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The Prospector Jan 13, 1906

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Array I...   . . a' '.ag am
Vol. 12.
A Largo Audience Attended the
Dedication of the Presbyterian Churoh.
One  of  those  events  which
murk tlm progress of any city
look   place  lasl   Sunday, when
tlm  Presbyterians opened their
now church.    The  edifice is a
beautiful building with a seating
capacity of about, 450.   It is well
lighted  and  the acoustic properties  ure   good.    On   Sunday
morning n good audience assembled to hear the dedicatory sermon   by  "Ralph Connor,"   He
bused his remarks on Mark 9; 2.
The scone wns the transfiguration and it was very graphically
described by the speaker in his
own unique way.    Then he proceeded   to  picture the scene of
the disciples  as they tried   to
cure the boy,   brought to them
by his father.    The cause of the
failure  was   lack of  faith and
lack   of   prayer.    The  speaker
said over-confidence and   piide
would mar the progress of any
church and lhat because we had
good equipment,  was no proof
of success.    The sermon was a
clear exposition of Divine truth
and will long be remembered by
the hearers.    Iu the afternoon
Mr. Goru in addressed the Sunday school,  and in the evening
a great crowd assembled, every
available seat being taken and
many   were standing.    On this
occasion the speaker took as his
subject, "The Rich Young Man."
After    describing     the    time,
place mid man,   he then showed
what   Christ offered  this  man
who inquired the way to eternal
life.    1.   A cross,    2.   A character.   3. A career. At the close
an appeal  was made to all men
to  step   into   line  and   follow
On Monday evening another
good audience assembled when
short addresses were given by
the local clergy and then Mr.
Gordon gave two readings from
"Black Rock" and "Sky Pilot."
These were very enjoyable and
deep interest was manifest to
the end. Mr. Gordon's power of
description is excollent and his
voice added greatly to the entertainment, as he sang a few appropriate hymns and songs.
illustrating his readings.
A report of this opening would
not be complete were mention
not made of the excellent music
furnished by the choir under the
leadership of Miss Rhoda Leitch.
The choir was augmented for
the day and rendered a few choice
selections. Miss Leitch's solos
wore thoroughly enjoyed, and
her pleasing manner was attractive to all. The opening was a
suocess nnd Cranbrook may well
bo proud of such an edifice.
delegate antl Alderman Kink us
un alternate to represent the
city to confer wilh the provincial
government re the construction
of buildings for iln- olty nml
No further business the council adjourned until Thursday
evening, January I Ith,
An adjourned meeting of the
council was held on Thursday
evening, present, His Worship
Mayor   Rogers,    ami   aldermen
Fink. Greer, Murphy, Hickenbotham ami Jaokson,
The Board of Work. Health,
Finance and Police presented
their reports, which were accepted, Council then adjourned.
No. 2.
Cranbrook Convention to Be Held
January 17th.
According to advices received
by T. M. Roberts, secretary of
the Cranbrook Board of Trade,
from A. B. Mackenzie, secretary
of the Associated Boards, the
annual convention will be held
at Cranbrook, January 17th,
There are several matters of
much interest to Southeast Kootenay which will be considered,
the most important of which is
the immediate construction of
the Kootenay Central.
B, R. Dawson, Nelson, was in
Cranbrook, on business, Friday.
Judge Wilson antl  family are
now residents of Cranbrook.
George   Laurie,   of    Creston,
was in town Friday, on business.
H. B, Gllmore, of Vaucouvei
was in the city, Wednesday,
Por candy sweets
fresh every duy, go
Bowl tan Armstrong
of all kinds,
to the Sugar
F, M. llrown of Macdonalil,
Man., was registered at the
Royal Friday,
I iood
ikating at the Columbia
P. MoDouald, Pinclmr Creek,
was iu ihe city Friday.
P. E, .Simpson, editor of the
Herald, left on Friday's train for
The Railway Telegraphers
held their annual daiice Friday
Installed Officers.
A regular meeting of the
Knights of Pythias was held in
the new lodge room on Tuesday
evening, at which the following
officers were installed by Deputy
Grand Chancellor John H. Fink:
C. C—G. H. Thompson.
V. C—A. C. Bowness.
Prolate—W. A. Rollins.
K. R. of S.—J. A. Arnold.
M. of F.~J. A. Arnold.
M. of E.—V. A. Rollins
M. and A.—H. Mercer.
I. G.— H. Rebichaud,
0. G.— P. Matheson.
The Provincial Govomment
has appointed R. A. Anderson
as police magistrate for the city
of Cranbrook. Mr. Anderson
will also act as judge of the small
debts court.
City Counoil Meeting.
A regular meeting of the city
council was held on Wednesday
evening. There were present
His Worship Mayor Rogers, and
Aldermen Fink, Greer, Murphy,
Tisdale, Hickenbotham and Jackson.
Minutes of last meeting were
read and adopted.
A committee consisting of His
Worship Mayor Rogers, Aldermen Fink and City Solicitor
Thompson were appointed to
consult with tho townsite company regarding lots for government buildings.
It was moved by Alderman
Fink und seconded by Alderman
Greer that bylaw No. 6, being
the fire limits and building bylaw be reconsidored und finally
passed and adopted. The mo
tion was adopted.
The' mayor' was appointed  a
City Election.
The next municipal election
will take place on January l*th,
which is Thursday next. Nomination day is Monday, January
It is said that the present
council, including Mayor Kog
ers, will be placed in noniina
tion for re-election. James
Ryan and Alfred Doyle are also
spoken of as candidates for
aldermunic honors.
The Coal Output.
The output of coal at the mines
for the week ending Friday,
Jan. 5th, was as follows:
Coal Crock 7,;ifi(i
Michel 5,024
Carbonado 1,681
Total 14,001
Gathering of the Clan.
The regular meeting of the
Caledonian Society was held
Wednesday evening al Putmore's
hall. The usual improvised pro
gramme was curried out, by
song, story and dancing. Mr.
McCowan, the piper of tho society, opened by rendering a
stirring pibroch, and also played
several lively airs for the dancers. A eommiili-e will prepare
a fine programme for the Barons'
celebration on January 24th.
Road Superintendent D, Mackay went to Fort Steele, Wednesday, on official business.
Miss Inez Holbrook, of Elko,
spent Saturday last, with friends
in Cranbrook.
For pure, fresh candies, get
them at the "Sugar Bowl," on
Armstrong avenue.
P. Gordon, of Nolson, was
registered at the Cranbrook,
B. G. Hamilton, Calgary, was
a guest at the Cranbrook, Thursday.
H. Porter came down from
Kimberley, Thursday, on business.
The Macleod orchestra, weie
registered at the Wentworth
hotel, Friday.
A. ,1. Mott, of Fernie, was in
Cranbrook, on business, Thursday.
Wm. McAllister, of Clares-
holm, Alia., was a Cranbrook
visitor, Thursday.
M, Mclnnis, Elkmouth, was in
Cranbrook. Thursday, on business.
W. T. Reid has gone to Ed
monton and other points in Alberta on a business trip.
Born—At Cranbrook. Thursday, January 11, to Mr and Mrs.
E. H. Small, a daughter.
Born—At Cranbrook, Tues
day. January Oth, to Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Gunness, twin boys.
Mrs. R. Quance and Mrs. Ing-
lis, of Jaffray, spent Sunday and
Monday in town.
Mrs. Crowe and daughter, of
Moyie, were visitors in the city
this week.
Mayor Rogers antl Mrs. Rogers, und Miss Jaffnres visited
Kimberley Friday
Mr. 1. H. Willson, president ol
of tiie Telegraphers Dniou, was
iu Cranbrook Friday,
W, P. Aelon and M. J. Acton,
of Si,lur, were Cranbrook visitors on Thursday.
.1. H. Wilson and F. W. Bur
gess, of Wardner, were registered ai the Cranbrook, Wednesday.
II. M. Burrow und Jolin Cham
mings, of Fort Steele, went in
Cranbrook, Wednesday, on busi
E. Elwell, of the firm of Beale
& Elwell, was ut Kimberley and
Marysville for several days this
week ou company busiuess.
Mrs. Gaskill, wife of the manager of the Kimberley Lumbering Company, was a visitor in
town this week.
The Macleod orchestra arrived
at Cninbrook Friday morning
they will furnish the music for
the Telegraphers dance.
The regular monthly convocation of Rocky Mountain Chapter,
R. A. M,. was held in Masonic
hall, on Tuesday evening.
A. Rendall, A. W. Murray and
.1. W. Walton, all of Winnipeg,
were registered at the Cranbrook
Mr. McSweyn will take orders
for carnival suits, both for ladies
and gentlemen. Orders must be
in by January liith.
J. A. Harvey has been nominated as a school trustee. It is
said that W. T, Reid, L. W. Patmore and E. Elwell will also be
Speech From the Throne Tells of
FroBperity of the Provinc1.
D. A. McDonald,
in Cranbrook for
this week.
Fernie, was
several days
Editor Smyth, of Moyie, greet'
ed us with his smiling countenance ou Monday.
F. McCool, of Fort Steelt
Junction, was iu the city, Mon
Oive Aooount of Stewartship.
It is said that the present city
council will seek re-election on
their records as mayor antl aldermen. Would it not bo well if
the council would give to the
electors anil citizens of Cranbrook an account of their stewardship.
By Rev. W. G. W. Fortune,
pastor of the Presbyterian
church, on Wednesday, January
10th, Andrew J. Hamilton, of
Fernie, to Miss Myrtle Mi-Kin-
nie, of Elko.
as, of  Jaffray, was
business   in  Cranbrook,
,1. (!. Ferguson, Kimberley,
was a (ranbrook visitor, on Monday,
Dun Mackay was at Fernie for
several days last week, returning lo Cranbrook on Sunday.
B. P. Cooke, of Fort Steele,
was in Cninbrook, Monday, on
J. M. Donald and J. K. Savage, of Winnipeg, were registered at tho Cranbrook, Monday.
Constable A. Drummond, of
Fernie, was in Cranbrook, Monday, on logal businoss.
The Cranbrook public schools
opened Monday with an increased attendance.
Candies fresh every day nl
the "Candy Bowl." Why not
try them?
