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The Prospector Aug 26, 1905

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Array ,, . ■     i.'\.->n »w
Vol. ll.
l<ASiinin)i^.  H.C., SATUttlXAY. AUGUST !>(?, I&9&
Will  Be Celebrated In  Cranbrook On
Monday September 4th.
A    Co dial    Invitation    Is    Ext ended    To    Everybody    In    Southeast    Kootenay.
jia.tUut ftUflM ivBv.s
Of Interest to Tbow lagaged a
the  Devflopmeat of Ut
Mump industry.
There is mr>re I Merest being
taken in placer mining this year
than hi many years here'iifee
Lack ...' water is retarding
pi u'.-r mining to a cnusid"r.ihle
exieni at Perrj crwk and at
Wild Horse creek.
The capacity ol the Marysville
smaller has been increaseal A
tec mil lead stack was biown in
last week
The Sullivan Milling Company
ha. installed a new air oumpres
sor lo ke«*p |>ace wilh Its constantly increasing output
Huckleberry Hill is still a
scene of activity in mining The
Nmili star company is pushing
development work, and in the
ol J shaft a cross cut will be run
a! a depth sufficient to work the
ore hooy which they are now
sinking on
Al the Sleniwinder work on
ihe new strike reported last
week is progressing Wnileihe
Vein is small, it has well detin ',1
walls an I the ore is high grad,-
which 1'inaV. vs an impression
that the vein will widen out at
Southeast Koiiienny is so rich
in minerals, ooal, oil and timber
th it iti i hi' near future it will be
known as tin-treasure house of
the province
At the Sullivan mining is
active, and work is being pushed
and it assures a large output
this yen' About 160 ton of ore
is mined daily The Marysville
sm> Iter handles the ore mined,
und it is reported that there
will be no curtailment of oper
ations nl Ihe mine during the
coming winter
Residents of Rossland who ate
Interested in coal and oil lands
in Southeast Kootenay have prepared and signed a memorial In
the Chiel Commissioner of Lands
und Works that all licenses for
prospecting coal and Oil lands in
Ihe Flathead valley be issue.I al
Southeast Knotenay is ac
knowli'dged by all mining men
who are conversant with its
mining possibilities to be one of
tiie greatest mineral areas iu
British Columbia,
Plaoer Mining on Moyie River.
Some 2!) or 80 plaoer locations
have I n located on Moyio river
mi the American side of ihe
International boundary, The
gold found is quite coarse and of
a si-iiiy appearance, and the
gravel will go from *l RO to fcl.Tii
to the yard, Water front the
M lylu will be used tor washing.
and active operations will commence ns soon as the river
reaches a low water stage. The
outlook is good for some extensive mining operations in this
vie..lily tills fall.
Three and a Half Feet of Ore in
Bottom of Shaft,
The Vurorn propc ly on 'he
,,. ;  .-,',. nf Ni-, ie luke is show-
:,,. , !    nu i  'I chuel Sullivan,
who has . v.: i . . tho work, is
porfi ctly sntisfli d v, In shoW'
mi{ which Im- beon in lo since
he sin nod on development six
,., ,i s lf,0i phi" bosl showing
is in tin- shaft, which Is iw
I IV n ;, do] i i of ' ;."' !'| '!'is
|, ,. ,,,-.. throe an I u half
fiietofore, and they have already
taken   out   over   two   carloads.
1,1. Ul
. pre
Ai   bC..0(iL AfiAlN
Mi     >ml va i   in arms
vhis runs '„-!,.,.,.[, 4', ^J
ceil ii. 7. ri". but is t...   wi ■    s i
high in s |r,-r a . I lea i val„.-. us
ihe ore in tin  Si    Rtagctus   Hm
there   are   maai   sbovtinrs   in      _
several  other ptaoa  and work j
on taxes*  w,||   t„-  shm-ed   ahead
se'vi'ii days il.''- week Mr
Hunter has u force ol eight rmi,
employed  in   buildine  a   trestle
Ln'pe i nro.lmi.u bTSoEwbus tin M,vl,nii hundred tee*,  ft kragfl*
Opcwnp Day
hu fid red   toel   in
Im the Staples Milling Oo.
Th.'.s Tin-ley and Hen Herinet
..1   Cran-  jf.ft on Fridays tra.in for points
l-.i-nr.k xi'i re t-eopenea un ivlondiii   on i he Crow  line   They   will  be
last. 1..I1.1 a s..rnmer eacaiion ol absent seviral days
r    \1 ,ckiiy  ..I  P,.'tin d.
eicht  weeks.
«l.o mil Hi. :.rl IV Is ,
the properly. •* II In in
again within a week or ten d iys.
The   si aft
as f,,lions:
been arranged
.loluih   will  be the suivjecl ol
the   character   skelch    in    the
A. M.i.-rieal.   B.   vi, ihorlis-t «.'l-iurcri  next  Sunday
A,   ls-1   Division:   Mrs.   Brock,  evening   and  all  are   invited 10
,   i' .d   On ,s:i,n;    Miss  Lewis, ?,rd eoiaie  an..   -,•'
whi-n  fun her   plans  and   work ..        , , ,   hi„      n-.» ^.i-,,o
... . ,     .'   ..        .     .       Division;   Miss Cartmrirrln, 4ih him       ■ ■"   '■•"•
will bt- ou uned — Mu u- Leader, i' , ...      ,,,.,,. ..,
il i■,«...t. and Miss  Williams  Mb
..d  an
A Ch&Lerge Cop.
Wm K. Tab 8 Son hav.- on
exbibilkm n their slv<w witidow
the suv.-r cap ri-cenlly -e-dered
by Messrs H-'Cgartb A luillin-
..f the Cranium,k- bo e.
The cu|i is ,f silv-r. about 15
inches high, be* . tally ea
graved. On each sule >.f the cup
is a fL'tire ot I lacrosse player.
the base is finished in ebony,
and on it a silver plate which is
Inscribed "Grand Qiall. age Cup
presented by Boggarlb & Rollins
Cranbrook. 1.1 C "
m Z~.~ ,s     .       Jake Pink wedl w.-si on
leorge Turn>r Estimates Ore UU^,. u,ja on business.
Km .:ll:r.'C-n1:     1st   Division 28,
2nd Division M, ?-i'd Division IS,
in: D -, s:.ui;;.-.. inh lii\ .sion S9.
Toial eit-oldnenl \M
F    .Viipeie cam*  down   from
Marysville Friday on business,
hour with
1  brighten
ihe  semen  hy   n-ndenns MOmr-
speciii. rriiisio.
•■(,i>e '.l.e boys a hi'ipint
l,ai,.i The fire brigade boys
aire pjfc&isiwg e\. n even.ng for
ihe reel eoi'tesl on Labor Day.
and aflir a la.-id run. it is hard
work to ' , io reel up Ihr
hose an.i do -l i i n.-c. ssarv
work. A lit'i'ass-.sti.riee al ihis
lime would be riiueli apiu-iv,.t',.-o
hi I lie bav. s
.1  M  Anew, of Elko,
l.,wn Fr.ini
Chas Amstrong of Movie wain town Thursday
Harold   Darting   ot   Wardner
was in t.-wn on Thursday
Repent Strike of High Grade Ore
la Nettie M. Paradise Has
20.000 Tons of Ore m Sight.
Sig t At 200.000 T«U
"The Sullivan mine is looking
Very well indeed." said George
Turner, on his return from a
visit to ihe in ne "Ibi eve ihe
tonnage in siubt n ihe mine Is
between 50,000 aid 800,000 ions
which i- more than was ever ex
posed at any time In the past
history of the property. This
tonnage alone issuflieient to keep
the smelter in operation for a
considerable period, but further
development is proceeding and
further tonnage being CO tinual-
ly placed In reserve''
The conditions of the smelter
are most satisfactory The Heb-
erlein process has proved all we
expected of it, and, with Ibe experience gained as to the bahin
cmg of charges, is running
smoothly and ellicietilly.
.1   .1   Worth. Calgarv
■own Tuesday
M  Roberts wu
Saturday last
ai  Marys-
See Short  j,
hauliers at once-
little i«
.1 A McLean, oi Spokane was
at Cranbrook Friday on mining
Frank   DeR
u Cranbrook
J affray, wi
■dav on bus
11   Fenwii'l.' ol Pi
in lown Thursday
,',  Steele
nil   bus
N..W Sawmill m Kootenay River
We learn that   Messrs  Halter,
Ryan and MoNab  will  BOOtl  In
stall a sawmill on the Kootenay
river at McConnetla ranch.   The
site   for  the  new   mill   is  ino-l
favorable,  as  the  eurrenl   be
tween the island and the wesi
bank is i|uile slack, and si'veral
million feet ol logs can be held
al a slight cost, ami the Kootenay river will give i heap trans
porlittion lor logs IO Ihe mill.
Main d at Uranbrook.
At the Mansi Wednesday
evening, Rev. W. G, W. Fortune
united    in    marriage   Andrew
Miller anil Miss Corn Manners,
both of Cranbrook.
The newly married couple
were the recipients of many congratulations from their many
Up On Six Charges.
James Gill the defaulting clerk
was up before Judge Arnold last
Tuesday, und was given a preliminary hearing on six charges
for enibezzleiiieiil. The sum
stolen amounts to between $500
and $600 After a hearing which
lasted almost the entire afternoon,   Hill   was cot tied for
trial. ,1 A, Harvey appealed
for the prosecution,   nnd   W.  R,
Ross, M. P, P, for the defense,
dill was taken to Nelson Wed-
no. lay. A rep >ri from Nelson
, Friday wns to tho ulfecl thai
Hill had made an application for
a speedy trial, and had pleaded
guilty to the several charges.
K. Elwell of Ihe firm of Beale
at El well, was ill Marysville
I'luirsilav on business.
Mrs   .1    Walsh  and   chlldreil
were Cranbrook visitors during
the early pari of ibis week
Wan'ed, at Rnv.l ILtoU dining
:ooin gnl fir farther particulars
nqiuru at the hotel
R,   tl el mo,  auditor   for   thi
'anadian Express Company wns
■ ti lown Thiirs lay.
The people of  the   Kootenais
ire the mainstay ol   British   Co
lumblu   They contribute duvet
iy and Indireell]   two thirds of
the revenues ol llio province
Mr and Mrs. II. U Humes
who have  boo i   visiting   al   the
residence of Mr and Mrs   A  0
Nelson   for the pusl   few  weeks
returned to Trohorui
A prominent mining man who
has just relumed from ihe Win
dernierc country says, that the
nvi'iil strike in the Nettie M.,
group  of  mines,   is  one thai is
attracting thea'Jrwiiionot mining
men frOU! all over the Kootenays
Messrs   Wadhbtlrn   and Siarke.
the owners,  have performed a
about    you  iaree amount of development) the
vein   baa    Imvu   opened up   1\\
surface cuts, shafts and drifts
The ore body has a width of 11
inches, ami is a high grade galena carrying 800 ounces in silver
and about 65 per cent lead. Four
men are now engaged in sacking
ore.   and   .1   is    ftxpocled   thai
several carloads will bn shipped
before navigation closes on Ihe
Columbia river
Wm ll.iupt is busy setting
mil Ore OU I lie To, iniiseh He
lias two [eel ol galouu which
runs high In silver lead A ship
inent of several cars will be Hindi
before Ihe season is elose.l
Al the lillhury and H C.
groups, Mr Filj.simm ...s, win
has a lea-e on the properly, is
busy gelling mil ore. A shipment
will be made In the near future.
