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The Prospector May 11, 1907

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Array iogptttm
ol. IO.
No. IU.
Wh tt the City Dads are Doing to
Promote   the   Welfare
of the City.
The Cily Council held ils
regular monthly meeting on
Wednesday ovoning. There
were presenl Mayor .liinies
Pinlay, and Aldermen Kink.
li vmi. Jackson, (lill and Sicken-
Minutes of lasl regular meet-
ing and speeiui meetings were
rend: and on motion adopted.
A communication from .1.
Suuth, re ihe paying ol u stenographer in a case in the police
court was read and on mm inn
referred to the Police Com nils
A communication from .1. P.
Leslie, re u claim for damages,
for injuries sustained by Mrs.
f.eslie caused by u decetive side-
walk was read; and on motion
the city clerk was instructed to
notify Mr. Leslie that, according
to the opinion of tlie city solicitor, the eity, was not liable for the
accident to Mrs. Leslie.
The accounts of the Electric
Light, Telephone and Water
supply Companies, were ordered
to be paid. Alderman Ryan tint
On motion the monthly
accounts, as presented by the
finance committee were ordered
to be paid.
Messrs Reid and McCallum was
then heard re the expense
account of delegates to inter
view the C. P. R. officials at
Winnipeg; und motion of aldermen Gill and Jackson, the
account, umounting to |64 was
ordered paid. The question of
securing a public pound was referred to the Pire and police committee, with power to act.
The city clerk was instructed
to write to the Provincial
Government with a view of obtaining for the city the jail now
in use by the Government.
The Council adjourned at 9-4-5.
Wednesdays   uml   Fridays   has
been resumed.
Natal Day At Lithbridgn.
Lolhbiidg lelii-iileil   "Natal
Duy" nn Muy Bill, by u procession in Hu- morning, uml in
tlie afternoon mutches wore piny
ed ns follows;— baseball t lares
holme vs Lotlibrldgo; football
Pincher Crook, vs Lothbrldge;
Luernsse. High Hiver vs Loth-
bridge,    III   eueli   of  lhe   uln ive
contests Lethbridge wus victor
inns. 'I'he Raymond nml l.elli
bridge bands played altornatoly
nu liinil' nt n lime during the
sports. The dny wus broughl
In 11 elnse by ll display of life-
William H. Evans, Win.
Symonds and Wm. Colquhoun
have been appointed Commissioners for taking affidavits in
the supreme court, for the purpose of acting under the Provincial Elections act, in the fernie
Commence Operations Monday.
The steel for lhe spur to the
North Star mill arrived on Monday, and on Wednesday track-
laying commenced. It is expected that the spur will be
completed by Saturday, and the
mill in operation by Monday.
Some 25,000 feet of lumber has
been sawn for the use of the com
pany in putting up buildings for
tho workmen and other purposes.
Meeting of Polioe Commissioners
A meeting of ihe Police Com
inissioners was held ou Monday,
at which Chief of Polieo Dow
was instructed to employ a
special constable, who shall net
as jailor, at a salary not to exceed #75 per month.
Railway Notes
The Canadian Pacific Railway
announce May 15th as the opening date for Banff hotel.
■lune liith for Lake Louisoand
Emerald Lake Chalets Glacier,
Field, Revelstoke, Sicamous and
North Bend hotels aro open the
year round.
Opening of navigation, Great
Lakes, Port William lo Owen
Sound. This service will be inaugurated with S S. Manitoba
from Port William May "tli.
Regular service tri weekly will
hu maintained leaving Port
William Tuesdny. Friday and
Sunday. Navigation has been
resumed on Trout Lake and the
tri   weekly    service     Mondays,
Cranbrook Lodge A . F   & A. M.
Receives Grand Master
A speeial emergen! meeting nf
Cranbrook Lodge A. F. & A. M.
was held nn Tuesduy evening in
the Masonic Temple, The
occasion being the annual visit
Of Right Worshipful Brother .1.
H. Sehnlield, Grand Master of
British Columbia. There was a
large attendance of looal masons,
us well as ninny visitors from
Moyie, Kimberley, WyclilTe and
Fori Steele.
The work of the evening wus
the exemplification of the inn*
degree, and il is needless for us
to suy thai it was done in u
manner befitting llie occasion.
Immediately after tlie services
in the Masonic Council Chamber,
the visiting brethren and members assembled in the
spacious dining room of
the temple to partake of a ban
quel provided by the members of
the lodge. The banquet was all
that could be desired, and after
lhe edibles had disappeared,
toasts were in order. Bro. E.
Elwell, W. M. acted as toast
"King and Protector of the
Craft." was drank standing.
"The Grand Lodge of British
Columbia" was responded to by
D.D.G.M. Bro. ,1. D. McBride
"Our Worshipful (Irand
Master" proposed liy J. A
Harvey, was responded to by
Worshipful Master E. Elwell of
Cranbrook Lodge.
"Our Immediate Pasl Master"
proposed by Bro. Elwell, was
responded to by Past Master M.
A. Beale.
"Visiting Brethren." was responded to by Bros. J. A. Harvey.
1). Duffleld, and M. Cragie.
"Absent Friends" was drank in
Songs were rendered by many
of the brethren, und piper McCowan gave a few selections on
the bagpipes.
It was late wlien the programe
was completed but every one
went uway felling that aside
from an excellent banquet, much
good had been accomplished by
Hie craft during tlie pasl. year
throughout Southeasl Kootenay.
Meeting of Knight Templars.
.1. Irvine nl Nelson, represent
ing the Grand Provincial Prior
of British Columbia and ti Scho-
field, will puy a visit to Selkirk
Preceptory and Priory on Monday evening next,
Ac Fort Steele
A largo number of Masons
accompained Grand Master.!. II.
Sehnlield to Fort Steele Wednesday. Our cowan reporter reports a large gathering of the
Craft in thut town on Hint evening.       	
Machinery Has Arrived.
A. carload of machinery for
ihe making of bricks wus iu tho
freight shed Wednesduy consigned tn the Cranbrook Pire
Brick and Terra Colt a Co. Tho
machinery will be installed ns
soon us possible, us we learn Ihul
the Company have ul ready received several large orders for
both lire and common bricks.
!•: A Willis nl Wattsburg was
in 'lie cily Friday mi business.
i lonrge I !enr\   nf Porl Slcoli
iviis ni iln- eiiy Priday.
.Mux, Miilfui ivnsiit Lathbridge
this week nn business,
Vi. Tiniliel* nf Pernio was in
Cranbrook Priday mi business
Kxtru qualily garden hose is
lhe choice  this season,  ill I'm
 iv Bros
Mrs. I'lilpiunn mul boys were
guests of Mr N. Hanson ul Wasn
ihis week,
Mrs Dr. Cnrsan uml fnniily nf
Pernie were online ut Wasa lhis
CZ TOWN iOOTBALL CLUB thai   is   satisfactory   to   hoi
Town     Club      Formed-Officers '''I'"   agreeraenl   was   finally Indian Brave Elopes With Another
Elected, :    ^-'""1    *•*><*   Copied           Buck's Squaw- Also
Monday, nnd the men nave nil
returned in work, No nml wns
shipped Tuesday,  as mil)   pro-
Mr, mul Mis. ,1 II M,'Iii-iii,
were visiting Mends m Pernii
Iv \V. I.i,nu. relumed Weilues
iluv   from   n   business   irip   li
The opening meeting nf the
Town Chili. I'm' tin. season of
IU07 wus held in the Gymnasium
mi Tuesday eveniug ui   whieh  n j'
g liy number of members and I amies, today are shippii
persons interested  iu ihe game      "he agreement runs two years
vvi'iv presenl. from April 1st, nml provides fnr
There wus considerable busi- * conference sixty dnvs previous
ness broughl up which was. His to its expiration for tin- purposi
pnsi-d nt in n inusl satisfactory |°f considering Ils renewal
Mr, c   liaker was elected pi
Refiigerntorsand Preouors for
the win-in weather, ut Patmore
I'. McLean ol Marysville
spent several days this week in
Cranbrook on business.
11 Burroughs nl' Michel, uud
W. Hill of Vancouver were registered ul tho Cranbrook Priday.
Mr. nml Mrs. .1, I). McBride.
nnd Mr. uml Mrs. p Vi. Kelsnll
spent Sunday lasl nt Wattsburg,
returning Monday.
Wm. P. Tute C. I'. B. official
watch inspector, returned Priday from a tour ni inspect ion
over llie Crow lim .
Dr. II. Watt returned from
Kingsgute Thursday which plaee
is uiider his supervision as Dominion Health officer,
Mrs. ,1. P. Smiili left nn Monday for Wasa, the Saratoga, of
Sniitheusl Kootenay. where she
will spend u lew days nut ing.
W. 1). Hill wus quite ill (luring
Ihe early purl of this week, but
was oul attending In business
A large nmn ber of Indians
were attending court Monday in
Cranbrook in hear the "big
white chief" try the Kootenay
brave fnr steal ing another braves
Contractor Worden hus n crow
of men ut worli digging the base
ment, and preparing lhe foundation of lhe new opera house.
Cleaning the city There ure
over live hundred houses in I 'run-
brook und llm city lias only
one scavenging curt,
1'ho season is sufficiently far
advanced now to ndmii nf a
thorough cleaning up nf the
Contractor D. .1. Johnson is
pushing operations on the new
Courl House. When finished
lhe building will be ihe mosl tin-
posing structure in this nock
of the woods.
Parker A- Thorpes mill III
Wardner started up lull blusl
Thursday with n force nl thirty
men, which will be increased as
sunn  us the mill is in condition
Indian Agent R L. T Galbraith   who  hus  I* n   in   West
Kootenay for several days this
week looking ufter lhe Interests
nf his wards, passed Ihrough
Cranbrook Tlmr-iluy mi his wuy
llllllll' In Poi'l  Sleele.
Wnsii, the Saratoga, ni this
district, is ihe tinesi summer
resort in tho Kootenay. A nmn
ber nl Perniu uml Crunbrook
people were registered ul lhe
Wasa lintel during lhe past
si.lent    ,,f   lhe     ellil..     Mr.      I'.
Haywood was ihe unanimous
el a nee i if the meeting for captain,
nnd Mr. .1. A. Porgussinn was
made secretary-treasurer,
'I'he colors inr the .seilsnll   llus
An executive tn represent   lhe
club ni ihe Association meetings
wus elected, consisting nf the
pre.sklent, captain, Neil Houston
und A. Caldwell. Mr. liaker,
who filled his position in advantage as chair man. expressed
himself ns well satisfied
wiili ilie attendance, harmony
und gnnd feeling nf tlie meeting,
und Mr. A. M. Black, in n terse
little speech suid that-he thought
there should be a good football
season, this year, in Cranbrook,
now ihni ihe Town Team hud
been formed, making llie third
team to enter the contest for
football honors. He also voiced
tlie hope that ull old members
nnd supporters would rally
around lhe colors.