A lodge of instruction was
held in Masonic Hall by Cranbrook Lodge, AF. & A.M., on
Thursday evoning. There was
a large a'ttoudancu
A chink was up before Judge
Anderson, Thursday, charged
with keeping au opium joint.
His trial was continued until
Friday afternoon.
H. H. Ward, of Marysville,
was in the city, Monday, and in-
cidently attended the railway
meeting in Wentworth hall during the evoning.
John Houston, M.L.A., of
Goldtields, Nevada, arrived at
Victoria on January Dili, to
attend to his parliamentary
In reviewing ihe short career of
the present council it cannot bo
questioned that they have worked
hard for the welfare and prosperity of the city.
Tiie Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Co. paid to the provincial gov
eminent during the year 1905,
$1:7,978.58 as royalty on coal and
Mrs. A. P. Chenette and sun,
of Marysville, wore in town
Monday. Roy was on his way
lo  Plncher   Creek   to   attend
A. A. McNeil, principal of our
school, arrived home from his
holiday trip on Sunday, and re
slimed his duties on Monday
Archie Leitch, M. B. King,
Dr. J. 11. King, C. D. McNab,
H. L. Lindsey, A. F. Krappel,
were al, Nelson this week attending tiit! annual meeting of the
Lumbermen's Association.
An assembly of Conservatives
was held in Eagle hall, Moyie,
on Tuesday evening, for tho
purpose of re-organissing ihe
Moyie Conservative Association.
There wns a large attendance.
Rov. 1). M. Perley, B. A., of
.Moyie, and Rev. W. Vance, of
Kimberley, worn guests at the
parsonage during the early part
of Ihe week, having come in to
hoar "Ralph Connor."
Rev. ,1. P, Westman made a
trip to Aldridgn this week on
Tuesday when he united In the
holy bonds of matrimony Mr,
Augustus Gillon and Miss Emily
Poyzer Had field, The wedding
was a quiet affair, only the Immediate friend* being present
Victoria, .Inn. 11.—Parliament
opened today.    The following is
Ihe address from the throne:
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen ol
the Legislative Assembly:
11 is wilh much gratification
that iu meeting you asraiii at the
opening of another   session of
Ibis parliament,   1 um  able   to
congratulate you on the  pros
parity   which   has  murked   the
year just  closed,   und  on   the
favorable   prospects   for   the
period on whie" we are entering
The view expressed by me when
releasing you from your labors
at the close of last session, thut
the legislation you had passed
would prove beneficial to the
province, has been fulfilled, as
you will learn from the reports
that my ministers will present
to you. Tho measures passed at
the last two sessions in connection with the finances of the
province have achieved what
was desired. The stability of
the finances has been restored,
revenue has increased satlsfac
torily and the accounts that will
bo submitted you will show u
substantial surplus. The credit
of the province in the London
money market has been re-established with groat benefit to British Columbia as a field for the
profitable employment of capital
The changes made at your last
session in the laws respecting
the administration of timber
lands of the crown have led to a
great extension of tho lumboring
industry in all parts of the province resulting in advantage to
those engaged in it and in a
great augmentation of the
revenue derived from it.
The efforts made by tho de-
areas in the Similkameen and
adjacent districts and bring
them into easy communication
with the coast and with the great
railway systems of this conti
ncnt. It is to be hoped that the
time will soon come when the
economic conditions and the potentialities of traffic are such as
will secure the construction of
railways without imposing the
additional burdens on the people,
or uny further alienation of the
public domain in the form of
grunts or   subsidies to  railway
The extension of local self-
government ami the decentralization of administration by creation of municipal bodies- is calcu
luted to promote the interests of
the people, and a measure for
further consolidation of the Municipal Clauses Act will be submitted for your consideration
for tho furtherance of that object.
The Act passed by you at your
Inst session for tin, protection of
the game of tho province has
been effective to a considerable
extent in the protection of what
is a valuablo provincial asset,
and a bill to further achieve that
object will be laid  beforo you.
You will also be askod to consider measures for the adjustment of the Land Act so as to
make more effective the laws for
the administration and sottlo
nient of the public domain and
the more rapid development of
the vast natural resources of the
The estimates for the ensuing
year, that huvo been submitted
to you. have been framed with
due consideration for economy,
while recognizing the necessity
that exists for the development
of this great province, and the
efficiency in every branch of the
I trust that your deliberations
partment of agriculture to de-
I.C!0i ffmt,.f0WiUe hav?.b.een wilftoud ii" advand'.ho'".iter
osts  of   llritish   Columbia and
crowned with success and Brit
ish Columbia fruit has again
beaten all competitors at the ex
hibitiou of tho Royal Horticul
tural Society in London. The
area of land iu orchards has been
largely increased und new mar
kets have been opened for the
disposal of their products.
My government has beon engaged in negotiations with that
of thu Dominion in regard to the
administration nnd control of
the fisheries of tho province and
with a view to the permanency
and development of this important industry, und it is hoped
that an arrangement mutually
satisfactory to the two governments and calculated to advance
the interests of tho industry will
be reached.
The increase in the revenue,
antl the prospect of that growth
being continued, it is hoped,
will enable the government lo
make larger appropriations for
public works, designed to opon
up the country, and to make
easier the means of communication with districts towards which
the attention of intending set
tiers is being directed.
You will be gratified to learn
that tho mining industry is show
ing signs of great activity
throughout the province. While
Ihe older mining districts are
steadily increasing their output,
new mineral areas are being
opened in the interior and along
the coast, some of which give
promise of great mineral wealth.
With the reduction which is
steadily going on in the cost of
the treatment of ores, the importance of the mining industry
in the provincial economic situation is rapidly increasing antl
large additions are being made
to the capital invested in smelting anil allied industries.
There has been great activity
in railway construction during
the past year and the indications
are that this will continue for
sometime. Two great corporations ure now engaged in build
ing linns that will opon up rich
| mineral, agricultural and tiiabsr
promote the happiness aud welfare of all sections of the community.
Rev. G. H. Findley, Presbyterian minister of Moyie, attended the lecture in the 1'resby-
torian church on Monday evening.
The present municipal council
have consented, at the request
of their many supporters, to allow
their names to be placed in nomi
The Canadian Pacific Railway
Company are erecting u building
18x80, neur the freight shed
hero, which will be used for the
distribution of supplies for dining cars.
Attention Voters— Your vote
unil influence is respectfully solicited at the coming municipal
election by   Yours truly,
J.oiEs Greek.
George Watson, A. B. Fenwick, George Geary, Dr. H.
Watt, Joe Walsh, T. T. McVittie
and R. L. T Galbraith, of Fort
Steele, were iu Cranbrook, Monday evening, attending the Kootenay Central Railway meeting.
Two parlies were up before
Stipendiary Magistrate Armstrong, Monday, charged with
selling liquor to Indians, There
was not sufficient evidence to
convict them, hence thev were
The new seats for the Methodisl church, which are being
made at the sasli unil floor factory of this place, are Hearing
completion, and will be put in
place next week. The painting
will then be done by F. T. Bradley & Co., nnd special services
will beheld llie following Sunday to murk the reopening.
These seats will be a credit to
the home linn, as those who have
soon them are loud in their
praise of the work.
The recreation building is progressing rapidly ami in a fuw
days tiit1 boys will have an opportunity of practicing and making general use of the rooms.
The formal opening will lake
place January 22nd, when an In
foresting time will be spout. No
pains will be spared to make
this opening n success. The orchestra will be in attendance
and some mulch games will be
played and a general social lime
spent. Every young man should
reserve that date.
A Plea for Government Aid-Delegation from Fort Steele in
A public meeting was held on
Monday evening in Wentworth
hall in the interest of the immediate construction of the Kootenay Central Railway.
J A Harvey was chairman
and presented C. Hungerford
Pollen, who fully explained the
object of the meeting and the
position of the railway company,
und why he had to appeal to the
public, the residents of the upper
Columbia and Kootenay valleys,
who are chiefly interested in its
His Worship Mayor Rogers
was invited to Ihe platform,
Mr. Pollen made a vigorous
and telling speech, and was followed by Messrs. Rogers, Harvey, J. D. McBride, James Ryan.
F. E. Simpson, G. H. Thompson, of Cranbrook; Dr. Watt, A.
B. Fenwick, and R. L. T. Galbraith, of Fort Steele.
E. Elwell. of Cranbrook,
moved that a resolution be presented to the provincial government, asking for substantial assistance toward tho construction
of this important railway. This
was carried by an unanimous
Daring the past week a petition has been circulated in the
district, which has been signed
by everybody, all of whom rec
ognize the importance of the immediate construction of this railway.
"I Am & Hog."
a. Dr. Watt writes a loiter to the
Nelson Daily News, in the matter of constructing the Kootenay
Centra] Railway, and concludes
his article with the following:
"Ye people of Cranbrook, when
you have read this, t want you
each to retire to his closet and
ask himself this solemn question:
"Am I a hog?—I am."
Very respectfully,
HtrciH Watt, M, D.
Death of Miohel Postmaster.
Albert Gammago, postmaster
at Michel, brother of Mr. Walter
Gammage of this city, died ut
Michel lust Thursday night from
the effects of a complication of
appendicitis and peritonitis. Dr.
MoSorley performed an operation but it was found that owing
to the presence of peritonitis his
case was hopeless Ho was
taken sick on New Year's day
Mr. Gammage was a pioneer,
coming ahead of the railroad
and had been postmaster at
Michel two years. He was born
in Eugland 33 years ago. He
had been married a little more
than a year to a young lady of
Owen Sound, where he had resided previous to coming west.
Scott & Ross embalmed the body
and it wns buried at Michel on
Monday. Rev. Bartlett, of Christ
church, conducted the service.
Mr. Gammage was a member of
tho Ancient Order of Foresters.
Much sympathy is felt for the
young widow left alone so soon
in her now western home.—-Felipe Ledger.
A Letter from Shaugnessy.
Dr. Watt, of Fort, Steele has
received a letter from Sir
Thomas Shaugnessy, saying:
The Kootonay Central will be
constructed on the lines of the
present survey via Fort Steele.