There aie ut least six proper
lies Ihal are gelling oul ore foi
shipment this season, nnd as
many more wailing for Ihe eon
struelion ol Ihe Kooletuiy Con
Iral railway M the I'nrnilis.
il.ut,' i|i"\ are pushing develop
menl, und it is reported Hint there
tire 20,000 Ions of ore III light,
Tin Ptarmigan litis four men
ni work developing, and exien
sive preparations being mndofoi
aOtlVO  opeiaiioiis  to coni'tionce
us soon us transportation for ore
nnd machinery can be supplied
by the construction and eouiple-
tion of the Kootenay Central In
lo Un- !\ iieiermerii valley.
Silver Bell The assessment
work has be.n completed, there
is n fairly good showing of ore
in the high-grade tunnel. (Jon-
sideruble work has been done on
the lead vein, which has been
opened up H -iwnnil points on
I the vein slum ing the vein to
have ii width of about three feet,
il„, ore is ii fair grade of galena
carrying values to the extent of
f|n   per   ton      Upon   the  con-
jtrnctlt u or ihe K. C. R. this
at'properiy ear be worked eoonotn.
ft om loall.v and  then shipped at a
profit-   w" loam that there is n
, mortgage on this property, and
An emergency convocation oi ir„r.u  ui„„ „.j„ .„
,, , \, , m , .. u a thai eiiorts are being made to
Rocky Mountain Chapter, ft. a ■
M„ bus been .• il for  Tuesday take care ol the same by Septem
evening August :."it', Sojourn ber 1st. If this la not Becoming companions are invited to be phshed the property will be sold
present. t0 satisfy  the demands of the
George Hunter, was at Bayard mortgage at that lime.
C. M.
day. II
brook at
id Iron
p returned Iroin the
■re dlsll'lol on TIlUI'S
Will remain In Cruti-
the guest  of   Mr.   and
gra.ii,l   resiival.   Mi   whieh 000)   LEAD KE1 URNS F01. 1004-  1»06
v.-.t.   ihe   Prince  ,-,l   Wales,   the j 	
Amount Prodncefl- Atio Bounty
Earned Southeast Kootenay
Prodnoed 70 Per Cent
Amsnofcu  anil  Canadian  Yachts Minot Cupandtheotht-: n-ophies
Contssting at Halifax. N S       !wil1 hp presented M the   ,-espec-
Halifav. \.S, August ?fi.-
The fleetest keels of the Canadian and BMAfMn >'a.-ht Clubs
are assembled in Halifax harbor
ro al w»nd the annual yachl race
for Ihe Prince ot Wales Cup. the
most coveted   tl'ophv   ever   con
'   '         ,_,.,. ro pet-pel nate  the rficnwrv oi a
tested wr m any ot  the   Pntish    ', __,._  ., ,       ,^  	
colonies     The yachts of the   N
live umnei-s
A Msinarial Day
Wednesday the 2?.rd of August
-n-fis ihe anniversary of the ex--
pcniion of William Wallace, six
'r B n., red years ago.    A long lime
Y.Y.C. and of the Kastern Yacht
Club, .xhich ti'ios pari in the.
cvea.i race from Marblehead to
Halil'ax. arrived here in good
time are now the guests of the
Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Club.
In view of the fact that thei-e is
probably not a yacht in Nova
Scotia equal in speed to many of
the American yachts inst in trorn
hi ir ocean race, it is highly  nn
selfish and sportsmanlike act   ol
he Royal Nova Seolia Yacht
Club, to extend an invitation to
the American visitors to com
pete wilh the Nova Seotian   and
other Canadian yachts for the
iv,ot nit,.-onI prize.
The  cap  was originally pre
sented   lo   the   Halifax   Yacht
Club   when   llie   present   Kinu
then the Prince of Wal.s. v IsitenJ
Halifax in 1880,    It is a  beanli
ful specimen o! the silversmith's
in.   standing   two  feet   and  of
gre&l artistic value.      When llle
Halifax Club went out   ol   exist
ence in 1888 and Ihe Royal Nova
>eoti« Yacht Club   was   formoo
ihe latter received  the  tropin
from ihe Halifax Yacht Club as
.1 legacv     The trophy has never
eft ihe waters on which  it   was
lirst sailed for.     According to
the conditions the trophy nan be
kepi by the winning yacht onlv
nine months, when it must be
returned to Halifax, to be com
peted  for again   the   following
Not to be outdone In courtesy
by the Nova Scotia yaclusnimi,
Mr. Laurence Minot   has offered
a trophy to be competed for by
Canadian yachts at  the same
same lime, when the Prince of
Wales Cup is sailed for. Th
trophy is a handsome silver cup
Ihe decorations of which are
symbolical of the international
,'harncter ol the race and nl Ihe
good feeling exislitm between
Ihe    yachtsmen    of    the     two
countries represented   in   the
The llrsl nice was sailed loilny
over a COUI'SS of twenty live
miles oil' llnlilnx harbor    I'nder
ihe regulations of the  Royal
Nova   Scotia    Yacht   Club,   in
cording in which the measure
nieni of ihe yachts is determined
great national hero. a\s every
strident of historv knows Wallace
was betrayed by the "fause
Men lei i IV a name exw rated ro
this daj in Seoil!in,-i Wallace
was iai,-Mi in Irinnipli to Ijondon
and there beheaded -1 Hill
Rnrton, says: "A man of vast
political and military genius";
(.anba„ii the Hanan patriot,
says: W ilia in Wallace shed as
bright a glory upon his valorous
nation as ever was shed upon
then- country hy the greatest
men of Creeee or Rome.
Dr Brycc Speaks of Early IHys
in Westr-rn C&iisifla
, , Simpson, were at Femie several
lenved   fi-om   111"   Scottish!
Mis. .lames Kyiin.
H Gunning, Slierbruoke, Out.
.1. Morrison,   Poterboro, I.   W,
Wells, H.iynrd, N K. P-roley,
und I'\ ft i'nnscher. Kernie were
guests ai tlm Royal this woek,
It wo lid be funny if  we  could
s inrselves  as  others see us,
bill il would not be funny il we
knew half as much about our
selv.'s as some of our neighbors
seem to know,
An  extensive bush   Are   was
raging  norlhwesl   of   lown this
week. On Thursday evening
iho reflection of foi
different points,   was
by multiplying the load watei
lino by the «>i.iI men nml dividing
Ihe result by BOOO. s.'Veiiil ol Ihe
American   bouts    were     burred
from competing 1n the   raoe
Nevertheless both the N. V VI'
and   the   Kaslern    Y  C    were
represented nt tho starting line.
when the signal lor the begin
ning of the riico was  glvutl   Ibis
This   availing    the vlslilng
yachtsmen    from     Ihfl    United
States will be the guests of the
Royal Nova Heniiu Yneht Club
nt n grand celebration ut Hteir
club house. (In that occiisloti
many government olllciiils und
prominentolllsens will be pies
ent to greet the American
yachtsmen, The American
yachtB will remain here for
several days and In their honor
a series of minor yacht races
will be held, in all of which the
Americans will have the privilege to take part. Special
prises will be offered for tbe
various events. The visit of the
Americans will conclude with a
The  Rev. Or. Hryce oi  Man
iioha   Pnivovsitv    delivered   an
..it. ■'■-."-! ins      hvliire      Tnesdav
evetiins    in    the   Presbyterian
Climvh, on  'The Rarly Oays in
Western  Oa»« ia       The Doctor
is one of the m »1 prolific histor
ians in Canada and tal.es *, patriotic interest in the early events
of the oonnti v      lie i. one of the
pioneers of   Manitoba   arriving
therein P-,1     Be de-cvibed the!
fort as ii existed .'luring Ihe Hud i
sou H:i\   regime, as il  was then
called  Foil   tliiity    "Carvy"  is
Garry, bit' the fori took its name
from the li.si governor, an
Englishman of the name of
Carry. The early So'lcir!? s"t-
llers ot K.l.lonan and the hind
shi\is they underw-en' weie
vividly poi traye.l The wonderful growth since the advent ol
ihe great continental railway
the C P K , was dwelt upon.
The great wheal fields and the
marvelous development of the
prairies were depicted in el
oipipttt lernis The enveer of
many ol tie leaders whose
Splendid aehieieinenlo liaveilotif
so much to open up the vast her
itnee of which Canadians have
bill n taint  idea     The great  lur
traders are almost«tiiinu of the
pus', anil thei|uarrv of the hunter
i> eiianneii in Hi., granary of the
Empire     Mo, 1.   names as Ross,
Belltirk, Garry, BlfflpsriUi Tod.
Meli'enzle.    Prii^ei.    Siniih   the
Douglasses, Sir Jumna and David
ih.. bohinisi   after  whom   the
fftltlOUS pine is nnnn',1. nml a hosl
of others WOUld shed lusire on
the deeds of Hie most ihninir ad
ventures of which hisimv glVBi
a record ,\t the close ster
eopleean views   v ere  shown   to
Illustrate    the   lecture    The
Hnffnlo. SttPUPr) ol Korl Harry,
modern WinnlpPK iiiul lis won
derfnl growth, the men whose
niinieo are so closely allied with
lis hislor.v. nml seenesof interest.
The lloclor Is a llnetil s|ieaker
mul wns   Interesting  mid  enter-
laluiiig throughout.
Pnii rei.irnsof the lead pi-o
dnctioii in Rritish Columbia
din-ins ihe fiscal year H104-lV'O5
and the bounty paid by 1he Dominion government are at hand.
The returns from Southeast
fx'.n-itenaj show a verv large increase over the fia-nres of the
previous year.
The returns of shipments to
the Canadian Reduction Works
at Trail from .Inly 1st lf.04 to
June 30th lfiiW, show that the
St. I'aUgene mine produced
(S.2-17.rulis lbs., nf lead, and ttre
North Star 2,0-'s2,90S lbs..of lead.
Th» total shipment of the
pv.iv.ree was 2t),ri"4-,75fi lbs., of
iead, of this amount W yer cent
must becredited Co Hie St. F.ngene
and North Star mines.
The total of lead produced
and treated W Canada amounts
to aS.TAVMli lbs. of lead, and the
bourn,, paid amounted to %U0,
The amount of lead exported
was L'l.li72.!iWs lbs , on which the
tjonnl.y paid was l»o,5"0. The
Brand total for the yefcr is
.Vi.7'1-V"i:U lbs., of lead produced
and fci:?ii>^ii paid in bounty.
The leading lead produce*-*
and bounty eavners were the St.
Khi/pup and North Star mineB
wh ch aiv located In Honilieasl
Will be Hen? on Labor Day
M.t.is Pink, Wale, and
ere at Fernie se
days this week, and completed
the necessary arrangements for
the visit of the Pernie Hand of
S>0 pieces, and two companies of
riflemen numbering 80 men, to
( vanb.-ook on Labor Day. It is
estimated that not less Ihan 300
citizens of thp coal town will be
here on that day.
