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The Prospector May 25, 1907

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Array I.'' I-.'".- el !.■«   ' -•
: 30 1907
Vol. Hi.
No. -21.
Cranbrook is Being Improved by
the Construction of Govern-
in mt Buildings. New Opera
House and Residences.
Cranbrook is growing rapidly.
During ihe pnsl wool; a representative of tho Prospector tool; a
walk over town jusl lo see what
was going on in the building
line, It would be a revelation
to the average citizens to see and
know the extent of the Improvements now going on in the city,
lull one itiiist see all I hose improvements to appreciate the
full extent of building operations
now going on iu Crunbrook.
The new goveruuientand municipal building, which is to cost
when finished about #20,000, is
progressing rapidly toward completion. 1). .1 Johnson litis tho
contract,und when completed will
bo tho largest and most complete
building of its kind In the district.
Contractors Geo. Leask St Co.,
are rushing work on tbe new
Opera House. The ground plan
of the Building is llin x 45 feet,
lhe stage will be 40 x 30, and the
seating capacity will be in the
neighborhood of 000. When
used for dancing, the Hour space
will be sn x In. When completed
it will bo tlie tinesl and most
cosey opera house west of
The managers of lhe Imperial
Bunk are completing arrangements for a large new building
to lie constructed on the site
of tlm present structure. The
building when completed will bo
one of the finestjand most modern
buildings wesl of Winnipeg.
The following is a partial list
of buildings now under construction in Crunbrook.
Ed. Johnson is building an
addition to his residence on Armstrong Avenue.
Mr. Ward is building a cottage
on Burwell Avenue.
A. I'. Nelson Is building a resh
donee on Luiiisdon Avenue.
Mr. Dickson is also building
a residence on Armstrong
B, McNeil is building a house
for S. Taylor on Hanson Avenue.
Alderman Hickenbotham is
building tin addition to his residence on Burwell avenue.
A. Nesbit is also building a
residence on Burwell Avenue.
Contractor (ieo. Leask St Co is
building a large barn on Norbury
Avenue for the Pink Mercantile
Contractor D. Johnson is building a store for a Chinese linn on
Durick Avenue.
Contractor A. Nesbit is building a house lo be used for a
laundry ou Durick Avenue for a
Chinese company,
A number of residences on
Baker Hill, aud in the southern
porl ion of the city are improving
their properties by building
veranda's ami fencing.
Through C. P. It Trains June 17
June IT the lirst train of the
Canadian Pacific railway lo operate solid lo Spokane over lhe
Corbin linn from the C. P. li.
over the 0. R, St N., will stun
from St. Paul, suys the Portland
Telegram. About June -tl the
service will be begun out of
Portland Tariffs hnve been
published and the freight service
is to be Inaugurated April ill).
Gonural Agent Prank Johnson of
the 0, P. It. gUVO oul the ollieinl
"The Canti'dinn Pacific will
start its service from Sl. Paul
and from Portland alter the
Hie arrival of llie lirst, I ruin, wilh
probably the best eipiipiuont
ever rolled on any tl'lllisconll-
Denial line," he said. "Ton new
trains have been constructed es'
poclally for that route. The
system constructs aud operates
lis own sleeping  rut's,   and   llle
two standard nml two tourist
cars that are to be run aro perfection In ear construction,
Separate sleepers will bo operated to Spokane and others
broughl to Portland. Tho trains
will lie iiinde up of six cars,comprising ihe conches and sleepers,
while n modern diner nml un oh
servailon car the latest of their
elass, will lie added, together
with ii baggagecar. The service
will bo fast tind the ope rating ile
pariiiicnl proposes to make lhe
train and route popular for north-
wesl travelers."
R. L. Borden will  Visit British
Columbia.   The Dominion
Mr. Ii. L. Borden, loader or
the Conservative party in tlie
Dominion House, is lo sot out on
a political lour about August 1st.
The leaders of tlio party in tlie
Kootenays should extend to Mr.
Borden au invitation to visit lhe
large cities in Southern British
Columbia, Mi'. Borden stands
high in the estimation of the
Conservatives in litis district
His eminent fairness and his
abhorrence of everything calculated to lower the tone of public
life litis won him friends, who
are not by any means confined to
his own political parly. If it is
to come alioui that Mi'. Borden
lo be lhe next Premier of
Canada, tlie whole country will
feel safe in his hands
The Nelson Daily News, says
that, whether ihe Dominion elec
tions tire to take placo this year
or nexl. the Liberal party will not
be caught napping. We wonder
if this is a pointer to tho faithful to prepare for an early elecl-
Who will bo the next candidate
in Yale-Kootenay for the Dominion House*' And how many times
tho News will announce a Dominion elecl ion, between now and
next spring, is whal the people
would like to know.
A Criticism.
In the busy world lhe wheels
of progress still moves, and they
will continue to move rapidly in
spite of any cruel criticism on
the part of any race or people.
Intelligence is the key note of
Little Billy Goat,
Southeast Kootenay Ore Shipments
The oro shipments nmi smeller
receipts for the districl of Soulh
east Kootenay for Inst week were
as follows:
Sl    Kilgene....     |SL'      j.I'L'll
Sullivan     (100   12,(100
Tolal     7*2   I7.:i'-':i
The Sullivan Group of initios
continue lo hold lhe record, Ihis
year, of being the largest silver-
lead shipping mine iu Canada,
Summer Exoursion Rates East.
Un June ti, 7, H., the Canadian
Pacific Railway will sell til Koss
and Nelson with corn's-
llg rules from till Kootenay
s lirst class round trip
s to all eastern Canadian
aud United States points, Kales
to Winnipeg. Porl Arlhiir. Sl.
Paul, Dulutli, Sioux City Jii2.n0,
St. Louis W0.00, Chicago stil.l'O.
Toronto #78,n0, Ottawa $ri2.im,
Montreal #8-1.00, St. John #01.tin,
Halifax #101 fill. Tickets are
good for Three months tn
stopover west Port William or
St.    Paul   and   good    via    any
recognized dil I mule good  via
lake route including meals aud
berths ou Canadian Pacific lake
steamers or good to go on one o"
these routes and return another
Por rules lo any poinl ami Iiorlli
reservation standard or tourist
sleepers or hike steamers apply
to local agents or write .1 u
Carter, D.P.A. Nelson."
Visiton Hero and There   Peiph
Who Come to Cranbrook and
Those Who Go Away.
Mt. and Mrs. ti. A. .limes of
Jaffray was in town Wednesday,
Strawberries, fresh today al
V. C, Barclay of Wardner was
at the Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
ii li Johnson of Pernio was
t Cranbrook visitor Monthly,
Build up Craubrooli and keo]
your money iu the province
Wm. Carlin drove over from
Steele Tuesday on business,
M. B- Long of Pincher Creek
wus in town Tnesday.
Presh Tomatoes, ami Lett nee.
every day al Stewarts,
I. Armstrong lefl on Friday's
train on a visit to his old homo
u Cumberland, England,
H. I) Mathers drove over from
Porl Sleele Wednesday on Imsi
Constable A. A. Ward was
down fioin Marysville Weiluos
day on business.
Dr. Connolly went to Ryan
Wednesday on professional busi
If you want a rondy-lo wear
suit, something nobby and up in
dale, cull al ll'ill & tin.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Wall of
Wattsburg were Crtmbrook
visitors on Wednesdav.
Por artistic paperhungingnud
up-to-date pointing soe Short it
G. D, Brown of Unit. Ont .
wns doing business al Cranbrook
I. M. Donahue and ,1. G, Me
K'iiuon of Toronto were registered at Ihe Cranbrook Tuesday
George Laurie, a lumberman
from Creston was in Cranbrook
Tuesday on business.
M. L. Robertson and Vi. ti,.
Nightengale of Toronto, wore
registered at the Cranbrook
I. 1). Lnndbroiigh and K. S
Biuger of Bowbells, N. I)., were
guests ut the Cranbrook Wednes
J. Thompson and .1. Kelloy
who has boon mining on Perry
Crook, wore at Cranbrook Wed
nesdliy on business.
Joe Bruinbrii'k who has been
in Australia for Iho past year.
returned to Cranbrook Sunday
I. G. Cnrninings, P. L, S..
wilh a number of assistants left
ni Monday for While River
where he will survey a number
of llin bor locations.
Tho only Tommy South, who
has boon ill ut the Si. Eugene
hospital lor sovornl weeks, is
nearly well, and much joy there
[ore is apparent In the South
"Did you say iee cronin'.'" "of
course I did," and she smiled
sweetly "Then we'll go over to
The Palm where the Cj'ontn is
bolter 1 linn over," anil she smiled
C, Hitngei ford Pollen, president of llie Kootenay Central
Railway arrived in Cranbrook
Monday,    Mr  Pollon stales Ihul
"he expects  liml  all    essiiry
ai'i'iingninoul will soon he maile
for the immediate couslruction
of the K   l'. R.
IlilZelwiuiil  lee ( 'iviini   is   most
delicious,    i let ii ui Stewarts.
Mr nml Mrs, .I I'' Smith will
spend ihe holidays 111 Pernie the
guests of Mr.  an.I   Mrs. Corson
William Sanderson of Marys
ville was ti Crunbrook visitor on
Mr. uiul Mrs. s X Harris lefl
ou Tuesday on an extended visil
io il Id country.
,1   Cosman   has  gone   to st
• lolin. \ I! . mi ll I Isll lo his
Bricks are bricks, nnd Ihoru is
iiiiiiii'.v ia I hem Soo Bottle ,V
Elwell; thev will loll you how lo
make bricks.
.1. P. Pink, of the Pink Mcr
<■:!iniii' company, was nl Elko
uud olhor points in lho Elk river
valley on company business,
Mrs C. Prnucis, who undor
weiii iiii operation nl tho St.
Eugene hospital on Priday last,
is now on lho road lo recovery.
Will   Rollins nnd   Dan   Howe
liuiiii' a   Hying  trip lo the   St
Mary's count ry on Thursdny. re
turning Priday,
The government offices, lunik's
and stores were closed  on   Bin
pire  day:  ami   tho  govornmonl
offices und bunks will bo closed
today (Saturday, i
William Oliver of Lethbridge,
li. linker of Tun.uln. C. P
Douglas of Montreal and E
Johnson of Port Steele spent
Empire day in Crunbrook.
Mr. Otis Staples, of Wyclilfe,
passed Ihrough Cninbrook Sunday last on his wuy to Stillwater
Minn., he will be ubseul for
several weeks.
Lev. Vi. ti,. Taylor of Carmen,
Man., has accepted it call to lho
Cranbrook Baptist church, ami
will hold his lirst service on
.liine 2nd,
llerlierl S, Clark of Porl
Steele wns at ('ranbrook Empire
day. It is suid that Mr. Chirk
will he appointed lo n clerkship
in the govornmonl ollice nl Cranbrook in the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. V.'Mydc Baker
returned Sunday Inst from un
extended visit to I he old country.
While absent Ihey made n lour
of the continent, but Mr. and
Mrs. Baiier prefer "Bountiful
Cranbrook" us n porintinsnl
placo of residence.
Dr King's big automobile gol
unruly oil Tuesday afternoon
and succeeded' in leaving lhe
road and getting into tho ditch
south of lown. 'f he accident resulted iu no damage to the
machine or its occupants.
Pred Smyth, editor of the
Movie Leader, will take ti vacation nexl month. Pred will
Hike himself and his -mile lo
Montreal and other eastern cities
Peck McSweyn will have charge
of the paper nml scissors during
Iho tibsi of Mr. rfmylh.
ti,. L Cliiiilleigh. of Calgary,
was in town Monday shaking
hands with his many friends. It
is reported iluu Mr. Chudloigh
will siiiiii tuke up Ills residence
here   again You   ctlll'l    keep
good people Irom returning to
the metropolis of the Kootenays.
dn   Wodnesday   availing  Mr,
and  Mrs,   ll.  T.   liogors o r
tallied fourteen guests lo dinner
in   li ir  ol   Mi's.   Phelps,   who
loaves ihis week for her homo in
Portland, I hu After dinner n
ii.'iii,innl lace handkerchief was
presented lo Mrs Phelps by
a number of her lady and gentle
men friends, after which the
evening was socially '.pent in
music and games,
Tho boys at lho big planing
mill of Hie King Lumber i lo, tire
happy mul contented now. I Iml
the mess  I  bunk   houses are
C pli'leil.        Tl SS     hulls.'
Illllll'l'   llll!   snpoi'visi I   -lolin
Cordon was opened for the Hrsl
limo Monday evening.
W.iat the City Dads are Doing to
Promote   the   Welfare
of the City.
