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The Prospector Dec 2, 1905

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Array '.-   b
DEC 5.
l/oi. il.
CH..IMJKOOK, W. C, S.A'.Ti/J'fL'afl.i', DBCBMBBR 2, 1UOO.
No. 49.
Our City "Dads" Met oa Wednei
day Evening ud Transacted
a Large Amount of
Basin ss,
A meeting of the city council
was he) I on Wednesday evening,
November 29th, in the council
rooms in the Leask building.
There were preseut, His Worship, Mayor I'ogers, and Aldermen Fink, Greer, Murphy, Hick-
etibotham, Tisdale and Jackson.
Tne minutes of the last meeting of the council were read and
Alderman Jackson reported
that the committee on public
works had secured rooms for
the council at a rental of $15 per
month, lights, stove, tables and
wood provided. That he had In
let-viewed the government agent,
Mr. Armstrong, who suggested
that the city rent tbe provincial
jail at a monthly rental of 110
per month, and 40 cents per day
for keep of prisoners.
11 was then moved by Alderman Greer, seconded by Alderman Murphy, that By Law No.
1 be reconsidered and finally
passed and adopted.
By-law No. 1 provided for a
corporate seal for the municipality of Cranhrook.
Thi-* by law was read a 'lit**''
lime a  ,1 u.lopl d.
Moved by Alderman Fink, seconded by Alderman Hickinboth-
am, lhat Bylaw No 2 be reconsidered nud finally passed and
By-law No. 2 provides fur the
salaries of city officials, and that
the city clerk shall alio be tbe
assessor of the municipality, and
shall receive a salary of 185 per
month; the treasurer to receive
ihe sum of $15 per month for his
services; and the chief of police
a salary of $-!.> per month; other
members of the police force $70
per month; and the city solicitor
a salary of $75 per month.
This bylaw was read a third
tune and adopted.
it was moved by Alderman
Murphy, seconded by Alderman
Tisdale, that By-law No. 8 be reconsidered and finally passed
and adopted. ' Thia motion was
Moved by Alderman Murphy,
seconded by Alderman Greer.
that by-law No. 8 being the
liquor license bylaw, be read
the first time. Was referred to
a committee of the whole.
Moved by Alderman Fink, seconded by Alderman Hickenbotham. that By law No. 4, on pro
eedure, be read for the first time.
Was referred to committee.
Moved by Alderman Jackson,
seconded by Alderman Tisdale,
that By law No. 5, being the
trade license by-law, be read for
tiie first time. Carried; referred
to committee.
Moved by Alderman Murphy,
seconded by Alderman Greer,
that Bylaw No. 8, being the
liquor license by-law, be read the
second time.   Carried.
Moved by Alderman Fink, sec
onded by Alderman Greer, that
the council resolve themselves
into a committee of the whole to
reconsider By law No. 8. i ar
11, r lur iliy. as chair-
of i,   in    'e. then bwk
i       - ,,   In*   No. 8  was
a       i mn-iiHo.  and a
wis carried.
nan  Muri'lty,
,ii   in     i '.
that b,i.i   ... laiv  no reid a ihird
tiinu.   t arrlod,
Minutes were theqi. read and
Alderman Tisdale, of board of
works cniiiiitteo. re|iorled progress.
Moved by Alderman Murphy,
seconded by Alderman Hickenbotham, that Bylaw No. 4, procedure by-law, be read a second
Moved by Alderman Murphy,
seconded by Alderman Greer.
lhat ihe couucil resolve itself
inio a committee of the whole
with the mayor iu the chair.
Alderman Murphy gave notice
that at the next meeting of the
council he wilt introduce a bylaw to be known as the health
Alderman Tisdale gave notice
that at the next meeting of the
council he will introduce a bylaw to he known as a by law
regulatiug public morals.
Alderman Jackson gave notice
that he will introduce at the next
meeting of the council a by-law
to be known as the five precinct
Alderman Hickenbotham gave
uolice that at the next meeting
of the council he will introduce
a by-law to be known as the
pound and dog tax by-law.
The following committees were
Health and Relief—Aldermen
Murphy and Tisdale.
Fire and Police — Aldermen
Fink and Jackson.
It wae moved by Alderman
Greer, seconded by Alderman
Hickenbotham that the regular
meetings of the council beheld
on Wednesday of each week at
8 o'clock.   Carried.
Moved by Aldermen lackson,
seconded by Alderman Greer,
that ihe next meeting of tie
c->uncilj|r>held on Friday, December Cat, at 0:1*1 a. ni. t in
sder By-law No. 3, finally to
pass and adopt thu same.
Movd by Alderman Tlsdale,
seconded by Alderman Murphy,
that a vole of thanks b» extended
to the Cranbrook Masonic Lodge
for the use of their reception
room at tbe former meetings.
Moved by Alderman Murphy,
seconded by Alderman Jackson,
that the council now adjourn.
Cranbrook Sohools Report for Month
of November.
Division I. Principal A. A.
Macneil. Number on roll 38.
Average 36. Perfect attendance:
Louise Rollins, Charles McCowan, Spry Morris, Stewart Morris, Gladys Gasklll, Olga Wigen,
Louise Stewart, Tann<s Reid
Division II. ' Mrs. Brock,
teacher. Total attendance 951.
boys 32, girls 18. Average attendance 43.22. Perfect attendance:
Jessie Kennedy, Rosa Gaskill,
Bella Taylor, Vivian Lesson, Joe
Bourgoin, George Kerr, Lillian
Leask, Grace Welch, Jeaaie McCowan, Ruth Harvey, Winnie
Division III:' Miss E. Lewis,
teacher: Enrollment 42. Average attendance 35.27. Perfect
attendance, Lillian McCowan,
Bertram Murgatroyd, Edgar Nobles, Albert Barnhardt.
Division IV: Miss Cartwright, teacher Enrollment 58.
Average attendance 44.50. Those
giving perfect attendance, Wilfrid Dallas, Gordon Fowlor, Lottie Leask, Earle Welsh.
Division V: Miss G. C. Williams, teacher. Total attendance
911. Enrollment 56. Average
attendance 41 41. Perfectatten
dance, Arthur Bowness, Willis
Fitapatrick, Norman Fowler,
Hollo Johnson. Willie Moore.
Douglas McCowan. Lee Parker,
Annie Patton. Clarence Agnew.
Imperial Coal Co Miy Operate.
W, R. Wilson, man per of the
Imperial CoalAO.keGo., is now
,; :, viali of Inflection to the
propoi-t os >>f Ihe company. Mr.
Wilson was accompanied by Jo'.n
Brown, of Spokane; J.K. r.mpey.
of Wardner, Idaho, and A Blow,
of Spokane.
This trip is looked upon by
tho<e Interested at Crtnbrook as
having an important bearing on
the company's operations
Stockholders In this city are of
the opinion that operations and
development of Ihe company's
coal areas, and the construction
of a railway would be commenced
early in tne spring.
local News.
H. H Brve, o'*t'i inii'i-g, was
at the ''ra br ok. Friday.
G O Rarranl. Ninton, *lta.,
was in llie city, Friday.
F. McLaren, of Blairmore. waa
in k wn, Tuesday
C. R Ward, of McLeod, was
iu the city, Monday.
Dr. Bishop, of Marysville.
was in the city, Monday.
Deer hunte a were out In full
force during the past week.
The city council met on Wednesday evening for the trans
action of buainess.
Mrs. T. T. McVittie, of Fort
Steele, was a Cranbrook visitor
this week.
Mr. Mclnnes and Chas. Finch
were up from Elkmouth, Wed
nesaay, on business.
J. F. Pringle, Spokane June
tion, wus at the Cosmopolitan,
G. D. Fraxer came down from
the Windemere country Thursday, on business.
J. H. Alexander, of Montreal,
wns registered at tne Cranbrook,
W. A Aubin, of Reliance, was
a guest ut the Cranbrook, Wednesday.
Road Superintendent McKay
wits at Moyie, Monln.v, on business
M'' and Mrs Vetoh of Sirdtr,
we* guests :'t the Co* mtpolitan
The Columbia Skating Kink
wano|ieuod to tbe public Wednesday evening.
E C. Malpis and family will
leave iu a few davs on an extend
ed visit to the old country.
Constable Joe Wa'sh, of Fort
Stee e, was in the city, Wednesday, on business.
Selkirk Preceptory, Xo 45, of
Cranbrook, will hold a convention In the chapter rooms of lite
preceptory on December 3rd.
J. T. Laidlaw. P.L.8.. left on
Wednesday's train for the const
on business. He will be away
several weeks.
F. J. McMahon, proprietor of
the Kootenay hotel, Moyie. and
Mrs. McMahon were in the city-
To Rent—From December 17,
a 4-roomed cottage with a. cellar
aud stable; lot fenced. $10 per
month.   Apply to J Mayeoek.
Frank Dickinson, W. Lamb.
I tester Clapp and Jim Bates were
hunting big game this week on
the South Fork of Elk river.
Mrs. Jessie Well man was a
guest at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. Pollock, at Fer
nie, this week.
J. E. Savage, of Calgary, and
A. H. Winges, of Toronto, were
guests at the Cranbrook, Tuesday.
Jabez Harris, of Harris Bros.,
contemplates taking a trip to the
iM country next week. Hewillbe
absent about two months.
Miss Kellogg, who has been
visiting at the home of Dr. Connelly for the past few weeks, lefl
'est week for California, where
she will spend the winter.
As this is the proper season
f ir Im iting big fame, a number
i if tonal spiii'tmen were out this
wee' searching for the shy doe
and noble buck of the deer family
Mrs. Norquay. of Winnipeg,
has joined her husband here.
She was accompanied by Mrs.
McAll's'er, who will remain here
for several weeks as the guests
'of Mr. and Mrs. Norquay.
1 Mr. and Mrs A. B. Fenwick
| and Mrs. Fred Binmore of Fort
stee'e. were Cranhrook visitors
Thursday. Mr. Fenwick reports
the roads in line condition and
good sleighing between Cranbrook and Steele.
Biro Force of 16 Men at Wari.j which was largely attended:
J. L. McKay, of Windemere,
was in the city lust week. Mr.
McKay drove in a bunch of 170
Ie ad of beef cattle which he sold
lo P Burns & Co.
H. H. Dirnmiefi. "Y.ihk; Thos
Dohoity. Wardner) J. W. Fitch.
Moyie, nnd Lester '.V Fox. of
Montreal, wore registered al the
Cosmopolitan, Weduesday.
Mrs. B. R. Dawson, of Nelson,
wns a Cranbrook visitor, Thursday, and incidentally attended
the Lacrosse Club ball during
the evening.
Harvey Bowness will go east
Monday, on a. visit tq the home
of hie childhood. He will visit
a number of eastern cities before
he returns. '. ■
Ladies, don't worry about a
choice of Christmas gifts for
your best fellow. Chas. Reid St
Co., "the druggist," hive a dan
dy line of Christmas novelties to
choose from. .1
Claude Mansfield, this popular
lightning jerker." tias been
transferred from Crahbrook to
Calgary He left on .Saturday
last, accon. panted by Mrs. Mans
G. O. Buchanan, nf Kaslo, dis
t ibutor of the lead bounty for
this province, acting on behalf
of the Dominion governW.it was
in the city over Sutiday while on
his way to Marysville. '
The engines that draw passenger trains over am Crow's
Nest Pass branch areall to be
equipped with new electric head-
lights. These lights are a great
improvement over the old stylo
of oil lamps.
J. F. Smith, clerk in the gov-
eminent offlee at Cnnbrook. will;    A very successful and enthu-J,
leave Monday on a visit to 'ho siastic gathering took p'ni.n.i|.
■ oast.    When Mr. Smith j-e      „ pa,m0l.0'g  nan on  Wednesday"*"
!£ffi!dSSSM ^-eningjinder the auspicese*
the  Caledonian  Society.
the  Cranbrook   Lacrosse!
gave   their   annual  ball, |
".C.T8 Wi* HAL'
Machinery Will Soon be
John Glo.yne, manager for the
Southeast Kootenay Coal tt Petroleum Company, haa a crew of.
laborers at work making preparations for establishing boring
machinery on the company's
property in the Flai head Valley.
He Is now engaged in building
roada and constructing cabins.
As soon aa tbe roada are com
pleted and a sufficient fall of
snow for good, easy sledding,
machinery now awaiting transportation, will be taken in. A
standard 8,000 foot well rig and
machinery for sawmill purposes
will be in operation inside of 80
daya, and work will be continued
during the winter.
