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The Prospector Mar 23, 1907

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aa-O /. I
P       MAR 28 1907
Vol. 18.
No. 12.
The Output of Silver lead  Mines
Will be Increased   An Abun
dant Supply of Water for
Plaoer Mining.
'I'he .Sullivan Group of Mines,
under the new iiiittin>gement, hits
largely Increased Its output.
The out put of Ills! week wus
elose to I,UIIU toll, llll inereilse of
about thirty per cent,
Development work  is   being
pushed on the Midnight mine,
whieh is un extension of tho
famous old Nurlh Star mine, ll
is reported Ihal lhe Midnight
will he placed oil the shipping lisl
during the coming season.
But little work is now carried
on at the North Star. There is
considerable ore iu   the   mine
which will be shipped during the
the summer,
At the Sleniwinder development work will commence us
soon as the required number of
miners ram he secured. The
average extent of the ore body,
as shown by recent development,
is about too feet of ore, having
ledge matter nnd ore for nearly
HO feet. A shaft is down some
HO foet all in ore. The owners
are having the ore tested by experts to ascertain the best mode
of treatment, and there is considerable talk of ii concentrator
being constructed on Murk Creek,
in the near future, in close
proximity to the mine.
The St. Eugene mine continues
productive and has large reserves of ore. The mine is now
in better condition than at any
previous time in its history.
Recent underground work having
disclosed the occurrence in the
lower levels of big chutes of ore,
the existence of which was not
known before.
Prospects are good for au in
creased yield of gold this season
from the famous old placers of
Wild Horse Creek. The heavy
snowfall of tho past winter assures an abundant supply of
water for mining. The pipe
lines at the fnvicta will be extended, several tons of 14 inch
steel   pipe having been ordered.
The Nip & Tuck Company are
making the necessary preparations for work. The big Humes
are being cleaned, and new riffles
pul in, and operations will commence some time in April.
The Burrow-Larson Company
have also ordered a supply of
piping, and have commenced
preparatory work, it is confidently asserted thai the yield
of gold, this year will be hugely
increased, over thai of last
season for much of the dead
work being com pleled, and a
large and ample supply of water
being assured.
Owing to the large amount of
snow at Perry Creek only pre
paratory work is going on, hut,
as usual, Perry Creek will produce a considerable amount of
the yellow metal this season.
Meeting of Lioense Commissioners
A special meeting of the Board
of License Commissioners was
held in the court house Cranbrook Monday to consider tlie
application of J. O'Neil for a license at the Hotel Wattsburg,
at Wattsburg. After due consideration tlio license was granted.
On His Way Home.
Lord Charles Beresford, the
English admiral, passed ihrough
Winnipeg Tuesday on his way
to Ottawa and tho Old Country.
his Hon; Judge Wilson of the
county court held in Cranbrook
last week, the hearing extending
over Friday and Saturday tho
liiih uud tilth ins,. In April of
last year negotiations [or tho
sale io the defendants Wilson
A Wilkinson uf tlie milling property and holding of Ross Bros,
it Co., were entered into ami as
a result one of the defendants,
1) ,1. Wilson, remained al Elk
mouth in charge of lhe mill
along with h'oss Bros . who did
mil give up entire possession al
tne lime. The defendants al
the end of some two months refused to complete the purchase
and finally withdrew, Uiiss Hros.
resuming operations. Tlie
claim was made hy Koss Urns.,
that the defendants should he
liable for Ihe wages of the mon,
amounting to over *_.500, earned
during the time the defendants
wore in charge and suit was
brought to enforce this claim,
Judgment, was reserved.
VV. A. Maedonald. K. C. (Kelson) and W. F. Gurd appeared
for the plaintiff's and M. A.
Maedonald (Cranhrook) for the
In tbe County Court.
An important action brought,
on behalf of Koss Hros. & Co.,
millownors of Elkmouth,
against D. J. Wilson and Thomas Wilkinson, lumberman of
Burlington, Iowa, was heard by
Before the Legislative Assembly
this Week.
Members of the legislature are
concerned now with the subject
of better terms fur the province
as a result of Premier McBride
placing on order the resolution
relative to the subject. The
preamble of the resolution outlines the course McBride pursued at tho convention of provincial premiers at Ottawa in
October, when he pressed for
special terms on behalf of British Columbia on the ground that
the mountainous character of
the country made it essential to
have much larger appropriations
for roads and other public works.
His contention for a commission to be composed of a representative of tho province, a representative of the dominion and
a representative of the imperial
authorities is also gone into.
The offer by the premier of islOO, ■
000 a year for 10 years to British
Columbia, in addition to the regular schedule of increases for all
provinces, was turned down by
McBride. After selling forth
the proceedings at the conference, the resolution concludes
with indorsing McBrlde's stand,
and affirms tho principle of a
joint commission as the proper
means of settling the difficulty.
The legislature on Wednesday
will be asked lo pass this, wlien
a lively debate is sure to follow.
Conservative members will sup-
purl the resolution undoubtedly
without a dissenting voice The
Liberal portion muy be expected
to oppose il.
D. J. Johnson (Jets Contract
Tenders for ibe complotion of
the joint government and municipal building were opened on
Wednesday by Iho Board of
Works, uud I). .1 Johnson's
lender of 18 per cent uf the eon-
tract price of Kerr & Campbell
of Pernio, tlie former contractors, wus accepted. The contract
price was ♦B,(17R.
Court of Revision.
Aldermen Pink, Hill, Hickenbotham and Ryan met iu the
council chamber on Monday last
as a court of revision Owing
tu the absonco of mayor
Finlay. alderman Ryan acted as
mayor. The applications fur
rebate were few and tlie taxes in
a few cases ebangeil.
Mr. White uf Calgary p.pre
Renting tho 0. P. R., was present
and protested against the assessment of blocks as a whole and
desired that the individual lots
should bo mentioned An appeal for reduction of taxes on a
number of lot!) was disallowed.
Visitor; Here and Thero   Pe)jle
Who Como to Oranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
11 T. Mel iregur ul Moyie was
in Ibe cily Tlllll'sdaj uu business
'I I'. Cooke drove over frum
Fori SteeleTuosday on business.
II I' Large uf Moyie w is in
luwil Tuesday.
A I). Palmer, uf WyclilTe was
hi the city Mun.lay.
I-'. II. Heniietl was up from
Jaffray Monday un business.
.1. Neil u,' Wattsburg was a,
Cruiihrook Monday.
VI. C. Watson ul* Winnipeg
was a, Cranbrook Tuesday on
I'. Vi. Austin and .1 K. Wright
of Winnipeg were transacting
business at Cranbrook Monday.
W. A. Biileman of Montreal
was transacting business in
Cranbrook Friday.
W. E. Miller uf Spokane was
in the city Friday on matters of
Mrs N. A. Wallinger was visiting friends at Fur, Steele Ibis
Jim Hates returned Monday
frum an extended visit to tlie
0. T. Woods and Vi. Dunn of
Winnipeg were guests at tlie
Cranbrook Monday
G. Miller and J. O. Mcintosh
uf Vancouver were Cranbrook
visitors Monday.
.lames Finlay, superintenditnt
uf tlie Sullivan group of mines
al Kimberley was in the city
A. Carney of Kaslo, government timber inspector, was in
the city Mondiiv on official
D. M. Grant, Wm. Johnson,
R. Guenley and Wm. Bates of
Fernie were registered at Ihe
Cosmopolitan Monday.
J. A. Latimer of Calgary, P.
M. Lindsey of Vancouver and
Sam Mclntire of Spokane were
guests at the Cra nbrook Tuesday.
E. A. Hill of Moyie was in the
city Monday attending a session
uf the license commissioners on
It. W. Biggins and F. .1.
Gillispie uf Vancouver were
Itransacting business at Cran-
brook Monday.
Geo. A. Laurie of Creston was
at Cranbrook during the early
part of this week on matters of
(Ins Tbeis. enme down from
Perry Creek Monday having
business matters of importance
tu attend lu.
ti. ,1   liiown.  P.  M.  Lindsay
and,I, Fleshmaii of  Vancouver
I were registered al the Cranbrook
Don't forget to attend the pub'
! lie meeting lo be hold on Tuesday evening lu consider the
proposition uf Ibe Electric Light
Co., who are petitioning the city
for permission to operate for u
period of 25 years.
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Prest left
town Thursday lor their new
homo in Virden, Manitoba where
Mr. Prest will engage in Ihe
hardware business. His many
friends here wish him all success
in his new Held. While residing
in Cranbrook he has made many
friends. He took an interest in
tlie welfare uf llie eiiy, being the
til'sl city clerk in whieh capacity
lie did guild work. Ile was active in church work and Ihe
official board uf ihe Methodisl
Ichurch at its lasl regular meet
ing passed a resolution express
ing deep appreciation of tho
efforts uf Mr. Prest and also ox
pressing regret at his departure
!Mrs. Prest wbu has lui- a shorl
; limo resided here mado many
friends who regrel her depart
ure. A large circle uf friends
were at the depot tu say goodbye and send best wishes lu ae
company Ihem through life.
Mrs, Thomas Cavin, wbu lias
lioen visiting a, Vancouver fur
sunn' weeks returned home
Sunday lasl.
ti. ti. Malpas ami family leave
today I'm* Ibe const. Mrs. Mill
pas and children will remain al
Victoria for some time, bin Mr.
Malpas will return in Iwo weeks,
WANTED all kinds of Indlositnd
gouts cleaning, pressing and repairing a, ihe Cranbrook Dye
works Armstrong Avenue, oppo.
silo Imperial llnlel.
I'unstable A. A. Ward uf
Marysville was iu town Thurs
day. Mr. Ward is a busy man
lliese days and is a iPl'I'or lu
evil duel's ul. tha, burg.
Vi. Robinson, uf Lincoln, England was in the cily Friday
Mr. Robinson is looking over
Hie district ami may locate ill
ihis vicinity.
.1. .1. Worth ol' Calgari', A. M.
Jurvis of London, .1. Haiibury of
Brandon, ,1. J. Grady of Creston
and C O. lluiiglas nf Toronto
wore guests at Ibe Craubrook
Win. YanGaston, a prominent
business man of Bonner's Ferry.
Idaho, was in town Thursday.
He was much impressed with
Cranbrook as a city tn do business in.
R. Pearson of Calgary. II.
Arnold of Montreal. M. Rosen*
bauiii of Toronto and J Ii. Coffey
of Winnipeg were registered al:
.he Cranbrook Monday.
Wm. Forsyth uf Kimberley,
•.vhu has been ill at lhe St. Eugene hospital for several weeks,
lias recovered and returned to
Kimberley Monday.
Sunday next is Palm Sunday
and Iho service in the Methodist
church will he in keeping with
the event. The pastor will give
an address ou the subject, "The
Greatest Triumph" and tho
music will he in keeping wilh
the occasion.
Born—At Cranbrook Wednesday March Uth, to Mr. and Mrs.