The  regular mooting of   tin
City council WHS held on Wednes
day evening. There were presenl  Alder  Pink, McCowan,
i,ill   ami    Ilui, othnill,       >>n
motion Alderman Pink took the
"hair, in lho absoueo ol Mayor
A communication from P. C
(Iambic, provincial civil engineer
il inner of the provincial government grunting lo lho city tlio
presenl provincinl jail and promises, was read, slating Ihal 1 iov
liiiinenl Agenl Armstrong would
confer with tho city council regarding lhe -ami'.
i in motion il wn- decided thul
the Cily of Crunbrook should become a in lui- of the  Union  of
British Ciiliiiiiliia Municipalities,
nml  Uml   lli  llio future this cily
should      be     represented    til    ull
meetings of the union,
It wns suggested by alderman
McCowan and Gill Hint the gov
eminent be requested to amend
the Municipality Act, giving
ench municipality power to
appoint its polico commissioners
police magistrate, polico and
licence commissioners,
Govci'iitncnl Agent Armstrong
architect of the joint government
ami municipal building, certified
thut Contractor I) .1. Johnson
was entitled lo *_. IH". On
motion Mr. Johnson's nccotint
wus ordered paid.
By-law No. ".*-. being the Electric Ligbl liy law was limply
passed and adopt.il.
City Clerk* T. M. Roberts whs
instructed lo secure ull possible
information regarding sccptii
I In mot ion I lie honlf b com
initio was given power lo improve the nuisance grounds ns
Alderman Pink, ns chief of tho
Eire brigade, was uulhorizod to
join the British I 'ilium!.in Pirn
men's association.
The    council    endorsed    the
r mmondiilion of the Board of
School  Trustees,  lo  provide   a
high sc) I  in Cranbrook, also
the milking of necessary repairs
to the school building,
Council adjourned ut 11 p in,
Now Game Wardui.
William Tattle hus been appointed as n gntne warden for
the Pernie district. A game
warden is much needed in litis
riding. Indiums camped oil St.
Joesph's ereek* have lulled a
large number of grouse, and an
introduclioii lo a police magistrate WOllld lie the proper   tiling
accompanied with n lino sufficient lo prevent flirt liei-depredations.
clods of northern grown fruits
if most excellent quality, nnd
uaii.v now comers ure setting
ml young orchards. Timothy
mul clovoi ami the cereals yield
illumine! crops, ;is well ;,-. till
root crops mul berries. Rich
grass grows nil through Ihe
liuilii'i' and ou the bald hills,
furnishing unlimited grazing for
cattle There are great opportunities for industrious people to
gel cheap homos here mul to en
gage in agricultural, liorlicul
tlll'lll nml stock raising, on mi\
settle, large m* small.
Now Is  iiu- ti  to lake up
farming lands, these 'tire lu In
Ion mi from ."i lo ill miles from
Cranbrook. uml about/ ihe same
distance from ll railway.
Local Sports.
The championship aspirations
if the Town I'oiitlialf team re-
leived a rude'.jolt on Tuesday
evening when Ihey went down to
ilefeat before the heavy kicking,
and skillful passing of the
There  had  I n considerable
rain during llie day. the' ground,
being wet ami heavy, and good
playing of foot llllll ivus out of
the tpieslion. Tho Town leant
with n courage that was thought
to He invincible, took Ihe held
with but eight players, lhe
balance coining' mi nl half play.
The play was (usl and keen, the
Poroslers having llie besl of the
play, and kicked llvo goal--,
winning the game. Tho Town
leum having nothing Iml tl goose
egg lo Iheir credit Mr. A.
Block ref).reed '.he game in it
most impartial manner giving
satisfaction to both loams,
Football  Tuesday   Next.
Tho next game ol [oolball will
bo    played    on   the   recreation
The Sullivan Group of Mines -
tlm Largesi Siver Lead Producing Mine in B. ('.
The properly of the Sullivan
'in.up Milling Company is located m Kiiijlierlev. I-', l'.. uml
a smelting plmif of I*.1.' tons daily
capacity, also owned by lhe company, is located at Marysville,
-.■' en n ile> frum the mine, The
company own- and operates the
Hoborlin process for roasting the
ore before smelting, process nets
t saving of si per ton over the
direct method of smelling. The
crushing ami roasting capacity
of the smeller is boingdncreased
to I SO tons daily and at this rate
tho net profit of tho plant will
reni.li Jl'S.HOUper month During
April tho smelter turned out Si'l
tons   of   bullion   worth    nbout
S?uTl'l'll.      About  L'l .11,1'I ll I   tolls   llf
ore are in sight wilh every indication of nn inexhaustible
supply til depth. A train one
mile long conveys the ore to tlie
railroad, from whence it is transported In the smelter, (Iwlng to
Iiie procure ol zinc wilh tile
silver lead ore siniieilillicully lias
iieeii experienced,In its treatment
in tic past,  inn  this has now
l n  overcome   through   using
high lend concentrates from the
St. Eugene mine in smelting
Willi lhe high zinc ores of the
The company is incorpornted
under ihe laws of Washington
t,,r ;;,,mu,Hon shares, par value
s| Bonded indebtedness of
s|iio.i"im at T per coul interest
now i ml sia inline', p is estimated
bowel er. that a good portion of
this amount will he iu the
treasury nl the mid of the year.
figuring the worth ef the stock
on i he company's holdings would
gii Is  Tuesdny next  between j plueo il til   nO cents   per  share,
"'" ''' '   ''  I!',; ''■    although stock can he purchased
ul around Hi to !i cents Por a
long pull ii is mi excellent buy
at I hose figures.
Expected Visitors.
lhe Porcsler ami   l-'ire Brignd
'i'he i i'li ins are in good condition
ami  a line exhibition of football
Is promised.
Half Million Dollars in Red Line.
Montreal.   May   l'l        Mr   III   I 	
inglon. who has enme over lo William Whylo, Nt vice-presi-
lake a Irip over tlie All Red dent of tho C.P.R.. accompanied
route, said: "Tho now steamship|b,v J S. Dennis, Land Comrnls-
line will moan not only a now era sionor,   is   expected    to    reach
in Canadian overseas transporla
tion, Iml also a new era in the
industrial   development of   tlie
Craubrook   aboul   the   1 Ot li   of
tune.   Tlio party will come from
i lolden in a special train, "unto
country,   for   it   will   d ore, I mobiles",  over  lho  route of tlie
probably,   ihan   anything   else Kootenay Central railway. Upon
could do to attract tho attention
of molded interests to Canada."
lho  report  of these officials de-
ponds the   immediate construe-
Lord Stralliconn is said to have ■ lion of the K'.C.K, also its point
hall' a million dollars in this en- of connection with the (row line
Empire Day at Marysville.
Empire Day in the Dominion.
Montreal. May  21     Today   is
Empire Day. or Victoria Day. us
Marysville celebrated Kmpir.
Day. und as usual a large niiin
ber of pleasure  seekers    fromICanadians call   ii.     It  is   now
Cranbrook   found   their   way   toIt rly nine years   since   Empire
the Smeller City, Days was instituted.   The idea
As  soon   as   tlie   train   from ; ,,|' a yearly com inortilionof the
Opportunities at Oranbrook,     |Cranbrook  nrrived   the  sports imperial tie was due to Mrs.  E,
unnoticed.    Much enthusiasm 1,1  Pessendon. now of Hamilton,
wns manifest in lhe sporting
events, and the large crowd wns
quid us well ns enthusiastic,
who suggested that the -last
school day before Victoria Dny
in. selected for a commemoration
The    llllesl     new.    Ir lie
Upper Columbia ami Koolonny
valleys is very encouraging as
I'OS] Is   crop   prospects.      'I"
The Cninbrook Pouiulry Im
Installed a new l'h loot Ial he, llu
largest in Southeast Kootenity
Tlie rapidly increasing liusines
of this growing industry uoeessi
lalos Ihe mosl improved nml iiplyonr     is     sure      lo     lu
lo ilitt nclliliory,    nml     lhe good     I   Ihoro   is    now
proprietor Mr. A   A. Miickimon, every   reason  i"   believe,    tlml
is   to lie    congratulated   upon wiih   ihe   const ruction   of   ihe
having     ibe      largest       ami Koolonny Control, there will  be
most  modern ll hinoshop and a largo inllux of settlers, and all
foundry in the districl records will I clipsod,
Cranbrook is llm principal city
in Southeast Kooienay, bountifully sitiuiic'l. \iith n population
of aboul   II.OHO,    li  is tl - Horse racing, fool racing  ami nnd be set apnrt for thnt purpose
moreial,   lumbering   mul  social Caledonian sports woro indulged '|'|10 idea was welcomed with en-
center of the  Kooienay  valley, i». and a number of visitors took ilnisiasm    throughout   Canada,
un  ih,- Crow's  Nest  Brunch of advantage of the day and fished Uml was adopted not only by tho
the C. P. li.,   ami  a  divisinnni Mark Crook and Iho St    Mary's Dominion, but othor pnrls of the
point, River,    but   Hi"  catches   were Empire,     In   ItifrJ the  Earl   oi
Tlie siii'i'uce uml (dianiclor of smnll owing lo the high water.     Month  Inaugurated   an   Kmpire
lhe country  fribiilnry  to Cran-   The day wasexc lingly pleas   Day   in  the   [Inked   Kingdom,
brook   nre   ogreonbly    various, nni    I the Irip lo  Mnrysville choosing for lhe day the Hlth of
Tlio grout table of bunch  lmuis thoroughly enjoyed hy ull.   The May,  known  in Canada as Vic'
extending hack to lho iiioiinluins, party   from Cranbrook't'otiirnod hnrhi   Day     The schools   have
covered   with   forests   oi   pine.  Into in lho evening ttflor spend   i it made lo have n special con
iir    ;m,|    iiiniarnck       A    large j tnjj   a     delightful     day,     well  unci ion  witli  the observant I
aci'oai I    L'overniutuil    lmuis pleased   with  'heir online   iui'1 j ihe- ilu.v    Throughout ll nllre
Imvo   boon   taken   up  as   I     tl elubrnllon    al    lhe  Smol    li,, n   the  day   is  heing oh
sloiuls, and a slill larger nereugo Inr Cily                                         served with enthusiasm  mul   rounder Ihi'Tiinbnr Ael,    Until       A gi nne ol baseball look   plnee juicing,   ami    ll Inl.lien    are
bench   luuds the soil  is   good, on   the  diamond   opposite   ihe making it specially joyous day of
uiil,    plenty    of   good    u;l|,„., depot   yestenhi.y   I Kmpire   dn.yi: h       |,l   Inilli.v   plnces  llmro nii>
' „    "   ,             ,   , between the Blinkers  uml   Law               ,
plenty of r fall, with imi   lew  ,  |.ns1l1l(.()   ■„, „,, ,,„.sj. -I"''* xermscs, w ublic
places   whore   irrigation   is   a w*n 'for the financiers,    Ai  the gathering     I    s| dins,   lhe
n ssity,      ost    ut    Um ond of lhe IIfill innings lho s 'a bands    playing    nml   children
I losloiids I here is considerable wtislJIInu    Tne lawyers  pro gluging.    li is iIioul'IiI thill   tin'
tin r.    Which   hilly   piivs  lor lesled ihegiiii   ihe ground ,,,,„„„,,,„,, ot ihis day contrlb
1     ' I  nil   I  ir inn pin' WHS   rlillliurd nn ., .
' deuringoflhc   I:      S   ,,„. „|, „„„!„,.    They  .lire „   '">"•  slnl111  •»««   "'    h°
of      the      oliler    settlers    hnve   |„   pni'l'V    Hi''   case   up    to    the   siren..||i   ill   the   tie   thai    holds
splendid  orchords,   bearing   all  privy council Cnnnda to lho Mother Country. I'llt: PROSPECTOR, CUANUROOK U i .. MAY i
ii: Wltiamk I IND DISTRICT
Di.sltiii nl Knnti'iiiij
Tuk,' ii,.in-,- imu I Vii'tur A
Rollins, ,,' iiatii„,,iik. hotel
keopur, int.-u,I i,, u|,|.l\ i,..' |..'r-
roia-iiui    '..   ,.l,::,iu   ji   .,,,-.   .    I   ihor
!:,'.-U'','   I1VP1'   111!'   fell,in 111-    ,l.-,-ril„-.i
ittiii]-. l',,lum,-ii, :i i' , ."-' i'iiiiii.-.1
■ ui th.- I.itii.- Moyir Itiver j	
mil,'- frem Uoutfi'll,   ' ■ ii-
i't   Itillltirils      r     i'    i iii-ii'','
north su -■■ ., - ■ .-,-■ W i ■ -
iiieii.',' -.um. a., chains, ilii'ii.-.' ivest su
chains :"   ■ I run u I'linenl. riin-
' ,       Hi: (Hll tu  ■'■- inn!''   1)1   .■ as.