The company expects to strike
oil at from 500 to 1500 feet from
the surface. It ia estimated tbal
this will be accomplished in from
three to four months after the
well-boring machinery ia installed. The region in which
the company's property is loca
ted gives promise of being unusually active this winter, as tro
other companies, one from Vancouver, and one from tbe Da les,
Ore., expect to have rigs at
Caledonian Society Meet at Pat-
sore's Hall.
The management are to be
congratulated upon the success
which attended their efforts
Tbe music was excellent, and
was furnished by the Cranbrook
orchestra. The decorations were
elegant, and were furnished by
Messrs. Reid k Co., and W. D
Hill. '
Over 50 couples attended the
event, many coming from suburban towns, and when all is
aald. everybody enjoyed themselves to the end, when the pleasure seekers wended their way
place in Vancouver. Dec. llth.
At Cranbrook on Wednesday,
November 25th, Miss Katie
Whvte. of Scotland, was married to Mr. Sidney Peake, of
Fort Sletle The ceremony
took place at the manse and by
Kev. W. G. W. Fortune.
Cranbrook was favored with a
touch of winter weather during
the early part of this week A
snowfall of about 12 incites.
with the thermometer at sero,
sent a large number of customers
to Reid & Co.'s for overcoats
evening's entertainmeut consisted of a few short speeches and
songs, which were rendered in
linn style, particularly those
given by Mrs. Barkley, Miss
Aiken,    and    Miss    Mc Heady
Most of the evening was devoted 1l*1'*- and no eeriona mining diffi
to dancing to the stirring strains
of the pipes, played by A. McCowan and Donald McAuley.
Building IraproT meats.
The new brick and stone build
ing now under construction for
The officers and teachers of I the Canadian Bank of Commerce
the   Methodisl  Su. day  School h        -d,    approachil,j. cmpi,,.
have decided to hold their en-1 .     '    *    K*".      J" .     r.
nualCh.is.mas tree and enter- *'°". 8nd •*  ■« expected to be
tainmeut o  Wednesday evening, i ready for occupancy by ihe 20th
December   27th.     The  several of December,
committees are at work prepar
ing for the occasion.
Services in the Methodist
church next Sunday as usual,
the pastor having charge on
each occasion. Morning sub
jeer. "How Church People Are
Marked; evening subject, "A
Revelation to Us All." The
choir will furnish an interesting
musical programme, suitable for
the occasion.   All are invited.
R. N. Finch has opened a bakery on Hanson avenue, where all
kinds of pies, cakes, bread; all
home-made, can be obtained.
The sale of useful and fancy
articles held by the ladles of
Knox Church on Thursday was
financially a success, The ladies
are to be congratulated. It ia
said that the receipts were In the
neighborhood of $150.00.
S. J. Mighton's Christmas
drawing competition commenced
on Friday. A young man who
purchased the first ticket drew a
fine meerschaum pipe worth $10.
M. McConne', brother of P.
McConnel, was at Cranbrook
Friday. Mr. McConnel is on
his way east from tne Klondike,
and has not seen his brother,
previous to their meeting today,
for 20 years.
Mills Closed Down.
A report from Bayard is to the
effect that the Staples mill at
that place has closed down.
The big mill of the Crow's
Nest Lumber C). at Wardner
closed down Saturday lust for
the winter. It Is • reported that
this company will cut over 10,-
000,000 feet of toga during the
winter months.
The sash and door factory has
just completed a large two-story
dry shed, 30x50.
We learn that a large two-
story building, 50x80, will be
constructed on the lots on Baker
street, between Beattie & Atchison's drug store and the Co Operative atores, The. plans have
been completed and tenders
made for its construction. I he
lower floor of the new building
will be used as a large general
merchandise store, and the upper
story used for offices. It Is un
dertlood that the promoters of
this enterprise are all cit sens
of Cranbrook.
A Most Suooessful Celebration By
Local Sootsmen.
"A SkM-a .WW t. t.a-1.' IKMM.
There could have been no bap-
pier result of tbe labors of tbo
commitiM of the Caledonian
Society of Cranbrook than the
splendid celebration of the Patron Saint of Scotland which
took place at the Royal Hotel on
Friday evening.
The specious rooms of that
large hotel were thronged with
ladies and gentlemen, than which
we venture to say none inc. rier
assembled iho world over with «.
similar object in view.
There were about 70 to 80
guests present, a number coming
from Kimberley, Marysville,
Moyie and Fort Steele, and other
The committee are to be congratulated on the pretty decorations they had made in the
banquet room. Tbe music -Waa
furnished by the pipers ot the
Tbe guests began to arrive
about 9 p. m. and an hour later
some 60or 70 invited guests took
their seats. The heart of mine
host Van Decar bad evidently
been in his work, for no finer
spread was ever seen In Cran- '
brook. ' The tables, which were
prettily decorated, fairly-groaned
under the load of good things,
which Mr. Van Decar had provided.
Before proceeding with ! the
banquet, "the pipers" gave a
lively skirl on the pipes, then yll
, set bejjttjjw v^-r***k on $\trrft*r3t
ihings provide*. Merriment and
laughter was in every face, and
it was a gay and joyous time the
hours span s't the board.
The first toast "The King,:"
which was drunk with great enthusiasm, was followed by the
singing of tbe national anthem,
while all the guests rose to their
The chairmen then proposed
"Our Patron Saint."   This was
coupled with the names of Rev.
W. G. W.  Fortune and Rev, J.
P. Westman, who. gave in brief
form.the salient points iu Ihe re-
The price of lead on the London | corded life of St. Andrew, and
market is advancing by leaps | how he came to be chosen the
and bounds.   A  gain of three patron saint of Scotland.
points was recorded during the |   Qwas,< "Address to the Hag-
A Company Will Proapect for tho
8t Eugene and Aurora
Chas. A. Mackey, of Nelson,
has been granted a permit by the
gold commissioner to prospect
for a lode or vein of mineral under Lake Moyie, between the
Lake Shore and Aurora mineral
The permit granted is for a
shaft or tunnel site, and is for a
period of three months. To
a Prospector representative
Mr. Mackay said: "It is our intention to sink a shaft on the
Lake Shore ground near high
water mark, to a depth of 200
feet. We will then drift in
search of the vein which Is sup
posed to extend beneath Lake
Work ••••11'
laced on
the gfa-Qsy. ana   .........
' F. M. Black, ot Nelson/*, as
sociated with Mr. Mackay in the
It is said that the site for the
shaft and tunnel has been examined by a competent mining engineer, also the bottom of the
culties will be encountered. The
water Is said to average from
100 to 150 feet in depth until the
west ot the lake is reached,
where the water is considerable
Prion of Metals.
past week. Copper, which has
been rising rapidly, reached 18
centa on the New York market.
Silver declined one point on
both markets.
Ooasemtire Meeting.
There will be a meeting of the
Conservative Association held at
Patmore's hall, Cranbrook, on
Tuesday evening, December 5th,
at 8 p m. sharp. A full attendance of all Conservatives is desired, as matten of importance
will come up for discussion.
MilU Started U.».
The Kooteoay Lumber Co.'a
mill, seven miles west of Moyie,
has started up with a full force.
The mill of the Eist Kootenay
Co., just west of Cranbrook, will
commence operations next week
Both of the companies' mills will
continue operations all winter.
Annual Ball of Lco-osi* Club.
Ont,j tvei..a„ o.' L.oeaiM:.
gis," Tendered by J. Macdonald,
was received with due decorum
as befitting a ceremony of ao
muohr importance.
"Our 8ocieiy" was. responded
to by J. Finlay and W. Abernethy. -
Song, by Miss R. Leitch.
"The Ladies," found happy
sponsors in G. H. Thompson and
R. S. Baron, whose wit and gallantry was fully equal to the occasion.
Messrs Reid, 1'aterson -and
McSweyn then sang with great
spirit and effect "Will ye no
come back again."
■ "The City" wae responded to
by His Worship, Mayor Rogers
and alderman James Greer, in
brief and appropriate speeches.
Mr. Jos. Ryan then, pleased
the audience with a song.
"Tbe land we live in" waa
responded to by J. A. Harvey
and A. A. Macneil, both gentlemen speaking with great en-
thuaiaam of the ' future of
Mrs. Brock then gave a reading which was listened to with
pleasure by all.
"The land o' cakea" brought
C. H. Dunbar and J. Ryan to
their feet, and who eloquently
spoke of the native land.
After the banquet, and, at the
sound of the pipes the merry
The Rosoian Comio Opsra Co.
The Roscian Comic Opera
Company of 25 people, under the
management of W. Cranston,
who introduced the Begger
Prince Opera Co. to Cranbrook
la underlined for Friday and Sat
urday, December 8 and 9, at the
opera house, playing John Philip
Sousa'a comic opera, El Cap! I an,
and Gilbert k Sullivan's Telephone Girl.
Prominent in the cast of both
operaa is Frank Walter's former
leading tenor of the Beggar
Prince Opera Company. Claude
Amaden la the leading comedian.
Billiard Campbell, baritone, is
from When Johnny Comes
Marching Home Company. Lucia Nola, the prima donna so-
prana, was last season with Madame .Schuman Henick. Hasel
Davenport is the soubrette, John
Dewey the basso, and Jack Lea-
lie second comedian. A large
chorua of male and female voices
Is an attractive feature, and the
company Is equipped with complete scenic and light effects for
each opera. The Calgary Herald states that the Rosciansare , .       t
far superior individually and col- j guests flocked into the ball-room
leciively to any musical organ!-! and dance followel dmce till
nation which has ever visited' the "we snta' oors " were well
' Calgary. The reserved seat sale worn-oil, and thus closed the
! for both performancea opens at finest« celebrat'o i of its kind
I Beattie and Atchison's, Monday, that baa yet taken place In
I December 4, at 1J a.m. | Cranbtuok.
Baker Street,      Cranbrook, B.C.
Lighted   By Electricity
Heated By Hot Air  -
/ \    Comfortable Bedrooms
/    ' First Class Dining Boom
A. B. Grace,
.•tlll.lS.lKI>    AMI    EDITOR.
ft|)e tyvozpsdm.
$   Marysville, B.C.   4>
2 The lending Hotel of the St.   Mary's  Valley.
(S    Nice airy rooms, newly furbished,   Table as good
Hj    as anv in Kootenay.
McClary's Famous
Kootenay   Range
Patmore Bros.
Plumbing. Roofing, Heating and Ventilating
♦ «^i$3*2*\<r&xMi9C*; ft;*:?;^*^**-*^**
1B.H. SHORT. &C0.1
'mu desions ll ■ • • •
, ♦*» *»* $
^ Over 400 Different Patterns to Select Jfrom w
J   Painting, Decorating .5,
l and Sign Work j
P.O. BOX Ilil
■►: «**.■* ♦ :♦■:«> ^xrjgac^ :♦: ♦ ^3*^x$0c^x^3ic ♦
PHONE ill       J
„. Wholesale
Galgarv Beer, Ale k Porter.
T. LEBEi, k CO., Hav and (.rain
Cranbrook, B.C.
EAKI.Y though it may be,
the political horizon
shows signs of disturbance, and
the skirmish guns of organization are now being fired. Let
the Conservative party in tin1
city of Cranbrook get togethei
ami organize. It is an old say
ing that politics in British Columbia never approaches a stale
of stagnation and that as election
time rolls.round it is certain to
reach the boiling point. At tho
presenl time in Southeast Kootenay the bubbling may he heard
.-.fur. and it is time for » onserva-
lives to get in and Organize
There is no time like the present,
and a perfect organization is a
surety of Conservative success.
• •  •
Tin1 political bee, buzzing tinder
the bonnets of certain |H>litieians
in I'ranbrook, will gel in its
deadly work next January, and
the "Hot Air" movement in the
Banatta belt already commenced,
will be retired to oblivion by
January frosts.
a    .    .
We Would like to see Cranbrook n humming hive of industry, We believe that il can be
brought around if every citizen
puts his shoulders to the wheel
and put forward every effort in
the direction of rapid progress
and improvement.
• •  •
Tiie top notch of sentiment is
gained more easily tlntii the low
est smp'of sefvii e,
Some men think they are forehanded when thi truthjs, thsjt
greed has onl<       ide them four-
The [ante or the City of Cran
bropk, as i> city   inrrounded'by
ind   growing   lumber and"
1 ,.,!■■       has   gone,
nd the eyes of the cnpl"
i.ilisi mid investor is turned to
wards the most  prosperous (lis
trie! in the Kootenays.