F. L Byron, a son. Thearriviil
of the little stranger completes
five generations of the Griffin
family of Council Bluffs, Iowa.
The Salvation Army will hold
a inusicical meeting on Saturday
evening at which coffee and cake
will be served. The musical
part of ths entertainment will
he under the direction of Captain and Mrs. Johnstone. A
very pleasant time is assured, all
are cordially invited.
Tiie part practice in connection with the Oratorio Emmiinuel
is being pushed forward with
great activity and the chorus
work is now taking good form.
This work is of a very high
order and the public will be favored with a musical treat on
the evening of (loud Friday
wlien Ihe work will be rendered
The proceeds are in favor of the
Children's Aid Society and the
admission fee is 50 cents. The
Oratorio will be rendered in tlie
Presbyterian church by over in
Basket ball rushes merrily un
and Ibe end nf Hie season is iu
sight, The ''Gym" is crowded
to tho dooi'S III each game. On
Friday lusi Hie Banks and the
"Gym" teams lined up which resulted in a victory fur the latter.
The game was fast and called fur
a great deal nf applause. On
Tuesday lhe Fire Brigade and
"Gym" teams mol fur the lirst
lime this season and as predicted a lasl game was played. Thn
large crowd present bad a treat.
After much line playing tlio
"Gym" finally succeeded in winning mil wilh a fair margin.
Waldo News Items.
Francis McConnell has secured a situation in   Vancouver.
Mr. McConnell received word
this week   uf   Hie   death   uf   bis
mother who died at Dublin, Out.,
March 17th, aged Hll years.
Dr Cartwright look three
patents in Hie Fernie hospital
this weok, ono frum Elkmouth
was kicked by a horse, and two
frum Baker mie uf whom received
a bad cut, Hie other bad a broken
What the City Dads are Doing to
Promote   the  Wolfare
of the City.
A regular meeting uf tho city
Council was held on Wednesday
evening. There wen- present
llis Worship Mayor Pinlay unil
aldermen Pink. Ryan. Gill. Me-
Cowan and lliekeiilinlhain.
The minutes of last meeting
were read and adopted,
A communication from Barrister Eckstein uf Pernio was referred to the city solicitor for
The report of the chief of the
lire brigade was referred tn the
public school trustees.
A communication from the
provincial secretary was read
and tiled.
On motion the petition of the
W. C. 'I'. U. was referred to the
police commissioners and truant
Mr. George Hoggarth presented a petition on behalf of certain ratepayers, requesting that
by law No. 84 be reconsidered
by the electors of the cily.
On motion the city clerk was
instructed lo call a public meeting next Tuesday evening lo
consider the request of rale-
payers re the electric light bylaw.
Tenders fur Ihe completion of
tlie basement and foundation of
the joint provincial and municipal building were road and the
contract given to I). .1. Johnson.
A communication from the
mayor of Sandon was referred
lo the police commissioners.
Leave was granted to introduce
by-law No. illi. By-law illi was
then read tlie lirst and second
On motion it was decided to
fence the nuisance grounds and
lenders called for the same.
Alderman Fink gave notice
that he will at the next meeting
of tho council introduce a by-law
to give certain privileges lo Ibe
electric light company.
Tbe council adjourned al 10-10.
Social Gathering
A very pleasant social gathering look place in the Sunday
school room of Knox, Presbyterian church on Tuesday evening.
Kev Mr. Main, who is alive lo
llio need of cultivating the
'•social gift." invited the adherents of the congregation, and
especially the strangers and late
arrivals to meet in the school
room lor tlie purpose of becoming the better acquainted. The
ladies uf the church supplied Hie
refection which was thoroughly
enjoyed by every one present.
The evening passed away agreeably and all joined heartily in
singing the National Anthem,
after which the guests of the
evening dispersed, expressing
themselves well pleased with
the intimation thai these social
gatherings would frequently
take place.
A Small Blaze.
A lire alarm rung ill nu Friday
evening bruiight nut tho Fire
Brigade in quick liliie.    The tire
occurred inilie restricted district,
and was making rapid headway
when ihe brigade arrived, Tbe
blaze was soon under cunt nil.
The damage dune tn lhe house
amounted to ♦400.00 and the
damage to tin- furniture about
'I'he following gentlemen have
been appiiinied as commissioners
lur    taking  affidavits   iu     ll
supreme nl, fur   llle   purpose
nl acting under "Provincial
Election Ac" in Cranbrook Dis
Thus. Cavin. Josoph Ryan,
Victor Rullius, 0. R Powell
Win. Small and Robt. Moffatt all
of Cranbrook.
A. H. Fenwick. G. B.   Watson
ul Fori Steele, A I' Maedonald,
IV. I'. White ut* Moyie; Peter
.leiihun uf Wasa. I). .1. Elmer nl
Klngsgate, A .1. Sutherland ol
Wardner, 11 Vi Drew of Kimberley, E, Feagan of Mnrysville.
.1. ll Mi'liride. T II Cnslnko.
I). II. Dultmige, s Taylor, (1
l.eiicli. ami I). .1. Johnson ol
Fred Run, nl* Klk,, and John
Vi. Niinn nf Fernie have been
appointed us Justices of lhe
Pence iu and fur the provlllce ol
British Columbia.
Fur Hie year ending June HOlli,
IIIIIII Hie Si. Eugene hospital at
Cranbrook received Hie sum nf
11811.75 I'iiiiii ihe Provincial
For educational purposes dm
ing the same year Cranbrook
district received a una] nl
For niaiiiionanceof public roads
trails and bridges Cranbrook ills
triet received and expended the
um of *4,0(15.115.
Committee   on  Wage  Scale the
Sticking Point.
Incorporated   for   $50 0C0   Will
Kanufadure  Fire Brioks- -
Sewer Pipes   and
Building Blocks
Articles nf Incorporation were
signed Thursday I'm- tin- forma
ii.m ul ibe Cranbrook Fire brick
a Terra Cota Company by .1. D,
McBride, W I*'. Ourd, J. P
Fink, Paul Hundley ami I-' I.
Hymn all of this cily.
The capitalisation ..f the HOW
company is to be ♦50,01111 in
shares of i I,,liar.
A carload uf machinery has
been ordered   from  Park Ilill.
I nil . anil u ill >mui In* nn iis win
In I 'ran,111 ink.
Tin. incorporators after Fully
loing in,11 llie mailer, both teclv
iicallv ami commercially,
have decided that ibe sue-
cess ul ibe undertaking is su
well assured thai thoy will nut
offer any stock Inr public sub
scription, Inn will offer tu tin-
investing public ♦10,000 111 first
mortgage debentures bearing
eight per cent interest, redeemable within live years with every
likelyliiini! uf being redeemed iu
1 Im' Hrsl lim years These deb
mil iiies will l.e in San blocks and
will , ffored Inr a  shorl   lime
ai a discount ol 25 per 1 t.   tin
The conference of miners ami
operators at Calgary met again
this morning from nine to
eleven, wlien adjournment was
taken. The tirsi poinl raised
was the publication in Hie daily
papers of the miner's plan of
campaign, which was supposed
to be a secret. The miners j idea being In raise a few t hous-
classed the same us untrue,  but and dollars quickly in order  to
showed evidence of being great*    1  .    1 • 1  • 1
..,„„„,„    , , „ ,,       , .„,    'get in work mailing tire-buck as
ly contused by the story.    Ilie
next point was the scale present Is""" lls Possiblei ;ls thecoinpany
oil by the operators. A motion' has already in sight enough or*
was made to have this scale and ders to keep the planl   busy  for
the  scale    submitted    by    thei nearly 1 year.
inineis, referred in a scale committee, composed of nine opera
tors and seven miners, which i
the usual manner ul procedure
in all conferences The miners
refused tu consent lu lhis. and a
deadlock almost nuMied. li was
only averted by the miners asking for an adjournment unlit tomorrow, when they will lie pre
pared lo say whether Ihey will
lot the scales go to tho committee
or nul. If they decide nut lo, a
deadlock is said lo be almost
certain. After adjournment the
millers hold a secrel session all
day but refused to disclose anything of what had beon decided
Better  Terms    Discussion   Concerning Better Terms.
'I'lie tire-brick in l,e made
will be from a novel artificial compound fully covered by
patents in Canada. These pal-
cuts with the big deposits of
material fur making bricks and
sewer pipes will all lie turned
over iu lhe company,
Practical demonstration!* have
shown that lire bricks manufactured under these patents
stand a higher degree of heat
ami are not affected by any
change of temperature.
Ultimatum Presented
Al   Calgary   on    Wednesday
afternoon the delogates from lhe
1 1 miners presented their liual
I'he  debate  un   the   "bettor I ultimatum lo the coal operators,
terms" resolution will lake place which, if noi, accept,.,1 will cause
on Friday, March 22nd, Premier " N"sl sion "' i,M operations in
McBride pointing out lhat he;""' minos ul thP Crow's Nesl
wished to add to his original Pnss "" APril '-'■ •*'*'en *•'*>
esolutiou and asked leave of the I present agreement expires
bouse tu do  so.    The  leader  of
the opposition assented tn this.
Voluminous  and  comprehen*
I'he ultimatum is that all
agreements now prevailing at
the various mines are to cumin-
sive returns have jusl been pre- uo in their entirety as to condi*
sented to the legislature by Pre- tions and  hours  of labor,  bul
mier McBride dealing  will,  the „*ith an advance of ten per cent
question ol the provinces  rev Is- ,,                            ,
ionary interests in the lands cov on he present ™*<*  0!  wages,
ered'by  Indian  reserves.    The Minimum per day  for outside
position nf the  provincial gov labor is to be ♦2.50, with  wages
eminent is crystallised and  em payable fortnightly,
phasi/.ed in an order in council ,',,,            ,          ,            ...
bearing date of tho 19th of March ""> operators refuse to talk,
This  refers  to  the   Dominion bul it is almost certain they will
order in council of the 21st of lurn down the ultimatum and a
September. IBOll,  in  which  the strike will follow.
Dominion accepts surrender ol
tho descrilied    portion  of  the it Was  Powder.
Tsiinpsean   Indian    reserve    in 	
order that the same may be sold .,  .,      ,       ,  ,,    ,, ,,   .
tolhoG.T. P. railway, and   ,',-- "   Dcmcon ***'*'   fl    ll:l11'   '""
 1 mends that 11 formal notice of youths ol nn experii mil turn
sale be forwarded to the proper of mind, found a chunk of Jud*
officials nf tho Interested rail son powder in the vicinity of a
way.   The  provincial   govern- bllrn in lhe v. back of Hanson
ment lakes the l'iiiiiiiiI llial Iheir ,                  ,                                     ,,
rights In tho land quest!, av   Av I""1 ;on,'h "' s"" lf
ing 1 11 legally surrendered   by H   was  powder,     I hoy  applied
the Indians,  the   properly  be a mutch, the result was a  blind
comes,  by  virtue of such  mii* inj: Hash which Deacon received
render, land of  lhe  crown   as rull in lliu Tuco, which together
represented by the government .  . .   .     .        .    ,.   ,
,',,   .• ,  ,,  1      1 1          1             , 111   1 his hands arc hai   v hui'iini .
nl British Columbia, and as such
only to be dealt with by the gov. I ho hoy, Hall,   escaped with  11
eminent of the piovince few   sllghl   burns,    Dr    Green
Cory Dow is Chief. was c.llod lo atto.ul lo Iho Inju
A :
.inn nl lhe hoard   nl   pn
lico commissioners was held on
-ies nt 1 be Deacon buy.