Dr. .1. II. Kinir. M. 1'. 1',, was
elected Honorary President,
with an able corps of Honorary
vice-president, consisting of R,
E. Beattie, Dr. < liven. S. Mighton ami A. C. Smith.
A vote of thanks wus tendered
lo the executive nf the Gymnasium for the use of the hall for the
The moo! ing of the Town Pool-
hull Club will he held in Mr. A.
C. Smith's store al 8o'clock next
Tuesday evening.
The hest Ihiii'.'' I'm- u kitchen
this Imi weather is a gasoline
stove Inr cooking. Perfectly
safe 'und reliable. . We sell lhe
best Patmore Bros.
.lames Arnold, A. C. Bowness,
.1. Henderson uml ti Rummer
were ai Nelson this weok attend'
ing a convocation of llie Grand
Lodge nf lhe Knightsol Pythias,
A. .1. Bradley nnd R S.
Aikins have purchased the business nl* W. P. Kelsnll. The reputation nf "The Palm"for homemade candies will lie fully maintained by llie new firm,
Walter B. Lning, und Miss
Battle Lasby, nl' Acton, lint,
were married, on April 28th nl
Toronto. Mr. uiul Mrs. Luing
arrived in Cranbrook Monday
lasl where thoy will reside in lhe
S. E. (Hiver, at nne time re
purler nn the Daily News nf
Nelson, hut now a limber limn
magnate nf Tochta, wus iu Cram
brook Thursday, having returned
Iliun ll trip I . till' nlil country.
Visitor i Hero and There   People
Who Home to Cranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
See Reid i$ I'n *s lino of fishing
tackle, it is iiie best in town.
Rev. W. W. V I' Kiinber-
ley was iu ihe ciiv Wednesday,
•Iniin Kwin nf Wasn was In lhe
city Thursday,
M. Church of Spokane was in
the city Tuesdny.
A. Krull'ell nf Kllin, was in the
eiiy Tuesday on business.
li. T. McGregor of Moyio was
in the city Tuesdny.
"The same old story in the
same nld wuy." We mean
went her.
.1. W. Wilson and .1. A. Solo-
man nf Toronto were guests ut
the Crunbrook Tuesday.
Horn, ul Cranbrook Wednesday
May sth. to Mi-, and Mrs. Vi P.
11 unl. a daughter.
A Walkover shoe and Broadway suit can be found at  Hill A
D. R. Cameron of Edmonton
was a Cranbrook visitor Thurs
Judge Wilson wus a Nelson
visitor for several days this
P. Woods come down from
Cherry Creek Wednesday
ou business.
Mrs. (I. H. Staples and Miss
Staples of Wycliffe were Cran
brook visitors Wednesday.
John A. Maedonald wus
down from Marysville Thursday
on business.
1). ll. Vales, of Wyclilfe,
manager of the Staples Milling
Co. was at Cranbrook Thursday
on company business.
Prom now on lill Dominion
and Empire days, footballers will
turn out every pleasnnl evening
for practice.
G. A. Gail, W. W. Armstrong,
H. M. Burritt and,). M. Hamilton
of Vancouver were registered at
the Cranbrook Thursday.
When we install your Plumbing or Heating system we make
it a point to please you. Our
goods are extra high grade, our
work ditto, Patmore Bros.
A. Mackenzie of Spokane. P.
W. Gordon of Nelson, 0. J,
O'Neil of Kalispell, and C. J.
King of Missoula, were gnosis ut
tlie Cranbrook Wednesday.
P. Jensen of Wusa was in Ihe
City Wednesday on business
connected witli the sale of a
large bunch of timber in Northeast Kooteuuy.
Win. Thompson, was down
from Perry Creek Tuesday.
Mr. Thompson will soon leave
for Cobalt lo try his luck iu llie
silver district.
Mr. Olis Staples of tlm
Staples Lumber Co. nf
WyclilTe, returned Tuesday
fi'0,11 a business Irip lo points iu
Montana ami Idaho,
In ./.ul I Bros, have installed a
iiinchiun fnr pulling ou rubber
tires. It is the only one in tlie
district and supplies a long fell
want iu that lino,
Robt. Little was over frmu
Fort Steole for several days Ihis
week Completing tlie sale nf u
bunch of timher claims situated
on the Skookumchuok.    tt Is re-     Th„   ,„„,„,„,,-,  ,,f   the    ICusI
ported that the deal  was closod U        Dislrict of the Melho-
alWO.000. |d|B|  n,,*;,,.,, ussembleil  in  ihis
— *— pluee on Tuesduy of this week lo
Regular public preaching sor prepare repurls for Annual Con
vices will he held in the Melho feroilco which ineols in V'oruou
disl  Church  next  Sunday,   llieinext week     Revs W. S. Hull of]
pastor  being  iu  charge.     Rev. ! Per , Geo   Kl V of   Mi,.|„.|. ; Ihey kiu.w. sure m be  luvnrnlile
Westman has beon invited to the Cl,   13.   Ridlnnds of Coal Crook, lo granting tl mention lo the
pastorate of tho Mount Pleasant, W,    Vance   nf   Kimberley,   T   Bindrlc. Light Co,
Methodist Church,   Vancouver,  Soworbiills of Moyio and   Vi. K,\
nnd lias accepted the cull having j,lones    nf    Creston    were    all Striko is Settled.
been   released   by    lhe   official 'present.     All  reports  woro on- 	
board of the church here.     Mr. coiiraging    showing    n    good     'pp,, \on„ drawn mn   contro
Wesiniun will leave mi Monday moasui'o iif success during the ,„.,.„„ i,„,„„        ,,
, ,, ,. ' , .    .   llersV tli'l iveell I he ciilll li ii'l'u ill's
In ultenil n ciinleii nee iii \ ernmi year.     Dclourules worn appoint' . i   ....
nnd  upon his rolurn will mako ed  lo attend  Couture     .Mr "I lliu Crows Nest Pass anil  the
linul arrangements fnr his  re- W.   T.    Rold   was   chosen   tn minors I i lasl  been settled,  proximately   lhn same   weigh!
moval from lhis place. | represent Crnllbrook An agreemoill   has heen reached   reel
Steals a Cayuse
|;lmi".'° :    •|l""" Hlndian. who'f-vigwam IsToca
"'.' »es; but alinost ,,11 ,,r iheL,  ,.,.  Mmy ,„jli;imi  pM
News  nl   il,,.  sonie nt    hus
been r Ivod wilh joy by all  ns
u prolongation  ot  tlie strugcle
iin-ant staguatl ■ business nil
n\-nr the province.
Firemen Prepare Kulcs to Govern
Future Kaccs.
The Firemen nf lhe district
appointed a cominillee in pre
pare rules In govern ull races in
lhe future, whicli would prevent
troublo nnd discontoni such as
happened lust year between
Moyie and Cranbrook, The following rules hllVO been Ullnpleil:
1. Each reel must eurry '.'un
feci nf i'i Inch rognlar lire hose.
'2, Race nne hundred yards tn
hydrant, lay 20H feet in' hose,
break nt I Ml feel, and pul mi
il. Siarl In pull nil hose mu
more ihan I" feel from hydrant.
I. Cup mi hydrant, coupling
on hose nnd nozzle In he on three
I'iiII turns
(hie second in he added in
time fnr every turn or pari short
of three full turns Inr each  eim
neelion. nccording In Rule I
ii. Time keepers in stand with
bucks In sinning line, lime In he
taken from pistol report tn lime
wnier comes through nuzzle.
7. Judges in have power in
make all competing teams In use
s. Nuzzles shull Weigh lint
less ihan      pounds
'.l. The nuzzle men and men
breaking coupling must mil start
ahead nf lead men iu harness,
I". The captains of each contesting tenm to hnve Ihe privilege iif appointing a nuzzle ami
hydrant referee.
II. Tlie finishing line shall
he Inn feel from lhe hydrant.
'I'he point nf mizzle when
dropped to lie unl more than six
feel from line. line-half second
shall lie added fnr every Innl
or traction of same thai point of
nozzle is behind li feet limit line.
UII.I-ls (lOVKHNINO  urn   \Nli
Illli HACK.
1. To run 100 yards.
2. Pislol Stall. Hubs In he
nvor starling line. Captains In
draw for position.
.'I.     Race     In    be    run     wilh
trimmed wheels, approximately
the same weight,
I. The lirst hub over finishing line tn be awarded lhe race.
Conditions   anil    Rules    Governing
Hose Reol Races an Agreed Upon
by   tin.-   Representatives   of
Crunbrook nnd Fernit-
John i..i.L-i... ii Kootenay
i was up before Magistrate Armstrong mi Monday charged with
stealing a cnyuse, uml eloping
wiih the squaw nf n buck named
I'alli'i.ii. Tl,,. ilopmonl was
truly sensational frmu tlie fact
thai  filngle luul nn cayuse  to
carry his new KlUtcl  tn   the
land nl' the free, hence he added
in-iill In injury by stealing
Pllllooks puny us well as his
squaw. The sturdy buck left nn
an unlucky Friday nighi. und us
sunn iis ihi.- horse was missed,
iln- ilisiippeiiiiiui .''nl Oinigle und
Mrs I'iilli.nk iinleil. tl„. In,linn
police nf tic Kootenay started
in pursuit. The fugitives had
crossed ihe border Into the luml
"l the free, but the tudian
sleuths knew nn boundary line,
im International inw. nn extradition papers, nr niiide nf procedure in ssary  in the taking
nf a criminal in a foreign country.
Tlie fugitives wended there way
through Monlana Into Idaho before they rested. Tin sleuths
followed them closely nml caught
ii]i wiih ihem ni Sand Point,
where Ihey lllTOStod the guilty
When    lhi.     "hie     chief"     lhe
reserve policeman caughl up
wiih ihem In- exhibited n  star,
it from llie bottom nf nn nld
tomato can. pulled forth uu nld
rusty pair nf handcuffs and
snapped Ihem mi his prey. The
sqiiiiw attempted in conceal her
identity by wearing u large pair
nf smoked guggles, but wlien
the officer snatched them nil. he
grunted u recognizing "whoo-1"
The squad nf Indian policemen
wiih their prisoner arrived iu
Cranbrook Monday, where n
formal complain! was laid
charging (Jingle with stealing a horse, His answer tn
the complaint wns, uie un steal
him in Canada.' showed that lie
knew more of international law
Iliun his captors. He wus remanded fnr u week fnr ihe production nl more evidence.
First Steamer for Nome.
