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The Prospector May 29, 1909

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Array Vol. 15.
No. 22
Protect the
Wants More Fire Wardens and
Better Precautions.
The following copy of a letter ad-
uressed by Petor Lund uf Wardner to
Hon. F. J. Fulton, commissioner id
lands, is self explanatory.
Wardner, B.C., May 2D, 1909.
The Hon.  F.   J.  Fulton,  Chief Commissioner, Victoria, B. 0,
Dear Sir—We are now rapidly approaching the time of the year when
the entire province will be under
great danger of being burned over by
bush tires. During the months of
July, August and September tlie weather is usually very lavorable for
bush (ires, and it is usually during
these months that the annual wanton
destruction uf timber and other property takes place. The government
must tind some adequate means ol
preventing these fires being started
and Borne more aggressive and effect
Ive method must be adopted in con
nectlon with stopping them after they
have been started and are under way.
An increased number of fire wardens
must be provided during the months
of July, August nnd September each
year. Take for example the Crow's
Nest district between Kootenay river
in Kast Kootenay and Kootenay
Landing in West Kootenay. Along
the Crow's Nest Railway their should
be at least five fire wardens. These
men should be experienced bush men
and fire fighters and no ordinary government officials. In addition to
these men, it would, uf course be necessary to station fire wardens at different points in the more isolated localities such as Wasa, Windermere
and one south of tho Crow's Nest
Pass on Gold Creek and the Yank
river. In addition to these fire wardens every provincial police should
take some responsibility in connection with this matter.
I would consider it wise that every
person or persons entering the timber
areas uf British Columbia during the
hot months for any purpose, whether
it is a cruising party, prospector,
fisherman, hunter or pleasure seeker,
should be compelled to obtain a permit from the nearest provincial police
or fire warden and in securing this
permit a copy of the Fire Act should
he handed them and the precautions
necessary thoroughly explained.
A vigorous campaign of education
undertaken by the government, aside
from the arrangements already mentioned, is the only means by which
bush fires will be eliminated in the
interior and mountainous districts of
British Columbia during this season
of the year.
Every man, woman and child living
In this province must be taught first,
the absolute necessity of preventing
the timber growth ol the country
from being destroyed by fires; second
the disastrous and unfortunate results
that are sure to occur if destruction
the timber growth of the country
is not prevented.
I might cite one instance, which, if
given the proper study and attention
the absolute necessity of taking every
precautionary measure towards tin
preservation of the timber growth in
our mountainous districts of British
Columbia. Until a few years ago
British Columbia was known only as
a mineral and mining section. The
interior of the province at that time
was overrun by people who were looking for mineral. There were thousands of prospectors scattered
through the mountains every year for
a . jod of 15 or 20 years. The province was then heavily timbered
throughout. In order that the work
of these prospectors might be facilitated and that the nature of the
ground would be more readily ascer
tatnetl, bush llres were evidently started in many places for this purpose
and in tbc high regions where there
was not sufficient moisture to give
adequate protection, the timber was
entirely destroyed, It is a well known
fact, that, following up the period
mentioned, disastrous freshets took
place early each spring and the mountain Knows wore melted during the
first hot days in the spring and all
the moisture of the country ran off In
two or three weeks' time, after which
the country experienced droughts that
prevented the growth of ordinary vegetation.
I am informed by stock men and
ranchers that for a number of years
as a result of these bush fires there
was scarcely sufficient moisture during the summer month* to produce
vegetation necessary to keep the game
and domestic animals from starvation.
In later years we find that In the
interior of British Columbia, iu the
the former burnt and denuded district*, there is a fresh growth of jack
pine which has grown very rapidly
and stands very thickly upon the
ground and has now reached a height
of 40 to 50 feet. The growth is holding the moisture in the mountains,
which causes the annual spring freshets to come on later each year. For
example ten or twelve years ago the
water in the Kootenays were at their
heighest between the 15th day of May
nnd the lot day of June. During latter yenrs these streams have been at
their highest between the 1st day of
June nnd the Kith day of June. In
the spring of 190R wo experienced the
highest water in the Kootenay river
on the 7th day of July; in fact, as
conditions are at present our rivers
are welt filled all summer and as the
timber growth increases It is evident
that additional moisture will he rc<
tallied, that excessive freshets tn the
spring of the year will eventually be
prevented, excepting In extreme enses
and that the flow from our mountain
streams will be uniform and normal
throughout the summer months,
which cannot but have a desirable effect upon the country and Its people.
We have frequently heard the old
settlers and cattle ranchers In the
province of Alberta, proclaim tbgt It
would be     Impossible to make that
Painting Mr.
Puasiey mite.
Naval Debate. Tlie Kins won.
The government has expressed its
confidence in Mr. Pugsley, says this
Toronto News, but the normal majority was reduced to 27. It is said
that cabinet colleagues uf the accused
minister were careful tu be absent at
the time of the division. No wonder,
"The pride of New Brunswick" made
a defence so reckless and su manifestly untrue that he amazed the opposition and disquieted the government.
The   Central     Railway Commission
had the facts, justified by sworn test
imuny, and it     was perfectly useless
for the minister to attempt to   controvert  them  by  random  statements
reflecting     on     the character of the'
commissioners.   His     speech was     a
lame and     puerile attempt at whole
sale denial, and Mr. Crochet, who foi-
lowed him smashed it to pieces.   But
enough   liberal members had handed i
their judgment to the caucus to do- '
feat the Crothers resolution, and keep
this discredited minister in office.
They voted in favor uf a man who ;
"lost" $134,000 in the expenditure of
a little over $900,000. No one can
tell where that money has gone. Mr.
Pugsley's attempt to trace it was a j
complete and utter failure, and he
knew it. He dared not stay in his ■
place and answer the questions of the \
opposition speakers. The story of the \
Central Railway exploitation Is so j
amasing and the evidence su eonclu
sive that any member of parliament
who voted to whitewash Mr. Pugsley i
must have something wrong with his
intellectual machinery. Party slavery j
may have compelled some, for the
whip hand of the premier is strong j
His imperial commands are nut to be i
disregarded with impunity.
But what of Sir Wilfrid Laurier ?!
Where is the tine fury he exhibited iu
189.6 against the boodlers of the old i
regime ? Where is that flame of indignation which consumed the wast-1
rs of public money ? Where is the I
promise of honest government ? If he
can accept Mr. Pugsley as his colleague he displays a cynical disregard of his duty and a carelessness
of his pledges that mark him as a
man utterly unworthy of the ennti-
dence which the country has reposed
in him.
Cranbrook, the chief divisional
point on the Crow's Nest Pass mil-
way, is situated in a beautiful wooded prairie near the southern end oi
the Kootenay river valley. It is an
important business place, the centre
of a fine agricultural nnd lumbering
district, and a distributing point for
supplies. The population is about
3,500 and steadily increasing. Four
large sawmills with a daily capacity
of about ltiO.OilO feet, are located in
the town by a branch railway. It has
a good waterworks system, banks,
churches, hotels and schools. The
building of the Kootenay Central
railway will add much to Cranbrook's
wealth and importance."
Tragedy at Picnic averted.
Ymir, B. C , May 25—Miss Cynthia
Barkley, tlie 17 year old daughter of
William Barkley, who is an extensive
rancher below Erie, B. C, had a narrow escape from death yesterday In
Beaver Creek.
A picnic party made up of young
people from Erie and Salmo went to
Beaver canyon and Miss Barkley in
attempting to cross the stream below the falls assisted by Lorne Ettcr,
slipped into the icy waters and was
instantly swept away. Fortunately,
the young woman never lost her head
but managed to regain the bank,
where she was speedily assisted by
the remainder of the party.
Not in Welsh's Class.
Boston, May 26—Freddie Welsh of
England outfought and outclassed
Phil Brock of Cleveland, Ohio, during
nine rounds of hard fighting in the
133 pound class at the Armory Athletic association last night.
Jail Newspaper Man.
Quebec, May 25—Oliver Asselin, correspondent for a Montreal French
newspaper, was today sentenced to
15 days iu jail for striking in the face
the minister of public works, following a debate in the house. The assault took place in the parliamentary
. Watch Cranhrouk     boom, and keep
your eye on The Prospector.
province an agricultural district owing to the great droughts thut had
been experienced by them in tho early
days and for a number of years, the
lakes and streams becoming entirely
exhausted during the summer. Such
Intense droughts had been experienced
It was pointed out, that great cracks
or fissures bad been made in the
earth owing to the lack of moisture
and during that period it was necessary for the limited number ol cattlemen located in Alberta at that time
to drive their Hocks from one district to another in order to keep
them from starving.
This cannot but he taken as a direct result of destruction of timber
growth in the mountains, there being
nothing to hold tlie snow and moisture that nature had Intended for the
purpose of providing evaporation and
distribution of moisture during the
summer. Now that a wise providence
has provided a new timber growth
for us, let us take care of it and improve it, and also encourage and improve the conditions that have made
it possible to grow 40 bushels of
wheat per acre in the province of Alberta annually, instead of the country lying a barren waste.
The conditions mentioned apply
equally to the beautiful valleys nest
ling between the mountain ranges In
the Interior of British Columbia,
Trusting that a question of as
great Importance to tho people of
British Columbia and our prairie provinces of western Canada as this, will
receive at the bands of our government, the consideration that is merited, I urn, Yours very truly.
For two Power Standard.
London, May 26—The huuse of commons tonight concluded tbc general
debate un tbc budget resolutions
Which were adopted alter an unusually lung and heated discussion. David
Lloyd -George, chancellor of the ex
chequer, thereupon introduced the finance bill dealing with his financial
Earlier iu the evening there was an
acrimonious discussion over the opposition's attempt to compel premier
Asquith to state whether in estimating the number of ships necessary tot
Great Britain to maintain the fieet
ten per cent, more powerful than the
combined fleets of any other two powers, the government bad in mind any
specinl powers, or if the plan was
purely European, the intention being
to elicit a statement as to whether
the United States was included in the
Mr. Asquith declined to commit
nlmself beyond saying that everything would depend upon geographical conditions. He said he could not
treat powers thousands of miles distant the same as powers only bun
dreds of miles away. As an instance
be declared the United States bad
more battleships now than Germany,
but it was impossible to regard them
for aggressive purposes in the same
category as those of France, Germany
or Austria.
A. J. Balfour and other unionists
expressed their dissatisfaction over
Mr. Asquith's reply but the house by
a large majority adopted a motion of
confidence in the premier's statement.
It is reported that Admiral Sir
John Fisher, senior naval lord of the
admiralty, will retire in October, at
the completion of five years as first
sea lord. It is an open secret that
the admiral hits been very much annoyed by the recent criticisms of his
administration. The Mirror says it
Is able tn confirm the report and declares that vice-admiral Sir Arthur
Moore, commander in chief of the
China station, will succeed him as
senior naval lord of the admiralty.
Chicago, May 25—James J. Jeffries
has received a letter from Hugh Mcintosh, the Australian fight promoter who is in England, asking him to
refrain from closing a match with
Jack Johnston for the world's championship without first giving him an
opportunity to bid for the fight. Jeffries expressed the opinion that Mcintosh want.': them to fight in Australia or England.
When Jeffries signs articles to fight
the negro be figures be can make as
much money betting in America as
he can in a foreign climate and asserts that the battle must take place
In this country. Jeffries continues
itis strenuous training every morning.
Today he will organise a team of
Oomiskey's utility men and play
against a nine organised by James
Corbett. Jeffries will play first base
ami Corbett. will pitch and play out
Ameriean Winners in France-
Paris, May 26—At Tremblny today
H. B. Dtirica's Wanda III won the
Prix Reiset and W. K. Vanderbtlt's
Seasick II came in first in the Prix
Edgar Filllos.
Twin Sullivan Fights Draw.
San Francisco, May 26—Mike 'Twin'
Sullivan of Boston and Kyle Whitney
fought twenty rounds to a draw last
night. Sullivan outboxed Whitney
hut was knockod down in the 19th
Epsom, May 26—King Edward's
brown colt Minoru today justified his
name, which is Japanese fur success,
by winnining the Derby, which will
be remembered in the annals of B3p
soin as one of the finest ever run on
that historic track. W, Raphael's
Louvlers with France's star jockey
Stern, on his back, came tinder the
wire so close an attendant upon Mln
oru that tho spectators were undertd
ed which led until the king's number
was displayed on the blackboard.
Lord Michelham's William the Fourth
was a good third, and hall a dozen
of the fifteen starters were well
bunched behind.
But one horse was seen leading the
! Held riderless. It was the American
bred colt Sir Martin, which everyone
had reckoned as Minoru's foremost
rival. He had been crowded out of
his stride just beyond tho Tottenham
corner about the middle of the course
and Jockey J. H. Martin shot over
his mount's head to the ground as
Sir Martin stumbled and with him
fell the hopes of hundreds uf confident
onlookers and many thousands of American dollars were lost.
To Englishmen, even those who had
staked their money on some other
horse, the king's success was inspiring as a victory in a great international contest and compensated for
the rain which drove across the field,
making a wallow of mud under foot, j
On every side it bad been asked whe-,
ther, if he won, bis majesty would
consider it compatible with his exalt-
ed position to lead his horso from the
track, as the winning owners have
done for more than a century. There;
was no precedent for this, because no
king before had over won the derby.!
King Edward, however, with the |
prince of wales following him, lived
up to the custom and in the minds of
Englishmen clinched his claims to the
title of a thoroughbred sportsman.
Only the accident to Sir Mnrtin and
the rain marred the day's sport. Electric boy was the horse that crowded the American colt, which at the
Lime was well up to the fore and running very strongly. Louis Winans,
his owner, said tonight that it. was a
regrettable accident, but. nothing
more. To many Americans on the
race track and un both sides of the
Atlantic it will seem a calamity judging from the amount of money which
some estimate at $300,000 that was
up on the Kentucky bred colt. This
large amount of money placed on Sir
Mnrtin sent his price to 3 to 1 and
made him a nominal favorite for n
time. At the time of- the accident
Brooklands was leading with Louv-
iers close up and Sir Martin, Minoru,
Bayardo and Valeus forming the second flight. Jockey Martin was badly
bruised from the fall and Ins forehead was bleeding from a cut where
the hoof of one of the other horses j
had grazed him, hut the doctors who
examined him said be would be all
right in a day or two.
