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The Prospector Jun 15, 1907

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*^2*IA, B. -■/
No. '24.
Eight Contestants  for a Silver
Medal and Elocutionary
A large number of Citlneiis and
children gathered at tlio Melho
disl Clinroli nn Priday evening
last io witiioss an elocutionary
contest between eight of ihe
members of iho Maud of Hope,
The entertainment wusoponed
by an address liy 11 'I'. Rogers,
who explained in the audience
the object of the contest and the
rules governing llio same.
Rev. ('. O. Main, pastor of llie
Presbyterian Church, gave tlio
children some good advice con-
cerning these contests, also ox
plained tho different classes of
medals which could be won dur
ing the different contests which
will take place during llie year.
The following was ihe programme for llio evening:
The Ship ol' Temperance, was
rendered by Miss Eva Conelly,
In the Keys, rendered by Cl raee
A recitation by MissGrece McFarland.
Chorus by lhe Bund of Hope.
The Two Armies, by Avril
My Son, Daisy McCallum.
Recitation by Laura Richards,
Song by liltle Miss Grucio
The Shower, by Ruth Reid.
Papa's Good Night, by Lillian
Ur. Connolly then gave a
clinical lecture, having for a
subject, "the deadly cigarette,"
and Ihe smoking habit,
Youth und Tree, by Harvey
Song by Robbie Marshall.
The Old Man's Story, by
Charles Laurie.
While awaiting llie decision nf
lhe judges, Rov. Taylor of the
Baptist Church addressed lhe
The Judges were Messrs
Gillis, Taylor and Smith. Who
decided thai according to the
rules of tho contest, Hint, Miss
Daisy McCnllnm was the winner.
Mr. C. 'I'. Rogers then presented tlio silver medal to Miss
The evening entorlainmonl
closed by nil singing "Cod save
the King."
The eight contestants for the
medal, had studied their parts
well, great credit is due them for
the able manner in which they
rendered Ihem, Credit is also
due lo Mrs ,1 P. Smith for lhe
careful training of the children.
An agreeable variation lo lhe
programme was lhe recitations
nf Miss MoFurlutid, and Miss
Richards, also the snugs by Miss
Grade Higgins and Master
Robbie Marshall.
ttaoe for the Kaisers Dun To day.
Berlin. Jimo 14,—The Hrsl of
tho llll porl au I races this year is
iho contest lor iho German
Emperors Cup nver the Tlllllius
circuit today. No less Ihan 112
(intrants, representing seven
nations, have been received, and
llie interest shown in lho contest
is likely in make iho lirst contest
for the Kaiser's trophy the most
important on the continent, even
overshadowing the Grand Prix
race of the Automobile Club nf
Turin, Germany bus not had a
road race nn large proportions
since the contest for the James
Gordon Bennett Cup in HKH
although llm Iliirkoinei'Ciipi'oni
petition fnr touring cars has
attracted International attention.
It was planned lo use only part
nf the Tiiiinus circuit, but nn
account of tho extraordinary
large entry list it is probable
thai lhe entire circuit will have
tu bo used with three laps Inr lhe
1)00 mile race, lu numbers nl
entries Germany lends with 82
England bus I, Prance 21, Italy
111, Belgium 10, Swilzerlnud ami
America 8 each ll was hoped
Iheir would be several Americuu
onllres, bul iho American manufactures apparently prefer to con-
contrato iheir attention upon
their candidates for lhe next
Vanderbilt Cup race on lhe new
speedway ou I ,ong Island. Most
of lhe Famous racing men of
Europo will compete in ihe German race The Darrao Company,
whose car won lhe lasl Vunder
bill Cup race, lias nominated a
loam of throo with Duruy,
Gabriel and Rougier as drivers.
Lanein, Naz/.uro. and Ur. Well-
man are to handle lhe three Kiats,
ami Kenatsky will drive one of
iho Mercedes candidates.
The Town Team Defeated In the
Beattie Cup Contest.
A swift game of football was
played on Tuesday evening,
following Hie lino up of the
Foresters vs the Town learns in
the contest for the Beattie cup.
The ground was damp,and good
playing was not tn ho thought of.
yet there was many excellent
plays made by llie contestants.
Both tenuis were fairly well
matched, and lho play during
the first half was sharp and exciting. No scores were made in
lhn first half.
Within three minutes from tlie
calling of time in the second half
the Foresters succeeded in
getting Ihe ball between the
posts, excellent playing followed, the Town team putting up a
hard light, but Iho Foresters
were nut tn win, and finally won
by a score nf 8-0,
S. Watson was referee, and
gave perfect satisfaction to bnth
Nest Tuesday, the Caledonians
and Foresters will line up for
the Cup. and there is no doubt
but that Ihe game will be the
fastest and best of the series.
Elocutionary Contests.
The second Medal contest was
held in the Presbyterian Church
Thursday evoning. The contestants for tho elocutionary
prize were:—
Miss Andrews. Miss Chapman,
Miss Kennedy. Miss Hickenbotham, Miss Tisdale, Miss
* Tlie church was filled by an
iuteresl ing gathering, and all
were unanimous iu praise of the
talented young Indies who took
Among those who look a purl
in lhe evenings programme
Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Wrye.kmaii,
Miss Connolly, Miss Eva Conol-
ly, Mr Engelston, Miss McFarlane and Master Robbie Mar
Mrs. Spoffard deserves great
praise for llie excellent Heat she
prepared in lho very short lime
she luul al her disposal,
The medal was awarded to
Miss Chapman.
'I'he whole performance was
liolh devilling and interesting,
ami in the cause of temperance
inusl have a healthy effect on
any community.
Have Mounted the Water Wagon.
In its last issue, the Herald
issued a challenge, tu the offect,
that its Base Hall team, consisting nf primers, publishers, pressmen, devil, and everybody con
nested wilh the business, would
play a match game, fnr a suitable trophy, with any bull leum
in llie Kootenays 'I'he team,
composed nf iho employoos of
the Fink Mercantile Co., accepted the challenge, and announced
Ihal thoy wore ready In play lhis
week. Hul the Hid Man's team,
not "Johnny on lhe Spot."
woro mounted on the ''Water
Waggon" leaving lho Fink luuni,
to hustle for it game where no
"separator" can be brought Into
action. We are informed lhat
the Fink loam will accept, a
challenge from any local ball
team in Uie district,
Visitors Here and There   Poople
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
V. Hyde Baker was al Fernie
Wednesday on business.
Al Musser nf Kiinlierley was
iu lhe cily Tuesday.
.1 ll. Longley of Spokane was
in lhe city Friday
Fresh Strawberries today at
Stewarts. -
W.C. Donavan of Spokane was
at Cranbrook Wednesday.
A   McFarlane of   Vancouver
was at the Cranbrook Tuesday.
Win. Carlin drove over from
Fort Steele Tuesday on business.
S. McDougal of Ferine was in
the city Monday ou business,
A. L McDermott was at Moyie
Tuesday on business.
Hazlewond Ice Cream lodny al
Hugh Stewarts
Gentlemen we want the Shirt
Trade of Cranbrook. Reid Si
Ed. Feagan came down  from
arysville Wednesday nn  business.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Scanlan nf
Toronto were Cranbrook visitors
this week.
Home made cnudy, fruits, and
Ice Cream, in fact everything
good to eat at "The Palm."
Here's stirring news of another
Millinery Sale. Ready-to-wear
Hats nne half price.    Reid & Co.
Peter Woods came down from
his Cherry Creek ranch Wednes
day on matters of busiuess.
Government Agent J. F. Armstrong was at Pernio Wednesday
on official business.
Born at Moyie nn Wednesday
June ISth, to Mr. and Mrs. S.K.
Harvey, a son.
C. N. Broley of Hosmer was in
the city Tuesdny nn business
A. Mutz,president and manager
of the Fernie, For' Steele Brewing Uo. was transacting business
ul Cranbrook Wednesday.
A. A, Young, ,1. D. Robertson
nnd son and W. H. Wels of Moyie
were guests nt the Cosmopolitan
S. E. Pumpelly of Luke Creek
was in the city Tuesday. In the
afternoon he went to Spokane on
mining business.
Chasliiiskell, manager of the
Kimberley Milling Co. was in
the city for seceral days this
week on company business.
A pile of Men's Suits. Regular price #7.50 to M5.00, while
they Ittslsale price (15.05 at Reid
St Co.
A good needle woman wishes
for homo work, mending or
other sewing, For particulars
apply or address communication
to X Prospector otlice.
Hurrah for Moyie! July lsl
Moyie will have one of the
biggest days sport ever held in
Southeast Kootenay, and will
wind up with a dance.
Joseph McAdams, who has
been ill at the St. Eugene
hospital for some months died
Tuesday June llth. The de
ceased was 'JH years nld, and
suffered for nearly six months
I mm Tuberculosis. The funeral
took placo Thursday from lhe
Cranbrook Undertaking parlors,
llience lo St. Mary's Church
where the services wore held,
Rov. Father Choi noi I officiating
The remains were lutorrod in the
Catholic Cemetery,
P. Jensen and  Robt  Little nf
Tho gardens around  town aro
being cultivated this year with
more vigor than heretofore.
Mrs. C. A. Gaskill. and Mrs.
Vi. A, Whitman nf Kimberley
wore shopping at Wednesday.
C. Wallace and P. E. Miller of
Toronto wore registered at the
Cranbrook Wednesday.
Mrs. A. McCowan anil family
were visiting Mrs. Doolanat Sirdar this week.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Lund of
Wardner were visiting friends nl
Cranbrook Tuesday.
C. B. Staple ami Miss Macomb
of WyclilTe were Cranbrook
visitors Monday.
Hammocks—Good ones for
sl.."ii. Boiler onus for more.
Best ones 80.00 at Reid & Co.
('. Wallace of Toronto, E H.
Secord of Gait, were guests at
the Cranhrook Friduy.
(ieo. Laurie nf Creston spent
several days lhis week in
Cranbrnnk  on business.
V. ('leaves of London, England was registered al lhe Cran
brooli Friday.
Miss Jessie McCowan 13 visil
ing her grandfather ai Montreal
lhis week. Miss Jessie will remain awuy for several weeks.
Chickens aud ducks for sale
from two days to two years nld:
also seven shacks. Apply In A.
C. Pigoll.
The citizens of Fort Steele are
making arrangements lor a celebration on Jnly first. Dominion
Frank VanDecar was at
Spokane Tuesday nn business,
returning lo Cranbrook Wednes
Rnad Superintendent Don
Mackay has a large force of men
al work repairing the roads in
the St. Mary's district this week.
F. E. Simpson and H. Hickenbotham were al Nanainin this
week attending a meeting of the
11 rand Lodge of I >dd Fellows.
'I'he vacant space surrounding
the Bank ol Coinmorce to the
north, will soon be filled in fnr a
lawn, and neatly fenced.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Starbird and
A. J. Scoville nf Windermere
were guests at the Cosmopolitan
James Finlay, manager of lho
Sullivan Group of Mines was in
Cranbrook Friday on company
Miss Dully Varden, of the
Slater Shoe Co. was on exhibit inn
in the big show window of Iho
Fink Mercantile Co. this week.
Several thousand shares of tho
Sullivan Group of Mines was
purchased Ibis week bv Beale
,V Elwell.
I). R. Yaies. manager of iho
Staples Lumber Co, at WyclilTe,
was iu the city Friday on company business.
li. H. Shorl and Co . have
secured the contract for lhe
paint ing of the Crunbrook Public
A. B, Fenwick and R. 'I'.
Richardson of Fort Sleele  were
transacting husiness at Cranbrook Thursdny.
I). .1. Elmer citine up frmu
Kingsgaie Wednesday nn business, He reports times as being
gnnd at llio International gateway.
Bishop Dnnlonville relumed
from Si. Eugene Mission Wednesday, ho wus escorted by a
troop ol "u iiioii ii I <■<! Koolonny
Professor Hy roil gave another
successful demount ration of iho
durability of iho lire brick iniinu
fiiciiireil by tho Cranbrook Fire
Brick and Terra Colin Co. A
Fori Sleele were nt Cranbrook I largo number of citizens
Monday on business connected ■Witnessed lho losls, and were
with lho sale of timber limits much pleased. There area lew
located on Ihe Skookiiinohnek I shares yol on lhe market, ami
river. Mr. Jensen lefl on tho I they aro boing takon up rapidly,
afternoon train fnr Ftirniu. See Beale A. Elwell.
Company Formed to  Develop  the
the Fruit Lands of the
Windermere District.
We learn that a compuny has
been formed iu Calgary for tlio
promotion of u big irrigation
scheme n the Upper Columbia
valley near Windermere, Who
lhe promoters are is not made
public at the present time, but
the arrival of a large force of
surveyors, nl Windermere, for
the purpose of locating a large
irrigation dllch from Toby lo
Dutch creek, and from Toby lo
Horse Thief creek Surveyor
HelTner is in charge of I ho parly.
.1. McLatchie, P L.S of Nelson,
also has a force of surveyors in
the lield surveying lands, whicli
is owned by lhe same syndicate,
and it is reported that as soon as
his surveys of Ihe lands are coin
pleted, his force will assist nn
Ihe ditch.
There is a very large acreage
n the Windermere valley suit
able for fruit cull lire, consisting
of many thousand acres The
climate is most favorable, and
there is no doubt but thai in the
near future, the Upper Columbia
ind Koolenny valleys will be the
.'anion spol of the province.
Mirth. Music ami Merriment al
Wentworth Hall tonight. Tlio
Fraser-Pierrols Co, of entertainers.
linn. George Turner and S.
Jellum   of    Spokane    were
guests al the Cranbrook Mnnilay.
Tuesday morning Ihey   went  lo
the Sullivan nines.
For Sale—1 have a numbor of
Milch Cows whicli I will sell
cheap. For particulars and price,
tpply to Geo. P. Tisdale, Cranbrook-, B, C.
The Fire Brigade were out
['hiirsday evening practising,
Crunbrook is to be congratulated
upon the efficiency of ils tiro
We have jusl opened up a
consignment of Silverware in
Sterling Silver anil plated goods.
Tate the Jeweler.
C. H. I'olloii, was al Fish
Lakes this week for several days
looking for bear. He was accompanied by several Indian
Don'l forget that the Eraser-
Pierrots entertainers ut Wentworth Hall tonight. Five artists,
all slurs.
There's always a competent
prescriptionist on duly at our
slore. You can bring in your
prescriptions wilh assurance thai
thev will be filled right. Hold St
Dr ,1. II. King was called lo
Moyie on Wednesday morning in
attendance upon Mrs. S. K.
Harvoy. A special motor oar
was placed al his service, antl a
quick run was made lo Moyio.
Have you seen those up lodate
gold and pearl mounted umbrellas
for ladies. See our window.
Tate ihe Jeweler.
For shares in lho new Fire
Brick and Terra CottaCompany,
see Beale* Elwell. Only 5,000
more to be sold, lie sure and
get iu nu the ground Hoor for
lliere is money in bricks,
Chapter Meetiug.
A regular monthly conv lion Up Increasing Demand From the
ol Rocky Mountain  Chapter  It        u „:      nn,      ,,     u     ,
, ,, ,,,-.,     ,., '     Prame Cities   Cranbrook a
A.M.. was hold   in   the  Chuptn
rooms of the Masonic Temple mi
Tuesday evoning. There wus u
largo attendance, Sojourning
Companions from Wilmer,
Windermere, Moyio, Fori Steele,
ami Kiinlierley wore in attendance. A clnssof six wore exulted
in iho Arch degree,     Aftor iho
regular services of  'he e\ iiiLr
wore over. H.o Companions and
visitors partook of nn  Informal
banquet, in il haptor dining
I'oinii, after iln- ittuor man hud
boon supplied, a social dial was
indulged in.
A system has heen inaugurated
liy the Canadian Pacific railway
whereby passengers can have
Iheir baggage checked Ihrough
from Cranhrook and other points
on the lino to Iheir resiliences.
or hotels, In tho cities of Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal
antl Winnipeg at a charge nf
ibnut 2n cunts per package,
This same arrangement applies
to ii lurge number of cities in tho
United Sinios. Passengers check
their baggage direct to a given
iddress. and have nothing
further to do hul receipt for tho
same upon iis arrival al the
address given. This is n new
Innovation and will prnvoaboon
lo the travelling public
Sleeping car service between
Fernie and Calgary over lho
Crow Lino commenced on Tuesday Juno Uth.
Ben. Murgatroyd. au old lime
engineer on the Crow, returned
io Cranbrook Tuesday, for Ihe
purpose of taking a passenger
run between this plaoo nnil
Conductor Win. Cameron 'lefl
Cranbrnnk Sunday for Macleod
whore he will take a locnl
passenger run hoi ween Macleod
and Lethbridge.
Engineer .lames Cuslake left
nn Tuesday for Montreal, on
business connected with thn
Order of Railway Engineers.
The Dining Car service on the
Crow line has been improved,
by the placing of two new dining
cars on the route, also additional
help in this department.
Has Made Good.
Judge Alexander Henderson,
who resigned a country judgeship, to assist in defeating the
McBride government in lhe lasl
provincial election, has made
good, and accepted the appoint
ment of commissioner of Ihe
Yukon, thus confirming the old
adage "Hul of defeat comes
Methodist Church.
Geo, Tumor, Presidenl of the
Sullivan Group Mining Co,
Hissed through Cranbrook
Thursday on his way In Spokane.
Mr. Turner has   I n   spending
several days nl lho initios, and
at the smeller in Mnrysville,
lie suys Ihul llu' mine is iu first
I'lass , -11111 Iii iim wiih large
quantities of ore iu sight The
output now averages nboul Ion
Ions daily.
Roud Siqieritilondunl 11. Mac
kay wns at Wild Horse ('reek
Monday arranging for lho clean
ROUBKT limns, Pastor
Siuitliiy Mnriiinii Si-i'vi.'O ai II a.m.
l''ullmvslii|i meeting   - • 12-1". u.m.
Sunday Selwolanil Bible Class S p.ni.
A special Invitation is given to
young men to attend the pastors
bible class.
Visitors, and all who attend in
oilier place of worship arc
heartily Invited lo attend those
Lumbering Centre.
Since ltiO-l conditions In the
I'ranbrook district have made
n rapid advance towards converting anticipation and ihu
realization of the lumber resources of the district,
The Koolenny Valley's abum
ihini supply of limber is n r0'
source thai is nllracllvo to those
who combine in u degree the
gin ol foresight and patience,
Lurge iracis uro found in ihis
\ioiiiiiy wheroou lho timber is
Hrsl class, and the tracts heavily
In the pasl I wn vein's the re-
Unions between Ihe lumber iniin-
ulilll iii'crs of tho l 'ranbrook dis-
tricl, ami Ihe dealers in the
Norlh Wesi Territories have
beon gelling closer for obvious
reasons. 'The home market is a
growing one with a steady growing population in Alberta uud
lho Northwest, hence n constantly increasing demand is made
u|ion the Cranbrook mills for all
surplus manufactured,
Few people have taken deep
thought of the extent and
volume of lhe lumber trade of
this districl, that lhe lumber and
timber industry bus assumed
vast proportions. And when wo
slop io cousider for a moment
this is noi lo be wondered nt; for
ill tliu present time there lire
over thirty lumbering plants
iperaling along the line of llie
Crow's Nost branch with a good
home market, while the surplus
producl is marketed in  Alberta.