Will go to Spokane,
Thursday lo consider a number	
of applications for the position S. S. Carter for 11  number of
of chief of police.   Cory  Dow years district   passenger agenl
was appointed chlof, at a  salary [or the Crow  Line  will  go to
nf ♦lllll per   month,   and   I). Mc- i Spokane as passenger agent for
Lean as constable, at n salary of the Canadian Pacific  and   the
♦un per month, Spokiino International railways. 1*111-; IKosPKi'Tui;. CHANBUOOK B, i ., MA UCH ill, 1007.
A. B. 6rflct, 9
■ *
===== — 9
SATI'mi.)*, .   M .Mil || -.':;. |!Hir. fy
s~                     ' 9
1, is time thai tho city couucil X
were beginning  i ike  plans .j.
for supplying the city  with  a \
sewerage      system,         Warm 31
weather will s i i„,  i|H. eause .fe
uf  iniieli   sickness.     Thia    fuel jfe
must sunn present   Itself  to  the aa
city "dad's" and the sooner they it
give their attention to the matter jt.
the bettor ii will be for the city \
• ■ ; 1
I he    atteiltlOU    nl*      llie      I ie A
seeker has I u nttraeiod to the A
Cranbrook   district,    and     the 9
I ph- are coming to appreciate 9
the agricultural  possibilities ol 9
this .seciinn of country. 9
Every  new   industry   formed 9
Is good for the district aud tends 9
to nttracl others to consider and 9
secure property. 9
'•The I lates Ajar" ought lo be 9
a popular book with Ihe miners V
at Kimberley, 9
*   '   * I
It would be belter for the city *
council iu think without talkir
than In talk without thinking,
The common interests of our
citizens is a wise and just administration of the affairs of the
At no lime in the history uf
industrial developments in
Southeast Kootenay has the
outlook 'appeared more favorable than ai present.
• •  •
The impression has 1 11, of 11
numbers of the rate payers of
Cranbrook, Ihal in asking for an
electric light by-law, that the
company were trying lo gol
something for nothing frmu ihe
city. All thai is wauled by Iho
company is the consent of the
city in dn business for a certain
time  without   any    further    ro '■
hill & eo.
Have decided to unload their mammoth Stock of Ladies and Mens Furnishings and Furniture and if prices count for anything' will do it very quickly
\\.- «ill i|iiotc you
Mens' bods'Shoes
Al such prices thai will
make yuu think we never did
lnteud lu pay Inr them.
Imagine ,1 mini's  Ilox Cull Shoe
worth a;. 50 wluili wc w ill  sell ,11
a 1. -5.     A   liuiH'll   nl   "ilil   lines In
u   .11   s 1...,   worth   .ni\  where
ll'lUll    a   ;..  a I   li ,    a  ,    . '.  ■
IVe bought    pairs of travellers
samples ni American  Shoes.     This
line we gol Free of Duty and  al  2"
off for Cash,    ,lusl come ami listen lo
5 Genturu
Brand ciotf
And now aboul Clothing     We Inn e
the faun       th Coul
1 'lothing thai wil lis, 2 sh you
from other men hy ihen- Stylo, F11
 1 Appearance.
This   line   wc - II   1  1   1
next two weeks  ml;     t tli      \ u 1
wholesale    >. 1st,     viz        a. .*. .
s 14.00, 516  11   ■   Is  •i.oo. Regulai
5JO.I hi.  522,011, $2-1 :*-;  s -* S.
( y
>s£.jir   V'   ,*f
1  '" -*•
\ ""• -,:
\\ ,     li.ur     ,. .11   Sllll*.    nl    othei
in.iln ■■ thai tt-c will sell al s.Vjo,
5,. ,, 1 ami s~, s' 1.   K','eiil,ii'l\ solil al
\\,   have .1 lnnu li nl  Roys Sun*.
tn   -.i'li   at    1.75.      Snmr ill   lh, in
1. all\ ivoi ,li i.oo and iM', 1.
I' VIMl    illi'   tt llnli's.lle ensl  will  lull, .1   s|,;|H   (if.
In   I hi-,*. (i,mils, I .incus, Table
I iiieiis. Sheeting, etc, we w ill sell
,ll i". ill less lh,in tt llnli'salc cost,
FURNITURE.    We will
be pleased to show you and iiuote
1 ,ui pi ices on this particular line
also Carpets.
The fact is simply this: We are under
heavy obligations lo the Hank and
Wholesale I louses and must dig up a
certain amount of money in a limited
length of time. Socome early and
listen to our army of good nil turpi,
clerks tell yuu the story of their lives
and how we turn over the cash each
day to the bank'.
N.B. Each day we are putting on a
Come and see what it is.
HILL   6c   CO.
Harvey, MoCarter ft Maodontld
CRANBROOK.    •    B.O.
Solicitor. Etc.
Granbrook *   • British Columbia
Crunbrook, H.C.
G. H. Thompson
*77***   NIITAIIV I'Ullt.lO
Cranbrook, ll.C.
T II 0 M A S
.       a*       C
Port Steele B.C.
Physician nnd surgeon
Horns:   a tu 11 u.in.  *; 111 4 p.m.
7 to H p.m.
I'linin- Offloo 106    Ilcniiloiioc lull
F. O. E.
w Meet every Wtibinmluy
9 ul 8.110 |i.in. Ill 1I.I..I''. Hull
9     I Visiting   r.i'iitlii'is Cordially   liiviuxl
"f Chas. Smith, W. Prealdent
M. I). Hu.I.IS,is. Soil)-.
Dr.  iiiilin. Acru- I'hysioimi,  l\ O.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter
A       rS NO.  126.   II. A. M.
9      j      Regular meetln^m—■ 2nd Tues-
A       :*•  iluy  in  ouch   month   at eight
A        :■   11'1'liii'k.
A     1 *S     Sojourning  Companions   are
aa      >  cordially Invited.
*      '1 Wm. V. Tatk, Scribe E.
11  the Crnnbrooli districl   now
trictions,   or   privilogos   thnnlthiil  Cruiihrook's  H lub has
gol down to Ininl work."
Tlie man Ihal grumbles 111 cnld
weather and Ihen al lie heal
likes only io gruiublo.
■^^•^-^•t^*Z7*^*7z9 \£7*7?-<z7-t7*£7*£7*£7^}
thev have ul the 'iroseiil time.
The   cniii|iauy   .'ililiuiinces    llllll
the poinl they mc trying lo nr-
I'ivoilt,is lluit il isreiilly necessary
in the public. illlOI'CSl, to increase
iim service, gi\ lug ehoiipor
lights, ami providing electric
power during daytime. This
can only be accomplished bj
utilizing the wiiter of the St.
Mary's river.and tltooxpotulit.ilre
III'   lllll   less   iban   $iitl,0i>ll.      To
raise ibis large sum. it is   n H
sni'v iu assure the promoters tlml
the compuny will bo permitted
by the city to continue business
un lln- same lines Ihal are now
grunted lo tlie compuny,
The expenditure ni sr.n.  by
the Electric Liighl Co. mid the
furnishing of power and liglil
day uud night  will  be of grout
public   iuteresl.    il    will   lie    llle
menus of establishing 11 numbor
of industries, using power, in
uur city. The matter should in
freely discuss,',1 pro and con hy
the rate fiayers of Crunbrook.
Spring hus come, plowing has
commenced, larks ami robins
have arrived, ducks and geese
an* liying northward, and the
most beautiful weather prevails
iu the Cranbrook district
Cobwebs are never seen in ihe
store thul advertise,
Some one remarked 1 he other
day.    "Look  oul  for the  boom
Municipality of City of (.'ranbrook.
Notice Ilia  ii'i-ebj iflvun IiiiiI "ii Monday, Mnruli Imli.luO". thai tin- Cimi-i nl
Uerlalon  Ini   tlm  Miinlcipiillty nl tho
Cilj nl CranliriHih II   C.   .inl   In-  lu-lil
in ihi- Coiinull 1 im ri 1111 lhn   nl,,,- " I
ilniu »i K1.30 » in.   I «-it. 1 ilim-   fiir thi' I
put' I i-rivi-nni!  ii-aiiaaini'iii 11.ll
ul il„* City nl I'i'iiiiliriiiili     I'hiiaii miik J
Inifi'iiitiplidnniaBidii-ii u mai-aainmita
are I'l-qiih-cil Hi huw limb [ircitml Iii
il„- lunula ol llm i'i) C'lfi-h l,m ilayi
prcvliuiH 111 thi' liml -iim,:' "I lliu Conn
ul ItevlMlon.
Dnted ui Uriiiihi'iiiik Ihln IMh  iliij   "i
l-'obniar)  IHO"
* a, M. Ilnhl-l-ta
7 f. SI. I
Tultc ii-u ilim ,1 -1 inl iiioutli'ij, ,,1
t|„,    l.lcuni'i,   l-iuiiiidimiiiiici-ii   liir   the
('■•1111I11 1,   I.i,',-    DUli-li-l   "ill   hu
hul il,,- liuh  ilil.,  ,,'   Miii'i-h  A.M.,
liiiiT, ;,!  Hu, r -I   llniiiiii 1 I'liiibriink,
V,.i-.. 1 ,,-i,l,'i' ii,,-  applli'iiiltiii  ul
.Initios Nell fur 1111 liiitul lli-i-iii-e fur the
Willl-1.111 u Hotel ul Willtslilliv, H.C
I''. II. Mcii'i'lii.
