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The Prospector Sep 26, 1908

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Array Library .t Lee. Ass.
Vol. 14.
CRANBROOK,   B.C.,   SATURDAY,   SBRTBMBBR   '2ti,   19U!*i.
No. 89.
A Vain Leader
Sir Wilfrid claims to be the
Creator of Canada
The    Dominion   was   Obscure   and   Unknown
until   Laurier   came;   then   it   became
Important   and   Mighty
Government Agent keeps Public Money mixed
with his Stock-Broking Accounts;   Coglin
Methods too much tor Judge Cassels
Tho leaders ot tho two pnrtlOB
have opened their platform campaign
Mi. Borden held his Hrst meeting at
Urldgowater, a Liberal town in Nova
Scotia, Sir Wilfrid held liis at Sorol
a stronghold of his own party, where
there are many hundred government
employees. Mr. Borden discussed
and supported tho Conservative platform, and dealt forcibly with the
Government record. Sir Wilfrid talked about himself- boasted that his
government had done great things to
make Canada conspicuous, but kept
clear of details. The premier has already persuaded himself that Ue is
not only the greatest Canadian
statesman, but the first and only
one. He represents himself as the
creator of Canada and only asks one
more term to finish the job. To
show how inflated the Premier has
become one has but to cite bis state
ment at Sorel, that Canada is now
tho third commercial country in the
world, and the admiration of all
nations, whereas "in 1896 the
"position of Canada was thut of an
"insignificant colony, forgotten by
"France, scarcely known by England
"completely unknown by Europe,
"treated as a negligible quantity by
"the United  States."
This is surely the extreme of ignorance and of impudence. What has
Sir Wilfrid Laurier done to Canada
to justify him in so belittling the
country as it Was .during the first
thirty years after the Union? What
eluim has he to the right to brush
out of history such leaders as Sir
Jolin A. Maedonald, Sir George Car-
tier, anir the other statesmen ot then
day? Canada has followed a natural
course of development since 181*6 as
it did before. Its trade has developed like the trade of other countries, lt is decreasing this year
more rapidly than it grew, and falling faster than the trade of the
United States or of Great Britain.
Between 18il6 and 1906 Canadian
trade increased 143 per cent. The
trade of Argentina and of Mexico
increased in greater proportion. The
exports of Mexico and of tbe Argentine grew far more rapidly in that
decade than the exports of Canada,
and they are holding their own better than that of Canada.
It Was The Man Not   Thc   Country.
Sir Wilfrid's childish vanity works
two ways. Out of power he could
not sec that Canada was great. He
could not appreciate the service of
the Canadian statesmen who established the Union, who acquired the
Northwest, who added British Columbia, Manitoba and Prince Edward
Island to the nation, who opened ap
the Western country with railways,
established steamship lines on the
Pacific, and founded a national industrial system which Sir Wilfrid
has not dared to overthrow. He and
his friends were timid, sceptical and
unpatriotic, believing and declaring
it impossible to keep this country
independent of the United States,
jealous of every suggestion of closer
union with the Empire, ridiculing
thc loyal and hopeful aspirations of
patriotic Canadians ami doing all in
their power to make them despair of
their country, it is no wonder that
looking hack at the Canada of his
own former conceptions, Sir Wilfrid
should now picture it au a miserable,
pitiable, contemptible colony. But
the real Canada twelve years ago
wus very much what Canada is today in status and Influence, ami a
very much better Canada in the reputation of her public men, and in the
record of her administration. Her
public men had cut. a much better
figure in diplomacy than the present
ministers. Her tinancial credit was
higher and financial obligations less.
Commissioner Cassels has continued his Inquiry into the "lack of
conscience" feature of the Marine
Department. Mr. Merwin, to whom
the department has paid about three-
quarters of a million dollars, and
who was allowed profits as high as
187 per cent on standard articles
bought in Canada, was one of thc
witnesses. Unfortunately Mr. Merwin had no books or accounts. He
hns sent some records to New York,
and destroyed the rest. He has
burned all his old hank books, and
lias not kept the stubs. He wan
able to produce no record of any
kind that, would throw light on these
remarkable triinsactions. Judge
Cassels is beginning to meet some of
the difficulties which the Consorvn
tives have encountered. But he bus
this advantage over them, that he
has nut a majority of judges assisting the dealers in keeping tbe accounts dark.
Mixed With   His Personal   Accounts.
The Commissioner made some attempt tn investigate the payments
made by Mi'.  Boucher, the   Montreal
agent of the Department of Marine,
'lhis officer was asked about luu to-
cords. He replied "1 have no boons
ot account," adding that the same
hank book also contained liis stock
market brokering account, und that
it would be hard for him to separate
these irom the public business, as
they had heen mixed for eleven
years. He did not even keep the
stubs of his cheque book, and regularly kept his own accounts mixed
up with those ot the- public. This
state of affairs is very much as thc
Royal Commissioner described it,
and it seems to have gone on year
after year under Mr. Brodeur's management.
Another witness was 11. Coglin, of
the wholesale hardware firm, which
supplied the ice breaker "Montcalm"
With .some |3,000 cost of silverware,
including $118 worth of dish covers,
$148 worth of fruit stands, $96 worth
of soup tureens, $88 worth of tea
pots and coffee pots, $118 worth of
cream and milk jugs. The firm
charged $3,493, but when the Public
Accounts Committee was about to
take up the matter made a refund of
$1,172, The witness defended the original charge, and presented a statement charging $1,442 as his father's
expenses for visiting England to buy
the goods. It was suggested that
since' Mr. Coglin was going to England on his own business, $1,442 was
rather a large amount to pay him
for purchasing silver that cost in
England only $1,646. The Judge
figured that Mr. Coglin was taking
pay for ubout eighty days' work io
England, antl it was pointed out
that plated ware could actually be
bought in Canada of a quality suitable even for an ice-breaking boat.
It seems that the account as sent in
charged the government with the
goods at a large profit to the Coglin firm, and that Mr. Coglin who
gave evidence added 5 per cent, commission on the whole thing. The
Judge remarked that the account as
presented was "utterly incomprehensible" to him. There are many
things in many accounts that must
be incomprehensible to many persons
except on the basis of lack of conscience." But the Coglin account
was cheerfully paid hy the Department of Marine  without hesitation.
Sir Wilfrid informed the audience
at Sorel that the government was
quite capable of looking after its own
black sheep, meaning that if wrong
had heen done the government itself
would punish the offenders. So fnr
it would appear thut the black sheep
have iH'en rewarded with the best
pasture. They are the favorites of
the flock. They are the ones who
bleat most loudly that Sir Wilfrid
Laurier should have time to finish
his work. But it is encouraging to
notice un air of apology and confession in tho Government arguments.
Ministers are on the defense, and
tlml their time occupied with excuses
and explanations concerning charges
and nffenses brought home to them
hy their own former associates and
their own ltoyal Commission.
These Are Not Conservatives.
Mr. Fielding took up the parable
in Nova Scotia this week where he
made the audacious statement that
all the offenses brought home to
public officers were committed by
appointees of the Conservative Government. Even Mr. Fielding's estimates were not so ridiculously false.
Does Mr. Fielding say that the emergency food swindle was perpetrated
by a Conservative. On the contrary,
it was an old official who warned
the government in vain that the food
was bogus und comparatively worthless. Mr. Nixon, perpetrator of
frauds in the land office, is not a
Conservative, but was twice a liberal appointee, once before the offence
tind onco at a higher salary afterwards. Philip Wagner, swindler of
the poor Galician immigrants, who
put in his own pocket the hard savings entrusted to him by simple,
confiding people, is also doubly a
liberal appointee, having beeu plac
ed in office first hy Mr, Oliver, aud
replaced at double the former salary
after two terms in jail. Tbe Immigration commissioner who "made
money on the side" was a Liberal
appointee and has since been promo
fed. The postmaster who was dis
missed on the Inspector's recommon
dation for taking public money, and
who after additional campaign ser
vice was restored to office and paid
for thc whole time he was out , was
not. a Conservative appointment.
Dredging inspector Eastwood, who
took $3 a day for his service, farmed
out tho job at $1.25 a day to another inspector, whose whole time was
paid for hy the Government, and then
went off to his private employment,
Continued on page 2.
Gives   Advice
Minister ot Labor tells
and Trust the Company
Montreal, Sept. 23, A special de
spatcb from  Ottawa says
"When Hon. Rltdolpho Liinieux,
minister of labor, arrived in Ottawa
this morning his attention was call
ed tn a report from Toronto that the
Railway Brotherhood had decided to
request   the   govomtnent   tu   intervene
in tin o, P. ii. machinists' strike.
Mr. Leinieiix expressed the opinion
that lu view of the failure to reach
a settlement under the Industrial
disputes investigation net. there Is
uot much that cun be done. Ile fur
ther expressed, as his personal opin
Ion, that if the strikers would go
hack to work unconditionally they
would receive every consideration
Sir Thomas Sliuugbnessy and Mr.
MeNiehol. He had assurance to that
"Proceeding,   Mr.   Lemienx   said   no
one    regretted   the   situation     more
than     himself,   but   nothing further
could be done under tlie   circumstances until  public opinion had  reached i
the point where compulsary arhitrn- ,
tion would be accepted by both cup- \
itul and labor."
lieale   Armstrong
Christ Church Cranbrook was the
Scone nt a very pretty wcihling ut
one o'clock Wednesday, when Mr. m.
A. Beale, of the linn of Beale .v
Elwell, was married to Margery F.
Armstrong, youngest daughter of
Mr. uiul Mrs. J. P, Armstrong. The
Rector, Rev. F. Flewelling, perform
ed the ceremony, while Mr. Elwell
ably pros lllod at the organ. The
bride, who was given away by her
father, wore a dress of white chiffon
cloth,   trimmed     elaborntoly
'ith a
There are so many good reus, ns
for the defeat of the Laurier Govern
ment at the coming elections tlmt
the supreme issue before thr Canadian people is often obscured or
overlooked. It is our national life
our character ns a people.