The French contingent which came
over to see Stern win on Louvicrs
showed almost as much disappointment as the Americans.
The field of fifteen was sent away
to an exceptionally good start.
Brookland set the running with Louvlers for the first mile, with the kings
colt well placed in fifth position. Approaching Tottenham corner Minoru
improved his position and stalling
off close to the home stretch a strung
challenge by Louvicrs, he won by the
shortest of short heads. As soon as
the horses entered the straight and
the crowd recognised that the king's
colors were in front, the cheering began. Gradually the enthusiasm spread
over the Downs and the cheers were
great in volume as Minoru was tit
the judges' box. The victory was so
narrow that there was a moment's
hesitation ponding the judges' verdict
but when the Royaf number was
hoisted to the top of the board a
great roar burst out. afresh and foi
fowing the king as he left the royal
box and led his Derby champion to
the unsaddling enclosure. His majes-,
ty's two previous successes were ach-
leved when he was the prince of Wal- j
Sir Martin actually started a favorite in the betting at 3 to 1. The
American horso was going strong in
the running and well up among the
leaders when he came to grief. Brook-
land was leading at the approach to
Tottenham corner with Louvlers close!
up. Sir Mnrtin, Minoru, Buynrdo
and Vallons formed the second flight.
Rounding this dangerous corner Sir
Martin was crowded by the other
horsesi crossed Ins legs and fell. Jockey Martin escaped unhurt, It was
at first reported that Sir Martin had
injured his forelock, but this was &
mistake.   He ir all right,
Divide fleam, cranbrook's
Board of Conciliation Admits only        ^qq RACING AT THE
Interested  Parties   Hopes of RACE TRACK'
Early end of Striko not _„_.
Likely to be Realised.
Tho lii'si day'
oi $as
•;. Hi-
•inu at. rlu' I'run
 ^_^_^^^___    I HI     BJ "'"  ;1 ^|
ntrlng   nl    starters,    and the larg
Macleod, Mny -ii -The    conciliation crowd  in attendance  witnossed s.mi.
board, appointed    to Investigate the  well contested races,
matters in dispute botweon the west      The results     in detail were as Io]
em coal operators' association    and lows:
their einployeos, nut. down t., regului MONDAY'S RACES
sessions    today,   (in Saturday   when     .     . ....
tho board adjourned nntl, Wodncsday      ," !'"' ili '" . ,    |ml'1' m
morning it  was thought that pos    I'"1'' haata- » '" " '"' " l""sl
lv an    agreement   ralgbl  be reached  "'•™„we™ "v" ",1U,1",       , ■
which would allow tho minors to re   ,,   ''  ™ *'*" ™m; """'-:
sum* work pending tho nnal decision l J"*™"' "'" ' u™ '"'"'      „ ,
of the board, which decision was to ""' *''•'""" ''"'''-•<■' "'"' "f -"
he binding .... each part) • The board  !';"'"• '"[ " '"";f ','   $'"'"' ""'I'' ".''",
having  reco .onded  this pn ding  ""w ''"""',*■   ZinthaB won tho l rsl
a committee was a Inted from each  '""",'-v ,',"    '."'!' Btrulsht '"''I'8' """
side to endeavor to roach n sntislacl   2"»e;. Il"»" |r «"» 9,ccomL
cry agr nent. .,"' "," "'"' n>U« «»«" <;»: » P»™> "l
Meantime action was taken by somo\Jm.- "'','• war0 fvo cntriea Fl t
„t the local unions which indicated took Brat money, Aromatize soconc
that, they would not he hound by any  ""',' t'1'"18* >''"' ""''<■
decision reached by tho I nl, cons.-' ,1'.'.""''.1'     rnc0'   .'-'"' ","'t"' ■»"'
nuontly   at   a meeting ol the   hoard;,
this morning both the miners and tho
operators reported that they wero unable   to     arrive nt nny satisfactory
agreement, and it was decided to   at. . ,,.,    ..   .  ,„ ,.   ,
once proceed  with the taking of ovi-|g«™ "' '150'  '""''  "•"i1"' "''" "rsl
denee along the lines of tho applica
tion for the hoard und the reply there
to.   The machinery of the hoard was,, .... .,     .
at once put  into operation and  evi- horson8' j"»"" «?• '?* •BtriM'  PomI
deuce along theso lines taken today. *flJ ™'  WeaveI Brown r
It is within the province of the mem  ,l ££ .,,11H\   .     t, .     .,     ,.   v
bers constituting tho conciliation! , 'lllK 0,«led th,,1 rfcs or the n,rs
board to decide wl.eth-r the evidence (lay aml everybody who attendee"
shall be taken or not. In the case of wont llomo perfectly latlafiod. rh«
the   present     sessions it was decided Ida* Wfta "" ldeal on0- iU,li ,tlH' ■tmcV
atrth     race,     thn
J'  purse  of $2tMi,   there   win
entries.   Mintia took first money,  Ir
lish Lad second, with  Lady Clark   ii
i third place.
!    Five-eighths dash, four entries,  foi
I Heaver     Dam    Lad
and Best  third.
Sixth      race.      half  mil
ml,  Boniltifi
for loca
that'.mly'interest^rparties'sbouid'be1 fl1 '^ l,e8fc°r condition. ,The..musift
allowed to attend the meetings of the waa irsl claf? aml finished by the
board, so consequently, any informa-,      '   "" ' -v "aru*.
tion which  is available is uf a very. TUESDAY'S RACK.,
meagre character. First race   Free     for all, trot     o;
Macleod, May 26—When the board pace, purse $40G, nvo entries. White
of conciliation endeavoring to sottlo hall carried off first monqg, Hertic K
the coal miners' strike, reconvened second nnd Don Osa third. .
hero at the call of the chairman tho Second race half mile pony, pursi
members of the two sides appointed I $75.00. Fi Fi won first »monoy, Alice
last week to formulate an agreement i second.
for putting into effect the recommend- j Third race, seven-eighths mile dash,
ationa of tho board, reported through purso $200, five entries'. Maud McQee
their attorneys that they had failed was first, Aromatize second. Forfdo
to agree.   The     board then formally I third.
opened as a board of arbitration un Fourth race, five and a half furlong*
der the Lemleux act. Several confer nVe entries. Mintia flret/<iboauUl3S
encos were hold, the     legality of the | and Beat second.
"preamble" In mining contracts li
ing debated. Attorney I.. |'. Eckstein of Fernie, for the miners, testified. Mr. Eckste'r thinks a settlement as far iiwu:, ua rfver.
Banff, May 26—Tho miners agreed
to abide by tho decision of tlie miners' committee and were to have goiia
to work this morning, but for some
unknown reason they did not. The
miners' families are suffering from
want of necessities, as credit Is naturally exhausted. Henry Jackson,
known in Chicago as Honorc Jaclwon
secretary to the late Louis Kiel during the rebellion, is now secretary to
district president Sherman. .1 act'son
was prominent In labor strikes n few
years ago as a union official.
One mile novelty race, purse $2nu
$50 at each quarter j a|Xi entrlOB.*-. ,A1
ice   won at first quarter, ^ud .Beaver
Ban Lad at. third iVJtTffttt'i^lfcji-    .«*.,
Sixth race, half mTle for local hois
es.   Weasel     Brown
Creston Cniof second
Newman   Brothers   Will   Serve
Twenty Years for a Scries
of Holdups.
tnect oi
Zljr DlltU.
Louis   Pratt   Says   Only   Thing
now is Smelter.
The following Interview with Louis
N Pratt o| this city appears in tin
Victoria Post of last Wednesday
Notwithstanding the reductlan that
was granted on low glade tine ores
by the United States senate yesterday "ii- fcinc mining Interests of thin
province are disgusted with the Payne
tariff bills provision, which, they de-
hue means simply and plainly that
Canadian ore cannot lie shipped into
he states at all
"Ore ol less than 10 per cent, cannot be shipped fro British Columbia
into the United States at a profit,"
said Louis Pratt of Nelson, who was
in the city today. "That means, at
the existing tariff of a cent a pound,
that the duty will amount to $« &
ton on i" per cent zinc ore. That of
course is prohibitive.
"The only duty was t\) per cent, ad
valorem. This was not considered
:avorable by any means and in January it was removed for a short time.
Interested parties then expected that
the new tariff bill Would make favorable alterations. Hut instead of decreasing the duty they have added to
it. The concession made by the senate yesterday on the low grade ore
Is of no advantage because it is not
at all practicable for Canadian ship
pets to send low grade cues into the
United States. There is no money in
it because of the freight rates. No-
thing under 4u per cent, ore will pay
tit all.
The result is plain. It means that
Canada or British Columbia at least
will ship no more ore into the United
States while the present tariff exists.
is more or less experimental anil it is
OUt completely.
"Tho only solution is in the provision ol facilities io this province for
tlie handling of our own ore. This
will have to be done at once, At present there are no facilities here excepting the electric plant that is un-
dftt'ConfltfUCtton at Nelson. This plant
is mor? or less experimental and it is
not nearly completed. It will require
scuue, months to nave it working. The,
principle employed is clectrlcty and
if it proves a success it will solve the
quesUon  to some extent at least.
;*lu  the  meantime  nothing  can  be
racffif!and     nothing is doing.   The in-
Herested pottles are pretty sore over
the whole affair."
Parted 15 Years; Couple Wed.
Phoenix, May 20 At the assize
court of Oroonwood this afternoon
('live      and       Dill   Newman,   brothers,
 were found guilty of being  iinplirated
IIn the Brldesville holdup last Decern
Meeting in Spokane yesterday by her and were sentenced by Judge
appointment. made in their cones Morrison to 20 years in the provincial
pondence, Marie Anderson of Port penitentiary. Hen Hart, who turned
land and W. I. Hokons of Fernie, B. King's evidence was allowed to go
0., who had not seen each other   For | free,
sixteen years, were married last night On the night of December 19th last
at eight o'clock by the Bev. John E. the Newman brothers, accompanied
Oslund, pastor of the Swedish Luth- by Hart held up the Great Northern
eran church, at his residence, 1424 . agent, and tho poatofllco at BrldcBville
Broadway. 'securing $76 in all.   Den Hart, was ar
Mr. Hokons was a blacksmith In rested a few weeks later and confess-
Spokane before the big lire in 1889. ed the crime, implicating the Newman
His shop was destroyed and be left brothers who were afterwards extra-
for British Columbia, where tie on- ,m,.,| from tlie American side,
gaged In mining and was successful. ,\t. the trial today Hart's evidence
He made a trip to Europe Inst year was corroborated by a woman who
returning a month ago, and on bis miu\v masks for the men, also by tho
arrival he wrote to Miss Anderson Great Northern agent and the post
telling her that in his travels be had uMice clerk. The Newmans offered no
not    met    her rival in his affections defense but asked for leniency,
and proposed that they meet in Spo-  '
kane this month.
She     agreed     and  following  their Moyie   Wins.
meeting at the    Northern Pacific  de-	
pot  yesterday  morning  they   wetil   to
the county auditor's office and took ' The Moyie ball tosscrs succeeded in
out a license to wed, outgaming the home club on Monday
.forenoon, The game was exciting at
| times, but luck was against the
Cranbrook boya who went down to
'defeat by a score of 6 to 3,
The scoring by innings wna as foi-
Cold Shoulder Said to Await Soo | ,„;."'
Spokane Lino.
I Moyie
I TiMihronk
1  0 ii 8
10 0 0
Wont retraot.
The Lethbridge Herald says: Bev.
W. fl. W. Fortune was yesterday not
I tied by a lawyer that unless he re
trnoted bis atntomenta concerning K.
Hansen he would be prosecuted for
libel. Mr. Fortune says he lias no
IdiDa of'retracting.
Witney'8 Policy.
Whitney, Bpe
gathering in
said be was
self on rccon
to thn aid o
time of need
"But in m
Sir James,
have followc
('aided   that
commend to
the price of
Broad nought)
May     20—Sir   James
akiug  at   a  large    public
his home  town tonight
glad  parliament   put it
:l  that Canada  would iio
f the mother country in
y humble ..pinion," snld
"better results would
1 if the government had
we are prepared to re-
the house to appropriate
n Dreadnought or    two
I The hoxing contest in the audi to
him on Monday night, from n pug
istic point of view was good. Seal
bad the best or the light from tl
llrst to tho eleventh round In whit
Dennett was sent to the mat thr
times.   He was outclassed by  Scab
Empire Day.
Monday, May 24th, Empire day was
generally observed in Cranbrook. It
is estimated thai rally 2,000 people
Visited tho city, attending the ball
games in the morning and the races
during the afternoon.
Will Improve Baker Street.
On Friday surveyors were busy Ink
lng tbP level of Baker street. It is
the Intention of the municipal board
of works to have cobble stone gutters
on cncli side of tbc street und the
centre graded with fine gravel.
Portland, Ore., May Ut; -One of theI
results of the Hill 1 larrimati trackage
agreement between Portland and Tn
coma and the understanding between
the two magnates means thai Hani
man will give the cold shoulder to
the Canadian Pacific, nocording Io
Portland traffic men.
The Harriman contract giving the
Canadian Pacific an inlet to this city
: from Spokane over 1 lie tracks of the
10, It, ft N. is dlrecl ly contrary Io
the spirit ol tho new ugroemonl by
Which Hill and Harriman seek to apportion ull territory possible between'
The contract between the Canadian
Pacific and Harriman has almost a
year to RO. The Moo Spokane service
will naturally divert much traffic to
Bpoknna which mlghl othorwlso have
heon carried as far north as Vancouver, M c Whether, a[tei spending u
year in dlvoi Llnfl Oik service, tin-
agreement will be cancelled remain:;
to be seen
Washington, May 27 Senator Ball
ey of Texas and U. B, Mauling, re
prosontattvo of the New York Times
In the sennte press gallery, extlianr
ed blows just as tho setiale adjourned
today as a result ol a conversation
they had in reference to nn article
printed by the New York Times ques
tinning the sincerity of the senator
In his course on tho income tax. Ncl
ther of them wore injured as they
I were quickly BOparated.