When completed it is possible a
branch line may be built to
The regular proaohlng services will be held iu tho Methodist church next Sunday as
usual. The pustor will have
charge. The evening subject
will be "The New House." A
specially interesting song service will be held at 7:30, when
ull will join. The choir will
lead in choice anthems All are
l.ivitod to tbe services. THE PROSPEI CO'K, CRANBROOK   B C, JANUARY  13, 1906
Wentworth Dote
Baker Street,      Cranbrook. B.C.
C?L%c Iproepectoi;. Z
A. B. Grace,
i'i tii.isiiKi;   and   Kiii-rnii,
uction of lh ■ • i Iwuy is obvious, Hence one ,,; tho im
porlanl iii.r. — of this paper has
been, and is nov. to bring all
classes together on one common
It will pay thoso win, are
pmids upon  t
ct, that ii,,'  future do I    looking for work to call and
p ui   of   the   districl   do :    S('''
Lighted   By  Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable licit rooms
First Class Dining Room
SATI.'UIUY. JAN, 13, llKlli,
VIIK CA V/'//»,l/7'S
he immediate eon
Iglruction of 'iii.- importiml ar
ten' "I commerce
THO0T lie- least inten      <v\v „io-lpa|  political pot  is
beginning lo boil. OaudiduUis
will be pul in the Held iu oppo
sition to the presenl nembors of
ih,, city cuuncil,
♦    Marysville. B.C.    ♦ ;|>
il' The leading Hotel of the St   Mary's  Valley
Nice airy moms, newly furnished    Table as good    (fa
\()   u> any lo Ko itenay
Patmore Bros.
Stoves. Ranges      Blower Piping
Furnaces      Sheet Metal Work
Enamelled Ware      Plumbing
~ "» lion to disparage any ol
the municipal candidates for
mayor or aldermen, The Pros
pector suggests thai the voters
consider carefully the qualifications of the opposing men who
are candltates u, represent Iheni
in the council, and \t ho it ill
have charge .,:' ii,,- city's
\\>- have nothing i" say oi the
personnel of the opposiug oandi
dates, bul we wish. to point oul
that iiu- present counci   a oon
posed oi    ii  w ho   ire   irgelj
Identified * tli ihe citj >\ hi
have permuneul iuteresls an,
homes here, and some ol I
have had l large purl
' velopment ot this city and th,
resources i»' lli, snrronudi,, :
In tliis respect,   or  any
respect,   «.,- invite   coinpai -
letween the presenl cou
• ew counc ':.   n ith   i confidence
lhat ti" sensible   man will  sin
lie  preseul  i o -'..-ii is and
Jim  McArthur
ll,. can  secure  von ;i job aud
also iii -..•,i oul 'H
Clothes, slim1-,,
Hals, lite.
HILL ft CO.    Tht' Duly place In town
a.   linn ,-),n tunica- life tvnrtli Hi'- living.
E. H. SMALL, Manager
1       l-    ;,a,l""   j  l IVlunib U     :
o  friendliness lor mi indiv idual       »»•« ^
' \1
in tie, .,■■■ ila.ai in- ii tl   i ii■•■  -i    " mson  '
posed i ■ the  | resent  council oi
persona    mult,    ind   trj
iui the ■> ishes pie, i
because    i t  ' I  ,
fnlliiiK lo pit,',-- |
• • • Tailor     Importer of '.
I Ine Woolens.
une which the olecl *
se sip i ilt, Arnwl mis \v,i   ,
aud i igo ■  is  act tm; lli.i .-. • ■ **«t
lueui o upti e nl J '' i '   i-
We have :' -en in the busint -->-
il   se\ i-i ,i!   yi ui -   we  liu\ '■ '
u,,,    ,|,,-; ...   : i ,i in it or ihi:
UPS.   nibl'jp | IANOPORTE
i Hay, Oats, Wheat, Feet
We have this week uuloiided a car of each ltind
SPECIAL Prick FOR Tun Lots, Cull and see us be for,
buying nlsowhore.    We also carry a stock of
Harris Bros.
Special attention to touch
technique,   phrasing   and        '
,.'■ ,' of studios.
I Royal   Hotel
, ■|'li„ llni-.-ii-l-. ji **
M~w*\*\ •%.   r I—"fc a. U'Wlil1   mhiU  . iliSi'i; I  *JT^
The Very b3cst ,„,      ^^^w^umu^^j
which go  lo  make cm
■•sriflboiit mat Piano
4    >; «. * o .♦>"♦ » ♦.o* ■> ♦
Why  uol   retaiu
ther year?
a    a    a
5       Let them I lecte      ,-,   ,
a>. uiation
« •  •  •
-^      The slog it ul  th, con iug u -
: em    ir ai      or Ihe removal ol Mason ii
Pianos, we cau do the ivorl
SU.     Also Househof
I-ranbrook Carfcag
i';.',:,":'"":""1,Hp'      ,   „  -       TEAMS and DRIVERS        i
i Cartage and l ransfer Co ; *
^   uu! timer:
o   nolliiiK b,
I'I,am,, ia.
The city election issue this
inie is for the "outs" to be in
;i,l the people he damned.
,!,•>.;,, J „ a,,,,,,, ,.,-aaaa,, ,, a-,,,,,,, II,' I".
2 Rock) Mountain Chapter s:
* Mi.   126,   R. A. M. 3
,11'ST   AUItlVUIl
Best In Quality
.Most Artistic In IJcsi^n
Lowest In Price
Painters,   Panerhangers  ami   Decorators
Sign Painting a Specialty
S4 ...                           |;|      llugulai'meellnpi.  -2utl Tue*
1 ' ,,,,                          .    ,                      , .           I 5   ,!:iv    ill    .-JLa-li    ,,,,-nlh    ;,!   a-iii'lll
« rhe people of Southeast Koot   :S „vj(K!,
.% enay are  not   in  doubt, how fur i|
fj ,,                                              ,      ,      -      Sitj.uii-i,iri■-■  t iiiiiiiiiiiiniia   ari
d they are lo take seriously theKI ,.„r,nilUv i„vi,,jU.
fjR, building of the  Kootenay Con-   5
fj ,    , ,,  -,                                      .      ,  .5           II. M. Ui.'itnow, .Si-rilii, H
Furnished for any point in thi
ooi-SliOG MaKer
Finest of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Those who are  weary nnd thirsty,  drop in, and
Alex will do the rest.
ALEX McCOOL    Prop.
* iiral Railway, and are determined
,♦. on engaging the attention of tlii
*v legislative nssembly, whose fur
*•; j thorance is understood to be de
♦ ] pendent, In it greater of  less de
All Work Guilt-tint I
Mew Work Mittlo to Moasuiv
groe upoi, public assistance.
The attitude of almost every
CRANBROOL,     -    U.C.
i Armstrong Ave.
91 +
I  tfi
P.O. BOX 3,1
& citixen of the district is one of
\UMSTRONG AVKX1:k    PHONE 111    Q   welcome to this railway, which
*♦,.; is seeking an entry into the Columbia aud Kootenay valleys,
and. as on several previous occasions we have pointed out that
from a mere business standpoint
there seems to be no reason why
:<*»:«>-:'♦:.>.:;•>:-'.:<*•. »:♦.:».♦.'''♦,. '♦'■ •>'■*'■■«:♦;.«>;.*».:■♦;-*:jft-*> •>
Solicitor, Etc,
Cranbrook ■      British Columbiu
$999 999 %99 929999 999999999
When   You   Think   Of g
qui   A   "P) O   assistance should not begiven to        ™j notarV
t A   K    >.  this, one of Hie most  important
ajlU II 11U I railway projects in  British Col |Cranbrook, B.C
Galgarv lieer, .\le A: Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO., Hay and Grain.
Cranbrook. B.C.
c. c. c.
must fall, and the necessity for
all sections of Southeast Koot-!
i enay working together in liar
G. H. Thompson
~2^P$   NOTAHY I'rilI.H
Cnuibi'ooka l»-t'-
' 'I1 H 0 M A S   M o V 1T T I G
P. U.S.  ,V- C, F5„
Port Hteole B.C,
ITIMATES l'rilNlsl!l:li ON A I.I, WORK
JOIIIIINO  I'itiiMl'TI.V EXECUTED        i i
Pacific   Coast   Points
Palace and Tourist
Sleepers, BuffitH
Library Oars, Modem
Duy Ooaahea.
Dining Curs,
MEAL8   A   I.A   CARTB.
You Think Of
-   PHONE  119   -
Cranbrook, B.C. East Kootenay   X
Sisss I ^^jiRKi^Si^sj^Si^ss;'
,,   ,. DR
»   I [ousesand l ottages for Im-mi  |
* . ,       ,.     ... j     Piysolaii
t I   bale  nn I'.usy    I ,'inis.        i ,,ni.     viims'
• Gaioary Game Go.
*        I'resh and Salted Meat.-,
Fish and Poultry in Season
t Orders hy mail will reeeivo prompt in
Order i\\  Phone 4-fi
Telephone *-.
sJumm  MotlnvH itntl P'upnar** Wnrtc a
: I  IIouiip:   !'
! j  |Jhoiiu Olll
i Surrjeon
H p.m.
'il,    Ititaliluiu-p lull
tiitiitmia.,itiifii> 4.........
Best   Meals  on  Wheels
KAST  ANH WKST ll.MI.V    **£
'^Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connect
Nonresl to railroad depot,   I las accommodations   for   ih,-   public   unequalled   in \\
0 ranbrook,
i losl and Slock Estimates
Furnished Upon Appllcn
^ lion.
J. Edgar Davis |.r-.'.'
.,.    Bricklayer   $.
^""Contractor  r"
I'll,INK 116
Furnace,  Moil"
Pur lull part-loulam, rat-OH,  loldni
nil tm or ml,ll'< a.
S. (I. VKKKKS, ,i.w.l'.,\..
Sonttlo, Wiiali.
(',   \\.   MAITONEY, i'.I'. ,v  'I'.A
Range and
'li'oplncn Work n Specially. All
escriplion of sttiue-work undoi"'  g—s.   'f-,.
P 0. Box 834.   Cranhrook, B.C. Iill<""' I^.X^xiy^0--'.--
Centrally Located Electric Lights j  Orders left al J. D. ttcBRIDES
"! Will llt.aiulvu Pi'iimpl iVUontion,
Manitoba Hotel IGranDrooK
Under  New  Management
Headquarters for  tin^
,-n and nl'l i ini(• r..
