' most advanced medical
science of nil thodltroreut schools of practice fur the cure of woman's peculiar
weaknesses and ailments,
If you want tu know mure ubout tbo
composition and professional endorsement of tbo "Favorite Prescription," send
postal card request to Dr. It. V. Pierce,
llultalo, N. Y., for bis/rec buoklut treating of same.
Yuu can't afford to accept as a substitute fortius remedy of fntfiiLmc^npoflftfott
a secret nostrum of mknoim wmuukir
Hen.   Dp«»tdo It.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*
i  ♦
* fel '\\   on stormy days
[ V \ by wearing a
Clean - Light
Low in Price
Because they ar* tempered
unevenly by (Ir* and
will not hold an edge
are temperad ai hard
a. Hint by our exclusive
proceu of electricity.
Edison Theatre
Fraser & Hutchison
Moving   Pictures
Illustrated Songs
The  Best  in
Cranbrook at
The Little Picture Parlor
that runs continuously
Saddle Horses
Pack Animals
'Phone No, HO,
Carpenter and
Builder.    •:•
IKlim'S tor  Sulu  or  Knit   ui
""    " '•"   Kimnoniiblo      Pricus.
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Phollu    Nu.    98.
The Frost Investment Co.
he   Famous  East  Kootenay
A Land of wonderful natural resources;, rich
fertile land;;, mild and temperate sl urate,
looated in southern B.C. west of the Rockier,.
Produces abundant crops of Fruit,
Grain, Vegetables and Hay. The
best  markets  in   the   North-west.
Broad valleys of rich prairie soil, large bodies
of excellent Timber, mountains of mineral ore
still untouched, abundantly watered by mountain
streams and  springs.
A new section of the country that has never had
a land boom and where you can still have a cheap
home and the very best soil. One of the largest
valleys of level land in B.C. embracing the
Tobacco Plains Country, The St. Maries Prairie,
the Wasa Fruit District and Summer Resort, and
the Baynes Lake Fruit District.
A postal   stating what  kind  of land you want,  Ivill bring
full description,  maps, and  reliable information regarding
climate,  soil,  and prices ol  bind.
Iiie Frost Investment
Choice   Tokay and Mal.iga
Okanagan   Peaches,   Plums
Pears,   Apples
Creston     Tomatoes      and
Ha/.elwood     Ice     Cream
Stewart's   Fine   Chocolates
Phone 7*i     Armstrong Ave.
Rates from
Selling dales Sopl. I'.Mh lo 24th J |
Pinal relurn limit- Sept. 80th
Silver.mounted Case Pipes ♦
,1UST ARRIVED!   Iiiii of tho Intesl nnd besl J
shapes, luiu^lii lur cash nnd sold nl n reason ♦
ttblo innrgin.    NKK, TIIP.M.    PRICK THEM. I
We are still leading with a fine assorted line nf CIGARS X
 at 3 for 25 cts.  ♦
Pun goods arriving every day    All Tobaccos J
and   Cigiii'otjos   same   price  as  oilier  stores. ♦
Cranbrook    Cigar    Store♦
JOHN CAMERON, Proprietor. ♦
/" " ^
John   LEASK
The most fashionable nnd
Cranbrook b,
Selling dates Kepi   21sl  to 'Jiith
Pinal   relurn Iimii    Scpl.   -luili
Selling (I sSepl. 2111,1* In Ocl. 2
Pinal relurn liinil    < lelnl.er 7th
Corresponding Ratra  from othor
Apply to local ticket agents for
berth reservations, etc.
J.E PROUTOK, U P A .Calgary.Alta
ii Fort Steele Brewing Go.. Ltd \
11      I'd. liox 812
Telephone Xn. I
M WITAHTIiKlis anil KI'I'WI'II!*
. . . Ol" RXTHA IIM'. . . .