A high throw from Matthews tu
flrsl biiBO gave the visitors a run In
the first innings
Qagnon 1 le n k 1 steal to boc
ond but   waa caught  napptna and ro
  io tiir benches,
The Cranbrook boys were heavy on
base stealing, Inn poor throwing ami
bad work With I he stick were the
causes  ol   tlinr dcieat
As  an   impartial    |)||C   Jim   Dales
sits   on   Hie   top   low
New Westminster, May 26—Trustee
Boss of the Minto cup has ordered the
New Westminster lacrosse club to
play the Tecumsehs, the second challengers of the season, on July 1 and
;i or a sudden death game on one of
these dates. New Westminster's only
objection to July I was on uccouti'
ol tho British Columbia league refusing to release it from the schedule
llxturc for that date
In the meantime New Westminster
will push its protest, against the personnel of the Reglna's cup team in
order to prevent the Itegiaa method
or securing a team being used as a
precedent by other challengers.
Ketchall and Capim.
Schnectady,  N.Y.,  May  2t>—Stanley
Ketchall signed articles yesterday afternoon to box ten rounds with Tony
Caplni of Chicago before the American Athletic Club in Schnectady on
the night of June 2.
Weston.g way is Muddy.
Byers, Col., May 26—Edward Pay-
son Weston, walking from New York
to Han Francisco left Byers today
but as the roads are very muddy it
la doubtful if he succeeds in reaching
Denver, \'.l miles west, tonight.
Want Nine Hours.
Winnipeg, May 27 -The result of the
street railway men's meeting last
night la that the men are resolute in
demanding a nine hour day.
Expects to Turn Government Out.
Melbourne, Australia, May 27—It is
expected that ex premier Deakin leading a united opposition, will chat
longQ tho government today and over-
throw it.
(ioodovo to Visit Cranbrook.
it i^. 15 x pec tod that a. 8. Ooodevc,
M P , who represents this district In
parliament will vinit Cranbrook In
the neai future, lb- will be nccom
pai I by Harry Wright of Nelson.
Cranbrook will give him n warm ro
cop tion
Seventh Anniversary.
Saturday last was the seventh an
niveisary of the big explosion In N.
2 mine at Coal Creek, by which 1Ti2
miners were instantly killed, and the
mine badly damaged.
The Catholic church and Slavonic
;society held memorial services in the
.morning, the members ol the miner's
I union turning out tn full force.
«1,000 Invested.
Vancouver, May 27—With the sale
of over $21111,111111 worth ol Prince Ilu-
porl property yesterday morning the
total amount of sales at thr Grand
Trunk Pacific railway terminus wait
$761,000, An additional $100,000 in
property was disposed of In the afternoon Prices rilling in the business
district were looked upon as good.
American visitors did heavy buying
Potorboro, May 27 The Grand Orange Lodge of British America today
rejected a proposal to abolish much
of their secret wolk such as passes
and signs A committee had been ap
pointed to consider the revision of
this department af the work and fav-
 I the abolition ol It.   This report
was rejected A report was adopted
protesting against any interference
with tlie coronation oath and petitions to be presented to the imperial
parliament will be circulated. Br.
Sprotilc, grand master, was re-elected
as were all the other j;rand oflicers. Page 2.
THE PROSPECTOR,    CKANHlii 111K,    II.    I' ,   SATURDAY, MAY 99, 1900,
A*,VWVS^VVvvW\A^    -• 'A---.-S ■• .. «»»*aW»MA^»»^^»^»^*V»^^MMAAAAAAAM*AAAAAAAAMM*MAAA*MMMAAAA**r^AAAAA*MW
$ 5.00
Are better in value than any
other $ S.OO boot and equal in
value to any $6.00 boot.
G.   T.   ROGERS
|| Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection j
Nearest to railroad depot,   Has accommodations   for  tho  public  unequalled in
Hot and Cold Baths Proprietors
nl BMlllll I'nhimhla.
•'The flour and lard used in any sodas may he good, but that is not nil
that is wanted In a satisfying biscuit—it i* not all that Foley's Sodas
jjjGood flavor is essential. In securing tlie good flavor of Foley's
Sodas we recognize tlie importance of a perfectly-operaling yenst.
W'e take no ohancos with our yoast. We could buy it from outside
makers at less cost, hut we do not do so—all the yeast used in Foley's
Sodas is made in our own Factory und by securing perfect working of
that yeast, we get the delightful flavor for which Foley's Sodas are
Never sour, never flat or pasty—always sweet, crisp  and good
all the way through*
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦»♦-»»#♦*♦♦*•>»♦♦♦♦♦
I :
X      EAST   KOOTENAY      ♦
♦ ♦
I :
Today  is     the sovi
III   lllllt   dl'ClllllllI    .'HI.I
plosion in Ni> it mine unit In
152 men wen. ushered ivlthnul
slit-litest warning Into Llie tiro
About  ton tunii nl     hrnwn,
mill liit will Invade Critnbrouk
21th when the Pal     Me
club     li |i will,  iin. nontlomen
tlie  sillno   persuasion   in   Hint   hiillili't
The    Keruie    honviefl ure    Lloyd, |>
lieiiii. r ; Wrlggloswnrth, s h  ,  Scotl
II, ; HluokBtonc, 2b . Wheln
Mllhlll,  If ; Muck,  c.I. ;  llr
Muupin,     spun-.   Very put
ol green unit white Btrlpc ■
All same summer cottage.
Two nl our elty firemen m
loliiti f  themselves  ,if
house on Thursday   ninllt.
rushing from     behind the
down  the aisle,  causing  •■
■ In
unit gentlemen <>f
nnturnlly supposed
started in the bu
that some man wi
both these Ore eat
audience thnt all
tlmt   these   firemen
es   ill III
II. I,. T. Qalb     •     Indian n
Port  Steele, wan In town u
A hi in. sand pile   n the t
is   a   source ol  |oj  ti   i  ■ i
tots ..I tender yoai
'I'll,-  government     -"   -
removed t.. tin  old
Tin- sitting-     ■■: ihe   niprenii
have   been   postponed   for   1
owing tu tin- rush "I hit   ni
Tip. site      'if  I In   in «    In.!"
building is being eleare '■  pre]
t.. tin- erectl >\   i  linn
building.   Temporary  premiso
heen erected mi the back -if the lot
Quotations on tho UN     toi
:.m  l,,t   train robbei i hnvt    id   im
In a baseball gi  hel ■•■->■ i   Mli In I
und New Michel  lusl   night   tl	
stood N.-w Michel  I; Michel  I
The   Ureal   Northern       olflr.illl       '' 'i
with tin. whole bunch,  wm   li	
The night pollcomnn has heen re
tinned, notwithstanding tin' numbei
,,( pooplc contributing t.. in inppoit
luis lii'in  liiiini ihed
A horse bid un- ',, the f! In
I,.] met witli .. bnd nceidenl tin' olhet
day Iti-oii: turned loose II gol li
nmongsl tlie Hlnmpn and In mini' wnj
nemlv tore a I. ioI nil
Aftor tho Raooe
0.   P.   R.   Refilled.  RatB8.
mm.;-     ;   ni   kmi ■■■■
EI.KI vnk
' . . :
est ove
■     i
led oil
I the Not
N'ori      i   thi
en   oi
retui ii  |o irnej equi
te     will     te
honored   :. licvcistoki
n '   mil  I-     tei i ■ ■ ■
in  enl d to the lav
• SUNDAY, MAY 111).
Sen-Ices at 11 and 7.HO, Sunday
Siii.ml and Bible Classes at throe.
Fellowship mooting will follow the
morning service at noon, to which all
members and friends are cordially invited i" worship with us. A hcurty
welcome extended to all.
Monday. .Meeting ol the congregn
tion in the church at eight; representatives to the Q.O.D. will he elect
ed, ami utiier business transacted. A
large attendance requested.
Tuesday eipworth League meeting
at eight Subject "My Brothor's
Kecpci " by l he president.
I'   dnj     Business     meeting    of tlie
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Court House, Fernie, B. C,"
will be received by the Hon. the Minister of Public Works up to noon of
Wednesday, the 9th day of June llins.
for the erection und completion of u
Concrete and Brick Court House at
Fernie. It. 0.
Plans, spccilirntions, contract    anil
Bast Kootenay, Southern Division
Take notice that I, Andrew B.
Grace o( Cranbrook, occupation jour
nalist, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following des
crihed lands : Commencing at a post
planted at the N.W. corner of lot
6425,     thence west SO chains, thence
nth Hi) chains, thence north su chain
rains, specincations, contract    unit   . :               '—   .    .......
forms of tender may be seen on und I V,',1''1"''' "' commencement, containing
after tlie 10th day of May,  Hint)       ■■'   r'"' •"'''''' """'    '': :
A.   II.  (irare
Dated  April 21st,  1909,
District nf Hast Kootonny,
■ill tat
ii , |
J    :.-    -
1*1.   I.
the oflices ol the government agent at
Fernie; the government agent nt Nelson; and at the Public Works department, Victoria, 11. ('.
Much proposal must he accompan-
Sunday morning, Juno (!, ehll icl1 h» "" accepted hunk cheque or
service at  11 certificate of deposit  on n chartered
METHODIST CONFERENCE.    ,ml,k "' Onnnda, made payable to the —"—
Methodist   conference was held   H""- ""'    Minister ol Public Works,     Tnko notice Mini Percy Charles i'i
Westminster and closed last ""' " sum equivalent to ten per cent. ! of Ornnbrook, B.C., occiipntloll shed
l:iv H Hughes attended from "' t'"' nmotint of the tender, which J foreman, intends to apply lor pormli
ty, also s w. Ryckman, The "'"'" '"' forfeited If the party lender sion to purchase the following doi
lng committee finished its 'nk" decline to enter Into contract cribod hinds: Commencing at u post
i, the early bourn of Wednesday wl"'" ''ailed "I""1 •" ''" ""• or If ho planted In chains N of S.E. corner of
following chancing !'"" '" complete the work contracted | lot.4142, thonce east 40 chains, thence
the East Kooienay ''"'• ''''"' cheques or cortlflcatos of |south 80 chains, thence west 40 chains
o effect on Sunday doposlt of unsuccessful tenderers will  thonce north ;m chains, to point    of
iie returned to them upon tin- exceu- commencement.
Moyie   He      ,1    W
Kl ti   lie'    II   Jot
Conl I'rcelt   Rev   li   w
Hos'mel    Hov   I!   W   I.,
Michel   Hov   i;   T   Clionnowoth, It
I.    Hall
net    I!,.-.
I   ben
about  yi
Jonoit  "Nothing
sal.     down  al   tin
"Tell me the old.
.11,1    your win-   ...
late home  Monday
III     nil      Shi'   ItlBl
ph md phiv"i
,hl story."
. i-:«  M estmi:
'•: VTTI I-,
pondini   i-nte from     olln
Tlckel      n Mn)
In '   i t'i'    Pin .       '    im
hut   ii..1      itel ' -    i.   ". i   l,e
.!   I.opnvei     .1
Till': in
ol' I he east   In
new church ut
le, the I illation stone ,,f which
- ii    '""i i" il  Monday ovonlng   amid
much rejou In
."lc had n inurrh mil
indulged in sports on
IV Hi" town A leal
was n Marathon race
ly    enjoyed, purlieu
II,CIS      Ten    was   Hl-rv-
 .f  l.liseliall   played ;
1 bci   ti ',<■■!  ,n,i a few Intrepid mom-
■ ■     ■",'  Milium-.
Rutherford, tlo» "' ""' contract,
Condors will not he considered   un
ley Miller   II A j'™" """''- out on tho forms supplied,
isigned with the actual signature     of
the tenderer, and enclosed  in the on
velopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender mil nccos-
snrlly accepted,
li   A , chairman I '•'- <■■ GAMBLE,
P.   flughos flnnn    ,, ,,,   „ ''"bib- Works Knglifoor,
' I'nlilir Works Dopnrtmont,
Victoria, II.P., May 4th. I Mil)       22
on  Mo
' ,.' Ill
I,ilk   I
MAY 80.
rOveiilng ;
Special n
Everybody vvelci
vici'ii al   eleven.
I".,I  al.  II  p.m.
'Ice at 7.30.
in the nvonlng
I'erry Charles Coo,  Locator,
.lames William Moore, Agent
Dated April If,, 19011 |<i
No Sunday Work at St. Eugono.
'•ii   imply   t.
.1.   10.  PRO
l>. P.  A .
,„.     ,        , In the futin ; little work us lion
Wiped   OUt. Islhle  will  be done at   the  St.   ffiugono
—a— mine on Sundays,   ol course it  will
nil was sounded on Mnndnyjbc neeessnry to work u certain nit
Dislricl   of   Kast  Kootenay,  Southern
Tnke notice flint I, ollvor Harvey
Darber of Vancouver, [i.e., occupa
Hon real ostato agent, Intend lo np
ply for permission to purchase tho
following described lands : Commencing ut a pofll planted al. the north
eust cornet' of limber license ;i2;ili he
lug on the south bank of the St
Mary's river, thenee west nil chains •
ihence north lie chains more or jess -
thonce down stream of mild river io
pluce nf commencement, and contain
ing .'I2U ncres more or less.
May  1st,  19(19. .J2 ,,
Three months of this year have gone and you rre run
right down I   II you ere " plsyed out" in 3 months how
cin you hope to keep up for the rest ol the year?   Re.id
the following story from B C. and receive the hope it gives to
every weary, worn and plaved-out man and woman.