Seiutle, Wash . May 10.—The
steamer Corwin, owned by ihe
L. X. Gray Steamship Company,
left this port today for the north
mining towns. She is the lirst
vessel In make lhe trip this
season. Although the Cm-win is
tlie lirst bout to leave, tlie season
will practically npen with tlie
sailing of the steam ships Ohio,
Victoria, Pleiades und Senator,
whicli depart nn June the 1. The
Pleiades is ilie only steamer that
lines nni carry passengers, ami
all available space on the other
three steamers has already been
engaged. The Cm-win has the
distinction of having been th"
Ni vessel Into Nmiie every season
I'm- lhe last six years. The tirsi
'"xl"'n"*N*s vessel   in   arrive   ut   Nome    is
1'   Teams tn  emisist   ,,r    always greeted  with grenl  en-
more than l-1 men ihuslnsm.
II,    Members of tenuis in he
inula tide eiiizeiis ni imi less than Up Before the Beak.
ii days residence "l  'he lown ~--
ih.-y represent '    Chief of Polico  Dmv arrested
11,   Ti„.re    siinii    he    ilir J""   ''"llins mi a   charged   nf
judges, who shall also be lime   ll"'f'-     '    •h"1-"    Anderson
keepers, uppniuled In*   11
liiielieil Hie matter by Hndlns
Election Friday.
'I'he properly holders nf Cran
brook  Were   ill  lhe   pulls    Friday
voting nu ilie question nf giving
ll   I'll hise,   nr  option.   In    the
I Cranbrook Blociric l.ighi < !o,, in
niher words giving thom   per
mission  in extend,   I   Install
new electric light iuanlilne|'y,
Tlie voting on By law No,  lift,
usi, Is known under the  Muni l|io Bh||1| l)0 S0|B Mgcs of the gave    three months in  Uu
":H "'■'"-"■ «u-1.,'hi. bu.  Hltlo|m(,0    ,,.,„.„. .,„,„,. loho || tlty cooler.
nnd in usl be given  Immediately     Hen  Pugh, was again  up  Inr
afler tl oinpletlon of lhn con   being  drunk    and    disorderly.
t(>Hl Judge   Andersmi   gave  him    110
I,    All  nes in he run off the days lo eonsidor whothorhe will
snine dill i Hike lhe phnlge Iii nbstalll   from
fi,   Tho hoine team In appoint using nld  scolnh uml   hud  Ian-
starter gunge
ii.    Pistol siiiri   witli hubs of Sum    Baldwin   was   charged
reel    Iii   he   uver   starting line, with   reckless   shunting    within
lains nl  il poling  tenuis. Collins guilt)   us charged,  and
liilorcsl being manifested, the
resull wns unl obtainable ut ihe
time nl going tn press, but il is,
leenriling    tn   Ihnse   who   think
Starter in he in dlrccl line wiih
Hie hulls.
7     Teams  In  atari   with  up
ihe city limits, llis Honor, will
li.'iti' i li.- case mi Monday next,
moan while "Sam" will clean his
rille uiiil put it away until the
shooting season opons, THE PROSPECTOR, CUANliROOK 1'. i .. MAY  ll. 11)07,
50 Tie Makers
Tuke notice "(nt  >i.\ty  day*    iftt*r
llfttti   I.  '.-■■      !.'.«'-    *'l.'<i  llllfll'l   !.. .t|M''>
to tin* ('In--'  Cotumissioner of  Luml*-
;tini \\ .irk- ai VietoHti, H   >'.  for  pel
!,i— ON IU |'iiri'lia>t* tli-- fnlloWhll!    ties-
■ b'-.i landa in Khsi Kootfiin.v.
Comment'Ing ul n j»>-t iiIuiihhI ai lln
north mix-i fonioi ol Loi No liiOl,
thence ■■a-it 7:' chains, mott1 ur i-*—. 'u
■ he south au>t corner ol I-"' No. U<
tlifii.-.- soul ■ ;_ ■ eha ■■-• more or less
to the north boundary of Lot No. <\\'.\:\.
thence w«si lUivty-tmv chains and «.. Transfpr nffice
twenty nk.tothe north west corner W1T ' ranS>er UTT'C^
of Lot N" "Lf:;. thence south   nineteen : LranbrOOK,   D.b.
dmin. and forty six linkB to the north        ^ ^ 0 4 ^^ 0 ^ 0  ^  ft 4    ♦  *♦<>♦<.  ♦** ♦*♦*♦
.vesl  corner of  Lot   \«».  H-W4,   thn       -..-...
^ t t /^\ t^ t^ /""i
$   APPLY TO   -Jf
Uf/llC   l^l^rt4!iltL,fcL*i'rt1*     ************   ****.i|fm*i|C****L**
« If ...SAW   YOUR   WOOD...*
A. B. Grace, * £
PUBLISHER   ami   EDITOR. # WITH    -\ ft£
©l)C 3jltO0l>CCtOV.   * GASOLINE   ENGINE J
  ft        It's the most perfect running ongiuo you can get,    TheSjJ
satuhday, may tl.iiKi;      ,3fft latest ei|iiiptnont tor sawing wood. 3*
j.     \ I—|f'H'*f"1^ '   nnTIIAnr        T\r\f\n       Plnmhino   HnnHnir   Hoot- *
Prof esslona 1.
Harvey, HoCarter k Maedonald
CRANBROOl.,     -    B.C.
:::::;:..;:: * PflTMORE BROS. "5
ill shies in  prevenl   lhe wanton  ft
west    forty-one   chains   to   th.-   east
boundary of Timber licence  No,  SUM,
theuee north twenty-seven ehains and
forty-sis links to the plaee of commence
9     J
menl  cont i ninjj one hundred und ten
acres, more or 1—.
Arthur tleln.
'.i. Id fIr.-. k.-iii :-ij-*. A^cnt.
\M                 Dated Kebrtiary 27 th. IWi"
Sixt)   lay* after date.   L the under* -ft-
- .':.-.:    ntei  i   tn   applj   to   the   * llh ' '
i'n:: ■:. -- ■■:.-' ol   ,and.i iuid  Works* J
Victor ;i •■'*■■ *     f»t   |>e mis* oi ▼.
,. K-B ■  e ■'   '**■•■ nj '.'-■■'' '■■■     ui   -   ■ *>
Easi Ki otenaj 9'.
L'ommeti■■:■ . a- * I'"-' :-ii'-'     oi  '  •■ q
I.»-■ line ol   Lot  3O0L   twentj   .'HH.fi- ■
north ol ihu -<- n h-ea-l   corner of -aid ■ j
Loi 3(101, thence noi th  twenty  ehait ■- *
elm ii- ■■ -■ '♦'
twentj   chains,    I hence   wesi   - jhi o
ehaiii!>   to   !'-!■ •■   ol    commencement ±
containing 1*10 acres, more oi >■>-
Mati hew Hreckenrid^e.
I»;fc-. i'i : Ireckeni -il:'1  a*.- q\ , *
1'j February 27th, lWi7. °
" .4:
The Painters, Paperhangers, Ete,
Renu  ■  ■■■ irry the ot
Sign Painting a Specialty
wnale     nml      tlestruetion      ol
valuable  timber      Lasl   season
ibiiig, Rooting, Heat .»,
anil Blower Work.   H
************** ********99**
Solicitor. Etc.
Grailbl'OOk *   * British Columbia
iiiiiI Hi.' \ .'iir before s iu llie lies ^.
U-iictu>n  in   tire  lillinns ol *
9 t
ilollai-.s worth of limber ami  lhe t
iliuiRer ..I ti I.'. in ii'iii',' ilns i,..iiiii .liiiiiiiunii; lires is us   :■ real   us 4
♦ 4
>\ lui ns     iliiiiillllls    In    .1 {
.i.l   'ii    ilie 4
New Meat Markets
I'i l{\ i:\ iii<^   i\n l'n\ ru u nni'.
I ili.slrii         I now, 0
.    .        , . J
iintnken 4
9 4
.-llll III—    lO    'Ifl'Sillls      IMslllllU       III ,
* '
♦ 4
9        '                    ""' '1'i.v.   '!>   Ha- J orders 1
.    .    ml              itrii'l, is I lie .le'liunil *
' English Gut Joints a Specialty
nil   lhe  In;:1'   ivni
il ivill ii'.-.'i\i' prompl mnl enrefiii  attention  ♦
I leu.-e itivu us a li'lul  (we giiaraitloo sntlsfnc-
inun     Vour | hi I ii iii.i.iv will lie liiiilily osteoineil
Order by Phone .s-2
6. H. Thompson
Cranbrook, H.C.
P.U.S. At C.B.
Port Steele B.C.
Thlrtv <lny- niter date, ive
Jn i'liuins. ";i
.■I.nin-. ,-h-i -Hi
to the |.1ii." ..:
Minvi, ■-•;•'•,.
14   Cl-ow'-i X-
I'. i  BOX \ RMS ' .   x- SUE     rili'\'
Is ile |ii nple wim nn
■ ..I t-oininsi in ihe  (.'ran
striel. iimi who are lieep
"j i       U'[   ) W   I       S.  I    h   h ♦   iniS wiileh nf lhe wenther reporls
,„   ,.   „„ .   „,..„.,,,   ,--,,   X *-   {^Jl*   1       U 1  J_J  ♦,t0s       ,vln i-  thev   would   lilii
:.;::::.:'". BREWING  '    LT1   I     :.;-Jri.::;
slirni'il.   inten.l  to apply to the Chief 'ft ♦
C„nn.,i-i.in.•!■ "I* l.m..I- nmi   Worka  ill -fto.9  9   9  9   9  o  ♦   »   ♦   ->  ♦     ♦   <■-   ♦   9 ft   9   4   *  4   9   4  9  9
*"'""*""■ liJ   " ' ............A.,.*...*.....,,..,,,*....,,*.,*
tuu  in,,i i-m-rj  iiiijiy  i ^        „„,,_,       ,..,  ♦
-     "him',',1       ft************************
A  a iliilled. iseiijni iifj heller      9 9
♦ ♦
The Impei'iiil  Coiiforeuee  ini-
'!n.'-t.'.l  lhe   British   govern-
J  iin'iii   in   co opernlu    with    the
Marysville, B.C.        COLE & HANDLEY, Prop
The Lending llnlel of the St.
Mary's Valley. Nico airy rooms
newly furnished. Table ns
good ns any in ICootonav.
npply   in  llie  Chief   Ciliiiniissioni
l.iin.l-innl Work'nt Vii'torlll. B.I .. for   J
i cnr n   dv   tuu   dids:-     *,'•_*- nn    -■."*:-;*■*.■ J several colonial governments  m     9.