We are surprised to see that Sir
Wilfrid Laurier hus attempted to
dispose of Mr. Borden's arguments
with a sneer, and the Liberal newspapers and speakers, lollowing his
lead, hnve set up the cry of a "Slander Campaign". This cry has been
heard before. It was used with
great, vigor hy Joe. Martin when his
minister of mines attempted to Impeach the Hon. "Joe."
Political Brieflets
"'lhat, my sou, is not thc soughing ot the wind against the telegraph wire, doleful though it sounds,
it is the political howling ol the
pot-woilopers and hunters after the
Grit ttesh pot, worshipping their
good God graft, and praying for
clean government' my son. it would
beggar them, and it will before long,
"lis coming. Sonney."
"Dad,  what is   the     difference between   a   scribe    and   a     phutiseeV"
'The same   difference   that   exists
between a Grit and a Grafter.    Now
off to bed with you."
That "flayed-hlm-allve" speech of
Smith Curtis at Kaslo against some
Gritlet who charged him with being
two shades and a half darker in
moral color than the Angel Gabriel,
may have been tine Haying, but it
was extremely ill-judged campaign
>rutory. The Grits of Kaslo ale
famed for their facility in turning
each other on a gridiron without
caring how much of the other fellow's hide may stick to the implement. They'd just as soon roast
Smith Curtis as one of their own
brethren though they particularly
love the home-made article when it
comes to straight cooking. Maybe
Curtis may fall a victim lo thoso
political canihals. He bus started
the tire, anyhow.
Wonder will Smith Curtis turn up
in Crunbrook and take the platform
when Qoodeve   visits   us on the 30th
if this month? So far, by diligence
and assiduity, he has succeeded in
keeping clear of the Tory nominee,
Curtis ought to occur on the occasion if only to allow the public the
chance of finding out through his own
lips that there is not a word of
truth in the report once so industri
iiisly circulated about Goodeve and
the militia.
The Hon. R. L. Borden in his
speech at Halifax said "How far
restitution may he possible we do
not know. U fraud or imposition
have been practised, if the trustees
aud servants of the people have con
spired to plunder the interests they
were bound to protect, there must
be a remedy for thc wrong, and we
have pledged ourselves to pursue
every legitimate menus of
which can be made uvailabli
interests of the people nml
tently with the principles of
tlltlonal government.'
This is the Borden bayonet that is
levelled at the breasts of the re
crennts who have plundered Canadn
for the past twelve years.
No wonder that Smith Curtis lost,
his temper at Kaslo. Not a single
Liberal was at the boat to meet him
and he had trouble in getting a
chairman to preside, this indicates
that he is not in touch with his party in that city. Where wns the
famous   John   Keen?
Irish point lace and chiffon
tulle veil, and wreath of
blossoms. She carried j
bouquet of white roses aud lilies,
and made a sweetly pretty bride.
She was attended by her sister, Miss
Winnie Armstrong who looked char
mlng in a pink erline with hat to
match, The little flower girls Elsie
Taylor, niece of the bride, and little
Muriel Wallinger, niece of the bridegroom, carried baskets of flowers
and ferns and did their part well
forming a pretty bit of coloring.
Mr. Lhns. Cock was groomsman, and
Mr. C, H. Dunbar, usher.. After the
ceremony, Mrs. Armstrong received
the guests, who numbered about a
hundred nt her home on Burrell
avenue. She wore a black eolienne
gown with cream lace trimmings.
Dainty refreshments were- served,
Mrs. Armstrong makes a model hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Beule will spend
the honeymoon in Calgary and the
coast cities. On leaving for Calgary
the bride wore a suit of blue vicuna
cloth, witli straw hat trimmed with
white silk and plumes. On their
return they will reside at Lumsden
street, where Mr. Beale has built a
handsome residence.
The presents to the bride and
groom were numerous and costly,
evidencing the popularity of the
happy young couple.
Dr. Taylor, and Mrs. Taylor,
sister of tbe bride, came from Golden
to participate in the ceremony, looked very pretty in un exquisite costume of arise silk.
The church was beautifully decorated with ferns and flowers. A handsome floral bell was suspended over
tbe chancel. When the newly wedded
were leaving tlie station, the bride's
bouqiiet was thrown and captured
by Miss Gurd. "Coming events cast
their shadow before."
Mr. Arthur Burge and Miss Olive
Ryekman were united in marriage at
the home' of the bride's parents at
Creston Wednesday morning. Rev.
Findloy officiated.
T2E£M Him Finish
Telephone Franchise
The Cranbrook Electric Light ik
Telephone company, are now engaged in extending their system. They
havo secured u franchise from the
Municipality of Fernie for a local
system in that city. The installing
of tlie local Fernie teleplu.no exchange will lie commenced without
Hold Convention Here
■ in the
Governor General at Cranbrook
Eftl'l Grey, Governor -General of
Canada arrived ut Cranbrook Friday morning, and stopped off for
several hours. He accepted nil in
vifation from Mr. V. Hyde Baker, to
riile through and inspect this city,
in Mr. Baker's automobile. He ex
pressed himself ns much plousod with
the growth and prosperity of Cimi
brook. He loft on the west hound
train for Nelson
Alberta and  Eastern  British
Columbia Editors in Nelson
Meeting opens today
From the Nelson Daily  News.
The fifth annual convention of the
Alberta and Eastern British Columbia Press Association will open at
the Court House at 10 o'clock this
morning, when Muyor Taylor will
deliver au address of welcome to the
A number of addresses will be given on newspaper topics, ln the after
noon the visitors will bo the guests
of the local representatives of tbe
Tomorrow morning un excursion to
Bonnington Falls has heen arranged.
The party will leave at !>:U> a.m.
and return at 1 p.m., thus having
ample time to inspect the power
plant und enjoy the scenic beauties
of tbe neighborhood. In the afternoon they will again be the guests
of their local friends.
Tin' names of the visitors und the
papers they represent are as follows:
John A, Cm swell, Bed Deer News;
E. C. Thomas and Captain T. B.
JThonius, Cnmrose Mail; A. Wylie,
Claresholm Review; F. A. Schooley,
Lacombe Advertiser; E. Hagel,
Lethbridge News; T. W. Green, Magrath Pioneer; F. W. Galbraith, Bed
Deer Advocator; 8. It. Hodson, Oku
toks Review; 10. T, Saunders, Pincher Creek Echo; L. E. Davis, Car-
stairs Journal; D. H. Elton, Ray-
mond Rustler; It. H. Court of thfl
London, England, Canada; ll. 0
Morris, of the Bnvolstoke Mail
Montreal,     Sept.      21.    A       London
special ruble t-nys thut   Lord Strath
conn     is still    resting ut   Clloncoe.
Doctors say the accident to bis hear
Ing may   not   have   permanent effect.
uud  thnt   he may  soon  be expected to
be as well as ever.
He states thut the cubic to Canadn inst week foreshadowing his early
retirement has no more foundation
than   similar  earlier statements.
Restitution   ot    Public
Domain from thc Liberal
La ud-Grubbers
The Hon. B. L. Borden in his
Bpeocll ni Halifax, N.B. pledged lum
self and the Coiiscrvntiw party to n
tixed policy     ot  restitution   ol    the
public  domain   looted   by   the   Silt.mi.-
ud lessor gratters ol the Laurior
government from the people of Cunn
la. This public pledge mean i tbat
in emetic will be publicly admtnts
tercd to those who have swallowed
land i)J the hundred sections and
timher l>>   the    billion left    thul will
ompeii thom to disgorge the pin
eeeds of their public crimes. Fraud
vitiates the most solemn contracts,
lt rots und corrodes everything it
touches so that no transaction huv
ing iraud as its origin enn stand,
for even a moment, the tottcli ol lo
gul investigation,
The other day there was a relent
less exposure of the scandals in con
neetion with the land truuds in Ore
gon wherein Senator Mitchel was im
plicated iu such fashion thut he died,
as one might say, of public shame,
He was gentleman onough to allow
his shame to kill him, while here in
Canada we have men by the dozen
proven mole guilty than he, who lift
their fronts and have the brazen
audacity to call for votes in the
sacred name of Liberalism. "* he
frauds to which poor Mitchel, lent
his name and countenance were bur
ied a fathom deep in old and half
forgotten records, hut they were
called up, ghosts of horrible crimes,
and waking wrought a horrible ven
geanco. If this was possible in the
United States, (our school -mistress
unhappily, in corruption and in a de
based standard of political and pub
lie morals), how much more easily
it can be accomplished in Cunadu
where justice is, as yet, undefllcd?
In the face of the solemn warning
and pledge of the leader of the Con
servative party need we wonder if
every device of the past-masters of
all kinds and varieties of election
infamy, tho Bravos of Sherbrooko
and the rest of the assassins of public liberties, shall be invoked In order to save thc plunderers from Bor
den's noose. We have already an exam
pic right at our hands. It is tlxeih
anil ••••.lleil tbat the elrctioTlo her,: in
Kootenay shall he held when the results from the Eastern provinces are
announced and have grown to be old
news. The Grits will tell yon that
t will be equally, equally, mind you,
advantageous to the Tories provided
the results favor them. If they be
incere in thut belief why do they
not let us start off at the sume
mark in the race with them? All we
ask is fair play. Then they say thnt
the date of the poling is all in tlie
bunds of the returning officers. Thnt
is true, but who are the roturnlng
officers? Nominees of the Liberals.
to the last man. Are they likely to
lo otherwise than they have done in
the past? Will the Grit leopard
change his spots? Not until the re
suit of the General Election shall
have knocked the spots off him. It
will do that. Even with one hand
tied behind our backs owing to the
scandal of the change in the poling
date, we can, and will, lick Smith
Curtis as sure as we liuve Arthur S.