V . mi .V Rollins
ll,'' ,:   M.H  Hth,   IHU' III
WANTED     j
**mm*AaaWa*m**ss*ssssssssM*mna fHnH.,4. stAMIi
30 Tie Makers
rjr     APPLY   TO     *
City Transfer Office. \,4*    J^   YV7l>t-H .-=*«-•
Cranbrook. 8.C.  ▼ ▼ • *-<• ▼> Ol  Ueil
♦    <•♦<>♦    O    ♦<>♦<-♦<•     ♦ 9     <•     *    9     ♦■.'♦     a'     ♦<■♦<•     9
©ij« |K*OOpCCtC»V.   ************  **************       Professional.
I'AIII.IStll    -    I-.'.
i ...SAW   YOUR   WOOD...II Ham'v'MoCarter & Macdonald
A. B. 6i',icf-,
WITH    \
I       ,,s,,,oI?,TX,,,>,C    C,^"NC *|W. P. GURD
*. - nn mosl !„,, I running pugiuej 'an gol     'l'h,.**!
9 l;"'*-'  npinenl For snwing wood _\\
r, Iloiil, ^ ' titillllllOllk British Columbia
t'UANUROOU,     -    ll.r.
Solicitor, Etc.
SATI IIDAY, I  \ \   *.'-*>. ItKir
Histricl   »l !\',.'t''ti,i>'. ^
. .,,.                       .,'       A        || s. 11.      ill      »
I 'r.nil.i k, Wlrl'lnui    - ■ u      ntiilil    +
  utitllin  ll It
li i      ......        iv.
-  ■ I.- -   Ihi --I . ..'  i   I*
1)91 .,     |, |, | '...,. ||   ,,-'        9
..... il  I,,,, . ,. . ... ,i   i     - a>
.1    ll      II        IlI'lia    litllhti        ^
..,.   • ■    -,i        ni, ,...-■    -n „
■    . ,
♦  D   U   CUHDT   Q    PC
CRANBROOK LAND DISTRICT       9 ) ) I   if  \ I \'        1     I
flic Painters, Papt-rhan^crs, He.
*   OF   *
'  ti i n ti n
11 ii
:       II ll
I     UiKXTi
♦ T',:. ,.'Z,on'.,y.s,''!s ************** ************
* more sell i .„.  ,,s
4 I Ci'iinhrnok, I I.l
4   ,
9G. II. Thompson
.-ras u.MlitlSTRll $ soi.iiiTon
.ZPt  xoiwuv oritur
Willilllll S. Hell | ft
ii: tNIIROOK  I.AM' DISTRICT        0
ii    ■!■''■:   K ■■'■      - *
♦ pooled ;i, upon up       I i tliivalo
♦ III,' lli.llll ii' . n   tlto
*.  1'ppor I'e .       uui
llle.VS        I.u      ii-       |i|lsl       I wn
♦ ; States
'■* ill    lhis
' t 1
Tuku nul rut    ' ' ii    I'i
Moyio, ],:■"— tor, ■   ,
l-i'ii aa "i
li,'.-!!'-.'   over   tho     -   ,, ,   i . -
Iiimis:   fjiiiumi'ui'li .''in        )
i.u ihu I.inl.- Mint,, [livol .. ". '
mil.--  ... nthw, ■-■  ,.'   .,.-i"
mil" uu~i ei   Hilllaril- li.■•■:," ♦ o ♦
Sign Painting a Specialty
.   ■    ■
: illli
. soitivos, all   o!
New  Meat Market J
I'i i;\ l ii it; ,   VNI1 I'llN'l'UAl  l Oil!
'fill) M A S    M e V I T T I K
P.L..S. «* C.R.
Foi'l   Steele   B.C,
Lni)lisli Cut Joints a Specialty Prices Moderate ,
is ,i I li.i!   i ue   eilill'.illlee   sulisl'ne
lillll \ mil   ptltl'Oliago w ill he Iliglll.V OH tl
Order lv>  Phone 82
' ; |    Physician •****< Siii'quoii
4     t oliieK AU.MS'l'UONU  AVI').
{    I Horns:   II to II 11.111, 2 In 1 |i.m,
f I I 7 ii,S|,.„i.
4     t I'lu'lli' mil.'.' Ill")     llrsiilt'lliv luu
I  - - N S ' rill   in   Hie   eu.I   help   I.
■iii  uiul    intiiulnin    ih
.„„i,s,)„ ,   ,i„., „.- - '  und dtstitn'tiiiii ihul   tl   litis      -jfc
*'"' " 9*************9999*9*******9***9************ **•
thenoe nortii SO rluiina. i •  '   *"   . . I itll'ilen ol tnntiili
tli.'II.i' liinil] Sll .'Iiiiiii-. ttli'tli'i' west    -i'    * a^y|_ 	
uhlllns to iioint iif ,'imnnen  i       9        CPi D T     QTrPT
rdc " :    :
il-IO ne
• ■- iiii.i ■
.-nn  1 ii
Muy '
lh, Uiul
.,   Uuilwu,, ^
ink nil   steps    to *
' rinl oxpun -ion ol A
A    slarl -^f
s  li\   imiil   will  rerci\,.  prninpl  nml  careful   illlenlioll   4 m*~a~...~..*~*.** t . . »-c--».. ■ . ■ a a,
'"" ' "%%*******.^21- *I*********f CRANBROOK AERIE 967
************************* I     F" °"  Ei
* CENTRAL    HOTEL J i   » —>'- —•■
* r*f \'isi'iu^    lirnllii-ra   Cnrilillllv    llivltull
9 9
Marysville, B.C.       COLE & HANDLKY, Prop 9
* *
cnANBHOOK LANIl DISTI              ♦                                        FERNIE,  B.C. .^.^—.^—^.^—^^           ^_^.^__
m * ' hits   .ti. maile nu i ho   ICoiiloiuiy      At-
9   MAXUFACTUUERS an                     - "INfc     * j Central from Golden on the mni'ii      £
— — — „  iin...   .
'I'he Lending Hotol ol the St.
Mary's Valley,   Nice airy rooms
newly   furnished.      Table   as
good as any In Kootenay.
District ol K....I. i. '-
Nn. 4.
"   TuKo nuth'i! thul I. .Inliii  V.  lie >-...
,.t Cranlirook, I I.l'.. mill  niiitia|)er,
:oiul   lu   U|i|,!.\    lur   h   .|i'-.'iji:   tiiiih,.-,,i
lleei v,-i- ;h,. fnllmi u.   ilederibed '
('llllllll.-lieiug    ll!    ll    |)ll)i     ,'' lintl.il   L''1
lil.'lill- nil-Ill ill II llll.i'll- lill'!'  '.     9
my   f.il'111,'1'   lii-.'U.'i'   il|.|.li.'Ji! lull    '■"     i    *
nih'.iiis.'il iir-! in Mir H.C. Ciizetti
Fiilu'iiiirv 21st, InilT. Ileitis npi'l
iiiiilel.i   l'.u ehltillH i-u-t   uiul im .-li
in is. smith. VV. Piiwldunl
M. I). Hii.i.iniis, Sen.
A,iir I'llVBllilill. I', ll. Hex '-'s.
:       BEER       PORTER
♦   SOLD BY THE BARREL, KEG   I ♦ ,„rk„,.iee,
X Bottled beer for famih ♦  l" S0"tlH>ni
.. . .*:..,.. ♦   eon plotioit .i
;: Rocky Mtuintain Chapter 3;
5 Nn.   126,   H. A. M. •:
J      Uogulii liuiia:   Siul Tues-   J:
"*   iluv   in  iiiiii   inniitli   ul  oiffhl   «i
I  o'elnek. !i
♦ ie to n poinl near Cranbrook on ftt                                                                                        tg. S     „,         i         r  .
♦ " *'<'"K ■'*■**■  Contmcis will *   GOOD     SAMPLE     ROOMS   9   i| ii.rSymv,,,,r'''''     '"'" |
sunn he let for Jtl'lldiilir lho   line. sff                                                                                                                   3ft    I-j              „.,,   ,,   .,,,  0    .,    ,,    £
inem-eil   here,   on *m****************99*9****
i   end-      I'l'im    tho — ^	
MM. I', Tatk, Sorihe E.   |
ll,,N -I       OKAXIIUOOK, tl. e.       3:
ii^e ;i specialty
this line, thi
♦     Outside   Orders 9
X GIVEN STRICT AND PROMPT ATTENTION       ♦   undoubtedly be I alerially in
mist to i'lmlna, I hoi  south
I'hahm, thenee u.-i I'.'U ehuins,  Ihul	
limiil  III .imili-. l!i.' ll-l su  lilllllllt.
thonoe north In ehiihiB lo Hu- |minl  nl
n.llllll.-ll  -Ill      uml       'lllll' lllll
u.i'.'s mor  li -
.Iniin K  HrhlitiM
M.1.1 17th. Iiiir. -I
Hi -Imi ,,i K 'liny.
Tuke 1 Uun Mum-in' I'  Il  Wull
..I   Homiera Furry,  liliilio !ii|iulioii
liuilii'i- ernlMor iin.'iiil.  in upply lor ii
ul thuliur llruiii 1,-r Mu' liillnn
I iluwrilii'il lmuis:
1 loitutieiit'iHy ui 11 piial i'iiiiii.-.I ..ii in-
north liuiiii ..I Hi.' Smith Pork el Cold
.•['.■rii   jtl I   2-   mill's   iu   uu   ..i-l.-iiv
illreiitliiu    li'iuii   11   1..1-:   nu   llio   eusl
Hu Iiii.i el l.i.l  Il.il lliill'kuil a-llll. llle,
uii He' Vllllll trull ..1. 11 Imu..-I Inl.I
uracil, thoi ivest  lllll .iuiiiis, the	
-imili III .'linins   ilium isi lull ul -.
ilium-, rili   In chains in il..' poinl i.l
.-i.iumi'i uuu!    um!     I'lilitlllnilie     lllll
neros 1 -u 111- less,
Mm I'. Ile Well
Miii Tlii. II1U7. **l
X 4 P. 0. UOX 812      b
. <J      TKLRPHONK   NO. I      J5 »	
4 X  I'iitre   »
f    Fort   Steele   Brewing Co.. 1-td.    9 ,,v ovory
ti     distributing /ft
Will    llelielil    ellormoilslv    '},'
mmmmmmmwmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn ■        IHI
$********************* *♦«««»«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦"    Sll'tlClioll llllll  is maile ill the ilis-   M
ti.  CLAPP W-   IMI.I.INS   iriel. | %'
'f-fi,,,,,,,,,,.................... a .....l........ *^'
♦  Mini witness., „,'!,, dove      a^^^9^^#9%    ! ANCIENT ORDER',.'. FORESTERS
♦    iilHlirll1.   Illi'  lllllllKlU'   I'llivl     Will .C{(l *5SSJ.
Goiiri Granbrook 8943
1 I    MEETS  SN'll   .wn   ITU   TH1IUSI1AVS
' I'lsltint!    lii-.ili.'1'ii    uuriliiilly    Invited
Si'i'i'i'tury, W. H1CNDEKSON
crease tho freiierul welfare 01 the
♦ lu'iiok   owing   to   its   splendid
Fishing Tackle
 *"■■ win rats ."ii
iii note
linker Street,      Cranhrook, H.C
Lighted    By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dinini* Room
FLIES of every description suitable Tor locnl waters
LINES .'ill quit lilies all |irices
LANDING NETS   LEADERS looped, single and double.
! and f] yurds.
Everything needed for a lishermnn,    Call and
you will be nd in   pocltel,  asi^     jns|H,., st<)(-i-.
well ns hnving the consciousness //AK
ihni von are helping to build up   •«)
ihe  e inniiy    w ','in   your 4 C.  E.  REID   &   CO..
interests lie. |^    phone   74-
1,'eail the advert isetnonts of the A
locnl merchants in the Pros •
! pei'iii!' every weelt, lake (Ji
adviinlttgo of llio offers Iherein A
iniiflo, I al the end of lho year   •!
Stand liy your locnl dealer as
he stands Hy you .villi his lime,
his skill and  his   money.
The Druggists.
Portraiture by Photography
Artistic Picture Framing
AUK i'li;
Prest pnoto Go.
Baker St. Cranbrook, 13 C.
si,,,,' ,'i,,s,. a, a ,..,,,. oxraiiiinjr s„t,„',i,'u „i,,|,|S , ,,Vl,||inKS
I..!..!.' |,iiblir linliiluys.