III Chiel l.i,','i  I11-1 tin
Tiilm N-iuli'u thul aixty tlnys iiftur iluu.- i In
luml lu upiily i" Uie Clllul Coininlaaliinei- „l
LiiiiiIh mul Wui-kaul  Vk-lorhi [or puTinlsslou
til IIUTl'llUa,' tl„! tllllllWlllll  ,L,-s,-ril„ ,1   liiiula   in
nt 11 |,usl plnnti'il 111 llm soul
.,,, IV.Ill IJrolip I. K 11,1 y 111
irlti IWL-Iily , liiiin.   Hi,-in-	
How to Build Up Your
Emulsion of
Cod Liver Oil
Will Do It
afc.^fcMrMfc-flfc.fflj'-Hfejttfe jfr-HfeklL kk\\*   \-ij % tfrltt \% % % % % % <%*% a% aW* ' ANultN I  UnUtn j.* r Untdl tnd
.»^..^r\   aWi  .*J*t   *W\,^^f\ .•*J\^,**7\,a**7\a*sJ\   i»*R  *W\        ~*Wil^kKj*^J*0%:'^i*ll^l\t^*\:^fK  *^t*\..**n,\]s**Xii^t\,^K.*W4,
**-^ a I 3P W
W '< I*                                                                                        m
ii.  i 9     m jt . w—^ Jf I Vlxtting   I thorn   cordially   invited
wm Kootetiay Range i        on*. a.moCowan;
39 a/ *****   -       rA\ s,-,-i-eiui-v. T. MARSHALL
Gourt Granbrook 8943
And  Your   Cooking
Troubles will Cease
I rnTMORt BROS. i™*«?Biow**?wor" 9
\m s
W m m A sA \A A Ai ^1^ 1^ IMi ^     M 8fe*M m 3fr*tt M As Sfe-JSfi A As am
^rrTK^tj\.^\.rjt,^i\ iatn\^\.n\r*..n\,^^. n\^t.M\^tM\r*t,n\ ^tm\m%0n,^t***
W^a      -Amtt-m      *Amt ft
C. E. REID & CO.,
iPhone  7-4
i Gaioaru Game Go.
hone 7 4        The Druggists.W;{
Fresh and Salted Moats
Fish and Poultry in Season
I Tailor % Importer of
*      Fine Woolens.
i Ci'itiibrook, ll.C.  Armstrong Ave
Stt-aui  lliiilei-s uml l-'iii'iiiiee Work a
I Specialty.
0 Cost and Stock Estimates
J Furnished Upon Applies*
4 Oriloi-s ii.v nuiii will I'l'cciii, prompl uml oitroful attention   '
„ otlice i     N    '      IttN k-   1 >i v i-i..ti
l.'lllllliliul i 'tie lie   Itltiltviiy.
,• i .,...,        ..  tu   :    -     Sliii','1    IStl
li,,; ',.■ in "' linn, nml
.,.. i     .'.....     ■      Irli-k bull,
■ i
Order by Phone 4-5
General Merchandise and Groceries
'i'l'll"  IitII li,-,' llilny iluys l  llili'lul
iiipiily lu Uui L'hlol t'onimUilonor nl [.inula
nl Worka Inr i, a|,oiinl llraira in nil uml
,i\ uwuy llmlior from llm rulloivhiK iluat-i-lhott
n,i lu Soiillleual h'ooltmuy:
Employment Agents
lll-illll III 11 |„,al   i'llllllt-il   ,,11   Ilir   HI-HI
Ilk rlt'i'i' iiIiiiiit 1 mill' ubu.u llmuiil
1,,'M,,' in-.i  in I'liiiiiia. ii,,-,,,-,, north
I I,, llll- liillilt „l Klk I' I vol*. Illi-lu-i- I,,I],nihil.' sniil
i,nilk ilowii sin-inn I,, iiiui I n<,I, nt
iiii got Pifty to Ono Hundred Men  by  npplying  tn    um-.iiiii. uui.
lhis c puny.    HOP YUEN Agenl '•■'•'■ |,:"NI""*
uu      Phono till
'j','1  Centrally Located
ii',,ii,m r.)
s..    ■ ,      -t-t'til
Sis  Sllll     \...    '  "J   III Kl .   II,   lllillaeill
■I .-:.','
-    - j   iiiilliiiu in i   trii>>' ii ni
<    .   In',   k    ■ , . idea ■ i-u . llll   .„, - Mill   mi
N'l-ii l-*u ir Stn.ll Knirlni- Hiiu-i*. ' uli-
New   K      Slilll   i.ii.-iii,'   Iliun
K  il" -■ 1""  '. in',   Sirntl
Men   1 Iriell   -'.il inn, Sll'iltlu'lltl
1 'lllll -   .ii.      -   • '   ' ' h: "N-.   Ill
|in-;ll- mil     he  ,1 J.t Hi" Illli,-,-
AwIkIiiiiI  ' Iih-I   I'ti'-'i' r,  H Innliii-ii
|livi-i,Hi   KllifilllW, '.ll'.-iirj    1,11,1     Ill-ni
ih iii Mm, er i I'liulii-iink.
*l',.ii,i,i- nni) I," fm ,.n iir ■ t llu
,1 ■ I, liiij.--
T 'llUlllilll)- reael-llla   lhe   l-llihl   1" UtldCr     INCW     M tl IHI j^C 111 C" II t .|,"']'„, „    |   |  T|„„. T. 5|,.V|   ,.'„.,
•l-jecl uu.  III- llll Tl'lllli-rr. -I i ■ ,',i I III,'III,' N,,. UIIIIH Ulilll ■ III ill
, -., When vmi   W'llll    M    emu I   m, r.,u  l-.M.e. No. Iinliil iiiiiI Kilwnnl A
liuirters fm  ii ;;    tt **        „ ,„,,, , .s ,.,.,., „, Nll „.„„,
»    plnei:   In  slop   enine tn the,  ,„,   sKIV  llliy„ ,,„„ „. ,„.,	
l!      \lii,,H,.1,, Iniilinly lo llm Hlllhill II ilui Mr u cnl
I 111 IMilll   I'.IIJJ 1! I'.   I   illL'lll') ■
I ell.   llllll,   I'lll. '.I
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.G.
J. M. DERR   "'.
Tonsorial Parlor I
l',,si tiitic,' iiddrnss Qitong Yuen Co. Rn.x -71.
Criinbrook, H.C.
, cullI'lca l'l: III- IMI'UIIVKMKN'I'H.
Electric Lights notice.
Vietoriu    uml   .luiiilee    Minerul
I 'l.'lillls.
itiiiiiii, iii iiii< i'-i„i .Million iii,Lim, 01 r'.n'.i
t       Foi u Cool mill Cli.'iui Shove
I Or n Perfect Hair Out
| A Hot or Cold Buth
|':" '"WalterB. Laing hWXI'ni.I
i    liuh.-i-sii i, i 'rnnlmmk, ll.C.    :
All Worli (liiiiriinleed
New Worli Mude In Measure
Armstrong Ave.   gjjflRlfl HlM
Manitoba Hotel
w ,„',,■ iiii'jiii'ii    , ,„ smell si,i" ,,i si Mm
iii'ih,'i- Intiirniiithin ,-:iu  h" "I,
ir      Ill,'      I'e     lie'I
men .nul "lil Iiiiiii*
Mrs   Hklnn teacher ok the
ihis.  nibiuu pianoforte
Speeiui attention to touch,
lcilinii|iie,   phi'iisiuif   and
gl'tldliiff id' studios.
I',,r purlieuliii'.'j upiilv In C. I'I. Ileiil It
tin., 'I'hi! lli-iin'itl»lH.
City Scavenger
Parlies   having   buck yards,
and closets to clean,  and refuse
matter tn be taken away, should
leave orders with mo.
I ,onvo nrilei's ui. tho ('Ity Clqi-kn office
nr ill'iip n |HisUil enril in Mux 105,
Carpenter % Bulkier
it-   Maniloliii
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth I-,-,"" '''':''''''a,r-rs\;urrn>. >.,,,,, | Office and Workshop  Lewis St
:- ii eriuvn liunil ol ninth ul
llllllll-l   lull Ill-,-llllll   IK'I
ill   lll'llllll.   Illllll-I
 llili'l , 1,,1,'Ui,'laau-
lli'iili-ol ItlipmvuinolilM,
Cniill   Willi,   ill
Rensnniihle Prlco
I'AKK NOTICE   lhat   thirty   ilaj-n
n't hue I inl, nil io apply tu tha Clliief *'
'■' lliissiiiuei'iif I .uiul*- mul Win-kit  fur-
pi'i-iiiisaiuu  In  eul   uiiil   eiii'i-y   ftway .
liiuhiii- from ihu liillowin-r doHuriued
IiidiIh iu -Soulh Kiwi KiHitiitmy:
i 'lunuieiieiiii! ut tt punt phtuteil at the
North-went curlier ol I'm Kully'ii pre-
einpiiiui uu l-'iini- Mile Oreok, tln-ime
uni'ili I mih', theuee went I mile, thiiiu'e
suuth I mih'. tlienee ei ,t I in I le to pliice
ill I 'iilllllU'lieiimi-llt.
Iliili'il .liuiiuiry llllll, 190".
I A. II. I-'euiviek. TllK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, li ('., MAUI II
*************9 ***•
■9 *****9****************
11 -
< i
• Qthe gfcwpector.
• >
The Prospector.
I j    Knighl errant  of   n   century
MANUFACTURERS and BREWERS of RXTRA PINK    * tbal knows no romunce,tho pros
mMM*.      .«     i-»rf~v nrpi-i r» ? pector hits the lone trail for tbe
Buttled beer for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
than the unknown shoe reduced' notice.
from u price originally put upon    'N'oti™u '""^7}'", """ }'****•«■<*<'
,       '      , , <■ ■ Hyde Baker will, SO ,1m- uftm   in'.
it  by  the dealer.     the Slater Bpl,ly ,„ ,,,„ chte|  ,■,„',„„,„■„.„., ,„
Shoe Company makes lhe shoe,   Land* and Works tor a special lli-euue
and makes the price, loo. to cut tlmbei-on the FoliouiiiK pairelj
Reid & Co., Cranbrook, B.C
of land North of Kimberley,
Kant Kootguaj. via:
Nn. I. Commencing ai »post planted
ahutit 33 i'liiiins Nortb am) three ehains
East of the North-eat*! ror ner of Lot
Thenoe West -to ohalns: North 40
ehaina; Weat 40 chains; North 40 uhaina;
Kust 41) i'liuins; Nortli 40 chains: East
40 ohains and South ISO chains to place
I'. O. BOX 812
\     I
The man who went mil lu
milk iiiiii sui down uii ti boulder
I iu.ll uncut. Kiiziirlcss, he per* | in the middle of the pasture and
force must grow n beard. Per- waited for the cow to backup,
scented by the ubiquitous mos* was a brother to ihe man who
qulto, suffering till the ills of ex* kept 11 stnre und wouldn't udver-
posure uud privation, he eats bis tise because he reasoned thut the ol be-jlnnlni
dough buys, smokes his Iwist uud j purchasing public would back up Notice i« hereby given thai Valentine
is content. Impelled by un I to his place of business, when It Hyde Baker will, 30 days Irom ila'.e,
urgent faith,  he perserves and wanted something. | apply to the Chief Commlmlonor  ol
falls und is forgotten,  or,   be 	
: linds and is famous.