SOU) HV TllK RARR15L, KKC OR Iii iT'l'l.l'l)
llottlcil beer tor family use a specialty
;;   Port  Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.    i
************* ********************** THR PROSPECTOR. CRANHROOK   II. 0., SEPTRMllRI! 19, 1008
gg m-m-m- « + « -a,; ^ m ^ ft . * ft ft ft ft:ft.:*ft ■*-<- '■*' * ■*■ * '*' * *~^* * +' mmt
G. T. Rogers
♦:«:*: * :*:* *:*:*:<>:*:* *:«:*:** :*: ♦ .♦:«:.♦'♦ ft.* *:«:*:*.***■*•* * * * *
Ward off Colds
by wearing Water-proof
Sole Boots. 9 We have
them   for  Men   and   Ladies.
Cranbrook, BC
;■*:♦.:♦'.».♦'.» ft:•>:*■:.*ftj* ft:*:*:*:*:* .ft'ft.ftftftft .♦ ».♦.» ♦»♦»♦» ♦.» ♦
G. T. Rogers
l^-|»'.»:f;:.».♦:.» 'ft:*-:*;»:,♦.:»:t;»:*:».».».♦:».♦.»♦.» .♦
•» ♦:«♦.» ♦ o ftft *ft ♦!♦
©he Inspector.
People you may know
Visitors    Here    nnd    There.—People
Who   Come to   Cnmbrook ami
Those   Who lio Away.
Sea Hoborlin Bnmples,   0, 0. B,
Soc Hoberlln samples.   0, C   s
Boo Hoberlin Bnmplef*    l*   0   B,
Sep Hoberlin Bnmples,   C   C   8,
Nothing wroug with this weather
s    Hanson, ol Wnstt   spent  Bunila)
hist in Cranbrook
li   ii,u.in.'i. ol Ottawa, wa-. iu the
eit)  Mondttj
.1 <;   Campbell,   ol   Vancouver wns
.ii  the Cranbrook Momlaj
Nm money  lor  Hoberttn Suits until
!you nre satisfied    C   *'   S
9999999999999999999999' 99999999999999999*9999
A >
1 i
« *
« *
si'CiTs.scill 'l'n I.. COIIN
5UCCE550R   TO
WE     1
$5.00 w CASH
$3,00 a'month
1 imnl Discounl Por Cash
mm strong
9       Ar«   you  always trying   to  see  through
a   blurring   mist causing   you   headache
and   discomfort ? Ii   vou   take   warning
and   consult   us
We guarantee to give you comfortable vision
No  charge   for   examination.
W. F. TATE, The Optician
Also Second  Hnnd Machines
For Sale Cheap and To Rent.
Armstrong Avenue
; Phono 157 Oranbrook, B.C.
Trading Co.
I'IH INK is:;
Wc ure still handling
Agents lorthc famous
Mayers Stock Foods.
I NORTH   STAR       ;
J -r-~     HOTEL S
Kimberley,   B. C. J
9   H. W. DREW, Proprietor.     _ir- _ L 9
General Biw-khinitli
rind Woodworker..
liubbor Tiros Appllotl
'I'm       I'.h^.V       WIlOUlS
PhoueSO   •   ■   •    P.O. Uox 218
0 K BtepheiiBou, ol FornIe wns lu
towu Monda)
W Phet-son nnil J Stephenson ol
Winnipeg were In the city  Monday.
H H Dtmmock, uud K H Hallun
ol   Moyie were lu town  Momlay.
1; I. Benedick, it Mayook lumber
mun was In the city Wednesduy.
U W Woods, of Pernie, was in the
city Wednesday.
When vou want fresh [mil go to
The  Palm     Phono  Ui.
No money tor Hoberlin Suits until
you are satisfied.   C. C, S.
Mrs K. H. Brendt, ol Spokane was
in the city  Friday.
I   Chas. Oaskill returned  Sunday last
from a business to Quesnell.
A B. Watts, of Wattsburg was in
town Tuesday.
Dr. V. W, Green was at Creston
Wednesday  on  professional   business.
No money for Hoberlin Suits until
you are satisfied.— C. O. S.
William Meachem whs down from
his ranch on St. Mary's Lake Friday
'    Mrs.  Warren DeBeck,     will receive
ion Friday September 25th,
j   No money for Hoberlin  Suits until
you are satisfied.—C. C. S.
;   J. K. Mcktmmon, of   Hosmer, was
In the eity Wednesday.