X b°LD   B^    IHr'   3A^''**-'  ■-•     I promotion   the   einigmtioi,   of     **'
X Bottled   beer  for  faniih ♦ British   people  lo the  outlying
# use a specialU t parts of the Empire.   This is ii
a spei'lul lioL'iii'e iii mu iiiiii i'iin-,1 11 mi   ft m * valuable suggestion,    and    will
limber from the   liilliwlnn cli-wrllieil | # Outside     Orders J undoubtedly   produce   "nnil    r
I GIVEN STRICT AM) PROMPT ATTENTION ♦ sults.     Tho  s ,k,  r.H.,   „,■  „
t SATISFACTION GUARANTEED J |mssage wi" "ilv":' benofloin
Illllli..i- I. ii.-.' No. i,'i4,   llllll   niiiiiinu   ♦>
iiorlli Hll.-niiiii-. ilii-ii.'.. w.-l mi ,'liiiii,.,   ♦ 4               P. O. BOX 812     b
i-l   -ii   ft *<"      TFXEPHONF.  NO. I      *>'
*   GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   9
PhUSiclail mid Slll'ljeOII
ni.-rii-K jVUMstiiiini: AVE.
IIOUIIBI   li in II u.in.  2 lo 1 p.m.
7 to s ji.ni,
I'lioni' uili.'.' Iii.'i    Itoaliloiiiie luu
F. O. E.
.Meet ,'1','rv I'l'iiluy nt S p.in.
Visilinji'   lli'iitlii'l'a   I'lii'iliully    Invitoil
I'Ills. SMITH, W. l'l-i'»iili-lil
M. I). lln.LiNiis, Sooy.
Aerie l'livai,.iiiii, P. 11. Box '.'S.
Rocky Mountain Chapter I
NO,   PJS.   It. A. M
t&     i-iogular un-.
%   iluy   in  eiii'li
Rogular iiieotlnj-fe:—2nd Tues-
month   tit eight
llllills ill Kual Kooleniiy:
C'onmiuncing ul  » poi-l   pluiiti;il   I'-'O
I'llllillS ivest ol 111.' IIHI'lliM.".! ...inn    ..I
Iliuni'O -mull sii ehuins
I'llllillS til llll!  pill ill
lint.-.1 \pril i-i. luul
ri-.,ii'*- Nest I'uss I
♦ Fort   Steele   Brcwitiis Co., Ltd.    !     The Hamilton Spoolatov is ad-\XA Fl.esh stncl-
* -   ' "*    ' "   " '*  its   editorial   -ys
etny  produce good    re-   x*
The simple fact  of its I '.VSN
^Fishing Tackle!
r iii'lny  ut   li   post   plllllleil   Inn |
eliuins w,'-l ill tlm liol'lhives ii.-i-  ..I
Timber l.li'i' ■ No. IIIII7  i 'iiiinhiii
-unlli sn ,'liniii-. ili.'iii'.- ii.-i-i sn ["liuliia,
III..Mr,    lliil'lll  S|l rllililla.   III.-|> I-l    Sll
.'Imili- io lln- pluee ol ron.in.'ii.'nn.-nl
Iluli'il April Inl, 11107,
l'l,,,.'-  Nl'Hl   I'USS  I, Il.'l'l*"..   I.I.I.
I'.,iiiii Inn   III    a   posl    plllllleil   sn
elmlns ivnsl unil  huliis suulli ol llie
 'ilmr.i  .-..inn' ill Tlmlii'i'   Um.	
No. I1IU7 uml  riiiinliig  ivest   111 i'liuins,
ll.rll lllll   lllll I'llllillS,   lli.'li,',        li-l    III
eliuins, ilin in.llh lim i-liuins lo Uie
plu iililliie.ll i.'iil.
Ii.iir.l April Uml, ilill",
(Vow's Nesl I'ii- Lumber i .... I.i,I.
r,.liiliirliriliL' 111 11 P'ISl plllllleil Kll
rli>li>l~ lil'sl  mnl Sll rlu,ilia suiilli   ill    Ilir
noi'tliivi'sl  i'lirni'i' "I Tlmlii'i'   I.i.-. '■
Nn. iiii-IT mul  riinnlnu  nisi  111 ehuhis. i
thenee solllll 1(10 eliuins, llleneii ivest 10
.'IHlillS,   llli'lli'i!   lliil'lll    UUI  I'llllill-     111     Ilir
pluee i.l .' i in.'in.
Diitnl \prll Unil., lour.
1,1   Crow's Ne-t I'uss I.iiiiilin i'n.. Lie
Tuke nmi.'" iiiiii llilrlj 'lay- afler
dm,. I iin. mu I In uppl.l to iln- ' I.irl
Uoiiiinissioner ol Lumls uml   Works ul ;
\*ieli.li,l for II -I iill li,-.'  I I llllll
eurry .miii limher from  lhe  folio vlnt
lleserilieil i mils in Sniitheiisi Kootuniiy:
(Miinr. ■ - _ ' ii posl plunteil ai Iho
-niilliv....!   eorni "  ..:   I      I'.    Hlirvey -
lilllllrt!'  lil'.il.'r   NO,   lllllHI.    UlOl     -'. II
.•'   elmlns, Ihenee west fori    i'lmlna
ili.-i until "i.l iy ehulns, thei usl
torty ■■ ulna, titer inrlli fnrti ehulns,
thei '!;. elniins. thenee norl
. -'  ',,"    eliu 11
-.. ., „. |. nl .mm
\\.   Kill.I.INS
tworth Hote
Maker Street,      Cranlirook, B.C.
vei-tisiiijr through
columns for "a thorough.br
l.iliernl newspuper, lo defend th
stupid action of lhe Laurier
govei-umunl in its villainous act
in respect of newspaper postage.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Ims written '■
the secretary of the Empire
League, expressing his appreciation nf its wnrk in connection
with reduction of postal rates,
Publishers of newspapers in
Canada would like sir Wilfrid to
 notify  ihem of n  reduction  of
Comfortable  Bedrooms rates on newspaper postage,
lirst Class Dining Room
^■fmnmmn!mmm?nnimf?.m»»if!m!mf?!mmmm> |,ATM0KK ,uu'
3       Sunday Services:
All inun    -   -   Ho'eloi'k
lOvenlng    -    -    So'elnek
Senility Snhoul in 1,45 p.m.
E tuk   X' I nTTTriM ",'   p    ■'- • tt r\Tsn ZS Meetings hehl everj   nlghi   in   il
z        FASHIONABLE .aILOR;-.    3   ■«>-*■««■>■•«.m,,...!.,,-..i-.,■.,„.
c Always Up-to-Dale 2
•ed  <§
rUIUd      All Prices
i I
ig      sojiuii'iiiii... Companions   ure   £
*B   eoriliiillv Invltoil. £
s i
I Wm. V. Tate, Sorlbo E,  |
il       Bos  '       CRANBK0OK, II. 0,       %
!       Courl, Cranbrook 8943
Visions;   brethern   eoi-iliully   Invited
C. II..    IV. 1'. MAl'llilXALU
Seeretiiry, W, HENDEKSON
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
FLIES nf every description suitable for local waters
LINES nil i|unlilies till prices
LANDING NETS   LEADERS looped, single and double,
2 ami 3 yards.
Everything needed fur a fisherman.    Call and
inspect stuck.
C. E. REID & CO.,
Phone  7 A rp^g   DrUg.g.iStS#
Store eliiHo* iii n p.m. B.veeptlnir Siitni'ilin nieliis nml I'veuliii's
lirli.!',' pilblii'lli.liilll.Va.
fe^^^^^^^^^^.^.^.^. dtW>
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
ml   ■        ■                   i   -     m,
' '"■
■J, 1        ',, '     1
- nnei .
!'                        ...
1). 0.    I<ir    la-
Ill   ta
I   til
ll 1.
li lei ..
■   in i'lmlna      mie    nn
J,.. lit
......,: I..  . .:.      '.,'    ■ ■ -11J 1 11 1 .1 I 11 .-
i:..l..-i'i II, liiiru'ii
..".. inn;,
I'll .
lllll   Ihll'h   ilui- ufter
.Int.-   1
',,   tlie   1'llll'l
th Granbrook, -     - B.G. 3
4;*:ft*^9\9ft;*ft:_*ftz*7ftJ9ft:.9ft;.9.ft;;*:9:479:*ft ft,
ft' 9
PHONE   183
0 9
A i .ii load   il Mi I.i.i, tan ayes.
Also ,' . ni I   : V\ ■ - :    ol      ' in   .
A full .i    irtmenl -        at nn idi rati  pi ices.   ♦
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Management
Portraiture by Photography
Artistic Picture Framing
Prest Piioto Go.
Baiter St. Cranbrook, H.C.
Sieiint  lloilers ,itul l.'urnuee Work u
Cost nnil Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.G.
Thesn are gointi fast, nml ynn luul liellei'enll uml ■
ilniii n~ soon u~ [lossihle
Flour and Feed of all Kinds Always on Hand
A Kull si.i.'k iif N II.'.-
It.l.l   \ -...ri.-s
♦   Fred. W. Swain
♦ i i-uiiIji-i>iik,I'..('., Arinsli'oiiixAvn
lli-i.di|..i,i*t,'i*s for tiii.tn,..   1        When you wnnl ,-,  good
men and old timers. S   lllace  '" BtoP come to the
"'   Manitoba.
D, A. McDONAI.D, Manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
(.'llllllll            ' i.l l.un.la iiiiiI   Wni-li-  iii       .   9   9   9   9   o   *   'j   9 -j   9   ;   9   ',   9   '.-   9' 9 'ft' 9 ft". 9ft'. 9 ft "ft I.ANIl Niri'lUK
Vielnriii   '"      i-i      aim   menl    i                           NOTICI NOTTcl                              n,,h,i-i-, i„.,,-i„ ,,,,,. „, ,i,,i„v, „M,.
elll'l-y uwuy til     I'lilll   lln    I. ,11, i'iii,...      Tain   Kull.'"  Ilni . ll.lll lliirlylnyaartiT .liili-l  Iii     , ,„,,.,„, ,1, ,„ ,„„ ,.|„,.| , ■ |H,|„
dmc'rl I luml- In Kual KnoM-nuv l"'"1"1 '"  "''' '" ' ""' .i  ■""' Wni'liaiii I'lnnrlii r»i- iinrinlw
1,1111,1. llllll Will Mill l,llli,|aii|,.l\ Inl             llll' II'I    ,„,.,.|   ,1 ll,,,,|M, „„.||„„l liin.la l,
"""'""-'   '"   "   I    '    '""     .,,,,.,„.  „-, t,-,„„,l„.|„l:.„,l„,' in.   !..,......   k '     " ' ""
-tli of the Inl. in
mnl   nlii..ii       .in.l   ji    lull   .'.,„■ ,',,, ■ I    i III    ii |il 1 ill Ilii'Si.iilii Weal .'..riii-i       ' Ilui ill ll |uial liliuilnl III ullll
■     I   '..,   I.-,-. .', ■ i  ,.,,„■, I.,,, in,  \',,  , h,.,„,,   i-l I Uf''III Uli'N.iilli liunil uf I'llllill
ji  h.ill
■   Mi.ii.
l„|,„ n   .•'
.ill.I Intnl.