When you want
ace  tu stop con
"I oi.AltY * DOYLE, PROP'S
'•    Manitoba,
d, a. Mcdonald, manager
Wo Give You Your Money's Worth I
r* Livery
Teams and drivurn furni
ed  for any  iwint in Ilia district,
K. DOYLE, Mhii,i«i>
\t*   Bta...Sj
SiliiY Tw
,.lil Miinilolm H
,,„,„.,,„, I,a 111,,
sir    e
^*.».-a-,.,i^», *a ^..-.^.^.-,
Ph'Hl i'!|iihh Wmi: In all I
,ii ii„.
I Tonsorlal An f,
U     ■  la. ,■.,,,», ll,.-"' '.aillaa.M,-  "    , - (Rflf   *S
fj|Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors a
A). I
•JT Head Oillce,
^ 0(il(jnry, Alborta.
KTuin Ofiicu for East ICootiinay,
Cnmbrook, B.O
g Wholesale and Retail 2
1 Meat Merchants 1
*»•£ Dealers in
£   Live Stock
Abattoir and Gild Storage^
at Calgary, Alberta    §
Notice 1, hereby »i™nih»tt Intend j   H«l<» ta hereby Jlven that I into™;! *%\\& Itfl^PCCtOr        Before    Starting
to apply to tho Chief C,.mmi«ionor of U, apply t0 tha Chic, commissioner ,,f| -■  , ,n ,.„„, ,
Lands and Worka for liconoo to '       " "n »our .Inornej
pact for Coal and  Potroleuro on tt..- j,,,...,  ,,„. ,.„„, iU„, PeU.0\aam „n lho|
following lands:   BoglnutnR ul ;i  nm\
planted at the   northeast   oornor or
Morrissey townalto, tlionoo smith one
mile following tho gonoral trend of the
Klk   Rlvor,   thenee  wost ouu  milo,
theuoo north ono milo, theueo oast ouc
mile to.the point of oommoneomout.
Pornle, B.C., Deoombor Oth, 1005.
J. J, Cowdomj'
51 por J. li. Pot'guson
Notice i* horoby given that 1 Intend
to apply to tho Chief Cominisstouor of
Lands and Works for lloenoe to pros-
poot for Coal and Petroloum on tho
following landB! Begiunlng nt ji post
planted ut the northoast corner of
MnrrlBsoy townBlte, i hence wont ono
mile, thonee north one milo, tlionoo
east, to the Elk River, thenee nouth
following the gonerul trend of the mild
river to the point of comtuoocotnont,
Kernie, B.C., December Oth, 1005.
J. II. Souklor
51 IVr J. to. ForgiiBon
Notice i« horoby given that 1 intend
to apply to the OhUf Commissioner of
Lands and Works for lloenoe to prospect for Coal and Petroloura on tho
following lands: Beginning at a pout
ohm ted at tho southwest corner of .1.
H. Seukler's olalm and marked W. A.
Maclenan's northoast oornor, thouoo
BOUth ono mile, theueo west one milo,
thonco north one mile, thence cost one
mile tn the point of commoncomont.
Fornle, B.C., DocomborOth, 190S.
H\ .\. Mnclenun
51 Per J. to. Korguson
Notice in hereby given that I Intend
to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on tho
following lands: Beginning at a post
marked XV, A. Maclenan's: northonst
corner, tlience west ono mile, thence
nortli ono mile, thence east one mile,
thenco south one mile to the point of
Pernio, B.C., Deoombor Oth, IflOfi,
Helen Forguson
51 Por J. II. Ferguson
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply to tho rhief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for licence, to pros*
poet for Coal and Petroleum on the
following lands: Beginning ut n post
marked.!. 11. Ferguson's northeast corner (planted on tho west shore of the
Klk River one milo north oT coal and
petroleum claim NJo, 1974) thenoe south
one milo, thonee « Hone mile, thenee
uorth one milo, thence oast one mile to
point of commencement.
Pernie, B.C.. December Uth, 1905.
51 J, to. Forguson
Notice is hereby glvon thai 1 intend
to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works tor licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following lands beginning at u pout
marked R. A. Welsh's northwest corner, tnence cast ono mile to tho Klk
Kiver, thonee north one mile following
the hank of the Klk Kiver, thenee west
one mile, thence south one milo to
point of commencement,
pernio, B.C.. December Oth, 190.J.
J. E. Miller
.51 Per J. B. FergUHon
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following lauds: Beginning at a post
marked R, A. Welsh's northwest corner, thence west one mile, thonee north
one milo. thenee east one mile, thence
south ono tulle to the point of commencement.
Pernio, B.C., December Oth, 1005,
K. E. MoKoobnio
M Per .1. li. Forguson
Notice is hereby glvon Lhat I intend
to apply to tho Chief Commissioner ol
Lauds and Works for llcotico In prospect for ('oul ami Petroleum ou tho
following lands: Uoglnnlngat a pnst
marked It, 13, MclCechluo's northoast
corner, thenee easl one milo to Klk
Kiver. thence north one mile following
the bank of the said river, thonee wesl
one mite, Ihenee smith one milo, to the
point id commencement.
Pernie, B.C., December fith, 1005.
W. Marl MoKlll'g
51 .1. It. Forguson
Notice is hereby given that f Intend
to apply io the Chief Cominissionur of
Lands and Works for licence lo prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following lands: Beginning ut a post
marked K. K. McKoohnio's northeast
corner, thence west ono milo, thenco
.north one mile, thonee east ono mile,
thenee south one mile to point of commencement.
Fernie, B.C., December Oth, 1905.
Ceo. Muodonald
,r,1 Por J. to. Forguson
Notice Ib hereby glvon that 1 will
apply to tho chief CommisBlonor of
Lands and Works for llotaso to pros-
poet for Coal and Petroleum on the
following lands: Beginning at n post
marked .1. B. Porgusou's uortboust corner, thonoe to tho west ono milo, thenoe
following lands: Beginning at a post!
marked R, .\ Welsh's northwest cor-|
nor [one mile wost of the Elk River),
thence south one mile, tllOUCO OOSl   one
milts thonee north one mile,  thonee
west   one.   mile   to   the   point    of   COttl-
Pernie, B.C., D imborOth, UU1.",.
R. A. Welsh
51 Per.I. li. Ferguson
~B* Start the New Year rfc~
well by having vour
Prest Photo Go.
(taker St. Cranbrook, 13.<
COMMITTING SUIOEDG [)(\\\     fit     FlllfihfiS
  UUM     uu    ■ IHUIIW Daily   Tourist   Sleeper ng
•x.-ivi,',. iVlK
Notloe is horoby glvon thut, w diiys afti
dite. l Intoud in apply to tho Hon. Chief c in
mlshlonrr ot Landi und Work* for a special
liconoo to out and carry awuy timber irom thi
nil low! tic described lunda In Enal Kootenai
Dlstrlot. llritish Columbia: -Couiinenolng at a
post plumed ui .). VVlrth'a nouiu-euat ogrnei
No. It claim; thenuu north L00 chainn, thonee
inst 40chains, thenoe south lOOoliams, thonee
wesl 40ohuins to placa "' beginning.
Dated tbU SUh day o( November, 1905.
Notice lh hereby given tbat, 80 days
ihtte. I intend to apply to the lion. Chief
miss pnor of Lands un! Worka for a s)
lieonoo m cut and parry away timber froi
following desorlbed lands in East Koot
District, British Columbia: ■ComraotiolDg
post planted ni a. T. ColhvcU's southeast
nor, thonoe north lt'o chains, tiunco en
ehaius, theuoo south 160 chains, thence vr-
ehnlns to place of beginning,
Dated ibis 'Jtth day of November, 1003.
Notice Is hereby given tbat, U0 days after
date, 1 intend to apply to the Hon, Cblef Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
licence to cut and carry nway timber from the
folinwini* described lands in East Kootenay
Dlstrlot, Drltlsh Columbia:—Commencing at a
pnst planted at H. Kershaw's south-east uoruer
No. 1 lioonco, theuce north lim chains, tbence
east40 chains, thenco south 160 ohalns, thence
west m chains to place of beginning.
Dated this aith day of November, 1906.
J. WiltTH,
Lor ator.
Notice is hereby glvon that, HO days after
date, I intend toapply to tbe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Work*, for n special
licence to out and curry away timber from the
following described lands In East Kootenay
Dlstrlot, Drltlsh Columbia; -Commencing at it
post planted at J. McNeil's north-west corner,
tbenoe aoutb Kit') chains, thottce west -tu ohains
thenco uorth !'>i> ohalns, tbenee eust 40 chains
to plnee of beginning.
Dated this 24th duy of November, 1905.
Notice is horoby given that, 3d days lifter
date, I Intend to apply to tho Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
licence to cut nnd curry away timlier from tho
following described lands In East Kootenay
District, llritish Columblu: -Commencing at h
post planted at A. A. Ewin's nonh-W'si corner.
theuce soutu 100 chains, thenee wost 40 chains,
thence north IfiO chains, thenco oast 40 chains
to place of beginning.
Dnted this 24th day of Novomber, 1905.
j. MC.N'Kll,,
NOT I' ■:.
Notice is herei.y given Hint, 'in daya utter
date. I intend toapply to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works for a special
licence to cut and carry away timber from the
fnllowlug described land- fu   East   Kootenay
Distriot, British Columbia: -Commencing nt a
post planted in Jacob Nelson's nortli west corner, thonee south I no chains, thence wesl40
chains, thenco uorth MO chains, thonoe oast40
chains to place of beginning,
Dated this 84th day of November, 1905,
Notlco Is hereby given that, 80 day*, after
date, I In.tend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a special
licence incut and curry awav 11 in tier from the
following described lands in Kast Kootonay
Dlstrtot, llritish Columbia! Conunonclng at a
post planted one-half milo wesl of the skunk-
uiiichnek Kiver. on i trstcreelt on west sldu
and oloso io the  mill going up Haid creek,
thenooaoufch IfiOcliulua, tlienuowost 10chains,
tlience north UW nhnins, thenee east ID
in plucu of beginning.
Hated Ihis-.'ltii duy nl Novombor, 1905
How Different Nationalities Seem
to Adopt Different Methods.