"Mrs. Worden has taken four bottles ol PSYCHINE and it has made a new
womanofher. Before she started to take PSYCHINE she could scarcely get around
to do her work, and now she can do it without f.cling the least fatigue. I will
stronglv recommend PSYCHINE to any one.   It will relieve their suffering."
W. J. WORDEN, Works Point Barracks, Victoria, B.C.
Thin U jnet what P9YCHINK w»i intended lo do. Tlioiuntids ot weary toilers hsto praised
God for PSYCRlNE, the Greatest of T.-uics, and ninny wore on llie vcrgo of decline before they
heard of it. But no mutter how fur gone, PSYCHINE hue proved their friend and wrought
deliverance. PSYCHINK goes to the seat ot the trouble, and while it is creating Rlob, Red
Hlood, it attacka any diseased parte of the Throat, LungH. chest aod Stomach. PSYiTiINU
rightly merits the title given If. by thousande, viz., tlie "Great Tonic Healer," PSYCHINK la
highly recommended by the Medic il Profession because of its great Tonic properties.*Itcroatee
an appetite and gives now life when all else has .
All Drogglsta aod Stores sell PSYCHINE at I
(oeand 11.00 a bottle.  Send to Dr. T. A. SLOCUM, 1 fur ^».,;(Tnr Tnuranaums »sr
Limited, Toronto, (or a FREE TRIAL. I, THT riBtATIST Of TOWCSTORHt»L1H flW
No Man is Stronger
Than His Stomach,
A strong man is strong ull over.   No man can be
itrontf who is suffering from weak stotlrch with its
consequent indigestion, or fron- jome other disease
of the stomach and its associated organs, which impairs digestion and nutrition.   For when the stomach
is weak or diseaned there is a '.oss of the nutrition
contained in food, which is the source of all physical
strength.   When a man ''doesn't feel just right,"
when he doesn't sleep well, has an  uncomfortable
feeling in the stomach after eating, is languid, nervous, irritable and de puml
•at, he is losing the nutrition needed to make strength.
Such a man should use  Dr,  Pierce's   Golden Met'   ii
Discovery.  It cures diseases ot the stomach and r
organs ot digestion and nutrition, it enrlchcr, the
Invigorates the liver* strengthens the kidneys, v
the nerves, and so OWES HEALTH AND STREf,
You can't afford to accept a secret nostrum as a substitute
alcoholic medicine of known composition, not even thou:''
may thereby make a little bigger profit.    Ingredients prlntct
Take notice thut I intend tn upply
to the superintendent nf provincial
police after thirty (80) dnys from tho
tiist. appearance nf this nnticc for tho
transfer from ourselves tn William J.
Allen nnd A. I. Crowley nf the license tn sell intnilcutine, liqnnrs at
llie Palls View Hotel In Mnrysvlllo,
British Columbia.
Dated April :Wt.n, A.D., 19011.       21
Stock Quotations
As Piirnishi'd by
HEAI.E & EI.WELL, Cranbrook, B.O
April l»th, 1911s.
Bid   Asked
Notice is hereby Riven that I have
left    my   initstundinir accounts  with
M. A. Macdonald, of Harvey, McCar-
ter A Mncdnnnld, for collection.
At the U.  P.  B. Shop?.
"'"' " !" it "re in the restricted |her ol men," nnd tho concontrator'w'lil I woV^i UioV'p""!! "SLa."^.*!^
Ilstrlel    The  ,-,',,1,-e  house nf    three  be kept runnliiR us usual, but In the in nln   nun hull h, ,',-s     , rJ    '""-'
completely destroyed,    and   ml-1 mine proper only such work us Iu ah-1 Vhe hnek S.op Is Znlng out two
1   t-tUr i III...     nan    . ..II.
y    joining luniHrH Imtlly HM>rr.l)Pd.
Holuiffly nccoaflary will ha done.
"Tenders will he received up to
Thursday, May 27th, for work of in-
ril.iillini,' n .sewer from engine house
Lo the old Man river nt Macleod,
Plana und speeltlcntlons may be seen
und other information obtained ut
the office uf the Resident Engineer,
Cranbrook, B. 0. The company re-
Borves the right t<* reject any und ull
Acting Huperintendent
Oranhrook, May 18, 190!»." 2l-;t
Live Ilocky Mountain Gonts are
/anted for Zoological purposes. Per-
nit'i to catch and export these mil
nal.'i will In issued by the Provincial
utliorltles.     address:—
Washington, D.O.
Aurora  Consolidated smelters
II. C. AmalKamatcd Conl .041
B. O, Copper 0.75
Canadian Marconi   •■ l.fjo
Canadian (Inldiields ,04
Canadian Northweet Oil .30
Consolidated Smelters 77.00
Cranbronk Fire Brick
Diamond Coal M
Diamond Vale Coal .121
dominion Copper .37
International  Coal .05
Nicola Ccal Mines Ltd .04
Nipissing 10.7s
Nugget Gold Mines .70
North Star ,08|
McGillivrny Creek Coal 	
Rambler Cariboo .14
Royal  Collieries .33
Snclety Girl
Western Oil (ord.)
Western Oil (prof)
Votorun War Scrip
, J!^y„MAnKS'2 uml * y»»" «ld.
I GRAY MARE, 5 yearn old.
Those Inn-Bos are ull thoroughly
broke. "   '
Wagon and harness. One Bog and
Bush Plow, and a largo number nl
other farming utensils.
Will sell tho whnlc in one lot for
♦6II0.00.   Apply to
Cranbronk, B.C.
Hows, Cnlven, Pure Tired Perkshtra
Pigs, Rires t„r Setting, Pore Plymouth
Rock    Apply,  Watte,  Wattiburg. fitiye   4,
' ' Co f«lt
19 ct thota Rasoro
1 without ItlSH. or
your port, apply
to un for
l-'olt   SAt.Bl   AT TMM CRANBROOK
Notice is lioroby given thut thirty
(80) days aftor the first publication
ot this notice 1 inU'iul to apply to
the i hiei OommtBBloner ol Lands and
Works tor the district of Blast Knot
tenny for it license to prospect foi
coal and petroleum on tho following
described lands : Situated eust of und
adjoining .). W. Bl&keley's locution,
being the northwest corner of ti. A.
Wulther's locution, thence, east 80
chains, thence south SO chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to the pluce ol beginning con
tattling G40 acres more or less.
G, A. Wnlthors, Locator
John Gloyn, Agent,
Dated .April 1st, 1909. IS
Notice is hereby given that thirty
V»S0) days after the u'rst publication
of this notice 1 intend to upply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works for the district of EaBt Koot-
tenay for a license to prospect for
coal und petroleum on the following
described lands ; Situated south ol
and adjoining Ed. Hurtz's location,
commencing ut u post plunted at the
northeast corner, being Caroline J.
Cunning's northeast corner post,
thence south so chains, thenco west
80 chains, thence north SO cuains,
thence eust 80 chuins to the pluce ot
beginning containing ti-10 acres morti
or less.
Caroline J. Cunning, Locatoi
John Gloyn, Agent.
Dated April 1st, 1909. 18
District of Kast Kootenay
Take notice thai 1, Hvu Wood Cane
of Newmarket, Ontario, married wo
mau, intend to apply for permission
to purchase tho following described
lands : Commonctng nt u post plant
ed 80 chuins south of tho soiltboaal
corner of lot llil, group I, Kootenay
District, thence north to chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence cast 10 chuins to
point ot commencement containing
mo acres more or less.
Eva Wood Cane, Locator
Hurry Melton, Agont
Dated April 16th, IB09, li
Tuke notice (hut we intend to upply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police ufter thirty days from the first
appoaranco of this notice for tho ro
newul of the license to sell In toxical
lng liquors at the Palls Vlo* Hotel,
MnryHville, H. Q,
Dated Mny 1st, A.D., L909. 19 4
Notice is hereby given that thirty
(am days after the first publication
of this notice 1 intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works for the district of East Koot-
tenuy for u license to prospect foi
coal and petroleum on the following
described lands, situated on Akamina
Brook,   wost    of    und adjoining tho
iiithoast B. 0. Lund and Oi! Co.'b
hinds, block 4593 Southeast Kootenny, Commencing ut a post planted
near the trail near the forks of Akaminu brook and Pass creek, being the
southeast comer of Ed, Kurt/, location, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thonce east 80 chains,
Lhencc south 80 chains to the pluce
■if beginning, containing mo ncres,
more or less.
Ed. Kurtz, Locator.
John Gloyn, Agent,
Dated April 1st, 1909, 18
District of Kootenay,
Take notice that I, George J. Hunter of Pincher Creek, Alberta, occupation bunker, intend to upply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands, commencing at a
post planted about three uud a hall
miles north of the International
boundary Hue nnd about one and a
half miles north east of lot 7841 und
adjacent on the eastern boundary to
Henry E, Hyde's and Heniy Riviere's
application, being the northwest corner adjacent to the south west corner of Arthur 0. Kemmis' application, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, to the
point of commencement and containing C40 acres more or less.
George J. Hunter, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 80th, 1909. 16
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Launcolot E.
Bolster of Sturgeon Pulls, Ontario,
occupation doctor, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands, commencing
nt a post plunted about, three miles
north of the International bounJurv
line und about one mile north of the
northern boundary of lot 7841 und adjacent to the northwest corner of
Henry B. Hyde's application, thence
south 80 chains, 1 hence west 80 chuins
thence north 80 chains, thence east
80 chuins to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or
Lnuncolot 10. Bolster, Locator,
George W. Kerr, Agent,
Located March 29th, 1909. 16
District of Kootenay.
•Take notice that 1, Henry Ernest
Hyde of Pincher ('reek. Alberta, occupution banker, intend to apply foi
permission to purchase the following
described binds, commencing at a
post planted about 3 miles north of
the International boundary lino and
about one mile north of the northern
boundary of lot 7841 and about
quarter of a mile east of the cast
bank of Sage Creek, in the Flathead
valley, being the northwest corner
thence eust 80 chains, thence south
80 chulns, thonce west 80 chains, and
thence north 80 chains to the point
of commencement, and containing
640 acres more or less.
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Henry Ernest Hyde, Locator.
Located March 29th, 1909. 16
District of Kootonay.
Tuke notice that I, David Warnock
of Pincher ('reek, Alberta, veterinary
Burgeon, intend to apply for permis
sion to purchase the following des
crlbed binds, commencing at a post
planted about 4 miles north of the
International boundary and about 2
miles north of lot 7841, and adjacent
to the. northeast, corner of George H.
Bolster's application, being the south
etiHt corner, thence west. 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence cast
80 chuins, thence south 80 chains to
the point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or less.
David Warnock, Locator
Georgo W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 20th, 1909, 16
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that I, John Angus
Fergussou  of   Cranbrook,   occupation
lothiug merchant, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the foi
lowing described lands :  Commencing
t a post planted at the S.W. corner
of lot No. 1113, thence west 20 chuins
thence north 80 chains,   thenco    east
0 chains, thence south 80 chuins to
place of commencement, containing
160 acres more or less.
John Angus Fergusson, Locator,
H. Melton, Agent.
Dated April 27th, 1909.
District of Kootenay.
Take notice, that I, Alexunder W.
Smith, of RoBsland, B. 0., occupation Hotelkeeper, intend to apply foi
permission to purchase the following
described lauds, commencing at a
post planted about one mile west oi
the Flathead river and one mile north
of the International boundary line,
!ind west of lot 7339, being the south
east corner, thence north 80 chains ;
chence west 80 chains, thence south 8u
hains, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or less.
Alexander \V. Smith, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Ageut.
Located this 28th day of March,
1909. 16
District of Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days
after date 1, George Loyd, civil engineer, Cranbrook. intend makung application to the Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands a d Works,
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. W. comer of L0t 1591 on the
Bast Hank of the Kootenay River,
chence east 13 chains more or less,
following the Northern Boundary of
Lot 15 to a corner post of Lot 8103
thence north 20 chains, more or less
following the west Boundary of '-ot
8103 to bank of Kootenny River
thence following Kootenay R^vor in
a Sotith-WeBteriy direction to place
of beginning, containing 20 acres
more or less.
Dated February 19th, 1909. 12
District uf K»st Kootenay,
. .,i ...
Take notice that John Cannon oi
Cranbrook, B. 0., occupation check
er, intends to apply for permission
to purchase tho following described
Commencing at a post plant
of lot 8535, thenc
ler ot lot 4142,
tb boundary    of
In S.K. corner of
'Hi to point    of
od ut  N.E
oast   to   S. E,
thenco south to
lot 123, thence t
lot   8538,  thence
John Cannon, Locator,
.lames William Moore, Agent
Dated April 16, 1909 19
Ulstticl nt East Kootonay.
Take notice thai Henry I lector Lin
uell of t Iranbrook, BtO,, occupat ion
checker, intend., to upply for permis
,um iu purchase tho following des
crlbed binds: Commencing at a post
planted at the N.E. coiner of lot
1142, thonce oast 40 chains, thenco
south 30 chains, thence west 40 chuins
thonce north 30 chains to point of
Henry I lector Llnnoll, Locator,
.lames Willium Mooro, Agent
Dated April 15, 1909 19
Notice is hereby given that thirty
(30) days alter the first publication
of this notice 1 intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works for the district of East Knot-
tenuy for a license to prospect for
coul and petroleum on the following
described lands: Situated on Akaminu
brook, cast of and adjoining the
Southeast B. C, Land and Oil Co.'s
amis, block 4593 Southeast Kootenay : Commencing at a post planted
near the Wagon, and about one half
mile eust of said brook, being the
northeast corner of .1. W. Ulukeney's
locution, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 8u chains, thence north
80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
the pluce of beginning, containing 6to
■res more or less.
j. W. Blakoney, Locator
John Gloyn, Agent.
Dated April 1st, 190'J. 18
District of.East Kootenny.
Take notice that T, Thomas Edward
Murphy of Fort Steele Junction, occupution station agent, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands : Commencing at a post planted at the south
ist corner of Wm. Tupper's pre-emption, No. 1074, thence north 40 chains
thence east 20 chains more or less to
the river, thence following the said
Moyie river down stream to the place
of commencement containing 80 acres
more or less. •■
Thomas Edward Murphy, Loentor
H. Melton, Agent.
Duted April 22nd, 1909. 18
District of Kootenay.