-vi,I'.'n lli .irii.n le t„ooloca   and
inusl be supplied from the near
est producing poinl.
ll may be staled here lhat the
main portion of marketable
limber is found in the vicinity of
Cranbrook and the northern
portion of the district, where
there are thousands of miles ot
good timber waiting to be cut.
This will last for many years,
and those who own timber limils
will reap a rich harvest,
The advantage of geographical
position   is    possessed     by    the
Cranhrook districl in competing
for the trade of Alberta and
Manitoba. For the present, or
near future, lumbermen have no
occasion to complain, and no
regrets In reviewing the past
year, for the year's business was
a banner year, and the outlook
for the present seuson is much
belter, and there is m, reason to
four that Craubrook lumbermen
will shut down their mills this
summer ror lack of a market.
A pretty bul qulel wedding
look place at the home of
Theodore Montgomery on Thursday May -"rii. when his only
daughter, Miss Sarah, became
the bl'lde of Foster HucllCl'oft,
of llritish Columbia, The ceremony, which look place al  high
,,,    ,,• i < , i,„ noon  was performed   by    Rev.
I he Weakness nl Samson lhe ' •
Geo. Mai-Arthur.      Ibe   young
couple   won-   unattended,   the
bride looking particularly lovely
iu u   while gown of soft silky
material,     After   ths   wedding
breaklasi  Mr.   and   Mrs.   Iliich
Next     Woduosday-Epworth »«IMI  N,r   il""   Ml'8'   '""'"'
mguo meeting at 8 p.m.    Sub   croft left on the afternoon  train
jeel "Story withou! names."
Tho pastor Is al homo on  Fri
day evenings   for   consultation
uud il iiiliioi of nuy  Church
business, Cases of sickness
should lie reported al lhe par
soutige wiibniii delay.
for Montreal, where the honey
iiiiiiii    m;i-,   sponl       The   bride
travelled In u blue suil with  lull
In mulch.    The bride   is one  of
Cardinal's   faircsl    ami    mosl
popular daughters, and expression was given   lo  the  high  vs-
teem In  whieh  she  is  lield   by
We havo some  nico pieces or many very handsomegRls,   Tho
silverware    In    Sterling    and groom    who   wns   formerly   a
Plated Goods suitable for a June Cardinal  hoy.   is a   prosperous
oride,   Tale the Jeweler busiix ss man and much respected
  !among his friends.   Mr. and Mrs.
It is rumored tlml the price of Huchcrofl  ox| i   to leave   for
lnK « >{,l'" *'"''  t''""1 phlna' I town lots In (Iranbrook will he in   homo •„, H|.illsl| Columbia uboul
town lo lho norlh   lork  of  W Id creased.    Thai a C. P. R.   agenl   ,        ..      ,.,. ... ..
Horse.    Looks as if so of the was in I illy lhis wool;  look   ''"no-l h.    1 hoy will carry with
mines in that vicinity are aboul ing over the situation  propara- them llie besl  wishes ol many
to commence operations. i lory to malting a new so hod ule.    friends,    Prescoll Messenger. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK l!  <     JUKE 15, 1007
District ..[ Kootenai
Talc*, notice thai I \ -i.'i A
Uoliins. .,1 CrftiitirtKik. lmu*l-
keeper. lntoml in appl.ii f«r |wr-
mission in obtain a ^prri-il iiuiber
licence over ihe following ilt*M'ribc-i
lands: Cmmnt»oi'lnij ii u posl plunteil
"ti Uie Lltth* Moyie Hiver ulmn. tin*, i-
miles from I..'. ■'. . nml nne tn11-■ t-«>l
of Hillinni- timlier licence, tlience
north Si) I'lmius, tlicm-e eust SO chains,
thence su ill Sti I'lmiiis. thenc*' west stl
chains tn [mini nf commenceuiHivt, i*im-
taiititii! lUt) U'-i-i*- more nr less.
Victor A. Uollins
Outi il Muy Hth. h'07. hi
Districl ol Kootenay.
L'o ;       .■■   ■■   '    :t*   !   W        ti      S. lie  ■ Ol
Cranbrook, Veterinary Miry-eon, intend
to applj for permiss on tu obtain «
special timber liconcu over the follow*
inn described land*: Coiiimem*iQg ;t' a
post planted on ' :.■ tattle Moj le If ■■■
tibo it tlm-. les -Mii- ■ ul' !o ■
onu mile east nf HI in ■■- I lubei
liueinv, : licnce a •■-■ -' ■ lains,
north su chain*-, thence i*n**l -"      a i s.
t lieuce -ni' I  Stl chains ' il nl co ; -
menci'iiient, containipfj t.4tl Lcre?     ore
WilHai   S, a
Dutod Mu) Hth, UM7.
©Ite ilrOetieCtOt*    ************  **************       Professional.
i'..s'1'.Mii.i.-.ni.i'  nu»
A. B. 6rrice,
I'l'III.ISIIKK    AND    KDIIllll,
SO Tie Makers m ^^ I     SSSSS'SSSS
CRAN'l'KOOl.,     -    U.C.
$   APPLY TO   *
City Transfer Office. U/    p   VVordetl
Cranhrook. B.C. " • ■-*• ' * v'* WiW11
1 ...SA W   YOU R    WOOD...* llar^MoUrter & Macdonald
* WITH   A 9
£ V-WOWLIIMC      CIMV3IIMC ^ ^v.   P.  CiURD
tff. It's tin- most poi-Ioot I'unnitiK ••uj-iiio you win jiol.     Tlio* „   ....
w lutosl i>i|iii| ul tot' snwinti wood, ta HOaTISier
\  TOLICYofhlKhproiocilon % PUK HEST IS THK CUKAl'KST 9 Solicitor. Etc.
^   lh;" """'' ,k'v"  '"" * - rabing, ii„„ii.,fr, iii'i.t ^Cranhrcofc -  * I'misi. Coiumi.m
iATUUDAY, .11 XI   I"'. 1IW7
mini..-?,      mnin.i'uctii.'ing     nn.l  * PflTMnRF RttfK    PlBB
uerieultur. to.osts of c.nn if III 1 IllUlVL DI\Uo.    ing ano Blower Work £
In-oak district, mul ul  lho .sun.'  f. *'i.l    vub.nth a,
ft ^ ft; 4  ft  4  9   4   9   4   9-*   9     4   9   4   9   *   9   ♦-♦<■♦<-   ♦    ,    ,,,,„   ,„„     Ami,ri(.nn     |.„.„,    * *
District nt Kootenay.
Tuke Willi'** tlml I Edward I
Moylu. prospeotor, lutond in i
permission In obtain » spet'lii  *   : "
lli'em v.'i   ihi' f.illiiuiiu
lands:   Comineiii'ins al u '"-'
nu the Little Moyie Itiver aln
mil.- southwest ol limit'.
uiil,- east ol   Hilllai'ds    ■■ * in
south 80 chains, thenee -i-' s"
thenee nortii SO ehains. thenee
ehains lo poinl ol I'om m n	
taining MO aeres more or less.
Edwin  ■
iim,',1 May nth, ton*;.
The Painters, Pupcrhangcrs, Etc.
K.'Jl   . . Ill"7
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  kind?
llll al m ^. ik, ai. m m, va ut, m al >u,   a ;*_    jw  m, m VI- * W V, >4v -m at- At m
. ^ *t v, ^ *j\ jta *^ *t at ^ ^t ^t\ »a "i^   nt nt nt nitnt ^n *w -w nt ^. nt *t
[ll'OllllCts WOlllll  lit'   I'l'lU'lirlill    111 #«»»»«« ».«,...».....,.«(§»«»,.»..«.»»*».»-»■.■»»»«.»•»•
* ihe tiiriui'i's ul' lhe ilislricl *                                                                                                            4
* A liuiiii',I,'iii.iii,I im- limit  i '
nn.l NOTARY   IT 111.li I.
i'i- is ossein itii i" ' lie  ftii'iu
A i 'iimuliun uiui'kul is iviinloil lij    J
till!   I\,"'l    ll,n   Ul   : OI'S  1*01' Ilir ll'lS 4
,- i i    |H,',lui Is, '
*    llllll Illi'    I'ssi'lltiuls    ill {
- ,, ei'.ssl ul     in
nil     ii      luuiio    '
| New Ment Market j ^7
i'i m Linus \sn I'iin ru \. imi'
"I'   J tmjlish Cnl Joinls a Specialty
-s,   II M.'lilS Illli S SIH.II'ITIIU
~Z~Pi   NUTAKY I'l'lll.li'
Prices Moderate {  fmnbrook, tt.o,
* To irot m i|un.inli-il « in uml i" 0
* -iiii  iiiui '
* mImm    il     couilil mis    nf     lln /
* t'l'll   Ill-null  lllsll'ii't,   ynn   sllnulll. 0
IMnilst'     'lli' ns ;l I i'iiii    (\VO   tluill'illlli'n   SUlisfllC
imin     'i our [iiili'oniiKC h ill tin Iliniii} out on .1
Order in  Phone S2
I' II OM AS   MoV ITT I li
P.I^.S. & CE.
Port stool.. B.C.
isi'i'ih,' fnr i'n- I'lnsiH'i'im' ' * 11 ili-isa I'.v muil will rncnivu pi'nni]il mul curoful  nt ton tion   '4   *.+....,.............~*...a.*...*+-,..*~~*—
*a  \
\'.',.i  Sll   llll! . l)« Slips    IU'I!    llllll
I glorious!   Vmi
will    Iimi   ilii'iii   nil
lln'  £>
pi'ilil'il', i'lul ill iln' lilll'li Vllltls.
m        - * - :^>
♦.' * SiMiK'thiiigmust luivtuli'oppoil.   tj(k
"    p.o  BOX l.MST     Ni     ■       <           '   ONI"          ^ '      ■      * uro noiilici—i'ussinjr" j V
♦ or itisi iissini;' in ihis iiiui',  iim t;(,0
;■   ♦ .9 ♦.<- ♦ 9 9 9 a 4 a 4 a   a 4 a 9 a 9 * * ♦ »*♦ o ♦ ,             .        a   l)()milli(in e,k.(..|*
\   - "^
♦ *
- -.-     •^•^v%-S^-^^j%-Si...'%-3^jS!.-S^.'*\
.   '-.    •,>--7^-7S-~&*7?: •£7*7^'7zy-7&*\z?\Z?*,:z7>'?:*'
Will Nut Injure the  I'iiii'st
il Fur nr h'iilitir.
Pliysiclani||ul Surgeon
iiI'l'U'l''. AKMS'l'HONO   A\ I.
Ilnuus:   ii to 11 ii.in,  li nil p.m.
7 in s p.m.
Phono mii.'.' 105    Kesiilen.'.' 100
1 rUKl oltihLii
'lillliui'lll       SIlllsl'i'ihiM's   fjh
♦ I muv ii;ivi>  Liunil  inlontious,   hull
I'loi'ks Uiul '
f I P-   °-   E"
Mi-el every 1'rtdny ill S p.m.
District nf Kootenay.
Nn. 4.
Time notiee Hint I. .lolin V. ti;: :_
of Cranhrook, H.C.'., mill mun.i_"i I
luml   in  apply   im'  h     '••'  "•■'•'
!  tinnier I •
Con iii-iii li   ui   11   pusi   plained 20
uliulns no-Ill in ih.- southeasl eorner ol
my former lleenee iipplietilinn Nn. I
advertised lir-l in lln' ll.C. Ililv.eUe nl
I'','Iipiui'\  'Hal,   lliu".   Indus   uppioxi-
niulelj   UK' 'diaii
uml I'." .'In
nf lhn BOilthuusI enrner ol I'"1 "■->
thenee eusl 40 llllllllls,  1
,•  -nili  m
ehains, tlieneo ivusl Un ehuins.  Hi..	
uni'ili 111 i'linin-. tlieneo ensl su i'llllllia,
iiii'iu'i' mii'ili Hi i'huiu> in iln- poinl i.l
eiiiiiiiii'iii'iinii'ii!     nml     I'liniiiitiiiiL'   nin
llerea him1 ' less,
■Inliii I , Hriilires
Mul  Illli, 100". '.'I
Disti'inl nl Kiii.li'iiJiy.
Tuke iniin'.. iimi Monroe I'  I'.' Wnll
i,l    liunil.'I'-   I *. 1 ■ 1 ■,      liluin1,    iipullon
1 inili.'i' erulser liiloiuls in iip|ily (or 11
spuelal tlinlier lleui iev iln'  luili.u-
in;; desi'i'ihed lumls;
Coniiiiuneliin al 11 posl planted mi the
mii'ili Iniiili i.l Ihe Snnili Fork 1.1 Hold
ereilll   uhlllll   2!   miles   III   llll   ollHtorl)'
ilil linn    from   11   |in-i   nn   Hu,   .-u-i
Houndui'j nl I.u1 Mil niiu-ked '.'Im, llle.
mi Um Yahk trail on 11 liruneh nl (iohl
ereek, lln  ivusl   inn ehulns,  tlleni-u
Sillllll   III i'llllill-, ll ■ ,'il-l   hill i'llllill-,
lll.'lll'.'  'Ill  III I'llllill- III llll' p..illi 111
eoliltllolleeinenl   uml    eonlulnlnil    lil"
ii.'t'.'- ni'.i ■ I.—.
M.inroo I'. 11- Well
Mn\ "lh. IWIi
Dlstrlot nl Kootenay.
Take notiee Ihul Mi.nni,' I', lie Wolf
nf I',..nmt- Ferry. Idaho, iieeupullon
limber eruiser,  inieiids in upplj I'm' 11
-|u'.'i;il itnibet' Iir.'i ver iin'  follow-
liij; .li--,Till...I lands:
I'oiiiuieiieiny ut 11 pii-i pliiiiled ..11 in.
nortii bunk of lhe Soutli Fork ol  	
ereek  lllionl   1-  miles  in  un   • :i-'■ -1 ;,
ilil I inil  ll'Olll il  pOSl  ill. : In- eilSl   '"""",
lit') 111 I.u'  l.'iUl    1111 k.lll   llll    llle. 011 tin
Vuhk trail "ii ii I.i.u..-I: "i    In-1 lolil
,,, ,.|<   thenei   ,i"-! i'-11 i'liali
south 10 elm 1 asl UtO
thei norili I" el aim lo ■: ■■  poinl  ol
'•..milium  nntail
acres more
■1.      ..i.i..
May Mi, I1'",'. -I
BREWING CO.. LTD. }pz^,	
;XTUA i'iNK    ♦  rich
♦ tirabi
'i'lm Ci'unbrooK- ilisirii'i
■1.  iu  minerals, coul.  nil   uiul /
Ihul in llm lu'lll- futui'O it *
known us "tlio  ironsuro v,
J house nl' iim Province." (,
......                             *     l.arilonina is in ortler   muv. it.
Bottled beer Inr family
use ;i specialty
Tlm I. itcst Scientific   I'm- v\()/7
p;iration  hu*  tlm  Destructinn ^1?.
of tlie Moth Pest. W
More Effective. Less Expensive, than Moth Balls    W ,
7'.']'.        it'"............ mi... ..T...r.......i.r....'...*..l^
i has. SMITH, \V. I'reshlenl
M. H. Ilii.i.iMis. Seoy.
\erie I'liysleiun, I', u. I lux Us.
j    Outside   Orders 4i -.^^
Z Ti    Iniin. vicinity of Crunbrook,
i iiii'i' usi'il. always iised, iin-
[uuiiiil' n most agreeable uml
Inslin1! ™lor tn furs uml clothing
C. E. REID & CO.,
m .Many or our citizens ure already l^    "    "" Tiie   DrUgglStS.
I   acqilirillf!     hi'iilth     from       that   '17 Sloie eloscs nt 0 p.m. oxroptinq: Satnrtlnv nlirlit* awl eveiiinus
T|exel.tion, | ^heforepublh, holidays.
T. I- Kinky Mniiiitnin Chapter
W  \\ Nu.   I'Jfi.   ll.  A. M.
yy   i Iti'jinliii' mu.'iiims:   2ml Tuos- :
\*A   j dny   in   .'null   iiinlitli    nl   oljrlll i
W   : o'eloelt. ■
}() ,; Sitjiiuriiinu   1 'niiipnniiiiis   nre .
y. ',': eiii'ilinlly Invltoil, :
¥   j Wm. I*. Tate, Scribe E. ]
fl    i BOS   I        I'llANllllOIIK. li, r. i
^.^^^^^^^^^Z!,^^^-^^^    %-mm*t>w**mmnmmmm
Phone   74-
SA'ri')i;ACTI0N  GUARANTEED        XUi"' l"',,i,'i"s   l,;'v"   ""'   b! '' Centrallv Located
Z|upiiearanceof spring, while llio ■jel,lla,|y LOcaieo
^^^^§%;%^^%'%? %%^%'
T A i'. o. mix 812    it-
X A     TELEPHONE NO. 1     p
ft -w
X   Port   Steele Brewing Co.. Ltd.    X
9********************9 ***** *****************
wonn note
linker Street,      Cranhrook, B.C.
Lighted   By  Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable Bedrooms
First C.las.s Dining Room
Take noiii-e i   '   * :':       '     :'''
 , Chiel i'linin
I iiilenil I" ap|i
, Lm| mn       Vlll'K-    '
Vletoria II 0   lor  I"-'"" ' '"
sniitheasi Kooienay,
C Hi-inn ;.' » •"-'   I   :'
, ■ -. ;i,;i;,;;;"i:,;:;i".
an lien I     nr li'"'.
in, i -i. i.u., mol
* *
* Marysville, B.C. COLE & HANDLEY, Prop.         9
* 9
* 9
* Thn Li'iiilintr Mm    i I Um St, 9
* \\ .. I'llllillS                             «f
t* 'i iii.i.' :i-            'Z;
* *
_.   KiioliMiny. sm
* 9
* 9
* GOOD     SAMPLE ROOMS   *          ,,      .        ....    .
a, im    lynnr thi'si'shni'i's will hi1 is.i   por       **~
■ft************************   lsh.U'0.                                         i     £
mountain tniis In tin' easl nml
west is still clothed in earth's
white iiiiiiiili'.