HEADQUAIiTRRS   FOR TOURISTS AND OLD  TIMERS    I helps to buildup youreonni'iunilv     ^^-^^g-^^^^^^^^^^ig;^
1 ' * ^•^sST-^^iv^^sV'^^'^?^^^^'^
Hi -Iiiii  ol Kiinll'tliiy,
Ink.   iimi,',' Hull Mm,re,' I'   li" Willi t
llf    I'.llllllli'-    Krl'I'V.    llllllll).    ...v !|'l!   ".   i »~ -I',
'ilill,,'!'   I'l'llisi'l',    illtl'llll.a   III ,l|,|.,l  for ,   ' "
-|,."    1    '  I  J   il.'.'l Ii'i' III.'   flilttlll
11- ii.-i'i i.,.,1 lmuis:
t'onmioni'inu «' ji posl |il;inli'<! "n lln*        tZ
     bunk ol the Monti   fork nl  Unlil        *Z-    f"»,_ _i__ _ „i,
,  k ,     ri,     - Granbrook,
illreti - Bust lie I.
j,r. '-'    . ■ 1   ■   ■   ,.., .,  i      ; Ir nn '   ■
',.,'■,,.'   11 t.riin,
''!'• .k     '    ■ 11 real     III)        1
-1    III     IU    'llll   ' -.:■■••
,i   '      .
Hii',-   lliu'
Ma; nh. Ill _i
Electric Lights
^H!mm"!'Hmm!HmmmMHHTrmmn!»!«mWHHU |«ncll.o makes it   a better plaee
I LEflSK k HENDERSON 1 \:;;;:;:^
mat-- mm*      m 1 A*m      JB.     ..^,„„^ ~r-m.r-.mmmsmra^s^ r«~l«B      ~**** <   *
t9t -**• *       »        *
NABLE TAILORS    1 H^t'i^ lU'initnli'i    Hr^f^l
Always  Up-to-Date   -- 2 |i;;™poctsof tho Rnsl Kooteniii'       1? JLftt 111 ill Rllt       111I1CI
Under  New  /Vlanagetnerit
ricl wore nevor so bright  n
S Ihey are al the presenl   writing
B.C.  ^       Anil, furthermore, it may bo suid
^iiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiainiiiii.Uil   ",:"thn wh ""' l'i,|"','
st,'inn   Hollers nml Piii'iun-'ti Wnrk n
Cost tind Slock Kslimaii's
Purnisliod LI|ion Application,
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.C.
('"'""!' "Il K""""l;,y Vl,n"^      l!,-;,il,|„:„„-,s l,„  „ „;   i<       When yuu wnnl  a  good
ft 9  ftft.ftft ft   '-   ♦.«:♦   :•   ♦•:•»<.♦<■♦•*•♦-:♦<■♦♦
Hover liiiore ha I so inanv limits ,
♦                                                                                                                  *,.■,',' Hi'*11 uiul nlil lltnrt's
PHOIVE    183 tsftivornsiUinsrlg «
|llace    In    Stop    nillle  I.i  Uie
tend toa
...,!,-   I
I. 0    or pi
,,-"'.' 9
■jo .'.■■,,' ;.-...' o
C'-iroill<      -     '        JT   JI     ...- '     I'i      ■ ., r
'■■■■' ■' '   »
* ,M **!   \\<\i\\ I-l)
'■■   Mi unii ilin,
d, a. Mcdonald, manager
I'V he   lore   going   res	
iii lhe situation, which  is   rnilllj
bul a outline,   il   ivill  bu a\t^^^^—^^^^^^^^ .__^_^__^.^^^_^^^n
seen ihal    the   veai's   IHO"    IHOH
«iii He g i for iho people of We Give You Your Money's Worth
Carpenter W Builder
Hood  Worli at
lionsoiuible Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
JJ ICl'iiiilirooli.   and   lhat     thoi
"0 1 really    no   good    ground   lor    ._^_^__^_       ^.^r—^..^-^^.^^.^^.
A I rale piui's.   !♦': 'H>l>i'elioiisions of dull ti s  ^^s^^S^^Ks^^SSg^S^ss^^gS^SS^^
^   the contrary all signs poini to n [iM
.    mill anil soo   .    long period of prosperity. tlv,          ——"*^PH    i'HONK   511.
 1 11-I"-                                                  «!                   * * * }$	
Flour and Feed of all Kinds Always on Hand
. ' The real le.sl of II mineral pn
ducing country is its mil pul, an
when 111 the history of lhe ('ran
I',:,,,!   II.   |l,
lllll.lll  I'.'l,     171
ALWA^ S OIM.N    1 <)
9 ^^^^^^^ 	
a q   ul prosem
ft* ft: * ft'9 ft; 9ft »ft ... ft- oft 9 4:9 ft- 9 ft:* ft' 4'ft ft
'„   iiiool,' districl wns lho production  KK
K    l)KAVIN(i ♦   aiiywhore nonrly as lui'go ns ii is   1
1 im, 1,
l.ntl.    '.'.
llllll!   I     III
' .-!
\    The Quality Store
( illllli lis,    l'l llll.   ( 'nllhi linillil ,
Cigars ami   I iikunis
Noi I..' is ihii'hv irivon  iluu »l*.iy
Iji.v- nil.<i iim.- I   111,'in! lo ii|i|,l.i Iii Hie
(Iiiii     Col i-siolli'l'     ill      I.IUIlta   llllll
W'orlla for |,iiinissioii ,,, |,iiri'lniai' lho
iill.,«in» iIi-itiI.i il Imnl in Suiilli liiml
I'oiiiliii'lii'inil al a post |ililtiliil on llio
ensl hunk of tin- Moyie Hiver unit ou
lhe soiiili  lioiiinliiry   of   I'l-L'-uniptioll
11,','nril N'o, till",    'flu e nnsI   liieiily
i-liuins (20.001,  lln e   soulh   si'O'iity
£/j] I i'liiiins ini.uiii inore or less to a iiolnt
ilui! oust of *,!. I'roi'enzitno's sotttliwiisl
i'lirni'i' 1 lost. Tlioiiue wusl to iln' Moyio
lllvor,   Thi'iii',' noli liorly up Htrutuu lo
lhi' ph if hi'itiliniii!.'.
10, lli'iii'ih'ltl
II II. II. MoVlttlii, Ajii'iit
Iluli'il HiistllHi ilny of lii'iohi-r, Illllli.
I     III,ill!
l '.I li'iiil") l.illl...   II. lillil.llmlaT l.li'i'II .        , :      -..,.',.. il.. in
'. In     I'ili'liiillli. Ilii'ii  .  ■ !-.:.   Lll.'l.)
. Un   ji ""   .1    ■       li'-l     '    1. ....'.   Li. (in  1    ii.ii,.' .
I    Liiiin' ■'  1 i'i!|,ttl,ssn llllll'll itf .11 ■■   ■ 1 iii     in mi'  "1
1 l.ll,-.'   !„   pll f:','-     I'.-   ,'i'i'tiil   III   'I'llllill       I. ■                                                                 tlll'llli.   lli.llll
1    sl >■■"
\ I'll lo i-iirh (ii'ili'i* MO MllllKir how
nl |ii'oiii|ii rlotivci'.v "',|11' M"iio",
ii**!!* THU.
IHUi'il \|'iil l 'il,
M,'lllllii.M.I.       I  fVsi;
5S^Ji^5^^Sp$'S^x**;32^^^"^:<s i "'Jini'i'ii i'"i rl
NlltlLi!   Is   ll. I'.'lil   I'Di'tl   llllll   Ii'i  .llljs  liril-l'
.Ial,' I   ili'ii.I   I"  i,|,|,lv   In  IV.Illllilaal r  ,)l
l.llll.l.. llllll Wl.llis llll'   IKItilllHHlllll   I"   llllll'tlllNI'
llll, follllililuiilDHl'liliiill llllllll  atllllltl!  Ill   I'tllHl
H1111I1.imv hi.111.-I mi il>.. Moylu rlvnr nl	
.If)   I I - '"'  '"<*" ""' *">-'■
Kit    I   milium   llmiinliii'j I.l,,,'  ,0 lllll UIH))I I) 111 l.lil I,'
'M\   \ Marin I"!"'- '' n.ii.!'m .. linal nlillllrii llll
MK        III!' Dial ll. lllll    IIU'III llll'l inllllll I'll.'Ill,'
Klj      lliiiluny Iiiiil „1 ,,,iv jili.inl : lmuis  ll  ill
••"'    I  i    "I   hllllll    M'.ii..   IllVOr,  llllll   111111-11011
ll I'ltKt   l-orilOl    I'OHI '     Ui'i .'I'   I'liiiins
I Illllll'l' IIH'll'lhlBK I,     III,- Ill I'lllllllH
ll" I"',    ll.rlli.ll.      Ill    lllllllH    II'I'    !.,,II),
,' Unil,,.',  I'IkIii   „,
A. ,1. Kent,   i.„, a
■■MM aisimtsaiatwfama^-a
iJMWW^ja'-jy.'f.'.".-'■_ y*-rz.':.t..,i*z-m-,\az,.utjttjrimsma*um
bass**' W,
mm nm ■;■ i^m-muz-: K'''j''j.yrcs»*^^^
TTA Co. Ltd.
H i ii'" i  rn       rni' i *   ni liniifimBiiiiMifiiifiimMi
,9*9 ., ii mnj^rim ^
This is the only stock to be offered to the public
to enable the  Company to commence operations
Machinery    Has    Just    Arrived
Prospectus and Samples can be seen at our office.     Write us for further
Cranbrook, B.C.        -        -        Official Brokers
The wiso grocer is just as anxious to secure n high reputation as lie is to make money—since both
arc essential to lasting business it would be short-sigh ted policy to stock inferior goods. A glance at
uur stork (which lias no superior in Western Canada) will prove thai we are not over-rating the reliability of our goods,
Hiawatha" Tea.
This is our own brand and it is positively thn hesl value of
any ten in lho market. "Hiawatha Tea" is the same blend ns wo
have build up our extensive lea trade on, bul wo now have il pul
iu lead packets so as to prevent the aroma and strength from es
Probably  yuu  iiii  iiiii know thai there is u little cell in every
leu  leaf in  which   is secluded a volatile oil which is the lln vol in
len; when exposed to the air or heal lhis oil gradually evapor-
i'      id in., ten when drawn is very acrid and is noi even n stimulant.      il  Tea when freshly brewed from air tight packages is
recommended by all pun. food authorities as being  healthful  and
:.■ igoral iiiii tin. soldered lead puckage we overcome  the  possibility  ol
our    "Hiawatha"    Ten    losing   its  ~	
original l'dihI qualities and can
assure you bettor satisfaction than
uui- former method of putting il  up
40,   50  AND 60  CENTS
Phone   4
Granbrook.    -    -    B. C.
'Veifrite Silver polish"
Makes OM Silver
Look Like New
Carnation Wheat Flakes
If there is any moal in particular that ono appreciates more
iImu another it is Breakfast. Probably it is because of the long
Inst nature forces us In takoi howevor a wholesome breakfast cor-
tninly "helps sunn'" nnd Ciirniitlon Flakes form a palatable and
substantial foundation, Carnation Wbeni Flukes are delicious:
thoy eiiiitfiin more gluten and phosphates than any other breakfast
inilii. Thoy are made from select California White Wheat whieh
hus n reputation thai Is the envy of the entire world.
barge Package Including China Premium 50 Cents Each
4'Valencia Oranges"
Uur shipment of Valencia Oranges has arrived and Iheir color
uiul lino grain rivals the finest California Xnviils.
Our Goods are
ORANGES at this season of the
your are continually advancing in
price Iml we gol in on the ground
lliior on Vuleiieifis anil will sell fills
i'lilin' shipment al
40    Cent's    Per    Dozen
Holler Hike mlvanlage of uur good
buying unit store up a lew.
Districl of Kootenay,
Dlatrk-i of Kootenaj
Take notice thatJoho P  Bridges of I   Take ,„„■,.,.  ,,iul  T*M.  tarow« Nesl
occupation   mil!   patrf Lumber Co., Ud., of Watclner, B.
Cranbrook,    B.  C
manager, intends to apply for permission to purchase tho Following described land:
Commencing'ul a pnst planted at the
northwest eoruer of I'm Kelly's pre*
emption survey mi Pour Mile creek,
thenoe uorth 40 chains, thuuee cum l'U
chains, thence soutb 40 chains, theuce
west 30 chains to poinl of eommencemeut, and coutatulng eighty acres more
John P. Brldgas
Dated May 8, IH07, lil
hiKlrlvl ol Koolenny
Take notice thai David Breokonrldgc
of Wardner, B.C, lumberman, Intends
to apply for u special timher liueuci<
ovor tho following described lands:
Commencing at a posl plantod hi ihe
northwest corner of timber licence mm
theuce west 40 ehulns, tlieneo south I (to
chains, thonee east 40 chains, thoncu
uni'ili itto chains to the point of com*
munuutnuni uiul containing nni acres
more or Ibbs.