• •  •
As mutters now stand the Can
adian Pacific Railroad Co. undetermined lo hold the trade ol
Southeast KSotenay, if posssible.
The railway ami ex press com pan
ies are more than pleased with
the present amount of traffic,
which centers at Cranbrook-,
and recognize the fact, that the
best business is yet to come.
• •  •
In this district new fields cer
lain of yielding large profits,
either in gold, silver, lead oi
copper arc found, The forest
reserves are large unci the lumber Industry is assuming Inrge
proportions, nnd those wishing
to invest are cordially invited to
visit   this   suction  nml   sec for
tliemselvis what we have in thi:
• • •
At a time when capitalists and
investors are seeking a safe invest ineut for their money, and
new ventures it. mining ami lum-
beriugare tempting fortune seekers, it may not be unreasonable
to point out the superior claims
of the district  tributary to this
• •  •
Inspection of our mines is all
we usk, for we are certain that
they are equal, if not richer than
mines in other places.
• • •
Recent reports .eceived of
large sales of agricultural lands
in Ihe Kootenay Valley indicate
hat a large influx of settlers will
:ome into thisdistrict during the
routing spring.
. •  •  •
Mining and lumbering operations are being prosecuted with
vigor, and it is apparent lo all
that this district has a grand
• • •
If yon wish to invest in mining
or lumbering come straight to
the city of Cranbrook,
• • •
There   is   no   hidden   secrets
about good advertising. An ad
vertisement in THE Pronpkitoh
is sure to give quick returns.
• •  •
The construction of the wiil'o
road up the St. Mary's river will
develop and open a large disiric
rich in minerals, and Crunbnn,,.
will be the supply point.
Choice Confectionery
Fresh Nuts   Fresh Fruits
Malaga Crapes
Fancy Calif. Navel Oranges
Choice Bananas
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       Arinstroriu, Ave.
c. c. c
calm Game 6o.
Fresh and Salted Meats
Fisl. ami Poultry in Season
El CI]   .11'ST RECEIVED   lirst of I he season  CICU
11011     Finland  Haddles     11011
Orders by mail will receive prompt and ciirclul attention
*    Order By Phone 48    9
entrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Management
Headquarters for mining   8
turn and old timers
When you want  a  good
ilace to stun come to the
f    place   In
*   Manitobs
d. a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give Tou Your Money'a Worth
SILENT Oi,KCsl\w*nBa.SVam
Purchase   Prioe   {3.00 a Month
Allowance Hade For Old Machine
Arnold & Roberts
ttoiulqiiArterfl fur
NUT8 mul I'lluH.'K   J
; Ice, Cream and Solt Drinks J
Alto Tobactio, Pipes
und Cigars
!!   Maker St.    Cranbroo'i
********************** ■
Jt fill j\i/ H1LI,  4   CO,     Thu ouly place In town
^^ ll,,,! ,-un make life worth the living.
Teafness Cannot Be Cured.
by loon) applications, a* they .cannot
i I'Hi'ti I he dinunned portion of the cut-.
There to only one way to cure deXfnefep,
i nd thm In hy constitutional reined ten.
Deafness i* trained hy an inflamed con?
dition of the mueoits lining nf the
Kustaohian Tube. When thin tube it*
inflamed you have n rnmhlinir nound or
imperlWt bearttlg'. and when it is entirely ehwed. Oeafnet-*- Ih the result,
and unlesa the inflammation i.-an tie
t-iikeWiMtt and thi*. tube restored to it*
uormal nondlUon, hearing will Ik* ri«>-
it.roywi tocfvi'r; nine CHsea out of ten
are cHltseU by t "ata-rli. whieh in nothing hutr-Kti inflamed condition of the
mucous'-tfMfacea. -
We willgive One Humiml Dollars
for any case -if DrafnoaH (caused hy
catarrh) that cannot ts* cured by Hall's
Catarrh CurOi Send for circulars, free
'      P. .1. CHEN KY A- CO., Toledo. O.
Sold hy DrtijririRlH 75c.
Take Flail's Family Pllln for eon-
»tipat ion.
Will rrfrf I ff fVTInvIV*****1
| Rocky Mountain Chapter
NO.  125.  R. A. M.
rllANHKOOK, H. 0.
Ka-^uliii' meotlnffBt—2nd Tuea-
day In cmih niontti ut eight
Siijouriiiii}.' (!oiiipunionn am
,-iji'iliaHy invitfid.
ll. M. Burrow, Sorlbe E.
It will puy those who are
looking for work to nail and
Jim  McArthur
He can secure you a job and
also tit you out in
Clothes, Shoes,
Hats, Etc.
Jim MGflrtniir,
Hanson Ave.  CRANBROOK, UC, j
• Tailor % Importer of .
» Fine Woolens. *
t *
i • Cranbrook, B.C,  Armatrong Ave 1
♦♦♦**♦«•*••#♦»♦*« «■**«*•••••
Mr?   Ii;«;hn TEACHPR OP TMfj
Special attention to touch,
technique1, phrasing and
grading of studies.
For iitti'tiiHilars apply toC. K. Reid A
Co.. Tim Druggists.
l!() TO
Furnished for any point in the
E. H. SMALL, Manager
inniiiiniii ■-■■■« „^Mfc^Mt>fc^.^.tT^^M.Mfc_fcJ_^^
H2]|, UUW, If IIMlIf
We have this week unloaded a car uf each kind
Si'Ki'i-\i. PltlOB Kim To* Lots, Call and see ua before
buying elsewhere.    We also nnrry a stock of
Harris Bros.
♦♦.»■>■ m**a11»*»■»■*>■>■■»■»■■»■*»**•»■■»■*>■ 9*m*0**9 >a»a ■.■■■•^■♦.■■■ni'•■■•■■>■ ■»»■<■•»» n ■ ■ ■ ».*>■
Royal  Hotel #
Prof easiona I.
rlta\,\imuui.,    -    B.C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Oranbrook ■   ■ British eplunibln
j; M. DEER
Boot'Slioe Maker
Alt Work (fu.irunlpud
New Work Made to Mfea&ure
Armstrong Ave.   ffiiS.i „„„,
OrunbfooMi B.C.
G. H. Thompson
•^•aat   IIARHISTKU tt SOI.IcriOII
^S*>   NOTAIIV .•mil.lK
I'i-iinbl-oiik, n.c.
P.U.S.  A* C.E.
Porl Stroln Il.c.
fiifmimnifu.n , , , .if ini! i .iii mm
PhyelGlan and Suroeon
llnt'lls:   II Iii II u. 111.  2 lull |a,iii.
7 to K p.m.
Phone Offloo 10.",    Roeldonoo Int.
#.,|..|i^..|il |ii|„|ii|ii|i |i 11| ii.f! . ^a),ni,|,a»
Pacific  Coast   Points
Pnlnce and Toun.t
Sleipan, Buffett
Librnry Can, Modarn
Day Ooachaa.
Dining Oara,
Best  Meals on  Wheels
Pur lull iiHi-tinnIhi-i-. ratei,  Foldeh
eto., 1-nll on in- lUldreaH,
S.li. VKKKKS.ii.w.I'.a.,
Sinitlle, Wuali.
C.  W.   MAIIONKV, C.I'. *  T.A.
P.  B.  KING
ui-'t-'n'K lliitnts: !l to r.'H.m
I to dp '.ia.
7 to 8 p.in.
O.'KKK Ullll IlKSlllKNUK
Armstronf, Ave.  Cranbrook
Voair moiier relairneai**
llnolaall*artln.v,av ».„.
\p*HtK.llr t,mt,r,T»M    .
aOlaWWgamund 111 t|, a,,,!.
Im a*n tor j£
''Urt>o.M.ni«lc'' Kliu
lie Caehlaaia Slropi, 11,00
rrti bwkki "Hlnu lo Shivm."
Ir. D.Mi-nnmr.   cranhrook. n.o .'
Finest of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Those  who are wuary Rticl thirsty, drop in, and
Alex will do the rest,
ALEX McCOOL    Prop.
When   You   Think  Of 5
r   J
■ 9
99      *
You Think Of
-    PHONE 119   - a
f Cranbrook, H.C East Kootenay. 1
*a*mmt***y*»»***r*9***>a9*9»*^^ a*************
ITY M m. Tha B-lnoh Motor Illuatnitiii. nbovo will devi-lop
8 HP and UM but little water. Cheaper than Um or J5|nctricity.
unci ii In, ad for running Prlntlnj Prm.ee.., Dyitnnio*, Oeiifral
Ma,a lilno; , Etc. Baa the Motor In Operation nt lh, onion of "Tho
And will give you full pnrticulare and prleaa. Or wrlto «■
direct, »*»•»« 1'irtloulara aa to power required nn.l l,i. tl ol
machinery you wiah to run.
.100 Maio St., -8art- Frenoisca,- L«l
■».*^.*..#.*^.^4Bi^, ^,>..„..... 1 .njLli lxi KOT10B.
Notice li Iwrtby give* itat. Vlttr the riptr*
tion ot thirty [*»1 «!■»*■. 1 lnt-md to apply to thr
Honoureblr tbe Cblef CommlMlont-r of LaMb
nnd Works, it Victoria. H. C. for » apeclul
licence to prospect (or roel and petroleum over
that piece or pnreel of lend, elttutlsd In Block
\:m Southeut portion of British (.'ulumblt.
1. Situated about oae mile north ot Sage
um! OU creek. »u4 about ft) n-lea north of tin-
l i.trrnattuiial B niudary line, ooameaelug at a
uu t marked southwMi corner poet of Janet K.
Chrlcbton'i claim thenco eaat tt chains
tbence north M obalna, ihenee went» chaiaa.
tbence south w chalni to tb* place of be-fln
uui*. eoLialulufl two ncm more or leu. and adjoining the northweat corner of Mattie A.
'I ho mas' cislm.
Looated thin 1Kb day of Oetober, 1MB.
Janid Ut, Cricbion, locator.
Thomaa Murphy, Agent
8   Situated about tt mllea n-Tlli of the International   Hounaary line, and about three
tnlles north ot Sajre nnd Oil creek, la South-
east Kootenay  B. C, and commencing at a
pott marked northeaat corner poat ol Alfred
Given a claim, tbence weat 80 obalni, thenee
numb *u th »liw thence eaat fcj ebalna, tbrmoe
north W chalna to tb** pltot ot beginning, containing MO acrei more or It**, and adjoining
tbe . 1*1 in of Marshall H. Doe.
Locate I this 9tb day of October. lUlfi.
Alfred QWea Locator.
Tboku Murpby, Agent
3   Situated aboul ft mllu tu-nli of the In-
tematlonal Boundary llae. and aboul thr*.
tail k north' ot Sag* and Oil creek. In Seutti-
eait Kooiitiay. li. C, and commencing at a post
maiked tbe northweat comer ouat ot Adam
uuulop'a claim, tbence wit tt ehains, thenee
aouth 10 ebalna, thence weat ft) chslns, themt-
north HO chHlns to place of beginning, coutain-
ing WO acres more or Use. and adjoining tin
c.ainiol Alirt-dOlveu.
Located this Vtb day of October, ittv
Adam Uunlop, Loeator,
Thomaa Murpby, Agent.
4.   Situated about W mllea nortb of the International Boundary line, and about tbree toiler-
north of Sag* Ud Oil creek. In southeast
Kootenay, B. C, and commeucing at a poet
marked   southwest eorner poat of Jobann*.
FrolalMd'a elaim,  thonoe   north tt ebalna,
theuce east W chalna, thenc* aouth 80 chalni.
tbenoe weat W chains to tb* place of beginalng.
containing 6W acres mora or leaa, and adjoining the elaim of Adam Uunlop.
Located this Mb day ot October. IK*.
Johanna Frolatoad. Locator,
Thomas Murpby, Agent |
I.   Situated about tl miles nortb of the International Boundary line, and about three milts
north of Sage and OU creek, In Southeast
Kootonay, H.  C, ud oommenolng at a poai
marked the aouthout corner poat of Nick
Moem'a claim, thenc* north tt chains, thence
west tt chat ii*. tbence aontb N ehaina. thenct
east tt chains to plaee of beglnulag. containing
MO acrea more or lees, and adjoining lb* elaim
ol Alfred Given-
Loeaud thla tab day of Oetober, 1906.