-mm- • -a tt       .      { Court Granbrook 8943
Manitoba Hotel
Under New  MouajsctTient
Wlien you want   a   goocl|	
MISl'.TS   -.'SI'   ANII   I'l'll   T1IIIISIIAVS
\'i-itiiiH'   lu-i'ilii'i'ii   eni'.liiilly   iiivit.il
('. ll.,   W. I'. MACDONALD
mien. \V. llKNIiKHSON
Tin' iiiiiii with iheswi'lli'il hciiil ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
dim.- imi suffer ns inui'h us those
wlio uro compelled in associate      Headquarters Inr mining    *.'■     , ,   ,
with hi,,,, | men and old timers. S   'llace t0 *t0V come tn tlie   Portraiture by Photography
'■•    Manitoba.
A number of citizens havi'  received n touch nf ''hiiih  life''  in         	
ihu shiiiii1 nf tn\ demands rrom
11„- city assessor.   Some oi these j We Give You Your Moneys JDirorth
IlioTe'is much cuss'm "u^in"IL i l^^^^^^^^S^^^^!
PHONE   51      _ _       	
d, a. Mcdonald, manager
city government.
The public schools ure nro-
fti'ossitij" under lhe managomont
nf Mr. !•'. U. AniliTsnn. lhe
pi'incipill, who is well liked h,v
ihe pupils, lenchoi's mul parents.
This is lhe uiiiiiiiiiinus words nl    [flj
ull our Montis in  tlisllinl   luuds;
"The prospoclor" is ns good ns u
loiter from homo.
Artistic Picture Framing
ai;i; oil,'
I! Prest Piioto Go.
I    The Quality Store    j
Groceries, 1'inii, Confectioner',',
Cigars ,nul  I ubaccos
Spi'cial  ni li'iilioii given In ouch order no mnt loi; how
laps" in Crnnbrooli nre pro-llf/j)    small.    Good goods uud prompl delivery "Our Motto
paring for war. Thev un' pur
chasing Shol guns nml uii' pre
paring in hunt I'm' American
eagles to gol even wilh lli.' San
Francisco I rouble.
linkej' St. Cranbroolt, ll C.
.5    Carpenter % Builder
(imnl  Work nl
Keiisoiinble Prlco
j Office and Workshop  Lewis St
*!»»-» «**»*VW**W«**W**»*!»**<ll
j rrnnm & Mil 11] L C0H N I
I Tailor "•'■■, Importer of *
Now is tho limo 10 gol j,, on iia^^^^^^^~-^w^^> --^—-—•—,^—r^,   I       Fine Woolens.       -
llio ground II 'in tho Crnnbrooli    ^Pfffff^lfMltMf^^ it        ,    ,  ,       v f
Piro-Bricl! and Torra Cotta Co,       tzz --„..    „    rTrmvpriAAii  I       | Crnnliroolc,ll.O. An -oh-tAvo |
proposition,     This   li    nexl      fc   I     pn\(   A"    |-| F N [) l~ R SO N   -       **********11"1' '»*«**«»»»»«»«
=r - siMpi£      STROM.
a 9 a 4 a 9 ft 4 ft 9 a ■■' a ■; a •■-- a 9 a ■:• a <  ♦ 9 9 9
a .4
PHONE   183^ '♦'
-   Always Up-to-Date 3
.1 nm' lllb. suys tho woodman, I tzz
il  is will lot' W.'illliel', hope il will *ZZ
rolllilllle so lllllil .liiue I llh l'.uis. J^: 	
*   '   * *ZZ ZS
Evory now Industry rormod in £ Cranbrooh, -       - B.C. zS
thooronh. k district, is good tu|iUluuiUilUlUUIlUlUiUUllUlliUlUJUUUiUUaUlU$
I.,1    lho   districl   uml   I Is   in
A \'x .^  -Pi
I IV11
,„,,  ' il'  liill'iwII'K
.^S'l'i'ii'lh" S"i k "' ''' '"'"
J" tholo"rtlVh."n-.' ."'"'rnmU,! Uln       * "
!'"„,,,„ ,„„,i, kul  11I1I U"'  I" I'1'"" '
1,11 1, MINI'
I'   l,t*NI'   All
liiiiml April Uiil' ''"
\ 1 irlonil ..1 Mi I I ■ '"■'
llli'lli'i    OtllOI'H   b
lliall'ii'l   ,.(   Kllnliillll.V.
A lull ,1. iiiiini'iii nl 11 nm-   .    ii modi mi.  pin
These ;ni' going    isi   .   I ynn in.I I, r .'nil and
ili.'ii ;is soon ns possible.
Flour and Feed of all Kinds Always on Hand
secure   properly,     Jusl     keep
your oy os on ll w  brick  In-    Tnko notion  1 W, .'   Poll
lllsti'lnl, ni Koiitniiiiy,
Tni,,.  null,,    Ilinl   W.   A. II..llin-., nl
iliislrv   loi'   tlinre is    ley
IMI'iill'I'.W'l'  N.i'l'll'l■'.
W^»        ft
vfeli >A
/"if tlii! ,
Critnhi'Oiill      i|.:iiii.i      I llii'|.|iiM'j I,'runin li ii|ii.ii,.ii    lii.!.'llii'.'|..'i', j
i iiiIh  III  ll|l|llj    Ini'iiii inl liinl,,-.■   in I    In lippl)   Im  11   pnollll llllllii'i'
lii'.'l I'lll'   lhi'   liillillliln'    lll'wl'llll'll    li.'i'll I.'I'   III.'    Inllnw ll'HIll'lllI'll
IiiiiiIhi 1 IiiiiiIh:
I'liiiiiiii-ii.'lii'.' ni  11 1 1  pluiili'il 11110     0 > im.'  ni  n  imi  pluiili'il	
 I    Iml li-.  .li,innl   jin.l   in   11'nml   iiiiii   lmil   mill"  ilinl I   in   u
-, Iiri-K ilii'.'i-lii.n   ri'lllll   bill   lllilll  nni  Ii.'ll.v .lilv.-lii.il   il'.mi   I HU	
♦       M IHku uiilli'ii llllll  "" I  nn.'.' Ml, Mur,v» rlvor III • iimliiliiiir  Ht. MttryV rlvo ■ niiiliiliiiir \ I ., ,.| .*. . ,, ,,. t,() \L\  , ,.,
<,   -lnt"* I-'-   IDOi,  tl'" '   li   "I "II   ii- 'um, lino ort.nl l.-ill-!. tlml  ivonl  from uiihI lino of I -V.i:'.  iln- „«l IVItl*- *l • WCSJ   '|X*-IJl
,'1"" "" ""'  O imili-   lnnu  HOuiiuiiiHiiliui HiiulliSlli'liiilnmll  SI) oluiliiH,   tlii'in'o  -.nnil  sn   ,-inliii, A full Slook of N II,'.
1 - 'luiil '"' II™ n,innl''-.mnl   ,.,,N| Ml I'linlllK! ll"'  nortli   NO "linlllx   till'  in'M stl i'lniiii. Iiii'i   'iii   Ml 1 llllll AOUOHWII'IOB
IMiinl of i'iiiii ini'i ii-i n 1 unit, iiiiiI rnni 11 in- j 1'I mi in. in poinl of I'onimoi in< ni 1.
' IHO UUI'IMi I""''.' "I* IOH8. *    I'lilllllillill'.i lilUll.-l'."  .11111 ■ low..
William Allan llolll  William AII1111 llollli
*    ,,,„-    MM    ml,'   oxll'll   I'.t'  i'V.'I'.v   lit
'ft]    mil - nr  h'lll'1 lllll  II10IT0I  nil.'i'   tl
V    lir-l lit., inilinli'..
Fred. W. Swain
ft, O-ftrft ft" d " ft.'- ♦'♦• * '.♦ * ♦'*  ♦ *-'ft, ''4 a 9 4ft 9 ii-jinl,nml, T,.|.'|,ii,,nr (',,,, l.i.i,    j    Muy 31 um;
lit I    IJuii'il Muy 21, hliii
ui I Crunbrook, II C, Armstrong Av, IK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   It. ti.. JUNK 13
Smith Premier
has widened its market until it includes the whole civilized world; has become the
typewriter of over 300,00c
operators and has, during
1906, broken every previous
record of sales, because i
has from the beginning bet,
met every typewriter need
THE tri-color feature of
the Smith Premier
Typewriter is recognized as the greatest improvement in modern typewriter construction- yet iu
providing it, none oi the
strong fundamental fea
tures, for which the Emit'
Premier has always hce:
noted, have been sacrificed
Complete literature on re
s Suulli Lincoln Street
'I'ake notice, thul iliirii days niter
.Uu.' I Intern! to upply 10 the 'Iii. I
I ■nmiilisainli,'!'nl [.inula uml Wmk- tor
pi-i'iiiissiiin to i'ul uml i-urry uwuy
timber finui iln- roll-wins iIiwitIIk-iI
lului in Southeasl Kootonuy:
I'OlllllHUIl'tllff at ll PI'BI  pluiili'il   lllii,III'
hall 11 tulle south of the soutlieusl n.r-i
net nl my 1'n'i'iii'i' upplii'uii.m Nn. ll. mi j
thu nui'tli i-Uli'iif White Utver, thoneo
mii nin ohalns, thenoe east 40 ehulns,
thence north WO ehtiins, thenue ivest in
liuins In |Hiint nr .-nnillii-ni-i'iii.-iil.
Jamiary oth. lour,
in 1'. Jensen, Locator
nistrici oi' Kootonay.
Take UOtlco llint OlU Sinpli's. uf Wychrtu,
1. e. ocouptUlmi   lumbommn,   intomti   to
apply for a spt'i-inl  llmlwr  HceiiUfl over tlii'
llowlnttttesortlied lands:
'onntenclni* hi a, post planted 40 ulmlns wesl
ihi' northwest corner ol tin* King Timber
Licence N0.SW8; thenco eustw eliuins: tbence
nortli 80 chains; thence went 80 chuins; thonco
south fm) ohalns to point of commencement, uml
itulning IHO acres, more or i
Tuke notlco that William Nelson of Ward.101
ocaupatloti labourer Intomifi to apply for permission u> purchase lliu following describe.)
Commencing nl a pusi planted nt the north
cast cornor of LoLOKIA, thence north 81) chains
ihenee west 10chains, tliuticesouth w) ohalns.
thonco oast-10 ehnlns to point of commencement
and containing iWOneies, more or less
William Nelson-
OatOil .Mine llth, P.I07. ii
n Livery
Tenuis ami drivers furnished for any point in the district .
A. DOYLE, Manager
in. I..I.....I..H'
iM Kootenai]
Por all liimls of
.Volliin'i' line or course, Itvrgl
or smnll thut wo cannot handle.
We ALso Do Dm Diieimj
Office .1. EjHASK. Tailor
Oranbrook Licenoe District.
Tin' luiltj'uiirly nii'i'iiiiir iifllii'I Iniiril
ill l.ii'i'liri'   Clllllllllwilllllftl'H,   (tl-lllllll'IK.k
l.li'i'tu',' lii-.ii-i.-i. will In- In'lil at tlm
Cniiri IIoiihu Ci-iuiliriiii'i mi Sniiii'ilii.v
.Imu' Um 151 li, 1007, nl '1'i'n n'.-liM-k In
iln- Ini'i'iiiiiiii, wli.'ii Um followlllK iip-
|ill,'iii.iin.» will In.Imv Hu' Hoard,
(J, U, Fiiuli, Kull-iii « lliili-l. Mar.v-
vlllo, H.r.
A.  I', rii.'in'lil-. TrMwfur i" II. I-
Sawyor, Uu.viil Iinliil, Mhi'.vhvIIIi'. 11.1).
1'iiiil lliiiulli'.v. Central Hotel, Marva-
villn. H.C,
.lumen lliiiwn,  Union Hulol, Wili'il-
ner. H.C.
.lului llyan. Central Hulol, Wiirilnor.
K. 11. Hiiluirt, Wni'iliior Hotol, IVaril-
iii'r, B.C,
II. S. Miiilu-r. Wlnilaor Hoiiil. Porl
Steolo, H.C.
ii. A.  Uui'Kii, r..i'i'.v  Cnti'k  Hotol,
Parry Crook, H.C,
JamoB Null, Wiiltsburu Hotel, Wnlla
lini'ir. B.C.
!•'. It, Mi mills.
(Jlllol  l.ll'I'lll'O   lllM| llll'
c.'i'iiiilii'ook t.loonoc DlHti'lol
II11I..1I ui Criinbriioki ll.C, May -.'Inl,
11)117. -I
Cordwood for Sale.
I mn prepared to supply, Knotl
dry stove wood. In uny length or
quantity.    I v.' orders   with
G, T. Rogers, the grocer, llnale
& Elwoll.
R, S. Huron
iiiatrmiiii Koolonny.
ruin- niiti.-i' Unil nils SUliles, ul Wyi'ltili'.
,'., i,ri'ii|,!il|,iii lUinllOrtllHtl, ltili'1Kls li, ii|,|,li
fur it spi'i'iul tlml'rr lli't'i Ivor tin' fiilluwinu
ll'Sl-l'illl'll  llklllls
liiiiiUii'lirlllU ul ll imsi I'lj.lili'il 1" ilin ins nisi
miii iii I'liiiiiis s....11. ni ilia nor.li ivi'st cornor nl
tin- Klnil Tltnlior l.lconi'ii Nu. 3018. lliunuu
ulilll BOolmlllal llli'lli'i' ivi'sl ail i'liiiiiis:   llli'lli'i'
.Ullll Hlli'tiuitia; llit'iii-,. i-|,st an .llllills In  llllllll
.1 i-nmiii OinOIll,   IIIUI   ''i.litiiililliK  lllll lU'i'rs.
Iiuill' ur lrss
Muy IHInl, rail. :l:l
May 83rd, 1WI1.
Otis SU|il,'H.
District uf Kootonuy.
Till:,' UOtlco tlml Otis Staples, of Wyi-llITi'.
H. C. occnpiitlon, liuiibiiriniiii. Intends lu apply- on- u spi'i'iul iiiiiiu'i- licenoe ovor tlio lollow-
ili'si'illii'il lumls:
niimi'lli'llii; al ;i post plunteil ut llll' snutll
west corner ol tlie r'nsloii 'l'linber Licence Nn.
:l-lllu: thence west stl i-liuins: tlieneo nurlli m
chnlni: thenee eust 80 chuins: tlionco sooth sn
ulmlns tu point uf commencement, uml contain-
iiiK i'lu ueres, more ur less.
Otis Staples.
Mm-i'iiii. mn:. ill
District ol Kootenay.
i' nulii'i' llmi lltia Staples, ul Wyi-lltli.-. 11.
'cuptitlon. lumliermun, Intomls to upply
siR'clul timber licence ovor tho followinit
lil'tl lumls:
iinenclnti .11 u post pluntod ut lho north-
nrtii'i' of llio Kaston Ti inlii'r Licence No
thence nurlli mli'liulus: thonoo wost so
llii'iii'i' south 80 chains! thenco enst 80
in poinl ol commencement, uiul con-
uui neres, more nr loss,
Otis staples,
isth. wot. 2*.
District uf Kootonay,
'I'lilio notlco Uiul oils Stupli's. nl Wyclllto, ll
i'.   ui'i-iipiitlnii. liimlii'i'miiii. intenils tn upply
fnr:, spectnl liuther licence uver the lollowlnn
.1 rll.i'it luililsj
Commencing ut u pusi pluntetl ut il.o suulli
west cornor nf iho Kuslon Tltnlior licenco Xo.
.tt.f.1: thence wost 80 chuins: thenee south mi
ehnlns: thenco oust su ehuins: thonco north
su I'liiiiiis tu point ot commencement, uiul con-
minlnc HIO acres, moro ur loss.
Olis Slupli's.
Muy'.'Mil. Hall. *-':!
Dlstrlot ol Kootenay.
'ruin' notlco iimi mis staples, or Wyclitfo, II.
l... oceupntlon, Lumberman, Intends in npply
fm a spectnl timber licence ovor tho following
described lunds-.
Cominoticiiis nt u post plunteil nt tlio north-
wosl corner uf the Kuslon Timber Licence Nu.
823H: tlicni'i' north sn ohnlns: thenco oust so
chuins: tlionoo suuth so ohulns: thonee west su
i'liuins to point ul commencement, nml contain,
inv i*'l" uiTcs, moro or leas.
Otis Slupli's.
Muy IHth. lllU. 21
nisi riot nt Kootenay
Tnlto notice thnt,lolin I-'. Hrldges, uf crunbrook, iK'ciipiitlun Lumberman, Intends le
upply for s spools! timlier liconce over the lul
lowing doseribed lumls:
Commencing ul u postplnnted Wchilnssoutli
nf tin- sotithonst corner nf Lol .:r,;:t. thenco eusl
lim i'liiiins. thenci. south l'l ohalns, thonee wesi
10 ohnlns, thenee south 81) ehulns, thonoo wesl
20 chuius. tlionoo north su cliuius. thence wesi
in ohulns, thence  tli 10 chains tu point nl
ouniliioiii'i'iiii'lil, iiiiiI I'lilituliilnir ."»*'.. sores, mor.
or less.
.mini !•'. nrldgos
Dnted May '.'slli. 11*07. 211
Quong Yuen Company
Cranbrook, B.C.
Hop Yui'ii is no longer a partner ot
iln- above Company and nuiii Company
Is not Hntilo tor il.-lds ini'iirri'il liy suit!
Hop Yuen. All ilobtn owing Mild llrra
are lo Is, paid tn i "mini: Yuen Company
Iluli'il May'lHt, 11*07.
DI Hun i.iiiiin. Manager
Transfer of Hotel Licence
I'ulti: notice Hint I Inlood to apply I
iln- Hoard of l.toonce CoiiiiiiIhsIoiioi's at
tlm nesl reguliir mcotliig on Hie IBtli
day nl -Iimi'. IH07, for a ti'itosfer Iron
iuj'boK to lli'rlu'i'i I.. Sawyer uf th.
lieence in tlio lloyal Hotel at Maryg-
iill.., H.C.
Iluli'il May lllll, 1007.
A. P. C'liunetli
Transfer of Hotel Licenco
Tuke nni Ice thul I Intend to up|
lliu Hoard nf Licence Comminnloni
llie noxl regular mooting on tlio
iluy nf .lum'. 1907, lora transfer
inysi'K lo Mc'l'avlsli A- Cameron n
lleenee to the KiihI Kooienay lint.
Moyie, H.C.
Hiiii.il May Illli, HMI7.
Ill I'. J.MuMul
.ly lo
I's ul
irn 11
f Hie
'I in
Ulsirlct iif Kootonuy.
'I'lll... notloo thai .1. !•'. Ilrldgoi nl CriMilirunk,
ll, C. Mill Msiiihiit I iilomlslo apply lor ii spooliil
tlllllii'r 11 -I> nvor the  tolloWlllg   ilus.-rll.i-il
I'm inliii: at a post planted sl thu south'
wusl lli'iufA.  ItunUo a llllllii'i-  lli'l.ni'1]   Nn.