Effective Jamrnrj Ut,
"Itis very strange how differ-1     ,,,,-. . '*A
eut nationalities seem to run to     Bread- Buns- Cakes,  Pies, -to- ^
special modes  of   committing Etc Seattle ami Vancouver^!
suicide," remarked a physician|    C00KED MEATS l{eady for:
And hav Vol i; i.r\i \\ ,,„t. up
All    Home   Made
Bread, Bur
A W O   v.;
of this oily who takus un in-
IBrest in liia, b zai'i'c side of
liuiiiitn llllllll','. -'1 sen by llie
papers thul an old Gerinaii eut
his throat liere tho other day. j
That is a favorite method of self
destruction among middle class
Gertnaus of u suicidal temperament, .lust why il should be so
is hard to coujeoture. It is
unutterably    horrible    and    a
Hanson, five., •  Cranbrook
That I intoud thirty dnya af tor data to
apply to ih,- Chlol Commissioner ol
Lauds and Works foruSpootn) l.iaviifa.
to ,-iil am,I oarry away tlmbor from
tiie following described laudsl
Commencing ut a posl planted on the
south side ol  Moyie Crook one and
wholly unnecessary infliction  of j <• half mllos up the ereek (roraC, I'. R,
pain, yet anybody who hasgtven Rllllwa5'   Bl,ldS0' ll"'"''" m °lmln»
,       ', .    ,',     '..                      ,, south, thenee 40 ehains wost, thenco 100
the subjeo   attention can  ivni ,           ,,  ,,         ,,
J chains north,'hunoe to ,-lialns oumiiq
dozens of oases—all Germans.      piaeo of   boglnnlnif,   contalnlni; 040
"Amur cans generally   shoot acres,
thumsolves,    That    method,    it     Dated H7th Docombor, 190B,
seems   to me, cau be traced to    53 SVllllam Solmioek
certain national characteristics. notic-.
When a typical American decides |   MOt|0o 1bherebynlvonilmmoany.nttn, ,iHt,
upon doing anything,  he wants I«™ uio un,ioraiKuu,i, inwiui ,„ apply iu n..
,    ., ,i -   ,      , , Hon. clilof Coiniiiissloiiur Ol l.aalaal.. ullll Worl(.
to do it the quickest, surest way, i ,,„.„ SpHll„ Umm l0 m „„,, „,.,.,, uwnv
and there is iiutliiii,,' that tills tho Tlinbbrfrom tin, tollowliwdoscrlbml innds i„
a,,,   •        ,,   ,, ,.     a SoutbcABtKootunnyillHtriot,BritishColuinbln
bill in all thos,- particulars as
;   cotnmeaciuR ut a post planluil ono ball ,ai!l,-
well as It bullet.     Drowning is   »   west or tho t.uiitl ,t Hreckoiirltlao limber lenso,
war of "i-ltins out of the   World I "J-'""*" ">• Kootonay a,i,,i Skookum Clmoli
n , rivers, or ab6ut tour mllos rroin A. .1   Mil!..ra
il lal  IS more likely to be followed i runehnl Skooltum CUuok, thoncocaaMllohnlns
by a Frenchman than one ot any tbenoe south iw euains, tiieneo »-os iiiahu,
'7                                                               ■'    tbeoco uorth 1110ehulns to (ibtoe of laa'ajiiiniiiaj.
Other nationality.     1 here, again,   ooiitnlnlnuiuoncrcs more or loss,
is  a   chance   for   the   theorist.! t'.Jensen.i,, ,..,
j     Hula',! V.-,v al.1,,1   ItHIS
The French are an aesthetic, ,,,,,„
romance loving people, and a wane
plunge into tho river is a  vastly L.BaU,
more poetic style of   makitig an oft,eginiiin«.o iiuimrtni
exil than nl ihe end of n rope or    „.„,,,, x,„...;i„i lm
by the mutilating impact of a lump j 	
lead.   Thedespairingheroesand notice.
heroines of French   novels gen- j JT^ZTlX^Z^TZ
Orally take   the   'Vatel*   t'Otlte   to  Cblef Commissioner ot raauils aou- Works for t
eternity,  and   the   influence  of \ Jrp0c° "h0 "itowing SLritaMM*
Action on everyday life is a good oustKnotenny otstrioi, iiriushcoi
deal stronger than mailer of fact j  •'■ K"'in N'1 '■
. ,   Uomraeuolnn at a post pliinlea! at tin- a
people WOUld Care, lo admit, oust eoroer ot I'. Person's No. I timlier I
" AS far US hanging is Concerned  onOarlboo oroek, thonee south SDebnlus, I
ara-sl a,, cl
I don t know.   I have memoranda Lasi soci
of 70 suicides by hanging, cover-   InuSIOaerosmoreo
lug a period of about five years, I   [Mai Nov.sitb, i
and the  folk  who predominate!  J.nwinso.i.
are   Norwegians.    The   mil ion
alities are so varied   however,
that il would  be foolish  to attempt, to lay down a rule.    Your
English suicide is a most versatile   individual.    He   plays    no
favorites.    With   him all roads
lend   to Lethe."—New Orleans
ul :a,).,., plumed „i ti„. maun
e. Ja-nsa-,] timlaa-r license, tkeuep
thonee north bin chains, theoco
■uth Ifio ehains to place
... iimre or lets,
sou, Locator
ay Uu,I
. thonee tiaarib *■! ehnlns, thenci
,lo plnee ,u bcglniilnaj,', contnln-
Didn't  Like  Her  Picture  on   a
Whiskey Bottle.
Coiuiiionoftig m n i>n
platttud ni tlio snutl
otisttiornur uf J. Kwin t Nn. i. Tlmlior Lloi usi
tlionuoKOUtliSOchninB, thunt'O wohI ni ulmlui
thonco ntirtii 80 tiiiiiltid, tlmiico eust SOcIihIhh i
pltiOfl of ii(;uriiinli.'.;, roiitiiiniiiL' fi|0 itcrcn 11101
N. JnllQiaon, 'aOi':ilit)H
UHteil Nov. 24th, 1(103. K!
is    ■      i,,.:..„. .»i \/l,.M,nt I oan it of Sliooitimi Chnclt rlvor, uboul whoro
rs. Peck,  living at MouatJMbMtlM8kruwinwbkMftum^Mk r|Vw.
Ayr. Iowa, has brought suit
against theDuffy's Malt Whiskey
people for publishing her portrait
in connection with a testimonial
for th Ll beverage written hy a
Chicago woman, Mrs. O. Scliu
man. The latter, it is said, has
made a business of giving inedi
cal testimonials, and in this cast;
furnished the photograph of the
Eowa woman, which was in her
possession. Mrs. Pock is a temperance advocate, and sues because site has been grievously
mortified and damaged.
Cured  of Drunkenness
How a Montreal lady cufed tier husband of
drunkenness with a secret home rtmedy,
ifirla Prescription hot
eiitirdyuiiedniy hut*
bind ofdi un kennou hi
iiin i.'v nil itmply
that lomiwlantil* A,
HowpUdlmnthai I
Notlco i*; horohy glvon thut 3n dnya uftor ditto
wo tho underaittnod, tntetwl to upply tho lion,
ChiorCommlsRlonorol l-uiiiis njiit Works tor u
speouil ItoonKQ tocut and curry nwiiy timlifir
from tlio following desurlbed lands sltnnlo in
Southoast K'i..ti!nn.v Dlstrtot, Urili*!li nolutnbin
f. Ponton No. I,
ComnionclniiHttt post j.iltvnt.ed ctoso to the
hank of SUookuin Ohnck river, about
Notice lh hereby irivtw that	
date, I lutond to Hpiily to tlio linn. Chiel Coin-1
inlssluiier ol I-iiikIh nml Worlw roruspeolal
llectmo to cut and vans rtmty thnhor f otn the '
tollowlnir tlosorlbod lands in leant   K> may
DIntrlot. llrltUli d.lumbln: -Coin mend tin nt h
-inst piuiiti'ii ni )l. ICcrnhaw, Jr.'n Routh-oast j
corner No. •.' tlet>nra, thonc              '
lliencc north UiO i-linliis. thai
tbotiuo south inoohnlns tn pli
DAtO'l tills'MtiuliiV nf N"V,
.1. WiltTH,
Notion is horoby u-ivi.ii that no days aftor ditto
I Intoud to apply Lo tho Hon. Chlol Cominln-
Blouor nf Lands nnd Works for n upcolal
lluenoo to mit und curry nwny timber from llio
following doaorlbod lands in isnat Kootonay
Dlstrlot, BritishColnmlila:- Comtnonetng Htn
post planted at Nets Johnson's northwust corner No. a lleoneo; thoiiau wost 40 ehulnit, thonco
nortli 160 chains, thonco eimtio chains, tltenco
bo uth tflO chains to phtco of beglnnln (.
Datod this Mth duy of Novombor, 1003,
■j A.'I'.COLLWBLU Loeator
thonco south *10 chains, thonco west, hd chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenco oust m» ehains,
tlienoo soutu W chains to pltteo of beginning,
containing MO acres mon? or lens.
I*. Person, Locator
Dated Nov. SI til, 1005.
P. Jonsoii No. I,
Commencing at a post planted nt tho northwest corner of P, Person's No. t timber Net nfe,
thonco wostSOchtilns, thonco south se chains,
thenco cast 80 chains, thonee north 80chains io
place of beginning, containing mo nores more
or less.
P. Jouson, Locator
Datod Nov. 24th, iw;,
P, Jonson No. ■„'.
Commencing at n post planted ut Um northwest corner oi P. Jonron's No, t limber lioonno,
thenco wost 80 chains, thonco «outli ho oliiiittH.
tlioiiooeasi socliiiins, thi'iice north 80 ohniiis.
to Ptaco ot boglnuuuj, eontalnitig 0-10 ucros
more or less.
P. .feiisen, Loeator
Datod Nov. 21th, 1905.
P. Person N'O. 8,
Coiuiuonclug nta post planted nl the northwest coriu-r ol i\ Joiison's No.". timber ilconsu,
thenco wost Wlelialn*. thenco -"oiitb ho chains
thonoe east B» chains, tlience north 80 chains to
place of beginning, containing W0 nero*- more
or loss.
p, Person, Loch tot
Dnted Nov .Mtli. !
