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The Prospector Dec 15, 1906

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Array ptttat
Utir.rj at l.t .,
Vol. 12.
No. SO.
There  is  no   Antagonism     Nor
Should There be by the
llineral Public.
An Inlorvlew appeared lust
issue iii the columns of
..ur Baker Streoi Contemporary with Mr. Gurd eon
corning tlio franchise n|i|ilioil
for by ilie Crunbrook Eluctt'ic
Llglil Co. Tlie "Prospector" is
not aware Hint there exists uny
considerable or importaul
amouiii of antagonism towards
the Electric Light Company, and
thinks thai tho "Old Mun" has
taken the matter too seriously,
Tho City Council recently
passed a by-law dealing with
electrie llghl companies, This
bylaw contains a number of very
stringent provisions that amply
protects the City in connection
with the use of lhe Streets lor
poles, wires etc., und it also pro-
rides Hint companies must ol>:
tain permission louse iho Streets
for those purposes. The Electric Light Company were on tho
ground and had their system in
operation long before the Incorporation of tho City, and tlio Electric Light Company believe that
they have in facl permanent
rights so far as llio system extends today. Nevertheless Hie
Company ore desirous of meet
ing tho City in nu amicable way
in lhe matter and are not setting
up this contention but are applying under the general by-law.
This is necessary, wo think, so
far as extensions to tlie system
go but may bo unnecessary lo
the Company for the system as
it stands today.
Another aspect of the matter
is that to run the plant profitable it has boon found absolutely necessary to obtain water
power and this menus a very
large expenditure of money
and tho persons who have boon
approached to provide this
money have refused to do so
unlil iho by-law permitting the
use of the streets is passed so
as to settle any doubts which
there might be in the matter and
make clear the right to extend
and also define a proper period
in which the rights are to last,
subject, of course, to the company complying with thegeneral
by-law and with the individual
by-law to be granted to tho compuny whioh is shortly to be submitted to the vote of the people.
This individual by-law has boon
voi y carefully prepared in the
interest of the City and shows
buyout] any question lhat tho
Company Is uotgetting anything
more than the City can gram to
any other oompany it chooses.
It is of considerable importance
to ihe ('ity that a good electric
light system should be available
mil only for illuminating but for
power purposes nn.l  before   this
can be secured it is absolutely
necessary to have the by-law
passed. The vote will lie taken
on this by-law, ou January 17th,
These bylaws are always submitted whenever uny company
is applying for like privileges,
so Ihut nothing out of the onlill-
nary is ooouring In connection
with the Craubrook Electric
Compuny, as seems to have been
the Impression in the minds of
certain citizens The Prospector
bus looked into the mat tor carefully, antl has boon shown Iho
petition of the Electric: Light Co.
which comtirms Mr. Liurds.statement thatnoexclusivo privileges
were asked, and the bylaw as
advertised, confirms this. In
fuel they are getting in the way
of rights and privileges, just
about as little as the law allows.
We think that the  citizens  gen
orally will fool disposed to support Hie by-law,
Will Attend Bonspeil.
It is announced that Spokane
will send a rink of curlers lo lhe
annual bonspeil of the Kootonay
curling association whieh will
l.e l.elil in Cranbrook oarlj in
The Spokane tenm will coin
prise u skip,or captain,and three
players, lleserilieil us load second
nml third,
There is un   lltliplo   supply   of
..I.l time curlers in Craubrook,
nnd bv ibe Hrsl of February there
will be several rinks in good
shupo lo uieei ihe crack visiting
curlers with prospects ofvlctory.
The managomoiil of ihe Cran
brook rink has boon assured thai
thorn will he :. large number of
knights of lhe "sinlie und besom"
fi'oin iill pa'rts >.f llm Kootenay,
some from the Northwest as Well
ns the Spokuue rink.
Rocky Mountain Chapter R. A. M
Elect Officers.
A- regular communication of
Rocky Mountain Chapter R. A M.
was held in Masonic Temple on
Tuesduy evening. There WOl'eil
number of visiting sojourners
present, The annual election of
officers was held nnd resulted its
follows: Donald MacKay, '/,: .1.
I). McBrldo, P.Z.; A. li. Pen-
wick, II: K. Elwell..!:.I. I''. Armstrong T.: Win. I''. Tate, S.E.; M.
A. lieale, S.N.;D. Williams,P.S.;
Companions Vi. T. Reid. and M.
A. Bottle were elected us
Political Notes,
Just now Hie opposition press
is busy trying to bolster up lhe
leader of the party. They have
a way of saying tilings thut Mr.
Maedonald should have suid and
done, but failed to do so. They
attempt to cover these shortcomings of thoir lender by slandering Hie McBride government.
Lint slander, like chickens, all
come home, and in this case will
bo the undoing of the party in
the next election.
The Cranbrook Hern Id suys
that, in case of an election "it is
twenty to one that .1. A. Harvey
gets the nomination in this district. " Tho Leader will bore add
that in case Harvey does get tho
nomination it is twenty to one
he will he elected. Moyio Louder.
The voters of Crunbrook riding want J. A. Harvoy to represent thom in tlio next legislative
assembly, and I hero is no doubt
but Hint. Mr. Harvey will receive
the Conservative nomination,
There is also uo doubt but that
many political combinations may
be formed, by the opposition,
between lhe present time
and the holding of a provincial
election whicli will hnve ns
an objective the defeat of Mr.
Harvey, but those combinations
had bettor be brought in for
thoy might get frosted. The
Conservative voters of Cranbrook riding have dourly expressed their preference for
Harvoy and being human they
will naturally slay with their
The Herald suys:
"ll is preiiy generally conceded Ihni Mr Harvey will walk oil'
wiih thi' nomination for mombor
for the Consorvatatlvo party of
this district."
Now why does noi tlie Herald
make n clean breast of it
nnd uiliuit wilh equal frankness that il is pretty generally
conceded that if        Mr.
Harvey is nominated in lhe Con
sorvative interests lie will walk
olf with tho election, leaving his
opponent so fur behind the .lust
clouds that he will mil even
choke?   Nelson Canadian,
Holiday Excursions.
"The Canadian Pacific Railway Co., announce the usual faro
and one Ihird Christmas and New
Year return rules from and lo all
local points ou western hues.
Tickets will be placed on Stile
Dee l'l, L'L', 28, 24, 25, 28, 20,80,
I 81 uud .l.m. Isi, go.1.1   reluming
until Jan. 8rd.   Por detailed in-
' formation apply to local agents,"
Visitors Here and There   People
Who Home to Cranbrook and
Those Who So Away.
How swiftly runs the year,
Here li is almosl Christmas
Vi. E. Moore of Region wns in
lown Priday.
I' Mason of Wllmor was ul
llm Cosmopolitan Priday,
Mrs, .1. II. Northv of WyclilTe
was visiting ni Crunbrook Priday,
H. II. I'illmore. ex M. I" I'..
of Vancouver wns in the city
Wednesday on business
Have you seen the large lino
of Christmas novelties at Campbell * Mannings.
I). McNeish of Pernie wus in
the City Thursday on his way to
Porl  Steele.
P. (' Malpas loft on Wednesduy on n business trip to the
Dr. II. Wutl of Port Steele was
nl Crunbrook Wednesday on-
Malcolm Mclnnes came up
from Elkmouth Wednesday on
.1. Youngheart and ,1. Light-
stone of Montreal were guests at
the Cranbrook Thursday.
Mrs. A. Chenette of Marysville wus a Crunbrook visitor
J. C. Drewry, of Moyie. a
di rector of the St, Eugene mine
was in  the city Wednesday on
.1. (1. Cunimings, P.L.S., of
Pernie was transacting business
al the Government office Thursday.
George Sillier will leave next
week for Ladysmith to take
charge ni the C  P. R. station in
that city.
E. Mallandaine, timber cruiser
for tho C. P. R., returned this
week from a business trip to
Mrs. Chas. Harris of Naton,
has taken over the Wilga and
will conduct it in tho future as
a private boarding house.
Pretty close shave, but they
got here. The wall pictures
that Prests have been waiting
for so long. Come quick and
get youi' choice.
A. L. McDermott is now ready
for business, the insurance adjusters having settled the
question of his loss by  tire,  at
A. ('. Bowness is now located
iu his new building ou linker
Street which he recently purchased from the Pink Mercantile
There will he a  dunce at  the
R. H. Itohari of Wardner was
in the oily Tuesduy on business.
C. Smith of Marysville was a
Cranhrook visitor Tuesduy.
The stores will be kepi open
evenings now until after the
J. E. Meyers was up from
Jaffray Saturday last on business.
Albert Grass and II. M. Burrow
of Porl Steele were at Cranbrook
Tuesday on business,
Win. Carlin, the popular Port
Steele merchant, was in the city
Tuesday on business.
A. B, Fenwick and Geo. Wat-
sou of Port Sleele woro in 'ho
city Tuesday.
A. 0. Richardson, and P. A.
Quigley of Vancouver were
guest ut tho Cranbrook Tuesday.
R. .1. Herbert of Medicine Hut,
und D. McKiinmon of •Pincher
Crook were registered ut the
Cranbrook Monday.
Hurry C. Briggs of Victoria, a
knight of the road, was transact
ing business at the Cronbrook
William P. White. Manager of
the St. Eugene mine, and A. W.
Davis of Moyie were gnosis at
the Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
Tho Conservatives of Cranlirook were in convention in the
Wentworth Hall on Priday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A.. Bird and
child were Cranbrook visitors
during the early part of this
N, McLeod Curran, manager of
the North Star mine was in the
city Monday, on company business
R. C. Mattson of Ross'and and
P. V. Fisher of Spokane were
registered at the Cranbrook Monday.
Again the Prospector advises
its readers to buy thoir holiday
presents early and thereby avoid
tha rush.
Any person desirous of getting
a report of the Kaien Island investigation can secure the same
at the Government office, Cranbrook.
Mr. John Breckenrldge of Calgary, president of the Crows
Nest Pass Lumber Company, was
at Cranbrook Saturday last on
One evidence of ihe power of
Liberal oratory is found in the
recently discovered fact that
there is a constant demand in
this province for windmills.
Rev. Mr. Vance of Kimberley
wus the guest of Rev. Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. Westman, at the parsonage, for several days this
Mrs. Chas. (iaskill, of Kimberley was iu the city  Friday pur-
Central Hotel Marysville on j he (,|ulsill.r Christmas candies and
toys  for lhe   children   of   the
Methodist Sunday school.
evening of December 17th,
uml ti general invitation is ex-
tended to the public.