111211, llioi ist III cbslns: tlionoo MOlltll    111
i'llllllia. till o oust Sll I'hulns.  llll'l  sillllll   III
i'llllllia, llli'lli'i' weal 1211 i'llllill,. llli'lli'i' llllllll su
chutiia lu tlio point ul I'umnii'iii'onii'lit uiul will-
llllilllil.. UUI norcs moro ur loss sulijoi'l tu Uu-
rights nl llm nwiior. nl Luis Hi. WOO, llllll, uiiil
John !•'. milieus.
Muy 2lsl. lllll. 22
The Usiut Flit Fool
The Usual Flat lrnut in llie U.ujI Shu
Tlie Usual Fill Fuol In a Dully Varden Shoe
No woman can have a ckvtr foot without a high arch and high instep and
no woman can have these vital toot beauty requisites unless her arch is firmly
supported from below.
Flat foot is common to everybody in a marked of moderate degree. If
marked, pain and inability to walk are the penalties. If moderate, an even
greater feminine penalty is inflicted—ugly feet.
The foot is a chain of small bones held together in an arched position by
powerful ligaments and muscles. The pressure from above stretches these ligaments and muscles, letting down the arch and instep in a flat position. The extent
of the flatness depends upon the strength of the muscles.   The strong suffer less
than the weak, but all  suffer cilher  the disease of  Hat   foot, or  the humilia
tion of low instep, low arch and fixit homeliness.
Dolly Vardcns are built with a newly devised steel arch, powerful but pliant,
which absolutely prevents flat foot, relieves those afflicted with the disease, and gives
the wearer who wants smart, dashy feet, the enviable high arch and high instep.
Our agent in your cily will take pleasure in showing you High Arch, High
Instep, Dolly Vardcns. Purchasers or investigators equally welcome, ln the
States or Canada at the same price —$i».U0 and $4.00. Every pair Goodyear
Welted.    (To be continued.)
The Fink Mercantile Go,
AGENTS, Cranbrook, B.C
THE    SHOE   OF    14    NEW    FEATURES
Copyright, 1905, by The Dolly Varden Shoe Company
50 Tie Makers
British Columbia
'fl HOTEL »
Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection |
Nearest to railroad depot.   Has accommodations   for   thn   public   unequalled   in
' Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors W
i]At cr!inb,"<,k June 21
^ (P lop
^22 Famous Equestrians
J8 Daring Aerialists
23 Merry Clowns
CP.R. Men
Im5iVl" »• Make Money
elnrn liy il... t'.r.lt. U'liuks mnl lliu Agi'liiulttmil
l.'ul r O roil uiiu,
$10 To $25 Down antl ¥.'i a month, or ono third down and six,
iwt'lvc nml olghloon months for balance. Prions
ssj io |1.2n por l.ol. Inspect, maps and plans
wiili tin'.
Elegant New Residence
Double Menagerie \
Real Roman Hippodrome
Scores of Trained Wild Beasts^
Pintty EDNA
Tho Only Lady in lho Enlire World who throw
SOMERSAULTS on tho Nuked Back of
ii Swillly Rnnnm-- Horse
..—  wnm    BUWfn tta-
Le Flem* F'^fi
Hi Lovely Ladie% ol l\. .' '. • . Poi m in Clnsslcl
Poses on u Q rea I K   vtiv.ng Perteslc' i
11 Arabian Tumble, s|
SM (10) Far*!
^ ...... :i tyi,,sli iniRollir skilm
;s  Rough  Rider;,'
Horiulists Suprcrif      :
7 Russian!
\ Cossackc;
OAR] : j
Thundering Roman Chariot Races
. Lady Japanese Artists in America
20  Astonishing  Acrobats    \   't*7J
rif.WltKnriK   I.AS'I
III-.IIU l -.I Km
Witli io nctcs nl prime I'Yuit nnd Panning Land adjoining
Partly cleared  and  ploughed  nnd planted witli fruit trees, | TllU] lU, ,,„,,„ ,, HFi(ll„.s lh1
Perfect irrigation plant.    Barn, stable, etc,
innl.   It r  Mill Mn
■it'i-i'i'il tlrnhnr lire
CnmiiioiuiltiH ui n piiHt pltuitqil tTclmln
Within One and a Quarter Miles of Cranbrook Post Office   llt;.^:;;.;:";;,,,;;;^;;,;:!,,;1,',']'!';:t'Xtl
I UiDtirOH li ir-tjc'
I ilioiioiiimrlti unit'
Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B.oJ"™,0!'.""
tliDiii'u Konili I fide 11 ul ii ■ iikik
I ilii'iii'.' iiut'ti, nm i'Iii i ihunc
,lull., I'V  Illlill!
:!(A.4IIII(H)1<  LANH hlSTIIH 'I'
hlnll Iri nl Kdtiii'iiiij
i: \$i\W " IK  I. \NH tilsiiMi'T
IHhIiTi'I "I Im.mIi nuy
'1'iiltc ikhIi-p liml Juhn  !'    Ilrlilvi'i i>( f imii       TftWi HDtirr Ihul  Jnhn  I-'   HrltlRM nl ('rmi
, i,  ii ,'  \hii Mniinui i IninnlN iniiiiply i"i    I«  ILC Mill M.inir-'t  IhikihIn i.i I*, ru
■iiki Inl Llinhi'i ii<r,in -ui'i Mir r,il|iMilmt'lc      - iiicrltil iiiiiiu'i II mm ti,,. full..uiiu: "Ir*
iniiili ..I i tm iimi.. -"i'li
iiii'iu'i- ivchI lurluiliu tlimii •■ iimii
inrnrniinil nnA rniilnfnliiu IHO m
> ni.- ni n |io-.i |iiin,tni iii tlir iiorlli-
..( Lin ni:M. ihfiiru no-ill hnhiH,
t ii'cliulnn. thonco nortli I fin clmltiH,
1  turiv Ml Ulfl Iinliil,.'r i i-
>,>lit»1liliiitiiliiiu<ri<N mimti'm, Ion
Mm Mnl ii«i. OS
^ i rr\
*»"*';•**'-  j*:*4
Kaft^i^^WrjfcietT*^*^^.: ?ara.u«?JtJKaMKSfflfc.«c( ■wersW' i. «»*-«*«. -.
■L     |   iP*^
K»waa - j3Tj^x». ..^aiiiiMaw^-o^KJi-j: ^dJ^awMjjjtt^aagr.i.
K a.nd
cuMaaa eaarrsit-i'a'*..-.MW-ut-'w^ a* jst ■ irMLMMMMlMnMnBaMOMMiiMnH
In Ten Days Time there  will  be   None   Left.
This is your last chance to get in.
Prospectus and Samples can be seen at our
office.   Write us for further particulars.
Cranbrook,  B. C
Official  Brokers TUK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   ll C, JTNlv 15, Hk"
District ot Kootonuy District ol Kootenay
Tulto notion   thul   Thu   ll'uivs N'osl
Tuke notloo thut John I-'  Hi'tiliics ol
Ci'imhrook,   ll.  C, iiputlon mill
mummer. Intends to ny>pl,v  lor |n-i-mls-
glOll   IL    |llltvll.l-u    lllU     hlllllH ill"     ilo-
ai'rlboil luml
I'n-- l.nii.li.r Co., Ltd.. ol Wwiluor, 11.
C, Inteuds tu uupl) li.iii-i inl liuilii'i-
II,vn. \vr Ihu 'folluwIiiK  described
I lumls:
ComnionoluiMit u post-diluted nt tho     r'oni uoluii ul  il   |insl   pluuleil   20
iiitrtliWQHl our ■ "I  Pul   Kslly's pro- ohulnmvenl ol Milo 1'iwt No. :i ou tha
uniptloii stirvu,'   mi  Pour  Mllu .-i ll, south  boiuuhir)  ol   Lol   16911,   lliu	
thunuo iiorlli Hi I'liiiiiia. tho  ,'u-i  30 Louth lu ohnlns, Ilionoo ivosl lllll ohulns
uliulns, ili.'i south 10 uliulns, Ihu  theiici nl. 10 uliulns, I hum n-i 1110
wost 20 ohulns to poinl  »>i  i nuui   ohulns in iln- point otoou lonmonl
muni, nml i-uiitnininsi night) uorus iiioru unil euntntntiiu 010 uoios tutu r loss.
i'lu. Crows N'osl I'uss Lumber Co., l.nl
.lului V*. Itrldt!
Hilluil .Mill s.  llio,
Dislriel nl Kunli'ii.iv.
.linn,.- MoLuron, A-.iii
Muy 2ml, lum. -'i
INunTtil Director
i'i:,\Nlill...'i, n.
the Ucospectov
I'iiiiii.Ill iill ilisiglll   illtn   timn.ii;.-     i  '
iiu'iii ui' the lii'tli  scitRii •■   ■■ ui
— inns ul'  11 I'll   iiolilUuil   ivoilti'is,
-,l'l'l'KIIAY..II*M*. I... lim;. lha|      Bhuws    „,     ,,,„     arul.0SU'ul      ,
■i'lniiii).hi    |ii.ii|ili'"    whal    -I'm
Bippodrome Oontesta a Big feature
t  liiiin 7    ISHAtt
There is no dust
Districl ni Kuotonuy.
Take notlco that Puvltl Ui'cokcurldt'o     ■[.l\.,. m,t|,.,, ih:ii  Th,- d-ows  Nusl
nl VVuriliiur, li.i'.. Iiimliurmtin, lnlunils  .,     . mn\m,c.u, \.u\., nl '.Vuriliior 11.
"' "I'l'l.v  lor ii spoelul ii erllou  c.. Inl'onils lo np|!lv toruspooliil tlin'lior
ovor thu lollowing ilosorllieil luuilsi        ,|w)  |K01, th„ ro||,lwll„. u^ni-ibed
I'liiiiini'iii'iiiir nl ii puai pluiili'il iii lho j laititlK:
noi'ihwost oornor ..I llmbor licence IHIH     t -,.i,,,,,,-1.,-ii■.• .„ ;, ,„„i   pluuleil  20
 Ui'UW.-al   111 .'llllills. I llUl.iv Sllill ll   i'lll   |l|ml|w    lvi,al    „.,„,,„   |HW|   N()   .,„„,[„.
'■|"lil1*' '  *****   10 nlmlliB, tlio  „„   botituliifj  ol   Lol   I5UI1.   Ihul	
north 100 i'liuins lo thu point or uom-  t|, 80 chains, ilionoo wost. 80 chains,
'■ cement  i'"'1 I'oiHiiliilnB oio uorus  , (.,, .,1, K0 ohulns, thoiii sal  80
more or loss, ohnlns to plu i inonouiuuiit uml
tXivld Ul konrlil-p.      mining 010 acres mor 'loss,
*>"■>* '"■ '""' :1  The I'rows N'osl I'.,-- Lumbor Co., l.nl.
.lum,is Mol.ureii, A^.-m
Mm 2ml, 1110". 21
hnn-iers uro tolie iilucoil liotiveiMi      ./
With the Noma & Rowe Cirou.8   ll)0 |)rolllls(>s ,„;„,,, ,„,,„,„ lUH,|
...... ,  ,        •        llili'l*  ttll'l'tioll.
l-.Nillillir hi).|...,li,.iii,.   unlltests t   (   t DAMPER
will  iiu the loi'  roil)ure nf Hip 4
..            ,,     .,            .          ... Thuse who lake an nolivo iitiii
Norris    A*    unwp    circus   Hu- ,, .
,,,,          ,    ,         ,. .   „ an,I nili'i'i'sl  in   luiliiii-- aro  lie
season,     I ho eiiutesls coiilaiu nn .    .                  '
.             ,. ,          ,   ,,       , ,,„, gintir.ii; lo study  tliu subject   ot        1      hi * nu   (sei ;     - tion
..,.„„., ,"'"","'"' ';l,"'S.  ,       H        '     cuniliilutesrortlioiiex-iUo inn WI
 «".,•;.. w^ntB^taju*..tho-^U«l*1pl«. ,,,    ■        ■                               $xK
ver Uu-toiinwiini  .i.-.-1-ii..-.i | ihul   sousons  I lip  lini-li  ol   the                                                                  1 'liakin          i the Sun-                .0  -.-                          Otto
llul    long ami  varied  programmo nl' '",xl -l'n"--      _                               !j nin    i-hai  lusi                 A- A              tlie m    ke-pipe,
jj -.ii-i-;- is drawn          .   -jz>                  .■,,.,,,,.„ ,.     -.   tra,
l'n a casual observer,   it dues    o:;:| from the ash-                ?.,
I'UANllltOOl' I.AN11 in-run I
UlUrlctnl KlnU'lUD
Ttiku nolli-c Uiul .lolin 1'w
imtliili riinvlioi
* mu inn ■ ■■  , ■;     ...-,:    ■     -...
I, the Su i    tilted with
AO^   *
r.niiiii.-i.I'inti ui >. |iusi |.iiiiii,-„ ... ,■..■.„-
-,. I llio BuinliwM uni'ili  Tliulwr the  bijj  show.     Iii  I ho present
I'rami Nn, a, uml imu ki-.l
llu-  -..uili in
Districl ol K.ii'irn.iy.
Tuko unii.... iimi I'nv'ul Hi kunrlilKe
nl' Wurilner, ll.C, luinberiniiii, iiiioinl--
iti upply for n -pi'i'iul tinibor liei'	
over the lollowing iloaorlboil lunilsi
Ciminioiiolni; ul u posl pluuleil ;u tho
southwest cornel' nt limber lii'iiiitv liiilM
nml oii lln- norlh lino of ttinbor llcoi	
ini.,12. thence norlh 40 ohulns, thoneo
unal 10 uliulns, thunuo nortli 10 ehuins,
III,-IU'I' WUSl -U I'llllillS, llli'lli'i' Sillllll IH
I'llllillS. tlioilct" WOSl ID I'llllillS, llli'lli'i'
sillllll   10 I'llllillS.  llli'lli'i'   I'ilSl    SO   I'llllillS
to tin- point of coniiiieneoinunl nml eon-
tiiininu 040 ui't'i's moro or less,
Um M Iii keiiriilt'c
Muy Ilni, 1U07. -I
Districl of Kooteuuy,
Tuke notiee Hull Tho Crows Nusl
Cuss Lumber Co., Lul., of Wurilner, ll
i\. im,,ml,, in upply foi'ti speeiui timlier
licenco over the follow-biu ilosorllieil
CommoiieliiK ui it pnsl plnnleil 20
chuins weat unil 20 chuins north ol thu
nortlieust corner of tinibor lleenee No.
(10411 iiii'iu'i' w.'si inn uliulns, thonco
snnili 40 i'liuins, lhi'ncc nusl 100 chuins,
Ihenee nortli -III i'liuins to the poinl ol
i-oiniiioneeinenl unil uontulnlnu 040
ucros moro or lnss.
The Crows Nesl 1'n-s LumborCo., l.nl.
.Imu.--. McLiiruu, Aiinii
Muv 8ni, um;, 2i
Dlslriol ol Kootonuy.
Take notice 111tit The Crmvs Nesl
I'uss LninlH-r Co., Ltd., of Wui'iluer, 11,
i'.. inii'iiil- to upply foi'u s|ini.iul timber
Ih'ciiru oVer llin following; lleserilieil
I'niniuniii'iiin nl u pusi plunteil ui the
nortliwoat corner of timber Ilui e \'n.
li'.OO, thonco wesi 40  ehuins,   thonee
-Illllli   1U0 I'ljllills. I lll'lll Usl   IU I'llllillS.
thonee north llio uliulns to the point of
eommcnoouietil unil cnntiiinhi'j 040
ueres more or less.
The Crows Nusl I'uss Lumber in., l.nl.
.Iiinies Me.Luron, Agont
Muy 2nd. 11107. 21
liisii-ii-t nf Kiiotenuy.
'I'lilm iimi.... liml The Crows Nesl
I'uss Liunber Compuny, Ltd., of Wuril-
nof, B.C., intends to upply fori spcolul
llmlior llceiiiiu over llm fnllowini; do-
surllied lumls:
I'imiiuauciiiii'ut ii pnst plunlod nl li.e
aouthwest eornor nf timber licence No.
V.'iiil. ilu'ii.'u snnili 40 eliains. thonee
eust lllll eluilus. thenee nurlli lOebiihis,
tlionco wesl 100 ehnlns to tho point of
commencement nnd eontuitihiK 040
uores more or less
The Crows Xosl I'uss LumborCo., Ltd.
,11111103 Mi'Lul'un. Annul
April 3Slli. 1007. 21
'•"', 7,"    """,'";;*"<*""''"■■'■■"" '"'Ueasnn's    exeilinj.'   hippi'di o      ,
io»i in lii'viu; i No. 'Ji ilumi'ii worn um rimiiis: ii ||M| l,,,ii,.;i|. i|,ui lhe **i!in Seven
iii'iii-i.auuiii iiiciuiins'. ibaniHi«ui uu viiuhia: races, contests involvuiK blooded      ,,    r,   , .
I, ,.  ii,„i,„i„. i„ „ ,i ,  "1' llu'   I .UUI lor   nul iTullinll!    Il.ul >1
j::,':;;,:i"11,,;:::,:;,,;r,,,,:,,:,:;::.s il«dig,^m,in*t.ioek1oiophr.nu     h,  f(M, lhn imrr(lsl , ^v   .
' -; „;™""'1-*    Unmnt*.    droniednrles, ,„.,„:,-„ „r ■„,,•„.■, ,■„„ ,M     ^ ^
"'" *'"'* '*""    She llllllll      lli.llll-   llllll     lllnllKO.V.- •ri ^^^
ill ivui'iuii,'   I   ivh   hki'i'Ii 'i' unil   i.'ui   iu   inlni'ii.l    Willi     !i   i'i- IU'I I- . .    ...... n       ■ i,T**—'
will vie in interest wilh it repro-  Nll,,u,|j  .,.„   vmis  ,)V   l.WV.N
duclion of tlm jj es of iinclonl sKitVli'K.
llisllirt of Kiiui"ii,iv.
Tuk.- iiotleu Unit Tho Crows N.'si
I'uss l.iiiiili.'i Co., Ltd nf WntHlner.lt C,
Intonds to upply for n speolul limber
llceni ver Ihu followlnj!   ilescrlhoil
Coinnienelnp ul u posl plunteil 20
,'luiiiis wesl of Mih' l'osl Nu. 6 on the
south Houiiilnry of Lol 4500, thonco
south siiuiiiiins: thenco wusi so ehulns:
thonco north 80 uliulns: thence oust SO
i'liuins to plnoo of coniiiii'iicuinent uud
 Iiihilnu uln ucros uun ■ luss.
Tlio Crows N.'-l Puss Lumber Co.,
Muy 2nd I Oil".
•J I
i liAMllluiiK  I.ANll DlSTItll T
lllslrli'l iilUonloua.v.