David Breckenrldge
May 41 ll, 1007, L'l
Disiiiri ni KuiilPtioy,
Take notice that David Breckenrldge
of Ward ner, B.C., lumberman, Intends
to upply for u Bpeclal timber licence
over tlie following described lunds:
Commencing nt u posl planted at the
southwest eornor of timber licence twin
and uu the north line of timber licence
0(102, thetiee north 40 chains, thence
oast 40 chains, tlience north 40 chains,
thence wost M) eliuins. thence south 40
chains, tlieneo west 40 eliains, thenee
south 40 chains, ihenee east SO uhalns
to thr point of commencement and containing lill) acres mere or loss,
Davtd Breckenrldge
C, inteuds lu apply for a special timber
lleorn ver the following   described
C'ommouelng at ii |hw1 phuiicil 'JO
chains wesl of Milu 1'ost No. 3 on the
south boundary of Lot -tfiUtt, thenoe
soutli 41) chains, thence west 100 uhalns
theuee nortii 40 chains, llii'iiio east 100
chains io iho point of commencement
ami containing <>tn acres moro or less.  [
Kunoral Director
iii ih*' ptvsout, uud nm' iii whicli
tht'l'e will be ll   i:ii'L'>'   111 :i ru in   of
~ Iimiii iii future years     Lumber
VI'flilUV.MAV ■.'... 11.17-  „ ,,,„„ ,,„. ,-„■„,,,  Slatl>s   .,,.,.
securing .ill llio 1 ironies Ihey run.
nnd tin' provincial guvi'miiieni
will probably rtlise tliestinnpiigo
priro at tin- next session  of  tl
<?he Ifroeiu'ctoi*.
Flooking to B. C
Winnipeg. Mn
Knuppeii, formerly .seorolury of |i,i,i>,. v    lm„,..|.:ll„.    KnMs
iln' Western Cainidn Immigration      ,,
Niitli'o   l»  hereby itli-en tlml  slxtj'
I'lm Crows N'esl Pinis Lumber C'u., l.nl   duys nriur ilutu I Intouil In tippl} in tliu
.llimi's Mi'Liu-en, .Weill      Chief  i Isslnnoi'   nf   I.null-   mull iiu mi
' W'lll-kll  fill'  |l,'l'llli-alllll   ll,   I'lll'i'llJI-i'    III,'
rnllnwlii), ik'si'l'l I Imnl- In Suulli Kual
Km,I, 'luu
Mn.v -2nd, IU07.
I'ltANItltOuK LAND lilSTIttrr    {    t'oiiiinoneiii|ialil|nisl |.Iju,i, i
Dlatrtiil nl' Kunteuiiy. [Kust llinltortlii' lllitlil nl   IViiyuftl
_ association, on his return from
i British    Coliiuibiu   said   today:
I'lu' interesting, foaturo of lho
'"" inovmuoiil lhis year     ,..,,.,, |(.a Umt , ,„„,,„, l0 u|1|l|
is that there is now going nn it ii„-it,,j,i-,i ,,i i.i,',-u,-,-i,, n.„„„t. „■
intii'ki'il inllnx inlii llritish I'liliiiii- Hu- n.-M ivgiiliir ni' "liim un llm l.ltli
Transfer of Hut.-l Licence
Am   **
hor |iiii'ts i
Hint  Tin' Uniiis  N.-.I
Yiilik lli'iincli of llio t'.P.lt. uiul oii tin' the  I'liileil    Slates,    nml   from
Miiv 3rd, 11HI7.
I lis 11 i, i ,)( Koolenny.
'I'nke iiotii'o tlmt The Crew*   N,-at
I'lla.a l.llllllil'l'I'll., l.lil.. ut Win-ilner. 11
('., intends to upply for tt special timber
lii'i'lli't'   nvt'l'   tlio   following   ili-seriln'il
I 'nillllu'lu'ing lit ll pnsl pluiili'il 211
i'liuins wt'Sl uml'-'I1 i'liuins uni'ili nt Iiii!
iinrtlii'iist corner of limber licence Xn.
win   iimi  wi-si Inn ,'linins. ilii'iii','
snnili 4U i'liuins. tlience eust 1H0 i'lialns,
llii'iii'i'itnrtll lllt'llllins tn till'   point   nl
I'nlllllli'lli'i-ltlnlll     llllll     eolltultlitlg   till)
ui'Vi's more or [ess.
Tho Crows Ni'st lJa>s Lumber Co., l.lil.
.tames McLaren, An.-in
May 3rd, IIHI7. 21
liisifii't nl Kooteuuy.
Take mil in' that The Crows Nest
I'ass Lumber Co.. Ltd., nf'Wiirdner, 11.
1'., intends lo apply fnr a spi'i'iul timber
licence nver the following ilemii'ibed
Commencing; at a pnst planted at tlm
northwest cornei"of titnber liconce No.
(I'.OU, thence west tu chains, thenco
south 1(10 chains, thence east 40 chains,
tlience nortli UlO chains to the point of
commencement unil containing mo
teres more nr leaa.
The Crows Nest I'ass Lumber Co., Ltd,
James McLaren, Agent
May 2nd, 1007, 21
District nl* Kootenay,
Take notlco Ihal Tlie Crows Nest
I'ass Lumber Cotnpuny, I.id., nl Waril-
nor, ll.C, intends to apply fnr i special
limber licence over the following' described laiiils:
Commencing at n post planted al tlio
southwest enrner ni timber licence Nn.
721)3. thonco smith 40 chains, thence
easl 160 chains, thenco north 40 chains,
thenee west 1110 cllalns to the poinl of
commencement and containing (140
acres iiinri! nr k'j-s
The Crows Nesl I'ass Lumber Co., Ltd.
James McLaren, Agent
April L'.-.lh. IIIII7. 21
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days uftor duto I intend In apply to tlm
Chief Commissioner of Lands ami
Works ut Victoria, 11. C, fnr u licence
tn prns| t for eual and polroleiuu nn
III.! IllllllWlllg   lll'SCl'illl'll     llllills.    Sillllll,'
in Itloi'li 41*1111,   Southeast   Kootunay,
llritish t nllllubili: ('lunula:
il.l   Cm iming at- a pnsl   planted
mljuci'iit. In llm Nortlmiisl corner uf
llcnl-gc Douglass' claim. Lot (IIHI3, uml
lining llie Nurlh-wcst coi'nur of .Inn
Tuniiliiuiscr looatlon, tllotiuooasl eighty
chains, tlmiii-i' smith eighty chains,
thonee west oiglity chains, llionco north
eighty chains lo plucc of beginning,
containing 0411 uores innru nr less.
Located this llth day of May, Mill?,
•tne Tannhauser, Locator,
I ico. M. .Inilii. Agent.
(2.) Oniiiiimnciiig at a pnsl planted
adjacent tn tlm northeast corner post.
ol,I. D. Gordon's claim, l.m ti!ili5, uml
being tlm iniiiul ur lionli-wosl cornel'
post nf W, M. Vlnlolt's locution thence
cast eighty chains, thenee south eighty
chains, the-ncc west • oiglity chains,
thence norlh eighty cllalns lo placo of
beginning, containing 040 acres more
or less.
Located May Illli. IW.
IV. M. Viiilclt, Lu ',
Simili I Inn n( pre-emption reenrdI n>m,i,„,,l      Ri.ltl.il, i ',,1,,,,,1,;•,   ,,,,
Puss l.m r i'.... Ltd., tifWiinlnor, 11.  No. 1047,   Thuui iij-t fourteen chains I '''"gl'iiul.    WUlMi l olilinlnu, nn
C, Intends to ap|il» fur a upuelul timber \l}4'*& 'o or less to tbe west huiikor ue t of  its   mild  eliintlli.',   is
li. c nver the'l wing  desei'lbeil  JI"! jj,'^ .V' Hvr.^i!!«n,.ir,'!!!,^!^0m,vi-1'11"''11"   '"   l'n'"1'   "'"'   British
lands: the sniil river intersects the said eiu»t-| immigl'Utils,      Tlm   cliinnle    is
Commencing ai a pnst   ptaitted  Sit erly limit of tliu Vahk brunch of tl
chains west  ul mile isist Nn. 4 mi Hm i''■.','*, ,'* , Tlience nortliei'lv along  tl,
'-nld Itlghl ofWaysuveiitvlhi lialns  uml ll
Mun  ,',.,„■ p.-i„ 11,,'. p|a,
ay of .1    11107. im' u transfer frmu
lyself  I,,   llerbei'l   I..   Sawyer  nl lln
ceiice I., Hie  I loyal  lintel ;ii Marys
ill!'.    U-I'.
Puled Ma.i uili. 11107,
A. I'  i'i ,	
nth boundary nf Lnt ISIM, thonco
south su chains, it,en,,' iv,-.i su chains,
llience lliil'lll Sll chains, them asl   su
chains tn pla f ooiilliieiieeiiituit unit
eiiiitaiiiiiig ilin acres more or less.
The Crows N.-st I'n- Lumber Co., Ltd,
James M,-l.iireii. Agent
Mai 2nd, 1IIU7. 21
Hist ricl ,,( Koolenny.
Take notion thai Tlm Crows Nesl
I'ass Lumber Co., Ltd of Wurdiier, 11 ('.
intends tn apply Inr a special limber
licence ever tlm following described
Commencing at a post planted 20
elniins west nf Mile Post Nn. 5 un tlm
south Boundary nf Lnt 4511(1, thonee
smith 811 chains: theuce west SO eliains:
tlience nurth HO chains: thence east su
chains tn place uf commencement uml
contuiuing 040 acres inure or less.
The Crows Nest Puss Lumber tin..
May 2nd ItlUT.
21 James .McLaren Agent.
Districl nl Kootenay.
Tuke niiiiice Uuu Tin' Crows Xcsl
I'ass Lumber Co., l.td.nf U'anlnor.H.C.
intends lo apply fnr a speeiui timber
licence over tlm following described
Communclug ut a pnst  planted   2U
ehaius west nf Mile I'nst Nu. ti nn tile
suuth line of Lot 461111, thence south Sll
chains: thenee west so eliains: tlience
north SU chains: thence easi 80 chains
in tlie point of commencement mul containing i,4ll acres mure nr less.
The Crows Nest I'uss Lumber (',,..
Muy 1st lfiii7.
21 .lames Mcl.al , Agent
Districl nf Konlenuy.
Take nni ice that Arthur ll. fenwick
uf fort Steele, llritish Columbia,
Rancher Intends to apply fur a special
limber liei cover Ihe following descriheil lunds:
Commencing at a pnsl planted at the
South wesl corner of I'. Kolley's preemption survey nn Pour Mile Ci k.
thence smith 30 chains: thence west UO
chains: thunce north 70 chains: theuce
cast 70 chuins: thence south 40 eliuins:
llience east 40 chains to place nf enin-
meiteemetit and containing tlto acres
more nr less.
Arthur It. fonwlck.
May 3rd 1007. 21
Districl nf Koolenny.
Take notice that. Arthur II. fenwick
uf furl Steele llritish Columbia,
Rancher Intends to upply for a special
timber licence over the following lleserilieil IuhiIb:—
Commencing at u post plunteil 40
eliains nui'tli nf the Southeast oornor uf
Lot 11*173 Croup I. Koolonny district,
llience east sii chains: ihenee south stl
eliuins: tlience west sn eliuins: thence
nurlli Sll eliains: in the point nf 1'1'in-
tiicuccuicul and containing (140 acres
more or less.
Arthur ll. fenwick.
May 3rd 11)07, 21
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days afler time  I   Intend  in apply lu
the Chief Cninuiissinlli'l' nf   I .mills  mill
Works al Victoria, ll. C, lie a licence
III prospect ftii'coal aud  pati-nli'  mi
Die Inlliii. ing ilusuribuil lands sllliulu in
Blook IMS, Suulli Kusi Kootenay,
British Columbia, Ciiiiuihi:
I'iiiiii lug ul u post   planlcil  ml.
juci-nti to tho soiiiheusi corner nf Isaac
llrlgg's claim. Lui No. IISIIH, anil bolngl   CRANBROOK  LAND DISTRICT
M. I'ifivouNiim,
l|                    II, II. MeVtlllo, Atft-'iit.
lhi inl this ::m din of < >--i ..i..-r.  limn
'i'iii.*" \.uie-Hun thirty iluys nfu-r iIiUp. ivi
tlio uiidun-ltfiic-l, inii'ii'i to upply t" Mif Ullli'
CommlsHlonor of Units mul Woriw ul \ letorli
H.C. torn s|»riai lleciii'olo fill uml t'tirrviiwm
tlmbor imnl iho rollowlnn iluRorlhoil tumln u
Kusi Konlenuy:
("niiniii'iii'liii' ni ;i imsi I'luuic.l at  Hi.' norili
«.si   I'tirnur of Tluibiir "-.i.'eni'o N'oiiTM.um
rumiliitt wesl HO I'liiiina. them-e sooth si) elm Ins
llii'iii'i' earn mi chain-,, tliouoe ncirtli 80 rhulttfi
i loi in tho line of Tlmbor l-icown Nn llflti lo (Ii.