Iliiliiil April lln    I '
111 A   Murphy, I......l..i-
HTAI'I v.-.
I ......  Il.lr.li All.'Ill
liitt,.,! April Hi iimi
.. ..I.  ■.. ■ in imlnl tii-iii'i
[llllllll ii-   .  Ulr.l    : Illi
ll.ll.'M I.IMI
I' I.IINIl   iii.j
I.mil' liunil Al 1
The Quality Store
' I rni nil's, hi mi, Confectionery,
Cie.-irs ,nul I 'iiiinn ns
S|ieiiiil   illlelltinli fjivell 1.(1 enell nl'iler 110 llllllter hnw     &
siniill.    (Imnl ^iiiiiIs nml |ii'nni|il ilelhei-y "(Inr Mi.llo".     (I,
Carpenter % Builder
Good Worli at
Reasonable Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Nolle.,  la hereby ulven   iluu  hIxIji
.111)'.- ulleI ilui,. | im | |i, npply |,, |||r
Clllof Collllllihaiolli'l' of l.jiliila uml
Works ror periuiaaloii Iii piii'i'linar   ||„.
followlni; ih'M'i'lhi'il hinil In South Kuat
('"iii Ilill III ii pusi |,luul...1 ou |||„
eusl hllllll oil he   iVIoyie   R|vUP  ,ln,|   „„
the  soulh  lliiiiuiliiry   of   I're-einpUon
ll' 'il No. lull*.   -Tlionoo wiitl. iiveniy
ehains (20.00), ihenee south sovoniy
ehulns ("U.IKIi more nr less to a point
ilitr east of M. I'roiviiziino'H southwost
eornor post. Thenee west to the Moyio
Rlvor, Thenee northerly up strewn n,
lhe pluee of llotflmiln)',
!'!, Ilelieilelli
II II. II. MeVitth', Ajfont
Dilt.'il Ihisiilsl iluy of Oelolmr. nimi,
Niillr,' la Imirliy ulvun that lill iluyii „n,,r
um,' I llili'lul in upply i„ CniniiilHHluiicr uf
l.an.l,. iiiiii tt',.iks liir |iuriiilHKli>ii in puriiliam'
  (OllOWhm lll'hl'tl 1 lumls  almiil,.   |„   K|1Kt
Kniilllllliy UMi,i-  ii,,. moylu rlmr ulitiut
' nul'ilii'-liiill mill's tiiittli  fintii ||„, Im,,,-.
iml Inun I llixniilinv Unii, iittliiiiiiiiutliiif l.liilt.
Moylu Illi,,t; i'i nriirliiii ill u post pluiilrii't'ili
tlio ivisl liiiiiiiilni v lln,. ..I llio (Ihiiii.IIiiii Purine
Itiillmiy rlulil of wily ulioiit ml cllalns nurlli of
 I"  '"  lo  Moyio Klvnr. ami marked
"Nortli i-iiai cornor |ioat," thonoo an otialna
wont, iiii'i <oi'lmlna Hiniiii, thonoe ai olmlnn
'■i's'-  U '■'• lli'liiiliia nurlli iiimis tin, liuiin-
'I'l'l "I tl'liiiiiilliiu I'lniiii- Railway rlulil of
way tu nin,',, ul liuKlnlnk*
Muri'li llllli. em;
A. J. Krnt.    (.01 THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  H C, MAY ll, 1U07
C.P.R, Men
Invnst In Lethbridge
Make Money
close by the C.P.R, trunks iiiiiI the Agricultural
I-'iiir Ground)*,
$10 To $25 Down und $"> it month, or one third down and six,
twelve and eighteen months for balance. Prices
$H5 io £1 25 per Lot. Inspect maps and plans
with me.
Elegant New Residence
With 16 acres of prime Fruit and Farming Land adjoining
Partly cleared and ploughed and planted with fruit trees.
Perfect irrigation plant.    Barn, stable, etc.
Within One and a Quarter Miles of Cranbrook Post Office
Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B.C.
Fumirni Direotor
•%he Itawpector.
London's Lord Mavor Busv.
% Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection 7j
u Nearest to railroad depot.    Has accommo-
v, dations   for   the   public   unequalled   in
"' Cranbrook.
Hot and Cold Baths
Notice is hi-reiiy given thnt thirty days after
diitu I Intend to upply to the Chief CotiimU-
sluntir ol LHiids und Works nt Vlclorln for u
R*)0ijli,. licence tn cut und curry uwuy timber
from tlie foiliiHinn described Unds in Kust
i. CotntneiicliiK ut n punt I'lnnti'd ut the
northwest corner of From.or Luke ubout -10
clitilns cunt of Lot :«.■>. (ironji t, thence eust 4U
ilmiiis. thence south IflO i>halr.n. thence west 40
i'liuins more or less to the east bank of Premier
Lake, theuce north uIoiik the suid hunk of
Premier Lake to the pluee of commencement
being 'Hii ueres more or less.
•'. Commencing 40ohains west nf tbe south
eust corner of Lot 336, Group I, thence south 80
chuins. eust HO chitim., north 80 chuins, wesl BO
chuins to pluee of commencement.
3. Commencing 40 ehains eust of the southeast corner of Lot 33r>. thenee south W> ehuins.
eust 80 ehains, north 80 chains, west 80 chains
to the place of commencement,
I. C'otnmuncint* ut tbe northeast corner of
the Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Company's Tim-
tier Licence No. 8^i. thenee south 80 chains,
eust 80 chains, nortii W chains, west 80 ehuins
to place of commencement.
fi. Commencini* ut tbe northeast corner of
H. Darlings Timber Licence No. 830ft. thenee
soiiili SO chuins, enst **<> chuius. north 80 ehsius.
west «o chains to place of commencement.
ti. Commencing 40 chains cast of the south-
eust comer of H. Darling's Timber Lieence No.
&D8, tlieneo south IHO chains, thenee east It)
chuins, thenee north mo chains, thence west io
eliains to pluee of commencement,
Dated April Iflth, IW. nt
Take notice that thirty iluys after
date, wo the undersigned, intend ta
upply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lunds und Works ut Victoria, H. C. for
u special I icon so to cnl and eurry uway
timher from tho following described
lumts In Kast Kooienay:
Commotio! Dg at a post planted 1-0
ehains wesi and HO chains south of the
north-west eorner of Timher license
No. li'.il" ami ruiiiiiny wosl 40 ehains,
llionco south HtO chains, theueo east lo
eliuins. thence north ltlOohattiH to the
place of < 'ominencemunl.
Dated April Ith., iw>7.
Crow's NcmI Pass I,uinhorCo., Ltd,
Comtnoitulny at a post plantod i'oo
chains;wesi and Hll chains north of the
north-west cornor ol Timher LltiQIIRO
No. 00-17 and running north HO chains,
thence east 120 chains, thonee south 40
chains, thonee west HO ohalns, thence
south 40 chains, thenee west 40 ehains
to plaee of commencement.
Duted April 8th., 1907.
Crow h Nest Pass Lumber Co.. Ltd.
Commencing at a post planted L1X)
chains wost und ho chuins north of the
north-west cornor of Timber Lleenso
No. 0047 and running west HO chains,
thenee north HO chains, thenee east 80
chains, thenco south 80chains to pluee
of commencement.
Duted April 8th., 1007.
Crow's Nest Puss Lumber Co., Ltd
Commenoing at a post, planted ut tlio
Houthfliwt eorner of lot No. 6618, and
running east 120 chains, thonoe north
80 chains, thonee west 10 ehalim, thence
south 40 ohains, thenee west 80 chains,
tbence south 40 chains to the placo of
Dnted April 17th, 1007.
10   Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co., Ltd.
Take Notiee thut thlrtj days after itate 1 intend to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lands und Works ut Victoria for permission to
eut nnd carry away timher from tlie following
described lands in Kust Kootenay; —
i. Commencing ut a post piHuted ui-out
one-halt mile north of the International
Houndury Line uud one und three-quarters
miles east of Kingsguto, theuee west eighty
ehains, thence nurth eighty chains, thence eust
eighty chains, thenee south eighty chuins tu
point of commencement.
April llth. 1907.
A. .Murphy.
3, Commencing al u post plumed at the
Southeasl eoruer of A. Murphy's application.
No. 1. thenoe eust eighty (-bains, thence m.rth
eighty chains, tlience westVighty ehuins.thence
south eighty chaiui to point of commeneement.
April llth. 1907. f
IK li. li. Himock.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. tho Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria, B.C.. for a
special license to eut and carry uway
timber from the following described
lauds in Kast Kootonay:
Com me ne in*:' ut a post planted 80
chuins west of the North-east oornor
post of Charles ti. Reader's Timber
Limit No. Two, aud marked Charles
O. Boeder's South-east corner post of
Timber Limit No. Three: thenee north
80 chains: thonee west 40 chains:
thenoe north 40 chuius: thence west 40
ohalns; thence south 80 chains; thenco
east 40 chains; thenee south 40 chains:
thenee east 40 chains to plnee of beginning.
Located March 10, 1907.
Locator, Charles G. Render.
Ity A. .1. Kont, Agent.
Witness: Henry Sawyer. 15
Thirty days ufter date, we the undersigned, intend to applv to the Chief
Commissioner of Lunds und Works at
Victoria, ll.C,, for a special licence to
eut And carry awuy limber from the
follnwlnu' described liimls in Kast
Commonelng at a post pluntod 100
chains eusl and 1H0 * ehuins
soutb of Hie .".7 mile post on the
east line of Lot 4692 and running west
80 ehains, south so chains, east NO
chains, uorth NO chains to Ihe place of
March 26tll, 11*07.
Crow's Nest I'usn Lumber Co., Ltd.
Commonolng at a post planted 240
ehuins cast aud 1N0 ohalns south of the
57 mile post ou the eust. lint! of Lot W.t'j
und running west no ehuins, south NO
chains, oast NO chains, north No chains
to pluee of commencement.
March 25th, 1007.
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co., Ltd.
(lornUicncltig ut u post plllllleil 240
ehaius east and 180 uliulns south of the
57 mile post on the oast line of Lot 4502
aud running south NO chains, oust HO
ohalns, north no chains, west ho chains,
to the place of commeneement.
March L'fith, 10*07.
(■row's Nost 1'iiHH Lumber Co., Ltd.
Commonolng at a post planted :r„'0
chains east and 180 eliuins south of (lie
57 mile post on tho enst line of Lot 45112
und running eust NO chains, south ho
chains, west HO ehains, north no chains
to tlm pluee of commencement.
Marcli 25th, 1907.