Goodeve for our candidate.
llilBEBLIN   SUITS   * 17 fill     C.C.S
North Bay, Sept. Z\. In court todny 0. P. B. constable Chapman itc
Cttsed a striker named Doolin with
issatllting him with a stone while he
was escorting strike breakers. In
the melee Chapman got his wrist
broken and Doolin and another
striker were badly used up with his
Magistrates Weagon and Lnmarche
dismissed the charge and ordered thfl
arrest of Chapman for assaulting
Doolin and bail was furnished by the
C. P. B. counsel for the company,
with an appeal to the attorney gin
ernl for protection for emplnyees.
Vancouver, Sept. 24. Superintendent .lames Milne of the B. C, Blec
trie I tail way Company wns arrested
yesterday on n charge connected with
recent falsifying of thr company's
pay rolls.
To Boom  Portland Laurier
and   His   Government
Hive $150,000,000 to Grand Trunk Pacific
Will shut out Halifax, St. John and Montreal
Will make Portland its Terminus
Vote   lor   a   Canadian    enterprise    that   will
Itcuclil   Canada   Let   the   (hand    trunk
Pacific  he an all Canadian Koad
al    But    poitland
Prom The Prospector,   Nov   19. 1904, t       Sot  Mont
lhe following    Intorostlnn  story ol
the duplicity ol the   Laurie, Govern |   Com rce     usually     follows     tht
ment was taken     from the     Boston course ol a nver, and undei ordinary
loiirnul the most    pronounced com   circumstances Montreal might  be thc
I publication in ihe City ol
Boston, uiul should be rend care
ully   by   the   voters of   Kootenay.   he
tore casting then votes on October
30th, or on the date sot by Smith
Curtis und     returning     olllcor John
Keen   of   Kaslo.
II is iii> to Smith Curtis, Liberal
mdidutc foi Kootenuy, and the
spell-binders who ate working this
riding in the interest of Curtis mid
tho Government lie supports to mis
wer the following question:
natural export   station, but  because
the   mighty     Sl Lawn-nee      freeze*
lour months In the year and oilers
langcrs in her rapids and rocks to
large steamers thc other months,
that city Is out oi the question
Portland,  then      with   every    facility
to bundle ull   tl xport     business
railroads enn dump on her docks. Ib
the eity  to handle  that business, and
this city will do it Local business
men have been anticipating this Ioi
long years, and thoy know, better
than the outsider, just what this
means; Ihey know why the new docks
.oul the giant elevators have been
Is it tlie intention     of the Laurier
Government to assist, in building up
Portlund,  Me., by tho expenditure of
$150,000,000 to he paid by the people
i Canada.
Because it  will take nine years nc-
Will the electors of Kootenay vote cording to expert opinion to com
for Smith Curtis and thc Laurier plete the extension of the (hand
Government ufter rending the follow- Trunk to the Pacific, it does not
ing Interesting story'' mean that    Portlund    will     hnve to
Portlund,  Me.,  Nov,   tth   1904.: wait  nine  years     before  her business
The victory ol the Liberals over takes on a boom. Portland's big
Conservatives in the Canadian elec boom will not begin in earnest, ol
tions means that this City is dts coarse, until the road hus heroine u
lined to become, within n decade, j transcontinental line, but with every
one of the most important cities on mile that tbe road is extended there
the Atlantic coast. The victory!will come un increase in the business
means the Grand Trunk railroad, of this city, gaining mile nfter mile
witli its terminus here will be push |as the Western    territory     is opened
ottuwn, Sept. 24. November nth
has heen definitely settled as Hilda te for Thanksgi\ Ing Day this
Toronto, Sept. 24. Chief Justice
Mernlith Wednesduy refused lhe np
poal of the town of Midland against
tlie decision ot tin master In chain
hers unseating tho council on gcuoi
al grounds.
Montreal, Sept 24. Grand Trim*
railway truffle earnings for the week
ending    Sept      21st     decreased   hy
Montreal, Sept 2\ The earnings
of tin- c I' It. for the third week in
Soptombei   have  Increased  by $45,000
Belleville, Sept. 24. Thos. Slum I.
charged with tho murder of his step
grand father, James Scro, wus com
mlttod today for trial.
d from Winnipeg to the Pacific
coast and that all along this great
t ranscont incut al railroad the products for export will be, for thfl most
part,  shipped  directly   to   portlund
The highest officials of the Grand
Trunk, the officials" of this city and
all others who are conversant with
the situation as it is, and as it will
be, agree that Portland's population
ivill double within a few years after
the railroad is completed, that her
pi oper ty  valuation  will  increase ac*
COt'dingly   and     lhat     her      coiiunerce
will  IncreaBo probably tenfold.
Portland's boom was hound to
come. It has beeu looked for for
many yenrs. So cert nin of the final
pushing through of tlie Grand Trunk
to ihe Pjicilic and tin- making of
this port the great Bhipping point tor
the roads mammoth export businish
have the ofllcluls "f the railroad and
of the city been thut for fifteen yenrs
workmen have been engaged in bail
ding docks and elevators and making
arrangements to accommodate tho
Incrcoso of business, until now the
work is so advanced thut by the
time the road is completed Portlund
will have every facility to handle all
thc export shipping, and all the
com merer the t ranscont incut nl rond
enn pour in.
There is greut rejoicing here over
the victory uf the Liberals in Cunadu, and while this rejoicing is not
demonstrative, the citizens ure thor
oughly pleased und the prospects of
rapid growth have been the one topic of talk since tin election returns
came iu.
Mays mid   Laurier   Appreciated.
At the same time the work of that
remarkable man, Charles M. Hays,
second vice president and general
manager of the Grand Trunk, and
Sir Wilfrid Luu tier. premier, in
bringing about, the plans tor making
the railroad a transcontinental line
is thoroughly appreciated.
Now the Grand Trunk runs nearly
into Winnipeg und the extension will
iiienn from this point to the Pacific
L2UII  miles  "ns    the    crow    ties"   but
hundreds -if miles more through ne
cosslty of following the rugged rao-
graphy of the country. The road
will run inn miles north of the Canadian Pacific in some places and
through a part of Western Canada
Mint   is  practically  unexplored
Nine vems, perhaps a full decade,
will elapse hefori the rond is com
plcted, according to authorities, and
il   will  cost   $100,0011,000
The plan id Sir   Wilfrid     Lnurlor,
Which makes the extension possible.
IS loi I he ('aiiudiuil GoVOI llliieat to
hum ll the funds for this work, the
railroad  to   p.,v    interest      from  tbe
Mail   and   lo    ultimately    pnv   up   the
principle und own the rond Thut
tins plan wns bitterly rough! by the
trvatlvcs mny well he Imagined,
up mid her products given a path of
steel directly to the ships ut dock in
this city.
Stick To Portland   And Laurier.
While   the     luu bars
the   lo
provinces  may   receive  increased   busi
ness through this, and while Canadians look forward to this, all real
i'/.e thnt when Wheat raisers in West
ern l auudu ship then products to
the Atlantic hy way of the new road.
they are going to look, to the great
est  profits    and    will  not      ship this
stuff  SOO  to   1, ntleB  farther  than
Portlund for the sake of loyalty
wheu the portlund terminus means
dollars and cents to them. Ilealdcti
that, the winters arc the great
drawback to freighting across the
lower provinces, so thnt those in
power will boom this city mid those
who would work for Canadian ports
are agreed that the business will
come to Portland iu spite of them.
No one doubts but thut the load
will be put through now For years
tentative plans have been in exis
tence, aud now these plans for miles
and miles of tfic road have been iu'
cepted leaving practically nothing to
prevent the work ol extension start
ing at once.
Shut Out   Conservatives    Kor  Years
Nothing as far us can he seen, can
stop the extension, (or the victory
of the Liberals is for five years, four
years is the shortest, and by that
time the Canndinii Government will
be pledged to carry it through, and
in the event of u Conservative vlc-
tory four or live years hence cannot
prevent the completion of this great
all Canadian transcontinental railroad. As un adjunct to this Important railroad project, the double
tracking of thc present Grand Trunk
between Portlund ami Montreal becomes a certainty.
A Clean Sweep For Liberals
lt was a Clean sweep foi the Lib
ernl party, and means the building
o! the loml. "Said .1 F Masters,
president of the Canadian Club, ton
Boston Journal reporter." but it is
not nt all sure that the Grand
Trunk will be permitted to use
Portland as its terminus. The building of the toad will he a heuvy
burden to the people of Canada, and
its i.nly natural that they shall de
nuind any advantage seeming from
it shall go to them mid not to a
part of the I'm ted States
"The railroad, ol course desires to
muke Portland its terminus, Geographically it is situated just where
Ihey      want       it,        but      there      ai'0
other considerations, The Laurier
party was elected to build the road,
among othei things, hut you may lie
sine that there will be a great agi
lutioii in favor of making the ter
minus for export any way at Mali
fiii or St   John
What  Liberal Victory Hive* Portland
chas, M Forbes, president <>( the
Portland Board ol Trade suys "The
victory or the Liberal party in Can
ada  will    make Portland     the great
t  outlet  city     oi  the hind     in the
w!l« llrJiflimi     "hM"!1,;  i'U"n ;l!'-"untry'; murone ofG.e";;;;atesi  «
un   through,     tlmt  ihe   Government
own thn rand     Tlml  tlio     umit ex
bnrl  imlnl    In to ho   this    city will
brine .ni blllor contention*! Irom lho
Mayor   Jnmoii Bnxtor ..I   Portland
but.nl the   same    lime tho (net ro   f00||„Ka between  Montronl  und  Porl
iniiini tlmt   Sn   Wilfrid wus strotmly'
supported Continued un Pngc Three. j'HK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, U 0. SEPTEMBER 26, IHOH
The oven does
the baking, the
firebox controls
the oven heat,
and the grates
hold the coal or
wood that produces the heat, so
are important.
t* iJj
P      -■■!
a      —__i***.>■■ ■ -' ■ p     A i- ~^y -mi
\  v
Ks'iAlil.lsllKU   I'lSti
A. B. Grace,
I'l'ltl.lSIIKU   AN!)   EDITOR,
UTUUDAY, si:i"|'i:miiki; so, iw
l>lo la
mmon Interests o( the peo
it      WISt'   jlllll    JIlSl JllllllllllSt lil
ii,m ol tho nflalrs ol il"' Dominion
This wc bnvo not had In tbe pnsl
twolvo yours, Tho (tovornmonl Ims
boon ,,uf tImt hus beeu worked In the
Interests ol the low us opposed t"
the tn.issi's ol the penple.