Unsuccessful,   be is   spurned
und   lluilleil.     SliaceSStul,   be   is
fawned upon,  Nattered  and  noi Cninmlwlonerof LanuYanil Worka ail"1""11 :Mehaina .North mnt iin chain
Infrequently spoiled w.-ue-Us. n.c, ror |,oi-mi,«ilon to nu ; Easl ofthe Nui-lli Kiwi  ner ol
, ,     n i   ,    i ,1 ■.   , •    .    ,   ami eai-i-v iiivm tiiiiln-r fr tho follow. "••*"•
\ badly regu ated Hill's  is nul ,   ■ ,.   ,•      , ,.,.,.     'n,..,,,.., v ,„i, j,    ,   u  ,   ,..
    ileaeriliei      tuu-    III    Sun h      ' :isl '      Ihenee   .Nui'tli   til  elullll-:    haul     111
Marysville, B ('.
The Lending Hotel of the St.
Mary's \ alley. Nice airy rooms
newly furnished, Table ;i-
good a-, tiny in Kootenav,
Lands and Works for a upevlnl licence
to cut timber on the following pnreel
uf land North ol Ktmberley, iu smith  -
Take in,  thai thirty days idler I ****. Kootenay, via, j^v^^s§^S§§lss§.3ix5
late wc Intend to apply to the chief |    No, 2,   C( nenclng ut a |h»I plantod
*   GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   9
9 9
;;   Fort   Steele  Brewing Co.. Ltd.
9*9***************999* ***********99*********
._      , iiniisinil concomitant nt tl"'  Hrsl
9************* ;******.**.****,""^"i •'"'lli"v" "'*   Fat lllis
A 9 I''"' ""'' specific is tt return In tlie  North Ktisl corner nl l.ol IH2II, I'linniii--
S JUST    OPENED *>"*'' |South UlO elmlns, Kasl, forty chains,
CoimnenoliiKal upas, plantedat iiu
Ilns Buyers
for every
class of Real Estate and Farm properties
Employment  Office—Call at once
and vou will j^cl a job.
Bnket* hi.   City Transfer Co's. Office   Cranbrook.B.G.
w i,   ,    i       . ,i ,   ., i Nul'lli IliU ,'hllllls ami tvi-at lort'V ehiiina
•       Hut, levilv iipui't. his  eniiiiti-y ' •    .
■7\\.,\ * i to place ui ,',,niiiieneenui[it containing
9 , owes to lhe fearless,tireless pros-; „40 ,tl.,.,,s „„„.,, 01, ^.^
ft peotor    tl    surprising   debt    of     Crow's Nest I'uss Lumber Company,
9 gratitude,   Were it noi   for his Ltd.
perfervid enthusiasm, Canada
would not now be reaping the
rich harvest of Cobalt, nor would
she be lahing her place among
\mf\m1   mn* W W  W   W  \it   W )t_f  \k*f )_* )_%* *\ \'_*_t \_t   WWWiyVWWWWWWW
ft*J*p9ftftft.4ft*.4:47*: ;4;:y>ft^*p9.ft-:.*ft>*ftp97ft
l B. H. SHORT & CO,"
j? The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc.
9  OF  9
Remember we carry the only stock of 11107
papers in Cranbrook.
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds of Painting and Decorating
attended to promptly.
Take Noiifi; iiiiii sixty days uftor iliito I iti-
teml to apply to the Chief Commisslonor ot
I-.bi.iIs nml Works nt Victoria H ('. for permlh-
tHoo topumbasu tlio following; tl.scrlbe.! lumls
I4*, South Kusi Kooteuay:
' Commendhk nt n post on tlm foiuIigtii bouti*
Safyof Lot 31W Ci.dtio nortli of the northeast
-jurnerof Lot HOtn u: thoneo wvsi su uimtn^
' more or less taking in tho fraction: tlieneo
nouth iDi-hnins: tlience east 80 chains! tlieneo
uprth -ID ehains to tho point of uommonecmont,
exeeptitiR therefrom Homtioli us may bo In tho
liouiulurliH* of Ltittlttil aforoBiitd. in short tho
\ftinl> formerly covered under pre emptlon roe-
oftl 5TjS ni|U|,iiiiiiim -iim a^l'CH mure.or Iohh.
■ Datt'il at porl   sii'vlc  tins -Jitii   day   id
•J'Uiniii'Vy   \W7.
\    i     - Ktlnimiil Joseph Walsh.
r. JoHopli Walsh, Aneni-
Qotynist Rates
and North
Pacific Coast
All Points Ontario,
I Quebec, Mar.iiime
Provinces, St. Paul,
Chicago, and
United States
i  On Salo Daily
iTIJl UOth April
fc Send For Your Friends while
tlie rates are low, Pull par*
jticulars on applioation lo
[local annuls or write
n. Ilillii'i', Agenl lYiuil'i li.
t .1. Cdylo, A'.n.l' A.. Viiiii'oiivo
S. S. CAHTK.lt. ll.l'.A., NoImiii
the worlil.
9 the greal mineral producers of
\V. ,1, Miiiilyiiiui'i'y. Ayelil.
Iiuleil Kulii'iiiiry Uth, 11107. U
Nulii'i- Is hoi'eliy itlvon that I  tulenil
to upply tii the Chlof Commlnilunor uf
!.amis ami   Works ul   Vlotoi'lu for n
Notloo in herebyglvunthat VukMiiliw v|/,n      .    ,,     . _      .                                                               «
■•■I.* num.,' win, thirty days (roiuiiat,, rKBliests I'Om'oti a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection 3
■"l.v in tin- Chief CoiiiralsHl r  nl lit) *
ilin and Worka for a api-rial IIoimiit W,
Laws are made with  an eye spoolal lloonso i i uml oui'i'y uwuy
single In the glory of greatly
corporations; lobbies are vocal
with tlio clamoi'iugs of special
interests       The   broker,     tin-
tinilior from tho fnllowln-f iloBiti'llioil
lumls in Simili Kust Kootonay:
I'liiiiniiiiii-inii' ut it post plBiili-il in tin-
uontheiist ouriior ul A. D. Maodonuld
TimlH'i' Cuiiiii nn TiniiiL'l Cl'oek almiil
banker, the miner and the opoi''' foni'inllosBoiitliof Jlon-lsseythoncewost
ator howl to the legislative moon soohalns, thonoo south 8llolmlus,thonoo
when all things dn not  lit   their |™at 80 nhulns, thoni'o north 81) ohulns
til  pllll'l' 1,1  CUIllllU'lll'l'llU'lll.    H.
t ancies,
Ilui the prospector, unprotecti
I'd, uncaring mayhap, is silent.
He cannot organize, ho does not
strike. He dies strange deaths
in lone lands.    Hymned by no
bard, unsung of poets, the pros- Oiii-i   <'," -inn,
pector is girding up his loins
against another season of peril
and Hup junks. Vie wisli him
Godspeed! Prosperity be with
him!   Prosit!- -Exchange.
l.iii'iiii'il tlio Mih iluy nf Ki'lii'uui'.v mnT.
7      William Rutos. Mon-lssey, H.C,
How a Man Manages His Private
Affairs, So Will He Prosper.
ohalnti North 80uliulns: Kasl lOnhnli
Smiih ISO ohalns and Wesl siii'liuiii-
plui'ii ofheginnlng
Lumls nmi worku for a s(i
toi*iii tlmbei' un the rotlowln-f iiarunl
of land North of Klmfierley, in Suiilli
Kusi linnteiiay, i'i/:
CoiunienotiiK wlioro a posl  lius 1 n
planled ahout ten ohalns North of the
Suulli Went I'ornoi'of Ambrose Stable's
timher Ituonno: thenoe uu chalna
Nurlli: llii'iii'i'8n i-liuins Kusi: theuoo
110 i'liuins North:  thenoe 102   ehallis
Wost: thonoo I4U ohulns South: theuoo
linins Kust tu  plain nl  lit'iiiiiiiinii.
briny u fractional olalm,
suiknil by Charles M. Kdwanls
l-i Ifith. Man-li. II1U7
Tako iiiiiii'.' iimi thirty iluys uftor
Hi,-,ini, hereof I lntoml toappiy to tho
Ohiof Ctimmissinnrr of Lands uml
Works ul Victoria, !!.('.. fur u spoolul
ltoonse In Itiki' unil curry uwuy tlmlici'
fi'iiin llin fiiilowinii described lumls situute in Kusi Kootonuy:
Cntiiiiu'iu'iiiy in n pnst nn ilir snuili
siiii- of Tunnel Creek marked .lutm-a \\*
Murphy's uorth oust cornor, llioiinc
ivosl 10i'liuins in Mur.v Murphy's ninth
east corner, thonco south 120 chains,
fl HOTEL *6
Ni'iin si :,
i railri
ml ilnpiil.
1 li- aii'iiin
nr     111
■    public
tl Cold liitths Proprietors^
l.m^^n.^-*-*-*. .*..9~*a.9.,*
Notice is hui'oby gtvon ilmt  sixty
luys nfter tltitc I lntoml to apply to tho
ui   Lumls uud
Works ror pcrinlsslon to purchuse tlml „„.,„,,. ,,lsl'4o,'ln,ins. ii,,.|ic,"."m,rtli"iai;
rollnwlim ilnsi'i'ib, mils In South Kust   ,.,,uitls ,„ ,,,„,„ ,)f ,,„„„„, „„,„ „*.
We Want You
i our slur,- iiiiiI
■ sell tho besl o
I'liiiniU'iii'iny ut ti pnst pluuta'il nil tilt*
Kust limit of tlm lliu'ht nf Wuy of tlie
Vnhk Bviinoh of tlio C.P.R. and on tin.
Suulli boundary of l:,ro*emptlon record
No. 1U47. Thenoe oust fourtoon chains
(14.011) morn or less to the wesl bunk nf
the Moyie river, thenco southerly alnnu;
the Moyio rlvor down stream tn whore
llll! Hllill  I'iviT illtt'l'Sl'I'IS till'    Sllili    t.'llst-
ni'ly limit, nf the Vuhk briitioh of the
CP.lt. Thence northorly aliinij' the
suid I Iiiiiii of Wuy soventy three chuius
(711.00) more or less tn the placo ol lie-
M. Provetiziino
II II. II. McVittie, Aifent
Tuke niitloo t Intend to apply to ihe
Chief Ciiminissimiai' nf 1.anils unil
Works ul Victoria for a special license
to mn uun mi' ry uway tlmbor from thu
Inllinvinii described liinils simuln in
Suulli Kust Kootenay dlstrlot B.C.
A Commencing at a post planted un
the Northern boundary nl Lot ,132 at
the    nuiii   Kusi   corner of  Lot 3010
Hi,ni,', s. 1211 chains, thonco norlh so
i'liuins, thonee west 4U chuins, thenee
smiih 10 ehulns, thenee west HO eliuins.
llii'iii'i' suulli 40 chuins to pluee of be.
