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The Prospector Dec 12, 1908

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 T.ll.rnry of Loj. Am.
Vol.  14.
No. ,11).
Three Masked
Keeuuu was Interrogated ty detec
tives of the city police force last
night and will be taken before the
chief this morning fur further Consultation, His story wns a straight one
und lie seemed only thankful thut In
bud escaped wltb u whole skin.     Ue
Hide Mail anc liaimuue !w,,l,';T'"'"-"',i"'.iV!,", VT """,; •.'";
net   tr. tolu tlm police flint In' ia n consul ol
CiW'S   ami   Kob    I lie freight conductor J. A. Pulver of thc
Registered   Mail
Northern  I'uciiii'.  win. Uvea nt  EUU
Third nvt'iiut'.     .*
Tho robbers, so fur ns    could    bit
,....., ..     learned    ut. the police station  .lust
(,reat Northern passenger train v..       ,     ,  d ,,„.,„,     „ ,       M   u
wna hold up by three masked bun-  „„       „„. „„„,„„„„ J, >iK bt,lu.v
;1.";; "'","",,l ,","'", ",nl "■ h"'"lf, "   od li.„l driven it to tho p„itit. where
HlHyurd shortly beforo midnight inst   ,     „   ,   , t    t     t,    J.       T,
Make  More  Proffit: and  Are in  Closer   Touch  With
Politicians.   Ministers Are Chief   Offenders.
Grit   Contractors    Are   Accomplices:
Officials  Are  Tools and Victims.
Spokune,    Doc.    I"   It.   0,   Morgan,
snporintendent   oi the  Spokune  Falls
Same Story  as  Qnebec  and  St. John.   Only    ontraotors "oViwing notice"to "a tie omenta §
----- - the   compuny    Tlie   Grout   N'nrtbi'tn
llnilw.'iy Company   will puy mi...... h-
ward for tfn- nrrosl nnd conviction
nf tni' persons engaged in tin- holdup
nn.l robbery ..t train No t eust .if
llillyni'l inal night. Agents mil nd
vise nil I..inI nuthorltlos immediate
ly nnd ..II  locnl  newspapora an thai
C.  P.  R.
Winnipeg, Hoc   1"      While tho t,,inl
Mini     tn   tn- cxpondoil in the west In
Illllli  by tin- I'nlin.fijiii      Purltle   in   mi
provements,    bettormenta  und  exten
mil publicity « - n'ii.'-n Un- min,"   si""*- w!" '"', |p"" *""•*  *''-*  "'•'"   "
.Iiiinn;   tin-   present   yenr,   it   mil
Sunduaky,  tl ,   Uec    III   Tho     Holy
II,JI.'i organisation nt Merlin lieiKhta
;iliu,,sl   tno   Ininili-i'il   strong.   Was  i.i'
MINISTERS    IN    INdlA.ND „..        ,, 	
.-.till  nnt  I., ii.j.in- niiiln ni- nf il.,I
.11:-      'l'lli-   totlll     Hll-illlll    I'M,.'.,.I.'.l     1,1
thia imi ,iiiinn; the pn -< nl  yeni     in
tlu- ivoat   i- sj.nl  I,, I,.,.,- been nt t
forty nuiii,,ii.
.'ilui ,l- ol Hn- i'im.i.It.oi Pacini
railway in vj.tn.ns |iarta of tin- west
nro now cngnged in the consiilerntion
"i  tho importanl  undertakings  which
Roche unil     Carney got government  were iniiili'.   Probnbiy tlto contractor   •'•  ''■   ' kl'" "'  '"'Halo were served   will bo usstimod for tl pcratinns ol
> - *--     ' ^^^" 01it ,,|     (iu,   Willi notlcos in leave tin' c.immunity.   m-xt  yoar.   A ,   -work
.'Hating in the  This notion wna prompted, it Is auid,   whicli   lias    bee idei   cnnHt.iuctit.ii
I'ul regardless of price. Dealers ndmlt  Hnlifnx "dock!   Thorcls a still larger   h-v fral "' trouble due tn the Kunaua  limine. Un- pnsl year will be complel
Sir kii llill'll  (iai'tWI'iliht   that they chnrged  up In twenty-live  scrap heap nt  Vancouver, t" sny in,   "ty nllnlr.   'l'1"' Holy  Rollora threnl    .'.I  m-xt  summer, nnd nm   work  will
*"   ***••*-•"*'" l*        per cent, abovo retnil prlco for   sup- thing of the stock ut Prescott. m resistance. be begun In ull our western piovinc
 "                         plies to tin; government, in most eas-     Agent Pnrsons testified thut In- ,,!>                                                                  "*•   N"">' "' these "ill ...
that Hit' favored doalora iu that town  bttoys thut were not needed.   It   wus
I havo been ln constant direct commun-  he who guve $io,0i)o of stock in   ins  dored to bedisbanded bj  uu    Irnto
icntlon with tlie two members of pur   Carbide compnny to u cabinet minis-   town spi'i'iul committee tonlglt'
m ,,,„    pro ,.„■"     thooxresscnr   were at least Bvo of  hem,   No shoot-     The mnrino department enquiry   nt   who   mado    these buoys, practically
which   a supposed tn   ave Sillied  "jg occurred, accordlns   o the story   Halifax reveals the sume state of  uf- contr  the department   it I  vbec
large sutii   iSdlSg riVKhln- "' K,'''B"n' i"1'1 ""|,:"'',ltlj' tllL're WBS   B'r» """ '"* *'»'" elsewhere, except  died     the   govornnient
in, nt fro,"spo   „    fi-;:,,,    ,ng rob   "° 0M '" ""*' "*'*"""*' J1*"1 !'"' '"v"1"'1 <i°*>*»» "' that town  buoys thnt  won' not need
In.I    Winn    ho    was ordorod to dis-        CHA8. A. PBRIN FIREMAN.      ""•« been in constant direct commun-  he who guve -.10,000 of st
mount     ir s cub nnd rut ofl flu-     Henry  U.  Holler wus the engineer    !*""',n. "'" 'ho two !n™""'l's of par-   Cnrbido compnny to n nil
bnggngo, oxprosa nn.l im.il mis from ol llm truin und Chus. A. Pcrln the '. '""lent '",r "**; conatituency, Messrs. t,.,- „t tb,. time tlmt thes
Um ,.Hun conches In' .-ut two, but lie tlromnu win, tricked tin- bmuiits. The ,oc,'"' '"", ""**'>' L;"1 Kovernmont wero mndo. Probnbiy tlto
imt  tl.,- express cur. which wns   tin'  conductor wus Wlllerton. business for government  supporters,  |,„,| {20,000 clear profit ...
.-.. ... .....  . i  „ „..,-....  *}".'! hud goods supplied by tho faith-  buoys thnt hnve boon rus
Halifax dock.   There is a
scrap hcup nt. Vancouver,
thing of the stork ut Pies
Agent Pnrsons testified t
jocted to tho     practice „f supplying   Uoosevclt   On   W'irivilll   I" Importance some of the e,,ntrarts
tho government    cruisers with luxur    """"»->*-"   *■>"    M.lip.llll   „.,,], uhn],     ,|„, ,.,„„ v „us    lmil
lust of tile tliree curs unit ll:
tfie treasure.
The tinin luul been out of Ilillyur.l
but n few minuted wlien tiie engineer
and dromon   were surprised to     aee is Tf
three    men,    two   of th  mnsjte'l. IMI nF PA1U.1A.MENT. lurgest customer nnd should have had tno government    cruisers wltb luxur-     *    - **   ■    witn wiucii     t ;oni|,
I'lnwiini; if,,un irom in.' tni..'i. mni —0__ the iovvrat ,,,-im,.   .s„i,..s run „,, i„t,, i„„„ provisions such us ocean     liners                                "                                I ;cu In- Insl   few  i.n,»
ilruwn reioivers tuoy otacteu tne on Ottawa,     Dec.   in   At   the cabinet tens    0f   thousands at theso prollta. give saloon pnssongors. He wns over-     TH11EATI5NS  MEN  III li.'i'V  nF     ,ia  for  Instance  iln-  double  nm-kni
glneor to stop tin. train fnimeniatoiy. counC|i t|,it. afternoon this was n dis- Contractors for ropairlng government ruled by his superiors whn roiiucsted                  PANAJIA  STORY.                  from  Winnipeg  to  !<'■ n.  on  whirl
lie obeyed nnd Hnoti ns tno trntn cussion „„ the sessional program, lt ships    Jo   uot     deny making .In per him to "give loc wny."                                                       "                                'In' b f ten million la said to havi
cattio to a stop nil disnioiinteu    irom wnii dactded     that Sir Richard Cart- cent,   profit.   Some of their nccounts This nccounts for such bills as two     Washington   Hit   in   "If they    cut m expel	
rub,     the trainmen loading tho wright Bll()Ulll le|lll ,„ ti„, s(,„.,te thus tun up to over 150,000. ilollurs per dozen for pcuchos.               I,,, renchod for criminal libel   1 shall
wny, povorcii Willi in,' wean ns ,,i tie ,i|ypos<ng „| thr rumor thut he is   to There  wns apparently  no compotl-                ..,, „, ,. v,„„                  ..... t„ i,..vl. ,i„.,„ ,,.a,i|,.,i ■■ Si',i|i ,ma           -, ,, ,   , -       ,,   ...
bnndlts.   The englneor wns left stand „„"„,   f\s to tho day of the opening tion or call lor tenders. NO REFORM YET.                 M^nr K^^.-vVlt   n, i,''',i'h,.. ill's !,ft-          * "*•   «-»»ppcr   1'cTll
Ine with two ,,t tlm hold nps   uinl.' o( p.,,..,.,n„.nt     n0thlng wus decided, Prices were excessive in nil cases. '''"I     sorvice  reform  unites  little ,,,„,„,„ .lhl,,lt "those   \ •loans win
the    third  nccompnnied   tno llremnn but   [t   wU1 hl, u|)llllt Ull, mjajie   01 Presents    were sent n, government hondwuy. Tlm non-partlsun civil set- h   .,, bocn    „,im    (ll |nramol,„ (.,|s,.
I,ju-I   part wny wlnli' bn wns obeying jnnUlllTi probnbiy tlu  13th or Mth, nlilciuls by the contractors, but their v"'e commissioners in thoir Brut three   [l0 (ja conBer„|„e tho iicuulsitlon    o
the orders to uncouple tho ours. When tlM, ful.„„,,- ,i„u, seomlng most tnvor- principle return wus in tlm shape   of months liuve made no appointments,   Ull. pi-oii.-i-tv   nni construction of   Hi
by nut,ii, (.,| rnmpuign services. not even of     their own stall. Hepntv   ,,. ..            '   j |tKcir "
1 oi three, _      _ CONTRACTORS   AND CAMPAIGNS, mlnlstors have done nothing   iu    tho         w." ,,', ,;", ,.n,„l„i f one bun
the three bnndlts bonrded tho enplns ... ..,..«.:..„..,..•   r<mli><t A"     the   contractors were strung wuy     ol     reorganising their depart-   ,...,,,,   ', ,,,,. ,.,,.^ .,, ,,,,, „,,,,-   .....
nud started nl! down the track leav LlOCUIIOIldl J    l-.OIUe.Sl ||arty „,,,„ m,,„ts     |„ ,„.L.OI.j witl, the new law.     !.'   .'   ' .,, .   o ,    , 'l'   ,,. ,! 'l'l
'ng Ihe llremnn nnd engineer with the —n— Somo of them had charge of a dis- Between tho ranchlne politicians w''           "j„.s   ,.,      .
he   hud   fooled tlie th
oil tw.i of tlm I'ui-s inatond of tliree,
     '■"■  '■■     "--"""    »  nome  oi   mem   Hull   ClUU'go  nl   a   Ills- .',-.".nni   nm   mnviiini'   ptiiiimiiiis   WHO              t)       .-   iiij,,,,;^    ...l.n   .,.,,..,,    .-,.
"dead" train. le,si!ih ''I'"' '"""!'>' conte8'  '"** trict in the campaign, and ono tostl try to control the patronage, nnd the cXed ly the P osident    I   the   wh te
BANDITS RUN THE BNOTNB. held  in  tbo   Presbyterlnn church   on ,-„,,, th.,t |„, Hnnnced the district     ut comntisslonors,     who probably desire ,°' ™ thnt ho made Ibis decl.irat on
lit'''    I'i',,,'. Ing nbout two miles Monday evoning.   The     church     was;„is own 0,p(!lis0i     which moans that to oarry out the    law,   thoro   is    „ om-or'nor   lleeiu'ti   ,-, 1   urosentod     ,
the   bnndlts,     who  evidently are old well   tilled     wltb un interesting uud- he applied pnrt of his profits to the struggle,     with tlie result thut mnt- ",,.,',   ,,,. ,U,I,li,,',-„,,i,i,-,l l.v the
rullrond nmn, Judging frmu tho mnn loncc.   Tbo contest     wns Interspersed wor|. (j|- k„,plng irl ,„,„.,,,. Ihl, KOV,.n, ters remuin us they were, the     two nssocintio     nul mndo n f'»   remnrks
im- in   which they linudled Hm loco with recitation   and   singing.     Miss mont which was ranking him rich. commissioners    meunwhilo    dru,wlng ',,','    ...,,,,,i.  ,,,,. ,,,.„„i,i„ni   ,,,„ii,.,i'   m
mnl Ivi.    atnnnml   Hm  mi .In ,,1   wolll Ki-nn.'.lv    nnd      Miss  McNeill   snlie-   in       i.    i,    .....     , ,      ...   .... ,l„,i,-     Ic Hon   „....i,      j i      .......     '"       winiii   ui.    | p       .1
mpaign    committee; 'always   as   u[™t0' P.l.ttCe?. the premier In pc
Ottuwn l''i-,i, J'ri'ss   It Is only n lew
years since Winnipeggcrs usi-.l t	
for sjircnstirjijlly to eastern Cnaiidu ns
"the cent bolt!" The reproach no
longer applies, as fai nt least ns
Winnipeg is concerned The growth
..I the ovoning newapuper and the nd
■vein of the departmental store has
chunged nil tlmt And ao the cent
ehnses the nlcVel towards tlm acttinn
sun.   Hut it  will tako ji Ions   to
conquer the I'ji.-ili.- slope
Two   1-oj"   Stories
told n story to
In- wenl oul to
He thought      lie
Jill     Jlllll     -1111      ll     nil
uur ti, tlm i'iiii
In  liml   tlm  Imli.
nililis  of nun   vnl-.ls.
s stn.-l t.
'I doni   found ilui  ball, Jddgo.     n
getaway he wus left behind. Thnt was
the last seen of the desperadoes.
When the ongluemen informed tli
conductor of tlie holdup he hurried ti
Hillyni'd     ard   reported to Spokane
Marine  Anecdote
["J? ********* I"'" »» "■>- •***   "»" niWT'Z ello'lTgUTHtaln':  ol   nni
"Happily these devices f, 1 in Hnl-  ^M*''^." ",.'"!"™^r.5?™„*".j!!?'*1"'! ''
0   iii  nil cnniirc
" ."    ;     . t        ifux. No doubt thene loo oxtr
A   li.ily   was  K0ln»  by   boat     from  p*oyc^ V()te(1 ,oP R(jche .m(i (,unuiy
he at once becomes m free trader and
explalnH tlmt Cnnndn desircn m
(Council Meet in
it they ill1 where he iliuikilii the stream
..unlit in he, eaat liis line, relt n pull
n.inl  hauled     in n  line iron I   another
k bite     iiii'i  iiiinilift,  unhl   thc  wanuii
Tho'sherlfl Iva's il^ed.".^ hoq= Ultl. to London, and it was the first SZlm^f ssZZtTs S"tS ^W "n"tta Brti« ^irkit,  bu, *-*•>•*->•'•*-*-*'•** wns     til,,-,,    ,„,,,. ,,,,,„    ,
Iv gathered n cosso nnd stnrtcd   lor time she luul ever travelled so far by ,..,,,.'.,„„ fi... ...„.jC„,i !:„-,. .,„,, .,,„„, gives n preferenco to Br tnin us     n , ,  ,, ..., juius iinin in
IL"  sco'no iii I awdtch ot^no, w„U -ja-   Bh. reached her destination iad- £~ Ihelr'S      iS."d   " Z [™ ^"    Sir Wilfrid in  ,si„i begged     A spec      genorn   ,,»;,,» he        I-»•«»«; J «J» wh      ing
will be used to bring the train   had «<l «n    fed out.   Her hostess     re- lnde^ndent ,,k,ct,„.H ,„ „„,„     vntl„1 the people, of Cnnndn to give prefer     '   Al"   ''"   .„   *    '  i™   . ,'.        , .,,„„,. n„   .^        ,    „        „ .
to llillyurd.   It is supposed that th; narked     hat     she  looked  fatigued f()1. Jj    ^^        (, ,        „ ont nl terms   n England. After his el "    „.,,      ,.,):,'       ke   Th.nl     iii ' stoHes    Ztlon.il Magazine
bandits with their team,  drove rap- ,>' ■    "aid He voyager     I „m just th   ,        t conservative mnjorl- ,',;,":" '"' OT'" '" l''"^,""1 l""1 ftdv,f ; .   11,   , ,\J„
I tin
iiily inwni'dspiiknim,'ieVi the'rlgnnd  tired tc, death    1 don't know thnt I  t"\^^; hn^'ovo'r'known1" But "Vtlint'country'toTucV't'n'h'eo'trnire  »n and Houdorson.
then made their wuy in.,, tho city on   ***** tq. travel by water again, I rend  [J, »«»«' > 2WB timtX opera' nnd give no preference. This ,",r the     "" "'"""" "'  '■'■
tions reached nut to"Ptct„..;'Chariot: ?«n!„0.,d™?1L'!.?1l.'!?..h'!s,i11^" l'hm'  '"'tl' ^^p^nfflta"'^^
lernie's New   Rink
loot.   Tbe police were nntlllcd of the the notice in the cabin about how to                 .. 	
dining  robbery   und tlm entiri   shift I"", the II ebolt on, und I thought   I t ta     „,„, „,,,„.,,„.,, „„,, ^ccompljsh- ""■'»'""» hnve been  told  by  minis -          &trli    leltl  Coinnnnv nil       Por    Dec   S   The building of   the
was awaitinir tho nnnent'iitico ni   tho understood It.   I suppose I did   not. ,                                                ' ters thnt wc ennnot hnve a preference brook      iiccitii   i.uni   i ,.ii|..in> .1 c, uec. a     ne nuiuing 01   tin
«iir awaiting tno npptnianco ol ^^      ^^     ^   ,„. „ni)Uu,,.  ,  od more.  because Britain refuses, yet on Wed droaaod tho eoiincil, usklngfor nn es    noiv skating   -rink ia rnislng I „
TWO WOHB FALSB WHI8KBHS oolildnM get u wink „f sleep with the          THK REAL OFFENDERS,           neaday    the   minister of militia and "">*'"" "' '""     time lor the comple thus nsm oi the locnl hockoylsts who
It is the belief ol tin trainmen that   thing on."   London News.                       It hus been     chnrged that most of Postmaster general, speaking in 1  tion ol Uie compuny s big plnnl   .... ure now endow0Mng     tc1 draw   p a
two of the trainmen wore false whis- 'be   marine   ollicers   Implicated were don, declared that the Canadian pre   the Bt. » aty s 1 lul.         the local      eo    From nrcicnt I n ie
kers.   Ono is declared us having u red 4    ,, „.,„„.,..„  |?vnln«lvc c«"Servative   appointees. This is     „  ference did not. cull for n return from "' 1'f ,",".' '    , 1. .,      ,     \„. tons there      ,,,,,,•    1    ,,s,   1 hrlcht
mustache.   He wus th ic thnt wus A   IMllgeiOUi.  lAplOSMC government fiction,   Hardly one offi- England.   Mr. Lemieux nddod thnt if "»-, <*>** ""  m"""" "•"""'   "'    ""       '^   .t,'   ",!„,'   ,. 1'„" r't th
nnmnnked ,.                    -.-,,—.                           clal so fur convicted of graft held bis, wus   a benefit    to the Canadian con   r"> "' ' V      ..           ,,    , , '    ?.,,','         ,.,,,', -
"Zothot', who is described ns     ta-l ..„'!„^ ?SKs"°,*™f!&, it"?^,"?.^ P«-tta.  by    Conservative    nppnint-'sinner and given in his interns. This H^lV&^r^yor'r'mrorised billies Ziil.lssZiiT^i^nYtiZ
'iiritT    ad- to    execute    an agreement  with tin winter.   Most of the membcra nf the
ii4id""s-iHil.' hnd n° busTiy* MuolThenni! sl"u1!,  !"' .,,'"'t p°fln( l",t, "!,' '",'" mmt'^ortalTTdoMn'oUH^tOTii-  is a clear Invitation tii iirent
which tl ngh • and llromnii     do   ItaJri'Tul.taSi ty-eight    suspended in Quebec    were  tn continue the refusal of tn
clnre  was fnli
Tlm  liululil   of  »h..111   tli-  In
"""h"i1, b!'i"'"'Livi'nll !'.«' ,""!Cr;-,,n!" I'***^**'*.". ther7o™ltionWby"onMrv'n.° v^ngp'''lo"'6anudr\Mr."cYiamb'e^  ?1..",l,i'°?k„Ji;le.c,ti;if„.,'ji,S,1; lIS:'J.,t\:
result in tin-    giving oil of a   vapor
lam ure still r.-.-i.l.'iit  here   and
nm iniiiini  ,,i ivtinin 1.1 st  view  ,,   ,   .               ■-. „--          ,.-      •„- lives.   The   chief    commissioner    of lain, Mr, Bnifour, Lord Milner    n,'nd  ns of the mil of Mny 1MII. extending thero   uro nlso some very promising
wus nbtu ,1    Is   described ns being   ",il\ ls   .„'"1"" lLn"KmnVs, th,f <*""' Lights    had     that offlee mated for other advocates of an Imperial tariff    J« ugrooment of   ho 27th dny „I Mny new players to draw rrom
about 6 fee   8 Inche   tall   sandy eo 1   I'"*'1'"''    ' "s ,v","',w'" ,',K"'tc   ?r,m  him by the present government, und  preference, have much opposition    n,t    ?07 '»'' the period  no JW. upon -           -        _
plexion.  heavy sel  nnd  OTlgblng   190  "" '" '' U,n. \'"'!?.'.' fI X ,V\ T,™ "is 'ormor chief testified that in his homo, and Canadian ministers   make  tho compnny carrying ,,u   the proir ,\„K)NG    THE     CHAM
pounds.                                                   ,""1     tH    des nmi,'ellect   s some- imi|„     „„,     ftppolntraont wm ,„.. I their work harder l.y supplying    the. "'on; of section 2 of this ugreemcnl
MAN  HTKAHNC1  HIDE HKEB THE   ,m0B ,l",,„ f'"','.'''  ,t,1"", "i1" »k   Th!' ''""I-""1 ''>' the influence of „ contrnct- nnti-prefcrcncc enmpnigners with   in-  "   M«5' «■    ""■ "I"1 l'">'";"' of the ,,.,,'        .  ,,         .   ,,
111 ;i Htote in   lorouto lust week. Tlie p                                                          iruinent.s                                                 sum "f $-l,|||1(i    to the <*itv to be   fm Selkirk  preceptory .md  priory hi-M
Edward Koognnu laborer   wh a  f'T'o' ''""' "'"""'' '"' """' !S "IT i",er, d»"lor ""oso money went   to             "    MORE DEFICITS.                'cited if tho provisions of snid nun-.' n  regulnr  monthly  mooting  In     tho
i.unniii iMignn, 11 11 111, wno tin.,  |lcl, 0 s  nB cnncs are mi record where  ,,,„.,.„„. ,„„rj„„   .,„,.,..,. ...,'           ., ,,      „,    , ,,„, ,      ., ,    ment     uro not 1 plod  with nn.l a   .Mas..am tempi 1 Monday niclit n,nd
been in Hpoknno („r two weeks   mil  „.  |,HlcUnKH hnve I , wrecked by   , " l'"r   ^,          n-      „                              ,      ,',          ',    "    "S-ISmS  new     Plant     install'.1    in purs ice elected tho following ofilcors
vh".,'"::!'''!::,|..!.1":  '!.':'!'.'.:.'.'. J,!'.",'l,":,'.,   ""' Pouring     nl u cupful of gneollni 5J,Sr        s"l>1",,t"     mi " cam   TTL'Z..^,,':^..'^,-''* 'Tl  thereof, nnd in the ovmt of the com Sir   Knighl     Jnmos   Finley.  Co..