Tuke notice thut I, Henry Riviere
of Pincher Creek, Alberta, occupation
rancher, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands, commencing at a post
planted about three miles north of
the International boundary Hue and
about one mile north of lot 7841 and
adjacent to the northwest corner of
Henry E. Hyde's application, being
the southwest corner, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
to the point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less."
Henry Riviere, Locator.
George W. Kerrr Agent.
Located  March 29th, 1909. 16
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, George B. Bolster of Pincher Creek, Alberta, occupation horse dealer, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands, commencing
at a post planted about three miles
north of the International boundary
line and about one mile north of the
northern boundary of lot 7841 and adjacent to the north west corner of
Henry E, Hyde's location, being the
south east corner, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, and then south 80
chains to the point of commencement, und containing 640 acres
more or less.
George B.  Bolster, Locator
George W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th. 1909. 10
"Companies Act, 1897"
I HEREBY CKHTIFV    that      tho
"Seippel Timber Company" has this
day been registered as an extra pro
vincial company under tho "Companies Act 1897" to carry out oi to af
feci all or any of the objects of tho
Company to which the legislature ol
British Columbia extends.
The head office of the company is
situate at Stillwater, Minnesota,
The amount of tho capital of tho
company    is   one hundred thousand
dollars, divided into one thousand
shares of one hundred dollars cadi.
The   head   office  Of  the  company    in
this province is situate at tho city of
Cranbrook, aud Alexander n. Macdonald, liurrister at law, whoso ad
dress is Cranbrook, B.C., is tin' al
tornoy for the compunj N>-t om
powered  to  issue  und   transfer stock.
5 Not in- is hereby given that 30
days an hi fiato l Intend tu apply to
tho ltonourable, 'be t hid Commis
sloner ot Lauds and Works, fur a lie
once tu prospect for coal and petrol
finn un the following described lands
Starting at a post planted at or neai
the nortboasl corner ol tho Uutlse
Luiiiereux claim, thence east su
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west su .■bains, theme north 80chains
to the placo of commencement,   con
talntng G40 acre
Dated  Ap
iv or lo
c, E, Kunsch
John Andorso
Sam McAlister,
il 9th. 1909.
I, Agent
I'he time of the exUuirc nl the
company is thirty years from tho
27th day of  August,  P.I06.
The Company is limited,
Given under my hand and seal of
office at Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this 81st day of Match,
one thousand nine hundred and nine.
Registrar of Joint stock Companies,
The object for which this company
bus been established and registered
are : —
To do all kinds ot manufacturing
and trading business; to purchase,
own, hold and dispose of timber and
all tho products of timber; tn carry
on and conduct a general losing,
lumbering and mnniifiicturing business; to erect, liny and sell saw mills,
shingle mills, planing milts,
other mills and factories; to
lish, operate, buy nnd sol
yards; to purchase, own, hob
facture, sell and deal in any
kindH of goods und wares, morchand
ise and personal property of every
character and description; to own,
buy, sell, tense and improve binds
wherever situate; to build, equip,
and manage water flumes for the
transportation of wood, lumber, timber and timber products, ami In do
all such business as may be incidental thoreto. 18 1
l lumber
I, iminu
aud ull
District of East Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Mrs. McFarlane
of Cranbrook, occupation married
woman, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following des-
, ,'i'oed lands : Commencing at a post
planted at the north east corner ot
Cooper's pre-emption, thence west 10
chuins, thence north UJt chains, thence
cast to Moyie river, thence following
down stream to place of commencement.
Mrs.  Sadie .1. McFarlane.
H. Melton, Agent,
Dated April 3rd, 1909. 17
Take notice that I, George A. Jam-
les0n, of Cranbrook, B. C., occupation, undertaker, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands: Uutiimencing at a
post planted at the N. W. comer of
lot No. 6424, thence east 40 chains ;
thence north 20 chains, thence west
40 chains, thence south 20 chains to
place of commencement, containing
80 acres.
George Alexander Jamieson.
MtWcb   16,  19«9- - 12
I Notice is hereby given that 80
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands.
Starting at a post, planted 200 feet
north of the southeast corner of lot
1663, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains
thence west 80 chains, to the place of
commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
S. J. Cotton, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness
Dated April Htli, 1904. 17
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, Arthur O. Kemmis of Pincher Creek, Alberta, occupation Barrister, intend to apply to
purchase the following described
lands, commencing at a post plunted
about 3J miles mirth of the International boundary line and about li
miles north east of lot 7841 aud adjacent on the eastern boundary to
Henry Riviere and Frederick Porritt's
applications, being the southwest corner, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thonce south 80 chains
thence west 80 chains, to the point
of commencement, and containing 640
acres more or less.
Arthur C. Kemmis, Locator.
Gnorge W. Kerr, Agent.
Located March 29th. 1909. Jfi
District of Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Frederick Por
rltt of Burrle, Ontario, occupution
gentleman, Intend to apply for per-
misslan to purchaso tho following des
crlbed lands, commencing at a post
planted about four miles north of tho
International boundary line and about,
2 miles north of lot 7841 and adjacent
to the northwest, corner of Henry Re
vlcro's application, being the south
west corner, thence north HO chains,
thence east 80 chains, thenco south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains t<
the point of commencement, and con
talntng 040 acres more or less.
Frederick Porrltt, Locator.
George W. Kerr, Agent,
Located March 29th, 1H09, 16
District of Kootenny.
Take notice that I, Thomas William
Lensk, occupution, mill owner, intend
to upply for permission to purchase
one hundred upd sUty acres of land,
bounded us follows :
Commencing nl. a post planted at
the southeast corner ot Lot 843a, and
thence west 40 chains, thence south
10 chains, thence oust 40 chains,
thenco north 40 chains.
Thos. W. Lfiisk, Locntor
H. Melton, Agent.
Dated April 2nd, 1409
Take notice that I Intend to apply
to tho Superintendent of Provincial
Police, after thirty days from the
first appearance of this notice, for u
renewal of my license to sell Intoxicating liquors, under the provisions
of the statutes in thut behalf, iu the
premises described as the Wattsburg
hotel, at Wattsburg, B.C.
Duted  April 28th,  1909. 18
District of Kootenay.
2 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a licence! to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands:
Starting at a post planted one mile
west of John Anderson's northwest
corner post, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence cast 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or less.
C. A. Barton, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness.
Dated April 7th, 1909. 17
6 Notico is hereby given that
days .Mi, i tluto 1 intend tu apply tu
tin' Honourable, tho Chiel Commis
sioner ol Lands and Works, for a lie
enco to prospect for conl und petrol
nun mi tb,. following dtscribed lands
Btnrtlng at a post planted at oi
near tho northeast corner ol the Neil
McQuarrto claim, thence north 80
chuins, thence cast 80 chains, thence
smith 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
to the place uf commencement, con
tain tun 640 ncres, more or less.
Susan Hows, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness.
Duted April 9th, 1909. 17
7    Ni
hereby   given thut ni
days after date 1 intend to apply
the   Honourable,   the Chief Commis
sinner uf Limits am
ence to prospect fo
cum nn the follow!.)
Starting ut a pos
southeast corner oi
donnhl claim, thenc
thence west 80 chi
80 chains, thence cast SO chi
tbc place of oommoncemont,
Works, for a lie
conl and petrol
described lands
plunted at the
the M. A. Mac-
south 80 chains,
tig, thence north
s to
ing 640 acres mote or less.
Elisabeth   McKachino, Locator,
Sam   McAlister, WltnOBS,
Dated April 9th,  1909. I?
8 Notice is hereby given that 30
lays after date I intend to upply   to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works, for a lie
once to prospect for conl und petrol
eum on the following described binds:
Starting at a post planted one mile
east of Irvin Anderson's northeast
corner post, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south
HO chains, thence oust 80 chains to
the pluce of commencement, contain1
ing 640 acres, more or less.
M. A. Macdonald, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam  McAlister,  Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
9 Notice is hereby given thut ill)
days after date l intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands;
Starting at a post plunted at tho
southeast corner of the M. A. Mac
donnhl claim, thence eust 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thonce west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains to
the place of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Johatinu Anderson    Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam  McAlister,  Witness.
Duted April 9th, 1909. 17
10 Notice is hereby given that M
days after date I Intend to apply to
the Honourable, the ( hief Commis
sioner of Lands and Works, for u licence to prospect for coal and petrol
eum on the following described lands:
Starting at a post, planted at or near
one mile east of the northeast corner
post on the Irvin Anderson claim,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres,  more or less.
Mury Ann Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Ham McAlister, Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
DlBtrict ol East Kootenai
Take notico that  I,   Wultei     1 -'■■■> ■
McFarlane ol   <iranbrook,  ■■ i tpaf
merchant. Intend to apply for poi mfi
sion   to    purchaso tho folio • u
cnbed lands    Commencing a   ■■ post
planted   at     tho BOU1 hcui I   col m i  ol
lot   8435,     thence     south 7i     hail
thenco east 20 chains, them e north Hi
chains, thonce east  30 chahv ,  thi nr
north 4u chains, thence west   i   chi In
to place uf commencement
Walter Bruce McFarlane
Dated April 3rd, 1909. r.
District ol Kast  Kootenay
Take notici thai  t. Many Mi [ntosl
of Halcyon,  D   O, occupath n Hote
keeper, intend     to apply [oi  pi rmh
siun to     purchaso the following dei
crlbed lands: Commencing at a   post
planted    al    about one mih  west ol
the Flnthoad river and one mile north
of the International     boun lai    llni
and west of lot 7386, helm: tho north
east corner,     thence south  BO chi   11
thence west 80    chains, thonce north
so chain.-, thence east  sn chain!     '
the point of commencement uud      in
talntng C40 ui i'ob more or lei
Harry Mcintosh, Locatoi
George W. Kerr   A| 'nl
Located   March  2Mb.   1909 ,.
District ot Bast Kootenay.
Take notice that I. Thomas ISd
ward Murphy, occupat Ion stal ioi
agent, intend to uppl
to purchase tho foi
lands : Commencing .
ed  nil   the  north      ha
river,  opposite  the
lot No. 8745, thonce
thoncfl east 20 '.'hains
the Moyie river, them
meandering    of    the    Moyie   rlvoi   to
place   of   beginning,   containing     80
acres more or less.
Thomas Edward  Murphj
11.  Melton,  A; mii
Dated April 21st,  1909. 17
V   I
K deser
posl   |>1
tin' Jl
. cornoi
l'i enn
■ or lesi
Notice is hereby given that 31
days from date hereof I intend tu ap
ply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works and the Assistant
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for the District of Kast Kootonay foi
a licence to prospect for coal and pot
roleum on the following described
lands on Kisli-o-neh-nn Creek in tin
Flathead Valley: Commencing at n
post planted at the northeast come,
being the initial post, adjacent tu tin
northwest corner of Graham Ortiick
shank's location, theme south K'i
chains, thence west 80
north 80 chains, thence
to the point of commci
talntng 640 ncres mote
James Buclm
Located March 27th,
■hains, theuct
msl 80 chains
Take notice ib.it  I intend to apply
I lintendi ol provincial
police, aiti: thirty days from the first
appearance ol this notice, tor a renewal of iay licence tu sell IntOXtCftt*
tig liquors, under thi provisions ol
the Rtatutei In that behalf, In the
prctni -.* s de ■ i Ibed as the imperial
Hotel, Fort  Steele. H   C.
hated April 28,  I 109 18-4
Take notico that I Intend to apply
Lo the Superintendent ol I'm vincial
Police after thirty days from the first
. . in e ol this notice for u re
: mj license to sell intoxicating liquors, nude] the provisions ol
In: statutes In that nebalf, in the
preml i desci [bed as the Royal hotel
Marysvllle, it   c
ll   L. SAWYER.
Hated April 28, A.P., 1909 18 4
Take notico thai I intend to apply
to the Suporintendcnl of Provincial
Police, after thii ,y days from the
ii i ippearunce pi this notice, for «
renewal ol my license to sell intoxt-
latlnt liquors at tho WycllHo Hotel,
IVyi llfTe, It. C,
Dated April 22nd, A it , 1 109 17-4
Take not Ice that I intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police after thirty day.-- from tlie pub-
n at Ion ol t bi> notice for a renewal
if my license to sell intoxicating li-
tpiora by retail on tho premiela
known aa tho Windsor Hotel,     Port
Steele,   fl    C
Datoil Fori   Steele, May 1st. 1909,   U
Take notice that I intend to apply
u the Superintendent of Provincial
Police after thirty days from the pub-
icatlon ol tbla notice for a renewal
if my license to sell intoxicating li-
[Uors by retail on tho premises
known as the Wasn Hotel, Wasa, B.
Haled   Wasa,  May  1st.  1909 U
'ii   the
otlco that 1 intend to apply
Superintendent of Provincial
after thirty days from the
first appearance of this notice, fur a
license to sell in toxica tint; liquors,
tuder the provisions d! the statutes
.n that behalf, iu llie premises described ns the Bellovlow Hotel at
Wnrdnor, B. C, to commence on the
tiisi day of July, A   I)., 1909.
Dated  April 22nd,  A.D.. 1909.      17-4
District of Kast Kootenay
No. 1 Notice is hereby given that 30
days from date hereof I intend to ap j
ply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works and tho Assistant]
Commissioner of Lands and Works ■
for the District of Kast Kootonay for !
a licence to prospect for coal und pet ,
roleum on the following described i
binds, Commencing at a post plaiitid!
about one half mile . north of llie !
western boundary of Henry 10. Dodge
locution, being the initial posl north '
west corner, thence south SO chains, I
thence east K0 chains to the western
boundary of James Buchanan's loca-1
tion, thence north HO chains, thence
west so chuins io the point nf commencement, and containing Olu acres ]
more or less.