Nick Hoem. Locator,
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
9   Situated about M mllea nortb of tbe International Boundary Uu. and about Are mllea
north of Sane and OU creak, tn Southeast Kootenay. li. C, and commenoing at a post marked
th* northwest corner poat of Kama A. Johnson's claim, tbence east N chains, tbenee aouth
80ibains, tUnoa west tt chains, ihinc*nortb
80 obalna to place of beginning, containing «tu
acrea more or leaa, and adjoining the olalm of
Nick Hoem.
Located this ttb day of Oetober, ittft.
Emma A. Johnaou, Locator,
Thomas Murpby, Agent.
1,  Situated about 14 mllunortbol the International Boundary line, .and about five mile-
nortb ot Sage and Oil creek, In Southeaat Kootenay u, C, and commencing at a put marked
northeaat corner put of CharleaW. Currah'a
claim, tbeace weat M chains, tbeace south ho
chalni, thtboe eut tt chalna  thence north tt
ohalns to place of beginning, containing MO
acrea more or leaa, and adjoining the claim of
O. O. iftnith.
Located thla ptb day of OctoUr, 1N6.
Charles W. Comb, Locator,
Thomas Murpby. Agent.
■■   Situated about 84 mile* north ot tbe International Boundary Um, and ubout Ave mile*
north of Sage and Oil creek, tn Southeast Kootenay, B. C., and commencing at a post marked
thesoutbustcorner post, of Edltb 1. Millers
olalm, thenoe west tt chains, tbeace north 80
cbalni, thenc* eaat tt obalna. thence aoutb tt
chains to plaoe of beginning, containing MO
acrea more or Ion, and adjoining tb* claim of
Charles W. Currab
Locatod-thla Ptb day of October, 1M6,
KdlU I. Miller. Locator,
Thomaa Murphy, Ageat
*- Situated about ■ mllea north of the International Boundary Uu, ud about three mile*
north of Sage and Oil creek, ln Southeast Koot
•nay, ll. c. and oommendog at a poat marked
tbe southwest coroer poat of O.O, Smith's
elaim. tb* ace north II ehains, thence eaat 80
chains, tbenpn south tt ohalu, tbence West tt
obalna to jJlaoeof beginning, oooUlnlngMP
acres more or leas, aud adjoining Kmma Baker's
claim. ,
Located this fth day of Oetober.  .
0.0. Smith, Locator,
Thomaa Murpby, Ageat.
10. Situated about tt mllea north of the International Boundary Un*. asd about thru miles
north ot Sage und Oil ..reek. In Southeast Kooi-'
may, U. C, and commencing at a poat marked
northwest corner put ol Kmma Baker's claim, i
ilifiu-e yen tt cbalni, thence south 80 chains,
thence weat tt chains, theuce north ttobalni to
the place of beginning, containing MO acrea
more or leaa. and adjoining Alfred (lira's
Loeatod this ttb day of October, iwv
Emma Baker Lara.or,
Thomaa Murpby, Agent.
it. Sliuatid about tfmtlu north of ihe In*
lernatlonal Uounda/y line, and thru miles
mu in of s.ige and (Ul creek, In Southaaal Kooienay lie. nnd commencing eta poet marked
northeast i-o< ner put of John W. Uaker'sclatm.
thence wot 80 cbalni. thenoe south 80 i-bainc,
tbence eaat 8J chalna, tbenr* north tt chains 10
the piuee of beginning, containing 840 acres
more or leas, aud adjoining Bona A. t'hlek's
Located litis 9th day ot ■ viobar, 1806.
John W. Raker. Locator,
Thomaa Murpby, Agent.
, and adjolnluK
It situated about tt mllea M*^****
un.utit.nel Boundary line, and about thru
miles north of Sag* end Oil creek. In Southeas
K otenuy. U.C. and romancing »" J»
marked ti:« sou.htasl corner I»st of Wall**
Laws claim, thenu north W chains, henc.
weit 8..chains, thenu .outhMchains, them.
east ho chains to the place of ^-nnl";MB'
tslnu.giHii acres mor* or leu. and adjoining
lh* clulm of J. VV. Baiter.
Locattd this ttb day of October. It*.
Wallace Law, Locator.
Thomas Murpby. Agent.
ll. MtuatUabottton. mlUoorthof Sag-
and OU creek anrthboA » »■***£**!
international Uoundar? Una). «ommV£TiL
put marked southwut corner poat oif Will Uo
bonougU-aclalm. ibenc. nortb Vdhatai. thonee
..si 80 chains, thene* u«tb W eh-Un . thence
west Oohsln,t«.iheplwe of ^'"^'X
lalnlng dtt scr<» mum or less. £*R*
thu northeast corner post of Joseph R. Chion
ClU*m ,.        IMS
Located this Mb day <>f Ootober, l*»
Will MoDonounh. WH'ator.
Thomu Murp iy. Agent
14 Siiuated aboul on* ntUe W*.»«j •*{•
ami Oil ere. k and 'it*it *> mllea «**•*«;
iute.nailunal Boundary line, com* ■«*'**££
is«tmark.AnatttaWttt»ri.ar J*J* ™g!
Baldwin's claim, th.nu aouth ^"Mjgg
eaat 80 ohalns, thane, nortb 10 chain.Jmenu
wast 80 obalni to tbe pUo. of Ugiunlng. con-
UulaeV. Ward's claim.
Loeatod tbb 8th day of October, 1806.
Francis Baldwin. Locator
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
&   Situated about one mile north of Sag,
*nd OU creek, and aboul ao miieB north of th.
International Boundary line, commenelu at i.
(tost marked southeast corner poat of Heoa A
Chicks rutin, tkence weat hu ehatns. then.-.
north ttrbalns, thenco east tt chalna, thene.
south » chains lo ulace of beginning, contain
log 640 acres mors or 1.>-M   uih) adjoining lh.
northeast corner post of Joseph E. Cbick-
Located this Oth day of October. 1808.
Ktna A. Chick, Locator.
1 homes Murpby, Agent.
10-   Situated about 18 mllea north of the In
lernatlonal Boundary line, aad one mile aouth
of Sjgeaud Oil creek, and curamimclug at s
post marked southeast corner post ot A. Ii
Stay's claim, thenco wtiit 80 cbuim. thenc
north 80 chain*, thtnceeaat 80 chains, tbence
south 80 chains to place of beginning, contain
fog M0 acrer. more Or leas, and adjoining Louise
V.Ward's claim.
Located ibis 8th day of Oetobgfr laoa.
A. B. Stay, Locator,
Tbomu Murpby, Agent,
17   Situated about 18 mllea north of tbe International Boundary line, and one mile aouth
of Sage and Oil creek, and commencing all
poet marked southw.st corner poat of K. U
Skinners claim, thenee cum au chalni, tbonc.
nortb W chains, thence webt W oUIni, theut
•outh to chains to place or Ugiunlng, contain-
ing 840 acres more or less, and adjoining A. H.
Stay's claim.
Located this 8ih day ot October. 108.
K. B. Skinner. Loeator.
-     ■ Tbomaa Murphy Ageat.
18. Situated about 18 miles n rtb of the International Boundsry line, and one inileaoutl
of Ssge and Ol) creek, siid i-oumenetng st i.
post maiked northwest coroer poat of Jone-
Ab'btig's claim, thenoe easttt.halna tbence
south t«) chains, thence we»i8K chalni, thenre
north 80 cbsiua lo place of beginning, containing olo acres more or less, and adjoining tbe
claim of K. B. Skinner.
Located this fib ds) of October, 1808.
Jouas Ablberg, Locator,
Tbomaa Murpby, Agent.
18,  Situated about 18 miles north of tbe International   Boundary  line, aad about on*
mile south of Sage and Oil creek, and com.
manning at a post marked the nor' haul corner
poet of M. K. Branson's claim, thenee west M
chaiaa. thenc* south W cbslns, thence east au
ebalas, thenee north 80 chains to plaoe of be-
ginning, containing 840 acres more or less, and
adjoining Ueo. W- Ward's claim.
Looat«d thla 8th day of OctoUr, 1808.
M, E. Branson. Locator,
Tbomaa Murphy, Agent
tt.   Situated on tbe Soutb ¥ota ot Sage and
CHI creek, and about 18 miles nortb of ihe International Boundary line, and commencing
at a post marked northeast corur post of
Cbristlsn ilofmelsiers claim, tbence south B
chains, thenoe west 80 chains, thenoe nortb tt
obalni, tbence esst W chains to th* place of beginning, containing 8W acres more or leu, and
adjoining Jonai Albherg's claim.
Looated thla fth day of October, 180*.
Christian Hotmelster. Locator,
Thomas Murpby, Agent,
tl.   Situated on tb* South Fork ot Sage and
OU creek, and about 18 miles north of the International Boundary Un*. and commencing at
a post marked southeast corner poet of L. A.
Dyer's claim, tbenoe weat tt chains, tbence
north tt chains, tbence cut 80 chains, thence
aouth tt chalna to plaoe of beginning, ronuin-
Ing Mo seres more or lees, snd adjoining B. B.
Skinner'* claim
Located this lib day ot October. 180ft.
L. A. Dyer, Locator,
Thomaa Murpby, Agent,
tt.   Situated on the Soutb Forkf of Sag* aad
Oil cruk, and about IB wiles north of tho liter national Boundary line, and commencing at
a post marked southwest corner post of J. A.
Sbull's claim   thence east 10 chains, thenoe
north tt absln*, thence westttcbalns. thenee
ith tt chains to place of beginning, contain
lag MO acres more or less, and adjoining L. A,
Dyer's claim.
Located this 8tb d *y of OctoUr, 1805.
J. A  Shull, Locator,
Thomas Murpby. Agent,
tt.  Situated on the Suuth Fork of Sage and
Oil creek, and about 18 mllea north of tbe International Bouadsry line, and commenciug at a
poat marked uorUis ost corner post of Oscar
Johnson'srlalm.  thsreeeest80cbslns, thenc*
south   10' ebahu, .bene*   west tt chains,
thence nortb N ebalas to place of beginning,
containing M0 acres more or less, and adjoin-
log Cbristlsn Bofmelstor's claim.
Leutad this 8th day of October, 1801.
Oscar Johnson, Locator,
\        Thomas Murpby, Agent.
tt.  Situatad about II miles uorth of the la
urnatlonal Buadary line, and about tu* mil*
north of tbe South fork of Sag* *n<* Ol) creek,
In Southeut Kootonay, B C, and commencing
nt a post marked tb. southeut corner post of
William   Mathews' rlalm.  tbence  north M
chains, thenu wast tt chains, tbenee soutb tt
ebalna, thenu eut tt chalni to place of beginning, contalnlnK M0 acres mor* or leu, and adjoining th* claim of J A. Shull.
Located thli 8ih day of October, 1Mb.
1   William Mathews. Locator,
Thomas Murpby, Ageat.
tt.  Situated about II miles nortb of tbe In-
tarnatioasl Boundary llae, aad about one mile
north of the Soutb Fork of Sage and Oil croak,
ln Southeast Kootenay, U. C. and commencing
at a post marked i .uthwest corner post ot Ma*
res Kols' cWira. tbenr* north so chains, thenu
eaat tt chains, thenre south tt ebalna, thenc*
west 80 chains to place or beginning, containing 840 seres mor* or less, and adjolr lag tb*
olalm of William Mathews,
Located this un day of OctoUr, IMA,
Ms res Hols, Loeator.
Thomas Murphy, Agent
tt.  SltuaM about 18 miles north of tbe International Boundary line, and about one mil.
nortb ot the .'•outh Fork of Sage snd Oil creek,
la Southeut Kooienay. B, C, and commencing
at a put marked th. northeast corner of
Frank Link's claim, thenco west tt chalua,
thanes soutb 80 chains, tbence nasi tt chains,
tbenoe north 80 chslns to pl.tee of beginning,
containing 8to ao.■ *a more or I- *», and adjoining
tb. claim of Oscar Johnson
Loosteil this 8th day of OctoUr, 1W.V
Frank Link, Locator,
Thomas Murpby, Agent.
17. Situated about 18 miles north nt th- International Houndury line, and on tin- South
Fork of Sage and Oil cruk, In Southeast Kootonay, U. Cm and commencing ot a poat
marked southeut corner poet of Mury D.