A new
e big
a c k
11 g-
Contlnuod from page l
ils ul
There uro
away      The
tins grown     up   uudoi
tnlniHt rut loa,      ipi end
.* \ Double
"Sask-alta" Double Duplex Grates are made
in four piece.?, each grate shaken separately.
Ashes over one grat'3 can be shaken without
wasting good fuel over other grate. No poking
necessary, thereby saving fuel Dampers at both
ends of fire-box secure perfect drafts. When
grates are inverted for wood a patent clamp
retains them in position. The easiest-working
way is the surest-serving way — and that's
"Sask-alta" way
years,     will
Ingeniously chnrginij tbo llovcrnment
j lur Imaginary bonl hire nml extra
|hours, was appointed i>> tho Laurlei
■s t,, be swupt ttoverumont und has novel beou usl.
system that ed to return the stolen monoy. Tho
ji corrupt .nl ,,iiii'i Inspector wim secretly took
over     iiuiiiy , I,,,, extra pnj   was an active Liberal
til   itroug  luiii.ls  to
I'HKSK    MIK      \l I     l.llll'lUl.l
The i\,iis,'iv.ttni'    par
lendersh     Mi    H
promptl)     tackled   tins
,ni,l  >l  his part)  nml    lupportors  re
eclve the propoi  minpu  th	
il: election, will In swaj with
man) and .ill ul these tstuestionnble
transactions credited to ministers
.in,! tnonibers ol the    Laurier ndmiu
Isl l.lt l"ll
undei thc The t'ommlssionei who gavo the
Hoiden has mlddlomen 1111,000 i t te "tl on :;t
proposition,   Uouifaco  land  u.is n   recoul   appoint
Messrs, Martin and t'urtls helped
to i ji ii down the Seinlln govoru
ini'iii.   which  wus ven   |,r,,ii,,unii',1 in
■   the woi Km,:   ti   -iml laboi   core     I Ine oftlcet   it
men al  thai    time   snid   Thai    thej   alon  In    connection
would not hesitate lo uun down the   house  department   contracts  waa ap
■inlii  hour law il   il    were   to their   poluted  originally  b)   the   Conservn
menl ol tin- Laurlei  tlovornmout     it
,i , .   .,   i,i,'ml,, ,    ol   I li         t Jiilll-i    Oo\
fl llllii'llt    Mil,,   ,,1,1,-    .,11,1    in I .1
in,, Moncton land jU.iI.. the rruro
ili'iil .nul thi- lliiiii.iv deal 'l'h.' ,,iti
,,'i .'i Ut,' Miiiii.i Department, »li"
by i,,nt,'iv, took ■ "in '50,001! In
jiiiiii.initi oul ol iii,- i rcasui \ ,had boon
recently lotsted ,,u the Department
li\ tin' I,uui,'! machine and iaiu.il>
promoted ovor th,' beads ol old uili
iiiiiti't   Bitspon
mill   llu'   light
■ '.',.'
: ':     \: II
,|    Will, ll
the  Martin  eovern
Smith     Curtis    was
ims Iiii! lu- was .i young tempt
jtiv clerk it '-' .i day when the
change ol Government came tftor
wards he was Biiddenl)  picked u|i jm,l
Minis-., i  ol  Mines     published a i'lm pU8hed   to   the   very     heud     nl Iii
I,,rm ui',mi   which they     appealed to branch bj   the present     Government,
Is ,, member ,•! lhat and the   Chief   Engineer    ol the Ur
nu  Mi    Curtis snntioned the partment  has   sworn     t" the   bellel
li.lh,wiih; Section 20     To  repeal that ilns   promotion     wjis mado liy
thi    tHen iSiclusion  Act   .is the rea the Influence „i contractors uver tho
>i ns justifying   '■'-     enactment     no ministers      It  need     hardlj   In' Bald
•   ins tli.it     llm: Uu' Machine    Preston,   nl
This is one ,'l the many   ictions ol th,. North   Atlantic scandal, was nut
Smith Cun      ' ■      not    in the appointed in  the Conservatives.   Tlir
interest   ■: th.      .. irking men      Ami officials   win, have     distributed   tlir
' "'-I'-'   we find bin   supi irtlng ,i unv- Western lumls, timber, coal nn.l tisli
ernment  that allows corporations in eries among   political   heolers, Inclu
i-  in  -'"" breakers   to take the a,jllK their   own   taintly   connections,
"I    Canad in   »  rkmen     when were „,„  |i|il(.t,,i  m <>iiit-(. hv  Conser
ft******************************************9 -   ■ NoSweStTahnd    ^b.nTcoilme
According to the statements ,,f Mr, tlon, are all  in    Parliament    voting
Pure   Drugs
Pure Spices
for Pickling.
Cmric Powder, Cloves, Cassia,
Peppers, Mustard Seeds,
Celery   Seeds,   Etc.,   Btc.
We have these in hulk uml in Chemically
Pure   I Infoiled Wrapper Packages.
Cranbrook    Drug   and
hook    Company,   Ltd.
London, Toronto. Montreal, Winnipeg Vancouver, St. John. Hamilton. Callsry
Patmore Pros.
Tinners, Plumbers
Heating Engineers
Steam,   Hot   Water  and   I lol  Air  Systems.
St■iciiiilit iill\   proportioned   nnd  correct.
Joseph Martin, Messrs Coi £ Jal ',,,- the Government. Mr. Stratton
fray me all powerful at Ottawa. No 0f the Gamey conspiracy is a eaiuli
wonder that the barrel tilled in the:,lilU, (nr Parliament, hut nut mi the
Crow's Nest Pass, is so often tapped opposition side, A. W. Fraser, the
lor campaign purposes by needy and 1,1,1,1,.,. i,,,,,,,,. borrowed mimes for
crafty  Liberal politicians ;timber limits, is a Government can
didate  at  Ottawa.     Mr.   Fielding and
A mini cannot serve   two masters   nla 088ociates   are   supported by the
Smiih Curtis is a friend ,,f corpora- whole gnng of political dredging con
linns, yet.   professes to he the friend
nf tlie laboring man
tractors,   Kast ami   West
Nl'MHKH 76,
It. 0. McPherson, lately member ul
I    It is nil right for Smith Curtis tn
blow  llis  party's horn,    providing  he
j plays Liberal music, hut when he : I'arliumi'nt lor Vancouver, has been
mixes up the nines ,,! Inbor with the appointed postmaster of thut city,
cnpillstlc imisi.' ,,f graft, corruption, He is numbor seventy-six nf the
laud legislation against the laboring members and former members of
nen. ilmt musical wave is sure to parliament whn havo taken offlee,
n't"" I'll" .... j most     of them    having sat     in thc
House supporting   the     Government
with   a     promise   nf   nfllce in their
We have the finest
Cooked HAM
you ever tried,     lor Lunches,
Picnics, Camping etc., it is delicious.
P. BURNS &; CO., Ltd.
Htmd Offli-n,
Cultfiiry, Albertn
Miiin Otlice fur Enst Kootenny,
Ornnbrook, B. C.
The Quality Store
We iliin'i i'linin in be the cheapest
tint we siiiiiii up for tlie besl
All  our   1,mills  Are (iunranteed
^•^^^•^kib&kib & *m* mf mT mt mT      ###'#,##,#'*,#'###'
A*J\   **\**4 ^*f\ ^W  ^W  **—*.   *9^  Aftjk   *9*   ^^   *^rU*   *9X   **T*t   **a*.   *tJ0 ^W   ^n   Aft}\   ^^   Atssjn,   i*4*\   iis*\   Aft\   Aft**\   **/*%   A**f\   ^^
('. VV. v ivtt'i >I:M i.i:. I'l.'.'i'int.Tiii!
\\\i Iluv Everything
»   anil   second   liaiul   I'll.' N I
iml    U'K.M.'INi;     AITAIiKI,
British Columbia is a ureal country: n country with a great future;
which will be preserved as a white
man's country by the efforts of the
meat   1 'onservntive party.
• • • *
Mining, and lumbering arc taking
a hack seat for the present, politics
mnl thc moving picture shows
are the principal topic of conversation.
• • • •
The time is at hand when politicians nre "cussing" nnd "discussing1
the  relative merits   of  the  other  fel-
• • • •
The corner stone of Canada's industrial  meat ness  is  "protection."
• • • •
Smith Curtis, is the nmn who is
always ready for a seat in the political band wagon, but lie seldom
reaches his destination. He will go
as far as Suit Creek this time and
no  farther.
a a a a
Say neighbor! don't you think it
is about time that we should have a
change of government? Procrastination, diiatorlness, evasion, grafting,
timher stealing and election frauds
seem to have been the policy of the
j federal government.
• • • •
I The reservation of public lands fnr
actual settlers was one of the planks
I of tbe Liberal   platform.    The plank
'was a most excellent one for campaign purposes, and for the interests
■ if Brother-fn-lnw Burrows and his
gang of land grabbers
• • t •
Then, [a but little to in' said of tho
date of the Kootenay election. But
Sr1.1t h Curt is will consult with .John
Keene who will set a .late that will
nit   Mi    Curtis,   if it   won't  suit the
■ -  i   '.iie  of  Kootenny.