The cliief nlfenders nre the minis
hort of thut lor Oetober lllt.7. As the
shortage bud been nbout $1,2511,000 n
Northern yards to rldo tho blind Imp inl,, n tub ,,i boiling wator lor cleans
gngu tn Newport, Wash., wus nn un ilH, ,„                                                                                      ,          ^„^ ,          ,           .       ,   ,
willint-  wlttii'si. lo tlto In,l.liiii'  up ,,i                                                         uml nu,niiiers or parliament  who 1 ■-. month for tin; previous half year, the
it,,, irni n mnl  ruin Imu in-   ,'vi.iti. 'inr tuteil the pntronnge nml rccoivud   In I govornnient orgnns cheerfully j.iin.iiiii
1" IuIIowh- FAI.LINll-OFF  IS   DOMINION  (TH   campaign funds tlm lurgest benefit. ccd that tho tide bud turned and the
"Tho lirsl  Hutu- I know tile engine Ti'MS.                              Their chiel accomplices ure the con revenue would soon be us lurge as bo-
blow     three    slit'ill whistles nnd tlm "                               tractors and    middlemen who contrl- fi.re.   The end of Novombor tells n,n
pltnnco by the
n,nd   provisions .if
itii tlie terms stnhle;   Sir   Knight     A     McCownu,
contrnct  the Murshul;     and Sir Knighl u   Frieso,
city will repay to the company     the Chnpluin;   nntl .-ni   Kninii!  ll   Uurna
suid sum of ."II.uun without Interest." Cnptaln of Ounrd.
Carried,   Alderman  Ryan nnd  I3n
or ii"t
Ottawa,   Hi"
The Nnvemboi
train eame  In      ii  sll.Idea stop
while   I   was  Willi.lelfllg   If   they
lulling   mi   aomo moro paaaong.us, I   million und 11 hall us comput'ed   with    ,
saw nin     n. ono 11 tail mnn with  Inst your, tho falling oil hem,' prim-
bute to the elections und receive their I oth.
venue wus $11.8(17,(10(1, n ilccrciiao of'u  l',',"rn through graft contracts.
The tnnls of iiiitli  nre the sllbnf.iin
en' $3,790,
illlciiils   whn   Unl   mil dure in     DccionBO $1,167,1163.
f..r the niiuitli
whiskers, run down tho right side ..1 pally lu ens .»,    For eight months 'lunrrel either with tho polltlcnl mnn      Oust s revenuo rocolpts lor    th
""' tra    tlm seeoini car- I   wns.tho revenue wns $56,000,000, with     a ng,c™'    '""l wh" wi" sl,"|,,' '"'     tho  llscnl yoar so lar aro as lollows •
r|d]ng   belli 1   the  Hrsl   jiiiiI   llm .see    total    ili'l'li'lise nl    $11,600,000,  rhietly   crimes  of liotll  us      well  us [or lileir   Might    nths    I....7 $-1111.11177
6. C. Curling Association
.uiil   und  rcjenso the nn.   Ono Bnld, lu customs, n, little ovor ton millions' ""'" weakness nnil avarice Eight months! iSOS             30969243 Tho nnnunl mooting ,,f Ihe Drltisl
"Well I dont know much nbout this ..__ 't wus found thnt ono dealer   por Docroaso                              iu'i 11 '-.-<>.  Columbia    Curlinc   Aimocl.    wm
kind ni .business, mn  I     guess we'll UKFUBHD  IAPANBSH 'o™ed services that wero not ordor ,.,,.,„,,,,,v ...',,'.',„'„, .'       "   hold In Nolson on W losdny
have to tneUe It,' und then 1 hoard Al ANKHM ed, the   manager  for   ti   inetiiliei    ol l'1'1'1 rroN INlJ' IRIBH. It wna docldod to Imlil the ne
the nlr screech, nud  in n  minute tllc "    ' parliament hn<l his yncill repaired   in Evidently there will lie aa inquiry mini  bonaplcl  ul   llusslnnd    Tl
train started. Vancouver,    Doc.   7—Judge   Orant the government dockyard, thnt a fnv- Into olection mothotlB. PelItlona have  mi   date wna    lell i„ tl xecutlve
TRAIN OETS  DNDBR WAY   FAST. ,Ms   morning   refused naturalisation ored grocer wus selling ment to   tile hoon lllod or will bo filed against bcv bul   will  pnibubly  be tlie third  w.-.-i
Rocky Mountain chapter hold n re
Jiui.'i monthly convocutli n in tlie
dull.!.!- I-....UI >.i thc Musonic tempi.
..ii Tuesdny, An oloetion ol officers
,iji- the fei.iui.' ..I thc work An em
trgonl convocntlon iu.- hold iin Wetl
nesday evening.
i-i-   I"   T    Long
""'   ','".'   ,' ,'  pn,pers to n Inrgo numbor of Japan-  government vessels nl  12 cents    per ''inl ministers, Mr. Sifton and   other  In Jununry
it got under way so inst tnnt    I ca6 applicants on the. ground that nf- pound whllo th ntrnct was running   lending   llliornla   wIiobo clcctloiiB nre     Ollicers    w     elected u«
'I,'!" a   .'. i .I1.''.//!"'.". ""'T.'.i.i1!!.1!'' ."'?'.'  li'lavils (niil.l imt poisi.aiilly     vouch  at 9 cents. supposed to have    nw ,y   eor    Patron.     Fred   \    Sharkey.
rut Oil nnd thul. it. wns n holdup. Alter   f'0u"VhT fitness nf applicants.   He siiiil
thoy had mu the train out to a cut a  ,„„, sllHl rton)nm|„ m,M ,„. jnsist,.(i
upon lieronftor.
pt.ion 0r fraud, or both. president, II   I'   McCrnnoy
A Hi xamplo    of evasion Is f  vice presidents,     lloorgo Hngurll.
.,, „.„_         ,      ,,,,   , shed by the rascals who operated the   Cri.nl ,li. K  w  Bishop,   C.ieenwi
,, e ni   I,        "" ."' |,"l,t'!''1 I"1 ''""   Doxter poll oil bohnll of Mr. Con ,  und .1   II   Fox,     Nelson;     C ,
KE'," ir'!,",',' V"'''"'';  "'"' "' Sir Wllfrltl'H lending suppnrl     Rev    .1    II    Simp,    It obk I    see
11 Mr. Parsons, the Halifax agenl   ..f  ers.   T leputy     roturnlng ollleer rotary-treasure.    II   T   Ku,,,.   Rosa
I Ion,  i. Ii   Tho Mnll says thn  that Ifi"1.°    ,";1"11""1'1"    »««»"'•« changed tbo polling plnco „ few  „■»   Innd    w    S    Hugh  ..I   Rn'sslnnil
 .*.::. ^.•-.--»:--!V'. ^ ^--. ^i-h l:;i^,;:;r";,"Mi^,.:r,:;::; .:?;:;;;,;::'• v::;:i'"- -,.,i;r.„rv:;;;!:( -;^;i- .iit,,::',,,;1'!:;:!' .;:,vr'i ;::,
li.nl il    Then tbe operators     mt f Nel
milo nnd n hull thoy stopped and five
men mine back from tho engine to
the second ctt,r,   Thoy went, down the
fight side of the twin  tn  tho dnnr of
tlio mail car, mul I beard them
pound nn tho iinin- ntul toll tho mnn
insido to ..pen up. 	
"Thon I slipped down nnd scminii not yoi been appointed, but it Is un-   not suitable inr tin. ™ev.™                                                         	
led up tbo bunk nut „f  „|  „„,l dorstood tlm pnsl. hus lu,.,, offered to     Tlmt was yearn . Jo ..id thev I, v.,  """ ", J""!' '"" "l"""""s     "in     n
uiade my getaway.   I saw when I got Hlr Montague Allan, who is not how   been piled iinh      I,    I  •„        ,-'     ""'"'      ,"''"y '""" '"'M "Is ""
lo the top Hint they had taken, as i over, asked to deoi.lo Immediately.      since    He protested nt the t n..                ,    7,   V ','""     "   ''""   A'"""'
thought,   only two cars and then  I       __ "   hu, ys 'w 'take, ,    ,v   1,     1,±      "     l',°y"     ,ln""' "ml Vot"1
'•'"    ,'or     It.   Whenl   run wlml TATLOW RBTU.ININa,              tUtiI Tmoro °w fs     .C'' "*'"    '"      Tm'Zi'7 S for"th,"„' , ,
scorned several miles nlong tho roud ..    -                             Thoro wun ...... n..... ... tn win n,„i !  ,        .                       governmenl                     	
and w .early  k to tbo train    I London,  Nee.  in   Hon.  It. a. Tni    w,!» charged ng°,ln»   1.^ «    o     llmi'r,tie " """'Im'I'' K""""'   " '"     >"""'"     "",l;" ''"'
saw a man    standing near tl ars, low, minister of flnnnce nntl ngrlcul   buoys thnt could inot I o   aod      Mr   1   ,'        ennd dute, nsl    heen uwnrded    tho gol Inl,     ibe
who told me to stop, hut I ran aboul turn for llritish    Columbia Is among   Parsons objected to tl     charge     ,1         v ell,.     . I'i      ""•:l"K",,"">' ""'"   " •"««' "w,"nl "' "'" "" "' "'" "">'
Sll rods nut  ol his wny nnd kept  ,,n  the     pusflongors    on the Empress of il Btnod   '..'"" "' "' I""1'1'11 ™ *!«    nl llnrtlcultiirnl     Society, lima fully
tn   llll.ynrd   where   I   cnught   s tin Britain,  snlilnc   for  Oanndn  to-mor      Tin; first roval commission ieii„iie,l   veei , ,i y *''''>"•'''' ,"?' !'"' ""' '""'    "mil"i ''     "•"   '"I""""""   >*" the
snd came to Spokane." row                                                        ri!l,    ™uX'    will'on ,    O     i     |y" '"'     H,'ZToi "'    '"' ' '"'*"   ',"'""""' '" l'"' '",'""" ""  ':'"W"":
*   '*' I ' nntllllleil   nn   pare   .!. districts  II.  < nllji'lji
I'lilin. lelphln.        I,
a    l...;tt  s\nt  I,.'..ien in ii ten mile    race
>    here Inst  night  by i'orcj  Sniullw I,
,1,1   e Itry      el.J.n.| I     The  iiiiii
evenly  until iln- ,-■--■>, mile when
Slin,llU'iiiiii        tOIlk    Hn     len.I    J.II.I    - I
follnwfl lapped     lho   Indian    lie mnlnti'lnod
N'.-li..n . In-   p„ it tun  until  tlio  Inst   hip,   who..
Nelson . I..- Increuscd II  l.v hull ,. Inp    Time
nilli.  "I I    Iii.iii.      7   ii Ilea,     111 25   aee. nils
1. Lnngbniil  wna uiiiilili' in finish .is llm
i. eriiwil awni I onto ibe truck    The
r Inilinn '.nr. Buffering I'm re  t
A   Rcmarkalili!   Showing
I''..I    III.'   I h   lime   ill   I...II    i	
electlnll    ., i   in   the   Yukon
'i l'J I..-,...- fixed l.n election
ritere la n .itiadriinguln. in-ln
n tun llbernla nml two coliBO.
I. Hm Iilieinl fjii'tiuit lieini-
as   "tabs" uud Um "alonni
Loiidnn, He.-   'i   There I ry imli
■lit.....    Il.nt    I'.et.piii    111.':   licet,    s.'loi't
id us capital nl Simili An iu, Pan
THE   I'KOSl'KCTOR,   UUANUROOK,    li    ti..    DKCKMIUOI!    I".    I!
II i v i        turn via I ;• iiimii !■:.ist    Ifrien  thri
II \ itilC      I Kl I   IV und di ^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«^<«>*»*4*»**»»»*»4444*^44
..um, ilifiiic .mi by etoumei  tu Cairn 9
lie will ho     done ti. thi   Nilu   imrci-, *
.nul    may  attempt   w hat   ntlici *• 1   ■■* z,
"d'cd   X
ni American t ueli   Hn- ,
Hi     An    Viii.-11. itn      mus 4
The Cranbrook Drug- & Book     ♦ When   Roosevelt   Hits    ;m\'; l,:;;;;^;;;vv;;;;1i;;;; t
Company,  Limited,
make their first Christmas Announcement to the people of
Cranbrook and vicinity, and wish ;it the same time to mention to
you om Christmas Suggestions,
V.'.; .iif   cordially   invited   to   our   S ■ ■
pretty   things        A   half-hoiil   cannot ■'■   I
whetnei f or itol
Chi isi   as Cards   md Calenders in the
: '■    lines   a Bulk an    Fa
Pretty Des I        iwa
Ma       re Sets
,   ■; Ca si
in Sets, leathi
:  iti -■   works  of   I i ■
Publishers   Annua ■       'nils' Ow
hbles, Prayi
Hooks ol   1 .asts  ind Ail
Subscriptions to any Pi ' ■        ti
ts Corres
EA IS     Hand   Bags   P .    >
-   Book Covers
CHRISTMAS     : RE        Di ( ORATIONS     Fanq    I -
.    ■■.   ...        t for th.     ttie ones, Dolls. 1
Bears, Mecha Hocks
I lie African   frail
'I'he      ■ null I in     iln-   ♦
i' nn Ine    m.i|,     ulves the nm- i   *
"   9
Z mu'   i tine  hi ilie wnrlil
ft       lib u Thenil.it'e tlnnsevell   ilcenled ti ed   n|i|iiirluuitlo     Inl    liiilnnniral   ft
ft ■   ul .nu  in  in hm he   .■'■me linn' ■ -.I  H"    miisl    ♦
9   services   nl    Mr     sel i, tin- tannin        '■"•■it in Hn- wnrld, und nl    ♦
♦ \ -i   huntei    ui'i  e\|ilnl-et,   i -  uml I    nu      iii-n-lil   nil,.  He-  llnlll li   -     ♦
♦ '        I'nlltl     llllilllil   lum   "1   ill ■"    illllllli -     ■■   lln- entlllll l
.    II '-.'I    "|ll.i."II.ll        I    ,  ilel
IViillli    1,1
ell   l"  iln-  ii.itui.ili-.1
T ll.ley.   nn.ni:i
♦ :\ i-il'lUMt,i'lll
, trip   M                 ,vu    iin-i     Hi   i i  n   'ii    Ihul  .he   ft
9                                          l>u,il) i'Ii i'1'-   extensive ell li   In ruvei   ll.e  wbnle ♦
♦ lhe I'lilifn '  .'  1.1 be l' '.. i  ♦
♦ Mr. Khun ve i  . I--   "I    l'l"- I'.''-   me ...... in-., lllilli.i mi), ♦
♦ ..ii- nr    ,,;  imlnt , ♦
♦ Itrlj "-li.-i.» I.   buy-! .   i" i. 2
♦ T
j 1
is Headquarters fi    Sa ta    lausthisyeai
-   nlii'i      I'lihhei   nm      ...ii    ft
I such size   .ml ih. ,  - In.l .- i" ' ft
ft „ M'letil i'       i'niil tlie Iniesl      .mi    .ii,.innl which   ♦
ft ■ ■      ■      \ I'lirrc are rutlun
♦ t  in-.
T                                       l    Mt.
J [muy     the part) ,:"-  limb
ft Hum -in.ul,
♦ ll
mil then
1 i.l.      lull   "I    lillie.    ♦
,, 'V1'". ti''-   X
III     l'n-    I    |.|   i-    |1)        ft
ii...    >....... ti. tines    9
.-ii. flam rune,   ♦
1 llleil    Ml      |.'....-...iell   I ♦
hellers tin- chlptinv
Calgury   Cattle   Co.
Fresh   nnil  Salted Meats,
Fish  and  Poultry  in season.
th,i,i,  :'i-  Uml it'ill receive prompt attention.
Order  hy   Phone,  45.
ii m.i i.i
Ml ul  ben -i  kind;
.Meet.'j I    ..I    -..im
-u,y   I'lUI,.1.   the
ilkors;   lln-     In,,
The Cranbrook Drug & Book
Company, I imiti C    H   rUlison, Manage*
"  intli.ui.   lurgists ,,i 4
,1,1   makes ♦
Tlie guerilln 1- ("innl ,,nly nour llie ♦
Uliintic, in that  pari  nl  Africa in ♦
Which   Ml     Kimelell   lllll   mil   C"      .1    - T
.1    lieynnl'd, nn cnginooi  ,,f ihe C'upe ' I
t,. Cairn telegraph construction stall, ' ft
jj.ys     tlmt    linn, are ns ei nm n.    *
Juckuls juni their murine around Uu-, ♦
himiuiiotiimi' hunter's camp at iiiijlu is constunl ♦
„:„„,     ,„-,',   Mr.     Reynard says he would  rather  T
travel  liy volt  Hum  l.y  river because   X
ostriches (male only,)
larger species of nllt     '
the   JU
lie nml l. n euch ..I    Uie
es.   len ..I tlie smaller  "'
Sl    Mt'.    II,i,iM'l-ell    tint
st   .Inner.
11,   W.    DKI-1W.   Proprietor.
f  crocudiles,      tin    ft
mii   of tbe travel ! ft
Mr.   Itoosovell   nill   probnbiy   make I*
the' base8 "/""lount Klimuniara ""for   *********************************************
mint li inr porters, uiiu
personal servants -Hint  ''li'ldmnt    shooting     within cusy dis I
 'e i.i  the Monibnssn  railway,   i,
tits in the real rough-ride
the headquarters nf tlie Atbi rive
nfrlToJTnnnv'weatthv' ami ,'m    Kik'"'" for antelopes nnd other name |   ♦♦♦♦♦<>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
10111      '"   '   '" ■ i the plains; to ihe Tnngnnyikn   re- If
Wc  Inn c the finest
Cooked HAM
vou ever tried,    lor Lunches,
Picnics, Camninu etc., it i> delicious,
of    the  1,1
te  thev  have  In-   i ♦
peclally nenr the | T
tij.'.ji.-.uit  hunters t.> deck  nut   their
rinmali, Swahill antl Wukambn 'boys'   -'""   '
in lilin'.-i, gaiters, nililier boots     and  "'""',,
sun in Imets.
The intes uf wages ure: Porter, *2
t" -I pei- month; cook, ?5 tn .>7; cun
l.eniei', -inu tn $20; personal servant
.ill.:,., t.. $7. A blanket nnd bis    food
must I 0 supplied In enell liny. The
porter Innks nfter the fnir.net' nf
,n s, ammunition    nn.l     provisions.! ";""•'"     "":    presi.icni. win xnsc wan i 4
Wages vary according to I listricts   ".""    """M     st?ck •'. *">'■'" "'•>"<"'*'■ I ♦
Inn distance does mu matter one
iiu- native curriers nre engaged.   Th'
"ii the west 4
shore;    i"   the valley oi lhe SemliM : I
lor the   oknpi,   This   valley   lies   be 9
twoon Lakes Albeit  j,ml  Edward  Nv ♦
nnsa, nn.l can     be visited on the re ♦
I1.,-'   trij   from Tangnnylkn,. *
I'lu-     i-itles.     shotguns ninI  pistnls ! T
nne nt them
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Hofttt OtYuo. Mniii Office lor East Kootfiimy,
Oalffary, Albortii Cnmbrook. B.  C.
1 -■--- -,ii   1 ut'   nuip      *m*
if.   ii    i'iii).       .""Hi ' ♦
ik- tiutomaticflllj i T
r A S
been picked nin : ♦
fo."   him     l.v  Mr.  .-lei,,its. nn.l ,.titers j ♦
native    porter will carry a 56 pound have been selected     by the president    ♦
load ji distance ... 2 niles ,.., $1.25 "";?"'   ' \"'.  *>:"'•"*■    "" Rms will   ?
