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The Prospector Sep 5, 1908

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 Library   f Ug. Asa.
Vol. 14.
No. 86.
of Interest
-— 0	
of importance to
all Electors
'ibi- in,in mil put is beginning tn
slininor, A. a. Uooduvo Is tne tou-
Heruuive i-uniiuinie in opposition lu
huiiiii curiiH tne government uunui-
uuiCj una tnougn nn announcement
luu, DiH-n iiiuui' un tu tliu unle ul tliu
general elections, tue impression is
general tnat ii ih near nt nutul. uiul
muli parcies ure getting remly Inr
tne tray,
While it In the right und privilege
of every elector tu vote lur tbe candidate wbu, in their opinion enn better existing conditions uud tu support tbe iiiih'st advocate tu champion their cause, it must be admitted
tlmt in the ordinary course alone uf
llniiiiiiiun legislature, be hus demonstrated thut he is u fitting custodian
uf tne Interests nf tiie penple.
The Conservative purty in llritish
Columbia hus every reason lur satisfaction und cnnlidence in tlie men
who have been selected us their
standard bearers In every constituency in which nominating conventions liuve been held.
The time ls approaching when candidates fur the Huusc uf Cunuuuns
are tu be tulkcil about, and it ls
worth while lur the electors nf every
district to look tho ground over
cnrelully with u view nf selecting
men wbu nre equal tu their duties.
At the cumlng general election
Kootenay Conservatives will nut
furget A. 8. Qoodeve nr bis services
tu the purty in goneral.
Mr. Qoodeve bus u lurge circle nf
friends, bnth Conservative and Liberal, in the Kuntenay that will rally
tu his Bupport in the interest of a
guverntnent tree frum graft and corruption. The Conservative party in
British Columbia, aad the Dominion,
will look nfter Its own internal
affairs in the coming election, and
will endeavor to send tu Ottawa
men who will give tu the penple and
country a cleua und hnnest administration.
Out of seven Liberals occupying
HcatB in the House of Commnns,
three nre not likely tn be candidntes
ln the approaching election. Two
have been provided with fat offices,
une will receive the frozen hand frum
the government, the remaining four
will become candidates for re-election, but will get the marble henrt
and cold hand from the electors nf
this province.
"Let Laurier finish his work," will
be the slogan of the Liberals In the
coming campaign. Seeing that the
Grand Trunk Pacific will receive as a
gift from the Laurier administration
a road that will cost not less than
J150,000,000 when completed, the only
way that Laurier can finish his work
ls to give to the railway und the
army of grafters who follow ln his
train the balaace of the country.
Independence in thought und action
upon the part of the electorate of
British Columbia resulted ln placing
the McBride government nnd the
Conservative party in power In this
province. ThlB same Independence la
what will put the Conservative party
ln power nt Ottawa In tho coming
It may bo that the date nf the
general electtniis Iiuh nut been tixed,
hut It can be taken fur granted that
hy the time the United States will
have chosen their president the. result nf the must hitter contest On-
nndii has ovor knnwn will he decided.
The Interior department shnuld
take steps tn protect the pre-emption rights of the veterans tn whnm
scrip is nnw being issued. Tn dn sn
wnlild 1st. nnly fair, says the Calgary
Picked up in Fernie
Maurice Qttatn, Cranbrook's electrical wizard spent u few day's the
latter purl nf last, week looking over
ttie ruins ol Fernie.
old Mun" Simpson wus rubbering Kernie lust Saturday night.
Their Is no truth in the rumor thnt
be wns sizing up the coal town with
n view nt removing the Hcrnld tn
thut place.
f'hncnix like, Fernie Is rising Irom
the ashes. Hundreds of houses are
Hearing completion, and many new
business blocks nre being erected.
Fernie will urlsc frum the disaster a
bigger and better town ns Its merchants nnd restdfnts liuve fulth in
Its future.
For Services Rendered
An Ottawu special, suys: "It Is reported thnt the additional appointments on the rnilwny commissioners
board will be Wm. Galliher Inr Yale-
Cnrlboo, Hun. Thus. Grccnway, Man-
Itoba, and Iinrcy Scott, mnyor ol
Borden Addresses Workers
— -0	
Halifax, Sept. 2.—B. L. Borden addressed a gathering nf Conservatives
Inst night, und said the great Issue
nf the next election wuuld be clean
elections nnd  honest administration,
PECTOB until December 30th. 11108
for 50 cents.
The Campaign Opens
 0   —
Hold your breath!    Tho   indrpen
[lent He ni M opens tin- campaign tliis
weok in the In to rout nf tho   Llboral
Duncan Robs, Bays: "1 fed Ut as a
fiddle." "Dune." might also lum*
added, "Ah vivacious as n violin."
Plu* Herald as yet hatt received no
letter of sympathy from Premier
Laurier,     Promior     Bcott,      Duncan
Itoss, or Smith   Curtis.       Hut    will
have them before the Banana ttelt is
covered with anow.
Duncan Robs of Valo*Qarlboo- Hays
tn Smith Ourtla of Kootenny, "Me
Aid to Fernie   AIRSHIP P0SSIB|L|T,ES
A Liberal Allowance by
the Provincial Government
lor Public Improvement
Vancouver World, Independent
— -0	
Vancouver, Sept., 2.— The World,
Liberal, here has revolted from its
political traditions and comes out
v-'lth a leader denouncing party servitude, condemning craft, and advocates tbe formation of a B. C. lade-
pendent party for the betterment of
nil the parties concerned.
Ottawa, Sept. 2.—At a luncheon
given by Col. Sam Hughes, president
of D. R.A., Sir Frederick Borden wan
the principal speaker. After defend
ing the Increased expenditure of the
militia force Sir Frederick made nn
important announcement.
He said an order-in-council had
been passed embodying the agree
ment which had been entered in with
educational department of Nova
Scotia. ThlB sets forth that the
militia department will furnish free
of cost to schools, Instructors in
drill and shooting providing the
schools will adopt regulations to the
effect that all teachers shall be compelled in future to pass examination
in physical training and drill before
receiving certificates. A second or
der-in-council has been adopted giving the militia department, authority to make similar arrangements
•with other provinces.
Sir Frederick Bnid that if thin plan
be carried into effect in other provinces it will incidentally be ot great
help to the permanent force which
will provide the staff of instructors.
Local News Items
E. J. Cann, a travelling man, was
in town Monday.
Monday next, Labor Day, will be
celebrated in Cranbrook.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg was in
the city Friday.
Mrs. Wm. Forsyth, of Kimberley,
was a Cranbrook visitor this week.
Archie Vroom, left on Thursday on
a holiday trip to Alberta.
John Dezall, left on Wednesday for
Alberta, with a carload of horses.
Mrs. Sawyer, of Marysville, was a
Cranbrook visitor this week.
J. K. Oerad, L, Oerad, and V.
St. Germain, of Quebec, were in the
city Tuesday.
Contractors Geo. Leask & Co., are
building a residence on Baker Hill
for B. McGoldrich.
J. G. McCallum has purchased the
residence of Mr. A. Moffat, on Baker
Otis Staples, president of The
Staples Lumber Co., of Wycliffe, has
gone east on business.
Dune. McLean, was outing this
week at some point on the Yahk
Mr. B. H. Short, says: That the
Cranbrook band is to have ono of the
best band instructors in Canada.
The Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co.,
were sending large numbers of ties
down the St. Mary's river to Wardner this week.
Don't fail to read the, McClary
MFG Go's., add. See the new Sask-
alta Range. It is taking everything
by storm, for sale by Patmore Bros.
Get the news of the campaign.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star,
of Montreal, and The Prospector, until December Mth, for 50 cents.
The local footballers held a practice on the recreation grounds yesterday afternoon preparatory to
their match on Monday next, Labor
Day, with Cranbrook. Nelson Daily
The new "Sask-altu" steel Hango
is becoming a great favorite and is
proving itself to he the most modern
and labor saving flange on the market. I jet us show you one. You will
be another to be delighted. Patmore
Mrs. Rdgar Davis und family left
on Friday for Alberni, where they
will join Mr. Davis who is engaged
in business in that city.
We 11mili  the     general opinion will
bu lhat   ihe   provincial government
has none its Hul duty i>> tllQ people
oi Ecrnio. Nut omy Hid il give thom
tlie temporary assistance needed,
wnen thu etlert of the disaster was
unite, but il has decided iu expend
Llie handsome sum ol $tt6tUU0 lor a
school house, and street Improvement- besides rebuilding Immeulately
ihe public oitlces, und laciliiaUng an
OXChangO of lots, which is considered
desirable by the local authorities,
lhe proposal that money should he
advanced to enable the people to rebuild their homes was one that
could not be entertained. The people of Fernie ure not paupers. Ihey
are for the most part in a position
to muke u comfortable living.
Although they wero in very many
cases left destitute by the lire, some
of them doubtloss had insurance, und
very few of them have beeu deprived
of their means of earning a livelihood. It was a very unfortunate
thing that so many of them were
burned out at the same time, hut as
far as advancing money to rebuild is
concerned, the principle- would be
just the same if only a few houses
had been destroyed, and we do not
think the people of British Columbia
are ready to adopt the idea thut,
whenever a house is burned down, it
is the duty of the government to lot
tbe owner have the money with
which to rebuild. If this was tenable in any case, it certainly would
be in that of farmers, who are unfortunate enough to lose their dwellings
by forest tires. Isolated eases of
this kind are of frequent occurrence,
but it has never yet bean suggested
that the government should assist in
rebuilding. Fernie will, as soon as
things get squared away, be just as
prosperous as ever. What the people needed was temporary relief, and
this was forthcoming.