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. King entertained a numbor of friends ut
thoil   residence    on   Armstrong
Last week, Mr. and Mrs. N.C.
McK'instry of Marysville moved
to l Iranbrook, having purchased
AveniioTn""wed^es^ Mrs.   C,   M.
noon Edwards on linker Hill.
.1 11. Cnslnko loft on Thursday I The Herald says thul, "We
for the const. He will spend tlio j have u hunch that there will not
holidays al Sydney with Mrs. bo an election unt I the frost is
Cusluke uud will return to Oran- ont of the ground. The "(lid
brook alioui the lirst of January.   Man's   leel must bo getting cold.
  Well! he bus another guess com
TlioC. P. R. put on their mag- Ing.
tiifviug   glasses,    look  a good i
search and now the Wall i Events arc going to move rap-
Pictures aro hero. Oomo anil j idly in Crunbrook during the
select one for Xin.'is, Ul Prest's I next two nionlhs. "The winter
studio !of our discontent" will   be over
—— | in u political way, and if we can
Regular public preaching SGI'-1 get our political fences adjusted
vices will be held in Iho Method- ou conservative linos all will be
ist church nexl Sunday as usual,  well.
Evening subject   will  be  "Our 	
churches ami iheir members." p. C. Gamble of Victoria, pro-
Song sorvicn of intoresi al 7:80. vlnclal civil engineer was in the
All ure invited, city Monday of this weok to  see
  und report on lhe progress of tlie
Prosperity is general iu South- foundation of ihe government
oasl Kooienay, a feature of Iho j building. While in lhe district
day is the demand for labor and Mr. Gamble Inspected the new
the high wages boing paid the bl'idgo crossing the Elk river
unskilled worker the count ry north of Fernie, also tbo wagon
over. Skilled and unskilled la- road now under construction from
bor is enjoying bolter things: Michel lo 1'Vrnie. Mr. Gamble
these days than ever before. left for Nelson Tuesday.
R. L. Phelps und W. G. Ross
of Vancouver spool Sunday last
in Crunbrook.
W. Harrison bus returned to
Cranbrook und Is now with Chas
E. Reid A Co.
Por suggestions in buying
Xmas presents read Tate .VSons
"add" lhis week.
V. Hyde linker will leave Sunday for tho old country, where
he will spend lhe holidays,
Clarence Washington is again
playing ibe piano ut the Manitoba Hotel.
T. Stacy of Wusu.and (i. Olson
of Seattle wore registered ut   the
Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
Mrs. J. llislop. of Kimberley
was ut Crunbrook Priday shopping
Victor nnd Will Rollins will
leave tomorrow for the ensl.
They will spend the holidays at
thoir old homo in Ontario
See the Harold Nelson Company at the Opera House on
Monday evening. Secure your
seals at Beattie St Atchisons.
J.S.T. Alexander, J. P. Gray,
R. Puthrie and J. E, Lawry of
Pernie wore Cranbrook visitors
Saturday last. During llie
evening the visitors wore at
the Curling rink having a try
at tho "roaring game."
Ceo. B. McDermot, editor of
tho Western Canada Trade Gazette, of Calgary, wus transact
ing business in Cranbrook
Friduy. Ho made a pleasant
call at Tin'. Prospector office.
Tate St Son have sol up this
week an elegant wall show case
just received from Toronto. It
is a tine specimen of tlie cabinet
maker's art.
Polioe Court Reports.
On Monday morning, Chas.
Minns, a native of Southampton,
England, made an attempt to
leave this world by lhe revolve]
route at the Saratoga restaurant.
Minns, is a young man aboul 20
years of age, and explained his
attempt of taking his own life,
by saying that he was tired of
life and thought that he would
be better out of this world. His
wound not being serious he was
committed to jail oil a charge of
attempting to commit suicide.
C. Vorfoullie got. loaded with
fighting booze then got six
months at hard labor forslappiiig
the face of a woman in the tenderloin district.
Military Wedding at Washington.
Washington, Dec. 14—-In SI.
John's Episcopal Church bore today the marriage took place of
Mrs. Marie Barnes, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Gunnel, and Lieut.
Mark Brook U.S.A. The
Wedding was a military affair
and the attendance fashionable
After the ceremony a reception
was hold in the homo of the
brides parents,
Panama Canal Bids Received.
Washington, Dec. 12 Bids
were received today in connection with the Panama Canal construction. The contracts pro
vi.les thai ouch bidder must un
iterliike lhe entire work of eon
strticlion. No bur is made lo
corporations associating in the
undertaking bul the order is lhat
they must lie legally organized
into a single body with whicli lhe
government can deal. A certified chock for #200,000 wits do
posited with each proposal nnd
tho successful bidder will bo required to enter into n bond of
$8,000,000 for the due and faithful performance of the work.
llBUCially, people were  III   douhl
as tu prospects,   Inn  today  one
hears remarks on all  sides thai
the country is sure. A very
largo surplus will be reported
this ynn.- an,I financiers are no
longer dubious As a result the
people live true lo custom uud
ure boosting Im* McBride This
does imi apply lo the conseiva-
live party aloilO, but Liberals in
I! C, nml elsewhere are looking
on and state that never was the
province in such a good eon.li
tion: und us a result   ul-...   thoso
wl i'e sinking   will    he   sunk
lower ul Ihooleclion A straighl
government, loyalty to the pen
pie and province uud backbone*
in sland nut agalnsl ull fraud
hnve w.m lor McBride uud Iiii'i.Mowers the present high stun.I
St   Eugene Payroll.
Monday was pay day at   the
What the City Dads are Doing to
Promote   tho   Welfare
of the City.
Tli.. i 'ity i 'ouncil h.-ld a speeial
meeiing on Priday evening Dec.
7th to consider bylaw No   84,
There K.-rn presenl his worship mayor Rogers and alder-
m.ui Jackson, Ryan, linker ami
li wus moved thai by law Nu.
ill now he reconsidered and ii
pally passed ami adopted The
motion was curried.
i'.iiineil ihen adjourned
A special  meeting of the city
COI 1 was belli  in   th"  council
chamber on Monday evening
J)ee. 10th, lo consider by-law No.
81, granting special prh iloges to
ib"   Cranbrook   Electric   Ligbl
Sl. Eugene mine, suys the Moy-  Rogers   and    alder u    Ryan,
ie Lender, uud   Ihe  amotllll   dis    Murphy ami .lack-son.
bursetl   was   885,000.     Noveni-   *  Ir was   moved  l.y  aldermen
ber having only thirty days n.
counts  for  ibe falling off  from
the pay duy of Inst month  when
it was 880,000 for October with
81 days.
Murpby und Jackson thai leave
be granted to introduce by-law
No iii. :.. grunl special privileges to the Cranlirook Electric
Ligbl Co . Limited. The motion
was curried
I In  motion, by-law Nu. :i| wus
. ,, , ,    . read the tirsi  | second  times.
All ultempts on the iinrl ol lhe;    .,., ., ,.     ,,. .
. .       ' ' 'I be council resolved itsell  in-
opposition organs to   make   iti, .,,       , .,       ,   ,
,,    ,   7. ,,   ,,  . .     lo n e millee  ol  Ibe  whole   to
appear  thnt   I'n sr    McBride -, ,       >-.,,,,
1'     ,      .          consider by-law No. :;!. with the
wanted an issue with which to! .    ,     ,   .
, .   ,,      , ,   ,      mayor in tho chair.    On reassem-
appeal lo lhe  electors  unil    hat   ....      ., ,    ,
, ,    ,,        ,       , : lilini.' the  mayor reported  that
such had been loiiud in the treat-   ,, ,.,,,,,
,  . , .        the committee ..1 Ibe whole bad
ment the province  hus  r uve.l .,       , ,    ,	
,  ,,      ,,      ,.   ,.      ,, stderod by-law No 84. clause
at  the    hands   ol    Iho   Ullawti   ,       , , ,    ,
.   ,      .        ,   ,   ,      ,      o.v clause,   and   recommend   the
government   having   lulled,   the- , .   ,
,.,,.,, sumc lo receive its Ihir.l reading
organs ol the Libera   purl v have       , ,    ,
,        ,       ,      ,,,'.       , las broughl forward,
been forced to disclose Iheir real
sentiments at last,    Mr. McBridi
having steadfastly    refused    to
It   was   moved   that,   il   being
deemed   expedient  to  facilitate
A  Successful  Government,
Mottling succeeds like success,
and nothing fails like a. failure,
Perhaps this should not be the
case, hut it is true that if a man
starts to go up lliere are plenty
to help Iiiui, and also, If he starts
downward there are plenty who
will look down and help push
still further on the roud. This
is true in tlie ll. C. Qovernmont,
The McBride administration took
hold of the reins when the
country wits in poor standing  ti
the passage ol   by-law  No.  34,
make a party issue ot the holier .       ,,..,' ,.   ,
,       , .       m older that the assent ol the
terms question   tho   opposition I  ,    ,       ,       ,.•,.,
'  , ' electors   be    obtained    thereon,
are lorceil lo do now   what  lliey,,.   , , , .   ,
,    , , , , , ,.      '    that leave he  granlod   lo   Intro-
had hoped  lo   he  able   to   loree i ,        ,, ,,,     ,       ,-•.,•,
',       ,„       (luce Ihe suid hv-hiw for its third
bun lo do.     1 hul this fuc   is  in ,.