,   .                 ,       ,      ,. ,e tie 1 en   1 (loulillg  n   tiunntle    ten.   'I
jut-    nut- yards n   rn ni. .,.        ,,,,,,            .        ▼
■                                        ., ington,     -1.   calibre, which en,u siup 1 ▲
■llu-     successful hunter muy easily linyt„ln8 ,-,.,,„, ., tl„er ,,, .,„ elephant. - *
pay  oxponsos,  howovor.   'lhe  sewiwds ,, ,.,irl.i(,s ,;,.,, cnrtrttl!io»-in the "mag- | ft
tlml niinil him me considerable.     A ;1/jm,   whidi go in m:
small fortune awaits tho hunter   »'b'.  ui,e.i' lire.l    the'   rille , ...-,.,..,     ,
cun cnpturi  n  white rliluocot'os.    I he i(,.llls    „,„,     cocks its(,]t-   Thl, bullet,   f
i-iii-i-eiu  prices I'm- full grown or Imli mug„rooras i,, ,h,. animal and cruni  ;I
grown animals delivered alive mul 111 blcB .,„,. ,„„„, i( „,.IV hlt                       T
B I condition nt nny station .,11 the Bllcll ,, rin,. ,-n.,..t Cv 1 tli n ,-,,it nosed   9
Ugiindn     railway    ate:   Rhino, Imli- ,,„,,,,,   „.,n  ,„,,„,,,..,,,,  ,,.„  illcheB     ,,f   4
grown, $333; 1     bnlf-grown, $200 soli(1   nuk|   ,„.   hvo-slxteenths   nf   nn   ♦
tn .2::,; giraffe, half-grown, ->17:,     1..  im.|,   ,,,-   s , ,,,.„„„. pllltCi ,,,„, KOes   ♦
.15211..; eh,ml $75 ti, .{iml; baboons ami tliroiiKh     ordinary     cast     steel like   f                                                                                                                        t
;nn'-i''l,';,,,-!euil'm,,|fl1-lue[nbn'v-ulvin'' '''"r''                                          ■              „„,    ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
linn.-,.   Icopnltls  nn.l   illtet.in,   i.nynu Thele will also lie ;t  number nf .303
in   price ucCDi'dlng tn nee uml size i enlilire rilloo in the outilt, jiml prob '             7   "    '
scuvenger birds according tn species. ;lh|v    „  Enij-Hsh express rille „f .500
Mr,  lioosovolt     mny shoot  all the cnllbre.   There uili be live white 111,-11   *********************************************
linns, leopards nnd crocodiles he can in the party, all told, nm! mn porters   X                                                                                                                     t
Uiul, Inu  lie may nut shunt tlie wild nml     gun     beurcrs   I.u- tlu   overland   ft
I )ii    l'.,ilirr  Slr.'i'l.   mi.'  dixit"  U'fSl
.,1   Messrs.   Ilill ,V  I'".,  ill..'   tmli
plill'l'     111     lllU'll      llllll     I'll 11     llllllu'
life ivoi'tli  Iiiinn.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,    Manager.
ss, iln- secretary bird, stm-ks or ok    pnrts nf the Journo;
e!i ni
constantly on hand.
\          CONTRACTORS         nv\    li,   may   oxclmngo  nny   two  nni .ilmtil  $15,000
4\  l'lli,M' III                         I'ii  IK) \ si i.l .mils in 'hided in tlie permit (mention- When Mr. Roosevelt upproneli
£3^ ed ubove) fnr bongo, buffaloes, earth-   native village lie will I let nl   Um   ♦
——                             hogs, unlli ii-i.lves nnd musk-deer. lirsl  kraal l.y Hie chief, mul the best   ♦
Mr   lloosovelt's quarters in Uritish site lor liis camp will I"' pointed mu   J
l'l.ins.   S|ii'('ilir;iliniis              Bast Africa will be the homo nf Wil l" him, nnd wuter nml luel provided   4
1   ,.    ■                                linn.    Northrup   MncMlllnn,  fot'morly 'rv tho chiefs wives.   The eliiei   will   4
uiul   I'.sliniiili'S o( st     |j0UiB   ivi,0 will entertain tho I supply     whutevci     lubor is required I*
pt'osldenl mi bis big estate nenr Nni trom Hie    sturdy mon ,,( his vllluge.   ♦
--    -,„.,,r..ru,   ...............    robi, about three hundred miles Irom |These    'tors    carry Hie travellers' I J
^n   FURNISHED   ON APPLICATION     M,„„hi,.sn    The  Inr... house  Is Htton   louds on thoir 1. Is.   The travellers,   ♦
with electric light und iill llie     i i when thoy wnnl   1,. ho carried,     enn   J
inrts -unl conveniences nf n luxurious ret <m 11 inachllln (kind nl stretcher)   ft
All     kinds      Of      building      material) io, though it Is near enough to tbo  find hn lion n the shoulders of thc   ft
-             -                                                         Jungle to     enable persons silting nn porters,                                                   »
the  wide bungalow verandah   tn   set
Hie  wild  jinimnls rimming nl   large.
♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   .J^,';!;',,'" 01mhi».„yYnhvecn  -Ibnl!
* X    l.'nssn nml'i.nke Viet,'.fin  Nyiui/.ii nil n A   I'I'I'V   nl-'     I'lUKIUI'Mti,     H'llUHH
* ■— —                                               —      -"-«■                                    X   licautlfu. plateau 0,000 tool uliuvo sou i'|.;\r|,;    VN11   tliuili   wil,I, 'l'n
-    level. The journey front Monibnssn   I" .. .   WI,-,,|.N|,
Nalrnbl    takes     twenty Intir    hours. M'L ls '      ""
Kciii    thoro   Mr,    It" veil's route
will   |,o   1,,   the grout  lakes, milking      I'm yon ever    .1,,  think,    thai
• --- ♦   cross trips at cortn mis   It    Ims   Crnnl k    Is   ji    cily     tlmt onlays
♦ 11      .,.,,1  .,i,.;,n   ;,,.,.  itliv.ivs   l.-.-li   -lurk.      W"     X   been olliclnlly nnnoiincod 1„ Washing "'''"^'ttaL^lH!^^^
ft   hm tlmt   "for political reasons      In-     11    oil)   innl    is mu   in,   .,1,111111
Irv   li 1    ■"   vmi   will   ilL'I't'i'     ♦   mil avoid     Hie ruin-..    In December inaulinilntloii m  man  1.. muke   these
♦   Hie nuiii  will roach I'litehlie, nlieiiee   I'osou s    yield  hm ally  nl   llleil
Ii'i    llm   In-!    linvnnul   iiii.I    ninsl      ft   they uiil'idiini'i'  mi"  the ro.il   ml.In rlcli     treasure   a    ouliBtanlhil     cily
ness nnd travel bv Imnl  nnd on lonl   "I  foundations nre Innl upon     11
_   lii'lweeii 2.nun und 3,000 miles,    illltll -mil Uml cuiiuol be surpiissod Im pro
I      V   reiii-li       t'liinlnki.l".   tl,,-   I Her    duel iveness    .1   eitl    s ied   llllll   II
f                                                                                                                  9   p.is'i in iiie Sninliin rery bosl nnd |i
I   1\       11   T                      1                              a*—**X              *      H.  P     Ver   whoso lilteeii  yenrs very best .,,,.1 |.
P. \\ oods & Co.?
Ri'pnii'iii(4   and
Dyeing   and   Cle
Successor ti
L. Colin
Cranbrook's   Up
to-date Tail
m T
:Ham and Bacon!
X _ ♦
men   nn
John    LEASK
The mosl fushionuble and
Cranbrook b.c.
wnl or "a tit j       \  J
ivf: Rubber  Dollar   Store
Wc Huy liverythiim
write ns n truvollor nf authority, in roacnod n stnndntd through the skill
♦ '''ivMhe Lcr'e"ii udvuntaie'o'f1 tile Mom8 'el-.uul'nl'nm,  of TmT n'C"" ni ****999999999*******************************A
* PHONE   57 P.O.   BOX   154 t   Su rnut..Is   tlmTwith'iho lenst Us si/.o  lis provineo   u oily whero ♦
Zmm.mmmmmmmA.mmm m m AAUUU m UU m AAAAAAAAAAAAAA     IVnStC nf  I    II   gives  llle  hunter   llle hul'lll'Ul.l   11111011(1    1 ill-   i. .111 111 11 llllll 111 is i.l J
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*      ..,   t|,   ,,,,   .,,„!   sco       ||y   „llinL,       |„ llie ilillerent  churches  is  ill  perfeel  ne J
nlntic  Hie Mr nmn"railway nnd by ''"'''i   "'i'11   tin i.'.'i souglil I:
ernssine       Luke    Viet..tin   \uilizj,  ..lie Inlefnt liels,   "the   pi,, Heels urly .
44******************** **********************  can     i  stonm fm- Hint   I llm 'l|;,in,^||'.(|I'";'i;'||l [J^JImoJi™ rreotloni ♦ "' "'' VANwnllMI';l!' '*M«I*»M«toh
♦ i.JlTh"re"lH ni rout lent still tn ho f'™"' "tho   pulpit's "0t   our dlllcronl ♦        MANSllN   AVKN'HK CRA NIH.'l M IK. Ill
♦ j,.-.-,.uiplisbi.il in Alrlcn   n fent nl ex '' 'dies   n city  wlios clnl ndvnn ♦
♦ plorutlon,    i,mi   llm   Ins. mystery of tugos n. innl to those nITonail   l.y J
?  Hm dark e„ntinenl | plneos ninny times ils size mnl ngo ft
♦ Will M,   lioosevell discover the renl u city whoro pence und good will to ft
I,.-. ivni'd-s nil men Is nxcmpllllcd. ♦ ,   ,       ,   ,,,.,,..,
puiiil  tlmt  nny    while t       lli IKSKS,  S'l't IV KS.   nmi   nml   SPC.niltl   llllllll   I'M  l.'M-
i,"l   'I'"   iirtmil MAY MI*I*T IN I'.AI.GAIIY. ♦       TII.'K.    HRIIdK UltY    ami    WICARINC     A 1*1 * A UK I.
T spring ,,i Uml rlvei of mystery .-unl "I ♦
X iiiii'ieiu   l.v     'I'lu- sfrenm which     Is     The lumbermen ,,t  Kntiten..,y, mom 4 -,,,-.,.
X  ninsl     re ie   n    where lh" Nile |,nrs  ol    Hie   Muiinlnlii   l.iimlier n's ♦ WI: SELL wlml wn lllIVi' 111 slnnlt   ul   pi'lcns   llinl
:| li.     lis   llllllll    IIU"   llie    Meilllel'I'lill       \.,-„.'in I hill.     I mill    In   he   Mm,': 111: ♦
i'llll      Im      I II    llltl I.   Iml    no   while ii.Tiilieeineill
♦ mnn lui    vet nelied his Ihlrsl    nl     the  nnniiiil   Imnl
f   tlm   v.-ii    iii I  '.|. ii il,■• M il it,,,,   „ I'liieiiiv iii irebriinry mil 4       |j|'|,. ,
X  ni 1    iln- Mann, whence nni      iln- 4 ■   *
4  rill Ihal  iliii'l j ihe fjiihei  nl riven   In ♦
ft  wnnl the sen    ThlB In ono 11nc.11 1 TIIU PHOHI'IMiTOH IS Al.l, ItlflMT 4
♦ .-.I    problem ..1     Urn-mi 0xplor.1l *
♦    ■    11   i.-iiiiiin  Inl   nn   Ame.lcull
►     neenmi   ii '    Mt    I! w-ll   iml
X Tinners.  Plumbers
X Heating' Engineers
♦ I [ni    W   '-      iiiii   I lul    \n    Sy.Klrlii!.
X Sl 1. illllli -iii:     |.l.,|uu I iiilll'tl    uiul    I'nl'l'l'l
♦    !«« "' 'I'" Ml'
♦ There  Is 11,, pro
♦        Im
.nutter ni  hold    ♦        Wm mVimm 'V""'     "/'""
I.i'lllll Ii'i:    eiiliveli       I 1 UU'I'    .Villi     Ullll     Wn     llllll'
A visil Iii llm lli.Ilni' -linn will nun-
llin n Is. nn.l .'it,', snvn you
ui uny "mills |.iiri-liiisi'il
Wc Hu.V ami Sell  lor Cash
W1VIHI* nillli  I'lUPlNllH ANII      X
I.K'I' 'I'HI'IM   I'lll'I'l.'ll'ATI'l ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 'Ill;   l'l,'i is l M-'.i TnU.   CRAXBUOOK,    ll.   C,    DKCEMBKK
G. T. Rogers
Each Year the Demand Increases
|'or six venrs we have sold |.\i*uiis Ikisii lis. mis. and fiu'li
M-ar iln- ilt-iiLiiul lui ilu-si- "Hesl ol all Busciiits"and Cal;es iiuTeast'S
Ihirinn t|i,< six years wn havi' iinporlnd iliriTl fi'oin |;ii'ulis
I-"..< t. ,1 \ in Dublin Nixktv-Imh i< Casks nf Bisitits i\n Cakks.
Each ruse nintains from two hundred and lift\ lo fuur h mul red
pounds ol liisfiiits. l''ij,'iiiT thai mil at an average of Tiiuki I Iinhui-.h
I'm mis ,,i 1 li -i i lis ru nn C\si anil thn rnstill will "ive you an
iili-u ,.|  llu- qnanlit'   ive snil.
\parl   Iinin   tin- usual   assortmenl ol   I,us. mis wn will   have
Chanci'lloi' Cakes,   Hi-.i 11 i< . ■ I'al.ns.  Waverli'i   Cakes,  (.ninni  Cakes
\l;i.l,'ii,i  Cak-ns   in   lib.  3'. II' mnl 711. sizes.
l-iorder Short Cakes, Tumuli,ui Shorl Brnad.
We   Import   Direct   Lipton's   Jams,   Jellies,   and   Pickles.
Thn jams antl jellies in 111' jars : the pinkies in pint uinl ' i pint bottles
Cairns and Hartleys fani*\ |ams and Jellies in one pound glass jars;
Marmalade. | < ■ 11 \ Marmalade, 1'ist, and Lemon Jellies, ete., ete.
Lipton's < irri'iiniiLM'. K'n.l Currant, Bkie.k Currant. Strawberry,
Damson,  and Aprieol   |am.
Ours is a store of plenty not to much, not too little-
just enough for the business we do and the people we
do it with.        Quality   Rules.        We buy "Just the Best."
G. T. Rogers
We take certain things for granted
( Mlirf peoples business is ..mi business antl s,, we take eertain
limits for granted, li is live months since we ordered our Hugh'sh
China knowing that when il name we would Iintl reaili purchasers,
We have the invoices and lhe noocls will be here in now I thru foi
We mention .i few "I the many things the packages will
contain : - White Worcester Tea . tips antl Sum ers, Breakfast cups
and After-dinner Coffees, Mates, Tea-pots, Sugar and Creams,
White Milium Tea-cups and Saucers, Breakfast Cups and After
dinner ColTec-cups and Saucers, Toasl Kinks. Kettles, Cruets,
11.nmi |ars, White Wedgewood Tea-cups and Saucers, Breakfast
nips nn.l Alter-dinner colTee cups and Saucers, Plates, |ugs. I lol
water |ul;s.   I'ea-pots, Sugar and creams.
We urn showing now in useful gills: English oak salad bowls
with spoon and fork, pure >i .'.<>. i, si poo, and s io.oo; English oak
plain and carved buscuit j;trs. price $6.oo, S7.50, anil $10.00; English
oak butter coolers, price s,*.oo, 55.00, and sfi.^o; oak open butters
and spoon with blue willow saucer, Si.50; rosebud china sugai and
sifter cruet, $6.00; royal crown derby "mikado blue'' nips antl
saucers, per dos*. sii.oo; royal crown derln "mikado blue" plates,
muffins, sugar and creams, French hand painted china, handsome
cut-glass, .til glass wine sets, etched nlass tumblers and wine glasses,
water-jugs  and  decanters,   dinnei   sets,   lea   sets,   and   toilel   sets.
We carry a large stock in this department and are always
ready to show the goods. We buy "Just the Best."
****************************************************************** *******************************************************^^
44**************************************************************** X S rc>gt'£*-'*<'1E»
♦ *
"\ X
X Cassels  in   Halifax
♦ i
X j Continued from pnge 1.
: culprits mi the plea that us tho poll
■wan Illegally moved it was not n Poil
♦ within Uie moaning; of the law und
♦therefore pes,,nation wns nut an of
X fence. Whon 11 purty holds u (ruiulii
-  j lent, poll nml     seeks to escape pennl
Methodist   Church
Cranbrook's       Greatest        Store.
The well dressed man wears 20th Century Clothing'.
We are the Agents for this Celebrated Brand of Clothing'.
We can supply you with a suit from $15.00 to $35.00.
We have the very latest styles in Overcoats from $18.00 to $35.00,
Wr are offering exceptional bargains in'the following seasonable goods.
Boys heavy underwear from 70c. per suit,
Boys Sweaters from 65 cents.
A few little Boys' Suits at prices ranging from $1.50 to $5.00
 B| IlKl'I'ljllllKII  IHTH.
SATURDAY,  IlKt'KMIinil  12,   IS08.        Seniles ut 11  nn.l "7.30
Siiiuluv School nnd lllhle Classes nt
It the evening service Hie fourth ni
tlie series nf sel'llliills nu tho  llefiil'lnii
tion     will   l.e given, entitled:  ".lohn
Brighl  singing, old und well known
hymns; visitors invited.
Tuesilny   I'pw.uili   League  mission
ury    tine       A     nm Ilectlon ol
slides will lie slnnvti through ;i powcl
fill   Inlllern,   illllsl.l'nt ine   llle   Mi it li     lu
II irth,   This   will   lie   .,   very   llleil-
sunt     nud  Instructive  pi'tigram.   .1.1
inissii.li   free,  enllectlt.n.
ft   lent,  pnll  llllll      seells to  escipe  pennl
4 [tii's mi the ground thut the poll is il
ft legal, its ense is like thnt nl the mnn
♦  ivho murdered liis father nnd mother
♦ [and then pleaded mercy .,11
♦ 'Hint he wus nn orphan.
the ground
Friday    l'rn,yer   servle.
practice nt 8.-15,
«.  i'lu
+ Tlie (nil nf the Quebec bridge was
4 n calamity tn the country uml in tlie
ft  families nf the men wbo perished. Uut ' AT 'I'lll': tiVll.
• I there     ims 111,nicy in it f„r the com I    .,., 1 1 ,      ,
♦ pany     which     I t tho bridge, nnd'    ""'    '"'"'     norltnnitul linr lum
1.mile tlie contrnct Inr constructio
T jiml wns responsible with the govorn-
X mint fnr the lack nf supervision. The
J  government   hns  now  completed    tlie
tnrrnngomonts to tuke nver the bridge
with nil the ubligntions tn return  tu
♦ tho compnny all that it elniins tn
X liuve paid in cnsli nnd alleged services
ft with live iter cent, interest, jui.I ten
ft per cent, bonus, In addition cx-pre
ft min-  I'lirt'tit   Ims received $2-1,alio    ns
♦ snljiiyiuit uf the company, thul is tn
♦ sny nnt nf tlte govornmont. Secretary
♦ BnrtllO Ims been paid $10,800, uud
X othor directors nod officers hnve gnth-
ft ei'i',1   Ui ..ver .•2.'.,uiiu,   !•*,,r  these pro
4 nn,ters  the   bridge  hus  I.i" n   j    I,,,iiiiii
ft zji.   Ioi   tlie  I'.'iiijiilinn   tnxpnvei- ji   ilis
♦ .-Hiei
Output Of Mines
:MATTI*IIH nl'    IMI'Ol'TANl'lt!     'I'i
♦ 'lln- .ue shipments from mines    in
I    Hie   I  l-iillliiiml,   ilisirict   fnr   Hie       puSl
ft    lii'"l-   llll,I   vein        t.i   duto   were  ns   Inl
4 ' lows:
♦ St     Kugene     llll       23,800
♦ 1 Nnrth   Stnl     ill -l.'illli
1 11     Installed,     and   tin-  vuultlng
horse witli spring bnurd mndo hy Mr,
\V.  Selhy  bus heen puf  into position.
'I'he   li.il's   life   plensetl    llllll   tile     new
apparatus, und unite n numbor nre
joining fur the winter, 'I'lie committee
wisli   nl]   whu   use   the   Hi,1,i-   I,,  kindly
remember Hint in, one enn he ullow-
.'.1 1.11 tlie llnui- without rubber sliues.
Arrniigcmcnts nre holng mude fur a
basket Imli mutch hy the Indies, nml
n concert in 11 few duys 1 ime
'rill': luiVS BIIK1ADK
The iieeiiutl-emenls hnve nt Inst jll
rived I'tuiti Knclniiii. and the wuik uf
enrollment will he proceeded wltii In
n lew duys I inu- All buys uro te
qllCStCll lu he preM-nt nexl .M,iinliil
night win. hnve boon rulilino to 111''
.111 I Isi.   -hull,  nl    7 .'in
New Coal Company
.1    11    I'OVAH'H   SRW   INIH-ai'l'AK
ft\    'I'he nld lelinhle Nnrth Stnr is still
: among tlte shipping uiiiics nf the dis
tricl     ll  wns   im-   iiiiiny yoars     ihe
♦ lurgesl    tllvidond paying mino in the
♦ provineo, mul from rocont  reports, II
♦ i iiin,\ in the nei,1 tut in i* resume its
X  former pluco among  the big shipping
:   mines  nl the   Knuteniiv.