Apparently they have plenty of
money to guard against any distress, if the funds are wisely distributed. The necessary expenditures
in connection with the work to be
undertaken by the government, the
coal company and the railways, will
give employment to many people,
and, as the miner1 will continue operations, there ought not to be any
shortage of money in Fernie. For
these ronsons we think that the government has acted in a very liberal
spirit.-Victoria Colonist.
A European airship has succeeded
In crossing tho Alps. What was done
|lu this case Indicates tho lino along
! which mitt of tins nature will prol)
ably score their lirst success as a
commercial    venture,    By means of
j these ships of the   air it will be possible for   tourists   to obtain a view
lol tho grandest   scenery In     nature,
I SUOh as cannot be obtained hy means
ol any mountain railway, no matter
how efficient.    Tourists mny,  indeed,
within a    comparatively short    time
have placed within I lie limits nf their
Vialon all the   glories   of the   Itncky
Mountains, of the     Andes and ot tlie
Himalayan raugis.    Aerial craft muy
also be mude the means of obtaining
easy access to tho next great miner- j
al Hold to     bo located   by the pros
pector.   Sueh a method of trnnapor-1
tat inn  would have proven    itivaluoa j
ble in the early   days   of tho Yukon j
gold rush, und it may greatly hasten ,
the work of   development   when the
next groat gold or     diamond tind Is
reported   from mane quarter     nf the
world which Is iuaccessable by rail.
What's doing
Will celebrate The   Niagara
in Canada   i   Labor Day
Detective   shot   at
Hunting Thieves
The Committee has pro
videil a splendid
Montreal, Sept. 2. Detective Puslo
nf the Montreal city force, whn is
one uf tho party semiring tlie coiin
try lor UlO yeggiuen whn blow opon
lhe sale of tiit Provincial band ol
Caiman at St. Kustuche last Sunn
day morning, was shot in the lace
by ono nt lour men who weie hiding
under a bridge at St. Constant.
Tho ollicers returned the tin, woun
ding nne of tho meu, hut nil managed io escape lo lho woods, item
(orcutnentS liuve been sent nut, 'I'lu
extent nt Pusle's inpirle
decided   ti
celebrate   in
I Labor Day
decided upon
I ball,
Cranbrook is Good
——o —
II may not be generally known but
it is never-tho-lcss true that no more
pleasant experience could bo enjoyed
by tourists than a visit to Cranbrook. In this respect Crunbrook is
fortunate, having lirst class hotels,
good hunting and tishing, with many
beautiful places in this vicinity for
camping nut.
Kingston,  Sept.  2.—A  young   clerk
n the employ of    the Metropolitan ,
bank  at    Harrnwsmith,     is mlBslng,  ]nK<  '"' mflklntf<  '
aud    with    him a     parcel    ni     bilU  tu« oI  *'"'■ ...     . ,
His name is' ""' railway will give reduced ratea
tn and from Oranbrook. As in the
pnst, visitors to the city on Mnndny
will lie sure of having a good time,
and be royally entertained
amounting to $1,5(10, liis name
withncld out of regard for his par
tilts, who are respectable people ot
Harrowsmlth. The money was given
to the youth to send to the head
otlice In Toronto, but instead of do- ■
ing this, ho skipped with it to the |
United  Mutes.
Coal and Steel
If we are to judge of the activity
of steel und iron, there is certain to
be a groat and increasing demand
for these products lu Canada. There
is no doubt but that the coal trade
of the country is shifting more towards Southeastern British Columbia, and no country, province or
district is in a better condition to
take advantage of it.
Real Estate Deal
Mr. Hugh Stewart, the well known
confectioner of Cranbrook, hns purchased the handsome residence of
conductor I). J. McLennan. The
property is situated on Fenwick
avenue, and consists of a modern
cottage, with electric light, telephone and water, and three adjoining lots. We have not learned the
price paid for the property, only that
it was a cash transaction.
Western States Demand that
Lumber and Coal Shall
be Free
Washington, D.C., Sept. 2. -Senator McCumber, wbo has just returned from a visit to president Roosevelt and secretary Taft, today expressed the opinion that the extra
session of congress which is to be
called after the fourth of next March
for the revision of the tariff, will be
of long duration, and it will witness
many stubborn contests over the
various schedules which it Is proposed to change. Mr. McCumber said
that the west will demand that several articles which are now on the
protected list shall be mado free of
duty, especially lumber und coal. "I
think", he added, "we shall certainly
be In Washington all next spring,
aud probably a good part of the
At Bull River
--   O—   *
The efforts of the Bull Hiver Powor
and Mining Company, to open up
and mine the river channel of Bull
river are attracting a great deal of
attention nnd interest, for it is
realized that the success of this un
dertaking will open up new mining
possibilities in other sections of
Southeast  Kootenay  where  the same
1 conditions exist.
Railway Commissioners
I The extensive development work
that has been done during the past
few years nn many mineral locutions
on St. Mary's river and its tributaries has shown beyond nny manner
of doubt that a great mining camp
will be established in the near future.
The North Star mine is doing remarkably well for a mine that is
supposed to he out of ore. Last
weeks shipments amounted to 150
tons. It is said that the grand old
property is looking bettor every duy,
and still has the appearance of u
i A number of the stockholders of
the Bull Itiver Mining and Power
Oompany, were in town this week.
I Prospecting for oil in the Flathead
vallpy continues. The development
has progressed so far as to prove
that there is oil extending over an
area of many miles.
It In
Crunbrook this y
Boptombor 7th, hi
as the proper time
The movement was inaugurated hy
the Trades Unions o! this olty, and
the Dimmer in which tlie preltmiu
aries were settled   is a  tribute  tn the
generosity, enterprise, and public
spirit which characterIsos the business and laboring men nf the city
wheu a proposition is mooted which
are not yet [appeals to Iheir jinli: nt.
The plan as outlined by the cum
I nil Une Is as follows:    Athletic sports
cry do scrip tli
drilling ''"nt
clmll,   In
.  chopping, saw-
ding contest .and
Hawk and Weasel Fight
Vancouver,  Sept. 2.   The news bus,
only just filtered out  that burglars,  "ear   Spring
Saturday night or early Sunduy .,iml thf' two ,,i"1
morning, entered the .Johnston, Kor
toot clothing store on Hustings
strait, and collected n quantity of
articles, chietiy of the "fancy" type
to the Value of sume hundreds of
dollars. The cheaper stock, whicli
did not suit their taste, was scatter
ed all over the floor. They obtained
entrance by a window in tho rear,
The police have hud numerous com-1
plain's of less wholesale outrages of
like nature, uud nlso of a grout
deal of petty pilfering.
A chicken hawk picked up a weasel
Grove,     Pennsylvania,
tight in midair,
tho result being that the hawk wns
dead when its body reached the
ground, und the weasel expired a
few minutes later.
A capable woman
Toronto, Sept. 2. Secretary Me
Fuddon, of the Ontario Curling Association, has received u letter from
the itoyul Caledonian Olub of Scot
land, inviting seven rinks of Canadian curlers to visit Scotland during
Lord Strnthconn's presidency of the
club, whicli extends over the winter
of I'JUK-li.
Deseronto,     Ont.     Sept.      2.   The
smelting works owned by the  Poser I
onto Iron     compuny  were struck  hy
lightning     last night     und took lire
and wore totally destroyed.
Montreal, Sept. 2. -Senator Forget
and U. B. Angus, directors of tlie
C I'. H., led this morning for a
tour over that company's linos In
tbe Pacific const,
Toronto, Sept. 2. Hon. A. B,
Aylesworth lias announced that he
will again be u candidate in North
York for tlie commons.
A Boone enmity. Missouri, widow
hus plowed her fields, hnrvested her
grain, and supported herself aud
three children und paid off u heavy
mortgage on n fifty acre farm since
the death of her husband four yenrs
Ore Shipments
-o —
Following are   the     ore shipments
from     mines   in tho Cranbrook district ror tho past   week and   war to
St.    Kugene,      1,152     14,981
North    Star       162  . . 2.-I80
Water  Control  ami  it>
■■'jit.-i is ii prlmar) force In nature,
jui .-.m-iii in I    in lih-       'I'lu- heavens
produce It, ii"- tartli  il    It.    I) it
imt nlwnys in convenient uiul read
liy accessible places
EVOLUTION   "I-' 'IIU-'-   l'l Ml'
Tin-   problem "i     elevatlnii   watei
onmigod the attentl i wise one
since tin- world begun, nnd iln- evo
hltlon ul tin1   liunil' is ii moil Inter
stlni; lusiuiy Por ages water wuh
curried "ii tbe heuds --i slavi -., I rat
In   hollowed     troi   minks,   then In
rthen vessels,    stono Jara and cup
per liuwlM,    up roughly hown    step*
from sunken    cisterns,   up rude lad
Icrs lor   miles t"    walled cltlei  loi
use during slogo    Thon thi   wonder
lul aqueducts "1    Greece und Home,
the gravity   system    Then tho end
less chain   ol metal buckets   revolv
inii over a     wheel turned   by hnnd.
Tliis    wus   succeeded    by the     ili.un
pump with little Baucor-llltc carriers
sn well remembered as preceding tho
pump nnd plunger   which   Bucks tho
water up and deliver!)     n  through n
spout to bo conducted where wanted
Tbo latter method Is must common
ly in use, wiukiil    by hand ot  limn
cased i" windmill oi onglne.
While the gravity system is un
doubtedly tho simplest method ul
conveying water from source ol sup
ply, it is not nlwnys feasible, as the
teluleney (if man is to build Ins home
factories and barns on high ground.
It is the gravity principle, howovor,
that we owe our most economical
ami faithful method or raising wator
a-l      17,111
Squirrel Whisky
of the Hydraulic it..