A Pleasant Social Ev»nt
iln Tuesday evening last Mr.
and Mrs Kriekson entertained a
j large number of their friends at a
| Vel-nndah parly at their beauti-
fnll home on linker hill. Chinese
lanterns on the verandah and
beneath the trees on the spa
dolts lawn presented an unusual
Iv attractive sight, and the
gionpsof guests scattered about,
Indulging in croquet or listening
lo prophecies as to the future
made by the fortune idlers in
tlieii linn, presented  an  anima
ted appearance During the
evening the Cranbrook orchestra
furnished sweet music and after
refreshment* a most enjoyable
dunce was enjoyed by many on
Hip wide verandah.
Tiger Poorman Will Resume.
At the Traps.
The members of the Cranbrook
Hod and dun Club held their
regular weekly shoot on Saturday last, at which the following
score was made:
John P. LarfiBn, who owns the
Tiger Pom man group of claims.
situated OU  the divide  between
Piorite.   a  tributary   of Sheep
creek und the north fork of Wild
Horse ereek, has made arrangements to resume  work.    Development has been  going on in a
quiet way for the past two months
and Mr. Larsen is fully satisfied
that   he   has   a   bonanza.    The
matter of transportation of ore
has materially retarded development work, bul the construction
of the Kootenay Central railway,
which will   be completed   next
ooow oiooo won now mm...io I year, will furnish the necessary
IS: SI',', ^^transportation,   and   materially
ioiio mu um mu um... m enhance the value of the property
The next regular shoot will. and the success of the new oper-
take place this afternoon at 8 p.! ations is likely to be what Mr.
jot...... | Larsen predicts for it.
O race
noii oiuo irnoi otoio inn
ioiio otoio linii oooio ooooi. I'hh PKUbPEUTOK. CKaNHR<H>K
G.   T.    R.
Uptons Table Jenu Tablets
Champagne Port Sherry
15c Packets
Cranbrook, B. C.
&tj£ yroe-pecUrr.
A. B. Grace-,
pobusbkh ami KorroB
i fur cheap hammocks ar>- nearlj
all fjoni' so now we offer vou
Bamboo Hob's, 3 Pieces.   .    . 2Sc ami 50c
.-split Bamboo Rods. ll Joint *- 00
Split Bamboo Rods, '■'• .It.int. 2 Tips       . 25
LaneewMKi Rods. '■'• .loint 2.00
l^ncewrKKl Hods. :: .loint. 2 Tips I ~'<
Greenbean lio-ls. 3 Joint
Greenheart Uods. 3 Joint. - Tips
Ure<-nheairt Rods. :', Joint. 2 tills .Br.
Now Is Tour Chance.
I C. E. REID & CO..
^phon* 7 4        The Druggists.^
%     CRANBROOK,   B.C.
%_ Always Up-to-Daie 3
£ Cranbrook,
B.C. -3
*    Do Not
*2 !...'. *..-i t; i- it*""--:;' warm *■'■.:..■ i allow you turyci J
5 tbe fh.-t ihnt the winter ju-- \*n*\ .- '-"* thi j- i •:■•■ I 9C
ja» *, rHt ever exjK*ri'*ncc. but proper* Ioi •',.-. (i-i.'i.i al now- g-gr
^5 phi      --•.:•■;. *..! l     '■-•■ i it) - j. i i [*m   -   J^-
jE bj ■. rchaaln? from a* now   tbe I      SUNSHINE *C.
SfTTRNACE sod biTis it titaiAlta  bj Pm«ilr»l .1. .■...*.•-    g
I Patmore Bros. 1
gWnmMtigi Roofing, Heating and Ventilating Engineers^:
s-ATUIUlAV. Al'i.l'.ST in. 1-Asi.
MIXING differs from com
■nerc-al and manufacturing institutions in two important
■joints Klrst: In mining new
wealtb is ahsa, ntelj created and
added to tl,.- wealtb of tiie world,
ta" one :» tnade to suffer Ihrough
its creation Second: Mining i»
free from subjection to trust in-
Dnences, tor natur.- makes no
distinction Ix-tw.-«-n th>- rich and
poor, >s to « tif shall profit by her
metalicdiscoveries, soranuf ,,ur
greatest mines have been discovered bj men virtually without
means, and after made valuable
by co-operation of those more
a     .     .
Tht- man woo mattes a fortune
on tbe Board of Trade, or on the
stuck exchange, or it. building
up e g ganiic hnsiuess house or
manufactnring plant, or in
creating some great combination
in the transportation deld, or the
necessary commodities of life,
ceriainlj adds nothing lo "-he
world's -slon-of available '.veahh.
The woriu is no richer because
he is rich, and some one else has
became correspondingly piMjrer
to :he extent of his increased
hoard of riches.
a     a     a
The former produces wealth,
but it is perishable and temporary, and adds nothing tangible
the wealth ol the country in
which he is permitted lo enjoy
fitful periods of prosperity The
: miner is really the only permanent wealtb producer of the
jworld. Values taken !r..tn the
earth are clean and there art- no
tears nor blood upon them. Tho
metal itself is new wealtb, actually given a habitation in  tiie
arts of the people who enjoy
it because,  as it   has   r>ei-tl   Wfil
said. "There is no friend so true
as a doilar oi two," and, though
th.- producer may become a millionaire, ht- .'.'tu wring no one on
bis tramp to fortune, but is the
recipient of tbe praises of all I
who enjoy seeing the wealth of
the world grow
a     a     a
One ol the tnosl important
events which will take place this
summer in Southeast Kootenay
will i*: the celebration ol Labor
Day at Cranbrook
While walking through a n.-lo
ai Pittsfield, Mass.. Sir Montimer
Duraod,    British   Ambassador, j
ta- nit a, the eye with a ball!
which  fairly   knocked   the   old
gentleman  a   twister     All   of
which sins to show that all such
brutal games  is cricket  -hould'
i»; prohibited by law
southern gateway t..> that san e
hurdrvd miles with an additional
hundred in the Kootenay valley
Hum.* industries should he
protected—a movement should
be inautr'it-at.si in Cranbrook of
a licv of protecting borne industries, a meeting ••' • ■ ' sens
4 ml merchants should be held,
and an agreement u.ad.- whereby
the citizens should asriv to buy
all they need from the
merchants instead oi sending
mail orders to Toronto and other
ea.st.-rn cities
a     a     .
Travel in Southeast Kootenay
ibis year has been greatei than
ever before ..ml the results mill
be beneficial lo the minim: inter
ests of 'in district for nearlj all
of tie- travellers are interested
la mining or want to become so
and they have had a chance to
become better acquainted with
the men who make mines and
with tin- mines themselves by
reasou or their visit to Southeast
a    .    a
Kaiser "Bill" will never carry
urt a prize bar being original,
while he continues work-ins; ou
the old job of r..r111irivf a
atiuropeau combination againsl
SfeS^-se£5^^^isS^5SaS fSK
"a Guests Comfort
Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection h
n  . est to railroad depot   Has accommodations   for   the   public   unequalled   In
fgHot tnd Cold Baths
.SOT1--F.  I. b^r-?t.y- jItmi  ,h.: .
nt {,,
.tier 4»tat» 1 ,nt.n4 it, .ppl. to th* ch'i.f c
12..... j,.-- ,al  I j.,,,1. »-.,   i.-.._a. ... --4
n..*,lamtfr a.1 La.nd. .3J Waarka for a
"««« ,
|aroa|>s?i f,.r ^o»l .o-J Klr.alrum on ,t. "J* *
I . I-- - --1 ..rag. H Ka.l KOOUM, 111,,"'
. on.Uarfa, .,., ,, a DM fHatUt a, ,h, J*
. Ulna on KU BtTW .., ,.,i :i „,,„ niJU|] ^  •*■
'      '' ""   K " :"'-':'     "'•"■'''   ■   .liat1
was;   ,l„n.     s, , n,,.,,. ,,,,,..,   , ri,n,,
...: throe. BduiMmo.tot*
afinn.ii. , oaUlologOOa
i'ata.1 ju!.   Sll,      sa
WI n.,jr".,r ...
Proprietors B[
Deafness Cannot Be OurwL
\b\  liM-al appUcarioa^  j- '.w-: tranncH
[reach theateeaaeU portion ol  --'■■ eai
[There i-- only ou*- wa> to curw deafness,
ann thai U '»> coostit itiooal  rcmediei*.
Deafneu i- <--t— d bj m ii Sai
dilion  uf   the   muco u   lining   nl  the
BustachtanTube.    \\"r..-ii '.:..• tulw  la
Inflamed ;.i>. bave j r imbllns -' nd ■
imperiect hearing, and when
tirely   ctuaed, Dtra/m —  .- ,:.■   .• -   '.
and unlOtiti the Inflammation   can    -
ukt«n out and ihi* *ul-" resiored  ■■>   •-
normal condition, bearing will be ti»-
stroyed forever; ninu ••»-»- oul ol  ten
are caused by Catarrh,   -rhicfa   - ti thing but au inflamed  cond   iu
lvh-ii'j- -,r'tt.'--
We irill gire ' >!>*■  Hundred  Dollars
for any case ol  Deafneat   -.i.-
catarrh thateaono    - ■ -• •: bj Hall's
i latarrfa '  in .    A .... foi     re ...u-. tree
i. K. CHK.N :y ft CO., To
S*>ld by DruggUl*>  '■>
Iak   il:ii- -- ' k . U r .1-.   .i  cunt, ••
I\...'isv Mountain Chapter f
*   When   You   Think   Of t
$ ♦
9 PHONE   119
* (.ranbrook, B.C. East Kootenay
You Think Of
Nn    Iii.   II.  A   M
:'.. _ ..:ar me«tUlD>
'la\    in    .-ivl,    rnnnti     ail   .-i^fji
3ojo i":  :._'   ' ,ami-.,u.,.[.-    in
conlially a. lieu
H. M. UCKHOH   s.   ....  :
li.i .
Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook British Columbia
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters lor
Mining Men
Kellow pilgrim, beai   in  mind
thai  tioMi"   I- the (iatfiway toI
oue hundred miles of 11.. -   gran-1 Cranbrook, lit
ilest s.'iMi.'ii   ..ii   the .iititini'iil.
says the Golden Star   and please Q, H. Thompson
I'-im-iiibi'r Unit Carnbroob is the'
A. Mellor »»•!«•»
General Merchandise
necessary to freiphi youi a i].|.!i.-.s iweotj miles, when you can
!",i ■ii,- ihi  satni _ ods,  it the same price, at .MELL0R8.
-   - .'   .   ■ .,        :   -     ., 31   Maryi river will riml ii a  lari;,- uirlDa])
lad   oi ■ '.. pntvure - ■       - I . ■
flMDll^P   General Outfitter
.  MullUI      Marysville.  B.C.
} CHENETTE & NEAL. Proprietors '
/ (
■i 3i   Marysville:,   B.C.  9t~ »
j The largest and  best equipped hotel in the St   Marys'   /
* NORTH   STAR       |
S ^^ HOTEL 5
t I
A Kimbcrlcv,   B.C. 2
I f
^   H. VV. DREW, Proprietor. — t
Royal Hotel
MuryMvllle, B.C.
The ;it*,v,- hotel Iws been recentlj erected, and neatly furnish-
.-.i ihroujrhout. The Bar is supplied ivith Ihe best brands, of
Liquors nml Cigars.