1    Tlie St.  Km: ,  ni   Moyio,  cniitln
4 lues   tn   l.e   llle   InrgCHt   silver lend ship
♦ - i'lm- iiiiii.■ 111 Hu- Kootonay,
♦ l''l,'ln   llopol'ts   II ived   this       week
J from Mnrysville, It Is possible that
X lite Siillivnn mines ,<,i Kimberley uud
ft 11 he smoltoi nt .Mni-vsi-illi' will rosiinie
ft  1 .iii-i-i,ii..ns in the nenr future,
♦ I    A    Inrge   111 nt    ol    dovolni nt
♦ work hns I u iieriui-i.ieil ,,t. mines in
I'nle.m.n,   Her   8   Tin-  ivolcome  .."»-
bus  Imi'ii   reeetveil  here thai   nnotbci
Inrge coul  und  coke  .uuu  1.     .,
open ui. shortlj    'l'l. gmilsutinn ,.t
Hu- McGlllvury  .'n-.-l.  .'..i.l .unl .'uln
entupuiiy    win   nrgnnised ;.i   Spokutii1
_.,   inn   Siitlllilnl .   Hn-   leiiilllie   spirit   in   11
.",,'lheine   .1    II    I'nvull,  lute ul  il„-  Intel
nutloniil    •'....I     nn.l  i'..I..- ",min.in.
win. i., expected     hack Im.- In .. duy
ur i.u   Ii  i    Hie intern inn i" rush Ue
li'lnpilieill       Hull.      .,|,.|        I.,    hnle    ill.
mine       und     lul II      Iiei.il  ull
witli lln- leusl   |iu    Mile ilidii)
Tli"       I'l'l'l)   whicli   Hi.   e..i ill
Tenth  Anniversary
KNtiN  I'llKHBYTKltl in riirin'ii
DUMMY, i.i-:ci-:miii-',i: hi
The  tentli     iinnivcrsttry     ..t   Knox
Will    he   ul.s.'IVeil    lie\l     Sllllduy    llllllll
inn jiiiiI evening with speeiui services
nml extra music It sa hnppi ns Hint
llus week is nlso the liuntli miniver
snry   nl     the birth ut  Hn- celebrated
inii'1   .mil  si.eiiil  leiui- I-    John  .Mil
In   Iiii iiiiii;   ji   shull    sketch     ul
..ur    church's    history will in- glvon
Willi  j.   hue]  upprocil.,1 lull  nt   the ehiir
neter juni  work   ..f  Milton.
'I'lie s] Iiii     music lur the morning
iu ii vocul sulu h.v Miss lullie Pinniss,
"There is n ilr.-.-n  mil I'm  Away"
In tlte evening n lull cliult' will sing
Hie nntho.n "Praise v.- tin- l-'ntlier,"
hy tliiiiiiu.l, nul Mrs. U' .1, Bollock
will    sine    "A     lllejitn   ut   1'nindlse"
Hamilton Qruy
A speeiui offering t.. reduce the
debt is asked tut imu nnic mul even
Hard Lines   For   Silver
llel.-nn Hocoril: The low quotations
for stiver which linve boon prevailing
fm- some time me having their effect
ui the silver mining Industry in nil
lunis ,,f the world. Lust Saturday
Hi,- white metal wns quoted nt 48c.
jui ounce, the lowest figure in two
reurs. It wns believed the bottom
innl heen renched . Imt enrly tlu-
.veei- it touched 17 and o (ruction the
lowest figure f.,t  s great many yenrs
I'he llighosl pi'iCO !"l tile itieini till.-
ven l hns been SSJ cents I'll.- hu .-sl
price I.u- which silvo. . vei sold mi mn
lil.it    illlllllg    Hie    week    this    lull
Ml     l„I-     .ill,
•I'he difference ..t  m rents ,,n ounce
tl   the   ]'l lee   ul   -lllei    mem),   til   si'utes
il  iiiiii  tiers  Hn- difference  between
.mm j.ieI I,,-, it in.-.ins tu hundreds
.1 tiilnci ii.uk ni good wngos ui no
-uii. nl .,11 H means good times
mil  lively     nn- in—   ti, ,„.ur,   nutiiiu
umpi   .-I  l.m.I  in ml in. business
fith hniisos tleserted mnl .l.n.-s clos
ll it Ii   silvei   sellinc   ...   511 cents      or
unlet   every  silvei   prnpert)   that   em
• lul- i.lltn|ln,leil liielliu.ls It. extract
lie   ll'e  inelnl  um  t   i-i.jji-  ,,t   nu,  nt .,
-i -     \   i-'iui  ,.i  il.e    ils.-i  mines
.1 ill" U.nld   iml  niie.I -.nih mnd
el   il   Hie  while  met.il
un   nel hm!
lues   nut    el.
til tpill     Ac
hnl"   see I    lute.I   I      ill   uhnlll    2,011111 till"   In   the   ..lit Iimi il le-    I In-   failure
acres,       inn.leil    nhi,ul    Hi   mil.-    -,l   ih>>  ..i u-i.... I   hiiv.>!     I.,  entei    Hie
i-.ii   fulein.in .unl  riiut.ill.il.e ...iiiiii    in.ul.'i   i. tin- cause nl  th.   decline In
Mill        ,,l        lhe   uilellliiltnii.il   ii.iii     I".-.-Ill    I. Ill   .    .unl    the)     -hull    little
pnny's  vein l'h ipt,sltii,n   tu   hornlno   piirchusers    in
llie i    I t.-
.M Mtltll'li
A u i   wedding  luul,  i>l.>.e nl   Hu
In.I I   Ml     j    Ml       .!     10    I..mum.li
mi Sniuiil,n   evening,  I'""   'lit,  wlien
Hull. Lewis  mul   Trncy  .innol  lll.tck wus united m wedlock to
I'le.-I.. ..Is  s e coppor properties   llnnlel  Mnelnnls,  liotli  ..i  Omnhrook,
mi   the   St     Mary's river, und silver   hy Hie llov   W   H   Tnylm   The core
jh'inl     Mill",  u.i   Willi   lliirse   ullll   .Mull's    ItlullV       wn--    nl I elllleil     I.l   n   lew   lu'nl
I te.il.k tii'iif Kurt  Steele. Itienihi.
M tlllllKII
U   Hie       Melhuili'.l    |i,,i-.„.an t.
Monthly lust, Mt   .:    v   I  ,,t iVtnil
net  wns     united In ninrrlugo to Mis
I.      A        llenders     A   lew   inn Uut,.
friends  wu ,.-,1   the  coron y.   nn.l
llie party  lell   on Hie ci-thuiiiiil iiii,n. I'll"'-' I.
TllK   l'i,'t.si'i-;i "i'ul:.   OUANUl.'OOK    i:    i  .pDKCKMUEU   I-,   l'
Steel        Range
®l)c yroeiwctav.
A. B. 6ract,
l'l   Itl.lSIIKIi     ANU    III llll IK
11' ... fc ,i,„
■ -.
i)KL'l*MUl"H   IJ.   19118
One way produces evenly broiled meat aud
evenly toasted bread without taxing the
patience of the housewife This way is represented by "Sask-alta" Range. The reason:
'■S.tsk-alta" Range has an Automatic Lift Top
(Patented) in addition to regular
Broiler Door; and this team works
for the operator instead of making
her work.
Black Watch
On a   1 .it; tut a I'iiii' nl
Black Chewing 1 obucco
SliiniK lur Quality.
I lie   Independent   I'm III. In...,   llei..1.1
ill   II      issi I      Nuieinl.ei    llllll.    1 Hll,
Iun   iln- full,mini: prophetic i.u ol iu
dependent   journalism    "Novel   in   tin
bi ...ii ol Uritish Columbia hus u pol  	
n     ,    .lieinelnlleii.isll.il   us llus the       Tl"'   uttltllil    -.1 sl   ev.'i y   resi
lieiiei    Terms"   ptuj   uiade l.\   pre    dr i the Cianbruiik districl is mi
niiei   McBrldo   It mis to swoop     the nl ivolcoino to     I Ills railway, und iv
,,,,nilii   like wild III-.', lull   Instead    il    have pointed  i j.ever.il occaslolli
died ...'uiniii " thai (Com .i in.-i.- business |  then
i'.etlei'  Terms"   wus  nut   deiiil     In wems tu I.,- in. rcuson why tissistanc.
Hi,     i-i..lui.-ii,I  elections    .unl  in  Hie     d'1   nni   I',   i'lnii  I..  Hn,.  one ,,
recent   by-elections   the     nld   mall    ul the   ni,,-.t   linpi.rtulll   rilllwaj   project
lie    11,1 jiI.I      mn-1    ael wledgo   Hi,I ni   llritish i'nImnl.in.
it    "swept    the district   ni   Koot. ua'
.mil  V.ile I'm.!....' like  ml.I   Ire
Words of Pniise
""or the several Uui- 1. ntsof which llr.
Pierce's uieillciues ure ,>>in|»'».-<l. as given
by lenders in nil lh,- ..-let-iil .,-l,i>,|s ,,|
nilili.'ilie, sl 1,1   I,.,-,,,  inr tin,I'e weight
Ihan -nn n ui-i ui ii-.ii fi ssi.iuui i.-s-
in,.-.ir.lis. | ir, I-.,-r.-,-'. l-'nvni'ite I'rwvrln-
liM'I.e nn: ku..,i.„i ims i.s 11 uu every
hulll. -i llll'l" r. in il lull li-t ill iill its i||.
uriilleuts pllllUil in pi.in Kncli-h.
li >,,ii un- iiii in\,illil nullum uud suffer
fn.iii frequent headache, backache, maw
Intdlstraa In stomach, porludlciil pains,
.l.-.ici"/!,!.-, .-..lairlnl. pelvic drain,
dr.ice ityiliiun di-lress ju Inner alidullieli
nr pely/, perhaps dark sp.,t< ur specks
danchig hofuro the eyes, faint spells and
kiudtal symptoms caused l.y f.-inuie weak-
ethi* net.iii.'-iu.-in ..Itin- feminine
i nul .1,, Letter than lake,
In. i'icr/cjfc I'aviirltQPrescription,
'lh" li/j/iltal, surgeon's knife and upern-
'uic i.i'J'/iii.iv I e avoided In the timely
rite Preserlptlun" In such
Tl..r-l.v  ll l'ii..-.....ii" ,-i.iiu -i-
........   -.-   ....  .ISi.flli,, f.mll-
1-M "I I     Hell     111,1:1  U '1      lul llll'd     1"    I      -"I
u.i   ihe districl  .unl  lends to attract
I,, , un-Mel   ..ml   :ectii-c propel
w hen .i  In •■ business mint hns ituj
.1      lu     111"     |.i-.'I'll-     ut     l'l.Ill
l,;,„,!.    In    uses     th,   miliums -.1  tlie
The  times  me deelileilly  pro|iitloits
nl     Hie     till   ..Hull    ,,l    II     l.MUl-    Vulll	
,i ,-.uui..1 i,.mu.Is Crunbrook
lie nh,. knocks Hie loudest here,
n.ii   imu     hu.   tinnllcsl   knock  dlsrc
-.il.le.1   ■ ovei    then-"   In   l.e   iiu   .liejuil
A Couple ul men in I..nil tins ueek
MU intu n IHllll plnee llinl is thoy
lol   diuiil,.  nn.l  Ihen unl   locked  up.
mih n,.    neertutn     .und thnt       v" ''"' :"h'"' >'■ '"'"'• is l"'"1   H"
pi, I" -u Kootenny nre   "'" ""' iidvertlslng tree nu-	
V1""," '•",'""> ,""■'," ';  fi"'  """""i"''' -'""'i'i I"-'"- iu
icted north and  south through ,„„„, .,, ,  ,    , ,„ n,„„brook dislriel
suuten.ii   valley  mnl  tlml      its
Tut "Sa '-.-   t     ''ty
Another way produces
unevenly broiled meat and
unevenly toasted bread
and taxes the patience o:
the housewife. This way
is represented by most
Ranges. The reason:
Some Ranges have only"
a Broiler Door, others have
a contrivance like that
illustrated   in   top   small a-     ■ Way
drawing; both of which enjoy the distinction
of tiring the arm that holds the broiler and
tiring the eye that directs the arm.
London. Toronto. Montreal, Wlnnlpej.Vancouver, St..lohn. Hamilton. Calgary
Edison Theatre ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ The Palm x
* *
-,ii'mm, nr11 u'l -s :    x,,,as Trcc    :
nnd X     I-KCOUATIONS    I
ll.l.i STK'MI'.H SuNi.S  X    Xmas Stockings
ctyi I..- obtained  ns cheaply ns binds
'"'  '""K   in nni   portion ul  the nuillnvi'sl.
I'tu-.-i   .V  I luirliiNin
I lli'   hrsl   ill   Cruiiluniili
III    lln
♦    \nias Mockmgs   ♦
X       Fancy Boxes       4
*    Hon    lions    Irom   ♦
Little   Picture   Parlor   ♦      '2 Sets, to  $Siiii      J
liml   inns cinliiuimisly        ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Cranbrook     $5.00  CASH
Trading Co- $3.00aMONTH
The.-,- „t-e ,,,. crop Inilnres in     tho
' '**>' "' ' ™nbrook  is thut     tn.-i   ,,,.„„, k ,,,.,,,,,,
,-le, I      tn  tin-   niunicipnl  council  men .   .
■   clear -md Uuu ,,n tin- iii.nu        |-|„.   i„uniei|.i.l   pot  hns   nut    coin
nioncod to slminer.   Nn cnndldntos us
vet      hnve  been   ment i,illed   in  uppusi
1                        *'**  *-'""-'• ""'"     '" inu, tu the present members of     Hie
-.    ■   ...i-e.i.eiits i."   ui even llIV         „
it : tainnii tu  un ice this week, ....
them complained thul  In.- girl \  livery mnn would ninkc n    Rood
not     "i"ile       "Then     lei    Pel politician   fnr   he   would   hnve      Rood
- id'      replied 'he cither stnblo qualities nntl plenty oi   horse
i'he day mny conic when the ottu     ' ....
,u,  government   will tind II   t,. then-     Uo ,„,t  t,„  n moment  lose sight oi
.1 utitaso tu pas  us much nttentloil   ti„, ,„,.,  tlmt  this district  iu tin- nn
:-. He people m iiie l'ucilic const   us   ,,„.,, „,- things must ,.,,,„,   ,,, the front
iin-i nm di, t,, thus,. „i the Atlantic   ;,,„t   thnt   right     speedily,  nnd  thut
Cniitibrook  is tbe lending city uf     n
•  ,       '.„, progressive coiinl ry.
'..".    nttrncts renders.    Huts circti ,
lution is nmi.   Advertising putrotinge      \ Worn DUt politician is like a worn
- ihe ensy mnl sure reii'nrd nl clrcu ,,„,   ff„tch,   lie is n.. i: I  when   he
Int.un     Thi."  is  the  foundation   tipnli „,,ls „„ bnl|  thllt   |,e can't   tun uell.
which Hu- Prospector is estnbllshed
'I'he Crnnbrook  brass band is   hnrd
Something   must   hnve dropped    in   .,,   worh     practising; Hie new begin
 ilelpai   niiitlcrs.     Politicians   nre   „cra .,,,, uu ,]„i„.. „,,]]   T|lc hlin,| nn9
tielthef   "eilSSing"   not'  dlSCUSSitlg   eity    ;|   iiil'lulli'lsllip  uf   18.
imu ters nt the present nine
As ii funning district  thon  nre few
The mnn wim went ,.ui t.. milk nnd |mrta ,,f soittlicuat  Kootenny that   ol
sj.t il,iii-n on a boulder in tic middle ,-,,,.s i„,,t,.|- returns for Hie Inbor   nnd
uf     the     pasture nnd waited (ur tin- ,.,,,i, expended,   than .1...'" tlmt   part
cow     tn   back   up. wns n brothel' tn llf tnls   lUstrlct   Unit   is distributnry
tin- mnn whu kept a stnre nnd would l(1 ,|„, ,.itv ,,f Crnnbrook
nut    advertise     because he reusoncd . , .
Hint   the   purehnslng   public     would      T|„, f0rmntlon  mi  wliirli  rests   thc
buck up tn his place ..I buslnoss when p,-,,s|„.|itv ,,t  Cranbrook  is Hie     de
it witntcil something, volopment   nt   Hi,-  enst   mining,   lum
v   Crnnbrook    woodchoppor   found ffnn1U0m,ti;if'SUlml  raom'CCS tri"
pouris in   nn abandoned bird's nest. '""'"' "' mis un     <
Thi- is perhaps the only ease mi   re- Coroner. Connolly mis nt  .Movie mi
cnl  where a Inst year's bird's nost Saturday      lu-st  ' investigating    ihe
.•ver punned out anything. (..111S(, of tht, ,,,,.,,h ,,t John Maki. He
, .             ,   •     ,      . decided tlmt un inquest  wus unnetos-
Konio Inquisitive person wants     to undertaker    Jnmiosoti     then
i nuiv    why   the man who waters hn-. h               ,
mlllls   put in     l.nl, ivhih  the . nn B        interment.
wh.,  "waters    trust  stocks  is cn-Ufld '
;, Et'fiit Rnfincicr.   Hut is     tlu-    mnn -,  is (1|1|v (]uty nmi justice   tn   en
who     waters liis milk always put in coUrnge y,»ur home pni>cr, extentl  tn
j;ii'-                   t   #  m  t it the nourishment tu which it  is cn-
.... titled,      Pny       your      suhscrtptlons
N',v"r     ""h-* 's,.n by h.s „„t ,       >    ^      (
wnnl    npiienrnnce.     A    shabby   coat ■    ,                                           'c
iniiy   enwrap n  newspnpe.'  puhiishe . ,        •               , t   „,„ ,      . „,„, S()
while u iinin wcnrlng n hich plus Imt. ,,,'              '
sporting n cold hended cane mny   be
n delinquent subscriber. i„  instrumental  mid vocnl concert
,.   ,, ,   . ,   .. ,,        ,,      will    he     civelt   hv   tlu- City   blind,   ns
Hallways bring pnpi.lutmu. 1. south (1[, b ,    »,   t   ,    ;M    , M
east   Kootenny Is to prosper unl be- ( p |d
come Important as a commercial districl this result i-ii,n ..illy In- accom
plishcd by tlie construction of mil
wuys in this district.
native tnedlclniil roots known t.i ninlletil
science nu the enn- nl wiuimu's peculiar
ailments, contains   no alcnhnl nnd nu
h.iiiiUnl..r l..,l-ii-[.,niiiiiL'.lriiC".
1 ' enptrt tuu mu li from "Favorite
Pi-.-"eripiii.u;"ii nill nnt perform mira-
Koiiiedleine mil. Ii nill ,lu a- much to
estalilisli rlgiirniM In.ilih lu most weaknesses and ail ni" peculiarly Incident tu
iviiiin-ii ,i" nny medicine eau. H must he
given a [iilretiai.ee hy perseverance iu its
use lor n reasonal.li. length ol time.
1 i"'1 "I- al '"-'■ i" ii -i-i-n-t nn;
truiil as a substllni" fm- il i" v.-. y .,(
puii aeinupiiMlimir
Sick in.men are invited to consult Ur.
Pieren. hi  I It.-r, .'ive.    All corn's id-
"ii"' is guard. I i - sncivdl) wmi and
il...iniiili    i.l, nccs   lire   tu .'t.-.l    hv
pr..f.—l.'ui.il t'11'..i'V. Address III', it. \'
l'i.-r.-e. Ilnll'alii. N. Y.
.llr. Pierce's I'i.'iisnnt Pellets tin- hesl
lusiillve iin-i  ri'itulai.ir ..i   tl."  Uiwel.
Thej     luviunrale    -1..mil. ll.   liver    in.
Imuek   i  u luvatlve; in,, nr tl.reo .
,-jiih:irl.ii'.   K   •■ lu take :.- candy.
is the man who
has tried to get
,   \ the same service
7   I       IIV '^jpl    •>**** 0tT Mm*
V* A   N m. other make
Clean - Light - Durable
liuaranteed Waterproof
und Sold Everywhere
Wilfrid    Ijiinner    is n.ninth
evening, Dccombct' lsili. Since the re
turn ol Hun.Minister Corrison the
hoys hnve heen hnrd at work nnd nn
onjoynblo progrum mny be nnricipai
'."*       ...'  ,  tiie  propnsa   lu chnnge   mpcrln
vtse his polltlcnl  opinions jus       ns ,        ]      . ^ ^
ton „s circumstances necensltnte    n   ou| „ w|1| t(,||(, ,-  Rrently stn,n|.n	
tt.   in    till bundling
l.inlillNti tui'iks
i-'i."il: mul  kkkii
VKHK'I.KS.   IMI'l.i-l.Ml-lNTS
\ 1"',ilim ll
ll \'i I |\*S - I ' ids  l'l >< IDS
Frank Dezall       jfl
I.V KSMITII       l^yfi
Hood  Discount For Cush
i| ■ '. i iK'KI' li
I'linudn semis ut leusl $45,000,000
pel nullum to the United Htntcs for
goods   thnt niicht ns well he inniui
liiellll-eil   ill  this  colllltryl
If Its ii fuel the sins of the [nthcr
follow his progeny, nld father Adnm
linist liuve been n whiZ'/cl'.
] tlie f0recs ,,f tbo empire, it will prevent tile units ni the em].ire from he
coming tinrrow.
Tbe Ottuwn correspondent tukes nn
othor guess. Now be opines that tho
house will n,u  I tilled till .Inn   20,
Blxty-sls election protests hnve
been entered, more than hn IT of them
holng in Quebec.   I-Iow ninny of them
SILENT Oinatstkmimaic
III AN   I * VI  I.K    M..-"   SKlltlND    HANI.  MAOFUNUH
"    GEO. P. POWELL, Agent
lim it ■   \venue
l'l"'lie   I.-.7 I'lnii l      n   r
I'liiiritv is tlie stur whose rnys u
i.lwuys lost 111  the cIoihIr nf ostentn  I will l.e tried Is nnotlior mnttcrl
II   "nil  flesh  is cl'.'iss."   the steak  ut I     New  Vork,  Due. 'I    Hull.   It.   I.euiienx
s e     honrding   liouses we know of  Cnn.idlan     poKtiuuHtor genorul     und
muy tie bnled Ilny. : ministor ...  Inhiir will ho the prinei
: pul       spctlkor       nl   the   twelfth  llllilllil I
There nro    gt'cnl   opportunities   lor   bnnqiiol   ol   tllc Ciiuudlnn society   of
illilllstliulis     people       to   net       elieup I New      Vork      ;.t   llelini.nii-n's tulligllt.
homos, uml tn ongngo in ugrlcultiitnl, other     speakers will Incluilo   Koherl
horticultural nnd stock mining   pur Cooper Spilth, of     Metlill university,
suits, on nny sculu in the Ornnbrook Motitronl,
district.   The     mines nnd  lumbering —— 	
ennuis of the    district furnish n con- Wa,.    |s    Inevitable
sLuiiily     incrcnslng  mnrket   f0t     iill  0 .
tlnds ol runch produce. Thoro Is room thhnd   uk   I'Ulll.ir   OPINION   IN
in tills district   for  thnllsnuils nf set ,  .,..,,,,.,,.. ..,..,.
tiers, und nuw is the time tu net     hi I'.NI.I.ANII   A I   I IthSI'.N 1    ll.Ml'..
nnd  take up the  Imnl. (.jty „,- .M,.xi,.,",, D°oc. II    The follow
We wish    every      inhiihitnnt    .,[„ur   illg stntoment  wan  made    Wednesduy
Try Preventics, At My Risk
With Book on Colds.