James  Sutherland  Chishnliu   Kruser
Locator. ,
Located, April 1st, 1909. 17 ,
Georgo W.   Kerr. Agent.
District  of Kast  Kootenay.
Take notice that 1. George Welch of
Cranbrook, occupation railway conductor, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a poBt
planted at the southeast corner of
lut 7929, thence west 40 chains, then
north to tho Whitney preemption,
l hence east 40 chains, thence south
40 chains to place of commencement,
containing  1C0 acres more or less.
Qeorgo Welch,  Locator
Dated April  24,   1909. IK
that Frank WattB
, occupation   lum-
apply for permis
tho following de
of Wattsburg,  B.C
bcrmaii, intends to
si(ln to    purchase
scribed lands:
Oommooclng at a pout planted nt
the North East corner of Lot .ri244;
thence South sn chuins, thenco Last
20 chains, thence North HO chaiins
thence west 20 chalna to point of
commencement,   containing 160 acres
more or loss. .„„..,,
Dated March 17th, 1909. 12
II Notice is hereby given that 30
days aftor date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petrol
cum on the following described lauds;
Starting at a post planted at or near
the southeast corner of Mrs. Living
stone's claim, thence oust 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
the place of commencement, contain
lng 610 acres, more or less.
William Anderson, Locator.
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister, Witness.
Dated, April 8th, 1909. 17
4 Notice, is hereby given that .'10
days after date I Intend to apply to
the Honourable, the Chief Cottimis
sloner of Lands and Works, for a lie
enco to prospect for coul and petrol
eum on the following described lands
Starling at a post, planted near the
northeast corner of the BtttlflO Lamer
ciix claim, thence north 80 chains,
thence eust 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west, 80 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres, morn or loss,
Willium Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Sam McAlister,  Witness.
Dated April 9th, 1909. 17
11 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I. intend to apply tc
the Honourable, tho (.'hief Commissioner of Lands und Works, for a lie
enco to prospect for coal and petrol
cum on the following described lands
Starting at a post planted at oi
near the northeast coiner of the El
iza Good claim, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
to the place of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Sam McAlister, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Charles Phillipps, Witness.
Dated  March 24th,  1909. 17
12 Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply to
tho Honourable, the Chief Cummis
sloner of Lands and Works, for a licence to prospect for coal and petrol
cum on the following described lands
Starting at a post, planted at. or near
the northeast corner of the Elizn
Good claim, thenco south 80 chains,
thence east su chains, thence north HO
chuins, thence west 80 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
640 acres more or less.
John Ecch'S, Locator.
John Andorson, Agont
Charles Phillips.  Witness
Dated  March 24th,  1909. 17
No. 2 Commencing ut n post plunted at the north east corner, being the
initial post adjacent to the north
west corner of J. S. C. Frasor's location, thence south 80 chains, thonce
west so chains, thence north so chains
thence east SO chains to the point of
commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or less.
Norman  S.   Fraser,  Locator.
George W.   Kerr,  Agent.
Located April  1st,  1009.
District of Kast Kootenay.
Notice is hereby given that 30
lays from date hereof l intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works and the Assistant
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for the District of Kast Kootenay for
icence to prospect for coal and pet
roleum on tlie following described
lands on Kish-e-neh-na Creek in tie
Flathead Valley * Commencing at w
post at the northeast corner, being
the initial posl adjacent to tho south
east corner of Percy Dunkertey's clulm
thonce south 80 chains, thence west
SO chains in the oaBtorn boundary of
Graham Crulckahank'a location, and
thence north su chain-, thenco east
so chains to tho nolnl ol commence
ment, containing G40 ncres. more    oi
AMI    1
,1 ilil  ii
Bust Kootonay.
•     is    1
,'i.liv     iilvcii   Unit     :tll
lIllVH   fl
lii'ii'iil 1 Intend in up
ply In
Un' ('III
t    CoinmlBBtonot'    nt
mill  W<
rim mill   llm  AhhImIiui!
nl   Una's   nnil Work,
for tho
1 tint ri.-l
nf Km;! Kootonay (oi
II  liri'tl
0  In  |l|.
Bpool fnr nnil mill pot
nil      III
•   iiillnwliii;   ilnscrllioi
in  Klali
■ noli nn Crook lit    Un
Kin tin-
il    Villi
y . i foininonctng   nt t
pnsl plntiii'il nt tin. south oast cornor
iilnnil. urn. liitiilh nl ii mill' oast nf tho
junction nl KlBh-e-noh-nn Crook with
Akmtiiiin Crook nn i tn' wostorn boun
iliuv nf Onward KurU's location, he
Ing tho Initial post, thonco north mi
chains, thonco wosl mi chains, thenco
south HO chains, thonco oast 80 chains
to point of commencement, nnd containing C10 neri's, more or less.
Percy Dunkorloy, Locator
.liinirs Fisher, Agent,
Located April 2nd, 1909. 17
April 2nd
nil, Locatoi
snor, AiM'iii
COAL   AMI   l'K'l'll(il.|.;l'M  NOTICE
District of En
nl    I
lll'tlll t.
Ill I
days from dnlo hoi
ply to tho Chief
Lands   nnd Works
Commissioner   nf   |,nt
fni the Dlstrlcl "f Eai
n llccnco In prospect f<
roleum   nn   thn   [allowing   des>
hunts un Kisli i' mil un Crock in
Plathoud   Valley: Co tencing  ut a
pust   plnnli'ii    "it    llie  isist   linnk    nf
Ttirniiiili crook, n siiiuli crook flowing
I tn .it hrrl v   Into    Klsh e ,,,- h ns   crook
nlioiii     two    mill's   west ol Edward
Kurtz's    location,     holng tho Initial
pust.    northwost corner, tlicncc smith
H0 chuins. thence oast sn chains,   and
thonco north ho chains, thonco   wosl
Hil chulns tu point uf oommoncemont,
mid containing filo ncres more or less,
Oraham Crutckshank, Locator.
.lunies Fisher, Agont.
Located March 27th, woo. l"
District of East Kootenny
Notice is hereby uiven thai M
days from date hereof 1 intend to ap-
Iply tu the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works nnd the Assistant
Commissioner of Lauds nnd Works
for the DfBtrlct of Eust Kootenuy lor
u licence to prospect fur coul und pet-
I'uleiiin mi the following described
lands un Kish-e neh-nu Creek in tho
Flathead Valley : Commencing at a
post plunted at the south east corner, being the Initial pust, adjacent
tu llie northweBt enrner nf Graham
Cruicksbank's location, thence north
HO chuins, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east
Hu chains, to point ol commencement,
and containing CIO acres more or less.
.lames Fisher, Agent.
Located  .March 27th,  190'J. 17
Henry Edmund Dodne, Locator
District uf East Kootenay.
Notico is hereby given that 30
days from date hereof I intend to apply tn the Chief Commissioner of
Lands ami W,,rks and the Assistant
Commissioner uf Lands and Works
foi the District nf East Knotenay lor
n licence tu prospect fur coul and petroleum nn the following described
lands situated mi Pass (,'reek Flathead Valley South East Kootenay,
H. c, commencing at a post planted
at about one mid a half miles east of
the point when. Pass Creek enters in-
in Akamins Creek, being the south
wcsl cornor adjacent to the south
.nsi corner ol N WhealBen's claim.
Iiiiliul post. Thence north 80 chulns,
thence cast 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thenco west so chuins tu the
point nf commencement and contain.
nn- l.l'i acres, more or less.
Fred W, Cunwuy, Locator,
Ooorgo W    Kerr,  Agent.
I.niuleil   April 2nd.  1900. 17
Dlstrlcl uf East Kootonay.
Notico    Is    lioroby    dven that.   90
day. It lute lierei.J  I  Intend to «|i
idy tu the ciiinf Commissioner of
Lands ami Works and the Assletant
Commissioner of Lands and Works
lor tie. District ni Eust Kootenay lor
a llconco to prospect fur coal and pet-
mleiii    the   following   deserlbed
lands mi Kish e neh nn Creek in the
Elathead Valley: Commencing at a
post planted nl the south west corner being the Initial post, adjacent
to the northwest corner ol Crnhnra
Crulckshank's location, lhencc north
;sn chains, thence east so chuins, nnd
thenco south 80 chulns, thence west
180 chains tu the point of commencement nnd containing 040 ncres more
or less.
Robert   llnhlen  Stewart, Locator
.fumes Fisher, Agent.
Located  March 27th,  1909. 17 Till'   I'll".:|'i:i"l'iilt,     CRANBROOK,     B      C,     SVITIiliW     MAN    • ,    \;
rse. .1
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^^
it :: II
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 41 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦»»♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦, ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«?»«»v»«»»»»»»»»»»»e>»»»4 ♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
^N N April 1st We decided to take over Hill & co's stock of
^^ Furniture* Carpets and Rugs. After invoicing the stock we
found it much larger than we anticipated. To reduce the stock
to a satisfactory point we decided to reduce prices, and judging by
the amount of business we have done in this department, we
believe  that OUR prices have been found very satisfactory.
:   :
Mr. Geo. Chapman has charge of this new department, which is located on the second floor formerly occupied by the tailoring department
and stock rooms. He will be glad to meet all his old friends. By courteous attention and thoroughly dependable goods at lowest prices, we
hope to make this department as popular in East Kootenay as are the
other departments in our big store.
If You Require Anything For Your Home, Such as:
Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Iron or Brass Beds,  Sideboards,   Buffets,
Lounges, Davenports, China or  Music Cabinets, Morris
Chairs,   Rockers,   Easy Chairs, Dining Chairs,
Dining Tables, Writing   Desks, Rattan Goods,
Dressers,   Stands,  Wardrobes,   Carpets
Rugs  and  Mats.
It Will Pay You Well to Inspect our Stock   Before Buying.
Our stock of Leather Chairs and Lounges is very large and well assorted and
the prices make you feel like buying.
we have quantity of carpet Remanants and Fringe, from which we can make
mats at very low prices.
»t$+$W+++£$$$$$$<H'-H>'$''$>$4' I'i'.i'Tiiii.   oiuNrmnoK,   n.   n
; VTORDAY, MAY 21, re
TVTTr^T'PO'RT       Farmers  Meeting Booked.
If you* want a delicious
Chocolate try those
Newports "at The Palm.
We have just received
a  large £stock ] and ' are
Sole Agents for
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tirol Appllvil
To liuuny Wlu'tils
Repairing a Specialty.
rbono til)     •   •   •     P. 0. Boi 2111.
W. Cline
01 ttlO oltl  Mnnuithn  limber
Shop call now he found In tlio
First Cliisn Work In
nil  brunches of tbo
;; Tonsorial   Art' •
Lwturara on agriculture, bortioul-
ture, Irrigation and poultry ruish.u
have ttt'un retained by tho department
of agriculture and arrangements are
now being made to tioid meetings ol
Farmers' Institutes on the mainland
iiiuinj'. Juno Bays the'Victoria post.
\V. I). Ourrio of Kamloops will
spfttk upon irrigation. Hla itinerary
Includes mootings nt Nicola, Lower
Nicola, Merrltt, Nelson, Naluisp, Ores-
ton, (in.ml Forks and Kettle River.
Mr. (ioidsiuii.il oi KhsIo speaks upon poultry raising uud he will tour
thn Kootonays between Juno LO und
28. 11. m. Wlnslow will iooture upon
fruit, raising und the problems eon
noctotl with it. Starting from Mnrn
on Juno I. hi' will spi'uk ut. ID ml 01'by
on .Juno n, Salmon River on Juno 7,
Summer land June '.1, Peaohland Juno
in und Pentlneton June I2f
Ho will then moot Mr. (ioldsmitli
und the two starting ut ihurop, will
Visit Thums, Slooan City, Now Don-
vor, Burton city and RovelBtoko, ond-
lng ut Robson on Juno 24. They will
spoak at Kaslo Juno 25, Crawford
Bay Juno 2ii und Cranbrook Juno 88.
I Cranbrook ii
Wo ask you to call nnil try
our new Consignment of new
nnd Up-to-date rigs lor
Winter and Summer. Just
received Topplr and Reliable
Horses at your disposal.
Give them a trial njid be
I'liono 47        Ci'iiiitironk, B.C.
_ Stomach trouble If but a symptom of. »nd not
fci JUeif a true disease. We think ol Brcpepsia,
Heartburn, and Indigestion as real diseases, yet
ther are symptoms only of a certain specific
Nerve sickness—nothing else.
It was this fact that first correctly led Dr. Snoop
In the creation of that now very popular Stomach
Remedy—Dr. Shoop's Restorative. Going direct
to the stomach nerves, alone brought that success
and favor to Dr. Snoop and hit Restorative. Without that original ani highly vital principle, no
•uch lasting accomplishments were ever to be had.
For stomach distress, bloating, biliousness, bad
breath and sallow complexion, try Dr. Shoop's
Rustoratlve—Tablets.or Liquid-and see for your-
■ell what it can and will do. We Mil and cheerfully recommend
Dr. Shoop's
For a reliable local salesman representing Canada's Oldest and
Greatest Nurseries In Cranbrook and
adjoining country.
The popularity ot our stack wblch
Is grown on limestone soil, making
our trees and bushes hardier and
longer-lived than coast grown stock,
Is acknowledged by experienced Irult
Wc make a specialty of growing
stock for British Columbia and ship
In carload to that province.
A permanent situation to right
man, with territory reserved.
Pay weekly ; free outfit. Write for
Stone & Wellington
(Licensed by R. C. Government.)
l llRi.ANQBio, Proprietor
I'd  those  wanting a swell
turnout give us a call
we can please you.
Hay,   Grain,   and   Wood
for Sale.
, 0 1 ni
Cranbrook, b.c.    Phone 90
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
All kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
age's Old  Stand, Hanson Ave
Phew 9S1
New Bank at Moyie.
A brand] ol the Imperial Hunk nl
Ciuiiiilu was opened in Muyie Tuesday. For the present it will be directly under the control ul the Imperial Hunk in Criinlironk ami .1. M.
l'inkliaiii, Its manage^ Will make almost daily trips to Muyle. Temporary quarters have been secured in the
Central hotel until a lot is selected
nnd a building erected.