Bottled beer for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
4 P> O. BOX 812      «,-
*?     TEt*PHONE NO, I      ^
Port   Steele Brewing Co.. Ltd.
S-'-TIO   "I'  :>>-":.t'TH IN
Jt(f\ U t     ,.   :.. -.-   -   |tvi      ■! S   UU   |M1 'Utr-
.',  p ■■'■ , •■ .-:,:■.    i.   ' •   ■        ■.-    ':.•
.: :■ -   /..".  ,- foimtre i i ttaault. •'..-•ovn
!,•'■".■•■'    :...':-    In'    '•-*.,..-.-.. u «■*.   in
rnotam] conml
Ail (j. -ii* owfoi i" 't.1 -Ht.ii pattnei*blpin to
bfl F*bW to '■:■■ t*W SftDoel J illirhton ni
Crtobrook a(ore*»id tod nil cUimi tp imtt
ih- PBld ptrtserttilpiire to t".- praaeab <i to tbe |
.-a.'! Kamnel J Miffhion b] whota tbn M»roi
• win be v M."
DatedUCranbrook tblsSUid»yui4olj  \VA
a J   MI'ilJIYiS
\   |MIIVK\   l        P  W  Khl.»v\l,l
Notice ia herebj glveo tbattixty <l»)*ufier I
rlBf  {  Intend  l" Bpplj   t*,  the lion   ■:
Commlsiionen- • 11 nodi k Worts foi ^ tmb> |
hi cm t« purcliat.'- fBO iOrtu ot land  ntlieEantl
Kootenay DWrlciand more partlnitarlj do
icribed »*■  (oltowa:—f*ommencing   :>i * tx«t;
planted w mart tbe Mtuth »i n porner ot T, W
Btagay'seoaleltlm laid po«t betnK lw« n»Uea
north ol lot i'*" '.'"''<U' ■ and about ball h n.Uf j
en-i of Kite river; tbenea mai W ohalns ibune
bouUi Wchains: tbme.  •*■ »i Wchalnf. tnnnce |
north W-'fliairi'- u ih" p^lin °r b-vlpniuf*
Blk Rl»et ii C June Mth. 1906.
.1   H   TfHN-IU-1.1.
*9> j. d. Anderson,   .-■■ m
*j>—    UAICiUMKi: i x-l.lt I I'i iff
Cranbroold ti *
THO W AS    Me V ! TT i K
P.l^.S.   &  C.K,
B"ort Sioeli; :j.c.
aim  a  Post Office
OVI  C       Store
l*he largest General Store in Marysville, where miners
(..m be supplied with anything the) want at all times at
Cranbrook prices.
Groceries,   Hardware,
Clothing,   Stationery
iokuV witea, i^4W[
i mwr, Ingatap«tpunie4 at lh. tlft,l,
•HI corn.-r of jr.bD y WiIm,-. , t(%.
petnl«imetaiB.ili«MtVetetBa ««« ^
ttcbalaauirtl a.,-.,.- B ebnlw hm J_~
- Cbi ■ - n. -oLM.-pUr.-of it-tinnus .-on
U.n.fiK NO acTTM Bon01 lewt
Vln» WllM.r,, t^Vot
John p WiiM.n Aff«|
ummmm* utpm planted on ,.,, (1„rih
*,Hi , ' '   * *      ";s   t'nal   *M
""'',n,n ^.ttHKHfAalH  VfM   liuZ
B>ebale«MuUi lothi pu« u( u^mm,,. 1VB
u:n;ni: MOaona rr.'irr ,jr laag
[)»ImJ Jul, |<    1'..('.
AiiCs-Mut/. LoaatM
John K WiiM.n   \mn
i:«ma.«DciDl{»t«po.tl,iaUte., at •!..■ Boni
«*i .-ornrr .,4 viaa WUaa»<s waiaad petn!
tfumruim. tacare ■ rh.in, weal tbaaa a
i-bil» nortb ta-ne* «icb4in« .-..t   Uu-u.e «
ekataa w«U to Um ptaet ot bednnlni rxmuU
it.H Mo Bcrvsa, ui,JfK „r ((.M
DMad July si ia*
a. MeJnijfra, i-oo»u>r
John ¥ WlUon, Afffttl
nnmaisadng at a pon pUatad at Hi- nortt.
*i*t corner of a  Ifolatjrrfa ooal and peir*
i-umL-miat ibence *, lh»lD, w^t   low,.e „
efcataaaora tteua M ehataa aaal, tbeaet ID
chum wutt w> Oh pbw e of in-finniL< Watl,n.
luif vW»crc^ Man or le«i.
Dated ialfn in*
A. Filrtlf'lii, [.tx-ator
John K Wilson A|«|)|
( "mn-r-nriOK ftt i [-,-: pUiited ut  thu h<tUj.
weetcomarot AliceMouiooalmd patrol um
ciaiu ib-Us'rWehiiii»r4M, tbioot so chilui
north (banco MflbilniYMt tbanoe BO ebalai
wuth to the plaea oi begtaalag omta nlni &«
»r:i*i mor. or Irn*
u»ttd Jajij ta iA*
A. Maiiatihn r*oi-ator
Joho P. WiiMn Airt-ot
Commeaolnt »t a poxt pi ,nu-<i.. u,,- Hnh.
f-»*t«orDt-r o( a Patrfli Id'aooalaadpairoltuin
DtaUn thaaaa v ebahu vast, tbeaca kj obaini
aortti thaaea ■ ebataa e*<.t tbaaea ii obaltti
v>uvh u thi- plaea or h. f la itog roatatal&f MO
aeraa mote or if,*.
Il»U-d July ». 1S04
Lelu Kosi   I.o4'Hlor
John P. Wllmn. Agin"
rommenrlnrf it a post pUnl* <1 til tho nnrih
weit corner of  A    Mannhan ■ COS) mi'l lwt-..
irum cUim  thaaaa *■• chalm eaat tbancsi
aorth Ibpnc-f NJrh«lni »i_-st. thence N chi.y
•unil. tn tht- plaoe ol berlnnlng. oontalnlni H
aem more or It^n
limnl UicMth JuU   1MB
E l>oht'rfr. !,iK.-aior
John P, WlUOa  Afftil
Commenting at a poat planted at the unrit-
eaaiaornerol LfUaRosi ooal snd i>> tn-li-um
slain tbenee 10 ebalna »«*»i   tbenc« mi rhiioi
north   lhi-nr«- K rbaln* SSBl   ih.nn' gDctitioi
•ouib to ihr place ol brgtnolng roatalBlog w
a. r--*. mor.! or l< .►.
D»t*-.l July -ft  \<*X.
A   M  SU'W»rt  t^OOStOT
John P  fftlaon  Aft'-nl
Cotanmelng »t n \m*,[ pleated at ihe nurth-
vsataornarot k iKiinrr-r looal nnd p iroh-un
Olalm  ihcnc** ft* chain*. pa*i   tbetMM «l rhiiin*
north, tbeeoe ID cbaias west, tbeoee N ebalni
! south lo th" pia*"'- Ot hrifintilnir OOattdnlng W
j ncrrs mor, or i*»»>
l>mt»<l July S' HOI
j s Alexander t.ot*»tor
J..tin ¥ WUaon Ageni
CnmmT.citu; nt a (toil plunietl nn tht1 nortt.
east corner of A M Btawart'a coal and Kt'"
ifum iialm thenoett chalttr. veet  Ihfncf *n
rhaln* north  thf»nr« •») cbiin* Baal   lh*"nr.' ff
Chains \otjih to the pu™ of ta-vinmnK oontslB
idk MO »rr**s mor* or Ian
l»at**«! Julv f> IWVi
s P Wallace, Loeator
John P. Wilson. Agtai
uoooIdi at ■ t»>»i planted "t thp nurth-
we-'li-ornT of J  S  AlMnndrrS coal tn'l i-".*"
trum fiaini ih"fn>* *t ehains <*»»t. thswaO
chain* north thenoe B eh -Ins weal   tbenee I
chain* nouth to the place of N-h-iiinliiB rct.t»n-
ibg 810 acr#» more or le»»
Dated loth July t1"*
A W Bleasdidl r^-ator
John ¥. WUsofl Agent
Commencing at a post planted ai tb>'n^nt
eam enruer of s. F. Wallace'i coal »n.l pawn*
ifntc claim tbenoe M ehatas waet thenei ■
chaini. nor'.h, thenceVIehaltu •*««t  then** *
chains «ou'.h to the plaoe of tw.r.'ininr oootiii
ina *>*o acrm mop- or !*•»*
Dated nth July, i«».
Dora Wallaoa, LocaW
John ¥ Wllaon, Ac"1
I'.juitu' neing »t a post planted at ihe no-**-
vast cornet of a   w   Btaaadall ■ i-oal »*
pptToii»ui» claim thenee n ebalna east, tbw
M chain- north tbenoe U chains *,,t'1- ,l"'r"''
m rh»ins Math to the pl»c>- ol rnrjimfni-c**.*11,
'•oulainint* MO IWra morf or Ifta.
Dated Vth Job m
M   M   Unrtwr. LonW
John K W'H.on Airi-m
CotnmaaelaK at a post planted ai the nont-
veal corner ol M H Barb**r*i coal and t*1^
If'^ni claim   tbcn.-r ■*■• ghalllS '•a*' thfrirr*
obalna north ihi nee ■«chain., vast  ibance »
cbaltii kOOtb t« th, plaoe nl t^tt'nnlnif MBtSlI*
lag MO acrm more or \es*
Dated Jui> Klh, ivhuv
Albert Muu. i^M-«tur
John p Wilson Ar«
Gammanblna at a pott plantcl al ti>*' n,,r'""
ca«t corner ol Dora Wallace •> ooal nn-i p',r<*
leum claim ihenee a. rfaalni * M.'hei"- '
chain, north tbence *mi chains aaal.fben1 '*
sbaina *outb u- the place ot twitinnini* e*m$9
MO acre* mor* or teal
Dated ttUi July, im,
Florence Orr Looaiot
n John F, Wilson A^rni
■ Take notion thHt so days after date I the un-
dertianed Intend to nppiv to th'* Chiel Com'
mlsalonerol Lands nnd Worts at Victoria h
C io; u-p dal licence to cut and carry n«ay
timber from*thc folloning deaorlbed Innd*. In
■ Bast Kootenay.
i"rjoiiii»*ni ins at a fv.st marked Annie Brock-
lonrldge'i nortb east comer poat on th< nortb
; we* llaoof Lot Nf 003<!aboot 10 obnlm *onth
of Uta Kootntiay rlvor and running *!0 chatua
Ittfiai. •*> obalbi •"':,.b -i vbslni •-•.»'■ thence
j tifiiilt •J-'.iiiiliii- lotht place "f commeui ftnimi
■ com ni ni nt' In »ll nto aires moi   nr low,
.\ .mi, liltr i KKNHllkiK
David ui-'. kaiitidge    gt-m
July Utb. -Ai N
Phuslclanaiiii Suroeon
Hours:    < u> ii a.m. 2 ton p,
7 to H p.m.