I   ('. H.    Stanley, of Hosmer, was in
i town Wednesday.
|   H. H.    Stanton, of   Denver, Colo.,
Was in the rity Wednesday.
|    Fernie is to be a model   city.    All
buildings fireproof.
D.E . Elliot, and E. W. McLean, of
Fernie were in town Thursday.
Do you want business? Advertise
in The Prospector and get it,
W. J. Macleod and M. Fruman of
Lethbridge were in town Wednesday.
P. Woods, the Cherry Creek rancher was in town Thursday.
L. G. Booth, of Chicago, IU., was
a Cranbrook visitor Wednesday.
Mr. and   Mrs.    James     Henderson
returned Sunday last from a visit to
the far cast.
H. W. Drew, of the North Star
hotel at Kimberley was transacting
husiness at Crnnbrook   Wednesday.
S. S. Taylor, N.C, of Nelson, was
in town Wednesday on legal business.
Hoberlin made to order suits, In
tweed, black and blue serge $17.50, -
0. c. s.
Mrs. G. Patmore who has been
visiting friends at Toronto returned
home Sunday morning.
If the p?n is mightier than the
sword, what about the paste brush
and scissors?
West Kootenay papers are issuing
their annual fall warning against a
possible coal  shortage  this winter.
C. Phillips, of Birmingham, Eng.,
spent several days this week in
Mr. and Mrs. J. McMillan, of Calgary, were Oranbrook visitors Thursday.
Hoberlin made to order suits, in
tweed, black and blue serge $17.50.—
C. 0, s.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Krome, and
Miss Mona Krome were ('ranbrook
visitors  Sunday  last.
Mrs. It. .1. Sunders, of Greenwood,
was a Granbrook visitor Sunday
E. d. ('ami, and C. II. Skinner of
Calgary wore guests at the Cranbrook Monday,
Mrs. K Patmore who has been
visiting friends at Winnipeg returned
home Sunday  morning.
Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Krapfell, of
Klko, spent Sunday last in Orntl
Hoberlln made to order suits, in
tweed, black mid blue serge $17.50.—
C,  C.  S.
('has. Parrel, a Moyie mining man,
and owner of the Society Girl mine,
was in Cranbrook Saturday last.
Form No. 1-500.
The  Wireless   Tip   Telegraph   Co.
————   ORIGINATED   BY   US   ————
no   in   stock. Kest   service   in   the   Kootenays.
J.   I).   McBRIDE,   CRANBROOK,    B.C.
Ria'uivur's   No. Timed    Filed Ohack
DO IT NOW. Buy Your Heating- Stove be- f - *     k^^    1908
fore our stock becomes broken up. ■
To C. Racksmen:
Our safe never locked; no valuables in it at any
t ime. Our Credi tors keep us hard up; pinch all we can
oolleot,   and  look  for more.
In case of doubt or accident, combination written
on a tag attached to safe knob.
Mr ami Mrs.
.■•v. Wis , wcr
aturday  last!
ol    Wattsburg,   was
Saturday    lasl     on
.1    Itipley,     Ol  Sagi
Cranhrook  visitors
Hoberlln made to
tweed, black aud blue
0, C,  S.
irder    suits,  in
serge $17.50,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Short, of Portland, tire., were Craubrook visitors
W. Wilkinson, of Vancouver; and
W, H. Helme, of Calgary were registered tit the Cranbrook Friday.
Born, at Cranbrook, on Wednesday
September 16, to Mr. and Mrs. A.
LeGrnnde, a daughter.
Born, at (ranbrook, on Tuesday,
September 15, to Mr. and Mrs. W.K.
Stevenson, a daughter.
W. M. Frost, of thc Frost Investment Co., was at Wasa Friday on
company business.
Al. Doyle, and Dr. Bell, drove over
to Fort Steele Thursday on business.
F. H. Mackay, who has been spending his vacation at Cranbrook, left
on Friday to resume his studies at
McGill University,  Montreal.
Another harbinger of the approach
of the melancholy days is the increasing persistent impertinence of
the pestiferous fly.
According to the almanac, the fall
equinox occurs and autumn begins at
6 o'clock a. m. September 23. See
that you are ready for it.
Don't turn out too early these
mornings or you'll tind yourself in
the dark. The sere and yellow sea-
|son approaches.