Tnk..  llulll'U  Uml I'ulur JlMlHI.ll, ul IVi.-j
i-iii.,iii.ni i.r.is|i...iui. iiui'iuis iu ni,i,i\ ror ii] Roino iliiriujr which   thu  mosl I
^;;,1;;;;;;;1'1"'"'""""" f"' '* ""-  notable, athletes drove, ill 1 ill    J^ ™* "h" i!,"m,",7', ..''^ '"'"
('..in iiruii.'hi a i«..si i,i,iui..iin u... norili : Heel, -I I.   Irii- nf   I'iu'ohnrsos        uud uftur,lone l-t   lim;
ermv™ Nosi "'nil" umtwa Nn,.,L''r»'.'.'iillll!','ll'',! to uli-U'lots.   There will     Ci-uiiIm k  W.iim-- K Coinpuny,
uui Vilnius iiii'iir,. nurlli in, .imiiis in,..,.-..usi! he  Uouitiu standing  racus,   Hat Limited,
™r.'1!'!1.,U!T,"Tl'lM°i u.'" """" r' fiicoscoulesls or niidiirance he-
 ''  """■'■■■■■'■      ■'■ |)i(, |liu,si,   uimiiinp Water Clauaea Consolidation Aut
tion, where it imm. di itely
end   to llu   niter uir.
Only tv    tlii    - 1   remember
in com ■   *: ii   , ith th       or ition :■ -
.■;''*ii  hoth  iii.- dust  ai I   lire. I  ir, ft
_ Sunshine i< ju * *; ■■ inest, sim-
— plest, ... iestmai I. urea test I r
saving furn ice thai in buy   -*\
^t- If y. ur I dealer does not
handle the " Sunshine " writ i
lired to u   f r
Tree Booklet
11' I,'a-.
Mil)' li".   IIII
I tWOOII  llllll
'innl    linrdlo    races   over   high i
. *    In Um nuittur nl iippllcutliui untie
barriers, hnr.-'hacl, racos, jockey Si.,.Uiiii 2; of the suid Act bj ihu Km.
acts, rough riding and many K0otunu,v I'owor uud Light Conipuu:
feats  of   experl    efiliostrilinistil  Limited (holders of Iteeord No. 101 foi
sl.l'l'llll     llllll
'lil.i'il lunds
' th.-lull..,\ii,n,I
are awarding prizes of money
mm ' m
Lyndon,   T,.r„n..,,    \1 r.lrriil,   \V,nn,(„ ■    Vancouver
St. Jo    Hamill    C.l,.ry.
UltAXIlltOOK I.ANll ins i'llli "I'
nisiiii't ,,i Kooteuay,
ruin, noiti-i. ihni Poier .li'iisuii. ol Wiih
iniloii, pnwpociur. Inunili lo "I'l'b ""'»; win bo shown.      Morris A* howe |'25,0011 Inches of Wutor mil "I  llle SI.
Marys lllvor grunted  tlio 8lh. dny of
ll inuliiiiuj.. the
imiiis smnll iii ui,. mouili ol Ciirlboo L'rccli,  """   '"" "   I point of ilivcrslun uml the course of llle
llionco soon, so ohntiis; thonoo u-obi 80 elmlns:  realistic   effort   uml   Ilns  spill's uitu.hos und Humes, lo points nour lhe        rfjiliijijj-.i'iijiiliijiiji A^iijii^ii^ 4"ri^-'iijAA;ii[iij4i}i.A A
i..,.ii,','iH,r.iisii,'i,,iii,s;ii,..,,,T,',,s.s.il,|,:ii,,si,,    | (    !     (s  |(,   „,,pftte,,   en- hond or the Hock Cuny ibout hulf n        A         A
imiiii i.i I'omineiiceiiioiit. nnil .•i.iuiiliili.i,' UI0 . --• **
oures. iiioi'o or loss. idenvor nnil   consecpiulll   oxoilo-
''''"''' ''''"*""■„„'niont   for  Iho itudilors,    These
Marys Itlvor nour tho lown of Uyelill
 """: -" ■' ""- <■•->""■<  ' •'"land  medals us nn  Incentive luiM"yh '"
Miiy Illllli, ini'7.
 spectacles are always salisfying
HANHUOilK LAN sTIlli'T. .,,,,) Morris & KoWO  llttVO   gl'OWll
so big and successful Ihul Ihey
llisli'i.'liil Kuiili'liiiy.
Tali.'ii.iiii'i-iluu e..n-ii-.li...i Wii-ii oi'iiuini-
llnn inosiioolor, lnlunils lo npply rnr« Sliui'liil
liiuius MuLnruli Annul,   li. inn'iiivnsi' mor tlio lollmvlnu iloseplbuil
will allow no oilier show  lo ox-
ii    u[i  rlvor   from   Hie   Ciinudiuii
illlu Riillwin   I'.i'iil..'.' over Ihu St.
Tuke notlco Iluu tlio suid iipplleutlou
hus heen liiml uud mil} I.u -  in  ni)
i,Iliun in lliu lill  ul Cl'llllbl'Ollk Ullll tllHl i
__ HOTEL |
District oi Koolenny.
Tuko notlco Ihul The Crows Nesl
I'uss LumborCo., Lld.ofWurilnof.U.O.
intends to upply lur u spoctul timber
Iiu,.uu,. over Hi" ti.llnwhij. described
I'liiiiiiiunuiiiu ui ii posl plunteil 20
uImiiis wesl ol Mile Cosl No. II mi tlio
-nuiii lino ut Loi I5IIII, Ilionoo south 80
ohulns; tlieneo west SO chuins: tlionco
north SO ehuins: then usl SO uhiilns
in the point of commencement nn.l containing IHO ucros more or less.
The Crows N.-si I'uss Lumber Co.,
Muy Isi 100",
•JI ■lunios McLaren, Aireul
ceed   thom   in   liny   portion   Of objection llieruto shull bo llled iii iii)
' ' olllee nu nr before the l.'illi. duy ol
Ilisirict of Kuiili'liiiy.
T'nke notice thut Artluir I',. l-Ynwii-k
of Fori Sleele, llritish Cohimhin.
l-tiuichor Inteuils to upply for u speeiui
timber Heen ver the followinu dus-
crtl-al lumls:
Couimenctn[r nt u post pluntod ul tho
South wost corner ul I'. Kolloy's pre-
omptioti survey un Knur Milu Creek,
thenco south 30 elmhis: thence wesl llu
i'liuins: Ihoni'G nortii "0 uliulns: theueo
enst 70 chuins: thenee south 40 eliuins:
thence eust 40 chuins to pluoc nf coin-
meneoiueut und coutttitlitlg 040 tiuros
iiiiirt' ur luss.
Arthur 11. funwiuk.
Muv 3rd 1007. 21
liisliirt nl Kooienay.
Tuke iiolieo thul Arthur B. Fonwlok
nl Fort Steele British Columbia,
Hunelioi' Intonds to npply fur n speeiui
tlmbor liconce over the fullowlny; des-
erlbod hinds:—
Cniniiiuni'iiiu ul u posl pllltltod 40
chuins iiiirtb of llm Southeast cornor nf
l.nl ii.'i7:i Croup 1. Kootonuy district.
Ihonee eust80ehiiins: Ihonuo soutli 80
chuins; tlionco wost Su eliuins; thotico
nortii SO eliuins: to llm poinl of eom-
inuni'uiiii'iil uiul I'lintuiniiiu; i'.40 ueres
more or luss.
Arthur I'.. Fenwick.
Mny llrd HIO;. 21
nut H'F,.
Notice i- hei'ub-   glvoii  iluu thirty
iluys ufler dute  I   Inieiid  In upply In
Cliiiiiilicillu 111 11 pOHl I'lllllliSl 111   111.'  lliil'lll'
i-isi t'ornor ..I Tlmbor nii-.-iisu No. i nn.l
lliinkiil in, rill wesl I'liriur |m»l ul No. ■; UranMl
ihonoe soulli liifliiilns: tlionco oust llio oliidns:
ilii'iii... nortli loolndiisi tlionvo wosi nil) tliiilns
tn point ui.'.iniiili.iii'.'iiu'iii. nml I'l'iitiiiiiiii... .'.in
Muvuu. mor. sii tho public knows by oxporionce
thai Morris it Rowe liars always
C'UANBHOOK  1.AXH lUSTUll'T : ■       . '
Dlnrloiot Kuicuuy.                   given I'llll \ nine nnd  a   lul   more
Tiiii,'iii.ii.. uuu juini Kwin.... wasn. uu   fol, ior expended in wiliie
rtiptilloii, rnni'lior, liilomls to npply torus] Inl
tlmlii'i' lli-onsn ovor llio followlllK ilosoribod
Coniiiiuiiolng nt n pout plunteil oii tlio wost
Uouudnry of lot Sn HOHH. nml uini'lioil suntli-
oiisl corner post ol rjlooime No. I; thence west
an eluilus: llience nortli 10 elmlns: tlionco oust,
10elmlns: tlionco nnrtli soc'liiliisi tlieneo ensl assured   lluit   lhe   pullllc   whoso
1,1 .'ii ■: um;" "msiis i» ohulns io poini oi | confidence has never  boon  betrayed by  Norris A*  Rowe will
■'"'"' K"'"-.,. U'.nntiniii;  in support   tho  oner-
  getie ynuuv    showmen    whoso
LAND NOTICE. homo  is in  the west and whose
Tuke notice Hint sixty iluys after dule,, |ntereBlg are ,,11 |,el.0t    Norris A*
I the iindcrsigiieil, inteuil  tn upply to L,
Iheir ideal circus pt'ogramme.
Each season sninu Utile shnw
wiih u high sounding title and
hut little else in recommend
ihem,  threaten  opposition  hul
inn' the various attractions the
ambitious young showmen pro-
ride 1'nr our amusement, enter-
tain menl and instruction, so il is
licemenl iiinleonlidnlng unii
Mnylllsl, 1110",
I Rowe will give their annual ex
lho Chief Commissioner of  Lunds und.
Works ut Victoria, I',. O. ror permis.|liibition  in  Cmnbrool.   Momlay
siun tupurcliuse ihu followinu' ileso'rlbed
Lunds in Kust ICootonuy:
Comnieticing at u posl pluuleil nn tliu
eastern boundnry uf Lol Nn. :!::■>. su
uiiuins nui'tli of tho Suutb-eust eorner
nl lhe-aid Lot und ruuntiijr nortii so
chains, thonco east 411 chains, tlieneo
suulli SO chains, thenee wusl forty
uiiuins lo plnri' uf commoneement.
Dnted April l"th„ 1007.
pi Fred. \V.  Burgosslbil'd
June 2-1 th.
Editorial Notes.
The situation in San Francisco
remains uncharged, .laps in
clined in ho belligerent, Uncle
Sam holding high the "big stick"
nn which is perched   "lho mini..
Why lhe Japs left   home,  nml
whal  happened   in    Frisco,   is
City Scavenger:''''"i''"^1111' °v°s °f n^_w°.i,).d
Parlies having bach yards,
and closets lo clean, and refuse
mailer to bo taken away, should
leave orders with mo.
Louvo ordors nl the City Clerks olllco
nr drop it postal curd in Box 105.
Ilisirict, nl Koolenny.
I directed    Inwards    Ihe     Pacific
If a few nf those inst year's sun
spots would show up wilh n
bunch nf In-ill, wo lll'O nf lho
opinion thai lho Old Mini's
batiaiuiu patch would pull mil nil
Take notlco that 1 Hurry Dimmock,
of Moyio, customs olllcur, liituud tn
iipldy fur permission to obtain u speeiui
timber licence ovor tliu following i\e-
si'i'ibeil lumls: Commencing ut n pusi
! illumed   un llm  I.iulu  Moyio   Hi
Notice Is hereby  glvon Ihul  thirty
days after dulu I Intoud In apply lo the
Chluf  Cuiiuiiissi, i'   nf    Lumls   nnd
Works al Vlctorlu, 11, C„ fur a  licence
lo pros| 1 for I'tiul nml  polroloiuu mi
llm following described  lumls. silunlo
in  llliiuk   IfillH,   Soiithoust   Kootonii)
Hellish ( nliuiihiii: Cuniida:
,l.|    I'llllllll.'liuilUl'III   n   posl    I'll 	
udliiennt to thn s iciui r  of >» l""»l t for "oul and piitro o.tm on L, (      t||mRio „,,.,, H„ ,|uli„„ „„„
I'.  Cunmron's ehlitn,   Ul   llllllll.      t'"> follo-vlngdcsor bod hinds silunlo 111 8Q e|m|     i]mm ^ „„ c,m|     ■	
being Hi"  Nm'lh-wos 'nor of      lock   WI.   Soi.th   Muil ..)', L  B ^ mMm l0 p„|n.oIli0m. ;tnNo.™ l^ ™1^ SJSTiSii
Tuniihauscrlucuil thoncoousl eight) | Hi'ltisli i oliunOhi, I unuuit: moiiueinont, containing W0 uet'i|s moro wesi ikclmiiiamore or loss, thonco norm «
uliuius, tlumi'O suiuli   eighty   ehnlns,      Couinieuulng ul il punt   pianist!   ml- IU, \em. |ohnlns,them nsiH" elmlns mmo or teas ti
111,I'll   Hllll,11..uk
Occasionally something leak:
out, Unit gives In   llie  people 0
District nl Koolenny.
■ruin'iiiui.'.' Un.'. i'iiii! Hniulloy "I Crnnbrooli
iimi.ni Llver> iimii. Inl I I" npply Im
,h noxl, ulnui a dn) I'm- liuurliig will
im set.
li   i- required  lliu!   Hii- notiee   he
published in  four seuulive weekly
Issues uf ti newspupoi published in Ihe
ill... ul l'i'iiiiliniiil< nml   iluil   ;i   cup)   ..l
Hii- notice   Im survud o
uf Wutor ri -il- uml uwuurs ul  luu
whosu i-i li 111 - muv Im ell'uuleil   In   such    ;
iihuiigo. *
Uniuil in t'runbi'iink, llilsSth, tin)  ol   •
Muy 11107. |
As-isiimi Coiniuissinuur of Lands uml \
Works ror tho Siniiliurn Division ni' I
Husi Kootenay. ' ♦
Kimbcrlcv,   13. C.
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.   ^ „ 9
liii'nliii'.-    k *-*..«.••..•-•..•-«-•■.••.,
Dominion Meat Go., Ltd.
.;nl i Hlioe Calgary.
Wlltil.l.'.SAI.K   ANIi   URTAIL   hKALKIlS   IN
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Fend. .  .
ul   is,  always   fresh,   ns  nil
mi in
To  Miirgiifol   A.   Keau,   Kil.   Fowl, I \
Dwell .loi nn.l Frit'/. Hebotzki, mnl In I
liny uili.ir inii'iv ni' pui'tlos lo whom Um I
aforesiiltl   ptrsuns   tuny   have   trans- >
ferred iii- nu her Iuteresl  in iln- "Tip | 	
Top" und "Defender' Mineral Claims !     Cranbi li
-il iml.- uu  Hi.' dlvldu  between   Wiistl | {
jiiul  Dioritc creeks in Hi" Fori Sloe
Jlinlng Dlvl.-i 1 l',:i-t Kuulenn)   D
ii'i.'i in llm I'rovini I Hrilisli Colum-: ,t.%«ii«v««««««i.««i%«%«mM«n««««.\K«««iiia««ift«t%«i«««%»««it%««««H%«%««»«%««\i
... ■ a-*...*..—..»..-»•♦■....»..»..■.■■.-,
'Puku nolico liml yuu ure hereby m-
ipih'od  wilhln  ui.v ilui-   liinil   ih"
lirst piibllcutliin nl iliis notiee lu puy tu
llm iiuderslgnud the -mn uf Elgin
hundred dolliirs liolug llle iiinniuil un-
pended by liim mi your liiloresls in Ibe
suid minora] claims, since tli" yctir
Iimi, lor nssess in work.
Ami fiirtlior tuke ii.iiiuu ilim unless
said piiymcul together with nil costs ut
iidvct'llsing, i- imi.1 within tliu time
above Btutcd yum- Inierosis in Un- sulil
uliiiinsshiill lupsototho undersigned on
ui'counl nl -uiil uxpenditttre.
This notlco is given under section I
uf ihu Mineral Am Ainendmonl Ael
Duted iWisiiih duy nl Muy, A.H.. Inn;
l'l Alex I'nlsull
1111,1.   A    in.     Thu  mily   iiliiuu in town
ilan Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
iheChief Cnliiuilssi I- uf   I.mills und I1, ,, ..      , ,.',,11   „„i   noeupntlonLlverymnli.ini ippy lor n
,,,    ,        .....     ,, ,,  , ii uboul  llll  inilus from l.ouifell. lllldL. |,il limlicr lleom ver the followlni! lies-
allied  Work, al Victoria.11.1   fur u I nee onu m,|o e||>(  (|.um fflUla|,da „„,, I,.», ,„,
pusi llltllilCil 111   lln'  SliUtll-
•nai ciiriii i ui I., li. Viiiioi'i'iti's iltni,'!' lleenee,
thonee wosl elghiycluilns, thmitiunorth Jiiuentto tho ooutheiisl cornor of Isaac
eighty chains lo pluco uf beginning, j llrlgg'solalm, l.m Nu. 11808, und holng
eiintattling 040 ueres more or Iobs. uiul inllinl or Nurlb-wesi eornor post of
l.ni'iueil this llth dii) of Mny. IU07. [A. T. Cttlilwell Inuuiiuii,  thonco east
■Inn Tuiiiiluiiisui'. I.nuiiiiir. oiglity elmlns,   tlionco   suulli   eighty
Hun, )l. .Inilii. Agunt. 'uiiuins.   Hi
Dnl.'d May illli. 1007.
niiiiin.'inn rlnil
1'inii Unmlley
I'iiiusl'er of Hotel Licence
w,'»l     .'i'.'lil)     "liiiin-. |     .|-,lk,.,„„•„.,. thll, | int.'ll.l In upply   In
llm Hoard uf  Licenco Commissioners
inloilwnys Oi
ui tho next rogulur mooting on tlm I5ih i n spechd i
day ul ,111111' mnT for n trunsfor from I rrfiwti hm.
myself In Churles -I.  Armstrong und     ''",1".'"™
Ili'iijaiiiiu .It llilcy of I Im hotel lice to „™ ,',,",'.'„
Hm liiiuriialiiiiuil llnlul ul Moylu, ll.C.  north in el
Itun.I. Hlloy      ""mi io.'I
Diiimi Muv Mlln 1007, 20 "' I''*"".'1
Dislriel ul I'of.leniil
Tnlle nulii'i' Hull .lului  I*   llrhluoi ..I* I'Iiiii
lirimli. II.'' Mill MnmiS'ir liileiulstnupplj lor
nonen over lho Inllnwllnides
ille Suiilli
.lull"   1-'   llll
iu.)  Com lining ai ii pusi pliiiilcil  thonco nortii eighty uhalns to place of
uiljaoont to the northoust corner posl beginning, coululnliig uui iiures more
of .1. D. Gordon's uhiinii l.nl 01)06, and or loss.
lining tlto Inltinl or nonli-wesl  eornor     Located May 12th, 11107.
pnslnf W. M. Vi.il.'H's loeatlon ttiunco A. 'I'. Cuhlwoll, Loca	
east oiglity ehuins, tlience south oiglity] (loo. M, Judd, Agent,
uhalns,  lhn    west   eighty   uiiuins,  -
thenoe north olghtv chuins to ph. if    OIlANIlllOOK  LASH IllSTRICT.
hnglnnlng lalnlng mu uun- moro l>l»ti-lcl ..f Knnlenny,
,„. |USM. \    Tnliu lee ihul   I  (luorge  Hull, of
Loeatod Muy lllb. 1007. i Lure ' Int., I'm' r Intend pply fur
W. M. Viuleii, L inr. permission to iibtuin u s| lul llmlii'i
Hun. M..Inilii, Agent,     llcoii
HU   ('iinniionclngut a pnst pluiileil hind,., ( ,„,,,„.,,„,,	
ml iuivnl lo I Im sniil li-oust cornor of M. |    C icing ul u oosl pluntetl nl, i he , <<m m rf A|)|J M,.l<,.„,„.-.. ,nml„lr ,,,„„„„,
l.iiuglu.v's eluim, Iml  ''.'•,,'|7' uud  lining  norili eusl eoriinr ol tliu wesl lice uf llllml| ,„ ,,|m| ls, „i  , ,■ „,i ,. ,i,,
lho Inlllul or Hinitb-ttost eornor piffll  of |G. Illlluril, und itbuiil   In ehulns north eniiynn  ou 11..- f.lulo Moylu lllvor; ihoneeI   ^ W,{M i,,,,,..-.!,.,. n  , „ii,..n.
dun. M    ,1 mill's  locution,   thoi USt nl llm initial post of tho Ollsl liconoo of  »™«l  '" '"" s""""'^'  h°j!"r.l°' '''" ?«  oMablilhilill "I  '"'"I nml llierenllhilln
ulghty uliulns, llm    mirlh   eighty  tho mill  Illlllawl, the  wusl su ,.,,„,,,,' tf, , l,o n.ust. ll> fW.s.lloli'sl n«c    ""' '.
chain's, thenco   wosl   eighty   chiilim, cIiiiIiih, lliu mirth 80 clialna. Uuu  uionco soiiili w Um  'Hi Hi "Wll«in-«
IghtV       uiiuins nasi so uiiuins, ih south 80 uhiilns to llcnnso: tho eusl in the »o«i I i II
District ..I Smiili KiihI Koolenny.