Asks Canada for bii; sum
Largest Lawsuit ever filed
one of England's prominent, whisky distillers, snld the other day of
somo liquor whieh ho sampled in the
prohibition State of Malno: "When !
asked the component parts 1 was in-
formed by tho blender that he took
a gallon of wood alcohol and put. in
a wine glass of glycerine In it to
mellow it, then ground some plug
tobacco and strained it through a
choose cloth to give it a flavor and
thon united the whole with a gallon
of water. He added that, it. was
cullea "squirrel      whisky,"     because
, thoso who   drank it   "talked   nutty
innd climbed trees."
Ottuwn, Sept. 2.- The hoard of
railway commissioners this afternoon
took up the .'consideration of the
question of^tie carriage of explosives
on trains, with the idea of bringing
about a change in tho regulations
which would prevent such disastrous
accidents as occurred at Essex, On
turjo, when a carload of dynamite
exploded and wrecked the town. The
('anadian Pacific railway was ropre
sentcd by A. 10. Beattie, and the G.
T. by M. K. Cowan. The question
was discussed briefly, and it was decided that the railways would appoint commission traffic experts to
confer with the hoard. Opinions of
manufacturers of explosives will also
he secured beforo nny action is taken
Grand Porks, Sept. I.—Angus McKenzie of Plat Hiver, P.K.I..formerly employed in the machine shop at
the Granby smelter in this city, hut
who has lately been working at the
Houlais sawmill at Danville, was
killed thoro tonight. Nobody saw
how tlio accident occurred, as ho was
working below the main floor alone,
but apparently he had boon caught
iu the belt and thrown, sustaining a
fracture of tho skull, only living u
few minutes. The body will be
brought hero for interment. Ho was
a member of the local fire department, Western Federation of Miners,
Knights of Pythias and tho Eagles.
The Eagles will conduct the funeral
services Thursday.
Ottawa, Sept. 3.-Two persons
were killed, two fatally hurt, and
three seriously injured near hero last
night, when an electric car on tho
Illinois valley railway struck a carriage In which wore seated Walter
Snell, a wealthy farmer, and a party
of six persons. The crash occurred
at a point where tho road crossed
the electric line about six miles from
Ottawa. The road was not woll
lighted, and near tho crossing is a
sharp curve which prevented Mr.
Snell, who wns driving, from seeing
the approach of a car. None of the
passengers in the car wero Injured.
See our new Century Washing ma
thine, it makes washing easy. Pat
more Bros.
Rock View Lodge, No. l'J2, will
give a social and dance at tho Oar-
men's Hull, on thn evening of Sept.
ember 17th. The price of admission
will he $1. Those who attend aro
Stiro to have a vory enjoyable even
Vou oan got,"All tho news that's
lit to print," In the Montreal Kami
ly Herald and Weekly Star, and The
Prospector, also nil tho campaign
news until December 30th for 50
cents. Send in your subscription at.
I Prank nntl .John Angers returned
Mnndny from a trip to Cold Creek,
where they have located somo tine
farming land.
Seattle, Sept. 2. A special from
Dawson says; The largest lawsuit
ever tiled in Yukon and perhaps in
all Canada, was the one whicli was
begun hero today when A. D.Curtis,
manager of the Bonanza Creek Min
ing company, asked the govornmont
of Canada for ¥17,60(1,000 for having
canceled the concession which had
been granted tt) Matson & Doyie and
passed to their hands.
In the complaint they claim that
not only were thay givon title to
the ground, but were also granted
water rights which wore afterwards
annulled hy order of the minister of . ,
the interior.    It     was    necessary to  be^'imctmng
secure the consent of the government
beforo     suit    was begun,  which  was
tiled in the exchequer court.
Tho company claims that by can
celing the concession A.  N. Tredgold
was granted a concession which took ' —u—
in all lapsing claims that were for- A large forest lire wns burning
merly held by the company. This about two miles north of Cranbrook
canceling tho ono concession and Thursday evening The tire wns
giving tho same rights to another stnrtod in a gulch east nf the Nnrth
gives tho compuny, it claims, tho Star mill, and is supposed to he the
right to tile suit. .work of two men who were soon in
                     it hat  vicinity during  tbo afternoon
Something was wrong
The teacher had been explaining
the uses of the various parts of the
body. She had explained how the
eyes were used to see, tbe ears to
hear, tho none to smell, the bands
to work, and the feet to run.
When she got to this point in her
story one little fellow put up his
hand nnd shook it with nil his might
to attruct her nttention.
"Woll, Willie, what is it?"
"Teacher,"  said   ho,  "there   must
wrong    with    me   My
feet  smells and   my     nose    runs."
Fires again near Cranbrook
Price of Lumber
Tho coast lumber mills do not pro
pose to llll uny more orders f"i
rough lumber from the prairie pin
vincoH at $'.) a thousand, Mr. L, A.
Lewis, manager of the Brunette Mills
said this afternoon thut a few car
loads had been shipped at that price,
but the ruling quotations for rough
lumber now ranged from $10 to $18,
according to the quality, The prai
rie dealers woro informed through
some of the coast, mills that rough
lumber could bo purchased for Jii and
during the last weok orders have
been piling in for stock ut thnt. price
These orders, however, are being
turned down and it is doubtful
whether any of tho const mills will
dispose of nny more at  this figure.
It took a largo number of men and
several hours time to stop a prairio
tiro  north of town  Thursday
I Sunday   September 6th. I
Morning at  n     Special service foi
buys nud  gills
Afternoon at :t      Sunday    Bchool
and   DlblO  Classes.
Evening at 7 30.    Subject
I   An anthem will he rendered hy tho
Monday al G o'clock n public meet.
Ing will bo held in tho Gymnasium
for hoys, when tho object nf the
Hoys Brigade will he explained by
Itov. c. o   Main, and Itov   It   Hugh
The Hydraulic Ham is an automni
ic pump by which the fall or lorcc ol
running  water is utilized to pump a
portion of that    water   to a   higher
liy moans ol a Niagara Hjdraullc
Engine, tho latest, development ol
this principle, the w.tiei from a
spring nr running stream can bo
forced tn points two or threo bund
red loci hdovc me source   "i    watei
supply and   tn a distance nf a mile Or
more, ii necessary. The great value
ot such an appliauco in supplying
water tor household, agricultural, ll
rigating and Industrial purposes,may
he quickly realized, especially when
it is understood that n** power oth
or than that nirnishi i by thu water
iLself is required, tin' machine opei
atlng by itself, day und night,  year
ill and  year mil,
The principle ol tlio Hydraulic Ham
has long been understood and numerous applications ni it have been
made in various patterns ut rams
for utilizing it commercially, Hie
principle ooing so simple, most oi
tne rums made have beon crime and
imperfect atiairs, gnnd enough in
their way, but capable nf utilising
only a small quantity of tbo wator
ami otiL-n tiuiieiy unuepenuuuie, i'he
Niagara Hydraulic Engine is a moil
ern development of tho old-fashioned
ram, contrived to take advantage ot
the varying conditions at the dtrtoi
ont places so as to give the iiiaximiin
amount of water from the supply
Then tho Niagara has beea developed into a machine of many sizes,
from the little household machine
taking water from a small spring, to
to the powerful enirine pumping irom
a good sued creok or nver, ami with
a capacity sufficient to supply a
town with water oi in Irrigate a
tract nl land, oi t<> mako meadows
whore barren waste-, existed or to
serve the requirements of railway
tanks and big manufacturing estab
lishments. Tho larger size machines
will pump water in quantities meas
ured by hundreds ol thousands ui
gallons and will force the welcome
stream over ridges to mine-workings
and washers wlioro the absence of a
wator supply has hitherto heen an
Insuperable obstacle to successful
operation, The use* to which the
machine may be put are without
number, being only limited hy the
demand for water Im household,
agricultural and  industrial  purposes.
Kor further and more complete in
formation apply, or   writo to H. V.
Parker,   C.   E .   I'    0.     Mux   11,    Cran
brook.  II   ('.
Land Bounties
Tuesday    at
Mlssiunarv  mooting
i    Wodnosdny   at   H
Epworth       Li
Ottawu, Sept 2 Eorms nf applj
cation fnr land bounties to veterans
under tho act nf Inst session are now
available at the militia department
Thoy will nlso bo obtainable from
any district commanding officer.
officials ut the department say Hint
early application is advisable; also,
that application forms may be had
upon request and forwarded to tho
mllltle department) which will issue
warrants to the individuals enn
mot  at
when n
tho Inst em!
Wednesday     tl
the   home of
very   pleasant
Tho Indies
Homo supper
■s    Aid
time was cn
arranged  for a
,  tn bo hold  at.
[ this month.   Further
ll be announced later.
Patmore Bins, have received a
quantity of neat booklets describing
the new and much talked nf SASK-
ALTA range, und will bo pleased tn
furnish a copy upon request
The Royal Peacemaker
|    King   Edward   is  nni   a  peace maker
a ng   tho  nations  hy   mere accident;
He bus a very   decided   purpose and
ambition along that line, as witness
his address before the remit Unlvef
sul Congress of Peace in London.
One sentence m thai address reads:
j"lliilors nnd statesmen nin set he
fore thomsetves no higher aim than
the promotion of niiitinl good under*
Standing and cordial friendship
among the nations of tlie world It
is the surest nnd most direct moans
whereby humanity may bo enabled to
realize its noblest ideals, and its attainment will ever bo tbe object of
my  own  constant  endeavors." TUK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B 0, SEPTEMBER 5, 1908
KM Alll.lSlll.h    IMA
A. B. Grac*-,
SATUUOAY, stil-TKMItKM >. imis
How a Sask-alta
earns its money.
