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The Prospector Jan 19, 1907

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Array frr^pt&otf
4"      JAN 2 3 1207
.'''/CTOnlA- %
Vol. 18.
No. 8.
Visitor   Here and There   PeDile
Who Home to Cranbroo'c and
Thos 3 Who Go Away.
.1. Vi McLean of Fornlo was
in lown Friday.
Mrs ( layion of Mnr<*svlllu
was n Crunbrook visitor Monday.
la.   Ml llll'l f    Victoria    Wlls II
guest iii thu Cranhrook Monday.
Mr ;iinl Mrs. E. Feagan of
Mnrysville spent Monday in
D. R. Yates, manager of the
Otis Staples Milling Co. of
Wyellfl'e wns in the oily  Friday,
Mr. iiiiii Mrs. Oils Staples re-
turned Monday from an extended
eastern visit.
A. K. Wall of Wattsburg was
at Cranhrook Monday attending
t,he Conservative meeting.
W. M. Walker, of Vancouver,
R. M, Smith of Montreal, were
gnosis iii Craubrook Priday,
The mayor and aldermen elect
will be sworn in Monday afternoon nl -1:1.Y
A. H Fenwick and George
Geary of Fort Steele were in
Oranbrook Momlay.
Robert Dewar, William Myers
and Frank Tracy ol Marysville
attended the big Conservative
meeting on Monday evening.
W. Vi. li Mclnnes of Vancouver, and the Kentucky
Colonel were registered ui the
Oranbrook Thursday.
E. 1! Fuller of Millwankee,
Wis., and II. .1. O'Neil of Fort-
land. Ore, were Cranbrook
visitor.- Friduy,
Robt. Dempsey of Wardner
was in lown Friday. Mr. Demp
sey is on his way to the coast on
husi nes-.
The St. Eugene mine at Moyie
that was closed down on account
of colli weather will start up full
blast next  weok.
H H Epstein of Vancouver,
a commercial <nan, was transacting     business     at     (.Iranbrook
The audience that greeted
Premier McBride, Mr. Bowser
and J. A. Harvey on Monday
evening was the largest political
gathering ever held in Cranbrook, nboul iiOO people were in
Frank McMahon, Mayor of
Moyie, intended the McBride
rally bore Monday night and
listened io Ibe truisms lired into
the eiieuiys camps.
II II. Knight of Nelson, W.
A. Fa.v of Calgary, F. A. Maclean of llillerest and Chas. Maedonald of Wasa were guests at
the Cranbrook Monday.
N. C. Mi-Kiuistry left on Monday for I'eiiliclon where he will
purchase -everul carloads of
horses I-u* use in Ibe lumber
camps "i ibis vicinity.
I' I.uu,I. malinger of the
Crow's Nest I'ass Lumber company, "us iu town Monday, and
during tb,-evening attended the
Cons,-! v.ilive meeiing'.
I). McFiirlund of the North
Star mine was in town Monday.
lie was in the Conservative
meeiing during the evening, and
said thul tin- McBride administration looked gooil to lum.
Malcolm Mclnnes (no relation
to W. Vi. it. Mclnnes) of Elk
moutb. alien,led the Liberal rally
Thursday night, and had a smile
on his face, after the meeting,
that denoted he believed everything his namesake had said.
It. ,1 lliirde, known lo the
coasl press gang as "Smiling
Dick.'' news editor of the Victoria Colonist, accompanied pre
tnior McBride and W. .1. Bowser
ou their tour of the interior.
"Dick" is an old timer In the
west., having heen connected
with papers from Santiago in
the Soutb to White Horse on the
North. Ile told a representative
of Tbe Prospector that Cranbrook looked good to him nnd
would some day he what Chicago is to Illinois tho commercial
metropolis of the interior
All singers in Cranbrook arc
cordially invited to join with the
Motltodisl eliiiii* iu giving tin-
inaiiuel on next Hood Friday.
For lhe presenl the practices
will he beld every Friday even
iiii! from H:Jin to Ihla in tin
Methodisl church.
Last Monday night
Shaw kindly placed
home      ui       the       disposal
of tile young tieople who
are practicing tho Scotch dance
lor the Burn's concert uuddnuce
January 25th, Patfenolln, the
most stately Scotch dance, reels,
si ni 1 le-reys. highland llings,
etc., ace heing most assiduously
practiced by the enthusiastic
Scots and argues well for an enjoyable evening on the 25th,
May the Crunbrookltos show
their appreciation by turning
out in full force on Burn's niglil
to welcome those who itre doing
their inmost to make the entertainment a success.
The Liberal Meeting of Thursday
Night Turned Into a Conservative Rally.
The most enthusiastic friend
of Dr. King will admit that his
reception al his own meeting
here Thursday night was most
austerely chilling, The doctor
received u few unconvincing
cheers Iron, a lew rooters at the
back of the ball nnd nt long intervals during a long address
some of those in the body of the
hall were moved to applause of
the drawing room or academic
variety. Tbe speaker did not
appear to believe in his own arguments and this was reflected
in the cold reserve iu which it
was listened to, J, A. Harvoy
followed Dr. King and was
splendidly received. The meet
ing was Harvey's meeting if
hearty and long continued applause couuted for anything.
About the hesl point made by
the doctor was that Harvey was
the dispenser of the government
patronage during the life of tho
McBride governmenl, Harvey
in his reply turned the point
beautifully on the doctor by saying he was delighted to have it
slated on a public platform and
by a political opponent that he
(Harvey) was responsible for
whatever good came to the Cranbrook division while its parliamentary representative sat in
tbe cold shades of opposition.
That touch of cut and thrust
caught the ear of tbe house
which fairly rose to him, And
once again when he referred to
Mclnnes as the young political
Moses, who was brought down
from the frozen tundra of the
Youkon, to lead the hordes of
the Grand Trunk to the "Promised Land"—of the spoiling of
A vote for Harvey is a vote for McBride and Prosperity.
A vote tor Kin", is a vote for Maedonald and Stagnation
No Yukon Carpet Bagger for Premier of British Columbia.
The Ottawa Machine Shop manufactured Mclnnes
Do you want a continuation of the prosperity British
Columbia is at present enjoying? If you do, mark your
tallot for J. A. Harvey, supporter of Premier McBride. If
you want to go back to the old days of stagnation and
graft, vote for Dr. King, supporter of J. A. Maedonald.
Mr. Dooley (letting Tired of This
Campaign and Waxes Hot.
"I'm gettin'tired iv this campaign," said Mr. Dooley. "Dead
lired iv it."
"Why*'" asked Mr. Hennessy.
" Because." answered Mr.
Dooley. "I'm not shure whether
I or the man we're supportin'
should bejnore scar-red be th'
attacks iv the ininiy or at the
dam loo! nonsinse ivour friends
Forgive me fer callin' 'em
friends. Wance there was tt chap
that prayed to be spared from
his friends. We have a few that
we could sell chape as a bargain
counther lot. An' mind ye, they
think they're the cheese An'
so they ar-re. The hmburger
cheese. No matter bow good
our cause is, it don't give us a
licence to play the blaggard.
No. sir. A few nights ago the
Tories had a meetin' an' nawthin
would plase some iv our boost-
hers wid enthoosiastic jags
aboord iv 'em but to go down to
the hull an' shout 'Yer a liar' to
men they'd be glad to lick the
boots iv fer 82 a duy if the job
was a steady wan. Ay' an' a
sight worse than 'Yer a liar.' Be
such manes they think the man
we're supportin' will come to call
Ihem an' the likes iv them  'war
that scorched it. Be the same
token, Hennessy, there's men
goin' round wid the swelled head
(natural or acquired, as the case
may be) that'd be betther dead
than lakin' what they call facts
an' argymonls. They think
they know it all, an' fer that
class iv man. Hennessy, there's
no hope here or hereafter."
''They're dangerousmin," said
"That's what they are," said
Mr. Dooley. "Whin they're not
hoodoos they're political boomerangs."
the prosperity of British Colum- j horses' au' other things iv akol
bia—the house fairlv shook with
laughter anil cheers. "I think."
continued Harvey, "tbat Mr,
Mclnnes is less likely to lend a
majority of the Liberals to tho
treasury benches than be is to
land them in Ihe soup " Harvey
was iu splendid form and delighted bis supporters, who
were if anything more numerous
Ihini the Liberals, He turned
the (Iril assemblage into u great
Conservative rally which will
make Its effect fell fur und wide
iu the constituency,
W, VV. H. Mcluness, the next
speaker devoted much time iu
lighting ns bad u frost as ever
chilled a budding politician
He then explained how and why
be left his Yukon job. He said,
"that he left his *12,000 in the
Yukon to leave him free to enjoy lhe scenery on the political
liring-line, and lliere is uo doubt
but lhat Mr. Harvey left him
just where he. wanted lo be, on
Ihe line of the (1. T. P.. and the
Ottawa machine There is no
mistake Midlines wus loaded for
bear and was shoot ing chest nuts,
of scandal, from his (i. T. I'.,
tiring line, lie made no attempt
to disprove any statements made
value. In time they'll tind out
they're the rulo nsses-iv-war.
Our man could tind a few bums
at a dollar a day thai could Ulng
tilth where the chaps i'raspakin'
aboul havo only the courage to
throw dirt. The bums could do
the work betther, if lhat kind iv
campaign orathery was worth
piiyiu' fer. Only it isn't. Wan
pereint iv it may sile the temper iv the oilier fellah, but
ninety utile per clnt iv it comes
back an' slicks iu the face iv the
parly, fer it can never rise a
blush ou tli" jaw iv wan iv the
famous asses iv war. The jawbone iv au ass done woiidhers in
lh' ould times, but it isn't a
marker lo the mischief it, can do
in the mouth iv a fool. An'
there's others, There's Ihe man
that thinks he is worth llslenin'
lo, lhe man that'll tell you the
science iv runnin' a chicken
ranch or au election campaign
Some iv them can make low
comedy cotnndiansof themselves
in private an' tin times bigger
fools iv the parly in public.
They're lowers iv strength lo
lb" other side an' the champeen
vole getters fer the ini my.
They're so strenuous, as Tidily
Rosen felt ses, thai thev set even
by tbe  Premier  or  Mr. Bowser
at the Conseralive meeiing Mon-  our friudsaginst us.   They over
day   night,    Taken  as a  whole I cook   the  mulligan   In  such
the meeting was a splendid Con
servntive rally.
cxliiil, Hennessy
on ibe street oan
that  the  dn
Caledonian Society Meets.
The Caledonian Society held
its regular meeting in Watt's
hall on Friday evening, the llth,
inst, Chief Jas. Findlay in the
Tlie Society is doing a great
work in bringing together the
sons and daughters of Scotland,
in this district, thereby helping
to atone for the loss of friends,
by its social and interested care
of those who are known to its
members. Any of Scottish descent should not miss the opportunity of attending their sessions
and becoming members, as a
pleasant evening is always assured.