I'lillil  liolleo Uml   Kihvni-,1 i'iimII . iill'rnii- ;    Mny -i-'alli. IW.	
,.,-ii,, i„i;,",ii,u' ,!.",ii.,:ii|f,,,'.?,n^ Corporation of tho City of
-.-I unii nm * Cranbrook,
in law 'an ;
Excursion Rates
lnun Granbrook
$32.30 To
Winnipeg,      Porl Arthur
SI. I'lllll lluhilli
Si',u\ I "iiy
Si. Lewis isi'.ii.nn
'piminiisi'.l i.u Tiii'iiiilns;- "il
OlIllWil aJ8t!.*i"i   Mi iiii i*> al iHi
Sl   .l.ihu-s S'.U.iU)
Unil Tux Uliil.«H
Tlckfits on Sale. Julll3,1 5.
ftllOllst 8,9,10. Sfiilt. 11,12,
First Class Round Trip
90 Days Limit
llllllll'.' sillllll I'
tu plu f   linuiniiinu
uui'i's more nr loss.
Loentud Mn.v I llh, IH07.
uj Geo, M. Judd, Loualor
tali'li'l! >■'*>*  I'lu I'''"" inueinout, conuil tf'HOiLh^.VnowoJiTo"^pf««n'SruS*ifm.luS?co,Vt
ucros uun r I
il,si Boll.
Iiulud Muy Uili 1007. -I     I   Msyiluih,WK
nn tlio ucros. mor ■ leas. ' '>'
Ktlwnrtl Civell
lie Notice i- herehy llHen
.1", hm"   "I   l.'.i.l  I'"   1
'" ""'""'■
inn in- Inn il";,..'.
III l'l", 1
,11IV    uui
'Ill l.'leill
Cnii" ixinilluu i lum   In
HI* mi) Hill*.   TlcUeisuviil
film     il: nlu    Illdluu   llli-lll
jli.iih- mi Luke ■■' i"i".   Tin'
inn. „ .,mil ..I Iii un) still lull I 'III
Bt'iiuliei. ...'  Murllliiie I'l'nvl	
ll. Ml It;. Illi'lll m:"iil. m Mill.'.
I !■',. .1. Covin.   \ I- I'.A . VniU'O
.1    S. (' \ll'l'l''.ll.  II I'. \..   \nl-i
% - ■    ARE THE BEST   *~                       3
**■— —a
Wz They aru lean, tlioroi . I I. smoked and cured        rS
m*^. Canadian  nnocls,   put ui> in clean   inni  sacks        ^
m**- *******
£ Wide Breakfast Bacon                  All Sized Hams   3
%Z ~*a
Am- -mat
|P. BURNS & CO., LtdJ
•""** zS
ST- Hi-nil oiliiu,                              M,iin Olllee Inr Eust Kuiilmuiy.        -m
iZ Cnluury, Aliimiii                                Oranbrook, BO                   ZS
Geo. R.
m*1m     ■«•*''•^,"w*f/?
All   kinds'
5 .mi'
j i     5ily of
J ^i' Pay-roll,
a   5       - .il' nn.l Other
a   J     it' ns lhn  I'l'tin-
4   ^ U'li nml TorriiColtii
4 , will niiiln' lhis city u
<*\e foi' ii number of years. HDSIT
v.* i'v'* *•
* ,-SSaaa
j*      |-i: *f,
■ ■*. !i»i*i:'- "8"*A
. ii-ji't-'
; ,-'is-   :,-. \...-...;.
1 *«.'*.'■<■ x»5
&      fi
K an
In Ten Days Time there  will  be   None   Left
This is your last chance to get in.
Prospectus and Samples can be seen at our
office.   Write us for further particulars.
Cranbrook,  B. C„
Official  Brokers
^^^#^^3^^^ THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBUOOK   B C, .11 NE 15, lOli
District ol Kn.iten.iy.
Take notice lhat John V  Hi-blges .'(
I'riililir.iiik.     I',.   I'..     u|i:llinn   mill
malinger, Intends lo apply lor permission to purelitiso iim lollowing do-
serihuil luml:
Commencing nl n pnsl |ilunteil al tho
northwest cornor nl I'ul Kelly's pro-
einptinii survey oii Four Milo creek,
thence north 10 ehulns, thoi isi  llu
chuius, thohee south 40 ehulns, thonee
wesl 20 ehuins to poinl ol commence-
i ii. nml containing ulghty acres moro
III'  l.'ss.
.lului '•'  HrldgOS
Disliict nf Kootenay
Tuko notice  thai  'llm  rrowi Sosl
Puss Lim i-i'u.. l.nl.. ul Wtti'ilnu,. I',.
»',. inteuils to apply ror a special timber
licence mm* Hm following lleserilieil
I'uiiuumi.'iii.j  ;il  u   posl   pliimuil   20
ehulns wosl nl Milo HobI No. :l mi i lie
suulli   hnllllilllil   ul   l.nl     16.911,    thence
-imili in ehnlns, thoneo wesi 11)1)ehulns
thonee nurlli ll) ehulns, Ilium asl 100
uliuiiis ii. iim point ul .-"un icemenl
innl rnninlnlng Uln notes mm r luss.
I'lim-riil Director
rii.wuui'iiK, nr
flThc iJcoepectov
IATUKDAY. .II.M: 1.*.. loo;,
,   ■.»., -.— 4*.-'
I 'uiiiulii uu iii-mli'   imu   nun
IIH'lll   III'  till'    lll'lll     -sl'll'lll'i'     IVOI ll
iillis   III'    I ll'il     |l.ii'ltii'l
tlml    shows   in   iim   aforesaid ,   *<&& j;'*j 8
*   what    slim, /   *■ '    **"
itt'Bis il nit; rt'itiurc , ,      i
° barriers are to bo placo-l between      , /
%.-.,»„ Furnace
rllAMUUH'K  I.ANll lils'l'Uli T
Ulkirlct.it Kiuiiiiiiiv.
The Ormvs N'esl I'uss Lumber Co., Uil \   .riiko noilvo tlmt Jolm Kwln. ol IVusu
.iiiui,- Mcl.uron, Agenl    hialluii runi'lior. Iiiioiuls io apply tor »a
Hippodrome Contests a Big Feature "'' '"   i"'"i""    *™
"'       ..,..,.       ,,. barriers um lobo plaew
With the Norns a Rowe CiroiiB   ,,..,
Exciting hi,>]"-il11>tii>■ contests
will   I.,,   llm   liin   I'miluiv  nl' llm
v ,,     ., ,,■       Thoso who inUo an active part
Norris    ,v    unwe    circus   tins
,,,, . ,   ■, :itnl inli'i'ust   in   politics  ui'i'   li
s.'iistin.   The contests conlaiu no , '
1111:111 tn sill '
21S SMj §§| %*i | ItI|Mj
I   •
linl.'il Mn\ S. I!lil7
2\      Muy 2ml, liiOI.
» i '■»'
— i1 »'
There is no dust
:.'.i-,,\ e in com    *   i   witl  I
■   .---■ Bi the H .■..•;■.•:'.
,    .   . .    . ........    ,„,lv   ih,- subject   of        I a (lu I e illustration oif^  ' \
'""""""" -""""|M""  ,':„„li,h,lnsl,„Ml„.„,'x:l) inion I *■' rA*K
i pants and is jus: lhe uilileO spii
rib.nl thai  seasons  lhe  Hnisli  nl'   tin
j long uiul varied  |irograniino of «ext spring
ledum, which   will  lake |ilu
I'RAMIIlllllk   I.ANll DIM llll I. t'HANHItOOK LAND DISTUICT      „ i of ibe. loutliw. m-r ol   Timher  t,P   Wu   SIOW.       Ill   I ie lll'esenl
U strict ol Kootemiv, ,,: ,„•,..,,, |.-„,,,,.„„.. , i,.,....,. v„ H .„,,, ...-,,u.-ai i must rumor ,■       , fu a casual  obsorvur,   it
"   '■"" ** '*■ *     ■"" '" i -....-,,n*s    exciting   hippodroi
iki tin Sun-
■liini'i what lu I
arises is drawn
from the a.sh-
ivor lho following lleserilieil luiiilsi       Iii,,,,,,,,, ,„,.,. ,ilr tollowlu« tlesorlbetl
Commencing hi u post plnnleil ui thu \ l,l]lll_.
linl'tliwest col'lliir uf limber liumiu,- IHIM j ' ,.imi||ll,M,.j ,,   ,,   .„„,    .,|sir,i..,,   "il
thonee wosl 111 ehnlns, thonee south KM l|ulillH „,.M ,',,■ „,„„      , Nl,'^ „„ ,[„,
Chuins,   Ihenee  eust   III uiiuins. I Im I        , ^        ()|   L(i|    |r),„.    Uu,m,„
nortii  lllll uliulns lo lho point of e •\fmlh 8o,.|mlns, llience west 80 ehulns,
I hence north Ktl chuins, thoneo nasi su
elUllllS  In  pluco of commencement aud
nii'tii'i'llient   nnil  contttlllillg 011
inure nr luss.
David Hi kenrhlg
MUy 4th, luu;
Districl nl Kootonuy.
Tuke notice Hint Dnvlil 111 kenrldgo
ol Wurilner, ll.C, luniburiniiii, Intonils
in upply for u special timber licenco
nver the following lleserilieil lumls:
Commonelng nt a post planteil ul tlio
southwest corner ul tlmbor lleenee Olllll
uiul nn tlie norlh line ol timber licence
IIUH2. thenco uorth 10 .'linins. thenco
oust III i'liuins. 1 limine north III eliuins.
tlieneo west stl chuins, thenco south 111
,'Iiiiiii-. thenee wesl tn uiiuins, thonee
south 40 chains, them usl 80 cliuius
lu llm point uf I'liiuiiicnceliu'iil uiul containing 040 neres more sn- luss.
I im i.l Llrockenridge
Mm llril, 11107. 21
Districl nl Kooienay.
Tuke nulii'i- that Tlm Crows   NVsi
I'uss Lumber l'n., l.nl ' Wurilner, 11
r.. lutenils lo upply torn special timlier
lleenee over llm following iluscrllictl
l.'ommoncliig ul a pnsl plunteil 20
uliuiiis west, nml 20 i'liuins uni'ili ol llm
uni'ili.-list coi'iinr nl t iiiilii'i' licence Nn.
ilo-til llionco wesl Itm uiiuins. thenee
snnili 40 cliuius. thenee ensl 100 chains,
Ilim,ee lliil'lll III uiiuins lu llm   puiiu   ill
unniniuTieuinuiii uml conttilnitig 1110
ueres more nt- lu.-s.
The Crows N'osl I'n-s LumborCo., l.nl.
Juntos MeLuruii, Agenl
Mny Unl, 11,07. 21
Dlstrlot uf Kootenny.
Tuke notice Hint 'I'lm Crows N.'si
I'uss Lumber Co., l.nl.. nf Wurilner, II.
i'.. hit mills to upply t'ni'ti speeiui timber
l'n u over Hm following lleserilieil
Couuuoneliig ul u pusi plunteil ul llm
northwest corner of timber liconce Nu.
111.00, ilii'imu west tu chains, thoneo
snnili llltl cljnius. thenee oust 40 uhalns,
thonco uni'ili llin eliuins lu llm point nf
eonuueneeineiit    uml   containing  'Hu
ueres iiiui r less.
Tlm Crows Nusl I'uss LuinliorCo., l.nl.
Junius MuLnron, Agont
Muv 2ml. 11IU7.
ThoCi'OWs N.si l'n-- Lumber Co., l.nl.
Junius Mel.uren, Agenl
Mnt *2n,I. 1110". 21
Districl ol Kunt.'n.iy.
Tuke notice Hull Tlm Crows Nusl
I'uss Lumber Co., Lul iifWartlner.il C,
Inteuils lo apply I'm' a spouial limber
licence uver i'lm following   tleserlboil
Commencing ut ii post   pluiili'il   20
..llllills wusl nf Milu I'OSI  Nu.   n   nil   tlm
-uutli Boundary nf Lul 45011, thence
suulli sn,■linins: thonee wusl su cliuius;
thonco north 80 ehuhis: thence ensl sn
i'liuins lo plnee of commencement uiul
eonluiulng IHO ueres mnt r luss.
TliuCi'nws Nusl Puss Lumber l'n.,
Mil)' 2nd I'.ii'T.
■JI Junius MuLuren Agent.
Ols,     lllllil
Shetland    ponies  and   monkeys
uiul bi'iii'lii nf lliiiish Columbia,    a.
niuNiiuooi- i.anii iiisi'iiii v,        will vie ill iiilercsl wilh it rcpro-  Nll|-'|1.|,   Tll   l'SIMW  ut'   i iwn
•r   tTmut^'Zlft w   I'11"'11"11  "r  ll10 -'*"**'- "f ;u"'i''1" .' SKllVICK.
I'liiminiii. [iroH|)e«ior, lutemls lo iippl)' tor it ] RoillG  tUll'lng   whicli    tho   most j
noliiblottlltleles drove, ill broull '    w"1"1' "'"•'   '"' ""J"' ,'"' l,,w,J
. purposes  Ir   llm huim ul '■' u.in.   lu   1
iieeii spueil,   ii'i, s ill   racehorses    imlufler June 1st, imu,
iillaclii'd In i-hariiits.    There will     Cranbi k   IVnler Supiih Coinpuiiv.
sinrliil 11 ' llccliso over llle i'..|l..»iin.' .It's
i'l'll,,',! Ian,Is.
('..iniii.-iii'ltii.. in 11 posl iiliiiin .111: tin1 nurlli
i-nsl ,-, 1   ul   Limber   Ill'Ollal)   Nu   ll, ,iiiiii-
Crow's N'i'sl   1'nsa l.tlllllier  Co.;   llll'lll'i'-wost
itm i-liuins iiii'tiri' norili iii.-iiniiis. 1 in-ill.- i'iisi 1 he  Unlli uu standing  races,   lint ; l.lmiicd.
races contests nf endurance be- —
iween nuiii nmi horse, viiuliiufr Water Olouses Consolidation Aot
1    ":    !-uiil    l>in-ill.<    rimes    over   I ii ii I
lonro solllll in I'liiiiiis to nolnt nl I ,
in iiiiii 1 iitiniiii' nm ui'i
Muy IW, l'n
•'.. • n -: ot i'i
( the snnili ■-] i| e.
:      lhi "•:  in  i''::-Ir;i-
lion, v.hur.' it immi di itely
end   tn tin      ter   ir
Tuke uotleo ihal David llreekenrldgeI   ,,,„,,     ., ,.,„. .,.,,„ ,,,„...    V|,, 11"-'"'' ",-tt,, -t llionco ivosi »un„i..sj ■■"■"*"" •    ■•* -    .ypp--..----   |ln, .,.,.„,.,,. ,],.,, ,|„, "Rio Seven"    ;■■ j pan up tlm i>
..iwur ,-, ii..'.. i,u„i.n,-„mn. int.-u-is,..^, nnli'l'ur.! l.i.t ..i w„.a,i.-'c n. in"::::;:;:::";:i!:::;:::;:::',::";:'::;;"" ::::,;;::;::;:.■!nu'"s- """"^^ '"v.,iv,,^in,,.,,.,..! ,„.,,,„ L;nin„,. S()V01, ,„,  ^a, ■ /•
>" 1'1'Plj'  '"■* » "I i«l timber licenceL , ,,Uomls ln ,...piy fol.(lspecial Umber Ioo„i,,l„ln»o r.is.m.,r o,s,      pedigreed I'UC.lllKSlock, olopliailts do|)(i   „,,,,, ,„
' ii      nm   tion with this operation :--
open  both the dust and dire, i iln.it
Sunshine i  :': I the      most, simplest. I-,, iesl ni ■ j'.' ite t Ial   r
saving furna. e th ,1 yuu i .1:1 buj    **
If      ur '     I dealer d es :..,'
hrect to u   for
^ \  ^»vvis','x'
Tree Booklet
iween iiiiiii nnd   horse,   vmiHiiiL', ww uihuhus  uunsiiiiiiuuuii a in         "r«Hi*>> ,,-y, s%M(*4**>'S *
inii.l    hurdle     rimes    ,,vnr   hi-ll i                           —   ,.                            j'SWH      '. KVl^K       liH^i/C
■    ,             n Hu- mater nl  npp hen uu under 'liAi-^jft     / / '      A»iH II      V    ilfll   *tt ^*s
barriers, hnreba.'k races, jockey I S(,(.tl(m,.,,,, ,„ V,., m ,1,,. i::,m 4,^^/M    ^ **   **    WlUl   Y jj
acts,   rough   riding   mul   many Kootunuv Cower uml 1.1-1.1 c ..un       V ''^ufeu. ]m,i  AN ,    ,    T -,          „•          ,
!,' ' c!„l„,,l0m    tl ,' .1 ',. IV..   nil    ,'..',.                 >ts  '«aSa'.l.'-'.j           .' •■"""""'   '"':""■:-.  Al .".I"'"1'   Wmnipoj,   Van™
rilANUlln.'K LAND lilsTlll.'T. I.,,.i        ,.,,,,„l,    nlrllm.    nnil    ninnv-l,.
iiisuii-i i,r liiinii'iiiiv nels,   rougli   ruling   mui   many Koutunuy I'owor uml  Light 1 i„u
I'ultonolico ihut l'oter,loit«oii.ol Wiisn, nn j feats  nf   experl     cqiiostl'lllllisn) Limited (holders of Record Nu. 101  fi
Uiul:.,.  nmsiii'i'l: r.  uu. :i -,-.  I. »|:|:lv l;r 111 ^ m Ul, s\n,w„.       \,:nis  ,V  |„mi i'i. mllea of \\ •    i'  mil     I   ill    SI
     ire  awarding  prizes nf  money Marys Rlvor granted lhe 8th. day of
. . Muv I'.mii for uonnlsslon 10 cliiuigo I
mil  iiii'iln1-*  "-    * "" ■• '"
1111   incentive Hi
mii in i'liuins: tlionco ensl UI0 ulmlns:
Districl nf Kooteuuy.