By indicating when oven is ready for
baking. By cutting out the 'peeping"
into oven. By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat. By substituting
certainty for chance
in   baking   results.
'Sask-alta"   range
thermometer   was
tested for six months
r—Jy before one range was
/   sold.    "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
h/mrc*    the housewife what
't/**    the compass is to the
ship captain
Landon Taronto, Montrcal.Wlnnlpel. Vancouver, St..lohn. IIamllt»n Caiidr>
I NORTH   STAR       I
^    HOTEL J
q Klmherley,   B. C. j
9 9
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.        ,-  _, 9
9 9
\ Patmore Bros.
| Tinners, Plumbers
Heating Engineers        |
Steam,   Mnt   Water  and   Ilni   Air  systems, ♦
J Scientifically   proportioned   and  correct,     J
Aii Ottawu, speclul suys: "ln view
o( tm- appvouch ol thu general elec
tlomt, U i.. Bordon does not expect
to be nble to   travel fur    weat this
[all,    iu'i   Will   Sn   Willi ul   l.'tui'irr   W
able to Uml tlnn toi ■» trip west ol
tho grant  hikes    He   will bo wanted
[or .i numbor    ol i tlntCH    In   in-
ii.u iv.- proi liu'e .''i'i ninj' >*|it'.iK .ii .t
cuuplo .'i plncen In the Mnrntluie
That  the tederul election* will tnko ,
plnee    "im      hum   bctwoen    Del
.ind Thursdttj   Novo i  Hh, appeal i
tn be detlnltol)   »ttl«l     Mosl   llkelj
iti ■   ■"■  Weil j    Hi tobei   SB,  ol
..,i,-  woi k Intel    NovomlH'i   *
Phi   aelei i: m ■ '     week  in
ii< tobei   will      li !■' ■ **\)  ,"1 the
■v, ,.,  .,■  tho ii       ■ : •'   ■,l"1 "1!
the capai ■ ■ ■    printing bureau
tu nun nut th< I ' Phm *• ure be
In-j humeO i n toil if ll Is louml
that ll l        '■'  them
rem!) foi   Sovi   ibir -I     r theren
the     election ■ maj   ■■•     defei red  till
enrlj   wtntel
hut   thi    h ■ iiorall)   express
,:l    m   Oflll III)    I •:<   i thill    I V0I vIliHH
mrtil be    In     renilineris loi      an i ai 1)
i nnte-sl
The Ottuwn   Kmiii:i:   tllobi    iayi
■    ■     . ever)  likelihood thai   the
general election will be held on Wed
ctobi      i      II tho   poll in
■   ■., ..;: .ti thai  da)    It  is almosl
erts     '     •   taken    n  Phursdas   the
Tuesdaj    Sovi mbei  3
i can bi   inadi  toi tbe
2Sth, that date will be selected   This
,. pe       .   . ■  ,   ipuu Lhe work ol
■I-, the i'ii
thi   printing bureau to turn
•   ■ •   -        uecessar)
■ ittei
if It   Is   tound impossible   to hold
>iecl .'...-'■-, there is
that tbi   ■..■. :
the poll wi di ■■" red      tni     thi
". mth
As ,i simple matter ot tact Smith
'urtis   - t thi       -■  man in the
Kootenay, politically, to ho ■ ■ nj
kind ot following The worshippers
at the sbrinc ol Smith Curtis don't
behove in the man, but hope to
proftt through bis political victory.
His whole record in public life would
make uny other course on their part
absurd to a degree
• • • #
The jovlnl hold up man is treating
tin- Boundary country to a diversion
• if excitement these days, That's
what comes from Bob Lowery deserting the   Greenvi I     Ledge   and
trekking eastward     Merrltt,  Herald.
in view ol the hold ups and rob
bfiriea In different parts <>( the Interior, polico officers and citizens
should be on their guard, suys the
Merritl Herald, Al present the
country i.s being overrun by men out
of employment, many of whom are
of a lower typo, without money, nnd
whn will tako <1 in- chances with the
hope ol bul ovon little booty.
• » » •
I Many sportsmen are under the impression that, the government proclamation against shooting ducks and
goese in September applies to the
Kootenays, whereas it only applies
to Vancouvor and adjacent Islands.
The only    prohibition against   game
iin the Kootenays is prairio chicken
for tho whole season and willow
grouse until October 1st.
• • » *
Chewing Tobacco
Rich and satisfying.
1 he big black plug.
Joe   Martin's
We have the finest
Cooked HAM
you ever tried.    For Lunches,
Picnics, Camping etc.. it i> delicious.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Head Oftict;, Main Office for Enst Kootenay.
Calgary, Alberta Cranbrook, B. C.
i*\\*\ m \*\*\ Tf( iffi*% jff m aW m m mm m *-m Wx *W*W m m*W-**% W* *WW*m*
! Tne rubber dollar store 1
9                          (". W. VasWdIIMKII. IMini'niRTOn *
M HANSON AVK.M'K                     CRANHUflOK. H.C 9
9 9
9                   We Iluv liverything %
i              ■ ■  *
£ IIOKSKS. S'l'iiVKS. now nnd  w>-.ond  1 'I   l-VI.'NI 9
m TURK    CHOCKKRY    I   wk.m;in<;    APPARBL 9
9 *
ft           WE SELL wlml 'vn hnvu In slocli  al  prions Uml ft
At will surprise you,    A visil lo iln- Dollnr store will run- ft
*, vim-e yon  tlml   wo  Imvo llio gooils, and ram stive you '9.
tM till v por -■'■ni on any ffootls purrliunnd ift
*             We Buy and Sell I or Cash I
****W*¥****W: *************
: It is reported thnt the Chief of
Police is planning n crusade against
unnecessary    noises.    If  this crusade
'had  begun  while  the Socialist orator
■ wns occupying linker street, it might
have been     considered   that    it was
'another personal attack by either
Consorvntlvo or  Liberal campaigners
* • • •
It will be unite unusual if the
paper trusts dues not take advantage
of the recent destruction of lumber
In the Crow's Nest I'ass to boost the
price of paper a few cents.
• • * ■
The silly season is rapidly approaching as everybody can see by
the ravings of the    Socialist editor
An antiseptic campaign fund is all
right in its way no doubt, but with
the Liberal barrel overflowing with
G T R. Rhekels, the "Grits" will
ma .ui ante up cnmpnlgn.
• • • •
Duncan Ross, -\I. P. for Vale Cariboo, passed through Crnnbrook last
Monday on his way homo frum Ottawa, where, no doubt, he was ar
range!ng with the powers that he,
lot .i fat campaign fund. Duncan
looked hale nnd hearty, but his head
hunt: low. a> if he feared election
day in Vale-Cariboo, It Is reported
thai hi* chances ol being returned
ere   about as good as Jimmy Deane's
air   of   being    appointed     ambassador
to China
Tho contest foi the honor of representing Kootenay In the House of
Commons, is between Smith Curtis
and A S. Goodeve, with the chances
largely In fnvor of Mr, Goodovo.
• • • •
'Bmlth Curtis says thai he will
'ami " Mc has said the mime thing
everal tlmo in both Dominion and
pi nvlnclal elections. He is une of
th'- most persistent office seekers in
linti.li Columbia, and us usual with
office welters, Smith Curtis should,
and will be left at  home.
• • • •
\  bu      number ol     local sports
spent   Sunday  IiihI. at the Ht.   Mary's
ir.et  ic.iimi'    iiiiiI otherwise enjoying
Hie  -lav   oul   uf   town.
As might    have bei n oxpci i ed    Un
•M.utin -.   outbreak m   the old coun
trj       I    nn.l    Ihe   ( ption    I  onp-oil
-i ii-  i hi - foi tui'i   *   oclatea ol thi
i .ih,i ,,i pai i v, hu i been i oi ot> eil lu
i in   va il   * 11 li    i nntl 11 ou    eiih'i inu i
i hi   I Ibei x\   pro ■ ■      it     wi al h uii
e .t hi.i' Martin - I be mttvu
- -■ • ,i         thu  i'.      mil Ive  pai ni ■
nh i m  more dellnei iti   11'eatmonl
Pile  M.ul Mi.'i    (-a   dre     ; ■
that Hie story  told    |   *\\    Martin I ■
aut    .i    Toi \    invcni nn,"ll    i     i he
, ■,    pnt ol   i    Ubeial    loadi i   i he
ni,-a v, ho,  .inei    helping t he i uui loi
ii ■ mt     iu     reach    olHce,    hn ■
-ime boon behind  i to   cones and has
consequent!)  had   :>   il    opportuntttos
ol   know ing  h hal        e    on      Vc< ord
Mi    Mnliin.  it marvelous sja
■iii.      eated in  tho   ruling
men    Out nl ruilwui  subsidies,'rukf
ifl nul li i le ■ upi i manufacturers
the government  has a    fund  through
bi io ol which it buys seats m
parliament for servile pollticinus In
i hi i louse tho Inst rumonts ol the
government dart not express, ex
cept bj permission ol tho premier, an
opinion thai is at all adverse to any
-.■ '\ i: amenl proposition or policy.
Should .. member condemn thai
wim-h ho regards as wrong, ho is
punished by the ministers, and his
re-elect Ion to par-lament is rendered
Impossible Thus parliament is
gagged and roguery Is facilitated.
When Inquiry Into wrongs is attempted, the majority, winch is under
I he ci introl of the ministers, resists
tbe production of papers bearing upon the iniquities or fights violently
against * Investigation,"
Mr. Marlin's disclosures, the Mail
points out, are not without corroboration. Their tirst point is to the
effect that railway subsidies are
.-.weated for political purposes. The
leaders at Ottawa beiietitcd by this
process wlien their allies were in
command at Quebec, and the money
was used in politics. If In tin'small
provincial sphere $20,000 was collected from one railway subsidy that
for the Balo tU'^ Chalours line -it
stands to reason tbat the millions
given as subsidies at Ottawa do not
pass through the toll gate free of
charge. That the "rnke-olT" is al
lowed on business transacted with
the government has been proven.