A. B. Grace,
"Black Hand" -still plies its trade
of tloath.   Where is it t^iinn tu end ?
There is nothing like polltonofis and
etudlod moderation in language.
Tin- roport that s'irVllfriil Uurlor
will shortly retire trom public office
is not inprobable.
Tin1 summer girl is now looking for
the buminor tellow to take her to tho
iiinmer games.
There will he neatly 2f> |n-r COnt. in
crense in the acreage or wlieut lands
n the west this year.
The penalty [or kiilimpplim in Can
ada lias been Inoronsed from seven to ]
twenty live years.
•   •   •
Now the races «r« over n number ot
the boys have Cltmhod the water wag
Train Load
or a Bag
tlie quality of ANCHOR BRAND FLOUR
dues not vary.
Whether your purchase be bii; or little it
will bring that satisfied feeling of having
bought well. 9
Nine Foot Sturgeon Caught.
Lust Monday between 4 am) G p.m.,
C. M. Fry, living about six mllea
down the Kootenai river, caught (our
of the largest sturgeon ever known
to be caught iu the river. Two of
them were over 8 feet long each, and
the other two were about five feet
long each. Bach of the larger fish
must have weighed over 200 pounds.
On Wednesday morning Wm. Maugh-
an had the good fortune to catch a
Hturgcon over nine feet long. This is
the Inrgest yet, but it is likely that
larger ones will he caught. Uonner'H
Perry is the city for big fish. -Hon
ner's 1'erry Herald.
A very pretty "wedding took place
at Christ Church on Tuesday at
"High Noon" when the Rev. Mr.
Flewclling united In marriage Miss
Kate Duckering, daughter of the late
Christopher Duckering of Wiagby,
Lincoln, Eng., and Mr. J. Walter Edmonds, late of Tierru Del Fuego nnd
After the ceremony a reception was
held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
Grevett, where the friends of the
bride and groom met and tendered
their congratulations.
Mr. Edmonds was a naturalised
citizen of the Argentine Republic and
his wedding took place on the anniversary day of the independence of
that republic, May 25.
M,bs Duckering arrived from England several weeks ago, and was accompanied by her brother Mr. W.
Duckering who will make his home nt
Mr. and Mrs. Edmonds will reside
in Cranbrook and The Prospector extends congratulations to the happy
Warn the World of Storms.
Flashing around the world by wireless telegraphy warnings of approaching storms and other disturbances of
the elements is one of the latest international projects, according to an
announcement made in Washington
Saturday last. Still another ol
little less importance is the proposition to equip the vessels of all nations with uniform storm signals.
Repeat it—"Shiloh's Cure will   always cure my coughs and colds."
tonic in any season, but it is
valuable in mhny other ways.
A little added to Hashes
and Stews greatly improves
their food value. Try it when
warming Canned Meats.
$5.00 CASH
Good Discount For Cash
SILENT Qrnds&mnai&BM
Armstrong Avenue.
Phone lea OlMbrook, 11. 0.
"(live us rest fiml sunshlna" In now
tlie cry "l tlie (armors, nnil Irult mow-
ers nl the Cranbrook district.
. . • .
The iieuiile ought tn ratal that tho
fire hull tolophono is mil u private
■luck HutohlBon «uys that the flnost
way tu trim u Merry Widow lint Is
with the graBB clippers.
Official returns Irom the ottiiwii
house show that the Hun. Wm. PURS'
iey luis been whitewashed.
• * •  .
The straw lint was much in evidence
this week. it. is u conservative man
who still rliiiKS tn bis lust yeur's
straw tile.
Tbo traditional Klyinc Dutchman
has deserted the Spanish Main. Ho
has appeared in a new type ol ship.
hovering over England.
The Canadian Peuec Society Is   assuming a belligerent attitude. No one
fights   more   Bavagely   than a peace
man once be Rets under way.
. * > .
The tide of prosperity, which was
cheeked in Canada nearly two years
ago by the world wide depression has
bogun to flow again.
e  .   e  •
Cranbronk was lucky in having the
flncst kind nf weather for the races
and    other     sports nn Monday and
• •  .  .
Even the earthquake startling as It
may have been, will not shako the
western conviction that Mr. Pugsley
has been whitewashed by the Liberal
party in the bouse uf commons.
• • *  .
Bank uf England loans are down to
3 per cent. Figure tlie profit ot a
loaning Institution with a few millions out in tbo west at 8 per COnt.,
or mnybe higher,
The Orent Northern Railway Co. is
offering a largo fortune in rewards
fur the capture of the bandits who
held up a Great Northern train neat
Spokane recently.
The live conservative members who
represent British Columbia in the
house of commons were not conspicuous by their silence. As debaters
they stood in the front rank.
Monday last, May 24th, was tbc
ninetieth anniversary of tho birth of
tho late tjueen Victoria. Her memory
is cherished in the hearts of every Bri
tisb subject, and the day was fervently celebrated at Cranbrook.
Hon. Clifford Sifton is going to
speak in Victoria on "Forest Conservation." A more appropriate subject
would bo "How I made my pile." An
address un that subject from Mr. Sif-
ton would be both Interesting and enlightening.—Nelson News.
Now that the Ottawa house bus
prorogued a warm welcome should
bo given to the Ave opposition members when they arrive home, for they
have done more for the province in
the session just closed than did the
'solid seven" during tho four years
they were at Ottawa.
.  .  •  • .
The Sati'timy Review does not
think much of Sir Wilfrid Laurier s
plan of contribution to the Imperial
navy. There was a time a few years
ago when British papers made It a
point of saying nothing that was not
in praise of Sir Wilfrid Lgurier and
bis policy.
Uy the Toronto (ilobe regret is expressed that "parliament should be
befouled by a course nf conduct so
poor, so parochial and so degrading '
as the exposure of graft. But it those
who protest against dishonesty
are befouling parliament, what of the
men who practice it ?
Tbc school trustees should bear In
mind that no sneiul propaganda Is
mure worthy ol support than that
which has for its object the provision
of play grounds for the children ol
the public school. In laying out the
new school grounds there should be
sufficient room to meet this natural
inclination of children.
.   «   •
It Is reported that Hon. Wm. 1'ugs
ley, minister of public works, will
make a tour of the west in the neat
future, nnd will come to the coast.
ThiH intelligence should not bo overlooked by the public ol Vancouver,
and It specially should nut be overlooked by the municipal authorities
and boards of trade of tho west.
Southeast fflnotenay has learned a
costly lesson from forest fires In this
district. In many places it. was the
second burning, which usually moans
that rolorostatlon is made forovor
impossible. Many nf these finest. Hies
linve heen caused by sparks from
passing engines. Forest rnngors
should be appointed and the whole
length nr tho road through llie fur
csts sbniild be patrolled by those
How to build a house that will he
within    tho     t ins ol tho nvornge
workingiiinn to liny. and yet. thai
will have all tho eoinlorls and run
venienees that are associated with
the win-ii homo is a problom that has
occupied the attention of many Inmi
ness men und soeiul rofdrmors, It is
doubtful of nny nf thorn have really
solved the problom, and year by year
witli tho Increasing enst ol material
and labor, its solution would appear
to grow more difficult thun ever. At
the sumc time it is being grappled
with, practically and theoretically,
more earnestly than over bolore.
Manfd.  by    Leilch Brothers   Flour Mills, Oak Lake, Man.
■I-********* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
|   Professional   | | Dr. E. W. Connolly
Physician and scuccun
\RVEY,.   iVtcCART-ER,     $        Oftloot Armstrong Av
iVtcCART-ER,    j;
■ i
• •
■ i
Barristers and Solicitors,       2 owiia.m   stoiii.m tmsp
Calgary  Cattle  Co.
Fresh   and  Suited  Meats,
l-'ish  and   Poultry in  season.
Orders h Mail will ree»ive prompt attention.
Order hy   Phone, 45.
W,  1'. GUKD,
Barrister, Solicitor, etc,
Phono Ollleo 105,   Rosidonoo 101
Barrister, Solictor, unci
Notary Public
OIHoo-  Hold Untitling*,
P.T..S. & C.E,
M.M.V..   V.S..
Gradmito     of     Ontario    Votorlnofj
Collogo, Toronto, In 180R.
Grnduntonnd Modnlisl ol MuKllllpVot-
orinttry Collogo, Chicago, III., in 1000
Registered     mombor     of     British
Columbia   Association,
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
I'.O   linx 2116.
Phono 223,
F. O. E.
Meat ovary Friday nt 8 p.m
Visiting   Brotnors Cordially   Invited
F.   W.   Roves,   W, President
Wm.    Anderson,    Secretary.
Aerie Physician, P. (). Bos 28.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Thursday of each month at 8 p.m.
A. McCoWun, Chief   Rnnser.
C. A. Abbott, .Secretary.
Visiting Brethren made welcome.
Meet* every second and fourth)
Wednesday at new Fraternity
Hall. Sojouring RebeKahs cordially Invited. ■
Mrs- F.E.Simpson, Noble Grand
Ada M. hickenbotham, Secretary
Steuin  Boilers and t<*urnncc Work u
Cost und Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Application.
P.O. Box 834.
W.   K.   BEATTY
Funeral Director,
| Rocky Mountain Chapter |
| NO.  126.   II. A. M. I
5 Regular meetings:—2nd Tuos- %
% day  in  each  month   at oight e
;! o'clock. |
s |
■■ Sojourning Companions  aro a:
:| cordially invited. 3j
;S II. L, P.otiiwki.i., Scribe 13, s
i: $
% Box 4       CRANIIItOOK, II, 0. i
Repeat It—"Shiloh's Cure will   always   cure   my   coughs   und   colds."
Sunshine  gVates  hav<
-maximum .strength
shine    Furnace    ha
triangular grate   bars,
each  having three distinct sides.     In the
single-piece anil two-piece grate no   such-like
provision is made for expansion or contraction,
and a waste of coal always follows a shaking.
On the left- and Hghi-hand sides are cotter pins, which when
loosened permit the grates to slide out.    These four grate bars
are made of heavy cast iron, And are finished up with bulldog
i  ^^,j^      teeth.     The teeth will grind up  the toughest clinker; and      >■
because llie grfttea are made in sections, not only can nothing but dust and
ashes pass through, hut alter oacll shaking a different side can be presented
to the fire.       Also, with the    Sunshine   grate   there   is  no  back-breaking
movements attached to the shaking. By gently rocking tho lever, fust on tin-
left and I lieu on the right, tin-ashes ure released on both sides,and fall through
into the pan.
H.    W.    DREW,   Proprietor.
! Found!
On Baker Stteet, one door west
ol Messrs. Hill & Co., tin- only
place in town that can make
lift: worth  living,
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
> >
I >
< •
< I
' I
' >
• >
ii Rubber  Dollar   Store
!E We Kuv Everything
,,  : •
• >
"      HORSES, STOVES, new and second hand  FURNITURE,   CROCKERY   and   WEARING    APPAREL
WE SELL whul wo have In stock nt prices that
will surprise you- A visit lo the Dollar store will con.
vince you thai we have the goods, and can save you
lifly per cunt on any goods purchased.
Wc Buy and Sell For (lash
KOll    HA1.K    I'Y    I'ATMOIIK   BROS,
.* ..    I'IHi.m: III P.O. BOX 866
I'  are cut on torqe
, patterns-designed
to qlve the wearer
the utmost comfort
if -tW       *•«•
■'■   Tewtn Cahadiah Ce. «*
Plans, Specifications
and Estimates
All   kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
I7U.L    -^"i'l
urn i>r*,i    i>-n
Double acting rams pump spring water using impure water .is power to operate
them. Runs continuously and automatically, Pumping capacity up to 1.000,000
Callous per day, No wearing parts excepl valves. Highest efficiency of any engine
on the market. From 60 to 00 per cent, developed under repeated tests.
Unequalled for IRRIGATION AND DOMESTIC purposes. Over seven thousand
in  use.
If you are interested  write   to or see  H.   Y.   Parker. Page
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *4HHmm»«mt« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Splendid Showing of Hats.
HnlTV Oldlulid-  .'t   Elk
ilv   KiulilT
i wcok ,i
Mi,nn,     was at Nr
ntttriill   business.
hi-  Green whs .a     Wurdner Friday
I     STYLE,      QUALITY,     COLOR,     t "" Professional fajtstneae.
e> All ilinv important   attributes   are   to   be   found    i    Miss u, Mornii spent tho holiday In
J  Uthbridge,
anongesl  uur showing of Mens  Hats    In   Hard   Kelt,
Suit   l-'.-li.  Straws or   Faucy   Summer   Hats   we   oan
show yu'j n  range   tliai is unequalled out of any olty.
Come tincl sec our range.
N'.'w Greens, New Browus and
several other new shades,
Tho shapes are the very latest
and most becoming.
w Dtinlop nt Hamilton ami .1. Mr
I'ruliiiii uf Ni-lsiin were guests al ill*
Cranbrook Friday.
A largo number ol Oraobrookttoej
;in' dguriui: to take in tho A Y f\
position rally next month.
♦     ,\|   li   Long ni Plnchor Oreok, A. E
T  Reynolds,     11      Stewart ol Medicine
gluterod at   till' I'ran
nk  Friday.
Price $2.s>0,
.l.OO,    nnd    -4.00
Mr ,i w. Reynolds, who directed
the song servlco« here during the re
vtvfii ^(unpnlgn, stopped ofl between
(tains en Tuesduy afternoon.
There are laws in punish people
who fall t<> clean their premises nnd
keep * hem sanitary Don'l wall i"i
tho luspectoi t" notify you, hut get
busy and clean up ->t ouce
Mi and Mis a K Watts and Mra
K K-'is.iii ,.i Wattsburg were in towu
i ins week attetuUug the races, Mr
Waits new "Uamblor" looked exceed
Ingly nice and was the lubfcct ,.(
much comment,
John  Larsen  ol  Wild  Horse  Creek
Commercial travellers visiting thi*
city say thut Orauhrook is tho mosl
prosperous city in Botitheust Kooten
The grass un the prairie east *>f
town looks green und beautiful after
tlie recent Bhowors.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D McBride, Miss
Uoltoh and Mr. A Uitch, jr . vislti'd
Wnsa Tuesday.