Duncan Boss 111 Vale 1 larihoo is
whist ling   tn    keep hib   cottrago up.
ami Bays ilmt "lie is tned of all
iliis '      "Mc  iu'i"  says  Smith  Our-
! On Friday, May, ISth 1900, Smith
Curtis, tlie minister of miaes in the
Martin government, delivered an ml
dm ■ at Port Steele, whicli aceord-
ing t.i the statements of mining men
w^ bent suited to capture nu an
dienci, In rendition of the eight
houi i.i.1. was a snare inid delusion
, !•■ catch .oi.,-., h, lad his remarks
' neh' ated that it waa a law more to
i,i- '.'i ri .e,i in the breach than the
oh <*i ante "What m to hinder you
i employe) from winking ten
I von want lo, for there \h no
complain against yon I Ic
We   will    keep   the   law   ns  a
Imt you can break it. as often
please, provided tlmt you are
igbl  mi Its transgression.  "
WE SELL whal wn havu in Hindi al priens Ihal
will siirprisi: you. A visil to LllQ Unl Inr Kloi'O will finn-
vinco you thai wg havo lho goods, nntl nan savo yon
fifty per conl on any gooria purchased
Wc Buy and Sell lor Cash
# d
* ;
# '
S Martin
J being  •
MI must   I
pocket. It may be observed that
number 77 and 7S are lingering
about Ottawa awaiting their turn,
A large number of Government
supporters of the last Parliament
have failed to obtain a nomination
from their patty. Among these are
Mr. Kennedy from New Westminster,
Mr. Hall of Peterboro, Mr. Wright
of South Renfrew, Mr. Htcwart of
Ottawa, Mr. Rosa of North Cape
Breton, and Mr. Wilson of Russell.
These changes have made trouble in
nearly every ease. In other constituencies as North Renfrew, the
man who was counted on to mako
some show of fight against the current of public opinion has refused
the sacrifice. The grafters are on
tbe run.
Two amusing episodes have occurred in the party press. Just before
the close of Parliament thc woolen
manufacturers whose industries is in
a bad way, asked for tariff relief.
The Toronto CJlobe, chief organ of
the Government party, attacked the
manufacturers for their demands,
and praised Laurier for rejecting
them. But the Government candidate in North Lanark is a woolen
manufacturer, and it wus necessary
to conciliate him. So the day after
his nomination, the Globe devoted u
leading article In the woolen Indus
try, praising the Lanark candidate
as a model of noble tinselllshnesK,
and promising that, since the woolen
industry required relief, the Liberal
party would give it.
The other rase is that ol a Government organ at Ottawa whieh attacked Mr. Foster for speaking fav
orably of the Prince Edward Island
tunnel, declaring thut the work
would cost fully f iiiii.iHMi.iinu and wns
the worst lot ml of wild cat scheme.
This made trouble in Prince Edward
Island, und the Free Press was seen,
with the result that in less than a
week) it published another article,
stating that the first one was not to
be taken seriously and that the only
hope for the Prince Edward Island
tunnel was from the Liberal Government.
nl to
RJverj  ncwspapei   In British Colum
iln   with n    Ingle exception, accused
followers,   in   1900 of
t    politicians.     There
ithfng   wrong  with   men
who have not  the     support     of the
press or  Influential  men of the prov
HCiBEBLIN   SUITS  $17.1)0.    CCS.
l-ilitors Comment
Nolson  News.   Mr.   A.   S.  Goodeve,
the   Conservative    candidate,     si amis
lor a  white  British  Columbia.
Mr. Curtis, in Lho election in
Kootenny  to  bo deferred?
What do yon think ot Mr. Curtis'
remarks at  Kaslo?
Do you want to see justice done to
British Columbia in Hie matter of
better terms? If so your duty is to
vote for and to work for Mr. A. S.
Goodeve  in  tbe  present  election.
i ^^S&g>^       — THE —
'*" Painter and
We place our paint
on top.   WHY ?
Because  it hus the  purest  while   lead  for its base anil  when
mixed with   perfectly ground   colors in oil   produces a paint,
which, when applied by OUK PAINTERS who know how to
apply  il,  we are  prepared to guarantee.
jHam and Bacon
Our smoked meats are always fresh slock. We
are sure that if yon try them once you will agree
with us llinl they are the besl flavored and most
wholesome  smoked   meals you  have ever eaten.
R. Kemp.
P. 0. BOX 154
i Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection yf
N'earesi lo railroad depot.   Baa accommodations   for   Ihe   public   unequalled   in
h Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors i
Geo. R. Leask & Co
I'.O, mix hii;
Plans, Specifications
antl Estimates
All   kinds   of   building   material
constantly on hand.
Harvey, McCarter & Maedonald
CRANBHOOU.    ■    ll.C'.
Solicitor, Etc.
llritish Columbia
li.wtui.sTi'i:, soLiorron
Oranbrook, H.C
G. H. Thompson
,*~>4t   IIAKIIISTKI! .4 SOI.ll'ITI
TZTTrnf  NOTARY I'lllll.le
Crunbrook, B.C.
P.L..S. a*.* C.B.
Fort Steele H.C.
I'.o. Box :':ii'.. Phono 2211,
Mining Engineer,
B.C. Land Surveyor,
«>Dr. li. W. Connolly
Physician and Surokon
* *        i mint': Armstrong Ave,
',', IIOiniK:
t I    II til II ll.lll.    li III I ll.lll.    ~, til K |i.lit.
Phono Offloo lor'.   Ki'siili'mv nm ;
F. O. IS.
Moot every Friday nl 8 p.in.
ViniUnu   Bi'othoi'u Cordhtllj    Invltoil
Chas. smith, W. Presldonl
M. I). Bii,linos, Sooy.
Aorlo Physlolan, P. O. Bex 28.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter I
I NO. 12fi. it. A. m. I
S Regular meetiiij>'n:—2nd Tues* £
1 dny in eiich month at oinht. S
■5   o'clock. |:
i i
i Sojournlug Companions uro s
5  cordially invltoil. i
t Wm. F. Tatk, Scribe E.   |
1       Bus 4       CRANBROOK, H. C       §j
Court Granbrook 8943
MKKTS   1ST   AND   111(11   THURSDAY'S
Visiting   brothorn   cordially   invited
P. MoKENN A, Ohiof Ranger
•I. SIMMS, Secretary
Funeral Dfroetor
Steam  Hollers and Fiirimcn Worli n
Cost nnd Slock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application,
P.O. Box 834.   Cranhrook, B.G.
Great West Life
Assurance Companys
Actual Results to Policy Holders
Fred. W. Swain
Cranhrook,TIC, Armstrong Av. TIIE PROSPECTOR, ORANBROOK, ll.C. SEPTEMBER 26, 1908
(Form P.)
Certiorate ot Improvements.
NOTICE!. Mystery Mineral Claim,
aituato in the Fort Steele Mining
llivisiuu of Kast Kootenay   District.
Where looated, on Alki Creek,
ubuut three miles frum head of St.
Mary's Luke.
TAKE NOTICK that I Robert
Ilewur, Free Miner's Certificate No.
lltillll, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improve
ments, for the purpoHO of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And    further     tuku     notice     thut
action,     under section 117,    must be
commenced     beforo the     issuance of
such Cortifloate of Improvements.
Robert llewnr.
Iluleil lhis till iluy nl July, cms.
(Form F.)
Ci'l'tllli'itte ol  Illlpriivemellts.
~o —
Notice Hull ling Mineral ('luiin.
situute in the Fort Steele Mining
Division ul Eust Kootonay District.
Where located: About three miles
north nl St. Mary's river and two
utiles west nl Matthew creek.
TAKE NOTICE that 1 Thus. T,
McVittie, F.M.C., No. llllll'*. Agent
for Chris Kolle, Free Miner's Certificate No 6076, Intend, sixty days
from date hereof, to npply to the
Mining Recorder lor n Certlllento ol
Improvements, for the purpose ol
obtaining a Orown Grant ol the
above claim.
And further tuke notice thut action
under section 117, must be commenced belore the issuance of such Certificate ol Improvements.
Thus. T. McVittie.
Dated this 17th dny ol  August, 1908
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements.
NOTICE, High l'enk Mineral
Claim, situate iu the Fort Steele
Mining Division of Enst Kootenny
Where located: About tliree miles
north of the St. Mary's river, und
tlve miles west ol Mnttnew creek.
TAKE UOTICE thut I Thus. T.
McVittie, F.M.C, No. 1111112, Agent
for Chris. Kolle, Free Miner's Certificate No. 007r., Inteuil, sixty days
from the date horeof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder lor a Certificate
of Improvements, lor the purpose ol
ubtuiniug n Crown Grant nl the
ubove claim,
And further tuke notice thut action
under section 117,   must lie commenced before tlie.   issuance ot   sueh Certificate oi improvements.
113 Thos. T. McVittie.
Dnted this 17th duy of August 1908.
Notice is hereby given thut 30 duys
after the publication ol this notice
In the B. C. Gazette, 1 intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lunds und Works, und to the nssis-
tant Commissioner of Lands and
Works for the district of East Kootenay lor a licence to prospect for
coul und petroleum on the lollowing
described lunds, situnted on Akamina
creek, about one hull mile east of the
forks of said creek and Kishenehna
creek, Block 4593, Enst Kootenuy
district. Commencing at a post
planted nenr the South Kootenay
Pass trail, being mnrked "Content
Elton's N. W. corner poss", thence
south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to thc place of
beginning containing 640 acres more
or less.
Content Elton, locator.
34 John Gloyn, Agent.
Located this Sth day ol August 1908
Electoral District   of Cranbrook.
NOTICE is hereby given that Sittings of the above Court will be held
at the Government Building, Cranbrook, for the disposal of cases
every Wednesday, at two o'clock p.
m.i at Moyie every Saturday at the
same hour; and at Marysville, Port
Steele and Wardner on such days
and dates ns may be appointed in
the proceedings.