Ju«t to prove merit—ta show you how
quickly Preventics can ami will check col.ts
or thc tiiipi'e—-I will mail you free on
renu*'st tlu-sc samples and niv book. Simj-lv
address — Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis.
Preventics are thoroughly harmless Utile
Candy Cold Cure tablets. No Quinine, no
laxative, nothing sickening whatever.
To check early Colds or Grippe with "Pre
verities" means sure defeat tor Pneumonia.
To slop a cold with PrevemifS is surely
safer than to let it run and be obliged to
cure it afterward. Preventirs will however
reach a deeply seated cold. Hut taken
early—at the snee/e stage—they break or
head off these early colds. That is surely
better—that is why they are named "Preventics." Promptness however is all important. Promptness in the use of Pre
ventics may save half your usual sicknrss.
Fevurislincss, niglll or .lay, with child or
adult, sui-nests the need of Preventics.
Write Dr. Shuop. Ka-.-ine Wis., today for
■ample!! and booklet. Preventics are sold by
* J
\ Cranbrook ♦
!    Livery    x
X       We jijU, yuu I,, i-iill mid try
♦      ..III    lull   ('nllsiuillllU'lll   of uew
T     nud      I'p to dute     ricn     lot"
:    Winter   juni   Hummer,    -liint
received Toppir nn.l  Itolinhlc
ft     HorsoH    jit    yniii-    dlnpoRiil.
Cl 1 va   them   n    trial und lie
;!;   Professional   t
II \K'\ KY.    McCAW'l I-U',
am.    MA   DONAI.I"),
llni'ii.sl..|'s noil Kolicilors.
OltAN'llKOOIC,   H.C,
.  I'.  (.1 K'll,
Hiii'Hsli'i'.  Si.l.i-iinr. nin .
('IIANItKiiHK,   111'
c, ii. in \r,\k.
Hni'islpr,  Snlii-iii.t-. uu,|
Nuturv  1'iiliiii'.
llni'l'lstni',  Snli.-inr. uml
Niiiliiy  I'ltlilii-
'Uli.-.'   lli'ld liml,iim....
I'.i.s. ,v o.K.
Miiiinn  Eiifjineci' uinl
ll.C  l.iiml Sni'vpyor,
IMI.  Ilns '-"lu. I'luni,' '.'L'II
| Dr. E. W. Connolly ♦
X     I'hvsu'ian  ini. sruriKON      ♦
*f uili.-.-: AntiBtt'iinn   Ave.        •
x      .—..        ♦
♦ llullls: t
* I'lioni. iim,',. in.-,.   i;,,.i,i,., i,„i 4
F. O. E.
Mm i .'..-i-i |-'i-i,iii, ui ., |,j,,
I'Mi'inc   Ili-utltius  Cut-dinllj    Invltoil
| ii is. smith. W. I*i.-i.i,-.,'.
11.  II. lill.I..MIS. S.'.'V.
Ai'.'i.' I'l.i-l.-ii.j.. I', u. |„,j -.-
if Iv'.-. I' \  Mi 'iiiiiiiiu C'h;i|itcr |:
1 NO.   125.   IS. A. M. |
:s      lliig-uliir ilugu:   UndTuee-
::   duy   lu   eiii'li   i nh   „i  ol.'lii   -
;:   o'clock. |
ij sojourning   Ci>iii|iniiiiiii<   urn |
3 ciu'illully Invltoil. S
J II    I..  Ih'Timi'i.i., s.-ril.o K. f
| I30X   1        CKAMWOOIv. H. f, |
Court Granbrook 8943
MKiel's   ist  am, mni tiii'hsiuys
l'luii.ing   in-,,tin-1-„    .,||„||j   in, it,.,i
I''. Mi'lCKN'NAiClili.fliiiiium.
.1. SIMMS. S,..',"'iui'i
city could get  tile Idon lirtnly I'stuli
lislii-d  in IU-. umli-rstniuliiic,  tlml    ive
l.y  |-|'udoi'lck   Rhode
ousin of Cocii
llhoili'K, who is in tlie city in tlio' in
tcres'ts nf large mino „iviuth.   Ho ha
Ml.',     HTHlNTKIi
t     \|,'l   I      .111
III    ILIM    I'
ll'.n     1     Muyne   Hull.   nin.   IT .ii'tu-.l
lln-   |u, in.,n   ,,l   pidlc.i   m.mill I.il.'    Ill
'A iiiiii|i.■■    i 11- t    linillil    tin-
■ni i-l    Mii- n- I     .villi! il   i llll..1,1
ill, .ii   I.l      lln'   I.-, .-tu   Inun lee
lum  .   mnl   Willi   i. ul-,    .ii ..-    Ilil
in    i-i-iii in.   iim    ..'ni.  Im    heen     up
pointed  iu  in    funnel   t Itlon    'I'lu
,, i i\ until., r   in a pnpe. .   ,.t.-   un,un i.-j
* 'Hi' ■ iN \\ "'•'   Imp     I ' " '   ^:    „, nuiiriivliiii ol .1. nt	
I'll,.in-  N,i    I- ill    h,,ly.
"Mill'   l ..l.ll'ITI' H
IIOl      I
hnve t Ilmnto which nssuros us n "'I'es't.s nf large mine owners.   He ims
Inrgo  ulntlon. Thoro is .... districl J"?' rotiirnotUr i trip to bnglnnd.
,„ liiitisl, I'ulutn „ which iii.ii.i-.'     '" m» "l"",1 "' '", ""' opinion of
hnlds      out   Mich   prcisinc   invitnliolls """*<• "'    '"'. "'''   *'"'*Z"'{ "";»,"> I'"1'1,1''
to the sons in iightore ol inei. to "ilV>' ''»'' military uffnli-H 1 found the
conic forth i njoy tlicmnclvcu nn.l '"'ll1'1  ununiiiu.us thut wur with Oor
slinre in tlio prcmporlty nl Crnnlir - Ml'",v  "'""   n»vlUililo.   I   wns In con
lhe cnpllul city .,( tlte Knotennyu. ""•»'■'  **nl> " '"f11 """'"'I   pi   tlio
.   . KngllBh lures III < lnnu si'verul years
Thoso nr.- the dnys when tho i plo ago    nml     ho nil I | [lively tlml
,,l siiiitlii'iist  Kootonuy nn'tin' iii'ii'ii war     with   llnrmnliy  wiih inovlluhlo.
.-iiy ul   'I, inilwuvs in tills ilislrii'l Ami.  colli in I  l-hlii n.-ivy  nlli.-inl,      I
iitu'l Ihev urr   mu   in dn ul. t. In.iv i.u ju t  in illiiin ilee.lnriil.lon i.r wur
thoy nn- lo liilte «er dv the hullil Ii iiiii .t iii.i  I..'   iml ull. ll Ih to come
ou- i.l  Hi.<  Koolenny  (Jentrnl nillwnj nntl  lho hooiiui' ii   Ih to coiiio tlio liol
.nni   Im ilelermliied mi enguglng   the     will lio i.u     lOngluud,   This is
iilli-nliiiii of the leglslntlvc ussi'iiil.lv olio ..I   in.ijiiv   iiiiiiiiu   1'xiiiiihkIiiIIh     I
uiul    lllll      Iimi i'  111 in.ns.   whoHO lloul'tl  in  I'.llglnlld.	
lurllii'i'iiiu-i- n. uiul. us liiml lo bo    tie
pendent,   ... n grontnr ,,r less tlcgroe
upun   pulllic jisststnlu-e.
"VVIl.lt     this       . (illllli V   ili-.il■■   IS   mil
liii|u'riuli.!!u  hut   .'unuilialiisin "
ft    coiivlticod
Get a  copy ot
(I i'l'll I   Wesl    l.ili'   Assiiriiiice
I'riinlirouli. II   ('.,       Arnislrong Ave.
J.  W.  Rl Tl.l'lX'.K.
M M V .    VS.
fl I'liil I     Onitirlo    \',-i,-rii,,.n
I'nli.-.j,-. Tornnio. in ISPK.
'liriuluiiti'iinil Muilnlisi ol MnKlllhiWl-
m-iiiiiri   l'nII, M,,. Chlfiigii.   |||„  in   Illltll
Hugislc I       iiiliui'     ol      llrilish
I'uliiinl.iii   Ass.itiliilii.n.
'IK Us,
rni lli
X W. Cline x
* *
SI,-    Iiuii.m.   mul I'i11-,,j,,-.   Work ii
si luliy.
Cosl nml Siiii'l, Kstimul'.'.s
l.'nriiisliuil I'|iiiii A|i|ili('ll
I'.o. itm 834.   Granbrook, B.G
♦           ... On- nlil   Miiii.tnl.il   Itiiilnu
Sli..|.i-il IV In- tnlilnl in tlio
l-'irsl   I'luss   Work   in
llll   I.nni,-In-   of   tli,,
Tonsorial   Art 'I'lIK   PROSPECTOR,   CRAN'UROOK.   H.   C,    DECEMBER    I-.    I'.""
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *********************
Seasonable Suggestions
When it is Groceries you need let us show
you how pleasant and convenient your Grocery
buying   can   be   made.
We are always busy, yet never too busy to
see that every one of our customers is promptly
taken care of, whether it is a weeks supplies or
only   an   Yeast   Cake  that  is  wanted.
{  Select  Xmas   Fruits
Wll.lt   11   lllll.'I.uiri-   t In Tl    Is   in
(Iiieii fruits, sume nre smnll nnil
pinched other Illinois" tlil'lv uiul
llliwliulestime. We ill'e particular
llluml llle i|lliilil\ nl fruits ue
select, uinl espec.iallv sn Inr mu'
Xmas Trade.
Samples nl uur new stock are
nn display in uur "Pure Fund
fji'uef.'l'v" Wimlnw.
'"?"r*-iA-\ .4t4A.\i-nr..Li.    i
Dainty Xmas China
W'e are i ontinuallv lu-ui" nun
plinii'iileil   mi   .un   inii.pii' ili'si^ns
nl    ( iiin.i    .nul    have    I'easnli   in
I.- liuve lli.tl   llm slock ur earn is
unsurpassed an\ u here in llle west.
( Uu assni Un.uit ftimpi isi's u
in ii I'ellniis \ uriclv frum lhe
plainest pnivelains In the liillcsl
artiyare Ladies wn wn nl vim in
see mil' stock liefnre in.ikiii;; \ mil'
Nniiis selei'linns.
Our   Pure   Food    Grocery,   Displayed
and Prices to   Promote Quick Selling.
Our Goods are
French Glassy Cherries.
Crystallized Ginger, Russian
Cluster Raisins, I'Veneh Peas
in glass, French l-liirieuis,
Verts, French Mushrooms,
\\,- un- slum him llu largest
u-.mii luu ni ,i| I lonieslic uu.I
Imp..Hnl Ci'iieerie.- tin-
seasnn In.in evel liefnre in ihf
histim   i.l   llu    Iiiiii.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦«> THK   PROSPECTOR,   ( l.'.W'l,!,'<*" iK.    li.   C,    DKCKMHKK    li,    II
: :
:      EAST   KOOTENAY     :
x :
l-'j.-in   ..ur   Special   i',,ii,'-|..,n,l,ni   i
Hi    iiiiiI   Mi ,    llliiisili'll   i.-ii   'I'lnii j
iltij Im  Sl'..'..uiiil.-,,    U.ls,,n   1,1.11 11. ,1  I., .'Iiui-i.lli'liii
tlll   Sunday.
Hi     nml   Mis    ill.-, ii   ...ii.l   U.n,-Iin-i
li'lt    lust    11.-cl, tl,    ,      ■    fo|     ,    .i,
ivi'i'      vucutlun
Mi     Hi..mi.   iriivi'lli'i   fm   tlir   \ .1.
I,.iv,i     1 l.n.iw.,1.-     ...    ., ,    in
ij    ulii-itu
'     M     Steward      ...    Hi,-   n,   il, i   .■.
•i.'iu   .,|   th,.  I'.l'.H.,   ., ,     ...  M.j.'i    ,n
I-Kit NIK.
i   i >.-1 i.-iii
Fainter and
l'l"'   I'iii,Inn-   ,,|,,inl -j   .nil     con-
'     ..ml    lln-     l'l.■" III     lllllil' HI'..llll'l
i     ,i   boon    I,,   lln, ,■   uln,   Iin,,    lii-li'lt
l,nil,Inn-    ill i.   nl   ,i,-ii	
Thi. I'inu  liiltviiril li I  i    nm\  bu
..    in|iiiii]).'.!   ivill.  i.Mii't    .in.l  uniii
llll'l u-i      I..   Ill     I i.   I,     Ull'    |ll'll|	
!"i    i     i'i..I'..i .il.lv    !...|.|.l
I I..    S     ,i   I lit. .        i    Innl.,
.  1,1   i L11... 11    |||i-    lu-i-l .    ul    till'      J   III-
Kilwunl  in il"- rare  I-, .i.-t   i  hn -i
I   II I'lll' Il-M     Will  .ll   ..
lhl..,'    .1       ill     "j   hi     I    ill    hi I.l.
*l KellncU     .in.l   Ml-   II,. ,.l,   ,,,„| ,,,,„ ,,.,,     ,    |,„s|   .ui,.i   ,|„.   .\,„i|i
l.'lll      i   '    tl       ih'    im i,    .nul   lh,.   in u   iim-i-ii .,   three   slnl
"i  ■       Ul I'l'l ,,        ,„    |„,,  ;|, ,i,|
'I    U    I iml '     -i    - in-1 iy   In        i Iir ,i, ii   lloiii .. nlil. h  r. Iioinii I>ii111
tu spend  lli,   uinii'i   in,.nih    ,„!;,,     in     I,,,,,,,.  tt„. i- |- |t, „!,,
I        I .        !      ■    .|     1,1 I, I,     |,UlhlUll-,       llllll'll
ivhicsi'iitiiis        i.iir,. , in,- uiil ii Ii'ii unit which
ll'ti   ll.iy   I .ii in.,1    ui   tuwu   stood "ii l I'l.'ii.i   .ur    .uii.- -   lhi'   -.1
lU'S.lil)    11 nil ll')    llll...   lln-     Hi    "I   il..-   llllll   .Ul.'
hm  li   .   i'i,.,-.   r   Luml ul H|iu        I'lu- In.l. I   l-'i-inn-   llus  ..   portion  ol
;.u.,. ,     [iluys mi  rt'iinl     ll"-   in-"   Iimii--.- c .mulcted  nml   i- rut
Mi    nml   .iiin:   l"  ih.'   -lis      "I   I hi-  Iun i luu
Mill      llllllll
jj    ■    V    I    I    :-i. -..-
i-enth Ml
..     illi
Hi    Mul 11,  ,1!
colivi is  putting   ill   tin
nn- i'im. ,. Ni'-i '1'riiilint! i'n   is do
i      -    nu-  .   in   u      liiiiiilsiinn-      llllll
......n.    liinil. covers every   Inch ol
Im  lol   lipi l>  ulll.ll   ,1   -M.ili.l    iiiiiI  Ims
Iii-iii   ilollble  lh.- Iloul   Hpu I    the
1.1  -     lln- n....is  in  j,ll hurihvooil
nnil.-, ns mi- iiii- Um.is ,.t utmost
..-: i now niistni'ss buildine. in towu.
Ah liiilKlnv is justly [irollll ..I lln-
i'M     iimiii.s   which     malic his nmi
...lll.'l    stole    I'lllHllll, :.    Ill    till'    i'lillil
VVe  place our paint
on top.    WHY ?
When Run Down, Try Bovril
' hi-    1I"U.'   .!■ Ill.ll   i Il-lltlunl    ttin
. I, II   III.Ill   ill Ml
llltl    ..tint
lm\ KII.
I I     tin.
!"    ..;i:...i|..|i l,i'i I ,-..iti.iii|.. ih,- ri, i„ .,, |,,,„| ,,, tti.ti, Kltui, in
il  IlltlSl   in   ,|m       m M
Wlloll llltl iluwll llu-.ll'.',.-,lii.-..l-.-,.iu-. .ur ii it.i lil,- 1,, assimilate
111! -  lllllil isllllU'lll,
Hm  IMi\ I'll. i.iiu-- -ill Hu- v.'iliiul-],- uiitiiiiv,- dements
i'i-'-.   '"r iliun. .Ii.iii-  i —.i 11111., 11. >i i imu iiu- sisi.i-iu.
\ iin-i of  llti\ I'll, i|iiiekl\   i, luul,Is wasted stfeitslli nnd
i'iv. - in.-ii-.t-..- i i iljilili ti. tin- linily,
VlllJI! 1.1 Aim HAS IT Oll CAN CE I  tl Foil YOU
il wim.ui   of III.'   111..1.1'  ..I   t'.l'lllllU,
iiii'i   11    I,,-.si-s |.r..ni|il llin   lln-   ,:,;,,-   nl tin-    Cilolie,    11    IU-1V
""iml    i'"lll|iiiliy, i-iilll|ilic;it lulls     ll.-ivi-
Which is aiiiim .,ii nt N... 2 juni i.Ilicr
milieu ul  ('onl Creek,
II,'   ulSU   PxprCSSOll    ii.lllliruli.ui     in.iiii- |.Iml, nml i-ni'in.i  ilis|ilnji-il hy tllc
which Iml uut  ti- cuim itch It>*--oplo   <>i   Pernio in tliolr   r.-liuii.liiu
it-,,mil.-    tu    the mnniiRci', Mr. Arm- Ho rapidly nnil    stnto.l    thnt ho wna
ti,,m   ii, t li.-jjin.i sun- tlini  future development    would
\   .itin-iiiil   tyiin isHueil lu-i-l- for Air.'jusiity ili.'ti  inilii in their tuwn.
■Mii     chief of police 'do li     hns     '*•  v"llll!; "la" hnmeil r"red I)   Ami
' "' " "      .'I'si.u, ubout  twenty live yrurs ul tine,
ims Instantly "tilled while engaged in
skidding  linis ,ii   tin' I'uiiips uf     tlu-
Wi.uil Mi'N'nli   l.uinh.'l-   I'.,    itiiils       oil
li, .1.1 i
lil'   Snskutcllcwall   l-npitlll   tl
nuiii luu-.- fur innl     .ni     i
IiiiIho pretence.
.- jil'iiut twenty ntuck Iml,I    „
Hh.I..' i'..   Ilvliug here who   "Jf1"* m°™'nR-     ,     ,
"...'   usjinil  tiftv  dollnr     " s'"'"'s < ""  u"> ' u»k Knv«  . "«
tl..'   compuny, upon which'1? " ,""'y''   "B wna lieins foiled   up
been pniit $7 in per ihut'e skids und in its descent il caught
Their nn  only live slini'o holders 'in U°*]tt** Anderson, brrukiiic  his     neck
RcKlnu, tlm headquarters of llin com-  "ml eruahlitK his soil.   Uoroner Wllk-
IU.11.     AIuim,.,    11: Ul    unl   llis   broth. I    LS   '"'I   ocnstnbl:   I::llllst::ll  dr::U   out
IVti'ivnl li,-nn .in.l mii'i' others.
'i'li,- losses -.1 tli"     company in tlie I ,        ,    ,
Pernie Hit' iiimunt to nearly sixty toW" »"" » J"lv sumtnonsod which
thuiisuiiil dullurs nml bo inr 'ns can j "''"''"' ""' bnll>' ul s,'""'s "»'<°rtnl<-
l„- h-nrncd ni   present the assets     ,i0  inK rooms.
nt 11111111111 tu over $1, uuu seven ""' remains wore shipped enst by
th.iusund Hve hundred of   'whicli     Is1'181     nlKht'a    express.   It Is learned
said     m      o-lnsurnnce in linKllsh  ,"">' ""' y°u"K "'•'" '"A'1 nrratiKCd to
. munuy-y leuve Ini  Ins homo in New Itiuiiswmk
"'I'lu' Snskutchewun Rovcrnnient, un- PP s»t»rdny to spend Christmas with
■-'•„s,.  Inns tin- llinl,,' wus  trulls-   ll,s  l'."'l'»,!i  "'mm  '"'  "ilH ,*-"*"-*      <"
I to the scene .,( the nccldcnt mnl niter
owing tlm body it wns brought to
N I.   In
ul   ll
egnlltly   ...Ii'ii ji'ivi'lf
inixe.i   IVI
Hull  nl   ul Hi''!   ■
,n Wednesday, tin- followlni; in- conci
rlci I-U    I-'   IV    BlU'eess, i' K       11 "i   Hi
itorei    V   i'   It.; ll   Marble   U.S.. tl. lln-     most
ll..ii'lii,u-.l.    U.S.;     li       II      Unhurt, store  in  111-
I'i,-..-:    A.   Thornton,   ('Imp.: II. Lu      ,t.  [i, i.inui is ut ins now hurilwnr
I'luiit.  S.W.i  .1    w.ilijuns,  J.W.;     1.. s,,„-,. |„„| >,,ia „„■ a new neigliDor u
I   uii,'i,   l.nl'hance,  s li,; i;.  Haywnrd,  -I.H. the south  Prod   Jolinstcui  milt     lu
"i'li-   nunrinct' tunit place nt  Cran clothing st,,rc, where in- is domicile
Lipliurdt Ims niuveil un.. his|,wting must  I..- in urgent  need ..t i'e-1?'."'1'
ins    in     ihe new iii'..» nun j visinii mnl    umeiitlnicnl     us it seems P"™.'
niiildlng .'i-.'.i.-u  mi iln- su.'   .imt prui'ince Ims no authority to .1..   ",i
.1 I-.  i-.  ». block, and    aim anything     in tin- case, clnitulng tlmt
ns they wero nut looking fnr
jury ufter taking ovi-
lence nl .Im cuse brutighl in n, I'ordicl
.1 n.-.-i.l.iitnl dentil,
lippl' «'i :   i
i,    mi Monday evening ol Mr. Hits in tin- reconstructed  building loriner itni-nlni
s tnuM   how   in  1-'''  "! ,lu' ''-I'll   ti'' department nnd l.v occupied t.y in.- bans ul rintiuiioii.   Pellal
Mi- Lottie finders ,,i Wardner. 'l'l..'     Tlio  Homo   Uunk    ivill   booh  niovi ' d mn
happy < pie are spending n tew dnys back  Into  Victoria uve   mni  uili   be hind n
ju  IVtu-dner, llm guests of Mrs. stin „t     hunie    in Um s0utb room ul the   ml toil
-mi, mul will g„ frum hero t,. Leth ,„,u-  Liphardt Watsun blocR. side ui
bridge    where   tlmv  inti'ml  to result  , .       ,        tin   ur,
On Wednesday night a party of their     Tic staid old     pioneer     Laiiadinn J
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   i-,-i,-„,ls lULV,, the,,, „ s.trpt-is,.' visit  in ll'""< "' Commerce will suou I,.' in its |	
♦ ♦  '.:.'- -Inu  n midnight sercnude.       ''"'" ''"i"1"1^ '" "cam brick with Lul-
9      __^^__^^^^_.^_.^^__      9    . gury     siinil   stone trimmings,  ivnicl
♦ ♦    ... «-i-..     ,,..'.-     a........ hus been built mi llu- old site     nntl
♦ m-H , -i        ms,. oi ♦   hlLVllR     (.111      NKWS niter tho old lines of construction.