The plan, as exposed in the public
:accounts committee- iw Ingenious,
When the government desires to muke
a purchaso it. orders, not from the
j maker or vendor of the article, but
from u go-between, wbo adds to the
price       as     his "rnkc-off"      the
to 100 per cent. This "rake-off" the
country pays, and the money is
either retained by the middleman or
is applied to politicians and their
campaign funds. Mr. Martin says
the government sells tariff considerations to manufacturers; and that
money collected by the processes referred to Is used to secure the election of members to parliament is a
matter of notoriety. The Hyman
election in London, for complicity in
which four government agents are
now awaiting sentence to prison,
makes this plain. In that contest the
Ottawa ministry spent something
like $100,000, and there can be no
doubt that this huge sum, fl large
part of which was done up in envelopes and distributed among such of
the electors as were approachable,
was stolen, either through the contracting system, or through the
"rake-off" from the public treasury-
The Fielding election, for which the
finance minister was unseated, also
exposed the system that was pursued
Large sums were thrown into the
constituency, and some of the money
was bandied by the 3 peak or of the
Nova  Scotia  legislature.
But the strongest corroboration of
the statement of Mr. Martin is that
given a short time before bis death
by Mr. Tarte, who had been 111 the
cabinet, and who knew what practices were followed there. He said;
"It is notorious that in each election, in that of Mr. Kidding as in
that of others, much money Is expended. Mr. Kidding knows that
considerable sums have been employed in Nova Scntiu. He knows it und
he will not deny it. As Mr. Kidding
is aware, there are in the party of
which he is one ol the chiefs, and in
the government of which he is a
member, organizations, the duty of
which is to Hnil the sums necessary
to conduct the campaign to a sue
cessful end. The money comes, with
few exceptions, from capitalists interested in enterprises and specula
See our display of
and get a
Do you  want  a  Razor that will
KiM'   you    lasting    .satisfaction.
Let  us give you
Our Special Razor Proposition
Cranbrook   Drug   and
Book   Company,   Ltd.
sting feature of Labor
tion will be the fat men's
in  Kernie and Ornnbrook
Very   Attractive.
i i'cr tho green of tho trees
The poot oft gloat.
But for tho green that can please
See  the J1U note.
Political Items of Interest
It Is announced that Hon. W. S.
Yielding will open bis campaign in
Nova Scotia on September '.I. He
will be accompanied hy Hon. Wm.
Patterson,Deputy Speaker Marcil anil
Hon. Mr. Devlin, minister nf colonic
ntlon, mines und fisheries for the
province  of Quebec.
It is estimated that, the 1907 voters' lints, which Will be used in the
approaching Dominion elections, contain fully 250,0 u-c   voters than
were   entitled   tn   vole   in   Ibe  election
of llllll.
W. W. H. Mclnnes gol. tbe Liberal
nomination In Vancouver, It. *"•>■
Mcpherson, who previously ropreBon
ted the city at Ottawa, having been
appointed postmaster. The government is going to have a busy time
finding positions fur tho K. C, members, for western politicians say not
one  of them  can bo re-elected.
Painter and
We place our pait-it
on top.   WHY ?
Beoauso it has the  purest  white  load  for ils base and  when
mix-id with   perfectly ground  colors in oil   produces a paint,
which, when applied  by OUR  PAINTERS who know how to
apply  it,  we are prepared  to guarantee.
and Grain Business.
I have boiif-llt out tlie business of THE DOMINION
MEAT CO., LTD., nud will continue to serve—to all
who favor ine with Iheir trade—the very besl money
can buy in Ihe line of FRENCH AND SMOKED MEATS.
Will also carry a full line of HAY, GRAIN AND FEED
al all times. Special attention <jivcn to out-of-town
PHONE 5T P. 0. BOX 154
Harvey, MoCarter & Haodonald
ORANBROOK,    -    ll.C
Solicitor, Etc.
llritish t"nliiiiiliiii
mnl NOTARY I'lllll.IC
I'ranbrook, H.C
6". H. Thompson
ZZ**4   NOTAItV I'lllll.ic
Crnnbrooki ll.C.
P.L..S. <fi C.B.
Fort Stoolo B.C.
I'.O, Box 8.111. Pliono 23.1,
Mining; Engineer,
B.C Land Surveyor,
j; Dr. E. W. Connolly j;
J j       PlIVBIOIAN AND BUROKON       ] [
11        iiilli-i-: Arnwtroiiii  Avo.       ] [
o HOURS: o
11   0 in il u.in    •- iu i pin    r tu " |i in.    ''
| • I'linin-utll.-i- III'..   Itonlilenco lllll ]|
F. O. E.
Moot ovory Friday nl » p.m.
Visiting-  Brothers Cordlnllj   Invltoil
Chas. smith. W. Prostdont
M. I). Ilii.i.iNiiH, Sooy,
Aorlo I'li.vHiu-iiin, 1'. O. Ilox 28,
I Rocky Mountain Chapter |
\ NO. 128.  R. A. M, I
"2* Regular mooting:—2nd Tuos- S
:| day In each month in eight S
*   o'clock. S
Sojourning  Companions   aro   i
cordially Invltoil. s
LW.M, l*. Tate, Scribe E. I
Bo.x 4 CRANRROOK, II. C. £
Court Granbrook 8943
Visiting hrothern cordially invited
P. MoKENNA, Chief Rnngor
-I. SIMMS, Secretary
*     * HOTEL <•
Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection yf
1J4 Nearest to rail rand depot.   Hits nceomnio- ,,„
(liilions   lor   Hi>>   public   unequalled   in 3'
|lIot and Cold Baths
Proprietors m
Geo. R. Leask & Co
I'lliiM-: III
I'.O, n<ix mii;
Plana, Specifications
and Estimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
t'liiii-riil Director
CUANllltOOK, ll.C,
Sieam lliilli'i-s and I'lii-nncc Work u
Cost uml Slock Estimates
Ptirnlsliod Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.  Granbrook, B.G.
J Cline
nr lhn old Miinimlm ilHi-lior Shop
i-iili now Iiu round In tho
PMrst Class Work In all branchos
(if the
Tonsorial Art
Great West Life
Assurance Companys
Actual Results to Policu Holders
Fred. W. Swain
Cranbrook,B.O, Armstrong Av. THE PROSPECTOR, CUANBROOK, B.C., SEPTEMBER •". 1908.
Uititnct ul Kootenay.
TAKK notlM tlmt Hugh M. Hliaw.
un Nnnton Alberta, occiipatlun farm
er, Intuiuls tu apply for permission
to piu'clinuu the t,illnwln>, ilt-iu-i llinl
lands:— ttoiiiiueiiclni; al a post plan-
teil one mile north ut the soutli east
eoruer ul ULuek No. 42', tbence north
KII eliains, theni-e east HO chains,
thent-e south Kl) ehuins, tlienee west
so eliains tu point oi commencement
anil containing Mil acres mure or less
llur.h M. Shaw.
Dnted June, Brd, iuus. IS.
Kootenny Control Umlwuy Company
'I'he nnnlllil llieetllli; ul Hie shure-
hiihleis ol the Kootenuy Central
Ituilwuy Ciimpuny will he helil ut the
head olllco,,    Oranbrook, u. 0. at in
u.in., Momlny, Till Sepletnbor, for
the olection ol lllrootora anil lur the
ui   othor    Reneral husi
tf, A
iiuieii ut Oranbrook,
list,     I'.IOK.
D.O., 1st Ain;-
(Form  V.)
Certificate ol   tmprovomonte.
NOTIOB, Konllwortb fraotlon
Mineral Olalm, situate    In the Kurt
Steele      Minim;     Uivislull      uf      Kast
Kootenuy District.
Where located:— Near   Woll Creek.
TAKK NOTICK that James A.
Harvoy, Free Miner's Certificate No.
B-1808, net Inn as a|?cnt fur John K.
Humphrey*! Kree Miner's ecrtillcato
No. U-lM* nnd John Swenson. Krcc
Miner's certificate No. U-IMU, Intend,
siity days from date hereof, to apply
to tho Mining Recorder lor a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose ot obtaining a Crown tlrant
uf the above elnlm.
And lurthcr tuke notlco Hint netlon
under section 117, must lie commenced liefore the issuance ol slieli t'er
tlfleate ol Improvements.
J. A. Harvey,
ll.kle.l this Uth ilny ol May,  HUM.   28
District of Kootenay.
TAKK notice that Charles K. Harris ol Crunhrouk, and John W.
Sprague of Nanton, Altu., occupation ranchers, Intend to apply fur
permission to purchase the following
deserllied land:— Commencing nt a
post planted at the South west corner ol Hloek No. 424, thence west 80
ehains, tlienee suuth 80 chuins,thence
east 80 elniins, thenee nortii 80 ehuins
to point uf commencement containing 640 neres more or less.
excluding all land in lllock 4591.
Charles K. Harris.
John W. Sprague,
Dated  June 10th. 1908. 2.1
District of Kootenay.
TAKK notice that Gertrude M.
Harris of Cranbrook, occupation
married woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described land:— Commencing at u
post planted near line of Block No.
425 and close to C.P.R. railway
track, thence nortii to Harris and
Sprngties purchase, tlience west to
railway truck, thence along railway
track to the point of commencement
containing 100 acres more or less.
Gertrude M. Harris.