Iiui.'il February Ial, 11107,
A. it. Fonwlck, Locator
It Comnienciny: ut a {inst planted at
the northwest cornor of Lleenso A on
tho eusl bininilui'v ol l.nl  3040,   nee
north so chuins, thoneo nasi so i'liuins. j Slater stamped price is cheaper
llli'lli'i' sillllll Sll i'liuins, llii'iic , IV.'sl   Sll i 	
The most abused word in the
English language is the word
' 'bargain.'' Very often i he word
is used in tlie shoe trade to fret
rid ot shoes in which the virtue I Duted this 31st dny of Ootobor, 190(1,
bus pone out of tlm leather.    Not " notice.
long since a lot of shoes which j Notice is hereby given iluu sixty
luul been through both lire und diiysnftei date I humid to upply to iho
water were sold as "bargains." I1'1'1''1' Comnilsslunnr nf blinds uiul
,,    , •      ,-    i - .        W'orks for permission to purchuse tho
Soak a pair o   shoes m  water, , „ ,'    ,,,,, I. u .,,,.. ,
' I following described land In South Lust
then baUe them in the oven, and
see how the leather breaks lo
Success iu business means
judgenienl in buying. The
failures are caused by bad judgment. Success in life follows
good judgment in not wasting
money. You will see lhat every
successful innn buys boots and
clothing of standard known
value, steering clear of so-called
bargains. The man who buys
a Sliiler shoe knows that he is
getting better value than when
he    buys    cheap    shoes.       The
nluiiiis iu pluco of beginning. CSSUSSSi
I Iiii,',1 Ki'liruut'l 1st, I1IU7 I   *ir ft
ii A. II. Fonwlck, Lociiinr     9 p*\7!\
Commencing ut u post phiului] no the
i-usi bunk nf ihu Moyio Rlvor und on
the south boundary of Pre-emption
Record No. 10+7. Thonco oust twenty
chains (20.00), thence soutli seventy
chuins (70.001 moro or less to a point
luiiiii.y n4o acres or thereabouts.
Dated this 18th dny of Fobruiiry, 1007
x .limit's W. Murphy.    !
i ii come nun our ston
thai WC tU the I
il lie i iint imvil
nl menls
nl' tlm Cranhrook people nr*** doing this
now, nnd are unanimous about the quality
nl mn* meats; but wo want YOU i,, come
in nml sec us
Dominion Meat Co.
Sixty (lays after dutu,   I, Hit* under-1 *'
Higued intend  to upply to tin*  Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at I L CLAPP
Victoria B. C.  for permission to pur-
uliase the following; described lands in
Kast Kootenay.
Commenoing at a post planted on tl><-
Kast lint' of Lot H00I, twenty uhulm.
north of the south-east eornor of ifald
Lot800!, thenee north twenty chains,
thenre east eighty chains, tlieneesouth
twenty chains, tlience west eighty
ehains to placo of commencement,
containing lint acres, mere or less.
Matthew Breckenrldge.
David Hrcekenridge, Agent.
12 February 27th, 100".
!■•••♦ •••■•"9-*~*~*»9~*~9'-*.,9-+:**9 *a***ri%
worm note
Baker Slrccl,      Cranbrook, B.C
Lighted   By   Electricity       l
Heated By Hot Air    -      III
Take notice that sixty days aftor
date I,the undersigned intend toapply
to the (,'hiuf Commissioner of Lands
and Works Ht Victoria, ll. C. for permission to purchase the following described lands in Kast Kootenay,
Commenoing at a posl planted at tin
north east  eorner of Lot    No.   (1201.
due east of M. Pro ven zn no's southwest thenee east Tii chains, more or less, to
eorner post. Thenee west to the Moyie j the south east eorner of Lot No. 14,
Rlvor. Thence nortlierly up stream to thenee south eight chains, more or less
the pluee of boglnnlng. ! to the north boundary uf Lot No. 04!18,
K. Menedetti ! ihenee   west    thirty-one   ehaius   and
11 H. II. McVittie, Ayent      twenty links to the nortli   west eorner
Dated this Illst day of October. lUtlli.   : of Lot No. (M38, theueo south   nineteen
chains and forty six linksto the  north
Comfortable Bedrooms
First (Mass Dining Room
Kimberley,   B. C.
, west corner of Lot  No. 114114,  them*
>m.   III III ill illy   ilrM'l'lllril   lumls   sltiuil,'    lll[u,.I.t,s<
3 Snnllii'iw Kniili'iiiiy:
S|     l.'lllllllli'lli'ill^ ill ll |Hlat |,Ulllll'll livciily
, „ III,-,,l,l MnilUOl.il llii.'lirl s
iiii null- Uo riillini in tlio
i-'li'si Cluss Wiii'k in nil branch
ol till)
Tonsorial Art
To Whom It May Concern.
I.ii-.'i  No. I
I lll'l'l'llj   nil,' nuli,',' llllll   I  IlllUIIll    In
npply in tin' riiii-l CoiiuuIsbIoiioi' nl
I .iiinU a Wnrksiil Vii'lnriii fiil'iupuulal
lli'iint'u In iiiii unil curry away limber
In,in tin' (nlli.wmi: Mi's,irllii'tl luml in ;
in Smiih Musi Kniili'iiiiy iioiniiionctng j
at a pnsl plunlcil iilinul tlireo-qunrtcra
d a mile easterly from the Smith-tnisl
eornor ol .1. T. Tipper's pro-oniptlon
ami about nut* anil one quurter miles
east nl tin' Spokane Inlernatt'onal Hall
way, tlience south no i'liuins. thenee Notice Is hereby given to the owner
east 80 ohalns, thonee north 80 chains. 01 owners of the liorsos anil cattle de
thi'tU'c west Hll i'liuins to place of com- i sirilu.il herein, thai the stunk mention-
niL'iii'i'iiii'iit. i i-il in this notice have straveil upon mnl
James A, Harvey | now aro on the premises of tho unilor-
November the Bth, 11100. 8 Uigneil, mul  the owner or owners are
 .    I'l'ipiostcil  within ten Jays   fi i   the
NOTICE. ,'ute of this notice, to romove the sniil
horsoB   uml   nuiii,'   from   tin-    Bah
License Nn. 2. Dretnlsos, after iiaylni! the tinilers
I hereby give notlco thai  I Intond  t.he oxpotiBos Ineiu-i'oil by thom i
Take notice that thirty days after I west   forty-one   chains   to   H asl
iluli' wo Intend to apply In lhn t'hief j boundary of Timber licence No. 820:1,
Commissioner or Lands and Works at thenoe north twenty-seven chains ami
Victoria, ll.C, for a spoolal lleonco to forty-glx links to the placo of commence
•ut uml carry away timber rrom the ment, containing one hundred and ten
'lowing described iiiiuls  sileutc   in I acres, more or less,
Arthur Heln.
David Breckenrldge, Agent,
chains cast of tho northwest cornor of y. Dated t'ehruary 2"th, 1907.
Lot 11401, thoneo mist  oiglity  chains,
thenco   north eighty  ohalns,   thoneo     Notice tO Contractors
ivest eighty nliuius. ihi'tini' suulli oiglity 	
ohalnB to point ol commencement. Sonloil lomlore aupersorllioil   "Toiulor   lor
linti'il March nth, 1007, ™" donolbasomontol Public hull •».'*
... ,       ,      ,. lllll liorooolvoilliy llio unilorslBilod up lo lout
( rowsNesi I'uss Lumber ( „iiipui..v. ,,„,,„.„ |M1, n0)6„a'uu >-.the nun
Limited. dny ol Mnroli, n>u:. Inr tlio coiilhiiiaiinn uml
II Nd. liVagan, Agont     compioilon ot tlio bus ut work of ilio.lnliii
 ' llovorninont ami Monlclpiil liuliuiiiiis  rIuiiiih
NOTICE. i „n Iliniii "U" In iiif Cil) nl i'riiiil,n„,li.    All
T„ Joseph I'. Snhii.unk. and to unv ' **********"'' »llvlirei1 »> ""'"""'"'" " '»
'           ,                    ,            ■ 1'1,'fk. Cmnlirooli, Hi',
party nr parties in wi  he iiiu.i i   u|l|0H .I,1,,„i„,,v, ,„,i,,„,. »,„i „„ „,. „,
fransfei'i'i'd his iuteresl  in   lln' | (nniini- umv t.t. s nt llio oitlco nl Um Oovoni-
" Black tlorso" "Besslinor" "Masuba"  inotil Aboiii  ami at  llie ntiiuii ol Uie
"Iron" uiul ''Crook" Mineral Claims
situate on Ma Ha Crook Kasl nf  Baker
Mountain In the Port Steele Minion
Division ol Kast Kootonay District, in
llm Province of llritish ('nl bin:
9   H, W. DREW. Proprietor.
TAKK NOTICK thnt you aru haruliy
fei'iiireil wil Ilill ninety  ila,\*9   fl'iini    thl!
lirsi |nililiriiiiiiii of this notiee lo |>;iy In
1; tin luralKiiml tie-sum of #300.00 (he
„,,! [niniiuiit, expi'ieleil hy  Iiiii  youi' in-
;l,l.  taruHl   in   sniil eluinis for HflHOSHiuenl
tn npply tn tha Chlof < 'ommliMlniioi* of ] verilninir »"'l in food ing tho mild Htoek:  wni
l-iiinls.v Works ai Vlotorln fonihpeeial i fulling which the undoraignod will ileal
Meeuee In nil mnl  eni'iy  nwny  tilliiior wltll Uio mild atooK aucoi'illng to Inw:
rrom tho following dworlbud  land  In I eolt. enlnr bay. 2 hind fool whito.
Simili (Cast Kootoi.uy, commencing al u l cow, color black and while, tmtml
pusi plnnleil 20 chalna eaal of-tho Nortli ud "()" on each hip,
wva\ eornor nf .lu - A. Marvey llcunao I stoor, color dark buy, aboul   thi	
No. I, thonco north HO obalna,  thoi  ynara old, no brand.
eaat SO ehains, thonco aouth ho chalna Dated thla Sth day ol February, A.M..  n| j(
llience wesi so ehains to thu  place nf 1007.                                                             1000.
Com iiiui moot. --lit1 1 Tha Uobtnaon-MoKon/.i'o      Dated ihi
.lnnum A.  Harvey. I,umber Co., Ltd,               11), nuiii.
November oth, 10OU,                           s 0                                 Crunbrook, li.C. '    ■r''>
I'. K Hi.
iil.nink. li.C.
Kuril propoHiil mum l«i Hi'i-ompnulpil hy en
cirUtmnuoptoil lianli olioipie ar ciTllllt'iilu
ili-jtosit un u ,'liiii'ti'ii'il lum*  <H  l'lunula, mn
piiyulilu in iln- uiuterslgiH'il  In  tliu mini
IIOU.D0, whh'li will Ue Im[t-il.'il II Llm pll
I toiulorliiit flvclltiuM tooiiier hitocoiiiiwl wl
(Hilluil iiiinn to ilo s«>    Tho cimli.clioi|ie*ii
iiillillnitt' nl OupllHlL ot iiliMiri'i"-sllll   IrlliliT
will iHM'Utimioil tn iii.'in ui tlio cxunitlmi
llll'rollltlt.'l.     'I'll.- Mli'l't ssllll Iftl.l.-KT  will
ti'iililvnl  Ki funilMl  ii  I "iin I. lilniM'K nml I
nu rut Ion iii ihi' Hum ui ti.iMHUiiii-ii-ii.fin Dm ,
luiiiiiiimni ol lliu win-it coiiiriKiicil roi ioi
Hltlcllll-tlnti ol UK' Al'i'lllhl'l Ul   rllilli-,'       l'l
ON i:\Kl.i; ST., OXE inilii! WEST OP
IIII.I.  ,v   rn.     'I'I iiy iiiui',' iii town
.   iimi i'lm imiko Iif,- iviiith the llvlinr.