♦ I tvoTim'AAb     111 rvo T»     Sitrvi'd ♦
| tin- til..In- liml compiled witli nil   the
Jin-,,visions ,,f tin- luu Tho  Irn f tin- new   iM'.l;.  sti
ti.ut, .1 counterfeit of lln- old otto, i
up iimi will s i hi- luelosod.
| Tli,' lire l.iiiui.l.' luul ,i cull Wednes j This building is grently needed n
dny just belore tin- nuuli llulir, mul nt 'tin- iiccommodntioll Inr tlm public   i
the eornor nt  Wuu.l Si    .um meugre,   while llu- station stnll liave
iv.. iln- hm hnse waguti slew t.. work under very unpleasant condi
,1 on tl.., slippery gruand, tin- tions.
leel striking a stone, which re
Cranbrook Cigar Store
Barber  Shop,   Pool  and   Billiard  Room
The place to spend your winter evenings
The best Stock of Cigars, and Tobaccos,
Pipes  and  Smokers  Sundries   in  town
side nml spilling  til" six  nm.pants Oil
tin- ur,,IIII.I.
r'.u-tiiimti-lv Um driver, Murphy, nnd
acting chiel Wilkes were tlm only
uut'.- in any wny injured, jiml their
scratches nmi braises were only
lainngc wns dune tn t
Prom Muyie Leader.
X     I"'- I'ullin     returned Inst  Saturday
X Irom Spokane.
J     K.   -ti Clayton bus opened a st,.
I opposite the Kootenay lintel.
Many other buildings ol n, permnn   ns Murphy held ,,n     ih tlm   lihlmii-
Suffocated by Smoke
Moyio, Ur.'. :   A tragic dentil occur
red here  l-'riiljiv ovenine  nbout  10.30
mt i-luii-ni-i.-r    are in process ol coii-1 ,ind  stopped   tin- horses  1..-1'....-     ....-     ... 	
striu-iiun,     mitnhlv     tin-   Hundersoii wmrnn struck thc er nl oelock,      cnuseil   by suiocalloii    ul
block, the Tudd block, tlm Tun, ll,',-,,     'Tl,.'     drc     proved ... In- „nlv some  l"1"'"'      '  "PP"'™ "J «'lmt intormn
me   building,     tim I'. Hums ,v i'„. build-  j,it.-),     which cniiglit  tin- while being     ""  °',"   ","s -a"""'"'1  lust "vt'n,nK
um, tin- Alex. Heck store room     ml    prepared fur tho ruuf ul tin  I'. Hums
ft     Rev, It. Hughes was ia tuwn Thill's-  joining     tin- Fernie hotel mul MrKw-  block.
♦   day mi ofllcini church business. lag's new bnkery mt  upper   Victoria
X     The Moyie Oddfellows will give their  MVI'-   Acl'oss ''"' stl'BOt  l""11  ""' Mc'
I   regular annual ball about the llth or   liWlnS     building     tin-   Miners Union     City politics ure beginning to warm
ft   imli ui January. Ill,ll'k ,s progressing tu completion.    „[, and lots of fun is expected botor
i'llll   nl   tlll
«««♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
* Ine Oouplll, manager nf tho Cran- This building has a pressed brick
T brook branch of the Crow's Nest I fruni witli Kootenay marble trim
ft Cigar factory, wus in town WedncB- ings. When nil these buildings hnvi
ft 'Iny. beeu completed uml tiie building mu
♦ Ice siiilieientlv     str.ine fur skating  tor|il1 a|ul rubbish cleared uway  Vic
♦ Ims     formed    in   llie little buys sm-    t°rln ave, will present n better   up-
T rounding   Moyio     inke. mul tlm nnr-   Pearance tinin ever lief,,re, with still"
X rows nre frozon completely ovor. Lust   many inure     line bullillngs tu follow
X winter     the   luke  frnze  over  un   t|„-I next spring.
i night of January 12, The new Nnpatioc hotel foundationsi    , ,....,,      ,,,   ..;,i,.,,,,j,,,,.
• Side by side In the Cranbrook  Her-   have     been    laid 111 concrete mul the   „,
i mnn wus mimed
John Macki a native uf Finland win.
w.is bourdlng in n lmil.Una witli a
Inmily in n two storey luiil.liim nenr
11Im C. I'. II. truck jin.l occupied a
r.x.in upstuirs.
It is snld Ilmt lie hud retired tu his
i    »e?'i     ,>    ,--.     r       I"  un  Intoxicated  condition
lilt-    ticket   iiuitnilutfd  by  tlm  lit!-   „.,.,. t>
mis League two   weeks   ne,,     don't     ,     .;
eem i.. suit overybody, nut even nil
he nominees, ns L,  ['.  Gckstetn wh..
tsult us above stitted cuiis-
sullocntiuii   by a lire heing
turted in his I...nu.   'i'im origin     uf
iiiiiiiinntt'.l     lur jililcriuuti, it is
Intel. Ims concluded t.. oppose Mny
ilor Tuttle lur re-election by becoming
n    candidate    lor tlmt position Iiiui
iilil lust week were the advertisements   -minul Boor joists put in [iin
ly stilted
.ui tlm sume ticket hns public
how   tin-   in-.-   was   started
When tlm volunteer lite drpnrtnicnt
did get tin- hose tn tlm building il.
wns only ;i, short time before the
dames were under control, but too
Int.. in Im of assistance tu tlm nnfor-
tuiiute   that   occupied   tile   upstairs.
Upon examination uf tlie building
it is hard fnr mm tu realise tlmt a
man   could   moot death in Ibis way
'Imi 1   nnd     the    saloon must go, Imadc fm' an early'   "beginning     next  til',- meeting "which nominntcd "iiitnen-   "''!?."   ''"'   ""'a"s '.'[ ''xij. "'!*" I'*"-1"''
«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦«««♦♦♦««♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   " Ixi I,- the other advertised n certain spring.   Tins   lirm     expocl   to I..- ia  doiscd the proposition, hut there    is  ,"      "  t°'JfJ   oXcttlmt n UIo wus
ft ft   brand   of gin  with wonderful medlcin-1 their pcnnnnenl tiuartors by tlm inst   ,;ill,-i, opposition lu tliis new depnrt-   J,   ",!,|,,,    resctie  would  iindoubtellv
Imv,   been mude.  Indlvtilunl work   iii
A most satisfactory and remurknblc     According to tho mnyor's statemonl   ,,     ,-,    department   wis nnrtlciilnrlv
'thing   about ull these new buildings iim .iiy engineer Is being paid $175 a   )7*.™h*" "'u'^n^klng d'TccUng In-
  ....   ....StililV   tl.   Sllllll'   l.f  till
'I    mm uf the lending churches and   Piunkotl over. schemes endorsed by tlm mayor,
one of tlie leading liquor dealers. Ono ,   Tim    Trites-Wood block basement :    Mayor Tuttle iiBkod fur a salary for
nilvertiseil that the drink traffic     is lias been I'li'ured up and preparattona the mayor during tlm next year   and
♦   /T     A      i\.   M    I—^ I—"*  I—"^ ■ ■ ♦   ""' " lieadachc in u barrel ol ii.
iCAMPBELLj ,,ou,snsMS
Staple   and    Fancy   Groceries.
(From the Star.)
Mr. James Brady, accompanied   by      I'. Cmrns.-11
imsi  business men.
Accurding to tii.' mnyor's stntomonl
dm city engineer is being paid $17.*, u
the tact tlmi in every Instance tlm  month lor re-establishing grades nnr
new buildings art' much  better     mul   looking after many  things mado ae
Inrgcr than llm nld ,ums. cesanry     by Um lire, and tlm general
liim senilis tn be tlml   llm mayor,
tm- i Uake
Our Tight Little Island
nn ink riii
The placo
to buy your Xmas Goods, New Raiscus,
and Peels.    Choice Table Figs and fresh
A swell line of Fancy Confectionery.
:♦   Ills son iir. CnnipbVllBrndyV returned uvo.   is m   present" ii'ii exception     to «'boeyer     lie may  bo,   iliuald do	
t..   Golden     mi Friduy ,,l lust week   tliis rule us llis building is now   only ™ "''"' *''   ,    Bpnornl llllsl|ii'ss     nl     Montreal     Herald: The mure   Lord
4   Tlicy have been busy with some sur one story,  but   Im Ims arranged     to ""  elly, leaving     streel supervision, Koborts oxplains that  n, ileiiiuin nr
tvey work during the pasl summer 1ml grow taller later ,,n ''"''       '         "      roeelvo salaries tm ,,,v might Imnl in Kngliind, the more
will now roma-ln at homo tor a while. mi     told   thero are now stnndtnu s",',i' "".',                              ,     ,      , ''  Imiiis ns though the soldiers thoro
♦      Air. Fulton MrKirilv is back iu (inl- ...here ,|„. ,,i,i i,,,„   '   ,,,  r.'eniin atnod ..''', '"'s1'1"-. director ui llm i run s of needn't     buy return tickets. Sup
X    ib'"   mini.,   bnvitig   urrived   ,.„   Wednes ,!    , .       .       '  '      ",        „ , ™    „n 7""    i'T      V"",'      ",'   T'"   ""'"!"' """'   tl,8»   '"''   '"'"*'  2M'M0   "'""'«   '"
X   'Iny Ins,. Mr. M.'Kirdy left in the our- \TiisZ  ,mi des   iptdon   m,,s   ' '&*. " *}>"" &±&'JrWlwJ,t * 1;l!'k ,«***■[ »!V""  """ ",''
ft   ly part nf tbe full for tlie Tele .Inun thom   nenr enough  completion   to  be ,1"""1    '"     I*'11""1",   ""il"      Willi ,,„u,. „b|0 i„„i„,d Kimiisbnien io wel
A     I'iiiiii imti'v l,„l   „a   l,„   l,„u   ,,...     , I"''''   m'   "'.'Ul''  n   I'ul'il'li't''   tolll'   ul   111.' ,'i,tni.    ||„tti      nml    nnr   nnv'v    nt   l,,,,„l
ft l.v  I
4 fiiclio   country,     but ns he has uut
♦ Iiiiii enjoying Ibe best nl honlt.li, bus
♦ uiul I t,, consult llr. Taylor.
? li  is expected tlml tlm rink will lie
I iipuiil mi  Monday ur Tuosdny even-.
J .um both lor curling uml skating. All !K.,'",','""S   i'"1 "'  "'" l"lM"' lma  '  ™1
4 'ihu.!■ till,, intond joining llie curling
ft eliib ot roqucstcd to hnnd thoir sub
♦ serlptlons to Mr, A. M. Plnkhani, the
♦ secretary.
T The   enI,I     simp tbul wi- Imvi' I	
4 having during Dm pnsl  week bus   en
4 ublcd llm manngors ol tin' rink     to I
All     llm
keep     Hi
r navy nt huml
iishiire, their betilll.
uipruvi'il by tlie ex-
l.< n complete I
Conl Crock,  Morrissey   mul
Michel in  puny with general mun   would hnr.lly
'i'lm     liisiirutico money  puid tn the  ngef Hnrd. curslon
Ipooplo nl llm town, together with the     In convei'sutiun   wilh a  Prospector
Intu.'    Mr      llugel's i-xpressed
llm chlol factor lit ..milium tlm people  groul satisfaction wiih tlm pluns uml
in rebuild  -niuilly ns limy hnve      Hn-ii  prngress under iim new inunuge       I'lluHI'IOCTOII      l'l' IS ALWAYS
.-uu'i' cumpnnlOH, witli  inonl
Kl'll'll'      Villi!      KYIfl      i.N      'I'lIK
I,,     tlm    reconstruction I'liiuiiii'SHINU.
• ♦♦««♦♦♦♦«•»♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦<->«♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   nel aheatl with the making nt Ico for
tbe winter's spnlt In sucli un extent
Ilmt they expect In huve tile I'lllll opened during tlm coining week.
1 CRANBROOK     •'
s     fl HOTEL -,,
niiHst', Comfort a Specialty   Good Stahliiu) in Connection fj)
' I'I ' vu
I.'.l      III ?))
ill' I tll'lllll.       lltIS!
iim    iiulilie    n |
'       It   lll'llllli
| Ho.
' ; -;i\\*:>:/.t ■',,'._ ■.-<._.:,,
(nld ll.ilh-
Proprietors \
From Hosmer Times
It is suid Hint, brown pearls liuve
been pried out. uf the shell ul some
nf the lintels In Fernie.
The Great Northern passenger train
nuw runs through from Rexford tu
Michel, milling ono more train tu llm
dally service through llm vnlloy.
'i'lm llusiimi hoard uf trade meets
every second  Mondny  in the   month,
'l'l -*l   will   be  belli  un  llm evening
"I Ui'i'. M, n,t llm school house. All
members nre rotiiiontoil in attend.
Tlte l'ii„i   Kuotnnuy Telephone Co.,
Ims ...stnll.'.l i, tc||,p|  ; Hi  ,„ n„.
lii'V',1  lintel   tm   tb,   iicconitnod.	
nl pnl'tlos wtsbiim I ie Ibe lum      tu
I I .-I hu- Hm newly for I lire
biiguil ..nl   tin-   now   ims.'     Vlmn
lho   lull  pressure ut  Hm water     wn .
.nr I    un     there wm. i,  irii< circus
uui nl I     ih,.
illis t-roprictors y}"""1"" "''    i u«.ie, Tim pres
",l*,\   null'   wns   found   lu   be   nmplo,   tlio  ex
KSi^S135^£^^sl^SSS£aSJ-.i...^SLl^ '"''  '""  wtiJcti tlm tire hrlgndo i
.„/.. —-..   .~/sr-*..,r,   a]   pofijup, |„M|1   al)lt to ,Bll|Hllte
No Honihc«No Grindihc,
Hollow Ground
Hi llliistrateil
Double Concave for
Extra Heavy Beards ,
V'msV\„tr»o? ll   ^MMH\V
V^V    V ^»  DATnD
Set of Two in
Leather Case
Carbo Magnetic
There is a reason why CARBO MAGNETIC Razors arc thc best in thc world
This method of tempering which is OUR EXCLUSIVE SECRET PROCESS, PRESERVES THE
CARUON in the sleel blades, whereas tempering by fire, the only oilier method known,
DESTROYS it. CARItO MAGNETIC Ma/ors NEVER need to be HONED orOROUNDin private
use. Do you realize what this means? Remember the name-CARBO MAGNETIC
From Cranbrook Drug- & Book Company Ltd. I'lIK    PROSPECTOR,    CRANHROOK,    U     • ..    DBCEMU
li'.    I:
Electoral District   of CranbMMk,
NOTICE is berel
•y   glvon  tlml   Sit
Liutis oi' the abovo Court will ho hclii
at tliv   (.1
I'orumcut    ISuililini:. (':
i ik,     for iin'   (Hano-Mil   ol   cn
iti     licicby    Kivin   imi
i.i1    ( rcillLUl'a      t L'USI     !>,. il.-
II Utl    Am.'imili:;    .UM.*-      tlHtl
lii'imy  given  thai   au ap
Forecasts   For  December
plication will he mude to thc Leyisla       The Toronto World
tlve Ash-emhly ol the pro
tlsh Columbia al   il
llri    in arrange Mr,  Clifford
ien trying     \\t
every    Wodnosd
iy,   at   two  O'clock   p
iry Saturday at tin
an ael  in ineornorntc
next  Hossh'n foi   ure and  suggests
eonipa,nj.  tbe    l-auri
lifton's tut-   prophet but  it  ia
may enter   fnd
miinfi  a popular
eut Ioi nstitutlonul
to     build,  construet, tinu'   su    tVilfrid'i
ti. iu'..liri'i.'.'i,".',.i Vi.- 'in'oiith.'uur-   ln!"»  l«_iittracti_aii   .vMcspread  i te.
. ledums   ii'iim
aiul operate :.  lu i  rail    Winnipeg Telegram and  the Toronto  I
ine the .its.   imi!  there will be some
mi dates as   m
iy     be app..lined ia
giiiitcili   Uni.-.i   .In   t.,11,  iluy
tier, mu assign j,u tos pet-sol
iv.-ty of standard guage ti) In- "I'l'uii    Tele
-.1 liy steam, electricity or any   other the
.risk winds it.-in tin
uf  eil- day tin- sun     ivill
nine hour;   und ul   Mtirysvillo, Kurt
All del.is iital dcmtinds u.u. exceed
power,      for tl,,
llie   lh,
-um ut   iiiiiii inu i„, sued I.
and   rccovorcd in     tliu   above   ui.it   '.
tu.ni-ii     Court    ..it    .-.iiiiitti.uis     ;in.I
tiudgemont,   Oarulsheo (either belore c.-e.ut,
or  alter   Judgement I      or  on   litslj.l        ^   ...
ineni Ordor which eau he enforced by  ,,0|.|
eomtuitiucnl   tl uccossnry. ve.
lust ruet lulls  tut-   proceedings  ran In-   streel
handed  in    t..    lln-     tuelr] incut tuned , t|u.   s;l
Clerks of tlio Court., viz.:--
K. It. Morris, Deputy Shorllf,   Crnn
i villi:   ol   freight,   I,
express:   I' nenciug   tho g 1
llle   Enstorn   British   .Manilniiu,
way     nl  ui tii'.-ir tii i  by llie
Brandon.   I'lie 'im-mi   there will hi
est and the problem <>f Indian udmin
i.-ii.,ti,-ii looms large in the column
of lli.-  English     papers .,:;'!  reviews
 'l   Tii'' agitation in     which Keir lljit-.lt"
,  ,,,'   '.ut!,  figured so   prominently,   the activity
if tl;,-  Indian  'intellectuals'  and     ..;
■      Some
iiilierii  Sifton, thinks tlie Tolegn
lie Uli lurk oi Michel i'i I,
l,V   IU iih.-Ji-.il-
ni.- uuu uii-!;..-.. j.ir 'nil's.-
Iii'l,p. ii sure wo In ui he
ilivuys Impptn -.. Thl:
'.- moon will fall, „m| „f
Angle Saxon in. ..'•■-      the national
congress,     such .,.- Sir Henry  Cotton
;i promise con
t'reek nail a   whieh  lu
ift.ui  fr.
have  lie--II   lull,.ue. 1   hi
 ork tlt.-ir "piill."""sumc  "",""1 ,n, ""' ■:h;1'"'     "■',""-'' ol tl"
uies will land ihe peine, while  ™iI"'>'"'\1<">k   ■'. .ner.ase,! native rep
11        In   tile       l-'l.-illi,
national  schools,  betray
wise ivill fail
resentntion in tho councils ,,i ihe lu
ary in Uu- h'li.ih.-i,.
direel iun iluivn  provinc
undertake jiiiil Uiul they've enipin
ul   Ph.then.I   Mr
a.u a help hul  n lu
tlml   tn fort!
nly sixth ilui   ..!   Nc
direction with n
nl 1. i.lury In
1'. tl. Houth,   Provincial   Constable, ITho	
Muyie.      ur lo AN u     M t'l'ltl
Joseph  IVnlsh,  Provincial  Constable, I THK 11 t,i\ i.N j
lil-iliKli'i   l-'i i;
. liner
i  till'   lutein.it!
.■j., a distanc-
etiietii   derunce to Hie Liberal pi
aside    These   iiii
u-i    h.M liii.-iii-     'I'lu- -■'"'-   ol  Japan, '!,<■ '--'iisiitu
-st worth Is   tlonal n     - mi i ■   In Persia,   and   Hie
ill  |mp    peaceful   resolutl
ui     in  Turkey  huve
li.ui.i..hu.  elections  mid  ml.I-      Hint
ll.ui.  I'lill.uil Silluii has iu,   n ii-nci-
Willi  pi
I'lidates  j,,„|
tn     constriicl  nnd  operate telegraph
Iintl   telephone lines   lul   the  purpose oi
.lilh    I'lif      llle        ih-
.en we know, beeiiuse they've always load    to .,  broadening  "t  th,-  indii...
mPPe I  so,    In  tliis  c I   ., th   ... Mem.nel-        nml   the  followlni     irticlo
HI'S,     Hn-     liny- .nni girh  will i,.,-.,. published  rcrently  in  Hie  .Mimetic te.
h.'ir inn    'I'li.'.  ... in parties, ilaiiee Dlspntch  shows  hmi    .,--..,.,i  i0 tend
'■HIT    iS   the   llei,     InUl..    III.  Veil,.-lit      Tlm
writ.er, Vu.-n,Imu,ih Chuttopndhyaya
mark, th 'v'tl
ea-h ...In
rl,.     Hiei '11  : iun i
'-.    ii   Ilii|'|il,    llnpel'l
described edit,
Messrs.    Han
.iusepli Itynn
Haled  22nd day ul  June,  IUUS.        	
| dav   ul       Iiei
CHANBltOUK   LAND   DISTUICT.    |hln ,,,,-! ii-ui-.
ui before uie thirty hrsl
label, A.  li,.  iuus, with
lilSTIili'T nl' KOOTENAY.
'I'AKK NOTlCli Uiul Ervin 11.