Following was the program of
the evening:
Recitation, "Tarn 0' Shanter,"
,1. F. Smith; dance, reel, members-, song, "Ye Banks and
Braes." Mrs. Shaw; dance,
"Highland Fling," A. McCowan;
song. "John Anderson My
Joe," Mrs. Dunbar; dance,
"Highland Scotlisclie," members; song, "Alton Water," A.
McCowan; dance, "Flowers '0
Edlnboro, members; song, comic,
M. (Iillis; dance, "Petronella,"
Fuck Chasers Meet
The lirst hockey match of the
season was played on the Ice at
the rink on Saturday lasl at I
p.m. Tbe opposing teams were
Moyie and Cranbrook. Mr.
Burton acted as referee lo the
satisfaction of all. The game
was clean and exciting at times.
The lirst rush was made liy the
home team, who scored in thirty
seconds. Soon after the Moyie
tenm found the nets. This happened twice more during the
lirst, hair. During the second
half a hard struggle ensiiod, the
home team rushing things, and
found tbe nets once, making the
score il to 2 in favor of Moyie.
A return match will be arranged
Harv y at Marysville.
,1 A Harvoy, and Thos. Cavin
addressed a large and enthusiastic    meeiing    a     Marysville
Picked up by Our Preambnlator
From All Parts of the
Mr. William Dickens, who was
selected in July lust by .1, A.
Muedonald and manager Lindsey, as the standard bearer of
the Liberal party in Fernie, on
Saturday last, midst thunderous
applause, that echoed from
Crow's Nest mountain to the international boundary, very modestly thanked one and all of the
delegates present for their hearty tendering of the nomination.
A convention of "Bills" will
be held in this province during
the next three weeks, which is
possibly the reason that carpetbagger "Bill" Mclnnes chose this
time to return to this province
and the Liberal fold. It will he
up to big "Bill" Oallaher, "Hill"
Templeman to return at once
and attend this convention of
'•Bill's" held under instructions
from the Ottawa machine.
The political pot is now boiling in Cranbrook riding. Three
candidates are in the field. Premier McBride and W. J. Bowsei
addressed a meeting of Conservatives on Monday night. The
Yukon carpet-bagger "Bill" Mclnnes, attended by the Kentucky
Colonel and Dr. King had the
stage on Thursday night. The
Labor candidate, Mr. Kelly is
shorl of speakers, but following
the precldent of the Liberal party will have "Jim" Wilkes, of
Butle, Mont., here shortly to
speak for him.
"1 state positively that I will
not attiliute with any of the political parties lhat have been, or
muy be, represented in the
House,"' Extract from Thos, E.
Kelly's labor platform. This is
ll broad assertion. If Mr. Kelley
is elected, ill order to accomplish
any good for lhe wage ear nor or
the district he must affllial
some way with the party in pow-
er, he it Socialist. Labor, Independent, Tory or Grit.
The following conversation
was heard on the street the other
day by a Prospoctor represent
atlve, "Laurier is lhe greatest
man in the world, lie slopped
lhe sun, the stars ami moon for
24 hours." "Hold" on, suys one
of Ins hearers, "where did you
get that?" "I see him in the
book." "What book**" "Any
d-     book," wits the reply,
Nelson, one in Vu.ir, nh,- in
Pernie. one in Kaslo, one in
Kamloops, one iu Cranlirook
'Null'ced. This will give him a
nice working majority of l'J.
A coast paper had an article
this week headed, "The Passing
of Hill." The article was not
about the passing of Bill Miner,
the outlaw, bul the passing of
Bill Mclnnes from tbe Britisl
Columbia     political    arena    or
February "
The main thing tbat is troub
ling tbe small bore editor of the
Nelson News these days is not
"How old is Ann*" or "If the
half of nine was four, what would
the quarter of tweuty be?" but
"Why did Greet) resign?" The
Prospector will venture to say it
is Mr. Green's business why he
resigned, not the editor of tho
newless News.
The Prospector learns thai at
the Liberal convention held at
Kernie* last week 1<\ E. Simpson
was nominated as a candidate,
but declined. This is one time
the "Old Man's" bead wns level.
He would have losl  his deposit.
Everybody worksbut the -old
Man" these days for a big
majority for Harvey  on   Feb. 2.
Tbe Liberals held forth in
Wentworth hall Thursday night,
ami although Mclnnes took tbe
platform, the building was left
Before the Prospector forgets
-Has the McBride administration made you poor?
Has Mclnnes ever done one
single act in his political career
that bus benefitted British Columbia-' Beg pardon, He did;
by leaving the province for the
Yukon for a short period,
Mclnnes was properly wound
up Thursday night. All the
Liberals needed was a cad to fan
Mac to keep him cool.
The Way the Wind Blows
Wandering Willie Blatherskite
Mclnnes sacrificed a 812,000
year job as governor of t he Y u kou
to run for member of tbe British
Columbia legislature ut 8800 per
year. It looks to any sane person that Mclnnes' head lacks
brains. But perhaps Wullie has
his specs on something "big."
The electors ol Vancouver, on
February 2, will put him in cold
storage as a reminder of the
good job he threw up in the
frigid zone.
Gym Anniversary
The anniversary of the opening of the gymnasium will be
held next Tuesday evening. A
hotly contested basket ball game
will lie played at 9 p.m. After
this a social lime will be spent.
During the year many good and
enjoyable timei have been spent;
many hard battles fought and
many victories won Tlie citizens well remember January 22
of last year, the night of open
ing. The re-election of ollicers
will lake place after ihe anniversary proceedings are over.
Ken),  the date  open    Tuesday,
Jnunary :'".
Mitchell Lund
A i|uiet wedding wus solemn-
ized al the Methodist parsonage
on Tuesday afternoon ut -
o'clock. Tbecuntrnc ting parlies
in | being Mr. John Andrew Mild,ell
of   Erickson,   I!. C,   und   Miss
iinell   lhe   lire  Friday night.
Tho question is uot "Who hit
Billy Patterson?" but "Who
wound up Billy Mclnnes?"
Premier McBride is sure of 11
seats on the Island, the solid live
in Vancouver, one In New Westminster, one iu Dewdney, two in
Cariboo, one in Lillooet,  one  in
Ciirleua  Lund of Nelson.
Rev. .1. P.   Westman   was
officiating clergyman.
Municipal Eleotion
Monday was nomination
in Craubrooli municipal affairs,
James Finlay wn*. nominated us
mayor, and being tbe only candidate was declared elected iiy acclamation,    The  following  geu
tleuien wore nominated as alder*
men;   W. .1. Flowers,,!. P. Fink,
,1   It. Henderson, Harold Hiekeii
botham, T. S. dill, A. McCowan,
i V. Hyde linker, .1. Jackson, C
II. Knoeke and James Ryan,
On Thursday tin- election took
place and passed oil quietly
without uny excitement. The
following is tbe personnel of Ibe
new council:
Mayor   Junius Finlay.
Aldermen .1 P. Fink, .lames
Ryan, A. McCowan, II. Ilicken
bothaiu, T  (lill, J. Jackson.
Splendid Rally to Hear Premier
McBride, W. J. Bowser
and J. A. Harvey.
The conservative rally on
Monday night wus a complete
success. Wentworth ball was
tilled   to    over Mowing    with   a
must appreciative and representative gatheringof Conservatives,
The special train, conveying the
Premier,  Mr. Bowser and  Mr.
Harvey, did not arrive at  Cranbrook until 9-80,   just  one  hour
and    forty   minutes    late.    The
lame audience began  to  assemble al 7 30, and at tin- appointed
hour every -.out was filled, many
ladies being present, and though
the night was cold none left   the
ball bul waited patiently the ar
rival of the premier and his party-
Mayor.   C   T.   Rogers   was
chairman.   On tbe stage  were
seated,   besides   ihe  Premier's
party, Thos. Cavin, A. E. Watts,
(l  II.  Thompson and  Mr.   Le
baney.    who    represented    Mi-
Kelly, the Labor candidate.
The tirsi speaker introduced
by Mayor Rogers was Mr. Le
haney, who spoke for Mr. Kelly
and tin- Labor party.
Mr. .1. A. Harvey was the
next speaker and expressed bis
keen regret that the administrative parly was not on hand at
tbe appointed hour, also his
pleasure and gratitude lo the an
dieiice lor patiently awaiting
their arrival. He heartily
thanked them and then for fifteen
minutes spoke on tlie principal
topics of tbe day.
Vi. .1. Bowser. K. C, of Van
couver, was the next speaker,
and in a rousing speech gave a
review of tlie political situation
ill this province. He stated that
they had gone to the country on
the record of the government
for the lust tliree years, tbat the
affairs of tbe country hud been
conducted honestly and straightforwardly and on tbat record
they confidently appealed to the
people to return them to power.
He then gave his attention to
tbe record of the spellbinder
and carpet-bagger W. W. B. Mclnnes, who, he said, was elected
to the Dominion House in 1896,
ln 1900 Mclnnes resigned his
seat to contest Naiiaiiuo as a foi
lower of. loe. Martin Iu 190.'!
Mclnnes was again elected to
represent Alberni, resigned and
was appointed governor of the
Yukon, That he wns distrust
ed by the Liberals and turned
down by tbe Socialists. That
he was now posing us a Yukon
carpet-bagger in ibe interest ol
'.he Liberal machine at Ottawa.
When Premier McBride was
introduced by Mayor Roger- he
was greeted with loud cheering.
It was plainly evident tbal Mr.
McBride was out for business,
and that business was to refute
tlie slanderous attack of the opposition, re the Kuieu Island
,1,-nl. lie presumed a map of
tbe island, gave a complete history ,,f ibe iieni. and charged tho
opposition win, adopting dis
graceful mothods of dragging :>
woman s name into the case lo
discredit tin- government, li
was ut this juncture thai Dr.
King entered tl,,- I,all uud look
a place ,m iln- stage, Mr. Mo
Bride dealt to sonic length upon
ibe record of bis government
and iu conclusion slated lllll! be
and his government would give
a sip,ure den I to ull.
Watch Baker Mountain
'l'l,,- Crunbrook Herald says:
" Tiiere is no ,,,,ii,- oillince of
Harvoy holng olectod in this dis
t riil    Ibiiu   thorn   is   ol    Bilker
mountain lurning upside down.
|During   ibis   ago  ol    volcanic
ortiptions and earthquakes Baker
mountain  nilglii  any old time
Hike ii notion lo turn II somerset
uud throw forth the same kind
of slnl' ihal is appearing iu tin*
Herald   mud ami corruption. THE PROSPECTOR   CRANUKOOK I; C, JANUARY   1'.' 1907.
©l)t? |»ro©v^tot*.