Hurl' "f niiii'iii'i'iiii'iil.
I'liiw's N'csi I'as-s UimborCo. Llmltuil
Diiicii April ffihiil. Ifinii
ConuiiOiicltiKutu post plniitotl at the sooth
wi'si corner or Timlier Licenco NoHTMuiui run-
illllli wesi sn elmlns. llii'iii'i' north BOoliiilns
llifiice nisi Mi elmlns. thonco south 80 chuins
lions 'be west line uf Tiinlier Licence Nn '•'••M
fJrow'S Nesl I'USS l.llllllil'l* Co. l.imiieil.
Uutctl April S3, WOT,
Coininenefiitf nt n post plunied >IOclinln* ensl
if ihe ni'i'ihi'iisi eorner nf Timber LIpoiu'o No
iriH) uml ruiiiiliiK norili in ehuhis. ihcnei' west
mo elmlns tbenee south m ehulns. tl iceusi
bin eliains in the plueu of eomtiiCiieomont
Cmw'si Nesi i'uss LumberCo Lui
nated April 83. IHOii.
ComiiietieliiK at u \mt plained ut the mutli-
wesi  eornor of T.inbor  Lieence NoittOOuml
■umiliiBeusi m ("uiitis ibence south I2(iehuhi9
theiiee  tvi'st 80 chains, thence norlh 10chains.
thence east in chains, tlionco north so eliuins m
Uie plnee nf commencement.
crow's Nesl I'uss Lumber Co. LUI.
ir                       imi'ii April aa. mor.
Take nut ire that sixty days uftor ilalo.
I the undersigned, Intond to apply to
tlie Chief Commissionei' of Lands and
Works ut Victoria, IJ. 0. For permission t<> purchase ihu following described
Lands in Kasl Kootonay:
Commonelng at u post planted on tho
pastern boundary of Lol N'o. 398, 80
nuiiiis norlh of the South-east comer
ol the said Lot und running nortli So
i-liuins. thence east 40 eliuins. thenco
soutli HO chains, thence west lorty
ohains to plaoo of eoinmonoemenL
Datod April ITth,, 1907.
io Fred. W.  Burgess
e Unit
iflcr .1
te  1   in
luial n
■ to 1
loner <
f Lands
ami Works
nn n
ISC    Id
'ut  and
entry i
wn v t
m ber f
li lln
Kusi I
1 'Dill
ig nt
ii led a
mnt aoo
and 11
> cl
S Wl
st of th
• north
of Lot
lorlh W
. thoi
ce wes
smith 80
lb en
•e eusl
IIS !'
nf eom
'I'lll IU'I
1 Apl
1 IHth
a      M
Take notlco Unit thirty iltiys uftor Unto I In
lend io apply to the CommlsBloiiet of Lanile
mul Works for u Rpoebtl lioonso to out Utnl
eurry iiwuy l iin ber from tho following described
lands iu the Kust Kootonuy illstrlci:
Commonelng ut h poat planted about 200
chin lis HOrtll and IMI eliuins west of the north-
west corner of Lot '.".Kii ii. I, thenco west su
eliuins. thenco south 110 chains, thonee east IU
chains thoncu north so chains, thence east n>
elniins thonco north ID chains to poinl ol
commencement. eontultihigiHO uores
Dined April isth. ilin;.
K A.   Mel'llliiAI.L
Oity Scavenger
Piu'tlos  having   burl' yards,
nml I'lusi'ts tn clciiii, iiiiiI refuse
liuilii'i' in In1 lnlii'ii uwuy, sliniiiil
lonvo oi'dci's wiili mo,
I.,mi\ .- iii'iloi'H in Hu- City Cloi'kiiiillki'
ni'ili'np ii pii-.Mil 1'ni'il In llus 1115,
llllll Itlltllll ol' Nlil'lll-Wi'at I'OI'IIOI' |lllst III
-\, '1'. Ciililwcll loi'uttnn, tlii'iii-i- sunt
oiglity i'liuins, tliomiu .-..nilI, uljclity
I'tiuliis, tlii'iu-e ivcsl oiglity oluilrm,
thenco nortli eiglny ulmlns to plari' nl
boglnnlng, imitulning iiiii nurus i v
or loss.
Lociitoil Muy llllli. lim?.
A. T, ('uiilw.ill. Louiiloi',
ili-ii. M. .Inilii. Agont.
Dlslrlul nl Kiiiili-iiiiv.
'I'nko nulii'i! ilmt I i; 'gu li'-ll. nl
K'liri' Out., l-'iu'iui'i' liitunil tu upply fill'
I poi'inlssiou to obtain il apt-,-ial tluibuc
Oou. ,\l..Inilii, Agont,    lluemia over llm following  iliwirllwil
Cl. I   Coiiinioiiolng nl u post |ilutiteil lanilx:
uiljiioi'iit to tlm sniitb-uiist iiornui'of M.     Ciiminoiii'lng ul u imsi plnnleil ul tlm
Lungloy's I'luim, Lot IIWH7, nml being north oust uoniui' of tlio weal II ire of
the Initial or south-»0Ht eoruer post "fill. Illllunl, mul ubiuil  In uhalns north
District of Koolenny,
Tuke notiee I hat I llnrry  Dlimnnck,
of Moyio, 1-iij.Iiiiiij. uili,'ui'.   Ini,nul  tn
upply Iiu- porinissluti In obtain a s| hll
tlinbur Iteeui'o over tin- following ile-
sertbuil lumls: Coniinuiiulng ut ti pusi
pluiili'il   un  lh,'  I.inl.- Moyio   llli'oi'i
ul I  Un  mllea inn,i Ooalfull, nml
i  mill- eusl  huh   Itllllarils tlmbur
lii'.-mr.  thul  wuh'i sn,'Imiiis. thu	
suulli HI) uliulns, lln,m-n eusl Mil i-liuins,
iliriii'i, north Mil i'liuins lu poinl of uoin-
iiirui'i'ini'iii iiliilnlnu 1110 iiiirea  '
or less,
Hurry Him I<
I I Muy llth, 1111)7, in
Tinnsli'i- of llnli'l Lii-clU'c
'I'iii,,' lliilliu Hull I inli'iii   In apply  In
Oou. M    'null's louiitlon, thonee oust Iof the Initial poat of tho eust lleonou of the  lloaril ol   l.luei Coi Issi s
eighty (-hiilns, tbenoe   north   •Ighty tho said Oeo, llllllnril, thoi  wesi 80 nt tho nexl regular I tlngonlho lBtli
uhalns, tli "   WU9t   eighty   cIiiiIiib, ohulns, thom ortli HO ehulns, lho  il»,v »f 'lone  11107 fnr u li'iiiiafui' from
tin,uiiu       suulli       ulghty       ohnlns oust 80 ehulns, Ihni soutli SO uliulns lo myself to Charlus ,1. Ai'iiiBtrnng ami
to pliu-e of beginning eontulnlng IHO placo of uoininoi iiiuiit, eontalnluglMO lli'iijuniln.l. Ulloyoftliuholul lleei in
auresmoi r less. ueres moro or less, the luluriiiitlonnl II lui Moyie, ll.r.
1.01'iitoil Muy Uili. I"<>7.  ' Hell, Hon J, lllloy
-,| il,•„, M. .Inilii. I.ii.'iilui'.        [    Hulinl Muy Illli lliu?. ^1     j    lliiluil May I III,, lllul. *..'ll
NOTP -..
Transfer of Hotel Licence
I'ul,,'  i,',' llllll   I   IllUllll   I"  lippl}   I"
i- llouril nl l.ieui I'linnnlsslunui-s „'
" nexl regular mention uu in,- I'm.,
Muni villloys, 'hiy "I .Inn,', ilni;. ror it truusfer frum
Ilni tlml in :i  ,"-1*'*11  "' MeTuvisli .*>• L'i	
A iv
niii-li liko ihni nl llm old
|]|iortiinitin.s I'm
il|l|U'l|l     In     KlIL'lisI,IMI'II
 I'UlllllO I'lllllini'        is
wi'oujrlii in il	
llll,I   il   U HllfO In |
,. ,,  -.        , . -I,   li'-i'i  in ll,,   l-lusl Iviiolulial   lli.Ii'i
low yours liritisli , nliimum  will
supply    I'iiiiii.lu    Willi    nil    lim     n,iU.,| Mtiy Mill. UW7.
ltMi)|u'i':iti'ziHU1 I'niil il uses,' |{) !•'. .1. Mu.Muhnn
Wuier Clauses Consolidation Act
The  Trade Mark   Whicli.  When    i„
Found, Prevnts Deception.      *''''
nailer of upplleull ml,-
i,f il,,' sulil -\.'i by  Mm  l-lus
I*,.".-i- ami   Mgh'i  I'liinpun
l.imil,-,!   h,,1,1,'l-.nl ll -ii .Nn. llll   In
At the"Hi5fii of lhe Slale,"nnd Mo.ooo iiiuhusof W'utur mn .,i ibu si
where lhe sign hniiffs, lhn buyer Murys Hh-or gnu I the sth. iluy u
is sure nl' srotliii" the aouuinel Ma-V um <*■'' l"",,"llis hungetln
Sliilur slum.  WiihiMil siirn, there
I point ui ilivi'l'sion ami tin
lili'lu's ami lluii,.'-, I,, points nenr llle
is siuisler dnsifjn in Ihoiiinii who liuuil nf the lluek Cuuvon ubuui hull ji
prelPuds he Ims the Sluter Shoe mllu up river frum the Ciiiuiiliiin
'I'lu' people generally have no I'uelllu Kallwn) Uriiliru nver iiu- Si.
ilii'ii of ilir ninny Sllbloi'tllges ^'"'■v-i 1!iVL'1' "L''"' 'I'elnwnuf Wyellire,
ndiipti'il lo niisli'iid them into be-
N"   III     , . ' |V;
Al '.'-;.. - ; ||     j
The Sunshine is  furnished
witli ii good, big ash-pan.
Ail you have to do is t'i  .
grasp two strong,  firmly ;it-    s
i died, always cobl, bale handles and the large, ro nuy ash-
pan easily i omes out,
A minute or  two  is all  it
i ikes tn prrl'i Tin the operati
Ail lhe a-.ht.-s an- in tht; pan,
Because   they   .ip-   guidi ! ,.^Js^''
into it by means of ash-chutes s^    "^'-^/^
attached inimediatel) \"-\,,.\ the fire-pot.
Sunshine is iho simple t, i-,i-i'--,i managed, cleanest
kind nf a furnace, You don't have i" wear overalls
anil a smock when attending to the Sunshine.
Ifyourloc.il dealer does ii"t handle tin.' "Sunshine"
write direct t" us Im*  I'i i v  lloui.i i r.
*»tai- il. vlikli iA.     W *'k.J
PATMORE BROS. Sole Ajjctits
| NORTH   STAR        I
Moving   Hull    Ihi'i-i'    nm    oilier
Tuke in,lieu iluu iim sniil upplleiiliun
luus I u llleil ami muy la- seen ul  mi
nilii-n iu ih.-1 i'i of l.'ruiibrook uml tlml
reto shull be llleil  in  un I
Motor for St. Eugene.
Slitter shoes.    There is only om
genuine "Sinter'1 shoo   nml ou objeetlo
each imir is plainly   mnrked   tlie'--nin nlliee i r l,.-l,,r,- the loth, unv ol
sign Of tho Sllll ul   tlie  oxncl  ''""euext, when inlay for heuring will
si'llinn- price nl    which   Sluler
,                 , ,         , ,      ,..          ,  . ll   is  required  iimi   tins nolieu   Iiu
shoes inusboso tl.    ll snspuun ,,. ,   ,.    ,.
' publlsheil iu   lour eonseeullvi   weukl.i
"s I'l'llll" issuesoru newspupul publlsbeil iu  llu
lil-aii ,V Co.  Cl'linhl'ook, B.C.   Ulty of Orunbruok mul  Uiul  a enpj "
Hii- iiutlee   I',' Burvuil uu all  holilui-i
of Wain' i nia ami owners ul  luu.
whoso rejliis muy I Ilueieil  by suel
The ore cars between the shnfl .   Uatuil uti.'runbrnnk, thlsstli. ilui n
house unci Iho concentrator nl ihe May ino7.