Phono Omeo 106    RcaldoDCC I
F.  E.  KING
Oppick HouilaS;   ii :,, Iii n.tu
1 |o8pm
, loSp.m
"rn.'i. •..,! I!ksii,i..s.i
E. J. CLAYTON     The ■■•■no's Ctn,ral
j    MainiitiiH unoxceUed  Bervl
^inHHin'H'mfHii'nimntniii'Hwnmiiimiiimmtmw^' '*■•■ •«« to a. ««.»«««...a. **
f- *a : liiwc oonnecttotifl with trains "'Hl
1 P. Burns & Co. I
£ Hind OfficB.
£ CulKury, Alljerta
Mam OtlicM for Euat Kootenay. t3
Cranbrook. B.C ^3
tran-i'iHitini-fitnl lines,  pa-s'-i.
given tlii-ii-.-liuii 11-. nt.   ti.cbh*
I.uuUvill,'. Mempbia and Ne« nil0 '
2 mul ihrough thoso polota to '
I'l-oapi'i'tivc travelera dealrlng
ami I'1"'
Armstrong Ave   Crnnbrook £
Wholesale and Retail
.....' ii'!"r'
iniitiuii us tu the Imvest rate
routes an- Invited to oorreapond61"
with the following fopreaenlallvM-
B. H. Trumbull, Commerolal A*"1"
142 Third St., Portland, I'reP"1,
.1. C, 1.IM1KKY. T. [•'. ,\ P.A.
149 Third St., Portlat.d.orei""
|||K!    I
it -j St, • our Year Courses
'ii*;, Lhemtcnl. Civil,
4nical and Electrical
tn nine* ring,
Mineralogy and Geoioic>.
Biology and  Public Health.
Write for calendar to
The Sfcretsry,
achool ol  UioiDf.
Kim****. «oi.
3 '    P. "• TifMrsuN. P. 4 I'. I..
Meat IVIercHatits 3'    h
Dealers in
Live Stock
Abattoir and Cole
Storage 3
at Calgary, Alberta.   3
THE PH08PSCTO* rare, rasncraa Ba^MasaaoK, ac, al'uust & tan
ON BAiiKR j:   ,.)S.- Dl:11K fgjgfj 0(.
kill .« eo   ri* ..„.« -*.,,,. .., a^j
a   MM iu aat. , •» vecvlk :.w Jajring
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Th« best and safest way
to k««p Baby's skin
hstilthv u to use o,aly
One Dollar Per Day
and Up,
9Ua*4   Diiaiily,   Dullcaw.
««ijs> »( ImitatiaMu.
-HUT W»» til
tJJje Ifcoeyector.
sAla'l.'UO.V.'l.  AIMCST K. WW
bi. J   Ot*y. Cuwk-y. -.Vol;., '***
tuajumHwd   at  fhw   aQNMMafe
Lioea, mmiiainmi aw papiatag
Sag Us ..'peiniijc <>t tlw ssbo...i.iuif
ssejfiaia   Iwglwttisiaii  Wt   ©Mas*
s • ,;(.,,.'.-i,i'.i as i.'ietifaifii). and Hmsjh
iMsyg aM nnifii.-itJiia'^B.l Its il-"
K. vi  K<fl«y. spai-iaai ifjaaA, ten
\) ir.it.ulMi, ■iu..'. N'ir'I'iwvs.: 'l.'i.'i'.--
'.onus, fur tkat B■.'».";' ' usinUK't
I'siiupany ..')' Km Tort was, to
Cru-abryoii    stWaHltial    ..i-i, s   t.bi>
Jwba BMwnt * Sfrtttouw mtotittq' 1
113*0.   Wb..'   tWLS   (tWa    ^.TtallJlaC   th.-
Kofi.fix Kivvr ceoad ttVSttl f"i- lib,-
MM "V-rat wi- at e'raubrwU
t^anSaj' ItaJt Mi Hrowo I't't ou
tbaj atitertjaooa-trtim fur SynSiUM
Bunts Bros l*w  [JitHa, a
tana ww <i«u on (ft*, rani vf
cbwr tww buildiux on Xcmnirvaic
AVfMM H I'Sati ft* MM froiii
.•very dtractiun. aod Hr*il«y
st Co. nn IS* artista
.J. j/l DEEF
Boot snot; WdKt>r
.ill Wvr.i. sfj-tWflWtVWl
AnHStt'stinj s««.    '::".,     .,,„
Mman.rn I ..»*»« I» » » » MM
I] you fMl a retrtitvriitor bty
ttajeoeh'» Jry air pi*',«*ut taM|
_ I'cator scuarwuttvi  to  k*wy  BtO
vi»kui> baOat  Uu aaj own
L.   Ctsftoa,   Torouto.  Woas iti   st.Ul iu Craubrowk
town VaSaaadaj w- nhslhH.ii M a (Ml .rial
our   reiri^it'cator    »X'AiUit    »ny
Wj.   D»     TtllllJCCiir.     "rOp.      B  D  MTavish. Otiscary. was otiiw to tho ojitnut o.'#00.*
in ilw .■!'.> Ti>mnl>j
Cool. Coft.*
or Wood
Two KB   .sj   <!*'*»   ...-.
»*tf|»li«-i     «■■:'>.     fl' ■
'<"-...'   ....J.   R«J|at     gO< taWWOaWai tfiat VtlVff lor ;vat« ^r   WUVst
.    J   I   a' tlutt il« «1a<k tud J«V. Wltii in.' «{UUI« .V.Us.s,    -•   th.a
-   «  J......* au4   «xt  l»'jJvK«i  V»   tvtt   iu«lft . laj.vt ,.v^  t>v  •>■:
UMttj    l.'sl  i» I''- paUMk<«a,
Thl.t tntUK ^t tab.* KaVKUaiy  RaMl|(« ■» 4 isV.'UW.'   tMC««S.
i ><  (l*KS Jit l» faVUatV   «tana«*i   tbslt   •   tVV    a*l«   tMatvaUl
':-'.'< avtatwu,
>s-J a-y a\U cuMfviuwa tttktt.   BuukWl ti««.
Lcnio*.      ToroMo,      Moairaal,      Wteiur.*;-,
VMKOMvar.      St. JoKa. N. a
tailor fv Importer c/
ff»t* »oole»>.
^ MkitOi-'.vri,.
-.'.*;> . -■.
|Q05      H J   Northaj  flayan.1. was al
Craabroofei TotMSitey as b* 5 iaess
Nelson  Fair
#     3  DAYS  3     ♦
Commencing Sept. 20th
Larger and loiter thai, ever.    fSverything uew and up lo-date
All Itinrts of open air attractions.    Baton tlay something i uteres tin it
You will meet old (rienils there.
Single Fare On All Lines Of Travel
J  Lahathe, Trail. R  C     was
at Utanbtunk Moodatt
Mr>.   V   Heid.  N. -n>u.  was  a
Cnatnook rteihw on Monday
K  J   Fi.sT.n, Toronto,  was 'U
•he city Tuesday.
Try    TllK    aPuOSPKHTOM     :'or
joo printing
A   A   Macneil. Calitary, wasa
kiuest at ihe Cranbrook Monday/.
aFwd K Morris, Moulr«al, w*s
iu Cranbrook Monday
tl  Barrower, ■Otubridav, was
Patmore Bros Sole Agents
mk**9*9+Mmm *><• *■» **'**•** »'»•*■-»«
ainrt o„.i,iti»M«smirf
Purchase   Price   13.00 a Kttth
B. H, SHORT & CO. •
.   . . .. ■,,,„,   Allowance Side Por Old Machine
' .ftfaSss?'»?s; flrnoid & RODeris:
picture taken al Pros! s Studlc
«   auosi ai '.ho Crant'i'iHik WeoM
Oats! Oats!!
Wo ara juat
now unloading
a oar of tha
Harris Bros.
*■*>*> «■.«■■»♦■»■»■».*#'>■•#'<
I'll. f,l,\ I'.i'
l! Crow's
Newest desions in
Over 400 Different Patterns to Select From
• *
. day
Steam Laundry
J. Edgar Davis
—     Hl'U'talitWI      A
m'at\>uttae»t.f   w
t'ut'uac*. kt>>il«i Kau^v |MJ
MNftlM 'Votk a Si«sSs-i»Ha,* AU
MOlllilUmtIII stvu«-*\>rlt uud«i'
Oran-a ten i\ J. D. StaBlallHJS
Weil Hct-V^M Pwwtfi mumtoi
The lltiuoi* ( cntral
,    M»tui.aJ'>.a   /uvAwik-i.1   -.^-.iw-   Uvut
, iihy *v«i. |Q 'th:- ■•■"iii. ut..: iii *,'-    ,.l.*'iii-ty
vUhw;   iX«Ali«*.'V\»ar»   IJtW     :i!'-'"--    "I     ■■.''
iMMHViQMJnMMK 'i'-'-'t.   JWr***W^W  ^'-■
'^ivvu iiKcir .-tsyivc vJ i.'u'.vn ;,..• tt'ij^'in^v,
L^/tiiiik'. Ntanyfetawd Sw QrtMWh
;tuU lhu>.A*fci, $k*t0# ).t»J-M;.i  <.' '.'i-' hat v.t,ii
kS'MitdwX't'VV H iJi-vU'l'i '.' '--J. M-4 Ul'.VJ'-
iu:t,i,ii.»it *n W tt!>V IvWvnl. !'*'-■.■.-. *U*J W"it
tVU*V«   ,HV    lUVLliCl   U'    *KrrW&$WHfa9W
Ai.*i£i Uf,- ru'k'-viu^ !'..-t'iv^-ui.,i1i<".v.i
kt. U.'I'KViiktVL.t. Ci-Mwuwvinl A^vuv
Iti   rtkiiO. Si... k'wtUuJA)   -^.u.
J  V. USUrtAJV, 'I.1.*'. A kv \
itfTuUxl S*.. i:\ti-iiUiiO.. vUv-^wt
fc'   kl. TmvttkwVN.   V*. A k*-A     kUviu
k, Wluuti k-UU   *»ttfe W o«h
;; "*-•» LKitUNtt ST0KK r*r
!! Fie&h Fruit.  VeguUbltt*. '■ ■
Choice Confectionery
tilt.slt M VS.
mxei uuinks
'"UiwmIwvkkI tee t'vwttiii
I'Ui.ui't' t.tu.tVKi.Y
.;      T.  Davis,  Victoria, an
38 mining man  was at  Cranbrook
»   Wednesilav on mlniug bnsineas
0   t.'. Gaga, Spokane, was a
X  H  llevis. Montreal,   wis, J^Tq^INE
;', i,        »teain uaunary j  Hugh Stkwart I
*uortJ ,:r:;:a,"r:r'"'SM' il        ,   .„  ,     „        ,,    .  ...    :: mww 7& ftraMtwuft*
} fl   Flannels, Blankets, Curtains. larpetN. l.te.    ^H^t^w^+.W^+.».H.K
\ WATTS' Hl'll.liINi; SI
ti   U.  uage, BpoKane, was a il H"* Clam Work in all braaabot
4,  guest at the Cranbrook Wednes-|f
■' day.