Payn'i claim, tinmen west W chains, thenu
north tt chains, tbenee east W chains, thenu
aouth 80 chains lo place of beglunlinr, rontstn-
Ing M0 sen* more or leu. and adjoining tbe
claim or Frank Link.
Located this atb day of October, l«tt.
Mary D. Feyii. Locator.
Thomas Murphy, Aguul.
tt. situated about 16 miles north of ihe International Boundary line, snd on the Soutb
Fork ot Sage and Oil o.eek. In Southeast Kootenay. B, C, snd ciunmuiH'liig at a post marked
auutbw.it corner post of Catherine T. Carey's
claim, tbenoe north 80 chains, ihence east 80
chains, Ihenee south W chains, ibemw west 80
chains, io plaee of beginning, containing 640
acres more or less, and adjoining the eluim of
Mary O. Fsyn.
Looated this 8th day ot October, UMft.
CsiherlneT.Csrey, Looaior,
Tbomsi Murphy, Agent.
o plaee of beginning uutatnlng 640 acrea
mom or leu. and adjoining the elaim of Mary
J. Fayn.
Located thla 8th day ol October. 1808,
Joseph Craig, Locator,
Thomas Murpny. Agent.
tt. Situated about 16 miles north of tU In-
'erutlooal Boundary Una, and oatU South
-ork ol Sage and ull creak, tn Southeaat Koot-
may, U. c„ and coatmaoougi'st a post marked
lorihwest corner put of Mary O'Neal's claim,
(uenee cask 80 chalna, tbence soutb tt cbslns,
thence west W ebalas, tbcac* north W chain*.
o plan of beginning, containing aw seres more
>t less, and adjoining tha elaim of Catbartae T.
Looated this lib day of OctoUr. 1806.
Mary O'Neal, Loeator,
Tbomaa Murpby, Agent.
II. Situatad about on. mile south of Sage
and OU creek, in southeast Koot. nay, B. C..
jnd about 18 mlloa north of the lutt ri.atioaal
joundary liue, uummenuing at a poat markeu
soutbust corner of Cordelia Llewellyn's claim,
thenee west ou ehaius, tbence north tt chalna,
tbence east tt vbaiaa, tboao* aoutb Ml chain*
to place of beginning, outalnlng 6to acres
mor. or less, adjoin log W. H. Uswil >a'«
clalm. .    .
Located thla Utb day of October, ttt».
Cordel a UewsUya, L utor.
TiioenaeMurp y.Aguut.
It S mated about one wile •outh of Sag.
aadOilUreek, In souiUuet Kooteaay, B.C.,
and ab ut t6 mllea >.ortu of the Inisrnatlooal
liouudary Hue, uuuiiuoUiug at a poat marked
•ouihwsai corner poet ut Louise V. Ward**
ulaitt. ihetMaW out ao tahatns, tuuc* north sO
ouaiiHt. then.« w. at W ehalu, lutuce sooth Hi
ehaius u. ibo iHrnxm uf ov.in.ui>* v. niamlu*
«*** is- uiuteui ua* a u aujomii.g ouige
irV'.ri*   r.iui. .
A*.~9\a tU.> MuU  a    1    it.tnvt   US'.".-
.. u'tM id,   .eaior,
t.VW'l        aU-l*.-)-.    ..gttUt.
i autui*-u auuui .u iu.i a north-nil the International iioundisry t>ne, «ud about uttu mile
uo.-iu ul aage »uu oil c.et a, ouuiuitnciug at a
pual uiaraed uurthweat ooruvT poat ul J*J*ss
calm's olalui, lUtuee ea»l Wi cbuius, Iheuc*.
auuih 80 ehaius, theuce west 8u ubslus. ibiuet
north W obauu to place uf begtuutug lunusiii-
IngOW acres mo. u or Uu, aad aujuiu.ug Ibe
claim ui Joaeph u. Lhuk.
Lucalul tula toui A*i ot October, 18 A
James Cairo*, Locator,
Jams* atufpny. Aguut.
M. Situated about 80 milts north of the in-
teraatlutial Uuuudary Hue, and about out mile
north of sage and Oil creek, commencing at a
posl msrkod northeast corner post uf T. M.
tiarrod's claim, ihenee a juth 80 chains, thence
wost Ml ehaius, tuuucs nortb ttcuslns, thence
sasi W vbalns to place of beglnutng, containing
titO acres more or leas, and sdjoluiug the claim
of Jams* Cairns.
Located thia 10th day of OctoUr, 180a.
T. M. Harrod. Locator,
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
tt. Situatad about tt miles oTth or the In-
laraaUonal Boundary Un., and about one mile
north of Sage and Oil cruk, ummettolng at a
poat marked southeut corner post ef Mar-
garetto B. Piatt's claim, theuce west W chatus.
tbenoe nortb tt ebalas, tbenoe eut W chatus.
thence south 80 chains to tbe place of beginning, containing M0 acres mote or lees, and ad*
Joining the claim of T. U. Harrod.
Loeatod this lOih day or October. IW5-
Margarelte B. Piatt, Locator,
Tbomu Murphy, Agent.
tt. Situated about 18 mllu north of theln-
taraaUonal Boundary line, and about oae mile
south ot Sag* and OU en ek, commencing at a
poat marked southwest corner poat of George
W. Olney'a claim, tbence out 80 chains, thence
nortb 80 cbalni. tbenee weat 80 chains, tbence
•outh 80 chains to place of beginalng, containing mo acres more or leaa, aad *ldJoining the
claim of Jamea Catrni. ,   .
Located this Wtb day of OctoUr. 1806.
Ooorge W. Oluy, Locator,*
Tbomu Murpby. Agent.
87. Situatad about ll miles north or tbe International Boundary Una, and about one mile
south of Saga and Oil cruk, commencing at a
poat marked aoutb west corner post of Alfred
Q. Woosicr'B claim, thenu west N obalna,
thane, north tt ehains, tbenoe eut 80 chains,
thenu aoutb tt chains to place or Ugiunlng,
containing 640 acrea more or leu, and adjoining George W- Olney'a elaim.
Located thl* lPtb day of OctoUr, 1005.
Alfred Q. Wooster, Locator,
Tbomu Murpby, Agent.
M. Situated about 11 miles north of lb* International Boundary Uo*, and about ou mile
aouth of .Sag* and OU crack, commencing at a
post marked northeast corner posl of Kittle
Woutor's elaim, thenu soutb tt obalna,
thenoe wut N chalni, thenoe north 80 ehaina,
thenu Mat tt ebalm to place of oogionlng,
containing 640 ecru more or lua, and adjoining Alfred O. Woooier's elaim.
Located thla 10th day of OctoUr, lftt.
Kittle Wooster, Locator,'
Thorns* Murpby, Agent.
tt Situated about ll miles north of the International Boundary Uu, and about one mile
south of Sage and Oil creek, commencing at a
post marked northweat uraer put' of L. A.
Lehman's elaim, thenc. south ttobalna, thence
east 80ebalna, thenu north ttobalna, tbence
wost 10 chains to place of beginning, containing 640 ncru more or leu, and adjoining tbe
elaim ot W. H. Llewellyn.
Lot ated this 10th day of October. 1806.
L. A. Lehman, Loutor,
Tbomaa Murphy. Agent.
44. Sltuatrd about 18 milu nortb of tb* International Boundary line, and about one mile
south of Sage and Oil creek, eommendng nt n
put marked northweat corner put of Frank
Burnett'* claim, thenu aoutb tt chains, Ihi nee
eut N chains, thenoe uorth 10 chalna. thence
weit N ehains to place of beginning, containing 640 acne more or leaa, and adjoining Kittle Wooater'a claim
Located thla llth day of OctoUr. i«0ft.
Frank Burnett, Locator.
Thomu Murphy. Agent.
41. Situated about 18 mllss north of the lu-
tsrnstlonal Boundary line, and about o e mile
aoutb of Sage nnd Oil creek, eommcnrlng nt n
poet marked norlhust corner put or Kfll<> D.
Turner's claim, thonoe west »0 chain*1, thenc.*
soutb 10 chains, thence cast N) chuins titmice
north tt chains to pis** ot beginning, (ontnin
Ing 610 acres muro or less, and idjoli.lug the
Olalm of W. L. Tyrur.      '
Located this lllb day of OctoUr. I80.V
RRIe I). Turner, Locst <r,
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
at. Situated about 16 miles tiorih • f the international Boundary Una, und about three
miles south of Sage and Oil->rctk,commeni-t inir
atapost marked southeast corner pnst * f One*'
Owens eluim. thence cut 80chalna. thenu
north tt ehulns. thenf- w«m M chuins thenee
aoutb tsj chains to place o(l) ginning, containing M0 sores uiuru or less, and a.1 Ji-lnltig tbe
lalm ot Catherine U. Mitchell .
Located this tub day of OuloUr. ilkM.
(irace (ire. ue, Levator,
'Ihouiss Murph), Agent.
41. Situated about io mile) north of the International Boundary line, and ubout three
miles south of Sugo and Oil oreek, coiiiineuclin.'
nt a post marked southeut corner posiol J.-In.
Mlnear'a claim, thence writ 80 ehains. th.net
north W chains, thenee esst 80 clwlus, iheine
souib 80 chains to place of .beglnnlnit, containing 6W sorea more or less, end adjoining
tbe claim of Urace Orrei".
Located this llth day ot October, lOon,
John Miu.-ur. Locator
Tbomu Murphy. Agent.
44.   Situated about lit ml -n.uil.il  ti-Iu I
euntaSalngattacrw mor* or leaa, and adjoin*
lag Soger S. Or*ra*'s claim.
Located this Utb day of October, ltta.
Catherine B. Mitchell. Loeator,
Tbomu Murpby, Ageat.
46. Situated about 11 mllu north of tU In-
nteraatioual Boundary lino, and about thru
mUu aouth of Sage aad Oil creek, commeac-
lagatapoat marked aortbeut eonerpoatof
O. B. MltcbeUa elaim. thence wut tt ohalu.
thenoe aoutb tt chains, thenu eut» chaiaa,
thenee north ou chains to plaoe of beginning,
containing 6*0 acres more or leu, and adjoin*
lug tne claim of CatUrlne B. Mitchell.
Loeatod this utb day ot OctoUr, 1806.
O. B. Mitchell. Locator,
Thonua Murphy, Ageat.
48,   Situated about M mllu north of tU In-
tematloaal Boundary Una, and about thru
mllea aoutb ot Sage and Oil cruk, commeaetug
at a pom marked southeut oorn**r put of C. A.
Holmes' claim, thence west 10 chains, thence
nortb tt chalna. tUnce east tt chains, thenre
south tt chains to place of beginning, contain-
lu 640 acru more or leu,*end adjoining Kittle
Woutor's claim.
Locaiad this Utb day of October. I8ua
C. A. Holmes. Locator,
Thomu Murphy, Ageal.
47. Situated about M mllu nor h of the In
ternatlonal Boundary Une, aad ab»nt three
milu north of Sag** aud Oil creek, rtumsnelng
at a post m irked -outbwesi corner put of Ada
Holm a'elaim. tbenee u..i 10 chains, theuce
south M ebalna. tteuu wost tt chslns, thenee
ntrtb tt ebalna to piauofb «ipii|ih.« niaiii-
lug MO a<*res awe or4eu, and adjoining C. A,
Holme- i Um
Looted this Utb day ol OctoUr, 1806.
Ada Holmes Locator,
^ _ Tbomu Murpby, Agent.
48. Situated about 16 mllea north of the International Boundary Uu. and ab >at thru
8h south of Sag. and Oil ere k. eummenc ng
at n put mark d north, ut corner put of
Roger S. Urveue's elaim, thenco south tt
ebalii-., tneuee wut sOuhaina, tbence north 80
chains, tbence east mebalna to piste of b- ginning, containing 6|0 aer s u.on or leu, and ad-
jolnlua* Julia bamaty'sctalm.  -
Looated this I Itb day uf tx-tob r. I90&.
Ki*ger S. Ore. ne, Locator,
Thomas Murphy. «g. v.
48.   Situated a out 16 miles north of the in*
ternatlonal Bounds y line, and about thru
mileseoutn of Nsg* and 0.1 creek,t-outm icing nts poaintarktM uonhw-st corner p»*sl of
Julia Uams-y a.l.l u, tn.be* eut Wtb. Inn,
thence south 80 hsin-, theuce wutttt-Uma
thenu north tt cbslns to place of begiuumg.
ooutalnlnK 64u aorea more or less.'aad adjoining th'* claim of Ads Holmes.