II  Crow's Nest Push Lumber Co,, Ltd.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend toapply to tho
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the
following descrilieil lunds in Soutli Easl
Commencing at a post planted on the
Kust limit of the Right of Way of the
Vahk Brunch of tho C.P.R. and on tho
South boundary of pre-emption record
No, 1047. Tlience eu.-t fourteen uhalns
(14.00) more or less to the west bunk of
the Moyio river, thenco southerly along
the Moyie river down stream to whore
the said river interaoots the suid easterly limit of tho Vahk brunch of the
C. I'. It. Thonco northerly along the
suid Right of Way seventy threo cnalus
(73,00) more or less tn the plu I beginning,
M. Proven/atio,
l| IL IL McVittie. Agenl.
Hated this 31 St day of October.   1000.
Gordwood for Sale.
I am prepared to supply, good
Iry stove wood, in any length or
quantity. Leave orders with
r, Rogers, the grocer, Beale
& Elwell.
R S. Baron
Taiii* Nutii-f tlmt thirty days aftor tfato, wo
thi- umlorNlgiiod, inti'ml to apply to the Chlof
Coinmlssionor of Lands und Works ut Victoria
H. t". for ti special liconoo to cut und carry nway
timber rnun tin- rollowint"do«orihod lumls In
KuHt Kootenay! -
Comiiiencinuat a post planted at the north-
wont cnriier of Timber Licence No 11*92, und
rutin I tig west 80ohalns, llionco soutli su chuins
theuce east wi chains, thonco north 80 chalna
along the line of Timlier Liconoo iVoiine to iho
placo of oominonoetnent,
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co. Limited.
Dated April 38ml. IIHHI
ComtTueticInn at a post planted at Iho Routh-
weat corner of Timber Liconoo NonTWand running west no chains, thonco north SOchalns,
thence ouki 80 chains, thonoe south 80 chains,
along tho west line or Timber Llooaoo No »7li3
to tin- place of commencement.
Crow's Nest Puss Lumber Co. Limited.
Dated April 23. It'll,'.
Commencing at u post planted JOohutiiseuut
of the northeast enrner of Timber Licence N'o.
"Tim uml running north 10 chains, thence well
IflO ohnlns. thenoe aouth 40 chains, thenee cunt
nni chains to the place of commencement.
Crow's Nest I'uss Linnherf.ii Ltd.
Dated April 38, WOfl.
Commencing at a post plantod at the southwest corner of Timher Licence No HJftOatul
running east 10 chains, thenoe south 130 chains
thence west 80 chains, thonco north 40 ehnlns,
thenee east 40 chains, tlience north BO chains to
the place of couiinenoemeut.
Crow's Nest i'uss Lumber Co. Ltd.
IT Dutfd April 3.1. 1007.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
(Jays after date I intend to apply lo the
Hon. tlie Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria, B.C., for a
speeiui licence to out and eurry uway
timber from the following described
lunds in Rust Kootenay:
Commencing; at a post planted on the
north side of Little Moyie river about
one and one quarter miles from where
it empties into the Movie river, and
murked Charles (J. Herder's Northeast corner post of Timber Limit No.
One: thenee west SO eliains: thenee
south Ho chains: thence eaat 80 chains:
thence north SO chains to place of he-
Located March ltl, 11107.
Loeator. Charles (J. Reedor
By A. .1. Kent, Agent.
Witness: Henry Sawyer. 15
London, May 7. - The montb
I of May will be ;t very busy one
witli tbe Lord Mayor of London,
probably tbo gayest of his merry
life. To nigh I be will be one of
the patrons of the tlauce of the
Grafton galleries, in aid of the
Airta Leigh House in Paris,
Princess Christian has given her
patronage, To-morrow he will
Like part In the "Furry Dance,"
through the streets of the ancieut
Cornish town of llol.ston Furry
Day is only celebrated in
Holstone, Probably for the
first time the Lord Mayor of
London will trip on tho llghl
frantastic too al the head ol a
procession of s wains and damsels >
when Sir William Treloar  visits ♦
the placo. At mid day the real >
re vols boffin. Then procession
of dancing couplos, carrying
flowers, is formed at tho town
hull. To lhe tune of tho Kiiit.v
Times played by ;i volunteer
band, they dam
through the lown. passing in lhe
front door of every house and
out of the back. To avoid any
house is ji slight. From time to
time the men turn and twirl tlie
girls immediately behind or io
front of them,
can be fed, A third explains ih
strength and security of the fir
pot, while the fourth covers the
very importam fact that the
"Sunshine" burns any kind nf
fuel successfully. The McClary
Co claims to be the largest
manufacturers under the British
Hag, and to a very great extent
this immense growth is due to
tho persistent und carefully prepared advertising campaigns,
While tin- McClary people are
large users of daily newspaper
space they do not think thai an
advertising campaign could be
mado successful in Canada without using the high-class weekly
publications of which they have
over two hundred on their list.
'*4 Bifef
J t S- mA       ,{ .*\*A       W . 3  -I'
?     -- J
liulo In the slindn J
of Ilia Old Apple Ti  J
! Ma pie wood I
fICE cream!
I,,,,,,, ,„ lmud { Fresh Made Every Day J
♦ AT THE ♦
nine is a <jood, "..!l
n iimi" un-.u'i- Hums, withci-ual
faci ity, either cial or wood. Coke,
i.jo, il you |)icl", r it
And -,-•■ i-r'.'i  isthi c mil ustinn
nf the Sir. dine thai it ■ *n ..
every unit oi heat from the lu. I
Wha s ed n the ash-pan is u t
Will a'f
Sun hi
He. .-.Us
.sl iel :
sysl. in
dampers prevent the escape of I
!■■.: uir i.j. lhe i h nine)    e. ...,
it toiomeoutlhi  u.. , ihere    u i
V >u pay foi li -.1 i g th insi ]
not the outs de ol \..ur . .
when you b ,y t <: Sunshine.
If your .. -il di a1 j d...■-, no
hai .11 this in sl econo ii .1
imu tee  »i le   .1 r ct   t..   us   f..
* *
Another Successful   Year   of  1
Leading Canadian Manufactory.
I Tailor % Importer of *
t       Fine Woolens.      I
* a>
» a>
I Crnnliroolc, H.C.  AfmstroiifAve %■
meeting ol  tlio sliareholders of * -... *
Montreal, .Itm. Ill   The annual
the Slater Sinn. Company was
held at their offices in Montreal
a few days ago. The address of
the President laid stress on the
continuous upward progress of
the Company's business since I
the standard price Slater shoo
became the feature of their husi- j
The Slate Company urn' the
first Canadian maiiufiiclurers lo
adopt newspaper advertising usi
an nd j unci to tho more ?conomi-
cal selling of their goods, In
live years their business Ims
more than doubled. In 11)011 the
increase over 190(1 wns exactly
¥200,000. While Litis year
achieves the largest gross in- !
crease in a single year, il is ulsn
by far tho largest percentage of
increase in twelve months. The
orders for the first two months
of Iheir presenl tiscul year exceed
those of tlie corresponding
months of the previous year by
Ninety-eight new agencies were
opened by the Company tUiring
the year. Orders came unsolieit. j
ed from many foreign countries,
including Soulh Africa, the West
Indies and from Newfoundland.
TIMBER LIMIT NO. TWO. The President pointed oul the
Notiee is hereby given that thirty | need for moro factory accommo-!
days alter dale Iltitoiul to apply to tho a.ui()1|    „We h.1V(, ,„„,,,,,„.„ ,„„.
Hon. the t met Culiitlllssiuner of I .mul
t ^s^ HOTEL i
f 9
^ Kimberley,   B.C *
I %
f   H. W. DREW. Proprietor. - _ 9
9  " 9
Cranbrook, ll C.
■ ■Ll   M.JI.Jt
and Work* at Vrlctoria, B.C., for a
speeial lleenee to oul and earry away
timber from the tollnwine ilesi-rilird
lands in Must Kootenay:
Commencing at a post plant...I so
ohutiiH west ef the Nnrtli-enst eornor
post of Charles O. Reodor's Tlmbor
Limit No. one, and murked Charles (J.
Reeder's Norlli-easl eorner post 'I'ltti-
hor Limit No, Two! thonee llio oIiiiIiih
west: thenue 40 eluiius suulli! thonco so
ehains east: tlienei1 40 eliains sunlit:
thenee 40 ehuins eusl: thenee 80 ehains
north in pluee of bcglnningr.
Located Mania m, luor.
Locator, Charles li. Ltuoder.
H.V A. .1. Kent. Aitellt.
Witness: lli-nrv Sawyer. 1.1
Tuke iiiii lee I tint sixty days after dale.
I the iindersiiriieil, intend In apply lo
thoChlofI'ommlssioniir of Lumls and
Works al Vletoriu, 11. C. fnr permission in purehuse ihe following dotint'l hod
Lands iu East Kootenay:
Commencing Al a post planted on the
eastern houmlary of Lot No. .'ins. so
eluilus north of the .South-east corner
of the aald Lot. and running nurlli so
chains, thenee east -in ehains, thenco
south HO chains, thence west lorty
ehains to plaee ol cniumcucciuriil-
Dated April 17th., 11)07.
lu Prod. W.  Riii'iroiis
presenl quarters," he suid. The
directors arranged to hold u
special meeting to deal with
factory requirements and extension.
The financial report of the
Secretary-Treasurer, with the
dividend declaration of 7 per
cent, on both preferred and common stock, and a substantial
balance added lotherosi uccount,
was received wilh approval by
Uie shareholders.
The Board of Directors woro
elected us follows: Charles K.
Shitcr (President), William
Starke (Vlco-President), Anson
McKhn, .1 N MeKim, IV. I'1,
Horland, William Smith, .1. Vs.
Woods ami iMaJorRobert Starke.
A Good Article Effectively Advertised Finds a Ready Sale.
international Ru
Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
KJN'lSd \TK.
Head < llliee Calirary.
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Feed. .  .
Uur i
nil .
tint-   I'lirther    information,
rules, folders, etc., apply to
I. MOI'I, Iii
or write
E. -I. I'n.vl... A.G.I'.A., Vim,•,
.1  s. CAIH'RH, IJ.l'.A., Nols
IIII.I. It CO. Tho only plu.-.. in town
lluit .'im niiiln- life'ivnrth the llvlnjr,
an Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
£ ABATTOIR AND COLD STORAGE n»i ripy ii ti zs
W'c have Choice l.nntli
'I'iii;.- notice ilmt  thirty dayn
iiai.. I  im I in apply i" Hi.-  '
tittiiiqlunor ill Landa mul Work
\\ i' expect to have sonic
Nice V..iiii._: \ i .il for Satui'da\
Mel'liiry'- "Hllllallllie" Eiil'l	
fi-  Iliililuv In Vie Ivor.