^osmonolitan Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Gto. R. Leask & Co
llllll Milium! Sllili |lll,VIIH'llt l,l(!l'lll,'l ivill
llll ,',,~l> ,,l iiiln'rli-iliir. is Illllli wllllll
till, li lllllil i, alllli'il. ymll' Illtlll'llHl   il
llu- ,-m-i
i,„l  Ml  Lllll
i ii<
. in.
Tun,1,'I-H will i„.|',',|i,i,,	
,'„i,i|,l,'ll,„i„ill„',,,,il' i,„
llllllll' nil |„'l,'t'litiii.','
Totlllcm 1,111 Ilni I l-.il
tti,I ,'liiiim.alinll lil|isi'tn tin' lillili-sliiiii'il   „„, on Ml(. hl|.IIIS „u|ll(|i(.,i,,
iii .ii'i'iniiit nl hiiIiI i'N|ii-iniiiiii'i'. ; iii-iiiiiisii{ii,nii i ti„- imnl
Thia imliiT is "i'','li iniili'l' Si'i'llini   I     AM ii'iiil.'ia  si Iiii mii
l\ iiiii I   A.l. I""" r lliu proiio-iD. ml
Minimi  Ai'
ti yi
lll'l'l'lllll,!'.  A.
'I'lll' III
l'l.HIS.   S|ll'l lln ■■limn-
iimi listiiniiltis
M   11,,1,,'ils
I 'In l'l
rii,i,i„,„,li ii
All   kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand. THK I'UOSPECTOU   CUANUUUOJ*.   U.C., MARCH £1
9**99********9*99******9* **999999*99999999999999999*9    Why Cough to The Coffin
9 *
I "The Housecleaning Season";
W |> now  on  .mu   with ihe usual fu>s and
worry. In uhlen I n - >e ■ ■ twin-- u-u» luoki-tl forward to with reluel •'. 11 read hul seienee has
* made -ueli "wunderl il iliseovei ies" in ivtvnl \>- u*> ii
'U "Labor and mu Ii . prepapation lhat it is no lun»ei i
9xW dreadei lie ■■-*■'> bul eaMire, Kwrj hou.-ekcc|ier
n hu uvm  -   •;■-  ' "' the ip lu date methods w hieh are
* T R  V
Dr. Scott's Prescription
K ran  *^\      \r i ^
sM^-iaU.: '
r >--
I'li- is Jin,mi,nia in |m'viW [,,111, uml Is iisml (,n-  nil
n.nii.'sii,'|„ii-|,„-,.s.    || is exi'iillmil Inr the luiiliilf.v uml   T
lint ll nn,I will I'Clliuvu nil -nnillj nml .j ivn-\ s,il,.iiiii,',*s   9\     Thej  llllllll'  VVOl'li   Ullll   nrres
•imi i-iii-n«luyoui-klti- itunsols. 9 the mosl stubborn cold.
No. 00 or
Cold Cure Tables
ll "ill um lllltr linn-as fm-us |i,|u|,l % ul
inn,-), i,i,v,'l„
'2 Pound Package iO cunts
u,,„   .. thi. in I ,',■ «=~? .4\>--^'-/iJ » ruuuu raumigi) bw UBnin. $       , -i'.AI I 11'.  lV   A I UUSON
,,   , ..,,..;    \■...       z\stA*2Zt*m.'S^~~sP^$*\J^*K "llobliinoii Magi-.' Washing Coiunuunil" Is u boom 9
,     ,' i,, &5g=ZztTA >1 Ytl     •"»"- ,\v .isiinsi,,',,,!,,,,,,,,,,,',',,!,,,,  2       Where It Pays to Deal.
ir preparations thai   n                 i.urki'i   mi we      L. ^.-Nr——-l   iOw  ■   7    ajTS?          ■!,,■.                ,   .                              . ■**?
...    men,    w oi th,  'llestthtes ^^Q^&fe^H       "'   "      '   ",-.""'"    '""'    '""    "'"   I
m reparation, iiu- ei
and mosl eeonninieal J iii and ifivitM'  reniover   tri ai
',. -i-ii'iii-.'
ijf ike-        •*.,'■■-• oeleai
irk. ■ .i j Miup will not tom
:15 Cent Packages.
In mii Iiii, ,11 to ih.uhi.v,' »••• Iiiivou liunil,,'!',, I i.i Iir
„„l I'louiiers tvhli-h will !„■ Ittunii ,,[ ^t-, ,,i  Hs^lsttiiii'i
Of anything; you
need   In   china   Think Of Us.
\us      We import direct  from   the
Jw.       HtiisliHh potteries.
This Week we received
from Wood and Sons, Burs-
lem, Staffordshire a consignment of Dinner and TV >
et ware.
The prices      well we will quote them hei e
and you can call and see what it is we ofier.
.     ,'■-■"!
■-' **r •■•■■■   ~\
*** -,, .>—?KJ
UK  i.l ll'INi.   I'lll I r STUItK
linn Ami, Sapolio, Gold lhi-at, Pearline, Gilletts Lye, Etc
llll i'i  Dinner Si'i Crown Derby Colors % 85 On
l through tin' liniist at uny time of tin W Miiriiialaili' Season la Hero "ll I'ii',,' liiinui' Sol i Iroon Decorations Gold Edge.. ,| 25.01)
"Dlttinoiiil Husi" lor I'luiiniti,.. siivi-i'mnl nu-wl "   * Oholco Sweat Ornngm40     I":' Ploco Dinner Sot Crown Derby Colors 1(128.00
9 mul .Ml, „„ts |,,.,iin/.. ,„,, | •-,,..-.. Iliun,,,'Si'l I'lllil,, n llllli' (inlil   Edge #20.00
l.i'iimns BOc, per itosou
l"ii    1,'liiiiiui'ii, Spinach, uiul
I ll'lH'll I 'mulls
Sll  U   III-   I'llll'   t'lllil ill,111-
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       ftniistroiifl, ftvi;
ljl "THE PALM"!
T   J       CANDY KITCHEN       |;
9 I «
9  *       l.aily  Caramels
9 *
7.   I      Peanut Brittle
102 Piece Dinner Sol Flo I line $ 17.00
102 I'ii'i'i'Hi i-Sel I'iiil; and Gold Edge  # IB 00
12 1'ii'n' Tollol Sol Including Jar In Green, Blue, Pink* 12.00
12 Piece Tollol Sol with .Inr, lu White and Gold #10.00
IU Piece Tollol seisin various colors and decorations,!  8.50
Fancy and Staple GROCERIES and CROCKERY
' !imts.  Siloes, Rubbers, Mitts. Gloves, Hosiery
,*****-Hi*********** {
Salvation flrmy  Barracks       ■■■   ■
I'AT.Mi ,i;k ii,\    .
Sunday Services:
Aflel'luion     -   -    Uu'i'lui'
Kveiiins     ■     •    Su'i'lni'
.\!,','tin-s   hnlil   ,'l*,'l'j   nijilil
u.'rk exi-epl M Itt.l ul 8 |,.n..
^sS^S^^e^sS^g^s^   ®hi» |Tl*CCipcctOV.    *     Ass-
The Quality Store
1 ,
•Al DHDAY, M vllt'll ai. luu:
l'lli INK
Maple Cream
Turkish Nouget
sorted Nuts
J      Salted Peanuts
► ——_______
I   LOCAL NEWS,  i LmmmmmmmmmmJ
Portraiture by Photography
Artistic Picture Framing
AUK Ol i;
Prest Ptioto Go. 1
Time Means Money
'I'Iiiii i.- why \vu insist tlml our repairing depart-
nuiii Is 11 _nml thlnjf foi* ynu. \\V can handle your
i'C|mtr.s. mid do them Hjfht, too. You not only i»ve
time, which Is mimoy lo you, but yon snve money at
iiu- same tlico. Can you botil 11 proposition of thin
kitni'r    Lei n- prove il In you,
|    l)ulit  Ask   lur Poor Goods \\\-  Arc Out    I       Ross Tate wns  nt CranbrooK- . }*r; i,1"'1  MJ'S'   •l**zlf'   Hai'Hs
%\    Monday.
I'''iiu'\   nml Staple Groceries llhe liesl
iinitii imi pochI) "i lur Motto '.
Special  attention  iriven  to our Confe
inni,TV. Fresh I'riiit, Cigars anil Tobticcc
Berl VanDecar lefl on Tlnirs-
wji any for Spokane, Ho will bo
ai]   away for several days.
M      Mr. and Mrs. Boharl of Ward*
^j    ui'i- were Ci'iitilii'iinli visitors this
I   :"""k —
iio W   i    Mr, and Mrs. Vi.  .1,  Cross of
f| r^flMPRFII Ar MANNING Ite'SLaT r"'; c
Gornoratlon ol tlie dim ol
cmrmi & mmwim
m i    Friiiil;  Clupp i'iiiiii, ini   from
s*^ar.*Cs**sT.'j>s^arsYsss.as,.*^,Mj     I  ,.,,., , .      '   • . .1
i»^^==iJ=ii^^5i^Sii<s    > ahlt Monday on  business,  re*
♦ mmfnmmfnHfmmmmmfiwmmmmmmftHH.*:
Am,mi,,n  is ilruwii  In Si'i-liiiii nni        pt
I'.i-I.nw   Nu   li,   lii-iiis    Hi,'    'I'nitli'.'
I.i.'.'lis,- 11,-l.jin:
"Nn |,,'i's,,,i aliiill ii-'. iniii'i im;. i-iin-j
nil ill' I'XUI'I'iHI.',   uilliill lllll I   ill III I'l'llll*
In k, iiii) imili; 'ii|.iiii.,ii. i-i --	
nr Ini-iin— il,-s,'i'i i ui' iniin,',!  in  Uiiu
lly-Uw. ,,i-iil,-s,,'ii,,ii-ili,'i iviiliinil
liuvlnc tiiknii "in nml iriiuiii'il m lilin n
lli-i'iim. in i  Iii'liulf. Inr ;i  |ii'iiiili)
Ini!  il,,' - I  ni" In,mii, ,1 uml llll)
.I,illiil'-   s'.'.Ml .
nn  mnl  nil,'!■ Hi,'  liml  nl \|H'il
iilinve will Im -u-i,-Hi ,'iii,n I.
| turning home Tuesday.
Indian Agent li. L, T. Galbraith of Fori Steele was in town
Monday un olUcittl business.