All debts and demands not exceeding tho sum of *100 can be sued for
and recovered in the above mentioned Court on Summons and
Judgement, Garnishee (cither belore
or alter Judgement) or on Instalment Order which can bo enforced by
commitment if ueccBsury.
Inutructions for proceedings can be
handed In   to   the     undermentioned
Clorks of tho Court., viz:—
*f, R. Munis, Deputy Sherifl,   Cranbrook.
P. G. Routh,   Provincial   Constable,
Moylc,     or to
Joseph  Walsh,  Provincial Constable,
Fort Steole.
Joseph Ryan
Dated 22nd day of Juno, 1908.
District of Kootenay.
Take Notice that Hugh Stcwurt of
Crunbrook, intends to upply for permission to purchuse the land bounded us lollows:— From a post on
the Kootonuy river upproximntcly on
the South boundary ol Lot Illi, 20
west to the bouudury of Lot 342,
thence 40 chnins south, following thc
oust boundnry of Lot 342 to the
Kootenny river, tlience 40 chains
following the Kootenuy river to tlie
point of commencement, contnining
30 neres more or less.
Hugh Stewart,
0. H. Pollen, Agont.
Dated  September 12th 1908. ,19
District ot Kootenay.
Take Notice that Francis H. Pol-
lon, of London, Free Miner, intends
to npply for permission to purchase
the land bounded us follows'. ■
Commencing at a post plnnted nt
thn N. E. corner post ol Lot 342, 30
eliuins north lollowing tho boundnry
of Lot 110 nnd 338, thenco 30 chnins
west, thence 30 chuins south, thenco
30 chuins eust, to the point of commencement, contnining 100 ncros
more or less.
Francis H. Pollen,
0, H. Pollen, Agent.
Duted September 12th 1908. 39
A cup of BOVRIL is a line
tonic in any season, but it is
valuable in many other ways.
A lillie added to Hashes
and Stews greatly improves
their (nod value. Try it when
warming Canned Meals.
 o —•
DiBtllot uf Kuuti'imy.
—o —■
TAKK NOTIOB tlmt 1, Clement H.
Pollen, ul Ornnbrook, ueetipatiun
(Jent., Intend tn apply tu tho Chief
Commissioner of Landa uml Works ut
Victoria, for permission to pureluwe
tin- following described lumls situute
in Houtht-ust Kootenay district:—
Oommencing ut a post plunteil nt the
H. W. corner of Menus pre-emption,
thonco eust 'Mi chuins to the huun-
ilury uf Lot No. 6033, tlienee south
BO chuins to the boundary of Lot No.
2048, thence west 30 chnins, tlience
north M- chuins to point of commencement, containing 100 acres
mure or less.
Clement H. Pollen.
Duted Sept. 5th.  1908, 37
District of Kootenay.
TAKK NOTICE that I Joseph
Ryan, of Cranbrook, occupation
Journalist, intend tu apply tu the
Chief Commissioner of Lunds und
Wurks ut Victoria., fur permission tu
purchase the following descriheil
lands situate in Southeast Kuutenuy
Commencing at a post planted at the
S. W. corner uf hut No. 2048, thence
south 2h chains, tlienee east 30 chains
thence north 30 chains, thence west
30 chuins to the point of eommenee
ment containing 100 acres more or
.Joseph Ryan.
0, fl.  Pollen, Agent.
Dated  Sept.  Sth.  I!m8. 37
NOTICK is herehy given that 30
dnys after date, I intend to apply to
the Hun. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works fur a licence to
pruspect for Coal and Petroleum on
thc following lands situate in the
District uf Southeast Kootenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:—
_ ('ommenclng at a post planted at
or near the southeast corner post of
Lot 68<i8t Corbin Coal Lands, and being the southwest corner post of
Lillian Harvey's claim: thence nurth
80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
80 chains to point of commencement
making 040 acres more or less.
Oeo. M. Judd, Agent for
Lillian Harvey, Locator.
Located this 25th day of August,
1908. 37
NOTICK is hereby given that 30
days after date, I intend to npply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lnnds and Works for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum on
the lollowing lands situate in the
District of Southeast Kootenny,
British   Columbia, in     Block 4593:-
Commenclng at a post planted at
or nenr Southeast corner post of
Lot 6808, Corbin Coal Lands, and
being the north east corner post of
James A. Harvey's claim: thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains to point of commencement, making 640 acres more
or less.
Geo. M.  Judd,  Agent for
James A. Harvey, Locator.
Located this     25th day og     August
1908. 37
Continued from page 1.
luml because of this, anil I do not
believe there will be, for surely thut
city will not lose uny uf her business through the extension, although
she may not gain much because of
the difficulties in getting the pro
ducts out upon the open sens ufter
they leave the curs ut the river
docks. Portlund hus given ber land
to the Grand Trunk, the banks have
supplied money to build tbe great
elevators, and now I believe, und ull
Portland business men believe, thut
uur city will benefit by the exten
ion, nnd benefit more than can be
realised ut this early date.
m   - \ | I mm
Tbe Prospector believes, ami hus
reasons for hollOVlng that the people
of Canada were "Cold Bricked" by
Laurier and bis party, when they
mude their bid to the electurute to
acquiosce in the construction uf the
Grand Trunk l'ucilic. That the
rallying cry nf the Liberals " Tn
let Laurier finish his job" is hut a
snare and delusion, tu catch votos,
and If successful In the coming campaign, means tbe fulllllmcnt of the
pluns aud desires of tbe management
.if the tl. T. P. to make Portland
the terminus of Luurier's All Ciiiiu
il inn"  transcontinental  railway.
An "All Canadian Railway" with
n foreign tormina I.
If Laurier is elected to "Finish
This Job" it will mean that it will
cost the Canadian people just about
$200,000,000 to "Finish This Job"
for the benefit of the City of
Elect R. L. Borden, and pluee tbe
Conservative purty iu power and
this railway will be completed and
used as an"All Canadian Railway,
owned by and controlled by the people of Canada" with its terminal at
a Cnnudfnn port.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore subsisting between us, tbe undersigned, as merchants iu the City of Cranbrook,
has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts owed to the said partnership are to be paid to John Cameron nt Cranbrook aforesaid und all
claims uguinst the suid partnership
arc to be presented to the said Cameron by whom the same will be
Dated at ('ranbrook this 5th day
nf September, A. D. 1908.
Geo. Welch.
Jns. Cameron.
Witness J.  A. Harvey. 37
*%he Urospectov
HOUKKMN  SIIITH  $17.Sll.    C.O.S.
 O —>
(September 27th.)
The Harvest Festival and thc
Ninth Anniversary nl the Church will
be hebl nn Sunduy, when the Rev.
K. B. Ryckmun, M. A. I). D. will
occupy the pulpit nt 11 n. m. und 7-
30 p.m. Church will be deeoruted
for the occasion, and special music
will be rendered hy the choir. All
who can help in decorating are asked to be at the church early on Saturday afternoon. Plants, flowers,
and vegetables and other good things
are solicited. Gifts for thc sule
which will take place on Tuesday
should not be sent until that duy.
Plants thnt are loaned should be
marked with the name of the owner.
On Tuesday nt 7, the annual supper
will be held under the auspices of
the Ladies Aid of the church, ln the
Gymnasium. Tickets 50 cents, children twenty-five cents. Sule of
goods will follow the supper. The
provisions for the supper are needed
nt the Gymnusium at twn un Tuesday, will all who are contributing
take note.
On Sunday afternoon there will be
a Rally for the Sunday School, open
session, uddresscs, recitations, and
bright singing, the parents of the
children and visitors aro especially
invited nt 3. The following will be
the musical program for the day:—
Introit        O Rest In Tbe Lord
Voluntary Saint     Beatrice     Sir    F.
Duet Growing    together    wheat
and  tares. Kingsbury.
Choir Wc plough the fields.
Hoppenstedt's Lieder.
Hymns: Eternal source of every joy,
Fountain nf mercy, God nf love,
Cnme ye thankful people.
Recessional: O Come every une that
thirstcth, Handel.
Introit      Klsa's Prayer Wagner.
Anthem Prnise ye the Lord, Grand
triumphal chorus udaptcd from
Marche Romnine Gounod,
Voluntary But the Lord iu mindful.
Anthem Ye shall dwell in the land.
Hymns: Sing to the Lord of Harvest, Sow in the morn thy seed,
Come ye thankful people.
Recessional:   Soldier's Churns
The ushers will he glad if those
who regularly attend our' services
will take their places early, and well
to the front, sn that visitors may be
accommodated us far as the space
will allow tn the rear seats.
HOBKRLIN  SUITS $17.60.   O.O.S.
Weak Women
To weak »nd alltnv women, then la at leant ona
way to help, But with that way, two treatment!,
must be combined. One la local, one ia constitutional, but both are important,   both uHuiitial-
Ur. Shoop'a Night Cure ia the Local.
Dr. Hlioop'a Iit'suiraiivo, tho Constitutional.
The former- Dr. Shoop'i Night CUfe—isatopfcftl
muitiuaniimibrano lupptMttory Timitidy, while vt.
Hhoop'a Keitorative Ifi wholly an Internal treat-
ment. Tho Koatoratfve reaches throughout Uw
entire systwn. aoekitm the repair of aU uerve.
all tinsiif. mnl all blood ailnienta.	
The Night Cure", ailunfttne implies-dn« its
work while you Hleiip. ltaoothiiaaomaualnnam<
ed mucous Hiirfac'iH, twain local weakneamm ami
discharges, while the Ri-Htorative. eases norvoill
excitement, glVOI renewed vigor ami ambition,
builds up wasted tissues, bringing about renewed
Strength, vigor, ami energy, l&ku Br. Hhoop *
Restorative-Tablets or Uquirt-maa general trade
to the system.  For positive local help, use aa well
Dr. Shoop's
Night Cure
electors of Kootenay
Are you satistled with the Laurier
Government and its record of graft,
corruption, postponement of the date
of tbe Kootenay olection, and tho
following which effects each and
every one of you.