Tiilm notice thul  Tlm Crows   Nusl
, llli'lli'i' lliil'lll  111 I'llllillSJ tlll'lll'l' WOSt IHU  CllllillS
I uss Lumber to,, Ltd. nfW urdnor.H.l .  ,„ point or .'ominoiii nt. ami tioiiuiiiiliM tun
I inilii'l' I norw tlinn. or loss.
Polor .lollaoo.
spui'lsl tllllbur lluollsoover tlto tollowluif iiu
orlliod Iiimis:
fi'iiiini'iii'iiii: hi  11  nusl  iilunleit  iiliinit  uli
i'liiiins snnili ol 111 unlli ut Ciiriliiin Croi'U,
tin-in... suiilli sll .'liullls: ihrlifo wosl nn nuiii-:   rnillislic    elTol'l    llllll    this   spurs
"'''" ior.ii80oii,ii.isiiin.u,.oeiiSi80i-iininsioL,    C0T,testniita tn   greater  nn-
lioiiit iif oonmieiU'etuont. nml I'oiitiilnliig UlO
nurns. .'.irii-ss. deavor and   conseqnoiil   excite-
  ''""'''''''"'*''"',„'nielli   Inr  lhe auditors.    These
m.iv .i.'iii. unii. '.'.!
 spectacles nre always suitslytng
CHANIU'OOH  I.ANll l.lsrilllT. -,  N(      ,,s &   ,.,,„.,.   |mv0    „,,„„,„
uisirii'i nr liooioiiuy.
Tnlti'uotli'oUuu l>..lonson.ol Wnsii.oriiiiini- SO Dig tind successliil   Ihul   tliey
Hon iiinsiiiTiiir. iiiii.ii.i,si,.iii.|,i.vr.ii,isii...iiii     in ;l||()W ii,,„i|,|,,. show  In  ex-
ll i.lior Ui'onso ini'i' lliu  lollowlni; Ocm-rUii'il
iiinii: Icend  them   in   any   portion   nl
Cmniiu'iii'inii ut u pusi iiluuleii nt llu
ensl comer ..1 Tllnlior License Nn.
nun knl nortliwosl corni r pnsl uf No. -1 r.li'i'nsi
upply  fur n  s,
ui' Hm fiilluwine' duscrilioil
District ut Kootenay.
Take notlco Hint 'I'lm Crows Nusl
I'uss Lumber Ciiiiipuny, l.nl.. nf Wui'il-
iior, ll.C, Intonils to upply I'm' i speeiui
linil.ur licence over llm following described lunds:
Commencing «t 11 pusi pluntud ul tlm
suuiliwesl corner of tlmbor liconce Nu.
"21111, ilimii'u snnili 111 uiiuins. thoneo
enst lllll eliuins, tlionco nortii 40 ehuins,
thenee wesl HIO chains to llm poinl nf
commencement nml containing 040
ucros more or less
Tlm Crows Nesl I'uss Lumber Co.. Ltd,
Junius McLaren, Agenl
April 251,11, 1007. *-'!
Notlco is Imivl.i   given Hull  thirl}
day- uftor dulu I Intond In apply lo the
Cllluf   I'll li-sinllnr    nf     Llllills     lllld
Works ill Viuiniiii. II. 1'.. fnr 11 licence
lo prospect, for colli and pnlriiloiiui mi
Um following doserlhoil lumls, sltuulo
iu llloell 'IfillH. SniilIteitsl Kiinleliuy,
lli'iiisli 1 iiiiiiiiliui: Citnuda:
,|.)   (' Helming ill  11  pusi planted
udlaennt lo Hm S boast   corner of Ilo prospect for coul nnd  putroloum .111
I'.  Cunioron's  ulni,11.   Lul   llllllll,   1   tho following deserllied binds sltuulo 1'*
Cunuueliclug ul  it   posl   plauloil   20
.'llllills Wisl uf Mil.' I'n-I  Nn.   II  nil   llm
-mull line uf l.m 15110, thonee south su
ehulns: Ihel west SO chains: llionco
north 80 chuius: thom asl su ehulns
in tlie point of conuueneomont mnl eun-
tuiulng uln neres more nr lu-s.
TheCrows tN'usI I'uss Lumber l'n.,
Muy Isi 111117,
21 Dames McLaren, Agent
Ilisirict nl Kootenny.
Tuko notice thai Arthur 11. l'Vuwii-k
uf Von Sleele, British Columbia.
Runeher intends to npply I'm' tl speeiui
limber licence over the following described lumls:
Commencing ul 11 post planted 111 tlm
Smiih wusi u irnor ni I'. Kelloy's preemption sui'voy nn Four Milu Creok,
thenco south 30 ehnlns: tlieneo wesl llu
eliuins: tlionco north 70 chains: tlionco
east 70 chains: thonee south 40 i'liuins:
thenco eust 40 eliuins to pint f commencement uud I'liiiiiiitiinu (Mo ueres
more ur luss.
Arthur B. 1'unwick.
May 3rd 1907. 21
District ul Kiintiuiny.
Tuko notice thul Arthur B. Fenwick
ul Fort Steole British Columbia,
llunchnr intends to upply for a spi'i'iul
timber liconeu over tho following des-
.Tilled lumls —
Commencing ui 11 posl planted 40
uiiuins nurlli nf the Southeast corner of
l.ui ii."i7:i Croup 1. Kootonuy.dlstrlut,
iliniii'.'uilsl Slluliiiins: llmnuu solllll 80
eliuins: lliunco wesi su eliuins; lliunco
norili 80 uliiiiiis: lu llm point ol com-
iiiuticemont uiul eontutnlug 0411 neres
more or less.
Arthur It. Fumvlck.
Muv tlni IUII7. 21
Notice is limvliv given Hint thirty
iluys idler dule 1 liueiul lo upply In
lho Chlof Commissioner nf Lumls uml
Muv mi. uiiu.
their ideal circus programme,
Each seusnii some little show
wilh 11 high sounding title and
hut lilllo else in recommend
iimin, threaten opposition iml
tlie public knows by experience
lluit Norris & Rowe have always
given lull \aliie nnd a bit moro
for money expended in witnessing the various attractions lhn
ainbitiniis young  showmen pro-
niiANIllillllli t.ANli niS't'tllOT.
District .if Koolenny,
Tnkn nulii'i' tlml Jiilin Kwin. uf IVtisu,   oc
cupillloil, I'iiiii'lu-i'. Itilciiils intipply ti'iiisp.'1'lnl
tlmbor licciis.. ovor llio tollowliiK iii'scrllic!
Commencing ut u post pluiili'il mi Un-wosl
boundary ol lot Nil Hllllll. nnil 111111I10.I suulli-   ville   for   Olll'  illllllSOllK-lll, enter-
cost corner pnsl nl License No. I;  Uloncc ivosl Ugintnent Iltld illstl'llClillll, Sll il  is
S.. 1 lining; III.'lu'f nurlli III i-lniilis; Ilii'llci'i'ilst
iiii'iiuiiis: tiiciic, thso una: t'lii'iii'.' nisi I assured  ihal   llm  public  whose
 In.lllS:   llH'll.'.'   suiilli   IM CllllillS 10 puilll Of, (10|l(j1]elu,B     |,,ls     neVBl.     I,,,,,,,     |„,
cutlinii'iii'i'iiu'iit uiul conlttltllllll 1',in ucros, nn.l '
i.l' luss
Muy lllsl, IHO"
trayed hy  Norris &  lfowe will
'"'"' K"'"*.l. I continue  In support   lhe  oner-
 [gelic young    showmen    whose
LAND NOTICE, I home  is  in  tlie wesl nnil whose
Tuko notice Hint sixty days after dule, interests nre all here.    Norris St
I the undersigned, Intend to upply tu ^ ,  (,x.
lho Chief Commissioner of Lunds und1
Works at Victoria, li. O.
sion to purchase Um folhnvtng described
Lumls in East Kootonuy:
Commonolng at a pusi planted uu tlie
custom boundary of Lui Nn. ;r,*. sit
chuius north of the Soulh-eust corner
of tlm said Lot und running north SO
chains, thence easl 411 ehuins. thenco
south 80 chuius, thenee west fort)'
uiiuins lo plucc of commencement,
Dnted April 17th., 1007
hibltion in Cianbrooli   Monday
June 24th.
Editorial Notes.
The situation iu Sun Francisco
remains uncharged, .laps in
.-lined in he belligerent, Uncle
Sam holding high the "big slick"
on which is perched  "llm eagle
Pred. \V.  Burgess I bird.'
City Scavenger
Why Ihe Japs lell   home,   and
what happened   in    Frisco,   is
keeping tlie  eves   uf   the   world
directed   towards   the    Pacific
Parties  having   hack   yards, Ocean,
and closets to clean,  and  refuse
mailer to lie taken away, should
leave orders with mo.
I .uu vo ordors ut thu City (Murks ollice
ur drop u iHislul curtl iu Hex Uln.
District ol Kooienay.
Tuke notlco that I Hurry  Dlmmoek,
nf   Moyio,   ''llslnuis   llllli'ur.    IlltOUll    tu
upply fur permission to obluhi 11 spoclul
timber licence ovor thu following (lo-
scribed lunds: Commencing ul 11 posl
pluuleil   mi Hm Little Moyie  River,
If a few of those last year's sun
spnls would show up with 11
bunch nf heal, we lire uf llie
opinion lluit llm Old Man's
bnnuiiuu patch would pull mil ail
Occasionally something leaks
out thul gives in  lhe people of
Districl nr Koolonny.
Tnlio notice Unit I'niil lliiiulii'.v ol Crunbrook,
,, ...'I'lipiiiiiiii i.u..iv nuiii. Intond in "ppiy lor 11
,     ,        , ,. , iilinui  llu  miles fro oatfoll, and M,ccJni timlier liconoo ovor llm lollowlnu dos.
Work-n   \ mlnrin. fl. I    lur 11 ll ice .. , iiiiii„„i    ,i,, 1,
imu iiulu nusl   Iiiiiii  Hllliards iniilx
li, ,-,.. theueo wusi su uiiuins. ilium
loulli 80 chains, tlieneo eust so uiiuins
pniiu of diversion uml llm course ol the
ditches unil lliiinu,-. in points near Um
head of the Hock Cunyun uboul half u
milu up river from tlm Canadian
I'liuil'm Rllilway Bridge over llm Sl.
Marys Hiver ueur iim lownof W'yelill'e,
Take nolico Iluu the -uiil uppllciiHon
Iin- been liiml uml 11111} Im seen 111 m}
illi,'. in iim City uf Crunbrook unil thai
objection tiioruto shull be liiml in my
iiiii olllee 1 • before Um loth, iluy ul
June next, when u dny I'm' heiirlng will
Im sel.
ll i. required llm' Hii- notice In-
published in four consecutive weekly
issues of u newspupei published in llm
1 lily uf I'lniilii'iink uml iluu u copy ul
1 tii- iimi...'   Im served 1111 iiii holders
of Win.'I- ri Us uml owners ol  li	
whose rights mil} Im eO'ei'leil l.\ -nul,
Huiml in I'l'iiiilii'onlt, ihi- sm. ilnj nl
Muy lim:. T
.1. V. Ariiisirong. !
Assisliuil Cnlnnii-sii.iiurul Lands Hllll    \
Works im' llm Southern Dlvlsio
Kusi lCootonay.
*>.'<~Wig',\::.i L
PATMORK BROS. ?*»olc Agents
A i'i i'i A i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i -Al i'i .'.'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i A A
**» ?|T T,T V *t,T T,T T,T V V V ~i*t V ■*' V V ',' *.* V 'fi V V T,T V tft
1 NORTH   STAR       |
I —- HOTEL %
*£ Kimberley,   13. C.
f    H. W. DREW. Propi'ii'tor,  ^^ ^
>..■-.•. ft.-S*  ■*■■*  ■«-••■••-•■ 4
'l'n  Mut'titU'd   A.   Kpuii,   Kd.   L^ord, I _
(hv.'i) .luiiurfimd L'YiU lli'lmi/ki. uiul t(i ?
any other pai'ty or pui'iius tu wlmin Uiu f
4 •*■»•-•■••'••-••••
1 Dominion Meat Oo., Ltd.
l I'lniiii. *.T II..;nl i Miii'i- i 'nlu'arv.
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Fcsd. .  .
Uur  menl   ii-  always   fresh,   ns  llll nnr beef is Killed in
iiruivsiiiii pirsi
[erred iii- or Imi- iuteresl in the "Till I
Tup" ami "Uofoodor ' Mineral Oluims |     Cruilbroolt,
sltuulo mi Hm divide between   H'nsa j '
unil  liiiiriiu creeks in the Fort Steole *»*****■a*a«a»a*m.
Mining liivi-iiui nl Kii-t Koulenii}   Dis- --
trim in iim I'rovlni I Lh'itisli Coliini. .inaamimuiiiuuiiiiiiiuuuu.»«a»*»4.»%»»i»«»*%»i*i»»%»»»*»»»»»»\»
Tuke notice liml you uro hereby required  wilhi ly ilu.v-   I'iiiiii   llm
lirst piiblleulhm of Hiis notice to imv lo
llm luidorsigiiod iim -um nl liighl i
Inuiili'u.l ilulliir- being iim ummiiil expended liv liim mi your iniui-.'sis in Um I
-uiil ininoriil eluiius, since lhe your
innl. lor usscss in work.
Ami further tuke notice liml nnlnss
suid pnyiimni logetlior wiili nil costs ul :
udverllsing, i- nuiii ivltliln llm tline!
ubovo siutu.l your Intoresls in lhe sniil
cluliiisshull lupse mil iiderslgued un :
iii'uuinu nl sniil expemliture.
'I'iii- limine is given umlur section I
ni iim Milierul Am Amendment Am
Hun-.1 I Ms llth dii} nl Mny. A.IL. 100"
l:i Alex I'.il.-mi
' IN  I'.AKKK -i'i*.. ONE luiull WKST "I'
IIII.I,  ,v   in.     T',.' only pluee in town
_   iluu ."ii ii,   iii,, ivnrih tlm living.
losmooolta Hole
Ih'iI la in I-
lommoiu'lng hi ii pohi pluntflil ul lho South !
E. H. SMALL, Manager
I nf I.. II. Vn
lining Um  Noi'lh-wosl  cor • of  -    Block   m.   South   Kust   Kiiotonay,   ^ „„,„,,„ suchuins „ Intofco.,.- Sli™"w tmZ.,™i7*7,ZZ'Zsl
Tannliuiisei- loenlh ill, tholiceoiisl eight} ■   llnUsh I uliiinbi.i. (.uuiulii. | mcneeniont, containing 010 acres i 'o|wesi IB vluilnnnorv nr lo». lliunco norili li
uliulns, il  snntli  ulghty   eliuins, Commencing ut it posl   planted  ad-
thonoe wesl clglity elmlns, llionco norlh jucent to tho southeiisl cornur ul Ismm
eighty clmins in pluco "f huglunlng,
I'liniulnliig (140acres mm 'luss.
Located this lltli dnj of May. 1007
.luu Tuiuiliuusui-. Locator,
im uui Mnj- an
llrigg's eIniin, l.nl No. 0808, and lining
mul Initial ur North-weal eornor pnsl of
A. T. Caldwell location, Ihonee eust
eighty uiiuins. tlieneo soutli oiglity
Hun. M. .ludd. Agunt. 'uiiuins. thonee weal unjht.v eliuins.
12.)  Commencing at u posl plunteil thonco north eighty chains to place nf
adjaooul to the nnrtliuusl   'nor post beginning ituining 010 ueres inure
of ,1, D, Cordon's elnlm, Lol 0005, and or loss.
lining the Initial or north-wesl cornor     Located May IHth, 1007.
pnslnfW. M. Vlolott's locution tbenuo A, T. Ctildwoll, Loeulor. Bmilinnln.1, lllloyoflholiotol lieu i., ,,,,   ,
oasl oiglity chains, thence south eighty Ceo, M. .ludd, Agenl.     i,|,u'|ntoriiul,lotini llnlel nl Moyio, Ll.C. |„OTiii lOetmlm
uliiiiiis, thunee   west   eighty   eliuins,1 Ii.m .1. Illluy
Ihenee north eighty uiiuins lo plu if     CIIANIIHOOK  I.ANll IHS'I'IIICT, |Ja|(i|| |||h   m ,„
hoglnnlng mining 010 uuros more Illatricl ol Knnkniiy,
ll,. loss, i    Tuk. lice liml   I   (I 'gn   Hull,  of
l.neitiml Muy IHI'. 1007. i Kurr  ., fai' r lntoml to upply for
W*. M. Vinlell, L inr.
iluu. M. .ludd, Agont.   Iliceu
ci.i   Cumniunclngut h pnsl  plnnlod|luml
Hurry llliiuuoek
liuiu.l May 0th, Iiiii7. in
.•Imiiis, Ilii'iii usi :i:> uliulns r Um lu
luiiiu nl I'liiiiin.'iii'i'iiii'iii ninlnliiK mu rhniiis
in.ui.'i ,,i Kor.toniij
'I'lllll! Illllll'l. UlUl   Jul.n   P.   Iliiillt.'S  ul .'IHU   j
lirnuli. II. I'. Mill Mttnudur lull-nils tnli|inlj  lor
ll h|lliuilll liuilii'i' li.'.'liri'....'. 111.' I'll Iin, lui.- Hi's-1
Tninsfer of Hotel Liconce
Take mil ice that I intend to upply to
llm Hoard uf Licence Commissioners
hi the nuxi rogular mooting on lho lr,ih
day ul Juno 1007 lur n transfer front
myself tn Charles .1.  Armstrong nn.l I w*.^i'V"',,,','■',.'!! i'.'.i'ii'"7i...m|1.'-''.'.!,',
ul luss In l.nl HI llli'lli'i''nil
ul l -in Uu' I'uliil "I
I   Hu-   Suiilli
i in lliii nortli
ullis.   lliu	
Corporation of tlio Oity ol
IHslrli't"ISnntli I'llsl K my.