Willi ihis issue nl lhe Pros
poctor ilie Met'lnry Manufacturing Co., of Loudon, I Int., commence their advertising for lhis
year using asei'ii.'sol'afli'iiclivel,y
City   SCaV611ff6r illi'Sll'lUod adverliseniuuls.   	
' of the series deals with the us-.li
pan feai.iiri' ol llie furnace, and
from its perusal Ihu advantages
of nn ash-pan in ii furnace, uml
this i n particular, can rondily
Parlies having hack yards,
and closets to clean, and refuse
mailer to he taken away, should
leave orders with me.
Leave orders at thr i llty C'lorkBofllc.
or drop a postal ciird in ttosx In*..
he     ullilel'stooil.       Aliollie
deseriiii's lhe largo doubli
doors, oxplalnifig the ™m
Which  the  "SiiURhine"  I
...»      3
IP. BURNS <fc CO., Ltd.!
£ 3
•--       Henii Office, Miuii om.-,' ror Earn Kootenay,       Z3
a~       Calgary, Albertn Oranbrook, B. c z3
Gto. R. Leask & Co
I'Inns. Specifications
.unl lisiimates
All   kinds   of   building    material
constantly on hand. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   B C.   MAY 11   IU07
<H&****************M*^^ Why Cough to The Coffin     [JJ^   Yoi4   Ever THfflW
1 Up-To-Date Merchandising
Ueuuires New Hoods nil the while. We are always on lhe loiikoul for Something New
in "Hoodies" for lhe tahle. Human nature demauds variety in eating, as in every oilier
pleasure. We pride ourselves on coming as near meeting ever} gastronomic wnnl us il is
possible im* any oue store i" provide,
Fine select fruits, the best of even v;iriet\ of cniincil delicacies;  nothing lacking for youi   tabic oi   vour
culinary  preparations;   tens  and  coffees that sell on their merits.    Oualiu is the lirst consideration in even
thing we buy.
50c. lb.       "Golden West Coffee"      50c. lb.
Thore is absolntelv nothing vou etui have on your table that will atTord as nitieli comfort and satisfaction as u eup of
••I luiil.-n West Coffee".     If you have never used il you have never reu i its fullness whal real entTee means    Tr\ a
pound with your nexl order and en oy it good cup of this p >p
9 Dr. Scott's Prescription
ft No. im or
9 Cold Cure Tables
ft Thuj ih. the work  and arrosl
ft ih.. mosl stubborn cold.
Beattie & Atchisc
£ When' It Pays to Deal.
How miieli the human foot differs from the ordinary shoe. A normal tool is composed of Soft
Mounds, Curves and Hollows. Breaking in a New
Shoe is something most of us have experienced and
dread. Ordinary Boots have generally un innersole
as hard and straight ns llu- luce of a brick.
™        I..--       ....   .1,..I  llilrt) illlVal i ilui..   I   In
9 i "*'"' H'1'l'l'lj      ' ...."..i-l.....'.    "1    I, la
^_   I .....1  H,-,l..   fill   ..   --|... ...I   1... .. ..-   I I
AX       .:,,...,  l[ll|llUVlllttll(.a,-|'U	
' lau.ls ll    I -im Kn.ll. IIII) illatrU'l
III    i   [Hlal   1-Innl.-.1   almiil   -.'ai.
- I....... n..nl. ..I..I    I. ..... ni'al  t.l   II..- ,...,ll>
Wl'll     i   ...   I   "    ""-I   ..   I    ll.......    i|. si.
'. • '..  ... .-    s.,1.11,
ln.ni>   ll„.    ».-m   an rlmlni  ...  , ,i
v    » 1 \l
Ml 1 I III
w ,i  \i-       istl    |U
?}r n\ .im-.nin 11 iiie i in
4*,        il i" »ri'->  i" nn i ..nuiii-M.iiii-i.il  i.. v
oilm tm    i   ■ i.      i       I'liw io .ni  .iti.i
mt) uml      ■■■ in lln : 'i uwiiiKdnrt-rlln.il
'■■    I   H    *   KlHtt. '-•*   ' 'I
i        i    |KW|     l.l.uil.'.l    ill        '■...
^J?                                              .wit ..I the iimiii
iji   "    I nl l.ol   im.l ii  i   Un'it, i' i  hii
9' '
i In i .i'-i   -    i Imllli   lu    |..mil
tei'iiii m
t|i    .    Mill   rm.
\    Mi lu'lll \l.l.
 .... ■ ■ ■ ■■ . ■ . ■ ■ ■■■«■ ,.999494444444*44*4444494*    7>| 3 »
m Livery
Teams and drivers furnish
ed for unv poinl in the dis
A. DOYLE. Managei
ana .-«...-».~a, . a a.a a a a .-....■*-.■
-     -.        -      .
\  cigars  ; —
IV. MA*,   II    HI
'A     The   use   nl' suitable glasses
T sa\.. ihe eves from strain nnd all
lhe evils which follow.    We ox-!
timine eyes  free of charge and
guarantee   satisfaction.       'I'nti
Transfer ot* Hot.il Licence
McPhersons" Shoes
\ic not ordinary Shoes but are made to Fit the
Foot. Ihey need no breaking in, they are easy
from the lirst,    Call in and try on .1 pair at
Fancy and Staple GROCERIES uml CROCKERY
Cut Glass,   linois.  Shoes, Rubbers, Mitts. Cloves, Hosiery.
1011th i-ljilu
.'    .   poal   '   ill
Ol   J      -V     li	
4      ■'■•■'",TTM,,T...M.i,.„.,mnni.mi..i.ii.'.
4 -    ,   >»~.                                - fttka notiee tliut I Inlcnil to apply li
* t    LOCAL   NEWS.    1 U,B "'»"'* °(>'iL'™<"> Ouiiuulsslonors nl
J -ruuuuuUiUIUUilUUUlUliluuuuuUul ^c next eeeulur meotlliH un tlio  Intl
* iluv nl .1 mie.   lliu.. fm-11 transfer ft1
J      Roost for Cranbroolt.
J     Mrs A   Cresswell of Elko wus
4  shopping Tuesday in Craubrook.
J      Miss Donahi f  Waldo  was
4 al Cranbroolt during tlie early
purl of this week.
myself te  Herbert   1.. Sawyer nf the
lieence in tlie  Itoyul lintel ut Marysville, B.C.
Dated Maj Bth, 1007.
A. I'. Chcnottu
IM Cline   I
ft MAN'lTOll.N in I'I'Kl. ^  N""" "'*'
I fl UwiVw.Th!
/  l.'lrsi I'lniiii Work In all brunches bL,
/ Tonsorial Art f
4 *
ll II..-..I.l .M..1II1I.I... I
1 now lie 11,111..I 111 lln
► THE   TOBACCONIST.     \ ,^%'';.- "'ull">'' aml, ^ss ,L*
► 4/ Dudley ol I'oruie spent Sunday
taaaaaaa*. '!lstv'-s'tiuglTiendsatCranbrook.
A.  Mil
llllll'll ...
e a
I Tonsorial Parlors
I - I
e      For a Cool and Olonn Slinvo      3
I Or 11 I'ul'tuut. Hair Cut I
C A Hot ni' Colli Bnth 3
I'" •'•''Walter B.LalnguuVi.Ti'iN.I
%    linker
. I mill......I-    I!.I'.
A     -stt  "SIR
P.X,\ Ml NATION    l-'Oll     ASSAVKHS    Coll
l.li'l'.NI'l-;     'I'n     I'ltAC'riCI'!     IN
nnrnsii coi.cmiiia
|i|il Jlollli.Cllli.fi'null
ii'li'i. l».|olli.|-ofl.iii
Iiiiiii lliv rolloii'lliK -I
1 limiU
I' A. Paulson of Spokane wus
1 guesl ut tho Cranbrook Sunday
! last.
THE  [.KADlNi;   Kill IT  STOKE 	
....... A   siiiiug  of   the  Court    uf
[Arriving   rotlay Assize; was held in Fernie  May
■I.   Shaw   Parker    of    Porl
Sleele   spent    Siitidny    last     in
I      Cllillli'lirllij. Ill >. |lltsl   tltlUltl'tl   ill'..HI   IKI.
Mii.U soutli ..| iln- n.iiil, 1..1-U  ul  Luu.-  Muyl.
111..',  llllll  I 11    .|IIJII'|i TM. uli-1..'i.u,
III.' .'.III,..11 III. III'.' llllllll I'llllill I'llllill- 111.II.'.
... .1 . u-iiiv . in,... ..ii.. soutli olKluyoliiitllN.
Ilii-n.'U. i.-l .-.jjl.l\ i-luiiii. 1..|.I;l,-i-"1 .......in. iu.'
April Kill, 1'....
.1..Im llinia-orly.
U'.-.i Uiinl; ..I il..- Norili  l-'ork ..i tlio Lull.
Moyio Un.'.  jusi .it...,.   .1..' nuiyoii. ttirtu-i I
.-lui luiiyiliJH,,. lh. ,....., mi. |-.'..|-|ii,iiis.lli.-iir.  j I)
ivosl forty .'li.iin. im-  ti.uili I-:., rliiiltis
N KXAMI.VATION   I...'  Aasliyura   alll
hold in Vi.ii.ii;. ..ii Hi.- .'.il. Miij jn.-! ...
Hurry II  lui '...
j.l  ;i    poal   11I1111I...1   ubout
   -1.   ' • -    	
lill1 13 A KB ,\ lishing parly  thai   went In
l-IAZELWOOD ICE CREAM     Cherry Creek 011  Sunday   lasl
returned wilh well tilled baskets.
Stewarts l'iuc Chocolates 	
r-r      T,   o,,^,,.   „m Cinderella, the particular shoe
HUGH   STEWART        for women.    Porsaleby G, T.
PlioiiR 75       ftnnsti'oiiij. five. K"-(,|'s*
.1. A. liroley of Penile wus in
ihe city Tuesday fixing up u
big timber deal.
Pred Iliiiiuoi-e of Port Steele
was shaking friends wiih hii,
many friends in Cranhrook Situ
dav Inst.
NOTK '■:.
TranBl'er of Hotel Licence
Take nuth-e that I intend* to apply to
ilie Ituai'il nt l.ii-t-uee Commissioners at
the next regular meeting on tlie 16tlt
iluy nl June, 11*07. for a transfer frum
myself tn MeTavish A Cameron of the
lleenee to the East Kootenay lintel ut
Mini,.. B.C.
Hated May llth, 11107.
h) F. -I. McMahon
Ladles Hand Bags
Por the latest designs in nout and natty
HAM) BAGS uud PURSES would ask you
to inspeei our stock jusl received
ll will be a pleasure to show you lite goods
and quote prices.