A. B. Grace,
■»»»»»»<M>»»»»»»»«»»»»»<M*»*^^ ,       HARVEY & MoCARTER
®;ij« |iro0:pwrUvv.    $
No brilliancy of speech, no in-
ttnt-ion of oratorical appeals to
tin- gallery on the pari of Willie 9
Mclnnes will deceive the electors 9
of Cranhrook riding.     The fuels
are too plain,    ilis tin-owing of
u life preserver to the  wrecked jj*.
party by order of the (i. T. R. *
and his patron, Laurier. will noi 9
prove effective   His number is.il, 9
a    a    a 9
I'wn   nn,I   ;i  half ,-,,liuiiii- of *
political matter sot up lust week A
by ilie Herald  staff,  and  which 9
did   not   appear In  iis  regular 9
issue, proved useful for an extra 9
published on Monday.    The old X
man must have had n  Conserva a
live oil shift to bold  back  such 9
interesting matter in  cold  stor 9
age for a week, V
Cranbrook is certainly g
its till of polities of one kin
,1 and
another this month.    Tin
nicipal elect 1011  wa-  warn
week: but tUe provincialele
are   nearing   tlie boiling
The wake of the  provinch
1   op
position will be held on Fi
b.   ::.
"Willie" Mclnnes plays a
game   of   politics.     The
party thai he bus been trie
to is
It looks as if Victoria is
to return a bunch of wlune
s for
the   govern men t.    "Dick"
Bride will bend the bunch
H     &,     CO.
From End to End oi the store Stocks are Fairly Bristling- with Newness
IT would be unfair for us to point to any one depart
1,lent 11s the peer of the rest.   What we attempted to
do we have accomplished   HxihI it that no matter whin
line of goods you ure interested in, that section answers
"IIk vnv" win, confidence.
Will   find   much   in   Dress Goods and
Mantles to interest them.
We've been particularly particular to assttr irselves
that  every   weave an,I   pattern   is   what   will   be   the
exactly   correct thing foi the Coming Season.
Ilni< is a pleasing dive*rsit\ ol lasliion
nbleness ;iinong all thnt pertains tn Ladies
wear. Ail ol these lines will be cut to tin
verv bone. !',<i .,,"'.• cents wc will nin
vou ,, Iin, of tweeds and serges the latesl
patterns and designs regului price "5 cents.
We have one line ol tweeds we will sell at
_■; cents teguhu so cent goods.
Beautiful wide-wale  Dress goods in Suit
■,'  s :ei   \.-i \  latest .it si.00 and si. j;
regular price Si.75 and S3   -
We cannot cpiote yo 1 prices on all lines here, but will
cheerfully do so when you Cal  at the Store.
I ^flJPQ    l nderwear    Waists   in    Silk.
LOUlUo      W<>*>1   and   Cashmere all'-jto
 ~     be  sold ;it wholesale prices.
" What   does Mclnnes   get?'       ?*■
He   reached  for   Ihe    governor-       jk
ship of the Yukon, will, 11 salary      9
Mens Wear
\\, will sell you lie it \ 11 nderwear all
i/es al si, 10 pel suil regularly sold tot'
..'.on.     I ,,p shirts will In* s.i,uli,ci.
\\, ha vi I he Prank Slater shoe, the
I- tglc Shoe Co.'s high class shoe, The
Vinerieaii Walk-ovei shoe .nul many other
lines. \\. will quote you one -u two pines
whicli will largely govein .,11
We will sell you a S5.00 shoe for S2.9C, a S6.00
shoe for S3.50. a S3.50 shoe for $1.85.
We have 300 dozen Metis Sox in Cashmere and heav\ wool, We must unload
litem ui cost.
Ul out Ladies Kill's inusl go and the
assortment is most Complete .11 prices that
defy Competition, We fane.) 1l1.1t ;, 'all
will satisf\.
S<v the priirs we quote on 201I1 Century
Clothing. While Clothing made b\ llie
average makers will be sold al from $3.00 ,1
suit tip.
L'liANUROOl., H.C.
9     \\, F. GURD
Solicitor, Etc.
llritish Columbia
I    Granbrook
(tninbi'ook, B.C.
G. H. Thompson
T       Crnnlirook, B.C.
9    ! 	
T H 0 M A S   M c V I T T 1 I'.
P.L.S.  &  CE.
Port Steele H.C.
%   |j UR. K. W. CONNOLLY
9   ' r    PhuslGian and suraeon
A*i J    Ol I-*,l'l: ARMSTKONU  AVE.
3!       , I   Horns:   II to 11 ll.lll.   2 to l p.m.
W        J T to 8 p.m.
I'linin- Ollloo iu'i    Kosldenoo 10(1
a -a a . . .".".. . .a ,«■»■»'-«..»,.«"»■•.'*"**•*-»
„m ta»K"«w4Sal.Ha»a>.>Wa».atWw» ■   ■   »'-#■>
9 I
I F. O. B.
4ti j Moot cvol-y Wi-ilnesiljtv
1 ' iti 8 i>.m. in B.L.F. Hull
i»A ' n-dUiiii   lli-iitlu'i-s  Cnrdlnllr   tnvlteil
A I'- UobsTate, W. President
.!> i .1, llio-., niN", s,-i-v.
hill & eo.
li,-.  Collin,  Aurii- I'liyolulau.  I1.0.
,,.\ 28.
* ^■•■■■-fn'nn'.'mniiniiiiiiiinninVMiniii-^.
9     1 Rock) Mountain Chapter si
to  i
< 9     i
( *   i
so. isi. r.. a m *tt
Rett uiiu- in,'i-l iiiy*-:- 2nd Tues- 5;
day In ojii-li uiontli ul eight *j.
o'clook. !:
Sojourning ( omptmlona   are  ;•
cnnlially Invited. £
Wm. to. Tatk, Sorlbe to,   >:
n!*li.      <J,.l  it  Inr     i   sr: ##****4^*#**#****<MH0r****#####*#^^ I       *"**       CRANBROOK, B.C.      |
111" the party Uml is now herald-  '""'"    '       2___
Ing liitn bacli  ns   the  savior oN   —■
iln,I party,   TlioiptestIon before
llu-   eleetorule    is     "*\Vltlll    llflOS '     N"'
Me I ll nes pel ':"
I a • I -. -1 ,,\  yivi'll  III,,I   ."al   iluys j
.ill,-i- iiiiii! I  Inteuil  !•• „t>|>lv   in  He,,, |
'l'l,,- I hi,-I I'm , — ii.,,, ,' of |,unill<   ,11x1
Works ul Vleiorlii, II. i'.. fm
♦ 9.9:9 ft;9:ft9;*:* ft7*'ft; 'ft^3>:ft:..*'ft. ♦.«:♦
m ♦
Vta«IHow to Build lip  Your w ; 1
1,1,',,,,,     HI, A* * .A.. JT*
Ibe I,ibe,'ill -lailili,r,l   1
llllll ridintc,     When   ul  l-'ernie iu
Tbe mul  ,,f ;,   political  I'ltrce  '""I"'1'1 ''"' '' ;""' l""'"
lliu hilluwIiiK iliwrlhal  lumls, sit,,, „UXJ ^
»'a« ' ehed Inst Sntenlnv nii.1,1 , k ma, s ,.,,„„, Konlonayills-   3K SyStClll
wlien   Ibe   Liborals   of   l*'oi'llio tHi-l of IIi-IUkIi Cnliiiiiliiin   Commone- fflji »T
,   ,   ,,,,,,. ,,.  , Inirul n I'u-i   planted tuljiiiiiMil  in theM!**\
noniinnteil   W    linn   Hie.ens   ns       ,, ,   ,,        „ ,     .WW
-,i,llll-,'„s|  -nul-  |»oM ,,1 Isllli'   ItriKlfti      aya
lenrer   for i-lulin, Inl No. I1NI8 und  la-iin;   thu llll- j M
l,< ;,. i„ Hul or norlli-wuKl i-ni-ncr |»,-i ul  A. T.   •»
, 'iiliim-il'a   locution,   ilnni-i-   ,-iwt  80 Ml
.Inly lusi .1. A Muedonald, luntlor ,.|m|,i,; n,,., m„„i, mi cihulns, thenco
of Ihe opposition, iii consiilliilloii «'™l 80i'IiiiIiik: ii,,-,,,-,- north hu ohulns
.,.,,., „ to tiliu'e ,,f lioirbnilnit i-nntulnlnL' fnn
wiih  Mr,  l.inilsey,   nianagor ol .,,.,..  *1„
Ibe Crow's Nest   Coul   coinpatiy,      I Und Nov. Illli IIHHI.
selected    Mr.   Dlcltons   ns   llm A' '''• l'»llt«'""- ' "l1"'-
11, M. .1,nlil.  Aj-i-nl.
I.iberul    cillldldlllo   fm*     l''ei-ni,-
ridinir.   Mr. Dickons looked good     U'mnu-m-liurutu |hwi , , idjn-
■•■■■it I,, Un- -until.,-,,-, ivii-nar -<f M. -gv
loibeni. As astrnnj; labor man, |,unifl-.y'a,-i,ilm loi i*mi7 und Iminj the t/(f
holding the posit i, in of president   i"'"'"1'»' "outli-ivett cnnior post uf 11,
,,,.,, . .,, Nl,   ,lu,ld'«   Inraltoll!   ill,-,,,
ol    I iliulslone   union,    wilh   tin
Emulsion ol*
Cod Liver Oil
Will Do It
0. !!..    A- Mi COWAN.
Si-i-ivmi'-v, T. MARSHALL
S Phone-  7 4
,  sn
ulna, thei north 80 ,'hnlnst llience
support   of    the    Liborals,    he wtmt 80 i-hiilna: theiu'c -Miuth 80 ulmlnsj^alJa^
might, il wusll ghl, carry  Ibe '" I'laee of IkkIiiiiIiii;, .-outulnlns  ''<''|:^
I'ldillg   for   Ihe Liberals.     After      | „t,,,| Nov. lRlh IWHI.
ihe   noinlnatliig   seance   in  iho ''•"• M.-ludd. ixwatnr,      '31
oltieeolt nnp.inv.   Mr       '"  "!-" '   I'1  "''i"*|^     PURE DRU0S
N lonnld    consiilleil    with    n H'l',',:.',','.'. "", ."",..' 7,,-,'Zt ^1% D1SPKNSIM -    nn:    sI'Kcl \ 1 ,*n
number of I ling Liberals trim |M' h:': ,.■• ■•-• nor ixwt uf MwJ
1   ,,    ,, IV. M. \   -   n uiliiiu  ihcncc ",i->     "SS
""'I'' inlly declared that   Ihey „, ..,,,,.   .     m „„„,„,.,     (J
would have nothing  to do  wilh -,,,.,;,.,  i,..|Kn,-iiuin»: ihuiire mirtliHO
Dickens or his sponsors  In their i-lmliu. 1 -.,.■(..    ■ ..    mituiniiiu
cowurdiy efforts to holster up u ••'";«■"-"  Centrally Located Electric Lights
wrecked,cause ill the expense of     l"""lh"  s"    |Sth ""*'
,.     ,        ,, Inlul    I uiul'
he   wor iim.' 11   ol     be     'i.» .   .