'I'niil'   m    Iluu   I'lluni'i .'mill, nll'riin-
|permission to olituin it spcclul 1 iinl.i-i- i,,.,...u  npi.t.,citi iirnsimtiior,Inl Istuiuii'ly
llu-   following   il.-ul'iliu.l I nun  si ml llmlii'i'Unii.r mil' lliu tnlliililint
' li'si-iiln'il Inula:
ul jll llu Hi nilh-ciisl .corner of M. ,    C ling ul ll nusl plum ml nl. llm L^."™" ol AIM McKoiikIo'h 'I'ltnlier Lleenso
l.miglny's i'lniiii. Lnt  111)07, uiul  boing north uust corner of lho west lice of H) ,  inuns oust nf tin, iniiier mul oi	
llio Initial nrsiiiitli-wust, cornor posl  of O. Illllard, and aliiml 10 chains nui'tli  muiynn  nu llio Mltlo Mnylo lllvon tboncnI       ||v, n> |III1„„|„K „ ,	
duo. M   .ludil's lociUlon,  ilim '.isi J„f Initial pnsl of Hi i»i li f, "'""' '■" /ll^,."7,"",";,\,;';.;'i;"''n"|l,"'t,,.,s"„',',l "si miii i I' I""'"" ""i
eighty .'linins.  Ilmni'i'   nui'tli   eighty  Um suid iluu, llilllurd, llioncii wusl  so „,','„","',„ ",,',',',',,.,1,, „ | w.s. Hull'slloonsi'i* ' ''■"'
nluilii's, thenco   wosl   ulghty   uiiuins,  ohulns, lliunco north 80 chuins, tl  iiioneii houi.Ii n. llio nortli ll f Wilson's     "
railway! 1 OIK CURED MEATS 3
Summer     I i «, are the best ^ 1
tZZ —m
zz        They nre lean, thoroughl) smoked and cured zS
tz        Canadian  j-oods,   put up in clean  firm  sacks ^
£ Wide Breakfast Bacon All Sized Hams \%
If,   LAW   NH   ,
lu   Ilir   W0SI    III I   15,
I ■ N„llr>.  I- li-i'i in rl.
ikh wim lum' ii"i yi" 1111I1I n>
Iluu mn in. im "I-1 'Iiu; ..1 .lull
Excursion Rates
l it nn Cranbrook
$32,50 To
Wlnulpo-r,     Porl Avtliur
si. Paul Uuiulii
si'iux Cily
Sl. Lewi- 'u'ii.iiii
l'l,i|",|ur,,Sr,|   HU    'I'.ll'lllll.lSV-   Tl'
Ollnwil Urii.'s'i   M.iiilii'Ul S?KI
SI   .I..Ims i*.H,nil
Uiillfax *l'U.-i>
Tickets on Sale Julu3,4, 5,
ftmiiiM, a.'), io. .Sum, ii, fi,
First Class Round Trip
90 Days Limit
(JurresnumlliUj rudiielions froui ull
|Kiinl,'ilill llllllll  .    Ti.'ltm- livililllbt
irui'lillm 'nnil.. lllll   uu ul    .'ii'
■limilis mi Lnliu -iiiunur-.   Timing
grilles t|llntod In mil -liiliuu Onllll-li
Ki,iii,-i  im  Mm iii  priivl ■ i.
Mul'.,  I ugenl, nrwrlle,
ihenee       suulli       nin ln.v       chuius unst SO chains, thonco south 80 uhalns to i so: tlm
to pluco „f boglnnlng uonluliilng uln ph f nmnnconient, i mi g mo-[i.':.,,'I'.,.'r..Xv.-J."i'.'."M.'.-|,i»,'i'"^i""n.'ni.!,:^Cnun jnmvi;^''iu  ilio  »i„,v,i "iii'.|.„v, * II K. .1. Cuyle, \.(l.l'.,\
au moro or loss. jaorusmm rims.     ^     ^ ^ | Iiih hid neriw. mora or l«w. |si'llli."l'l.v iimmihoi-.o |J ,1. H, ISAHTKII, D.l'.A., Xolsi
I alod Mny IIHi. I"""'
•j | aeo. M. .Luiil. Loeator.
WZZ I"    V  llllli ' - I'll"'. K iu zs
I P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.!
Z-       Huiiii oiiim, M.iin Odin, lur Enst Kootenay,      2
tZ-       Onlgiiry. Aiii.-iiM Oranbrook, B- c *3
Gto. R. LtflSK & Co
\ts     Jj AND
^3r*v»_<': *'   .mi.,'.
Wi fells0
'•Jj^Aamail2a\\aii 'ijra-luLv *Am»' *^'m.
I 'l.lil-,.   SpCI illi.III.HIS
ami  l'/,tiin;ilrs
(luu Dull.
Hilled Muv Mill Innl, -I     I    Mm until. I''!"
Kilwiini r.n.oi
I'll, rimk     | I
All   kinds   of   building    material
constantly on hand. UK PROSPECTOR, CRANHROOK   li. C, JUNE 15,  im 7
**W^*iVj^^^S^^*^^^j|liJ|lf^^3^^^^*   r;f^**^r**T'r***^t**S^*******      Why Co"flh   "> Tt,6 Coffin
* ^^tt   a   •¥   trm^r 4   my n «VT/\\T/\nir   * ' '•'Y
4. 1 In- steady growth ol nut business is tbe best prool that we lienelit buyers.    \\ e take particular 1 are
j., tn provide absolutely pure foods ami see tii.it everything is handled in tin- most sanitary as well as attnte
tive manner.    We are always mi the lookout for "newables";  up to date delicacies
* Goods That Are Meritable
9 Lownevs Cocoa and Chocolate
Scott's Prescription
No. im or
('.old Cure Tables
C. I, Rogers Shoe Shop
1    coui cure i.abies White Canvas Shoes
9    „., Are tlie Correct Foot Wear for Sunny Summer
*i iiev .lu in.' work uui   arrest un     i   i.      i ..   i .   i      i    nr i       .i      ■     n  •
111«-y look nuiii mul leel i'niil.    Wo liuve tluun in ull sizes
A il"' II1H--1 stubborn i'niil.
"X-     ,. ,    , Childrens Ji.oo,     Misses$i.2s.    Womens $1.50 and $2.50
"-   Beattie fo Atchison ! Mens $3.00, (3
Where It Pays to Deal
Lownevs Uways Ready Chocolate *
li i-s.v,   ,   ' for  il,o quick   preparation ol' a delicious    1   ©Iti* |H*0$pCCtin\     Our Latest Is a
tlriuk anil for lee Cream and cake icing,     li   i>  uiiiile  from     a,  ———————^-^—^—^—\
CINDERELLA SHOES tiro easy on llii! feel.   Tinware made in tit
Lowneys have earned tin enviable reputation fur uniform
quality, purity and exquisite llavor iu nil llietr products
Lowneys Breakfast Cocoa
^        Contains nothing but nutritive and intestable products
^ ..• 'in. ebolcesl Cocon Beans uml iis full llavor nml delicious
ihi. lies! eocoii iiiiii pure cane sugar w hicb assures
We have il iu | pound illlll ll.lll llllilllil lill.s.
Birds Cuslard Powder
nvone win. lias    - i) '.'• rds I 'uslard Powdi
. I'lirily,
qiialit)' distinguish ii
: rom : iif lower grades
One Pound Can 65c.
ft Hall Pound Can 35c.
* Quarter Pound can 20c
ia | hi:
'"-,   ,1       1.'    s.llll    111,I    (ll     111. I-l'
i iiiii   know   ..
-::.'s-   \ve   ivi.i
IATUUDAY,  ll M   1,.  I'm,*
IJf  ■•.iMiiinnminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:.
Kid Blucher
il   I' Siinsoti ni Warduor wusl.... ,
i iln .in Eridav on business    !"'"' ;' &u'lsll)lo I oo it ml a Low Heel
v. ii.
r.veulj lim  per  .'.'ill  nil    ull I
I-. Suits     Reid A l'n
*      When vmi ttinii t'lieri'ies en lu
Ji  Siowiirls,
.■.I     Inr     ., \
£   I',,.,
stil'egiiurd     Heiils
Price $4.50
C'oiiiforlablu Eld House Slippers comfort to wenr price $1 85
Childs Sox hi Black, White, Tun. Pink, Red
.i- ,     iini n,.1
W      \\
loss,   |.\   II    Ilni,. and
ti   Ilui,., nil nf  Kernie  spmil
9 siimiii) insi in i'iiiiii,lnnu
* i
20 cents a Packujt'       9     .1   A   Miii'lomi of  Moose .law,
<,   was ;i  ifiiesl  ;n  Uie Cranbrook
  Suuilnj  Insl
Mr. mul Mis, !■' t'. Hart,unl of
♦. Si'niii,. were gliosis ;il Uie Cos
*   iniipoHluit Sunday lust
Eor  Slimmer  Months   .   • . ■      _
convenient iis possible Uavies
[unml in nn iiistiini; we have them
i 'hocolate,  i 'aratnel.   Almoud,  Mn      l'n    u, Pink,
White uiul Canary
4 Thos    Hlund,    el'    Toronlo,
■ft t representing  lhe   Mergenthale*'
it I.imuype   t'o    wus   transacting
I business nt Cranbrook Monday.
* W   o.   Miller,  nf  Kulispell, a
♦ timber cruiser, wns in ihu city
4 Monday iu lho iuteresl of an
'^ | Aiiiei'ieiiii syndicate.
Men's Furnishings
If you're the man who needs ji NeM  Suit or Men's Rurnlsh-
inu.s   of   any   kind   we   hnve   what   you   want   at   low    prices
A pile of Mens Suits, regular 7.50 to 15.00
Sale Price
Boys Suits assorted sizes 25 per cent off regular prices
15 Mens two piece suits, ranging" from 4 to $7.00
Sale Price
Carpet Department
All ol Oui Big Sim k ..I Tapestry, Brussels, Velvi 1 and Axminstei Carpets ;it Cost."    We lire going out of lhis line, hence
The Complete Stock will Go At Cost
10 Mens two piece Suits, ranging from $8.50 to $12
Sale Price
Owing  to  the lateness   ol
the  spring senstill  we will sell
.ill this sensons
Ready-to-Wear Hats at Half Price.   A beautiful Assortment
of all the most popular styles.   Don't forget one-half price
* *
!    WESTOVER    I
a *
♦ *
|       SMOKING       |
! TOBACCO      |
* *
♦ ru:   im. re        J
* *
t i
♦ •***—-••**—-^———«.
* -    --- -
*     THE   TOBACCONIST.     ♦
t a
Kiiiiry inul Siuplu GROCERIES mid CROCKERY
Cnl Glass,   I'.iiiiis.  Sliues, Rubbers, Milts, Gloves, Hosiery.
ft »:♦.♦'>.♦.♦. a.-ftjscftT;* ft; 9 19:4-9'ft:9ft.*:ft,9 ft;*'ft,
* til..,<..    ,,.,!..    .....      ,,-,,    I, I Irian ♦'
We illlislrillo this weoli the celebniluil Wellaiulval..      .♦.
Please note we are headquarters
Im*    everything   in   vour    line
J Cranbrook, B.C.
ftr*ft:j9.ft.ft':4: * ♦:9 ft:.*ft%ft*ft* *:a ft*ft. 'itcft ♦ .♦:
PX AMI NATIONS till' lln- position nl
t.A     |||S|li'i'tlii'.a   nf  Stt'lllll   liniliTs    ami
Miu'liiiiri'vi lunliT the Steam Boilers
Inspection Act, 1001, will he In'lil al tli.'
Parliament I'.uililiiiits. Victoria, noni-
uiuneiiiiion Monday .liinc llllli. 1007.
Applii'iiliuu anil inst I'liei mn forum can
he hail mt iipiilii'iiliut) In Illi' lltlller-
Mi<.rniii). in uiniin ilin former inusl lie
relumed, eorreutlv lillert hi. nm later
tlniii .luu.. ITlli. SulHi'ii'a.+111)nnil *ll."i
pur iniiiitli.
Chief Inspuetorol Maulilnury,
*.'l New \VentmiiiBtur, li. C,
is Tim county I'liein' oe HAST
K I'KNjI^*  nm.iimn AT CUANUltllllU
25 Per Cent Off Misses and Girls
i       does iml iiu lii'lr mu* new Stock of Canvas Shoes
For Misses
reid & eo.
Goods   Sold   at   Above   Prices   not   Charged  or   Exchanged
^T^~~^   W. CRAIG
M CLINE     f|
\l Wl'l'oll \   ll'iTKI
i.i     iVni'k in nil In- I..
nl iln.
i Tonsorial Art t
sii'iuii ii..a. I- iiiiii I'ni'i  u
Cosl uiul Siiiil; Rslimnlei
I'lirnislii'il I'|iiiii A|l|ili(lll
iin,,, i sii'ii ■ i i'linin i. r.i'.    5
I'.U.   liOl   I.l, 14.      (il'illllll'IIIlK, li.li.   ^UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUIIUUUU.
ITonsorial Parlor \
t :
t —                          =
c :
e Foi ii Cnl nn.l Oloan Blinve      :
| ... ,i Pnrlocl Hair Oul •
*t A Hoi ... 'J..I.I Bath :
Waltor B. Laing „WX
;.\ MIIIll ii »K I.ami
Nolici'is hrifliv i'ivi-M Mini nn ilu< STtli.dnj
in April I'-'n; ii  nu- ordorort by I'. K Wllhun,
I'N.pillT. .Ill,l«t! nf III,- suhl   t'Olirl     MUM   Jaiili's
l-'oruiwon  AriiMlroiiH, ouirlul AilinliilBtriilor
fur tin,l iiiiiliHit uf tli,'CimiiiU ,<r   Kuoli'iiny   m-
o I in Iml in tin- Kii'fiiHiil ilkuii-t ni riiuibi-iK'k.
ind'<>i Anioiiin Uot1 (Orniibi k,
Ki. !■) |ii'imih   lmil hl.'il lu Ilir (ItlL'OIIBUll Is re
<| lllll ,1 III lllll k.   liilVN'-'lll  lul'tliHItl, 111 111.'  Illl'l.'l
KVOry IHllHQt] llll VI Illi III pnMKOMlOIU'lTet'lH ll«-
liiimlii;: in UluiUTOilKi'd Is riHinlrcil In iiuiliv lh>'
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Tuko notlco thai tiintim .lowltl ol Wnrdnnr
II. C, IVlllOW llllrliils tu npply li.ljju-l'lllissioll Id
l>iii'i-hnsi< thu folloivliiKd-jHorlhod Innd:
rniiniiciirlliKiil u Jiiisl. |ilnnU-d   u<   tliu miii1.Ii
wi-.\ i'l.rn.'i-of i,„i i, ''nm-, i.  Kootmmy Ids
Irll't,   llli'lli'i'  Mill ill   HI i'liiiiiis,   (lu'lll lift iill
i'lialns, Iln-iii'i' mn Lh WI .'linins. thonou  WOJll  "M
•'llllills fl llllllll Ol I'llllltll.'t.il'I.H'lll. ami i Mill
Make No Difference
To the Blind
What we suy aboul mutters optical Ilui
how ubout yourself*' Are yen concerned
aboul your oyes? ll costs yon nothing to
have your eyes tested, and we lell you |iluin-
ly nml honestly the oxtict condition of your
C.l'.lt. Wuli'li Inapi'i't.irs Crows' Nusl "ims 111 vision
School    of   Mining
A  college of  Applied Science
Allilinieil tu Queen's University.
Km' ('nl..mini' i.r ilir Si'linol uml fiu'llior Information, upph
i.i Hi.' s,.,'ivi„n, Sriiniii „r Mlnlnif, KIiiksIuii, Ontario.
I    t'liui' Venn' (' 'so for Ii.-^i-i I 11. Su,
II   'l'l" Vein's' Cnurso inr Diploma,
a   Mining Engineering. o   Olvll I'lngineei'lng.
li   Lhomlstry and Mineralogy.      I'   Mechanical Engineering,
e   Mineralogy nml Geology.        g -Electrical Engin 'iiif;"
d-Ohomical Engineei'lng. h-Blology and Public Huall.li.
IVI, i I,iiiiiI ,,l Win.Inn    II.
 in     llll la li, ii|i|,lv
i- lii'i-uaii nvtir Hi.' Iitlloivllni
in Hi-Hill ul » iii„,i iilniil,,il ni
Ullll ,.l  l.ol  I'M. llll,U|, I. iluu
I  II I'll.. I.l .Ir Hill's |ill
Sillllll     III
lllll     III    II
I      CANDY KITCHEN       J
a a
Icecream Sodas!
I'll.. a A    llllllll.  HI  Chili   ! * a|||.|Mll"l' *
Ilk   iirill|.lll|.i|l I llllllll.     J '"" l'.l.'"l'. I ♦
 mi"miii'i'iy i... »» ini un ui'iii'i.j*  Our "II Made" Candies «
.v.-, .i,.-i.,ii„„i„K,i,.,s,,ii„.,ii„„,u i» A|{|,, T|||. m.ST ♦
"" ,"'1",''"" "''""' '* "'" "'""'  a AT the a]
mm ror 'nl l.nHi'J-T, in ii.ii mi)'nin   s,     II —        -
rni. Itii't suulli  |i.ii i'lmlna. Hi usl in   ♦
limns, lllein- 'lh IIMI i'llllllia. llmlU'O  i..-at in   *
linins In Imiiit of I'liiiillli'lli'iiilirlll. anil I'litiliiln   ' S,,
ni,.'. I'I iii-rt's tiiocii or lnaa
4944**949994444449499*44; I r* T T III n r> T• <■>
ni Juiii! mii nn;.
uiiANimnoK i,ash imstkhjt
nisirii'i or Kiioti'iiiiy.
'■Il'" mi  Sew   lln
t'i'tor l.'lliil. Tl.oiniis A. Iiaim.
'-'»      I   Daletl Muy Willi, lUOT,
|    TELEPHONE NO. 141.    J
Arriving Today
Stewarts Fine Chocolates
Hugh Stewart
Plione 75       ftrnistronu. five.


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