* Messrs Hutchison, lllaek ami
J 'Stewart wet-eat Sand creek tish
!^» i iug on Wednesday
* i
Tonsorlal Art f
lake a SpeO.lP.lty ol Wasliiui; t' I' i,  Omialls
No I'liinaiiu'ii Knti'loyitl
AU.   WORK   i;r.\i;AN'l'KKl>   FIRST  0LAS8
a   Painting, Decorating
i and Sign Work
,'al,,-      Na,ll,s-     111.I      llllrlj     ,1...    .llo,
4.' As we have repeatedly staled. i<ui,, i iniiiti i„ «i,|.i« to uh. OiW I'-mmi.
y everybody will be given a goxjdlttoBM "t uaa. .i.,t w-„ra. ktvtttoritiwt
.v  time in Cranbrook on Labor Day.  "•"»• '"*«*»«,l"'"" *"a i'"'.""-"-	
Sjk . u,p follQWU|dUQ|-tbttl lali,l»  allual., i,l, t-'„l,l
'j , in. aivTi- in s,,i.u. aut tiwi.li.!
*J     LiN-al uerohants are prepared   ooonKoini»i«p»tt|aJ».tMii««rUioi«ju
SB  to svii.plV all the towns in South    wMioototroIJomi lirawnltllisuiiaiuilutlii
ifi '..' - . . .       . .
P.O. BOX 83
:«  east Kootenay with goods,   [n *»»t >w» <" **•« <*• 'vvl »»»*« aaitt J
.11.1 *    , .   .:   .     I ,-halll.   llli-l,,',- P.sl   Ml flialU.   lll.lli'i, aatulll  S
Ml the meantime keep your optics JJJ™ ,„„„„ „„ „ ,,„„„ ,„,„.,„,„,„
•♦rar^xf^^x^cvK;* * :¥ix^r»':^.^«***«:*'
jon Cranbrook the ooininei'olal
[center of this district.
Do you  want  something  to
oover ihe bare places on your
wall?   Well do not leave ram-
Labor   Hav   without
tt/~\tt/"\t>,/'~i /""IT/HA   "Pi f^ lb,'ook ""  Labor  Day   without
UIUUUIVU uiUJU'u framed pictures they oarry "very
picture marked in plala liK'nii's
Come in anyway.
Hush tires have been rugltlg in
South.'list Kootenay during tbe
past week destroying mucn fine
timber, Stouey lu.linns, from
Alberta, who were 11111111111: in
the vicinity of White rlvor have
caused the destruction of a largo
amount ni tlmbor in North.tu
************ ************** j Kootenay ib£ ih by negleo
Calgary Beer, Ale & Porter
T. KEBKL & CO., Hay and Grain.
Cranbrook, B.C.
9   Marysville, B.C.   •
8 Our complete Cold Storage Plant enahlo's us to tut'
Snish our goods in perfect condition at all  seasons of  S
the year. *f
************** ************
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
U'ider New Management
When you want ;i   goof
■.".-.-.■I'l-lli 1411 M-H-l-l-H-
|i TI&DftLES ii
a,   IfuatlqiiarliMi. for
M'TH mul Ulull'K   ,,
;; Ice Cream and Solt Drinks ;;
Alio Tobacco, Plpu.
and Ci.;iiri.
!!   Baker St,   Cranbrook  Ii
l-HI I H-H-l-H H | | in |'
I   Kotlcoabarobyxlvon tUKi -i.iv .i"v. »fi*f
i ,1.1,.- I  llllen.l 1". apply  to 111.'Hun. ll..-HI.I'-l
j Commlulotior «.r l.»n,i» „.,,■ vv.,rlia for t«-r-
rollllofl t" p.iii-1..,..- It.,- f„ll„*liiK ,li.a,:rli,«.l
1 Lnila. alllllit.-.l In K.,aI K„.,l,i,iiv lllalrlil:
j,        wncn you want a &°°u\JiT™T«MCr^%"*°<^
eadquarters for mining   *     ,      tQ come t0 theUMlKa,u,.,D..,r„ — »•*>■"
in •.i .i.ul old timers. »    - -     ■    - |ihm«nwb»cb»lni,»•".«• *■« i    >■  '
d. a, Mcdonald, manager
Wo Oive You Tour Money's Worth
morn ■ jt U"» to the t.i
nit..lihi i Ik Itlv.-r
tticnci"■WOrt«Mt*irljf nl ,ug   in-   *»i.l OMU "'Iv
bank of ihr Klk  l(lv< r .iMitii '•" rhshu w 'b«
pUoa ot (Mnameoceoeni, ibornbelm i"*1 »'***
l.ii. RlTsr, m1  Jom :ith,i»r.
w JO Aadcrwu. A««M ,
Dttld AHKll»l l.'lh   I'M*
,is jottu Drawn, Mum
Tfcktl Nuii.r tli ii t B ilny* *>1ioi ilmo 1 tnMQd
toftpply wtin1 ctui't OonintHtoQ*i »( i-«i"is
timi Worki ii \ U'loru (or* Llofum to prw
IH'Pl tin Ootl niitt I'i'iruU'lim OQ  UttB (0U0WtQ|
QeiorltMH) lnudi iti04io oti t^onllni Rlvor In
Stui ll Knit KOOVODft]
OonnfilielDI  ill   n    I"1-'    I'luiiU'.l   tmai    Un-
aoriliotii oornor ol R   Horvoy'i on»] nod
potroloum llninoo lUenoo  wuib M| obitot,
llit*uoi' prut wi cIiiiiuh,  ilimtfi- iikiiIi it' i'lmln»
tiinuco mni *' *■ iniioi to ptooo "i i'i**jiiniitii,
nonulnim WO unci mora or lo*
Dtud Autail i-iit mv>
\  lltlt'l   Ktllll     I'lH'lll.ll
H Jobn Hionii   AfORI
NoUoolibtirflltjrirlvoil Ihhl l IM-mhI "mi'
doysoherdiiatotHipij iu tlmniiivl Oominli
iloiti-r ot l.mitl-,ui.l \V.'il.'i'i iiu- I'lfiino of
iiriiuii OolumbU foi 11 Llwiioe i<> prmpwi tor
OMUnrl Putrolcuoi on iho rollowlni itadrrlUtxl
irtmu hi 1 mitn in louihimii Kuownnj
Oouttnouolni ri » ii"-i ploniod dt mlloi
noriii nmi Ntioin oho 'Hiii 'inf.' dmiiiin ml Ioi
WOltOf llm mmti 1 >*i ..itiu'r ol  l.»l  No.  IMH.
thonootouib '".1 oiiuihv 1 inii"' KhrI lOobiln*,
tbonoointriiinolntiu* iii'ii'1' wt*\ «. olmlna
io Jilui 1 iiMiiiFii'in' nn 111
nn Miiniitlllh IW*
nt. loini Bhiwn, lioonloi
TAKK. N'tTtrK Hint il.lity ilnvn'irtt'i ilulo I
Intond 10 i-i'i'i) M» iiu* t'liii'*' iitnmlutonoi'of
Utodiind Work-, tor rt Lici'iin- to prnpool 'or
Ootl inil Potwii in iho followlni lond, Ii
siintii Hut Koowimj
Oomminolnit »' ihi   mitlisiil oornoi poll
plontod on tin- nottii linn ol u. Mooro'i tool
lloonoo ibooflo nortb wi obolnii thonoi ■*♦'•»
lt,M 11I11I111 morn or lOU 10 tbl Ult Uiu* of V.
D.OIIl'fCMl IfOOnot tin lien POUtll "" <hitlo«
to tlm nnrDlwimt cnniitr   ol   (t   Moor*'*   '<o«l
HronMf ttainoo toil li*ttohtlnntdplioi or im.
llntfil AilllUKl im 1.  Ivor.
JtOlOOT. I.ulfllm*   l.iH-iiitr
v> John llrown, A|«hi
'I \ii K KOTM■¥. (hot thirly <li%r-> Hflor <U|« I
I tnttnii to nppiv to tht" ('his! (-otnoilMlotMr of
r,*nd» ontl Wiirkri tor » lilfiiiw- tn prmptwt
tot coal "mi IVtrolmtin on ihr foliowlnv londi
in *rath Kont Koi.iMuv
f>nm»«iinlnrf nt r pott piHftM tt tbo ooftb-
«Micnrn*r Iwlnn tlm northMM wnwr pott of
p. MOOro'H rool INRdii. tbOtt«« Hit H.M«lMlM
MlUth Ml I'hRllll,
thONM WHt II.HelMtlU
Um north 10 ulioln Mi pltMW ol toftMjIig.
DM*. I Auiruit lAtlt, (KM
AMrow UldMW,!
E. H. SLATER,   Proprlaior
Royal  Hotel i
Finest of Wine*. Liquor* mul Cigar*
Those win. «■'<' w.'ni) nml iliii'ati.v, iltt>|> iii, wml
Aii'x win iii. iii« rati
Ala,lt.\ MoCOOl-,   Prop.
GdlQdru Gdttlli GO.
Krtmh snu K.illril MinitK
Ktuli »tid I'liultry ui 8lU0H
nml iiiii'liil nit.-.HI.111
Ordttra i.y until wHi woolvo iii'titiiiii
0>     Order ll>  I'liuiic IK     9
0«aa,aj>aaV»««««%«%«%«%«>««*C#%«»» »»»%%»»««•««»»«*Sjl
UI01N0KI l'u" Ht'l.l.lNti Nl ll>i|:||\
Allnlitlou  U  'UiM'lwl  I"  Mi"   l*r0VllilBI  "I
loo, tf of tin llDfUiulliiril HfHtrt \v\ *uu>\\
■rtn pi.mm, Him 111 OOrptinllOU Iblll • I'm'*"
"nr t'liiiiitiNi. Ill tin' btlolll'-M ot   (tilling,  11*
"pHfleJPftl. HWbli WllillOTi  '"   irtborwlio
wlthlti till PWHiMi Villi tM«i Plifll* '«
■'omwrf Moi-b. ot ot hntwriltin foi *ftln  Mull
iimh, plmiionr ntt-ti--rv *l*wh IbUi >h" Ptn
"HflNi without flwt b»*liti obtnini'd « IIwhui
"toonrrtf oo«tobbu*lnt***Ht tin. l-fovihw nn
• IH tbtn Art pHiflitod •
iUHMHvtuootborlMdtii *eii tiur*fr.v otoeb
IttthUProrltiwoiorwiulrpil hy their prlutl-
poU orb|th«B«ol»ei-todppo*Uboiiii" to the
IM|0tltti«0t ol Aprleulture, Vtotorln. for the
ItillMttl porforwtuw ol Uwlr uhUiotiooa. Tb<
-...ii,. hhitob) »'"" ""»• ''"*"	
■int. 1 im.mi 1.. nppl)  '•■ •'" 1 •"■ "■■'
. ri.m.« .ii 1,'fi.ii. iHil H ■""• ■■   "   * "■•!•.'..  h '   '
j 1,1m ii».. 01 piwug- > to 1 nnd t1"'" l	
' no- hallnwins '1 bod '■ n m -:- ntbiifl ■
i.Miimi'i.ii.^.  ||  ■.   1-- >   H| -'   ..hen*   (ll)
flu!"" I    ■ ■ ' Bl 'i MM   10  HlOhl  tfti
mill titii 11 ih   ■ •>■ h ■ ■ ■ ■'  ■•"""- nt **i*i» v
t'litnii it 1 inl 1  th  "■   h no*  tbbttim
fml Mlublttli I    "■• nboltw, thonrw
Hill mi ,-ii»i..., bj t.t'i..   ..I H*fitiilltl|.    Thh
llllltl  ,-',.,,. ii...- 1 i  I.,-   !'   •j   Hvum
.ti Bool    w^"   ■""' boowa MonodrOi
Hnilii'li IHJHh,
A   MA H-SKAV     '
.ll'tirvi    rtHkufl    1 Lot-atom
tOfl OALL, Ifont
nmi-tl MorrlolOy Mine* Ai nu*l Sth, MR    H|
THI   KtKiTi'.N'A\   CENTUAL   iiailway
Tht* AiiiiuiilUi'iifTHi meotlni of iho ^hnn
>«i. »i 1
PtU'I lie   I'.OUmI    I'otntv
t>«i«... ..,.1 ftwiM
•la.,,.,.    B„,T...,
I.ll„.,f   ts»r.     •*.-,.,-.„
t.*V   l'.*s, U.-o
l».«irt»   t'n..