' n'H.  \l . -llllll.   Al-'',,i
Prank Sherman, presideni ,,l the
Mine Workers,  hnriuc  noliiie.i ,.,.
Court Granbrook 8943
HCUHDT   i?    PH   '+  MBKTSaNDAN'""'"tuesdays
,     OllUlU        &      0U,   ||vlsltm;;iZ  —>; invited
1 lie Painters, Faperhangers, Etc.
9  OF   9
I'enienilier we eurry the only Slock of li'llli
papers in Cranbrook,
Sign Painting a Specialty
All kinds ni Painting and Decorating
attended to promptly.
*' *     ,    , , ,	
Q I * J_j,   UUI iiN »
t'   5 *
* , * Tailor % Importer of *
f I       Fine Woolens.       }
If.     T <*
■ i $ i
ft:\* Cranlirook, H.C.  Armstrong Ave  |
9,  f i
'    W. CRAIG
s,,„„i  Unlli-,'. und I'liriuico Work ii
O   apoolalty.
U |       Cost und Slock Kstimiile.s
I'lirnisbeil Upon Applicu-
mi .,«. .    ^      l\D/l\L     I  "  UO.N Iill     ABMBTKONG AVBNU K     V HON It 111    U,
Tn6 IDruo'2'ists W' ft
„..rr  ..   ?.&.  't\(\yi  ♦ * ♦■<' .♦■">',♦.-«-•>,.♦ ftp* % ft4ft;.4::♦:«■♦.♦.,♦:♦:.♦ •> ,♦
I l^QOtenay gteel Range
^^^•^•^Z- £?• ;?• <£?• t7. (l*-W:>
Manitoba Hotel
'•    VI n 11 it
D, A, McDO
in stop  come to tin
We Give You Your Money's Worth  \
.   Ill   II  flOal     plu,it,,,    „,])„
til tllH  Mlll-ll I  ,■©,-,,'',' |„a.t ,.M ,
aspirations   whieh   he   hoped  ,,.,-.„,■„  m itm „nd .-miiijr thn Under  Mew   Management
would be sustained by the  mini 1 ial or north- n ■• i-m-nui- t-fn.tof.Ioc,
workers of the Pass by means ol   l'"""h"" * •"""'■•""' ■-' u< ,        ■..,-.„.,    U        When you want
i-iiuin»:tin- ■-Minn-o ,-tiiii,,.: ii,,-,,,',-     lleinli uarters lot  mining   '■■
;i   strike,    ilelernnneil     lo    put        IS ,    t : ,    ,, .. *    |ihlC(
Dickens mn of  business   pnlilie-   ■,,,,!;,,.. ,,< ,..-^*,,,,.:,,.  ,-oniuliiiii
ally ,-ls well Ils mil   of   the   I ,1:1,1    j„-r,- ,11,,1	
stone  union     He succeeded   in NhmiiiiI t,,,-   i.,-,. iihui.
putting Diekmm oul of the union   , '""' ''"""liaiuier, 1 11
nnd himself out of politics.    The  '" '  M"1"""'  v-
Inree of lioldiui! 11 eoiivHiiiioii  to i.ixn   s-irrici
nominate  an   already   s,,i,,,-i,.,i    i,,..,.s tha,   ■-,.,,. Htu-ruiui
candidate   \\;,^   curried   ,,ui   on ' *1"1"' "l'i'lr ''
I,, - unci IViir.
Siilurdiiy Insl.    Alter placing ill   nuwilnii m imrc
1 bullion the Ill m ol   six   or  l'""1' "' '" ' l<n
sl-Vi-l,  i/elllleniell.   '.V ho i-ln phll I I.'      u ,... ,,,,, , ,
ully decllnod lo nccotit, the I,mil !,i,"'l'v"1"""™"!
sliy-Mlieilonillil     Cillldldlllo      Wlls   i.„ ,   uvi-iilj ,,,
11.uniiuited    A  Iiu'ko numbor of ;";";" " "»w
ilis<.'ruulleil Liberiils. us well  iis Norili fiiiiyi-luili
Mm majority ol the mine workers  "" ""'
will resent lhis  iinllinely   inter ,.,,,',1 .,,„,„..,.	
ference on the purl  of  I liiulsay
A   Good   Baker
'l'l run   in thu Knutuiiii,'   Kiiiiku i- aiiiuiililluall)
|,rii|iiillliili,-il In Iln- Mte nl llie liri'-liii\, -11 llllll  1111 iiii'i','
luul i'li 11 bo luii-ni-il tliu,, laiiliaii|nt-lt   t,.-i-i---n iv   i<>  Ileal
11 i','ii.
The iivun Is IIiiihI wilh liuiyj ahunl -l.-.-l. whluh is h
-.'ii'iii   I'udlulor 01   lu-iii   uiul  iin-ui'i's  11   loiiiiii-ni   In-lit
lliroiiKhnul Un-1,v,-ii.    mnliim ifn louf of biritd bi'lnu
hull ,1 in , -i,l,- mnl liurniiil mi ,1 ,
The Kuutitnuy Ituiigu Ih Imili uu ui'lulilllln |M'IiiuIiiIim
ihi'uiijfhoiil, und -in,1,1,1 la- lau'ofullj t'Miiiibii'ii hiifiiri-
ImyliiH iu,,\ otlii-r.
PflTMfiRF    RRHQ   Plumbing, Roofing, Heating and
I II I IVlUIVL    DIVUO.        Ventilating Engineers.
P.O. Box 834.  Cranbrook, b.G.
Boot Shoe Maker
All Work Clniu'iintootl
New Work Mitde lo Mensiire
Armstrong Ave.   '1;!;ll:,'"'l'„"l, ,
City Scavenger
KmS •     **mS.     W-«
'■i.i   M   1     fm  |»r<
to\,t,wiiiu   !■ f-rllccl       Ltih
n' lire, knirlilfti
1 liM-iii ['llllllll    IIU'III '
1 ■   Ho.iili   iwonlj
l 1 ii.iiii     rum li -
.<",'• imv rlvi r ilionro
tli-' Knrt in.11k r>| tlie
■ nmi iixlyilnyi*ftltcr il  i «>
ui it|ipi) iu lha ''til'1' Cumiiiiwtiiiiii'i nl
i- :n, 'i Work-, ni  Victor In ("i  iiurmlmiloii
in Ua ■■ Um fiillnwhiK ilnwHIiol  Iftii'l* I"
11 Kiwi KoniMiaj'
nmi'til mn ni .1 i«i-ti |M*iiiL«il ,11 il"'    ntilli
HifiiM- iinriii twenty liuiiii-, llimicc "Oul
Hvot!liBln» moro01  1'"'" >'• '>"' wonloni
■ I l,'i' !0|fl  IlleflM    fiiltli llfiy elmlli'. Illllli'
my I nr less fdllowlui/ilie wOHteni lit 1 l*ol !0HI
in, 1 to Uir tunii. nf tlm si   Mnry-N rivoi   Uiciioi
Parties  having   back yards,
and closota to clean, and refuse
mailer to bo taken away, should
leave orders with me.
mnrnimnifmmimimirffmiffimmT«  ) L>3lQ2PL)   Udlul6   1)0.
iTonsorial Parlor | |
lllllH 1*1       n„,|,-,„  ,, v- l„ll„M|ni:   Jll I l-JUlll III ll lVl-al,-lh    11111*1-1
THOM AN uu 1.1 'Kl.'ill iiii.i: 1 in,, [ilie c nf liciillililliK,
. ,      , 1 '"" i-1'i-iiiiiii.-i- Vmni j   ii.iii-iiiiiU.ii.i ,ui ni iia,-,-iiiii ««
.\lai-UolilllU Oil rein iilll'J  -. n„,   ith IIMI 11, j 1. William si.,|,i,.        'lUUUlUlUIUUilUUUUUUUilUilUliUU       •
:      l-'ni 11 Coul mnl OI01111 Slur
Or 11 I'm-lm-l Hit■■- Olll
A lliil 111 Ciilil Until
Fresh and Ha tod Meats
Kish nnd Poultry in Soacnn
J       Uiuvii orilui'n ut tho City Clocks ollkw
4    iii'ili'ii|iu nostal i-in-ii itl |i„.v 111,1.
0 '.                           NOTICE.
4 TAKK Mi'l'K'K   ihm    thirty   dnjij
J liirti-r iluli-I lntoml tni.|i|ily lollioClilol
4  •'' iuIh-hIiiih-i- nf I.iiihIh nml VViii-liB for
4 poi'inlsnloii  In  .-nl   nml   i-m-i-v   ,lwaj,
'i     0 tlmbor from tin- following (Josorllioil
4.     luml- In Minilll Kiial K'linliMiiiy;
Cnmniniiulng ill n pnsl pluntod nt tho
Nnrlli-iviwl. em I'of I'lll   Kelly's  pn,.
1 Walter B, Laimi,
-1      t i'inn   iuiii    1 iiuii.i y    111   uuttouil '"HKK\l\1HUffl^Pf a
IJ ^mUr    4
I   J (liileis hy iiiiiii will  reeeive |iroin|il nml  eiiielul nllenlion   J umptlon on Finn- Milo'Crooki'tJiotloo
|| 4 .   _ 4 north 1 milo, tlionoo wont linllo, tlionoo
{ soutli I mill-, Hi,-n,-I-ri ,1 1 mllotonliiao
* ...,.	
ni ilt, 11 c,    3
Order by Phone 45
I nf CommotiooiTionti
4       liiiinl -Imiiiiii-j' 2nd, 111117.
*0 I    1 A, B.Foawtek, THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B 0., JANUARY 10, 1907
♦««♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦♦«»♦♦♦«♦»« ***********************
V ^he Itowectov
Bottled beer for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
X{   So far as announced Irom ull |
9', parts oi the province the line up I
SATURDAY. JAN. 19, 1907.
Tlie Legislative Line Up.
in lite coining eloction will be:
iMhornl It llrrw-Rtcr I.. Wm. Manson C.
Atlln I-' w. UowlluH '. s. k. VouukC
Columbia   w.e Wells I. H. Cl. ParsonC.
I'OlllUX     lli'lllli ll I.. U. lllllil! e
1'ii'vk-liiiii   .1.    X    Evll-lK   I..   W.   II    ll»y-
ei-:iiil,i,„,I;   In-   Kins   I.    .1    It    lliirvi-i- e.
♦  T. B. Kiilly, l.n '.