The report that lightning struck
Smith Curtis' wind mill, must have
been in error. Leastways the wind
mill is still running right along.
A regular monthly ussembly of
Selkirk Preceptory and Priory was
held in the Masonic Temple on Monday evening.
C. O. Gouglas, of Toronto; G. W.
Newton, of Winnipeg, and H. B.
Russell, of Republic, Wash., were
guests at  the  Cranbrook Thursday.
A. C. McCorkell, oi Vancouver, D.
C. Lew, of Vancouver, Capt. C. Pad-
den of Crawford Bay, were registered at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Mighton returned Sunday last from an extended visit to Toronto and other eastern cities.
D. R. Yates, of Wycliffe,manager of
thc Staples Lumber Co., was transacting business at Cranbrooki Mondny.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Kennedy, and
Miss M. McKenzie, of Montreal were
registered at the Cranbrook Sunday
P. J. Smith, of Belleview, and R.
Cameron, of   HlUsboro,     Wis., were
registered  at  the Cranbrook   Sunday
Mr. H. F. Fulton, of Ladysmlth,
Grand Master of the 1,0,0.F, was tu
town this week visiting members of
the order.
and Mrs. Frank VanDecar, returned Monday from an extended
visit to friends In western Washington.
K. Reise, of Victoria, W. K. Hall,
of Calgary, H. W. Goggin, of Vancouver, and K. A. Cunningham of
Lethbridge, were guests at the Cranhrook) Sunday last.
It cannot he possible that the Liberal party in the Kootenays will
give any serious consideration to the
candidacy of Joe Martin's understudy, Smith Curtis.
.1. W. Hope, R. Mellis, H. S.
Reynolds, J. M. Boy den, J, 0. Watson, and R. B. Ooekcton, ull of Calgary were guests at tlm Cranbrook
T. Conlon, of Toronto; J, Gra-
nall, of Vancouver; Geo. Stewart,
of London; and A. J. King, of Kai*
ispell, were registered at the Cranbrook Thursday.
The Harvest Festival at the Salvation Army Hall will take place on
September Pith and continue until
and including Scptemher 22nd. A
cordial Invitation Is extended to all.
W. Bapty, of Vlctorln; J, A. Bro
ley, of Fernie; 0, J. Bates, of Van
couver; T. A. Brady, of Montreal:
P. Llneham, of Vancouver; W. J
Forsyth of Fernie; and R, Johnson,
of Vancouver were registered at the
Cranbrook Friday,
have style. They arc in demand by men who pride
themselves on being ci irrccl in
every detail of their apparel.
They have quality—since
1823 Mallory Hats have held
the highest reputation iu tlie
hat trade of tlie country.
Besides—Mallory Craven-
ctte Hats have -tt'luil no other
that can have, i.e., the weatherproof qualify gained by the
famous cravenetting process
controlled absolutely for hats
byh'. A. Mallory & Sons, Inc.
The Popular
Cranbrook BC
K,      a    ti IS- Uai "O   TO   THK
Not How Cheap, but  |
How GOOD & How CHEAP *Tst Kootenay
If you have never tried our     ** * E    XIO IT S E
HOME MADE PEANUT- Po1' rtl1 kinds of
crisp, molasses-kisses    DYEING It CLEANING
COCONUT-KISSES Nothing fine  or  course,   large
ALMOND ROCK AND LADY '"' sma" tlml we oan"01 handle.
CARAMELS                                 W° also do
cull nnd you will be convinced              DRY    DYEING
Ihey are tlio lineisl you ever ate ■	
Saturday only 20 cts. T T JT°B1 .,
per pound J. Leask, Tailor
GoodH dollvurod to any pltiuu in llu-City
TELEPHONE,    No.    Ill,
For Horses and Cattle
>:*m aoros)
flood Fences     Good Water
(Iood Pasture
A pply to R. C( rtlBETT, I 'arrot Hanoi)
about 'M miles from Cranbrook, near
the old North Star mill.
Teams and drivers furnished for any poinl in
the districl.
A. DOYLE, Manager^
The Quality Store
Wo don't claim to be the cheapest
but we stand up for the l>est
All Our  Ooods Are Guaranteed


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