Dated  June I Oth 1908. 2.1.
District of Kootenay.
TAKE notice that John T. Cooper
of Nanton, Alberta, occupation farmer, Intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
lands:— Commencing at a post planted at tho south cast corner of
Block No 424, thence north 80 chnins,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chnins to
point of commencement, containing
(140 neres more or less.
John T. Cooper.
Dnted  June 3rd, 1908. 25
Electoral District   ol Oranbrook,
NOTIOB Is hereby giveu thut Sit
tings of the above Court will be held
ut the Government Buihliug, Oranbrook, lor tliu disposal ol euses
every Wednesilny, at two o'clock p.
; at Moyie every Saturday ut tue
same hour; uiul at Marysville, Fort
Sleele and Wurilner ou such days
uud dates as may be uppointeil in
the proceedings.
All debts and demuuds not exceeding the sum ol $100 can bu uueil for
nud recovered lu the ubovu mentioned Court tin Summons uud
.lodgement, Gurnishco (either before
ir alter Judgement) or ou Instill
ment Order wllleli cull he culoi'fcd by
commitment if necessnry.
Instructions for proceedings, can he
handed in   to   tlie     undermentioned
clerkH ol the Court., viz:—
V. 11. Morris, Hepiily Sherifl,   Orun
l'. tl. iimiih,  Provincial   constable,
Moylu,     or to
Joseph Wnlsh, Provincial Oonetable,
Kurt  Steole.
Joseph Itynn
Duled  Uml ilny ul  June,   1908.
Notlco is horoby given that 80 days
after the publication ul lhis notice
In thu II. C. Oaaotto, 1 Intend tu
upply tu the Chief Commissioner ul
Liimls und Works, uud to the assistant Commissioner uf Lumls mid
Works fur the district ol Kust Kootenuy for a licence lu pruspeet for
euul uml petroloum on the fulluwing
described lumls, situated on Akamina
creek, ubuut une hull mile east uf the
furks .ul said ereek and Klshenehna
ek, Hloek 4.193, Kust Kootenay
district. Commencing at a post
planted near the South Kuntenay
Puss trull, being mnrked "Content
Elton's N. W. corner    puss", thenee
mth 80 eliuins, thence east 80
chains, thenee nortii 811 ehnlns,
thenee wesl. 8ll eliuins to tlie place of
beginning   containing 640 acres mure
r less.
Content Elton, locnlor,
34 John llloyn, Agent.
Loeatod this 8th dny nf August 1908
*%\m, $rw»0;pectm\
IAT0RDAY, AI'iil'ST 8», 1008.
Done between two suns
At the iiuyllght pulls in Saskatchewan the Provincial nights party
'did sn well     thnt the Scott govern
 it appeared to lie doleatod on tin-
evening ol polling duy, und the Lib
'crul apologists got busy tilling how
the disaster to their party bud been
accomplished, Hut utter the ballot
limes Irom tho reunite enlistitueli
IcIch bud been for a low nights in tho
possession ol tho Scott govornmont
IroprosontatlvoB, belated returns commenced to como iiii and there were
nn mure victories for the opposition
party. The one monotonous talo
Iwas nl victory tor tho Scott govorn
1 liunil, the tricksters whn had rushed
the elei-ilnn with the view ol obtain-
I iug by fraud what thoy could noi
obtain, uiul were not entitled to, by
right. And tho lesson ot Prince
Albert makes It only   inn   apparent
ilmt i ittor how gross tho Iratids
there is little thul. Hu- people ol
Saskatchewan can dn to help thom
selves. - I'nilllllblllll New Westuiln
(Form F.)
Ceil iiiiiii e ol Improvements.
notice, High Ponk Mineral
Olalm, situute in the Fort Steele
Mining Division of Enst Kootonay
Where located: About throe miles
north ol the St. Mary's river, and
five miles west of Matthew creek.
TAKK UOTICE that I Thos. T.
McVittie, F.M.C, No. 061.12, Agent
for Chris. Kolle, Free Miner's Certificate No. 11075, Intend, sixty dnys
from the dste hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose nf
obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice thnt nctinn
under section 37, must he commenced before the issuance of such Certificate ol Improvements.
83 Thos. T. McVittie.
Dnted this 17th ilny of August 1908.
A Colorado Episode
I went down town, thinking thut
things were coming rather Inst, and
went to the stuble to see hnw my
horse looked after his hard ride.Just
us I gol to tho slnlile there wns u
lung cowboy n stranger to me
saddling my horse.
"What  ure you going In
Hint home?" I asked.
"I am going to   ride him
"No you nri" nut, he is my linrse,"
I said.
"He is nut. He belongs to Hrnwn,
the stuhle mun. was his answer,
and he started tn mount him.
The horse jumped nnd I grabbed
at the bridle, tbo lung cowboy hll
me and we quit the horse, uiul ut it
we went witli mu- hands.
In ubuut ten minutes Hrnwn, the
stable inun, uml the mursliiill arrived, pullet! us apart, uiul gut uur
guns, neither nf us had thought nf
them,     ns the   puce wus too last, 1
llrown luul forgotten my horse anil
told the cowboy to take the gray
horso. He luul naturally chosen the
best one. We bnth looked as if we
luul been in a cyclone. Sn we wnsh-
ed up, agreed it was a nice light,
und partod good friends.
I had a black eye and felt sore all
over, nnd be was mussed up some. 1
think I could have licked him if tliey
had let us alone. Forest nnd
St renin.
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTICE. Mystery Mineral Cliilm.
situule in the Fort Steele Mining
Division of East Kootenny   District.
Where located, on Alkl Oreek,
about three mites from bend of St.
Mary's Lake.
TAKE NOTICK that I Robort
Dewar, Free Miner's Certificate No.
Iliilol, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to tho Mining
Recorder for a Certificate ot Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of tbe above claim.
And   further     tako    notice     thnt
action,     under Rcction 37,    must be
commenced     beforo the    issuance of
such Certificate of Improvements.
Robert Dewar.
Dated this 4th day of July, 1908.
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements,
Notice Dull Dog Mineral Claim,
situate in the Fort Steele Mining
Division of East Kootenay District.
Where located: About three miles
north of St. Mary's river and two
miles west of Matthew creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I Tims. T,
McVittie, F.M.C, No. U6112, Agent
for Chris Kolle, Free Minw's Certificate No 0075, intend, sixty days
from dute hereof, to npply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate ol
Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further tuke notice- that action
under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Thus. T. McVittie.
Duled this 171b day of August, 1908
A    Reliable   Local   Salesman
nnd adjoining   country   to represent
(850 arms)
Trees grown on Llmestono Soil
nre the right trees tor British Columbia planting; much hardier and
longer lived than Coast trees. We
havo them the right sisse and age.
A permanent situation to right
party. Territory reserved; pny
weekly.     Outfit Free.
$1000   REWARD
Tin- Btim nt $i,ooo will bo paid for
Information lending t." thr conviction
i>r tho party of parties who net the
(ire that coamimoil n Bkitlutng of logs
situated a half mile west ol Little's
pre-emption and two miles northwest
nl Wattsburg, The Are wns Btnrtod
nt about 5:80 p.m., today.
Dated 6th August, 1908.
The Wattsburg   Lumber Co., Ltd.,
Per A. E. Watts.
lt may interest our many readers
who purpose to buy a new Steel
Haunt.' in the immediate future to
to know that there hus been placed
on the market a beautiful Range
named  "Sask-alta."
Tliis name was chosen from among
20,000 sent in by various contestants,
and of course, Is a contraction ot
the two provinces "Saskatchewan"
and "Alberta."
The construction of this range indicates that if we wish to tind rock-
bottom merit in a stove, we must go
to the manufacturers who has
experience, the capital and the brains
The McClary Manufacturing Company, head oftice, London, and
branches in all leading centres, are
the largest manufacturers of Stoves
nnd Ranges in the llritish Kmpire.
This company is national in its
scope, und thf name "McClary" has
become a byword for honesty and
square dealing.
The Sask-alta Steel Range combines beauty with service, having
every ordinary feature with such
special and exclusive patented fen
tares as the following:
Automatic Lift Top and Broiler
Door which makes successful broiling easy.
Direct Drafts at front end of
Stove, which removes all danger tit
arms being burnt by pots, etc.
Double Duplex Orates, which can
be removed at the front, and whicli
can he shaken separately, therefore
saving red fuel.
Readily attachable or detachable
Reservoir, which means that without
the aid of hammer any person can
attach a Reservoir to their Sask-
alta Range.
A scries of advertisements explain
ing tlie various features of the Snsk
alta iu detail, will commence in this
papor forthwith.
These advertisements were prepared
by A. A. Briggs, Advertising Manager, and placed by McConnoll & Per
gUSSlon, Advertising Agency, London.
That our American forests abound In
plants which possess, tht- hum valuable
uiedlclnui virtues ia abundantly united
by scores of Uu1 most eminent medical
writers aud touullttft, Kwn lhe unlu-
turt'd Indians hud discovered the usefulness of many native plants before the
advent of the white raco, This information, Imparted freely to tho whiles, led
the latter to continue Investigations until
tu-dny we huve u rich assortment of mutt
valuable Auierii-uu medicinal routs.