P. O. BOX 812
Fort   Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.    ♦   *»;>• i »
lii-ltti .1 Oliver I., s. l-\ MnckonxIsC,
lii-ieliii-y U.liii'illiii-1.. U.Mi-ui-lilt-e
Ksillllinllll   .liilm Jiirilllli-  I.. ('. K. I'iiiiK-s'e.
t'.'i'iii,- w It. It-unO, ok-ii-ns. i..
ilniiiil l-.iik-j   E. MillerC. JointMotm-onSoe,
iit,-i'inu,i„i   E. li.  Wiiri-i-ii   0, George ll.
N'llili'll I.. K. Uyiii's Sui-.
lalaiul   T \V. I'm,T-mi 1.   A. P.. MePhtlllps
I    IV  .1. I iiiii,iii,i s,„..
Knmloopx .1 D, Swiiohoh i.. 1'. .1 l-'iilnm ('
Kust.. joim Keouo I., Noll Mackay 0.
■i   \i EiikIuhoii i.. -\. McDonatil e
ihepparil I. HHWtliorlithwaltn
is Buyers
lor every
class of Real Estate mid Farm properties
is of Real Estate and Farm
Employment Office
and you will get a job.
-Call at once
Nelson   in. Hall  I.. .1. A. Klrkpairlck ('
Frank Phillips soc.
Xau-cnsllC    I'. 'VIIIilllils Sue.
Ni-iv w,.!,iiiiii. i   F. w. noway t„Tliomiw
OI.IUIIII1II1I   nr. Mni-iliiiiiiiii I.. Price Kill-on i'.
J. W. 1.,'BH- Soo.
Rovolaloko   tt, I'ul-'V I. Thomas Tuylur {'.
Klclltnonil   .1.  \v    Woarl   I.. I-'. I., l.'tirtoi'-
eolunie. K  Mrllrnli- Ind. S l.ii Int-stuni- lull-
Ralcer .Sl.   City Transfer Co's. Otlice   Cranbrook,B.C.
Pacific Coast
i   Leave NELSON 7.30 a.m
iy given Hull thirty tlayslttler
apply lu llu- Chief Cuminis--
Arrive    Vancouver
S.S, Princess Victoria
Arrive Victoria ti p.m,
One Night En Route
connecting with
S.S. Princess Beatrici.
Victoria - Seattle
Standard Sleeping Cars
Berths $1.00   Can be oecu-
lied ii p.m.
| lion. HilliiT. Agont Oanbronlc.
K .1  Coylo, A.G.P.A., Vaunouvei
I  s. DARTER, D.P.A., Xolunn
N,,t is Iterehy i
ilnto 1 Intcnil
iontir ul l.iiiuls uml Woi-lts, Vii-lO'iit, inr a
spoi-iiil itcenee ni fin ami carry awuy timher
fiimi tin- following ilt-si-rllii'il luml Rlluato nn
the Pitlllsei-rlvor and Its tiiluitiii'li-s in Northeast Kootonuy illstrlel:
i. Couiinotti'litii in ji imsi planled titioitt
twenty chains uastof Ceilm' creek, iiliont hull
u milt' rrom tin- tiiuiii li. thenco B0 chains north,
thoneo 80 chains west  thoi 80 chains south,
thenco so eluiius essl to point or common	
■j.  Couinicnolnu in n pnst planted nn the eust
hank ol Cellar crei-li iihout  nil a hair
miles rutin iln- mouth, thenee 80chains nortli.
thenco 80 chalna west, thonee 80 chains soutli,
tbence wi chains enst to point of commencement
Dated Nov. it. 190H.
I. Commencing nt n post on the south lunik
or tho Pallislet- rivet- ahotll seven miles frmu
Uie inouili. ihenco su chuins t-:i«t rollowlnn ilie
,iver. thenee 80 chains outh. tlience w chuins
west, theuce 80 chains north lo point ol i-otn-
Rossluud .1 .\. Maedonald I.. A. I-'. ni-rry s
siiniilih   It. Tiniiu-r I.. D. M. BbortnC,
siniiik -ii -SmithCurtis I,  I., w. shut-
fiu'iic. il. Winkler Soo.
Skean'u  J. VV. Morrow l,
Sloean   A. II. Doakstoailor I., \V. lluiiti-r c.
VV. Duvlson sue.
Vancouver. I   VV. VV. It. Molnlios  I..  II. o.
Tiuiiiwe. I-:. Kinnsicy Soo.
Vancouver,! T. I'. Noclamls I.. .1.1'. Garden e. it. e Petliptcco, Sin-,
jP     voncotivecS n. e. Mi-u-unnii r.. .v. ll. Mnc
Oownii e ,\. sti-tiiiiiius Sn,'.
Vat uvi-r. I   J.  VV.   Hell. I'urrls I.. VV. .1.
llnwsi.i a K. II. MeVi-ly Sue.
Vuhcottvor.n Judge Hemlerson 1.. Dr. Me-
outi'i't-, .1 K. Dtihliorly Soc.
Victoria, I -It. I,, lirui-y 1.. Hon. It. Mottrido
C. Dr. Ernest Hull, Lulior.
Victoria. '2   VV. 0. Camoron  r., A. It. Thompson C. A. .Iiiliii-iin l.nliiii'.
Victoria,  :1   .1.   D.   Mi-Nlvi-n   t,. 11. 1-'. Uelin-
snn e.
V'lctot-hl.-I   Uii-liuril Hull I., [-'. DnvleC.
Vale   Stiiiu-l II.'iultM'siin 1..C. Sl-inllli C,
Vli.il    ,1. 1-'. llllllll- 1..
r. stands ror Liberal e lorConsorvatlvj anil
s for Socialist.
imcuclnii Ut Un:
ipplloalion Nn-1. ilie
cast foiiii'
augmented provincial debt, the!
finance minister will shortly be
able to announce to the Country
a surplus exceeding {800,000 for
the last financial year, a reduction ol lhe provincial debt, n
vastly increased contribution to
much needed public works in,
districts of the province and probably what will be more appreciated than all, a moderate reduction in taxation. The whole |
administration shares in the
honor of this achievement, but
by universal consent the finance
minister is entitled to a special
meed of praise. There is a time-
honored warning for the man of
whom all men speak well, and if.
Mr Tatlow were not tlie mosl
modest of men it might have
some application to him iu view
of the fact tbat even the opposition organs agree that he is an
excellent minister, In the face
of ibis testimony, to say nothing
of the highest opinion of his
colleagues it is difficult lo see
how the province could fail to
suffer by his removal from Cabinet rank.—The Week.
From Deficit to Surplus
When the Hon. R. (!. Tatlow
delivered his first budget speech
on March 28th, 1905, he pointed
out thai for a period of twelve
years the tinanc.es of the province
had been falling into arrears at
tlie average rate of $750,000 per
annum For the linaiicial year
preceeding the advent of the McBride administration the deficit
reached the enormous sum of
Sl,510,000. He stated further
that, at that date  the excess  of
3rd, liinti, completing the second
full year of his financial control,
Mr. Tatlow was able to announce
r*- 75.1*
!S£?rK So" Si"- Zl'h; a*™* !"*«««« over all current!
topulniofcommfliicemout. assels was $820,129,    On   March
3. i'oiiimi!iu'it.K nt the uortl.-msi corner »»t
tipplicaUou s'o. -,*. tltouce Iw ulmlns oust follow-
(UK the Palliser rlvor, thonee 80 ohalns soul...
thenee wn chains wt-sL. thenoe B0 chains north
to point of eommenofltnetat.
i.  Corn mo nci iir at tlie north-east eornor ot a  SUl'plllS of  $268,265,     He  did
ffi^^sn^i'^^h0' a,UMi"M to teke eredlt ,o
thenee81)chains wost. thonoo 80 chains uurth j himself  01* the   fiovemmetlt    to
to point nf commencement.
fi. Comineuelud nt tho nortli east corner of
application No. t. thenee *o chains 1*11*1 following tho Palliser river, themie 80 chains south,
thoneo 80 chains west, thonco so chains north
to point oi oommoncoinent.
Dated 8th, Dec. 19(10,
1. CoinmencliiK at a post planted on tho
oust bank of Smith crock, a tributary ot the
Palllsor river ami about six mill's from tlie
mouth, thence nurth BO ehains. ihenee oust 80 (
ehains, thenco south so cimins. thence «ust so and improved  condition of our
chnius ,0 point or commeneomeut. industries, and to the natural ex-
■i.  CominenclnB at the south-west eorner of
application No. 1. rhencB north so ciuiins,| pansionofreceiptsthroughgrati-
fying   provincial   development.
He  mi'rht  have  added   to    the
Take uot Ico that 1 intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lunds and Works at Victoria
or « Hpurial license to cut aud carry awav
timber Irom the followltiK described lands
Situate in South Kust Kooteaay District, Hrll-
Isli Columbia.
Mcenne A.-Commem:iiiM at a post planted ut
the southeast eorner of Lot 3010, thence cast
100 ohains, thonee north forty chains, thenee
west HSU chains, thence south forty chntnn to
plaee of beginning, containing M0 acres'
Dnted nth duy nt pooembei' WOO,
Ueense B.—Commencing m post planted on
the northern boundary of Uieuse A and eighty
chains oust of Lot RIM0 thence north eighty
chains, thenoe west eighty chains, thenee soutli
eighty chaliis. thence enst eighty chains to
place of beginning, containing 040 Hcres,
Dated 18th Deceiuber, 1000
Licensed Commencing nt a post planted at
tht! southwest cornei or M. Kelly'spro-euiptUm
ou four-mile creek, thence ensl forty chuins.
thonco south forty ohftills, thenee east forty
chains, thence south eighty chains, theuee west
forty i'liuins. thence north forty chains, thenee
west forty elmlns, thence north ulghty
j chains to plnee of beginning containing 'ao
Datctl 18th December, ishu"-.
License i) - Commencing at u post
planted nt the Nitutliwofit corner oi
M. Kelly's pre-emption nu lour mile
creek, thenee north eighty chains, llience wesl
h:M ehains. thence south forty ulmlns, thence
enst eighty ehnlns. thenee south lorty chains.
Ihenee e.ist forty ctialns to place of beginning.
Dated December IBth, 1000.
SI Arthur B. Fonwlok, Locator.
T,ike no'ioe tliHt ufter tlilrty ilays 1 Intend
tu apply to the Ohlel Cotninissioner u( Lund-t
and Works for « special licence to cut and
carry uway timber from tho following described
land in Southeast Kooteuay;
Commonelng at a post planted ou the west
bank ol Klk river about | mile above Hound
I'lairlc, thenee west Vi elmlns. thenee north
100 chains, thenee east ID chains more or lesi
to the bunk of Klk river, thence following sHid
bank down stream to plnee of commencement.