(1) Better terms for llritish Columbia.
(2) The exclusion of Orientals, the
making of British Columbia a white
man's province.
(3) Duty nn lumber Imported from
the United States.
(4) Tho enforcement of the Alien
(5) Permanent protection for leml
(6) Canada for Canadians. Uar the
door to all alien labor.
If you aro not satistled use your
only means of protest, by a vote on
Election Dav for
A. S. 000DRVI9.
lloliKULIN  SUITS $17.50.   O.O.fl.
"The Mood fc The Lite"
Science tins never gone btyund the
fctovesimple statement of scripture, Hut
it has Illuminated thut statement aad
given it ii meaning ever broadening wltb
the Increasing breadth ol knowledge.
Wben the blood Is "luul" or Impure It
is nut alone Uie body which suiters
through disease, Tho brain is also
clouded,Hha mind and judgement are
toted, amTmjyvy an ovtl deed or Impure
thoyht^mjg*4^>Mrecily traced to the
ImpWCTol tuQbttogp Fuul. Impure Mood
■-H ht» madf   nun'   bv   il)t.   gg   0f   n»
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦**+ ♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I'iiToe's Hidden  Mfdn-al   Diari-v-r^. Jt
mi idles nml mirilUift the  fljoEett by
curing, pimples, blotches, eruption! and
other cutaneous affections, as edema,
tottor, or salt-rheum, hives and other
manifestations of hnpuro blond.
@ ® ® ® ® ®
ln the cure of scrofulous swellings, en-
lorged glands, opon eating ulcers, ur old
sores, tho "Golden Medical Discovery "has
performed tho most msrvoloua cures, in
gases uf old sores, or opon eating ulcers,
It Is well to apply to tho open sores Dr.
Pierce's AlMloallng Salve, which possesses wonderful hoallng potency wben
used us an application lu the sores lu conjunction with tho use of "Goidon Medical
Discoveryuos a blood cleansing constitutional treatment. If your druggist
don't happen tu have the "All-Healing
Sn Ive" In stock, you cun easily procure It
by Inclosing lift)-four cents lu postage
stamps to Dr. It. V, Plorce,tW8 Main St.,
Buffalo, N. V., and it will come to you by
return post Must druggists keep it as
Well as tho   tinbleu Medical Discovery."
® <&> ijf) ® *%> ®
Yuu can't afford to accept any medicine
of unknown composition as a substitute
for "Golden Medical Discovery," which ls
a medicine ok known composition,
iu viia; a complete list uf Ingredients In
pi iin English un its bottle-wrapper, the
same being attested as correct under oath.
Dr Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
and Invwurn u, stomach, liver und bowels
THE   rt, \,(S
No Honing-No Grinding
RAZOR TO-DAY on 30 day*
trial from your dealer and
learn all about real shaving
Tlii! doforrlni? "I tlm olection will
not iln Mr. Smith Curtis nny Rood.
The Intolllgont people of Kootenuy
will resent hftvlni? tlieir interests
sacrificed In nny snell way.
The Liberal papers of the east are
screaming "''Let Laurier finish liis
work." Certainly he nifty ilo sn. Ho
has 34 days in which to llnisli It.
Edison Theatre
Fraser & Hutchison
sol.K  eiiueiiiKTWis
Moving   Pictures
Illustrated Songs
The   Best  in
Cranbrook at
The Little Picture Parlor
that runs continuously
Saddle Horses
Pack Animals
i'lniiii^ Nn. '.in.
Carpenter nnd
Builder.     *     ■:•
11 <) I SI - S '"'' 8"'" '"' R""' nt
' Reimoimble       PrieeB.
j Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Ilie Frost Investment Co.
The   Famous  East  Kootenay
A Land of wonderful
fertile land:;,  mild
natural resource:;, rich
and  temperate  climate,
located in southern H.C. west of the Rockies.
Produces abundant crops of Fruit.
Grain, Vegetables and Hay. The
best  markets  in   the   North-west.
Broad valleys of rich prairie soil, large bodies
of excellent Timber, mountains of mineral ore
still untouched, abundantly watered by mountain
streams  and springs.
A new section of the country that has never had
a land boom and where you can still have a cheap
home and the very best soil. One of the largest
valleys of level land in B.C. embracing the
Tobacco Plains Country, The St. Maries Prairie,
the Wasa Fruit District and Summer Resort, and
the Baynes Lake Fruit District.
A postal  stating what  kind "1 land you want, will bring
full description,  maps, and  reliable information regarding
climate,  soil,  and prices ol Luul.
Iiie Frost Investment Co,
< '♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦
Clinic* Tokay and Malaga
(i rapes
Okanagan  Peaches,  Plums
Pears,   Apples
Creston      Tomatoes      and
Hazelwood    Ice    Cream
Stewart's  Fine  Chocolates
Phone '.">      Armstrong  Ave.
Rates from
Stilling dines Sept. 10th to 24th
Pinal  relurn   limit- Sept.   80th
* *
Silver.mounted Case Pipes |
.ll'ST ARRIVRDI   ISO of tho latest uml bosl |
slmpi's. Iiiiii;.'!!! I'ur c;isli unci sold ul :s rousnn- ♦
nolo mui'shi!    SKK THEM.    PRICE THEM. X
We are still leading with a fine assorted line of CIGARS ♦
 at 3 for 25 cts.  ♦
Ono goods arriving every dny.    All Tobaccos ft
Will   Clgnt'Ottes   sume   price  as  oilier  stores. ♦
Cranbrook    Cigar   Store♦
JOHN CAMERON, Proprietor. |
if---    -   - =^k
John    LEASK
The most fashionable and
Cranbrook b.c.
Soiling dales Se|il   L'lst  lo L'Slh
Pinal   relurn  liinil   Kepi.  28lh
Soiling 'lutes Sepi. 2flih io Oct,2|
Final relurn limit    Onlobor "lh |
Corresponding  Ratest from othor!
Apply to local ticket agents for
berth reservations, etc.
************ ******** **********************
Fort Steele Brewing Go.. Ltd. Ij
I'.O. Ilo.v -I:
Telepl  No.   I
m \si'i-'.M"i'i'i:i:i:s nml iiiikwkiis
. . . OK KXTHA I'lNK . . .
.sold) IIY TllK IIAIJI.'KI.,  KKll OR l!o'l"|'l,Kl)
Boll led beer for family use a specialty
uri'silii; OHIU'IIS i;lVKN STItlCT
. .Wis I'KOMI'T  \TTKNTItlN    ,
I'linin,    Nil.    I)H.
Port   Steele  Brewing Co., L,td.    ',',
J.E.PROCTOK, D.P.A.,Calgary,Altu | *********************** **********************
oft.oftft ♦.<,♦.<..♦*♦«♦<•♦ «♦* * * * *> * 9 ftft ft *> '4 »♦»♦»'♦
G. T. Rogers
♦:«:♦.♦♦:<> *.e *.t>.*.«*.« 9.* 9 **:**.<>*■>***.* * « ♦.<*♦.«♦ • ♦
Ward off Colds
by    wearing    Water-proof
Sole    Boots.
We   have
them for Men and Ladies.
Cranbrook, BC
*:o.*:<> * 09.o ftft ft'ft *.* * o *:* ft.'•*> *::*>:'*:9.1*:9 ♦
G. T. Rogers
*ftftft ft 9 ♦. © 9ft  9ft  9 oft  •>  ♦  o  9ft  ♦©♦©♦©♦'^♦©♦©♦©♦o*
®hc jpraepcctov.
sa'I'I'Kday. skim 1 \ii:i:i: l'h. iw*
e a
People yon may know
Visitors    Hiiro     mnl    There.—INHiplo
who   Como to  Granbrook and
Those   Who llo Awuy.
lltil'AIIUNIi mul I'lIKSSIM
6. FflKRflNT
* ^	
* AKMS'l'l.'oM, AVI''.. CKANUUOOK,  H.C
Tn l„ i'ill IN
$5.00 ^ CASH
8.00 a'mONTH
Good Dlscounl Por Gush
5UCCE550R   TO
I    have    Sold    my   Jewelery
Business   to   the
Also Second Hnnd Maohinei
l-'i'i' Sal ■ Cheap and To Rent.
Armstrong Avenue
Phone 157 Ornnbrook, B.C
and would solicit the patronage of the public on
their  behalf.
Thanking all my patrons
for the very liberal way
they have dealt with me.
Respectfully   yours,
Trading Co.
| NORTH   STAR        $
Kimberley,   B. C.
*   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.     _ — 9
9 9
\\v arc still handling
I.' ii,',IN', TRUCKS
Kl.iH'l; ami   PRED
Agents lor Ihe famous
M;i\ers Slock roods.
General BlaGksntitli
.mil Woodworker. .
K'nipiici' Tiros A|i|)li<-il
To     |{iil-',v     Whools
iM LB   A NI >   MOTOR
i 0\S i'.K'VCLKS
L'Ihiiig 50 P.O. Box L'l-U
HUUKKMN   si us  H7 R0    i'i'S  |
1    H   A   Suuth,     mi     ripukune sponl
Sllll.I,i\    lusi   III   1'i.iiilnook.