*...«    .    , ,    a  .»r»
Rett   M««l4   .1.1   Wheels
2,  ,    .     r, , —
a 1 ••     . ill.V    SS
' ...,■ 	
MS   ■-a'1 -." ."•■
a .1   \ 1 HI. I I  •■ „  ,
StUUt t.
I III,-1   II , 1,1.1,  ,1    I   . ,
■.,...1. a,  ■
-,H0«t LINf
" I ■ " f t N
, PMH  iHICMfl
(■-i-iii. cmcinn
)lllt.hc ll UMMtttt •*»«< "Ol  «»  PSWl>«"":l,olil«iaofthi. l,»oi.-.,a.) iVliliail R.tlw^Com-
»utwt| 9n%ltW>||Pll«. 4«ll IksMMd l»r-  |muv wlll be ,„ M ,„ „„. ,„,„,, offlM Cia»s»ti»k.
H.C, Ml turn Mi.mliiy, SlptaStlMKaW, MM,
ili..li-'ii.iii..i dlm,|.msMl tWiM'mii*
■~rti,ilioiBi-n«lsjlbu»l|MK».      .
- .t crunbtw*. ut'. |M jMkaWal
Ynut- nil.-..it.in IS .■nt' I K, 11,,
i'luiii'i'i- l,liistt,>il" h-altfs ,if lhl,i --Mil
ivutiki'i' A 811'siilRallnia.v." 'I'd.- Dnlj
I'l't-fi-i-i tiuli.-i tn tUe wiH'Kl,'
Villi ivill lillll il d.a.sil'ii'j!.-  Li,   .
tliiwa- i.i-i.iii.- '■ inn «..iiiir 'n nnyuotnt in
til"  Rll-t"!'.'    'll-.-- -    ni     .'';(,. HR
'•""' t   »-H|.    All    TfliliH.«Bflni'nt«l
Trnlt.-'   mid   nil   l"lultNa   A(jeiit«   Mil
For I'ii'ilnirilaUtofinttUiiii,j»ui|ilili.'i'-.
etc, imk liny flokbt Agent or
R. L. FOftt), H. ft itOWE,
MW. Aria*;   !-i tttto-at'&Ki-nt,
WOKAlHL'.os. . «m
: p
- ..:.-.«■    .. ' -,;
,.    r   . mr bridal portraits      IS -■
•   j.-,:,- tli,- matter,  a.nly we
IS ™K M >N       x-Z-
..     »U1     s -       ►*-
•    .     :.. "I     ■'■'       "•  '     "*«rtad          '
..,-■ - ,.; brides, jtTOom*,
, and are
j of work
|  LOCAL NEWS. 1   ""*"
'-,s   i,  UMcT. 1 */i Or     TdOIf IP esenia, ate,tori
Imperial Bank ol uanaaa § —T-UA--V,_: ^        . -,^c tn pich
CAPITAL ADTHUK1ZED   14,000,000 § ^ LII\Ud   IU   1 loll
CAPITAL (paid opl 13.000,000
REST ACCOUNT 8,000,000
Head   Office   Toronto.
T. K. MfaRIUTI   ,'r.-i,i.-ui   I>. It. W ILK IK, ■•
VGENTS   IN   GREAT   BRITAIX—Lloyd*    :.  -     -  l-o
i. Genual Hankim; ll. -im-s- Trmtuawted.
I     Savings Bank Department    hr.--r.-si allowed on dVpos ts
I  Cranbrook Branch.       j. F. M. PINKHAM. Manager.  |
Paid-up Capital, $8.700,000 Reserve Fund. S3.500.0CO
W   H  Allison, Toronto   ms ti
L'.i.-st m the Cranbrook i uesday
Chas. Chapman o{ P u l Ste. ,
wns in town Monday on business
• ,-s: rii,-s were  ... ny ii Ta
M ,i and 1 i..-i..\
I"  I'r '. - .   >.|» i>.,..<- .!    clioi
was ■> t I. -; al in.  Cnsin..|Hilitan
l-'l i'in\
Rod*ami K  ~
a, ,, ■ ■ ■ <-■ prle
\\ "«■ ii
different sizes and   the  latest ,,  „     ,.,,,-,, no doubt
styles, stronj; Lin. -  -i . trious      - - ' ■■ -   ''
a -, a  ;-'    -> '- is-
.•eight: rl
and   Hoots    i
right prices.
PS. -Let us serve you ny mail
Rrai ["-
Where It Pays to Dent.
The forest fire al Mc liul. .\ .s s-. - k auutivtioiie
ppest PllOtO GO.
■     s I     ,   t,r,a,,K.   II i
For Sale
B. E. WALKER, General Must*? M-EX. LAIRD, A»«  Gen 1 Manager
$5 and under  ' «"»
Over SS and not eiceedinf $10  « ctntt
»   $io                   "         $30  W cent*.
«   $30                   "         »»  II centi
Ttw* Order, .re Pavable at Par ai Any office In Canada of a Chartered
Bunk. (Yukon excepted) and at the principal banking poinU In the I lilted
StatCA. ,..,ii.,a. At a n.lD ..rfl At
Tbev form an excellent method ol remitting email niimi ol meaey
*    ' with salny and at emaU eaat.
. ■«-■ a> ■/%>■-» ■ *■«■•>■
«i ~i<*.a"*-a ^a^a>a,-»>i|('AVir^l'**'a-»l'-*jS»-«-vi
1905       September   '27   to  October   7
Under ih>- suspires, oi tii" Royal Agricultural
and Industrial Society.
New Westminster, B.C.
Stupendous and comprehensive array ol   Kx
hibits representing tbe resources of all l.'auada
assuming   large   proportions  "ll     farai.hr.1
|905   Monday
,\li    and  Mis. l>.   McNetsh ol
Elko were Cranbrook visitors on]
\V. VauArsdalen Fori Steele
...is at Cranbrook Monday on
.1, i. as business
\V E R chardsoi Toronto,
was registered at tli- . ranbroolt
y.aSMOl W :r-   '   - a, a,.a..   IU
Marooal (Vtrete. ■ au..-r    .
:-■ I   ,.i a*l» T, •-.- i| ' '
North sia.
St  Kjta-n,
Ramble. Cai b ■
Wa-alcrla Oil ..■ ..
loteraatloaAl'   al A; .','.•
AmeneAn Urn
Weaten. Oil and Coal 5*      S r.h
■    -
Crostoti     B.C.      Price  81,500.  \ (^. /\ \\       iUU     uLji-i (
doubl n
.ni'.- .ii
,-llsv 1'l.ls    IS    Willi...!',    (T
lie of the iii-s- "ul estate "}'
is on the market. j
■ I particulars -
Enlarged     sroundk.    new.
spacious bnildings.
tihrnlsouie     and
Etock  Qiu.fHtn.n.
rStraUhed '■> ..■■'■['  Hull biauM    \
bronll  Hi .
... .,       ,,,,,.      ,   TnefoUwrtoajAmean       ■   ' io«
r\    Wnnwd, st Royal Hotel, a dining .•.,.i,;.,.»M,.i,k „....
.  room girl, for further particulars     «....,., bau*»
mqu.r; at the hotel. aar ■   .. »•    ■■
  St   t U _■■!.•
,, D' , \-     a   • SOrXh SUa,
L.    H.   Sinclair,     talis,    was
doing   business   in   Cranbrook      BatoM-rca ta-w
Tuesday. ' .acner Jwrk tHump)
-,   . rl . . i or
,,      ,,       a,    ■ . ,   ,.       ,,      ,..   .. s.     .        •      .■,         ■ •      - .
1.  ri   Bohai     u.'i (■   1)   t\ ill-
flrnoM & Roberts!
i'Hii.m m
Real Estate and Insurance
WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS ia   Bowiag   and  LncrOA«,   Hor«       ,,   H    ^hart.   Jlld G   1)   Will.   .; . .    '    ' ' ,   ,„,   „    ,.     ,v .   „,,„..,
Baeias. Broncho "Bu-tta,," Kil.Urjr Par.de. and Bxereim               „,„   ,v„,,,.,   ,,„.„ b, Cranbrook "                                                       "!    ~ "'''   V"a,-,'A'    *"H      ''
Tuesday on business Mr. and Mrs. li.  V.  Pownall.  best equipment in   B.(      nid    t
Pish  l.ii-"s.   rem iied   Frf.ut  an miarani
'.\   !1 Ross, M. P P., of Kernie, extended  visil to Al ta Wed-
was _,t Cranbrook  ''.
ORAND   WATKK   CARNIVAL    Farad?   0!   Fraaer   river   S.hlng    deet,     . -t        ,   . -,..
'"                                         ,,   , ■   ■         ,.         . .                 ~,           .,                   We are the authorized  agents
K   Little ol   Fori   Steele who i ranbrooks L«bor   Ua.t   r.-le                                 .,            ,,     ,
,.                                      , ,1         ,    . ..,, ii   For ihe removal of Mason« Kisrh
was at Fernie on business passed brattoi will be the best-ever held
■ gh Cranbrook Tuesdaj on in Southeast  Kootenay.    Every  Pianos, we can do the work with
his way loSteele town in the districl will be rep   oul risk      Also Household Pur
1 know a man who was blind in Ins left eye, and
didn'l know it. Sucli ;i ensi is run-; but there are
hundreds .>t persons who cannot see as clearly as
they should who do not realize what a blessing perfect sight would be. Let us examine your .-yes. If
glasses will help, we will tit them properly at
moderate cost, If you do not need glasses we will
,, ll ,-ou so In eithei case the examination will cost
you nothing.
. f. Tale & Son
BOTAL IRISH OCARDS and other Famom Binda.
patinl   boala.  H.M    araralilpa.  Iudlau war -.aulas,-., etc.
Indian Sport.
-of Kernie,  extended   visit to Alberta Wed    », .    *h-.+    Dlini,
^la^^trilit Uiat ildllO
all information write W.  H   KEARY.  S^cr^-.arj-   ind   Mana,?i-r.
New WeBtminster. B.C.