*^- <^ -o
Dr. Pierce believe* itittour American fttf
tit* nlfc^HJ In inusl T&limtiU' nit*Ulrin»l rooU
foi the rtiT^f 'miii OlMlUute ■ud f»Ul dli-
va*\**i. If wr^mfcH-li'iiiiMTh Invtintllftia llienji
'hm uf ihb ctnivli'tl'-n, h«
ixii-h-f'wkm priiTsjt the ■''"■'-1 Butaelnai
-•iif.v-ir.-..|..-.   l,y 1|U "l.,,M„,.   M...II.-I   fijfc-
■overy." which |i*i> mwu-iisyir io hfl "^
•mjgj   -■fflyW-l   xt.-mn.-h   ■■•i.l--    ||y|.r   |»»l*|||"
*u,r   he-lit   innh-  uml  regulator. >iul  hluuJ
.'l.fiuwi' t-iuum toliie.Hi
'lu llvcrr Tunctlooa
turiild UverTlunctlunal1
and xitxstx valvular ami other affection* of
the tiifirl yield lo Ils curative action. Tbo
reason tt'hy It cures tln-su and many other
affections, Is clearly shown In a little book
of extracts from ihu standard medical wotka
which Is mailed Jrte to any aildreaa by Ur It
V Pierce, of ItulTalo, N. V., to all aeudUif
rogut-sl for the same.
O -^ O
Not less ui am-lous, Id the unparalleled
curea ll Is coiistuntly tn.ikin-,' of woman'*
many peculiar. iffocUons, weukueanek ami
diitnaaJMf durtTMJsraenti, u Dr, Pierce's
FavorlteJ'ri'snii'Umv.tis is amply attested
hy ttiouiiuda ->T>uJft**^rt^tMliiu-hUlttvoii*
tilliuled lo\f/lnefu) i-»T>rm who have been
.niMiij ■■ . r ■mi inh.1 ..-i-i. ■Trfl^i.-i-.r-rr
pgFpE itgpSSiS^QiitMaa^ mm
lil l.m nf  ins .iliTK^TinCToil^riten
ufter many other udveitlsed medicine* awl
Lhyskiaii-ibud failed.
-o -^V ^V
lioih the above mentioned medicines aro
wholly Hindi' upfront Uie ftlm-rle extracts of
native, i Ileljial mots.  The prwttHHM em-
iiloyed Iii iheir iiminifu-'tmv wore orlttlnul
with l»r. IMorcu, and tiny lire carried on hy
-killed chuuilals nnd pliartunclsts with the
aid of apnarutua and auulluuees specially
ueslsned and bulll for this purpose. Both
iiiedleliiert ure eiillrely five from ah'ohol and
alt other harmful, hablt-formino drusn, a
full list of their luifreuluuts Is prlutod oc
each bottle^w rnppoft
A cup of BOVRIL
will drive away that
feeling of lassitude so
common in warm
weather. BOVRIL
gives vigour and tone to
the entire system.
Receives both Ladies and
Gentlemen us Resident or as Day
Students, llus ;t comnlnle Com-
mot'eial ni' Business Courso. Pre
pares studoiils to gain Teachers'
Certitkatcs ol' all jinnies. In
ullilliiiliiiii with Toronto University gives tho four yenrs
courso for the B. A. degree, and
the lirsl yenr ol tho Toronto
School of Science. Hits a
siieciul "Prospectors Courso"
for minors who worli in B.C.
Instructions givon in Art.
Music, Physical Culture and oio-
Kor Calendar etc. address
"Columbian College".
Term opens September ITth.
Write lor Particulnrn.
Fonthill   Nuroerlen
(Licensed by n. (!. Government.)
Toronto, Ontario.
Stomach trouble Is but a symptom of, and not
ln Itself a trim disease. We think ol DyHpfpsla.
Heartburn, and Indigestion an real di-wasm, yet
they aro symptom* only of » certain sptcitlc
Ni-rvu sickness—nothing else.
lt was this fad that tlrst correctly led Dr. Shoop
In the creation of that now very popular Stomach
Remedy—Dr. Shoop's Restorative. Uoltifr direct
to the stomach nerves, alone brought thut success
and favor Ut Dr. Shoop uud his Restorative. With.
out that original and highly vital principle, no
auch lasting accomplishments were ever to be hail.
Kor stomach distress, bloating, biliousness, uui
breuth and sallow complexion, try Dr. Shoop'a
Restorative—Tablets or Llquld-and see (or your-
aelf wlml It cun and will do. Wu tell anil cheer,
fully recommend
Dr. Shoop's
 o- —•
'limber Moldings for Sale
Sevi'ii licences carrying about
no millions of lirsl cluss snw log
tinilier, 20 per cent, of which is
good yellow pine close io water
on Arrow Lalte flood small
saw-mill proposition. Easy terms
A.W. McVittie, Cranbrook
Edison Theatre
Fraser & Hutchison
r.K   1*H01»H1KT<
'■*~ ffHOls
Moving   Pictures
Illustrated Songs
The  Best  in
Cranbrook  at
The Little Picture Parlor
that runs continuously
Saddle Horses
Pack Animals
'Phono No. nn,
Carpenter and
Builder,     i-     •:•
HOimrtifor Sul..  nr Bunt at
'"""""   Roiwonnbln       Prices.
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Phonn   No.   98.
Ilie Frost Investment Co.
The   Famous  East  Kootenay
A Land of wonderful natural resource-!;, rich
fertile land;;, mild and temperate climate.
located in southern H.C. west of the Rookies.
Produces abundant crops of Fruit.
Grain, Vegetables and Hay. The
best  markets  in   the  North-west.
broad valleyi; of rich prairie soil, large bodiei
of excellent Timber, mountains of mineral ore
still untouched, abundantly watered by mountain
streams and spring's,
A new section of the country that has never had
a land boom and where you can still have a cheap
home and the very best soil. One of the largest
valleys of level land in B.C, embracing the
Tobacco Plains Country, The St. Maries Prairie,
the Wasa Fruit District and Summer Resort, and
the Baynes Lake Fruit District.
A postal  stating what  kind  nf land you want, will lirin^
full description, maps, antl  reliable information regarding
climate, soil, and prices ol land,
* ♦
Choice  Tokay and Malaga
(i rapes
Okanagan Peaches,  Plums
Pears,   Apples
Creston     Tomatoes     and
Hazelwootl    he    Cream
 .-n      - -
Stewart's  Fine  Chocolates
   -a • m-
Phone "ii     Armstrong Ave.
Silver-mounted Case Pipes X
JUST ARBIVKD !   IM of lho latest unci bosl ♦
slmpcs. bought top cash und suid al u t'ousou ♦
uli!.' margin.    SEE THEM.    PRICE THEM %
We are still leading with a fine assorted line of CIGARS ♦
 at 3 for 25 cts.  ♦
I'lm suinls arriving every day.    All Tobaccos J
nml   Cigarettes  sunn'   price n-. ollioi' sloros. ♦
Cranbrook    Cigar   Store♦
GEO. WELCH, Proprietor. ♦
—* east *e
Chicago #72.50   St. Louis W17.50
Now York #108.50
Toronto #04.40 Montreal #105.00
Ottawa #105.00
St. John, N.lt. #120.00
Halifax #1S1.20
Sydney, C.R #180.00
Tickets on salo May 1 and PMii
Juno 5, ft, IB and 20, July ft, 7,
HI ami 22, 11)08.
FirBt Olasn       Round Trip
KlM'TKS   TlnkutH  mr  tfftod   \ in   nny
i u^iii/nl rniitrs hi (inn or Imili
iiinviifii-i.    To (lout!oatIooh I'lWt
uf ('hii'ii'jn un' ironil vln ilii'iiri'iii
Kur furili'T Itifnrinuttnn, ratus, sloop-
Inffottfi'OHorviillonsapiily to
J. Moe, I). P. A. NivlRnn, B. (!.
O. R. McPlieraon, fJ.P.A.   Winnipeg.
r H -\
John   LEASK
The most fashionable and
Cranbrook h
iFort Steele Brewing 60., \M\
»******** ♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
P.O. Rox Rii
Tnlnphonp Nu  I
. . . nt' BXTIM PINK . . .
[    lloltlcil hecr for family use a specialty
iiii'siiu: iii;in;i:s tiiVKN BTIllliT
,   WU I'ltfl.MI'T  VTTKNTIIIN    .
;;   Fort  Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
1 ►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ********************** I'lIK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   It. 0., SEPTEMBER 5, IWH
4.ft:*:<>:*ft *.» * t> * o ♦ <. ♦ o ♦ » ♦ » ♦ o ♦ » ♦ o ♦ « ♦ o ♦ « ♦ <> ♦ » »|»
G. T. Rogers
4,0 *ft'*ft'*ft*ft * » 4 ft 4ft * ft 9ft 9 ft 9 9 9 •> ♦ o *ft ftft * ft *■-*..*
For Wedding- Presents
Canadian  and  English   Cut-
Genuine Wedgewood
Royal Crown Derby
Royal Worcester
Royal Bayreuth
YOU     CAN     GET     A     LARGE
t    FROM     AT
G. T. Rogers, Cranbrook, B.C.
*:<>:*:*:* o ♦.».*...♦;<>♦.©.*..*.<>.*:* ♦.<> ♦.»♦•> ♦ •> ♦»♦<-♦ « ♦ c *
G. T. Rogers
♦ *'ft:ftft:*:o'ft'ft:ftft *.. ♦.».♦.».♦:» * o * » ♦ » » o * ft * o * <■ ♦.» * <* *\*
©he |tw»yect<n\
People yon may know
Visitors   Here    mnl   There.—People
Who   Come to   Oranbrook ami
I'liOHD   Who Ilo Awuy.
.Mrs     .-
iwyi'f,   "I      jMjuysvill,'   wiih
it Ornnbrook Wednesilny,
ll   II.  I'mley, ol
tin1 city Wcdnesdn)
I'nilll No.   1-800,
The   Wireless   Tip   Telegraph   Co.
8,ooo   feet   in
stock. liest
BY   US   —
service   in
J.    I).    McBRIDE,    CRANBROOK,
the   Kootenays.