Slreeter nl Kl k moll til. llriiisli Ci.l
iiiiiiiiu, oeeiipatii.it ttttnehcr. intends
in apply (nr permission to purchnsc
the lollowing described lands:
Commencing nt n post planted nt
the northerly end oi nn Island iu tiie
Itiver    uppusite     13.       II.
iluivn stream
i.v   nlli.ljivit,      uml   lhe  unl
duly veritle.l  whicii
lire  ul   lhe   ('
nml open
I Iv given t.
nllili.lutes   win.   sl.
-ere th iiy   ..it s win.
made .. retisoniiblc showing.   Mr. SII
Illl'Of   1,1.1.     Jll,!    Ill;,-   lh,
eli    thev   will
lUeni  npostlc t,, hot
t,l    Those  lln
nl with   tun   i.-  discredited  nnil  llis
Ivllegos  is discredited.   Nels
I'l'iiriiii's, it uui, Itet,I hv them.
IMi   Mi'l'l. IS   IS   HEREBY   PI'l
Cranhrook,   Novemb.
Are   You Superstitious
Ol  lint a lew l»;i\
m  lln- y. g nml rt
IEU  GIVEN  tlmt
Streeter's laud, thonee
along the easterly side ui said island
ubuut twenty live i'liuins t.u Hie suuth
erly end therein, thunce up stream
along tlie westerly side ul said island
tu pluee of beginning, being tlie whole
ul     said    island   und contnining 20
acres lit,ue ur less.
Dated (let.  llth, IUUS. II
District ol Kast Kootenny.
'I'AKK NOTICB thai I, I'le.nenl 11.
Pollen ni Craubrook, occupation
agent,      intends tu apply  inr perinis
lirst Uny ut December, A.H.,   I     	
assignee will proceed in distribute the
issei.s among tlte creditors ol whose
•lniius he shall then have received no
ice and la- will mu he responsible for
;he assets ur any purl thereof .-u tlis
ter ilie thirty    HAIIVEY,   McllutTKU
Al.ll,     Solicit.
,v   MACDON       11 vim ure Biiperstitlous
..I- the  Aphli    iiilinlit']'   111   you   had   l.eltel
aim lie sltull mu hi
llh.'l'.   A.II.,   IUUS.
uk, this mii .h.v
Vancouver, li. C
Municipal  Buildings   By-law
your Americnn qtiurter dollais .... ...i
t ..it" are i.i stars, in lettirs in
HCroll ..( Hie eagle's henk, IH
es uii tlie olive brunch, 111 arrow
heads ami in letters in the words
"quartor dollar." Nuw It is not safe
I., keep them su just bring them in
und eei    credit .ut your subscription
'I'll.   In  .sehunl   Will
something  he'dldn
sick nt heart, lli
nl full nl microbes   II.-  in the hi
iiingster nml   Partly  l.v ihe ho
Paddled i.u   In.l  chielly hi   ll
..I  the Kimli-h
tit up 111:.
llllli:    s  lie
.llllll Vllleli   ,,f   the   I
was quelled und tl
at  pruelu
sion In     ptircliusc tile
ollowing de
cribed lands: Commonelng ut ;i pusi
planted at Hie S. VV. cornel' J. Means
Pre-emption,    east    30 chains to tlie
ni   hu    iiu.;;'.,   tbence
eliuins  soutli   to   the   l,nlltliln,t'y   uf   lul
2U-1S, thence nu chnins west, tbence 30
ehuins north t<- tin- poini ot
commencement, contnining .inn acres
moro or less.
I'l.KMl'INT II.  I'iii,l.l'IS
Dnted, October 30th. Iuus. I.',
District ni Kast Kooteaay.
TAKK Ni.TH'K ilmt I. Francis H.
Pollon ol London, Eng., occupation a
Iree miner, Intend tu apply fur permission t.. purchuse tlie following ties-
cribed lanils: Commencing ut a pusi
plunted ul the N. IC. corner pust nl
I.u H'!L\ lu ehuins north following the
boundary of lot Hi- nmi mis. thenci'
■lu cbnins west, tlience In chuins
south, thence -in eliuins ce,st, tn tlte
point nf commencement, cuntuinlnc.
luu acres tnol'i  or less.
t'l.KMKNT II.   I'ul.I.KN. Agent.
Dnted, October Until, iuus. 18
District of Kast Kootenny.
TAKK NOTICE Hint I, Jus. Uyuu
nl Crnnbrook, occnpa,tlon Juurnnllst,
intends tu apply fur permission tn
purchase    tlie   (nil,,wine      described
city's  Iuteresl   in   Hloek   ll,   l'l
Hi     liis snlic
-Md'ill lilt.   0.
Ifors   Me
Uiiu, Cranhrook, ll. C,
mnl  Hie Joint
Miicdonnld,   Crunhi
Dlslrii-t ol Kiinll'll.iy.
TAKK NOTICK tluit sixty days niter iluie I, Oeorge Lloyd, civil engineer, Cranbrook, intend malting application in Hie Honorable the Chlof
Commissioner ol Lauds and Works
tor permission tu purchuse Hi
lowing lleserilieil lands:
t ommeneing
Government nmi Municipal Utiildim.
t't-eeti'il thereon, und in devote th.
proceeds thereof Fur the purpose ..
pureiuislng n site for and creel iiu
Municipal Buildings.
WIIKKKAS n petition Ims heen pre
tented  to Hie Miinlcliinl Council     n:
Tupper   l-xtols  Uorilen
!AYS  l'l'  IS  DUTY  OK  PAKTY  '1
RALLY    ROUND   i.KAUKIl  Willi
iinliil uml     plu
whiskey poker,     lie   proudly    dccln
i.Iiy uml very
"<i mni    mnn
hut win
ed I.
"H thul. ev.-r  Chnrtn ol     tin- Indian people
young thine   which tlu. people .,f India tlie
jiltliv.   f..r nenrlv  liiiv
oth could'nt Imv n iniz
tin It:
nl   I,,    1„
Sii   Charles     Hibbert   Tupper,  ex-  country    fair
11.    I..   Ins "Us
tun yenr tu veur,
ncerity ..! ihe iu-	
the I'
irporation ni lite i 'Ity ,,i i'i
'tie-tenth  .1 luili
pruperty in tli.
owners ,,!' ut
minister uf justit
iiiii-i.mpromising supporter  ul
Borden, M.I'., fm- Hulllnx .nil
tun, ns thi'     leader of Hie c0n
live purty  in  tlie house of colli
nnd  lie cannot believe but what  ..he  "*''    '"   l'1-1"''
members uf the recently elected linusr
quir    fullillinent
"U    hv    llie   exl
iinday  Srh,ml cln.
HI   t0  which  Its
ml  nml   it   is  tn
wlien iln- "solemn pled
111'   nml   lietl;
sln.iva  by   lho lust   UevisCli   As
requesting the said I'utin
tn   illtl'nilue
hy Inw   In sell
will rally around Mr. limit n at Hi.
ippronching meeting uf pari.annul
ml    support    Iiiui us faithfully ami
ol tile poor hulls
iep hi        .    .
p.ipiilniii.il nut  them
'Hill     I.Vllull   'I
i i.v    e,i side by side
'I' Hie     proclamation
arc plo,c
llis efforts nn-
ills   ll Biters
with   llie  net in,|   fuels
century nf  British  rule
Justification   fur   India
ill Lim city uf
oyully as in the
Although liiiy-Iii
' -"un      hm-   t|„.
Sir  Hibbert
bus   1'1'll'tl-    Hi
111.-  N.   W.      Cl
Kast  Iimiii ,.( the
tlieneo North
jii   u  pust ph,ceil at
jii ,.f I.u   1501  oa the
'otenay  Itiver
I'lllll   uf   tl
llliei-  HI
nil very little from
II. C.
government   nn.l   Municlpn!   Buildings
jii Nclso
in tlie loint
wliea he     used     tn he ill the lielitiug
line   ul   the   Liberal I'.
i llis nu  liml  In
icl'vativc pnr-
1'1'y day  nr Hi,i. Ah.
cqllired  i.lunch  In
greut    mutiny   the spltii
ivlinse uutiijti-i! oxprcssion
been suppressed,  iitnint
akc it  w,inl, while
multitude ,,t sccrel socicti
lined  itseli  in
erected     tl
itindury  ul  lui
8103     tu     Imili, uf Kootenuy Ui'
owing Kootonuy Klvc
Uritish     Columbi
sllln iif seven tl
dollnrs [$7,500.00
devote Hie pr.
iTi'i.n     I,, Hie province
loyal ndhoreucc tn tin
itii tne lender-   'I"
"uiiu;     in     strength mul sub
lioiisund live huiulred
Ol  llis  ft'
read     with     interest throughout tb
Uortleu.   will      lie
n.      movi-il   bv
e.-niiili. -Il
unity.    I'p In tin
even tm the
of ptirchnsing
liml lii'i'lineil ull attempts ut.
South Westerly d
y direction lu plu
;.|iii|:|uii..     M i,iifii'ul   "'     nuliii'"'    luu   when a posalblt
and plug huts uml i
linishiiig    t -lies
inucrying Hn- Itircil
lieruj  spirit   cn
up llu  r'volu
wife puis   H
ie nml     turned thom Iuti
chnnncls nf constitution..
tlte eiti
uvehiber Uth,   l'l
the Conn
eontl',,1   uf   til.
nrnle  pi
'iiy. und  lliu!   I.l
ihtingc wns mooted, thh
t.'ti inr tlte s.ui ..f n Cumberland
u' horse ..! ..Iher days, mul im prodded ti. express llis admil'utl n for
a adhesion tu Mr. Borden in luu
ago thul  en iun, t  he misunderstood.
nTU'E. Municipal     Buildings
 „  hu- corporate purpusi
lit,,,   1.  Andrew     D.   „'VN'D WHEREAS ,',„■ sueh ,
nl i.tii- friends
lecossury tu nnit'ii
1 bv law Nn.   tobor lust.   Thnt;
defeated mi llie acth of Oc
Ten   Commandments  For
ll,    Tl    shall    nul   !.'..   ..wuy   Ir
..in.  to .1.. thy trading, nor thy r
or tin- daughter.
They   sluill paLl
ul   truly     Imli.
II   wns. Ii,
If'nlllT.K-V, lllll    It-
uf   the   111 It
planted   ut   tlte
il       a   pnst
truer nf lot
llth       HO  I'llllillS   I.i   lnt   0033,
tlienee eust mi chnins, tin a.'e nurtli
iiu eliuins, thence west iiu chnins,
to tiie pnitll of commencement, cun
tuining inu ueres un
CLEMENT 11.   POLLEN,  Agent,
Dnted, October 30th. iuus. 15
District nf Kusi Koolenny.
Take nutiee Hint Illicit Slewnrt u.
Cranbrnnk. occupntlon inercbiint. in
tends tn upply fur permission tu pur
ehiise the (ollowing described lunds:
Commencing ut a posl planted mi
the Kuntenay rlvor approximately nn
the south houmlary of I.u nil, 21
chnins west tu tlte boundnry ni Ini
342, thenco 10 eluiius soutli [ollowing
the east liiiliudury uf lu! 1112 In tin
Kootenny River, thunce m ehuins foi
lowing tile Kuntenay river In the
point ol eollimeneeineiil, coiltultllnc
50 acres more or less.
Dnted, October UHHI.  1'JIW. -I*
Tuke nnl.lco Ihni  I.  Lizzie (iru,r,.   ,.!
I'l'illllirniik,      nei'lipntiuu   liuit'l'iod   wn
tuan, intend lo apply I., .he Chiel
Commissioner     ui  Lumls ami  Wol'ki
Ini' pel llllsj.inn In pill.'hilse lhe tullow
inu lleserilieil [units .11 Eusl Kuuii'ii
ny; Commencing nf u pusi pluntod
al Hie suulli inst cornel' ut A II
.iruee'u purchaso,   tlieneo     wesl     su
I'llllillS     fo   thi'   C.P.R.   rich!   nl   wuy.
ihel.'.' following said righl nf way in
.in easterly direction lo Hie south
lloundnry ni I..I Hi."., thenco north In
chuins mure or less to the pluee ol
beginning, contnining Hi" ueres more
or less.
A.  D. liril.e.  Agent.
Daleil nel. 2111b. mi's.
'I'lie lime fur Hie commencement ul
tlie publication in the 11. O. Huzette
of the above notice lias been extended
to tlie Ith day ol Deeeinber, loos.
Assislnnt Commissioner uf Lands
nnd Worka.
District o( Kootenay.
I. John Thomas Seiuilmi ..I Crnn
brook, occupation rnnciier, Intend to
apply to tin. chief commissioner of
Innds unil works for pcrniissiuii tu
piirrhnsc the lull..wing lleserilieil land
iu Kast Kootonuy district:
inlet,ii   in apply tu thc
lissimii'i-     uf Lands ii,ud
permission tu purchuse the
irporutlon oi ihe city   of
Crnnbrook  being llie "Cltj
brook  Debenture     I i II'
im described lu
Kootonuy:    c
plunted nt thi' suuth east
iinmonclng    nt  a pust
Lieiitt'iiiint Governo.
lieon obtained lur stit-1
ull right itseli iu course
"Mr. Borden Is head mni shoulders
above nny man now in sight, lie     is
blest   pnrliamcntfl
l„. merchant, ami thy homo pi
hnve   I n   ,,|   lh,
er spread
erily, iluili mu ihv |„
nil  in
nn.l   I her    IU
,,f       Ami   when   in   the lust
upon t,. put
thence suuth sn eliuins,  theneu   east
mi I'liiiiiis, thence north su dial
beginning,   c
illinium:      lllll
peurs by n repaid nl
the Honorable Hm I"
approved  by his llm
vciuber, ,\. Ii., una
„f the   dl.'lll   public   life   anil   llis   wl     u
■ il   bin, ""li' in Hm     past   stands lor e.i
mnl   nl thing  thnt   is best   In  the public
us np- of lln'     Dominion.    He bus  his tt
Tinut   shull
,'       foolishly   elide
.ihni   Ihey wanted
upon thoir pi
lie sure, ...111 we
• il,   pointed ul   lln-  result, In
nul bread im- their   ""   colonies;   lln
sluill  ,-iho consider   "within   tl ,
uf Nn     Hie  best
Mr. Borden pul up tiie
issiblc light uii'l if he lust
AND WHEUEAS  lite approval
lln I'lllll!   nf  llis
eilit   stated llu,t  Hu
'I'he   lillie   inr   tl
ie  I'uiuint'lleeliiellt   nf
he  publication   in  Hie  B.   C.   Gazette
if lite above nutiee hns been est.
the Lieiiti'itunt     ti
nle anil lllspt
my   Hllll   it   is Hie duty  of
nml  I  it I tint
every  ,-uti
Tiiur iii Council  sen-alive member tn rally round Mr
uf the city's   Borden mul emit
in Hu- uii iluy uf December, luu.-
ii I i'«l   Interest in suid  Block  n in llie City
line  tu  give   tlml  L.v
Hi'1    moi'chnnt's   In
"lib      bills     llis
intly im- brand, mt,
nti   iimli'i' Hu
g   member  of     the
 I  Hie congress,
.ingress ideal nf new
'United States nf India"
fls ..I  the  I'm-   llri.nuiii
is  wife  i,biilell
nl Cranbroolt,
ording lu u nnil.
alive   leailc
ol  llu
'llletlt  her   Lil.ernl   Englisl
mun   I.u.   blatant    hv
J.   K.   AUMSTUllNti
pliin liled iii the Land Registry ollice  live purty.   Mr. Borden has [,.
nt   Nels
11.  C
Assiatnnl    c
i.lief    nl   Llllills    inilii.      I!
Nu. ui'.'.i mnl   the  yenrs been my personal friend, and I
nil     Ml!
Iiuililincs erected thereon, hus     lu
'I'AKK   NOTICE  tlml   'l'h,
luul mul obtained,
lippenrs  bv   tile   deul mie
delighted when lie took
•ll   uf the party, bei se I  Ii
stid  hands,   i
new   Hint   its
'en coitliil.it   to tried
neitl   ll tl      tell
I'" Thou shall
prices fm- Hi
is in thiit,.
reudeth it Ilk.
luiighcth   time   I,
IU'   "lll'illein
is   pocrisy when uttered hy ,-, r, sponsible
liiillun    There enn be no compromise
c.l   between British rule mm Indian inde
nb'  pondoncc, nnd ovon if Sir Henry Cot
l'l    Iinok.        It
mn mnl tin- Iimi   Mr. iinri.-l.ulo
■'ind  -liuiitelh   iml
Igbl in ii 'Pt'ctlng tlie Ideal „P
id.   It   will   be   no
IV   tn de     1"
ule  the said  sum nf
tl   tlml    I   hnve   tile   siilim   fiiiUlilelii-i
him tf.dii.y as when lie wus lirst ap
.1) ill 111'
•ertiiinly  ignoritnt
live hundred dulltlrf
M,l   pointed ti. lend the opposltl
UK     Hie  Mi
Agni',  nf  Sinn-
llllieilnr,        in.end
, Ontnrio, occupui inn
upply   fur  pi
City of Ornnbrook
lhe  I'lilli,.Mill
Hie  nne  in
"f c nuns,    Ile,   in  (act.
in,   Th.ui shall     do whatever lloth
lu tliy power in promote nml encour-
n,ge   till'   Wl'lfure   nf   thine
B'tlTAIN .Ml 1ST
,11   aviitlahie  and   will       lln
town     "'By, it will I,,, asked, should it   In
Council nssi'iii
mission     In    pui'chuso Hie
land, being four ishuuls it. tiie Koot-
lying opposite bit Illi,
sliull nud mny I"' l.iwi'iii   tc
yoi'  uf   tile   I'urp,,lul mu   nf   111
doubl  he unanimously rolnsla'.li
bis  present  position
hers gather ut  Otto
nine uf tlm vein."
nf   priil.      t.
lint   sllllei    tb.
Impossible tu edect
tiveen   Brit isli
"inpr ise  In
I,  d.'serihed  its [alio
posl   plantod i
'• nortlierly  Island   in
the Mi
I'ily uf I'lnii!.rnnli   I.
nhsi.lately dispnse nf  the eity'
other towns entice Hi.
nut, fm- th,,u mnyesi  I,'.- di
isi   Thon slinli  sp, mi th-
tlloo  ami   if    '"!'   inilepenile
because it is de
west   side  ui   111
tllc group nml  iiii  ibe south  Itm-     o
lnt  nils, group I. Kootenuy districl
ml   tlierouf:     thenc
line ul   I.u    Jll
-i  in  Block  li
iccording i'
Hie said  cily  liled
ill   the   Luml   liegl
■ish    Iuti,,ns
try Olllco af Nelson, U C
i,uu. in His Majesty King
ill in Hie righl uf tiie linn
British    I'nliunbi
Tli.ni shuli  mu  bear
igalnsl   tin-  inwii  wl""
-I.   hm   lu -pel:   w,.||
uml   ill  tin   jn
horoby given that
Guveriuaeiii  ami  Mtinlclpul  Buildings  pllcnttun will lie made t,, tin' purlin
children i,, th,. tlilnl
erected tin
ni seven      Hi.
nil   .1 Is
on for Ibe pt
-ni  "I Canada, al  ils nexi
hundred .I..I    hy     the   Koote
Centrnl   llnilll
orations, ilmt tli
llourlsh ami grow
unl fourth
•y may In
i,nl- loyalty and patriotism,
io loyal I., persi ns ami insti-
inly sn far ns they symbolise
..ui highest ideals; nml tho Indian
penple were loyal t.. the llritish govornmonl  tn the .-xi.-ni  !.. which they
believed    Hint    Institution    t,,    he        the
menus   bv   which   til.'if   iliclli-sl    p..lit
eul and cultural ideals would he ruled
Tlu-ii  loyalty therefore, .it.', not run
- ittiter tn then patriotism. But they
in plenty whon thou   havo now learned thai  it is nbsoiul
'sl   with   tin   Iiiii,,
l.v Impossible fn
"in    I-ue   In   Ulle   all
I'll.    I'll!
Incorporation, being i i*.
Datod October .'Intl.,
The delay lor
ommeneing Hm null
ressiiry uml rcqulsito in On  p
2.    Till'   pi',,1' is   nf   III,-   ..nil
Sillllll  be lloVOtOll   In  lhe  pUt'Oill
il slle fur and   tl tee! lull nl
iled  bv  I.   K.I
n|i.   112 mul -I  Edward
Keep  Tooting  Your Horn
up. ul, by extending Hi.
nill       I'lllll'
other without exterminating I..,tit
Imro decided Hun' Britain must
then  Iny   ii.-hle
tended in ihu in
„!„.,-   pul  Build
'd   liv   sm,I   net   nl   ine.
ings  Im-  Iiii
tv   i.l    I'lllll
i' 'nn..
iiiineiits, mul fur othor put    Mini
Crnnbrooli   win
21   nf   Hie   Cllv
Diiii'd December ,'tli,
l-lnrvey, McCnrtof ,v Mn&lonnld
by law, Is horoby repealed
"iicitiirs fm- AnrtliEiintH   makes u
I.   This bv lu
liv  he ,'ileil f.
Coiiinu'ticing    at
post      pluiili'il
iiy inw."
I,   Ben  w   Werden,  "1  Port   Steele,      Head tin
llriiisli Columbiu, II I Keeper, here    tlmo mi t
'     apply  i" Hm  Siiporinten.lenl     m   I BOS.
ovlneiiil   I'ul   h.i   a   ieiieu.il     ill      Received
my licence I., sell Intoxlci -.- I..pi.
under  the   proVlstotlH  uf   llie   Slain
ill   llllll   lielliilf,   III   lhe   tu- ises km.
""' -'ll-'-       dn   ll.■I       talk
"I       JMi.-lanees       boCUUSC    we
people ..ml
''-In    Hn-ll    Hie    .line     Vet        nlil iml  prevenl  th h.-i  kind
..ml und     Hind       I.  Nil-: lb
second dav ..I  D.
ubcr,   Columbia, heroli
Hie   lllll duy  ul   Jj
III   ,.(   II le
..I    Wasn, Ut nu li   stonily pull,
apply I., i l.e Sup. i     local  paper.
Il.'ll    tt       \el        Hi Illllli. I.OM,
,'!     ■   l.'lelnl
',.    II-.   fnl    -.lie   hi
Hie  Imperial   1 Intel     TAI'
K NOTICE llu,I   the ah.