Locateu this llth dsy Of i ie ob r. 1806.
Julia Bams* y. Locator,
1 hi was Murpby. Ag ut.
t\   SUuatodabout W ull.a nortb.f the In
ternatlonal Boundary line, ai.d about one mile
nortb ot Sag* and Oil c. evk. comm.-iiolng at a
post mirked nortbw.st corner post of W. O.
Thompson's elalbi. thence  south HO cbslns,
l eii'teust tt ciisin-. tbence north 80 ebalna
tbenoe west tt cbslns to place of beginning,
aoaiatnlng 610 acres more or- lets, aud adjoin*
lua the claim ol T. M. Harrod.
Located thla U.h day of OctoUr. 1806.
W. O. Tbompson, Locator
Thomaa Murphy. Agent.
61.   Sltusted about» miles north of the In-
ternatlonal Boundsry line, and about one mUe
ii of.Sago and Oil creek, commencing at a
post marked southwest corner put ot I. F Ks-
torbrook'e claim, tbence north ttcbalu, tbence
eut W chains, thenre »ou*b tt chains,   theuce
weat tt chains to place o| beginiiln;, containing 640 acres more or leu, and adjoining W. U.
Located tbl* Utb ds-r ot Oto e- im.
I. F. fcaur -roos Locator,
4T Tbomaa Mt   .y, Agent.
Notice 1* hereby given tbat thirty daya attar
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a Llcen-i
to prospect for coal and petroleum on tbe following described land situate In Floek 4WI,
But Kootenay District. B.C.
Commenoing nt a put planted two mllu eut
uf Sag* Cruk and about Ure miles north ot
th* International Boundary, being t. a Initial
put uf E D- Simmons' olalm and marked K.D.
Slmwrans' southwest corn r post, thenu north
U chains, thonoe eut tt chains, thenu uuth
N chains, tbeou wut tt chains to place of beginning, containing 640 acrea.
Looated Sept. tttb, 1W6.
K. D. Simmons, Loeator
O. N. McGregor. Agent
NOTICB li hereby given tbat thirty days
after data I intend toapply to tb* Chief Cota-
Issloner of Lands and Works far a license tu
prospect for coal tnd petroleum on tbe fullow-
lng described land situate in Blook 4&H, but
Kootenay Dlstrlot, British Columbia:
Commenoing at a poat planted two mllu eaat
of Sag* Cruk and about Ore mUu nortb ol tho
Iaternatlunal Boundary, ulug tb* Initial put
of B. B. Sullivan's claim and marked R. fi.
Sullivan's northwest coi ner post, tb uoes-uth
tt ebaiu. tbence east w chains, thenc j north
W ohalu, ib*uce wut tt ohalns to thi place 91
beginning, containing M0 scroa.^
Located Sept. tt, 1006.
R. B. Sullivan, Loutor
li. N McGregor. Agent
Notice is hereby given tbat thirty dsys after
date I Intend to npply to th* Chief commissioner of Lands and Works fur a Licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the follow
Ingdusrlbtd l>nd situate In Block 4MB, Eut
Kooienay District, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post pjgnited two mllu east
ol Sage Creek and about nu miles aorth or tbe
lnternstlonsl Boundary, being the initial post
of W. A. Wilkinson's elnlm and marked W. A.
Wilkinson's nortboait corner post, theuce
south W chains, thenu wut tt obalna, tbenoe
nortb tt chalna, thenu east Wchelns to pise*
ot beginning, eoti'.uii'".* "si acres. •
Located Scot, tt 1806.
W. A. Wllkli.s. 'Locator
U. N. MeOregor. Agent
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intend to npply to tbe Chief Commlulo-i-
er of Landa and Worka for a Llcenae to
proapect for Coul and petroleum on the follow-
lug described land situute In Bloik am, Kasi
Kootenav district. H C.
Commencing stn post planted two u lies cut
of Sage Cruk and about Ave miles north of tbe
International Boundary, Ulna the initial, post
of B. Mlllls' olalm and marked It Mlllls' an th
east corner post, tbenoe north HO chains, then.-,
wut 80 chalna. tbenoe soutb tt chains, theuce
eul tt chains to place uf beginning, eontalntnic
6# acru.
Located Sept. tt. BUM.
It. Mlllls. i.i-cutor
(1. N. Metlr.«'.r  Ag.ni
Notice U hereby given that thirty daya nd r
dste I intend to apply to the Chief V- mmh-
sluti. r of Lands mid Works lor It License to
prospect for Cms) and Petroleum on the follnw-
InKdrserlUdlMd.aiUst-lu Blook UN, But
Kootenay District, B.C.
Commencing at a put plant* I one en-l one-
half mlln wut of Sage Creek nnd abmt egbt
milt* nortb of the Internatloiul li"un<lary Ims
lug tho inltlul post of J. B. Van Natters' t-lilui
and marked J U. Van Natters'm.rthwost e*tf.
ner post, thenu ust tt chains, thenco »ontb.*»
halns, tbence west tt chains, theiity r.on 0
chains to plaoe of Uglnntng. flonuln.ng 6p)
Locsted ft 'pL C0( Uk*.
J. B. Van Natter, Locator
O.N. Mediagor. Agent
Sntire ishcri byglvi<n tb.it »i days afier dam
1 ii.U'i.d 1 ' n|i]i y -njlho chief I'.inihisuloner
' r r,»mls
llilal   W„lk-  1,1
' ll.l.ll'
cnae u, pr**"
,1  .III 1-  'Ml..
1 aa     ll
111    :<a',l wrl<,
l,ml  .hu,1,'
In   Hi -,
all    4'H'.    K
tbenoe eut tt ebalna. ib-oc# north tt cba na t
place of beginning, contain! g **) aeiu.
Located Sept tt, 1806.
A P. Iky. Loutor
O. N. MrOregu. Agent
NOTICB la hereby riven tUt thirty day
after data I intend to apply to the Cblef Com
mlssloaer of Landa aad Works for a Llcenae u>
prospect for eoal and petroleum on tbe following deacrlbed land aituste In Block 48M, Kaat
Kooteoay Dlatrlct, British Columbia:
Commencing at a poet pUnted oae aad one-
half mllu wut ot Sago Creek aad about eight
mllea north of tbo lnternstlonsl Bou dary, be-
lag tbe Initial put of O. W Armstrong's claim
aad marked O. W. Armstrong's southwest
corner put, tbeeoe north tt ehains. thence eut
tt chains, thenu soutb tt chaiaa, thenu wut
SO chains to plaoe of beginalng, containing 840
Loeatod Sept. 99.1106.
O. W. Armatrong, Locator
O. N. McGregor. Agent
NOTICB la hereby given tbat thirty days
after date 1 intend toapply to the Cblef Com
mlasloner of Lands and Works fur n Llcenae to
prospect for eoal and petrol urn oa tbe follow
lug described land situate In Ul ck 4681, But
Kootenay ulairlet. Hrllsb Columbia:
Commencing at a put planted one ind one-
half miles wut of 8 go creek and about etgb
mliu aorth uf the luternatlon il Boundary, b.
Ing the initial post of 4- B. .Armstrong's elnlm
and maiked M K. Armstruni's soutneut oornor put, tbence north W chains. tUnce west
Ml ehulns. tbenee souihgJ ehains. tbence e%-t
mi ebataa to plaoe of b gluniag, containing a*j
Looated S*pu tt. 18«.
M. E. Armstrong. Locator
U. N. McGregor, Agaat
NOTICB Is hen by given tUt thirty days
after date I Intoud 10 apply to the Cbl.t Commissioner ot Lands and Works tor a License, to
pru-pect for ooal aud petroleum on the following  desorlbed   land  situate" In Block 43<n
Ksst Kooienay District: Brlil b Columbia.
Commenrlng st a post planted one mile north
or tbe international Boundary sad about one
and 01 e-baif mllu fiom where tb - Hlah- -uab-
na Creek crosses the International Itouudary.
being the initial p -st i>f l. a. Sullivan's dim
and marked L A Soil,van's northwest eornei
post, thence e st tt ebsln*, (heme soL'th >ju
halns. tbenoe west 8,1 ehaius. thenee north K
hul us to pltte of beglnulng, containing 640
Local, d S pi 90 1906.
I.. A. Sullivan, Locator
O. N. McJregor. Agent
NOTICB is hereby given tbat thirty days
after date I Inu-ud to apply to the Chief Com-
uiaslouer of l-ands and Wotks ror a Llcenae to
pro»p*i't tor c.s»l and p troleuni on the full <w-
lug deacrlbed landa attuate in Block 4698, Eut
Koouuay Dlstrlot, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted on*»h -Uf mile
-Ut of Sage Cre. k and about three milu nortb
of the •nternatlonal Boundsry Ulng tbe inltisi
posi of A. sull van's claim snd marked A. >>ul-
Uvan's southwest coroer p it, thenee north tt
ehaina.thencee.atWchains, then e south W
ohalns, thence went *} ohalns to plaoe uf beginning, containing 840 acrea.
Located Sept. tt, 1806.
A. Sullivan, Locator
O N. McGregor, Agei.t
NOTICE Is hereby given tbat thirty day*
after dste 1 intend 'jo spply to the Cblef Commissioner of Lands and Works for a License to
prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described landa aiiu.ile in Block 4MM But
Kootonay District, BrlUsh Colombia:
Commencing at a poat planted one-half mile
out of Sage Crseh and about thru miles north
uf the International Boundary, Ulng tbe
Initial post ol W. A. Moore's elaim and marked
W. A. Moore** ooitbwut eorner poat, theme
east tt chalna, tbenu aouth 80 ebalna. thenu
west BO cbalu, thenu nortb tt chains to pawn
ot beginning, containing aw acru.
Locateu Sept. tt, 1805. ,
W. A. Mure, I .orator
Q. N. McGregor, Agent
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty day*
afterdate I Intend toapply to the chief Com-
mlasloner ot Land* and Worka for a License to
prospect for coal and petroleum on the following deacrlbed lands In Block 4593, Eut
Kootenay Dlatrlct, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted one mile wut
of the Flathead Kiver and one mile north of the
International Boundary being the initial put
of C. B. Simmons' claim and marked C. a
Simmons' northeast corner put, thenee aoutb
W chains, tbenu weat tt chains, thence nortb
ttcbalu. tbenu eut Ml chains 10 plaoe of u-
glnning. containing 6W acres.
Located Sept. tt, ltta.
C. H Simmons, Locator
46 O. N. MeOregor, Ageat
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.     .«™i  umiiiiImw II c   .ml oatnr Smith  wrn.lliii.,.1  Umin.l-iy Mil*, aud aboil ll
ternatlr-nal Urul"",» " '   " LihaaiiKoot-LlSa<uihol «Kmi»iiOil vivoh.ro ivlli'li'l .      -,,-    , - -
rorh a.l ».*«' <>» ,rM^J^™u^Urt^iJ^taw*^l.rk»l norih.oai oo,n.rpi»i..f iwh- mllo. norih oil ha l,„v„„.„ I Uo.i...l...v t^
W.y,B.e...nocomMndr;,.J. ■..?°*Jlrt.^0ul^~ itrt"^ I?t""™. •. cUlm .....no ..Vb,. oto.lw- t.K ..." Initial pm ... a   Polky. rla.mjH,
northta.. cwwr DOS of *»»"■" Y^L'.'"'-.11S?-iLT« .wi.. ih„„„o «*.U8 ohala*. Sartoil   ,\.  Polhr'. north. ,.i .ornor i«,.
la Mining, Chemical. Civil,
Mtchaakal and Electrical
Mlam.cfj ana oto.o«r,
SStoiY aatt Fuhllc HCIh.
Writ, for caltadar ta
Scaoo. at Mlalag.
The largest General Store in Marysville, where miners
can be supplied with anything they want at all times at
Cranbrook prices.
Groceries, Hardwares
Clothing.  Stationery
NORTH   STAR       J
•g-a    HOTEL !
Kimberley.  B. C.