•hh-W-W ::-x :■: m 11111 H
Beale & Elwell
Recommend as the best buy
on the Stock Market today
Coal and Coke
hi   [Uickesl  md    n- ip-; LaborD..-. fm •!.. a.-- on,-nodation I'ruii
of visitors    from   Moyie.   Fori  Cranbrnnk Cartage and Transfer Co
Cal   ..ii  Short a ,
Laboi Dat bann. i s
..  lor vour
They  will
X,       In u   -a  i. ■    -.- ni  Mackay
i  n-tui ned Saturdaj    -o , Tobacco
T  P ail - «here he   has   been   en
Prest's Studm open       dnj
ii-coin. lation
Moyie.   Fori
Steele.   Wardnei    and  from nil
I..  nt • .,   im ihe
il c P  i;
i IIU npoaile
c.p.n. bepoi
a:.'-"-', iu rep iinu° bridges
I   E lee   Davis, who had the
conirai"   for    n.iiiiiui;   the   bia
c    . i.'a in the new Presbyb i at
i      •'■ ■' I- iChuri-h has completed   his  con
i a a a a...
•J. 1- .1 Brown aud R IV N'a.■■ sou
al ol Vancouver ffere regislereri
a. the i rai biTKik T u-sdav
or special  tram
r tlnv
.1   S. Carter,  uislr t-l  Passeu-
X, ger Aaenl, ('    P    R.,   was   at
A      Do not plan to cajme to l ran- Cranbrook. Tu.-sday completing
■j-.l.i k   '•    l..'..i-r   Day   without arran°ement
X u ikiuparraneemenls lo get your Uervin- ot  Li
J.  |. -'a taken al  Prest's Studio 	
X      .,           .,   " , ,       ,,                    Mr  and Mis   A.   .1    11
t.       tlr  and Mrs  I has   1-,.- ... ,vbo    .    ,-    ,            ,,
T  , , ,   ,i .  i<     Ellthorn,    Man .     a       lie
I   "WV  "' ■' -"":  :"   ;:"     '    '  ,.-•-     ol     Mr.     and     Mrs.
I •"'■  *-   Pas   month   returned to g    .,.    R h-s  ....        M,
J. . ruil   no ■ Sundav la.-t. ,,      ,. . ,,   . _  ....   _
with you.
n Livery   i J. 1). McBrim
['eains tnd .li vers furnish-
or any   poinl in '; e di
Get In Before the Price Rises
Baker, St.
■.■■H■.■■■■ 1 1 :■■: !-H"l"l"l"M"M-l".
.Jiahu  li ,:,-.a>si,:i has been appointed   local    asf.-iit   for     the
; lotnc   Insurance   Con pnny   of
i New Vork.
an : Mr-. Hatcher have just   re-
luriie.i from a vi.iil   lo  Portland ■•■■"■'
and other coast citi"
A   DOYLK. Manas-ei
Jewelers and Opticians,
i.tiii-mi Watch Inapeoton. L"ro«r'« Net! "a.. Dlrudon C.P.B
9 9
rii The sun is aiuitiL' the work of heating now, but the A
A summei will pass rapidly and vou must have heat In A
i«i asome other form to keep yon comfortable next winter, ^f
A S'ow is the lime to pui in a heating system, so that $
A .' th the first brisk snap of cold weather you oan Btarl ^
A 'er up for good We know many makes; we have 4J1
A studied heating for years, and the besl is "GORNE'V ' Q
i»r .- her for Hoi Air, Steal ' Hoi Water.     We put up A
A cooking rangas with which you can heat np several A
A rooms 9
••• A
r"*    Let u^ talk the heating question over I
Mrs  Huston.  titer of  Mrs JAMES      rREEF
Fortune, who has been visiting
at tho Manse for several weeks,   CONTRACTOR
Frank   Parks   who  has   been wm ri.|Uru home in u few days,
Pi.sntii.nn1f   H f!   ? visiting   at    Winnipeg   for   the being unable to stand  mountain
uranorooK, b.\*. 4, .,„. inoilth ,.,.,„,.,„.,, ,„ Cra„. clim|le
roaaS-: Suudav las
Notice tu the Public
Ksl l.MATl.s . rilNl.st:l-:ia las .\l.!. WORK
Re    .*-i..at. pastor ol the Bap'
ii.|   Church,   left   on   Mondays    ThereUno partnership 1-xwtine lw-  ,,  .       .     , , ,,,,.,,,,.,,,„  1,',.,,,
tween B. B.  SbortitNi   und Y.  J.   nouses ana LottatJes toi  Kent
♦   Marysville, B.C.   ♦
Tbe leading Hotol of the St    Mary's  Valley
Nice airy rooms, newly furnished    Table as good
as any in Kooleiiav
train nn a visit to  Ri
Ladies' and Men's
Bra.lli-i .V Co.  nainl, r-. ■-■■■..   of I   ail- , .
brook nevt-i-thi-fesa  .tat-ineni.  Iwlug       ^   sale  ..11 I'.asv   liiins.
  made to the contrary.
II,,.,.,.,.,,,, iB ■,,„,„• ,„•,„■   .,,„,      We tend to oar ow -i...-- ind ..
li.li   ,stiii). ,s , in. u   o .j.  .11,11 ^ |m)ni]   ,   [|U   1(|   lrw|  out  L|MK  VJ)tj SHINGLES FOR SALE
fall   plowing   Will   be   the   nest   tJll,1,„1_   ,-„.,   H11(|   .,,„:,,,.    ,,i...    . ,
work to occupy tin- attention of trial.
the farmer. 11  11  shoki .. 1 n Telephone H2
L  i'I.API'
sujifi For Fail
Will be worn longer than
her.-ti.fnr.      1 ;i     little
straiyhtei   in   (rout.       The
[•'our    Button    Sac'a    will
Twenty carloads oj ties were
received by the 1 I' R it Cran
brook this week from the North
Star 1 .uiiiber 1 'o
Mis   Hickenbotliaui  who has
- tii u in tie- old country
for 1 he I   si 1 wo months ret irned
lo . i-.tniir    W.-.ln.-s,l;,v
TheCriitibi'.K.   BrassHati   aril'.inn considerable practise thes ■
di vs.   'In-,    will  !>'- on  hi   ,1 1 n
Furnished for any point in the
disl r --I
;, ' ji::::.' :
Carpenter       Builder
t.oi.ii Work at
Reasonahh- Price
Offic: and Workshop   Lewis St
il Hole
Cranbrook, B.C.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Boom
W.-slej Cline, prosideui of ih
.,, ,      , , 1 -   club,    recently   cauehl
still In tin popular narment ,      ,,., ti,,,   , „t wni(,h w„,,, |( wi[| |aj lhosp wh(J .,,.,.
ft.   lch-'s in length ,, .,. ,,. for work u. call and
I he plumage pattern   in
immitation of the Pheasant.   ,, <     %rSd'a St Jim    McArthur
Woodcock    and     Patridge  Ri  .inson   .v   Mclv-nz..-      The ll"   '-»"  secure you a job and
,,   ,   .                   A nl   ■ is  put   through by .lohit »ls ',v ' '' "" '"
p Ulliaje.      Iititlllli   SUltingS  HufhU,,,,
1                                .. .    ' Clothes, Shoes,
and   over   coatings   Will   be        .tccbaulu, H«rmer», spo.inn.enl aU.,1      l.'t •
:,. heal auc totten ttte  .kin aod   -ii..v. II 111*., LlC.
considered ultra correct.      .gien*. u.i a„ai nm .iam. pnim n.,.i -...i;.
'etc. il>cTtan    Mnalor Maa'-hanlr'a'   Tar Snap
HILL & CO. who represent *!*"'*"'	
t.««n «.°T.M«i 1... ,.,..-. Hanson, Ave.    CHAKBBOOK, BC
tnd to apply t«> thi Chiel -"ommlwilonei  of  —- - —   -   -
TAKE NOTICE that thlrt) dayi »!Wsf tlaH
, i- In South K«*t Ko* ifnny tlteeribcd as I intend to spply >n th- Chiel Commlwlonei ol
[dl   1 imunoinv   -..   a   posi mttrlted LsndiMd Workuforiipecial licence io cnt
1 .   ;. 1 !■ 1 :■ r*. - l. corner, nt the Interiea- anil carry away timber from th   loHowlnir tio
PortidoflvRetyrn \
Ji Moflrtnur
the   20th Century Cloth
ng Co. are
line for fall
ing Co. are showing this '
" ■* eirivnway tltiibci from thr .Allowing deecrib-
30 Daj  Limit }
i'i ite*, nil mil via Sumusor    T
princess Victoria)!
Vancouver    to    Seattle    via |
Victoria 1
Through Sleeping; |
Cur       " I
Arrowhead to Vancouver
GranDrooKs. Greaiest Store
l ..!-. 01 Lo-. ilulB »n<l nl,.'Ul hi  chalia.  north of a »crlb,-l laiiila In So.nhea--. l<a.,,i,nu} :•- SUNDAY     \\ Kl iNl'.SDA Y     FRIDAY   f   tilt*  tilll" >T1:1''  i-XCflll-tlt
Lol ■-.., (at, tbo t'.raht slrt, Ol ilae Kootonav Rlvajr      Commflncni; ul a pajat ptsnted ftbottt .WflnlJ       .... !»
ii s.„j,i, Kaa-iK'-a-.t-nav »nti rinnlnc loochaina eDftlntsouib ot the DortbcMi corner ol toi 81'      r°r f,t-^  pftrllc.ilurs,  t,v.i   oliuia   or|
It  matters  *r>ot a  wit to us.
Sip, what your size may be.
Ii your proportions are abnormal—cast
west or north nnd south you may tu n
your loolsti'ps toward this store with full
confidence of
We Fit You Satisfactorily nt a Reasonable V ic
We tack on no cx'ra fiiuircs because
\ have the cloth you want  -We have Suits $5.00,  >8.oj
sio.oo. S15.00 tn s2voo.   The lashiuiis are 1 eat a
Noall.lbeiica, KO-ha'.iaa vresltnoreor leaitOBUt   Soutb.aa'    K-s-alulau\       ilaerataa    d.sl    •■ta-ht;.    tOlll'Ul   lleQpOr   r- -   . \ ,' aj.|-.-.   .l!-|il ■ M      J  M .    M  I    ^^             IL    \               f      **/   f   "^L\
1,ail ol Mid KaKteuay Kiver. ihon.uaouih  i-boin.. iheoco  north al«htr ebalna, thni«  local aeentsor..rlti "i B^^k   I         II      M       M^**^*        \V          II
full wlbf.aoidbanh  to a  point oprio.lte the   we.t eluhly   i-laaln,    iht-nc-   sotub   elKbiv X m ^9*. 9 ^ *| y\_^J         ^ba^m.          ^^IfJ*'' ^^X   t
ooliuot eommeoeamoni,taianoajeaat Mohaltu ch.inn io pi»,-.; „i ooarinniim, known a. Lot      lj  HILL1EH   Agprt   L'l'aiibr.uk •
nion oa ■ 1cm to ti.,: [Mint of ooromencemenl        6W                                                                              ,.„_             6      ' *"""""""" -J Wll-r,' I? a 1    li.f,.     a   .    ..   ■            i       oil
"CARTER,          K. J. COYI.K. i »»">.li. I'll   KsJlOI'Ill   Mothlll''    I-.   stoltl.
LlaK-at llal- tttb day '" AURUSl. 190a.
»: DISABLES P. LUND. Looatoi
D.ltd Jaauc Ktb   .r.'t
a    D.P.A., Nslion.
A 0 1' A.   V.BCOUVM  B^Ira^Via^g^j^^


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