, ,      .,, ! reading.
disputable will appear Irom  cor-       ,,, ,    , ,   .,
, ......       Aldermen Jackson   and   Mur-
tain  ulteranees ol   Iho  \ictoriai   , , .,   . ,, ,.,
,,„    „,. , I lihv moved that the votes of the
Tunes.     I lie I lines lor  the   lasl i   , ,     ,        ..      „,    ,
,    ,       , , electors on  by-law  No.   34,  be
few weeks bus  been  conducting      . ,,      *   . ,
i taken on tbe I, ih day  of .latin-
a  curious  campaign,   nnd   exits- .   , ,    ,'     i ,
,        , , . ■     ury.nl tho council chambers and
perilled at   last,   because  of  its I  ,,,.,>,,, ,     ,   , .  .   ,
;    , .,.. , ,       , | thiil   I. M. Roberts be appointed
inability lo drag  the Conserva-      , ,,.       ,. ,.        ,
returning officer for taking the
tlve papers into lhe controversy i ,.,,      , . ,
.        ' .     ,    . , *    votes ol Ibe electors, with   pow-
iu tbe wuy it  desires,   abandons .   . ,,   ,    ,        ,„,
,, , , er lo nppoiul n n.il clerk.       I he
all hypocrisy und speaks oul   as .   ,
,,,... ,.  ,        ,    .      motion was carried,
follows III its issue ol the llh   111-        .,, ,,        . ,    ,     ,
Aldermen Murphy  and   Jack-
stunt: i .i   . ., , ,
„„     ,„. .,, .   ,      .     son moved Ihni the proposed by-
" Iho limes said lasl night,   ..       „, , .   ,
,. •     .,    , ,- ,   law   No.   .11.   grunting   special
discussing Ihe buse us.'St.. which       .   ., .,       ,, ,
„ f, _ , I privileges    to    the   ( I'utibrook
Premier McBride was endeavor-1 Tn   ,,-,,,-,     ,„,   ,       ,
Electric Light t o., Lt.d . be I.idling to prostitulo Ihe belter terms  ,,,..,',,      ,       i    ,,      ,,
1 ,        , lished in the I runbrooli   Herald
issue,   that   there  wus  not   thei   „ ,. ,      ,,,   „,  .,_  ,„ ,.       ,
,.  ,'       ,    , ,        , ,.    ol December 18, 20, 2i, 1006, and
slightest doubt  that   the public ,       ,,    ,,,,.    .,,.
, .       ,,,,,., Jan. •!.   IDOi,    I he   tion  was
by casting the McBride govern-
, , ,     ,      .      j curried,
menl out would not only   be  nu-      ,,        .,   , ,. .
, .  . ( mined Ihen adjourned,
proving the chances ol obtaining:
better   terms  ui   Ottawa,   but | sir Charles Wyndham to  Retire.
would    be    taking     practical. 	
measures to prevent the further1    r.,,,,,1,,,,  Dec. 14.    Sir Charles
"potlatching" of our great  nat- Wyndham presided at the annu-
ural resources." .,, ,n, ,, ,,,-,.„, A(.,,„.s   Benevo-
The Times   is   the   personal lon|  Fund    n„ stated  „,.„   he
organ of Hon. William  Tempi." ,.„„„, latedaDeai,ly retirement
man. a minister in the cabinet of prom ,|M, ,ia„,.
Sir Wilfrid  Laurier  und   if   Mr.  '
Tenipleinnn is to be held in uny Gazette Notice.
way  responsible   for   the   niter 	
uncos of bis paper or in any way     ri"' British Columbia Gazette
inspires   these   utterances   wo contains notice of the Incorpora
have the clearest Intimation from Hot" of  the  Cranbrook ,v Port
the Laurier ministry   thai   Brit-  Steele   Live   Stock    Compuny,
ish Columbia is to bo coer I.   If with a capital stock of of *I0,-
the    proprietor   of   the   T s.   """■
Sir Wilfrid's  minister,   is   in Always "Agin" the Government
different to the utterances of his 	
personal organ, wo have an li Is seldom thai any one man
anomalous situation al ..nee A can enter a governmenl nnd re-
minister of tho crown ignoring main bill a short time and win us
the manner iii which it campaign many followers ns Joe. Martin.
Is conducted for whieh he inusl While on the opposition benches
in the end be held responsible is be slated that the ..ue duty of
tu say the least an usual nnd I hat side was lu oppose, and ho
undesirable slate of affairs. lived up toil. Today.I. A. Mac
It WUS the Lutlt'ioi'govornmonl donah I and his followers  all   be
thai coerced Saskatchewan.    Ii llovo in the sumo, according to
wus  ihe   same    ministry    thai their actions, anything to oppose
coorcod   Alberta.    The   charges what is. uml gel   the   job   is   tbe
of   coercion    were    but    feebly ci'y      "Glvo us thai job"  Is the
denied.    The  election  of    Hon slcmh      cry      Ask     why'    Ho
c s. Iln.vinun in London wus cnuso, well why "wo want it," ll
triumphantly pointed to by the looks good to us Lei ihem tab
Laurier organs us a complete ttlato a list of wrongs and prove
endorsement  and vindication of them, nni mere surmises.   The
the policy of rcioil,   whereas   people are thinking ton much to-
i um in.i.•'! mi I'ure :i day 10 be   hoodwinked like lhat. ITIK I'KiiSI'KCTtii;   ci;.\Nl!i;(inK II. ( ..  DECEMBKl, lu   Iliifl.
®i)e l^tofipectov.
Prol esstona 1.
..sum.,-,,., 99*a\*99*%S*\S*^^
A. B. Grace,
THK successful politician is!
never caught napping.
That is the rule being followed'
by the Conservative party in this
riding. With all the hue and
cry about elections, by our linker street contemporary, the
Conservatives of Cranbrook
don't scare worth a cent.
A municipal election is near at
hand and it is time for our citizens to meet and select candidates,
The majority of our municipal
OfHoers in the past have been
worthy citizens, and have at all
times given the city a progressive government, but the time
seems to have emu.1 when our
municipal government should be
undertaken by men representing
more widely the various elements
lhat go to make up u prosperous
and progressive community, and
then our most prominent busi-'
ness men should endeavor to liml
time to engage in the active
work of governing our.'ity. lu
other words an effort should be
made to induce moro of our lead
ing business men to take up municipal affairs.
Grit newspapers in this province have, no doubt, succeeded
in their efforts to make the ques-
tion of better terms a party issue.
In other words have made thei
"big stick" whicli will hammer
them into their holes ut the next
• .    •
Next month will bo u busy one |
in Cranhrook. The civic election
will take plaoe on Thursday following the second Monday. The
provincial elections will take
place, well, not as announced by
the provincial "grit" newspapers, but. when Premier McBride makes tlie announcement,
* a     a
The political conditions in
Cranbrook. at the presenl lime,
indicates that Ibero will be a
great deal of bitterness, and the
fug end of the "I Mil Man's" patty Is squeaking dreadfully.
a     a     a
Some men work overtime trying to quench a burning thirst.
It is a good thing for tlm conn
try that minority reports are not
received and sent abroad. If
such were the custom, why the
Liberals lining in the minority
would rule, thelosser would gov-1
ern lhe greater, the weaker try
to control tlie stronger. Who
ever heard of such proceedings
H     &     CO.
From End to End oi the store Stocks are Fairly Bristling with Newness
IT would bo unfair for us i.. point to any one department us the peer of the rest.    What we attempted lu
do we have accomplished   tixed it that uo matter whai
line of goods you are interested in. thai  section answers
"Ready" wiih confidence
Will liml much in Dress Goods and
Mantles to interest them.
We've been particularly particular i" assure ourselves
thai every weave and pattern is what will be llu
exactly    correct tiling foi the Cuming Se,is,hi
There is ,i pleasing clivet - t\     'I tsliion
ableness among all that pertains tn Ladies
wear.    All ul these lines «ill  In   , ir  to the
ver\   bone.    l*'.u   .;**' •   cents  ».   «ill    i
you  ;i   line  ol twei ds ind sei *;. - the hit.
patterns and designs regular prio       o tits.
We have one line - .1 tw. eds wi   « ill
; *; cents regular jn con; , .. ds
Beautiful wide-w   '■   Dress goods in Si
lengths tin   ven   '<..<.:■ s*  at  s 1,00 111.   -
regular price  - .75  ind si.oo.
W" cannot quote ro   prices 01   ill   iu. s here.   1
cheerfully do su when .     Ca    it the Stor.
I 3<1.PC Underwear Waists in Silk,
LGUIud NV,,,,1 and Cashmere all to
      be sold at wholesale prices.
ns      mt "
Mens Wear
I'KANI'.ltlllll..     -     B.C,
Solicitor, Etc.
W 0 \\ ill sell 1 ou I l.-.iv \ I hidcrwear all
sixes at s 1, tu pet suit regularly s..hl fur
s Mi. 1,     1'iip sliii 1*. will be saciiliccd.
\\, have I In- I'i.ink Slater shoe, the
I .i-l,- Shoe Co.'s high class shoe, The
\1u1ii1.111 \\ .ill. iimi '.line uiul man) other
Inn s, \\ 1 « ill quote you one or two pi i( es
i\ In. it i\ ill large!) govei 11 .ill *
We will sell you a $5.00 shoe for S2.90, a $6.00
shoe for $3.50. a $3.50 shoe for $1.85.
We have 300 dozen Mens Sox in Cash
mere and he;t\ \ wool. \\ e must unload
them .it cost.
\ll out* I.allies l''iirs must go and tbe
assortment is mosl Complete at prices that
def) Competition. Wc fancy that 11 call
«ill satisfy.
See the prices we epiote on jntli Century
Clothing, While Clothing made by the
average makers will be sold at from S3.go a
suit up,
hill & eo.
llritish Columbia
9 "ml NOTARY  ITlli. 11.'.
X      Cranbrook, B.C.
1   "    *
a     G. H. Thompson
'f ■^J.   II.Ui'lilSTKIt ft SIII.ICITOI
A x~a*)   NOTARY I'l'nl.ie
Craubrook, n.c
T H O M A S   M 0 V I T T I E
P.U.S. & CE,
Fort Steelo B.C.
Phijsician "nd Surgeon
Hours:  ll to 11 it.ra. 2 tn -l p.m.
I i 7 to8 1...11.
I'lniiii' 1 lllloo 105    Residence 109
Tuk.' unii.'.' iluu   thirty .luya ufter
duto we im,'ml in ii|i|ily lu 11.i- Chiel
Ci nu-sloner uf I,inula uml   Works ut
Vlei drill Inr puriuisslun to out it ml eurry
awuy limber (rem llio followlni,' lleserilieil liimls Iii Suiilli I'iusi Kni.ti'iiiiy:
I.   1 *ini.iii.-.ii'i 11 lj ui :. post   plunteil   l.m
.'llllills II...'I I I llltl i'liuins Mi's! of III.'
point where the wesl lioiiinliiry of Lot
iHiiW liilorseels 1 he iiurlli lioiuulury ..f
p. ipti.it,   Nu.   usi: iiii'iu'i'  wosl  sn
.•linins: iiii'iu'i' -.nul. SO i'lialns; thenee
.'list  XII I'llllilla:  till'  lllllil.    SO    I'lillil
in pluee of eonuiionceiiietit,
Nov, '-'I-l. I'.in.i.