Nov. Hth, IWHt,
•> L. W. I'aiiuoif
which he belonged for this
phenomenal change, but wisely
and safely left the inference to
: theintelliixeiit and fair judgement!
of Llie electors. He did, however, point out that the excess
of revenue was due to the growth
•1'itke notlco that sixty days after date 1 Intend i" apply t<> the chief Commissioner ei
LiiiuNHll'l Works at Victoria. M. c. for I»'i-1 snuMi to point of coiumencemeiii.
mission to putotitiso the following duserlhccl     ,   ,■ m0imlng nt tho sonth-w
linins. thenee south 80 ehuins.
theuce enst 80 chains to point of cotnmenco-
:i   Commenecmontat a post on Uiooastbank
of siniih creek mid aboul seven miles from the
mouth, theuee SO chilli)P cast, lliciiee *il ollltlUH
north, llience H) elmlns west, thonceSO elmlns
in Kast Kootonay
.inimeiieiim at a post plantod at tlie South-
>ki 001*1101 oi timber Uconeo munnur tish and
tlm Kasl line ot Lot, 003,1, and called Simon
inhli' s Noitli-wesi eorner post, theneehoinli
rly clialtis, Ihenee Hast twenty ehnlns.tluiiee
mill slxtj chains, thenco Kasl twenty chains,
timber iici'iii'i' ntimliei .'is'.', thence Norm
,„u hinli, r ii ui .N" N*f lUt'CliaillH to tlm*
i iieuiice <o. NHH, tlmliuu Wmi io.ij ei *
■ 'HA nt plat
r I. nn
UN   K
luuridge, rfgunt.
>i hit
, thei
application No. 3,tboneo80oliiilns w
su ehains north, ihenee Ho chains cast, the
sn chains soiiili 10 point of commencement
.'1.   Commencing at a post plant- don the east
bank of Smith ereek, ubout B mllos fi
already over bearing debt of the
province by further mortgaging
its splendid natural resources,
fj but lie had the courage to adopt
what was al the moment an unpopular course, but one which
"I was baaed upon correct business
ulb. Ibi'iir
1 Sii elmlns
■ so chains
J^-ki --'J.,-7
ilTTj-' -.--1"? —A-
SKAI.KD TENDERS, uddrt'sserl
in Um I'osiniiisiiii' Gotienil, will
in- I'i'ciilved in Oiluwii muil iinnii
nn I'Vidny, llm Sth iluy of Peh-
run i'V, 1007 fur the eonveyimop
of Bis Majesty's Mulls, on n
|irii|insiiil coiHi'iiol for tour yen rs,
<n per wni'k ench w iy, botwemi
('i-iniliroiik und Gnlden, from tho
l-i iluy nf April nexl,
Printed notice containing further Information us to conditions
ul   proposed   1 oiilriiel   muy  l»'
s nml Muni-: forms of Tender
muy li" obtained ill the ''osl
Ollloes of Cranbrook, Golden,
and Iniermediale offices, nnd ul
ihe offloo of the Post Office
A. W. Oairlns,
Post Office InspGctoi".
Calgary: Alta   Dec. S8,180(i.
jiiai ni
iiui-lli. lliiiliromiclmliiH ivi--i. tin
suiilli In liunil nf I'liiiiiiii-lirj-iiii'til
li.   I otllinolllllllll ill llm auillll-wl'Sl riil'lll'l' ill
ll-ipllcitllnt! Nn. I. iln-iii'i-aiii'limus
an i'linin rili. il.i'i -ni i'liuins
SI) I'llllillS sillllll Ml llllllll 111 rilllillll'lll'rllli-tlt
Imi-il Hih, Ilir nmi',
1,   I'liiilliii'lH'llir 111 11 pnsl lilnlllril 1111 lllll
luuiii iif Muni i-i-k.il iiiiiiiiiii)' iii i'iiiiim'i- loudesl iu Iheir ilemiui'iiilious of
llvi-l'llliiilll-l lllilun Iiiiiii UlO luiilllll
i'llllllia llllllll   till- Hlli-lniHis  l!Hal,
iimiii-siiiiiii. iiii-wi--ui iliaiiisui si in-mini of  have lmil; I'eu.seil lo criticise, und
riilnnii'iu I'llU'lil
iip-iiimtLioiis...i.iii.-iii-i-aiiiiiiiiii.w.-si.iin-iiii-1 supporiers of the government,
soiiluiiiM north, iiii'i..'.' w chain »i, ilionoo, T,        * | ,     justined  the
stii-liniiia sn iill III |iiillil n( C'llilliH'i II 1 '    J    ''
-... v iiini-iijK 111 a puai mi nmi usi miii- ni means.      The   finance   minster
Mni'llli ri'i'i'kuliiiiil II mi-lllll a iiiiiii tin'ii!
llllllll-l- 80 L'hll  lis llllllll. I lll'tlll- Nl  I'llllllia
iiii'iu'i mi i'liiiiiis Miuiii. 1 ill-lira »! riiuiiis won that if he wus giving hostages to
t„1,,Jii,i„fi'.iiii„„.,i,',-iii,iiii. j p(1|.tllm. they would he redeemed
I    l-iiiiiini'li'Iiik ill Hit' siiiilli-wnsl I'lii'iiur uf •'
iipiiiii'iiiiim  Nu. 11, iniin!' nil i-iiuiiis imriii. I at au  early  dale,    lie   rightly
,i„.,n,.«i,,-i,,ii,,»ii',.»i.iii'i,i-.m,i i-liuins »°«lh- judged thai, Uu, province was on
lIlllH'l-Hll lllllllMIIIHl    Ul    llllllll   III    l-lllllllll'll      J ° I
 1,1. the eve of wide-spread develop-
iiiiusi Nov. sn, moo.
I.   Cotlltnonolnil ut 11 pnsl mi llll! Ollsl slid
in.-iimiii (mii ui iiu-I'liiiisi'inviT 1111.1 ui.iiiit with the  advent of  which   lax
i, mill's Irom iln' iiiiniili.tlii'iii-i''ii>i'li!iltis nurlli '
llli'lli'i'SI) llllllllls Wi'ht. Illimrl-Hll i-lliilns smnll
iiii'iiii'sii i-iiiiii isi tu 11111111 1111'liiniiii'i  the extra Impost they hadcarried
l""1"' ,      to insure the winning of the race,
:!   I'littimi'iii'iiH' ui 11 pnsl nn iln- '-usi siili- ul;
tliu norlh fai-k of ilia eiiiiimr nvur rlvor .mil The   result   is   tliiil    instead   of
•" ' •1* m""H '"<"' ""■ """"•" " " "having to face tho electors today
,-lialns nurlli. iiii'iu'i! an ullillnn wont, lltonoo 80 °
i'liuins smnll. iiu-iii-i' hii i-iuiiiis .-usi in imlnl, ur wiih a depleted treasury uml an
"cutting oi* one's eoal according
lo lhe cloth"; in oilier words  in-
rai'o creasing taxation Iu order to pay
perilling expenses,   ll is not loo
inch lo suy that those who were
uilest iu their denunciations of
ilionoo ao ''"s policy when it wus announced
have Imifi eeased to criticise, and
ire today amongst the most loyal
hud the  prevision  to   recognize
ment. and of an era of prosperity
wilh the advent of whieh taxpayers   would   speedily   forget
(FORM I'.)
Victoria   and   Jubilee   Mineral
Situate in tin* i-'mi Mining DIvIhIoh of Kusi
KooleiiHy lllslrti-t.
u When' loonteil: -On souili sliln ol si. Mui-y's
Tftko uiitim- tlmt I Ttios. T. McVIttlo, l-'ri'O
Minors' Cortlllanto So, Mixn. nwont fur Dtincua
,Mi-'l'*urliilie. I'-.iM.C. No. HTIlOliillit Kilwiiril A.
WoikI.   Preo  Mlliur'u Curtllliiili' Nu.   Iiril'is
Intoud, sixty iluys from tlio -into ln-n-of
lo upply lu tlio Minimi lli-i'onli-r lor n Cortlfl-
i-nte ol linproviiiniinls. lur tho purpose uf nb*
minim,- ii Crown Oruiit ot enoii ol Un- nliove
Anil furtlier tuke notiee thul uelloii. uniler
section 07. must be comuieneeil U-fore tlie IsHU-
uneeof such ecrtlllenteuf Improvements.
Doted tills Ifith iluy ot Nov., 1900.
ll! 'I' T. Mi'VITl'lE. Agont
'1'uKi- nutlet-- ttiitt tliii-it iiu\a ufter
■lute, we- the under&lipQea latent! tu.
apply to the < 'liief ' 'oiiimlssioni-i* nt
l.uiii'ls mnl Works al Victoria, B.C., lor
a spe-L'ial lii-eni-i- to eul ami i-urry away |
timber from iln.- following deiei-ll-c-u
lumls In Kust Kootenay:
I.- Coiauieuolngat a post planted
-ii i'liuins nortli of the ',', inil*.- po-t on
iin- earn llm- of l.m 4592, tbenoe SO
i'h:iiii» east, 80 ehalas south, 80 chains
west, SO ohains north to place ut commencement.
Nov. intli, lllOti.
,2.1 Couinienolug at a post plauted
80 chains oast and 10 ehains north ol
the 57 mill! poat on lhe east line of Lot |
4592, and running 80 i-hains east, 80
chains south, ho ehains west, so chains
north to placo of commencement.
.Nov. llllli,  1006.
ill.) Commenoing ui a post planted
160 ohalns east and 40 ohalns north of '
the 6* utile |Mist on the enst line of l.ol
I5H2. ami ruunlng 80 ohalns oast, B0
ohalns south, 80 eliuins west, SO ohalns
nortli to pluee of comtnonoouienl,
Nov. llllli. Iimii.
I-l., C'oiunieuolngat a |*ost planted
240 chains oast and 00 chains north ol
**************** *********
Marysville, B.C.       COLE & HANDLEY, Prop *
9   GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   9
9 *
'I'lu' Leading Hotel nf the Si.
Mary's Valley. N'ice airy rooms
newly furnished. Table as
good ii> any in Kootenav.
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
IjGuests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection i
«no67.r"eprr,UlO0°fll!ii00!V" Marysville, B.C
4692, thonoo 40 i-hain** enst. Mo oh alt in ■*
sou'ih, 40 ulmlns weat, 100 chains uurtli \
toplucfofuoinm.MK^ment. |        rhe u00"' ,10l,}l ,llts ,),,,,ll
Nov. loth, 1900. ed throughout,    Thi'  Bar Is
(5.i  Commencing at a post pluntod ; Liquors and Cigars
2H0 i*huin*i east and 100 uhain.s ^outh of j ^_
the 57 inili' post on tlm east lino of Lot
\',M2, and n.nninfj 80 chains south, sn I fVift.-
chuins went, 80 chains north, 80 chains | jjU
cast to the placo of commencement,
Nov. 10th, 1900. M
(0.) Commencing at a pint, plantod twi
480 cliuin-i eaat of the 57 mile post on
tiie eusl line of Lot 45,.I2, and running'
80 chains south, 80 chains cast, 80
chuins north, 80 chuins west to pluco of
Nov. 10th, l!Hlti.