■'ASHIONABLE TAILORS    | js^Sa^ilfsE"^
Always Up-to-Date — 2 '-. 	
zs (!.   Harrowor  of   Lethbridge
zS I was in the city .during the early
| left mi Thursday for Wetaskiwaii
where Ihey will reside In the
Joseph Campbell, of Manning
St Campbell was at Ihe St. Eugene hospital ihis week ill with
the grippe.
E. Di'iltilph. manager of the
Marrysville smelter, was iriuis-
acting business nl Cranbroolt
Mr. and Mrs. John Desiell,
who have been visiting friends
in Toronto for the past month,
returned home on Saturday last.
Vi, H. Grant of Nelson nnd R.
C. Manning of Toronto, ,1. I). Z
Gillls of Nelsou, anil .1. M. ♦
Wright of Vancouver were regis- *
it-red nl the Cranbrook Sunday \ft
Hi Granbrook, -      - B.G. 2
'I'Iiih. M. Ilnlii'i'ts,        t:
i'iii cli'i'k.
**Z    I ll'.'lllts   in
Mui'i-li 11. I'.'iri
Vbattoir ,-11111 Cold Storn{!e3
n Uvtrv
Teams and drivers furnish
ml  for any  poinl in the dis
A.  DOYLE.  M.,11 1. ■
ii t-    Live Stock at Calgary. Alberta.
^       Clmii'i' I),muni-,11 Creamery in 56. jS and i.|
Sr lni\,s anil 1 ||i. bricks.
\\V mie good dairv luitlei' in tulis
"■it   (-' llis.  each ,ii  the right price.
l'lli iNK in    3
! P. Burns & Co.!
K   ll. id 0:1: •
Ja-    I.'  jj:     IJ  '.        A    '  '     '   ,
Main Offlee for Enst Kootenay, 33
Criinliriiok. B.C 73
.   .        i.usi and
Comtortable Rooms
I'llll, '
tltenil ■■
,'iin-j : •. ■
■in       j,
Curaiii, . .,   .
Marysville, B.C.
tn pin
III iin-, . miii
pari of this week.
P. H. Burininghain and K. \V.
Viuiiig of Toronto were guests al
the Cranbrook Sunday lasl,
Ed. Feagan and Dr. ,1. M
Coftln of Marysville spenl Sunday
Inst in town.
.1. M. Derr and family lefl on
Monday for Idaho to reside on it
ranch whicli ho lately purchased.
. F. Tate k Son
Jewelers        Opticians
I'.l'.K. WiUdi Inspi'i'tni's Crows' Nesl ''usu Division
ft *ft;:*'7*7:*1ft7^ ;♦;;«• ft;*ft,:, ^^(pi^diEii^^^^
I 1
*    We Garry a Complete Line   E
of the Best Make of ?
A regular communication of
Cranbrook Lodge A, I-'. ,t A. M
was held in Masonic Temple on
Thursday evening. There was .*
a large attendance, with many ift
visiting brothers from adjoining d
towns. iff}
| Fishing Tackle
Call and look it over before
buying your Spring Outfit.
.1. A. Broloy and daughters, of|^
Pernio, were Craubrook visitors
Thursday, The party drove
over to Port Steele during tho
afternoon and were nl Wasa
Ic'Oltl'OltA'l'ION Ol1''I'lIH CI'I'V   111'' CHAN*
Goorgo Hoggarth paid a Hying iiiiook,
visil lo Klko iiii Priday evening    •• i" '' mmuiw i» howiiymiim cor -i"uo«.
ifls. ilny ov-i'ilnf*, Ilni '.iiiii Innl, mail. in. In llio
Wi'iilnorlli linll. Inr llin |iiii'|iOHU ill ,11s,'u..nit'
  I I,.,' lllll Nn. IIII,  Urilllllllt.'   'llllll   llllllii'i', s  In
George    Hillier,   jr.,   lefl   for tl'i'i'roiil'rooli lilui'irli, l.lulttcn. l.m
Spokane Thursday to nccopi  a ™ '"""'"^ ''"v'''"''''
posl I Ion as  lelegrapl, opemlor ,,,,,„„,„   ,„,,„,,.
with ihoC.roiil Norlhornrailway, N ,,„„„„.,,,,„„,.„,,mi;»„l,„s „„„,	
  l ml i,, iniiko ii|i|>ll,'i>iii,i, in inn llininnililii
T. Crahan, n   popular  hotel li'1"'*11'"'""" ;l""l""l'"ll"ll""','""l"
..,,.,.'' ... In,',,,','l,,,„l illnl i-„l'jv ii„ii, lmil,,',   li,iiullii
lllllil   ol    Michel,   was     visiting rotlowliiKiluwrlln iniin. .Itiini  fi'iiy
friends lit Cl'llllhrooll  Thursday,  inooiiinsoiiili Kail Knot v   Comiiieiii'lnii
^ Cranbrook, B.C.
ft •>:♦:<> ♦ 9 ftt. 4 o 9 „ 9%ft:9ft;9ft:9.%9ft.*-'ft7.4ft
! New Clothing
Headquarters fori
Mining Men
Royal Hotel   |
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager!
i'.m mini it fl
nl Hid norili wunt fortiop u( i"i ow\*\\ thonco
suiilli Mi i'lniiii*; tlioiICO wosl hii HiiiIiih: UlcilUO
llllllll Mli-llHllls: llli'lli'i' UHHI Hll ClinlllK tn llll'
I'iiiiii   nl iiiiiiiiii'iu I'liii'lll
i'lu ii I, s. iiyiiiii
liulnl tin- '.'i'lll ilny nl Muri'li   unil. I'.1
Hum/   Fl'l'tltt//
■ olel has been
iTii'il. unil iieiiilv furnish'
Knlmi'i ll. Iini'iiiii.     ed  throughout.     The  Uar  is  supplied  with  tlio  lie.sl  brands ol
riiiieil I,.,,, llth. Inn", *  l.m nirs and ' !igars
I iki nmi iiu    it
tn ' mlln I hi, I   I  in
,„„" ,,' Luml   .,"     '.... i,   :,„■ 1,,'i'iiii
-i„n i 'i'lm    '     fnlliiwiiiif ili-i-rlli I       I [    I U
• r       ' •"■"„ - LIU UUR
Imili), un IhIiuiiI in ',„  i " ■■     >    II
i ,,111111,'11,'ini'  -ii   n   |»i       Imili '•   in
Hiiiil I  luml III llm ' li   H " I   I "i in ,
nl ■   ■   I iiii Kn lll'Vi',,11 llll
,,( III i.'i's Mnl   nil   'I ., '     	
tin   Kiiiilnlill     Itiver.   il" M	
Il|lall'lllllll   lllllilll   Mill' llllll     Ilill'   In
iniiiilh ul si.  Mih'  I'ri'til
cimtaliiliiK 'i ' I • ii	
Ill' |l'a«.
Dlltnll I  ,   .' It'll, llllll',,
K I..   I..   I'lll'
Gnljjnrv Beer, Ale $i Porter.
T. I.i:r.t:i. ,v CO., Hay anil Grain.
Cranbrook, B.G.
;n i uii-i-.-
■ 'stl  fill Is
Estate Hank Ellcr.
Mortgage Sale.
i    l'niler iiiiiI hv virine nf tho iinwin-s nt fl^
wile I'linlni I in n I'i'i'liiiii iml,ml nn ul! ***,
Morlltatfc Iin'i'i' ivill Im nll'i'i'i'.l fill' -nl, A
hi I'lililli' Aiii'linn nl llin slinv Itltuly \A
ni'iiiipli.'il Ii.v .linn,'s MiiAi'thnt' in (.'nia- T
In k. Ii. 11. mi Tlini'silii.v Um Illli iluy J*
,,i Mnii'li. A. IL, IIKI7, nt iln< linni' nl 9
•lu'nlimk in iiie nit,'i' Im fnllniviii'j   9
\ vi'lsnf |ii'i.|,,'i'i,i whieh will l„.   .,,1,1   A
mi|iiiiiitnly, vim jfe
Isi      l.nl    lilliilli..'1'i'il    II    in    liloek   X
1 nmnlu-i'oii Ull in tlm T.iivnsit.' nl Ci'iin-  T
  I Inniik ni'i'iit'iliny tn I'l'^isliui'il plllll Nil.
Ti'iiilni'H iiiui'kvil Tiinilni' fnf Mlniii'iil  llllll un  whii'lt  l,nl   ia nllnittii llm Olil
I'lllllllH Will he I'lll'l'lvilll   llj    III,'   llllill'l-|S I  llllllll Slnl',',,1   l.ri'n.v   Sll';,'   ill).
siu'in-il  iiiiiii  iiiinn nn TiiUHiluy the lliiil  i'i-hhikI   lii(fi!tliei' with llimnll Inillillii'ia   iji
April, IIKI7, fm- tin., |iin-itliiii< lhe  in-   iv,,u. 5j
tel'i-nli-iif H slnl, ||,|  ||, ini'.i   I'.ll,.!■ i|,. iJlllll    l.nl    II11 III I let*, ll     |s     in     llllll'll    9
1'imnutl    ini,-slnl,'    iii  lliii  Klinliei'li'.i miniliiii'itl llll In mild Tnwnslti' nl (Jrine 9
Frili'liiili, lh.. Wiiiilliill. llin Kiillni,   M, hfiiilk llll Wllli'll   is  silniil,.  .li s   ll,'.   9
Ihu (IiiiiI I,uiil, Ilni  t'liiniii'i'. lhn  Niivii Aei Inn* s s ml liunil  Slni'ii unil nul-
Si'iitm Nn, I.    I,,r Tonnn Iiiinn- Inillilln^ Innliiillni.' a lui^u lltirti,
I'll' riimiler   iml iiiIiut inl,it-iiiiii i,in      Kni'luriUHitnil Miiniltltiii nr mile apply
iiiii|iilniin in) iillh-u, i,, Ihirvny, Mill 'ai-lui- nmi Mllcilnliillil iii
('I'linlii'iink l:ttli A'liivli. ItillT. < iiinln k.   II,  I'..  Xiillnll'ii-*  Ini'   lln-
.1.   I'*.   A I'lllsl I'Iiiii:, Mnl l'jii|!,','s.
'I iillii.'iiil Ailiiiiiiisiiniiu'.,    | I li'iibfimry •!J»t, llltn, 8
Dorr the Old, Dun llie New,        J
Wc are npuning this week* the newest,
nuttiest ever shown in Cranbrook, Clothing
tlml looks well hut clothing lite best points ure
developed l>* wearing a trial will convince you
SIITS FROM $8.00 TO $30.00.
*=    BOOTS   *£-
Consult your feet then consult us, the consultation will tin us good, we are consulting
physicians in the shoe line, nnd offer our ad-
v ise ;mh1 assistance free,
Consultation hours 8 a, in. to 6 p. m,
Saturdau 8 a. m, lo 11 p, m.
| REID & CO,


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