I'.P.II. Watch Inspectors Crows' Nesl "uss Division
I'n Margnrel A. Ketin, VA. Ford,
run .Inues und Fritz llebotzkl, mul lu
.".'. other part.! or parties in whom lhe
aforesaid p*M-sons limy luive irutis-
ferred I.i- ..i' Iter Iuteresl in thu "Tip
Top" and -'Defender' Mineral Claims
-i' iati   in   '; .- divide between   Wasa
ii.'i  Dior '■   .'i It- in 'hu Fort St,-He
Mi....,- in. i- ... ..i East Kuhieiun   District hi "i" I't-nvin I llrlilsli Colum-
Miiti'.iii"!' for .un P.s
Indian Agent |{. L. 'I'. (Jul
brill th of Porl Steole wns al
Cnmbrook Monday on ollieinl
A. Vi, l.iieas of Kaslo, provincial assessor lor the  Kootenays,
,. uiiu.mu ex-1 spent several days in Craubrook
ir Interests in ihu ! Ill is « k on ollieinl business.
:..]..u.li...'  ..
■ ■ -i ill
lh siiil »i '-tin
J !■....'.     	
;      .
[1 A.Mc'lli'l
IIOl-Ull l-lllv i tllltlla   ltlt-IU-1   - ..-1   -   -J
to |.....'.  '.f  -... 'j . '  •
A. M'.'i
1'iike notiee iimi you ure hereby re-
quire.    .'. ithin  ninety days   fr    tliu
"' A- 1 ' ■'      -   ■•■   ■ i-      I, ration ..I ihi- unii.'.. to pay in
' ;         «*** '   ' - "'  Btehi
*      '     ■
iimi. t..i'«—— nt work, P. E. Simpson, Grand  Master
In   run her take amice thai unless of tlio Odd Follows, paid nn uili
'■'■"      H nil costs of dill   visil   In    Ihe    Nelson    local
*   *   thu time liulu-  Monday last.
-ni.-. y-.j        ■ -i- in th,. said I	
*' ' ''",":1 '■>■*''*' '"     Uottd    Supnriiiton      Don.
Mackay wns *„, town   Monday
notice. " "l"lul'  """ ■' altoiulingn ineollng ol Selkirk
■   Mm.   i    .'*..'i   Amendment   A '
Districl i.i Kooienay.
Tuke lliitiu,■ t iml I Victor A.
Rollins, nl Crunhrook, hotel-
keeper, intend tu apply fill- |ier-
inij~iuii in obtain ii speeial timher
lieence over the following described
lauds:—Commencing at a pusi plunteil
nn the Little Moyie Kiver nboul three
miles from Guutfell, und one mile east
of Hllliards timber licence, theuee
north SO eluiius. thouce easl Sll chalni.,
thenee soutli SO ehuins. tlience west Sl)  f
eliuins In point of eommencemeut u-
tiiininjr (140 acres more nr less.
Victor A. Rollins
Dated May 8th. 11107. Ill
Districl i.l K.inlriiiiy.
Take notice Unit I William S. Hull uf
i Iranbrook, Veterinary surgeon, inlend
in apply I'm- permission in obtain a
special timber lie- over Hu- following described lanil-: Commencing al a
posl planted nn the Little .Moyie Itiver
.iimiii three miles south of fluatfoll, and
..in-   mile   eusl   nt  llllllards  timber
lie , thoncu Must sn chains,  ihu	
uorth HO chains, them isi so chains,
iln-iii'i' south Su ehuins lo piiini ul commencement, containing 11-10 acres morn
|   The Seasons Offering
lhe Lawn Mower is conspicuous in our
store, ns is also the rake and hoe.
For  the  farmer  wc  have  the   Plow,
I (arrow and Cultivator.
J     ( lllm' in and id us supply your Fishing needs.
Dutetl Mm nth. hiiir.
V Cranbrook, B.C. HARDWARE V
w.iiij,,,,s. nun   |S nHnuwrAnc *
ft:9-ft;9ft « ft.«ft.9ft-*ft*'ft4ft;9ft:4ft:9.ft.9:ft^4ft\
tu     .
"*'< procoplory.
- ■...       ■ 1  1 .u
. ttk.   noiic- that  I : i
lint.     I     ' '"i'i    In   ttpp      '    '   ■  1     "*
Cm..11.     ,., 11 :   .' I  -   . '      k
'. ..'I.,I',j, II I hu , : . . 1 I-l I'll
..it ini,I   eul 1;.    uvii     ' iiiil.-T   In.111   llu
fill ..' Hli'l-      IU       I'lllBl
Cemmenelliii al  n ... I ■• .■  .... ul llu
1...ith.'u-i u..i ner..' '.. Hurl liulumi .i
Un iMiipllnii    'i ■ in ■     1.11II1  71  chains.
Ihl'l II     I     ''I   I'll   IU: III.I'll.      -Jll
i.u 1    Hu i„.  ".. ■   iu      a. unci
.until     hniii-. Ihenee ...      IS .     ii
thenco ' .."I. '.I i'lniiii . iiu       1
chain   lhe soulh t'O .-In	
wesl IU0 chuins, thenee nortli in ■ Iniin .
Ihenee wusl '. eliains t" |iluec ..i begin-
\, T. C M li\\ I I I.. Locaior.
Lucaluil mi- mi. 'i.i.i ui \|ir'||, 11107.    I.'i
I'urk-  1
...... ce In eut an. livn
1 llUtl "II. ...
j.   "     ..I..    ' ".1.    .1    - ■ ■ -   ..
..'..,  Ill  I'll
.   .   ....  ...        -.1      ,. I
1 •' .;-  'u   1. lie.
'.Hi llll) "I Mil), A, 11.. 11)117       ,,.,       ...
)ii.v |'„|-,,„ '"'   ls"lfi'   I'Uinher  Co.,    tire
1 iniililiiiu' 11  moss uml   hoarding.'
„-_.-- house, mi the  prairie,  nour tlie
,t; ,.,..,.  , id.'-'* planing mill north of town.
,;  ,",";,'",''"' *"'"'    I-  Moran uf Nelson,   A.   Vi.
'.H.-imi- rtinrlr'"'''   ' "''    ^'M' 'S""N "' ' Spoklllie, VV,    II
tu,   , „ , ..... Crawford  of   Creston   uiul    VV
riu.11   ■" .'.1 in.'iii.nii   li'selitk of Kernie woro registered
'-"■"   '■  : ' "'"'"' ""ial, lhe Cranlirook Monday.
lit h.
i'imiikii   "   '
I'll     ..       1.  lei
.1.,:,. i    ,..'.
  "i" I'nf I..I
pel ■!    tn  cut    .1' '      cm : .      ,   ,,,
iii r fr   :i..
luml in Sunt luu - |i ti
11 .1   i	
 ll"'". Hill  Bl    1   I."      ;...'..  ,.,,,,
hall u mile nouth ',1 ''.■■    nutheu .nul      n i . .     tu
mu ..1 1111 limine.' uppllci  .*...  .;. ...       "'" "I    '*  '     "
-I," unrlh -idu ..I 'A i.e.' 1:   "..   theiicc  " ^   ,'    " '.'i',i ,'
oiii.li luu chains, thoi nsi loeluiln .   - ,.
hence nurth lim chains, theuce wesi It) rtistn   "-...-  -". 1
lialns iu poinl nl eoinineucemunl.
.Iiiniuir) nth. 11107.
1'. Jensen,   Lncutul
,\.    Ui.|UU'ilA|,|
VV. II. Miliums, lell 011 Thiii's
dny mi u visil in Nelsou,    Dome
no *  suys   Ihul    Mr.     Miliums
will Le married in thnt eiiy. 11	
iimi' 1 in   go in Uir   I'nnsl   for nboul   1 wn
1,1   '      Weeks lii'liil-e li-t II rllillji* III   Cl'llll
'" '""' brook* with his bride.
7(!„.,, M,       Cicorgn  Covill, of  Moyie.   nn
him-weat sii "'''   ''""' prospoclor   iu .Soutli
1 1 ... 1 1 sl Kooleun.v ivns In Cranhrook
i-ti'-i' •. 1 i" 'I'bui'sihiy making nrriing nls
 ,/" '"""'  "' foi' lhe loelllii.il uml   Hoeurlug   of
,,'    isu'i u«i7. " :l    '"'uch   "I*   timlier   on    lullle
,\. M i.ai.i. Moyie lllvor.
I'll WlllltUlk   1. INI) 1IISTIIICT.
Dlnlrlel nl K....icii.iv
Tulle until".' Hull  I I'lll ward ClIVull, nl
Moylu, prospector, Inluntl lu apply for
puriitisslou tu obliiln n spuuhil limber
llcunuu uvor llio fullowlnu ileserlhml
liiml-: Coiunietielng ill ti post plantod
mi the Lllllil Moyio Hiver ahuiil three
milu- -iiiiiliwusi. uf Clnatfull, uml onu
milu uieii nt Hllliards licoiico, llience
suulli 80 chains, thunuceasl su chains,
lln e uni'ili Hll ehuins, llionco wusl  su
i'liuins tu point nt cniiiincucuiiiuut. containing IHO acres uiuru ur lu—.
Kdwai'd 1'nvell
iiiituii Muy uih. 1:1117 in
I'll \NIllli 11 IK   LAND DISTRICT.
Ihsirici i,( Kui.lun.iv
Take nuiii'. ihul I Harry  Dlnunuck,
"I   Mnyle, eiis s nlllcur,   hilenil   ln|
applj lur pui'iulssloii iu nliiiiiiiii j,| ial
limher lluuiieu over ihu fnllini-liig  du-
scribed luuds:   (Jim lieiug nl  u jiosl
Iiiinn-1    .,11  ih,-  I,ml"  Mini,-   Hiver,
nl 1   lln    milu-   (nun lliiiillull. iiikI
nu,' milu ".ui   ii.in,  Hllliards iiiuii.T
lieu  Hu-   wusl su chuin-, ii,,.,,,.,,
-'i'iiii su chuins. ihel u-i 811 chains,
ihul iiurlli sn ehuins lu puini ut coin-
ineiii'i'iiicnt, ennlalnilig HIU ucros mure
ur le-.
llili'l')  Iliun I,
Duel Muy llth, 1007. In
1 REID & CO. *
Dress Goods<
9 Dress Goods
^ Ibe problem of correct dress is easily solved
when one has such a broad exquisite stock as
ours to choose from, ytfii will never have a better
chance to attain more undivided effects,   Tho j.
i 'h ol' sintill prices greets yon in this depart- X
menl 9
* *
New   I wri'tl effects 25c, 50c, 75c. si,00 and -51.25. S
.     Harris Tweeds ranging in price Inun si.25 to $1.75.   9
White Serges a'nd Canvpr Weaves 75c, to 51.2s.
Iress Goods Dress Goods}


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