(7.) Commencing ut a post planted
180 chuins cast of the 57 mile post on
the east line of Lot 45l)i! und running'
40 chains north, 80 chuius west, UO
ehaius south, 40 chains oust, Ho ohalns
north, 40 ehaius east to pluee of.commencement.
Nov. 10th'( IW..
(8.) Commencing ul U post planted
480 chains east aud 40 chains south of
the 57 mile post on the oast line of Lot
451*1', uud running: 40 chains west, 40
ehains south, 40 chains west, 40 chains
south, 130 chains eust.. 40 chains north,
40 chains west, 40 cliuius north to place.
of commencement.
Nov. loth. loon.
(9.) Commencing at a post planted
40 chains west of the northwest corner
of timber licence No. H'JoO. and running
80 ehains north, 80 chains west, 80
chains south, SO eliuins east tn place of
Nov. 39th, 1900.
ilO.) C-ommeueinu ut u post planted
40 ehains west of tin* northwest corner
of timber licence No. 8250, and running
80 chains south, 80 chains west, 80
chains north, 80 chain- east to pluee of
Nov. Uiltli, 1900.
ill.i Commencing at a post planted
at the northwest corner of timl>er licence No. 0005. and running 80 chains
west, 80 chains south. SO chains east.
80 chuins nortli to plucc of commeneement.'
Nov. 30th, 1900.
(13.i   Commencing at u |nwt  planted
80 chains west of the north west corner j §* Dealers in
of tliulwr licence No 0095 and running  \tz      \\\i» Stock
80 chains west, 80 chains south BOchaitiB  £
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
I'l-iiHy erected,
lupplied  '.viih
nul neatly furnish-
in- besl brands ol
Nearest io railroud depot,   lhis accommodations   fm'   ilir   public   unequalled   in
j Hot and Cold Baths
Proprietors 8J
We Want You
i mil' store ami
' sell tin' best i
ii come nun our store ami lit' i onvinccri
iimi ur sell tin' best o( meats
nl tin- Cranbrook people are doing this
now, und are unanimous about thr quality
of our meats; bin wo wan I VOL' Income
III   llllll   MT   lis
Dominion Meat Co.
of coin-
5£ In future We will
*£ lie uhle to turn out
y all the ^ood. clean,
Cp mul wholesome
'   llll'
Nov. -il, won.
(Spl.l  11. S. I'wIt'W
[■IT \v. ii.stniih. A|*oni,
Carpenter % Builder
Iliniii  Wink nl
Reasonable Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Receives both L-ndies and
Gentlemen as Resident or us Day
Students, Hits u com pie to Commercial or Business Course. Pro-
pares siudiMits to gain Teachers'
Ot'i'tilii'iites of all grades. In
iiftiliiniioti wiili Toronto University gives llie four years
course for the B.A. degree, and
the Hrsl .youi' ol Iln' Toi'oiilo
School of Science, Has u
special "Prospectors Conrso"
for minors who work in III'.
Instructions   givon   in   Art,
Music, Physical Culture nnd do-
ul ion.
For   Calendar   ole,   addross
"Columbian Collogo",
Term opens September 17th,
eust, soehiiitu* north to phu
Nov. 29th, IttWI.
(IH.) Commencing nt 11 post plan ted
at the northwest corner of timber licence No. (1847, uml running lou chains
west, 10 chains south, nm ehaina oast,
-10 chains north to plucc of comtnenee-
Nov. 29th, 1900;
(14.) 'Cominencinti'iit a post planted
40 chuins south of the northwest corner
of the timber licence No. 0947, aud
running; 100 chains west, 40 chuius
south, 100 ehulns cast, 40 chain.* north
to place of commencement.
Nov. 29th. 1900.
(15.)   Commenoing ut u p,wt. planted
west 20 chuins more or lessol the uorth
west corner of Lot 338 ou the oast line
of Lot 0033, thence north 80 chains, i,-
thence eust 80 ehains more or less to  [^ CLAPP
the west hank of the Konlenuy river. I
Ihenee south SO chains more or losB
alontf the rivor bank tu the north line
of Lot 338, thence woBt 100 chains more
or less to place of commencement.
Dec. lltth. illlHi.
Crow'« Nesl  ''uss  I.umber  Company Ltd.
ol,       David Urookcnritlifo, Ayont.
Abattoir and Cold Storage3
at Calgary. Alberta.    3
itvi-i't kitlll Unit "3
raqulrccl. Wi- 73
vuya did pul up ZS
- i|imlii> inn 3
II -Iimi .,,-i 3
mil lit. ^2
Dm- Now Machine which arrived this week nod 3
gz im Export Sausuge Maker covers the difticuHy. 3
£     I'liirae Your Oi-tli-rs. 1'IH INK m    3
| P. Burns & Go. 1
££ hitnitcil. 2
Cl. Head Ottku, Mniu Other for East Kootenay, ^3
m*^*** Calgary, Albertn Cninbrook. B.C -****
Spocial altontion in touch.
ii>i'linii|iii'. phrasing mnl
grading of studios,
i    Kor piiiiii-iiliii'-iupply in0. K. Roltl "t
''Co., Til'-' tliu-iglsla.
Tn.liiM-pli I'. Si-liiiiiii'k, unil In uny
iillii-r piii-ly til' piii-tii-H in whom ho nun
havo iiuiialiii'.-il his Interest  in   tin-
'•Ulin-k Homo" "H.-aai i-" "Mimaba"
"linn" mnl "i'i It" Miiiii-iil t'liilina
aitiiiili-mi llu llui'i It KM nl Hnkni'
Miiiiiiiniii in the I-'mi Steole Mllilu-i
lllviaiim nl l-'.iial Kiinii-nii.t llialrii'l. in
tln< I'rm-lni-i- ul lliltlah I'iiIiiiiiIiIii:
TAKK NUTIIIK Hull > nil hei'elij
t-equli'eil tvlthlu nliiel,\ ilnyn from tin*
Ill-Hi piililii-iiliini nl Ihia notion in pii.v in
iin- iinii.'i-i-in-.i iin--iimiii woo.un Hi.-
miiimiii i-xpi-iiili-il liy liim mi your In-
ll'f.-al     ill     a||il|    I'lllillla    III)'    IIKHOriHlllOHl
worli up to iii'inlii'i'. Illlft
ANII I'lllTIIKl; 'I'AKK Mi'l'llK.
thai nullum auiil pitymeiil toixollior with
nil i-n-t- nl nilvi-i-ilaiii", is pulii  wllhin
Illi'  lillli' Ilium' all I. .1 ' illli-l'i'-l    111
lllill lllllllllK -hliii llipil' IO I III- lllllli-.ii.'111'il
nu iii'i-iiiini nl -uiil [i.V|ienilllui'o,
Thin notloe i- itlven nnilor Sotillon I
nl Un-  Mlneriil   Vol   \meiiil nl   \n.
lliil.>il iiii. -.'Till ilny nl H inliii'. A.
52                     Harry Molian
nil Hole
(Iranbrook, B.C.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable Bedrooms
lirst <;ias» Dining Room
Mill .-. i'n. 'I'lu- only pluee In iiran
I llltl en ke hi.- WOl-lll tin- lii in-.-
ipo nan noie
E. H. SMALL, Manager THK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   ti. c.   ,I.\M  \i;\
1llWk**WM Wi,y CoU9h t0 The Co,fin
Wc hove i-vt-rytliinii iluu is good in Groceries, with si thorough know
It-due ,ii   the  Inisiin—..  .in   up-to-date store awl the choicest goods thai
— iin ui,■ \ run Imv,  wo  arc   pn
pared   tn  compete  with   suu
liusinoss li-uisc in the \\(->t   in
tin    iiiiittii   ni   prices,    when
qualitx is taken into consider
This week we have inst  un
packed   another car  Imnl   ni
high   grade   I irocei ies,      lhe
following arc some oi thr good
things wc received:
T-       This i> an excelli in wheal Imnl. nothing
S-      added nothing taken uwuy Unl iln- outside
shell,    ll is of the greatest utility in  sup-
a.    plying iln'  '""it.'  forming uud other hide-
spensable oleraeuts ol food
C'h mul
a,       [i is Hi.- "Besl Hreiikfasl I*'.
£    has yet produced,    l.m'*:" package Use.
T Something New In .lolly Powders
McLaren's Sherrv and Port Flavors
V t i: y
x Dr. Scott's Prescription
# No. 99 or
* Cold Cun.'   tables
*}     Tii,'\ iln iln- work  nml m-resl
———~~~—■————————•——  i(. the mosl stubborn cold
This is recognized in in- iln- best luml in    ^
the world for infants mnl porsons ol weali
li is nourishing mnl palatable mnl pro
duces iiiiiii- strength mnl vigor than Iwici
iln' value  in   meal      li   is   delicious  nn
custards and  is  excellom   for  thick m
Broths aud Soups.   Hue. I'm
"Cashmere Tomato Chutney     ,i piquant
relish    Ask to sec il
9 m
9 H
Where It Pays io Deal.
ini-   |,|-; 01INO rt'l'l ilil-: i'i n;
GlioiGfi Gonientloiieru
•i- i u hi
Our Goods are
iVr.i-u- Unto*
I   llOlw   Hill Illi- Applf       i 'k;ni.i^:iii IViir-
S\ imili I l-'i-
Vote For
lew ni-, Pine llliocolalcs
Hugh Stkwart
9   i'linin; '/is       ftnnstroiio, ttve.
ift l-'.vcn body     nlili-     Iti   attond
3 - iniirli  should    hear   Iho   Rov.
* Jaiuos Turner iu iln-  Methodist
9 I'linirh hi'xi Sunday   Mr, Turner
9          of    iln-  mosl    popular
9 pivui'luM-.s uiiu nn-. .'MT worked
» in Uritisli Uoluuibiii     His naiuo
.,. is :i household   word   in   many
*£ parts mnl he is beloved  by all.
9 tii-. many friends will bu glad to
n} ni'Ol him again     He will  In- u
tfji guesl m iln- parsonage while in
,*MH!r**#**M**M*#***H***«HM*^^ as others see us
sS$gg§33  ®JU* JH-cuuiector    vv""ls of Fraiae fro1" "" Atlan'
r        * r tic to the  Pacific.
'I'lu- veteran  editor  of   the
, I Craubrook    Prospector,   A.  ii.
- -,s veritable thorn in the
tin- 'Did Mun' who runs
To be used in your home
It is Mild and Mellow
li will pay those who am
looking loi- work to call mnl
Jim   McArthur
Hi- can  secure yuu n job nun
also iii you mil ill
Clothes, Shoes,
Hats, Etc.