II,   Commencing tit a post planted luu
I'llllillS lliil'lll llllll   IHU I'llllillS Hl'Sl   llf till'
point where the west I Hilary ..!  l.m
HOIIil liitorseets the north lioiuulury nf
preemption Nn. lisl: tlionco north SO
and, yet. whenaeo itlce fully ,.,,„,„,,. ,,„,„ usl m ,.lmi„,. tll,.,„.„
exonerates the premier und his [smith so ohnlns: thei worn no chuins
cabinet on the Kaiet) Island deal t<> plu. (com nt.
a  few  disgruntled  ones think    Nm-.2i»t. inim.
their ideas should be published I   ;!* 0™"'"-™'"*; ut a post plantod at
to iutluence the public.
The Liberals all over II. ('. are
now fearing 1111 election. They
know their cause is weak and is
getting weaker. Mr. J. A. Maedonald is sorry lhe question uf
Hie smith-west eorner nf tin.tier licence
Nn. NilSO: iiii'i u-i sn i'linin-: llmlii'i' j
.-miih so i'linin-. ili.'i w.'.t su i'liuins:!
th.' ■ inn-ill si. I'lijiiii. in pluee nf c - j
Nu.-. aitll, iiiiiii.
I.     t'lillll.H'lirillir Hi  ll pnst  pllllltl'il    SU
i'linin--mull iif tin' smith-west  corner
if timber li.'.-  No, H2.',0: then i-t
.•Saa^^^a^^;^ •^•^•^•^•S^'S* A    s
j*^^^^ Y? V?^ VP •^•^ -^ >0? 'C? */Z7&R^
Santa Claus |
^foil^ilip       W ■,',.,   lhe   front I
ta\Tk again ibis year with 11 \\
larger assortment thnn n\
ever before, nf ^V
%      Toys.  Fancy      X
(iiHids,, China and ^f
Glassware       rtf
Also 11  large rnngo uf gb
"Cranbrook Souvenirs- ant) Christmas Post Cards <v|
Uring tlie Children tn sec the Mechanical Figures Sf
*y9ft^ft.*rftp9:ftfj>cft*ift ftj.7ft^;.:*7ft* ft,*:ft9:'*;*:*
1 C. E. REID & CO.,    •
) Phone 74        Tj\*fae Drilgg.ists/
' 4;
I *
♦ *
The Painters, lJaperliani;e.s, Etc.
#  OF  9
K'eineiulier we carry tlie only stuck uf IHOH
papers in Cranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  kinds ul Painting and Decorating
attended to promptly.
■ ft
Mrs   Hi<slnn teacher of the
ib. msiup        pianoforte
Speeial attention to touch,
technique,   phrasing   and
grading of studies,
Per pun i.'nines upply to C. 13. Ilei.l X
Co., Tho Druggists,
F. O. E.
Moot every Wednesduy
in S p.m. in H.I..F. null
Visiting   nrothors  Corillully   Invltoil
c. UoSS TATE. \V. I'resilient
•i. ltii'1-..'iiiN. Sony.
Ur.   I'llllill.   A,'i-i,-  l'hvsii'ian.   I'. O.
Box 28.
| Rocky Mountain Chapter li
no. 125.  R. A, M.
Regular moetinyi*:—2nd Tues* £
day in each month at eight 5
nine (.ompanions   are   ¥•
:B taujouruiug
3 cordially Invited. Si's f
fs Wm. to. Tate, Scribe E, f
3 3*
^ Bo.N 4        CRANBROOK) B. C. £
eliuins: Hiei .'"st 10 fhi
periulsslun tu eul unil i'urr.1  ttwuy lim
better terms is up.   He support- «, elmlns: thei   th sn  ,.),,,,,,,;
ed it in the provincial house and   thunee nesl su i-huins: thenee nortli SO
now   his   leader    "Wilfy"     has ehuins to pluee of eoinmeui'einont.
turned it down   the local leader N'm 1""1'* l1""1*
or the  opposition   is   lust.    Mr.      ''•   '' neftelnjr ut n |Kist plunte.UO
.,   c   ,,                          -i ehulns west uml 20 ehuins south ol  tho
B. S. Drury.   provincial   organ-     |n| ivh,.|,. ,„., [m an n( |n|   ,,„.„,.,.  ,th „-„, ,,,„,„„ „, ,,,,„ ' lierf, the r.illowlne .I,-.,',' I 1	
bier says thill   the   premier   has L,H'| Inter i- in.    -u.  I idurj   ol  rominoiioetnont. In Sunlh-oiwl l< uny.   .' nelii"-
iiiadi! a "hit."    Pacing all   facts  pi mptlon No. '.I'M: the -i. -•      Sov. '.'mh, limn. | m n pom  plnnleil an ehulns   nurlli  or
there Is no   doubl   OI   a  general   .'Imins, thunee u-esl  IO ehuins: thonee      n.   Conutiunelu-f ut u |iost. plunteil 10
sweep for the Conservative part) '',l l'",|';li"- ll"* »'"-' -"ehulns: ,.|min» «•-! nl tin* souih-wost  'nornr
....      i    ,: ml '  UliHuee soutli IJ.) eliuins: thenee eust no  ti,,,I,,.,-li,thi.i-  S'o, Silfitl: ihonee wi-^t
if an   election   should   be sunn       .
called.   It is  acknowledged on \ov. wmi. iiiiiii
iill sides by leading Liberals that ,;   i-ommenrfni
Mr. .1. A. Maedonald is nut   tlie thu w.-i  houndury uf l.oi
tuan to  lead   the  opposition   to  elmlns mm r less norlh ol
victory.    On all sides lliere are|on "llll'J "f '" ",ptl01
signs of weakness oii  lhe oppo
si tion side and it will  be   mon
than :i si^n un election day.
Iii  i'linin.:   thenee south   IHO ehulns:
thei .i-i I" ''liiiin-: Hi". north UK)
ii ,i post plnnleil mi   ehulns I" th'- pit  nl  mol menl,
I-u      Nov. -.'sii,. 1000.
'..-      lu.   Coinmenelnn nt  ;i  posl   plunteil
"I:   ;n iln- south-west eorner nl lltnliui   li-
Mii'iH'i' n.'-l Uie .-Iniin- nun ■ !>•--   in   ,.,.  \n  7-||: il,,.,  ,v,.at It'll ehulns!
tho oust lioumlnry ol timher lleenee No.   thonee south lOehulns: tin- n-i bill
IS44; thenee north   III ehuins,  ihonee | ebainn: thenee north   III ehulns lo plnee
1st  UU. .'I.:.in- nun''
till' IV11 Ill's* po-l nl l.nl IK
I llllllll nl   tin'   Knnl.'lllll    river   oppo"
tllO    -nnlli-U'-l     'ii.'l'   nl     l.nl    li.-
'I'ak''Nntli-''tlml-Ixlv'lie-iilli-i ihni.   I   in
l.'in! I" ftpply  In  .In. ell'.I  iiiiiiiiii.sIi i   ul
Units unil Wiirlts ut Vti-t'iiui 11 e lur ,,i,r.
mission In inin-liiisi' Un- ri.llowlt.R ilfiHcrlliml
luml- 111 K.i-1 K.ni.iiiii.v
I'liniiii'iii'lliK ill ll linal I'lillil''. ul  Uli'   Nurlli
1- innl r loss In tin
liiillllillll'.v  n!  l.nl H0:i:i!   till'! Intli
-uiil ivuHtorn hounilnry lo tl..- pin
pi. in.
II.   < niiiin
•In- north-
"i I.',i
!> llrookiu
III ,i ilni
Lot IfitHlanu riillul
I'lillnu poll ilniii"
Ksat  iwunty (ilmlrta,   Uioura  H i,   iivun
elmlns, iiii'iu'i' iv.-i imu-i'lniiii. i  ',, ii
to iln. Kii-i liunil ni tin- K....i.-riiLv river, llinn
Norili lorlv i'lmlna iiliuiK tin- linal lunik oft.
rlvor in llll' -'"Hi lniriilli'l lliciiri' I'iiiat tile,
-Iiii In. mom or loll. I" (iiiui' of I'ommi'iii'i'iiif,
i IiiIiiIiik ISOHCrOJ inoli'or I0M,
limiil ItrockctlrltlKfl .Irani.
Noi-. Sill ll'ii'. U'
lelna ui i. post iiiii i j,
ji I'ornor im iim west liouuilur)  nl   l,o
uiii.'i it,,oi,',' u.'.i Int. i'lmlna uu,"   oi
> to I In—In Iln-nni'lli-i'ii-l eorner ol   llmliel
'•ni-"  liei-t No,"H'l'l:the Hi lOelmlns
""'•v | ili.'ii.'i: mist I.:., i'linin- r In- ii
mnl linn.uhiri nl l.nl '.ii.li:   thunei
Hi    III i'linin- In plnee nl I'.imn,,-,	
 usl  I'lniiii"!
,'.■ nl   li ■!', line!   Sll   i'linin.-.:
: thei    «'-! WI
It,   HII i'IiiiIiih ln|il	
'llllills! llll'l
.I 'in,iiii.'iir" nl.
Nov. Utah, iiiiiii,
'l'l," . nm-   Nesl   I'n-   I,iiinlii'i-  (In,
.til.. I .il.ii--
lii.n.l lli'"'li.'iirlile.'. At"nn        I
line, lat. IIIOII. I IMI'.l.l:     M.'l'l.'i:.
s.    I'm m'ini; ..I ll pnst   pluiili'il lit       Tllke lull    Hint   lliit'l.l   illl.l-   Illli
•sl -II i'linin-: llm  soutli   lit!
ire I.— in iln- north  Hi	
tlmbor lieeneii noili: thei 'list to the
nnl-lll-i-il- I'I        -Ilill      Iir'  :
tlmi.vi' sunt ii'.'i. I'liiiiii-  v nr  less III
II I'lli liii" ill   tiiniini'   lleonee   applied I..r bj n-: tli.'i  nii-t  uu I'iinina
 'i' or less  In  III"  u.'.l I mlurv nl
l.m iiii:i:t: tlmt follmviuKmild wunl'opn
I iirtiiM' nl l.nl Wi'.i nurlli su nlniliis
nmi ' I.'.- ll.lll" pli  nl   ",,| ni,,', .