Wtota for your rrerj .    *    ''  "      ,'        '
mtipls picltags, Tlio |   Commencing at u post plumed nt tlm north-
> Tli
niji!'- tablets f got I wesl
mu yon elieclced hii..,,,,, ....„
n:.mL'.*ndl.H.)«lhml   '
d tho full traatftieni he  thouooens
Hrma entlycured.   1 I place ol he
. lulm the remedy in hii I ,,r |,,Ss
ho w.-ir. taking ii.   I |    Dntfil S',
v..ii)t othfii to ki
ornon's So, ;t timber Hfcim
li.-. tbonco south 80 chains.
is, thcuou north 80ohaltiM t(
con lalnlng 010 ncroi mon
—TO --
Sun.. Tubs . Wed. and Kri
Mondays aud Tuesdays.
S a t u r il ;t ,v s .
St. Paul
Standard Sleeper
Slocau Kuulo,
vJOOO Nqw Books!
^ They Must Be
$        Sold Immediately
^   Call   and   Sec   Them
O. E. REID & CO..
PI one   7 4
The Druggists.'
Por dotailod Information first j j/vJJ1 v
■'""■ apply toiocT i,j;:;;i:v;:, ! ■%.s^^#^^^^^^^^^^
.1. S, CARTER, D  !'. A„
Nolson, li i
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦^^♦♦♦♦♦*« ♦♦♦♦<><t»^*«*<v»»^*«,^^f>^4
Yamr   Kt.Iailltion    IK   Called    la.     III
"Ploneor Ejimltud'1 ti-aiiifi ..f tli,* "Ml
waukuoA Si Paul Rail-ray. riioonl
perfeot trains In 1 In- world."
Vou will ilnd it deslrablu to ,'i,i,' o
thoau iriiina. wtii-n going l„ Jiny point i
tlio Eastern Statos or Canada. 'I'd,,
oonnoot a'.'iil, nil Tranaoonttiionti
Trains and .ill Tlokol Agents so
Por fiirtlior inlorinaUon, pamphlet
a,ta-, ask ii',.,- 'J'lckol Agent or
!'. I,. P'OUD, li. S, ROWE,
Pass. Agent, Gonoral Agenl , Cosy and
spokank, Portland I Comfortable I'OOITIS
Bottled hucr for family
use a specially
Outside   Orders
•3 P. O. BOX H12
<?      TELliPHONK  NOa I
I    Port   Steele  Brewittg Co., I^,td.
♦♦♦♦♦**«i>«.-> *♦»♦*<.■'♦*»•»♦>* «•♦♦■»*♦♦«>■»*«•**♦<,«■«♦♦♦♦♦
pltciltlojl   „i)i   bo   a„;t'!..   a.a    flu-   I.cgl
Assomlil-y .-I  UrlLla-.li Columblu  al   lu
Soislon   lor   aaia Aal. laa   [ucorporato  ,1
Mary's anil C'liorrj Croul, ll'iltaaiiv ,-aai
Wltb poiliU'laa 1)11110.  OOllKtrUOt lltllili
Marysville, R.C.
Icadifticrlcrs for
Mining Men
r (or
■ otliui
it .-Mi
i.iid uxpioas; Coinraenolug at a p
Nortli Slur Mrtui.-ti ut tlio Itritlfili
Souiliorn Hallway, uhout ono mil
Bnyurd; iliciice noriliorly uluut! tb*.
i.niu1 Crook to l.oi .m. thence north ctiHturty t
a pofhton Cburry Creole uuiir Lot M0- with
branch Uiiu from it |io1ulon Lot -tit nortburl
to a polui on C.'hurry Urcuh wont of Lot Mtt, an
oiliur branch Hutu not -ixt-ootllng Km mi:'
eitcli In length. Tueonucct with nud outer tin
ru nn In,: itrrttitgcntcnta Hitli tho cauaOla
Piiclfiu itHihvaycoiiijiany or any other rullwn
sltiiutu near propoautl raihvity or inij |nu
tberoot; and tocoiiHtruomltllUKa ut uny sue
oonnoctiotis; to receive rroiu any pcr»nu, Ooi
ornmont or Hotly corponite Kmni« of Ian
miniey orot'iiT a.sM-'ts in aid ot tbe coiialrui
lion of kuIiI undertaking, with power to coi
struct and operate tolcgrapb and lulcpliuti
iint'.s (or tho purpose ol its im-in-.:.. nnd for Hi
ptililto; with NUul) other jiowcrH and pr|vtlu(-c
ni are usually given to nil wuy oompanlCB,
Uatorl at Cranbrook. ii.t'., Dcoi mber 7th, ,\
I j , li"):.
W     SolleltorwforAppllcnnls.
S'OTICt! IS HBUEBY OIVKN that an >ip
pHcntton will be made to the Leglsdutivc a-
neinbiyof JJrlttah Columbia ai lis uoxtSosBlni
for mi Act to Hioorpyrato tho St. Mary's Vullc
Railway Company ..-itii power to build, eon
struct, mntntnln nnd opnralo a line of rail
The above hole) has been n nUy erected, and neatly furnish-
«d  throughout.     The  Bur  is supplied   with  the  besl  brands of
Liquors and Clears.
Post Offi
The largesi General Store in Marysville, where miners
can l„" supplied with anything tin y want al .ill times at
Cranbrook prices.
Cfroccri.«s,   Hardivare,
Clothing^   Stationery
■-.,r    nl     sllllliln:
t'.l by atomu. oleolrlulty, or any
ar Haa1 a'arryii,!! aal frolulil, pnaaouj
wis; (',„, :i,.iti.,- aal a jioinl ii
Star Hum.'], aal Lite Hnll-ai I..I	
Railway, i
IBullin IV,
along ■ llh
.lil.l    Si.
illllllll a,   I
,'1 la,   Wli
Una  ,,,
Hilar pown j
ore ami as-1
i tin, Norlli I
111 SolllllLTll
Mnryivlll,, !
Kimberley.   B. C.
f   H. W. DREW, Proprietor..
. .re
, i .•«
M VOU CNdUM 'Iii* let* ■
tir, but pltan not my nam<! vrt.   1 may say that my '
Free Package fAsaWnW;
aaail |irl« a ail laa Jalaiia scalcl t-nveto],.. " ■"
reaiiondcnce ancreilly conlldelitlal, a\il.ti. -
Chamber., Jordan at,, 'i'orouto, Catiaita.
Pnr Sale ii.v
C. E RKII.) tf CO., DniRglsts
The Illinois Central
Maintains iino.vcclluil  Horvlro  li'om
tllO WOSl  l„ ll,,','IIM 11,1,1 ..iilllll.   iMllltlllaJf
olds nnaotiona  with  tmliw "f all
lai-niiKconllnunlnl linos, |,ii*hoiii{oi'ii imi
Kiv„,i iliolr Khnloe nl mnti'i, loClilougo
LoiiIbvIIIo, Memphis und Now OHouns,
Noll,.,, Is horobv iclvnii Uihi, nil tl
1 Inleltd toa|i,ily in Hi,' Hon. Cli
alom.naf l.anila. anil IVotlia f(irilH|iool,tl
Iand through thorn points lo iliofui'ousi
ays aft„r fiat,. |    Pl'ospootivo tviivoloi-s duslrlng Infor-
mulilon us tn Mio Inwost rutos und bout I
i-oiitos a,,.. Invltud in ootTospondoi j
r,.«%«««*«»»»»»«»*,>»'>»*'«.,»»*'«.«»''»**a,«»»»V^«»»'» .«.»»•*•«•'•«,•««>
I en
CHENETTE & NEAL, Proprietors
l™1"* '•■'-'
|,„„i,„i„., ,„„■
i Mll.l l.n.Mi.ai...
I     ll'
Marysville,   B.C.   i■:.'■•
■tfosl  nnd  besl equipped hotol in tlio St. Marys
•ovon i t«ili ,"i
lloltor.tor A|	
lh ono mlloi^hMM'to'tho'w'owll;™^^^^^ | win, tho'f0lbwing',.o"p.-o'«onrutrvu»".
,  .,       , talf rtoiorlbad lantls In Kast |{
shoro of Kill HIviii- („lliiwlnB  tho Bald | n,|  Columblai-Oorainnn
t-lvot- south to tho point nf fomnionco.
Pornlo, B.C., Docembor Oth, liHK.
II. .1. Thome
tl P'T.J. U. Kerrfuwiu
,iv DI.Lrtat,
13. II. TltUMIIUM,, Cointt
pl.ntod nl II. I(,.|..linw, .If.'H nnrtlieaul rmnnr i 142 Third St., I'oi-tlllll,!. Ol
No,till,.,,,,.,,:  iii,,,,.,. wost m ,.|, », ,,,„, i , ,-. UNDSEY T P St I' \
north B0 ohnl„»,Hiotio, t so olnilna. tbonnn mom,,   , ,    ,    , -,
notltll80chain!uOtlio plaon of bamliinlnit H^ llllt'CI at., I urtliiliil. Jl'Ogon
D„,,.,i tills Mth Novembor, 11105, P, H. THOMPSON, F. ,v
B K. tl. SMAI.I,. Laa-.lor     t CoLmOtl BUlj., Sottttlo, W
PurohaBe   Prioe   $3.00 a Month!
''"'•"'"• | Allowanoe Mado Por Old Maohino;
elul Agonl
Carpenter    > Builder
£  JLJ
Ut:;=;flrnoi(i & Roberts
Good Work al
RoiiHoimblo 1'fit
Always Up-to-Dato 3
^ Cram'brook, -      - B.C. 2
it*)!Office and Workshop   Lewis St |    7iiiiiiiaiiliiliiiiiUiUiJiliJiiiiililliliiiiiiitliiU:iiiilliiiiii THE PROSPECTOR, CRANHROOK   B. O, JANUARY 18, IWH
**«* *********** ************* ©he $teo0-pecttiv. H ea d
.;.!-!.;.;_;. j .;_;-!_;-!-
MEN'S    ;
Nam  get .1 lull dollars
value for ever)1 dollar in
IATOROAY, JAN. 13, llstfi
Splitting! TISDftLE'S ii
I). Evans, Pernie, was u guest I
ut the Royal Priduy,
.). A. Murry ol Macleod wns aj
nuoM at. the Royal Friday,
J. M.'Johnson,  McLeod, wusi
In town Thursday.