St   Evitrono mine uro now hauled i -1- '''• Armsti u,
by nn electric nu • instead of I   Asslsiunt Commlss mil, -am
-,,        , .     ,.     ,, Works I'm- iim Soiitliurn  liivisim, ,,
Willi mules.    Sn Inr the motor is ; j,      |<,,,,,,.,,.,^
used only between Ihoshnrihouse
uml the mill, hut',-is soon  ns  lho —
wires ure struiiK ll   will  Im run TIMUKK NOTICK
inlo  lhe  lunni'l   lo   lhe    Moyie     Tuke notiee iluu thirty ilny- afloi
chute, a distance- of nearly  hall!'1!"''
u mile,    for ihe  present   mules
lire used tu bring* lhe  ears
*»»™——  ijLvJ JL JjjJL' 4
Kimberley,   13. C.              *
f    H. W. DREW. Pronrii'tni'.
^* .|- W9fi r*. .». :,r... VVVV VVVVVVV?P?JfVVV
i    m.A~9-.*..*~9..9..A~*~9—.'9 '*"9~*—..,..9—~A.+.*.,..n -. "•    "•'..!
Doniinion Meat Co., Ltd.
Phono .'.7 II,'ml Office Uiilgnry.
\V||ii|,l-;s.\I.K   A X |J   R1CTA1L   liK.M.I'il.'s   | .\
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Feed. .  .
"in- menl  i> always  fi-nsli,
iiiniu'l.    Moj ie Lender
Have Something Good,
lntoml  lu j ly   I., Hi,-  i'iii,■!   1      Ci-anlii-ook
siunernf Uiulsuml Wnrk- Inr   f
inn  to '-in   ami    uiirry    nwu.j    ^^^..^........^....^
timber from  He- folluivint;  ileserlbi'iiL	
lie eh ule oul lo lhe moiilh of llie | |.IMli iM soutliBaul l< mn:
l 'niuiii,-in inn hi ji pnsl plnnleil illmtll
liair.'i mile snnili ni in,' soiiiheusi eoruer nl my lieonee lipplIi-nl inn Xo. '■'.. nn
iiu- north -i,l  While Hiver,  Ihenee
I south mu uliuins. Ihen a-i In ehulns.
('. I. O'Noil uiul  .1.    I.,   l-iekel    ,lR,m,0 ulilliU elniins, tlieneo west 111
berry wore nl Cran brook,  II. C, ehulns to point of eomnie unset.
Inst week, ami secured n govern j   'liinimrj uth, UlO".
menl   license  In em   75,000,000 1!l I'. .lensen, Lountor
feel of lumber from public lumls
ou the ICooleiiui rii'er.   The plini
pursued.by the provincial govern
menl is u very different one from
lhat I'olliiweil on lhis side of lhe
boundary.    The   licensees   nro
beef is kille
,      .      „—r .......-»•.•....._....,........,..».,.<„^.^<„ mtm ^_^
i',Ai:i;is'i't:i;. houcitoi.
 i NOTAII.Y  I'UUt.lC.
given -I years iu whieh in cut
lhe timber, which is paid Iin- us
rut, - uml uniil such u limo lis
lumbering operations commence
Ihey pay u license foe yearly, in
lien nl luxes. The price pnid for
the slumpilgo is II'I i-eitls per
'luuisntiil feel, u Inw  price ovei
Cranbrook, B.C,
FOU.ND ■lilX.rt
Innii; WKST
E. H. SMALL, Manager
TuUi' iinlii*'' Mini
tUIld tuii;i|ilv luili
und Workl '•»' ii
Imiiis Iii thr Hfl Hi Kn
Tula' noiio
1 lllll
nil Wiirlia I,
1- ,1 1,1,
..I iir,,,
nirry uwuy llu
1,0 f	
 .Islli III,' 1
in, illall
sl    1 II
\   -Mi-nniii \l
Exoursion Rates
I i"111 Granbrook
$52.30 To
Winnipeg,     I'orl Arllmr
SI. I '.iill llululh
Sioux Cily
Sl.   Lewis .aH'il 1.1III
Chicagoifll-l on Tornnlnt"*' 5i
i ti in wn s-_ .."i.", Monlroal ifHI
St  .hiilns sm.no
Halifax $101.Hll
Uii Sale June 6, 7. 8th
First Glass Round Trip
■TiO Days Limit
'lilllllJ   IIMI,'.
I'llllill-..  II,"
Knoleiiuj iinliil-
Ink,' ' '  ii.
ih   mi I .ile
Mm i
. Mm:, i i ui
£        [''or iiu- Hrsl  nf mu- Cranbrook sensons kill we re-    zzS
\\~_    ceivedapri lol of live slock ensuring is
|     Choice  Meats     1
£     THIS IIH,||  sr.\Mi.\|,'|,  Wll.l. Ill-;   M.il.\T.\|.\|..n    2
£ N.B.    POULTRY Saturday for Sunday 3
I P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.l
£ ""H'1 ""ice. M:,in Olli,,- lur Eusl K nuy,        2S
ZZ        Onlgnry, Albortn Oranbrook, ll   i; z3
(itO. R. LtflSK & (]0
I'liyle, A.ll.l1. \-- y-.n	
ClAUTI'll, n I' I.. N'ulun
III:-,   S|U I llll alnuis
and Estimates
All   kinds    of    building    material
constantly on hand. THE PROSPECTOR   CRANBROOK   It <  . MAY *'*,   IHO"
-f^^j*j*i^^*ilfc-r^-t:***-r:-^*?#r^*^**^^**-^-»** -^■s**ilfr-r^^**^*^**-^*^r**^^******•*>-»K-lffr     Why Cough to The Coffin     ♦ «:♦ .♦'♦.♦*♦♦ ft.9-ft.9--4.9^9ft:9ft;*7ft,*ft9.:ft4ft
Sacrifice of Odd
Lengths of Carpets
This week we want to dean out all the odd lengths in the Carpet Department
j!     ll you want a new carpel at about regular wholesale prices come soon as iltcv   will
ILr. sc„„- ",L, . The Seasons Offering   |
m\\                                                                                                                                                    '     A C
*            No "" or            ♦ *   IN HARDWARE IS LARGE   9 ft
*                                                                         ,« 9
ft,       Cold Cure  Tallies      1 * ft
9 llu- Lawn Mower is conspicuous in our            V
I'liey ilo tliu work nml itrre.sl   * store, as is illst) the rake and hoe,                         ft
the mosl stubborn mill.
attie & Atchison
i'oi'   llu-   farmer  we  have  lhe   Plow,
11.11row .nni (lultivator,
C'oini' 111 .nul let us supply youi' Pishing needs,
v     go
la-t.   "Note a fe\i of the following priv
*      Tapestry Carpet that was 55e. per yard, sale price 35c.
Brussels        $1.50 $1.00
Axminster   " "      "   82.25  ' "       "  $1.45
* Where It Pays to Dnal.
9     I'lui.s l-'in.-ii tlui well   know
9 lunilieriiiiiu,     wus    li'iinsiu'lintr   ♦
Hi liiisinesstii   I'riiiihronli   Wed lies    <,
9 ,lu
ii,        Ul iiileri'slL'il lire notilloil Hint    .  -. , .      a-a r->
V I   ii   Miners licenses expire ,„,   % Cranbrook,   H.C.
* llie ll i ni   Mu,\   ami  should  I"-   * »
9 relic wi'il lii'rore llint illlle                 ♦ o ♦  •> ♦ •>  ♦ •*■  ♦  9 9 » 9 tft 9 »> « *. 9 *. 9 ft. 9 ft. 9 ft
H*. 1, liulj - ilnhnsoiii u Im has been
A :    »ii!i   |ineiiuioliiii  is    111 pi.lIv
,1, rccovcriiiK uiiilcr the cure ni Ur.
* I'onnolU
* 1;  ,1  Jones and W    II   Miller.
9 pluccr   inincrs   who   hnve   just
9  <-'■*"' I   rrom    Um    Klondyl-o,
A    li.lli'   tflllln   In    I'elT.V   Cl-eel;     In
-4*  operale 11 plaeer property,
Cranbrook Lioenoe District
Carpets  *?EID * £2i Carpets.
w ?j*       ''' ,!  J'uiu'lj' nieeliiia nl llie Itniiril
9*********** ***9***************************9**9****99 il'u!u™'iM^ir1»'i'u,r^oiri»tu,e
.......... *-*..*.* .....*«-......... ...........   ,„.„..„,„,,„„,,„,,,4    ..,,„,,»..,.....,..„....   ->.        _» .1 uuu lhe 161 Ii,   IU07. ill Ten u'ulnok iii
«  ajlu* J"l*0>S*aU,ct0V.
Teams aud drivers furnish
ed   for any  point in the dis
4 ►
-« a
4 »
4 t
minus will i'iiiii,' liefer.' llm   Hiiuril,
'*. l'l. Plni'li, Kiill-vi, »■ 11,,1,-i. Mar
lliu, ll.c.
lice Cream Sodas! I.     u   .
! •: Queens Ndvu I
J »
►   Oi Home Made" Cand es  J J
1 "■
J   vimiimraiuimmiiiTiimiimmiimiiii.;. ,„      ,
J   t .-..i.i.i lioiiettu.   1 rausier to II. I..
J I  LOCAL NEWS, i S:'"v'r*I!"-Ul Lul' W'^viite, n.e.
t 3       t'aill Ihlllilli'V. Colli rut llntul. Murvs-
.    '.'UUUUUUUUUaUUUUUUUUUUUUUUv   ,;,],.     ;,
Wm. MeNuir of .inlTriiy was in     •'» - llrtiwn, L'niini 11 1, Wnnl-
he cily Monday. \ ner. ll.C.
  '    .lolin I ..van. Central II I, tt'iiriluer,
♦      I'Vesli Cueumbers und  leltuee  l'-t''
toilay al Stewarts.
; m.-i. the hest :  r I  •  """"»'
A.  DOYLE.  Manager       » AT THE ♦   J       J 	
== ~! "THE PALM" i i S. J. MIGHTON i ~—S'-sirs
•.••••••.'•.••••.•.'••.••••f.   ► ' 1   * « ' run brook Saliiriluy lasl.
1 &4 Pt ttvtt?       *     telephone no. m.      |    the  tobacconist.    \   ..     ... . — ,
2 FQ  Ol_.lJNJii        as\*a»aaaa>\aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa l                                      J    \ou will find the hesl nnd nil
t stwj" ~t aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf. kinds oi fancv s Idas lolineen
>l till' nlil M  lli,
'a MANI'I'OIIA  llu'l'KI.
fancy smoking inline
11 s. .1. Mighton's.
Cordwood for Sal?.
U'orii in nil linn
'I'lIK   I.K.MllN'il   l-'HI IT S'l'l
Tbo late rnitis have brightened
I nm prepared to supply, good H'  v"^"l!lli"»  mid  frood   crops
Ir.i slovo ivood, in any length or
ure assured
U. II. Iliilmrl, Wiirilner Hotel. Ward-
aor, II.r.
II S. Miulier, Whulsor !l,,i,-l. furl
Steolu, ll.C.
ii. A. llm;;,.-. I'nri'.v Creek lliilol.
I'errj- Creek, H.C.
Inines Mull, U'iill.sbui« lintel. Wmi-
Imi'-. ll.C,
v. 11. Mi mills.
I'iii,-! I.i,','in','   11-1 tnr
1 'riinlironk l.i'-unee Dtstrlul
Duleil ni Crnnbrunk. H.l'., -M.-u ■I'.lri,
I !li IT. ■))
ii      Make No Difference
To the Blind
VV 11 ti I wo say about .natters optical Hut
how aboul yourself? Are you concerned
IS about youi- eves'' li costs you nothing to
have youi eyes losled, I we lell you plainly and honestly Iho oxact condition of your
C.P.R. Wiili'li ln-|i"i-iui- Crows' "fusl "u-- Dlvlstiin
50 Tie Makers
Tonsorial Art f
I Arrivinj* Today ',.m'!,,",,f'       nvu 01'dors  wi,h    A L. \owson und R.ll. Simons   f'RAXI,'«»o'< r.A.\D ntsTiiicT       \T   MARYSVILLE Apply to
*       Plm, ,„,..„., ,.; , .,,„       ,;* '   1^^' "ie grocer, Boule of Vancouver wore in I -iiv "**!"  K "" '    *
•-       llnl   IH'I'SK Ll'.l 11 ri-.      U |.;hvi,[L Monday.
i.'ii'k tomatoes
i,i;ki-:.\ oxions
Tonsorial Parlor Ii        k*h,'mai;i:
S. Baron
11. II- Muedonald mid II.  Hale
c 3
1^- -•■■     n  3
I                — 1
C         FOI  j, Cnn] jlllll Ol.inn Slllivn 3          Sl I 'W.'l rl S   l'"illl'  ( ' 111 11 I i|ll 11'-,
C              Or ji l'.'il.',1 lluir Oul j
E                A Hot or Cnl,I llutli 3
3     IIA/.l'il.Wiuill ll'Kl'l.'K.AM
Quong Yuen Company       M luy on business
Cranbroolt, ll.C. 	
line Vmi, i-nn i„ er ii partner of     pislii"g tackle,  lawn   tennis,
iho i „-i'„„i|,,i,,.v „i,,i s.i.i i'»mimii,v and base ball goods al Chus.   ti.
i- mil ll.dile fnrilelils iiieurred hy sniil   '"'"ls
I llnp Vllen.    All 1I1I11-niviin., -jii.'l  linn | 	
U mi-mi   QTnUMn„,        uifjtoiwi toI'tiniiB Yiiuiic imiiy     -1. S. Davis. Wm'. Morris, li.A.
| ,, \ nllGH   bTEWART        !   n.u.-.i Muy -1st. 1U07. Mclntiro and 13.   Vi.   l-'arrell of
I'   -   Walter b. Laini),;, ,,,,,,-,,.a   Phone 76 flnilStroilD, ftve.l-1 Bun I'nan, MiinajforI Vancouvor spent Sunday lusi  in
I   m - "'"k'M.c.   |;      	
e 3 (10 Ti i 'I'll '
of   Moyie   u-m-e   al    Crauhi It   "'''''  ovc'' ""' l"il"»*i".'-'* ilusurlbc
Hi-li-iel ol Kunlenny.