Nov, ■llllli, IIIIIII.
Tli.'l'ri.u*. Nesl I'uss I Hi".' i'n
I,III..   I I '-.
Iltivld I'n Iii'iu'ldue,  \.."'.,I.
»mm nmrm'mmmmmrmi'.mmtm
iTonsorial Parlor I
:       I'-... i. Oool nml Olcnn Shnve
Or n I'l'll".! Uiiu Cut
A Hut nr Cold llnth
1 Walkr B.Laiiig,nVTM,,j
#.   P.O. 130X88     ARMSTllONG AVENUE    i'llONICIII   .0.
ft: 9 ft; 9 ft; 9 ft;« ft; 9 ft;« ft; ft;« ft * ft; 9 ft;.* ft: 9. ft:» ft:
[^ootenay Qteel flange
A   Good  Baker
'I'lm    Hum    ill   tlm   Kniiti'llil.v  llilliiii'   i-  si'iinililii'iillv
priipiirli I li.tlm slzu nl llm'liri'-lui.v. an Hint  I ru
liml .'llll he hill' I Hull, is lllls.llllli'lv   1 -ni'V   tn   limit
'l'l ran ta II I with hunvy uliuel stuul, whleli In 11
'j 1 "ju   en, I iniin' n[   I,mil   uml   in.-uiv-   u   iiiiilot'...    innl 1
ilirniilfliiiiil 11 i en.   no ihini'i'i' of 111..ul..f breiiil bolnu
llllll ilnlli' nil .llm siilc Ullll 111.I'll.'.I nil the oilier.
The Kootonuy Ituntfu is I.uili nu auionllflu prhietplos
llll'.n.almiil. mill   -linillil   In'    -llivfnlly   exunilll.'d   lielniv
liill in"' uny nt Imr.
PflTMfiRF    RRfK   Plumbing, Rooling, Heating and
lIlllVll/IVL    DlVUt).        Ventilating Engineers.
Gonrt Granbrook 8943
Visiting   brethi'i'ii   cordially   invited
0. !!.,   A. McCOWAN.
Seeri'tury, T, .\lAltSll.U.I,
ulli-u'i'sl eorner nl timher li mi
.'.111: liml  -vent 10 ehuins: III	
nl   In  uppll   In Hi" I'llll
\aaa**9      *mxtfo      *tssm^9
Giiioaru Gauie Go.
Kronh anil Hu toil Moats
Kisli ami I'nmtry in Season
si,'um Boilers und Furniuio Work n
Cost nnd Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook. B.G.
Lime For Sale
Fresh burned Crow's
Nest Lime in any
Inquire ui l.'ini,* Mercantile
Kerr & Campbell
«      4
4 i    i-nrtii's  uaving   back  yards,
(   and closets to clean, nnd refuse
llrilers by  innil  will  reeetve prompt lllld   etireflll attention   J
Boownoe MaKer
All Work Cltiarnntoed
New Work Mode io Measure
Armstrong Ave.   «;; „„„„
| City Scavenger
Parties  having   back
Order by Phone *.=•
inniii.r to be taken away, should
loitVO orders with me.
'"'"v ''lei'snl ih.'t'ilyl'li'rlisollle,.
or drop it pnslul enril lu Hex 10(1, THK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B 0., DECEMBER 15, 1908
^he gfcropector.
IATURDAY. DEC. In, llm.*..
Mottled beer for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
di P. O. BOX 812     b.
7\     TELEPHONE NO. I     $5
Fort  Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
Winter Excursions
to Montreal, Toronto
and nil points wost. thereof in
Quebec, St. John. Halifax
Maritime Provinces
Tickets on sale daily Nov.
iltli to December 81st,
Round Trip First Class
Old Country Kates
$78.45 Return
Halifax or St. John
Saloon     Second   Steerage Q
■jlOii.OO    JI70.00      #54.00
and up according to steamer
I-'nf il.'ittil.'il infoi'mtition satllngH |
...van stciimord llt'St .'hiss or l.uii'-
[Btsioopor I'oaoi'vatioiis apply to
local tiireiita ui' writ,■
Goo. Hillii'f. Agont (Tiinlii'i.i.U.
E, .1. Coylo, A.G.P.A., Vnncouvor
J. S. OARTRK, ll.l'.A,, Nolson
Take notice thai tliii'ty days aftor date
1 Intend to apply to tlie Chii'l* Coinitiis-
slonet' of Lands and Works at >Victoria
li. C. for a special licence In ..tit and
carry away timber from the following
desorlbed lands in Kast Kootonay:
i 'ommenoliig al a post planted twenty
i'liuins suiilli of tin'Soutli west cornor
of tlio Isabel mill.'nil claim, thence east'
nighty .'linins, thence north eighty
chains,thenco wost eighty ohalns, thence
snntli eighty chuins to place nl' commencement.
Dated November 12th, HlOii.
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co., Ltd.,
Ms Ed. t'eagan. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that :I0 days
after.late 1 intend to apply tn linn.
The chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria, H. C, for a liconce
t<i prospect for coal and potrolcum nn
lhe following lleserilieil lands, situate
in block 459H, South-east Kootonay district, of UriMsli Columbia: Commonelng at a post planted adjacent to tho
south-east eornor pusi of Isaae llrtggs'
elaim. Int. Nn. ItHiiS and boing Iln- initial nr north-west cornor pnst of A. T.
Caldwell's location, thoncu east so
.'hiiins: thenee soiiili nn eliuins. ilii'iiei'
wost 80 ohains; thonco north hu eluiius
to plaee uf beginning containing tilu
acres more nr less.
I llle.l NOV, Mill   llllll'..
A. T. CaklM'oll, Locator,
ii. M. .Inilii, Agent.
Commencing at a post, planted adjacent to tlie sotith-oast corner uf M.
Langlcy's claim lot IWII7 and being tin'
Initial or south-west oor'iior posl of Geo,
M.  .luild's location!   tl.e usi  xn
ehaius, thonco nurlli KU ehains: Ihenee
nest Sll ehaius: Ihenee south so ehnlns
tu place ul beginning, containing IHO
acres more of less.
Located Nov. Ifith 10011,
G  M,  Imili.  Locator,
Commonolng at a post plained adjacent to the lliil'lll east .'(it'll.'I' post of ,1.
D. Condon's claim, lot 11005 and being
the initial or north-west corner pnst nf
VV, M. Violet's location! tbence oast
80 chains:  thonee   south  80 ohnlns:
thence west 80 chains: then rl It «n
ehaius to pla f boglnnlng containing
lllll acres inure or loss,
1 ited Nov. Ifith 100(1.
VV. M. Vlolot, Ll lur.
Con. M, illllld,  Ag	
Commencing at a post plat.toil u.l.ju-
cent to the north-oast corner post ..r (I.
Douglass1 olalm, lot 11008 and being the
Initial nr north-west.cornor postofiloe.
'I'atitihiiuser's location: thom asl so
eliuiiis; llioiieiisiinl.il su eluiius:  Hie	
wost 80 chains! th to north hii elmlns
to place of boginuln-j containing um
acres mure or less.
Looated Nov, Ifith 11100.
•len. TaiiiihiuiHor, Locator,
He.. M  Judd, Agent,
!    Tuk nice lhat .'Hi days tiller dale I
I int.'ltd tu apply tn the Chlof Continiss*
| inner of Lands and Works fur a speeial
licenco to cat ami earrj timber frum
tbo following described lunds in East
l.IGKNC'1'! A.
Cnmiiionclng at a pnsl marked P.
Jensen North-Eusl oornor post licence
A. iiltuut I nf a mile North uf Bkookum-
ohuck rlvor on a point where Cariboo
ereek runs into Skookumohuok river:
tbence suuth SU chains: thence wost
His ehains: thenee north 80 ehains:
tlience oast sn elniins tu place uf beginning containing 040 ueres mure or
Dated this 14th duy uf Nov. 1000.
P. .lonson, Locator,
Licenois II.
Commencing  at a pnsl  marked  P,
Jensen North-East eornor posl licence
B,adjoining licence A: thence South
Sll ehuins: ihonoe west 8(1 ehains: thence
North so ehains: thence East su chuins
to place ol beginning containing (140
acres mure nr less.
llaK'il this 14th day uf Nov. 1000,
P. .lonson.   Locutor.
Lickn-i'i*.  C.
Commencing at a post  marked  P.
.lonson North-West corner post lieence
C, adjoining lieence I!: thoneo East 80
ehains. thonco Smith so ohains. thence
Wesl 80 ohains. thoneo North 80 chains
tu place nf beginning containing 040
acres more or less.
Dnted this 14th day of Nov. inilii.
P. .lonson, Locutor,
I .ICJBNI IK   1 •.
Commencing ni n  posl   marked P.
.lonson North-Etlst corner pusi  licence
D. ailjuininc lioi'itee I! unil (': theuee
West 80chains: thence South SO eliuins.
thence Eusl so ehains: thonee North 80
ehains to plaee of beginning containing
0411 acres moro or loss.
Dated this 14th day ul Nov. 11100.
P. Jensen, Locator.
Licence i'i.
Commencing ut a post mnrked I',
.lonson North-East corner posl licence
!•;. adjoining licence A: the
North-West corner: thence Soutli Sll
chains: thence West SO ehuins: thence
North Sll chuins: tlionco Eust Sll ohains
to plaee of beginning containing 0411
acres inure nr loss.
Dated this Ifith day of Nov. Mill.
P. Jensen  Locator.
Licence F.
Commenoing at a pnst marked P.
Jensen North-East enrner pusi about *
mile West of licence E: thence South
80 chains: thonoo West 80 ehuins:
thence North 811 ehains: thenee East 80
ehains lo plaee of beginning containing
010 acres mure or less.
Dated this loth duy of Nov. IIIOII,
P. Jensen, Locutor.
Licence U.
Commencing al a pnst marked 1'.
.lonson South-East corner posl ubout 11
mllos Eust of licence A: thence Wost
80  ohulns:   llionco   North  80 chuins:
thenoe Eust 8(1 ehuins: thei  South 80
ohains to pluee of beginning continuing
ti-io ucros moro or less,
Hated this Ifith day ol Nov. Itlllli.