Illl'-I.illil   ,.   I l.i
 I   .ie cubed
My     t
Sleele.   II,   ('
ilil t    2     chuins   solllll   uf   tlu
west corner ..( lot 72m mi flu- nortii
boundary I..I 2H12, thenee, north 2". ill 1   The in
eliains.  thence wesl  211 chnins,   I hen.-i-   nwnc
smith 25.31 eliains, II ce enst tilting be It
tlte northoily  I I.iry ul  Lui  2:112  11. O
till.-   Copy   nl   lite   pi-lip I   Hi   lllU   UP      Impel 1.il   llnlel   al    Pull    Sleele
■ Miinicipnlil
lite Mimlelpitl Unil.I ,   :il .1  tin
opilSCll    In    I'li".I.      II     I'
to tlie plucc of beginning, containing   Purl  Steel.-, it. 0
r.H acres more or less. Dated
Diiii'd December 2n.ll Plus. is
'id "llohorl  I,  'I'  iinlhi-iiiih,
< in inliii uniii Hu
'Hubert I. 'I'  Hull th.
I'lllll IMI ll. I'n.M.il INDEII   [''.li
I'l'IPI.'   I'llOVINl l'l
H"    "i  ilni   when Edward
In-     me   nut  1., in,- ,,,.,,,1,
Hi.   peop I  Ind ,1     ,1
Priday,  lhe  1Mb  |t.
,  hllherl.11  been
«.-  l.ei III 1,, 1.1,
I.'I    I"   be    Hie    I.1..I1.
\l   ROBERT!
Hie   Mdlilcll.nl
ttmnniiie   .J
Hie    I,,|e    1,11,.,,dn
ill   i-ultceiiti f
-hint  ni  hand.. I'liL-e
TllK    I'l.'ti.^l'Ki Ttii;     rl,'.\M!i;iHi|s     l;    p.    IlKCKMHKU    I:',    p.."
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♦ •- : :
I     SATUltnAY,   IU-.i KMBKIi   IL.   I.WS          \   potiti -  Point   eirculuted    a -I. ♦ -r T ti                     i-»                       mr                                m-a • /»,            ♦
ft inr     ilie     provlnciul ,-...v.-ii.tu.-iii
ft .lll'lll  .     J         it i ' opi 11       M    111.     Old    U'llK 'Olid    I.elM
+                                                                                                            .,!,,!   Moyie ft i '■'"                mmssmssssmmsmmmmsmmsaamsmmmmmmmsaasmaasmmsmmaamaamma      ft
ft      |'    Woods  runic   lolin   Ilolli    I heirj T Z
 e   -.I   cull   i'lm  ' ft ft
hoppiuc     Ymi  ..nn   .-.-t   In  111-" ft
Woods  ruine   lolin
ft   I'rei ..   llondul    ni  Im- un
♦       1    .1    l-'.ii,|..i,.
i.l   .1     11... In
were in town  Molul   (
j ..I    skntill      til        li	
:   '..',Mi
,\ .. . • ■	
. Suturd.i!   Iu i
1'    ll, \ nne  ...   i',mi   Sleel
. I  'I'i l.n   n. in    ll'tili -
Boiinci    i
.  .i.u
.li   you'll lleep
il   .... .1   al   ..II
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\     I'-   lei      [   .Nch.,,11    il     l'l    il i ♦
. ■ ai.-       ami       I    K   Hi.'  f
It,,, '    I   . ,n,l   ivere   i.'i-i -I'-ii'l   .il       ll"' T
Kridti) ft
ill l'n   Montreal,   11     II
. -.1
n,l Mrs. H.  M .1 Miii'ii "I     l"«
irl el  ni   lluiiliciii.   i,     i, ft
,i      ,     i    Kotill  uf  lliain ft
I;    .1    Iliniii   nl   Nel...ni ft
,l     i'i Mi -    l-'n.lav 9
\i,    ,     l    lljde linker, -I   V   l.ai.l ♦
in    llrcen .in.l  il ♦
....„,  In,nillli:   .,l   'Vii a ?
II     lh '
hkuausk our  nuliii'  is  it
..uu I'll ill I' i|iinlilv   mul     vmi
run    I i'llll ill    Of    "'Oil ll.fr     III.'
li.-l       |IOSSil)lu       I..'..' Wl	
I'lllll'   ll'i.'MtU  kliOW   uiunls   ivt'l'u
spiturnil    ir I.     ll    M.'l'.ritl.'
Iliuy ut i.mi' nri. I'i'i'Iniii. tlml
vmi tliiuiL'lii tliu bosl wu-. mine
ll...   ii I   hi.-   ilium.
It   mm, tl   Mnlldn
dnvs  iln
i'i„^m'e"eo!ne.i in.m'thc 2 FOR FATHER, BROTHER AND FOR HIM ♦
 ""' '• '':'"'''" X ———————————————————— J
let.                                               * ;
,     w     ft HAZiillK.       llAZOIIS       STHOI'S, ft
bury oi Viuu-ouver, K. "cu'lnoc 'oi'cnl    ♦ I'uClvCT      KMVKs.       SHWIMi ♦
,      uui   «     II    lill.-.'ll   ul   Clem.HI.     I
1     I ill .. Mill) Mill''    111 i.    al   Hn    Cl I,   MumIa>. ft
.li                                                                                                                .          1 ♦ -
i      .    ihe     . im inufj dccorntlonn j ft A
;i;f,,v'olTh'rc,',udl.!kVVn,K1„dBooli'\X for mother, sister or for her X
lore n- i'.iiii.iil.nil  meritorious.        i* ———————.——^——————- ♦
T   l'l   ilu.v mi     Vancouver,     W.J    ♦ I'.MHIIOI UKUV SCISSUliS, NICKKI, f
M!i|!u,W'i[ T.>ronto',kweri "guosts      ■' '■* TKA IWS, I'O'H'S IHilSi. IIRKAH ♦
th,- i i.itiiiiuuk Tuesdny.
ft      \   ti   I-',-. -       .
i        .
KA/.11IIS,       llAZOIIS       STHOI'S,
I'i il'KI'T       KM VMS,        Sll WIM1
iiiu'siiKs. ska'I'i-:-. i;i-:vin.\'i-:i;s.
i   llll IMI   SK'I'S.
.. :t   lot   th.. eon t
m       .    ,■    Moyie  ...
■ft     a   u uiiu)   un
the i.u  eusl
Kins  loll  .ni  Monday    i.
.    iiiii uu, \ H
Wa-.,.   spi
-1-   nl    .llllll-
i.l  lie delighted    l,
lull   uf   J.I1..W.
i'    \. (Irani ui Pincher Creek,     A
1-,-1,-e  ainl   15,   Marts  ul   I'alcnl'.v.    liml
Fred  Bitchic ol   Victoria  were reels
tered al tin' Crnnbrook Wednesduy.
.1     .1.      II,iliill    ni       Toronto,    -I.   K
Putts ul  Spokune,  Will    Mnrcollns   ul
l-'i-iit,,.inc. ,,n,I  tl.   11.  Deane "f  N'.-l
„,ti -,,', re guosts nt  the Crnnbrook on
M Ik'KKS. SKA'I'KS. l-'illll.
l'll..l'l'|.'.US. I'Alil'I'T SWKIil'KKS.
II   Cranbrook,   B.   C. HARDWARE    X
We aie t'cudy in compote for qunli  I ♦ ♦
anv'T'niiliuc''' u'mec"\n'l'beV'i'nuii!'ry! \ ********************************************
en  spoil  -i  grout  dcnl     ,u   Cot your work done nt the Prospect-
ilowiUK about themselves.      or otlice.   We guarantee sntlsinctlon.   |   — -   —   ——	
r -s. j
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I a-.-, nf t title ,        -    ....
Many   new   and   dainty   designs   in   Jewelery   for
your inspection.
C.P.R. Inspectors. Cranbrook, B.C.
by tlie way lie     "Old  timers"  predict  n short    nnd U\^. |V|| ;„  |-.vt,m|,jno  I-',-,,,,
Uar pin.Mint  winter, mii ivlml thc prculc I
tion   is   based   i-ann    I.allied,   lull .,   \ ,,,., j j,. ,, , .,   |   ,„,,|M,,|n
ess is nil cighi   no kick  coin it  may be Hum llie utternii
... Cranbrook. Grit press.
X     K.  ]•'.  Lytic nn.l  1.   Klpsil  ..I   i'ul       |,  has been repontcdly shown   tlml
ft  ::..n. were iu town Priduy. there !> tm better ugricultui'al lands
♦ iu tlie lirovlnce, when crops nnd fruil
♦ Mr   and  Mrs.   H. Benedick of Klk,. ™ ,|sldl ,,,ci|     thnn thl„t  fo„m|  ,„
1. K. I'nleuinii and ll. Chnpnmn of     c. M   Bcebe of     Vancouver, Cl, II.
mie wore in inun IVcducsdiiy. Griffith and W. -I. Thompson   ol i'ul
citt-v, T. I'. Pyko ol Toronto, and U.
Pair Hockey Skntcs for sale cheap. |>. w. Winter ol Winnipeg wore regis
l'l'i>  Prospector Ollice. tercd ul tlio Crnnbrook Tuesdny.
Crnnbrook visitors Thursdny,
tile   Kn..It'll;,1
♦ Uu™   At  Crnftb t on Friday, thc     N   j   Gillllanil of Cnrlwole, J. M
♦ nth December, to Mr. und M'
♦ mi, a boy.
'. Wiitkins, representing the I'ul
ry Brewing Compuny wns trnnsact-
» husiness at  Crunbrook Priduy.
i'i-eai-v of Nelson, B. M. Hnrti'oitl o
Calgnry, ,1. K Povor ... Spokane am
K. Cotiriey of Vancouver and -I Tel
fer of  Kernie    were   guests   nl      tin
All liimls of Second Hnnd ti I
,'iii'iiitiuv  it   .si'l'.rl.W.TY
•null   Suil.il.>   lust.
ft      li   R, Yates ol ivycliile, mntlugcr of
ft  the Staples Lumber Co., was in town      R0mo,  Doc.  I"   Tlie Pope todny r
♦  Thiirsilay. reived    in     private farewell million-
K.-v.  i'niil   Bruchesl,  archbishop
♦ ii. M. Jaekson und A. Hodgson   ol   ,,
♦ Snulnni   " '•■- ■•'■   ->•■''    ''""'
Messrs.    Thos.    Oakley nnd lie.
i'iiiiii.I-.,..I.  visitors ..it
Ottawa,     Doc.     10   There is some
talk among locnl conservatives of of-
-w     ,, ,. feeing tin- purty cundidnture in Ottu-
♦ ',",,,,:"l l'l'n'"'- ^l"'"1  **<"*'*»  '»»' '»   in, ,,, Hon! J. (I. s. Bergeron In the
evelll   of   the   sent   which   i.-   HOW     lieid
 n    has located a hall   >'>'   Slr  Wilfri'1   l"'l'"ri'''' '"''"-  "I" '	
♦ section of agricultural  land north of   "' '-' by-election.
X  ''"'■' s"'1'1''- -i-i,,, |„,i,i su- Wilfrid Laurier ims on
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦     Th,     Crnnbrooli     Drug   nnd   Book   ""'     I"'1.'1"'     Imiiglimtlqn wus m
X -im
i)i:.\i.i:i\ in
Hl:vKK z RIRS   excursion
.'s i liil   Sltinil.  Ilunsiiii Ave
l.uiv Round Trip Rntcs to
Tickets on a file Dec. 1 to Dec. 31,
inclusive, good to return within three
Tickets issued in connection. Atlnn-
tic Steamship business will bo on
anil1 from N'ov. 21. nnd limited from
live months from dute of issue.
Finest   Equipment.   Standard   First
('luss Sleeping nnd Tourist Ours
on n-U Through Trains.
is headqtmrte
ire strikingly shown Ih-m by     tl
(From District Ledger.
universal siuli of relief when it     wns !
found Lhat be had not really been in ]
Mttrtin Burrell, Ml'., for Val.'Car   n railway     wreck after mil,   Calgary
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA> AAA**AAAAA.AAAAAAAAAAAA  " ■ ;,ni1 ■Vl,'s* "urn'll nro visiting at   Herald. j    Tho election    ol ofllcers for the   in
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦  vietarln. I ternntional li.M.W. ni A. takes place  Apply to nearest 0. 1'. It. Agenl  foi
IjCnves Wlnnipflg daily at 22.10 making connections at Toronto iot  all
points enst nnd wtst thereof.
I', iliiliiili. who tins boon visitine
friends ul the const returned t.
I'liinl.i-iinlt   Sntui'dny   Inst,
'I'lll-l    CAN MH.IN    UANK   UK  POM   Imi Doc. 8,
full   uili.imnl lull
'I'lie new I'.I'.R.     stntlon is ninkiiiK
I i'u|iiil    [iroitrosn    uud should lie coin-
Toronto,  llri-    in   'I'lu- stnli-iii.tit  ,,l i I'lcii'd enil.v iu |.'.-1ii-iiiii-.i
ft     11. tl. Colomnn uf Toronto nntl     I',   tho i'n- udnm liunil nt liiuninoi-ce   for      Urosldenl I-'   II. Hlioi'iniin .-111111' intu
:  White ol Vnnconvor spent Siiii.inv Inst | the your ctuline November nutji shows | the city from the    ei.,st     nn Tuesduy
in l
cl   iirullts
lllll.!'.",    Cum   , cvellilli; un inisliioss.
♦ The   trouble    nboul      11 Iduiiiim
♦ I hell   ul.I   liuiiis   is tlmt   thoy   never
♦ lui iln' i'lillil tune.
luired uiili .?l.r.".i!,:l-l'.i.t,r Inst you,i
l-'llt:  SKAU'ASAIIAK A   I'l'l'.
The Most  Up- to - date
Rigs in Crnnbrook
Vim   lli'iul  11
\ M)
A liii'no number uf i.euple ure Imnl
inn    vin      IM'.It.    lhis  week  tn  visit
thoir nld liuitii.-j lu Knttlnnd und Km-
♦    ' '"" "'' ope.   Uver i«,my [nmi li  nro now
j     Fred  Smythe   editor nl Hi..   Moyio      Montreal,  Dec.    10   I'rlvnlo nih'loes   booked     1.1    iln- Uni|iiesa ul li'oln,lltl
J   l-.-ii.ici-. in.',,     in tlie eity .Miuiilnv'mi   '''"m MuncltcBlur, Mns my tlml tlio   ''"  Hi'' UUi insl- vin .-11. John. This
Z  im incis Mnneliestor     Yuchl   ''lul.  "ill in I'I   ]"'-'i " ll"1''1 "I' und no 1110.0 spuee is
X .1,,- clu.ll.-nijc ,.i tin- lluvi.l  s,    Inw    uvullublo this trill. , ;     |',|.. | „,\ \( ll''..     I'1, .1,1 irltii.
ft       .1,tines      I'lii.llny      let iirn.-.l   Siiii.lny    i,-ncc   Vuclll   I'lllll Inr  tllc  .-Vniuinnlni Tl loctlon   nl   ..Ulcers   l,,r   dislriel '
♦ Insl    (inin   n   business    Irip    t.i tin-   In, flip. N,,   is II.M,''1   ,,f A   will tuko pluco "
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦:""-;-';—■        „.,,„-siv(,kssi„i-lv   '■■::::!::::::;r:;"";,'i::;,,,,,,,,,<Teams und drives fUr-
lUII-chltsO    yum-   c'lilis J   ,-,'t'i-        It,'- llllll Iiu, 11,le, iiy   , el ill Iled     I,,1     nisllCtl   fm" OVOI*y   pOlHt
""•"■ •" !."»' »'"•'"       u-:;;:,;;."ih„ l;;;;::;;:.„, S.;,,1,,',,,,^"",',', wpMh'ibriin.'i ' x"""""!     h1 the DiHtrict
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦«44«      Roup your is mi its Inst   |enp,   mi.I Duyton,    11I1I11,     mudi          mu- ml Mr. Hurry t'ox ..1 tin-     piirclii-nlnff
9  eonsldcrlnii  ovorytl    tl rtnllty ilu-lit luiro Wednisduy.   K,,n nbers depnrliuenl   nl  lln- I'mw's Nesl   I'tisn I StiClclle   isi   PflCk    Hoi'SOS
ft  hnsn'l  l.ci-n very (rent, ,,1 th.- llritish nero club went ..ll sip    Unul i ipuii) Ims 1'ohIkiioiI Irom Hint !
miiicit  witli .ih   Wnrlii iij. i.iiiii-ciii- ..ilii'.-  mill    linn    nocoptcd nt position
Selkirk  Preceptory nnil  I'rltiiy held ,., ,    \„, , n„. mIkIiIh iver urreil   with     Uu- I'lk  Vnlloy  lirewine 1'  ' I'lniiii'   Hi.    Cull  1^ nl  illlV   llllll!
• ' rei-'iiliu' tu iiK  nssombly   In    Hie |,v tieeidents puny
f  "'"" ■ "•"l|,i" "M J '"S "'" ■' 'l'l,,-    fiiinlu- ,   I'rospoctor      luu
:♦     'l'l,,, i,-c is , I nt  tin- iiiii.  mnl    n Ul'   CANADA    AMI  AT THIS I'I'AI.    I111111cl1.il  mil   inl.. un dIrIiI   pniu   pit   :	
numbor    ui   locnl curlers woro tuny                           '-^N- I"'1'-   ''''"'     Prospector     is   11   uooil,
ft ovory nlitht this week with tho stones.      ,,                ,,- , ."  Iniulii,   newsy   PnPor nnd Is ontltloil   ^"9 j . •
I "'"u" "Ioi.i-1.   li.,linn Mun „. Hupporl nl the Ornnbrook eil- | f^teWfl 1*f    *ms\
ft     Mr. und Mrs. J. K. He ' Uurd "",,in r, who dorented,,lohn Hay    mAK.   Jh. ili,„.|. t» „n, „[ tl,,.       *^» »■ V T» W I    *     £7*9
A  st0ii,  Attn.,  ivere d'tiiibrnok  vIsltoi-H ca' winner ol **"■ Ulympic    Mnruthon coob of llie Kootenny, nud Is nlwnys   rhfl   I ,.„rl!,,,r F,;,t,   si„™
♦ Snlurdny Inst, »'ns 1 ''.  I mate 1 1,, run    Tom ,„„„„    „„ the rlitlit side ul the peo ]'"*■   LtaOlllg tl till Still C
♦ I...I1I-I.....I,      lln-  llllilllil  fm   211  miles,   p|,,'s     Intcrosts.     (Inuil   llleil  tn     thei  „ .
♦ -I   ii   I'.. 11., 1111.1  I.   11. Iiin-lil.-v   iif i"'-". .viii'li .  111  .Muilcsiiii Si|iinre Clnr Prospector
Meals    At   All    Hours.    Day   and    Night      | STtunh,''; ST* "' "'" *'" This'wiiMif the^'eutertMu'fai        ,~     ,
X                         '  - nice ,,i n.c world's hlstorj                               llM  th0 '"'"" lre8H')
X     I,   10   Drummoiid mnl  II    I   Murks — "    "
Z  Hosmer spent   Huniluy  Innl   hi  Crnn INVItHTOH   ANXIOtlH   Knit  I'ANA "'*" eni lapse nf n seiilii.l.l ..11    tlio
:  brook ill  lniNDri Ili-iulersuii  iiloclt   procipitntud  sovernl                             ' '
lillelilnyeis  I.,  llie  II '.    Furl iinntely ,\1 ,\ I ,.\( . ,\    I i l,'.\ I 'MS
:A   lien   Is Instilled in encklluii     in un liiin-iuii.  11   f,  Dec,   II   Rcero none wore sorloiisly Injiirod.
Crnnbriitik,    mt   ,-,-,..; ,„-,. ,,,,, 11,  ;;„-. imi     Cortely  ihel'  Btutos w. II   R„ss,    M. I'. 1'.,  lias returned        t'A 1,1 Ki IRN I A   (ll'AI'ES
♦ I"'1'   "'II l"'u   un   -mi cl   Ihul   tlte   I'liliiiilnn    |,,,,,,  „   |t .;|.
Mrs. (I   I,,,,,-!      ilniiuhtei     „f en'i'oe nf"l(r2 iin''ti'i'i. "i |l "e'e.ni       Tl"'    !"s choeli or i was i.i om   (iKANOiiAX    Al'l'l.l.;-;    AM)
Au';;v '"ri ; ■■;'""",r ,-' -'Vr,y°n77s;,fr 5™* T":t-"i^'t,\\.7,!rz   i-kaukpioh,i.atk>,
♦ .il, ,;,",',''''  '■' , ' '''."",, I1'  '" ''■'"•   Inwliil inuii.-v nl  I'l.nii.in. 'i'lie     sume 	
X        M'   -  llis-ll   tt      tt'he     "«!;"   ,1    weri relee ed    ',!!.,,nUneV    Ml1"1"' ' " ;'"' r 1.HI-V0HL In Mnc lAIH.I'. I.'AISINS
?   Hetllev.   ivere   ('r„nbr„„l    rlHllm      nn   m ..,«  1    In,     ,   ,     ' '""," ' I ' I's  were tlri.wn nil llle
'". ■       ■ ".    ,     ',;   '" "'   ""' '!',."'    ''•     l-clllio  I..1.II1I1  i.l   llle   linine   lllllil.      ul S'l' ft, W ,\ K"|"S      KINK
''"   ,        ".'"    ,,!".'   "'"" "'"' "' 111111.1,1      111  Invi,r  uf   .lului   Tlluinns. : t'I It If'( l|, \'I'|.'S
♦ Hi      Mi-   1'   I'   1 1 ..i H|in     "l"lllr '"'  ■i'..^i\miu ,|||(| :;I|,,M,(| iiy uiiuubnU! chirr. Morelt
/-Nil f    '■<"-       '"'I.'       l.'i-l   l.-l.-.l   ,.l    llie   I  11,11 null.      ill    llle     puss Sl ill   I   I lie
in   Cranorook x '       ~
Lunch Counter
Slaght & Brogan,  Prop's
We Serve The   Best Th)e McirKet
Can  Produce
GIVE   US   A   TRI(qi_
jap oranciich
('ai.iI''hi;nia naval
ll ii'll     ,111.1     K   I,   WrlL'ule
Illll'll .'.
Mm ,
in   linvn      Innl
AllVIMI-l  Vlil'l!   fill HNIIH  ANII
Hugh Stewart
I'lli INK
I'lll INK


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