J    H. W. DREW, Praprlato..       _ ,_   '_ . J
CHENETTE & NEAL, Proprietor*
=5*   Meryevlllo,  B-O.  (*e-
The largest nnd best equipped hotel in the St. Marys'
£ — Always Up-to-Date —
£   .....   - s
E Cranbrook.        -    -        B.C. =
W   SfSSSff *ff f*##fff ffitfi■ ■■ matwwww ■vvv*fw^*svvraWVTf^Vl^f/'f/ViV***************************vf******;********V ■•^
' ©he gfro-spertor.  Head
XMAS   GIFTS |  L0CA|_ N£WS. j
Are Portraits 111   Sopin      In'1 .. uuuuuuuuuuauuuuuuuuuuuuuv
num. with ,. very artistic- mnunl p ,    W||i|;li,|.   mm „   WM ft|
Ina which is entirely now. tho Onmhrooli, Tluirsda
* *»«***«•***** «»*»«t««****» tj-jjj CANADIAN BANK
splitting!ni    urnnn?    of commerce
When   .von   gel a t ' "I'1-
fii-l.ii.n.'il Hi'lllllli'llf Hull miik.--
intii' li.'iul llni.l,: aiml i<>"t uyi'a
whirl nmi u,nk.,- wn ali'k in
ynui-a.mnui'h in
* Paid-up Capital, $8.700.000 Reserve Fund, $3,500.0X0
*. {       B. B, WALKER, 0. si Manage *"«• ' *"<»' A""' °««' M"-«"
^     «         .        J  THIS   KIND  OF   WEATHER   IS J r»x>JK   MONEY   ORDERS
PppQt Phntn f,n   -   ^  n„      Dr. Scott's    I       ** just where s*       * BANK5V™1^.
rl Ue>U I HUbU UU. «' "■" ny. Thnrsdny            Headache  Powders    *                                                                     | «„d-.                       >""'•
•Studio.                  D. .1    Kliwr wns down  from     T()    ,..,„.. ,,,,,,        .„„,  ,,,„y *         CarSS* MackiliaWS, Mitts  and  Socks        * 0v« $J «><. not we.etUnf$io          •"""
Baker St. i -,-,... .,,•... .1.-   ur   Moyie,    i -'.i   	
Cranbroolc, It C
.1  K   ll.ulKst.il, Ciilimry. wus stop any heniluchi- g
In Cranbrook, Thursday, Olin Dozen 111 .1 Box 25C. .$.
(l,,.,   Slt'wni'l  ..I Moyie upon! r,     _,_ „         a ... .,,,.,nv A
SuiiiIii> Insl In Cranhrook M\A I HE $   AH HlbUlN Jg
Kins*, stub Proof Kubbers, Hudson
j10 » $30   10 cent*
A u   j,3„       ii » $50   13 tent*
Hay   Knitting  Co   Mitts ami Caps      X  rhM(Mtnut ,.llvllMe... ■•arataiwoa.ee in csn«<"»«',v<1:h*.l?e."d1
. ".   . .        .•       ,,      ■'     i ..  .....I ™    ""Jr   ..... .  it .ml at th. Di-incba banking po Inta in tho United
1.111s Spring Needle Underwear and      £     r*Mk, (Yukon excepted) an<       i    i
Stanlields Elastic Underwear Show
Id Hest Advantage
aauiHiaala a. a man "at. »i
Dri'sM'il in these goods you need have no feni ol    H
>ld wenthiM*.    Ever)  article  guaranteed  to give
We have 1 i In the business      v M,.(>)| . ,<am ,s w.,s       where „ pays to Deal.
for.several years, wo nave the |„ ,|,0 ,'IU \|,„,,i;,v onbnslness.                           ,„,,.,   ;
bestequl, at la B.C   and tve .,,,,„„,„„„ ;lllll  A   Nal              Legislature Will Meet.
guarantee satisfnotion ,,,   \;ll lv,.,,   »,.,,. .vo.m,.,,.,!     Then   C lltixelleofllilsweok  *
aX\      *    ♦ho*   ni«nA «t thoCrnnlirotik, Wertnesdny,     contains  i.   notice callitiH   the *
nf)0IIIl   Tlllfll.   I    rtll)     "   .VrlghistidN  R Linrisey,  ProvlnclBl   Assomhly   logo) *     satisfaction, or vour nish back.
flUUUU    UIIUU   I   IUIIU i)f   Hpolrnno,   wore in  llie city,  for tha dispute ' businuss *
We are tho authorised  agents Wednesday
for then val or Mason A Rlsch
Pianos, wa nan do the work with-1
oul risk.     Also Household Pur   Alberts, Mmdity. :n- ' :1"'.'"I'-.-i m"*" i
P|-.,|||,lotOIM 111 ll
They form an MWll.nt ...clh.iU of .vmlttlnu email aum* of mum.,
lucy lorni au       wi(j| ^My unJ B| tmuU ^^
     a. W, MeViuie, m.s. ro-l     Meeting of Conservative.       *
is, wa i-iin ilnilie work with -turned from a business trip lo     A" enthusiastic gathering "I  "*+
isk.     Also Household Pur   Alberta, Monday. friends of the Conservative party  9
. I I I 1.    I   I .1 .        I I '  ' I I ' I . I   \                                                                         Ul   IlillllO  "I     > I "      •     ,,,.,.....     |   ....   ■ tm*
Prod   Smyth,   editor  of   Ihe moi   in   Odd   Fellow's hull   on £
Moyie Leader, wasiu town, Mon-  Wednesday evening.    A number £
''".V-                                                       ..I   Imnoi-tnul   miillnl'K   were clis A
Oeo,   .lii.lil.   of   Port   Steele
• '"(  i »»'.,.      ,. a., aa a.      , a I       r a all      n.,','|,-(
('ranbrook Oartage and Transfer Co spent several days this week in
., i	
luporttiui  mnttoi's were .lis   ***.
'■ cussed, nml tli .'.'Hiih' was nil
OlHou oiipoii
C.P.R. boin
lourned  until  Tuesday, Decern
Cranbrook. ■'
, ,       ..mi, ,     a.   ber Mb, nl Palmore's hall.
I'lmiiB Oh. ;    ,|,   A.    Mt'liasui   mul     .1      11.
Simpson   of  Vancouver   sponl Bvory Conservative  in I ran :
fj*^*^*>»*»*»*i»»>"*»*»»**»***>*»»>*>R Monday In theCity. brool.  Is urgontly  requested to
P.P.   Borden,     Nelson,   was be present on the iith Inst.
regislored'al the (.'I'luibrooli  on 	
SiiiiiIiiv last. Ore Is coming down at a lively
a*********** <«»♦**•*»♦ **»»**»4
m ....
•; Ul III.   nl.I MlllUtOlltl  lUlli-'t  Sliop W
mid From the Sullivan Mint's, the
** HOTEL »
DI \MOND8 I" your .pononlon K
,.|,ia-aa'iitai money mora money JL
ihu.. vmi pay for Iham aftsr you J
liuvu worn tl.ora a whllo. tor the WI
a,l..,1.,.,. in prtoo* ia miii'k.'il, nml £
Uiurv l» pnilUvoly no dangor ol I
|.ii.iiii..nla ileproclatlng In value, '}
ui ,'i.ui-a,' it la always neoenary [ai
laaaliiii.aa' »-|gol) and |.n> the rlghl 2
prli'ea whi'ii vmi makoyourseleo- i
im ti therefora it i- essential tlmt li
inn allOUlll cllOOSe 111.- k'.'llw  »l   ll L
naHponBlblu ln.ua.'.    Our I'.-i'itiil T
j. ,]ru .-ra iii illiiniiiii.la Isonothat t
tliink ua enviable, mul our K
« I     A  A, Ronne, Toronto, was al   :  '. :<"-■• .
\       TV":;';,,","      8Cratibrool<    Monday,    on    his h»imwny is working nicely,   he Um /|j«! Will.   I .    IUUUU   UUII ft
J '"                                 fi periodical business trip.            '^^^."""•|",';;;;;i','llsl"   ^".1!'" iGunsts Uomtort a Specially   Good Stabling In Connection Wi   i Cranbrook'n  Leading Opticians t
K WATTS' Hril.lllNll          fi      A bunch ol   live Kllglisll spur    .i,.^.!,;,,,,,,,,,,. ,|„,   smelter  is   in    M                                                                                                                E*.           OHInlal Waleh fn.pcctor« I'ro           nt »aa* Division C.P.B           J
* fi niws    visiter]     Oratihmoit    this  n.ii uin^i   ..t   WniMtcvillo       Tho
/  Firm i-Ihhh Work in h
7 I'       V
Tonsorlal Art 8LUPsi..
«98SCt***n6969SS«l Uov. W
W>         It     -hi a,'   a -ai^ii^n   ra | ., a , I |.' \ I' 11 a | l|l 11'HI .    III.'     MIII'IHT     IS     III
H rows   visited    Craubrooli    this full 1-tlast  al   Marysville.      The
iw fi week.   They  are snid to be tbe Sullivan group of mines is one of
K Itrsl over seen in this vlcinitj the hesl developed mines In the
I     P.. A,  Hill,  of   Moyie,   wus n Kootenay,
t the residence ol Mr and
u"   vv    '",',"n" ""'■'"'  ,    ';", I'o"  s^-";     A  quiintlty  of  H
Mrs. W. D. Hill during 'I urly |..„tlinlnSi BomP in ||,nver, others |ffi
P"n "• this weok .,, , t0|,]„oin, iu boxes of from I M,
. .m.m.n. ..-^....^^•..•^•..•■..••.••.-...."•■■•"^        S.    I {III'11 la 1111
n Liveru
Teams mid drivers furnish
.■il   foi   any   I'l'i.ii In the dis
||jvtw    ii   Cranbrook   visin,    on, cents each.    A   Posl  Card  nd-1 W „,„ „„, (.   |j ,,   „
Wodnnsdiiy     Mr.   Iturlliolomew dressed    io    Mrs    Arnold   will \M
has   lately   purchiised   n    fruit | brins thorn to your door. >ri:5SS?^*SS5
A. DOYLE. Manage
lomow,  of Cu.lgnry.
mi-   iilmits.    Price  50
II. F. Tdtfi & Son
Mtiurest in railroad de|i"i     M ■- ■. "	
ihuiiiiis   for   Ihu   public   unequallod   li
i *>.fI%.IKl!»f *t">'« *> *'* *'•*■'* •>■•'■> avB^'ii^K^l^S^B^iSHl*"."*
t  Wittter Is Here J
H0GGARTH & ROLLINS    M\   S          VN|) A
Proprielors m    9
";' "";;"""l,h   ,     ,  „ To Those inserted in gW-W.^^ | H^C   M   WilMF   UOOOS      {
,\ mh»\i* in ln*«  i l^iii   m u iti ion                                                                    J. .J. 4I1
l,liretiolo..v.            •• - -     ••'   X "A
- "      - -                         -                                                                        "*   -                      •- —              a,   9
w;.s in,nle ibis week when Iters
! I'V.i tune, Westman mul > toldlield ■
met in Committee nnd arranged n     I1 ■'•■ »h» imrr "■•■<> my I'MI." mit'lu
program mo where b,\   ibe mills |va>iili'<  I|||U  ! ,(l,l,» -" " ''  ll""!
nnd camps iu  ihe al'siiici  would  ilininm'lvi'K, w.- loinw tm- nuiii- limn we
receive divine service  rotruliirly '',IM -n'' :'"   ' """ "'■   1 i-iniii'tnlior
Ibis   nfforl    will    in.    ilniiiil     I" 'pih.'  well,   wlii'ii   I   win n yniuiL'hey.
apiireeinteil   by   the   men    ilms  men mul w n w.nilil iiiiiki-h -ti-uni;i> 14*
sit-i.i.lnd unil iiijRi.'.-ii.ii».-.\|.i'pmi..i   .vhich
Tbi'Ci.iiibriii.kKleelrieLighl, 1V»''"I""-"1,|' ■«-<<<"'■< " - '"
,, i i ,,. ,     ... .,    r, h "'nl.    In mi I'lirii  yi.iitli    '   wua |
.■.'ii inni'unil Wilier \\ or 1< - < o , ,., .,'     ,,
— ' , ,. n lile- m. iii-iin.•! limn j ■ a. i-
, ■       nvw       :"" '". ■' '""Is,,l,:;"i",1,,"kn..«i.-.i«.'.     ui, ,i.ii ,,1. it
J A.vl Lb    IjKhihn        nniouni of ...iiirovninants will be „„. ,      „        „,..,,  ,,„,,,  ,,,
Hindi' mi Hi.' svsli'ins in town    A
COKLKACTOK new.wostory   building  will  be C^ "^ ", nrnTati! "''mniul'l   '
a,,-.,   .,i-i,    ei'ecled for ll   —«11 > t .1 \*   ih'iu.l   mul   .    ,.'     	