48 P. Jensen.   Loeator.
Tiiku inilli'r Hint sixty iluys tiftur dutu I lie
li'inl to apply tu I.]..' I'l.l.'l Cniiu.ilasliini'i' ,1
l.iuiils unil Wiirlis ut Vl.'liii-lii. It. I',. Inr por-
mission in luiii'iiiiai' tlm InllowlllK ilonu'lbml
ItlllllS III  I'll.Sl   Klllltl'tllt}'!
< 'uiiiiiii-iii-inr in n iinsi planted... tl..' South-
w.'Ht oornor of llinlior llronro iminuoi' N8H tint]
mi tlio i'usi Una ol I...1 oul, uml onlloil Simon
Khnlilo's Norlh-wost cornor post, IlionooSnutli
forty ol a. I limine fast twi'lily i'llllilla. I ll.'.,,'!,
S....U. sixty oliulriM, tlionoo KiihI twenty olialm>,
lotlmlior lloouco numbor HBil, llienco North
nlonu iiinii.'i' liconoo No. MW ISO chalna tu tlm*
Ii.t ll i.'.' N... MM, ilim Wosl forty i'lmlna
uiiu.u tlmbor llnonco Nn. tm to plnoo i.r oommonoomont, I'liiiliilnlim 1*80 lien's iniin' or loss,
imi'lit nroolionrt.liio, ,110.111.
Nov, nn IWW, i'i
Continued from Pace I.
it hus now* Iippii discovered that
liml election was won by the
most corrupt methods which
have disgraced constituencies in
Ontario. It is this sumegovern-
ini'iit which, through the organ
ol' u minister of iis own cabinet,
now tolls British Columbia thut
by "casting out I lie McBride
government our chances for
obtaining better terms at Ottawa
would lie much improved." This
is the application of the method
of llm "big stick" with more
than n vengeance, It is the most
I brazen effrontery, ll is saying
I in effect to the electorate of this
province, "If we cannot throw
dust iii your eyes; il our
specious but faithless and Indefinite promises will not win you
into our fold we shall force you
to conic" li is saying, "Wc
have tlie upper band and we intend to starve you as a province
into submission to our party, to
our methods and to our policy."
Lest there should be any
misapprehension as to the plain
meaning of Hon. Mr. Temple-
man's organ, it further goes on
to charge Premier McBride with
deserting the inter-provincial
conference, and it says: "Representatives of the dominion
government attempted to convince Premier McBride that the
final word with regard to better
terms had not been spoken by
the conference, but he would not
This may be true, but if so,
why had not lhat "last word"
been spoken? The con ference
was prolonged at least three days
to give consideration to the
claims of this province, as urged by McBride, and it adjourned
within a few hours after lie had
left the convention. It adjourned
apparently because there was
nothing more to do. The ultimatum had been given, the last
concession made. The attempt
to induce the premier of British
Columbia to go back to the conference stands forth in its true
light. It was that the matter
might be finally closed, the last
vole taken and that it might be
said by Sir Wilfrid's henchmen
that Mr. McBride hud, by his
presence, been a party to the
claims of his province. The
more one studies tlie action of
Premier McBride in tlie light of
the revelations made by the
Liberal organs tho more we
must admire tho astuteness and
penetration with which be saw
through the disguises of the
hypocritical members of the
Ottawa government who sought
by every moans to handicap and
compromise him.
As it is, the issue is clear. If
Mr. Templeman speaks through
his newspaper tlie people of
British Columbia know now
where they stand. As it is.much
against the wish of thefairmind-
ed politicians and justice-loving
citizens of British Columbia, the
determined purpose of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier and his cabinet
lo force the question of better
terms into the arena of party
politics. And British Columbia
is ready lo try conclusions upon
the question —Nelson Canadian.
Tnko Notice thul thlrly iluys uftor
duto we intend tu apply lo Iho Chief
Commissioner of Lunds ami Works at
Vletoriii. ll.C. for permission to em
und eurry awuy tlmbor from the following described lunds in Simili Ensl K'unte-
nuy, viz..
Commencing ul a posl planted on tiie
South oast cornor ui Loi lo-l, running
south fifty i'liiiiiis moro or less to iho
northern hnundry of Lnl 2(11111, theueo
eusl 1110 eliuins inure ue leas tu the
western liunil.Iry nt Lot 42.1, thenee
nullh eighty .'bains mope or less to l.ol
'_', tbence west sixty chains. Hotttli
twenty ehnlns, wost. forty ehains to pluco
ol ei Ulilll.'Ileeiuenl, cuuluinltig (till ucros
nioi'o or less.
Dutcil November lath, 10011,
10 Crow's Nest I'uss Liunl.er Co.. Ltd.
Steel Ran^e
prates are made
extra heavy and strong
London^ Toronto*MonrreaI
Winnipeg*»Yancouv«r»5fr John N.R.)
Patmore Bros. Jfole Agents
,"W'..'^Vfly,rIV>'TV»Vi*^V ***> .*9\,*9k,,**\*\ *t/\ **w*\,**f\ 4f *v*: •***• **t\.*'9\ ,*R,1*^V "PV^V ^" *T»iW» *9*.
1     % CRANBROOK     J
I     A HOTEL „ I
BiGuests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection %
Nearest to railroad depot,    lies accommodations   for   tic   ].ulilir   unequalled   in
(f Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors i*
^35*SS5_£§gs3£g2g33**xs cisssj f $ssj55>li35*gJ3S*^35^35^>W
i Patronize Home industries
it V
Tako notluo thin thirty iluys nftoi'
{lull', 1 Intond t<> apply to the Commission,!!1 of I .amis ami Works for a
hpivial IIi'i'iihc io nil ami curry away
iliuhi'i* from iho following (losorlbocl
Commonelng ui a post mnrked A.
MoDongall's Ti ).. s. E, oowiopsituated
120 Chains North and fit) ohains easl of
Um'S. ft', oornoi-of Uot 2011]. (i. I. EtiHl
Kootonay: tjionco north mo chains,
thonoo west so chains, thonco south An
chains, thone. cast mii ohatns tn poinl
of commencement.
Nov. mil. 1 !IIHi.
■Iti A. MuDniigiLll.
Buying Your Candies
9 Fresh From the   9
The ingredients used in all our candies
are the purest, nutritious, wholesome and
Made   In  Cranbrook
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under  New  Manaucmciit
... -,       Winn i.ni want  a  good
I loailiiuarlrrs Im* in 111iti-<    .'.
,   , ,   ■ mace  in stop come t.> tlie
turn and ..id timers. -,,   '
'■    Manitoba.
d, a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
We Want You
To come into our store and he convinced
that we sell the best of meats
of the Cranbrook people are doing this
now, and are unanimous about the quality
of our meats; but we want YOU to come
in and sec us
Dominion Meat Co.
***a**wma**a*a\n*a a**a**a**a**a**a a**a*********** ■■*>■■>■. ■■<■■>—•■•>-nn.^. ■.■»■■»■< .»nn i *»**•*.•<■■ i
****• ~m*»
| P. Burns & Co. I
g~ Head Office,
*g Calgary, Alberta.
Main Office for Eaat Kootenay, ZS
Oranbrook, B.C ZS
I'KONH It.    ZS
*zz.        Tlie most exacting standards of criticism pre-        zs
S~z vail and none but the best finds favor with us. zzS
a** «*a.
lour Stock ,orthe cnpistmas Tradei
I   wi 1 Be Especially Fine   i
Dealers in
Live Stock
Abattoir and Cold Storage3
at Calgary. Alberta.   2
IIII.I.  ,\   CO.     Tin- only  plucu in town
llllll i'lll Ik'- Iiii- u.ii'tl, tin- lli-lNff.
an Hoe
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Baker Street,      Cranbrook, H.C.
Lighted   By  Electricity
Heated By Hot Air   -
Comfortable Bedrooms
lirst Class Dining Room
*"" tmsas*
£ — Always Up-to-Date 2
£ 3
£ Granbrook, -     - B.C. 3
TIUIIKIi   NO'l'lrK.
Ni.ll.'n Ik lii'i'i'li.v nii'i'ti Unit .'III ilu.v.
lift I-I- llllli' I itlli'll.l tt. ll|i|ll,V tl. III.' ll.lll.
Clli.'I    ('..llllllissiijlli'l'     ul     1,1111.1    llllll
IVofkH for it a|ii.i'iiil li.'.'iu'.' I.i i'iii mnl
I'lll'I'.V llllll.V tiillll.'l' fl'lilll Ilir f..lllllvill|l
ll.'si'l'll.i'.l lllllil ill III.' [IlniI'llH '.I I'SllBl
K'lll.ll'MII.V.     I'.lllllll.'ll.'illt;     1.1     II     JMIMl
iiiiiilii")   li. \', lli.fi'liiiiii.ii'a  North-
I'lllHl I'lM'll.'l' pilHl, lllllllll. nil.'   lllllil   WllHl
'if III.' III.llllll llT'I'lillil..11   .'I ll.   Wll.'l'.'
il I'lnplil'S illtll   till!    Kill   I'lVOI'i   llli'lli'i'
Suiilli hii i'liuins: tlii'tici' \\'i".i DOulmliiHi
thoi North mi i'liiiins: llninuii  Hiwi
hii i'liuins in point nt .'..iiiiii.'tii'i'ini'iii.
I nti'.l Nov. ^ilth IIIOII.
IK li.'.i,  \V. Ill'l'l'illlilnl.    I,...'lit.II'.'
"'""""'""""• ""v,,'vo'"'    s   L, LUnlN   t
Thou iinytlitiiff i'1-ai'
Bettor have it taken early as
there is always a rush Hie Inst
few weeks.
Tailor % Importer of *
Fine Woolens.
c.'i'iinhi'ook, I3,C. Armstrong Avo %
rrest pnoto Go.' djjohnson
Galgarv Beer, Ale Si Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO., May and Grain.
Granbrook, B.C.
I NORTH   STAR        |
Picture Pntiiiiiiii a Siiedaltu
Baiter St.
Oranbrook, B.C.