J.  A.  Harvey  was At  Moyie,
Thursday, on legal business.
Mr, and  Mrs.  A  Maxted lofi
Mown tm Mun,lay for Winnipeg
vVimii    a,aaia    gfll   ,a  L'aaaal   old-
laa-i,.,„„ni 11..:i.taa,'In- i lull 111:1k,-
four ln'1,,1 throb; mul .Main1 >■><-
.vliil-l titii! mail,,-, you ait'k lu
your at,unit,-It try
Dr. Scott's
Headache   Powders
They can'l hurl ) uu aud  thoj
itop any Iteadauhu.
0ll8 Du/iHl III ,1 Box 25c
Beattie & Ai :hison
Where It Hays to Deal.
See the Goods At
2     D. K. Vales, oi Bayurd. was u
IP guest at the Cranbrook, Moml
9 —
A     Jake   Final   niaiir ., busines
CleaD   Pure Wool     B trip to Kimberley, Tuesday
Ea^—Air.    tx»J4  5     P- U  Boath, of Moyie, was in
laSTIC    Unil  • the city, Monday, on business
*■      A   Smith, t,l  Swans,.a   was in
jm town, Monday
**     B -1   Hlller, .,( Montreal  was
• in iiu, oily  Wednesday
*|i,     H. I) Stuwart, ol   Vancouver,!
A was ,i (juesl  ai   the i 'ranbrook,
ju Wednesday
Will weai like Iron
Vmi Will Not Shrink
»9 PETES •«
•   lleaii,iiiiiruira for
Mis jiihI CHOIOE   I
1 ,1 M'KC'lTONKltV >
ice Gream and Son, Drinks :
Altto Tobacco, Pipes
uiul Oigara
l'.,il,.i' Si     Cranbrook   !!
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000       Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
11 E. WAI.KEK, Uanaiul Manager.     ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Mnnnger
************ ****************
[•H-i-i-j-K-w-!-!-:-:--t-i-w-H-;-i-;-i"i"i':; 11; 1i1 w
The ice is :n Hut condition (or
ikul  .-
II.,.,Mar,    : lIlUp 111
,'null,i,„,;,    i  .:     , ai.ini.v,
all      ll  a.  ' ,..[. Sill, a       v
11 i\V a   :,       .
N'exl   loo    m   \   0  Howness
,ua Cranbrook Stroei
1 V    -       P.J, Lelthauser
\\ B Buss M 1' 1' nl b'ei
nit-, tuisst-il tlir.M...." i 'i until noli,
Sutidii} lust un his « n lo tin
voiisl tu attend the sussiou nl I In
M. > I IOI..
V    , ,  ■   ;       ll,      k'rtl llltlt 1 will ia|i|iulntlla.
. h . i L-»a,„„ if 1.1111,1 i Worka dan,
■       i     iHiol lur,'..,,! mul I'.'in.
lltu tolliiviliis ii,-,i-iili.,l luittl sll,,,,,,-
lu i.i.. I,I,ill. I all -■ .tltll I :a .1 I,,...I, nay
CDUIUUIHi'lllU   lot! tlllllllla,    tit Klltl 15 nllttltl.
Ltltl I  thai,,,   au-al „l  Ut|,
Hu ii   i'i lorlt „t Mlohol .-itai-n l,,
III,    i  i. mi   ,ii„,l„li,ii ., ,af   Lot   ItaHK
la,. ,|l I   tlliUli     .      . all,' aa   11,,.,„<,-.null, tilt
IHMIU      -      I. "us    IhOIlOO   ti.ailll   HII
I   .     ul I, .'iiiiltii...
i ,,  ,..  IL- a-aiili.-a    fH.a
h  \   iii..iii|ihiin nor
-a a-  M   ,,,,a,„nl,,. Aa-vlila
ti   the   uew   Columbia     M,   aml   Mrs   NIon  .   . ,   ,
tv   M  Smith ol  Moutreal, waa
t. iesi   al   the Cranbrook. Kn
I ikied ,i ttumbei ul  tn .tt -i - .. •*:-
nil    J'm'-S.UIV   OVl'II   Hi.',.
.'-■■-.    von .l.ii tvlll upply to tin
ll   I .'Hilii IM :  ,.i  |.;ui,N un,|   \Vorlll,   for   ll
i i," i'■•ni 1111,1 Petroleum
1   .orlbed lands iltuitto in
[Smuli | ,,,i iCooteiiny,
I 'all, HSU, I     Ul      -til,I     ',11     t-||l|l
it! '■■> i 'i-iiii- iv, .t oi the
>t  Mlohol cmoti hy
M   II dttl'lOS ill   ol   Lot  4688
w i 'i.i,us. thonoo wuftl t-ju
-     '. ■■ uhuiiiN   tliuauii oast «i)
- oi hcRintilnr*
stli iii) a.f Uft'umbLT, iW'.
in titbalil 131 wall tier
i'  M. Edwnrds, Aui-ttt
I    .US,   a,I   A   [1(1,11   )
r* ■- -, I ll t. i>l tht*
.T.'itintl under    3 uet-.ta
Ovor  US und not excuedlug $10    ti centa
•'   $10      " ■•        *:in   in aifttis
"   *.ll>      " •'        $60   16 cents
Tltaaaaa, Ortaaaib art, Puytililo tit Pur nt any otHtta, in Ciiuinlii of n Churttirtid Bunk
I Yukon oxeuptcd) iin,l til tl,,- |it-ini-i|n,l banking points in the United stutes.
Nt.i;,i-n.\ni.K at a i-ixkh iu-it. at
Tliuy  form un oxcellont  method of remitting small smiiii ot inanuy with
sufi'ty nnd tit amnll cost.
»|    YOUR
Property with us For Sale f
We Will Sell It
For You
Beale & Elwell
Baker, St. Cranbrook, B.C. ;;
\   Mm Bonn,   Liolduii
Douglas of JaH ay, wor
...   .,   ,,  ,, ~ ...     ,    ,    ."a.', il the Cosmouolitu
M   B  McFarlanf, ol tho t   i    M|,sc] iV
+ Stores,   returned   Sunday    us!
, \, from in •.\,,i>iiiH',i eastern visit.
ia Unit 1 will npplj la,
,.i Lauds nml Works
i  lor Caul una Potro-
.1...-I'llaa-ll lllllal   .ItUfttU
I,    The Misses
Calgary am   Monday  to resinnt
+ J their srhool worl
l Ki
:   11   McMuUuu,   Fernie,
Leitch returned to vllu'kli chieJ coustable,   wui
Cranbrook, Wednesday,  un
cinl business.
ti.   W.   Vandyke,   ot   roledo, notice.
Ohio,   was    registered   at    the
Crttnhrook, Tuesd*\v
ii ■*
'ilnnioil tHW ehulUK wcM u( tho
e north fork ol Mtcliul trcoK by
urthorn bountlarlos of Lot -insn,
cc north SOohnlas, thonco wogtflO
? south so oUiitus, thoncu eimt hu
i ]nth>1tt\ of Dooouibor, liHtt.
M. A. Heule p'.T
C. M. EdwurUs. .\un\t
1 iceiiU .o apply
...tUds    lil'il      U'.H
j huenxa to cm
,o .
T. B. Smith, ol  Colermm, was- toll,,mn«dBwrlbfldi'
,    ,l       •. . i      i •  ■   ' ° uiburlej in Bouthei
guesi  at   * ru* Ui^tubrooK, Kri--
■   u mi nciUK *t| chu
li. I... T Galbraith, of Fort
Steele, wus at Fernie, Tuesday,
on business.
Constable Ward, uf Marysville, i  i
called on  friends  in  this place  —
this week.
thonco -I,, elm
bainn wu»t. theuoo 40oUu
OnU-il tfth JuLUitPi. I'JW.,
Mrs. U. D. Mather, of Furl
Steele, was a Ct an brook visitor.
Notion la hereby if-ivn ihal ao dnya alie
I laletid v> upply to tltt: Chiel Coinmlusioi
LuinIs aim  Works,   Victoria,   for it *>
liteuee to not and curry awny timber i
lolldviiiK dttsoribud luuds situate northei
__„_ j Kimberley in Sou tin ast Kooteaay Disti h
Oave Griffith,   of   Wild   Horse     ••ommeneinirata post au chitiaa aortl
creek, was in Cranhrook, Tliurs   «e»cl-mni wost of otia staples noruivu
. . nor, U.i.ucL- iiuriii bi» ohalns,   thenca ei
day, Oil business. chuins, thenco Eouth BO chains, thence iv
"■■— obiiinB to placu ol lieKliiiiliig.
The hockey buys are pructio-    ii,iieu»tu j»nu»ry. iwo
ni}; hard ibis work and the boys
an- Improving every night.   Ar-|
rnngements are being made for
it couple ul  games  with Fernie|.•"*;".'".'"h.,'.rt*.,.,yw,."'V",.'r.l»?^" *"."
about tho ,'iitl of this week, and
N'Oti ■-   iii'i. lay   j.iVa-11   tlmt   I Will ttjinly tO
lb, ChidConnaitssioimrol  Unds anal Waark,
[or a licence to prospect lur Coal unit Petro*
cum ovor Ilia lollowloK describod lanil sliuana.
mil.  Iii.-lii.-liat Sailltli I'iual KiaaiLi'lliiy.
Cuniiupiii-lng infli-lviina iinrtli und 00 ohalns
aoMof a posiplauted 10.0tlchalua west ol ihe
croa'alnK ol lue oortll (orlt ol Michel crook Hy
uno aal llie uurlhoru .houndnrles ol Lot llaW.
iti.iiii I. tlt.-naj-.- aouth 80chain., thonee west80
imins. thonco uorlh ISO cliuins, thonco cast 8u
chains to the place ol beginning,
Located tins Istl, day 01 Decembor, lllflf,.