13. C.
Receiver's   No.
Timml    Filml
Mi   uml Mrs.   Morris, i
were In tho city 'lomlnj
Mi.    i'    II     Ml
hrsl Mondaj ol on
i   Roberts,
inbrook   I
>n will receive
ii week
Up, - j
\bernethey,    ol     Kelli
s in lli'' i ii\   Mondn)
LOADED sli''Hs'   all  new goods,   direct        .       «„„      p-      1QAQ
importation .  we   have   the size   you   wanl        I       -^eP«    O,    lWUO.
To S. P. Ortsmen, Cranbrook, B.C.
Shooting season is now in.   Our stock
Guns,    Rifles    and    Ammunition     very
complete.   Let us outlit you.
J.   D.   McBRIDE.
Paid 9.25 a.m.
c   ii    Btnples,
lown Mondny
i    wv.'iiii,.. wns "'
**^.****************a»«.j **********************
srn'Kssiii; to i„ eoil.N
r|$5,oo vsdcash
1 $3,00 a'month
ft Ciioil Discount Km- Cash
CHANBItOOK, ll.C.    *
•        Art:   you  always trying   to  set?   through
a   blurrinsj   mist causing   you   headache
and   discomfort ? If   you   take   warning
and   consult   us
We guarantee to give you comfortable vision
No  charge   ior   examination.
W. F. TATE, The Optician
Alsn Second  Hnnd  Machine.'
Fur Sul • Cheap and To Rent.
Armstrong Avenue
I'linin' I'i" Cranbroolt, H C
Trading Co.
riin.NK l.v;
Wo are still handling
Uh;<;|Ni, TRUCKS
i-'lsMiK antl  l-'KKl)
Mr    unl Mi■•    i■   i .iiiipi'ti! .'I
tne wer« In towi   Mumluj
Try .i    pound   >l tiaturdns   ipi
..niv 20 cents   Tl e r.ilm
It   ii   WUHhiui   ol   Sottttle, w
was In the citj   rhursdaj
n   McMnrttn, ol  Minneapolis   »
wna at   the I'tanbrook   Frldaj
C   a   Miller,  Kalispell.  Mont
m tlif city Kriday.
town Friday.
,1 M Agnew, o! Waldo, waa In thfl
ray  Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Waldorf, of Spokane,
were Cranbrook visitors   Thursday.
W. J. Montgomery, ol Mayook.was
in towu Wednesday.
I. M Dousett, and 0. A. Oghen ,of
London, Hint*., were registered at the
Cranbrook Monday,
The Montreal Family Herald and
Weekly Star, and the Prospector until December 30th,  1908, for 50 cents.
Mr. and Mrs. Hurry White, left on
Thursday un a holiday trip to points
in Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Oaks, and Mrs.
W. Gray, of Spokane spent Sunday
last in Crunbrook.
Mrs. (*. M. Griffin, and Miss M.
Ciriffin, of Oardotl, Wis., were ('run-
brook visitors Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. llrown, of Edmonton, were Cranbrook visitors on
Mr. and Mrs. Kendhall, of Peoria,
111., were guests at the Cranbrook
B. K. Harris, of Toronto, 0. W.
Gamble, of Vancouver, were guests
at the Crnnbrook Tuesday.
; Mr. and Mrs. 1). J. Hill, of Coleman, spent Sunday lust in Cranlirook.
i R. Walters, of Moyie, and C. D.
McNab, of Waldo, were guests nt the
('ranbrook  Sunday   last.
D. J. McSweyn, returned Sunday
Inst from an extended visit to points
In Toronto.
F. H. Pearson, und A, Moody, of
Jaffray, were at Cranbrook Tuesday
on business,
i Bert. Whimster, of Fernie,representing the Fernie Free Press, wus in
the city Tuesdny.
! Gus. Theis, of Perry (.'reek, was in
i town Sunday last. On Monday Mr.
Theis visited Fernie.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. F. Smith, who
i have been making un extended tour
of the Old Country, returned to
Ornnbrook Tuesday.
I 0. W. Austin, of Toronto, K. IJ.
iMcDnniels, of Nelson, and H. Jones
iof Wardner, were registered at the
.Cranbrook Tuesday.
1 Goods promptly delivered to nny
I place in town. Phone Ml. The
| Palm.
| H. Ii. Iteid, of Winnipeg, and Wm.
SchUnke, of Spokane were guests at
the Oranbrook Wednesday.
D. It. Yates, of Wydifle, was transacting business id Ornnbrook) Wednesduy.
Colin (.'. llrown, of Vunrouver, a
knight of the grip, was in town Wednesday.
o Honing-No G
Hollow tlmuiiJ
a* llliistrntcil
Double Cuncave lor
Bxtra Heavy Beards ,
Set ol Two in
Leather Case
Carbo Magnetic
There is a reason why CARBO MAGNETIC Razors arc the best in the world
This method of tempering which is OUR EXCLUSIVE SECRET PROCESS, PRESERVES THE
CARBON Id the steel blades, whereas tempering by fire, the only other method known,
DESTROYS it. CARBO MAONETIC Razors NEVER need to be HONED orOROUND in private
use. Do you realize what this means? Remember the name-CARBO MAGNETIC
Our fruit arrives daily     and is al- i
ways fresh and the best in   the mar-
ket. -The Palm.
Mr, and Mrs. W. I). Hansom, and
G. W. Gray, of Vancouver were at
the Cranbrook Kriday.
H.    (>.
■Jennings,    of     Fort
Cranbrook visitor
Mrs. 0. It. Hanna, and Mrs. Mc-
Quade, of Moyie, were Cranbrook
visitors Thursday.
An exchange says "what do you
think of a sportsman who has a 12
guage gun, and takes 10 guage shells
with him when he goes hunting?.
Ducks were ripe this week, nnd a
number of local nimrods were after
them. No reports have been received as to the number bagged.
J. P. Fink has gone to the coast.
He will attend the convention of the
B. C. Firemen's Association at New
Westminster, before returning to
W. T. Duke, of Montreal, G. W.
Gray, of Vancouver, W. E. Miller,
of Bear River, and A. Nelson, of
Vancouver were registered at the
Cranbrook  Sunday last.
F. J. McMartin, of Nelson, W. H.
Breeding, of Spokane, A. Carney, of
Kaslo, and J. W. Ellis, of Nelson,
were nt the ('ranbrook Wednesday.
Indian Agent H. L. T. Galbraith,
of Fort Steele, was in town Wednesday, visiting his friend M. Phillipps
at the St. Eugene hospital.
F. J. Smythe, editor of the Moyie
Leader was in town Thursdny. He
visited the Prospector otlice nnd hud
a pleasant chat with the staff.
Road Superintendent Reed, has a
lurge force at work repairing the
waggon road between Fort Steele
and the Windermere line.
J. A. Tormey, of Spokane, W. H.
Frazee, of Millwaukee, Wis., and W.
Hunt of Toronto, were guests at the
Cranbrook   Friday.
Some skeptic has written a poem
titled ''The Devil is Dead," hut thin
should not tempt uny one tn board
an excursion train for Ferule.
W. Todd, of Gait, (J. Todd, of
Winnipeg, H. Helmc, of Vancouver,
W. H. Meridith nnd I,. Proctor of
Toronto, were registered at the
Oranbrook Friduy.
||   Is   what   most   boys'
get into when at school,
:aud if their clothing is
of the shoddy kind, it
means a new suit every
week or two. Why not
try the Lion Brand?
They are made from
special cloths suitable
for rough and tumble
wear ihe workmanship is of the besl and
the lil ahead of anything on the market-
Coats are made with
French facings — knickers have double knees,
and will outwear two
pair of the ordinary
kind. Then look at the
prices, no highest than
what you pay for
trashy goods. Try the
Lion Brand  Suits.
PRICES  $4.50  &  $5   A SUIT.
Popular Store,Cranbrook
Agents loi*the famous
Mayers Stock Foods.
School of Mini
AffililM lo Quffn's Univrrsily,
TheMltwim CMnei art *ntt*4-.
i VrarV Course for Degree of B,flc.
- I'liree \ '•aii' CnittHf f"i lH|>lnnia.
,i   Mniiin: I'.nkin«ring
f. i In mlMryniid Mtn-mlnny
i Mh ngy itllfl Of uy
,t Cheiniml KngliiKHiig
pot Cilftidit of th- Bchool mid fiirllirr e   Klectrlcol ItiiRlnnrltig,
Information, npply to ih** Becretary, Bchool /,   BioloRy mid Public Ilcntth,
■it Mining Ktngiton, Ontario i  i-owcr Ui v> lonim nt.
General Blacksmith
and Woodworker. .
Rnbbor Tires Applied
To      Iblggy      Wheels
cos BI0Y0LES
Phono DO
P.O. Ho.v 218
The Quality Store
Wo don't claim to be the cheapest
but we stand up for the best
All Our Ooiiils Are Guaranteed
an up-to-date
or an
Soi'veri in up't.O'ilato Btylo In
un  np'to-tlato   Parlor   •:<> to
Tuk Pamh.
Sot*  our   Saturday
hi Confectionery in
Spool u]
TELEPHONE NO. 141.   <>
East Kootenay
Dye House
Kor all  kinds of
Not llin;; tliu-   or  coarse,   large
or small thut we cannot handle.
We also do
J. Leask, Tailor
I'or Horses and Cattle
(,'100  Ul'IThi
(iood Fences       Good Water
Good Pasture
/Vpply tn 15. COl III G'l'T, Parrot Ranch
iiIhiiii ll' ml loa from Cranbrook, near
UhmiIiI Nortii Slur mill.
* Cranbrook
Teams and drivers furnished for any point in
the district.
A. DOYLE, Manogei


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