Talco Noll.'.', tltiil Ihi' |iiirl,nt'i'slii|i
lii'1'i't.iil.if.-' .'xistinif l.i'iw.'.'ti tin- nn-
.l.'i'Hiyii.'il. I'Viink Hont'.v  I'l'iii'son mnl
flOOI'^O fl, .l.'W.'ll ,ls I'llllll'lll'loi's. Illllll'l*
till' lll'ltl lllllil.'nl "I'l.llt'snll llllll .l.'W.'ll,"
llllH l.lli.ailllj   I II lllsWlll'I'll    I'.V    Ml.lllllil
'I'lu' linsiiii'ss Ihis Ih'.'ii tnk.'ti ovor l.y
lh.' ".l.'W.'ll Liiinlii'i' (Joiopim.Vi   l.imii-
...1," uf .Illlll'll.V, Whtllh ri.lnpiltl.v llll.a us-
Hllllllill llll Illi' lillliilllli's ill III.' stii.l
pill'lll.'t'sllip, llllll In will.lll llll .I.'Ills lltll!
sili.l piil'tlii'i'slii|i must he puiil.
Iluli'il ill .liillni.v. I). Ci thia Tlh ilny
nl .N'livi'lnl.i'l', Illllli.
I''. II. IVm--i.li
(i, ll.ilmvoll,
\Vlllil>ss:    .Ins. A. Mi'lk'nn. IS
Carpenter % Builder
(icmil Work til
Reasonable Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Teams nml drivers Furnish*
nil for any point in the dis-
trio I.
A. DOYLE, Miiiiiikiii-
Kimberley,   13. C.
j   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.     _ — _ L
Cosy ond
Comlorlabk' Rooms
Headquarters lor
Mining Men
^•♦"♦".**-.".'.."."».". ".'♦■as.as^^-«.aia»-..
j   Royal Hotel
MaryHville, B.C. A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
Tlto above hotel has I n rooonlly oroolod, and neatly Furnish*
oil throufchout.    Tli.' Ihu* is suppliod  with llio besl brands of
i Liquors and Cigars. TUB PROSPECTOR   CRANHROOK   U C    Hl-.i KMKI-.i; l."i, limo
9**99*******9************ ***************************9 XMAS        Jasobs' Irish Biscuits, Fruit
I Pointers on XMAS SHOPPING!  COODS  °^ r? shonh™L
— ••-•-■        ^^    i-m^e     this ^c Quo*e   ,l,c   Prices   011 over I nn   VA-
Dont   let   it   worry   you.       l-et    the   merchant
do   the   worrying   tincl   let   mm   be   your   merchant
9 year the Largest **■■*■■ s "' Fancy Biscuits all JACOBS
S In Our New Grocery .v,*!,.-,.- rem«.ved ih. oi.
9 jectionable  features  cil the ordinary grocer\ store    It
9 is  free   from   the  unpleasant smells arising from stale
It goods and our methods of handling the goods which go
4at oil vour table ensures cleanliness m the highest degree.
H Our  stock   is  now   most  rniiiplrii   and contains
9 everything needed for g 1 housekeeping.
Months ahead we planned -.* 1,1,, v.i, ,
along  *
it-, Toys, t'liii.-v Hoods, I',.
with the seasons lestivities b)   providing an aliundanci   V
of   useful   and   beautiful   things.     Each of our deparl    i
ments is now ;il its cot*) lusi and i
must appealing lint
j£ assortment   ever ~~
'•1 brought   into   tlie '''"'' Nut,   Nile, Thin   Social,  Five   O'olooli    Ten.    Angelica
i Distrtc t I'lunlly, Italiitn. Wafer,   Erin,
*         '"*             " Ten                                  25c
1 )ui i iroeei \  1 lepai tment is well to the from in its
t'limi'ii. Tnili't ActIcles,
I'lpi's.    1'i'iuiey   l.i'oili.'i
11 Is. China, nml ;i vow
i imittiii.    m i i    »t   i   ato,.      , , . .    . ,i       ,
If-   I  line nl l.nwiii'V s I hocolalcs
n sillllll  packages
|      ."',,„
W.     ii lii \
Cocoanui i'n':,in. I'l'tit. (iuir.
Carnival, Boston Cream,
Ohocolatp Finger, Butler
Cream, Tliln Arrowroot, Marie
llullor  I'lu ger,  Oatou Wator,
hi' li ■    Uuj    ivlioi'n   yuu       Willi       Olltnioal,       Wlii'iil.'ii.
.'.in  111 \   iln- fill-* M'KHT.
When ordering Don't overlook
* Waystaffes Jams and Jellies    F.L. & L. Biscuits
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
S     II     \Vi|s-.ii   I'lUHO   >l|i   Iiiiiii
\\ iii iliiei' >,iin"il;iv lasl on   l.um
I'Virv Cakes, Kin I'll'} 40c
Macaroons, Cinderella, too
Wafors, Windsor Wafers,
Rook Cukes, Westiuinster 50c
Mixed Fruit Wiifi'i-s. Tautallon
Shorlbroitd 60c
Mixed Maearoous
Savor, Sugar Wafer, Italian
Macaroons, Cherry MacaroouB
Kings Own 75c
Roasted Corn Flakes
% Heinz Stuffed Olives
J Deckajulie Tea
1 Golden West Coffee
% Shop Early and Often at
I      THE FINK MERCANTILE CO,, lTD.fi,*=^.^,       aawaa
9          ; * n...*.*.. ,m iti , Cranbrook,   -   -   B.C.
At 9  day,
The New Breakfast Foods    J ■,• m.,.,,,, .,, x „.*„..*., WMD
i<i "  ■ .1 til llm Criinliruiili   Kniulay
Ji IISl "11 Inisiiioss,
Superior Breakfast Cream    * ,i .1 smMi7. ,',ii,„, „r u„.j
* Muj iu  1 .'■,uir!   was  1 ransiiellugi
9 InisiiiKss ai On lib rook Monday,
* —
$. I'  11 'lolinson of Calgary, rep
* I'i'soiiitiig tlio Hull Safo Co., was
... n llio cil v Thursday.
Iff                         . '
*f Messrs,     Baker,     Ryan    ami
IV.1 I ime in sealed ims three varieties ..    50c
1 'unii Rusks in sealed tins     50c
Kmpress Shortbread in sealed lins  65c
Wave Crest in sealed tins  85c
Kings Own in sealed tins  S51 *
I'hillipinc in sealed tins 2 II>s  f'*75
i'iiiui.in Rusks the Ideal Child Food lb..    50c
In- ut 11 -11\ Cups per <!/     15c
Chancclloi Rich Fruit Cake in sealed tins 1 Ib   50c
$ee p[esjs WALL PICTURES AND For
New Line oi PARLOR MIRRORS   Xmas-
i^^^gj mxv %ho^cKiov.      2 Nights 2
TI'I'IIAY.  Ill-ir.  15,   1001).
I    The Quality Store | E",,m,"",,m"'"""""'m'""""'"i
; I        — *  i\ |  LOCAL NEWS. 3
,   1 i~*i AT   TV       kj I.    l   1           T i:   I 'Ul •i-uuuuuuuuuuiiijuuuuuuuuuuuu*7
1 (iOLI)    ShAL     IbA I    ,, „ ., ,sono£NoJson WM
, W             Blended Especially For l's § hi the city Friday.
!'*lll:*l* stkki.i: ASSKSSMKN'T in~    .,.., .-- .. ,..
TKICT. *.,.V*....j,
A I'uiii-l nf lli'ii-ii.ii unii Appeal, ii       :,■.<
dor tho "Awomiinoiit Ai*t. ioo:i."fiii'thu Iff,   We    Guarantee    Satisfaction   m
I'Yl.'l  StOOlO   Aa-l'S.-llH'lll    lii-ti-i.i.    ivill     [J^
In- hold mi Tlinraihi}   tin- 27th day i
Douomhot' next, nl um n'e.iork  in tl
(i.iviiiii.n.  iii  the jji.vi'i'iiiii.'iit ngont's
iillii'i'jit I'Vi'tiiii, mi Mn inliii then
ilu.v of I nil"!' next in luu ii'.'l.ii'k
tho fun' ni. in thu prnvliii.ini ifiive
111.-Ill a alii.-.- ul   I Iflllllll It.
|i:it,.il ut i i'linin I:, thia aiuli .lui
.\..ii-u.i.i'i-iiinii. j|jy j/ji A. Sutherland of Nelson  wa
,i. K. Ai'iiwtnuiif, -JW Everything   new   and   Fresh.    The   best    that    SH in the city Tuesday.
BO      Cniit't. of Ili'Vi.aliin unil Appunl. Iff, t}\                           	
  ffi money can buy.                                                              | Dave Elmer of Kingsgale was
a STEWART'S Ife  N- - " ■ «»"••x - ™      l] "T '
Choice Gonlectloneru
Kwah N'ui- I'liltfornhi Ih-iipua    j Iffi
,lnp Oi'lllli'im IVi'-iiin Hull-             '"■
MuliiKii ii.'i.|"- I'linlw Hiintiiii
ilk ;i nn -j 1.11 Apple*    ..k: linn I'pi
'Ph.' Liborals unuipulgti cigar
uili now disguise iiseli' with n
sprig nl holly nml I to in wail I'm
thu unwary in the coming election.
Mi- unci Mrs. Thos. Slarbird
of Wilmer were Oranbrook visitors Tuesday. Mr. Slarbird is
the manager of the famous
Ptarmigan mine, which is located
in the Windermere district,
Return Engagement
('all nt and inspei l our stoi k,
Monday Dee. 17th
Harold Clifford Lane
Nelson       and Bruce
And Iheir excellent supporting
company of fifteen people,
Monday    "The   Prisoner   of
Tuesday  "Arizona."
Prices $1.00 and 75c.
Seats on sale al   Post Office
Drug Store.
Ltivolj   li.'-inii- in Cm iiiii--.
fine   silk    tlniln'ellus   wilh   Hold    nnd    Silver
si,'i-liiiLi-   Silver Wi'iii'iy Sets.
Sterling Silver Mnnlenro Sols.
TolIoUviire in Storliiig, Silver mid Klimiy.
IClogtuil Leather Bugs nnd I'nrses.
il,.1,1 Orniiiueiited Chinks,
Souvenir S| ns, u Inrge Assortinent,
Ki.iniiiiiii Pons.