,\gnoa Elwell per
•'.it C M. Edwards, Agent
I 9  BOOST  9
(, Send  Your  Friends a
/ Souvenir of Cranbrook
Z We Have a Large Assortment In
J'' Spoons,  Belt Buckles, Brooch- ,
es,   Hat   Pins,  Stick   Pins,   Etc.*
.,„,. F. Tate k Son
!»i Jewelers   and   Opticians,
jij Official Wutoh Insneotora C.P.R. Crow's Nest "tiss Piv-isitaii
• SimoHds   Saws
Black Prince Axes
Decking Chains |
Wedges % Hammers i
Everutnino tor tne uoa Gamos |
■.'by ti
if Riven rti»t I
&9-t I Mill ll'l   tl)   It PI'■ J'    I"   llm   (.'tilt;'   lJuiQII.il-
ntiiiii I «U1 apply to ihe
'onimlssloiiGi* or Lnndsand Worha for h
■ to prospect for Con! uiul Petroleuni
lie following describod land situate it;
utloi of South Kast Kootonnyi
nenelun 400 chuins nortli and CO chain.-,
n post planted lC.fiG chains west of the
ig of ihe north fork or Michel creel: i>y
iho northern boundaries of Lot 1688,
i theuce nouth 80 ehnlns, thonco eaat 80
, theuce north sO ehains, thence west Su
to Hit- place oi beginning.
tt;ii this istii duy tii December, 1905.
Bdward Elwell por
C, M. Edwards, Agent
J. D. McBkide I
slam™ sale
Is still going on and will
continue until our immense Stock has been
cleared out.
All   aHust   Go
Hill '&, Co.
["he  Acknowledged Leader- in
Ladies' and Men's Purnishlnas
Geo. R. UflSK & Co.
, lienor of Lands nnd Works for pormlsslon to
Moyifi    is   expected    to    Send     il Lutand carry timber fiom iho following do-
teattl    before     \Ql\g.    0«r   boys I iorlb«fl lauds in East Kooumny
will   make   U   Strong   run to win     Commenoing at a pout planted on ths north
Q..» j boundary of Lane's timber licence and hbuu>
| twenty chains OAst of the noitli west corner
Thdiic* north eighty ehulns, thence cunt eight**
ebttinn, tbuuoa south eighty ohalns, thcni**-
wtui tighty obalni to '.ini'y ul beginning.
January lib. 1W6. l
People from Kurt Steele who
attended the railway meeting oo
Monday eveniug, had come pre*
pared for war, but were evi-
dently surprised that no attack
was iuteuded on the pioneer
town, l»iait Unit the object of the
meeting was to promote the interests of tho district.
Win. Chamberlain.   (J. Palmer
Nonet ii btreby given that thirty Xoja after |
dain i  intend tu uppiy to the Chief Coiumla
iluuor of Lauds *i"1 W>>!■«» for purmlsslou   to
•utandearrjaway timber from tu*** following
dsboritiL-rl UiKlt Iti East Kootoua**:
Comineuoltn »t <* P'ltt planted, where the
. wen boundary or Lot 41SS!' crosses Iho north
unit J. LevegUe. OI Wilmer, were  boundary of Lot Ml, Group I,  Nineteen ohalns
in Cranbrook  for several days 11™™ ***** north »•»• ™-ner ot Lot mi, tbence 11(1;
this   woek.     Mr.   Chamberlain nmrb tfiB"ky ehtlufmor*orluBB,0 tU* MUti
, .        i_ e   „.,, . .  ,  I bank of H.lk rlvor, tneuoe western nmi i,n i-
drove in a bunch of cattle, which LrlydownEURIV.erlotua ll0rlh ffoat eora0l
Were SOld tO local  butchers. jot  Ales   Moffatt'i timber   lleeneo   Lot   659't
thf nt*B tarn aloug Hi*' '."im bouuiiury of Loi
Notico Is heroby given that I will apply to
tli. Chief Commissioner of Luuds ami Works
lorn liconce lo prospect for Coal and Petroleum
ovor tlm following described lands situate in
tm District of South Gusi Kootenay:
Commencing 400, chains north und 60 chains
wesl of u post planted lti.tltl ohalns west of the
croHslng of tho north forh of SfUchel oreok by
one oi tins northern boundaries of Lot 4588,
i ir mp I thonco north mi chains, tbouce west B0
chains, thonco south 80 ohains. thence east 80
ehulns to the place of beginning.
I.ecatod this Lmli day ot December, twi'i
Johu Choldltoh per
C. M EdwardH, Agent
A. H. Cree, Pred Stork, and
f). V. Mott wen.' elected delegates to the Associated Hoards
of Trade convention to be held
id Cranbrook by the ferule
Board of Trade, with Dr. Hig-
ffins and   D. Davis its alternates,
66.i; 4U-I Lot WI tlfty   nil.'
XO lllSL't lit n>'(;.tir;il|j
aii ore or It"
J   u  AUNKW
;loo Is hereby given tlmt I will upply to
1llefC.miinlsMuii.rnf  Lauds nml  Works
18 I foi a.liceui'G to prospect fur Coal and Pelro*
 ovor the following doscribed lands situ*
ihe District of Soulh East Kootonay;
nuonclng nut ehnlns north mid do chains
ol ii post pliintoJ lfi.«B chalnH west of tho
ingof tho north forh ot Michel creek by
il tin  northern boundnrlOH ul Lot 1588,
(i |, ihuneu north 80 chains, thenuu oast so
9, tlience soulh 80 ohalns, theuce west ho
h to thu place of bcglnnlug,
ated this 18th day of Deoonibor, IWffl.
Malcolm Molnnos por
a M  Kdwnrds, Annnt
The LBRdini
Plans, Specifications
anrf Estimates
Choice Confectionery
Fresh Nuts
Malaga Grapes
Navel Oranges, Figs
Bananas, Etc,
B.C, Apples and Pears
Hugh Stewart
Phone 76      Armstrong, five.
Voiles Is hereby given thai thirty rtuys afun
dfit« t iiuitiiii tn Kpp'> tn tin' Uhiol Commis
lionor of Lands and Works lor pennlasloo to
aul and carry awsy timber from rlie followlni
dcserlbsd lauds it. Dnnt Knotonsy
Connuencitig at a posl planted at tin- south
wesl comer of Lm n\>\<). thonee miuth fnrty-flve
ciiLiim muni or n-«s io tin' inn iii *, sl uoruer
ol    Loi    3BH,   thonoe   eaat   ono   hundred
tm 11 wen it six chains i u ix li into tho nort
eai>i cornel of Lot 858, tin nou norlh thlrty«flvs
ehnlns to tho south rust oornor of Lot6633.
I'Ik-iii-0 wist itrflity ohttliis i.o the south wm
•orner of Lot BMH thenoe north nine ohsins to
the south east corner of Loi 6M0, th»'in.e west
forty-flvr chains and eighty uinii*. t'nh** aome
or loss io place of uhkiuiiiuk
J w hONJCn
Jaauai r Rth, .ws s
Green   Pears
** — ^
Cheaper Than Canned Pears
and Just As Good
lend in apply i" tho
Liindsaud w.nk-. for
in ihu i.i.rthw
lleeuco, ih*
Fs after dato l In-
Commlsslonor ol
Isslou to cut and
in   following do-
rol K. ¥,.
,o, llienco
-. tttonci
llll i
uMi one mile, thonco north one
■ i i oni milo iu place o| beginning.
Imied Nov. .Mth, i'-1"''.
fi-t \, it. Foiiwlok, Locator
All   kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
vut I Inland Uj apply lo the Chief Cot lh
slonor of Landa and Worka (or petmlsnlon t-
mt aud < uny awuy timber from tin
following desorlbed lend: Cotntnohclng ut
poll on tlm -diiHi coat corner, and Jolnli
David Irvine Millar's limit No. 1 nn the norl
ihonno nortli WohalUB, Ibfloco west mi ulittlii
thonco south MioJuiitii. thetico oast WehnliiM'
plaeuof beginning,
Ueatcd 'Wth day of Dwomhor, IM6
By DnvUl Irvlni! Millar
y: WUMtw West Ag«tit
That I iniotid.10 duys after date in upply w
thu Chli'f Commissioner ol Lands mul Worlts
for permission to out und oarry uwuy uini-m !
from thu followltiB doaerlbi'd laud Hltuatcd mo!
miles above CI'. Hallway bridge ou Mnyh j
rlvor and coiniuoncliig at » pimi piautudon
ijiirlh oasl oornor, tlmnoo m chains soulh,
thui.co80ohiilnr west, thonoo wi chuhiH north,
tlifitire wi iiiiiiltin oast to place of beginning
frtieiitod Mth day o( Ducombor, Iflstt,
Ity David Irvhiii Mlllu?
ra Wllllutn wasi, Aguni
itlco that thirty diiyeuftor date I lu-
aopl: i" the Chlol Commlsslonor of
il nnd Works (or permission to cut
uwuy llinboi' from tho following de-
ituU hi soulh I'.usi Kootonuy:
lining utu post planted ut tlm intcr-
, ihu VVt-Hlorn houndary ol Lot iHM
in ni h.uindury ol Loi um, thonco
in-. I'liiiliis, thonco wcstolglitychnliu
uth eighty ohalns, thuiioo onsl olgbly
nl li.V
One package is equal
to two tins and the
price per  packet   is
Only  Ten  Cents
Mil,. 111.,.
I'liuicit, Locator   l 'L
z New Curtains
j and Curtaitthigs
[ll We have just Placed in Stock
m some  very pretty curtains in
f Tapestry, Chenille and Lace, also Madras
I Muslin and Bobbinett Curtaining?.
'1.1'l  (£
r Year Courses
ni. i
Mccltnulcal and Bleetrlrnl
Mlnetnlofty mid Ocolouy,
Dlology und Public HcnUh,
Write for cotendor io
Tiie Si'CTclury,
fit'iio'.ti ol Mioluit,
ftlrsfalun, Oat
Lbaiihlrtyduyaafiordat*. I Into rin- Chief Commlsslonor ol
uii - im pnrmlsulou i«i cut nnd
uli i (rniiiLbo rollowltiH doinrtb-
11tli Ijihi Kootonay:
■ ii i [nmi planted on ihowostorn
■ ii i-i;;;i. one mllu north of Lot
. iii fijii!v ehnlns, thonoo went
tin ur Mi nlfflily oil slot,
• if '
ir. Itfi*
U 1' wuv.i.-u Looatur
Brass and Oak curtain poles with trimmings
to match.


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