Jim Mcflrtliyr
Hanson Ave.  Cuan'iih «*, H.C.
U'lllllil nil In i  lum- uml'
The Quality Store
I Gold Seal Tea best on the market 1 *«^«^^^«^^^ .,i,0upposi,,-,oi, organ. ti„- i«t-
\W w u  Kj\jt-t<*.   *wi     rtj       -,-,,„  Carlm of Fori Sienh-was tcr has been lor more Ihan three
' Cranbrook Friday, years in  possession of the Held
  with Dr. King, the Liberal whip,
-■■         ",\,    . ilames VVilson of Crostiiii  wns Hs  ■,•„ SUp,,0Ptei.,   when   down
M *%   mihecilv Monday. ,,     , , n
Wi Don't forget lhat besides   ur Confectionery, •%   swoops llie despised Prospector
(u l-'i-nit and Pobat-co Department, in wich we ure 'M       |,  u   fjtn.J0,. .....i u* ,,,,. from Port Sleele. camps right in |
ilw easy the lenders, we have a full line ol  Staple
tn mnl [I'lincy (I rocerie**.     Phone  ns your ordei
k mul ii will receive our careful attention.
■First-Class Goods and Prompt Delivery." Our Motto   fl
Our Mii Repairing
Is iii iln- bunds of OnnipcloHl Workmen
who thoroughly iiuderstiiuil the mechanism
ul ii wate.li.
We use the besl of iiiuturinls and iiurcscr
vedly guarantee uur work to give satisfaction
wid. F. Tate k Son
Graduate Opticians
C.l'.H. V'nn-li Inspwtloi-s r'KiwK1 N'f-sl "ns- Division
fl,\   ol   Nelson  were quests al the tllfl  l"'MI''  "r ""'  Liberal  fold,
Crnnbrooli Friday permeates the constituency with
-— good sound Conservative ideas
Constable   A     A.    Ward of and secures the nomination of
/'/ ml |    i iiiisinnie    .\     ft,    \\tu-ii    nt nmi secures the  nomination or
1 CMEBML1 MANNING IpsstBi; >"- rssrrsirrfi
1(2 Wi] ;    ,, ,.  ,,-   ,■ ,,  ...   , districl    Editor Grace deserves
'I*/, A\] I    Kev. \\. \ mu l   fvimbeiiey .
i=^^:^:^^^.^^:^^^^^^^^iS^^^^ii |w
ft*:*:ft*ft.*ft..* 9-*.ft..-> ft.
llol-lur Iiuvc; it taken early n
there is always n rush Iho Ins
few wei-K's.
♦ mmmmmfmjwmfnmmmmmmmmmrorom.*:
Dr. .1. Yi. Collin of Mnrysville
was in lown Thursday attending
Ihe King rally,
Prest Photo Go. |
Always Up-to-Oate —
Picture h'tiiiiiiui .1 Snecialtu
linker Sl. Cranbrook, ll.C
Call up iln* Cit\ 'I runsli 1
when vmi wiinl ) tuu 1' urni
lure, Piano, or Hag^ng-.'
—;- ~m*»
£ Granbrook, -      - B.G. \\\\
mbrook   visitor   this|nnd u''"  receive the  unstinted   d
praise of all loyal Conservatives i ;^.'
fur the excellent   work   he   has   «,*
done, and will undoubtedly have* a,
the salisf'iiction   of seeing   his  *^-
nominee head the poll by n large ft
Mr. and Mrs. s, Mighton and 1 majority on February Snd.   This  d.
daughter  Cora,   of   Saskatoon is how lie speaks of the C'ouserv- •-»;
were tlie guesls ol* Mr. uml Mrs,  alive candidate: IV
"Sam," Mighton thisjvt k. „Ml,  ;,    A    tr„,.vev>   ,ls lheh.:,
candidate selected  by the Con-  W
P.,lonson of Wasa, wasal ('ran
It pays to recognize the place
to get your Hardware Supplies,
where vmi can net the most for
the least cash.
T    .**^\    T   T
book Friday on business, in
conversation with a Prospector
representative lie ,a'ui that he
heard the Yukon windbag speak
Thursday night.
George Geary. II. Mather,   D.
Monroe, -1  Wirth, ('. Maedonald
T f^   A   "D 0   '""' '''■ Dewal "' I'ort Steele was
WD       |        I  t A    "\   >. in Cranbrook Thursday attending
I vJ ii L V kj 11 he    Mclnnes    mooting.      \Ve
Calgarv Beer, Ale \ Porter.
I. LKHKL & CO., Hav and Grain.
W. E. Woi'deil   Cranbrook, B.C.
wonder if these gentlemen repre
senl the entire Gril vole al
servutive parly to represent this
ritling  in  the next    legislative
assembly, is a  man that every
Conservative and   Independent
inter can support   without evasion    nr   apology.    He  is   the
strongost    and   best  man ever
Dinned by a parly in thisdistrict.
Mr. Harvey is too well  known
in every i'lirni'i' of this riding to
in ed any newspaper or oilier introduction of commendation, and: 'j
the vole of confidence given  by   . (JrEHitirooli,  G.C?
iin* convention that selected liiml *
will be ratilied   by  llie electors   ^ ,
GrannrooK    !
n Livery
i    i
ft*  HOTEL %
9 9
* Kimberley,   B. C. f
* 9
* H, W. DREW. Proprietor.       _ —  _ L
Teams and drivers furnisl
,-d  for any  poinl in the d
A. DOYLE. Man-igorJ
^-a»a.^-....»a.a aaa .-a.^..a.^-a-"a--a--a—.
9 *<r**r!r^^^****^*l{*****«*<H{t**
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Mrs, .lames  Pinlay onlertain
ed al the ten liiuir lasl   Wednes
day afternoon.    Her friends look on     election      duy."   Victoria]1,
the opportunity of  comjilimenl-  W'p
inn-her nn hor position as  may
oress of Craubrook,   The Hcol Advertising       Ueparlinonl
tish element fool    particularly  ^     rt      (:(„„p,iny,    Toronto,
proud nl the distinction ol  hav-    ,
ing lhe mayor's chair twice lill   Canada,
ed in   succession   by   a   sun  of       'Messrs. bit 11 St Company,
Scoini.    N'u   iiiiiii-  worthy  sue- ('ranbrook. B. ('.
cessor to mayor 1'ogers could be     i li«nl leineir
luul limn in  Un-  person  of  Mr. ;
•lames li'inlay, n inun of slerlin
'.ft:4■*, 9 ft.*,.* 9 9.-.' 4t4:9 ft9-ft:*ft;9 ft.9-4;9 ft:
luiraclor und  inilimlled  geiier
osity.    Long muy lhe peopli
I'erinii ns in congratulate you upon the appearance of
vour nilverlisineui in The   Pros-
Cranbrook show Ihoirgood sense pcclor,  of December   :19th.    Ifj
paper is printed on as good
in selecting m if nni,1,-ini^li,-il I
diaracter In Hll public tiosiiions. ,.       , <■ s
1 ' paper every issue the publisher
-li.-i- Ii.m iilti-i I,ilrti   iliiya  I   ii
IUIlIl|ll.V In llll- I'lillil 'llllllll ia.llllit'l ut I,Him
.mil <
Vii-liii-iii. lur i
ii-v.iy liinli,T I
ill I
Tnki'   Nni ni-.       atxlj   'lui-  i
llllll!   I   iill.'Nil  In ll|l|ll\       ii'    Cllii'l'    '
I., im
  iiiiiiwiii'itar,,,,,,.,   ^'tt^^'^tst
■I...-"       ■"  'Wm*%-  m^^MS
: iiii-
Unl Hi, IIKI i-
lllllllll lllll M
I illllllli'lll'l-l
Ullii'iial  K.inl
i-l       llllll	
i l.m iiiiioon i
l-lll-l- ,||v|   llll-llllln
-nm. , i i-aii nn
I 11(1111 llll ilny
7111.   l..-.i-.|.   I        |
lll,.|„-i- iimiii i-i;- limn -   ■'•' Unlli- I"        ' ." *!•
II,,- iinilliiiiinl I'lin.i'i'i.l I .III nilHI. ll
w.-l Im-IJ i'llllllia.   Ilii'lli-i-    Hi   '
i'lmlna.Vi'llnka -.-ji-i riirl} i'Iiiii       •_ y_
I., i.l.ni- nn "> ""'
Inn ni nil HI-'J iu'i''
lini.'il I n,l,.-i".".'iiil. IIHI7,
m lljitti.' « I
l'l.Ills.   SpCClllClltlllllN
mul   I'.stiinuti's
Wi.iU-. lui il - lllll Mi.-in-
iiii'iiy llmlii'i  I,.- mil.
Ill Suulli,-n-.l 1. iiiii
'    I'lilliliirni'llll! I
All   kinds    of    building    material
constantly on hand.
Ol ll llilli- Iiiiiii iVtluti-   in,;-.
Cl UU t  i-iii-l, nil   Mn-   iii-l   -lilr
lli-'lii'i' * li I" - Iiiiiii     Hi, in.
Iln mi- iniiili  I'M li n t j,     Mii-ii.-i
tin in.- nuitli  IU I'llllill,   llii-in-i
lli'-liri illi   lu, ll.lll-   tin -
lu jilni-i- nl cnlliiiitiiii'iiiiiiiui
s„,   li.ili   in-..
are certainly lo be given much
credit. The printing is exceptional! good aud il>e whole ad*
' u'l'tiscincni is strong nml should i
j bring results."
Ilespei'.l fully Voiiis.
I'he Lowndes Company,
Per,I. I''. Suetsinger,
Advertising Manager.
,,     ♦.•.-••••••••"•••'••••'••^••fc
IH Cline
Annual January Sale j
Kvorybody looks forward to our Annual
January Sale, its ,-i great holp to economy
ul a I hue when everyone needs lo make each
dollar go ns Inr us possible. Ils an important Sale because it is not confined to
any one department, and no matter what
you want, theres u distinct Saving iu buy
mis il in January ui Kohl St Co.
Note a Few of the Following Prices
A Snap In Blouses
ohi Mnmmlm liitrlii'i Hlmfi
.... /
ll   in.'Iiiui,-, A
,;;";  fi
I rim-,, Wmi; in nil lll'lllll'lli-H t
..I Iln- i
Tonsorlal Art i
20    discount off all Fancy Silk Blouses, Flannel,    9
Luster, Plannolit, everything in the lino of Waists will    9
be SOld III :.Ti     flisi'i,mil ifjf
Suits! Suits!!        Suits!!!     *
Any Suit up lo$l '. mi j^_ gg
Other limn "Pit Reform",
Any Suit from .slll.nn In sis.nn. for        .       .       SQ Q^
These Suits me nil »,.|| TRIMMED and mail,, by the
best makers, such ns VV, li. Johnson St Co and John w
Peck*, Co,


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