'I'like notiee tlnil   W. A. Holliiis, c>T I V7       IhT? A (~  1 1\I
Criuili, i upu.iun    hotelkeeiwr.   ■Lit     *   ^AVJ1 V^
ini,-inI- in ii|,],lv  for ll spiieliil timber \-	
llritish Coluinbiu
-*»** j - ,9 ■     ■ -■ ,9.9 ,94 * »**
|  L.C0HN  ;
t Tailor      Importer of
Fine It oolens.
East Kootenay
Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Seovill  of
N|.:w wK.-T.Nnxs-n,,,-. n.c.        Calgary were Cranbrook visitors
Ri iv,-,    both    Ladies   und *£jj* ""' ",l!^'  l""'1  "r   lllis
l lentlenien ns Residenl or as Day t
mii-    llu- a coniploto Com-     The dance giv y tho Cran
ial or Business Course, Pro-
pares students to gain Teachers'
Certificates nl* all grades. li
a III 11 in I um
C uii'in-iiii;  nt u  posl  plunteil ui
anil one hitlr iniles illsluni  unil
suittlierly dlruetlon from  l.m  illuo onllffi
st. Mary's rivm uiul nne mile inula hull | yffl
trtnsi east line of Lot 4602, thenee ua-t
su  elinin-.   tIi,-ik-.-   south   80   uliiiins.
Hi,'lien wesl su uliulns, the iiorlli su
,-llilill. In   '.uui ni i-niullluneninunl.   uml
I'Diitalntntj UlO acres : •,• or less.
U'llliiini .Iliun llollins
Daleil Miiv 21. lliu?. t'l
*"i"     1 CRANBROOK     :
IGuests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection \
Dlstrlei nI Kootonuy,
Take notloo Ihul  IV,  A.  Rollins uf
I'l'illllirnnk     ol'ell|llllioll       linleiknu|inr
lironli   l.nwii   Tounis   Club   on I Inlenils lo applj   forum, Ial timlier
Friday evening wns a success and I"""'  """• tlio fnllow-lnn ilesei'lheil
Noaresl to railroad depot.   Has aceonuno-
diitions   for   the   public   unequalled   in y
n   very   pleasant    ti
i  ( r,"  ;. I*..i'.   Ai'in-iiu'i'.' \..    S
■ ,  ,   ,;r,,. ,'  j.   ,«.,   , .   ,..,. | >"''.':'■'
Salvation  •inun  Barrai ks
I'atmouk ii.m.i.
Sunday *-■
will, Toiio.vto r.M-j*'"*''"'"1-'' "'"s" wh" "•"'''' presenl.
t*i-:nsiT-    gives tho  four   years m„„u„i     ,',                ,
,,  , I or Sale    I have n iiuiuher ul
01 ew'se. large course for the H. A. degree,  and Milch  Civs  whieh   I   will   sell
r small that we cannot bundle     the Hrsl  year ot   iho   Toronto cheap   Porpiiriicularsaiid price,
School    ol    Science,       lln.-   a uppl.V lo Geo. P   Tisdale,  Cran-
Wc fl|s.o Do Dry Due
Office .1   I.-.-,-,    To
(MVI-; i s :-. TRI
-I'.'l       J '-|'l
n-lirelnr-     I
brook, It C.
for miners who worli in H.C. *
Inslrticl -    given    in   Art, L J  * ,;'"T !,f,u!'iBrl,Ti   J
.     | I'Vie nl  Mnllll |.  \\. ,|, |,.,i ,.
Music, Physical Cultur lo- Uf Toronto and  IV,  Ci.  Halo of    SU"
ipition. Winnipeg wnm guests  al    the "—
.em noing j,, „ pos. pin,, ||llIIot'""' CoUI ,{a,hs Proprietors
ami nn,.  lmil   miles  ili-lniil  nml    in   u   i{^S^S^gS^Sj^?5jjXi?5^t;iSSS;-iSS5-^i
soiilliurly illrei'tlon  li    l.m  inun on
St, Marys river anil one mile and n hall
from Kasl line nl Ull 45(12, ll  wesl
8(1 ehains: lh smith SO eliuins; Uiunee
oasl HI) i'lmlna; tlionee  'Ill sn .-Iniin-
in pnini nf I'liiiuiii-m-einuiii. uml eon tain-1
hi)! 11-10 ueres, -,- or less,
William Allan Knlllns.
I  lilllT.     . L'l
CP.R. Men
I'nr    Calendar    etc.   address
in College"
l ranbrook Sunday last.
Invest In Lethbridge
Make Money
eJkWEft i
Inllowlim ilom-rllnil lamia In   Kaat
. A. I', punithue ol   \ uneoiiver, ,,„„,  ,„, , ,,,,  ,- ,,,„ ,.
,.  . I .'nu  opens September l-Tih,  •'    A,   Sherwood  of  Vonnilllon sIoiht nf lauuia mul works mvidnrinturn
i - - i -I. I'M' s of Calgary woro " "" "'* '»' «»" "'" '"'-	
  guests al   Cranbrook 'I
  notice. day.
"■""       rinten ;■ fllh    thut   -iMj    ,|j,v-    ;,||,.,.j   '""'" *     ■"   •'   I- '   l-nn.n.l  	
1 M     I'lil Cln all ., , .-.;.,,„.,i li'itenii'in iinnh I     um        i     , 	
tu , nnissinnur ol  Unit I-    'l,e «'heat inurkot, in   Chlcngo
k      I   '   '   : ni'  -  . ..-j
eliwe  li.v Um LM'.R,  Iriielts  I Ihu AffHeiiltural
Kuli'lll mis.
is wild uud the hours don't know
j.iui-i.uu'iniinwnei Th!.!,.;:,;,;ll,.!,,,>;,"r" :"„ ^j™.!'
loddj      Roosevoll    nml     his
'gutling guns?
s    * N *
ll .1 pnsl plunleillll  llu
•iiur ni i.oi   Nu.  nan,
nam-, liiurn nr   less,   In
eorner m   l.,,i   Nn.   It. siM.v Un.vs nri.-,- ilule,   I.  Mu-  uniii'r-
1    '    ■     l-i i'lniiii-.  ru nr leiw   sl|{lleil   i ml   In  i,,,|,|j   i„  i(„.   r|,i,.|
■""•■ Hilary nl Lnt Xn, lllllil,  (;' ilssiunur of lunula anil  Works ul
Ihenee    »,        llilrty-iil Iiiiiii-    mul I'lollll'lll H. I',   fnr   iini'iiilsslllll   lu  pur
 Hi    ill      .il,.'  in  ,,,-i  enrner eluiKU lhe 'iillimliij. ilusurllioil luml- in
ul I i,j Nn ,,|.'|;  ihenri,   ,,„il,   nliiuleeii Kiml Knolnluiy,
':"'"   ■""  -  'I    liiiin. In    nurth      I'liiiimnm-iii:. in , al, pluiiluil 011 tlio  n|
'■" '   '":'''*  ul   Lul   N'o   ll-l.'ll,  llioi  I'in-i line ol   l.,,i  ;ioill,  tiveiilj   iihiiina 11,"
'■'"■•     ''Imili     io   11 ui nurlli ni il,,- .nmi,,.„..|  uurni'i' nf aulil
I    Nil.   NM.    I .ul -'IIIOI. I In 11, ',■  '|||   Uvnnlv   I'llllillS. Ill
'■" i'liiiins uml   Lhuiii' sl ulirhly ehaina, thin - h  ""
"m''*'                    ■■■ '   -i   link  lothopliiee nei  Iwunt.v   ehuhis,   ihuneu   ivoal   .-i..|,,v   "''
lur aeeilnn   I   moiii, «iintiilnlii|r um-I111111I1  uml  I,.,,  elmlns   lo   phi     e nmi mem'   ,.,'
Frad. W. Swain l'l! ' ' ral A,!l "'""" "' *" '"■' ■ * ■  uini-nrir. ■ ..or*    '
Miitlliuu llreekuiirlilirii, ''ll
Marines10 Rcnl
norihWMtearner of I'ramlur Ukti nbout  W $10 To $25 DOWD lUltl $f) n   month,   Ol'   otic   third   down   Uiul   six.
1'iiniiiMiisi nf l.m :i:ifi, i ;nni|i i, iiii'iu'i' mi*}*  iu i
'■linins. ihoiicL'SDULh n»uiiiiiiin, tlionco wost iu| Uvolvo nml eightQQii months for balance.   Prices
i'lialns nior - less to iIn- i'iisi hunk of I'romler
Liik,-, tlionco iniiili nloiiK i'n' nuiii Intnl. of
I'ri'iiiii'r Lulu' tn Ihu |iluoo of cot iiieoilienl
-     •' niflirliiH llli'tiiilns Mi'sl nf   iln-   iinnh
i'llsl ml HIT nl Lilt ililll, I ll'l)ll|l I, llli'lli'i- NDUtll Mil
'■llllills. I'llM. HI) I'llllillS. llOI'tll «'!''llllills, WOHl Sll
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ni-1 nn HIT ut Lnt jinn, ih-iii'i'mmiiii su ciiniiiH,
t'USl HI) I'lllllllH, llUVtll Hll Cl s.  U'.'sl   Hll  I'lllllllH
*n'i  lo $\.\\]'t per  Loi.    |nspcci maps uiul plans
wilh mo.
Elegant New Residence
-j.iu  mineral eluim-      ni
llllll, fur assess nl iinrk
-Iml furiher lul -.' •
■■' .mien! In, . Ih. .   ■ •
ii.-il yum   ,,.i.-,— i- ||, in,    .   .   .„
'lli hips Hi,' Illllll'l'  ,:<n,',l nil    tli
is-1-I-..., • Nrai e,,v. i.iui nmi v'»'rim j    Willi 16 inn's ill prime I'Vuii ,-iinl P;n ininn Land adjoining
.lat-mrimiiis, Hi «i 1'iiiiiiia, ii-i'si su ,1 il'nrllv   iliiin-il   nml   |iloitglit;(l   nml   planted with fruit trees.
 I,,. „| ii,,, „„|.|.iii.ii»i ,. ,,| I'i'iIitI irrigation plant.    Hani, stable, etc.
i'iii- im
I'. I.i- Illli ihu nl May. A.U., Inn;
('riinliriM.k.Hfl.. /WlranjrAv      in -,',,., ,■„,	
a'I'IiiiIiih- 1,1  Nu. s-.'i,:,. Hi,,,,-,.
lllia, rust, Sll i'llllill-. lliil'lll Sll I'liiiiiis.
Ilia III iiiui,'„I,'„|1III|||| in,,,1
I'tll'llIK III i-luillls I'llsl nl till, Hlllllll
"I II. i.iiilliiu-'I'liiil.i'i IjIi-,-1,,.,. m„,
II -mull lllU ulllllllH, tlliuin, ,.„sl III
  II,,I'll, 1110I'llllillS, 11,,'M,',- wesl III
lliivlil II. Iiuiniilij... Alfolll.
Ii.ui'il Keliniui'i 117th, IU07   111
lliil'lll l',i',r],',',iri,l|u.. Aifinil
I-i-lii'iuii'v -17ili, luu;
Within One and a Quarter Miles of Cranbrook Post Office
JOaSeph Ryan, Cranbrook, B.C.


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