,ilii      !l       .Pr. \.     ., .     i      • ,        hi.'  n..    lik"   I.  nml  -ii  I I'i'i'i ill.
oliiei's.    'in1    iiili...liii-ii(in    '.I   n .,„
, ,        , -inn ;i  iinrnniiliiirii'iil -.n-i.'tv.    f l**-i-t
kstimatbs ki'hsisi \ i ,i, work eeuli'ii  rgv >».t.-ibonr.l.  are ,
. were iihuiit tili'lv iiii'inl..'i'> nl "a-,  am
,1011111 Nil   I'KOMI'Tl.l   lAKITTKI. IIIUOIIL!    III'    I lllpl'i'Vi'llll'llt-     I   III
I,  . |    ,'     | ,. ' U.'    IIL'I' I    I   111!    ill    ll    1-l-l'll.ln  UIIU' WI
 in. I'l.'.l   in     he   near        ,,    ,
wnillll -'-li'a'1 il   pi'lli'llalll   i.iiiiil..;-!   mil'
acilvpa.  nml   when  wo Hrrlrnl  In tlmt I If
nl   Hiirlill,   was iiu,,. I iinal hv nn' iviii-i' iiiiini.ia.ed
Tolophonc -'-'
nouses unci < nttnges for Kent .
oi  Sale mi l''i.s\   1 onus. ,,  ...
'*' I *        '  " ", -   '   11 1.1,1    I    illlM   I IV I,    IIU" '■      .,,',•'      Ill, ■>,.   I
I.IMI   \\'l> slIIX.il.l s Kni: -.Al.K , ri'iii-ii'iTil    ;il     the   Cnmbrook,  [i hnppi'ii"il t Iiu.  I   um   ai.v.'ii  more"!
Wedni'sdnj     Mr (lower will us   veins limn .liniitlicr twn an ni'itinlln
■-.iiiii.-   Ihe   lilUliageiuenl    of   Ihe hn ihi'iiio ni.'iil anil leiwinullnif,
Crnuhrook brunch  ul   the C'a.ui  I lmil tn iit-uctik.-.    i  mi-    pnietlin
')     1     IOHM'sHM diauHiinkol  Cominerce, during i,|,011 (,„. tin v.'in-s In whieh  I th,
U.  0.  '^l M.i.^Ul\ thenbseneeol Ihe presenl maun    ,„„k ,,r,,„ ,,,,„- ,„ ,„■,,  ,,,> -.-.. =.-
gor,    Mi. Malpas,   Who   will    he  nnii-ti.-nl phi'i'iuilnitlKl.
Carpenter   '*-   Hlliklcr     awn,\ on nn extended "-H lolhe     | Ann priie.i«-il nn imlloimlltliw. .
old '■llllllll v -u-iini;,' mill pni'lllhll' a'imra.'t.'r-. nil I)
Baker. St.
9   WILL   BUY   *
jflnfl Pay a Good Price For itjj
Beale & Elwell j l^eath";strips-wDv00i
,  ««     t Spring.   Skates.    Hockey %
Cranbrook, B.C. ••    X    *,  . ^     .        ^^ ♦»
% Sticks.   Pucks, Etc. *
, | j. 1). McBride j
Western Oil     ! 1% cranbrook, ^.c.    1
and Loal;;
■ 9
(iood Work al notice " '"•"l'"- ;l'1"    '  '•"'"■"■'"l'- "r ""
Reasonable Price smi.»i.inwiii ih.tuuri) iiuj. »ri.,. eivili/.cil world.
Ilil.' 1 itinii'l III HliplJ     I. till    i Ir.'l  ' ■ aniiii. |'|||a will lit'Ulintllllll'll
alnllPl of Lliuili .11.1 Waarka   I In  'In   \-.i-i DDIIDVQCInD    Ull I
Office and Workshop   Lewis St •».»mmi ......iw  I KiimisMiK hill.
1 lllalrlt , i,l i.i.i Knuli'l.tl) In. .a llcmar i,a lira...
  I'i'".'i""ll'"i'<'l Ii,llii»lnil ...,,.•     riMPTTITC"
W. CRAIG   —'— — - ;	
Will lie uu iisHui'od Htiecusa m you usu tho
Our New  Fruits  ftrc Just In
IHopI* IMrt. SoiitheiaHi Kniili'iitij IHsirl •
ominfill mu m « piiDi (iliihii << '  ^1 Akiiiniii*
CommriH'Ini* ni n pom pin    ■■■... Uiuiiim*   - . \i     i      «~»    „„ j
, l ,, -Ihi.      I, Home   Made  Bread
•M.nili Ktaaai't  I'ia—Trail    „ -.■<     i. ,■•',. I
»nin.ij na.in.li iu-aci.li .in     Cakes and Cooked meats
'li.llli  nn.l " ' "IK i.'l'l "I I' lmil ii    '    lli
I'llsl Inalii ailn i,     V kauitl,.,.      ,. . U    )«l|||,   I, I .
S|a.'.'   i ill . Ilflll-llll  . r" 1    '" ma;   ll    I
a'flriiri i„ial   Hi''ii"a' alinttl
i   list Tatlll Sllll'll   I',-I n.iillr- molmlna   ili.-,..-.- nai Hi «• ■ iu..,.
I  irnisbed U|  A|.|ilien
l;in<\ Sultana Raisins. Choicesl Valencia Raisins Best
qualit) seeded Muscatels Dripped Lemon, Orange and
Citron Peels.
I,      || Hill    I       |  I    II'I     U'l.ri,
"I"-a.-la- lllljri   'il   I,—
l.„,':al..l \.
P.O. v>m 834,   Cranbrook, BX.
^   lirickluvcr   .#,
^ '(..hi11 actor   **»*
Olir'  $60,000     Slaughter     •■   •■«■   perfectly clean   Blue   Pearl  Currants,     Fresl
1.,-iivi- v ■ i ii-.i.-i- i-'..i , Shcllt'dVValnuts and Almonds
xmas puddinu Sale will be continued next
»"   hill tii  ll > wesl K\i)
cake        week, and every following (j. X. ROCiERS.
week  until   everything is fancy and staple groceries and crockery,
sold. Cranbrook, B. C.
M  ll sin  i   I.. i'iiI.i
,11 ill \ lll.OV.S   l«.
Sliinihiy. Iln
Olio Di.nr Smith nl City Bakery
I'Hi.M-:  116
K.n    II.
JEdp'nv '"Davis  v,t"' [^ ,i,'in-,n (tivKN
•     -*-^t>CV1       aLJOtVAB  ,(|ioailon will I iilo u. llio i--^   ■       \
M'llllill "f llrnKli r.iliinii.i,. ui n- iiPXI Si-K»luli
im un An io im ni|...r..i. ihe Si Mnry'k ViilH'j
I'niU'.iv fiinnmiij i.nii i"i«i. i" iitnl'l ••ni-
ntrnot, mithitnhi hiii) oporHir n lliir "i nilhvuy
i n( siiindnnl ynm-f or iifirmw kiiiiko lo Ih1 opn
Kli'il ity * tm lecirtplij "i .in v ntln-r power
UrimCB,    l> ■!-    l.iiML'i'    iinil   *oi lUfcarrylnuol rr»l|tlii piiwen^rs nml ->
Fireplace Work ll SimmmuHv    All   l«w« Conimwlmi ni n poini m    Sum
1 .       , ■ stui linn, 'li o| 111 n llrltl-h c.l.in.Ll- > hern
description nl Rtf>lM' wnrl< limlor    Knl|tt-ny, m or nr-or ihe lown o( .M-.ry-.Yini'
fp.Won, ibonco Wi'iitBil) (oIIowIhk Hi    n'.'-i  prlj  -Idi
Order*, left ai J, D. McBRIDES   -k '"}';;v"; '";■L;; '"k;';,
Will U.vnlvn I'm   Alton.  «ln»« .Ithar .linnnnhorlynr'a, '.' -i','-, ,.".'.i THRICK    MONTHS'    L1MITE0   £T
:::::,:z;::z;::;z: r<>n>nto, Montreal^
Wllllll.lll.a.l.ll   l..a.,|...|||,t   l.rilllil, '.   a,|. \ , „ || ' ,' j ||,' | | || | |     I'llilltSII
ti.\i.ii;s \\ WTI.H
,'!'- urn iln il.'tl  fin- hillldiliu mi't
iri'.'la    lla''l -  Uniirlll.   ' ", k    Alkl , , ,
..,,„ white n- .i   ri 1.1 i-m,-k OninrlonntiQiiHl
en ■iinii ii ilinn.-tlii' fimrllH ...Hi   H.kci ttroi-V   and Mhn hrtnrl. in..- i.i.i. v-     UOURKSPONDINC! RATIOS      £ H..111I Offica,
111 ••-'-•'«";"""■ »'»'■; <*■ i:::!'::::;;;:,^:;,;:,:;::,;:"::,,",:;,,:;;:     wall points in     & c„,B„ry. ah^
uu     is    1 ■,..,,.,   i|(tft|i   ni*.iilr  tiK'tiHiirO' . "r "
ii "•■ "■»' I'liinamwii. in iii- wiw "^T.^ Maritime £
■ MMiHi.-ini   ■ in..    Kli-injrcpn,   ii--.   mm,m "tn'-in,. .i.imi,-  11 Hiiy^ueh onnnw ' '''(A'/IH'C'S, E"
ivvfttom.   h 'i    iintl    malnHiili*   r.-    Hoiih: m tpppIvp irn.n .»ny ouycnimnnu per.oi.
in    li     ..i|iM-,n.    urn 11 li*i '.I   laitn   moiinj ni
M'llW'd, other nsmt In nlil  ol nonsirueiloii ol -nrh nn
Tin- - nil i.'inli ■   nlwi ii,\ii.'.l. mil   uiidertHkiHH     Win wt>i  lo ponitrunl and
it,,.im.liny  Imiii.'1 itpffHit. I'lnintplinnil icli'pl    llnfl* lor thi
St-alod iflhrti'Pf m.u-k^l   -Tcndni  fop  i"1"   "' r" ""•""'• "'"■ '"'   '"" n"blio
,   , vltli nnwer t«> nvn i«*nl iMnP for rlrchl*oi*WBjf
Flume.    1  K^nfr. oh nr hpfun* tbo
$63.50   Hill  &, C0.1We wm Coiltinue 0urI
iinii trip        ^mmmn!mm»nm!nmmmHmmmtHmn,!nf!wmn!K|j       IrRPA^   ^TflPIT
=   IDR&'fiXUI I
I P. Burns & Co.
Mum OtHaii fnr East Kootanay, S j f
Ciatitirouk,  11 C —     a
3    i
N'ew Vork
New l:.n<jliiii(l ~L
WholcMtilc nntl Retnil
| (Bargains in every Department|
l.lll    'Ilil    "f    ll  Illl.i'l   ll'-M. In   II.  M. „■„!, a , r^i	
lliiiTim. Kni-I st.'i'l.'. II i .. from «l i ami ..inc. i.i.i: i .lib .u
further pa.1lf.ilar* nai. Iw uhtalnud. ^''^J '" "
The I'iul.l  ia I'.'a.'l'V'.l "I .'.'tnailiv   III)       '",',',ij!,, '„'
an all of Iln- I'.'ll.l.'l-.
Port Stsale, U C, Nov 24th, mi*
New Bfig/a/jf/ig *3|i       ALL  Millinery at Half Price .
i „   ,i, iw i, . „ I.,      I    ]V\etat   IVIerchUMtS   il°n  and   after Monday Nov.   27 J
or d.'tnili'il Informntlon Ural    "£ -3|n " T
il ♦
,1™',"- tilnss or lonrlsl  -!•■•-1 >«'.- rpsorvn   t: ,.    ,      ■
it.iiw.1  Uons ii|.|.lv  lo l'imiK  or £ I'c.ilois, 111
write r     Live Stock
tod niCrniiunKih, AovenibirtHitn, IWI6, .    a   i ■ \ |'•['I,'|'    |)   \J     \ J^ -      -
M,:u \:,,:!;:,::,:,t.,a... •ni„.„„ ir. ^uiuiiuuiuuuiuiuiuuiuuutuiuiiui!	
Vliiilti.ii   ui'l ('old Stomal' "5
.a Calgary. Alberta    5
t3   »


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