I'.  H.  Dtok uf Vancouvoi     and  l.
tmtli ol Hosmer woro loiosts ut tho
Cranbrook  Tuesday
The city Council will meet next Wed
nosdny evening In tho municipal
Who is reaponslble foi the lifting of
tlie lid at    Cranbrook    Monday ami
Born At Cranbrook, un Monday,
Mny 24th, to Mi nnd Mm t M
Roborts, a son.
?       T\/r Oi. 1     r* i        tt *      ■'"ll"   larsen  oi   wu.i   Horse  i reel
♦ MenS    btraW    and    LrUSh     HatS.      X was in town Tuesday    He Is engage.
T «> iii building .i ilium, tn carry 300 Inch
• " ' " ♦ .■- ..( water    As booh as tin- is ro,"
Iii  Boaters,   Homburgs, Panamas, and other Panev    I l'''''''''    Ml     '•"""'" "'" ",ln""'r
....     ■!-,  ii..         ,    ,..    ... ..'I Pi««r """""■■
factory, su
Pheso Hats
!■    |ll
direel   I'runi    tin.    ♦
♦      i   P   Pink, who has been east   lor
T the niii-'i month is expected homo next
2nc.     to    $8.00     each.     * ««>>    He will bring borne with inn,
e)   i in.' alarm whistle that will nwak
ioo«.o»thij   i nn   English   Haki
Felt   Hat.
e>  everj   resident  nt  Cranbrook     when
♦ there Is .. -nr   provided that sunt ros
♦ is asleep .it that time.
Has met with run
siderably more sucress
than we hoped tor
It is ;i good Hal nn,I
un have proved ii.
PRICE S3 00 In
several shapes.
: Burns Bros
♦ ,'   :>  formally  announced  that    .1
:♦   \   Harvej    K 0    ol the firm ol Hal
vpy. McCartei  & Macdonald ol Cran
:ond  S   s   Tayloi  ol  Nelson
■  rmed .. partnership under tin
+   firm ol Taylor & Harvey      Th<
*>   new firm will practice law ut Vancoii
♦ "-'1   to which place they will removt
♦ 15th
Rev W t; W Fortune is now sup
ent of the temperanee and
moral reform movement iu Alberta.
His salary is $1800 per year ami travelling expenses Mr Fortune is well
kid• wn iti Cranbrook, and was formerly pastti'.' of the Knox Presbyterian
church, aib!  has many friends in the
Our stork is now complete with
nil   llie   latest   spring   designs—
Kindly  ''nil   and   s nn-   show
oases boforo Anally deciding
what your present shall bo—
Tin' prices arc right. Quality
tlio  bos!   llnil   iiiuni'.v can  buy,
C. P. R. Watch  Inspectors,
Cranbrook,   li. C.
Quite ii number ..1 automobiles were
si-cii at the park iiruunils limine; tho
The Oranbrook CIroi Store has in
stalled ii ue« English Ullllurd table
which li much appreciated bj  Iter pal
Local mining moo w ill aoto I bal
all tree miners' cot tltlcatos expire on
Monday nexl. Maj list, and tint il in'
renowed on or before t lial date
i' E) Suiitti, ropresunttuH Dawson
& i'ii . printers supplies and station
.'i \. .'i Montreal, was In town Thurs
Don'l forgot tho show nt tin- EBdl
son theatre tonight,
A. Bhoppard ut Warduor was in tho
lily   Wednesday.
Andy Qood ul Crow's Ni'tst attendod
Un. Oranbrook racos tins woak
ll.'iit   Little ..I llosmor was in tho
iity tins wook nttundlng tbo racos
.1. O, MoTavlsh ol Btrathconu   was
in town  Wi'illii'iiliiy.
H    «     Wei den   ul   e'ml   Steele   WU8
iii town Motidnj attending the racos,
Dorl  in.nl, ,.i I'liini', sponl Bovoral
.luis in  I'liiiil.iui.l,  thin  wook.
A   .i   King ui Knllspol, Monl . was
in ilir olts Woilncsdny
1C   'I'm I,,i
MOJ II'   Whs   III   luWII   Ull
M   r   Siiuiii ni  si    Mary's prairie
was in town Tuosdn)
iii'ii  Lawrlo ol tiroetan sponl sevar
ii ,i.n . this wook in town
>'   n   I nir nt Spokane was n snest
i> tin' lloyal Thursday,
.!   K   «lis,,n ,.i Grand Porks    was
registered nt tho lloyal Thursday.
I' « Burgess "i Wardnei. William
Youns. "( Hosmoi nnd il Wilson "l
i^ui'iu'i' ivi-r,, guests nt tin' Urnnhrook
Wo have been told thai dead men
tell nn tulrs. hut sometimes whon
they gel on tin- tally sheot In the olec
lion ii'tiinis they do
wuii Moyie threatening t" go dry
it looks us il Oranbrook will soon be
ilii- only oasis in the t'runbrook dls
t I nt
y sin.ill blase at tho residence ol
Mrl Dick KrastT on Hanson Avenue
brought ..ut thr tin1 department un
Wednesday.   No damage whs done,
The excavation fur tin- basement nf
the new school house is about completed, and the foundation will ho
laid in .i few  days.
Fred Uitchie uf Victoria, .1. Ross ol
Toronto, nnil .1. Kyle uf Montreal,
were guests at the Oranbrook Wednesday,
F. A. Watts nf Wattsburg was in
town Thursday un business. He was
accompanied by his son Mr. l-Mwanl
Put men from Pernio were at Cran Next Sunday altornoon, Mny 80th.
brook Mumlay tu ploy ball with nine r0v. li. Hughes will conduct services
fat men ..1 this city. Three Innings In the Wycllfle schoolhouse ut three
were played, the score being 3-3. The The men from the camps in the vle-
aunie was called nt the end of the inity ure cordially invited tu attend,
third Inning mi nrcount nf darkness, j —
  John Kwin nf Wasa was iu town on
Oranbrook   Olty  went   nn  the 'sum- Thursday.   He     was     looking   tip a
mor n, „ Monday Inst. *l"mv Puller' "'''J'1' ls supposed to be
 !___ • the most    uptodnte machine nf    its
i;   ii   Bonharl
town Tuesday,
Wiililnei   wus
Perry Crook was
Pat Men Dame.
, i ,,.   i ■ ■ i , ■   "
Calls Promptly Attended
DAY PHONE   No. fl
Funeral    Director   and   Em
balmer,  in charge.
It is rather curly to forecast what
the year's fruit crop will be in the
Cranbrook district. The Bprlng being
backward growth is about three
weeks later than previous seasons.
Mr. ami Mrs P. J. Russell of Fernie, were at the Royal this week. Mr.
Russell represents the Fernie Construction Co., who have the contract
for building the new schoolhouse.
P 0 Box 33
Phone 111
Nature Glorified
By Art.
is llie charm thai mukes
urn' Wall Papers so much
MniL'hi aftei by those
who love tho truly beautiful, and who delight in
mailing there homes' at-
i ractive. Wc make il a
jniiiit to have tho uewesi
;i ii d mosl novelpotterus
Call and See.
The Painter and
Armstrong' Avenue
The Leading: Fruit Store. •■
—°— I
11.\/. Kl. WOOD ICECREAM, %
 0 .
■ • .♦■ • ♦■ i * *■.»,«>
■topped En M) nilrmtoi
wra with Dr. si ii s
Croup   B« ly.   Oiiu
i.-L ttill.Min-ly prim.
.n<j roinitiQB. nn dls*
Francis Edward
Bandmaster Oranbrook City Rimi
Choirmaster Knox Prosbvlerliin
l.uto Bamlmaslor His Majosly's lioyrl
W. I'uailiills
Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin
and     Standard     Instruments.
Orchestra    Furnished
tins Tliolt) "
town Mmiiliiy.
Mi   and Mrs T   Wlmlon of Cornlo
wore in i'iiinini'iili Monday.
Geo   Mead ol Croston spont aovernl
days tins week in Cranbrook,
W    J.   llliinili'll   ol   I'Vlliii'   wus      in
towu nil Mondny.
Wm. Myers ol Porl ateolo wus    iu
towu Tuesday,
W.  'I'ii
town 'I'll
ant    of  Miiivsviilr  wus
Repeat It—"Shiloh's Cure will   always   cure   my   coughs   and   colds."
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦   f
♦ ♦  Z
1 Gold Standard Teas
♦ and Coffees   .    .    .
♦ Y"ii will find our stock ol Fancy nnd Staple
♦ Groceries complete in ever)  respect ; n trial
^ order  will  convince you we  are  there  with
f the I'onrls.
I'llONh;    s6
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ex)********** #♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*
are sold only by
The Montelius Piano House
439 - 441 Hastings Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Branch Store   413 Josephine Street, Nelson, B.C.
George   Welch,   Selling  Agent, Cranbrook, B.C.
H.   H.   STANTON,
Manager   for   all    Eastern   B.C.   Business.
j ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦
1 . K, Hunt ol Myers Palls wus n
uiicst ut the Cosmopolitan Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. L. Lucas of Spokane
wore in town Thursday,
Mrs. H. I,. Sawyer of Marysvllle,
wus a Oranbrook visitor Tuesday.
Tinhorns and fakirs were conspicuous ut t'runbrook on Monday.
Mrs. G. A. Kerr left on Wednesday
for Calgary on an extended visit.
Dr. Connolly was In Jaffray Tuesday.
Mr. Mct'onkey ol Fernie bus taken
charge of the Oranbrook Cigar Store
barber shop.
A. A. Ward of Sifton was transacting business ut Cranbrook Wednesday.
Barrister ('. H. Dunbar of Hosmer
was in town Monday shaking hands
with his Oranbrook friends.
Constable Sampson of Moyie was
at Cranbrook this week on official
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mead ol Creston
spent several days in Oranbrook tbii
B J. Clayton and J. v. Adams of
Marysvllle, were guests at the Cos
iiiopolitan Wednesday.
M. L. Small of Klngsgate was rcg
lstered at the Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
Harry Wright, government agent
for the Nelson district spent several
days this week in town.
T. G. Proctor of Nelson, representing the Kootenay Valley Lund Company was in town Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Cunningham of
Moyie were in Cranbrook Monday attending the races.
F. J. McOrahan of Nelson, I,. A
Childs and H. W. Shnle of Spokane
were Cranbrook visitors this week
Dave Griffith, king of tlie Wild
Horse Creek placer mines spent several days this week in Crunbrook.
Mrs. T. T. MeVittie of Fort Steele
was visiting friends at Oranbrook
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. McTnvlsh of Moyio
were guests at the Oranbrook Monday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. Heck, W. S. Kuj
and J. L. (lutes of Fernie were Oranbrook visitors Monday,
Oonstnblo .1. Walsh of Fort Steele
spent several days this week ill Cranbrook.
Messrs. Wliiiuslcr und Gore, of the
Fernie Free I'ress stuff, were in town
over Sunday and Monday.
('unstable II. ('. Ailney of Wnrdner
was in town Tuesduy on official bus
II. S. Iliilkc of Spokane and 11. D.
MoTavlsh of Nelson were registered
at the Cranbrook Monday.
Steve Hanson, of Fargo, N.I)., was
11 Cranbrook visitor this week. He is
n brother of Nils Hanson of Wnsa.
Gomel- Jones of Wnrdner wus registered nt the Cranbrook Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. G. T. lingers were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Wiitts of Wattsburg tills week.
W. H. Bradford of Wycllffo witnessed tlie sports in Cranbrook on Empire, day.
Steve Wallace, proprietor of tho
Pernio hotel, Pernio, was a Cranbrook
visitor Monday,
,1. .1. Ryan, representing Vallons &
Co., cigar manufacturers ol Montreal
was in town Thursday.
It. Leslie of Vancouver and Itolierl
llewur of Port. Steele were in file city
A. Smith of Fernie, M. Phillips of
Hlkn, und W. Tciitzcil of Montreal
were nt tlie Oranbrook Thursday.
P. P.. Ayre of Elko, manager of the
North Star Lumber Co. wus in town
Mr, nnd Mrs. li. Jncobson of Calgary were Cranbrook visitors Thursday.
The Yale Night Latch is the lock
of security and convenience—secure because
nothing but its true Yale key will operate it
pom the outside; convenient because it can
be operated from the inside by simply turning a knob.
The best known night latch is the "Yale
No 42."    We will explain how it works.
Hardware Cranbrook, B. C.
Heating   and   Plumbing
Engineers       .     .     . ■
OCK AIM—Is to give the comfort-seeker tho fullest sense
of comfort with tho least sense of apparatus -the most satisfying results at the least expense of fuel and ot labor, with
freedom from repairs, and n durability equal to the life of the
buildings    in    which    the    heating systems arc  Installed.
, Our Systems of Heating meet these requirements exactly.
They are the efficient, silent, reliable servant of the bouse owner
—an adjunct which does more for the cheer and healthfulncss of
home-lifeth an any other material feature or decoration of home
 » ■ e»
To get the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the ground.
Dried Blood  Fertilizer
Try Our   Blood and Bone Mixture
Phone 10
■f'.'-* S^^f*
P. O. Box i.
Ham and Bacon
Our smoked meats are always fresh stock.    We
are sure that if you try them onee you will agree
with us that they are the best  flavored   and   most
S£wholosoino smoked meats you have over oaten.
P.Woods & Co.
PHONE 67 P. 0. BOX 164
& 3* Winning
D.J.JOHNSON     "The Best in Town"
Cor   Hale or Rent at Reasonable
Office& Workshop—Lewis St,
TOou No. u.
For a Cool, Clean Shave,
or a Hair Cut, go to
Tonsorial Artists
Cranbrook Street


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