W    \   riu iholm   ol  M iryavUlo «n
in town i.-i   level      ■ *\-- iIm ■ week
l>i CuiHn, "i Moylc ft-n i In town
Moml o
Mi ■   .1    li   UcBritlfl will rooolvo on
iii<   Ural   i-'nii.i\  ui . ,i. li mouth
Nh .unl Mr« .i li Kakin nl Mo>
■■    wore I 'i nul      vi   toi     Puo iln)
HOUKKI IN     I       I «t7.50    L'.lVH
Potei JenBon, i tt n m wus i i*i i
tfi'.t .it  tha t'oan opolltun Thuratlti)
P Et Mi.ms, ivus -ti NeUou thia
week on official b  'ineaa
I. B VanUwai ol Viotoiia, apcnl
I his weok   lu Ci ni brook
Mi- Kink-..n .tm! cbUareii drove
ovei   [ruin  Porl   Steele Wcdneaduy
Mi .uui Mrs Irving H WUlaon,
arrived at   Crunbrook  Tburadu)
K. I. Lewis, ol Montreal was In
t iwn Pridaj
.) A Harvey, K C . was at Fer
nie Thursday on legal buaineaa
T. Rader, of Morrisaey, was In tbe
City Wednesday.
Wm. Carlin, ot Porl Steele was m
town  Thursday.
J. K Griffith, of Pernie was in the
city Wednesday.
W .1. Hotloway, J. C, Helb, and
E, r. Ainslie, of Spokane woro Cran-
; brook  visitors Wednesday.
Mr, and Mrs.  H. Gerlach, of Sent
! tie were registered ;it  tbe Cranbrook
The summit of Baker Mountain
was covered with snow Wednesday
Tuesday   at 7 o'clock.     50 cents.
.1. H. Doyle, of Boundary Falls,
<;. W. Campbell, of Winnipeg, were
registered at the Cranbrook Tuesday
E. Wallace, and L. Teasdale, of
Suit hake ('ity, were Cranbrook visitors Wednesday.
An outfit left Cranbrook Saturday
lust to establish a lumbering camp
on the Skookum ('buck.
Mr. and Mrs. E, A. Kaniin, of
Moyie were Crnnbrook visitors Sunday lust.
Tuesdny   at 7 o'clock,     50 cents.
Mr. und Mrs. 0, Adams, and Mr.
und Mrs. Wm. Oliver, of Lethbridge,
were Cranbrook visitors tliis week.
A. Carney, of Kaslo, provincial
timber inspector wus in Crnnbrook
this week.
F. A. Jones, u lumbering man
from Corbin, was nt tbe Cosmopolitan Tuesday.
Copt. S. D. Pumpelly, and M. McDonald of Luke creek wns in town
Tuesilny   ut 7 o'clock,     50 cents.
Harry White, returned this week
from a holiday visit to Alberta ami
Horn At Cranbrook, Saturday
September IU. to Mr. nnd Mrs. .1.
McNabb, n daughter.
V. Hyde Baker, Dr. Orson und .1.
Laidlaw were hunting ducks at Waan
On Friduy evening the Crnnbrook
baseball towns, and their friends
were dancing iu tlie Auditorium.
Mr. nnd Mrs. S. P. Morley ure ut
Nelson this week taking in the fruit
Mr. und Mrs. .1. G. McCallum uml
family left on Saturday for Vancouver on a visit.
Tuesduy   lit  7 o'clock.     fill cents,
Government Agent .f. P. Arm
strong wns nt Fernie Thursday on
official   business.
At this season of the year
the above two words should
be   classed  together.
Housecleaning like the
Tax Collector always eventuates, and the wise housekeeper who wants value and
an up-to-date article in the
way of a Tub, Washboard,
Broom or Brush, will insist
on   having   BOECKH'S.
A   complete   stock
of these goods is to be
found at the  store of
J. D. McBride
\ number
hunters    aro   making
n go     duck  shooting
- —o •
The Tute residence, situated on
Hanson avenue, containing eight
rooniH, nil modern conveniences.
Rcahoii loi selling, the family leav
ing   Oranbrook,      lutormnt ion    sup
idled   by Tate il,i»  .Trwclcr.
licattv wants the I arth
1 will pay an cents per yard for
1,000 or more yards of gravel, or
clean soil, delivered one block from
the Dost Olllco.      W, it. Beatty,
Mrs.   S,   C.   PhtlUpS,   will  receive on
hursday October 1st, and afterwards will be at. home tiie last Wed ■
nesday  of  the  month.
W.    Piopor, of   Sunnyslopc   ,Aita., |
wus visiting   friends     ut  Crnnbrook
this week.    Mr.   Pioper was formerly
resident of this city,
Wm.    Donaldson,   of   Dulutli,     J.   J.
Bremner   of   Vancouver,     and T. C
Murray,  of Toronto    were guests at
the Cranbrook   Friday.
M. Hauna, of Mnyh, A. Doyle, of
Fort Steele, and M, DeWolf, of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, were guests ut the
Crnnbrook  Thursday.
Mr, and Mrs. T. T. McVittie, of
Fort Steele, were guests at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. .1. P. Armstrong Wednesday,
N. Hanson returned Saturday last
from a business trip to Calgary.
While In that city Mr. Hanson disposed of bis forty horse power Rambler.
L. H. Fowler, .1. W. McNeil, E,
Hazel, of Lethbridge, F. W. Green of
Magrath, nnd D. II. Elton, of Raymond,   Altu..   were      guests      at   tbe
Cranbrook  Wednesilny.
H. 11.  Stanton,  of     Denver,  Colo.. I
J. A. Dinns, of   Vancouver,     und E.
P. Mtltonberger, of   St,  Louis, Mo.,
were    registered     at  the    Cranbrook
Sunduy inst.
There wns n slight full of snow
Thursdny morning, the tirst of the
season. This is nbout u month
curlier than last yenr, the tlrst snow
having como on November 22nd.
Rnworth Hros have bought out the
jewelry business owned by Wm. P.
Tute, ' the change Diking effect September 24th. They have also been
appointed 0. P. R, watch inspectors,
L. D. Jones, of Scuttle, A. H.
Wheeler ol Winnipeg, C. W. Becboi of
Vancouvor, uud E. -I. Roberts of
Spokune, were guests at tho Cran
brook Mondny.
Dr. und Mrs Bougbis Corsati, ol
Fernie passed through Crunbrook
Wednesilny on their wuy home from
Nelson. Mrs. < orsnn bus hem spend
lug the summer ut  the const.
If tbe election iu Kootenny is
postponed, It will look as if Smith
Curtis wus nfruid of the result, nnd
hus already hung oul bis Hignal of
The Conservative Bxoctil ive dun
mittee met In Mighton's Hull on
Mondny evening. The meeting wus
largely attended, nnd tho enthusiastic members transacted considerable
The Brotherhood ot Railway Car
men purnd'd on Wednesduy, and after the parade held a muss meeting
In the Carmen's Hall, which was
largely attended by railway men.
The lire brigade wns culled out on
Tuesdny evening to n lire which occured in the residence of W. C. McLennan, Very little damn kg wus
done Tlie properly is owned hy
the Durick estate.
D. Crillllh, llie Wild Horso Creek
mining king, wns hi town during the
early purl, of this week. Mr. fihfTH.li
InTonus a representative of ibe Prospector thut he would shortly leave
nn u   visit   to Ibe const.
Pencil pushers from Albcrtn nnd
Manitoba, stopped oft ut Cranhrook
Wodncsday Tor sovoral hours, just, to
see if old mun Simpson, uud old mini
Grace were going to Nelson to nt
tend the Press Convention which
wns held in thnt, city Thursday,
have style. They arc in demand by men who pride
themsclveson being corrccl iu
ever)' detail of their apparel.
They have quality—since
1S23 Mallory Hats have held
tlie highest reputation iu the
hat trade id" the country.
Besides—Mallory Craven*
ctte Hats have whal no othef*
ia/can have, i.e., X\\x. weather-
proof quality gained by the
famous cravenetting process
controlled absolutely for hats
byK. A, Mallory A Sons, Inc.
The Popular
Cranbrook BC
ki   j, u nt. u   j, ,i0 TO THK
Not How Cheap, but  j
now good & now cheap East Kootenay
II' you hav.- n.-v.-r ti-i.-.l our     -DYE    HOUSE
HOME MADE  PEANUT- l''"1' a" l<imls ol
crisp, molasses-kisses    DYEING Et CLEANING
COCONUT-KISSES Nothing lino  or  coarse,   lurp,
ALMOND ROCK AND LADY "r s,mi11 ,,lilt <*■' """, ll!l11111"-
CARAMELS Wo als" ''"
call uml you will bo convinced DRY   DYEING
llicv are lho lincsl vou ever ato —
Saturday only 20 cts. T T  0F!,CErL ..
po.' pound, J. Leask, Tailor
QooiIh ilH'm-i'i-tl in any pluuo in the Olty
TELEPHONE,    No,    ill.
For Horses ami Cattle
(.'100 auros)
(luml Puncos     Good WiiIit
Good Pastures
Apply to K.COItllCTT, l*nn'nl.Hiim.'li
iiLoiil II' miles fi-mii ('riiiiliriiiiK, ui'iii'
lln'nlil Nurlli Sin ill
Teams and drivers furnished for any poinl in
tho district.
A. DOYLE, MiiniiKi!i4
IllillKIII.IN'   SUITS  517 B0,    C.r.-A.
School of Mining
Allillilf d lo Qurf ns Unlvrrslty,
Kor Cjitftnliir of tht Bchoot mnl fllf tiler
Information, npply to (lie Secretary, School
of MitltUg, Kin---it--.il, On im m
lhe Itlltwlni Curst* ire tJferc*!;
I- l'uurYctrii'Cotir»forf)cgreeofB,8&
II—Three Venra'Coiiriefoi Oiplumt.
<i   MiiniiK Kiifjliieerhig.
A-Chemist ty uml Mine mingy.
i--Mineralogy nml neology.
<f—Cltciiiicnl Itiigiiieerliift
/—otvfl Ktigltiecrltig,
/—Mechnnfcnl Rngl netting*
g— RlectHcnl Btigitie?ritigi
A-HioloKy aud I'ublic Ilmlth.
/—Power Developineiti, 9


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