M Don'l forgel to gel von Chrisl
W                    (                                                                      K| mas candies til "Tho Palm."                         .,
''    r^flWPBFJ I    k    MANNING   II    n-P' Stevo»^» otmotttm     Broke Into the pasture of M
Ijllllll   ULJLL   XX   XfXMnn'nU    I   M e city Monday. B. Heath, 4 miles east of Cran-
Iff pal   brook, one brown gelding nbout
}%3^23^S55^s5^52^S5^3^iS5^i35^3?SS5^^^!S      Burrisler  M.    A.   Macdi Id " years old,   branded  ligure il
-*-^                -^-"    —**-                        —-                     77*~~~77- lias gone  to   the   coast    on   n with 11 quarter circle above on
s'v "■'r"J"                     ************************* holiday visit, loft   thigh,   Owner    oan   have
Stewarts I'tnr ('It lutes # *         — same by paying expenses,
i    g^ .~t aai rtrs l *»   i   w ■» ATTi ¥      A       -1'1'' lu"' ^'''s' Fred Binmore ol
I    CENTRAL        HOTEL    |     ?™   ^ete   wore   visitors!,
Phone 75       rtnnstroiifl, ftve |   ^
Hugh Stewart
Crunbrook Wcdnesdo
»«9ik^l«>«»««*>»»-»****'a>«»^«>«»^ *
H Cline   i %
v £
m       of tl iMiinit.il nii'.rs      a, *
|     »'"""""" '" { *
l *
t 9
. , , , I *   GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   *
Tonsorlal Art f m ^
fc-«%<»»«»«»»«a>'»>>»»i*>>»»«a>«>»>i* 1&%)a*%*X*1t XX *%***%***%%*%*%'Ik*
Marvsvillo, B.C.        COLE & MNDLEY, Prop.
The Leading Hotel of the St.
Mary's Valley. Nice airy rooms
newly furnished. Table as
-iiiui as tiny in Kootenay.
$ i Mr. A. O, Campbell ol* Norlh
(laks was ti guesl at llie Cranbrook Wednesday,
First cinss Work In nil hrni
nf ih"
Take N-
to cut iiii'i oarry nwny thnbi i from tlie *
iiii/iii-M'hiii"i liimln  ■ " ■ Bim K ■
I  .,...■■  .'.:■■■
oi i...' ivoiia n oul
Koulti •■ii*1    orm '   ■    '■-■ '
loriyolmiin  ttietn tw.itii
thonee Soutli fori)
Geo. R. Leask & Co
If you waul good ami serviceable toys for ihe little ones, gol
Hii'in nl Chas, Iv Reid .V Co, '
Constable ,7. Walsh anil John
Wlrlh of Porl Steele were in the
city on business.
M. Ii.  Heath.
Call up the City 'I ransh i
when you want your Furniture, Piano, or Baggage
A. Carney of  Kaslo,  govern
ment   Umber   inspector,   spent    "1X7"    *P    Wordfill
Sunday last in U ran brook. vv •  XJ*    »V Ul U.C11
. F. Tate k Son
Graduate Opticians
C.P.R. Watch li.-| torsCrows' Nosl "nss Division
ft*ft*ft;*:9 9ft:9ft;*:9.9;i9ft*:97*:9^*:ft7*ftr*ft
Wc have just received a large as- fti
sortment of 1 loekcy and Acme Skates d
ol the very newest patterns, also ii
line line of Hockey Sticks and the
prices arc right.
fCratibrook, B.C.        HARDWARE ?
ii," -I   I "■"   il.-"."   *-   * V^'mm'-m^amts:^!^.'^
i.--. .vi....*.-     :''tt'^^,*fl%kaAi
Soinellllng worth Wllilo   for   a Ollio! Ilmnc OC.    Sutun^nuls Hank
Xmas   presenl     tllOSO   now   wall I       Kml-I**--™" 135.   liunil llnnl I'nnl.
|)icllir0S jllSl   I'i 'reived III     Pl'OSl's   	
studio. ('ONSKHVATIVK      N'l IM I NA'I'IM
li'.'lil. lirny ol Ward HOI'llllll I-'. |     U'lll ho holil nl ihu WmiHvnrlh hull
II''. Iliill..eh ..ri 1, Nob., wore ,.,.,„,„., ,  ,■    „,,V"i,urX    llm   *R'*^®*r^«*K«l^^^
CONTRACTORS If""^'11 (lll! Cos,,1°i10li,t"' !"!
*;        Been here since iSgS    Liable to stay longer 9
♦ .
d.tft'ft * *'♦>:♦.♦ 99 9:t4:9ft;9:4:*ft:9-4,.9ft.9;4[
mor-' or leas I
llll.ll 1 "   Mil.
-la    •     a..™*.^., fl..;.., fl
I'lans,  Spot iln ations
and  Listimales
All    kinds   of    building    material
EMPLOYMENT —"»«»•» ">»'■
li will pay ii".--'' who are
looking for work In call and
Jim   McArthur
lie enii  secure .you 11 job am
iilso lit you oul In
Clothes, SIhics,
Hats, Etc.
ri Will II    ."- '
Tiiki' ■
!   I'll     *...TI.l
l:.'l li. I 1 1.
llll 11,''   I'jiat Mt) I'll lina:  tlimit'i    tuiill     ■
-     .'   I ll     U'l.al     Ill    III    1	
"I ,'i,iiiiili'iii'"iii"ii' I'nnliiiiiil    III	
  \,~t  I',,.- I 'I'Cii, l.'l.l. I)"1"'1 ' '.- """'I '    nmi
H10 1.1 Ur.'. ki'iirlil n    \  .'in Wan-liur:.. I her Cm,
Hanson Avo.  Ciianiiiiook, 13.C, | Nlvi ,■.•.•. 1  1-     n
Jim MGflrtiiur
  Ill    IIU
..    I 	
. •      llin     ■ , n
lill •      ,,
Iiiiihi*-III      .
h ilny nl lli'i'i'inl..'.' Illllli. ill tlm Inun
"U!,ul,y* ,,! s |,. ni., fei iln-  pill'-ioso nl  niiinlnii-
J1 i 11-:a,'iiinli.I ti ilium il loutor-
Rev,   Mr.   Allan of  tnnisfail,  Htrlulot Cruiihr 1 nt tho 110x1
All.la., will conduct   divine  set-    |irovlneliil olurtlim In tlio Consorvitl
vice in  tho   Knox  Presbyterian
1 'liui'.'li Sun.lav.
I Christmas Gifts I
IS) n
  y rhere is pleasure for you in perusing our advertise- T
In tho(lonnorviittvo 7 ment, and many a happy hint which will help you to I
"'•i'i',,''*!*! wIhk auiKiivisiona nr *l supply your needs   -the money saving is the bigges ""
(Knttm ui
inri'iricATl: ov imi-ih.vi.mun r
 ii to a 1 rioiomitua 1011 men- j   point of all, for instanci
nm:   Ci'milii'iink,   fort   fciloolo,   Furl
.'Ir   .1 lion,   May....I:.   U'ltrilno
'     ,Vuttf, .Inr.. A ii
Victoria    unci   .Jubilun   Mineral
CIlliniH. I    Ka"li» i'1
if iirtj i-ntoi'HrojflaUiruil fi 1 011
Mill) -. I. Iiii -li ,11 1.11 Illi' llllll   I'.'liseil I	
! ill Willi .'l.'.'llll'lll lli.-ll'ii'l.
'   lii'ii'irui luly inii'i/i'ii nmi
i.'i" K.in'/.V-.'i" "\" i'" I'l'i'Min ."' Ii.v proxy.
ia- Nn   noi''..1    l-'ur fitrthot' itiforiniitliiti until
I'llHllllll'I'l.   If
''lisllii.lli'll,   nil
: lllvlaii.ll   ill
Illilleil    li
T     titty    III'        ll'lll'lil...   !   IJI y
ii*r puir. :i prs. fur
nl.' \i. llll
u':™.'   wjoli'iv"; 'IZ^^Z J ^^ LINKNS. f         CASHMERE
Outhlur'HMill, Mwyavlllo, Kiniborloy P ,,,",'iyl':;;'** Oroaaora, Wa, Tuii IVonii.n'a All   Win
.1.1.1 North Hlur Mini, WttUHl.i..W. Moj- fil in°nt o>VK mnffinir In ,™k!™ H""'«"'K«-   ™  P"
le, Vahk, Kliiljavlllo,                             I .J,  li l'ii i'Ih., in W.OO onoh. J     si*"'s'   Itfi els. )ioi* |m
■ '  !l "Hi purs, "•,    ...
"' ]l?    s !■ mt  Km \e,i I      ™°y f'ollars ana Belts,    ri
IismI,*!|ii|   I'i h   iii    Knits.    Miutrfa      Wn hnvo a Chnloe Holootlon of t
■-,   Mat   J    Steles.    Ki „   ,,,,   nni   1*1111 \'ltlllH    I'nlllll-B  mill    llelts,   tllOHt   'j'
ljl lllive   :i    I,In    Ilisi'Miinl.   '.\eu    is j       llnilll}     Styles   nn.l    .1'nlerilies.   i*,|
 1,1   |1|   '"""'"I ■|llllil>' 2r'"U'1 mnh' l
'•'it", .'„.n,r,.
im ni ..n.'ii ei
iinii',1 nn. i.
"a ia- nn
.,■'.  I
,1  fen   TiilTolta   Allev.'i'   I	
Millinery   Sacrilioe.        ♦
A lli- Snvineen IVinler M|||.   lf
llllll'l'»li;ii™l' 'J1  iieiiiiii'fui Vniil'liies' 'ihilnjinu  iii     J     Iti'.ry.    lixiiutl) '■ I'rlui Bvorv  I?1
I' is    Ullll    lllll*   "I   He.'.'. .'.    ill    Kiii'i'sf  *".- „j,,,l.. '       I...i *      *
HI   Ki'ii'.'s In.iii *B,r.(l npivtirila
111 eoli'i'i.f 111.' I'lxi'l'lllh
Of   .'.'null. I,    lllall'll'l     I
■I' Ilee   IJ
■i.l lln|.ri.v.'i,i,'iils
I Mnl'., llll'l,.
T Mi'VITTIK, Ai'.n.i    | fill
tl. I-l. Thiiiiipa        \f       "    ———' - ——' ****■**■ ********   ***aa*tsw o,      |M
S",'.i .-'1'1','ns.    j «|«>l«^|»|'»|*ii-.|»j»[.J»!iii'.i«>|ii>*«'«i, :-M»Klgl»M»lil»ll*liWH)*»-[i%g)»*i)%B


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